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School Daze part 1

School Daze part 1

... come back and get it later. We have rounds to make." Taking me by the hand,we walked through the school... Continue»
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School Dayz - Part 1

... with the author please email me at

Sally’s School Dayz – Part 1 ... . Glancing quickly at her watch she suddenly realised that her bus to school would be due to leave soon ... . That would have to do for today! She thought to herself as she placed her school tie loosely around... Continue»
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The school councellor, part 1

... Part 1.

I knelt in front of the graffiti covered panel. The light flickered on and off above me... Continue»
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A High School Relationship (Part 1)

... was repeating around in my head.
The worst part was Chantelle would move to another school, and since Chantelle ... BE IN CLASS!'
'Sorry, sorry.'

School went by in a flash, and before I knew it, I was walking home ... .
'Oh, hi'
'How was school?'
'...fine, err...Mum?'
'Err...can I go to a party?'
'Party... Continue»
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Fun School Day - Part 1

... Two years ago I was sitting in class in my last year of high school. I was s*******n and hadn’t had ... , dressed as fast as I could and ran to school. Just as I got there, the bus was leaving, and it left me ... chance. Well I was about to leave the school when the assistant principal caught me and thought I... Continue»
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The School Reunion - Part 1

... It has been more than 30 years since I graduated from high school. All the friends that I had went ... from high school, Ben, decided to follow his father's footsteps and went to Harvard ... an invitation in the mail. It was for a reunion of our high school. In a strange way, the invitation... Continue»
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School Dayz part 1

... at herself again. Glancing quickly at her watch she suddenly realised that her bus to school would be due ... plump breasts. That would have to do for today! She thought to herself as she placed her school tie ... a glimpse of her pale cleavage. Grabbing her school bag and blazer she walked quickly out of the door... Continue»
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The first day to school, part 1.

... The first day to school, where I really do not feel like after that wonderful weeks on vacation ... in Rome.
I really reluctantly went to school and then I had to also introduce my self to all the new ... school and our friends.
We also talk about our hobbies, our favorite nightclubs and the music we... Continue»
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High School Confidential, Part 1

... school.

All day long she could think of nothing but sex. Her morning classes passed by in a blur ... , and at lunch she was about to go look for a bathroom in some remote corner of the school where she ... .

After school Allie went directly to cheerleading practice, where she found herself spending most... Continue»
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after school detention! (fiction) part 1

... waking up and turning to my left i realized by looking at me clock that i was late for school ... laughing again

"it seems to me that i should just kick you out the school now" he said with a evil glare ... "

so after school i went down to the basement where detention took place. scared from all the noise... Continue»
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Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 1

... (At the house, downstairs, Racquel has invited her friend Sunny over, and they are both just finishing a drink, sitting next to each other on the couch wearing their bikinis, waiting to go for a swim... Continue»
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Wife's High School Sweetheart Part 1

... that there was a letter addressed to her from her old high school. I had no idea what it was so I left it for her ... received a invitation to her high school reunion. It was a whole weekend affair happening in a month. I ... to the high school reunion, which was happening the following weekend. She said she still wasn't... Continue»
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School Girl part 1

... You are over at mine and invite a friend of yours over to do some studying. I leave you both to it and go out for a drink but its not long before you text me asking me to come back home and that you... Continue»
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Watching Tne Detectives

... Watching The Detectives

Nikkie Silk

1 Philippa

For the umpteenth time I needed to move ...
from outside the charity shop where someone had left them for
collection. I would get home from school ... cock in
those sessions.

At 18 I left school, found a job in an insurance office and hated... Continue»
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Out for a run parts 7-9

... Part 7

Well, it has been a week, let me tell you. After telling my husband about my experiences ... about 1 minute I felt it was time to move over to the tree for the fucking to begin. I walked over ... , and we had a great time reliving this adventure.

Part 8

It has been a difficult week, this past... Continue»
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A summer to remember...

... dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Jackie is a high school teacher who is very outgoing ... in their summer theater. Several other teachers from Jackie's school are also members. I don't belong ... of the script to the members and suggested that my wife Jackie might be perfect playing the part... Continue»
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It Was Meant To Be

... to the same high school, she was a year younger, but we still had many of the same friends, and got along ... great, until I started dating Melissa, then shit got bad fast. You remember the high school ... from school that she was just as big a hockey nut as me, but the conversation that kicked it all off... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... of it. She heard someone talking but was sort of in a daze and she was so enjoying the licking Mike ... alone could have. They made plans to meet at the pool the next day, and as they parted Mike winked ... between her cheeks - a hint of lace the only part peeking out. The bra was tight, but not uncomfortably... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... Battle Of The Gods
Done By:
Ryugen - EvilAngel - & Segnas

~ Part 1 ~
[ Tokyo, Japan ... ."

~ Chibisode - Part 1~
[Open Scene]

< Shark:
*Flys out of nowhere*

Tiny Aszuka ... .

*Is wandering around in a daze with her pupils blown to the size of the iris and accidently... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram


Chapter 1

Mary Wilson had a little lamb.

His fleece was white as snow and he ... followed her to school and all that shit, but the nursery rhyme stuff stopped there -- because the little ... .

There was a girl in her school -- a one room country schoolhouse -- who had a bad reputation. Her name was Lulu... Continue»
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