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Rough Suck on Cruise Ship

... so many hotties to choose from on a cruise ship, a constant supply of food isn't the only thing on the buffet. Almost any hour of ... I could see under his towel somewhat. With a little more repositioning on his part, he was showing me a quite respectable cut ... ... Continue»
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Cruise Ship Cuckold

Part 1

We were married in the Skywalker Lounge, on the top deck of the Golden Princess Cruise Ship. We hadn't sailed yet and were still moored to the dock in San Pedro. Twenty-five of our friends came on board to attend the ceremony. We all dressed in Hawaiian shirts or sarongs. The view of the harbor was spectacular; the lounge décor was like something from outer space. It was magical!

After a beautiful ceremony, hors d'oeuvres and drinks, our friends departed, wishing us well. Angel and I started for our cabin to drink some Champagne, relax and watch the sunset while we sailed out of the harbor on our way to Hawaii.

For the next fifteen days we would make love, watch the sunrises and sunsets from our private balcony, enjoy all the fine amenities aboard the luxury cruise ship and visit four of the Hawaiian Islands for a day each before sailing back to San Pedro. It was perfect!

As we approached our cabin we noticed the door was open. Inside our Stewart was putting our bags in the room. As we entered, Angel tripped over the threshold of the door and our Stewart, who we later got to know as Dan, caught her in his arms and lifted her up, carrying her to effortlessly into the cabin, and then gently depositing her on the bed.

I was relieved that Angel didn't fall or hurt herself, but I couldn't help but be annoyed that another man had carried my bride over the threshold. That's supposed to be my job! Oh well. I thanked Dan for catching her and started to reach for a tip.

"Oh no sir, a tip is not necessary. It was a pleasure holding such a lovely women in my arms, even, if only for a moment!" He said in his soft, deep Jamaican accent.

I could see Angel blush at his words.

He was about six feet tall, 200 lbs, well built, dark-skinned with steel, blue eyes and extremely handsome.

He continued. "My name is Daniel. I will be your Stewart for the next two weeks mon. I am available day or night if you need anything. Here is my personal cell phone number." He handed the card to Angel. "Please call me for anything, anything at all." And then after shaking my hand, quite hard, lifted Angels small white had to his lips and kissed it gently, European style, taking a little too long and making me feel very uncomfortable.

Angel seemed to enjoy it and once again blushed bright red, smiled, looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you Daniel. Not only did you save me from falling, but you know how to treat a woman. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!"

I couldn't believe this. She was flirting outrageously with him, right in front of me! "No, no, calm down," I thought to myself, "Angel is a very outgoing, friendly person! Don't let this upset you; after all, tonight's your wedding night!"

Daniel smiled or shall I say smirked at me, hung the "Do not disturb" sign outside the door, gave Angel a quick wink, and left.

Not wanting to be upstaged by a crew member, I took Angel in my arms and kissed her as passionately as I could. She seemed a bit distant and distracted. "Oh well" I thought to myself," a little of the bubbly will warmed us up."

After a few drinks of Champagne, I started to feel a little nauseous. Not being use to drinking plus the rocking of the ship was really starting to affect me. I knew I was going to hurl! I made a mad dash to the sink, just in time.

"Poor baby," Angel said. "I told you to take the Dramamine before we left. Now it's too late!"

"But that stuff makes me so sl**py", I replied. "I will be OK honey, just give me a minute to...mmmfffff", I could feel the wedding cake back up from my stomach to my throat; I threw up in the sink again.

I'll call Dan and see if he has something for motion sickness." Angel responded.

Although, I wasn't crazy about having Dan come back, I was really sick and anything that he had that might help was welcome.

"Hello Dan? This is Angel, Room 701. I hate to bother you but my little hubby is feeling very seasick and I was wondering if you had anything that might help? You do! Oh thank you Dan, once again, you are a real lifesaver! OK, see you soon."

"He's on his way darling, coming to our rescue, such a nice man!"

I wanted to tell her to watch out for the "nice man", I was pretty sure he had ulterior motives, but I was feeling so sick, I could barely talk.

In a flash, Dan was at the door. Angel let him in and I could swear that he brushed up against her as he passed her and came over to me. He had a syringe in his hand.

"Here, this will make the sickness go away quick, it's Compazine.

"I hate needles!" I said, "Don't you have some pills?"

Pills won't work now mon, because you will just throw them up!" He said reassuringly.

I felt a little embarrassed as I slipped my pants down, baring a buttock and laid down the bed. "Ouch!" I said as he stuck the needle in.

"Don't be such a baby. It's just a little prick!" He said, smiling at my obvious discomfort.

It was very humiliating, laying there on the bed, my pants down, with this big, black, man teasing me about my low pain tolerance and possibly making an innuendo about my penis size!

Angel came over behind Dan, put her hand on his back and said "We can't thank you enough Dan, you really are our hero! If you won't let us tip you, I will have to find some other type of reward for your kindness!" She then gave him a little kiss on the cheek!

I was furious! I started say something to her but suddenly, I felt very dizzy. Must have been the effects of the Champagne and the Compazine, The room started spinning. I flopped down on the bed and was out like a light.

I don't know how long I was out but when I awoke, it was night and the room was dark. No Angel! Where could she possibly be? I tried to get up but the room started spinning again.

I lay in the bed feeling very helpless, weak and lonely. After a few minutes, the cabin phone rang. I answered it, still feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

"Hello Darling, it's me, your bride, remember? I'm with Dan. He was nice enough to accompany me to dinner after you passed out. Wasn't that sweet, taking care of a lady, all alone on a big ship, her first night out? You shouldn't drink so much you know. You can't hold you liquor very well. Are you feeling better?"

I answered her groggily. "I guess so. I'm not sure. How long have I been sl**ping? Are you coming back soon?"

"You have been out for two or three hours. I will be back in a little while," Angel replied. "You still sound a little out of it and I don't want to spend my wedding night lying beside a passed out, groggy husband. Dan promised to give me a personal tour of the ship! Isn't that nice of him? Feel better honey, don't wait up, bye."

Great! Not only was I sick, dizzy and incapacitated, but my wife was out living it up with one of the ships crew! Could this night get any worse? I dozed off to sl**p again, unable to stay awake from the effects of the Compazine.

It must have been about four or five in the morning when I heard the key turn in the door.

I could barely hear Angel's voices whispering. "I was wonderful Dan! You really know how to show a girl a good time!"

"Oh the pleasure is all mine Baby! I loved holding you close, dancing with you and later on... well, you know!" He answered softly.

"Baby...later know? You know... what?" I wondered. "What the hell did they do... later on?" Just knowing he had been holding my bride close and dancing was bad enough but how far had this gone?

"Goodnight Dan and thank you for everything!" Angel whispered. There was a long pause before she came in. I thought I heard the sound of two people kissing but I couldn't be sure. She finally came inside and quietly got undressed and climbed in bed and snuggled up beside me.

I could feel her moist cunt and thighs press up against my buttocks as she spooned me. She seemed unusually wet this morning. Was it just her secretions or something more?

I couldn't get back to sl**p. A dozens of question, not to mention, dirty pictures, were going through my mind. I wanted to wake her and confront her, but she was sl**ping so sweetly, so soundly," in the morning", I thought," we'll talk about it over breakfast when I'm feeling a little better."

As I lay beside her, I could hear her softly moaning and sighing in her sl**p. "Dan, did she just whisper the name Dan?" I couldn't be sure, and why was my little prick tingling?

Part 2

I managed to get the idea of Angel fucking our steward out of my mind long enough to fall sl**p for a couple of hours. When I woke up, Angel was still sl**ping with a contented smile on her face. A little too contented for my taste.

I decided to clean up and got out of bed, took a shower and slipped back in to cuddle with my sl**ping bride.

"Please, darling. I'm exhausted, after fucking you half the night, I need a little rest!" Angel replied in her half-asl**p voice.

"Fucking half the night!" What the hell was she talking about? Unless... I decided to investigate more closely. I started kissing her on her stomach, inching my way, closer to her sweet pussy. The closer I got, the stronger the smell of male/female love juice.

Did she really do it, fuck the handsome steward on our wedding night? I couldn't believe it! As I approached her labia, I parted them with my tongue and drove it deeply into her cunt. There it was, that unmistakable taste of a man's semen, thick and salty!

"Oh yes baby, lick my sore pussy, and eat his sweet cum. He must have shot at least three loads in there, not to mention the two he left up my ass for you!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My bride was not only admitting being unfaithful to me on our wedding night, but she was encouraging me to clean up her ravaged, cum filled pussy afterward! Had she no shame?

Or maybe a better question was, "Had I no pride?" Here I was, licking up their love juice like an obedient little puppy, happily settling for scraps under the dinner table, and sporting an erection the whole time.

She tangled her fingers in my hair and held me tight against her cunt, rubbing her clit, pussy lips and ass all over my face, smearing me with his and her wetness! I could hear her crying out, "Oh yes, oh yes, I'm cumming, suck harder, yes, that's it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

As she came, I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise just from rubbing my little prick against the sheets. I quickly mounted her and unable to penetrate with my semi-erect prick, came against her sweet pussy. The idea of her fucking and sucking Dan, plus my own horniness and rubbing my cock against the sheets were too much to bear!

We both laid there in silence and recovered from our orgasms. I was both exhilarated and humiliated. My Angel, my precious Angel, in the hands of another man, and me, being turned on by it so much that licking her pussy and rubbing against the sheets gave me an orgasm. I felt ashamed and guilty.

Angel must have sensed it because she said, "Mmm, baby, that was nice! Did you like that? I set you up you know. I know how much you enjoy the idea of being cuckolded, so I talked Dan into putting a little cum into a napkin. I had to give him a hand job as payment. Then I rubbed it onto my pussy, just for you. I can see it worked. You haven't cum against my pussy ever! Dan also agreed to flirt with me in front of you, just to turn you on. He's really a very nice man!"

I couldn't believe it! She had set this up with Dan before we even came to the cabin. The fall at the threshold, the flirting, everything. She did it just for me. Kind of a wedding present you might say. What a woman! Of course I had played right into their hands by getting seasick, taking the injection of Compazine, and drinking all that Champagne.

We sat out on the balcony, sipping coffee, watching the sun rise and talked about what we were going to do that day.

"I should have trusted you more, darling" I said as I sipped my coffee. "I should have known that you wouldn't be unfaithful to me, especially on our wedding night, please forgive me?"

Angel smiled a wicked smile and replied, "Oh don't be too sure of yourself 'little prick', (a nickname that she and Dan have apparently given me), it was quite exciting jacking him off! His cock is a lot longer and thicker that yours! And what staying power, I had to keep changing hands to keep going. It must have taken me ten minutes to make him cum! It was really all I could do to keep from taking that beautiful cock in my mouth sucking him! He noticed me looking at his cock and licking my lips while my hands fondled and played with his swollen, throbbing dick. He told me to go ahead, and suck on his chocolate flavored licorice stick to help him cum faster! As tempting as that was I told him, my mouth, ass and pussy, belonged to you, but thanked him anyway!"

After breakfast, Angel and I decided to go swimming in one of the five pools on the ship. We chose a pool that was less crowded and kind of hidden away on the Aloha Deck. There were only three teenage boys in the pool when we arrived. They all looked at Angel in her sexy, one piece bathing suit, cut high in the crotch with a thong back and low cut, just above the nipple line at the breasts. The suit was a thin white material that became almost transparent when wet.

I could see their mouths and eyes open as they looked at my bride. Then they started snickering and whispering to each other, as Angel and I got into the pool.

"Let them look", I thought to myself, "let the little guys have some eye candy. No harm in looking!" It made me proud to see that my bride, in her fifties could have such an effect on the young boys.

We swam a few laps and then I became tired due to my medical condition and laid down on one of the lounge chairs next to the pool.

The boys had now put on their goggles to see better underwater. Angel being aware of this decided to have a little fun with them. I noticed that she had loosened the strap holding her suit up, then went and dove off the diving board. Of course the top of her suit fell down to her waist as soon as she hit the water.

I could see the boys all holding their breaths watching Angel's bare breasts bob around underwater through their goggles while she took her time pulling up her top and feigning surprise. She then, taking her sweet time, retied the strap and got out of the pool and lay down on the lounge chair next to mine and gave me a knowing look.

The boys, seeing the fun was over, scrambled to their towels, trying to conceal their little hard ons, and left, giggling and laughing. Boy will they have a story to tell, not to mention a nice picture in their minds to masturbate to later!

As we lay there, in the sun, we suddenly heard a deep voice asking, "Would you like to order a nice cool tropical drink?" It was one of the ship's waiters. He was Latin, dark, not an inch of fat on his body and very good looking.

He had directed his question to Angel as he stood by her chair, smiling down at her. Angel's obviously erect nipples were pressed tightly against the nearly transparent top of her bathing suit.

"What would you recommend?" Angel asked the young man.

"I've heard 'Sex on the Beach' is good!" he replied, smiling.

"Ooooh sounds delicious! How about you hun?" She asked me.

"No, nothing right now thanks, I'm still hung-over from last night." I replied.

"So I guess it's just me, and a little 'Sex on the beach!" Angel said as she winked at the young handsome waiter.

"Oh boy, here we go again!" I thought to myself.

Part 3

After lying in the sun for two hours I started feeling sl**py and went back to the cabin to take a nap. Angel was flirting with three guys by the pool when I left. I fell asl**p almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

After about an hour the sound of Angel and her three admirers laughing and staggering into the cabin in an intoxicated state woke me. Two of the guys then grabbed me and lifted me from the bed, stripped me against my struggling and protesting and then proceeded to tied me in a chair and duct-taped my mouth.

Angel was laughing at me, helpless in the chair. She pointed at my tiny dick and said "See what I mean, how's a bride suppose to get any satisfaction from that?"

They all laughed and one of the guys said, "Oh you poor baby, don't worry, me and my buddies will take real good care of you. Now, why don't you just give us a little show to get us warmed up?"

Angel went over to the iTunes player and selected a real sexy playlist which we had pre-recorded for our wedding night and started dancing for the men. She spread her legs wide and started undulating her hips in a slow circular motion, lips parted and a dreamy look in her eyes.

She then began touching her body with her hands. She rubbed her hips with her arched palms in small circles, and then slowly moved up to her breasts. As she cupped her tits she squeezed them hard, causing her nipples to become erect and pop out against the top of her bathing suit.

One of the guys moved behind her untying her top, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Angel has magnificent breasts, soft, full and tipped with quarter-sized pink nipples that turn rose colored when they get hard. The three men started breathing heavily as they watched them bounced to the rhythm of the blues music when she danced.

She then slipped her thumbs into the waist band of her swimsuit bottoms, and tugged at it teasingly, slowly inching it down, revealing her bald pubic mound. Just before her pussy came into full view, she turned her back on the men flashing them her bare, plump, pink ass. She jiggled it just enough to show them how soft and supple it was. Then without bending her legs, she bent forward and slipped her bathing suit bottoms down to her ankles, giving them a nice rearview of her ass and pussy as she stepped out of the waistband, throwing it at me. They all laughed when it landed on my head.

She was nude now, except for her high heels. She then turned and faced the three men, showing them her full frontal nakedness as she did a bumped and grind with her hips. She played with her nipples, pinching them until they were red and throbbing.

"Oh no," I thought to myself, "This is going way too far!"

The guys were really getting turned on, and began stripping off their swimsuits and rubbing their hard cocks. All three of their cocks were much larger and thicker than mine. I could feel my own little cock swelling and aching between my legs but my hands were tied and there was nothing I could do to relieve my engorged prick. I was feeling humiliated, angry but incredibly turned on too. So far, it had just been a game between us. Now here she was, dancing naked for three strangers, and just asking to be fucked.

I knew she had taken this beyond the point of no return. She was teasing them and they did not look like the kind of guys that would take no for an answer. I couldn't believe it. What happened to our fantasy? I could see by the look and all their faces, Angel was going to get gang-fucked by these three men and there was nothing I could do about it!

Then one of the men moved behind her and started swaying against her undulating bottom with his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks as his hands squeezed and fondled her tits, playing with her nipples. Angel gets very hot when her breasts are touched!

Another guy got on his knees between her legs and started licking her cunt while the third man, went over beside her and placed her hand on his cock.

I could tell by the soft moaning sounds coming from her lips she was getting very hot. She reached down and pressed the head of guy on his knees tightly against her pussy lips, smearing his face with her juices and making low a****l moans.

"Do you want something?" The guy whose cock she was holding asked.

"Oh yes!" Angel replied between her moaning and heavy breathing.

"Tell us baby; tell us all what you want." He continued in a mocking tone.

The bastard, he was toying with my bride.

"I want your cocks. I want them in me now!" Angel replied pleadingly.

I felt totally humiliated as he manipulated her.

"And just where do you want our cocks sweetheart?" He chided.

"I want them in my mouth and my pussy and my ass please!" She begged.

All three men laughed as they picked her up and carried her to the bed.

I was furious, frustrated and yet, incredibly turned on. Here was my bride, who I had not even consummated our marriage with, was begging three guys to fuck her! I could not move or even protest!

The first guy lay down on his back on the bed while the two other men lowered her, ass first, on to his cock. They used her own juices to lubricate her tight asshole and gently lifted her up and down until he was buried deep inside.

"Oh yes, that feels so good, oh yes!" She moaned, looking right into my eyes.

She really seemed to like being ass fucked. Hell, she hadn't even let me put a finger up her ass and now she was taking it like a pro!

After she had taken all of his cock deep in her ass, they laid her back against his chest and the second man moved between her legs and started rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy lips saying, "Do you want my cock too, honey?"

"Oh yes!" Angel replied. "Give it to me now, don't tease me. I want to feel both of you in me at once, please!"

He smiled and slipped his cock all the way in her steaming cunt. She didn't need any lubricating at all. She was ready.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" She screamed, but it was not a scream of pain, it was a scream I had never heard before. It was a scream of pure ecstasy. "Ohhhhhhhh yes, don't stop, give me everything! I feel so full, fuck me hard, harder, oh yessssss!" Angel's eyes seemed glazed over.

I felt tears running down my cheeks. I had never seen her so turned on. How would she ever be satisfied with my tiny, limp prick after this? I wished I had never told her my fantasy. How stupid I was and now I have lost her!

The third man who had been watching the action and rubbing his cock moved up to her mouth and slipped it between her soft lips. Her scream and moans turned to muffled sounds as she deep throated him.

My beautiful bride was now a full service slut, offering all her orifices to these men and loving every minute of it! As humiliated and angry as I was, I couldn't help but fell a sense of pride at the way she was taking everything they had to give her. I could feel myself starting to cum!

The moaning and screaming became louder and louder. We all came together, her, the one in her ass, the another in her pussy, a third in her mouth and me in my chair. Our voices echoed thru the cabin door and down the passageways of the ship! I knew we could probably be heard for at least three decks.

Just then, I suddenly hear Angel's voice. "Darling, darling, wake up. I think you were having a dream. I slowly started to focus on the room around me. I was in the bed, in my shorts with a big wet cum spot on them. Angel was still in her swimsuit sitting beside and we were alone in the cabin. A dream! A damn dream, but it all seemed so real!

"Hurry and get ready for dinner honey and put on your new tux, its formal tonight." Angel reminded me.

Part 4

Tonight was one of the three formal nights aboard ship on our fifteen day roundtrip cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Angel and I were very excited as we changed into our formal attire.

I was wearing a black tuxedo and bowtie. Angel looked magnificent in her royal blue evening gown cut low in front to accent her beautiful milk white breasts. It looked like she had been melted down and poured into it. Every curve and valley fit perfectly.

Just as we were about to leave the cabin, our phone rang. "Hello," I answered.

"Good evening Sir, is this Mr. Hodgkin?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yes, this is Mr. Hodgkin speaking, how can I help you?" I replied.

"Good evening Mr. Hodgkin, my name is Lieutenant Werzing, I am the ships executive officer and it is my honor and privilege to invite you and your lovely wife to dine at the Captain's table this evening. Are you available Sir?" The Lieutenant inquired.

"Yes we are," I replied in a surprised tone. Usually you had to have had at least three cruises under your belt or be someone very important to get this type of an invitation.

"Very good Sir, Captain Wellworth will be expecting you in the Emerald Room at twenty hundred hours this evening." The Lieutenant replied.

"Who was it darling?" Angel asked.

"I don't believe it!" I responded, "We have been invited by the executive officer to dine at the Captain's Table tonight!"

"Oh how wonderful!" Angel said in her excited voice. "I wonder why they invited us. We didn't even request it on our pre-boarding questionnaire?"

"Beats me, it must be your beauty that has paved the way to our fame and fortune, darling!" I countered.

Angel laughed and through her arms around me and said, "I think it's your distinguished looks. Anyone as handsome and debonair as you must be a very important person!"

"Did you say impotent or important?" I replied.

We arrived at the Emerald Room at eight o'clock sharp. Very snazzy! So this is how the upper crust lives. The waiter e****ted us to the Captain's Table where Captain Wellworth, Mrs. Wellworth and a half a dozen guest were chatting.

Captain Wellworth was a mountain of a man. Easily six foot six and two hundred and eighty pounds and black. I don't know why I should be surprised seeing a black captain in charge of a cruise ship. I guess I didn't think an ultra conservative, English owned cruise line was that liberal.

Mrs. Wellworth was stunning! At least six feet tall, built like a porn star and possessed the chiseled face of a Nubian Queen. When she looked at me I felt like falling to my knees and saying "Yes Your Majesty".

The table had place settings. Angel's place was next to the Captain while mine was at the other end of the table next to his wife. This bothered me a bit but then I thought, "Oh well, when in Rome..."

Captain Wellworth started the conversation which, while directed at both of us, was said looking directly at Angel. He took her little white hand in his massive black hand and said, "I am so glad you two could join us this evening, my nephew Dan, your steward, has told me so much about you." He smiled wickedly at Angel as he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently as Dan had, much too long!

Angel blushed at his remarks wondering how much information Dan had divulged .

I looked over at Mrs. Wellworth to see her reaction to this obvious pass her husband was making at my wife. She was piercing my gaze with a look and a cruel smile that seemed to say "You are mine, slave."

I could feel chills run up and my spine causing me to have a visible shiver, which seemed to amuse her.

The rest of the dinner was uneventful with chit chat and small talk. I couldn't help but notice how much attention the captain was giving Angel, who seemed to love his attentions, while he seemed to just ignore me.

Noticing this, his wife, looking at me mockingly whispered. "Your wife seems quite taken with my husband this evening, be careful he has a way of collecting passenger's wives to brighten up the cruise. Don't worry; if he does steal her away, I'm sure you and I can find something to do to pass the time."

"He won't steal my Angel!" I responded, "She loves me very much and is completely faithful to me!"

"Would you care to make a small wager?" She asked.

"What kind of wager do you mean?" I questioned.

"I will bet you that your beautiful bride sl**ps with my husband before this cruise is over." She replied.

"Ridiculous!" I answered. "How much do you want to bet?"

"If I lose, I will have the cruise line refund your entire fare and the extra charges you incur." She countered.

"And if I lose?" I asked.

"If you lose, you will be my slave and sex toy for, hmmmm let's say two days, agreed?" She replied. "Agreed!" I answered happily, knowing I had just won us a free cruise with all expenses paid to Hawaii and back. Angel will be so pleased.

Meanwhile, Angel and the captain got up to dance. I thought to myself, "Isn't it proper to ask the husband's permission first, even if he was the Captain and complete monarch of the ship, manners are manners?"

As I watched them dance to a slow, romantic song, I couldn't help but noticed how they seemed to melt together. Angel had her cheek pressed against his and was smiling as he whispered in her ear. They just seem to float, effortlessly, across the dance floor. I had never seen her dance this way! The way I had always wanted to dance with her but couldn't quite manage it. As they danced his hand slipped lower down her back until one had rested firmly on her buttocks! Angel didn't seem to mind as he squeezed and massaged her ass cheek.

Everyone at the table seemed to notice this but did not seem surprised or shocked. I could hear the guest's murmur, "Aren't they beautiful together?", "Looks like our captain has made another conquest!", "Got to hand it to him, he never seems to miss."

