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Summer Break With Mom

Summer Break With Mom

... it wasn't going to be a bad summer after all.

There was only one car in the house; mom told me I could ... I was on my way back home for summer after my first year of college. I wasn’t planning on coming ... to come home. I wasn’t looking forward to be back home, because of an incident with mom, before I... Continue»
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summer break

... One day while I was out of school for summer break I was 11 and it was three days after my birthday ... or clothing so I swallowed it. He said wow thanks Amanda makes me jerk on her belly. Only you and your mom let cum inside them. ... Continue»
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Summer break

... Sue was home from college for the summer. She was glad to be back home as she had missed her father ... a lot. He was a kind and handsome man. they had been very close as he had to raise her when her mom ... to be a wild sexy fucking summer. I am going to have my cock in you all the time." He then shoved his... Continue»
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A summer with mom

... for that.

Mom would come in my room wearing just a bra and panties, climb on my back rubbing and caressing my ... back and my ass. Then I would turn over, many times mom sat right on my cock while she rubbed my ... chest. My cock is great, 10 thick inches, "It's a woman pleaser," my Mom told me one night.

Dear... Continue»
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A Typical Summer Evening with Mom

... I had such a great time living with Mom that summer, just over a year ago, that I have lived ... with her ever since. Mom was finallly pretty cheerful and enjoying her life five years after her difficult ... for a relationship. And I was taking it easy that summer, with my job pretty much from 9 to 5, and then I wrote... Continue»
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Fucking My Auntie On Summer Break

... said sort of yes why ? , he replied well ive just seen her in this club dancing with sum guy ... a tight black vest and matching tracksuit bottoms with sum slippers , as she bent over to put my ... and walked inside , Liz was cooking sum food , so i sat down in the living room and watched sum tv... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 3

... was doing as visions of my mom and aunt being naked and me fucking them kept running through my mind ... straight home, looking forward to hopefully more intimate sessions with my mom and maybe my aunt if she ... still in our driveway. I parked my car and went in through the front door. I could hear my mom humming... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 1

... Once I got out of high school, my dad and mom divorced. She told me that they had decided to split ... it for some time it took a number of months for my mom to adjust to being alone. I was not aware of her ... aunt is even sexier than my mom; she always wears short skirts or hot pants and low cut blouses. I... Continue»
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Summer Fun with Friend's Mom

... I was down from university for the summer, and like most students, I needed money. From all ... jobs from friends to keep me busy through the break. The main plus to the job was it was good money ... , and being a twenty-year-old athletic guy, it helped me stay active in the summer heat.

One... Continue»
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Summer Break

... My girlfriends and I wanted to take a trip somewhere to celebrate finishing our senior year of high school. So me, Sandra, Kim, and Sara loaded up the car and took off. The three of us that were... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 4

... Here I am eating my dinner sitting across from my mom. So what is so unusually about that you might ... ask? Well, my mom is sitting there with nothing on except her thong panties. She is a beautiful ... continued eating my dinner while smiling from ear to ear, at my beautiful mom as she was telling me how... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 5

... to sl**p with my cock buried in my mom’s ass and realized it was my mom next to me. I put my arm ... for a couple more hours, for when I woke, my mom was just coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel ... just watching her. I finally spoke, “Yea mom, your tits are great. Wonderful to look at, exciting... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 2

... sounds and so slipped off to never never land.

When my aunt got back to my mom's room, she ... immediately informed my mom that I had said the I would love to fuck her. They discussed this for quite ... some time, my mom on one hand excited about the idea, but very reticent about fucking her son. My... Continue»
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I Love My b*****r

... .

That year was my b*****r's last in high school, and it was only a month before the summer break ... he went off on summer vacation with friends, followed by his moving to college.

He sent emails ... describe it to me.

I awoke with that feeling. Mom had been right; it was hard to describe, but I... Continue»
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The Magic Bus

... summer with my aunt and uncle," she explained. "My ma died
last winter, and my dad sent me out here ... a
while, if they'll let me."

"Think they will?" she asked.

"Yeah... my mom will be okay with ... warned, this is a goofy, infantile, poorly written, disgusting and
depraved story with bad... Continue»
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Best buddies after a funeral

... ,
breaking my trance.

"Yeah, who's this"? I asked.
"Hey man" he laughed, "It's Bill ... in school from grade 7 on, and he was the
only friend my mom counted as "one of the f****y". By that, she ... flooded by mind --
all good! Billy and I spent many summers biking, hiking, and swimming... Continue»
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College life spring semester 34

... upset but they went way too far," Corey
stated. "Mom was very upset but she didn't act out on me ... welcome to come home with me for the
summer. Together we'll work something out," Scott said.

"I ... eyes were puffy
and red. I quickly ended my conversation with Mom and went over to his
bed. "Tell me... Continue»
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Marcy's Playground 13 by loyalsock

... , white-light sparklers crashing into me and breaking me apart.

And putting me back together a better ... what? I had grown a lot over the summer. Enough that it was okay to introduce my fabulous boyfriend ... , mom and dad. This is my boyfriend, Jean-Luc."

My dad looked kind of nonplussed. My mom blinked... Continue»
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Cock Stare 2

... In my first semester of college I was ready for a break during Thanksgiving weekend. I drove home ... had been away. “Marge and Don split up”, my Mom announced.

“When”, I asked. My heart was starting ... much like I remember them when I saw him standing in front of me last summer. Now I was in them, lying... Continue»
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An April Evening – by Outofmind

... for.

April was eighteen in the summer during which this story takes place. She had just graduated ... military k**s, she was of mixed race… white dad and Cambodian mom. I was immediately attracted ... picnic that summer….

At the picnic, which took place at the base pool, April was in an orange two... Continue»
Posted by outofmind 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |