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Shelby and Johnny - Kelly CUMS of age

Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... and fourth

“Cum for me baby…SHOOT that fat load on mom tits” She Said. She felt long ropes of cum ... was a place of tower building that sc****s the sky. It was known for its tall buildings and exotic ... bird life. The birds would rest on top of the building and have a nice eco system on the buildings... Continue»
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soirée chez la belle famille/an evening wit

... and turn around it, i suck, i lick, i swallow, hmm alittle flavour of green apple, her shower gel ... what my mouth is swallowing, but it's o so delicious and in a whisper of contentment i stop licking ... her. we clean eachother and we get out of the shower.
i'm already dressed in a white shirt when she... Continue»
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Anne Streich wird abgerichtet

... ?"

"Yes of course here and now. We have to turn you into a
little cocksucking cum dump for our ... hard pinch, and
the little tramp arched her back and had an orgasm. Cum
burped out of her mouth ...

"Please I'm so sick so." she burped and cum bubbled out
of her mouth.

"I know honey... Continue»
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He Taught Me A New Way To Relax :-)

... me his cum.....loads and loads of his sexy, yummy, gooey, sticky cum....feeling him gush inside of ... first year at a four year college. I became friends with a couple of girls that I had some classes and ... a lab with and after fall quarter we decided that we were tired of living on campus. We found a... Continue»
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Better late than not at all.

... into her well oiled vagina finding the rim end of the condom and pulled out the cum covered cucumber ... graceful as college can be. As age wears at you, the magical effects of pretty evaporate.
Lucy ... appealing and even her perky little breast had begun to flatten and sag. She now spent much of her... Continue»
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... in October when a combination of factors formed a perfect storm of sorts, and it was under that cloud ... ear as they stood at the end of the bar and surveyed the scene. "Slim pickings here tonight. I ... consist mostly of barely legal boys and women from 35 to 60.

"You look like you're interested... Continue»
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Daddy takes Care of His Woman

... .

It is obviously that you intend to prove to me you can still fuck better than any woman my age ... and I feel your cum splash, as I draw back then crash back down inside you again. I have

your toes ... Daddy."

The sound of R. Kelly singing "When a woman loves a man" fills the bedroom... Continue»
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Kinky Caregiver for Khambrel

... personalities. Are you ready to go get your shower?"

"Sure, Miss Kelly, just let me get my clean clothes ... are you, Miss Kelly? You look mighty young."

You blush at the way I survey you up and down ... before. You ponder to yourself, a very lucky man!

For a man of my age, my skin is firm and smooth... Continue»
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Tom getting better

... he would be cumming in just s few moments. Just a few, short……….

“Aggghhhh! Kelly. I ... of a similar age to himself, the Chairwoman of the local Women’s Institute and mother of the local ... , Grandad!”

Kelly, his grand-daughter strode into the room and put her school bag down on the floor... Continue»
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Episode 9 - Gemma has a baby

... .
The most that Timmy knew about her home country was that it has the lowest legal age for sex, at thirteen ... a dozen times, and it makes me cum every time. I just love the way you chew out that blonde girl ... – it feels like I'm cumming all the time. Um the other passengers are watching, so perhaps I’d better... Continue»
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"Just shut up and FUCK me." I said - BBB

... was nearly twice my age. I was suppose to keep her mind off Becky in the house with Stan. How far could I ... and down. In between my legs. There was a big glob of pre-cum on the tip. I was standing in front ... for a tow job." said Brenda. Just then I felt a huge surge of excitement. I started to cum deep... Continue»
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Opening Doors

on the bed.

"Oh, God," Kelly grunted, "I'm gonna cum!"

He slid his dick in and out of her ... pink lips
parted eagerly, gobbling up my entire dick. Kelly's cum really greased the
way ... was wearing nothing but a pair of
dirty boxers.

"I saw the girl come in earlier," Kelly the Red told... Continue»
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Amber hires melanie

... she had buried herself in the business
for 10 years and now she thought it too late at the age ... knew most of the male staff, of all ages,
lusted after her, but she was not attracted to any ... with a wide belt. She looked like
Lana Turner or Grace Kelly, a classic 1950’s film star.
The office... Continue»
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Husband got more than he bargained for

... -Stuckey" in a cute southern accent. She shook my hand. "Buck Kelly nice to meet you." I said.

She ... men kinda of enjoy checking out a sexy women in a blue dress no matter her age." I smiled. "Now ... . There was huge glob of pre- cum on the tip. Stacy head was fully turned as she was staring at my erect cock. I... Continue»
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Shalini Ke Saath

... years of age came out of the car and asked me “Can I help you?”. I was overwhelmed by the situation and ... aur communications were badly affected. I had to go for a deal with one of my client in Delhi and due ... and stopped near me. I thought it might be someone and ignored. Suddenly a lady of around 30-40... Continue»
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Shadi Bhai ki Suhaag Raat Hum Dono ki

... with luck’s turn of events, he gets to bed with another young boy, who has come of the age and they ... jets of cum. Thick and creamy. His cock was a pump, emptying the contents of his balls into my ... fresh cum and the taste, ohhh Fuck, simply out of this world. I lapped and swallowed his whole body... Continue»
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Tokyo light....

... are astonishingly beautiful. What I found odd was how many basically young women – between the ages of 25 ... as Yumi took me dip. She withdrew my cock and a long, gossamer thread of sticky pre-cum stretched from ... with a steely glint, and
said: “Do it to her, Johnny.”

I often play those words back, in my mind, when I... Continue»
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car wash kelly

... "Oh, Mr Dawson..." Kelly's sweet, sing-song voice filled the classroom, along with her equally ... in front of me at my desk. Kelly reminded me of spring – her fresh face youthful; her small, perky ... Cougars!"

"My car's filthy...count me in." I promised. As I took the paper from Kelly, my finger... Continue»
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... get naked.” Belinda laughed.

“I don’t want to get naked alone!” I slurred.

“Come on Johnny ... . Both girls stared down at my

cock and smiled.

“There you go Johnny.” Belinda said. I could ... the counter

beside me and said “Awe, it is pretty Johnny.” as she reached over and gave... Continue»
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Fantasy Fulfilled?

... later as my marriage was breaking up, the age of the internet made finding lost loved ones easier. I ... sexual exploits while we were apart. Rather shy and submissive when we were first together, she had “cum ... knee and proposed to me. As she knelt there, naked and dripping my cum onto the bathroom tiles, I kept... Continue»
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