I was fuming! My new bride was acting like a slut on the dance floor, allowing him to fondle her ass and pressing up against him, humiliating me in front of everyone. I decided it was time to "cut in", but as I got up from the table, Mrs. Wellington quickly took my hand and led me onto the dance floor.

Before I could object, she held me tightly in her arms and said. "I wouldn't if I were you. It wouldn't pay to annoy him. He can very vindictive when crossed. Anyway, if she is faithful as you say, there is nothing to worry about, right?"

She was right. Why was I getting so upset? I knew Angel loved me. Why act like a jealous fool! I resigned myself to being a gentleman and overlook this harmless flirtation. It was then I noticed that Mrs. Wellington was leading. Oh well, why not?

After the dance, Mrs. Wellington or Eve, as she insisted I call her, requested I accompany her out on deck for a breath of fresh air. As we walked around, looking at the beautiful moonlight reflection on the water and smelling the ocean air, I felt compelled to ask my beautiful companion a few questions.

"Don't you mind having your husband seducing the female passenger's right under your very nose? I inquired.

"Not at all," She replied. "He has his fun, I have mine, and someone has to console the poor cuckold husbands, right?"

"Well, I guess so," I replied, "but it sounds quite risky to me. What about retaliation from the enraged spouse, possible scandal, law suits?" I asked.

"Listen baby, by the time I'm through with the husband, they're in no position to say anything. Not if they don't want to face complete public humiliation. Beside, what's good for the gander is good for the goose!" She laughed.

By the time we got back to the Emerald Room the dinner party was over. Where was Angel? Where was the captain? I guess she went back to our cabin. I said goodnight to Eve and headed back to our room. When I got there, the cabin was dark and empty! Where could she be?

Part 5

I was worried about Angel. She had not come back from the Captain's Dinner and it was late. Suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello Darling!" It was my precious Angel. "Listen my love," She continued, "I want to play a game. Are you willing?"

"Of course baby, anything you say." I replied relived that she was safe.

"In my black bag you will find four pairs of handcuffs and a ball gag. Go and get them."

My first inclination was to ask her where she was, who she was with, and when will she be coming back, but something inside me said, "Wait. Just follow her instructions, don't question her now."

I found the bag and emptied the contents on the bed. "OK, got it, now what?" I asked my lovely bride.

"Put on the ball gag first. Then take off all your clothes, sit in the chair in front of the television and handcuff your ankles and wrists to the chair but before you do that, turn on the TV and put it on channel 18."

I put on the ball gag and stripped naked. I turned on the TV. I had a little difficulty, located channel 18. It seemed to be some kind of on- board channel but I was finally successful. It showed the inside of a seemingly, vacant, rather handsome luxurious suite aboard the ship. I could hear soft music playing in the background. Then I cuffed both ankles to the legs of the chair and my wrists to the arms of the chair. It was tricky locking my last wrist, but I finally managed.

Then, to my surprise, Angel appeared on the TV in front of me. She walked in front of the camera, wearing just her bra, panties, garter belt, hose and high heels and said, "Come here lover." Which confused me because I was cuffed to the chair and could not come anywhere. Then I saw who she was talking to.

It was our Captain dressed only in a thin black Kimono. He walked on camera and took her in his arms. She looked back on camera, at me and said, "I'm sorry Darling but I just couldn't resist our beautiful captain. He has ordered me to his quarters for a little close arms inspection." At this point, the two of them turned and embraced. It was a long and passionate kiss that said, "We're going to do it!"

I was in shock, my own wife, making love to another man on the big screen TV while I was helpless to stop them or even say anything! I tried to close my eyes but it was like being hypnotized, I could not stop looking at the spectacle on the screen.

Angel then turned and looked at me and said, "Surprised, confused? It's really quite simple. Think of it as a wedding present. I know, deep down inside, you have always wanted to see me make love to a black man. Well baby, here it is, on the wide screen in full Sin-O-Color. You just relax and enjoy the show. Adam, or Captain Wellworth as you know him, is truly a magnificent man and he has agreed to consummate our marriage for you. Isn't that nice of him?"

My head was spinning. Yes, it's true. This has been a fantasy I have had for years. But here it is. A reality. Could I really get off on seeing my precious Angel fucking and sucking this guy, for real! No, Yes, I don't know! I was in total turmoil. So, in silence, I kept watching.

Adam picked Angel up in his arms like she was a feather, and carried her off screen.

"Thank goodness!" I thought. "At least now I won't have to witness him ravish my sweet bride!" I thought too late. Another camera came on and I was watching him lay her down on a King-sized bed on red satin sheets.

Her pale skin and black lingerie contrasted beautifully against the scarlet sheets! He let his robe fall to the floor and stood beside the bed naked, looking down at her the way a lion might look at his prey.

He was truly magnificent! His muscles rippled under his black velvet skin. There was not an inch of fat on his six foot six, two hundred and sixty pound body. His cock was hanging flaccid at least eight inches and his balls were the side of pool balls.

Angel looked up at him and licked her lips. She liked what she was seeing! Her breathing started to increase. Her eyes were full of fire as they appraised this incredible man who was about to take her. Her mouth parted as she licked her lips, which had become dry in anticipation.

I was filled with so many emotions as I watched. My brain was saying, "Yes, yes, fuck her! Giver her everything she needs and deserves, no, no don't touch her, she's mine. She's my wife!"

He started stroking his now erect cock which had grown to its full twelve inches and was as big around as a baseball bat!

Angel eyes widened as she gazed at his manhood. She looked like a small bird that had become mesmerized by a cobra. A small dribble of saliva started running down the side of her face from the corner of her mouth. She took off her bra and panties, leaving the garter belt and hose on to frame her pink and white bald pussy. The light in the room reflected off her moist labia. She was hot, she was ready!

I could hear the captain's voice, teasing her, playing with her, "You like it baby, you like what you see? Does the size of my cock scare you, just a little? Don't worry, I'll take it real slow. I can see you are wet enough. You are going to love this. You will never forget it. You won't even be able to feel you husband's small insignificant penis after I'm through stretching you!"

What he was saying was true. He knew it, Angel knew it, and I knew it. Nothing would ever be the same after tonight. I could not blame him, or her. I could only blame myself. This was my fantasy, my dream. I had planted it in her mind. She loved me more that any woman has ever loved me before. She was doing this out of love. Love for me, to please me. I felt tears of joy and sorrow running down my cheeks.

Angel spread her legs wide, welcoming him to her. She rubbed her thighs and groin and pelvic folds in anticipation.

He got on his knees between her legs. He gently lifted her up while placing two pillows under her ass and lowering her back down. Now her cunt was angled up toward him, beckoning to his cock to come in. I could see a river of quim flowing out of her pussy to help glide him inside her.

He placed the plum --sized helmet of his huge cock, which was already oozing pre-cum, to her glistening pussy lips. Slowly he rubbed the tip up and down her wet pussy lips, teasing, taunting her. "You want it baby?" He whispered, "Beg for it. Let me and you wimpy husband know how badly you want it. Tell us baby."

"Oh god yes! Please give it to me! I need it so bad! I want it, more than anything in the whole world. Please fuck me, please fuck me now!"

"What about your husband," he continued. "Don't you want him instead? I'll take you to him now so he can fuck you instead of me. Would you like me to do that?"

"No, not him, you! I want you! Please, don't tease me anymore, give me what I need!" She begged.

He then fell forward, thrusting his enormous twelve inch cock deep inside her until his balls slapped up against her cunt lips.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She screamed. It was at first a scream of pain but it quickly turned into a scream of ecstasy.

I was afraid he would split my poor Angel in two, but then I noticed she wrapped her legs around his back and was trying to pull him in even deeper. She moaned and groaned. She cried and begged him to fuck her harder and faster!

He eagerly complied. He fucked her like a jackhammer! It went on and on and never seemed to end. She kept cumming and cumming. It sounded like a five minute orgasm.

I could hear him starting to moan those, "I'm cumming", moans while she said, "Yes, oh yes! Fill me up lover! Shoot you cum deep inside me where no man has ever reached! Oh god, yes! I can feel it squirting inside me; it feels like a fire hose!" She started screaming again with another climax.

I would have screamed too, except for the ball gag. Saliva was running out of my mouth around the gag, tears were pouring down my cheeks, and cum was pouring out of my cock. I had never seen anything like it. It was like watching your wife, starring in the best porn film you had ever seen!

Then, all was still and quite except for our panting, as we all recovered from the amazing three-way climax we had just experienced.

Then my feeling of exhilaration was replaced by shame and sorrow. I have lost her. No, I have given her away, just to feed my sick perverted needs. The captain was right. We will never forget this. Nothing will ever be the same.

As I gazed tearfully at the screen watching my wife and Adam cuddling and cooing in afterglow, I suddenly saw the captain's wife, Eve looking out through the TV at me smiling wickedly and saying, "You lost the bet, slave!"

Part 6

I sat in the chair, handcuffed, gagged, tears rolling down my cheeks. What have I done! What a fool I was! By revealing my fantasies, I had convinced my bride that I truly wanted to be cuckolded and she had set this whole night up to comply with my wishes. She was willing to go along with my sick needs and let another man seduce and fuck her just to please me. She had also arranged it so I would be helpless to stop it, knowing the guilt I would feel by actively permitting it. She had thought of everything, just to please me.

I could not blame her. This was all my doing. And now I had just watched my lovely wife get the fucking of her life! God was she hot! I have never seen her so responsive or cum so hard! Now what? How could I ever follow that? She will never be satisfied with my puny penis again. I had just committed marital suicide!

After their initial encounter, the TV screen had gone blank. I figured after giving me my little show, they wanted some privacy. I wondered how long I would be cuffed to the chair. I hoped the maid service wouldn't find me this way. How embarrassing! Well, if they did, I deserved it. At least they could uncuff me so I could use the toilet. Boy would they have a good story to tell the rest of the staff about the couple in #701.

After a few minutes, I heard the door unlock. It was Angel! "Oh darling, are you ok?" She asked as she undid my gag and started to unlock the handcuffs, "I got back as soon as I could. Adam wanted me to spend the night with him but I told him I needed to get back to you. I hope you liked my little surprise. Isn't this what you always wanted, to see me fucked by a black man while you were helpless to stop it?"

"Yes honey," I blubbered, "but I was wrong! I should have never told you about my fantasy, now I have ruined everything, our love, our marriage, everything!"

"Don't be silly! Nothing's changed. I still love you more than any man in the whole world! You think just because a man has big rippling muscles and twelve inch cock, he can steel me away? I'm disappointed in you! You should give me and our love a little more credit than that!" She scolded.

I was both astounded and relieved. She still wanted me! My tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy.

"Darling, let's spend the rest of the cruise together, just you and me. No captain, no steward, no other men, just us." Angel said while snuggling up in my arms.

"Oh yes baby, let's....oh shit!" I suddenly said.

"What is it?" My wife replied.

"The bet, the damn bet I made with the captain's wife, Eve! " I answered.

"What kind of bet?" Angel asked.

I explained the terms of the bet and how her fucking the captain had lost us a free cruise and how I would now have to be Eve's slave for two days.

"Oh, my poor baby," Angel said, with a slight smile on her face. "I guess we got fucked more ways than one, last night!" Well, a deal a deal and I expect you to be a good slave. I hope she lets me watch. This could be fun!"

"Well," I replied, "You sure are taking this slave thing quite lightly! God knows what she has in mind for me or what I will have to do!"

"Come on now darling," She laughed, "You will just have to man-up, or woman-up to this, depending on what she has in mind. Adam says she can be a real castrating bitch when she wants to be! Whatever she has in mind, I'm sure you will make me proud! Well I think we both had better get some sl**p. I'm exhausted and you know why!" She teased, "And you are going to need all the rest you can get."

We fell into bed and Angel was soon fast asl**p. I lay awake, reliving the evening's events. I was so relieved that I still had her love, and so turned on remembering her magnificent performance! I soon found myself, cock swollen, between her legs, licking her red, ravished cunt. I could taste their love as I listened to the sweet moans of her approaching orgasms. In my excitement, I shot my own cum all over the sheets. She was still mine. I cuddled up to her and fell fast asl**p. It must have been about noon when the phone rang in the cabin, it was like being splashed with ice water, pulling me out of my sweet dreams and back to reality. I let it go to voicemail and listened the Eve at the other end.

"Good morning slave, or should I say, good afternoon. I really enjoyed your wife's performance last night. Of course it was recorded on videotape for legal purposes, and our friend's amusement. Listen slave, your servitude will begin at 10:00pm tonight after dinner. You will come to my private cabin. Just ask your steward, Daniel where it is, and oh yes, bring that pretty wife or yours along. She won't want to miss this! Your attire should be informal, let's say, a pair of panties, under a robe should do nicely. Well, have a nice day slave, and oh yes, one more thing. Except for the hair on your head and eyebrows, I want all body hair removed. Your bride can help you with this. Ta, ta."

I shuddered as I listened to her message. This was going to be a long two days, I thought to myself.

Angel, who had apparently heard the recording, whispered in my ear, "My, she means business. Don't worry, you can always grow you beard back again. It's going to be fun to witness your feminization darling! And did you hear what she said, they taped Adam fucking me! I wonder what I will have to do to get that tape back. Hungry darling? Well, I'm famished, let's go eat. We must keep our strength up, looks like we are heading into some rough waters.

After a buffet breakfast, I went to the Jacuzzi to relax my sore muscles from being cuffed to the chair for three hours last night. Angel said she needed to go shopping and to meet her back at the cabin later.

When I got back to the cabin, Angel was waiting for me. She told me to undress and then proceeded to remove my beard with a pair of electric clippers. She then soaked it with a warm moist towel, lathered me up and shaved the remaining stubble from my face. She preformed the same procedure on my pubic region.

I couldn't believe how I looked. I had not seen my cheeks, chin or upper neck in fifteen years. It took at least twenty years off my appearance and gave me a rather soft, feminine look. My shaved pubes made me look like a little boy with my smaller than average penis. She then put a smelly pink lotion on the rest of my body and after ten minutes, I could feel my body tingling all over. She instructed me to shower the cream off my body.

I was amazed at how effectively the lotion removed my body hair! She then took off the remaining hair with a razor and rubbed a sweet smelling lotion on me, which soothed my itching, burning skin. She led me over to the mirror. I was shocked at how much younger my body looked completely denuded of hair. I felt very naked and exposed.

"There," Angel stated, "That should satisfy your new mistress's wishes! My,but you do look sweet and cuddly!" She started rubbing her hands over my sensitive skin. My cock immediately became hard which prompted her to say, "Hmmm, you do seem to be enjoying this. Maybe I will keep you this way and make my maid!"

"Angel," I replied in an annoyed tone. "You know the only reason I am doing this is because you fucked the captain and made me lose my bet with Eve! Let's don't forget who the man is, and who the woman is in this marriage!"

"Sorry baby" She cooed, "It's just that you look so cute and feminine, compared to your usual macho image, I couldn't resist. Now what color panties did you say you wanted to wear tonight, Mr. He-man?"

We both laughed and I lisped, "Well, blue would be nisth but I think I would prefer some frilly, pink ones pleasth."

We both laughed again and she proceeded to produce some pretty pink lace panties from a paper bag she had brought from the ships store. "I got them for you today," She explained. "The woman in the store asked me if I was sure they weren't a bit large for me. I told her they were for a close friend."

We laughed some more and Angel suggested I put them on under my dinner cloths to get use to them seeing I may be wearing them for a couple of days.

I slipped them on. They really felt sexy against my smooth skin. I thought to myself, "Careful, you are starting to enjoy this a little too much."

We then finished dressing and went to dinner. After dining we went to the Wheelhouse Bar to enjoy some drinking and dancing. While we were dancing cheek to cheek Angel said, "I have never felt your bare face against mine before. It's kind of nice, but I do prefer your snowy white beard. I prefer your rugged, distinguished look!"

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. "Mind if I cut in?" It was the captain's voice. It was more of an order than a request. "I like the new, beardless look, very sweet; it seems to fit you better." He added with a smirk on his face.

My face turned red with anger as I reluctantly handed my Angel over to Adam and went back to sulk at our table. Waiting for me there was Eve. "Well, deja vu," She chided, as we sat there looking at my wife and the captain, pressed closely together as they glided across the dance floor. "I must say you look quite pretty without your beard. I can hardly wait to make you my bitch tonight!" Eve, continued.

I ignored her comment watching Angel press her hips tightly against Adams. "Oh crap, I though. This is going to be a long night!"

Part 7

Eve continued to tease and chide me as I watched my sweet bride being groped and felt up by the captain as they danced at the Boathouse Lounge. I could hear other people laugh and make crude remarks, as Angel and Adam publically humiliated me with their show of intimacy.

Eve said, "Look how beautifully they move together, I'll bet you wish you could dance like that."

I ignored her remarks and just sat there and watched them cavorting on the floor for three dances, listening to Eve's verbal abuse. I couldn't stand it any longer! "Tell Angel, when she comes back that I went to the cabin with a headache." I told Eve.

"I'll do that." She laughed. "See you both at 10pm... slave!"

When I got back to the cabin I was really feeling depressed. This whole cuckold/humiliation thing was getting to me. I know I had started it by telling Angel about my fantasy, but now, the reality was hitting me hard. I decided to let Angel know how I was feeling when she got back. Fortunately she came back a few minutes later.

"Hi darling, how's you headache, are you feeling better?" She asked.

I told her this whole thing was starting to get too me. Her flirtations with the captain, watching her dance and feel her up, the humiliation of everyone knowing he had taken her from me, Eve's constant verbal abuse. "How much was I supposed to take?" I asked.

"Why didn't you mention this sooner, baby?" Angel asked. "I can't read minds. First you say this turns you on, and then it turns you off. How am I supposed to know what you want?"

She had a point. I know I was vacillating back and forth, how she was expected to know what I wanted?

"Listen," I replied, "I have to comply with my agreement with Eve, a bet's a bet, so for the next two days, it's going to be pure hell, but that's it! After that, no more games. Just you and me, OK?"

"It's a deal!" Angel agreed. "Besides, I don't know how much more of his big cock I can take! I am so sore and raw down there, how about some tongue therapy?"

Angel knew just what to say and when to say it. Soon I was between her legs, licking, sucking and tasting her sweet juices! She had four orgasms and I needed a release real bad. I was about to ask her for some nice cocksucking when she said, "Oh my goodness, look at the time. It's ten already. We had better hurry. The later we are, the harder she will be on you. Hurry and put your panties and robe on. I have to get ready too.

Not quite sure what she meant by get ready, I put on my pink panties over my throbbing cock and slipped on my robe. Angel came out of the dressing area wearing her robe and we headed for Eve's cabin.

To the other passengers, we looked like a normal couple on our way to the Jacuzzi or a massage. If they only knew I was a lamb, being led to slaughter.

We located Eve's cabin from the directions given to us by nephew Daniel who smiled knowingly as he wrote them down for us.

We knock on the door several times before she finally answered. "You are twelve minutes late, slave. You can expect a different punishment for every minute you kept your mistress waiting. These punishments will be delivered over the next two days and each punishment will become more severe than the last, but I am feeling merciful. If your lovely bride wishes to take a punishment or two in your place, I will allow it."

Angel and I exchanged anxious glances as we were ushered into her cabin. We were surprised to see her husband Adam, and his nephew Daniel waiting as well. They were wearing black silk boxers and smiling as we entered.

"You remember my husband and Daniel; I invited them to keep your bride company while I punish you, now, strip!" Eve commanded. I hesitated a little but finally let my robe fall to the floor and stood there looking like a fool, completely shaved, wearing my pink panties.

I could hear Adam and Daniel laughing at me and saying, "Boy, look at that sissy, how whipped can you get?" and "So what's a super fox like Angel doing with a wimp like him?"

I felt totally humiliated in front of these two men dressed like a pansy. Eve pointed to the stool next to the dressing table and said, "Sit, it's time to make you up to look like the sissy bitch you are!"

I sat down, broken, resigned to my fate as Eve applied lipstick, eye shadow, and blush to my face. She then topped it off with a blond, curly wig and instructed me to lie across her lap.

"The first thing a slave needs to learn is obedience," She informed me. "You were late and you hesitated to follow my commands. Punishment #1 & 2, coming up. At this point she pulled down my panties, baring my butt for all to see and started administrating a very hard spanking with a hairbrush on my smarting bottom. At first I was able to not cry out, but as she continued, my ass became redder and more swollen.

Soon I found myself crying out. "Please stop, no more! I'm sorry, I won't hesitate again, I promise!"

Eve ignored my pleas and continued administrating my punishment, each swat getting harder.

Soon I was crying like a baby. "Ohhhhhh no, stop, please, I'll be good! I will do anything you want, please stop!"

"Oh you will do anything I want whether I stop or not" Eve stated emphatically. She then stood up suddenly causing me to fall on the floor at her feet. She lifted her boot covered foot to my lips. "Kiss it, lick it. Show me how grateful you are for teaching you not to hesitate in obeying my commands.

Not wanting to incur more of her wrath, I quickly kissed her booted toe and licked the shiny leather surface of her boot.

"Suck it slave, just like you would a cock!" She added mockingly.

Once again I humbly complied with my mistresses wishes. So here I was, dressed like a complete sissy, tear streaks on my face, butt cheeks bright red, sucking the boot to show my gratitude for receiving a spanking for not obeying her quickly enough. And it had only been one half of an hour. Two days! Two days! I'm not sure I can make it.

I quickly glanced around the room as I sucked her boot. Adam and Daniel were laughing and pointing at me saying, "Man he sure sucks that good!", "Probably had a lot of practice!", "Maybe we can give him something else to suck on, that fucking, faggot, sissy!"

My face was turning red with anger and my eyes started to water up with tears of humiliation when I looked over at Angel. She had taken off her robe and I couldn't believe what she was wearing. There she stood in black nylons, four inch high heels and black lace garter belt faming her beautiful bald pussy. She had on a matching black lace bra with the nipples cut out. She looked sooo hot! She was smiling at me and playing with herself! She was actually getting off on this, seeing me feminized, beaten and humiliated! Knowing I was watching her, she walked over to where Adam and Daniel were sitting and squeezed in between them, placing a hand on each of their thighs. She smiled at me wickedly and said, "Be good sissy, and watch me be bad!"

Then I suddenly remembered an agreement we had made. If we ever got into a f***ed sexual situation and neither of us could do anything about it, we agreed to enjoy the moment! She was not doing this to hurt me; she was only obeying our agreement. I felt a little better.

"I didn't tell you to stop licking, slave, don't worry about your pretty bride, she will be well taken care of, just do what I tell you to do!" Eve said as she whipped my behind with a leather strap.

She stopped striking my poor smarting butt and said to me. "That's enough boot licking, suck my cunt, slave and do a good job or you're in big trouble!"

I raised myself up from her boots and looked directly at her cunt. It was shaved and cocoa colored on the outside with pink inner labia. It had a strong musky odor to it. She had a large clit that stared out at me like a tiny penis, begging to be sucked. I started placing soft kisses on her pussy lips and clit. I could taste her juices as I kissed her. I slipped my tongue in as deep as I could at the bottom of her cunt and slowly brought it upward toward her clit. She had a sweet bitter honey taste. I could feel her body jerk as I latched on to her clitoris with my lips and drew small circles on it with the tip of my tongue. She grabbed my hair above both ears and pulled me hard against her.

"That's right slave, suck me, suck me hard, swallow my quim, breath me in, and inhale my scent!"

I had to admit I was getting rather intoxicated with her pussy juice and smell. It was a little difficult to breath, being held so tight but I managed to keep sucking until I felt her cunt and thighs quiver against me and heard her orgasmic cries of ecstasy!

"Very good slave, someone has taught you well!" She said as she slowly released her death grip on my hair. I quickly gasped for air, replenishing my oxygen supply.

