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Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

... It seemed as if every time I made love to Cody a more sensitive and romantic guy emerged and once I ... had sex with him I couldn’t get enough. It was like a craving for Cheese Doritos where you ... - and this trip – well, it’s the prom I’ve always wanted.

I made love to Cody... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7

... on flashbacks based on the first chapter to make this more than a love story and more than erotic ... myself to spin this tale to fit some of her fantasies.

Chapters 4 and 5


I opened my ... to show it to you.”

“Well until later my Love,” and the phone went dead. I was on top... Continue»
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LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

... Hearts Pounding Ass)
LOVE HIM Chapter 5 (Show Go)

Read the earlier chapters
LOVE HIM Chapter 1 ... LOVE HIM
LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

A muted voice woke me as my body ... into a scented blanket of Indian wildflowers.

More Chapters Still to Come
LOVE HIM Chapter 4 (Pounding... Continue»
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Thug Love ((((( chapter 5))))

... that, you thing that motha fucka care about you"? i replied "yes he's a cold person but he has good in him ... If you have not Read the other 4 chapters of this story I urge you to do so in order to understand ... fuck me one day. I told him my first time seeing him was just as intense, but I never thought I would... Continue»
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LOVE HIM (Hung Like A Bull) Chapter 2

... ; then rolled over and was fast asl**p.

Love to here what you think so far.
My next chapter-- I ... L h O i V m E

-Chapter 2 Hung Like A Bull-
On my way to the ranch the next morning Cody’s ... with him? In my eyes he was perfect, his shy smile melted my heart, his perfect bubble butt I couldn... Continue»
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Good girl, Wrong party chapter 5

... to rock back and forth, the 69 had become a clit sucking, fist fucking, girl loving good time ... and the audience was loving the show.
Jenni and Monica went at each other in a frenzy of lust, each lost ... brought home to share while they made love. Monica was sure she had just fallen asl**p, until she sat... Continue»
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Love Me 'til Dawn Chapters 3,4 and 5

... .


Chapter 5. Lorraine’s Confession

Lorraine stood in front of the mirror ... Chapter 3. The coffee shop respite.

Laden with carrier bags the two girls battled their way ... having a good old girlie chat.

The casual observer on the next table paid his bill and left, soon... Continue»
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... were short. As much as we teased him about this I had never thought of Mrs Anderson in a sexual way ... Kay’s nice big titties we would tease him by saying how hot his gran looked which would drive him mad ... fighting back sobs and not doing a very good job of it. She, stood there, legs apart, hands on hips... Continue»
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It's good to be a pirate. Chapter 5

... taking my time and teasing her.

"Ohhhh my god that feels so good. Fuck, fuck, fuck.. That feels ... at the same time.

"Fuck yeah.. That feels so good..fuck..fuck... Ohh my god", she ... , big breasted milf wanting to come see me. Life was good!

Kelly came back in and she had reapplied... Continue»
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nikki newgate fucks blacks

... Chapter 5

Nikki considered the large black cock, just a few inches from her mouth. She'd never ... and Mahmoud's large hand started kneading a tit, and tugging her sensitive nipple. "Suck it good now ... please him by swallowing his entire cock. She knew it was impossible due to its size, but she so... Continue»
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Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True - Chapter 7

... a real dick was a really good feeling.

"Oooohhhhh!" Drakken moaned as she got to work on him ... had tasted his sperm, but now was giving him head. His dick was rising again. Kim wanted that.

"Nice show," a voice said. "I want in!" ... Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True - Chapter 7 - Four Play

"I see that my girls had their fun... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 7

... and wished him a cheery “Good Morning”.
He spluttered a little but managed a wide smile in return, “Good ... Chapter 7

We walked into the busy Gare du Nord Eurostar terminus with Andy and Loraine and made ... to make him suffer the way I did. If you’d like to help me make him pay for his error please get... Continue»
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Nazi fetish

... . Kessler. Come here.
Stranger: (oh are good Dean....)
You: Sophia it is our custom here ... you with a firm slap to the face and a night of vigorous love making
Stranger: well that actually ... sounds lovely
You: Take any pain meds?
Stranger: when i need them. my neck is fucked up from... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #2

... thought, why does my mind keep running back to him? It's not like I'm in love with him or anything ... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #2 – Chapter 2

August 17
6:50 pm
UCLA- Scott Hall
Room 113 ... when I met him," Kelly said, sliding in close to Beck, as her hand slid over the front of Beck's pants... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

... pace and stroke the rest of him, wanting to show how good of a cocksucker she could really ... . "Promise me you won't let him fall in love with you…"

"I promise, Jade. I will do everything ... that I can to keep your relationship with him the most important thing."

"Good." Jade dove back... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #5

... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #5 – Chapter 5

August 28
4:39 pm
UCLA- Scott Hall
Room 339 ... and loved and her body and soul screamed for him every moment of the day. But ever since that night he ... it make you love me any less?"

"No…" Jade said, giving him a sly look, "Honestly, I think it would... Continue»
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One of mine...

... , “That’s settled then. Gill, show George the ablutions and get him acquainted with Hilda next door please ... wanted him too.

Chapter 4

The choice of venue for the Christmas party had been a contentious one ... Thomas, very d***k and slurring his speech badly,
“This is.... good god, what’s your name again... Continue»
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What the Hell am I Doing? Ch. 5

... What the Hell am I Doing?- Ch.5
I encourage readers to review the first chapters of the story ... . Thankfully, the only good thing was it was night, and I was in a dark area of the hotel complex. So ... , but not from him. I decided to try and hold some dignity, and not cower. I wasn’t bad-looking at all... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 5

... . It also shows where I will be sponsored by Mr. Kesler. I am excited and first text Mr. Kesler to let him ...
Chapter One

Today I got a letter from Mr. Kesler’s Institute. It was a nice brochure ... know of my acceptance and to thank him for sponsoring me. He quickly texted back that he and Chloe... Continue»
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Her Sweet Pet

... into a running series, but for now I'll be posting 5 chapters.

Thunder rumbled in the darkening ... to the opening of her sex she slowly lowered herself down on him. She always loved feeding this way ... clouds above him as Dustin walked along the sidewalk heading towards the store. The cold wind blew... Continue»
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