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ST: I'm Straight (Part 2)

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You showered & rubbed your aching limbs, the warm water running over your body, taking your mind off your ordeal of the weekend & what the group would do or expect of you next. You gently washed over your tender pink nipples & inspected the marks the jaws of the clamps had left before moving on to your swollen pussy & massaged where the jaws of the clamps had bitten into your soft white flesh.

Clean & feeling exhausted, you moved to the bed where you laid down on the bare mattress & tried to get some sl**p before they came back for you. You tossed & turned as a cool draft ran through the room, making goose bumps form all over your wet, naked body. Away from the soothing effects of the shower, your mind wandered again to your ordeal & what your time with these people held in store.

Before you knew it, the door opened to reveal a tall man who's outline filled the opening, he stepped forward into the room & you got off the bed & knelt on the floor, hoping that your submissive position would have him be gentle to you.

"Get up," came his deep gravely voice.

"It's time for the evening entertainment where our ladies are going to perform for us & you're going to be the center piece of the shop!"

You wondered if you were up to what they were asking of you. Miranda had been the first woman you'd ever been with & that was less than 24hrs ago. You hadn't disliked it, but they now wanted all the women at the camp to use you. When you'd been discussing your being taken, which seemed like so long ago now, it didn't cross your mind that being f***ed to fuck a group of women would be part of your experience.

You'd lingered to long & the man took you roughly by your hair & dragged you to your feet.

"Do what we say when we say, bitch or the boss will make sure your punished!" Reprimanded the man, as he gave you a sharp slap to your face. Your cheeked seared with the stinging pain of the heavy blow & it took a moment for your senses to return, by which point your feet were tumbling over each other as the powerful man walked you out the door holding you up by your arms.

It had got dark whilst you'd been resting & the group had erected a small platform area under the edge of the trees, which had a post fixed in the center positioned between 2 flat topped padded cubes with various fixing points for restraints. The area was lit by a large fire which warmed your body as they moved towards the stage whilst a ring of torches around the edge spilled light a short way into the woods. No one else was in sight as they reached the stage & your wrists were quickly bound & fixed to a rope over the top of the post, which was tightened until you were on your tiptoes, your body tort. The man ran a rope around your body & began to bind your full 38DD breasts, looping the rope over your shoulders before passing it between your legs with a small knot, so as to stimulated you every time you tried to find comfort from your bonds. You were then plunged into darkness as a bag was placed over your head & left. You squirmed trying to find a way to ease the tension on your body, but it was impossible, the pressure was building in your breasts from their wrappings & you could feel your nipples hardened against the cool night air.

It felt like forever before you were aware of the sounds of people moving around, hushed voices & the chinking of glasses. You jumped as suddenly from right beside you, music started to play, a strange jazzed up classical piece with a thumping rhythm that was a cross between Mozart & club music. The hood was yanked off & you were face to face with Miranda as your eyes adjusted, you could see she was dressed in a slutty ring masters outfit & twirling a flogger. The other women came on stage to a loud cheer from the men & began to dance & grind to the music, exciting the crowd & themselves. There were 6 of them in all & they quickly fell into 2 groups of 3 each, fixing the ankles of one of the women to the edge of a box before laying her back over the box fastening her wrists above her head. You were wriggling against your bonds, trying to balance the pressure on your wrists with the pain in your calves. The whole time, the rope between your legs rubbing your clit. With the sensation between your legs, you found that rather than squirming to ease your bonds, you were twisting to get a better view. The unbound women had now moved to either end of their prize, the first on her knees between their subjects legs where she began to lap hungrily at her pussy occasionally stopping to give her clit & shaved mound a sharp slap, her actions driving the bound woman on as she in turn licked & sucked at the other woman straddling her face. Both groups mirrored each other whilst Miranda moved between them, urging them all on & dishing out extra incentive where she felt it was needed. You could feel your juices on the inside of your thighs, wishing you were the one bound to the block.

"Do you like what you see," whispered Miranda over your shoulder.

"Very much," she breathed Krystall, as Miranda rolled your nipple between her fingers.

"I could tell you were dirty, but I had no idea you were this much of a whore. Your time will come soon enough though" & with that, she moved back to the others.

Miranda made a gesture to 2 men & they stood to one side of the stage & they each lifted a huge mechanical fucking machines & brought it onto the stage, where they sat them down between the legs of the restrained women. The machines were switched on & began their languid deep stroke into both women as they ground into the pussies of the women straddling them. The 2 women relieved of their task now approached you & started to tun their hand over your body occasionally twisting your nipples or rubbing the knot into your clit.

The tongues & mouths of the restrained women were having the desired effect & you could see the orgasms building on the women faces. To push their quarry on, they were gradually increasing the speed of the machines, making deep moans escape the mouths of the restrained women. Miranda wa still moving between all the women, flogging, tweaking & kissing them as she went until she finally stopped at Krystall & released the rope holding you up & moved you forwards. Another nod to the wings & the men brought out the St. Andrew's cross, which was fixed to the post. The three women made short work of fixing you to the cross & removing the rope that ran between your legs. You let our a gasp as one of the women dropped to her knees in front of you & pushed her warm tongue into your wet pussy. Licking your clit rhythmically, she pushed 2 fingers deep inside you & began to thrust. The sounds of sex all around you, you began to drift off, letting the sensations take hold of you. The pain as your nipples were clamped just added to the sensations sending you closer to the edge & as the women beside you began to moan loudly as there orgasms coursed through their bodies, the woman at your crotch pushed 2 fingers into your tight asshole & sent you over the edge. You moaned deeply, your muscles gripping the fingers tightly as you tried to push against them to prolong the feeling. The woman continued to stimulate you, bringing on wave after wave until your exhausted head dropped to your chest & you blacked out.

You were vaguely aware of the women on either side of you, being released & items being moved around. The sharp small of salts brought your mind to focus & you could see a single padded box with a sloping top placed center stage in front of you. Only Miranda & one of the women remained on the stage, quickly taking you down from the cross & strapping you over the box. The women placed a low stool in front of your face & sat before taking a handful of your hair & forcing your face into her pussy. Krystall began to lick & suck obediently, hoping that the woman would release your hair, but as she grew more turned on, her grip just got tighter.

"You filthy whore, you love the taste of another woman, you want to make me come," said the woman, as she goaded you on. "You wanted to be taken & used & now your will is broken & you'll do anything we want, you filthy slut." The men in the crowd cheered & began to whistle & shout, knowing that the finale was coming.

You were aware of movement behind you, but tried to focus on the task in front of you, in case you were to be punished. You felt the cold dribble of lube being applied to your tight asshole before 2, then 3 fingers were pushed in, moving apart & stretching your asshole. The feeling started to build your orgasm, the torrent of abuse from the woman in front of you only adding to your experience. You felt the fingers withdraw & a large, hard object invade your asshole, making you arch your back & gasp. A stinging slap from the woman made you bear down & continue the stinging burn as your ass was stretched wide, making it hard to keep a steady rhythm. The object pushed deeper until the tip of another entered your pussy & when they started to alternately thrust into you, you screamed. The 2 huge dildos stretching you wide open as there smooth surfaces glided in & out. You bit your bottom lip as the pain gave way to pleasure & you gradually got lost in the sensations. The woman at your head had stopped forcing you to lick & was instead stimulating herself with a wand vibrator. The torrent of abuse still spilling from her mouth. The men were still cheering & shouting, urging her on & shouting out what they wanted to see happen to her. She felt Miranda's hands on her ass cheeks, massaging & spread them, allowing the machine to penetrate her deeper before slapping them hard. Krystall was beginning to find the sting of a slap or the flogger as pleasurable as the other sensations you were receiving & when you felt Miranda begin to twirl the flogger, alternately between your ass cheeks, your vision began to tunnel. The unrelenting rhythm of the machine fucking her mercilessly, the smell of sex in the air & the taunts & jeers of the crowd & the woman at your face.

"Open you mouth whore," screamed the woman & you did so instinctively without thinking & the woman groaned & squirted into your face & mouth to a loud roar from the crowd. You didn't flinch, your mind in another place, you rode the experience, it only adding to the assault on your senses & bringing your own climax closer. The woman moved from in front of you & with Miranda's blows still raining down on your stinging red ass, began to rub your clit. That was all you could take & your orgasm slammed through your body, every muscle spasming & making you strain against your restraints as an animistic groan escaped from your lips. The 2 women kept up the stimulation wave after wave of pleasure, filling your body until once again the world went black....

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******... Continue»
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The Full Photo Shoot - Gallagher & White Chapt

(Author's note: if you've read my short story "The Photo Shoot", this story might be similar. "The Photo Shoot" is a heavily edited version, done to meet the word count for a magazine submission. This is the un-edited version, the first chapter of a much longer erotic novel. If you liked the edited version, then hopefully you'll really like the full version!)

The theft was reported at around nine fifteen, when someone investigated the cause of the draught in the stockroom. Lord Gallagher, the owner of the museum, was informed some ten minutes later and was not amused, although his notorious temper was itself tempered by the small scale of the crime. The most perplexed amongst his staff was the buyer, who had successfully bid on the painting at auction only the previous week. The painting itself had only just been delivered, and indeed had not even been opened, and yet the warehouse supervisor was absolutely adamant that that was only thing missing.

When questioned by police, the buyer remembered that despite the relative obscurity of the painting (combined with the fact that on a technical level, the painting wasn’t even that good) there was another bidder who had seemed indecently keen to get hold of the drawing, who constantly referred to a mobile phone before raising his bid. As fierce as the bidding had been, it had stopped very suddenly, and the buyer had been left unopposed in the bidding.

The buyer, Lisa, was telling the story (with embellishments) to her colleague Tara in the canteen over lunch. Tara White, a tall and leggy 24-year old with dark blonde hair and a Masters degree, was some sort of PA to Lord Gallagher and Lisa was sure that anything she said would get back to Lord Gallagher one way or another – if she didn’t say anything to her boss directly, then she’d tell his daughter Eve, who was Tara’s best friend. Lisa was sure to say how fierce the bidding had been, and he she knew that there was just ‘something special’ about that painting and that was why it had been stolen. (In fact, the truth was somewhat different. Lisa had had a long, liquid lunch with a buyer from another museum and had simply fallen asl**p in the afternoon session, and woke up with three lots left to bid on. She’d not wanted to go back to work empty-handed).

Eve feigned a polite level of interest, but her keen mind was already running through the various scenarios for such a selective crime. There was obviously something special about the painting, although she doubted whether the buyer had actually seen that for herself. Someone definitely had though. She’d taken her degree in the history of art, specialising on the Renaissance period, and she’d never heard of this fellow Vigie-St.Amorry. Maybe it was a place name and his own name was something different – as in, Rene from Vigie-St.Amorry, although she could not recall hearing of such a place. Back in her office, she pulled up a shot of it from an Internet database. It wasn’t a masterpiece, in truth it was a rather charmless and poorly constructed piece, more befitting of work done by a pupil rather than a master.

The phone buzzed, and she snatched it up with an impatient ‘Yes?’ as though annoyed to be pulled away from her thoughts. The frown turned to a smile when she recognised Eve’s voice.

“Hey you, how’s work?” came the chirpy voice from the other end of the phone.

“Hey you, how’s slobbing around all day spending Daddy’s money?” Both girls laughed.

“Well Tara, today I had lunch with Simon, you know the dark haired one from that boy band, what’s their name-”

“You didn’t-”

“I bl**dy well did!”

“Oh you cow! He’s gorgeous. How did you get to meet him?”

“The normal way, his agent rang mine, blah blah blah. And do you know something?”

“More than you can possibly imagine.”

“He’s as thick as bl**dy pig shit!” They laughed again. Tara marvelled at her friend’s comments – ‘the normal way – his agent rang mine’ – as though that was how everyone got fixed up. She knew Eve tried to live down the ‘Daddy’s little rich girl’ tag, but most of the time she failed quite dismally, especially whenever she opened her mouth, which was often. It would help if she weren’t an in-demand photo model with a reputation for being a bit of a spoilt madam, the modelling being something Tara was sure she only did to wind up her father. Physically Eve was the opposite of Tara – natural brunette with a lusty sheen, five and a half feet tall, proud cheekbones and bee-stung lips. In spite of it all, they were true friends and loved each other dearly. “So what are you up to today then, honey?”

“Haven’t you heard? There’s been a break in here at the museum. A new painting has been stolen.”

“That accounts for Daddy’s bad mood I suppose. Was it one of the good ones, or those awful new ones where they can’t colour inside the lines?”

“Well, that’s the funny thing. It’s quite an unknown painting really, I’m not even sure why we wanted it, let alone anyone else. I’ve never even heard of the painter.”

“And you’ve got a brain the size of a planet when it comes to these things, I know. Sounds terribly interesting, I’m sure we’ll get to hear about it over dinner tonight, assuming Daddy comes home. Fancy doing something later, maybe we could go out?”

“I’m not sure Eve, your favourite bars always charge a tenner for a single vodka.”

“That’s the idea honey, keeps the riff-raff out. Have you got any better ideas?”

“Well, I was going to stay here and work late actually, there’s something about this painting that doesn’t quite make sense.”

“Okay, well you work late and I’ll come over to your place for around six.”

“You know, six o’clock is not actually working late.”

“Oh, it is. Look, I’ve said the ‘w’ word so many times I think I’ve got a grey hair coming. Are you sure you won’t come out?”

“Well, I want to look-”

“I know, I know, you want to look for this painting. Tell you what, why don’t I help?”

“Erm, help? It’s been stolen Eve, it’s not lost. It didn’t fall behind the sofa or anything.”

“Ooh look, sarcasm. Well, don’t the police have any suspects or anything?”

“No, but I do. The girl who bid on it, Lisa, was telling me that someone was terribly keen to beat her to that painting at the auction, but then all of a sudden stopped bidding. Even tried to buy the painting of her when the auction finished. I was just wondering if that person decided to get hold of the painting by more nefarious means.”

“By having sex with a corpse?”

There was a pause while Tara worked out what her friend meant. “No Eve, not by having sex with a corpse. That’s n*********a, something else altogether. Nefarious, it means-”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s very interesting. So who was this mystery bidder?”

“Well, I called the auction house and got a list of all the other people who were at that auction. There’s only one I don’t know or who isn’t connected to an organisation I know in some way. There’s a name, Nathan Silberman. He bought one other piece and gave a billing address in New York.”

“Ooh, I haven’t been to New York in ages.”

“You were there last month!”

“That’s what I mean. Let’s go look for it! We’ll find this guy, this silverfish-”


“- and ask him outright what he’s done with Daddy’s horrid painting!”

“I don’t think we can just walk in and ask him outright. He may not have it.”

“You’re right, we need to be more tricky, more sneaky… we could break in and search for it! I can get in anywhere.”

“Yes, we all know you’re only a size six, thank you…”

“No, I’m serious! We’ll go get that painting back and Daddy might get me a new car, and you can get a pay rise and everybody’s happy.”

“No! I can’t just wander of from work like that.”

“Hmmm… I know! That French chap with the underwear, the designer fellow that keeps bothering me, what’s his name?”

“Maxime, Maxime Bossis.”

“That’s the one. He keeps ringing my agent wanting me to model some new scanties for him. I’ll tell Daddy that I’m going to NY to wear some posh knickers for a Frenchman to take pictures of, and he’ll tell me to take you to ‘keep an eye on me’ like he always does…”

“He never says that….”

“He does honey, I listen at the door of his office. He’ll tell you to be my chaperone, and then we get to go to New York together! It’ll be fun, it’s ages since we’ve had a girly trip away.”

“I don’t know…”

“I do, my mind’s quite made up, I’ll get Marie to set it up now with Maxime.”

“You’re going to do the modelling? I thought that was just a cover.”

“Heavens, no, Maxime does the best knickers. Tiny little things! He always lets me keep them afterwards, so let’s go let the Frenchman get his jollies and we’ll see if we can find this painting. What do you say?”

As normal, it didn’t really matter what Tara said once Eve had her mind made up, which would be why just a few hours later she found herself waiting at Gatwick for the Virgin Airlines flight to New York.

The flight took seven and a half hours and they arrived at JFK at six the next morning. The photo shoot was scheduled for the next day, something Tara suspected Eve had arranged so they could spend the day shopping, catching up with Eve’s many New York friends, and generally just gadding about. They checked into their Broadway hotel and were shown to adjoining suites. After a nap to catch up, they took lunch with Maxime, the French designer and his assistant Marie, to discuss their plans for the shoot the next day.

The shoot would take place at an extremely seedy hotel in the Bronx, all dirty walls and bedraggled furnishings. As far as anyone could make out, this was to highlight the contrast the difference between the exclusive and outrageously expensive lingerie – the cost of one particular bra would be enough to hire the room they would be shooting in for an entire month – and the squalid surroundings. Tara had many misgivings about the location, the reasoning behind the location, and so on, but instead took to privately wondering why posh women would see these fancies knickers in a Bronx flea-pit and suddenly decide their life’s work was to own a pair. Worlds apart, a thought that often occurred when she was with any acquaintance of Eve’s.

Maxime was fawning over Eve, as many men did. The ice-blue eyes could give off a stare that would split obsidian, and she could be as bitchy and sarcastic as the loudest queen, but when she wanted to she could be so charming, so affable and approachable that she’d been known to illicit serious proposals of marriage inside fifteen minutes. The real Eve lay somewhere between those two – fun-loving, friendly and generous, definitely sensuous, but accustomed to getting her own way and pouting when there were obstacles to that.

His big plan for the shoot was to pair Eve with another girl and have them shot in this sleazy dive, done up to look as cheap as possible, as though they were two call-girls you’d hired for the hour. They’d hired Geoff Thorn, an arrogant young Londoner, to do the shoot. Thorn was known for many controversial pieces of work, his photography, his paintings, his rants about left-wing politics… he was pretty much rent-a-soapbox. It seemed that he never tired of hearing his own voice and was definitely from the school that any publicity was good publicity. Tara could see the ads now, before they were even shot. Not only were they going to be billboard ads in the States, they would be given away in a special supplement in the forthcoming edition of the UK’s top selling lad mag. This was always something that Tara found bizarre – how many pairs of $500 knickers would they sell through a men’s magazine?

The other girl was a controversial US rapper by the name of Sabrina. Half Spanish and half Brazilian, she had the looks and body of a supermodel, the intelligence of a politician and the mouth of a marine. If half the rumours about her were true, then she re-defined the term wild c***d. Eve owned one of her CDs: it was in the glove compartment of her car right at that moment. Known partly for her pragmatic, real-life raps over languid, Blue Note inspired jazzy rhythms, she was also much in demand as a model with a tall, slim figure and seemingly endless legs, and cascading loose jet-black curls. Her delicious caramel coloured complexion had lent itself to some stunning photosets, and, if the urban myths were to be believed, some amateur hard-core pornography in the days before she was famous.

They met early next morning to take advantage of the wan, early morning sunlight. The room itself was dirty, with bedraggled curtains of an indeterminate colour and age. The sun struggled to find a way through, casting long shadows in the rest of the room. There was no carpet and the floorboards were coarse and stained. The few rugs were similarly disgusting, and there was a smell in the air as though the windows had not been opened in some time. The wallpaper was completely missing from most parts of the wall, and what little remained was a hideous seventies design in beige and brown. Disturbingly, there were three bullet holes in the wall opposite the door, and there were bullets still in two of them.