"Now, since you have been such a good girl, I can't really call a hairless sissy, wearing panties, make up and wig, a man, or a boy. I am going to show you a little mercy. Your lovely bride can take away two of your remaining eleven punishments by fucking and sucking my husband and his nephew. Remember, I told you each punishment would get worse? What do you say my dear, are you willing to fuck and suck to save your husband from some pain and discomfort, or should I proceed to the next punishment?"

"I'll do it!" Angel replied. "Anything to make it easier on my baby."

"I thought you might," Eve replied. "But just to make it more interesting, slave, I want you to beg them to let you suck their cocks hard so they can fuck your bride. Then I want you to get her pussy nice and wet with your tongue and guide their hard cocks into her mouth and cunt. Now!"

I remembered what Eve had said about hesitating to follow her orders but the idea of sucking cock repulsed me! I look at Angel who was giving me a look that said, "Remember our agreement?"

I swallowed whatever pride I had left and said, "Please Captain Wellworth, please Steward Daniel; let me suck you cocks hard so you can fuck my Angel."

Both Daniel and Adam let out loud laughs, hooting and hollering, "Listen to that sissy fag, begging for cock for his mouth and wife!" and "Man oh man, what a dickless wimp, she sure deserves better than that!"

Eve then put a collar around my neck and attached a leash. She handed the leash to Angel and said, "Go ahead, lead her over to suck the cocks hard, which will soon be pleasing you."

Angel then led me on my hands and knees to Daniel who was standing naked, by the bar. "OK honey, make it hard for me, be a good girl."

"Oh no, now she was calling me a girl too!" I thought to myself. "How much more of this could I take?" And the party was only getting started.

Part 8

Story from Angel's point of view:

My husband asked me to write this next installment due to the fact that he is a bit tied up at the moment. I am more than happy to tell you our story.

As you may or may not remember, my husband and I were in the captain's wife's cabin with him and his nephew Daniel. We were there to pay up on the bet my husband lost to Eve, the captain's wife. So far, my poor hubby had been feminized, spanked and made to beg to suck the cocks of the captain and his nephew to make them hard enough to fuck me. I was fucking them to eliminate two of the eleven remaining punishments my husband had earned by being late and hesitating to obey Eve's command quickly. I know it was a sacrifice, but I was willing to do anything to reduce my poor hubby's suffering.

As I watched him beg to suck the dicks that are about to pleasure me, I couldn't help but feel, a little aroused by the sight of my man, on his knees, sucking cock and a sense of pride that he, who I know takes no enjoyment from licking dick, would be willing to do such a thing, just to give me pleasure and not welch on a bet.

Anyone whould assume that a man in pink panties and sissy make up, being ordered to suck his wife's lover's cocks, has to be a total wimp. Perhaps this is so is some cases, but in my husband's case, this could not be farther from the truth.

I know he is a real man by any definition. He was both in the Navy and the Marines. He fought bravely for his country, saved lives in combat and faced many dangers. He has led a very adventurous life and has lived through many harrowing experiences, fires, flood, a building cave-in, and survived in the wildernes with wolves and freezing temperatures, just by using his wits to stay alive.

He is confident about his manhood. He is neither gay nor homophobic. He has spent his life loving women. All sizes, shapes and colors. He has been married four times, sired three c***dren which have given him three grand c***dren. All of whom love and respect him.

He is a wonderful lover! At sixty-seven, prostate cancer and age have made erections difficult but he makes up in affection, oral, digital, verbal prowess, technique and imagination, what he sometimes lacks in erectile fortitude.

What makes a man, a man, the length, girth and hardness of his cock? Well, perhaps to some, but a real man to me is so much more that an anatomical measurement. He is kind, sensitive, brave, and intelligent. He can lead and follow. He can make decisions, yet is open to other points of view. He can make me laugh, cry tears of joy, cum and feel like a woman who is truly loved. Such a man is my husband, and there is not a man on this planet that can hold a candle to him.

Now, back to the evening and events at hand.

Having sucessfully hardened Daniel's cock to an impressive ten inches; my husband looked over at me with eyes that said, "OK, he's ready darling."

I walked over to them, as Daniel lay back on the bed I straddled his magnificent cock. My sweet little sissy, held it in place while I slowly let his large dick enter my steaming cunt which required no prelubrication. It felt wonderful! It went deeper and deeper, straightening every internal wrinkle in my pussy. It never seemed to stop. I looked deep into my husband's eyes. His expression said, "It's ok baby, enjoy it, enjoy it. And enjoy it, I did! I rode his cock like a rodeo star, bucking and bouncing, holding on to one arm of my husband, and one arm of my lover.

Soon my bucking and bouncing turned to grinding and rubbing my clit and pussy lips against his cock and pelvic bone.

Sitting at the kitchenette bar, I could hear the captain's encouraging crys, "Oh yeah! That's right my sweet little white slut, you fuck my nephew real good, and you, sissy husband, can start sucking my cock hard so I can fuck your pretty wife in the ass. Let me explain to you both, what's going on. I truly love to spice up these cruises with some nice sexy playtime. I have every cabin on close circuit TV. This lets me know who would be a good choice for our fun and games. In this instance, my nephew tipped me off when you asked him to help humiliate your husband, and then jacked him off. We got the whole thing on video, plus all the action since then. This qualified you two to be our next victims! You see, you are both going to have to be very cooperative to get those videos back. We do this on every cruise!"

I could see my hubby's face turning red with anger at having been taken in so completely and knowing there was nothing he could do at this point but comply. Call the authorities? One look at those videos and "case dismissed", not to mention the public humiliation when copies were sent to f****y, friends and employers. They had us by the short hairs, except we were both shaven.

While my sissy sucked Adam's cock, the captain said to me, "Tell us all bitch, tell us how good it feels to be stuffed full of black cock! Go on tell your sissy wimp husband how it feels!"

"Oh honey," I gaspped. "It feels wonderful. Daniel is fucking me sooo good! I think, I think...oh god yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes, more, yes, don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop, ahhhhhhhhhh!"

"You hear that sissy?" Adam asked, "She loves it! Wait till I get my cock up her pretty little ass, now suck me harder and get me ready!"

Eve joined in on the chiding of my poor hubby. "You heard him bitch, keep sucking and do a good job. Once you get him hard, lick your wife's ass and put my man's cock right on her cute little anus!"

My poor, humiliated husband sucked Adam's cock to its full twelve inches, he then licked and sucked my asshole and lined up the captain's cock. Daniel stopped his continuous pounding of my pussy to allow his uncle to enter my ass. It felt amazing, two cocks in me at the same time. I had never felt so full! I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other through to thin layer of skin between my pussy and ass. It was an amazing sensation!

At this point, Eve yanked on my husband's leash, and had him bend over in front of her, facing us. She had put on a large strap on dildo and was lubricating my honey's asshole. She smiled down at my humiliated baby and said, "I think you should share in your pretty slut wife's experiences, so I am going to fuck your ass, while she is getting her plump little ass reamed!"

She slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. I could see his eyes widen and hear a moan escape from his lips as she entered him. I knew it was painful for him. We had played a little "I fucked him," game at home and his anus was very tight and sensitive. Now he was being ruthlessly fucked by a much bigger dildo, by a woman who was showing him no mercy. Soon he started to get use to it and I could hear his crys of pain, turn into moans of pleasure. His butt was getting into the rhythm of things and he even was starting to move back to meet her thrusts.

In the meantime, Adam and Daniel continued their ravishing of my cunt and ass. The picked up their pace. It was really getting to me! I could feel them swell. A woman usually knows when a man is about to cum. There are several warning signs. The way he breaths, his moans, the way he moves his cock and the changes in his body motion. I could feel both of the men's climaxes building, not to mention my own. Eve too was starting to exhibit the sounds of a woman approaching orgasm as she rubbed her clit against the dildo ravishing my husband's asshole. Even my sweet hubby was about to get off from the relentless massaging of the dildo against his prostate.

Suddenly the room became a symphony of moans, groans, crys, screams and yelling. It was a five-way orgasm! We had all gotten each other off in one way or another. I am sure everyone on the ship could hear our crys of pleasure!

For about three minutes, there was complete silence in the cabin as we all lay there, exhausted, satiated and satisfied. I could feel both cocks in me shrivel. It felt like I had a cup of cum in each of my orifices.

Eve finally broke the silence by saying, "OK slave, clean up time!"

My poor husband, gathering what strength he had left, crawled over to me and started licking and sucking the cum running out of my pussy and ass. I know this was hard for him because he did not like the taste of even his own cum. I was proud to see him soldier on, licking me until I was clean!

"Now them!" Eve said, pointing at the two men's cocks.

My poor hubby was grimacing and gagging as he went from one cock to the other, licking them clean while the men laughed and teased him. "That's right sissy, taste your wife's pussy juice on my cock?"and "Do you detect a little lower intestinal flavor on my cock, bitch?"

At this point, Eve let us go to sl**p, me, between Adam and Daniel, and hubby, leashed and collared, at the foot of her bed.

The captain and his nephew fucked me and made me suck them a couple of times that night. Eve, getting turned on by the sounds of our copulating, had my husband suck her pussy and ass, giving her three orgasms.

We finally all fell asl**p and were awakened in the morning by room service, serving us a magnificant breakfast.

The next twenty four hours were pretty much a repeat with some variations and more punishments to my poor husband. Finally at about nine that evening, Eve told us his debt was paid in full and was even giving us an hour off early for good behavior. She warned us that everything was videoed and to keep our mouths shut or the tape would be made public.

We were both relieved that it was over. We put on our robes and staggered back to our cabin for showers and a sound night's sl**p, feeling sore, exhausted and emancipated, all at the same time.

Part 9

Angel and I were pretty much left alone for the rest of the cruise. We had a wonderful time, visiting the islands, walking on the beaches, playing in the surf and enjoying the sites of Hawaii.

We also enjoyed the ships facilities. We went to the nightclub shows, swam in the pools, watched first run movies and enjoyed the amazing cuisine offered almost twenty-four hours a day.

We figured the Captain and his wife had gotten their fill of us and were busy tormenting other passengers. We had seen them both in passing and they were polite, nodding and giving us knowing smiles.

It was the last night aboard ship before we sailed to Ensenada and then home to Los Angeles. We were in our cabin getting ready for dinner when the phone rang.

"Good evening," It was the Captain's wife's voice. "My husband and I would like you to join us and some friends after dinner in our cabin for a "Bon Voyage" party. We want to say goodbye and give you the tapes we shot of our last get together. Shall we say around nine?"

Both Angel and I knew it was not a request but a demand. Well, what the hell, one last night and then we will be free of them forever. Besides, we wanted those tapes back.

We arrived at the Captain's cabin promptly at 9pm. We were greeted by Eve, the Captain's wife. She ushered us into another room and explained what was to transpire that evening.

"We have left you two alone during your cruise but now it is time to pay the piper. During your cruise, you have been catered to, given top service and treated like royalty.

Tonight, in appreciation, you will serve us. There will be two other couples who are, shall we say, in the same boat as you. They have kept us busy and entertained while you two were enjoying the rest of your cruise.

All six of you will be our slaves for tonight's party. You will serve us drinks, refreshments, and do whatever is requested of you. Any hesitation or refusal will have severe consequences.

Your videos will be sent to your employers, friends and families. However, if you cooperate, you will be given your videos and all charges for the cruise will be refunded to your accounts. Do I make myself clear?"

Angel and I nodded meekly as Eve continued.

"First of all, strip. You will remain nude this evening for our guest's pleasure. The guests attending tonight are all close friends who often travel with us and participate in our little parties. You will immediately follow any and all of their instructions.

They will be arriving in a few minutes. So will the other two couples. You will strip now and wait in here until your co-slaves arrive. You will not talk to the other slaves and only speak to the guests when asked a direct question. Now strip!"

Angel and I quickly removed our clothing, knowing the consequences for hesitating to obey an order. My wife looked magnificent in her naked glory. Her faced was flushed with embarrassment, her nipples proud and erect. Even my usually flaccid penis was beginning to engorge, caught up in the excitement of the evening.

We heard a knock at the door from the next room and soon the two other couples were ushered into the room and given the same speech we had been given upon our arrival. The first couple was younger than Angel and I.

He looked like he might be an athlete or in the military judging by his short hair and buffed body. His cock was a respectable 8-9 inches and he had chiseled good looks. He wife was a knockout, a curvaceous redhead with large rose-colored nipples and a shaved pussy.

The other couple was Asian. She was a dark-haired beauty of about forty, slim and graceful. He was short but well built with an average sized cock.

We waited, naked in the other room, nervously glancing at each other, forbidden to speak. We all knew that we had all experienced the servitude of the Captain, his wife and friends previously and wondered what lie in store for us tonight.

We didn't have to wait long. Eve summoned us into the front room and started giving orders. She looked at me and said, "You will be our bartender, and Angel will serve the refreshments. The Mings will act as butler and maid, answering the door, taking the coats and help serve the refreshments.

Bill and Cynthia, you will assist any of the guests who wish to use the Jacuzzi or Sauna with disrobing, toweling off or getting them robes. Are they any questions? Good. Remember, no speaking to each other and only speak when asked a question by one of the guest, above all, you are not to refuse any request, no matter what. Do I make myself clear?"

We all nodded in compliance, looking sheepishly at each other, waiting for the guests to arrive.

The first guests to arrive were the ship's doctor, Michael Burns and his wife Mary. They looked like William Powell and Myrna Loy from the Thin Man movies. They were followed by a fortyish black couple, John Wells and his wife Aziza. He looked like a NFL football linebacker and she had the presence of a beautiful African Queen with a Grace Jones look about her.

Next were the Captain's nephew Daniel and his friend Bodiddy. Finally the Gillians arrived, a scary couple to say the least. He reminded me of the deceased actor George Sanders and she resembled the ex-thriller host Elvira.

The guests were greeted by the naked Mings who bowed respectfully and took their coats and raps. Angel offered refreshments and I mixed the drinks. The guests smirked at us in our naked and submissive states.

Daniel and Bodiddy had Bill and Cynthia assist them in disrobing and got in the Jacuzzi. I brought them cold beers. They decided they both needed to have their cocks sucked and Angel and Cynthia were assigned that task.

I kept mixing drinks while I glanced over to the Jacuzzi and watched my wife and the redhead take the huge black cocks into their mouths.

Cynthia's husband, Bill was seething as he watched his beautiful wife take a load of cum in her mouth and she was then ordered to gargle the semen and blow a few cum bubbles but not to swallow, for everybody's amusement. Bill knew there was nothing he could do and tried to remain cool.

Mr. Gillian, sensing Bill's anger decided to push the envelope a little. He told Bill to go over to Bodiddy and thank him for coming in his wife's mouth and French kiss her so he too could enjoy the taste of black semen. Bill followed his instructions to the amusement of the guests.

I realized that if we showed any emotion, it would be used against us by the guests and decided to remain as calm as possible. After Angel had sucked Daniel to completion she was told to snowball Cynthia with his load. The two women looked lovely embracing and passing the cum in their mouths back and forth to each other.

Meanwhile the Mings were instructed to sixty-nine each other on the floor while the Captain and the doctor fucked them both in the ass. As their passions rose the other guests chanted "Cum, cum, cum," repeatedly and applauded until all four of the participants reached orgasm.

The Mings were then ordered to lick and clean the cocks that had just penetrated their asses.

I watched the various scenes unfolding before me. It was like watching a porno orgy movie. I suddenly heard Aziza's voice addressing me, bringing me back to reality. It was soft but commanding. "Come here slave and kneel before me. Kiss my feet and worship your queen!"

I quickly fell to my knees before her and pressed my lips to the toe of her boot. She in turn placed the other boot heel on my back.

"Look between my legs slave and tell me what you see." She said.

I looked up from her boot and saw that she had lifted her dress to expose he beautiful brown hairless cunt with its pink inner labia. She was moist and I could smell the intoxicating musk exuding from her lovely pussy.

"I see the gates to the kingdom and paradise just beyond mistress." I replied.

She smiled, or rather smirked down at me and said, "Very good slave, someone has taught you well. Would you like a taste of paradise?"

"Yes please Mistress. I would be deeply honored to taste your honey and feel your moist cunt anoint my face." I respectfully replied.

"The do it, slave. Inhale and taste my sweet nectar and don't stop until I tell you." She commanded.

I became lost in my task. I was completely into my submissive zone, sucking and licking and breathing her essence when suddenly I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks and lubricating my anus.

I dare not look around to see who it was for risk of incurring Aziza's wrath for interrupting my oral administrations.

I suddenly felt something hard and large against my rectum. It was not a real cock because it had no give to it. I realized that one of the other women there had strapped on a dildo and was about to fuck me with it.

At first it hurt but I fought the urge to tighten up and relaxed as best I could. It worked. The pain started to subside as I yielded to the plastic phallus that was assaulting it.

The pain was replaced with pleasure as the dildo rubbed against my prostate and soon caused the semen in my balls to involuntarily rise through my penis and spill out on the cabin floor.

The woman behind me laughed and pulled out the dildo which made a popping sound and said, "What a good little faggot. You came quickly; I'll bet you love a big cock in your ass!" It was the Captain's wife Eve's voice.

It was not pleasurable. It was more like a reflex action which I had no control over. I had been milked like an a****l.

Meanwhile Aziza, who was pulling my by my hair so tight against her quivering cunt I could not breath, began to cum. She came violently crushing my face.

I was close to suffocation. I started feeling dizzy from lack of air and was about to pass out, when she finally came and pushing me back with her boot, sent me tumbling backwards on the floor.

As I started to regain my equilibrium, I looked up and saw Eve, smiling down at me with the dildo strapped to her groin.

"Ok faggot," She said, "You can thank me for giving you your puny little orgasm by laying on your back while I straddle your face so you may pay homage to my cunt.

I quickly rolled over to oblige her as she ripped off her dildo and pounced on my face smothering me and drowning me in her copious juices.

Once again I found it difficult to breath. I knew if I didn't make her cum quickly, she could easily suffocate me with her luscious pussy and thighs.

I quickly drew in a deep breath as she resettled herself on my face and using my lower lip to anchor her clitoris, started circling it with my tongue, carefully avoiding direct contact until I heard her start to moan.

I then quickly ran the flat of my tongue back and forth across her clit to create the most friction possible and listened to her screams as she came against my mouth.

At first she just collapsed on top of me but fortunately I could manage to get enough air to keep me going by arching my head forward and breathing through my nose.

She rolled off me and said, "You will be punished for making me cum so fast bitch, I prefer my slaves savor my pussy longer before licking me to orgasm. First get up and mix me a Manhattan, on the rocks.

I got up and headed for the bar. My jaw ached, my ass burned and I felt like I had been ****d by the Hell's Angels. I had made her cum too soon and was in big trouble. Worst of all, I had no idea how to mix a Manhattan.

I looked around the bar at the Captain's party and found a "Bartender's Guide to Mixing Drinks." I quickly looked up the recipe for a Manhattan and mix the drink for Eve. She grabbed the drink from my hand and took a swig.

"Not bad for a beginner," She informed me and walked away from the bar looking for another slave to torture.

As I looked around the room I could see that the Gillian's were putting my Angel through her paces. She was on her knees with her face buried in Mrs. Gillian's crotch while Mr. Gillian took her doggy style from behind.

The Mings were giving blow jobs to Daniel and Bodiddy while the Doctor and he wife, spanked them with belts. Bill and Cynthia were busy fucking the Captain and his wife.

It was nice to be left out for a change and I must admit the various scenes going down were quite erotic.

After a few more orgasms it seems everybody was ready for a break. "Let's go for a swim," the Captain stated and we all adjourned to his private pool just behind his cabin.

It was really refreshing, the water was about eighty-five degrees and there were millions of stars that you don't see from the mainland blotting out the sky.

Angel swam over to me and said, "How are you doing baby, holding up ok?"

I took my new bride in my arms and gave her a long lingering kiss. She tasted like Daniel's semen and Mrs. Gillian's pussy. "I'm ok, how about you?" I asked.

"My anus is sore from Mr. Gillian's cock. I'll just be glad when this night is over and we can go back to our own lives!" She answered.

After the swim, well all put on our terry-cloth robes and returned to the Captain's cabin. We were expecting to once again be told to strip and resume our slave status but instead we were told to dress.

We dressed and returned to the main cabin room. The Captain then informed us that we were no longer slaves and had paid our dept and passed out the tapes which they had used to blackmail us with.

We then spent the rest of the evening being served drinks and refreshments by the Captain's staff. We were treated like equals and spent a very pleasant evening chatting with the other guests just like a normal cocktail party.

As we were preparing to leave, the Captain informed us that we were now part of the "Captain's Circle" which entitled us to VIP treatment for the rest of the cruise and any future cruises.

All charges on our credit cards were cancelled and refunded to our account. We were given express disembarkation privileges and there was a limousine waiting for us to take us home.

The cruise was over, it had cost us nothing but a little humiliation. We were told that all future cruises would be half price and we would be given automatic upgrades and VIP treatment as a permanent part of the Captain's Circle. We can hardly wait for our next cruise.... Continue»
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It had been a tough year for both Jenny and her father,
she had lost her mother and he had lost his wife 6
months ago to cancer. Both were devastated by her
passing and it took many months before they were able
to move on. Jenny's grandparents had felt very sad for
both of them and wanted to cheer them after having such
a down year so they decided to treat them and send both
Jenny and her father on cruise in the Caribbean.

Jenny was excited with this news because being only 15
years old she had yet to travel anywhere interesting.
Her father agreed this would be a good idea to help
both of them move on with their lives and give Jenny
some happier memories instead of just sad and
depressing ones.

The time had come and they would be leaving in the
morning for their flight to Miami where they would
catch the cruise ship. As her father passed his
daughters bedroom he could see through the slightly
opened door his daughter modeling her new bikini in
front of a mirror, wow he thought, my little girl
really has grown up now. Jenny had large C cup breasts
and a perfect hour-glass figure topped off with
gorgeous brown silky hair. She looked almost like a
carbon copy of his wife when she was that age. He
sighed deeply to himself, he really missed his wife,
companion and lover.

The plane ride was uneventful and they were soon there
and boarding the large cruise ship which would take
them to several islands over 7 days. When they got to
their room however there was a bit of a mix up, there
was only one queen size bed instead of two singles as
they had requested.

It was explained to them that someone screwed up and
thought they were married since they had the same last
name, they apologized but there wasn't anything they
could do about it since they were fully booked. They
simply just passed off some free club and casino
vouchers as a "sorry" and that was it.

Jenny's father began to tell her that he would just
sl**p on the floor but Jenny just laughed at him and
told him not to be crazy, they could just share the bed
since it was big enough. He was hesitant, "I don't know
if that is right sweetie..."

But before he could continue she interrupted him "what
wouldn't be right is me hogging the bed while you
suffer on the floor the whole week, don't be silly and
don't treat me like a baby." So it was settled they
would just share the bed and stay to each others sides.

That night as the cruise set out into the Caribbean sea
both of them toured the massive ship and ate later at
the large buffet dinner. It was getting late towards
the end of the evening that Jenny met some people her
age and hit it off with them. Normally Jenny's father
might have been more protective with her after all she
was still 15 years old but she was having a good time
and she seemed happy for the first time in a long while
so he left her alone to be a normal teenager.

Before returning to their room he went to the bar and
had some drinks. He noticed most people on this cruise
were couples and attached, the only singles were young
teenagers here with their parents. He sighed again to
himself realizing there was absolutely no chance was
going to be meeting any one on this trip. After a few
shots and a few drinks he had a buzz going but decided
he better go to sl**p before he got any d***ker.

Jenny made her way back into the room after 1:30am, she
was worried that her dad would be mad at her but she
was relieved to see that he had already gone to sl**p.
She quickly stripped down to her bra and thong panties
and crawled into bed on her side. Her bra was
irritating her however, so she quickly unhooked it
thought as long as she had the covers over her it would
be ok, she could just put it back on again in the
morning. She was exhausted from the long day and plane
flight and easily fell into a deep sl**p.

Sometime in the middle of the night Jenny's father
rolled over and out of habit through his arm over Jenny
with one hand landing on her naked breast thinking it
was his deceased wife. He was in a dreamy state and
combined with his mild d***kenness he thought he was
sl**ping with his wife once again.

