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... <ddd>screen</ddd>. Again, the arm holding the camera-phone appeared in the <ddd>screen</ddd> repeatedly, taking several <ddd>shots</ddd>. Slowly, she eased back into the <ddd>screen</ddd> ... , clutching partially-emptied bottles.

** ** **

Ben watched the <ddd>screen</ddd> as the two girls staggered down the ... ... Continue»
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Best Laid Plans.

... in his hands, he
looked at the <ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd> on the back cover for about the ... arousal.
Without taking his eyes from the <ddd>screen</ddd>, he replied, “Yea. I’ll bet that feels
... and that aroused them even further.
On <ddd>screen</ddd>, the man and the woman were fucking ... ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 10: Katie's Vindica

... he had this?" she asks pointing down to the <ddd>screen</ddd>.

"I guess, he probably downloaded it from a website.."

Katie ... flipped through his 'Katie' file and saw he had numerous <ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd> that he captured from the video, I quickly identified the ... ... Continue»
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Larry`s new Bitch

... tossing it to me. It was full of <ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd>. Hundreds of them all of them from ... before I came into his office. There full <ddd>screen</ddd> was me in the bathroom in nothing but ... to quiver as I looked back to the <ddd>screen</ddd>.

Larry got up and walked past me ... ... Continue»
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Owning my friends MOM

... keystrokes made by the user, and would also take periodic <ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd> and then e-mail the entire package, every 5 minutes, to his ... quickly pulled out his camera and snapped some more money <ddd>shots</ddd> of Mrs. Clark kneeling at his feet, breasts hanging out ... ... Continue»
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... front of my camcorder. That way, I could take as many
<ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd> as I wanted of what I hoped would appear to be Jessica ... First I showered, and upon
thinking of getting the most realistic <ddd>shots</ddd> that I could, I shaved my legs
- after all, Jessica had ... ... Continue»
Posted by young_gun22 4 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Gay Male, Taboo  |  Views: 4777  |  
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Splash Mountain

... maybe more if you’d like to…
I left an instant messaging <ddd>screen</ddd> name that she could reply to in real time and ... that. It elevated from coy questioning and idle chats to <ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd> and the admission that we got off on each other ... ... Continue»
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My First Cock Suck .

... dick suck so I said to him "First send me <ddd>screen</ddd> <ddd>shots</ddd> maybe even a video"I so enjoyed his cock and company ... ... Continue»
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Blue screen fuck session

... , a strange noise of broken glass could be heard through the <ddd>screen</ddd>. Ana woke up from the bed and disappeared from the ... there recovering her breath and then crawled closer to the <ddd>screen</ddd>.
“Honey, could you watch everything, no missing details??” she asked ... ... Continue»
Posted by Anitaslut44 17 days ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Voyeur  |  Views: 2353  |  

Story: Body Shots

... next to me at the bar.

We all began drinking <ddd>shots</ddd>. I shared one with James. He asked me if I had ever ... get on top the bar. I politely declined. After a couple more <ddd>shots</ddd>, James took me over to the pool table & told me ... ... Continue»
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Body shots

... next to me at the bar.

We all began drinking <ddd>shots</ddd>. I shared one with James. He asked me if I had ever ... get on top the bar. I politely declined. After a couple more <ddd>shots</ddd>, James took me over to the pool table & told me ... ... Continue»
Posted by Courtney20UK 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  Views: 434  |  
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magic computer screen

... nice big cock and then all of a sudden my computer <ddd>screen</ddd> falls over cuse i bumped it any way i goto the store ... then that when i seen her hand come out of my <ddd>screen</ddd> and tuch my dick she startdd rubing my cock then ... ... Continue»
Posted by gothicrockersexslave 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Shemales  |  Views: 733  |  
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The Photo Shoot

... right here me... not some young... u******e girls on the computer <ddd>screen</ddd>. I bent over a little bit, to give him a better view.
"Oh ... cum down my throat. One... two... three. I choked a little swallowing <ddd>shots</ddd> of cum... my son's cum. I exploded into my own ... ... Continue»
Posted by tjt5964 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 182270  |  
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the photo shoot

... cum down my throat. One... two... three. I choked a little swallowing <ddd>shots</ddd> of cum... my son's cum. I exploded into my own ... the anticipation of what would happen next.
"Look at the <ddd>screen</ddd>," He pointed towards the computer.
I looked and gasped in ... ... Continue»
Posted by grayseal 9 months ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 66408  |  
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My New Lover, A Camera

... me, in those sexy, black undies filling the large <ddd>screen</ddd>. I have to say that I looked pretty good, cocky bitch ...

I did; more <ddd>shots</ddd>.

"Open the robe a little."

I did; more <ddd>shots</ddd>.

"A little more, grab the lapels."

I did; more <ddd>shots</ddd>. It was ... ... Continue»
Posted by kap007 1 month ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  Views: 632  |  

My beautiful daughter

... ahead. Step behind the changing <ddd>screen</ddd> and change into these." "Ok, sir." Arthur quickly went behind the <ddd>screen</ddd> and started changing.

I ... I really wanted to get a few <ddd>shots</ddd> of him nude with the cam behind the changing <ddd>screen</ddd> for Haley in case things didn ... ... Continue»
Posted by k1ztw 3 months ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  Views: 2970  |  
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

... She agreed. I poured a large glass of wine, but
added a couple <ddd>shots</ddd> of vodka. She didn't notice the
taste difference in ... begins to do a slow sensuous dance. The light from
the <ddd>screen</ddd> makes her completely visible to everyone in
the theater. Soon ... ... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... to face the <ddd>screen</ddd>.

Kimberly Cross’ blue eyes seemed to pierce the <ddd>screen</ddd>, and Matt had ... They chatted for a few minutes before the <ddd>screen</ddd> changed, and the two reappeared.

“Mr. ... could find some angle to get her <ddd>shots</ddd>, but not this time.

It didn’t ... ... Continue»
Posted by rebelmanXXX 4 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore  |  Views: 729  |  

stepson becomes mom's sissy

... Janie, won’t your b*****r look precious with his eyebrows plucked?"

On <ddd>screen</ddd>, Ms. Gladstone casually moved to one of the impeccable ... Dr. Meaney also gives me these other <ddd>shots</ddd>. She calls them "Always Mind Mommy" <ddd>shots</ddd>, but in my case, it’s "Always ... ... Continue»
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His Mother in law and her friend !

... I continued the ladies complied again and I took another couple of <ddd>shots</ddd>.
"Now bend away from each other" I said both ladies ... I moved to towards them so they could see the camera <ddd>screen</ddd>.
"See you two look pretty good" I said flicking back through ... ... Continue»
Posted by bighornycock123 5 months ago  |  Categories: Voyeur, Hardcore  |  Views: 7285  |  
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