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Sue will learn to deal

Sue will learn to deal 2

... and the boy she drags Sue to her bedroom and strips her naked then kisses fingers licks her till she ... then hearing her cumming so hard he feels defected next Kat put on the strap-on and fucks Sue hard and fast ... yelling for me to come in with Tom, as we enter Sue is on hands and knees taking the 91/2" dido hard... Continue»
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Sue will learn to deal

... nervres Sue answers it and ask Kat in. My wife starts to unload on her but Sue says please teach me ... know get naked.. Sue heads to her bedroom and the two of them go at it licking fingering and tit ... sucking for the morning then swating Sue on the ass Kat says time to up your game put on a short skirt... Continue»
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... my head. I wondered if I could
learn to make myself feel good. I decided to try tonight when
I’m ... tonight so it will be just us girls. How would you like
me to teach you how to do it.”

“Huh ... , really, you’d show me how to rub myself?”

“Sure, why not. You have questions and want to learn... Continue»
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The Magic Bus

... a misprint. If you want to sue me, I don't exist. Sue the internet
instead. Nobody's twisting your ... it... my dad will, if I get a job
and act like I'm trying to make it on my own..."

"Good ...
This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to reality is accidental
and would be damn... Continue»
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... seeing him. He had enjoyed making Sue a BBC slut on Saturday, "yes, thats what I ... physically and mentally we would soon learn to trust and have faith in him until we became "owned ... within the circle.
The second point he mentioned was Sues pussy, he wanted it shaven, he liked... Continue»
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The Businessman

... of behavior he thought restricted to more profane people. That was the lesson Kyle Richardson learned ... because someone wanted to sue him. He was not in a healthy frame of mind when Sandy walked through his ... the job, Sandy," he said. "I only want to hire someone who can really do the job. Who is willing... Continue»
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The nursing home

... , nobody even knew. Funny that Sue and Laurie were making a big deal of it.

Laurie finally took ... of course you are willing to wait."

Matt looked across the office quite puzzled. He did not know what ... Pamela, and our two social workers, Lorrie and Sue," as she pointed them out.

Looking across the room... Continue»
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The "Five" Part 2 - First Submission

... the plan for this weekend.

Thankfully my Thursday was open. I needed a free day to deal ... are willing to relocate to your location."

I went to the Domme section, and accepted Mistress P's ... you learn from that?"
"Have you learned from this."
"Yes Sir." A broad smile crosses her... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... needs training would you be willing to do this?"

"Why not I'm bored and need the company ... to fight in here."

"Okay...So Nicholas, what have you learned so far ... ....Thats more than I expected you learn in just a short while...Thanks Asuka."

"No problem... Continue»
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The Crooked Trail Club

... When we first moved into the house on Crooked Trail Court we couldn’t believe the great deal ... setting, and we learned that men have a natural instinct on passing their genes to as many women ... and had a great body, but I would even be happy with Alex, he was Sue’s husband and he was also handsome... Continue»
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Her Advanced Driving Lessons

... broker who said that he could get Sue a much cheaper deal if she were to pass the advanced driver ... Graham chose to make sure Sue understood the deal.

All day on the fateful Wednesday we were ... A few months after Sue passed her driving test we were married. Two young people free from... Continue»
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White Bikini, Tina, Water, Oh My!

... continued in a brisker tone, "you might be surprised to learn you have a niece. And you might be even more ... surprised to learn you've been named her guardian."

That woke me up from the stultifying ... ."

"For breakfast?" Was he nuts?

"Yeah, okay. So sue me. I forgot to shop. Actually, you... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... .”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wendt. My employers will live up to their end of the deal as long as you do as you ... with the men she conned. It was a clever way to ensure she had his attention. If he was willing to give up ... that his ex was driving it now.

The house wasn’t a big deal except it had doubled in value since he... Continue»
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Way out of my leage

... , met een brief met het logo van Broeders & van Geelen mijn kantoor binnengestormd. “Godverdomme wat willen ... willen dat ik hem u laat lezen.” “Mijn man is dood Henry, hij is een week geleden gecremeerd ... ?” “Ik zou niet anders willen jongen” Ik kijk naar boven en vouw mijn handen… “Sorry lieve schat, sorry... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties

... to learn more about him through her.

She realized that today might not be the best day to ask ... . But if you’re willing to work late if necessary, then certainly, do what you need to. I’ve got ... one willing to see her car today. She dashed out, dropped off the car - still with the ominous... Continue»
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Mom's Bed

... sexily, stroking Francis's cock. "But he's learning."

"Are you sure you aren't willing to introduce ... that."

I didn't much like my s****r's boyfriend Ted, but I'd learned a long time ago to stay out ... ? How would we deal when we were both sober? My mom was rubbing my cock up and down her pussy... Continue»
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... father at least a little bit, I know I did mine," Sue said. "It was the way I learned how easy ... to be going on with the k**s, however. I quickly learned that I alone was not the focus ... stuff he shot after we had learned a little better how to set up the poses. He reminded the k**s... Continue»
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... was hoping to learn from her experience and perhaps it might help me deal with own.

She explained ... Chapter 1

My name is Susan but preferred to be called Sue. I am 45 and have a decent body ... they?

"Don't make a big deal out of it," I thought to myself. "All boys and men get morning erections... Continue»
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A Graduation Gift For My Brother

... and stopped in the morning commute.


"Sue, Jill. Hey, Z88 just said your name as the winner ... voice that all DJs seem to inherit or learn.

"I sure am," Susan said before squealing! "I'm so ... . At sixteen years of age, when she struggled to learn the piano, her b*****r, the prodigy... Continue»
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But Hon It Was Only Sex (A wife needs someone to c

... they asked how she was, I winked at them, and told them that I'd learned a lot from her. It wasn't even ... let you do with me. It was like I was learning all over again."

"This is crap," I said standing ... the other into the sack. Pretty damn pitiful, if I do say so myself. Hi. My name is Sue, and yours... Continue»
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