There was a bag of underwear in some seriously sleazy styles and colours, which delighted both girls. Thorn (as he insisted on being called) was overjoyed to see that the girls were both up for it, and neither showed any false modesty, peeling off in front of him almost immediately to start trying the undies on. The lingerie was mostly lace with either silk or PVC, with stylings borrowed heavily from bondage paraphernalia – studs, little loops of chain, collars, and so on. They’d both insisted on doing their own make-up, which meant that there was just the three of them in the hotel room in Queens that morning. The make-up was cheap and trampy, smudged black and enticingly over-the-top reds. Eve had gone for the slightly more feminine lingerie in dark blue silk with exquisite black lace, while Sabrina’s set was black PVC with white lace. Both girls wore stockings; Eve’s attached to a suspender belt, whilst Sabrina’s were fishnet hold-ups.

They started with some very tame shots, the girls sat in their lingerie with their backs to the wall, staring out of the window, purposely looking bored and disinterested. A few more of them appearing to fasten and unfasten each other’s bras or suspender belts. Then, in a moment when Thorn was changing the roll of film in his camera, Sabrina leaned in close to Eve’s ear.

“Wanna know what I did this morning?” She whispered in her honeyed, Latino drawl.


“I had myself a fucking huge orgasm with my favourite vibrator thinking about this shoot. It’s been soooo loooong since I did anything really fucked up! I was thinking that we could really get nasty, make these shots so freaking horny that he can’t use them for anything except wanking, and we get to keep the stuff after! Whaddya say?”

Eve swallowed. She’d heard about this girl, had heard all the stories about the stuff she was supposedly into, and the temper tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. She paused briefly, smiled, then nodded. A grin broke out on Sabrina’s face and a devilish glint came into her eyes. She leaned in again and whispered.

“Here, I got a little something for you…” one arm snaked around Eve’s waist, puling her in close, while one heavily manicured fingernail traced a line over Eve’s taut, flat belly, between her breasts and finally right up to her lips. Looking deep into Sabrina’s eyes and trying desperately not to feel like a virgin by comparison, Eve took the finger into her mouth and sucked on it deep, as though giving the best BJ of her life.

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s real good,” Sabrina intoned in her deep, husky drawl, “you taste that? That’s the finger that I used on my clit to bring me off this morning, and I ain’t washed it since!”

Thorn was back, snapping his fingers to get their attention. He started to whine on about how he wanted the next set of poses to be, but Sabrina snapped at him to be quiet, saying that Eve and her had got it all worked out, and all he had to do was keep taking pictures.

Eve kept sucking the finger anyway, as Sabrina showed no signs of wanting her to stop. She closed her eyes and made like she was sucking on a huge cock, and in response Sabrina grabbed a handful of Eve’s ass, digging the nails in too much and causing Eve to jump. Sabrina removed her finger and started to tease Eve’s nipples, roughly, but making them very hard. Eve had had other women before and was absolutely no stranger to other women’s bodies, but there was something about this strong, wilful girl that caused her to feel very shy and timid before he, and she hoped desperately that it didn’t show.

Sabrina leaned in for a kiss, and from the off there was electricity between them that set Eve’s pulse hammering. Sabrina’s tongue f***ed its way into Eve’s mouth, meeting very little resistance. They pulled each other closer, Eve craning upwards to meet the much taller girl. Sabrina’s hands were wandering all over Eve’s body, while the English girl felt she was almost powerless to do anything in return. A hand found the flimsy material covering the crotch of Eve’s knickers, started rubbing the soft, downy mound underneath. Eve was already aroused just through being in the presence of this girl, and now she found herself starting to get really wet.

In the background Thorn was screaming at them to ‘stop fucking around, we’re here to do a fucking shoot!’ as though it were the most important thing on earth. Eve sensed instinctively that this was annoying Sabrina, and sure enough seconds later Sabrina broke off their kiss and went to confront the wailing photographer. Grabbing his balls, she spoke softly to him without breaking eye contact.

“I told you once, all you have to do is keep pointing the camera and pressing the little button on it. Eve and I are gonna have a little fun, you’re gonna take the pictures, everyone’s gonna have a really good fucking time, you got that? You happy with that?” she asked, twisting his balls slightly to make her point a little more forcibly. Thorn nodded. “That’s good, that’s real good. Now then, Eve honey, would you do me a little favour? Will you get me the little back leather bag I brought with me? I think I left it in the car, but the cars are over there.”

Eve’s flinched as though she were not expecting to be spoken to. She came to abruptly, stammering a little in her response. “Your bag? Umm, in your car? That’s, uh, that’s outside.”

“That’s right honey, the car’s outside, that’s where I always keep it. Now would you be a doll and go fetch it?” She did as she was told, nipping nimbly down the rickety wooden stairs despite the six inch spiked heels she was wearing. Checking there was no-one about, she darted outside, retrieved the bag in question, then ran back upstairs. She found Thorn sat on the floor leaning against the wall, with Sabrina d****d over his left shoulder, whispering into his ear. She had her right hand over the bulge in his trousers.

“Oh thanks honey! Thorn and I, we’ve been having this little chat, and he sees it our way now, and he wants to have a little fun too! Now let’s have a look what we’ve got in here that will help us get in the mood…” she delved into the bag and produced a bottle of tequila, of which she took three deep slugs. She passed it to Thorn, who took a similar deep draught. Eve politely declined. Sabrina shrugged and said, “Okay then, let’s see what else we’ve got in here!” She pulled out an entangled mess of straps and plastic, which she spent a moment unravelling before beckoning Eve over.

“Choose one then honey, let’s see what sort of gal you are!” She laughed, wickedly. Eve frowned, trying to work out what she was being offered. Sabrina laughed again. “They’re dildos honey! You choose one, you put it on me, then Mr. Thorn here gets to take pics while I fuck you with it! So which one do you want? You got your little one, that’s about six inches, your bigger one, that’s about eight, then the one that I call the horse! Look, it must be twelve inches!” Eve selected the smallest one. “Well that’s okay, it just means I can ram it in all the harder! Well, we haven’t got all day, let’s get started. Mr. Thorn, why don’t you get that camera rolling again?”

Sabrina stood in the middle of the room, holding the dildo out to Eve. They heard the camera start to whirr and click in the background. Sabrina motioned to Eve to put it on, and as Eve reached round to fasten the waist strap, Sabrina slapped her hand.

“That’s not how you do it. You gotta take these panties off first. Go slow, so Mr. Thorn can take some nice pictures.” Eve went down on one knee, and, sensing a great shot, Sabrina put her stilettoed foot on Eve’s knee. After a few snaps in a classic subservient pose, Sabrina put her foot down and Eve began to work the flimsy knickers down Sabrina’s legs. They were damp at the crotch, and Eve could not help but catch the strong scent from Sabrina’s vagina. She caught herself breathing it in, and a split-second later so did Sabrina. Sabrina took hold of Eve’s hair and pulled her head towards the source of the sticky, sweet scent. “Don’t be shy Eve, let’s see if you can lick as well as you sniff!”

Shy and timid at first, Eve’s darting tongue movements earned her a swift rebuke in the form of a yank on her hair. Sabrina opened her legs further so Eve could gain better access, and to appease her new mistress so moved in straight away, lapping hungrily but without finesse at Sabrina’s lips, her hole and her clit. She could hear Sabrina start to moan, and then snap at the photographer to move in closer and make sure he was getting it all. Eve tried to establish some sort of rhythm, but before long Sabrina was groaning and grinding against Eve’s face, which made it difficult.

She heard Sabrina issuing further orders: “Eve, you’ve got to play up for the cameras a little more. Do you think that while you’re eating me out, you could perhaps frig yourself off or something?” Eve winced at the other girl’s coarse language but did as she was ordered, snaking a hand down and inside her panties to make contact with her own clitoris, which by this time was fully extended. Growing into her role, she stopped masturbating momentarily to draw the gusset of her panties to one side and make sure the camera could see everything. The juices from Sabrina’s pussy were starting to run down Eve’s chin and from the noises she was making, Sabrina seemed to be having a very good time. Emboldened, Eve used her free hand to start rubbing Sabrina’s butt cheeks, which seemed to go down very well.

Eve drew back her heard for breath, but not wishing to incur Sabrina’s wrath she used her free hand to start masturbating Sabrina. Eve hit the magic spot straight away and fell into a fast rhythm, working both Sabrina’s clitoris and her own at the same time. Sabrina’s head slumped forwards and she moaned several times, as Thorn snapped away busily with his camera from every angle. Eve felt she was regaining something of an even footing after being at a definite disadvantage for most of the encounter so far, and as she felt the first throes of her orgasm creeping up on her she allowed herself a tiny smile.

Seconds later, Sabrina threw her head and screamed that she was coming, and not to stop, allied with a stream of foreign curses. Thorn cropped his shot and got closer to Sabrina’s face, trying to catch the moment of ecstasy. Eve was tempted to slow down a little so she could catch up, but before she knew it she felt her legs buckling and new her own orgasm was upon her. Both girls came almost at the same time and, laughing, collapsed on top of each other in a heap when their legs could no longer take it.

Sabrina was the first one upright. “Okay then, now that we’re all warmed up, let’s really have some fun! Thorn honey, are you getting all this? Are you getting good pics there, baby?” Dumbstruck, and for once thankfully lost for words, he could only nod as he frantically groped in his bag for more roles of film. Sabrina picked up the pile of strap-ons that they had been discussing before, and shook the eight-inch dildo free. “I know you picked the other one, but I like this one the best. Thorn baby, will you strap me into this while Eve takes a breather?” The photographer did as bidden, and moments later Sabrina was strutting around, admiring her new appendage and waggling it everywhere comically. Thorn snapped away and she played up for the camera, making lewd facial expression and pretending to masturbate the pretend plastic penis. She taunted the prostrate Eve with it.

“Eve-ee, oh Eve-ee! Come see what Sabrina’s got for you to play with!” She knelt down by the side of Eve’s head so that the dildo was very close to her mouth. Taking the cue, Eve propped herself up on one elbow and took the plastic member into her mouth, making exaggerated motions and slurping noises. Sabrina was cooing over her performance, and pretty soon rewarded Eve been reaching down and starting to masturbate the English girl, using two fingers on an already aroused clitoris. Soon she’d used her fingers to part Eve’s pussy lips, and was slowly working two fingers in and out in a corkscrew motion.

When Sabrina had had enough of the teasing, she gently pushed Eve back onto the dirty wooden floorboards and slowly peeled off the delicate lace lingerie. She drew it to her nose and breathed deeply, making eyes at Thorn’s camera. She threw them to one side, then positioned herself squarely between Eve’s opened legs, staring directly at her hot, wet vagina. Eve was u*********sly wiling the other girl take get a move on, to use the dildo on her, to open her up and thrust deep within her.

Deliberately going slowly so that Thorn could get the best shots, Sabrina moved into position so that the tip of the dildo was resting against Eve’s labia. Eve was biting her lip in an effort to control her frustration, but after an age Sabrina stopped posing for the camera and began to look after Eve’s needs. Slowly, so as not to hurt more than any vindictive desire to tease, she edged the plastic cock into Eve’s vagina. The plastic was still warm and wet from Eve’s fellatio, and it slipped in without resistance, and both girls let out a sigh when they felt all eight inches go in up to the hilt. Sabrina made herself more comfortable, and by now they were in the classic missionary position. While Eve’s body became accustomed to the intrusion, they exchanged long and deep kisses, their tongues revolving around in each other’s mouths.

Little by little, Sabrina began to withdraw and thrust, making each successive thrust longer than the last, holding back just a touch longer before thrusting in and withdrawing again. The lips of Eve’s labia clung to the plastic on each thrust. In minutes, they were up to a normal speed for sex, Eve’s eyes closed and her cheek resting on the floor as she concentrated on the sensations from her sex. Sabrina was transfixed, watching the expressions on Eve’s face earnestly, as Thorn clambered around them, trying to get the best angles without spoiling their endeavours. Eve was by now only vaguely aware that they were being constantly photographed. She scratched her nails down Sabrina’s back, which went practically unnoticed. She locked her calves around Sabrina’s and soon moved her legs up so they were wrapped around Sabrina’s waist.

Stopping suddenly, Sabrina leaned back. One by one she took hold of Eve’s ankles and hoisted them up so Eve was practically bent double, Sabrina leaning on the back of her thighs. Eve was pressed into a small bundle, unable to move or complain, with her head practically between her own legs as the dildo was rammed even further home. Sabrina was drooling, she looked to have something akin to bl**dlust in her eyes as she started to pound home the fake cock. Eve was loving every moment and could not remember being fucked so mercilessly. She started to moan, then scream, and instinctively she managed to squirm a hand through the forest of limbs to seek out her clitoris and bring on a second, and much fiercer, orgasm.

When the bl**drush had finished, Eve realised that Sabrina was no longer inside her, and was talking to Thorn, who looked sceptical. Sabrina looked insistent, and eventually Thorn seemed to accede to whatever demands were being made of him. Sabrina knelt down beside Eve and offered her a swig of tequila while she outlined her thoughts.

“Hey baby, you okay? Thought we’d leave you there to catch your breath for a moment. Don’t get up, you’re okay for a moment. I was thinking that to round the morning’s shooting off, we’d have some shots of a different kind of shooting, whaddya think?” It was Eve’s turn to look sceptical now, but Sabrina pressed on. “I want some really horny, filthy pictures to end the set with, and I also think that we should give Thorn a little treat for being such a patient and professional photographer. I think that’s only fair, and he doesn’t mind!”

“This is what we’re gonna do. I’m going to kneel in front of Thorn, naked, while he shoots downwards looking at me. You’re going to stand behind him and toss him off, so that he comes all over my tits. He’s gonna take loads of pics of all this! Then when we’re done, you’re gonna lick all his cum off me and, I don’t know, we’ll kiss and fool around a little while we’re both covered in it. Okay? Then let’s get ready!” Clearly the plan was not a suggestion, more an order. Unwilling to argue with the taller girl, and wearing much the same nervous expression as each other, Thorn and Eve assumed their positions, Thorn with the camera at the ready, and Eve behind him. Sabrina stripped out of bra, leaving on just her hold-ups, and knelt down in front of his crotch and started to undo his jeans. Eve thought she was spinning the moment out, delaying it to tease him. Soon though, an expectant erection was released, and both girls mentally noted that it was a good size, should they ever come across him privately.

Thorn started shooting, the first pics of Sabrina’s eager smile, then Eve’s hand in the foreground as it started to work on his erection. Eve rubbed slowly at first, making sure to rub the full length of his shaft and pay plenty of attention to the head of his penis. When Sabrina saw that there was a little skin-on-skin friction, she gently withdrew Eve’s hand and took Thorn’s erection into her mouth, running her tongue up and down to give some extra lubrication. When she was done, she replaced Eve’s hand back around the shaft.

Eve could already tell how aroused Thorn was; he’d have to be dead and in a tin not to have been turned on by what he’d already witnessed. Eve was something of an expert at handjobs, having administered more than her fair share, and within a few minutes of expert manipulation there were already bubbles of pre-cum forming at the end of his smooth, circumcised erection. The girls heard the motor drive on the camera whirring as he altered between close-ups, the end of his cock with Sabrina’s transfixed gaze below it, and wide-angle views which took in the crafty hand that Sabrina was using to masturbate herself with. Eve realised at this point she was the one with the power: she could decide when he was going to come, and she was sure that Sabrina was trying her hardest to time her orgasm with the ejaculation of his sperm on her chest.

Eve pressed her body up against his, and could feel his laboured, almost spasmodic breathing. She put her other arm around him, holding onto his hips, pulling him back into her. Sabrina was starting to play with her nipples, and Thorn was taking shots with her in focus, and the end of his cock as a blurred image at the front of the frame. She hardly blinked, preferring to pay close attention to Eve’s hand and the bobbing, ready to burst erection in front of her.

When Eve felt that he was ready (which was actually when she felt her arm starting to ache), she applied more pressure and concentrated on a steady rhythm rather than a sensuous massage of his shaft. Within minutes, he blurted out, “I’m coming, oh shit I’m coming!” and he did exactly that. She squealed in delight as his hot sperm landed on her chest, her face, and in her hair. She licked a long rivulet of it as it dripped over her top lip, and as the last of it dribbled from the slit of his cock, she took it in his mouth and hungrily gobbled it down. “You got all that on film, yeah?” she asked anxiously. When he nodded to indicate he had, she practically pushed him out of the way and grabbed Eve.

Sabrina pulled Eve down so that they were both kneeling, then pushed Eve’s head down into her cleavage, with a hissed instruction not to swallow it all. She barked out a quick ‘hey!’ when she saw that Thorn has momentarily stopped snapping to watch. Eve lapped away in exaggerated fashion, making sure she got the sweet, tangy liquid all around her mouth and face. Thorn got in close, making sure he had shots of his spunk on her tongue and lips. Sabrina pushed Eve away and started to massage what remained into her chest, licking some off her hand. She took a large wad of it on the fingertips of her right hand and started using it as lubricant to masturbate with, rubbing the sticky stuff all over her clitoris and pussy lips. When she’d had enough of that, she drew Eve closed again and they kissed passionately, tongues fighting over the last remnants of come on each other’s faces.... Continue»
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2 Truckers & 1 grateful young passenger

Trucking down the highway, he spots a teen age slut hitch hiking on the side of the road. "We got one!" Roger hollars at his driving partner who was resting in the sl**per cab.

Pulling over just a short distance ahead of where she stood, he could see in the rear view mirror she was more than he could have hoped for. Hot body, short cut off jean shorts and a V neck white T, with a bra barely containing her young firm breasts. Couldn't be more than 18 years old, if that.

She runs up to the passenger side door to find a young good looking guy in his late 20s, early 30s to her estimation. He looked nice, harmless enough. "Ya need a ride? Where ya heading?" He asked. "My asshole boyfriend and I just got into a fight and he threw me out of my own car. I am trying to get to California". He kicked open his door and moved to let her in.

She threw her backpack on the floor and climbed up onto the passenger seat while Mike stood between the driver and their new passenger. "Roger" he said, extending his hand to shake hers, not being much for talking. "Hi, I'm Claire" shaking his hand. "Mike" he said, shaking Claire's hand too.

"How far you guys going"? She asked. "Bakersfield close enough for you, young lady"? asked Roger while checking out her long smooth legs. Noticing his gaze, she became a little nervous but grateful to get out of the hot sun on the side of the road, she smiled "yeah, that'd get me just about there, thanks a lot you guys!" "No problem" said Roger watching the road, alrleady disinterested, lost in his own thought.

Mike reached into a cooler and pulled out an ice cold Budweiser "you like a beer?" He offered Claire. "Sure, thanks." taking it with a sigh of relief. Mike handed Roger a beer and cracked open one for himself and lit a filterless cigarette offering Claire one which she declined. Roger turned up the volume listening to the crackling chatter on the CB.

They rode in silence for quite a while, on the long stretch of highway with no view to speak of on either side. The flat horizon began to define the grey ground from the grey/pale blue sky as it the sun was beginning to get lower. Mike, sitting on the cooler between the two, popped open another beer for Roger, and one for Claire. She sat quietly with her sneakers on the dash board, listening the gears shifting and all the men talking endlessly in the CB radio. Each seemed to know each other, passing their time through meaningless conversation about where they were heading, where they had come from or what load they were hauling from this or that company that owned their trucks. This truck she was riding in was owned by Roger, as his name was painted on the side. Roger E. Miller Independent Trucking Co., she recalled.

