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Sir Has A Guest

Sir Has A Guest

... had been an amazing fantasy. I worried perhaps that my <ddd>guest</ddd> had decided against this meeting we had spent so ... I involuntarily licked my lips.

“I hope I do not disappoint you, <ddd>Sir</ddd>,” Chris said, anxiously.

“Quiet pet! Turn around ... ... Continue»
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A Day with Sir Pt 1

... two weeks since <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> let me cum, i am not allowed to cum, ... by oozing more juices down my legs, he <ddd>has</ddd> so much control over his pussy, that i have ... stomach, my heart beating faster, i love it when <ddd>Sir</ddd> visits, i feel complete, and i love giving him the ... ... Continue»
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guest services...

... tantalizing glimmer in her eyes as she teasingly called me "<ddd>Sir</ddd>" throughout our conversation, and the way that she emphasized how ... so that I could thank her in person for the excellent <ddd>guest</ddd> services. The clerk briefly checked a schedule before giving me an ... ... Continue»
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Friday Night

... <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> a room in the back devoted for his playroom; although he <ddd>has</ddd> hidden fun throughout the entire house. The playroom <ddd>has</ddd> ... anticipation. I imagine that perhaps it’s been a long time since <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> been tied up and blindfolded.
Quietly I grab a feather ... ... Continue»
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Andrea knew she was in big trouble!

... wasn't expecting anything like this!! She wants her ass fucked!

<ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> never used such an implement as this on her ... note, he's about the same size as <ddd>Sir</ddd>, and well trimmed like <ddd>Sir</ddd>. But unlike <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> a foreskin. "Open wide little slut!" Andrea does ... ... Continue»
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The Special Guest pt. 2

... , he's white and quite tall I'd say about 6'1", he <ddd>has</ddd> short brown hair, browns eyes, a very light 5 o'cock shadow ... He commanded, "I feel like having chicken wings tonight."

"Yes, <ddd>Sir</ddd>!" Chrissy replied estactically.

After he went upstairs, Chrissy ... ... Continue»
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I Call My Sugar Candy Pt 2

... the courage to meet him; she knows <ddd>Sir</ddd> already <ddd>has</ddd> helped her grow as a person and a ... over, but <ddd>Sir</ddd>'s hand still holds her face down, so she wonders why <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> stopped, ... <ddd>has</ddd> she felt anything like it; never <ddd>has</ddd> she been so wet and excited. Candy welcomes <ddd>Sir</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Special Guest

... , "please, I'm very sorry, no more!"

She giggles in sadistic delight <ddd>has</ddd> she teases me by holding the prod inches away from ... eye-contact with her for I didn't care for 'our' special <ddd>guest</ddd>.

She stands up, and turns around, walking towards the stairs ... ... Continue»
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... “Sure, honey.” “Good, It’s just a nice story”

Thu’s Voyuer <ddd>Guest</ddd> – Part 2
The resort was fairly quiet, not a lot of ... in the future – being fucked by a handsome schoolboy who <ddd>has</ddd> an equally handsome cock.

The boy’s orgasm stirred Thu’s ... ... Continue»
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Sir's Special Birthday

... hips forward. The pain throughout the rest of my body <ddd>has</ddd> receded to a steady burn; it’s still far from pleasant, but ... climax building deep, deep inside. It builds slowly but intensively. ”<ddd>Sir</ddd>, may i cum?” You say nothing, engrossed in Your own rhythm ... ... Continue»
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my First Night with Sir (pt 1)

... some lube into my anus...

I won't hold myself back anymore. My rock hard cock <ddd>has</ddd> taken over my mind and I ... nothing more than to satisfy my desires." "I'm a worthless fuckslut <ddd>Sir</ddd>, please use me. PLEASE!" I don't want to hear anymore, I ... ... Continue»
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... it off.”
“Why don’t you...?”
“Because I’m tending to our <ddd>guest</ddd>,” she said, putting another wafer between Roger’s lips. “Don’t ... . Even bigger.”
“Bigger?” Her face lit up. “My husband <ddd>has</ddd> always boasted that he’s bigger than average. Right Dear?”
“ ... ... Continue»
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... right
"youve missed a bit" he says and points "oh sorry <ddd>sir</ddd> il get that for you and she pulls a chair
from ... and pushes up into her panties and back down
"ooh <ddd>sir</ddd>" she says "dont mind me carry on with your work ... ... Continue»
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Soldiers has weekend fun with mother and daughter

... make up, what do you think?”
“i’m not sure Gary she <ddd>has</ddd> really pissed me off and a weekend away with all those ... and a rather empty feeling.

"Don't you want my mouth anymore, <ddd>sir</ddd>?" she purred a little petulantly.

"Remember your place, my little whore ... ... Continue»
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Black House Guest

... some feeble excuse about how I had forgotten that
I had a house <ddd>guest</ddd> and I stammered as BB chuckled and
said, "I like it ... "Black House <ddd>Guest</ddd>" and was not
intending to write more of the story however my mind
<ddd>has</ddd> been dwelling on ... ... Continue»
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Awayday (chapter 3)

... "Are you considered a big boy then?" I asked.

"Oh, yes <ddd>sir</ddd>," he said, "everybody says they never seen anything ... a bit of a terrifying site, don't you think?"

"I suppose so <ddd>sir</ddd>."

"<ddd>Has</ddd> anyone taken it all yet?" Sami interrupted.

"No, ... ... Continue»
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Wife fucked by driver and watchman

... there. I was about to say ” I will wait untill <ddd>sir</ddd> comes…” but she interrupted and said “you ... I cannot concentrate on my driving. That bitch <ddd>has</ddd> lost the palloo from her top. Her ... at all. I dont know what to do now. <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> given me the house keys as well. I ... ... Continue»
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my First Night with Sir (pt 2)

... hot inside and out. I see the experience <ddd>has</ddd> affected You as well; Your beautiful ... my slit, and we cum in concert.


Fuck that felt good. You smelled ... did you do?" Easy: "I came without your permission <ddd>Sir</ddd>." "And you’re a cock craving cum ... ... Continue»
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Yes Sir

... front door, the front door that <ddd>has</ddd> the little tiny trailer front window in it ... thing I plan on saying is, 'Yes <ddd>sir</ddd>.'"

With that I leaned forward ... here over my knee."

"Yes <ddd>sir</ddd>," I smiled.

Before bending over his knee, ... ... Continue»
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A work of fiction, part 1

... address me,” he chastised. “Now, let’s try that again.”
“I’m Arielle… <ddd>Sir</ddd>…” I replied softly. “And she’s Emily…”
“That’s much better,” he ... re going to need your strength. <ddd>Sir</ddd> <ddd>has</ddd> never had twins here before… And he <ddd>has</ddd> plans for you two. Make sure you ... ... Continue»
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