He had now pulled himself up close with his daughter
pulling her into a spoon position. He had a raging
hard-on that had escaped his boxers and was free. When
He pulled her closer again even more his cock landed
right up beside her thong covered pussy.

In her father's dream he was now fucking his wife in
this position, in reality his dick was rubbing up and
down against his daughter's teenage pussy giving her a
dry fuck. Jenny was in a deep sl**p and did not awaken,
however her breathing increased and she began to get
wet down there from all the stimulation of her fathers
cock. All this rubbing back and forth caused the thong
to shift to the side exposing her 15 year old pussy.

Now her father's cock was rubbing and nuzzling up
directly against her young pussy. Her father could
instinctively feel the extra warmth and when finally
the tip of his cockhead found its way partially into
the entrance of her now very wet pussy it was too much
for him and his cock exploded spewing tons of his sperm
right at the entrance of her young cunt and each spurt
after that coated her entire lower area.

Although there was no penetration her entire pussy was
drenched with his sperm which was now running down her
ass and thigh. Neither of them even had any clue what
had just happened both were off in dreamy states, both
thought they were fucking in their dreams. Little did
they know how close they had come in reality.

After her father had ejaculated all over her he had
turned over and continued to sl**p, his deflating cock
withdrew back into his boxers and after a while of
shifting around through the night most of the cum on
Jenny had dripped off of her.

In the morning Jenny did not notice anything out of the
ordinary. It was still dark in the room, it smelled a
bit weird in the room but she wasn't sure what that
was. She just simply got up and headed straight to the
shower. Showering herself off she didn't even notice
her bottom half was a mess. She changed into her bikini
and headed to the top deck to sun tan and then later
met up with some of her new friends.

When her father woke up a little later, Jenny had left
him a note calling him a sl**py head and told him to
meet her up on the top deck. He was a little confused
about last night, his dream seemed so real, he hadn't
dreamed about his wife in months and then out of a
sudden he had a very erotic dream about her. He
realized he must of cummed in his pants through the
night by accident and felt embarrassed about that.

Jenny noticed her father had eventually made his way to
the top deck. He was wearing some newer style men’s
bathing suit, the kind you might see typical 20 year
old men wearing. She thought he kind of looked funny in
them since he was so old and slightly over weight. He
sat next to her and took off his shirt so he could go
swimming. Jenny could see he was starting to grey
already now, I guess this was the time for it after all
he was 52 years old.

Over the next couple days they kept busy stopping at
two islands and taking in the sights and sounds. Jenny
also started spending more time with a boy she had met
earlier, he was about 16 and both of them had been
making out and fooling around a little at night but not
going all the way since Jenny was still a virgin.

Then one night mid way through the cruise Jenny and her
new friend ended up drinking a little too much. Jenny
ended up giving her first ever blow job, she was very
nervous but he seemed to really like it which only
encouraged her, after a few minutes of sucking him off
he cummed in her mouth, she even managed to swallow
most of it. She was rewarded by the young man eating
her pussy out, likewise this was also his first time
performing oral on a girl. All these new sensations
plus the alcohol they had consumed easily pushed her
over the edge and she orgasmed for the first time with
a boy.

Her father during this time was getting extremely
d***k, he decided to use up that free club pass and was
having drink after drink feeling depressed and sad for
himself. All he could see were happy couples dancing
and having a good time, just like he had observed
earlier there were no single women here his age but he
decided to hang around for a while and continue to have
some more drinks.

Jenny eventually staggered back to her room on such a
huge high, she felt really good and grown up. It was
her first major sexual experience and she thoroughly
enjoyed it. She was so d***k that she had a hard time
getting back to her room and when she did she wasn't
even thinking straight, she simply just stripped naked
and lay down in the middle of the bed. She replayed the
evening over and over again in her head while fingering
herself and eventually passed out.

Jenny's father was the d***kest he had been in the
longest time. He took out his sadness and depression by
getting totally wasted, this was not like him at all
but he figured he was on vacation so why the hell not.
He had trouble finding his way back to his room so one
of security guards helped him find his way.

When they both got to his room the guard helped open
the door for him. The guard smiled and joked to him
when he saw Jenny passed out naked, "Looks like your
wife has been waiting for you."

Jenny's father wasn't thinking clearly and just said,
"Yah thanks I love her," subconsciously though it
implanted in his mind that he was with his wife totally
forgetting that he was actually with his daughter. When
he walked in to the room it was dark again, he was so
d***k he didn't even remember he was with his daughter,
all he could think about was making love to his wife.

He could see the outline of what he thought was his
wife, he knew her body well, every curve and form. In
his d***ken haze he had forgotten that Jenny had the
exact same body as his wife, in his mind it was his
wife there waiting naked for him. He stripped naked and
joined her in the bed.

He pulled up close to her and started to caress and
kiss her sexy body. He let his hands roam all over her
large breasts and moved his other hand down to her
pussy lips. He noticed she was already wet, he
proceeded to finger her slowly. He whispered in her
ear, "Oh Sara, I love you so much we need to have sex
more often, I just love you so much Sara and need you
more then ever." Jenny immediately woke up as her
father started to whisper to her, her eyes went wide
open but she froze. What was happening here?

She quickly realized her own father was fingering her
and kissing her body. Her father reeked of alcohol and
was too d***k mistaking her for her dead mother. Jenny
didn't know what to do, she was scared, a little bit
embarrassed but at the same time she was very turned
on. Her father was fingering her very good and without
even realizing it she found herself starting to moan.

Then suddenly he withdrew his fingers and shifted
positions, maybe he realized he made a mistake she
thought but that wasn't the case she was shocked to
find her father had moved down between her legs and had
started to lick and eat out her pussy.

She knew what was happening was wrong but she remained
frozen unable to move. She didn't know what to do, her
father was pleasuring her thinking he was with her
mother, his wife. It also didn't help that she was
still slightly d***k herself. Should she speak up and
try to stop him? She was too confused his licking of
her clit and pussy was over powering to her she was on
verge of her second orgasm tonight so her body made the
decision for her.

Somehow she found herself instinctively holding his
head tight against her pussy mean while closing her
legs as tight as possible around him. Then what
happened surprised Jenny, she orgasmed even more
intensely then earlier tonight. Her father had just
given her a better orgasm, she kept thinking this is
supposed to be wrong, why am I letting this happen?

Even in his d***ken state her father knew that she had
just orgasmed so he shifted positions again and was now
hovering over her sucking on her neck and playing with
her tits. Jenny became aware that his rock hard dick
was teasing her pussy lips. She was again scared, was
he actually going to take her virginity?

She watched helplessly as her father again sat up,
spread her legs wider and took his large cock and
started to massage it up and down on her pussy. She
noticed how her father's dick was much larger and wider
then the boy she was just with. She didn't even know
men could have such large penises. After teasing her
pussy for a short time, her father had found the mark
and the tip of his cockhead slipped a tiny bit into her
tight teenage cunt.

All Jenny could do is take a deep breath and bite her
lip, here was her 52 year old father about to fuck her
and take her virginity and she was doing nothing to
stop it. Her fathers cock started to slide in about an
inch and then a tiny bit further, she winced in slight
pain when his cock touched her hymen, he had reached
her barrier, her maidenhood.

Her father wasn't sure why his wife seemed so tight
tonight, he told himself probably because they haven't
had sex in a long while. He continued to ease his cock
in but was having difficulty getting all the way in,
all he could get about 2 inches tops into her. Maybe he
was at a wrong angle or something, he was getting a
little impatient so he pulled his dick out lined it up
again at the right angle and just slammed it into her
as hard as he could.

Jenny again winced in pain as her fathers cock tarred
through her sacred virginity making her officially a
woman. The pain was unbearable for a about a minute but
it started to subside. Her father had now started to
thrust in and out of her slowly, she was now shamefully
starting to feel pleasure again from her own father
fucking her.

Jenny watched as her father held on to her legs and
plowed into her deeper and deeper, where no man has
ever been before. She would have never envisioned that
her father would be the one to take her virginity but
here they were father and daughter fucking away, only
her father was too way too d***k and had mistaken her.

By now Jenny had surrendered herself to the feelings of
pleasure, she was now humping back at her father and
they were fucking at a good pace in sync. This being
her first time having sex she was amazed how naturally
it all came to her, her body instinctively already knew
what to do, she was on a verge of another orgasm.

Just as she started to cum her father was plowing into
her quite hard now and yelled out, "Oh god Sara, here
it comes baby, aarrahh!" He suddenly stopped and held
himself firm in her, she could feel her father
ejaculating his sperm into her which felt warm, she
felt could feel him squirt several times in her filling
her young virgin cunt fully for the first time ever.
When he was finished he collapsed on her for a minute
still impaled inside her. Jenny putting her hands on
his back embracing him could feel his sweat from the
work out they just had.

After her father went soft he rolled over on to his
back and feel asl**p. Jenny just laid there beside him
trying to catch her breath and come down from the high
of just being fucked and having two orgasms. She
lowered her hand to her pussy and it was a sticky mess
of cum, there was a huge puddle below her where most of
her fathers cum had already leaked out of her.

She could not believe she just had sex with her father,
her father had just devirginized her and worse she
realized that he had fucked her unprotected. Being only
15 years old and not sexually active yet she had not
been on any birth control pills. Her father had just
planted a huge load of sperm into her fertile womb.
What was done was done though, they wouldn't be
arriving back to the port in Miami for another couple
days anyways so there was no way to even get an after
morning pill even if she wanted to.

Jenny glanced over at her now sl**ping father, up until
tonight she had never seen him an sexual light but she
could see why her father and mothers sex life was very
good before she got sick. Her father definitely knew
how to pleasure a woman even when he was d***k.

What happened tonight was not planned but as a result
she was now looking at him in a different light.
Whether he knew it or not he had made her his lover
tonight and she was basking in that glow. She pulled
over the covers and lay across her father's chest, her
breasts mashing into his hair chest and moving one of
her legs over his own. Her father instinctively threw
his arm over her as well and she fell asl**p with him.

Sometime a few hours later in the early morning just
before the sun was about to rise Jenny's father woke
up, he was still d***k from drinking so much only hours
ago, waking up d***k is always a weird experience, it
was pitch black and he felt his love asl**p holding on
to him.

Feeling her naked butt he started getting hard again,
he reached a little father and between her legs and
remembered he had already fucked his wife earlier so
she was already wet. With what he still thought was his
wife he pulled her petite body over him so that her
pussy was lined up with his now hard cock.

Ever so slowly he pulled her body down on his hard cock
and with the pressure her body began to sink in on his
cock. Jenny immediately woke up again when she felt the
penetration, she found herself on top of her father
with him holding and moving her hips up and down on his
cock, she was on top riding her father!

After he had mistakenly taken her virginity earlier
Jenny had already abandoned any resistance to him, she
was now wide awake she started to hump back at him and
matched his movements and was now sitting up more
straddling him and riding his large old hard cock.

Her father was alternating between fondling her tits
and squeezing her ass as she rode him. Jenny couldn't
believe she was now so freely fucking her father in
such a position, she had only seen people fuck in this
position in some pornos she had seen but never really
imagined she would be having sex like this for only the
second time she had ever done it.

Her father only had his eyes open partially, it just
felt too good to be fucking his beautiful wife again,
he wasn't even sure why they hadn’t fucked in so long
but all he knew was that he was enjoying this night
with her, he whispered to her with slurred words, "Oh
Sara you always knew how to ride a cock good, your my
cowgirl, ride me hard baby." Jenny felt her father
start hold her ass harder with both hands and slam her
down harder on his cock, he was close to cumming again
and she knew it this time.

Her father started to groan loudly and stopped moving,
Jenny also stopped moving and she could feel warm fluid
entering her yet again tonight, her father was
ejaculating his load of sperm a second time into her
without even realizing it was actually his daughter and
yet again Jenny had done nothing to stop it in fact she
was a willing participant this time, at least for
tonight she had become her fathers lover whether she
wanted to believe it or not.

After he finished spurting his load into her they both
fell asl**p again this time with Jenny completely
collapsed on top of him with his now softened cock
inside her.

Both of them did not wake up until many hours later,
her father started to stir a little and both began to
wake up together in each others arms. The light was
still dim and her father was still disoriented from
last night, his mind still foggy and with a naked women
on top of him he subconsciously just thought it was his
wife. He spoke to her, "Oh god Sara, we had some crazy
sex last night just like old times, I love you so

Jenny realized she had to tell him the truth, once he
wakes up a little more his senses would kick back in
again and realize what he did, she replied to him
softly, "I love you too... but I am not Sara."

Her father moved her off of him and they locked eyes,
instantly it all came back to him, he realized
immediately what had happened and was in shock himself.
He just kept repeating over and over again "Oh my god!
Oh my god!" He started apologizing and asking himself
how he could be so stupid, he was panicking and was
becoming frantic pacing around their small room. Jenny
put a stop to this she told him to sit back down and
relax and just talk with her.

Jenny could see her father was in starting to tear up,
he had violated his own daughter's body when he was
shit faced d***k. He sat down and Jenny simply just
hugged her father tight holding him. Her father was
still uneasy, his daughter was still naked and was
mashing her breasts into him, this was only helping to
stir hardness in his cock.

She explained to her father what was done was done and
that reassured him that he didn't **** her. She went on
to explain that they were both d***k, lonely and in
need of love. Even though his d***kenness clouded his
common sense she did not stop him because he made her
feel good and she was happy to make him feel good and
that was all that mattered.

Jenny's father was now calming down but still had guilt
for what he had done, he tried to tell her that i****t
was wrong and what happened shouldn't have happened at
all between them. Jenny told her father that she
thought that as well initially but realized that it was
just the two of them now, all they had were each other.
She had always loved her father and now was no
different only now she loved her father in a new way.

Her father was still unconvinced, it may have been an
honest mistake but he had committed i****t with his 15
year old daughter, mistake or no mistake there was no
excuse for it. In his d***ken stupidity he had done a
terrible thing. He violated his little girl, the girl
he was supposed to protect no matter what.

Seeing her naked however he could not help but keep
thinking of his wife, he understood now how easily he
could have been confused. His daughter’s body was
exactly like her mothers, only this was his 15 year old

Despite whatever he was thinking in his mind his cock
was thinking the opposite, it was now fully erect.
Jenny noticed this as well and commented, "It must not
be too wrong if you are getting that excited for me. I
love you dad and always will, we only have each other,
why not be happy together instead of being so miserable
like the past several months."

Jenny grabbed her fathers cock and started to slowly
give him a hand job. Her father did not stop her and
remained silent, just like how Jenny had froze last
night when her father advanced on her, he like wise
froze not sure what to do or say. Jenny now lowered her
head and started to give her father a blow job, her
first blow job to the young boy she realized had now
been some good practice for her, she was now able to
give her father a nice slow blow job with more

Her father still did not stop her, it felt too good for
him to do that. He however couldn't fully accept that
his daughter was sucking him off so in his mind he
pretended that it was Sara his wife again. With this
denial in his head he allowed his daughter to continue
sucking him off. He started to moan, "Ohh Sara... uh I
mean Jenny."

Jenny stopped for a minute and said, "It's ok dad, you
can call me Sara, it alright, don't worry." She
continued to give him a good sucking until he reached
his limit and exploded in her mouth. Spurt after spurt
of cum filled her mouth and Jenny swallowed all of it.

They showered and cleaned up together. For the rest of
the trip they continued on like a normal father and
daughter during the day sight seeing the islands and
taking part in activities around the ship but by night
time they were lovers. Jenny became his Sara for him,
they both came to accept this arrangement from then
after. Both of them grew to accept and cherish this new
relationship and grew much closer together.

After they arrived back home Jenny later missed her
period and discovered she was pregnant with her own
father's baby. Being just barely 16 years old now both
realized they could get into a lot of trouble if people
figured out the truth. So very quietly but quickly they
sold their home and moved to another large city 12
hours away by car.

Their f****y was saddened that they were moving away so
far but Jenny's father used the excuse that there was
an exciting job opportunity there that he just couldn't
give up.

Just before the baby was born they both changed their
last names so that they could slowly slip away from
their relatives. The baby was born under the new last
name. Jenny had also changed her first name to Sara.
They were both now living together in appearance as
husband and wife. Nobody in their new neighborhood knew
otherwise, they just assumed my father was rich and
went for a young trophy wife.

Our f****y eventually did try to find us after we
dropped off contact with them but they did not have
much success and could not find us. The police had
advised them they had changed their names but could not
reveal to them what our new name was or what our new
address was due to privacy reasons. The cops also had
no reason to suspect us of anything improper, for all
they knew we just wanted to get away from our f****y
which is nothing new or unusual for the police, they
see that all the time in their line of work.

Many years later I am still living with my father as
his husband, I have fully taken over my mothers place
and identity. My father no longer sees me as his
daughter but as his wife instead and we are happy with
this arrangement.

Every once in a while we go back on cruises together,
sometimes we recreate that fateful night and end up
having very passionate sex. I later went on to have a
total of three c***dren with him, all beautiful girls.
I wonder one day if I will ever tell them the truth
about their parents but for now we were happy living
the life my mother had started but was unable to
finish, we were both helping to honor her legacy in our
own twisted way.

The End

... Continue»
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A Cruise Ship Story

We are lying out on the deck of our cruise ship by the pool. It’s a beautiful day and we are enjoying ourselves. You are in a bikini lying on your back. You decide you need to turn over and ask me to apply some suntan oil to your back. You get up from your chaise lounge and stand up. I sit up in my chair and look up at you. I spread my legs and put my feet on the ground. I motion for you to sit down on the chair between my legs. You sit down at the end of the chair with your back to me and scoot yourself back towards me. I scoot forward a little bit. You feel my hands on your hips then I run them down on your thighs. You reach over with your right hand and place it on my knee. You lean back so your back presses against my chest. Then you take your left hand and grab the back of my head as you turn your head to kiss me. You feel my hands on rub and down your thighs as our lips meet. I part my mouth slightly and feel your tongue slip into
my mouth. You take your right hand and put it behind your back on my cock. You begin to rub my cock through my swim trunks as we continue to kiss. I begin to suck on your tongue as you feel my hands move up to your stomach. I run my hands up and down your sides as we continue our passionate kiss. You begin to suck on my bottom lip and then kiss my chin. You look at me and say, “Let’s go back to our room babe.” I say, “I like that idea hun.” You turn around so that now you’re sitting sideways on the lounge. You reach down with your left hand and begin to rub my cock again. You lean over and begin to whisper in my ear, “I want your nice hard cock Andy. I want to cover it with oil and fuck me hard.” You feel my cock getting harder as you continue to rub it. You kiss me on the lips and tell me, “Let’s go babe.” You reach over and grab your towel and wrap it around your waist as you stand up. I stand up and grab the
suntan oil and my towel. I hold my towel in front of me so no one can see my visible erection through my swim trunks. We walk back side by side to our room. As we are walking you reach under my towel grabbing at my cock. As I’m unlocking the door you stand behind me and put your right hand on my cock. You whisper in my ear, “Let me suck your cock right here.” I turn around and lean up against the door as you drop to your knees. I drop my towel and suntan oil as I feel your hands reach inside my waist band to untie my trunks. After you untie them you put your hands on the waist band and pull them down around my knees. You grab my hard cock and start stroking me with your right hand. You continue to stroke it as it gets nice and hard. You open your mouth and lick the bottom of my tip with your tongue. Then you start to take my hard cock deep into your mouth. Your warm wet mouth feels so good as you work up and down on my hard cock. You
lick the bottom of my shaft from my balls to my tip. You stroke my cock with your hand as you suck on my tip. Wrapping your lips around it tightly and swirling your tongue around it. As you take my hard cock deeper into your mouth we hear some people coming down the hall. We both look in the direction of the voices and see four people walking toward us. You go back to sucking my hard on my shaft as I lean my head back on the door and brace myself. You hear me moaning, “Oh Monica that feels so good,” as the group of people passes us in the hall way. I reach down with my right hand and brush the hair out of your face so I can see your eyes as you suck my hard cock. You look up at me and give me a wink. You take my cock out your mouth and say “Fuck me, Andy.” I begin to reach for the door knob with my hand you tell me not yet. You pull my swim trunks down completely and I step out of them. You look at me after you stand up and wrap your
arms around me. You put your arms behind my neck and pull me to you. You plant your nice soft moist lips on mine and then I part your lips with my tongue. You feel my tongue slip into your mouth. You rub up against my hard cock. I reach down with my right hand and take off your towel. Then I pull your bottoms to the side exposing your tight wet pussy. You lift your right leg up and wrap it around me. I grab it with my left hand as you feel my hard tip rub up against your pussy. You break our kiss and tell me, “Fuck me Andy.” I bend at the knees slightly and grab the back of your left leg. You wrap it around me as you feel my hard tip slip into your pussy. You wrap your arms and legs around me tightly as you slide your wet pussy down on my cock. You feel hands on your bottom as I lean back against the door. You take your feet and put them against the door. You begin to slide up and down on my hard shaft as I help you. I thrust my hips
to meet you as my hard shaft slides in and out of you. We hear more people coming down the hall as we continue to fuck. We start to get hot and sweaty as you feel my hard shaft deep inside your pussy. You stop with my cock all the way inside you and wrap your legs around me again. You tell me, “Let’s go inside.” I reach behind be and open up the door. I push it open with my butt and turn around as the door swings open. I wrap my arms around you and begin to walk into the room. We leave my towel, swim trunks and suntan oil out in the hallway. I reach back with my right foot and kick the door shut. I walk us over to the bed and I take a seat. You unwrap your legs around me and straighten out your legs. You rock back and forth on my hard cock as we begin to kiss. I put my hands on your ass and start to lift you up and down on my thick shaft. You feel my hard cock penetrate you in and out as our bodies get hotter and sweatier. You stop
kissing me and tell me it’s time to get oiled up. You climb off of me and stand up in front of me. You look at me as I stare at your body. You reach back and untie your bikini top. You put your hands on top of your breasts as the strings fall to the sides. You pinch your nipples through the material and then lift your top over your head. Then you reach down and pull your bottoms off of you while looking at me right in the eye. You tell me, “I’ll be back with oil.” I watch your beautiful ass as you walk toward to the door. You open the door and reach out of it to grab the oil, our towels and my swim trunks. You shut the door behind you and drop the towels and swim trunks. As you walk back into the room you squeeze the bottle of oil with your left hand, squirting oil all over your tits. I see you as you begin to rub your tits with your right hand. You walk closer to me and squirt some more oil on your chest. You tell me to lay down
on the bed. I scoot back and lay down on the bed. You stand at the foot of the bed and take some oil and drip some on my legs. You toss the bottle of oil by my left side as you put your hands on the bed. You begin to rub your well oiled tits on my left shin while looking at my hard cock. You reach up with your left hand and rub the inside of my left thigh as I feel your nipples against my leg. You slide your well oiled tits up my leg to my thigh. You reach your left hand and grab my hard cock as you rub your tits up and down my thigh. You move your head toward my hard cock. You take your hand off my cock and tilt your head. You lick up the side of my hard shaft toward my tip as you look at me. You taste your sweet juices with my precum as you take my cock into your mouth. As you have my cock in your mouth you reach with the right hand and grab the oil. You squirt some on my stomach and chest. You work my cock in and out of your mouth as you use both hands to rub the oil into my body. I put my right hand on top of our left and my left hand on top of your right hand as they rub my stomach and sides. I close my eyes and moan as you my hard shaft slides out of warm wet mouth. You take your hands and slide them down my stomach toward my cock. I take my hands off of yours as they meet at my cock. You rub your well oiled all over my hard cock and balls. You look at me as you get up on your knees. You are up on your knees in between my legs. You pick up the bottle of oil and pour some on your tits again. I watch it as it drips down your cleavage to your stomach. Then you take some and pour some on my cock, stomach and chest. You lean down and place your hands by my sides. You feel my slip pery hard cock slide in between your tits. Then you begin kissing my hips and stomach. As your well oiled tits rub on my hard shaft. You squeeze your tits together around my hard cock and start to titfuck me. I let out a moan as I watch you slide my dick between your cleavage. You start to kiss your way up my body. You begin by kissing my stomach, then my chest and then my nipples. You gently tease and bite my left nipple as I feel your tits rub against my body. I feel your tongue slide across my chest to my right nipple. You lick it with your tongue and begin to suck on it. Then you kiss your way to my neck and ears then you whisper, "I want to fuck you, Andy". Before I can reply you have your lips on mine. You slide your warm tongue into my mouth as I wrap my arms around you. As we continue our passionate kiss I can feel the warmth of your pussy rubbing against the tip of my dick. Without breaking our kiss you start to lower yourself onto my well oiled hard cock. You let out a moan as you feel the tip of my cock enter your hot, moist pussy. You continue to slowly lower yourself down onto my cock feeling each inch of my shaft enter
your tight pussy. Once you have me all the way inside you, you break our kiss and straighten up you r body. I run my hands up and down your oiled thighs as I watch you as you start to rock back and forth on my cock as you play with your tits. You move your hips in little circles. You lean forward a little bit as start to bounce up and down on my hard shaft. I reach up and grab your shiny oiled up breasts. I begin to pinch and tease your nipples. You tilt your head back and then start to bounce up and down on me. Every time you bounce up and down, my cock almost slips out of you before you slam back down on it. You slow your rhythm down and put both of your hands on my chest to support yourself as you get off your knees and put your feet beneath you. You move your hands down by my hips as you start to squat on my hard shaft. I put my hands on top of yours as I look you in the eyes. You start to bounce faster and faster, up and down, you can
feel every inch of my hard dick slamming into your tight wet pussy. You squat back down on my cock and get back on your knees. Our bodies are glistening with perspiration as you grind your hips on my mine again. You lean down and put your elbows by my head. You kiss me on the cheek as we slowly grind our hips together. You tell me in my ear, “Do me doggy style, Andy.” You climb off of me, feeling my hard cock slip out of your pussy. You get on all fours and put your head on a pillow. I get behind you on my knees. You have your ass in the hair and I drip some spit onto your asshole then use my tongue to spread it around your asshole. You reach underneath yourself with your right hand and play with rub your clit while I continue to tongue your ass. Then I grab the bottle of oil and pour some on your ass. You feel it dripping out of your ass and down to your pussy. You feel my right hand start to rub your pussy. As I rub my palm against
your pussy and clit you feel my thumb slip into your ass. I toy with your ass and continue to rub your pussy and you look back at me and tell me to fuck you. I put my hands on your hips and rub the tip of my cock against your slippery lips. Then you feel my hard tip slide into your pussy. You back yourself up so my cock slides into your pussy faster. You feel me enter your tight pussy inch by inch. We both start to buck our hips in perfect sync. My cock works in and out of your hot tight pussy. As we continue to fuck I slide my thumb gently into your oiled up ass. You moan loudly as I fuck you harder. Your arms are folded and your face is in the pillow. You feel my hard cock ram hard into your pussy. You tell me that you’re about to cum. You look back at me and start to buck your hips uncontrollably. You moan loudly as you orgasm. I pull my dick out your pussy and my thumb out of your ass and I start to jerk myself off. You reach under
your body again to rub your clit as you reach the climax. As your body shudders and you scream out with pleasure you feel my hot cum drip onto your ass. You collapse flat on the bed and I lay down on my right side beside you. You turn on your left side and look at me. We scoot closer to each other and embrace each other. I tell you, “thank you Monica.” You tell me, “You’re welcome and thank you honey.” I say, “You’re welcome babe.” I kiss you on the lips and we press our sweaty, oiled bodies together as we hold each other. ... Continue»
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s****r in law on the cruise ship

