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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 7

Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 7

... my face but was told to leave it.
'So Sissy that's 3 serious demerits you've earned for that little ... button piercing and my 'Sissy Slut' tattoo.
I made some tea and settled down in front ... of the television. A short time later there was a text. It was from Master John;
'Sissy. Take your first pill now... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3

... just pretended whole we were married, while all along I wanted to be turned into a little sissy doll ... was in.

Master John spoke.

'I see you recognise your ex-wife sissy'

I started to babble something ... and behave now sissy or the video you made will be presented before the courts showing them what kind... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2

... read;


I hope you have recovered from our little meeting the other day, but as promised ... your contacts and a lovely little video showing what a little sissy slut you are. I'm sure you ... session. Once inside, you will act as a complete sissy, begging me to train you to become an even more... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 4

... was getting turned on, my body was betraying me.

'Ask for another sissy'

I did and soon felt ... my 'sissy clitty' started to strain against my cage.

Shortly after, my worse fears came true ... looked at first at my legs and boobs initially excited but on realising I was male, and turning... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 5

... and asked if he could help and I introduced myself as Emma.

'oh so you’re Master John's new sissy ... should remain on throughout the week to ensure my mind was attuned to being a sissy. Once home I ... underneath as instructed, not to mention having a butt plug stuffed up me and my 'sissy clitty' in a cage... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is turned

... of humiliation, being exposed etc, but really that was the last thing I wanted. It just turned me ... you kindly sent of you dressed as Emma will be going to all these contacts in you phone' he said.

I ... asked

'You will become Emma and perform for me tonight and if you do so I will let you go!' he... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 6

... .
'Turn around Sissy'
And finally I got my wish of seeing Master and Mistress behind bars. Only now ... , a short skirt and when she crossed her legs, I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.
'Ah sissy' she ... of sight.
'Right Sissy, it's time we checked what you are wearing. Get your pants off' she said.
I... Continue»
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Chapter 18 Chrissie looks forward to getting debal

... Chapter 18
Chrissie looks forward to getting deballed

Kate and I watched the video of Magic ... . Now with my
34B breasts my transformation from a man to a sissy t-girl is complete ...
and there's no going back.

Lots of hot cum has been shot into my sissy pussy too but I am a novice
compared... Continue»
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Chapter 9 Chrissie gets her fix

... Chapter 9
Chrissie gets her fix

I woke up drenched with sweat as a rush of hormones heated my ... . I checked my phone for the time and saw it was 7:00 am.
I lay in bed for a few minutes thinking ... husband, albeit a
sissy that was undergoing oestrogen treatment, ultimately betrayed by my
wife, Heidi... Continue»
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The EmmaJ Chronicles 2

... xxx
#The Emma J Chronicles 2 - Part One

Chapter One
It was 7 pm on a Friday night ... . “Oh hello Marcus, what’s going on”? He looked enquiringly at them both in turn, and saw Emma shrug ... and not forgetting the balcony as I’m sure you recall Emma”.
Mark sat rock still nervously turning... Continue»
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My Loving Son

... constantly ribbed him about his MILF!

Emma Lyndhurst stood at 5ft 7" she had had Mark on her ... , but the positions remained the same, him to her, her to him.

In the morning Emma woke first, slowly turning ... !"

They walked together, heads turned to check them out, the men on Emma, and lots of women on Mark, she... Continue»
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New Life

... breathe for me.

I turn my head to the right and see Renee right beside me. She is
looking at me ... but it wasn't near the turn-on for her
as for me.

We joked about the fact that I was definitely ... . Mistress turned to me and said, "Well,
get undressed. Everything comes off."

I quickly... Continue»
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my mom and my dream girl

... as she turned and skipped to mom’s car.

Chapter 2- Mom is HOT

I stepped into my house and I ... always say that I just had to keep trying and I would be able to find my dream girl.

Chapter 1 ... group of friends were a good 200 feet ahead of me. I waved Nick off and turned to see what this goddess... Continue»
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... . I innocently thought it would be fun, which it did turn out to be.
My lack of anticipation may have ... with Dad having a new friend.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny ... other's company. When I saw
this I thought, `this is an interesting turn of events.' I walked... Continue»
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Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 1

... a Like, it is my only reward!

I will break this into 4 chapters to make it easier to read, it is over ... twenty pages long!

Chapter 1

My flight was late getting into San Francisco, I was tired from ... to the clerk at baggage claim that read me chapter and verse from her handbook on how to handle customers... Continue»
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How I Became Vanessa Chapter 3

... Hello dear readers,

I strongly encourage you to read the previous two chapters of this story ... the orgy and swallowed as much as me. We frequently turned to each other, licking each other's face ... at the mall with her two daughters (Elena came always with us). I'm so turned on when I think about all... Continue»
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... and went in.

Chapter 7

I opened my eyes and saw white all round me. I was surprised. First ... to
read. I do not believe reading Mein Kampf 20 times could turn me into a
Nazi, nor do I believe ... reading my novel (or any other for that matter)
can turn someone into a paedophile...

Read... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... off again*

"Hey wait! Who are you running from?"

*She turns, looks Nicholas ... on him and a crooked smile turns up one corner of his lips*
"And you're a half-breed....My ... a good distance and stops with her back turned to him*

"What's wrong?"

Nicholas... Continue»
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Chapter 16 Chrissie & Kate

... Chapter 16
Chrissie & Kate

It was the end of our first day of the working week and mommy ...
to also face reality: I am mommy's sissy son and can't provide her
everything she wants. He ... which is why you
make the perfect sissy. You are actually more like the feminine ideal, at
least... Continue»
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Sissy School

... Chapter 1: Welcum to Sissy School
Dear Diary,
My name is Aaron Antony, 18 year old bi curious ... turning to address me. Her name tag said Cindy and she was extremely pretty, she shook my hand ... already be there. As I turned and walked away I could still hear them laughing and when I left... Continue»
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