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Stripper GF recruits me

... idea what I do for work"
"No, I guess I should know though"
"I'm a stripper"
I just stared for a while
Does that bother you?"
" ... amateur try outs
She brought some special clothes for me and taught me some dance moves.
"Girls want to see you ... ... Continue»
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My Stripper GF

I was 30 and had just divorced. MY life was in shambles and I started frequenting the nearby honky tonks.
I ran into a girl that was only about 22 but very cute and eager to do almost anything.
I was riding high. I had a cute little girl sucking my dick and riding my pole. My former wife never did anything for me.
Eventually my new girl, Trish, asked me if I was ready for some different action?
"What do you mean?"
She played with my dick and held up my balls. she ran her finger around my anus.
"Have you ever been rimmed?"
"Uh, ho"
"Roll over"
She headed to the bathroom and came back with a warm wash cloth. She spread my cheeks and cleaned my ass.
She dropped the wash cloth and moved in with her mouth.
I could feel her warm breath as she moved closer
" My ass tensed as she lick it with her tongue. I couldn't believe she was doing it and I couldn't believe it felt so good.
She reached up and stroked my shaft as she ran her tongue around and in my tight little hole.
I came quickly and violently. I rolled over and just panted.
"Yeah, I know" she said.
"Your turn"
I did my best, but I needed some guidance
She eventually rolled over and asked me to finish her with a fuck.
She worked some more things into our trysts; She had me work some beads into her ass, we did some role play and she brought up a 3 way in our conversation.
ONe night, Trish asked how I thought our relationship was going.
"Great, I'm happy"
"Do you have any idea what I do for work"
"No, I guess I should know though"
"I'm a stripper"
I just stared for a while
Does that bother you?"
"Your the only guy I mess around with. I do play around with the other girls "
"Does that bother you?"
"I don't know"
"Why don't I invite one of my girls over"
I hesitated. "Okay"
The next night Trish came home with a great looking red head.
"Jerry, this is Linda."
I had no idea how to proceed.
Trish smiled and broke the ice.
"Let's have some wine.
Trish brought me some wine and had Linda sit on one side of me.
I gulped down the wine and Trish filled it. I got tipsy quick.
Trish got up and started a slow dance.
As she mover her hips back and forth she slid down her shorts, revealing her tiny panties.
My shaft started to grow.
Trish moved some more and teased me. She almost took off hr top.
As I watched, Linda slid her hand down my pants. My shaft was hard and big.
Trish slid off her top and Lind dropped won in front of me and helped slide off my shorts. She took me in her mouth as I watched Trish
Linda spread my legs apart and cupped my balls she she sucked me.
I watched Trish play with her nipples and I exploded in Linda's mouth.
Linda took my in and swallowed. She kept licking my shaft until I had to push her away.
Trish sat down next to me as Linda went to the bathroom
"How's that?"
Linda came back and started a slow dance of her own.
She has blonde hair with a trace of red. As she slid off hr top, her large firm tits jiggled.
Trish started kissing me and then got up next to Linda
The two of them started kissing.
I watched as they lay down and started stroking each other's body
I was in heaven and started stroking my shaft. I shot a load on their bodies.
The move to a 69 and I watched them lick each other. Eventually they both shook and came; what a sight
I had some more great sex for the next three weeks. Trish brought home at least 5 of her dance partners. I tried every hair color and race possible.
Then on another night Trish asked me if I was ready for the "next step."
"I think we've gone as far as I'm aware of"
"How do you feel about dancing?"
Who's going to pay to see me dance?"
"you have a great body, lots of people would pay"
I thought she was k**ding me or somehow plating a joke.
She took me to her club the next morning and I watched her and most of the girls I had fucked, perform. I got horny just watching.
She brought up the issue again
"I didn't see any guys dancing"
"No, the guys dance at a different club. You know, like Chippendale"
"Are you serious?"
She convinced me to go to the male dance review and attend amateur try outs
She brought some special clothes for me and taught me some dance moves.
"Girls want to see you thrust your package"
"I'll try"
After my dance she told me the owner wanted to talk to me.
"I can put you to work" he said
"Come back tomorrow and if you don't like it, you haven't lost anything."
I couldn't believe what a thrill I had.
I wasn't the best dancer but the girls were crazy
As I was leaving the club I got all kinds of offers.
I started dancing 2 or 3 nights a week. I was making great tips and I got to entertain great looking women
The owner, Dan, took a real interest in me and started giving m free drinks and d**gs
After a while the free d**gs stopped and I asked him for more.
"Dan, I can't give you any more for free, I do have a club where you can make more"
"Yeah, sure"
I showed up at the new location and Trish handed me a different wardrobe than I had been wearing.
I looked around and things were real different. Then I realized I would be dancing for men.
I told Dan I wasn't into that.
"I'll stick with the girls"
"Doug, you have quite a tab, with your habits"
We worked out a deal where I would only dance here to work off my tab and then it was back to the girls.
When I was on stage I did't give it the same effort I did at the girls club.
After, Dan grabbed me and gave me a lecture.
"Put some sex into it if you want to pay off you tab"
He gave me a couple of snorts and sent me back out
I tried to envision I was in a room full of beautiful women and the crowd noise could feel my effort
It is strange having guys come up and stuff bills into my underwear.
Dan pulled me off to the side again
"Doug, we don't serve drinks here, everything comes off"
I looked over at Trish and she was nodding.
My next dance was the first time I had ever undressed completely in front of a crowd
It was weird having men talk about my shaft, the size, the shape, color
When I was done I picked up all of the bills on the floor. Tehn the guys talked about my ass an my hole
When I came off Dan was there with a couple more bumps for my nose, I felt better.
This continued for a couple more months but I wasn't paying off my tab very quickly
Dan came to me and suggested I get into the better paying activities
"What's that"
"I'll fix you up with some private dates with some of our customers"
"Men and women"
I told him I wasn't into it
"Why don't you try a cute couple first" He then reminded me of the size of my tab
He fixed me with a couple, both in their early thirties
The wife, Sheila was about 5'7", long dark hair, athletic body and large breasts.
Jeff was about 6;2", also athletic and brown hair.
We all went to dinner at a posh place. I started drinking immediately.
We went to a club and watched a live band. Sheila dn Jeff danced, she had great moves. Later, she asked me to dance.
We all crawled into their Mercedes and she got in the back with me
As Jeff pulled away from the club she was taking my shaft into her mouth.
I stroked her beautiful hair and looked around. We were proceeding down one of the busiest boulevards in the city and this beautiful wife was blowing me. I came instantly.
We pulled into their gated community and then their driveway.
Sheila grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom
What a fabulous house, the bedroom is bigger than my apartment. Hot tub, huge bed, big windows, etc.
Sheila took off her clothes and offered me some wind.
I sat down and Jeff did also.
Sheila cam closer and let me take a look. What a pretty pussy. Tight, shaved, puffy.
She grabbed my hand and guided me to their bed. She slid off my clothes and laid down on the bed.
I moved right in between her legs and started licking. I wanted to re=pay her
She started squirming, Trish had taught me well.
She shoved her hips up to meet my mouth and came.
I Move up and slid my shaft into her tight pussy. I had to move slowly, she was very moist but still tight
As I started thrusting into her I realized I could no longer see Jeff.
What the hell, I'm doing his pretty wife.
I came a bucket load it felt like. My shaft quivered and shot for seconds.
I rolled over and panted for a while. Sheila got up and grabbed our wine. As she handed my my glass, Jeff was coming out of the hot tub. He was naked.
He came over and sat on the edge of the bed.
"She's beautiful, isn't she"
"Yes she is"
"And a very good fuck?"
"Now its my turn"
Sheila took my wine glass and came back to the bed. As she rolled me over onto my stomach I realized they had me in mind
"Uh, I'm not into this"
"Dan assured me you would fully cooperate. I understand you owe him some money"
I was completely shocked as Sheila spread my legs and spread some lotion on my butt cheeks and then began rubbing in around my anus. I tensed
Jeff spread my cheeks and Sheila ran her finger all the way in my ass.
Jeff move behind me and grabbed my hips, he moved me into the "all fours" position.
I could feel his dick thrusting against my anus. I groaned and moved away
He grabbed me more f***efully and shove his member forward
I couldn't believe he was entering me, It felt like a log getting jammed in my ass
I looked over and Sheila was taking movies- great. She smiled
Jeff began regular strokes in my butt. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed hard
I could feel his shaft getting harder and bigger
Suddenly he thrust forward and groaned loudly. His shaft was throbbing in my ass as he emptied his load.
Jeff pulled out and headed to the tub.
Sheila handed me a plate of cool strawberries, I felt like a gril
I watched as Jeff cleaned up his dick and drank a beer.
He came back over and asked me to move to a nearby chair
Jeff moved closer and grabbed me by my chin. He pulled my face right up to his dick
"Why don't you get it hard again?"
I licked around his shaft and he began to grow.
Sheila told me to "work it"
I placed my fingers round his shaft and started stroking as he worked his shaft in and out.
"Play with his ass" Sheila said
I ran one finger around his anus as I sucked him.
I could feel him getting hard again and I could feel him come in my mouth. I struggled with all of his come
"Swallow" Sheila said
I took all of him down my throat, it tasted horrible.
"I'm going to clean up again, you can have some fun with Sheila" Jeff said
Sheila smiled and I knew what I wanted.
We headed back to the bed. I told her "get on your hands and kneews, just like I did."
She smiled
I entered her ass. It was tighter than her pretty little pussy.
I fucked her hard but she was so tight I came quickly
Jeff cam back over and laid down
He nodded to Sheila and she held his cheeks apart
"Rim job"
She guided my head in between his cheeks. She spread them. His ass is slightly hairy but tight
I pretended to lick around his anus, she shoved my nose all the way in
"Lick his ass."
She held his cheeks and I licked his ass, then hi rectum
"Shove it in"
I shoved my tongue into his anus. He groaned
He gt up on his knees and Sheila slid under him., taking his shaft in her mouth.
I continued to lick his ass and she blew him. He came again
We all stopped and Jeff looked at Sheila
"Yeah, he'll do"
They set it up with the club owner, Dan so I would service them once a week, and their friends
I never have paid off my debt and yes I have figured out that I was recruited
... Continue»
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3 Some with cuz and GF

So it starts off like this...

My cousin (whom from previous stories ive had sexual relations) needs a place to stay for the night and ive asked my gf if she can stay. Now my gf is wary as she is well aware of went on before due to my cousin phoning me one night demanding sex and talking filthy to me. After persuading my gf to allow her to stay the night we agree we would meet her half way at a sporting event i was participating in. I look over and i see my cousin and my gf standing side by side chatting away getting to know one another. The event finishes i get changed and ask them if they are both ok before we set off back home. We get back to our place and agree to crack open some beers, after a quite a few and watching some f****y guy my gf becomes sick and rushes to the toilet to be sick. My cousin immediately starts rubbing my cock making it solid whilst i play with her tits quickly before my gf comes back through.

So we continue watching tv for a little bit and my gf who notices I've a hard one reaches up my shorts and rubs my cock, whilst this happens my cousin notices and leaves it a couple seconds before joining her hand up there now one is rubbing my balls the other my cock. I kiss my gf passionately whilst my cousin wanks me off then i kiss my cousin as my gf wanks me off. then before i know if they both lean over me and kiss each other, wow, what a moment. Tv off!

We go to the bedroom all get naked and i lie back, they take turns at sucking me off before i tell my cousin to get on her back any my gf to kiss her. As they do this both pussys are available so i dip in one then dip in the other deciding which to blow my load in. They begin to finger one another, lick each other out then i begin doing my gf anal as she sucks my cousins tits. I then do my cousin anally, my gf snogs her sucks her tits rubs her pussy etc. So my gf places me on my back and climbs on my cock, upon doing so i blow my load in her, hard and lots.

The next morning the three of us wake up in bed together i notice they are both still sl**ping so i fuck my cousins ass before my gf takes a hissy fit as she wants to know why she didn't get first refusal on the cock. So i pinned her down in the living room and started fucking her before she put me on my back started bouncing on my cock and making me cum in her. Needless to say a womans jealousy of one another has meant that was our one and only adventure!!... Continue»
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My gf seducing my buddy

So while at work. My gf txt me saying a friend of mine had shown up to hang and wait for me to get off. I remeber leaving she was wearing her fav black sink nighty and a tiny pair of pink panties. I love these panties cuz they are so thin that they show her cameltoe and her wetness .

We keep chatting as her and my buddy have a beer waiting for me to get off Mind u she hasn't changed since I last saw her. I know how she is and loves to flirt so I ask her what all they are doing. She tells me I'm kinda giving a peep show. She has always had the hots for my best buddy so this was nothing new but I love it. She begins to tell me how she is sitting on the other couch from him in her nighty that barely covers her amazing fake titts. (As u can see from my profile pics ). She then starts accidentally opening her legs giving a little pantie show but didn't take it to far. She then gets up to get them a beer bending over showing the bottom of her ass and even toward him showing her titts knowing a nipple would probly slip. I laugh and said have fun baby see ya in a bit I don't hear from her again until I get home and he still there but nervousness acting. I pull my gf to our room and asked what wrong with him. Then she tells me what happe.