I was just getting ready to step into the shower when the knocking at the door started. I had just finished a run and soak in the spa and was enjoying some time to myself. We had been on the cruise ship for five days of a ten day Alaskan cruise and everyone was going in and out of the cabin all day long.

I grabbed my sweaty shorts, slipped them back on and went to open the door. My sixty year old s****r in law was standing there with a glass of wine in her hand and a stupid look on her face. Nine A.M. and already drinking I thought to myself Mark (my older b*****r) you have one hell of a wife. My b*****rs wife smiled and asked where everyone was? "k**s are in the teen center, Amber (my wife) is taking the tour of the kitchen and cooking show and your husband it probably sucking cock somewhere". She laughed and pushed her way into the small room and sat on the lower bed. "You know that you smell like sweat and the showers running" she asked. "Yeah, I replied, I was about to shower when you came in". "Don't let me stop you she replied". At that point I knew I wasn't going to get rid of her any time soon. So I headed to the tiny bathroom and made the comment "theres another bottle of booze in the fridge".

I soaped up and was in the process of rinsing off when the door opened and Suzanne walks in and uses the toilet without even thinking about me being in the shower. I waited till she was in the middle of her pissing to shut off the shower and open the curtian to grab a towel. To my suprise she was completly naked and facing the shower. As soon as I opened the curtian she reached up and grabbed my dripping dick and guided it into her mouth. Still pissing away she started giving me one hell of a blowjob. After about five minutes I asked if she would rather go use one of the beds instead of the toilet. She broke suction and pulled me along by my dick and balls to the bed and continued sucking away. I reached down and started playing with her little titties and she moaned. Mark and I had talked over the years, he told me of the stuff he'd done to his wife, about how sensitive her nipples were and how she used to be more that willing to do anything he could imagine. I figured if she was going to suck his little b*****rs cock then I was going to do even more stuff to her. I pulled out of her mouth and moved her back on the bed. The empty wine bottle was sitting on the counter and I used that as a dildo as I rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She reacted about the way I expected, moaning and getting loud. She aked for me to give my dick to her so I moved onto the bed and let her continue sucking me. As I pushed the bottle deeper she got louder and I could seens her building orgasam. I pushed the bottle in more and slid one finger into her asshole. She let out a gasp and continued on with sucking me, when she came she shuddered and deep throated me to my balls. At that point I emptied my balls into her throat and she took it like a champ. She sucked and sucked until I couldnt give her anymore. When she finally came up for air she was smiling and pinching her nipples. I continued to use the bottle as a dildo and inserted another finger into her ass. She laughed and said "your a bad boy" and went back to sucking my dick. It only took a couple of minutes for my hard on to return and she quickly got onto her back and said for me to get rid of the bottle. Instead I pulled her legs up and pushed the head of my cock against her asshole. The wine bottle was still firmly lodged into her cunt. She gasped again and then relaxed as I began pushing into her ass. I pulled back out and spit on my dick for some lube and went back to her ass, this time my dick went in with little resistance, obviously my b*****r had been here a time or two before. I worked my dick into her slowly and finally was able to get all the way into her ass. In the meantime Suzanne was using the wine bottle, moving it in and out of her pussy with each thrust into her ass. When I finally as all the way into her ass I went for the golden ring, I rode her like it was going to be my last fuck. Suzanne to her credit and age matched me and we fucked for a good thirty minutes, her screaming into the pillow that I used to muffle her. She came three more times and I felt my seed rising and wanted to dump my load on her face. I pulled out of her ass and quickly moved to Suzannes face and began to beat off like I hated her. She opened her mouth and I gave her my second load of the day making sure to spray it all over her chin, cheeks and forehead. I pulled the wine bottle out of her pussy and told her she should get dressed and leave. Suzanne smiled and went into the bathroom to wash her face, dressed and left without saying a word. I opened the balcony sliding door to let the smell of pussy and ass out, made the bed, jumped back into the shower, and was in the process of getting dressed when my wife came back to the cabin to see if I wanted to go to the gym. ... Continue»
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Caribean Cruise

I do not own this nor do i take credit for it i found this story on I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I walked up the gangway, one of the last ones on, along with my friends Steve and John. We flown in on a late flight and rushed like crazy to get to the port. I couldn't believe our luck, or mine, rather. I won this cruise two months ago, in September. A two week cruise for two. I only had to pay for air from Chicago.

Since I had been divorced for five years and no girlfriend at the time, I asked my friend Steve, as I didn't want to take my two c***dren out of school. Plus the ex bitch I was married to would pitch a fit. She tried to get a court order to award the trip to her and her current loser. Luckily, the judge threw it out and made her pay my court costs.

John wanted to go, another friend, so he and Steve split the cost of the extra person. I had known them both for years, Steve is 34 and John is 35, while I'm 38. They're both ladies men, and whenever I've gone out with them since my divorce, I usually get the leftovers. Both are the bodybuilder type, about six-foot and two-thirty. While I'm a few inches taller than them, and not even two-hundred.

We boarded and took our bags to our cabin. This is a shake-down cruise, which is probably why we got it as a prize. Our cabin was on the fourth deck, the lowest deck containing guest cabins, and it was interior, so I wasn't surprised when I opened the door to find the quarters a bit cramped. I took the bed along the wall, telling the other two they could fight for the cot on the floor. After stowing our bags, we headed up to the Lido Deck to get a bite to eat, as we had late seating, anyway.

As we made our way, I noticed the boat didn't seem to have as many passengers on it as it should. We eached grabbed a hamburger from the outside cafe, and got a waiter to get us some beer. The three of us sat on the open deck and ate away, since we hadn't eaten since early this morning.

We then made our way about the boat, checking out what it had to offer in drinking and gambling facilities. I did talk to one officer of the boat, and found that the boat was only three-quarters filled. The ship normally carried over two-thousand passengers. This trip, just barely sixteen-hundred. We made the last seating for dinner, and had a wonderful and fancy meal. Steve and John were downing bahama momma's one right after another, while I held back, not wanting to get shit-faced the first night out.

After dinner, I split up from them, as they headed towards the casino, ready to loose their shirts. I wandered around, taking in the sights of what the ship had to offer. Four decks above our cabin was the empress deck, which had an information desk and a photo gallery where at an outrageous price you can buy pics of yourself that were taken during your cruise.

The next deck was the Atlantic deck, a theatre type area in the bow, two levels with a stage and plenty of tables to place your overpriced drinks. There were also a couple of shops, one a duty-free store and the other a regular souvenir style shop with assorted t-shirts and trinkets. There was also the entrance to the two dining rooms on this deck. The next deck was the promenade, this had the casino and three different bars and lounges. One was situated on the stern, and I found it to be quite nice and quiet.

The deck above this was the Lido, this had the pool in the middle, and a restaurant in the stern. There was an exterior walkway along the sides. The next deck was the Verandah, a raised walkway above the lido deck that surrounded the pool area, with a sunning area above the restaurant. It also contained about a dozen suites in the bow section. There was another deck above these cabins, that contained the spa, and above this was the sun deck. At the rear at the fantail was another raised sun deck, which a sign said was for topless or nude sunbathing.

After exploring all of this, and seeing my roommates totally trashed in a disco by the casino, I went to bed. They stumbled in sometime during the night, and one or both has to target vomit in the bathroom, before they hit the sack. I woke at first light, just as I felt the ships thrusters pushing us up against the dock in Nassau, our first port. I got up and showered, asked the two of them if they wanted breakfast, thought they would both toss their cookies again, so I wandered on up to the Lido deck for breakfast. The air was warm, with no breeze, the city looked great and colorful, all the pastel colors looked fantastic in the sun. We were here for the day, and I heard mention of others that they were going to Paradise Island to enjoy the beach. Not a bad idea, I thought. About ten o'clock, I went to my cabin, pulled on my swim trunks on and then my shorts on over them. Grabbed a beach towel that was provided, and headed to the deck below to disembark. My friends were still asl**p, so didn't bother asking them.

A porter at the dock got me into a cab with eight others, and we headed to the beach. I didn't really pay any attention to the other passengers, just noticed that they all had the same blue color of beach towels, all from our cruise ship. The ride lasted about ten minutes, and it was a bit scary as we were driven on the left side, opposite of the states. Plus, I didn't think there were any road rules, from watching our driver and the others on the road. We were dropped off by the Sheraton, and went up a path up over a hill and down to the beach. I walked about a hundred yards away from the hotel, and placed my towel down and then sat on it. The water was a wonderful green and blue mix, and the air was getting very warm, as I leaned back and started watching people go by. I was hit upon by about a dozen beach vendors in fifteen minutes, but they soon got the hint that I wasn't interested in getting my hair braided (of what I got left) nor taking a boat ride, parasailing, or jet ski rental.

I noticed a single lady, about thirty, dark hair, heavy chested, and rather muscular, set up her site about twenty yards from me. She had a cruise ship beach towel with her, as I watched the vendors, as they were annoying the hell out of her, and she was getting flustered. Two Bahamian men even sat down next to her and started to try to make conversation. I was about to get up and see if she wanted rescued, when another site caught my eye.

An older Asian couple were standing about twenty yards in front of me, by the waters edge. She was trying to change into her swimsuit while under her towel, but was having a heck of a time with the wind blowing the towel up, exposing her panty-clad ass, after she dropped her skirt. Her husband was trying to hold it down, as about four native men gathered around about ten feet away, watching. I thought "Aw fuck, I better do something."

I jumped up and grabbed my towel, and walked briskly to them. She had a panicked look on her face, as she was looking at the gathered men, and he wasn't looking much better. He looked at me, and I asked "You speak English?"

He answered, "Yes, I do, but my wife isn't very good at it."

I smiled and asked "Need a hand?"

She looked at him with a questioning face, and he replied "Where can she change?"

"Unfortunately, back at the boat, it's best to put your suit on underneath." A look of disappointment, as he looked at the other men. I also noticed some male passengers from our ship also checking out the scene. "But, there is a way to do it, without giving them a show."

His face brightened, "How?"

I handed him my towel, and started to reach for the one she was holding. "Um, you mind?" He nodded yes towards his wife. I grabbed the ends of the towel at the bottom and top, keeping it wrapped around her. I twisted the ends together, so the wind wouldn't blow it open. Then I said "Okay, now wrap the other one the same way and do the same thing on your side."

He fed the other towel through my arms and grabbed the ends, rolling them together. I was able to get a hold of the edges of his towel, and stretched it to cover the same area. She now had privacy, with only her head above the towel, and her legs from her knees down. I noticed the men leave, seeing that they weren't going to get a show. I got down on one knee, and said "Okay, she can change now."

He said something in a foreign language, and she smiled, as she soon disrobed under the towel, which is when we ran into a problem. Her bag was about five feet away, and I heard her say something, and he mumbled something back. He said "Her suit is in that bag." As he pointed to it. Guess we forgot something. I reached my foot out, but it was too far.

As I tried again, scooting closer, the dark-haired girl suddenly appeared, picked up the bag and carried it over, holding it up as the wife dug through it, pulling out a very small bikini. I looked at it and said "If I knew it was going to be that small, she wouldn't have needed the towels." Her husband and my fellow American both laughed. The wife wanted to know what was so funny, and when he told her in their native tongue, she smiled and blushed.

She had her suit on, and said "Okay." I stood up, taking my towel, and he theirs, revealing a very nice looking lady. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, saying thank you in bad English, and did likewise to our other helper. He shook our hands and they turned and went on down the beach, followed closely by a few vendors. I went back to my site and re-spread my towel, laying on it.

With my eyes closed, I heard a females voice "Excuse me?" Opening my eyes, I found the dark-haired lady that pitched in, "Do you mind if I join you," she looked around "Seems a woman can't be alone on this beach."

I chuckled, and said "No, not at all, bring your stuff over."

She smiled and turned and went over to her towel and beach bag, bringing them over. After getting settled, she said "Thank you, I was getting tired of being pestered by those men."

I said "Well, you're probably considered an easy target, being female and alone." I sat up, "You're not on the cruise ship by yourself, are you?"

"Good heavens no," she replied, "I'm with two cousins, but they got a bit d***k last night and didn't want to come along." I burst out laughing, "What’s so funny?"

I told her about my friends, and their drinking from last night. She smiled, as I said "By the way, my name is Mat." I stuck out my hand to shake.

She took it, and gave it a squeeze, "Mine is Sarah, please to meet you, you seem to be a gentleman." She gestured towards the Asian couple, now seating about a hundred yards from us.

I smiled, "Yeah, well, I noticed quite a few others around here weren't."

We talked the rest of the day, even put sun block on each other. I found she was from the Midwest also, down near Indianapolis, works as a nurse. Her cousins invited her along, and that they were on the deck above me. She was also pretty sure she seen my friends last night, hanging around her cousins briefly. We both noticed not too many singles on board.

By three, we were hungry and ready to go back to the ship. We got up and headed for the taxi stand. I noticed that the Asian couple ahead of us as we walked. All four of us, along with a f****y of five, shared a taxi back to the boat. Once cleared to board, we parted. I noticed the Asian man checking out our conversation, as before I headed up the stairs, she heading towards the elevator, "Well, I'll see you a round, hopefully, I've got late dinner."

She smiled and said "Unfortunately, I've got early," She took a few steps, and said over her shoulder, "I'll see what my cousins are doing, maybe I'll meet you in the morning for some sunning."

I smiled and waved, as she boarded the elevator. Damn, maybe I was going to get lucky after all. I went into my room, found it cleaned up and empty. I showered and put on some dress shorts and headed up to find my roommates. Yep, just where I thought they would be, on the Lido deck, laying on deck lounge chairs, drinking beer. They didn't have much to say, not that they could, already a few sheets in the wind. I noticed two younger ladies about twenty feet away, looked like younger versions of Sarah, suspect they were her cousins. They also had drinks at hand, and some very nice swimsuits.

I went and got something to eat and found a seat inside. I seen the Asian couple again, but they had a young lady with them, she looked like she couldn't be much more than nineteen. Very slender and attractive, I heard the older lady say something in her language to her after she spotted me. They both smiled at me, and I nodded and smiled back. The husband smiled also, as they went to a table nearby. They kept talking and looking my way, and I had a heck of a time trying not to get a woody thinking about the younger lady.

I finished my sandwich and headed out, didn't do much the rest of the day, sat next to my friends, seen Sarah approach the two women I spotted earlier. I hit the nail on the head there. She looked at me and smiled, a smile that didn't escape the notice of my friends. John looked at me funny, asking "She know you?"

I smiled as I watched her point me out to her cousins, waving hi to me as she talked to them, "Yeah, we were at the beach together." I told them.

Steve said "Damn, she has some friends."

"Those are her two cousins." They looked at me funny, "Hey, we were on the beach, okay."

Just then, three people were standing in front of me, I looked up to see the Asian couple and the younger lady. God she was gorgeous. I'm sure the older lady was even just as good looking in her day, not that she wasn't bad to look at now, either. He stuck out his hand, smiled and said "Sorry to bother you, sir, but we never introduced ourselves back at the beach," I shook his hand as he continued "I'm Mr. Yishanga, this is my wife," I stood and shook her hand, as he then pointed to the young goddess next "And this is my wife’s niece, Kayla."

I grasped our hand and said "Please to meet you, Kayla."

I was surprised when she said in perfect English "Please to meet you, I hear you're a gentleman."

I must have blushed, as she broke into a smile. I saw Sarah over her shoulder, she was smiling, too. Hmmm. I introduced myself "My name is Mat Stringer, I'm from near Chicago."

Mr. Yishanga said "My wife and I are from Japan, our niece grew up at Long Beach. Her father is American."

She added "I'm a pre-med student at USC."

We exchanged talk briefly, then they were on their way.

I was smiling, as I heard Steve ask "Sounds like you've become a popular guy."

John added in a sarcastic voice, "And such a perfect gentleman." I elbowed him in the shoulder as I sat down, as he added "I bet they wouldn't think that if they knew you would love to bang the shit out of their niece."

As I watched them exit the deck, I smiled, and sat back into the chair. The other two started asking questions, but I rolled onto my belly and ignored them. I relaxed and caught a few z's. John woke me, saying they were going down below to get changed and play at the casino. I got up and went with them, noticing that Sarah and her cousins were gone. Steve seen me look, and said "They left an hour ago, you've been sl**ping for about two."

I smiled and went on to our cabin. Not much was said, we changed and headed back up to the promenade deck. We decided to skip the dining room and settled on getting stuff from the restaurant on the Lido Deck as we went to playing black-jack and poker. I really watched, as Steve and John went at it at the tables for over two hours. Neither did bad, but not great either. Both were drinking and I suggested to them to stop playing since they were doing stupid plays. They both agreed, and they headed off towards the bar. I went along, grabbed a bud and drank slowly. We shot the shit for awhile, checked out the women that went by, most were attached. About eleven we headed to the lounge with the stage and watched the dance show, enjoyed the skimpy outfits worn by the dancers.

Finally got to bed after midnight. Slept like a baby. Woke up late in the morning with a heck of a hangover. The other two were asl**p, so I showered and left the room for topside. Went and ate in the dining room, and then went on to the Lido deck. I found a lounge chair in the sun and settled in. But soon, I heard my named called, I was looking all around then looked up. Above me on the Verandah was Sarah, leaning over and she hollered down, "Come on up and join us, we're going this way." She pointed towards the stern.

I waved okay and picked up my towel and found my way to the stairs. The day was to be spent at sea as we sailed towards San Juan. I found Sarah and her cousins on the rear of the boat, she was sitting up as her cousins were sprawled out on their chairs, absorbing the hot rays of the sun. She smiled as I approached, and pointed to a chair. I smiled back and sat down saying "Good morning."

She chuckled, "You mean good afternoon, looks like you were up a bit late last night." One of her cousins giggled.

"Yeah, we went gambling, then some drinking, caught the show." I replied.

"Loose your shirt?"

"Nah." I laughed, "I didn't even play, watched Steve and John instead. I don't gamble."

She smiled as a waiter came over, turning to him, she said "I'll have a strawberry daiquiri, these two will have Pepsi, and my friend here will have..." she looked at me.

"Oh, a beer will do, make it a bud lite." I responded.

The girls protested "Come on Sarah, a Pepsi?"

She ignored them, and said "Let me introduce you to my cousins, Mat," she pointed to each girl as she said "This is Heather, and this is April." The two of them said "Hello" in unison. Both were about the same size, and both had rather nice set of tits, as they were trying to pop out of their two-piece swimsuit.

I asked "They don't drink?"

"We would like to, but Sarah won't let us." Said Heather.

Sarah smiled, and said "That’s because Heather is eighteen and April nineteen. They're both u******e. And they both overdid it the other night!"

"Oh, I see, so you're sort of babysitting." I replied.

The girls mumbled something, and Sarah said "Yeah, sort of." The waiter arrived with our drinks, and she showed her card. Once he was gone, and we were sipping our drinks, she continued. "They wanted to go on a cruise, part of a gift from their parents, my aunt. Well, being under 21, they thought it best if they went with me, since I'm ten years older and single, it was a matter of convenience, plus, they paid my way."

"Wow," I replied, "And I thought I was lucky, I won this trip."

"Really? How?" Heather asked.

"A drawing, it called for two, my friends decided they both wanted to go, so they split the cost of the extra person." I took a drink, "It is a bit crowded in our room, though."

"How old are your friends?" Asked April.

"Old enough to be your older cousins" replied Sarah. I noticed a bit of mother hen there.

I chuckled "Mid thirties."

"That ain't old, heck, Sarah is thirty-four." Said Heather.

"Damn you Heather!" Sarah gently smacked her on her hip.

We all laughed, and the next three hours we talked and joked. The girls mentioned they wanted to get rid of their tan lines tomorrow on the sun deck, which just caused Sarah to roll her eyes and shake her head. I was secretly hoping to see that take place. About four, Mrs. Yishinga started around the corner, seen us, and made a hasty retreat. Both Sarah and I seen that, and we looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

After about twenty-minutes, both Mr. & Mrs. Yishinga appeared, with Kayla in tow. They approached us and waved hello. I stood up and greeted them, as he took my hand in his. I couldn't help but notice him checking out not only Heather and April, but also taking a good look at Sarah's big breasts. Compared to his wife, they were huge, even though she is only maybe a large c-cup. Kayla started talking to April and Heather, and the three of them, all about he same age, were soon talking up a storm. Immediately, I sensed this was planned, by someone’s part.

I asked "How you enjoying the cruise so far, Mr. Yishinga?"

