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She found out about me!

She found out about me!

... She found out that I'd been authoring these hot fantasy stories when I left my computer on and my ... it and her mouth covering the rest. She let it slip out of her warm mouth and still jerking me off said ... and cleaned me up as she sucked my cock. She had her cum covered tongue out and my cock was resting... Continue»
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She brought out the freak in me!

... it puckers and dart his tongue in and out of me. She quickly put her plan into action.

She begin ... hard work has paid off. She has the body of a goddess. Shaw reminisce about her tight six packed abs ... , by saying" I'm glad you could make it, let me get you a cool drink before we go. She turned to enter her... Continue»
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Ruth and me Ruth comes out to her mum and dad she

... was trying to find out all the things her mum and dad liked to eat, she told me lets just get a Chinese ... mum and dads, so her mum and dad was starting to ask alot of questions about where she is going all ... the time and who she is seeing.
so on tuesday Ruth told me she was going to tell her mum and dad... Continue»
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What a beautiful pussy,

... nothing to compare it to, for no one had ever done it to me before, but as she continued it only felt ... an orgasm with her or not.

That all changed when she flattened her tongue against me and began ... not really know how to go about it except to imitate what she had done, and to go with what I... Continue»
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A Little R&R

... A woman I have been friends with for the last four years invited me over to hang out at her Apt ... top, and out came the tits! She quickly re-tied the top, and my friend again pulled the lace. Rather ... , to want me to fuck you." over and over. LOL

I was just tipsy enough to just come right out... Continue»
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It is just a fantasy - SO FAR!

... the house I found all of her clothes laid out along the floor like bread crumbs leading me to her bedroom ... every thrust. We continued until I sensed she was about to cum, and I suddenly pulled out and went ... She told me that her husband would be gone for at least 4 days. After giving me her address, she... Continue»
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... out. You’re torturing me, killing me just with the thought of you.

And there, as if beckoned from ... ritual. He quickly unfettered his lover to pull down his boxers. She wriggled out of his grip. He had ... was containable. He swore gently to himself. Fuck, she made him crazy.

“…Say it again, for me.” Want... Continue»
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Her, a metal show, a crazy night.

... not into this cheating stuff. What about Zee and me hiding his secret? She eventually found out ... . She told me in a nervous chuckle that she's sorry about the presence of pubes there, but Zee told ... confessed me that she got instantly wet just by seeing me, It all went good until well, she found herself... Continue»
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The Awakening (Alternate version)

... .

Stay with me sweety, I’m getting there.

After eating we found our way back to the hotel ... . It was a fast dance, but she would swing in close, touching me briefly, making eye contact ... brushing against me, the smell of her perfume, the wispy softness of her long hair as she swung... Continue»
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The Bully: Part 3

... ."

"Is that so?" she asked.

"Yeah, let me prove it." I said.

"Fine you got a shot, be at the old ... this effect you have on me." Erin said out of breath.

"Then don't, just open up that shell." I said ... .

"Yeah sorry about that." I said.

"Sorry...just gave me one more reason to hate you."

"What... Continue»
Posted by Johnny_Lee_Miller 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  
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First taste

... quickly, no shyness about being nude in front of me now. I don’t even think she realized it. I would ... ….what?”, “Marie, please………please will you kiss me?”

The last part came out as if the words were ... just enough to make her jump. Her ass up against me made the dress scoot up a bit when she jumped. My... Continue»
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... in. I could feel it spraying out of me, you must hit my G-spot " At that moment I realized that I ... Kaitlyn came home from work one day, said she met a guy and was interested. I said goodbye ( our ... about things, it was like nothing had just happened. No yelling or screaming, no tears or anything... Continue»
Posted by hornychicken 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  

Working Too Hard Finale! Enjoy and please comment

... fucked us both I have to say it surprised me you kept up with IS and I"
"Its just I paced myself "
She ... burst out laughing and said "God you were holding back?"
Grinning I washed her back and she turned ... for comfort, but Lady P decided to leave the city and move on afterwards.
She texts me every... Continue»
Posted by unseen69 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  
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Indian Princes + One (Part 4)

... dropped to the floor, making 2 puddles of blue. Lisa wore panties that matched her bra. I found out ... nipples - with large aereolae. Lise, predictably so for a blonde, has small nipples (about pea-sized ... .?" Naturally, by now, my hands were quite active. There was so much breast action going on, I found... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 4 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex, Masturbation  |  
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Sexy Studying Sessions!

... eyes off her.

"Well what were you thinking about?" She said as she slid over to me across the bed ... my eyes of hers, deep and blue, they dragged me in like an ocean current.

"About this?" She leaned ... .

"I've wanted this for so long" I gasped between kisses.

"Me too" was all she managed to get out... Continue»
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Emma and Lucy 3

... ?”
Emma smiled as she removed her bag and pulled the Tartan blanket out and set about laying it out been ... happy?” Emma quizzed
“Of it made me happy, I found you.”
“Well then.” Emma said before drawing ... and raised so that she was in a seated position as she answered
“Yup, you know this forest girl so well... Continue»
Posted by _grex_ 8 months ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  
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Yara Chronicles Part 2

... to a run down apartment house and she took out her key and opened the door. She turned to me and asked ... and moved toward her bed she reached her hand out to me. I followed like a little puppy and we were soon ... barkeep looked like and the other end of the long bar. She, however, went about her business... Continue»
Posted by manncer 3 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  

New Life Part 1(QT Fantasy No2)

... sweetheart," she exclaimed as she rushed to meet him.
Braxton was a tall (about six foot 3 inches) and dark ... as she often found herself in with her tall hunk of a man. which is partly why she fell for him the way ... to her chin and went into a trance to think. However, she still managed to notice him slip out of his... Continue»
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The History of Kim. Part 14

... up a little and asked me, and I told her. She never missed a beat, when she called out, "If you wan ... the night. He asked what I would have done, or would do when I found out. She told him what I had said ... back there with our secretary two times. She looked at the bed and told me that she wanted to try... Continue»
Posted by sandlicker 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  

Freewill 504: Part 2

... after 7, and found that their were only about 10 guests there, besides the Betas themselves. I had ... was there. We had gone out for a few weeks my junior year, but I found that I couldn't stand him ... and had broken things off.

He had pestered me for almost six months to go out with him after... Continue»
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