As she was teasing by showing little glimps of her panties and letting her nipple show from the top of her nighty. She gets extremely wet. And tells me she was even drippin thru the thin thong material she said she was having so much fun watching him squirm on the couch and hide his cock in his board shorts. Then he got up to piss. And when he came back she noticed a couple of wet spots on his red shorts She asked him if he needed a towel because his shorts looked wet. Then he said. I'm sorry ur my buddy's girl but dam I'm so turned on and my wife doesn't dress like u and I accididentaly came a little. I really mean no disrespect but I can't help it. My wife doe st hardly play with me or wear clothes like that.

My gf then says. Oh it's ok and goes to sit next to him again letting the edge of her nighty creep up to show her barely covered lips thru the thin material. She asked do I need to change or what can I do. He said. Just keep doing what ur doing but I'm getting worse and don't want it to mess things up as friends. She then said oh absolutely not. What got u so worked up. And he said ur panties and the fact I can see a wet spot on them. My gf then said well u can take care of it if u want. Can I see how hard u are. He then pulls out his cock which she said she could already see thru his shorts. And he was throbbing. She said go to bathroom an stroke it. I feel bad doing that to u. Then he asked. Well since my wife does t dress like that can I barrow ur panties. Then my gf does what I never expect and gets up takes them off and says. If ur gnna use em I wanna watch. He sniffs them then places the wet and I mean wet wet part if the crotch on his throbbing head then begins stroking. My gf said she couldn't sit still and was even shaking at how erotic she thought that was. He goes slow then stretches the material around his 7 in shaved cock then vegans moaning My gf said omg baby the amount of cum was enormous. He stretched my panties around his cock head and I began to see wet then wetter then even the white globs as he came in my panties. It even dripped on our couch. She smiles at him saying. Better ? He then began apologizing and said he felt so bad. But my gf tells him don't worry I won't say a word to Angie his wife. It will be all three of our secret. He said 3 ? She says. Yea who do u think gnna wanna clean this up as she puts the cum soaked panties back on. She said the look on his face was priceless and reached for my hand placing it between her legs saying wanna taste baby.

I licked those panties from the outside to her ass and bak up enjoying the creamy flavor. Then I licked her slowly. We fucked over and over talking and thing about her dirty deed which began my love for creampies. Wet pantie spots and curious mind for sucking cock. This woke a sl**ping monster as for my gf and now she plays with him every time he asks and when his wife won't put out. I'd be glad to tell y'all all about that. Later. ... Continue»
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fucking my gf with two of my friends

I love my gf so much. However I wanted to share my gf with my friends. I invited two of my friends to my home. Me and my friends had planned to fuck my girl threesome but my girl didnt know about that. As planned, I left the house pretending to go to buy some food leaving my gf and my two friends. I was looking inside from the window. My gf acted normally when one of my friends went near her and sat in her sofa. He touched her thighs lightly. My gf was excited. She rubbed his penis. My other friend took his cock out and inserted it in her mouth. her clothes were thrown out. She was hooked by two of my in her pussy and other in her mouth. I came back and my gf invited me to join the sex party. I took my penis out and she sucked it out all the juices from my penis. I licked her pussy while she was having fun with two penis. I fucked her in her pussy while my friend fuck her in her ass and other one in her mouth. That was such a wonderful day. She is a totally slut and a bitch. I banged her the hardest in my entire life.SHe was able to handle all of our 3 cocks easily. She told me while we were having sex that she has already had sex with more than 10 boys beyond my knowing. I know she is a slut and i will bang her always like this. When we were in climax. all three of us ejected in her face.....she was so beautiful with so much cum in her face...she looked so sexy and bitch......after having sex....she was still plyaing with our cocks....shes a total slut and i love this bitch... Continue»
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My gf taken by burglar as i watch... pt2

After the burglar had came inside of my gf, i quickly went towards the place he wanted me to stay, so he wouldn`t know i were peeking on them. After 10minutes he got out and went straight towards me, "ur lucky u didn`t hurt u or her, i took what i wanted" he said to me and got out of the house and ran away. I had a bit of fear when he passed by, he was so aggressive and big, but in the same time i felt excited that he is so dominant. I went to the bedroom and saw my gf all dressed up and looking at me with her having the most red cheeks i have ever seen. "are u ok, did he hurt u?" i asked her, "no, he took the jewelry and left" she said. "should we call the police? We should report this" i said to her to which she replied "no.. i don`t want our neighbourhood to talk about it and its over". We both calmed down and went to sl**p, she didn`t know that i saw everything i heard her saying those things to him that night. She acted like nothing had happened. The next day i had to go to work and she had a day off, so in the morning i kissed her and she wished me a good day at work. When i was going to my work i was still thinking of how hot it was of the burglar taking my poor gf in pussy, he was her first big cock and i really think she had fell in love with it. I saw her act like that for the first time and the way she was looking at him and it, i just knew it was more between them then just that. She actually loved that he took her with all his f***e and his huge cock made her strech so wide and the way she screamed... she never scream or say those things when i fuck her. I was finished with my work and was heading back to our house. When i was at the front gates i realized "shit i forgot to take the keys" so i jumped over the fence and went straight to the front door, she would know that it was me and open it instantly since she can see me coming from our living room, we have windows over there. I waited for a while and went around the house to see whats going on in the living room. As i went around i saw nothing, just lights and our living room being empty so i went further to see if she might be asl**p as i did that i got up the the bedrooms window and i couldn`t believe my eyes. She was standing in front of the same guy who visited us yesterday, same burglar with ski mask and all in black. I thought of calling the police but remembering of what she said i didn`t want to. I saw fear in her eyes and she was whispering something to him and she was so red. She was wearing a short black skirt and natural tan stockings, and a white top. I saw the burglar move closer to her and she looked up to him with her eyes sparkling. I couldn`t believe my eyes, she actually loved that he is there. Burglar start to move slow closer to her and kissed her, picked her up and threw on bed. I started to get excited "omg my poor gf would get this big huge cock again" i thought to myself. I saw that there is an open window next to me, to which i could hear them and moved to it. They had no curtains on so since it was dark outside, the couldn`t see me but i could see them. Burglar start to kiss her and make out with her through his hole in ski mask. Suddenly he lifted her skirt up and she moaned a bit. She didn`t have any panties on "oh god she is going to get it now" i thought. I heard her starting to whisper to the burglar as he pulled his pants down "oh god its so big, i love it" and once she said it i heard the burglar ask her "ur in love with it aren`t u?" to which she replied "yes, i`m so in love with u, ur the biggest and the best one i have ever had, please do me, I LOVE YOU" and burglar pushed his cock deep inside of her. She started to scream so loud once he was inside, it was only the second time her pussy takes something so big, i mean cmon he was 9inches and i`m only 6. He was on top of her and start to push it in and out moving his hips faster and faster. She started to shake so badly and started to scream "oh god you are so huge, i don`t care that u don`t have condom, ur THE BESTTT", burglar heard that and pushed even faster and faster inside of her with her shaking all over him. "ur so much better and bigger then my boyfriend, i belong to u, I LOVE YOU" she whispered to him to which he replied with pounding her tight pussy which is becoming loose already for him. "I`M URS FOREVER" she screamed as she started to cum all over him and shake in the same time. I heard burglar whispering to her to which she started to shake even faster and faster, he was literally streching all of her as she was falling in love with his huge cock and not care about anything on the world. She reached up and kissed him as her cum was all around him, it was the first time i ever saw her being creamy, she had so much cum all around his huge cock that it was practically dripping down. "please i want u to cum inside of me, fill me up and make me urs, i beg you..." She whispered to him and he started to literally pound her as hard as he can from the top, she screamed and started to struggle as he burried his 9 inches inside of her and as he was about to cum she screamed to him "UR THE BEST, I LOVE YOU AND I BELONG TO U" and he started to fill up her loose pussy with his hot cum as she came again on him and was shaking all over him, she reached up to his lips and kissed him, whispering something in the same time. They stayed locked together for some seconds and then burglar got off her and started to dress up. She whispered to him "oh god ur the best i have ever had, ur so much better then my boyfriend and ur cock is so amazing, i love you". I saw burglar smiling and saying to her "well i have more plans for u.. and ur boyfriend will not like them hehe". She got red and whispered quietly to him "i don`t care what the plans are... just don`t use protection, i need to feel it..". I was shocked because when i fucked her she always made me to wear condom, all the time. Burglar dressed up and left saying nothing, my poor gf with having some trouble got up from the bed, and slowly having her legs spread went to the bathroom to take a shower. I heard her mentioned to herself before she went outside the bedroom "oh god he really is the best..". I was standing there and thinking "what did the burglar mean by that he had some more plans for her..?". I waited for 40minutes outside and then went to the front door again and opened it, my beautiful gf greeted me and asked me about my day as if nothing has happened and we both instantly went to sl**p, without sex and without her paying attention to me.. Now i`m thinking of what is going to happen next with her..

If u guys want me to continue, write a comment (:... Continue»
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Aunt Carol Was A Stripper

My mom's s****r Carol lives in Crossville, Tennessee. I moved into in a company furnished condo in downtown Crossville a few weeks ago. The condo came with my internship deal. It's a small nicely furnished. I promised mom I would go visit Aunt Carol as soon as I got settled. Mom wasn't going to let me forget that promise.

I had met Aunt Carol several times over the years. I had just turned 37. The whole f****y drove to Tennessee from Union NJ Aunt Carol never had any k**s of her own. She got married late in life to James.

The one thing I remember about Carol from that trip is that she looked just like my mom. Carol is 2 years older but they could pass as twins. They both have red hair and big tits the size of watermelons. Carol was in her mid 40s.

I was fortunate to get this paid internship with a very prestigious Tennessee firm that does work all over the world. They only accepted one intern this year and that was "me". I get paid lots, tho the condo is free and I am getting the experience of working on big and challenging projects. Something I would never have the chance to do back in Union NJ.

On my walk back to my condo I got a text message from Mom in all caps, "CALL YOUR AUNT Carol " along with Carol's phone number which she had already sent me a two dozen times. No time like the present I figured. I finally called.

"Hello Aunt Carol this is your nephew Chris"

"Please call me Carol".

She was very happy to hear from me. Mom must have filled her in on my situation because she seemed to know all about my paid internship and she was genuinely interested to hear me talk about it. Carol talked my ear off, we talked until I was all the way back to my condo. She told me how proud she was of me. Mom and Carol were from a working-class f****y . I'm the first one in the f****y to get a degree.

Carol asked me what my plans were for the weekend and I admitted that I really didn't have any. Carol insisted that I come to see her in the morning. She told me to take the West Line and get off at the West side Exit. She would be there to pick me up at 7:30 am. Carol wasn't going to take no for an answer, she promised to make homemade lasagna for dinner, my mom must have told her it was my favorite.

Carol looked great. She was wearing a red short skirt and low cut white top. Her tits were practically hanging out. She looked really fine and she smelled good.

It was a short ride back to Carol's house. The place was the same as I remember it. We talked for awhile, Carol showed me some old pictures of her and my mom and their other b*****rs and s****rs growing up. Carol also showed me some pictures of her from her stripper days. Obviously she was comfortable with nudity. She was topless in most of those pictures. I couldn't help but blush. Carol rustled my hair and said, "Come on Chris, don't tell me that you didn't go to strip clubs when you were in college".

Carol brought me a cold pepsi from the fridge, "Your mom told me it was your favorite soda." she said. She handed me the TV remote and told me to make myself comfortable while she worked in the kitchen. A few minutes later the furnace kicked on with a loud squeaky rumble. I looked back at Carol who didn't even flinch. "What the heck is wrong with your furnace?" I asked.

She said it had been making that noise since last winter. I told her it wasn't good and offered to take a look. It turned out to be a bad bearing in the blower fan. I made a few phone calls and found a replacement part at a supply place nearby. Carol told me not to worry that she would call a serviceman on Monday, but I insisted on fixing it. I borrowed her car and ran out to get the part. Carol seemed very impressed with my mechanical skills.

Carol told me to go upstairs and wash-up before we ate lunch. While in the bathroom, I couldn't resist the chance to peek in the clothes hamper. BINGO!. There among the dirty towels and linens was real treasure. A dirty bra and panties. I carefully removed them. I examined the panties first, turning them inside out to take a close look at the crotch. The crotch was slightly discolored. I lifted the panty to my face to take a good sniff and got an instant hard-on. Then I unzipped my pants and rubbed my hard cock all over the panties. A few more stokes and I would have blown a load in them. Realizing that probably wouldn't be cooI, I stopped and put my neglected cock away. Then I took a closer look at the bra. The tag said size 45 F. This was a real marvel of modern engineering. This was no ordinary flimsy bra, but a very sexy heavy duty harness made with sturdy material, hooks, stitching and under wire. Damn, those huge tits had to weigh 10 pounds each. I thought about the topless pictures of Carol . All I could think about was sucking on those big titties.

"Lunch is ready." Carol called. I put her underwear back in the hamper and made my way down to the kitchen.

Carol made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. A stripper and a great cook! They don't make girls like that anymore. I ate at the kitchen table and watched her make homemade lasagna noodles.