He smiled, and said "Please Mat, call me Kyoto, my wife’s name is Sinya." he smiled, "We are enjoying it very much, and yourself?"

I smiled back, "It's been good so far, I've obviously have been good at meeting new people, and making friends." As the girls talked, and Sarah and Sinya tried to communicate, he took me to side and asked "I wonder if I could ask a favor."

Okay, I was wondering what he was up to, "Sure, go ahead and ask, I'll see what I can do."

"Well," he looked at his niece, "You see, this is sort of a second honeymoon for us, and well.."

I laughed "Okay, two is company and three's a crowd."

He smiled, and said "Seems you understand." I nodded my head, as he continued, saying "Sinya and I were wondering if you could keep Kayla occupied."

"Occupied? Or out of trouble?" I asked jokingly.

He surprised me by saying with a wink of his eye "That’s up to you." as he chuckled.

I had a hell of a time keeping my jaw from hitting the ship deck. He said "You're a gentlemen, and if things get carried away, I will understand."

Damn, what a new friend. But what about Sarah? "Okay Kyota, I'll keep an eye on her." I turned and looked at Kayla jabbering away with the other two, adding "But it looks like she has found some friends already."

He smiled, said something to Sinya in Japanese, and she got up and they went on their way. Sarah said "Lets go for a walk," she turned towards the girls "You three behave yourselves, we'll be back shortly."

I noticed them smile as we stood up, my pecker was trying to make a tent, and all three noticed it. She took my hand as we walked away, and once out of ear shot, she said "Looks like you're babysitting, too."

I looked into her blue eyes and said "Yeah, guess so."

"So, what we going to do?" she asked.

I smiled and said "The girls want to hit the sun deck."

She laughed, and I was surprised when she said "Maybe tomorrow, after touring San Juan." We walked for awhile, entered the atrium, moseyed around, grabbed another drink, and were in front of the information desk when I seen the sign, we actually both saw it, at the same time. It was for announcing the availability of upgrades of sl**ping accommodations and what was available.

She squeezed my hand and said "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

It only took ten minutes, and in that time, I was moved from the lowest damn deck all the way to a exterior cabin with balcony on the verandah deck. It cost us five-hundred dollars each, but since this was free for me anyway, and for her too, it didn't matter. They gave us our keys, and we went on back to the girls. Found them sitting there, all three, laying in the sun. Kayla had a very nice one-piece on, and my cock throbbed looking at it as we approached. Sarah must have sensed this, as she said "You’d love to do her, wouldn't you."

I stopped, and pulled her to the railing, looking at the ocean as it passed by. "Hell yeah, what man wouldn't."

She patted me on the ass, and said "Don't worry, so would I."

I looked at her, and she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Damn, this could get interesting. We turned and went over to the girls. Sitting down, Heather asked "Where you two been?" with a big grin.

A waiter appeared, and asked if we wanted drinks, Sarah turned to the girls and asked "What would you ladies like? It's on me."

The two s****rs looked at each other and smiled, "I'll have a pina colada." Answered April.

Heather spoke "Same here."

Sarah looked at Kayla, "And for you Kayla?"

She obviously never drank before, or not very much, as she sort of looked around, saying "'m not sure."

"Get her one, too, Sarah." said April, as she turned to her new friend, saying "It's a sweet tasting drink, has fruit juices in it."

I ordered a beer, and so did Sarah. Heather asked again, "Okay, now where you two been?"

Sarah tried to ignore her, but after April asked the same thing, she said "Mat and I went and got a room together."

"So we're free?" asked April.

I laughed, as Sarah said "Yeah, damn it, you're sort of free." The girls cheered, including Kayla. She turned to Kayla, saying "If you want, you can see if your aunt will let you move in with Heather and April."

She smiled and said "Okay, I would very much like that."

April asked "Where's your new room at? Same floor as ours?"

"It's not a floor, April, they're called decks," corrected her older cousin, "and we're on the Verandah deck, room.." she pulled out her new card, "room 5." All three girls dropped their jaws.

"That’s a suite, for christ sake, can't we stay there too?" cried April.

"Yeah, how come you rate that." added Heather.

I rescued her, saying "I paid for it, girls."

Kayla spoke "You got the one two doors down from my aunt and uncle."

Sarah and I looked at each other, and we both laughed. The waiter returned and brought our drinks.

As I took a sip of my beer, I looked up at the clock, and seen it was already five-thirty. Sarah seen it and said "Come on girls, it's time to go eat."

She stood up, but Kayla said, "I've got late seating."

Sarah said "No problem, so does Matt, why don't you go with him and help him take his things up to our suite." She turned to the s****rs, "And we'll bring my stuff up later while those two are eating."

I made a smirk, and she turned and smiled, leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, and whispered "Not that, silly, at least not yet."

Damn, what am I getting into. They went on their way, and Kayla and I went on ours. We made it to my cabin and I grabbed my things and stuffed my two bags, handed one to her, grabbed my third bag, and we exited the cabin. We passed Steve on the way, he looked at me, and then at Kayla, and his jaw dropped, as he asked "Where you going?"

I smiled and answered "Sarah and I got a suite on the Verandah deck, this will give you two more room.

He looked at me puzzled, and asked "I thought her name is Kayla?"

Kayla smiled and said "It is, Sarah is the brunette." We walked on by, as he was busy picking up his jaw off the floor, as I hollered back to him, "See ya at dinner."

Once around the corner, she broke out laughing, I asked "What’s so funny, little girl?"

"Oh, the look on his face," she giggled "He's probably thinking you're going to have two to five women all to yourself."

I smiled and chuckled, saying "Nice thought, but it would probably kill me."

The elevator doors opened and we entered and hit the "v" for the deck we want. The lift didn't stop until it reached our deck. As we exited, we went down the hall and I inserted my room card, and opened the door. Entering, I was impressed. The far wall had a set of windows looking out onto the ocean, we were on the starboard side, so we were getting to see the sunset as we headed southeast. There was a door leading out onto the balcony, and a very big bed, much bigger than that tiny thing in the lower cabins.

To my right was the bathroom, and to my left, a small wet bar and a couch, which folds out to make another bed. Kayla took my bag and placed it on a desk on the opposite side of the couch, and walked over towards the door, opened it and walked out onto the balcony. She turned and smiled. God, I would love to drill her snatch, after I get a good taste. But Sarah said to wait.

I laid the other two bags on the couch, and turned to Kayla and said "I'm in need of a shower, you want to wait here, or go on down and wait in the lounge next to the dining room."

She smiled and said "I'll wait here," she hesitated, and said "Um. I'll sit out on the balcony while you get showered..oh wait..let me go get my things from my room." She went to the phone, and dialed her aunts room. She said a greeting in Japanese, then a few sentences, broken up by replied from the other end. She hung up and said to me "Aunt Sinya says hi, she said for me to come get my things, and to make myself at home with Heather and April."

I smiled and said "Very well, here's my room card, you can bring your things here and then after supper, we'll take them to your new room." She took it and smiled and went out the door. I stripped down and went into the bathroom, and turned on the water. The water felt good and hot as I washed off the sun lotion I put on earlier. I didn't hear Kayla re-enter the room, and I sort of forgot about her. I turned off the water, grabbed a towel and dried myself off.

I stepped out of the bathroom, still not thinking of her, my cock swinging in the breeze. I walked to the wet bar, when I heard her clear her throat. I turned and said "Oh shit," as I covered my pecker.

She giggled, and said "Don't worry, I enjoyed the show." I grabbed a pillow and placed it in front of me. She continued, "Since my stuff is here, I may as well take a shower, too."

With that, she pulled the straps of her bikini off her shoulders, and peeled her suit down to her ankles', revealing a small set of very firm breasts, and a slightly hairy pussy. My mouth was hanging open, as she walked over to the bathroom, entered, and closed the door behind her, smiling at me. My cock was at attention, and I was about ready to die from embarrassment. I dropped the pillow, and dug out a pair of dress pants.

I heard the shower come on, and soon I was dressed. After about ten minutes, the water was shut off, and soon she reappeared, wrapped in a towel. She went over to her bags, as I sat on the bed. She bent over, the bottom of the towel rising to reveal a nicely shaped ass, just perfectly pear shaped. God I was horny. After rummaging around in her bag, she dropped the towel as she pulled out two blouses, and turned facing me, totally nude, and asked "Which one you like, Mat?"

Hell, I didn't care, I pointed to the one on the left, and said "Um, that one looks good." She smiled and turned around, and pulled out a skirt, along with some stockings, a bra, and some panties. She was bending over, her upturned ass revealing her pussy from behind. If she was teasing me, she was doing a great job. I was wondering what I had done to deserve this.

She picked up the panties and turned around and stepped into them, and pulled them up, covering her own bit of paradise. Next, she sat down and pulled her nylons up, as her small tits jiggled before me. She stood up and wrapped her black skirt and hooked it on. Her bra was next, a front clasp type, I was dying to give her a hand, as I pretended to read a magazine. Finally, she pulled the blouse on and buttoned it up. What a show! She came over to the bed, leaned over me and gave me a kiss, and said "You know, if you don't want to be with Sarah, I'm available."

I smiled, and answered "I'll remember that." She took my hand and said "Come on Matt, we've time for a drink or two before dinner." as she pulled me to my feet. We exited the room, just as Kyota was exiting the elevator, heading towards his room. He looked at me and smiled, as he went and entered his suite.

Oh god, this is my lucky ship. We went to the lounge at the stern, had a few drinks, and then made our way to the dining room. One thing about the food on board a cruise ship, it's fucking good. Kayla sat with her aunt and uncle, as I sat with Steve and John. Both were drilling me with questions. I just sat there with a big smile on my face, telling them nothing. Once we were done, I said to them, "Come with me, we'll go up to my suite and I'll show you how the other half live."

We got up, and I noticed Kayla and her aunt and uncle leave as well. We all got onto the same elevator together, but nothing was said. I think the guys were a bit intimidated by Kyota. Don't blame them. He's only five-five, but his arms and chest are massive, I'm sure he works out, may even know martial arts. I sure the hell don't want to find out.

Exiting the elevator, we got to my suite, Kyota said something to Kayla in Japanese, and she stopped with us, while Kyota and Sinya went on down the hall. John mumbled something, not sure what. We entered the room, and found Sarah and the girls. Sarah looked at the guys, and then at me, but she had a smile on her face. Closing the door, we soon were all talking about anything and everything. We partied for two hours, until about eleven. There was plenty of booze in the bar, so we didn't have to have room service. I noticed the girls were quite tanked, as were John and Steve, Sarah was very happy, and Kayla looked to be about ready to pass out. John suggested to hit a bar on the promenade deck, Heather and April were willing, and they looked at Sarah, she smiled and waved, as the five of them poured out the door.

Before they all made it out, Sarah called for April, went over and whispered something in her ear, and handed her something. April smiled and went on to catch up with the others. She turned around, and I asked "What was that about?"

She smiled, and pulled her blouse off over her head, revealing a very small bra trying to hold up very large breasts." I told her to make sure Kayla got back here in case the rooms they were in got a bit crowded."

I stood up and embraced her, her breasts pushed up against my chest. She whispered in my ear, "I hear you got a private show."

I smiled as she looked at me, and asked "How?"

She smiled, as she reached behind her and fumbled with her bra clasp, releasing them to freedom, as my hands pulled the cups off her breasts. "She told Heather, who told me, you and the guys were busy discussing the Bears."

I started kissing her neck, working down to her breasts, taking her left nipple in my mouth and sucking hard. It grew in my mouth, as she moaned in appreciation. My free hand pulled the zipper down on her skirt, and soon it was in a pile at her feet, as she stepped out of it, the whole time I was mauling her tits with my mouth and left hand. My right hand reached behind her and down the back of her panties, forcing them below her ass. I wiggled a finger into her crack, massaging her anus and working towards her twat.

She was purring, her hands on top of my head. I brought my left hand down and started rubbing her pubic mound, causing her to moan even louder. She pushed me back, making me fall onto the bed, and climbed on with me. She quickly straddled my face, and lowered her muff to my lips. I took a deep whiff, gathering her scent, as I burrowed my lips into her bush, finding her clit. My hands rubbed her ass cheeks, and soon I had a finger in her vagina, fingering away. She had leaned forward, and released my hard cock form it's confines. That wasn't hard to do, since I didn't wear any underwear.

I felt her lips wrap around my cock, as she was running her tongue up and down my shaft. My cock was throbbing in her mouth, and her hot cunt was flowing with it's own juices, glazing my face. I felt her body tense up, as she moaned loudly as she kept on sucking me. She was having an orgasm, as I finger fucked her cunt, while flicking her clit with my tongue. My cock soon erupted, sending three blasts of come into the back of her mouth. I heard her gag, as she swallowed. She slowed down from her cum, as I kept on eating her tasty snatch.

She released my amazingly still hard meat and swung her snatch off my face, turning around she was squatted over my pecker and lowering her sopping wet cunt down my thick shaft. She said "Oh's been a long time.." as she dropped all the way down, her ass resting on my thighs. I reached up and started massaging her breasts, as she was rocking on my cock in a rythmatic motion, head thrown back and eyes closed. Soon she let out a guttural scream, as her cunt griped my cock as she came even harder than before.

Once relaxed from her pleasure high, with me still pumping up into her hot box, she leaned forward, offering a nipple to my mouth, which I gladly took between my lips. I gently sucked on it, as she started rocking again, my hands playing with her ass cheeks, while I kept up a steady thrusting of my meat deep inside of her.

Soon she was coming again, and I couldn't believe it. My ex was never like this, nor any girl I had before her. My cock was throbbing, but I couldn't come, reason unknown, but I wasn't arguing. She buried her face in my shoulder, gasping for breath. I decided to roll us over and give her a good hard fuck.

In a flash, she was on her back, legs pulled up with her knees to her chest, my hands on her ankles, and my knees drawn forward. I started out at the same pace as before, but soon I was picking up the tempo. Her breasts were bouncing all over the place, as I pounded her pussy harder with long fast strokes. Soon she was crying out again in orgasm, as I felt her tight slippery box grip my meat. This effect did the trick, as I grunted and filled her tight cunt with my juices. I looked down to see my come being f***ed out as I continued my assault on her snatch, pounding away. I slowed down for a second, but soon was drilling away again. It had been a long time since I got any, and my prick must have known it. I was still rock hard, and wanting to keep on going.

After another twenty minutes of steady screwing, and a couple of minor orgasms on her part, I felt that feeling in my balls once more, as I emptied another, but smaller, load in her already full twat. I collapsed in a heap on top of her, and soon we were fast asl**p.

I woke in the morning, the boat was still. It was very bright out. I disengaged from Sarah, my cock, hard again, was nestled in her warm cunt. Looking out the window, I found we were in port. I looked at the clock, damn, it's nine in the morning. I was wanting to see the sights of this city. I looked at Sarah, nice sight there. Then I noticed the couch, there was Kayla, sprawled out, snoring softly, with a blanket over her. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor. I smiled, and headed to the bathroom. I took my morning piss, and shaved, before stepping in the shower.

The water felt good, as it ran down my body. I was coated with sweat, and it felt good to wash our combined juices off. Once done, I stepped out of the shower, and dried off. I kept a towel this time wrapped around me, as I stepped out into the suite. Sarah was sitting up, reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled, as I made my way over, bent over and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Good morning Sarah."

She smiled, and replied "And good morning to you, too, my big stud." I smiled back, as she looked over to Kayla, "Looks like we have a guest." She reached out and moved her hand up under my towel, grabbing my hanging meat.

"Now Sarah, don't start it, you want to see San Juan, don't you?" I said, as I tweaked her right nipple with my fingers.

She sighed, and said "Yeah, it is getting late," she crawled out of bed, and stretched, totally nude, and moaning. I came up behind and gave her a hug, my hands giving her tits a good hard squeeze. She turned her head and we kissed, my cock was now hard, and pressed up against the small of her back. She made a purring sound, as I nibbled on her neck. "Come on, Matt, let me take my shower, there's always more time this evening for some fun in the sack, and we got what? ten more days?"

I released her, yeah, she was right, plenty of time to fuck her brains out. I looked over at sl**ping Kayla, and plenty of time to do her, as well, I hope. I went out onto the balcony, as she went into the bathroom. The air was very warm, and there was a slight breeze. San Juan looked great from up here, couldn't wait to see some sights.

She didn't shower long, as I soon heard the water shut off. She emerged shortly from the bathroom, wearing nothing but a smile. I came back in and dropped my towel, and went to my bags. She went over to Kayla, and gently woke her up, telling her that we were going to see the city. Kayla looked around, and I seen her eyes get big when she saw my semi-erect pecker. I smiled at her when she looked at my face. Sarah was digging through her things, not paying any attention to either one of us. I pulled on a shirt, and walked on by the couch, Kayla's eyes glued to my bobbing cock. Sarah turned around, looked at me, and said "Come on Matt, quit teasing the poor girl and get some clothes on."

I chuckled and grabbed a pair of shorts. After getting my socks and shoes on, Sara was buttoning her blouse. I looked at Kayla, as she stood up and dropped the blanket, revealing her slender nude form. She gathered her clothes and headed to the bathroom. "I'll leave you my room card on the bar, Kayla." She waved, she obviously looked a bit hung over. Sarah looked at me and smiled, she had the same guess. She grabbed her shoes, put them on and stood up. She had her hair put up, keeping it off her shoulders.

She asked "Ready?" and I nodded yes. We headed for the door and went on out. Just as we got out, Kyota and Sinya emerged from their suite. We greeted each other, and it turns out they were going to eat and go on shore as well. We invited them to join us, and after a good lunch, we were walking through San Juan.

We got off the boat at noon, spent four hours seeing the historic district, the forts, and of course shopping. Kyota and I noticed that shopping broke down the language barrier between Sarah and Sinya. They each bought four bags worth of goods. Everything from t-shirts to tops, blouses, perfume, and god knows what else. At least it wasn't my money. Kyota did tell his wife that we had more islands to visit, so don't go on a spending spree here.

By the time we got back to our ship, we were a bit worn from the walk. I did notice less vendors than at Nassau, which I liked. Once on board, we headed to our suites. We said we would meet them in the hall after getting rid of our things and into our swimsuits.

Entering our suite, Kayla was gone, but it looked like the others had been there, looking at the empty drink glasses. We exited once changed, and the four of us walked down to the lido deck. Didn't see the girls, so we headed up to the stern. Still no girls there, we were about ready to forget them, when I heard Sarah say "Oh my god." I looked at her, and she was looking up to the fantail deck, where people can sunbathe au'natural. There was her cousins, and Kayla. We could see their heads, but with the screen, nothing else.

I looked at Kyota, he said something to his wife. She shrugged her shoulders, and he said "Well, lets join them." I looked at Sarah, and she smiled. We followed them up the stairs and saw the three girls, all with sunglasses on, and nothing else. They must have had their eyes closed, as none made a move. Kyota said something in Japanese, and Kayla jumped a foot in the air, causing a chain reaction. I was admiring the breasts of April and Heather, as they jiggled as the moved.

April says "Oh, hi Sarah, hi Matt." Their bodies were glistening from a combination of sun block and sweat. What a site! Sarah grabbed a chair and pulled up next to them. Kyota went and got a lounge chair, and I followed, grabbing one for me, too. When I turned around, Sarah was peeling her suit off, as was Sinya. What a body. A carbon-copy of her niece, but with a bit bigger breasts. Kyota brought two chairs over, and spread a towel down for his wife. Sarah was already on her back, and soon I had dropped my trunks and was enjoying the sun as well. The five women were facing us two men, and from the smile on Kyota's face, I knew he enjoyed the view as well.

I leaned back and studied the five ladies. From left to right, there was Sarah. She had a bit of a paunch, and her hips were wider than her younger cousins. But she was still rather good looking, and her breasts were a nice size, I would say about half a volleyball each. They didn't sag much, and her nipples were small, not getting very big in the gentle tropical breeze. Looking at her body overall, she obviously works out a lot, for she was definitely rather muscled. Her cousins both looked like they exercise regularly, also.

Next was April, a year older than her s****r, her breasts looked like they weren't all the way developed yet. They were round and firm, but look like they could be filled more. Probably only half the size of her cousin, Sarah. She had a thin waist and her dark hair on her pubic mound was trimmed neatly, unlike Sarah whose pubic hair was thick and all over. Her hips were smaller, too, as was her ass.

Heather, although a year younger, was definitely more developed. Her breasts were damn near the size of Sarah's, and her mound was covered by a thick forest of curly pubes. Her hair was a bit lighter than either April or Sarah, but it was also longer, as Sarah's came down to her shoulders, and April's was cut rather short. All three were about five-six to five eight in height, with April taller than the other two, and Heather the shortest.

Next to Heather was Kayla. Laying next to the more developed women, she damn near looked like a c***d. Her long straight hair came down mid-way down her back, and she had a sparse growth of pubic hair, just covering her pussy lips. Her breasts were damn near non-existent, and her waist, well, I could probably wrap my hands around her waist, seeing how small it was. No belly, hardly any fat. Her legs were short but thin.

Her aunt Sinya on the other hand, did have a nice set of tits, although smaller than April's, they were gently sloped and pointed. I was amazed that they were so firm for her age, which I guess to be about fifty. Her waist was small, but not nearly as thin as her niece, and she was a bit shorter than Kayla as well. I was shocked to see her pussy was clean shaven, and I noticed the other girls good a good look at it, seemed it surprised them as well. Her hair was also cut short, and she did have a bit of a belly on her, but nothing much.

I also noticed the girls checking out Kyota, and me, as well. He was only five-five at best. I wasn't about to look at his crotch, but I noticed that April and Heather took a good look. I also noticed that Sinya had her eyes glued on mine for awhile. He was short and stocky, looks like he works out a lot, as he didn't have much of a belly.

Well, we sat and talked, or at least the women did, for about forty minutes, when April, Heather and Kayla had to get dressed and headed for their room, as they had early dinning. The ship was scheduled to pull out of port soon, so we got dressed and went to the bow to watch. I noticed clouds moving in, and mentioned we may hit a storm this evening.

The four of us went to the lounge and had a few drinks before dinner, then we walked back to our suites and changed. Exiting the suite to go down, I noticed the ship was rolling a bit, so we were going to get a storm. In the dinning room, we ate a great meal, and finished off with a bottle of wine. Sarah snuggled up to me a few times, and I noticed she clutched my hand rather hard when the ship did a couple of hard rise and falls. I was hoping this wasn't a bad sign.

I suggested to Kyota in private, that we part company, as I had a feeling that the rough seas may have an adverse effect on Sarah. I also noticed that Sinya didn't look all too well either. Once we got into our suite, she lasted all of ten minutes. No, not in attacking me, but in making a run for the bathroom. Unfortunately, she didn't get it all in the can, as she got a good portion on herself. I chuckled, and held her as she hugged the toilet, although she wasn't seeing any amusement in it. She threw up three more times in a span of about f******n minutes. Then she dry heaved a bit. I noticed the boat was rocking more, not helping the situation. As she leaned over the toilet, I started undressing her, removing all her clothes. There is a laundry service on board, so looks like we'll be using it. I went and found the laundry bag and stuffed her clothes in it, leaving her wrapped in a towel.

I called the room steward, and while I waited for him, I helped her into the shower. As I stepped out of the bathroom, there was a knock at the door. I expected the steward, but instead was met by Kayla, and she was sicker than a dog. She had vomit down her front, and she was leaning against the doorframe. I said "Ah shit," as I pulled her inside and e****ted her to the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet, Sarah asked what was going on, and I told her. I pulled her blouse up over her head and removed her bra. I heard the door again, and exited , finding the room steward. Let him in, told him to wait just a second, as I took the laundry bag back into the bathroom, stripped Kayla the rest of the way, and shoved her clothes in as well. I went back out, handed the room steward the bag, and a ten, and he went on his way.

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, Kayla was hugging the can, dry heaves. I stripped down, and climbed into the shower with Sarah, who was sitting on the floor, her knees drawn up to her chest. I told Kayla to hang on, as I washed Sarah, and then rinsed her. Turned off the water and helped her up and out of the stall. I grabbed a towel, and dried her off, and took her out of the bathroom. I led her over to the bed, and she crawled in, as I went and got a trash can, in case there was anything left in her stomach. She was moaning, saying she wanted the rocking to stop. Good luck, honey.

