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Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

... It seemed as if every time I made love to Cody a more sensitive and romantic guy emerged and once I ... had sex with him I couldn’t get enough. It was like a craving for Cheese Doritos where you ... - and this trip – well, it’s the prom I’ve always wanted.

I made love to Cody... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7

... on flashbacks based on the first chapter to make this more than a love story and more than erotic ... myself to spin this tale to fit some of her fantasies.

Chapters 4 and 5


I opened my ... to show it to you.”

“Well until later my Love,” and the phone went dead. I was on top... Continue»
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LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

... Hearts Pounding Ass)
LOVE HIM Chapter 5 (Show Go)

Read the earlier chapters
LOVE HIM Chapter 1 ... LOVE HIM
LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

A muted voice woke me as my body ... into a scented blanket of Indian wildflowers.

More Chapters Still to Come
LOVE HIM Chapter 4 (Pounding... Continue»
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Thug Love ((((( chapter 5))))

... that, you thing that motha fucka care about you"? i replied "yes he's a cold person but he has good in him ... If you have not Read the other 4 chapters of this story I urge you to do so in order to understand ... fuck me one day. I told him my first time seeing him was just as intense, but I never thought I would... Continue»
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LOVE HIM (Hung Like A Bull) Chapter 2

... ; then rolled over and was fast asl**p.

Love to here what you think so far.
My next chapter-- I ... L h O i V m E

-Chapter 2 Hung Like A Bull-
On my way to the ranch the next morning Cody’s ... with him? In my eyes he was perfect, his shy smile melted my heart, his perfect bubble butt I couldn... Continue»
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Love Me 'til Dawn Chapters 3,4 and 5

... .


Chapter 5. Lorraine’s Confession

Lorraine stood in front of the mirror ... Chapter 3. The coffee shop respite.

Laden with carrier bags the two girls battled their way ... having a good old girlie chat.

The casual observer on the next table paid his bill and left, soon... Continue»
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... were short. As much as we teased him about this I had never thought of Mrs Anderson in a sexual way ... Kay’s nice big titties we would tease him by saying how hot his gran looked which would drive him mad ... fighting back sobs and not doing a very good job of it. She, stood there, legs apart, hands on hips... Continue»
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It's good to be a pirate. Chapter 5

... taking my time and teasing her.

"Ohhhh my god that feels so good. Fuck, fuck, fuck.. That feels ... at the same time.

"Fuck yeah.. That feels so good..fuck..fuck... Ohh my god", she ... , big breasted milf wanting to come see me. Life was good!

Kelly came back in and she had reapplied... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #6

... iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #6 – Chapter 5

(AU story)
Spun out of last series, this AU story ... her love had been in only minutes before. Had she done this to him… too much fire maybe, she feared ... but this whole scary experience changed her mind, and so she told him that she loved him. He nearly... Continue»
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THE NOTE : Short note, long story.

... over within arms reach and the bottles met before they each took a drink.

Chapter 5 : BECKY ... as she sucked him made it clear. "Mmmmm, that thick cock tastes so good" she said to him after she ... CHAPTER 1 : THE NOTE
I entered the aisle and there it was, a well rounded yet petite ass... Continue»
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SuPrise sex

... Not my writing but love this

still wasn’t sure if tonight would be the night. My mind ... it. I reread our text exchange for the upteenth time. Searching for a clue.

11:35am (him) – Just ... …

11:54am (him) - ;) Whatcha doin today?

12:26pm (me) - Just working and then watching my... Continue»
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The Lawyer Chapter 1 Friday

... The Lawyer

Chapter 1 Friday

It was Friday in London and the offices were very quite ... and not to attempt to travel.

Richard glanced at the clock; it was nearly 5 so he decided to put his work ... and balls. He thought how good looking he was, he had been having thoughts about men for a long time... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #4

... in her heart she knew that she loved him. Not in the way that Sam or Jade had by any means, but she ... loved him like a best friend who was always there for her. Sam sat at the grave, not moving ... slowly grow back, like a balloon.

After about 5 minutes, she was as good as new, which meant... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #2

... different than Freddie, and he was shaping up to be exactly like him in so many ways.

Beck still loved ... ."

"That guy is such a wuss."

"Yeah he is, but he's a good guy. He just lets stuff get to him sometimes ... all over the place, showing how completely unprepared she was for this kind of thing. Feeling him... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #2

... people actually watched it in this area."

"Are you k*dding?! I love that show. I found it while I ... and Berf showed up next and were able to get 5 steps into Jade's house before Jade chased them off ... dumped me a while back, so I could go to a good college and not feel tethered to her... and I love her... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 7

... that in one month she fell in love with him.

No one knew how he treated her or why she wanted ... gave the men a bit of a show as Sheila swung back and forth against him. After a couple minutes ... \
1757 words .85

Chapter 7
The Auction
(Sheila’s Despair)

The auction took place... Continue»
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Clare Continued....

... on, your long brown hair was flowing down your back and your lovely legs accentuated by your heels, god ... in love with you which is not good"  "I know I instigated that you fucked Emma but didn't realise what ... to the hilt! I knew you were loving me watching your lewd show and it was not long before you were... Continue»
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Chapter 1: We Get Married

... Chapter 1: We Get Married

Melissa and I have been married now for over 10 years. Like most ... because we love each other and it's where we belong. Melissa and I had met in high school and have been ... of my car after a dance at the school. We were in love and in lust and I craved her hot, sexy body... Continue»
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Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 3

... into the men’s bathroom, 2) show him her jewelry, both clitty and anal, and 3) give him a blowjob. (she had ... dearly, and still loved her even though she had cheated on him.

I asked him if he would like ...
Chapter One

Sunday morning started out much like Saturday. Karen had my cock in her mouth... Continue»
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The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 22, 23, 24

... making love to Vanessa. I just want him to get d***k pass out and go to sl**p. Vanessa is acting ... . When we get away from Kenny I say “Vanessa, I am sorry he showed up. We will let him get d***k and he ... already have the bottle ready to pour him a shot. He slams the glass back down and says "Truth God Dammit... Continue»
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