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Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2

Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2

... read;


I hope you have recovered from our little meeting the other day, but as promised ... your contacts and a lovely little video showing what a little sissy slut you are. I'm sure you ... in a skimpy bikini.

2. You will wear panties, holdups and your little butt plug at all times. I may... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3

... just pretended whole we were married, while all along I wanted to be turned into a little sissy doll ... was in.

Master John spoke.

'I see you recognise your ex-wife sissy'

I started to babble something ... and behave now sissy or the video you made will be presented before the courts showing them what kind... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 4

... was getting turned on, my body was betraying me.

'Ask for another sissy'

I did and soon felt ... my 'sissy clitty' started to strain against my cage.

Shortly after, my worse fears came true ... looked at first at my legs and boobs initially excited but on realising I was male, and turning... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 5

... and asked if he could help and I introduced myself as Emma.

'oh so you’re Master John's new sissy ... should remain on throughout the week to ensure my mind was attuned to being a sissy. Once home I ... underneath as instructed, not to mention having a butt plug stuffed up me and my 'sissy clitty' in a cage... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 7

... my face but was told to leave it.
'So Sissy that's 3 serious demerits you've earned for that little ... button piercing and my 'Sissy Slut' tattoo.
I made some tea and settled down in front ... of the television. A short time later there was a text. It was from Master John;
'Sissy. Take your first pill now... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is turned

... of humiliation, being exposed etc, but really that was the last thing I wanted. It just turned me ... you kindly sent of you dressed as Emma will be going to all these contacts in you phone' he said.

I ... asked

'You will become Emma and perform for me tonight and if you do so I will let you go!' he... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 6

... .
'Turn around Sissy'
And finally I got my wish of seeing Master and Mistress behind bars. Only now ... , a short skirt and when she crossed her legs, I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.
'Ah sissy' she ... of sight.
'Right Sissy, it's time we checked what you are wearing. Get your pants off' she said.
I... Continue»
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Turned into a Sissy part 2

... of shame would keep me from becoming a good sissy bitch. I didn't like the feeling afterwards ... online 2 times a week at the same time and he would have me obey him in front up to 80 strangers ... their penis's while being owned. Although my sissy boy cunt is virgin he would have me insert up... Continue»
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Sissy For My Flatmate, Chapter 2 – The Contr

... that not only had he known about me for a long time but it was a turn on for him. I agreed to become his ... sissy slave and started the most incredible journey of my life.

Arriving home after from work, I ... as Hell. The fact that I'd been wearing the chastity belt for 2 weeks only added to my excitement... Continue»
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Sissies New Years Surprise – Part 2 –

... Chapter 2

Sissies Opportunity Blown

Sissy was dead tired. It had been a long and tiring day ... . Mistress was very picky today at inspection and sissy had to redo some of her work several times ... . Sissy would admit that some of her work was sloppy, but sissy could not concentrate. Mistress had... Continue»
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Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

... is satisfying her dominant sexual needs in life by turning you
into a sissy prostitute and reaping all ... Chapter 7
Chrissie Recovers

I couldn't really move off the sofa for the next few days ...
look at them. Mother was used to me taking care of her every whim so,
when the tables were turned... Continue»
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Magic Panties Ch.02 (sissy story) by noflon

... credit to the author. Oh, and enjoy!

Chapter 2: Discovery

Let me recap for all of you. Two ... , and as he turned around, I called out, "Did you drop a package off here yesterday?"

He looked ... .

I turned around in them, and had to admit they made my ass look good. I looked over... Continue»
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The EmmaJ Chronicles 2

... The EmmaJ Chronicles 2

Chapter One
It was 7 pm on a Friday night, Emma had been working late ... going on”? He looked enquiringly at them both in turn, and saw Emma shrug her shoulders.
Marcus ... the balcony as I’m sure you recall Emma”.
Mark sat rock still nervously turning over his phone in his hands... Continue»
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Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!! This is a stor

... is embarrassed he just fucked a sissy faggot, he's turned around they all laugh in fits. When Rocco ... that came from my ass thanks to Rio!

Chapter 2 all locked up, with no where to go!

I then felt ... gang laugh again. "Are how romantic Tyson is when ruining a sissies ass"

Then Tyson turns on me... Continue»
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My Mom and My Dream Girl

... ” she said as she turned and skipped to mom’s car.

Chapter 2- Mom is HOT

I stepped into my house ... .

Chapter 1- Sara

One night I was out with my friends shopping at the local mall. We were ... because my group of friends were a good 200 feet ahead of me. I waved Nick off and turned to see what... Continue»
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A New Dawn Arises

... thoughts. I had become putty in her hands.

Chapter 2

The Deflowering

"Lift your cute ...


Chapter 1

The Arising

To celebrate my transformation and to increase the effect of my ...
was facing away from me while she attached something to it. When she turned around
the dildo that had... Continue»
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A Loving Son

... , but the positions remained the same, him to her, her to him.

In the morning Emma woke first, slowly turning ... !"

They walked together, heads turned to check them out, the men on Emma, and lots of women on Mark, she ... hands in turn he got both cheeks, this led to Emma climaxing massively. Her head bounced of the bed... Continue»
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The Case File of Mark & Sara

... .

*****CHAPTER 2 DR. JUDY & I ALONE: SESSION #1*******
"Mark in order to get rid of all the foolish ... ."

Dr. Judy's words did little to comfort me.

Chapter 2: NES FROM MARK'S DIARY: SARA & MARK IN BED ... to over the years - Mark.

Mark gratefully even turned over his recent reflective writings as well... Continue»
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Fantasy Neighbor - Erica's Education about Me

... started was rather interesting.

Chapter 2 - Background

David and I have one son, just like ... Chapter One of Five – New Routine

As is our custom after sex, Brian withdraws and lies back ... to him in his room, when I turned the corner to enter, my son sat up abruptly. “I brought you your... Continue»
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How My Life Changed


By 4play

Chapter 7

The first part of my story told how I was turned into a sissy maid ... couldn't sl**p, thinking about the night's events. Master James was
turning me into a sissy maid ... for quite awhile
before I drifted off to sl**p.

Chapter 2

The alarm clock buzzing... Continue»
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