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Sandra Dunlop, the babysitter (part two)

Lisa Summers, the babysitter

Sandra Dunlop was rushing around the house, frantically trying
to get herself ready to go out ... was late leaving the school."

Lisa Summers was the Dunlop's babysitter and she used ... , about two years ago, Richard had been driving Lisa
back to her parent's house after babysitting... Continue»
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... two neighbors, Sandra and Dawn, who used her a lot and they would prove significant in her life ... . Sandra lived down the block and she was a young married woman with a two-year-old c***d. She ... babysitting for her two daughters at the age of twelve or thirteen. Dawn was in her late twenties... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy Info File

... to be used hard by older men.

Student Body – Major Characters

Sandra – 13yr old ... the idea of gay sex he is trying to axcept that its part of what he has to learn in this place ... .

Jenny – 15 yr, old roommate of Sandra. She has dirty blond hair that is often wild. She is about... Continue»
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My Dad Part Ten, ten weeks after : Olgas story

... your hair down there” she came back with two cups of coffee and we sat looking at each other’s ... was over the his chest but his lower part was in the open , his cook was hard but his balls were between ... to be like it since I was little, remember that babysitter you had when we was little and her nighty caught... Continue»
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After Work Surprise

... ...
"That's another blouse you owe me!"
we both burst into laughter...

to be continued...part 4 "Sandra"
... part 3 continuation of "Lunch Break"

I arrive home before you
no went ... you as my tongue begins to flick and dart around your clit
inserting two fingers...I begin to work... Continue»
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story two – setting up my girl for a gang fu

... that went on every year in the next town, so i made reservations at a hotel for two connecting rooms ... .

even though the festival was a two day event, we got the room for three days. knowing ... in and fuck the hell out of her.

we kissed deeply as i finger-banged her with two fingers. she bucked... Continue»
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knocking up jeanette pt 2

... Sandra and Jeanette paused in stunned silence. They had not even been sure that they could conceive ... , but this was confirmation, Sandra was indeed fertile. Very fertile.

"We're going to have a baby ... Sandra's hand placed it in her own stomach, pressing it into herself. "Sweety, you know this means... Continue»
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Happy Birthday to Me, Part 2: The Early Birds

... Well, in case you didn't know, this is part 2 of a sordid tale. A tale of debauchery. A tale ... , it was my birthday and for more details on how I celebrate, see part 1.

I had just had sex with 19 ... from side to side, I thought about some of my idols: Gauge, Aurora Snow, Sandra Romain, Sophie Dee... Continue»
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Bi Curious

... for a few hours, because they needed to be home for 1 am or 2 am or so, to let their babysitter go ... was watching very intently a lesbian scene, with her mouth agape. Harry parted her legs slightly ... shaking lips parted and responded.

Again she moaned gently, and I risked a little bit of tongue... Continue»
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Lady Caylethorpe's Caning

... was missing. Four of her girls, Sandra, Monica, Vivienne and Carol had been working in her private ... servants of the house to attend and witness their punishment.
There were some two dozen assorted serving ... had imposed upon his house during his absences. He then called upon one or two of the more senior... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism (reposted)

... in many ways Jackie. We’re two families. All of us are going to need the inevitable babysitters ... was officially a part of her domestic portfolio. Elrika was deeply content.
She was not alone ... for they had a commitment. The lady that Peter and Simon were considering employing was due to arrive at two... Continue»
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Paying her bills with her pussy part 2

... Hi if you want to find out the background to this story please read part 1 .Sandra Richards the 47 ... to start with but it soon got much more and she had missed two payments all ready .Sandra knew ... humilliat me any more "Sandra sobbed im going to spank you now Lisa said now get over my knee .Sandrs... Continue»
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The Swing Series 6

... Welcome to Part VI of our series. In our last episode,
Sue and I had a really exciting time ... with our
babysitter, Alexia. Car trouble had ruined other plans
and we came home to find Alex ... attention to either of them all week. Alex
usually stayed around for an hour or two before going... Continue»
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Stacy 5

... got level with the bathroom door, I could hear the two girls talking. Kim seemed surprised ... the clearer parts.

From what I could see, they must have been stood before the door to the shower ... to go looking for it somewhere else."

For a long moment, the two teens stared deep into each others... Continue»
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Before We Met Part 2 – more background

... with the stories and her telling the stories is now part of our routine. Another one of the stories is ... without a bra, panties or pantyhose. Dee W did the same. Here were two young women (Dee W was 22 and SD ... they ordered a medium cheese pizza (which the man running the shop gave them for free along with two... Continue»
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for my 3 satin ladies

... rubbed my palm on Sandra's ass and then briefly pushed two fingers inside of her. She moaned and my ... sending me the chat logs of the conversations she had been having with Sandra posing as Mistress D ... was quickly figuring out she was right.

Nicole told me about her plans for Sandra at the hotel. I told... Continue»
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... another. I thought that I had interrupted some private moment beteen the two of them. It sort ... at the Crawford's house. I had never been to a sex part before and anticipated it with a mixture of emotions. Lily ... this is the longest without having sex. There is this really cute Asain intern who looks just like Sandra Oh. I... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 7: Open Relationship

... and received a wonderful blowjob from two wonderful young woman. As I watched their lips slide over ... of these two sweet girls and I lost myself in ecstasy. My hands gripped the hair on top of their heads ... quickly responded. “I doubt any man would dislike what you two have done to me,” I said and placed my... Continue»
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Dennis The Menace: Part 5

... Dennis The Menace: Part 5 - The sl**p Over
by Sniper32

One Thursday evening, Alice was in her ...
sped up his thrusting.

Dennis had fucked one of his babysitters in the ass a few weeks ago ... having sex with you, Joey's mom, and my
babysitter Blondie, It's been going on for about 3 weeks... Continue»
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Clare - Part 5

... Clare - The love triangle
Part 5
We take my s****r in law on holiday, play and make new friends ... of places.

In any relationship there comes a time when you meet the in-laws, in my case I meet Sandra ... short it got arranged that Sandra would follow us on a flight on Thursday and spent the weekend with us... Continue»
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