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Every f****y has Secrets.Here's mind.But first here 2 statements #1 I'm in Love ... a lighting storm,his daughter fucking and sucking him.PLEASE READ f****y SECRETS PT 2 ... Continue»
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Sara's City of Secrets 1: Foothold

Authored by pobox731 Inspired by an xHamster member.

Previous: "Sara's Beach 'bate"
Sara has a voyeuristic encounter on the beach with two unknown girls

"Sara's City of Secrets 1: Foothold"

Sara is an olive-skinned raven-haired beauty of Mediterranean descent. She's recently graduated from high school and is sorting through all the normal urges, desires and hormonal-induced appetites of the age. With her mother's sultry eyes and her father's other classic features, her trim athletic build and encyclopaedic recall, she commands plenty of attention at any gathering. Her Achilles' heel is that she is unusually shy. Sara is a paradox.

Sara wants to see some of the sights in the nation's capitol before her fall semester PoliSci classes begin. Her friend back home has a step-s****r named Carol who lives there and Carol has graciously offered Sara a place to stay for the duration. Every little bit helps, as Sara's got a very tight budget.

Carol meets Sara at the terminal and greets her with a warm hug like a long-lost friend. The two immediately establish an easy rapport. They locate Sara's bags and start toward the exit where a very impressive limousine is waiting. "I'm sorry about running a little late. I was in a meeting with a vendor that ran long." Carol apologizes.

Carol is a tall, lean, fair-skinned woman, with short hair of an amazing copper color. She stands a full head taller than Sara, and is about ten years her senior. She has long legs, a tiny waist and a well-proportioned chest. Her designer business suit showcases her figure.

Carol's a corporate officer for a very successful company that provides high-end catering for events in the area. As such, she has access to a great many invitation-only parties and gatherings where the powerful elite often conduct their business.

"I'd like to return home now please Mr. Phelps, and there's no particular hurry unless Sara is pressed for time." Carol says to the driver, looking at Sara for a confirmation. Sara indicates she's not in a hurry and then long car pulls away from the curb.

"It'll be about a 35 minute trip. May I offer you anything?" Carol asks, opening the bar. "Water will be fine." Sara answers. Sara looks around the interior of the limousine. "Is it just me, or do limos make you a little ... frisky?" Sara asks.

Carol does not answer right away. She places a bottled water in Sara's hand, leaving her fingertips resting lightly on Sara's wrist. "Today -- yes." Carol chooses her words carefully as her bright blue eyes search Sara's for a reaction.

Sara feels herself blush and looks away briefly. When her gaze returns to Carol again, she's still studying her.

"You're concerned about what I'll report to my step-s****r, aren't you?" Carol asks. "Well, don't be. This is a city of secrets, and I'm nothing if not discreet. One has to be to survive in this town." Carol says reassuringly. "Something like 'We had a lovely time, you saw the sights, and the entire visit went as smoothly as silk.' Does that sound about right?" Carol suggests.

Carol goes on "If you're not comfortable with me, the kitchens are on the way. We maintain a few guest suites there for visiting VIPs and you're welcome to use one and a driver to get you around -- as my guest."

Carol takes Sara's hand in her own. "I was hoping you might" Carol kisses Sara's fingers " want to stay in my home."

Sara's heart races. Carol's clearly offering more than a sofa, blanket and pillow. Sara found Carol attractive from the moment they met. There was something about her self-confidence and ability to get results that excited Sara. Carol's social standing and good looks further feed Sara's desire.

"I'm not ... I've never been with ... I don't know if I'd be very good at ..." Sara stammers as she collects her thoughts.

Sara swallows hard. "Are you lesbian?" Sara finally blurts out a complete sentence.

Carol strokes Sara's hair. "Sweet, adorable, innocent Sara." Carols says quietly. "I am a chameleon. I am whatever you want me to be. If you don't like women, I can get any number of magnificent men for you. If you like both genders, we can have a private party I promise you'll never forget. If I'm not your type, name it and she'll appear."

Carol continues "Power is a universal aphrodisiac and this city has no shortage of powerful people. Sex is a major form of currency in my circles, and I have all the connections your heart and body could desire. If you truly want to understand how the powerful operate, I can show you things you'll never find in a book."

"If you just are not sure about your sexuality or are not at all interested, that's fine, too. You have a safe place to stay here, regardless. I promise you won't have to do anything at all that makes you uncomfortable." Carol assures Sara.

"I'm actually in the comfort business." she adds. "Catering is just what established our foothold." Carol smiles warmly.

"You haven't answered me about where you'd like to stay, and I'm afraid I've frightened you."

Sara bites her lip. The old, shy Sara would have found a polite way to stay in a VIP room and end up lying awake at night fantasizing about what might have been.

"I'd love to sl**p with you." Sara says. "No, wait, I don't mean sl**p with you, I mean share your bed. No, I don't mean that either." Sara is flustered and having an unusually difficult time expressing herself. "That's still not right, because I kind of do. Oh dear. Can I start over?" she asks.

Sara takes a deep calming breath. "I'm sure your home is lovely and I'd be honored to be your guest there."

"I'd love to have you." Carol replies.

"Thank you, that's very generous. Very generous. Are you always this nice to people you just met?" Sara asks.

"I see great potential in you, Sara." Carol answers.

Sara blushes. "Thank you, Carol." Sara says finally.

"Let me guess about your 'playtime' preferences." Carol continues. "You've been with men before and have enjoyed some of it tremendously, but not nearly as often as you might like. You've not yet been with another woman but you think about it often. You're thinking about it right now, in fact."

Carol was uncannily correct. Sara simply nods. She's not yet comfortable voicing those thoughts.

Carol smiles warmly and glances at the clock. "We still have a short wait yet. Do you trust me enough to try a little something? Don't worry Sara, I don't want you to feel pressured to reciprocate until it feels right for you. I'm not a high-pressure type." Carol says in a friendly tone.

Sara nods mutely.

"Foot." Carol says, patting the seat beside her. "Are you ticklish?" Carol asks.

Sara slides back into the corner and places her foot on the seat next to Carol as requested. "A little ticklish, yes." Sara confirms.

Carol slips off Sara's sandal and places it on the floor. She strokes Sara's foot gently as she looks from every angle. "You have beautiful feet." Carol says. "You could model -- professionally." Carol looks directly at Sara. "I know people. People in all sorts of publishing, from international fashion to adult. Let me know if you're interested and I'll set something up."

Carol rubs her palm down the length of Sara's sole and back up again. She interlaces her fingers between Sara's toes. "So pretty ..." Carol says softly to herself. She licks the underside of each toe with the very tip of her tongue.

Sara is nearly overwhelmed by what she sees and feels. This beautiful, powerful woman in her expensive designer business attire and in the back of her very own limousine is worshipping her feet like some sort of a sex slave!

A low, lusty moan of approval escapes Sara's lips.

Carol removes her fingers from between Sara's toes and blows cool air over them. Carol then holds Sara's foot near her face. "Extend." she says simply.

Sara points her toes.

Carol places her chin on the balls of Sara's foot and presses against her, looking deep into Sara's eyes. Carol slowly extends her tongue, wagging it left and right, over Sara's toes. More and more tongue appears. It never seems to end; it's freakishly long. Carol's tongue reaches considerably further than the length of Sara's toes. Sara's eyes widen in a mixture of disbelief and thinly-veiled desire.

Carol smiles broadly. "I was hoping you'd appreciate that. It's one of my hidden attributes." she teases.

Carol holds Sara's foot by the heel and takes the largest toe into her mouth. Her lips form a tight seal around the base, and her cheeks grow concave while her tongue swirls around Sara's digit. Carol's nails lightly rake the back of Sara's calf as she firmly licks the underside of the toe and locks her eyes with Sara's.

Sara leans back and her hands grasp at the seat in an effort to steady herself. The familiar electric tingle has returned to her belly, but for a brand new reason. The warmth and wetness of Carol's mouth and the skill with which her tongue moves make it clear that she's no stranger to this. Sara is both surprised and excited by the way her body's responding. "Mmmm, that's really nice." is all she can manage to say.

Carol releases Sara from her mouth and smiles.

She admires Sara's foot again and notices the ring of lipstick she's left. "Oh, this will never do." she says. Carol gets some tissues from the dispenser and carefully wipes away the mark. "There." she says, pleased with the results.

Carol glances at the clock again. "Please don't think me selfish, but time flies." she says. With that, she carefully places Sara's foot squarely between her legs. "Extend, then relax. Extend, then relax." Carol instructs.

Sara feels Carol's soft warmth on her sole, and it's intoxicating. The silk of Carols suit against her sole is a brand new tactile delight. She does as Carol requests, alternately extending and relaxing her foot.

Carol's breathing grows more rapid as she grips Sara's ankle with both hands and presses Sara against her. Carol varies the positioning slightly as she rotates her hips. Her eyes close. "Keep going, Sara. Just like that. Keep going. Keep going." she murmurs.

Sara slips her hand inside her own skirt and begins to rub herself. Memories of her special day on the beach not long ago flood back. This time, she's much more involved and it only serves to magnify her emotional and physical responses.

Carol's eyes suddenly open wide and drill into Sara's. He body begins to tremble. "Oh Sara!" she says, clutching Sara's foot to herself and nodding. "Please finish me, Sara!" she pleads.

Sara wiggles her foot from left to right as well, pressing firmly against Carol's heat.

Sara now feels a lump in Carol's crotch that wasn't there before.

Sara's fingers dance inside her skirt. "Yes, Carol, yes. Do it. Do it for me, please?" This is as dirty as Sara's able to speak, but her voice is sincere and Carol knows it.

Carol's legs clamp around Sara's foot. Carol's eyes close tightly, her nose wrinkles, and she bites her lip. She groans loudly and her entire body shakes.

Shortly after her trembling subsides, Carol hurriedly gathers a large handful of tissues from the dispenser and carefully stuffs them inside her pants. She smiles at Sara. "I'm completely drenched and we wouldn't want to display a large wet patch to Mr. Phelps, now would we?" she laughs.

Carol showers Sara's foot in adoring kisses before slipping Sara's sandal back on. "That was wonderful, Sara." she says, sliding closer to Sara on the seat. "I promise you a much longer uninterrupted time this evening for a proper thank-you. I know you didn't get to finish, and I apologize for that." Carol says. "Are we okay?"

"Yes, perfectly." Sara nods and smiles.

"Uhm, Carol?" Sara asks. "Are you ... pierced or anything down there?"

"No. Why?"

"Oh." Sara says, pondering her answer.

"Oh!" Sara exclaims when she realizes what this might imply.

"It's just that for a moment there I thought I felt a penis." she says.

"It's not a penis. I promise." Carol replies. "It's another one of my hidden attributes."

"She must be huge." Sara thinks to herself as she settles in for the short remainder of the ride.

Sara's feeling quite proud of herself. It's been a big day, and she feels like she's really made progress with her shyness and self confidence. So far she's
- met a beautiful, powerful woman who's taken a liking to her
- seduced her in her own limousine without even really trying
- had her toes worshipped
- given the woman an orgasm with her foot
and they hadn't even kissed yet!
All of this before the evening meal.

Carol snuggles close to Sara and holds her hand. "When we get home, we can start your lessons in how the powerful operate." Carol says.

Carol lays her head on Sara's shoulder. She smells so feminine and pretty.... Continue»
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f****y SECRETS PT 2

so the next day after fucking a sucking my dad the phone was ringing i thought dad would get it,but he was not home.i said hello,this is and so i'm your fathers THEr****t.He has missed 2 appointments with me.I said THEr****t what the Hell.he said com down i need you to check and see if he has been taking his meds.i said we picked up some sl**ping pills last night.he said these are not sl**ping pills.look for some thing called PROZAC,they are probably in a medicine cabinet or night stand.I found them,now count them.its 30 i said.what are they for.he said PATIENCE CONFIDENTIALIY.tell you what go to WEBMD.COM and type in the medicine.have your father been acting different,i said no he is very calm.good tell him to call me when he gets that moment the locks on the door was walked in a i was in my night gown(ashort see thru teddy)he looked at I was hoping he remembered last night.but he had this puzzled look on his face.he dropped the the grociers,and said came back to me,i knew you would one day.he picked me up and said i'm so glad to see you.this is the happiest day of my life.he started crying he said i've been so lonely,deppressed since you left.he said im sorry for every hurting you,i will do anything you want to fix this.i love you,i will always love you,you are my first love B (holly shit he called me my mom name)he put me down and we can start a f****y,wait he ok ok ok i know i'm pushing you.i missed you so much please dont leave again B at first i was a little scared,i was thinking of callin his Dr.but then i realized that my dad was heartbroken from my no good mom leaving him.he always said i looked like mom.he has not been taking his meds,so that means in his mind i'm mom the woman he aways loved.i looked in his face and wiped his crying eyes and said im here and im not going said you will do anything for me. he said yes yes what ever you want.I said i want you to fuck me now.he lifted me up like i was a pillow and place on the bed.I took my gown off and spread my leggs he started licking my pussy damm that shit was feeling so go good.he licked my asshole to.I told him to take offhis clothes.i open my leggs wider and to him to fuck me with tha big dick of his.he got the head in the rest would fit.he stopped for a minute and said i forgot how tight you are,he reached in the night stand and pulled out a jar of vaseline.i reached in and stroked his dick with it and put some on my pussy.I lean back with my leggs wide open.this time it felt better.he was stretching me.he was long and thick,it did hurt a little but i did not care.with every stroke he was going deeper and pussy is farting from his thrusts.his pace started quickening,i looked him in his eyes and said give me a baby.he pushed all of that big dick in me and laid on my CERVIX and shoot his load in me.PLEASE READ f****y SECRETS PT 3... Continue»
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f****y SECRETS PT 3

I made sure my dad fucked me every night,i wanted to have his baby.I bought one of those home pregnancy test.yes im pregnant.i was so excited.i called him on the job and said i will have a surprise when you come home.i had my robe on when he came home.he sat at his desk,and got up off the bed and stood in front on him and opened my robe.and showed him my little bump.I said this my gift to you.he kissed my stomach and said THANK YOU.I said i want you to fuck i dropped the robe and bent over the bed.i heard him unzipped his pants,i watch him step out of them.he reached for the vaseline,i said im wett enough i've been craving this all day.he placed the head in me ever so gently.i wanted all of him in me.i told him to grab my ass and fuck me hard.i want to feel your load in me.during my preganacy we fucked liked rabbits everyday up until i went to fact he fucked 2 o'clock in th morning and i went to.labor at 6am.we had a healthy boy.but dads health was taking a wrong turn.i took him to the doctor.he said his brain is detearating.i cant remember if he said LOU GARRETT,PARKINSON,ALLTIMERS.OR DEMENTIAL.eventually i had to get a home nurse aid in to help me,because i had my son with was a me dad was not fucking any more wich sadden me.but every morning i wound suck his dick until completion,i love and missed that big dick in me.he always said thank you after every blow job.PLEASE READ f****y SECRETS PT 4... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 18: Katie's secrets

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 18
Katie Discovers the Secrets to Success

"Oooohhhh, Fuuuuccckkkkk!" the hot wife panted, "Fuck me!" Katie moaned, "Harder!"

Her husband increased his pace as he rammed his hard cock into her wet aching pussy. The hot wife grabbed the headboard of their bed while on her knees. Her wedding ring glistened from the midday sun that peeked through the window. Her eyes focused on her large rock on her finger which represented her commitment to Fred as his cock maintained a steady pace inside her moist slit. The hot wife regretted what she had done earlier in the day. She knew she should have been stronger as she rocked back on her husband's stiff rod.

Mrs. Jackson knew she did horrible during the job interview earlier in the day. She fumbled through the questions as she couldn’t concentrate after being fucked by her well hung neighbor in the dingy park restroom. The loving wife rammed herself back against Fred's thrusts, "Fuck me harder!" as she gritted her teeth.

The taste of Phil's spunk still lingered in her mouth as "Harder!" again escaped her lips between moans of lust as her husband tightened his grip around her slim waist from behind.

The hot wife called her husband after the interview and begged him to come home. They hadn't had much time to themselves so it didn't take much to convince him. He was quickly out of the office and fucking his sexy wife during his lunch hour in the privacy of their bedroom.

The sexy wife wanted him deeper; to fill her up. She wanted him to fuck her hard and ram his thumb into her tight ass as Phil did.

"Ohhhhhh Fred," purred Katie as she tried to get the nerve to ask her husband to thumb fuck her ass while his cock rammed in and out of her wet pussy. Just the thought of having the same feeling from earlier and asking her husband to do such a dirty thing made butterflies jump in her stomach. The sexy wife arched her back as she turned her head and looked back towards her lover. She balanced herself with one hand on the headboard and placed the other on her ass as her own finger rubbed the crack of her ass until her finger darted around her tight hole.

Fred watched in delight as his sexy wife rubbed her own backdoor and lost control during the moment, "Ohhhhhh shhhhhhiiiit," Fred gasped, "I'm cumming!!"

He pulled his cock from her love canal and stroked his stiff rod as his hot cum splattered across his wife's ass and lower back. It happened so quickly Katie never had time to spin around and take his load into her salivating mouth as she craved the warm salty spunk on her tongue.

She fell forward as she hid her disappointment in her pillow. The hot wife felt her husband rub his wet cock across her ass cheeks as he stroked stream after stream of hot sticky cum onto her.

"Sorry" Fred panted, "It's just been awhile since we had sex."

"It's okay," Katie moaned but she wanted so badly to cum herself as she hid the disappointment in her voice.

Fred hopped off the bed as he looked at the clock, "Shit! I have to get back to work. I'm late!"

"I know," the horny wife replied. She sat up in the bed as she reached behind her as she playfully rubbed her husband's semen into her skin, "Can't you call in sick?" pouted Katie.

Fred looked at his wife as she arched her back. Katie pressed her lips together as she lifted her hand that had gathered some of his delicious cum and licked it clean, "I'll do anything you want..."

Her husband swallowed hard, "I would love to but I have a phone conference with Allan," Fred turned and gave his wife a wicked smile, "but thanks for calling me home for lunch!"

The hot wife giggled, "Are you sure I can't change your mind?," as she fondly looked at her husband as she spread her legs and fell back onto bed. She knew he had worked hard on an overseas deal with an associate in England but wanted more of his dick inside her.

Fred quickly contemplated her offer. He looked towards his hot wife, "I can't baby! I need to work on this merger!"

Katie smiled as she got up and stretched her slender body for her husband to see. The hot wife rubbed her body with her fingers as she placed one of them into her mouth and sucked it seductively and pulled it out with a pop. She gave him wicked smile as Mr. Jackson shook his head and turned on the shower.

The hot wife slowly walked downstairs as she rubbed the sticky semen on her backside. The naked wife loved the feeling of pure nakedness and naughtiness. She never was like this before. She was always so reserved until the one day when her husband asked for a blowjob and her sex life hadn't been the same since.

The sexy hard bodied woman walked over to the sink and poured a glass of water. She gazed outside as her eyes became huge as saw a familiar SUV parked in Phil Dorman's driveway. Katie stood motionless as knew exactly who it belonged to; Sheila Marshall, her friend and ex-boss from the hospital.

"What is she doing there?" she asked herself quietly as she watched intently from the window. Katie heard Fred's shower had ended as she returned upstairs and donned her robe. She sat on the edge of the bed and made small talk with her husband as he quickly put on his suit so he could return to work.

Katie opened her robe and allowed her husband a full view of her hard body as she hoped to yet change his mind. She slowly worked her hand up and down her torso as she tempted her lover. He only grinned at the sexual energy of his wife.

Fred continued to make himself presentable to return to work as Katie glanced over at Phil's and 10 minutes had passed but no sign of Sheila.

Katie's husband hurried out of the bathroom and kissed his wife, "I'll see you tonight!"

Mrs. Jackson stood up and kissed her husband and grabbed an envelope from the dresser, "Could you mail this for me," as she handed her husband the application for the Mrs. Missouri pageant, "I forgot to take it with me this morning."

Fred smiled as he grabbed the letter from his wife and was out the door. The hot wife glanced outside and watched as Fred pulled away in the car. She quickly returned to the kitchen window and watched for another 10 minutes before Phil's door opened and Sheila walked out. Even from her house she could see her friend was crying and shaking. Katie could only imagine what happened inside her neighbor's house and what the old man told her.


Three Weeks had passed since her encounter with Phil in the restroom and he+ hadn't called or came over. Sheila, however, would stop by Phil's to pick him up in the morning and return at noon staying for 15-20 minutes each time. As the weeks had passed; Katie jumped at the sound of her phone ringing. Her hands shook as she looked at the caller ID as she felt for sure it would be Phil. Mrs. Jackson was confused by her reactions; did she want her well hung neighbor to call her or was she worried that he would call her? Her thoughts disappeared when the caller ID indicated one afternoon that it was from the hospital.

Katie cleared her voice as she picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Katie?" she immediately recognized the voice of Sheila.

"Hi Sheila," the hot wife greeted her friend.

Sheila's voice quivered, "Can you come to the hospital I need to talk with you right away."

Katie signed deeply as she immediately suspected Phil must have told her about them. She needed to convince Sheila to not tell her husband, "Sure, I'll be right there," as she hung up the phone. Katie knew the more time that Sheila spent with Phil that it was bound to come out.

She sped down the road, almost getting caught in a police speed trap, as her mind raced of what she could tell Sheila. Within a half hour the hot wife quickly walked into the hospital and directly towards her office. Sheila Marshall was on the phone but the buxom manager waved her in.

As Sheila spoke to another associate; the hot wife looked at the pictures that sprawled the walls and on her desk. Sheila was married to Brock Marshall. A skinny man with glasses who was a lawyer at a major firm in the Kansas City area. Katie never felt he was Sheila's type and was pretty sure she married him for the money. They had two c***dren but Katie couldn't believe how fit she was. It seemed to come natural to her. Sheila was barely 5'2 with long brown hair that flowed to the middle of her back with blonde highlights. Her dark brown eyes looked at Katie while she talked on the phone. Sheila was wearing a shirt that enhanced the cleavage of her fake breasts. Katie could see that they were tanned and obviously she spent too much time at the spa. Sheila was probably in her late 30's and had a delicious hard body; Katie couldn't help but be jealous. She worked hard to get her own body into shape and it seemed like Sheila just had to wake up.

The manager hung up the phone, "Close the door."

Katie quickly stood up and shut the door and looked back towards her friend, "Is everything okay?"

"No," Sheila’s lip quivered.

Anxiety overwhelmed Katie as she took a deep sigh, "What's wrong?" She fully expected her friend to divulge that Phil told her about what they had been doing.

Sheila was flustered, "Just listen.." The buxom manger turned on the speaker to her phone as she dialed her voice mail.

A familiar voice quickly erupted over the speaker, “Sheila Marshall, this is Phil Dorman. You haven’t progressed like I hoped you would so you have left me no other choice but to raise the ante. I am down at my lawyers’ office filling out a suit for negligence against the hospital, yourself and Mrs. Katie Jackson. It is all about you providing unprofessional medical services at the hospital and pretending that your staff was a fully qualified medical adviser, which she obviously wasn't. You allowed her to provide advice and later I had a heart attack. That heart attack may not have occurred if a properly qualified and experienced medical practitioner had seen me at the time and properly diagnosed my case. Mrs. Marshall you are to blame because in Mrs. Jackson's own words you were too busy to see me and asked her to step in to help you out, knowing she no more than a secretary. The hospital is to blame because it was there that I received the medical advice by your employee and was directed by yourself to speak with me and give medical advice. You should have ensured any person seeing me was appropriately qualified and experienced to deal with my case."

Katie's heart dropped at just hearing Phil name her as being involved in a lawsuit. She adjusted herself in the chair as the voice mail continued, "I know Mrs. Jackson left the employ of the hospital, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is my health suffered dramatically and am now somewhat debilitated. I cannot pay my medical bills, so the hospital is going to have to pay for me and my basic lifestyle until I die. Before filing any paperwork I'll give you a chance to come to some form of settlement and begin negotiations as soon as possible. Please call me and let me know your intentions. Good day.”

The buxom manager hung up the phone, "What did you tell him?"

Katie's face reddened, "I told him exactly what he said; that you were busy and asked me to help out."

Sheila put her hands on her head, "When he got upset with you that day and he left in a hussy, what did you say to him to get him to calm down?"

Katie turned a deeper shade and hoped this wouldn't go any further, "I guess I just apologized."

Sheila stared at Katie and finally sat up, "I’m going to call him right now. You need to talk him out of this.."

"Sheila!" Katie begged, "Don't call him!" The hot wife quickly changed the subject, "What did he mean when he said you haven't progressed?"

The buxom petite manager paused and sighed deeply, "It started just with me giving him a ride home from therapy. He came in and said you dropped him off and needed help getting home. He was polite and I was leaving anyway so I thought I would help him. I assisted getting him inside his house and the next thing you know he has his..," Sheila paused thinking of the right word to use in front of her friend, "his pulled penis out of his pants stroked it in front of me."

Katie stared into the eyes of her friend knowing exactly the situation as it happened to her, "and he threatened to tell the hospital about everything we did unless I did things to him."

The hot wife quickly blurted out, "You had sex with him?" The tone of her voice didn't come out right; it made her sound jealous.

"No!" Sheila quipped. "I only picked him up and took him home after his therapy. He'd pull his cock out and try to get me to stroke him. All the while telling me if I didn't help him," Sheila began to turn red in the face either from embarrassment or rage, "by stroking, sucking, or fucking him; he'd tell the hospital or tell my husband." The buxom manager pointed at the phone, "He's taken this to a new level with this threat of a lawsuit."

Sheila looked towards her friend for advice, "I don't know what to do. I need you to talk to him! Do you know if really has a lawyer?"

The hot wife nodded, "He does. His name is Norman Williams," as she fidgeted in her chair, "but I don't think I should talk to him Sheila," Katie replied, "I doubt I could change his mind. Please don't call him!"

The manger ignored the pleas from her friend as she held the phone up to her ear, "Hello Phil. Its Sheila Marshall," as she sat the phone down and clicked on the speaker.

"That was quick," Phil's gravelly voice echoed in the room, "I take it you got my message?"

“Phil, this is ridiculous and you know it! You can't make me do things that I don’t want to do by threatening to file a lawsuit!" Sheila shouted in the phone.

“You can think whatever you want, but I suggest you be at my residence this evening, say 7:00 pm to begin negotiations or this lawsuit will commence immediately with the delivery of the documents to the courts at 9:00 am. You should come suitably attired, you know what I like, and ready to negotiate.”

"Phil! Mrs. Jackson is here with me," Sheila quickly spoke into the phone.

"Katie?" a boisterous laugh erupted from the speaker, "Hell, she can tell you how serious I am."

Sheila looked at Katie waiting for her to acknowledge she was in the room.

"Phil I think you should reconsider what you are doing," is all the hot wife could muster to say. Sheila rolled her eyes at the lack of conversation from her friend.

"Tell you what Freckles, you and Sheila both be at my house tonight," Phil cackled into the phone, "I'm sure we can work something out."

"I can'..," before she could finish the old man hung up the phone.

Katie sat in shock. Any civil court would likely pass on the information to the county attorney for breaches under the various health acts. She and Sheila could both be in the courts in a long drawn out battle, with the hospital on one side, Phil on the other and both of them in the middle being whacked by both sides. The hours under pressure, the embarrassment for Fred and her f****y and friends. They were in deep trouble and they knew it. Katie couldn't believe that Phil had the audacity to suck Sheila into his game.

"What about this meeting at 7:00 pm at his place? What does he mean appropriately attired for negotiations to start the settlement process? Are you going to go?” Katie asked as she stood up and paced the room.

Sheila thought for a moment, "I don't think we have much of a choice," She leaned back in her chair, "I've negotiated with people like him before, I'm sure I'll be able to remedy this problem."

Katie was relieved that Sheila was dealing with the issues positively. She had a calmer brain to look for a solution; Katie needed to stay away from courts, from public ridicule and most of all she needed to protect Fred from her foolishness. Sheila was one of the negotiators for the hospital with many of the patients, so Katie was really ecstatic when Sheila calmly stated, “Don't worry. Nothing horrible is going to happen. We always will have an alternative.”

But the Katie did not like the look in Sheila’s eye when she said, “But you need to go with me tonight."

The hot wife stopped in her tracks, "I can't tonight. Fred and I are busy."

Sheila stared up at her friend, "You need to change your plans. I need your help!"

Katie tried to explain, "but Fred.."

The manager quickly interrupted, "Tell him you are going to help him with his taxes. The hospital is offering a Labor for Love program in which we are making it our mission to help the elderly or poor."

The married women stared at each other. Katie's mouth hung open not knowing what to say.

Mrs. Marshall stood up and handed her the phone, "Tell him you're helping me tonight," growing impatient with her friend, "your ass is on the line as much as mine."

Katie stood motionless and she held the phone. Sheila pushed her hand and demanded, "Call your husband and let him know you'll be working tonight with me!"

The hot wife dialed husband's office, "Hi sweetie! Sheila called and wanted me to help her out tonight with a program through the hospital."

Sheila watched and listened as Katie continued to speak with her husband, "No it's not a job. She wants me to help Phil with his taxes. It's tonight. Do we have anything going on?"

The sexy buxom manager smiled as she heard and obvious approval from Fred, "Okay I'll tell her I can, I'll see you later tonight." The hot wife clicked the phone off and tossed it to her.

"Happy?" Katie asked as she sat back down across the desk from her former boss.

Sheila adjusted her chair as she looked at her friend, "What do you know about him? Why did he say you know how serious he can be?"

Katie looked down as she didn't want to discuss this any further, "I don't know what he's talking about," as she glanced at her watch, "I need to get going."

Sheila stood up and blocked the door, "What's going on Katie?" Sheila Marshall was an expert at reading people. It was one of the qualities that made her an expert negotiator and manager.

"He's been holding everything against me since this started," the hot wife confessed.

"What do you mean everything?" Sheila intently asked.

Katie's mouth hung open as she knew she couldn't hide anything from her friend, "The meeting I had with him for you, my f****y, my job.."

"Oh my God! You!" as Sheila looked at her in disbelief, "You had sex with him?"

The hot wife panicked. She stared into Sheila's eyes as she bit her bottom lip. Thoughts of lies she could say but maybe her friend would have a solution. Katie finally blurted out, "Well what was I supposed to do? He was going to tell Fred, the hospital board, the courts..."

“Ok. OK," Sheila calmly stated. She paused to contemplate the situation, "let's work through this..” was her only answer. "When we go over we'll begin discussions to see where we can deviate him and play it by ear, but I have an inkling of an idea that may just work. Do you and Fred have any funds that we can offer for a settlement?”

"No! We're in debt since I haven't been able to find a decent job. Do you?"

Sheila rolled her eyes, "I have enough hidden from Brock that I should be able to throw at Phil to get his attention. You have nothing to offer?"

"Money doesn't matter to him," Mrs. Jackson exclaimed.

"All men like either money or sex; We'll just have to find his price," the manger confidently stated.

"Sheila! He's not like that," Katie pleaded as she tried in vain to warn her friend.

She ignored the advice, "I'll see you in front of his house at 7:00 pm" as she opened the office door, "and don't be late. You need to wear a blouse, skirt, and high heels. It's what he likes."

The drive home was long. The hot wife was worried about the evening and what could transpire. She only hoped that Sheila knew what she was doing.


Just prior to seven o'clock, Katie walked out of her house and was dressed as Phil requested. She wore a light blue button down blouse, tan thigh high skirt, and black high heeled shoes. Her husband had told her how sexy she looked but the hot wife explained that she was trying to impress Sheila that maybe a job would be in the works. Her body tensed at what she told him knowing it was a bold faced lie.

Sheila pulled up in the driveway and slid out of her SUV. She was wearing a black button down blouse, black skirt, slightly above thigh level, and black shoes that matched Katie's. She carried a tan briefcase and looked very professional. They met at the sidewalk and without saying a word walked up onto the porch as Sheila rapped firmly on Phil's door.

A familiar gravelly voice echoed from within the house, "Come in.."

Both women entered as Katie shut down the door behind them. Phil stood up from his chair, "Good evening ladies!" he glanced at the clock on the wall, "I know it's kind of late for you married women."

Sheila stepped forward, "We told our husbands we were helping you with your taxes as part of our Labor for Love program at the hospital just to make that clear if anybody asks."

Dorman sat back down in a brown recliner as both women sat down on the couch in front of him, "Lying to your husbands only will make this easier."

Both women sat across from Phil as he looked on in lust at the two married business women. Sheila placed her briefcase on her lap, "Let's get this straight Mr. Dorman; it is our position that we gave you the medical attention you requested."

Dorman coughed as he tossed a pile of papers stapled together into Sheila’s lap. It was the official paperwork for the lawsuit as she thumbed through them. The old man couldn't believe he had two beautiful women that he would soon be violating. His large cock stirred in his shorts. He stared at the large fake breasts that heaved under Sheila's tight blouse. He couldn't wait to straddle her chest and slide his cock between them. The confident expression on Sheila’s face quickly eroded as she looked through the papers.

As she read them she turned to Katie, "Phil is suing me, you and the hospital for the sum of $5 million for past pain and suffering and for unspecified damages to fund his personal health and support until he dies. There are attachments of documents from medical specialists and some of the hospitals records on personnel including you and I, probably obtained under some form of internet search."

“Oh come on,” was Sheila’s response as she looked up at Phil, “there is no way you will get that and you know the hospital can tie this up in the courts for years, by which time you could be dead. I can offer you a monetary settlement in the sum of $3000.00.”

Phil dressed to kill in his dirty undershirt and cargo shorts with beer in hand, “Let's cut to the chase ladies, you are in one hell of a fix and the only way you are going to clear this up is to co-operate. You have a copy of the documents my lawyer will put before the court tomorrow morning. I suggest you quickly review them, talk things over and be in a much more friendly and conciliatory mood to begin the process with myself.”

"Fine, $6000.00." Sheila quipped.

Phil's laughter filled the room, "Don’t even bother to try to argue money with me, Mrs. Marshall. You know what I want or my lawyer will file the papers tomorrow morning. I suggest that you and Mrs. Jackson discuss this while I use the restroom.”

Sheila tried to over talk Phil and he just flatly stated, “Negotiations will need to get started as your spouses will be expecting you home for your wifely duties.”

The two women watched as Phil slowly got up from his chair and disappeared into the hallway. Sheila turned to Katie, "What have you gotten us into?"

Katie was aghast at her friends accusations, "Me?!?"

"You should have never got into a relationship with him!" Scoffed Sheila as she shook her head.

"It's not fucking like that. I just tried to take care of the problem," Katie quickly retorted.

"You really did a great job," Sheila condescendingly told her friend. She glanced through the papers, "This looks really bad for us! Our options are limited."

Both women stared at each other until Sheila bluntly stated, "Well, It's not like I haven't fucked to move up in the world." as she tossed the papers onto the coffee table.

Katie mouth hung wide, "Sheila!"

The buxom friend quickly fired back, "It's a part of the business and I guess this comes down to business." She could tell her friend was surprised at her revelation, "How do you think I got promoted so quickly?" Sheila quietly told Katie as she unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse letting her breasts pop out, "but the others have been business suit types. At least attractive; not like him," as she motioned to the hallway where Phil had disappeared.

Katie was in stunned silence. Her friend who she thought was a loving wife, good mother, and a board member of numerous charities was fucking her way to the top, "Does Brock know what you do?"

Sheila quickly turned to her friend in a stern voice, "Of course not!" she pointed a finger towards her friend, "Nor will he ever! Does Fred now about your rendezvous with your neighbor?"

"No," Katie's head hung low in shame.

Sheila quipped, "Well I guess I have something more to show for my indiscretions," obviously referring to her lucrative salary and position in the hospital.

"We should just leave and take our chances. I don't think he would ever file the lawsuit." Katie fired back.

"I am applying for the hospital administrator. From what I was told by certain board members that I have an excellent shot at the position; I'm not going to let some old fucker ruin it with some stupid lawsuit. It won't take me long to get him off anyways and then we can go," Mrs. Marshall replied as she sat up in the sofa.

Katie's bottom lip quivered, "Sheila you don't..."

Before the hot could finish, Phil walked back into the room, "What's it going to be ladies?

"No sex," Sheila bluntly stated.

"You don't make the rules here," Phil stated as stood above them with an obvious bulge in his shorts.

"A handjob then," Sheila quickly retorted, "I'm sure you have had some demented fantasy of two women stroking that cock of yours," as she looked over at Katie.

Phil breathed in deeply as he pondered the sassy business woman's counter offer, "This is worth much more than a handjob! Oral sex."

Sheila thought for a moment. It was not her favorite thing to do. Negotiations always came naturally to her but knew her options were limited. She sighed deeply as she glanced at Katie and retorted, "You can't cum in my mouth. I don't do that."

Phil motioned to Katie, "she does.."

"I don't..." Sheila's lips pressed tightly together at the disgusting thought of having an ugly old stranger ejaculate in her mouth. She glared at Katie.

"I also get to touch," Phil offered.

"Hell no!" scoffed Sheila

"I've wanted to get my hands on your tiny body since the day I walked into your office. Touching or no deal," Phil quipped.

"Where?" the buxom manager retorted as she folded her arms across her large chest. The pressure from her arms expanded her breasts as they popped out the button's she had unbuttoned.

The old man looked on in lust as he looked at both women, "Everywhere!"

Sheila thought for a moment and threw her hands up in the air, "Fine!" nauseated at the thought of the disgusting old man manipulating her body.

Katie is mesmerized by Sheila openness and her desire to keep Phil quiet but didn't appreciate making her a target in the negotiations.

"Okay," Phil paused as he contemplated Sheila's acceptance, "but You ladies will have to make out,"

Katie's mouth dropped as Sheila boldly stated, "Whatever. Let's get this over with."

"Wait a second." Katie interrupted, "I'm not going to do this.."

"Let's just get this going. I'm sure your husbands are waiting," cracked Phil

Sheila looked around the dirty living room, "Here?"

Phil motioned to the stairs, "Let's go upstairs to my bedroom," ignoring Mrs. Jackson's objection.

"Wait!" Katie balked, "Don't I get a say in this?"

Sheila grabbed Katie's arm as they stood up from the couch and whispered, "It's just fucking business Katie. Don’t ruin my career over something you started!"

The hot wife was about to object when the buxom sassy manager moved closer, "Let's just get him off and go home," as she turned and grabbed Katie's hand and led her upstairs behind Phil.

Mrs. Jackson pulled away from her friend, "I'm not doing this with my husband next door waiting for me to come home," and backed down the stairs.

Phil looked back at the businesswomen, "Is there a problem?"

Sheila looked up at him, "No. Just give us a second." Mrs. Marshall took a few steps down towards her friend, "Look, if you don't help me out here I'll fucking tell Fred! This promotion is a big deal to me. I can manipulate Brock and he'll believe what I tell him; can you do the same to Fred?"

Phil gleamed as Katie stepped up and walked past Sheila and into his bedroom. A large king sized bed greeted them along with a couple of dressers and a chaise. Phil kicked off his sandals and plopped his fat ass down on the small couch, "You guys can sit next to each other on the bed."

Katie's body language suggested she was tense and scared. Sheila was more relaxed as she crossed her legs in front of their suitor.

Phil sat forward while seated, "Alright! Let's see what you woman like to do to each other!" as he grinned from ear to ear.

Sheila and Katie both stared at each other for a moment. The hot wife was hesitant to do anything. She only kissed one woman and that was when her husband covered the babysitter with his cum. And that was only to taste more of his hot semen.

Sheila suddenly lurched forward and their lips met. As Sheila's lips met Katie's; she immediately felt the difference in texture on her soft lips, thicker and fuller than anyone she has ever kissed.

Dorman's bulge grew quickly in his shorts as his breath escaped him as he watched the two beautiful women engaged in a kiss. Their lips pressed against each other as Sheila placed her hand on Katie's exposed knee.

Slowly the manager's fingers made its way further from Katie's knee and toward her hip, the hot wife felt nauseated. Mrs. Jackson had never thought about doing anything with a woman. Katie closed her eyes and wished this would end. Sheila leaned a few centimeters into her, as she inhaled her smell. It was a small distance to move, but it felt like an eternity before her lips brushed against Mrs. Jackson's neck. Katie raised her shoulder as her body tensed up. A frown appeared across her face as Phil grinned with excitement at his hot neighbor's torment. Sheila pushed closer into her as seconds later her right hand was searching for Katie's nipple through the silky fabric of her blouse.

Sheila sensed Katie's hesitation, "Let's just get this over with," she whispered into Katie's ear, "Relax and trust me." Sheila’s lips brushed against her ear, "I know what I'm doing."

Katie didn't know what she meant. Did she have a plan to quickly get them away from Phil? Or was it she knows what to do sexually with a woman. She had heard rumors about Sheila. A mutual friend once told her that her former boss used to experiment with women in college.

Sheila's left hand was still on her leg, as she pushed it upwards, scrunching Katie's skirt as she went. She lifted her chin and her mouth connected with Katie's ear, when she gasped again; Sheila moved and met Katie's pink lips. Sheila pressed her mouth to Katie's, savoring the warm sticky feel of her lipstick, for a few seconds Sheila didn't respond as Katie remained frozen in fear.

Sheila’s hand stopped still on her leg as Katie held her breath. Sheila's lips spread wide and engulfed the hot wife as Katie felt Sheila's tongue press into her mouth and swish against hers. Katie jumped as Sheila's small soft hand slipped under her blouse and stroked her stomach. Her friend's tongue was so soft compared to men, including Fred's, it was so soft and sensual the way she moved it.

Phil let out a long audible breath as Sheila glanced over and saw the old man as he rubbed himself over his shorts. Sheila's hand had crept higher under Katie's skirt until could feel a patch of warm wetness on her lace panties. Katie's breath had become rapid and shallow, and when Sheila fingers touched her womanhood, she let a soft moan escape into Sheila's mouth. Sheila made small circles through the lace, as she stroked her most sensitive parts until Katie whimpered under her touch and drew away. Sheila pulled her kiss from Katie's mouth and caught her stare.

Katie battled the reservations about being with a woman as she glanced at Phil as he sat in the corner of the room as he rubbed his obvious erection under his shorts. The hot wife had was unsure on what to do as she sat on the edge of the bed. Sheila leaned into her and pressed her small full lips against Katie's neck as her hand continued to explore her pussy above her white lacy panties.

Sheila's hands crept out from under the skirt and lovingly rubbed the hot wife's hips and then traced their way up until they made contact with her bra underneath her blouse. Sheila slowly unbuttoned the shirt and slid it off Katie's shoulders letting it drop to the bed.

Sheila's lips met with Katie neck again as she felt goose bumps on her skin when Sheila's hands encircled her, reaching to cup her lace covered breasts. Her nipples poked through, drawing her fingertips to them while she caressed her shoulders with her lips. Sheila turned into Katie chest, reached around and removed her bra, allowing it to drop onto the bed. She bent her head forward and took Katie's nipple into her mouth. Mrs. Marshall licked and sucked and teased them, alternating between breasts as she kissed and sucked them passionately. The hot wife felt herself become increasingly turned on by the wonderful soft lips and tongue of her friend.

Both women hadn't noticed that Phil had removed his shorts and sat on the couch as he slowly stroked his massive hard on. His mouth hung open in disbelief. Drool could be seen dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Sheila slowly returned to the hot wife's lips. This time when they kissed, there was no hesitation by Mrs. Jackson, as Sheila's hands pushed her gently backwards onto the bed. Katie wiggled backwards until her head was on a pillow. Sheila sat up, unbuttoned and pulled her shirt off revealing black lacy bra. Her large breasts hung out of the small garment. Sheila began to kick off her shoes but Phil's voice echoed in the room, "Leave them on!"

Sheila caringly tugged and twisted Katie's panties off and threw them at Phil. The hot wife laid naked with her skirt pushed up to her hips as her high heeled shoes dug into the mattress. Sheila moved downwards, as she tasted her along the way. Little licks on her breasts, underneath, and on her ribs, making the freckled mother twitch. Her tongue snaked into her belly button and then lower where she paused. Sheila's eyes soaked in the sight of her womanhood, her mound was bald and smooth with a small landing strip above the folds of her pussy. Sheila cautiously dipped her tongue towards her slit, sliding it downwards from the top. Katie's body tensed under Sheila's touch as her stomach cramped, releasing the breath she had been holding in. Sheila worked her way down and back up again, tentatively at first, and then gained momentum as her tongue lapped at the folds of her sex spot.

Phil walked closer as he watched Sheila's small tongue as it lashed at Katie's hot pussy. He grabbed a hold of Katie's hand and directed her towards his massive hard member. The hot wife grasped it as she kept her eyes closed and began to stroke the entire length of Phil's cock with her friend's face buried between her legs.

The old man reached under Sheila and began to feel up the big fake tits that he had long labored to touch. Sheila lifted her body to allow him better access as she flicked her tongue on Katie's fuck slit.

The hot wife continued to stroke Phil's massive member. Her mind became lost in the moment as when she reached the tip and felt the wonderful wetness that was his precum. Katie's mouth instantly salivated as she scooted her head closer to the edge of the bed and pulled the old man closer. She looked up with her hazel eyes into his as she stuck her tongue out and lapped at the tip of his cock. The hot wife felt like such a slut but she was eager to have her mouth filled with his large cock again.

Phil moaned at the sight of the hot wife as he held Sheila’s head against her cunt, "Suck my cock Freckles," the old man demanded, "put me in that hot mouth of yours."

Katie took the head of Phil's cock into her mouth as she wrapped her tongue around the mushroom head and lapped at it. She slowly began to bob her head back and forth on his fuck stick as she rammed his hot hard flesh into her mouth. At the same time her body relaxed at mouth on her and began to enjoy Sheila's oral assault. The softness of her lips and tongue against her began to make her lose control.

Sheila reached underneath Katie's ass and pulled her closer to her face, sliding her tongue inside her and then circling her clitoris and sucking it, the hot wife responded with an audible gasp and trusted her hips into her. Sheila could sense her arousal growing steadily, and so she pulled her right hand from underneath her and started to feel the folds with her fingers. Once they were coasted in her wetness, she slid her middle one deep inside her, stroking her g-spot. She returned her mouth to her and before long Katie shook in anticipation of her oncoming orgasm. Mrs. Marshall quickened her pace and slipped another finger inside. The buxom manager could see Phil's reaction as well as he thrusted faster into Katie's mouth.

The sensations that Sheila was doing to her made her suck harder on Phil's cock. Loud sucking and slurping sounds filled the room as the hot wife took Phil's cock into her wet mouth. Sheila increased the pace of her tongue and slid her fingers in and out quickly. Mrs. Marshall figured this was more than the old man could take of the sight and sounds of a woman going down on another woman and soon would cum and she wouldn't even have had to touch him.

Katie pulled her mouth off of Phil's mammoth hard cock, still stroking in quickly in her hand. Feeling his hot hard flesh in her hand. Her body began to lose control as she started to hump her friend's tongue, "I am going to... fuck...fuck... faster, faster!!," she begged.

"Ohhh shit!! shit! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her orgasm was intense as her body shook on the bed. Phil humped Katie's closed fist that was wrapped around his cock. He grabbed control of his own cock and rubbed it against Katie's flushed cheeks and lips. The hot wife in the midst of her own orgasm quickly placed the head of her neighbors’ cock in her mouth sucking the precum soaked mushroom head and steadied herself for a torrent of sperm that she knew was about to be unleashed into her mouth. The thought of the creamy goodness made her cum harder.

Sheila stopped using her tongue but left her fingers inside her slowly rotating them and watched and waited for Phil's release. Much to her chagrin; his orgasm never happed as Sheila leaned down and passionately kissed her thighs and made her quiver once more.

Phil pulled his cock from Katie’s wet mouth as he looked down at the women as his cock twitched in the air. Sheila slid her fingers out of her and brought them to Phil's lips. She placed them fingers into his mouth. He gave an loud moan as his cock swelled.

"Aren't you ready to cum?" Sheila innocently asked him as she nodded towards his erection that twitched. He bent over and tried to kiss the hot wife but she turned her head away from the fat lips of her neighbor.

Sheila rolled onto her side and patted the bed. As he sat, Sheila leaned over and kissed his hard nipple as she rubbed his obese belly with her small hand. Katie was shocked as Sheila moved up and began to press her lips against Phil's. Soon the small big breasted wife began thrusting her tongue into Phil's mouth as they kissed passionately in front of Katie.

As Phil and Sheila continued to kiss; Phil reached over and grabbed the back of Katie's head and f***ed it into his groin. The hot wife slid off the bed as she took the tip of his hard cock into her mouth. The rigid smooth skin was as warm and wet; it slid against the roof of her mouth while her tongue pressed against the other side. It slipped as deep as she could take it, touching the back of her throat as she tried to swallow it all, she drew back all the way until she could just kiss the tip. Then she moved back down, swirling her tongue over his balls, one and then the other, taking them into her mouth slowly and softly. Katie gripped his hard cock with her hand, pumping it slowly and firmly. Sheila sat, and kissed Phil while he caressed her large breasts.

"Do you want us to both suck your dick and get you off now?" Sheila softly asked

"Oh yeah!" Dorman moaned as he extended his hand to Sheila and helped her off the bed. She immediately dropped to her knees next to her friend.

Phil couldn't stand up quick enough as he grabbed both of the ladies heads and moved them together as Sheila grabbed Katie's face and kissed her passionately. The business women kiss continued as Phil stood and f***ed his hard cock between their lips. They both kissed and licked the head and ran their mouths up and down the shaft, each with a hand on his ass. The sensation on his cock was rivaled only by the amazing view he had of these two beautiful married women sucking his dick.

Katie took his dick fully into her mouth and bobbed up and down several times and then offered it to Sheila, who tried to followed suit. Sheila spread her small lips as wide as they could go but had trouble getting around Phil's large mushroom head. Sheila only was able to take a few inches into her mouth without gagging she quickly pulled away and coughed. Both women planted sloppy kisses on the shaft of his cock.

Phil looked down in disbelief as the two women both licked and sucked his shaft at the same time. He placed a hand on each of their heads. He f***ed Katie's head towards his large ball sack as she slurped wildly at his genitals. He placed his cock head into Sheila's mouth; again she had trouble with the size of his cock and began to gag.

As Sheila continued her oral assault on the man, Katie felt a continuous stream of her own pussy juices running down her legs. Sheila held his big hard on with both hands and began licking the underside of it. She continued to lick her tongue up and down the length of the long cock and again tried to take his immense size into her mouth. Mrs. Marshall gagged hard as she released his cock as she coughed violently. Saliva ran down her bottom lip as she looked up at the old man, "You're too fucking big!"

Phil reached pulled Sheila to her feet. His giant prick pointed out in front of him like a flagpole as Katie remained on her knees, "You're horrible at giving head!" Phil demeaned her, "It's no wonder you don't want cum in your little mouth. You probably couldn't get anybody off!"

Sheila cleared her throat, "Nobody's ever complained before," as she kissed him all over his lips as her tongue shot into his sloppy mouth. Katie slowly stroked his mammoth member as she looked up at the her friend and neighbor.

The hot wife placed his cock into her tight wet mouth. Sheila looked down at her friend sucking the head of Phil's massive cock while she continued to sloppily kiss his fat lips.

Soon Katie was forcing the length of his cock down her throat, "See!" Pulling Sheila's head away from his, "She knows how to give a blowjob!" as he pulled her close and f***ed his tongue into her mouth. His pudgy hand grasped the back of Katie's head as he f***ed his cock in and out of her mouth.

After several moments of heavy kissing, he rubbed and caressed Sheila's small body; her black lacy bra was one size too small and her breasts overflowed. He reached behind her and undid her lacy garment; her tits spilled out and they were a remarkable sight. They were full, round and tipped with large pink nipples that stood erect. He gently trailed his way to her firm jutting tits, with his hands, and began playing with her hard pointy nipples. He pushed Katie away as he dropped down to his knees in front of Mrs. Marshall. Katie sat on the floor next to Phil as she felt her juices flowing steadily and wanted so bad to be filled by Phil's cock that she had in her mouth.

He took Sheila's right nipple between his fingers as he twisted and pinched. As he worked on her breasts, he pushed the rest of her black skirt off her hips, and dropped it to the floor. Sheila was now naked except for a tiny, black lace thong. Phil admired her perfect body; she had a flat stomach and narrow hips, and obviously was in great shape. Her body was completely tanned to a golden brown.

Phil placed his mouth to her tit, sucking her entire succulent hard breast. He slipped his hand into her lace thong and located her excited clit hidden in a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. He traced his fingers over her wet pussy lips, and then slowly pushed a finger into her soaked tight hole.

As he drove his finger in and out of her swollen snatch, he clamped his lips over her excited nipple and bit down with his teeth. She grabbed the back of his head, held him tight to her tit and began to thrust her hips on to his finger as it tried to get them deeper into her burning hole.

He moved his mouth from nipple to nipple as he bit and sucked her aching nipples but her main focus was on the finger that slid in and out of her cunt at a furious rate. His finger became slick with the juice as it poured out of her hole as he continued to ream her pussy.

Her hips moved on his hand, trying to drive his finger deeper into her famished cunt. She started to shake and tremble as he drove his digits into her gushing snatch, Sheila's vibrating pussy went off as she exploded on his pudgy finger. She screamed aloud as the old man drove her through her climax, "Oh, God!" Sheila hissed. "I'm cumming!"

Katie swallowed hard at how quickly her friend was brought to orgasm. The hot wife starred at the couple before her as her own hand uncontrollable began to manipulate her own clit while putting her head into Phil's groin and as she took his precum lubed mushroom head into her mouth. The hot wife closed her eyes as she felt her friend tremble in front of Phil as he thrusted his finger into and out of her swollen pussy.

As her orgasm crested, Phil pulled his finger out of her smoking cunt. He directed the buxom manager to the edge of the bed as he knelt down and looked at her, "I need a taste!" as the hot wife moved away from the large body of Phil.

Sheila shot up, "No way! That's not part of the deal!" as she pushed Phil's head away from her; still flushed from her own orgasm.

The old man chuckled, "Yes it is! I said oral sex," he cleared his voice, "I didn't specify on who!"

The buxom manager knew better than to argue as she raised up and placed her ass on the edge she spread her legs wide for Phil. Katie moved over a little closer just as Phil’s tongue ran the length of Sheila’s sopping pussy. She let out an a****listic moan as he licked her pussy with his thick agile tongue. Phil pushed it deep into her wetness and fucked her with her tongue, in and out several times. Sheila moaned in unison with Phil‘s tongue. Katie watched as Phil found Sheila’s clit, and flicked her tongue quickly back and forth over it. With that, Sheila grabbed is head with both hands and grinded her pussy forward.

"Why are you just sitting there," he asked Katie, "Do you want a taste?"

Katie slowly inched her beautiful face forward. The hot wife had never entertained thoughts about being with a girl; watching Sheila's tight ass squirm downward against Phil’s face. Sheila's large wedding ring glinted in the light as she ran her hands on the head of the fat old man. Katie looked at her own wedding ring and a felt a bit of remorse. She glanced out the window towards her house knowing Fred and her f****y were only one house away. Sheila had pulled his head away from his sweaty groin, saliva flowed from his mouth, as she battled to catch her breath. Katie crawled up next to her friend on the bed as Phil used his tongue on the sexy manager. The hot wife only hoped that maybe she was next in line for his tongue.

He kissed and lapped her tight belly as he licked his way down between her legs. The smell of her hot pussy was delicious as it filled the air around him. He kissed her inner thighs, slowly working his way up toward her pussy. Her pussy was pink and juicy; he began to lick the wet lips of her cunt. Sheila grabbed Katie's leg as the three became a tangled mess on the bed.

Slowly, the old man parted her cunt lips with his tongue. Her taste was deep and delicious. As he pushed his tongue deeper into her boiling cunt, she spread her legs slightly and held his head tight against her burning snatch.

"Oh, yeah!" She moaned repeatedly. "Oh, God! Yes, eat me!" Phil used his hands to caress her short legs and thighs as he licked deep into her cunt. He brought his hands up to her ass and, holding a cheek in each hand, pulled her cunt to his mouth as he sucked her clit.

Sheila grabbed Katie's hand and placed it on her large breast kneading her large fake breast under her own. Katie's other hand quickly dropped between her legs as she manipulated her own pussy with her delicate fingers.

Mrs. Marshal raised one leg and wrapped it around his neck and pulled him tighter to her creaming fuck hole. He worked her clit with his lips and tongue. He moved his hands from her ass, slid two fingers into her tight pussy, and began to stroke her g-spot again.

"Lick me! eat me!" Sheila groaned as she thrusted her juicing pussy against his fingers and mouth. "Fuck, yeah!" Sheila pushed downwards towards Phil "Fuck, yes! That's it!"

Her breathing was shallow and labored as she tried to catch her wind. She was in another world as she sat there with her eyes closed. Dorman slid off the bed and stood in front of the beautiful woman. His cock stuck straight out and twitched in the air, "Tell me what you think of my cock Sheila."

She looked over at him, "You have a gorgeous cock," Sheila teased him as she admired his huge dick. She had sex with me members of the board and other agents of the hospital but none had a cock like Phil's. She wasn't afraid to admit it plus she knew that if she agreed with him; it would get him off sooner.

"It is rather impressive, don't you think Katie?" Sheila asked as she reached down and stroked with her hand. The big tittied manager continued to stroke Phil's thick cock and looked into his eyes, "Plus he's good at using that tongue!"

Phil grinned at Sheila's compliments which fed his ego. "Are you ready to cum baby?" Mrs. Marshall asked as she began to rub her naked breasts with her other hand, "Do you want to cum on my tits?"

Katie was taken back by the boldness of her friend. Was she actually enjoying Phil this much?

Phil Dorman coughed as he cleared his voice, "I'm not ready yet baby! I want to watch you two together again! Get between her knees and make her cum again with your mouth," he commanded.

Sheila gave a wicked smile as she turned onto her knees as her head dove between the long legs of Katie as her soft agile tongue began to lick the hot wife's thighs. She worked her way down to her fuck slit as Katie grabbed the back of Sheila's head and pulled her close.

Mrs. Marshall looked over at Phil as he stroked his cock with his pudgy hand, "Let me know when you are ready to cum and you can jack off on my tits!" She lost count of how many men had tit fucked her and she knew Phil would be getting off at any time.

Phil moved over beside Sheila and put his hand on her back and stroked her gently as her mouth locked onto the pussy in front of her. She never broke mouth contact on Katie’s pussy knowing the fat man was ready to release his load. Phil kissed Sheila on the back and licked down her spine. Katie had closed her eyes again as she started to pant at the wonderful feeling of Sheila's tongue.

Sheila wiggled her butt as he touched her little rosebud ass and slowly he inserted his finger into her pussy. He fingered her briefly as he kissed her ass cheek. Phil changed positions so that he was completely behind her. He could see her small pussy, her small ass, and then up her back. He could see the back of her head, as she ate Katie's pussy. The hot wife was sprawled out laying in the middle of the bed with eyes closed. Her small breasts raised and fell with every breath. Sheila had one hand wrapped around Katie's leg, holding her pussy lips open and the other was rubbing her pussy.

Phil looked down at Sheila from behind and had to put his mouth back on her. He lightly licked her from behind. He ran his tongue over her little asshole. Then he licked up and down her pussy. His licking increased Sheila’s efforts on Katie's pussy. She rubbed her face all over her pussy and fucked her with her tongue as Katie grabbed her head again and began to fuck her face.

Katie couldn't hold back and cried out,"Ooohhhhh shit! Fuck! Fuckkkk! I'm dummying again!" as she came quickly in her friend’s mouth. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this turned on. It was intense and long as her screams of ecstasy filled the room. It seemed like she would come forever. She bucked and grinded, but kept a hold of Sheila’s head the whole time. Finally, Katie pushed Sheila away and let her come up for breath as he body convulsed from Mrs. Marshall's expert tongue.

Sheila looked back as she felt the hard tool against her as Phil rubbed his large cock against the crevice of her ass cheeks, "I'll let you rub your cock over me; but no fucking!" Sheila announced as she pointed her finger back into Dorman's flabby chest.

"Now wait a minute! I'm in charge here!" Dorman countered, "You will do as I say or the hospital will find out what a shitty manager you are!"

"Wait," She protested. "This is as far as we go! Just rub it on me get yourself off already!" The petite manager was becoming perturbed the well hung old man hadn't came.

Phil pulled her hair back as he lowered his mouth to hers; her tongue began to welcome his, licking the underside of it as it wedged itself in her mouth. Phil released his kiss on her as he f***ed Sheila's head into Katie's groin.

Sheila flicked her tongue across Katie's fuck slit again as the hot wife moved her hand and spread her legs to give her more access. Sheila knelt on all fours between Katie's long slender legs.

Phil was behind Mrs. Marshall as he rubbed immense prick to rub against the entrance of her pussy. Her full breasts were smashed against the mattress. Sheila quickly stuck her tongue into Katie's moist slit. Her long fingernails ran themselves along the folds of Katie's pussy as she quickly sucked and licked at her friend's juices that were pouring from her.

Sheila's legs stiffened, her stomach grew tight; she released her tongue from the warm slit in front of her as she locked eyes with her college friend. Sheila gasped for air as she felt the hard cock behind her.

"I'm just gonna rub the head around," Phil panted. Katie couldn't help but remember when she heard Phil use the line with her when he fucked her ass. Phil leaned against her harder, and her cuntlips started to open under the tremendous pressure of his steel rod of cock. Slowly, the giant head eased past the tight muscles of her pussy and popped inside.

"Stop! I...I can't... Th..That wasn't our agreement..." Sheila quickly protested at the immense feeling of the huge cock that was filling her. Phil f***ed head of his cock inside her, and Sheila thought she would lose consciousness; her outstretched palms were flat against Katie’s stomach. Mrs. Jackson grabbed both of Sheila's hands and placed them on her small breasts using her friends hands to kneed the small mounds of flesh.

Sheila looked back at Phil, "N..No! You're too big!... Unnnnnngggghhhh!" Although she begged him to stop, her back was arched and her tight ass was jutted outward. Phil grabed a hold of her hips to keep the petite woman steady as he basked in the tight velvet of her pussy.

Phil slowly inched his pole inside her. Katie reached out and pulled her forehead down to her mound as she invited her friend to continue her oral assualt.

Sheila bit her lip as he continued to grind inch after inch inside of her, "Oh, fuck! Ow!! Ow!" she whimpered as she locked eyes with her friend that laid before her, "Stop! You're too big!" She screamed; her head flew backwards and the fat cock burrowed deeper into her pussy like a burning rod, "Please!"

He ignored her command and pushed his hips forward. Her back arched and the pretty brown eyes became dilated through fluttering eyelashes. "Oh, fuck!" She wailed. "It's too big!"

With just the head lodged in her overwhelmed cunt, Phil started to fuck her slowly. Moving ever so slowly, he managed to work in the first three inches of his giant cock into her tight, pulsating snatch. Sheila gasped franticly for air. She had been fucked by endowed men before but never like this. Sheila bucked wildly as his cock slid out of her pussy, "Don't!" turning towards the old man, "It hurts!"

Phil smeared, "Damn! You are fucking tight!"

"Screw you!" as Sheila spun off the bed, "That wasn't our agreement! Why don't you fuck her again," as she motioned to Katie laying spread eagled on the bed.

"I've fucked her enough. I need some new tight pussy!" Phil shouted, "You either get fucked or you take your chances with a lawsuit and," Phil coughed as he cleared his throat, "and with your board of directors promotion."

Sheila turned quickly not realzing the old man knew about her application, "You aren't the only one with friends on the board," Phil chastised her. The buxom manager stared at Phil. She completely underestimated him. Knowing she had no options she climbed back onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours in front of Phil, "that's better." as he patted he small ass.

"Just fucking cum already," Sheila yelped as she felt his cock slide back into her wet fuck slit. The old man filled her tight pussy with so much cock. She had never been fucked by such an immense cock; her nerves were on fire, sending impulses throughout her entire body. Her clit was so sensitive a feather could bring her off.

The sides of Sheila's pussy looked like they were being stretched beyond its limits. He just continued to slowly stuff cock deep into her wet burning cunt.

"Arrggghhh! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh!" She cried as he pushed deeper and deeper.

Her pussy began become accustomed to the girth of Phil as he fucked deeper into her tight hole. He continued his assault on her defenseless pussy as Katie stared at the couple in front of them. Sheila's face became awkward with every thrust of Phil. Her mouth formed an O ring and would whimper as he plunged deeper. She took a deep breath and soon began to moan out with every thrust.

She started to have mini-orgasms every few thrusts as the great head nudged forward deeper inside her stretched channel. Some were small, others mind-numbing; her whole body was shaking and trembling from the strain. Sheila's tight cunt encased his engorged cock so tightly that it seemed like he would split her in half.

Phil shoved Sheila's head back into Katie's crotch as she began to lap at her friend's juices.

He inched a couple more inches into her quivering body, her eyes closed tightly. She bit the bottom of her lip to keep from screaming. Sheila panted and moaned as her orgasms cascaded upon one another with each inch he pushed inside her.

He paused, letting Sheila adjust to his immense size, holding her by the hips now. Sheila's cunt lips stretched around his cock, her clear, sticky wetness oozing out around his prick.

After only a few seconds, Sheila groaned deeply and started wiggling her hips slowly from side to side while thrusting herself gently backward, managing to fuck a few more inches of her straining pussy onto his large organ.

"I... I can't take any more... Aaaaaaagggh!" She screamed as he pushed his hips forward; another inch of his bl**d engorged cock prying its way inside her stretched pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Sheila cried Phil looked like he couldn't take anymore, she was just too fucking tight, and her pussy clung to him like wet leather forcing him to use all of his concentration to keep from cumming. He stared down at hot woman and plunged his hips forward.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Sheila squealed. "Fuck! Damn!"

"Do you like my fucking prick inside of you? You've wanted this since the first time you saw it haven't you?" Phil breathlessly stated.

The smart manager knew she would have to agree to get Phil off, "Oh, fuck! Yeah," She moaned. "Give it to me! Fuck my pussy deep!" Sheila pleaded. He sank the rest of his rock hard, oversized cock into Sheila's drooling pussy in one smooth stroke. Her cunt lips hitting the broad base of his cock, Sheila groaned in pleasure.

"So deep!" She moaned, her words slightly muffled as her mouth met Katie's groin as he f***ed himself onto her. "Oh, yeahhhh! So fuckin' good!" her voiced muffled as her tongue caressed the folds of Katie's luscious pussy.

"That's it you rich snobby bitch!" Phil scolded Mrs. Marshall, "Keep talking.."

"Fuck! You’re so deep! Do it! Fuck my pussy good! Take my cunt! Fuck me hard!" Sheila's words were abruptly ended as the old man slammed his hips forward, launching right into a deep, hard fuck stroke just as she begged, drawing several inches of his thick, long prick out of her stretching cunt and then pounding it fully back into her, the powerful base of his cock smacking wetly into her oozing pussy as she squealed in pleasure.

"Ohhhh!" She groaned loudly as his hands gripped tightly to her slim waist as his dick pounded her hard.

"Damn! Your pussy is so fucking good!" He groaned as his dick continued to slam into her hard.
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"Oh, fuck! Oh, this is so fucking good! Mmmmmmmm!" Sheila groaned loudly as she pushed herself back onto his rod using her hands and knees for support. "Do me hard! Fuck me!"

"Oh, yeah!" Phil groaned as he pulled her hard back onto his dick, and reached under her to grab hold of her tits roughly.

Katie's legs were spread widely; she could not tear her eyes away from the scene in front of her. Sheila’s head flew backward as they made eye contact. The hot wife wanted so badly to be filled with Phil’s perfect cock.

Sheila did not see anything, though, as her pupils disappeared in the back of her head and her mouth opened wide in a breathless scream. Katie wasn't sure if it was the sight of Sheila’s pretty eyes disappearing or the old man's crude comments but the hot wife was quickly flicking her fingers across her wet clitoris. Mrs. Jackson soon had slipped 3 fingers into her wet snatch as she wished she could be fucked hard at that very instant

"Ohhhhhh! Ram your big dick into me! Ohhhhh! Yeah!" Sheila groaned loudly as his hands used her tits to pull her back hard on to his invading rod.

The dick continuously burying itself within her tight hole brought her closer and closer to her massive orgasm. The words pouring from her mouth came without thought.

"Oh, God!" Sheila moaned as the pounding continued. "You're fucking me so good!"

The hot wife, already envious, reached out and f***ed Sheila's mouth back onto her wet pussy. Katie quickly rubbed her clit while Sheila's tongue lapped at the crevices of her pussy lips.

The man grabbed her hips and pulled slowly all the way out. He watched as the lips of her pussy stretched tight like a seal around his giant prick. Then suddenly, he rammed his fat, hard cock back inside her wet sleeve and the head bounced off the end of her love canal.

"Argggh!! Ohhh fuck!" she cried in surprise.

He started to pound her pussy with everything he had. He held on to her waist and drilled his eleven inches of iron hard cock into her juicy cunt, repeatedly. She started to cum on the tenth thrust, and her orgasms continued non stop. He was hitting her in places that no cock had ever been before, nothing compared to such an impaling tool.

He was like a machine. In and out, in and out, as he relentlessly drove his immense cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one cum to another in a long stream of orgasms that never seemed to end.

She lifted her head from Katie's groin, "Ohhh shit! Fuck me with your giant cock Phil," as her body shook from repeated orgasms, "Oh, yeah, baby! Oh, that's it! Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good inside me! Ram it right up my pussy! Fuck me hard!"

As they fucked, he reached under her to grab her swing tits. Taking one in each hand, he used them like handles and pulled her onto his cock as he thrust deep into her molten center. He pinched and twisted her hard swollen nipples. She exploded around his cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at his invading member, "Cum for me baby! Spray the hot cum all over me!"

She was exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of his savage thrusts as he drove his plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt.

His big thrusting cock and large swinging balls were covered with her juice. Still, he continued to nail her with his endless thrusts. But, underneath all the electric currents flowing through and around her, she felt something deep inside progressively gathering; with every thrust of his massive cock that drove up her overworked cunt, the pressure built and built.

He continued to fuck her hard, sending his cock deep into her juicy pussy as he bottomed out on each thrust. He was impaling her on his giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt.

"Ram it all the way in, baby!" Sheila gasped, and spread her legs further while on her knees, as far as she could. "Fuck my pussy deep! Pound that big fat prick all the way in and out! "Unnngghhh! Oh, I had no idea it could be this good! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, you asshole!"

Suddenly, he pulled all the way out letting just the head of his magnificent member remain inside the trembling young woman, and then he plunged his entire cock into her as the hot buxom manager let loose, "OHhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Oh my God!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Sheila slammed herself back against him, "I'm cumming on your fucking cock! Ohhhhhh!!!" Her orgasmic scream was like that of a lion the bellow coming from deep inside her throat. Sheila flew her head back, the pupils of her eyes disappearing into the back of her head; she bucked, thrusted, and rocked in front of him in a screaming, thundering climax that seemed to go on forever.

The old man enjoyed every minute as he watched the beautiful manager twitch in orgasmic bliss, "I'm going to fucking cum now..." Phil announced, "And I want to cum in your dirty mouth!"

Sheila looked back at him in disgust, "Fuck you! I said I don't do that!" Her voice trailed off as the old man continued to pound his cock into her.

Phil grabbed the back of her hair and pulled as Sheila's body tensed, "Then I’m going to fucking cum inside this hot pussy of yours!"

Before she could protest the old man plunged deep into her exploding cunt one final time and began to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb. He unleashed what seemed like a gallon of thick sperm into her body. Her face was deeply flushed and her hair matted to her face in a pool of sweat. His cock twitched and jerked as he held her hips tight allowing every ounce of his sperm to empty inside her. Phil moaned loudly, “Fuck yeah!! Fuck yeah!!”

It was like a geyser going off in her cunt; his cum poured out of him in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning snatch and then squeezing out around the base of his rampaging cock as he continued to thrust into her pussy again and again. Their juices flowed down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooled on the bed. Sheila could only muster her frustrations, "Ohhh fuck! You asshole!"

Katie watched helplessly as Phil’s scrumptious cum was shot into Sheila's pussy. Her mouth salivated for the taste of his hot spunk. She hadn't stopped playing with her clit as she imagined him emptying his cum onto her tongue.

Finally, he stopped thrusting into her battered cunt. She slumped into Katie's groin. Phil released his grasp on her hips as he eased his cock out of her.

Sheila breathed rapidly and shallow, globs of sticky cum oozed from her swollen small cunt.

Phil rolled off the bed as the two business women lie naked both exhausted from the multiple orgasms. He walked over and kissed Sheila deep as their tongues mingled. Phil turned and leaned into to kiss the hot wife as she quickly leaned away from him.. Katie extended her arm and pushed him the chest away from her, "I need to go," as she snapped back to reality that she needed to get home to her husband.

Both women crawled out of bed and began to get dressed in front of the naked old man. Sheila glanced at Phil's massive cock, even flaccid, was rather impressive as it hung down between his legs.

"I think that was a good start to negotiations," the old man coughed as he lit a cigarette. He slumped down into the chaise as both women quickly got dressed, "What time you picking me up tomorrow Sheila?"

The buxom manager smirked as she put on her tight bra, "I think negotiations are done…” the wise business woman replied.

Phil's voice echoed in the room, "We're not even close to being done; see me tomorrow at 10:00 am to drive me to treatment," as he took a long drag from his smoke.

Sheila stopped and turned to Phil, "I said...," as she raised her voice and pointed her finger towards the old man.

"We're not done," raising his voice, "Tomorrow at 10:00 am or you know what happens…”

"You can't do this to me!" Sheila confidently stated, “you don’t know who you are dealing with!”

"I know you are my slut,” Phil retorted back. Sheila didn't say a word but quickly got dressed as she and Katie walked out the door.

The women walked down the sidewalk towards Sheila's Cadillac Escalade parked in the driveway, "That would have went quicker if you would have got into it!" complained the buxom manager.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Katie asked perturbed at the statement.

Sheila rolled her eyes, "If you act like a slut and scream and shout; men will get their rocks off in minutes."

"I'm not like that. I don't scream and act like a total slut," referring to her friend begging for Phil's cock, "I'm surprised you didn't wake the neighborhood!"

The buxom manger smirked, "I guess that's why you are unemployed. If you would have done something besides just lie there..," as she stopped short of completing her sentence.

Katie stared at her friend and couldn't believe what she was hearing. She opened the door but paused, "I don't think I have to tell you this but you understand this stays between us, right?"

The hot wife shook her head, "Of course."

Sheila sensed her friends unrest at what had just occurred. She glanced back at Phil Dorman's house and back to her friend, "It's just business Katie; get over it."

The hot wife couldn't believe her friend had acted as a total slut. Or was it acting? "Don't you feel regret for what you just did to Brock or your f****y?"

"I sure don't feel any regret when I get my paycheck. I'm sure not going to feel regret when I get the top job at the hospital either." the manager explained as she closed the door and started her SUV. Sheila backed out of the driveway as the hot wife walked back to her home.

As she walked in she spotted Fred sitting on the couch watching the Kansas Jayhawks basketball game, "Did you and Sheila get Phil taken care of?" as he didn't take his eyes away from the game.

"Yeah," Katie replied as she stared out the window towards Phil's house. The sexy wife stood behind her husband as she looked towards the game, "How are they doing against Missou?"

Fred glanced up at his wife and gleamed, "They're up by 20 in the fourth quarter."

Katie f***ed a smile at her husband as regret filled her mind. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed bottled water as she looked out the window towards Phil's. The hot wife could only imagine what he had planned next.

Cumming Soon: My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 19. Sheila becomes suspicious of Phil's activites and asks Katie for her help in stopping his torment.... Continue»
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I've only been married 2 years and already I was thinking it was a mistake. Before and after we got married we had sex fairly regularly, nothing adventurous but ok. Within a year it became less frequent and when we did Emma seemed to take less and less interest as if her mind was elsewhere and she would rarely cum. A month ago was her birthday, we had a nice meal then after we shagged, well I did, she more or less just lay there till I'd finished. The following day she told me she wanted to go away with an old friend, and had booked a week in Spain. The friend had been a bridesmaid at our wedding and they see each other several times a week, Emma sometimes staying overnight.

Last week she went on holiday, I'd decided to take the week off at the last moment, good weather forecast, tidy the garden, and things. I was sorting out the recycling in the garage and found Emma's birthday cards waiting to be dumped. Glancing through them I saw one I didn't recall having seen and when I read the message had I good idea why. After, I couldn't be bothered to do anything and sat in the garden with a few beers, thinking.
By late afternoon the best part of two packs had gone and I was half cut when I heard the door bell. Opening it I found Emma's mum, Fay, standing there. I've always got on really well with her. She's widowed and as a result of insurances and compensation reasonably well off. At 50 she is elegant, attractive, slim and at about 5' 8" a striking woman. I also knew that on our wedding day my best man had fucked her after the reception.

I invited her in and went back out to the garden. She was wearing a thin summery dress and as the sun shone through I could see she was only wearing a little white string underneath, no bra and briefly saw her small firm tits. She knew that something was wrong and at first I denied it until finally telling her about the card which I fetched to show her. She read it "To my darling Emma. Looking forward to our week together!!!!. Happy Birthday. Love you always, Becky. She handed it back. I said "You don't look all that surprised". She replied "To be honest the only surprise was when she married you. Haven't you ever suspected anything? To be blunt Emma prefers pussy to prick". We talked about it for an hour or so and I realised the little and more obvious signs I'd ignored. Sitting in my shorts she noticed I was burning in the sun and fetched some cream rubbing it on to my back and legs. As she did my thighs, my prick started to stiffen. She could hardly miss it as it got harder raising the front of my shorts. Her hand was brushing inside the shorts leg, getting close to my groin when she looked up at me saying "Unlike my daughter, I much prefer prick to pussy". My prick twitched as I thought I'd cum when she gripped the waistband pulling it down allowing my cock to spring out. I momentarily thought of stopping her. Then, running her tongue over her lips she bent and licked my dick, flicking her tongue over the knob end before taking hold of it, opening her mouth and engulfing my prick sliding it between her lips slowly taking my length, gently sucking and nibbling. All thoughts of stopping her swiftely went. I managed to pull her top down, massaging her tits, teasing her erect nipples as she sucked harder until I exploded in her mouth, something Emma never did. She swallowed my spunk, tucked my dick back in my shorts, pulled her top back up, kissed me on the lips before saying "Come round for dinner tonight. I've a couple of friends visiting. I'll see you at eight", getting up to leave. Thank fuck the garden is not overlooked.

Still slightly pissed I could hardly believe what my mother in law had just done. My mind said there was no way I should go but my cock was sending totally the opposite message. Then remembering that Emma would as likely as not be getting licked out or be going down on her girlfriends cunt I made up my mind. Eight that night I knocked on her door, still wondering if I should be there, but like most men, my cock was now in charge and as far as Emma's concerned I doubted I had much to loose.

Fay opened the door, any doubts were immediately forgotten. Shoulder length light brown hair, her face beautifully made up, wearing a dress slashed to the waist hardly covering her firm little tits. Held closed by a clasp the dress was slashed to the knee, revealing her shapely legs, on her feet shoes with about 5" heels. When she stepped back the material parted revealing her depilated pussy. Closing the door she gave me a kiss on the cheek before, pulling my lips to hers kissing passionately as she rubbed her body against me, feeling my stiffening prick, before parting, smilingly saying I was obviously pleased to see her. I followed her in to the kitchen, she told me she was just finishing the buffet and to get a beer from the fridge. I turned as she undid the dress dropping it over a chair. She might be 50 but what a body. Long legs, flat stomach, firm tits with hard nipples, smooth pussy with quite prominent labia, small perky bum.

Joining her by the window I could see two young men, of around 20, sitting just outside on the patio, in her very private garden, both naked. She quickly explained, whilst undressing me, that they were both students at the local university. She had met them and several others when she signed up to do some e****t work, become friendly, and were preferable to some of the fat old men she was paid to e****t and sometimes fucked if they were generous enough. She was addicted to young cock and tonight she had three. Although she'd invited more they were working and she told me that several times, six or so had all been available and had fucked her in one night.

My prick was rock hard listening to her tell me that she was basically a slut, who was prepared to fuck for "a generous gift", but the young men were for fun. Taking me outside she introduced me to Steve and Mike, who knew what was expected and were stroking their cocks. Fay didn't mess around, with the three of us standing, she crouched down, going from cock to cock, opening her mouth, sticking her tongue out, licking the pre cum from each before sucking and wanking us, managing to take both their pricks in her mouth at the same time.

Looking down she had her thighs spread wide, a hand between her legs, frantically frigging, exciting her clitoris and sliding her fingers in her cunt. I lifted her by the the waist, she was still bent sucking cock as I f***ed her legs apart and rubbed my prick along her gash, feeling her still fingering her self, pulling on her clit. Cupping her tits, taking her nipples between finger and thumb, she told me to pinch and pull them hard. Her pussy was already soaked in cunt juice as my cock slid along her gash, her labia lips open, dangling either side of my knob. I slid my cock along her slit, not penetrating her pussy, her cunt getting wetter, trying to increase her arousal. After a minute or so she gasped "Put it in. Just fuck me", before swallowing Mike's cock. I penetrated her, slowly sliding my prick in until my pubes touched her bum. She's got a really tight cunt and fantastic control of her cunt muscles, she gripped and tightened on my cock as I pulled out then rammed back in, hard. She almost gagged, the cock in her mouth pushed in to her throat, but she took his length into her throat, sucking hard, swallowing his prick, then bobbing her head up and down his prick. Her cunt was slick, her thighs soaked in cunt juices, my prick filling her fuck hole. Steve had moved to her side watching me ramming my cock in her slippery cunt. He rested a hand on her bum then moved his fingers to her cunt, sliding a couple in next to my prick. I stopped, this was a bit close for comfort. Fay came up for air and mumbled "Don't stop. Fuck me" before continuing to deep throat Mike. Steve said "I just want some cunt lube. Hold her cheeks open". I spread her bum cheeks, exposing her tight puckered hole. Steve lubed his fingers in her juices, spat on his fingers then pressed one against her arse hole, working a finger in, then a second adding more spit he finger fucked her arse as I continued fucking her tight pussy. Fay threw her head back, thrusting back to meet my prick and his fingers, sighing then cried out she was cumming, her cunt tightening on by cock as her back arched in orgasm. I carried on fucking her for another 10 or so deep hard thrusts before I emptied my balls shooting my seed in her cunt.

Mike and Steve were both still erect. Mike had laid flat on a lounger, I withdrew as he pulled her on top. She reached for his prick, holding it and guiding him to her gaping, dripping hole, lowering herself on to his pole. She sighed, feeling her cunt stretching to take his thick prick, then lent forward on top of him, brushing his chest with her hard nipples. She got comfortable, Mike slowly fucking her when Steve got behind and above her, crouching down he pressed his cock against her cunt, then as Mike slide back in he feed his cock in alongside. Fay squealed, a long low moaning as they both fucked her. Mike couldn't do much from underneath, but after double fucking her for two or three minutes, Steve pulled out, his cock shining and slick with Fays cunt juices. She was close to cumming again as he spread her cheeks wide, using his fingers to ready and open her tight hole before pressing his cock against her arsehole. Slowly she opened, her arse taking his cock as he carefully fed his lubricated prick, a little at time, in to her as she urged him "Fuck my arse. Spunk in my arse". Her cunt and arse stuffed with cock they both fucked her. The amount of noise she made its lucky she has no neighbours. She loudly cried out as she came, telling them over and over to fuck her hard, to spunk in her, to fill her with cunt, to fill her arse with their seed. They both complied, shafting her holes, her body shaking when she came followed by the two lads who shot numerous jets of spunk in her body. She stood up, her skin flushed, spunk dripping from her cunt, catching some on her fingers and slurping it down.

Steve and Fay went to shower and wash his cock after the arse fucking whilst me and Mike sorted the buffet and drinks. After eating we took it in turns to fuck Fay again having her 2 or 3 times each before they left. I spent the night in Fays bed, fucking her again in the morning. I stayed with her, and other than eating and washing, we fucked several times each day until Emma returned from her holiday with Becky. I fucked Emma the night she returned but it was a pretty perfunctory effort on her part, no where near as good as fucking or being fucked by her mother. The good side is that in the week she's been back she has stayed over at Becky's twice and and I have been able fuck Fay again. Fay has arranged for some of her young men to visit her next weekend, probably Emma will go out with Becky so all being well I get to fuck and watch Fay fucking again.

Of the two secrets I much prefer my Mother in Laws!
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Ladyboy Secrets

by utubeslut

forgive the misspellings but inocent words get sensored
by the auto censeless

Diaries can be dangerous and have unexpected
consequences if they fall into the wrong hands.
Or the right hands ….

Early Spring and that meant a visit from my
Aunt Becky and my cousin Susie.
I loved Susie but she was kinda weird.
She had mood swings like she had permanent
PMS, very unpredictable.
Otherwise she was very sweet.
Crazy bitch.

The neighborhood girls were drawn to Susie
like a magnet. Crazy people have 'followers....'

Of course Susie phoned a few neighbor girls
a week before so when she and Aunt Becky and
Uncle Mike arrived a half dozen more girls
showed up.

Of course they all gathered in my room since
I was the only “girl”in the house.
Mom and my aunt and uncle stayed
in the kitchen talking and sipping wine.

I was dressed for inside the house;
comfortable but skimpy white shorts, bare
feet with robin's egg blue polish, and an old powder
blue tee shirt that I was now sorry I wore because
my very large nipples were fully erect and poking
through like torpedoes. My arms were also completely
bare and my shoulders and underarms were on
full display because I had gotten creative with scissors.
After a few uncomfortable peeks and stares I just
held my pillow over my boobs.

A knock on the door, then mom peeked her head in
and told us the three of them were going to get some
stuff for the BBQ. That meant they'd be gone for at
least an hour.

They were all sitting on my bed taking and laughing
but I was excluded from the conversations because
they didn't know how to deal with me.

Suddenly crazy Susie had my diary in her hands.
I had left it under my bed

“What's this??” she said devilishly, “My little
hermaphrodite cousine has a DIARY??”

“NO!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!” I screamed

Thank GOD I didn't have anything about my
'clients' in there.

Susie threw my precious book of secrets
on my dresser, pushed me down and in one
fluid motion pulled up my top and grabbed
my nipples. She was an athlete, a swimmer and
much stronger than me.
I struggled but she held me down and kept working
on my nipps. She knew my nipples are my Kryptonite.
I become totally submissive when my nipples are
grabbed or sucked.
But this was my diary, my heart, so I would not give up
so easily. Then she took my left nipple in her mouth, the one
she knew was my most sensitive.
Thirty seconds later I was conquered.
“You bitch.” I said, weakly.
She told Lisa to read my diary out loud.
Lisa, beautiful Lisa, literally the girl next door,
yet light yeas away.
She was about to find out how I felt about her and
I was terrified.

Everything was neatly indexed;
Guys, teachers, neighbors, experiences, events, etc
The pages could be removed, rearranged and
extra pages could be added.
A perfect diary.
She read first through Guys:

Tony D.
medium large cock, funny little mole on the left side,
well trimmed pubes, cums too quick.
I thinned out some anbesol in some water and
rubbed it on his cock head and he lasted much longer.

One girl suddenly exploded,
and stormed out of the house.

Susie was still doing my tits to keep me
under control.

She said, “Look ME up”
“Cousin Susie: LOVE her to death! Unpredictable,
capable of cruelty but really a sweet person, superb
athlete, smart, beautiful.
I admire her soooo much.

Susie let go of me, ashamed.

Lisa looked up Neighbors:
Lisa, next door neighbor.
My secret crush. I love her for real.
I fantasize about kissing her and making
real love with her, not like some sick old
perv fucking me for pieces of green paper
or a necklace.
She's so beautiful but I'm too afraid to tell
her I love her.
I couldn't stand it if she went EWWW
I would kill myself.
But i'm a freak of nature. How could she love me back?
I'm not a boy, I'm not a girl. I look like a girl,
I have nice tits and a beautiful face and figure
but no guy would ever marry me.
So now i'm a whore. All i'm good for is to get fucked.

But I watch her all the time. The way she moves,
her beautiful red hair, her perfect long legs
I love it when she sings in her backyard.
Such a beautiful voice.
But I know she sees me as a freak and a filthy
whore and she's right.
I'm not worthy of her.
I was crying as I wrote that and I allowed
two teardrops to fall on the page and I held
it up so they'd run down the page.
That book was my heart.

By now everyone was silent.

Almost everyone was crying.

Lisa had started crying when she scanned her pages,
before she read it aloud.
Our eyes met. The look in her eyes made the tears
pour down my face. Pure love, kindness, compassion.

She tipped her head down at my diary and added a
few of her own tears and held it up it let them run
down the page, then set it down to dry.

I was sitting up, cross-legged,
Susie was sitting on the edge of the bed,
not looking at me, wiping away tears.

Lisa walked over to me, got on the bed and
walked closer on her knees.
Our eyes never parted for an instant.

“You dumb slut. I love you too.”
We hugged each other forever.

Everyone else silently filed out of the room
and closed the door behind them.



All the names were changed.

I loved cousin Susie to death.
She lived a few minutes away.
She was a swimmer and I loved wrestling
with her and feeling her strength and her
muscles as she pinned me down, fondled my
tits and kissed me.
We were lovers.

Lisa, my next door neighbor, caught me spying
on her a few times.
It was July. Summer vacation.
One day she struck up a conversation with
me and I invited her in.
mom was at work, my b*****rs were on one
of their stupid fishing trips.
We went to my room, I took out a brand new fifth of
Stoli vodka.
I went out to the kitchen for glasses, ice, a bottle of Perrier,
cranberry juice, then buttered two keiser rolls
and rejoined her.
I was so excited at the thought of having a girlfriend.
NO, a FRIEND girlfriend. You pervs :)

“Old Russian secret.” I said “First we eat the
buttered rolls, drink plain juice, wait a few minutes
then we drink.
I learned that from one of my (OH SHIT) f-from my doctor.
We both fell silent. I blushed.
She knew I was about to say “one of my johns.”
We ate our rolls, drank juice.
“For every drink of vodka we drink an equal
amount of water. The hydration will prevent hangover.”
“Did you learn that from too?”
she teased.
I answered, “Yeah” in a subdued voice.
Then I mixed a couple of strong drkinks.
I could tell she was not a vIrgin to alc0hol.
We talked for close to an hour, drkinking,
giggling like idiots.
At one point I said, “Don't think you're gonna get
me drupnk and have your way with me.” like a
Southern belle.
“I heard you don't NEED alc0hol to do that.” but she
said it in a friendly way.
“Fuck you.” I said laughingly.
“Yah, you'd like to.”
I blushed again, even with the alcohol lowering
my inhibitions.
I looked down at my glass and sipped my vodka and
cranberry juice.
We each made a couple of trips to the bathroom,
talked, laughed, giggled. joked.

I was so happy.

Finally we cleaned up, I walked her to the door
and hugged for a second .

She had a troubled look on her face.

I asked her what was wrong.

She looked deeply into my eyes and said,
I realize now you're a human being.
A very NICE human being.
She kissed me on the cheek and left.

I was feeling drKunk and very content.

I opened my dresser drawer to write a new entry.
It was gone.
I P'eed myself a little and collapsed to my knees.

The next day I threw on a bathrobe
and answered the doorbell.
(I went naked when mom wasn't home.)

Lisa stood there, looking deeply into
my eyes. She looked more beautiful than ever.
She walked in, handed me my diary and said,
“You dumb slut, I'm a lesbian.”
I answered “So am I” as she pressed me against
the wall and kissed me.
I opened my robe and let it fall to the floor.

We were girlfriends. Yes, lovers. You pervs :)

She explained to me later that she was scared
I was spying on her and searched my room
looking for something that might explain what
I was up to.
(She also spied and watched my b*****rs
pile into the car with our unkel for the
fishing trip.)

My diary explained everything perfectly.

I also found extra tear streaks in Lisa's entry.

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A rental with secrets 2

A Rental With Secrets 2

I was settled in, naked and wet. I knew the videos in front of me were not only hot and full of sex but they appeared to tell a story. A story about Mr. Waters sexual needs and desires and Mrs. Waters fulfilling his needs. I decided to start from the first video.

The date was almost ten years ago. Same house, only three cameras on this tape. Mr. Waters was laying on his bed. He was naked. Damn, what a smoking body. Thinner, lean to be exact. And what a big dick! I want to climb on that thing now. I instinctively spread my legs as if I was going to let Mr.Waters inside.

He was stroking himself super slowly. I love watching men masturbate. He covered his hand in some sort of oil and stroked again. The television in the room was in front of him. Not the same one on the wall today of course, but none the was a big screen. And his big cock was on it. He was watching it, watching him stroke himself. Then he changed the channel.

