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San Diego Slutwife 1

Trip to San Diego - Part 1 -

... Trip to San Diego -Part 1 -

'Friday Night'

My name is Amanda, I'm 25, from the San Francisco ... Bay Area. I recently returned from San Diego, visiting my cousin who's in the Navy and is stationed ... on a Navy Destroyer based in San Diego. When I returned home, I brought back something I thought I'd... Continue»
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Fucked senseless in San Diego part 1

... Dave and I took a trip to San Diego this last weekend. We had hoped to meet up with a couple we met... Continue»
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San Diego - Pt. 1 The Blow Job

... I went to this conference out in San Diego and when I got there I posted to Craigslist and found... Continue»
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Summer-Sweat-Beer & twins

... of us got up to go piss or get beers we kissed. It was better than my trip to San Diego a year b4! Those ... . Plus, 1 has on mohawk, the other a military cut & tattoos. After that I was even more surprised... Continue»
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Crossdressing - Teen fantasy with Panties to Cock

... to San Diego. Once at the Del Coronado Hotel, I got d***k and I dressed in panties and stockings in my ... guys who just wanted a little blow job with a hottie. My dates on my various trips included:
♀ Event 1 ... orientation scale

•0 Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual experience
•1 Predominantly... Continue»
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True Colour

... went on a campout with the boy scout troop connected with my church in
San Diego. The minister ... to masturbate him.

"That'ss nice," he said as I worked my hands around his cute little 1 inch
penis. He ... Mitzvah gift to me
was a 1 yr. subscription to Playboy and I had the first issue in my room... Continue»
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My Step s****rs are Hot, My Step Mom Hotter

... to the naval base in San Diego for deployment. He lived about 15 minutes from the base and he thought I would ... to kill before I got to San Diego, so I hitch hiked across the USA. I got plenty of rides from folks who ... to San Diego and I got dropped off at night about 7pm in front of a very large house in the rich... Continue»
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Sweet Little Coed Ass

... rather unexpectedly this last winter at a medium sized college in the San Diego area. I am in my mid-40's ... of San Diego. In the middle of the canvas we cut a hole just large enough for Mary to squeeze her head ... - and nothing. I suppose it was to be expected...

Then at about 1:45 PM on Friday afternoon guess who... Continue»
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One of my Favorite Gurls

... in Hillcreast, San Diego, Ca. I loved all the attention she gave me she even start to dress me has ... about 8" and about 3 1/2" in diameter it was so sweet I just loved to suck it and have her shove... Continue»
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... drive my own son to San Diego."

"All the way?" I teased.

She shot me a glance, color returning ... . Mom's younger s****r Sarah lived in San Diego, all the way across the country from Wilmington ... to Los Angeles before cutting south to San Diego.

Mom unfolded the map, winding her window up... Continue»
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Rachel Fucking to make a sale

... . Is that your wife?”

“Yeah, she’s also my high school sweetheart. She’s currently in San Diego, for work ... of the table. “The 3-D P model 2015 Mk 1 is a 3-D printer that would print an item in half the time ... a deal.” He said as we shook hands.

A few days later, back in San Francisco, our boss Tom... Continue»
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s*s and I head to the beach

... us to San Diego for a week as part of a graduation present. Jenni is about 5’9”, long brown hair ... tipsy. I saw girls kissing, flashing and going off to closets and bedrooms.
About 1 in the morning... Continue»
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The Evolution

... , backpacking, fishing and hunting, took me on romantic trips to Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Diego ... and Cabo San Lucas, was kind, and a great lover! He was driven to succeed, climbing up the corporate ... Cindy said while she visited a gay friend in San Francisco she went with him to a Porn store... Continue»
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Becky's Marine part 1

... graduated high school in June of 2005 and by July, I was at Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego. I served ... for 7 years and went on 2 tours of duty, one in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. I was medically separated... Continue»
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the librarian

... hours.She was married 41 years old, librarian from San Diego, she joined to university research ... hours a day at time. It was About 1 am in the morning and was just went of from long shower... Continue»
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I am now a member of the "Mile High Club"

... Yes, I can't believe it. I was returning to San Diego from Chicago. The whole trip home was a mess ... to San Diego was delayed 90 min! I have never experienced this kind of travel chaos in all my years ... ,closed his eyes and listened to his music. I didn't want him to sl**p all the way to San Diego, so... Continue»
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The Call Girl, The Lawyer, The Wife, & The Voy

... It was roughly a 6hr flight from Boston to San Diego, and I had thought that I would sl**p most ... remember every detail, and while on my flight to San Diego, I could feel the strain in my nipples ... Boston. These apartments probably all went for more than a $1 million, and Wendy's being... Continue»
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1: 10 PM


Tiffany Phelps clicked the alarm button on her keychain and waited ... she knew what was going down, her cousin was pumping her pussy like a well-oiled machine, sans ... up on the bed. “C’mon…I’m starving. Let’s go get some food.”

The Present…Day One

DIEGO... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff

... at the scar. “Knife wound two years ago. Bar in San Diego.” Hilary slid her soft warm fingers over ... CHAPTER 1

“Oh shit.” Hilary cursed into her cell phone as her car quietly rolled to a dead stop... Continue»
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What does it mean

... to deflower the even more virginal Annette (Reese Witherspoon). - San Diego Insider

Dirty Sanchez ... that are lined with scars; - SF Weekly

blow job - n.

bottom - n.
1. The submissive ... - n.
1. Performing oral sex on someone after they engage in anal sex. 2. After anal sex, wiping off... Continue»
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