"So what's in California for you?" Mike asked. "I'm just gonna get a job, find a place to stay. Don't ever wanna see New Mexico again as long as I live, that's all I know". "I hear that!" Roger said with a snicker. "You from there too?" Claire asked. "No, but I've got two ex wives there, and they sure don't want to see me again". "Oh." Claire said, not knowing what wrongs he might have left behind him in who knows how many states. "The road is my home, and that's how it's gonna stay" Mike chimed in. "Cool" was all Claire could think to say. The open road, freedom, nobody to answer to sounded perfect to her right about then after a lifetime of bossy men and unhappy women always complaining about everything under the sun, and even the sun itself.

Roger turned off the CB and tuned in a country western radio station. Hank Williams, Jr., "f****y tradition" had just started to play. Claire was relieved to hear music for a change, a much needed break the tension she felt for having to make idle conversation with two strangers about nothing, and began to sing along quietly. "You like country music?" Mike asked. "Yeah I like all kinds of music" she said, adding "I'm a dancer". "Are you!" Mike said with a smile. "Yeah, back home I used to dance my ass off every chance I'd get".

Feeling his cock jolt a little, Mike stood up to adjust his jeans. Stretching his legs a little, she looked over to admire how perfectly they hugged his ass and legs. "Nice" she thought to herself. "Hey, I'll take another one of those beers if you got enough" she said. "Get me one too" said Roger. "Sounds like we got a party here, huh?" Mike said. "Why don't you show me some moves, there Claire?" as he reached for her hand. "ok" she said hesitantly, standing up and climbing over her seat toward the back where Mike stood.

He held her pretty tight against him, she could feel what she was guessing was his cock getting hard against her. Oddly, this did not make her uncomfortable, as she was taking small steps making a small circle behind the driver. Mike moved his hand lower to the top of her ass and pressed. She looked up at him only to see he was smiling down at her. He took off his baseball cap and threw it up on the bunk behind them then put his hand between her shoulder blades pressing her breasts against his hard chest. She moved her hardened tits back and forth slowly against him as her pussy was getting wet. Mike grabbed a fist full of her long auburn hair and raised her face to his, kissing her lips which she did not resist. He took her hand and guided it to his jeans which she didn't need help with. She began to feel the outline of his cock then put the same hand between her own legs, tightly pressing against her clit for a second.

"Yo Roger, we're gonna be busy up here for a while, you mind?" "Naw, go on", he said. Mike lifted Claire up onto the bunk with her legs hanging down and unbuttoned her tiny cutt offs. She helped him pull them off leaving no panties, only a perfect little white pussy with a tiny patch of hair they call a landing strip where Mike's from. He spread her legs and planted his face between them eager to eat her young juicy flesh. Holding her down with both arms, he licked and sucked from her ass to her clit and back again like she'd never felt before from those teen age boys back home. Quietly she moaned propped up on her elbows watching what little she could see of his face that was not covered between her legs. Eyes rolling back in her head she fell backward on the soft cushion feeling him suck just long enough now... locking onto her clit, batting it with his tongue and sucking all the juices of her body to one tiny point till her whole body shivered and she let out a howl as her back arched tightly through wave after wave of orgasm. Gently he continued to lick her sweet tender flesh while the cum spilled out of her drip by drip. Now he was ready.

He kicked off his boots, pulled down his jeans and stepped out of them and climbed up on the queen size bed with just his socks and shirt on. She was lying there spent, watching him, his beautiful body naked as he ripped off his grey "Jose's bait and tackle" T Shirt exposing his broad shouldlers and large biceps. His cock was extremely thick and fully hard, easily 8'' by her estimation. "Wow" she thought to herself, wondering all along if Roger was seeing any of this. Facing each other seated, Mike kissed her hard which she liked as she took his cock in her hand and began to squeeze it. He was feeling her firm tits fast and not so gently, beyond excited.

He then guided her head down and she took the cue to take him in her mouth. Hungrily she began to suck on the head of his cock till it was purple, tasting the precum dripping. This was one thing she knew how to do well. She positioned herself on her hands and knees and really went to town on his deserving cock. Taking it fast and steady, sucking and glancing up at his eyes as he watched her. His abs were ripped, his chest tanned and hard, his hands strong and steady as he guided her head down harder than before. She tried to take more of him each time a little deeper, holding it there a little longer. "Relax" he said, so she relaxed her mouth and found this made it a lot easier. Two hands on her head now he worked her head fast and hard till she could feel his cock all the way down her throat. Only for a second the first time, but with each effort she was able to hold it down longer without gagging. She noticed every time her throat tightened up on him, his cock would seem to grow thicker for a second. Knowing this was very powerful to him, she wanted to give him her best. She finally relaxed her tongue and stopped trying to suck him and just let his hands move her down on his cock all the way to where her lips could feel his balls. She tried to discipline herself to stay relaxed but he would move her head up and down so fast sometimes as if he was fucking her throat, she couldn't help but gag harder and harder. When he would release her to catch her breath she felt herself slobber all over his cock which clearly turned him on even more.
He would moan, and make sounds of approval which only egged her on to try harder to give it to him exactly how he was teaching her. She liked how firmly he pulled her hair, and the confidence of the way his hands guided her head without hesitation. The pace was picking up, her mind was somewhere else, nowhere really as the liquid gagging sounds were coming out of her throat with every thrust. He was now rising against her sharply, at the same time as she was being shoved down as far as possible. Surreal to her, but she didn't mind one bit. In time, he allowed her to rest and catch her breath, surprised he was able to keep going so long without exploding.

Mike crawled behind her, moving her forward a little, grabbed his dick and rubbed it against her wet pussy, up and down the slit. Throbbing by then she was eager to have him inside her even if Roger could see it all, though she had a feeling he wasn't even interested. Surely he could at least hear them since the radio wasn't playing any longer. Mike laid on top of her from behind, spreading her legs apart with his, and entered his thick cock inside her dripping pussy. "mmmmmmm" she squeeled, it had been a long time since she'd had a real man fuck her. He didn't go to any great lengths to act like a porn star or anything, just humping her hard and fast, harder and harder his hips moved rocking her whole body forward inch by inch, pounding her inside deeper than she can ever remember feeling before, until he roared loud, shooting his load inside her, with long hard thrusts.

Minutes went by before he rolled over staring at the ceiling, uninterested in the little slut he'd just fucked. Exhausted, his chest was rising and falling hard. Cum still dripping slowly out onto his stomach. She laid there on her stomach with her hair a mess completely covering her beautiful face, full of cum, naked.

Roger at her through his center mirror, her ass so round and perfect, ripe for when he had a mind to take her for himself. But there'd be time. He would tap that as much as he wanted, whenever he wanted, when he was ready. First he had to make it to St. Nowhere's ville where they always stopped for a good rest and some bar action. Plenty of whores and good live music to be heard. Deborah who worked at the truck stop diner next to the bar always waited for him to show up. Knowing he'd be looking for her eventually, about once every other week. She had a thing for him but he made it clear women never liked him for long if he stayed, and didn't want the same ending with her. He liked knowing she would always be glad to see him whenever he showed his face. Wasn't the same way with the women he knew at many other places he was known to frequent. He was in no hurry to take advantage of this young girl for now, 'let Mike have his fun', he figured.

The darkness had fallen, ahead you could see some lights off in the distance in a valley. They had cleaned up and gotten dressed without words, and Mike took his seat back motioning for Claire to sit on top of him. The radio was playing Tim Magraw, as the reception was getting clearer, and she moved about slightly to the rhythm. "I just love this man!" she exclaimed about the singer, singing along. Roger just grinned at how fast she had recovered from the action in the back. Mike was staring ahead, holding her hips as they moved back and forth. Without Roger noticing, he slipped his hand up her T Shirt cupping one young breast, squeezing her nipple. She giggled looking down, her long messy hair falling to her legs. With his other hand he slipped his middle finger into her shorts searching for the opening his cock had just filled up. She was clean but already wet again by rubbing herself against him. Nonchalantly, he moved his finger around inside her, with no intention of pursuing anything further at this point, as their destination was just up ahead.

"Are we stopping there?" She asked. "Yeup!" Roger answered. "What's there?" she said looking at Roger, "fun, you'll see..." was his only explanation.

Part II Truck stop action (action for gas money) No more R rated after this beginning.... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Horny MILF's


I was lying on a massage table covered in oil as my two sexy masseuses rubbed my muscles and body, prepping me with a mixture of edible oils and sexual lubricant. They both wore scrub outfits and their massive erections outlined their long, stiff cocks through the material. My ex-lover and the father of my most recent c***d, Hondo, was playing the part of one of my ther****ts and my son and often time sex partner, James, was playing the other masseuse. I parted my legs slightly to let the camera film my pussy up close as Hondo massaged my mound and inner thighs, his fingers sliding into my gaping and wet vagina, on occasions, while his hands worked me into a frenzy. James rubbed my shoulders and breasts while I laid on my back and he eventually released his monster cock and it fell across my face and lips as he stood over me, squeezing my breasts and nipples. His black pole rubbed against my cheeks and lips and I slid my tongue out to lick his shaft as he moved his hips back and forth. I looked over to see Hondo removing his outfit and then he got on the table with me and straddled my hips before slowly sliding his long, thick, white prick deep into my waiting honey hole. I moaned out and opened my mouth wider to accommodate Jame’s massive organ as I turned my head and he pushed it deep into my throat. I hadn’t fucked both of them together for some time and this special cam show meant a lot to me, so they had both agreed to fuck me for my fans. My baby bump was now showing, after four months, and my fans knew I was pregnant again. They had all wanted to see me get fucked good and hard by my two biggest partners, so I asked them nicely.

My super enlarged clitoris was throbbing as I was fucked and my cunt gushed a geyser of juice down Hondo’s long pole. James was sucking and pulling on my hard, thick nipples while I blew him and my milk was pouring from both breasts as he squeezed and pumped them, sometimes jetting into the air as it squirted upwards when he pressed them hard. I was in heaven and when Hondo pulled out and lifted my hips, I squealed as his cock slid into my well lubed asshole. James watched his one time friend fuck his mom in the ass and proceeded to smack his hard, thick cock across my face and lips, teasing me with his gargantuan probe. My son had been the largest male I had ever fucked and he had fucked me numerous times over the last two years, always wearing a mask and hiding his identity when we had sex on cam. Tonight he was fucking me without one, letting everyone who saw my show know that I was fucking my son. I was a sex freak and addict and I admitted it freely, but now the secret was out and if any of my relatives were privy to my sexual antics, they now knew how far I had gone. Brandy, the former stripper, the current hooker and web cam amateur, who had fucked nearly 12,000 different men in her life, was fucking the father of her sixth c***d while she was pregnant with triplets and giving a blowjob to her real life son. The thought turned me on and I came once again.

My cunt was stuffed with Hondo’s white cock as I leaned over him and he drove it up into me while my son, James, skewered my ass from behind. I was being dp’d by my two huge lovers and it felt great. I was moaning loudly and Marvin’s crew was filming each angle from near and far as each camera tech moved in and out to show the close ups of my two holes being spread wide and pumped hard. My cam fans were sending messages for them to fuck me harder and the requests were forwarded by Marvin, as he directed the action. Soon my openings were being rapidly fucked as both of their pelvises slammed into my groin and ass. I was going to cum again soon and motioned for one of the crew to move up and join us. I wanted a cock in my mouth too and after a couple of minutes, one of the more well hung camera crewman slid his prick between my lips and I began to suck him. I was airtight and stayed that way for the next 20 minutes as I continued to get fucked and I sucked off my cam crew.

Hondo and James traded places and I got to experience their large penises in both my cunt and asshole. Seeing their large, contrasting sex organs thrusting in and out of me drove me mad with lust and I just couldn’t get enough. The fuck show went on for nearly an hour as I was moved from one position to another and my fans got to see both of my large lovers double stuff my cunt and, a little while later, my asshole. I was nearly delirious as I watched both black and white tools slide into my cunt at the same time, nearly splitting my well used crevice, but then when they both slid into my lubed up asshole I squirted for the camera. I eventually ended up on my knees in front of my lovers and took their huge cumshots in my mouth, swallowing them for the camera. They left me on the table, to resume eating their jizz for my fans, teasing for the camera as I licked my fingers clean. Then my crew began to join me and I sucked them off one by one and devoured their spunk bombs. Even Marvin joined in, wearing my son’s old mask, just in case his new girlfriend got word. I sucked down 6 hot, sticky loads and was worn out as I smoked my ritual cigarette and chatted online with my horny fans. I named a new winner of my “Fan Fuck” contest and then left for home, to join my husband and visit my daughter. Velvet was back in town for one week, before she left once again to resume her porn career. I wanted to enjoy the short f****y reunion while I could and James rode back home with me to see his two s****rs and visit with his new neice. Our f****y reunions were always a bit different.

I was still very horny after the cam show and I let James drive while I sucked his cock. The drive back to our country home was a little over 40 minutes, so it allowed me to enjoy another load of his warm sperm before we arrived. I was going to have him pull over so that I could ride him for a while, but I had already sent a text to let Mikey and Velvet know that we were on our way. I licked my son’s cock clean before I tucked it back into his pants and zipped up his jeans as we drove down our driveway. If I was lucky, I would be riding my husband’s cock tonight, but knowing my daughter, she had probably already drained him.


I arrived home, in a rental car, to find my baby and her daddy having dinner with my little s****r. I hadn’t seen my lover or baby in over a month and I held them in my arms for some time before Mikey put them down for a nap and we fell into bed to make love. We fucked for quite some time before he filled me with his seed and then we laid there, talking and catching up on what I had missed and what I had been up to. We heard my mom come in and we met her and my b*****r downstairs, wearing only bathrobes. They knew we had been fucking, but said nothing as Mikey made them something to eat. My mom went to see her baby and I held my little girl and talked with James while Mikey joined her.

I had seen my mom’s blog site and cam schedule, so I knew that James had fucked her online tonight. He didn’t try to hide the fact, but he didn’t come right out and tell me either. It was nice to see him and he sat next to me as we chatted about his college classes and about my most recent films. I saw his cock grow, while I told him about my most recent sexual encounters on film and it was very noticeable as it pressed out against his pants. Denise began to fuss, so I let her breast feed for a while, as my hand found my b*****r’s groin and I rubbed the outline of his long cock. I smiled at him wickedly and we knew that my dad and mom had disappeared for a while, since they hadn’t returned yet, and that meant one thing in our house…Someone was getting laid. I had eased Jame’s long rod from his pants, after I laid my sl**ping baby next to me, and soon I was bent over and sucking it, deep throating his tool as his balls banged against my chin. I had him all the way in my mouth and that was a testament to my cock sucking skills, which I had worked long and hard to refine over the years. Not many girls could take a 14 inch, coke-can thick, cock all the way down their throat. My daughter slept next to us as I sucked on her uncle’s big pecker.

We didn’t even think about hiding our lust after about 10 minutes or so, because soon I was holding onto the back of the couch while my b*****r slammed his dick deep into my cunt from behind. I was screaming out loudly, but my baby slept through it as I got my pussy fucked hard. James hadn’t fucked me for some time and he was drilling my often used fuck hole in a wild frenzy. I came and soaked the leather cushion with my juices and then I slid off of Jame’s large, black tool and guided his slippery prick into my tight asshole for a little ride. He rammed me hard once again, deep stroking inside my rectum like he was drilling for oil. I fingered my hole with my three middle fingers and rubbed my clit as I came once again and squirted on the already wet and dripping sofa. James told me that he had to cum and he pulled out of my gaping asshole and I sat back on the couch as he jacked his ebony hose over my open mouth. Jizz sprayed my face while my parents watched us from the second floor balcony. How long they had been there, I didn’t know, but we kept on going at it as I swallowed down his sticky spunk and licked his dick clean. I waved to them and they just shook their heads as they once again joined us in the f****y room.

My mom looked very relaxed and I knew that she had just fucked my dad, but I was still surprisingly horny, after having sex with both my dad and b*****r in the last two hours. My mom had just had sex with multiple men that afternoon and evening, so she had a reason to be spent, but my lust and addiction wanted for more. I was going to either have to get Mikey up again or my b*****r and I wasn’t sure that either was up for another ride. We all sat and watched the babies play together for quite some time, once they awoke from their short naps, but before we knew it, it was time for bed. I was still contemplating a sexual agenda for the evening when we put them down in their cribs. Mikey knew well what I was thinking and he offered to get me off with some toys, but I wanted a real cock or two and he understood as I took the car keys and returned to my mother’s condo in town, my b*****r, James, in tow, as we went to the campus area to see what was going on.

My b*****r stayed at the condo when we got into town. He was tired from his long day of filming and had already cum 4 or 5 times that day. Even though he was multi-orgasmic, he had his limits too. I walked down to campus by myself and it was nearly midnight when I came to a campus bar. I was 21 now, so I no longer had a need for a fake ID. I flashed my driver’s license and entered to loud music and d***k college students. I walked to the bar to get a soda and surprisingly was recognized right away by three guys in a booth. They yelled out my name and I smiled their way and then I got a Coke and joined them. “OMG! I can’t believe a porn star is sitting with us.” one of the guys yelled and I laughed as they all began to ask me what I was doing on campus. We talked for 45 minutes about how I was once a student at OSU and how I lived here in Columbus part time. They had all seen my movies and knew who I was from the tabloids and rumors that still swirled around campus. One of the guys had a friend that had fucked my mom on her cam show and after quite a bit of talking, I got to feel a little comfortable with my three new and slightly d***k friends, Samuel, Art and Ben. They were all 21 years old too and were currently in their Junior years. Two were majoring in Engineering and the other was in Computer Sciences. They were the nerdy types and still lived in the dorms, but I didn’t care, since I always liked intelligent men.

I flirted with them and as closing time came, they invited me back to their dorm room, which I quickly accepted. I was so fucking horny that I had gone to the restroom on a couple of occasions just to wipe my pussy to keep my own juices from running down my leg. I had a short skirt on, with no panties, and the thought of lifting it up to take each one of them was running through my mind for nearly two hours, while I teased them and we talked. Their dorm was only three blocks away and as we rode the elevator up, I put my arm under two of the guy’s arms and let them e****t me to their room. When we arrived, they tried to get me to join them for a beer, but I drank water and told them to put on some music and I would dance for them. I was out of my clothes after the first song and they were loving it as I gave each of them nude lap dances and then finally pulled out the first cock of the night.

Art’s hairy cock was stiff as a brick and my lips were wrapped around it and my head was bobbing on his erect shaft while the other two felt me up from behind. I told Sam to fuck me while I sucked Art off and his cock was soon sliding into my pussy. I bounced back against his awkward, out of time thrusts, but his dick was really thick, so it felt great as it spread my lips and vagina with each stroke. Art came quickly in my mouth and I swallowed it and then asked Ben to sit in front of me and take his place. I had barely gotten him into my mouth when Sam’s cock pressed deep into my horny hole and exploded. His cock shot stream after stream of warm baby batter deep in my uterus and I quivered as he kept ejaculating. He was so full of cum and it felt good to feel his dick throbbing in me and unloading his huge surplus. I sat on Ben’s prick and then began to ride him and he came about 4 or 5 minutes later, filling me with more spunk. They all sat there naked and looked at me as I reached between my legs and caught their sperm before it dripped onto the floor. I licked it from the palm of my hands and told them I wanted more, then proceeded to work each one of their cocks with my mouth until one of them got erect again. I led him to his room and laid on my back, spreading my legs wide to let him slide into my cum filled, ready slit.