I was slowly rubbing my slit with one hand.. the other on the remote. I really really liked this. Mr. Waters started watching another channel. It was a video of him getting a blowjob. What a hot thing to watch. This big cock being stroked while he watched himself get a blow job. Fuck. I was fingering my clit now. I wished it was me sucking him, stroking him. I wanted to climb on. The video picked up the audio from the blow job scene. “That is a good little whore. Suck me good and I will let you cum. I might even let you cum twice. You would like that wouldn’t you whore?” The girl moaned and sucked harder. Mr. Waters started asking her questions about her fucking experiences. Damn this sounded like me and Rob. I wanted to be fucking Rob while I watched this. I wanted to use his cock the way Mr.Waters was face fucking this bitch.
Hell, I did not know her at all and know I would consider her the whore that Mr.Waters does. I would hold her head for him and shove it deeper onto his big dick until she gagged. I watched Mr. Waters cum in her throat. Deep. Holding her head and telling her she was a fucking slut. To suck the cum out of that dick. I loved it.

I started cumming. I could not stop. I watched this video end with the whore getting cash from Mr. Waters for a taxi. Wow. She was REALLY a whore. I think I could be Mr.Waters alter ego. I loved the thought of fucking and dumping someone because they are paid to do whatever I want. I came again.

Scene two. Looks like a few years passed. Still this house. f****y room. Again, Mr. Waters getting head. This time he was just videoing the blow job and I could hear him talking and her slurping. YUM. He must like this one. OMG it was RED! Fuck. I cannot believe it! RED!!! Shit, I was right about how sexual she seemed. Mr.Waters was asking her if she would do what he wanted. What he needed. Did I miss that? No, it seemed to be something they had talked about repeatedly.

She looked up at him and said “I so want two cocks in me at once” “I want to fuck anyone you tell me to”. Mr. Waters grabbed her hair and shoved her face back onto his big dick and said “Suck that cock you slut”. “You know I own that cunt. You know you LOVE the thought of taking two cocks. “ “I think you would like it too much. I am saving your pussy for me.” It was obvious RED thought that he meant he really cared for her. I could already tell you he looked at her like he did that sucking/milking machine. A place to shove his cock and get himself off.

Once he showed me Red’s pussy on this video, I was good to move on. She shaved herself. Yet, she had several tattoos and a nice ass. I would have love to taste her. Damn, cumming again. I wanted that pussy. Note to myself..hit on Red and bring a towel with me in here tomorrow.
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Secrets Open Everything.

We recently moved our romance filled dates from Fridays to Thursdays. It was my wife Porscha's idea. She gave many reasons for the change, but I think that it went unsaid was that our sexual escapades were just to big to fit in to just one day and night. We could now have two full days. I'm not mad at all about the change. One may think my use and abuse that often fills these days would make them something I could live without, However I have a thing for pleasing my beautiful white sex goddess. I get off on it and you have never seen the satisfaction in a woman's eyes that I get so see in mine's eyes. She's truly happy and so am I. Plus, how could I be anything but all for it considering it was my dirty little secret's that fed her freaky fantasy's. I had been the one who first put myself in drag and naturally after your wife sees her man dressed up like a bitch, then treating him like a bitch becomes an option as well as a desire fueling fantasies that were once never on her mind. I gave her the power to own me with my secrets now I am at her mercy. I love this because unlike the “woman next door” my wife's every desire and fantasy is met and she is truly happy.

We had both decided to take a vacation day that Friday because the following Monday was a holiday. So we figured why not have a four day weekend. We slept in til about noon and then we got up, she turned on the computer and surfed the web while I cooked us both breakfast. I walked back in naked, dick swinging with her waffles. She glanced up smiling and said “ oh, thank you baby” then she glanced down at my crotch and playfully said, “I know your not trying to feed me sausage.” and then reached to the night stand where the tiny lock and key set were, she told me to “turn around and bend over”. I must say, as much as I love to please, I was cursing her under my breath for it, But I sat the tray in the bed and bent over, knowing what was next. She grabbed my cock and pulled it back with one of my balls on each side of my shaft. She put the lock through the piercing in my taint and the other through my prince Albert piercing in my cock then snapped it shut. She swatted me playfully on my ass saying “ there we go, now you know we can't have that thing hanging around.” I looked down as I stood up. MY dick tucked between my legs almost instantly makes me feel submissive. I sat down presenting her the breakfast I made us. I'm not sure if I would have if he had not taken my cock away but in any event I began to feed her. Between bites she pointed at the screen of out laptop. In a muffled voice as she chewed slightly saying “ this guy has more questions than a federal agent in a crack house. Honey, I think we have got a stalker.” This guy Glen had been trying to talk with us for about two months and no matter how hard we tried to blow him off he never went away. He didn't display any picture on the site and usually we won't even talk to those with out pics even though we do like to remain anonymous, feeling our position is the most vulnerable in the situation, but for what ever reason, we talked to him here and there. Then after he refused to show us a picture of himself and avoided questions we tried to get rid of him then stopped talking to him. He would still pop up daily asking questions. Porscha got a strange look on her face and said “ do you think he is a serial killer or something?” I shook My head no and pointed out that anyone with foul intent would stalk out in public and and have everything leading back to them. She shook her head and said “ slow down, I was only about half serious, I mean we aren't doing anything, let;s tell him to meet us some place. He doesn't know who we are and we could see who he is, if nothing else, or we could talk to him.” The whole thing filled me full of butterflies. I knew she just wanted to see who this guy was and there was no way in hell that we would stop but still the whole possible stranger thing gave off a very anxious feeling through out my body and I could tell by the look in her eye that she felt the same. So I took the rare chance to have a voice and said “ sounds entertaining” Porscha replied back to him and told him let's just meet, he quickly replied and was all for it. She gave him a location to be and told him to wear a red shirt and to make sure he was sitting on that bench at 4:00 pm. It took him about 15 minutes to respond and we though he had not been serious and began surfing porn sites, but he ended up responding after talking to his boss about leaving work early. He promised to be there.

It was still early in the day and we hadn't planned on going out to our favorite club until about 9:00 pm, so we decided to play a little. We made out and I ended up trying to suck every last drop of life up out of her pussy until about 3:30 pm, then we rushed to get dressed and into the car. Curious as to how much of a nasty little troll this stalker guy would be, but he wasn;t even there. We drove past the location about half a dozen times over the next 45 minutes and he was a no show. It shouldn't have been a surprise, he wouldn't even give us a picture. We decided to grab some Chinese food and head home. We arrived to find out that he had e-mailed us around the time I was burring my face in her sweet pussy. He said he couldn't make it but he was having a party that night and would love for us to stop by, then going on to say if we weren't comfortable we could just leave and didn't have to stay and for us to just stop by. We both agreed on a “ HELL NO” .

Later that night we were getting ready and I was feeling like a shame filled humiliated bitch boy. It was shaping up to be one of the rare nights where she planned on us going out in public dressed as a pair of sluts, which was very hard. Embarrassed and humiliated didn't began how to explain how I'd feel. At least when it was one or two people that we had been talking to I knew them a little which didn't make it ok, but was no where near as bad as nights like these when she would make me go out, even thought to avoid any possible conflict she would always take us to a gay bar where everyone was ok with her little toy. Not only was it a place packed with strangers. Those strangers often would stare and/or even come and try to talk to us. On bitch boy status I don't talk, but they would come none the less carrying on a conversation with her checking her or us out. Words can't explain how it feels for a man to have to think/know his wife and himself are being checked out by both men and women that want to fuck them both. I thought about it as she did both our make up. We wore matching outfits which was shamefully a turn on for me. She of course looked so fuckin good. Her ass almost peeking out from under the short black ruffled skirt which displayed her amazing fishnet clad legs flowing into a short boot with a high but thick wide heel which allowed me to walk and we would still match. The black silky button up top was packed full of her beautiful breast. She showed a nice peep of cleavage and she was smokin hot! Meanwhile, my shirt was buttoned up to the top covering my gel-filled bra and my skirt was as low as possible to hide my ass as much as possible. The only other difference in our outfits was that I wore full back panties and she wore a see through thong. Not only because I didn't have her ass, nor was I trying to be sexy, but my panties had to hold my cock between my legs with my balls, which they were pretty much pushed inside of me because my cock was so tight against my body.

Anxiety filled us both as we set out for the night. My thoughts raced just like my heart started to. There was a knot in my throat, here I was going out with my wife and both of us were dressed like sluts like I was her girlfriend and not her husband. We were about to to lord knows what, maybe nothing, maybe a whole lot. I had no control, I would do as I was told like the panty wearing bitch I'd become.

I had been thinking about a more comfortable out and all I could think up was to jokingly say “ hell we might as well go to Glen's party” just to see what she would say about that thought, and I was thinking and if nothing else there would be less people. I added that we could just have a few drinks and go back home and I could try the new strap-on out on her. When I wasn't worthy of fucking her I had to use the strap-on. She seemed slightly irritated and she flipped into Miss Porscha as she always found a reason to do so at these times. She commanded me to “Shut up and do not speak unless spoken to” She also reminded me that she made the decisions around here and I started to remind her that she only did that on the weekends, but I decided it would be better if I kept my mouth shut. She already seemed angry enough. She slowed to take a turn as she began to humiliate and degrade me. “ I remember the first time you ate cum from my cunt, at that moment I knew you were dying to be my little clean up slut, weren't you?” She asked. I knew she didn't want an answer. She continued “ I can't even look at you without wanting to see your mouth full of cum out of my freshly fucked pussy. I find my self wanting to fuck, just to feed you. How does it feel knowing that every weekend your wife has to go out looking for a real man to fuck her and your only hope of tasting her before she is full of cum is off another man's cock?” I just dropped my head, there was a few questions asked but none needed answers. She was just putting me in my place and reminding me that I had done it and I would play whatever role she told me to. My heart about stopped and then fluttered as we pulled outside someone's house. My thoughts were going a million miles an hour. I figured it was Glen's house, it was the only place I hadn't been. It was a few dozen yards from the road. We parked along the street among the others that were parked on both sides of the street. I saw someone look out the window for a second and then I started to hear the faint sound of music. We got to the door and Miss Porscha knocked. The door swung open and a cheer laced male voice called out “surprise!” My heart stopped and my stomach fell to my feet.

I quickly spun around and went to speed walk to the car as if hoping to not be seen. Porscha and Glen called out “TOD” I stopped, hesitated, and then turned around. My mind was racing, thinking my wife must have known, but her face looked just as shocked as mine. I reluctantly walked back towards them. The man and his wife were in the doorway. They had been to our house a few times and Glen was the b*****r of one of Porscha's co-workers. We had met him many times and his wife a few times as well. She told us to come in and that they had some explaining to do. They e****ted us inside and got us some drinks. Glen began to explain that when I was showing him a job advertisement on our computer that he had seen the website where he later found us. When he went to the website initially, he couldn't find us until a later visit he noticed out unique screen saver, which doubled as out profile picture on the website. However he wasn't completely sure until his wife Amber saw Porscha sneak one time a pop the waistband of my purple lace panties from behind, thinking that no one could see. My already blushing face, got bl**d red as if sun burnt. I didn't raise my head up to let anyone see it though. I felt as if our fantasy life had escaped in to our real life for the first time. I really wanted to leave but they kept offering drinks and Porscha kept accepting them. I noticed the two women had begun flirting with each other. I even caught Porscha showing Amber her black lace held pussy. I could see the sexual tension growing between the pair. Finally Porscha asked her if she wanted to dance. She quickly replied I thought you'd never ask! Porscha jokingly said “ well its your party, I was waiting for you to ask me.” As the two came together their conversation stopped and a nice slow jam came on. They embraced each other and Amber placed her head on my wife's breast as they began to dance together. As the end of the song approached Porscha looked over at me with a huge smile while giving the ass cheeks in her hands a nice squeeze. She let out a long moan before going on to say “ You've got a great ass.” Then to me she continued “See, and if I would have listened to you we would have been home playing with a strap-on instead of her ass.” Amber jerked her head up and said “ No, need to go home I have a brand new one up stairs.” With a smile on her face Miss Porscha looked at me and Glen and said “oh.. really?” Glen laughed and said “ I give not take,” Then shot a mischievous but bot malicious smirk over to me. I wanted to protest, that I don't take either, but I that was only half true. But it didn't matter. Porscha asked Amber what she was waiting for, and Amber's eyes lit up as she told us she would be right back.

Amber returned as promised shocking, without her clothes on. She did have on a shiny one piece lingerie number, and from her waist hung a foot long realistic black cock. She walked straight to Porscha who grabbed it examining it as if she were a doctor. After a while she said “ WOW! I have never touched a black dong before.” Amber said “ Never?!? Or just a fake one you mean?” My wife replied with “ never a real or fake one”. Amber looked down at my wife, licking her lips as if she was a fresh piece of meat while she told her that she didn't know what she was missing. She glanced at Glen and then back to Porscha before saying “ I love nothing more then to watch Glen's fat black cock disappear inside my white ass. I love it so much I got this thing got when he is out of town. I just can't live without it.” Miss Porscha glanced at me, then Glen , Amber, and finally the rubber cock. She whispered in a sexy voice “ I bet it does look amazing disappearing inside you.” Her voice began to sound more envious as she spoke, “I bet it hurts so good, deep in your sweet pussy.” she went on to say something else but I didn't catch it because she was wrapping her lips around the rubber dong as she tried to say them. I watched was she slurped on the woman's strap-on as if it were a real dick. Amber watched with a gaping mouth and a naughty look in he eyes. I was sort if entranced by the sight. At one point I came back to reality to find Amber staring down at me where I sat beside my wife on the sofa. She had an evil look as if she was looking at some one she didn't like or want around. I stared back at her for a few seconds and then we back to watching my wife's red lips wrapped around the giant rubber pipe. All of a sudden Amber took the cock from my wife and looked at me and said “ you wanna suck some.” I later found out I was supposed to decline, but I took it as a question I wasn't supposed to answer. I hesitantly licked at the cock covered in my wife's slobber. Porscha watched me appearing to be highly aggravated and finally she asked with an attitude “ are you gonna suck it? It's not an ice cream cone, you little bitch!” perhaps my wife motioned for her to do it, but at that point Amber put her hand on the back of my head. It was a horrible feeling, I had already felt powerless with everyone in the room over me, but now I lost the last bit of control I had over what my body did. Amber quickly got unnecessarily rough with me, frequently choking me on her dick. Finally as she pulled me to her and thrust her hips forward, fucking my face in front of everyone. I put both of my hands on the front of her thighs to stop from gagging. The instant I touched her, Miss Porscha smacked the back of my head sending the head of the cock literally in to my throat. She yelled. “ Don't you fuckin' touch her! You hear me you little slut!? You don't put a hand on her for any reason!?” Amber moved her hand and apologized to Miss Porscha and went on to say “ You have nothing to worry about I don't like white boys at all.” Porscha already knew she had nothing to worry about but she let the woman go on because it was easier than explaining that she knew.

Porscha leaned over to me in a less than happy tone and said “ go on and suck her dick you little whore and while you suck it you can watch me suck Glen's” I paused and she pushed my head back to work. She went on whispering to me that she would've been happy just playing with Amber, but since I was such a cock hungry slut, she was gonna make me watch her such her first fat black dick. At that point I still thought it was a little game but I would later discover she'd gotten mad at me for sucking the rubber cock and she was gonna suck Glen for revenge. She leaned back from my ear and looked at Amber. Apparently asking her something but with out speaking, because all I heard was Amber say “sure go ahead.” Porscha lightly told Glen to come over. As Glen got up Porscha said to Amber “ I wouldn't mind you proving that you can use that dick between your legs.” Amber released a school- girlish giggle and said “OK”. I first took that to mean that Amber was gonna fuck my wife while she sucked Glen's cock, but later was scared with the realization that maybe my wife mean for Amber to fuck my ass.....

Amber had started slapping the huge black dong back and forth over my face as if it wasn't humiliating enough watching the large black man walk across the room with a bulge in the crotch of his pants on the way to my wife's anxious mouth. Porscha's eyes were locked on it as she slowly unzipped his baggy jeans. My heart raced and butterflies filled my stomach as she pulled down his pants and his boxers. His big dick flopped from his underwear in front of her face. She stared in a trance before gasping “ My God! Your cock's huge!” she picked it up holding it with both hands out and palms up. She seemed lost perhaps having a quick fantasy about it. She had always talked about how nice my piece was but this was a monster cock. She was now playing with her first black cock. After a few minutes of her just playing with it, glen broke the silence, saying “ It is nice isn't it? You haven't ever had a dick like that have you?” Porscha never spoke a word, she just wrapped her lips around the side of the shaft, sucking up and down it before moving underneath to his balls. She addressed each one of his nuts with a firm tongue and then took each one in her mouth . His already huge dick grew with her lip service. I felt like I was watching my wife worship a cock as if it was a blessing from above. I thought to myself I bet her cunt is dripping wet with anticipation. I stopped myself for a second, wondering if she planned on doing anymore than just sucking his massive meat. I stared as she began to take his big head of his dick into her mouth. As I watched her lips stretch around the head I started thinking about getting between her legs and eating that pretty tight pink pussy. As to get her ready to fuck him. I caught myself deep in those thoughts and I told myself that I wasn't just playing a role. I must really be a nasty little slut deep down because a man wouldn't be setting here in panties with a rubber dick in his mouth watching his wife suck a cock and having a fantasy of his own free will about eating her as she sucked him, with desires of having him inside her. I felt like such a little bitch. It was almost as if I said “fuck it then I'll be a slut” because I got down on my hands and knees and worked my way over to Porscha and Glen. When I got between her legs she reached down and slid her panties to the side. She pulled her mouth from around his member just long enough to say “ yeah, that's it! Eat my pussy and get it nice and wet for this big black cock to give me the pounding that you can't.” Then she went back to sucking his cock with a new drive and more into it then before. I often spent hours between her legs enjoying eating her anytime, but a lot of times as she watched porn. But I had never seen her so wet. She was so horny she pulled my face tight to her and started to roll her hips, fucking my face. Just as I'd never seen her so wet, I had never seen her cum so hard, she began to squirt and it hit the back of my throat so hard it gagged me. I was literally drinking cum, not swallowing , but drinking it. Glen waited til her moans stopped and asked of she wanted to feel a big black dick up in her pretty little snow bunny cunt. She moaned a reply as she pushed my head from between her legs showing me that she was done with me. She said moaning “ yes please fuck me with that big cock until I am too raw to stand it. Please!” He grabbed he in an aggressive manner and roughly pushed her face down in the floor and said “ yeah that is what I love about white bitches, they all want their pussies pounded open.” he put a hand on each butt cheek and pulled her rear open while laying his cock between her cheeks. He ran his cock up and down her ass crack telling her to beg for the big dick. Before she did as she was told she told me to get my “ whore ass between her legs and to get a closeup of what a real dick looks like.” She peaked my humiliation again not by what she said but by making me feel like she thought I was inadequate. She quickly began to beg him to fuck her and to stick his massive meat inside her tiny fuck hole. Once I got between her legs I got a reality check of a lifetime. It is no secret that I have been between my wife's legs as she was being fucked but I had never seen anything like this. His cock looked big from a distance but this close to it made me nervous. People who believe that a cock can stretch out a hole and it not ever go back to being as tight as it was are of false belief. Glen and Porscha proved that to be a fact on this night. I looked at her tiny little opening and then to his cock that was comparable in thickness to the entire length of my wife's pussy. What I am trying to say is that the cock in front of me looked as if it could rip a pussy in half. I flicked my tongue at the quivering cunt as it awaited the punishment she knew was coming. I reached around the outside of her thighs and spread her, both for me to eat her and for him to have his way with her. He watched barely rubbing himself up and down her ass crack as I seemed to be eagerly helping him fuck my wife. He massaged her ass that he held in both hands. He glanced at me under them as he said “ From now on , while your eating your wife's hole, you can think about how it looked stuffed of this cock”, and with that he slid the head of his cock back to her entrance. I laid my head on the floor watching. But when he went to push inside, her opening didn't give under the pressure as he thought it would and his cock slipped down towards my face. Perhaps he wasn't expecting her to be so tight. As he pulled back, moving his hips to position his cock to try again, but this time his cock shot up towards her ass crack. I, in true slut boy fashion, grabbed for his thick rod. One hand on his cock and the other still holding her open, I held his throbbing stick to my wife's hungry hole. As if to let everyone know he said “ yea, that's it, hold it right there.” He applied pressure, I could feel his rock hard piece feel as if it wanted to bow, it pushed her, but didn't go it. She cried out “ Fuck me! FUCK ME, PLEASE!” With that encouragement, Glen started to really push hard. Porscha even started to push back towards him while bracing herself. The tight hole between my wife's legs that I so loved, finally started to give.

One could have over heard her cries and mistaken her for a woman having a baby. It was as if his thickness pushed everything surrounding her pussy inside her. No doubt either of us would forget my wife's first big black cock. It was such an achievement to get most of the pole inside her, and I was almost sad to see him with drawing it slowly covered in my wife's pussy juices. He lightly rubbed his hands up and down her ass cheeks and I tilted my head to the side, seeing her clit. I stuck out my tongue to massage it. I couldn't believe it and I told my self I really was a slut, well her slut. I was laying under her in my slutty outfit eating my wife's pussy that was just stuffed full of black dick. Shame ran through my body. I reached down for the hooks on her bra and undone them. Then I reached under and grabbed her tits and began rubbing and tweaking her pierced nipples as I licked and sucked on her clit. Finally Glen started to push himself back inside her, drawing her little inner lips inside. Her moans, whimpers, and cries were non-stop and only got louder as he tried to get deeper inside her this time.

While Glen was probing the bottom of her cunt, Amber rubbed Porscha's head and face telling her that she “ knew” and that “ it'd be ok” Porscha had her hands wrapped around my thighs using my ass to grab a hold of and brace herself with. He gave an extra little shove once he reached the bottom of her pussy and that caused her to grab a hold and pull on my ass. She ripped the ass of my panties. I felt them rip and the cool air rush in. My cock was still held tightly in between my legs, but I felt totally exposed. I watched as Glen pulled his huge cock from my wife and again I saw and put my mouth on my wife's little pierced clit. I was so shocked when she began to twitch and shake as if she was cumming on his second stroke, but I guess between the stretching and filling that she had long awaited it was to much because she came hard. Thought she didn't so much as drip a drop of sweet cum from her pussy, to my disappointment. His fuck stick was clearly wetter as it came out of her. After that, either the new lube from her cunt worked wonders, or her pussy had relaxed and submitted to the abuse because he moved a lot more freely, but by no means easy.

As he worked his cock around inside her, I felt a drop of wetness hit and run down my ass cheeks followed by Porscha's finger's spreading my ass apart and one began to probe at my asshole. What started to seem to be gentle play, quickly turned rough when she jammed two fingers up in me. I moaned on her clit and pinched her nipples with intensity. I guess it was minor compared to the beating she started to receive from behind from Glen. As if she was trying to share with me what she felt, she began to finger fuck my ass with two then three stretching fingers. I heard Amber say to Porscha “ suck this big black cock.” The only hint of a reply I heard was my wife slurping on the rubber dong. Porscha was getting it from both ends. Glen had been moaning and telling Porscha how good and tight her pussy was when all of a sudden he gasp and jerked back in one motion. I was still licking her swollen clit when he began to release large thick sprays of nut on her red gaping cunt and all over my face at the same time. He hadn't been inside her for very long and clearly he wasn't used to such a tight pussy, and he proved it by cumming in record time. Glen had caught me off guard with his hot cum covering my face and my wife's abused fuck box. It had started to run down into my mouth that was still open as I licked her clit in slow motion. He watched still stroking his own cock, until his wife yielding her own big dick nudged him out of the way. She climbed in behind Porscha, who had grown even rougher with her fingering of my ass. Amber came up staring down at me with that evil look on her face. She took the head of her rubber meat hammer and began to push the thick cum that clung to my wife's pussy down to my face and into my mouth. She had a little bit of a resentful snarl as she said “ that's it you little bitch, eat it all, every drop.” After getting most of it off her red cunt. Amber in one painful motion shoved half of the foot long dong inside Porscha, asking her if she was sure she wanted her cock. Porscha moaned “ yes, please! I want to be your bitch! Fuck me like the nasty whore I am.” Porscha had a finger from each hand inside me and was pulling at my hole as Amber slammed every last inch of the thick cock inside her. It was almost like she was seeking revenge for letting Glen fuck her. Perhaps a bit jealous as she punished Porscha, who took the pussy pounding like a champ. She came twice as Amber did her best to rip her pussy open. Just then Glen pulled her away and told her to take off the big dick. I watched intently, thinking I was going to get to see them fuck. But Glen had Porscha put on the strap-on as I prayed it wasn't for her to fuck me, after seeing how harsh she had been with her fingers. My ass felt so loose and stretched already. However it wasn't for my ass, thank God.

Glen ordered Sabrina to bend over and then told Porscha to shove the pussy juice covered dick up his wife's ass. Amber moaned briefly begging not her ass, but Glen told her to “ shut up and stop acting like you aren't used to having a huge cock in your ass”. Porscha did as Glen said and began to work the fat toy into the girls puckered hole. She whimpered , but too most of the pipe quickly. I stayed on the floor watching everything take place beside me. Glen had stood up above the women on the other side watching as well, but then he walked over a little closer to Porscha who reached for his semi-hard cock with no hesitation. She played with it then she started to suck him again, while she fucked his wife's ass with a lustful intensity. I crawled up and lifted my wife's top to expose her beautiful tits. I sucked, bit, and licked her hard nipples, looking up at her, staring down at me. After a few minutes of us sharing one another, Porscha took the cock from her mouth and motioned for me to come closer to her. She leaned over still pounding Amber's ass, never missing a stroke and grabbed my head to bring out bright red lipstick together. We kissed as she stroked Glen's cock with her free hand, until we got a little too into our kissing and she just seemed to be nearly holding his huge piece of meat.

Glen cleared his throat to announce that he felt left out. Porscha gripped him tighter and tugged him. She still held one hand on the back of my head and brought his cock over like it was a third party joining our kiss. She put the head of his cock between our lips and and I looked at her as she opened her eyes to stare into mine. We strangely, were having some sort of moment, despite the cock between our open mouths. Our eyes were locked on each other. Glen brought his meat in closer and I began to taste Porscha's pussy which made me shamefully more eager and happy to clean my wife's pussy off of the huge black dick that had knocked her insides out of place and left her cunt gaping open. After we had made it to the base of his cock and back, Porscha went back to slurping on the huge throbbing pipe and I went back to sucking her tits, which were soon covered in several huge loads of Glen's hot cum.

He sprayed all over her face and the cum dripped onto her tits. She squeezed what she could out of his pipe and slung it on to her nipples. She watched me, she little clean up slut, lick her tits perfectly clean before pulling me up for a kiss. Amber had pulled her ass from the cock that she had been impaled on and rolled over on her back to watch us. Glen had moved over to the couch and was also watching us. We embraces making out sloppily with nut smearing all over our faces and lacing our kisses with semen. I closed my eyes again telling myself that was really a slut. Having just been a part of things that some bitches wouldn't do.

We made out and ended up licking each others faces clean as the open mouthed couple across the room watched the show. We didn't go home that night or the next. We ate, slept, and more importantly fucked and sucked as much as possible that weekend. OK well, they fucked I just helped and cleaned up my wife afterward. By Sunday we were wore out as were Porscha and Amber's holes. The couple really hated to see us leave, and begged us to come back soon. Who knows what the future may bring. Not only is Glen holding a deadly weapon in his pants that kind of scares me, well not really. But they did enjoy our company so much that the thought of being taken hostage an kept in their basement against our will, did cross my mind. Anyways I spent the following days with my mouth full of swollen red pussy . That by the way is tight as ever, but I am still reminded of how it looked stuffed full of Glen's big black cock, just as he said I'd be from time to time. Could I have been the one who enjoyed it too much and just can't seem to get it off my mind? PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!... Continue»
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s****r SECRETS

I woke up Saturday morning from a really hot dream and as usual I had throbbing hardon. I knew Mom and Dad had both gone to work, leaving just me and my s****r at home. As I lay in bed thinking about my dream I pulled off my underware and began to masturbate as I looked at some porn magazines enjoying the feeling as I stroked my hard cock. Without warning my bedroom door opened and my s****r walked in saying "Hey, what are you going to do today..." then she stopped in her tracks as she saw me naked spread eagle on the bed with my cock in my hand. Her eyes grew big with surprise when she saw me. "Hey s*s you should knock before coming in." I said as I lost my erection and tried to cover myself with the sheet. She giggled and said "I'm going to tell Mom when she gets home." I looked at her as she stood at the foot of my bed in her nighty, "Please don't tell her s*s, I'll give you some money or something. Anything, just don't tell on me."

She got an evil grin on her face as she thought for a moment and said "Well, I guess I could keep this our little secret and I could use a little extra cash, but there's something else I want." I said "Just tell me, anything I have I'll give you as long as you promise you won't tell." She began to sway teasingly side to side with a smile on her face, "If you will show me what you were doing before and let me watch I won't tell Mom." My mouth fell open in shock, "You want what?" I said as my cock began to twitch under the sheet.

She looked me in the eyes and said "I want to see your cock and watch you play with yourself, I kind of liked what I saw." My heart started beating faster when I heard her words and as I thought about it I was excited and my cock began to rise pushing upward under the sheet. Her eyes shifted down to my boner, which was now standing straight up. "Well are you going to show me or not? It looks like you should do something with that." as she started tugging at the sheet pulling it slowly off my naked body. As the sheet dragged across the tip of my cock it gave me an incredible feeling making throb even harder. As the edge of the sheet neared my swollen member she quickly gave a yank and the sheet flew down, my cock danced in the air. "Oh my, you do have a very nice cock and it's so hard! Show me what you can do with it."

My hands were up on my chest. I slowly moved them down across my stomach and down along my inner thighs as I spread my legs apart while she watched. I let my hands glide playfully up to my balls and encircled the base of my cock with both hands. "Do you really think I have a nice cock s*s?" I asked as I rubbed my hand up and down it's length. With a big smile she said "Yes I really like it a lot. I've only seen a couple before and they weren't very big, nowhere as big as yours." I smiled at her and told her to get the ruler from my desk, "Come on, measure it for me." She took the ruler from the desk and sat down on the edge of the bed next to me, holding it out for me to take. I raised my arms putting my hands under my head, "No, I want you to do it s*s, hold my cock and measure it."

She hesitated for a moment then held the ruler next to my shaft as it jumped around making it difficult for her to measure accurately. I said "You can't do it like that, you have to use your hand to hold my dick on the ruler." Cautiously she put one hand on my cock and pressed it to the ruler. "Wow, it's over six inches long." she said with a smile. "It gets a little bigger the more I play with it, you wanna see?" I asked. She nodded her head and put the ruler aside as I began to stroke my pulsing cock with my left hand. I reached out to her with my right hand and brushed it across her nighty stealing a feel of her tits. She squeeled in surprise as I touched her but didn't pull away. I gave her tits a little squeeze and said "I would love to see your titties, will you take off your nighty for me?"

She looked at me with a frown and said "Uh, I don't know if I want to do that." I looked at her and said " If you don't, I'll tell Mom that you came in here and wanted to to see my cock. What do you think about that?" She knew I meant it and that Mom would probably believe me too. "OK, I guess we'll both have secrets to keep." I watched as she lifted her nighty over her head and tossed it on the floor then put her hands over her breasts. I sat up and reached my hands up pulling her arms down to her side exposing her soft round tits. "There now that's better." I said as I placed my hands on her chest rubbing her sweet little tits. They jiggled in my hands as I played with them, pinching her nipples gently. "Can I kiss them?" I asked as my cock throbbed harder. "I'll let you touch my cock and balls." I leaned forward giving each of her nipples a quick kiss, she made a little moan and leaned her head back pushing her chest out to meet my lips. Holding her tits in my hands I sucked and licked her nipples making them grow hard and pointy. She put her right hand on my stiff cock and began moving it up and down slowly making it throb hard.

She turned her head and looked at my cock and licked her lips. Without saying a word she leaned over and started kissing the tip of my dick as she continued to stroke with her hand. Precum started to ooze it's way up from my balls. As the first drop formed on the tip she licked it off with her tongue. "MMM I've never tasted cum before, I like it." she said. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft while she played with my balls. I reached my hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy feeling how warm and moist it was. In just a couple minutes I was ready to cum, I arched my back and moaned "I'm going to come s*s suck me hard and make me shoot my load." She raised her head holding her open mouth at the tip of my cock as I began squirting streams of hot thick cum into her mouth. When I had finished she sat up smiling and licking her lips as my cum dribbled from her mouth and onto her chest. "Wow you sure did cum a lot, that was fun we'll have to do this again sometime." I looked at her smiling and said "We can do this any time you like, just remember it's our secret."... Continue»
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My true untold dirty secrets

I’m hot n sexy since from my c***dhood. Whenever I got the chance, I never missed and made the best use of it. I had many encounters and a few of them are here. This is the first time I am narrating my true secrets, but it feels all good to me to be getting out of it before you all. These are all true ones.

First Time in 9th Grade!!

The story starts when I was 15 years old and was only in the 9th grade at the time. At the beginning of the year I met a girl and we became instant friends. As the year went on we flirted back and forth tell finally I guess she could not take it anymore.
One day she just kept on looking at me. After school that day she found me. She grabbed my hand and said "let’s go to my house". I was like YEAH. I asked about her parents and she said her mother was at work so it was no big deal.
We together went to her house. Nobody was there at home. We had a good chance and I didn’t want to lose it. We talked a lot and we were new bees. At last we started making out and getting naked to my surprise. She then got down on her knees and said “I want to make u feel so GOOD". She started sucking and licking my cock until I shot it all over her face and she started to eat up the goo. Then she moved to her bed and got on her back. I walked over and started to kiss and touching her inner legs to then move slowly to her already throbbing wet pussy. I started to go to down on her doing everything I could to get her to squirt. She was screaming and loving every moment of it right up to the moment she squirted. Shaking she got up and threw me down on my back. She started riding me like crazy. We were doing this for a while and when we were both about to cum....BOOM
he garage door opened. Her mom had come home early. We both jumped up and said OH SHIT. I have never got dressed so fast in my life and we were both tripping over each other. Finally I managed to escape without her mom finding me out.

Best Sex I ever had

It all started when I went on vacation to visit my f****y to my native place. I had some stuff for my b*****r-in-law's fiancé upon my arrival I called her to come and get her stuff. When she arrived she asked me if I wanted to go out for disco. Of course I accepted. After we had a few drinks there, we started dancing holding each other. She would get so close to me and that I could feel her nipples getting hard through her blouse. We then started kissing and after awhile we walked out of that place she asked if I thought she was attractive, and she was. She is the hottest girl I've seen after a long time. After I told her that she drove me to a nearby hotel as soon as we walked in she took all of her clothes off and walked towards me. She unzipped my pants and took my cock into her mouth. I started to feel my cock getting harder and harder. I then went down on her and felt the nice warm moist cum from her Pussy, she started to moan and to push herself toward my tongue I heard her scream and she started to release fluids into my mouth. I will never forget that vacation.

Wonderful night to remember

It was late one night when I got off of from work. I had a girlfriend who has lived with me for two years. Her s****r was in town for the weekend and I wasn't aware of it. When I walk in my house I was surprised to find her s****r sitting on my couch in just panties. I have always been attracted to her s****r in a weird kind of way. I couldn't walk away as if I saw nothing at all, so I asked how her night was going. She said she was very horny and that her s****r was asl**p. I thought about it for a second and told her I would be right back. When I returned she was ass naked. I walked up to her and she grabbed my cock. She could feel it start to harden and asked me take my clothes off. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock which was rock hard. She wrapped her lips around my cock and started giving me the best blow job I have ever had. I was about to climax when she stopped and looked at me and told me to cum in her mouth. After, she begged me to put my cock inside of her. We had wonderful sex for about two hours and both came to a wonderful climax together. We put our clothes back on and I went back to bed like nothing ever happened. This is what I never can forget.

I handed her my penis and asked her to take it in

This happened when my girlfriend and I were still teenagers. One day my girlfriend told me to go to her house at night because her dad and s****rs were going to attend a marriage, and she was there alone with her mom. I went to her room that night and she was watching a movie. I softly knocked on the bedroom door and she came and took me inside. This was at the end of November so it was very cold. I went to her bed and I told her to turn off the TV. Then she started looking at me. I was a little hesitant, but then I asked her to have sex with me. She jumped at me at first. Then I said sorry to her and kissed her. After sometime I took her in my arms she said nothing, then I understood that she was horny and I started sucking her nipples and rubbed her pussy from outside her clothes. She said nothing, then I took off her clothes and I lay upon her. That was our first experience of sex, so it was unknown to us. I told her to put my penis in her pussy. She said she wouldn't do anything. If I wanted it I must do everything. Then I handed her my penis and asked her to take it in. She closed her eyes and slowly took my penis in her pussy. Then I start fucking her. She told me to do it slow because she was feeling pain, but I was horny so I could not slow down. I fucked her two times before morning. I know she was very happy that night. After that we had sex for three years, and she sucked my penis many times.

My bathroom sexy scuffle

When I was studying engineering, I was away from home. I used to go home on holidays. There was one housemaid who was working in my home. She was a very pretty married woman in her early thirties. I used to tease her, but at the same time I never missed a chance to praise her beauty. She took it very casually. One year I went home on SankranthI vacation. This housemaid was alone at home and said that my parents went to attend a function. After some time I went to take a bath. I asked the maid to bring me shampoo. I asked her to apply it on my head. She agreed, and tied her sari up somehow. She was doing her job, but I was looking at her breasts, which were swinging. I felt a hot flame in my body. I was unable to control myself, so I put my hand around her waist and rubbed my face with her breasts. She was shocked. I pulled her on me and in that instant she touched my penis. It was very hot. She was supposed to remove her hand, but I held it there and asked her to shake my penis. I removed her sari and jacket. She had very big breasts. I sucked one of her breasts and rubbed the other with my hand. Then I came down and kissed her belly. I hugged her and removed the rest of the clothing on her body. I put her on a stool. I stayed on my knees and sucked her vagina. Oh! It's a wonderful experience. I had the ultimate pleasure sucking her vagina. Then I laid her down in the bathroom and took my place in between her legs. She kept her legs on my shoulders and I was slowly inserted my penis into her. I held her breasts and started to move in her. After 20 minutes I rested by laying on her. It was very lucky that nobody came home. After that whenever we got a chance we used to have sex. Now she is not working in my house. But that was a happiest time in my life.

Fucking sexy maid

I was alone in my house on a Sunday. My f****y had gone for a picnic, and that day I had some office work to do, so I stayed in house as usual. Our housemaid had come to do her daily work. I let her in and she came and started cleaning. I was in my room watching a morning program me. She came in and started to clean the room. She was wearing a black blouse without a bra and a green sari. She bent over as she was sweeping the floor and I was able to peep into her boobs. I got horny and I wanted to fuck. After sweeping she went out of the room. I lay there for some time, and then I called her to find the pain balm and give it to me. She brought the balm to me and I told her that she could apply it to me. She sat on the side of the bed and started to apply it to my forehead. She bent over me slightly and I could feel her warm breath on me. Suddenly I put my arm round her and gave her a kiss on the lips. First she struggled a little and then let me kiss her. This gave me courage and I started to kiss her lips, eyes, and ears. By this time I undid her blouse and started to suck her 38" boobs. I sucked her tits as she undid my pants and got hold of my 9" penis and started to shake it to and fro. By now she was hot and asked me to fuck her. I spread her legs apart and pushed my dick into her. She moaned with pleasure. After 3 minutes I came inside her. That day I fucked her three times. From then on, whenever we got the chance we fucked.

My mother’s horny colleague

My mother's colleague and best friend lives in the same building as ours, and she's a good friend of mine. One day at around ten in the night I went to her place to pick a book that I had forgotten there. She was drowsy when she opened the door, was sl**ping. I murmured an apology and bent to pick the book from the side table, and she also bent at the same time. At the same instant two things happened, her gown was not ties tightly and it fell open from the top, exposing her lush breasts, and my elbow brushed her breast as we both bent down. We both jerked up, her sl**p was completely forgotten, and I was embarrassed, didn't know what to say. Her gown opens from the top, now, exposing her shoulders and top of her breast, and her nipples poking out through the cloth, she didn't have a bra.
Without realizing what I am up to I asked if she was hurt, and felt her nipple, from above the cloth, where my elbow had collided. Suddenly I realized what I was doing, and was more embarrassed, but at the same time turned on a bit, and she also stiffened under my touch, but didn't move away. Getting bold, I moved towards her, took both her boobs in my palms and started pumping slowly, fingering her nipples, above the cloth. We both knew now there was no turning back. I slid my hands beneath her gown, her naked tits in my hands, and felt my hard-on poking my shorts. I pressed and pumped her breasts, pinching her nipples a bit, and she started to sway and moan. I took her in my arms, she put her arms around my head, brought my face down on her, and we started a deep kiss, emitting slurping noises, with the door still open. Anybody passing by could've seen us, my wife could've barged in anytime, but we were getting hot just by those anticipations.
I removed her gown completely, kissed her whole body, ate her boobs and clit and cunt until she was shaking and jerking madly, moaning hard. I sat her on the couch, opened her legs, ate her pussy and tongue fucked her until she shot her cum on my face. Then I got my t-shirt and shorts off, and rubbed my cock a couple of times on her tits, but there was no time, anybody could've come, most likely my mother, so we had to hurry up. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. I was about to cum when I jerked my cock out of her mouth, shoved her onto the ground, and entered her pussy in one fluid motion. I fucked her hard, and she surprisingly came very soon again, before I could cum and shoot my load. I could never believe that without any planning, totally out of the blue, within five minutes I had fucked my mother's best friend, and she had shown all her desires for it, which I never before knew existed. We never did it again, so far, but at times when we are alone we share our secret date with a glint in the eyes. We might do it someday again, but we both know that she loves her husband dearly and will never leave her, but a little adventure never does any harm in our lives.

Cuming in the servant

My uncle lives 2 streets away from our house and my auntie lives in another town. My uncle hired a maid servant to cook for him and do the household. She is very young and hot. My uncle, who is always horny, did not have the courage to tell the maid servant that he wanted to fuck her. So he got me into the house and told me that he wanted to have her and that I suggest a way for him to approach her. As per the plan, my uncle started touching my private parts when she was just walking into my uncle's room with his afternoon tea. That was just enough to turn her on. She was stunned at first, but then I took the initiative and told her that we will pay her some extra money every month if we could fuck her. She was game to it. I took the reward in the form of fucking her for the first time. We did not begin immediately though. In the evening, when she was cooking in the kitchen, I surprised her by touching her firm and big boobs and squeezing them. My hand slowly moved down and felt her pink pussy under the panty. That was enough and she turned around and slowly began to shiver. She began undressing herself and started moving towards the room. I just threw her on the bed and undid her clothes completely before undressing myself. After sucking and kissing her boobs till eternity, I just rolled on a condom and entered her and started fucking her slowly and steadily. As the momentum built up, I started fucking her furiously fast as if my life depended on it and as I was cuming, she began pulling me deeper into herself with each stroke of mine as she was cuming at the same time! I shot my cum deep inside her with a noise and remained inside her till the hangover of this fuck died down. Since then, I go to her twice or thrice a week.

I hope you have enjoyed my stories, and thank you for reading. Please leave me feedback whether it may be positive or negative, your feedback is most welcome and wanted!
Thank you.

... Continue»
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Drrty Secrets: A Blue Collar Facial -- "When

I love cock. And nothing makes me feel sexier than when I am sucking an appreciative man's cock.

My favorite cock belongs to a friend, who happens to be a carpenter and is helping me renovate my house. We'll call him Blue Collar, or BC, for short. He also happens to love giving me facials, especially when I'm wearing glasses. We have never fucked. He has never tried to get in my pants. He just wants my lips wrapped around his cock. And I find it impossible not to oblige him.


Blue Collar and I hadn't shared any drrty secrets in over two weeks, until last night, when we both finally had some free time. The blowjob was so good and so long even I was a little sweaty and exhausted.

But OMG I am such a lucky girl! BC was working on my house when I got home tonight. He asked if we could order some Chinese for dinner. He said he had to leave at 6:30 but at 7:00 he was still watching TV w/ me. He kept giving me looks and finally said, "I gotta get outta here. I have shit to do....unless you..." and nods towards the other room.

I grabbed my bedroom glasses (non-perscription ...just for his facials ... I'm usually in contacts) and as I tied my hair back, he took off his jeans, laughing that he's always covered in dirt ...bBut I'm still the dirtiest thing in here ...

And then I was kneeling in front of him.

His cock thick and hard. Pushing eagerly down my throat.

He grabbed my head and pulled me w/ him as he sat down on the chaise. I worshipped his cock for 15 minutes. Slippery, deep sucking and stroking and twisting and slurping on his thick, blue-collar cock. Wanting him to cum, but not wanting it to end.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and pushed me back on my heels as he stood up and jerked his cock as he covered my glasses, nose, and lips w/ hot delicious cum.

Uhhhh how I wish to be fucked hard right then.

Instead I watched him watch me as I slowly soooo so slowly sucked on his cock. If I held back a bit, he'd thrust his cock back down my throat. It was so fucking hot. His cum slowly dripping off my glasses, down my face, onto my chest. I think I love him. Or maybe I just love his cock.... Continue»
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By The Marquis Facade


Angie stood naked, staring at her reflection in the long mirror that clung to the back of her bathroom door. The confines of the bathroom prevented her from backing too far from the door…but she was back enough that she could take in a good ninety percent of her nudity.
With a fairly moderate amount of self-disgust, she placed both hands on her plump gut and jiggled it up and down, gawking in awe that when she stopped…her belly continued to gyrate on its own for several seconds. With the index finger of her right hand, she snaked around and penetrated the growing chasm that was her navel. Oddly, she realized it felt good to dig down in there and burrow somewhat.
So gross, she thought, but she found herself doing it more and more often these days, especially while looking at herself in this very mirror. She realized she was gaining more and more weight as time went on…and she also knew her husband didn’t care for it much, but she had other thoughts on the matter.
At first it had been horrifying to realize she was spreading out and especially at her age…only twenty four, but she also knew her mother had done much the same and likely it was as much genetics at play as it was her lifestyle. She battled her bulge for nearly a year and just didn’t seem to get anywhere, so at some indefinite point, she’d just stopped trying and had a little chocolate to console herself. And the snowball had launched down a steep slope…and once she gave in, things had just gone south rapidly.
At twenty two, she’d been a hundred and ten pounds…a proverbial college hottie, standing at five foot six with a nice and buoyant rack of C-cups. That’s when she’d met Mark and about a year later, she finished school and they got married. The problems started when she realized no one really wanted to hire a person with a bachelor’s degree in English poetry. It had seemed like a great idea when she’d been eighteen, but in hindsight, probably wasn’t such a great major. And Mark, who’d just barely been a high school graduate himself, barely made enough to pay their bills…especially with his baggage in tow of c***d support from his high school sweetheart. Every month they’d toiled to hand over ridiculous amounts of cash to the bitch even though Mark never got to see his son. The bitch had up and moved four states away and just told him to make sure he mailed the checks on time.
In hindsight, Mark wasn’t probably the best man-ticket she could have bought…but at the time, the train looked nice. Mark wasn’t just good looking, but he was also hung like a moose. The first time he’d whipped it out, she’d almost creamed herself on the spot. That idiot bastard packed a dick that was nearly ten inches long and far too fat to even suck on, though she gave it hell every chance she got.
No Mark wasn’t the best bet for her. What he lacked in brains though, he made up for in sex. He was the proverbial trophy husband of sorts…only she wasn’t the bread winner by any means. She’d taken on a few jobs here and there during the last two years, but most played out or she got sick of them and fucking quit.
Lounging around the house…probably set off her downhill slide. Right after her twenty third birthday, she’d gotten laid off from the store she was clerking in and had been lucky enough to score unemployment benefits for four and a half months. Mark wasn’t the brightest fella on the planet, so convincing him that she was stupid not to milk the checks till they ran out wasn’t exactly all that hard to manage. It was free money, right? Even Mark had done it a few times over the span of his career as a construction worker.
After two weeks at home watching TV all day, she decided to go into town for something to do. And for the first time in nearly sixteen days, she tried to put on something other than a pair of jogging pants…and was quickly made aware that she was fatter than she had been previously. Trying to wiggle into her jeans proved to be nearly impossible. She’d tried to tell herself it was bloat…or her jeans had shrunk…but in the end, she’d walked into their single, tiny bathroom and hopped up onto the digital scales beside the towel cabinet.
She was a hundred and twenty three pounds. Somehow in the span of two weeks, she’d packed on thirteen pounds. She was in total shock. She stood staring at herself in the mirror for what must have been the better part of twenty minutes, poking and prodding…trying to figure out where the fat was. She’d looked the same…but apparently she wasn’t…as her uncooperative jeans had attested.
It was then that she visualized her own mother…nearly two hundred and fifty pounds at five foot five…and for the first time, realized what was likely in store for her. She’d always assumed her mother had gotten fat as a result of pregnancy. She had two s****rs…and the three of them were all about two years apart. Surely such an ordeal would have been enough to pack it on her…and with an infant, perpetually for six years like that, well who the hell would have had time to work out, right? She’d always felt sorry for her mother…even blamed herself somewhat for her size. But never before that moment, had she stopped to consider it was just genetics of some nature. She was the oldest though, and her two younger siblings were both still skinny as a rail. If it was genetics…it would likely be her that would display symptoms first…and now she had.
She fought it for weeks…then months…but by the time her unemployment checks stopped coming in the mail, she was tipping the scales at one seventy five. In a short period of time, she’d packed on sixty five pounds…nearly all of it situating in her ass and belly…the latter being the most prominent.
Her belly had just expanded all over at first…hell, at one twenty three, she’d not even been able to discern to any degree that she’d gained weight at all. But as the pounds continued to gather, she began to notice her tummy sticking out a little further and a little further.
She remembered the day she hit one fifty as if it were only yesterday. She’d backed up off the scales in horror and had immediately twisted to see her profile in the mirror. And as if the scales themselves hadn’t given her a jolt…what she noticed in her reflection surely did.
Her stomach, up until that point, had been growing thicker for the most part…protruding forward little by little. But at one fifty…something changed. As she stared at herself, she realized her belly was drooping. With both hands, she slid her fingers down and cupped the round curve of her stomach and hefted it. For a few seconds she stood there, belly cupped…glaring at it in the mirror and then she looked down directly at it…and realized she couldn’t see her feet beyond it…only her toes. Her head popped back to the side and her eyes locked onto her profile reflection once more. She let go of her belly and it jiggled somewhat.
“Holee fucking shit, I’m fat!” she blurted to no one but herself and the four walls.
Her bulgy tummy was a fucking fat gut now. How did this happen? Twisting, she turned her back to the mirror and gazed back over her shoulder…a look of utter shock on her face as she discovered her gut wasn’t the only thing that was fat. Her ass cheeks looked massive.
She lifted herself up on her toes and bounced…and to her horror, her entire ass jostled and quivered.
She turned sideways again where she could see both ass and belly and repeated the toe-tipping bounce. She could do little but gasp as she watched her front and back quivering and jiggling.
That had been the worst day of her life, she’d thought…at least at the time. A few days later, Mark had just outright told her she needed to get a job, that her ass was porking out and he didn’t like fat chicks. She’d cried for days after that, but just couldn’t bring herself to leave him over it. Instead, she eventually got up and started jogging…excercising…dieting…the whole nine yards. Weeks passed, and no more weight came on, but none left either. It was discouraging.
One afternoon she’d come home from jogging and seen her new neighbor moving into the apartment beside hers and Mark’s. It was a woman about the size of her mother, but unlike her mother, this chick had titties the size of mountains. In all her life, she didn’t think she’d ever seen such a small woman with such huge jugs. And she wasn’t all that pretty either, but she was cute in a fat, pudgy faced way. Her name was Cathy and she was single and the two of them almost immediately became friends.
One afternoon, Cathy had come over for them to watch TV together before Mark came home. He hated Cathy…and probably just because she was fat and his moronic mind somehow surmised that her fatness might be rubbing off on his previously hot wife. Well, in truth, it probably did somewhat, but it was still no reason to hate the woman.
At any rate, they’d been watching TV when a new work-out video commercial aired and Cathy snorted with derision.
Pushing up her thick glasses and rolling her big green eyes, she looked over at Angie and started what quickly became a man-bashing romp.
“Y’know I used to buy that shit…try it…starve myself…you name it and I tried it and nothing worked. I look just like my mother. I probably wouldn’t even be here if my father hadn’t had gigantic boobie fetish.”
All the weeks they’d been friends, the subject of Cathy’s tits had never come up…but here, now…she brought it up on her own and Angie couldn’t resist jumping on the topics at hand… namely men, dieting, and titties.
“I used to be a hundred and ten pounds,” she declared as she twisted on the couch to look directly at Cathy. “I got laid off and I just started packing it on…and now I’m like one fifty five and Mark just rides my ass…and not in the way I’d like.”
Cathy snickered.
“I hope you don’t mind me saying…but I really think you’re too good for him. He’s awful pretty…but he’s not real sharp up top if you know what I mean.”
Angie sighed and half smiled.
“Please…tell me something I don’t already know.” That covered diets and men…but titties were somehow outside her range of conversation again.
“I’m guessing he’s got more than just looks, right?” Cathy’s question caught her unexpectedly and for a moment she didn’t realize what she was talking about.
“Ohh…oh yeah…it’s probably the only thing that keeps me with him, to be honest…and here lately it’s been missing in action more times than not.”
“Is it sick that I gotta ask how big it is?” Cathy grinned with a devious look on her face. “Not like I’m gonna go after him or nothing…if he’s dogging you out, he wouldn’t give me the time of fucking day I imagine.”
“Well if you did…at least somebody would be getting it,” she countered with a sneer. “I’m starting to wonder if he’s cheating on me…I mean he’s a sexual freak most of the time. When we got married it wasn’t uncommon for him to get in the morning before work and every night before bed. And I can’t even tell you how long it’s been at this point.”
“Buy a vibrator, woman…it’s less trouble and doesn’t care if you eat a box of bon-bons in one sitting,” Cathy advised her, still with the mischievous grin spread across her face from cheek to chubby cheek. “So you gonna give it up or not?”
For a moment she sputtered but then realized she hadn’t answered Cathy’s question about how big he was.
“He’s right at ten inches long…I can’t even get it all in me and never have been able to…most of that thing is just fucking wasted. And before you ask…he’s got some girth too, and after he gets through ramming me…it gets so fat I can’t even suck it.”
Her fat friend’s grin melted into an “Oh” face if ever there was one. Her sexual curiosity and humorous prodding had obviously uncovered something that was deeper seated than she had expected. Apparently Angie had told her more than she expected to hear…but the cat was out of the bag now, so no sense in pretending she hadn’t said it.
“I have dirty dreams about dudes with dicks that big,” Cathy admitted with wide eyes and a dreamy expression to back up her statement. “I would die happy if I were beat to death with giant cocks…I k** you fucking not.”
“I know…it’s nasty, huh?” Angie agreed. With her own dirty secret out, she figured she might push Cathy a bit on her own. “I’m surprised you haven’t got one yourself with boobs the size of yours.”
“Oh I’ve had the occasional boob-man off and on since high school…but most just wanna hit and forget it, y’know? I’ve had more cum on my titties than I can account for.”
Now it was Angie’s turn to be shocked. Had her friend really just said the word cum? Yes, she had!
“So you like that?”
“Fuck yeah,” Cathy admitted with a slight smirk. “Truthfully I just get off having them played with…I don’t care what they do to them. I’ve even messed around with other women before.”
Suddenly she realized Cathy might not just be friends with her…and that she might be interested in something more. And it wasn’t off base too far for her either. Admittedly, she’d had a thing for more than one big rack of tits herself, off and on throughout her life…and Cathy’s were massive.
“How big are yours?”
“48-F cup,” Cathy replied without missing a beat.
“Holee fuck,” Angie blurted before she could restrain her mouth. Her face heated and she realized she was blushing…and so did Cathy, who was blushing a bit herself as she smiled at her.
“You wanna see’em?”
The question just hung unanswered in the space between them for several intense seconds.
“It’s no big thing, I don’t mind showing them off. You’re not the first woman to be shocked by them. I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long to bring up.” Absently, she was already fishing up the tail of her long and baggy, oversized t-shirt. Before Angie could say anything, the little fat woman had exposed her gigantic bra and was pulling her shirt completely off and over her head. Then she stood up and faced Angie, stepping over in front of her in such a position, that she couldn’t get up to escape. “Behold the bitches,” the fat woman declared as she jerked up on the front of her brassiere and dumped her enormous udders out of their restraining cups.
Angie gasped as she gaped in awe at her friends jugs dr****g down over the top of her huge and now bare belly. The bottoms of her boobs hung even with her waist…her nipples, hardening more by the second, were the size of Angie’s thumbs and her areola were the size of saucers, pink and shriveling as the cold air worked on them.
“If you wanna fool around, I promise I won’t tell long dong silver on you,” Cathy offered as she twisted from side to side and shook her giant tits. “C’mon…I know that look…it’s the same look guys give me…you know you want to play with’em!”
She wasn’t really sure what happened from that point forward, because it was all a blur, even in hindsight. One minute she’d been on the couch, looking up at Cathy’s massive titties…and the next they were on the floor groping at each other and it was odd…strange. She’d never been with another woman before. There was no kissing, no grabbing for a dick, no ripping of pants off. Instead, she went straight for her friend’s mammaries, burying her face into them, sucking and biting, and her hands squeezing and shaking them.
“Suck my big fat tities, bitch…suck’em, you nasty little bitch,” Cathy’s words defiant and demanding and insulting to say the least, but somehow it just drove her into a frenzy. She liked having this fat little cunt working her…telling her what to do. It was so nasty…and it’d been so long since Mark had done anything with her. She’d felt fat and worthless herself for months now…and suddenly she was the hot one again…all at once she was desirable again.
“I’ve known you wanted my titties since you walked up to me the day I was moving in, you sick bitch…you’re not the first nasty cunt to want my goodies…I been playing you all the way,” Cathy hissed at her as she sucked the fat bitch’s massive titty into her mouth and slobbered all over it. Her nipple was so hard and so fucking big…it was like a big baby bottle tip…all fat on the end and long. She slurped on it and then began to nibble at it…all the while, her hands all over it…it was so fucking huge, bigger than her head…and she had two of them…TWO!
And then Angie felt her friend’s hand…going down her jogging pants…her fingers digging into her pussy…deep. Cathy’s fingers were short and fat…like small little dicks…all trying to get inside of her at one time.
“Oh fuck…fuck me, shit!” she blurted, dropping Cathy’s massive tit from her mouth. And they rolled over and Cathy was upright leaning over her…the giant tits hanging down and dr****g atop her chest. Angie grabbed at them and sucked one down into her mouth just as Cathy roughly jerked her jogging pants all the way down and then literally ripped her panties off.
“How big you like them cocks, pretty girl?” the fatty growled at her as she pulled her thick thighs apart and pressed her pudgy fingers back into her now free and gaping pussy.
“Big…so fucking big…like you fat fucking titties,” she spat out, more gasping than talking as she licked and nibbled at her friend’s titty.
All at once, the wiggling, fat four fingers were joined by a thumb…and that thumb buried up into her clitoris and began pressing and massaging all at once as her fingers wiggled faster and deeper inside of her.
“You got a big pussy, pretty girl…maybe fat Cathy is gonna fist it for you,” and before Angie could protest, the fat woman’s thumb slipped in alongside her fingers and with a slurp, a whole hand was inside of her and pumping. It was unlike anything she’d ever felt. Mark’s cock was more long than thick and even after he’d swelled it up fucking, it still wasn’t as big as this woman’s wrist and forearm. She felt her balling the fist up…turning it into a giant faux cock head inside of her and then the real pounding began. In seconds, Angie was screaming and cumming, her juices literally exploding from her cunt and spraying down the carpet and her friend’s fat arm.
“No more…oh fuck, no more…please…I can’t take it,” and then it was over with…her fat friend sitting upright and wiping her pudgy, fleshy arm off on her discarded t-shirt.
Angie was aghast at what had just transpired…horrified at what she’d just done. She rolled over onto her stomach and buried her face into the carpet.
Just then a sharp slap whacked her ass cheek and she quickly popped her head around to look at Cathy, shocked that her friend had slapped her ass so hard.
“Fuck you got a fat little ass going there, pretty girl,” the fatter woman remarked as her hand settled on the slapped cheek and began to shake it violently. “Pretty girl done let herself start to slide, huh? Pretty girl can’t get no cock now, so she’s getting nasty with little fatty, huh?
Being taunted was something she’d never had done to her. Guys never talked down to her…most had always been excited just to have her talking to them…and when she put a hand on them, they’d usually just roll over and be her bitches. To have this not-so-great-looking fat bitch…suddenly taking her down a notch…well it wasn’t like when Mark told her she was fat. No, this was different…this was fucking hot.
“Slap it you fat fuck,” she barked. “Slap my fat little ass!”
“Are you a bad girl?” Cathy asked as she clambered up onto her knees behind Angie and moved over between her spread thighs. “Pretty girls aren’t supposed to get fat…I bet you been sneaking food, ain’t you…bad girl…you need a spanking!”
And with that said, the fatter woman began slapping her jiggly ass repeatedly and roughly…hard enough to sting, but not so hard as to absolutely hurt.
“It’s easy getting fat, ain’t it, pretty girl…you love stuffing that shit into your mouth don’t you…and I bet you’re just sad that all that fluff is going to your ass and belly and not your titties like me, huh?” Cathy smacked her a little harder for emphasis. “Oh I been noticing that potbelly growing…I noticed when you started letting it hang over the top of your stretchy jogging pants…’cause it don’t fit inside no more, does it?”
“No…owww…no I’m getting to fat,” she admitted between slaps to her ass. “My husband don’t like it…and I don’t care…I don’t care what he likes ‘cause he won’t fuck me no more and that’s the only reason I married him!”
Where the admission had come from, she didn’t know, but there it was. Was she getting fat on purpose…subconsciously? She didn’t think so…but having blurted that out now, she was concerned that maybe it was a deep seated truth. She was angry at him…for being stupid…for being arrogant…for being mean to her about her weight. And apparently being fat didn’t mean she couldn’t get some action either…maybe not from him, but from somebody!
“Is that why you fucking me…to spite him?”
“No…no fuck…it’s your titties…fuck, slap me harder, dammit! Make if fucking sting you fat cunt!”
Cathy landed one hard and the sting burned and Angie suddenly lost track of her shame and rolled over to look up at her abuser.
“I hate him so bad…I hate him,” she growled as Cathy leaned forward and crawled atop of her, dragging her immense tits up her body…their giant fleshy blobs catching her Angie’s shirt tail…dragging it up as she moved.
“Fist me again…I want you to stretch my fucking pussy out, you hear me…I want the motherfucker to get up in me and realize he ain’t man enough to touch the sides…I wanna humiliate him so fucking bad!” she hissed as Cathy pressed one of her nipples into her mouth to shut her up.
Angie took the tit and looked up, amazed to see Cathy hefting up her other breast and sucking on it herself. Somewhere about that point, she reached up and began to tug at the fatter woman’s stretch-pants…tugging and pulling until they came down and her hands could get between Cathy’s legs.
Her friend’s belly was so fat and huge that the bottom of it overhung her pubic region. She’d never realized how fat Cathy’s gut was…as it had always been overshadowed by her gigantic cleavage. But the bitch had a massive sack of flab and it was in Angie’s way. It was time to take matters into her own hands.
She pushed upright till she was in a sitting position and Cathy had moved back off of her and then she lunged forward, all but tackling the fatter woman and wrestling her pants completely off.
“Is it your turn now,” Cathy gasped as she let Angie take control of their foray. “Show me your tits!” she added as her granny panties ripped and came off in Angie’s shredding hands, leaving her fat ass completely naked on the floor.
Angie tossed the torn undergarments and then viciously pulled her own shirt off and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra herself…and why bother…she was at home with her friend, another woman…who’d have ever guessed?
Both of them naked now, rolling and writhing on the floor, back and forth until at some point Angie had her fingers inside her friend’s cunt…but the woman’s pussy was ultra-tight and she knew there was no way more than three fingers were getting in there. Not that she needed it. She hadn’t hardly begun to finger her when she moaned and spurted liquid all over her thighs and Angie’s arm.
Exhausted, the two of them collapsed side by side on the carpet. Angie turned her head to face her friend and marveled at the fact that her giant udders were lying on the floor beside her. So big were they, that they just rolled off to her chest and sat like water balloons on the floor to either side of her. The fat little bitch wasn’t much to look at it…but she was awful, awful fucking nasty and those titties…were to die for.
“I like men,” she muttered finally. “I don’t know what this was…but can we stay friends?”
Cathy laughed out loud and her double chin jiggled.
“Please bitch…I love cum on my jugs too much to go lesbian. I told you…I fucking dream about massive cocks and fat balls slapping my fat ass and shooting cum loads all over me. Unless you can do that, I’m gonna have to say we’re just fuck buddies.”
Angie sighed with relief and buried her face in the carpet.
“You think your husband would do a threesome?”
The question would have shocked her to her core a half hour earlier…but now it was nothing more than small talk.
“Fuck no…he hates you with a passion,” she replied. “I think he thinks your fat is gonna rub off on me or something stupid like that.”
“Maybe it should,” Cathy snapped back. “Are you really pissed off at him? I mean…y’know…what you said about hating him…wanting to humiliate him?”
Angie wondered now. Had it all been sex talk? Some of it was, but some of it wasn’t.
“I don’t know…but I will tell you I’m not killing myself any more. Fuck him. He can love me for who I am and how I look or he can suck his own dick…it’s damn near long enough.”
“So stop killing yourself…chunk out if you fucking want to,” her friend suggested. “Piss on him.” Cathy suddenly looked frightened. “Shit, what time is it??!”
“Umm,” and Angie glanced around to the clock on her microwave. “Four twenty…what’s wrong? Mark won’t be home till five thirty.”
“Oh fuck Mark…I got a date at six with a black dude from work. I’m hoping he’s got mondo-dong in his pants for me,” the short little fatty explained, giggling, as she sat up and began pulling her pants back on, sans panties.
“Oh that’s just wrong,” Angie blurted as she sat up as well.
“Gotta go wash the pussy stank off of me…later,” she added as she stood up and quickly pulled her shirt on and then fought to stretch it down over her unrestrained tits. “Think anybody will notice me bouncing over to my apartment?” Laughing, she stepped off toward the door and left without another word, leaving Angie sitting on the floor, naked amidst a massive brassiere and a torn pair of massive panties.

She didn’t see Cathy again for nearly two weeks. From what she told her when she did catch her, she and the black guy, named Rob, had hit it off. Not only was he hung, but he loved fat women and she told her she was moving in with him.

Weeks ticked by and so did her scales. Depressed now at having lost her friend…she turned to eating and the weight began to grow exponentially.
She’d been out of work now for almost six months. Sometime after four months, when she’d gotten her last unemployment check, she’d weighed in at one seventy five, a full sixty five pounds heavier than she’d been when she’d gotten married to Mark. That had been seven weeks ago. In the time since then, she’d crossed over the two hundred mark.
Mark wouldn’t even talk to her now…wouldn’t even look at her and hadn’t touched her in forever.
She pressed into the bathroom and peeled out of her clothes and then stared at herself in the elongated mirror on the back of the bathroom door. And not for the first time, she marveled at how fat she was. Her belly sagged down now and from the side, she looked fucking pregnant…and her ass bulged outward behind her at least twice as far as it had six months ago. Each big round cheek was bigger than a watermelon. She was a literal pear of a woman now…all ass and gut. To her fortune though, her tits had finally kicked in a little and she was now sporting a tight D-cup. They were in no danger of running Cathy’s uber-tits a race, but they were at least getting bigger.
She’d almost made up her mind to leave Mark…when they’d gotten some seriously disturbing news. Mark’s ex was getting married again and taking a month long honeymoon trip to Europe. Big whoop for her bitch ass. Not a real shock per say, but the catch was that she wanted to ditch Mark’s son on them for the month. And Mark, moron that he was, jumped at the chance to see his son and for several days there his excitement was overly evident. Not only did he start talking to her again, but he actually started touching her again.
She knew it was only because he wanted her to play the part of surrogate mother and that it wouldn’t last, but she felt bad for him to an extent and so she made up her mind to stay at least until the boy went back home.
Shawn was fairly old. How bad could it be, right? At least he wasn’t in diapers, right? It was four weeks…and then she could haul ass and not feel guilty. It was Summer, so he’d probably be content to just lounge around and watch TV…nothing more than she was already doing herself, right?

Two weeks later, she found herself meeting Shawn for the first time. He seemed fairly well behaved…mostly quiet she thought, for his age. The first night had been a catch-up quest between him and his father, so she hadn’t been much involved other than making dinner and making the boy a bed on the sofa in the living room.
The next morning, Mark had left for work and she’d risen around ten in the morning and dragged herself out of their single bedroom and across the hall into the only bathroom wearing nothing but her panties…completely forgetting that Shawn was there. She’d slept soundly all morning and hadn’t heard a peep coming from the living room…so his presence had completely slipped her mind until she was already in the bathroom.
Now she was stuck…she had no clothes in there other than the too-small panties she was currently wearing.
Holee shit…did he see me crossing the hall? I didn’t even think to look! She was suddenly embarrassed that she might have streaked right in front of the boy. Now the problem at hand was how would she get back to the bedroom without doing the same again? She could wrap up in a towel, but still, it was rather crude. And should she say something about it to him or just pretend she’d done nothing and hope that he hadn’t seen her?
After a while, she finally relaxed and decided to have herself a nice warm bubble bath. It was lame, she knew, for a grown woman to want a bubble bath, but it was just one of those things she’d loved since she was little. It relaxed her.
As the warm water flowed and the bubbles multiplied, she peeled out of her tight panties and caught notice of her own reflection in the mirror at the back of the door.
She straightened up and turned to face the mirror. With both hands, she gripped her flabby gut and shook it. In the two weeks awaiting Shawn’s arrival…she’d gained another five pounds. She was tipping the scales at two fifteen now.
It was almost a joke at this point. She’d actually started wearing her too-small clothing on purpose these days just to antagonize Mark. The tight clothing made her flab bulge out and appear all that more obvious and she knew it disgusted him to no end…and that, somehow, amused her.
Pulling her shoulder length blonde hair back and pinning it into a bun, she climbed over in the tub and submerged herself in the bubbles. The tub was moderately deep, but even at just over half full, when she got in and hunkered down, the water level rose to almost overflowing level…and she had to quickly turn off the faucet. She pulled the plug and let some of the water out to accommodate her own presence. They lived in the upstairs apartment and any overflow would probably seep down into the neighbor’s apartment below them and ruin their ceiling. It was best to be careful with her tub forays. She allowed the tub to drain to at least three quarters full. To her disgust, her belly protruded a bit up out of the water…at least enough that her navel was visible…and of course that intrigued her as always…and she ended up fingering it while she diddled herself further down with the other hand. Why she got off on playing with her deep navel was still a mystery to her. Somehow, maybe…it was like an extra little vagina for her. But generally by the time she worked herself up below, her navel fingers would abandon their crevice and simply begin to squeeze and grope on her huge belly flab. This time was no different, and within minutes, she was in the throes of sexual release with one hand…while the other kneaded her fat gut like bread dough.
Just at that moment though, a knock on the bathroom door startled her.
SHIT! Crap…apparently Shawn is awake…but what the hell does he want? Breakfast was her assumption.
“Hadn’t forgot about you, dude…I’ll make us some breakfast when I get out of the tub, okay?”
“I gotta go to the bathroom,” was his response from the other side of the door.
“Oh crap,” she muttered to herself as she realized there was just the one bathroom. She was going to have to abandon her bath to let him take a poop probably…and she had no clothes but her panties…and the real question was whether a towel would even completely wrap around her or not. She hadn’t really wrapped in one for a long, long time…not since she’d started getting fat. She eyed the towel on the floor beside her tub and tried doing some math in her head.
That towel is what…three foot long? Maybe four…and that’s like 36 to 48 inches, right? She returned her gaze to her belly protruding up out of the water and glared. How big around was she now? Oh fuck me running…she thought as she realized the last time she’d measured herself to buy some new jeans, she’d been thirty eight inches around her waist…and forty six inches around her belly. Yes, her gut stuck out that fucking far at this point. It was one reason she’d taken to wearing lowriders of late. It was far less embarrassing to buy thirty eights and let her gut hang…than to buy forty six or forty fours and try to compress it within them.
To her horror though, she realized the towel might make it if it was four foot long…and she sucked it in…but if the bitch was only three foot, she was screwed.
Shawn knocked again.
“Sorry, but I really, really gotta pee,” he called out through the door.
She sat up in the tub and reached out for the towel. As she stood up, she shook it out of its folded state and flung it around her.
“Fuck,” she hissed and then sighed as she realized the damn thing was some weird off size…and while being longer than three foot, it was obviously not four…even sucking her gut in didn’t make it cross the distance she required.
“Hold on,” she called out to him. “I’m in the tub.”
For a moment she thought about telling him to go get her some clothes out of her room, but that seemed awfully crude as well…but what choice did she have.
And then she thought about just pulling the damn shower curtain closed.
She reached and pull it closed. It was see-through, but it was the type of clear plastic that obscured, so while he might see some flesh tone…he wouldn’t be able to make out any actual parts.
“The door is open…just c’mon in and pee if that’s all you gotta do…I got the shower curtain closed.”
The doorknob twisted and he barged on in like he owned the place, not bothering to even close the door behind himself.
“Sorry…I have my own bathroom at home,” he apologized as he turned to face the toilet…but he made sure to position himself so that his back was to her. The only issue was that his profile was visible in the mirror on the door beside the toilet.
She’d pulled the curtain completely across the span of the tub, but the edge wasn’t touching the wall completely and so a gap remained between the edge of the plastic protector and the tub enclosure. And impatiently she stared out at his back through the opening…and it was through this view that she noticed his profile reflected in the mirror. By this point he’d already gotten his shorts open and was pulling the front of his underwear down. She didn’t intend to watch, but it happened so quickly that by the time she realized she could see…well, she’d pretty much already seen…and what she saw took her breath away.
Shawn flipped out the fattest dick she’d ever seen in her life. It was only a few inches long, but it was shriveled, its wrinkles deep and numerous. It looked huge in comparison to his tiny, scrawny ass body. As he began to pee, she noticed it was stretching out in length. She’d seen dicks do that before. After being couped up in pants, they’d constrict and contract and then once freed, they’d just stretch out some. She’d watched Mark peeing more than once and such a sight wasn’t that unknown to her. But seeing it on Shawn was remarkable. By the time he was done, she guessed it was at least five or six inches long just dangling there in front of him.
As soon as the stream stopped, he shook it several times and in doing so, riled it even more…extending it maybe another inch. Then he let go of it and reached to flush the toilet and she had to bite her lip not to gasp. It dangled down further than his shorts leg. As soon as he flushed, he fished it back up and pushed it down into his underwear and then zipped his pants back up.
“Thanks,” he called out to her as he turned and pulled the door further open to exit. But as he departed, he left the door open behind him.
“Uhh,” she muttered, but couldn’t bring herself to say anything at all beyond that.
Her husband had a big nine and some-more long dick and it was at least six or seven inches in circumference when he was hard…and after fucking for a while, it’d swell up to probably seven and half or eight…too much to cram into her mouth without gagging. A big dick was no shock for her…but a big dick on Shawn…that was just ludicrous! But she realized it was likely genetic…that he’d inherited it from Mark…so it wasn’t strange in so much of a sense that it was impossible or beyond comprehension. And her husband hung six inches long limp…but Shawn wasn’t that old…not really such that he should have a dick that long when it was limp. And what blew her mind even more was that even after he’d let go of it and let it d**** down the front of his shorts, it had still been wrinkly to a large degree…and not just that…but it looked so fat and soft. Was it just her eyes playing tricks on her? Maybe it was an optical illusion. With a body so small, maybe his dick just appeared larger…sort of in contrast to his frame? It couldn’t have really been that fucking large, could it?
She pulled the curtain back some and decided to sit back down in the tub. As she got comfortable though, she realized the door was still half open and that if he were out in the hall, he could see straight into the bathroom and directly at the tub where she was.
Self-conscious, she tugged the curtain closed a little more and then sighed…her mind wandering back to her step-son’s penis.
I wonder if he gets erections yet?
Where that dirty little thought came from, she wasn’t sure, but there it was…and she couldn’t deny it came accompanied with unfettered curiosity about the matter. She hadn’t noted any pubic hair when he was peeing, but then again his shorts were sort of blocking that area, so she couldn’t rule the matter one way or the other. How old was he? She suddenly realized she wasn’t really sure. Mark had been banging his mother in high school for several years, but he had never asked him exactly how old he’d been when the bitch got knocked up.
Good grief…if he’s this big now…how big is he gonna get later?! The question rolled around in her mind for a while as she sat there absorbing her warm bubbles.
At some point, her mind wandered down a slightly naughty road and she fantasized about climbing out of the tub and stepping up behind him while he was peeing…reaching around and grabbing his dangling cock…pulling on till it got hard…maybe even till she jerked him off?
Oh I’m sick…sick fucking bitch! She blasted herself mentally, but the fantasy had been concocted and it wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.
Number one, he probably would freak out…number two, he might not even respond…and number three, he would probably be grossed out by my fat fucking ass! She argued against the fantasy and its probability…but it still wouldn’t go away. What was she thinking anyway…Mark would fucking kill her for even thinking something that nasty…and doing it…well that would be over the fucking top in more ways than one.
What the hell…I’m stuck in this house for the next month with the two biggest dicks I’ve ever seen…and one won’t touch me and I’m not allowed to touch the other one!
Her sexual frustrations were starting to get the better of her and she knew it. Fantasizing about Shawn was probably a signal that she needed to move the fuck on…but she was sort of stuck for the next month. It would have been shitty to haul ass on him while his son was staying with them, right? Maybe she should have left before Shawn got there. But it was too damned late now. She was stuck like chuck…and in more ways than one, she realized as she noted the lack of heat in her water now…and then looked out past the curtain to the open door.
Well, I can’t stay in here forever…just gonna have to wrap a towel or two together and make a dash for it, I guess…
She pulled the plug on the tub and climbed up to her feet, water dripping off of her in sheets. She peeped out the gap between the curtain and tub wall and checked to see if the hall was vacant. Seeing that it was, she pulled the curtain back and stepped out onto the rug beside the tub.
“Miss Angie, how do you turn on the TV satellite---”
The words scared her and she jumped. Looking over at the door where they originated from, she found herself staring at the very startled and wide-eyed face of Shawn standing half in and half out of the doorway. He was as shocked as she was from the look on his face.
His eyes slowly shrank and his gaze drifted from her face down her naked body and stopped finally…locking on her belly.
“Hello?! NAKED HERE!” she blurted at him and he twitched and his eyes bugged again, but he jumped back out into the hallway and fumbled to shut the door.
Her heart was pounding like a sledge hammer in her chest and she knew her face was probably beet red. As the door shut, she found herself staring at her own dripping reflection in the mirror mounted to the back of it. Her belly was so big…no damned wonder he’d gawked at it.
Well I don’t guess I gotta worry about him seeing me now! Obviously the cat was out of that particular bag…and it would never been seen again.
Heart still pounding, she toweled off and then pillaged the towel cabinet till she found an old beach towel that was nearly five foot long. Wrapping herself in it, she emerged from the bathroom and darted across the hall into her room.
After putting on a long t-shirt and a pair of jogging pants, she sat down on her bed and contemplated the dread she had of having to leave the safety of her bedroom. She knew she had to get up and go out at some point, but she couldn’t bear the disturbed look that she knew she was going to find on her step-son’s face when she did.
It had been his fault, after all…so she wasn’t so concerned about Mark getting pissed at her over it, but nevertheless she really didn’t want him to find out about it. What if he asked her why she didn’t lock the door to start with…or why hadn’t she taken some clothes in with her? Even though the boy had barged in on her, the situation still smelled rather skanky around the edges on her side of it.
She finally decided that she would just talk to Shawn about it and explain that they should forget it happened and not saying anything more about it. He’d probably be as relieved as she would be in all honesty.

When she reached the living room a few moments later, she realized all at once, that she’d forgotten to put a bra on. Oh well, whatever…wasn’t like he hadn’t already seen her goods. Her shirt was thick and it wasn’t cold…so the boy might not even really notice.
As she stepped from the hall into the carpeted area, she noticed Shawn was sitting on the couch facing the TV but it wasn’t turned on. As she approached him and walked around the couch, she realized he was fumbling with the massive satellite remote.
“You have to turn the TV on first,” she said as she moved toward the wall mounted 40 inch screen on the wall and reached out to tap the power button. Immediately the TV came to life with some cereal commercial on it. “Mark and me never could figure out how to program the satellite remote to control the TV…so you have to turn it on manually.”
“Oh…thanks,” he muttered as he switched the channels repeatedly with the remote control.
She wanted his attention so she stepped over a foot so that she was directly in front of the screen.
“Er-hrm,” she cleared her throat and eyed him for dramatic effect before continuing. “About a while ago in the bathroom…”
“Please don’t tell Dad…I didn’t mean to leave the door open,” he immediately begged. “I have a bathroom in my bedroom at home…and nobody goes in my room or my bathroom, so I’m just not used to having to close it behind me and stuff…I…I didn’t mean to walk in on you.” He looked like he might cry at that point.
“Oh geez…I was worried YOU were gonna tell him,” she said with a relieved sigh as she moved over to the couch and flopped down beside him on the opposing end. “I didn’t want him thinking I just let you come in the bathroom with me while I was naked. I mean I should have had the door locked…but it’s just me and him here…so I just never bother,” she explained. “So if you don’t tell him…I won’t tell him either.”
“Deal,” Shawn agreed and resumed flipping channels.
All at once he reached the Pay-per-view channels and started getting black screens repeatedly.
“Go back…you’re in the pay channels,” she told him, but about that very moment the TV sparked to life again and lit up with the image of some skeezy harlot sucking the shit out of a big cock. “What the fuck?!” she blurted and leaped across the couch to grab the remote from his hands. With frantic fingers she fumbled till she got the TV onto another channel…one with a black screen.
That fucking asshole…he’s got the porn channels activated on here. Cocksucker…guess I know why he’s been staying up so late at night now. She had just never imagined he’d be such a douche as to be sitting in the living room jerking off all those times. Why hadn’t she ever got up to see what he was watching before? No wonder she wasn’t getting any…Mark had been watching porn without her. And how much were those channels costing? She was fuming pissed…but the immediate problem was her step-son.
“I did not know that was on there,” she mumbled in a low voice to him as she stood up from the couch and fingered the remote trying to block the channel in question.
“Heh! Dad watches dirty movies,” he popped off with a laugh. “Bill does too…but they’re on his computer.” Bill was the guy his mother was married to now.
“Well, I think you’ve seen enough skin for the day, mister,” she replied as she set the viewer lock on the channel finally. “I’m guessing that’s not the first time you’ve seen that sort of thing?”
Shawn smirked but didn’t reply…but then his face began to redden and his smile faded and his expression turned to a look of embarrassment.
“I was talking about the TV…not me,” she said. “And if it’s worth any consolation to you…I saw you when you were peeing by accident…the mirror…on the back of the door,” she added. “So we’re even…so quit worrying about it big guy.”
Had she said that? Big guy? Really? How had that just popped out of her mouth so nonchalantly? And would he take it to mean what…yep, of course he would…and he did, obviously from the look of sudden near-terror that enveloped his face.
“I have megalopenis,” he muttered.
“What?” she chirped, freaked that he had said something related to penis at all.
“Mom said Dad has it too…y’know…really big penis,” he explained. “I guess you saw, huh?”
She suddenly realized it was probably something he was self-conscious about. It was probably a source of torment for him at his age, rather than a tool to be paid homage to.
“Umm…yep…yep I saw that,” she admitted. “The big guy thing I said…that was a compliment. I wasn’t trying to make fun of it or nothing.”
“Oh,” he chirped but his eyes lowered as if he didn’t want to look at her anymore.
“Nothing wrong with it…man, trust me, the girls are gonna love you one of these days when they figure out what that thing is good for,” she quickly commented, trying to console him…realizing a bit too late how openly sexual her statement had been. “Oh crap…umm…do you know about all that?”
Shawn looked up at her with wide eyes that spoke volumes without him having to say a word.
She sighed and flopped back down on the couch next to him.
“Well you saw a lot right there just now,” she asserted as she pointed up to the TV. “Maybe you should talk to your Dad while you’re here…y’know…about all that.”
He said nothing, but just sat motionless watching whatever channel it was that she’d left the television tuned to.
“Mine doesn’t do that,” he whispered after a time, barely loud enough that she even heard him.
“Doesn’t do what?” she asked, genuinely curious as to what he was talking about.
“That guy’s was sticking up…y’know...but mine doesn’t ever do that…it just kinda hangs there.”
“Well…maybe…maybe you just aren’t y’know…there…just yet. You have to be…y’know…a certain age before these things work right.”
“Sometimes it moves around…on its own…it’s really weird,” he added, still staring forward at the TV.
She wondered why in the hell he was talking to her about it. And she figured maybe it had something to do with his mother and Bill. Maybe she was freaked out by it…didn’t want to talk to him…and Bill…well depending on how big the dude was himself, the boy probably freaked him out as well. Not to mention he’d be a constant reminder of Mark and his cock that had previously invaded his newly married wife.
Or maybe…just maybe it was the fact that she’d seen him and he’d seen her…and any level of humility that might have existed between them was now gone. It was like…after you’d fucked a guy, you had no problem parading around naked in front of him…but until you had…there was always apprehension about your appearance. So now…with Shawn and her, that apprehension of embarrassment was pretty much gone. He knew she’d seen his dick and obviously wasn’t disturbed by it, so maybe he figured…hey…here’s somebody I can talk to without it weirding them out.
So what should she do? She was his step-mother technically and if she acted spastic over the matter when he obviously made it plain that he needed or just wanted to talk about it…well, it might mess him up even worse…end up making him even more self-conscious about his dick.
“They do that…it’s just something that happens. Your…er-hrm…testicles…your balls…they move up and down depending on your body temperature. That’s where you store semen and it has to remain a certain temperature, so when you’re hot, they drop…and when your cold they contract or pull up close to you.”
“My penis does that when it’s cold. It looks really weird when it does it too,” he added as he finally stopped staring at the TV and eyed her sideways as if he was trying to glance at her enough to see what she was doing without having to turn his head and face her.
“Must have been hot in the bathroom, then,” she chuckled, trying to lighten the tension…and then realizing too late that she’d probably just said something extremely lewd sounding. “I mean, ‘cause it was…y’know…hanging down pretty low,” her voice trailed off to a whisper and she cleared her throat again nervously. “Sorry, I’m not used to not being able to say adult shit, y’know?”
This time it was Shawn who chuckled. He also finally turned his head to look at her and despite his red cheeks, he was smiling with amusement. Had he gotten the lewd undertone of her comment, or was he amused that she was as nervous as he was about their conversation.
“Umm…are you laughing at me…or what I said?”
He looked confused.
“The hot in the bathroom thing…or me being stupid in general,” she added, trying to clarify her question.
“Oh,” he popped off and then continued, “Nah, I was just laughing because you said it was hanging down pretty low.”
“Oh,” it was her this time. “I said it and it sort of sounded a little wrong after I did it…so I figured you were laughing at that, but I guess you didn’t get it.”
“What?” he asked.
She sighed, realizing she shouldn’t have said anything at all.
“I said hot in the bathroom…referring to the temperature thing, but ummm…since I was naked in there at the time, it sort of sounded like I was inferring it was…oh just never mind!”
He winced and wrinkled his brows as if she’d blown his mind to some extent.
“It was stupid…just never mind…it wasn’t even really funny,” she plowed forward hoping he’d just stop looking at her stupid. Luckily he did finally.
“So why did me saying it was hanging low strike you as funny?” she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.
“Cause it wasn’t really hanging all that low,” he replied with a slightly ruddy set of cheeks.
She wondered what he meant by that. Was he just dense like his father and thought something totally benign was funny, or was he hinting at something else. She stared at him and tried to gauge him…and something about his expression revealed that it was something deeper…and after a few moments she decided to prod him on it.
“What do you mean by that?”
To her surprise, he got up from the couch and turned to face her and then his hands rose to his shorts and he started unbuttoning and then unzipping them. His movements were so quick that she didn’t have a chance to comprehend or predict what he was going to do until he’d already done it.
He wiggled out of his shorts till they were down to his knees and she was able then to observe that there was more in his pants than just a big fat shriveled up dick. The front of his briefs were bulging dramatically and when he wiggled out of the shorts, the bulge began to sway side to side with weighty motions. And then he pulled the tail of his shirt up and gripped the top of his underwear and just pulled them down in the front enough to flip his cock out over the top of the waistband.
It flopped out and dangled for a second…about four or so inches long and as she watched in awe, it snaked out to a length of six inches or maybe a bit more…about the size it was in the bathroom.
She knew what was happening at this point, but she was far too stunned to say anything or stop him. She just sat there, staring in awe as he pulled on the end of his penis and stretched it out fully and then let it drop back down, dangling between his legs…and dangle it did…at least eight inches in length, swinging like a fleshy pendulum side to side, bumping the insides of his thighs.
“See…now it’s hanging low, huh?”
“Holee fuck, Shawn…” she muttered, unsure of whether it was from him pulling his dick out or from the size of his dick that she was out of breath over. “I…I can’t believe you just did that!”
“Oh…oh crap,” he snapped, his expression changing. “I thought you were…I didn’t know it would gross you out!” And he made as if to fish it back up into his underwear but her voice stopped him cold—
“NO!” she blurted it a bit louder than she intended. “I mean no, it’s okay…it didn’t gross me out…I just…wow…I just didn’t expect you to stand up and do that.”
“Oh,” he quipped and still look like he might put the monster back in its package.
“Wow…did I say that already?” she said, trying to remain cool and calm while not gawking so overtly at his dangly genital. “That is…one…really…big penis.”
“Mom said I got it from Dad…is he this big?”
“No…no sir…no he is very much not,” she chattered between bites of her bottom lip. “That is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life.”
Oh shit, I called it a dick…I called it a fucking dick!
“Mom says it’s stupid big,” he remarked absently as he poked at it with one hand, making it swing back and forth between his legs again. “So I’m really bigger than Dad?”
“Don’t you dare say a word to him or I’ll choke you in your sl**p, mister…and I’ll kill you if you tell him I sat here and looked at your wiener too!”
“Bill doesn’t like when anybody talks about it either…so I guess Dad’s probably the same, huh?”
“I don’t know…I don’t have a clue if he even knows that you’re that big,” she divulged. “But yeah, I’m kinda pretty sure it might freak him out a little, so if you talk to him, do it in a careful way…don’t just stand up and whip it out.”
He suddenly laughed and she found herself laughing along with him.
“I’m serious…this is just between us, okay,” she reiterated when the mirth finally subsided. “I’m your step-mom and all, but it’s still kinda not…I don’t know the word for it…it’s not something that people need to know about, okay?”
“Your dad would be weirded out and your mom might even get freaking pissed at me…and…and next time warn me before you stand up and do that.”
“Next time?” he asked, leaving the words just hanging in the air between them.

This book will be published in serial format.
Subsequent chapters will be added in order.


