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Sex in the back garden

... and caught glimpses of them walking around naked in their house and having sex.

In fact meeting them seemed to reduce mine and ... shopping. I explained I had planned to get a tan by sun bathing in the back garden and her eyes lit up. Great she said. I'll be ... ... Continue»
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In the Garden

Moira lived in the top floor, North end flat in a six flat block near the University. Being so close to the school, many girls in the block were in classes. The only man living in the building lived in the lower South corner. None of the girls knew his name, only that he worked overnights and slept all day. They did their collective best to not bother him and he gave them all the same respect.

Moira didn't attend any classes. Instead, she worked days at a local shop, usually home in time for tea. Like most of the building's residents, she kept mainly to herself, but gave a friendly 'hello' to the other residents when they might meet. She didn't readily share her secret.

In the back garden, between the pool the landlord had put in for the tenants to swim and sun and the East privacy fence, was a pretty garden sectioned in quarters for different herbs and flowers that Moira tended, with a faux stone bench in the middle of a grassy circle to enjoy the fragrant blossoms. On her days out from work, one could find Moira sitting on the bench, sipping tea, reading a book or writing in her journal or, especially in spring and early summer, just taking sun and enjoying her little garden. Sunday mornings would find her weeding or pruning, digging and planting. The others in the building might assist here and there, but all knew it as Moira's Garden.

It was on the night of the full moon each month that was even more special to the little garden beyond the pool. Moira would be out there most of the night, returning to her own flat by the back stairs in the early light of dawn. She was careful not to be noisy or to disturb her slumbering neighbours. On one such morning, she passed the man from the lower South flat on his return from work. A shared smile, a 'good morning', and each went their separate ways. If he knew of her secret, he'd never mentioned it to her or any of the other residents.

One Sunday morning found one of the newer girls assisting Moira with some weeding in the garden. She was cute and was sharing the flat directly below Moira's with the petite short-haired brunette who'd been there close to six months. Moira knew none of their names. Instead, she knew them by which flat, hair colour, and how long they'd been in the building. Most stayed less than a year, leaving due to classes, finding lovers, getting married, or some combination. Moira was the second longest tenant. The man was the longest.

"This is a lovely garden," smiled the cute blonde.

Moira peeked over her wire-rimmed John Lennon sunglasses at the girl. "Thank you," she smiled, and returned to her weeding. "And thank you for helping me today."

"Well, I think it's nice to help on something like this. Besides, I like playing in the dirt," she giggled.

Moira chuckled, too.

"This reminds me a little of a garden my Aunt used to have back in Carrick. I remember it being a bit larger than this one, about half again as large. She'd let me help with it, too. It had similar herbs and was laid out like this one. I used to run figure eights in and around the paths. The neighbourhood k**s used to whisper that she was a witch," she giggled. "Right, my Aunt a witch..." she giggled again.

"It's a fairly common garden set up, actually," smiled Moira. "The herbs and flowers are, for the most part, maintenance free. I just like to ensure the weeds don't overrun the place and add some water, a little fertilizer... and love."

The girl laughed. "That's what my Aunt used to say, too!"

"Most gardeners do. I can't really take credit for what grows from the Earth. I just try to keep this plot healthy and pretty."

"Well, you do," smiled the girl. She looked up and smiled at the clear, blue sky, and stood. "I'm going to take a quick dip in the pool." She pulled her top up over her head, revealing her evenly tanned body and breasts. "Thank you for letting me play in your dirt," she smiled, turned on her heal and jumped into the water with a squeal.

"Thanks for your help," Moira called after her. "What is it with c***dren and witches?" she chuckled to herself.

Night had fallen and the full moon was rising large in the Eastern sky. Moira took her simple leather bag with her as she took the back stairs down toward her garden.

"That's a pretty cloak," smiled the blonde girl as Moira passed her on the stairs.

Moira smiled, "Thank you. Have a lovely evening..." each continued on her own way.

Once at the outer edge of her garden, something in the back of her mind told Moira to look to the windows in the building. She'd never done before, but, this time.... ah, yes... this time there were two heads silhouetted in the window in the flat below her's. The blonde was curious before, and with the chance passing on the stairs... she and her petite flatmate were watching. Moira smiled. She'd never cared if she was seen before, but now that she knew she had an audience... "Can't disappoint them now, can we?" she chuckled.

Moira moved to the bench, laying the leather bag on the left end as she faced the rising full moon. She withdrew a chalice, bottle of red wine, a dagger, a white candle, matches, and a box of kosher salt. She undid the tie of the cloak at her neck and let the garment fall, revealing her clean, soft, slightly freckled skin. Gracefully bending, she scooped up the cloak and placed it on the right end of the bench. Only then did she notice that she was more excited than usual about her monthly devotion. She wanted more than anything to turn and see the girls' reaction, but kept her composure to keep from scaring them off. She took the box of salt and stepped along the path to the Eastern most edge of the garden. She began her ritual by spilling the salt to the ground around the outside of her garden in an anticlockwise direction, not stepping inside the ring until just before the circle was completely closed at the East. Then, choosing the dagger, she stepped to each of the four sections of the garden, slicing off a flower or herb twig which she then arranged around the candle. Once the candle was lit, she poured some of the wine into the chalice, breaking her usual habit by taking a quick sip. She raised the chalice above her head facing first East, North, South, then, finally, facing the building, West, all the while reciting her prayers, sipping from the chalice once each directional incatation was presented.

Still standing facing the building, Moira added another quick incantation, directed especially to the two flatmates still peering out their window. "Free their eyes to see the truth and let the truth be free." Another sip of the wine felt warm in her belly and sent a wry smile to her face. She opened her arms wide, freely exposing her nude self in the bright light of the full moon.

Returning to the bench, Moira set the chalice to the left of the candle and once again retrieved the dagger. She skipped and danced around the bench, again in an anticlockwise direction, stopping on each rotation at the next compass point, facing that direction, throwing her arms above her head, dagger held high in her left hand. The last direction to face, again, was West. Moira smiled to see the two were still watching.

Moira collected the chalice and dipped the point of the dagger into the wine then shook it out into each of the sections of the garden. Returning to the bench, she then took each of her cuttings and snapped them in two, putting one portion into the candle's flame and the other into the chalice. Once the last piece was placed into the chalice, she again raised the chalice to each direction, saving the West for last, and drank it down, allowing most of the elixir to spill out from the corners of her mouth and to drip down to her chest and exposed breasts. This was far more for show for the two flatmates than part of Moira's usual ritual, though it made her feel very good, and very sexy.

Taking her cloak from the end of the bench, she placed it on the ground next to the bench, head to the East. This part of her ritual was always her favourite, but, with tonight's audience, engrossed in her every move, Moira was truly looking forward to this...

She gently rubbed the wine into her skin, into her breasts and belly, her taut nipples tingled with every pass of her fingers. She caressed her hips and thighs as she sat herself down on her cloak, bringing her hands to her inner thighs and then back up her body to her shoulders and neck. She hugged herself and lightly bit her lower lip, her excitement building ever so quickly. She lay herself back and shamelessly opened her legs, the cool evening air lightly kissing her lips, causing her to allow a tiny gasp to escape. Her hands were making circular motions on her knees, while her internal struggle between teasing herself and quickly pleasing herself were at a tug of war stalemete. A small puff of a breeze licked Moira's nipples, causing her back to arch and her fingers to graze their way across her inner thighs to her moist, parted, waiting lips and distended clit,

Moira lost herself in lustful abandon. Her need and desire overtaking any conscientious thought, her hands working and pleasing of their own accord. Her orgasmic ride peaking and ebbing, only to peak again higher with every imtimate touch. She greedily sucked her nectar from her fingers, only to fuel and prolong her quivering need of sweet relief. Her ears were a buzz and her nostrils were full of the scents of the garden, and of her own excitement. Her body trembled and shook as her fingers found that one true spot, deep inside... that one true spot to send her hurtling over the edge, alternately whimpering and screaming, riding the crest of the biggest and most powerful wave, crashing in rippling aftershocks and tingles.

Moira blinked her eyes and smiled. Some time had passed as she regained herself, the moon had travelled a considerable distance in the night sky. She slowly picked herself up from her reclined position, smiling at the minor light headed feeling. She stepped over to the West edge of the garden, kissing her left hand, and smelling her aroma in the process, and then placing that hand to either side of the pathway on the salted circle, gently wiping the salt away with the second touch, breaking the circle. She looked up to the window where her audience had been, only to find the window now dark.

A wicked smiled crossed Moira's face. "Maybe a quick swim before I go inside..." ... Continue»
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I have been married to my gorgeous wife for 10 years and our sex life is just perfect we are both in our mid thirties,
We enjoy lots of sex and I must admit my wife sometime wears me out with her constant demands to try new things,

We have no c***dren as we both have jobs that keep us very busy,
I work as investment banker and my wife works as a private sectary for a firm of solicitors,

Let me describe my wife Jen she 36 about 5’9’’ with long dark hair very sexy long legs and a very large 38DD bust,
She love to wear stocking with heels she says it makes her legs look sexy and always gets the attention from the males colleagues at work she’s a bit of a tease on the side,

As for myself I’m 5’11” 38 not bad looking if I say so myself and always like to dress smart as in my job it’s a requirement,

One weekend we were talking about buying a hot tub to put in the garden,
It’s very private where we live surrounded by large shrubs and trees so it would be great to entertain our friends and guests at the weekend

Jenny thought it would also be good to relax after work and maybe try sex in it,
So we decided to splash out and buy one,
In the garden we purchased a large wooden building so the hot tub would be covered and be more private from our neighbors,

It was a few weeks before it was ready to use we both couldn’t wait to try it out and tonight was going to be the night,

As we changed into our bathing suits we just want to get in and try it boy did it feel good soaking all your stress away I did say why didn’t we buy one of these years ago my wife agreed,

We decided to invite our close friends Jill and husband Ken as they too like us enjoy spending time together and when we told them we had a hot tub they couldn’t wait to come over the weekend to try it out,

I know that Ken has always liked Jen I’m sure he likes to look at her boobs as for his wife Jill she also has a very tasty rear what I’ve seen of it,
So it should be interesting as I get to see Jill in her bikini and Ken get to see Jen in hers,

As the weekend arrived both Ken and Jill were looking forward to trying out the hot tub before we did we had some drinks and made a bit of a party of it with some food most of the night we spent drinking and talking,
It got to the stage that the girls had drank a little too much and were now getting really silly by giggling and making rude suggestions,

To the point of saying how about we all get into the hot tub naked well I know that Ken was game as he also had too much to drink as for me I was still sober,
I knew that Ken would jump at the chance of seeing Jen’s tits and I liked the idea that I get to see Jill naked rear which I’ve always admired I suppose you could say I wouldn’t mind fucking her in the rear as Jen would never allow me to do that to her,

The girls said that they would meet us down there so Ken and I made our way to the hot tub got undressed and got into the tub I must admit I was a little jealous of Ken as he was well hung made me feel a little uneasy as he stepped in to the tub,
I couldn’t help thinking that when Jen sees the size of him she might wish mine was the same size,

At that the girls arrived wearing robes as they turned there back to us as they both removed their robe’s still giggling,
I could feel my dick getting hard just looking at Jill’s rear Oh boy I wanted to put my face right between her butts!

As for Ken he couldn’t stop looking at Jen’s boobs wobble as she got into the tub she almost fell in head first I’m sure he must have been getting hard as well,
I must admit I found it really sexy having my wife flash her tits and Jill’s arse looked very firm too,

As we settled down I could still feel my dick still hard,
It was a, good job for the bubbles otherwise my dick would now be on show,
The girls were still drinking as we sat next to each other talking I could now see Ken start to fidget, it was then that Jen said out loud!

“ Hey Ken have you got a Bonner”
Both Jen and Jill started to laugh!

“Come on ken show us girls your hard on Jill said”
And at that ken stood up and for all to see he had the biggest Bonner I have ever seen,

“Oh my god that’s a big cock you have there Ken said Jen how an earth are you able to take all that Jill “

“Easy said Jill let me show you”
Ken come here and let me suck that dick of your “
And at that she grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her making him nearly fall face first into the tub it was amazing as she put his cock straight into her mouth and started to suck him,

The look on Jen’s face was one of amazement at the shear size and that Jill was now going right down on his shaft and nearly choking on it,
My cock was so hard I wanted to put my cock deep inside of my wife,
Just as I was going to join my wife!
“Jen said!”

“Can I have a go too Jill”

At that Jill stopped and there was my wife taking Ken’s cock into her mouth Oh my god I thought what the hell is she doing that’s another mans cock in her mouth What the hell am I supposed to do now I thought!

Before I could say anything Jill said its your turn now, I stood up she grabbed a glass of wine dipped my cock into it and started to suck me off I could see Jen look over at me and just smiled,
She was now holding Ken’s cock and rubbing him off,
Oh boy did it feel so good having another woman suck on your cock,

I was now so engrossed having my cock sucked I hadn’t even noticed that Jen was having her pussy sucked by ken while she played with her tits,
It wasn’t long before I could here Jen asking ken to put his hard cock in her,

“ Oh fuck Ken your so fucking big please don’t stop I want it all in me”

Ken duly obliged as he started to pound her pussy Oh man the scene was so fucking hot her tits were wobbling all over the place poor Ken was trying to feel and suck on them as he fucked her,
I could now hear Jen was getting really turned on and soon was about to cum
I couldn’t wait to fuck Jill,

This was now my chance to try and fuck Jill in the arse, before she could protest,
I was putting my cock into her from behind and soon she was encouraging me to fuck her harder and finger her pussy at the same time I could feel my balls bounce against her butt at every thrust,
It felt so good I was about to unload my cum when I heard my wife scream out as she was being filled up with Ken’s cum

I think we all cum several times by the noise we all made,
As for the hot tub it will require a good clean after some great sex that night,

Oh yes we did swap wives a few times that night and yes I got to fuck my wife in the arse at last,
We have repeated these parties on many occasions since and have invited many friends over to enjoy our many hot tub swapping parties,

Life is so great at the moment I never want it to end where else do you get the chance to fuck so many of your friends wife’s, this hot tub was worth every penny we paid.
... Continue»
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First Time Sex in the Forest

I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first realised the pleasure of being naked in front of others. My parents were strictly religious so anything to do with the anus or penis was dirty and it was grievously sinful to be seen by others accidentally or, certainly , on purpose. When one of my friends suggested we looked at each others genitals I was shocked but then excited. We built a little tent out of a clothes horse covered with a blanket and we all crawled inside. Even then , I was the first to volunteer. There was not much room so the other boy and two girls helped me off with my tee shirt. I hesitated about showing my "Mickey Mouse as I then called it but one of the girls gave a quick tug at my shorts and there was my little stiff erection in full view. I didn't understand the powerful feelings this gave me. It was a fantastic sensation but then someone said adults were coming so I dressed in a small panic and pretended nothing unusual was going on and the moment was over. We would , occasionally, repeat the show and I was always the first to volunteer.

A few years later on one hot summer night I couldn't sl**p. I had an overwhelming desire to be naked in the fresh air. I slipped out of bed , dressed in my pyjamas, and crept down the stairs and out of the back door. My home was near the field where we had held the impromptu strip show. I cautiously made my way down the path and through the gap in the hedge beside a small hill. I slipped out of my pyjama top and then , savouring the moment, dropped my pants and stepped out of them. The sensation of the cool air on my body was wonderful and I had a raging erection in no time. I was so naïve that I did not know how to masturbate so I enjoyed the sensation of walking about in the cool night air with my erection swinging before me. I knew I could not be seen behind the Hill but , eventually , I had the urge to stand exposed on the top of the Hill in full view of the neighbouring houses. I knew it was unlikely that anyone was awake and looking at that time but the thought that someone might see me increased my sense of excitement. I walked about ,naked , for the next hour and then ,regretfully , crept back to my home and bed. I couldn't understand why my testicles were aching but ,that night ,I had a great wet dream.

I attended an all boys Catholic school. I was very shy of girls and sex was something not to be discussed. Occasionally , some of the older boys would show me pictures from Girly mags and the sight of naked female breasts guaranteed an instant erection but that was as far as it went. I would buy copies of Playboy and Penthouse and , in the privacy of my bedroom , would enjoy the pictures. I could maintain an erection for hours but .although I always got that ache in the groin and some liquid would seep out of my penis , that was as far as I knew how to go. I had heard the word Masturbation. It meant "to practice self abuse" according to my dictionary. One evening ,I was 16 by then , I read another definition "to manipulate the penis to orgasm" I still wasn't sure what this meant but I was already aroused by looking at my Magazines so I checked the door was locked and dropped my trousers and pants. I knew stroking my penis was pleasurable but I didn't know what to do next. I took my erection between my two palms and started to rub it , like a Boy Scout trying to light a fire, until my penis was bright red. I could feel pleasure building up but couldn't quite get there. Then I noticed that the pleasure was greatest when the swollen end of my penis received the most attention. I rubbed ,faster and faster. A great wave of pleasure built up in my groin and ,with a gasp of delight , semen spurted out. It was everywhere - my hands , thighs and on the floor. I had done it - my first wank ! I quickly found more gentle techniques and would wank 2 or 3 times a day in front of my Magazines. My mother nearly caught me once ,because I had forgotten to lock the door , but if she saw anything she did not say.

I met my wife at work. She was the first girl I had summoned up the courage to invite out. She was the first girl I kissed and ,when we married , she was the first girl I ever had sex with. We were both shy so never experimented with different positions etc .I enjoyed sex with her but it became a little boring as years passed by. I still enjoyed outdoor nudity. On hot sticky nights I would wait till my Wife was sound asl**p and then creep out of bed and into the back garden. I would strip and walk about masturbating. The thought of being seen by neighbours was the added thrill. On a few nights I even walked down the front drive ,almost on to the road and masturbated. Once , I had to drop behind a low shrub when a car came round the corner and almost caught me in its headlights. It was an anxious moment but added to the thrill of the orgasm.

In Summer I would look out for places to strip naked and masturbate. The ideal spot was woodland off the beaten track. I would look for a secluded glade ,protected by trees or shrubs on most sides so that I could not be seen unexpectedly. However, there had to be a slight chance that someone might catch me as I masturbated because that added an extra thrill. Once I had found a suitable spot I would check around the are to be sure no one was about. I might spend twenty minutes checking and double checking before I felt safe enough to begin. I would ,carefully, take off my shoe and socks. Then I would hang my Tee shirt over a branch, slip out of my trousers and then , with one last look around to be sure, would step out of my underpants and enjoy the sensation of breezes on my naked penis and buttocks. It was one of the rules of the game that I would leave my clothes and move across to the clearing I had chosen. leaving my clothes added to the excitement of the slight risk of being naked and helpless if caught. I have explained all this so that you can fully appreciate how I felt about the events I am about to describe.

It was in June last year. My wife and I had booked a Holiday in the Black Forest are in Germany. It was a nice hotel with its own pool and it backed onto woodland climbing up the Mountain. That afternoon I had left my wife sunbathing beside the pool. She was chatting to two other guests we had met at Dinner the night before. I was on the lookout for a good wank spot. I followed one of the footpaths that wound its way into the Woodland behind the Hotel. As I walked on the number of people on the path declined and I started to look for the perfect spot. I left the path and moved deeper into the wood The noises from the Village near the hotel died away and I was surrounded by the silence of the Forest broken only by the sound of the occasional bird call. After walking for about ten minutes I thought I had found the perfect spot. It was a small clearing surrounded by large trees. Enough light could get through the canopy to allow a grassy carpet. There was a semi circular bank of shrubs at the far side and a fallen log lay ,diagonally, across the far edge of the clearing. I did my usual sweep of the surroundings but there was no sign of any other people. Occasionally, I could hear people talking as they followed the footpath I had left earlier but they were below me and some distance away. I would hear them long before they reached me if they left the path and came towards me. They were no real threat. I felt that familiar tingle in my groin. It was time to begin. I walked twenty or thirty paces into the wood and began my preparations. I slipped off my shoes and socks and , carefully ,placed my socks inside my shoes. I unbuttoned my shirt, took it off and d****d it on a low branch. Next, I slipped off my trousers and neatly folded them up beside my shoes. My penis was trying to escape from my underpants but I wasn't quite ready. I had to be sure that no one was near my clearing. I walked back to it and did my last check - all clear. I returned to my clothes and ,at last, slipped out of my underpants and added them to the pile. As usual the sensation of warm air caressing my naked body felt wonderful. I walked away from my clothes and entered the clearing. I started to stroke my chest and buttocks and then to ,gently, caress my penis and balls. Soon, I had a good hard erection. I began to walk about the grassy floor stroking my throbbing penis and enjoying the sensation. Then it happened. I glanced across the clearing towards the bank of shrubs and was shocked to see a man standing behind them looking straight back at me. I stood frozen. I was still holding my penis but my erection was rapidly going. It was too far to run for my clothes and, anyway, the stranger was in the way. The moment seemed to last for ages but was probably only a few seconds. The silence was broken when the stranger said "I'm sorry to have disturbed you but I have been watching you for the last couple of minutes. I can see you are enjoying yourself and did not want to interrupt. Do mind if I stay and watch?"

In recent months I had logged on to several explicit web sites and been increasingly turned on by the sight of naked men posing. masturbating and, especially, fucking. I had even posted some pictures and videos of me masturbating and been pleasantly surprised by the pms I had received. I had bought a webcam and masturbated in front of a complete stranger but here was a real , living , breathing adult male asking if he could watch me masturbate live!

The stranger stepped out from behind the bushes so I could see him more clearly. He was slim , middle aged and wearing running kit . He was carrying a small rucksack. He smiled and my anxiety left. "If you don't want me to watch I'll go - no problems". He had a slight East Coast American accent. When I looked at his shorts I could see a distinct bulge. The thought that my skinny body could arouse him quickly restored my flagging erection. His eyes looked down on it and he smiled again. "Looks like you are pleased to see me. Shall I stay?" My mouth was too dry to speak so I could only nod. "Good" he said "Let me see you work that thing!" feeling slightly self conscious I obeyed and began to stroke my increasingly stiff penis. His eyes remained fixed on my hand as it worked up and down the shaft. I could feel the excitement mounting. The thought of standing naked and masturbating in front of a stranger was intoxicating. The stranger's hand had ,u*********sly ,dropped to his groin and I could see him feeling his erection. Suddenly, he said "Stop! I'm sorry but I just can't stand and watch you." He pulled his singlet over his head in one quick move and then he stepped out of his shorts. I looked ,entranced , at his body. He was slightly shorter in height than I but he was lean and well muscled. He was tanned to just above his groin and below his mid thigh. As he turned to put his shorts and top to one side I saw his well muscled buttocks were a striking white compared to the rest of him. Then he turned to face me and began to walk ,quickly, towards me across the grass. His chest was almost hairless and he ,obviously , trimmed his pubic hair as I did but his penis was amazing. It was thicker and longer than mine but what was most impressive was the erect angle at which it stood up. My penis hadn't managed that angle in years!

I must have looked alarmed as he came towards me. I dropped my hand from my penis. "Don't be frightened but I must do this" he said. He was stroking his erection in his left hand. As he came up to me he reached out and ,gently, took my penis in his other hand and began to stroke me. I felt as though my legs would buckle but the pleasure was fantastic. He took my right hand and placed it onto his penis. It was the first other-one I had ever held. It was thick, warm , very stiff and I could feel it throbbing ,just like mine. "I've always had a thing for uncut cocks" he said as his fingers tickled my fore-skin which never quite drew back over my glans. I was beginning to find it hard to breathe. My heart was pounding and my legs felt like jelly. As his hand stroked my ever stiffening penis he held his other hand over mine and guided the length and strength of my strokes. "Mmm - that feels good" He said. I could still hardly speak but I could feel his penis thickening further and there was a small bubble of pre-cum on the tip of his glans. He had been circumcised and I looked with fascination at his penis as my fingers moved up and down his shaft and over his glans which was swollen with a purple tinge. Meanwhile , his fingers were getting me more and more excited. Pre -cum was running out of my penis and I had never felt so aroused before. Occasionally , he would release my shaft and cup my balls and scrotum then he would return his attention to my penis. He could sense I couldn't wait much longer and he began to speed up his strokes. He would also pull my fore -skin right back over the glans to expose it fully. It was bright purple and streaming with pre-cum. I tried to match him as I worked on his penis. We were both panting slightly now and , when I looked at his face , he had a slight far away look in his eyes but his smile was getting broader. The bl**d was roaring in my ears and I knew this was it. With a loud gasp I pumped out one - two - three spouts of semen. He laughed as I came. "Don't stop now buddy" he said. My hand pumped hard at his rigid penis and , with a gasp , he also jetted three spouts.

We stood for a few moments facing each other. Our erections were subsiding with semen still dripping out. I wasn't sure what to do or say next. He just grinned and said "Hang on". He walked across to his rucksack and came back with a couple of tissues. I thought his naked body was the greatest thing I had ever seen. "Let me" he said and gently wiped my penis dry and then cleaned himself. I still wasn't sure what to do next. What did he want from me? "That was a great way to finish a run in the woods" he said. "Thanks for letting me share. Perhaps we might meet up again tomorrow?" "I can't wait" I gasped. "Great" he said. "same place and time?" "Fantastic" I replied. He smiled, walked across the clearing, dressed quickly and ,with a wave , ran off. I was left feeling like I was in a dream but the warm glow in my groin proved it was all real. I could barely remember where I had left my clothes but I found them, got dressed and walked back to the hotel. "Did you enjoy your walk? You look a little flushed." I laughed ,a little guiltily and went into the Hotel to wash and prepare for Dinner.

I hardly slept that night. The thought of the day's events gave me an almost permanent hard-on and I didn't want to waste it by wanking in the bathroom. So, I just lay there waiting for morning to arrive. Just like a c***d waits for Christmas morning. It was another lovely day but the time seemed to crawl by. Eventually, I left my wife by the pool and headed up the hillside. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the little clearing again but I spotted the point where I had left the path and in a few minutes was back in the clearing where I had such pleasure yesterday. I made sure I was exactly on time. My knees were trembling with anticipation and I had a massive erection. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the clearing was empty. I walked across to the bushes where the gorgeous stranger had appeared but there was no sign. It was like a kick in the stomach. I sat on the fallen log for about twenty minutes. There was still no sign. Wanking by myself did not appeal so I got to my feet , regretfully, and started to walk back to the path. Just then I heard the sound of running feet and a few moments later the stranger appeared through the trees and entered the clearing. He was panting and breathless. "Sorry I'm late" he gasped "Got delayed but glad you waited. I'll make it worth your while!" He was dressed much the same as yesterday. He put his rucksack down and came across to me. He kissed me ,gently, on the lips. It was like an electric shock and I pulled away. "Sorry, I didn't mean to shock you. I should have guessed you are new to this. Do you mind me asking - are you a virgin?" I blushed scarlet and nodded." Never mind. I can show you what to do - if you want me to?" My heart was pounding again as I nodded." "Good , leave this to me". He came closer to me. I could smell his aftershave and sweat. I noticed he had white teeth and his short black hair was flecked with grey. He put his hands to either side of my face - pulled me towards him and kissed me again. His lips were soft and when his tongue pushed into my open mouth and flicked around inside it was wonderful. The kiss seemed to last forever. He broke away and then pulled my shirt over my head. He then knelt down and gently pulled my shorts down. I had left the underpants off and so my erection sprang into view. "Wow! You must be glad to see me" He joked. He stood up and put my clothes to one side. "Do you want to undress me?" he asked. I pulled his running vest over his head. Again , I noted his tanned almost hairless chest. He ,obviously, kept himself in good shape. I knelt down and pulled his shorts down and his trimmed pubic hair and then his gorgeous cock came into view. He wasn't as fully erect as I but the tip was only a few inches from my face. I reached out to stroke it and , at the same time cupped his balls. His cock stiffened and came even close to my face. For a moment I wanted to put it into my mouth but the thought of what it might taste and feel like made me hesitate. He noticed this and laughed. "Let's not rush into anything" he said. He pulled me to my feet and , once again, kissed me. I could feel my erection pushing into his stomach and his was pushing into my groin. As his tongue moved , deliciously, inside my mouth I felt his hands moving down my back until he touched my buttocks. He cupped them and I felt him gently pull my cheeks apart. I could feel sweat forming in the cleft between them.

The kiss ended and he stood back slightly. "OK so far?" I nodded and smiled back. He put his hands on my nipples and gently stroked them. I had never thought of this as erotic before but it felt good. He then softly kissed each one .Then he kissed my abdomen and continued to work down my body. My excitement built up as I felt his breath on my pubic hair and then his tongue flicked over my fore-skin. It was like another electric shock. It was wonderful. As I looked down on him he looked up at me and grinned. He was kneeling at my feet by now. He continued to stroke my penis and balls but then he began to nuzzle my scrotum and kiss the sides of my penis. Again, I felt the bl**d roar in my head. "Do you want me to?" he asked. Again ,I nodded. My mouth always seemed to dry to speak. He began to kiss my penis, starting at its little nest of pubic hair and then working towards its swollen tip. He paused for a moment and I stood rigid with anticipation and then he slipped it into his mouth. I gave a gasp of pleasure. I could feel his tongue flicking over it and then he sucked it all the way in. I felt the warmth of his mouth as he proceeded to work up and down the shaft. I instinctively began to make thrusting movements with my hips. "Hang on "he said "Lets take our time". and then he resumed his slow caresses. He looked up at me and saw the pleasure on my face. "You taste great "he said and then resumed his rhythmic movement and working with his tongue. I could feel I was about to orgasm but he sensed this and , withdrawing my penis from his mouth, squeezed the tip of it ,just behind the glans, tightly between his thumb and fore- finger. The urge to orgasm passed." I want you to enjoy this as much as possible "he said and smiled. He then began to work on me again. I was quickly aroused beyond control. I knew I was about to cum and tried to pull out of his mouth but he held me firmly by my buttocks and prevented me. With another loud gasp, I came into his mouth. I thought the stream would never end but he sucked me dry and then licked the rest off the tip of my still throbbing , swollen penis. "Mmm that was good!" he said "Now its my turn". Part of me was delighted but part of me was repelled by the idea. Again, he smiled and said "I know you're new and I came prepared." He walked over to his rucksack and pulled out a condom. "I hope you like strawberry" he laughed. He took it out of its wrapper and slipped it on. He still had a massive erection. I knelt before him and , tentatively, took it in my hand. Then I , gingerly, slipped it into my mouth. It did taste like strawberry!. I could feel the head of his penis and the veins throbbing in my mouth. I tried to copy him and tried to lick it along its length and ,especially , at the tip. It felt strange because I could feel the condom also. "That is soooo good. You're a natural" he said. I tried to take him deep into my mouth I was worried I might choke but it was fine. I could smell him as I worked on him. He began to breath more heavily and he pulled my head towards him with greater and greater f***e. His hips began to thrust and I felt the semen spurt out of him as he gave a groan "Jesus that feels good". He gave three or four spasms as he completed his orgasm. His penis still felt thick and stiff but he withdrew it from my mouth. The condom seemed full of his milky semen. He slipped the condom off. His glans was still purple and swollen with a little semen dripping out. "Don't worry. I don't expect you to lick me clean "he joked "It's a little too early in your Education for that!" I felt a bit embarrassed but I have to admit it was a bit of a relief. He walked across to his rucksack, got out some tissues and wiped himself down. He then wrapped the condom in tissue and put it back into his bag. "Mustn't spread litter" he joked. I was still trembling from the experience and sat on the grass for a few minutes to recover. He did the same. We did not speak. "This has been an unexpected bonus on my European trip" he then said "I'm back to the States tomorrow. Do you want to meet again?" It was a bit of a stupid question. My penis was already beginning to stiffen as looked at his naked body and felt the warm Summer breeze on mine. It was as though we were the only two people on the Planet. "My flight leaves at 11 pm. So I must check out of my Hotel by 2pm.Are you available before then?" Was I available?! I usually took my walk in the afternoon so I would need some excuse for my change of routine with my wife. "Absolutely!" I said "How about noon?". "Fine by me "he replied. He leaned across and gave me a quick kiss. Then he stood up, got dressed and ,with his usual wave, was gone. I just lay on the grass for over an hour and enjoyed the nudity, the fresh air and the prospect of what tomorrow might bring. Then I got dressed and returned to the Hotel.

That night I surprised the Wife by an unexpected intercourse session. I usually rubbed her off and then had my turn. I had not reached a climax every time in recent months. That night was different. My erection was strong and long lasting and I reached orgasm by imagining the stranger beneath me. "Not like you to be so vigorous" smiled my wife. I smiled back and went for a shower.

It was another fine day. I promised to take my wife into Town for a meal that evening. The extra time she needed to prepare gave me the excuse to go for my walk earlier than usual. I had a little light breakfast and then set off to the clearing. I wanted to be there in plenty of time. There were more walkers around than previously and I was angry that they might interfere with our meeting. But , as I walked up the hill they became fewer and I hadn't seen one for ten minutes by the time I left the path and cut across to the glade. He had already arrived. I was surprised to see him in a suit. He also had a small flight bag and his rucksack. I noticed he had a lap top carry bag as well. He had been leaning against a tree but stood up and walked across to me. "They've moved my flight up so I haven't much time." he explained. "We'll do our thing and then I must rush. I hope you don't mind?" "I'm glad you still wanted to come." I replied. "Oh yes" he said "I've waited three days for this!" Then he wrapped his arms round me and gave me a long , languorous kiss. I was , instantly, aroused. "Let me help you" he said and quickly helped me out of my clothes. "You look fantastic" he said and walked around me eying me up and down but ,especially, my erect penis. Every day I met him I thought it got bigger. It felt absolutely gigantic now. My foreskin was almost completely back over my glans. This never happened before. "Do you want to go first?" he asked. I wasn't sure what he meant and must have looked confused. "You said you are a virgin. Would you like to fuck me first or wait later." I nearly came there and then. My ultimate fantasy about to be fulfilled! I was left anticipating and half dreading what might follow. As usual my mouth was so dry I could hardly speak. "You go first" he said it will make the waiting all the more worthwhile for me. I'd better get undressed for you." It was like watching my own private strip tease . He took off his shoes and socks. Then he took off his jacket and , carefully, folded it and put it on top of his flight bag. He then , carefully, unbuckled his belt and slipped off his trousers. He could see I was watching avidly and gave me his usual charming smile. "Soon be ready, don't go away!" He was wearing a vest and underpants this time. I could see the bulge in his groin. Slowly and teasingly and stripped off his vest and then pulled his boxers down and stood there naked. His penis was fully erect and he slowly turned around so I can admire him. "OK , now comes the good part." he said laughingly. "I've brought all the essentials". He walked to his rucksack and produced some tissues, condoms and a tube of lubricant. "I always like to travel prepared" he said. I know you're a virgin but I always use protection. It reduces the sensation a little but it's a sensible precaution. Do you mind?" I was delighted. He was obviously experienced but I did worry about infections but , to be honest , I was so aroused I would have done it without protection anyway. I managed to mumble that I was fine about it. "Great "he said "let's get to it!" He took a towel from his rucksack and d****d it across the fallen tree trunk that lay ,diagonally, across one edge of the clearing. He then opened a condom an picked up the lubricant and walked across to me. "Let me put this on for you". He said and ,slowly, slipped it over my throbbing penis. He bent and kissed its swollen tip and then squeezed some lubricant over his hand and smoothed it over my penis. The movement of his hand nearly made me come there and then. "You'll have to do the rest". he smiled. Keeping hold of my penis he lead me to the tree. "Take this" he said ,giving me the lubricant, "spread a good measure on me". He turned and leaned across the trunk with the towel beneath him. His white buttocks were before me. He spread his legs a little wider. I could see his anus peeping out between his cleft buttocks. It was puckered and light brown with a wisp of hairs around it. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Then , I squeeze some lubricant onto my hand and gently worked it into his anus area. "Mmm , that feels good"he said and leaned forward a little more so his anus was pointing up at me a little further." Go ahead - enjoy!" My heart was pounding and I couldn't speak as my mouth was completely dry. My penis was massive and throbbing wildly with each heart beat. I took it in my trembling hand, stepped up to him and placed it against his anus. He opened his legs a little wider. I gently pushed. There was a little resistance and then the tip was in ! It was like being held in a warm vice as his sphincter muscles contracted onto it and held it for a moment. I pushed again and I slid smoothly in. I pushed tight up to his buttocks. My pubic hair was tight against him. The pleasure was fantastic. I savoured the moment and then began to slowly pump into him ,back and forth, back and forth. "Good boy!" he said "Now give it to me!" I didn't need any encouraging. I began to pound into him. My hands were clamped on his waist. I looked down on my penis as it worked in and out. The excitement got too intense. I couldn't wait any longer. I gave in and let myself go. Waves of delight washed over me. I felt my penis jump inside him as I shot the biggest load ever. I kept thrusting as the pleasure continued then gradually slowed to a stop and collapse on top of him."