Out of the blue Carol asked me if I had met any girls since I got to Crossville. I admitted that I hadn't had much of a chance and had not met anyone. "Don't you k**s meet up on the internet these days?" she asked. I admitted I had tried that without success as well. "You poor baby." she said.

I thanked Carol for lunch and told her I had noticed a few other things around the house that needed fixing including a running toilet and loose banister. I also told Carol I would hookup the DVD player my mom got her for Christmas last year too. Carol slapped me on the ass when I returned from the garage with the toolbox. "I really miss having a man around here." she smiled.

"Why don't you spend the night and go back tomorrow?" Carol suggested. "That way we don't have to rush through dinner.

"Sure, that sounds great." I said.

I couldn't believe what I was thinking. I was fantasizing about fucking my mom's s****r. A woman more than twice my age. What the hell was wrong with me? How would I even go about taking it to that level? As it turned out, I wouldn't have to make the first move.

Later that evening, Carol and I ate dinner in her formal dining room. She said it was the first time anyone had eaten in there in years. The lasagna and homemade bread was awesome. We drank a full bottle of red wine with dinner and made pleasant conversation. I thanked Carol for the wonderful meal and helped her wash the dishes. We opened another bottle of wine and continued our conversation on the living room sofa.

I told her I thought it was really cool that she had been a stripper. Carol told me she danced under the stage name "Blonde”. She told me that the sailors from the Great Lakes Naval Base were the most frequent patrons at J&J's club. She said there was no such thing as lap dances back then. The girls made money by getting the guys to buy them drinks. If they bought a bottle of “champagne” they could take you back to a private booth. The booths were like restaurant booths with heavy d****s all the way around. The champagne was really 7-UP and a $40 bottle would get them 20 minutes back there. The girls split the money with the house. The most productive girls got a higher split.

I just stared at her inquisitively..... “A hand job” she said. “That’s what they got for $40. I know it was a rip-off..... And if they didn’t get off in 20 minutes, that was just too bad because the old hag boss lady was watching the clock and would come back and break things up when time was up. They could either leave with blueballs or buy another bottle of champagne.” She went on to explain that all the girls had their favorite customers. The booths were too small to fuck in and that was strictly against the rules. But for an extra $50 tip most of the girls would give their favorite customers a blowjob. The wine had obviously loosened Kitty up.

“Hand jobs are a lost art.” Carol blurted out. “Girls don’t know how to give a proper hand job anymore. I know a guy likes to watch a girl suck his dick. But a proper hand job feels much better than a blowjob any day.” Carol said that back in the day, it was the standard way a girl showed her appreciation for a nice date.

Carol was still doing all the talking. “What you don’t believe me?” She asked.

“I didn’t say anything.” I smirked.

“You didn’t have to say anything. I can read your mind. Don’t move”, she demanded.

Carol said she would be right back. She returned a minute later with a bottle of lotion. She turned out all the lights except one lamp on the end table. She sat back down on the couch and squirted a generous glob of lotion in her palm then slowly and seductively rubbed her hands together. Then she leaned over and started unbuckling my belt and said, “Let’s see what you got in there nephew.”

All the dirty talk had my cock throbbing and uncomfortably confined. I stood up and took off my jeans and boxers, my cock stood fully erect. Carol's hand stroked my shaft and she pulled me back down on the couch by my dick. “Yeah, I think this is a keeper” she said as she slowly stroked my 6 inch cock from the base all the way up to the head twisting her hand slightly. Her thumb worked the sensitive area under the head of my cock each time her hand made it’s way to the top of the stroke. Goddamn it felt so good.

Carol certainly knew what she was talking about. I had never met a girl that knew how to stroke a cock like that. She pushed me back into the corner of the couch and pulled one leg up onto the couch leaving the other foot on the floor. My legs were spread widely and she was sitting between them stroking my cock. Carol paused long enough to remove her blouse. Then she took off her bra, doing a little strip tease for me. Watching her unhook and remove her bra was a treat.

The years and gravity had taken a toll on Carol ’s breasts, but they were still impressive. Then she resumed the hand job and I reached out to touch her nipples. Carol leaned forward and massaged my nuts with her left hand while stroking my shaft with her right hand. My hands were all over her tits. “Take your time sweetie” she whispered in her husky cougar voice.

Carol kept stroking my dick while running her left hand under my shirt, rubbing my stomach then touching my nipples, then back to my balls. She leaned over and kissed and licked the head of my cock a few times. Her spit ran down the shaft and lubricated her hand. Her grip was firm and deliberate. Each and every stroke was calculated. She was doing things to my cock and balls that I didn’t understand. I tried to pump her hand and she scolded me. “Just sit back Chris and let Aunt Carol do all the work. I know what I’m doing.”

“You sure do” I said. She damn sure knew what she was doing. This felt better than any mouth or pussy my cock had ever fucked.

The sexual tensions inside me were building like a super volcano. My breathing became rapid and I was sweating everywhere. This hand job had gone on three times longer than any I had ever given myself. Carol was now avoiding the head of my cock. She knew I was ready to blow. One more full stroke and I was going to shoot cum on the ceiling. I was either going to cum or my head was going to explode.

“I want you to cum all over my tits.” Carol said as she looked deeply into my eyes. She aimed my cock at her chest. She squeezed my balls with one hand and jacked me off with the other. I began to groan like an wild a****l and my hips convulsed uncontrollably. I watched the cum shoot out of my cock and splatter on Carol ’s tits like pancake batter. She milked a half dozen streams of jizz from me directing each one to a different area of her tits. Then she used the head of my cock to smear the mess all over her tits and nipples. I don’t think I had ever cum so much. I was drained and suddenly feeling a little shy as my cock went limp in her hand.

“Nice work Chris” she said as she leaned back to let me admire the aftermath of our i****tuous encounter. Carol stood up then bent over to kiss my forehead. She took my hand and suggested we go up and take a shower together.

Later that night Carol gave me some lessons in eating pussy. It was really cool getting verbal feedback and coaching from a woman while I was eating her pussy. I made her cum twice, then we spooned in her bed for awhile, then I fucked her and we fell asl**p holding onto each other.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking. Carol left a pair of her pajamas on the bed. I got dressed and went downstairs to find her wearing a see-through negligee making breakfast.

In her direct way, Carol talked about what had happened last night. She was worried I would have regrets. I assured her that I was totally cool with what happened. In fact I told her I would be happy to come back and visit her anytime. There were a lot of things around her place that still needed fixing up.

Carol dropped me back at the train station around noon on Sunday. We kissed on the mouth like lovers and she asked me to come back the following weekend.

I’m headed to Aunt Carol’s as soon as I get off work Friday. We’re going out to dinner and shopping and I’m spending Friday and Saturday night at her place. Aunt Carol is an amazing woman.... Continue»
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my gf caught me

One day i was home alone and bored. There was nothing good on tv so i decided 2 jack off. I had forgotten about my girlfriend coming! So i took off my jeans and boxers and pulled up some sexy pictures of my gf on my laptop and started jerking away 2 her. i got so caught up in it tht i didnt notice my gf standing in the door way stareing at my 10in hard dick until i shot my load and she let out a gasp. i looked over and got rlly embarrassed and tried clean up mh mess. But then she stopped me and started licking my cum off of my dick. when she was done she said with my dick in her hand stroking it that after dinner she had a surprise for me. thats another story
(not true story first time writing)... Continue»
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Cuckold Birthday For Me

My gf and me became a couple a few years back. She told me that she was a hw for years with her x. During our sex she used to tell me all her stories, and it was a great turn on for me. I tried to convince her to become a hw again for a long time, but she refused, saying she has had enough of it.

Then, on my 46th birthday, she calls me at work saying she has a special surpise for me, and to come home asap. I thought she propably made us some dinner. When I got home and entered the living room, I saw a uniform thrown on the floor and thought it was my son's. I called for her, and she told me to come over to the bedroom. cooking smell...

When I got in I saw a very slim of what looked liked a very very young boy, stark naked with his back to me. Gf was sitting on bed with only red panties (not sexy ones, I must say), holding what looked to me as a giant massive hard on of his, very purple in it's color and pulasting like a live "something". I was in total shock. I was not thinking I will ever witness something like that. I was speechless. He looked over his shoulder was a real young boy, unknown to me. When she saw me like this, she backed up a little looking somewhat worried trying to cover herself. "Isn't what you allways wanted?" she asked. I said sure, just didn't think it will ever happen and with someone as young as her youngest k**. Long story short: This boy happened to be a life guard on his spare time and a few days earlier she lost something at the spa where he works at, and she asked him to give her a call if he finds it, giving him her cell no. She said she noticed he was very big "down there". Yesterday he called her telling her he found her glasses and asked her if he could come over tomorrow (my bd) and bring it with. She said sure. All night long she was thinking about seducing him as a gift for my bd. And that's what she did. When he came in she offered him coffee and started talking to him, asking him if he will do her in front of me. He said "sure, if he is ok with it". And this is when she called me. Turned out he had a reputation, and I don't wonder why seeing his pole...

During our discussion he was sitting next to her, hugging and supporting. "Sensitive", I thought to myself. And when I said "So, let's play", it was like a spark in a room full of oxygen...

She started by touching his now limp (yet very very big and thick) cock. He was massaging her tits, and then they started to kiss. Even though it was my will, it was difficult for me to see her for the first time naked in front of this k**, him touching her, her touching him and then tounge kisses. Then hearing her soft moans...comming because of a stranger (a k**...) touching her. Yet, it was a great turn on and I started to touch myself. Didn't have the courage to take my clothes off and show my small one, afraid of them comparing it.

I saw his hand going into her panties. She opened her eyes, looking at me. She was all smiles. A few seconds later I heared her moan loud and knew he had his finger inside her/my pussy. By the way she was shiverring and moaing, I knew he did a great job. I was all so aroused!

A few minutes later she looked at me again asking me to take her panties off. I hesitated. I was not yet ready for that. Seeing that she took his hand out of her panties, looked at me with some anger and said: "You wanted me to cuckold you. So, this is what it means. Now, move your ass over here and take my panties off or you will have to wait out of the room and just listen if that is what you want. There is no turning back".

So..."I moved my ass" and took her panties off, her pussy reddish and glistening. "Now move aside and just look at us. You can wank if you want, but don't come. I want you to fuck me when he is done". With that they started to 69 each other. She could not take him in her mouth so she was just licking him all around and take only his head in her mouth.

After coming twice in his mouth she positioned her herself on top of him, his giant tool resting between her cheeks. She was kissing him, whispering something in his ears and he grabed her cheeks and splits them apart. Her hole, gapping hole, was in my sight. She looked over her shoulder at me, saying: "Now, hold his cock and stick it in me. Hurry up, I need to come". ... Continue»
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MUST READ!! A contract my ex gf wrote me a while

Dear Master,

I was very self-centered and acted in an immature way in which you would never tolerate. I know I will be punished for my actions and knowing that you will not think twice as you grab me by the hair and drag me up onto your knees, I flinch, as you raise your hand and leave welts on my ass. You have impure thoughts that must be fulfilled and should not have to be teased by a whore like myself. I must surrender myself to you.

I am at a ripe age and I agree master. I know that such a young sexual woman like me, at the age of twenty two wants to act out. When I awake, my thoughts are of you. When I lay to sl**p, I try to not feel the pressure of the bed push against my clitoris for I immediately think of you. As I work out, I am unable to sit on a seat for I have sexual urges to want to cum while I think of your body. Though you are not physically by my side, the thought of you teases me. For this, I rub my clit as hard and fast as I can anywhere where I can obtain full privacy. But only to have minimal results and have left my pussy raw.

If you believe I must be punished for pleasuring myself, I will ask for forgiveness many times over, but will accept the harsh discipline that you will put forth nonetheless.

My body is not my own but is yours to use. You are to enjoy what God has provided for you and that is my body and you will enjoy it to the max. I know you will push past the envelope but as I write this, I enjoy the many surprises you have in store for me.

You have made me think such thoughts that I cannot rub my tight wet pussy without thinking about pain. Gagging on your delicious blessed cock the first time ever sent chills down my spine as you plowed through my cum filled mouth. The strong grasp of your strong arms and the constant tugging brought tears to my eyes. I knew I loved you as soon as you blew your load in me and grinned.

I need to be controlled. I must admit I will be reckless because of my carefree ways prior to meeting you. I am a strong willed woman and will make irrational statements from time to time and you will shut me up. Like the saying, foot to mouth well… cock to mouth.

I am to never seek for satisfaction and if I were to ever deny an action that you have ordered, you will humiliate me.

I would never allow myself to live if you were to leave me. I find comfort in knowing that the pain you put upon me is for my benefit to never ever step outside the tiny frame you have put me in. I understand that you will love me and nurture me and will treat me the way I should be treated and at times not so well. But I beg you to teach me a lesson that I will never forget. I beg you to lead an example of how his woman should behave.

I know I have now endangered myself and this excites me. I am willing to accept this consensual sexual agreement and will succumb to you always and forever no matter what. Master , you are my one and only owner, physically and spiritually.

Your ( deleted the name for privacy)
... Continue»
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My GF Watching Me Get Fucked By A Friend (True)

This is a true story of mine based on something that happened a week or so ago I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy guys and gals.