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By The Marquis Facade


She looked at his face and then lowered her gaze down to his dangling appendage and realized it was moving a bit, twisting on its own accord.
“You wanna see the rest of it,” he asked and before she could answer, he pulled his underwear down further and spilled his testicles out over the top of the waistband…and the big sack of balls slid out and dropped down a good five inches with an odd flop…before beginning to dangle pendulously behind his penis. Each nut was the size of a golf ball or maybe a bit bigger and rather than the tight skin and sack that she’d expected him to have…he in fact had a stretched out and sagging set of balls.
To her discomfort, she also realized at this point, now that his underwear were completely down, that while he had a patch of pubic hair, it wasn’t a large one…more or less just some fuzz, but at least he has some.
Oh shit, how big is he gonna be in a few years??
“Does it weird your mom out?”
He continued to stand there with himself exposed as he replied to her question. “I don’t know. She used to…I don’t know…not be…but since she met Bill, I can’t even walk around the house without putting pants on.”
“So she wasn’t bothered till he moved in huh?” She assumed she had the gist of it, but she didn’t. She had no clue and what he told her next almost shocked her to her toes.
“Nah, she used to didn’t care. She’d let me run around the house completely naked and never say nothing. Sometimes she’d even tell me to,” he revealed with a nonchalant tone.
She’d tell him to run around naked?? What the fuck?? She didn’t like his mother and this was something juicy on the money-grubbing bitch…something so tasty she couldn’t pass up the chance to dig into it.
“Wait, are you telling me she would just tell you to take all your clothes off when you were at home?”
“Yeah, she’d tell me there was no reason to keep it all crammed up in my pants when we were home alone,” he explained.
That nasty bitch…no need to keep his pants on indeed, she thought as she processed what he’d just told her. His mother was apparently not opposed to seeing her own son’s giant junk exposed…and she wondered just why. She had a few good ideas and none of them had much to do with the comfort of Shawn’s jewels…and probably more to do with her own pretties …at least until she found her a new man to bleed dry.
She wondered if there might have been more than that going on…wondered if that might be the reason why Shawn was so self-conscious about the fact that his dick never got hard.
She imagined the prissy bitch in the bathroom, naked, stroking on her son’s dick…and suddenly what should have been repulsion bloomed into something else…and she diverted her gaze from him and his danglies and glanced down at her t-shirt …only to be horrified by the fact that her nipples were hard and visible through the shirt’s fabric.
She sat upright and leaned forward in an effort to conceal her own arousal before continuing her talk with him.
“So she doesn’t have anything to do with you…naked…any more now, eh?”
“Nah, not since Bill and her met,” he answered.
“I’m guessing you’ve whipped all that out for women before, haven’t you? You kinda did that all a little too quick and easy. Your mom ever tell you to do that?”
He looked oddly at her and then she glanced downward at his crotch…where she noted his dick was moving on its own again as were his balls…retracting upwards.
“She used to make me do it sometimes to show her friends,” he admitted. “I’m kinda used to women staring at me with that weird look ya’ll always get when you see it the first time.”
“So how come it bothers you that it doesn’t get hard?”
“Sometimes I get like these…aches…in my balls, y’know and I kept complaining to mom about it…and she’d just tell me to deal with it…but I’ve seen dudes shooting out sperm on movies before---”
“Bill’s computer I’m guessing,” she cut him off with the question, already knowing what the answer was.
Shawn smirked.
“Yeah,” he admitted with a blush on his cheeks. “And so I just sort of figured maybe I need to do that…but I can’t get it to get hard. It feels really good when I do this,” and he reached down and wrapped a hand around his cock and began to stroke it back and forth at a pretty good speed.
She didn’t know how to respond. She just gawked as he jerked on it. And within seconds, she realized it was swelling somewhat, but not nearly enough to call it even a one-tenth erection.
“Er-hrm!’ she cleared her throat loudly. “Shawn…you DO realize your jerking off in front of me, right?”
“Oh,” he blurted and quickly pulled his underwear up and crammed his junk back into its container.
It should have stopped right there, but it didn’t. She’d been deprived of sex for so long and now she knew her husband was watching porn all the time…so was it so bad for her to watch a little porn herself?
It might not have been so bad if the particular porn she wanted to watch wasn’t her step-son. She felt gross for even contemplating it, but the matter was something he’d instigated himself and it obviously didn’t bother him any. If she only knew that she could trust him…but then again, what fucking difference did it make? She was planning on leaving Mark any fucking way as soon as Shawn went home. And it wasn’t like anybody could prove she’d watched him. It wasn’t like she was touching him, right?
In a matter of heartbeats, she’d talked herself into something dirty and deviant…far beyond the scope of anything she’d ever done or even witnessed in her life.
“I didn’t say you had to stop,” she asserted as he started pulling his shorts up.
He stopped dead still and glared at her with wide eyes.
“Guys get blue-balls…nut ache from not ejaculating,” she explained in not so eloquent terms. “You’re right about that.”
He let go of his shorts and continued to look her in the eyes as she continued to talk.
“And if you’re aching…it means you’re probably needing to do it. So I think maybe you’re just not quite getting the hang of it. Maybe you should show me what you do,” she gulped and tried to calm her trembling lips. “I can watch and tell you if you’re doing something wrong if you want me to.”
Without a word to her, he pulled his shorts back down and then pulled his underwear to his knees so that his junk was hanging free of clothing impediments. And with nervous movements, he stretched his dick back out and started stroking on it again. It carried on for several minutes, but all he was doing was making it red in color.
“See, it feels good but I--” he said after a time, but she cut him off before he could finish.
“What are you thinking about when you do that?”
“Huh?” He looked bewildered.
“What are you thinking about while you’re jerking on it?”
“Nothing…I don’t know,” he replied with an expressionless look to his face.
Damn, maybe he did inherit a little of Mark’s stupidity, she thought as she contemplated what to say next.
“Think about a girl you like,” she suggested, “and stay focused on her in your head while you do that.”
“Okay,” he agreed and started jerking again.
Several minutes ticked by and he was getting nowhere and the she noticed him looking directly at her…or somewhat lower than he should have been, actually. He noticed that she was aware of his staring and he stopped spanking himself.
“Are you pregnant?” he asked, blowing her mind.
“WHAT?!” she blurted with what must have been a look of total astonishment. “No, I’m not pregnant---OHHH,” she cut herself off as it dawned on her what he was talking about. He’d seen her naked in the bathroom…her big round gut…and just assumed she was pregnant maybe. How fucking embarrassing could this be? That fact obviously went over his head.
She sighed and looked down at her torso…consciously fighting the urge to suck her belly in.
“No, I’m not pregnant…I’m just fat,” she confessed. “I probably wasn’t the prettiest sight in the bathroom earlier, was I?” She hadn’t intended the statement to be a fishing trip for compliments, but it reeled one in anyway.
“Oh no,” he suddenly blurted in an exasperated voice. “No, no I wasn’t…no, I just wondered if you were pregnant,” he mumbled and fumbled with his words, still not finding the right thing to say to fix it. “You’re awesome looking,” he finally blurted out.
“Nice cover, muchacho…but a little late,” she added, flopping back against the couch and relaxing. Just another male unimpressed by her fatness. She didn’t care…fuck it. And to hell with sucking it in. She f***ed her muscles to let go and so as she slumped back into the cushions, she let her belly push outward against her shirt and she slapped it with both hands. “It is what it is,” she said with a slight smirk. “To much junk food and being lazy.”
Unintentionally, her eyes dropped to his genitals and she realized his dick was moving on its own again…and…was it pulsing? It looked like it might be quivering somewhat as he held it there. She lifted her gaze and saw that he was staring at her…or more directly, at her belly poking through her shirt.
Is he getting hard? She glanced down at his dick again and realized its red hue was more purplish now and where it had been drooping out past where his hand gripped it…it now seemed to be lifting slightly and bobbing in rhythm with his heartbeat. Sonuvabitch, he is!
“Well go on…keep jerking on it,” she ushered him. “It looks like it’s getting a little hard there, I think,” she added. “So what are you thinking about?”
His face suddenly faded into a deep red and he remained standing stark still, but his hand remained tightly gripped on his not-so-flaccid penis.
“Are you thinking about walking in on me in the bathroom earlier?” she prodded him verbally, one eyebrow arched for emphasis. “Is that what you’re thinking about?”
She looked down again and his dick was dark in color now and appeared to be fluffing up in girth quite a bit. He realized she was eyeing it and released his grip on it, but when he did, rather than drop to its former straight down dangle…it remained swollen and bowed forward somewhat…obviously more stiff than it had been before.
“It’s okay, Shawn,” she tried to reassure him. “You can think about whatever you want to. It’s in your head, y’know… it’s not like you need permission to think about somebody naked. If thinking about me naked is helping…then do it.”
His face was bright red and his eyes kept darting up to her face and then down to her belly…back and forth as if he couldn’t make up his mind what he wanted to do.
“Shawn,” she said his name f***efully. “Pick it up and jerk it.”
He responded almost immediately to her command and gripped his dick again…his hand instantly moving along its shaft in a steady motion.
“Yeah,” she muttered and the word sounded more lewd than she intended. “Look at me if you want to,” she offered with a dirty little smile. She started thinking then and came to the conclusion that he had been preoccupied with the idea that she was pregnant, but maybe it was more than that. Maybe it was just her big belly in general that had peaked his curiosity and just maybe that curiosity was attached to something more primal.
“Are you fascinated with my belly?” she asked him, her little wry grin spreading wider. She glanced down and realized he was jerking on his dick harder all at once. “Oh is that what pushes your buttons? Did my belly get your special attention when you walked in on me? Your momma is an old skinny girl ain’t she…I bet you ain’t never even seen a fat woman naked before today, have you?”
The boy was breathing harder and his hand was jerking even more quickly now and as she appraised his cock, she realized it was standing outward now, the end of it no longer drooping at all…and it was swelling bigger…a lot bigger than it had been moments before.
“Stroke the whole length of it,” she told him. “Pull the skin forward over the head…it’s the red ring around your head there that stimulates you,” she explained. “More…c’mon now, jerk the whole length of it, big man!”
He finally started stroking the whole length of it with his right hand and as soon as he pulled it forward enough to pull his cock skin over the head of his penis, he audibly gasped and she knew he’d figured it out. It was so awkward to watch him working it. The big fucker was standing straight horizontally on its own now and it was as long as his whole forearm…so long that he was having to bend over to stroke the entire length of it. His eyes were locked on his own cock. He was apparently enthralled with the fact that his dick was getting hard. He was getting into it now and his breathing was becoming ragged and heavy.
“Oh fuck,” she muttered, no longer really caring what came out of her mouth in front of the boy. “Oh you getting on it now, ain’t you, Shawn…look how big it is, boy!”
But instead of heading her suggestion, he instead, looked up and over at her on the couch.
“You looking at me, ain’t you little boy,” she taunted him somewhat. “You thinking ‘bout my big fat ass all naked and dripping wet in that bathroom, ain’t you?”
Somehow she’d been subconsciously sliding down on the couch this whole time and now she realized she barely at a forty five degree angle, her back arched…and her legs spread wide.
Oh fuck me…what the hell am I doing?! She knew exactly what she was doing, but at some point she’d crossed an invisible line of decency and she no longer cared about the potential consequences of her actions. She was focused on the facts that the boy had a ridiculously huge cock…even bigger than Mark’s…and that for the first time in his life he was getting hard and it was because of her! Nothing else seemed to be of any pressing purpose or value.
She reached for the tail of her t-shirt and started sliding it upwards, little by little, knowing full well it was teasing him. She watched his expression as she slid it higher and to her delight, he was flushing…his face sweating and his eyes bugging out of his skull.
“I know what might make that cock sooooo hard,” she stated with a sexy voice as she pulled her shirt all the way up and exposed her belly. On her back, for the most part, though, the mass of it was flattened. So she rolled the top of her jogging pants down and when it was fully visible, she pooked it out and did a little jostle on the couch to make it shake.
The boy abruptly ceased jerking off and it startled her. But when she looked down, she realized the trouble wasn’t with her but lay with his own cock. It was attempting to curl upwards and was tightly swollen now, veins and vessels bulging through the stretched, shiny skin…and it was thicker around than his own forearm! He fumbled with it, but he couldn’t get his hand around its circumference any longer. Soft, he’d been able to squeeze it…but now hardened, it was resisting his small hand size.
“Oh noooo,” she feigned concern. “Is it too big to jerk off,” she asked, intentionally taunting him.
“It’s hard…it’s hard,” he gasped, both of his hands sliding fingers up and down its erectile length.
He’s a fucking donkey dick…look at that motherfucker! And she did…she soaked in the view of his erection. He’d been eight inches long she guessed, when he was limp…and now…now the bastard was at least a foot fucking long and so fat that she wondered if her own hands could encompass its girth. And oh, how she wanted to find out!
“Better not stop now or your balls are gonna ache you to death later,” she asserted with a dirty little grin as she sat up on the couch and pulled her t-shirt completely up and over her head, revealing her full naked torso. After tossing the shirt to the carpet, she scooted forward on the couch and spread her knees widely apart so she could let her belly hang down unfolded. With both hands, she began to knead her fatness and rub at it, sucking it in and out…pooking it out as far as it would stretch and jiggling it every so often. Her movements were affecting her titties too and she knew damned well he’d be looking at those as well as her belly. No man or woman could resist gawking at a nice rack and her were D-cups now…big plump ones in fact. Her hands eventually found their own way upwards until she was plucking at her own nipples and then she began to knead her breasts roughly.
“Oh crap,” Shawn blurted from a few feet in front of her. “Ahhh,” he groaned and rubbed at his erection.
“Use both hands, fuck!” she snapped at him. “Make it cum for me, Shawn…momma Angie needs to see you cum…cum so hard for me, baby!”
He wrapped both hands around his dick and began viciously stroking it, his breathing becoming more and more heavy. His face was sweating so badly that his hair was matted around the sides and his bangs…droplets running down his forehead and face.
Where her friend Cathy had enjoyed nothing more than a big load of semen on her massive titties…Angie suddenly realized, in contrast, that she wanted it on her belly. And she wanted his first load ever to be on her belly…and she was going to get that first load on her belly if it meant she had to take matters into her own hands.
“C’mere and cum on my belly,” she called out to him. “Dammit c’mere and cum on my fat fucking belly, Shawn!” she demanded when he didn’t respond. “I taught you to beat that fat cock and now you gonna let me have that first load, dammit!”
He looked like he might pass out, but he stepped toward her reluctantly, his hands still trying to stroke his dick off.
When he finally got close enough she could reach out to him, she did so and grabbed a firm grip on the end of his dick, pulling him closer to her. Surprised, he let go of his shaft and just gawked at her as she pulled his dick head up to her mouth. All at once his dick was 3D and in her face and she realized for the first time that her assumptions and estimations about its size had been grossly understated. His cock head was at least three or more inches wide…literally about the size of a small lemon. There was no way she was gonna suck it…but then she didn’t need to. Instead, she leaned forward and spat a big mouthful of saliva onto it and then with both hands she started swirling his cock ring, letting her spit serve as a lubricant for the process.

He jerked backwards as if he might bolt, but she caught his dick firmly with both hands.
“Oh hell no, little boy…momma Angie’s gonna finish this thing off…you just hold on to your balls, baby, ‘cause I’m about to make you cum like a horse!”
He stepped forward a bit and let her have his dick back into her control and she resumed stimulating his glans. She leaned forward to spit on his cock head again, but instead, at the last moment, she decided to just lick on it. Her left hand slid down the length of his dick and then slithered down to his high-strung balls. She took both of them in one hand and began caressing them and lightly squeezing them. It was hard to keep both going with only the one hand because of their size, so she ended up rubbing from one to the other, back and forth.
Her licking and ring stimulating had been good, but when her hand settled on his balls, the boy felt a surge he’d never felt before and all at once his dick jerked and he reflexively grabbed at the base of it with both hands. No sooner had he locked his grip than it jerked again and then began to spasm, its entire mass twitching wildly and uncontrollably.
Angie felt it at the same moment he did and she knew instinctively what was coming…but she had no clue of how much to expect or how convulsive he might become when he started to shoot off.
She squeezed both his giant balls with her left hand and spit on his cock head…her right hand suddenly going from stimulating his glans to fully jerking on it. She leaned back with her head just in time to avoid his first volley going into her mouth.
“Aaahhh,” he groaned and she let go of his balls and grabbed the end of his cock tightly with both hands and instantly began to pump on his bloated penis head, using his tight dick skin to stimulate it. Her hands were far larger than his, and she was able to wrap them tightly around his shaft. Jerking him off was easier for her than it was for him.
Fuck…why have I been playing with it…just jerk it off for him, damn! She was into it now, and she wasn’t stopping till it was done.
His first blurp of liquid had been clearish and had popped out in one single expulsion and hadn’t been accompanied by anything more after that.
Oh hell no…it’s in there…and I’m gonna get it out!
“You cum for me and I’ll let you play with my belly and titties,” she whispered to him as she pumped even harder and faster on his dick.
“Shit!” he blurted and she felt him twitching again.
“C’mon…yeah…just relax and don’t fight it…let momma Angie have it…yeah…oh fuck yeah…relax baby…let momma do it all for you,” she continued to coax him until all at once, he grunted and jerked backwards away from her, but she held him firmly and started pumping his shaft even more viciously until a white bubble appeared on the tip of his dick.
The bubble pressed out the hole and became a constant flow of thick, white cream. She leaned down and licked the end of his cock, the semen coating her tongue with a salty flavor.
“Oh, I’m gonna eat that shit up, Shawn…you see what I did, I’m gonna lick your cum up, ‘cause I’m nasty…I’m a fat, nasty bitch and I like jerking off little boys with big fat fucking cocks,” she asserted in a husky, lusty voice. “I’m not a little pussy like your mommy…just wanting to watch your cock swinging around, uh-uhh…fat Angie’s gonna taste that cock,” and she leaned forward and licked up another gob that had oozed out.
“I almost climbed out of that tub earlier and got on you while you was pissing,” she admitted in between further licks.
“It’s hard huh…it’s so hard to let it go, ain’t it? Let me have it, baby…let me take it…you know you want to…c’mon and shoot it out for me…shoot that cum all over me…I want it on my big fat belly…SOOOOOO BAD!” She looked up at his face and realized he was either about to erupt or he was gonna pass completely out. “I’m gonna rub on my fat belly and my tit--”
She never got her sentence out. His cock head exploded and cum shot all over the side of her face and then arced down her neck as she reflexively pulled back from it.
“Aaahhhh!” he groaned and sounded like he was unable to catch his breath. He had both hands gripped so tightly on the base of his shaft that she thought he was going to snap it off.
“Let go and let me have it,” she growled at him and reached to slap his arms lose with her left hand while she continued jerking him off with the right one.
Reluctantly he let go and immediately he began to spurt cum, the first blast being backed up, blew out in one massive gob and landed on her chest, the bulk of it sliding down her right titty. By the time she looked down to see where it landed, another launch erupted, and she pulled his cock downward and leaned back to point it at her belly. Position changed, she started jerking on it with both her hands again. Another volley launched and then he groaned and started trying to hump her hands and she realized to her shock that these previous gobs of sperm had only been pre-ejaculate practice shots.
“OH FUCK!” she gasped loudly as he unloaded four or five massive blasts of cum out onto her belly. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, you cum on it motherfucker…cum on me…cum all over me, shit!” She let go of his dick finally and he took over, spastically jerking himself off with both hands.
“Unnggghhh!” he moaned and his hips were bucking in time with his pumping hands and he erupted again…and then again on her until cum was not just dripping, but pouring off the round fat orb of her belly.
“Don’t stop…milk it…milk that fucker dry, baby!” she coached him, demanding him to keep masturbating till his supply of semen drew to a close.
He grunted and one last glop shot out onto her belly and then he wobbled and fell backwards onto the carpet. He collapsed completely onto his back and just flung his arms out to his sides as if he’d just given up. He was panting and sweating and…was he quivering?? She looked closer and realized he was twitching all over.
“You okay?” she asked, hoping he hadn’t really killed himself somehow.
“That…was…awesome,” he wheezed in slow, drawn out gasps.
Content that he wasn’t really dead or maimed, she looked down at the immense amount of cum on her body and marveled out how he’d made such a mess on her. The whole of her belly was covered completely in the sticky mess. How much had he shot off? It was like a fucking horse had spread a load on her. She knew he’d dumped at least two or three cups of semen onto her in total. It was unimaginable. Most men, even her husband, barely shot out more than a few tablespoons at best…and here she sat with it pouring off of her onto the carpet…the carpet…
Fuck it…I’ll just tell him I spilled something…like he’s gonna ever guess what it was that I spilt!
She hesitated at first…but then slowly slid her hands down around her slimy belly and smeared the cum coating around. The fingers of her right hand, as always…slid eventually into her deep belly button. She began to finger fuck her hole with the slimy goop as lubricant.
She realized at some point he was propped up on his elbows looking at her…watching her…with shear awe on his face.
She smiled at him and lifted both hands to her mouth and began licking the cum off of them…and then she reached down and scooped up more and just smeared it all over mouth and lower face, licking it seductively.
“I told you…told you I was gonna eat it up…this is my cum,” she asserted as she licked at her sticky fingers and returned to smearing the mess all over her belly. “You…you are fucking sperm factory,” she added with a sick little giggle. “You been banking this one up for fucking years, haven’t you?”
She leaned back on the couch and smeared the goop around some more. It was still slightly warm, but the air was drying it fast and she knew in another few minutes it’s be nothing more than a thick crust stuck to her fat gut.
“I’m gonna need another bath,” she commented to no one in particular. The she looked down at him still splayed on the floor between her and the TV. “Maybe you wanna come watch for real this time?”
Without another word, she stood up and started walking off down the short hall to the bathroom. She walked on in and just left the door open.

Shawn lay there on the floor heaving for breath. His eyes were fighting bright lights and darkness at the same time. Had he almost passed out? He didn’t know but he felt awfully light-headed as if he was weak of bl**d pressure.
Leaning up on his elbows was the most he could muster and even then his arms continued to quiver and be unstable. He watched as Angie stood up and walked around the couch and down the hall…topless. As she stepped past him, he noticed that her smeared up belly jiggled with every step. Nope, she certainly wasn’t pregnant…her big round belly was just pure fat …big, soft…jiggly…luscious fat!
He’d been shocked that his dad was hooked up with a fat woman to start with. But she wore baggy clothes and pulled her pants up high…so it had been hard to tell just how fat she really was…at least until he’d walked in on her in the bathroom earlier…and at that point it was exceptionally clear how fat she was.
She taunted him through most of the experience, and some of her words were coming back to him…and he had time now to mull them over.
“I’m not a little pussy like your mommy…just wanting to watch your cock swinging,” she’d said to him at one point. He thought about that for a few moments and suddenly came to a wholly startling conclusion.
Had his mother being telling him to go naked because she liked watching his dick? And now, since she hooked up with Bill, she acted like she could care less about him or his privates. Why? Well it was obvious, that his genitals were not her source of thrill anymore. The fact was simple and more than obvious now that he thought about it.
My mother was getting off on seeing me naked! He was unsure if the fact disturbed him…or…or something else. It did piss him off a bit…especially in light of the fact that was now all but snubbing him for Bill’s porno watching ass.
He watched as Angie disappeared into the bathroom, noting the lack of a door clicking shut.
Holee crap…I still can’t believe she did that to me! He looked downward at his swollen and flaccid dick…or at least what he could see of it. The majority of it was down on the floor between his legs and he couldn’t see it past the rise of his pubic mound. He could feel it though…lying on the carpet between his legs…still pulsing and tingling, almost stinging from all the jerking and grinding on it.
With what little energy he had left, he pushed himself up into a sitting position and stared down at his penis…able to actually see it in full now.
It’s huge…it’s gross, he thought as he hefted it up with his right hand and marveled at how it felt like a dead snake in his hand. He shook it and it began to coil somewhat, moving on its own…constricting, but it was so bloated and swollen that it look disgusting as it shrunk…and as he continued to watch, the head of his dick literally disappeared inside the reddish and crusty bulk of his cock skin.
Just then a sharp and brash knock on the door startled him and he found new vigor to rise up from the floor, fully prepared to make a run for it, fearing his father had come home from work early.
“Ang! You home, bitch…I know you’re here, let me in!” a distinctly female voice called out through the door.
The doorknob turned and he spazzed. He’d opened the front door earlier that morning to see what the weather looked like and he hadn’t locked it back afterwards.
His legs were unsteady, but he willed himself to lung for his shorts. He’d kicked out of them at some point during his masturbation fiasco…when, he wasn’t quite certain. But he was slow and when he bent down to grab at them, he missed and by the time he’d recovered his balance, the door was opening and then there was a short and extremely fat woman standing in the doorway staring at him.

Angie had the shower running and was scrubbing at the muck on her belly with a washrag when she thought she heard a knock and a female voice. Quickly she reached for the tap handles and shut the water off.
“ANGIE!!!” the voice shouted from the living room and it was familiar.
Cathy?!? No way…I haven’t heard from her in months!
She quickly climbed out of the shower and swiped her feet on the rug and then pranced wet and dripping over to the open door and peered out and down the hallway to the living room.
Her fat friend was standing in the open front door and between them stood Shawn…naked from the waist down…and it was blatantly obvious that her friend was gawking at his dick.
Cathy looked up finally and glanced around Shawn at her and then apparently snapped out of her daze. Quickly, she stepped back and slammed the front door shut and then returned her gaze to Shawn…or Shawn’s dangling goodies.
“What…WHAT THE FUCK…AM…I…LOOKING AT?!” she shouted at her.
“My step-son, Shawn,” she said as she ducked back into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to dry herself with. By the time she’d finished, she turned to the open bathroom door and was startled to find Cathy standing there with bugged out eyes glaring at her through her thick glasses. She actually looked fatter in the face and as she appraised her friend, she realized the woman must have put on more weight since she’d moved in with her boyfriend.
“His…his…it’s…” her voice just faded to a whisper and died.
“His dick is huge like a fucking mule,” Angie finished her sentence for her. “Oh, I am quite well aware.”
“Ohhhhh…oh fuck…NO WAY!” the fatter woman howled and then blurted in astonishment. “HOW FUCKING OLD IS HE?!”
“Old enough to use that big bastard,” she replied with a sarcastic expression. “And don’t look at me like that…he stood up and whipped it out to show it off to me…and…and one thing led to another.”
“Stop shouting…and yes, just now…the very first time…and when I say first time…I mean his first ever like…anything!”
“That’s Mark’s son?” she asked, her voice lower but still an obvious air of excitement to it.
“Yes, he just got her yesterday…he’s staying with us for a month while his mother is on her honeymoon.”
“So what the fuck…he just stands up and whips it out…says, hey let’s get it on?”
“NOOOOOO,” this time it was Angie who was overly loud. “Oh you have the worst timing, woman,” she hissed as she tossed her towel to the sink counter.
“Angie…did you have sex with him?”
“Noooo,” she groaned, “at least not yet…or mostly, oh I don’t know! It’s none of your fucking business!”
Cathy grabbed her by the arm and made her face her, a deadly serious expression on her face.
“Did…you…fuck him?”
“No,” she replied and jerked her arm loose from Cathy’s grip. “I just let him beat off on me.”
“Holee shit…he wanted to beat off on you?”
“It’s complicated, okay…you saw how big his dick is…and he doesn’t have anybody back home to talk to I guess, so he was asking me some stuff about it…about sex in general, I guess,” she half-heartedly explained. “And I was sort of telling him how to masturbate and the next thing I knew he was doing it and staring at me while he did it…and maybe I let it get out of hand a little.
“How little?” Cathy pushed her verbally.
“I…I let him cum all over my belly,” she admitted.
“Did you touch him?”
“Why do you want to know?”
Cathy’s expression suddenly shifted from disbelief to mirth.
“Why the hell are you smiling, bitch?!” she demanded.
“What? You think I was gonna call the authorities on you or something?”
“I don’t know…damn,” she groused at her fat friend.
Cathy outright chuckled and leaned up against the edge of the doorframe. “I was just wondering how much of the show I’d missed.”
“What?” Angie blurted at her and then slapped her on the shoulder. “Are you fucking serious?! Dammit…I haven’t heard from you in forever and all at once I finally get some action going and you barge in out of nowhere and disrupt my fucking parade…I are’ta kick your fat fucking ass!”
“Sorry,” she apologized. “But he asked me to marry him,” and she held out her hand to show off the moderate sized ring on her finger. “I had to tell somebody and my mother wasn’t answering her phone…so you were the next choice.”
“Congratulations,” she said with a genuine smile. “I’m guessing things are going sweet then?”
“He has two b*****rs…TWO…and they gang-bang me every Saturday night…all three of them…three big, black fucking dicks on me, in me, and squirting all over the ladies,” she added as she hefted her chest titans with both hands for emphasis. “It’s a wet dream come true.”
“I would say you’re sick,” Angie began, “but you know what I’ve been doing.”
“Getting fatter, from the looks of it,” Cathy asserted as she looked down Angie’s body and then back up to her face. “Not that I can talk,” she confessed. “They want me to get bigger. I think they got some sort of immobile sex slave fantasy going on or something. I’ve gained fifty pounds since I moved in with him and he just keeps bringing home fatty foods for me. He gets off on feeding me too!”
“Sick bitch…my husband acts like he’s disgusted by me,” she stated with a look of scorn.
“Apparently junior in there don’t suffer the same afflictions,” Cathy noted as she leaned back and looked down the hallway to see if she could still see him.
“Oh fuck,” Angie muttered. “I need to go tell him it’s cool… he’s probably freaked the fuck out.” With that said, she barged through the door, all but shoving Cathy out of her way. Naked, she strolled down the hall and into the living room where Shawn was sitting on the couch.
He’d put his shorts back on, but the bulge in his pants was unmistakable now. His dick was probably swollen beyond management. Mark’s always bloated up after sex. She and Shawn both, had worked his cock over with their hands, so she imagined it was probably pretty raw and angry.
He looked up at her and his eyes widened. Apparently he wasn’t expecting her to be naked.
“It’s okay…it’s cool…this is Cathy, my friend,” she said as Cathy walked up behind her. He looked up at both of them, his eyes flicking from one to the other. “Shawn…me and her are a little bit of…ummm…sort of special type friends,” she tried to explain.
Cathy decided to take matters into her own hands.
“I’m a dirty fat whore too, so I’m not gonna rat ya’ll out,” the fatter woman said with a no-nonsense tone to her voice. “And don’t be embarrassed, man…that thing,” and she pointed directly down at his shorts, “is fucking spectacular!”
Angie looked up at the ceiling and rolled her eyes.
“And Cathy just dropped by for a moment and is now on her way home to her band of fat lovers.”
“Was I?”
“You are,” she said and cleared her throat.
“Can I at least see it again before I go?”
It was about that moment that she realized the bulge in his shorts was growing.
“Shawn?” she said in a half-whisper as she looked from his crotch to his face and realized he was looking at Cathy. She turned and followed his gaze to her friend’s enormous titties.
Oh well now…I guess he really does have a fat thing going on. Wow! And as she mulled that around in her head, she realized that things were potentially ripe for a sex party.
She pulled Cathy by the arm over into the kitchen and began to whisper to her in a hushed voice.
“Cath…your titties are making him hard again.”
“I saw that,” she agreed. “Why are we over here whispering?”
“Do you want to do a threesome?”
“WHAT?!” her voice was way too loud.
“You heard me,” she said. “Do you want some of that?”
Cathy looked back over her shoulder at Shawn on the couch.
“No way…I can’t ride that thing…it was ridiculous. You know how little my fuck hole is. If I climbed on that and then went home, he’d know damn well I’d fucked around on him.”
“You gang-bang with him?”
“Yes, but it’s with his b*****rs…his choice, not mine. We’re freaky, but I can’t cheat on him…I’m in love with him!”
“Fine then…so scram and let me handle it,” she asserted and then she stepped around her friend to move back into the living room.
“Wait,” Cathy caught her by the arm. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch.”
“Watch? Uh-uhh…that’s weird.”
“Okay, I’ll play around, but I’m not letting him fuck me.”
“Sounds good to me…let’s do this.”
Cathy tightened her grip on her arm.
“I can’t…not right now,” she insisted.
“What? Why not?”
“Cause he’s out in the car waiting on me,” her fatter friend replied with a toss of her head to indicate the front door.
“Oh,” Angie grunted. “Well when?”
“I don’t know…I’ll have to come up with something…I’ll call you in a day or two…maybe tell him you’re throwing me a bachelorette party or something, I don’t know.”
“Yeah, okay,” she said, reluctantly accepting what she figured was just a put-off. “Well take off then…I got business going on for the first time in months.”
Without another word, she walked her to the door and opened it, but Cathy smiled at her and pushed the door back shut.
“Not yet,” she mouthed, but said nothing audible, then made eye contact with Angie and flicked her gaze at Shawn over on the couch. “What’s his name?” she whispered.
“Shawn,” Angie replied in an equally hushed voice.
“Hey Shawn,” Cathy called out loudly as she turned to face him. “Until we meet again, my new little friend…let me share a little something with you to remember me by,” and with that said, she pulled her t-shirt tail up over her gigantic tits and then with quick movements, reached to the front of her overstrained brassiere and unhooked the clasps between the cups. With dual flops, her enormous breasts dropped into view and d****d down to her waist where they remained, dangling and quivering for several moments.
Both woman stared at him, waiting to gauge his response, but his reaction didn’t come from above…it came from below. The bulge in his shorts suddenly moved and then the fabric began to stretch and rise rapidly.
“Well somebody knows how to catch a hard-on now,” Cathy giggled as she refastened her bra and then stretched it forward and began the arduous task of cramming her jugs back inside of it. “Yeah, I’ll be back…I’ll be back,” the last line said in a mock impression of the Terminator. Her shirt resituated, she opened the door herself and stepped out. “I’ll call you…keep me posted on things, huh?” and she motioned with her index finger back at Shawn as she turned and headed down the stairs just beyond Angie’s apartment door.
Angie quickly shut the door and turned around…collapsing against it. Having thought about it, she turned back around and locked it…knob and chain both.
“That was weird…really weird,” Shawn said from the couch before she’d even turned around again.
“Messing around with me…or my mutant titted friend busting in on us?”
Shawn laughed. “Both I guess,” he admitted.
Turned around again, she looked down and noticed his crotch was returning to its previous size bulge. As she walked towards him, she said, “So I’m guessing you liked her, huh?”
“She’s kinda ugly…not bad…but she’s not pretty like you,” he answered. “She’s got really big boobs though…man…those things were HUGE!”
“Yeah, I know,” she agreed. “They’re what got me in trouble with her to start with.”
“What?” His eyes bugged and his mouth fell open somewhat.
“I told you…me and her are…or were…a little more than just friends. And do not dare tell your father on me. Maybe if he’d give me some once in a while, I wouldn’t be messing around with my fat friends.”
“Oh,” he sputtered. “So you and her…like…do stuff like what we just did?”
Still naked and somewhat damp, she made to sit down on the couch beside him…in the process, stepping around a puddle of flaky whiteness on the carpet near where she’d been sitting earlier.
“Your father asks, tell him that spot is just instant potatoes or something that I spilled,” she asserted, pointing at the spot on the carpet.
Sitting down, she twisted and pulled her right leg up on the couch with her so that she could face directly at him beside her.
“I have done stuff far more nasty with her,” she admitted. “What you and me did a while ago was just…that was purely nothing more than foreplay.”
“What does that mean?”
“What, foreplay?” His naivety was humorous to an extent, and she couldn’t help but giggle. “It’s what goes on before you have sex with somebody.”
“So…so that wasn’t sex?”
She smiled even bigger.
“Well yeah, it kinda was,” she confessed. “But it’s not technically sex till you…y’know…put it in me.”
Both of his eyebrows raised as she explained it, and she got the impression that he was still a bit confused.
“You’re still a virgin, Shawn…technically,” she stated nonchalantly.
“Oh,” he replied and turned his head to see what was on the TV. His cheeks flushed red though, and she knew he was doing it to avoid asking what he was really curious about.
“That, however…is not to say that you have to stay that way,” she said, knowing it would get his attention.
Oh shit…what am I doing? This is my step-son and…and what I already did was beyond redemption! She knew that, but to an extent, she didn’t really care. Besides that, for all intents and purposes, she had already legally had sex with him. If she was to get her ass in a jam over it…she might as well get something of substance out of it.
He had turned his head again and was looking at her…his eyes darting from her face down to her belly and back up again so obviously that she assumed he wanted her to know it.
She leaned back a bit on the couch and pooked her belly out as far as she could and then she feigned a yawn and stretch and then rubbed her distended tummy, shaking it at one point. Smacking her lips, still feigning tiredness, she continued, “Of course if you’re too tired to finish what you started…”
Shawn’s eyes almost popped out of his head.
His crotch moving caught her attention and she giggled when she realized he was getting hard again, and unlike when Cathy whipped her tots out…this time it was getting after it, bowing up in seconds until he literally had to adjust the way he was sitting and fight with his dick through the fabric of his shorts. His efforts were only partially effective. He managed to push it into a position where it wasn’t crimped, but when he did, he apparently set it loose and the shiny head of his dick careened out the leg of his shorts like a fast moving snake until it was reaching nearly to his knee…and then it began to try and stand upright despite the restricting fabric of his shorts leg holding it down.
“Shit!” he chirped and leaned forward, unsure of what the hell to do with his erection.
“Aww, no…little Shawn’s big wiener just fell out of his shorts,” she faked a sad little girl voice as she leaned over and laid down on her belly on the couch so that she slither her way to his lap. “It’s so hard…what you gonna do now?” she taunted him as she lay her head in his lap and began breathing heavily on his crotch bulge…her hand reaching over to play with his enormous and exposed cock head. Her fingers walked up and down the exposed length of his shaft and then she licked her fingers and started diddling with the red ring on his glans.
He twitched beneath her, but the weight of her head resting in his lap prevented him from moving very much, so the twitch faded into something more akin to a quiver…that was followed by his penis straining even harder against his shorts to stand upright.

“I think you’re just gonna have to come out of these shorts, mister,” she commented in her normal voice as she stopped messing with his dick and rose up out of his lap. Once sitting straight up, she slid her body all the way up beside him and then her left hand reached for the button of his shorts…popping it loose and then her fingers slowly worked his zipper down.
By that point, he was using both of his own hands to push his shorts down and off. He’d not bothered putting his briefs on apparently when Cathy barged in…and that now explained why his dick popped out the leg so easily.
“What a naughty little boy,” she crooned, “Not wearing any underwear,” and she tisked with her tongue and shook her head in mock disapproval.
When his shorts were down past his knees, he started kicking to get them off and she pushed him back against the couch cushion roughly…then with her left hand started pulling his t-shirt up, revealing his boney bird chest for the first time.
Oh man…if he didn’t have a huge dick this would just gross me out beyond redemption, she thought as she looked down and reviewed his scrawny physique, probably less than a third her own mass. She was 215 now…so yeah, she literally and probably had him outweighed three to one. Surveying him, she guessed he probably weighed in less than seventy or eighty pounds at best…if even. Had she wanted to, she could probably have picked him up and thrown him across the room. But tossing him around wasn’t what she wanted to do…unless maybe it was to toss him into the bedroom.
Oh man, that’d be wrong…fuck his son in his own fucking bed! It seemed wrong, and yet somehow that made her want to do all that much more. Mark was an uber-dick…and not in the way he’d once appeared either…no any longer…not since she’d met his son, Shawn. No sir, Mark’s penis was no longer impressive in her mind at all. His dick was practically a joke in comparison to Shawn’s.
But in all honesty, she sort of thought Mark had it coming to an extent…thinking he was all high and mighty and so much more hot than she was…talking to her like a dog…always groaning about how fat she was. Yeah, he had it coming. Whatever she did to him at this point, she felt was justified. She hated him that fucking bad.
Fully naked as she was now, Shawn pressed back against the cushions and tried his best to twist where he was facing her. She slid back and then they both flittered around until he was practically flat on his back and she was astraddle of him atop the couch.
She looked down at him and realized he was awestruck by her belly looming over the top of him.
She smiled and walked forward on her knees until they bumped up under his armpits. Now looking down, she could barely see his face beyond the sphere of her fat gut.
Oh I got him now, she thought to herself as she pooked her belly out and bounced on the couch to make it jiggle.
“Does my belly look fat?” she asked as she played with it.
His eyes were the size of pie plates…his mouth wide open in a gaping, shocked expression.
She slapped her belly a couple of times and then said, “I think I’m getting so fat…soooo big and fat. What do you think?”
Earlier their roles had been one of a different type. She’d been in charge and he’d been her little stooge. But now he knew how to make his junk work, she wanted something different. She recalled how she’d felt when Cathy had talked nasty to her…the way, despite it being insulting…that it made her feel so sexy. Somehow being called a fatty was only harmful when she knew the person calling her that didn’t like her. Cathy had gotten off on her body…and now…now she had Shawn there beneath her and he had it so bad for her it was ridiculous.
And because he was her step-son…because he was so much younger than her…it seemed oh-so-dirty to her…to think about him taking advantage of her. She wanted to role-play with him badly, but would he even get it? He was a straight-up virgin and she doubted it. She’d have to lead him through it, but he seemed pretty quick…so maybe he’d pick up on it and go with it.

This book will be published in serial format.
Subsequent chapters will be added in order.


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By The Marquis Facade


“Say it, Shawn,” she told him. “Tell me I’m fat. It’s okay, I like it because I know I turn you on.” She gawked over the top of her belly to gauge his response…or lack thereof. “What’s wrong, am I squashing you with my big fat ass?”
“No,” he blurted suddenly but then said nothing else.
No, he wasn’t going to take the initiative any time soon, so obviously it was up to her to remain in control of the game.
“Maybe I should squash you with my big, fat ass,” she asserted. “You’re a bad boy…getting hard for my friend’s titties!” She kicked her left leg outward and dropped her foot onto the floor. With a quick set of movements, she flipped ends and dropped her ass down over his face…leaving them in a sixty nine position. His dick was standing upright but leaning far off to the right as if it were too tired to stand up completely…and it was all but in her face.
She braced her weight on her left knee now, buried up between Shawn’s ribs and the back of the couch, and lowered her ass down onto him without dropping fully onto his scrawny torso. She figured if she did, she probably would squash him.
She wrapped both hands around his dick as she leaned forward and then she began long-stroking his foot long cock. His length was as impressive as his girth. It had been plumpish before she ever touched it the first time, but now…now after they’d both worked it hard…it was just purely bloated and swollen and not just with erectile tissue. Nope, his dick was really distended and she needed both hands to grip it properly. Her mouth went down onto the end of it and she began licking his head feverishly as she continued her long and slow hand stimulation.
Without warning she felt his hands up on her ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading them and she popped her head up to speak.
“Oh, you naughty boy…who told you that you could touch momma Angie’s big ass?” Her voice was such that he should know she was pretending. No note of real scolding existed in her comment.
He obviously understood her tone meant something else entirely…and to prove it, his grip on her ass cheeks intensified and then all at once he began to shake her butt cheeks, making them gyrate wildly.
“You better not slap my ass,” she said, wondering if he’d catch the implied undertone.
Oh yeah, he got it!
She realized at that point that the boy was more than just a little sharp…and that maybe role-playing with him wasn’t completely out of the question. He was a fast learner, so maybe she needed to speed up the lessons.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned. “Was momma Angie naughty?”
Shawn said nothing back, but his slap to her ass was a little more stingy that time.
“Talk to me, Shawn…talk dirty…say whatever you’re thinking…it don’t matter how mean or nasty it might be,” she instructed him.
“Oww!” she yelped, his hand having left a really good sting on her left ass cheek. “You spanking me for touching your cock? Was I a bad step-mother? Well I’m still touching it…I’m stroking it too!”
“You’re so sexy,” he muttered from behind her in a nervous, unsure voice.
“Oh c’mon, boy…you can do better than that!” she taunted him. “Say something about my ass…it’s all up in your face, man!”
“It’s so big…and fat,” he commented.
“Tell me I got a big fat fucking ass…and I’m a dirty whore!” she all but yelped at him.
“You’re a big, fat whore,” he stuttered out, running the two comments together.
“Why…why am I big, fat whore?”
“Cause you’re playing with my dick,” he replied. “I’m…I’m your step-son…you’re married to my dad!”
“It’s a cock, Shawn…call it a fucking cock!”
“Stop playing with my cock!” he blurted, and for a second she wondered if he was serious…but then she assumed he wasn’t and to test it, she sped up her stroking. “Ahhh,” he moaned and slapped her ass really hard again. “You’re so bad, why are you doing that?”
“Cause it’s sooo big,” she groaned in a husky voice. “I can’t help myself. I’ve wanted to touch it since I saw you peeing in the bathroom.” Was this role-play, or was she admitting things outright here? More or less, she was letting reality bleed into their sex talk, and that was okay with her!
“You made it that way,” he told her, slapping her fat ass again. “It wasn’t that big before. Now it’s fucking huge!”
She realized he’d dropped the f-bomb for the first time. It sounded odd coming out in his voice, but at least he was getting into it.
“Awww…did momma Angie make your wiener big and fat?”
“I don’t think I can hide it anymore,” he blurted from behind her and she caught a hint of actual worry in his voice.
“Ohhh noooo,” she crooned. “That’d be terrible if your big, fat cock fell out all the time. What would you do?”
When he didn’t respond, she decided to take the initiative once more. With intent, she pushed back, lowering her as onto his chest and then she began thrusting her hips up and down, doing her best to pop her booty.
“That’s what my fat ass is gonna look like when I’m riding your cock later,” she said with a husky, gaspy voice. “And yeah, you little bitch…I’m gonna ride it hard, too!”
She realized she was getting hot herself, popping her ass up and down on his chest. Yes, it was definitely time to take control again and show him how it was done. Like when she’d made him jerk off earlier…apparently she was going to have to show him how to fuck too.
“Quit being a wuss, boy…do something back there!” she demanded. “Stick your fingers in my pussy or something. Make yourself useful while I’m playing with your cock!”
A few moments passed and then she felt his hands sliding under her and she raised her ass up to let him reach her vagina. Nervous, shaking fingers probed and rubbed.
“That’s the hole, Shawn…now stick’em in there--”
The sensation of his index, middle, and ring finger slipping inside her at the same time caused her to cut off her tirade prematurely.
“Oh fuck,” she gasped, and then began to pop her ass again, forcing his hand to jam into her deeper. It wasn’t enough though. “Push it in…your whole hand!” she demanded. She stopped bouncing, and he twisted behind her so that he get his arm beneath her, then he was pressing his pointed fingers inside of her. “Hard! Push it in…bury it in my pussy!”
With a f***e of pressure and then a sudden release, his hand plopped inside of her orifice…a sensation that made her cum…a spray of clear and sticky liquid shot from her vagina and sprayed down onto his chest and streams ran down his thin arm.
“Oh fuck…oh fuck, you made me cum!” she blurted. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…in and out…pump me with it!” She gasped a few more times as he started pushing in and out of her with his hand…and then she looked down at his waning, bloated cock and realized he was losing his erection. She leaned down and hefted the deflated shaft up and squeezed it into her mouth. She figured she must look like a fat chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts as she tried to suck on his dick. It took only a minute or so for his erection to begin growing again, and she was f***ed to take it out of her mouth and let it expand fully. When it was hard again, she started jerking him off with one hand. She was having to support herself with the other now that she was leaning so forward for him to hand fuck her.
“Ohhhh…oh fuck…oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again, Shawn!” she blurted and sprayed him again with her juices. It was so good…too good. The only way it was going to get better was with his fat cock inside her…and maybe him berating her about being so fat. Yep, that would do her in.
She pulled herself forward and released his dick. With a squishy noise, his hand came out of her and she quickly twisted around again till they were face to face once more, her on top still.
“I had to stretch it out a little,” she said as she hiked her right leg up between the couch and his torso. Lowering herself, she picked up his dick with her left hand and guided it up to her pussy lips. “I honestly don’t know if I can do this,” she admitted and she fought for a few seconds, unsuccessful in getting him inside of her. His cock was too big. “Swap with me…you’re on top.”
She stood up and waited for him to get up, his fat erection waving back and forth, side to side, as he moved…and then she lay down on her back on the couch and spread her legs.
“Get up here and work it till you get it inside me,” she told him as she reached down and spread her pussy with both hands for him.
He crawled up between her thighs and then leaned over, his hands going to her sides, burying into the couch cushions beneath her, and then she felt his dick nudging her pussy.
“Push,” she whispered to him. “Push hard…make me take it,” she urged him. “Make me take that fat cock, you naughty little boy…make momma Angie take that long…luscious dick!”
He began pressing inward on her and she pulled wider with her hands beneath him in an attempt to give him a bigger opening.
“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she felt his bloated cock head slipping a tiny bit inside of her. It was moving, bit by bit, slipping…sliding…slithering into her like a giant snake.
He stopped and pulled back a bit and then lunged forward suddenly with a little more energy than before…and her pussy gave in to him and his cock engulfed her insides.
“OHHHH!” she shouted, almost screaming in ecstasy. “Fuck me…fuck me motherfucker!” she nearly screeched at him. “Gimme that dick!”

He reflexively started moving back and forth, the sensations guiding him as to what to do. It felt good to him and she was acting like it was driving her crazy…just like the women he’d seen in Bill’s computer video collection. He knew what to do now. He’d seen it done more than once…and now…now at last, he knew why it was such a big thing. It felt incredible…far more so than when she’d beat him off and now it was soft and wet and warm and not the clawing hands pulling and jerking roughly. This was so much better…so very much better.
Her pussy was so tight. It felt like he was trying to squeeze his dick into a compressed, wet pillow. But the more he was moving inside of her, the looser she was becoming and after a short while, he was moving freely in and out of her.
At some point he decided to see how far in he could go and so he started pushing harder and harder with each thrust and she reacted with such a voracious response that it startled him.
Her nails sunk into his back and she jerked him forward on top of her and she started moaning and saying things that made no fucking sense at all…interrupted by blurted, ‘don’t stops’ that told him whatever he was doing to her was apparently a good thing…so he kept doing it, over and over again until at some point he realized his balls were slapping the top of the couch beneath them.
How far was he in? He’d measured his dick so many times it wasn’t funny over the years. Limp and stretched out, his penis was seven and half inches long and just shy of three inches across. Massive by any standards…but after she’d gotten him to have an erection today, his dick had grown to epic proportions. And now that he’d finally had a boner, full f***e…it appeared he was going to continue having them. The ugly fat woman with the huge tits had almost made him pop a woodie again sitting on the couch earlier…and then just seeing Angie’s belly pooked out had done him in completely and his sad little shorts just had no hope of holding his monster under control. When it decided to get hard, it was gonna get hard and evidently the only thing he could do was let it loose.
Was he going to be perpetually hard now? Was every woman he saw going to raise his cock? How was he going to conceal it? And he hoped…so hoped, that it was just swollen and not going to remain as fat as it was currently. It was so fat erect that he couldn’t wrap his single hand all the way around it. And after he’d ejaculated all over her belly, it was so fat that he could barely get both hands around it and get his hands to touch at the tips. The thing had to be four inches wide or more at this point.
As he continued humping her, his mind wandered and he found himself trying to compute the statistics for his penis in his head.
My dick is nearly as big around as a baseball which is almost three inches in diameter so my dick is a little under 3 inches wide when it’s limp. Times pi, three point one four…makes it about eight inches in circumference? So if it’s like a half inch wider now, then that means it’s what…three and a quarter times three point one four. The numbers swirled in his head for a few strokes before coming together. It’s about 10 inches…my dick is probably ten inches in circumference! It sounded like a huge number, but wrapped in a circle, it wasn’t really all that big. But how long was his dick now? Length was a whole other ballgame.
He smiled as he realized he’d made a baseball reference without intent. He remembered the first time he realized his dick was the same size as a baseball. It had blown his mind. He’d just sat there in his room, holding the ball beside his cock and staring the two. It didn’t seem possible. Was the ball really that small…or was his dick really that big? He’d held the ball up to his face and been shocked. Nope…his dick was really that damn big…no doubt about it. That ball wasn’t small by any means.
He’d been similarly shocked the day he’d noticed his testicles were the size of golf balls. He’d been milling about in the hall closet and knocked over Bill’s golf clubs…several balls spilling out and rolling out into the hall.
He’d caught them all and as he was dropping them back into the case, he stopped at the last one and eyed it for several seconds, and then he’d pulled his pants down and compared it to his testicles. The relation in size was uncannily identical.
That was about the moment his mother pulled the hall closet door back and glared at him, a ball in her hand and a frown on her face.
“I hope you’re not messing with Bill’s golf--” and her voice simply cut off mid-sentence…her eyes dropping from his face to his hands and the testicles that he held next to a golf ball.
She’d dropped the one she was holding and stepped back across the narrow hall and flattened herself against the wall before she could manage to gain her composure.
“What…are you doing?!” she hissed at him.
“I was just…comparing…y’know…they’re as big as the golf ball,” he said, lifting his hands slightly to show her…to back up his claim.
“Fuck!” she blurted and just closed her eyes. “How fucking big are you going to get?” she asked in a way that he knew meant she really didn’t want him to answer. She sighed heavily and then opened her eyes to glare at him once more. “Put the balls up.” Then her mouth shriveled and she looked like she’d just eaten a lemon. After a moment, she sighed once more and said, “Put his golf stuff back up and don’t touch it again!”
He let go of his testicles and bent over to pick up the other ball that she’d dropped…the one that had evidently rolled further away and revealed his activities to her. Once in hand, he dropped both back down into the golf club case and pushed it up against the closet wall where it had been previously.
“And put those big bastards up to, dammit,” she muttered at him, pointing down at his genitals that still dangled out over the top of his lowered pants and underwear.
Back in the present, he remembered again, what Angie had said to him about his mother being a pussy…about how she just like to watch is junk swinging around. The insinuation being evident…that his mother got off on seeing his dick and balls, but was too afraid to touch them…that this was the reason why she used to tell him he could run around naked before they’d moved into Bill’s house.
Now that he thought about, he knew she was right. As far back as he could remember, his mother had always been touching on his junk. He could remember one time in particular, one incident that really stood out in his memory. He’d been in the shower and was getting out, wet and soap still all over him…and she’d walked into the bathroom, scolding him for having soap all over him and for not rinsing off well.
“Get back in the damn shower and rinse,” she’d barked at him until he’d stepped back over into the tub and turned the water back on.
As he did so, he noticed his mother was standing there in her bathrobe untied, holding it closed with her hands and glaring at him.
“Hurry up, I gotta take my shower…Bill is coming over!” she’d bellowed at him as he attempted to hastily spray himself off. “You still got soap in your damn hair,” she grumbled and pointed. Then her anger melted into dissatisfied acceptance.
She sighed heavily and closed her eyes…something she did often when yelling at him…an attempt to calm down and not smack him for being stupid usually. When she reopened her eyes, she pulled open her robe and dropped it to the floor and then just stepped over into the tub enclosure with him. With a push, she twisted him around and started raking water down his back to get the soap film off of him.
Then she told him to turn around and for a moment, she sort of froze, just staring down at him and he didn’t know what to do or what to say…so he remained standing there in the shower downpour without saying a word to her.
After a moment, she reached out to the side of the tub and dropped down onto her knees facing him. She took the bar of soap from its dish and lathered up both her hands full of foam and then she started stroking all over his legs with her soapy hands, sliding them around and around in a weird way. It went on for several minutes until she swirled around and into the crevices on either side of his penis and before he realized what was happening, she had one of her hands wrapped around his dick…the other one playing with his dangling balls.
He hadn’t known then what she was doing, but now he did. She’d knelt there in that tub and tried desperately to jerk him off…tried to give him an erection. What else had she done to him? He’d been weirded out to say anything to her while she was doing it. He’d just closed his eyes and stood there, but at some point she’d changed tactics.
The soapy hand on his balls and let go and joined her other palm wrapped around his cock. She started rubbing around his head ring with one while pumping on his shaft with the other. The slippery hand job had gone on for a while until she’d finally sighed and let go, twisting him around so the water spray would wash off the soap from his lower torso and genitals.
She sat back on her ass in the tub and reached over to put the plug in its hole.
“Turn the shower off,” she said. “Pop the tap button,” she added. “I’m gonna need a bath.”
He did as she instructed and waited patiently for further instructions but none came. So he remained standing above her near the faucets at the tub filled with water. She’d leaned back, resting her head on the back of the tub and closed her eyes and so for the first time in his life, he’d been able to look his mother over while she was naked. And look he did.
She’d always been fairly skinny, but her boobs were huge. She’d gotten a boob job done earlier in the year…paid for by Bill of course, and her moderate D-cups were now these massive and overly round melons that just sort of stuck outward in an odd way. They looked like they were probably as big as his head and her nipples were hard as rocks and they were not just normal size…they were as big around as the tip of his index finger and protruded about as far, fatter on the ends than they were at the base.
He’d remembered feeling odd. Something about her boobs had made him have a strange sensation in his groin and he’d absently begun rubbing at the base of his dick…then he realized the sensation was one of pressure and it was situated lower, in his balls.

About that moment, his mother had opened her eyes and looked up at him…then her droopy eyes scanned down the length of his body to his crotch and then they opened widely and her expression morphed from relaxed and tired into something akin to excitement.

She sat upright in the tub and looked up at him again as she butt-scooted up closer to him.
Only then did he look down and notice what had suddenly gotten her undivided attention. His penis was really long, longer than it ever had been and when he moved his hands lower from the base onto his shaft, it felt different…no longer soft and fleshy but stiff and almost hard. It wasn’t just hanging either, it was standing outward a bit, pointing directly at his mother’s face.
She reached out and took it in her hand and started jerking on it again and the sensation in his testicles increased. And then his mother did something he simply could not fathom. She leaned further forward and sucked the end of his penis into her mouth and began sucking on it…her hot mouth encompassing it and her tongue flicking around the tip of it and then she gripped it by the base and tightened her hand in a vise-like hold on it, so hard that it felt like she was cutting off the circulation in it. And the weird feeling in his balls increased ten-fold until it felt so overwhelming that he wanted it to stop. He tried to step back, but bumped into the wall of the tub enclosure and she tightened her grip even harder on the base of his dick.
She was sucking on it hard now, as if she were trying to suck it down her throat and he realized then that his penis was growing bigger…and turning a dark shade of deep red, almost purple…and still she sucked and sucked and then with her other hand she started playing with his balls again until the sensation in them pitched even higher…high enough that he let loose with an odd whimper noise.
“Momma,” he grunted and her eyes flicked up at him and her sucking just intensified, her hand abandoning his balls and rising to wrap around the area of his penis between the base where her other hand gripped tightly and the end where she had it in her mouth. Now she began pumping on his shaft while sucking and he groaned and the feeling in his balls increased even more till the point he was about to push her off of him.
“Momma!” he blurted and it was more of a plea for her attention than anything, but she didn’t respond this time, her eyes remaining locked on his fattened and purplish cock as she worked it harder and faster in her mouth. Out of reflex and perceived necessity, he reached down and grabbed her hand, the one clamped around his penile base. “Momma…Momma I can’t stand it!”
And just then something inside him released and the sensation of building proportion exploded and ceased, replaced by a new and even weirder feeling…the feeling that something was coming out of his dick, like he was peeing, but it wasn’t a flow, it was convulsing, repeatedly…one after the other and his mother jerked her head back off his dick, white good dripping from her mouth and she pulled his penis downward and continued to pump on it with the one hand while releasing her death grip from the base with the other.
His legs went all wobbly and he thought he was going to throw up for a minute as he watched her pulling on his downward arcing cock, milking it like a cow udder…but instead of milk, a thicker, gooey white substance shot out with each convulsion and dropped down onto her big fake boobs.
“Shit, finally,” his mother gasped, wiping semen off of her chin with the clamp hand…still milking his dong with the other.
“You’re a big boy now, ain’t you?” she whispered, looking at his cock and not up at him. “Momma’s got a big boy…so fucking big.”
He wanted to get away from her. He was afraid she was going to make him do whatever he’d just done…again! But then as he stood there, he realized he felt really good. The weird pressure in his balls was gone…and other than weak legs, he felt extremely good…great in fact. And part of him wanted to admit that he liked whatever she’d done to him, at least just a little bit.
“Stay…don’t move,” she told him, letting go of his dick finally and looking up at him as she swished back in the tub to where she could lean back against the rear of the enclosure.
Repositioned, she told him to turn off the water and when he’d done so and turned back around, he realized she had raised her legs up and spread them. She had one hand rubbing on her tits, smearing around the white goo he’d shot all over them…and her other hand…the clamper…was down in the water between her upper thighs.
Her eyes were locked on his dangling and swollen cock now and her mouth was open and she had a strange look about her, very similar to the expression she’d had when she first sucked his penis into her mouth moments earlier. It reminded him of a hungry a****l somehow.
Suddenly she made an odd noise and she clenched her legs together, but now she was wiggling her ass around in the tub swishing the water from side to side. Her tit rubber hefted one of her big round boobs up toward her mouth and she stuck her tongue out and licked one of the white gobs off of it, then her hand went down to join its partner between her thighs.
“I did it,” she gasped, her eyes starting to blink wildly as she tried to focus on his genitals. “I sucked that fucker…I sucked that cock…I sucked it so hard…so good…I got it,” she ground out in a hoarse, harsh voice.
“I saw you looking at my titties,” she suddenly blurted and her eyes flicked up to meet his own. “You like looking at my tits don’t you…yeah you do…they’re so hot…I saw you rubbing your big dick,” she added. And admittedly he had been sort of rubbing his junk when she’d opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Come put in my face,” she told him. “Oh…oh yeah, fuck…come slap my face with it,” she ordered him, her voice a bit louder this time.
Unsure what to do, he skittered forward in the tub and stepped around her on both sides till he was standing over the top of her chest.
She was writhing more now and the water was actually starting to crest over the edges of the tub.
“Put it in my face!” she demanded and he automatically obeyed, compelled by the tone of her voice. He lifted his dangling cock and held it up to her face and she opened her mouth and sucked it in, but she didn’t hold it in long. With a gasp, she expelled it and her eyes rolled upwards as if she were trying to see the inside of her own skull.
He was still holding his dick up for her and her face started bumping into it and it seemed to be making her crazy and then she leaned forward and just buried her face in his crotch, her tongue flicking and licking all over his balls, and it startled him so badly that he let go of his dick and it flopped down on her head. She nuzzled his pubic region a bit more and then twisted her head so that his cock was on her face and then she groaned so loud that it was almost a scream…and then it was over.
She flopped back in the tub and lifted her hands to her face and covered it.
“Oh fuck…fuck…I can’t believe I did that,” she gasped and then he realized she was crying.
“Did I do something wrong?” he asked, leaning down.
She moved her hands and looked at him, then with her quick swipes, she wiped the rolling tears from her cheeks and then did her best to smile.
“No baby,” she said. “You didn’t do nothing wrong, no--” her words stopped abruptly as her eyes drifted down to and then locked on his dangling dick, still right in front of her face.
“Just…just get out of the tub, okay…go now before Momma does worse than she’s already done.”
“What did you do to me?” he asked innocently.
“Did you like it?” she asked, rather than answering him.
“I don’t know,” he admitted. “After the stuff shot out it felt pretty good.”
She sniffed and wiped her face again and raised upright fully to a point where her face was inches from his hanging cock, and then her hand, mister clampy, rose up and grasped his penis again and lifted it to her face and she rubbed it all around her cheeks and chin like it was a washcloth she was cleaning with.
“Momma’s tired of just looking at it,” she whispered to him finally as she let his dick go. She watched as it dangled, swinging back and forth like a sausage pendulum between his legs. “When I saw your balls in the hall the other day,” she began to explain, “I knew you were getting to that age.”
“What age?”
“To do what you just did,” she replied. “Does it get hard on its own yet?”
He shook his head and stared at her.
“Well it was getting there while you were looking at me,” she insisted, and in truth, it had been, now that he thought back about it.
“When it starts doing that, you tell me and Momma will take care of it for you,” she told him. “Momma’s gonna take care of it for you,” she repeated herself, but in a slightly huskier tone while her eyes lowered to look at it again.
“Now go on and get out…I got to get ready for Bill,” she said, suddenly shifting the whole event into something routine and of no consequence. “Go on…out, dammit!”

That had been two weeks earlier, before the wedding, before his mother climbed up in Bill’s ass. She had not touched him since…had not spoken to him about the event, and for all intents and purposes, it was as if it had never happened.
But ever since then, he’d been obsessed with making his dick hard and learning about what the hell she’d done to him. Bill’s computer porn had been pretty explanatory in regards to most of it and Angie had handled up on the rest.

“AAAHHHHHH!” Angie convulsed beneath him and he felt hot juice shoot out around the diameter of his cock, spitting her feminine cum all over his lower body, hers, and the couch too.
“DON’T STOP…FUCK DON’T STOP…DON’T EVER STOP!” she bellowed at him and he continued to plow in and out of her with his enormous tool until all at once, he realized he was about to do it again himself, and this time with no hands or mouths involved.
“Angie--” he blurted and she opened her eyes and looked up at him. He was already in the throes of orgasm and couldn’t make his mouth work, but the expression on his face, the sudden tenseness in his body…and the instant explosion of cock banging hole fucking…told her exactly what he was trying to say.
“CUM IN ME!” she growled at him. “I am your fat fucking whore, you cum in me like one…fill me up with your fucking cum, you little bastard!”
And he did exactly as she demanded…his balls practically exploding within her. Liquid sprayed from their genitals again, but it was his this time. Squirt after squirt blasted inside of her and then he collapsed atop her fat belly and buried his face in her tits.
She lifted her trembling legs and wrapped them around him and then her arms.
“Oh fuck…fuck,” she whispered in his ear as he nuzzled between her tits. “Momma Angie ain’t never letting you go home.”
She lay there, stroking his hair and back for a while, his dick going limp inside of her…the remains of his semen load dripping out and down her ass cheeks to the cushions beneath them.
“My momma…ain’t a pussy,” he finally said in a mousey voice.
“Oh I was just talking shit to you, Shawn,” she said in response. “I didn’t really mean to insult her.”
“No,” he replied and he lifted his head up to look her in the eye. “I mean she’s done more than just look.”
What the fuck is he telling me? For a moment, what he’d said just blew her mind. Only after several minutes of quiet concentration did she come to grips with what he’d admitted to.
“Shawn,” she said in a tender voice as she stroked his back with her fingers. “Are you telling me your mother has touched your dick before?
He shifted atop her and she twitched…realizing all at once that he was still buried up inside of her. Most men went limp inside and a woman’s pussy just pushed them out…but not Shawn. His cock was so long and large that it was apparently able to remain inside of her. She flexed her pelvis a bit trying to see if she could f***e him out, but all it did was make her convulse erotically inside. She had to bite her lip in order to hold in her desperate moan.
“She’s done more than just touch it,” he revealed as he lifted himself up and leaned back onto his knees between her legs.
She rose up on her elbows and looked down at his crotch, amazed to note that even with him leaning back on his knees, his cock was just now being pulled out of her. As he moved, it looked like a giant, fleshy, veiny snake was crawling out of her pussy. It slithered out and the sensation it caused nearly made her cum again. Her lip biting was almost not enough to suppress her instinct to call out in ecstasy.
His penis finally plopped out, dropping immediately to the top of the couch. Sitting on his calves, his cock still d****d onto the couch cushions in between them…semen still oozing from the gargantuan head.
Eventually she managed to tear her gaze away from his dick and raise her eyes to meet his.
“What did she do?”
He looked nervous and he diverted his eyes repeatedly as he began to provide his response.
“A while back…I was in the shower…back before we moved in with Bill…y’know we only had one bathroom in the apartment…so anyway, I was in there and she came in and she chewed me out for taking too long and still having soap all over me so she made me get back in…and then she just took her robe off and go into the tub with me and started rinsing me off. It wasn’t like she’d never done something like that, but she hadn’t done it in a long time…not since I was a lot younger.”
Angie looked at him, wondering what the hell she’d done and whether or not Shawn had been cooperative with it or not. She wondered also whether his mother was responsible for what sexual knowledge he had…whether it was her doing that had given him the complex about having an erection. Somehow she felt it did, but she didn’t want to interrupt his admission.
“Well anyway, after a little bit, she soaped up her hands and just started, y’know…soaping my junk up…playing with it…a lot.”
“She started stroking you off, didn’t she?” Angie asked, already knowing what he was going to say.
“Yeah, but I couldn’t get hard, y’know…and…finally she just stopped and leaned back in the tub, and left me standing there. And y’know…I mean don’t think I’m a freak here, but it was the first time I’d seen her naked in a long, long time…like any woman naked in real life.”
“Did you get hard for her?”
“Not really…it just sort of got really long, y’know…all the way out and that was about it, but when she saw it, she just sat up and grabbed it and then she…she put it in her mouth and started sucking on it…and she wouldn’t let go of me.”
“Shawn?” she blurted, interrupting him. “Shawn…did you want her to do that?”
“I don’t know. Crap, I’d never done anything before that. I had no idea about nothing. That was before we moved in with Bill and I started sneaking into his study and watching stuff on his computer.” He sighed and made eye contact with her. “Is it messed up that I liked what she did?”
“Well…uhhh,” Angie sputtered, unsure of what the fuck to tell him. “Is that all she did? I mean, suck it?”
“No,” he confessed, diverting his eyes back to the TV to avoid her gaze. “She made me cum in her mouth…then she pulled it out and smeared it all over her boobs.”
“I thought you never had a hard before?”
“I never got completely hard…not like today. But she kept on and kept on…and I just went and it was all over her and then she started talking dirty…saying y’know…sex stuff.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t remember…just stuff about my dick,” he replied. “Then she leaned back in the tub and started playing with herself…rubbing her…her--” and his voice faltered. He gulped dramatically and then looked back at her. “She rubbed her pussy and made me stand over her and rub my dick in her face.”
“Holee shit,” Angie hissed, her eyes big as plates. “What happened after that?” Curiosity was mingling with sexual arousal by this point.
“Nothing,” he answered, letting her hopes crumble. “She finished and just told me to get out like nothing had happened and to this day she hasn’t said anything about it or done anything like that again.”
“Is that why you were obsessing about having an erection?”
“Sort of,” he answered.
“Well you told me she used to make you whip it out and show her friends,” she recalled. “Was that before or after the suck-fest in the shower?”
“Way before,” he told her.
“So for all this time, she’s just been showing it off, watching it, and what—waiting for you to half assed pop wood the first time?”
“I don’t think she wanted to mess with me until she realized that I was…well, that I was getting hard for her,” he said, his voice a little strained as if it pained him to admit his arousal for his own mother.
“Your dad told me she got a boob job a while back, like last year…so is that what set you off?”
“I don’t know…I don’t think so. I mean, she was playing with it for like a long time with her hands, and I think maybe she just got it going enough to straighten out long ways…I wasn’t really hard like…just stiffer than floppy.”
“So you’re not attracted to your mother?”
“I don’t know,” he confessed. “When she did that, I was, but the rest of the time, not so much.”
“When she’s naughty, it’s hot,” Angie snickered. “But when it’s just Mom, it’s just Mom.”
“I guess,” he admitted with a slight smirk. “And I really wanted the dirty Mom to come back.”
He twisted and kicked his feet out from under himself, and sat flat on the couch, as she attempted to do the same, but slower and stickier, as his semen load poured out of her when she sat up and moved.
“Oh fuck,” she gasped as she hurriedly pushed her lower torso off the edge of the couch so that the flow poured out onto the carpet and not the cushions. “Oh, that’s nasty,” she said and rubbed his semen all along the insides of her thighs and it dripped down in big glops.
“Sorry,” he apologized, eyeing her as she rubbed his juice into her flabby inner legs.
“Please, bitch,” she popped off. “You can cum in me any fucking time you want…or on me too, I’m not particular, just so it’s your dick and balls somewhere in my proximity.”
She chuckled and reached over with her left hand and scooped up his dangling cock and she pulled on it several strokes, her sticky palm and fingers trying to see if his cock would inflate back to life or not. When it didn’t, she finally let go and leaned over and kissed him on the mouth and it startled him. He almost jerked back, but she wrapped her arm around his back and pulled him into her while she made for another kiss, this time shoving her tongue into his mouth. It went on for a while until she finally came up for air and giggled.
“I’m sorry…I just…it’s like I can’t get enough,” she said as she leaned back away from him. “I’m probably overwhelming you, huh?”
He smiled nervously and wiped at his mouth.
“Your father doesn’t like me since I gained weight and he hasn’t put the pipe to me in months,” she revealed, figuring if he’d mouth fucked his own mother, hearing about his Dad’s lack of a sex life…or at least with her, anyway, wouldn’t bother him too much.
“He’s a moron then,” Shawn said, tossing her a badly needed compliment.
“Well thank you, but what’s up with you and me, anyway?” she asked, wondering why he found her attractive to begin with. “Why do you like me? Is it just because I’m fat?”
“It’s the belly,” he admitted. “I don’t know why, but it just makes me want to jiggle it and play with it,” he said blushing, “and maybe bury my face in it.” A grin creased his face.
“So weird,” she said, as she used both hands to shake her hanging fat gut. Leaning forward with her legs spread, the bottom of it literally d****d down over her pubic region. Looking down, she couldn’t hope to see her fuzzy nethers.
He slid off the couch and onto the floor and then walked on his knees around till he was facing her and in between her spread legs. With both hands he reached out and cupped her sagging gut and began to knead it and jiggle it, making it quiver erotically.
“Oh, nasty little boy,” she whispered as she strained to pook her flab out even further for him to play with. “You like it when I stick it out like this?”
He didn’t reply, but instead, leaned forward and buried his face in her navel region, having no idea that her belly button had become an erogenous zone for her since she started getting fat.
“Oh fuck…oh shit,” she gasped. “Lick it!” she blurted and then realized she might should specify. “Stick your tongue in my belly button and lick it.”
He complied and she nearly fell off the couch. It was an incredible sensation that she hadn’t expected. His hands pawing at her jello belly while his tongue probed deep into her navel. She collapsed backwards onto the couch and he followed her, continuing his belly love.
“Oh shit…stop…stop it now, or I’m gonna make you fuck me again in a minute!” she yelped and started slapping the top of his head till he stopped and came up for air.
“I’m a freak, I know,” she told him as their eyes met. “I had an outie my whole life till I started getting fat, and then all at once, here was this new hole to diddle with.” She grinned and continued, “So I started fingering it with one hand while I fingered something else with the other.”
“Oh,” he chirped, eyes wide with new found knowledge.
“Okay, I gotta ask,” she began, giggling. “You like it when I stick it out…but what if it just got bigger for real?”
“What?” He looked lost.
“Thanks to my Mother’s fantastic genetics, I’m a pear shape, and as you can see,” and she slapped her gut for emphasis, “I’m a serious belly gainer. Meaning if I gain more weight, it’s probably all gonna go right here.”
His eyes all must sparkled, lighting up and swelling to the size of saucers.
“Damn, I think that expression tells me all I need to know,” she commented with a wide smile. “So you’re gonna be here for a month,” she added. “I’ve put on over a hundred pounds in less than six months,” she continued and his eyes grew even larger with awe. “So I’m betting I can probably gain another twenty pounds before you have to go home. You think you could handle that, belly boy?”
She winced and looked down, amazed to see his cock half hard and poking the lower part of her belly.
“Again he answers without speaking,” she remarked, laughing. “But I honestly think you’re gonna blow a ball out if we do it again. That first round was ridiculous. I didn’t think you were ever gonna stop cumming. You shot off in your pre-cum more shit than most dudes shoot off through the whole thing. Your balls are fucking hardcore, man!”
He climbed to his feet, his dick standing outward at an almost downward dangle, but still full length and fat as lard.
“Damn, I can sort of see why your Momma might have reached out and grabbed that,” she admitted as she eyed his shaft.
“You don’t think she’s weird for doing that?” he asked.
“I won’t say she’s not weird…but I will say that I’ve done worse myself, so I don’t have room to talk.”
He sighed and bent over to pick up his shorts.
“So you don’t care that I liked my mom sucking me off?”
She stood up herself and started for the hall, but then stopped, sensing he was asking more than just what his words had indicated.
“You want the truth?”
He nodded.
“It’s fucking hot,” she confessed. “I was getting off listening to you tell me about it. I told you earlier that I was dying to climb out of the tub and pilfer you at the toilet when I saw it the first time. So I can just about imagine how nasty that must have been. I mean I know it probably freaked you out and all, but fuck, Shawn, that shit would have been so fucking nasty to watch.”
He blushed and sighed again, as if he wanted to say something more…something embarrassing.
She grew serious and prodded him. “There’s more to you and her, isn’t there?”
He nodded.
“The shower wasn’t the first time was it?”
“It was, but…it’s been going on a long time.”
“What went on a long time?”
“She’s been jerking on it forever,” he admitted. “I told you that she hadn’t got in the tub with me a long time, but she used to do it a lot when I was younger. She’d just work on it for ten to fifteen minutes sometimes, but nothing ever happened…I never felt anything weird like I did that day.”
“Holee shit, Shawn…are you telling me she’s been trying to give you a hard-on for YEARS?!” Her voice escalated in volume on the last word, emphasizing her shock.
“She just stopped when I got older, but that day, I guess it just struck her to try it again.”
“I’m sensing more to it than just that…go on,” she instructed him, her left eyebrow arching.
“When she’d make me pull out for her friends, she’d take it and stretch it out…even get a tape measure out and show them how big it was. Once or twice, she even made me walk around so they could watch it swinging.”
“Did the other women…I mean…how many bitches were there?” Angie was nearly in shock at the boldness of her husband’s ex.
“She had probably five or six friends that she trusted enough I guess. A few of them would come over and they’d drink and she’d call me to come in and down my pants would go. And she’d measure me off…make me walk around…and then sometimes, she’d let her friends touch me. A few times, she let them jerk on it and put it in their mouths. They even took pictures like that a few times.”
“Go on,” she said, still in shock, but also strangely aroused as well. “Did she ever do anything with it at her little show and tell parties?”
“No, nothing more than measuring it,” he replied. “But one time, she had a friend came over that was new. Her name was Cindy I think…”

The gaggle of loud women, smelling of alcohol and cigarettes had gathered around the coffee table as usual, and his mother called for him.
“How big is it gonna be this time?” Amy, the ugliest one called out, laughing as she pushed the coffee table out away from the couch so they could all form a circle around it.
Shawn didn’t even bother waiting to be undressed. He just stood at the doorway to the living room and pushed his shorts off and kicked them to the floor. He didn’t have a shirt on to begin with, so he was completely naked already when he strolled across the room toward the women.
“Oh my…he’s getting bolder by the day, ain’t he?” Connie, the one with the jacked up teeth blurted as he neared them.
His mother pointed at the table and up he went, his dick dangling, swinging from side to side, even as he grew still, now standing in place in the center of the short table.
“Shhh, shhh!” Amy hissed at the others as his mother pulled out her infamous tape measure and ran it from the base of his dick to the tip of his head.
“Oh c’mon, pull it out all the way,” Donna urged her. Donna was the only one he actually liked any at all. She was kind of pretty and didn’t drink at these get-togethers. But she was extremely handy with him at times. She was pregnant now too and her belly stuck out really far…so far that the bottom of her t-shirt wasn’t down far enough to cover the lower third of it. She wore a sleeveless wife-beater and no bra. Discarding of bras was a formality with them. All of these women had went to high school with his mother and from what he’d gleaned over the years, they’d all, at one time or the other, fucked his father.
So the group came together once a month and bashed on his dad while gawking at him. It was if these scorned bitches wanted to make him a surrogate for his father.
He hadn’t seen Donna in a while. Apparently she’d gotten married to somebody…and was now pregnant. She’d missed the last handful of meetings, so the last time he’d seen her, she’d been about a hundred and sixty pounds…not fat, but certainly not skinny by any means. And her belly, the last time he’d seen her, had been just a pot gut at best, hanging out over the top of her pants. She’d also only had some tiny little boobs the last time he’d seen her. He’d always thought she looked odd, all torso and ass, but nothing up top. She’d looked a lot like a man, quite honestly, were it not for her makeup and bleach blonde hair pulled back in a scrunchie so tight that it looked painful.
But now, as his eyes surveyed her, he realized her belly was enormous…and that wasn’t all. Her titties had just blown up like blimps. They looked like they were the size of his head and she was a lot fatter too, and he imagined she had to be well over two hundred pounds just from looking. Her face was pudgier, but cute still…and because of the extra weight, her belly button was still a hole and not protruding like most pregnant women’s did. He could tell because rather than a bulge in the center of her belly, there was a small indention evident where the tight fabric of her shirt crossed her navel. And when she moved, or laughed, her belly jiggled, fat like, rather than being just hard like most pregnant stomachs that far along…and he guessed she was pretty far along since she looked like she’d swallowed a whole watermelon. Her gut was fucking huge…and hanging out from under her shirt. And her titties swayed back and forth across the top of it, pressing against the t-shirt fabric, her brown areola plainly visible through the white material.
“Alright, alright,” his mother mockingly attempted to calm them down. “In light of this technically being Donna’s baby shower and all, I think she should be our guest of honor tonight.” That said, she handed the unrolled tape measure to Donna and motioned down to Shawn’s dangling cock.
“The record stands at seven and one eighth inches,” Amy announced, after checking their log. “And that still hangs around the neck of Rachel, the fat skank.”
The group all turned to face the dark haired and two hundred fifty pound, five foot tall woman at the end of the table. She grinned and her fat cheeks made her look like a chipmunk.
“Though that record is debatable since she used her mouth,” Connie called out and while Rachel was a fat ass, at least she had a decent mouth, unlike Connie. Her lips were almost non-existent and she reminded him of a dried up old woman, probably weighing barely over a hundred pounds. He couldn’t believe his father had actually had sex with her at one point. Maybe she’d looked better in High School…or maybe he’d just been d***k or something.
“That’s right, no mouths ladies…only hands and whatever else you’re bold enough to show off,” his mother reminded them with a laugh. “But for five bucks I’ll let you suck on it.”
They all booed her and tossed various objects at her.
“Okay, okay…back to business,” his mother announced when the barrage ceased. “You’re up Donna.”
The pregnant woman stepped forward and her enormous titties quivered, sloshing side to side inside the over-stretched fabric of her shirt.
“Damn, Donna…are your titties big enough?” Sandra, the one who wore too much perfume asked as Rachel reached out toward him.
“Fuck you, bitch…I’m working these bitches while I got’em!” To emphasize her love of her newly enlarged jugs, she scooped them up with both hands and hefted them up to her face and made as if to try and kiss them, but her shirt came up with her hands and revealed the full, fat and pregnant orb of her stomach. “Shit!” she chirped and dropped them and made a hasty move to pull her shirt back down.
“Oh please, I think it’s a little late to try and hide that belly now, babe!” his mother said to her, slapping her on the shoulder. “You get any bigger and we’re gonna have to get you a wheel barrow for it.”
About that point, Sandra noticed he was staring at Donna’s belly.
“Ooop! Ladies…I think she got his attention!”
They all suddenly turned their attention to him and then their eyes all rolled down him to his crotch as if they were expectant of a reaction…but none appeared and they all sighed and looked somewhat dejected.
“Oh well…c’mon…see what you can get,” his mother chided the pregnant woman.
She leaned forward and just flopped her big ass down on the table beside him and twisted sideways, pulling her left knee up onto the table so that she could face him…her right leg still off the side, foot on the floor.
He looked down at her tits, about even with his dick, and she must have sensed his eyes on her, because she looked up at him as she reached out and squeezed his dick.
“I used to suck your old man’s cock…and it wasn’t even this fucking big,” she said. Such comments not being uncommon among these wretched whores. She started pumping on his shaft with the one hand while she shook it roughly. “C’mon big man…give momma what she wants…gimme eight…I want eight inches tonight or I’m not leaving!”
“Eight, eight, eight!” the whores began chanting, his mother included.
“Take it, Donna…make him give it to you, bitch!” Connie called out amidst the chanting.
“You can suck it,” his mother added before rejoining the chorus of eight.
Donna leaned over and sucked his dick into her mouth and started sliding it in and out of her mouth, her tongue wrapping around the head of it. She did this for a while and then pulled it out and grapped his balls and squeezed them with one hand and then jerked on his dick fast and furious with the other hand.
“Squeeze the base,” his mother called out. “Milk that bastard!”
She let go of his balls and grabbed his cock at the base where it hung from his pelvis. She tightened her fingers like a vise around it and then started pumping on it again…sucking it into her mouth at certain intervals…until on one pass, she sucked his dick in deep almost as if she were trying to swallow it.
“DEEP THROAT!” one of the women yelled and the chant of eight got even more raucous.
“Eight! Eight! Eight!” they called out, louder and louder.
She had his penis down her throat so far that her lips were nearly to the hand clamped around the base. And she was just sucking so hard…so hard it almost hurt. It continued until he thought he was going to have to say something…but just before he did, she released him and pulled him out of her mouth.
Fumbling for the tape measure, she quickly stuck it to the base of his dick and ran it down the length.
“EIGHT AND A QUARTER, BITCHES!” she yelled and a cheer broke loose among the women.
Shawn looked down at his slobbery appendage and realized it looked bigger…plumper at any rate in addition to being red.
“Shhhh!” his mother finally hushed them all. “We gotta get girth for the record!”
Donna reached up and grabbed his cock with one hand and jerked on it for a few more hard strokes as if she meant to re-fluff him before wrapping the tape around his shaft.
“Oh-ho!” Donna blurted. “I got six and a half!”
“And the old record was--” his mother called out.
“Six flat,” Connie replied. “Again, to fatty over there.”
“OH WELL…WE HAVE A NEW RECORD HOLDER!” his mother announced in a loud voice as she slapped her pregnant friend on the back. “And now, per the rules, you may do whatever you want to make him hard. You make him hard, we all pay you $50 bucks and you never have to bring your own booze again.”
“I don’t drink anyway…especially now,” Donna asserted as she rubbed her belly. “But put your money where your pussies are, bitches…’cause Momma’s bringing home your cash tonight!”
A horrendous and chaotic cheer went up as all the women fumbled for various wads of cash, all tossing it onto the table at his feet.
It wasn’t uncommon. The record had been set twice before. The first time by Sandra, the perfume queen. She’d done something to him with her fingers…on the ring around the head of his dick and he’d felt funny in his dick for a while afterwards.
The second time had been the fat woman, Rachel, who’d sucked on it while all the other women jeered her until she’d come up with a bigger number. Up till now, the biggest they’d made him was a little over seven inches by six round. Now that record was over eight and six and half round.
Not knowing what to expect, he gazed down at Donna and noticed in the center of the brown spots on her shirt front, there was now fat bulges poking out. Her nipples were enraged and pushing through the shirt material in grand fashion.
“Stand back…I’m bringing out the big guns,” the pregnant woman announced as she reached for the tail of her shirt and then in a flash of movement, jerked it up all the way to her neck, letting her fat and sloshy tits plop out and settle atop the massive orb of her belly.
They were bigger than he imagined. They were in fact, probably the size of his head and each poured out to the sides of her belly. They looked heavy and soggy like they were filled with liquid more than normal boob tissue. And he’d seen big boobs before. After setting the record, Rachel, the fat woman, had whipped hers out for him and then rubbed his dick between them, using them to try and stroke him off. All she succeeded in doing was freaking him out, and his dick actually shriveled that night. The others had laughed at her and thrown popcorn and chips at her, jeering her for using her mouth on him to start with.
“Serves you right, fatty!” Connie had shouted at her. “Cheater!”
But now, as he gazed down at Donna’s bodacious milk balloons, he felt confident and not shocked. He knew what she was likely going to do and then they’d jeer her and maybe let him go back to watching TV in his room.
“Momma’s feeling lucky tonight, studmuffin,” the pregnant woman stated as she climbed up from the table topless. “How far can I go?” she asked, looking to his mother.
The woman suddenly all grew silent, all eyes rolling to his mother’s position as she stood debating the question Donna had asked. Taking another deep sip from her drink, she grinned and said, “It’s your night…and not just for setting a record, so no limits.”
Donna looked back at him and then down to his penis before responding.
“No limits, huh?”
“Oooooo!” the women all cooed at the same time, eyes rolling back to his mother.
“You can do whatever you want to try and make him hard. That’s the deal. You do it, you get the cash.”
“Well if it’s my party tonight, I want something special,” Donna insisted with a wry grin spreading across her lips. “I wanna fucking show!”
And with that, she whooped loudly and all the other joined in with her in one noisy chorus of chaos.
“Alright, alright…what are we talking about?” his mother demanded after she got them all quiet again.
“She wants to fuck him!” Amy blurted. “He’ll probably pop your water with that fucker if you get him hard!”
They all laughed for a bit.
“Nah, I don’t wanna fuck his ass,” Donna asserted. “But if I make it hard, I wanna see what his balls can do!” And with that said, another raucous chorus of whooping and shouting broke out.
“Alright, alright, alright!” his mother shouted to calm them down. “Fine, preggo…you make it hard then you can do whatever you want with it…your erection…you can do with it whatever you want.”
The pregnant woman turned to him.
“Shawn baby…go lay down on that couch right there, sugar, ‘cause Momma’s got something nasty for you,” she said to him, motioning to the couch.
He looked to his mother and she just nodded and pointed as well. Not knowing what the fuck to expect, he stepped down from the table and flopped down on the couch behind Amy.
Donna, to his shock, reached under her monster gut and unbuttoned her jeans and then dropped them to the floor, amid a sudden howl of whoops and jeers mixed among the women. While the chorus shouted, she kicked off her panties and stepped buck naked over to the couch where he lay.
In seconds, she was astraddle him, her big hairy pussy right on top of his dick, grinding it between his belly and her pelvis.
Somebody tossed a straw cowboy hat to her and she put it on her head and then begin to buck back and forth on him as if she were riding a bull in a rodeo.
The women were going crazy. They’d circled the couch and one had turned on the stereo so that now not only was their d***ken shouting overwhelming him, but some lame rock song was blaring.
“Oh c’mon,” his mother shouted…and everybody quieted down and turn to look at her…even Donna, who stopped grinding on him. For a few tense seconds no one spoke or moved as his mother made her way to the stereo on the far wall. She flicked a switch and the music ceased.
“Uh-oh,” Connie hissed and the women all stared back and forth at one another, obviously worried they’d finally gone too far with Shawn.
Finally his mother turned around to face the group and her face was dead serious…but then in an instant, she grinned and held up the stereo remote.
“That song sucked,” she blurted and hit a button on the remote, setting “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” to playing overly loud…and the group went wild once more.
Donna began bucking on him again, stopping to slide and grind at times while leaning back and whipping her ill-fitting cowboy hat around.

This book will be published in serial format.
Subsequent chapters will be added in order.


