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Suggestions For Potential Cuckold Husbands

Taking Control by Karen Kay

... type cuckolded husband. He thought it might be fun having a black man that was truly skilled ... in the Gilbert household. Mrs. Katie Gilbert. Married to her husband Steve. They lived in a small ... husband and how to get him hard when they wanted to have sex. Steven wasn’t that largely endowed... Continue»
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Chapter 10 Chrissie licks mommy clean again and ag

... and, recognising my feminine potential, put me
on a strong course of oestrogen treatment. The weekly shots ... mommy and I developed after
I spied her cuckolding my father with my uncle when I was just 13 ... a cuckold is a humiliating vocation. Having men walk all over you
while they service the woman you love... Continue»
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Willingly Cuckolded for Love

... wife.

As for your husband, of course he has given you permission. He is a cuckold, a whipped ... Summary - A happily married couple both submit to her Dom ex-lover.

Willingly Cuckolded for Love ...

Warning: Please note this is a story about cuckolding that includes gay submission...if these do... Continue»
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Father & Son Cuckolds

... , in conclusion, you can see that the round table discussion of cuckolded husbands, and future husbands, gave ... This is my story. It's a bit unusual in relative to the relationship most husbands have ... as the type of man she'd been looking so long for to be her husband.

"Victor darling, I was just a sexual... Continue»
Posted by Deecee29 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Gay Male, Taboo  |  
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Rich old man and my wife

... this in the world; total
domination, complete power, to take a young wife while her helpless husband ... . I have a plane

"Let it wait." She suggested.

In response, he lifted her off of her ... job was cuckold,
playing father to another man's c***d. That was what I was really paid to do.

I... Continue»
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... that the round table discussion of cuckolded husbands, and future husbands, gave their different but very ... Father & Son Cuckolds
This is my story. It's a bit unusual in relative to the relationship most ... husbands have with their in-laws. I felt I needed to tell it because of all the twists and turns I... Continue»
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Guidelines For Other Hotwives

... to see and know that the black man at your side is cuckolding your husband. Tell the wives of your ... but the most important one is, love. You have a husband who loves you. He may be a little wimpy ... thinks you are a slut? Put that out of your mind. If your husband loves you, he wants you... Continue»
Posted by jonggu 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Shemales  |  
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Dominant Black Tales and Submissive Ch. 02

... anything to please me. I want her to watch in horror as she sees her dutiful husband slobber and drool ... cuckold and submissive to Blacks, but he never thought that it would be the conservative ... . Bryan, already aroused at what he knew was potentially going to happen, practically threw her on the bed... Continue»
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Jasmine cuckolds me

... that specialized in studying the market and guiding potential investors. She had bagged the post, and a much ... saw me. She smirked.
“Well look who’s here slut. Your sissy husband”
Danielle only looked at me ... to the floor, crying in pain.

“Well, look at your sissy husband, crying in pain. I’m gonna love... Continue»
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wide tells s****r

... 2003, Stacey separated from her husband (citing various issues), and moved into an apartment of her ... that Stacey had told her that her ex-husband wasn't so great in the sack, and Stacey, at the peak of her ... and cuckold fantasies to enliven our boudoir, and Linda was always keen to verbally explore my... Continue»
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... testimonies from
cuckold husbands who said they found it to be true.

There was a great deal ... of information on how the greatest feeling a
sissy maid cuckold husband could have was serving his wife ... ......... Husbands

Some of them were caught cheating on their wives. Some were caught... Continue»
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Office Cuckold (Complete 4 Parts)

... Josh is cuckolded by his boss and coworker.

Chapter 1

Emma had just started in our office ... to take a few pictures of Emma, since his desk faced hers, making for some potentially revealing shots ... I was fired anyway.

'My friend and I have been imagining what it would be like for her to cuckold... Continue»
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The Conscientious Cuckold

... The Conscientious Cuckold

Tom had never seen her so beautiful, so lustrous. Laying ... that was
potentially very dangerous. "Well," he thought, "Better
to risk the marriage bravely than let it fall ... lust. The interplay
between husband and wife fed Jack's excitement and he
pushed Laura's ankles... Continue»
Posted by plethodon 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex  |  
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The airpalne ride home pt3

... was cuckolding him sharing Jamie's excellent Spanish eggs and bacon. There were piles of hot ... the closeness of her f****y. John was a good husband and provider. He tended to be a little officious but he ... John`s office called about a lost shipment. He hurried to handle this potential disaster.

While he... Continue»
Posted by vtevte 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Young Couples and A black man

... to be had, but Garrett did not want the potential messiness that damaging marriages could bring ... . We want to try out cuckolding," Sheetal replied. She'd gone on to explain that Rick didn't want ... , it was fucking hot Indian married pussy. In front of the husband. It was like Viagra. The role... Continue»
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Cuckold Psychology – Exploring the Layers I

... Playing in the cuckold space is one of my favorite sexual fantasies. Whether I am the cuckold ... or the man assisting in the cuckolding of another, the layers of this fantasy fascinate me. I am ... not alone. Within the world of sexual fetishes, cuckolding has become relatively popular.

What... Continue»
Posted by Afterglow2 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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"Painting" Mom

... . "Don't feel bad. Every single man that hears about it does that. All my friends' husbands, even ... evident.

"Just give her some room," I suggested.

"Room? Room? I given her all the room ... grinned, and left.

I did as Mom suggested. Of course, I couldn't leave my cock alone. It was empty... Continue»
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Advance to the animal, The power of hamster

... in the UK who feeds me stories of his wife, him being a Devout cuckold.
I have never met ... Wrexham, with a husband that thinks sex is a Saturday mission, and who never thinks to check her ... or another.
The couple she said had suggested using a turkey baister of hot water well into her... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife

... husband', I thought.

After dinner I suggested that we do something to seal the night.

She ... answer. "But he said that if he did that you would have to agree to be a good cuckold husband, at least ... for a while. You don't mind us making you into a cuckold husband and teasing you a little do you... Continue»
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Wife's Massage Voyeur

... me, cum in me, impregnate me, give me your black baby, cuckold that tiny cocked husband of mine ... to cuckold me. On the other hand the buzz from my voyeurism was my only chance of making my paralysis ... from you, will help me?

I understand you love your husband and I'm not trying to come between you... Continue»
Posted by einfachmalso 2 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Masturbation, Voyeur  |