It was Friday night and I was sitting at my apartment bored out of my mind. My girlfriend Sarah (Pic above) was at work for a couple more hours so I just sat on my couch listening to some music when my friend Tim (Pic above) from work text me asking what I was up to. I told him nothing and quickly invited him over. Tim agreed and about twenty minutes later he showed up at my place where we sat on the couch having some beers listening to my metal albums. Tim was a good friend of mine from work who like me was bi. Me and him had fooled around a couple times which mostly was me sucking him and letting him fuck me. We sat and talked for awhile when Tim said "I don't know about you but I have been horny all day". "I know why you came over now" I said as Tim chuckled "You know it". I got up from the recliner and walked over to the couch kneeling between Tim's legs as he unfastened the button and zipper from his blue jeans.

He slid them down to his ankles where I pulled them off and tossed them aside as he grabbed onto his nice dick and started to stroke it. Suddenly I heard a key slide into the door and it opened where Sarah walked in with a grin "Hi Tim, Am I interrupting?". "Of course not Sarah" Tim smirked "Feel free to have a seat and enjoy the show". Sarah put her purse down and kicked off her shoes before walking over to the recliner and sat down "Let's get it going" she joked. I looked up at Tim who pointed the tip of his cock at me as I grabbed onto his shaft and took it into my mouth. "Fuck" he groaned as I sucked him as I could hear Sarah mutter "Mmm suck that cock baby". Tim's cock throbbed in my mouth as I took it deeper down my throat. "Does that feel good?" Sarah asked as Tim groaned "He is very good at sucking cock"."You like sucking my cock don't ya?" Tim asked as I mumbled "Yes".

"Suck that big cock good baby" Sarah said softly. "You getting wet watching this?" Tim asked her as she quickly said "Fuck yes". "Mmm suck it" Tim groaned putting his hand on the back of my head easing it down his cock. "Take it baby" Sarah moaned as Tim shoved all of his cock into my mouth making me gag. "I think he likes it" Tim chuckled as Sarah laughed "I think he does to". "Wanna go to the bedroom?" Sarah asked as Tim got up and I followed. We all stood at the foot of my bed as Sarah said "Take you cloths off baby". I stripped as Tim removed his shirt "We don't want you getting soft now do we?" Sarah asked as she bent down pulling her hair to the side and began sucking Tim as I stood next to them and watched. "God damn" Tim groaned as Sarah gripped his shaft tightly stroking him as she sucked. Sarah stood up and laid on the bed with her back to the headboard telling me to lay get on all fours. I climbed onto the bed on my hands and knees between her legs until I was close to her.

Sarah kissed me "Can you taste his big cock in my lips baby?" she whispered. Tim got onto the bed behind me and began rubbing the tip of his cock up and down on my asshole. "Do you want his cock in your ass?" Sarah smiled. I nodded as she grabbed my bottom jaw "Say it". "I want his cock in me" I panted as Tim quickly slid it into me. I lowered my head between her legs and groaned loudly as she but her hands on the back of my head and moaned "Yeah baby take it all". I felt Tim slowly slid it all the way into me and then back out as he grabbed my hips and started to fuck me. I moaned into the bed feeling his cock throbbing in my ass as Sarah ran her finger nails up my back "Fuck him" she moaned to Tim. "Such a tight little ass" Tim groaned slapping my ass as he fucked me. Sarah pulled my head up looking at me with a grin "Does it feel good?". "Yes" I moaned as Tim slammed his cock into me harder groaning loudly.

"Don't cum yet" Sarah said to Tim as she told me to get onto my back. I rolled over watching as Tim got between my legs and slid his cock back into me as Sarah knelt beside him and began kissing him as he fucked me. "Make him squeal" she grinned as Tim lifted my legs and began fucking me deeper as Sarah got off the bed and quickly removed her cloths before getting back on next to Tim. He grinned grabbing onto her tits as he fucked me making Sarah moan. "I have an idea" she said as she stood over me looking down at me as she bent over putting her hands on my chest. "Oh fuck" Sarah moaned as Tim began to eat her pussy as he fucked my ass. "His mouth feels so good" she moaned as she quickly stood up and laid down beside me and started to stroke my cock as Tim fucked me. "You had enough?" Sarah asked me as she started to suck my cock. Tim fucked me harder as he began to groan "I'm gonna fucking cum". Sarah looked up at him with a smirk "Cum for me".

"Cum on his cock" Sarah said pointing my cock at Tim as he quickly pulled out and began to shoot his large load all over my cock. Tim shook every last drop out before Sarah looked up at him as she started to suck all of his cum off of my cock. "Your cum tastes so good" she moaned as she sucked my cock clean before she laid on me and began kissing me. "Was that fun?" she asked as I grinned and nodded feeling my asshole throbbing.

Hope you enjoyed my story guys and gals.

... Continue»
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Mt tranny story

I've been dressing like a girl for the past three years. I've been a girl my whole life though. I always knew I wasn't the same as the other boys. I tried desperately to blend in and be a normal boy but couldn't. Behind the scenes, at home, I'd raid the laundry basket at night and grab some of my older s****rs clothes and underwear, rush back to my room, lock the door and indulge. I don't know right but even from a young age something about wearing woman's clothes was very liberating for me. From the age of 12, every night without fail I slept in a pair of French knickers. I had a set of girly pjs ad well I had 'borrowed' from my s****r. Night time for me was a time I could be free. No one around, I was safe to truly be myself. I'd always sl**p in girly clothes as I felt it was important; I'd live the first 12 hours of my day dressed as a boy, at school, doing whatever, then, for at least 10 of the other 12 I wanted to be in girls clothes. Friends would come over and see my girls underwear left out accidentally and I'd say they were a girls who stayed over.
I never had many relationships with girls. I put that down to being a shy boy. Around the time I first started masterbating I used to get off on the fact I liked being a girl. I used to say I only had a weird fetish for womans clothes; most of my young adult life was spend in denial. I gradually grew to spend more and more time in women's clothes. By this time I had moved out of home and had a small flat above a butchers so I didn't have to hide my girls clothes from anyone.
All my former gf's knew I wasn't normal; most of whom thought I was gay. I believed I was just different. I honestly thought my fascination with womans clothes was just that, a fascination. In reality it was what made me feel most comfortable.
My last gf helped me massively. She was so understanding. I couldn't live a lie any longer a felt comfortable enough with the girl to be honest- I told her everything and she didn't mind. She understood and then strangely stayed with me and then began to help bring out my femininity. It wasn't easy at the start. I planned to tell her after work, nut she came home late and went straight to sl**p. She knew something was up and asked me why I was acting strange. I told her I had something important to tell her. We sat down and I began to explain my secret lifestyle that couldn't b r kept a secret any longer. I said that from a young age I've spend most of my evenings wearing woman's clothes. She thought it was a crap joke but when I didn't laugh at all she realised I was being serious. I told her for almost 6 years I'd been pretending it was a weird fetish id developed from playing dress up young. I said the feeling inside grew stronger when I wasn't in my comfortable girls clothes. I said I was sorry for laying it on her, I said it had been inside me for some time, and I said she was the only girl of recent time who I felt comfortable enough to actually be honest with. Of course she liked that. We lived together in our small shared flat above the butchers and decided it would be fun if I started dressing up as a girl around the flat. For some reason I could tell my gf was kind if turned on by me wanting to become a girl. Obviously she was getting something out of it otherwise she would of ran for the hills like any normal women would of! She said numerous times at the start i would be her project. I grew my hair, began regularly shaving/waxing all body hair. I had to be taught how to walk in heels properly, I mean real heels, stripper heels. We ebayed 80% of my male wardrobe, luckily my gf and I were a similar size so I could share her clothes! I spent most of the eBay sales money on new womans clothes! and we began sharing a wardrobe. she helped me higher the tone of my voice in order to sound like a woman, she taught me girly mannerisms and what to and not to do in social situations, she taught me how to use make up properly, I then visited my gp and began hormone replacement therapy.
At the time my job was seasonal, so in the winter I stayed at home whilst the gf was at work. I didn't mind that, and neither did she. She bought me a French maid outfit and most afternoons whilst she was out working id be doing the housework, making sure everything was all fine for when mashed arrived home. There was never any femdom or cucking going on in my relationship with this girl, we treated each other the same. The maids outfit was purely my choice.
Eventually after about four months of being a full time girl and learning everything about being a girl from my gf, she asked me if I was gay. I knew I wanted to eventually be with a man as a woman, but I didn't feel ready to leave her. She had taught me everything and I was scared to be away from her side forever. There were a few more things I needed to learn before I embarked on my new life.
I'd fantasised about men many times but had never actually done anything with one.
She began teaching me how to give a good blow job, I said I knew what guys like, but evidently I did not. we practiced on her 10" dildo. I struggled at the start with surrendering all power. As a woman you have to let the man take charge and do what he will. I was used to playing man and deciding what happens. She made me masterbate to gay brainwash sissy porn 3 times a day, which really helped. She had done tonnes of research online and had been contacting a woman who was going through a similar experience. Once I had mastered oral and the physics of the dick it was time to start anal training.
Of course as a teen I had fingered my butt a load of times, but that was it, just a finger. We had some left over lube lying around on the side and one night began to try to properly penetrate me for the first time. How silly. It was incredibly painful and we failed to get the dildo even an inch in. There was even a bit of bl**d.
We purchased poppers online, a strap on and a leave in butt plug. When I inhaled poppers for the first time I instantly felt really light, especially my head. I inhaled continuously for a set time before we tried anal again. This time we didn't have any initial problem and after about five minutes of easing in, my gf was pounding me! We started off light and she only went for seven minutes or so. We began loosening up my butt hole daily, getting me ready so it wouldn't hurt as much in the future. I slept with my plug in so I could take anal on the mornings before she went to work.
The first time I received anal sex I knew I was gay. My god was it euphoric. All stRaight men need to try it.
After a while, a long while, two years, we split up. we both subconsciously felt we had grew apart, emotionally. I felt I was now full gay. She was thinking it. I could tell for a while. There was love, but as a friend. Right until the last day I felt I was in a relationship, meaning I am committed to only one person. Unfortunately for me she didn't see things the same way towards the end. I never was the paranoid partner checking phones. But she was spending more and more time texting. She was showering one day and her phone pinged about seven times in five minutes. Intrigued i picked the phone up, to find texts from a man named mark. Eventually she told me she had been seeing/texting a string of guys for the past two months. Nothing had happened and she was going to tell me soon. She wanted a man. I was heartbroken. I shouldn't have been, deep down I wanted a man too and felt we weren't right together anymore. It was the disloyalty that hurt. After that, we began the break up process.
About a month before we split up, after a night out drinking, we brought a man back with us to double team. We said I was on my period so I could only be fucked in the arse tonight. He bought it. My first real man experience was great with her there with me. We done this once more and then I decided I was ready to be a girl on my own.

That was nearly 2 years ago. I've since had a string of relationships. With men and woman. Even another tgirl. I'm enjoying going out as a girl. I'm awaiting a referral with regards to a boob job, I've saved up enough t(£8k) to pay for boobs! I can't wait

... Continue»
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Stripper confessions : My night as a white slave t

Hey guys,it's been awhile but I just had another crazy night! As a lot of you know, I'm a dancer here in Las Vegas and I'm 24.

Last Saturday night I finished work and went to meet my GF at this club where her BF is a DJ. Let me tell you I was really horny that night so I made sure I dressed really hot and slutty. I put on a really short black dress that barely covered my ass, black fishnets and a new pair of 5" black heels, I looked pretty hot;).

Anyway, I had already started doing shots at work and then there were a couple guys buying me more shots at the club so I got pretty wasted but I wasn't too into the guys at the club and my GF was being kind of bitchy to me so I left to go to another place, but now it was like 4 AM. I stopped into a 7-11 to get a Red Bull and when I was backing out of the parking spot I accidently backed into another car that was behind me and put a dent in the door. I was like, fuck, I'm too d***k to deal with this shit.

So I get out and the driver gets out, it's this black guy and then his two black friends get out too. He looks at the dent in his door and says hes gonna call the cops and says he can tell that I'm wasted. I really didn't want to go to jail! So even though I'm d***k I can see the guys looking at me and I can tell they want me. So one guy looks at me in my fuck me heels and my dress and is like "Are you a stripper?" and I told him yes. Then the other guy is like "This is a new car, I'm calling the cops" so now I'm freaking out! I was like "hold on, let me see the dent" and I went up to his car and bent over to pretend I was looking at the dent but I knew the guys could get a good view of my ass, covered just with the fishnets, no panties.

I turned back around and they were all staring at me. I went up to the guy who was driving and asked him if there was anyway we could work it out without the cops and put my hand on his crotch. He was like yeah, but you gotta hook up my Homies too...I told him no problem. I told them if they didn't call the cops I would blow all three of them, but they had to wear condoms.