Went back to Kayla, lifted her up, she was in worse shape than Sarah, and carried her into the shower. I turned on the water and scrubbed her body down, amazingly I didn't get a boner. Good thing she's so light, and small, only took me a few minutes to get her washed and rinsed. Once dried, I carried her to the bed and gently lowered her down next to Sarah. They snuggled up next to each other, guess misery loves company. I went out on the balcony, looked like it will be a hard and long night, as I watched the waves building in front of me. I guessed about fifteen footers were hitting the ship at an angle on the port side coming at us.

I decided to hit the infirmary, so I put on some clothes and headed on down in the elevator. Wasn't surprised to see a line, a big line. And right in front of me was April, and a few spaces in front of her was Kyota. Seems Heather and Sinya are a bit under the weather as well. April said she felt queasy, but not sick enough to toss her cookies. She also told me that John and Steve are in their own cabin, and that they're sick as dogs. I chuckled on that one.

It took twenty minutes to get the sea-sickness medicine, as well as some of the patches. I first took some to my friends, since they were only a deck above the infirmary. Talk about a stench when I opened the door. Steve wasn't too bad, but poor John. They thanked me, and then I went back to my suite. I found both girls moaning, and it seemed that one or the other or both tried to upchuck again. I gave each a pill, and then put a patch on they're chest, right above their breast. I started to go lay down on the couch, but Sarah asked me to join them, saying the bed is big enough for all three of us.

Aw what the hell, I should know better, but I stripped down and crawled under the covers. The medicine took about thirty minutes to kick in, and I brought about three doses each, knowing it will be a long night. Both girls, Sarah on my right and Kayla on my left, snuggled up against me, and in about forty minutes, both were out like a light. I ended up reading and nursing a hell of an erection, as I felt their smooth bodies up against mine.

Ended up dispensing all three doses. Sure was glad I wasn't working the infirmary. By daybreak we were at St John's Island and docked, so the motion was gone, as was the storm. I slept pretty good, except for when the girls woke me for more medicine. I got up about eight, and called room service for some toast for the girls, as well as some water, as I knew they wouldn't be wanting to eat much. After that arrived, I headed down to have breakfast, ran into Kyota, and we went together. Looked like more than half the passengers got sick.

April was there, so we ate with her. She asked how Sarah was, as well as Kayla and Sinya. Kyota said she'll be fine, she'll be staying in bed today, though.

After breakfast, we went back to the suites and checked on the women. Sarah ate some toast, and Kayla nibbled at it. Both were wearing robes, and both had some color back. They both said that they would stay on the boat today, as they were worn out. I checked on Kyota, and he and I decided to head into port, leaving Sinya in my suite.

As we were disembarking, we found April, so she joined us. We went into town and did some site-seeing. Eventually, we entered a jewelry store. Kyota bought his wife a diamond necklace, and a bracelet to match. He suggested I buy Sarah something, and I did, a pair of earrings, set with rubies. This set me back a bit, especially when I bought the matching necklace and bracelet. My bill came to almost a grand. April had a say in what to pick out. We both chipped in and bought Kayla a sapphire necklace. Well, I sort of chipped in. I gave a hundred, he paid the other eight. Kyota then turned around and had April pick out something for her and her s****r. She pointed at something cheap, and he said no, to pick from the display case that we bought pieces from. There were gold and silver chains and diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious gems. Her eyes sparkled, as she looked it all over. She picked out two emerald pendants on fine gold chains. Each were about seven hundred dollars. Kyota purchased them and handed them to her as we left the store.

We went on back to the ship, as it was past noon. We found all four girls on the sun deck, working on that complete tan. Kyota and I left April there and we went back to the suite, placing the jewelry in or respective room safes. We did tell April not to tell the others about the gifts.

Got back to the others by two. Found that they had eaten well, and that Sarah and Sinya are getting the hang of communicating to each other. After Kyota and I stripped down and joined them, Sarah said "Sinya was hoping so much to go ashore today, she heard there are fine jewelry stores here."

I grimaced, and said "Oh, well that’s terrible, they're just about ready to leave port. Wish we had more time."

She handed me a beer, as I laid back, as she asked "Did you buy anything?"

I sipped my beer, eyeing April out of the corner of my eye, she was keeping a straight face, good girl. "Oh, not really, bought a t-shirt for each of my k**s." Which is true, she seen the bag. I really hadn't told her about my k**s yet, may do that tonight. Of course, last night, she really wasn't into talking.

Kyota said "Oh yeah, I made arrangements," he took a drink from a beer that Sarah had given him also, "Kayla, you and the girls will be having dinner with us tonight, late seating, if that’s okay with the girls." He was looking at April, she caught the hint, as she said "Sure, we'll be there." before the other two could say anything.

I asked "Have you seen my friends today?"

Heather frowned "Yes, they were busy talking with a couple of blondes down at the pool earlier."

Uh-oh, trouble in paradise. "Those bastards," April said, "Give them a taste and then they go their merry way." Oh shit, nothing like a woman scorned. I may have to talk to those two. What a pair of morons. I felt the ship bump, we're leaving port.

"Well, we're on our way, probably got an hour of good sun left, I'm going to use it!" I said as I laid back into the chair. The others agreed, and the conversations were small and brief for an hour or so.

Then, as the sun got lower, the girls were in heated conversation about some rock star, as Kyota nudged me, saying "Come on."

I got up with him, as we pulled on our trunks, Sarah asked "Where you going?"

Kyota said "We're going to try the casino after we get dressed, we'll meet you ladies in the dining room at eight." He then said something to Sinya in Japanese. She nodded her head yes. I noticed April crack a slight smile, but then went back to a straight face.

Once out of ear shot, he said "Lets go get the presents, I've an idea." we were on our way when we passed Steve and John. We stopped as Steve asked "Hey Mat, where are April and Heather?"

I chuckled, "Well, they're up on the sun deck at the fantail, bitching about you two talking with some blondes."

The color went from their faces. Steve mumbled "Oh shit." and then asked "Are they mad?" Kyota laughed at that comment.

I answered them, "Seems they didn't like being cheated on, even if it was a one-night stand."

"Ah come on, Matt. We were just talking to a couple of women at lunch, we didn't even get their names, much less their room numbers." said John.

"Well," I said "You better offer a peace offering, if you want another piece this trip. And pay more attention to them, for christ sakes. Shit, you two dumbasses were out gambling together right after you got up yesterday." They had their heads hanging now, the poor babies. I looked up behind them and could see April and Sarah up on the sun deck looking as I talked to them by the pool on the lido deck.

"They're having dinner with us, tonight, if you want to make amends." I told them. They both mumbled something, and they walked away.

Kyota said "Think they'll go for it."

I laughed, "They're American men and horny, they'll go for it."

Once we got to our suites, we dressed into formal attire, and got out the gifts. Kyota had me put names on the boxes for the three girls, as he put names on the ones for his wife and Kayla. We then went to the casino and played for about three hours. My luck was with me, as I played blackjack and actually stayed ahead. I ended up winning a hundred. Kyota won about the same, we must be hot. At seven-thirty, we went to the dinning room, and talked to the matr'de. Arrangements were made.

We then went to the lounge for a drink, I bought my new friend a beer. Didn't talk much, just about what we did for a living. He's an executive for a factory in Osaka. I told him my occupation, a supervisor at a factory in Kankakee, Illinois. That I was divorced with two c***dren. He told me he married Sinya ten years ago, first marriage for both. Since they both married late in life, they didn't bother with c***dren, with she already being over forty. I told him she could pass for thirty-five. He liked that.

Finally, it was five to eight, and we got up and made our way to the dinning room. We stopped to see the matre'de again, handing him the gifts, and a fifty, and he handed us the name cards. We went and found they weren't there at the table yet, and we set the name cards down. Soon, all five women showed up, and April and Heather had big smiles on their faces.

Except for April, they had puzzled looks on their faces when they seen the name tags. I sat on one side at an end, Kyota on the other end, two seats between us. Sinya sat next to him, and Sarah to me, as the girls sat from left to right April, Kayla and Heather, and an empty seat.

Sarah whispered and asked about the name tags, I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. April blurted out "Look what Steve got me" as she showed off a bracelet, it was a nice one, and the one that Heather showed off matched it, as she said "John got me one, too. We're meeting them after dinner in the lounge." They were rather excited, but I could tell April was even more excited because she knew what was up, even though we didn't tell her our plans.

The first and second courses went by quickly, followed by the main course. After that was cleared away, our waiter came back and announced "Now, we have the special dessert on it's way that was requested by Mr. Yishinga." He went and came back with five covered trays, as he started to set them down, a name on each one, in front of the women. Once in place, he said "Ladies, please enjoy your dessert." With that, each woman lifted the lid to find a box with their name on it. I saw April smile, as she blurted out "I can't stand it any longer, I went shopping with them and helped pick out some things for everyone."

They all looked at her, as Kayla translated to her aunt. Sinya was the first to open her gift, and her face brightened as she pulled the necklace out. The other girls ohhhed and awed. Then April and Heather opened theirs, followed by Kayla. The three younger ladies immediately put their new jewelry on.

Sarah looked at her box, I noticed a tear on her eye, I said "Well, you going to open it, or am I going to have to mail it back."

"Come on Sarah," Said April, "Open it."

She picked it up and opened it, and when she saw the earrings, necklace and bracelet, she let out an "Oh my." She turned and embraced me, kissing me passionately. I gave her a napkin as she wiped the tears away. She turned to me, as she picked up the ruby necklace and asked "How much did..."

I put my finger to her lip, shushing her up. She kissed me again, and the others clapped. Well, looks like I will get lucky tonight. We all got up to leave, Sarah at my side, and Kayla and the girls behind me, followed by Kyota and Sinya, who was babbling in Japanese, kissing her husband.

The three girls took off for the disco, as us older folk headed for a lounge. Once there, we talked for awhile, I told Sarah more about myself, and she told me some things about her. Kyota ordered plum wine, which tasted great. After about an hour, we decided to cash it in, as we got up to go. We passed a bathroom, and the two women went in, wearing their new jewelry proudly. As they were in there, Kyota handed me something and said "Here, you might need some of this."

It was a pill, I looked rather puzzled, as he said "Something I picked up when we were in Nassau, give it a try, it's viagra."

I laughed, stuck it in my pocket for later, as he laughed with me after I said "Yeah, I just might need it." The girls came out of the rest room, and we made our way back up to our respective suites. Kyota smiled and said "Good Luck." And I laughed, as Sarah blushed.

We no sooner entered the room and closed the door and she was all over me, kissing me passionately. I returned the passion, smothering her face and neck with kisses, as my hand found the zipper on her back, as I unzipped her dress. Her hands were busy, unbuckling my belt and opening up my trousers. I happened to look at the clock, ten-thirty. I pulled her dress down, uncovering her bra covered breasts, and pulled the bra down, releasing them from their confines. I then remembered the pill, and I whispered "Um, bathroom.." I moved towards it, with her hands gripping my meat, and I chuckled and said " Sarah..I got to go..."

She stopped, and smiled, and said "Okay, but don't be long". I entered and closed the door, noticed the razor on the sink, didn’t remember leaving it there. I pissed, reached for the pill, and swallowed it down with some water. Hope this works.

Exiting the bathroom, she was totally nude, except for the jewelry I just gave her tonight, laying on top of the bed, legs spread. But what caught my eye was what was missing between her legs. I now knew why the razor was out, as her pussy was clean shaven. I looked at her face, and she was smiling. I ripped off my shirt as I jumped on the bed, burying my face in her freshly shaven snatch.

She said "Oh, you must like it, huh big boy."

I mumbled a yes, as my mouth was glued to her cunt, lapping up her sweet nectar. I shoved a finger up her hot cunt, causing her to stir, then another, then a third. She started bucking her hips in time with my tongue lashing on her clit. I felt my cock growing, although I didn't think the pill could have taken effect yet. I sucked and licked for about ten minutes, as I felt her orgasm building. I knew it was going to be a big one, and when she cried out, I thought for sure security would be called.

As her orgasm subsided, I kept up my assault with my tongue and fingers, adding one up her asshole. There was some resistance at first, but she relaxed, as I started to finger fuck her pussy and ass. She was moaning and grunting, as another orgasm, this one not as strong, swept her body. I could see her boobs shake as she reached her peak. When she caught her breath, she reached down with her hands and grabbed my head, saying "Come up for air and fuck me!"

She was smiling, and I crawled up her body, taking time to tease her by sucking on her breasts. My cock was about to explode, and I knew I wasn't going to last long. As I entered her tight cunt, I only managed about ten strokes before I stiffened and sent a torrent of come into her womb. I didn't stop thrusting though, as I kept up the same pace. I felt my cock was hard, maybe it does work fast. Looked at the clock, ten-fifty-five, should be kicking in.

With my cock still in, I sat up, bringing my knees up along her hips, and grabbed her tits. She took her legs and wrapped them around my waist, digging her heels into my ass, as I started a good pounding. She started mumbling about how fucking good it felt, as I could sense she was about there again. My cock felt like her cunt was going to yank it from my body, as she came again, her head thrown back as she and mouth open, letting out a low, long moan.

I think the pill took effect by now, as I was very hard, and no sense of urgency. I kept up the pace, as she said "'re so fucking big...god damn..." She was panting, as I was fucking the wind out of her. She opened her eyes and said "Lets roll over." We did, with my prick staying in her comfy hole. She was squatting over me, her hands on my hips, rising and falling on my shaft. I looked as she would rise until just the head was in, and then slam down on it, forcing our combined juices to latterly squirt out. I felt an orgasm building, and just as she moaned she was coming again, I sent another load into her. She collapsed forward, and I kissed her lovingly, as I kept thrusting my meat into her tight twat.

"Oh god, Matt, you're still so fucking hard." She said, as she started bucking her hips on my meat.

She was getting a bit dry, even from two loads in her, and her countless orgasms, as I said "Swing around, I want to eat your pussy." She smiled and did as she was told, lowering her well-fucked twat on my face. Gobs of our cum dripped out on my face, as I liked her twat and reamed both her cunt and asshole with my tongue, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body. She was doing a number to my prick, sucking it and stroking it with her hand.

She took her mouth off, and said "If I didn't know any better, I would say it's bigger than last time." as she went back to sucking my rod.

I couldn't help it, I laughed in her twat. This caused her to jump, and turn and say "Okay, whats the..." then she smiled, "You got some of Kyota's viagra, didn't you?"

I took my face from her tasty twat, and started giggling. She shook her head, and just as she went back to sucking on my tool, she said "Boys will be boys." We went back to oral pleasure, and it wasn't long until she was moaning again, her cries of passion muffled by my big dick in her mouth.

When she calmed down, she rolled off and got on all fours, telling me to "Do me doggie-style, Matt...and fuck me hard with that meat." I got up behind her upturned ass and grabbed her left hip and my cock and lined it up, sliding on in easily. I placed my free hand on her other hip, and started drilling for oil, so to speak. My thrusts were hard and long, and soon she had her hands stretched out in front of her, bracing against the headboard, fucking me back. I did her like this for about fifthteen minutes, as she had one orgasm after another, until I finally felt my balls tighten, and a load rushed up, as my throbbing cock spit out a load. We collapsed in a heap, my cock still hard and throbbing in her tight pussy. Her vaginal muscles were gently massaging it as we rested.

I rolled onto my left side, dragging her with me, she ending up on her back, my legs under her right leg, and my right leg over her left, as I slowly started pumping her cunt. I looked at the clock, shit, it's already after midnight. Twelve-ten to be exact. We've been going strong for almost two hours.

"I was rubbing a nipple between my fingers, as I asked, "How you know about the viagra?"

She smiled, and said "Sinya told Kayla about him buying it at Nassau, says he's kept her up late every night since." She started moving her hips in time with my movement, her fingers were playing with her clit, as I felt her fingertips brush against my pistoning pecker. "She said he's actually a bit bigger than normal, also." She turned and gave me a kiss, as we slowly fucked ourselves to sl**p.

I was woken shortly later, my cock still hard, and still in Sarah's warm pussy. I raised my head to see Kayla enter the room, she didn't look too happy. I looked at the clock, it's one in the morning. Sarah opened her eyes, and seeing Kayla, says "Oh." and tries to cover herself.

Kayla giggles, and says "Sorry, if you want me to leave.."

"No, please don't." Sarah says as she disconnects from my prick, causing me great discomfort. My cock made a plopping noise as it left her vagina. She got up and went over to her, giving her a kiss. "You look sad, honey, what’s wrong?" She added as she grabbed a robe and put it on.

Well, I knew I wasn't going to get any sl**p listening to her problems, so I got up and headed towards the bathroom, as I saw her eyes bug out as she watched my raging hardon bob up and down as I walked.

The fan in the bathroom kept me from hearing them. After about ten minutes, I managed to take a leak, bad thing about this shit, it's hard to pee when your hard. Finally, once done, I stood up and flushed. I exited the bathroom, expecting to see the two of them on the couch talking. I didn't expect to see them on the bed in a sixty-nine with Sarah on top. It was a sight, and what rigidity I lost while peeing, I soon got back.

Not wanting to be left out, and knowing I wasn't going to get any sl**p anyway, I climbed onto the bed behind Sarah and shoved my meat into it's welcome hole. I looked down to see the surprise look on Kayla's face, as Sarah lifted her head and said "Oh god, Mat, fuck me good, just like before."

I didn't have to be told twice. I started drilling away once more, and with the talent of Kayla's tongue, she was soon gripping my cock with her cunt like never before, as she had another massive orgasm. I heard Kayla whimper, as she too came from getting a bit stimulated from watching me drill the pussy inches above her face, and from the tonguing she was getting from Sarah.

I pulled out, and Sarah rolled over, taking Kayla with her. She grabbed Kayla's ass cheeks and spread them, offering her up for me, from what I can tell. I leaned down to Kayla's face, as she was munching on Sarah's snatch, and asked "Do you want me?" She nodded yes, not once lifting her face.

I got behind, and helped Sarah in licking her twat, she taking care of her clit as I tongued her cunt and ran my tongue up to her puckered anus. I went back to darting my tongue in and out of her cunt, and Sarah and I could tell when she had an orgasm, as she got stiff and cried out in Sarah’s shaved cunt.

Once on my knees, Sarah grabbed my meat as I grabbed Kayla's hips, as she guided me in. I thrust in abit, god damn she was tight. Only the head of my cock was in, and it felt like I was up against a brick wall. Not thinking, I took back an inch, and sank my cock in to the hilt. I was rewarded with a scream coming from Kayla. Hope to hell no one calls security. I started to pull out, and push back in, when I heard Sarah say "Oh my god...Kayla, are you a virgin?"

Oh shit, now I know why I was hitting a brick wall. Kayla lifted her head, giggled, and said "I was." I felt her body relax, as I sank back in. Shit, she seems to have adjusted. Sarah smiled up at me, as she went back to licking the amer-asian pussy on her lips. I went at a slow pace, with long strokes, and was quickly rewarded with her bucking her hips uncontrollably. I moved my hands up and under her, grabbing her small breasts, twisting her long nipples. She was hot, tight, and very wet. I felt her pussy spasm, as she started in one orgasm, and then went on into at least two more.

We stayed like this for thirty minutes, before I finally rolled over, after dropping a load deep inside of her. Sarah sucked it out of her dripping cunt, as I went to helping Kayla clean up Sarah's snatch. We would exchanged kisses on occasion, as Sarah too had an orgasm. I fucked Kayla twice more for twenty minutes each, sandwiched around doing Sarah on the couch, while I sat and she faced away, as Kayla licked her worn pussy.

It was after three before we finally got under the covers, and my cock was buried in Sarah's cunt, as I laid on my back with her on top of me, as Kayla was snuggled up on her side, holding both of us. When I woke up, both girls were where I left them, sl**ping soundly. My cock finally shriveled up, spent from a hard night of action. The room was filled with light, and I was shocked to see the time, eleven-forty. My body was aching, and especially my pecker. I gently rolled Sarah off and went on to the bathroom, taking a leak and a nice long, hot shower.

When I was done, I found both girls awake, talking. I asked "Well, any regrets?" as I looked at both of them. They both had on the jewelry they received from the night before, and the smiled as they said together "No Matt, no regrets."

Then Sarah got up and came over and hugged me, saying "Well, I do have one."

I held my breath, "Oh, and whats that?"

She leaned up and kissed me, saying "Wish to hell I found you years ago." We kissed, and I felt my cock grow as it was pinned up against her bare belly. She parted, and said "Oh, looks like we're not entirely whipped yet."

I laughed, and said "It's not whipped, but my stomach is, I'm hungry for some real food."

Both of them laughed, and she turned to Kayla, saying "Come on, we'll save time by showering together."

Kayla bounced off the bed, and followed her into the bathroom. I heard them moving about, the toilet flush, then the shower startup. I got out a pair of shorts and a shirt. Checked the schedule, we were in Guadeloupe, but the ship leaves port in six hours. That should give the girls time to shop.

Once they were done, they came out and dressed. Sarah called down to April and Heather's room, finding just April, and John...looks like they got back for some fun. Told them to meet us at the stern restaurant in thirty minutes, and to get Heather and Steve there as well. Kayla went to her aunts room, and came back to say that they would be joining us.

We all were together at one in the restaurant, all rather worn looking. Kyota looked at the way Kayla was acting, all bouncy and all, and he smiled, nudging me. I blushed. I heard Kayla and Sinya talking in Japanese, and Sinya just smiled and shook her head, as Kyota chuckled. The girls decided to go shopping, and Kyota and I decided to sl**p. Steve and John wanted to go drinking, but I gave them the hint that maybe they better go with the women. Good to see they weren't as dumb as they looked, as they were following them for disembarking. Kyota and I went to the lido deck, and laid out in the shade, feeling the warm breeze on us. We slept all afternoon, great to relax and do nothing. We didn't talk much, but when we did, it was about the women.

Seems he went at it with Sinya until well past two. I told him about the events of last night. He said something about trying Sarah or her cousins, and I jokingly said maybe we can trade. Not sure, but don't think he took it as a joke, as he just smiled a big smile.

The girls, and John & Steve, returned at five, with each woman holding about four to six bags. I heard Kyota mumble something about bankruptcy, as they approached. Sarah smiled, bent down and kissed me, saying, "We knew you two would still be here."

I asked "What you buy?"

She just smiled and said "Oh, just some things." She then took my hand, and said "Come on up, and Kayla and I will show you."

Dense is not my middle name. I was up and walking arm in arm with the two of them, leaving the others behind. Once in the room, the girls stripped down and put on a fashion show. This went on for an hour, then it was followed by some great sex, with me having a chance to fuck each once more. I was amazed that I did it without the viagra, but Sarah did mention that I was a bit smaller than last night.

When we were done, and as Kayla went and showered, Sarah and I laid down together on the bed. I chuckled, and she asked "What’s so funny?'

"Oh, something that Kyota and I were talking about. God, I hope he didn't take me seriously."

She propped herself up on her elbow, and looked at me, her tits pointing straight up and proud, "Serious about what."

I smiled, and said "Trading."

She laid back down, and chuckled. "Okay, now what are you laughing about?"

She turned, and kissed me, saying "Sinya asked Kayla how good you were in bed."

"Well, she doesn't have much for comparison."

"Yeah, I know, that’s why I answered for her."

"Oh really," now I was up on my elbow, my hand massaging her breasts. "And what did you say?"

"Not bad, that you were just above average."

I mockingly said "Just above average?"

She got defensive "Well, I did tell her that you were about eight and a half inches long with that viagra." She kissed me again, and squeezed my pecker. It responded by growing again. "You got Kyota beat by two inches."

Well, that’s nice. They're comparing notes. I asked about last night and what started the lesbo scene, but Kayla exited the shower, Sarah didn't want to answer with her present. It was now her turn to shower, as she got up and headed for the bathroom. Kayla seen my hardening prick and came over and gave it a squeeze. Sarah seen that, and said "You better watch it there, if you get him hard, you have to take care of it before I'm out of the shower. And don't get dirty."

