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St Monicas School

St Monicas School

... yours, your Honor."
As Jenna's first week at her new school, St. Monica's, neared its end, she
recanted some of the ... Still barefoot and recovering, Jenna, followed by the class from
St. Monica's School for Girls, was led through a door into a large open ... ... Continue»
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St Fudstones School

... D was a naughty boy, that is why he ended up at St Fudstones residential school.
He had settled in and the Headmistress Miss H had ... in her diary that she was away from the school at St Elizabeth's the school for naughty girls.
He went into her private ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents: Gillian's Dilemma.

... total disregard for her school work;Gillian regretted not sending Allison to St.Vincents Secondary School which she herself had ... breath and dialled the number for St.Vincents Convent School.
Allison came home from school and immediately went upstairs to ... ... Continue»
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School Days ( I didn't write this )

... something of a teacher's pet to the nuns
at St. Stephan's. Boarding school was a new experience, however; he
missed his mom ... have dreamed it
before, even the nuns. St. Mark's was a small school run by an order of
cloistered priests. There ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents: Jennifer.

... across the city to St.Vincents and parked outside the main school building.Jennifer then had ... to walk from the school building to the main house at St.Vincents where the ... ,fuck that sounded like been back in school,Jennifer thought.
"I see,well let us ... ... Continue»
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Ein heißer Juni 01 - School 's Out Fore

... aus dem Lehrerzimmer.


Kevin ist stehen geblieben. "Mit dem Ständer kann ich nicht laufen, verdammt noch mal!"

"Das kommt ... ab. Aus den Boxen dröhnt die alte, ultimative Abiturhymne School's out von Alice Cooper.

Iris und die phänomenalen ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincent's

... friends,some of which had went to St.Vincent's.The discussion turned to their school days,they laughed and joked at what ... them Karen."Where did you go to school,Karen?"the nun asked.
"Here,I mean St.Vincents,Reverand Mother."Karen replied
"Ah,well ... ... Continue»
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A Certain Perception (c) 2004 by Cherysse St. Clai

A Certain Perception
(c) 2004 by Cherysse St. Claire

Kyra was not the girl ... she made long ago; to go back to school and complete her education. She had already ... any college she chose to attend if the school was being a little too stringent on their ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents;Janice the Penitant.

... .
Janice had some hope at school where the nuns of St.Vincents tried to instill discipline in ... main house of St.Vincents Convent.To her left was the austere school building,to her ... use to sneak through to and from school;she had only been caught once and ... ... Continue»
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Beauty fucks the b**st - Chapter One

... blowing sex as Beauty fucks the b**st.


"We're over!" Bianca ... the teacher's at Roosevelt High School had conspicuously resigned after rumors ... ... Continue»
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High School Girls

... ll miss the bus."

"Yeah... sure, mom." he mumbled. School? Fuck school. He trudged
upstairs in the silky PJ's - the only ... urgent. Her
lubricated passage kneaded and stroked the urgent b**st within her,
cramping and growing tense as she felt the ... ... Continue»
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Katie the school slut

... and that’s natural not dyed!! For school I always wear thin white blouses tucked tightly ... I going to be stretched with this b**st!!
I dropped to my knees slid my ... I wanted more, this was fantastic, the school slut fucking the stud teacher. I pulled back ... ... Continue»
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Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2 - An Adult St

... address and cell number. See you later." said Fanny.

After school let out. I went straight home. I took along shower. I shaved ... said. Her mouth was wide open. "Well a bets, a bet. After school tutoring. Being nice. Now where your room." I said. "Fuck me ... ... Continue»
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High School Cocksucker Outted (another story)

... father (Wayne). He has a s****r named Jazyln who just entered high school. She has her mothers facial structure and a tight little body ... that wasn't so hard. I know you want to inahle this b**st but I promised Haley you would give a world class blowjob to ... ... Continue»
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The House Husband

... into the driveway leading to the massive car park at St Augustus school. It was a mansion set in lovely wooded grounds, ... I have a new Merc coming next week. I'd still walk Fiona to school though! And that's pretty much it."

"Fair enough. I suppose it ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents, Part II

... punished",Catherine said with some relief.
"Were you punished at school,young woman?"
"Yes,you punished me when I was a schoolgirl. ... how many more women had been caught and punished at St.Vincents.
"Tell me Catherine,have you transgressed in your ... ... Continue»
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A School trip became a perfect day.

... that we were pretty close to our school the movie was about to finish and ... some music.

Finally we arrived at the school everyone got off the bus to head towards ... and sucked on a nipple she just became a b**st. I was shocked I expected her to just slide ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents;Agnata's Promise.

... was telling Agnata about what happens at St.Vincents.Agnata was more than shocked to ... and eventually stopped opposite the gates to St.Vincents Convent."That's it,walk up the ... drawer in the table and took out a school ruler and placed it on the table."I will ... ... Continue»
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Oh that inc*st

... if he dated. Now 18, Tommy had graduated from high school with honors and had earned a football scholarship to a local university ... 't like it was a real date, he thought. They talked about school, friends, music, movies; all the things that a boy and girl ... ... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents;Sharon and the Mobile Phone

... schooldays were long in the past.At school she was punished for anything it seemed ... same position as she had when attending St.Vincents as a schoolgirl,she was again ... know that these things are forbidden in St.Vincents,"Reverand Mother said placing the ... ... Continue»
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