So then I parked my car and got in the backseat of their car between two of the guys while another one of the guys went back into the 7-11 to buy condoms. In another minute we were on our way to one of the guys apt. I was relieved and relaxed and still horny so I started rubbing the two BBCs on either side of me. They quickly pulled my dress down and my pussy started to get really wet as they each sucked on one of my breasts. I could feel the two guys cocks get really hard in my hands and the guy on the left of me felt huge so I unzipped him first, he had a nice big thick cock, maybe 9" or so and it felt so good in my hand. The other guy took his cock out too, it was a little smaller but still decent in size. The guy driving was like "save some for me!" and told me that we were almost there at his place.

I really couldn't wait though and made the guys put condoms on and started sucking them off in the backseat. one of the guys reached around and inserted his finger in my pussy which was now dripping wet.

In another few minutes we were at the apt. it was a run down place but I had seen worse. The guys put their cocks away and I fixed my dress and followed them inside. As soon as they closed the door my dress was practically ripped off me. Now I was just standing in my fishnets and my heels. They pushed me down to my knees and took their cocks out and just started fucking my mouth for all it was worth. They were rough with me and called me a whore as they took turns feeding their big hard black cocks into my mouth. I would alternate with a cock in each hand as I sucked off one of the guys. They kept me on my knees like that for awhile until one guy pulled off his condom and shot his cum all over my face. I reached down and started rubbing my pussy so hard, I was like a bitch in heat. One of the guys got behind me and started to play with my pussy and my little asshole. I had to remind him that our deal was for BJs only and his respsonse was "fuck that bitch, that's what you think" and with a cock still in my mouth he grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back. I struggled to get loose but it he was too strong. The guy that I was sucking off took his cock out, slapped me in the face real hard and then jammed his cock back down my throat, then spit on me. I tried again to break loose but now I felt a big cock enter my pussy and although I was scared I decided the best thing to do was to give them what they wanted.

I arched my back and stuck my ass up in the air, I figured the best thing do do was to play along so they would cum as soon as possible. The guy who had cum before was now hard again and they switched spots, still keeping my arms pinned behind my back as the new cock entered my pussy while one of the guys fucked my mouth. This guy grabbed my fishnets and tore a giant hole around my asshole and then spit on my tight little hole. I knew what was coming next and struggled to break free but it was no use.

I then felt the guys hard cock slide into my tight little asshole and he started fucking me like there was no tomorrow, pushing his cock all the way in me so I felt his balls slap against me. This went on for awhile, then they switched and one of the other guys took a turn in my ass as I sucked of the two other guys. I arched my back even more as their black cocks took turns filling up my little butthole.

After a little while one of the guys was like "Are you going to be a good little bitch if we let you up?" I told him yes because I had been on my knees for almost an hour at that point. I got up and my legs were really cramped and my knees were raw from the rug burns.

One of the guys grabbed me by the neck and brought me into his bedroom, closed the door then he laid down on the bed and pushed my head down on his cock and turned on the TV and held my head there on his cock as he watched TV. I really didn't know when the whole thing was going to end so I just decided to make the best of it and sucked his big cock for all it was worth, they were out of condoms now I guess and I really got into deep throating him. Now I heard the door open behind me and figured it was the two other guys but as I glanced around I saw four black guys, I guess they had brought two friends over.

I told them, no way, this was NOT part of the deal and got up to leave but one of the guys blocked the door. One of the guys said "Pin her down" and with that they threw me down on the bed and one guy on either side of me held my arms down. Once again I was scared but turned on all at the same time. I struggled again but then gave up and stuck my ass up high in the air. Seconds later I felt one of the the new guys mount me and slowly slide his cock into my little asshole.

They held me like that for a little bit, taking turns in my ass and pussy. I felt like I was ready to cum and yelled out for them too fuck my mouth too. A few seconds later I had another cock in my mouth and then felt one of the most intense orgasms as one of the guys fucked my ass and rubbed my clit at the same time.

They then flipped me over and I rode one of the guys as I sucked off another. I then paused and took his cock out of my pussy and slid it back into my asshole and rode him cowgirl like that until he came. After hat they made me kneel down by the side of the bed and three of the guys took turns coming on my face and hair.

By now it was light out! OMG, I really had to go so I asked the guy whos car I hit if it was okay to leave and he chuckled to his friends and said that he thought I had learned my lesson. My fishnets were destroyed and I took them off and threw them away, then put my dress and asked one of the guys for a ride back to my car, which he did but made me suck him off one last time before I got out. What A crazy, crazy night! I went home and showered and then masturbated while thinking about what had just happened. It was insane but I promise you it really happened. Anyway, hit me up if ya wanna chat.
xoxo B.

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Cheating s****r in law and me

This was sortaa thing that just happend but just shocking because i didnt think she felt the same and was the kinda person to actually go through with it. I knew my s****r in law for many years since i was a k**. She has been with my older b*****r for years. I always thought she was sexy as hell. When she stayed over night at my parents house she would always tell me im very cute and when i grow up im gonna be trouble to a lot of girls. Sometimes my b*****r would go out and she would be over during the night and i would see her in some very sexy clothes. Sometimes i would see her come outta the shower with just a little towel covering her tits and ass and of course i would look because she had such a hot body and the towel doesnt cover her whole ass. My parents are always on vacation for months on end. We lived in a 4 story house so when my parents are home they would be on another floor and would never bother us. So many times she would catch me looking at her but it didnt seem to bother her she mostly smiled at me or would tease me and say "are you gonna say thank you to me for letting you think of something later when you jerk off" sometimes she would say "hope your picturing me when you jerk off a night i dont mind"

When i was like 16 or so and then turned 18 i had already brought a few girls home she also got more sexier and hotter. She comes from a very very rich f****y and would always have a lot of stuff like clothes nice car jewelry etc. SHe would always give me her name brand clothes and sexy lingerie that she never wore to me to give to my gfs. During those times my b*****r who is a player would always be out and i would cover for him and tell her that he is with my cousins or things like that. So there are a lot of times we would be chillen together watching tv movies or just talking. We got very close and got to know each other a lot and we told each other many personal stuff. She even told me a lot of her friends who are really hot also wanted to go out with me one night. These girls are all hot as hell into the fashion club scene so gorgeous long legs slim picture a stripper body. I was like hell yea but when she asked me if im interested idk why but i said no. She was like are you crazy why the hell not then i let it slip and said "well they arent you and i want you only". She of course was shocked and went silent but i saw her face and she was blushing but ofcourse i played it off and said i was joking.Then she said something that kinda took me by surprised. She said i was kinda hoping you would say that and said why do you think im always wearing such sexy stuff around you and letting you see me in lingerie and not saying anything when you stare. We played it off after a while like we was messing around.

A few years went by i moved outta my parents home went to university graduated. We kinda kept in touch and saw each other during holidays and f****y stuff. Now i was about 23 or so running a few business with my b*****r and they are about to get married. One day i saw her at a club and she was telling me she was nervous about getting married and stuff. She started crying and was d***k so i took her to the vip room to calm her down. Shoulda seen the mini dress stockings and high heels she was wearing i couldnt stop looking. At that moment i wanted to fuck her so bad and we where pretty damn close i had my hands on her legs and she was pretty much putting her tits in my face. Then my gf at that time walked in and i pulled away. I told me gf this is my soon to be s****r in law and she is d***k and wanted to tell me something alone. My gf was not really ok with that because i guess she could tell something was going on but i convinced her and said i left my phone in the car and can she go get it so i can call my b*****r to pick her up and i dont remember his number and she is to d***k to remember also. SO ofcouse i had to give my gf a kiss and hug etc before she left. After she left my s****r in law acted so jealous and was mad. It was funny but i was kinda happy.

So now they finnaly got married she later had a k** and i went through a rough break up during that time. So i started spending a lot of time with my f****y with dinners and stuff. One day we all went out to dinner and i didnt drive and my s****r was gonna drive me home but instead she said she would take me home.It was early but my neice was tired so my b*****r left first to take his daughter home. Me and her stayed in the restuarnt while everyone left since i was waiting for the bill to pay. I told her she looked amazing and look liked she never had a k** at all. She then said she was glad i am single again.
On the ride home she was telling me she and my b*****r are alwaays arguing about her k** slways asking about me and why doesnt he pay attention to her daughter like his little b*****r and also her. SHe also said i play and spoil her daughter more than him. I told her maybe cuz he is tired but she says no. I told her maybe he would and she said maybe. She then started to ask me if i was busy tonight and i said no and she asked if her body still looked the same as b4 and i was like yea like i said atfirst your still sexy as hell. She was blushing so bad and asked if she could come over my place to swim in my pool for a while. I said yes but asked if she had a bikini or something. Of course she didnt but she said she was wearing something like it. I kept looking at her body and legs and had a total hard on.

When we finnaly got to my place she slipped of her mini dress and stilleto heels right in front of me only in her black see through panties and bra with her perky big tits popping out. She then put her heels back on and said arent you glad i came and isnt this what you wanted. I said yes and she came over to me grabbed my hands and placed them all over her. My cock was so hard and she started to play with it and then started to blow me.She has the nicest thick lips for an asian girl. I asked her lets record this so she pulled out her iphone and started it. Later we fucked in all sorta way and i came all over her.

This happened a few times most recently i fucked her in the parking lot and she blew me during f****y dinner.

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Cheating s****r in law and me (continue)

This is a update/continue from my first post.

So if you have read my first post you know that ive been fucking my hot s****r in law and its still going on and actually some new things has happend which also was unexpected.

I'll start from last years thanksgiving dinner. As always my parents throw a big party at their mansion and invites the whole f****y there (and we have a very big f****y). I have been on vacation for a month in Vegas for 1 week then Miami for 3 weeks well it wasnt really vacation cuz it was also for business. So i havent seen my s****r in law or really talked to her that whole time and she was kinda mad at me because she wanted to go with me but i said no since it would make my b*o kinda thinking wtf and she had to take care of her k**s. Plus she had the feeling i would be partying with a lot of girls while i was away. I told her i would buy her all the clothes she wanted and more so that made her kinda happy.

I got back two days before thanksgiving but didnt tell anyone except my god mother since i was staying at her villa for a few days because my place was still gettin renovated. As i was unpacking my godmother saw all the name brand clothes some really slutty lingerie and she ask who is all that for. I told her is was for my gf but she knew the girl i was kinda seeing wouldnt fit those clothes lol so she asked again.I then told her to stop being so nosy and she laughed then said you should call Primrose back (my s****r in law name) because she has been calling and asking about me and if i still stay over sometimes. So i was kinda shocked and kinda figured my godmother knew wassup but she didnt or wont care as long as im happy.

The day of thanksgiving dinner i showed up a little late because i had to drop of one of my cars at home because my godmothers place was running outta parking space for her friends when they come over. She is a very rich hot 44yr old socialite of sorts that has frequent dinner partys get togethers and my favirote pool parties with a lot of rich old and young ladies and some men. So i dropped my car at home and took the cab back to her place to move my other car in the guest house garage then she made me park all her cars in the main garage so the large front court yard and the round drive way lane to the main entrance will be empty. Then i took her everyday car which is a total pussy magnet lol a porsche to dinner.

So i finnaly get to dinner and the place is packed with cars in the front i made one of my guy cousin to move his car to park on the street, but instead he made another one of our cousins to move their car. As i sat in my car waiting for someone to move their car i suddenly noticed my aunts car drive up and not my couins car so i was like in my mind "why the hell did my dumb ass cousin make our aunt move her car for me now i look like the asshole". So i got out the car and was gonna tell her dont worry about it ill park somewhere else. When the car pulled up it was my aunts daughter who btw is hot as fuck about 5'10 tall half chinese/french 23yr old and a body like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She asked me to park my car then help her look for parking with her so she didnt have to walk back alone so i said ok ofcourse.

When we was walking back i couldnt stop looking at her she has the longest sexy legs and she wore this super tight skimpy white one peice dress with some very high stripper high heels. It was a cold night and you can see her nipples. We talked a little and she asked if i heard from her older b*****r and i said no not in years and she said he changed a lot and i would never recognize him. Then she brought up some old stuff and if i remembered what we did when we was young. My mother use to baby sit us and she would always be over my place for a long time so we spent a lot of time together growing up and a lot of time at her place to when my aunt would baby sit me when my parents where on vacation etc. We would sl**p in the same bed etc during those times. As we got older in our teens she was gettin so hot and sexy and sometimes i would take her out with my friends and as all k**s we tried stuff like weed X alcohol and stuff. One night she saw me staring at my s****r in law because at that time she would always be at my parents house like i said in my first post. Then she over heard Primrose my s****r in law telling me she knows that my cousin probably has a crush on me. I was taken back by that and said "no way we are cousins" then Prim said well i dont see it as a big thing her dad my uncle who is a big shot doctor have been trying to fuck a bunch of your other cousins my s****r and Prim herself. Then Prim said bring her to the pool house and see how it goes and she gave me some lingerie and said ask her to try it on if she says no then she will let me play with her tits. I said ok cuz it was win win i had the biggest crush on Prim and wanted her.

