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Tante Ruth (CBT) [Netzfund]

... ?“
„Ja. Gute Nacht, Tante“, erwiderte er und schloss die Tür.
<ddd>Ruth</ddd> zog sich aus und holte ein ziemlich durchsichtiges ... Nachthemd und diesen erregenden Pantoffeln sah.
„Guten Morgen, Tante <ddd>Ruth</ddd>“, brachte er krächzend vor Erregung hervor.
Statt seinen ... ... Continue»
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An interview with Ruth Jameson 1 to 3

... when you say "doms me" what exactly does that entail <ddd>Ruth</ddd>?

<ddd>Ruth</ddd>:- anything my big beautiful mistress wishes! From sucking her ... in what way? Can you give us some examples please <ddd>Ruth</ddd>?

<ddd>Ruth</ddd>:- just only yesterday I got pulled into a shopping centre toilet ... ... Continue»
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Meine Traum von Ruth Moschner...

... ich auch nach Klamotten suchen. Natürlich hatte <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was gefunden und verschwand in der Umkleide. „Hinterher& ... küssten uns leidenschaftlich. Ich musste einfach mein shirt ausziehen. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> gefiel es und zog ihr Top ebenfalls aus. Mittlerweile ... ... Continue»
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Ruth and Charley - continued

... I disengaged, walked behind and tried to fit my cock into
<ddd>Ruth</ddd>'s puckered little asshole. Her cunt was distended with ... of feeling a big
cock thru the walls of her anus. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> began coming immediately, grunting and
moaning with excess pleasure. ... ... Continue»
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Ruth and Charley

with beautiful art on every wall, sculptures and huge plantings. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> explained
the oversized elevator led to the upper floors and allowed her hubby's hospital
bed access. As <ddd>Ruth</ddd> showed us thru her beautiful home, I couldn't help ... ... Continue»
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... very well built, with short
blond hair and a pleasant personality.

<ddd>Ruth</ddd> needed professional-type shots for older woman jobs she ... my big dick to a great orgasm -
thinking of fucking <ddd>Ruth</ddd>.

<ddd>Ruth</ddd> swept in the next Sunday evening with a bottle of ... ... Continue»
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Ruth - continued

... she asked, "I've always liked sucking." "<ddd>Ruth</ddd>, don't be shy
around me", I answered, "I want ... in all 3 holes of a woman in one night, and knew <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was
someone I wanted a long relationship with. We remained lovers ... ... Continue»
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Threesome Delights

... . These would make an excellent record of him and <ddd>Ruth</ddd>’s first threesome.

<ddd>Ruth</ddd> was lost in a mist of pleasure and excitement as ... … yes!” Clair managed as she squeezed her thighs around <ddd>Ruth</ddd>’s head. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> smiled as she felt the warmth of the legs enclose ... ... Continue»
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Ein ganz normaler Sommertag

... die Küche und hol bitte für Thommy und <ddd>Ruth</ddd> auch was zu trinken! Komm <ddd>Ruth</ddd> setz dich zu uns, Thommy soll Naddel ... mit nem Frauenarsch!"

„Du meinst ich soll <ddd>Ruth</ddd>?" „Klar, versuch's mal, was meinst du <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, du wolltest doch deinen Hintereingang auch so ... ... Continue»
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Die geile Siedlung

... sie die Situation gleich mich zu untersuchen" sagte <ddd>Ruth</ddd>. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> schaute Tim in die Augen und ließ ihre Hand über ... hoch und blickte erst Uschi und dann <ddd>Ruth</ddd> an:

„Ich gehe davon aus, liebe <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, das Dein Höschen nicht nur nass, ... ... Continue»
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Lucid Wet Dream

... made this a win-win scenario regardless.

I started to massage <ddd>Ruth</ddd>’s shoulder blade and felt her muscle tension melt beneath ... to me. They representing the most basic essence of <ddd>Ruth</ddd> and I combined into a single fluidic quintessence that glistened ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriends mother

... began to massage the calves of <ddd>Ruth</ddd>’s leg, I was aware that <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was wearing yellow panties ... my balls instead of leaving it for <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, <ddd>Ruth</ddd> however was still trying to get my ... back into the lounge where <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was pouring tea, <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was wearing her blouse with ... ... Continue»
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... the middle of the kitchen, Peter sighed.

<ddd>Ruth</ddd> couldn't help but laugh.

"What?" he asked ... in the world who does want to!" <ddd>Ruth</ddd> screamed.

<ddd>Ruth</ddd> lowered her gaze from her son's ... much as you do."

Jon and <ddd>Ruth</ddd> got up. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> wanted to greet her girls ... ... Continue»
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Wet and Wild in the '5th Dimension'

... nineteen I had a crush on a girl named <ddd>Ruth</ddd>. We were both introverted, but <ddd>Ruth</ddd> had a tendency to flirt unrepentantly with ... I'm) licking her (meaning your) inner thigh - lick, lick, L-I-C-K," and <ddd>Ruth</ddd> would moan, saying, "MMmmmm..... yes... oh yes...." and ... ... Continue»
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... over and Evelyn got up next to <ddd>Ruth</ddd> who picked herself up.
Once stranding, <ddd>Ruth</ddd> slapped Evelyn hard enough that her ... in the tank ?”, yelled Mindy
“Sorry…running on empty”, answered <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, surprised at Mindy’s request
“I have a tank-full”, said Rhonda, ... ... Continue»
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The Taylor f****y 2

... little out of the ordinary, I admit . . ."

"It's perverse!"

"Maybe a little," <ddd>Ruth</ddd> conceded, "but that's what makes it fun!" She laughed ... of her bravery, then padded over to <ddd>Ruth</ddd>'s bed on bare feet.


"Yes, Kris?"

The older girl was ... ... Continue»
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... , well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair ... last night you finger fucked me till I came?" <ddd>Ruth</ddd> asks me. "And today <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, your fingers up my cunt and arse made ... ... Continue»
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Fuck with Police, Part 2

... other what they thought they were going...
<ddd>Ruth</ddd>’s orgasmic juices were running down Sally’s ... Sally’s hand and started licking it. “<ddd>Ruth</ddd> was thrilled and inserted another finger ... was screaming and begging <ddd>Ruth</ddd> to stop but she held firm. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was use to ... ... Continue»
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Double Trouble

... to dry herself, and went to find <ddd>Ruth</ddd>.

<ddd>Ruth</ddd>'s bedroom was just down the hall ... the first time that <ddd>Ruth</ddd> was completely shaven down below. <ddd>Ruth</ddd> had a long, pink ... had been fifteen minutes ago.

"S-sorry <ddd>Ruth</ddd>, I didn't mean to dist. . . " stuttered Terri, ... ... Continue»
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... that tonight she would refuse him nothing.

* * *

“Good morning,” <ddd>Ruth</ddd> said brightly as she came into the office. “Sorry I’m ... you mean?”

Carol looked straight at <ddd>Ruth</ddd>.

“You’re going to hate me <ddd>Ruth</ddd>.”

“I don’t think you could ever do ... ... Continue»
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