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By The Marquis Facade


“Least she ain’t gotta worry about getting knocked up, huh?” Connie commented as his mother walked up.
His mother laughed and he returned his attention to the fat pregnant woman on top of him. Looking up at her, it was as if all he could see was her huge belly…and when she’d lean back with her stupid hat, she’d thrust her torso forward, making her belly stick out even further and right into his face. The effect was almost like a 3D movie…so much so that he kept flinching and expecting her gut to hit him in the face.
And then beyond her belly were those mammoth titties, warbling and slinging back and forth. When she’d bounce on him, they’d flop up and down in unison with her stomach. It was an incredibly bizarre sight to behold.
After a while, she climbed up off of him and moved down the couch, then lay down between his legs and for a second he thought to make a run for it, but her hand reached out and grabbed his cock tightly.
“Whoa, cowboy, Momma ain’t done yet,” she said and the others all began whooping as the pregnant woman sucked his cock into her mouth, deep throating him again. This time though, she sucked him completely in and her lips didn’t stop till they pressed up against his pubic bone…her hands roughing up his testicles below.
He raised up on his elbows and looked down at her. She was lying twisted on her side, so that her huge belly could hang out to the side and off over the edge of the couch.
“Maybe she needs a little help,” Rachel called out as she peeled out of her shirt and made herself topless. The other women all started jeering and tossing popcorn and chips at her, but Connie, skank nasty, followed suit and set in motion a chain of shirt removals. Within minutes, all of the women were topless and standing around him as he lay on the couch…all of them playing with their tits. Rachel of course, having the hugest rack, was actually leaning over him and sucking one of hers.
“Oh I hate you,” Connie blurted, shoving Rachel. “I’d pay at the ass to be able to suck my own tits!” Laughter erupted and then he noticed his mother standing over by the stereo again, sipping on her drink and watching them all.
“C’mon, bitch…you missing all the fun,” Amy called out to his mother…and all of them turned their attention to her at the edge of the room where she’d drifted. “Lose the shirt…like he ain’t never seen you naked before!”
His mother had never actually done more than measure him during this shindigs, but she looked a little d***k and he was afraid that might be about to change.
As he watched her, she twisted and sat her drink down on the stereo and then began to unbutton her shirt amid whoops and shouts. Even Donna unsucked his cock long enough to look up and watch as his mother tossed her blouse and walked with a purpose towards them, her D-cups waggling and bouncing.
“I see a cock that’s not being sucked,” she blurted when she reached the couch and slapped Donna on the back, prompting her to suck him up again and nuzzle into his pubic region.
“Momma’s getting nasty tonight, girls!” Connie called out from the back side of the couch where she leaned over and watched him.
“Do it,” he heard one of them say, and he glanced up and over at his topless mother as she began to unbutton her jeans. Somebody then shifted the song that was playing to “Too Sexy for my Shirt,” and everyone started laughing as she made a little effort to striptease as she kicked her pants off to the far side of the room. Then she removed her panties and shot them like a rubberband into the crowd of women and Amy caught them. Leaning down from the couch arm behind his head, she reached out and rubbed the panties in his face.
“Damn bitch…that’s gross nasty!” Sandra called out.
“Nasty would be the real thing!” one of the others popped off…and then there was shouting and whooping so loud it hurt his ears and when he was able to focus again, he saw his mother climbing up on the couch arm behind his head and then sliding down to straddle his face, the overwhelming stench of alcohol and wet pussy almost forcing him to barf.
And then he felt something surging in his balls and it wasn’t just the grinding hands of Donna on them.
“Lick it! Lick it! Lick it!” the women all started chanting and then as he twisted beneath his mother’s pussy, he realized they were talking to him. And all at once his mother shifted and put her pussy right down onto his mouth and he knew what they wanted him to do and he hoped if he did it, she’d get off of his face before she suffocated him. So he stuck his tongue out and his mother tensed and moaned and the “Lick it” chant melted into boisterous and chaotic whoops and shouts.
And as he licked his mother’s vagina, the sensation in his balls increased and then he heard choking noises…fortunately not his own just yet.
“Holee fuck, bitch!” one of the women shouted and he felt Donna’s mouth sliding off his penis, but it felt different…and it didn’t flop down onto his legs or the couch like he normally would have done.
“Oh shit,” his mother blurted and popped up off of his face to a fully upright standing position.
Freaked out, he rose up on his elbows and looked down at his dick…suddenly aware now that it was sticking up at about a thirty degree angle, more or less pointing at Donna’s face…her eyes beyond it the size of pie plates. And aside from its non-drooping angle, it was practically purple in color and shiny with her spit…and it was a lot longer than he’d ever seen it before.
“Damn…his own momma gave him the wood,” somebody muttered amidst the silence. At some point, one of them had obviously hit the stereo off switch as well…so now nothing but their combined and ragged breathing was audible.
“Hey, I like to think I was in on that,” Donna blasted from her position inches from his cock.
“Yeah, yeah, it was Donna,” his mother sputtered as she stared directly at his semi-erection. “So what you gonna do with it, bitch?”
“Suck! Suck! Suck!” the women began chanting in unison until the pregnant woman went down on him again, but she couldn’t deep throat him now from either his size or rigidity. When she realized that, she started jerking on his cock with both hands rapidly.
“Cum! Cum! Cum!” the chant changed and even his mother was in on it now, joining the barbaric and debauched chorus of whores.
Out of reflex, he grabbed down at his penis and clenched the base of it. He felt like he needed to suddenly pee really badly.
“Hey!” he blurted and the women all took notice. “Aahhh,” he moaned.
“Shit, he’s gonna shoot the fuck off!” Rachel chirped and all the women closed in tighter around him on the couch, including his mother who stepped in closest and leaned down.
“It’s okay, Shawn…just let her beat you off, son…just relax and cum for her.”
“It feels weird!” he popped back at her, squirming on the couch now and twisting as if to get loose from Donna’s hands as she pumped even faster and started licking the end of his dick.
“Cum! Cum! Cum!” Connie restarted the chant and they all started slamming their fists forward in rhythm with the words, as if they were mockingly trying to help her jerk him off.
Rachel had moved to the end of the couch where his head was and she now leaned over and with both hands, pinned his shoulders down to the couch cushions, her enormous tits dr****g down onto his face. Her voice was loudest in his ears and as the pillaging continued. He wasn’t sure how or even why, but he found himself suckling on one of her big fat jugs.
“He’s sucking my titty! He’s sucking my fucking titty!” the fat bitch shouted out above the chant.
Then somebody gasped and blurted, “Look, he’s got pre-jizz!” and then the damned chanting got more ferocious and the women started speeding up with, as did Donna’s hand pumping. It felt like she was about to literally pull his dick off. She was jerking so hard and ferociously that she was bouncing on the end of the couch, and her massive weight was making waves all the way down the couch to his head.
The sensation in his balls was nearly unbearable, and he knew something was about to give and he might as well let it go and give them whatever it was they wanted. So he let go of his cock base and ran both hands up to his head. His initial intent was to push the fat woman’s tits off of his face, but once his hands make contact with the hanging, heavy and soft chest flesh, rather than push, he pawed and pulled, burying her huge tit into his mouth. He would use her jug as a safety blanket as whatever was about to happen…happened.
“Fuck!” somebody shouted and the chanting stopped abruptly and then he felt Rachel tense and lift up, pulling her tits away from him.
Donna was still pounding him and whining somewhat.
“Fuck, he’s shooting, but my arms are killing me,” she groaned and then she let go and flopped back on the opposite couch arm. “I can’t…I can’t…somebody…somebody…”
“I got cum on me…he shot some on my tits,” Rachel blurted. “Oh fuck, I got this,” and she quickly moved around the couch pushing everybody back till she was on the end of the couch where Donna was. Her fat stubby fingers were wrapped around his cock like a vise and she was jerking violently on him.
He rose up on his elbows once more and looked down at the two huge women at the foot of the couch opposite him. Donna had leaned forward and sucking on his dick head again while Rachel, on her knees to the side of the couch was leaned over pumping his dick like a well oiled machine. At some point, Donna had evidently gotten up from lying on her side and had flopped back on her ass, one leg up on the couch with her, knee bent and pressed against his left foot pinning it to the back of the couch. All he could focus on was her huge belly as she leaned forward and bobbed on the end of his cock.
“I feel it!” Rachel yelped and everyone started chanting “cum” again.
He flopped back on the couch and arched his back and groaned.
“Here it comes…oh…oh fuck…he’s gonna do it!” Sandra muttered as she took up position behind his head now that Rachel had vacated it.
He felt a surge in his dick and it began to convulse and then he heard Rachel yelp and then Donna yelped…and they sounded like giggly school girls. He wanted to look up again and see what they were doing…why they were shouting, but he couldn’t stop arching his back and thrusting with his hips. When had he started thrusting with his hips?
“Holee shit!” and “Motherfucker!” blurted from various women in no precise order, each of them letting loose with a variety of curses and disturbing comments.
“Put on my belly, dammit! HERE! HERE!” he heard someone saying that sounded like Donna, and then he felt his cock being slapped against…her? Her belly?
The uncontrollable twitching in his dick had subsided all at once and gasping, he struggled to prop up on his elbows, but his arms were wiggly and shaky. When he finally did raise his head to look down at the other end of the couch, he saw Rachel smearing his dick around all over Donna’s huge belly. She was leaning back and there was white gooey stuff all over her gigantic tits and…and her belly was absolutely drenched. His eyes darted to Rachel, and her big fat jugs, pressed up between her and the couch and him, also had blobs of white goo on them and even one or two spots on her fat cheeks.
“Oh I win…I so fucking win,” Donna was cooing as she leaned back and let the fat woman rub his cock all over her distended stomach. “Slap me with it again.”
Rachel popped her belly with his cock, slinging white mess all over both of them.
Connie, previously up beside him and behind the couch back, had moved down to a position behind Donna and she was leaning over and rubbing her hand on her pregnant belly, smearing the gooey mess around.
“Momma got it, bitches…respect!” Donna blurted and laughed as she leaned back and let Connie rub her slimy belly.
Amy moved up now and reached down to play with Donna’s belly too. “Shame you ain’t pregnant with his baby, huh?”
“Oh that’s be so hot,” Rachel muttered as she pumped slowly on his dick, working out a bit more of the white goo, which she licked off. “I would totally have his baby.”
“And probably fuck it as soon as his dick got hard, huh?” Sandra added as she too, moved to the end of the couch and took a turn caressing Donna’s huge gut.
About that time, they all must have had the same thought, and they turned to look at his mother who had gotten her drink back from the stereo and was nursing it.
“He can cum, now Momma…so what up?”
His mother sat down her glass again and arched one eyebrow before replying.
“What what?”
It was Donna talking to her.
“He can cum now…so who gets first ride on the dong train?”
“You got him to cum…but he never did get hard,” his mother replied and pointed at his drooping cock still in Rachel’s hands. “You ain’t never gonna be able to fuck it till he starts catching solid boners.”
“You want some,” Donna asked her and she lifted up one of her sticky hands towards his mother. “Got plenty over here.” To which all the women muttered agreement as they resumed pawing at her pregnant and cream covered tummy.
His mother stood stark still.
“C’mon bitch…we ain’t gonna tell nobody,” Rachel blurted to her, urging her onward. “Ya’ done sat on his fucking face and made him lick your twat. You know you want to! Come hold and work some out for yourself…he’s still creaming me over here.”
Hesitantly his mother stepped toward the couch and made her way to the end of it by Donna. Peering down at the load of semen dumped on the pregnant woman’s belly, she reached out and then stopped.
“That’s my son…I can’t,” she muttered.
“He licked your pussy!” It was Amy who inserted the fact.
“Do it, do it, do it!” Connie started chanting and they all joined in till his mother started laughing and then reached out and swabbed her hand through the drying goo on Donna’s belly.
Rachel let go of his dick and scooted over. The other women all started pushing his mother forward till she was in front of the couch and down on her knees beside him where Rachel had been.
“DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” they all chanted.
His mother laughed d***kenly and reached out to his cock and lifted it…pulling it up to her head and then rubbing it around on her mouth and cheeks, trailing a white mess all over her lower face.
“SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!” the chant changed again and she stood up and shook her head…until they all started jeering and then to their delight, she stepped over him and straddled him on the couch and began grinding her nakedness into his, riding him in much the way Donna had earlier.
“Ride it, bitch…just fuck him! FUCK HIM FOR US!” the raucous shouts began and at some point, she reached down and shifted his dick upwards so that it was laying up on his belly and she sat her hot pussy down atop the base of it and he could feel moisture and heat from her squashing his balls.
“Grind that meat, bitch!” one of the whores bellowed and then the radio was blasting again and everyone was off of the couch but her and him.
Donna staggered across to the coffee table and plopped her big pregnant ass down on top of it, pushing the others to move and give her gap to watch through.
What the hell was his mother doing to him? He looked up in awe as her D-cups jostled and quivered above him. And he remembered all the times she’d played with his cock, soaping it and pumping it…especially with the tube thing. She’d hooked him to the thing a lot. She’d bought it a long time ago and it was a cock-vac, or so the label said. It had a little motor on it and she’d tell him to stick his penis in it…then she’d turn it on and it would suck on it…and she leave him like that for sometimes an hour, before pulling his rat and red shaft out of it. She’d used it on him for years, quite regularly, never really explaining to him what she was doing or why. It sometimes felt good, and so he’d just stopped moaning about it after a while and just submitted to it. He had always somehow known that the size of penis was related to that thing. Every time he’d pull it out, his dick would be swelled twice it’s normal girth and his mother would always measure it and squeeze on it and swing it around. Sometimes she’d make him walk around with it afterwards…naked…sometimes with his underwear on, maybe with his dick hanging out the side of one of the leg holes. He’d never knew why. She seemed to enjoy the show, so he just did what she said.
But now…now was different. This wasn’t her playing around, this was her doing something dirty to him. And part of him wanted her to…part of him wanted her to suck him like Donna and make him cum like Rachel did.
And then as he had these thoughts, he felt a pressure in his dick…her pussy squashing it and bouncing on it had implemented some amount of weight on it, but now it was somewhat different as if it was grinding to the point of being uncomfortable.
“Hey bitch,” someone shouted and his mother stopped rocking on him and lifted herself up to look down at him. He looked down as well and was shocked to see his cock lifting up from his belly of its own volition.
A chaotic chorus of shouts sprang from all of them, cursing in astonishment and disbelief.
His mother got completely up and stared at his shaft and then looked down at herself.
Silence filled the room…again, somebody having turned the tunes down.
“Shows over, ladies…time to get dressed and go home,” she muttered amidst jeers and boos. “No, uh-uh…I’m serious…out.”
“Well at least somebody measure it!” It was Donna who insisted as she stood up from the table.
Rachel was quick to snap up on it and slap the tape measure to his near-erection.
“HOLEE FUCK ME IN THE ASS SHIT,” the fat woman spat out a line of incoherent curses.
“Fuck, I can read from here,” Connie asserted. “Ten and a half inches!”
With trembling hands, Rachel wrapped it around his shaft and reported, “Seven inches…little over…fuck!”
“New record, Mom!” Donna blurted and slapped his mother on the back. “Dirty bitch…I still want half credit.”
“Take the money and go…go on…all of you out!” his mother ushered them, tossing shirts at them until all were dressed and herding toward the apartment door.
Ten minutes later, he was still lying on the couch when she pushed the last one out the door and locked it. She was still naked and when she turned to face him, he noticed her areolas were shriveled and hard, her nipples sticking out like thimbles.
“I’m d***k,” she said as she staggered towards him. “I’m sorry I let them get crazy with you,” she added, patting him on the head as she reached him and he sat up. “It’s all fun, we’re just messing around, y’know…so you okay, huh?”
He rubbed absently at his dick and realized it was drooping again and the rigidness in it was dissipating little by little.
“You did good…you gave Donna a night she won’t ever forget, Shawn…you’re a man for that…and that’s awesome,” she said with a slight slur to her voice.
She flopped down on the couch beside him and leaned her head back. Seconds later, she was snoring and he got up and went to take a shower.
The next day his mother acted as if nothing had happened and never said a word about it…none of it. But about a month later, she took hold of him in the shower and had her way with him finally.
And after that, it was as if she was no longer concerned with him. All the suction machine hours…all the f***ed exposures and silly voyeurism…even the night with the baby shower party that got crazy…all of these things he’d done for her, because he loved her and wanted her to not be mad at him. And after the couch…and after the shower, he didn’t understand why she didn’t acknowledge what he’d endured and done for her. It was something that gnawed at him, but he was afraid to say anything and when they moved in with Bill, it got even worse. She reached a point where she was having nothing to do with him at all…and she wouldn’t even let him walk around with pants unless he was in his room. And his annoyance with her grew even more deep.
At some point, he decided he would provoke a response out of her, but he didn’t know when or how. And when she’d caught him in the hall closet with the golf balls, he thought he had found the moment, but at the last second, he just didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know anything about sex really other than some of the mechanics of it. It was around then that he started snooping on Bill’s computer and began watching porn movies to learn what was what and how it was done.
But Angie would not be the first woman he furthered such newfound knowledge on. No, no. His mother was his target. He wanted her to admit to him now what she’d been doing all these years to him. He wanted her to admit that she’d been intentionally making his dick bigger and bigger because she got off on it. Not to make her remorseful, but because he liked it. He liked what she did in the shower…and he liked what she did on the couch and after watching the porn movies, he wanted something else. He wanted to fuck her and make her moan like the women in the movies, but his dick would never get hard like that…not like the dudes in the movies. So now he would set about working on solving that problem.

Angie sat naked on the couch beside him, staring in awe at him as he finished recounting the tale of the wild baby shower.
“Your father fucked all those women when he was still in school?!” she sputtered, her mouth remaining hanging open even after she’d finished speaking.
Shawn’s face morphed into a look of confusion.
“You’re worried about that…out of all the crap I just told you?” He couldn’t believe her response. She was the first person he’d ever told about the size parties his mother threw. He’d expected her to pass out, to look at him with horror filled eyes or at least look like she wanted to urp…especially when he revealed the parts concerning his mother…but instead this woman just sat there and stared at him and asked about his father only.
“Oh, sorry,” she finally blurted. “I mean that’s freaky and all, I can’t believe she did that…I can’t believe she threw those parties…and…and all those other women.” She glanced down at his dick hanging over the edge of the couch…its head less than a six inches from the fucking carpet and she marveled at its size once more. “I mean, I get it…I understand what they were getting out of it, but I can’t believe STEPHANIE…I can’t believe little miss hoodie-doo-my-husband-bought-me-fake-boobies…I can’t be she was in on it…that she was instigating it.”
“Are you gonna tell Dad?” he asked, his eyes wide.
“Fuck,” she gasped. “I don’t know…should I?” She realized that she was asking him when he asked her and that it’d made no sense. “What I mean…is do you want me to?”
“No,” he answered. “Since we moved in with Bill, she doesn’t even talk to those other women anymore. I mean we don’t even live in the same state with them now, so I don’t even think it’s ever going to happen again anyway.”
“It’s already happened, Shawn…just because it probably won’t again the future doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell somebody about it.”
“I don’t want any of them to get in trouble over it,” he revealed. “I kinda got where I liked the attention a little bit. And that last time was kinda awesome…I mean looking back at it now. I just wished I’d known the things I know now back then and that night would have been a lot better.”
“So…so you enjoyed that crazy shit?” she asked, dumbfounded.
“Well at the freaking time I didn’t know what was going on, but man…if I could go back, it’d been awesome and yeah, I would have been enjoying it a lot longer before than that last party for sure.” He looked lost in thought for a few moments. “I really would like to have did something with the fat one, Rachel. She seemed like a real nasty freak. She the first one to even put it in her mouth and suck me.”
“So am I a real nasty freak too?” she asked and half smiled.
“A little bit,” he admitted with his own smile.
“We gotta get up and get cleaned up. Your father is gonna be home in a little while and it stinks like sex in here.” With that said, she stood up and walked rather bow-leggedly down the hall to the bathroom, Shawn right on her heels.
She said nothing as he followed her into the bathroom and only glanced back at him with a smirk when she bent over to turn the tub faucets on and pull the shower plug up. Turning around, she caught her own image in the mirror behind him on the back of the door.
“So you like my belly huh…little leftover from that pregnant woman, huh? Is she the reason you like big round bellies?”
He blushed a bit before answering.
“I don’t know really…it’s just ever since that night, I can’t help myself but like them,” and he reached out to grope her fat gut, his hand lifting and jiggling it.
“You want me to get fatter,” she asked him as his other hand joined the first, jostling her flabby belly.
He looked up at her and smiled but said nothing.
“I doubt I can get as big as your preggo cowgirl in a month, but I bet I can pop my belly at a lot further than it is now,” she stated and pooked her belly out, arching her spine and leaning back to emphasize her intentions. “You think you can handle that?” she asked, bouncing on her tip toes up and down to make her whole bottle gyrate and quiver. “Cause I can guarantee my ass is gonna get bigger too,” she added, twisting around and slapping both her fattened cheeks with her hands at the same time.
“How much do you weigh?” he asked, reaching around to play with her right cheek.
“Two fifteen…two sixteen…haven’t weighed in a while,” she admitted. On afterthought, she stepped around him and moved to the area by the toilet. With her left foot, she reached back between the toilet and the cabinet and slid the digital scales out from its hideaway. “Guess it’s time to find out,” she muttered as she stepped up onto the measuring device.
The red number illuminated and displayed “220.”
Angie sighed and straightened back up. Sadly she absolutely had to bend over to see the scale display. Standing upright, her belly completely blocked her view of her feet. She could remember when she’d first realized she couldn’t see her feet…but only her toes. Now, she couldn’t even see her toes.
“Hrmph!” she grunted as she stepped off the scales. “Maybe I can get as big as your favorite cowgirl.” Had she really packed on another five pounds? She looked down at her belly.
Yep…most definitely she could have. After gaining a hundred pounds…what was another five in comparison? She’d packed it on now and noticed no difference at all, save her toes were completely out of sight now.
“How much fatter would you get?” he asked, walking up behind her as she stared at herself in the mirror up close. She was standing only about two feet from the glass and as he walked up closer and grabbed both of her ass cheeks, she really couldn’t maneuver to avoid him.
He jiggled her fat ass repeatedly while she stood there and then finally he ran his arms around her waist and began kneading her sagging belly.
She watched herself in the mirror as he jarred her body into quivering waves of flesh.
“I don’t know,” she finally answered him. “How big you want me to get?”
His hands ceased shaking her belly and began caressing it softly. She almost snickered out loud when she realized he was straining to reach around her…and that his hands could not touch.
Holee fuck! How big around am I now? she wondered, as she considered the length of the boy’s arms versus her last known measurement. Last pair of pants I bought, I was 46 inches around the belly…36…no, 38 in the waist. Yeah, she remembered pissing off the Lane Bryant clerk…insisting she give her a pair of 20’s as opposed to 22’s and she’d barely managed to get them buttoned. She’d worn them maybe twice and since then she’d resolved herself to stretch pants and jogging pants.
Intensely curious now, she pushed his hands down and then pressed past him to the drawer on the far end of the sink counter by the back wall. Pulling it out, she pilfered around in the junk it contained until she fished out a tape measure.
With quick movements, she wrapped it around her body even with her navel and pulled the metal tip to meet the other section of the tape. It was just shy of the 46” mark.
“Stop sucking it in,” he said, somewhat amused at her.
“I’m not sucking it,” she lied…realizing that she had sucked it in unintentionally in an effort to see over the top of her belly to the numbers on the tape. She sighed when she realized that.
“I can’t see the tape if I let it out,” she admitted and he snickered. “Read it for me,” she said as she turned to face him and released her stomach muscles completely. “C’mon…tell me, dammit.”
“It’s a little past fifty one inches,” he stated, no sign or sound of laughter at all any longer, as if the mirth in the matter had all dried up.
She sighed, no longer so annoyed at the Lane Bryant clerk. No wonder the woman had rolled her eyes when she asked for a size twenty hip-huggers. She measured herself before leaving home because she didn’t want some stranger poking on her, and evidently she’d make the same error…sucking it in to see the tape and not realizing.
Her eyes widened as she recalled having a twenty eight inch waist when she’d married Mark. No wonder he wasn’t talking to her. She was practically twice as big around as she was when they met. Fifty one inches…she was nearly five foot in circumference now.
And Shawn wants me to get fatter??
She glanced down at his face as he let the tape measure go and began rolling it back up.
“So if I get fatter, what’s in it for me?” she asked him with one eyebrow arched.
“I don’t know,” he answered. “What do you want?”
She’d already rode his dick and took a load from him…so really what more was there to get? And then she realized she’d had sex with him without a condom.
“Oh wow,” she chirped and look at herself in the mirror. “I think I know something you might hook me up with.” She thought about all the money she and Mark had had to doll out to Stephanie all this time for Shawn. Free money for her, for doing nothing but taking care of Shawn. If she was gonna be fat and divorced, she at least wanted some income, dammit.
“So what is it?” he inquired with wide eyes.
“I want you to get me pregnant,” she replied with a delicious grin spreading across her lips.
He looked like his eyes might pop out of his head.
“When you leave in a few weeks, I’m gonna divorce your father…he’s an asshole…hate to break it to you. And I’m not gonna have a job…so…if I’m pregnant, he’ll assume it’s his…and he’ll take care of me.”
“You want me to help you screw my own father over?”
“You want me to get fat as shit so you can play with my flab?”
They stared at each for a few minutes, their eyes locked, each trying to gauge how the other was going to respond.
“Mom says he’s an asshole too…and so did all her old friends…so I guess it’s not that weird that you think he’s an asshole too,” Shawn said, breaking the deadlock finally. “I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, huh?”
“He’s an arrogant prick that thinks just because he looks pretty and has a larger than average schlong…means he doesn’t have to do anything else in life. That’s why he didn’t go to college and that’s why he’s never done anything with his life.”
“So why’d you marry him?” Shawn asked as she stepped over and climbed into the now scalding shower.
“Because he looked pretty and had a big dick,” she replied as she quickly turned the water down some. “Hey now,” she chirped as Shawn stepped over into the tub with her. “Watchoo’ doing?”
He smiled slapped her ass.
“HEY!” she yelped and turned around to face him. He feigned fear and stepped to the back of the tub and she marched towards him, not stopping until she had literally pressed up against him and mashed him against the back wall of the enclosure, her body and belly overwhelming him. He was pinned but laughing about it. “Laugh, funny boy…watchoo’ gone do now, hmmm?”
He grinned but said nothing as she pressed up against him even closer.
The heat from the shower was starting to make her sweat and she could feel beads of moisture puckering up all over her body. It was hot and sexy in this tub…and she found herself wanton of more carnal action.
“So you gonna give me my baby or not?”
“Okay,” he gasped as she leaned against him harder. “Okay, I’ll do it, I guess…I mean, yeah...” and he voice tapered off and she realized he might not be exactly sure of how to do it.
“All you gotta do is keep fucking me like on the couch until you leave. I got one shot coming up in like a week and a half and I’ll be fertile. If we hit it…we hit it…if not, then oh well.” She’d just finished up her period a few days before, so she knew she would be ovulating during the next two weeks, depending on how long her cycle lasted this month.
Gonna have to get an ovulation test kit, she thought, wondering how she could get it and not let Mark find out about it. And of course he hadn’t fucked her in months, so how was she going to get on him this month? She’d have to figure something out…get him d***k or something. Wouldn’t go, if she got knocked up and he hadn’t boned her for months. He’d know something was up and her ass would be toast.
“So how fat I gotta get?” she asked him again, still pinning him to the wall…beads of moisture and sweat starting to drip off of her body and onto his chest as she pressed him against the back wall.
“As big as you can get,” he replied with a dead serious look on his face. “I’m just…well if you get pregnant…damn…I really would like to see you…y’know later…maybe.”
“You just wanna get up on my belly,” she said with a wry smile. “I know what you’re all about. I’m this big now,” and she glanced down at her body, “so can you imagine how big I’ll be at nine fucking months?”
She felt his penis tapping the inside of her left thigh.
“Are you fucking hard again?” she gasped in astonishment.
He just smiled and blushed.
“I know why you got in the shower with me,” she asserted. “You wanna play out that little escapade with your mommy again, don’t you?”
He said nothing as she backed up and let him go finally.
She bent down and dropped to her knees in the tub and then inched forward till she could reach his penis which was standing elongated, pointing downward…directly at her belly.
“Your momma has a big ass mouth if she can suck this thing,” she stated nonchalantly as she lifted his penis up and put the head of it to her mouth and began licking on it.
“She does…and so did Donna. You could park a truck in Donna’s mouth and still have room to climb out,” he commented and she busted out laughing.
“Where the fuck did you hear that?”
“Mom…talking about her,” he replied matter-of-factly.
“You want Momma to suck your dick again?” she asked as she tried to stretch her mouth around his penis head.
“It’s easier to do that when I’m limp,” he explained.
“I’m sure it is,” she agreed, “but soon as I suck on it, it’s probably gonna get hard again.”
“Maybe,” he concurred, “but I never really had that problem until today. It’s always just been a big floppy tube of goo for the most part. I could go, but it wouldn’t get stiff completely.”
She finally managed to pop it inside her mouth and she sucked inward till it slid inside and then it hit the back of her mouth and she almost gagged and had to fish it back out again.
Shaking her head she said, “Sorry…I just ain’t got the size to handle this thing in my mouth.”
“It’s okay,” he stated with a smirk. “You got other places that can handle it just fine.”
“We ain’t got time to fuck around no more anyway,” she commented as she climbed up onto her feet and let his dick go. “Your father will be here in a little while, so we gotta get cleaned up for real…so hand me the soap,” she added, pointing to the bar in the slot at the rear of the shower.

Mark sat at the small dining table with his back to the refrigerator, gnawing on his microwave dinner and saying very little in between bites to Shawn who sat across from him.
Angie, wearing a really tight pair of shorts and a t-shirt, scooted behind him, intentionally bumping him with her belly as she did so.
He grunted and glared over his shoulder at her as she opened the refrigerator and started digging inside it.
“You want a sandwich, Shawn…or you want one of your Dad’s lovely TV dinners?”
Shawn arched one eyebrow and stared for a few seconds at the faux food his father was chowing down on.
“I’ll go with a sandwich,” he finally replied and she emerged from the icebox with a bottle of mayonnaise and mustard. As she moved past Mark, she once again nudged the back of his chair with her belly. The gap between his chair and counter was quite sufficient for her to pass without hitting him, but she enjoyed annoying him.
“Really? Is your ass so big you can’t pass me without hitting me?” he grumbled at her as he forked up another helping of whatever meat was in his plastic microwave serving tray.
“It’s not my ass, thank you…it’s my belly,” she snapped back at him and from behind him, she grinned at Shawn and winked.
“Whatever…quit hitting my chair,” he growled and continued eating.
“I swear…my belly is getting so big, I’m starting to look pregnant,” she said, sighing as if the matter disgusted her, though she was smiling at Shawn the whole time. She slid over to just where she was out of Mark’s peripheral vision, but where Shawn could still plainly see her. Leaning back against the cabinet, facing toward Shawn and Mark’s back, she pulled her shirt up to expose her big belly and then opened up the mayonnaise and squirted out a big glop of it onto her belly. Then she started rubbing it around on her belly, greasing it up…her fingers translating from smearing to kneading until her whole gut was slick and shiny and then she spurted another blob onto it and began again.
Mark, his back to her was completely oblivious and continued to scarf his food down like a machine.
Annoyed that he was so oblivious, she stepped up behind him and shook her belly just inches from the back of his head and then pretended to smear mayonnaise in his hair.
He suddenly finished and stood up with f***e, catching her unprepared and she whipped around to face the counter quickly and dropped the mayonnaise bottle onto the counter, the racket it made, causing Mark to turn and stare at her back.
“What the fuck?” he growled.
She scrambled for the mayonnaise bottle and fumbled with one hand to get her shirt down in the front.
“What the hell did you do?” he asked as he stepped up to the counter and stared at her. Her belly was half hanging out of her shirt and she had something greasy or wet soaking through the front of it and what was all over her hands?
“Damn mayonnaise…I was shaking it to get it started and it blurped out all over my shirt,” she muttered, trying not to blush and hoping he was dumb enough not to question why the wet was soaking through her shirt from the inside and not on the outside.
“You’re the only person I know could lose a fight with a mayonnaise bottle,” he snorted. “Not that you need any mayo anyway,” he said and slapped her ass playfully.
Bastard! Put on your little show…pretend like you like me still so your son thinks you’re a great guy and all. How little do you fucking know, dipshit!
The slap on her ass pissed her off. He hadn’t touched her ass since…hell, she didn’t remember when.
As he walked into the living room, he called out to Shawn,
“When you get done with your sandwich, we can watch a movie or something man…so hurry up.” On an afterthought, he stopped at the door and turned to face Angie. “You better change your shirt…that shit is greasy and hell.”
She smiled and nodded and waited till he walked around the corner to look back at Shawn.
He was frozen in place, his eyes big as serving platters.
She smiled.
“Stand up,” she called out to him.
He glanced at the doorway and shook his head no.
“You stuck under that table?” she asked, knowing he probably had a boner beneath it…or at least enough of an erection to not want to stand up for fear his father might walk back in.
She turned and walked into the laundry room off the far side of the kitchen and disappeared around the corner for several minutes. When she stepped back into the kitchen she was wearing a tank-top shirt that was probably something she’d worn at a hundred and ten pounds. It was so small it barely contained her tits and it didn’t come down even half way over her belly.
“How’s this look?” she asked him, doing a fake model twist and pose, her huge gut hanging out and jiggling as she moved. The shirt was so tight her brassiere was plainly visible through it …every strap and seam.
Shawn looked like he might combust. His face was beet red and his eyes unblinking as he flipped his head from her to the kitchen doorway through which his father might walk in at any second.
“Is it too small?” she asked as she lifted her arms above her head and the shirt slid completely up, her gut spilling out the rest of the way. “These shorts are awful tight too,” she added, as she turned around and wiggled them down in the back so far that her ass crack was now visible.
“ANGIE!!” he hissed at her as loud as he could and still be whispering. “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?”
“What’s wrong…you scared he’s gonna come back?”
“YES!” he snapped back, still hissing at her.
“You dare me to walk in there like this?” she asked as she walked toward the door.
“NOOOO!” he blurted a little louder than he intended.
She stopped just shy of the door and turned back into the kitchen laughing.
“Pussy,” she mouthed at him as she stepped back into the laundry room. When she re-emerged, she was wearing a regular t-shirt but it was still tight…looked like one of his Dad’s work shirts…and it was only long enough to reach her waist and the bottom of her belly was visible slightly hanging out beneath its tail. “Is this better?”
“Not much,” he hissed at her. “Your belly is still hanging out.”
“No if my belly was hanging out, it would look like this,” and she pulled the shirt up and tied it into a knot which she popped under her bra to hold it and then she strutted towards him, her flab gyrating and swaying with each step…and then she heard Mark moving around. Doing a one-eighty, she jumped back toward the counter and turned her back to the doorway, fumbling viciously at the t-shirt knot caught under her bra. She couldn’t get it loose…
SHIT! SHIT! she cursed in her head as her fingers rammed under the edge.
“Oh good grief…my eyes!” Mark blurted from the doorway as he walked in. “What the hell?”
Dammit…think…think fast!
She let go of the shirt edge and just turned to face Mark, the knot still wedged, her belly still hanging out over the top of her too-tight shorts.
“I swear I still got mayonnaise on my belly…do you see any shiny spots?”
“What?!” he snapped as he averted his eyes from her and then looked at Shawn who was pretending not to notice anything. “Damn son…don’t look…it’s big and white and hasn’t seen the sun in months.”
“Ha, ha,” she popped. “I’m serious…do you see any?”
Mark looked at her and scrunched up his face as if the sight was terrible.
“No, I don’t see anything…but if you want me to inspect it close, it might take all night…so much ground to cover,” he added, thinking himself hilarious. He looked back and Shawn and waited for him to look up and then laughed out loud. “I got her, huh?”
“Yeah, you got her good,” he replied and pretended to laugh. When his father turned away, he rolled his eyes for Angie to see.
“Well put your shirt down any time now,” he said to her as he opened the refrigerator and retrieved himself a beer and then opened it. He took a deep swig and shut the icebox door finally. “Hurry up with his sandwich…we got a movie to watch.”
She sneered at him.
“You keep insulted me and I’m gonna walk around like this the rest of the fucking night, asshole,” she told him, propping a hand on the counter and the other on her hip, bowing her back and thrusting her gut outward…assuming a “fuck you” pose and attitude.
He stepped close to her and in a menacing voice, growled, “Put the fucking shirt down,” as he motioned with his head toward Shawn. Leaning closer to her he whispered, “You can play your bullshit games with me in a month, got it?”
“Yeah, I got it,” she said in a normal voice as she pulled her t-shirt loose finally and back down over her belly.
Fucking asshole…you soooo don’t want to make the mistake of putting your hands on me, motherfucker…that will be the last thing you ever fucking do.
Mark turned and went back into the living room leaving them alone again.
“YOU SEE!” she hissed loudly at him and pointed off at the doorway where Mark had just disappeared. “ASSHOLE!”
Shawn saw for the first time that all these women his father had scorned over the years…were apparently not all crazy. His father could be a total cock-sucker when he wanted to be.
Under the table, he fought to make his dick shrivel again so he could get up…but it wasn’t working because Angie was still standing there in the tight shirt and shorts…and the shorts were still low enough to see her ass crack in the back…her jiggly thighs bulging at the bottoms of the tight legs…her fat tits tightly compressed in her bra…bulging out the top of it within her shirt. He was dying…mostly in his pants where his cock strained against the inside leg of his jeans.
He watched in sexual delight as she made his sandwich and then brought it to him at the table. She leaned close and bumped her belly against him…then stepped behind him and put her hands on his shoulders and pressed her gut up against the back of his head.
Leaning down to his ear, she whispered, “Tonight…I’m gonna milk that cock again…you hear me…I’m making it cum again tonight…with him in the house.”
Shawn had picked up his sandwich and bitten off a bite, but now he almost choked on it. Leaning forward he snagged at his soda and tried to wash it down, while she giggled and stepped back around him.
“Are you crazy?” he hissed at her, his eyes darting back to the empty doorway.
She turned and pulled her shirt tail up and wedged it under her bra yet again.
“Maybe a little bit,” she chirped, a stupid grin on her face. She put her hands on her hips and bowed backwards, then she pooked her belly out and did a little bounce on her toes to make it jiggle. “I’m gonna get so fat…you just watch!” she said in a slightly hushed voice. She straightened up and cupped her belly with both hands and sloshed it side to side between them. “I’m gonna get fat as a hog…I mean it…I’m gonna eat everything in the apartment and then some.”
She pulled her shirt tail down and walked over to the cabinet and started pulling junk-food out. Cookies, candy bars, and chips and then she moved to the refrigerator and pulled out a whole unopened package of bologna. It was a big pack too, not the smaller ones. She popped the back of the container open and pulled out two or three pieces at once and crammed them into her mouth and started chewing. In a matter of minutes, she ate the whole fucking package.
Absently, she stared down at the empty container and decided to flip it over and read the nutritional information just for shits and giggles. “Three grams of fat per serving,” she read out loud. “And I just ate,” and she looked at the label to see how many it had contained, “twelve slices at once.”
She looked over at Shawn and grinned just as she belched loudly…and started laughing.
“You’re only supposed to have twenty grams in a day,” the boy muttered as he lay his own sandwich down on the table top. “You just ate like thirty six grams.”
“I know,” she said, trying to control her mirth. “It’s gross too, I can still smell it,” she added, fanning her face from the horrendous belch. “But I ain’t done yet.”
Turning back to the junk-food stack, she reached and jerked open the bag of cookies and moved to the refrigerator where she pulled out a half gallon of milk, probably three quarters full.
She flipped the pop-off lid with her thumb and hefted it to her mouth and chugged it straight from the jug. She guzzled for several seconds and then finally lowered it, a visible amount now gone from the container.
She sat the cookies down on the counter and pulled out one and crammed it into her mouth. She repeated this for several more cookies before she turned up the milk jug again and took out another ridiculous amount of it.
He sat and watched her, mesmerized by her actions. Every few seconds he look down at her belly as if he expected it to suddenly balloon out further, expanding as he watched. Had it done so, he’d have probably cum all over himself beneath the table.
“Milk’s got 64 ounces…and an 8 ounce serving has 4 grams of fat in it,” she read aloud from the jug’s label in between cookies. “So if I drink this whole thing, how much is that?”
“Thirty two grams of fat,” he answered after punching numbers in his head. “You drink all of that and that’s a total of sixty eight grams of fat in like ten minutes…that’s three days worth of it!”
“Don’t forget my cookies,” she said and popped another one into her mouth whole. When she finished chewing, she smiled at him and held up the milk jug…now almost half empty. “I’m gonna do it…I’m gonna pig the fuck out till my belly is fucking hard…and then tonight when he goes to sl**p, I’m gonna creep out into the living room and jerk you off on it.”
He sat that in shock as she indeed, ate not only the entire bag of cookies, but also drained the entire half gallon of milk. By the time she slammed the empty jug down on the counter, she looked sick and wobbly. She smiled at him and hefted the front of her shirt up and slapped her belly and to his amazement, the flab did not jiggle as usual. With both hands she cupped it and lifted on it and instead of it wobbling and then folding at her navel, it instead, remained solid and round.
“Oh fuck,” she groaned quietly and stifled a belch. “Oh shit, I hope I don’t chuck!” She leaned against the counter and then cut another belch. “Pepto…fuck,” she gasped as she turned and rifled through the upper cabinet behind her till she found a box of alka-seltzer tablets. “Whatever,” she grumbled and made for the faucet to get some water.
Holee shit…she’s just crazy enough to do it, he realized as he surveyed the empty milk container and the bologna package lying empty on the counter next to the ravaged cookie bag. How big can she get if she keeps eating like that for a month? He had no clue…but if she was wild enough to do it, he was surely wild enough to watch her…and…maybe help her? He wondered if she’d be amiable to that…to letting him feed her?
Fuck I’d like to fatten Mom up! His mind slipped from Angie to his mother and he imagined her belly as big as Angie’s…her artificial round tits…suddenly filled out and fat, hanging down atop her gut. He imagined her eating food like Angie just did and his dick began to tingle…to swell again. Fuck Bill…he was going to get his mother fat as fuck…and he was gonna make her ride him at some point…some how, some way.

This book will be published in serial format.
Subsequent chapters will be added in order.


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By The Marquis Facade


Angie sat on the toilet, her eyes locked on her stomach. It was uncomfortable to move, but she had to poke it one more time just to see. Her index finger made contact and her belly was hard. She was bloated beyond comprehension. How much as she eaten this time? This was the third day of her binge and Mark was acting as he wasn’t even aware of her eating. She did the bills and handled the money, so he probably didn’t have a clue as to how much groceries she’d gone through in the last seventy two hours…but he had to have noticed her eating, right? Or was it that he did and just didn’t fucking care to bother commenting on it?
Two nights ago, after the first binge, she’d waited till the asshole was asl**p and she’d crept out into the living room and messed around with Shawn for a while, but after that first day of sexual misadventure, he’d been too worn out to do much other than play. He’d spent most of the time pawing all over her distended belly…and she’d spent most of it licking all over his fat cock and balls.
She looked at the empty water bottle sitting next to her on the edge of the counter. She squinted her eyes and then reached to get it. Holding it in her hands, she realized it was about the same size as Shawn’s dick. She held it down past her protruding belly and pretended it was a penis and swung it side to side.
It must be really weird to have something that big dangling between your legs constantly, she thought as she tossed the bottle into the trash beside the toilet.
With a massive degree of effort, she hefted herself up from the toilet and then turned, scooting the scales out from the gap between the bowl and the counter.
She stepped up onto the measuring device and refused to look down, knowing full well all she’d see was belly if she did. After a second or so, she sighed and bent forward to look over the orb of her gut to see the damage.
The numbers stared at her, unblinking…uncaring of how horrifying their presence was to her. Shaking her head, she stepped of the scales, scooted them back into their nook, and then opened the cabinet drawer next to the back wall and removed the tape measure that she kept there.
Wrapping it around her belly, she stepped back toward the bathroom door and the mirror that was attached to the back of it. When she had the tape in place, she exhaled…and then looked at the numbers in the mirror.
53 ½
She let go of the tape and just let it fall to the floor.
In three days of binge eating, she’d gained nine pounds and added two and half inches to her belly girth. Of course, she’d just eaten herself insane, so some of the belly size was probably just bloat, but still…the nine pounds wasn’t all freshly eaten food. Meaning she’d probably really packed on at least four or five pounds of actual fatness.
She stared at herself in the mirror and then turned sideways. Aside from her protruding ass, she was still pretty thin all over. Her legs were thick at the top, but as you scanned lower, they thinned out. By the time you reached her knees, her legs were boney as crap. Same could be said for her upper torso. By the time you reached her shoulders, she was thin. Her arms weren’t thick at all, nor her neck.
She reached up and rubbed at her face some and was amazed that her face hadn’t really fattened much. She didn’t have a double chin either…at least not yet…but as she looked closer she could tell the droop under her chin was apparent. On closer inspection, maybe her cheeks were a bit plumper as well.
Looking down at her gut again, she encircled it with her hands and caressed it. Her eyes darting back to the mirror and her reflected profile, it was evident that she looked pregnant. In fact, she could probably pass for five or six months along without anybody blinking an eye.
And she’d made a deal with Shawn to really get pregnant. Was she insane? No, just lazy…a lazy bitch who’d rather get knocked up and collect c***d support than get a job. Fuck Mark, y’know…he was a dick, right? It would serve him right for being an asshole to her for so long.
The problem was… part of that deal was for her to get fatter during the month he was here. And in three days, she’d had sex with him at least five times. Her pelvis was literally sore and her legs so stiff that she was having trouble walking. She’d lost track of how many times he’d jerked off on her. Had to have been three or four at least. He could cum two or three times a day without blinking. It was fricking inhuman. And he could cum so much it was ridiculous. Nothing had compared to that first ejaculation on her belly, but that one had probably been banked up for a while. He’d produced a more sensible amount of semen since then…but every time he went off, it was at least a half of a cup load. Probably more jizz than the average man made in a week. At any rate, it was obvious that her gorging on food was turning him on…and turning him on, turned her on!
And admittedly, when she first started to get fat, she was annoyed with it…but after a time, she became comfortable with it and even began to enjoy her new curves and jiggles. She had even discovered a new erogenous zone…her deep belly button.
Even as she thought about that, she ran one hand forward along the curve of her belly until her index finger sunk deeply inside her navel chasm. Rubbing inside of it made her horny.
She was comfortable at the weight she was when Shawn arrived, but the idea of getting bigger was rather scary. She didn’t want to turn into one of the immobile moo-cows she saw on television constantly. But she did want to keep riding Shawn’s water bottle sized cock for the next three and a half weeks, and she knew that he’d push her to gain.
She’d gorged that first night just to get back at Mark for fucking with her…and that anger had carried over for two more days, but now…now it was waning some and her motivation was quickly disappearing.
Nine pounds!
She looked at her belly in the mirror and buried her finger inside her navel and it enraged her loins. Her other hand immediately snagged a titty and began to pull on the nipple viciously…and it was erotic, but not enough to fulfill her. So the breast fondling hand went lower and snaked under the curve of her belly, but reaching her clitoris was going to require more effort.
She twisted to face the mirror and hiked her right leg up onto the toilet, her foot balancing on the seat edge. Now she leaned forward so her hand could get to her snatch…her fingers quickly strumming across her clit. Her eyes flittered and then focused on her image in the mirror. Normally her fat gut would have folded into two rolls, dividing at her navel when she leaned forward like this…but not today. Her belly was so full, it remained round and protruding, its shape solid and unyielding to her torso bending forward. For some reason, this turned her on even more and she began to masturbate wildly, one hand on her pussy, the other manipulating her navel and bloated belly.
I look so pregnant! she thought as she gazed at her reflection. I’m gonna get pregnant too! If anybody can knock me up, it’s Shawn! She thought about the massive loads of cum that he could ejaculate on demand. Oh, yes, if any man had the gusto to know her up, it would be Shawn. But she’d only have one chance…one month…one cycle to do it in. So she needed to keep him glued to her…to her pussy, constantly!
The fingers of her right hand moved lower and sunk into her wet and dribbling vagina as her thumb moved to take over the clitoris stimulation for them. All four fingers ended up inside of her, and still it wasn’t even close to the sensation of Shawn inside of her.
Her eyes inadvertently darted to the water bottle sitting on the top of the trash can. No, that was gross…it’d already been in the fucking trash. Then her gaze flicked to the sink counter beside her and locked on a shaving cream can…Mark’s shaving cream can…with it’s nice round top on it…and it’s girth about the same as the water bottle.
Her right hand abandoned her vagina and shot out to snag the can and then she immediately had it between her legs and was working the top of it into her pussy. It took a few minutes, but then it was inside and she was pumping it in and out, while her other hand pilfered her bloated belly.
“Hope you enjoy your next shave, asshole,” she muttered before biting her bottom lip. Hope it stinks like Shawn’s ball juice, you cock-sucker!
She looked at herself in the mirror…watched her reflected image of masturbation…the can going in and out, burying up inside of her almost to the point of disappearing at times…and her belly…her big round belly.
All at once, without warning, she came and fluid erupted from her orifice and droplets sprayed across the lower half of the mirror she stood in front of.
Her legs betrayed her and she nearly fell to the floor, saving herself at the last minute by letting go of the can and grabbing for the sink counter to steady herself.
She panted for several moments before squeezing her internal pelvic muscles and forcing the can out of herself. Then she put her foot down on the ground and bent over to pick up the can.
Washing it would have been the reasonable thing to do, but instead, she just wiped it down with toilet paper and left it sitting on the counter where Mark had left it. She knew it’d probably be sticky and stink like pussy…but whatever. Mark would probably be too stupid to figure it out anyway.
She looked in the mirror and realized that she REALLY wanted to be pregnant. The idea of it turned her on in a way she had never imagined. It was probably what her mother referred to as her “clock going off.” Meaning her biological clock was ticking and her body was letting her know it was time to act on her procreative abilities. She’d read, while taking a psych class in college once, that women generally, at some point in their lives, became aroused by the concept of getting pregnant. Some did it early on, explaining why some high school girls would get pregnant on purpose…but most suffered it in the mid to late twenties and in some cases, all up into their thirties. Studies had shown that women who’d had c***dren, became less and less infatuated with it…their internal clocks basically winding down. But those who didn’t have c***dren, grew more and more obsessed with it as time passed.
So was she becoming infatuated with the concept? She turned sideways and stroked her round belly as a pregnant woman might. Yep, it was definitely something she wanted to do…and badly.
Well you know how to get it done, don’t you? She looked down at the discarded tape measure on the floor at her feet. Hope you’re hungry, bitch.
She didn’t mess with Shawn that night. Instead, she just went to bed and slept…her bloated belly making her miserable for hours till she finally passed out.
Mark got up at some point, showered, and went to work. When, she could probably guess…but she never woke up for it… never knew he was even gone.
Sunlight beaming through a crack in her black-out curtains woke her up around one thirty in the afternoon. Sitting up in the bed, she groaned, but noticed her belly was no longer hard.
“Awww,” she muttered, somewhat disappointed to find her belly folded horizontally in the middle as she leaned over, sitting on the side of the bed. To her shock, her belly growled. “Are you k**ding me?” She looked at the clock and realized she hadn’t eaten in nearly f******n hours…so yeah, she probably was running on empty.
Her sore legs were unhelpful as she rose from the bed and trudged across the bedroom to the door and then stepped out into the hallway. She wore only her fat granny panties, and they were stretched out and droopy. She could feel her ass crack hanging out the back as she walked…and her belly in the front had over-taken the waistband, so the front of the undies were drooping now too. She reached to hike them up both in the back and the front, but as she continued walking, the worn out garment submitted again to the friction and weight of her belly until they had slipped off and under her gut again by the time she reached the living room.
Just then she was assailed by the smell of food.
Where the fuck is Shawn? she wondered as she peered around to the couch and saw it was empty of pillow, blanket, and her step-son.
Following the smell of food into the kitchen, she discovered the boy at the table, a pile of hamburgers and french fries arrayed across the table top along with three cups with straws.
“I was about to come wake you up,” he snapped, chipper and well awake. “I walked down to the burger place that’s around the corner and got you some lunch.” He seemed far too excited to have just gotten her lunch.
It was about then that her groggy head cleared enough to realize exactly how much food there was on the table. Far more than just a meal for the two of them.
“Lunch, huh?” she said, snorting as she walked around the table and into the laundry room. When she emerged again, she was tugging at a button-up blouse…extra long in length, but not quite large enough to accommodate her girthy torso. “Fuck, I just bought this like two weeks ago,” she groused as she sucked in her belly to button the lower buttons. When she relaxed her gut though, it stretched against the fabric with much effort and f***e. “Dammit…I liked this shirt too.”
She glanced over at Shawn, still sitting at the table with hopeful eyes and expression with his pile of deep-fried junkfood.
“Not that I guess you’ll complain,” she muttered in his general direction as she walked over to the table and sat down across from him in Mark’s usual spot. The shirt was extremely uncomfortable now…as sitting squashed her belly and the fabric strained tightly against her flab. She tugged at it and then finally decided to just unbutton the lower buttons and let her belly hang out of it.
“Awwww,” Shawn groaned as he realized she was reaching to unbutton the shirt.
“What?” she looked up at him. “Oh you’re such a freak,” she added when she figured out what he was groaning about. “I don’t know what to tell you…if I eat anything I’m gonna blow the buttons off of it.” Her comment did nothing button widen the boys eyes even more. “Freak!” she blurted at him, but her hands let go of the shirt and she leaned forward to snag a cheeseburger from the pile.
Shawn continued to stare at her with some bizarre, unreadable expression.
“What?” she finally snapped. “What the hell is up? Why are you staring at me like that?”
He blushed and wouldn’t say anything.
“C’mon…what is it…I won’t laugh,” she urged him, her demeanor shifting some.
“Would you stuff yourself till you do pop a button?” he asked her with a suppressed smile straining at the corners of his mouth.
“You’re twisted, you know that, right?”
He stood up from his chair and walked around the table towards her. When he reached her side, he pulled his pants down and flopped his fat, limp cock out onto the table top right in front of her.
“Eat it all, or no dick for you,” he said, trying not to laugh.
Is he fucking serious? she wondered as she look up from his dick to the humorous expression on his face.
“You know, if you’re gonna work the domination thing, you really need to work on not laughing while you do it,” she asserted as she reached and pushed his dick off the table with her index finger. “Come back when you can do it right.”
He looked somewhat shocked…and then that faded into a deflated ego expression to the point that she almost felt bad for having shot him down.
“Get that towel over there,” she said and pointed to the dish towel that lay next to the sink. He turned and grabbed it, looking confused as he stood there holding it. “Now tie my hands with it,” she instructed him after moving her arms back, her hands now behind the back of her chair. “Ow, okay…that’s tight enough…I’m not really trying to escape, damn!” she blurted and he stopped and loosened the towel some.
He stepped back around to her side, and she used her feet to scoot the chair back across the floor till she hit the sink counter behind her.
“Alright…make me fucking eat it,” she said nonchalantly.
“All of it,” she added. “Unless I chuck or something.” She rolled her mind around with what could go wrong with this little sexcapade and continued, “If I say the word GONAD, you stop and let me loose, got it?”
He looked a little confused.
“It’s called a safe word. If you go too far, I’ll say it and the game is over, got it?”
“Oh,” he muttered as he stepped over to the table and picked up a burger and unwrapped it.
“I do not eat pickles…period,” she said and nodded at the burger he held. “I’ll gonad you right now if you come at me with a fucking pickle.”
He started laughing.
“Isn’t a gonad a testicle?”
“Yes it is…and if you value yours…then you better lose the pickles, buddy.”
He opened the burger and pulled the two pickles off of it before walking up to her and sticking it to her mouth.
She took a bite off of it and began chewing. When she’d finished and swallowed, she smirked and said, “C’mon…talk dirty to me with it…call me a fatty or something, I don’t know… make it interesting.”
“I’m gonna fatten you up now,” he said to her and the words rang of sincerity rather than just bullshit. He fed the rest of the first burger to her and then stepped back to the table to get another one.
“Your momma is awful skinny,” she said as she gulped down the last bite of the first hamburger. “So you got the hots for her or what?”
He flicked off the pickles and reset the bun before he answered her.
“Yeah,” he said matter-of-factly. “But she is too skinny,” he added, agreeing with her. “I’d love to fatten her up too.”
“Nasty little bastard,” she mumbled as she stuck the second burger up to her mouth. “You gonna fatten me up…fuck me…and then go home and do the same thing to her, ain’t you?”
He grinned and pushed the burger into her mouth, not waiting for her to open her mouth for it…and this time, he kept pushing it in, making her chew it continually.
“Fuck…gimme some soda,” she gasped as she fought down the last dry bits of it. “I’m dying here.”
He reached for one of the three cups and held it to her mouth for her drink. After a few sucks on the straw, she spit it out.
“Don’t waste my time…DRINK!” he barked at her.
For a second it stunned her, but then she took the straw into her mouth and began sucking.
“Too bad you can’t suck my cock like you suck that straw, fatso,” he said to her with a diabolical look on his face. “Keep sucking, I’ll tell you when to quit.” And he didn’t let her quit till she was sucking air through the straw and the giant cup was empty.
He took the cup and tossed the ice into the sink and then tossed it into the trash. Walking back to the table, he unwrapped another cheeseburger and removed the pickles and headed for her mouth again.
She was already so full she felt like she was gonna explode, but he didn’t give a chance to balk at the burger…instead, as before, he just crammed it into her mouth.
“C’mon now fatty…eat up,” he whispered to her as he pressed the small burger into her mouth. “Three down and four to go…unless you’re ready for fries.”
Her eyes widened but she kept chewing.
Twenty minutes later, she’d gone through one box of fries and five of the seven burgers and her belly was being cut in half by the too-small blouse. She looked down and could see the buttons straining to contain her gut.
“Oh fuck,” she groaned as he headed towards her with another box of fries. “Fuck you…fuck you, I’m not eating it,” she shook her head but he began to cram fries into her mouth.
“Yeah, you gonna eat it, fatty…you gonna keep eating till that shirt pops open and your fat belly spills out,” he said, taunting her as he pushed more fries into her chewing jaws.
“Time for a drink,” he said as the last fries went into her mouth. Before she could swallow them, he had the straw and was sticking it into her mouth. “Drink you fat bitch…drink till I tell you to stop.”
She began sucking and swallowing…sucking and swallowing until at last, she didn’t feel like she could breathe any more.
“I can’t…I can’t…no more,” she gasped and spit the straw out of her mouth.
He reached down and patted her belly gently and then rubbed it and then he slapped it hard.
“Ahhhh!” she blurted, the internal pressure of him slapping her belly nearly killing her. “Motherfucker…don’t do that!”
“Shut up fatso…who’s in charge here?!”
“Oh fuck…oh fuck, I’ve created a monster,” she muttered as he pushed the straw into her mouth.
“Drink! Drink! Suck that shit down, bitch!” he coached her as she sucked and swallowed…the cinching around her belly nearly to the point of being unbearable.
“AAahhh!” she groaned and all at once a button shot off the front of her shirt and her gut within it lurched forward through the now gaping hole. She arched her back and pressed with her belly muscles as hard as she could and another button popped and her gut crawled further through the now larger gap.
“Oh shit,” he gasped and pulled his dick out of his pants and began pumping on it while she struggled in the chair.
Two more buttons held her gut down and as she writhed, another one gave up and snapped off, leaving only the very bottom button still holding, but her belly was so determined to expand that it did so through the gap produced by the missing three buttons above it, so the tight blouse now looked like a dress that someone had cut the belly out of.
Her big round gut stuck out, firm and demanding, through the ripped blouse and the sight of it pushed Shawn into a veritable state of ecstasy. In seconds, he was shooting off all over it while Angie taunted him.
“Yeah, bitch…you cum all over Angie’s big fat belly…you pay it homage, you little pussy…you know what gets you off…and I know what gets you off. You love my fat belly…you give your cum…and I mean all of it, you little shit…milk those balls dry for my fatness!”
And he did too. He pounded his dick till his balls ached and her gut was covered in white slime. When he finished, his cock limp, dangling, and dripping…he made to move behind her and untie her hands.
“We ain’t done yet,” she blurted, stopping him dead in his tracks. “Fuck I got room to breathe now, bitch…Momma’s still hungry.”
Before she told him the safe word, she’d taken out six of the seven burgers, all three fries, both sodas and a chocolate shake that was in the third cup. Enough food to have fed four or five people probably…and enough fat and calories to last a week.
She was too full to even want to fuck afterwards, so she left him in the kitchen cleaning up…and just went back to bed.
The next few days played out much the same. She’d wake up and go into the kitchen and he’d feed her till she was nearly dead…and then he’d jerk off on her…and she’d go back to bed. She was too miserable to even take a bath during that time and despite wiping off his jizz, she knew she had a film of it all over her torso. Each night though, she’d snuggle up to Mark’s back and rub it all over him while he slept.
He’d grumbled at her for staying in bed so much until she lied and told him she was sick with a stomach virus…and after that he’d just left her alone.

At some point, she woke up and instead of trudging to the kitchen, she instead, waddled into the bathroom across the hall, not for the first time in days, but this time instead of going to relieve herself, she actually intended to take a shower. She felt grimy and disgusting.
It seemed every time she’d went to pee or poop during the last week, it had been in the middle of the night, so she’d had to go into the bathroom and use it with only the small night light over the sink to see by. Mark would always throw a fit if she flicked a light on and woke him up. Even from across the hall and two doors closed, he’d still swear the light came under the door and woke him up. He was such a jerk at times. But such became the norm for her. She’d learned how to pee in the dark during the first month they were married. Taking a dooky was a bit more of a wipe-and-hope scenario, but she’d learned to do that as well.
The nightlight seemed brighter than normal…probably just because she hadn’t seen daylight much in several days. She peed and washed her hands and as she leaned over the sink, she felt like her belly was heavier than usual.
She reached down and touched her stomach as she straightened up and it felt odd. She turned to look at herself in the mirror on the back of the door, but there wasn’t enough light to see well.
“Oh fuck Mark,” she hissed and she flicked the overhead light on. “ARGH!” she blurted, the light setting her eyeballs on fire. For several minutes she fought to pen them again. When her pupils finally adjusted, she stared at herself in the mirror through squinted lids.
“HOLEE BAT SHIT!” she gasped louder than she probably should have. Immediately she slapped her hand over her mouth so as not to shout again…for fear of waking Mark.
As she gazed at herself in the mirror, she realized she was fatter…visibly fatter than she had been the last time she looked at herself in the mirror.
She stepped closer to the mirror and realized her neck beneath her chin was plumped and droopy…the beginnings of a double chin…and her face looked like it had swollen…her whole lower face seemingly larger…wider…chubbier.
She backed up and looked down…and realized her tits were even bigger…her plump D-cups were hanging lower and the skin at the top of her chest felt tight like it was stretching. Looking closely at her reflection, she realized she had tiny little red lines skittering here and there around the top of her chest and all around her areola.
Stretch marks?!? I’ve got stretch marks on my titties?! Are you fucking k**ding me?!?
Suddenly frantic, she backed up and gazed further down her reflection and noticed her stomach was massive…no longer even buoyant as it had been, it just drooped downward now, completely concealing her pubic region. She leaned back and hefted it up with her hands and was shocked to feel how soft and yet heavy it was. When she let it go, she lurched forward and realized she was holding up some serious weight…so much so that it was putting a strain on her lower back. She stepped closer to the mirror expecting to see stretch marks all over her gut, but there were none. Turning sideways, however, was a different story. She now had love-handles…big, fluffy and outward sagging rolls of fat above each of her hips. And those new rolls had stretch marks all over them…and the trail ran from her back, beyond her realm of sight, all the way around to the edges of her forward hanging belly.
Aghast, she turned facing the mirror again and rubbed her hands across the front of her belly…marveling at how soft it felt to her palms and fingers.
Oh shit…he’s been cumming all over me for days…and I haven’t washed it off, she realized…noting bits of crusty residue in places as she caressed herself. Damn, I always heard spooge was good for stretch marks…but who’d have thought!
Almost desperate, she whipped around and jammed her foot in between the toilet and sink cabinet and kicked the scales out into the open.
Instantly she hopped up onto them and then leaned over to read the display.
Holee shit…no way…no way! She blinked and strained to lean further forward, shocked that she could not see the scales display at all beyond the bulk of her belly. Finally she braced on the counter and leaned forward far enough she could see and the numbers that glared brightly back at her took her breath away.
Two hundred and fifty seven pounds! It was insane.
As she stood there, the scale shifted to 256 and she blinked and then realized she was wobbling and leaning on the counter a bit. Concentrating, she steadied herself and gently let go of the counter…and watched in horror as the scale flittered numbers, stopping at:
FIVE MORE POUNDS!? She had to bite her lip to keep herself from blurting something out loud. Leaning on the counter had been keeping her from putting her entire weight on the scales.
Two hundred and sixty two pounds?!? It was worse than she originally thought. She straightened up and stepped back off the scales, the numbers rustling around in her brain. Oh fuck, I’ve gained forty one pounds since Shawn got here! FORTY ONE POUNDS!! Half of her wanted to scream…while the other half just wanted to crawl up in a corner and cry. How long has he been here?!? I don’t even know what day of the week it is!
Desperate, she looked around the bathroom looking for something to put on. She was wearing only her granny panties and she didn’t want to barge out into the apartment topless while Mark was home.
In the corner on the floor, was Mark’s discarded work clothes. She snatched up the big button up shirt and quickly put it on…only to be horrified when she realized she couldn’t button it around herself. Agitated, she peeled out of it and tossed, and picked up his t-shirt. She eventually managed to fight it down and over her torso, but her belly just hung out from under in almost completely visible. The farthest down the shirt would stretch was her belly button.
Growling, she flicked off the light and opened the bathroom door. Quietly she crept down the hall into the living room. Their computer was in sl**p mode, but a quick shake of the mouse lit the screen up brightly and she tapped the corner date and time display. It was the thirteenth…meaning Shawn had been there since the third…they hooked up on the fourth…and she binged for three days…fifth, sixth, and seventh…and then he started feeding her like his private hog on the eighth. Five days. She’d been living like a pig for five days now…and had added thirty two pounds to her fatness…a total of forty one since Shawn showed up…and now, to her disgust, it wasn’t all just settling in her belly.
She felt eyes on her and twisted to look back at the couch where Shawn had set up and was now gazing at her through sl**py eyes.
“Hey,” he whispered.
She put the computer screen back to sl**p and felt her way across to the couch in the dark. By the time she sat down on the couch at his feet, her eyes began to adjust to the haze of light coming out of the kitchen.
He sat completely up and scooted down to her at the foot of the couch and touched her shoulder. “You okay?” he asked in a barely audible voice.
“Shawn…I weight two hundred and sixty two pounds,” she hissed back at him. “I don’t even know where the last five days have gone to.”
“You eat and go back to bed,” he said. “We haven’t even had sex in a while.”
“I know…I feel like a real fucking pig…I haven’t even showered…I probably smell like one too.” She sighed and looked at him in the faint light. “What the fuck are we doing?”
“Making you fatter,” he whispered back to her. “You’re so fucking hot,” he added, his hands snaking out and jiggling her belly and then moving higher to her tits, confined within the t-shirt. He strained to jostle the left one, closest to him…and he kept shaking it till the nipple hardened and poked out through the fabric enough that he could tweak and twist it. “Your titties are getting so big,” he said, pulling on her nipple.
She was upset…part of her wanted to smack him in the face, and yet…some other part of her wanted to climb on top of him and fuck the shit out of him.
“Fuck me,” she hissed to him. “You better fuck me right fucking now,” she adding with a demanding tone despite her words being whispered.
“Dad’s home…he in the bedroom back there.”
She twisted around to face him and lifted her left leg up and swung it around to the back of the couch. Facing him now, her thighs spread, she leaned back on the couch, propping her head up on the couch arm, and said, “Do it now…look down,” and when he looked, she hooked a finger in her granny panties and pulled the leg over enough to expose her pussy. “If he comes out, the lights are off…just jump up and cover with the blanket and pretend to be asl**p.”
Shawn said nothing but stood up and peeled out of his sl**p shorts and she could make out the silhouette of his donkey dong swinging back and forth as he did so. Seconds later the shadow disappeared and she knew he was erect. As he sat back down on the couch, she braced for penetration.
His cock head nudged her opening and she gasped and then after a few massaging taps, he pressed for real and entered her with f***e she didn’t expect…and before she could catch her breath, he was pumping madly, driving his cock in and out of her with a wild abandon. His gasps were muffled, his breathing stifled to keep his actions quiet, but she could still tell he was climaxing…quickly, so she tensed and waited for him to explode inside of her.
“Huhhh!” he blurted uncontrollably and erupted inside her pussy with f***e that she knew meant he was ejaculating like he had the first time. He was wired hard tonight. Had her fattening really turned him in such a way?
It was over in less than a few minutes and he was pulling out of her leaving a flow of semen pouring out of her gaping cunt in the wake of his fat dick.
She wasn’t done with him though. She wanted it nasty and gross and all over and inside and out. What came over her at that moment, she never knew, but she shoved him back on the couch and ripped her own panties off. They were old and stretched out and hole-filled anyway…so the effort required to rip them was next to nothing. And then she was on him, dragging her sagging, fat belly up his body, her legs on either side of him, walking on her knees and hands until she was directly over him, glaring down into his face. Her belly hung down so far as to be resting on his torso even though she was up on all fours above him. His hand shot to hit immediately and began kneading it and trying to heft it up and shake it, but she wasn’t there for play…she was there for fuck.
She lowered her pussy onto his limp dick and started humping it, doing a big, fat, booty popping motion…that actually was making a tiny bit of noise, but she didn’t care. She wanted nastiness and she was gonna get it. In a matter of seconds, the soft flesh of his dick was beginning to harden and she lifted herself upright, bracing with her left arm on the back of the couch.
Instinctively he reached down and hefted his mammoth erection for her and she wiggled it into position and then pressed her hips forward, grinding until she felt it tap the top of her inner shaft. He filled her so full, and yet she wanted more. Had there been two of him, she’d have had another dick in her ass or mouth one. Maybe three of him would be enough!
She couldn’t do much with it on top, but she could sure as hell grind on him…and grind she did, bucking back and forth and in circles until she came…and still she rode him…until she came again. Somewhere in the darkness, she lost count of her orgasms and collapsed on top of him, her fat body pinning him to the couch.
After a time, she felt him wiggling, trying to get free, and she f***ed herself to roll off of him. He was pushed to the edge of the couch and nearly fell off as her bulk slipped down onto the cushions between him and the back of the couch. He caught himself on the coffee table and just stood up.
She gazed up at him as she shifted onto her side and noticed his silhouette did not have a dangling third leg in the middle…only a wad of extra shadow that indicated his drooping, oversized testicles.
Oh fuck, he’s still hard, she realized. He’d been wiggling to get out from under her so he could finish himself off.
She said nothing to him, but kicked her right leg up and hooked her foot over the top of the couch back..and then she thrust herself forward on the cushions as he knelt down on them himself.
He moved forward and pressed his erection back into her and then pulled her right leg off the back of the couch and pressed it up against his chest, bracing it up against him…and then he pulled on it to f***e himself forward…into her opening.
This time it was she who moaned a bit too loudly. Embarrassed, she buried her face in Shawn’s pillow that she was half lying on. After a few seconds, she got control of herself and looked down at him as he pounded her pussy like a piston. Her belly was warbling like a giant water balloon, quivering and rising and falling with each impact…the fat waves gyrating from the motion of his thrusts. And it wasn’t alone. She could see her right ass cheek and thigh doing their own jiggling. But the most awesome spectacle was her right titty. The left one was sagging down onto the cushions and nearly dr****g off the edge of the couch in the front, but her right one was wildly slapping back and forth between her belly and her chin.
Oh fuck, how big are my titties now?! she wondered as she cupped the cavorting breast with her right arm and held it steady, hefting it to her face. Oh hell…I can reach my own nipple! Hungrily, she sucked her nipple into her mouth and went to town on it as Shawn continued to fuck the shit out of her.

Shawn was almost there when Angie had collapsed on top of him. And his balls had ached for ten minutes till she finally decided to move and slid off of him. Desperately, he’d jumped up and wanted to finish. She’d thrown her leg up onto the back of the couch and he decided to try it with her on her side. And now that he was doing her in this position, he realized that it was awesome. On her back, her tits went out under her arms and flattened as did her belly, so all her wonderful curves were somehow lost. But on her side like this, her belly sagged out even further and her tits just flopped around atop it. It was awesome!
He was pumping away at her pussy…almost there again, when he looked down to see her tits again and realized that she was sucking one of them. It was too much, and he just exploded inside of her, but he didn’t want it to go there. Instantly he pulled out of her and pointed his cock at her blubbery and distended gut and began to pump it with all his might, sending blast after blast of semen all over it.
She released her titty and her hands went down to her fat belly and began to smear it all around.
“It’s apparently good for stretch marks,” she whispered to him as he reached out and began to smear his cum on her lower belly and down into her pussy. “Oh fuck…you nasty boy,” she murmured as his cum smeared fingers nudged into her gaping cunt. “Fist me!” she demanded with a hiss, and he pressed his whole hand up inside of her and began to pummel her with it, burying his arm well beyond his wrist inside of her cavernous pussy.
It got wild for a short time and she had to bite his pillow to not scream in ecstasy as he made her cum over and over till she couldn’t take it any more. She finally pushed at his hand till she f***ed it out of her to make him stop. When he pulled it out though, it was thick and gooey with her juices and probably with some of his semen from the first round on her back. She pulled his nasty hand up onto her belly and smeared it around and then dragged it up her fat body to her right titty. She made him squeeze it hard and then continued with his hand up to her mouth where she licked each finger separately…almost mouth fucking each one of them in turn.
He was up on the edge of the couch beside her at this point, lying on his own side, barely able to hold on…her massive body taking up most of the space. She sensed his unsteadiness and wrapped her arms and legs around him and literally enveloped him, her face in his…her mouth on his…her tongue in his mouth and they writhed around for a while until he felt as though he might could go at her again.
With a half erect cock, he nudged her pussy and she pulled back from him and gasped.
“No, baby…Momma needs that cum on her titties and ass,” she whispered to him. “If Momma is gonna keep getting fatter, she’s gonna need a lot of man lotion.”
Something about her words…her use of “Momma” brought him to attention below the belt and his balls suddenly ached with the desire to expel more sperm.
He stood up and she rolled over on her belly so that her big fat ass was visible and then she lifted herself up on her knees and spread her flappy thighs. He’d seen this position before. It was called, “doggy style.”
He knelt on the couch behind her big ass and snaked his dick up between her legs and prodded around till he found the right hole and then rammed his fat cock into her. Before he could start thrusting though, she took charge and began popping her ass back and forth, the huge cheeks gyrating and jiggling chaotically as she pumped his cock. All he had to do was stand still and let her milk it for him.
His hands reached out and grabbed hungrily for her flabby ass cheeks…squeezing and groping as she bounced on his cock. In minutes he was ready to shoot and he pushed her off of him and rained his man goo all over her luscious over-sized ass.
“Oh fuck…fuck…smear it…rub it in,” she called out to him, hissing and whispering, but her voice demanding and needy.
He reached out and smeared his seed for her, lotioning up her flabby trunk junk. Each cheek was as wide as his entire body. Her butt was getting immense all at once it seemed. And he loved it. If it was as wide as the couch, he’d hump it!
After a short while, she rolled over and pulled him off the couch and led him up to her head and upper torso. Standing and looking down at her, she pulled him forward till he had to reach out and brace himself on the back of the couch to keep from falling completely down on top of her.
His limp cock dangled inches from her mouth and she snagged it with one hand and sucked it into her mouth. It was so tight, and her teeth weren’t too friendly, but she got it inside, but unlike her previous attempts to suck him off, she seemed to be doing something different…and then he felt his head slide beyond her mouth and down into her throat.
Apparently all of the f***ed feeding had taught her to control her gag reflex and she was deep throating him. He could feel her ragged breath wafting from her nostrils onto his dick as she sucked and slid his cock. Spit was going everywhere and he realized she was using it for lubrication.
Then out of nowhere, she had a hand on his balls…and the one gripping his dick began to pump as she sucked.
The sensation was familiar…far too familiar to him.

“What is it?” he asked his mother as she opened the box and pulled out the contraption.
“Don’t worry about it what it is,” she growled at him as she set the thing up on the coffee table in front of them. She pulled out the instructions and began reading them and then after that, she told him to stand up and pull his pants down.
“Why?” he asked.
“Just do what I said,” she barked at him.
Up onto his feet he went and down went his pants to his ankles.
“Underwear too,” she added and motioned with her hand for him to pull them down.
He leaned over and pushed them down to his knees and then on a lark, just went ahead and kicked them and his pants both off so that he was complete naked from the waist down.
Stephanie sat on the couch and stared at him, his dick mostly, as it dangled side to side like some sort of limp third leg.
“C’mere,” she called to him and he stepped closer to her until she reached and pulled him up to her knees.
Without prelude, she reached up and snagged his penis in her hands and pulled on it, stretching it out.
“Good grief,” she muttered and just stared at it for a few tense seconds. Then she reached over to the table beside the contraption and retrieved a one foot plastic school ruler and held it up to his penis, ramming the zero end up under his shaft to the base between it and his testicles. Then she pulled on his dick again and stretched it out as far as she could atop the plastic ruler. It was just short of six inches. His mother said nothing but shook her head, as if she was either in disbelief at the length or dissatisfied with it. Which it was, he had no idea.
Turning the ruler, she mashed his penis flat and he noted it was about an inch and half wide before she tossed the ruler back to the table and picked up a piece of the gizmo.
It was weird looking. It had a big clear tube that had a rubber ring around the bottom where it was open and the top of it was domed and had a hose running into it. The hose ran from the clear cylinder to the coffee table where it ended in some sort of weird little motor looking thing that she’d plugged into a wall outlet moments earlier beside the couch.
As she held the cylinder out towards him, he noticed it had numbers and lines imprinted into it…like the ruler…for measuring apparently, but what? Then he put two and two together and glancing at the discarded ruler, suddenly realized what she was about to do.
“Ummm,” he began but she looked up and glared at him.
“This might be strange,” she said, her eyes locking with his, “but one day you’ll thank me, okay?”
“Ohhh-kaaayyy,” he replied, dragging the word out.
She held the open end of the cylinder up to his dangling penis and then using her free hand, she pushed his penis down into the opening and continued to wiggle the end of the cylinder, jostling it…until his entire limp appendage was inside of the thing.
He looked down and stared at his penis inside of the clear container…as it shriveled back up…the head barely past the number four mark on the cylinder’s side.
His mother pushed on it and tried to bury the rubber o-ring into his pelvic bone.
“Ow,” he chirped and she glared at him again.
She took control of the cylinder with her left hand now, holding it in place and with her right, reached over and flicked a control switch on the side of the motor thing and it immediately began to hum…much like a fish aquarium pump. And oddly enough he heard the sound of air hissing down at his waist, coming out of the cylinder’s open end. His mother moved the cylinder and situated it and suddenly the hiss stopped and he felt a jolt of suction on his penis inside the container.
As he stared with disbelieving eyes, his three and half inch shriveled flesh tube…began to lengthen of its own accord, the shriveled and wrinkly skin smoothing out as his penis stretched out under the pressure of the vacuum. And by this point he was fairly certain is a pump and vacuum of some nature… and from what he was observing, it was apparently intended to make your penis bigger…or so he theorized.
In seconds, three and half inches was four then five…and then finally almost six inches within the container.
“Does that hurt?” she asked him.
“No,” he replied. “Just feels weird…kind of vibrates.”
She reached out to the motor part again and turned a knob on the back side that he hadn’t noticed before. Instantly the humming increased…as did the suction on his penis.
“Now?” she asked.
“N-noo,” he stuttered, but the pressure was slightly uncomfortable, mostly on his pelvis where the seal was locked.
She turned the knob again and the hum became a solid buzz and the uncomfortable tingling became a hard tug on his junk.
“Uhhh, ahhh,” he mumbled and she realized she’d hit his level of tolerance.
“Alright,” she said as she stood up. “Sit down there and just let it do what it does. I’ll come unhook you in a little while.”
Reluctantly, he sat down on the couch and began watching TV as she disappeared into her bedroom.
After a little while he glanced down at his dick and was shocked to see that it was dark red in color…almost purplish in hue…and it looked swollen somewhat…or was it just the distortion of looking at it through the cylinder? He couldn’t tell, but at least the annoying pull of the suction had stopped bothering him. He looked towards the door to his mother’s bedroom and hoped she hadn’t forgotten about him.
At some point, he must have dozed off from boredom, because when he woke, it was from the movements of his mother pulling on the cylinder in an attempt to remove it.
She looked excited as she twisted the cylinder and pulled on it, but it wasn’t coming off. She tugged again and began to pull harder and it started to move…to slide slowly. He cloudy eyes looked past her hands and honed in on his penis inside the clear container. His mind suddenly cleared and focused as he absorbed the fact that his penis looked huge inside of the thing.
She broke the suction finally and slid his cock out of the thing and it flopped down onto the couch cushion.
She just dropped the damn cylinder and let hit fall to the floor, her attention locked on his penis…her hands reaching out for and scooping it up. She shook it and stared as it wiggled. Then she moved her hand up and down on it, in some sort of odd sliding motion that felt weird. She did that slowly for a few seconds and then gradually her movement sped up till she was doing it hard and fast. As she did so, her eyes would continue to flick from his penis to his face, as if she were trying to gauge his reaction, if any, to her actions.
After a time, she sighed and just stopped and let his dick flop atop his left thigh…where it smacked and then skittered off to hang down between his legs.
Before he could say anything, she had fetched the ruler from the table and was ramming it under his dick again.
“Hrmph!” she grunted in a distinctly impressed manner as the tip of his swollen penis topped out near six and half inches. She turned the ruler and smiled. “Oh yes,” she gasped and he noted his width was now two and half inches…which didn’t surprise him considering how bloated and fat his penis was. And it felt almost sore. Her hands were extremely irritating to it as she stretched and mashed and measured.
She let go of his penis and smiled at him.
“Momma’s gonna make you a big boy…a real big boy,” she said, popping up to her feet. “Why don’t you walk around for a few minutes…get your legs going,” she said. “Don’t put your pants on…just let it hang out for a while.”
He stood up and stepped away from her and the couch and she walked toward the kitchen. Once she’d reached it, she turned and stepped behind the open bar that was the only thing separating the living room for the kitchen. The bar was about four feet high and they usually ate there.
His mother leaned over the bar, facing out into the living room and stared at him as he walked around slowly in a small area around the sofa and coffee table.
“Walk towards me,” she said and he did so. When he reached the bar, she said, “Now turn and keep doing that for a few minutes.”
He did, and each time he reached the far side of the living and turned to walk back towards her, it seemed her expression would change. By the third round, she looked like she was going to throw up or something. Her mouth was hanging open and she had one arm back behind the counter doing something.
When he reached the bar this time, he could hear her breathing oddly, but she just smiled at him as if to tell him all was okay and then as he turned to repeat his path, she stopped him.
“Wait, just turn around and face me,” she said. He did so and she said, “Now just spread your feet apart…yeah, like that. Now just shift from side to side so it swings…oh fuck…yeah, yeah like that.”
He caught her letting the f-bomb slip out and that was weirder than her making him dangle his dick. As he stood there complying with her strange demands, he noticed her reflection in the stove behind her. Standing where he was now, close to the bar, he could see over the top and past her to the front of the shiny stove. What he saw reflected would disturb him forever and a day.
His mother’s ass was visible. She was naked from the waist down behind the counter, but because she was leaning forward, he couldn’t tell that from the front. Her legs were spread wide too, and her ass was moving side to side in a bizarre wiggling motion…and as he swayed, her wiggling increased and the expression on her face turned odd.
“Oh shit…go to your room…GO NOW!” she blurted at him and he froze in place. “GO!! SHIT! NOW!” she whaled at him and he took off to his room wondering what the fuck crawled up her ass.
Once inside his room, he leaned against the door and listened and heard his mother moaning and cursing loudly down in the kitchen…even punching the counter, it sounded like.

He knew now the bitch had ballooned his dick up and then gone into the kitchen to rub one out while he walked around with it dangling. She’d also tried her damn-dest to make it hard when she was pumping on it. Even then she’d been trying to work him into sex. The sick bitch had been on him for years and he was too naïve to know it. It would be different now.
He felt a surge in his balls and looked down in the low light of the living room and saw that Angie was having to jerk his cock from her mouth quickly as his erection swelled. She popped it out and started jerking on him like there was no tomorrow, her spit acting as an incredible lubricant. He grabbed the base of his dick and stifled a groan as his semen launched out onto her face and neck…and then she lowered the tip of it and continued to pump him until he’d coated her titties down with white mess.
“Oh fuck,” she hissed as she let his dick go and began rubbing his cream all over her fattened breasts. They were shiny and slippery now and he could see the light glinting off of them as she massaged them erotically…her hard and bulbous nipples sticking out like thimbles in the darkness visible only by the shiny coat of his cum on them.
He thrust his pelvis forward and flopped his limp dick atop her right titty and she took the hint and snagged it, using it to stir the cum load all over her boobs.
After a little bit, she let his dick go and stood up. She leaned in to him and buried her tongue in his mouth and then walked back down the hall, completely naked. When her t-shirt had come off, he wasn’t sure…maybe while they were writhing around after the first bout. Sex seemed to make him forget things. Time stopped being normal when he was fucking her.