"Christ , that was absolutely fantastic" I managed to gasp as I pulled out of him and looked at the condom brimming with semen. "I thought you'd enjoy that" he grinned "Let me clean you off". he slipped the condom of me and wiped my scarlet penis with a tissue. He put it, neatly, into his rucksack , like yesterday. He looked at my flushed face. "Now its my turn ! I've waited three days for this. Ever since I first saw you wanking over there. Help me with this". He passed me another condom. My hands were trembling again and I had a bit of a struggle to get it out of its wrapper. He stood in front of me. His penis looked even bigger than yesterday. I was worried I wouldn't be able to take it! I had experiment a little with dildoes and butt plugs so I knew what it felt like to push something into my anus. I tried it out of curiosity and it certainly helped to achieve a good wank but , to be honest, the sensation didn't feel that special perhaps I would feel differently soon? I knelt in front of him and slipped the condom over his erection. Perhaps it was my imagination but it barely seemed to fit! He took me over to the towel d****d over the log. "Bend over" he said. "For what you are about to receive I hope you are truly thankful!" I leaned over the log with my hands supporting me. "Spread a little" he said so I moved my legs further apart and tried to bend further forward. "You look great from back here" he joked. "This might feel a little cool". I hears him squeeze some lubricant from the tube. I felt his right hand on my waist and then, with the fingers of his left hand, I felt him spread the jelly over my anus. He smoothed it around my anus and buttock cleft like sun tan oil - working it in. Then he stopped for a moment and I heard him squeeze a little more jelly out. "As this is your first time I wasn't to make sure you are comfortable". I gasped as I felt one then two finger pushed into my anus. He then massaged the jelly in a circular motion. Mt penis , which had almost collapsed back to normal after its excitement, began to stiffen up again. "OK let me take a good look at you" he said and I heard him step back a little . "Wow , you look very appetising!" he said with a catch in his voice. The thought of him looking down on my naked white buttocks with its little brown wrinkled anus - helpless and exposed to a complete stranger made my penis stiffen even further. A moment I had fantasised about for months was about to happen. "Ready?" he whispered. I managed a grunt of "Yes". I heard him step up behind me. His hands gripped my buttocks and spread them. I felt the swollen tip of his penis touch my anus. There was a pause and began to push into me. Despite my best intentions , my sphincter clamped shut and he couldn't penetrate. "Just relax" he said and began another push. The pressure built up. I deliberately strained a little , like trying to take a large butt plug, and I felt my anal muscle relax and ,with one long smooth stroke, he penetrated me. "Oh , that's good!" he said. I could feel his pubic hair pushing against me as he thrust long and deep. He then withdrew until only the glans remained inside me , like a cork in a bottle, and then he thrust long and deep again. Feeling him inside me made my penis stiffen still further. He noticed and felt between my legs and fondled it. "Oh!!" I said. He released my penis and held my shoulders as he pushed deep inside me with a gradually increasing speed and intensity. I had never felt like this before. I could see why people enjoyed this! "You still OK?" he gasped. "I feel great. Aim good for you?" I replied. "Are you k**ding?" he laughed "You have a great ass!" He continued to thrust into me. His hands moved over my back and caressed my buttocks. I leaned further over the tree and the speed of his fucking increased. "I can hardly wait" he gasped. He put one leg on the log beside me to change his angle of attack and really began to pound away at me. I could feel him thickening further inside me. He was working me so hard my chest was being crushed against the log but I didn't care. Suddenly he stopped. "I want to see your face when I come". he said. He slowly pulled out of me and stood me up. "Come over here." He took the towel and laid it on the grass. "Lie down on your back and spread you legs". I did as I was told. He knelt between my legs and reached forward to hook an arm under each one then he lifted me upwards. I was nearly bent double with my anus pointing at the sky. To be honest , it wasn't very comfortable but I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible to reward him for the wonderful time I had. I looked down my body. My almost erect penis was pointing back at me. I could see the purple glans only half covered by my fore-skin. His penis really was massive and his balls were pulled tight into his groin. I tried to lean back as far as possible to help him and hooked my legs back with my own arms. He shuffled closer towards me on his knees, took his penis in his left hand and positioned it with the tip touching my anus. He didn't wait this time. He slammed it into me with one powerful thrust. I gasped. He then began to work me again. He gave ten or eleven long deliberate thrusts and then began to make more rapid shorter thrusts. He was panting and his forehead and chest were covered in sweat. He mover faster and faster and his breathing quickened even further. My penis was waving backwards and forwards as he thrust into me. I could see that far away look in his eyes .He was nearly there." Go on "I said "Don't hold back!" "Christ!!" he shouted and I felt him come inside me. He gave four five long thrusts ,pausing for a moment at the end of each one , then he leaned forward and kissed me.

He slowly pulled out. The condom was full again. He slipped it off, wiped himself with a tissue and put it into his rucksack. He turned and came back to me. I was sitting up on the towel watching him. He saw that I had another massive erection. "Good God1" he said "There is no satisfying some people! Tell you what. I've a few minute left and I did promise to educate you. Fancy trying that position?!" The look on his face was his answer. He walked quickly back to the rucksack and pulled out another condom. "Always carry spares" he grinned. He unwrapped it , slipped it over my erect ,but rather sore, penis and then pulled me to my feet. He dropped onto the towel and pulled his legs up to present himself to me. I didn't need any more encouragement. I spread a little more lube on my penis. Then I knelt down , manoeuvred my penis to his anus and with one delicious push I was back inside him. He smile up at me as I began thrusting. The sensation was part pain, part pleasure. It took much longer to reach orgasm this time as I had only recently recovered from the last time but I always notice the pleasure the second time is even more intense. It was true this time. I nearly passed out with the pleasure. He was smiling and encouraging as I came. I pulled out of him and rolled over beside him "I cannot thank you enough "I managed to say. "These three days have been the best of my life!" "No. Thank you. I've never had a virgin before. It was a real buzz for me too. You've certainly livened up this business trip." He walked to his bag and picked up his watch. "Wow!Is that the time?! I"'d better hurry. He gave me a tissue to clean up with and tidied up , as usual. He then dressed as I lay on the ground". "Don't forget the towel" I said and tossed it to him. He smiled and put it into his bag." Thanks". I got to my feet. It felt strange standing naked in front of a well dressed business man. He reached out to shake my hand just like we'd had a business meeting. "Great meeting you" he said." I don't even know your name" I replied. "It's better this way. Straight, uncomplicated sex is the best "he replied. hen he picked up his stuff, waved and walked away. I sat in the clearing the air on my naked body for a few more minutes then dressed and left the clearing for the last time.
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In the night garden

I just woke up completely Naked in the house alone
Iv been having those naughty dreams again.
odd thing was my night dress was down stairs in the living room.
The Dream I was laying naked in a beautiful walled garden head dreamily resting in the green grass! the warm sun beating down onto my body. No one could see in and the walls to high to see out. surrounded by beautiful flowers in this English country garden Beautiful roses, ivy, thick leathy Rhododendrons, cherry trees and a beautiful magnolia tree. a little stream ran across the bottom I took a stroll down to the stream Leaving the grand 18th century house in the back ground. I dipped my toe inside the stream Chilly but nice. I stepped in As the stream swallowed my body and the water so chilled left my breasts tingling and my nipples so erect. I cupped my breasts and let my right hand fall into the water and my fingers slid between my lines. My head leans back into the water and im floating while touching myself, my eyes looking up to the sky I'm floaty all over, as the birds flocking over head. As I reach my and stretch my labia to tease my clitoris. I feel strong manly hands cup my breasts for a moment I'm startled and slide under the water bubbles he pulls me up this soaking wet stranger his body rough and manly our lips lock together our tongues and lips start to fight as he slightly pulls my hair i feel my body shudder His throbbing cock is stabbing at me His kisses are over taking me im weak at the knees I cant breath. His rough stubble on my smooth face. His hand squeezing my bum cheek.. He pushes me onto the bank his manly wet hands slide all over my body He parts my labia and slides his wet rough tongue all over my clit. my insides are pounding im in a daze who is this man THis very wet man. He slides out of the water, the water dribbles and gushes off his rippled tanned body. He flicks his shoulder length hair. I'm laying on the grass watching him as my breasts pounding as im bare naked on the damp wet grass. he sits on top of me and kisses me nibbling biting my lips And slides his hard throbbing cock deep inside my...................... And then I woke up To be continued ....... Continue»
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sex in the barn

Sex in the barn:

I walk into the barn and I saw Maggie bending over picking up a bale of hay , I walked behind her and grabbed her tits she dropped the bale of hay straight away ,I started to kiss her at the back of the neck and around to her ear ,my hand went under her shirt to find her large tits hugging them very tightly ,I could feel her nipples get hard ,I already had a hard on watching her bending over ,I could see the outline of her pussy in the tight leggings she had on ,I took her top off and undid her bra, her big tits bounced ,I turned her around and started to suck hard on her nipples while my hand was looking for her pussy she responded the same way she soon found my hard cock ,I started to rub her clit and fingered her pussy with no time she was we ,I went on my knees and pulled her tights down to her angles I started to lick her pussy until it was so wet I took her top and lay it over the bale of hay .i took her bra and tied her wrist and bent her over the bale of hay ,her ass was top in the air show her nice wet pussy I could not help myself given it a good lick it was nice and wet and my cock was ready to hammer it home ,I rested on knee on the bale and I pushed my cock deep inside her she leaved her head with a yelp after a few strokes she was nice and wet I turned and put my other knee on the other side of her I was in a doggie position but just very height up as my cock went down it was rubbing her asshole and this was stretching her pussy I could feel every inch of her pussy inside she was so tight ,it looks like she never had sex this way as I pulled my cock out it was so wet from her juice .i put it back in but just the head pulled it out and head back in I did this a few time until she started to ggggrrrrrrr at me ,I knew this was to say stopped teasing me ,as soon as I pushed deep inside her she came ,and she let me know it with a deep moan and I could also feel her pussy tighten up ,Maggie was a very sexual person she loved cuming and never held back it was not long until she came again and again but that every time she came her moans and yelps got loader and loader. I was pumping her with all my might deeper and deeper with long strokes ooo my god my cock so so hard I was ready to cum myself but I held back because I was going to fuck her good and hard ,I started to really fuck her hard her feet started to left off the floor and the bale of hay started to move forward, I pumped her like I never did before you could hear her ass been slapped with my hips harder and harder faster and faster she was almost in a scream now I could not hold out any more my cock explode inside her ,my hot cum just kept pumping inside her I feel backwards landing on my bum I could watch all my hot cum running out of her red swollen pussy I sat there for a few minutes while I got my breath back , Maggie was still bent over the bale I untried her hands but she could not move she said she had no feeling in her legs and need a bit more time .i sat in front of her not only did it notice her red butt and pussy ,but her face was red too ,she looked at me and said did you enjoy that? Yes I said she replied well just you wait I will get you back for this.

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Sex In The City Of Perth


I was working in the city, a late finish as usual; dress in work clothes, casual, not that tidy, but still ok.
When a good-looking lady came past, hot as, a floral top silky type not quite a micro mini skirt but still short enough to stir the bl**d. Nice hi heels, smooth waxed legs that shone in the evening sun. Jet black shoulder length hair, hi cheek bones, A smile that outshone the sun, about early 30,s, and little make up. This is a lady of class.
She stopped to watch as I packed my tools into the toolboxes on the Ute. Feeling her lingering stare, I looked over my shoulder and gave her a wink, licked my lips slowly, and raised an eyebrow.
She approached in a seductive manner, that was slow and deliberate. Placing her hand on my crutch, gently squeezing till it stirred, with the voice of a whispering angle that would melt snow, she said, ”hmmm…. I was right, you are a true lover, is there somewhere we can go so you can fix this ache that is burning inside me”
“Sure,… follow me” I unlocked the door, and led her to a display of exquisite bedroom settings that I had just finished arranging.
Gently laying her down on the huge bed as if she were a silk sheet, I caressed her face and neck tracing my fingers down her blouse and undoing the buttons one at a time, gently laying it open to reveal a pair of the sweetest small breasts, fit to be worshiped, this lady needed no bra, they stood alone, a perfect shape.
As I nuzzled and sucked on these heaven sent jewels, she started to spasm and quiver all over, she was on her way to a higher sexual Plato, little did she or I know how high she would float in this orb of passion. Gentle…. as if drifting on falling snow, I let my kisses fall allover her body to where her smooth skin was bare. Allowing my hands to brush over her hips and down to the hem line of her skirt, and onto that smooth leg skin then sliding upwards to feel that mound of pelvis that felt so smooth, just the way nature created.
Thumbing her skirt up and moving myself between her creamy thighs, her pussy-lips glistening in her slit, parting them, so as the pink flesh sparkled. Beading with love juice, waiting for my tongue to lap it up, her aroma was exquisite, fresh, and the taste was succulent… pure honey. As I lapped, the juice flowed, and this lady responded in a way that she had longed for this moment for so long. It was a true pleasure to see this reaction in a lady so fine. I was in no hurry to end this delight of lapping the finest pussy that I had ever tasted.
Her nails were scratching my shoulders in a sensual way, increasing and heightening the frenzy. It was time to shed my clothes and get down to the serious side of pleasuring this fine lady. As I rose up to enter her with my hard throbbing cock, she grasped hold of it with both hands, gasping, she murmured, “be gentle with that monster, it’s huge”, her eyes wide in surprise “that… must be… at least nine inches long and so fat. I have never seen such a beautiful cock like that before”. I smiled and reassured her that she would be overwhelmed with pleasure very soon…. Her pussy was a torrent of juice, anticipation was consuming her.
As she guided the circumcised head of my cock to her pussy lips, they opened into a perfect hole … I knew in my heart that this lady was ready, Gently easing into her firm hot juicy quivering lover, I could only try to imagine the pleasure that this lady was going thru, her love tunnel was being violated by an intense fore filling pleasure, I was in most of the way and could feel that the head of my cock was up against the top of her womb, I was just about to withdraw, when she arched up and that drove me even deeper inside her. The feeling was intense on my sensitive cock, as I intensified the rhythm, her legs wrapped and locked around my back, she ground her pelvis against mine, tears started to flow from her eyes, biting her bottom lip to stem her excitement, let it out I told her, she gave into the moment. Her scream’s and screeches, twisting and contorting were like music to me. With her head of flaxen hair threshing from side to side, her torso shaking and quivering, she gave forth a massive orgasm that left her swimming in europhia. I held my cock deep inside her till she regained consciousness then gently fucked her till I was on the brink of cumming myself. She mustered an unknown inner-strength and we both came together, our juices flowed and mixed, sweat and tears combined, the fire inside this jewel of beauty was under control, not out, but to a smolder. I wondered where she would go to from here?.
I helped her to redress to her former glory… pulling my own clothes back on. We locked up the shop, holding hands and giggling like a couple of teenagers, we headed for a coffee shop, where we talked till the small hours. She asked me to come back to her place which was so close to where I worked. We showered, made love again and again.
A month later the angles came and took her, this answered my question, ’Where would she go? Her heart was healed, her whish for love was granted, her promise fore filled, sad as it is, life must go on,
My boss called me into her office and gave me a tape … it was a security tape.. “This may comfort you in your hour of grief” she said solemnly… I took it home and played it... It was of our first encounter, I smiled… our secret was discovered. A rare treasure, a moment of eternity, I give thanks to modern technology……... Continue»
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Back door in the back seat!!!

I'm a married bi-male that loves to hook-up for no-strings sex. I am all bottom when I am with a guy and. when I get horny, I need cock and I don’t take no for an answer. I had been chatting on one of the bi IM services with a guy and sent him an IM asking if he was horny and wanted to have a little fun. He replied saying that he was horny as hell and wanted a nice tight ass to fuck. We chatted for a few minutes about how horny we were and he sent me a message asking if I like black cock. Now when I'm horny, I will hook up with a guy and really don't care what race he is, but this little white slut loves to be dicked down by a black stud. I told him that I had to have his cock right now! He asked if I could host. I told him there was no way I could and he said that his roommate was straight and awake so there was no way he could host either. I told him I didn't care where we met, I just wanted that cock. I asked him what kind if car he drove. I got excited when he said it was a full-size SUV. I told him I would do him in the back seat, and gave him directions on where to come and pick me up.

I went to the corner where I told him to meet me, and he showed up right on time. He was driving a big black SUV with all the extras and had a really hot straight porn movie playing on the DVD player. I climbed in the passenger seat and we drove off and I checked out the movie while we drove. This blond girl was getting fucked from behind by one big black stud, while she was blowing another even bigger stud. The cocks on there guys were enormous, and I was hoping I would be as lucky as she was.

I told him to just find a dark street to park on and scooted over as far in my seat as I could without falling onto the console. I reached over and put my hand on his thigh and he grabbed it and pulled it up to his crotch. His cock was big! And it wasn't even hard yet. I rubbed up and down on his cock through the fabric of his khakis and felt it starting to grow and stiffen. I began to get hornier and hornier feeling the size of his dick, and I told him to hurry and find a place to stop because I was dying to suck his cock. After about 5 more minutes of driving he pulled over and I took a quick look around. There were very few cars parked on the street and none of the houses looked like they had any lights on so I figured this was as good a place as any. I climbed between the front seats, and stopped about halfway through to let him see my cute little ass sticking up in the air. He gave my ass a good long squeeze and a rub as I wiggled it and told him that it was his tonight. I climbed the rest of the way into the back seat and asked him to join me. I kicked off my sandals and slipped my shorts off so he could see the silky panties I had on. He climbed back to where I was, and sat close to me. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and slowly pulled his zipper down to expose his growing cock. He lifted up slightly so I could work his pants down and his cock sprung up in my face.

He was huge! It was a good 9" long and at least 2 1/2" across with a dark black shaft and a plum shaped head that was almost white and was still growing. I jacked up and down on his shaft and asked him if I could suck him. He just pushed my head down to his cock. I let the head of his cock slide into my mouth and continued jacking the shaft with my hand. I could taste the pre-cum and he started moaning about how hot my mouth felt on his dick. I licked up and down the underside of his cock, which had grown to at least 10" by now and was so thick I could just get my fingers to close around it. I took his head back into my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. He placed one hand on my head and began to f***e my mouth to take more and more of his huge cock. His other hand was rubbing my ass and he slipped a finger under the back of my panties and began fingering my lubed ass-pussy. I gagged a little when that big cock hit the back of my throat, but I wanted it all and he was going to make sure I got it. After a couple more bobs up and down, my throat began to allow the big shaft to enter. I finally felt my chin hit his balls. He groaned and told me how good it felt to have his whole cock sucked, and that his girlfriend couldn’t even get half of his cock in her mouth. I kept letting him fuck my mouth with his cock, and I could feel him slip another finger into my tight slick ass. I knew he was going to fuck me with that big cock.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I didn’t have to ask what he wanted now. He slid my panties down off my hips and I pulled them down my legs so I would be able to spread my legs enough to get that cock in me. I really wanted to take him bareback, but I didn't know him well enough to chance it. Even a cock that great isn't worth dying for, so I got a condom out of my shorts and rolled it down his cock and got the lube on it. I straddled his lap reverse cowgirl style, reached behind me, grabbed that great big rock hard cock and put the head at the entrance to my tight asshole. I felt the very tip of it begin to slip into me and I gasped as I felt the thickness if his cock begin to stretch my hole wider than it ever had been before. I rocked back and forth on his hard cock, each time taking a little more of that monster into my ass. I couldn't believe how much cock I already had in me, and I looked down and at least half of it was still outside. I continued to work myself up and down on his cock, and I could feel him begin to thrust slightly up into me, forcing a little more of his shaft into me with every bounce. OMG that cock was big! I kept going until I was sitting completely in his lap. It was all the way inside me. And it felt amazing. I felt so full of cock, and I began fucking myself on his cock. I fucked him like that for a few minutes until I was satisfied that my ass was stretched enough to take it, and I bent over, putting my chest between the front seats so he could fuck me doggy style.

He grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass-pussy like he meant it. I was moaning with pleasure and a little bit of pain as he pounded his monster cock in and out of me. He pulled it all the way out and slammed it back into me and I felt my own cock began to shoot streams of cum from the pressure he was putting on my prostate from both his size and his constant thrusting. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes like that, sweat was pouring out of both of us and the windows of the SUV were totally fogged up. I felt his cock get even harder and grow just a little more and I knew he was going to shoot his load of hot cum. I begged him to finish off in my mouth, and he pulled his cock out of my ass and I turned around, pulled the rubber off his dick and took him into my mouth. The first spurt hit me in the back of my throat and I swallowed it down, pulled his dick out of my mouth and let the next several spurts shoot all over my face and my hair before taking his cock back in my mouth to swallow the last few loads.

I collapsed into the back seat of the SUV and tried to catch my breath while he did the same. My ass felt like he’d driven the SUV up in it, and I knew I would be sore as hell the next morning. Once we caught our breath we got each other’s digits and made plans to hook-up for more SUV steam treatment.... Continue»
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Sex In The Mall

Here on xhamster and many other porn sites you can find a video of a housewife from Iowa who has sex in a shopping Mall bathroom with a man she meets online. My story which is different from hers. But like hers it is true and also takes place in a shopping mall. However, my story doesn't involve a housewife but a very pretty white teenager named Maryann who I had met by the swimming pool at the apartment complex where my ex and I lived.

In subsqent meetings we always kept it friendly but neighborly because of my ex and her boyfriend who she was always visiting and lived in the apartment beneith mine. However, All that change one day after I had taken a partime job as a security guard at the local shopping mall.

One day I was walking my patrol on the upper level of the mall when I spotted one of my fellow guards talking to 2 teenage girls whose backs were to me. As I approached my fellow guardsman, the 2 girls turned around and notice that one of them was Maryann. Instantly she smiled at me and came over to talk to me. As I walked my beat we got to know each other better. From that day on each time she came to the mall she would spend her time walking around with me. Then one night I was ask to man the security desk. While I was working at the desk Maryann came behind me and started giving me neck and shoulder massage. Reaching up I took her hands and pulled her around in front of me where I could get to her lips and we embraced in a deep and passionate kiss. While we were kissing Maryann reached down and grabbed my cock and squeezed it giving me a raging hardon. When she did that I slipped my hand down the front of her jeans and started rubbing her sweet teen hairy pussy. At this point both of us were hot to fuck.

As we continued kissing we heard someone coming down the hallway so we broke our kiss and rearranged our clothing. No sooner then we made ourselves presentable in walked the duty sargent who told me it was time to take my lunch break. Being that I was hungry to taste Maryann's pussy I told her that we needed to find some place where we could get some privacy and I had the perfect place in mind.

In the back of all the stores in the mall are maintenance corridors where they keep their trash containers. In one of those corridors was a stairway that led up a third floor where the mall maintenance crew stored decorations. The only peolpe who went up there were security personnel when they wanted to go out on the roof for parking lot surveilence. Knowing that no one would be coming up there anytime soon I took Maryann up there and we immediately took off our clothe. Using my clothes as a blanket Maryann got down on her knees and immediaitely swallowed my cock. After a few minutes of feeling her cute little mouth on my cock I had her lay down and spread her legs so I could taste that hairy pussy I had been fingering just mere minute before. As I kissed and licked her pussy slit she began writhering from pleasure but the moment I took her clit into my mouth she shook in an orgasm. When her orgasm started calming down she pleaded with me to put my cock inside her pussy. Crawling up between her legs she reached down and took my cock and guided it to her pussy. As I started pushing my cock into her pussy I realized that this cute skinny white teen had one of the tightest pussies I ever felt. In order for me to get my cock into her I had to keep pulling back out with each inch that I shove into her. Given the tightness of her pussy and push pull method I had to use to get into her I started feeling that usual feeling of needing to come rising up in my balls. After I got half of my cock inside her Her pussy stretched a little and I wwas able to ease my cock the rest of the way into her until I was balls deep. With my cock buried to the balls inside her and also stretching tight pussy walls it set off another orgasm in her and as soon as she started shaking and grinding her pussy on my cock along with her tightness it set me off and I pump what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside her.

After I withdrew my cock from her sweet teen pussy we quickly got dress and I reached into my pocket to get some tissues for Maryann who shoved them down her pants to catch the cum that was dripping from her pussy. As we finish dressing I heard the voice of my duty sargent calling me on my radio to let me know my break time was over and which floor I was to patrol. As we exited the maintenance exit on to the upper level for my patrol my sweet teen mistress went with me and continued walking with me ubtil her friend caught back up with her and told he it was time to go home. The next day my mistress didn't come to the mall but I talked to her on the phone found out that while she and I were off fucking, her friend was out in the parking lot fucking my fellow guard. Crazy thing is my fellow guard's wife work in the department store of which his car was parked outside.
... Continue»
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In the back seat of the car

In the back seat of the car

This a true account of an unexpected event just two nights ago.

A little bit of background: - My wife Carol and I pretty much lead separate sex lives and she has a couple of regular boyfriends who look after her needs. They are both great guys who I get on well with. As you will know from my galleries, I have a few lady friends who likewise look after my needs. We both accept this and will often tell each other about our meetings. She has had a long friendship with Andrea (who we all call Ann). Ann is married to Steve and we have on many occasions gone out together socially. Carol has told me on a couple of occasions that according to Ann, Steve is blessed with an exceptionally large cock, apparently women have such conversations from time to time in the same way I suppose men do.

Anyway to my recount of the night in question: Carol had dressed in a black chiffon blouse dress with long sleeves down to her wrists and looked very good in it I have to say. The skirt part of her dress finished at her knees and was full and flowing. Any puff of wind would have lifted her skirt revealing her lingerie. Doubtless this will have been ultra-sexy and stockings and suspenders would have been her normal attire. Using my car which is spacious inside, we set off for a half hour journey to pick up Ann and Steve before heading out to a restaurant where we had booked a meal. It all went well with the usual chat and banter between us and when the sweet menu came round Ann said they had sticky toffee pudding (don’t they always)? My wife who was actually sober having had little to drink responded by saying that the kitchen would struggle to dish up anything as sticky as her pudding was right then which got us all giggling.

To cut a long story short, after our meal we all got in my car to take Ann and Steve back to their home. My wife and I were in the front and our friends in the back with Steve sitting behind me. We had been driving for a few minutes when Ann started getting boisterous and Steve telling her to behave. There seemed to be a lot of whispering from the back between them. Carol asked what was going on and Ann responded that Steve had a hard on and she was trying to help him with it but he wouldn’t let her. I responded by saying that what they did in the back was up to them as long as they were enjoying themselves. After a while it became quiet in the back and as we passed through a small village with street lights, Carol glanced round and in a loud voice told me that Ann was wanking Steve’s cock and then said ‘Jesus, you should see the size of it’. Ann responded by telling Carol she could have a feel if I didn’t mind. I mentioned that what carol did was up to her and it would be far from the first time she had felt a different cock to mine since we had been married. With that Carol reached back between the front seats stretched out her arm and said ‘bl**dy hell, Bob should have a look at this; I have never felt anything so huge before’.

My problem was that driving and with Steve behind me I couldn’t see a dam thing but Carol was really beside herself with admiration of what she was holding in her hand. Ann told Steve to sit forward in the seat so Carol didn’t have to stretch so much and that he must have done. By now we were out of the village and back in the dark and I could feel my wife’s arm moving so obviously she was getting to grips with Steve. All she kept on about was the size, how hard, the length of it and I should look but with driving and with it being dark that was difficult. Ann told Carol to be careful as Steve was a bit of a shooter and came buckets to which Carol simply said ‘who cares the more the better’. Ann said to Carol to really wank Steve with a tight grip and long hard stokes which he loved. Before long, Steve started to moan saying ‘wank it, wank it’ to which Carol responded by doing so even faster.

I must say I had a serious hard on myself and I don’t think my cock is that small so what my wife was wanking I could only imagine. Steve said I’m cuming, I’m going to spunk’ Ann said to carol to keep wanking Steve’s cock he will cum and cum she said. Steve was gasping and I could feel him bucking in the back seat ‘keep rubbing him’ said Ann really hard and fast. I think was nearly cuming myself and my cock was still in my trousers. ‘Oh fuck’ said Carol ‘I can feel his cock pulsating in my hand’. ‘Keep wanking hard’ said Ann ‘he’s not done yet’. Eventually it was clear that Steve was spent and Carol brought her hand back from behind the passenger seat which I suppose was pretty wet with cum as she used her skirt to wipe it dry. Steve said it was a fantastic wank and thanked Carol adding it was a fantastic sensation having his cock pulled forward toward her as he shot his load.

We dropped them off and headed home with Carol keeping on about Steve’s cock as you might imagine. We got home and went into the kitchen and as I looked at Carol I had to smile as she had a great string of spunk over her dress across her arm and tits. I remarked how strong Steve must have shot to do that which had Carol laughing and told me to look in the mirror and on doing so I saw I had spunk on my left hand shoulder and on my trouser leg. Well Ann did warn us Steve was a shooter. This morning I have been in the car with a cloth and warm water getting dried spunk of the back of the car seats, the centre consul and the passenger door which must have missed Carol completely or was the after shot from the spunk across her arm and tits.

So to sum up, I got a hard on and the job of cleaning the car, Carol got to wank what apparently was a very big cock and was covered in cum as a result, Steve – well we know what he got and Ann just enjoyed herself. I am certain that the girls contrived this to happen with only Steve and myself not knowing about. Carol has mentioned a few times today that she is determined to have Steve fuck her so am I the looser or what? I still haven’t seen this monster of a cock Steve has but Carol has promised to get some photos from Ann and let me see them unless I get to see it fucking her first. She has been on the phone for an hour or so with Ann today amongst lots of giggles so I rather think this is far from the end of the tale.
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In the back row

I had just turned 18 and it was back in the days of the 35mm porn theaters. Being the horny k** that I was it didn't take long before I decided to go see one of those movies. Nervous doesn't begin to describe how I felt as I paid and entered the theater. But I was horny and curious enough to do it and soon found myself just inside the door gawking at the screen.

The screen! I had never seen actual sex and there it was bigger than life on that screen. My jeans immediately felt too tight as I watched a porn star cock being sucked by a pretty girl and I wanted to take a seat to hide that bulge but my eyes were still blinded by the sun lit outdoors I had come from. So I stood there by the door and just hoped nobody would notice.

Dark adaption didn't take all that long, though it sure seemed like forever at the time, and soon I could see well enough to determine where seats were occupied. Not wanting to be near anybody I walked down a ways and found an empty row; I seated myself near the center and settled in to watch the action on the screen.

After sitting down I noticed a man was sitting in the row in front of me and a little to the right. As I watched the movie I was distracted by some movement on his part and now that my eyes were used to the dark I could see he had his cock out and was stroking it. This shocked me some but I could understand why a guy would want to do it since my cock was hard and throbbing in my pants. It also intrigued me since his was the first hard cock, other than my own, that I had ever seen.

I watched that movie, and the one that came after, and after a couple of hours I couldn't stop myself and rubbed a finger along my hard cock through my pants. That made me cum almost immediately and, with sticky underwear, I rushed out hoping nobody would notice the large wet spot and drove home.

Over the next few months I went to adult theaters once a week on average, sometimes more, and seeing guys jerking off became just part of the scene. I even saw couples a few times and onetime a young couple was in the row in front of me and after being fingered to an orgasm the girl sucked off her partner. That kept me so excited I came back the next night, even though it was a Monday, hoping more action like that. But, of course, it was pretty much dead that night.

Since it was a Monday the place was almost empty and I was able to sit in the back row; something I had never done before. There was only one other guy in the theater and he was sitting close to the screen. So I took advantage of being able to rub myself without much worry of being seen. But it didn't take long for the door to open to admit another patron that quickly sat down at the end of the row. He sat there for a while, about the amount of time needed for eyes to adapt. Then scooted over sitting four seats away from me.

Of course I had to stop my stealth cock rubbing when he came down the row. But started again after they guy had settled into his seat since he was watching the screen and not looking my way. By that time I had developed a way to work a finger inside my underwear by leaving one of the middle buttons on my fly undone. So even if he looked, I appeared to simple have my hands folded on my lap while I was actually rubbing the sweet spot slowly with one finger.

It was no surprise to me when he unzipped and pulled out his cock. Since the theater was so empty I was able to sneak a few peeks at it without being caught and, though I considered myself completely straight, I found myself becoming interested. Somehow seeing his cock and how it was shaped started looking good to me.

When the movie ended and the lights started coming up he just flipped his shirt over rather than put it away. The guy up near the screen got up and left through the fire door. I squirmed down low in my seat and waited for the next feature. Sometimes I wondered why they bothered with an intermission but guess it was to try to sell over-priced stale popcorn. But I always found them boring and didn't like having the lights up.

After an usher came through to make sure the fire doors were shut so nobody could sneak in with paying, the guy in my row pulled his shirt off his cock. It looked even better to me with the lights on, but I was nervous about somebody coming in and catching him like that. Not that I had ever seen a cop in this theater.

Just before the lights went down he glanced my way and smiled. I quickly looked away but felt sure he had caught me looking. My face felt warm from embarrassment, I was glad the lights were dimming. Then, after the previews, he stood up and move over to the seat next to mine.

So there I was sitting with my hands on my lap with a secret finger through the fly and with a guy sitting next to me with his hard cock out and reaching for the sky. Maybe I should have moved to another seat but I don't think I could have moved if I wanted to. I probably shouldn't have looked at his cock either, but I did and I couldn't look away.

He slowly stroked himself while I watched. I was so turned on I even forgot about the finger in my fly and just watched. As time went by I must have started leaning in for a closer look, because I was pretty close when he put a hand on the back of my head.

Many thoughts spun through my head. Of course I knew what he wanted me to do, but I wasn't sure I should. My head felt light and my muscles seemed weak as he guided me to his waiting erection. It seemed so wrong but I realized I wanted his cock in my mouth. So when the head touched my lips I opened them and let them slide around and down.

Part of me wanted to panic but feeling a cock in my mouth was too amazing. I loved how the shape of the head felt on my tongue, especially as slid towards my throat. So I just gave myself to the experience.

As my head moved up and down my universe shrank until there was nothing but me and his cock. The taste changed as I sucked, from what I now know is pre-cum, and that taste flamed the fire inside me. My head was moving up and down and he was making small thrusting motions.

I had always been a bit grossed out by cum in the past, but that didn't matter. There was a cock in my mouth and I wanted to make it cum; I wanted to know I had done it right. I kept right on sucking, don't know how long, until his cock swelled even more, he gave a final big thrust and he held my head to stop me from moving.

The first shot was a clean hit to the back of my throat. It was quickly following by a second. By the third I was swallowing as fast as I could. The taste was weird but I didn't find it to be gross, just unusual. Not that I had time to think much about the taste while trying to swallow fast enough to avoid choking.

As he relaxed that final thrust his cock left my mouth and I could see it was already softening. I liked the look of it better when it was hard but seeing the shine of my spit wasn't bad either. He zipped up, stood and quickly left the theater leaving me to think about what I had just done.

As I sat back I realized there was a bit of guilt in me but, as I thought about what I had done, I shoved that emotion aside by thinking there was nothing wrong with sucking cock if that's what I want to do. I also knew it hadn't "turned me gay" in the least; all it did was give me something else I could enjoy.
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Anal Fun in the Back of the Bar

She stood up from her seat at the bar and stared at me.

“Follow me and you won't regret it,” her eyes said.

I stared back at her and then dropped my eyes to her ass as she turned and walked towards the back of the bar.

She had to be twice my age, but damn was she sexy.

“I'll be right back, guys,” I said, leaving behind my friends to follow her.

She looked over her shoulder as she walked towards the back of the building, and our eyes met again as I followed her around the corner to the bathrooms.

She stepped into the women's room. I stood outside for a split second and looked around, making sure no one was watching.

I knocked on the door.

“Yes?” a sexy voice purred inquisitively.

I stepped in, and there she stood, leaning on the sink counter.

Her eyes said, “fuck me.”

“Hey,” I said, locking the door behind me.

“Hey,” she said back, her hand on her hip.

That was it. We were on each other, mouths locked together. My hands reached first for her ass, giving it a rough squeezed, drawing a moan from between her lips. Then my hands went for her breasts, pulling first one, then the other out of her dress. As my tongue explored her mouth, my fingers explored her nipples, twisting and pulling them; they could cut glass they were so hard.

My hand went down the curve of her body, pulling up her dress. I pushed her back against the bathroom counter. Our breaths came heavy through our noses as our mouths continued exploring. Her tongue was in my mouth. I sucked it hard and bit it.

I pulled back and stared into her eyes as I slid my hand down the front of her thong. I toyed with her clit; it was huge and hard. She moaned and panted as I rubbed it with my fingers. Then I slid a finger into her pussy. She moan even louder.

I stopped fingering her just long enough to unbuckle my belt and drop my pants. My dick was hard and ready. I grabbed her thong and pulled her towards me. She let out a little yelp—I had pulled he thong so hard that it ripped and fell to the bathroom floor.

Her eyes were blazing and her skin was flushed and red. I kissed her hard, spun her around, and bent her over the bathroom counter. I grabbed her hips and slammed my dick into her dripping pussy so hard my balls hit her huge clit. She groaned with pleasure. I rammed my dick into her again and again, each time my balls slapping her clit, each time she moaned.

I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy. Still bent over the counter, she panted, trying to catch her breath. I spread her cheeks to get a better look at her asshole. I spat on it. Grabbing my cock, I used it to smear the spit on her tight, pink hole. Slowly, I pushed the head in. She moaned. With each gentle thrust, I pushed my cock a little further into her welcoming asshole. The head was in, then another inch, then another.

Our eyes met in the mirror. She had a grimace of pleasure and pain.

Staring her in the eyes, I rammed my cock all the way in.

Her eyes closed and she let out her loudest moan yet: “Aaaggghhh!”

“Take it,” I said, under my breath.

I was balls deep in this “experienced” woman's ass.

She opened her eyes, looked back at me in the mirror, and nodded.

I eased my cock back out until just the head was hidden in her ass. In and out. In and out. She moaned with each stroke, her ass stretching to take me in. She was as tight as a wrestler's handshake.

I pulled out and spat on her hole again, this time smearing the natural lube around with my finger. Slowly, gently, I eased my finger into her tight hole. First knuckle, second, then all the way in.

She moaned and looked at me in the mirror again. I pulled my finger from her vise-like asshole and reached towards her face. She opened her mouth and took my finger, sucking it and running her tongue around it.

I grabbed her and bent her over the counter again. Then with one hand I grabbed my cock and pressed it against her tight asshole. She let out heavy breath after heavy breath as, slowly, I f***ed my way back in. Then as she relaxed, I started going faster and deeper until with each thrust my balls were slapping her wet pussy.

