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Sister and I

Story of my Life: My Sister and I

... been asl**p but after a while, I opened my eyes and turned to my s****r and got the surprise of a life time.

She was lying ... this," Cathy put one finger inside her pussy and began moving it in and out. "This is called fingering yourself. You just ... ... Continue»
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Sister and her friends

... thing.
We use to laugh and have fun with mom/dad and s*s and her friends. All were ... Gogi, her friends names
Niki (mean small. Darshi and other one Bilo. Niki is small with ... to kiss bilo came up and pushed Darshi to me and kept push her. Darshi had ... ... Continue»
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I Lost My Sister And Wife To My Old Friend

... my s****r and turned and saw my wife standing there and he caught her and made her lie on her back and entered her pussy and ... Archana and kissed her on the pussy and made her turn around and kissed her back and lowered down and kissed her ass mount and ... ... Continue»
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Marrying my own sister and mom

... she smiled at us. This made me horny, and i just grabbed her and kissed passionately and groping her for almost a couple of ... mom wanted the engagement right then and there and she made me sit on one side and my s****r and herself on the other. I told ... ... Continue»
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Chapter 2 My Sister and I Continue to Build

... just made learning that touching each other and watching each other mature me starting to ... trying new things i would see in Penthouse and Dads Porn I would tell my s****r what new ... to get up and put my dick in her OMG it was wetter and tight and hot we ... ... Continue»
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Best friends slutty sister and mom

... the other. Lucy laid down and Carol kissed her again and slowly kissing down to ... in and the blew and enormous load out of her pussy and into her daughters face , mouth and ... Lucy opened her pussy lips and a stream of her cum and 5 lads spunk splashed over her ... ... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Sister And Her Best Friend On A Co

... shaved their pussy Kit and Kim kissed each other and then climbed to the bed ... i noticed that her pussy was hot and wet and tight but not a virgin i nailed for ... stallion until she came i withdrew my cock and the both sucked me till i came

I fucking my ... ... Continue»
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Sister And Me After The Rain

... incident happen I was perusing & was 19 and she was doing engineering . Our dad was ... she went in taking her cloths and all

I changed and was laying on bed our bed ... then went to bathroom and had my all day routines and had my breakfast and came to ... ... Continue»
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Wow my pregnant sister and me

... it I needed a banana and s****r was having it opened and inside her vagina. I plucked and ate it. All day I and s****r was nude. We ... He was still shooting his cum and it spread all inside mouth and throat and coming out. I was totally exhausted…… I was ... ... Continue»
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My Beautiful Sister And I

... lil b*****r. it was at that moment that she grabbed it and started stroking it. still speechless I just layed there as she ... by modeling all of the countless amounts of sexy thongs and lingerie which I had only imagined before... I remembered thinking to my ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 3

... I slowly lowered my head and gingerly started to lick up and down her pussy before ... between both our bodies swinging to and fro getting closer and closer to my face, before ... floor , turned round to face me and blew me a kiss and said thanks I needed that will ... ... Continue»
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The step brother and sister

... and mouth all over her tits sucking and licking and ... and shove a finger in it and fuck me and then go back and forth between my ass and cock. I am going to make you the hottest fucking cock and ... ... Continue»
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Brother Temps Little Sister

... . I took her shirt off and mine and we were both naked. I was fingering her and eating her out, and to my surprise, she started ... . I slipped my dick into her pussy and she yelped, and told me to stop.

"What if mom and dad find out?" she said ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 4

... pushing the lips apart with my fingers and inserting 2 inside her and began fucking her hard and fast she started to make loud ... dropped to her knees and turned round, before getting on her hands and knees, and wiggling bum at me and said come on then ... ... Continue»
Posted by barney1968 11 months ago  |  Views: 2777  |  
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Swinging with my Sister

... husband is always around and
he's a jealous guy too. s*s and I have managed a couple
... of
us smiled and he drove off as Sue and I held hands and
walked back in ... parking
lot." He was dumbfounded and both he and the girl
started stuttering trying ... ... Continue»
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Sister in Law's mouth

... always slaps me upside the head and grabs my hair and push my head back, ... up on the table, dropped my shorts and underwear and opened her legs, I honestly did all ... “get on your fucking hands and knees” I ordered her and she quickly obeyed. Honestly folks ... ... Continue»
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My Sister's best friend (fiction)

... as a big b*****r. My s****r and her friends were in their twenties and I'm in my mid ... I invited her in. "Kristina what happened?" "Carlos and I got into a fight because I wasn't ... drop everything and be at his beck and call. I can't do that and pay the bills ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 5

... on her knees to squat in front of Sharon and Phil and leant forward and putting her left hand behind Sharon’s neck pulled ... properly,. Once dressed Tina gave both myself and Phil a big kiss and turned towards Sharon and said that was fun will after do ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 6

... up and removed her jeans and panties completely, as I did the same with my jeans and y fronts and ... the back of my head and pulled my tongue harder and deeper into her mouth, ... took my cock and balls out of Helen’s hand and said may I, and dipped her head ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 7

... pussy lips before inserting his middle and forefinger into her fanny and finger fucking her hard and fast to another orgasm.

Phil ... ”. Martin looked directly at me and said “you and “, before he could finish I nodded and brought my finger up to my ... ... Continue»
Posted by barney1968 11 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo  |  Views: 3465  |  
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