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Step-Father's Sins

Step-Father's Sins

... AA-35

Step-Father's Sins

By Unknown

Chapter 1

Michele Madison did not find out ... knew that her new step-father, Bernard, could be very cranky when she made too much noise coming ... their mother and their new step-father.

They didn't like him. He was arrogant and Mindy thought he... Continue»
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Brooke's Step Father

... for stories.

Brooke’s Step-Father

Friday Morning 2am

Marcus sat with his trousers around ... . “And she’s 19 so leave her alone.” Brooke beamed down at her step-father. “Have a lovely night Brooke!” He ... next to Brooke’s step-father! “The big black guy is Joe. Wait until you see his cock; it's fucking... Continue»
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A Step mother's sin - Chapter 3: Reluctantly,

... Maybe it was the combination ofmy long overdue sexual release coupled with the enormity of my sin ... , with any other man, including his father, I would stop sucking now and complete the job
'manually'. I ... step. I was looking at two lovers; not
my little boy, not astepson, but two lovers. The image did... Continue»
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OHGirl's Sinful Behavior

... had been with in school and I knew that he had definitely heard about me, Velvet, his s****r ... father had already left for work and I needed to get my schedule together, since I had cancelled many ... mom having sex with various other men as I was growing up, those whom her and my father had met... Continue»
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Step Father's heaven

... i came, just now.,... to an all morning scene running through my mind of a step father and his hot ... sub wife, as well as his hot young step daughter. once they had become comfortable and familiar ... with each other, he occasionally, playfully tweaks his step daughters nipple now and then but she's... Continue»
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A Step Mother's Sin - Ch. 2: Mistake Two, I J

... thoughts together.
“Do you know what I was doing when you came down the steps?”

Okay, let’s ... defined. His abdomen was flat and tight. He reminded
me of his father when Jim was that age. The fact ... that his father was the only man with whom I had
had an orgasm brought back memories of wonderful sex... Continue»
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A Step Mother's Sin - Chapter 4: It Spins Fur

... am your step mother. I should never have allowed any of that to happen. I
don’t know if you can ... to face him, and
said, “I need to show you something.”
He stood back one step, and then he removed ... between my stepson’s thighs.
Robert approached me, his penis swinging proudly with each step he... Continue»
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A step mother's sin - Ch. 1: invading his pri

... years ago. I have one step son, who lives in California with his father most of the year ... began taking steps
to end our marriage. This was not a trivial decision for me since we had ... .
Robert,who was nows*******n-year-old, stayed with his father where he could continue with his... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge

... on the back stairs relieved her fear. The sound was her father's feet on the steps. A sound she knew well ... followed behind him, her fear beginning to return.

Down the steps, through the k**'s playroom ... .

Today's quest was something he always left to his wife Teresa, digging out the k**s' birth... Continue»
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A Stepmother's sin - Ch 8 - Robert returns to

... of the stories dealt
with father-stepdaughter, or stepb*****r-steps****r relationships. Some were well ... a sturdy, two step plastic blue step-stool that he
placed in the shower when I was menstruating ... , and he would have me stand on the first step and
fuck me from behind, while the warm shower washed away... Continue»
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Father's Day

... fathers and their k**s, some guys with their sexy girlfriends or wives, some really hot twenty something ... passionate kiss, before I went downstairs to my room. I got undressed and stepped in the hot shower ... hair, when the shower curtain opened and in steps daddy. I smiled at him, as he grabbed the body soap... Continue»
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A tie, I can't remember the last time I gave my father a tie on his ... special day. My dad and I have never had the normal father/daughter relationship. I think from the very ... have been my father's favorite sex toy. I was taught from a young age that what I possessed between... Continue»
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Steps****r's Conundrum

... . Almost every
Saturday her step father would yell at her several times trying to get her out of bed. Once ... .

Her step father, Lance, had married Heidi's mom when Heidi was 10. At first Heidi had ... and her hips were thrusting toward their probing fingers.

"Step s****r actually,"Isaac replied as he... Continue»
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A Stepmother's Sin - Chapter 5: I try to unde

... that the hot water had arrived. I brought myself back to
reality and stepped into the shower to wash away all ... bastard. He was his father’s son, no question about it.Almost
on cue, Robert’s penis seemed to pulse ... and
muscular chest, he had the physique that looked like he just stepped out of Greek mythology. And his... Continue»
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... ashamed of what he had done and being caught.
"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Jake ... .
"It's all right," I told him and went to get some tissue and paper towels.
I ... When I had my first c***d I vowed that I would not be the kind of of cold and distant father... Continue»
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Aaron's New Steps****r

... that this girl that he was previously attracted to was now his step-s****r.

His father, Keith ... on one another. Aaron was aroused as he watched his new step-s****r splash around in her tiny black ... are my step-s****r, after all."

"I don't care," Kristy said as she shook her ass up and down... Continue»
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My step daugther's birthday

When my wife and I went to lived in Espirito Santo (Brazil), we brought my step daughter Lillian ... . She sat next to me watching me waiting for a response from her step daddy. Lillian took a long sip ... to the dance floor. Lillian loves to dance with me; my dancing is what attracted her step mother... Continue»
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A Step Mother's Sin - Ch. 7 - Horseback ridin

... was definitely going to have Robert fuck mewith the fire roaring.
I opened the sliding glass door and stepped ... was uncomfortable actually admitting
to my step son that I found some level of excitement and yes, even pleasure ... .
Each step causedthe balls to click together and vibrate. It was a very strange, although... Continue»
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Father has pool party for daughter's birthday

... **s cavorting around the pool. k**s? I shook my head wonderingly, some of them didn't look much like ... k**s any more even though they were all of a similar age to my daughter Natasha. She had just ... was a little dubious, heck the last thing I needed was a tribe of screaming k**s around, but I couldn't... Continue»
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... My Father's Officebysethp©
"You've got the job. You start tomorrow at 8am. Please don't be late ... . Now she was wondering what her father would think if he found out about this. She was actually ... Millie as her father watched.
As Cindy was crawling over to Millie, there was a loud knock on the door... Continue»
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