With each thrust, each slap, she let out a grown. She reached back and started stroking her massive clit. Her breathing got heavier. Her moans got louder. I could tell she was about to cum--with my cock deep in her ass.

Just as she climaxed, someone knocked on the door.

She came hard. Each spasm of ecstasy was punctuated by a word in response to the person at the door:


With each spasm, her ass contracted around my cock.

Just as she finished cumming I pulled my cock from her hole.

“Come here,” I said, gasping, holding back my orgasm.

She knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, sucking her juices from it, and then my cum as I exploded in the back of her mouth. I held her head as the orgasm pulsated through me. I have never cum so hard.

She looked up at me as she sucked every drop from me. She swallowed and kept teasing the head of my cock with her tongue. I was so sensitive I could barely keep my dick in her mouth.

Finally, she released me. She wiped her mouth and gave a little laugh as she stood up, staring into my eyes.

“Well, that was fun,” she said.

“Yes, it was,” I replied, as I pulled up my pants.

There was another knock at the door. I reached to the floor for her torn thong and shoved it in my pocket. Time to go.

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Gangbang in the back

It was a chilly Saturday night and me and my boyfriend were hanging out, going to the store to buy some new reading glasses and medicine, so we walked in and straight away these 4 guys were staring at me creepily. I told Colby (my boyfriend) and he told me he would protect me... So the glasses were in the back, near by the storage room of the store. I said I was going to the bread, because we still needed some new bread. He kissed me and said he would meet me back there in 5 minutes. I walked over to the bread, and the boys approached me. I slowly backed up. "What?" I said. "Did I do something?!" The first guy came up and rested his hands on my hips. "C'mon," he said as they came and threw me over their shoulder. They led me into the back room. I looked back and waved my arms like crazy, and finally Colby saw me. He ran after me. "You better fucking let go of her!!" He tackled him to the ground. I jumped back, and he grabbed me. He whipped out a gun. "You stop, I get the girl, you sit down, shut the hell up or I shoot her."
"No, please!" I screamed. He held the gun to my head. "Shut up or you die." "Ow!" He pulled me down to the ground. He undid my dress and it slowly slipped off. "Damn..." He circled me, a few times then slapped my ass. "Please!" "Please what? Want some more?" He grabbed me off my feet and threw me down. "Oohh..." I sat up. "Babe!!"
"SHUT UP!!" He threatened. "NOOO please!" He unhooked my bra and my breasts fell out onto his hands. "Ayy, girl..." He harshly pinned me to the wall, and caressed my boobs and ass. He fingered me through my panties. "No.." I said. He traced my clit with his gun.

To Be Continued...... Continue»
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The Gardener and the girl

Sheryl was 18 she had lived in the same street her whole life she was a warm girl, she had light brown hair and very blue eyes with a cute button nose,she had never had a proper boyfriend she had had plenty of gropings and been felt up in the back of cars and local fields but never had good sex just the sticky fumblings associated with teenage boys.
She was in actual fact a classic bbw with big hips and was very busty which she viewed as a drawback to having a full time boyfriend not imagining for a second that some men actually look for that in a girl.
It was a hot summers day and she was in the back garden enjoying the sunshine when she heard someone in next doors garden she looked over and there was a guy in jeans and a t shirt with some gardening tools looking like he was going to start work, he was about 40 (middle aged as far as she was concerned) he was completely bald wearing a pair of wrap around sunglasses, he was not tall about medium height but quite stocky and tanned obviously an out door working type of guy. as she looked at him he turned and saw her and smiled she smiled back nervously
"good morning" he shouted across
"er hi" she replied as she looked at him she could feel his eyes on her face he didn't look down her body but was riveted to her eyes she could feel herself blushing as he looked, she lifted a hand to her hair to play with it, an endearing nervous gesture that she wasn't even aware that she did.
"its a lovely day isn't it" he said
"er yes" she replied she felt butterflys in her stomach this guy was making her nervous but in a good way, she tried to think of something to say to carry on the conversation but she was tongue tied he saved her when he asked
"no school today?"
"Im on exam leave"she said "im 18 nearly 19" she added not knowing why she had said it
" grown up girl eh" he replied and then his eyes slid down her body lingering on her breasts then back up to her face she blushed again and felt heat between her legs, a melting sensation in her tummy she nodded jerkily not trusting her own voice, with that she turned and ran into the house she giggled as she went always something she did she couldnt help it, the guy watched her go thoughtfully smiled to himself and started work.
Sheryl found herself stood at the kitchen window watching the guy work she found herself strongly attracted to him as she watched him work she was trying to think of excuses to go out into the back garden, she grabbed one of her mothers books and went back out and sat at the garden table where she could watch him and pretended to read.
She sat for 10 minutes or so watching him over the top of her book wondering how to strike up a conversation but she was too shy and didn't want to make a fool of herself so she sat there and just watched him careful not to let him catch watching him.
Presently he stopped work and sat down for his morning break he looked at her and said
"hello again catching some rays" glancing up at the sun
"er yes" she said
"arnt you a bit overdressed for sunbathing" he commented with a nice smile
"er yes I suppose so" she stammered "I cant wear a bikini in my back garden though can I" she said
"why not?" he enquired "its your back garden" then he changed the subject
"so how come you are not out with your friends or your boyfriend" he asked starting his sandwiches
"well my friends are all busy and I havnt got a boyfriend" she replied blushing again
he lifted his eyebrows in surprise " really that's difficult to understand a good looking girl like you" he smiled at her she felt herself blushing again
"thank you" she said and smiled sweetly at him relaxing a bit
"well id better get back to it these neighbours of yours will not be happy if they come home and im talking to the local talent instead of landscaping their garden " he said with a smile and a wink, Sheryl just grinned at him liking him a bit more and said
"ok see you later" she carried on pretending to read her book.
After a while Sheryl went back in the house to get something to eat she made some toast and as she was eating she started to think about what had been said outside about wearing a bikini and she wondered if he was hinting that he would like to see her in one she did have one but she felt to self conscience in it.
She finished her breakfast and went upstairs to try it on it was black and skimpy the top was bad enough (they only just covered her nipples) but the bottoms were so small when she put it all on her pussy was only just covered its a good job she shaved it all off down there she thought she wrapped her bottom half in a white see through sarong and walked down stairs and into the back garden.
She noticed the guy next door look the minute she walked out she arched her back slightly to emphasize her already significant bust went and sat down opposite him so he could have a really good look at her whenever he wanted there was only about 3 foot from her table to her garden fence so he could get as close as he needed to if he wanted to, she put her feet up on the chair opposite her and carried on pretending to read her book she watched him over the top of her book he was still staring at her! she was melting inside she was unaccustomed to feeling this way as she read her book she pulled her sarong to one side to show more leg she heard an audible gasp from the guy and pretended not to notice, her pussy felt like it was on fire she felt a cool breeze on her lips she looked up at the guy and said
"hi how are you getting on with your work"
"er ok" he croaked he couldn't seem to lift his eyes from her crotch then they would bounce up to her boobs then back to her crotch, she glanced down at her tiny bikini bottoms and realized in horror they had slipped up her slit and both her pussy lips were protruding either side he was actually looking at her nearly naked cunt, she looked up at him he was stood right at the fence staring at her pussy mesmerized she pulled her sarong across her legs covering her self up, his disappointment was obvious in his face " sorry about that" she said crimson with embarrassment
"god dont apologize" he said " nicest looking pussy ive seen in ages" he smiled at her "if I see that every time i have a break this will be the best job ive ever had" he laughed
she laughed with him still embarrassed but curious as well "so you liked my pussy" she said then realized what she had said and blushed again then added in a rush "you don't have to answer that" dreading his answer in case he didn't like it or thought it was ugly or something.
"well now" he said " I couldn't see it all but the bits i could see were perfect" she smiled relieved he had liked her she was dying to show him all of herself she wanted his approval she had never been this aroused in her whole life, then he added
" but if you want my proper opinion i would have to see a bit more"
"I shouldn't really do that" she said wanting to but not at the same time.
"I cant really give you my opinion if I cant see now can I" he answered
"what do you want to see" she asked with a catch in her voice
"we can start with your boobs " he said "take off your top" he said in a voice that brooked no argument, Sheryl reached behind her and undid her clasp holding the top in place with her arms then she slowly revealed her boobs they swung down in all their glory big boobs with big brown nipples she could see his erection big and hard she wanted to see it in the flesh she wanted to feel it,
"now the bottoms" he said Sheryl peeled off her bottoms and put her legs back on the chair opposite her now her cunt was completely exposed his eyes were all over her she felt a huge thrill through her body
"your body is fantastic" he says eyes never still
"thank you" said Sheryl "can you show me what you've got now please"
"you mean you want to see my cock" he lifted an eyebrow enquiringly
she nodded her head not trusting her voice he reached down un zipped his trousers and pulled out his cock she watched fascinated as it sprang into view big and thick he started to pull it back and forth pulling his foreskin over his wet glans while she watched wide eyed
"play with your self" he croaked at her, her hand reached down and touched her pussy she found she was soaking wet she started to manipulate her clit rubbing and watching his cock slide between his hands eventually she was fingering herself in time with the pumps of his fist faster and faster until with a groan he came shooting his sperm over the fence some landing on her foot in a warm glob she came at the same time as if his orgasm had set her off...

Sheryl regretfully put her bikini and sarong back on and smiled at the guy he extended his hand over the fence and said "Simon" and laughed she Laughed with him shook his hand and said " Sheryl pleased to meet you" and smiled
"er Sheryl" he said
"yes" she answered
" i have another break at three" he laughed
"see you then" she answered with a cheeky grin

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Sex In The College Play Ground With Shruthi

somewhere in the year of 2011, when I was pursuing my engineering. Our college was located in the outskirt of Chennai, and the final year students had to do an engineering project, and to prepare the project for every little thing we had to visit Chennai around 100 Kms from our college location. So normally we used to go early morning and come back late in the night. All the final year students used to wait for holidays to go to Chennai to finish our projects, which would mean at least 20 -25 students visiting on that very day of college Holiday.

The Bus would start at 9:30 P.M. from Chennai and reach our college by 11:30 PM. The college Boys and girls would prefer to sit together and with the preference in the serial order of same gender, same class and then same college. That day first 2 preferences went against Shruthi and she then chose to sit beside me. She was in Mechanical department and I was in Electronics and Telecom department. We had seen each other in the college more than many times and had a less than a minute conversation, but that was sufficient for her to say hello and sit beside me.
Shruthi was a modern girl of the college and she was the only girl in the male dominated Mechanical Branch in the college. So I had the natural Goosebumps in my stomach as she sat beside me. But she seemed very normal and was least bothered by our touch. This raised my confidence and my tool. Well then I purposely put my hand on the arm rest and extended my elbow closer to her and the bus movement assisted me in soft smooth massage of her beautiful boobs. After we came out of the city limits lights were switched off and curtains on the side window were pulled.

One thing I forgot to tell you, the bus atmosphere has natural romantic mood as this was also the opportunity of the love birds in the college to escape from the prying eyes of the college mates and have fun for the full day in the Chennai and come back to college in the night. While returning these love birds would sit together and continue their love affairs the moment light was switched off.

One of the love bird and a good friend of Shruthi sitting in our adjacent seat started their love affair and slightly more vigorously. So they were acting as a catalyst in my elbow massage. Her boobs were very soft and that touch sparked the sex feeling in me towards her. She might have thought it was accidental and didn’t give much importance to that touch.

But for me it is like a small ignition for a big bomb. Since she didn’t care for that touch much. I touched her boobs with my elbow several times. She would have felt that touches, but would have though it is normal but it seems she was getting hot, so she was fully cooperating me, her cooperation gave me sufficient confidence to continue my massage. The sexy atmosphere built up by our friends in our row of the bus further added the total atmosphere of confidence, cooperation and foreplay at my seat.

After around 30 minutes of elbow massage, I wanted more and hence I folded my arm and now my left hand fingers were behind my elbow and touching closely to her left boobs. I started rubbing my fingers to her boobs and she seemed to be enjoying it, slowly she too folded her arm and kept it on the only single arm rest between us. She started rubbing her left hand with my right hand while my left hand was still rubbing her left boobs. She closed her eyes and put her head on the head rest. This further increased my confidence and urges and I inched my hand toward her shirt button and unbuttoned her top button.

Now my hands were vigorously massaging her boobs and she was in total control of her sexual hormones. I moved the arm rest up and now I put my right hand across her shoulder and pulled her towards me while left hand still kneading her boobs. I took her lips in my mouth and kissed it vigorously she too responding it and sucked my lips my left hand came out of her bra and now rubbing all her frontal body while my right hand at her back and lower back. I unbuttoned few more buttons of her and now I could gulp her tits inside me and started sucking it, I started rubbing my tooth too on it which gave her she was in complete pain and pleasure. In the meanwhile my hands were continuously inside her Pussy rubbing her and inserting my finger into it...

It felt really good, my junior started to grow inside my loose jeans pant and underwear. My fear started dropping down and lust started growing now., she gave a jerk with a feeble voice “ahh…”. It was very hot there, even in the AC bus.

I realized that she got turned ON now by the series of event and this touch, so I didn’t want to waste time. I pressed her boobs slowly few times and then slipped my hand in her pant. As I kept inserting my fingers towards her Pussy, she resisted it for a moment but I continued and she let it go inside, She separated her legs apart and I could feel her body shivering a little bit in anxiety.

I reached her Pussy and touched it with my palm. She completely closed her eyes now and bit her lower lips. My fear completely vanished now and lust towards her grown completely. I put my right hand around her shoulder and turned her face towards me and kissed her lips. She had her eyes closed and responded to my kiss.

Then I started smooching. Initially she was just enjoying and after a minute she started sucking my lips wildly. Wow, I was happy that I unleashed her inner b**st. I moved my left hand from her Pussy to her right boob and started squeezing
She leaned backwards and sat normally on chair for me to play with her boobs completely. I pulled up her short shirt over her boobs. Her boobs are struggling so much to come outside the bra. I released the hooks from back side and lifter her bra. It was a heavenly view. Her boobs were tight and firm. I bend and started licking, biting her left boob violently, while squeezing her right boob. She was facing up and slowly moving her body with excitement.

I put both my hands on her jeans to remove it. She suddenly gained sense and held my hand. Her lips uttered, but her eyes asked me to proceed. I just started pulling it; she raised her hips from chair to easily remove. I pulled it down along with the panty. I could see her juices over her pussy hair. Her ecstasy wasn’t allowing her to sit calmly and she was completely hot and started moving her pelvic so that my finger moves deeper inside her and pushing her boobs in my mouth, it seemed all she wanted to push herself into me wherever possible. She got tired and closed her eyes, her hands on either side of the chair. I was standing and enjoyed watching her. After few minutes she opened her eyes, saw me with a fully satisfied look and smiled. I smiled at her. She saw my junior trying to pierce through my jeans. She pulled me holding my belt towards her and unzipped my pants. And the first thing she spoke after our first hello was in my ears “Oh, lose your pants, I want to see your dick!” To ease her, I pulled down my pant and underwear.

She started moving her hand to and fro on my Dick, it seems she wanted to bend and suck it but closely congested seats were too difficult for it, so she carried on with her hand job, I was completely out and I then released my shots in the bus itself. We were completely out of breath and started sweating a bit but our natural cuddling continued, after sometime time Shruthi whispered in my ears, she wants to have sex with me. I too nodded to it and ruffled my hand on her hairs. Then she said I want to have sex today, I told her calmly we cannot have sex here and we will have it some other day and very soon. But she once again insisted I want to have it today itself and she doesn’t want to hear anything more on this. I kept quiet and kept on rubbing my hand on her head and thought she would forget after sometime. As the college started approaching we buttoned ourselves, Shruthi was still lying on my shoulder and I stroking or massaging her shoulder and hairs with my right hand, while my left hand holding her right hand. Some time I rubbed my left hand on her cheeks too

After we reached our college and the bus stopped all of the college students alighted, we came out and she started talking with me. All the girls have to compulsorily stay in the college hostel but boys had the choice of staying outside the college campus, I stayed outside the college premises and Shruthi had to go inside the college, but she continued talking with me outside when her friends asked her to accompany she told them that she wanted to discuss something with me and they may proceed. I was surprised and asked her why she isn’t going inside she winked at me and told to keep quiet for a while and she would tell me in a while. After everybody went she told me to follow her towards the college Hostel.

Now let me tell you our college architecture. Just after the college gate on the left hand side, there was a big playground and after the playground college garden and then the college building. There was road between playground and the garden which lead to the Girls hostel. At this time all the security guards were more in security of college building, laboratory, Teachers colony, boys and girls hostels than in the playground and garden area.

So as we started proceeding towards the girls hostel as we went inside the lane she held my hand pulled me to kiss. I too reciprocated and started kissing her. She then put her hand in my pants and started shaking my Dick, after a few shake it started responding and became stiff, she bent down unzipped my pants and started sucking my Dick, she practically jumped at my hard dick, pushing it deep inside her mouth. Fuck, that girl was wild.

For a few minutes, Shruthi sucked my dick like it had never been sucked before. Seeing those perfect lips around my cock was almost too much. oh I was completely out of control started pulling & Pushing her head, in the meanwhile i also started moving back and forth assisting Shruthi. I was completely Sexited but somewhere I had the feeling this isn’t the right place to do all this and hence I dragged her head upwards, and while she kissed me again. She pulled me inside the playground and I as a silent follower of a master kept on walking till the mid of the ground, needless to tell throughout this time my Dick was pointing upward and my zip open.

As we moved inside the field she asked me to sit beside her and then rolled herself on me and started kissing me vigorously as she started kissing I started arousing she then started to stroke my dick with her hand and was licking my tip, she licked my dick on the side to its full length making it completely wet with her saliva. and then took my whole dick in to her mouth then she pulled down my foreskin and started to suck the mushroom shaped head of dick for some time and I was felt it as eternity and just closed my eyes and was enjoying the action...

With full suction, she was sucking my cock in and out and I could feel my dick head touching her throat, I could not believe this is happening in Playground with such a modern Girl.

She sucked for around 5 minutes and then started opening my pants and pulled it down.

I was lying under the sky in the mid of the playground without my pants and my Dick aiming at the moon. I once again pushed my hand to her boobs but this time from under her shirts by pulling it a little bit up. I was half laid on Shruthi kissing her vigorously and my hand doing its job of massaging and kneading. As if my fingers have little brain inside them, they know what they have to do at this time, without any conscious signal from my bigger brain it just opened up her shirts and massaged and nail massaged her at appropriate time and place. So my hands were massaging her throughout her body and slowly going below and squeezing her Pussy from over her pants.

By this time Shruthi was completely out of control and now I opened up her pants and pulled it down, she too couldn’t control herself and pulled my T Shirt upward, now I was fully nude and she was about to.... I opened her shirts completely and removed her bra, I laid her once again now it was my time to taste the life serum, I started sucking her Pussy, putting my tongue deep inside rubbing her clitoris, I kissed it smoothly and started licking it. She held my head with both her hands through my hair and kept pushing towards her pussy. I widely opened my mouth, inserted my tongue in to her Pussy and rubbed her clit with my upper lips. I was shaking my head quickly in this position. She started moaning “ahhh… ammmaaah, ahhh… ammmmaaah …. “. In few minutes, her body started shivering heavily, she pushed my head to her pussy with full f***e and cummed in my mouth. I tasted her pussy juice.

Then she started ruffling my hair and pulling my upwards on her as if begging me to thrust my tool immediately inside her and not to arouse her any further as she is not able to control her urges. I came on her and started kissing her sucking on each other's lips,I put my tool inside her, I realized, Her pussy was dripping wet , I dried her Pussy with the clothes and thrust my Thick medium sized 6.5 inches tool inside her, she came with a loud moan, her Pussy was very tight and hot... but before I start my rhythmic movement I needed to come to my trademark position, so I bent on my elbow, put my palm below her head lifted her head a bit so that she can easily kiss me and then started my rhythmic movement.

After a while Shruthi was in total herself and started moaning, fuck my pussy as if there's no tomorrow and tear it apart." saying so she closed her legs around me taking my entire length into hers.

My dick went in without much difficulty and she started to jump up and down and her boobs were dangling . She then took my hands and placed it on her boobs and made me play with them. I was squeezing her boobs, pinching her nipples while she was riding my cock. She had kept her legs wide open and bent her legs as well giving me full access to her pussy. I kissed her lips and started to fuck her in slow rhythm and soon I increased my pace and with every thrust, her moans were getting louder and she was like " mmmmmm..... ooooooooffffff.... yeaaaaaa..... boyyy.y..... u r good..... fuck me..... fuuuucccckkkk meeee....fuuuucccckkkk meeee....fuuuucccckkkk meeee...." the screaming sound was too loud for a barren place thanks to the wind direction which took the sound away from the hostel

I was shouting out " oh you bitch, you are so fucking sexy.. be my slut forever. I will show u what's sex..

I was fucking her, so her boobs were moving up and down. On seeing this I got still more horny and increased my speed. Her moans increased “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ….. “ and matched my fucking rhythm. Because of her lubricating liquid, the fucking made sound like “thlap, thlap, thlap…”. Shruthi kept on shouting throughout “Oh god, you fucker.” “Yeah, push harder!” “Make it hurt!”

My movement was deep and rhythmic, but she started her Pelvic movement, her arms holding me from both the side became stronger and stronger and pulled me closer and closer to her, while thrusting continued.

After a while, it seemed as if she had something else in her mind, After few minutes, I was about to cum, she also said don’t stop please.
Shruthi jumped over me she sat on my cock and as she inserted the head, I was in heaven. ride me like a horse. She was moving back and forth which was so so pleasuring and them to make it ultra pleasurable she started jumping on my dick and i could see her big breast which i caught like football and pressed it hard.

she was on top of me and I was lying on the field in the mid of the playground, mid of the 22 yard cricket pitch, juggling, kneading massaging and squeezing her boobs and she pushing herself deep inside my bamboo, her jumping over me and hips gyrating wildly on my cock, and her tits were now pressed against my body. It felt so good, I almost screamed out how much I loved her body!

After some 20 minutes of hard core fucking, both of us reached the climax at the same time and she collapsed on me in an orgasm.. Shruthi hugged me and

She cummed and after few seconds I ejaculated the sperm load into her. She laid over me on the cricket pitch on the Playground. She was caressing my back and kissing my cheek, eyes, ears and lips, while I just lay on ground.

After a while we dusted, cleaned and dressed ourselves, and moved to our destination home, it was one of the best project I did. The other project was only meant for engineering. I have forgotten everything I did in my engineering project, but this project continued to be my lifetime and most memorable one. I still remember everything in it bit by bit and happy to share it with you all...

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mom and son go to halloween party and fall in love

The Halloween Party Dress

Thomas Bryton heard the bell ring sounding the end to yet another boring day at school. He ran as fast as he could to his locker the minute he got out of the classroom and only stopped just long enough to yank the denim back from the metal locker before hurriedly relocking it and once again darting off into the crowd of students at Shorehaven High. Pushing past everybody in his way he raced along the corridor until he bounded through the large double doors and into the freedom of Friday after school.

Tommy, he never much liked being called Thomas, ran down the large stairs outside of the entrance to the old building, ignoring the shouts of his teachers and didn't stop running until he reached the road at the end of the long grass banks in front of the school.

The banks were covered in flowers because of the warm air and sunlight that shone brightly in a cloudless sky, but none of it held his interest at all. All of his attention was on what lay right in front of his eyes.

"Hey Tommy boy." A familiar voice called to him

"Hey Binxy man, you got it!" He said back with a large smile on his face as he took in the tantalising view of the car in front of him, "Nice one man."

Jerry Binx was one of Tommy's friends and he was also on Shorehaven High's football team. Even though Jerry was two years older than Tommy they were both on the team because Tommy was an outstanding athlete, much like his father who was also on the team when he was young.

Tommy wasn't an overly big k** however; he was tall for his age though. He was 18 years old and already he was 6' tall. He had short dark brown hair, cut so the fringe hung just over his eyes, brown eyes and although he wasn't hugely built, he was muscular in a defined and toned way. Everyone said that he was the image of his father, just a smaller version. His father, Carl Bryton, was 6' 3", and with the way Tommy was growing, he would be just as tall when he stopped growing.

"So, you want a lift home or you just gonna stand there staring all day?" Jerry asked with a grin on his face.

Tommy hadn't realised that he had been staring so hard, but a brand new red Porsche just had to be stared at. Jerry's came from a very rich f****y and although Tommy's f****y was far from poor, they weren't millionaires like the Binx f****y.

"You serious? Cool man, can I take it for a spin?" He asked enthusiastically, still not taking his eyes from the car as he walked closer.

"No way Tommy, I've only just got it, I don't want it crashed and smashed up already." Jerry said chidingly

"Ha ha, very funny." Tommy said sarcastically as he walked around to the passenger side and jumped over the car door to sit down.

"Man this is the car of my dreams." He said as he looked at the brand new interior

"You ain't seen nothing yet buddy." Jerry said just before he burned the car out into the road.

Leah Bryton placed the receiver back down onto the handset and smiled broadly to herself. The customer had been tough to win around but her charm never failed, and sure enough she had just earned herself yet another fat amount of extra bonuses because of that deal.

Leaning back in her chair she let herself relax with her hands on folded on her stomach and smiled down at the phone on her desk.

As she smiled triumphantly at the phone she heard a gentle knock on the door.

"Come." She called, and with one final smile of triumph at the phone she looked up and saw Susan, her receptionist, walk in holding a file in her hands.

"This came for you from head office Leah." Susan said with a friendly voice.

Leah liked being informal with her staff, especially when she had become friendly with them over time. She thought that it helped the work environment.

"Ah forget it for now." She said with a smile as she stood up and smoothed her business suit. "It can wait till Monday now, you get off and go home early, it's the weekend, go and enjoy yourself Susan."

Susan smiled back at her and stopped walking towards the table.

"You know you're gonna be caught bunking off one of these days Leah." Susan said with a grin

"Yeah, but hey, what's life if you don't break a rules eh?" She replied with a smile of her own and she walked over to the coat stand to pick up her coat. "And besides, I can get away with anything." And with that she gave her most innocent look and they both burst in to fits of giggling.

"Come on then before we're caught," Susan said as she walked out of the office, "I'll buy you a drink."

"Not today Sue, I've gotta get straight home. Me and Carl are going to his work's Halloween party tonight and I've got a special surprise for him." Leah replied as she closed the door behind her and locked it.

"Ooo, really." Susan said with a knowing smile, "You got that dress then?"

Leah just grinned and began to giggle again and Susan soon joined in.

"So someone will be getting laid tonight then." Susan said after she stopped giggling again

"Well, maybe." She replied, trying hard not to giggle again. They just looked seriously at each other for a moment though and then they both burst out giggling again. She was not usually a giggly girl, but she just felt happy today and wanted to be happy.

"So Leah, are you gonna join me in my office before you go home?" Leah heard the voice and immediately knew it was Dwayne Borhand, another executive she worked with, before she turned around.

"In your dreams Dwayne." She answered back and she rolled her eyes as she looked at Susan and yawned. Susan just smiled back at her.

"You're always in my dreams." He said to her and slapped her hard on the ass.

"Your always in my nightmares Dwayne." She chided back at him and turned away to walk to the elevators, "And besides, you couldn't handle me." She called over her shoulder at him as he stood by Susan watching her ass sway.

"I could give you more than you could dream of baby." He called back at her, and she laughed in response.

Tommy jumped over the door of the Porsche and grabbed his bag after he had landed.

"Whoa, what a hot set of wheels man, you'll have to let me drive it one day." He said to Jerry as he stood there admiring the beautiful machine again.

Jerry laughed before he answered, "One day k**, one day."

Tommy's smile nearly split his face, "Cool!" He exclaimed, "Anyway, I suppose I better go. Catch ya later Binxy."

"Yeah, see ya later Tom." Jerry replied and then burned the car off to speed away down the street.

Tommy turned around holding his bag on his shoulder and slowly walked up the driveway to his house, all the while thinking about Jerry's new car. He couldn't believe how fast the thing was, and how smooth a ride. Smiling to himself, he walked up the twisting driveway feeling the warm, gentle breeze.

As he reached the top he noticed both his mom and dad's cars were in front of the garage. Guess they're both home, he thought.

When he entered the house, he went straight to the kitchen to get himself a drink and sure enough there they were, Carl and Leah Bryton, his mom and dad.

His dad was sitting reading the sports section of the newspaper at the large wooden kitchen table, dressed in his usual shirt, pants and tie, and his mother was leaning against the counter with her arms folded, drinking some orange juice and talking to Tommy's dad.

"Hey mom, hey dad." He said as he threw his bag under the kitchen table and went straight to the fridge.

"Hey Tommy." His mother replied back

"Alright k**." His dad answered without taking his eyes from the paper. He never did when it was the sports pages; he was completely oblivious to everything when anything to do with sort was in front of his face. Even if someone told him he had won the lottery he wouldn't register it.

"So how did school go today?" His mom asked him

"Yeah it was cool. We won the match again without even having to try really, there's no other school good enough around here to beat us." He answered back to her whilst reaching to bring out some orange juice and pour it into a glass. "We could do with some better competition."

"There is never gonna be any competition for my boy." His dad said, folding the paper down in front of him and reaching for his can of beer. Obviously he had finished the sports section.

Tommy just laughed as he put the carton of orange juice back in to the fridge and gulped the juice down.

"Have you got practice tonight?" His dad asked him, leaning back in the chair.

"Na, it's cancelled tonight. Coach said it's good for us to have fun as well as to train hard." Tommy answered and walked over to the dishwasher to rid himself of the empty glass

"Well, Coach Harlan is the best there is and he knows what he's talking about, so you take his advice Tommy and you'll go far." His dad said enthusiastically

"So what are you up to then tonight?" Tommy's mom asked

He leaned against the counter opposite his mother, "I dunno yet, everybody's going out tonight and they're all busy so I'll probably stay in. What you two up to tonight?"

"We're off to your father's Halloween party tonight." His mom said with a smile for his dad, which didn't last long when his dad spoke again.

"Ah babe, I can't make it tonight, I got a late night meeting tonight with Seers at his house about a new deal." Tommy's dad said, trying not to look at his wife.

Tommy understood why his dad would be wary, his mother had been looking forward to this party for 3 months and now she wouldn't be able to go. He could already see her face turning into a thunderhead and he thought it best if he left the married couple to it.

He turned gently towards the kitchen door and slowly began to move towards it, trying not to catch anyone's attention when all those hopes were dashed by what his father said next.

"Tommy could go with you instead. He isn't doing anything and he was told to go and have fun." His dad said hurriedly

Tommy froze on the spot and turned around to say something to stop him being involved when his mom spoke first, and he knew better than to interrupt a woman who wasn't happy.

"Tommy can go? And drink alcohol? Carl, he's only 18!" She said, her voice dangerously calm. Tommy knew the next step was shouting. He had to run, he thought to himself, but he couldn't move as his dad shot down his mother's points.

"So? I was drinking when I was 18, and so were you Leah. Anyway, one night of being pissed won't hurt the boy. And so what if he's only 18 anyway." Tommy's dad said

"So what? They wouldn't let him in anyway, he's u******e Carl!" His mom said still not seeming to be calm. Tommy was however surprised that she hadn't lost her temper yet though.

"They will, just give him my costume and no one will recognize him. They'll probably think it was me." His dad retorted and then visibly relaxed, knowing now that he had beaten down his wife's points. "Now that would be funny, if they thought he was me. They'd all be wondering how I had managed to party as well as make a deal." His father said and chuckled to himself.

Tommy was still standing halfway to the kitchen door, but he watched his mother sigh and take a big swig of her orange juice.

"He wouldn't want to go anyway. He wouldn't want to spend time with his mom at some party for old people." His mother said to his father.

Tommy didn't know what to say. She was right, he didn't want to spend a night drinking with his dad's bosses and workmates, but his mother really wanted to go. Ah, if only he could have gotten away before his dad mentioned him. But what could he do!

"Hey mom, I don't mind going if you still want to go." He said, and when she looked at him doubtfully he said, "Honest! I got nothing better to do anyway."

"Look honey you don't have to ok." His mother said as she turned around and placed the empty glass on the counter behind her

"Honestly mom, I don't mind. Ok?" Tommy said, trying to reassure her as best he could that he really wanted to go.

"Well, only if you're sure Tommy?" She said, half relieved and half disappointed

"I'm sure." He said and a big smile lit up her face and she walked over and gave him a big hug, then she turned to walk out of the kitchen so she could go and get ready. Great, now he was stuck with a night out with his mom. What a great and fun night this was going to be. Things didn't get any better when his dad gave him the costume he would be wearing.

Leah stood admiring herself in the mirror as she finished smoothing her dress over her slim body. She knew she looked hot, that was why she bought the dress in the first place, so that Carl wouldn't be able to resist her and they could have gotten home and had great sex. but now when she got home she would be horny and Carl would be asl**p, too tired from his meeting to have sex with her.

She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror, she was so horny tonight, which is why she had left early, so she and Carl could have sex before going out, only Tommy had come back early, so it was doubly as frustrating now.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself Leah Bryton" She said to herself in the mirror, and she tried to forget the cravings of her pussy.

Adding some small touches to her make up before taking one last look at herself, she smiled at how hot she looked in the dress. Maybe one conciliation was that Carl would be as sexually frustrated as she would be tonight after seeing her in this.

That thought made her smile deeper and she turned and glided out of the room gracefully.

Tommy stood in the hallway and tried not to look at how stupid he looked in his reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. He felt like a moron, and worse, he looked like one too.

His dad obviously had the worst taste in costumes that he had ever seen, because his imagination stretched to an amazing length. He had gotten a Batman suit. How imaginative, Tommy thought to himself. But that wasn't the worst of it.

The suit was the old Batman suit, and was made of a grey lycra/spandex pants and shirt, which clung to your body, Tommy could easily make out the big bulge of his cock. He had a ridiculous black cape hanging down his back and an even more stupid small black mask that only covered his eyes and part of his nose. The only good thing to it was it showed his body toning, but he felt like a fool.

He turned his gaze away from the reflection and tried to forget what he was wearing. That didn't take long as soon as he turned to see his mother walking down the stairs.

Leah Bryton, he thought of her like that because he had never seen his mother wear something like what she had on now, slowly cam walking down the stairs wrapped in a black dress that clung to every curve of her body, showing every contour of her perfectly formed body. He had never really noticed her as a woman before, she was just his mother, but this, Tommy wasn't even sure his jaw was not on the floor.

Leah Bryton stood 5'10", but with the black high heels on she stood 6'1" when she finally stood in front of Tommy. The was the skirt of the black dress looked tattered and had rips coming up well past mid thigh level showed Tommy his mothers long creamy legs to perfection, as she wore black fishnet stockings too. Her waist was small and her stomach flat, showing no sign that she had had a baby. It looked like she was wearing a corset but the dress was so tight it would have shown if she was. Her long wavy black hair fell down her back and around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face which looked pale because of the black eyeliner and lipstick she wore, her full lips looked ready to swallow a cock whole, the dress running in cobwebs up her arms to dangle an entire foot over her hands in black material. But Tommy's eyes rested on his mother's huge tits. He knew they were big because they were a 42D, but she always wore jumpers or business suits, but this dress hardly contained the two large globes. The Dress was cut at the front so that the neckline fell and showed almost all of her tits, and not just the tops, but a good side of the globe of flesh too. The dress must have shown half of her big tits, right down to just above where Tommy could see her nipples poking hard against the thin material. The twin globes were pushed together to create a formidable cleavage that would surely pop out if she exhaled to fast and by the tightness of the dress and how much of her tits were showing, it was obvious that she was wearing no bra as well.

She was a knockout. Plain and simple! Tommy's dick had also seen her as it was standing at full attention, rock hard and solid and was obviously plainly visible through the stupid costume he was wearing.

Resting a black fingernail under his chin Tommy's mother raised his head from staring at her deep cleavage. He expected her to yell at him, but instead all she said was,

"So you like what you see? You don't think it's too over the top do you?" She dropped her hand from his chin and began smoothing the front of her dress down from her tits and over her stomach.

"No." He managed with a squeak, then cleared his voice and tried to calm himself down. His hands went to dangle inconspicuously in front of his cock, trying to hide it. "No, you look great." He managed to make his voice sound level this time.

What was he doing! This was his mom he was perving over, but he couldn't help but look at how womanly she was.

She was 34 years old and she looked 25 or 26. She was just stunning.

"Has your father gone then?" She asked him

"Err, yeah, about 10 minutes ago." He answered, trying to keep his eyes on her face.

His mother smiled slightly and said, "Well, maybe we should go as well."

He burst out laughing before he could stop himself, "Yeah." He said sounding like a fool. He could have slapped himself for being so flustered, this was his mom!

As they walked to the car his mom stopped before she opened the door.

"Remember to call me Leah tonight ok? They can't think you're my son." And then she smiled, and if it had been anyone else, he would have said it was a teasing smile. But what she said next made his heart jump almost out of his chest. "Oh and, I think that suit fits you well." And her eyes flickered quickly towards the bulge in his pants, or was that just his imagination? Surely it must have been.

He didn't know what to say thought. Was his mom flirting with him? Or was his teenage hormones making him lose control around a hot woman. He couldn't believe that he actually thought that about his own mother. He tried to push the thought away by telling himself how disgusting it was to think that way about his mom, but she still was a woman, and a hot one. He had to get out of this situation before he slipped up again and stared at her lustfully like he did when he first saw here.

He ducked quickly into the car without so much as a response and his mom laughed lightly as she got into the car with him.

When Tommy and Leah reached the office building of Calpine Sports, where her husband worked, she had to try hard not to smile at Tommy. For the entire journey he had kept his head down or looking through the window so that he wouldn't be looking lustfully at his mother's body.

