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Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 02

Dark Places ch. 01-02

... .

"I love you Baji," He moaned softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

Dark Places Ch. 02 ... grown up being shown only affection and indulgence by his parents and siblings.

A year or so ... took her hand and placed it around his stiff bloated prick. Grasping her hand in his, he began... Continue»
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Love...and Love Intensely

... rhythmically, roughly, steadily. She panted, gasped, fought not to buck against his fingers. His thumb ... in Part Two
Love...and Love Intensely Ch. 02
She was gone when he woke. Somehow she’d managed ... **ping with her in his b*****r’s place, so as to not make her suspicious when Kit refused to sl**p... Continue»
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Down the Path

... .

Down The Path Ch. 02

I waited to hear from him again. At first, I didn't know if I really ... as he places the tokens in my hand, his fingers stroking my palm lightly.

Embarrassed , can feel ... and turns. 'On your knees now'. He moves in front of me showing me his ID so he knows I know who he... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter TWO

... or whatever flows better.

*Ch.02 has i****t elements.


Chapter 2: A Well-Fucked Mom ... , you could either skip some of the paragraphs in this chapter or just go on to read Ch. 03 ... .

For Ch.03, I plan to write the mother's perspective which will briefly cover what happened in these two... Continue»
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Mark and Teresa

... her, placing his mouth right next to her ear and whispered, "Tell me what you would want Jerome ... Ch. 02

"Sounds like a blast," replied Mark, as he saw Jerome to the door. As he ... of this though. She grabbed the back of his head, shoving it back into place at her clit. Mark didn't... Continue»
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Couples Life Altering Cruise

... evening.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 02
by ytreeman©

Generally afternoon naps can ... her manipulations of this big cock and Jeff came to her side and placed his left hand under Ralph's ... later that day as he was afraid we would miss our departure. He settled for giving us his card and I... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... meat down my throat. I chocked coughing, he pulled his cock completely out and placed it on my face ... and I pulled my skirt into place just as my daughter came into the kitchen.
"Hi guys... what's going ... as well, clearly turned on by this.
"Oh god Tommy no... not my pussy..."
Too late, he placed his... Continue»
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Caught by Neighbor

... on my pants and sweatshirt, and made my way home.

Ch. 02

- 1 -

The next day I ... and stared at it for a long time, and then got my own mobile out and placed the call.

"Hi ... to hide the view. He stared at me with his mouth open, as I scrabbled for my tracksuit pants... Continue»
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... , having never ventured out of his tiny village.

Training took place outside Yumi's house, in her ... to!"


Ch.02: Never Have Ice Cream Before Dinner

Yumi covered her breasts with her right arm and put ... that Akira had placed his mouth in just a mere few hours ago. Though he was swelling with jealousy, Akira... Continue»
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Italian lessons 2

... , readying myself for the unknown. I dressed nicely and travelled across to the place where this had all ... to be there as the restaurant closed. I was shown to my table by a different waitress and was unsure when I found ... that neither Margeurite nor Christy were there that evening. In their place were a young nondescript girl... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 2

... , entered her with the same kind of brutality that the previous occupants had shown. His head went ... , make the bitch come ...”
The giant Ramon just grunted and proceeded steadily with his work. He drove ... . Lars did just that, plunging in nine or ten inches of solid prick with each thrust of his haunches... Continue»
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Ella's Story-3-Bisexual Stirrings

... hi to mom for me when she wakes up. Bye!"

She hung up the phone, and looked up at me smiling ... talked with Nora. She'd like us to get to her place around four, and then head over for dinner ... an old lakeside house that was quite a distance from her neighbors' homes. It was a charming place... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #6

... am right now, babe?!"

"Yes…" Freddie said slowly, putting his hand on the shoulder of his bride ... as he could, putting his back to Freddie. "He's right. I nearly lost you last night so I can ... things here for a while. Right, son?"

"Yes sir," Freddie said, hatred put aside so that his love... Continue»
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Mayan Sun - Todas las Santas – Chapter 3

... place, but I felt the memory of her soft-lipped touch on my engorged phallic skin as I have of her ... after sunrise and retiring herself three hours after sunset.

Steadily I made my way to the free ... on the shoulder. Todos Santos, he announced softly as he trotted back to his seat. I shook his... Continue»
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What Lies Beneath

... onto his s****r's pillow. He slid the pillowcase back into place, and re-made the bed, arranging her ... , but he held her head in place with his hand and was able to point the streams coming out ... began using short thrusts to work his cock deeper into her ass.

She moaned steadily into the pillow... Continue»
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My Evil stepmother part 6.

... So after catching me fucking his wife again, my stepmother Melinda, my father moved over sea's ... a taxi drive we arrived at her companies building, the place was a large complex of offices, meeting ... her in.
"Hi I'm Sammy Melinda's stepson" I replied politely.
"I know I've seen your picture on her... Continue»
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The Engineering Club

... and placed me on the couch on my back. Michael had pushed his way into my pussy and John was making me ... , and may even start expanding into the community.
The Engineering Club Ch. 02
For the next ... . He then grabbed my left hand and placed it on his crotch with a rubbing motion. "I think you... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 9 FINAL

... into her.

Mark pulled out and Andy took his place. I wonder if Mark always went first with his ... son's place and there was a loud squish as his cock drove into Laura's vagina that was already ... beautiful in person."

He embraced her closely again, his hands drifting down her back to squeeze my... Continue»
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A sexy Romp through Space-time

... it is entertaining. It is an unedited once over so if it is rough in places I apologize. If you read ... by now but she had spent all of last year on the run from Voldemort and his followers and was f***ed ... , dodging teachers, students, and the occasional peeping ghost. Unfortunately, compared to his best... Continue»
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Horney Big s****r

... steadily and quickly between his fingers, giving
her a continuous buzz of sweet hot sensation. Mindy ... .

"Get acquainted with it, honey," he chuckled, taking her hand and
placing it on his cock ... , she just had to get off.
Tightening her cunt steadily around his pistoning finger, Mindy flew... Continue»
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