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She Opens My Hole

She Opens My Hole

... asshole. Slowly at first then quickening she flicked her tongue in and out of my hole. I wanted her ... she tongued, licked and fingered my hole. At first inserting a finger only a bit then farther ... a little later, still on my stomach, she shoved the dildo back up my hole. There was a short flash... Continue»
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St Marys St Pt 2

... of his and my mind was full of fantasies about him and me and my wife. While she was heavily pregnant ... at least she was wanking me off occasionally while I played with her enlarged tits dreaming about ... mins later. As he opened the door he was naked and rock hard and he pulled me in hard against... Continue»
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Part 2. A Girl in Rome, penetration at last

... , 'She and your father just left for a walk'.
I felt my stomach muscles tighten, there was a knot ... holes wide open, of that I was sincerely convinced, but all the same, the thought deeply excited me.
I ... two steps ahead, as I realized my shorts had just touched my ankles, I had u*********sly opened them... Continue»
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DC Trip

... in front of me. She looks up and me and opens up wide as I shove my cock, all covered in her pussy ... and slaps them around my wrists and ankles, tying me to the chair. She reaches into my boxers ... on the cocks pounding into both your holes as I feel her hands sliding up and down my cock. I glance down... Continue»
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An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 4

... it on the bed and unzipped it. Reaching in she extracted a small bag. “My play things.” She said ... floggers she’d placed on the desk in readiness she started to slap her open cunt lips with the flat ... . As the ends slapped her opening she jerked spasmodically, emitting a cry of pure lust. “Yes Anna hit me... Continue»
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Late night landing crossing - Part Five

... tongue around and in my bum-hole. She soon tilted me forwards, down towards her husband and used her ... hands to open up my cheeks to get as me more. I loved this – a dick in my pussy and a tongue on and in my bum-hole. ... Jane had done this before, I knew at once. She went straight for my clit with her tongue... Continue»
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Taking It All

... with it.

“Are you ready, my little ass slut?” she asked as she teased him by rubbing the tip around and around ... the edge of his hole.

“Yes, Mistress. Please… please fuck your slut!”

He groaned as she ... to the bed posts. He was blindfolded, but not gagged; she wanted to make sure he could beg. He barely... Continue»
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A secret message.

... he’d last much longer.
“Cum into my throat, I want to swallow all your cum,” she said as he pulled ... off all the clothes now.
“Mmmm, delicious,” she said.
“my turn now.”
She climbed up in the bed ... it in his hand and he opened it, inside was a neatly folded A4-paper.

“Good morning Adam, are you... Continue»
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Is this the final Frankie??

... legs opened wide and lifted in the air, holding them high his cock found my soaking hole and pushing ... it for her.

I knew a few places but a shop had recently opened at the top of my street so thought ... was nearly five years ago and will tell this story as me because it’s about me.

My mum had... Continue»
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crazed and aimlessly wanting

... ...
at her room. she opens the door for me with a pleasant smile. surprised to see me. someone like me. i ... . she said she is out of condoms. but she doesn't want me to leave. she grabs my ass and comes in close ... comfortable. she starts sucking my dick slowly and softly. her thin wet lips go all the way down... Continue»
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Surviving Dawn Part 2

... at the back of the barn. I set my rifle down a she draws closer to me; she lets out a shiver as she sits down ... beside me. I motioned for her to come over and sit on my lap, as she slides over I cover her with my ... her that keeping her safe was one of my top priorities at the moment, but she needed to go and rest up... Continue»
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One of my first stories.

... little hole.
So I decided to talk to her a couple of days ago that my passion for some practice ... in the middle of my excitement makes me almost headache.
The breath starts to rise, meanwhile she ... It 's the first day of great heat, looks at my house with a long tank top, shorts, jeans and high... Continue»
Posted by calloo 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  

More Role Play

... as he tongued my hole.

Then a shemale got on his hands and knees under the bf and positioned ... scream and cum hard into the shemale's asshole. When she pulled her fist out his asshole was opened huge ... cock in my cunt as the man rammed his cock in my ass. They both fucked me till they filled both holes... Continue»
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Tales Of A Slave Final Part.

... ..." She then eased up a little.

"Good." I praised her placing my finger back on her hole,
"Just ... for the opening of her asshole to close up again, quess 'cos she was very relaxed. I then put my finger ... finished yet.

I held my mouth open over her throbbing soaking wet hole and placed my index and middle... Continue»
Posted by azid619 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish  |  
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Bundi stuffs and facials Julie

... *

*I slide my finger back and forth along your slit, slowly pushing your lips open until my ... the edge as your second hand reaches under her. She grips the back of her knees and holds her legs open ... of your holes, one hand grabbing the chair, the other gripping the base of my cock. I lean foward... Continue»
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Adventures of Holly Whore Part 2: Scene two: Girl

... to kiss and snog my boobs, and she rubbed her finger across my bum hole and began to finger it. She ... picked up the hair brush and put it in my mouth sucking it like a cock tasting her bum hole. She ... then moved to my bum hole as she sniffed, kissed and licked it. She too used the hairbrush in my bum... Continue»
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Coyote and the Wolf part 6

... opened her eyes and searched for the source of the voice. She looked up, and locked onto the glittering ... her pouch and pulled out a tiny bottle, witch she opened and held under Ku'o's nose. Deftly she ... be awhile, but I should be back by moonrise.”

“Yes my lord, it will be done!” the eagle... Continue»
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Pick ups

... was laughing along with my jokes and conversation, but every time she tried to talk to me directly, I cut ... for a function my company was having on saturday, which she agreed.( told her to take it as exposure ... was oversea), but did not comment on it. She soaked in the whole setting and I opened her to some... Continue»
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peggys first hot wife experience

... beers. I drank half and then said My turn and went to the bathroom. She and ed were alone for 15 ... her and reached into the hole and softly felt her breast. She said i jumped only cause I wasnt used ... on my thigh and slid it up to my pussy and feeling no undies he slipped a finger into me. she also... Continue»
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Lisa's weekend

... legs a little to open her arse. I licked it running my tongue around her tight hole, letting my ... it and twisting it. I lowered my head pressing my lips around her clit sucking it licking around it she ... saliva lube her hole up. I pushed my tongue in a little to make it really wet, I got her anal toy... Continue»
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