She felt flattered that she could turn on even her own son, and she knew he was turned on by the size of the bulge showing in those tight pants. She made herself stop thinking about the large bulge in between her son's legs before she drove herself made. She felt a flutter of excitement by teasing him though, she always loved playing, and teasing and flirting she really loved. Even though it was her son she was flirting with, she didn't feel any disgusted feeling at all, because to pull this off tonight she had to make sure that no one suspected anything amiss.

As she got out of the car and walked around to stand in front of Tommy she saw how hard he was concentrating on her face, which made it obvious that he wanted to look down.
"Now just you remember Tommy that you can't call me mom tonight, call me Leah, ok?" She said looking at him in the eyes, he nodded, and Leah couldn't help but smile as she spoke again, "Oh and, we might have to flirt just a little so nobody gets suspicious ok?"

His eyes went as wide as saucers and he said, "But mom, I can't flirt with you, you''re my mom!"

"Look, I'm not asking you to do anything major, just something little, like a hug or an arm around my waist, or even a peck on the cheek. Nothing else, you think you can do that? If not then we might as well go home." She said looking at him sternly

"Yeah I can do that." He said sulkily

"What, are you ashamed to have people think you're with me? Am I not hot enough or something?" She asked pretending to be outraged. She already knew the answer to that question by that bulge in his pants.

"No it's not that, it's just weird, that's all." He replied and then lowered his head, although he jerked it back up quick enough when his eyes fell on her cleavage. She smiled again, trying to comfort him but still a little tease came through. She liked turning people on, especially when they were shy about it.

"Look, just pretend for now that I'm not your mother until you get a little more comfortable with everything ok?" She asked still wearing her smile

"Ok" He said after a small sigh

"Relax, and just enjoy yourself. You never know, tonight might turn out to be fun." She reassured him, "And don't call me mom!"

With that, she slipped an arm through his and they began walking towards the entrance. As they walked, she couldn't help but press just a little closer against his arm, gently pressing her tits against him. He fidgeted around and cleared his throat a couple of times as well. Yes he was flustered, and Leah found it very amusing indeed.

When they entered the party, they were shown into one of two main rooms. The room they first walked into was really just a well-lit room, cleared of its desks and there were corridors coming off it leading to offices. There were quite a few people standing here, couples dotted around and odd people walking around on their own, but everyone was dressed up. Elvis', chickens, Simpson's, fairies, all different kinds of costumes. Leah figured that this must be the room where the host greeted everyone, because the sounds of music were coming from the room next door.

Suddenly, a giant kangaroo with an elephant came walking up to Leah and Tommy. Her son went stiff as a post, and Leah hoped no one would notice, especially these two.

"Ah good evening Leah, Carl." The Kangaroo said with the voice of Harold Marsh, Carl's sector manager. "Glad to see you tonight."

"Harold, Lydia, so nice to see you." She replied with a bright smile, noting the older man's eye line straight at her cleavage, "Thank you for the invitation."

"Nonsense, nonsense, Carl here is our best worker, he's always welcome here. He might even become a partner some day." He said without once taking his eyes from her tits.

She felt Tommy tense and turned to smile at him. He was looking daggers at Harold Marsh, tension forgot in his protectiveness of his mother. She stroked his arm reassuringly, and felt him jump slightly. She did hope they hadn't seen that.

Suddenly, Tommy spoke.

"I'm going to get a drink." He said and walked away, leaving Leah the choice to follow or be dragged along.

She smiled at The Marsh's as she walked away on Tommy's arm, but when she was far enough away she whispered angrily, "What was that all about?"

"He was ogling you mom." He answered

"So, every man will probably ogle me in this dress, you have. And don't call me mom!" She said quickly and quietly

"Sorry." Was all he said, but whether for what he did or the fact that he too had ogled her, she didn't know.

They headed into the other room. This also was a room where all the desks had been cleared away, but this room was about ten times as large as the other one, and dark except for the flickering lights of a disco at the far end of the room, opposite the door they had just come in from, and corridors led to offices further in the building from a few directions.

The room was dark despite the lights of the disco, and there were many places against some of the walls where Leah could barely make out anyone was standing there at all until they moved out into the lighter areas.

"I'm gonna go and get a drink." Tommy said when they entered the dark room, "Do you want one mo...Leah?"

She smiled at him lovingly, "Ok, but I don't want you drinking too much, you're driving home."

"Me?" He exclaimed loudly, but not loudly enough to be heard over the music thankfully, "You're gonna let me drive?"

"Well I'm here to have a good time tonight and seeing as you only wasn't to mope about then I don't see why I shouldn't drink." She said with another loving smile, "Now be a good boy and go fetch me a drink baby." And she gave him a little peck on the cheek, to which his eyes went wider than they had downstairs. Leah could've laughed, but instead she walked over to say hello to a few people before Tommy returned.

Tommy left his mother to wander and quickly darted out of the room and into the toilets that he had seen earlier. He looked around to see if anyone else was there, but they were empty.

Quickly he walked over to the sink and turned the cold tape on. Splashing the water on his face, but being careful not to spill any on the costume he soaked his face and then looked into the mirror.

He was so turned on; his dick was ragingly hard, so hard he had even thought about going in to the cubicle and jacking himself off while thinking about his mom.

There was no escaping it now, he had never noticed before but after tonight he would always be aware that his mother was a knockout, real life sex on legs, and he knew that he was hot for her.

He looked long and hard at himself in the mirror and tried to calm himself down.

"She's only pretending." He told his reflection, "She's not really flirting. Just trying to make it all look real."

He told himself over and over again, but he just didn't want to believe it.

"Well, I can handle this, I can do this. Just stay calm and in control and remember the truth and everything will be ok. She's just pretending. This is all pretend." He told himself once again, and continued to tell himself in his mind as he left the toilets and went back to get a drink for his mo...for Leah.

Leah stood talking with a couple that both worked with Carl who she didn't know. They were nice people and the first who she had spoken to that had not only stared at her tits. Why was it the only man who could touch her tits when he wanted to, was the only man not at this party? She tried to tell herself that the aggravated feelings she felt were created by annoyance at Carl, not horniness.

For about the tenth time in fifteen minutes she looked around to see if she could see Tommy anyway. He had been gone a long time. She hoped he hadn't got lost.

Suddenly she felt an arm around her waist pulling her side against someone, and when she turned her head to look it was Tommy.

"Hey honey, where've you been?" She asked sweetly, but with questioning eyes.

"Oh I just went to powder my nose hot stuff." Her son answered back

Leah stared at him for a moment and was tempted to take the mask off to see if this really was her husband. Tommy had never spoken to her like that, and he didn't seem to be frightened of flirting with her anymore. He even sounded the same in the loud music.

He smiled at her as he handed her her drink.

"Thought you might want this seeing as I'm driving." He said with a smile and then turned that smile on them, "Hey, how you doing?" He asked as if he actually knew who they were.

Leah took a gulp of wine or whatever it was in the glass and studied her son as she did. He still had hi arm around her as if this was all natural and normal, he even squeezed her side once or twice as he spoke, each time he turned to smile lovingly at her.

So he was not flustered anymore was he? She thought to herself, we'll see about that.

She moved closer to him and pressed her large tits tightly against his arm so that his muscular arm tried to bury itself between her large, firm mounds. And she ran a hand across his lips and rested her hand on his chest. She had never noticed how solid he was before. Smiling adoringly up at him she spoke teasingly.

"Hey sugar, I'm just going to get me another drink. I won't be long." She said and gently kissed him on the cheek.

To her surprise, Tommy didn't move at all, or flinch or seem flustered in any way at all. He just simply turned to her and smiled, and she felt his big hand fall down onto her ass and squeeze hard. She looked at him thinking perhaps her eyes were like teacups now.

"Tell ya what sexy, I'll go n' get ya another." He said and with another smile he slapped her hard on her ass before walking off towards the drinks table.

What had gotten in to him to make him no longer afraid to flirt with his mother? She should have been shocked and disgusted by his actions, but she wasn't going to be out done now. She was going to make him flustered, she knew she could. So instead of being worried about how events had turned, Leah Bryton smiled as her son walked off to get her another drink.

When Tommy found Leah again she was sitting down at a table on her own. The table was round with a white tablecloth drooping almost to the floor. She smiled up at her son as he came to sit down beside her on a chair with it's back against the wall. The place was one of those darker spots, which didn't actually seem much darker to Leah when she was in it, but no one would be able to make much out beyond that two people were sitting there. No way she would be disturbed.

As Tommy sat down, Leah leaned forward a little and smiled at her son, and ran her fingernails of her left hand up and down his thigh under the table. That made him flinch, but he regained his self-possession quickly.

She leaned closer until their faces were inches apart. She could feel his warm breath and feel his body warmth. She could feel lust gently flowing through her veins; although she was unaware it was really there.

"Thank you baby." She said teasingly and leant in to gently brush his lips with hers.

Slowly she moved back slightly to look at him. Her heart was beating faster, and knew that his must be too, but he didn't show one slight fluster in him at all. She almost growled at herself in frustration, but instead she just smiled and then moved forward to press her lips against his this time, not hard, but a lot this was a proper peck on the lips, only neither one of them moved back.

Electricity began to course through Leah's body, only slightly, and a kiss she was sure lasted only a few seconds seem to last forever.

Slowly, she moved her face farther from his and looked into his eyes this time. Her heart was pounding faster, but no thought came to her that this was wrong; after all she hadn't kissed him properly, just longer than was proper for a mother to kiss her son.

Still Tommy barely looked shaken or flustered at all; he appeared as if this was all normal and ordinary. This time Leah did growl.

"What's wrong?" Her son asked looking concerned

"What made you so bold and unconcerned about flirting with me all of a sudden?" She asked sounding irritated

"I'm trying for you, believe me that was hard after that kiss." He said and took a quick gulp of his beer.

So, she was getting to him. Well, she definitely wasn't prepared to go any further, but she had an idea to make him squirm, it would work on any man.

With a smile, she said to him teasingly, "This chair isn't very comfortable, I think I need to sit somewhere more designed for my body." And with those words she stood up and plunked herself down straight onto her sons lap.

His eyes shot open and she grinned at him. Now he was flustered. She put her arm around his neck and tried shuffling around so that her tits were right under his face and he had no way of avoiding looking at her cleavage. Suddenly she realised what the hard lump underneath her that was making her feel so uncomfortable. Her eyes shot open then and she tried to stand up but his arm held tightly around her waist pulled her roughly back down. She was about to demand why, when she noticed two guys sit down opposite them and smile at Tommy. Leah tried to sit very still and look like she was comfortable, but her son's hard dick was pressed hard against her pussy, and she was still horny from earlier.

"Hey Carl, is this the lovely Leah we've heard you talk about so much?" One of the guys said

"She's even hotter than you said man." The other one added

"Well you know me, I only go for the hottest women and there ain't no one hotter than my Leah." He smiled at her and bounced her on his knee a couple of times, bouncing her pussy against his still hardening cock. She tried to keep a straight face.

"Nice outfit Leah." The first one spoke

"Yeah." The other one added again

To her surprise, Tommy spoke again.

"Yeah, she looks so sexy I can't wait to get her home and fuck her hard." He said, and if that didn't surprise Leah enough, her sweet 18-year-old boy, reached his hand from her waist, upwards and cupped her right tit and squeezed it several times hard.

Leah thought she had squeaked but she tried hard not to show anything on her face, she just let her son grope her tits until he finally let go and spoke to the pair again.

"I don't want to be rude guys but me and my girl here just want to have a bit of privacy for a while." He said, replacing his hand back on her waist and once again bouncing her slightly on his knees. Her pussy pulsed and yearned for release of the tension within.

The two guys smiled and nodded then said goodbye to Leah and walked away. As soon as the two were out of eye shot Leah stood up and rounded on Tommy.

"What in the fuck do you think you're doing?" She demanded, "You can't touch me like that, I'm your mo....."

He gently laid a finger on her lips and said, "I had to, I saw those guys earlier and they were always trying it on with the women. I had to let them know that you're taken."

"You didn't have to...." She began but again he silenced her with that finger on her black lipstick covered lips

"I had to. We're pretending you're my wife not anything else." He said looking at her flatly, "Remember? I've seen dad behave like that with you so I knew they'd buy it."

There wasn't much she could say, she knew he was right, but he was her son. How could he be so calm about touching his own mother like that? He seemed to have been enjoying it!

"I think we should calm down, before anything gets out of hand." She said as she looked at him

"Ok, we'll just flirt lightly and no one will know." He reassured her this time. But she had enjoyed it, enjoyed the feel of a hard cock against her needing pussy, missed it now it wasn't there. She had to calm down. "Come on lets get another drink."

"You've read my mind." She said trying to smile. She had to calm down, she couldn't let lust take over her, he was her son!

For the next few hours' things between Leah and Tommy began to change. At first they were still awkward around each other. Mother not knowing what to do in case she gave the wrong signals to her son, and son not knowing just how far or little to give to help convince other people they were married.

But as the drinks began to flow and Leah began to drink a little more, she began to relax more and once again they began to lightly flirt with each other, trying to convince other people of course. Neither of them was enjoying it. Of course.

So little hugs and arms around each other became a little more frequent as the party went on. Then light pecks on the cheeks as earlier events began to seem less shocking and disgusting to Leah. Then they held hands as they walked around talking to various people, Leah's fingernails running up and down Tommy's legs even near his crotch, Tommy's hand rubbing and squeezing Leah's ass as they stood, and even as time began to continue and Leah drank more, the pecks on the lips began to reappear, and the lips of mother and son stayed pressed together harder and for longer each time.

Leah was beginning to feel quite tipsy when one of her favourite songs came on the disco.

"Oh baby come on, we've got to dance to this, come on honey you haven't danced with me all night." Leah pleaded to Tommy

It was getting easier now to call her Leah after so long of pretending they were married. It had only been a matter of hours, but the flirting had gotten stronger with each passing minute. Although Tommy still knew that this was all pretending and his mother being tipsy.

He looked up at her bending over to pull him up by the hands and saw straight at her twin globes. Her cleavage was amazing. He couldn't resist her, she was just too hot.

"Ok, ok come on then sexy." He said. Calling her by more and more intimate names had also come easier now; he barely had to think anymore. It was like this hot woman really wasn't his mother at all. But still, some part of both of them must still remember the reality, because if she had been anyone else, he would have taken his shot and knew that he would have gotten it.

They walked up into the middle of the dance floor, which was quite crowded by other couples dancing away, and most of them not caring that their moves were far more than just suggestive.

And the dance began, a slow moving song this was, but as the beat went on it would be livelier until it made you dance until you dropped. He knew this song well.

So gently Tommy placed his arms around his mother's waist and held her tightly against him. As he had had only two drinks that night, he was completely sober; his mother on the other hand, was just a little tipsy.

She rested her head against his chest as they slowly swayed to the music. Her big 42D tits pressed against his hard chest, her arms lightly resting around his neck, and his hands slowly moving down to cup her tight ass.

As his hands reached down and squeezed Leah's ass, he pulled her tightly against himself, feeling his hard cock pressing against her stomach. He couldn't help it, with such a hot woman so close his natural instinct was to fuck her, and it felt good having her pressed tightly against him.

Slowly, she lifted her head up to look into his eyes, their faces only inches apart again. A look of love, the love only a parent and c***d can share, passed between them as they looked at each other, their faces moving closer together until his lips met her black lipstick covered lips. They were so soft; he couldn't believe how soft they were. Harder they pressed their heads together closer, until Tommy could take it no more and he was about to open his mouth when the music suddenly went loud and Leah pushed away from his so quickly he thought that he had done something wrong, but she had a big grin on her face, and she wouldn't be smiling like that if he had pissed her off.

She began to move her hips sensuously to the beat and rhythm of the music, shaking her ass and running her hands over her tits, even squeezing them together as a look of pure lust came into her eyes.

He danced around with her, moving to match her, pulling her close to him by her waist, they both grinded their pelvises into each other as if trying to fuck each other with their clothes on.

Her fingernails yanking at his hair and running down his chest stopping just short of his bulging dick as she danced backwards running her hands over her body. He had never seen her dance like this. Then again, he was no virgin, and he had never seen anyone move so sexually as his mother was right then.
Running her finger into her mouth she stared intently at him as she sucked seductively on her finger and then let it run down in between her heaving breasts and down her stomach. His dick was harder than ever now, and needing some attention. There was no thought that this was his mother at all in Tommy's mind now. They continued dancing.

Leah danced closer towards Tommy, then back again, until Tommy couldn't take anymore and when she turned her back on him again, he reached out and pulled her hard against him. Her ass rammed hard against his solid hard on, her pussy protected from penetration only by the clothes they wore as he held her tightly against himself and Leah ground her ass hard against his raging cock.

Tommy's hands held onto his mother's flat stomach as she ground her ass against his dick. Her arms flowed up and backwards, to snake around his neck and pull his face down to meet hers. Their lips met instantly and their lips parted seconds later. His tongue darted straight into her mouth and was met by her tongue probing hard and fast against him. They kissed passionately mouths never leaving for air. Leah's hands remained locked around her son's neck, pulling him down to kiss her, her back arched so she could kiss him and her ass pushed hard against his dick which was almost ripping the suit open.

Tommy's hands slowly moved up from his mother's stomach as their tongues danced with each other, and their bodies writhed in lust, and soon his hands slid up and over Leah's huge mounds of tit flesh.

With all abandon now gone, Tommy now mauled at his mother's tits, squeezing them hard and roughly, and pushing them together. He squeezed and pinched roughly at her dress-covered material, all the while passionately kissing his mother.

He was becoming desperate now to fuck this beautiful woman, and his hands began to pull at the top of her dress, trying to yank the front of her dress down to free Leah's massive 42D tits.

Sensing his lust, Leah twisted around in his grip and locked her arms around his neck, pulling herself deeper into his mouth, and squashing her heaving mounds hard against her son's chest. Tommy's hands roughly squeezed and groped at his mothers fine tight ass, rough pulling her against him, wanting desperately to fuck her senseless.

However just as he was about to push his hands underneath one of the slashes in his mother's dress to pull her panties down, the song ended and Leah slowed her kissing down until she broke the kiss. Staring up at him with her big hazel eyes, and her arms now lightly resting around his neck, she smiled up at him and then everything seemed to dawn on her at once, and her eyes widened and her beautiful mouth fell open.

"What the fuck have I done?" She gasped as she stared at him as if she had never seen him before. She was most definitely not tipsy anymore.

"Nothing, WE just did what WE wanted." He said, trying to reassure her as best he could.

His beautiful mother just stared at him, her mouth working but no sound coming out at all. Suddenly she said, "I....I.....I' right back!" and she ran off out towards the female toilets.

Tommy stood there for twenty minutes waiting for his mom to come back, thinking. What had just happened? All he knew was that he had wanted her so much that he would have fucked her right on the dance floor. He had never wanted anything so much.

He stood there contemplating everything over in his mind, replaying everything, remembering the feel of her hot body pressed against him, the feel of her big firm tits finally in his hands, her mouth passionately fixed to his as their tongues danced enthusiastically. She had wanted him as much as he wanted her, and every thought led to the same conclusion. He wanted to fuck Leah; he wanted to fuck his own mother.

Leah ran into the bathroom and quickly turned on the cold-water tape and washed at her face hurriedly. Even if she had cared about her make up at that moment, it was the type that never smudged and only came off for a special remover. Not that she cared right then.

As she lifted her head up to look into the mirror she stared at herself. Water ran down her beautiful young face and down between her large breasts. She knew she was amazingly gorgeous, but how could her son think that? How could she think the same about him? How could she have done what she had done with him?

She tried as hard as she could to push the thoughts of the dance away, but it was no use. Her body was saying the opposite to her mind, it was crying out to be used like her son had just done. Not the usual sex that Carl gave her, but to be really fucked, and fucked hard. She wanted it and she needed it and the thought that it was her son who wanted to give it to her only turned her on beyond reason.

She tried hard to stop the i****tuous thoughts, to thinking of something else. She tried to convince herself that she was going to go out there and tell Tommy that they would forget everything and just go home and pretend like nothing ever happened.

But the truth still came to her, she knew he wanted to fuck her, but the truth she tried so hard to avoid, was that she knew that he was going to fuck her, and she was going to love every minute of it, even though she tried to deny it to herself.

She knew what was going to happen, as she straightened her hair and her dress in the mirror. She Leah Bryton was going to not only let her son fuck her when she walked out of those toilets, not only did she want him to deep down, she knew that she was going to fuck him back, and love all of it!

She stood looking at herself and readjusting her hair and dress to straighten herself up, knowing deep down that she wasn't going to be wearing that dress long.

As she took a deep breath, which almost pushed her large tits out of the top and middle of the dress, Leah walked out of the toilets to find her son. She had made a decision and she wouldn't back up on it. She wouldn't. As she continued to walk to find him, she continued to try and convince herself.

Leah walked through the room of people, which seemed a lot bigger now, with butterflies the size of houses fluttering in her belly. How had this all started? When did things go wrong?

Suddenly, she saw Tommy ahead of her, staring at her. She could see the worry in his eyes, and the love for her, but most of all, she could see his lust for her, almost overpowering everything else.

She slowly glided towards him, her arms folded around herself, holding onto herself. She didn't need protection from him, she knew that. If she said no, she knew he wouldn't do anything, but the problem was, she knew that she wouldn't say no.

She stopped in front of him and stared into his eyes, not saying a word. She didn't feel worried, a little nervous, horny like hell, but confused was the main problem. She wanted him so badly, yet she knew it was wrong. She was confused.

They stared at one another without saying a word for what seemed like an eternity, until finally she thought perhaps she had been wrong; perhaps nothing was going to happen. The strange thing was, she couldn't decide whether she was happy or sad about it.

Suddenly Tommy grinned, and then without any warning he reached around her waist and pulled her to him, his lips touching hers and their mouths separating and tongues dancing, softly this time. Lightly she laid her hand on his chest as they kissed. He was so good at kissing her.

Just as quick he broke the kiss and smiled at her once again, this time, it was a cocky smile.

"You know don't you?" He said smugly, "You know I'm going to fuck you tonight?"

She just looked at him and nodded. Trying to hide the thrill of hot lust and electricity that shot through her when he said that. She wanted him now. She needed him now. But it was so wrong. If only it was right. She yearned to be able to convince herself it was right. But she knew she didn't care if it was or not, she was still going to do it.

"And you're ok with that mom?" He asked, deliberately calling her mom

Once again she fought that hot lust and electric coursing through her, and once again she nodded. She wished it was reluctantly, but she thought she looked more and more enthusiastic, she certainly was feeling that way.

Tommy's smile deepened and his eyes freely wondered over her body, taking in every part of her. She wanted him to look.

He looked back at her eyes again and smiled once again, before he took her hand and began to lead her towards the exit.

She stopped after a few paces and he looked at her questioningly.

"Come with me." She said, her smile slowly becoming teasing

Her 18-year-old son looked at her questioningly but he followed her, led by her hand, and no doubt the promise of her body. She smiled now, her smile deepening and the feeling of how wrong this was dwindled. It didn't matter anymore, she knew what she wanted and she knew what she was going to do. She walked down one of the hallways towards the offices, and she grew less and less reluctant the further they went. Passing by some of the offices Leah could make out vague moans or groans from inside, obviously other people had had the same idea as she had. She began to speed up, her body yearning for the action she knew she was about to get. Begging for it, but still, there was a little voice within her crying out that this was wrong, that she should and could stop this all now, it tried to convince her that she was only taking her son down there to try and talk him out of it, but deep inside she knew what really was going to happen, that she didn't really want to talk Tommy out of it. Whatever happened tomorrow was not happening now, and right now she stopped in front of an office that she recognized. Turning to take both of Tommy's hands in hers she walked backwards into the office, biting her lower lip, knowing her eyes were glazing with lust. And then door closed, this was it, she was going to fuck, with her son.

As she entered the office Leah turned so that she could push the door closed while Tommy looked around the room. The butterflies in her stomach made her almost shake with anticipation. Any thought that this was wrong was now completely gone, swallowed up in her lust and the need of her pussy to be fucked.

She didn't bother turning on the light as she turned around and leaned back against the painted wooden door, because the lights from the streetlights and city outside gave a dark light to the room. It was still dark but she could easily make out her son and even the colours he was wearing.

Tommy was looking around the room, which wasn't small, but neither was it huge. At the opposite end to the door, a large desk with a big black leather chair sat, a sofa was off to the left of the desk and was also black leather, and filing cabinets were on the opposite side. In the corners nearest the door two tall plants stood, and the room was finished off with two smaller chairs situated in front of the big desk. The desk itself was covered with the usual office things, like a lamp, computer, sharpener, photo frame, etc, but was not cluttered, and the room was spotlessly clean, even the pictures of various sports hanging in various places on the walls shone in the low light.

Slowly, as his eyes finished taking in the sight of the room, Tommy turned around to face her, and her stomach fluttered harder. This was it.

"Is anyone gonna catch us here?" He asked, calmly yet a touch anxious.

Leah smiled teasingly at her son, "Nope. Everyone's busy partying or...having fun elsewhere. They won't come here."

"Why, where are we?" He asked as he once again looked around

Her smile deepened and she bit her lip lightly, she always did that when she was extremely horny and teasing.

"Your father's office." She said and Tommy turned to face her quickly, a smile showing on his face.

He then took time to stare at her body and she let him get a very generous view. With her hands behind her back and leaning against the door, her big tits were pushed out closer to him and were stretching the thin material of her dress, and the rips on her dress were showing almost all of her thigh as she planted one heeled foot against the door.

Her eyes on the other hand trailed down from his gorgeous face, down his hard, muscular chest and straight to his large bulge, which was hardly contained by the skin-tight pants he wore. She could feel her mouth watering and her pussy begging for that cock right now.

She slowly tore her eyes away from the large bulge and looked with her lust-glazed eyes at her son's lust-filled face.

"Well, I don't think we came here to talk so lets get started." Tommy said looking at her hungrily. Leah smiled deeper and her stomach went into chaos. "My dick needs action and it wants to be in you."

He made a move towards her but Leah raised a hand to his chest before he could move.

"I think we should get warmed up first." She said, still smiling as she moved closer to him. Her stomach fluttered insanely and almost froze when she spoke her next words, "You do want a blowjob right?"

There was no need really for the question, but every minute that was passing Leah felt hornier and hornier. She thought that if she didn't get fucked soon she was going to explode from her horniness.

Tommy gulped and visibly shook with lust and anticipation.

"Yes." He managed to stammer out.

Leah smiled at her son and ran the hand she had used to stop him down his chest to cup the large bulge in his pants; her hand couldn't hold it all. Electricity instantly shot through every part of her body instantly and this time she shook as she gave the solid bulge a squeeze.

"Mmmm, it feels big." She said seductively, and leant forward to lightly kiss Tommy's lips, as she leant back she squeezed again. "Enjoy the view." She said and she smiled deeper.

With her eyes locked on his, Leah slowly sank down onto her knees before Tommy. She knew he could had a perfect view straight down her dress, but she had only partly meant that view when she said it, she had mainly meant the view of her, his mother, sucking on his dick.

The thought of what she was about to do made her shake with lust and anticipation.

She lowered her eyes as Tommy looked down on her, shifting his lustful, wanton gaze back and forth between her tits and face, and stared hungrily at the large bulge inches from her face. As she raised both of her hands to the waistline of her son's pants, Leah wet her lips, and thought to herself that he couldn't be wearing any boxers underneath or the lines would've shown. The knowledge that she was about to see her son's naked cock in front of her, then suck it, then let him bury it her pussy, made her stomach rage in butterflies. And then she pulled down the skin-tight pants.

Immediately Tommy's hard cock sprang happily from the confinement of those skintight pants, as Leah pulled them all the way down to his ankles, and hit her in the face. Leaning back a little from her son's hard member she finally got a good look at what had been making that bulge and she gasped loudly.

"Fuck me!" She said amazed, "It's huge!"

Tommy smiled down at his mother's head although with her eyes completely fixed on the big rod in front of her eyes, she never noticed.

She reached up to wrap her left hand around the thick shaft and a small light caught her wedding and engagement ring on her third finger, but she didn't notice. Her fingers barely met as they wrapped around it's thickness. She would have felt the electricity of wrapping her fingers around her son's cock if she hadn't been so awe-struck by its size, she felt like she was in a daze. As her right hand rose to meet her left Tommy spoke.

"Bigger than Dad's?" He asked confidently

All Leah could do was nod, as her tea saucer size eyes and full concentration was on her hand-wrapped son's dick in front of her face. As she stared at it's length with both of her hands around it and still a lot of his cock uncovered, she looked up at Tommy.

"How big is it?" She asked, still seemingly in a daze as she looked back at the wondrous pole

"Almost 11 inches." He said smugly as he stared down at her large amount of cleavage.

"11 inches!" She whispered adoringly.

She slowly began to move her hands back and forth along the whole length of Tommy's dick, gently squeezing as she moved her hands. Her son began to softly moan but Leah didn't hear any of it as her hands slowly moved up and down. 11 inches! She thought to herself. She had never seen a dick that big in her life. Carl certainly wasn't that big, he wasn't small but not that big, and she had thought he was huge. Her hands moved a little faster but her concentration wasn't there and she didn't hear her son's breathing get heavier. She had slept with three people before meeting and marrying Carl and never once dreamed of cheating on him, but none had been bigger than her husband. Tommy was huge, and he was only 18!

Suddenly Tommy's words brought her out of her daze and she looked up at her son.

"That's it mom, jack my dick off." He said as he stared towards the door with his eyes shut.

Leah hadn't realised that she had even begun moving her hands, let alone pumping them furiously. His dick was solid, and from the look of him, he was more than enjoying this.

"You want mommy to suck your baby?" She asked still jacking her hands fast and hard. And this time she did feel the bolt of lightning surge through her.

For answer, all Tommy could do was nod vigorously, but he was now looking down at her face.

Leah smiled teasingly up at him as she moved her face closer to his hard dick. She slowed her hands down and kept her lust-filled eyes on his as she opened her mouth and lowered her head onto her son's dick.

Tommy had a great view, straight down his mother's dress, her cleavage straining the black fabric that was containing them, and looking so unbelievably luscious that he wanted to just rip her clothes off right then and suck on them. He still couldn't believe that this was all really happening, it was like a dream. It would have been like a fantasy come true, only, he had never fantasised about his mother this way until he saw her in that dress tonight.

His attention was all on his Leah's big tits as they jumped and bounced within that dress as her hands furiously pumped up and down his rock hard dick. He couldn't believe she was actually doing it, it felt so good; the woman really knew how to give a handjob, and he knew that if she carried on he was going to cum soon.

Abruptly all thoughts of his mothers tits left his mind, as one moment she looked up at him with a teasing smile, and the next she opened her mouth and sank down on his dick.

Bolts of electricity shot through his body and his knees felt weak. He thought that he might cum right now just by looking at his beautiful mothers face sliding down his big dick, her eyes and attention now all on the piece of meat that was filling her mouth.

Tommy couldn't believe it and he let out a loud groan as his dick reached her throat and she slowly began sliding her lips back up the length of his dick. She had only taken half of his dick in her mouth, but that was more than what usual girls could do to him.

As her mouth slid softly to the head of his cock Leah made a popping sound as she pulled her mouth off and smiled up at him teasingly.

"You like that baby?" She asked teasingly

"Oh yeah" Was all he could manage to groan out.

"Want me to carry on?" She said as she gently moved her hands up and down his thick shaft.

"Uh-huh." He groaned. With her kneeling in front of him, playing with his dick, he couldn't make words form in his mouth he was too horny.

She smiled at him again and leaned forward slightly to flick her tongue over the head of his cock. Her eyes stayed locked to his as she gently ran her tongue over and around the head and then slowly licked all the way down the underside of his cock, kissed each of his cum-filled balls, ran her tongue all the way back up his cock, and once again swallowed his cock into her warm, wet mouth.
"Oh fuck!" He groaned as Leah gently sucked on his dick and ran her tongue over it in slashes as she began descending down its length again.

His mother seemed to be smiling as he moaned and was gently squeezing his dick with her hands as her face lowered further down, her eyes never leaving his, even when he closed them from pleasure. Her mouth was stretched wide because of the thickness of his meat but still she looked insanely beautiful, with her long black hair spilling in those waves of hers, her big eyes surrounded by that black eye liner and that pitch black lipstick contrasting against her pale face and his dick as she slid her mouth slowly up and down his spear.

As she continued to move her mouth up and down, his mother began to become more comfortable with the amount of dick in her mouth and she began to bob her head up and down a little faster and more smoothly. Her eyes left his and she turned all of her attention to his dick. Releasing her left hand, she reached up and pressed it flat against his chest while pumping faster with her right. Tommy smiled down at his mother as he saw her wedding ring glint in the light and watched another inch slip further into her mouth and he felt her throat.

Faster and faster she jacked at his dick as her head bobbed up and down his shaft with increasing fervour.

"Mmmmmmmph!" She moaned as the shaft glided back and forth between her black lips and her tongue slashed back and forth across the rock solid meat.

Tommy groaned as Leah continued to suck harder and harder, ramming her face back and forth on his dick. He loved the sight of his hard cock sliding between his mother's hot lips, into her warm, wet mouth. Her big tits jiggled more furiously now within that tight black dress and Tommy was mesmerised.

Another inch slipped into Leah's mouth and Tommy felt his cock pushing into his mother's throat. He couldn't believe it, no one had ever taken this much of his dick, but here was his own mother, down on her knees in his dads office, sucking over seven inches of his dick down into her tight throat. Tommy couldn't help but grown even louder now.

"Oh fuck mom, yeah!" He groaned loudly, and Leah moaned loudly around his dick and her sucking became even more intense.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, Leah sucked at his dick, and more and more she pushed her mouth forward trying to take even more of his dick deep into her throat. Tommy's eyes grew wider and wider as inch after inch slid back and forth into his mother's hot mouth. First 7 inches, then 8, and then she had 9 inches of Tommy's hard cock meat ramming down her throat and he thought that this must be it, but her eyes never left his hard dick and she was slamming her face back and forth hard and fast still, and if this would have been anything other than a blowjob, Tommy would have said that his mother had a look of determination on her face, determination to take all of his dick in her mouth. Tommy knew what his mothers motto was, 'If you're going to do something, then do it to the best of your ability. Push yourself to your limit and then push yourself beyond them.' And that was how she had become so successful at her job, and she was obviously using her own advice now.

"Fuck mom, suck my dick baby." He groaned through clenched teeth. This was better than anything he had ever had before. "Suck it Leah, suck my cock!"

"Mmmmmmmmmmph" Leah groaned loudly and rolled her eyes around, she was really loving this.

Leah's head slammed back and forth repeatedly, her black hair spilling down between her luscious tits, her eyes focused on the massive rod in her mouth, and her wedding ring pressed against Tommy's chest, Tommy stood looking down admiringly and lustfully as her head bobbed back and forth, this was his hot mom, and this was really happening. He thought he might cum soon.

Suddenly Leah moved her other hand off Tommy's cock and grabbed hold of his hip instead, her left hand moving to the other hip, and then just as abruptly ran her mouth all the way up his cock, and to Tommy's surprise, she pulled her mouth off and looked up at him, her eyes completely filled with lust.

"Have you ever had a blowjob like this before?" She asked and returned her mouth to only suck on the head of his dick, still looking up at him lustfully.

"Never." He growled down at her, why had she stopped now?

Once again Leah pulled her mouth from his dick.

"Has any girl ever taken all your big cock in her mouth?" She said and replaced her hot mouth over his dick, sliding her face down a few inches, then pulling back up, before only returning to suck those few inches again.

She was teasing him! And she knew that he was close to cumming! He needed to cum! She pulled her mouth off his dick again and looked up at him, her face calm and waiting for his answer.

"No, they haven't!" He growled again at her, "Now suck my dick Leah, I need to cum!"

She smiled at him then, more teasingly than he had ever seen her smile before, and this time she kept her eyes locked on his as she took his thick dick back into her mouth, only she didn't move at first, just held his dick a couple of inches in her mouth and slashed her tongue across the head. Then, with her eyes still on his, she slammed her face forward and took his entire length into her hot, wet mouth and tight throat. She took all 10 ½ inches! Tommy almost came right then.

Leah paused with her lips right at the base of his cock, still looking up at him lustfully, and then her grip tightened on his hips and she began to slowly move her head back up his shaft.

Tommy couldn't believe it. Leah's tits and hair began to bounce more furiously as she once again began picking up the pace of her sucking and licking. It wasn't long until she was slamming her face up and down Tommy's entire length, his dick roughly forcing its way into her throat, and gliding back out again. His breathing grew heavier and he knew he couldn't take much more. The lewd noises of the i****tual blowjob filled his dads office as Tommy groaned loudly through clenched teeth, Leah moaned loudly around his cock in her mouth and the lewd slurping and sucking of Leah's mouth and tongue echoed increasingly louder.

Her tits shook violently, her hair flew back and forth as Leah continued to suck Tommy's dick for all she was worth. Her lips, tightly locked around the thick meaty shaft of her son's dick, guided him deeper into her mouth and throat. Her hands, held him by the hips, steadying the large pole for her to suck on, and her eyes never left his once.

"Oh yeah mom suck my dick!" He groaned loudly, "Suck it baby!"

Leah answered once again with a loud moan and rolling her eyes. Her sucking intensified until Tommy thought that she meant to suck every bit of him through his dick.

"Yeah, I love watching your mouth suck my cock!" He growled down at the beautiful woman on her knees before him, "I love watching it slide between your lips! Oh yeah! Fuck! I love watching your fucking big tits bounce!"

With each word Leah groaned and moaned around his cock in her mouth, her head bobbing so fast and hard that she had had to lower her eyes to look at his dick before she stabbed herself on it.