Angie walked down the hall…the cold air nipping at her entire naked body, cooling the gooey mess that covered her. She needed a shower so badly but as she reached the bathroom door, she stopped and looked into the open bedroom door at Mark, snoring atop the bed.
Not just yet, she thought to herself as she walked on into the bedroom and crawled under the covers with him.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Mark muttered in the darkness as her hands jerked on his dick.
“Just shut up for once…and let me have it, asshole,” she hissed at him as she leaned down and sucked his dick into her mouth and began bouncing on it till he was hard.
He moaned and she knew she had him. It was dark and he couldn’t see her. She was making her move.
She sucked him until she knew he was almost to climax and then she ripped the blankets and sheet back and pulled his underwear completely off.
“Damn…it’s like three in the morning,” he grumbled. “What the fuck, bitch?”
“Shut up and fuck your fat ass wife,” she snapped at him in the darkness as she groped and found his dick again. She’d gotten Shawn to fist her so her pussy would swell up. Now she could mount Mark and maybe actually feel something.
She turned and mounted him with her ass to him, her body facing the open bedroom door. His cock slipped in easily enough and she started snapping her ass, working him hard and fast before he knew what was happening.
“Aaahhh, shit,” he blurted and she felt him cum inside of her. Oh yes…cum inside of her with no condom on!
She strained her eyes and realized Shawn was standing at the edge of the open bedroom door, looking in at her. The light from the alarm clock was probably illuminating her to some degree, so she decided to be really nasty.
“Oh shit…alright…I’m done…c’mon,” Mark grumbled at her as he tried to slide her off of him, but she started slamming her pussy on him and kept popping it till he quit fighting her. He was a two-cummer and she knew it. If she just kept on, he’d shoot off again at some point.
“No!” she blurted. “You give it to me…you fuck your fat ass wife, dammit…you give it to me, or I’m gonna take it!” And she pretty much was taking it. “You like that big ass don’t you motherfucker…you cuss it…you despise it…but that ass knows how the fuck that fat cock, don’t it?”
“You nasty fat fuck,” he growled from behind her, but she felt his hands reach up and grab her luscious new love-handles in a tight grip as he helped her grind his dick.
“You shut the fuck up! It’s my cock…I do what I want with it, asshole!” she blurted at him.
“Ride it you fat cunt,” he growled. “Take it!”
She noticed Shawn was still standing in the door, watching, so she leaned back and pooked her belly out…one hand reaching down and jiggling it extra hard and all at once, she felt Mark begin to buck harder beneath her.
Oh shit, motherfucker is getting into it, she realized. For a moment she wasn’t sure what to make of that. They hadn’t had sex in months…and now…it was happening. She’d planned on just getting it and then going to the shower, but she’d seen Shawn at the door, peeping…and decided to go for a second shot with Mark, just for shits and giggles…and now…now it was heating the fuck up for some reason.
“Oh now…is little Marky got it hard for a big, fat fucking ass?” she called out, taunting him beneath her. She felt him straining to bounce her up and down on him and so to spite him, she stopped moving at all and just ground her vagina into his pelvis, burying his cock fully inside of her…something she’d never been able to do before.
“Oh fuck,” he moaned.
“Oh fuck what?” she taunted him a bit more. “Big fat Angie can take all that cock now, can’t she?”
“Nasty bitch,” he groused at her as she began to work her hips in a circle, grinding his cock and balls with her pussy.
“Maybe I should get up now and just go take a shower,” she asserted and started to move, but his hands tightened on her love-handles and held her place.
“Slap my fucking ass, you little worm,” she blasted at him. “Your cock ain’t shit…I can suck that bitch up like nothing,” she added and started gyrating again on it. “You ain’t man enough to fuck my fat ass and make me cum.”
“Oh I can make you cum, bitch!” he shot back.
She motioned with her hand at Shawn…motioned for him to shut the bedroom door…and he did, easing it closed…almost. She noted she never heard it click.
“Why don’t you be a man and turn the fucking lights on and look at me while you fucking me?” she insisted.
Fumbling, she felt him reaching for the lamp beside the bed and when he flicked she heard him gasp…as his eyes fell on her enormous ass atop him.
She looked back over her shoulder at him and gave him a defiant glare and expression.
“Two hundred and sixty two fucking pounds of pure fat fucking whore,” she said matter-of-factly. “And you can’t handle even half of one my ass cheeks, you fucking pussy.”
He said nothing but he pushed her forward onto her knees and then he was in her from behind, pounding her doggy style. It was the second time in an hour that she’d been mounted like this…first by Shawn and now by his father. The nastiness of it was overwhelming her better sense.
“I can’t even feel it, Mark…how big did you say your cock was?” she taunted him and he started banging on her harder than he’d ever done before and he was literally pushing her toward the end of the bed.
When she reached the end of the bed, she pushed back and shoved him off of her and he collapsed back onto the bed behind her. She twisted around to face him and slipped off to the floor at the foot of the bed.
For the first time in a week, Mark saw his wife naked…and she was forty one pounds fatter than five days ago…and from what he could tell, a good deal of that lard was in her titties now. But her belly was mammoth, even bigger than he remembered and she looked fucking pregnant as she turned and walked around the bed. With every step, her gut bounced and her titties swayed and jostled. By the time she was up next to him, he had realized that each of her tits was the size of his fucking head.
“Holee shit, you fat fucking bitch…your titties are huge,” he blurted as she stopped and put her hands on her hips.
“Too bad you don’t do fat bitches, huh, asshole,” she snapped back at him as she lifted her left titty and started sucking on it.
He reached out and grabbed and roughly tossed her down on the bed and mounted her missionary position. Leaning down on her he buried his face in her titties and she scooped them up with arms to hold them up atop her chest for him.
He went at it for a while before she shoved him with everything she had and made him pull out. When he backed up, she grabbed his arm and pulled him to the bed top and rolled him on his back. Once it stopped moving, she straddled him and crammed his cock inside of her, burying it to the base.
With her pussy swollen, she actually was getting something out of this…and aside from the physical aspects, it was kind of nice to be able to cuss this asshole and make him work for it. For months she’d been hounding him for it and getting shot down…and apparently it had been the wrong tactic. She needed to push his buttons…make him feel like he wasn’t man enough to satisfy her…she needed to stop being the beggar and start being the queen with her pussy. It was apparently driving him crazy. She’d assumed he’d vomit when the lights came on and he saw how fat she was…but his eyes had locked on her tits and here they were still fucking minutes later.
As she began to grind him this time, she was facing him and her huge ass belly hung over him like an ominous avalanche of flesh that might fall and overwhelm him at any minute.
“You like that pussy…you want that pussy?” she taunted him. “You want me to cum for your tiny little cock, hmmm?” She looked down at him and she pooked her belly out and shook it at him. “Then you play with big belly…you pussified asshole…c’mon…get it…you handle up on it or I’m not gonna cum and I’m gonna go fuck some asshole who can make me cum.”
“WHAT?!” he blurted.
“You don’t think I can get some dick? Please motherfucker, the fatter I’m getting the more assholes are hitting on me. Some big black dude tried to get me to go out back with him at the fucking grocery store the other day. Offered to fucking pay me for it.”
“SHIT!” he spat. “You’re full of shit!”
“Fuck you, motherfucker…I’m sick of no dick…so you either put up or shut the fuck up!” she blasted back at him. “I’ll go back down to that store and find that bastard and I’ll suck his big black cock right out in the open in the parking lot…and then everybody in town will know you can’t even keep your fat nasty wife satisfied!”
His hands grabbed at her belly and squeezed it…then shook it and then his hands went up to her tits and did the same.
“I got his number,” she said, taunting him further. “He said his dick was bigger than yours…like eleven inches…and I don’t doubt it…he was over seven foot tall.”
“Gonna fuck you!” he blurted at her and his hips began bucking uncontrollably beneath her so violently that he was actually bouncing her entire body up and down. “You fat fucking whore…don’t you date cheat on me!”
She suddenly felt an opportunity to ride him a little into the ground and break him off. Was he really paranoid of her cheating on him? Was this a jealous rage of sex? Well she liked it and she wanted to inflame him even more.
“I ain’t gotta…go…downtown…for a fat cock,” she asserted, amid gasps and bounces. “Shawn’s just in the living room!”
“WHAT?!” he blurted and shot upright, pushing her back onto her ass on the bed. He was up and over her, glaring down at her.
She laughed and stared back at him.
“Are you serious?”
His face relaxed and he assumed she was fucking with him.
“Too far…sorry,” she added with a grin.
“N-no,” he muttered back. “Go with it, bitch.”
Suddenly it was her that was in shock. Had he just given her permission…nay…actually told her to talk nasty about his son?? Yes he had!
“His dick is bigger than yours,” she said, feeling suddenly ashamed that she wasn’t making it up.
He was inserting into her again, missionary style.
“How you know?”
“I saw him…in the bathroom,” she said, again telling an unknown truth.
“You spying on him,” Mark asked as he started pumping in her again. “You like looking at boys?”
“Only ones with big fat cocks,” she replied with a dirty little glint in her eye. “Can’t help it…I’m so deprived…ain’t had no dick in months. That’s why I’m so fat…you made me fat, asshole…I have to eat ‘cause I got no cock between my legs!”
“Fuck you’re fat…shit,” he grumbled as she made her whole body jiggle wildly with his humping.
“Oh yeah I’m fat…’cause that’s what Shawn likes,” she said, another truth slipping out. “Every day when you leave for work, he comes in here and feeds me in the bed and then I suck his dick…right here in this bed where you trying to fuck me.”
“I ain’t trying, bitch!” he barked and his thrusting increased in speed and f***ed.
“Please, I can’t even feel that little prick of yours’…why don’t you give it up and go watch a porno and jerk it?”
His eyes bulged as he glared at her.
“Oh I know ‘bout the porn channel…I let Shawn watch it while I suck his cock…I jerk him off to it sometimes,” she added, making it up now.
“He’s a real man…cock is twice the size of yours…and it’s so fat…so fucking fat…it’s unreal how fat it is,” she continued to grind the word “fat” into everything she said. “Fat cock for a fat bitch, I guess.”
“Did…did…did you fuck him?!” he blurted amid pounding thrusts.
“So hard…I just spread my legs and let him pump me till he explodes…and he cums all over me too…especially my big fat belly…he loves my belly…says he wants to make me pregnant so it’ll get even bigger!”
Mark got a strange look on his face and then he started panting out loud and cursing and then he erupted in her so hard that she literally felt the surge of semen inside of her.
He collapsed on top of her and slid off to her right side on the bed. His hand reached out and shook her belly.
“When did you get so fucking nasty?” he asked.
She lay there in awe that she’d just climaxed…again…but this time with Mark?!
She turned her head and looked him in the eye.
“Does the idea of another man knocking me up get you off or something?”
His eyes bugged out of head.
“Don’t shit me,” she said and continued staring at him.
“I don’t know,” he finally answered.
“Do you think you would get off watching me fuck another guy, maybe?”
“Why you asking that?” he blurted, a worried look on his face.
“I’m tired of not getting any,” she said. “You tell me what you want from me and I’ll do it…I don’t care what it is…or who it is,” she added, her eyes inadvertently flicking to the bedroom door and Shawn beyond it.
Mark looked stricken for a few moments but then he relaxed and jiggled her belly some more.
“Are you enjoying that?”
He snorted and sat upright, cross-legged on the bed beside her and reached out with both hands to shake her gut. “Pook it out like you’re pregnant,” he said and she complied. “Fuck your gut is huge!”
“Holee shit,” she blurted, realization suddenly dawning on her. “You got a pregnant fetish, don’t you?”
“That’s why you was banging Stephanie without a condom in high school, wasn’t it? You knocked her up on purpose and you only broke up with her after she had Shawn!”
He stared at her blankly.
“You’ve never approached it again, because you were scared of getting hit with c***d support again,” she continued unraveling him. “That’s why you won’t get me pregnant!”
His mouth suddenly hung open.
“Oh don’t even deny it, asshole…soon as I said Shawn and making me pregnant, you blew a fucking nut so hard it rattled my teeth.” She glared at him…knowing she had him. “And now you’re sitting here playing with my belly telling me to pook it out like I’m pregnant for you.”
He blushed…the man actually blushed.
“Just knock me up…fuck…damn, man…make me pregnant, you asshole…I’d ride that cock morning, noon and night.”
He looked at her belly and shook it again.
“You would be fucking ji-normous,” he stated as he warbled her mammoth gut again. “Okay…yeah…alright.”
She pooked her belly out again and he began kneading it and she noticed his dick was straightening out again.
“So you think Shawn’s actually got a big one?”
She gulped, wondering where the fuck this was going.
“Who cares?”
“You’re at home with all week…have you…y’know… looked?” Mark asked. “Stephanie told me a few years ago that he has something…some weird thing or the other that she said he got from me…and that he’s got like a stupid size dick or something.”
“What…so I sit at home getting fat all day and staring at your son’s package?” She glared at him. “Why don’t you just ask him about it?”
“That’s like gay or something,” he replied. “Same as me looking. But I could swear he’s got this big bulge in his shorts sometimes…can’t help but notice it.”
“You want to know the truth,” she asked him. He didn’t nod, but his expression begged her to tell him. “He’s got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” Mark’s mouth dropped open in awe again, but he said nothing. “I walked in on him in the bathroom couple of days after he got here…and I nearly passed the fuck out.”
“How big is it?” he asked, his eyes pleading.
“Mark?!” and she found herself blushing. “It’s big, okay… what, you think I stopped and measured it?” As soon as she said it, she could tell he was what…fantasizing about it???
Oh fuck, Mark…are you really fantasizing about it? Shit, is this for real? Have I really been doing something all this time that would have turned him on??
“Mark,” she said, hesitating before continuing. “Mark, would that get you off…me measuring his dick?”
Mark stared at her for a minute as if he wasn’t sure of whether he should answer or not.
“You asshole…you been fantasizing about me and him all this time, haven’t you? She let a smile creep across her face.
“It’s fucked up, huh?” he finally said, admitting to it.
A silence suddenly filled the space between them and her eyes locked with his…and her hand reached out and began to stroke his dick…rousing it to erection again.
He leaned forward to kiss her for the first time in months and when their lips parted, she looked him dead in the eye and said, “That is the hottest, nastiest thing I could have ever imagined, Mark.” And then she kissed him again.
He crawled up on top of her again, and pressed inside of her…his hips starting to slowly hump and pump once more.
Oh shit…he’s going for three…he’s never even tried that!
“Mark…baby…you know I love you,” she said, lying more than she was willing to admit. “But I have been wanting to get a hold of that dick of his for two weeks…and that’s the reason I can’t stop eating, baby…it’s killing me having him in the house with that thing.”
“Have you been spying on him?”
“I want to,” she said.
“Do it,” he told her.
“Mark…I think he likes that I’m fat,” she said, playing it up. “I catch him staring at me a lot…I mean a LOT.”
Mark’s motions increased a tad and she could tell he was getting off on what she was saying.
“The other night…remember…in the kitchen…when I got the mayonnaise all over my shirt and I had it pulled up…and my belly was hanging out?”
“Yeah, I remember…he was at the table…yeah,” Mark said, nodding his head, his eyes glued to her face.
“Before you walked in, I think…I think he was jerking it under the table,” she lied. “I had my shirt up for a while there…I didn’t think nothing of it…and when I turned around, his hand hit the bottom of the table and he jumped and saw him fidgeting and then I heard his zipper just as you walked in.”
“Oh fuck…he was jerking off to your fat gut?”
“Oh don’t say it like that…hell you got a pregnant thing, asshole…maybe it’s genetic…maybe he liked it ‘cause I look pregnant, y’know?”
“Shit,” Mark cursed, his hips speeding even more.
“Mark…can I walk around with my belly hanging out?”
That sent him into a rhythmic pounding that started feeling really good to her.
“Oh fuck…fuck,” he whispered. “I wanna see you play with it,” he muttered and buried his face in her tits so he didn’t have to see her face or her response.
She pulled his face up with both hands and made him look at her.
“I will do anything you want me to, baby,” she told him and his eyes almost glowed in response. “I wanna do it anyway. You know I love you…but that boy’s dick is crazy!”
“You wanna fuck him?” he asked her.
“I don’t know…I don’t think…no,” she replied, lying but not wanting to push him too far…not just yet. “I just wanna hold it in my hands…maybe jerk him off on my belly.”
“Are you serious or are you still just talking shit to me?” he asked as he slowed and began long stroking her.
“Oh shit,” she moaned. She f***ed her eyes open so she look him in the face. “No baby…I’m serious.”
He stared at her for a few second before saying anything else to her.
“You been fantasizing about him too…ever since you walked in on him, huh?”
She blushed and looked away, toward the wall. She didn’t have to fake it. She really was embarrassed that the moron was able to see through her that easily. Either he was smarter than she thought, or her personal façade wasn’t as solid as she thought.
“Is it that apparent,” she asked. “When I was talking shit earlier…I was…I was really letting go with the truth a little,” she admitted, knowing most of it was lie.
“Tell me about it…tell me about your fantasy,” he prodded her as his strokes began increasing in intensity again.
“Are you really gonna go for three?” she asked.
“Depends on how good your story is,” he replied.
“He’s not all that much to look at…he’s a boy,” she commented without further prodding. “But his dick…Mark…it’s got to be eight inches long limp…he’s bigger than you when he’s limp…and I can’t fathom how big it might be hard.”
“You apparently had it taken care of in the kitchen the other night,” he said with a smirk. “Maybe you should have looked at it then.”
“You walked in…it freaked me out…I didn’t know what to do or say…and then you made me put my shirt down,” she said. “That’s why I was fucking with you about it. I didn’t want to put it down…after I realized that’s what he was looking at.”
She gasped as he tapped her g-spot.
“I didn’t want to tell you…I didn’t know how you might react,” she continued. “I’d been wondering why he watched me all the time…I’m mean I’m fat, right…but…but apparently he likes me like that…if you could have just seen his eyes, Mark.”
“You think he’s got a belly thing, for real?”
“Oh yeah,” she answered.
“I want you to let it hang out then,” he told her. “Get up in the morning and…and just walk around…I don’t know…knot your shirt up like you did in the kitchen. Go do some housework and see what happens…and then when I get home tomorrow night, you tell me about it.”
“Mark…what if he tries something?” she asked. “What if he pulls it out or something?”
“I doubt he’s that bold,” he replied.
“He was jerking off under the table in the kitchen,” she asserted, countering his opinion…and knowing full well she was far more accurate than she could admit without incrimination.
“Just tell him to put it up,” and ignore him. “Just act like he ain’t got nothing you’re impressed with…for now.”
“For now?” she looked at him.
“I’m gonna borrow Ted’s video camera,” he stated. “I’ll get it tomorrow night before I come home.”
“What?” she blurted in astonishment.
“You can hide it…it’s little like,” he explained. “And then you can film it if he does something.”
“So you can watch?” Mark was far more deviant than she had ever imagined. “You want me to do something with him and film it?”
“Fuck yeah,” he blurted and his pelvis began bucking hard.
“You nasty bastard…you want me tease him and then fucking get busy with him don’t you?”
Mark said nothing but he was rising to something…and she suspected he might be about to cum again.
“Why don’t you just stop shitting around it and say it, asshole,” she taunted him as he sped toward climax. “You want me to take him down…you want my fat, nasty ass to climb up on your son and milk his fat fucking cock while you watch!”
He erupted in her and then collapsed off to the side of her again, panting and gasping for air.
She sat up on the bed. Her plans had been going so right. She was gonna fuck Mark…and keep fucking Shawn…one of them would hopefully get her pregnant and then she was gonna leave Mark when Shawn went home in two more weeks.
But now…now things were vastly different. Now she knew Mark wanted her to get pregnant…and now he was actually fucking her again…actually turned on by her again despite her having gained so much weight. And now she learns that not only has he been fantasizing about her and Shawn…but now he wants her to actually fuck him and tape it so he could watch!
Now a new plan began to form…one in which she had a threesome with them. Now she thought about getting pregnant and keeping both studs. Mark might be bearable as long as she had Shawn to fuck her too. Maybe Shawn would want to stay with them…move in with them…would he do that, or was his thing for his mother too deep-seated? Maybe he might come stay the summer with us every year or something at least, she thought.
She scooted down to the foot of the bed and stood up and turned to look back at Mark lying atop the bed, exhausted and spent.
“You dare me to walk out there like this?”
He rolled his head to look at her. “Naked?”
She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of old thong panties. Jiggling and jostling her body around, she managed to pull this up. The leg straps were cutting into her fat so hard that the flap rolls literally hid them. Then she removed an old bra…a fucking C-cup and put it on, fighting to cram her huge jugs into the cups. By the time she got it situated, her tits were literally overflowing the garment and bubbling out the top.
“I’m not naked…mostly,” she said as she stepped to the door. “You gonna come watch?”
He climbed up and hastily grabbed his shorts from beside the bed and turned the lamp off beside the bed.
“Go get me a beer,” he said as he reached the door and peeped around the corner while she sauntered off down the hall toward the living room.

Oh this was just too good! Not one dick, but two! Mark had the looks and the ability to take care of her…and Shawn had all the cock she could ever want. It was just a dream…a wet fucking dream…that she didn’t want to wake up from.
As she suspected, Shawn had gone back to bed at some point, but she wondered how long he had stayed at the door…how much of their conversation he’d heard and how freaked out he might be by it.
The boy was actually sl**ping on the couch when she reached the living room. She felt totally naked. The bra and thong just weren’t doing anything. And despite having walked naked through the living room maybe an hour earlier, somehow the act was now different…more deviant than it had been previously. Somehow it was dirtier that Mark was watching.
She went into the kitchen and opened the icebox, retrieved a beer bottle and stood there for several seconds with the light from the refrigerator illuminating her. She knew Mark could probably see the light, but not her, so she shut the door and stepped into the laundry room and flicked the overhead light on in there so that light permeated out through the kitchen and into the living room. It was bright enough to see well, but not bright enough to wake Shawn up.
Sauntering yet again, with bottle in hand, she diddy-bopped across the living room to the sofa and right up to where Shawn was lying.
She saw movement and looked up to see Mark at the end of the hallway behind the couch watching her.
She pointed down at Shawn and mouthed, “He’s asl**p.”
Mark looked disappointed.
She grinned and unsnapped her bra in the back and threw it at him. Startled he caught it, but had a “what the fuck” look on his face as she leaned over the couch and dangled her belly and titties inches above Shawn’s head.
“Whoops, my bra fell off,” she whispered barely loud enough for Mark to hear her. “Ohh nooo!”
“Nasty bitch,” he hissed back at her.
She played with her titties right over the boy’s head and even sucked and licked on her nipples for a while to taunt Mark some. Eventually she knelt down beside the couch though and scooted down even with Shawn’s hips.
“Hey!” Mark hissed loudly. “What are you doing?”
“You wanna see it?” she mouthed at him and pointed down to Shawn’s blanket covered body.
Mark’s eyes were bugging out of his head, but they remained glued to his fat wife’s actions.
Carefully she pulled the blanket back and sure enough, the boy had no pants on. His over-sized cock was plainly visible d****d over his left thigh. It was shriveled and only about half its normal size…but it was extra fat from all their fucking earlier while Mark slept.
Mark stepped closer and positioned himself right behind the couch and peered over at Shawn’s exposed genitals.
“HOLEE SHIT!” he hissed loudly and she fanned him to silence and then waited for him to calm down.
“I told you,” she mouthed at him.
She looked up at mark and waited for him to make eye contact with her. And then she motioned at Shawn’s dick and mouthed the word, “watch.”
With one finger, she tickled the end of his cock and it immediately began elongating. She glanced up and Mark looked like he was about to choke on his own spit. His eyes were the size of softballs.
“You dare me?” she mouthed the words and he looked like he might jump across the couch and strangle her, but she knew he wouldn’t.
Carefully she wrapped her hand around his dick and all at once the boy shifted on the couch and rolled over onto his back and she had to let go. His dick, elongated now to at least eight inches, lay d****d over he left thigh.
She leaned forward and licked it and then looked up at Mark…shocked to realize that he was beating off behind the couch. She didn’t have to feign her shocked expression.
“Are you beating it?” she mouthed and he stopped and pointed down at Shawn.
She faked a look of disbelief as if she would never do what he was insinuating, even though she already had. “No way,” she mouthed. “It’s too big,” she added, showing him how round it was with her hands and then pointing to her mouth and shaking her head.
Instead, she reached out with her fingertips and began minutely stroking the loose skin around his shaft and in moments he was forming an erection.
She leaned back and look up at Mark like she was horrified at how big the boy’s cock was becoming…and Mark was going to town on himself behind the couch.
She stood up and sat down on the coffee table behind her and spread her legs and leaned back. Her right hand braced her and her left hand snaked forward and ran its fingers down into her dental floss thong where she began to rub her pussy while she stared at Shawn’s growing erection…and while her husband beat off a few feet away.
She faked an orgasm and played it out until she knew Mark was shooting off himself, and then she reached out and covered up Shawn’s cock. She had no idea if he was sl**ping for real or just faking it, but either way, Mark had bought it.
The two scampered back to the bathroom.

“Oh fuck, my balls ache,” he blurted as they got inside the bathroom and shut the door.
“Am I still a fat, nasty whore?” she asked him.
“You’re my fat, nasty whore, bitch…and you are fucking fantastic!” He smiled at her for the time in what seemed like forever and then his hands were all over her and they made out in the bathroom while the water heated up in the shower.
“Pook it out…pook that big belly out,” he told her as she stepped over into the shower.
“No, that’s for Shawn,” she said. “He likes my fat ass,” she added, taunting him. “Maybe he’ll knock me up and make me pregnant!”
He climbed into the shower with her and they made out some more under the hot steam and water. At some point, she went back to bed with him and passed out.

This book will be published in serial format.
Subsequent chapters will be added in order.


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By The Marquis Facade


Angie awoke suddenly and sat up on the bed. Mark was already gone to work apparently, as she was alone in the single apartment bedroom. She tossed the sheets and blanket back and twisted to hang her legs off over the side, but she didn’t quite have the energy to get up yet, so she sat, unmoving for a while, rolling thoughts of previous events around in her mind.
In the last twenty four hours, she’d discovered that her husband had a pregnancy fetish…that her step-son had been abused to an extent by her husband’s ex…or had he? The line there was a little fuzzy for her.
Shawn had told her about his mother’s obsession with making his dick bigger, an obsession that had gone on for years and eventually, she assumed, had led to him actually having a ridiculously massive appendage. And then she’d started showing him off…and that rolled into letting her friends grope him…and that led to them making a game of giving him an erection…and that eventually led to his mother, herself, all but climbing atop of him in the shower a few weeks before he came to stay with her.
The confusion about things came in with whether Shawn actually minded or not? From what she knew of him now, she suspected that he hadn’t really objected to any of it…and had, in fact, voluntarily given in to most of it. So was this something she should report…or…or tell Mark about?
In light of her own tryst with Shawn, she felt rather hypocritical to report Stephanie for it. And in light of what went on the previous night with Mark…well…she wasn’t sure telling him about Stephanie was really going to piss him off. In fact, it might even turn him on. So what was she to do with the knowledge she now had? And with Mark all up into his fantasy of her and Shawn…how was she going to handle that? Should she tell Shawn about his father’s bizarre new obsession? Or should she just play both of them to get her own jollies?
And Mark…her husband alone, was enough to make her head spin. Twenty four hours ago, she’d been ready to drop him like a hot potato. She’d only stayed this long because she felt sorry for him…and didn’t want him to miss the chance to have his son with him for a month. But with him working full time and no one at home, the boy wouldn’t have been able to stay. So she’d made up her mind to stay till Shawn went home, and then she was going to leave Mark.
But just hours ago, she’d discovered her husband had been fantasizing about her and Shawn. What the hell had brought that up in his mind, she had no idea. But he’d not only admitted to it, but acted incredibly turned on by the possibility that Shawn really did have a thing for her. And when she’d played along with his sick little whimsy, he’d suddenly decided he was turned on by her again as well. They’d fucked like rabbits and even made out afterwards in the shower. It was the first contact between them in months…since she started gaining weight…and that had been the main reason she was leaving him. He’d made it expressly clear to her that he didn’t like her being fat and had just stopped having anything to do with her. At least until last night when she’d just took it from him…and then let the spark of twisted desire pull them both into a debauched role-play…one which ended with her playing with Shawn’s dick while he slept…and while Mark watched.
Shaking her head, she stood up and walked toward the dresser to get some clothes. As she reached for the top drawer, she realized there were clothes already atop the dresser along with a hand written note.
“Wear this – Love, Mark,” she read out loud.
Looking down, she eyed the two items accompanying the note from her husband. It was an old t-shirt she hadn’t been able to wear for a long, long time. It had been baggy when she’d weighed 110…and too tight at 165. Now, as she stood looking at it, knowing she weighed at minimum, two hundred and sixty pounds…the idea of wearing the shirt was just ludicrous. Hell, she’d probably rip it just trying to get it over her titties…and likely it wouldn’t cover much more than that. The other garment item was a pair of cut-off jeans. She’d been able to wear them not too far back…if she remembered, she’d bought the jeans while she was around two twenty or so, right before Shawn showed up…but the legs had gotten tight in them and she’d cut them off, making them into shorts. But as she looked them over, holding them up…she was quite certain they hadn’t been this short before. Had Mark cut them even shorter this morning before leaving for work?
She glanced around and noticed a pair of scissors and denim fabric over atop Mark’s beat-up old dresser on the far side of the room from her.
“Nasty motherfucker,” she mumbled out loud as she opened the top drawer of her dresser to get a pair of panties. But as she reached in to retrieve a pair, she halted and considered the situation. In her left hand, she held the shorts and as she looked at them once again, she recalled how awesome the sex the previous night had been…with both Mark and Shawn! Her own sick fantasy was to have them both at the same fucking time…but she wasn’t sure that would ever happen. Mark might be all for it…but she wasn’t sure how Shawn would take to that idea…not even in the slightest.
Oh well…she wasn’t going to pass up the chance to fuck both of them separately either. While Shawn had all the cock a woman could ever want, he didn’t even come close to being the full size man that Mark was…strong arms, big chest, chiseled face and manly size. Not to mention, while he might be dumb as a post, he did work and take care of her…so in the end, if she had to pick one or the other, it would end up being Mark. But with Shawn in the picture, she wasn’t sure if Mark would continue to even be sexually involved with her. Ultimately, she felt like Mark might only be turned on by the fact that she was doing dirty things with Shawn…so when the boy left in a few weeks, life was liable to resume its previous lack luster mode.
But what if Shawn stayed with them? Obviously the boy didn’t like his new step-father at all…and his mother was no longer involving herself with him at all. From the way he described it…it was as if his mother had finally given in and had her way with him…and gotten it out of her system, so to speak. And now she had no use for him. So perhaps getting him to stay wasn’t such an improbable idea after all.
She shut her underwear drawer and shook the shorts out and stepped over into them. It was a fight then…one that ended up with her on her back on the bed, struggling and sucking her flab in…while wrestling viciously with an evil button and zipper. At some point, the garment conceded defeat and she jerked its zipper up with a vengeful rip. Sadly though, she found that she couldn’t sit upright, so she had to roll onto her side and thrust herself up off the bed. For a few seconds more, she wiggled and jiggled, trying to work the far-too-tight shorts down to a bearable position beneath her gargantuan belly.
Stepping over to the dresser again, she picked up the tiny shirt and pulled it over her head.
“As fucking if…” she said with a sigh as she got her arms in it and attempted to pull the tail down. She had to stretch it out and then literally stuff her tits up under it to get the shirt to cover her chest. But her tits were, as she suspected, the last thing that the garment was going to cover. With her breasts crammed up inside of it, the tail came down maybe five or six inches beneath the curve of their bottoms. It looked like she was wearing a cut-off top…or sports-bra more or less. She felt silly and hugely fat. “I wore this once,” she muttered in disgust as she moved toward the bedroom door.
So Mark is serious with this shit? Does he really want me to try and seduce his own son? Apparently he does…if he wants me to wear this getup while he’s gone. And if he comes home and I’m not wearing it…he’s gonna be pissed as fuck.
“Whatever,” she said with a sigh as she reached for the doorknob. At least Shawn probably wouldn’t complain about it.

Walking down the hall, she could feel her belly jiggling copiously…up and down with each step she took. With the shorts girted up so tightly at her hips, it felt as though all the fat in her ass was being compressed upward into her stomach and love-handles. Her abdominal flab felt twice as big as it did the day before…all an illusion she knew, but the sensation was real none-the-less. Not to mention, her love-handles were practically over-flowing the top of her waistband. Her belly, well that, she was used to swamping the top of her pants…but her sides…that was something new. It was freaking her out, but also the feeling of new jiggles was turning her on. Her tits, her belly, her ass…they had all been jostling and gyrating for a long while now…but now she was enjoying the jarring of flesh all the way around her torso. The closer she got to the living room, the more and more she was becoming aroused. Looking down, she noted her nipples, hard as rocks, protruding through the front of the over-stretched t-shirt.
As she stepped out onto the living room carpet, she realized her titties were slipping downward little by little. Stopping, she reached beneath them and hiked them up with a sudden jerk and then readjusted the tail of the shirt underneath them, in hopes that it would keep them from working their way out again.
When she’d gotten her shirt situated, she thought to glance at the couch. To her surprise, Shawn was not on it. His blanket and sheet were neatly folded at one end of the sofa and his pillow was on the coffee table.
She turned and walked around the corner into the small kitchen and found him sitting at the table eating toast and jelly with a large glass of orange juice.

Shawn took a bit of his toast and began chewing it. Amid the crunching, he swore he heard something. Freezing his jaw and teeth, he craned his neck to look out the doorway into the living and was startled for a moment to see his step-mother strutting into the kitchen with him.
She had on nothing but a pair of daisy-duke shorts that were so tight, he knew she had to be losing circulation below her hips…and a t-shirt that looked like it was about to explode from the internal pressure of her overly plump titties it was doing its best to restrain. Beyond those two skimpy items, the rest of her body was visible. Her huge belly looked even larger than it had the day before…and with every step she took, the massive spare-tire bounced and shook like the proverbial bowl full of jelly…and out to her sides, huge fat rolls bulged over the top of the shorts. He’d have called them love-handles…but they were somehow far, far more than just handles at this point.
He noted how her gut was starting to droop down further and further in the front. With every pound she gained, most of it obviously settling in her stomach…her skin was becoming more and more stretched. When he’d first met her, he could see her pubic mound beneath her belly…but now…some thirty pounds or so later…he doubted he could see anything at all. Her navel was also drooping…getting closer and closer to being even horizontally with the waist of her shorts. A few more inches…and it would be. He wondered just how far down her gut would eventually sag were she to continue gaining weight?
As she stepped around the table where he sat, he noticed her ass cheeks were bubbling up out of the top of her shorts as well…and beneath the shorts, her fat thighs were also swelling beyond the fabric. With each step, her fat ass tops jiggled and her lower legs warbled…and despite what he knew shouldn’t… the view of her was turning him on.

“Like the view,” she asked as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a half gallon of milk and popped the top on it.
“So I’m guessing you got Dad to bang you last night, huh?” he countered with a question of his own.
“About that,” she said, taking a deep swig of milk right from the jug. “How long were you out there watching?”
“A while,” he replied. “I went back to bed after he turned the lamp on.”
“So did you hear any of the…ummm…talk that went on between me and him?”
“Up till the lamp,” he answered with an emotionless expression. “So your plan worked huh?”
She sucked down another ridiculous gulp of the milk and smiled just before she let loose with a un-lady-like belch. “Sorry,” she gasped. “Dairy…what can you do?”
She sat the jug down and leaned back against the counter, bracing herself with both arms behind her.
“I found out some shit last night that blew my fucking mind,” she revealed. “Brace yourself…it’s totally freaky.” Shawn just blinked and stared at her. “Your father…has apparently been having sexual fantasies about you and me doing it while he’s at work.”
Shawn’s eyes slowly widened as the information settled in and the shock began to take hold.
“Were you awake when I came back into the living room last night?”
“Huh?” he muttered, the shock of what she’d just told him obviously still wreaking havoc with his thoughts.
“I came back in…after me and him…and you were sl**ping on the couch…and I pulled the blanket back…you were naked and I sat down on the coffee table and rubbed one out,” she explained. “Were you awake when I did that?”
His eyes were the size of saucers now…his mouth hanging open…a look of dazed and confused blatantly visible in his expression. “N-n-noooo,” he finally managed to answer.
“I didn’t tell him anything about us,” she told him with an odd look in her eye. “But apparently your mother has told him about your dick.” She waited to gauge his reaction, but the boy just continued to sit there and stare dumbfounded at her. “Anyway, he’s apparently been curious about whether it was really as big as she claimed…and somehow or the other he just concocted this delusion about you and me fucking while he’s gone to work every day.”
“And he has no clue…about us…for real?” Shawn asked, gulping repeatedly.
“No,” she replied with a solid and single word. “But I sort of played around with him about it…he asked me to talk nasty about you, so I did…and…for the first time in months, he actually fucked the shit out of me.”
“Oh,” Shawn blurted with a look of disappointment.
“Please,” she hissed. “Your cock is still by far, superior to his, Shawn…so don’t look so dejected. But he is my husband, and the reason I was going to leave him was because he was neglecting me and making me feel like I was gross and disgusting to him.”
“So all at once, he thinks you’re hot again?”
She sighed before answering.
“No, but he does have a pregnant fetish, and the idea of you knocking me up seemed to drive him crazy,” she revealed. “But in all honesty, as soon as you go home, I imagine things will go back to the way they were.” She noticed the boy’s expression morphed into something a little less depressed. “So I think he’s more or less just turned on by the deeds he thinks I’m doing than me in reality. In other words, he still don’t like fat chicks, but he likes what the fat chick might be doing with a big cock.”
“So what the fuck?” he blurted without prelude. “Does he want to watch us while we do it or something?”
“Yeah,” she admitted. “I think he kinda does.”
Shawn looked appalled somewhat as he replied.
“I don’t know about that.”
“I figured,” she said with a smirk. “It’s kind of gay, huh?”
“He’s my dad…and he’s a dude…with a schlong of his own,” Shawn rattled off with a look of growing repulsion. “I really don’t want to…to have him watching me…especially with you.”
“What if it’s only recorded?”
The question hung unanswered between them for a few tense moments.
“He wants to borrow a video camera from his friend at work and get me to record you and me messing around,” she continued.
“That’s still really weird,” he complained.
“Shawn,” she began, “I’m fully aware of it, but the man has inserted himself into the picture and I can’t get him out of it now.” She gulped and reached for the milk jug again. “If I don’t give him something, he’s gonna be pissed and he may really start watching us. I mean if he figures out we’re messing around and he’s not getting to be part of it…it’s gonna get ugly real fast.”
“So what are we gonna do?” he asked, biting off another bit of toast.
“I think we should just play along a little bit, maybe,” she suggested. “Just set up some little something or other and record it…and then just let him have his jollies with it. He’s happy and we get to continue doing whatever we want for a few more weeks.”
“Okay,” he agreed. “But I got a condition,” he added as he shoved the last bit of his toast into his mouth.
As she swigged her milk, she realized he was smiling at her.
“What?” she asked, as she swallowed and lowered the jug once more to the counter beside her. The look in the boy’s eye already made her nervous, and she already knew what he was going to say before he said it.
“You get fatter,” he said with a finger pointing directly at her belly.
“I guess we could play that up,” she said. “I told him that I thought you were turned on by my belly,” she admitted. “He laid this get-up out for me to wear this morning.”
Shawn scanned her, noting the ridiculously revealing and overly constricting garments she was attempting to wear…and then he smirked and eventually grinned.
“So we tell him that I think you’re hot because you’re fat, but I don’t wanna mess with you because you’re my step-mom,” he said, laying out his version of the plan. “So you tell him that you think if you got fatter that I wouldn’t be able to resist you.”
“And we play it out for a few weeks…and then throw it down for him the night before you leave?” she picked up and moved forward with his idea.
“Yep,” he agreed. “And in the meantime, we can really be doing whatever we want.”
“He’s bold, Shawn,” she warned him. “He’s going to want me to do shit when he’s home and some shit that’s probably going to turn you on…bad like. So you gotta be cool and remember to play the reluctant step-son, alright?”
He nodded and smiled as he reached for his glass of orange juice. “It’s cool…I got it.”

Mark opened the door and walked into the apartment, lunchbox in hand and was disappointed to find no one in the living room but his wife, Angie, sitting alone on the couch.
He turned and pushed the door shut and then locked it out of habit. Turning back around he scanned the visible apartment and then looked directly at Angie and mouthed the words, “Where’s he at?” without making any sound.
Angie sat on the couch, sprawled, legs and feet up on the cushions, leaning back against one arm of the sofa, remote control in one hand and some sort of cupcake looking thing in the other. She was wearing the outfit he’d laid out for her that morning. The shorts, which he’d shortened, look like they were painted on her…and her gut and side rolls were just mushrooming over the cinching waistband. The t-shirt was tight enough to crack a walnut…and her huge ass tits were bulging through the front of it. She was soooo not the woman he’d married a few years before.
That woman had been like a hundred pounds soaking wet with a nice little pair of perky tits and an ass tighter than the shirt she was wearing now. She’d been so fucking hot…and now …now she was just this fat fucking bitch sprawled on his couch eating bon-bons or something.
His eyes locked on her belly though, and he imagined it big and round and solid…navel protruding…her fat tits swollen, her big nipples dripping milk…and he felt his dick begin to inflate inside his jeans.
And then he pictured her naked on that same couch, but with his son between her legs, humping her fat, jiggling ass like there was no tomorrow…and his dick hardened even more.
Why…why did the idea of her fat fucking ass doing his son turn him on? She didn’t turn him on any more…unless he thought about her being pregnant. Now that boned him up pretty good, like it had last night that one time…but more than anything the idea of her fucking his son overwhelmed him. And it wasn’t just the idea of her cheating on him. No, he’d beat the bitch senseless if he ever found out she was fucking another dude. Somehow, for some reason…it was just the deal with Shawn that churned his cheese. Maybe because she was so big and fat…and he was so small and frail…yet he still had that massive schlong…and speaking of, what the fuck was up with that?
Stephanie had told him several times over the years that Shawn had a big dick…bigger than his even. He figured she’d just been telling him that to piss him off…to goad him like she used to do back in the day. But when Shawn had shown up a few weeks earlier, he’d noticed almost immediately the bulge in his pants. And last night when Angie had pulled his blanket back, he’d almost freaked out. And when the fat cunt tickled him into an erection, he was almost horrified. But then she started diddling herself fat pussy on the coffee table…and it was just too nasty…like a porn movie or something…and he’d just started jerking off to it, not even realizing what he was doing.
He was surprised, quite honestly, that she hadn’t wigged out on him the night before when he’d mentioned the whole thing. In fact, she’d jumped all over it…revealed even that she’d seen his dick herself and that Shawn had popped wood on her in the kitchen once. She seemed as turned on by the prospect as he’d been…maybe even more so.
And then after they’d fucked…she crept into the living room and had pulled up his blanket and masturbated right there beside his son while he watched from behind the couch. He’d gotten off on watching her get off…on another guy’s dick. Well it wasn’t just some other dude…it was Shawn. He felt a little gay for having enjoyed the situation…but yet, it had been awesome and it had riled Angie up so much that they’d ended up messing around in the bathroom afterwards.
He looked at Angie and she flipped her thumb back over the couch toward the hallway…then mouthed, “bathroom” in response to his earlier question.
So he was in the bathroom…
Mark walked over to the couch and sat his lunchbox down on the coffee table. With a great flop, he dropped down onto the far end of the sofa from her…just inches from her toes.
“Soooo?!?” he hissed at her with wide, expectant eyes.
Angie sat upright and downed the last bite of her cake thingie. She swung her legs off the couch and scooted down to sit beside him where they could talk quietly.
“He’s been staring at me all day,” she whispered to him. “But other than that, he hasn’t really done much. But I think he popped wood when I first walked out this morning.”
Mark was suddenly excited.
“You think he’s back there beat’in off?” he asked in a hushed voice.
“I don’t know…maybe he’s just taking a dump or a shower,” she replied, wondering exactly where her husband was heading with all of this.
“I don’t hear the water running,” he asserted as he twisted to listen better, just to make sure.
“So he’s taking a dooky then,” she said with wide eyes. “So what?”
“Why don’t you just walk in and get in the shower or something like that?” Mark suggested.
“MARK!?!” she blurted in a normal voice level…then she realized she’d been loud and covered her mouth for a few seconds before continuing in a whisper once more. “Mark…what the fuck? You just want me to walk in there? He’s taking a p*o for crying out loud! That’s gross!”
“Yeah, and his pants will be down…and he can’t just jump up and run…so we’ll be able to see if you being naked does it for him, right?”
She looked at him with that look she always gave him when he was being stupid.
“Is that dumb?” he asked, already suspecting the answer.
“What possible, legitimate excuse…would I have for barging in on him to take a shower? That’s gonna freak him out, Mark!” she explained, still eyeing him with that disapproving look of hers.
“Well I don’t know…what excuse you had for wearing that white trash outfit?” he replied, pointing at her torso.
“I told him I was tired of being uncomfortable…that if he didn’t like it he would just have to not look,” she asserted.
“So tell him you’re tired of waiting on him to come out,” he snapped back in argument.
“You’re hopeless,” she hissed at him, shaking her head as she stood up. “You’re not gonna be happy till I’m sucking his dick, are you?”
The look on his face said all she needed to hear. As she stepped around him, he reached out and popped open his lunchbox and pulled out a small flip-camera and started diddling with it.
“What…are you gonna tape this?” she growled in a low voice as she turned to look back at him.
“Yeah,” he said as he stood up.

Shawn was enjoying the last of his logs, when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Angie barged in. She turned and glanced at him as she sped past him. The look in her eyes one of warning…of some unspoken thing that she couldn’t say out loud…and he immediately knew his father was home and apparently watching. She’d given him the look several times since he’d started messing around with him.
What the hell is going on? Why is she barging in on me while I’m taking a p*o? Play along…just…just…be shocked, yeah, you’d be shocked!
“Ummm,” he muttered. “Occupied???!”
She turned and glared at him as if she were agitated with him for some bizarre reason.
“Yeah, I know…it’s been occupied for like half an hour and I gotta take a shower before you father gets home. And I gotta change clothes…he gets pissed when I walk around like this,” she snapped back at him in response to his proclamation. “So either you vacate…or you’re gonna see a whole lot more of me than you probably care to.”

Shawn looked stunned for a moment, but then his eyes darted rapidly back at the open door…just enough movement that he indicated that he was aware someone was out in the hallway…and she knew that he knew what was happening.
“I’ll go…just give me a minute maybe…but umm,” and he held up the roll of paper.
“Please,” she sneered and waved it off as she reached into the shower stall and turned the faucet on. Leaning into the stall like she was, she knew Mark couldn’t see her face, so she mouthed, “He’s in the hall,” to Shawn, followed by, “Get hard and then get out.”
He looked oddly at her and she knew he hadn’t got the last part. Rolling her eyes, she stood back up straight and turned her back to him and rolled the t-shirt up over her tits and then pulled her arms out of it. She knew he could probably see her tits hanging out to her sides since her arms were raised pulling the shirt over her head.
“Hurry up,” she said to him as she tossed the shirt onto the counter, her back still to him.

Shawn knew his perverted father was probably out in the hall watching through a crack in the door or something and the whole thing creeped him out. He didn’t want to see his father, even by accident, so he just pretended he didn’t know…told himself he was alone with Angie…role-playing or something.
He stared at her butt rolls atop the waistband of her low-riding shorts. He heard her unzipping them…and as he wiped, he knew he was going to have an erection any second.
He had his limp penis dangling down into the toilet between his legs, so he quickly tossed his paper behind himself and then leaned back and flipped his cock up and over his left thigh. No more had it had time to slap his boney leg, than it began to swell.
What had this fat woman done to him? Before he came here he couldn’t catch full wood if his life had depended on it. And now…now she kept him erect almost constantly…even when he didn’t want to be.

Mark gawked through the crack in the door between its hinges and frame, staring with wide eyes at his son’s humongous penis d****d across his left thigh.
As his wife began undressing by the tub, Shawn’s dick began to swell and lengthen quickly. By the time Angie started wiggling out of her too-tight shorts, he was nearly three quarters erect and making no effort to conceal it…not that he really could have.
Angie’s shorts hit the floor at her ankles, and she looked back over her shoulder at the boy and her eyes bugged as they locked onto the size of erection.
Mark found himself growing erect as well. As quietly as possible, he began to unzip his own pants.
“I’m sorry, did I interrupt you in the middle of something,” she said to Shawn over her shoulder. “Or did that just happen?”
Shawn looked nervous as he stood up from the toilet and froze, his erection pointing directly out at Mark’s fat and naked wife. She still had her back to him, but he knew the boy could see her left titty as she twisted to look back at him.
“You gonna answer me?” she prodded him again but he just stood there, staring, still with his pants around his ankles. “Well, either put it up…or put it to use,” she added with a short burst of laughter as she stepped over into the tub. As she got in, she turned completely around to face him and then yanked the shower curtain closed, giving him only a momentary glimpse of her fully naked front side before the plastic d**** concealed her.
Shawn had his hands wrapped around his dick by this point and looked for a moment like he might start jerking off, but he didn’t…and all at once, he bent over and pulled his pants up. With much effort, he managed to cram his oversized cock into them and zip them up.
Out in the hallway, Mark was almost to orgasm and had to stop all at once and jump across the hall into his bedroom, where he shut the door and waited for the boy to emerge from the bathroom.
As he stepped out, Mark opened his bedroom door and popped out, startling his son.
“Aaayyy!” the boy blurted.
“Scare you?”
“Little bit,” Shawn muttered with eyes bulging…in addition to his pants.
“You seen Angie?” he asked.
“Umm…she just…run me out of the bathroom,” he replied, looking nervously…and then walked off toward the living room in a sudden hurry.

Mark grinned and walked into the bathroom.

Angie was washing the last of the shampoo from her hair when Mark walked in and locked the door behind himself. She stuck her head out of the shower, dripping, and stared at him.
“Is he gone?” she mouthed the words but made no sign.
Mark nodded and stepped closer to the shower until he was right up on her.
Smiling, he said, “That was fucking awesome!”
“Did you see how big his dick was?” she asked in a low, but excited voice. “It was fucking HUGE!!” she continued, her last word bursting out at full volume.
Mark snickered.
“Gee, little excited over that, are you?”
She reached out and punched him in the chest.
“Fuck you…this was your idea, y’know!”
“I know,” he replied, still grinning despite the whop in the chest she’d given him. “I can’t believe you took all your clothes off in front of him like that…that was…that was unbelievable! Did you see the look on his face?”
“No…I was too busy looking at his big ole’ dick!”
Mark snickered again and pulled the curtain back so he could see her full body.
“You wanna do more than look at it?” he asked with a deviant little glint in his eye. “I know you do,” he added with a perverted, one sided smile.
“MARK?!” she blurted with an astonished look on her face. “He’s your son…and…and…and he’s not even old--”
“PLEASE, WOMAN!” he cut her off mid-sentence. “I was hound-dogging myself at that age. Dudes want it…well it’s just open season.”
“Are you telling me that you want me to fuck him…fuck… fuck that elephant cock he’s got?” she hissed in a fake horrified manner…as if she couldn’t fathom such a task…while knowing full well she’d been riding it for weeks.
“Yes.” His response was way too quick…way too certain.
Angie stared blankly at him for several moments…letting the warm spray from the shower cascade down her naked body. How fucking twisted was Mark? Apparently he and his ex were both fucking freaks. It was one thing for her to be indulging in explicit activities with Shawn…being she wasn’t related to him, but Mark and Stephanie were his parents! It was just sick.
Should I tell him about Stephanie? Maybe that might put a damper on him. Maybe that might make him second-guess what he’s doing…or…or asking me to do.
“Mark…I’m not sure I can do that,” she told him with eyes the size of saucers.
“So…then maybe you just let him jerk off on you?” he replied, asking for the same thing again…only slightly less obscene.
“Touching it is one thing,” she said, her face turning bright red. “But doing something with it is another thing.”
“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered, disappointment obvious.
Shit! He’s gonna get all pissy again…and start watching us for real. DAMMIT! I’m gonna have to let it move forward…at least a little bit, or he’s gonna turn back into super-asshole.
He looked back at her.
“Maybe,” she said, reluctantly consenting to more deviant behavior.
“Maybe what?” he asked, pushing to get his way.
She glared at him before responding.
“I don’t know…I’ll just have to play it by ear,” she answered. “You got that camera…just leave it here, and I’ll set it up if I can get into anything. Because I don’t think he’s gonna do shit with you actually in the apartment with us,” she explained.
“Yeah, I know,” he agreed. “I scared the fuck out of him in the hallway.”
“Hey,” she called out to him as he unlocked the bathroom door to leave. “Was he looking at me when he got hard. I couldn’t really see all that well behind me.”
“Oh yeah,” he answered. “He was staring right at your fat fucking ass when that monster started swelling up. You’re right, I think he does have a thing for you…fat and all.”
She blushed and smiled, doing her best to play her role.
“I’m gonna make a run to the grocery store,” he added with a clever little look on his face as he opened the door. “You look a little hungry.”
When the door shut, she dropped out of character and stared at her own reflection in the mirror on the back of it. She’d climbed out of the tub as Mark walked out and now stood on the rug beside the tub enclosure, dripping and dumbfounded.
Is he up to what I think he’s up to? The probability was high. The man was not that smart to start with, so whatever the simplest explanation for his comments and actions was…well, it was probably the correct assumption. That son of a bitch wants me to get fatter too! Now what the hell brought that on? She thought about it for a few minutes and realized that it was all about Shawn. Mark wanted her to be irresistible to his son. So it is all about Shawn. That big gay bastard is all about Shawn more than he is me. I’m just here for Shawn to fuck, apparently. Unless I happen to end up pregnant…then I might be important again. What an asshole!
Whatever rekindled feelings she’d been having for Mark suddenly went out the window.
He’s just a fucking pervert!
She’d thought for a while that this all might be just a little game…something kinky for them to spice up their marriage with. That the night before might have been something new and something that could restart their relationship…but obviously she was the only one who’d gotten anything from it.
For Mark, she was just a pussy he’d fucked. Probably had spent the whole time imagining her pregnant…or pretending she was some other bitch he wanted. He’d gotten off on thinking about her and Shawn…not him and her at all. It had been a fucking joke, pure and simple…a charade…a theatrical performance for which she was just a secondary character, easily replaced by anyone who could dress the part and say the lines. If she left right now, Mark would just find some other fat bitch and put her up to it.
“FUCK, I HATE HIM!” she growled out loud.

“What the crap was that all about?” Shawn demanded as Angie walked into the room wearing jogging pants and a huge, over-sized shirt…her hair still wet from the shower.
“Is he gone?”
“Yeah, said he was going to the store,” Shawn confirmed.
“He came home and wanted me to walk in on you,” she said. “He was out in the hall spying, in case you didn’t figure that much out on your own.”
“He’s a freak,” Shawn commented…and it became apparent quite instantly that he was not cool with his father’s activities.
Angie came around the couch and flopped down on it beside him before saying anything else.
Sighing, she began, “He’s got it in his head that you’re hot for me because I’m fat…so he went to the fucking store to buy shit for me.” She looked over him beside her and looked dead into his eyes. “I think he’s planning on fattening me up even more to try and tempt you into fucking me.”
“Oh,” Shawn blurted with an odd expression on his face.
“Not that you’ll probably care,” she added with a smirk.
“Well, it was part of the deal,” he agreed with a grin.
“You two are gonna kill me,” she groaned. “Take your fucking pants off…I want some before he gets back!”

On Day 24, Angie decided to see what the damage was to her figure in detail. Mark had been dogging her to eat and eat now for well over a week…and the asshole just kept bringing home more and more junk-food…shit that he knew she loved the taste of…shit that he knew was fattening. And while she was pissed at him again…she still didn’t have much choice but to go along if she wanted to stay with Shawn. Luckily, Mark hadn’t tried to put the move on her again since that one night, so her original plan was still on course. If she came up pregnant, she was going to blame it on Mark…file for divorce, and be done with his perverted ass. Or at least that had been the original plan. For a while she’d contemplated getting Shawn to stay with them…move in permanently…so she could continue fucking both of them. But Shawn didn’t seem impressed by the concept of his father being a second shadow to his own. Dudes were like that. They never wanted to play second fiddle or share pussy with another guy. Well except for Mark apparently. He was all up into getting his wife to fuck his son. She wondered more and more if he didn’t have a gay streak in him. It wouldn’t surprise her much if he was actually bi or straight up gay altogether. Some guys were like that…might even keep it secret for years or their whole lives. She had even heard of some gay men getting married to women and having c***dren in order to conceal their inner desires. She wondered now if Mark might have been one of those guys?
Nah, he’s just a bisexual asshole, she decided after going over it in her head a hundred times.
As she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom staring at herself, not unlike a thousand times before, she could tell this time that she was definitely fatter. Her weight had crept up slowly and unnoticed initially, but since Shawn had arrived, it had been mounting massively. After her first binge, she’d climbed on the scales and nearly shit herself when she realized she couldn’t even see the dial for her protruding belly.
But today, there would be no surprises. After an 8 day regimen of junk-food, she could see red stretch-marks striping her entire torso. Most were small, but all were visible, even at a distance. The first ones had disturbed her so badly that she wouldn’t even let Shawn see her naked. He hadn’t fucked her now in almost five days. So if she wasn’t doing this to get laid, then why was she doing it at all? She didn’t know. It was as if she were spiraling out of control with it. She didn’t want to get fatter, but yet she just kept eating and eating as if she were addicted to food.
She stuck her foot out and slid the scales out from their nook between the toilet and sink cabinet…and then she stepped up onto them. Leaning over a bit, she held out her hand mirror so she could see the numbers on the digital display. She of course, had to read them backwards, but that wasn’t a problem.
Two hundred and eighty eight pounds. Meaning she’d packed on twenty six more pounds in eight fucking days. Eight days! Three and half pounds a day. Not a big number, but they added up quickly…three and half…seven…ten and half… f******n…and then you start seeing stretch marks!
She stepped off the scales and opened the drawer on the far side of the sink. She slipped the mirror down into it and pulled out her diabolical measuring tape.
Threading the tape around herself, she stepped over to the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door, so that she could read the measurements without having to lean forward and suck her gut in. Not that sucking it in was much of an ability anymore days.
Even though she stepped barefoot and lightly, each step jarred her gelatinous body mass. Her tits warbled from side to side and her gigantic belly jiggled incessantly…and even continued to quiver even after she came to a full stop in front of the mirror.
Her right hand caressed the round orb of her stomach, her palm sliding down the front of it…till her index finger neared her navel. She sighed and plunged it into her belly button and was astonished to discover that it sucked up her index finger all the way to the second knuckle joint. She wiggled it around and aroused herself somewhat. She needed some sort of upper before she faced the horror of sizing to come.
After a few moments, she abandoned her navel penetration efforts and pulled the tape end around to meet the bulk of the tape.
“Oh hell no,” she gasped as she realized the closer she got, the less tape she had in her hand. By the time the two ends met, there was barely two inches of unused length. Her belly was now 58” in circumference. That meant that her twenty eight new pounds…had increased her girth by five inches.
Shocked, she measured beneath her belly and threaded the tape above her massive ass. Forty two inches! She pulled the tape down around her ass cheeks and measured again. Fifty five inches! Her ass cheeks added a full thirteen inches to her waist size. She had a whole extra foot of ass in addition to her hips and waist! She twisted around and stared at her profile and her protruding ass. She popped up on her toes and dropped…the movement causing her mega-ass to bounce. The fluffy ass cheeks continued to quiver for moments after the bounce stopped. Her ass was fucking huge. Obviously her weight was no longer just going to her belly.
Turning back around to face the mirror, she realized she had a double chin now and her cheeks were plump as all hell. She shook her head and glared at her reflection…watching her face jiggle. Oh yeah, she was larding out everywhere now.
Her one solace was her tits. She let go of the tape measure and then held it up to her right breast. She was curious what cup size she was now. Measuring from the side of her tit around to her nipple…turned up a number of eleven inches.
Holee shit…my tit is almost a foot fucking long!
She knew, from her time working once as a clothing store clerk, that this meant she was probably in need of a double DD or possibly even an E-cup. Her titties weren’t pointy and deflated like some fat bitches…no, no…hers were plump and fluffy…and heavy as crap.
Out of morbid curiosity, she bent over, picked up the scales and sat them on the top of the sink counter. Leaning over, she d****d her right tit onto the device and watched as the digital display popped up the number “4.”
“FUCK! Four pounds…I’ve got eight pounds worth of titties!” she blurted out loud, impressed and awed with the newly discovered fact.
Oh, I’m definitely an E-cup! she concluded with more than just a tiny bit of excitement. For several minutes, she turned and posed, admiring her drooping but rotund breasts.
Finally she rolled the tape back up and tossed it into the drawer and then closed it.
Sighing, she confronted the fact that she had to get dressed. She stood staring at her over-worn pair of jogging pants and over-sized t-shirt. Was she going to wear them again? What choice did she have? She knew nothing in her closet was going to fit at all…not even just about. She was going to have to go clothes shopping…but her fear was that not even Lane Bryant would have anything to fit her. Their sizes went up as high as 28 for pants…and she was pretty damned certain that wasn’t going to fit her…not even if she let her belly hang over the top. She was going to have to find a muumuu dress. How had it come to that, she wondered…though she knew exactly how it had!
She picked up her jogging pants and bent over to put them on. All went well until she got to her upper thighs and realized the baggy pants were having to stretch to encompass her legs. And when she reached her immense ass, she had to jerk and stretch to get them up any higher. At some point she just stopped struggling with them and let go of the garment’s waistband. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. The jogging pants had been baggy enough she could pull them up and almost over her belly three weeks earlier. Three weeks…
Since Shawn had arrived, she’d gone from 221 pounds to 288…for a total of sixty seven pounds…sixty seven pounds packed on at an average of about three pounds a day. Her weekly gain had been three point five pounds per day for the last week. The first week, it’d been forty one pounds…but she’d been binging…literally, so she’d gained nearly six pounds a day…but then the second week, she’d slacked off…and the rate had dropped to almost nothing, but then not too long after that, Mark started poking the fatty foods to her again…but at least now it was averaging three to three and half pounds and not the six plus that she gained that first fucking week. So maybe she wasn’t pigging out as bad as she thought. Maybe if she slacked off…threw the food out…the gain would stop entirely. But how was Mark going to respond?
Looking at all the stretch marks on her body, she decided that she didn’t give a fuck what he thought anymore. He hadn’t touched in the last week…and probably wasn’t planning on it anytime soon. He only wanted to get his jollies watching his son fuck her.
“Motherfucker…if that’s what you want,” she growled and reached for the doorknob.

Mark was sitting on the couch with Shawn, both watching TV, when Angie strolled into the living room buck naked, her fat body quivering all over…her mammoth tits bouncing and warbling from side to side with every step. The sight of her startled them both so badly that neither could respond verbally.
“Y’know what?” she blurted with an agitated look on her face. “I’ve had it…I can’t do this anymore!” Her expression suddenly grew more intense and hostile. “You…you’re a fucking fag, y’know that?!” she shrieked, pointing at Mark. “And I’m not turning into a fucking beached whale just so you can get a thrill looking at your own son’s dick!”
Mark’s eyes bugged out of his head and his jaw dropped open in shock…but he could say nothing. What was his wife doing? Had she lost her fucking mind?
“You wanna know the truth? HUH??!” she continued to bellow directly at Mark. “I have been screwing him since the first fucking day you left me alone with him. I’ve been riding his fucking cock like it was made of gold, you moronic asshole!” Her face was fully furious now and she was shouting loudly and little bits of spit were starting to fly from her lips as she continued to berate him. “And you wanna know what else? We just been playing along with your sick ass so we can keep fucking, but now…now you’ve even fucked that up! He don’t wanna have nothing to do with you…and you’ve made me so fucking fat, I’m embarrassed to do anything with him! I mean LOOK AT ME…LOOK YOU COCKSUCKER!!” and she waved at her fat body…a body that was jiggling all over…literally quivering with fury as she shouted. “That’s right…look at me…I’m a fucking cow! I can’t even wear my fucking fat pants now! I don’t even have any clothes that fit! So I’m done! That’s it! I’m not playing games for you anymore! You want me to screw him, fine…I’ll fucking screw him!”
And with that said, she turned to Shawn and bent over, her hands reaching out and grabbing at the legs of his own jogging pants and jerking viciously. The motion literally pulled his pants down to past his knees. As she figured, he wasn’t wearing underwear and his dick flopped out across his thigh.
She dropped to her knees and grabbed his dick before he even knew what was happening and crammed the head of it into her mouth. He was almost instantly hard and she had to pull it out.
“ANGIE?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Shawn blurted, a look of sheer terror on his face.
“Trying to suck your big ass dick,” she replied. She turned her head to look at Mark who had an equally horrified expression. “You know who else sucks his dick? Your ex…his momma…Stephanie! She’s been doing shit to him for years to make his dick bigger so she could eventually get it. She finally sucked him off right before he came here. She’s a sick fucking, twisted up bitch as bad if not worse than you are! I mean at least she’s a woman…but you…you’re just a fucking faggot I think!”
“I’m not a faggot, bitch!” he growled at her and jumped to his feet.
Angie started stroking Shawn’s cock like a well-oiled machine. With a grin, she asked, “Where you going? I thought you wanted to see a show, asshole! C’mon, whip your puny little dick out and jerk it while I fuck him!”
Mark stepped forward and grabbed her by the arm and slung her off of Shawn and across the coffee table.
“I AM NOT A FAG, BITCH!!” he shrieked at her as she rolled to a stop on the other side of the table.
“Holee shit,” she gasped as she tried to sit up while rubbing her arm. “I thought you were just bi or something…but you really are a homo, ain’t you?!”
He jumped over the table and was on her like a flash, his fists wailing on her face in a blur of knuckles and arms. She screamed and flopped backward onto the floor as he straddled her obese body and continued his assault.
Shawn, suddenly aware of what was happening, sprang up from the couch and pulled his pants up and then stepped up onto the table and leaped onto his father’s back like a rabid lemur. Mark, startled by the counter attack, fell over to one side and cracked his head on the TV cabinet.
He shook his head, bl**d flying from a wound on his scalp and grabbed at Shawn on his back. In a furious maneuver, he pulled the boy loose from his back and bodily flung him over the coffee table and onto the couch with such f***e that the couch flipped over backwards.
For a brief moment, his mind cleared and he realized what he’d just done and in horror, he froze. In that very second, he heard his wife scream and then all went black as she broke a chair over the back of his head.
Shawn awoke to find his head cradled in Angie’s arms, her abundant breasts bare and arrayed around his face. She was battered badly, both eyes swollen and her nose busted…bruises starting to form all over her face. He wondered how she could even see him…and then he realized she couldn’t.
“You okay,” he asked her…immediately realizing it hurt to talk. His hands reached up and he realized his lip was busted. Reaching up higher, he discovered his own nose was bleeding.
“I can’t see,” she said. “My eyes are swollen shut.”
“What…what happened to Dad?”
“I hit him with a fucking chair from the kitchen,” she said, her lips bl**dy and trembling. “Shawn…he’s not moving…I don’t think he’s breathing.”
Just then he heard the sound of a police siren wailing in the distance…getting closer and closer.
“Oh shit…shit,” she muttered. “I’m naked…I don’t have any clothes.”
“You look beautiful, Angie,” he whispered to her. Rising up he staggered and made his way down the hallway and into the bathroom and got her jogging pants and over-sized t-shirt…and a towel for her face and a rag for his own. Wobbling back down the hall to the living room, he took the shirt and pulled it over her head for her. “I got you pants,” he said.
“They don’t fit,” she said, her voice cracking and tears rolling down her swollen face…from the black and purple slits where her eyes were supposed to be.
“Just pull the shirt down…it’s long enough to cover your butt,” he said as he helped her put it on.
The siren was much closer now and he figured the cops were probably pulling into the apartment complex parking lot.
As Angie pulled her shirt down, stretching it over her belly, he looked over at the crumpled form of his father sprawled across the carpet between the coffee table and the TV cabinet. He wasn’t moving and he didn’t appear to be breathing. He stepped over and dropped to his knees beside him and noticed the huge bruise forming at the back of his head and neck.
“Fucking asshole,” he hissed at him and reached to pick up a piece of the broken metal chair Angie had smashed over his back. It was light-weight aluminum, but the pieces…small pipes really, were pretty sturdy. Standing up, he started whacking his father’s back with it with all the fury and f***e he could muster…until the cops kicked the door in and flooded into the apartment…one disarming him and another forcing him away from his father’s body.
“Holee fuck!” one of them blurted as he knelt down beside Mark’s body. “Call it in…he’s DOA…and we’re gonna need an ambulance.”
“What the fuck happened?” the cop that was holding him against the wall demanded.
“He was beating my step-mom…and I hit him with the chair to make him stop!” he all but shouted back at the man. “He wouldn’t stop…he hit me…knocked me out…when I got up he was still beating her so I hit him with the fucking chair!”
Angie, kneeling beside the over-turned couch was leaning against it for support while another cop looked her over and attempted to use the towel she had to staunch the flow of bl**d coming from one of the lacerations on her face. She heard what Shawn said…realized why he was saying it…and began to cry in deep and body wrenching sobs...wailing loudly and not caring who could hear it.
Shawn felt guilty for his part in her condition…felt guilty so badly that he was going to take the heat…if any, for her over Mark. Did the boy love her? At least he wanted her…and that was more than Mark did. He wouldn’t be doing anything else though, faggot or not. She’d told him once that if he ever hit her it would be the last thing he ever did. She had no clue how truthful it would be at the time. Had he not hit Shawn…thrown him like a rag doll across the room, she might not have done it. She might have just gotten up and run...and she did…she ran into the kitchen as soon as Shawn had attacked him and they’d fallen to the floor. She had raced for the phone…to dial 911..but then she turned and saw Shawn flying into the couch and it flipped over and he didn’t get up. Fury had overcome her sense of self-preservation and the next thing she knew she was standing over Mark’s body…a broken chair still in hand…shrieking at him…calling him every vile word she could think of…and then she collapsed onto the floor and dragged herself to the phone she’d dropped. She dialed 911 through swelling eye sockets…and in horror that she couldn’t see, had dropped the phone.
She lay on the floor for a time…whimpering and holding her painful face…but then somehow she’d heard Shawn make a noise, and she’d felt her way across the living room to him behind the couch…cradled him…just happy to hear him breathing.
Now, still blind for the most part, she was sitting in the back of an ambulance…noise and people all around her, but none to be seen. Then she felt a hand grabbing hers and squeezing.
“I’m Detective Marsh…and you’re Angie, right?”
She shook her head in response to the feminine voice.
“Did Mark ever hit you before tonight?”
She shook her head side to side.
“Was he d***k…stoned…any idea what set him off?”
She shook her head side to side again.
“I’m fat,” she muttered. “He was mean to me about it,” she continued through swollen lips.
“Your step-son told me the same thing…said he just attacked you all at once like a crazy man. That sound about right to you?”
She nodded.
“Who called 911?”
“I did,” she said.
“After Shawn jumped on him?”
“After Shawn hit him with the chair, I think,” she lied intentionally. “He wouldn’t get off of me…till he hit him with it…he just kept hitting me…hitting me,” and she started sobbing again.
“We’re gonna send you to the hospital…and I’m gonna come by in the morning to do some paperwork,” the female cop explained. “But I’m pretty sure this is gonna be clear cut self-defense for the most part.”
The woman let go of her hand and sighed.
“But your husband is dead. It looks like the chair broke his neck, from initial examination. I’m sorry to have to tell you that.”
“Is Shawn in trouble?” she asked, trying to control her sobs.
“No m’am…he’s a hardcore little dude to have took Mark down like that. And looking at your injuries, I’m doubtful you could have helped him, so…well…quite honestly, from looking at the both of you…and looking at him…I have no doubt who the aggressor was in this instance. So I am not going to file charges in this matter…and I am doubtful the district attorney’s office will step beyond my report. You should be grateful that Shawn kicked his ass. Honestly, he could possibly have killed you had he not intervened.”
“Thank you,” she muttered to the woman as she listened to her climbing down out of the ambulance.
Moments later she was whisked away to the hospital.

Detective Marsh looked at Shawn as the EMT’s hustled him into a second ambulance. Her eyes unintentionally drooping to the boy’s crotch. His jogging pants were barely held up by his thin waist…and something large dangled in the front of his pants as he walked with the paramedics. When they helped him into the back, she realized what the bulge was and her eyes widened in disbelief.
She glanced back over her shoulder at Angie, grotesquely beaten and swollen, sitting in the back of the ambulance. The bl**d on her face was smeared and dried…yet the shirt she wore…the only garment she wore at all…wasn’t torn…wasn’t stretched…and had only a little bit of bl**d on it from the big gash beneath the woman’s left eye that the EMT’s had already bandaged up.
She looked back at Shawn as they closed the doors on his ambulance and pulled out. The boy’s eyes met hers and locked for a brief moment and somehow she could tell that he knew she knew. Behind her she heard Angie’s ambulance pulling out, and with sudden blares of sirens, both vehicles were leaving the parking lot.
Marsh climbed the stairs and re-entered the apartment. The crime-scene technicians were already pulling their equipment out and the photographer was recapping his camera.
“Everybody clear out…I want a minute before the coroner’s team come in to move him.”
When everyone had cleared the apartment, she closed the front door and walked over to Mark’s body. Kneeling down, she rolled him over and hesitated…then unzipped his jeans and reached into his pants. Gently, she fished out his penis and stared at it. After a moment or two, she pushed it back in, zipped him up and rolled him back into place and rearranged his arms and legs to fit within the lines taped around his body.
She stood up and walked over to the kitchen…saw the dropped phone…the bl**d on it…then noticed where the chair had come from at the table and turned to look back into the living room at Mark’s body. Her eyes focused on the over-turned couch beyond the coffee table.
She knew from talking to the cops who were first on the scene that they’d busted the door in and made their way across the room…finding Shawn wailing on Mark with a leg from the broken chair…and Angie had been on her knees beside the couch near the hallway entrance.
“What the fuck?” Marsh hissed, her hand reaching up and pushing her dark black hair back and over one ear as she refocused on Mark’s body again. “You were there, beating on her,” and she pointed at the bl**dy spot on the carpet in front of the coffee table, “and the boy jumped you…and what? You wrestle with him…go over…crack your dome there,” and she pointed to the TV cabinet…where bits of bl**d stained both the wood and the carpet. “And you threw the boy didn’t you…back into the couch…while fat momma runs to the kitchen to call 911.” She stared at the couch…wondered how or why Angie had been over there. “If she was here…and then went to the kitchen to call…then she wasn’t the one got tossed into the couch, was she? So it had to be the boy…but the chair came from the kitchen…so did fat momma whack him?” She eyed the entire apartment again, sucking in all the evidence…the bl**d and tried to replay events in her mind. “The boy jumps him, knocks him off of her and into the cabinet. Asshole gets up and tosses the boy into the couch…he’s down. Angie’s in the kitchen trying to dial…sees what happened…freaks…re-enters the fray with the chair and beans your ass, huh?”
She squats down beside Mark again and touches his head before continuing.
“What happened…what the fuck set you off big guy?” She pulled her hand back from his head and smirked. She looks over to the end of the couch again…notices a giant pair of pink jogging pants discarded on the carpet just inside the hallway. Remembering Shawn’s bulge…dangling down his pants leg…and Angie’s lack of clothing…lack of damage to the shirt…the only thing she was wearing. “You knocked the boy out didn’t you…but he came to after your ass went down under the chair. Fat momma crawled to the couch for him…probably couldn’t see by that point,” and her eyes followed a trail of bl**d drops that ran from Mark around the coffee table to the end of the over-turned couch. “The boy comes to…and goes to fetch some clothes for fat momma…then what…comes over here and pretends to beat on you to what…protect her from what? If this had been a domestic squabble gone bad…she’s in the clear. Hell the asshole hits the boy…she would have still be clear protecting him, right?”
She looks at the pants again and draws a conclusion.
“Step-mom was naked, wasn’t she? She was naked through this whole thing.” Marsh’s mind could come to grips with that, but couldn’t quite accept what she was starting to think in the lower depths of her psyche. She thought back again to Shawn climbing up into the ambulance…the bulge…dangling. “You weren’t wearing underwear were you?” She had already checked Mark’s genitals…seen how big they were. She now knew Shawn…his biological son…apparently carried his father’s traits. She looks over at Mark’s body once more and nudged him with her foot.
“Was junior pumping fat momma?” She snickered even though she knew it was in bad taste. “Big man come home and find his big fat wife banging step-son? Was his dick bigger than yours? Couldn’t handle it…so you just start fucking bitches up, huh? Well I can feel your pain, big guy…but it was still no excuse to beat her to death, motherfucker.”
A knock on the damaged front door drew her attention.
“Marsh…you done…we need to get the body,” one of the coroner’s agents said as he pushed the door open.
“Yeah…yeah I’m done I think,” she replied as she started to the door, passing him as he walked in shaking out a body bag.
Maybe…maybe he walked in and the fat bitch was on the boy…forcing herself…maybe that’s what flipped him out? No, no that don’t work because the boy defended her…he went and jumped on his own old man…then he tries to protect her from prosecution by claiming he did the asshole in?
As Marsh stepped through the broken doorway, she took one last look back into the apartment at Mark’s corpse as the technician laid the bag out beside him.
You walked in on them. It’s been going on for a while. You couldn’t handle it. It’s one thing to catch your wife with another dude…another to know she’s banging the dude ‘cause his dick is bigger than yours…and a whole ‘nother game when the other dude with the bigger dick is your own son.
She sighed and shook her head as she started down the stairs to the parking lot.
“Hey Marsh…we doing anything here?” it was her partner, Paul, asking as he walked across the parking lot toward her. “You still going with self-defense?”
“Yeah, the DOA was clearly the aggressor. Grown man with woman and boy…both of them fucked up…he’s only got the one real wound…unfortunately for him, it was fatal. Nah, it’s solid, call it in and get the DA to sign off on it and we’re done.”
“Sweet…man I hate homicides,” Paul replied as he turned to head back to their unmarked Crown Vic. “Glad this one is cut and dry.”
“Yeah,” she agreed and snickered.



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Secrets in the Bedroom Part 1

Secrets Behind the Bedroom Part 1
Written by TrueRoyalty

I've never felt this horny. Sitting on the bed alone. I was moving my hands up and down my thighs feeling my smooth skin. I moved to my inner thighs when I felt a tingling sensation. Tyler had walked into me at the store. My boobs were pressed against his chest and I couldn't help but imagine those were his hands. He plays college football and has strong hands. I wanted to take off my panties and feel my pussy when the telephone rang. I wanted to pick it up but I was too horny to get up. I let my hands feel my boobs and I delicatley squeezed them. The telephone kept ringing but I didn't care. They could leave a message for all I cared. I felt my nipples get hard and I took of my shirt. I stopped wearing a bra when I'm at home because it makes my boobs sore. I was getting wet and I couldn't take it anymore. I took off my panties and looked in the mirror and turned to see my ass. It was soft and hairless. I wanted Tyler to grab me by my ass and touch me. I bent over and saw my pussy in the mirror and I rubbed it. I began to let out a little moan. I slowly slided on the bed from the mirror and started to finger myself. I had seen Tyler's cock once at a party. We had been drinking that night. He had a big cock and I wanted it inside me. I put three fingers inside my pussy as my other hand massaged my inner thighs. My pussy began to tingle and I moaned. I rubbed my clit and slowly inserted two fingers deeper inside me. I teased my pussy and continued to massage my inner thigh. My hand moved to my ass and I squeezed my ass. "Oh, Tyler!" I shouted with excitement and I rubbed my clit faster and faster. I felt like jumping up as I moaned in pleasure. I cummed all over my bed.

I checked the messages on my phone to see who the caller was. I read the caller I.D. And it seemed familiar. Then I remembered it was Tyler's phone number. I played the message and I smiled. He wanted to invite me to a party.

Later that day at the party I had already been d***k. Lights were flashing everywhere and music was playing loud. I was walking through a sea of people dancing and laughing. Some were flashing there boobs or making out. I realized it was sundown and the night was young so I planned to make love with Tyler. I found him in the kitchen where creepers were hitting ont the d***kest girls at the party. I smiled and fixed my hair and tried to push up my bra so I could get his attention. Whenm I was ready I walked to him and smiled. "Hi, Tyler this is a great party isn't it?!" I hoped he had noticed my boobs. I've never been too sure if was attracted to me. "Hey, Gabby it's nice you showed up. I'm glad you're enjoying it," he sais with a cute grin on his face. We talked for a while and drank a little. I was so d***k I couldn't hold my beer cup still. Plastic cups and spilled beer was all over the floor and one of the d***k girls in the kitchen had been fucking a frat boy on the counter top. I was too d***k and horny to talk with Tyler. He was horny too. He kept eyeballing the d***k girl who had her ass bouncing. He wanted sex but I remembered how it felt touching myself. I had never cummed before and liked the feeling of my hands touching my smooth skin. I told Tyler to meet me upstairs with a few friends in the bedroom. We were both horny but I had something different in mind.