Art pumped me hard and much longer this time around, for nearly 15 minutes before exploding. Sam was in my mouth during that time and was ready to go again, once Art pulled out, but I guided him into my asshole and let him fill my rectum with his next sticky load. Ben got another blow job and filled my mouth with his salty cum before they were all done once again. They gave me permission to smoke a cigarette in their room and I laid naked on the floor and hoped that they would be ready to go again soon as they watched me finger my cum filled hole. I made myself cum for them, while I put on a masturbation show, in hopes of getting their nerdy cocks up for another round. It was 3:30 am when I came for the second time and then licked the cum and wetness from my fingers. Two of them jerked on their cocks during that time as Art nodded of and then passed out. I crawled over to my two new lovers and began sucking and stroking them again. Sam was done and couldn’t get it up, but Ben’s dick got stiff again and I sat on his rod and rode him to another blast of jizz 15 minutes later. My night was done with my new friends and they offered me the chance to spend the night, but I was ready to go home. I didn’t even bother to cleaned up and got dressed, kissed them good bye and walked back across campus, towards my mom’s condo.

It was just past 4 am as I walked across campus toward High St., smoking a cigarette and feeling a little less horny. My hormones were raging once again and I had learned during my first pregnancy that there was little I could do about it. A tall, lanky black male walked toward me and asked to bum a cigarette as he passed by, so I stopped and reached into my purse to give him one. He looked to be about mid to late thirties, wearing his pants around his thighs with his boxers showing. If not for his underwear, his cock would have been hanging out right in front of me. He looked pretty rough and a bit dirty as he took the cigarette and then I reached to get my lighter. While I was searching for my lighter, he grabbed my purse and tried to pull it from my shoulder, but I held onto it and pushed him away. He still had a hold of my purse strap and began to pull me with him as he tried to run with it. I nearly fell forward and my cigarette fell from my mouth as he grabbed me around the neck with his one arm, placing his hand over my mouth, and then wrapping his other arm around my waist. He held me tightly against his chest from behind and d**g me toward a large pine tree that was growing next to one of the buildings. I tried to elbow him behind me, but my arms were pinned to my side. He used his weight to lean down onto me and push me onto the pine needles that covered the ground around and under the tree branches. I was laying on my stomach and he was on top of my back as I felt him pressing against me while we struggled. His crotch was jammed against my ass and I felt his erection growing as he pressed it against me. He reached down and began to lift my skirt, then began tugging on his own pants. I tried to get up onto my knees but his weight bore me down and I felt his hard cock press against my ass while he laid on top of me. He maneuvered it between my legs and I felt him slide into me. His long cock had easily found it’s way into my gaping, cum filled twat and he began to pound me hard as he muffled my groans and moaning with his hand. I couldn’t move and my head just lay cradled between his forearm and bicep as he squeezed my neck. His hand had already cut off some air, but blocking my trachea was making it harder to breath. I began to get dizzy as I just laid there while he fucked me from behind.

I think that he realized that I was beginning to black out when he released his hand from my mouth. I began gasping for air and started to come around again as he moved his mouth to my ear and told me that I’d better keep quiet. “I just wanted your purse bitch. I didn’t want to do this, but you had to fight me for it didn’t you?” he grunted in my ear while his pole stroked my wet, slippery cunt. He slowly and quietly slid the full length of his swollen dick in and out of my bald crack. “Listen. You can have my purse and I’ll even let you fuck me. Just don’t hurt me, I‘m pregnant.” I whispered back. He eased the strap off my shoulder while he kept his cock in me to keep me pressed against the ground. Then he pushed it away and grabbed both of my wrists and began to plunge his cock deep between my legs. I began to move my hips and push my ass back against his thrusts and soon we were both fucking in synch. “Fuck me harder.” I told him as I arched my back and ass upward. He let go of my wrists and then got up onto his knees while he grabbed my waist and began to doggy fuck me. My pussy got wetter as I submitted to my attacker and soon I was moaning softly as I enjoyed his long, hard, black cock.

“Got damn baby, you a freak.” he said quietly, as I told him I wanted it faster. He picked up speed and soon his groin was slamming my ass and popping against it with each thrust. “Yes, yes, yes…Fuck me baby” I chanted as his rigid pole stroked my g-spot and I began to climax. I felt his body tense up and he filled me with his hot jizz, then he reached up under my shirt and started squeezing my engorged breasts and I began lactating. His huge prick stayed hard and he pulled out and then flipped me onto my back. I spread my legs wide and guided his big, dick back into my wet, cum filled slit. I lifted my shirt and he began to suck on my tits as he squeezed them, milking me as he bit my hard, long nipples and drank my baby’s formula. I came once again and he just kept fucking me as he lifted me up into each driving thrust. My body was covered in dirt and pine needles, but I didn’t care as I was getting fucked better than I had by my three nerdie guys at once. “I want to taste your cum.” I said as I licked my lips seductively. “Girl, you a hooker? I was wondering why you didn’t have no panties on and you got such a big ass pussy. “ he said. I frowned and nearly laughed at his comment. “My pussy ain’t that big.” I said with pouted lips. “My big 10 inch dick slipped in like it was nuttin.” he told me. “Now you let me tap some of that sexy ass and I’ll let you have what you want.” he told me.

I guided his stiff rod into my behind and soon he was drilling my asshole, my juices and the cum from my previous sexual encounter acting as a natural lube. I was purring softly as my ass was stroked and I rubbed my clit while my strange a*****or fucked me in my backdoor. It felt so good and I forgot about how it had all began. “Now I know you a hooker girl. You enjoyin’ this way too much.” he said as he continued to sodomized me for the next 10 minutes. Only one person walked by the area during this time, but they didn’t see us in the darkness, under the tree, and he had quit stroking me when they were near. Once the person was in the distance, he began once again to pound my tight ass.

“Here it come.” he said, as he pulled his ebony rocket from my behind and stood up, crouching over me under the tree branches. I lifted my head up and opened my mouth as he put his dick between my lips and jerked off. I heard him grunt and then his cock spasmed and began to fill my mouth with one huge explosion after another. I swallowed down three big gulps and then licked his cock clean as he looked down on me. He sat next to me and then handed me my purse. “I’m sorry.” he said. “Can I still have a cigarette though. “ We both lit up a cigarette and sat there under the tree smoking for about 5 minutes before I got up and brushed myself off. My breasts and shirt were soaked with milk and my skirt was covered in cum and pine needles as I stood up and got ready to finish my walk home. “Damn girl, you good lookin’ for a hooker.” he said before I began to leave. I smiled and took another drag on my cig. “My cock is getting hard again, you sure you don’t want to do it again?” he asked as I started to walk away. I found myself on my knees sucking his long, pole as I smoked my cigarette. Enjoying a stiff dick and a smoke at nearly 5 am on a Sunday morning, under a pine tree on campus. This time I took off my shirt and skirt and he took off his shirt also, for me to lie on, and then he slid between my legs and demolished my pussy with his huge erection. I bit my tongue to keep from screaming, but I let him alternate between my ass and pussy for nearly 15 minutes before he filled my cunt with a huge load of warm cream.

I walked home slowly, cum running down my inner thighs while I smoked another cigarette. Sometimes it was good to be an easy whore. What started off as a potential mugging turned into a fantastic fuck and now I could just go back to my mom’s condo and rest. I would be in town for another week and would spend it with my man and my baby until I flew back to LA to begin my new series of films. I was four months pregnant now and I was sure to be showing in the next couple of months. I’d better get as much work done as I could before Rudy found out and I began doing the pregnancy fetish thing again. Maybe I would just take time off and not do any porn at all. Even though that sounded logical, I didn’t know if I’d be able to do so with my hormones out of whack. I fell into bed and slept until noon, when I was woken up by my mom and scolded for getting dirt and twigs all over her bed. She wanted to know the story behind it all, but I just cleaned up my mess and showered as I got ready to go back home to my lover. My mom was ready to begin her day and as I left, she was smoking a cigarette and waiting for her newest client to arrive to mess up the nice, clean sheets that I had just put on it.


He rubbed my small baby bump while he massaged my g-spot and licked my engorged and sensitive clitoris. I was pulling and squeezing my breasts and they were lactating and running down to soak the clean sheets that my daughter had recently put on my bed. I had come to my condo that morning to find Velvet asl**p and covered in cum, dirt and debris, looking as if she had been fucked by a group of guys in a pigsty and now I was in the bed and having my second orgasm as I got my pussy eaten. It felt so good and I lifted my hips and smashed my wet cunt into my client’s face and mouth. His tongue worked me like he new every inch of my body, sucking on my lips and flicking my clit with masterful precision. Of course, I had enjoyed years of such treatment and Mikey always made me scream when his mouth and lips visited my always ready and willing vagina. He was my first customer today and he had come to the condo to fuck me, since we hadn’t been able to have sex the night before. I had told him about my day on cam and about all of the cock I had gotten, but he was still finished for the night, so we decided to have a “Fuck-the-Hooker” day the next morning.

When we were younger and I was a very busy prostitute, we sometimes had no time for our own sex, so we engaged in fantasy meetings during my work times so that we could fuck. We used to have sex all over the place and in a variety of ways as he treated me like a whore that he had picked up and paid. I always fucked and sucked him like one of my ordinary “Johns”. It was exciting for us and we were now enjoying our role playing once again as I begged Mikey to stuff me with his huge, white cock. My cunt was soaked and ready for him to plunge into its deep, gaping cavern and soon he was stroking it with his rock-hard tool.

Mikey worked all of my holes for well over an hour before he fed me his hot, sticky spunk. I gulped it down greedily and then he got dressed, tossed down a $20 on the bed and left. I was once again my husband’s whore and I loved it. I had cum multiple times and now I had to relax and clean up for my next two clients that day. It was going to be another busy day in the life of the amateur cum whore, Brandy, as I fucked my clients and then did a nightly cam sex show. Tonight I would be fucking 5 men from the University of Indiana. Marvin had come up with the idea of trying to entice new sexual partners to take part in my cam shows, by offering the ability to fuck me for free if any men were coming into town for a sporting event. Ohio State was in the Big 10 and had a large amount of sporting events that occurred every week. If he could solicit many of the sporting web sites, chat rooms, etc, looking for men who were making a road trip to watch their team take on OSU, that would make it possible for me to get an influx of new and different partners. Once he made contact with a number of possible men traveling to the sporting events, he would send them info about taking part in an orgy or bukakke. We couldn’t wait until football season began, but until then, he was still getting quite a bit of acceptances from some of his contacts. He would try to book as many men as possible and hoped that at least one or more would arrive. Tonight was the first attempt and we would see what kind of turnout that we got.


I came back home to find that Mikey had left for work and the nanny was with my daughter and s****r. I breast fed and held my little girl and then decided to get some work done by answering texts and emails. I sat on the deck, in a bikini, since the nanny was still there, and got caught up with all of my memos. I even worked on my Velvet Crush website blog and comments. Gerald arrived, as I fully expected, once he saw me outside, while he worked on his tractor. I let him know that the nanny was just inside and he behaved as he became serious and asked me who I thought might be the father of my current pregnancy. I told him that he was the first man I had fucked after giving birth and that I had probably fucked a couple hundred men in my profession since then, so I was clueless. He looked a little down and I felt bad, so I stood up and led him down to the lower patio and into the basement entertainment and workout room. We silently went into the lower level guest room and I slipped out of my bikini and then went to my knees to suck his cock. I worked his hard dick with my lips and then guided his slobber covered cock into my waiting hole. Gerald fucked me hard before he came in me and then I licked him clean before he left.

I spent the rest of the day with the k**s and sent the nanny home and when Mikey came home we had dinner and spent the night in each other’s arms, making love. I still hoped with all my heart that my baby was going to be his. I would be leaving in a few days, to return to LA for another series of movies. In the next two months, I would probably be sporting another baby bump, so I planned on doing as much work as possible before my current trend of upscale films returned to the low budget, fetish, gangbangs. My week went quickly and soon I was landing in LA and staying at Rudy’s house as I started filming my first scene the next day. Rudy was excited to get me back and he showed it by giving me a huge facial after fucking my ass for quite some time. He’s lucky that I liked him and that he was a good agent and manager. Of course, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, since I would have still most likely fucked him anyway. I was a whore and that’s what I did.


Eight different guys had already spewed their spunk into my mouth while I laid on my back, my head hung over the edge of the bed as my mouth was fucked and cum in after each participant was finished. A couple of other guys were on top of the bed between my legs, taking turns stuffing my gaping hole and fucking it until another took his place. 13 guys had shown up for my cam show and all of them were getting a chance to fuck the pregnant, amateur cam MILF, Brandy. The majority of the men were white, but three were black and one was Asian. I liked to fuck a variety of men and it was paying off for this cam show as my online site was crowded with people that had logged on and now wanted to find out how they could be a part of a future show. My cam show’s motto was that I was the only black MILF online that would fuck every single one of her followers and fans and I was trying my best tonight and by the looks of it, there would be quite a few ready to fuck me in the future.

I was so horny after swallowing all 13 huge loads of sperm and once I started my after cam interview, Marvin and his staff were going to be busy with me. Marvin had just recently broken up with his girlfriend, after she recognized him in the mask, and tonight was the first time he had fucked me in quite a few months without covering his face. His big white cock slammed my pussy from behind and he stuffed it into my ass just before he came and gave me a huge creampie. The camera filmed the jizz drip from my browneye and into a shot glass for me to chug down afterward. I licked the shot glass clean with my tongue and then laid back to relax while the camera man zoomed in to watch me place a cigarette between my lips and light it close up. Smoke rolled from my mouth and out of my nose as I blew out my large inhalation, waiting for my excitement to subside. I rubbed my protruding belly and smoked deeply while I chatted with more of my cam fans, setting up a future shoot with a handful of my interested fans. I was still horny and thought about going home to Mikey, but I knew he’d be with our daughter Velvet, so I went back to the condo for a while and sat in my Jacuzzi to unwind. My son James came home while I was soaking and I had him bring me a bottle of water from the refrigerator and talked him into joining me. For some reason I knew that he wouldn’t say no and that night his long, black cock was all mine and he had no problem burying it hilt deep into all of my openings. What a naughty mom I was.

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s****r seduces b*****r

As c***dren we lived near "The Colorado Railroad Museum" on West 44th Street just outside Golden, Colorado at the base of North Table Top Mountain. Is quaint building was built to look like an old fashioned train depot. Behind and along the side of the building they had collected a large collection of actual steam era locomotives and freight and passenger cars.

The neighborhood k**s hung out there because of the soda machine and candy counter. It was the only business within two miles. The director tolerated us sneaking in and climbing all over the collection of cabooses, engines and other prize items outside as we also gave him a lot of snack business to help support the museum.

Among the many locomotives was D&RGW's Old number 346. It was the museum's pride and joy as they had it in good working order. Several times a year they would fire it up and run it in a small semi-circle around the property. A lot of stories developed among the k**s and frequent visitors about the legend of 346.

For example if a man rang the train's bell it meant that he had sex the night before. But, more importantly by acknowledging to the world that he had gotten lucky he would be guaranteed even better sex for a second night in a row. If a guy rang the bell and hadn't actually had sex the night before he was doomed to only masturbation for the next 346 nights.

My favorite though was concerning women. No woman was allowed on the firemen's seat unless she was either having her cunt eaten or being fucked. When she came she had to proclaim her orgasm by wildly ringing the bell. If she failed to ring the bell the opposite of whatever she wanted would occur; if she wanted to become pregnant it wouldn't happen and if she didn't want a baby she would have one in nine months.

Those were the simple days of the late 1960's. Twenty years later my younger s****r and I would return and remember the good old days. We chatted for hours about everything in the neighborhood. The two mile walk past the St Bernard Kennel on the hill and the world famous brewery to downtown Golden.

But, most of all we remembered the railroad museum. We walked around looking at the displays. Some of them hadn't changed since we were k**s as they were classics. We went out into the yard and most of it looked familiar. Then it caught our eyes; there she was good old engine 346. The engine had been very well maintained as it looked the same as it had when we were young and had played various games in and around it.

Jenny ran for the massive locomotive right past it's big steam boiler and grabbing the railing climbed the steep steps. She turned to face me with a broad smile on her face and waved me up to join her. Then she twirled around like a little k** between the firebox and tender. Taking it easy I smiled back and walked over and admired both her and the train.

Here it was August of 1986 and Jenny was 30 and I was 33 it had been twenty years since we had moved away. In that moment of nostalgia I got a good look at my little s****r's body and an erection took shape in my underwear. For some reason, she suddenly struck me not as a s****r but one hell of a sexy lady.

She stands right at five feet four inches tall with long red hair and green eyes. My s****r has a slender waist that is in the middle of a perfect hour glass topped by 36C titties. I had always known that she had no problem attracting guys but now a flash was going through my head and I found myself to be just one of the guys.

I tried to shake these thoughts out of my head as I climbed the steps. As I reached the top step Jenny ran to the fireman's compartment. It was a very narrow area with room enough for his seat and the bell chord hanging above the side and front window openings measuring maybe 2 feet wide by five feet long. Just like she did when she was a little girl she reached up and rang the bell pulling on the chord wildly.

"Remember this Mark; it is just like when we were k**s." She was absolutely bubbling over. Getting beside her I snatched her hand from the bell chord and a confused look came to her face.

"But, Jenny, we aren't k**s anymore. Don't you remember what it means when an adult woman rings the bell on this train?" Suddenly a look of horror and shame came to her face. She turned bright red as she slumped down in the seat. Quickly I began ringing the bell making sure that I was the only one visible in the window. One of the staff members walked by and gave me an exuberant thumbs up. After he passed I looked around and saw that there was no one around and told her that the coast was clear.

"Thank you big b*****r, I am so embarrassed, but that means that you won't have sex for nearly a year, I am sorry." She actually seemed deeply troubled about that possibility. The legend appeared to mean something to her. Standing up in the cramped quarters she gave me a not so platonic hug ingratitude.

We enjoyed the rest of the day looking around the area and planned to return to the museum the next two days to walk around and reminisce. Besides, we found out that on the second day they were going to steam up 346 and run her and two passenger cars back and forth on their little semi-circle. We both were feeling pretty contented as we walked to the little hotel down the block from the museum, but it seemed Jenny had something on her mind as she was a little quieter than normal.

At first, I thought maybe she was missing her f****y as she came out to attend to some business in nearby Denver and didn't have the finances to bring everyone with her. I had tagged along so that we could visit our neighborhood haunts including the museum Lookout Mountain, the brewery, and Fairmount Elementary School.

As it turned out I was way off base. After changing we climbed into our rental car and headed east down 44th street about two miles to see if the A& W Root Beer restaurant was still there. Like so many other things it was gone. I was so disappointed that I didn't even notice what had taken its place.

We turned around and headed into downtown Golden. There just around the corner from Foss d**gs we found a quaint restaurant. In the dim lighting of the restaurant her boobs seemed to shimmer in beauty. For the second time in just a few hours I felt an erection coming on over my own flesh and bl**d.