"Oh fuck, your mouth is so hot!" He groaned as her tongue slashed around the head. "You're so fucking good at this mom!"

Once again came Leah's lustful moan. She had been sucking his dick now for what seemed an eternity, and he was surprised that he had managed to last this long, but as he looked down, and saw the image of his beautiful mother on her knees, sucking his large cock deep into her mouth, in that clinging black gothic dress, he felt his balls beginning to tighten.

"Oh fuck!" He grunted out and reached down to grab two handfuls of his mother's beautiful black hair and began to thrust his hips forward and fuck her face as hard and fast as he could. He was about to cum after the best blowjob ever, but better than that, he was about to cum in his hot mother's mouth.

Leah felt the thick cock head stretch her tight throat as she slammed her mouth all the way back down Tommy's ragingly hard, and very big, dick. She sucked hard as she continuously bobbed her head up and down the long shaft, taking all of it into her mouth and then sliding back up its length until only the tip of the head stayed in her mouth, only to slam hard back down again. She loved how hot this was, the feel of her sons dick in her mouth was driving her over the edge with horniness. With how she felt, she would've agreed to anything he asked right then, and she knew that once this thing was buried deep inside her she would do anything for him.

As Leah continued to suck on Tommy's dick she still couldn't believe that all of this was actually happening, that right then she was down on her knees, giving her own son a blowjob. That thought caused her to moan again around the hard gag in her mouth and speed up her movements.

Suddenly she heard Tommy groan and then felt him grab hold of her hair roughly, and oh did it feel good. It felt even better as suddenly he began thrusting his hips back and forth, literally fucking her face harshly. His dick rammed back and forth, in and out of her mouth as his hands held her head still. She couldn't have got away if she had wanted to, but this turned her on even more. She had never been taken roughly like this before and she couldn't help but groan at how good it felt. Her own son was fucking her mouth and she loved it. Her lips gripped tightly around his pistoning shaft and her tongue quickly darted around the invading member as he repeatedly slammed his manhood into her mouth and down her throat.

Leah shifted her eyes so she could look at Tommy's face. He was staring down at her, his face contorted with lust as his big dick rammed in and out of her mouth. Her eyes teased and lusted for him and she sucked as hard as she could. She had never taken a cock so big in her mouth ever and she was amazed that she had been able to shove all of his 10 ½ inches down her throat, but she had been determined to take all of him in her mouth when she saw how big he was; she always got what she wanted.

Suddenly Tommy grunted and Leah felt the head of his cock grow bigger and knew that he was about to cum, and he roughly pulled her face towards him, impaling her mouth down to the hilt of his cock and burying himself down her throat quickly, her eyes immediately went to his dick shoved deep in her mouth. Then Tommy snarled wordlessly and she felt his big dick explode deep within her throat and she tried to swallow his cum quickly but still she gagged and some of his hot, sticky cum dribbled out of her mouth.

Once his cock began dumping its load into her mouth however, Tommy let one hand drop and then stopped pulling her to him with the other and immediately Leah pulled back so that the spasming head of her son's big dick pulled out of her throat and into her mouth. Cum continued to shoot out of his cock and began to fill her mouth quickly and she swallowed it down her throat and into her belly just as quickly but still more came in what seemed to be an endless stream of cum.

Leah continued swallowing her son's magnificent cum while she knelt in front of him with his dick in her mouth and wore her black gothic dress. She sucked on his dick, trying to pull all of the cum out of him and finally, after minutes of his cum shooting into her mouth, coating her tongue as it swirled it around and swallowing it all, the fountain began to slow. She raised her left hand deliberately so she could see her wedding ring as she pumped her son's cock with her fist forcing the last drops of his cum from his balls. He mustn't have cum in months to have that much cum in him, she thought to herself.

Finally, Tommy's dick stopped erupting and the cum stopped. Leah swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth and began to run her tongue around the head and shaft of Tommy's dick, cleaning the rest of his cum off him, and then she looked up into his now open eyes and slid his dick from her mouth.

"That was fucking amazing!" Tommy exclaimed as she stayed kneeling in front of him, her hand gently squeezing his now softening dick.

"I would never have guessed." She said teasingly as she looked up at him with her big eyes

"Sorry." He said, "You didn't mind..."

"What, you cumming in my mouth?" She interrupted with a teasing smile, "After I've sucked your dick, how could I not expect you to? Actually, I couldn't decide whether you'd want to rather cum in my mouth or all over me. And when was the last time you came, I must have swallowed two or three pints of your cum!" Saying that made that electricity shoot through her again. She really had given her son a blowjob and swallowed all his cum, how hot was that!

"This morning." He said smiling proudly down at her as she continued massaging his limp cock, which was still over 6 inches long and pretty thick.

Leah couldn't help looking surprised. He had cum so much in her mouth and he had already cum that morning? He must be a cum-machine.

"I've never cum that much in my life, nowhere near." He said breathlessly, she still stroked his dick, "It was because it was you, tonight, that dress, everything."

She smiled up at him, "You think I'm hot then Tommy?" She asked teasingly

"Fuck! Yeah!" He said loudly, "Everyone thinks you're hot! I have to keep telling the guys at school to shut up 'cause they keep saying how hot you are, how big your tits are, how long your legs are, how much they'd love to bang you and stuff. They all wanna fuck you."

Her smile deepened and Leah reluctantly let Tommy's cock out of her hand and smoothly got to her feet.

"They do, do they?" She said as she stood up in front of Tommy and smoothed her dress over her firm body. "Well, you're the only one that'll get to fuck me."

And with her teasing smile, she leaned forward and gently kissed Tommy on the lips.

"But I think you need to wake up first." She said as she moved back and leaned against the office door.

"So, do you want to fuck me right here against the door?" She asked, her voice and face equally teasing and lusty and her arms rose above her head to grasp hold of the doorframe above.

Before Tommy could answer however, she pushed herself away from the door and walked closer to him, once again grasping his limp cock as he stood still in the pants around his ankles. She squeezed hard as she spoke.

"Or maybe right here on the floor?" This time her voice was more aggressive and she yanked at his dick as she stared lustfully into his eyes.

He moved forward as if to grab her but she let go of his twitching cock and moved away from him too quickly and walked farther into the room.

She smiled to herself as she walked towards the big chair behind her husband's desk.

"You know Tommy, I've never cheated on your father," She said without looking back at him, "But I suppose if I am going to fuck another guy behind his back who better than our own son?"

She reached the chair as she finished speaking and slowly sat down on the leather. It creaked as she sat down, but she made sure she bent a little lower than needed, so that Tommy could get another view of her amazing tits.

She smiled as she looked at him as his dick was beginning to harden. She knew this would drive any man wild, but her son, it drove him crazy.

She raised her finger to her lips as she spoke again.

"Maybe you could make me cum on his chair?" She asked innocently and smiled when his cock twitched and hardened more.

Standing up, she quickly bent over the desk, giving him an unobstructed view down the top of her dress.

Resting on her elbows with her palms flat on the tabletop she spoke in a deep husky tone.

"Or maybe you want to fuck me over your father's desk." She said and groaned loudly, "Ohhhh, yeah! You'd like that? To fuck me hard from behind, while my big tits mash hard into your fathers desk?"

She smiled deeper again as his dick continued to grow. She knew she was a good flirt, and that he soon he would be rock hard and ready to take her. His eyes almost shone with lust, and he visibly held himself back, knowing she would move away from him until she wanted him.

This time, Leah straightened slowly, gently moaning as she pushed her large tits farther forward, and then she slowly walked round to the side of the desk and turned to lean back on it with her hands resting on the edge. She looked straight at the leather sofa in front of her, then turned her head to look at her son.

"Or do you want to fuck me on the soft leather sofa baby?" She asked lovingly

Tommy just stood there, his dick rigidly hard again. He was shaking from the visible effort of wanting to come to her.

Leah smiled as she stood there looking at him and his very big dick. How had she gotten all of that thing in her mouth? She let him wait a little longer, making him boil with anticipation.

"Maybe I should take this dress off." She said as she stood straight up and stretched her arms high over her head, "Unless you want to fuck me in it?"

That was the final straw as far as Tommy was concerned. Leah smiled as her 18-year-old boy hurriedly walked straight towards her and grabbed her. Their lips mashed against each other and their tongues probed deep in each other's mouths roughly.

Tommy's hand reached up and roughly grabbed one of her tits and began squeezing harshly as he continued kissing her. She moaned loudly into his mouth and her own hands grasped his head, pulling him closer and deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly Leah pushed him away from her mouth, still only inches from his face, they both breathed hard. His hand squeezed her breast once more then lowered to her waist as they stared lustfully into each other's eyes.

Leah lustfully stared at her son; both of them standing still, all the teasing had gone out of her now and all she wanted was to fuck. Lust had them both, so she told him.

"Fuck me." She said while looking in her son's eyes

Tommy wasted no time now. His mouth darted back onto hers, their tongues once again probing each other's mouths. His arms wrapped tightly around her and as if she was a feather he lifted her from the floor. Immediately Leah's legs wrapped around his waist, his hard cock pressing against her thong covered pussy, but instead of moving to the sofa like Leah thought he would, Tommy moved forward and planted her down quickly on her back on the desk.

Leah moaned into her son's mouth as he reached up and once again began mauling her tits. His body pressed her hard against the big tabletop, big enough for them to lie on with space around, and she felt his dick pressing hard against her pussy.

They continued kissing and he continued to grope at her dress-covered tits, and then he broke the kiss and began to quickly kiss all over Leah's cleavage. Leah moaned softly and unlocked her legs from around his waist as he reached down and under her dress to take hold of the band of her thong.

He roughly pulled Leah's underwear down and stopped kissing her tits to look deep into her eyes. Her hair was splayed out across the tabletop, her chest was heaving as her breath quickened and she was shivering with unbound lust. He smiled down at her as he continued to pull her thong down until he couldn't reach any farther. He made a move as if to get up to completely remove the thong, but Leah pulled him back and just wriggled her legs until the underwear hung on her high-heeled foot, and then she kicked them off. Neither of them paid any attention to where they went. This was it; they were really going to fuck.

As Leah looked lustfully into Tommy's eyes, she smiled lustfully and stroked his cheek with her left hand, then took hold of his muscular arms with both hands.

"You know, I love seeing that wedding ring dad gave you when I'm just about to fuck you." He said smugly and moved his hips so that his hard cock was lined up perfectly with her pussy, the front of her dress pushed up around her flat stomach.
"Well I'm going to love being pinned to his desk by my son's big dick." She said as teasingly as she could, "Now be a good boy Tommy and fuck me!"

No more encouragement was needed Tommy smiled as he thrust forward as hard as he could and slammed his entire length of 10 ½ inches deep into Leah's ready and wanton pussy, stretching and filling her completely.

Leah screamed at the top of her lungs because of the pain of being speared by such a big cock. She had never had any dick anywhere near this big in her before and it stretched her instantly.

Slowly, as Leah's head and back were arched from the pain of the initial penetration, the pain subsided and she began to feel her son's dick inside her, then pleasure began to far out weigh the pain, and very quickly.

Very quickly, waves of passion and pleasure shot through her body and she felt an orgasm wash over her. Her muscles clenched and her body shook and she groaned loudly.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Leah groaned, still with her head back and her back arched.

Her toes curled up and she gripped Tommy's arms tightly as she came hard.

"I take it you like having my big dick buried deep in you mom?" Tommy asked smugly as she came down slowly from her orgasm.

It was then that she noticed that he wasn't fucking her, he was just holding his dick inside her and to the hilt it seemed, letting her feel his long hardness before he began, making sure she felt every inch of him and every scrap of pleasure.

And feel every inch of Tommy and the pleasure she did. The feeling was amazing; she had never felt anything like it in her life. She was absolutely stuffed full of cock! Her pussy stretched tightly around the thick invading meat and squeezed it tightly. She felt like this monster was actually in her womb and she felt so amazingly good. She felt like she was in heaven. She felt on fire. This was her son's dick buried to the hilt within her pussy, the very son she had given birth to 18 years ago, and now he was about to fuck her on his fathers work desk. Leah moaned again as she lay flat on the tabletop and opened eyes she never realised she had closed. The knowledge that the cock inside her, filling her completely, making her feel sooooo good, was her son's only made the feeling better.

Lust burned deep within her now, her pussy raged even more now to be fucked and she wanted satisfying. And now!

"You feel good baby!" Leah said very breathlessly, and lifting her legs to wrap them once again around Tommy's waist. He was actually inside her!

He smiled smugly

"You know what's odd," He said whilst still smiling smugly down at her, his hands at either side of her head with her hands gripping his muscular arms. "18 years ago I came out of your pussy and now all these years later, I'm back in there again."

Leah smiled back up at him teasingly.

"Only this time you're bigger!" She said and he returned her smile with his own smug one, and then he slowly pulled his dick out of her tight pussy to the tip of the head, and once again slammed hard back into her.

Leah screamed at first, from a little pain, but soon her pussy became accustomed to the size of Tommy's big dick repeatedly slamming hard in and out of her, and that's when she started moaning grunting and groaning louder and louder, and soon the lewd noises coming from her mouth turned to screams of lust and incredible feelings of pleasure. Her lustful screams and moans continued never stopping as her son pounded her hard and fast with his dick. The i****tual fuck had begun and Leah was in heaven.

Tommy continued to piston his ragingly hard dick in and out of his mother's very welcoming pussy with strokes so hard that the strong wooden desk creaked loudly. He couldn't believe he was actually fucking his own hot mother! This was amazing. Her pussy gripped tightly to every inch of his thick manhood as it continued to plow relentlessly into her, her arms were now wrapped around his neck, her nails digging painfully into his flesh as her face was contorted in absolute pleasure. Even with her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth continuously moaning and groaning in between her screams of ecstasy she looked stunning. Her long wavy black hair still fanned out across the tabletop, her big, heavy tits shook violently from each of his ruthless thrusts into her body and her legs were locked tightly around him, trying to pull him even deeper into her.

"OHH FUCK! OHHHHH FUCK! FUCK ME BABY! FUCK MY PUSSY GOOD! OHHHHHHH!" Leah screamed as his dick continued its assault

"Oh mom, fuck!" Was all he could manage to grunt out as all of his concentration was on fucking her as best as he could, after all he didn't know if he would ever get her again and he wanted to make the most of it.

"Come on baby, fuck me, come on, fuck me hard! OH I LOVE YOUR DICK! FUCK I FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD! SOOO FUCKING FULL!" His mother exclaimed loudly as she continued thrusting her hips upwards to meet his thrusts.

She met each of his thrusts just as roughly as he gave them to her. She thrust her pussy up as he slammed hard back into her, driving her hard against the desk top with a loud crack and the shifting and creaking of the desk itself. Tommy thought the thing might fall apart with how hard they were fucking each other; there was definitely no love in this sex, just pure a****l fucking.

"Your pussy's so fucking tight, fuck!" He grunted between sharp breaths. Even though his dick slammed in and out of her smoothly, he just couldn't believe how tight she was, how her pussy gripped his dick like a vice, trying to milk his dick for more cum.

"OH FUCK BABY, YEAH! NAIL ME TO THE FUCKING DESK BABY! FUCK ME!! UHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHH!" Leah screamed as she continued to scratch at his neck.

Their pace hadn't slowed for a second and they had been fucking harder and faster each minute for what seemed like forever, but must only have been 20 minutes or so. Tommy knew that he shouldn't need to cum for ages yet because of the amazing blowjob Leah had given him earlier, but this was too fucking hot and he knew he wouldn't last long.

Leah suddenly opened her eyes to stare lustfully into his and then she took her arms from around his neck and raised them above her head to grip onto the edge of the desk tightly.

"Come on baby, fuck me! Fuck your hot mom for all she's worth! Oh, make me fucking cum all over your big, hard dick!" She growled at him, still looking deep into her eyes with her own lust-filled eyes.

Tommy tried to smile as he sweated with the effort of how hard he was driving his dick into his mother, but as she continued to growl at him, he drew more and more turned on, and spurred on by her dirty talk, he slammed even harder into her. The more she spoke, the harder he rammed his cock into her, and the harder he fucked her, the more she growled at him.

"OHHHHH YEAH! Oh, yeah Tommy baby, my baby boy, fuck mommy good! OHHhhhhhUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" She groaned as his 10 ½ inches slammed home again. "Come on baby, we shouldn't be fucking doing this so you better make it worth it! Ohhhh I'm soo baad letting my own son fuck me, and on your father's desk too! Ummmmmm yeah! OH! Oh! Yeah!"

Tommy tried as hard as he could to fuck her faster as Leah continued to talk dirty to him, but he was already fucking her as hard as he could, his and her breathing came in short, heavy pants, his because of the effort of continuous fucking and hers because each time he slammed his dick back into her, he drove all of the air out of her lungs in a sharp grunt.

His dick continued to mercilessly fuck her as she continued growling up at him. Her tits shook violently against their material prison, mesmerising to Tommy's eyes.

"Oh baby you know this is soo wrong, I think you should..." She began, smiling teasingly up at him, and stopped as his dick continued pounding her hard. "Maybe you should....OHHH.....Maybe.....OH should...Oh you should keep fucking me! OH! UMMMMMM YEAH! YEEEAAHH! OHHHHH!"

Tommy managed to grin down at his mothers flushed face as her eyes squeezed shut again and her grip tightened on the edge of the desk. The desk itself was creaking loudly now; its loud complaints marking their lewd fuck session but drowned out under Tommy's moans and groans of pleasure, and Leah's screams of ecstasy.

All of a sudden Tommy heard a noise at the other end of the room, a sound of the door opening. Leah obviously heard it too, but when he was about to stop she grabbed him hard by the face and growled at him.

"Don't you dare fucking stop!" She growled aggressively and by the look in her eyes he knew she meant it, so he continued to pound her hard as the door opened and someone poked their head around the door.

"Oh! Sorry, I thought this one might be empty!" The voice said

"OHHHH FUCK! SO FUCKING BIG! SO FUCKING HOT! SOOOO FUCKING GOOD! OHH FUCK ME BABY FUCK MEEEE!!" Leah screamed, obviously turned on by someone watching them fucking but not knowing they were mother and son. Tommy felt that same surge of lust fill him and renew his strength, so he began pounding Leah harder against the desktop.

"Sorry to disturb you!" The voice said after a short while and then Tommy heard the door close again.

Obviously it had been a guy who had opened it and stood watching Leah get fucked, admiring her dress covered heaving body being fucked so ruthlessly. Tommy would've done the same thing.

Tommy looked down at his mother; her hips were thrusting up at him faster than before. She was more turned on than ever and she was losing all control of herself as her second orgasm was obviously approaching, and it was obviously going to be huge.

She flung her head from side to side and tightly shut her eyes. Her arms now flailed about, looking for anything to grab a hold of and Tommy noticed her hit the lamp and knock it over, and as she continued to flail around, her orgasm approaching rapidly, her hand hit the photo frame, that Tommy had noticed held a picture of him and his mother and father, and it flew from the desk to land on the floor.

As his dick pistoned rapidly in and out of her, Leah suddenly reached round to grasp her hands tightly onto his back, her fingernails digging deep into his back through the material and her felt her pussy tighten so hard he thought it would crush his dick, but he continued his assault anyway, intensifying her orgasm as it shot through her body.

""OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!!" Leah's scream began and then finished in a wordless scream of absolute pleasure, which Tommy had no doubt could be heard all the way back to the party room.

His dick never slowed as Leah convulsed harshly underneath him, impaled lewdly on his dick. Her body shook so much that several times she lifted from the desktop only to hit her head hard as she came back down again, but she didn't seem to even feel it in that torrent of ecstasy. Her legs pulled him towards her, trying to f***e his dick all the way in to her as he struggled to continue his pounding and her nails dug as hard as they could into his back, bringing a shout of pain from Tommy, as her long black fingernails ripped through the skin tight lycra and his skin, causing bleeding scratches across his back. Then Leah's back arched half a foot off the table and her head shot back with her eyes wide open.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She groaned between her tightly clenched teeth.

Tommy continued to fuck her as hard as he could with her legs gripping him tightly to her, and very slowly Leah seemed to come back down to earth again. Her back lowered to the desk top, her legs loosened around his back, her nails stopped digging into his skin, and her head came forward to look at him. Her face was a mask of complete satisfaction and lust. She had had the orgasm she wanted, but she was far from finished.

Leah gently purred at her son as he continued to piston his dick in and out of her very satisfied pussy. He was moving slower than before, obviously weary from how much effort he had put in bringing her to orgasm, but he still continued to push and pull in and out of her.

She couldn't believe how good she felt right at that moment, how intense her orgasm had been, she had never cum that hard in her life, and to do so because of her sons dick made it all the more better a feeling.

Although she had cum hard and was now feeling like jelly she smiled at Tommy as he continued to push his dick back into her. Her own lust was beginning to grow again as feeling slowly began to return to her body. She could feel every inch of him stretching her inside; reaching places she never knew existed, fucking her so completely, so thoroughly that she never wanted him to stop. She still couldn't believe that she had taken all of his dick inside of her, she had felt almost torn in two from it's size when he had roughly entered her, but now, she wanted nothing more than for him to fuck her to another earth-shattering orgasm.

"Oh! Ummmm!" She moaned softly as the immense feeling of her orgasm subsided and she began to feel Tommy's dick sliding back and forth into her very welcoming pussy. Strength returned to her slowly. "That was amazing." She said still in a state of wonder.

Tommy smiled down at her as he continued to feed his cock into her pussy, but he was beginning to tire and slow down.

"I'm glad you like it." He managed to stammer out, his breathing becoming more laboured and his arms shaking a little in an effort to hold him up.

Her strength began to seep back into her body a little more now, but Leah still felt like Jelly.

"You're tired baby, maybe you should stop for a while." She said as she smiled teasingly up at him, she knew exactly what he would say.

"I'm not finished fucking you yet." He said with a strained voice. "I'm gonna carry on."

"I never said that we were going to stop having sex." Leah said and her smile deepened as he looked up at her confused. "I said you should stop, not me."

He stared at her for a moment not understanding what she was saying. She almost laughed at his innocence. He was so dirty and good at so many things, but he was still 18.

Trying not to laugh, she explained what she meant.

"Let me explain." She said teasingly, "You're tired and I'm not, and we both want to carry on fucking, so, I am going to ride your dick until we both cum."

She felt a flutter in her stomach, and it wasn't Tommy's dick, when she realised that she had actually told her son that he could cum inside her. He wasn't even wearing a condom! The illicit thought turned her on even more and she pushed herself up on her hands,

Tommy still lay on top of her with his dick now buried deep within her but not moving.

"Well, are you going to help me or are we just going to stop?" Leah asked her son a little impatiently

Too tired to note much, Tommy reached around her waist and pulled himself back so that he could stand up, with her legs wrapped around him and his dick still completely imbedded in her pussy. There was no way she was going to let that wonderful thing out of her. But as Tommy stood up straight with Leah in his arms, his legs buckled suddenly and the pair of them fell backwards quickly. With thud they both landed sitting on the leather sofa at the side of the desk, Tommy sitting on the sofa and Leah straddling his long dick, which had slammed hard into her as she landed impaled on his lap, and she thought that it was going to come right out her mouth with the f***e it drove upwards in to her. The f***e caused Leah to grunt and then moan lightly, and when they both had gotten accustomed to what had happened she looked down at Tommy's face.

He was staring up at her in wonder and she smiled lustfully back down at him, her legs to either side of his, his hands on her thighs, his dick deep in her pussy and her hands resting on his shoulders.

"Well, I hadn't planned on having sex here, but it's as good a place as any." She said to him, "And besides, I don't think your father's desk could've taken anymore of that harsh fucking you were giving me."

He grinned up at her smugly and smug he should be with a knockout like her on his dick, and his own mother to boot.

"So, are you gonna bounce on my dick then you naughty girl?" He asked as his hands began gently rubbing her thighs.

Leah shivered once again with the knowledge that she was impaled on her son's dick. And she slowly began to move her hips back and forth, sliding his hard length back and forth into her pussy gently.

"Ummmmm yeah!" She moaned lightly as she felt that hard shaft fill her again and again. She just loved how it stretched her inside.

"Yeah, that's it mom, ride my dick like a slut." Tommy growled at her as he stared lustfully at her body.

His lustful gaze turned her on ever more, and just as she was going to really start to fuck him, a thought came to her and she stopped moving her hips.

"What are you doing?" Tommy asked her curiously.

"Well, I was thinking that seeing as your big dick is already buried deep in my pussy and that you like looking at my tits, that you might want to have me fuck you without this dress on?"

The instant twitching of life of Tommy's dick inside her was enough to tell her the answer before he said anything, and so, Leah reached back and slowly slid the small zip down her back and then reach around to take a hold of the dress that had been pushed up around her waist to allow Tommy to fuck her.

"Ummm, I'm going to be bouncing on my sons dick naked, riding him hard until he cums inside me." Leah said as teasingly as she could, "Maybe I should just leave it on."

"No, no, please." Tommy said urgently and Leah smiled.

As Leah Bryton smiled down at her son, impaled hard on his 10 ½ inch cock, she pulled the tight black gothic dress up over her head quickly, and began thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking herself on his thick dick before the dress had gotten to her tits. As the black material cleared her beautiful face and long black wavy hair, she threw it away from her, careless of where it landed, smiled at her son's reaction and rode him as hard as she could. She planned on fucking him and herself, to the best orgasm they had ever had. So she rode him as hard and as fast as she could.

Half an hour later Tommy still gaped at his mother's hot body as she bounced rapidly up and down on his hard monster cock. She had grown more and more intense in fucking herself on Tommy's dick each time she rammed herself hard back down its long length. Tommy could feel her long smooth legs pressed against his bare thighs as she straddled him, her pussy still clamped tightly around his cock as she fucked herself silly on his dick and her left hand roughly playing with her clit causing her to fuck herself wilder as she was pleased by both his dick and her hands, her face contorted once again in ecstasy Leah either threw her head back as she groaned and moaned lewdly or screaming her lust-filled obscenities as she wildly shook her head from side to side.

The sight of Leah riding harder and harder, faster and faster with every thrust of her hips made Tommy want to cum, and cum hard but his attention was still in the same place it had been for the last 30 minutes, on his mother's big tits.

Leah's tits were amazing, the were huge and firm and they had not even a slight hint of sag to them at all as they bounced wildly up and down on her chest in unison with her up and downward thrusts as she continuously impaled herself on his dick. The sight was amazing and Tommy could feel his balls brewing up another large load of cum to dump inside her.

"OH YES! YES! OHHHHH BABY!" Leah's screams dropped into a loud purr as she looked down at Tommy, her left hand working furiously on her clit as she slid quickly up and down his hard cockmeat. "I love your dick baby, it feels so fucking good!"

Tommy smiled smugly at his mother, her eyes shining with lust and her body making damn sure she was satisfied.

"Fuck mom I love your fucking body!" He exclaimed lifting his eyes from her body to her face long enough to see her smile teasingly as she groaned again, her fingers working harder as her hips made quick, small circling motions. "Your tits are fucking amazing! I've never seen such big, firm jugs before!" And not for the first time, he reached up to cup her tits.

As his fingers sank deep into her large, firm tits, Leah groaned again and, her body and fingers speeding up as he began to roughly squeeze and play with them. They felt so good in his hands as her chest rose sharply with each thrust back and forth on his cock and her breathing heaved.

They were the picture of lust, fucking wildly on the leather sofa in Carl Bryton's office. Leah riding hard and fast, her son's hands groping roughly at her tits, naked, she slammed herself repeatedly on his glorious pole and screamed in ecstasy.

"Ummmm" She moaned, once again looking locking her eyes on his, and once again she purred at him, "I love the way you fill me, I can't believe we're doing this, we're actually fucking baby! Ummmmmmm, ohhhhhhh!" She finished groaning as her head fell back again, her long black hair reaching down to his knees behind her.

Tommy's hands continued their assault on Leah's tits and she continued to bounce up and down rapidly now. Faster and faster she began to move, slamming harder and harder down on to him.

Suddenly she moved her hand from her clit and leaned forward her tits mashing hard against the palms of Tommy's hands as all of her wait was pushed onto them. Her hands grabbed tightly onto the back of the black leather sofa and used it for support to allow herself to fuck his dick harder. She was desperately fucking herself to another orgasm, and with the feel of her tight, hot hole, Tommy knew that he too would cum soon.

"Uhhhhhhhh, Come on baby, fuck mommy, fuck your big dick in my pussy hard!" She growled aggressively at him, her face inches from his. "Fuck I need this so badly!"

Tommy couldn't even form any words, his heart was leaping from his chest because he still couldn't believe that he was actually fucking his gorgeous mom, but more than that, how good she was! Being a big sports star in his school, he had had a good few women since turning 18, most of them older, and even a teacher, but none had been anywhere near as good as this amazing woman he had only looked at as his mom before tonight.

As quickly as she had leaned forward, Leah pushed herself back so she was sitting straight again, Tommy's hands still roughly squeezing her tits, his fingers sinking into her fleshy mounds, and she reached up to grab her hair in her hands on her head as she rode with all her might, driving herself closer to orgasm. Tommy was still amazed that he had actually lasted this long, but with the intensity and the sight of her gloriously toned body, he knew he was almost done.

"Oh yeah, you're so fucking good honey! Fuck me, you're soo fucking hard!" She groaned without looking down at him as she bounced around smothering her long black hair all over her head in her tightly gripped hands.

Then once again she suddenly moved, unable to stay in one place too long as the pleasure flowed through her, which Tommy could understand as his own senses were becoming numb from the sheer amount of pleasure she was giving him. Her slim hands fell to grip her tits on top of his already mauling hands. The sight was awesome.

"Oh baby, you nailed me to your fathers desk so good!" Leah purred as she helped him to roughly squeeze the firmness of her tits. "And I just love riding your dick."

"Fuck!" Was all he could breathe out, he could feel the familiar shortness to his breathing and he knew he was going to blow soon. He began thrusting his hips harder upward, using Leah's tits to roughly pull her down as he thrust fast up.

"Ohhhhh! Um!" She groaned as he pulled her down hard, "You are so big!" She breathed out and began to moan lightly as she squeezed his hands into her flesh.

He felt the first tingling signs in his dick that he was going to cum and lust took total control of him. He let his hands drop from Leah's tits to roughly grab her waist, he needed more, more speed, harder, so he began thrusting harder and wilder into her, using her small waist to push and pull her up and down his dick.

Tommy looked lustfully at his mother as she gripped her tits harshly and played with them as she tightened her legs and rode him with all of her strength. The leather sofa creaked loudly with the sound of leather and wood. She was about to cum herself, he knew as her pussy slightly tightened around his thick lust-engorged rod buried deep within her.

"Fuck, your dicks like a fucking baseball bat!" Leah exclaimed loudly as she groaned as another of her downward thrusts was met by one of Tommy's equally lust filled upward thrusts. "I've never been fucked so good in my life!" She groaned again.

"Yeah mom, pump yourself hard on my dick, fuck your pussy on me!" Tommy suddenly growled aggressively, "Tell me, am I bigger and better than dad?" He had wanted to ask that question but he'd waited until she was totally filled with lust that he knew she'd answer. She loved his father very much, and he knew she would never answer unless she was beyond reasonable thought.

At the mention of his father, his mother began pounding her pussy as hard as she could, her groans growing louder until once again she was screaming and grunting from the hard impact of pubic bone slamming with a loud slap against the base of his dick.

"OHHHH FUCK YES BABY, FUCK ME LIKE THAT! OHHH DON'T EVER FUCKING STOP TOMMY!" His mother cried out lustfully, the sound no doubt was heard outside the room. "YES, YOUR DICK IS SOOO MUCH FUCKING BIGGER THAN YOUR FATHER'S" She groaned loudly, squeezing her big tits and mashing them roughly together. "HE'S....OHHHHHHHH.....HE'S 7 INCHES! UMMMMMMM OH AND YOU'RE SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER THAN HE IS AT PLEASING ME! YOU FUCK ME SO WELL HONEY! OH YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUUUMMMMMMMMM!"

The last came out as a loud scream that had to have used all the air in her lungs and she slammed down hard, grinding her tight pussy down on his raging dick, trying to f***e every last millimetre into her, as he slammed hard upwards and grunted sharply and as Tommy came hard inside his mother and she felt it shoot into her, her own orgasm just blew her mind.

Leah rode her sons dick as hard and as fast as fast as she could, bouncing wildly and groaning and screaming lewdly as she held tightly to her tits, squeezing them hard and roughly. She felt so good as she continuously slammed herself as down hard as she could and was met by Tommy's equally hard thrust up to meet her. She grunted every time their bodies slammed hard against each other, she had gotten used to his big dick buried within her now, but she still felt completely stuffed, and being rammed hard by all of that meat at once drove ecstasy through every vein.

Tommy was gripping her waist, pulling hard back down on his enormous weapon and Leah heard him speak and heard herself answer, but lust filled her and bl**d pumped rapidly through her veins, drowning out any concentration on anything except the big dick in her pussy and the amazing amount of pleasure it was giving her.

Suddenly, her stomach tensed, her pussy trembled and electricity began to tingle through her body and she knew she was about to cum for the second time that night by her son's cock as she felt the beginnings of what she knew would be a massive orgasm, Leah slammed herself hard downwards as Tommy thrust hard upwards and impaled her completely on every inch of his big monster.

She heard her 18 year old son groan loudly and felt the head of his big, thick cock expand as her own orgasm erupted and electricity shot through her with enough power to light the entire skysc****r they were in. Yet as Leah's orgasm began to shoot through her and her body trembled, her pussy gripped her sons dick tight and she groaned louder than before, Tommy's dick exploded and wad after wad of his hot, thick, sticky white cum shoot deep within her pussy, coating her insides and shooting straight into her unprotected womb, and Leah's orgasm more than trebled in intensity and her loud groan turned into a wordless scream of complete ecstasy.

"OHHHHHH FUCCKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Was all she could scream out after what seemed like an eternity.

No words could describe how good she felt right then as wave after wave of orgasm shot through her body. She shook uncontrollably as she came, almost falling from Tommy's lap if her hadn't held onto her tightly by her naked waist. Her hands, no longer gripping a death lock on her tits, sc****d furrows into her sons chest with her nails, her head thrown back once again in a wordless scream of pure pleasure.

Still her sons dick shot streams of cum deep into her yearning pussy, emptying the entire contents of his balls into her in an endless stream of white seed and her pussy hungrily drank it all in, her womb filling with her sons sticky goo.

Time passed but Leah didn't notice it at all as her orgasm continued, until what must have been 5 minutes later, her scream slowly quietened into wordless moaning and she fell forward, with no strength at all in her body, pressing her big tits flat against her sons chest. They both just lay there resting, totally exhausted but both completely satisfied.

Two hours passed as Leah lay naked resting against her son's batman suit covered chest still impaled to the hilt on his now soft cock, soft, but still almost 7 inches long. His dick was soft, and totally fucked out, but he was still as big as his father.

Slowly Leah woke up, and regaining her sense of reality slowly, realised that she and Tommy had actually fallen asl**p, that was just how much energy they had used.

Weakly she pushed herself to arms length with her hands pressed against her son's muscular chest until she was sitting straight, straddling his lap. Even her smile was weak due to her lack of energy. If she had thought her muscles were jelly before, they were water now, but she still managed to push herself upwards, rising slowly from that pleasure-giving pole of her son's until, with a sigh at the loss, she finally pulled free and with a wet suction sound his dick came out of her.

Standing on long legs that barely held her upright, Leah searched the room with her big eyes to look for her dress, and found it lying strewn over Carl's chair where it had landed when she threw it away in her lust to be fucked. She smiled deeply, the memory of how good Tommy's big dick had made her feel still very fresh in her mind, and his cum was still very fresh and deep in her very sensitive pussy. She could still feel all of her son's sticky cum inside her belly from when she had swallowed it all, and she could easily feel all of his cum that had shot deep into her womb and filled her pussy so full she was sure that her eyes must have turned white.

She reached over and pulled the dress on over her head as she heard Tommy sit up on the sofa, just waking up from his well-earned rest. Leah turned to him as she began pulling the zip up the back of the dress, her arms were doubled back to pull the zip up, which pushed her big tits out farther and pressed them tight against the thin black material, her nipples poking proudly through the dress top, and she looked at her 18 year old boy.

"Well, I've never been fucked that good before!" She said with a deep smile down at him as he wearily looked up at her. "And I certainly have never been filled with so much cum either!"

Her smile deepened and became very teasing and she walked very unsteadily over to pick up his pants and throw them to him.

"C'mon Batman, you better get ready, if the party isn't already over it will be soon after how long that took!" She said as she checked her dress and smoothed it with her hands over her flat belly. Flat but oh, she felt so unbelievably full of cum!

Tommy looked up at her as he stood unsteadily and pulled his pants on.

"What time is it?" He asked, sounding a little more awake as he pulled the pants up around his waist.

"Late by the look of it." She said, "We were fucking for over an hour and we must have slept two. So come on Tommy, we've got to be heading home before your father wonders where we've gotten to."

A couple of minutes later, after searching for Leah's missing panties which they couldn't find, they were both walking back down the corridor towards the party room hand in hand. To her surprise, the music was still coming out from that room, but there was nowhere near as many people as had been there earlier.

Walking only slightly more steadily than in her husband's office, Leah led Tommy out by the hand into the smaller room and towards the way out but she stopped briefly to tell Harold and Lydia Marsh that they had had a lot of fun and were both very glad they had come, and then they were off and quickly found themselves once again sitting in the car, this time Tommy was in the drivers seat, even though Leah was stone cold sober.

Tommy had hardly said two words since waking up and was now staring straight out the windshield, not moving the car.

