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Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 03

Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 03

... a t-shirt hanging over a bit of a belly. His at best average looks in his sloppy one room place. But I also saw the look of ... the unexpected chance to return to Jim's place and get another chance with his cock. I guess my e-mail's brevity was ... ... Continue»
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Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 04

... visit. One of his younger, well hung friends would be there in my place. Case closed.

... He has steadily come to enjoy taking advantage of the power of his big cock, regularly ... giving me little chores to do around his place if he isn't ready for me ... ... Continue»
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Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 05

... him hundreds of orgasms, every time ending with me leaving his place with an achingly hard cock that badly needs relief, it ... flow pre-cum heavily. But his strictest rule is that I cannot touch my cock when I am at his place, so I didn't dare ... ... Continue»
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Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 02

... boner. I drove to Jim's place fully hard, leaking copious pre-cum. I parked in front of his house, and made my way ... any part of what I came there for. Jim had shown me his huge tool, but my pathetic ejaculation had eliminated my chances ... ... Continue»
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Steadily Shown His Place

... . He greeted me warmly, and invited me in .

Jim's place was very small, all one room and very untidy. A good ... .

By now Jim had slipped off his sweat pants and was pulling off his socks. His speedo style briefs tightly clearly outlined a huge ... ... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 03

... Ch. 03
The next few days felt like a lifetime for me. I ... my arms cuffed behind me and fastened in place. Another two straps went over my lap, holding ... grasp... only to find myself exponentially deeper under his control. As I tried to step outside of myself ... ... Continue»
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Broken Bliss Ch. 03

Broken Bliss CH 3

The sound of the door opening brought me awake, pulling ... coming to his place, and stayed up for us," Sarah said, swaggering into the bedroom where David had been doing his studying, and ... ... Continue»
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Alan - Ch. 03


Alan - Kapitel 03

by literror ©

* * * * * * * * * *

Zum besseren Verständnis dieser ... auf Literotica (englische Version) unter dem Namen „Alan Ch. 03" in der Rubrik „Mind Control" zu finden. ... ... Continue»
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Körpertausch Ch. 03

... rpertausch Ch. 03
by Schniedelwutz©

Zum besseren Verständnis möchte ich den geneigten ... Gedanken schweiften ab. Morgen mußte ich zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch gehen, und Mama mußte meine Rolle in der Schule ... ... Continue»
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Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 03

... a sitter so that Peter could still go into his office.

When I arrived at Walt's place and I was immediately impressed with the ... determined action of his cock. The pain was excruciating but as Anna had said it was short lived. I was steadily being pounded ... ... Continue»
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Wife's Date Ch. 03

... she could get.

Walt kept screwing Julie as he watched his wife place her hands on the back of Julie's head keeping ... had locked her legs around Walt as he steadily fucked her as Bruce mounted his wife right along side him and Julie ... ... Continue»
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Shock Tactics Ch. 03

... thrust his hips back and forth. I want to scream but am powerless as my excitement mounts and my cum rises steadily in ... downstairs.'

'I didn't want to in the first place.' I cry, 'I don't know what came over me ... ... Continue»
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My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 03

... followed Tom into the club where we were shown to our table in a small-secluded cubicle ... in the place but Tom was insistent that he would be the one. His eyes met ... quot;

His head moved forward and his lips opened, taking my cock into his mouth. His head ... ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20: Katie succumbs to her de

... slid her hand between her legs. He stroked his cock while she sucked steadily on his pulsating cock while fingering herself, "Ooohhhh! Damn ... cum was hitting Katie's face then ricocheting all over the place like a pinwheel. What didn't spurt off into the air ... ... Continue»
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Instead of My s****r Ch. 03

... in place," he said and with that he spanked me! He administered five, firm slaps, one for each minute, his hand ... sofa and I laid across his lap. He pressed his hand on my back, pinning me in place. I could feel his cock hardening as he ... ... Continue»
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... had noticed except Angelina's husband still sitting in the same place. I was amazed at how well alcohol was replacing my NYMPHOCOM ... not far away who was wiping the sweat from his face with his handkerchief. I pushed her down a bit more and she open ... ... Continue»
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Helping My b*****r Ch. 03

... my legs. Not now! I glance his way, notice his easy smile, his grace, his ease. It all snaps into place, and I breath a little easier.

But ...

This is so wrong, my thoughts are all over the place. If he comes down I think, and a rush of adrenaline hits ... ... Continue»
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Channel 7: KUNT Wars Ch. 03

... spasmed around Jim's rampaging lovemuscle, causing him to shoot his load deep inside of her while he roared like a lion ... for round two.

"Your place or mine?" Lisa asked.


"Your place or mine?" Lisa repeated ... ... Continue»
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A Big Mistake Ch. 03

... he found it very erotic.

When they arrived at her place, Larry was doing some chores. Missy introduced Jeremy. Then she ... pleasure.

When he finished, Missy made him clean up his mess with his tongue.. He gladly took advantage of the opportunity to ... ... Continue»
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One Hot Night Ch. 03

... and walks over to his partner. He tells his partner where the suspect is. His partner grabs his gun out of his holster and walks ... comes over and pulls the stirrups out. He helps Katie place her feet in them. This spreads her legs apart widely ... ... Continue»
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