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Stepmom & her daughter

From Wimp To Pimp

... Kael hooked up Lisa to her amp and Shayano snapped her fingers. A guitar magically appeared from flames. Her guitar was beautiful. Its body ... down and walked toward the kitchen Shayano made her bass and amp dissipate into flames. While Kael was getting water ... ... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff

... man’s handling of her.

One hand came off her hip, reaching across her back, and pulled her hair off her opposite shoulder, exposing ... seat in a far back booth. Amy, the owner’s f******n year old daughter. Got up, and went across to tell them they were ... ... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... the happenings of this weekend. First, her daughter lost her cherry, Lisa had to "rescue" her daughter and her friends from a police call, resulting in ... an old fuse box, good thing he bought a 200-amp breaker box. He started to work, and gave George some ... ... Continue»
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Injury leads to intimacy between b*****r & s*s

... . He stared.

Bec then slid her hands down from her breasts and over her abdomen, caressing her stomach as her b*****r's eyes feasted upon the sight ... ... Continue»
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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

... and taken her home, helped her, supported her, and loved her.

She was sl**ping with her arms over her head, her eyes closed, and her head turned ... ... Continue»
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Angel Intrigued by Darkness Chapters 3 & 4 (FI

... week he has dreamt of this girl, wanting her, stalking her, destroying her. It’s almost as if subconsciously he was obsessed ... kissed her then down her body. Then instantly he wanted to touch her, feel her tightness. Her legs still closed he caressed her ... ... Continue»
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Hailey & Danielle

... frog on them. Danielle was on her stomach, her ass completely exposed in her thong, with her skirt ridden up.

With all of us ... me into place and my cock rested against her pussy lips.

"Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!" the girls chanted as I pressed my ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriend

... wraps his thick powerful arms around her,
pulling her down. Trapping her & holding her helpless as Omar moves
closer. Still ... wraps his thick powerful arms around her,
pulling her down. Trapping her & holding her helpless as Omar moves
closer. ... ... Continue»
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Painting & Dreams

... , mmmm, Oz, coming!’

Her clit shuddered as her orgasm burst from her pussy. Her hands crushed the cushions; her feet pushed her ass off the platform ... ... Continue»
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A Husband, His Wife & Her Girlfriend

... am so wet and horny!

Cathy hesitated before her reply, her fingers busy rubbing her own crotch following on from Stephanie’s lead, ... moisture allowing Ben’s cock a very easy passage into her. Her natural lubricant coating his cock as she let another inch ... ... Continue»
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Jen & Me the Wife Gets Involved

... lbs., and positioned her feet. Then I guided her through a single squat, stopping her when her thighs were parallel ... Call her, tell her I confessed all." I improvised.

"What?" she asked, incredulous.

"Call her. Tell her it's not her fault. Tell her we ... ... Continue»
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Barnes & Noble Girl Part IV

... and pushed his thumb in her brown hole, looking to see her reaction.

“O Daddy, you want your daughter’s asshole?” she said while ... to be fucked like her; she wanted to be his little daughter that he anally m*****ed. She closed her eyes and imagined ... ... Continue»
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Debbie & Her Two Lovers

... if people knew that then they would treat her differently.

Her sex life with her husband is fun but is kind of on ... grinding and he grinds back into her letting her feel him.

He can feel her pussy through her dress and he loves how it ... ... Continue»
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Playing together...

... on Tim's hardening dick, as she felt her daughter licking her pussy. She pulled her mouth from his dick, long enough to moan ... she could feel her pussy getting wetter, as her mom moved her finger deeper into her rectum.

Tim saw what his stepmom was doing, ... ... Continue»
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Pregnant & He Likes It!

... little flashing!" She
collapsed onto her side making her pregnant breasts move across her chest
and began crying.

I got ... his cock up to
her pregnant pussy. Her tight belly hung below her as her eyes went to
Crystals ... ... Continue»
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... at the house.

Tommy looked up at his stepmom, admiring her in the one-piece swimsuit she'd recently purchased, ... up quickly, turning to her daughter with a frown on her face. Suzanne shook her head negatively, but her bratty daughter would have nothing of ... ... Continue»
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Student slut likes to open & spread her legs

... my hands up and down the outside of her jeans, towards her thighs and her pussy area . . . I was fast getting ... was now delirious with lust and I mounted her from behind., fucking her forcibly. Her pussy was now making slurping noises and contracting ... ... Continue»
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Lisa, Mum & Me

... fainting with lust. This was a lady who liked her sodomizing!

"Fuck her arse, fuck her arse," my mother ordered me, sitting back on ... ... Continue»
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Milking Time B2 Chapter 10 Clyda & Jordan Part

... my cock."
Jordan released Clyda's nuts from her mouth, and started her attentions again to her cock. As Jordan began to lick Clyda ... Jordan could feel them brushing against the top of her breasts and her forearms, as they swung back and forth. Jordan ... ... Continue»
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Mrs. Fletcher & Me

... could and waited for me to mount her. Her tits spread out over her chest as her hard nipples pointed up to the ceiling ... cum coated her lips as she pushed her fingers into her mouth. She then stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked her lips clean ... ... Continue»
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