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Sarah and Daniela

... eyebrow. “Maybe what?”
Sarah blushed and lowered her eyes. “I... I don’t know!”
“What’s the matter Sarah?”
Sarah swallowed and took a breath. ... Daniela turned her face to Sarah and opened her lips. “Oh Sarah!” she breathed. Sarah did not make the mistake ... ... Continue»
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Sarah and Nicole go Shopping (part two)

... into this?” She glared at Sarah fiercely. “You’re not bl**dy helping here Sarah!”
Sarah had half collapsed against a rack ... catch your name I’m afraid.” said Sarah politely.
“I’m Petra. My colleague’s called Kim.”
“Well I’m Sarah and this is Nicole. That ... ... Continue»
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Sarah and Nicole go Shopping (part one)

... as a result. Excitedly she whispered to Sarah. “That girl gave me a come on Sarah! I’m sure she did!”
Sarah sighed. For a girl that ... a groan. “Oh god this is torment. Stop fucking laughing Sarah!”
Sarah covered her mouth with her hand. “I can’t help it! ... ... Continue»
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Von der Sklavin Sarah alle wahren Erlebnisse kom

(21:47:49) Sarah Berlin: ich bin Grad heimgekommen meister
(21:49:29) Sarah Berlin: meister?
(21:52:39) Sarah Berlin: ???
(21: ... las die Übertragung laufen ok
(22:35:01) Sarah Berlin: danke.
(00:15) Sarah Berlin_ Tolle Aufnahme kann ich eine Aufnahme ... ... Continue»
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... pleasing each other in the
kitchen. Joyce & Sarah were both moaning obscenely. Sarah took the next step
and rubbed Joyce's ... you cum like crazy!"

All Joyce could muster was, "Oh Sarah". Sarah loosened her Mom's shorts &
pulled them down to her ... ... Continue»
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Alson and Sarah: Schoolgirls

... of all the girls, she wanted Sarah the most. Sarah was beautiful with an ass ... to allow her breasts to cover Sarah’s face. Sarah took her hands and squeezed ... Sarah’s pussy as she could as she rubbed Sarah’s clit to a fever pitch.
Sarah ... ... Continue»
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Alson and Sarah: Schoolgirls Pt2

... when it came she answered to let Sarah in. Sarah again stood in her uniform ready for ... she placed the pink rubber to Sarah’s lips.
Sarah felt her labia part to ... her own cum and Sarah’s saliva she broke free leaving Sarah grasping for more. ... ... Continue»
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My s****r Sarah and I - part 2

... , it’s Sarah. Did I catch you at a bad time?”.

Hmm, Sarah? I didn’t know anyone by the name of Sarah. In fact, I hadn’t heard

that name since . . . .

Sarah? Sarah Pelham ... ... Continue»
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Ex-girlfriend Sarah, exhibitionist, story 6

... looking at her, to show Sarah later.

I didn’t know if Sarah knew he was there, ... and waved back at Sarah.

They chatted some more and then Sarah was at the ... but being desperate to see more of Sarah’s body.

Sarah started to undo her stockings in a ... ... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah, the sex-tape and 2 Sanish guys

... , then stopped directly above Sarah, zooming in on her tits. Sarah sat up, took ... just dropped open and they stared at Sarah. Sarah said ‘You’ll get to see me ... hand either side of Sarah’s pussy lips and pulled them open just a bit. Sarah said ‘Ohhhhhhhh’, in ... ... Continue»
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Also Spanked Sarah Schuster

... her bedroom. Sarah and they lay side by side on Sarah’s bed, ... neglecting her daughter, Sarah lately.

On the plus side, Sarah hadd seemed to ...

* * * *

It was now a week later and Sarah writhed against the shackles as ... ... Continue»
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Step Daughter Sarah's First Time With A Girl

... me before taking it out and slowly slid it into Sarah's pussy. Sarah moaned loudly as Sasha began fucking her with it ... cock before climbing onto Sarah straddling her face while facing me. Sarah began eating her pussy as I lifted Sarah's legs and slid my ... ... Continue»
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Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 2

... at the bar to steady Sarah’s nerves. Then the barman explained that Sarah and the other girls ... your money’ and he handed Sarah an envelope stuffed with cash. Sarah handed it to me and ... me and back to Sarah. We all knew what he meant. Sarah looked at me and I ... ... Continue»
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My Step Daughter Sarah's First Black Cock (Tr

... .

In the weeks that followed after the threesome between Sarah, Adam and I Sarah could not help but say how she enjoyed it ... until I the front door opened and Sarah walked in grinning and Miles closely followed. Sarah said she was going to change and ... ... Continue»
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Le fantasme de Sarah

... en lui caressant ou plutôt lui pétrissant la poitrine. Sarah n'est désormais plus qu'un volcan grondant, ses gé ... titillements commence à bailler, la langue s'y introduit presque totalement et Sarah à tout d’abord un mouvement de recul, puis finalement brisée ... ... Continue»
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Ex-girlfriend Sarah the exhibitionish, Story 5

... lights, but really were looking at Sarah’s half-covered breast.

After a couple of pictures Sarah said ‘Well, I’d better start posing ... you for the studio time today’.

Sarah looked at me. I shrugged. I didn’t care. Sarah said ‘Come on then. Get your ... ... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah and the dirty tramp (hobo)

... . Well, it certainly did. And here’s what she did.

Sarah didn’t mention again her idea of exposing herself to a ... good look at her pussy and her bottom and everything.

Sarah pushed herself back upright, still squatting down. She gradually ... ... Continue»
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Discipline in the Dorms "Sarah's disgrac

... unlocked her office door
"Go on in" she motioned to Sarah
Sarah looked miserable still in her gym kit and with muddy ... was driven right up Sarah's tight young ass
Sarah screamed out loud!
Miss Turncliffe took her hand off Sarah's back and placed it ... ... Continue»
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Sarah, me and the hotel maid

... and the odd beer. "I like YOU, Sarah!" came my befuddled response. Sarah leaned over and, brushing my right ... wildly with gay abandon into her snatch, instantly sending Sarah into a hedonistic rapture. "Aaahhh, fuuuuccckk, yyeeeaaaahhh, mmmmm, fuuucck!!! ... ... Continue»
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Sarah Palin femdom 3

... you would be use to this" Sarah Said.

Kathy screamed, despite, the pain Sarah was well skilled at handiling ... again" Kathy screamed

"Language…girl…I'm a christen woman" Sarah Laughed

Hour Later

Sarah was dripping with sweat down her tone ... ... Continue»
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