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Sandra Dunlop, the babysitter (part two)

Lisa Summers, the babysitter

Sandra Dunlop was rushing around the house, frantically trying
to get herself ready to go out ... was late leaving the school."

Lisa Summers was the Dunlop's babysitter and she used ... , about two years ago, Richard had been driving Lisa
back to her parent's house after babysitting... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy Info File

... to be used hard by older men.

Student Body – Major Characters

Sandra – 13yr old ... the idea of gay sex he is trying to axcept that its part of what he has to learn in this place ... .

Jenny – 15 yr, old roommate of Sandra. She has dirty blond hair that is often wild. She is about... Continue»
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... two neighbors, Sandra and Dawn, who used her a lot and they would prove significant in her life ... . Sandra lived down the block and she was a young married woman with a two-year-old c***d. She ... babysitting for her two daughters at the age of twelve or thirteen. Dawn was in her late twenties... Continue»
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... stockings, its not enough we are babysitters - we have to look like whores? “Oh well” i think to myself ... ! the waves from Armando’s spank on my ass are passing though me, he asks two of his friends to “spread ... , the cold air blowing is passing over my legs and shown parts, my nipples are getting harder as i feel my... Continue»
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Barens and Noble Girl Part II

... Let me know what you think and also you can help me with the part three. I welcome any suggestions ... . Thanks for reading my story.

Barnes & Noble Girl, Part II

It was the alarm clock that had ... . Jenny was a shy brunet who had a very high pitch voice. Sandra always thought of her as the nicest... Continue»
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using angie...

... aching clit as I slid a finger between her slippery hot pussy lips, then eased two fingers inside her ... regained my post-orgasmic focus, I noticed that the porn video playing on the monitor had a babysitter ... theme, with mature couples playing with and fucking their younger babysitters. I couldn't resist... Continue»
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Policeman's Boy 2

... sex. Perhaps the two of us can keep him
happy," suggested Nick.

"I'm not sure that he'd be happy ... with two big cocks fucking him regularly,"
said Ross. "We were both pretty rough with him ... . Now Nick was parting the reddened arse
cheeks and forcing the wooden handle of the rake... Continue»
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The Coffee Morining

... spread the cheeks of Sandra’s arse, Petra pushed two coated fingers into her tight bumhole.

“Ooh ... darlin’,” he gasped as he entered her, “you are so fuckin’ tight.”

Sandra was sandwiched between two ... Sandra convincingly, “so just make it a low fat cappuccino as well, will you.”

“Coming right up... Continue»
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knocking up jeannette pt 1

... not parted, they stumbled and fell onto the bed with Jeanette on top.

She kissed Sandra ... and pungent seed, to have the erotic delight of a part of Sandra constantly pushing inside of her, visibly ... her clitoris, feeling her vaginal muscles relax as every other part of her body tensed, driving... Continue»
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Awayday (chapter 8).

... see, get back in and I'll see you up there in two minutes. "Hi, you two," Mick sticks his head ... a nice horny person might want to walk in', and two just had.

I immediately climbed in bed ... , "Oh hi, I was just having the raunchiest dream about you two, feel," and with that she put my hand... Continue»
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Great Threesome

... rubbed over her aching clit as I slid a finger between her slippery hot pussy lips, then eased two ... had a babysitter theme, with mature couples playing with and fucking their younger babysitters. I ... against my thumb and then parted her lips to flick it with the tip of her tongue, then purred, "Thank you... Continue»
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A little ROOM SERVICE for the wife.

... was away at his friends house. We got a babysitter for the baby, and headed out for a night at wishes ... noticed two images right behind us as we were waiting for a table. It was Kenny and Sherry. We all talked ... and a smile came over each of us. We said our good-byes and parted ways.

We went back to the hotel... Continue»
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Adventures of Lexi Pt 1

... to several want ads, the only call back I got was from a babysitting company. The
hours were flexible ... two younger b*****rs I
already knew the ins and outs of taking care of a baby.
It wasn't until 8:30 ... of it as she ran over to the door.
"Honey, this is the babysitter the company sent over. His name is Michael... Continue»
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Ultimate goal

... to use ice to shrink it
down to put on the steel chastity device. Next I had two wet shaves to
make my ... ring with two prongs which were locked into the back of
the end balls, effectively pulling my nipples ... done to me, I had been d**gged in
steamworks and brought here to be feminized. The two guys I had... Continue»
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Amy's Double Dildo Delight

... suede pants with light brown pockets, hmm just the pants for horse riding with Sandra, Amy thought ... . Although Amy had never been horse riding in her life, she wanted to look the part, so if she was rushed ... with two dildo's attached, one was about three inches and slightly thinner than the other which... Continue»
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The Retrieval. Chapter One

... sitting too long and she had consumed entirely too much alcohol over the weekend were the only two things ... up the line. The only two items the young woman was trying to buy were c***dren's Tylenol and diapers ... the far entrance where she had parked her truck, took two steps and suddenly bent over to touch... Continue»
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Prisoners of cum

... were part of this sperm eating society.
Sandra held the plate of eggs and toast as two guys jacked ... at her mouth. Sandra's lips parted and she took the cock into her mouth and began to suck. Kathy ... you giving those two guys a blow job."
Sandra licked her lips again. "Honey I thought the way you... Continue»
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the suprise

... . We have a babysitter that comes to our house every morning to watch the k**s for the day. Most ... up into my drive and walked into the house. As I walked into the front room, the babysitter ... babysitter, and I was married. But as she started to slide my boxers down, freeing my hard dick, I... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 8: Kira

... . Catherina and Sandra were upset and protested that I had slept with Gina the last two nights. Being ... to fuck more openly around the f****y. Catherina and I had more and more anal sex. Sandra loved ... , that was not my first threesome. Catherina had found Sandra riding me in the stables one evening. My cock had... Continue»
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Crystal Pure

... super sexy to watch her pull her lips down the last two inches of my shaft and take me all the way ... caressing the head of my dick as held her head by the two pigtails she had put her long, blonde ... to sucking something, especially to deep throating, and that was part of the reason she was so damn good... Continue»
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