In spite of my feelings our dinner conversation was tame and natural. We talked about what had stayed the same and especially about what was gone or had changed. Then this sweet demure conservative business woman, housewife, and mother of two who was also my s****r changed the subject rather abruptly. Quietly she shifted gears, "Thanks again for ringing the bell for me this afternoon."

"Jenny, it was nothing, nothing at all. I just didn't want people looking at you funny thinking that you had done some sex act on the train."

"Oh yes Mark it was so sweet. Judging from the lump I saw in your pants as you rang the bell there is no way you should have to miss out on 346 nights of fucking." I hadn't heard her say the word fuck since she was a teenager. I thought it was weird that she had any concern for my sex life.

"Oh Jenny, it will be ok. That is just an old legend. Hell, it was probably made up by some of the k**s in the neighborhood before we came along. Besides you know my wife she won't let me go more than a few days without a good fuck." I was enjoying the conversation now and liked the idea of provocative talk with Jenny, and was curious how provocative she would get.

"But, suppose it is true, I hate the thought of my big b*****r having to play with himself that long. It might be too late to break the spell by the time you get back home. The sooner your pecker gets inside a woman the better so the curse can't take effect," she smiled broadly as she said this. My cock was hard as could be now.

"What am I supposed to do fly my wife out here to fuck me or hire a hooker?" I posed this question half laughing knowing either option was not going to happen and not believing in the legend in the first place.

"No, of course not, but I do have an idea," she was cooing as she put a hand on my knee.

"Ok, little s****r let's hear your idea about my sex life," I asked nervously. Part of me was really hoping that the nasty thoughts running through my head were on target. But, another part of me was urging me to behave myself with my s****r no matter what she was about to say. Of course, my cock was now so hard that I was in pain due to the confinement it was in.

"Well, big b*****r, we could pay our check and hurry back to the hotel and fuck like rabbits. Before you say anything, I have wanted you for years and that is the reason I wanted you to come along. When I was ringing that bell today I was wishing that I was sitting on your lap and that I was fucking that huge bulge I was looking at in your pants."

"But, Jenny, what about our spouses? We can't fuck I am your damn b*****r." As much as I wanted to take her up on her offer I knew I would have regretted it if I didn't at least protest to give her the chance to back out.

"Mark, what happens in Colorado stays in Colorado. And if we fuck when we get back home it stays between us I want you fucking and sucking me right now. I need that big cock of yours inside of me." I was shocked at this blunt display of lust from my own s****r. She also was talking a little loud as I swear we got a couple of strange looks from couples sitting nearby.

"Oh God, you are so sexy, any guy would be a fool not to want to kiss those great tits of yours or climb between those long legs of yours But damn girl, I am your b*****r. Are you really sure that you want me because once you say yes and I have touched you sexually there will be no turning back?"

"Damn it yes, I am in heat for you. My panties are soaked. Shit, b*****r, does this answer your question?" She moved the hand that had been on my knee up to my groin and gave my cock a hard squeeze. Looking me in the eyes she gave me the sultriest smile I had ever seen.

"Not here, my God someone will see," I panicked as I removed her hand.

"Ok, then let's get the fuck out of here," she urged flagging down the server. By the time the waiter got to us she already had out her credit card. In less than three minutes we were out in the cool Rocky Mountain evening air. Jenny was dragging me to the car anxious to get down to business.

She managed to keep her hands to herself on the short drive back to the motel. Simultaneously we both said we had to use the restroom. When we got to her door she turned to face me and told me she would knock on the door between our adjoining rooms when she was finished freshening up for what laid ahead. Then very sensually she ran an index finger up and down the outline of my cock through my pants. Suddenly she swirled around and disappeared into her room.

Stammering the five feet to my room I somehow managed to get the door open. Quickly, I took care of business and decided to relieve myself of shoes and socks. Suddenly it felt very hot in the room so I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt. Just as I was beginning to wonder what was taking so long there came a gentle knock at the door that went into Jenny's room.

"Oh my fucking God, you are the sexiest vision I've ever seen in my fucking life," I gasped as I opened the door. There was my little s****r in the sexiest nightie I have ever seen in my life. I won't describe it here as I will let everyone imagine their own version of a sexy nightie as I will never forget the actual cock hardening sight. Wrapping her arms around my body like a vice she gave me a very erotic kiss.

"Markie this is the real reason I wanted you to come along and I left my f****y at home. I've wanted your cock for years and years and now it is mine I am going to make love to every inch of your body and fuck your cock raw!" She was pushing me back toward the bed.

The next thing I know I am laying down and she is straddling me and unbuttoning my shirt the rest of the way. Jenny is rubbing her body all over mine as she sticks her tongue in my ear and begins her slow trip down my face to my neck. When she reaches my nipples she sucks and nibbles on them like a man might do to a woman; it feels fantastic.

She squeezes and pinches them as she sucks my tits into her voracious mouth. Then, sliding forward slightly my s****r wraps her hands around my head and smothers my face in her silky boobs. As I lick and suck on her sweet jugs through the nightie she rants, "Mark, damn it kiss my boobies oh mother fucking son of a bitch."

Suddenly she drops my head and reaches up and grabbing the sides of her nightie where it covers her breasts rips the front of the gown in two revealing her luscious melons in their full glory to my bugged out eyes. Instantly, she has her now nude boobies in my face and I resume attacking them with my mouth.

My s****r is absolutely going crazy as her crotch is being rubbed up and down on my stomach. Our breathing is getting ragged as she slips back down and unzips my trousers. Then she pulls out my manhood while positioning my cock against her twat through her panties and rhythmically begins grinding her hips up and down rubbing my cock against her clit. I yell, "Oh shit this is fantastic!"

"Come on you son of a bitch fuck my panties. Spray that fucking cum of yours all over our tummies. Oh damn my clit feels so good! Oh yes, squeeze sissy's boobies," she urged as she placed my hands on her boobs. Throwing her head back Jenny continues sliding her cloth covered clit up and down along the length of my member. I tore off her nightie the rest of the way as she quite literally fucked me with her clit; harder and faster.

Her fingers delicately played with the under side of my cock head as I was getting closer to the inevitable explosion. Letting go of her beautiful melons I cupped my hands firmly on to her wide hips holding on for dear life. Of course, this had the effect of allowing her tits to bounce wildly. That was it, I covered my stomach and some of hers with a large deposit of sperm, "Oh Jenny, you are fucking unbelievable."

"Oh Mark my dear, we have only just begun. You haven't seen anything yet." my s****r turned a****listic nymphomaniac purred. Licking my cum off of her hand she got up and yanked my pants and under wear off of me.

"Oh I haven't, huh," was my semi-intelligent reply. Facing away from me she pulled down her panties. Then she backed up and looking over her shoulder wiggled her ass at my face.

"So, what do you think of Sissy's ass?" As she asked this she pulled her cheeks wide apart giving me a full appreciation for her ass crack.

"It looks absolutely edible." It was easy to tell that I was drooling now. Jenny climbed up on the bed on her knees right beside me legs slightly apart. I couldn't breathe as I was so in awe of her full red haired bush, it was gorgeous.

"What about this little pussy of mine?" She didn't give me a chance to answer as before I knew it her ass was in my face as she sat on me facing my feet. Instantly, she began grinding her ass and cunt in my face. I licked and sucked any part of her I could catch. All of it tasted so wonderful it didn't matter that she was so excited that I only got a second or so at each spot before she moved it away. I didn't care as soon I would revisit each kissable millimeter of her rump and cunny.

Finally, I grabbed her butt cheeks in my hands and she settled in a bit. Her honey pot was dripping from the clit fucking. Eagerly I scooped her sweet nectar into my mouth. Since she was now fingering her clit I moved back to her tight anal opening and voraciously kissed and sucked that sexy asshole. She moaned, "Oh fuck yes, God damn it this is fucking wonderful eat me up, Oh God yes!"

I really wanted to tell her how great her butt and cunt tasted but my mouth was full and I thought I might drown in the juices flowing from my sexy s****r. My cock was once again at full attention as she continued to squirm on my face. Lightly she caressed my member as she arched her back letting the orgasms roll over her. Huskily she growled, "No one has ever eaten me up so good before. Shit, right now I need this big cock in my tunnel, oh God big b*****r fuck me!"

Slipping off of my face and climbing onto her hands and knees. Jenny was dripping her juices as she got into position beside me. I hadn't been this anxious to get my prick into a woman's pussy since my wedding night. Springing up behind her glorious ass I breathlessly chimed in, "That is the best fucking caboose I have ever seen. Do you want me to drive my golden spike into your Continental Divide, s*s?"

"Oh yes, full steam ahead, full throttle; fuck me hard and strong!" I sunk my full cock all the way into her cunt. It was slick with her honey but I felt like the skin was being ripped off of it as her tunnel was so tight. She squealed as I withdrew and slammed full f***e once again back into her. My hands held onto her fanny for support as we continued.

Over and over again I rammed myself hard into my s****r's twat. Her hips came up to meet mine. Sweat poured from my brow as my balls slapped her thighs. I swear that I could feel my cock turning red from the friction of this terrific fuck as her juices ran down my nuts. Begging I pleaded with her, "Let me cum inside of you sweet slut, I want to fill you up with my cream; please let me cum!"

"Oh yes bastard fill me up with your seed; plant your seeds in my garden; oh God yes!" The room echoed with the sound of skin slapping on skin. My hands were now digging into her hips.

"Shit, bitch, I'm going to spray my juicy stuff all over your fucking garden. I'm going to shoot all of my cum in your fucking twat!"

"Oh yes, use your spray nozzle to fertilize my garden. Come on Mark fertilize me. Oh holy fuck I need to be fertilized by you; I'm fucking cumming!" Just then I let out a torrent of my sticky cream deep into her pussy as she growled having obviously cum herself. I was so turned on that my prick showed no sign of growing limp. Jenny, for her part, was still hot and ready for more action.

She pulled away and rolled onto her back spreading her legs far apart. This hot vixen was now waving her cunt at me as she motioned for me to mount her missionary style. Out of breath and a little sore I could not let her down. My motto had always been never to stop pleasuring a woman until she called it quits and my s****r certainly was entitled to the same treatment even if it killed me.

Within seconds my cock was back in that wonderful cunt. Her legs were wrapped around me and she was scratching her fingernails into my spine. Whenever our mouth's got close enough together we nipped and kissed at each other like a couple of a****ls in heat. She yelled, "God damn it, give me every fucking drop of that fucking sperm; I need every fucking bit of it! Don't stop until my cunt is full of it!"

"Jenny, you want it you've got it. Come on swallow me up; take all of me!" I shot off another load of my spunk. It wasn't near as big as the one had been a couple of minutes earlier but it sure felt fantastic. Suddenly, Jenny fell limp and I knew she was fully satisfied. Grabbing one of her big boobies in my hand I snuggled in beside her and we slept together the whole night through.

The phone rang with the wake up call just as the sun was coming up. Jenny explained she wanted to get an early start to the day besides she had a surprise for me. We kissed passionately and Jenny successfully thwarted my advances explaining there would be plenty of time later. Besides, she reasoned, if we fucked now there wouldn't be very many of my sperm built up to fill up her hot little cunt. Reluctantly I gave up on her.

After a quick continental breakfast we got our day started. My s****r wanted to tour the brewery because our parents had never taken us as k**s. But, before we did that she wanted to climb aboard Old 346 one more time before they got it ready to run the next day. Casually we walked to the museum getting there just as they unlocked the door.

We showed our membership card and walked straight through the front of the museum and out to the locomotive. As Jenny climbed up the steps I looked up her skirt hoping to see what kind of panties she was wearing. My eyes popped out of their sockets. I was greeted by the sexiest pair of nude pillowy ass cheeks in the entire State of Colorado. Without thinking I ran my finger up the deep crevice.

Ignoring me she went straight for the fireman's compartment. She turned around as I walked in and gave me the same devilish look that she had given me when we were k**s that always resulted in me getting in trouble for listening to her. She cooed, "Mark, come over and ring the bell. After all you did fuck last night."

"Ok s*s, I guess I can if it will make you happy." Looking around I was ecstatic that there was no one else around yet this Friday morning. She patted my ass as I squeezed by her soft body. Jenny pushed on my shoulders to get me to sit down on the seat. Reaching above my head I began pulling on the bell chord ringing out my pride of getting a fantastic fuck the previous night.

Smiling up at Jenny with pride in what we had done I watched as she looked all around our surroundings. Suddenly she lifted up her shirt and showed me her large orbs. Moving quickly into position she pulled her shirt over me covering my head smothering my face into her soft chest. Quietly she barked out her order, "I want to ring the bell, too. Bite my boobies while you pull out that big fucking prick of yours. Then I am going to fuck the hell out of you. I've dreamed of this moment for over ten years; oh shit yes!"

Ravenously I sucked and nipped at her ripe melons as I fumbled with my pants trying to free my cock. It took nearly a minute but I eventually got the stiff pole free. Seeing my cock pointing toward the morning sun Jenny slowly moved down to capture it. As she did her shirt popped off of my head as it got too tight. Her cunt swallowed up my manhood sucking it right in like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner.

"Someone might catch us, Jenny; oh God, you feel fabulous, oh fuck," I groaned in appreciation. Even as I protested I settled in to fuck her digging my hands into her butt cheeks. She arched her back as she began moving up and down my length. She was oblivious to the world around us as her movements intensified while fucking me faster.

"Markie, don't fucking stop; I want you to cum in my hot tunnel!" Her hips were pounding against my lap as her thrusts got more furious on her road to orgasm. My head was in a vice like grip as she pulled it toward her chest while she arched her back further and further back. I thought she might pull us off of the small chair.

Looking up I saw her biting her lip trying to keep from making any loud noises that might give us away before we came. Not able to hold it back any longer (and not really wanting too for fear of being found out) I let loose a large torrent of spunk in her fiery cunt. Her face was flushed as she was also in the midst of her own release.

Jenny suddenly reached up and frantically began ringing the old engine's bell. Clang, clang, clang the bell rang out telling the entire neighborhood that I had filled up my s****r's twat with a massive load of jism. A broad smile filled up her face as she was obviously delighted with her accomplishment. I started to reach up to stop her just as she let go and slid off of my lap.

Looking down I saw a small ring of Jenny's honey on my trousers. Jenny giggled when she noticed it. Always prepared she took a rag out of her handbag and wiped me off. Then, she dug a pair of panties out of the bag and slipped them on. Calmly we exited the engine getting curious looks from the half a dozen people who now populated the grounds since Jenny had mounted me.

We walked back to the hotel and Jenny got a little better dressed before we toured the brewery making sure she had a bra on and a little longer skirt. We spent the next two days as lovers getting to know each other better in that very special way. On Saturday, our last day, we returned to the museum for the August steam up taking several rides in the old fashioned passenger cars as 346 took us for a ride almost as fun as those of the previous days.

It would be 19 years until Jenny and I made it back to the train museum when we met there on December 1 of 2005 to stay over for the annual Santa Claus steam up the following Saturday. This occasion would be even more special than our sexual discovery of 19 years earlier.

Our lives returned to normal when we got home except we would meet and fuck every chance we got. About a month after we got back Jenny told me that she was pregnant and that the baby was mine as she had made sure her husband had wore condoms all summer long. She was very excited and I was very worried. That is when she revealed that it had been her intention to have a baby of mine the whole time. It took a little getting used to but finally I accepted the facts and we resumed our love life.... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Jason was getting frustrated. The embroidered jacket was chafing, the
bar scotch he'd ordered was watery, and he was sweating in the rubber
pants. What the hell he thought, I may as well enjoy my drinking, if I
can't enjoy the bl**dy party. He poured his drink into an abandoned
margarita, and caught the bartender's eye. "Double shot of Macallan,
neat," he ordered. The bartender, a bored-looking gorilla in a nun's
habit, said, "Top shelf is four bucks a shot," waited for his reaction,
and when he said nothing, turned to pour.

Jason had come to the Hallowe'en party alone, as a last resort, knowing
full well he would most likely remain alone. He looked around the
party, noting the many couples that had formed since the masquerade
dance had begun. It looked like yet another lonely night out of years
of lonely nights.

Earlier, things had looked promising as several attractive women had
shown interest in his flashy costume. But right on cue, his insecurity
had caused him to stammer, to blurt meaningless and silly things, and
one by one, they had disappeared into the crowd, only to be glimpsed
later hanging on the arm of another, apparently more confident man, or
in some cases, woman.

It was hard to tell, with some of the costumes.

Shit, why couldn't I have been born gay, he thought. At least, there
seem to be a lot more men here than women with a fetishistic bent.

His hopes rose again when a young woman in an outrageous blonde wig and
1920's flapper dress walked up to him with two glasses of champaign.
She looked like a gangster's moll from a movie.

"Hoy they-uh," she said. He grinned. She even had the accent down pat.

"Hey, baby doll," he said in his best imitation of Al Capone.

She frowned slightly then brightened. "Oi loik ya cawstume, where'd ja
foind it?"

Once again, he tried to concentrate on what he would say. She was a
knockout, he just _had_ to get it right this time. For the s*******nth
time tonight, he heard a friends advice in his mind. "Just be
yourself. People can sense when you're putting on an act." He tried
to relax.

He dropped the "gangster" accent and smiled in what he hoped was a
winning manner. "Well, I rented the jacket, hat and shoes, but I
already had the rubber pants. Where did you find that outrageous wig?"

Thirty seconds later, he stood morosely wiping champaign from his
jacket, amazed to discover that not only had her accent been real, but
the wig was not a wig, and her head was as empty as her glass was now.

She was not The Woman.

'The Woman' was a sort of fantasy he'd entertained since puberty. He
sat down at the cash bar, and thought back to his high school days, to
his first and only great love.

When he was about eighteen, and noticing girls in a big way, he'd made a
pass at the sexiest red-headed girl in school, Mandy. This was a bold
step for him, since he'd always had trouble talking to girls. It was
discouraging, actually, for his swim-team body and cute looks tended to
attract quite a few potential dates and even bed-mates. The problem
was that Jason Stewart was not just a jock. He was smart, and he knew
it, and he just couldn't relate to 99% of the girls at school, despite
the urging of his percolating hormones. To be sure, there were a few
smart girls at his school, but they dressed like bag-ladies, and their
personal grooming habits would have shamed a wino. There appeared to
be no females there with good looks, good taste, and intelligence in
the entire city of St. Louis.

Moreover, his social skills seemed somehow lacking when dealing with
girls- they seemed to him almost an alien race, with quite different
needs and goals than he. Due to an early divorce, Jason had grown up
without a father, and somehow his mother had never graced him with any
dating skills.

After two years of unsuccessful attempts at conversation with
empty-headed Madonnawannabes, and a few aborted dates, he overheard a
conversation between his chemistry teacher and Mandy Rafool. She was
discussing the relationship between what she had learned in physics
class to the current discussion of valences in chemistry. He would
never have imagined! He had seen her around for quite awhile and like
every other guy in school had been fascinated with her pretty face,
tight jeans and sweaters, and astonishingly mature body.

And like every other guy in school, he had noticed that she was
conspicuously without a boyfriend. But he'd assumed from her good
looks and her retinue of bimbettes that she was yet another bimbo
herself. She was two years older than he, a senior, a cheerleader and
she seemed like a daddy's-little-girl type who never lacked for
anything, yet he had fallen hard, and he resolved to win her heart.

