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Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 03

Love...and Love Intensely

... rhythmically, roughly, steadily. She panted, gasped, fought not to buck against his fingers. His thumb ... **ping with her in his b*****r’s place, so as to not make her suspicious when Kit refused to sl**p ... been two years, maybe three, since Kit had gotten married. His wife Mary was expecting their first c... Continue»
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Caught by Neighbor

... and stared at it for a long time, and then got my own mobile out and placed the call.

"Hi ... .

Caught by Neighbour Ch. 03

- 1 -

When I woke up, I momentarily had no idea where I ... to hide the view. He stared at me with his mouth open, as I scrabbled for my tracksuit pants... Continue»
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... , having never ventured out of his tiny village.

Training took place outside Yumi's house, in her ... her son all the way to the top.


Ch.03: Bubbles

The next day, afternoon, another sunny ... that Akira had placed his mouth in just a mere few hours ago. Though he was swelling with jealousy, Akira... Continue»
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Down the Path

... as he places the tokens in my hand, his fingers stroking my palm lightly.

Embarrassed , can feel ... ?

Down The Path Ch. 03

I haven't been able to concentrate all day, didn't get anything ... and turns. 'On your knees now'. He moves in front of me showing me his ID so he knows I know who he... Continue»
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Couples Life Altering Cruise

... total love for Susan had reached new dimensions.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 03 ... her manipulations of this big cock and Jeff came to her side and placed his left hand under Ralph's ... later that day as he was afraid we would miss our departure. He settled for giving us his card and I... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... meat down my throat. I chocked coughing, he pulled his cock completely out and placed it on my face ... and I pulled my skirt into place just as my daughter came into the kitchen.
"Hi guys... what's going ... as well, clearly turned on by this.
"Oh god Tommy no... not my pussy..."
Too late, he placed his... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... her legs back and raising her knees and placing them on his chest or
shoulders. For many women ... .
• Starting at his inner butt cheeks, hold your fingers in place and make firm yet
sensitive small ... his scrotum ROCKS!
© All Rights Reserved MJAVRIL 08/05/03
Sliding Down The Two Rivers
• Start... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter TWO

... , you could either skip some of the paragraphs in this chapter or just go on to read Ch. 03 ... .

For Ch.03, I plan to write the mother's perspective which will briefly cover what happened in these two ... chapters, as well as other events that happened after - without the i****t.

Ch. 04 will be either... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #9

... as it was unquestionably his scent. She couldn't figure out which shampoo was his, but figured it wouldn't ... with the soapy taste, her wetness still tasted just as good. Dropping his boxers in a flash, he joined ... it was.

"Gibby!" he called out, announcing his presence as always.

"Whoa... hey Gib. Where were you... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #2

... television. Sometimes she would go see Robbie at his place, or if they could be all alone, they would ... to hold her in place as he fucked her wildly, watching her breasts bounce with his thrusts. Every so ... , they wrapped around his midsection, keeping him in place as he continued pounding her with such ferocity... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff

... .” The man instructed his eyes locked on Hilary. “Now!” He barked. He grabbed the door handle ... panties to her knees. “That’s it bitch. Keep screaming. No one’s gonna give a fuck.” He slapped his ass ... , and she heard him undo his pants. His friend stayed in her car, rummaging through it, jamming stuff... Continue»
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... & tied his shoes. His copy of "Goddess" rested where he'd left it. A small white envelope had been placed ... Goddess

by transcon

He'd submitted his short story to her. No request for a picture ... . No request for the compulsory autograph. He'd not sullied his correspondence with such vulgar request... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #5

... joke, and once Jade grabbed his hands, she placed them firmly onto her chest. His thumbs, thanks ... and Jade lay on top of him, covering his body with her own in a tight embrace. The two had ... laid her head back on his chest, lightly stroking his sides, loving that she had finally found the one... Continue»
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the night we changed part 1 (corrected) & part

... kisses to his neck. That made me happy and horny at the same time. I kept going, softly kissing ... and touching, while working my way down his body. Once I reached his boxers, I was disappointed to say ... approach so I pulled his boxers down. Weird that this was the first time I saw his cock up close.

I... Continue»
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Sex, Lies and Conquest

... offer you and your men year-round work. Plus food and places to stay."

Jungir rubbed his beard ... met his gaze and drained the strong local wine in a single gulp.

Ch-5: Keeping Promises ... groan from him. She placed her hands on his chest and tugged his lower lip with a low growl... Continue»
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Miss Abi ch.2

... affair through his mind over and over again. Guilt had plagued his body since waking up, but when his ... feeling that he would never see her again. He loved his wife, but this new found spark he acquired ... in Vegas tore his heart into two, and he wanted them both. His thoughts turned to this new love, was he... Continue»
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Sharing My Room With My s****r (Part 3)

... and answered.

"Hi there, stud," she said playfully. Clearly she wasn't near Mom at the moment ... and started placing long, wet kisses on the parts of her cheeks not covered by her panties ... uncomfortable. Maybe you should take his dick out of his pants."

"I don't know, he might be embarrassed... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter ONE

... I've shown myself to anyone but him..."

His response was: "Don't be shy! Part of enjoying sex ... as he placed his cock into her cleavage. When she pushed her breasts together, her beautifully ... placed her hands on his thighs for support. She popped her head up and down hurriedly, as if she knew... Continue»
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Horse-Cock Girl Part 3

... Transsexuals & CrossdressersHorse-cock Girl Ch. 03
Horse-cock Girl Ch. 03
Author's ... a few times, breaking his nose and causing pain to his balls.

That had been just before the end ... standing there.

"Hi, I'm Scarlet," the young girl said, reaching out to shake hands. "Nice... Continue»
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Jamie and Daddy

... stretch her arms up, her boobs would be shown to me, but she never seemed embarrassed about ... rolled over on a yellow jacket, and it stung her left boob in several places. “Daddy, will you please ... his head.

When the drinks came, I advised Jamie “Don’t drink too fast--you’ll make yourself sick... Continue»
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