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Sarah: GF's best friend, Thursday/Friday (pt.

Sarah's Accidental Show

... them both in my class when they were 6, they've been best friends ever since. I went to my room ... to find out I exposed myself to his friends.

Chris said, "It's kind of funny how things ... .

It all really started about 7 years ago. My son Mike was 13 and he and his best friend Chris had come... Continue»
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Bro's best friend

... mir er und sein bester Freund Bastian mit dem Ausladen und Vorbereiten. Basti kannte ich natürlich schon relativ gut ... . Kein Wunder, denn die zwei waren schon seit dem Kindergarten beste Freunde. Er war mit seinen sechzehn ... so einen besten Freund zu haben.

Der Pool war bereit, die Musik war aufgedreht und der Alkohol... Continue»
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Best Friend's Son

... girlfriend every six months or so and had still not settled down. Sarah did her best to introduce ... . Edrick made small talk then found Greg. As the two were catching up, Sarah brought over the k**s.

“Wow ... best friend’s young son. Amari slobbered all down Edrick shaft making it completely wet.

“You want... Continue»
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Best friend's mom

... Dom and I had been best of friends since we moved into the neighborhood. We usually hung out ... of her girl friends at a bar/club. She was so excited since she and Mr K never go out to dance. Dom ... , she answered yes but not by her choice. Guys just started grinding on her and her friends. Her friends... Continue»
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b*o's best friend 2

... anbot. Ich gab also mein bestes um das Teil ausreichend mit Spucke zu befeuchten, bevor... Continue»
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My best friend, my best friend's friend and I

... and she couldn’t take her eyes of him. Now it was my best friend’s part: “Now Anna you ... if they continued for a few more minutes something very tasteful would end up in my best friend’s ... Writer's note: this is a real story, not fictional, only names of girls are changed... Continue»
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My best friend's mother.

... My Best Friends Mother
By: Friskee_cpl (

Memory triggers ... behind a pile of your uncle's empties. Smell is our most powerful sense and we all have ... networking thing? I found an old pic you took back in the 70's and I thought I'd see if you... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom

... Will Blake was my best friend. We’d known each other since middle school and now, the Summer after ... area. We knew all the k**s from our school, but the k**s that went to Jackson High were ... , but we have guy friends there too, so it’s cool,” I smiled. She made her way back to the threshold... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Dad

... likely what drew me to them. My best friend
through most of this we'll call "Christy" was one ... such friend, who had two
s****rs and her mother, father being the only man in the house. Christy and
me ... buck ass naked, and my lord I nearly choked, in front
of me was Christy, my best friends, fathers... Continue»
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His Mother's Best Friend

... was alive, Daniel’s parents didn’t go out much. They preferred instead the company of their friends ... – as they were born: first him, and then his s****r and then his other s****r.

And then one day she ... of the League of Women Voters.

Until Dad had his heart attack.

His youngest s****r, who had always... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom

... For a few years now, I have wanted to have sex with my best friend Connor’s mom, Anne. Anne had ... naked in my own shower with the mom of my best friend since I was two years old. I could hardly ... son Connor and I had been friends since we were in preschool together. We had been apart... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Hot Mom


Will Blake was my best friend. We’d known each other since middle school and now, the Summer ... best friend’s mom and my fantasy woman.

She whispered “Undress me Mike,” and I began to unbutton her ... school’s area. We knew all the k**s from our school, but the k**s that went to Jackson High were... Continue»
Posted by PornApocalypse 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Mature  |  
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Taming the Wife's Best Friend

... . Whackkkk thats for shitting on your best friend by sucking her husbands cock, 3. Whackkk that because you ... Angie and Deb had been friends for a very long time, some twenty years or so. Angie used to tell ... friend/couples we tended to share a lot. We would often go out over the weekend or have a BBQ in our... Continue»
Posted by trumptight85 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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My Daughter's Best Friend

... are not going to arrest me. I'm Kayla's best friend," she replied almost snottingly. I ... daughter Kayla grew into a beautiful young woman with dark black hair like her mother's. Her skin ... it in years since before Kayla's mother became my wife. As I neared my daughter's... Continue»
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Sarah's Teen Lover

... Sarah is a sexy housewife in her early 40's that has
spent her entire 20+ year marriage ... is more than willing to
help her find a new lover!


Sarah and I have been happily married ... with literally
hundreds of other men.

About a month ago Sarah attended a bridal shower... Continue»
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My Best Friends s****r pt 2

... A year had passed since I have gone camping with John and his s****r Chelsea, I had ... back down. “So what’s up?” “Oh same old same, hey do you remember the camping trip that you, my s ... stoked my hard cock “just wait you might have some fun tonight my friend.” I stood up and walked to my... Continue»
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Caught With s****r's Best Friends Dirty Panti

... I was always keen on one of s*s's friends, in fact her very best friend. They did everything ... and started sniffing the scent of s****rs best friends pussy. My dick was hard and I beat my meat ... I'm a little biased, yet your my best friend, your my s****r, and I love you, your very special to me... Continue»
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The Best Friend's Daughter

... upstairs?” The time approached 8:20am and Dave, my best friend since college had asked me ... of her shoulders. She’s wearing a white blouse that subtly shows the indentation of her small ... , it told me more. She was no longer my friends little girl, she had matured into a wonderfully sexy... Continue»
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First time fucking my best friend's girl

... really fast. I couldn't believe the fact that I was going to get a blowjob from my best friend ... I was helping my best friend and his girl friend move into their new apartment. I was expecting ... 's girl. As quick as this thought shot through my head, my dick was already in her mouth... Continue»
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My mom's best friend- part 2

... Having been given the orgasm of my life by mom's best friend Lisa night, I felt the day drag ... . "I mean it Sam- no one. Not your school friends, not you s****r and especially not your Mom ... take a second to make sure she's done and answer with a simple "OK". She looked... Continue»
Posted by waxyguy 5 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  
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