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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss:
Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation
by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D.
Published by
Copyright © 2003 by Tantra At Tahoe
No part of this publication may be stored, reproduced, forwarded via email, or transmitted
in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording,
or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission
of the copyright owner and the publisher of this book. Bona-fide purchasers may print one copy
of this document for personal use. Brief quotations may be used in reviews prepared for
inclusion in a magazine or newspaper, or for broadcast. For further information, please
contact...Tantra At Tahoe 11200 Donner Pass Road #146, Truckee, CA 96161 USA Phone (530)
587-1317, Fax (530) 587-9056, Email
EDITION 0.9 June 5, 2003
ISBN 0-9721913-1-3
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy
Chapter 4: Tantric LovePlay
Chapter 5: Sacred Landscape
Chapter 6: Sacred Gate Massage
Chapter 7: Yoni Healing
Chapter 8: Ecstatic States
Chapter 9: Kama Sutra Sex Positions
Chapter 10: Female Ejaculation
Bonus Chapter 11: Male G-Spot
Chapter 12: Conclusion
This book is dedicated to our beloved Tantric f****y, a continual source of Supreme Bliss
through spiritual inspiration, sexual ecstasy, and expanded consciousness.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 2
Important Note
The material in this book is for educational purposes and is intended to provide helpful
guidance to lovers about human sexuality. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate,
dependable, up-to-date information. We believe what's presented here will be helpful and poses
no risk to any healthy person.
This_ding that neither the author nor the publisher is engaged in rendering medical,
psychological, or any other professional service. If you have questions concerning the
application of the material and advice described in this book and its affect on your health and
well-being, it is your responsibility to consult a qualified professional first.
Any use of the techniques used in this book are at your own risk.
This book is not intended to serve as medical treatment, psychological counseling,
psychotherapy, or any other services best performed by a health professional. No part of this
book should be used as a means of self-treatment or as a viable substitute to or for medical
evaluation by a physician. If you suspect you have a condition requiring such treatment, we
encourage you to seek professional help before engaging in the practices included.
Absolutely no part of the program should cause pain or unusual symptoms. Should such
arise during or after doing the practices within, the affected party is advised to seek medical
evaluation to identify possible causes.
If you have knowledge or suspicion that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease,
we urge you to consult with a qualified health professional before engaging in any partner
practices in this book.
The authors and publishers cannot be held responsible for any error, omission, professional
disagreement, or outdated material in this book. The authors and publishers are not liable for
any upsetting reaction, damage, injury, infection, fatal disease, or other adverse outcome as a
result of applying the information or engaging in any activities suggested in this book.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 3
Chapter 1: Introduction
"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."
----- Ben Franklin
1.1 Opening Section
This is what you have to look forward to...
"As I lay here with my legs spread and my beloved's head bowed, worshipping at the door of
my secret garden, I give great thanks for the pleasure I'm about to feel.
"With his soft tongue on my most sensitive outer trigger, and his two longest fingers inside, I
writhe, scream, and come and come and come. Orgasmic energy engulfs me and soon all he has to
do is breathe on me and I shower him with my divine nectar. It goes on and on, over and over
again for about 30 minutes.
"My beloved is grinning and I am, oh, so blissful. He asks if I want more. Not a hard question
to answer. I say YES!
"When I reach the continuous Orgasm Zone, I simply want more, More, MORE!"
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Help you understand what's in this ebook.
• Orient you to what is where and how to proceed.
• Introduce you to how Tantra fits in.
When you read the introduction above, did you say to yourself, "I want that?" Whether
you're a woman or a man, young or old, gay or straight, you want to know the depth and
breadth of your sexuality. You want to feel great pleasure and amazing sexual ecstasy. You
want to pass through the Sacred Gate Of Supreme Bliss, our Tantric name for the G-Spot.
You want it all.
You want to have full-body orgasms, multiple orgasms, extended orgasms with maximum
energy that blow your mind. You want to know all there is to know about the female and male
G-Spots and female ejaculation.
Regardless of your gender, you want to be all you can be sexually. You want to feel totally
confident as a lover -- as the receiver of peak pleasure and the giver of untold ecstasy.
We wholeheartedly agree. We believe fervently that you deserve it all. Your sexual self is
the very essence of who you are.
If this sounds like anything you want, you're in for a real treat. Even if you're not sure, this
ebook was designed just for you.
Sex Positive Aim
Our aim is to support you in being totally sex positive. That means you know that sexual
ecstasy is a divine gift and any way you get it is good for you. We want you to love filling your
pleasure balloon, that imaginary bubble inside you that expands with good feelings when you
let it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate will show you how to...
• Expand your capacity for pleasure
• Bring spirit and awareness into your sexual play
• Routinely reach supreme sexual ecstasy
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 4
• Build confidence that you can give maximum pleasure
• Achieve your full sexual potential
• Fully and proudly embrace your sexual birthright.
To achieve this, you're going to learn to give and receive Sacred Gate (G-Spot) Orgasms of
incredible power and emotional sweetness. You're going to learn to supercharge your sexual
play with female ejaculation and relish being bathed in the Goddess's sweet ejaculation fluid.
With the latest scientific findings, you're going to discover a whole host of new ways to
exchange pleasure.
Just as there are many ways to create beautiful music, there's more than one way to make
love. We're sure you already know how to play some of the instruments in your sexual
orchestra. In the coming pages, you'll learn to play those instruments in creative new ways, to
play new instruments, and to expand your play list with both.
Soon you'll become the master of ecstatic alternatives to sexual union (our Tantric name for
intercourse). Not to mention ways to make sexual union supremely blissful.
But we have to warn you. If you play music like this once, neither of you will ever want to
Especially For Women (Partners, you can read this too)
If you're a woman, please know that we wrote Awakening The Sacred Gate mostly for you.
And so your lovers could give you maximum pleasure. Which is still for you. Though this
ebook ends with a bonus chapter about the male G-Spot, it's mostly about female anatomy,
female arousal, female ecstasy, and female orgasm.
If you wonder why, a few statistics can make this crystal clear.
Less than half the women who have sex reach orgasm during sexual union (intercourse).
Some estimate 75% of women can't reach orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation. Sadly, 10 to
15% of women have never had an orgasm.
Somebody has to do something about this. We nominate you. Do you accept?
Maybe you feel that you're not a very sexual person. Maybe you don't particularly like sex
the way you've had it. Maybe you've had negative or painful experiences. Maybe you think you
don't have a G-Spot or you have one that doesn't feel particularly good.
Together, we're going to change all that.
We want you to enjoy sex. We want you to believe it's good for you. We want you to release
your inhibitions, let go of control, and stop holding back. We want you to remember that being
alive means feeling desire. We want you to know that sexual play is good for you. We want you
to celebrate that your orgasms make you healthier, more awake, and closer to God.
Whew! Do you get the idea that we really care about your sex life? You're right, we really,
really do.
Sex Negative Culture
Unfortunately, most of the so-called civilized world disagrees with the above views. We
don't live in cultures that encourage us to explore our bodies, our orgasmic triggers like the GSpot,
and their spiritual connection. Religions frown on it. Few of our parents talked about it.
You can't even think about it at work without a lawsuit.
Even worse, health professionals are as hung up as the rest of the population. We regularly
receive referrals from highly trained ther****ts who are too shy to deal with sexual issues. In
fact, too many medical doctors scoff at proven sexual realities like female ejaculation.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 5
Partly, this sad story explains why the average lover doesn't know more about their own
orgasmic pathways. Never fear, in the coming pages we're going to help you change all that.
Tantra can help you drop these limiting beliefs and create the kind of sex life you crave deep
inside. Tantra is the ancient spiritual practice of sacred sexuality that uses sexual energy to raise
Not only will you learn how Tantra can enhance every aspect of your love life, along the
way you'll undoubtedly discover how to make your whole life better.
It's OK if you don't know much about Tantra, because we'll fill in the gaps shortly.
If you do know a lot about Tantra, we're confident that you'll discover a whole new practical
side before mastering our version, Supreme Bliss Tantra.
1.2 Tantric Ebook Section
"Sex really is a physical expression of a whole lot of stuff that has no physical existence: love and
joy, deep emotion, intense closeness, profound connection, spiritual awareness, incredibly good
feelings, sometimes even ecstasy....We free our a****l selves by opening our intellects to
awareness of our bodies, and when we are no longer stuck in our intellects we become more like
spirit: intuitive, experiencing the joy of life for the sake of experiencing, in communion with
ourselves, with each other, and beyond"
----- Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt in The Ethical Slut
Supreme Bliss Tantra
Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy into
expanded consciousness.
Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient
Eastern spiritual path that uses sexual energy practices to...
• deepen love and intimacy,
• extend lovemaking, and
• create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.
By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being,
and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
• heals your mind, body, and spirit,
• connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
• immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to reach cosmic peaks of
ultimately making life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.
Our Starting Place & Yours
Here are just a few of the key questions that we'll answer for you in the coming pages...
• Can you find your own and your lover's Sacred Gate (G-Spot)?
• Do you know how to give a G-Spot orgasm?
• Women, can you release your inhibitions and open to your Goddess nature?
• Men, can you orgasm without ejaculating from G-Spot play?
• Women, do you know how to ejaculate when you climax?
We know you're reading this because you want to know more of the answers to questions like
When we started on the path of Supreme Bliss Tantra during the mid-90s, neither of us were
multi-orgasmic. Like many other women, Jeffre's orgasms required effort. She was never aware
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 6
of ejaculating. Like most men, Somraj couldn't separate orgasm from ejaculation. So he usually
came pretty quickly.
Realizing how much we were missing gave us strong motivation to learn about pleasure,
ecstasy, and orgasm through Tantric practice. We've changed so much and had so much fun
that we just had to share our journey with courageous intelligent folks like you.
What's In Our Ebook
Awakening The Sacred Gate is chock full of frank, accurate, up-to-date information about
your sexual landscape, including a detailed description of male and female sexual anatomy.
What's more important, we've richly punctuated it with hands-on exercises and practices you
can use to quickly teach yourself these powerful sexual skills. Along the way you'll
undoubtedly discover how Tantric healing helps you drop negative sexual attitudes, release
unwanted inhibitions, and awaken dormant responses.
Isn't it great news that practices which teach you to fill your pleasure balloon make you feel
fantastic along the way?
Sexual learning isn't so different from strengthening your body by work-outs at the gym.
They both follow the old maxim...use it or lose it. The more you exercise, the easier it gets and
the better it feels. Through practice, you heal the weak parts to make your sexual system
healthy and whole.
We've created an ebook that is both comprehensive and user friendly. Though it has a little
of everything we've learned and how we learned it, it's not an academic volume, exhaustive
listing of references, or lengthy survey responses. It's a practical program that reveals all you
need to know.
Awakening The Sacred Gate shows you step-by-step how to put Tantric Sex into practice
immediately in your sex life.
In the coming chapters, you will find powerful techniques to master you own sexual f***es.
You'll learn how to use these techniques to give your beloved exquisite pleasure only imagined
in you most erotic dreams.
We hope you get the idea that we very much want you to become the lover you want to be.
Sexual Exploration Journal
When Somraj was a chemist, he learned to document everything about scientific
experiments in laboratory notebooks. You might want to use a similar approach while reading
Awakening The Sacred Gate.
To raise self-awareness, many readers find great benefit in recording their thoughts,
reactions, and discoveries in a personal journal dedicated to sexual exploration. We suggest you
get one right away. Then, as you read this ebook, you can jot down what you agree with, what
makes a strong impact on you, and what doesn't jive with your experience.
When you do the practices sandwiched throughout this ebook, you're bound to learn lots
about your body, your sex, and yourself. Capturing your adventures offer valuable insight as
you progress and help you remember important discoveries. Journalling becomes an invaluable
tool when you choose to communicate to a lover what you've learned about pleasuring your
Sacred Gate.
During all the practices in this training program, we don't expect or encourage complete
instant transformation. So writing down what happened can help you pick up where you left
off next time. Further, the G-Spot and female ejaculation often push emotional buttons and raise
issues buried deep inside. You'll want to take some breaks to process what comes up, clear the
decks, and integrate what dawns on you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 7
Journalling can help with all that.
To energize your journalling, you'll find discussion questions similar to the following
spread throughout your ebook. You can write your answers or close your eyes and look inside
at your own situation. If you're anything like the average couple, talking about sex isn't the
easiest thing to do. Those who go through this program with a partner find that these questions
are great stimulants for honest intimate communication.
EXERCISE: Journal Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• How big is your capacity for pleasure?
• How much spirit do you bring into your loveplay?
• What are your orgasms like? Difficult? Full-body? Multiple? Continuous?
• How much of your sexual potential have you realized?
Tantric Sex
Tantric Sex is making love reverently, sacredly, and consciously to maximize and circulate
orgasmic energy. It's much more than technique. It's an amalgamation of attitude and emotion,
awareness and approach.
To be sure, this ebook will teach you lots of specific sexual how-tos that will give you
enormous confidence. Just remember, when you combine them with the Tantric attitude, voila,
you'll become every woman's dream lover.
Awakening The Sacred Gate includes expansive and exciting solo and partner practices to
enable you to understand, first-hand (pun intended), the nature of Tantra and the experience of
Tantric Sex. Before you're done, you'll know exactly how to find, excite, and create maximum
pleasure from the G-Spot. You'll know how to ejaculate if you're female, or make your female
partner's waters flow regardless of your sexual preference.
More importantly to students of Tantra, you'll know how to interweave mind, body, and
spirit to create powerful, ecstatic and long lasting sexual experiences, with or without sexual
union. (That's one of our names for intercourse.) You'll learn to muster your inner fire, couple
sexual energy with physical touch, and exchange orgasmic magnetism with your beloved.
By the way, everything here applies to women giving to women as well as men giving to
women. Except of course in the chapter devoted to maithuna, sexual intercourse. Everywhere
else, we've done our best to use language that honors whatever your sexual preference is.
Kundalini To The Rescue
Before going further, we should explain what we mean when we refer to a key target of
Tantric Sex, Kundalini energy. There's a dormant life f***e inside all of us that few tap into fully.
When you're turned-on sexually, you can feel this nervous stimulation and physical excitation,
alive, bubbling, vibrating inside you. Even when you're not, you can probably feel it trickling
and tickling inside.
This is sexual energy, which most lovers feel most strongly right before orgasm. So
sometimes we call it orgasmic energy.
Kundalini is the old Sanskrit name for this normally latent psychosexual power. The ancients
pictured Kundalini like a coiled snake that lies sl**ping at the base of the spine. When
awakened through Tantric practice, Kundalini energy can ascend through the subtle body,
creating powerful ecstatic experiences and heightened cosmic consciousness.
Know how to do that for yourself, and exchange Kundalini with a partner and, virtually, the
sky's the limit.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 8
Being a great lover is a learned art and science. If you grew up the way most of us did, you
weren't born into a society fully aware of this knowledge. Now you can enter the Sacred Gate of
Supreme Bliss. The path is great and wide.
Welcome to expanded Tantric sexuality.
Why Is It Important For You To Learn About Tantra?
Tantra is the ancient art of transforming the Kundalini energy awakened by orgasm into
spiritual connection and cosmic consciousness. Its roots are very old, as long as 7,000 years ago.
Tantra shows us how to open fully to our sexual nature and, in the process, learn to love all
of who we are. As we practice more ways to feel pleasure and consciously experience ourselves
as sexual beings, we're able to more fully realize our spiritual nature. Sadly, we live in an antiecstatic
society that doesn't promote joy, pleasure, and ecstasy as worthwhile pursuits.
Tantra says these are the only worthwhile pursuits.
As part of your Tantric exploration into the depths of your sexuality, it is only natural that
you explore the capacity of the Sacred Gate and the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Tantra
says be all you can be, experience everything, enjoy.
Know yourself sexually, and the truth will set you free.
We'll fully explore the nature of Supreme Bliss Tantra so you'll learn how to be the blissful,
playful, energetic lover you were born to be. That's a lover who has the desire and capacity to
make lovemaking last through multiple orgasms of multiple kinds, regardless of your sex.
We'll teach you ancient Tantric secrets about how to relax, awaken your senses, and use
your breath to increase your sexual pleasure. We'll demonstrate how to move your body to
enhance your orgasms. We'll offer you everything you need to know, to practice, to experience
and to fly emotionally and spiritually on the wings of sexual bliss.
Why We're Qualified To Write This Ebook
Jeffre and Somraj started Tantra At Tahoe in 1998 to teach lovers the ancient art and science
of sacred sexuality. Our combined 53 years of teaching and counseling experience created the
backdrop to help singles and couples integrate the secrets of Supreme Bliss Tantra into their
lives. Our strong sexual appetites and willingness to experiment ourselves and with others
provide the personal experience that allows us to write with conviction.
Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D. is a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher with over 30 years of clinical
psychology experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. Jeffre is co-author of
Intimacy: The Green Light for Red Hot Sex and A Lifetime Of Loving. She is a shaman, healer,
counselor, workshop leader, columnist, artist, and avid skier whose advice is highly sought
Somraj Pokras is the author of countless articles about Tantra, over 50 workshops, and 4
books including the best-selling Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery. During his 30 year career as a
counselor, group facilitator, and trainer, Somraj has guided more that 20,000 people to lead
more effective lives. Somraj is a private pilot, avid skier and mountain bike rider, website
designer, and worshipper of the Goddess.
We derive great joy from assisting others to release their sexual inhibitions. By unblocking
their pleasure, they learn to make lovemaking last and last and last. We live in the mountain
paradise near Lake Tahoe, California with our two golden retrievers, Shiva and Shakti. Our
Tantric lifestyle allows the four of us to celebrate the beauty of nature during all seasons.
With all the stress, disease, and unhappiness in today's world, somebody has to
demonstrate that it's possible to enjoy life to the fullest. We're making that our ecstatic life
purpose. That's our story and we're sticking to it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 9
EXERCISE: Energy Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Why do you think Tantra can help you?
• How relaxed are you during sex?
• How open do you feel you are to Kundalini energy?
• When and where can you feel sexual or orgasmic energy in your body?
1.3 Sexual History Section
"Ultimately, your definition of sex or sexuality is limited only by your imagination and
willingness to explore." ----- from Intimacy: A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A
Lifetime Of Loving by Jeffre TallTrees and Orv. Fry
The Sacred Gate
The G-Spot is a highly sensitive area on the front or upper wall of the yoni (Tantric for
vagina). G-Spot a modern term, coined by Ladas, Whipple, & Perry in their 1982 book The GSpot
And other Discoveries About Human Sexuality. They named it after Ernst Gräfenberg
M.D. who first wrote about this "new" orgasmic trigger in a scientific journal in 1950.
By the way, Gräfenberg didn't call it a spot and rightly so. It's an area in different places in
different women. And it moves.
We call the G-Spot the Sacred Gate, partly because all of sex is sacred to a Tantrika (a Tantra
adept) and partly because it truly is a doorway to profound love, deep emotional intimacy, and
sexual ecstasy. The Sacred Gate contains the power to unleash hidden emotions, generate deep
orgasms, and trigger ejaculation when aroused enough.
Before you're done reading this ebook and doing its many juicy practices, we can assure you
that you'll be able to find and excite your beloved's Sacred Gate. You'll learn anatomy, massage
strokes, and more pathways to G-Spot orgasm than you can imagine.
We expect that some of you have had negative experiences with G-Spot stimulation. You
may have felt little, nothing, burning, or other discomfort. Let us assure you that, by following
our program to awaken your Sacred Gate, this will never be the case again.
We should warn you that we use the terms G-Spot and Sacred Gate interchangeably.
Hopefully that won't confuse you.
A Brief Sexual History Lesson
Though G-Spot is a modern term, undoubtedly the ancients were aware of the super
sensitive parts inside yoni (vagina). They were certainly aware of one the Sacred Gate's primary
sexual functions, female ejaculation. There are references to the female expulsion of fluid with
orgasm as early as Aristotle in ancient Greece. The Kama Sutra mentions in clearly. Shakespeare
called it "the water of my love."
It wasn't until about 400 years ago that a Dutch anatomist, Regnier De Graaf, clearly defined
the glands and ducts that make up the Sacred Gate. He said they were analogous to the male
prostate. This started a scientific trend of referring to the G-Spot as the female prostate.
In 1880 Alexander Skene, M.D., extensively studied and illustrated the glands and ducts that
comprise the female prostate. To this day, some refer to this part of a woman's anatomy as
Skene's glands. It wasn't until 1953 that a urologist named Samuel Berkow concluded that this
tissue was erectile.
More current research beginning in the 80s concluded that the Skene's glands are small,
functional organs that produce female prostatic secretion and possess cells comparable to the
male prostate.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 10
When you feel the G-Spot, or Sacred Gate, you're feeling these glands beneath the skin of
yoni's upper wall.
More Research, More Arguments
About the turn of the 20th century, Freud was generating his own revolution about the
nature of sexuality. He said there were two kinds of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal, or in Tantric
terms clio and yoni. Freud convinced many that clio (clitoral) orgasms were immature.
According to him, it took a real woman to have a yoni orgasm.
In contrast, pioneering sex researchers, like Kinsey in the 50s and Masters & Johnson in the
60s, believed that only clio was responsible for women's orgasms. The good news was that these
findings spurred vibrator-wielding feminists to teach women that they could develop their
orgasmic potential.
The bad news was that, depending on who they listened to, many people ignored a valuable
source of female sexual pleasure. (Don't worry, we're not going to take sides in this silly debate.)
Fortunately, the pendulum began to swing back in 1982 when the G-Spot book was
published. Public consciousness, fueled by scientific research and growing comfort with the
sexual revolution, opened to other orgasmic triggers.
Make Love Not Controversy
Don't expect your f****y doctor, or even your OB/GYN to know very much about sex. In
most medical schools, the training devoted to sexuality is either non-existent or minimal. A few
medical schools increased their emphasis on sexuality in the 70s and 80s, but many of them
have cut back since then. So it's no surprise that the controversies over the existence of the GSpot,
different kinds of orgasms, and female ejaculation continue to this day in the medical
It's only been since the late 90s that medical research began to take seriously the notion that
women's sexuality operates differently than men's. At last, serious investigation is underway
into the unique sexual anatomy and physiology of the female that will ultimately support
women in leading joyful sex lives. What you'll read here is based on the most recent findings.
Women Are Different, Duh
We understand the frustration of male-dominated sciences being unable to describe female
sexuality with simple linear models and reproducible formulas.
The fundamental fact that keeps appearing in our reading, research, and client work is that
each woman is different. Although there are some general commonalties, each woman will have
her proclivities, her preferences, and her own kind of orgasms.
Her pleasure, her sensitivity, and her climaxes will differ based on factors within and
without: her mood, her hormones, her level of arousal, her connection to her partner, her
openness to passion, and her acceptance of her own sexuality.
Those of us who honor the Goddess and specialize in the study and practice of sex know
without a doubt that the Sacred Gate exists. As does clio. It doesn't take an expert to prove that
they both can help you explode with passion if you want.
Never fear, your G-Spot is alive and well and living inside. When you discover exactly what
it wants, it can shower you and your lover with delicious peaks of pleasure and sweet female
Thank the Goddess for big favors.
EXERCISE: History Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 11
• What kind of values did your f****y hold about sex?
• What role do you feel sexuality plays in a healthy life?
• What kinds of sexual repression have you personally experienced?
Yes, Female Ejaculation Is On The Map
As our title suggests, female ejaculation is another of our primary objectives here. We're
going to prove to you that it's quite common, feels wonderful, is great to learn, and doesn't
release urine.
In fact, Jeffre had to talk Somraj out of using "tastes great, less filling" here.
Female ejaculation sounds a little bit clinical, doesn't it? We like to keep things simple, but
sometimes we just have to use terms that turn us on more. So we often refer to ejaculating as
"letting the waters flow," and call female ejaculate fluid amrita. Amrita actually means
something like "divine nectar of the Goddess."
Now, isn't that just more exotic and erotic?
A significant percentage of women already know they gush, squirt, or dribble amrita when
they orgasm. Some researchers theorize that all women ejaculate when they orgasm, although
for some this may only be a few drops.
Some women ejaculate only with G-Spot stimulation. Others may ejaculate with either
Sacred Gate stimulation or clio stimulation. Some let loose only when both are stimulated.
You'll certainly want to play with them all.
Women, which one of these do you think would do the trick for you?
Before you're done, you'll believe it, want it, and know what to do about it. We're convinced
that any Goddess can learn if she wants to. Yes, we're talking about you, dear.
EXERCISE: Ejaculation Readiness Checklist
Above all else, this is book about practicing sacred sex. Though there aren't any really
juicy sexual practices that fit in to this introductory chapter, there is a really valuable
exercise you should go through right now.
We've compiled a short checklist for you to fill out so you can find out how ready you
are to let your feminine waters flow. Though it's written in the first person, partners can
replace "I" with "she" and "my" with "her" to rate their beloved's readiness to ejaculate.
For women, ejaculation is the culmination of everything you'll learn in Awakening
The Sacred Gate. You can use this checklist as you progress through it to gauge your
progress. To assist that, we've indicated which chapters will help you raise your score on
each question.
Rating Scale
To complete the quiz, read each statement, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and
feel how much it applies to you. Then score each sentence from 0 to 5 using this rating
5 completely describes me all the time.
4 mostly describes me.
3 sometimes describes me.
2 only applies to me a little.
1 most often doesn't apply to me.
0 doesn't apply to me at all or I don't know if it does.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 12
1. I love sex and am entirely Proud of it. (Chapter 2)
2. My attitude is completely Sex Positive. (Chapters 2 & 7)
3. My Mind helps me get totally aroused and romantically engaged. (Chapters 3 & 7)
4. I feel safe and Trust my lover, even when that's me. (Chapter 4)
5. I desire to share pleasure and love in my healthy Relationship, even when that's
with myself. (Chapter 4)
6. I Talk freely and openly about sex. (Chapter 4)
7. I can Relax thoroughly during states of high arousal. (Chapter 3)
8. I totally love and accept my Body and all it's parts and fluids. (Chapter 4)
9. I know all the trigger points that give me the best Turn-On. (Chapter 5)
10. My tissues and erogenous zones are free and Supple. (Chapter 7)
11. The Sexual Muscles in my pelvis are strong when I need them and relaxed
otherwise. (Chapter 3)
12. I love Clio and know exactly how to please her. (Chapter 5)
13. I know exactly where my G-Spot is. (Chapter 6)
14. I know exactly how to give my G-Spot maximum Pleasure. (Chapters 6 & 9)
15. I know how to Guide a partner to give me maximum pleasure. (Chapter 8)
16. I show I'm Excited by moving, breathing, making sounds, and expressing
emotions. (Chapter 3)
17. I can easily and reliably Orgasm. (Chapter 8)
18. I have Multiple, extended, continuous full-body orgasms. (Chapter 8)
19. I know how to relax, Let Go, and push out to ejaculate. (Chapter 10)
20. I want to Shower myself and my beloved with my divine nectar. (Chapter 10)
Total your scores with a maximum possible 100. If your total is...
Above 80 You're ready to go for it.
Between 60 and 80 You're close.
Between 40 and 60 You've got some work to do.
If your score is below 40, you'll want to take every practice in this ebook really
seriously, using them to create a long-term program. The good news is that you have so
much great fun and juicy pleasure awaiting you. We envy you all the growth and selfdiscovery
ahead. You can expand your sexuality, we're sure of that.
So what are you waiting for?
Male G-Spot
We don't for a minute want to perpetuate the perceived inequity of the sexes. In Tantra,
everything is a merger of male and female energies. Both exchange, interact, and interchange
roles to create a balanced partnership. Which is why our bonus chapter focuses on the male GSpot,
known in scientific circles as the male prostate.
Both genders will undoubtedly want to better understand men's other powerful orgasmic
trigger - the one inside, not the one hanging between his legs. If you're a man, it's time to get
excited about the incredible new sensations ahead. If you're a woman, you'll want to learn how
to do your man the way this ebook will teach him to do you.
The male prostate is the seat of divine, long-lasting, powerful orgasms for the man, without
ejaculation and sometimes even without a hard-on. Oh, my, doesn't that sound like a different
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 13
Ironic, isn't it, that highly sexual Tantric women routinely ejaculate when they choose, while
highly trained Tantric men rarely ejaculate. We like to call this the ultimate Tantric paradox.
EXERCISE: Sacred Gate Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Do you know how to find and excite your or your partner's Sacred Gate?
• Are you or your partner more easily orgasmic from clio or yoni play?
• Have you or a female partner ever ejaculated?
1.4 Chapters Overview Section
How To Read This Ebook
Like most books, we arranged this volume in order. Later stuff builds on earlier stuff.
Orgasms and ejaculation depend on understanding the different kinds of massage and sexual
strokes. Stroking depends on understanding anatomy. Making the most of any turn-on depends
on learning the Tantric art of channeling Kundalini energy. The further you get in this ebook,
the more we'll be referring to earlier concepts and skills.
Tantra honors spontaneity. If you're anything like us, you'll be sorely tempted to skip ahead
to the good stuff right away. Since we honor that, we've tried to accommodate you as best we
Remember that the practices spread throughout each chapter contain the core of what you'll
learn. More than concepts, the later skills you want to develop definitely depend on previous
ones. So if you do jump around, we can't promise it will work for action learning.
As a fallback, here's a little overview of each chapter. If you get lost somewhere along the
way, come back here and use this orientation to decide what you missed.
Tantric Terms
Have you already noticed that we like to use Tantric terms instead of the "normal" words for
sexual parts and actions?
Somehow, medical terms or slang expressions don't create the Tantric mood and approach
that makes sex sacred. We'll be interchanging Tantric terms to encourage you to get out of your
old preconceptions and more into the merger of sex with spirit. That's why we really encourage
you to read Chapter 2 next, Sacred Tantric Sexuality.
Just in case you do skip around, we'll redefine our special words occasionally. If you get
confused, there's a complete glossary at the end.
Here's a short listing of the main ones to help you get familiar...
Amrita = Female ejaculate, nectar of the gods.
Jewels = Genitals
Kundalini = Sexual or orgasmic energy
Maithuna = Sexual intercourse, sacred union
Sacred Gate = G-Spot
Sacred Union = Sexual intercourse
Vajra = Penis
Yoni = Vagina/Vulva
Before we forget, Tantra views everyone as a reflection of divine powers. Often you'll find
us referring to the fair sex as the Goddess.
Chapter Overview
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 14
Here is a little bit about each chapter of Awakening The Sacred Gate. Since you're nearly
done with the Introduction Chapter, do we have to explain what's in it?
Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter
The Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter gets more specific about enhancing your Tantric skills
and beginning to weave the magic. It explains how to use sexual pleasure as a spiritual f***e.
Creating attitude, mood, and intention to reach untold heights of ecstasy starts here. Read this
chapter to understand the dance between male and female energies and forever after approach
loveplay with reverence, awe, and excitement.
Kundalini Energy Chapter
The Kundalini Energy Chapter introduces you to a subtle f***e inside you that can sweep
you away like nothing else. We call it orgasmic energy and it's the key to Tantric energy
orgasms. To harness this power, you'll learn how to use the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss
and build the sexual muscles that regulate your orgasms and your ejaculations. When you've
mastered these simple skills, you can turn the slightest arousal into the most satisfying
explosion you've ever had.
Tantric LovePlay Chapter
Any kind of intimacy can be so exciting that we like to use the word loveplay instead of
foreplay. Did you know that Tantrikas are capable of having ecstatic experiences and powerful
orgasms from subtle touch, breathing, or even fantasy? Well, they can. We don't like to
perpetuate the common pattern of rushing through arousal to the good stuff: intercourse
(followed by sl**p).
It's certainly true that turn-on is essential to Sacred Gate Orgasm and female ejaculation,
whatever way you seek them. Which is why our Tantric LovePlay Chapter will help you get
hot, ready, and in the mood for incredible new experiences. It includes tips on sensual massage,
intimacy, and some very special titillating treats from the Kama Sutra.
Sacred Landscape Chapter
The Sacred Landscape Chapter could be titled anatomy, but we're going to look under the
hood for more than just flesh and bones. What are the sensitive parts of yoni? How do they fit
together? Where is the G-Spot? With the fun practices in this chapter, you'll really enjoy
discovering your own or your partner's hidden secrets. When you're done, you'll be able to
navigate the feminine geography with insight, confidence, and respect.
Sacred Gate Massage Chapter
It's one thing to find a woman's Sacred Gate and another for her to thoroughly enjoy it being
playing with. The Sacred Gate Massage Chapter will teach you the four basic strokes inside
yoni and umpteen variations. When you're in the thick of it, you'll really appreciate our learning
philosophy: practice, practice, practice. Whether you're giving or receiving, we bet that you'll
really enjoy exercising your sexual potential here.
Yoni Healing Chapter
If your energy channels are so wide open that you can make yourself orgasm simply with
your mind, Tantric sexual healing may not be essential for you. For the rest of us who've
accumulated lots of emotional and psychological baggage around sex, here's a great chance to
clean house. The Yoni Healing Chapter demonstrates how we all store issues in our tissues and
what to do to release them from yoni. It feels great to use pleasure to direct Kundalini as a
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 15
cleansing and revitalizing f***e. Inhibitions, wounds, traumas be gone! Make way for supreme
Ecstatic States Chapter
Ecstasy is intense joy, delight, and elated bliss. It's an extraordinary elevation of the spirit by
overwhelming emotion so intense that you're carried away beyond the reach of rational
thoughts and ordinary impressions. That's the promise and reality of Sacred Gate Orgasm for
those who travel this sacred path.
The Ecstatic States Chapter breaks down the orgasmic experience into its components so
you can learn to dance and cavort at new levels of excitement and awareness. You'll learn about
clio orgasms, G-Spot orgasms, blended orgasms, and how they merge with Tantric energy
orgasms. We'll show you how to have a single one, multiple ones, and really really long ones.
In this chapter you'll find specific practices that enable you to play in the O-Zone for hours.
The O-Zone is the high plateau of ecstasy we call the Orgasm Zone. When you reach it, you'll
float continuously with intense, multiple, and extended full-body mind-blowing orgasms. Your
mind will drift and your body will feel weightless, as if you and the universe were one.
Kama Sutra Sex Positions Chapter
The Kama Sutra is a fascinating compilation of earlier works about the social customs and
sexual techniques in the upper classes of India around the turn of the common era. In spite of its
limitations, it offers frank advice about sexual union, especially the fit of vajras (penises) in
yonis (vaginas). It graphically explains why size doesn't matter so much when you know how
to adjust for jewel (genital) fit to make just about any penetration ecstatic. The Kama Sutra
didn't include Tantric methods of creating Supreme Bliss regardless of anatomy. Our Kama
Sutra Sex Positions Chapter combines its detailed classification of lovemaking postures with
sacred sexuality for the most intense G-Spot pleasure.
Female Ejaculation Chapter
In the Female Ejaculation Chapter, we'll explore the nature of amrita (female ejaculate),
where it comes from, what it looks like, how it tastes, how you make it flow, and how you can
get someone else to help you gush. We'll need to start by getting you to honor the Goddess's
nectar and look forward to being showered. This may be one of the most graphic step-by-step
training manuals you'll ever see. It includes using fingers, sex toys, and vajras.
Male G-Spot Bonus Chapter
Your free bonus included in this ebook, the Male G-Spot Chapter, really digs in to the male
prostate (pun intended) and why it's so orgasmic for men who've been trained to enjoy it. Men
and their partners will learn how to find, approach, and excite it from outside and inside.
Although it may sound strange initially, the pleasure you can experience makes it well worth
facing your fears and prejudices and just going for it. Imagine having Kundalini energy surging
through your body for long periods of time, rivaling the best ejaculatory orgasm you've ever
had. For sure, there's a learning process that the practices of this chapter lay out in detail.
Ultimately, many men favor these kinds of orgasms over the conventional kind.
Conclusion Chapter
We wrap up with a juicy story that leads you through what you've learned in explicit detail.
Sacred sex is a perpetual journey so we'll give you some ideas about how to continue on the
path to higher and higher bliss. This final chapter also includes our complete glossary,
recommended reading list for further study, and music suggestions. We've also collected the
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 16
sex toys and other products we've recommended and where to get more information and buy
EXERCISE: Chapters Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Which chapters interest you most?
• Will you move through them in order or where will you go first?
• Which practices sound like they will most benefit you?
• When and how will you make time to practice regularly?
1.5 Closing Section
"The Tantric way is open to all the richness of human nature, which it accepts without a single
restriction. It is probably the only spiritual path that excludes nothing and no one, and, in this way, it
corresponds to the deep aspirations of men and women today." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest:
An Encounter with Absolute Love
Be A Confident Lover
Tantra says yes to all that you are. We say yes to your desire to be a playful, confident,
spontaneous, satisfying lover. We want you to feel pleasure with all aspects of lovemaking. We
want you to know what to do to experience ecstasy inside as well as help your partner get there.
We want you to be able to flow and respond lovingly with whatever you may encounter within
yourself and with your partner.
This ebook can help you get there.
The information is this ebook will give you the confidence to be a better lover. Being a good,
or even a great lover, demands an attitude of openness, a desire to learn, the ability to
communicate, and the knowledge of what it is you're doing. Although none of what you're
about to learn is difficult, it does require dedicated practice.
Pictures are great. Words are priceless. But without practice you probably won't gain the
confidence necessary.
Whether you're the giver or the receiver, male or female, the more you practice with timely
helpful feedback, the faster and better you'll learn. This is all part of Tantra's main theme of
raising consciousness in areas normally ruled by shame, fear, and guilt.
What's Unique About All This?
We've read a host of detailed books about sex, bodies, and sexual techniques, some helpful,
some fantastic, some inaccurate, and some out-of-date. Now that science and medicine are
becoming more willing to investigate sexuality, especially the long-ignored arena of female
sexuality, the picture has changed. We understand more about what's really going on inside the
human body.
We've studied, taken lots of inspirational workshops, and practiced extensively to
encourage spirit to move within us. This continuing work-in-progress has transformed our lives
The promise of sacred sexuality is the merger of both. In our experience, few resources
bridge the gap between sex and spirit enough. So we wrote Awakening The Sacred Gate to fuse
the two ecstatically for you.
Sure, it's about how to give and get better orgasms than you ever imagined. Yes, it's about
revering sex as sacred, using its power to connect and heal, and learning to surrender joyously
with total abandon.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 17
We do all that by integrating ancient spiritual attitudes and Tantric practices with modern
awareness of sexuality. Yes, if we do say, we teach technique better than anything we've seen.
Most important, we present more than technique, more than doing your honey.
Make The Most Of Divine Play
Here you'll learn how to enjoy Tantric Sex as a true partnership, where neither of you is
passive, where you both give and receive simultaneously. Awakening The Sacred Gate is really
about reaching a spiritual state of intimate communion through divine sexual play.
When you master what follows, you'll be able to combine intense stimulation of orgasmic
triggers from the outside with powerful energy expansion inside. Far more than the delightful
explosion of orgasm, you will ascend to the Orgasm Zone of Supreme Bliss.
Life is a journey. We want you to live it fully. Your body is your temple, your soul connects
you to the universe. You have all the tools within you. We offer you the information necessary
to achieve new heights of ecstasy and pleasure which is your birthright. All you have to do is
play with them.
We look forward to meeting you up there.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 18
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
"Tantra is a cult of ecstasy, a personal religion based on the mystical experience of joy rather than
established dogma. It is worship; it is energizing and life-giving Tantric art, writings, and
religious rituals glorify sex. Tantrics are anti-ascetic; they affirm life. They teach the discovery of
the divine through the exhaltation of the total human. They use all of the senses, the mind and the
spirit to reach mystic peaks."
---- Kamala Devi in The Eastern Way of Love
2.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand the pivotal role pleasure plays in life.
• Learn how Tantric Sex is different.
• Give you some basic tools of sacred sexuality.
Tantra Says "Yes!"
• Do you want to be engulfed hour after hour by ecstatic orgasmic vibrations?
• Do you want to completely submerge in love-bliss with your beloved?
• Do you want to float on a cloud of peak prolonged pleasure?
• Do you want to transform your mood, emotions, and stress level into vibrant serenity?
Enduring delight?
If you answered "yes, Yes, YES!", then you have some magical transformation to look
forward to with Supreme Bliss Tantra.
We figure most of you bought this ebook to learn about unleashing the amazing power of
the G-Spot to create wet and screaming orgasms. We will teach you world-class massage
strokes, sex positions, and female ejaculation in later chapters.
Recognize that we can't guarantee cosmic mind-blowing orgasms or life-altering personal
transformation from sexual techniques alone. You need the power of the ancient secrets of
Tantra for that. What truly makes this ebook unique is the integration of Tantric practices with
the latest information on G-Spot massage, orgasms, and female ejaculation.
Why Read This Chapter
Tantra is the ancient Eastern spiritual practice of sacred sexuality. It focuses on the pleasure
we create by merging male and female energies. It's a unique attitude towards sex, love, and all
of life itself.
The purpose of this chapter is to explain what Tantra is, why you should care, and how
Tantric Sex can supercharge your love life so much more than by just diddling the right parts
with the right strokes.
As much as you want to skip ahead to the "good stuff," we urge you to read this chapter
about opening your sexuality to whole new dimensions. Your spirit is where the true power of
sexual satisfaction lies. You and your sex life will truly never be the same.
Welcome to our approach to sacred sexuality that we call Supreme Bliss Tantra.
2.2 Tantra Section
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 19
"Tantra does not require "believing in" something, or even "agreeing with" anything. There is
nothing to accept on blind faith. The validity of Tantric teachings and practices lies in our own
experience, our own inner process. We don't have to take anyone's word for anything. No one is
asking us to believe anything. There is no dogma. The only way we can truly practice Tantra is to
give up our concepts of what we think is happening and see what is actually happening. Through
the process of Kundalini awakening we open up to inner or intuitive knowledge. The Shakti
stimulates insights and breakthroughs. We practice Tantra and relate these practices to our dayto-
day life. We become more fulfilled and powerful." ----- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
Supreme Bliss Tantra
Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy that transforms Kundalini, or orgasmic energy,
into expanded consciousness. Tantra believes that all energy is life f***e energy.
Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient
Eastern spiritual path that uses Kundalini energy practices to...
• deepen love, intimacy and ecstasy
• extend lovemaking, and
• create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.
By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being,
and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
• heals your mind, body, and spirit,
• connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
• immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to reach cosmic peaks of
pleasure making life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.
Wow! Can you see why we're so jazzed about it?
Ancient Tradition Without Fear
The word Tantra comes from the roots "to expand, extend, and weave." Tantrikas, adepts at
Tantric practice, extend their awareness, heighten their sensitivity, expand their consciousness,
and weave all the energies of life together to affirm joyous living.
Tantra emerged thousands of years ago in India, moving to China and Tibet as a grass-roots
rebellion against the repressive hierarchical religions of the day. Back then, to even reach for
enlightenment required lifetimes of denying desire and doing penance for past-life karma.
Tantra opened the doors of spiritual evolution to everyone, regardless of their social status.
If you're worried about what you're getting yourself into, don't. Tantra isn't a religion based
on faith, dogma, or right living. You don't have to join, carry a card, cut your hair, or wear
Since it's not really a philosophy, it has no rules, qualifications, or requirements. There's no
code of behavior, no punishment for sin, and no pot of gold waiting for you in the afterlife at
the end of the rainbow.
If you're seeking inner peace, higher consciousness, a more fulfilling sex life with a new
partner, or rekindling the earlier fire with a longtime mate, the erotic sacred wisdom of India
and other Eastern cultures can help.
East Meets West
In the modern West, we stress the power of knowledge and thought. What you know
determines what you can do. You measure success through work hard, accumulation material
wealth, and caring for your relationship and f****y.
You reap physical pleasures, moments of happiness, and a high quality of living.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 20
In the traditional East, the quality of inner life -- not the process of living -- was more
important. Inner peace free from raging mind chatter was and is most important. Inner stillness
free from the ravages of the pursuit of success and the fear of failure. Inner harmony free from
relationship ups and downs by loving yourself most.
You reap Supreme Bliss by experiencing joy in every breath, every tree, every flower, every
Tantra is the bridge between the East and West -- the path to the joy of the soul through full
awareness of the physical world. By learning to make love consciously, fully, spiritually, you
transcend the outer school of hard knocks and grow into total acceptance of your inner self
while living in the world.
In Tantra, sacred sex is a path, not an end.
Tantra Means Let It Be
Being a spiritual art and practice, Tantra is primarily a way of life leading to deeper
meaning and enlightenment. It guides you to harness the raw power of love and sex to fuel
higher consciousness and promote personal transformation.
Tantrikas welcome all aspects of life, whether frowned upon by society or not. Adepts exult
in living each moment completely, and practice pleasure as a high-priority discipline.
Sophisticated lovemaking skills are revered as an alchemical science and creative art form.
Instead of viewing sex as dirty, low, or base, the original Tantras viewed the energy you
experience during sex as a powerful, creative, healing, and even divine f***e.
Since many of us have repressed sexual urges, feelings, and thoughts, when we harness our
innate sexuality, it becomes a powerful f***e, an accelerated doorway to personal growth and
Without d**gs, Tantrikas deliberately induce altered states of ecstasy to create mystical
experiences of transcendental oneness with the universe. We figure, why not enjoy ourselves
while evolving?
Tantra says if we suppress the inner f***es stemming from our natural self, they won't
disappear. They'll just fester and manifest in our lives in an unhealthy manner.
We don't fight, resist, or reject anything.
Personal suppression can only produce mental warfare and internal stress. We release all
stress as a useless struggle with no winners, only losers. We let go of the futile attempt to stop
things that are happening from happening.
Maybe that's what Paul McCartney was singing about in "Let It Be."
EXERCISE: Beliefs Discussion Questions
This is a good time to write in your journal, talk to a friend, or discuss the following with
your partner on the following topics...
• What are your beliefs about sex? Good, bad, etc.
• What do you like most and least about sex?
• What about sex do you disapprove of?
• What about sex do you fear?
If you don't come up with an answer at first, please dig deeper. The more you know about
yourself, the more likely your sex life will expand and be terrific all your life.
Raise Consciousness
Raising consciousness is the heart and soul of Tantra.
So many people are swept through life looking at pictures in the mind instead of living with
full awareness of each moment. They spend their time and energy dwelling on the past, plotting
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 21
the future, and comparing the current state of affairs to a set of pre-recorded subconscious
To counteract the programming that keeps us distracted and to quiet compulsive left-brain
thinking, Tantra teaches us to focus our attention on the present.
Tantra shows us how to exist in this moment, become totally absorbed in the "now," and
open our inner windows to the world fully. This activates our right brain that contributes to a
presence more deeply rooted in spirit.
We do this by heightening our five senses -- sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. We
become dedicated to enjoying the physical fully by reveling in eating, drinking, massaging,
dancing, and making love.
We learn to live in harmony with whatever life serves up, whether on a silver platter or bed
of thorns. That's partly why Tantrikas major in surrender -- just letting things happen of their
own accord without resistance.
This whole approach to life suggests we should just give up goal orientation, enter each
experience without expectations, and just live fully in each moment.
PRACTICE: Sitting Meditation
Tantra aims to raise consciousness. It's not a philosophy but a collection of spiritual
and sexual practices. A logical question, then, is how can you practice raising
Soon we'll show you how to this with sex. For sex to be sacred, transformative, and
awesome, you must approach it with the right attitude. That attitude is meditation.
Which is a great way to practice consciousness.
Meditation is simply sitting and emptying the mind. It's not an essential prerequisite
for joyous Sacred Gate massage, but it sure helps when you enter yoni with the right
attitude. We describe it here for you to experiment with.
Since you can't f***e thoughts away, emptying the mind is more challenging than it
sounds. Gurus have developed many meditation techniques down through the ages that
can help you quiet the inner talk and enter a "no mind" condition. We've tried many of
them and they all seek to create a deep inner peace filled with stillness.
Sitting Meditation just guides you to watch your breath. The simple relaxation
method is good preparation for what's coming, because conscious breathing is one of the
Tantric skills used in the sexual practices that follow.
Make some free time in a quiet uninterrupted space. You can do this next to a partner,
but, since it's a personal private inner experience, it's not essential. Yes, you have to turn
off your phone, answering machine, pager, and TV. Be brave, let go of the remote for
just a few moments.
2. SIT
Sit in a comfortable position. The classic posture is the lotus position with one leg
crossed over the other. We can't get all the way there, and it may not be easy for you
either. Get as close as you can to this posturing, insuring that you sit upright at least. A
great aid is a "zafu," a round Japanese meditation pillow that's firm and shaped like a fat
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 22
pancake. It helps you keep your pelvis higher than your semi-crossed legs. You can also
meditate sitting straight in a comfortable chair or sofa.
3. BE
Meditation is not doing anything -- it's simply being. So don't set any goals or
preconceptions of what's going to happen. Just sit for a moment and relax.
As you settle in to a comfortable state, you'll undoubtedly discover that your mind is
busy. Don't do anything about it, just let it happen. Witness ideas floating by like clouds
in a brisk wind.
To quiet the mind without f***e, watch your breath coming in and out. Don't change
your breathing consciously, just pay attention to it entering your nostrils, flowing into
your lungs, and out again.
You'll probably find your concentration wandering away from your breath. Don't
beat yourself up, this is natural. When you realize you've strayed, just come back to
watching your breath.
Gurus advise sitting like this for 15 minutes morning and afternoon. Since you
shouldn't be watching the clock, we're not sure how you time it. We usually just remain
still until we relax and the mind settles.
Our primary concern here with how meditation helps prepare you for ecstatic sacred
sex and Tantric Orgasm. All we can say is that tension impedes the process and
relaxation is vital for long lasting supreme experiences. It also helps you practice
focusing, an important skill in Tantric lovemaking.
As well, if you incorporate regular meditation into your life, you'll find that it's a
great way to relieve stress, release tension, and relax. One essential requirement for
ecstasy is "relaxation in high states of arousal."
2.3 Pleasure Section
“Pleasure... is a safer guide than either right or duty.” ----- Samuel Butler.
Pleasure First
Tantrikas believe in enjoying life to the fullest. We employ the bedrock of sacred sexual
discipline: practicing pleasure.
Tantra is the true art of living where pleasure NOW becomes the central driving f***e in
each moment.
A central part of this discipline is to increase our capacity to enjoy. We begin to cultivate
good feelings by fully opening our senses and flooding them with stimuli. We learn to accept
more and more sensation and value it highly. We continue by savoring the excitement it brings.
This isn't as easy as it sounds. It requires more than just reserving playtime in our stuffed
calendars. We've got to learn to pursue, cultivate, and surrender to ecstasy with gusto.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 23
Just when we start feeling good, many of us resist. We're conditioned to believe we're being
selfish, having too much fun, or don't deserve it. We've got to unlearn the guilt and resistance
that's bred into us.
You may be asking, isn't that simply being self centered? Hedonistic? What about love and
relationship? Our focus on pleasure and joy is always toned with consciousness. Because we
know ourselves, we aren't ruled by our u*********s, we act with highest regard for ourselves,
our beloved, and others.
Unless we're centered in our own being, we've not fully present to give love, compassion,
and service.
Deferred Gratification Be Damned!
The dictionary defines pleasure as...
"A source of enjoyment or delight."
"Sensual gratification or indulgence."
You realize that Tantra is a spiritual path creating higher states of consciousness, right? We
believe that simply being happy is a more evolved state. Tantra teaches us to evolve by
heightening our senses and indulging in the gratification they bring us. That's why sexuality is
such a powerful training tool in Tantra. It returns us to our natural condition of simply being
content and fulfilled.
In Tantra we say that pleasure is central, or in other words...
Nothing is more important than feeling good.
Our modern lives revolve so much around deferred gratification. Work for 40 years and
then you can enjoy life. When the k**s grow up, then you'll revive your sex life. No time to relax
now -- wait until next summer's vacation. But in the final analysis, why do you do anything if
you don't believe it will make you feel better eventually? Why wait?
Extract Every Ounce Of Pleasure
The Tantric approach shifts the focus of feeling good to the here and now. Tantra teaches us
how to extract every ounce of joy from the present moment and use that joy to guide our life.
Sacred sexuality is all about being in the moment, relaxing, opening your senses, and
surrendering to subtle waves of pleasure energy that become more and more resounding as you
welcome them.
In Somraj's Tantric ebook for men and the women who love them, Ultimate Ejaculation
Mastery: The Ultimate Ecstatic Solution To Premature Ejaculation, he writes...
"To become pleasure-centered, you need to heighten your sensate focus. That means tuning in to
all your senses: taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell. If you become more sensitive to everything
that's happening all around and all over your body, you can distribute that delicious energy."
Win The Pleasure War Inside
Being pleasure-focused is really criticized in normal society. Just try making feeling good
the center of your universe for one day and see what happens. You've got your work ethic to
uphold, your religious taboos to honor, your prohibitions against being selfish to monitor.
Better not appreciate someone else's physical beauty in business or you'll be accused of sexual
harassment. Often these social injunctions create mental blocks and even get stored in your
body, resisting any attempts to enjoy yourself.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 24
As a result, we all have our limits to how much pleasure we can accept. If you're a serious
workaholic or a conditioned fundamentalist, you may find that, instead of simply relaxing into
feeling good, your mind floods with thoughts of being undeserving, doing something wrong, or
instead giving to others. These are just some of the mind games that try to talk us out of
EXERCISE: Resistance Discussion Questions
The next time you feel strong pleasure, be extra conscious of your thoughts and reactions.
Whether you're enjoying playing with a c***d, watching a sunset, or engaging in exciting sexual
play, watch what happens inside. Ask yourself...
• Are any of my thoughts resisting the delight I'm experiencing?
• Am I feeling any uncomfortable sensations in my body?
• Do I have any urges to tense up or shift out of what's making me feel good?
PRACTICE: Putting Pleasure First
Do you accept that nothing is more important than feeling good? That pleasure is a
divine gift you we're meant to enjoy? That anything we do, we do because ultimately it
brings us satisfaction?
Tantrikas put pleasure first. We don't wait until we have earned it. Deferred
gratification has little part in our way of life. We believe that our basic nature is one of
joy, bliss, and ecstasy. As we become truly evolved, we become truly happy. That's why
sex is such a large part of Tantric practice. It's training camp for being a fully realized
enlightened being.
Want to experience stronger ecstasy and deeper intimacy? Then practice expanding
your capacity for pleasure. Learn to relax and surrender more. Learn to open your
senses and heighten your sensitivity. Learn to absorb, channel, and recirculate orgasmic
energy. Learn to reach higher and higher peaks of ecstasy and wave after wave of bliss.
If you agree with this, here's your chance to test if you're practicing what you're
If you've started a Sexual Exploration Journal, use it for this practice. Otherwise, get a
small notebook that you can keep with you. On a new page, list everything that brings
you pleasure. Include the favorite parts of your current life, past peak moments, and
fantasies you get excited just thinking about. Travel, f****y, work, sex, art, sports, music
-- don't leave anything out.
On a new page, organize your pleasures in order from most to least. Forget about
practicality here, just focus on what gets your juices flowing and what doesn't.
On the top of the next page in your notebook, write today's date. Keep track of how
you spend your time. List your major activities every hour or quarter hour including
sl**ping, eating, etc. Don't just list general terms like "work" or "f****y" but break down
your activities specifically enough so that you can compare your enjoyment of different
things. Do this for at least a typical week.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 25
After a week or more, add up where you spend your life's time. sl**p will probably
be the largest single chunk. On a new page, list your activities in descending order of
time devoted to them.
Compare your top pleasure priorities with your top time blocks. Do you spend your
time in places and with people that bring you pleasure? Which pleasures do you make
time for? Which ones do you ignore? Which ones are you waiting for?
Our point is only for you to realize the ways you are taking time for what you enjoy
and the ways you are not. This is the focus that's essential for Tantric Sex, to be fully
engaged in pleasure. Of course, if you want to completely reorganize your life around
your findings, be our guest. No extra charge.
Tantric Healing Is Sexual Healing
Putting pleasure first is a major challenge with arguably the most repressed aspect of
modern Western life. Yes, sex.
Engaging in uninhibited sex requires growth from all of us who've grown up in the modern
world. We carry more moralizing, shame, guilt, and anxiety into the bedroom than anywhere
else in our lives.
Tantra wasn't designed as therapy for our sexual hang-ups and limitations, it just sometimes
turns out that way. When we relax, exercise our erogenous zones, and enjoy our bodies, we
often run into the old baggage that blocks our joy and excitement. We discover that old pains,
wounds, and trauma are stored in our tissues.
Instead of focusing on problems, Tantric practice heals purely through the committed
pursuit of pleasure. By opening our energy channels, we work through any resistance that
We heal our wounds, lose our inhibitions, and release our inner blocks by seeking higher
and higher states of ecstasy. We're left cleansed, relaxed, and free.
If we can become fully natural and spontaneous with sensual play, then we can probably do
it with any of life's f***es.
Craving Touch
All of us crave touch. Don't you?
In this era of high-visibility public campaigns against sexual harassment and c***d abuse,
few of us get enough physical contact with others. In our too-busy high-stress lives, that
probably extends to our newborns and loved ones all too often.
We're strong believers in the healing power of touch. It's a simple blessing, even without
professional training. We recommend frequent the****utic massage for everyone. You know,
the kind that's designed to relax without sexual intent.
Why does touch feel so wonderful? Is it because feeling a soft loving presence on your skin
opens your nervous and circulatory channels? Is it because it opens your energetic
communication channels to the temple that houses your divine spirit? Or is it because we store
our emotional issues in our tissues and massage helps release the unwanted negative energy?
G-Spot Healing
We say yes to all of these reasons. Just consider another vital question? What parts of your
body need tender loving care but rarely get touched without an agenda?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 26
Yes, your jewels (genitals in Supreme Bliss Tantra).
With all the confusion, wounding, and bad experiences the average person experiences
during life, it's no wonder so many of us end up with inhibitions against physical pleasure and
One of the most powerful ways to heal these sexual issues in your jewel's tissues is through
gentle healing touch of your innermost sensitive spots, the G-Spot (Sacred Gate) foremost
amongst them. We've personally seen the profound releasing that can happen with healing
massage of the Sacred Gate for both men and women. The literature is ripe with story after
story of tremendous sexual opening and transformation this way.
We encourage you to read on, drop you agendas about instant fireworks, and commit to
gradually explore your hidden recesses. With pleasure as your goal, you may experience
amazing Tantric Orgasms right away. Or you may need to slowly release tension from those
places least loved through touch. Either way, the journey is a delight and the destination, a
nirvana of Supreme Bliss.
Be sure to read the chapter on Yoni Healing. There, women will learn the approach, the
attitude, and the techniques for greater opening to pleasure. The Male G-Spot Bonus Chapter
address sexual healing for men, as well.
EXERCISE: Healing Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How have you been pressured to be sexual in a way that was against your will at the
• How have you been wounded sexually?
• What erogenous zones are sensitive or painful? Always or under certain conditions?
• Do any old thoughts or out-of-proportion emotions crop up when you engage in
sexual play?
• What would you prefer to feel instead of the sensory memories of these painful
2.4 Sex Section
"Being fully present in the moment creates no only ecstatic sex but spiritual transcendence." -
---- from Intimacy: A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A Lifetime Of Loving by Jeffre
TallTrees and Orv. Fry.
Celebrate The Divine Gift
Tantrikas celebrate sexuality as the supreme divine gift.
With Tantra, sex feels so fantastic when you learn to move out of your mind and into your
body fully. Your body becomes ecstatic when it gets in tune with your spirit.
That's why we say it's more meditation than athletics.
Though Tantra is not directly about sexual techniques, Tantrikas become better lovers
through conscious practice. Our experience deepens and opens new levels of intimate
communion. Through the pursuit of pleasure, we release the issues in the tissues that have
blocked our enjoyment. As a result, our erections become stronger, we make love longer, and
we experience bigger and more prolonged orgasms. Even more, we experience ecstatic orgasms
that take us to greater realms than "normal" sex.
Learning the full appreciation of sex teaches us to delight in our bodies and welcome
pleasure. We explore erotic play fully and comprehensively, immersing ourselves fully just as
we do with every other part of life.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 27
What Is Tantric Sex?
"Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast." ---- Woody Allen
Typical modern lovemaking starts with a quick build up and ends with an equally quick
release of sexual tension. Not so in Tantra. Tantric Sex uses the same body parts and physical
actions, but unfolds much differently than the average quickie hurtling downhill towards a
sudden explosion.
Really, we're not against quickies. But what if there was something much much better that
lasted much much longer?
In Tantra, we define S.E.X. as Subtle Energy eXchange. Tantric S.E.X. means any touching or
moving together that connects lovers' inner vibrations. The Sacred Gate (G-Spot) is one of those
highly energetic erogenous zones that strongly activates the flow of Kundalini energy.
Releasing tension and giving in to the urge to climax gets replaced with continuous
streaming vibrations of ecstatic energy. When we enter the altered state of consciousness that
comes with orgasm after orgasm, we simply want to float upon a cloud of bliss together.
Tantric S.E.X. is flowing, spontaneous, and conscious. It's open, intimate, and mutual. Sex
this way is more leisurely, savoring every delicious morsel of pleasure, instead of rushing
headlong towards maximum turn-on rapidly. It's a dance, not a race. Tantric lovers move so
slowly, stopping frequently to settle deeply into the rising tide of pleasure, stretching the
experience out as long as possible.
Tantric S.E.X. is more like sensuously sipping an expensive Cabernet than chugging a sixpack
of brew. It more resembles sampling the delicacies at a gourmet buffet than inhaling a
pepperoni pizza during Monday Night Football. It's certainly more like a twilight stroll through
a perfumed Spring garden with your beloved on your arm than running a hundred-yard dash.
EXERCISE: Tantric Sex Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• What zones of your body get turned on by what kind of stimulation?
• What sexual fantasies have you had?
• What erotic dreams have you had?
• How would you like your sex to be more Tantric?
Drop Your Goals, They'll Look After Themselves
There's no goal in Tantric S.E.X., only the present moment of perfect and harmonious union.
Loveplay in Tantra is all about feeling pleasure intensely for long periods of time, nothing more
and nothing less. It's about building, containing, and circulating Kundalini energy, not losing it.
It's about letting the energy unfold and expand, not trying to make something happen.
We follow no agenda, set pattern, or programmed stages of foreplay and penetration. We
don't rush through the preliminaries to get to the main act. We don't judge success in the sack
by making ourselves or our partner climax. Since we have no goal of giving or receiving
orgasm, anything may happen as the mood strikes the lovers.
That doesn't mean orgasm is unwelcome or avoided. And it doesn't mean that climaxes
aren't incredibly spectacular in Tantric Sex. The many varieties of orgasm we experience are
downright amazing when they overtake us. It just means we let them happen of their own
accord at the highest peaks imaginable.
Don't Miss The Beautiful Fragrance Of The Roses
The problem with being orgasm-focused is that, instead of feeling what you're feeling, you
concentrate on a future goal.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 28
Pleasure is now, orgasm comes later.
If you focus on later, you miss the delicious energies building inside you now. If you're
continuously comparing your lovemaking to some imagined mental picture, some earlier time,
some hot porno flick, you can't fully appreciate what you're sensing in the moment.
Pleasure is now, orgasms come when they come. And they will come.
We can't argue with the business practice of setting goals and defining expectations up
front. The natural tension of pushing for what you want serves some people as a useful
motivator. But tension blocks the flow of subtle orgasmic energy, the powerful Kundalini f***e
at the root of Tantra's transformative processes.
It's distracting enough to be thinking about coming or trying to prevent it too soon. When
your mind is intent on your partner's climb to orgasm, you can get dragged down into a severe
case of performance anxiety. Then, instead of focusing on feeling good, you spend your energy
worrying about how well you're doing. You get caught up in all those media-hyped standards
of how it's your job to make your partner go wild.
Get Back In The Sack Where You Belong
This takes you out of your body. By ignoring your own sensory input in the moment, you'll
severely limit your ability to run sexual energy throughout your body and experience waves of
orgasmic bliss.
In Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, Somraj writes...
"Getting out of your head means letting go of so many worries that normally accompany sex even
with long-time partners. So heighten your senses, feel your feelings, enjoy your pleasure with no
agenda, and you'll gradually learn to stay out of your head and into your body."
When you're trying to recreate an earlier ecstatic incident, expecting to go longer than last
time, or wanting a bigger explosion this time, you're taking yourself out of the experience you
want to expand. All too often having expectations just create frustrations which you carry into
later encounters. Soon, simple enjoyment gets bogged down with all these mental standards
and judgments, future agendas and plans.
Instead of thinking, you should just be just playing and having fun.
In contrast, the sexual practice of Tantra guides you to shift from orgasm -- where you
expect a defined ending - to continuously experiencing orgasmic energy for as long as you
EXERCISE: Sexual Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• Describe a peak ecstatic sexual experience.
• Describe a typical sexual encounter.
• How would you like your sex life to be different?
Speak Up And Enjoy
Are you familiar with that common mental refrain "Am I doing it right?" or the verbal one,
"Did you come yet?"
Because Tantrikas enter into sacred sex without expectations, performance anxiety
disappears. When sex becomes a conscious dance of energies, any mystery about what's
happening with your partner disappears.
If you can picture synchronized swimming with telepathic communication, you'll get some
sense of what Tantric Sex looks like.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 29
Tantric lovers know that they're each responsible for their own pleasure. They recognize
that erotic experiences begin within. They know what they like, what they prefer in the
moment, and what to pass on during each encounter. They've explored all pleasure triggers and
know when and how they want their Sacred Gate stimulated. They ask for what they want,
voice their reactions, and give lots of feedback. And they do it in a way that enhances intimacy
and contributes to the sensual mood.
Obviously, this kind of authentic interplay requires knowing, accepting, and loving yourself
fully. Then you can be scrupulously honest, totally real, and refreshingly transparent with your
innermost desires. Which leads to knowing, accepting, and loving your beloved.
Partnering Questions
Because Tantrikas use sexual play along with raising awareness, we focus on, talk about,
and study sex more than the average person. But we don't plan things out in detail. We learn to
look inside, understand what we're wanting and feeling now, and then talk about. And we
never do anything to another, even a long-term partner, without their permission.
If you know where you and your partner are both at, it's much easier to relax. If you trust
that your partner will respect your needs and limits, you don't have to maintain tight control all
the time. In Tantric Sex we often focus on preparations so that we haven't a care in the world
during the experience and can become thoroughly spontaneous.
That's why Tantric Sex is uniquely a partnership involving mutual consent, energy balance,
full participation, giving, and receiving. To make sure, we always start any partnered Tantric
practice by discussing three issues...
1) Desires: what you want, intend, or hope will happen,
2) Concerns: what's on your mind or worrying you about it, and
3) Boundaries: lines you don't want your partner to cross.
We call these the Partnering Questions.
For example, before a sensual massage a woman might ask for...
• long slow oiled strokes (desires),
• without things turning too sexual because she's having menstrual cramps (concerns),
• with no yoni penetration (boundaries).
PRACTICE: Partnering Questions
The following practice guides you in getting familiar with the three Partnering
Questions by discussing the topic of sex in general. During later practices, you'll use
them to prepare more specifically.
Take a moment to look within and identify how satisfied you are with your current
sex life. Consider what you've had, what you've got, how it's working, how it's not, plus
what you want more of and less of. Include desires, feelings, concerns, frustrations, and
fantasies. The more honestly you can do this, the better your coming experiences will be.
One explains their desires, concerns, and boundaries regarding sex with the other.
The other partner should simply listen, acknowledge, and ask for clarification only if
necessary to understand. A minute each is usually sufficient for each question.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 30
Exchange roles so the other partner can explain their answers to the three questions.
If there are differences in desires or boundaries that conflict, discuss what you can do
to honor each other's wishes.
Tantra 101
So you'll know what to expect, let us introduce you to some of the basic Tantra principles
you'll find appearing in this book over and over...
• Relax and go with the flow, allowing natural f***es to run their course.
• Don't be inhibited and don't resist healthy impulses,
• Be supremely conscious of everything while watching and enjoying.
• Be present in the moment and open your physical senses.
• Make love on multiple levels: sex, heart, and spirit.
• Focus on pleasure in the moment, not simply on achieving the big O,
• You are responsible for your own pleasure and responses.
• Know what you desire, what your boundaries are, and voice them.
• Empty your mind of goals and anxieties, letting sex become a timeless blissful
• Allow orgasm to become a sacred energy event, separate and distinct from ejaculation
and physical orgasm.
2.5 Sacred Sex Section
“Tantric Buddhism is the much misunderstood practice of using the sexual energy as a way of
exploring spirituality...using sex as a gateway to a richer and deeper spiritual experience, and
using spirituality as a means of expanding the sex act into one of erotic symbolism and
meditation.” ----- Richard Craze in A Beginner’s Guide To Tantric Sexuality
Why Do You Call Tantra Sacred Sex?
In many circles, the word Tantra is synonymous with sacred sexuality. How can we make
such an outrageous claim?
In part, that's because the original Tantras taught sex as a path to higher consciousness. If
you employ your superabundance of sexual energy as fuel for growth, then you'll experience
our private definition of Tantra, too -- the fast track to enlightenment.
Further, Tantric LovePlay is a way to bring sexuality into harmony with spirituality, making
sexual love a sacrament of sacred union.
No, You Don't Have To Go To Tantra Church For Great Sex
If you're religious, you can easily adopt the view that everything on earth -- including sex --
is God's gift. Your body is a temple that houses your soul. Or if you lean towards the more
pagan traditions, the Goddess who is love gave us sex as a reward for honoring spirit.
Either way, it's our spiritual imperative to accept this supreme offering and revel in it. Don't
you agree?
We connect lust, love, and life f***e by making love on multiple levels. Tantra is sacred sex
because we merge all our energies inside by connecting the sex, heart, and spirit chakras (the
energy centers up and down the body in line with the spine). And share each with our beloved.
Tantra teaches that we're all a reflection of higher powers. In our rituals, we always include
a namasté, the traditional Eastern palms together over the heart with a bow. Namaste´ means
"the divine light within me honors the divine light within you."
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 31
Whatever way you cut it, Tantric LovePlay operates on a different plane than pure a****l
PRACTICE: Heart Salutation
Try this little greeting and closing gesture as a way of showing your respect for the
life f***e of your partner. We do it each time we make love or when we're doing other
joint practices. Though it just takes a moment and is silent, the intense eye contact
creates an intimacy that sometimes leads to exchanging heartfelt appreciation of each
To learn a simple way to show Tantric respect for the divine qualities of your partner.
1. SIT
Sit cross legged in front of each other as close as you can get. Comfortably make eye
Put your palms together pointing down, both of you. Touch the floor in front of you
still making eye contact.
Pull your hands, palms still together, up to your hearts as you each take a deep slow
breath still making eye contact.
As you breathe in and move your hands up, visualize the energy of the earth being
drawn into your hands and then into your heart.
Keeping your hands on your hearts, lean forward and touch foreheads in a "third eye
kiss" as you slowly exhale. Visualize the energy exchanging between you.
Lean back as you take another deep breath, keeping your hands on your heart. Some
like to close their eyes at this point as they take their energy back inside.
As you visualize energy being returned to the earth on your second out breath, move
your hands back down to the floor in front of you and open your eyes.
Ritual Engineers An Energy Conversion
In India, traditional Tantrikas spent many years under the guidance of a spiritual teacher
engaged in elaborate yogic rituals to purify the body and master the mind. These practices were
intended to awaken the powerful psychic energies through which the adept could enter into
higher states of consciousness. Only when a disciple was deemed ready did he or she partake in
sexual rites with a partner.
We don't approach teaching modern Tantric S.E.X. in such a rigorous disciplined way. But
we approach it as if entering a holy temple on the path to liberation of body, mind, and spirit.
Ritual in Tantra is just a way of honoring of each other as reflections of the divine. We
choose to look through the outer shell and see into our own and our beloved's inner beings.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 32
When Somraj began learning Tantra, he approached sexual play on the extreme masculine
side of the spectrum. Ritual was not part of his vocabulary much less experience.
But, of course, love is a powerful behavior modifier. While stricken with infatuation with
the Tantric pioneer, Dhyan Jeffre, he surrendered to frequent Tantric ritual.
After a few sessions of Tantric ecstasy, the energy itself engineered a conversion. He said...
"There wasn't any rote prostration before a jealous deity to placate in these rituals. Rather, they
were spontaneous motions which created a reverent mood celebrating love, sex, and the abundant
joy of the universe."
Ritual made loveplay feel different -- intimate, sacred, more present.
EXERCISE: Sacred Sex Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How do you feel about viewing sex as sacred?
• What other energies would you like to bring into your sexual encounters (spiritual,
heartfelt, c***dlike, spontaneous, a****l, etc.)
• What would make you feel safer, more loved, more adored, more blessed during
sexual play?
Creating A Sacred Space
We call preparing the setting for practices and lovemaking, creating a Sacred Space. It's a
space we choose, take loving care in preparing, and dedicate to the higher purpose of sacred
If you don't have a spare room that you can decorate and reserve for Tantric LovePlay, you
can create the environment you want in your living room or bedroom. In fact, there's a benefit
to setting up each time, as you get to ponder the kind of experience or energy you want to
create right now. It also stimulates your creativity and focus, helping you resist the great f***e
of habit that makes some of us take things for granted at times.
What does ritual include?
• Putting on beautiful clothing that accentuates our sexuality like sarongs and jewelry
with sensual, smooth, soft flowing cloth.
• Creating an altar near our practice area that contains meaningful statues, pictures of
our teachers, power objects like crystals and feathers.
• Cleansing the space with sage or scents, calling in the energies we want to invoke, and
expressing gratitude.
This kind of ritual is simply our way getting ready to fully appreciate the joys of Tantric
S.E.X. It takes conscious attention to create the mood inside and out. Remove the distractions,
intentionally set up the ambiance, and then your only work is the inner kind.
We don't have any strict rites required. Coupled with the eclectic spontaneity of Tantra,
there's no right or wrong way to do ritual. You just do what strikes you in the moment, keeping
in mind the general guidelines we suggest in the Sacred Space Practice.
PRACTICE: Sacred Space
Here are some of the things you should consider doing while creating your Sacred
Space. Remember, you eventually want to do it your way. Don't feel wedded to this
program but experiment to discover what feels good to you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 33
We suggest you print out this practice, including the closing step, so you'll be able to
refer to it in later practices.
To practice creating a Sacred Space.
Clean-up dust, dirt, stray objects, and loose clothing.
Decorate with sarongs, wall hangings, art, flowers.
Place a beautiful sarong on the bed or cushion as the center of your practice.
Set up a music player with chosen music loaded and playing. Have a remote control
handy, if you have one.
Place candles, bells, incense, and the like around to titillate your other senses.
Create a dedicated area as an altar for special power objects dedicated to your love,
your guru, your lifestyle, your relationship, etc.
We call in the basic elements honored by the Native Americans -- water, earth, air,
spirit -- from the compass directions beginning with the South.
We first walk around the center of the space counterclockwise, verbally casting out
the energies, emotions, and attitudes we choose to leave out of our space.
Then we walk around clockwise, calling in energies, emotions, and attitudes we want
We finally invite the spirit and energy of our teachers, mentors, and ancestors into
our space.
To close the Sacred Space, we also encourage a short ritual after every Tantric experience,
• After a powerful orgasm, lying in each other's arms is a sweet way to cool down.
• After a practice session, comparing reactions is always interesting.
• It's endearing to exchange compliments, acknowledgments, sweet everythings.
• Feedback is a great way for a partnership to grow and evolve amicably.
• Verbally release the elements from the directions and any spirits you've invoked.
• And of course we conclude with another Heart Salutation.
2.6 Shiva Shakti Section
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 34
"Shiva and Shakti, the inseparable divine couple, are the gods of the ecstatic dance and the
creators of the yoga that allows adepts to rediscover the divine at the root of their own minds by
opening the heart." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love
Look What Happens When Male & Female Love Juices Merge
The earliest Tantras are writings in ancient Indian books thousands years old that describe
secret sexual rituals, disciplines, and meditations.
More than anyone else in modern times, the Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, Osho, is
responsible for popularizing Tantra in the West. For so long, the earth-shaking truths of the old
scriptures were inaccessible due to their secret codes and obscure language. Osho translated not
just the words but the spirit of living Tantrically.
These esoteric Hindu texts were written in the form of a dialogue between the god Shiva
and his consort, Shakti.
According to the myth, Shiva and Shakti, the archetypal male and female, created the
universe by making love. The physical world sprang from the love juices dripping from their
bodies. The union of their energies was needed to create the whole.
Quite a contrast to the tale of Adam and Eve, right?
Today, Tantrikas revere Shiva as the pure embodiment of the masculine f***e culminating
in cosmic consciousness, and Shakti as the feminine principle embodying pure creative energy.
This isn't worship of supreme beings as in organized religions. Rather, it's our way of
honoring the f***es of nature that exist within each of us. We simply use Shiva and Shakti as
convenient symbols to focus the growth of our own divine qualities.
In short, Tantrikas honor both our inner male and female regardless of our biological
Yin Yang Unite
Tantra teaches you to revere your sexual partner and to transform the act of sex into a
sacrament of love. Tantra teaches that lovemaking between a man and woman, when entered
into with awareness, is a gateway to both sexual and spiritual ecstasy.
An essential part of understanding Tantra is recognizing the alchemy of blending female
and male energies. The Chinese call these yin and yang.
Western society artificially separates our masculine and feminine energies by discouraging
the development of the opposite qualities. You know that men are taught to hide their soft
receptive nurturing side and women are traditionally encouraged to hide their f***eful
leadership and dynamic power. But, truly, we all have both sets of energies and need to exercise
them all for a fulfilling life.
Tantra encourages each gender to cultivate the latent f***es of the other. If men seek their
intrinsic truths on the Tantric path, they'll invariably discover their supple, receptive, sensitive,
and vulnerable side, without losing their masculinity.
Women will discover their strong leadership, dynamic initiative, and teaching powers while
retaining their femininity. These new qualities add to the strengths consistent with our outer
gender which we've already learned to exercise.
What Do Real Men & Women Eat?
So what do you think...
• Do real men eat quiche?
• Do real women eat bullets?
The Tantric answer is to eat whatever floats your cork in the moment.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 35
Why do we bother telling you this story? Because to reach the sublime heights of Tantric
ecstasy, you need more than technique. Without a deeper understanding of energy dynamics,
you might think the best female lovers completely submit to their partners who dominate
everything. This is only half right.
To be receptive to the powerful energies Sacred Gate massage and ejaculation release, a
woman needs to be able to fully surrender to being penetrated, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually. This takes courage, strength, and supreme confidence in herself. You see, the
receiver is the only one who really knows what's going inside in each moment. To reach ecstatic
heights, the woman must guide the experience. She must be so calm and secure in controlling
her partner that she doesn't disturb her own reverie. This is the dynamic direction of Shiva
Oddly enough, her lover needs feminine qualities. The giver has to be fully receptive to
being led and embrace the Shakti energy. The giving partner, whether male or female, has to
willing and able to give oneself fully in service to the Goddess. Give up their own agenda,
surrender to whatever happens, and support, nurture, and follow selflessly. Shakti qualities.
In other words, the strong and in-control giver must be soft and feminine, while the soft and
feminine receiver acts strong and in control. The opposite of what you might expect. Ultimate
success with Sacred Gate stimulation and female ejaculation requires that both giver and
receiver excel at performing both Shiva and Shakti roles and be able to interchange them
If one can only give and the other can only receive, progress will be blocked. Harmony and
balance in male-female polarities are what you're seeking. So you can both surprise the other,
lead them to unheard of heights of pleasure, and be able to share the entire ecstasy created.
EXERCISE: Yin & Yang Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How well do you do at fully receiving and absorbing all the pleasure you're offered?
• How well do you focus on yourself while receiving?
• How well do you do at fully giving without worrying about what you're going to get
in return?
• How well are you able to feel deep pleasure in giving?
Worship The Goddess
For the ultimate Tantric highs, both partners need to lead strongly and be fully open to
receiving. As we've said, modern society conditions men to be strong and decisive, women to
be submissive and accepting. (Yes, even today.) It's often a challenge for both to learn to
exercise the strengths of the opposite pole.
This is probably where the popularity amongst Tantric men of worshipping the Goddess
comes from. We're referring to revering, honoring, and following the Shakti energy of your
female partner here. Undoubtedly, there's some connection with early pagan religions that
believed everything comes from the grace of the supreme mother who watches over us.
Men, when your heart bubbles with gratitude over the gifts your Goddess bestows on you,
when your mind is consumed with giving her pleasure, when your body vibrates ecstatically in
unison with her orgasms, you've come to worship this incarnation of the Goddess.
And for women, when you learn what you want, know how to graciously ask for it, and
guide lovemaking to reach new and glorious celestial heights, you've truly come into your
power as a spiritual sexual being. Accept your self as Goddess, divine in every way.
Shiva-Shakti Game
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 36
“The man holds the essence of woman in him, and the woman holds the essence of man in her.
What is outside male is inside female. What is outside female is inside male.” ----- Margot
Anand in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
How do you learn to lead and to receive? By practicing just what doesn't come naturally.
Instead of spending your time and energy thinking and debating, use the Tantric way. Follow
the three Tantric maxims for personal transformation: practice, Practice, PRACTICE!
The Shiva-Shakti Game is a great way to practice harmonizing both roles. It requires a long
period of your life away from work during which one of you fully assumes one role while your
partner does the other.
You may need to push yourself to assume the role that isn't your conditioned response,
taking charge when you're used to following, or supporting when you're used to challenging or
modifying your partner's plans.
This game is a chance to fully get into one side of the gender spectrum without the guilt that
receivers often feel that they should be giving back. And without the jealous resistance that
givers experience focusing on when will they get theirs. Both take you out of the experience,
and ultimately will block your ability to reach the highest peaks of sexual ecstasy.
In the Shiva-Shakti Game you know full well that the time is limited and you only have to
restrict your mind and emotions to one gender energy. You can rest easier knowing that you'll
both get a chance to turn the tables before too long.
If you accept that your desires are good and you deserve all the pleasure you can absorb,
here's a chance to go for it.
PRACTICE: Shiva-Shakti Game
The Shiva-Shakti Game lets you demonstrate that you're fully responsible for your
own pleasure. When you're receiving, you need ask decisively for what you've always
wanted. You need to communicate clearly about what you've been afraid to speak up
about. Now you have permission, at least while you're playing Shiva.
If you don't make out-of-the-ordinary requests that are at least a little bit naughty,
why bother trying to change your sex life? Here's your chance to play out fantasies
you've dreamed about and explore the kinds of sexual play you've been intrigued by.
Why not belly up to the bar and go for it?
Further, unless you get mean-spirited and exact revenge (not an intention of this
practice), you don't have to worry about rejection. During the practice, your partner is
committed to serving your whims and wishes.
Don't be too surprised if your play runs up against the limits to your capacity for
pleasure. Resistance may be a feeling of being overwhelmed, overstimulated, bored, or
not feeling deserving and worthy. We suggest, as with all resistance, that you take it
easy while you persevere. What turns it on is just the thing that will turn it off
To practice consciously and willfully fully occupying only one Shiva-Shakti role at a
time so you can learn to use them each when you want to.
Brainstorm separately a list of things you want to do during your ideal evening or
day. Don't restrict yourself while you're brainstorming. Put everything down that you've
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 37
ever dreamed of, the more outrageous the better. You're just fantasizing privately now,
so there's no commitment to follow through on your daydreams. Regardless of how
many wishes you ask for while you're in charge, the practice of your creativity in the
pursuit of pleasure is a great opportunity. Everything does not have to be sexual. You
can include outings, sports, walks, meals, a game, being bathed or dressed, etc.
Review your list yourself and consider what would bring you the most pleasure in
the moment. Having the dishes washed? Dressing your partner up? Receiving an hour
of oral sex? Put your list in the order you want to do them.
Now get together and begin by creating a Sacred Space. Be sure to do a Heart
Salutation as you settle in.
Read your lists to each other. Decide who will go first. Agree on how long you want
to play, each of you being Shiva for half and Shakti for half. Though you may want to
try just an hour or two to get the hang of it, the profound results come from an evening,
a day, or an entire weekend.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, and boundaries. What do you
want to learn? What are you worried about? Is anything off limits? To officially begin
the session, the partner in the Shakti role salutes Shiva by saying something like "Oh
glorious Shiva, I offer myself in service to your profound pleasure. Please guide me."
Ask for what you want. Experiment, be creative, inventive, and take risks. You're the
king or queen and you have total right to ask for anything that moves you. Focus on
learning to receive. Don't plan everything in advance but be playful and spontaneous.
Be sure not to abuse your power but to be kind to your servant (who may soon be your
dictator). A good ruler is never unkind or abusive to those dedicated to their pleasure.
Laud your Shakti with compliments for everything you receive. Remember, by
considering the giver's situation you will learn more about how to get what you ask for.
Demonstrate that your partner's pleasure is important to you by devoting yourself
fully to it for this time. Take the profound opportunity to practice the height of the
Tantric approach to life: by saying "yes!" Our normal conditioning in life is to judge
actions and resist those we're uncomfortable with, controlling the outside world to
protect our inner world. In this practice, you get to practice surrender. In this way you
can learn about your own inner blocks to giving freely and unconditionally without
expecting anything in return. Of course, you're a supporter, not a slave. So you shouldn't
accede to anything that would permanently hurt you. Recognizing your own boundaries
and communicating them to Shiva is a powerful exercise in personal power.
When half the time allocated to the entire game is up, find a clear stopping place and
do a Heart Salutation. Officially conclude with the one in the Shiva role saying
something like "Thank you, my beloved Shakti, for giving me so much pleasure. I
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 38
release you from your delightful service." Then, when you're ready, switch roles and
repeat the previous steps.
Before processing what occurred, many couples find it helpful to take a break
separately for an hour or so to reflect on what happened. Then get back together in your
Sacred Space, do a Heart Salutation, and review the experience, answering questions
• What was hardest? How did you feel at the time?
• What was easiest? How did you feel at the time?
• What was most enjoyable? How did you feel at the time?
• What did you learn about yourself?
• What do you need and want to work on more?
Use whatever steps seem appropriate to close your Sacred Space, as you learned in
the Sacred Space Practice.
2.7 Closing Section
Though you've got some incredible sexual practices ahead, we wanted to start you off with
the mindset that Tantric sex is more than rutting. You can expand your sacred sexual experience
• Integrating your mind, emotions, and soul with the body.
• Focusing your awareness where it will help, on celebrating pleasure.
• Welcoming sexual healing into your evolution.
• Looking inward and deciding how you can make your sex life sacred.
• Developing the attitude and approach of your opposite gender.
We've offered several simple practices that you'll find in nearly everything that's coming...
• Relaxing through meditation,
• Being responsible for your own pleasure using Partnering Questions,
• Intentionally creating the mood you want in a Sacred Space,
• Honoring the divine in all of us with the Heart Salutation. and
• Embracing both yin and yang roles with Shiva-Shakti.
Open to all the energies of life and your lovemaking will never be the same. Enjoy the
transformation that awaits you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 39
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy
"The practice of Tantra has tremendous potential for transformation because of the Kundalini
Shakti -- spiritual energy -- the awakening, uplifting, expanding principle. The experience of the
Shakti might be an inexplicable euphoria, a deep peace, a sense of great love, or an expansion of
our own awareness -- so that suddenly we are aware of inner processes that we previously had no
idea of." ----- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
3.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand what Kundalini energy is.
• Begin strengthening your sexual muscles.
• Learn how to do Orgasmic Breathing.
• Recognize how Tantric Orgasm is different.
How Tantra Can Help Your Sex Life
How can a spiritual practice like Tantra help you with G-Spot orgasms and female
ejaculation? It can because Tantra is about mastering your own energy, the vitality of life. We
mean that inner subtle vibration that's always percolating beneath most people's normal level of
Everything in the physical universe is in motion due to energy flowing. The cells in our
bodies, the bl**d in our veins, the impulses in our nerves all continuously vibrate inside. Are
you aware of it?
What causes goose bumps? A chill down your spine? Shivers or ticklishness? Or more
directly on our subject, how about that tingly warm feeling in your jewels (genitals) when you
see a luscious specimen of the opposite sex walking down the street.
When we refer to energy in Tantra, we mean the nervous stimulation and physical
excitation that causes these feelings. In China it's called chi, in India it's called prana, in Japan it's
called ki, in Yoga it's called Kundalini, but it's all energy. We're talking about the same electrical
and magnetic life f***e that pervades all of our bodies.
What Energy Crisis?
Being an energy practice above all else, Tantra targets sex because it creates so much energy.
Because most lovers feel this kind of sexual energy most strongly just before an orgasm, you'll
see us use the term "orgasmic energy." Kundalini is probably the more correct term. But it's all
the same electrical or magnetic stuff in your body.
Regardless of your level of satisfaction with your lovemaking skills, energy is at the root of
Tantra teaches heightened awareness of these subtler, finer frequencies. Most people don't
notice them because their internal receivers haven't been tuned to pick them up. That's partly
why we delight in exploring our senses of taste, sight, smell, and sound as well as deeper
appreciation of sensual touch.
By tuning our senses, we learn how to summon orgasmic energy, focus on its effects,
magnify its impact, and circulate it around the body.
EXERCISE: Kundalini Discussion Questions
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 40
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about....
• How aware of your Kundalini energy are you?
• What does it feel like?
• Do you feel it moving?
• What do you do that makes it move?
3.2 Streaming Section
"If you practice drinking from someone else’s spring, you will never become a fountain. To
awaken is to become a fountain for others and never stop flowing." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric
Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love
Learn To Stream
When enough sexual pleasure is awakened inside, it's hard to contain the Kundalini in one
spot. So, with any luck, it spreads.
We call this moving, running, channeling, or circulating energy.
Though they all mean roughly the same thing, streaming is probably our favorite term. The
name refers to opening your pathways to the energy of ecstasy (even without sexual
stimulation) and letting the natural vibrations engulf you. Streaming gives the valid impression
of a flood of pleasure coursing through your body, which is what it feels like.
When orgasmic energy streams throughout the body, it's as if every cell is coming. Yes, you
feel the same ecstatic experience everywhere. Whole-body orgasm is high on our private list of
Tantric delights.
When we first started Tantric practice, Jeffre used to have powerful session-ending orgasms.
When she learned to stream instead of explode, she started experiencing multiple orgasms.
When you know how stream orgasmic Kundalini energy by yourself, then you can
exchange it with your beloved. The most intense sexual encounters don't result just from a
really hot woman or skilled man. The pinnacles of sexual ecstasy result from both partners
sharing, combining, and building on each other's energy. That's why our definition of S.E.X. is
Subtle Energy eXchange.
Why bother learning how to stream?
• Because it's the key to unleashing the full potential of your sexual power.
• Because it's how you take yourself higher and higher.
• Because it's how you learn to awaken your Sacred Gate and the multiple and
extended orgasms awaiting you there.
Some say that women are generally more sensitive to energy and can learn how to stream
more easily. Maybe so. But , guys, you can feel it, too. Some of you, like Somraj, can respond
intensely to the slightest stimulation with a little practice. Which is the basis of the ancient
Eastern secret of overcoming premature ejaculation.
If Inner Tennis, Why Not Inner Orgasm?
You know what happens to guys if all the sexual energy generated through lovemaking
stays in their jewels? If all this excitement boils over too quickly, the easiest direction for it to
move is out the end of their pleasure stick. And then vajra (penis) explodes with a momentary
flash of pleasure and a big wet spot, that usually ends the play time for a good long while,
sometimes leaving his lover unsatisfied.
If he learns how to spread that Kundalini away from his vajra and around his body, he'll
feel great all over without a sudden big gush. As a result, he can have lots of little energy rushes
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 41
which get bigger and bigger and bigger, culminating in a long series of internal energy climaxes
we call Tantric Orgasm.
If you're a man, when you learn to channel sexual energy away from your jewels, you can
separate ejaculation from orgasm. Your arousal can still become irresistible and you can still
have those powerful pelvic muscle contractions that feel so wonderful.
That's what causes a dry orgasm, a long series of slow pleasurable spasms without
ejaculating and with a rush of energy. Instead of exploding, you pump the energy back inside
and circulate it repeatedly. We call these "implosive orgasms."
How do you learn to spread Kundalini energy elsewhere in your body? Somraj's personal
story in his ebook, Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, answers that question conclusively. If you or
your partner is interested in prolonging your lovemaking nearly indefinitely by using the
ultimate solution for premature ejaculation, get your copy now at...
EXERCISE: Discussion Questions For Men
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How well do you extend your loveplay without ejaculating too soon?
• How do you do it?
• Have you ever had a dry orgasm?
• Have you ever felt Kundalini surging through your body?
EXERCISE: Discussion Questions For Women
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How are your orgasms? What are they like?
• Do they come easily? What pushes you over the top?
• Would you like something more?
• Have you ever ejaculated?
Where Do You Store Your Energy?
Many ancient cultures, both in the East and West, studied our subtle energies and devised
methods to gain greater mastery over them. Common to many practices are the chakras, the
Indian word for wheels. Chakras are...
Whirlpools or vortexes of energy centered at the spinal column and extending in front of and
behind the body where subtle energy is generated, collected, and stored.
Most systems identify seven chakras that reside from the bottom of the spine to the top of
the head. Here is a relatively universal list...
# Chakra Location
1st Perineum Base of spine
2nd Belly 2 inches below navel
3rd Solar Plexus Below breast bone
4th Heart Center of chest
5th Throat Throat
6th Third Eye Forehead
7th Crown Top of head
Though energy is energy, when it's generated or settles in a specific chakra, it feels different.
When we talk about sexual energy, we're actually referring to vibrations of the first two chakras
at the belly and pelvic floor. At the heart, it's the warm embrace of love. In the brain, it fuels
higher awareness. At the crown, it connects us to the spiritual plane.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 42
Prescription For Prolonged Peak Experiences
We know you're reading this ebook to unleash the power of the Sacred Gate. So let us
explain how your chakras figure in so pivotally. There are two main reasons.
First, most love partners want more than just a lust connection at the first couple sex
chakras. Merging energy at multiple chakras satisfies them immensely.
If you've read any of the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch, you'll
recognize "God's" position on sacred sex...
"There is nothing...unholy...about a passionate, desire-filled sexual experience...When you
respond to one another from...all seven centers at the same time, then you have the peak
experience you are looking for."
Second, you can use the invisible channel that connects the chakras internally, which we call
the inner flute, to move Kundalini energy throughout your body.
This is the key to revitalizing your chakras. Learn to stream sexual life f***e up and down
your inner flute and you'll be able to clear the mental, emotional, and physical blocks in your
way of an ecstatic life.
Those who practice Kundalini Yoga believe this orgasmic energy sl**ps at the base of the
spine. Others believe the first chakra is at the clio or tip of vajra. Our experience is that the most
powerful sexual energies are stored in the Sacred Gate of both men and women. Awaken the
Kundalini, the sl**ping serpent of sexual fire, stream the energy upward, and not only do you
create exciting sexual experiences, but you rejuvenate your entire mind, body, and spirit.
EXERCISE: Chakra Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• What do you know about chakras?
• What awareness do you have of each chakra?
• What stimulates and excites you chakras?
3.3 Tantric Orgasm Section
“The awakening of Kundalini is, somehow, the awakening of the latent cosmic energy lying in
every human being, for such an energy is the origin of all his powers, all his strength, all the
forms of life he may assume.” ----- Lilian Silburn in Kundalini
Streaming For Fun And Profit
Our biology certainly produces lots of sexual energy, especially when we're young, healthy,
or infatuated with a new love. What happens when you age or get stressed by sickness or life
pressures? Then you can't depend on hormones to turn you on and make you high.
Master running energy and this will never be a problem. Learn to generate and channel
Kundalini energy and you can reach mind-boggling heights any time you want. Goddess
knows, there's a never-ending supply if you're willing to tap into your sexual generator.
Where do you channel the energy generated? How do you spread it around your body and
share it with the one you love? By using your intention, your mind, and your breath, you can
learn to send Kundalini anywhere you want.
Where do you think full-body orgasms come from? From circulating the peak sexual f***es
instead of letting them release all that delicious energy too soon.
Move the energy up to the belly, the solar plexus, the heart, the brain, and above. Then it
excites, enlivens, and enriches your whole body. That's what makes magic happen. That's why
you came to this party, right?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 43
Full-Body Orgasms
We believe that the G-Spot is such a captivating trigger zone because it stores so much
orgasmic energy. Learn to awakening your Sacred Gate is an easy portal into the energetic side
of sacred orgasm. With a little dedicated Tantric practice, you can unleash these powerful f***es
with little stimulation, at least from the outside.
Regardless of your gender, streaming Kundalini energy awakens the rest of your body so
you can experience full-body orgasms. Running energy to the heart awakens your love-flows
and is a powerful turn-on all by itself. Channeling energy to the spiritual centers in the head can
make sexual play a transcendent experience.
Once you learn to stream energy, you'll experience amazingly powerful responses to subtle
stimuli. Your senses become immeasurably heightened. Imagine what it feels like when other
parts of your body are throbbing with the same excitation that makes your jewels pulse and
Tantric Orgasm
When you learn the ancient sexual secrets presented in Awakening The Sacred Gate, you
can access powers hidden deep inside. Then, although a normal physical orgasmic release can
feel terrific, you'll find that orgasm in Tantra becomes a vastly different experience. Tantrikas
cultivate the ecstatic response, which you might call the inner nervous system climax.
We achieve this by contacting our most powerful trigger zones like the Sacred Gate and
generating huge sexual f***es. Then we recycle the orgasmic energy, not expel it. We conserve
and Kundalini within, and instead of discharging, the energy expands inward, flooding the
entire body with pulsing orgasmic contractions and continuous wavelike vibrations. This is
what we call a Tantric Orgasm.
A Tantric Orgasm is an experience of prolonged peak pleasure in which your whole body
vibrates with wave after wave of intense ardor. We shake all over, engulfed in surge after surge
of pure liquid fire. Often, female Tantric adepts ejaculate over and over and over.
Most people experience orgasm from physical stimulation, building up sexual tension and
then releasing it. Tantric Orgasm is an energy event, a state of ecstasy that's more than just
physical, involving many or all of the chakras. In the Ecstatic States Chapter, we'll immerse
ourselves into the different physical pathways to different kinds of sexual climax, and how
Tantric energy orgasm relates.
Where Can I Get One? No, A Six Pack?
How does one experience Tantric Orgasm? Some get there through clio stimulation, some
through maithuna (Tantric for sexual union), some by learning to channel orgasmic energy to
and from all parts of their body. But we find the most powerful access to this zenith of sexual
pleasure is through the G-Spot. The Sacred Gate is where so much power is stored, too often
ignored or suppressed, and can be so released with such intense experiences.
Many women rarely experience this kind of sexual peak. But when introduced to G-Spot
play, they report many of the same sensations as we describe as Tantric Orgasm. Long
continuous pulsing. Going somewhere else and losing touch with reality. Out of control. These
streams of ecstasy from Tantric Orgasm can go on and on and higher and higher.
In fact, many Tantric practitioners can generate and flow this delicious energy without jewel
stimulation. Admittedly this takes some training which is why Tantra is all about sacred sexual
Is creating the ultimate pleasure worth some delightful practice now and then? You betcha.
Once you acquire the knack, you'll never settle day in and day out for "normal sex" again.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 44
EXERCISE: Tantric Orgasm Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• Have you ever had a full-body orgasm?
• Have you ever had a Tantric Orgasm?
• Have you ever had multiple orgasms of any kind that went on and on?
Four Cornerstones
Many of you are reading this ebook not simply to have better sex but to have sacred ecstatic
experiences. Along with learning the physical triggers, you'll learn here how to use Kundalini
energy to propel you higher.
The secret is to turn the responses of the body and mind during orgasmic ecstasy into skills
you can practice and master. We call these keys the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss. They
• Breath,
• Sound,
• Movement, and
• Presence.
A Tantric breath is deep, slow, and in the belly. The fuels the body.
Tantrikas make sounds like moaning to express the pleasure they're feeling. This releases
inhibitions and opens powerful nerve channels.
The kinds of movements we're referring to are undulating pelvic rocking on the outside and
sexual muscle pumping on the inside. Not only do these actions channel Kundalini, but they
feel really hot.
Presence means being relaxed enough to open your senses in the moment without any goal
or expectation and focus totally on the pleasure you're feeling right now. Presence of mind
allows you to use visualization to move Kundalini, and presence of spirit tunes your internal
receiver to the frequency of subtle energy.
These may seem like simple skills, and they are. We're talking about the kind of intense
breath, sound, movement, and presence that you usually only experience during an orgasm. So
