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"In what way?"

"Talking about sex, that sort of thing."

"I'm glad you like it. Is there something you can contribute? Since I ... so much more alive. Natually I spent a lot of time thinking about Danny, who was soon to become Danielle. He phoned me ... ... Continue»
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... then I looked in the mirror.

I was appalled. I determined to do something about what I saw. It was four months of hell, ... said something about 'fatigue syndrome' but I knew better.

Danny was so good to me during that time I get teary thinking about it. ... ... Continue»
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Danny's little secret

... now he was fucking me like I was a girl or something

There was something about him fucking my butt hole that made me excited ... up to Eric's mom touching my shoulder saying, "Wake up Danny! I made breakfast! Did you pee in your diaper last night ... ... Continue»
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Dawn and Danny

... goop in jars and spray cans.

"It's time to do something about your hair, Dan," my twin s****r said, standing in front of ... over just the tip of her sensitive nipple.

"I'm gonna come, Danny," she whimpered. "Yes, baby. Ooooh, that's it! God, I'm gonna ... ... Continue»
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A teen boy learns about sex

... that I experienced she stood up saying that it was about time that I learned something about life. Before I was fully aware of what ... was teasing and I said something about my not having any milk.

She looked up and said something like, "Not here silly." ... ... Continue»
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My True Story about Interracial Sex

... joke about giving me a big kiss as I hopped into the shower, I didn’t have to invite Jack in. He said something about ... hard in about 10 seconds. As I stated before I really do enjoy giving blowjobs, but there was something WONDERFULLY different about it. ... ... Continue»
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The Girl with Something Extra

... night!"

I stopped again, and really looked at her. Something about her reminded me of somebody, if I could only ... , still going cautiously, gently, and tentatively. Suddenly, I felt something tear inside me.

"Ooh!" I gasped.

"What?" she cried. "I ... ... Continue»
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but was it REALLY all about the big black dick?

... or "how long you been doing this" and then state something about how they're cool w/it until they pop their ... something. i didn't understand a single thing that barely made it out of his gorgeous lips. he mumbled again w/a little more volume. something about ... ... Continue»
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A Story about Black Cock and a Wifes reluctants

... , as quite a few
white women were very interested, perhaps something about
the forbidden nature of dating across racial lines, and
... occasionally her thighs would separate as she leaned to
get something, or as she was getting up or sitting down.
I ... ... Continue»
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I Learn About Truck Stops

... . Of course I had a game system at home, but there was something about playing the arcade games. Typical teen stuff. The weather stayed ... naïve guy, always thinking that someone wanted to do something for me with nothing in return, haha. I was a bit of ... ... Continue»
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Fantasy about meeting my new Mistress

... much later it was when I woke up but I quickly realised something was wrong. There was a large object in my mouth that ... rope and something else that I couldn’t identify.
‘Since you can’t make your fucking cock go down I am going to do something about it ... ... Continue»
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Daddy & I Share Something NewbySharlann©
It was a rainy Saturday and I was already up, preparing a ... and began sucking on first one and then the other. Something about the way Dad sucked my tits caused my cunt to ... ... Continue»
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For my friend Jason about his wife Chris

... you got it. She said her husband Jason had suggested something like that and she was curious. I said "how curious?" She ... again and said "very". I told her maybe we should do something about that and she asked her room or mine. I said your ... ... Continue»
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Something about my s****r made me feel different..

... because he had the weirdest look on his face like something was bothering him. I asked him what was wrong and he ... six hours. Would you be able to order pizza or something?" My mother asked and I shrugged and nodded. "Good." Father replied ... ... Continue»
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Story Wrote about Me....

... a decent, muscular build and a rather well endowed cock. It's about eight inches long and very thick.

Maria & I signed ... I needed to walk away from this place, but there was something about Frankie. I kept arguing with her and was ready to walk ... ... Continue»
Posted by wifefrankie 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 808  |  
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Kinky Story about Me!

... a decent, muscular build and a rather well endowed cock. It's about eight inches long and very thick.

Maria & I signed ... I needed to walk away from this place, but there was something about Frankie. I kept arguing with her and was ready to walk ... ... Continue»
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Flirting at the mall.......are you sure about that

... saleswoman saw me walk in and said something about how she knew I'd be back for ... drink situated I noticed my new friend standing about 50 feet away with a smile on his face ... No.....he fact he'd always wondered about gurls like me but had never ... ... Continue»
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Something about her

... quite often alone with my new female friend talking about personal current passions, and issues. Following each other to ... burying her cheek into mine, kissing it before making a comment about our tits pressing together. I of course lightly went along, ... ... Continue»
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Don't complain about your job, part 2

... with precum.
"Did I make you that wet?"
"Uh huh," was about all I could say. Her warm hands on my cotton wrapped ... that much?"
"Yes," is all I could say.
"Well, I better do something about it, then. Don't you think?"
She smiled at that ... ... Continue»
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Date Coach from sissifyourself

... pairs, in whatever colors you want. We should also do something about your height, so I want you to buy a couple ... moment.
“Please Danny, I’m glad things are going well, but please have a seat first,” he chuckled. They spoke some more about Danny’s progress ... ... Continue»
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