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Study Hard


... in me, and with my post sixteenth birthday resolve to study hard, I started to excel in English and English literature. This started ... it – plus outdated files from mother's study.

I had taken over what had once been father's study in the days when he ... ... Continue»
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Cassie and her b*****r do more than study.

... ." "Who else thinks I'm hot?"
Cassie and her b*****r do more than study.
"All the guys think you're hot, Cassie."

"Oh, I thought ... or anything, but I am a good eight inches hard, and believe me, I was as hard as ever with my s****r's hand beating me off ... ... Continue»
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Teacher Plays Strip Math

... then a little smile appeared. "If I did would you study harder?"

Jim said, "Even I'd study for that!" and we all laughed.

Mrs. ... study hard for the next week, to see what would happen. We checked with each other every day, even helping each other study ... ... Continue»
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... for sure.
Me: Ok Varsha but I want some motivation to study.
Varsha: What?
Me: Daily outing for 2 hours with you ... you need to study now and not distract...I will wear your night gowns after exams.
Me: Ok I will study hard.
I studied hard for entrie ... ... Continue»
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Punished hard

... joined hostel, she would attend the study hours will be conducted near boys ... .

That night study hours has been conducted.rupa came there.while study hours are ... our room removed her dress and fucked hard.a total of 12 members played with her ... ... Continue»
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Mom’s Alternative

... dinner, Raju went to his room to study not eager about the hand job his ... job.Whenever each and every examination had more study time in between. They would enjoy each ... Radhika made a deal with Raju. If Raju would study hard and do well in the last exam ... ... Continue»
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... in the other.

"We're going to my room to study," Lana told her dad.

Robert waved them on and pretended ... need to study hard." She avoided her friend's gaze, thereby, not noticing the smoldering look in the other girl's eyes.

"Study, schmudy," Marsha ... ... Continue»
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... in the other.

"We're going to my room to study," Lana told her dad.

Robert waved them on and pretended ... need to study hard." She avoided her friend's gaze, thereby, not noticing the smoldering look in the other girl's eyes.

"Study, schmudy," Marsha ... ... Continue»
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Student spanked -5

... only by proper behaviour, serious study
she can earn the honour of ... study hard and to get what you long for from me!"

Lisa learns a lot our first full day together. Like to study ... , sexually.

While I watch Lisa working hard at her desk, she offers me ... ... Continue»
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Crime and Punishment 4

... s****r is worth m*****ing. If I had any intercourse videos could she study them so she could satisfy me?

I said OK done! I ... I walked out of her room with a see you Monday sexy s****r, study hard like I do, she blushed and her nipples came to attention ... ... Continue»
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Busty French Study Partner, continued

... on top, straddled me, softly grinding on my instantaneously rock hard cock, rocking back and forth, moaning.
I was working on her ... a little scared, or maybe annoyed that I won't let her actually study French, but I firmly press her down to the bed. I keep ... ... Continue»
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Study buddy has other interests

... was a real contrast to my 6 foot 2 height. We would often study at her apartment which was in the basement of her ... and licked it all up. Which of course got me hard again. It really was quite a study session. ... Continue»
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Wendy's POV (Wendy, Sara and Ann part 3)

... ."
"No, I have a few on a leash, but Patty is my main study/bedmate for now."
"So this Doug guy, you sound serious ... he can fuck me again!"
"I'll try s*s! Drive carefully and study hard!" Hmmm Mary, my 17 year old youngest s****r, hmmmm....

As Ann ... ... Continue»
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Afternoon Study

... was then I noticed my own heavy breathing. I never breathed so hard like that before. I stared at the ceiling, feeling the anticipation ... . Lara you were brilliant. I hope we can do this next study period.” With that he collapsed on the bed beside me ... ... Continue»
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In the Study

... was sitting in the study of our f****y home, my cock straining in my pants, watching ... '

i unbuttoned my jeans, she was transfixed, scared but curious, my hard cock sprang from pants, precum oozing from my head.

' stroke ... ... Continue»
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... much of a problem; after all I needed to study hard if I wanted to get into the college ... couple of cans of beer out of Dad's study and downed them but all that had ... engorging and throbbing with each and every hard stroke of his oral muscle.

"Holy shit!" I ... ... Continue»
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It's Hard Work Holding A Marriage Together

... fully embarrassed as I stood in the Minister's study with my shorts down and ... hard prick, which I handled from time to time as they so passionately sexed it up in the study ... ..."

"Just as I thought, your little pecker is hard as a rock. You like the taste ... ... Continue»
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Young Nephew Exploited by Uncle - A Case Study

... Young Nephew Exploited by Uncle - A Case Study

By billy69boy

(The following is based on a true story, related ... down. It was a sensation that I had never had before, actually hard to describe. I felt a rush of adrenaline pulsing up to my ... ... Continue»
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Son loves father_1

... Planet" bummer sticker and said, "That's Britney, I have to go."

"Study hard, Alex and learn something new," my father teased me then ... but an enormous clit for a girl. I once read an anatomical study for my biology class that described the penis as a big ... ... Continue»
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The Setup

... all 70 vocabulary terms WILL be on this test. So study hard."

The whole class sighed and groaned from the verdict ... asked nicely.

"Curtis, the assignment is straight forward, just study the vocab terms in your book. They are all highlighted ... ... Continue»
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