For the next six months he secretly bought all the magazines the girls
at school seemed to worship, and studied. In s*******n, he learned how
a 'real cool dude' walked, talked, and dressed. In Young Model, he
read about the things every teenage girl supposedly wanted in a
boyfriend. In Cosmo, he discovered what sort of sex 'every'
sophisticated, mature woman 'wants to have'.

And, finally, after screwing his courage to the sticking point, he'd
asked her for a date.

She'd accepted! Actually, when he first spoke to her she'd laughed and
walked off with her friends, but then right after school, he had found
her sitting on the hood of his car. She told him she was sorry, that
she'd actually thought him cute when they first met, but his inept
approach had 'f***ed' her to rebuke him, lest her girlfriends think her
'easy'. Considering how she domineered her peer group, he thought it
more likely that she only feared a loss of control, but didn't dare
risk such a rebuke. He was in love... or lust, which was about the
same to him at that age.

"Well, aren't you going to drive me home?" she'd demanded. At last, he
had thought to himself, a girl who takes the lead. As they talked,
sitting in his car in front of her house, he discovered with delight
and a certain relief that she did have a brain after all. The vast
majority of the attractive girls, at least, seemed to believe that
brains and education were anathema to becoming a model, which every one
of them except Mandy seemed to want. She told him she was getting
straight A's except in Home-Ec, which she loathed, and that she had
already decided to become an investment broker!

He asked her why she had no boyfriends, why she had picked him. Her
reply astonished, and then warmed him. It seemed that she too, was
turned off by empty-headed football jocks suffering from what she
called testosterone poisoning. She seemed surprised and delighted that
he was on the swimming team, yet was also an intelligent student. Then
she shocked him by revealing that she had not only dated a few of those
football jocks, but had sex with several, and found them to be boring,
self-centered lovers.

At his stunned look she added, "Oh, don't look so shocked. There's
nothing wrong with having sex early, although you could never prove it
by those immature fools I run with. I'm not stupid, I use condoms, I
play it safe.

Besides, I've seen the way you look at my body, you know damn well
you'd give your left arm to get in my pants..." here she reached over
and squeezed his crotch, nearly causing a minor traffic accident,
"...and who knows, maybe you will, if you're good to me."

Jason's brain was yelling, "DANGER...DANGER, Dr. Smith! Cockteaser
ahead!" but he suppressed its voice easily and told himself she really
meant it- she was just a very bossy, woman, he corrected

She turned out to be a rather f***eful lass indeed. Fortunately for
Jason's grades, she shared no classes with him, but when they passed in
the halls, she surreptitiously blew him kisses, or licked her lips
lasciviously when no-one was looking. She insisted on meeting him
after school every day, and that he drive her home. He lived for those
drives, as they talked about their passtimes and interests, the other
k**s at school, and frequently about sex. She seemed quite
knowledgable on that subject, and astonished him with her frank,
technical descriptions of what seemed to him bizarre yet tantalizing

Finally, on Friday, she informed him that he would pick her up at seven
that night to go to Angelo's for dinner. Angelo's was a restaurant &
nightclub, rather pricey for k**s their age, but his part time job at
Radio Shack had allowed him to save a tidy bundle. He felt a moment of
pride at being able to wine and dine the sexiest girl in school.

It was rather a relief actually, not having to worry how to persuade
her to go out with him. All she required of him was a "yes".

When he picked her up, he discovered that she challenged the
conventions of fashion as well. He got to her house early and after
waiting nervously on the porch for several minutes, he rang the bell
precisely at seven o'clock. She opened the door within seconds, and
breezed right past him toward the car. He could only stare after her
in shock. When she realized he wasn't following she turned, staring
back at him with hands on hips, looking at him silently as if to say,
'Well, aren't you coming?' He continued to stare for a moment, than
slowly walked up to her, his expression of slack-jawed astonishment
slowly turning to one of frank admiration as he boldly looked her up
and down. The temperature of the warm June night suddenly rose several

"Buy you a drink, senor?" The voice at his shoulder snapped Jason back
to the present. A huge woman, no, a transvestite, in a tight red
flamenco dress was standing next to him.

"Umm, no thanks. I mean, no offense, but your eyes are the wrong color
for me." The flamenco dancer pouted and flounced away. Jason sipped
his scotch, closed his eyes and thought back to that first, incredible

For their trip to the club, she had worn an outrageous shiny rubber
miniskirt in hot pink that fit like a second skin. If that wasn't
enough, she had topped it with a tight-fitting jacket of white patent
leather, accompanied by fishnet stockings and pink patent spike heels.
She wore no blouse under the jacket, and if she wore a bra, it must
have been quite low-cut, as her burgeoning cleavage was plainly
displayed in the neckline. His first reaction was that she looked like
one of the hookers on Main Street, or a heroine from a B-grade movie,
although unarguably sexy!

"My god Mandy," he said, "you look delectable!" She grinned a wicked
grin. "Yes, I know. I take it then that you like my tastes."

She even sounds like a b-grade movie, he thought. He convinced his
eyes to stop exploring her body, to meet her gaze. "Mandy, I LOVE the
way you's just that... I guess it's a bit of a shock. At
school, you never wear anything more provocative than a tight you dress this way every time you go out? Don't you get a
lot of flack from your parents?" He realized he was gushing and shut
up, coloring slightly.

She smiled wryly at him and ticked off her reply on her fingers.
"First: I dress the way I dress at school in order to identify with
those little idiots who follow me around like puppy dogs. I give them
something to look up to, they give me a certain cachet of
respectability, helping me to get on the cheerleading team, the school
newspaper, the yearbook staff, student council, and so on. That stuff
looks great to college scouts, after they finish examining your test
scores, of course.

"Second: no, I don't always dress this way when I go out, only when I
want to reduce my date to a drooling blob of lust." She grinned

"It's working, believe me," stammered Jason,

"..third," Mandy interrupted, "no, my parents don't mind much at all..
you should see some of the things THEY wear.

"and fourth, are we going to dinner, or not?"

During dinner, while his head was reeling from her fantasticly clothed
figure, her slightly musky cologne, and two glasses of wine, she
whispered to him in no uncertain terms what she expected of him later.
Jason was in pubescent heaven. His erection had not subsided since
she'd opened the door, and she certainly wasn't helping with her
thoroughly lurid account of the things she wanted to do to him. If she
weren't so straightforward and bossy, he thought, I'd think she was the
biggest tease of all time.

By the time dessert had arrived, she had removed a shoe, and was
massaging his uncomfortable bulge with her toes, the concealing
tablecloth keeping their secret. When she put her shoe back on and
began squeezing his crotch between both heels, he thought he would
explode. He didn't want to cream in his pants, but he didn't want to
make a scene, either. The whole time, Mandy kept up a stream of
innocuous conversation that for Jason, became increasingly difficult to

When they got to the car, she leaned back against the car, inviting him
into her arms. For a few seconds, Jason hugged her gently, as if
afraid she would break. He kissed her hesitantly, just before they
both threw decorum to the wind, each grabbing the other fiercely,
smothering each other with their mouths, their toungues.

Jason squeezed her ass and pulled her tightly to him, marvelling at the
unusual feeling of the smooth, pliant latex covering her muscular
cheeks. Mandy responded by pushing her hand down his pants.

Jason felt her hand around his erect shaft, and suddenly knew that they
would not be getting home at the hour he'd promised his mother. He
drew his head back, looked her in the eyes. "I think we'd better go

Mandy had him drive to the outskirts of town to an abandoned farmhouse
she knew about from some previous amorous adventure. The entire way,
she was melted against him, rubbing his skin with her hands, and
distracting him from driving in general. Soon she had opened his fly,
and had scooped everything out. Jason tried to think of something to
say, but was overcome by the unique sensation of SOMEONE ELSE handling
his cock, softly squeezing his balls. He tried to concentrate on the
road, but when she pulled him into her mouth, for the second time that
week, he almost drove off the road. "Ah!
..ahhh" was all he could say.

"Relax," she said, releasing his cock for a moment, "you drive the car,
and I'll drive you." She again bent to her task. During a moment's
clear thought, he realized she was quite good at it. Every time he
felt ready to come off, she either slowed down or stopped altogether,
moving her attention and tongue to his balls, or neck, or earlobes.
Only once did she come up for air, to give directions.

When they finally arrived, Jason pulled out a large picnic blanket his
mother kept in the trunk, "for road emergencies". He'd decided that
this was a road emergency. In seconds, Mandy had him down on the
blanket on his back, her legs astride his hips, and her hands pressing
his shoulders into the soft earth. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" she
asked softly, smiling gently down at him in the pale moonlight.
Despite his embarrassment, he couldn't break her gaze. "Umm, yeah," he
answered sheepishly.

Softly, she stroked his face. "Heyy.... heyyy," she cooed, "it's
alright! Everyone's a virgin some time in their life. You just sit
back and enjoy the ride. If you feel like doing something, say so, or
just do what comes naturally. Now then..." She squirmed backwards
enough to get at his belt and stood suddenly, unceremoniously yanking
off his pants. "There! Now we're getting somewhere," she exclaimed,
grabbing at his underwear. When she had him totally nude he protested,
"Hey, wait a minute, I'm not wearing a stitch, and you're still
dressed! That's hardly fair."

Mandy stood astride his chest, looking down at him feigning a hurt
expression. "Don't you LIKE the way I'm dressed?" She ran her hands
over the thin shiny patent leather covering her breasts, turned to face
his feet, giving him an excellent view as she carressed her
latex-covered derrier. "Er, well, I didn't mean..."

"And besides," she added, bending to look at him between her knees as
she positioned herself above his head, "I'm not wearing any panties."
So saying, she knelt astride his chest, pinning his upper arms under
her shins, and squatting directly over his face.

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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A Very Painful Visit To Mistress V

Friday 5th September 2003 - I'm off on a long weekend. I'm sat on a train and my eventual destination is East Croydon though I will have to change at Haslemere.
I have arranged to meet and have a drink with a certain Mistress V with regards to my suitability to become her sub – it's only a preliminary meeting and I haven't brought along my favourite plastic beach shoe or garden cane.
For some reason I recall a paragraph I once read many years ago in a book about sexual perversion something along the lines that: The whip cracking, leather clad, fierce, obedience seeking woman of the male masochists fevered imagination is just that… imagination. These women do not exist in reality except perhaps in the garb that prostitutes put on to satisfy their clients.
Despite the fact that she stated in her letter that she was 'lifestyle' I have nevertheless bought along a fair amount of money – you can never be certain of anything in this game.
The train pulls in at Haslemere and I alight from the carriage, I ask one of the platform staff about the next train to East Croydon and I am directed to another platform. I get into the carriage and wait for it to move off.
I get out of the carriage and have a look along the platform – it appears that there were TWO trains at the platform and the front one was for East Croydon… it isn't there any more!
For fack's sake! Trust me to get in the wrong facking train.
I make more enquiries and to my relief there is another train due shortly – I don't want to be late.
Safely settled in the train I reflect back on the circumstances that are leading to this encounter – slightly nervous as I am. I had advertised recently in a fetish magazine called Axis for a dominant woman - only really expecting responses from professional mistresses – when I had received a letter and a photo from a Mistress V. In it she had told me that she was forty and had just divorced her third husband – he couldn't take the pain any longer. She was Russian and working over here giving seminars to business men. Over the last few years she had given in to her previously suppressed sadistic and dominant impulses and was now looking for a male sub.
The photo showed a smartly attired slightly overweight woman with blonde hair possessing Slavic features – she was average looking.
After I had sent her a photo of myself she had phoned me and agreed a time to meet, during her long lunch hour, and for her to assess my suitability – that appointment was now drawing close.
The train draws into East Croydon, slows and stops. I step out onto the platform and then make my way to the wine bar where we had agreed to rendezvous – I was okay for time. The streets are crowded… and not a little rough for a small town boy like me. I find the bar and make my way down the steps – it's busy but I can't see her. I buy myself a drink and sit down keeping a lookout for her.
Whilst there I am momentarily startled to see my ex wife there but on closer inspection it isn't her though extremely similar… I can imagine the conversation: ‘Hi Jules, fancy seeing you here of all places… what you doing?’
‘Ummm… well Moody and I are splitting up and as you know I am into S & M I've arranged to meet up for a lady to abuse and beat me… still, that's enough about me… you?’
A few minutes later Mistress V strolls in, she's exactly as her photo, and dressed in a smart jumper with beige slacks. I greet her and buy her a drink. We have a short conversation before she says: ‘I have taken ze afternoon off. You are going to come back to my place and ve are going to see vot you are made of!’
I gulp – she means and looks the business.
We finish our drinks and I follow her out… tamely. She is only a short walk away and lives in a three bedroom terraced property. As soon as I enter she orders me: ‘Take off all zor clothes – I must examine you… and in addition you vill address me as Mistress.’
I obey.
I stand up straight with my arms by my sides as she scrutinises my nude body.
‘Hmmm… a little overweight… so you have a big nose, big testicles and a small penis… hmm… vy are you smiling?’
‘Well Mistress… I guess two out of three isn't bad!’
‘Vitty eh?’
She slaps my face.
‘Ve vill zee if you are still smiling in a minute?’
I am ordered to walk over to a wooden chair with arms to which she handcuffs me to.
‘Bend over!’
It is at this point I experience real fear – she could be a bona fide nutter and I'm helpless.
The first stroke is with a leather paddle – it's painful but I take it. Several more follow which I also take – my buttocks are beginning to warm up – and I thrust them out prior to each whack to show her that I can indeed take it. Next is a cane which is cheap and breaks after about twenty strokes – she curses. Last is a flogger and that really hurts as it wraps itself each time around my buttocks, sides, and tops of my legs.
‘Zat is enough for ze moment!’
I am beginning to glow… and proud that I haven't let myself or her down.
‘Vell, you are tougher than my ex husband… he couldn't take half that but he vasn't really into pain even though I tried hard to persuade him that he vas… and he did ze best to please me!’
I could see why he did – she was one hell of a strong woman!
‘It was when he vas made redundant that finished him off and he vas at home all the time… I used to come back dinner times and beat him zen too… I used to feel so much better in ze afternoon. But one day I came back after vork and he was gone leaving me a note telling me that he couldn't take the pain anymore… vimp!’
She releases me from the handcuffs.
‘Valk upstairs… ve have talked enough for ze moment.’
My hands free I take the opportunity to rub my sore buttocks.
I am ushered into a 'play room' where there is a bed stripped of mattresses and bed clothes: various kinky magazines are lying round along with a few items of pain… impending pain.
‘Lie face up on ze bed vith your arms outstretched and your legs apart – I am going to torture you.’ She states matter-of-factly.
A chill runs through my body but I feel I must comply, such is her natural dominance. Secured tightly, I am now at her mercy, my life and well being is in her hands… the very hands that had just administered the worst beating I had endured for a very long time. She turns to the side and produces a pair of nipple clamps.
‘I zink you vill like zeze…’ She smiles sadistically.
I gasp as she attaches each one – they really are tight and my nipples feel as though they are being gripped by pliers. I grit my teeth – I must not start to beg. After a few seconds, strangely, the pain becomes bearable. She then starts to attempt to fix pegs to my inner thighs but they keep slipping off.
‘Zat is annoying, your legs are too muscular… and another zing zat is annoying me is your penis: it is not hard enough or big enough… I zink I vill vip it!’
I am not keen on my pride and joy being whipped but what can I do – complain to the management?
She towers to my right with the small whip raised high in her right hand. I close my eyes as she brings it down. I experience tentacles of extreme pain bite hard into my penis and around my groin. I grind my teeth and tense my muscles with each lash of the whip – after about ten she mercifully stops.
She unclamps my nipples – there is a little ripple of discomfort in each as she does. I look down at my nipples – they appear quite squashed. I expect to be released but seeing me examining my breasts tempts her to whip them.
She only gives me about six strokes and not that hard – the pain is tolerable.
This time she does free me.
‘How vas zat?’
‘Ermm… stimulating…Mistress.’ I stutter.
‘I vill tell you zomezing… I do not like normal sex… I get off on fucking ze man up ze anus vith a strap-on dildo… it is ze only vay I can come… have you ever been facked up ze anus?’
‘No… it doesn't really appeal to me to be honest, Mistress’
In her hand she is waving a large dildo. It scares me… really scares me.
She places the b**st back on the shelf and gets out a much smaller and slimmer vibrator.
‘I zink ve vill try zis one first… turn round and bend over.’
I place my hands on a chair. I feel the vibrator being pushed in – it's a bit like a medical procedure but not too bad. She switches it on.
‘Vat does it feel like?’
‘To be honest I feel like I'm having a crap in reverse, Mistress.’
‘Vell you vill have to get used to it if you are to be my slave. Ven you get home I vant you to stretch your anus progressively by placing bigger and bigger items up it… understood?’
‘I understand, Mistress.’
‘You look hot… would you like a glass of water?’
‘Yes please Mistress and may I use your toilet please too?’
‘You may use MY toilet but I am not going to make it easy…’
I am placed in a yoke with my arms outstretched and a spreader bar placed around my ankles.
‘If you miss the toilet bowl I vill punish you… hard. Now go, I will bring you up some vater!’
With the utmost difficulty I struggle to get down some steps and into the toilet. I attempt to point my now flaccid and reddened penis as best I can in the direction of the bowl. I allow the urine to flow but a few drops land on the rug – I pray that she doesn't check!
I finish and make my way back to the play room where she is waiting with a refreshing glass of water. She raises the glass to my parched lips and allows me to gulp most of it down.
‘I vill now check the bathroom!’
I gulp again.
She exits the room and within about half a minute is back.
‘I vill have to punish you. Kneel on ze floor!’
From her cupboard she produces a wooden paddle – it looks the business.
‘Place your forehead on the carpet.’
I fall forward with my face close to the pile. The first blow is agony and pushes me forward – I can feel the colour drain out of my face… the pain is kind of sickening. She administers three more hard ones – I try to take it but I can't.
‘Mercy Mistress, please, no more please!’
‘It is not for you to ask for mercy… I will stop when I feel you've had enough… you vimp!’
She whacks me twice more but not as hard and then admonishes me: ‘If you vant to be my slave you must never disobey me again!’
‘I'm very sorry, Mistress!’
She takes off my yoke and spreader bar.
‘You vill come down, vash up and zen prepare zum strawberries and cream for me.’
I wash up her dirty plates as best I can.
‘It is not good enough. Put your arms by your side when I address you?’
She slaps my left cheek hard with her right hand – it stings.
‘Now prepare my food.’
I do as she says – I expect her to be cross but she isn't. She consumes the dessert in front of me.
‘It is nearly time for to go but I must examine your body for bruises and then photograph it – I vill not show your face. You have done vell and vill contact you when I have tested the others.’
‘Thank you Mistress.’
She takes pictures of my front, buttocks and penis and I wonder if she will send them to Truprint!
I get dressed and she allows me to give her a peck on the cheek.
At the station I begin to realise what a beating I have just undergone – it is rather painful to sit for long periods of time.
I get home to the Isle of Wight about half ten and fall straight into bed.

* * *

It is Saturday morning and I still feel sore. I go to the bathroom and examine myself in the long mirror – my torso, buttocks and penis are literally black and blue… it will be a while before I go swimming.