we refer to this process as Orgasmic Breathing.
You might think that you already know what turns you on. For most people untrained in
the Eastern arts of love, those are external stimuli. In contrast, the four cornerstones are internal
tools you can use to energize your own pleasure and steer your own excitement.
If you use them to consciously to get your sexual motor running long before you approach
the pinnacle, they can be ecstatic tools that empower you to go higher and higher.
3.4 Sexual Muscles Section
PC Muscle
We want you to start learning to run sexual energy with one aspect of the movement
cornerstone, flexing your inner sexual muscles. We're talking about your PC muscle, short for
We realize that medical term is a mouthful, but it's easy to identify. Put one of your hands
on your pubic bone, the inside one that's above your jewels and around your pubic hair at the
bottom of your tummy. That's the P.
Now reach around behind and put your other hand near the top of your crack just below
your spine. That's your tailbone or coccyx, the C. The PC muscle snakes down around your
jewels and anus and connects these two bones plus your sitting bones and legs.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 45
What's more important, you need to be able to identify the PC muscle from the inside. It's
the one you tighten when you want to squeeze out the last few drops of urine. Try squeezing it
now. Did you feel it?
If you can't isolate it, take a break and go the bathroom right now. Start peeing and stop in
the middle. When you're finished, try to squeeze the last few drops out. The muscle you used to
stop midstream and squeeze at the end is your PC.
You Want To Strengthen Your PC
Having strong internal pelvic muscles, keeping them relaxed when at rest, and knowing
how to use them without strain can dramatically enhance your sexual pleasure. Why?
Because the PC pulses rhythmically during maithuna (intercourse), especially strongly
during climax, pumping sexual energy. If your PC is weak, your pleasure and orgasms will
suffer. If it's always tense, it can block your ability to stream Kundalini. If yours is strong, you
have a powerful tool to consciously channel energy throughout your whole body. The stronger
they become, the more intense and pleasurable sexual intimacy can be for you, and the more
easily women can orgasm and ejaculate.
Did we mention which muscle is primarily responsible for female ejaculation? Right, the PC.
As with any physical exercise, improved tone gives you better muscle control. When a
muscle is weak, it feels like mush even after a few contractions. With a weak PC, this cuts off the
flow of pleasure and the length of orgasm. When a PC muscle is strong, you can continue
pumping as long as you want, extending orgasm. Further, a well-toned PC can relax more
The natural tendency to tighten up when aroused blocks the flow of ecstasy up the inner
flute. Those who've been sexually rejected, abused, or wounded, may find their pelvic floor
continually tense and on guard. Relax your PC when you're flying higher and higher during
sexual play and you can soar.
PC Benefits
Apparently Gräfenberg wasn't aware that a primary result of strong voluntary contractions
of the PC is to lift vajra towards the G-Spot. With a strong PC, a male lover can apply the most
delicious kind of pressure to a woman's Sacred Gate, regardless of sexual position. Much more
about this soon.
To summarize, women who develop strong PC muscles can...
• expand the sensations during lovemaking and spread the pleasure out,
• have more powerful orgasms,
• have better control over their bladders, and
• more easily learn to ejaculate.
Additionally, the entire vagina benefits from increased circulation that increases sensitivity to
stimulation and improves the overall health of the yoni.
Men who develop strong PC muscles...
• can have stronger erections,
• have more powerful orgasms,
• can regulate their contractions, consciously making them slower and avoiding
premature ejaculation,
• gain greater control over vajra and strengthen his ability to stimulate his partner's GSpot.
Finally, some believe that PC practice massages a man's prostate and keeps that vital organ
healthier and disease free -- a great side benefit.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 46
PC Pumps
Did we convince you that you need to do PC pumps? That's what we call these sexual
muscle squeeze practices.
Fortunately, it's easy and inexpensive to strengthen them. It just takes a few minutes a day
and doesn't happen overnight. To get the maximum benefits from Awakening The Sacred Gate,
we urge you to add some of the following practices to your daily routine.
By the way, you've probably heard of Kegels. These are similar practices developed by a
gynecologist in 1952 named, of all things, Dr. Arnold Kegel. He taught women to strengthen
their PC muscles after the trauma of c***dbirth to restore tone and regain control of their
urinary reflexes.
Doing PC pumps is easy. The hard part is establishing a regimen and remembering to do
them. Develop a successful memory device so that you don't forget. Find a time and place
where you'll remember to do several sets of these practices each day. Once they get strong after
several months of practice, continue the same regiment as your own maintenance program
After he developed his muscles with several daily sets, Somraj chose two daily life rituals
for his maintenance program -- soaking in the hot tub, and walking the dogs. That's where he
does his PC pumps every day. You might use the beginning of your commute to and from
work, as you stop for traffic lights, when you check your email, during TV commercials, or
when you start your workout at the gym.
Whatever you choose, do it regularly so it becomes an integral part of your life routine.
Since it doesn't seem to matter what position you're in for these practices, you can choose
whenever and wherever best jogs your memory.
Remember, don't push yourself and strain your groin at the outset. Instead use the Tantric
approach and build up gradually. Relax everything else when you do PC pumps. If you tend to
tense up, put your tongue on your palate so won't clench your jaw.
When you start practicing as described below, you may find that you're also tightening your
stomach muscles. Don't' worry about it for now. Within a few days or weeks, you'll learn to
isolate your muscle control so you'll only flex the pelvic floor where the PC resides.
These practices may be about squeezing your PC muscle, but the relaxing in between each
contraction is vital. If you're tense, your sexual energy gets trapped and can't flow.
Consequently, the unflexed moments between pumps are as important as the strengthening.
Sure, get into the habit of squeezing to tone the muscles, but put as much attention on totally
relaxing between flexes.
Squeeze and release your PC muscle at the rate of your heartbeat, which means hold
it each time for about a second. Start with 20 contractions twice a day and build up to at
least 75 per set. When you're doing 75 twice a day easily, add the PC Clench.
Next, practice clenching your PC while inhaling. By clenches we mean to hold the
squeeze for a longer period of time. Some experts say 3 seconds, some say 6, some say
15. Maybe they're all right so we suggest you start with 3 and work up to 15 seconds per
To do clenches, inhale and clench your PC, holding it tightly. Then push it out and
relax for the same amount of time before your next clench. Repeat this cycle 20 times
twice a day at first. As with flexes, build up to 75 reps twice a day.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 47
For women, it's very important to spend time on the push-out. Use the instructions
above, and inhale, push out, hold for 3-6 seconds. Do the push-out variation of the
clench as many times as the pulling-in.
The clench, contracting while inhaling and holding, is the type of PC Pump you'll be
using very soon to move Kundalini energy up and out of your genital region.
This practice is basically the same as the first one, PC Flexes, just faster. To do flutters,
you contract and relax your PC as fast as you can. At first, you may not be able to go
much faster than your heartbeat, but with practice you can speed up the squeeze and
release. We suggest you don't count these but just work up to fluttering for several
normal breaths before relaxing totally. Doing 20 sets of these twice a day should be
great. When you can flutter like a bird, add PC Clamps.
PC Clamps are simply long clenches. Work up to holding your clench for two
minutes or more 20 times each set. Remember to relax completely at length between
these long clamps. And relax if you start to hurt or get sore.
There's another way for women specifically to build strong healthy yoni muscles. It's by
using an FDA-approved exerciser that you insert called the KegelMaster 2000.
The KegelMaster 2000 applies resistance against vaginal muscles as they contract through
their full range of motion. Through this simple process, all muscles in the pelvic area are
strengthened and toned while circulation increases. You'll notice the difference after the first
Though it's made of medical-grade plastic and surgical stainless steel, only the plastic
touches yoni. Springs provide 15 adjustable resistance levels that you can increase as your
muscles become stronger. The dealers tell us that you can achieve impressive results with only
10 minutes of your time three times a week.
Here is Jeffre's experience with the KegelMaster 2000...
"I've always maintained strong yoni muscles through exercise and practice. But when I tried the
KegelMaster 2000 for the first time, it made it totally clear how much connection there is between
them and pleasure. The higher I adjusted the tension on the exerciser, the better it felt. I couldn't
try more than the first 7 of the 15 settings because my orgasms were so strong. Sure gives me the
incentive to practice, practice, practice. Because of the lasting benefits to sexual ecstasy, I really
recommend you get one for yourself or your lover today."
For more details and to order yours today, click here...
Whichever way you proceed, let us remind you that PC practices can be a very intensive
regimen if you go full out. We suggest going slowly at first. Then, feel your way as you
continue with later practices. Once you develop strength and tone in your PC through some
weeks of practice, you can back off to a maintenance level of exercises. After a couple of years of
intense practice, we don't do every exercise every day. Eventually you'll develop the feel of
what's right to make your PC strong and keep it there.
3.5 Orgasmic Breathing Section
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 48
“Endless orgasm is for those who can be responsible for staying in love, for stepping out of the
mental trivia trap, out of everyday thinking mind. Thoughts can kill endless orgasms, just as they
can kill ordinary orgasm during ordinary sex.” ----- Margot Anand in The Art of Sexual
Orgasmic Breathing
Orgasmic Breathing is the kind of breath, sound, movement, and presence that happens
when you have a typical exciting explosive orgasm. We're going to practice these tools without
sexual arousal at first so you can develop mastery over those body/mind functions that happen
involuntarily during a climax.
When you can use them to turn yourself on without external stimuli, imagine what it feels
like when coupled with sexual play?
For the most part, we'll be dealing here with subtle energies. At first, don't expect that you'll
be flipping one of those big high-voltage control levers with huge sparks that will throw your
body across the room. Right away, if you're very relaxed and sensitive, or hopefully soon
through practice, you'll become aware of a little warmth, electrical tingle, or pleasurable tickle.
It's like learning to tune in to a much higher frequency sound than you're accustomed to.
You've got to clear your mind and listen acutely to reach it. Once you learn to tune your
receiver to subtle sexual energy, it becomes a powerful f***e. You can direct and regulate it for
magnified passion, lighting a long slow burn instead of an overwhelming eruption.
Can you understand how any mental or physical tension can prevent your progress at this
stage? You can f***e your way around solid obstacles with the f***e of your will. But to use
subtle energy you have to relax, breathe, and feel every little sensation. Tension will block the
doorway to feeling and moving these energies.
If you relax, don't worry about how fast you go, and never despair when it takes longer than
you think it should, soon you'll get inklings, then surges, and finally waves that will bowl you
over. Be patient. You'll probably need to practice numerous times for several weeks before the
magic will occur. Somraj took months before he could feel Kundalini and move it. Take it easy
with yourself and your partner.
Tantric Breathing
Foremost amongst these relaxation techniques is breathing. Most of us take breathing for
granted. We tend to breathe shallowly and u*********sly as a rule. Contrast that with Yoga
masters. Some are so aware that they can shut their breathing down to almost nothing and stay
in a state of suspended animation for extended periods.
Remember what happens to your breath as you approach orgasm? Right, your breath
becomes shorter and faster, maybe even panting uncontrollably.
We could all benefit from mastering the art of Tantric breathing...
• relaxed,
• through the mouth, and
• deep into the belly.
This kind of full breathing lowers the heart rate and can help dissipate the tension of arousal.
Breathing through the mouth is more physical and sensual as opposed to breathing through the
nose that tends to put the attention in the mind.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 49
So, one of the best ways to relax when excited is to learn to breathe slower and deeper.
Further, it helps to interrupt the stress response you may experience during exciting or anxious
moments of lovemaking.
Breathing Tantrically is such a basic part of running energy that we could go on and on
about going slow and savoring. Actually, a great way to learn how to do a Tantric Breath is by
recognizing it has four parts...
• in,
• pause,
• out,
• pause.
We're not talking about holding your breath as long as you can, just not rushing ahead to the
next in or out. Simply pause for a distinct moment between inhaling and exhaling, and exhaling
and inhaling so you can notice what is going on.
Making Sounds
Next, you have a chance to practice one of the most powerful of the four cornerstones,
• Do you moan at all during lovemaking?
• Does it make you feel self-conscious?
• How about when you're coming?
Sound is one of the most powerful cornerstones of ecstasy. The same nerves that regulate
your voicebox are connected to your jewels. When your orgasmic reflexes are working,
moaning with pleasure comes naturally. To repress your voice requires energy. If you didn't,
you'd have that much more energy to fuel your passion.
The more noise you make, the more passionate you'll feel inside. The more passionate you
feel inside, the more passionate you appear. And guess what, the more passionate you appear,
the more you'll feel inside. It's a self-reinforcing loop.
That is, once you get over any self-consciousness you might feel. So many of us learn that
sex is naughty when we're growing up that we inherit a cultural shyness about showing we're
enjoying ourselves. We don't want anyone to hear. They might discover that you'd doing "it."
Oh my God, what if they found out?
By the way, guys tend to be more quiet than women. Isn't that interesting?
You realize that this programming is nonsense for both genders, don't you? Here's your
chance to get over it. Just remind yourself that pleasure is your divine birthright, you're entitled
to as much ecstasy as you can conjure up. Sounding off is one way to amplify your sensations.
If you're in the least self-conscious about being overheard, be sure to find a quiet place
where no one can hear you no matter how loud you get.
Visualizing Energy
Next we're going to add the visualization of energy along with your breathing, pumping,
and sounding. Since energy flows where attention goes, just imagining sexual juice and
electricity somewhere in your body, something will eventually happen.
You already knew that the mind was the most powerful sex organ, right?
We're going to begin working with your energy centers, chakras, in a big way. These are the
vortices where energy tends to collect and swirl around at different places inside your body.
You inner flute is the energy channel near your spine that connects your chakras.
Remember to keep all your senses open. If you feel any sensations, no matter how subtle,
visualize your breath passing through where you feel them. In this way, the breath adds fuel to
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 50
a small fire, making it flare up. Even if you don't feel much, imagine that you do and breathe
into the body parts you want to energize.
Pelvic Rocking
The four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss include movement. PC pumps are powerful internal
motions, but we need to include the rest of your body.
Pelvic Rocking is a rotation of your pelvic area. Some have likened it to riding a horse, but
we prefer to compare it to slow deep sexual union when you're on top. With your weight on
your knees and hands over your lover, the only way you can penetrate deeply is by either doing
push-ups or by rocking your pelvis forwards and backwards. The latter is what we're adding to
your repertoire here.
PRACTICE: Orgasmic Breathing
To combine all the components of Orgasmic Breathing into one comfortable unified
We've broken down the individual parts of Orgasmic Breathing into discreet steps so
you could get understand them. When we're working privately with clients, you guide
them to practice each one separately. If you run into any coordination trouble during
this practice, we encourage you to try them separately.
But really, once you learn to coordinate them all, Orgasmic Breathing is just doing
one unified thing. Most people do these things naturally together during ecstatic sex, so
why not use them consciously?
Use whatever position you want as long as it allows free pelvic movement.
Spend a few minutes getting comfortable, watching your breath, and releasing any
muscle tension. Keep your eyes closed.
Start Tantric breathing.
Rock one way on the inbreath, the other on the outbreath.
Add the PC pump on the inbreath.
Make sounds as you start to feel good.
Visualize the energy coming into your first chakra and being pumped up your inner
flute by your PC contractions. During your first practices, aim to raise your sexual
energy just up to the heart chakra. Of course, you can practice moving the energy up to
any chakra, all the way to the crown of the head. Do what feels best in the moment.
Enjoy for a few minutes.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 51
If you want, try this with a partner. Sit across from each with your eyes closed, doing
the above steps. When one of you gets in the flow, open you eyes. When the second
partner opens their eyes, coordinate breathing in and out together at the same pace. Can
you feel each other's energy?
You may have to practice a few times to get the pieces working together. Once you
do, just practice this combined exercise several times a week for a few weeks for about
15 minutes.
Orgasmic Breathing is the primary method of channeling energy when you're making
love. It may require repeated practice because at first it's subtle for most people. Once
you get it, it's really exciting loveplay. Really gets our juices flowing when we do it
before maithuna.
Later in this ebook, you'll find lots of chances to practice as you discover triggers like
clio and the Sacred Gate. Oh, yes, some partner practices to develop the knack in the
sack are coming, too.
3.6 Closing Section
Well, that wraps up the Kundalini Energy Chapter. Hopefully, you're increasing your
sensitivity to your chakras, your inner flute, and Kundalini energy. By tuning in and practicing,
soon you'll be able to stream. That's where those awesome cosmic climaxes and spiritual
transformations occur that we call Tantric Orgasm.
If you're in a big hurry to read on and dive through the pleasures awaiting you on the other
side of the Sacred Gate, please please please start doing daily PC practices. More than anything,
this could be the key to catapulting your ecstasy to new and unheard of levels.
You've learned to relax, be more sensitive, breathe, make sounds, visualize energy flow, and
pump. You could spend weeks really perfecting all these foundations of the four cornerstones
of Orgasmic Breathing. We encourage you to do a little practicing regularly so you'll be able to
apply these fundamental skills automatically while you're making love.
Next, we'll employ these exact tools to heighten turn-on, maintain excitement, and learn to
savor pleasure during the Tantric LovePlay Chapter.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 52
Chapter 4: Tantric LovePlay
"In coupling, the friction of the man's member calms the woman's excitement. But it is in signs
of affection, kissing and caressing, that she finds her pleasure." ----- from the Kama Sutra
translated by Alain Danielou
4.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Learn to make any kind of loveplay exciting and complete in itself.
• Open sexual communication channels.
• Practice Tantric touch and Kama Sutra embraces.
Savor Every Instant
If you're like most women, you'll probably enjoy Sacred Gate only play after extended
warm-up. Because it's a kind of tissue that swells with arousal, you may not even feel it at first.
But you have to understand the Tantric approach that we find works best in all situations.
Don't establish goals, set expectations, and plan a detailed agenda for loveplay. Instead,
experiment with impulses and fantasies that strike you as fun in the moment. Be playful,
spontaneous, and enjoy the journey.
Although we've already described some of the many different ways that Tantric Sex differs
from "regular" or "normal" sex, our use of foreplay is another one of those distinctions. The
word foreplay implies something that you do before the main event. The further implication is
that it's of lesser value.
To a Tantrika (a Tantric adept), any sensation can be the catalyst for a huge flow of passion
all by itself. When your energy channels are open, you can circulate and exchange the f***es of
orgasm even without jewel (genitals) play. When we do experience orgasm from physical
stimulation, it's often a continuous rising experience without an explosive crescendo.
So "before" and "after" lose their relevance.
What is Tantric LovePlay?
That's why you won't see us using the word foreplay much. We don't want to discount the
power that's available to you with little things that can create so many other valuable feelings,
sensations, and titillations.
Instead, throughout the rest of the book, you'll mostly see references to loveplay and Tantric
From the moment you begin to change the feel of the space around you, you are being
sexual. You are using erotic, orgasmic, Kundalini energy.
The instant your eyes meet those of your lover's, you feel tingling inside. The first touch is
electric, sending chills and shivers throughout your being. As you honor your beloved and offer
thanks for being with you at this time, tears may spring to your eyes. You may feel a strong
stirring in your yoni or vajra (vagina or penis) long before you take your clothes off.
This is Tantric LovePlay.
We urge you to not miss a single tingle, a tiny shiver, or the subtlest energy surge. This is
surely as much sex as anything else you'll ever do. It's also an essential prerequisite to arouse
the Goddess in your beloved.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 53
Juicy Things To Look Forward To
In Jeffre's ebook Intimacy, she quoted a recent study that found the average length of
loveplay at 15 minutes and maithuna (sexual union or intercourse) at 10. We're well aware that,
for maximum enjoyment, the average woman requires 35 to 45 minutes of erotic warm-up to get
her juices flowing adequately.
Which means the average lover stops 10 to 20 minutes short of peak female pleasure. Which
makes us really worry about the less than average lovers.
Maybe then you can understand why there's a dearth of orgasms in the world. If you're in a
hurry in the sack, learning about G-Spot massage may not make quickies all that much better
than they are now.
Which explains the purpose of this chapter: experimenting with a wide array of sensitive,
sensual, sexual tips to get you both turned-on. Though we'll delve into touching, kissing, and
licking, you'll find as much emphasis on opening your hearts, tuning your senses, and
connecting your feelings. That's because the keys are presence, consciousness, and energy flow,
not simply technique. Tantric ritual plays a part here, as does the Kama Sutra and
communication techniques from modern psychology.
4.2 Intimacy
Women Love Words From The Heart
It's often said that women get turned on in the heart first and in the jewels (genitals) later,
whereas men are just the opposite. When men get turned on in the jewels, the energy moves to
the heart.
Although there are always exceptions to this kind of blanket generalizations, we believe it's
safe to assume that most women, most of the time, like to have their mind and heart stimulated
in the 24 to 48 hours before the actual "date."
Jeffre says "It's turns me on when Somraj says 'I love you." Many women feel this way. Don't
wait until the urge hits you.
Guys, let her know how much you care for her, now. Tell her how much you think about
her, how much you desire her. Let her know how much you're looking forward to your time
alone with her.
Women respond very positively to words and touch that convey feelings of love and
affection. Women seem to like words about love, sex, and relationship and feel they're very
important. Often men don't have feelings as strong as women about verbalization of love, etc.
If you're a guy who feels uncomfortable with words, we humbly suggest that you practice, a
lot. Nothing will get you more of what you want than being able to verbalize feelings of
affection for your woman. Read a book or two and then write out what you want to say.
Practice letting the words tumble over your tongue and lips. Now, do it with your partner.
Try something like this... "Honey, I'm having trouble concentrating at work. My heart is
swelling with thoughts about your soft skin, your bright eyes, your sweet scent. Please don't be
wearing much when I get home early."
By the way, women, guys like romantic attention as well.
Intimacy Is A Turn-On for Women
Intimacy is the emotional closeness that truth-telling and feeling loved can bring. For most
women, it heightens their turn-on when a guy learns how to talk about his feelings with
honesty and heartfelt expression instead of blame or judgment.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 54
Intimacy can also be about sharing fantasies and playing them out. Often the fantasies
lurking inside are pretty kinky so too many lovers feel uncomfortable sharing them with their
Moving past this inhibition can be exciting on multiple levels. The truth-telling is a turn-on
because of the increased sense of closeness. Plus the content of most any fantasy can really get
your sexual motor going big time.
Jeffre's ebook, Intimacy, A Green Light for Red Hot Sex and A Lifetime of Loving, has many
useful exercises to enhance intimacy and arousal, as well as sharing fantasies. You can see more
details and get your copy at...
PRACTICE: Intimacy Communication
Through opening up your sexual communication, this practice will increase your
intimacy and give you useful information that you can use throughout this chapter and
the rest of this ebook.
Women tend to enjoy 30 to 60 minutes of loveplay, while men may request and desire
less. Only you know how your body responds and what feels best.
This practice asks you to discuss, as specifically as possible, the types of loveplay you
like and the amount of time you like it. Go over the following questions separately and
then share your answers. Let the dialogue flow where it will until you feel heard and
understand and you know more about what your beloved prefers.
By the way, this is a starting place. As you become more practiced in these ways, you
may want three to six hours of Tantric LovePlay. Who knows how far you'll go?
Do I give (or receive) most comfortably?
I would like to practice receiving (or giving) more...
Sometimes I'm not honest with you about what I really want.
Yes No Here's an example...
The amount of time I usually like to spend in loveplay is....
The kinds of loveplay I like best include... (touching, massage, kissing, talking,
fellatio, cunnilingus, etc.)
4.3 Choose The Mood You Want Section
"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." -----
Create Your Sacred Space
Want to increase the depth of your total experience? Arranging the setting, consciously
invoking the kind of energy you want, and discussing your feelings in the moment are essential.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 55
As we noted already, every sentiment, every nuance, every tingle can be a stepping stone to
ecstasy. Notice and relish them.
In Tantra we use sacred ritual to set the tone, clear the energy, and help each partner
become fully present. This takes a little time, but we're sure you'll find the ecstasy you'll
ultimately create will make it well worth the effort.
Be sure you answer and discuss the Partnering Questions, your desires, concerns, and
boundaries, before each encounter. Checking in with yourself in the moment and then with
your sweetie builds on the intimacy you're creating.
As described in the Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter (see Creating A Sacred Space), we
want him to feel like cherished God and her to feel like a cherished Goddess.
When you take a moment to honor the God or Goddess in your beloved, you'll both be more
delighted to be together with eager anticipation. When you actually practice this kind of
opening ritual, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. You can quickly leave the stresses
and strains of the outside world where they belong, outside your Sacred Space.
Other Tips
One wonderful way to accentuate the sanctity of your love and the consciousness of your
underlying passion is how you disrobe. Tantrikas don't drop their dirty underwear and socks
on the floor before jumping into bed. Instead, slowly remove each other's clothing one little
piece at a time while caressing, nuzzling, and whispering sweet endearments to each new
morsel of flesh uncovered.
Perhaps you'll want to bathe together. After a day of busy life activity, this is a wonderful
transition to a more sensual mood. Bathe, soap, rub, and slide with each other. Flirt and
tantalize with all your parts: lips, eyes, fingers, tongue, breasts, jewels, and any other part of
your body that wants to join in. This is how you make heaven on earth yours.
Spend some time unwinding by just being together. Look deeply into each other's eyes.
Synchronize your breathing. Reach out with your consciousness to feel your beloved's energy
A practice that we do often is called the melting hug. You slowly come closer together until
your first contact. Then you melt your bodies into each other with as much skin touching as
possible. Relax and cling to each other. Let your breathing synchronize. A beautiful side benefit
is the merging of energies by closely connecting each chakra.
Kissing As An Art Form
Kissing is a wonderful form of loveplay because it stimulates so many different energy
centers. It's a sweet expression of affection that connects with the heart. Your vision, minds, and
third eyes are totally focused on each other. It turns many lovers on with resulting hardness or
wetness that encourages the mood for heavier exchange. In fact, combining this with a melting
hug enlivens even more chakra exchange.
Kissing all parts of the body can be divine play. Try lightly kissing your partners chakras
beginning with the 7th (at the top of the head) and ending with the 1st (the perineum). Oooh la
la, yummy, yummy.
If you want to be more elaborate, kiss a chakra and then state what it is about your partner
you love and adore about the particular chakra you are focusing on.
Shortly we'll reveal many more of the secrets of the Kama Sutra about kissing and how it
provides great Tantric LovePlay.
Awakening Your Beloved's Senses
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 56
Tantra is all about staying in the body, opening the senses, and feeling the ecstasy. There are
many ways to increase awareness of your body and open the senses. You can dance. You can
walk in the forest. You can meditate.
You can blindfold your beloved and titillate them with tastes, smells, touch, and sounds.
Then you can remove the blindfold, and offer glorious sights as you slowly and sensuously
reveal your naked body. Every tried acting out a silent fantasy in front of your darling? How
about self-pleasuring while they're tied down?
The range of possibilities for building anticipation is enormous. Use your imagination and
surprise your beloved. Your loveplay will never get old and stale.
EXERCISE: Mood Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• I plan to do the following to create a Sacred Space before we make love...
• Here's how I intend to heighten intimacy and connection during our loveplay...
• Here's what I'll experiment with to awaken my beloved's senses...
4.4 Communication Section
“In Tantrism, we do not go toward some external thing. On the contrary, we direct ourselves
toward our core, our own minds. Tantric practice demands nothing more than this return to the
Self...By observing the mind we will find...the strength to act without being subject to filters or
limitations that we have accepted or created, the power to fully communicate with life.” -----
Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest
Talking About Sex
We already discussed communication when we prescribed titillation, flirtation, and
intimacy. Communication is also essential for exchanging information so that you can enhance
your own and your partner's pleasure.
Learning to talk with your partner about sex requires guts and practice. Sometimes women
want to protect their man's ego so they're too polite. Often they're unsure if they even have the
right to ask for anything other than what they're getting. Too many men don't know how, why,
or when they want something different.
It's great to create an intention together to be able to talk with each other about sex openly,
honestly, and often. Admit it if it's scary if you've never done it before. Talk about your fears
and the fears you imagine your partner has. This is a major frontier for most couples.
That's partly why we urge you to discuss the Partnering Questions before each practice or
lovemaking no matter how long you've been together. Don't worry if you feel you're not doing
them very eloquently at first. Whatever you do is good for intimacy and good practice to grow
your communication skills.
Sometimes it's necessary to coach or redirect your partner when you're being physically
intimate. If you make an agreement beforehand about how you want to communicate during
sex, it can be much less challenging. No one likes to feel criticized or put down, most
particularly while in bed with a lover.
Hopefully you're taking advantage of the discussion questions we've included after each
major section. These are primarily designed to encourage this whole process of talking freely
about sex. After reading, think back about your reactions, write your answers to the questions,
and then share with your partner. Gradually you'll transform the intimacy of your connection
and create the foundation to transmute subtle energy into awesome ecstasy.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 57
Be Real
The single biggest couple's communication foul-up is when one or both partners aren't
completely forthcoming and authentic with each other. In less formal words, this means when
you're acting phony.
Do you...
• Feel that your darling is responsible for satisfying you in any way?
• Believe that your partner is supposed to know how to satisfy you?
• Act passive when you're not getting what you want and then complain afterwards?
• Wait for that magical moment when something outside of yourself will sweep you
Tantra teaches that whether you're female or male, you're 100% totally responsible for your
turn-on and your own orgasms.
By this we don't mean that all good lovin' is self-lovin'. We mean that great sex is a
partnership in which it takes two to tango.
There are still too many men who think they're failures if their women don't orgasm. There
are too many women who don't have a clue what will make them feel the ultimate in sexual
pleasure. Some even pressure their lover to have an orgasm to soothe their own egos.
Maybe each of you has a ways to go to learn about your subtle orgasmic triggers and keys to
sacred ecstasy. Regardless, the more you talk with your partner about what you want, the
quicker you'll both learn what you can do to get it.
EXERCISE: Communication Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• I feel these sexual needs are understood and appreciated...
• I want my beloved to better understand...
• I feel shy or embarrassed talking about...
Our Job
In essence, that's what this ebook is all about. We don't just want you to read it. We want
you to study, communicate, and practice. All the wonderful, delicious, juicy stuff we're
suggesting is for you and your beloved partner to experiment with.
You've set out on an exciting explorer's program. Remember, your mindset will determine
how much you discover about the staggering ecstasy that's lurking inside. Keep an open mind.
Act like k**s playing doctor. Drop your expectations and cynicisms. Treat every experience as
fresh and new. Only if you get out of your own way can you let the dormant energy deep
within transport you to new and unexpected places.
So practice, practice, practice. We know some of this stuff is new and seems weird at first. If
you try it, we think you'll like it. Either way, we won't tell on you. And don't just do the
exercises once. Practice may not make you perfect, but it does get better and better. Every time
you do it, you'll learn something new. We guarantee it.
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
As a marriage counselor for many many years, Jeffre has learned that the single biggest
reason women get turned off to sex (after religion) is their fear of telling their men the truth
about their sexual responses, desires, and wants.
If you want to deepen and supercharge your sex life, communication must begin at the
beginning. That's where the following practice, How To Touch Me, picks up -- at the beginning.
Going deeper with communication throughout your loveplay helps tremendously to create
intimacy as well. When receiving, women need to explain what they desire, what they feel, and
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 58
how they're reacting. Although this is true of men too, our focus right now is preparing the
female for Sacred Gate Orgasm.
Partners in general, and men in particular, do not appreciate being in the dark (figuratively)
when they're trying to please you. They need and want to feel confident that they're
successfully turning you on.
Women are different from each other and from one moment to the other. This is confusing
to the average guy who's always learning about what women want. You'll be better off it you
just accept these observations as fact...
• No two women's sexual response is identical.
• Women like variety, different things at different times.
• Hormones change at different times of the month.
• Emotional beings like women have unpredictable moods.
• Sensitive bodies, like female ones, may respond strongly to stress, exercise,
medication, health challenges, and menopause.
OK guys, you've been warned. Assume nothing. Remain open to the whims of the Goddess
and you'll be fine.
PRACTICE: How To Touch Me
This practice facilitates letting your lover know in advance what you want, where you
want it, and how you want it. At last you can reveal your innermost sensual, sexual, and
erotic desires and how you can get it from your beloved.
The purpose of this practice is to let your beloved know, in explicit detail, how you
like to be approached, spoken to, touched, excited, and in what order.
Decide who will go first. You can also decide if you both want to be nude. The first
speaker can also disrobe, with seduction, if that's fun for both of you. This makes your
connection playful and serious at the same time.
Describe and demonstrate the ways you like to be approached: verbally or nonverbally,
ritually or playfully, softly or roughly, or all the above. Specifically, what kind
of touching do you like where? Touch yourself in each place as you talk about it. Do you
want talking or kissing or other things first? Stroke your body as you want your lover to.
Demonstrate on yourself what turns you on most. You can also do the same to your
partner if that helps. If you're not careful, this will probably turn both of you on (joke).
Explain how much warm-up your body needs before you like intense focus on your
jewels. What do you prefer to happen and how extensively before your jewels are
approached? We like to lightly brush and briefly connect our hands with our beloved's
jewels while awakening the rest of their body. Do you want your butt played with, your
feet or back rubbed, or your head scratched first? Don't hold anything back. The clearer
you are, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 59
Show your yoni or vajra. Don't be shy. Expose all your parts, naming them and your
feelings about them. Demonstrate and describe how yoni or vajra likes to be approached
with eyes, fingers, lips, etc. Women, show your lover how to touch your outer lips, inner
lips, yoni opening, urethral meatus (pee hole), and yoni's inside. If you know where
your G-Spot is and what kind of stroking you like there, add that. If not, it will soon be
time to experiment in the Sacred Landscape Chapter.
If you're in a long-term relationship, please don't assume your sweetie knows
everything about your body. Or anything for that matter. We bet there are things you
don't know yet yourself. The observer in this practice will surely learn something new
and maybe you will too. Both of you should feel free to ask questions if something
important is glossed over, surprising, or left out. Ask for more detail or clarification any
time you're confused. While one of you is being fully exposed, the other should really
take everything in. You both want the new information to stick.
Exchange roles so you both get a chance to reveal your innermost sexual desires and
preferences. By the time the second partner has completed this practice, it's quite likely
you'll both be very turned on. Play, go for it, do what comes naturally. We never want
you to miss an opportunity for a hot time together. You can continue reading and
learning later.
LovePlay Feedback
There are ways to talk to your partner that can improve your loveplay. And we bet you've
discovered that there are some approaches you definitely want to avoid. When you think about
it, the exercises in this ebook are a perfect opportunity to play, practice, and communicate
without judgment. Let's take a look at how to make this work best.
When you're in the throes of lovemaking that's not feeling super great, you've probably
already bypassed many opportunities for sexual communication. We don't recommend calling a
sudden halt to your play if you can avoid it. No matter how gently and diplomatically you
confront it, interrupting pleasure can shock, sadden, and put down your lover.
Especially if he's male and has an ego. And who doesn't.
If there's something really awful your partner does once or repeatedly, talk it over when
you're NOT in bed. Wait until the next day and explain how important this is to you.
Phrase your feedback around new wants and needs you're discovering about yourself. If it
seems appropriate, demonstrate exactly what you mean. You see, another opportunity for the
How To Touch Me practice.
Do your best not to indict your partner's desirability or lovability. Don't compare to other
lovers. Make it clear this isn't a black mark against a man's masculinity.
Schedule this discussion carefully. Be sure you have plenty of time to clarify and resolve the
issue. If man's ego is involved, it may take more than one session. Keep reassuring him and
keep loving him.
Sexual Communication Techniques
Here are several techniques we recommend to help giver and receiver stay in close touch
during Tantric practice or freeform lovemaking.
"Responsiveness" and the "Feedback Sandwich" are prime tools receivers use to guide the
pleasure they're getting.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 60
"Yes/No Questions" and "Check-Ins" are for the giver to stimulate communication when
1. Responsiveness
The more lovers integrate Orgasmic Breathing into all aspects of their loveplay, the
less verbal communication is needed. Moving, breathing, and sounding are a language
all their own that requires few if any words. We call a passionate lover who shows their
turn-on "responsive." The opposite would be cold or even frigid. We wonder how many
lovers have been labeled frigid when actually they were super excited but too "polite" to
show it.
Don't hold back. Show your turn-on. It's exciting to let it out. It excites your lover.
Responsiveness creates a non-verbal feedback cycle that can take you both higher and
higher. And sensitive lovers who plug into your visible cues can respond to what
receivers need and want in the moment with little need to talk.
2. Feedback Sandwich
As you're learning Orgasmic Breathing, connecting with a new lover, and getting to
know what your partner really wants, some talking is essential. How can you make it
constructive and help you get what you want? Criticizing or even seeming like you're
critical won't.
For example, you may want your lover to slow down at some times and speed up at
others. You know not to say "wrong, too fast" and "slow down, dummy." But if your
only comments direct your lover to change speed, it's easy for them to assume that
nothing they're doing is feeling good.
The Feedback Sandwich is a simple three-step process a receiver can use to
constructively redirect what a lover is doing while it's happening...
a. Compliment: A positive comment about what's going on.
b. Change: A request to try something different.
c. Acknowledgment: Appreciation for how it feels better.
The Feedback Sandwich balances appreciation with coaching. In this case it would
sound something like...
a. Compliment: "Your touch is so exciting. That feels really great."
b. Change: "I wonder how it would feel if it was a little slower."
Then, as soon as the touch slows down....
c. Acknowledgment: "Oh, yes, that's just what I mean. That feels soooo good!"
3. Check-Ins
When you're making love, you're a team, not a mind-reader. Just as the Feedback
Sandwich is the responsibility of a receiver wanting a change, it's the responsibility of
the giver of pleasure to inquire from time to time about the receiver's experience. We call
this Checking-In.
Any major change in speed, position, or direction is a great spot to check-in with your
beloved, i.e. "May I get between your legs so I can go faster?"
Before you enter yoni with fingers or vajra, ask "Is yoni ready to be visited?"
If vajra starts losing hardness, ask "Would vajra prefer something different?"
If your lover's sounds, breathing, or motions suddenly change, ask "Did something
These questions prompt the receiver to look inside and keep you informed about
what's happening. Check-ins at appropriate times increase a giver's confidence in their
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 61
ability to give pleasure. They increase a receiver's confidence in getting the pleasure
You'll find this kind of communication very useful during oral sex, hand-jobs, yoni
play, Sacred Gate massage, male G-Spot strokes, and maithuna as later chapters will
4. Yes/No Questions
Check-ins are a great way for giver's to ask for guidance. Giver mental tension
destroys the mood of lovemaking as much as physical tension does. You'll learn more
about this later in the ebook. Yet, too much communication can bring a receiver who's
relishing the sensations in their body squarely into their head. So then the receiver loses
the mood.
Using Yes/No Questions solves this dilemma. This is the perfect response for a giver
who is unsure about something or needs guidance. They simply can ask a direct
question that can be answered with a yes or no or a shake of the head. This requires
minimal thought process by the receiver and therefore is much less likely to interfere
with their pleasure.
A series of yes/no questions can provide all the guidance a giver needs...
"Faster?" "Ah-ha."
"More?" "Mmmmm."
"Slower?" "A bit."
"All right?" "Yes."
"Too much?" "No, more."
PRACTICE: Sexual Communication Practice
To incorporate sexual communication techniques into your loveplay.
This at first glance appears to be a loveplay practice. Well, it is. Here's a chance to try
out some of the intimacy and sexuality ideas you've communicated about in the
previous practices.
The added aspect of this session is to practice the communication skills we just
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred. Put on
sexy music that turns you on. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a Heart
Review the previous techniques about communication. Choose what kinds of
loveplay you'll practice this time. Discuss desires, concerns, and boundaries.
During your first practice session, include Orgasmic Breathing as part of your warm
up process. Put extra emphasis during your loveplay on showing your excitement
through your breath, sounds, and movement.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 62
Next, experiment with some new loveplay while the receiver practices using the
Feedback Sandwich.
When you're ready to move on to the next phase of practice, encourage the giver to
focus on checking-in whenever you agree it's appropriate.
Your next target is for the giver to use yes/no questions for minimum interruption of
the receiver's reverie. When you find yourself in the midst of high passion for the
receiver, giver, use yes/no questions to get feedback.
Close the Sacred Space using whatever actions seem appropriate, including giving
each other a Heart Salutation and giving thanks for the trust and intimacy you shared.
Feel free to repeat each phase of this practice several times until the techniques
become second nature. After each session, share how the techniques helped, hindered,
and how you could employ them better.
4.5 Tantric Touch Section
"Slow down. Remember that this is not a race, and you are not in a hurry. This is also not the
Olympics, you have nothing to prove -- you and your new friend are setting out to do things that
feel good with your bodies. Touch feels good. Stroking feels good. Taking time feels good. Slow
down enough so that you can truly feel what you are doing. Worrying about the future will not
help you get there: focus on what you are feeling in the present. Erections and orgasms might
come, might go, but you can never go wrong by doing what feels good." ----- Dossie Easton &
Catherine A. Liszt in The Ethical Slut
Ecstasy With The Slightest Touch
Many lovers are on the lookout for greater and greater stimulation. This often takes the form
of harder and faster touching, licking, or pumping. We're going to describe just the opposite --
how you can train your body and your nervous system to orgasm with the slightest touch.
We call it Tantric Touch, the ultimate sensual massage through skin-to-skin contact with full
consciousness. This means both giver and receiver are fully awake with all senses wide open to
the physical and as well subtle energies.
A giver of Tantric touch is totally present, totally conscious, totally attentive to what they're
doing. They fully feel every sensation they're giving. Just being super sensitive opens the energy
conduits between lovers. They focus all their concentration on flowing energy from their heart,
through their arm and hand, into their fingers.
Of course, this is great advice for the receiver too. Be totally present to the feelings,
sensations, energies. But a giver who touches any body part Tantrically derives as much
pleasure as the one who receives Tantrically.
Loving The Largest Sex Organ
It's more an approach to awakening another's largest sex organ, their skin, than it is a
technique. Tantric Touch uses one of the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss, presence, to
magnify and enhance sensation. Your entire being reaches out from your fingertip to make love
to the space, skin, and tissue of your beloved.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 63
Tantric Touch is not a deep the****utic massage. It's soft, slow, and sensuous, usually done
without oil.
When many of our students begin learning Tantric Touch, their minds are busy, their hands
go too fast, and they don't feel anywhere near what they could. This is why we teach them to
begin as a meditation, emptying the mind, calming the spirit, and relaxing the body. Only then
are the giver's energy channels open enough to flow love through body contact.
A receiver of Tantric touch is far from passive. They also enter a calm, relaxed state and
reach out with their senses. They put all of their attention on the feelings being created in their
skin. They use the four cornerstones -- presence, breath, sound, and movement -- to turn the
subtle sparks jumping between the giver's skin and theirs into a waterfall of sensation.
PRACTICE: Tantric Touch
To learn to give and receive ecstatic Tantric Touch opening new pathways to bliss.
Lay out a sarong, put on some soft sensual music, light some candles. Do a Heart
Salutation. Discuss the Partnering Questions. Decide who will begin as giver and
receiver. Receiver, make as much skin available for contact as you're comfortable with.
The "nuder" the better.
Start with whatever it takes to get the receiver's body relaxed and their mind present.
Meditate, breathe together, just look into each other's eyes silently. Settle in.
Dear giver, extend your heart energy down your arm and into your fingertips. Rub
your hands together rapidly 25 times to warm and energize them. Very slowly, and we
mean VERY SLOWLY, start moving your hand over the Goddess's skin. At first,
massage about 3/4 inch (2 cm) above the surface. The inside of the arm is a great area for
starting this practice. Believe us, both of you will feel something.
At the same time, the receiver reinf***es what the giver is doing by using the four
cornerstones of Supreme Bliss...
Breath -- deep and slow,
Sound -- loud as you can on the exhale,
Movement -- tightening and relaxing the PC muscle while moving the pelvis, and
Presence -- total focus on the sensations you're experiencing.
Now, giver, approach the skin even closer. Make it as close as you can without
touching, except for a few hairs now and then. As our beloved Dr. V says: "If you're
touching, you're too close. If you aren't, you're too far away." Continue VERY SLOWLY
moving your hand down the arm, gradually including the back or neck. This will
probably be more of a powerful learning if you don't start with the jewels. We already
know how sensitive they are.
Now, sweet giver, focus your mind and let your energy flow as well. Touch now with
complete concentration. Breathe with the giver to energize you both. Slowly, with
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 64
consciousness, begin stroking the rest of your beloved's body with this sacred, ecstatic,
Tantric Touch. This is slow, soft, deliberate, conscious, and loving. No deep tissue work,
no fast pumping, no maximum friction. Follow your beloved's cues to know where to go
and what to do. With the subtlest of touch, see how turned-on and high the receiver can
go from the inside. Enjoy!
Bring your light touch to a close. Hug, hold, or lie next to each other. Feel the
receiver's subtle excitement and energy. Talk about how the experience was for each of
you. Do a Heart Salutation.
Switch roles right away or take a little break first for the receiver to assimilate the new
Sensual Massage
After all this soft work, a full sensual massage is a delightful next step. Where Tantric Touch
provides the minimum of stimulation to the receiver, sensual massage adds maximum turn-on.
Certainly you use the two-way energy exchange you just learned. But now you add lots of
variety onto the foundation of Tantric Touch.
Sensual massage is also soft and slow focusing on long strokes with varying pressures and
textures. Don't ignore any part of the body. Though this isn't designed to be a hand-job,
brushing the jewels occasionally pumps lots of excitement into everything else you feel.
Vary the pressure from a light tickle to somewhat firm. Check in with your partner about
what feels good, but remember, desires may change in the moment.
Sensual massage is not a the****utic process designed to work all the muscles deeply. It's
not supposed to be hard unless your partner tells you that deep tissue work creates the most
turn-on. This will be the exception.
We encourage the use of feathers, silk cloth, soft fur, and other items that titillate your
beloved. Some enjoy rubbing with terry cloth or a hairbrush to awaken the senses. Others prefer
massage with talcum powder or corn starch for that extra sensuousness. Be sure to do this
before you apply any oil as the pasty combination isn't particularly appealing to either party.
Varied Titillation
Patting, tapping, and light scratching can be wonderful adjuncts to what we usually think of
as massage. We love the butterfly, unexpected flitting taps with your fingertips all over the
body with no pattern. Two things that turn Somraj on the fastest are scratching in the middle of
his back and all over his scalp. Jeffre's favorite is tapping on her sacrum. Different strokes,
right? In the next section you'll get lots of new ideas from the Kama Sutra.
We like to start at the periphery -- hands, feet, head -- and gradually move closer and closer
to center. Light random Tantric Touch of the jewels is a welcome addition and great teasing for
big things to come. In coming chapters, we'll share how to touch yoni inside and out.
After titillating the skin with different textures and motions, ask your partner if they want to
continue sensual massage with oil. If the answer is yes, remember what your goal is: further
awaken the senses and help your partner feel sexual arousal all over without concentrating on
the jewels.
Many couples in today's modern world own a massage table. This can be create some truly
delightful loveplay. The giver has access to the whole body of the receiver with minimum stress
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 65
or strain. And any decent table will support both of your weights if you can't resist climbing on
after the massage.
PRACTICE: Sensual Massage
This practice adds to the Tantric Touch practice, adding the wide range of variety of
sensual massage.
Lay out a sarong, put on some soft sensual music, light some candles. Get together
any props you'll need: oil, feathers, towels, etc. Do a Heart Salutation. Discuss the
Partnering Questions. Decide who will begin as giver and receiver. Receiver, make as
much skin available for contact as you're comfortable with. The "nuder" the better.
Start with whatever it takes to get the receiver's body relaxed and their mind present.
Meditate, breathe together, just look into each other's eyes silently. Settle in.
Giver, begin with slow, subtle, sensuous Tantric Touch all over.
At the same time, the receiver reinf***es what the giver is doing by using the four
cornerstones of Supreme Bliss...
Breath -- deep and slow,
Sound -- loud as you can on the exhale,
Movement -- tightening and relaxing the PC muscle while moving the pelvis, and
Presence -- total focus on the sensations you're experiencing.
Now, sweet giver, stroke your beloved's entire body more and more sensuously. Vary
your strokes, pressure, and speed. Add patting, tapping, even vibrating. Follow your
darling's cues.
6. OIL
If your beloved chooses, warm some massage oil in your hands and anoint their
body, one section at a time. Slip and slide with long strokes for maximum turn-on. Be
sure to drive by the jewels now and then.
Bring your light touch to a close. Hug, hold, or lie next to each other. Feel the
receiver's subtle excitement and energy. Talk about how the experience was for each of
you. Close your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Switch roles right away or take a little break for the receiver to assimilate the new
4.6 Kama Sutra Embraces Section
"Both lying with arms and legs entwined, they rub against each other and become deeply
entangled." ----- Vatsyayana in The Kama Sutra
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 66
A Broad Definition of Embrace
The Kama Sutra details many preliminaries to sexual union under the heading of
"embraces." From that two-thousand year-old text on the sexual arts, we learn how the ancient
Indians developed scratching, biting, kissing, and "the giving of blows" into a high art. They
weren't talking about blow jobs at this point.
The Kama Sutra cautions that people of good taste don't make these embraces violent. We
don't find it particularly Tantric to inflict severe pain and leave marks on your beloved's body.
As we said before, some lovers are so armored against sensation that they need the strongest
possible stimulation to get off.
In contrast, our emphasis here is to learn to use this wide range of embraces subtly to
increase your beloved's sensitivity. Although not every one of these strokes is going to
contribute to your personal delight, we want to review some of the best for you to experiment
Kama Sutra Kissing
The Kama Sutra makes kissing into a glorious art form. It gives instructions about the
different varieties from pecking to vibrant to rubbing in different positions and life situations.
Try dry and wet, hard and soft, licking and sucking, long and short, nibbling and holding. You
have many more options to play with than tongue fencing and deep throating.
Both the body and lips were fair game. The Indian love guide then describes "the kissing
game," alternating giving and receiving for maximum excitement, which makes it eminently
clear that kissing isn't just for the lips.
Kama Sutra Licking
Licking is juicy fun. Try many of the same variations mentioned in kissing. Try them all
over. Some women especially like it really sloppy wet.
Slow is the key to ecstasy by licking. Stop if you get tired. Keep going if it's turning you on.
You'll have your partner moaning and groaning with pleasure, and getting very wet or hard as
Kama Sutra Sucking & Squeezing
Remember how you liked getting hickeys when you were a teenager? The edge of pain can
be very arousing for many. Beware, you may feel very naughty. Uh, oh!
You can squeeze when you suck. You can squeeze with your lips, your fingers, your hands,
your arms, your legs, and your yoni.
For all it's variety of kissing techniques, licking, and sucking all over the body, the Kama
Sutra wasn't very big on oral sex with the jewels. If you are, by all means experiment.
Kama Sutra Biting
Biting can be light, medium or strong or anywhere in between. Biting lips can be very erotic.
The Kama Sutra instructed lovers to bite hard enough to leave marks all around the breast in an
even pattern. These souvenirs were considered a mark of true love and an esteemed practice.
Whatever floats your cork.
The teeth can be used for scratching as well. Some men even like to have their vajra nibbled
on. And some, like Somraj, scream bl**dy murder if you try it. Be careful, start very gently.
Back off if your partner doesn't like it. Always let the receiver be the guide.
Kama Sutra Scratching
Use finger nails. The upper class Indians grew all their nails, or sometimes just one or two,
extra long. They filed them to a sharp point just for giving pleasure.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 67
Be sure to try long strokes and short ones too.
PRACTICE: Kama Sutra Embraces
As we review the various Kama Sutra embraces, you'll have a chance to experiment to
discover what feels good and turns both giver and receiver on.
Lay out a sarong, put on some soft sensual music, light some candles. Get together
any props you'll need: oil, feathers, towels, etc. Do a Heart Salutation. Discuss the
Partnering Questions. Decide who will begin as giver and receiver. Receiver, make as
much skin available for contact as you're comfortable with. The "nuder" the better.
Experiment kissing each other's lips and mouths. Be creative. If you get a great idea,
try it out and then your partner to try it on you.
Extend what you enjoyed on the lips to everywhere on the body. Don't leave anything
out. Relax into and relish the sensations when you're receiving.
Now try licking all those parts you kissed. Use the tip of the tongue, the flat, the sides,
and circling.
Another trip around the world, this time applying suction and pressure with your
Experiment with biting by gently applying your teeth in all manner of places on your
beloved's beautiful body. At first, stop short of leaving any marks. If requested, you can
gradually use more pressure, being careful not to break the skin.
Your hands are dying to get in on the act, we know. Using your nails, test out
different strokes, long and short, hard and soft, fast and slow, to discover what the
different parts of your beloved's body prefers.
Bring your light touch to a close. Hug, hold, or lie next to each other. Feel the
receiver's subtle excitement and energy. Talk about how the experience was for each of
you. What did you like doing and receiving the best and the least? Close your Sacred
Space with a Heart Salutation.
Switch roles right away or take a little break for the receiver to assimilate the new
4.7 Other Juicy Ideas Section
Waking Yoni
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 68
In the Sacred Landscape and Sacred Gate Massage Chapters, you'll discover many
wonderful ways to touch yoni. Later on, our focus will be maximum pleasure at the height of
passion. But that doesn't mean yoni should be left out of any early loveplay when she's craving
After the How To Touch Me practice, you should have a pretty good idea of how your
woman likes her yoni approached. If not, try it again and go deeper.
Because yoni needs to feel safe before she can relax, the vast majority of women prefer a
loving, slow approach. This means your beloved needs to feel safe, too. Women open naturally
when they feel loved and desired for who they are.
Most women don't like their yoni touched as a surprise. Before you touch yoni with your
fingers or your mouth, be sure to ask your lovely woman...
• "Is it okay if I touch yoni?" or
• "Is yoni ready to be touched with my fingers?" or
• "Would yoni like to feel my tongue now?"
If she is moaning and writhing, you can be very playful, but it's still a good idea for her to
say when she's ready.
Oral Stimulation
As we've mentioned, in spite of its detailed pro-sex guidance, the Kama Sutra preferred
warm-up embraces leading quickly to maithuna, over lengthy oral sex.
In Tantra, we don't depend, declare, or insist on any "right" kind of stimulation. Instead, we
urge you to seek out what you like, what gets your motor running, and what makes your juices
start flowing. What floats your cork is purely personal.
Since arousal is essential to awaken the Sacred Gate, we encourage you to experiment freely
with oral sex. The more you play with it and like it, the more uninhibited you'll find yourself.
Get creative and extend the spirit of the Kama Sutra embraces to mouth, lip, and tongue
embraces. Answer the questions below and talk with your beloved about it. Then play, play,
Receiving oral sex can be a powerful turn-on for both men and women, so much so that it
can lead to explosive orgasm that detracts from building energy and Sacred Gate play. So use it
wisely and sparingly when you choose to do sexual healing or expand your repertoire with GSpot
massage or female ejaculation.
If you want to know more about Tantric Oral Sex, be on the lookout for our ebook of the
same name.
EXERCISE: Oral Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• The way I feel about giving oral sex is...
• Yoni or vajra enjoys being kissed, licked, or sucked this way...
• Here's how clio enjoys being kissed, licked, sucked, or squeezed by a mouth...
Safe, Smart, & Conscious Sex
Sex with total consciousness is Tantric Sex. Tantra says "yes" to whatever you desire with
consciousness. Though we may advocate sexuality in any form you choose, we urge you not to
act in an u*********s or unsafe manner.
Serious STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) such as HIV (the AIDS virus) and Hepatitis are
transmitted through fluid exchange. Other STDs are transmitted through sexual contact.
If you're sexually active outside a long-term committed relationship, it behooves you to pay
attention to the levels of risk of the sex practices you choose to engage in. If you want to enjoy
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 69
unprotected contact with your lover or you're concerned about being infected, it's your moral
responsibility to check it out before exchanging fluids. Your doctor of county health department
can provide you with tests for the health-threatening STDs.
When we were first together, we talked openly about our sexual practices and decided very
quickly we trusted each other's judgment and behavior. Even so, we got tested, used protection
for several months, and then were tested again before we went fully skin to skin.
Being Fully Present
If either partner has any concerns about contracting any kind of infection (even a cold) or
getting pregnant, part of that person isn't totally present for any loving experience you may be
having. It detracts from the presence cornerstone of Supreme Bliss.
Fear of pregnancy can rob you of pleasurable sexual experiences. This could happen if a
woman is changing forms of birth control or is using a method of birth control that isn't as
reliable as others. In this case, the man would be wise to use condoms until both feel confident
with the new method of birth control.
To prevent transmission of the most health-threatening diseases as well as most of the
others, you need to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids with partners who haven't been
tested. Barriers like condoms for sexual union and fellatio, plastic wrap or dental dams for
cunnilingus, are universally recommended.
What's our bottom line? We avoid any sexual play with untested partners that would allow
bodily fluid, mucous, bl**d, or ejaculate to contact an open wound, sore, or mucous membrane
(such as inside yoni).
4.8 Closing Section
Tantric Sex is a conscious all-chakra affair. Use communication, build intimacy, make your
space sacred. Teach each other what you like and try out new things. Touch sensuously, be
responsive, and respond to your beloved's signals. Use wonderful resources like the Kama
Sutra to expand your repertoire. Be smart, be conscious, and have fun.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 70
Chapter 5: Sacred Landscape
“Transformation is through the body, not away from it.”
----- Eckhart Tolle from THE POWER OF NOW
5.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Know how to find the parts of yoni.
• Practice turning on clio and yoni.
• Know exactly how to find a your own and your partner's G-Spot.
Your Sacred Landscape
This chapter delves deeply into the secret recesses of the female body. We begin showing
you how to love and accept yourself physically. We explore outer yoni (vagina), clio (clitoris),
and inner yoni before teaching you surefire ways to discover your Sacred Gate (G-Spot). There
are some darn good reasons why it's controversial, mysterious, and under appreciated.
We could have called it the anatomy chapter for it is that. But to those of us on the path of
bringing Supreme Bliss to the Goddess, we prefer to think of her body as the landscape leading
us both to the promised land.
5.2 Body Section
Honor Your Body
There is a major gender difference in the West regarding loving your body....
85% of women in this country are dissatisfied with their body in some way while only 15% of
men feel this way.
Neither of these figures necessarily reflect a healthy attitude nor a healthy behavior pattern.
Too many of us, especially women, internalize the media-driven pressure to have the
perfect body. We want you to remember that your body is a special God-given, Goddessblessed
We can wax practical and point out it's the only one you've got, learn to love it and take care
of it the way it is now. And shortly we will wax poetic about its spiritual value. But
pontificating may not be enough.
You just may not be aware how deep the negative body-image programming goes until you
begin to worship yourself and each unique yoni you meet as a priceless work of art.
Are big breasts more sensitive? No, in fact the surgically enhanced ones often lose
sensitivity. Do thin-waisted women have longer or stronger orgasms? No way! Does your
weight influence your ability to run orgasmic energy and float non-stop in an extended Tantric
Orgasm? No, ma'am, not a bit. It's really about how much you love yourself.
What's Size Got To Do With It?
And while we're on the subject, guys, size doesn't count the way you think it does.
Sure, an untrained female lover will feel fuller when penetrated by a thicker vajra. But to
one with strong supple yoni muscles, it's not a big deal. We can't tell you how many stories
we've heard about how shorter thinner vajras used properly can hit the orgasmic trigger spot
much better.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 71
In Tantra, we don't subscribe to the exaggerated Madison-Avenue images of what's right,
healthy, and desirable for a body. Attractive bodies can assume many different shapes, sizes,
and proportions, as long as they're loved and cared for. In truth, we're more driven to the
conscious presence, the life f***e, and the sexual energy field of the beings we encounter.
In Tantra, we've shifted our beliefs, the ones in our heads and in our flesh, to accepting that
the body is a divine gift. Your body is the temple of your soul, the physical extension of your
inner being. Forget what anyone else tries to tell you. Concentrate instead on how it feels.
Treat Yourself Well
To be totally explicit, we want to support you in feeling maximum pleasure with whatever
you experience in this world. Which requires you totally accepting who you are mentally,
emotionally, spiritually, and, yes, physically.
Your body is the physical expression of who you are in this world. It is an extension of your
inner spiritual self. To a Tantrika, we view the body as something God given, so we call it what
it really is, your temple. The sanctuary of your soul.
Loving and honoring your physical temple is demonstrated in your life through what you
eat, how you exercise, and how fit you maintain your body. Not to mention how much pleasure
you feed it regularly.
If you desire to be a world-class lover, you must have the body and the energy to sustain
frequent long lovemaking sessions.
If you truly love yourself, which is a high state of spiritual health, then you will treat your
body with care, give it the loving attention that is necessary, and not abuse it.
EXERCISE: Body Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How do you feel about your body?
• How do you feel about the size of your jewels?
• What do you do to honor your body?
• What more could you do to honor your body?
Love It, Your Only Option
Think about it. All women have a G-Spot and its power is unrelated to how they look on the
outside. If your G-Spot is really the secret inner orgasmic trigger to untold ecstasy, why make
such a big deal about the outer?
One of Somraj's favorite lovers matches more the well-rounded look. He says about her...
"She is a true Goddess in bed because of how she accepts herself, loves her body, and channels
the lightning we create together. In comparison, too many of my past stick-thin beautiful lovers
just lay there and did nothing for me."
Love every inch of your temple. Cherish and care for it. Touch and caress yourself as you
would a newborn's bottom. Lovingly admire your curves, nooks, and crannies. Delight in your
body's specially sensitive zones and their delicious sensations. Make pursuing what feels good
your religion. Give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
Really, we mean it, starting now.
PRACTICE: Honoring Your Body
Have you ever really looked at yourself without the filter of other people's right and
wrong standards? Even if you have, here's your chance to love your body Tantrically.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 72
One of the things we enjoy about giving the****utic massage is doing just this for each
other and complete strangers.
To observe, examine, and explore every inch of your body without shame, blame, or
judgment. Just accept it, baby.
Stand in front of mirror in a warm, well-lighted room. Put on some sensuous music in
the background.
Signal the beginning of the practice by giving yourself a namasté, the ritual spiritual
greeting with palms together over the heart indicating that you honor divine power
Look at yourself full front, side to side, back over your shoulder. Just look. Turn
around, all positions and angles.
Slowly, consciously, and sensuously take off all your clothes. After each piece of
clothing is gone, look yourself over. Do this again and again until you're completely
Smile at yourself. Admire every part of yourself you can. Tell each part of your body
that you love it. Touch it caressingly as you do. For example, "I love you legs, I love you
You've dropped your outer shell, now drop the inner ones. Ask yourself how you feel
just looking honestly and completely. Leave prejudices aside whether you inherited
them from magazines, movies, or your mom. Notice what beliefs crop up and move past
them by looking at yourself innocently, with the eyes of a c***d.
Focus clearly and precisely on the details. Notice what you like about your face, your
torso, your chest, your hips, your legs, your butt, your vulva.
Lovingly touch those areas you find you're uncomfortable with. Breathe into them.
Start a flow of love energy from your heart to these neglected spots. Infuse them with
life by sending them love. In this way, connect every part of body with your heart and
If you can't shed some of the lingering self-distaste, energize those spots with sexual
energy. Connect your rejected spots with pleasure spots with one hand on each.
Remember peak ecstatic moments you've experienced anywhere in your body and
attach those feelings to these troubled zones. If you're concerned about a sagging breast,
infuse it with the best nipple sucking you can recall. If you'd like your tummy flatter,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 73
open conduits to your clio by stimulating both right now. As you awaken neglected
spot, be sure to remember times when each felt pleasure or exploded with orgasm.
For closure, we suggest you take a ritual bath. Tidy your bathroom, light incense and
candles, and add soothing salts or bubbles to the water. Then slip in with the intent of
washing away self-judgments and negative thoughts about body parts. As you do, out
loud say affirmations like "I cleanse this breast of all judgment and fully accept its
natural beauty and essence."
We invite you do this practice a second time with a partner. Stand in front of each
other instead of the mirror. Be sure to voice all the positives. First, say out loud what you
love about your body. Second, ask your partner to voice what they love about your
body. Your only job is to take the gaze, the admiration, the love in. Whatever you hear,
receiver, be silent. No excuses, no self-judgments, no put-downs allowed.
5.3 Outer Yoni Section
“Only by loving your body will you come closer to God...the body knows how to dance, how to
sing, how to pulsate with God. When the body starts vibrating with the divine, suddenly you will
see your soul is also vibrating. Your body and soul are one.” -------- Osho
Learning By Touching
Our fingers are the perfect natural tools to uncover the mysteries of yoni and her Sacred
Gate. Touching is a normal human way of discovering and feeling things out. Fingers are highly
sensitive with lots of nerve endings and we're all skilled at manipulating them.
Yes, we're suggesting you touch yourself. Self-pleasuring is a powerful way to discover
your Sacred Gate and how to give it maximum delight.
Since Tantra encourages all forms of conscious exploration of your desires, we urge you not
to resist any kind of sexual play. It's a tragedy that self-pleasuring isn't more socially accepted
in humans. Well, that's largely because of the shame that's drummed into us at an early age,
isn't it?
In Tantra, which is totally pro-pleasure and sex-positive, we don't call it masturbation. That
word has a guilt-ridden association, doesn't it? Of course, if it turns you on to think you're
doing something naughty, call it what you want. One of these days we aim to write a book
about "The Tantric Art Of Talking Dirty."
It's too bad we're not all proud experts in self-pleasuring. It's such an ideal way to learn
about your body and sexuality. You're always the closest to the action. You have the strongest
vested interest in mastering your body's uniqueness. Feedback is instant. No attention is
required to the challenging art of communication. And the big payoff is immediate pleasure.
Excel and you might even have an orgasm. Whoopee!
Of course, for self-pleasuring to work well, you need to listen to your body intently instead
of being consumed by guilt. To welcome the life-altering power of Sacred Gate pleasure into
your life, drop all these old inhibitions that don't serve you. The taboos are for nay-sayers.
Tantrikas specialize in celebrating "yes" about all aspects of life.
Unfortunately, the shape of some women's bodies makes G-Spot self-pleasuring difficult or
uncomfortable when they are doing themselves. Also, many women's fingers aren't long
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 74
enough or strong enough for facile internal experimenting. Later we'll suggest some uses of
specific sex toys to facilitate self-pleasuring.
OK, now that our anti-moralizing is out of the way, let's get down to exploring and enjoying
your body yourself.
Yoni's Sacred Landscape
Because of our social conditioning, most of us don't appreciate our jewels (genitals) fully
and accept their unique shape, size, and aroma. If you want to experience the heights of sexual
ecstasy, it's essential that you start now on a personal program of loving these sacred parts of
your body.
Right now, begin exploring yoni's sacred landscape in greater detail. What do you think of
when you visualize your yoni? A rose as it's poetically viewed in the modern West? A lotus
flower as the Tantrics traditionally viewed her? Do you think of her as a unique work of art?
Because we revere the power of the Goddess as expressed in each woman's body and her
sexual powers, Tantrikas honor the yoni as a sacred place. We gaze reverently, we bow and
namasté, and offer gifts of pleasure.
Each yoni is a beautiful work of art. Just as no two women's faces are alike, yonis are all
different. Lips, clio, opening can be larger, smaller, closer, farther. Some lips are longer, some
shorter, each with its own special flair and personality. And remember, size and shape have
nothing to do with functioning, sexual or otherwise.
PRACTICE: Explore Yoni Solo
To really look at your yoni thoroughly from a fresh c***dlike perspective,
appreciating its beauty and accepting all its parts.
A good way to do this and similar practices is by sitting and reclining. One good way
to arrange yourself is leaning against a backjack. A backjack is a simple chair-like device
that makes sitting on the floor easier. Backjacks are cloth-covered metal-framed back
supports that rest on the floor with a low foam-rubber seat.
Tidy and heat your bathroom or bedroom and the place where you'll explore yoni so
you'll be warm enough to do this practice in the nude. We recommend doing this
practice in front of a full-length mirror if you can arrange it comfortably. Either way,
collect up a hand mirror, a strong flashlight, drinking water, a drawing pad, and some
pencils before you begin.
Give yourself a ritual bath to freshen your body and cleanse your energy. Light
incense and candles and add soothing salts or bubbles to the water. Then wash yourself
tenderly as if you were bathing a newborn.
Arrange yourself nude in a comfortable reclining position propped on pillows or
using a backjack in front of a full length mirror with legs spread apart. If can't arrange
this comfortably, you can lean against your bed headboard and use a hand mirror
instead. The brighter the lighting the better so you can focus on your sacred details.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 75
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred,
including sensual music. Acknowledge yourself and your inner being spiritually with a
Focus on your yoni with love and appreciation. Look at her parts in depth: hair,
mound, lips, clio, opening. Breathe life into your beautiful flower from inside and out.
A wonderful way to concentrate on the details of your yoni without self-put-downs
or personal resistance is by drawing a picture of what you see. Your drawing skill and
art quality aren't important, it's the studying yourself that is. After you've sketched your
closed yoni, hold her lips open with one hand while you draw the parts normally
hidden from outside view.
Gently touch the inner and outer parts of yoni. Feel how the different tissues feel
different to your touch. If you want to go further, caress yourself to turn yourself on. As
you get aroused, watch the changes that occur in the skin color, texture, and shape of
your body, especially your breasts, nipples, and yoni. Notice your breathing, motions,
and muscle tension and other changes like lubrication. Make another sketch of your yoni
when turned on.
Put a moistened finger inside yoni. We encourage you to taste and smell the clean
natural fluids on your finger. In Tantra, we view them as sacred. Learn to associate these
senses with pleasure by practicing and talking with yourself. You can even draw the
inside of your yoni if you've ever taken a clear plastic speculum home from a
gynecological exam.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
PRACTICE: Play Doctor Yoni Exploration
Were you lucky enough to play doctor with your young friends while growing up?
We hope you had a chance to check out the jewels on the other side of the gender line
before you bought all the negativity adults dump on k**s these days. If not, never fear,
you can be a k** again and play with your favorite "doctor" tonight.
If you practice this enough, you'll come to a place of personal pride. You'll believe
your yoni is beautiful and really feel she is a sacred gift. So naturally you'll want to show
her off to those you love and trust.
If you've never had a partner explore your sacred garden in the same way, here's your
chance to deepen your intimacy and self-acceptance.
Some notes to the giver: Approach this practice as a sacred trust. This kind of
exposure makes a woman highly vulnerable. Tell her what you plan to do before you do
it. Get permission for major changes. Maintain as much eye contact as possible. Give
reassurance. If you're not sure of something, ask a question. Feedback and dialogue are
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 76
great as long as you don't extend that to distracting sidetalk. Above all, show your love
and respect.
To offer your lover a chance to look at your yoni thoroughly from a fresh c***dlike
perspective, appreciating its beauty and accepting all its parts.
Tidy and heat your bathroom and the place where you'll explore yoni so you'll be
warm enough to do this practice in the nude. Have props and drinking water handy.
Ask your lover to give you a ritual bath to freshen and cleanse your energy as well as
your body. Light incense and candles and add soothing salts or bubbles to the water.
Arrange yourself with a loose wrap in a comfortable reclining position with legs
spread propped on pillows, a backjack, or against your bed headboard. Your partner
should be seated on a pillow or backjack between your legs. Without being glaring, be
sure the lighting is adequate for your lover to see your sacred details. If you want to
create a better atmosphere in the room with candles and indirect lighting, your partner
can use a flashlight.
Use whatever ritual actions and props, including sensual music, help you make your
play space sacred. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a Heart Salutation. Discuss
the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, and boundaries -- before you actually
Before beginning, your partner should offer yoni a gift such as a small flower, express
appreciation for being welcomed in such an intimate way, and promise to respect her
and you in any way you require. Your beloved can say something like "I offer this
flower as a symbol of how I honor yoni. Thank you for trusting me enough to invite me
to view this special place." When you feel ready, give your partner permission to
examine yoni.
Spread your legs wide and uncover yoni fully. Ask your partner to focus on yoni with
love and appreciation, looking closely and in detail at all her parts. The most loving
partners will tell you how lovely she looks.
Hold yoni's lips open so your lover can see the parts normally hidden from outside
If you want to go further, caress yourself to turn yourself on. As you get aroused,
show your lover the changes that occur in the skin color, texture, and shape of your
body, especially your breasts, nipples, and yoni.
If you have a speculum and you're willing, let your lover look inside yoni.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 77
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation, and giving thanks for the trust and intimacy you shared.
Touch The Whole Body Tantrically
Now that you're solidly on the path of loving your body in total, let's get serious about the
obvious thrust of this book. What specific parts respond to sexual stimulation? There has been
lots of research on erogenous zones, the parts of the body that arouse sexual desire when you
touch them.
What's the biggest erogenous zone? If your thoughts went to your crotch, we got ya. It's
your skin. Any millimeter of your epidermis can turn you on, especially if you relax, use
Orgasmic Breathing, and flow energy to it.
The sixteenth-century Hindu love manual, the "Ananga Ranga," teaches that a woman's
erogenous zones are the head, eyes, lips, mouth, cheeks, ears, throat, nape of the neck, breasts,
nipples, belly, back, arms, hands, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, big toes, yoni, waist, buttocks,
crown of the head, and the center of the forehead.
Whew! No wonder women complain they want more foreplay with so much territory to
In fact, those complainers are much more likely to tell you that it's HOW you touch her skin
that feels sensual. And we're not just talking about technique here. What counts is the presence,
the sensitivity, the love that you touch with. That's what we call Tantric Touch.
Erotic Zones That Crave Love & Touch
Diving right into G-Spot massage or sexual union is uncomfortable for most women. Not
only is it non-Tantric, in most cases it's downright rude.
The Goddess is much more juicy and joyous when awakened through full-body sensual
massage first. Physical arousal from the outside and streaming energy from the inside are
wonderful preparations for entering the Sacred Gate.
We don't mean to suggest you should to leave out loving touch for your jewels and your
other erectile tissues. Those are parts of the body that are physiologically sensitive to touch that
they become engorged with bl**d when aroused, which you can tell because they swell and
What erectile tissues do women report are the most sensitive and erotic?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 78
• Mons: Classically known as the Mounds of Venus, the soft pubic-hair-adorned tissue
covering the pubic bone that divides into yoni's outer lips.
• Lips: Yoni's labia are soft folds of skin that protect her when she's resting. The outside
lips are called the labia majora and the inside ones are the labia minora.
• Clio: The clitoris is the highly sensitive bud that peaks out under its hood at the apex
of the inner lips and extends deeper inside around yoni.
• Urethra: The canal that conducts urine from the bladder to the outside world. You
can make out the highly sensitive orifice, known as the meatus, near the top or just
inside yoni's mouth.
• Urethral Sponge: Spongy erectile tissue that surrounds a woman's urethra composed
of up to forty little paraurethral glands and ducts collectively known as the female
• Inner Yoni: The vagina, the elastic tube that extends from the vaginal opening, or
yoni's mouth, up to the cervix, the opening to the uterus or womb.
• Perineum: The spongy, highly erogenous tissue between yoni and the anus that
includes the soft sensitive tissue on yoni's back wall.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 79
• Anus: The other very sensitive orifice between the butt cheeks which is too often
overlooked. This is unfortunate because it's loaded with nerve endings. Our Tantric
name for the anus is rosetta.
Just like other body parts, these erotic zones come in all shapes and sizes, which by the way
has little to do with their sensitivity.
PRACTICE: Awakening Your Erotic Zones
Let's extend your self-loving to these extra special spots.
For this practice you'll need pillows and backjack or other back support, towels,
personal lubricant, flashlight or small table lamp, and a small hand mirror. We like to
put a soft towel or absorbent pad underneath a sarong to eliminate any selfconsciousness
caused by fluids potentially wetting the bed. Yes, your assignment, ladies,
is to get wet!
To accept and explore all your erogenous zones thoroughly in order to discover
what's most sensitive.
Arrange yourself nude in a warm room in a comfortable reclining position propped
on pillows, leaning against your bed headboard, or using a backjack.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred. Use
erotic background music that gets your juices flowing. Acknowledge yourself and your
inner being spiritually with a namasté.
Begin touching yourself Tantrically slowly all over as if you've never done this before.
Don't avoid anywhere you can reach.
As you glide around your skin and hair, notice what feels best and start zooming in
on what gives the most pleasure.
As you turn yourself on, watch the changes that occur in the skin color, texture, and
shape of your body, especially your breasts, nipples, and yoni. Notice your breathing,
motions, and muscle tension and other changes like lubrication.
Experiment to find what's most sensitive. What kind of stroke, pressure, and speed is
most erotic for each pleasure spot? What feels neutral or numb? What's uncomfortable,
tense, painful?
Also experiment with using Orgasmic Breathing to use your erogenous zones to
generate and spread sexual energy.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 80
Bolster your self-love and your acceptance of the truth that your body and its
pleasures are divine gifts. Energize this reality by connecting the erotic zones generating
Kundalini with your heart and spiritual centers in the head. For example, put one hand
on yoni and the other on your third eye. Use this step to reframe self-pleasuring in your
mind as a sacred ritual.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
Some women care for their pubic hairdo just as they do their head hair. Some tidy, some
create a heart or other design over their mons, some shave completely naked down to yoni's
opening. We honor all manifestations of the Goddess.
Do you have a yoni-do? Have you ever shaved down there? We don't urge one form over
another, but we do suggest you consider your preferences. Begin to take personal pride in the
appearance of your most sacred grotto. This isn't preparation for a sojourn at a nudist camp. It's
revering your most sacred of spaces for your own pride.
What would look best to you? What feels best with tight pants and during sex? What does
your partner prefer? Experiment and find your pubic hair identity. We know couples who
bestow the responsibility for jewel hairdos on their partner. It takes a lot of trust in your partner
and yourself to allow another to take razor or trimmer to such a delicate place.
Somraj's vajra doesn't like the bristle of a growing yoni bush, both on the giving and
receiving side. He trims around vajra's base every month or so to keep the wildest hairs at bay
and out of the way when open access is desired. Jeffre routinely dipilitates yoni's environs, and
through trimming leaves short softer hairs on her outer lips. That's what works for us. What
works best for you?
PRACTICE: Partner Shaving
Discuss with your partner some of the options you've considered. Find out what she
or he might like. Discuss the possibility of your partner shaving you. This can be quite a
turn on. If you're willing, go for it.
Yoni is protected by two soft folds of skin commonly called lips. Yoni's lips are two vertical
flaps of tissue medically known as labia. The longer, larger outer lips, the labia majora, extend
from the mons to below yoni's opening. Pubic hair typically grows from the mons down the
outer lips, sometimes on the inside too.
At rest, the outer lips cover the entire yoni. Which is of course their divine job, to protect
and serve. When aroused, they flatten against the sides of yoni, opening and exposing the soft
sensitive often moist inner lips and surrounding tissues.
The inner lips, labia minora, surround yoni's opening. At the top near the mons they meet to
form a hood that covers and protects the highly sensitive head of clio.
At rest, the inner lips are normally closed as well. When excited, they swell, lengthen, and
thicken until the protrude well past the outer lips. As a woman approaches orgasm, they can
become red or even wine colored.
Both sets of lips are sensitive to rubbing, brushing, blowing, and licking. Don't be deterred
by any pubic hair your lover chooses to retain. Pulling on it gently and swirling it between
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 81
fingers or tongue is pleasurable. Just be sure use ample lubricant so that you don't tug or abrade
the skin.
Yoni and Sacred Gate massage feel much more luxurious when accompanied by ample
wetness. Yet, not every woman always lubricates enough naturally for smooth gliding over all
her sensitive tissues.
This is not a measurement of your sexiness or your lover's skill. It's just a physical reality
like the changing of the seasons or the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Not every woman gets
totally wet all the time. Using latex gloves or condoms tends to dry lubrication faster than skinon-
skin play. Especially as a woman approaches menopause, natural wetness decreases.
To learn to float in the Supreme Bliss of Sacred Gate ecstasy, both giver and receiver must
develop sensitivity to lubrication in each moment. Learn what brings on your natural flow and
what sensual products you prefer to use for assistance.
By the way, don't hold out for the coming Female Ejaculation Chapter. Amrita, the fluid
expelled during female orgasm, isn't thick enough to provide enough slipperiness. When Jeffre
is in a gushing mood, we have to replenish our preferred lubricant every few moments. Have
you heard the phrase "the price of doing business?" It's just a reality we've learned to accept and
So what can you add to your sacred play if you need to bolster natural wetness? There are
really two ways to go: oil and water. And you're right, inside yoni they don't mix.
Because they don't dry out quickly, we sometimes use massage oil or thicker oil-based
products on clio and yoni's external lips. Our favorite is a makeup remover found at many d**g
stores called Abolene.
We're extra careful not to introduce any of this type of products inside. We do that by
avoiding the yoni's mouth at first and wiping carefully on a towel or Baby Wipe before
The environment of inner yoni is a carefully balanced one, easily disturbed by introducing
unnatural substances. That includes digestibles like Vaseline, oil, fruit jelly, whip cream,
chocolate sauce, honey, or many feminine hygiene and spermicide products. One physician
friend is so zealous about this that he urges women to never put anything inside yoni that isn't
pure water or skin.
Friendly bacteria, lactobacilli, like what's in yogurt, live in harmony with yoni's wet dark
environment and keep yeast, candida, at bay. If you introduce undesirable substances, it can
throw yoni's pH balance out of whack. If the yeast takes over, the consequences are
uncomfortable, sometimes painful, as she strives to regain her delicate floral balance.
Spermicide on many condoms and some lubricants, nonoxynol, is awfully strong. Some
studies have shown it's so abrasive that its use irritates the skin and makes it more likely to
transmit STD bacteria and viruses so we recommend avoiding it. Further, did you know that
oil-based products are known to slowly deteriorate latex? That makes them unsafe for
protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) when you're using condoms.
Water Water Everywhere And So Much Fun To Drink
There are many advantages to using water-based lubricants, as well as a few drawbacks.
They tend to be more natural and more absorbent. They merge with a woman's inherent
secretions better. But they tend to dry out as the water evaporates. And some have ingredients
that overly sensitive yonis can do without.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 82
Though it's not as thick and long-lasting as many commercial products, saliva is the most
natural, plentiful, and inexpensive. Our ebook on Tantric Oral Sex will give you all the tips and
techniques you'll ever need to carefully apply saliva to yoni.
There are lots of non-saliva choices on the market today. Wet, Astroglide, Probe, Liquid Silk,
and KY are some of the more commonly used ones. Jeffre used to prefer the light version of
Wet, but her favorite now is Probe. It has a natural fruit-based preservative and is largely
tasteless, but some of our friends find it too thick. Others prefer Liquid Silk, but it doesn't taste
very great. Which is best for you? Who knows, you lucky soul, you get to experiment.
Where to get them? d**g stores carry a limited, often less-than-natural selection. Adult
bookstores and sex shops have the best variety, but then you have brave the seamy steamy
environment of most of them. We buy ours on-line. Good Vibrations,, a
wonderful employee-owned sex-positive women-staffed vendor that offers a sample pack of
small amounts of most popular ones. Also our friend Gary at has a wonderful
supply. There are lots of other choices on the internet.
If the wetness from your yoni and mouth provides enough slipperiness for all kinds of
external and internal play, then enjoy your natural lubrication. If not or if you're curious, we
encourage you to explore different kinds of substances that you can use in different situations.
For instance, anal play always requires additional water-based lubrication.
PRACTICE: Partner Awakening Outer Yoni
Let's take this opportunity to see what most pleases yoni and what kind of lubrication
helps. See the notes to the giver in the Play Doctor practice.
To relax, open, and awaken outer yoni's unique energy while showing a partner how
to touch you and build intimacy.
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, and arranging the space
so you can lean back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Often pillows
under knees make it more comfortable for extended play. Be sure to have drinking water
and various lubricants handy for experimenting. Use soft towels or absorbent pads
underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness about your fluids wetting the bed.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred,
including erotic music. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a Heart Salutation and
sweet words of love and honoring. Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns,
and boundaries -- before you actually begin.
Have your lover begin by slowly caressing, arousing, and touching you Tantrically.
Ask them to start at the perimeter and circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck,
tummy, breasts. Make sure you both take your time and enjoy. It's your job to relax,
breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling. A good partner will
remind you of these ways to be present, responsive, and appreciative.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 83
Ask your lover to touch outer yoni with a gentle loving Tantric touch. (A good
partner would never approach yoni without permission.) Giver, try circling around the
perimeter and gradually coming closer and closer. Squeeze her outer lips between
thumb and forefinger, then gently rubbing the outer lips together.
As yoni begins to warm and open, ask your lover to use one of your sample
lubricants with different strokes. You can try oil on the outside as long as your partner is
careful not to get any inside yoni. Always ask for what you want and give gentle loving
feedback using the Feedback Sandwich (compliment, change, acknowledge). If you don't
know what you want most, ask for different strokes at different speeds and pressures.
Giver, use a well-lubricated finger up and down the outside of yoni's outer lips. You
can turn this into circles by swiveling around to the other side at top and bottom.
Gradually move your strokes and circles to the inside of her outer lips. Circle around
clio and her inner lips as well. Just be careful not to make direct contact with clio too
If you want, after learning together you can switch your attention to pleasure and
enjoy yourself to the max. Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy
around your body. Your partner can help by reminding you to breathe if necessary.
Though orgasm isn't necessary, if you want to end with one, enjoy yourself.
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead. Do you
want gradual slowing or simply holding still? Whatever you prefer, ask your lover not
to abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm, while
the other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation, and giving thanks for the trust and intimacy you shared and the pleasure
your body brings you.
For now, see what you can learn and how turned on you can get by exterior play.
After we concentrate on clio and her unique needs, we'll cover the unique qualities
inside yoni.
5.4 Clio Section
Clio is an extensive band of highly excitable erectile tissue whose head peeks out of the
upper end of a woman's outer yoni (vulva) just below the meeting of the inner lips (labia).
Many consider clio, known medically as the clitoris, the crown jewel of female anatomy. She's
unique because, unlike every other part of the body, she has no other purpose but pleasure.
The good news, which you're probably aware of, is that this spongy erectile tissue is rich in
bl**d vessels and nerve endings that makes it swell with arousal and get firm, almost like a
little vajra (Tantric for penis).
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 84
Clios vary considerably in size from woman to woman, just as vajra length and girth do for
men. Clio's tip, called the glans, is located at the apex, the top, of the inner yoni lips (labia
minora). The glans is the part most sensitive to touch and averages about the size of pencil
Clio's Hood
The intersection of the inner lips creates a hood that covers the glans and protects clio under
most conditions. This is fortunate since she's the most sensitive erogenous zone for most
women. Why? Because she has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the female body.
We've heard as many as 8000 in that tiny little glans, more than any other part of the human
body. That's why clio is so hypersensitive. Before sufficient arousal, direct contact with her head
is too much, even painful, for most women.
If you pull back clio's hood, you may or may not see her. Some clios just aren't visible until
they swell with enough excitement. An erect clio often causes the hood to smooth out. When
aroused, some women's clios double in size.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 85
When a woman nears orgasm, clio typically retracts inward and downward toward yoni's
opening, hiding under the hood. But don't worry, she'll reappear when arousal decreases.
Clio's Deep Recesses
Clio has a shaft under the skin that extends up towards the pubic bone and belly before it
turns down toward inner yoni. When clio is aroused and swollen, the shaft becomes rigid and
sinks deeper inside the body.
The downward extensions of clio's shaft spread further towards inner yoni. Some believe
clio's erectile tissue extends deeper connecting with the urethral sponge, the labia, and the
perineum, nearly surrounding inner yoni. Though this premise hasn't been proven, it would
explain the sensitivity of these erogenous zones in and around yoni.
What has been medically accepted are clio's legs, called crura. The two crura continue down
deeper for about 3 inches (8 centimeters) towards the Sacred Gate, one on either side of inner
yoni. Have you ever noticed the pleasurable sensation from two fingers pressing into the soft
tissue on either side of yoni's opening? This is one of Jeffre's favorite warm-ups.
Clio's Responses
The deeper extensions of clio's anatomy may explain why Masters & Johnson's hypothesis
that only clio causes female orgasm was accepted for so long. Vajra penetration may very well
stimulate clio's legs. If the man moves upwards during missionary position intercourse or
grinds the woman's pubic bone at the end of the in-stroke, clio can receive significant
Clio's physiology can help lovers understand some of the unique aspects of female sexual
response. The tip of clio is fed by the pudendal nerve as are yoni's lips and opening, the
perineum (the tissue between yoni and the anus), and the anus itself.
By the way, "pudenda" is a fancy out-of-date term for external human genitals.
Clio's shaft and legs (as well as inner yoni and the G-Spot) are fed by the pelvic nerve
deeper inside. This possibly explains why orgasms feel different when triggered by the inner
and outer erogenous zones. Much more about this later in the Ecstatic States Chapter about
higher levels of ecstasy.
By the way, when we refer to clio, we usually mean clio's glans. If we mean any of her inner
parts, we'll be specific.
How to Stimulate Clio
Remember the distinction between Yin, the nurturing female approach, and Yang, the
stronger more f***eful male approach? If you're not very experienced giving clios exactly what
they crave, pay careful attention to the difference.
Because clio is hypersensitive, a yin start is essential for most women. Begin by awakening
the rest of her body. As she warms and you approach yoni, be careful not to directly touch clio's
glans initially. Use a light, slow, gentle caress at first on clio's sides and shaft. A smooth limp
finger or tongue works great. Circling around clio feels great too. Be sure you have ample
lubrication from yoni, your mouth, or a commercial product. If the giver has really rough
hands, you might like to try latex gloves. It makes the fingers incredibly smooth.
As the woman's excitement grows, you can gradually approach clio more directly in a yang
way. Lightly at first, your straight or circular strokes can stray towards the glans. As feedback
tells you she's getting more turned-on, little by little increase your speed or pressure and ask for
feedback from the Goddess.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 86
As excitement builds, many women like a hand rubbing over clio and her environs. Some
like flicking with a finger or tongue. If you're using your mouth, you can try sucking an erect
clio as well.
When highly aroused, many women like super yang clio stimulation. That is, hard, fast, and
deep pressure.
Clio During Maithuna (Sexual Union)
We've found that too many women simply don't know what kinds of loveplay they like and
don't like. And those who do know are often too inhibited to talk about it or just don't know
how to describe it.
Whether you're an expert of clio's preferences or not, we encourage you to explore exactly
what she likes. See our Tantric LovePlay and Ecstatic States Chapters for ideas and practices.
And while we're on the subject of loving clio, consider how she's contacted during
We learned during our Native American sacred sexuality training (Quodoushka) that only
about 10% of women's clios are close enough to yoni's opening to be easily orgasmic from
typical vajra penetration. Unfortunately, straight pumping misses most clios entirely.
By adjusting angle and stroking, the average clio doesn't have to be completely ignored
during sexual union. The in-and-out motion may pull the external yoni tissue thereby
massaging clio. And of course a hard vajra can apply pleasurable pressure to clio's crura on
either side of inner yoni. Even better is a lover who knows how to grind his pubic bone on hers
on the in-stroke. These are some of the ways clio can participate actively and appreciate
EXERCISE: Clio Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How sensitive is clio?
• How close is clio to yoni's mouth?
• What does she want more of?
• What does she want less of?
5.5 Inner Yoni Section
Inner Yoni
Even if you don't remember, at one time you were intimately connected with the sacred
garden we refer to as inner yoni. We're sure you know the facts of life whether you recall the
details of your birth or not.
c***dbirth, intercourse, menstruation -- it seems yoni was designed with the reproduction of
the species as a first priority. We give thanks to the divine powers and ancient Tantrikas who
teach us how yoni offers unlimited pleasure as another sacred opportunity.
Inner yoni is a deeply folded, highly muscular, expandable canal lined with mucous
membranes. From its outside opening between the inner lips, yoni curves up towards the belly
and cervix, the entrance to the womb or uterus.
Normally the channel is collapsed upon itself so there's no space between its touching walls.
When first aroused, the membranes that cover yoni's insides lubricate. As she gets more
aroused, yoni opens and lengthens.
Yoni's deeper two-thirds have smoother walls with fewer nerve endings than the outward
third. Consequently, this inward area responds less to touch and more to pressure, like that
produced from a firm, hot, cylinder of flesh. What an amazing design!
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 87
The outward third of yoni, the part closest to the mouth, is different in character than the
inward two-thirds. Because it's dense with nerve endings, the walls of yoni's outward third are
highly responsive to touch. Of course, you already knew that, right? These tissues are covered
with ridges and furrows, especially around the urethra that transports urine out of the bladder.
The bladder is above the top inward end of yoni. The urethra is the medical name for the
slender tube that runs along the top or front side of inner yoni and conducts urine from the
bladder to the urethral opening near yoni's inner lips.
The average urethra is about 1.5 inches (4 centimeters) long, which is much shorter than the
similar canal in a man's vajra. Because it's so short, women are much more susceptible to
urinary tract and bladder infections. That's because germs don't have as far to travel inside,
especially after deep and extensive sexual play.
But don't worry, it's easy to prevent this. Just be sure to drink lots of water before, during,
and after sex of any kind. And remember to empty your bladder as soon after play as you can to
cleanse the canal.
The opening of the urethra is technically called the meatus. It lies below clio within yoni's
inner lips and near the top side of her opening. Some women's meatus is just inside the top side
of inner yoni. For many women, the meatus is especially sensitive to stimulation since it's
surrounded by the beginning of the urethral sponge.
Urethral Sponge
There are a number of glands and tissues around yoni that can create delicious sensations
with specific kinds of massage. The tissue along yoni's front or upper wall is colloquially called
the G-Spot.
The entire urethra is surrounded by spongy erectile tissue under the upper surface of yoni
which is called the urethral sponge. The sponge is composed of up to 40 little glands and ducts
referred to as paraurethral since "para" means beside or near.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 88
Some call the paraurethral glands the Skene's glands after the physician, Alexander Skene,
who discovered and drew them in 1880.
Dr. Milan Zaviacic, a medical professor at Comenius University in Slovakia, has been
studying women's urethral sponges since the early 80s. He's clearly demonstrated that the
tissue secretes the same chemicals produced by male prostates. Since these organs also develop
from the same tissue in men and women, he and many other sexologists now use the term
female prostate for the glands and ducts that surround the urethra.
With sexual arousal and firm pressure, the urethral sponge swells with fluid. Though the
exact physiology has yet to be completely understood, it's clear that female ejaculate comes
from the urethral sponge/female prostate at least in part.
Natural vaginal lubrication emanates from another source. This thicker, slippery fluid
comes from the Bartholin glands, two small organs located on each side of yoni's mouth.
The perineum is the sensitive tissue between yoni and rosetta (anus). Many women find
stimulation of this area highly pleasurable because of its rich nerve endings and erectile nature.
Plus it's close to another one of the most sensitive organs in the body, the anus. Maybe
proximity to the perineum and rosetta is why some women find the back wall of yoni near her
opening so sensitive.
EXERCISE: Prostate Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How familiar are you with the parts of your or your partner's female prostate?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 89
• What parts are most sensitive?
• What does each part prefer?
PC Muscle
The outward third of yoni is surrounded by the PC muscle. Medically, PC stands for
pubococcygeus. We have discussed this somewhat in the Kundalini Energy Chapter.
As you might expect from its initials, this muscle is connected in front to the bottom of the
pubic bone and in the back to the bottom of the spine, the coccyx. If you've ever tried to
interrupt peeing, you know how to locate your PC muscle from the inside. It snakes around
your yoni (or vajra and testicles for men) and rosetta in a double figure eight along the floor of
your pelvis.
Yoni and her muscle tone are inextricably connected to the strength of a woman's PC. With
a strong PC muscle, not only is yoni healthier and more apt to produce pleasure, but a woman
can grasp, grip, and massage a visiting vajra strongly. With a weak PC muscle, urine more
likely to leak from the bladder through the urethra, and sexual pleasure is diminished.
Many women's PC muscles are continually tense, often the result of emotional and
psychological issues resulting from negative sexual encounters. Not only is this unhealthy for
this vital part the body, but chronically tense PCs can radically impair a woman's ability to
orgasm and ejaculate.
Your PC, like clio's tip and the outward part of yoni, are fed by the pudendal nerve. It's
likely that with a strong pumping PC muscle you're stimulating clio's deeper extensions and
yoni's dense array of nerve endings and erectile tissue.
If you want to truly heighten your ecstatic experience, a strong PC muscle is vital. We
recommend exercises, especially done with the KegelMaster 2000.
PRACTICE: Solo Inner Yoni Massage
To examine and experiment with inner yoni's unique structures, tissues, and
sensations by yourself.
This practice builds on the earlier one called "Explore Yoni Solo." This new one is a
great way to discover more of the inner details you've just read about. I you and yoni
need to become closer and more intimate, this practice session was designed for you.
If you have a speculum, use it. If not, we suggest you buy one. Women are
undoubtedly familiar with this plastic device gynecologists use for yoni exams. Guys
may not realize that a speculum is an instrument used for dilating and lighting certain
passages of the body to facilitate examination.
Reaching inside yoni with your fingers may be awkward for extended periods of
time. To prevent this from happening, we encourage you to experiment with sex toys
like dildos and vibrators at this point. One of our favorites is the Crystal Wand. It's an
"S" shaped piece of clear plastic that's easy to hold and manipulate while you insert the
other end inside yoni. For more information, click here...
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, and arranging yourself
leaning back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Often pillows under
knees make it more comfortable for extended play. Props you may want to collect are a
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 90
speculum, mirror, flashlight, lubricant, towels, vibrator, and Crystal Wand or dildo. Use
a soft towel or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of fluids
wetting the bed.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred.
Carefully choose soothing sensuous music. Acknowledge yourself and your inner being
spiritually with a namasté.
Begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing yourself. Start at the perimeter and
circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck, tummy, breasts. Take your time and enjoy.
Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling.
Touch outer yoni gently and lovingly. As she begins to warm and open, add
whatever lubricant you prefer. Some women prefer clio stimulation before yoni
penetration. As you turn yourself on, follow your own guidance.
If you have a speculum, this is a good time to lubricate and insert it and examine the
different surfaces and glands within. Even if you don't, you can spread your inner lips
and see into the outward third of yoni. Examine the membranes and see if you can
identify any of the different types of glands that surround yoni.
Lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle it as far as your hand will turn around
yoni's opening in both directions from 12 o'clock (the top side) to 6 o'clock (the bottom
side). Do you feel different sensations at any clock position? Does your finger feel any
differences in texture or shape?
With gentle Tantric touch, insert your finger another inch and repeat the circling
motions, continuing to feel inside and out. Go deeper an inch at a time as far as you can
while discovering different feelings and sensations. Combine in and out with circling
motions as you go descend. Also, tighten your PC muscle and feel the pressure on your
finger in different positions. If your hand or finger gets too tired, remove it and shake
out the tension before continuing. Whenever you decide the time is right, feel free to
switch to using a toy like the Crystal Wand.
To really learn what's most sensitive, switch your focus from exploring to pleasure.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread Kundalini energy around your body.
Though orgasm isn't necessary, if you get swept away by a big explosion -- or really
want to end with one -- enjoy yourself.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
PRACTICE: Partner Inner Yoni Massage
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 91
We hope you enjoyed discovering new things that please yoni while bringing
yourself exquisite pleasure. Now that you've mapped yoni's special zones and identified
how prefers to be massaged, you can share these findings with your partner.
You secret garden is a divine place. Sharing yoni's secrets is a sacred gift. Enter into
this practice as a way to build intimacy, not with any strong expectations or discreet
goals. Continue the spirit of the Play Doctor Practice earlier in this chapter.
Some notes to the giver: Approach this practice as a sacred trust. This kind of
exposure makes a woman highly vulnerable. Tell her what you plan to do before you do
it. Get permission for major changes. Maintain eye contact as much as possible. Give
reassurance. If you're not sure of something, ask a question. Feedback and dialogue are
great as long as you don't extend that to distracting sidetalk. Above all, show your love
and respect.
To guide a partner to explore inner yoni's unique character and energy so you can
relax, open, and awaken to build intimacy and lovemaking skill.
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, and arranging space
leaning back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Often pillows under
knees make it more comfortable for extended play. Props you may want to collect are a
speculum, mirror, flashlight, lubricant, towels, vibrator, and Crystal Wand or other sex