"What's wrong honey?" Leah asked looking as concerned as she felt

"Is everything gonna be ok with us now? I mean after, you know," He said nervously, looking at her as if expecting her to yell at him.

Leah smiled softly at her son and gently stroked his arm to reassure him, but she couldn't help but take the chance to tease him, although she knew that he was worried.

"What? After we had sex? After you fucked me?" She asked and smiled even more when he looked down expecting her to yell at him. "Tommy, I wouldn't have fucked you if I didn't want to and I know that you enjoyed it just as much as I did, I have two loads of your cum inside me to prove that! So don't worry ok, everything's fine ok?"

He nodded, still looking at the floor.

"I said ok?" She repeated removing her hand from his arm

"Yeah ok." He said after sighing and looking at her for a long time to make sure she really meant it.

"Good, because I don't want any of this to have ruined our relationship." She said and when she saw that he relaxed, she turned her smile back from reassuring to heavily teasing. "Now, we can pretend like nothing happened, or, you can drive us home before your father thinks something is wrong and I can suck your dick on the way."

His head turned towards her instantly and his eyes shot wide open. Leah couldn't believe how prudish he was being for someone who had already fucked her, and for a moment she thought that he was going to say that he did want to pretend that nothing had happened, and then finally a small smile crept on to his face and he turned to start the engine. Leah's own smile grew as she reached towards Tommy's crotch and pulled his cock out of his pants with her left hand, and smiling at the sight of her glittering wedding ring pressed against her son's rigidly hard cock, she leaned forward and slid her hot mouth over his cock once again.

Tommy drove home carefully as Leah's pretty head bobbed up and down in his lap, sucking hard on his cock and swishing her tongue all over the head. Her black lipstick still remained and her black covered lips glided up and down the thick shaft again and again as her cheeks sucked in and out as she tried to milk even more cum from his dick.

"Oh fuck mom you're such a horny slut!" Tommy groaned as his free hand gently rested on her long black hair that fell over her pretty face as she sucked contentedly on his rock solid dick.

"Mmmmmmph" She moaned around the shaft and then she slid her mouth all the way up and took her mouth from the shaft, gently pumping him still with her ringed left hand. "It's your wonderful dick baby." She cooed, "it drives me crazy."

And she returned to sucking harder on his dick before once again pulling her mouth from it long enough to look up at him through her long black eyelashes and say, "Besides, I love the taste of your cum and I LOVE feeling it inside me!" And with those words she went back to working as hard as she could, sucking mercilessly on his dick.

All the way back from the office to their house Leah's head bobbed up and down on her son's 10 ½ inch hard on, sucking him for all she was worth as if he were her husband. Up and down her head moved, sometimes jacking him off with her left hand, other times sinking his dick all the way down her tight throat so that her lips reached the very base of his cock and her face was in his lap.

The further they drove, the harder and faster Leah sucked, wanting to taste Tommy's cum one more time before they got home. The moans filled the car, Tommy groaning how good a cocksucker she was and how much cum he was going to give her, and her own moans around the thick cock meat buried constantly between her lips in her mouth and throat. The loud sounds of Leah's lewd i****tuous slurping as she sucked as hard and as fast as she could almost drowned their moaning and groaning out.

Then as they pulled into the driveway and stopped in front of the house, Tommy lived up to his promised groans, and once again delivered a huge load of cum shooting straight into Leah's mouth. She swallowed all of his cum as thick globs shot out of his engorged dick in her mouth and hit her tonsils, the back of her throat, landed on her tongue and filled her mouth completely full of cum. So full in fact, that after she had pulled her mouth from her son's softening cock and he had put it back in her pants and they were both leaving the car, her mouth was still full of Tommy's cum and she was slowly swallowing and slowly letting some slide down her throat on its own. The thought of having her son's cum in her mouth as she walked back into her house and nearer her husband turned her on so much she thought about pushing Tommy against a wall outside and fucking him before going in. Instead she just swallowed the last of her sons cum with a loud gulp that Tommy smiled at as they entered the kitchen and saw Carl sitting at the table reading over some papers. He never even looked up as they walked in.

"Hi." He said sounding happy but intent on the work in front of him

"Hey dad." Tommy said with a smug smile at Leah

"Hey hon, you have a good night?" She asked and returned her son's smile with a lust-filled teasing one of her own.

"Yeah, got a lot done so that the weekend should be completely free." Carl said, still without looking up. "What about you two? Did you have fun at the party?"

Tommy just grinned boyishly at her and she smiled once more at him before answering her husband.

"Oh, we had a lot of fun honey! In fact, more fun than I have had in my life I think." She said whilst still looking at her son, "Our son really knows how to show a girl a very, very good time."

"Good, I'm glad honey." Carl replied

"I showed him your office as well honey, he seemed to like what he saw there." She said teasingly, her pussy was beginning to feel hot and horny again. "Me, I certainly enjoyed myself, so that's why we didn't cum earlier, we wanted to have as much fun tonight as we possibly could, and I know for a fact we both did!" She rubbed a hand on her flat stomach showing Tommy that she had enjoyed all of his cum.

"Good, good!" Carl said as he wrote on one of the sheets, "Have you eaten?"

"Yeah" She said, her stomach fluttering with how erotic this was, basically describing what had happened but so that only herself and Tommy understood what she was really saying. Her smiled deepened. "I was stuffed more full than ever and I still feel completely full now but then, I've had two or three loads tonight."
"Good." Her husband repeated again.

"Anyway baby, I'm going to bed cause I'm completely fucked out." She said and moved closer to Tommy, "I need to get my energy back." She said looking straight at Tommy with lust filled eyes, and then turned to Carl. "Don't be too long honey." She said to him and then turned once again to her baby boy. "Good night honey, and thanks for such an amazing night." She said to him and gently pressed her lips against his, and quickly touched his tongue with hers, before pulling her lips back and smiling at him.

"We'll have to do it again soon mom." Tommy said smugly with no need to cover his words meaning. Carl wouldn't have suspected the truth at all.

She returned his lustful look and smile, as she turned back to him halfway through the doorway to the stairs.

"Oh we will, we'll make very sure we do it as often as we can." She said with a quick glance at Carl. Whenever they could get a place to themselves, she thought, I'll have that big dick of yours back inside me.

And with one last teasing smile for her son, Leah Bryton turned to walk to her bedroom, completely satisfied and completely happy. The night had turned out far better than she could ever have dreamed. She was not only a cheating slut, but also a Nympho i****tuous slut mother, and that turned her on more than ever.

"Good." Her husband repeated again.

"Anyway baby, I'm going to bed cause I'm completely fucked out." She said and moved closer to Tommy, "I need to get my energy back." She said looking straight at Tommy with lust filled eyes, and then turned to Carl. "Don't be too long honey." She said to him and then turned once again to her baby boy. "Good night honey, and thanks for such an amazing night." She said to him and gently pressed her lips against his, and quickly touched his tongue with hers, before pulling her lips back and smiling at him.

"We'll have to do it again soon mom." Tommy said smugly with no need to cover his words meaning. Carl wouldn't have suspected the truth at all.

She returned his lustful look and smile, as she turned back to him halfway through the doorway to the stairs.

"Oh we will, we'll make very sure we do it as often as we can." She said with a quick glance at Carl. Whenever they could get a place to themselves, she thought, I'll have that big dick of yours back inside me.

And with one last teasing smile for her son, Leah Bryton turned to walk to her bedroom, completely satisfied and completely happy. The night had turned out far better than she could ever have dreamed. She was not only a cheating slut, but also a Nympho i****tuous slut mother, and that turned her on more than ever.

Once again the pair needed time to recuperate, only this time, Leah decided that she didn't care any longer if it was wrong, she was going to carry on having sex with her son, after all when he made her feel so good, and with a cock that big, she could forget anything.

The kitchen table wasn't the only place the i****tuous pair fucked that night. Knowing that Tommy's dad would be back soon, the pair headed upstairs and into Tommy's room where they once again fucked each other's brains out on his bed and on the floor, cumming hard and getting dressed and downstairs just in time as Carl walked in a couple of minutes later.

And so, every day since Leah and Tommy fucked each other mercilessly and tirelessly at every opportunity they got, only that the more they fucked each other, the more they needed to fuck each other, so they looked for more times, more places, more chances to have sex. It all started off discreetly, they would only have sex when they were alone.

So whenever Carl was at work and they both could get away, they took time off and spent the day fucking all around the house, in various places, and various positions. Tommy fucked Leah in her and his dad's bed. From behind and on the kitchen counter. Leah rode Tommy's dick in the back garden on the lawn. They fucked in the pool outside. Harder and faster, their orgasms growing more intense the more they had sex. They came hard each time, Leah all over Tommy's dick and Tommy all deep inside his mothers pussy.

But as they needed each other more and more, the time spent fucking when Carl wasn't there didn't seem enough, so they began to have sex when he was there.

Firstly in the other side of the house, they fucked with Leah bent over the washing machine, or in the basement. They once again fucked in her and Carl's bed, but this time with Carl down stairs, and Leah came harder than ever as she rode her son's dick as he lay underneath her.

They grew more and more bold and more and more dangerous in how they would fuck with people around.

Once, Tommy was fucking Leah doggie style in the lounge when Carl phoned, and she spoke to her husband as her son drove his big 10 ½ inch cock deeply into her pussy, causing her to moan and groan occasionally down the phone.

Another time, Leah was bouncing up and down on Tommy's big dick in the bathroom as she pretended have a bath, and then she fucked him again in the shower as Carl was talking to her from the other side of the door.

Once, when Carl thought that Leah had gone out and Tommy was upstairs, he heard a noise coming from his son's room, so he went up to see what was happening, but instead of knocking, he stood and listened for a while, then he knew what his son was doing, he thought Tommy was nailing the cheerleader from school and smiling walked downstairs, but behind the door, Tommy had Leah pressed against the door, impaled on his rigid cockmeat and was fucking her hard against the wood.

Quite a number of times they almost got caught, like when Tommy's dad walked in to his and Leah's bedroom d***k one night and Tommy and Leah were both naked and fucking intensely on the bed, only for once, the light was off, and Carl was too d***k to think and just fell over on his side of the bed, inches from the naked pair, and fell asl**p. Tommy wasted no time in resuming his fucking, and although Leah protested at first, soon his big dick pumping hard in and out of her, convinced her otherwise.

For months Leah and Tommy fucked like rabbits at least 3 or 4 times a day. They were fucking so much that it seemed on a typical day all they did was go to school and work, come home, fuck, then sl**p, fuck some more, then get up and the cycle began again.

They fucked in every room in the house, in the car, in the garden, against the windows, against the front door only seconds after Carl had left for work. They fucked on, over or against near enough every piece of furniture in the house.

And then it happened; the greatest, most ultimate taboo in i****tuous sex.

One night, Tommy and Leah were alone in the lounge, and Leah was riding Tommy's cock as he was sitting in his dad's big leather armchair. They were both naked, and fucking with speed and intensity. Tommy was sucking on Leah's big tits as they bounced up and down with Leah's movements as she repeatedly slammed his cock into her pussy hard. Leah was screaming for him to fuck her as usual and they fucked for longer than they ever had. They continuously fucked hard for over 3 hours, fucking over the coffee table, against the windows with Leah's tits pressed flat against them, on the floor and in the chair. Leah was growling dirty things about Tommy's dad, saying how much better Tommy was, how much bigger he was, how much better it felt to have her sons naked cock in her rather than her husband's condom protected one, how she would fuck his big dick even if his dad walked in and caught them. She growled and groaned telling him that he fucked her so good, that he reached deep inside her to places she never even knew, that his cock and cum were the best, that she wanted to fuck him in front of his dad. Then they both heard the door open. They stopped fucking; looking at each other, knowing there wasn't enough time to get their clothes on. They had to think fast, and think fast they did. Pushing Leah off his lap and down on to her knees, he pulled her mouth down over his cock and pulled her hair up onto her head, hiding the ends in his hands so that it looked like Leah had shoulder length hair.

When Carl walked in to the lounge he saw his son naked and a young woman with black shoulder length hair down on her knees sucking his dick. Tommy's head was back obviously enjoying the good head he was getting. Carl smiled proudly at his son, although he would have to tell him to do it in his room from now on, not the lounge, but he strode out of the lounge not knowing that he had really just witnessed his wife, Tommy's own mother, sucking their son's dick.

When Tommy realised the coast was clear, he let go of Leah's hair and pulled her mouth off his dick. Smiling lustfully at her son, Leah mounted his big cock again, confident that Carl wouldn't come back in or take any notice of the moaning and groaning. So Leah did both, and very loudly, even letting herself scream in ecstasy as her son's big hard shaft fucked her harder than before. The only hard part was trying not to mention Tommy's name, that she was his mother, or anything incriminating. It was hard, but the orgasm that they both came to was by far their strongest ever.

Finally, as their orgasms swept over them, and Leah came harder than ever on Tommy's dick, and Tommy once again shot load after load after load into his mothers hot pussy, in the biggest orgasm he had ever had, that they came down out of the clouds. Leah's pussy sucked all of Tommy's cum deep into her pussy and womb where he had once again plastered her completely.

The next day, Leah came back into the house and walked into the kitchen. Tommy and his father were both sitting around the table talking about women, and when she walked in they both whistled and laughed.

She smiled at them both, butterflies fluttered in her stomach. They looked at her, both with loving smiles that she returned. She could still feel her 18-year-old sons cum inside her as she spoke to them; all she said was two words;

"I'm pregnant."

... Continue»
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As tom and I drove home we didn’t say too much to each other it was strange as if we both felt guilty about what we had just done, as we arrived home Tom said do you want to talk about it “No not yet lets go to bed “ I needed Toms cock in me I could still feel James cum and I wanted to imagine Tom was James as he fucked me,
After sex I asked him how it had gone with Bee and he started to tell me in great detail I started to rub his cock while he told me what they had done together and to be honest I wasn’t really Listening I just wanted his cock hard again so he could fuck me again, Tom then said “well that’s what we did how about you” yes it was so amazing I really enjoyed the sex he was such a stud he fucked me all night it has left me wanting more,
Then I asked “Tom what was you thinking while you fucked Bee “ well I thought her husband was properly fucking my wife so I was going to make sure I fucked his wife,
That so turned me on the thought of another man fucking my wife it made me want to fuck Bee even harder and faster in fact she said Oh shit your really fucking me hard Oh shit don’t you stop as I’m about to cum again, I could feel Tom was now getting hard again “was you jealous that I was getting fucked by another man” to be honest yes I was I wanted to be there to watch him fuck you I have always wanted to watch you fuck other men and I couldn’t see you getting fucked I was very jealous of him, Tom the next time we do this together “is there going to be a next time Tom said “Oh yes love there will now Your hard again will you fuck me again”

In the morning after Tom had gone to work I started thinking about what he had said last night I got the impression he wasn’t too keen on switching again but I was so
I took the morning off work to go through the members list and try and pick out suitable couples there was so many so I made a short list so that I Tom could look When he got home from work,
What ever James had done to me it left me wanting more adventures with other couples, over the next couple of weeks Tom seem to loose interest in wanting to switch again he would say no I don’t like the look of them so when we did fuck I always imagined it was James that was fucking me and not Tom I had to stop doing this as it was not fair to Tom he didn’t deserve that,
It was me that was wanting more so one night when we were in bed I said to Tom “what is it that is bothering you about switching again its like you no longer interested in making our sex life interesting anymore
“Well you see Jenny its not about me its about you I so much want to watch you with other men I don’t need to fuck any other mans wife I want to satisfy my craving by watching you fuck other men remember the night when we went out with Brian and Tina to a club Brian said to me you have the most sexiest wife in this town and I would give anything to spend one night with your wife “was you angry by what he said “
No I was this close to telling Brian you go for it you have my permission “ So you would have let him fuck me what are you saying to me you want me to go out bring a stranger or a friend home and fuck him while you watch me “Yes that’s what I’m saying “so you want it to be a wives watch club instead “Yes I want this so much when I saw you come down the stairs wearing that dress for James I so much wanted To watch you tease him and fuck him that’s what I wanted Jenny”
To say I was in shock he’s was actually giving permission to fuck anyone I wanted too so he could watch me” Wow I thought this was something totally new me,

I thought I’m going to enjoy any man I want with my husband’s approval, Well Tom if that’s what you want I will do it for you
“Oh jenny you are the best wife a man could have so lets start planning how we are going to do it “Tom there will be rules I get to pick the guy I go with you can help me choose the clothes I wear for each occasion agree “yes babe agree” how will you watch me as the men may be put off if your in the same room and where do we do this “Not at home or a hotel, ‘I have already thought of a place we could use there’s a log cabin that you can rent for the season we could set it up there it only an hours drive from here, you have it all worked out haven’t you well yes in a way
I’ve been thinking about this ever since we agreed to switching ”Ok how are you going to watch me without being seen” that’s the easy part I’m going to fit a two way mirror there’s a cupboard in the hall way which is attached to the bedroom wall and I’m going to record everything with my camcorder so we can watch it later “You really have thought this through haven’t you” of course I have its what I want and I now know its what you want too isn’t it
“Yes Tom it is will this harm our marriage “only if you let it“ this could be the start of a new beginning for our sex life I get to watch you get to fuck what could be better “ will you still love me and fuck me when I’ve been with other me “Yes even more than I do now “ right when do we start “ I will get the ball rolling tomorrow its going to take me a couple of week to set things up your job now is to start looking for you next fuck buddy,

Over the next few days Tom was not home much as he was preparing the cabin so we didn’t spend much time together so I wasn’t getting much sex, as Tom was tired when he got home,
Work was very slow property was not selling too well at this time of year so instead of selling one house a week it was more like one house every six weeks that’s if you was lucky so I worked from home most of the time,
I wasn’t too sure how I was going to find a person to have sex with other than going to a bar to be picked up a stranger that was too seedy for me I was fussy who I was going to have sex with not just any man a special man white or black as long as it was safe after all I was going to be my husbands slut from now on,
I got a phone call asking me could I go and show a couple around a new build development we had been asked to sell, the development was out of town in a nice park area great for k**s if you have them, this couple were looking to down size from a 5 bed to a three bed this was my chance to sell a house as this month was so slow in sales I had to make sure I looked my very best these houses were proving very difficult to sell because of the out of town location it was about an hours drive from here and I was told they would be there for 2pm and was now 12pm so I started to get read ,what should I wear I needed this sale so I decided to push the boat out and wear a light lemon summer skirt that was flared at the bottom and very thin material it was about 6 inches above the knee showing my nice long tanned legs this was instead of my normal pencil skirt ,
As for my underwear I picked out a white thong I liked wearing thongs as they rub you between your pussy lips as you walk especially when you pull it up the side of your hips I picked out a pair of 5’ heels strappy white sandals,
I looked in the mirror and thought this should a house today as I got into my car to make the drive I remembered when I took Tom to show him the development as we were thinking of buying one ourselves but Tom said it was too far for him to travel to work, I remember it well as the breeze had blown my skirt right up over my waist Tom said you would have to watch what you wear here as the neighbours would get a right floor show I was wearing the same dress so I knew there was always a chance the breeze would blow across the estate I must make sure the husbands behind me so he get to see the full show, as I arrived I noticed the couple had the same car as myself it was a black ford explorer with blacked out windows my car was the same but in white you could see out but not in Tom and I had picked this car so we could have sex in the back without being seen remember I said I gave Tom a blow job on the way home from meeting friends in a bar that’s why,
As I got out my car to greet them my spirits dropped as they were a couple in there late 60s I thought I must make sure as we walk up the driveway they are both in front of me I wouldn’t want my skirt to blow up and give them both a free show it might give the husband a heart attack.
At that I asked them to lead the way up the drive while I told them about the development in the area just then I felt a Gust of wind blow my skirt up like a tent I didn’t take much notice as it was blowing out and not up then another Gust of wind blew again this time harder which cause my skirt to lift right up at the back.
I could feel the cool air on my rear just as I was trying to push my skirt down

I caught a glimpse of someone standing behind me as I turned to look there was a very good looking young man blond hair blue eyes, Oh my god I thought he must have been standing there all the time when the wind lifted my skirt and must of seen everything I then wonder if he had indeed seen me jugging by his face he had,
Then I heard the woman say “come on Andy sorry he’s my grandson she said he’s staying with us for a couple of weeks while his moms away, I could sense he was eying me up and down he must have gotten out of the car after we had started to walk up the drive,
As we stepped inside the hall I started to explained and show the couple the down stairs layout of each room all the time I could sense him looking at me I mean it wasn’t every day a young man finds a mature woman sexy clearly he did,
I then showed them the garden as we stepped out side to look the grandson was behind me as we walked onto the patio the wind caught my skirt again and lifted it up this time I made no attempt to push it down I know he was looking so I thought have a good look while your grandparents are not looking,
They did seem quite interested so that was a positive for me, they said they were looking to move to this area as they were looking to down size from the other side of town about a two hour drive from here so it was looking like a good sale for me,
As we went back into the hall I showed them the main feature of the house was glass panelling up the stairs to the landing which had a unique feature this was a wide glass strip along the floor of the landing it was designed to bring more light into the hallway,

As I started to lead them upstairs to show them the layout I notice from the corner of my eye the grandson standing at the bottom of the stairs making no attempt to follow he just seemed to be looking up I thought that he was trying to get another look up my skirt so as we climb to the top I thought what a turn on this young man is really interested in me I can tell from the look on his face, his grandparents were not a wear of what he was doing its a good job too as I was encouraging him to look
I thought ok if you want to see more then keep looking up your in for a real surprise

As I got to the top of the stairs I pointed them in the direction of the bedrooms and said if you have any questions I’ll be waiting on the landing for you as I said it this was his cue to get in position for a even better look as I was about to stand over the glass strip on the landing floor, at that I went to the bathroom and removed my thong and made my way back to the landing I stood with my back to the glass panelling I knew he was down there looking up I could sense his presence I opened my legs so that he could see right up to my pussy
It felt so good exposing myself to this young man he was now able to see right up my skirt and was properly feeling his cock in his jeans that made me more wet knowing he was getting a full view I opened my legs even more so that my pussy lips opened so he got a better look at me this was such a turn on I hadn’t had much sex lately due to Tom working on his project so I wanted to make sure that not only was I enjoying my self but he was too,
I needed other men/ or now young men to satisfy my craving for sex, at that the couple came back and we made our way down stairs as the young man re appeared “Andy what have you been doing down there“ I was looking in the garden Gran and was now trying to cover up the fact he had a nice bulge in his jeans “sorry she said we made him come with us today as he wanted to stay at home”
I thought yes I bet your glad you did come today otherwise you wouldn’t have got a show like you have had today looking up my skirt and trying to get off on it,

The Gran said, “were going now we will be in touch we need to think about it
Thanks for showing us around “that’s ok you have my card and give me a ring when you decide what you want to do “
“We will thank you” as they were leaving I beckoned the young Andy over to me and pushed a piece of paper in his hand and said did you enjoy the show just now that’s my phone number give me a ring by the way that’s a nice bulge you have in those jeans,
As they left I couldn’t believe what I had just done I had offered myself to a young man who was only 18 years of age I was old enough to be his mother I thought this could he be a stop gap for my husband as sex was put on hold with my husband with his project.
On the drive home I couldn’t resist putting my hand between my legs I was so wet from thinking about that young man I had never thought of myself going with a very young person like Andy before I thought why not if he finds me attractive after all I am a very hotwife.
As I got home I started to think about the young man Andy fucking me he was very nice looking and today was such a turn on with him watching me I hope he rings me,

Tom came home and told me the cabin would soon be ready and had I found anyone yet,” well today there was this young man who I caught looking up my skirt “how old was ” he was too young just a boy I said trying to get himself off “ well you one sexy woman can you blame him “I suppose not ”
The next day I got a call from the couple saying they wanted the house great news I thought I will contact you with details and the paperwork and I will put every thing in motion I will be in touch soon thanks, Yes I thought “YES “ another house sold,
It was a couple of days later when my private phone rang “hello this is jenny miller” Hi its Andy from the other day you showed my grand parents’ around the house

“Hello Andy how are you” fine thanks you did say to ring you “yes I did didn’t I
Well what have you been doing with yourself “ thinking about you actually I haven’t been able to sl**p after the other day at the house you are so lovely in every respect “Oh thank you Andy your so kind” I was hoping we could meet up say for a coffee somewhere “well that would be nice what are you doing right now” nothing “so how about I pick you up at the mall car park in about an hour and we can take it from there” Ok see you then.

This was just what I needed young Andy making contact with me I was going to really enjoy today what ever the outcome I need to get dressed for the occasion what should I wear for him I know I will put on my leather skirt its about 4 inches above the knee and when I sit down it rides up another couple on inches it really shows my legs off
I use to wear this for Tom as it always got him horny whenever I wore it,
Now for the top I think I will put on my white tight tee shirt it shows how large my tits are so I’m not going to wear a bra this will show him my nipples, I put on my black
G- string and I think I will put on some stocking the tan coloured hold ups that I love to wear, they reach to the top of my thighs without having to wear suspenders,
As for shoes my killer heels 6’ stilettos in black
Right I’m ready as I looked in the mirror I thought he’s going to love me in this its makes me look younger and very sexy I’m sure he will be under my spell when he see me right got to go don’t want to be late for him,
As I arrived at the car park I could see him standing at the entrance to the mall as I drove towards him I opened my window and said get in as he opened the door his eyes Nearly popped out when he saw how short my skirt was,
As he got into the car I couldn’t help noticing him staring at my breasts and legs
“Like what you see” Oh yes he said so much you look awesome in that skirt and top you have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen “why thank you Andy” no thank you for meeting me,

Where are going as I drove out the car park ”I’m going to take you somewhere special so that we can be alone together somewhere nice and private” Ok he said and as I drove along he didn’t take his eyes off me the whole time it was such a turn on and I was getting so wet thinking about what we were going to be doing with each other as for Andy he was also getting aroused by the look of the bulge in his jeans, my outfit was working wonder’s
“How old are you Andy“ sixteen he said “I thought you were at least eighteen you are so young” I thought thank god he is sixteen otherwise my plans would have gone up in smoke at least he’s at the legal age, “ when are you s*******n” in a few months that’s not so bad,
As we arrived at the park I drove down the track to the place that was private so we wouldn’t be disturbed it was hidden by trees I parked the car and turned to him “do you want to do this with me” oh yes so much “are you a virgin“ he went shy and said yes ”that’s ok there’s nothing to be ashamed of I will teach you how to pleasure a woman and get pleasure yourself but the rules are no one should ever know about this its going to be our secret ok” you bet I won’t tell anyone I promise,

I then leaned over to him and kissed him on the lips he responded quickly by pushing his tong into my mouth which was so sweet of him he knew how to French kiss me I responded by putting my hand on his leg
Then his hand found my breasts and he started to squeeze them and pinch my nipples it was so nice I could feel my nipples really getting hard they were now sticking out my tee shirt,
I pushed my hand up his thigh towards his now hard cock he moved his hand away from my breasts and then moved it between my legs and started to move it upwards to my pussy,
I could hear him moan as he realised I was wearing stocking Oh god you are so sexy he said I love stocking will you take your skirt off to show me ”just stop there,
Lets get into the back of the car and get more comfortable.

As we got into the back seat I told him take your his cloths off I want to see that hard cock of yours as he was taking his boxer short his cock sprang to lift nice cock I thought as I removed my tee shirt he said Oh Wow your tits are amazing as I slipped out of my skirt that was the ultimate turn on for him his hand was now rubbing his cock as I was naked sitting in front of him I told him to lie back as I was going to suck his cock as he leaned back I put his cock into my mouth and started sucking him and rubbing his shaft as I sucked he was now moaning OH SHIT THAT FEELS SO GOOD OH SHIT OH SHIT he kept saying as I sucked him harder I could feel he was about cum in my mouth so I pulled out and rubbed his cock until he came all over my tits Oh my god he said that’s was awesome “that was just for starters I said ” I then removed my G-string and opened my legs wide I was now completely naked as all I was wearing was my stocking and heel I must have looked so hot as I told him to get on his knees and start licking my pussy he was on his knees licking me out Oh Andy that feels so good you are so good at this OH MY GOD as he now started suck hard on my pussy I could feel my juices being sucked out of me this was now feeling so good OH FUCK ANDY OH FUCK OH MY GOD OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT YOUR ARE MAKING ME CUM PLEASE DON’T STOP OH MY GOD OH SHIT ANDY as he was now fingering me as he licked me
I exploded he started coughing I must have cum in his mouth as I did squirt my juices out when I cum are you hard again Andy I need your cock inside I really need you now to fuck me
I then leaned back and lifted my legs above my head what a sight I must have looked to this young man there in front of him was this sex crazed with my legs up in the air so I grabbed Andy’s cock and guided his cock into my pussy FUCK ME ANDY FUCK ME WITH YOUR HARD COCK OH MY GOD OH FUCK KEEP FUCKING MY PUSSY ANDY he was now pounding me so hard with his cock that my tits must have looked amazing to him as they were bouncing every time he thrust his cock into me I was now getting ready to cum this young man had so much stamina he just keep pounding me hard and “OH FUCK OH FUCK ANDY OH FUCKING HELL ANDY OH MY GOD I SHOUTED I’M GOING TO CUM OH SHIT THAT WAS FANTASTIC AS MY JUCIES SQURTED ALL OVER ANDYS COCK “ just then Andy shouted OH MY GOD IM CUMING I GOING TO COME HOLY FUCK AS HE CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY I felt Andy’s hot cum explode inside me and it felt so good he just left his cock in me until he finished cumin as Andy pulled out I could feel his cum start dripping from my pussy “well young man that was the best sex I’ve hard for a long time you were so good for a virgin that I can tell you,

As I sat there with my legs still open in front of him I watch his face as he saw his cum still oozing from my pussy it was if he was so proud that he had fucked me as his first conquest and I was pleased that I had just shagged a virgin I didn’t want to put my cloths back on I wanted to savour this moment I wanted him to remember what he had just fucked I was still so horny having such a young man wanting you was such a turn on I wanted more of him in fact in about 10 minutes he was fucking me again this time from behind he was pounding me so much that I cum another twice he had so much energy I still wanted more of him so while we were getting dressed he asked me if I would leave my skirt off while I drove him back to the mall of “course I will if that’s what you want” Oh yes I want to look at you so I can rub my cock when I go to sl**p tonight as the car had blacked out windows no one could see me driving without my skirt do you want me to drive without my top as well so you can feel and suck on my tits on the way home and if you get your cock out I will rub you off wile we drive” Oh that would be awesome,

It was so good on the way home as the car was moving along the rough road surface it coursed my tits to bounce up and down Andy was now pushing his fingers inside my pussy while watching them it felt so good as I rubbed his cock and made him cum again all over my hand so Licked every bit of him cum off my hand,
As we arrived back at the mall I leaned over and kissed Andy and said till the next time yes ”Oh yes he said “
On the drive home I pulled over to get myself dressed as Tom was due home and I needed to change at home before he got home what a fantastic day that was today I felt well and truly fucked I can now add young men to my list of conquest first a black cock and now a young cock what’s next you might ask, Well when Tom comes home I’m going to tell him I’ve picked my man its going to be our friend Brian I’ve always thought Tina his wife was always bragging her husband would never cheat on her as she gives him the best sex ever she thinks she’s better than all of us,
But we know different don’t we as her husband is always trying to get his hand in my pants Unknown to Tom he has touched me up a few times when we’ve been out clubbing

One night when I went to the ladies I wasn’t aware he had followed me into the hall way which was quite dark in there so as I came out “Brian what are you doing here” I came to see you “why what do you want” you know what I want and at that he spun me around pushed me up against the wall I’ve always wanted to fuck you at hat he grabbed my breast and put his hand up my dress ”BRIAN STOP I SHOUTED NOT HERE” at that he let me go so when “SOON” at that someone came down the passage way and I was so glad to get back to Tom after I was turned on by the fact that Brian was about to f***e himself or even **** me if that person hadn’t turned up we have not been in contact or out with them since,
And as Tom nearly gave Brian permission to go for me he was the perfect choice
Tina your husband will cheat and will get the fucking you cant’ give him but that’s going to be a story for another day.

... Continue»
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A Walk In The Park - II

A Walk In The Park - II

Sara let me lick her feet for several minutes. Then she said, "Enough."
Her tone was commanding and I stopped instantly. She snapped her fingers
and ordered me up onto my knees. I rolled onto my back and sat up. The I
eased myself up onto my knees. She told me the proper position was with my
ankles crossed and my knees spread as far apart as I could. I adjusted
my position instantly.
Then Sara stared down at me in silence for a long minute. "Hannah, are
you sure about this? I don't want you to do it if you aren't. And I don't
want it to interfere with our other arrangements." She gestured at the
garage to make sure I knew which arrangements she was referring to.
I thought about it for a moment, my eyes fixed on her small feet. Feet I
had just spent five minutes licking. Then I glanced up at her and said, "
Yes, I'm sure. I want this. Need it."
She nodded slowly. "Why? Explain it to me?"
"Okay, I'll try. Since Sarah was born I have been terrified of having sex
with Jim. He's fucked me exactly three times in 13 months. The last time
was almost four months ago. He hasn't come near me since. I thought I'd
never feel anything again. Then when you kissed me yesterday.... well, I
felt something. The old familiar tingle between my legs. And then today,
when I caught a glimpse of your bare tits I felt it again. But when that
ballgag rolled out of your bag.... Wow. I really felt it. It scares me.
I may be making a major mistake. But I want you here. I want you do use me
as you wish. Photograph me. Turn me into your sex slave. Anything you
want. And then maybe I can fuck Jim again. The way he wants. The way I
Sara grinned. Her whole face came alive. "Shall we sign two leases?"
And she laughed, reaching down to cup my tits and squeeze them gently. I
turned my face up for a kiss. "You don't need a lease on me," I
murmurred. "You own me. For as long as you want."
And so on that hot humid July morning I became Sara Louise Hunter's
personal sex slave. And landlady.
She took me down onto the lawn and put me on my knees. Then she gagged me
and put clips on my nipples and labia. And she photographed me while I
knelt there and whimpered from the pain in my tits and between my legs.
After a while she removed the gag and continued to photograph me while I
whimpered and begged for mercy. The more it hurt, the more I begged, the more
excited I became.
She went to change film and came back with a riding crop. I stared at her
and whispered, "Yes, oh please. Whip me. Hurt me."
She took my shoulders and eased me forward until my head and chest were on
the ground and my ass was elevated nicely for the whip. And she leaned
over and whipped me on the ass. Fifteen hard strokes while I sobbed and
begged for mercy. Mercy that I didn't really want and didn't get.
After fifteen hard strokes my ass was burning. She lifted me back to my
knees and kissed the tears streaming down my face. She went back to the deck
and returned wearing the panties with the attached dildo. She put me back
down in the same position and knelt behind me. I was very wet and the
dildo slid in easily. I took a deep breath and moaned with pleasure as she
fucked me hard. A few dozen strokes and I had a fantastic orgasm! She
continued to fuck me and I had another. And another. Then she withdrew and I
whimpered with disappointment. A few seconds later I felt her spread my
buttocks and press the head of the dildo against my anus.
I turned my head and tried to look back up at her. She pushed a little and
I moaned. "Do you want it? Have you ever been ass-fucked?"
"No, I've never been fucked there." I hesitated. Then I pushed back
against the dildo and she chuckled. And thrust her hips forward in one
strong, smooth stroke that drove the dildo into my virgin ass. I took a deep
breath and screamed with pleasure. "Oh! God! Yes! Fuck my ass hard. Please."

