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Seven days, seven women-Part #1

Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... rides, the dull business conferences, hungover days when
you just can’t concentrate ... masturbation are a normal, even charming part of the women’s
magazine stories as to how ... ]
 This is as far as some women got in telling ... ... Continue»
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... .

The women talked to Neha that she should seduce him etc so that he could approach her that way......
Well, days went ... being intoxicated by some d**gs. Pravindra, surrounded her waist, letting part of his hand pressing her butt and he was going ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... at yourself. Admire every part of yourself you can. Tell each part of your ...
on how to satisfy women.
Prostate Health In 90 Days without d**gs or surgery ... Modification of a posture in one of the seven basic sexual positions. See Position.
Vipassana ... ... Continue»
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Seven days, seven women-Part #1

... Seven days, seven women-Part #1
By csn61 ©

Chapter 1: the storyline:

I want to describe the incredible ... their asses off, leaving their women with all comforts but little companionship.

I have now seven such women to take care off and I have ... ... Continue»
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... Seven minutes: droned the placid voice that Katrina was quickly growing to hate.

Seven ... always been jealous of women with natural figures ... stay a few more days?” Katrina asked softly. ... know, doin’ my part, helping a friend.”

... ... Continue»
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... at himself, it was so easy to patao these sexy women
these days.
Of course he had no intention of any such ... and
The Debauchery Of A Young Housewife (Part 17). Both the
women Asha and Anjali woke up next morning with a glow ... ... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... for the next
part of the tour.
As Jenna recovered from the 'search' class, she dressed in the women's room
at the ... .
To Jenna's discomfort, Trisha was no different. The longer, warmer days
sent the teen into a devious frenzy. Unknown to Jenna, Trisha ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... applause.

As I peered round her bum I saw seven or eight guys and a couple of women showing their appreciation for Mandy's performance. I lay ... part of the beach near where we'd lay on the Saturday afternoon when we first arrived. It was only four days ... ... Continue»
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Brave New Women's World!

... the FEMALES by kissing, licking and sucking any body part offered to him including feet, armpits, PUSSIES, and ANUSES. ... ' have been removed. All forward thinking, intelligent, and educated WOMEN could have the male's castration done in several ways:

1.) ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... is wild.) The beginning part of this borrows
and adapts part of a science ... . Still – aren't these
days half-unlived? I believe any stimulation ... seven years now). His own fantasies centered around the element
of the brazen femme fatale – strippers, women ... ... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... get scared, there were seven
older guys... beer bellies...big... ... Men danced with women, women
danced with women and even a few ... this brute for days struck
terror in my ... The End

Mother's Into S&M - Part one

"No! No! Don't ... ... Continue»
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... meet at a local restaurant at seven that evening. Lisa could hear ... administered to his balls, only days before. Like a smaller version of a ... part of what both Rachel and Toni had been waiting for. They were very aroused, just watching the four young women ... ... Continue»
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Spying on Mom

... shoes with high-heels. Her ass and part of her crotch were exposed to the camera ... . He said he'd be home by seven. It was almost seven now. She looked at the mail ... ought to be flattered. These days, if a guy wanted to see what a women looked like, all he ... ... Continue»
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Some Corner of a Foreign Field

... strange history to these two young women, just twenty seven years of age. They were ... days in the 11th Armoured division. The division had landed on Juno beach seven days ... to disease in April 1915 while part of the ill fated Allied expeditionary f***e to ... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (part fifteen)

... Sebastian! I… I’ll never forget these last few days. Thank you so much!”
“The pleasure ... there are always seven because it’s a lucky number. There are always four women and three men ... you always leave some part of you behind. That part comes back to haunt ... ... Continue»
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... he was only six or seven years old.
In this dream ... women dominating men. The more I
read, the more my appetite grew for female domination. I spent days
upon days ... -related
diseases (in part, some speculate, because ... ... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

... things very carefully over the next few days to see if your condition ... with her mouth to stimulate the seven inch column of excited flesh.

“Oh ... women fell asl**p, not knowing that the next day would be life-changing for them… and their sons.

FIN Part ... ... Continue»
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The ConVentioN part

... ...." was Aprils only response as the last seven inches sank into her as she ... the last couple days. Sasha whimpered in
shame as men and women jeered and ... do was sl**p.
~End Chapter 5~

7. Day 4, Part 1
"Uhh uhh uhh uuhhhh...!!" Sasha groaned like ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... do it. Part of me didn't want to, the part which was a wife and a mother but the other part ... the slut part won.
Without ... you showed a bit of cleavage, so what? How many women these days show so much more than that? And think about the ... ... Continue»
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Ensign Belle’s Personal Log Stardate 4025.06

... as before and ....well let just say I’m glad I have a few days off because I do not want to suffer wearing a bra again ... training is such a vital part isn’t it Ensign?”
I half nodded, not sure if she wanted a answer.
Seven moved back behind me, the ... ... Continue»
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