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... too, Pretty Sissy
Dani?" That was it--the code words that surrendered my
personality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer's lesbian
slave. Though I could not refuse her commands, I remained aware
of what she was doing to me. "Dani ... ... Continue»
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... service as sissy Dani."
Jennifer smiled the wicked smile I had grown to fear yet love.
"At once, sissy Dani. I have a very special weekend planned for

Producing a collar and leash, she bound me to her and led me to
sissy Dani ... ... Continue»
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Sissy Dani CHAPTER 4

... Sissy Dani's curves. It was low-cut and strapless,
the bodice fitting like a bustier. The hem was among the shortest
Sissy Dani ... the effect of the Sissy Dani persona upon me.
Now, Jennifer produced a syringe from her bag. "This, Sissy Dani,
is the same ... ... Continue»
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... instructions. However, whenever you hear the
words 'pretty sissy Dani,' you will adopt the personality imposed
by these ... been left--as I suspected, they
were gone.

"Well, sissy Dani, I see you know I meant what I said," Jennifer
laughed, ... ... Continue»
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Sissy gets a black master

... question as
he made me his sissy Dani.

Sissy Missy
Gets A Black Master -- Secret No More

"Sissy, I'll be home in ... letting me
become your obedient sissy bitch.

He chortled again. "You're welcome Sissy Dani. But you may want ... ... Continue»
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Vegas Trip with Dani

... a really chilly morning, about 42 degrees at 3 AM, not that Dani's nipples could get any harder. I started to fill the tank ... , they each nodded in dissapointment. After his quick unloading we, Dani and I, walked out to the car. I bent her over the ... ... Continue»
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Young Sissy

... and then beat the tears out of you. A good sissy is a happy sissy. That's rule number seven. Dammit, look at you making ... that a tempting vision? The idea of submitting to another sissy made my sissy clit throb, but it also frightened me. If they ... ... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (Part 4)

... “ she giggles and reaches out and give Sissy’s boob a tender squeeze.

Sissy watches her do this with out flinching or ... leg, but turned so she is facing Sissy, straddling her legs around Sissy’s thigh. This surprises Sissy, who thought she would sit ... ... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (Part 5)

... kissing is very important.” Let me show you… ummm on Sissy here.”

Sissy say’s “whaaat ?”

But Lisa commands her to stand and ... the shaft and faces Sissy.

She stops and grins and says to Sissy, “You need to help me.”

Sissy says “Oh no I’m ... ... Continue»
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stepson becomes mom's sissy

... Wincing in pain, he squealed, "I’m a faggy little sissy boy! I’m a faggy little sissy boy!"

"There. Doesn’t it feel good to ... Breasts;" "Fall Fashions for Today’s Young Sissy;" "Just Like Mommy: Dresses for the Sissy Sophisticate;" and "The Latest In ... ... Continue»
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Sissy tasks

... next assignment. This is very important.

Your Tenth Sissy Assignment

Welcome, sissy girl.

This will be short and sweet. ... this. You are such a sissy.

Your Twelfth Sissy Assignment

Has anyone else noticed how much of a sissy you are these days? ... ... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (Part 3)

... at her chest like a porn movie.

“Damn” Sissy mutters. Brad is speechless

Sissy makes a decision to follow her own a****l ... over her body.

Brad mumbled, “Damn Sissy… what…” “Shush “ she cut him off

Sissy purrs, “I know you look at me ... ... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy (sissy fucktoy for

... man's cock inside you. Youz nothing but a pussyboy sissy slut. All whiteboys are sissy pussyboys who really wanted to be fucked ... a guy, you’re kissing a white pussyboy sissy slut. Now kiss the bitch you SISSY FAGGOT CUNTBOY!"

We obeyed, our mouths ... ... Continue»
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Be a Sissy

... how badly his
mascara was running.

f***ed to be a Sissy III
Jacob stood before Mz. Nelson with his hands ... bad behavior? I think it is time to insure
Camille's bestest sissy behavior in the future. I think....." she stopped
speaking to ... ... Continue»
Posted by klammer 20 days ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Shemales  |  Views: 5605  |  
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New Little Sissy

... agreed you are homosexual and you are a sissy."

"That's what sexy little sissy faggots do darling."

"You said you would ... spice it up a little darling, Mommy loves a
simpering, whimpering little sissy." Veronica gave her a pink nylon scarf
to hold in ... ... Continue»
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Sissy boy cuckold

... sissy because you are a sissy arent you?"
"Yes mistress"
"So what do you look like?"
"like a sissy mistress"
"thats right you look like a sissy and you look like a sissy because you are sissy isnt ... ... Continue»
Posted by emlou 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex, Masturbation  |  Views: 3627  |  
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A Sissy (S)exercise Fantasy

... I realized I was a sweaty, trembling mess, but I was a sweaty, trembling, sissy mess, and that made all the difference. I was quite ... favoured him with my most grateful, submissive smile of sissy pleasure. I continued to gaze into his face adoringly, ... ... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy - Part Ten

... bottom. Ellen was ready to deliver her sissy now.

“You’ll come for me now sissy; I want to see a good show on ... orgasm washed through her. Ellen watched with satisfaction as the sissy’s little balls tensed tightly and her delirious moan of utter ... ... Continue»
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The Making of a Sissy - Part Twelve

... watched intently with a satisfied smile as she saw the sissy sitting bolt upright, looking fixedly ahead with tears streaming ... being alone together at last; Adam holding the beautiful sissy’s sweet bottom tightly, Bella’s little cock rubbing sweetly against ... ... Continue»
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... up, shoved his cock in sissy's mouth and fucked sissy's face with lust and ferocity. The sissy opened his mouth and let ... and pressing against sissy's bottom and thereby decreasing the distance between sissy's cock and mouth and soon sissy was sucking his ... ... Continue»
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