Sara grasped my hips and fucked me hard and deep. I moaned as she drove
the dildo in and out of my tight asshole. Then she reached around and
grabbed my tits. She found the clips and squeezed them hard. Pain shot through
my nipples. I bucked under her and screamed, this time in agony. "Oh
shit! Yes! Hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!" She she found my clit and rubbed it
with knowing fingers. I climaxed again, bucking under her and screaming
with pleasure/pain.
After I calmed down, she removed everything and helped me to my feet. We
walked up to the pool and jumped in. We swam for an hour, enjoying the
feel of the cool water on our nude bodies. During the swim we stopped
frequently to kiss and fondle each other. She brought me off with her tongue and
taught me how to do her with mine. I loved the taste of her pussy and
couldn't get enough. And I licked her tightly puckered little anus and loved
By then it was almost 11:30 and I heard my cell phone ring. It was laying
on the table by the pool and I hopped out to answer. It was Jim. He wanted
to tell me that a problem had come up and he was flying to Chicago, in fact
was calling from the airport. Said he'd try to get a flight back late,
but expected he'd probably have to stay over. I told him I'd miss him and
had some news for him. He told me he'd miss me too. "I love you," he
whispered and then he had to go.
I turned back to the pool and Sara was sitting on the far side with a
concerned look on her face. I put the phone down and dove in, swimming
underwater to the far side. I came up in front of her and held the wall on either
side of her. I kissed her pretty knees and told her that Jim would be out
of town. She smiled and asked if I was happy about it or sad. "A
combination, I think. Happy that we can have more time, sad that he won't be
home tonight so I can show him what you've done for me. Turned me back on.
Literally. Thank you."
She grinned and ruffled my hair. "No problem. Any time." She pushed me
back gently with one foot and slipped into the water. We hugged, rubbing
our bodies together and I rested my chin on her shoulder. "Would you be
upset if I said I love you?"
She shook her head. "No, I wouldn't. Do you?"
I leaned back and stared into her eyes. "Yes, Sara Louise, I love you."
She kissed the tip of my nose. "Good, because I love you, too. Now how
about some lunch? I'm starving!"
I laughed and climbed out of the water, reaching back to help her. She
grabbed my hand and I lifted her out of the pool in one smooth motion. She's
only 5'3" and maybe 110 pounds and it was no strain to lift her. She was
surprised and impressed. I pointed at the garden. "I've been digging and
lifting and hauling for two years. I've developed some muscles."
We squeezed the water out of our hair and climbed the steps to the lower
deck. I went in through the basement door and grabbed two towels from the
pile I keep on a table just inside the door. I threw one to Sara and we
climbed up to the upper deck and dried off. I loved looking at her body and
told her so. She grinned and put her underpants down. "Okay, we'll stay
nude if you prefer."
We went inside and rummaged through the refrigerator, finally settling on
Tuna sandwiches with a salad. And lemonade. Sara made the salad while I
mixed the Tuna with lemon juice, chopped green pepper, chopped onions, and a
pinch of Basil. I made big sandwiches on Beefsteak Rye and Sara protested
that she'd never finish hers. But she devoured every crumb and looked
hopefully at the last quarter of my sandwich. I groaned in mock dismay and
pushed my plate across the table. She grinned happily and dug in.
As she was finishing up, I casually mentioned that my mother had been
bugging me to leave Sarah overnight sometime. Sara glanced up. "Really? Do
you want to....." Her voice trailed off. I nodded. I ran down and got the
cell phone and called mom. She was delighted when I asked if she could
keep Sarah overnight. I told her that Jim was out of town and I had a
girlfriend over and wanted to spend some time with her. Mom told me to enjoy
myself and got off the phone as soon as she could, before I changed my mind.
When I put the phone down Sara snapped her fingers and I dropped to my
knees in front of her. I kissed her right knee and waited to see what would
happen next. She leaned back and told me I could sit back on my heels. I
did so and then she lifted her feet and placed them on my thighs, just above
my knees. I took her left foot in both hands and lifted it so that I could
massage it. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as I worked on
her foot. When I finished the left one, I did the right one.
When I was done she opened her eyes and smiled lazily. "How can I whip
you after that? Maybe we should wax your pussy instead. Ok?"
I nodded. "But why are you asking me? I'm your slave."
"Good point." She leaned forward and slapped me lightly. "Get you ass
going and get dressed. We'll go buy a waxing kit. Wear a short skirt, a
little top, and sandals. Nothing else. Now go."
I nodded and jumped to my feet. I ran upstairs and dried my hair with the
blowdryer. Sara followed lesiurely and used it when I was done. Then I
pulled out some things and showed them to her. She chose the denim skirt I'd
worn the day before and a little blue cotton top. I slipped them on and
she nodded in approval. We did our makeup and then she went downstairs and
picked her clothes up from the deck. I watched her dress with mixed
feelings. God, I loved seeing her nude.
On the way to a d**gstore in her van she brought up the subject of the
lease on the garage. "Will you have to get Jim's agreement?"
She was stroking my left thigh, my skirt pushed high, and I was finding it
hard to concentrate. "No, the house is in my name." I glanced at her and
grinned slyly. "He did it for business reasons. So nobody could come after
it if they sued the partners and won. Besides, most of the money we have
in the house came from my inheritance."
We pulled into the parking lot at the d**gstore and I looked around
quickly to see if there were any familiar cars. She noticed and said, "Don't
worry, I'll behave. The last thing I want to do is embarass you or endanger
your marriage."
I sighed with relief and whispered, "Thank you. I love you so much!"
Once inside the d**gstore we hurried to the cosmetic counter and spoke to
the teenaged girl working there. She showed us where the waxing kits were
shelved, but most of them were the kind with the pre-waxed strips, suitable
for doing your legs, but not for your bikini area. At least that what Sara
said. The girl nodded. "Yes, you need the hot wax kit. And then you need
some cheesecloth. We have a couple under the counter. They don't sell too
well these days." She found them and we took both. Then we found a
package of cheesecloth over near the car polish.
We made a couple of more stops while we were out. A hardware store, where
we got a lot of attention, and a wholesaler that carried all kinds of
supplies for hair salons. Sara bought some scissiors and a set of electric
hair clippers. I didn't need to ask what she needed them for, but I was in for
a surprise. Once back at the house, out on the back deck, she had me
strip and sit on one of the kitchen stools she brought out. Then she told me
she was going to give me a haircut before waxing my pubic area. I looked
over my shoulder and she laughed. "Don't look so skeptical. I trained as
a hairdresser before I quit and went to school to learn photography. I'm
going to cut your hair short, much shorter than it is now."
I turned and gazed out over the garden and she went to work. She cut my
hair very short, no longer than 2" anywhere, and used the clipper to clean
the hair off the back of my neck. When she was done I went inside and
stood in front of the mirror. I was astonished at how great my hair looked
that short. She had me washe my hair in the kitchen sink when I returned.
Then Sara was rummaged through the refrigerator until she found what she was
looking for, a lemon, and cut it in half. Then she had me sit in the sun
and she squeezed lemon juice in my wet hair. She told me that it would give
me sexy blonde streaks in my light brown hair.
She had me sit in one of the chairs from the patio set, with my feet up on
the railing and spread wide. Then she had me scoot forward until my butt
was on the edge of the chair. This allowed her to crouch in front of me and
clip the hair on my pubic mound while the sun worked on my hair. Later,
she had me stretch out on my back while she carefully placed strips of
cheesecloth over my pubic mound and carefully ladled warm melted wax onto them.
"Don't move," she warned, "I don't want to burn you."
I stayed very quiet. She rubbed my belly gently while the wax dried.
Then she grabbed the end of one of the strips of cloth and said, "You may
scream." Then she ripped it off. I did scream. She ripped the other strip off
before I had a chance to think. After a quick check she told me it would
take two more to do the job. At least two. Actually it took four. And
then she rubbed in a liberal amount of Jergen's lotion to soothe my skin. I
was as smooth and as bare as when I'd been when I was 11. I went inside and
looked in the mirror. "So very sexy," I thought. I hoped Jim felt the
same when he saw me.
Sara came in while I was staring at myself in the mirror. "What do you
think," she asked? There was a slight note of uncertainty in her voice.
I looked over at her and said, "I think it's great! I love the way I
look. But you sounded tentative when you asked? Is that any way to question
your slave?"
Sara sighed. "You may be my slave and I may beat your ass from time to
time, but I care about you. I want you to be happy. In fact, your happiness
is the most important thing to me." I was impressed by her obvious
sincerity and I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of her. She ran
her hand through my hair and I sighed with pleasure. Then I reached and took
her hand in mine and kissed it. "Sara, I'll be your slave for as long as
you want me. It's amazing, but in only two days you've become one of the
most important people in my life."
Then she cuffed me on the shoulder and told me to go take a shower. We
were going out to dinner and then dancing. I glanced at her in alarm and she
grinned. "Don't worry, I'm taking you to this quiet little lesbian club
across the river."
I showered and shaved my legs. Then Sara showered and we took turns
drying each other's hair. Mine took about 2 minutes. Hers maybe 3. Then we
chose our outfits for the evening. She had to run out to the garage and get
some clothes out of her van. She wore a little green dress almost the
same shade as her eyes. Black patterned stockings - thigh highs, black heels.
A jade necklace and matching earrings. She looked stunning when she was
I agonized and finally chose a little black sleeveless dress. I was going
to wear black stockings, but Sara insisted that I wear white thigh highs.
A sexy pair of thong-style panties in white silk and a pair of black pumps
completed my outfit. Jewelery was limited to a single strand of artifical
pearls and matching earrings.
I called my mom and talked to her for a while, then `talked' to Sarah. I
told mom to call me on the cell phone if she needed me and she told me
that she'd raised c***dren herself and hadn't forgotten how it went. I took
the hint and told her I'd call in the morning.
The restaurant where we ate was one of the best in the city. Very hard to
get reservations, but Sara knew someone and we were welcomed warmly.
Dinner was superb and the wine was perfect. I had a filet and Sara had prime
rib. We chatted and giggled like a couple of college girls. Then, about
halfway through dinner, she leaned over and said, "I want you to go to the
ladies room. Remove your panties and then walk back her holding them in
your left hand. Then sit down and hand them across the table to me. Don't
attempt to hide them, but don't call attention to yourself either." I
hesitated and she told me I would take 5 strokes on my bare ass in the parking
lot as punishment. I got to my feet and carefully placed my napkin on my
chair. I walked to the ladies room and went into the end stall. I lifted my
skirt and pushed my panties down and stepped out of them. Then I used the
toilet. I took my time washing my hands. Then, holding my panties so they
dangled from my left hand, I walked back to the table. My face was buring
and I was sure that everyone was looking at me. Sara told me later that
only one couple appeared to notice. I resumed my seat and handed my panties
across to Sara. It was the most humiliating, and most exciting thing I'd
ever done.
Later, when we left, she opened her purse and took out a little leather
quirt. She made me bend over between the van and the next car and lift my
dress above my waist. Then she gave me 5 hard strokes across my buttocks.
I bit my lip to keep from screaming as she whipped me. When she was done
she rubbed my buttocks for a moment and then allowed me to straighten up and
slide my dress down. I was crying, tears running down my cheeks, and she
lifted herself on her toes and kissed me. Then we got into the van and
left. She had me lift my dress so that my bare buttocks were in contact with
the leather seat. "Sit that way from now on when we're alone."
She took me to the `Evergreen' a quiet lesbian bar across the river. It
wasn't busy that night and I was thankful for that later on. We sat in a
booth in the back of the room, Sara facing the front of the bar, and ordered
drinks. White wine for me, seltzer with a twist of lemon for her. "I
have to drive," she said by way of explanation. The barmaid was cute, a slim
blonde who looked like a college girl.
After she took our order, Sara excused herself and went up to talk to the
bartender, a tough-looking woman in her late thirties or early forties.
After some back-and-forth, Sara pushed a couple of bills across the bar and
the bartender nodded agreement. I asked Sara what that was all about and
she said, "Five in the parking lot later. You need to learn some manners."

I stared down at my hands and nodded. "Yes, Sara, I'll try."
Our drinks were served and Sara toasted our relationship. Then she called
the barmaid over and handed her some change for the jukebox. After the
girl left, Sara leaned across and said, "As soon as the music starts I want
you to get up and dance. Kick your shoes off first. Then get up and dance
on top of that table over there." She pointed to a large round table in
the middle of the room.
I looked at her in shock, but that wasn't all. "Take your dress off too.
You're going to dance in your thigh highs."
"Sara, please....."
She shook her head. "Ten in the parking lot."
I stared at her, tears in my eyes. "Yes, Sara, I'll do as you say."
The music stared and I gave her a last appealing glance. She lifted her
chin and said, "Dance slave." I kicked off my shoes and stood up,
unzipping my dress as I slipped out of the booth. Then I stooped, grabbed the hem,
and pulled it off over my head in one smooth motion. I walked to the
table, climbed up using a chair as a step, and started dancing. My mind was
whirling - here I was, a respectable married woman, dancing nude in a lez
bar. Well, almost nude. But having the white thigh highs on somehow made it
more humiliating than if I'd been totally nude.
The music seemed to go on and on. After each number I glanced over at Sara
with a silent appeal. Each time she smiled and waved me on. I danced and
danced, finally losing myself in the music. Sweat rolled off me and
several women gathered around, clapping with the music and making appreciative
comments. There was an occasional whistle too. Sara kept me dancing for
what seemed like hours, but actually it was only 45 minutes.
When the music finally stopped I was stunned. I glanced at Sara and she
nodded permission for me to get down. The blonde barmaid met me with a
towel as I stepped down from the chair. She smiled and said, "You were
fantastic!" She looked me over as I dried my shoulders and arms and whispered, "
You've got a great body! I wish my breasts were as nice!" I smiled and
thanked her, then made my way back to the booth. I stood there, drying
myself off, while Sara sipped her seltzer and watched quietly.
I realized I couldn't put my dress back on or I'd ruin it. Sara went out
to the van and returned with a large t-shirt she used as a nightdress. I
slipped it on and then sat an removed my stockings. The women in the bar
clapped as we walked to the door. I blushed and nodded. We went outside. I
was carrying my dress, shoes, and stockings. We walked to the van and
Sara opened the door. I put everything inside on the back seat. Then she
took out her little quirt. "Take the t-shirt off and stand with your hands
clasped behind your neck."
I obeyed instantly. I was standing there, staring across the parking lot,
when the blonde barmaid appeared. She had a slim sheath of bills in her
hand. Her eyes widened when she saw me standing there nude. Sara asked her
what she wanted. She explained that some of the women had given her money
to give me. A tip. Sara told her that she could keep it. She nodded. "
Thank you. What are you doing to her?" Sara told her that I was being
punished for not obeying as I should. The girl nodded and asked if she could
watch. Sara glanced at her and asked, "Would you like to punish her?" The
girl's eyes widened and she nodded. I moaned, "Please, Sara, no...."
Sara glanced at me. "Twenty." I bit my lip and remained silent.
Sara handed the girl the quirt and told her to give me twenty strokes,
hard strokes, between my upper thighs and my shoulder blades. The girl took
the quirt and laid it on with a heavy hand. After two, Sara held up her hand
to stop her. "Gag?" I nodded and she gagged me with a strip of duct
tape she ripped off a roll she kept in the van. Then the girl whipped me hard
while I screamed into the gag. After it was over, Sara ripped the duct tape
off and snapped her fingers. I dropped to my knees, sobbing, and thanked
the girl for whipping me. She smiled and whispered, "I loved doing it. I'
d love to do it again." Sara took her elbow and walked her a short
distance away. They chatted for a moment and Sara wrote something down. Her
name and phone number I found out later. Then Sara returned and allowed me
to crawl into the front seat and crouch on the floor. I wasn't allowed to
put on any clothes.... Continue»
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the Earth Day

Pam Sandwich
Pamela gives herself to twin b*****rs as an Earth Day gift.
Pamela had already made the picnic and packed it into a wicker basket when the boys arrived. She’d cleaned the kitchen as well, been a thorough little domestic goddess with her mom and dad away for the week. And finally she had changed from jogging pants and T-shirt into her costume. Nothing outlandish, just a simple white-muslin dress and sandals, and then to the garden to pluck daisies and buttercups and ring them into a crown and a necklace. She stood before her bedroom mirror adjusting the circlet of flowers in her hair and the one about her neck. Then she admired herself cheekily for a moment, just before the rap sounded on the porch’s swing door and ruffled her calm.

‘Hey there! Anyone at home? Gonna make us stand out here all day?’

‘Yeah, is this still the Shelton residence? Or have they left the building?’

The guys. With the amiable, bantering style of old. Pamela’s heart-beat stuttered and she sucked in her breath a little. It was almost three years since she had seen the Riordan twins and Facebook didn’t count. She flicked back her hair to maximize the area of naked skin on display, but was freaked out by her own boldness and readjusted. She was even having reservations about the dress. She moved giddily through the house to answer their knock, her heart drumming somewhat as she glimpsed them through the gauze.

A full intake of breath on swinging open the door - delight at their very presence and at the realisation that even their on-line photos had not done them justice. If they’d retained the rather stringy build and gawky demeanour of their adolescence she’d still have been crazy about these two. But God …

College athletics had filled them both out, with breadth of chest and strength of limb appropriate to their six foot in height. She could tell immediately from their bearing that they had acquired a new self-confidence as well. Identical at birth, Patrick was now slightly fuller of face with steely-blue eyes that still had the old glint of mischief about them. Aiden was a shade leaner all round, though still physically robust, his similarly-coloured eyes hinting at something more restrained, an ironic amusement that masked his more reticent personality. They had dirty-blonde hair, Patrick’s collar-length and messy, Aiden’s shorter and more sculpted. And both were dressed for a casual f****y gathering in jeans and sneakers, Patrick in a vest displaying his muscled shoulders more fully, Aiden in a tee and a loose-hanging check shirt. The overall effect made her gasp.

‘Hiiiiii!!!’ And she tiptoed the few inches necessary to sweep them one at a time in a full embrace, Patrick followed by Aiden.

Both b*****rs reciprocated warmly, but shot an instinctive micro-glance at each other afterwards, transmitting back and forth a slim volume. They had both seen Pamela’s Facebook headshot and a handful of other images in which she cavorted laughingly with school or college friends, but neither had expected this. They hadn’t even discussed her when she had emailed them both the invitation. Well it was the unspoken rule. We don’t discuss Billy’s k**-s****r. There’s nothing to discuss. We don’t have those thoughts about her. But now pixels were replaced with fleshly reality.

The flame-red hair was the same, though a little longer. Milky skin, check. Green eyes, smooth complexion over high cheekbones - check, check. All the striking prettiness of three years prior, only … Well Pamela had certainly been burgeoning in her mid-teens more than a protective dad and older b*****r might have liked, but just short of her nineteenth birthday she was fully … ehhh … burgeoned. The sap of her teen years had pumped its way through the trunk of her once skinny body and swollen her upper torso so that her bosom heaved against the admittedly tight fit of her medium-cut dress. Her generous pillows had squeezed briefly against both the guys’ chests mid-hug and were displaying unmistakable nipple protrusion through the dress’s fabric as she retreated. As for the presence of any underwear, the two-man jury was still out on that.

‘Good to see you, Pammy-girl,’ Patrick grinned, the same b*****rly tone in his voice as times gone by. ‘Look at you, all grown up. Listen to me, Cliché-Guy.’ He hoped he had held back any innuendo from the cliché. And he hoped she was unaware how hard he was trying to fix his stare away from her cleavage.

‘What’s with the - Queen of the May thing?’ Aiden inquired, gesturing to her ensemble. He felt some reference had to be made to her general appearance. ‘It’s still April.’

‘It’s Earth Day, dumbass,’ she laughed, rolling her eyes at Aiden’s pretend-ignorance. ‘April 22nd . I told you in my email. You’re here to celebrate.’

‘What, y’all having an Earth Day Party?’ Patrick was vaguely incredulous. ‘Even your b*****r?’

‘Billy’s adopted his l’il s****r’s tree-hugging ways?’ Aiden grinned and she arched a scolding eyebrow in response.

‘I’ve got the whole f****y using energy-saving light bulbs,’ she informed him proudly. ‘And recycling. And my big lunk-headed b*****r has promised to install our new wind turbine out back.’ She leaned on the final revelation with particular satisfaction. ‘So yeah, maybe we’re all a bunch of tree-huggers now.’

‘Or maybe you just bugged them so much they’ll do anything to shut you up,’ Patrick said jovially. ‘Where is Billy-boy anyway?’ He peered past her hoping for more Sheldon f****y-members to provide alternative points of focus. ‘Where’s mom and dad?’

‘Dad had time off work and whisked mom off on a romantic mini-break,’ Pamela explained, trying not to show her embarrassment. ‘And Billy got a lost minute invitation from his girlfriend to some f****y celebration in Houston. So we’re kind of down in numbers.’ It suddenly felt to her like she had lured the b*****rs there under false pretences, however honest her words. She could have tried to mail them and postpone, sure, but who knew when they’d be in town again? And she’d so longed to see them.

‘Ehhh - you said a “f****y celebration”,’ said Patrick in playful accusation.

‘Well - I’m part of the f****y.’ She chewed her lip a little shame-facedly. ‘And you guys are as good as.’

‘Hell, Pam!’ Aiden was still smiling, but a tad ruefully too. ‘You trying to get us into shit with Billy?’

‘No,’ Pamela insisted, turning confessional. ‘Look, you guys are my favourites out of all of Billy’s friends. I love the both of you, you’re like two whole extra b*****rs. I check out how you’re doing all the time on the internet - where you’re travelling, who you’re dating, whether you’re doing any studying at all …’ She gazed at them sternly for a moment, then turned it to a cheeky smile, which conveyed more confidence than she felt. ‘Well I’m a big girl now, at College. An Environmental Scientist. In training at any rate. All growed up, see? So why shouldn’t I get to hang out with you on my own for an afternoon?’ Patrick and Aiden glanced at each other for a cue. They looked back at Pamela, who smiled at them simply. ‘C’ mon guys, you know Earth Day’s important to me. ’

‘Okay, so what’s this party all about?’ Patrick asked, not quite ready to concede. ‘Are we planting stuff, are we joining a rally? You got placards all painted?’

‘No,’ Pamela smiled radiantly. ‘The rallies are good, really motivating, I went to the one in Austin last year. It got me all fired up, you’ve seen all the stuff I’ve been promoting on my webpage. But I thought we could mark the day a little differently if you guys showed up. Something less serious.’

‘Different how?’ Aiden was relieved that he wasn’t going to be swept up in the counter-culture by a bunch of Green activists, but felt wary for other Pamela-related reasons. He knew his b*****r’s reservations mirrored his own.

‘Picnic,’ Pamela smiled, but she found that the business with last night’s dream was making her shy. ‘What better way to get in touch with Mother Earth than to go out and remind ourselves of her beauty in the great state of Texas?’ She looked with impish amusement at the expressions on their faces and chose to read them one way. ‘It’s okay, guys, I’m not going to go all Gaia on you. We’re just going to have fun and get caught up. Let me get the stuff.’

She spun around jauntily, bouncily it had to be said, and set off for the kitchen. Patrick and Aiden watched her go. Billy’s s****r’s rump had filled out as well, they noted independently, to a juicily plump roundness. Neither of them phrased it as such in their heads, but they might have done had they sought for an accurate verbal description. Had it been any other female they would have swapped appreciative looks, but this was Pamela. She had been Billy’s self-appointed charge all through her High School years (or as long as he’d been around) and by proxy their charge. Aged eighteen they might have cast longing eyes over some other girl three years their junior, but not her. They had joked with her, indulged her in her tomboy love of sports, made good-natured fun of her schoolgirl vegan faddishness, but never acknowledged that she was actually growing up.

Aiden looked worriedly to Patrick. ‘It’s fine,’ shrugged the latter. ‘She’s eighteen. Hell, she’s our Facebook friend.’

Leaving the b*****rs behind, Pamela took a fit of blushing. To have a face-to-face conversation with the guys after three years. Patrick and Aiden had been the only friends her b*****r could trust. How many of his other buddies had sleazed on her when he brought them home? How many guys had he warned away from her as a consequence? He had even punched out a couple. Not that she would have taken any shit from those guys, but Billy had never accepted she could look after herself.

But the Riordans had had treated her with unambiguous respect. And almost inevitably she had entertained nebulous teen fantasies about them - innocent stuff about which one she would date given the chance, how she might let them both take her out to decide. Those virgin’s fantasies had changed rather, once the guys headed off to the same college in Florida and their proximity could not make her blush. One face or the other had started hovering above her during her night-time pleasurings and she had let them stay. She’d begun to imagine the settings in which gregarious Patrick or sweetly reserved Aiden might seduce her, the ways in which she might be taken …

It had only increased the previous summer when she had turned eighteen and surrendered her girlhood to an out-of-towner. (Out-of-States-er, truth be told. It had been preferable to let a passing foreigner pop her carefully preserved cherry.) That had made the Riordan fantasy seem less adolescent, like she was prepared. Sure the Facebook additions and resultant communication had an innocence about them and the boys were their endearingly respectful selves in everything they wrote, but her masturbatory thoughts had increased in wickedness. Which one would she rather have? How could she possibly be expected to choose? In that hypothetical she’d just have to have them both …

All those delicious fantasies, culminating in last night’s dream. It had been one of the most vivid she’d ever experienced. She, Patrick and Aiden, all swimming and splashing naked in the pond near the glade of oak trees, with the rolling meadows beyond. The very setting where she’d planned the f****y picnic. Then they’d been leaving the water, laying down on the check-quilted rug, the boys’ hands and mouths all over her. Then they were not just on her, but in her … Both of them …

And now they were on her parents’ doorstep, all well-built and smiling and gorgeous, fresh no-doubt from their wild College ways. It felt like she had lured them here for her own secret purpose and her face burned like a brand. Hell, she thought, trying to shake herself free from those thoughts, it was a picnic, that was all. She was having an Earth Day picnic with two cherished friends home to visit their folks for once. And they didn’t have to go to the pond in the meadows, did they? They didn’t even have to leave home.

‘Hey guys,’ she called back to them from the kitchen, ‘we could always have it here in the back garden if you don’t want to go trekking anywhere.’

‘No,’ Aiden said hastily, strangely alarmed at the thought of staying home with Billy’s s****r. ‘Let’s get out in nature.’ He and Patrick wandered tentatively inside to see if they could help out.

‘Okay then.’ Pamela was rather short of breath, but told herself not to be silly. ‘You can choose where we go. Right, all packed! I' ll grab some beers from the fridge for you guys.’ Her mind was crammed with naughty images from her dream and she became a whirl of activity to compensate, hauling out the hamper and searching around for a picnic blanket.

‘This any good?’ Patrick was holding the same chequered quilt which had made its way into last night’s dream. He had picked it from on top of the kitchen wash basket. ‘ Hey, it already needs washing …’

Pamela’s heart did another acrobatic manoeuvre and she went to protest that she should fetch a clean one, but somehow the words did not come. ‘Ehhh - yeah, good idea. Just let me lock up. Then we can get the bikes...’ Pamela had shaken off her momentary flutter of panic and hit her jaunty stride again.

‘Bikes?’ Patrick voiced both b*****rs’ surprise. ‘I’ve got the car…’

‘You guys!’ She was merrily indignant as she secured the house and headed for the side-garage. ‘It’s Earth Day, if we’re not carbon-neutral today, there’s no hope for us. And we’re drinking! Now my bike’s all ready, maybe you can help me dig out Billy’s …’

There was no point in resisting this red-haired dervish, the boys concluded, so they tore through the amassed garage junk to drag out the bike Billy had ceased to use ten years before. A tyre wanted patching and the whole thing required oil. While they fixed up the rickety vehicle, concerned that Pamela shouldn ’t get grease or rust on her dress, she quizzed them on College and their travels during recess, but chiefly on their commitment to the planet. Safe subject areas.

‘So what I’m saying is, you’ve majored in Engineering, Patrick. You could be in the forefront of developing eco-friendly cars in a few years’ time. And Aiden, what about your Biology degree, have you thought about conservation? You guys could do so much good!’

‘Pam, slow down, ’ Aiden laughed. ‘We’ll save the world after the picnic, okay? Let’s just get this road warrior into action.’ He stared dubiously at the ramshackle frame which had carried his best friend about the vicinity as a young teen, while Pamela attached the hamper to the back of her own with the canvas straps provided. ‘So,’ he inquired, ‘who’s riding this one?’

‘Whoever’s not carrying me,’ Pamela smiled disarmingly, gathering up her dress about her smooth thighs as she swinging herself onto her own bike. ‘Which of you guys is going to rise to the challenge?’ She wasn’t going to let her secret thoughts unnerve her to the extent that she couldn' t have fun with them.

After an exchange of uneasy looks, Patrick was her knight, sitting astride the bike with her slender but prodigiously curved body nestled into him from behind. He felt newly uneasy with her full breasts plumped against his back, her arms wrapped around his chest. Aiden was relieved. And then as both bikes moved off and Pamela clung tighter to his b*****r, squealing in scared joy, he was jealous.

Pamela’s looked-after bicycle and Billy’s clanking hulk made their way through the quiet town of Rockport in bright April sunshine, residents smiling in amusement at the cheerful girlish screams and the goading of one b*****r to another - ‘Keep up, you’re going all over the road, and look at the weight I’m carrying!’

‘Shut the fuck up, Patrick, I’m the petite little thing I always was!’

‘You hear that, Aiden? The kinda language this girl’s started to use? And you always such a lady!’

‘You’re wrong there.’ Aiden overtaking with a determined burst of speed. ‘She always talked trash.’

‘Did fucking not!’ Pamela cried with hilarity and pressed herself hard to Patrick as the warm April air rushed in her ears. The bike-ride was an innocent excuse and it felt so good to be wrapped around that strapping chest, to sense the heat of his body against hers. It also felt wrong, according to that careful fantasy balance she had nurtured, to shut Aiden out in any way. So when they had left the town behind, she was insistent. ‘Okay Pat, you’ve proved yourself. I want Aiden to take over.’

She crushed herself as tight to Aiden, fully aware now of how close to him her boobs were squeezed, how tightly she was shaped to one of those well-developed torsos. Her thoughts made her feel as silly and girlish as much as they made her pussy moist and she felt her grown-up bravado wane. But they were going faster now, sprinting through the blossoming springtime of Aransas County, pumping hard uphill, then whizzing gleefully down, dense green foliage arching over their frantic progress. The boys whooped aloud in their unaccustomed eco-friendly freedom and Pamela screamed in terrified delight as they sped.

‘So - ehhh - anyone decided where we’re going?’ she yelled above the noise.

‘Not far!’ Patrick reassured her. ‘We thought of just the place. There’s a turn-off along here.’ Pamela wondered. It couldn t be. Not there of all places. That was why she had passed on the decision. Surely they weren’t taking that turn. Oh shit, they were… Her breath caught in her throat and she almost laughed.

It was a minor uphill road that narrowed to a stony path, progressively more difficult to negotiate. Eventually they got off the bikes and wheeled their way to a wood fence overlooking sweeping meadowlands - rich grass thick with violets and rue anemones. The bikes they hoisted over the fence, laying them down in the grass, then leaped over themselves, Patrick supporting Pamela as she hitched the flimsy white of her dress up her milky thighs and made the climb. All the while she was staring about her, face a picture of awe.

‘So you know this place…’

‘Sure,’ Aiden told her. ‘We used to play here as k**s all the time. You approve?’

Pamela felt unnerved, weirded out, but still… How wonderful that the guys had chosen her favourite spot in the world. Her dream place. ‘Yeah guys, I approve.’

Patrick and Aiden watched in a kind of amazed reverence as she grabbed the quilt and started to race through the flower-strewn fields, strewn about herself with buttercups and daisies, her luscious form bouncing and swaying as she progressed. ‘Come on, guys, it’s this way! Bring the hamper!’

‘Wow, she’s something,’ was all Aiden could manage, staring at her attractive wake.

‘Yes she is,’ Patrick mused. He broke from his trance. ‘Hey, buddy, picnic time.’

They pursued her across the fields now that she had taken the lead, both still sweating from exertion. She led them through the broad thickets of grass to the grove of vast oaks they both remembered so well, and in the trees’ dappled shade she flung out the quilt. Down a sloping grass bank beyond the grove was a broad natural pond, beloved by all three of them it seemed, its surface rippling lightly in the gentlest of spring breezes.

‘My secret place,’ Pamela beamed, flouncing down onto the quilted surface, her bosom jogging attractively as she went. ‘You guys chose my secret place from when I was a little girl! I still come back here every recess. It’s so familiar. So tranquil and lovely, and you brought me here, I can’t believe it! ’ Patrick and Aiden had been standing, soaking in the insect-humming stillness beneath the canopy of recently flourished leaves. Their reverie was broken when she jumped up impulsively and hugged them both. As she did, the dream and the nudity and the rolling on the rug, this rug, came flooding back to her. She broke from them, fevered and giddy. ‘Come on, let’s sit down.’

They all dropped to their knees on the improvised picnic rug, Patrick setting down the hamper. ‘It’s beautiful all right,’ Aiden acknowledged. ‘Whole summers down here and as peaceful as it is today. We’d throw football, fly kites…’

‘We went skin … We went swimming in the pool …’ Patrick had corrected himself too late and Pamela couldn’t help but pounce.

‘You went skinny-dipping? For real?’ This was too funny and surreal, it made her mind whirl like a top. ‘Is that why you chose here? You're going back in for old times’ sake?’ She nearly fell onto her back with laughter, but then her dream-swim came back to her along with all that had followed and her loins moistened further.

‘We chose here because we thought you’d like it,’ Patrick told her, he and Aiden masking their discomfort with broad grins.

‘I do like it,’ Pamela said, sitting back up and clutching her knees. ‘It’s perfect.’ Perfect for fucking. The words just popped into her mind and she felt like giggling insanely, but coped by returning to her safe-subject. ‘It’s a reminder of what an amazing State you both come from. And that there are still some corners of the natural world that we all haven’t screwed up yet.’

‘God, here we go…’ Patrick’s voice was full with mock-pain.

‘Okay, okay, I’ll ease off,’ Pamela placated. She was pleased that the unexpected, reckless cycle had shaken away the boys’ initial embarrassment and didn’t want to dampen the new lightness of mood by getting too militant. ‘Let’s just enjoy it all. Let’s enjoy the fact that it’s us three together.’ She eyed them, mischief suddenly bubbling up from within. It was as though this co-incidence of place was emboldening her. ‘No Billy. No mom and dad. Just us.’ The discernibly wary quality of the doorstep greeting seemed to descend on the boys once more and she backed off from flirtation with ‘’Cos we re friends, right?’

‘Yeah,’ Aiden agreed, as he and Patrick grinned at her warmly. ‘Friends.’

‘Which,’ Pamela went on, clicking open the hamper, ‘I think we should drink to. As well as eat ’ They set about helping her unpack the picnic case. ‘All locally sourced,’ she said sprightly. ‘Or US sourced at least. We’ve got ciabatta with tomato, Monteray cheese and olives, a nice crusty loaf with butter and honey, fruit salad, I made this angel cake myself…’

‘Cheese?’ Patrick interrupted. ‘Butter? I thought you were vegan.’

Pamela gave him a challenging stare. ‘I like dairy. So shoot me. Do you want this wine or not?’

They wanted and there were two bottles. Aiden uncorked the first and poured into the plastic glasses they all held out. It was a crisp Zinfandel from the Napa Valley. They clacked the glasses - ‘to friendship’ - and drank, then ate, and finally all three relaxed into each other’s company. Relaxed and drank freely, Pamela on wine, the boys swapping soon to the beers she had provided. Alcohol seeped into their systems as reservation seeped out.

‘You know the time I remember most?’ Pamela said, when they were all halfway down their second glass. ‘The neighbourhood touch-football game on Memorial Day. The one where Billy tackled me so hard he blacked my eye? You guys went nuts on him!’

‘He was an asshole!’ Patrick exclaimed.

‘So damn competitive he took out his k**-s****r,’ put in Aiden. ‘He deserved it.’

‘What I mean is,’ went on Pamela, ‘you guys looked out for me. Even when Billy screwed up. It was like having two guardians, without all the condescending big b*****r bullshit. You don t know what that meant to me - you guys really rocked.’

‘Hey k**do,’ Patrick smiled, ‘that was no more than you deserved.’

‘Thanks, but less of the ‘k**do’ !’ Pamela exclaimed, swiping a carrot through the cheese dip. ‘And don’t get too pleased with yourselves. I’ve seen all those random girls on your Facebook. I’m guessing you haven’t been quite so chivalrous with everyone. Especially you…’ She stabbed accusingly at Patrick with the carrot stick, before snapping off the end with her even, white teeth.

‘Who, me?’ Patrick was all appalled innocence.

‘You’ve got his number okay,’ Aiden laughed. ‘He’s the guy mothers warn their daughters about before packing them off to College.’

‘He’s lying!’ Patrick insisted, apparently desperate to defend his honour in front of Pamela. ‘And he’s not the golden boy either. I’ve a few stories…’

‘Hey, at least I had a steady…’

‘Come on, guys!’ Pamela broke in, delighted with the outburst she had inspired. She’d sipped her way through three glasses of California white and all girlish shyness seemed dispelled, displaced by a wickedness normally contained within her mind’s bedroom meanderings. ‘I’m not a k**. I know what country boys are like when they hit College. I’ve seen it. Don’t tell me you haven’t both played Fuck a Freshman.’ She was leaning forward on one arm, giving them both a vertiginous view down her amazing cleavage. Part of her couldn't believe how she was behaving. ‘You know? Hot little eighteen-year-old High School grads on Campus for the first time, all lost and just waiting for a big strong senior to show them what’s what?’ She stared mischievously into their stricken faces. ‘Go on, deny it,’ she pursued, while they fought for a comeback. ‘You have, you both so have!’ she cried with delight at her own daring. She felt heroically brazen now on two glass of wine.

‘Pam…’ Patrick was laughing in amazement at her along with his b*****r. ‘We are not having this conversation.'

‘Oh we so are,’ she grinned, loving that she’d knocked them off balance. ‘You’ve both been chasing tail the same age as me. And then you’re surprised when I call you on it. God, boys, you don’t still think I’m the Virgin Princess, do you?’ It was out of her mouth before she could help herself and there was no stopping now. ‘Cos I’m not, whatever Billy and dad might want to think. Sven put paid to that.’

‘Sven?’ Aiden hardly dared ask.

‘Danish backpacker. Strolled into Rockport last summer, worked on one of the farms for a month or two. He won over mom and dad, even Billy didn’t mind him. They all thought he was so polite and charming.’ She leaned even closer, and though her heart was rattling out a military tattoo in her chest, she kept her voice huskily confidential. ‘He was charming. And persuasive. And very, very thorough. Spoiled me for just about any other guy.’ She sipped the last of her wine and divided her steady gaze between them both, drinking in their astonishment along with the wine. Then she finally relented, her heart still beating fast. ‘Sorry guys, it’s the wine. I’m being bad.’

‘You are,’ agreed Aiden, ‘so hush.’ He dared not even look at his b*****r, such was the reaction inside his own pants. Considering they were attracted more often than not to the same girls, aroused by the same types of situation, he did not even need to confer. The situation’s inappropriacy was adding to the turn-on, he could only assume Patrick felt the same way.

‘Anyway,’ Pamela was asking Aiden, ‘who was the blonde girl kept cropping up in all your photos? She was pretty.’ Suddenly there was a different type of silence. Both b*****rs turned rather solemn. She felt genuinely abashed. ‘Oh. Sorry. Foot in mouth?’

‘We don’t talk about Shania, do we b*o?’ said Patrick.

‘No, we don’t, ’ Aiden confirmed matter-of-factly. Pamela’s indiscretion had somehow passed to him and he added, ‘Not since the whole ‘banging another member of the athletics squad when I was liable to walk in’ incident.’