toy. Use a soft towel or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of
fluids wetting the bed.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred.
Carefully choose soothing sensuous music. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a
Heart Salutation. Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries --
before you actually begin.
Have your lover begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing you. Ask them to
start at the perimeter and circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck, tummy, breasts.
Take your time and enjoy. Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that
express what you're feeling. A good partner will remind you of these ways to be more
present and enjoy more.
Ask your lover to touch outer yoni with a gentle loving Tantric touch. (A good
partner would never approach yoni without permission.) Giver, try circling around the
perimeter and gradually coming closer and closer. Squeeze her outer lips between
thumb and forefinger, then gently rubbing the outer lips together.
If you have a speculum and you're willing, let your partner view the different
surfaces and glands within yoni. Even if you don't, you can spread your inner lips to
reveal the outward third of yoni. Ask your partner to examine the membranes and
identify any of the different types of glands that surround yoni.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 92
Ask your partner to lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle it as far as their hand
will turn around yoni's opening in both directions from 12 o'clock (the top side) to 6
o'clock (the bottom side). Do they feel different sensations at any clock position? Does
their finger feel any differences in texture or shape?
With gentle Tantric touch, ask your partner to insert a finger another inch and repeat
the circling motions, continuing to feel inside and out. Guide your partner to go deeper
one inch at a time as far as possible discovering different feelings and sensations. Have
them combine in and out with circling strokes while descending. Also, tighten your PC
muscle so your partner can feel the pressure on their finger in different positions. If their
hand or finger gets too tired, encourage them to remove it and shake out the tension
before continuing. Whenever you decide the time is right, feel free to have them switch
to using a toy like the Crystal Wand.
If you want, after learning together you can switch your attention to pleasure and
enjoy yourself to the max. Guide your partner to continue doing strokes that really turn
you on. Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your
body. Your partner can help by reminding you if necessary. Though orgasm isn't
necessary, if you want to end with one, enjoy yourself.
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead. Do you
want gradual slowing or simply holding still? Whatever you prefer, ask your lover not
to abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm, while
their other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation and doing whatever works for you to give thanks for the pleasure your body
brings you.
5.6 Sacred Gate Section
"...An erotic zone could always be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the
course of the urethra...which seems to be surrounded by erectile tissue." ------ Ernst
Gräfenberg in The Role Of Urethra In Female Orgasm
In Search Of The Mysterious G-Spot
Just like us, we hope you've repeated the previous practices multiple times with great fun,
pleasure, and learning. If you have, you've most likely discovered the Sacred Gate to Supreme
Of course, we're referring to the female G-Spot, the erectile tissue inside yoni under the
lining of the belly-side wall. We call this yoni's "front" surface since it's the inner side closest to a
lover on top or in front.
You know that, when aroused, erectile tissues fill with bl**d by getting "engorged." Did you
know that erectile tissues get even more sensitive when swollen? We bet you did. Besides GSpots,
nipples and clios enjoy this divine gift. Guys carry one great little expandable example of
erectile tissue between their legs.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 93
Sorry, guys, we mean BIG example.
Conflicting Instructions
Where is the G-Spot? Because it's a slang term, that's a difficult question to answer exactly.
First, there are many conflicting teachings about the size of the G-Spot out there. Some say
it's the size of a pea, some a bean, some say a silver dollar (2.5 cm if you're unfamiliar with U.S.
currency). Actually, the truth is that some are bigger and some are smaller.
Some say it's one to two inches inside yoni, or near the urethral opening. Gräfenberg, whom
the spot is named after, highlighted the area near the bladder at yoni's top end. Others direct
you mid-way between the cervix at yoni's end and the pubic bone. There's some truth in all
these conflicting descriptions as we'll explain below.
Much of the confusion and difficulty stems from that fact that this powerful "orgasmic
trigger" isn't one well-defined organ like a male prostate gland or a female ovary.
Taking Aim At A Moving Target
What we call the Sacred Gate or G "Spot" is in reality the female prostate or urethral sponge.
That's comprised of the 40 or so little paraurethral glands with their accompanying ducts and
bl**d vessels surrounding the urethra. The urethra and its spongy insulation run along the
front wall of yoni.
Some believe the biological purpose of the sponge is to protect the fragile urinary canal from
a hard thrusting vajra when it gets engorged. Makes sense, huh?
Again, here's the good news. The female prostate, AKA urethral sponge, is erectile. So when
you excite it, it swells under the surface of yoni's skin. You feel the hard "bean" under yoni's
This explains why many lovers have trouble finding the G-Spot and enjoying stimulation.
Because it's under the lining of yoni's front wall, it's not particularly sensitive or even noticeable
without a high level of excitement. Many women report little or no feeling at first. Some even
feel initial discomfort that obviously discourages further play.
As every conscious lover knows, each woman is different. Each woman folk prefers
different strokes at different times. So unless you tune in to her unique formula in the moment,
you may not feel her Sacred Gate at all.
Different Kinds
Further, it's hard to find the G-Spot because there are four different kinds of female
prostates. In 1999, Zaviacic published his scientific findings that illustrated how the distribution
of the paraurethral glands and ducts varies from woman to woman.
In most women, he discovered the greatest density of female prostate glands was located
near the urethral opening. Here are the percentages of women he found with different kinds of
% Of Women Location Of Glands & Ducts
70% near meatus urethral opening by yoni's mouth
15% near the bladder at yoni's top end
7% mid-way back between yoni's mouth and cervix
8% had minimal glands and ducts.
What this means is that your partner's most erectile Sacred Gate tissue is likely nearer yoni's
mouth. Even so, the deeper little "tail" of the meatus-type female prostate can be highly
Of course, the Sacred Gate of 30% of women follows a different pattern. There's a real
chance it could deeper inside, or not very excitable without long dedicated arousal.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 94
So Where Is It Exactly?
With the "G-Spot" better defined, can we now explain exactly where it is? Well, yes and no.
Additionally, different parts of the urethral sponge can be aroused at different times. That
makes it seem that the G-Spot moves from time to time, even within one lovemaking session.
Visualize a clock superimposed over yoni's mouth while a woman is lying on her back. We
know the Sacred Gate appears most often at the 12 o'clock position. But sometimes it's found at
11 or 1 o'clock. Most sex manuals instruct us to curl a finger upward toward yoni's front and
reach around behind the pubic bone to find the area of the urethral sponge that's particularly
excitable. We now know this doesn't contact the bulk of the G-Spot for most women, although it
may make its deep tail feel real good.
If you don't know which bone we're talking about, just slide your hand from your belly
button down toward your jewels. (This works for men as well.) If you press inward, you'll feel
the soft give of your tummy until somewhere around your pubic hair. When you feel the hard
structure near the surface, that's your pubic bone. From within, you can feel the underside of
this floating bone by pressing up towards your belly through yoni's front wall.
The good news is that there's a surefire way to find the Sacred Gate. Usually the tissue
covering the erect part of the sponge becomes rough and wrinkly, like a cat's tongue. This is the
direct result of the urethral sponge getting engorged with bl**d. Search for the corduroy and
you'll increase your chances of zooming in quickly. Couple that with searching under yoni's
lining for the little swollen glands that sometimes feel like a bean and you've got it.
Just remember not to rest on your laurels and keep sensing with your fingertips in case it
EXERCISE: G-Spot Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How easily can you find your G-Spot?
• What kind of female prostate do you or your partner have?
• What makes your or your partner's G-Spot swell the most?
What's In A Name?
Since it's not really a fixed point, the term "G-Spot" isn't really very accurate. Dr. John D.
Perry, one of the original authors of the 1982 best-selling "The G-Spot" book, still believes it's the
best compromise amongst the available poor choices.
As we've said, many sexologists use G-Area, G-Crest, or urethral sponge as well as
paraurethral or Skene's glands. The term "female prostate," once quite common, is becoming
more accepted again. Many Tantrikas use the ancient term "sacred spot."
As you've seen, we prefer to call the G-Spot the "Sacred Gate." This term reminds us that the
erectile tissue of the urethral sponge/female prostate is a doorway to sensational sexual
pleasure, deep intimacy, amazing ecstasy, emotional connection, and Supreme Bliss.
Why Don't More Women Know Where It Is?
Why haven't more women discovered the pleasure accessible through their Sacred Gate
Well, not everyone believes it's there. Many don't know where and how to find it. It's hard
for many to reach even if they had a map and detailed instructions. Each woman's unique
physique may require a different body position. Also, it's smaller in post menopausal women
and therefore harder to locate.
Every woman knows the location of her lips, breasts, and clio without searching. Let's not
forget that how strongly females, as well as males, are conditioned against self-pleasuring. Even
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 95
if a woman overcomes these taboos to search for her own G-Spot, she might miss it without
sufficient turn-on beforehand.
Remember, it's erectile, under yoni's lining, and therefore virtually undetectable without
adequate stimulation. Further, the Sacred Gate gets larger and more easily erect with repeated
stimulation. When you're searching initially, it's more likely to hide than come out to play right
No Luck With An Urgent Problem
As you've read, without proper stimulation, Sacred Gate play is often unremarkable,
uncomfortable, or even painful at first.
Initial pressure on the Sacred Gate often creates what the medical world calls "urgency," the
feeling that you need to pee. For obvious reasons, our name for this sensation is the P-Signal.
We believe women get the P-Signal when their engorged urethral sponge presses on the neck of
their bladder and urethra. Even when empty, this feels identical to the pressure caused by a full
The anatomy connection makes this clearer. Remember that clio's tip and most of the PC
muscle are fed by the pudendal nerve. The bladder, uterus, and G-Spot, as well as the inner part
of the PC muscle, are serviced by the pelvic nerve. It makes sense that this deeper nerve
pathway is harder to arouse sexually. But when it is, the sensations are felt deeper in the
bladder and uterus. A woman untrained in the ways of Sacred Gate massage and female
ejaculation most likely interprets these P-Signals incorrectly.
In a later chapter, Ecstatic States, we'll explore different kinds of orgasms from different
kinds of stimulation. At this point we'll just leave you with this message: Sacred Gate Orgasms
create a deeper kind of pleasure than most clio orgasms can ever account for.
Begone That Messy Wet Spot!
Learning to handle the P-Signal is a vital gauntlet all women need to pass through to enjoy
Sacred Gate Orgasm and female ejaculation. Now that we've launched our initial campaign to
relax you about your fluid emanations, let us add a really valuable tip.
No one should have to sl**p in a wet spot after sex. No one should have to hold back during
sex for fear of dousing the bed, rug, or furniture by ejaculating. No one should have to avoid
sex because it's that time of the month. Don't you agree?
Which is why our friend Karen Fowler created Luv Liners and Luv Linens. These are superabsorbent,
waterproof pads designed to keep your lovemaking space clean and dry during sex.
Luv Liners are soft and disposable while Luv Linens are washable and reusable. Now you have
options! And they're really inexpensive.
Karen created these big soft coverings so that people everywhere can have the luxury of
enjoying the wettest sex ever without worrying about the mess. Why sl**p on a towel or get up
to change the sheets after a good nights lovin' if you don't have to?
Luv Linens & Luv Liners
Sure, you can buy little ugly incontinence protectors at the d**g store (or chemist shop in
the UK). We just really prefer the much larger, colorful, and patterned ones Karen has specially
made for gushy lovers like her and us.
Luv Liners and Luv Linens provide protection and peace of mind for love's most slippery
moments. They give you permission to enjoy the wettest sex ever and let your love flow
without hesitation. Luv Linens are the ultimate "christening blanket" allowing you to be
adventurous and enjoy sex wherever you desire.
Let's face it a bunched-up towel doesn't quite do the job does it?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 96
Using Luv Linens gives you the freedom to take your love life to a whole new level. Imagine
how free you'll feel to relax and let your love flow orgasm after orgasm after orgasm when you
know your bed, sofa, tablecloth, or rug will be clean and dry no matter how much passion you
Now, there's no need to hold back. No sheets to change, no more ruined towels, sheets. or
mattresses. No more wet spots to endure. How awesome is that!
For more information and ordering, please click here...
PRACTICE: Solo Sacred Gate Discovery
For reassurance, it's a good idea for a woman to empty her bladder before this kind of
play. And while you're preparing, grab a couple of thick towels to lie on for that extra
sense of security, just in case you ejaculate. More about that soon.
As we've said, getting your fingers inside yoni with enough pressure on your G-Spot
may be awkward for extended periods of time. We suggest you try your best this way at
first. But also have available a Crystal Wand, curved dildo, or vibrator able to reach
around behind your pubic bone.
To locate your Sacred Gate and begin getting in touch with how different stimulation
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, putting on erotic music,
and creating a Sacred Space with a namasté and leaning back against a backjack or pile
of pillows with legs spread. Do this in front of a mirror if you like. Once aroused, you'll
probably have to get up on your feet or knees to reach your Sacred Gate. Props you may
want to collect are water, lubricant, towels, and Crystal Wand or other sex toy. Use a soft
towel or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of fluids wetting
the bed. Be sure your bladder is empty before you begin.
Begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing yourself from the perimeter and
circle towards yoni. Caress outer yoni and clio with your preferred lubricant to get them
both real hot. Use fantasy if you'd like. Then lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle
around yoni's opening gradually going deeper inside with an in and out stroke. Take
your time and enjoy because your G-Spot may not come out to play unless you're really
turned on. Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're
When you're aroused enough, you'll begin to feel some places on yoni's upper wall
lining become rougher and more wrinkly like corduroy. You might feel the prostate
harden like a bean beneath the surface somewhere between yoni's inside end and
meatus near her mouth. You won't be sure which kind of prostate you have until you
thoroughly massage and excite the whole extent of your urethral sponge. With a few
minutes of continued stroking, your Sacred Gate will swell, get larger, and harden in the
same way that a clio and vajra do.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 97
If you find you can't reach deep enough inside or your muscles start protesting,
continue on your knees or by squatting. Sometimes some experimenting is necessary to
find the most comfortable position for G-Spot access.
Gradually increase the pressure on the rough and hard spots on the upper wall with
in and out strokes about once per second. Curl your finger around the pubic bone when
fully inserted, making a come hither motion as you pull out.
As your Sacred Gate gets more engorged, you may feel P-Signals, that convince you
that you have to pee. This means you're really getting there. Simply breathe and
continue. If you relax into it, the sensation will pass quickly. Remember, you just
emptied your bladder. If you believe it's full again, go to the toilet to make sure and then
come back and resume.
7. TOY
Whenever you decide the time is right, feel free to switch to a vibrator or dildo. This is
where the Crystal Wand really shines, giving you leverage to apply strong pressure
around behind your pubic bone. Find out what kind of pressure you like.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your body.
Though it's not necessary, enjoy one or more powerful Sacred Gate Orgasms if you
want. If you do, instead of stopping abruptly, be sure to cover yoni as you gradually
cool down.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
How To Find It And What To Do When You Do
We love sexual union with vajra inside yoni. But for many women, it's difficult to get good
Sacred Gate stimulation from a pumping vajra. Students of the Kama Sutra know that certain
unique sexual positions work best for different body type combinations as our later chapter
The anatomy of the Sacred Gate is why. Providing enough pressure on yoni's upper wall
around behind the pubic bone is necessary. This is nearly impossible with the all-too-popular
standard missionary position.
For many women's bodies, it's easier for a partner to locate and awaken their Sacred Gate
with fingers. Trained fingers most often work much better than vajras for G-Spot play.
If sex to you has been limited to the old in-an-out, here is a wonderful opportunity to drop
your old beliefs and start experimenting with what works uniquely for you. Like defining sex as
anything that makes your body feel good.
Which explains the intent of the next, the final practice, in this chapter.
PRACTICE: Partner Sacred Gate Discovery
For a partner to find your Sacred Gate with their fingers requires that you guide them
to the right place with your preferred strokes. Which is why, even if your lover knows
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 98
where and how to look for a your G-Spot, the perennial challenges of sexual
communication can get in the way.
If you approach this kind of play as conscious Tantric Sex however, you'll grow
through these kinds of problems. With the right attitude, guidance, and experience, you
can easily teach a lover to stimulate the best place at each moment. Goddess, remember
to guide your partner lovingly and often.
The following practice offers a great chance to practice. It's instructions closely mirror
the solo practice above.
Don't forget, you, the Goddess, must be quite aroused before your partner can even
find the Sacred Gate.
To help your lover locate your Sacred Gate and begin learning how to pleasure it.
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, putting on erotic music,
and creating a Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation. Arrange your body so you can lean
back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Props you may want to
collect are water, lubricant, towels, and Crystal Wand or other sex toy. Use a soft towel
or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of fluids wetting the
bed. Be sure to discuss the Partnering Questions - desires, concerns, boundaries - and
empty your bladder before you actually begin.
Begin by asking your lover to slowly touch, caress, and arouse your body from the
perimeter and circle towards yoni. Have your partner massage outer yoni and clio with
your preferred lubricant to get them both real hot. Use fantasy if you'd like. When you're
ready, ask your lover to lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle around yoni's opening
gradually going deeper inside with an in and out stroke. Guide them to take their time
because your G-Spot may not come out to play unless you're really turned on. Be sure to
relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling.
When you're aroused enough, guide your lover to explore yoni's front wall lining,
feeling for where it's rougher and more wrinkly like corduroy. They might feel the
prostate harden like a bean beneath the surface somewhere between yoni's inside end
and meatus near her mouth. Guide your partner to thoroughly massage and excite the
area of your urethral sponge that most responded during solo play. With a few minutes
of continued stroking, your Sacred Gate will swell, get larger, and harden much like clio
and vajra do.
Ask your lover to gradually increase the pressure on the rough and hard spots on the
upper wall with in and out strokes about once per second. Have them curl a finger
around the pubic bone when fully inserted, making a come hither motion as they pull
As your Sacred Gate gets more engorged, you may feel P-Signals, convincing you that
you have to pee. This means you're really getting there. Simply breathe and continue
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 99
and the feeling will pass quickly. Remember, you just emptied your bladder. If you're
convinced it's full again, go to the toilet to make sure and then come back and resume.
6. TOY
If you liked it during solo play, feel free to ask your lover to switch to using a vibrator
or dildo. The Crystal Wand really shines with partner play as well, giving leverage to
apply strong pressure around behind your pubic bone. If you discovered where and
how you really like strong pressure, now is a good time to guide your lover to give it to
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your body.
Though it's not necessary, feel free to enjoy one or more powerful Sacred Gate Orgasms
if you want.
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead. Do you
want gradual slowing or simply holding still? Whatever you prefer, ask your lover not
to abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm, while
the other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation, and doing whatever works for the two of you to give thanks for the pleasure
you've created together.
5.7 Closing Section
The anatomy of the Goddess is truly wondrous and all the elements are so artistically
You learned about clio, yoni, both inside and outside. You practiced different ways to
explore and talk about what you feel with different kinds of stimulation.
You now know the latest information available about the nature of the G-Spot, the Sacred
Gate to Supreme Bliss, its idiosyncrasies and its delights. Look for much more about pleasuring
the Sacred Gate in the next Sacred Gate Massage Chapter, and later ones on Ecstatic States and
Female Ejaculation.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 100
Chapter 6: Sacred Gate Massage
"Don’t let another day go by without the magic touch."
----- Neil Young from sl**ps With Angels
6.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand how to be a Tantric lover.
• Practice the basic strokes of Sacred Gate massage.
• Use Sacred Gate massage for maximum pleasure.
Giving Shakti Pleasure
There are many ways to give ultimate pleasure to Shakti (a woman's) Sacred Gate. You've
probably stumbled upon that perfect moment when your thrusts hit just the right spot.
Maybe you were conscious of what worked and then you tried to reproduce it. Since
Shakti's arousal is changeable, what worked once might not have worked the same way the
next time. All too often we can't recreate the exact circumstances for that fantastic sexual high.
But we can create new ones.
In this chapter, we're going to dispel the mystery about giving a woman pleasure. Here
you're going to learn the art and science of Sacred Gate massage. We're primarily talking about
using your fingers, though we'll include some guidance about using sex toys for giving to a
partner as well as to yourself.
By the end, you'll know all the options. We can't promise you'll never be confused or know
exactly the perfect thing to do in every moment in every situation. Female stimulation is a
moving target. But when you're done, you'll know everything there is to know about how to
give and receive Sacred Gate pleasure, and how to react to unique circumstances.
Practices Ahead
Once you've determined the pleasure formula for a specific Goddess in a specific
lovemaking session, Sacred Gate massage is essentially simple. There are just a lot of options to
choose from getting to that point. So this chapter breaks down G-Spot pleasure into a series of
practices of increasing complication and increasing stimulation.
You'll probably want to rush ahead to the juicier bits and push for a resounding orgasm
sooner rather than later. We understand these innate urges to seek rapid rewards. We think it's
a better idea to read the whole chapter before beginning intensive practice.
Playing spontaneously, full out, with wild abandon is great. We just suggest you do it later,
in later practices, in a few days or weeks. If you've been making love for 1, 10, or 30 years
without these techniques, what's another few weeks to gradually incorporate Sacred Gate play
into your repertoire.
Remember, the Tantric way is to slowly savor each morsel of new delight and draw out the
pleasure as long as you can.
When To Start Sacred Gate Play
If you've read the previous chapters on Tantric LovePlay and Sacred Landscape, you've
learned that the Sacred Gate only comes out to play when sufficiently excited.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 101
How will you know when she's aroused enough for intense G-Spot stimulation? The more
aroused she is, the more her Sacred Gate becomes engorged with bl**d. It swells like a crest,
protruding down from the concave front wall of inner yoni, making it convex.
Until you're sure, continue with loveplay. Here's a not-so-subtle warm-up reminder:
whisper sweet everythings, kiss softly and deeply, caress everywhere, use Kama Sutra
"embraces," and titillate yoni endlessly. Don't dive right for the Sacred Gate until you've gotten
a clear signal that she's really hot.
One vital cue is yoni engorgement -- pink, wet, and swollen with bl**d. You can easily tell a
yoni with erect tissues because her lips open of their own accord and become very red. For
many women, lengthy clio play is an essential prerequisite. Some prefer touching and kissing
on yoni's lips, opening, and entryway first. For some, emotional closeness, intimacy, and
fantasy is enough to engorge the Sacred Gate.
Learn the pattern of arousal of the woman you aim to pleasure. Whatever her needs, be sure
to dwell amply on awakening physical and energetic arousal before heading for her Sacred
6.2 Giver Role Section
The Attitude Of The Tantric Lover
Since it's a highly conscious, sacred experience, Tantric lovers approach sex in a unique way.
Approaching the Sacred Gate for maximum healing and pleasure requires an attitude and
commitment that respects Shakti's divine nature. It demands that a lover is fully available to
meet her needs.
We like to describe this exacting but highly satisfying role with the 6 P's...
• Privilege
• Presence
• Patience
• Partner
• Pilgrim
• Permission.
Take these six guidelines to heart before you begin any yoni play. This applies to women
giving to women as much as men giving to women.
You're Privileged To Be Invited Within
Entering a woman's yoni and reaching for her spirit through her Sacred Gate only works
when the giver recognizes the trust being placed in them. Truly, it's an awesome privilege and
responsibility. Approach with Feeling awe with the such intimacy is the perfect mindset.
We mean you should think of your partner or yourself as a manifestation of all that's good
and wondrous about the female. Revere the grace, power, and life energy of the feminine. If you
act at all times in complete service of your queen, your Shakti, your offerings will be welcomed
with an unending outpouring of love, desire, and appreciation.
If you want to know more about this reverent attitude, consult the Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Your Presence Is Your Greatest Gift
More than anything you might do during Sacred Gate play, being present is your most
important aim.
We don't just mean physically with your hands inside her. We mean mentally here now,
emotionally accessible, and spiritually conscious. Listening fully with all your senses open is
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 102
your foundation and a powerful way to say "I love you." This is what women want more than
anything else. It thoroughly turns them on.
How do you show presence? Well, tuning out, daydreaming, and looking off into the
distance isn't it. Interrupting her process and disappearing in the midst of a breakthrough
certainly disqualifies you.
Rather, tune in so you notice what she's experiencing in every moment. Tell her "I'm here for
you." Respond directly to her every comment and request. And above all, maintain eye contact
when she is available. She will close her eyes at times, but needs to know you aren't checkingout.
Just letting her know you're there with her is almost enough.
Be Patient, All Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait
A big part of being here now is patience. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, nothing else to do
but what you're doing.
As we've explained, it's essential for both the receiver and the giver to drop any goals of a
supreme experience or cosmic orgasm. The Goddess will likely experience amazing things, but
pushing for them can easily block her ascending to new heights.
Just let whatever is going to happen unfold of its own accord. Let nature take its course
without fighting the current. Face it, it takes as long as it takes, and there's little you can do to
speed it up.
Let sweet and gentle be your watchwords. Follow the Goddess and she'll tell you when to
be strong.
Support Your Partner, You're Both In This Together
Contrary to cultural sexual patterns or beliefs drummed into us about what it means to be a
good lover and how a "good girl "is supposed to act in bed, good sex is a joint effort. Both need
to be active partners. One being passive while the other "does" them isn't it.
Every time you connect, agree where you both want to go together using the three
Partnering Questions (desires, concerns, boundaries). Look after yourself and let your partner
know how it's going so they can support you. Communicate about what's happening in the
moment. Respond to what's going on with your partner. Work together, no correct that, play
Remember, you're the two musketeers. All for one and one for all.
As a giver, you want to reassure and comfort your partner. Be a full-time helper during
Sacred Gate experiences. When she's open to it, offer her guidance. When she thinks she knows
what she wants, let her be in control. If she's struggling, assure her that she doesn't have to do it
all by herself and that you're there for her.
When she's having a powerful experience, feel it yourself and enjoy it. When pleasure is
your goal, not orgasm, you can only get it right and never get it wrong.
Above all, encourage her to fully receive and absorb all you're giving. In the spirit of true
partnership, you know you'll get yours eventually.
Just A Pilgrim Searching For The Promised Land
Who can always accurately predict a Shakti's reactions? Not even she, most of the time.
It's best if a giver of Sacred Gate massage acts like an explorer, discovering uncharted
territory. Be a pilgrim searching for hidden secrets with little in the way of maps. Stay in awe of
the wonders you stumble upon.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 103
You won't really know what she wants in this exact moment until it turns her on. Stay alert
to her breathing, sounds, and movements. When she moves towards you and presses on your
finger, she wants more. When she withdraws and pulls away, she wants less.
Be prepared for anything to happen. Your hands might be rocked violently by a bucking
bronco in the throws of orgasm. You might run headlong into a hysterical outburst. You might
get sprayed with female nectar. Or it may seem from the outside that nothing is happening.
You just have to accept that you don't know it all and can't predict the future. Ego is one of
the primary enemies of sacred sexuality. What worked yesterday may fall flat today. What
hasn't worked for months may suddenly become the key that unlocks huge recesses of
Kundalini energy. What she thought was just OK previously is all she wants you to do from
now on.
Always stay tuned for late breaking news and you'll do fine.
Ask Permission Before Entering The Promised Land
If the G-Spot is the gate to the sacred joys of untold pleasure, the yoni is assuredly the
sacred garden. You don't enter such a temple without permission. A Tantric lover always
shows how deeply they embrace the earlier five P's by asking before moving forward and
You can be straightforward, "I'm going to put a finger inside you now, OK?" Or you can be
Tantric and romantic, "May I enter your sacred garden, oh, sweet beloved, of my dreams?" Be
serious or make it lighthearted, but don't forget. Above all else, asking before penetrating is the
height of respect.
Whether or not you buy the flowery talk of the Goddess's divine presence within a woman's
yoni, this is one guideline every man needs to take to heart. Maybe this is one of the reasons
some women prefer the touch of other women. They instinctively know what they're risking
when they open themselves this way.
Even if you've been in relationship a long time, ask before penetrating. It puts the Goddess
in power when she most needs the security of knowing it's her call to say yes or no at any time.
If she wants to play out a fantasy sometime where you take her without asking, we think
that's fine. Just recognize, she gave you permission at the beginning of your encounter. That's
different than blanket permission where she gives her power away. We advise against that. If
you want a Tantric partnership, encourage her to make her own decisions in every moment.
Maybe it goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway. When she asks you to depart,
graciously and gently withdraw. You're inside yoni by invitation only. Respect the privilege
and you're likely to be invited again soon for more divine play.
EXERCISE: 5 Tantric P's Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking with your
partner about...
• Describe the Tantric attitude and what you will do to make it part of your
• Review the 5 Tantric P's. Describe what each means to you...
• Privilege...
• Presence...
• Patience...
• Partner...
• Pilgrim...
• Permission...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 104
• Evaluate yourself on each of the 6 P's.
• Describe what difficulties you've had with each...
• Describe what you plan to do about each...
6.3 Receiver Prerequisites Section
At Disneyland, you need an "E" ticket for the best rides. To ride the wave of bliss when
receiving G-Spot massage, you need six "E" tickets. The six basic receiver prerequisites to
delightful Sacred Gate play are...
• Relaxation
• Communication
• Arousal
• Empty Bladder
• Lube
• Drop Expectations.
Learn To Relax
Shakti, if you're too tense, your Sacred Gate may not be fully open to receiving visitors.
Tension can prevent you from getting sufficiently aroused to enjoy the intense stimulation of
Sacred Gate play.
If you want to become more relaxed, look back at the Kundalini Energy, Tantric LovePlay,
and Sacred Landscape Chapters. Build your sexual muscles so they have the tone to easily relax.
Spend more time practicing with Orgasmic Breathing. Do more solo exploration of your yoni
inside and out. Learn to enjoy sexual pleasure through self-pleasuring as a sacred ritual.
If relaxation in sexual situations doesn't come easily to you, you might want to look into this
first. Ask yourself where does this sexual stress that blocks excitement come from?
It could be a lack of intimacy and trust with your partner. It could be that you're putting
pressure on yourself to perform. Perhaps you're conflicted about sex in general as a result of
conscious or u*********s social judgments and moral taboos. It could be that past abuse and
wounds are creating too much anxiety for you to relax. We address these issues extensively in
the Yoni Healing Chapter.
In the meantime, we can only suggest you go slowly, breathe, and take heed of how the
other receiver prerequisites can help you relax.
Lots Of Open Two-Way Communication
The more you talk about sex in general and Sacred Gate play in specific, the more pleasure
you'll have sooner. Especially while you're learning, communicate about your desires, concerns,
and boundaries before you begin each session.
Ask for what you want in each moment, or as much as you know in each moment. Give
feedback supportively. Ask anytime you're unsure. If something is on your mind, let it go by
talking about it. Otherwise the inner distraction may prevent you from relaxing into pleasure
when you most want to.
When you're beginning Sacred Gate play, don't worry that speaking up may interrupt the
mood. That sensitivity is more appropriate later as you get grooved in. Instead, use the c***dlike
spirit of "Playing Doctor" to approach these practices in a fresh, innocent, new way. Drop any
shyness, inhibitions, judgments you've carried about sex. Remember, it's a divine gift from
As a receiver, be as responsive to loveplay as you can and use non-verbal communication to
show it. The more you practice the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss -- breath, sound,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 105
movement, and presence -- the more you'll partner will know what's going on with you without
words. You can always use the Feedback Sandwich from the Tantric LovePlay Chapter when
you want something adjusted.
Be sure to compliment anything and everything that your partner does during you sexual
antics. Since your lover will want to give you more of what you like, don't be careful about
asking, be out there and go for it. At first, you probably won't recognize all your feelings and
reactions in the moment. So it helps, after each session, to openly talk about what was best,
what you'd like to be different, and things to play with next time.
Get Highly Aroused First
As you've heard many times already, many lovers -- both givers and receivers -- have been
bewildered about Sacred Gate stimulation. Certainly, that's because it's not a fixed spot, it
moves, and because it often hides until awakened. Even more, we think many try to push this
exciting orgasmic trigger before getting highly aroused.
We wonder how many women have found their G-Spot but didn't like the sensations it
produced because they weren't turned on enough.
Shakti, embed one clear thought in your mind as you approach Sacred Gate play, especially
with a new lover: yoni must be thoroughly and deliciously engorged first. The front wall of the
inner yoni won't engorge without sufficient loveplay. Until this happens, any kind of touch,
especially hard and fast strokes, will probably be uncomfortable, even painful, before your
Sacred Gate is fully open.
If you read the previous section about permission, you'll understand why we're telling you
this. You are responsible for your own pleasure. Even if you're flat on your back with your legs
up, you're in the driver's seat. If you want the zenith of sexual pleasure, you have to steer.
You've learned what your body likes, right? You know how to communicate about your
preferences, right? If so, tell your partner. If not, we suggest you go back to the Communication
Section of our Tantric LovePlay Chapter.
Empty Your Bladder First
Empty your bladder before G-Spot play. A full bladder makes it more difficult to relax. Not
only is this sensation distracting, but there's that worry about letting go at the wrong time and
making a mess.
Hopefully, you've read about the P-Signal, the feeling that you need to pee that occurs with
Sacred Gate engorgement. If you don't know about this and are worried that your bladder isn't
empty, you might keep your PC muscle clamped down tight. All by itself, this might stop your
pleasure, your orgasm, and your delightful ejaculation.
Shakti, if you're confident that your bladder is empty and you understand that the P-Signal
is normal, it will be easier for you to relax and let things go. Resting on a couple of soft towels
and an absorbent pad can help free your mind of calamities, too. Which is why we've
introduced you to Luv Liners and Luv Linens. For more information, click here...
Use Lots Of Lubrication
We must face one of the inalienable truths of Sacred Gate play: dry scratching is not any fun.
Which explains our next entry reminder: get wet and stay wet.
Just like guys who tie up much of their self-image in their erections and stamina, some
women connect their desirability with how much their yoni lubricates during arousal. Wouldn't
it be great to always live in the fantasy of romance novels that seeing just the right bulge,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 106
hearing just the right words, or being caressed just the right way will make your yoni flow
When we're young and horny or separated from our beloved for too long, it's often the case.
But let's face reality. Age, health, physical condition, diet, and medication -- not to mention
menopause -- all affect a woman's natural sexual lubrication. Fantasy is great when you really
experience it. But we don't always.
So? Our response, as always, is the Tantric one -- no big deal. Our only interest is pleasure.
Not giving a performance of any kind. Not living up to any mental image. Not competing with
Simply make sure you introduce lots of lubricant. Saliva is a great "wetifier." That's one of
the reasons why, in our Tantric LovePlay Chapter, we encourage oral romping for the longest
time before Sacred Gate play.
If oral play isn't your cup of tea or saliva doesn't last long enough, never fear. There are
many commercial varieties of personal lubricants available. Remember only to use water-based
lubricants inside yoni. Some examples are Probe, Wet Light, Astroglide, Liquid Silk, and KY
Jelly or KY Liquid, but there are lots more. We don't recommend you introduce oil or petroleum
based products into the delicate natural balance of the yoni's flora.
You can find them at sex shops all over the world. Try small samples to see what you prefer.
Your local d**g store probably stocks several kinds. Or if that's too embarrassing for you, try
one of the adult sex product websites in the resources section of our website at...
Who's in charge of making sure you're wet enough? You both are! But as a receiver, you'll
probably know that you need more first. Ask for more, or keep a bottle near you and douse
Drop Expectations
Sacred Gate play is a doorway to an exalted universe of pleasure, ecstasy, and altered
consciousness. Those aren't measurable, programmable qualities. If you enter any kind of
loveplay with orgasm, ejaculation, or spiritual enlightenment as a goal, you can well block the
flow of energy that will propel you higher.
Supreme Bliss happens in the moment. Expectations take you out of it, into the future.
The most common goal lovers set is orgasm. This can put performance pressure on you as
well as the giver. If you're worried about whether or not you will orgasm, you can produce
performance anxiety. Trying to reproduce the excitement of a previous encounter can distract
you also, whether giver or receiver. All get in the way of enjoyment.
Instead, learn to enjoy pleasure right now. Learn to bask in your vibrations and those of
your partner. Appreciate the pleasure coursing through you now. Accept that it may stop at any
moment and that you'll be complete, whatever happens. Make what you're feeling in this
moment enough. Since arousal is often a moving target, tune in to "que sera sera," whatever will
be, will be. Flow spontaneously, responding to cues, signals, and intuitions.
What's the ultimate prescription for opening the Sacred Gate to supreme pleasure? Forget
the past and the future. Focus on what's happening now.
EXERCISE: Receiver Prerequisites Discussion Questions
• Consider or discuss the six receiver prerequisites...
• Relaxation...
• Communication...
• Arousal...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 107
• Empty Bladder...
• Lubricants...
• Drop Expectations...
• What does each mean?
• What are your feelings, thoughts, & reactions to each?
• Do you have a problem with any that might interfere with your Sacred Gate play?
• Is there an alternative both of you can agree on?
6.4 Sacred Gate Massage Positions Section
While there are limited ways to reach your own G-Spot, there are several positions we'll
share with your here that Shakti can assume during partner play. Comfort is essential for both
giver and receiver. Tension in the giver's body telegraphs quickly and can close down the
Goddess's energy channels. This can also happen in Shakti's own body while self-pleasuring.
The Tantric approach, as we've made clear, is not simply to get off, but to enjoy every
delicacy of sensation thoroughly. That requires the learning curve of discovering what works
best for your bodies. We recommend you experiment with the following positions before you
get into serious Sacred Gate play. Then you'll know which to use, how to adjust them, and
which to eliminate.
Once you get going on the partner G-Spot massage, we urge you to speak up immediately if
you find a leg going to sl**p, a back spasming, or a finger cramping. Even if you're on the verge
of something great happening, welcome your partner taking responsibility for their comfort.
There are six basic positions we've used for easy access to the Sacred Gate. The first two can
work well for self-pleasuring.
On Back With Legs Spread
The most likely way for you to reach your own Sacred Gate is on your back with your legs
spread. Try leaning against a bed's headboard, an upside down backjack, or other comfortable
prop. Though you probably can't maintain it for long, the best access often comes with your legs
in the air or your knees pressed up against your chest.
Take a lesson here from the Kama Sutra. One of the reasons you see so many pillows in
Kama Sutra artwork is to provide support needed for lengthy play. Prop up your back, neck,
and head if needed. Put throw pillows under your knees.
One benefit of leaning against an upside-down backjack or throw pillows is you can arrange
your Sacred Space in front of a mirror for self-pleasuring. If watching erotic scenes has any
affect on you, watching yourself pleasure your special places can be a real boost.
This woman-on-back position also allows easy yoni access and viewing for a giver sitting
between her legs. If you move up as close as possible, you don't have to lean over or stretch
your arms too far in front of your body. This is great for eye contact, also.
To make this position work for both giver and receiver, you'll need to deal with your
intersecting legs. The giver can put both under, both over, or one over and one under the
woman's. As givers, we always lean against an upright backjack and prop pillows under knees
for continuing comfort and minimum physical stress. You may be in this position for a while.
Sitting Underneath One Of Her Legs
Wrist strain is a common physical problem when we're giving G-Spot massage to a receiver
on her back. While sitting between her legs and facing yoni directly, our palm-up hand often
gets cocked unnaturally towards the thumb. Sometimes we turn our body at an angle to
compensate. But this complicates the conflux of legs.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 108
To adjust even more, you can move outside the woman's legs. Have her leg rest over your
lap. By sitting underneath one her legs, you can adjust your hand's angle of yoni entry to be
perfectly straight ahead. Again, move as close as possible to reduce long-term strain.
You see why we suggest you practice before you really get into it?
Lying By Her Side
Another variation of the woman on her back position places the giver lying or sitting by her
side. As before, the receiver is free to use pillows and props for maximum comfort. The giver
reaches a hand over her hips and belly to yoni. To avoid arm and hand strain that can be a
problem in this position, rest the heel of the hand on her pubic bone. For many women, this
pressure is arousing and may even stimulate yoni from the outside.
A great advantage of this arrangement is the closeness and intimacy it creates. It allows for
kissing, eye gazing, and much easier communication without interrupting the flow of Sacred
Gate stimulation.
Sitting By The Bed
This variant of lying by her side is more comfortable for some. The woman lies comfortably
on the edge of the bed with whatever cushions are comfortable for her. She can lay flat or lean
back against the headboard.
The giver sits in a small chair, preferably without arms, next to the bed. If the giver's arms
are long enough to comfortably reach the receiver's yoni for long periods of time, this position
gives maximum comfort for both giver and receiver.
Woman Upright On Knees
The woman upright on her knees works for self-pleasuring as well as with a partner. When
self-pleasuring this way, she can lean forward and bend over to reach inside. She has complete
freedom to sway, gyrate, and dance as the spirit -- and fingers -- move her.
This stance works well for a giver seated in front of her, with pillows or backjack for
support. Because it allows such easy palm-up access, it's probably the best for Sacred Gate
discovery practices.
Of course, the downside is the fatigue that may develop by balancing upright for too long.
Woman Squatting
If the receiver can comfortably squat long enough on her feet with knees bent, she provides
the most open access to inner yoni. Again, the giver sits in front of her, leaning against a couch
or backjack if desired. Alternately, the woman can sit on the side of the giver's lap by resting
one of her butt cheeks on one of the giver's legs. This lap variation also allows easy access to her
open yoni.
Woman Hands & Knees
Doggie-style lovemaking has a certain appeal to many lovers, maybe because that's how
a****ls do it. Whatever the motivation, some prefer the woman on her hands and knees with
the giver seated behind. Of course, in this position the Sacred Gate is on the bottom of the yoni
so the giver's hand needs to be palm-down.
Spreading her weight on four limbs instead of two tends to be easier for a long-term
pleasuring session. And this position allows the woman to move more freely than when prone.
Variations on this theme place the receiver on a pile of pillows under her torso for the same
kind of rear entry. Then she doesn't need to support herself on her hands and knees. Some
Goddesses are comfortable completely flat on lying on their front, but this makes most giver's
palm-down reach more awkward.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 109
PRACTICE: Experimenting With Sacred Gate Massage Positions
Instead of thinking about what would work best and debating at length, we
recommend you try all the possible positions for a while and listen to your body's
comfort or strain.
Together read over the previous section about finding the most comfortable position
for Sacred Gate massage.
Collect up pillows, cushions, towels, Luv Liners, and any available props like
backjacks so you'll be ready for nearly anything.
Help the receiver arrange herself most comfortably in the "On Back With Legs
Spread" position. Then help the giver get into a comfortable supported place with one
hand resting near the receiver's yoni palm-up and the other resting palm-down lightly
on her belly.
Now, spend a few minutes (5 or 10 minimum) talking about how it feels. If you want,
continue discussing what you're learning about Sacred Gate massage, sexual pleasure,
and Tantric energy.
If you develop some strain, adjust your body and limbs to find a more comfortable
When you've demonstrated how well the first position works for both of you, try the
others one at a time. Be patient. It took Somraj and Jeffre weeks to figure out what was
most comfortable and most effective.
When you've tried them all, talk about what worked best for both of you for vision,
access, and comfort for both long and short sessions.
6.5 The Four Basic Strokes Section
The four basic strokes of Sacred Gate massage are...
• In-&-Out
• Holding
• Circling
• Come-Hither.
They all mean exactly what they say. If you don't know the term, Come-Hither means
crooking one or more fingers back towards your palm as if you were beckoning someone to
come towards you.
When we refer to the giver's fingers, we use these terms...
• First Finger, the index finger or forefinger closest to the thumb.
• Second Finger, the middle finger.
• Third Finger, the ring finger.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 110
• Fourth Finger, the little finger or pinkie.
All of these strokes can be done with one or more fingers. Because most women like yoni to
be penetrated gradually, it's often good to enter first with a smaller finger, say for example,
your third or fourth finger. When she's opened up and you want to go deeper, you can switch
to your first or second finger.
Two fingers at a time is popular with many experienced women. Some prefer three, four, or
even a whole fist. When you use two fingers, try both the first-second and second-third
combinations to see what your partner prefers and what is most comfortable for the giver. With
the proper position and fortunate combination of anatomy, sometimes a thumb works well too.
After practicing each stroke later in this section with one and two fingers, you'll learn to
vary these basic strokes by adjusting pressure and speed. Then we'll show you how to interrupt
your rhythm by tapping, vibrating, milking, and withdrawing to create different patterns with
the arousing element of surprise.
Here is a description of the four basic strokes. As you're reading, practice with one and two
fingers on your other hand, simulating the entrance to a yoni. Hold the other hand palm-down
and make a circle by touching the tips of your thumb and first finger together.
By going through these motions while reading about the strokes, you'll create neuronal
pathways in your body so they'll stay with you and become more instinctual.
The in-&-out stroke is where you'll start Sacred Gate massage. In-&-out is simply inserting
one or more straight fingers into a wet or well-lubricated yoni. It probably needs little
introduction, most resembling the familiar and sought-after repeated motion of vajra's
penetration of yoni.
Remember, giver, always warm up your partner, ask permission, and lubricate your finger
before any kind of insertion. At first, tease the inner lips, possibly rotating around the clock,
with just one soft fingertip. Experiment with your first, second, and third fingers.
Once yoni is completely wet and sucking your finger inside from your lengthy and
elaborate introductory loveplay, slowly insert one finger joint and withdraw it gently. Without
a thought of rushing towards any destination, go deeper at a snail's pace to two joints for the
longest time, then three as deep as you can reach.
Try slowly rotating your finger left and right as far as your arm's flexibility allows. With
your palm up, feel all along yoni's front wall with your finger. Can you feel the Sacred Gate
cresting? Run your finger along its middle, sides, and gutters. Can you feel the corduroy? Focus
your strokes where it's most rough.
After a long slow sojourn of one-finger in-&-out, you can insert a second one, replaying the
same deepening progression. Try spreading two fingers apart so they slide along each side or
gutter of the arched crest of the Sacred Gate.
If Shakti can accommodate more and desires it, continue on with three and then four
fingers, and even your entire fist. Fisting a hot juicy yoni is an experience you'll never forget.
While you were reading, did you try in-&-out gently on your other hand? Later on, we'll
experiment with stronger pressures, faster speeds, and different cycles for some astonishing
Holding means simply keeping your hand and fingers still while contacting the G-Spot
area. You can hold inside the yoni with one finger, two, or more if space allows.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 111
Holding can be done by pressing your fingertips or with the finger pads where your
fingerprints are. Or you can press with the entire length of your fingers. Also, you can hold by
curving your fingers behind the pubic bone, just like the come-hither stroke except you remain
still against the front wall of yoni.
Because it's the gentlest maneuver, holding is a wonderful way to help a woman relax and
open to the intense flow of orgasmic Kundalini energy. This is vital early in a Sacred Gate
massage experience. If your partner is tense, nervous, or uncertain, be sure to hold for 10 to 30
seconds each time you enter deeper with initial in-&-out strokes. Wait for signs of relaxation or
arousal before moving on.
A very comforting variation of the holding stroke is to cup yoni with your hand. This works
best when the giver is in the lying-by-her-side position, resting the palm on clio and the mons.
Occasionally give a gentle squeeze to reassure your partner you're with her.
Holding with stronger pressure or vibration can be extremely exciting as you'll read shortly.
Holding is essential when the energy becomes almost too extreme to tolerate, for example just
after an orgasm.
Did you try the holding stroke on your other hand? If not, play with it now for a moment
before continuing.
Stop your in-&-out motion and move your entire finger from side to side in a crescentshaped
motion over a sensitive area like a windshield wiper motion. If you pull out slightly at
one side and push in at the other, you'll be circling.
Try both clockwise and counter-clockwise to see if one direction feels better. You can circle
with more than one finger for continuous contact on more sensitive tissues. Of course, the fuller
yoni gets, the harder this becomes. Another variation is to make circles with just your fingertips
or pads. Once the Sacred Gate is engorged, this is a great technique to increase stimulation.
Adding pressure and speed to circling can create some wonderful sensations. As with all
these strokes, try them out on your own hand first.
Come Hither
Many women really like fingertip pressure on their swollen prostate, especially around
behind the public bone. That's why so many lovers pronounce the come-hither stroke the best.
In actuality, it's a modified in-&-out stroke. Since it needs to go deep, for most givers comehither
is easiest with the longest finger, the second.
To begin the come-hither stroke, use your second finger to slowly penetrate your partner as
far as you can go with your palm facing towards the top of yoni. At the top of the "in," curl your
finger around behind the pubic bone. Keep your finger curled during the "out" so it drags
across the deepest part of the Sacred Gate erogenous zone. That's one come-hither.
As with the other strokes, you can add fingers to the come-hither. Just imagine what a wide
spectrum of awesome sensations you can create by increasing pressure, speed, and surprise
starts and stops.
How did that feel practicing on your other hand? Does it make sense why we described it
earlier as crooking one or more fingers back towards your palm as if you were beckoning
someone to come towards you?
EXERCISE: Strokes Discussion Questions
Journal or share the answers to the following questions with one another...
• What are the four basic strokes?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 112
• Do you have any questions, doubts or anxieties before actually beginning the practice
of Sacred Gate Massage?
• How are you feeling right now?
• Are you ready to go for it?
6.6 Practicing The Four Basic Strokes Section
Self Sacred Gate Massage
We're going to recommend the easiest way to play with the four basic strokes with your
We suggest you start with self-pleasuring since these techniques are by their very nature a
bit demanding. When you're working with a partner, you have lots of other things to
concentrate on at the same time. Not to mention relationship dynamics of pressure,
expectations, differing agendas, and the like. Once you master your G-Spot solo, we'll provide
ample opportunity to bring a partner in and teach them what you've learned about yourself.
If easily reaching inside is a challenge for you, you have several options...
1) Practice for short periods of time and when you begin to feel muscle tension, take a
break and stretch.
2) Practice using sex toys. More about this shortly.
3) Practice with an amenable female friend.
Oh my, we must sound really off the deep end here.
Alternatives With Friends
A great way to learn about the Sacred Gate is by exploring another's. It's imperative that the
receiver opens her senses and reaches out with her consciousness, staying in touch what her
partner is doing while learning about her own body. But a giver learns much as well. If a
woman has enjoyed intimate sexual play with another woman or is willing to experiment (all in
the interests of scientific discovery, of course), doing the practices in this chapter with another
woman will be a great learning.
No, we're not encouraging you to become bi-sexual or a lesbian. We just know that
familiarity with the territory is essential to fully opening your sexual channels. We don't judge
people for their pleasure-seeking desires and their conscious choices. We don't hang labels on
people who experiment for good reason, or just on a lark for that matter.
So if you have a close girlfriend who's open minded you could consider buying her a copy
of this ebook for her birthday, or your birthday, or a full moon or whatever, and ask her for
help. You might be surprised at your friend's willingness to play doctor with you.
5 Tantric S's
Have you noticed that we've been reminding you about including the appropriate
bits of Tantric ritual whenever you enter practice sessions? We hope so. And we hope
you've been heeding these reminders. Tantric Sex is more than physical technique. It's
about intimate communion and spiritual connection.
But we don't want to nag and make practice instructions longer than they need to be.
So here's our proposal. In one place below we've included all the preparations we've
suggested to create a Sacred Space and make yourselves ready. Fortunately, each step
starts with an "S" so we call them the 5 Tantric S's.
Print this page out for handy reference. This will help you remember to do them any
time you enter into Tantric LovePlay of any kind. From here on out, we'll simply start all
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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our instructions with the 5 Tantric S's that are...Supplies, Showering, Setting, Settling, &
Before you begin, be sure to collect...
• pillows,
• props,
• water-based lubricant,
• massage oil,
• sex toys,
• condoms & other latex barriers,
• tissues,
• handiwipes,
• towels or absorbent pads under Shakti,
• drinking water,
• finger-food snacks,
• music & remote control, and
• anything else you think you might need.
A Crystal Wand is a valuable addition that allows the giver to reach deeper
within yoni and apply the right pressure to the Sacred Gate. Luv Liners and
Luv Linens which keep your sheets clean and dry provide the kind of peace of
mind that aids in relaxation. For information and easy access to these and other
valuable supplies, click here...
Keep a copy of these directions nearby to refresh your memory if needed.
• Take a long languorous bath or shower to relax you, freshen your skin, and
cleanse your body and energy.
• Clean and trim your nails. If your hands (giver) are rough, plan to wear latex
gloves for any kind of penetration.
• Empty your bladders and bowels.
• Beautify yourselves, dress seductively, and adorn yourselves with loose
sensuous clothing and jewelry, even if you're alone.
• Schedule ample time without a tight schedule.
• Insure privacy and quiet, free from possible distractions and interruptions.
Turn off the phones, and lock the door.
• Make sure the room is well heated.
• Beautify your room by decorating with art, wall-hangings, sarongs, flowers,
incense, soft lighting, candles, power objects, altar, etc.
• Put on some soft, sensuous, or erotic music as you prefer.
• Arrange your bodies to be comfortable, visible, and open to loveplay. Shakti
should resist on one or more towels or pads, especially if she's concerned about
• Create a Sacred Space as you practiced earlier.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 114
• Do a little stretching or any yoga postures you know that create flexibility and
promote the flow of energy.
• A nice way to connect intimately with a partner at this point is to stretch out in
a spooning position with the receiver on the inside. Then breathe together
several times into each of the chakras.
• Use whatever spiritual practice best calms and centers you for a few moments.
• Sit quietly, meditate, gaze into each other's or your own eyes in the mirror,
share affirmations of love and affection, recall times and places of pure joy, or
anything else that makes you feel good.
• Ritually undress each other, whispering endearments and compliments as each
part of the body is revealed.
PRACTICE: Solo Sacred Gate Strokes
Instead of approaching self-exploration in a clinical detached way, we recommend
you enter into the ritual space of honoring yourself, your body, and your spirit in a
sensual way. You're about to discover divine secrets hidden for too long.
You've already searched for your G-Spot area. If not, do the Solo Sacred Gate
Discovery Practice first from Section 5.6 or incorporate it into the following steps. If you
can't make any position work this way, skip to the sex toys practice that follows.
You do realize that your only aim here is to feel pleasure, right? Orgasm isn't the goal.
Total healing in one session is not the point. Expecting mind-blowing fireworks every
time is not your purpose. Remember, if you feel any physical strain, emotional tension,
or strong resistance, only go as far as is comfortable, take a break, and relax.
To experiment with the four basic Sacred Gate massage strokes to discover what you
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Arrange yourself in front of a mirror for this solo practice if you can.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
3. IN & OUT & HOLD
Using one finger, begin the in-&-out stroke slowly and gently, gradually going
deeper. Each time you penetrate a little further, stop and hold until you're ready to
continue. If you pay careful attention, you'll know to move on when you sense you've
relaxed, become more present and sensitive, or feel more strongly. As your Sacred Gate
swells, explore its center, sides, gutters, and tail. Experiment with two or more fingers to
see what you prefer.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 115
After you've reached as deeply inside your yoni as you can with in-&-out strokes and
holding, begin circling. Try windshield wipers first, then circles near the opening, then
more and more deeply. Experiment with small and larger circles until you can tell
what's best for you.
Now practice the come-hither stroke. Try different finger bends, depths, and angles.
Try shallow, deep, short, and long strokes. Use one, two, or more fingers. See what you
If you're getting turned on and still comfortable, continue and enjoy yourself without
agenda. We urge you not to press harder and speed up yet. Simply appreciate the long
slow sensual excitement you're creating. But if you want to go for it after enough subtle
stimulation, wonderful. Celebrate any new highs, peaks, and orgasms you give yourself.
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on your heart at this
point. Simply feel your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reflect what was best, what
you discovered, what you want more of, what less of. Close your Sacred Space with a
bow, hug, or silent or even verbal acknowledgment to yourself.
You may want to repeat this practice again or many times. One of the beautiful
advantages of Tantric practice is how repeated pleasure heals and reveals new
sensations. If you find you can only feel pleasure so far in your first self-ritual, honor
where you're at. Come back repeatedly to self-pleasuring and you may well discover
your inhibitions and negative energies dissipating all by themselves.
Adding Sex Toys To Your Repertoire
Using sex toys is an option that helps many women learn more easily about their Sacred
Gate. Yes, dildos and the like. Again, we're not trying to make your sex life totally kinky, but if
it heads that way, enjoy! It's just that using a simulated vajra, a specially curved wand, or a
vibrator may accelerate the awakening of this most powerful orgasmic trigger.
If you don't own an appropriate sex toy, you might be worrying about how to acquire one
with minimal embarrassment. Here are some ideas...
• Maybe you have a friend who's sexually open who could advise you what to buy and
• If you're really close with a sexually free friend, she might loan you some of her toys.
The good ones are non-absorbent so a good washing makes them safe for sharing.
Some you can even boil, although we don't recommend that. We still recommend
using a condom when sharing for extra protection against STDs and the peace of
mind that comes from being careful.
• You could visit one of the new breed of women-friendly adult stores. There you can
talk openly to experienced women about your unique and private wants. Our favorite
is Good Vibrations in Northern California but we've heard of similar ones that cater
to female needs in other major cities.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 116
• Use the internet. Good Vibrations has a great website as do other well-stocked cyber
stores. The good ones will have email addresses you can use and phone numbers you
can call anonymously for advice.
Using Sex Toys to Find and Play with Your Sacred Gate
When you choose a dildo, you'll want one that's long enough to reach your G-Spot area.
Some are designed with a bend to reach behind your pubic bone. Some are flexible and you can
bend them into just the right come-hither angle. Some come with vibrators as well.
Today you can find sex toys in all colors and materials. Be sure they're washable and you
give them a good scrubbing with soap before and after each use. The soft ones that simulate
skin feel more natural. Just be sure you don't get one with an absorbent surface. If you do, you'll
need to use a fresh condom for each use so bacteria don't seep deep into the material.
You probably don't want a Steve Young version. Jeffre named her thickest dildo after her
favorite San Francisco 49er quarterback. You can hardly get your hand around him. Whoops,
we mean "it." The point we're trying to make is that you many not be able to angle and aim a
dildo that's too thick to reach all the nooks and crannies you want to massage inside.
Maybe the best appliance for Sacred Gate massage is the Crystal Wand. This is a strong
transparent 10-inch piece of Lucite plastic in a shallow S-shape with the ends bent open. The
Crystal Wand has been specifically designed to easily reach and stimulate your own or
another's G-Spot. If you don't have your own yet, click here for
Vibrator Lore
There are some things to consider about vibrators. They come in all shapes, sizes, and
strengths. That begins with erect vajras, wands, and eggs. You can choose from a wide variety
of small battery-powered ones to those with a small wire to a battery pack. We prefer the kind
that has a handle or flared bottom so you're in no danger of losing them inside.
By the way, we don't recommend the big industrial-strength appliances with cords that plug
into the wall. They produce more stimulation than you need. Those that are too strong for your
particular appetite may just give too much intense sensation or numb you out just when you
want to feel more. Best if you can find variable speed battery-operated ones to adjust to your
personal level of sensitivity and changing desire as you get more turned on.
The choice of shape and design are totally dependent on personal preference. You may
prefer a little one on clio like Jeffre does sometimes. You may want some vibration around your
urethral opening, or definitely not. Pulsing on your G-Spot may be super hot for you, or do
While vibrators for internal or external sexual stimulation can help you connect with the
power of your Sacred Gate, our primary concern is that you don't get dependent on mechanical
stimulation. Sure, it's great sometimes to relax and let electrical energy do the work. But the
ultimate pleasures result from you learning comfortably and easily to create the kind of celestial
pleasure that only comes from inner Kundalini energy.
PRACTICE: Sex Toy Strokes Self-Pleasuring
To repeat the Solo Sacred Gate Strokes Practice using and experimenting with sex
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 117
If you had trouble experimenting with the four basic strokes with your fingers, we
strongly urge you to try them with a sex toy. Even if you succeeded manually, why not
go for it? Get yourself a couple of sex toys to play with, and see what new things you
can discover.
Remember, your purpose here is whatever pleasure you can experience in the
moment. If you feel any physical strain, emotional tension, or strong resistance, only go
as far as is comfortable, take a break, and relax.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Arrange yourself in front of a mirror for this practice if you can.
A Crystal Wand is a valuable addition that allows the giver to reach deeper within
yoni and apply pressure to the Sacred Gate.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
3. IN & OUT & HOLD
Using your chosen sex toy without vibration, begin using the in-&-out stroke slowly
and gently, gradually going deeper. Every time you penetrate a little further, simply
stop and hold, resting your hand on the new tissue with just a little pressure before you
begin moving again. It's like a gentle introduction so there's no shock, no surprise, no
assault. If you pay careful attention, you'll know to move on when you sense you've
relaxed, become more present and sensitive, or feel more strongly. Don't hesitate to add
more lubricant any time you feel any dryness or pulling. If you have several dildos and
a Crystal Wand, experiment with them, varying speed and depth, to see what you
After you've reached as deeply inside your yoni as you can with in-&-out strokes and
holding, begin circling. Try both clockwise and counter-clockwise, first near the
opening, then more and more deeply. Experiment with small, larger circles, and the
windshield wiper stroke until you can tell what's best for you.
If your equipment allows, now practice with the come-hither stroke. This is where the
Crystal Wand's curved shape excels because it gives you leverage to reach around
behind your pubic bone and drag all the way out. Try different entries, depths, and
angles. Try shallow, deep, short, and long strokes. If you have a bendable dildo,
experiment with various bends. See what you prefer.
If you're getting turned on and still comfortable, continue and enjoy yourself without
agenda. We urge you not to press harder, speed up, or include vibration just yet. Simply
appreciate the long slow sensual excitement you're creating. But if you want to go for it
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 118
after enough subtle stimulation, wonderful. Celebrate any new highs, peaks, and
orgasms you give yourself.
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on your heart at this
point. Simply feel your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reflect what was best, what
you discovered, what you want more of, what less of. Close with a bow, hug, or silent or
even verbal acknowledgment to yourself.
We'll repeat what we pointed out before because it's so vital. You may want to repeat
this practice several times. One of the beautiful advantages of Tantric practice is how
repeated pleasure heals. If you find you can only feel pleasure so far in your first selfritual,
honor where you're at. Come back repeatedly to self-pleasuring and you'll may
well discover your inhibitions and negative energies are dissipating all by themselves.
Partner Sacred Gate Massage
Now is the time for a partner to practice the four basic Sacred Gate massage strokes. If the
receiver relaxes and opens her senses as much as possible, great learning will probably occur for
both of you. To help you achieve this we offer some reminders for both of you...
Giver Reminders
Givers, do whatever you can to make your partner feel safe. Build intimacy and trust
through a laid-back supportive attitude, going slowly, and maintaining lots of eye contact.
Givers, be aware that women will know how good something feels but they probably won't
know what strokes you're doing inside their yoni. Explain what you're about to do and what
you're doing in each moment. Then you'll help your Shakti learn about her own turn-ons. If
you're not sure how something feels, ask yes or no questions. Adjust based on her guidance.
Tantra is all about raising consciousness. Here's your chance to assist that personal process.
Pay special attention to the cleanliness of your hands at all times. Trim your fingernails
short and make sure they're smooth. If your hands are rough and callused, use absorbent hand
cream or even latex gloves. Be sure to get the ones without talcum powder so that yoni stays
free of irritants. You can also get latex finger cots, like the fingers of a glove, to cover sores or
Especially with latex, remember to use copious amounts of natural or bottle-born lubricant.
And you won't forget to ask permission before inserting anything in yoni, right? Alerting
her when you intend to change strokes is a part of this.
Reminders For the Woman Receiving
Stay alert, open your senses, and communicate. Let your partner know what you're feeling,
good, bad, or indifferent, and what you want. If you're not sure, experiment. You can't get it
You'll see lots of references to deciding what you like best. But it's fine if you like
everything. As you practice more and more, you'll become more aware of what's happening
inside, what feels which way, and what occurs to you would feel good in the moment.
If you're not sure about something, say so and, if you're willing, agree to experiment. Use
the Feedback Sandwich ("I like what's happening now, let's try this, ooooh that's great!") if you
want something changed. Be sure to use much more positive feedback and expressions of turnon
than corrections. You don't want your giver to get discouraged, right?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 119
Reminders For Both
We urge you to both read the preamble and step-by-step directions before you start any
practice in this ebook. It's a great idea to go over the steps together too.
Remember, there's no other goal than pleasure. Your purpose here is to create good feelings
as you experience the moment. If either of you experience any physical strain, adjust your
position until you're comfortable. Cramped muscles for either giver or receiver can block the
energy flow you're trying to create.
If the receiver runs into any emotional tension or strong resistance, only go as far as you can
without having to push. Instead, take a break, and relax. Discomfort may signal the need for
more repeated Yoni Healing practices. Or it just may be that you, the receiver, prefers baby
steps while awakening new territory.
PRACTICE: Partner Sacred Gate Strokes
To share what you learned about using basic Sacred Gate massage strokes with your
partner so they can learn to give you want you like.
If two women do this practice together, you'll have the chance to learn as both giver
and receiver.
After your first practice, take a short break, talk about what you experienced, and
start afresh. Don't expect the same things to happen after you switch roles.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
For us long-term Tantric lovers, discussing the Partnering Questions are always a
given before beginning any practice, whether you've done it before or not. Always
discuss desires, concerns, and boundaries in the moment before beginning.
Continue stimulation until she's wet and highly aroused. Remember, without
sufficient turn-on, her Sacred Gate may remain quiet and submerged. If it's not
engorged enough, the giver may not be able to feel it.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
After asking permission to enter yoni, dear giver, use one finger to begin the in-&-out
stroke slowly and gently, gradually going deeper. Each time you penetrate a little
further, stop and hold until she's ready for you to continue. This is a great method of
energetically connecting with the often untouched recesses of her Goddess cave. Check
in verbally as often as needed to stay in sync. If you pay careful attention, even without
words you'll know when to move on by sensing her relaxation, heightened sensitivity,
or increased arousal. After asking, experiment with two or more fingers to see what she
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 120
likes the best. And remember to add more of her chosen lubricant when there's any hint
of friction or dryness or if she requests it.
After you've reached as deeply inside yoni as you can with in-&-out strokes and
holding, begin circling. Try both clockwise and counter-clockwise, first near the
opening, then more and more deeply. Experiment with small, larger circles, and the
windshield wiper stroke until you can tell what she prefers, if anything. Verbalize to her
what you are doing. She'll want to know.
Now practice with the come-hither stroke. Try different finger bends, depths, and
angles. Try shallow, deep, short, and long strokes. Use one, two, or more fingers. Ask
her to tell you which area or stroke is most intense. Again, always let her know what
you are doing.
If she's getting turned on and is still comfortable, continue pleasuring her without
agenda. Gauge giving more or less stimulation based on her moving towards or away
from you. We urge you not to press harder and speed up yet. Simply appreciate the long
slow sensual excitement you're creating. But if you want to go for it after enough subtle
stimulation, wonderful. Celebrate any new highs, peaks, and orgasms you create
When she decides to end your session, slow your movements down gradually.
Connect her inner flute with one hand on yoni, one hand on her heart. Just let her feel
her body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Talk about what was best, what was discovered, what she wants more of, what less.
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or verbal
6.7 Variations On The Theme Section
Make Love Like An Artist, Not An Accountant
The four strokes -- in-&-out, holding, circling, and come-hither -- are the basis for everything
we know that yonis like. Except of course for vajra stroking which we'll get to later. With the
nearly endless variations on these basic themes, it can seem a bit overwhelming to lovers new to
the joys of Sacred Gate play.
Think of it this way. You're a painter who wants to capture the feminine form on canvas.
The variables you can employ for your creation are style, lighting, size, proportion, and color,
just to name a few. But you know the basic tools of your craft, the primary colors, the way light
plays on the hip and breast, the artistic modes to choose from. With so many potential
combinations in your mind, you can never decide analytically. So you choose to go with the
flow and let the creative process sweep you along intuitively.
In much the same way, now both giver and receiver are going to focus on the different
variations you can use with the basic strokes:
1. pressure,
2. speed,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 121
3. pattern.
Although she may have specific requests, let the Goddess's turn-on be your guide. That's
partly why it's so vital for the receiver to employ the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss --
breath, sound, movement, and presence. Then the receiver has ample cues to gauge the
response to what's being done in each moment.
Increasing Pressure & Speed Description
Remember from the Sacred Landscape Chapter that yoni's deeper insides respond more to
pressure than friction? That's why now we'll start with increasing pressure with the four basic
strokes. Slowly try a little more pressure with each stroke. Let the receiver guide how much
pressure she enjoys at each level of arousal.
What's painful when she's just warming up can often feel quite light when she's raring to go
for it.
Many women find extremely strong pressure highly pleasurable when they're super turnedon.
Just think of how much f***e a big man with a strongly thrusting vajra exerts. Some women
have been known to get off on that kind of thing, haven't they?
Next, we'll play with increasing the speed of your basic strokes. As with pressure, ramp up
gradually. Though there's a place for sudden shocks and surprises during lovemaking, which
we'll get to soon, you need to get to a consensual place together first. So speed up slowly,
gauging your partner's reaction.
The fantasy of romantic novels suggests that good sex is losing control and being swept
away. When first coupling, when long separated, when really needing a blow out -- sure, there
are times to go fast. But exploding all your sexual energy at once works against the Tantric
avenue to higher states of ecstasy. Generating, conserving, recycling, exchanging energy, that's
the prescription for long life-altering sacred lovemaking.
Teasing, Tantalizing, Or Going For It
Instead of always pushing to give our partner maximum excitement in every moment, we
use lots of variety to expand and extend our energy. We rise to peak after higher peak, stopping
with each rise to deeply feel the vibrations coursing through our bodies.
It's not so much teasing as it is savoring. Like sipping a fine wine versus gulping Gatorade
after an intense workout. When we want to go for it, our primary groundrule for lovemaking is
to find something that's highly arousing and don't change a thing -- not stroke, not pressure, not
speed. So an essential Tantric lover skill is to keep doing what you're doing when you get
strong positive feedback.
As a giver, you want to please. So it's only natural that you want to go faster and harder
when you see and hear how great what you're doing is making her feel. But then you've
changed what was working. We think too many women have trouble orgasming because their
well meaning partners push for it just when they find the trigger. Instead of coming, their
partner numbs out. By going too fast and hard for what a woman wants at that moment, she
may get numb, sore, or turned-off.
So givers, your basic guideline during the coming practices is: notice what your partner is
loving and keep doing it the same way until she asks for a change. You can always ask her if
she wants a change.
PRACTICE: Increasing Pressure & Speed
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 122
Here's your opportunity to play with increasing the pressure and speed of the four
basic strokes.
This practice assumes you will do these steps with a partner. If you don't have one
handy or prefer experimenting solo, by all means try this out yourself first.
We'll also expect that you know to add more of your chosen lubricant when there's
any hint of friction or dryness without further reminders from us. If at any time while
you're increasing speed and pressure, she experiences burning, painful, or numb areas,
make a mental note and back off.
Our aim here is pleasure from Sacred Gate massage. But this may mean you need one
or more sessions of sexual healing as described in the Yoni Healing Chapter before you
can complete this practice with complete satisfaction.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries -- in the moment
before beginning.
Continue stimulation until she's wet and highly aroused.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Begin as you did in the previous practice with the four basic strokes. After asking
permission to enter yoni, use the one finger in-&-out stroke slowly and gently, gradually
going deeper. Each time you penetrate a little further, stop and hold until she's ready for
you to continue. Warn her as you transition to circling her Sacred Gate first and then
using come-hither at the same slow speed and gentle pressure.
When you feel her Sacred Gate swell more, cycle through the four basic strokes again
but this time with a little more upward pressure. Explain before you change strokes each
time, and be sure to check in verbally as often as needed so you stay in sync. You can
experiment with two or more fingers to see what she likes best with harder pressure.
Return to a gentler pressure with one finger and cycle through the four basic strokes
again but this time a little faster. Explain before you change strokes each time, and be
sure to check in verbally as often as needed so you stay in sync. You can experiment
with two or more fingers to see what she likes best with a faster cadence.
Now that you've played with all the basics, use your creativity to experiment using
increased pressure and speed with the basic strokes. With warning, try different
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 123
combinations using one, two, or more fingers. Watch carefully to see what she likes and
what she doesn't. Keep your communication channel open and flowing completely.
Though a lot of talking may distract from her pleasure, remember that you're still
exploring. Soon you'll have the tools to be synchronized and go for maximum turn-on.
When she decides to end your session, slow your movements down gradually.
Connect her inner flute with one hand on yoni, one hand on her heart. Just let her feel
her body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Discuss how the practice went for both of you. What did you both learn? What
worked best? What did you learn to look out for? Did you find any sensitive areas that
need healing before she can be thoroughly open? What does she really really want more
of? What suggestions does the Goddess have for the giver?
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
Additional Variables
Besides adjusting pressure and speed, there are many more ways to vary the basic G-Spot
massage strokes. Variables in Sacred Gate massage include different ways to start, change, and
end the pattern of stroking you're using. We call them stopping, vibrating, tapping, milking,
and withdrawing.
Stopping simply means to cease whatever motion you're doing and hold. It's s not pulling
out, it's simply halting your motions and holding steady in one place.
For example, you're sliding in-&-out with a fair pace and pressure when she suddenly starts
shaking all over. Don't be alarmed, she's just having an energy orgasm. If you stop once she's
absorbed in her peak, she'll simply focus on her inner sensations. You don't want to distract her
from running the energy all over her body so she can learn to full-body orgasm.
Stopping is helpful if you sense you've sped up too quickly, see her grimacing from strong
pressure, or feel her numbing out from too much, too fast. It helps her ground, absorb, and
spread the energy that she's created, increasing her capacity to feel pleasure.
Vibrating is moving your hand or fingers a very short distance extremely fast while staying
connected with one wall of yoni. It's an exciting stimulus for any erogenous zone because it
simulates the quivering in the nervous system that occurs during and after orgasm.
You can vibrate up and down by putting and interrupting pressure on the G-Spot. You can
vibrate side to side over the rough tissue. You can vibrate just one finger slightly, or move your
whole hand and arm to vibrate the entire yoni. And you can use two or more fingers to spread
the shaking sensation more widely. There are lots of variations of speed and pressure you can
use for vibrating. Try them all and see what lights her fuse at different times.
After some intense excitement, stopping, holding, and gently vibrating the Sacred Gate is a
great change of pace.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 124
Tapping means lifting up off the Sacred Gate and rapidly coming back down on the tissue
again with some f***e. Tapping is most often done with fingertips but can also be done with the
flat of the fingers. Though there's a whole spectrum of speeds and pressures for tapping, doing
it intensely is remarkable.
You can "milk" engorged tissue with rhythmic deep pressure. Hold your fingers in a comehither
position curled around the Sacred Gate behind the pubic bone. Squeeze upwards tightly
as if you're trying to make a fist with your fingers. Then release and relax. This is even more
intense when your palm is curled up over her clio and mons. As with other strokes, vary speed
and pressure for different sensations.
The final version of interrupting your strokes is withdrawing your fingers suddenly. The
contrast of intense stroking followed by emptiness is very exciting for some women. Don't
completely disconnect when you withdraw. Keeping one hand covering yoni is a comforting
way to stay plugged in energetically.
Pulling out at the onset of orgasm often precipitates female ejaculation. We believe this is
because withdrawal relieves the pressure from the channel where the fluid erupts, while at the
same time simulating the push-out of the vaginal muscles that accompany gushing.
PRACTICE: Practice Varying Your Strokes
To give you a chance to experiment with all the possible variations of the four basic
Sacred Gate massage strokes.
Do we have to keep reminding you to ask permission, alert her to changes, and check
in if you're not sure how you're doing? We hope not. We'll trust you on this one from
now on. Since she's reading these directions along with you before you start, what
you're planning to do won't be a surprise.
But to add in the element of surprise, explain to her that there's two actions that work
much better without warning: stopping and withdrawing. If it's OK with her before you
start to throw these in unexpectedly, you've got all the permission you need.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries.
Continue stimulation until she's wet and highly aroused.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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Begin as you did in the previous practice with the four basic strokes. Use in-&-out,
holding, circling, and come-hither with one or more fingers at different speeds and
pressures. Include everything you've practiced so far according to your developing
judgment and your partner's responses.
When you sense she needs to take a breath or bask in a peak of sensation, stop all
motion without warning her. With her OK, after a brief pause resume what you were
doing before the hiatus.
Experiment vibrating one finger, two fingers, and your whole hand with different
frequencies and momentum.
Try tapping in different places with one fingertip gently at first. Add more pressure
and more surfaces while getting feedback about what turns her on and off.
At a point of peak excitement, grab her Sacred Gate and milk it. Watch for her
reaction and respond to her guidance about how fast, hard, and deep it feels good. If
she's really excited when you hit the perfect combination, don't be surprised if her
waters flow.
If you sense internal contractions or an impending wave of energy, draw your hand
out suddenly. After experimenting in response to different signals you should get an
idea about what pattern works best for her, if any.
During your standard cool down steps, discuss how the practice went for both of you.
So what did you both learn? What worked best? What did you learn to look out for? Did
you find any sensitive areas that need healing before she can be thoroughly open? What
does she really really want more of?
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
Ramping Up Scenario
Up to now you've both been learning the notes, scales, and chords of this new form of
music. We certainly hope you resonate with it as much as we do. Now that your apprenticeship
is over, it's time to create beautiful music together with this new instrument you've mastered,
the female G-Spot.
Whereas before your primary intent was to learn the strokes and variations, now you're
going to use them for maximum pleasure. Remember, in Tantra, orgasm isn't our goal. If you've
had one or more already, wonderful. If not, don't sweat it.
Seek to use your newfound skill and awareness to create as much pleasure as you can for as
long as you can. During this new stage of Sacred Gate play, you may or may not come in the
classic sense. Orgasm still isn't your goal. Pleasure and ecstasy is. But if orgasm sweeps you
away on this climb of its own accord, enjoy it. Just keep going. If you find yourself coming
multiple times, so much the better.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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Just keep your consciousness focused on the whole rainbow, not any specific pot of gold. By
using Sacred Gate massage to generate vast amounts of orgasmic energy, you'll discover new
states. And undoubtedly experience profound healing along the way.
Climbing The Orgasmic Ladder
Many women move up the orgasmic ladder in stages. They build some excitement, and then
relax and enjoy it before going higher. Givers, you can tell when your partner wants to level off.
Her motions, moans, and breath will slow down. She may even pull away from your finger.
If you sense this leveling, lighten your pressure and slow your strokes. Wait until she
demonstrates that she wants more by heating up again or asking for it. This climbing/leveling
pattern may repeat multiple times. Just stay alert, hang on, and enjoy the ride.
Should you as a giver intentionally tease your partner? Well, it might look that way to the
outside observer. But what's really going on is helping your lover create and flow Kundalini
energy without an agenda. For example, as strong inner convulsions begin to sweep through
her, you recognize this and don't change a thing until she needs to relax into the powerful f***es
inside her.
To assist her ramping up higher and higher, we suggest the giver takes on the role of ecstasy
coach, reminding her as needed about breathing slowly, relaxing while aroused, moving
erotically, and staying focused. Strong attention to the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss --
breath, sound, movement, and presence -- will help her peak, plateau, and hover on the verge
so she'll reach higher and higher levels of ecstasy.
By the way, givers, we suggest you also use the four cornerstones yourself. Not only will it
turn your partner on if you breathe and sound with her, but you'll find you have much greater
sensitivity to her energy. It's a wonderful win-win if you feel the powerful orgasmic f***es
you're helping create in your partner simultaneously surge through your body.
Chill Out, It Takes Time To Shift Lifelong Patterns
The final Sacred Gate massage practices employ all the strokes and variations you've
practiced so far. Your intent is to repeat them over and over and ultimately make them an
integral part of your lovemaking. The more you practice, the better you'll get. The more you talk
with your lover about things and learn from each encounter, the more pleasure you'll have. The
more open and flexible you are, the more sexual power and healing you'll experience.
As your Sacred Gate play becomes more freeform, it becomes increasingly vital to use the
Partnering Questions before each encounter. Use what you learn during each session as a
springboard for exploring new dimensions next time. Thorough feedback after cooling down
each time is essential.
Then before the next encounter, you can discuss new and continuing desires, concerns from
the previous sessions, and any boundaries you want to set, at least for the start. Remember,
establishing desires works best when you reach for general intentions like "I want to be able to
relax more and absorb more sensation," not setting specific goals like "I want to have the biggest
orgasm ever within 15 minutes." Otherwise you get hung up focusing on expectations for the
future instead of fully experiencing the moment.
You're attempting to shift lifelong sexual momentum so don't push for instant gratification.
Celebrate progress with each little baby step.
Also, explorers sometimes find themselves taking wrong turns, heading up blind canyons,
and having to backtrack. Here's a good place to take the new age maxim to heart: enjoy every
step of the journey. The destination is always a varied landscape.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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If the woman becomes uncomfortable, sore, or distracted, accept it. Ease off what you're
doing, decreasing speed, pressure, or intensity of your stimulation. If needed, switch to other
forms of loveplay such as sensual massage, oral play with clio, or maithuna. Come back to the
Sacred Gate later when she's interested.
Two Versions Of The Practice
Two versions of the Maximum Pleasure practice follow. One is designed to help the giver
develop heightened sensitivity to their partner's subtle energies and non-verbal signals. We call
it the intuition guided practice.
It's a major challenge for many lovers, men as well as women, to find out what they like.
They simply don't know what turns them on, how to go about discovering it, or how to describe
it once they figure it out. To ask for maximum pleasure in the moment can really stretch even
those of us who think we know ourselves well.
So during the second version, the receiver leads. The aim here is for her to guide the
proceedings towards what turns her on when. This is a fantastic growth step for women who
are used to being passive and subservient. If they exercise the power to lead the entire sexual
encounter, they embrace a whole new energy stance and mindset.
This receiver-leading version is a chance to truly live the Tantric maxim that we are each
totally responsible for our own pleasure. If the giver hasn't yet developed a great love of
following and being in service to the Goddess, this version is a wonderful opportunity to learn
ultimate surrender.
Which version should you start with and concentrate on? Though we've listed the intuition
one first, we really can't say. If you're not sure where to start, begin by alternating and decide
which is better for you at this point. Each time, be sure you're especially explicit about which
version of the practice you're doing.
You're not just learning techniques you are changing your sexual experience with every
breath, every time.
PRACTICE: Following Intuition To Maximum Pleasure
To reach maximum pleasure through Sacred Gate massage while the giver develops
and follows their own intuition.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries. Be especially clear
about what direction you want this experience to move in. Check out what changes the
receiver wants you to ask permission before doing.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 128
Giver, according to the likes and dislikes of the receiver, employ in-&-out, holding,
circling, and come-hither along with a variety of pressures, speeds, and fingers.
As your partner heats up and her Sacred Gate swells, giver, use the complete
spectrum of moves you've learned to guide her to higher and higher plateaus of
pleasure using pressure, speed, and interruptions.
Giver, reach out with your senses to finely hone your intuition. Listen to your own
inner signals about what she's feeling, what she wants, and what would feel best now.
At first, check them out with her. As the messages inside become clearer, you can begin
to flow spontaneously without much thought.
Giver, stay carefully tuned in to her breathe, sounds, and movement. Breathe, move,
and make sounds in rhythm with her to feel her energy in your body. If she forgets any
of the four cornerstones, gently remind her by saying things like "Breathe, breathe" or
"Relax and dance with me." If she asks for something, certainly comply.
Once she's reached a high level of arousal, giver, pay careful attention to not changing
what's working. If she wants something different, she'll ask or calm down. If that doesn't
happen, when she's responding strongly to a stroke, move, or pattern, keep it going.
Avoid the natural tendency to speed up with more pressure to make her come. More is
not always better.
If she comes of her own accord, enjoy it. As she begins to calm down, hold still. She'll
be extremely sensitive for a few moments afterward. If she wants to continue, mirror her
movement when she starts moving. Or you can ask "would you like more?" and proceed
Along with the sweet routine of maintaining physical contact, curling up together,
and breathing in unison until your metabolisms return to normal, be sure to fully
discuss both of your experiences. Make sure you decide what you want to do more of,
less of, and practice next time.
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
PRACTICE: Receiver Leads To Maximum Pleasure
These directions are very similar to the previous practice with one major adjustment.
Givers, don't do anything at all unless you're asked. If she asks for something,
immediately comply. If you're uncertain, ask yes/no questions to decide what to do if
Contrary to earlier practice, these directions are written to the receiver.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 129
To guide your lover to help you reach maximum pleasure through Sacred Gate
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, Settling, & Stimulating.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries. Be especially clear
about the direction you want this experience to move in. Tell your partner not to act
without your specific instructions.
Guide your partner to employ in-&-out, holding, circling, and come-hither along with
a variety of pressures, speeds, and fingers.
Using the entire range of moves you've discovered you enjoy, ask for different
strokes, fingers, pressures, speeds, and interruptions according to what feels best in each
moment to rise to higher and higher plateaus of pleasure.
Communicate as much as your state of arousal allows. Use one-word sentences,
sounds, and movements to guide your giver. If you get to the place where words
distract you, you can give your partner permission to follow your breath, sounds, and
movements. Just be sure you don't abdicate control with a blanket "do whatever you
want." Instead, give a focus or direction to your partner with statements like "Follow me
deeper and deeper" or "Speed up as I speed up."
Use the four cornerstones of breath, sound, movement, and mental focus to
continuously expand your pleasure and give ample cues to your giver. If you want, ask
your coach to breathe, move, and make sounds in rhythm with you to feel YOUR energy
in THEIR body. Let them know if you want gentle reminders if you forget any of the
four cornerstones.
Be open to whatever happens and let it be. Listen to your own inner signals about
what you're feeling, what you want, and what would feel best now. Play, test, and
experiment with whatever occurs to you to your heart's (and body's) content. As the
messages inside become clearer, you will begin to guide and flow spontaneously
without much thought.
Once you've reached a high level of arousal, pay careful attention to not changing
what's working. When something is really turning you on, see how much sensation you
can absorb and appreciate. Remind your partner and yourself to avoid the natural
tendency to speed up with more pressure when something produces a really strong
If you orgasm, enjoy it. Though a higher level of pleasure is your aim here, you can't
get it wrong whether you do or not. If you do orgasm, hold still at least for a moment
after you go over the top to judge if you want to continue. You'll probably be extremely
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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sensitive for a few moments, but continued stimulation may be something new you
want to experience. If you do, go for it!
Along with the sweet routine of maintaining physical contact, curling up together,
and breathing in unison until your metabolisms return to normal, be sure to fully
discuss both of your experiences. Make sure you decide what you want to do more of,
less of, and practice next time.
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
6.8 Closing Section
We learned that pleasurable Sacred Gate Massage is dependent on some prerequisites for
both the Goddess who's receiving and the giver.
The Goddess needs...
• Relaxation
• Communication
• Arousal
• Empty Bladder
• Lube
• Drop Expectations.
The giver needs...
• Privilege
• Presence
• Patience
• Partner support
• Pilgrim
• Permission
You learned about the positions for receiving Sacred Gate massage...
• On back with legs spread*
• Sitting underneath one of her legs
• Lying beside her
• Sitting by the bed
• Shakti upright on her knees
• Squatting*
• Shakti on hands and knees
*These are generally best for self-pleasuring.
You learned the importance of using fingers for G-Spot play. It's definitely the place to start
as you gain confidence in both of your abilities to find the Sacred Gate and gain great pleasure
from it.
In addition you had a chance to practice the 4 strokes...
• In-&-out
• Holding
• Circling
• Come Hither.
We hope you have talked extensively about the ways the Goddess prefers these strokes.
And perhaps you have enjoyed the experimentation with a sex toy to aid in both self-pleasuring
by the Goddess as well as exploring the Sacred Gate with a partner.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 131
As you, the giver, increase your skills, you may be finding that you are feeling more of an
artist with your beloved partner as the canvas. We encourage that you branch out into multiple
variations such as the speed and pressure, as well as stopping, vibrating, tapping, milking and
We sincerely want you to sense the never-ending variety of sacred sexuality and Sacred
Gate play. As you integrate the attitudes of "pleasure in the moment" and "self-love as a
reflection of the divine," we guarantee you'll never have a boring moment of sex play, ever
And finally, the first of the advanced practices tests the giver's intuition and ability to flow
with Shakti's energy and signals. The second focuses on the ability of Shakti to verbalize her
wants and needs, explicitly and convincingly. Both of the these practices may challenge your
old way of knowing about sex. We hope so.
Tantra is a journey. There is no destination. The only goal is pleasure expressed, orgasmic
energy and ecstasy. You are a c***d of the Divine. Enjoy all of who you are and all that you feel.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 132
Chapter 7: Yoni Healing
"Our sexuality is not only something that can be used for the enhancement of an intimate
relationship, for physical pleasure or for procreation. It can also be used for personal
transformation, physical and emotional healing, self-realization and spiritual growth, and as a
way to learn about all of life and death. That is the intention of this massage." ----- Annie
Sprinkle, porn star turned sex educator
7.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand how Tantric healing works.
• Choose parts of your sexuality that need to be cleansed and renewed.
• Experience at least one yoni healing massage.
• Decide how repeated yoni healing can help.
Why A Chapter On Yoni Healing?
Sex is natural. Sex is healthy. Your mind, body, and soul can link up to create untold sexual
ecstasy and Supreme Bliss.
Yet, few of us live an ecstatic life. Which is partly why we so strongly advocate sacred
sexuality. The practice of Tantric sex by itself serves as a gradual healing, cleansing, and freeing
f***e. The more you make love sacredly, the closer you can reach your innate blissful nature.
As you've read, focusing on pleasure is the Tantric way of living. Once you accept this path
and practice routinely, your life and love will be transformed. But this can be a long slow
process for those who carry sexual baggage everywhere they go.
Yoni healing, the target of this chapter, is for those women whose sexuality is blocked. If
you or your partner isn't interested, reacts negatively, doesn't feel much, can't orgasm easily, or
runs into difficulty while reaching for Sacred Gate pleasure, this chapter is for you.
Your Tantric Nature
Tantra believes that your essential make-up is love and that your true nature is
blissful. Inside each of you is a spontaneous, joyous, playful, c***dlike spirit who
wants to be free to savor everything and love everyone.
Your body is the vehicle of your soul, sexual pleasure a divine gift, and ecstasy
your birthright. Nature's way is to live with the ebb and flow of breathing in and
out, imbibing and eliminating, sl**ping and waking, exercising and resting.
Sexuality is another one of those innate tides. And we're not trying to make
another in and out joke. We all naturally build up sexual energy, and it's healthy to
regularly exercise and release it. How wonderful that something that's so good for
you is also great fun.
Somewhere along the way, most of us lost that easygoing balance with sex like we have
with breathing, eating, and moving. We believe that this lack of sexual wholeness contributes to
the difficulties of enjoying Sacred Gate play, Tantric Orgasm, and female ejaculation.
What Went Wrong
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 133
"When these three things are attained – body purified of repressions, senses freed from dullness,
mind liberated from obsessive thinking – a vision arises in you free from all illusion. That is the
Tantra Vision."
How did we lose our basic nature of playfulness and sexual ecstasy?
Unfortunately, modern Western upbringing doesn't teach us the Tantric values
of loving ourselves and enjoying life.
Instead, we're made to feel and live unnaturally by social conditioning and moral
codes that don't serve our inherent make-up. All the do's and don'ts of human
society produce inner struggles against our basic desires.
Growing up in our sexually immature and repressed society, none of us can avoid
accumulating energetic sexual blocks. We're lectured to, corrected, and made wrong for our
instincts and proclivities.
At young and vulnerable ages, we wade into the scary arena of sexuality largely
unprepared and uneducated. In other words, ignorant.
We're peppered with learning taboos, injunctions, and the multifarious
definitions of the sins of the flesh. Often it's religious imprinting that creates these
huge inhibitions and enormous loads of guilt and shame.
Women and men who've been sexually exploited, abused, and wounded may carry even
more baggage. This negative energy is held in the Sacred Gate. For too many, carrying this
baggage gets in the way of enjoyment, orgasm, and ejaculation.
Don't Run Or Hide, Play!
• Do you want to become sexually whole?
• Do you hope to experience more and more sexual pleasure?
• Do you look forward to higher and higher peaks of sexual ecstasy?
Then we welcome you on the path we've been joyously treading for some years now.
• How do you shed the social conventions that bring you down and release the
brainwashing that doesn't serve you?
• How do you release the guilt that keeps you boxed in?
• How do you heal old wounding and move past your resulting sexual contraction?
To fully open to the joys of sacred sexuality requires clearing for all of us. It can be done. So
many of our friends, lovers, and clients confirm this, as does our personal experience.
EXERCISE: Opening Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• What do you feel is your basic nature?
• Do you remember when you felt fully open and alive? How old were you?
• What did you learn that helped you shut down to that c***dlike playfulness?
7.2 Sexual Resistance Section
"But social conditioning, sex-repressive teachings, moralizing, they have done a deep harm. You
are disjoined from your sex center. Really, our image of our real selves excludes the sex center."
----- OSHO from The Book Of The Secrets
Those Awfully Common Scenarios
Along the path in pursuit of pleasure, we all run into blockages.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 134
Tantra wasn't designed as therapy for our sexual hang-ups and limitations, but gladly it
often turns out that way. When we relax, exercise our erogenous zones, and enjoy our bodies,
we often run into the old baggage that blocks our excitement and our pleasure.
We've all been through one or another of these scenarios...
• You meet someone you're really attracted to. You finally get to the big moment in
bed, and either your energy isn't there, or your new lover's desire goes flat. What
• You've been thinking about sex for days and now you finally find the opportunity.
But then you have an argument or some heated words, and sex and communion
become the last things you want.
• You're a hot sexy lover and you fall for this wonderful guy or gal. You absolutely
adore oral sex, but he won't touch your yoni (vulva) or she won't touch your vajra
(penis) with her mouth for anything. Now what do you do?
• At last, you've fallen for your dream lover. The first six months are fabulous: juicy
days, hot sex anytime, hotter long nights. Then, for no apparent reason, she's no
longer interested in sex or his erections take a vacation.
• Even sadder is when one of you marries, knowing your spouse doesn't have much of
a sex drive. You're hoping it's going to change, or trying to believe it doesn't really
matter that much. Too often it doesn't change, and in the long run, it does matter,
doesn't it?
What do all of these situations have in common? Resistance is rearing its ugly head.
What Is Resistance?
Resistance is anything that gets in the way of your natural flows of life f***e energy.
That's why we coined the phrase "liquid mind, liquid body." From a Tantric point of view,
life f***e energy (orgasmic energy) simply flows if you let it. We're sure you know what we're
referring to. Remember a time you felt vibrant, alive, eager, and joyful about every little thing.
Your life f***e was flowing then. We use this innate f***e in Tantra to feed our health and
When you're feeling good, which is your basic nature, energy flows continuously.
Sexual pleasure, orgasm especially, is a prime example. When your energetic juices are
flowing, your emotions are upbeat, your body is dynamic, your mind is clear, and your spirit
When it's inhibited, you don't. Resistance is happening, there's a blockage.
When there's resistance, you feel turned off, repulsed, angry, irritated, frustrated, hopeless,
or depressed. In fact, you can define your own resistance by the very times you feel these socalled
negative feelings.
Issues In The Tissues
Of course, you're aware that upsets, disappointments, and other negative emotions can
come back to haunt you. Did you know that these old emotions settle in your body? Did you
know that pains, wounds, and trauma are stored deep in your tissues? We often call this, body
You want to feel pleasure, you want to enjoy the sunset, you want to shower your beloved
with affection, but something gets in the way. Sometimes the very attempt to flow positive
energy restimulates your old sad stories creating resistance.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 135
That's partly why we're all so starved for touch. It's why massage and sexual dalliance feel
so good. These are natural soothing mechanisms that strive to relieve the stress and tension
buried in our bodies.
In short, resistance comes from energy blocked in the body that inhibits love, joy, pleasure,
sexual abandon, and even orgasm.
Where Does Resistance Come From?
Resistance comes from internal conflict. Psychologically, it's caused by thoughts, beliefs, and
feelings that are in conflict with what you want. These inner inhibitions may block you from
being sexual, giving and receiving love, or making a relationship commitment. You might just
feel uncomfortable about something, or you may experience some form of fear, anxiety, or even
inexplicable anger. Either way, it's not a liquid mental state.
Why would someone inhibit their own natural desires?
• Maybe you're feeling down about not having what you want or what you thing you
should have.
• Maybe you have high standards and expect more of yourself and others.
• Maybe you feel there's something wrong with what you want.
• Maybe your pushing to achieve some goal and doubt your ability to succeed.
• Maybe you feel there's something wrong with YOU, making you believe anything
you might want is dirty, bad, or evil.
When we're working with Tantric clients who want to move into a more joyful relationship,
life, and sexual experience, they often run into internal resistance. It usually stems from deeply
internalized rules about enjoying life and sex that get the way of pleasure. Sadly, society as a
whole seems ganged up against us leading ecstatic lives.
Blocking The Sexual Stimulation Pathway
How does this work, or better said, not work? It's all about the most powerful sex organ in
your body. No, not down there. Up there, your brain.
When everything is functioning properly, energy is flowing. You have a desire, from love,
lust, image, touch, fantasy. In response, the automatic mechanisms of your body create arousal.
As you begin to experience good feelings, the autonomic nervous system carries those
messages back to the pleasure centers of the brain creating a feedback loop. In other words,
when you get turned on, you get more and more turned on without much effort. This works in
arenas other than sex, as well
Of course, this assumes that your conscious mind isn't interfering in any way and lets your
body take over. When you welcome the desire, your energy flow creates passion.
When you have some built-in resistance, your beliefs and feelings conflict with this blessed
human process of arousal. Consciously or u*********sly you're thinking "nice girls don't" or "I
shouldn't" or "it's not right" or something similar. The vibrations of these resistant beliefs block
the natural flow of messages to and from the brain. The feedback loop is stopped in its tracks
and your excitement wanes.
If this pattern isn't modified, your pleasure channels shut down. The old maxim "use it or
lose it" applies more to sexuality than other parts of life.
When you aren't really conscious of the resistance mechanism at work, these confusing
mixed messages can make both giver and receiver crazy. You might feel nervous, anxious,
afraid, angry, or withdrawn without any logical explanation. Your old emotional baggage is
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 136
Ever wonder why sometimes we inexplicably find ourselves laughing, crying, swooning, or
screaming during sex? We've touched a nerve from some past wound.
Flow With The Stream
To grasp the dynamics of inside resistance, picture a flowing mountain stream. In midsummer,
it runs quietly along the rocks, banks, and bottom it's smoothed for eons. Come spring
flood, the f***e of the water causes deep turbulence. Rocks, logs, and the very banks themselves
are battered and often swept away.
That's what internal resistance to energy flow is like, obstacles in the path of an immovable
stream -- your life f***e. Doesn't it feel like you're getting emotionally battered? Churned up by
stress? Pushed around by conflicting tides?
Your health responds much the same way. When something throws your system off balance
-- germs, toxins, poor nutrition, even life setbacks -- your body acts against these stresses as best
it can. You feel poorly while attempting to heal. Which is a window into understanding why
regular sex is good for your health and little sex isn't.
Energetic resistance can produce the same kind of downward cycle. When you're pushing
psychically against something in your life, your immune system can easily go out of whack and
you become vulnerable to disease. Instead of liquid and flowing, your resistant mind is making
your body struggle.
Flow With The Stream
You can soften the brunt of resistance by choosing to mute your desire for li