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Student Turns Into a Teacher:)

Students Seduce the Teacher

... with the students. He had four classes of actual teaching and two of study time.

The third science class ... Two young girls seduce the new teacher

After losing his wife to cancer, John had decided ... to start over, a new life in a new location, and had taken a job as science and biology teacher... Continue»
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Student Turns Into a Teacher:)

... was the dominant male here we both turned torwards him and pulled his speedo off. His cocked popped out and we... Continue»
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Student Turns Bitch

... focus on for the next test, we laughed as he told stories about former students. When we were ... . TJ got in the car and turned to look at me than paused for a minute. He than reached over and kissed ... as one of his students in need of a home cooked meal. We sat around and talked after dinner... Continue»
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student teacher

... and say “Beg me, tell me how much you want this, how much you want one of your students to eat you out ... , take my cock out and tell you to suck it. You turn your head and start to tease the head of cock... Continue»
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student and teacher

... student P )
smiling I set the satchel off to the side and turn taking your hips in my hands and pulling ... inside
chuckling as I see your ass peek out at me I turn to get out of the car and follow you ... past your knees I drop them and let them slide the rest of the way down and then turn to reach... Continue»
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When a student wants her teacher

... of the scene could overhaul the lack of my english vocabulary.

When a student wants her teacher ... finger to another student during philosophy class. She had a four hours detention with her ... was not in Cynthia's head, and she raged to lost four hours of her time when all other students are outside... Continue»
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Characters: Steve (student) and John (Teacher)

class gets a new Math teacher. I don't know what the hell happened to our old
teacher. I am glad ... and was contrasted by the class. My new teacher, who I later
found out was named John, was Black ... get to know John better. I found out that he was not married
which made me very happy. He turned... Continue»
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student blackmail mature lady teacher

... satisfaction to her young student's actions.

Upon hearing his teacher's moan Joey knew that he ... . She was getting turned on again by what she's doing to her student. Such that Zilpha shifted her ... instructed his teacher.

“Oooooooh Joey, your making wet with what your saying.” Zilpha told her student... Continue»
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teacher richa got lesson from student

... for the subject.

So I was sent for tutions to my chemistry teacher from school who lives some 5 kms ... house whenever I bunk my school or tution classes. About my chemistry teacher, her name is Richa 29 ... with Chemistry lessons and she took class for the next one hour. Everytime she turned around to write some... Continue»
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The Teacher & His Cum Covered Student

... I had 20 years experience as a teacher watching many a young girl develop into a beautiful woman. I ... always had a great rapport. However as she turned 17 she became more interested in boys, her ... .

One particiular day about a month after Jo-Beth turned 18 & a month before her graduation Jo-Beth... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 1 (A loving tri

... Looking for fresh flesh I enrolled myself in a summer class at a local school as an English teacher ... .
The purpose was to help those students struggling with the regular programs, and feast myself ... creature would turn her back on a steady male friend. I remember reading that females are the best girl... Continue»
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Teacher gives 18-year-old student a lesson

... it? I'm a student, you're a teacher. We can't very well have a relationship or anything ... I read the official note again on the way to my fourth period teacher's classroom: "Come ... .

He turned around at his desk and looked at me.

"Well, I'm glad you could come... Continue»
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A Teacher and her student help each other with the

... about this shithead.

Olivia was turning out to be the top student, my top student, as out of 6 ... After teaching math in the middle school for four years, it was time for a change, so I took ... a position teaching Calc and Trig. It was only a little more money, but I liked higher math more than... Continue»
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Math Class - Student vs Teacher

... is in class. My wife left me about a year ago for not being home alot because of teaching. I had gone ... usual. I was drinking some coffee in the teachers lounge. I finally got to meet the principal who ... on her wrist. She wore bright red lipstick and every male teacher followed her in the teachers lounge... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 2 (A loving tri

... can't do this - as wonderful as that was for me - it's just not ethical. You're a student and I'm ... your teacher."

"I don't care, Professor. Isn't it obvious to you? Can't you feel how close we ... . I felt my dick stirring, again, and thought that maybe later I could explain to her about student... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 3 (A loving tri

... be an understatement! Then, in a flash, I realized what was going on.
In nearly 20 years of teaching, I had met ... and humiliating things, Nanci?" –

She nodded a tight nod.
- "Yes. A teacher in my senior year ... and my boss at my summer job. It was just the same as it is now. The teacher threatened to flunk me... Continue»
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Student-Teacher Relations

... closed the door. While your back was turned, I made sure to adjust my blouse and fix my hair ... .

"Now what is it?" you asked as you turned. Your eyes got wider as your gaze landed on me and my... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... superhero. But she figure if he ever gotten powers, with her training she would turn him into a ... held back a giggle as he saw his lower lips quiver. His lower lips always quiver when he got turn on ... scream knocking her back a bit. She still stood still as her feet dug into the ground making a big dent... Continue»
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Anne Streich wird abgerichtet

... ?"

"Yes of course here and now. We have to turn you into a
little cocksucking cum dump for our ... face... let's really turn her face
into a slopsewer. Smear that dickslime all over her
pretty ... that was the idea, wasn't it, to
change her, to turn her from a stuck up bitch into a
proper... Continue»
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Window Wanking

... It was in the quiet suburbs of a sunny city and mark was a 21 year-old student there in his fourth ... and final year, he spent a lot of time working and studying hard in his didn't have ... much time to socialize or enjoy life.

As a break he used masturbate in his room once or twice a day... Continue»
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