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Sophie and I share some loving moments...

Sophie and I share some loving moments...

... I wrote this for my lover whilst she was having a crappy day at work.. it cheered her up and she ... love tunnel, exploring the heat and delicious juices. Starting a slow, steady rhythm he slid his ... finger in and out of her… Her moans told him she loved the sensation as much as he was enjoying doing... Continue»
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the 1st time i shared my a woman i loved

... one of the first times i shared a gf was kind of set up by me. we'd been together a couple of years ... fires. When he had some leave we'd hang out. That night we drank and took a couple of Es. I asked ... spoke "I should go, looks like you're all about to have some fun!"

Now my gf spoke for the first... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter One

... hearth.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, …..If I could have your attention for a moment. .. Thank you. ..I’d ... , come and sit between Sophie and Katja for me would you Arran? They can finish prep whilst I give ... a moment later.
Sophie’s thigh pressed briefly against her subject’s as she re-crossed her legs... Continue»
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step daddy's girl

... place, George fucked Candy on some occasions I even walked in on them a few times and shared the fun ... was my space I was responsible for it and I loved it that way, I moved out of mum’s as her fella ... breathed heavily, covering up I kissed Jack “did you really like that Sophie” “did I ever I been wanting... Continue»
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A Helping Mother ~ Must Read

... , that is not enough for a hormone loaded young man. I had of course watched my – generous – share ... had to endure this humiliation, like I was some invalid who couldn't help himself - which I ... was left alone in the bathroom. I felt so happy that this embarrassing moment was over... Continue»
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Sophie's First .....

... there was no more and he lay back, as his cock started to soften in Sophie’s relentless mouth.

"I love ... were starting to redden.

“Because of your inability to remain quiet, I shall start again Sophie ... don’t need to ask if you enjoyed that. I can see your pleasure running down your thighs!”

Sophie... Continue»
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"Let The Fires Burn" with Natalie Dormer

... fucking loved. Her nose was pressed to his pubes for several moment she couldn't breathe, slapping ... in the King's Landing unit, his subjects including Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Sibel Kilkelli and, most ... was a vision of perfection, perched like some regal statue over the edge of an elaborate fountain pool... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... and compiled a list of some of the most adorable sluts and hellcats from the past. The list was a long one! I ... married mind you. In fact she never hid any of this from her husband and even shared her love letters ... to a son in 37 Domitius was congratulated by his friends. In a rare moment of honesty he replied, “I... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 2

... showed when she was sitting down.

We talked of university and I learned her name was Sophie Anderson ... .

"Then of course there is the sex," said Sophie.

I was a bit shocked by this statement from someone only ... .

The twins looked at each other grinning.

"I think we can guess what the contest was, Sophie... Continue»
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Watching Tne Detectives

... me busy. I shared
the bonus with Emily and we celebrated one night at the Rutland. Sophie
and Tim ... round and cheat with some of the slags I had photographed him with.
However, mine was not to reason ... in and then emerged with a woman wearing a
dressing gown. They embraced and I got a lovely close up sequence... Continue»
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When lust takes ove

... to encourage her some more.
“Mom, that was amazing, I love you!”.

But Alison felt differently ... sane all these years Eric”, Alison said to him” I love you so much you are becoming such a good man ... in the moment. She loved her son so much and this was the exact time she realized that he is a man now, her job... Continue»
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Visiting Our Little Secret

... of times. Jeanine played the Jack of Diamonds and I felt some comfort in how she was playing. Karla ... said, “Sophie’s waiting for you Karla,” to which she responded, “I can wait a little longer so let ... returned and told me it was my turn to see Sophie’s wares.

I smoothed down my skirt, but as I... Continue»
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My naive Classmate (SG)

... and lead her slowly to my thigh.during this moment,through her lacy bra,i could feel her nipple now swollen ... This is my true experience,decided to share it as to keep my memory fresh on her .

During ... my broken heart,my soul and my wasted cash.I could not get into any courses i wanted to,without any... Continue»
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When wishes come true

... to admit to Sophie just how right her friend had been.

"I knew you'd love it!" Alicia's blonde ... , Eric! Oh fuck me baby, oh I love this fucking...ughh...fuck me into this bed!"

The bed she shared ... just don't understand why you think me being with another guy is hot. I love you, I don't want... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... love sexy underwear," Sophie said, "and I find that boyfriends are usually delighted to buy it for me ... ."

"And do you fancy some cock of a different hue?" I asked my wife.

"Not at the moment, thank you ... . Mandy's hand was caressing Sophie's boobs. "They're lovely nipples," Mandy said.

I... Continue»
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The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

... qualified teacher and to obtain some independence in her life. For the moment however she could not afford ... in deep satisfaction and shared similar thoughts to those of her colleague Sophie. “Welcome ... . For some reason this excited Sophie very much indeed. She was not by nature as cruel girl but now she... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01

... the sun's
early afternoon rays. Sophie half thought about engaging some of the girls ... . 'I'm Louise'

'Hi' said Sophie, more warmly then she expected. 'I'm Sophie Best. I think ...
the other cabins, which in contrast practically shared walls with each
other. Sophie... Continue»
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Geil im Fotostudio (gefunden im Netzt)

... wollte, aber letztlich meine Zustimmung gab. In diesem Moment war ich doch ganz froh, dass ich meine attraktive ... Frau begleitet hatte, aber das sollte sich sehr schnell ändern.

Jimmy hatte eine Flasche Massageöl ... ihre kleine Hand und half ihr bei der Schwanzmassage.

Nach wenigen Momenten drehte sich Jimmy... Continue»
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Eighteent Century Justice

... an hour’s rest; I will put some ointment on your buttocks. Rise up and wait for me in your room ... a punishment. If you don’t mind Sir, I can take over this business. I have some experience ... with the bracelet and looks with more and more yearning eyes at the lovely object.

She knows that some... Continue»
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Sex Before Christmas

... said, giving a sly wink to Ben as he did.

”You don’t mind do you Julie, I just need to have some ... you in me, I wanted you from the moment I saw you, take me now.”

Ben immediately picked her up; she ... the years, except that is for Sophie. Since that night when Ben took her innocence, Sophie had... Continue»
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