* * *

Monday afternoon. I am walking along the road to visit my Uncle and Auntie in Lake. The message alert sounds – it is Mistress V – and I read it: I want you to be my full time slave. You will shave your pubic hair and each day you will text me telling me how you will serve me. I will also send down a chastity device which you will wear. I also expect you to send me some money to purchase a caning table. When you have sold your property you will live with me.
I can't do this – I can't give up my job and stop seeing my son… 24/7 is not for me.
I text back, explaining.
She replies and wishes me luck.
I will never hear from her again.... Continue»
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Play Time

I walk in to the bedroom to find you looking in my toy cupboard with wide
eyes. The shelves hold dildos, vibrators, butterflies and eggs of various
sizes and colours. Hanging on the rail are my leather harnesses,
blindfolds, gags and nipple chains. To one side hangs a cane and a short
multi stranded leather whip and a tawse.

"Like what you see?" I ask.

You turn around startled and blush deep crimson.

"Do you want to play, or is this all too rich for your tastes"

"I'm not sure," you reply "I've never tried anything like that

"Oh come now, an experienced girl like yourself and you never tried a
little bondage or S&M? I find that hard to believe."

"No honestly." you say quickly, shaking your head. " I can't stand
pain, but the idea does excite me."

"That's ok, I can temper the treatment to suit your abilities. What do
you say?"

You nod your head and I take you by the hand to the far side of the room.

Opening the curtains I reveal a wall fitted with a wooden cross of St
Andrew, bindings at each corner and at the centre. You stop dead in your
tracks and pull back from me slightly but don't let go of my hand as you
start to tremble.

"It's ok. I promise to be gentle with you at first. Shall I help you to

You shake your head, and without taking your eyes from mine you slowly
remove your clothes until only your panties remain.

"Those too. Or I'll rip them off."

You blush again as you remove your panties to reveal a shaven pussy. I
lick my lips at the prospect of what is to come.

"Face the wall and spread your arms and legs to the four corners of the

I bind your wrists and ankles, leaving your waist free, and stand back to
admire the view. Your body is slim and toned with soft white skin ; not
for long I think to myself and smile.

"Now, before we begin you must choose a safe word that you can call out
at any time that you wish me to stop. Think about it for a minute while I
get what I need."

I leave the room to get lube and ice, my mind starting to plan how I'm
going to give you a night to remember. When I return there are goose
pimples starting to rise on your skin, the room is warm so it can only be
fear or excitement causing such a reaction. We agree on your safe word
and I begin. Filling my hands with ice, I caress you body from the base
of your neck along your arms and back again. Moving down your back I
reach around to chill the sides of your breasts and down onto your
stomach. More ice, and I slide my hands from your ankles up the inside of
your legs to where your thighs and pussy meet. You are shivering with the
cold that will intensify the feeling of heat on your skin when I begin to
beat you.

"Don't worry, I'll soon warm you up" I laugh.

I pick up the whip and hold it close to your face so that you can smell
the leather. A quick flick of my wrist and the strands snap against the
wall alongside you, the sharp noise making you flinch with fear. How do
you know you can trust me? Bound as you are I can do anything I choose
and you can't do a thing about it. You close your eyes and clench your

"You remember your word?" I ask.

You nod quickly, your eyes wide open now with fear; every muscle tightens
in anticipation of what is to come.

"Good. Now bite on this."

Placing a rubber block between your teeth , I walk back and take the
first gentle swing at your thighs. The skin turns slightly pink and I see
the tension in your body eases as I continue to flog your thighs and
backside, the leather barely making contact with your skin; just enough
to warm and excite. Knowing that you are ready to go to the next level I
strike harder as I gauge how much you will take. You moan softly, and I
take this to be encouragement. My whip stings every inch of your back,
arse and thighs. Never enough to cause real pain, I don't want to
frighten you off for good, but sharp enough to cause you to gasp and
wriggle in your bindings.

I release the shackles and you turn to face me, your expression a mixture
of relief and disappointment. I bind you once more to the cross, this
time your waist is held in place by a broad leather belt. You are
completely unable to move. From the cupboard I select a remote control
vibrator which I slip into your pussy. Next I lube up a set of Thai beads
to insert into your tight little anus; there is a long string attached
which I fasten to my left wrist.

With the remote in my left hand and the whip in my right I inspect the
scene to ensure that everything is in place.

"Ready for round two?"

Without waiting for a reply I flick the strands of leather across the end
of each nipple in turn, causing a small cry of pain. Next I flick at your
shaven pussy, switching the remote into action for just a second as the
whip makes contact with your flesh . You half cry, half moan as the dual
sensations stimulate your senses. I continue to flick at your labia with
an upward circular motion until I notice that your lips are parting and
the strands are becoming wet with your juices.

"Hold that dildo in tightly or it wont be the flogger I beat you
with," I whisper in you ear, " you'll feel the bite of my cane."

A sharp blow this time across your thigh causing red lines of white hot
pain to rise; another sharp blow to the other thigh and you cry out as
you bite down on the gag. Two quick flicks to your shaven lips, the dildo
now vibrating softly within. I remove the gag.

"Wanna stop now, or can you take some more?"

"More please, mistress."

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh god, yes!"

I slip one finger along your wet slit and graze gently over your clit.

"Now you just wait there and think about how much you want me to fuck

I replace the gag and walk out of the room. As I walk away the Thai beads
pull swiftly from your arse and I increase the vibrations in your pussy.
You moan and lower your head in submission.

When I return you are still teetering on the edge of desperate desire. I
pick up the whip and hold the handle tight against your pubic bone. I tap
gently at your lips with the handle, teasing your clit as contact is made
and lost repeatedly. Your breathing becomes deep and slow as your pelvis
rises and falls to met with the handle. Standing close to you now I drop
the whip to the floor and start to slap your lips with my firm hand, my
fingers slipping into your open pussy a little more each time. Your legs
begin to tremble and you spit out the gag .

"Do you wanna cum?"



"Do you think I should let you ?"


"P..p..please m..m..m..mistress, I b..beg you."

"Mmm maybe, maybe not.'


Your body is trembling and I know that only the slightest touch of your
clit will send you over the edge. I remove the dildo and slip four
fingers straight into your dripping hole and rest my thumb on your clit.
You buck so hard against my hand that I fear the chains at your wrists
will pull loose from the wall as you scream out your climax and fall
forward into me. I place my free hand on your chest to pin you against
the wall and watch as you writhe and ride out wave after wave of orgasm.

Finally spent and gasping for air, I release first your ankles and then
your wrists. Carrying you to the bed I lay you down and cover you with a
silk sheet, to prevent you from getting chilled. Leaving you to recover
for a moment or two, I return to the bed with two glasses of chilled
white wine.

"Drink slowly. We don't want you passing out before I've finished with
you."... Continue»
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My Reward And Punishment

Part 2 of the story/ life experience

"I can't stop myself, My reward and Punishment?

I couldn't believe these two gorgeous guys with
HUGE cocks had asked me over to their place to fuck and suck the night away! I loved my Husband, but the fact that he saw me blowing these two giant cocks in their truck was probably going to ruin my marriage, so I was going to make the best of it! As I said before, I had been faithful to him for the 5 years of our marriage, but now the real me was cumming

I stepped off the barstool with my hands still groping their Cocks through their jeans. My pussy was aching for cock and had soaked my tight little shorts. I led them out the door to their truck, quietly telling them I wanted those big cocks in me. The massive cock owned the truck and took the wheel, with me in the middle between two hunky 25 year olds. What a lucky 45 year old slut I was!

When we started down the road I started rubbing my pussy and my two cocks, but the cock driving asked me to leave him alone while he was driving so he could concentrate. I said "safety first" and undid the belt and pants of my second cock. Out sprung that beautiful big cock! I started stroking, jerking, and licking it to load moans that drowned out the stereo. He undid my little shorts, pulled them and my panties off, and slid his fingers in my wet pussy. He called me a filthy whore and other nasty names, adding "if you want our cocks in your holes you must do as you're told. The cock driving grabbed my hair and pulled my head over to him and emphasized "everything you're told". This made me so hot! I've always liked to be submissive. The effects of the fingers in my pussy and the continued insults made me cumm. My second cock pulled his fingers out of my pussy and ordered me to lick them off. I stared into his eyes, smiled and sucked each finger as if they were little cocks. He grabbed my head and pulled it down to his swollen hard on, yelling "suck that cock you dirty slut". I swallowed the whole 8" in one gulp, I was so turned on!

They both were yelling insults at me while telling me to suck it deeper and faster. I went to town on it, my tongue swirling all around it and licking the balls when it was fully down my throat. He started fucking my mouth making me gag, over and over, as they were laughing and high fiving each other. This rough treatment was really turning me on!

The next thing I knew we were stopped at a fast food restaurant waiting in the drive thru. My cocks said they had the munchies and asked if I wanted anything. What gentlemen! We ordered and I released the other cock from its jeans as we waited in the drive thru. There they were, two big, hard, cocks for my pleasure and for me to pleasure. I began alternating back and forth, sucking, licking and deep throating my cocks as we pulled up to the payment window. I looked up at the old Hispanic man collecting money from the cock in my mouth and saw his jaw drop. He was yelling to his co workers in Spanish and they came over to take a look at me sucking my cocks with no pants or panties covering my freshly shaved pussy. My cocks asked the restaurant workers if they wanted their cocks sucked as they had "just picked this whore up", for free food. The old Hispanic man quickly gave my cocks money back and they arranged to meet us behind the restaurant to give us our food for my mouth. My cocks reminded me I needed to do "everything I was told to get their cocks in me" I didn't want to fuck these
seedy looking guys but to get those big cocks in me I thought could suck a few cocks.

I stated what I was thinking and was told to shut my mouth. My cocks told me I was their whore and would do whatever I was told. My, my, I was dripping pussy juice all over as we pulled around the back where a couple young Hispanic guys were waiting with our food. My cocks told me to get out and suck cock. So my mouth was traded for some burgers and fries with my cocks telling the workers it would be $100 each to fuck me. They said blowjobs would be fine and dropped their pants to expose two nice cocks. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was on my knees in a parking lot behind a fast food place sucking a couple of fast food workers cocks! I not only felt like a slut/whore, I was one.

My cocks sat in their truck eating their burgers and fries laughing and encouraging me to make the workers cocks cumm before my food got cold. I was naked from the waist down and the fast food guys started rubbing my pussy as I alternated sucking their cocks. They would both roughly grab my head and fuck my mouth like it was a wet pussy making me gag for air on a number of occasions. They were laughing and yelling in Spanish to the remaining three guys in the restaurant who would come sneak a peak between customers. I felt one of the cocks tense and grow in my mouth and I quickly had a mouth of cumm. I swallowed it down and concentrated on the other one. Another workers cock replaced the one I had finished off and I started on that one, then another workers cock was shoved in my mouth. 3 cocks to suck at the same time, it had been a while, and I was ready. One after another those 3 cocks emptied their loads of cumm down my throat and on my face. My top had been pulled off and I was naked except for my sandals, pussy juice flowing. God, I wanted a cock in me.

I was still kneeling, licking cumm off my fingers when the old Hispanic man came out back and said it was his turn. He went over to my cock's truck and gave them $100 so he could fuck me. My cocks laughed and ordered me to "fuck the old man, whore". He said he didn't want to catch a disease from me, while pulling a condom on an impressive old cock. This wasn't the cock I was dreaming about fucking me but my pussy was on fire. When he bent me over a parked car and started fucking me and I immediately came. He was giving me a real good fucking, I never thought an old man fast food worker would be a good fuck but I was wrong! I was cumming over and over and he kept pounding me to cheers from my cocks in the truck.

As the old man was fucking me,he spit on my ass, working first one, then another finger into it. I'm pretty comfortable with a good anal session, if done with lube slowly. I guess saliva would have to do.

I called out to my cocks in the truck that a good ass fucking should be extra, and they agreed. The old man said he'd give them another $100 when he was done with the whore. My cocks ordered me to take his cock deep in my ass, and the old man spit on my ass again shoving his cock in the hole nice and slow. I was moaning in pleasure as he slid his cock in and out of my asshole, slowly at first then picking up the pace to a good hard ass fucking. I was rubbing my clit encouraging the old man to fuck my ass harder, damn this was unreal! I yelled to my cocks in the truck that I wanted them to both fuck my ass, and they told me to beg for it. I started begging to have my ass fucked by them with the old man's cock slamming in and out of my asshole. The old man started grunting, pulled his cock out of my ass, tore the condom off and stuffed it in my open mouth just as it started spurting delicious cumm. He held my head on his cock until he emptied all his cock juice while calling me names in Spanish.

5 cocks dropping their loads in my mouth, if my Husband could see me now! I got up off my knees, grabbed my top and bra, and headed back to the truck where my cocks were waiting. The old man came over and gave my cocks the extra $100 for the ass fucking I took. My food was cold but I had just downed 5 loads of cumm so I wasn't that hungry anyway. I got in the truck between my two cocks and begged them to take me to their place and fuck me. They once again told me to shut up, saying we had one more stop before I could have those magnificent cocks in me.

They asked if I had eaten pussy before, and I replied no. A girlfriend, who goes out with me at times, and I had
kissed and licked each others nipples while sucking and fucking a guy but that's as far as it went. I had thought about it before, when I see an attractive woman I wonder how her pussy would taste, but I like cock to much to spend time with a woman.

We pulled into the driveway of a well manicured house and went to the door and knocked. It was late and we waited for a couple minutes before the door opened to a scantily dressed middle aged woman. I was still naked except for my sandals, and she smiled asking "what do you have here boys?" They replied "a nasty whore Trish, she said she'd lick your pussy and asshole until you cumm!" She invited us in and started looking me over licking her lips. She was in great shape, looked like she spent time in the gym, short, bleached blond hair, tight ass and small breasts. I stood there obediently while she fingered my clean shaven pussy and pinched my nipples. She asked "what's this going to cost me this time boys?" They responded "a day off with pay Trish". She opened my ass cheeks to expose my freshly fucked asshole putting a finger in it and asking "when boys?" As they negotiated their deal I realized this must be their employer /boss who had a finger in my asshole while sucking on my nipples. Next thing I knew I was being led to the couch in the front room and told to sit with my legs spread, pussy and asshole exposed, and wait for further instructions. My cocks and Trish disappeared for a few minutes and when they came back she had a small suitcase with her. I was grabbing my ankles with my pussy and asshole fully exposed moaning "fuck me, someone fuck me". I once again was ordered to "shut the fuck up whore, just do as you're told".

Trish opened the suitcase and pulled out a large selection of toys and dildos. My cocks were watching from the kitchen while having some beers and put on some good music. She took off her nighty to expose a rock hard body, and totally clean shaven pussy like mine. Her nipples were pierced as was her clit and she had a tramp stamp just above her ass cheeks. She leaned down, brought her mouth to mine, and as I opened it her tongue entered. I rubbed my clit as we entered a hot kissing session. She stopped and asked how many cocks I had sucked that night as she could still taste the cumm in my mouth. I replied 7 and I want more! She winked at me and grabbed a big, real looking cock dildo and told me to put it in my mouth and suck it I obeyed and was startled as to how hot this was getting me! Trish and my cocks were watching my every move as I fingered my pussy and asshole while sucking that dildo with wild abandon .This was an unbelievable evening! As dirty a girl I had been in my life, never had I been as slutty and turned on!

My cocks moved over to the couch next to Trish as she asked if I had ever eaten pussy and ass. She was telling me how sweet pussy tastes and how aroused she gets when she has her tongue in a tight little asshole. She said "after sucking off 7 cocks, tasting my pussy and ass should be a relief for me". She undid my cocks belts and pants and started stroking those big , beautiful hunks of manhood asking if I wanted them . I nodded yes and opened my mouth only to be told to only do what I was told to do. Trish told me to put that dildo back in my mouth and dropped to her knees putting her face between my spread
legs. She continued stroking my cocks while gently flicking her tongue on my clit. My god, it was heaven, she swirled her tongue in a clockwise motion around my clit, sucking and gently biting it until my juices were pouring out. I had never cumm this hard from oral sex before, she was wonderful. Occasionally she would leave my pussy to suck one of the big cocks I so wanted in me, making me jealous.

I was ordered to take the dildo out of my mouth and start fucking my pussy with it . Trish turned it on so it would vibrate and gave me a deep kiss allowing me to taste my pussy juice. In and out it went, my pussy was a sloppy mess, juices running from my pussy into my ass, when my cocks moved to my mouth. I was sucking one and then the other when Trish took control of the dildo and started sucking my clit again. Her tongue moved down to my ass and started licking it while she fucked me with the dildo. I was going wild deep throating two big cocks while this nasty woman was eating my asshole. She moved the dildo to my ass and with plenty of tongue helping lube it, slowly slid it in. I was moaning in ecstasy through the cocks that were fucking my mouth as she fucked my ass while sucking my clit.

My cocks were rock hard and twitching. They moved me off the couch, Trish taking my place, telling me to kneel in front of her. I obeyed and she spread her legs, grabbing her ankles as I had. Her asshole and pussy were totally exposed for me and were glistening with her juices. My cocks grabbed me by the hair, shoving my face between her legs telling me to eat that pussy and ass. I obeyed, first swirling my tongue around her clit with gentle sucks and bites as she had done to me. I wasn't sure about what to do with the clit ring so I sucked it into my mouth, getting a favorable response. I moved down to her ass and licked the hole with enthusiasm as she moaned in pleasure, grasping a new vibrator from her suitcase. She told me to put my tongue in her ass as far as I could, as she used a vibrator on her clit. They were all calling me a ass eating whore and other things as Trish was squirting out her juices all over my face. Her thighs wrapped around my head as my tongue darted in and out of her ass. I couldn't breath because she had my head squeezed between her thighs and she was very strong. Just when I was about to pass out she released me. She called me a good ass and pussy eater and ordered me to eat my cock's asses.

My cocks sat on the couch and lifted their asses while spreading their legs exposing their assholes to my tongue. Trish grabbed my head and pushed my face into a juicy asshole ordering me to lick it ,suck it and put your tongue in it like you did mine. As I had my tongue deep in my cock's ass Trish was deep throating that giant 10" cock. She was good, very good, handling that monster with no problem. The other cock moved behind me and started licking my pussy as I ate ass. Trish ordered him to put a vibrator in my pussy, get behind her and shove his big cock in her. I had a big vibrating dildo crammed in my pussy as I ate my cock's ass, watching Trish sucking his monster cock while getting fucked from behind! What a sight! I'm usually the one getting ravished, so now I see what I look like. Trish was going wild, grunting, moaning and screaming. My cock's asshole was getting wider and juicier as he was moaning in pleasure.

My pussy wanted those cocks in it, the anticipation was overwhelming. Trish pulled my head out of my cock's ass and pushed it down in the other one ordering me to eat more ass. She began sucking his big 8" cock while I had my tongue deep in his ass. As my tongue was working in and out of his ass I felt his ass spasm and heard him moan as he spurted a load of hot cumm in Trish's mouth. She grabbed me by the hair pulling my mouth to hers, kissing me and sharing that delicious cumm.

