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Sukky Foxxe - Glamour and fast cars

Sukky Foxxe - Glamour and fast cars

... Glamour and fast cars.

The months were slipping away, already if was early summer. The movies ... at the back of the plane, at her laptop. They landed, and were meet by The Company car. Sukky knew where ... that Sukky was in mounted up. She was making a fortune, but didn’t have the time, or energy to spend... Continue»
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Twins fuck blonde, and her milf friend

... The continuing story of Sukky Foxxe - porn star, and company whore.


Sukky’s ... began to lick Sheila‘s pussy. It was fast becoming wet. Sukky felt Joe’s cock, as he Joe took her from ... . A car would collect Joe, ten minutes later a car would collect Sukky and Sheila. Everything had been... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - contracted pornstar

... The continuing story of Sukky Foxxe, one time glamour model, now a porn star, and more ... by, and before Sukky knew it, the car arrived to take her to the apartment. Sukky showered, and made herself ... for the fun of it. They left the club together. The producer’s car dropped them at Sukky’s apartment... Continue»
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... shown up on his doorstep with nothing but my car, three suitcases,
two boxes full of junk ... was an early
victim and becoming jaded as the glamour factor quickly started to wear

The apartment ... just that fast. She
came, and it caught her off guard. Her orgasm took complete control of her
body... Continue»
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Magic Wanda

... pulling their coats back around their scantily clad bodies.

I got out of the car first and walked ... helped Poppy out of one side of the car and Ringo aided Daisy at the other. I’d never seen either of my ... to in the back of that car then?”

“bl**dy hell,” said Ringo looking over his shoulder, “We both had... Continue»
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The Panty Pet Shoppe

... at Deep Cove. Gemma was glad to be the Sheriff here after working as a deputy under Jimmy Foxx ... the indignities of living under Male Rule.
Gemma had no idea that Sheriff Foxx was under the spell ... as he tried to break free from the potion but he was stuck fast as he began to change. In less than... Continue»
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Mothers Pantyhose

... down to the car, where Mom got in behind the wheel and turned on the local eighties station ... to walk me to my car. When I got in, I rolled down the window, quickly undid my blouse, then told him ... to stroke his cock hard and fast. I jerked him until he started to groan. Then I aimed the tip directly... Continue»
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... always said that was why I was so fast.
However, my dad was 5'10 and my mom was 5'2" so I never grew ... smoothing my skirt and
swinging both my legs into the car at the same time gave me a sense of
excitement ... sat and felt very fem. Sherri drove in her company
car. We stopped at a light in the left turn... Continue»
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Sarah and Kimberly

... The sun was taking its time coming up as Sarah dashed from my car to knock on Kimberly’s door ... house if things don’t work out or even if they do.

Kimberly’s mum came out to the car to see her ... of the time. I have my paint brushes in the car and a book or two”. “What sort of things do you... Continue»
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Ready, Mom?

... hours. As I neared my house, I saw a couple of cars parked outside I hadn’t ever seen before. Puzzled, I ... hours when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I made my move and entered the house through ... of those glamour models you find in men’s magazines. Opening the door, she greeted the tall dude... Continue»
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Glamour Model (part 1).

... , and became Sukky Foxxe, a “glamour” model. Her life had just changed, she had taken a turning ... on Sukky. Sukky Foxxe. Two x’s for the well, naughty inference. So now we have a name for her ...
Glamour Model


She didn’t know it yet, but today would change the beauty ther... Continue»
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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 1 ( A

... was standing there not 10ft from her,it was like a dream.

Jordan stepped out of her car and straightened ... away with a name but nothing else. It puzzled the glamour model why the brunette was preying on here ... struggling to stand and with a dazed,confused look on her face. "How did she get so d***k so fast... Continue»
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Plump and Plumer

... good but was dressed up way over the top and acting all glamour's as she whistled at me. The other ... this. After a laugh we all piled in to my car and sped of to the bar that one of them suggested. We ... ex boyfriends car was parked in front and she didn't want that drama, so we got back in and started... Continue»
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... was slipping into her black dress as she took his car keys.
“Hope you don’t mind me barrowing ... into the car. She pressed the button and the seat started to vibrate. The vibrations shot up her pussy ... the street but to no avail. There wasn’t a single car on the street as the heard a wolf sound... Continue»
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Used I Was

... in the suburbs so if anything happened they would be able to get there fast enough.

So the party had been ... as the car next to the SUV turned and drove off past him. It was the last car except his ... thought, glamour over practicality.

The tall brunette took another lurching step to almost where John... Continue»
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Mothers Pantyhose

... down to the car, where Mom got in behind the wheel and turned on the local eighties station ... to walk me to my car. When I got in, I rolled down the window, quickly undid my blouse, then told him ... to stroke his cock hard and fast. I jerked him until he started to groan. Then I aimed the tip directly... Continue»
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Interesting fantasy of mine or interesting Part of

... the trousers in our previous encounters.
My friend had got of the train, looking like a glamour model ... Dogging hun? Eh, I said. You know, go out in the car, find a spot and see what's out there. OK, am, er ... in the car and anyone around can watch. If they're lucky, they'll get to see me fuck her too.
The car... Continue»
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... courage. Your looks is the row of parked cars. You step between two cars and fast do you string out ... in the car and head towards Durbuy.

Friday, 18.15. You can park your car in the parking lot outside ... your car to move and drive home. You decide that you have chosen yourself this weekend and you draw... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... mom made him go to some glamour photo shoot. It was one of the worst experiences in his quarter ... , and everyone reacted as fast as they could. Nate levelled his rifle toward the doorway as Jade and Tori ... and with a flip of the knife, the Slasher began to slash back.

Though stronger, Nate is not nearly as fast... Continue»
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Babysitter Makes Me Lose Control

... eyes were starting to glaze over with tears. I grabbed her hand and we walked to the car.

"I know ... ."

I held her in the car while she cried. I loved her. She was my wife. We made a few promises to each ... over me just as fast as the lust did. Things were just starting to get good between me and Shelley... Continue»
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