So this whole time Lori my cousin heard this and i didnt know So she was ready. Finnaly we where at the pool house and i pretended i found a bunch of lingerie and she can have it lol. She played it of pretty good like she didnt know. I asked if she wanted to go swimming and she said no and that she wanted to see if the lingerie fit so i said ok ill give you some privacy and go swimming. As i was in the pool i could see Lori trying the stuff on in the room and pretended she didnt notice me looking. Finnaly she stopped and went into the restroom so i figured she was gonna change back to her reg clothes so i went into the pool house to dry my self off then i yelled to Lori if she was ok and she said yes then asked me to come into the restroom and give her a ciggerate. When i opened the door there she was sitting on the make up table in Prims sluttiest lingerie red bra tight long stockings. SHe was so hot. She then said how do i look and in my mind i was like DAMMMMNNNNNN my s****r in law is already super hot but LOri body is so much better even at that time when we where teenagers everything was extra tight and her tits ass where popping out. I said your beautiful and she said you know i have a major crush on you and it doesnt matter if we are cousins plus i know you want me. She walked up to me and said i want you to please me and i will do anything you want. My dick got so hard and she started to play with it then i took her to the bed and started to play with her tits and then her tight little pussy. I made her suck my dick while i was fingering her and i was about to cum in her mouth so i stopped and she asked me to fuck her but then i got worried cuz i had no condom and didnt wanna cum inside her but she kept begging so she sat on my cock and started moaning so loud then all of a sudden Primrose came in and we stopped. Lori was damn near naked except for her stockings and her bra under her tits. Prim then said to us stop fucking because you have no condom and you dont wann get her pregnent so she told Lori to blow me till i cum. Lori was so scared that she started to cry and said to Prim to not tell on her. Prim was kinda amused and said dont worry baby but you have to finish him off or i will. So then Prim made Lori blow me until i came in her mouth and tits. After that Prim made Lori swallow and then told her this is her last time because i am hers.

So back to the main plot we where walking and she asked if i remembered and i said of course i loved fucking you and couldnt stop thinking of you and wanted you to be with me. She then asked y didnt i continue seeking her out after that day. My only answer was Primrose woulda gotten really mad and i woulda eventually cummed inside you and that we woulda wanted to be in a relationship which would of been kinda tricky. When we reached to the car area she stopped right at my car and said lets smoke a cig b4 we go in so i gave her one and she asked if she could sit in my car since its so cold. As we sat in the car she asked if im fuckin Primrose and i said yes we did a few times and she said anyone else i said yes my friends Tony little s****r who is black and sometimes my friends wife Irene who is Lori friend. She got kinda pissed of i can tell but then she said i look way better than them and i agreed. She then said i can do you way better than any girl and you can do whatever you want with me use me share me ill do anything for you if you leave the other girls and make me your gf. I told her i would love to but you are stil my cousin and i wanna cum inside you and have k**s one day. Still i wish we can be together i wanna fuck you so bad. She then started crying a little so i put my arms around her and she leaned over and then she started to lick my ears and then to rub my cock. It was so hot her dress was all outta place and i could see her panties peeking out and her sweet ass so i started to rub her ass and legs then her pussy. She was moaning and it turned me on so i pulled down her top and played with her big tits next thing you know i pulledd out my cock and made her suck on it while fingering her pussy and asshole. Then we started fucking when i was sbout to nut she said cum in me or i can swallow i then said let me cum in your ass but she no so i said fuck it im gonna cum inside your pussy as i almost did until i saw my aunt Lori mom come outside so i stopped and got out the car.

My aunt Jenny is also sexy as hell just like her daughter and i think she knows about her daaughter and me and also Primrose. When i walked up to her she told me to go inside. So finnaly im inside the place with a raging hard on also. The thing about my f****y is all the ladies dress really really sexy they are all pretty much rich trophy wives. I saw Primrose and damn was she hot. I made up an excuse that im gonna go to the guest house to grab some more wine and she followed me. When we got to the guest house she emmediatly got on her knees and started to blow me which was perfect cuz i was hard as hell from the car. I needed to cum so bad so i started fucking her rough as i was about to cum i made her blow me and told her to swollow my nut it was fun.

As we was finnishing up and Prim was wiping the cum from her lips and tits. My aunt shows up and im pretty sure she saw Prim putting back her panties and bra on when she walked in, but she didnt say nothing other than if i knew where her daughter is and husband. i said i have no clue and she asked if i wanted to come to her place on the weekend for a wine tasting party and she also asked Prim so we said ok. I asked if Lori was gonna be there and my aunt said no then my aunt pulled me aside and said probably not since its a adult party and she doesnt want Lori too see her gettin d***k and partying. I asked if i should bring anything and she said booze and party favors lol i was shocked.

We hung out in the guest house for a while watching tv and talking. After a while Prim busted out some Vicoden and ofcourse us 3 took some to chill. Then i had a phone call so i stepped out for a bit but before that i brought all the lingerie and clothes i bought from vegas to the room for Prim to try out. Not paying attention my aunt was there was kinda stupid. So i stepped into the other room and answered the phone and it was Lori and she wanted to know if i wanted to finish and i told her i cant cuz im with her mom and Prim but ill try to sneak around to get back at her if i can. As i hung up i hear Prim tellin my aunt that i bought all those lingerie dress shoes etc for her in vegas and some jewelry from Miami. My aunt said how you pull that off are you sl**ping with him. Prim said yes and told my aunt that im always there for her and the k**s love him. My aunt then said to Prim you know my daughter has a big crush on him and they probably been together and she found some picture of Lori and him when they where 16-18yr old. Prim played it off and said no she had no idea but she dont mind at all. Then Prim asked arent you mad and my aunt said she was actually kinda jealous at first but not much anymore because he stopped fucking her for you and also Irene my daughters friend. I was like wtf you tell her that for Prim hates Irene and Jessica the black girl. Prim then asked how does she know im fuckin them and she said well Irene is always over at their house and they would go shopping etc and Irene would tell my aunt all sorts of stuff about me and how i got Jessica to sl**p with my uncle. So yea my aunt knows a lot about me from Irene she tells her most everything and even showed her a pic of me in the shower with a super hard on.

I stepped into the room and pretended i didnt hear nothing and asked what they where talkin about they both said nothing much. So i sat down on the couch and lit a cig and i said to Prim so how do you like what i bought u are you gonna try it on. My aunt then said yea try them on and show us so she sat next to me. While Prim was changing my aunt asked me for a hit of my cig so she leaned over and sucked on it. She then leaned against me and put her head on my shoulder and i stared down her dress with her big tits sorta popping out i was gettin a little hard. I then put my arms around her and my hands was on her waist. Then we started talking and she said can you tell i work out i said yes you look just like your daughter and she smiled then said stop teasing and i said im serious you look realy sexy. She started asking about me and Prim and how often we meet i said whnever we can. Then she said that Prim knows that im fuckin Irene and Jessica so i said yea but i only take care of her those other 2 girls are just for fun. I then asked if Irene said anything to you about me and my aunt said well a few things about Lori and Prim and that she has seen pics of my cock and pics of me fucking Irene. I was like well damn lol so what you think she replied well i can see why these girls are so into you. Then she said Prim wants you to get her pregnent and i said thats fine she could still say its my b*****rs but theres gonna be some jealous girls if she does get pregnent. So we talked a little longer watched Prim strip and model for us and then Prim had to go back to my b*****r. So i was alone with my aunt until i had to leave and i told her ill be at her place the next day for the party.

I showed up at around 10pm with Primrose and my uncle came to the door when i knocked. We went in and already i can see my uncle checking out Prim. I asked where everyone is at and he said some are in the back yard and your aunt is upstairs and my cousin Lori is in the den. I first went to Lori and said hi to her. She was lying on her back on the sofa wearing just a bikini and high heels her big tits where just popping out. She got up and let me sit down then she laid back on the sofa with her head on my lap. I was already getting hard and she could feel it since her head was on my lap. I couldnt help but play with her sexy ass. She asked if i came with Prim and i said yes then i asked y is she dressed like this and she said her dad was taking pics of her earlier and made her pose i said what for and she said he wanted to show his friends. I said well we are alone now since Prim is here and your dad is all over her.

We started to make out and me fingering her tight pussy then i made her get on her knees to blow me for a bit then we started to fuck and she begged me to cum inside her as we where fucking i heard Prim looking for me so i stopped and made Lori suck me off instead since she gives some awesome bj. After i told her i needed to see her mom so i left. I went to the upstairs lounge thinking Prim would be there instead it was my aunt in her daughters lingerie stocking and heels. I was gonna leave until she said ive been waiting for you sweety.

She got up and walked up to me, She was looking so sexy just like her daughter. She started to make my dick hard and i started to play with her tits, She then put me on the bed and started blowing me and kept saying dont cum in my mouth, I kept playing with her tits ass and pussy and she was moaning like crazy. Finnaly we started fucking and then she asked me to cum inside her so i did. We fucked a few more times i came all over her tits face and made her swollow.

Primrose later found us and i fucked her also and i made my aunt eat Prim out while she was sucking my cock. At the end of the night both girls wherecovered with cum.

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my gf and her friend true story

Ive been going out with my GF for just over 2 years we have done it all we fuck alot most off the time we see eachother pretty much but this is a true story honestly and want to share it

Me and my gf and her friends went to a club as usually were together and bla bla lets get to the fact everytime me and my gf go to a club we stay in a hotel and gett very d***k just as were leaving the club early her best friend just broke up with her bf and is really upset and very d***k and so are we we tell her we will pay for her taxi home but she wont let us and were afraid that she wont get home safe so my gf asks her to come with us first im like fuckkk if she comes i cant fuck my gf !!

so she comes gets in the taxi with us and there talking there usual girl to girl break up shit till we get out off taxi my gf is pissed and so is her friend and me my gf says to her friend you just got to kiss someone hotter and she says i no my gf says i dare you to guys to kiss! i was laughing winked and said OKAY but my gf was like im serious so we went in messing start kissing my gf joined in rubbing my dick then they start kissing we get back to the holel and we have a few more shots and i get on my bed toplessmy gf gets on my starts kissing me and says to her friend come over stop being a fag she comes over we all start kissing while my gf is grinding on my dick and says to her friend take his dick out she does and im not to hard yet cause im very d***k my gf says suck it and her mate laughs and says this is crazy and starts licking my balls first while stroking my cock my gf turns arounf going into 69 position sucking my cock and my gfs friend is licking my balls i start licking my gf pussy up to her asshole putting my tounge in her asshole and pussy i get rock solid i get my gf off my put them both on there knees fuck both there mouths so hard spit is everywhere my cock was dripping with two girls saliva i make my gfs friend stand up and start fingering her pussy while my gf is still sucking and im kissing her friend i trow them both on the bed and start licking and fingering them squeezing and slapping both there tits

i then get up and put my dick in my gf and fuck her so hard while her friend gets on her my gf starts licking her pussy and im fucking my gf while sucking and licking her toes after a few mins i pull my gfs friend back in doggy they start kissing while my gf is under her and i fuck my gfs friend doggy so hard grabbing her hips smashing into her deeper and deeper then i lie on my back and they both start sucking my till my gf gets in cowgirl and i start fucking her while her friend puts her pussy in my face then they switch with my gfs friend in cowgirl my gf is sucking and licking my ballss down to my asshole this had to make me cum i push her down and come on both there faces then we all shower and that was end of that !!!!... Continue»
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My Girl's Mom