‘Baby!’ Pamela exclaimed sadly. She leaned across to him and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Then, moved by Patrick’s display of fraternal solidarity, she applied the same to him. An imprint of dark-red lipstick was left on both boys’ faces. They looked at her fondly, touched and much less b*****rly in their feelings than they were prepared to admit.

‘Well look,’ she told them softly in the birdsong-punctuated quiet of the spring afternoon, ‘we’re going to forget all that today. All your misdeeds and misadventures and heartbreaks. This is our time.’ She spread both hands behind her and leaned back, bra-less tits thrusting at them through her gown’s muslin bodice. ‘On this perfect afternoon, right here with everything so warm and green and - fecund.’ She spoke it like a particularly delicious swear-word and though the boys were not actually sure of its meaning, they felt sure it boded no sort of good they dared contemplate.

‘Ehhh - fecund?’ It was Patrick who inquired.

‘Fertile. Fruitful. You know, springtime, sap rising, everything swelling up with - y’know, life-juice.’ She looked at them with her most coquettish smile. Her dream was just a dream, but she could still have some cheeky fun with them, couldn’t she? ‘Don’t you feel that, guys? Inside yourselves? Everything in nature just about to burst forth with its seed?’ The words spilled from her mouth with relish, and how she enjoyed the Riordan boys’ flushed, aroused reaction. In her mild inebriation she felt suddenly reckless, wet between her thighs, all her palpitating reservation dispelled.

‘Of course,’ she informed them almost as an aside, ‘I’ve taken personal precautions in case you’re worried for me. If any Svens were to come along there’d be no seed germinating in my soil. I’m not ready to rack up my carbon footprint that much just yet, I’ve got quite a few years’ offsetting to do.’ She smirked at the two baffled, entranced faces in front of her. Patrick held a segment of tangerine that could not quite make its way to his open mouth. ‘But that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes want to practise. You know, celebrate the procreative urge. Can you guys think of a better way to spend Earth Day?’ Shit, had she really just said that?

Aiden tried to break the ensuing silence. ‘Pam, ehhh - why don’t you just have something else to eat?’ He pushed the hamper a few inches in her direction.

‘Yeah,’ insisted Patrick. ‘You talk way too much just like you always did. Just relax and enjoy the day.’ But he was shifting where he sat - to disguise the swelling in his crotch.

‘I am enjoying,’ she smiled, possessed by her new devilment as she delved into the hamper. ‘All of nature’s bounty.’ She scooped into the wooden-boxed butter-pat and let the liquefying gold trickle down her upheld fingers a moment, before placing each digit in her mouth at a time and sucking it lingeringly clean, leaving traces of butter down her chin. ‘So delicious,’ she proclaimed, and the same hand sought out the honeycomb, breaking off a generous chunk and bringing its oozing cells to her lips. ‘Nature’s generosity - to be respected and savoured.’ She fed herself the honey, but a sticky fragment dropped down the valley between her breasts and she chased it with one hand, smearing it over her milk-white skin a little as she retrieved it. Then she popped the remainder into her mouth, tongue visibly curling around it as her face displayed utter bliss. She licked her fingers clean once more and looked at her friends in delight. ‘Don’t you want to savour this afternoon, boys?’

The radar Patrick and Aiden had had all their lives was not deserting them now. Both knew the other’s sap was rising fast. This felt like the fruition of every forbidden thought they had never shared about Pamela Shelton. But she had taken her silly game too far and it was time to stop.

‘Pam…’ They voiced it together, but Patrick completed the thought. ‘You’re being crazy.’

‘I’m being messy, that’s for sure,’ said Pamela, breaking from the warm honeyed tones she had employed. The wicked thought she’d had earlier returned and made her heart race. Could she? Was she really prepared to push it this far? Now or never. She grabbed the wine bottle and tipped its final few gulps down her throat before tossing it aside on the quilt. ‘Gonna join me?’ She stood up, the thin muslin hem of her dress swishing around her knees.

‘Where?’ asked Aiden for himself and his b*****r, but Pamela was already kicking off her sandals, tossing them her flower-crown and strolling off through the trees down to the water.

‘In the pool, silly. We can’t come here on a day like today and not go for a swim.’ Patrick and Aiden were transfixed as Pamela brought her fingertips to the straps of her dress and coyly pushed them off her pale shoulders. Neither made any pretence of where they were looking as the garment fell away down to her waist, exposing her high, full, melon-breasts, their milky pallor set off by dark-red nipples matching her lips. She continued to work the clinging material downwards from her slender waist over her generously curved ass, till she could let it fall to the grass and step daintily out. She had underwear, they knew at last for sure, a tiny lace thong which marked the course of her healthily robust hips and plunged to the neat little junction between her upper thighs. Her fingers tugged at the band as though she were uncertain how to proceed.

‘Should I?’ she asked, seeming to pant at her own daring, ‘or do you think I need this swimming costume? You know, for modesty’s sake?’ They stared, no longer able to answer. ‘You’re right. I’m being silly.’ In an instant she had plunged her panties to her knees and stepped out of them. There she stood before them, a voluptuous eighteen-year-old Venus, her flaming read hair matched by the tidily-trimmed little arrowhead at her pudendum. One thigh slid against the other as though in a final flicker of modesty, but as she chewed on a finger, her forearm squeezing up against one of her large tits, she was all tease. ‘Oh God, guys, that feels so much better, you’ve no idea. You gotta try this.’ She pranced about and skipped through the grass into the shallows of the pond, her full, round heart of an ass shuddering just slightly. She waded in to her knees, then looked back over her shoulder expectantly. ‘Come on guys, aren’t you going to join me?’

Patrick and Aiden could scarcely move more than they could speak. It was amazing just to look on this lusciously nude vision and wrestle with all the conflict that brought. But to get nude with her? With each other? Locker room was one thing. This was different. This involved visible tumescence in each other’s company as well as Pamela’s - and that was a whole world of weird.

Pamela felt their hesitation, their apparent immobility, and with her bare ass on display felt embarrassment return full f***e. She reacted by turning around to give them a full-blast of her tits and pubes and gesticulating at them frustratedly with both palms. ‘Well what are you doing just sitting there?’ she appealed, a little anger in her voice. ‘You gonna leave a girl standing butt naked on her own? I thought you guys were gentlemen!’

They looked at each other on those words and decided. She had called them on the one thing they could not deny. ‘We’re gentlemen,’ Patrick said.

Aiden nodded in agreement. ‘We’re gentlemen going for a swim,’ he concurred, and they both scrambled to their feet and headed for the shoreline removing upper garments. ‘With a friend.’ With a gorgeous, big-titted, naked, teenage friend.

‘Water good?’ called Patrick, dragging his vest over his head.

‘It’s beautiful, ’ Pamela suddenly laughed. ‘It’s cool and fresh and …

Oh my God…’ The Riordan twins were stripping off in front of her, peeling tops away from athletically muscled chests both s**ttered with the same blonde hair as on their heads. Tearing off their shoes and unbuttoning their jeans to further reveal tight, lightly-ripped stomachs. Hooking thumbs into pants and bulging shorts and pausing, not quite able to seal the deal.

‘Do you have to look?’ Aiden pleaded.

‘You looked! Your eyes walked all over these tits!’ Pamela promptly replied, striking up an precociously expectant hands-on-hips stance, faking total confidence. ‘I'm waiting, boys…’

They held the moment a fraction, then on some invisible signal they both ripped off everything else they wore. Pamela’s eyes widened and she stifled a gasp as two big, healthy Riordan-boy cocks sprang more than semi-erect into view. The boys shared nut-sack grooming habits, she observed, and their lengthening poles looked thick and smooth like beech wood. She allowed her gaze to wander freely back and forth between the two nicely tumescing organs as well as over their grown-men’s bodies. The whole top-to-toe effect was magnificent, she thought. They were like two splendidly-defined Greek athletes about to spar. She wondered if they would claim her as their joint prize and her nipples puckered at the thought. God, what had she set in motion?

‘Happy now?’ shouted Aiden, and as he glanced over at his twin they shared a look of bemused, what-the-hell amusement.

‘You should be!’ called Patrick, grinning at last. ‘Now get your butt under that water or we’ll fling you in!’ Instinctively they set off running towards her and she fled into the water in happy terror, breasts bouncing freely, each stride plunging her deeper. They almost caught up and Patrick, in a moment of liberation, swung a hefty slap to her naked ass which echoed across the pond. Then she flung herself forward into an arching dive and plunged fleetly beneath the surface. The boys surged forward to waist-depth, submerging their excited cocks, before she rose again, exploding from beneath the surface like an unfeasibly busty water-nymph. The pond’s crystal water rivered over and down between her bounteous, undulating tits as she settled back down into the buoyant depths, shaking droplets from her soaked hair.

‘I can’t believe I just slapped her butt,’ Patrick said hoarsely to Aiden.

‘I think I’d have done it if you hadn’t,’ Aiden confessed softly. ‘Her tits are amazing too, let’s just get it said.’

‘Ohhh god…’ Patrick was almost lost for words again. ‘This is fucked up.’

‘Do you think she … Does she want us to … ?’ Aiden could not complete the thought.

‘Question is, are we going to?’ Patrick looked at his b*****r searchingly. ‘Well are we?’ And a treacherous smile flickered in both their faces.

Pamela was bobbing some distance from them, the upper globed surfaces of her breasts visible above the water. ‘Come on,’ she urged. ‘Dive in. Race me to the other side!’ She ducked under, somersaulted completely with a brief flash of ass and slender legs, then she was off, propelling herself into a fluid front crawl. Patrick and Aiden did not even do their mutual checking glance this time, they just plunged ahead into the clear, sharply cool pond and strong-armed their way through the water in pursuit.

They caught up with her just shy of the other bank and all three flipped over and splashed about laughing, their nudity barely concealed in the shallows. The boys were momentarily confounded by this clothing-free proximity, then Aiden flicked his palm across the surface, sending a sheet of water bursting against Pamela’s face. ‘That’s for growing up into such a bad girl,’ he grinned, as she spluttered in amused outrage and began thrashing water in return. There was a crazed flurry of back-and-forth splashing between her and the guys, before she jumped up in all her brazen glory, pondweed d****d around her neck and breasts along with the wildflower necklace, and sploshed back into deeper water. She dived far and zipped away.

‘Come on !’ she yelled, some good strokes in, swirling around to challenge them. ‘Which of you gets to duck me first?’

They were off, as from the crack of a starting pistol. The type of sibling competitiveness she had sparked was meat and drink to these two, she knew that from the old days with her b*****r. She watched as they powered themselves across the pond, both utterly determined to reach the teasing red-haired girl first and to dunk her. She squealed with delighted panic as her two muscled Olympians bore down on her neck-and-neck at her own invitation. Then when they came within a few strokes of her, she upended herself once more and dived.

Patrick and Aiden found themselves thrashing around vainly, their quarry having vanished. They scanned about them a moment, then their voluptuous aquatic maiden erupted from the water behind them, wrapping arms around both their waists. ‘Got you!’ she laughed in renewed delight and before they could react she planted firm lips on theirs. ‘Got you both. Happy Earth Day.’ And she squeezed, so that both their naked bodies were tight against hers.

Pamela’s whole body thrilled at the fact that she was sporting nude with the Riordan boys. It was as though years’ worth of silly, hot schoolgirl fantasies were crystalising. Her own natural juices were running wild within her and her nipples were forged into lustful darts beneath the waterline at the touch of the guys’ flesh on hers.

They floated for a moment, the guys’ toes just finding the bottom of the pond. ‘Look,’ said Patrick, his breath having been stolen more by the kiss than the race. ‘We can always just go back on shore, getting dressed and go home.’

‘Yeah,’ Pamela replied in a low tone, and she stroked both chests with her fingertips. Her fear was as rampant as her arousal, but she knew she was not going to turn back from her unexpected course. ‘Or we can do the dressing and the going home later…’ They were robbed of speech now that the moment came, so she supplied more words.

‘Look,’ she told them, ‘you two mean more to me than you know. You were always cool with me, you showed me respect, never took advantage. You showed me the kind of guy I want to be with some day.’ They stared at her mesmerised as she continued to tease their chests affectionately. ‘Well I sure as hell couldn’t choose one of you guys over the other if I had to. So I want you both. Now. Just this once.’ The boys could hear each other’s breath in the stillness, but they only looked on her. ‘You always took care of me. Well today I want you to let me take care of you. Call it an Earth Day present.’ She drew them both to her again and gave Aiden, then Patrick a moist, lingering, open-mouthed kiss, letting her tongue tantalise just a little between each guy’s lips.

It was Aiden who finally voiced their joint relinquishing of control. ‘Okay Pam. If that’s what you want.'

Gently she clasped both their hands. ‘Take me to the trees,’ she told them. ‘Out of this sun. I burn real easy.’

They carried her floating form through the still waters till her feet found the bottom, then all three waded slowly towards the shore. She felt an frisson of joy as their dripping, naked bodies emerged jointly into the golden April sunlight. As they reached waist-deep she looked down to see the heads of the boys’ cocks bobbing stiff and ready above the surface. With a shudder in her belly akin to a foregone Christmas Eve, she let go their hands and took their thick shafts in her own, caressing both lovingly with her palms. The boys stalled in their progress to the shore, both gasping to have Pamela’s hands all over their hard-resolved manhoods.

‘See how good that feels?’ she said, revelling now in her own wanton springtime decadence. 'We’re out here to celebrate everything beautiful and natural and good in the world. And there’s no one else I’d rather celebrate with.’

Pamela’s environmentalism didn’t seem dippy at all in those terms, both b*****rs decided. It made utter, utter sense. In that instant they made resolutions as solid as their cocks to be greener citizens of the world. And as she smiled at them both, they let her tenderly grip their hard maleness and lead them like tamed bears out of the water.

As she drew them up the slope and to the trees in the same cheeky grip, Pamela felt like a particularly fortunate Eve. Mother of the Human Race, I have given you Adam to be your husband. And look, here’s his twin b*****r Dave. A serene erotic confidence had come upon her, as though she had been blessed with a chance to re-visit her dream. She took them into the cool shade of the oaks where the quilted picnic blanket lay and dumbly they let her turn them around and push their hard, wet bodies back against the trunk of the most massive oak in the glade. ‘Leave everything to me,’ she said softly.

Their own trunks were rather massive, she thought with mouth-watering ecstasy, as she dropped to her knees and ran her fingers up and down the Riordan boys’ twin poles. ‘Oh God,’ she breathed, her hot breath flowing all over them, ‘I’m such a lucky girl.’ She flickered her tongue all the way up Patrick’s shaft, down Aiden’s, then reversed the move more slowly, loving their tense, gasping reactions. Then she encircled her grip around the bases of both cocks and took several turns enveloping each bullet-head in her soft mouth, relishing the sensation like taking whole ripe plums into her mouth, the juice already leaking onto her taste-buds through splits in the skin. Delicious.

She broke off, a spider’s-web strand of saliva still linking her lips with Aiden’s cock. She felt the need to explain as they stared ruddy-faced down at her, before she tried what she was about to. ‘Sven taught me a lot, but I’ve been focusing on my studies all year, so I might be rusty. If you’ll just bear with me…’ She took Patrick’s head in her mouth again, then widening her lips around him she dived, taking his thick shaft down into her throat. The gagging sensation came on her instantly and she backed right off. ‘Woops,’ she said, catching her breath. ‘Try again …’ This time she plunged, relaxed her oesophagus, took his demanding length right down and held herself there with a throatful of cock while he groaned, his body tight and rigid against the tree. She pulled off, let saliva spill freely, gazed at Patrick’s astonished face before giving the exact same treatment to his b*****r.

Pamela heard Aiden groan aloud as she swallowed him up in her succulent throat. She held him even longer, crushing herself to his stomach so she could take him far down, delighted that the ability had not deserted her. She came off him with further translucent mess dripping everywhere like sap. Then she alternated some few more times between them, playing with her skill, seeing what new groans she cold rest from them by pumping herself up and down, constricting her throat, letting herself choke a little. They stroked her hair softly, but made no effort to hold her down. Renewed affection swept through her and releasing her oral hold on Aiden she slid her still-soaking body upwards over theirs to kiss both their tensed mouths.

Patrick and Aiden were overwhelmed by Pamela’s lavish onslaught. So much sudden delirious pleasure from such an unexpected, forbidden source. They were hazy with affectionate lust for this girl and both moved in to kiss her further. Patrick ran his hands over her face and through her wet hair, Aiden’s mouth descended on her pale neck from behind. ‘Yeah, I like that, hedge me in,’ she said, drawing them both to her before and behind. ‘Makes me feel protected…’

Her breasts compressed themselves into Patrick’s hard pectoral muscles; he could feel his cock pressed against her flat stomach, as he held her face and kissed her. One of her hands reached behind and pulled Aiden tight into her as he sucked gently on her neck. She became a soft, feminine buffer-zone between these two hard male bodies, the milk-white of her generously curvy flesh contrasting gorgeously with their tanned brawn. A Kimberly cookie, Aiden thought. Some distant Irish relative had mailed those to the Riordans at Christmas - brittle ginger nut slabs separated by a tight-whipped, springy marshmallow centre. They were a Kimberley cookie, he thought, and the thought was a bizarre additional turn-on. His hands slid freely over the hourglass curve of Pamela ’ s hips, his cock pillowed tight between her buttocks.

Pamela surrendered herself some moments to two moist pairs of lips, two strongly tender pairs of exploring hands. She was so wet, so wet for them both. Then on a sudden instinct she eased them away with the lightest of touches. It was Aiden she turned to. ‘I’d like you first. Sven broke my heart too, baby. Let’s go to the blanket and do a little mending…’

He let her lead him over and lay him down, moisture still beading both their skin. Patrick watched in fascination from the tree, stroking his cock as his b*****r’s delight unfolded. ‘God I want this, I want you, so, so much…’ Pamela whispered as she straddled her naked self over Aiden and drew his tightly-hinged prick up between her parted thighs. She could feel herself slick with need. Lovingly she fitted the quieter b*****r’s ripe plum inside herself, returning his taut, expectant gaze with a burning glance of her own. Then she lowered herself slowly, achingly onto his long, thick column, descended to his balls, took him all up into herself.

‘Oh God, oh God, Aiden, you’re inside me, ohhh fuck…’ She rested there for a moment to absorb the realisation, to absorb the sensation of this boy’s thick maleness filling her pussy. Then she leaned into him, fingers to his chest, and began to slide up and down him, exploring his smooth hard surface with her wet inner flesh. ‘Ohhh fuck baby,’ she breathed, as their sexes moved together, ‘that’s so beautiful, don’t you think it’s beautiful?’

‘Fuck yes, it’s beautiful, you’re beautiful,’ was Aiden’s aching response, his hands tracing patterns on her upper arms as she moved on him. She bent low, her suspended tits brushing his chest as she smoothly humped.

‘You feel that?’ She poured out sweet, breathy teasing into his ear like she had never imagined she could. ‘You feel my tits on you, baby? You feel my pussy all slippery on your cock? You like me fucking you? You like it?’

‘Ohhh yeah, yeah, I love it… You know I love it…’ Aiden was enraptured, but he hardly dared thrust in return. Not into her.

‘Fuck me back,’ she whispered. ‘Give it right back to me baby.’ She squeezed her swollen fruit right against his chest as she continued to glide subtly up and down him. A hundred nights of lonely wanton fantasises flowed from her in words. ‘Fuck me, Aiden. Billy’s not here, he’ll never know you’re fucking his hot, naughty little s****r, you’re fucking her hot wet little pussy, her tight wet little cunt…’

It broke Aiden’s restraint. He clapped his hands to her full thighs and thrust himself into her, proactively fucking at last, driving himself into the moist squelching heart of sweet Pam Shelton. She cried aloud at his sudden invasion and took it crouching for a few moments, leaning on his chest with one arm, kneading a breast with the other, as he ploughed into her. Then she pushed herself upwards in her seat on his loins so she could take him deeper, so she could ride him hard, her lovely breasts oscillating freely for his grateful gaze, her fingers crazy on her clitoris.

‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…’ she was chanting to the hard, bouncing rhythm, as he gripped her ass-flesh tight and pumped. ‘Oh God it’s so good … so good … ssssooo ggggood…’ Her body let go, released itself to orgasm. She juddered and quaked on him, flowing all over his thick shaft and his balls.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah,’ he was concurring, ‘so good…’ Coming out of her own ecstasy she could tell from his voice that he was close too.

‘No baby, no, don’t come, ’ she said urgently, halting her bouncing motion. ‘Save it up, I don’t want you to come yet.’ She knew why she was saying it, a crazy fantasy that she could hardly believe she might fulfil. He slowed at her instruction, slammed his brakes on against a strong reverse inclination. Only Pamela, only his desire to please her could have made him do it. She was climbing off him, drawing her tight channel from around his bulged erection, so that it slapped wetly onto his stomach. ‘Stay hard,’ was her panting instruction to him, like that would be a problem. ‘Patrick, I want Patrick…’

But Patrick was already bearing down on her, his arousal rammed out in front of him in a great thick spike. ‘Come and join us,’ she said huskily, her hand already reaching out to touch his advancing cock. But he had a different game to play.

‘No Pam,’ he said with tender resolution, ‘you come to me.’ He reached out, took her hand and carefully hauled her off the quilt to her feet.

‘Oh God, Pat…’ she said in shaky awe, as he drew her away to the oak where she had recently pleasured both b*****rs.

He stared into her captivated eyes and pushed her up against the rough bark. ‘Hop up, little girl.’ He clapped his hands to her waist and lifted her into the air, so that she instinctively made to fold her legs around him. But he lifted her further, biceps straining, bore her all the way up to his face and pressed her hard into the oak, her thighs wrapping around his neck as he pressed his face into her dripping sex. She squealed and laughed in bewildered, fearful delight as his tongue lashed her clit and dived deep into her pussy. They were circus acrobats with an erotic twist. He was gripping her so securely, eating her out with such confidence and passion, that her excitement soared a second time. Then his hands slid up her body and he brought her partway down, suspending her above his bulging head. She stared into his eyes - full of amusement and desire and affection - and secured her legs around his lower back to ready herself. His cock was a hard spear of lust and he sank her halfway onto it before pushing her back against the trunk and ramming it the distance into her tight sheath.

Pamela screamed aloud into the still April air, her arms and legs all clinging desperately to Patrick’s naked brawn as he impaled her. He pressed her back and ass into the oak and fucked her fiercely and rapidly, drawing out joyfully helpless yells similar to the first on each thrust.

‘Ohhhh Pam, you bad baaad little girl…’ he muttered, given up now to his thirst for her. Aiden stared on at the sight of his b*****r’s strong back straining, his well-developed buttocks flexing tight, as he plunged his cock hard into the wildly moaning Pamela. Then Patrick relented in his strokes. ‘I’m not hurting you, am I Pammy? Don’t want to hurt you…’

‘Fuck no. Not hurting me, so not hurting me,’ she moaned, and he resumed with his original vigour. That beautiful body crushed against her, that cock doing such sterling work - she came again, body clamping to his, oozing freely all over Patrick’s relentlessly invading b**st. But even as the climax receded there was something else to which her dazed mind clung, as tightly as her heels clung to Patrick’s muscled ass. Her wildest, scariest, most absurd fantasy. If all else could be fulfilled, so could that.

‘Don’t you come either,’ she moaned weakly in Patrick’s ear, though he continued to pound. ‘Please don’t come, baby. Take me to the rug. To the rug…’

Patrick slowed once more in his searching thrusts. ‘Whatever you say, Pam…’ He backed from the tree and carried her, still spiked on his dick, to the picnic-strewn quilt. There he laid her down, himself on top, immediately launching into smooth, fast missionary strokes. Aiden was suddenly there, gripping one of her hands and stroking her hair as she got pumped.

‘Baby, baby, no, that’s not what I meant!’ And loath thought she was to interrupt the intense fuck that was being flung into her, she put her hands to his chest and eased him away till he reluctantly withdrew. ‘Sorry baby, but I want Aiden to…’

Then Patrick’s b*****r was all over her - drawing her up, kissing her fervently and massaging her tits like he’d laid claim the first ripe peaches of the season. He was turning her about, putting her on her hands and knees, and she was so clit-throbbingly aroused by his boldness that she let him. ‘God, you guys!’ she exclaimed. ‘Once you get going, you … Ffffuck!!!’ Aiden had surged into her from behind, his loins whacking hard into her cushioning ass as he crammed her pussy full once more. And now Patrick was kneeling in front of her, guiding his cock into her mouth, her own sweet juices now smeared all over it. How could she refuse just a delicious treat? She absorbed Aiden’s rear hammering gladly, sucked on Patrick with relish, lapped up the attention lavished on her by their cocks. But before either could climax she emptied her mouth and wrested back control.

‘Oh God, oh God I love it, fucking love it, but wait, stop…’ Both were perplexed as to what she wanted. She knew neither would ever suggest it, so she did.

‘Both of you,’ she panted, sliding herself off Aiden’s pole and scrambling around clumsily to face both b*****rs. ‘I want both of you. Properly inside me. Together.’ They both stared at her in dawning comprehension. ‘Pat,’ she pursued, and she was already guiding him onto his back as she spoke, ‘I want to sit on you. And Aiden…’ She crawled around to face the milder of the two. ‘I want you to… Would you…? ’ She stared at him plaintively. ‘Please? I’d so love it…’

Aiden stared at her in wondrous disbelief. He checked with Patrick, who was equal in astonishment. ‘But …’ he stumbled, ‘but I don’t want … Neither of us want…’

‘No, Pam,’ Patrick affirmed. ‘We don’t want to do anything that’ll hurt you.’

‘Guys!’ she cried, laying a hand on both of them. ‘I know you’d never hurt me. And look…’ She reached a hand into the picnic hamper and for the second time that afternoon dipped her fingers into the butter container, scooping out a lump of semi-liquefied gold. ‘This’ll help.’ She was so fucking horny now she no longer cared what she did. It was like she had burst from her cocoon, a different, crazily sexual girl.

The oozing butter she smoothed all along Aiden’s rigid length, while he stared at her applying hand. Then she returned to the hamper and retrieved another melting nugget, crawling around so Aiden could see what she did next. Could clearly see how she spread her full cheeks and plunged two buttered fingers right into her anus to prepare herself. She stared over her shoulder at him beseechingly as she thickly coated the entrance to her rectal passage. Then she withdrew her fingers and sucked them clear of the last buttery traces. She could hear Patrick’s astounded laughter at her performance.

‘Ready as I’ll ever be,’ she told Aiden with an alluring meekness, but the tremble in her voice betrayed her fear. She could see the sudden readiness in his eyes to say nothing of his bolt-upright cock, and everything about her seemed to swell with anticipation. Later she would scarcely believe her own boldness.

‘You first,’ she told Patrick, and his tree-side ardour was replaced with a supreme gentleness as he took her astride him and lowered her pussy down onto his expansive prick.

‘There,’ he soothed, drawing her to him and enfolding her securely in his arms. ‘We won't break you.’ She kissed his forehead, enjoyed the sensation of him inside her for a moment, then focused on the hands that were being placed from above on the small of her back, the second male body kneeling behind her, readying itself.

Aiden had never fucked a girl’s ass, and never fucked a girl in such close proximity to any other guy, let alone his b*****r. And now he knelt between Patrick’s spread legs, about to enter sweet Pamela anally, his b*****r’s dick already stretching her pussy just inches away. In other circumstances he might not have managed it, but such was the sexual alchemy this girl had created on a spring afternoon, he found himself equal to the task. Watching his own progress in awe, he guided his slick spearhead between the twin moons of her ass, till it pressed against her anus. ‘You sure you want this?’ he asked, and when she moaned in the affirmative, he applied enough weight to pop inside her tight, buttered entrance.

‘Ohhh God…’ Pamela’s whimper stopped him, but she was then insistent. ‘No, don’t stop, I want it - I want it…’

Patrick caressed her face with his lips and held her totally still on his own deeply embedded cock. ‘Come on buddy, it’s what she wants.’ So Aiden pushed in farther, drew out a little and then sank himself deeper, reading her little cries and sobs and inching his greased-up shaft slowly into her tight but accommodating rectum. He loved the sight of his big erection easing into Pamela’s beautiful bottom, loved the way her sphincter’s reflexive tightening around his pole was countered by the lubrication of the butter so she could take him. And he loved the thought that he was commencing to fuck sinfully off-limits Pamela Shelton in the ass, even though her b*****r would kill him if he knew.

Pamela leaned into Patrick’s tenderly strong embrace, taking comfort from his nuzzling of her face and neck, as her back passage was slowly penetrated. She knew from last summer that it would hurt some at first, but Aiden was so painstaking, so gentle that she took in his hard length with surprising ease. Gradually he opened her up, till his hard loins rested into her buttocks. Any discomfort was a trivial price to pay. She had them both now, two beautiful thick Riordan cocks thrust deep inside her. Those robust bodies hemmed her in above and below, those hands were soft upon her flesh and she was full, cunt and ass, with her wonderful Irish boys.

Patrick simply held her in place, bearing her up by the shoulder with one hand, softly massaging one of her full breasts with the other. He spoke softly, reassuringly to her: ‘It’s okay baby, we’ve got you. We’ll take it easy.’ Aiden was working her bum slowly, moving his dick back and forth inside her incrementally, getting her used to his presence there. It was as though this were the most precious task on which either b*****r had ever embarked. Her body adapted fast and she knew she was good for more. In fact she craved it.

‘Oh God,’ she groaned, ‘ you sweet, sweet guys. I love having you here, having you both inside me … Ohhh fuck me, fuck me please…’ She began undulating her hips on Patrick, leaning into him so that her clit was stimulated and giving Aiden fuller access as she did. He was bearing down on her back, starting to stroke into her with firmness. Patrick was actively thrusting too now, taking firm hold of her waist, the kindliness of his face intensifying as his loins began to surge against hers. The b*****rs took all cues from her, instinctively judging by her body’s rocking, the fervency of her words and moans, to what degree she was losing herself. All three moved now like a single organism. Their combined motion was steady and fluid, building relentlessly towards a mutually desired conclusion.

Patrick’s grip tightened; her red hair was brushing his face as he helped her shunt back on forth on him. Aiden was clutching her hips and thrusting now, withdrawing half his length to plunge back inside. The boys’ hands were a tight hoop around her middle. Both cocks were pumping her - holy shit, those identical twin cocks fucking her in unison, making her feel ripe and wet and fertile, ready to burst with further juice.

‘Guys, oh guys, ohhh lovers, please, please fuck meeeee…’ Patrick pulled her tight to his chest in an sudden ecstasy of lust, rocked her vigorously back and forth so she could feel him intensely inside her, her full bosom squished to his chest. Then Aiden was on his feet so he could thrust deeper, squatting over her, knuckles pressed down on the quilt either side of her, plunging into her tight, slippery hole with ass-whacking relish. She could feel his sweating chest on her back as he ploughed her, his strong body framing hers along with that of his b*****r.

She had no idea what she was screaming, no clue and no care whether some passer-by might hear her, might hear them all. She was sandwiched, properly now, between her guys and it drove her wild. Sandwiched - how insane. Make that Pam on Riordan, heavy on the sweat, the testosterone and the thick, hot man-cream. She might have laughed, had the thought not driven her over the edge and made her explode into orgasm. It was like every cell in her body combusted at once. Her senses merged into some shattering, other-worldly joy. All she knew at that moment was that she was shuddering frantically between Patrick and Aiden, wailing and weeping and calling out ridiculous endearments at which she would later blush.

Her wild enjoyment set the boys off too. They had saved themselves too long and now they abandoned all restraint, slamming themselves into that gorgeous young body until their swollen cocks triggered. Aiden let go first and Patrick an instant after. They both rammed deep, clutched Pamela hard and erupted inside her, flooding both her tight spaces with their copious hot seed.

Pamela slumped exhausted onto Patrick’s chest and felt Aiden come to rest on top of her. She stayed enclosed in their sweating joint-embrace for some moments, their cocks still inside her. Then gradually, carefully they withdrew, mingled girl-juice, butter and semen slithering warmly out of her twin holes as they lay her down on the quilt. It needed laundering anyway, she thought dreamily to herself. They lay down either side of her, stroking and caressing her till she almost drifted off to sl**p. But she roused herself and took them swimming.

Their play in the cool water was more leisurely this time. Afterwards the twins laid Pamela’s wet body down in the shade and took turns plunging their tongues into her tender young cunt, while the other explored her face, neck and breasts with his mouth. They brought her off again with their combined attentions and the wanton response of her not quite nineteen-year-old body got them both raging hard once more. So they filled her with cock all over again. By the time the afternoon sunshine was waning, they had pleasured her close to exhaustion and she had drained them of their procreative sap.

When the boys left Pamela at her door that evening, she whispered in both their ears. To Aiden she said, ‘Don’t go throwing your poor heart away, baby. Take your time and have fun, then find someone who loves you for the sweet guy you are. When she finds what you can do with your cock, that’ll be one hell of a bonus.’ And to Patrick: ‘Get it all out of your system. Play with the sorority girls a while longer, then find someone steady. With a bit of substance. And when you do, fuck her and take care of her like you’ve done to me. Okay?’

It was her nature to get a little preachy and she told both of them, ‘Do some good in the world, guys. Help make it a little better, not fuck it up a little more. Do it for me. Oh, and don’t take some stupid girl’s word for it when she implies she’s on the Pill.’ They both stared at her, jaws dropping slightly. ‘Guys!’ She rolled her eyes in exasperation. ‘It’s okay. I am.’

She kissed them both goodbye, making it as sweet and brief as she could. Then they departed, elated and sad and more than a little in love with her. They would go off and find sex and eventually love elsewhere. They would be greener in their habits. Patrick would help develop electric automobiles and Aiden would fight to save several species of American mammal from extinction. On at least three further occasions before they shook off their youthful ways, they would team up to indulge some girl’s ‘twins’ fantasy, but it would never be anywhere near the perfection of the afternoon just passed. On that subject their conversations would never go much further than:

‘Pamela. Jesus…’

‘I know, man, I know…’

And they would share a moment’s silent awe.

No seed had taken purchase in Pamela’s soil that day, just like she had promised. She would cherish the memory of seducing, then surrendering to her beloved Riordan boys all her life and regret sometimes that she could not be with them both forever. But that would just be greedy and she had meant what she said - she could never make that choice. Their paths would reconnect again from time to time, but their brief, intimate Earth Day union would never be repeated. She would complete her studies and become a firebrand environmentalist, a thorn in the Texas governor’s side. They would see her on the news and feel proud of her.

Years later a different man would find room in her romantic affections, while never displacing her fondness for Patrick and Aiden. That man would expel his sap womb-deep inside her, only this time it would germinate and cause her belly to swell. That would be on Earth Day too.
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Teasing the Gardener

Over the past few weeks we have been having some work undertaken on both our front and back gardens. The weather has been good and it has given us the opportunity for Mrs V to give the gardeners more than they bargained for.

It all started by accident. Mrs V always walks around the house naked before she gets dressed for work. She was sat naked in the kitchen one morning having a cup of tea when two men appeared in the back garden. They were the gardeners we had booked to undertaken a complete renovation on our overgrown garden. Mrs V walked to the patio doors and stood there totally naked giving the young gardeners a view of her stunning, mature body.

The men had clearly seen her. She ambled about bending over pretending to pick things up or put things away. There was a knock on the door. Mrs V shouted she would be there in a minute. She rushed upstairs and put on a robe that she tied loosely at the middle. She opened the door and the gardeners introduced themselves as Adam and James. They would starting work the following morning and would turn up about 8.30 am. Mrs V said she looked forward to them arriving, smiled and closed the door.

Next morning Mrs V was up earlier than normal. She had a shower and dressed in a pair of sheer seamed black stockings, a black g string and matching bra. Mr V wondered why his wife had dressed so sexily first thing in the morning. She told him what had happened the previous day and added that she wanted to give the gardeners a real treat.

Mrs V went downstairs and sat in the dining room with her cup of tea. Mr V had followed her down stairs he was intrigued as to what she intended to do. At about 9 the gardeners turned up. They started to bring their equipment from their van to the back garden. This took about an hour. They glanced back towards the dining room and would have seen Mrs V sat there in her sexy underwear.

Mrs V got up and opened the patio doors "cup of tea lads" she shouted to the gardeners. They turned around and their jaws dropped to the floor. Mrs V looked amazing. She went and made two cups of tea and gave them to the gardeners. She noticed a tell tale swelling in their jeans. Both had a semi hard on. Mrs V turned and went back to the kitchen. Mr V was also there. His cock was rock hard. Mrs V whispered into his ear.

They both went back into the dining room and Mrs V set up a chair by the patio doors. She took off her pants and sat there legs wide open. The gardeners just stared back unsure what to do. Mr V knelt between Mrs V's legs and slowly lapped T her soaking wets pussy. Her clitoris was rock hard and throbbing. Mr V's tongue expertly probed her pussy and flicked across her bum hole. Mrs V told the gardeners to come closer and drop their trousers. They could not believe their luck. They walked to the potion door and dropped their jeans. Their cocks were standing to attention.

Mrs V got off the chair and knelt down. Her ass was facing the gardeners and her face was right in front of Mr V's cock. She sucked expertly on her husbands cock and told the gardeners to empty their balls all over her. It was an amazing sight. Mrs V with a cock in her mouth and two men stood behind her wanking furiously. Mr V was telling her what was going on.

Her body started to buck and she felt an orgasm approaching. Mr V pulled his cock out of her mouth and emptied his balls over Mrs V's face. This set the gardeners off. They both emptied their balls over Mrs V's stunning ass. There was cum everywhere. Mrs V reached between her legs and rubbed the gardeners spunk into her soaking pussy. It did not take her long before she had the most intense orgasm.

What a start to the gardening. For some reason the work is taking a lot longer than we expected... Continue»
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