Trish ordered me to the couch and told me to kneel as she lay under me with her mouth on my pussy. I instinctively lowered my mouth to her clit and licked and sucked it as she did the same to me. Her tongue lowered to my asshole and fingers entered my pussy. I followed her lead and did the same to her. Damn I love sex! We were grinding our pussys and asses on each others mouths as a giant cock was shoved in my pussy while Trish had her tongue on my clit. I'd been waiting to have one of those young, huge cocks in me all evening, and damn, it was worth the wait! I had the bigger of the two slamming me from behind and the other one entered Trish's ass as I sucked and licked her clit. This was the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest sexual evening I'd ever experienced. I was going wild with lust. I really did get off on eating, licking and sucking assholes as Trish said I would. I loved this woman!

Trish's ass was getting pounded as I drank her squirting pussy juice. I was cumming in bucketfuls while being fucked like a rag doll. That big cock was everything I thought it would be. I'm a firm believer that size does matter, as long as it's real hard. The cock in Trish's ass grunted, shoved all the way in her asshole and erupted with cumm oozing out her ass. I left her pussy when the spent cock pulled out of her ass and swallowed it in one gulp! Yuummm, I loved the taste of her ass mixed with cock cumm. Then I went back to her pussy and ass. Cumm was oozing out of her beautiful asshole so I started licking it clean until it stopped leaking, with her moaning in ecstasy!

Then that giant 10" cock started really fucking me. He flipped me over missionary, ramming, jamming, and slamming my wet box like there was no tomorrow. The spent cock came closer to my face and began slapping me with the flaccid manhood. Trish was holding my legs nice and wide, making it a lot easier to get fucked good! This had to be heaven! I was having a spiritual moment!

I put the spent cock in my mouth and sucked and licked like a wild woman. The giant cock was still fucking the shit out of me as the spent cock started growing in my mouth. Soon I had a 8"rock hard cock in my mouth with a 10" cock in my well used pussy. Trish was encouraging me with dirty talk. We traded off sucking, our tongues meeting at the cock as I continued getting fucked. She told the cocks to fuck my ass and handed me a tube of lube. They all pulled me up, bent me over the arm of the couch asking if I was ready for the fucking of my life. I lubed my ass up while Trish slid a couple vibrators in my holes asking if I'd ever been DP'd before. I told her "I'd fucked groups of guys at the same time on a number of occasions but trying to get a double penetration to work never happened. The times I tried it the guys would get soft, complaining they were to close to the other cock, or would cumm prematurely before any real action." She asked how I liked the vibrators sliding in and out of my wet holes and I moaned enthusiastically.

My cocks were rubbing on my ass cheeks as Trish continued fucking my holes with her toys. By now I was screaming in ecstasy, but I wanted the real thing. I was a little worried about fitting those monster cocks in my ass but nothing was going to stop it from happening now.

I didn't have to wait long as the massive 10" cock started slowly entering my wet asshole as soon as Trish pulled the vibrators out. The other cock was shoved in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed it. Trish grabbed me by the hair and told me I better take all that cock in my ass and let him pound me or there would be no Dp for me. My cocks were once again high fiving each other as they slid in and out of my ass and mouth. I was gagging on the cock in my mouth as he fucked it because I couldn't concentrate. The cock fucking my ass was too big, even after it had been stretched open with dildos and tongues. It hurt, the head was huge and he was pulling nearly all the way out before re-entering. I spit the cock out of my mouth and started whimpering in pain, to further insults from Trish and the cocks. The cock in my ass gave a hard thrust all the way in and pulled out telling me to suck it clean. What a relief, but it was short lived.

As I was licking and sucking my ass juice off the monster cock Trish was lubing up the other cock. God, the cock that just tore my ass up was huge. I still had trouble taking it all down my throat. Trish was laughing calling me a rookie. She ordered me to take the other lubed up cock in my ass and I complied. It was a little shorter and not as thick so it
slid right in my gaping asshole. Once the head was in it started feeling real good. Trish was licking the cock and my ass as it slammed in and out and that felt wonderful! Meanwhile the giant cock was fucking my mouth like it was a Mexican Whore's cunt while I was gagging, choking and slobbering all over it.

Once again I was roughly pulled by my hair off the couch to the floor and ordered to lower my ass onto the giant cock as he lay on the floor. It looked beautiful and I was glad to have it out of my throat so I could breath. Trish started sucking my nipples and then moved to my mouth, kissing me deeply as I lowered my gaping asshole on the monster. It once again hurt but as I had more control it was feeling better and better. I was straddled reverse cowgirl style, slowly fucking my ass with that cock. Trish was still kissing and licking me and moved her tongue to my pussy. Now I was feeling great! She sucked my clit as I picked the pace up on my ass fucking. The other cock moved over to my eager mouth and I sucked and licked my ass juice off of it as he moaned in pleasure. My pleasure continued to increase and I really started slamming my ass down on that huge cock. I couldn't understand how it could have been so painful before yet now I wanted it all the way in. Trish couldn't keep sucking my clit because I was riding my cock so hard and she commented how wide my asshole had opened up to accommodate the b**st. I was screaming in pleasure and had to spit the cock out of my mouth. I began feeling like I was going to cumm, but it was a strange sensation. The feeling was cumming from my ass and as I furiously rubbed my clit until I had what I believe was a anal orgasm. (Have any of you reading this had this experience?) I was screaming in joy as my dreams were cumming true. The other cock knelt in front of me slowly stroking the 8" of pleasure about to enter my wet pussy.

Trish knelt down and guided it into my pussy as I continued to fuck my ass with the other cock. I had to slow down to allow her to slip it in my wet box. I couldn't believe the feeling! I was still having an anal orgasm as it started fucking my pussy and I went crazy with lust! It felt like they were in the same hole as we began a steady rhythm, both big cocks slamming in and out at the same time. My God, I was cumming like never before, sensations from my ass were as strong as from my hot, wet pussy. Trish was ordering my cocks to fuck me harder and deeper, and asked if I was happy now. As I began to answer she lifted her leg and straddled the three of us resting her clit on my lips. The cocks kept slamming me as I held myself up with my hands and feet on the floor. I started sucking that clit and clit ring, putting my tongue deep in her pussy. I loved eating pussy, especially while getting fucked in the ass and pussy. Her juices were flowing out all over my face as she moaned in approval. I drank them up as fast as I could but there was so much cumm it was dripping off my chin onto my breasts.

They flipped me over on all fours after a while because I was having a hard time holding myself up. My cocks had me suck them clean of all the pussy and ass juice before Trish lubed them both up again. They then started tag teaming first my ass and then my pussy as Trish lay in front of me grabbing her ankles exposing her two hot, wet holes. I needed no instructions on what to do next as my tongue swirled around and in both holes.

When were these stud's cocks going to cumm? They just kept lubing my ass up and slamming it, then pulling out and the next one would start up. I couldn't tell which cock was which any more as my holes were wide open. I felt no pain at all, just complete pleasure.

Trish turned herself around so we were in a 69 position and began licking and sucking my pussy as the cocks kept fucking my ass. When they would trade turns she would break from my pussy, licking and sucking the ass juice off my cock. We sounded like a bunch of a****ls, grunts, groans, moans, squeals and filthy talk. I was so into eating Trish's holes, I loved the taste of her pussy and ass. I should have tried this years ago!

After I had completely satisfied Trish she complimented me on my oral skills, slid out from under me and kissed me deeply. My giant cock slid under me, thank God, I loved when it fucked me, ass or pussy! My other cock was fucking my ass as I centered my pussy over that gorgeous cock and lowered onto it. Yuuummm, how much more pleasure could you possible get, I just knelt there while these young studs fucked my holes like it was the last fuck they were ever going to have! Trish traded off kissing us all while getting a birds eye view of the cocks fucking me, commenting how big and hard the cocks were and how my holes had opened up like a true whore. I was in ecstasy!

My cock's grunts and moans grew louder and louder. I was screaming while cumming over and over. Once again I was having anal orgasms as my cock furiously fucked my gaping asshole. He tensed up and I felt him spurting a load in my ass, an exquisite feeling. He was balls deep in my ass spurting stream after stream of hot cumm. My other cock was ramming my pussy while my ass was being filled with cumm, and also started spurting hot cumm in my wet pussy.

Nothing in my 45 years can compare to the complete pleasure I felt at that moment. My spent cocks pulled out and I licked and sucked them clean.

I lay on the floor rubbing my pussy, with a finger in my ass, licking the cumm off my fingers. Cumm was oozing out my holes as I continued to have ass & pussy orgasms. Trish knelt next to me and took over for my fingers, licking hers clean as she dipped them in the cumm draining from my holes. We kissed passionately and traded cumm, stroking each others breasts and pussys.

I was exhausted, happy, and for the first time I can remember, completely sexually fulfilled. Trish got us all some cocktails, rum and cokes, and I had a smoke. My cocks and Trish hugged me saying what a good girl I was. We all were joking around like nothing freaky had happened yet were still naked. It was late so Trish told my cocks to take tomorrow off with pay and asked where I was going to go. I said I wasn't sure, and both my cocks and Trish asked me to stay with them.

My ass and pussy were sore so I thought staying with Trish sounded like a good idea. I wanted to find out more about her. She was a trip. My cocks were disappointed but I told them I was available for future fucking any time, I was just worn out now and needed a nasty woman's company.

We exchanged cell numbers and off my big cocks went. Trish led me to the bedroom and brought her toy's suitcase. Yuuummmm. Her tight little ass was wiggling in front of me as I followed her. She started asking about who I was and what I did besides being a slut/whore. Her bedroom was decorated with beautiful art that appeared to be images of cocks and pussys.
She guided me to the bed as we embraced, tongues meeting in passion.

To be continued.........

Next, The day after and my return

Luv and Blowjobs, Mrs. Sancho... Continue»
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The Shopkeeper


Julie walked into the antique shop, she had seen a drawing in the window she felt drawn too, a man of about 60 moved forward as she approached the counter.
"Can I help you mam"?
"It's the drawing in the front window, can I have a closer look please"?
"I'll get my son to serve you ,he knows more about it".

The old man shuffled away to be replaced by a young man of about twenty.
"I understand you're interested in the drawing"?
"Yes , I would like any information you have on it please"

As the young man moved to the window, Julie noticed his broad back, the muscles rippled as he lifted a box out of the way.
The drawing was of an Indian girl of about sixteen, she was naked, laid on an old blanket and attended to by seven men carrying trays laden with objects.
The strange look on the girls face was what drew Julie to it, she looked so scared.

"This drawing was done at the turn of the century, it was done by my uncle, this is a drawing of a girl who had rejected an offer of marriage from a man of eighty who wanted her to be his seventh wife".
"She was so repulsed by the old man she took her own life, this is the last time my uncle saw her, she was the daughter of one of his friends".

Julie looked at the photo, she must have it.
"How much would you like for it"

"I am afraid it is two hundred pounds"
Julie wrote a check out endorsed by her American express card.

I have a frame out the back, if you give me a few hours I will mount it and deliver it for you"

Julie smiled as she handed her address to the hunk, she would have another chance to see this man again.

Julie had showered and changed by the time the doorbell rang, he was there clutching the framed drawing.
Inviting him in Julie offered him a drink.

As Tony sat with his whiskey he looked at the other pictures and drawing on the wall, they all depicted young girls up to twenty, the strange thing was there expressions, they all were scared.

Julie noticed his interest with the photo's.

"I love the thought of being in a position where my fate is decided by someone else.

Standing next to one picture that showed a girl tied to a tree and the man standing over her, she was partially naked, her breast was uncovered and the man had a stick raised.

"The ultimate sin is to say no", Julie smiled at Tony, "I love to be dominated, but not many men want to take on the challenge"

Tony was intrigued, Julie talked like she was amongst friends, telling Tony all about dreams she had as a c***d of being tied up. She was fascinated by the subject .
They talked for about two hours, Julie without realising, had told Tony all about her sexual frustrations, men were scared of her, many were afraid of being accused of f***ed ****.

Tony looked at his watch, it was gone twelve, he rose saying sorry about the lateness of the time.
Julie assured him she had enjoyed the evening, closing the front door she was sorry he was gone.


Tony thought about Julie the next day as he went about clearing some old boxes from the back of the shop, He had cleared the house of an old man who had died, there were books of all subjects, and a few porno magazines, as he glanced through there was one that caught his eye.

The title was BOUND TO PLEASE, and showed a girl tied to a St Andrews cross. Her body was naked, a man with a huge hard-on stood by, he had a small paddle in his hand, she looked so scared.
Putting the magazine to one side he looked at the rest of the stuff in the box.
At the bottom of the box he saw some black leather cuffs chained together, further investigation revealed a full kit of bondage equipment.

He thought of Julie, he could just see her, half naked, chained to the bed ,his penis rose at the thought, she did have a sexy body, he was not into S&M but to have a girl helpless at your mercy made him rock hard, he decided to contact her again.

Ringing her doorbell he had second thoughts, maybe she would think he was a pervert and call the police. To late to back out the door opened.

"OH hello Tony ,nice to see you again".
Julie wore shorts and a blouse tied by the tails exposing her belly, dead sexy thought Tony.

"Hi, I don't want you to get the wrong Idea, but I found these in the shop", He produced a suitcase, "come on in", Tony led the way to the front room and sat down.

"I feel embarrassed now, please don't be offended, but the way you were talking last night I thought of you".

He handed the case to Julie, "you have got me intrigued now" she smiled.

As she opened the case she saw the freshly cleaned leather cuffs and other stuff.

She gasped, "Oh my god Tony"

Tony got up to go thinking he had gone to far.
Julie sat on the settee, raising the cuffs to her nose she breathed the wonderful smell of leather, her fingers caressed the soft leather, "they are beautiful Tony thank you", rising up she kissed him quickly, "would you put them on please" .

Tony was gobsmacked, but she was smiling at him, reaching for the cuffs he tried to put them her.
"NO SILLY ON YOU , I want to see what they look like on a man"
Julie helped him off with his jacket, he felt foolish in this position, tying one wrist he held the other out for Julie to tie, soon both were on , it was a strange sensation , Julie's eyes sparkled, she held the small strap that bound the two wrists and pulled on it .

Tony walked as Julie led him into the other room, it was dark, the curtains were heavy lined, not a chink of light showed.
He followed Julie deeper into the room, she stopped, he felt click into place near his hands, suddenly his arms were being raised above his head, still further until he was on tip toes.

"What's goi" was all he got out, he felt a tape being put across his mouth and then she spoke.
"You are going to find out more about me honey, do as you are told the first time" was all she said. He felt his shirt being undone and pulled apart, her hands caressed his naked chest, finding his nipples she tweaked them into hard buttons, he felt her wet tongue lick them, a tingle went to his loins, she moved away and left the room, he stood there silently wondering what the hell he had stumbled on.

About twenty minutes later a light went on flooding the room, he stood there blinking, as his eyes focused he saw her standing there, she was dressed in black shiny vinyl from head to toe, her breasts were naked, peeking through the holes cut into the material, her hips and thighs looked as if they had been poured into the garment, her sex outline was visible , her puffy lips bulged as the vinyl clung to her body.

Julie had that sparkle in her eyes again , moving closer she undid his belt, his trousers fell down exposing his boxer shorts, as he saw her eyes drop down he felt himself respond, kneeling down she pulled his shorts down slowly, his prick rising even though he was not sure what her aim was.

He felt her hands caress his ball sac, her cool hands rolled his balls around , his prick was at full length now, he felt her other hand tying something around his balls and prick, it was an Arab strap it held his prick out straight and tightly trapped his balls.

Her long nails sc****d the full length of his trapped penis, he shuddered, he was so hard, she lowered his aching arms so he could stand on his feet, but not for long, she pulled his tied wrist forward and he went off balance and fell forwards onto a bed, he heard a click as she secured him to the top of the bed post, she produced a set of handcuffs and cuffed his left ankle to the base of the bed.

He was trapped, naked on the bed face down.

"This is what the girl in the picture must have felt, not knowing what was going to happen next" , Julie spoke quietly.
"It might have been this", Tony waited with bated breath, "UGGGHHHHH", he moaned as he felt a sharp pain hit his buttocks, Julie raised the paddle again, "WHOOSH",, another , harder slap onto his naked ass, he caught his breath as the pain receded.

"Or maybe this", another pause, Tony steeled his body for another jolt, instead he felt her nails scratch his ass where the paddle had hit, the sensation was intense, tiny electric shocks ran through his body as the nails repeated their assault.

He felt her tying straps to his knees one by one, first the right, she then brought his right knee up under his body and tied the strap to the top headboard, undoing the handcuffs she repeated the sequence to his left leg.
He was on his knees, his ass exposed high in the air, her hand trailed across his exposed scrotum, he shivered as the fingernails scratched his anus, he had no idea what she would do next..

He felt soft breast push against his ass as she knelt behind him, her hands moved to his groin, taking his rampant prick she slowly wanked him, the vinyl gloves she had put on massaged the pre-cum along the length making it silky smooth, she kissed the centre of his back making her way down to his ass, her tongue licked the spot where she had paddled him, he was so turned on , he hated pain, but this was different, all the time he was waiting for the next assault, when it came it blew his mind apart.

Julie stood up from the bed, tying a strap on prick to her waist, putting a blob of gel on the tip she knelt behind Tony.
Her hand caressed his tight scrotum, her other hand levelled the strap on pick at his anus, suddenly she lurched forward, Tony screamed as he felt the massive rod enter his unsuspecting hole, Julie thrust again, the gel helped the rod enter deeper, with each thrust Tony yelped in pain .
Gripping Tony's hips Julie sawed in and out of the tight hole, soon, enough of the gel had lubricated the hole making it easier.

Tony felt himself respond, he could not believe this, his prick throbbed as the anal stimulus was making him respond, her hand slipped under him and gently squeezed his swollen balls.

He felt himself start to move against the thrusts, taking the solid rod deeper into his bowels, he whimpered as he felt his prick jerk, shot after shot of his sperm hit the bed beneath him, it was his most intense climax he had ever had , Julie squeezed a bulb attached to the dick, Tony felt warm liquid shoot deep into his bowels, he felt his prick jerk again trying to shoot more sperm as another climax shook his body, there was no more sperm to shoot, he just let the orgasm rush through his body and he collapsed in a heap out of breath.

Julie tied the straps of the dick to Tony's thighs, the prick was still trapped deep into his bowels, Julie turned the lights off and left the room, Tony fell asl**p drained.

Tony woke with a pressure deep inside, he remembered last night , the bed was sticky underneath him with his cum, the dick deep in his ass.

The door opened and Julie entered, dressed in her dressing gown, she approached the bed and leaned over and kissed Tony , her tongue insinuated into his mouth, her hand pushed gently against the dick moving it slightly in his ass, he moaned as the thick rod moved.
Julie undid the straps and slowly pulled out the invader, cold air rushed into his anus as it gapped open, he shivered.
He felt the straps released from his legs and his hands released from the cuffs, he was free.

Julie led him to the bathroom and turned on the shower, she dropped the robe she was wearing and stood naked ,holding Tony's hand she pulled him into the shower, they made slow passionate love, Julie loved his solid prick as it entered deep into her waiting cunt, she had lived her dream to dominate a man for a short while, but this is what she wanted, a man to take control and treat her like a woman. As she felt his sperm shoot deep inside she knew Tony would be hers, he had liked to be assaulted and abused by a woman, and she knew the roles would be reversed in time, she was looking forward to it.

The end... Continue»
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