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Shelby and johnny prt2

Brittany and Me part 1

... had three classes together that term (both with and without Shelby), and their friendship flourished. Justin found it oddly comforting ... as his vision was filled with the bright bathroom interior and Shelby's screaming, as she was now laughing at his expense ... ... Continue»
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Cheska caught fucking Shelby's Dad

... inside for her if you want, she won't be long"
Shelby and Cheska were best friends so she was always over her ... too soon as she didn't want to moan and get caught.

Shelby's Dad fucked harder and deeper pounding Cheska so hard, it wasn ... ... Continue»
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“You’re such a whore, Shelby!

... . I’m Mike,” he said as he continued that heart melting smile.

“I’m Shelby. And I must add that I love your smile!” I beamed back, his face ... to two of his friends. “This is John and Kyle. You two, this is Shelby. I met her down at the beach earlier ... ... Continue»
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Teaching T and her girls a lesson.

... my cock more.

I looked at Johnny and "J". Johnny now had Tiffany bent over his chair and was thrusting in and out of her as he ... tongue play. Bill kept filming, Lance stood there in awe, and Johnny and "J" walked up to Tammy. They each took a breast in ... ... Continue»
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... . Another round
was starting. They started chanting, "Johnny wants some
brown eye, and Johnny wants some brown eye. GO! GO!

OK, ... he responded, put Jana face down, and get her ass ... ... Continue»
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f***ed to Watch and Suck

... 's going to tase me" Tammy said. So Billy pulled out and Johnny began to make a move for her wet pussy.

"Waiiiiiiiiiit a ... boys looked at each other and jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom together. Billy and Johnny's friendship would never be ... ... Continue»
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sl**p-over at johnny's

... a signal for us to have a threesum, so me and joe started kissing. and johnny yells out "wadd da phuck???".. "wtf ... to jack each others dick.. but we took it further and johnny wanted to eat my hole. so he stuck his tongue ... ... Continue»
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Johnny's First Cum on Mommy's Panties.

... down. I was beginning to feel the wetness around my crotch and Johnny was going soft. "What happened mom?" I asked trembling.

" ... . I looked down at mommy stroking my Johnny with all that gooey wet stuff and Johnny started to get a bit hard. Mommy ... ... Continue»
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me and my mum

... I started to wank but I got bored so asked Johnny "do you trust me" and he replied he'll yeah so I got up ... . Now every day after school my and Johnny fuck eachother before my mum gets home and when she does get home we fuck ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt Margie and Mom Ch. 02

... but that's different."

Mom then spoke up and said: "Not really, when you and Johnny were younger we used to put you in ... me to come closer and whispered softly to me : "Lick it Johnny."

I couldn't wait any longer and leaned closer and slowly ran my ... ... Continue»
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I Enjoy Being a Girl By Lisa and Sharon

... a warm summer Saturday afternoon when
she had observed Billy and Johnny, her two best play-
mates in the world, disappear ... awhile."

"I don't think so," she said and again turning
to leave. Suddenly Johnny jumped up, "I'll give you a
dollar if ... ... Continue»
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Best mates Nan and I

... said "All them years ago when you and Johnny were k**s and came round when you were on lunch ... best blow job I've ever had and and swallowed all the cum she sucked out ... I got back down between her legs and licked, fingered and sucked her pussy into quite a few ... ... Continue»
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Nathan begins to question the teachings of his chu

... his parents yelled at him, took Cullum's side against him and Shelby and don't want him to see her anymore.
He didn't ... any discipline would be meted out to Nathan, Shelby and their families.

He called Shelby and gave her as much information as he felt ... ... Continue»
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... as he plundered her mouth. The stranger's tongue licked over Shelby's and all of her worries melted away.

His hands roved over ... tasting the salty little drop. He wrapped his arms around Shelby and pulled her still shivering body to him.

He whispered ... ... Continue»
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Would It Help to Say I'm Sorry?

... words that seemed to repeat. Opening one eye she saw Shelby and her trainer Juan kneeling by Carly's bedside. A string of beads ... . He heard feet hit the floor and he knew that Shelby and Freddie had risen. With Shelby being here it was obvious that by ... ... Continue»
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the time......420

... she had not cum yet. I knew the sound well because Shelby and she had been interrupted several times by the phone ringing ... take me to recover. Mom... that was..."

"Our little secret. And Shelby's if you'll let me tell her."

"Only if I can ... ... Continue»
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7 minute teenager

... she had not cum
yet. I knew the sound well because Shelby and Mom had
been interrupted several times by the phone ringing ... take me to
recover. Mom... that was..."

"Our little secret. And Shelby's if you'll let me tell

"Only if I can ... ... Continue»
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confused 3

... shirt. I woke with a morning woody and it showed. Shelby noticed it and said it looked big. I got embarassed and told her to get out ... it, I exploded all over myself. It was great. Later, I woke Shelby and put her in bed. She didn't seem to realize anything ... ... Continue»
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The Accident (Part One)

... nearest asylum. The only happy faces I saw were that off Shelby, and my best friend who I had always considered a b*****r, Leo Peterson, well ... ... Continue»
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ICarly Sex Story; IAm Not A Virgin

... . Then the two huge black body gaurds come up to Shelby and take off here tight black tang top that fits perfectly ... . She walks over to Fredie and Carly. Fredie lies down and Shelby gets on Fredies cock and starts ridig it while Carly  sqauts  over ... ... Continue»
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