I was 17 and just graduated high school. I was taking some summer classes to get a head start on my schooling so I worked part time job and my schedule was anything but regular. My gf and I enjoyed as much time together as we could get as she was working during the summer too. She was still in high school, her last year. I decided to stay in town for my first semester and maybe my gf and I would go to the same school ... romantic right? I was living about 30 min away from my gf due to my folks moving further out of the metro area. I enjoyed where I now lived, but I was far from my gf and regular play time. My gf's mom worked overnights and her dad worked the 2nd shift. Her mom was usually away at work around 9. She worked at the county jail and had to dress in her uniform ... all brown. My gf and I usually only had an hour or two to be naughty. I did enjoy having sex on her parents bed and just about every other part of her house.
Then her dad got notice of a shift change and how he would have to work overtime. He was going back on overnights working from 9 to 9. I remember thinking that is sucked for him to have to work his ass off like that ... but it was also good money. this was the early 90's and times were pretty good. My gf's dad was working 9-9 and her mom was working 10-7. You can already tell where this may be leading. I know I was shocked at what i am about to describe. remember I was 17. I can remember the first night of the new working shift. I also had to work late and my gf's mom said I could sl**p over since I had class in the morning and she was concerned about my driving all the way home in the dark. I didn't think much of it then ... I just enjoyed fucking my gf senseless that night. My gf came so hard that one of her younger s****rs knocked on the door to see if she was ok. Her s****rs did not know I was sl**ping over. that would have been a bad influence on those little girls.
I remember setting the alarm so I would be on the couch when her mom got home. This went on every night that week that I worked late. I have class 4 of the 5 days during the week ... hey is sucked .. it was summer college. I slept over 4 nights that week. Fucked my gf good every night ... at least twice. I enjoyed my gf baby bearing hips and since her mom put her on the pill I was able to experience bareback sex at the nice age of 17. I LOVED it. what boy would NOT love that.
Now the 2nd week rolled around. I only worked late a couple times that week. It was the middle of the week, I got to my gf's place just as her mom was walking out. Her mom was wearing a nice brown skirt and nice heels. I remember because she gave me a hug and said that she is glad her daughter is dating a nice guy like me. We talked for just a couple minutes. she was complaining a little about how her job is going .. nothing unusual .. except her top 2 buttons were not buttoned. She saw me look down her chest and I was a little embarrassed when I noticed she saw. I apologized and my face turned red. She told me not to apologize and that She should be the one apologizing. She was running a little late ... she told me she had to go in a little early ... and she forgot to button her blouse all the way up. She quickly took care of the top twp buttons. My gf asked me what her mom said to me ... it wasn't anything special I said. she rolled her eyes and said something negative about her mom. I do remember looking back at her mom and I liked how her mom's hips looked. Looked like she gained some weight and the skirt and blouse were a little snug ... not dirty tight ... just snug.
My gf and her mom did not usually get along. I tried not to get involved. I just remember thinking that some day I will take her away from this drama.
So that night as her 2 s****rs were sl**ping, we began our usual fuck fest. We fucked once ... then fell asl**p together. She had to get up early for her job and we didn't want to stay up all night. She fell asl**p in her usual long t-shirt ... usually an older shirt of mine ... and i was naked as usual. We were woken up by the front door opening. Scared to death of what or who it was we realized that the front door was being unlocked. Holy shit I thought we were both dead. I thought her dad was home early or was taking a long lunch. My gf hopped out of bed and put on some panties quick as she ran to the couch and pretended to sl**p. I simply laid there in my gf's bed trying to calm down and act as if I was sl**ping the whole time. Neither of us ... me or my gf knew what time it was ... but the sun was NOT out.
I heard steps down the hall and thought for sure that we had been busted. I kept telling myself to stay calm and keep my eyes closed ... maybe her dad will not notice. I could tell the bed was soaked and my back was a little wet from sweating. I could still smell my gf. Damn I am dead and I am not ever going to be able to fuck my gf like I want to ever again.
To my amazement ... the body I felt walking down the hall just went into the bathroom. Whew ... I could relax. I opened my eyes and when I heard the toilet lid NOT open and the sound of someone peeing I was actually even more concerned. I knew her mom had come home early. SHIT ... think fast ... then the bathroom door opened. I "fell back to sl**p". Her mom walked into the bedroom ... she sat on the edge of the bed ... leaned into me and whispered "I have been thinking about you all night. I had to come home on my lunch break" then her hand slowly went down to touch my cock which was hard as a rock. I tried to play it off like I was still sl**ping and maybe dreaming. Then she leaned into me and kissed me. I was hard as a rock .. nervous ... could not believe this was happening. I kissed her back ... I did not know what to do. She moved he mouth down and started sucking my cock ... damn WHAT the HELL is going on? What if my gf walks in ... this was crazy. I couldn't stop ... I lifted her skirt just a little and she told me she removed her panties in the bathroom .... for me. She kept whispering to me how much she thinks about me and how much she wants me. Then she suddenly left.
My gf walked into the room and asked me what happened. Her mom was gone and I just pulled her hair and bent her over. I fucked her sooo hard and smacked her ass ... I was angry that her mom did that and yet extremely horny. I had never just thrown my gf around like a ragdoll before. I told her I was going to fuck her ass ... she said ... WHAT? I fucked her pussy ... and kept spitting on her ass ... I slapped her ass and told her to get her lube ... she said it was in her folks room in the basement ... I pulled her hair and said I didn't care ... GO GET IT I firmly whispered as to NOT waker her s****rs.
She walked back into the room shocked at how I was acting. I had no idea what had come over me. We roleplayed before ... but this time I was serious. I grabbed the pillows on the bed .... threw her wide hipped ass on the bed and turned her on her back. I fucked her sloppy cunt hard and then pulled out and began to shove my cock in her ass ... she was an anal virgin and it was so tight that I immediately came after getting my entire shaft inside of her. It hurt so much that she bit through a pillow. After pulling out my cock I could see that her asshole was bleeding a little ... I felt relaxed ... no more anxiety ... hopefully we could just rest now .... damn I needed to do that ... I can not believe what her mom just did. I was a bit of a wreck. I rolled over and fell asl**p. My gf lay on top of me on my side.
The alarm went off and my gf looked at me ... gave me a kiss hopped in the shower. I have not seen her with such a big smile on her face in a long time. She got out of the shower and I jumped in ... she said she really loved how I controlled her last night ... and she jokingly complained about not being able to walk right either. Her ass was sooo sore.
I got out of the shower and put on my clothes ... I just wanted to go home after the crazy shit that took place last night. Then her mom got home early. 90 minutes early to be exact. I didn't have time to eat breakfast. My gf said she was going in a little early and she walked away out the door, gave her mom a great big hug .. then walked back to me. She smiled and said that her mom wanted to talk with me before I left. She almost skipped out the door on her way to work. My heart felt very happy that my girl was happy. I loved it. And I was scared to go talk with her mom. What the hell ... now my gf and I are happy. Oh and my gf did say that I needed to put the sheets in the hamper quickly because this time there was bl**d and she did NOT want her mom to see her sweet juices with the bl**d.
Great ... now I gather up the sheets and have to walk down stairs to put them in the hamper ... past her mom's room.
I tried to sneak downstairs .. but she heard me. She called my name and asked me to bring some water. that's all she wants ... water .... ok ... I can do that.
I dropped the sheets in the dirty laundry pile and tried to put them at the bottom of the pile.
she called my name ad asked me to give her the water .. she was in the bedroom ... I am not idiot ... I knew what she was doing ... but I could not stop myself. I opened the door and she was in the bed. I walked over to her and she sat up .. she was a curvy sexy woman who after having 3 k**s was very sensual. My first thought was that her hubby was going to be home soon ... then she looked at me and said "He isn't going to be home for a few hours" as if she knew what I was thinking. I got hard almost immediately ... my brain said hell no ... but my cock wanted some of that MILF pussy. She grabbed my cock with one hand, my ass in the other and said that she is very happy that I am her daughter's bf. She kept thinking of me all night and she never put her panties back on. Then she removed my shorts - sweatpant shorts (hey I was on my way to class that day and it is summer time) - and began to suck on my cock. I could not stand my legs were shaking so badly. I sat on the bed where she began to remove my shirt and my shorts .. then my undies ... I leaned into her and kissed her. I was just a boy ... I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. I was on my back and she kept sucking my cock .. then I felt a finger in my ass ... I was like "what the fuck are you doing" but it felt good. Just one finger. She then climbed on top of me and rode my cock until I came inside of her. I had no idea if she was safe/able to have babies/on the pill ... no idea. I remember cumming inside of her ... damn she felt good ... and then hoping that she does not get pregnant. She came on me just before I released inside of her and then she collapsed on me and got off my cock and licked aver drop of cum and pussy juice off of me ... I was in ecstasy.
We continued our relationship for several years. I will share more of my fun with her in later posts.
Everything I post are actual events that took place unless I say at the start that it is a fantasy.
Thank you for reading. ... Continue»
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Girlfriend's 1st Bi experience/My first 3sum

This is a story about our first time with another woman.

It was NYE and we were both feeling pretty good. I had already filled up her pussy with 4 loads of cum during the day/evening. We went over to the bar at the resort where we were staying for the NYE party. As with any party, there was a lot of drinking and dancing. Not long after midnight, an older woman (47) started to grind on my gf. My gf has always been curious about being with another woman, especially an older one. I could tell that my gf was starting to get turned on and not long after they started dancing, they excused themselves to the bathroom. I got another drink and after about 10 minutes, they appeared, rather flush in the face. My gf came up and whispered in my ear that we were invited back to her room for an "after party." We got our coats and walked with her to her room. She poured a few glasses of champagne and immediately began to undress. My gf and I quickly followed suit and before I knew it, the girls were wearing nothing but stockings and wildly making out on the bed. I pulled a chair up to the side of the bed to watch the show. My gf was now on her back with her legs spread wide with our new friend kissing around her pussy, running her fingers through my gfs neatly trimmed pussy fur. My gf moaned loudly and bucked her hips when her new lady lover ran her tongue up from her rosebud to her clit. Our new friend ate my gf out for about ten minutes, the entire time my gf was writhing with pleasure on the bed. They switched positions and my gf began her descent down our new friend's body, kissing and sucking her nipples, then moving down to her also, well groomed pussy. My gf went mad with lust as her first taste of pussy enflamed her carnal desire to eat pussy! I was beyond hard at this point, so much so that my cock was hurting and I had the worst case of blue balls known to man. I got up and went to slide my cock into my gf from behind when our new lover looked my dead in the eyes and said "Oh no, not yet. There's more that we want to do before you get that big, hard cock wet!" Taken aback and even more turned on by my mild chastisation, I returned to my seat to see her get up, instruct my gf to do the same and swiftly slide between my gf's legs so that their pussies were mashed together. They both began gyrating their hips in rhythm in the hottest trib sequence I have ever seen! The sheets beneath them were soaked and both pussies glistened with the other's sweet pussy nectar. I almost couldn't take it anymore; it was just too fucking hot! After they were nice and sweaty, the sheets were destroyed and both pussies thoroughly satisfied, our new lover got up and kneelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. My gf was hot on her tail and without hesitation started licking my balls. They proceeded to share my cock switching mouths between kissing each other. I really have no idea how I didn't blow my load in seconds... After about 10 minutes of this, our new lover grabbed hold of my cock and looked at my gf. With the most innocent eyes (but not really) she asked my gf "Sweetie, do you mind if your bf puts this, big, hot cock in my pussy? It's been so long since my husband fucked me and I've never had a cock as big as this young stallion's." With the most lustful look I've ever seen on my gf she responded "Oh, yes! But only if I get to guide him in!" With that, our lover got up and laid on her back on the bed, spreading her legs wide for me, displaying her oh, so steamy furry pussy. My gf grabbed me by the cock and damn near ripped it off as she pulled me from the chair. We got onto the bed, by gf gave our lover a hot tongue kiss, then rubbed my cock head on her clit. She ever so slowly slid my cock into our lover's tight, furry, mature pussy, looked me in the eyes and said "FUCK HER!" Without any hesitation I started slowly pumping my cock into her gradually picking up speed and depth. Within a minute or so, our lady started moaning wildly, loving every thrust I gave her. She especially loved when I slowly pulled out, leaving just the head inside, paused, then slammed my cock into her hard and deep then gyrated my hips with my cockhead rubbing her cervix. It really had been a long time since she had gotten a good fucking. My gf got on top of our lover and started making out with her. I looked down seeing my cock in one pussy and another pussy dying to have me in it. I pulled my cock out and put it in my gf's, gave her a few hard thrusts and smacked her ass before shoving it back into our lover. I gripped my cock at the base and alternated between the two pussies until my gf climbed off. She started rubbing our lover's clit while I fucked her. My gf looked at our lover and coolly asked her "Do you want my bf's cum in your pussy?" Our lover practically screamed, begging my gf to let me cum inside her. My gf looked at me and said "Fill her hot pussy full of your cum, I know you want to." That was it, I couldn't last an instant longer and with a few more thrusts, I plowed my cock deep into our lover and shot torrent after torrent of cum deep inside of her. I damn near collapsed after the f***e of my orgasm. I pulled out and not a second later, my gf was lapping up the cum that had spilled out of our lover's pussy. When she was satisfied with her treat, she got up and started sharing it with our lover. Had I not been so damned exhausted from my now waning orgasm, I would have cum again, just from watching them. We didn't bother cleaning up, but instead, the girls had a quick pee (together of course) and they rejoined me in bed, still wearing nothing but stockings. We all drifted asl**p, a woman in each of my arms reveling in our post-coital bliss. The morning after is another story...... Continue»
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Pool Party Gangbang with my GF

Hey guys, as a lot of you know I a stripper here in Las Vegas. I know a lot of you have been dying for another story from me. Sorry, I've been lazy but here is a good one that recently happened.

I get invited to A LOT of pool parties out here, prolly cause I'm a slut and I usually end up fucking at least a few guys at most of them lol ;) Anyway, in July I got invited to yet another at a house where there were a few guys I had hooked up with before. I invited my friend Amber to come along. She's a dancer too and might be even a bigger slut than me if that's possible!

So she picks me up at my house so we can get ready. I ask her what shes wearing and she shows me this tiny silver thong bikini she's going to wear. I really liked it and tried it on myself, omg, it barely covered my pussy and the top was way too small but it was hot looking. Well, we made a few drinks and I settled on this really skimpy blue bikini that is shiny and really made my tits look good. Then we were off.

We show up at the party and there are a lot of people. My friend made us some more drinks and we went to get into the pool. There were a ton of cute guys there. Well, we stripped down and almost all of the guys were looking at us...and I think all the girls hated us!

We got into the water and chilled out for a bit, then some more drinks and some food then more drinks, now it was getting dark but the party was still going. a lot of guys were flirting with us. One of the guys suggested that Amber and I take our tops off, so we did, which pissed off a few of the girls I think cause I heard them say something nasty and a few of them left. Then one of the guys was like "you two should make out" So I grabbed Amber and we started kissing. I have hooked up with her before, she;s hot a shit.

