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Sharon our Mom gets trained

Sharon our Mom gets trained

... to help you a little?"

"Please, yes mom," Peter panted.

Sharon took hold of Peter's cock ...

Sharon was sitting at the breakfast table alone, cum slowly dripping from her mouth down ... spurts over himself, some of them almost reaching his chest. It looked incredible sexy and Sharon... Continue»
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Sharon our Mom gets trained 2

... of our cum."

"Oh yes" Sharon still stroking the boys hard cocks," do it for me, come in my
mouth ... , exactly, you're OUR slut now and you'll do whatever we tell you to do. So
now get on with the sucking ...
from her lips.

The three men stood exhausted and looked at Sharon; she then started to get up... Continue»
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Sharon our Mom gets trained 5

... and get to taste some
pussy, not to mention all the cum."

Sharon looked at Phil with big eyes ... with my mom Im gonna to make you gag on my big cock Tits".
With that Fran creamed Sharons face ... to suck on was the best she ever had
tried. She could also see Sharon getting fucked and at the same... Continue»
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Sharon our Mom gets trained 4

... surprise" Sharon answered, coming down from the first floor,
"I was just getting ready ... licking" Karen

"Mmm, you taste so good," Sharon said between licks" I never get tired ... replied.You'll have to change
ur name to "Sharon with cum on my face", Mom

Both boys were... Continue»
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Sharon our Mom gets trained 3

... "I think you should do it, Rob has shown me your Sharon with Tits out sites on
the internet ... this young girl was no prude.

"Go ahead, Sharon, show her what you can do."

Sharon reluctantly ... Sharon suck even harder, realizing it was another woman's juices
covering his cock. Phil helped... Continue»
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Wanna Bet? 2: Higher Stakes

... the baby, everybody knows she’s been fucking somebody. Our parents get pissed off. There’s even ... room while Faith went to hers.

Mom always told us to clean our rooms, but it was something ... money from my aunt and uncle. I don’t even know what we got them, Mom handled that on our behalf... Continue»
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"Wanna Bet?"

... both in the shower together. It wasn't a big risk to get a blowjob in one of our rooms while they were ...
We never would have had that argument if Mom hadn't asked me to give her a ride home. So, really ... , and Samuel L. Jackson.

School was out for summer, at least for me. Exams were still on, but our school... Continue»
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... that!"

"After I come back," Jamie promised our daughter, "I'll get you whatever you want!"

"I heard ... that I saw my Mom getting boned by Dad."

"Yeah," my wife agreed, pulling away with an embarrassed ... - or so Sharon told me - a particular ritual in which a girl, by her own desire, gets taken in the ass... Continue»
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Moms mistake

Part 1
Mom's Mistake

Even though Sharons my mom, the famous bitch deserved ... at bedtime so she could sl**p
well, at least that's what she claimed. Now don't get me wrong, mom ... .

Honey even tried to get her hand up Mom's asshole, but it was no go.
She insisted that before... Continue»
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... in little girl's clothing.
Since this dress up session was our little secret, I never told
my mom ... , and didn't have a lot of parenting
skills. As a result, mom enrolled me in this residential private ... . Locke a
few times when I had to get report cards signed, and knew her to
be a dominant woman whose... Continue»
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White Wife Black Balled 2

... support our image We also breed and train huntin' dogs. That's why I kin use words like litter ... . Then make a list of questions for me and we'll discuss it when I get home. My mom's going to know ... she could not get out of going to the luncheon. But, that her husband would be out of town all... Continue»
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Cum on Mom Part 5

... of the front door opening caused Sharon to sit up in anticipation.

“Hi Mom!” called out the sound ... .

“Can I get you boys anything?” Sharon asked, feeling a little awkward with all
four pairs of eyes ... understand Mom?”

Sharon nodded, his dominating behavior wildly turning her on even though she... Continue»
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Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

... . I went to school to become an RN but got pregnant with our first before graduating. I plan to go ... . This was a small space, no windows, not much more than a big closet really. I really expected him to get ... didn’t get as vicious about it. I just avoided him all the more. All summer I considered taking the k... Continue»
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Raised as a gurl

... . My mom let my hair grow, and when it was time for me to go to school, she took me and Sharon ... for my collar. It was one of those you get at a pet store and can custom engrave on the spot. This one ... and begged in front of them. “Just in case she gets out of the yard when I’m not looking,” she told... Continue»
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I Start Fast

... bigger puffs and do double-pumps, and apparently she hadn't
progressed that far. As our moms talked ... , and we
often walked with our moms to a park that was in between our houses, where we
would swing ... my mom got pregnant in the summer of 1956, her
doctor asked her about her smoking. She told him... Continue»
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Morning light 2

... was about to go back to his room when he saw Shelly kiss his mom. This was going to get real ... better get you home. I don't want you to get into trouble."

"Don't worry, my mom and dad ... sure you want your mom's ass?" she said with a lust filled smile.

Jimmy started to get up off... Continue»
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... as we completed our shopping. I wasn't sure I wanted to get too involved again, but she had a way ... hours on Wednesday afternoon to get the payroll done. I wasn't as talented.

This is how I came ... in said game. I wanted to get done so that I could go fishing at a high mountain lake for the next... Continue»
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Mommy and sissy

... of the things I had to get was a couple of new
bras. It just seemed that the elastic in the ones I had ... thought that I was alone, Christy being at
practice and our twelve year old boy had told me he ... .

"Lift your skirt," I said in a tone more stern than I'd
spoken to him before.

"But Mom... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion

... dead gorgeous.

"Sandi, this is Sharon Cottell. Sharon is in charge of our training ... lunch time so Sharon took me to get a sandwich and a salad in the executive dining room. Boy, those ... perfect, but I'm going to apply anyway. If I don't get it, I'll know I did my best... Continue»
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father son talk

school. I'll make sure your mom is gone. You invite him to go swimming.
When you both get in, take ... it's unlikely to be
fixable. If we meddle, they'd still find ways to get together. If my mom ... get out of the chat rooms. Is that clear?"

"Uh huh," he said cowed by his mom's emphatic use... Continue»
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