Now when I looked around I noticed all the guys checking out our show and I was getting horny as fuck. The guy who owned the house asked if we wanted to go upstairs in the house to smoke. Haha, I knew what this meant. So Amber and I got out and we went upstairs to the master bedroom which was huge! We smoked for a few minutes while sitting on the bed, there were about six guys in the room with us. Then I wanted to continue the show so I pushed Amber down and peeled of my bikini bottom and pulled her head to my pussy, She started tonguing my pussy. it felt so good! then we switched and I went down on her for a bit. The guys were really into the show.

After going down on her for awhile I got up then sat on her face and made her lick my pussy like that. I was getting so turned on, my nipples were rock hard. I motioned for a few of the guys to come close as they were starting to play with their cocks a bit in front of us. Two guys came up on either side of me and with Amber licking my pussy, I took a cock in each hand and started stroking them then sucking them. Then Amber wiggled out from under me and joined in with a few of the other guys. One of the guys told me not to move and slid under me and started to suck on my pussy just like Amber had been doing.

This went on for a little bit with the cocks in our faces, I was so busy I didn't notice all the other guys walk in. I guess someone told hem that the party had moved upstairs cause when I looked up there were at least 20 guy in the room! Now it just became a whirlwind of hard cocks everywhere. I was on my hand and knees with a cock in each hand and one in my mouth when I felt the first guy o the night behind me. I could feel the tip of his penis on my wet pussy and I pushed back onto him, I wanted it so bad!

Amber was getting fucked too, and she screamed out "fuck my ass" and I looked over to see one of the few black guys with a HUGE fucking cock ease himself into Amber's ass from behind. The guys took turns fucking us. Then then next thing I knew I was riding a guy and I came sooo hard. Then I looked back and saw the black guy that had been fucking Amber before, he pushed me down forward and with a cock still in my pussy he spit on my little asshole then shoved his thumb in and started working it. Another guy got in front of me and offered me his cock to suck and I was able to grab two more, one in each hand as the black guy slowly filled up my tight ass with his 10" of thick meat. OMG, I felt like I was going to split in half but then it started feeling so good, I was taking five cocks at the same time, one in each hand, and one in my mouth, ass and pussy. I came again like three more times, The guys rotated and the black guy who was fucking my ass came around to the front and grabbing the back of my head, slowly pushed his giant shaft down my throat.

He fucked my face for all it was worth and then I felt the first load of cum of the night empty out into my throat and mouth as another cock entered my ass. I looked over and saw that Amber was getting dP'd just like me, and now a few of the guys were cumming. One guy came on her pussy so I crawled over on my hands and knees to her to lick up the cum. When I did this, the guys went nuts! Now she was getting load after load of cum on her pussy and belly and all the guys were cheering for me to lick it off, so I did.

After licking up about ten loads of cum they flipped her over and started fucking Amber's ass really roughly. The first guy pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Amber's stretched out asshole. She had cum dripping down onto her pussy. One of the guys was like " come on, lick it up now" and I just shook my head no. Then two of the guys grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back and and pushed my head down towards Amber's ass. I darted my tongue out and licked up all the cum from around her ass until it was all gone. Then one of the guys called me a good little slut and said "next"

Another guy slid his cock into Amber's ass and fucked it until he came in it. They kept me pinned and made me tongue her asshole again as she moaned in pleasure. This went on a few more times, guys would cum on her ass And I would be f***ed to lick it up, then I said. "I'm not doing this anymore unless someone licks my ass too." And I arched my back and shoved it up in the air. It was a few seconds before I felt a hot tongue in my ass, it felt soo good.

Another load of cum was sprayed on Amber's ass and I eagerly licked it up then began tonging her stretched out little butthole. I felt the tongue in my ass being replaced my yet another cock and looked around to see another 5 or 6 guys had come to join the party. They continued to fuck Amber and I in the pussy and ass, there must have been about 25 guys total, I totally lost count. I know I licked up about 10 loads of cum from Amber's ass though, and another 10 from her pussy, there was just sooo much cum.

Eventually it winded down, and Amber and I passed out on the bed together until the morning when I woke up with another cock in my face and so with Amber still asl**p I took some more meat in my swollen pussy and mouth before he came on my face. It was such a crazy night! I could barely walk the next day and had to call in sick to work. I' a bad girl, I know.

Anyway, hit me up guys if you wanna chat xoxo B.... Continue»
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Could I be a Stripper?

I've fantasised about being a sexy raunchy stripper and I even wrote a little story about a stripper, but now here I was getting the opportunity to be an actual stripper.
My old fuck buddy, Taxi boy, approached me recently with a little request.
The rugby club he frequented were having a gentleman’s evening and needed a stripper. Most of the strippers they had seen recently were all a bit skanky and they wanted a stripper with proper curves who looked and moved sexy.
Taxi boy said I was obviously what they were looking for and he wondered if I would consider being the stripper for their annual event.
Pleading with me he assured me that they would make it worth my while financially and they’d even stump up the cash for any costumes I required.
He continued that he was the only one who would be there who knew me, so no one should recognise me.
Smiling at him I said “Don’t you think I have enough costumes?”
But he retorted that I would need stockings, gloves etc.
Holding his hand I led him through to my bedroom, giving him a delightful slow kiss, I told him I would indeed be the stripper for the night and asked him to find three costumes as that is how many separate performances I would give.
Holding me close to him he kissed me rather passionately then whispered into my ear that if I was ok with it he would like to spend the night with me after the event. I smiled suggestively and said unless I get a better offer on the night he could stay the night and fuck me wildly.
“Now pick something out for me to wear and disrobe”.
Opening the wardrobe doors he immediately selected a shiny black Basque, my PVC Waspie and a black quarter cup bra with a diamante suspender belt. Placing the garments on my bed he returned to my wardrobe and began rummaging through the base. He picked up my Playboy spiked heel shoes, a pair of strappy black sandals and my black thigh length boots. Taking the footwear over to the bed he then began to categorise the clothing. Black Basque with Playboy shoes, Waspie with thigh length boots and Diamante suspender belt with strappy sandals.
“When is this event?” I asked.
“This Friday at 8.00. I’ll pick you up if you wish”
“You darn tooting you’ll pick me up, and you’ll drop me off!”
Looking back at the clothes on the bed I organised in my head which stockings I should wear with each outfit and what type of dance I should perform with each outfit.
I began planning my music and routine as taxi boys hands began opening my blouse, unclasping my bra and playing with my already erect nipples.
Placing my soft lips onto his open mouth I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it.
Standing with my blouse open in just panties, suspenders and stockings. My naked breasts rubbed against the fabric of his shirt. I slid my panties down as he removed his shirt. As I bent to remove my panties, my head came level with his crotch.
I removed my panties completely and then unzipped his jeans, releasing his cock from the denim prison.
Kneeling before him I licked the underside of his prominent erection, working my way up the shaft till eventually I placed the cock end into my mouth.
Sucking ever so gently, I opened my legs wide, as I took his length to the back of my throat.
I slid a finger between my shaved slit and teased my pussy as I sucked vigorously on his hard cock.
Removing my blouse, I took his cock from my mouth and kissed his flat stomach, working my way up to his neck.
When I reached neck level, his cock nudged at my shaved pussylips and the tip slid inside me.
Raising one leg, his cock slid all the way inside and he began to fuck me standing up. Holding one breast and my waist he pounded my pussy with small thrusts.
Placing my arms around his neck I raised my other stockinged leg and wrapped it around his waist. He placed his hands on my ass and fucked my wet pussy slowly.
He manoeuvred us over toward the bed and sat himself down on the edge.
Taking one of my breasts in his mouth he sucked my nipple as his hands kneaded my ass. I thrust away at his cock rapidly, enjoying the pulsating sensations driving through my pussy. Increasing my momentum, I could feel my orgasm approaching as he chewed on my nipple. His finger slid inside my ass, just as my orgasm burst.
Rocking my pelvis on his hard cock, I panted for him to dig his finger deeper.
He not only obeyed, he added a second finger inside my ass and continued to fuck both my holes.
A second orgasm swept through me as I begged him to come on my face.
As my orgasm subsided I could feel the inescapable twitching of his own cock as his orgasm began to develop.
He whispered in my ear that he was about to come.
I leapt off his cock still with both finger in my ass and bent over his cock to await the onslaught.
His fingers were forcibly fucking my ass, as I placed my mouth over the tip of his cock and wanked the shaft slowly with my hand.
As the twitching increased I removed his cock from my mouth, just as the first splurge of hot semen splashed across my flushed cheeks.
With each spurt he seemed to push his fingers deeper into my ass sending an anal orgasm through my sex making almost lose control of my legs in the process.
Spurts of delicious creamy spunk hit my cheeks and chin as he finger fucked my ass.
As the last trickle seeped out of his cock I wrapped my lips around his purple glans and put my tongue to good use.
He continued finger fucking my ass, but this time rather slowly and a lot more softly.
Looking up at him with his spunk splashed all over my face I suggested I should clean up and we should sort out arrangements for this Stripper night.
Grinning he nodded and removed his fingers from my ass.
Giving his cock one last slutty slurp I stood up and picked up a tissue and wiped the white fluid from my face.
Joining him on the edge of the bed wearing only my stockings and suspenders, I asked which outfit I should strip first and then to pick the order for the next two.
He said I should start out with the Diamante suspender outfit.
Next should be the black Basque and finally it should be the PVC outfit and thigh length boots.
I asked him how far I should go with this show.
I know that some strippers actually fuck guys during their act and was this expected of me?
He said I should go as far as I felt comfortable.
I informed him that if I got turned on doing this as was more than likely, I would probably need fucked.
He said that he would be here after the show and would be fucking me all night.
I told him that if I got turned on and somebody caught my eye, then I would be fucking them or him during the evening. He looked a little hurt at this.
I said you know what I am and what I’m like but at the end of the evening I would be coming back here with him and lavishing all my attention on him.
This appeased him somewhat, so to comfort him further I told him that whatever outfit turned him on the most that night I would wear for him after the show ended, and that I would wear that and only that outfit on the way home.
This cheered him up and he said he could tell me that now.
He said he would like to fuck me in the Waspie and thigh length boots after I’ve performed my striptease.
I told him to help me into them now and I’d give him a sneak preview.
Quick as a flash he got up off the bed and unzipped the thigh length boots.
Removing my high heeled shoes he placed the boots over my black stockings.
Zipping the length of the boot snugly, he then unclasped my suspenders replacing it with the PVC Waspie.
Pulling the Waspie tight around my waist he clasped the hooks together and fastened the suspender clasps to the tops of the stockings.
Walking over to my dressing table he took a pair of black evening gloves and placed them on my hands, rolling them up the length of arms.
Holding my hand he aided me to my feet in the extremely high thigh length boots.
Standing before him I decided to parade around the room and gyrate my hips in a rehearsal for my strip show.
As my hips rotated I could feel my shaved pussy open with each gyration.
My breasts swayed freely as I danced provocatively around the bedroom. Placing one heeled boot on the bed I put my gloved hands to my breasts and lifted them to my darting tongue.
In one smooth action he placed three fingers inside my gaping pussy. I fucked against his fingers as he pushed them deeper inside my cunt, till his fingertips made contact with my fleshy G spot.
Moving closer to the edge of the bed, he buried his head in my crotch as his tongue lapped gently on my clitoris whilst his fingers pushed forcibly on my G spot.
As his tongue flicked over my clitoris, the pressure from his fingers brought a gushing orgasm from my pussy as fountains of creamy female cum erupted from pussy.
The liquid sprayed from my pussy and swept over his arm and most of the bed.
He maintained the pressure inside my pussy as the gushing orgasm evolved into a multiple orgasm.
My standing leg gave way and I flopped onto the bed.
His fingers maintained their position deep inside my pussy only to be joined by two other fingers in my ass.
Lying on my back legs akimbo, he dipped both sets of fingers deep into my ass and pussy. The orgasm continued ferociously.
His fingers inside my pussy hooking my G spot expertly.
He extended his thumb and laid it on my exposed clitoris.
Rotating his thumb on my raw clitoris was too much for me to bear and I passed out from sexual exhaustion.
When I came round his fingers were still in my ass but his tongue and lips were delicately paying attention to my clitoris and pussylips.
I moaned softly for him to bring his cock to my mouth.
Twisting his body in my direction, he positioned his rock hard cock resting on my soft lips. Opening my mouth I slowly took his cock inside and swirled my tongue around the purple rim.
The ticklish tingling sensation being generated by his tongue and lips was keeping my libido at an all time high.
Softly sucking his cock I looked over at the mirror to see him buried between my legs while his cock was gorging my soft full lips.
The erotic sight took me to the limit once more and a blissful orgasm swept through me.
His cock began to twitch inside my mouth and I hungrily sucked the come from out of his rampant pole.
Spurt after spurt of creamy sperm surged to the back of my throat and I sluttily swallowed every last drop.
As his cock slowly deteriorated inside my mouth I eventually released the semi erect cock from my spunk drenched lips.
For the first time in ages my pussy was totally satisfied and incapable of taking any more sexual antics. A fantastic feeling of sexual contentment radiated throughout my entire being. Lying back on the bed, basking in the spiritual afterglow of perfect sex, I snuggled toward taxi boy and rested my head on his heaving chest. My mind wandered to how I would perform my striptease in a room full of perfect be continued
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