She shut the door, and Kayla looked at me puzzled, asking "How can I do it without getting dirty?"

I laughed, as she sat down next to me. I put my hand at the back of her head and guided it to my cock. She got the hint, as she opened wide and sucked it in. Soon she was sucking like a pro, as I played with her cute little titties. I could feel my come boil, as she was swirling her tongue across the slit of my prick. I erupted, sending a small load into her mouth, as she swallowed it all. Just then, the bathroom door opened, and Sarah came out, looked at us, and smiled.

"Looks like you got the timing down, girl." She said to Kayla.

Kayla removed my prick from between her lips and smiled, saying "Thank you."

I showered next, and got out and dressed. We had a drink or two with Kyota and the others before heading to the dining room. All five girls had put on their jewelry, and were looking great. After dinner, we took in a show, and after that, headed for our rooms. We were to be in St Martin tomorrow, and the girls wanted to get some sun at the nude beach at Orient Bay. Us guys weren't about to argue.

We didn't have any sex that night, both Kayla and Sarah snuggled up with me in the middle, as we slept the night away. We were woken at six before we were in port, made sure the others were up, seemed John and April had a bit of fun, took awhile to get them up, and had breakfast before disembarking and going to the beach. A taxi took us all, and we made arrangements to be picked up at four in the afternoon. We arrived at the beach by nine. It was a sight. All of us bare-ass naked, enjoying the sun and the sea. I enjoyed putting sun block on the girls, as they enjoyed my massage.

Sinya had me give her a back massage while she laid on the beach. In the water, we were playing around, us four guys getting to grope the girls under water, and they were doing the same to us. It was amazing we all didn't get hardons and get kicked off. We had lunch at a waterside restaurant, and had more fun in the sun. At three-thirty, we packed it in, and headed for our rendezvous point with the cab. He showed up on time, and we enjoyed the ride back to the port. Once there, we all split up and did some shopping. Kyota and I went with Steve and John, as we looked around. One stop was a pharmacy, where Kyota bought more viagra with his prescription. He bought enough to sell to me and the other two. They were a bit leery, but I told them to try it this evening, and not to stop having sex until after midnight.

We met up and boarded in time to shower before dinner, and ate a great meal. After dinner, John & April and Steve & Heather went their merry way, another evening of dancing and drink and sex, I'm sure. Kayla went with us to the lounge, and we drank until about eleven. No one was feeling any pain, and when the girls went to the bathroom, Kyota pulled some pills out and we each took one. When they returned, we headed back to our suite. Once on our deck, Kyota said to Sarah, "Sarah, I have something to show you, if you're interested."

She turned to me, I smiled, then she turned to Sinya, who said something to Kayla in Japanese. Kayla replied something, and said to Sarah in English, "It's okay, I'm going with you."

Sarah turned and gave me a kiss, took Kayla's hand, and walked over to Kyota, as Sinya walked over to me. I smiled and she smiled back. I opened the door, and we stepped in. Once it was closed behind us, she turned and put her arms around my neck, as I bent down and kissed her on her lips.

I started stripping her, which was pretty easy, since she was so short, and she had on a strapless dress. Her dress fell quietly to the floor, as I mauled her pert, little breasts. She moaned in appreciation, as I pushed her up against the wall, reaching down and removing her panties. I got on my knees and started licking her twat. She was already wet, her juices were flowing. She put one leg, then the other over my shoulders, as I had her pinned up against the wall, eating her happily. She had one hand on the back of my head, and the other was playing with her own breasts, as soon she came like a rocket, crying out and muttering in Japanese. I was hoping it meant she liked it.

She took her legs off my shoulder, as I stood up. She looked down, as I undid my pants, and took them off. She felt my bulge through the underwear, and her eyes got real big. She poke some more, before looking up to my face and smiling, saying in bad English "It's big."

I chuckled, as I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I sat her on the edge, leaned down and took a nipple between my lips and sucked gently. It grew even bigger, sticking at least an inch out. My hand went to her crotch, as she parted her thighs. Amazing, I hadn't gotten any in about a year, now I'll have had three different women in three nights.

As I started kissing her breasts, I pushed her onto her back. I felt my cock rub up against her slit, and she moaned, muttering something. I took that for me to fuck her. I grabbed my schlong and placed it at her vagina. I stood up, and gently pushed it in. She gasped as I hit my balls against her ass, not use to the length. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart, blew her a kiss, which she returned, as I started pumping her pussy slow and hard. I could feel her vagina constricting, and the look of pleasure on her face, meant she was in heaven. She cried out as her orgasm sent waves of fun through her small body. After about thirty minutes in this position, I finally emptied a load in her, sending her into another wave of glory.

Leaning down, I got her to wrap her arms and legs around me, and I stood up, her body still impaled on my prick. I went over to the couch and sat, as I held onto her ass cheeks and fucked my prick with her body. I leaned down and suckled a breast on occasion, and she was breathing heavily. Soon she came again, and again.

We rested for awhile, then went at it once more. I took her five more times before tiring about three. She was spent as well. The last time we did it doggie style, and I fell asl**p on top of her.

In the morning, I woke to find her gone, and Sarah and Kayla in bed with me. I moved a bit, and Sarah woke, looked into my eyes and smiled. I looked up to the clock, eight-ten. I asked "When did you girls switch?"

She kissed me, her lips salty from another mans sperm, and the faint taste of pussy. "About five, we thought it best if we wake with the one we love."

I kissed her back. My cock was hard, and I rolled onto my back and she straddled me, taking me into her warmth. Oh god, she felt great. She gently rocked, her head resting on my shoulder. She whispered "Sinya says you are good." I smiled, as she added "I think so to, you know?"

I asked "How was Kyota?"

She sighed, "Not bad, really, he has a great tongue, just like you. His cock ain't as long, but it is thick."

I chuckled, "I'm sure he enjoyed you two."

"Oh yeah, he likes big breasts, I found that out. First time I've ever been tit-fucked."


She looked into my eyes, "Really!" she laid her head back down. "Matt?"

Her hips stopped "Hmmm?"

"Would you marry me?"

Oh shit. Now what do I say. Kayla stirred, and opened her eyes, asking "Who's getting married?"

I kissed her, placing a hand on her crotch, fingering her slit, as I said "I guess we are."

"Oh Matt!" Sarah leaned down and kissed me, wiggling her tongue with mine. She broke the kiss, and I looked at Kayla, she had a hurt look on her face. Sarah seen it, and asked "Oh Kayla, I'm sorry, does the idea of us getting hitched upset you?"

She nodded her head yes, as a tear formed. I brushed it away, and said "Come on lover, I can't marry both of you, even though I would like too."

She smiled, and sniffled, as Sarah leaned over and kissed her cheek. Sarah raised her hips, my meat falling from her moist cunt, and swung off my body away from Kayla, saying to her "Here honey, climb on."

The young woman smiled and crawled on top of me, lowering her wonderful pussy down my shaft. God, I was loving this, but what does Sarah have in mind? Sarah spoke, saying "You would like to have both of us, wouldn't you?" She nodded, as she ground her hips down on my rod. Sarah continued, as she massaged her friends ass cheeks, "Well, we're all in the same boat then, I want both, Matt wants both, so why not all three of us staying together?"

Kayla stopped, and said "But how? He can't marry both of us."

I chuckled, saying "Except in Utah."

Sarah pinched me, saying "Be serious." She went on, "Our marriage would be of convenience, solve a lot of legal problems that may arise." She studied her face, "Now you're a student in California, a little far for a marriage, don't you think? After all, Matt does have c***dren in Illinois, and a good job as well."

"Yes, you're right, he wouldn't want to leave them, and you do live closer to him." she replied, I could feel the heat building in her tight cunt.

"Okay then, that part is solved, I can also transfer to near where he lives." Shit, I agreed to marry her, and I really hardly know her, except she's great in bed, and bi-sexual. "Finish this year out, you may find someone you like better, you are so young still, and we're a lot older."

She started to protest, but Sarah put a finger to her lips, adding "Then, you can transfer to a university near us to complete your education." The look in her eyes wasn't showing any sign of being convinced. I felt a tremor go through her body, as my cock spewed a load in her. She whimpered a bit, then settled down. She grabbed Sarah around the neck and they hugged, kissing each other.

My cock popped out of her cunt and I rolled away, saying "Why don't I leave you two alone for awhile, I'll go get myself some breakfast." Sarah smiled and waved, as I could hear Kayla sniffling in her shoulder. I donned a pair of shorts and a shirt and left the suite. God, why me?

I made my way to the restaurant in the rear, and got a plate of food. One thing about cruise ships, you don't go hungry. I ate and left, wandering aimlessly. I ended up in a seat on the promenade deck, next to the window, just staring out over the port of Kingston. Sat there for about thirty minutes, until I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I turned and saw Kyota standing above me. I smiled as he asked "May I have a seat?"

"Sure, pal, what’s up?" I asked .

He settled in, and said "Well, it looks like you're a lucky man with a unique situation." Now what the fuck he mean by that. He continued staring out the window, as he asked "Do you want both of them?"

I chuckled "Hell yeah, I'm a typical horny American male. What’s better than one good looking woman is two of them."

He laughed, as he commented, "Yeah, they're prime pussy," he turned, smiling "Both of them." He must have had a good time last night.

I asked "So now what?"

"Well," he inhaled deeply, "We decided that you should marry Sarah, and Kayla will join the two of you when she can." He said it with a smile, as he added "And I think we will visit some ourselves."

"I would like that, may need help in keeping up at times."

"Of course, you'll need to be making more money." he said.

I sighed "Yeah, but I really don't see me advancing much at my current employer."

"I know," he said, as he stood up, "That’s why I had my company buy yours this morning. We'll be talking about your new duties in the future."

I was astounded, "How...?"

He just laughed, as he said "Come, the girls are waiting for you."

I stood and followed him up to the suite. Entering, I found Sarah and Kayla both dressed, and sitting on the couch with Sinya. Just seeing them got my cock stirring. Both Sarah & Kayla got up and rushed to me, giving me a hug.

Sarah said "Well, we got something to tell you."

"Okay, go ahead."

"I want to marry you, I would like to do it on the boat, I'm sure there's a minister on board somewhere."

I laughed, "Okay, you want to check if we can do it today?"

She smiled, and said "I'll go to the information desk and ask."

We all left the room together, and went to the information desk. We passed April and John on the way, and they about shit when after they asked where we were going. So we now had six in the group, as April joined us, as she sent John to go get Heather.

Once at the information desk, the girl there had to call a supervisor, she never had this request before. After about ten minutes, we were e****ted to a room, where the supervisor told us there was a ship chaplain on board, and yes, he can perform the marriage. So, we set it up for tomorrow afternoon at three on the verandah deck. We spent an hour going through the paper work. I made Kyota my best man, and Sinya the matron of honor. Of course the other five were listed as witnesses.

Sarah then was asked what she wanted the wedding to be like, this was where Kyota, John, Steve & I took our leave. It's their wedding, they'll figure it out. About six o'clock, Heather tracked us down in the stern lounge, saying that I was needed for some signatures, and measurements for a tux for Kyota and I. I about shit when I seen how much the tux rental was. We all got together for dinner, and a special table was set up for all of us. We even had the captain stop and offer congratulations. I sort of shocked him when I kissed both Sarah and Kayla. We were given a few bottles of complimentary Champaign, and it was all drank down.

After dinner, we headed for the suite, all nine of us. Just as we were to enter our suite, Sarah came up and said "uh-uh, it's bad luck to see the bride from wedding-nite eve until the wedding." She turned to Heather & April, and said "Okay girls, they're all yours." With that, those two young ladies came over to Kyota and I and took our arms, heading towards Kyota's suite, leaving John & Steve with the other three women. Wonder if the poor guys know what’s in store for them. I waved to my bride to be, blowing a kiss to her and Kayla, as the four of us entered the other suite.

As we entered, Kyota said "Here, think we'll need some help again." He handed me another pill. I went to the bar, grabbed a beer and swallowed, as did Kyota. We turned as we saw the girls slowly strip their clothes off. What hard bodies. I had been too busy taking care of their cousin Sarah and Kayla, that I've sort of forgot them. I went over to April and took her in my arms. Kissing her I reached down and slid a finger in her bush, finding her wet with her own juices. She unbuckled my shorts and they dropped to the floor. I pushed her onto the bed and crawled on top in a sixty-nine. I was lapping away on her tasty cunt, as she swallowed my meat. I could see out of the corner of my eye, Heather sitting on Kyota's happy face. His hands were reached up, kneading her firm large breasts.

She squealed around my cock, as I shoved two fingers in her warm and inviting cunt. I started fucking her cunt with my fingers at a fast tempo, as I continued the tonguing of her clit. In a short time, she was coming, as she was bucking her hips ferociously, almost knocking me off. I was even afraid she was going to bite my cock off.

As she was calming down, I rolled off, and got on my knees between her spread thighs. Slipping my hard tool inside of her was easy, as I started pounding away, my hands on her tits, giving them a good massage. She was talking nasty, telling me to fuck her harder, and by god I was obliging.

Heather was now on top of Kyota's cock, and bouncing up and down, as she had a hand on her clit, getting herself off. Her eyes were glazed, and she was moaning loudly. I heard him grunt, and then I seen his seed leaking out from her cunt as she continued to ride. This got me off, as I buried my dick in to the hilt and blasted her inside with my load, sending her to another screaming orgasm.

I pulled out and sat down next to her, sucking on her nipple and rubbing her pubic mound. Heather had collapsed forward, her tits in his face, as she slowly gyrated her hips. The pill had kicked in, and my cock felt like iron, as I rolled April over and got back behind her, ready to plow anew. She yelped as I shoved my meat home again, my hands clenched onto her ass. I was like a jackhammer, pounding her young cunt, as her boobs bounced all over the place. She was panting heavily, and moaning and grunting, and soon I felt her pussy spasm, as she had another orgasm. I didn't even slow down, as I kept up the fast pace.

Looking over at the other two, Kyota had Heather on her back, her ankles in his hands, drilling her sweet pussy. She was rubbing her own tits, as she was moaning and telling him to fuck her faster. His face was showing signs of exertion, and I was hoping he wasn't going to have a heart attack. I felt April have another orgasm, and she suddenly went limp. I looked down, and seen she passed out from the intense pleasure.

I looked at the other two, Kyota smiling at me, and I said "Hey bud, how about you roll over, and I'll try another hole."

She must not of known what I meant, as he rolled over, taking her with him. I got behind her, and spread her ass cheeks. It sunk in her head what I had in mind, as she said "Oh no, not in my aaaaaaaa....shiiit Mat!"

Too late, as I sank on in. I could feel his dick through the thin membrane separating the two canals. It felt incredible. She was muttering, and I waited for her to get use to my cock in side her poop-shoot. I knew she was ready for some hot fucking when she started pushing back into me.

Kyota and I worked up a good pace and rhythm, pounding both her lower holes. We soon felt her starting to come, as her breathing got suddenly heavier, and she was moaning in appreciation. When her sphincter clamped down, I spilled my load, just as Kyota filled her sweet cunt again. I was grunting like crazy, as I felt blast after blast empty into her tight ass.

Just as I was about done, I looked over to see April staring at us, with an amazed look on her face. I smiled at her, and asked "Would you like to try this?"

Her eyes got big, and she asked her s****r, "How'd it feel? Did it hurt?"

Heather opened up her eyes, and she replied, "Oh god, that was hurt at first, but then the pleasure that followed...oh god..." I pulled out of her ass, my cock leaving a trail of her anal fluids and my come. She rolled off of Kyota, and as his hard cock slipped out, I seen our juices draining out of her holes.

Our cocks were still hard, so I went over to April and kissed her breasts, and rolled onto my back, she ending up on top of me. She raised her hips and sank her cunt down on my meat. I felt Kyota move up behind her, and he gently pushed his dong in. This felt just as incredibly good as what we did to Heather. She whimpered at first, but once he bottomed out, she relaxed, as he gave her time to get use to his anal invader.

We started out slow, and gradually picked up the pace. By the time she was having one orgasm after another, our cocks were a blur, as they pounded her cunt and ass. And she was doing her share as well, bucking her hips even more than what her s****r had done. We drilled her for the better part of thirty-minutes, she even passed out again, but we didn't stop, not until we both dumped a load in her.

Once he and I came, he pulled out and sat back, his body covered with sweat. I rolled April and I over, and gently fucked her cunt, as Heather and Kyota rejoined at the waist as well, him on top of her. Our bodies were gleaming with sweat and sex, as we slowly fucked each other for over forty minutes.

I finally had to take a break, so I got off of April, and went and grabbed a beer, and sat on the couch. She did likewise, and joined me there. She had her hand in my lap, playing with my hard meat, as we watched the other two going at it doggie style. Once both of them came, they too broke for some liquid refreshment, joining us on the couch. We talked a bit, and decided to switch partners.

Heather sat on my lap facing me, her knees on the edge of the couch, as she squatted her cunt onto my boner. I was kneading her breasts, as April and Kyota were doing the same position. I turned to him, and said "Ain't life grand?"

He laughed, saying "Hell yes, this is great, two horny young women, and a perpetual hardon." The girls rode us for an hour, doing all the motion and setting their own pace. Each had multiple orgasms, as they tried to milk another load out of our balls.

April finally stood up, letting his meat fall from her well-used cunt. The juices slowly running down the inside of her thighs. She turned around, and sat back down, taking his meat in her ass. Heather seen that, and must have decided what was good for her s****r, is good for her too. She got up and turned around and sat impaling her ass on my meat. She cried out at first, but soon she was riding with abandon, as I reached around and started rubbing her clit with my fingers.

We had the girls coming again in no time, and we could tell they were getting exhausted, as they both went limp in our arms at about the same time. I looked up at the clock, it was already after midnight I said "Okay, we're about there, who wants double-fucked for a nite-cap?"

April opened her eyes, and said "Why not both of us? Do me first this time."

We chuckled, and she came over to me, as Heather climbed off, my cock making an obscene noise as it vacated her rectum. She got on facing away from me, taking my cock in her ass. Kyota came over, and she grabbed him around his neck, as he entered her sopping wet snatch. He really did all the work, as he started drilling her hard and fast. I felt her tighten up about three times, one orgasm after another, as he finally emptied his last load of the night into her. He pulled out, wiping his meat across her lips, she hungrily licked it clean. She looked at her s****r, and said "Next."

She got up and Kyota sat on the edge of the couch, as Heather mounted her anus on his meat. I approached and entered her easily, and started fucking away. She is just like her s****r, as she came one time after another. I finally spilled my seed after about twenty-minutes of steady pounding. I pulled out, and we helped her to her feet. Turning, we seen April already under the covers asl**p. We both laughed, as we carried Heather to the bed, all four of us snuggled in, and fell quickly to sl**p.

In the morning, Kyota and I woke to warm mouths on our cocks, as the girls were giving us morning blowjobs, Heather on mine, and April on Kyota. I grabbed her and swung her around, giving me access to her young snatch, I might as well have breakfast. Kyota did the same thing, and soon the sound of slurping tongues filled the room. I was happy to see her pussy and anus returned to their normal size as they slept. And after a loud orgasm from each girl, they spun around and mounted us, sitting up tall and proud, as they rocked on our dicks.

As I was kneading her breasts and pulling on her nipples, Kyota said "Holy shit, it's after noon."

I looked too, damn, twelve-forty, "Shit, we better finish and get showered up. We're suppose to pick up tuxs at one-thirty."

I moved my hands down to her hips, and started thrusting up into her, my partner next to me doing likewise to April. I felt her pussy walls clench, and this had the proper effect, as I painted her pussywalls with my come. She started to roll off, but I held onto her waist, rolling with her. We ended up with me standing next to the bed, her legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my neck, as I walked towards the bathroom. I entered it and turned on the shower. Carrying her inside, I braced her back up against the wall under the hot water, and fucked her hard and fast. She was moaning and cussing, as one orgasm after another swept through her lithe body,

I felt my balls tighten, as I emptied them in her snatch. She hugged me tight, kissing me on the lips, saying, "God, my cousin is so fucking lucky."

I smiled and kissed her back, as I lifted her off my meat, as our come drained out of her cunt. We washed each other off, and rinsed, then turned off the water. Stepping out of the shower, Kyota was carrying April in the same way I had done Heather. We all smiled, as we grabbed towels and went back out into the suite. I found my pants, as a knock sounded on the door.

Heather opened it, it was Steve, telling us that he had gotten the tux's. They were over his shoulder. Him and Heather kissed passionately, as I took them off his hands. She told him to close the door, and he did, as she dropped to her knees and pulled out his meat, giving him a blowjob. He smiled, as he said, "Well, don't know if there's any left there, love, but I'll still enjoy it." As he reached down and knocked the towel off her body.

I said, "You two might want to save that, she just got cleaned up."

Too late, as I heard him grunt, filling her mouth with his come. She was a good girl, swallowing all of it.

I laughed, as Heather stood back up, re-wrapped the towel about her, and exiting the suite, heading down the hall to mine. Soon Kyota and April were finished and in the main room, drying. I told her to go on to my suite, and she wrapped the towel about her and was on her way. John showed up shortly thereafter, as Kyota and I got dressed. Seems they had a wild night as well, as they tied the two guys down and had their way with them until well after midnight. Sinya tied a cord around the base of the peckers, so they couldn't come, but when they did, what a blast.

We had the wedding at three, and lots of drink and food followed. By midnight, after dancing in the disco and drinking plenty, I was worn, as was the others. I don't know who left when from our suite, but eventually it was just me and Sarah and Kayla. We crawled into bed together, and fell asl**p.

We never left the room the whole next day, as we pleased each other non-stop. Occasionally, someone would knock and come strolling in in pairs. Sinya & Kyota did this twice, as did Steve and Heather, while April & John made an appearance once late. We didn't stop, as they joined in our love making.

The next day we arrived at Miami, and as Sarah and I walked down the gangway as husband & wife, with Kayla in tow, we were about to embark on another journey, which I'm sure will be cause of another story.
... Continue»
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She left him at the altar, she altered him. I gave him life at birth, I saved his life, and then shared his berth. It was supposed to be their honeymoon cruise. It turned into my sonny-moon cruise. It is our story, of our voyage; on the high seas, and our discovery of a new world, the land of i****t.

I don't expect you to believe this. I hardly do myself. But this is the tale of what happened, and how what was a near tragedy, became a break-through to a new understanding between myself, and my dear son, Samuel.

The hall had been rented months in advance, and we were there with the rabbi, waiting for the bride. I had footed the bill for everything. My husband left me very wealthy, but what good is money, if you can't provide for your loved ones? Sam's older s****r, Janice, had an even more elaborate blow-out. This was nothing to thumb your nose at either. But since it was not quite the costly ticket for the ceremony and reception, as with Jan's, I splurged on the tickets for their honeymoon cruise. You only get married for the first time once, right?

Of course, right. So next time Jan gets married, (she found the schmuck cheating on her - even within the first year), it won't be such a big shindig. At least not on Mama's money!! Anyway, there we all were, the bride's limo pulls up. Out gets the Maid of Honor, but no Madeline, Bride-to-be. And Betsy, isn't wearing a gown as she gets out of the car and comes slowly down the aisle. Not a good sign. The Maid of Honor goes up to Sammy. He asks, “Where's Maddy? What's going on?” Betsy hands him an envelope of purple, pink and green, Maddy's personal stationery. All her notes to me about the service and reception, were on it, so I recognized it. I had a bad feeling.

Sure enough Samuel takes out a sheet of note paper, same colors, I can't read what is on it, but her lavender pen has scrawled some hand writing on it. The engagement ring drops to the floor out of the envelope, and Sam takes out the note. SHIT! That girl was the love of his life. He reads the note, silently to himself.

He looks at me, then at Jan, then at Daddy in the sky, though I am sure that if he is a ghost, Jacob's sitting next to me. Samuel looks to the crowd and says in the softest voice (if the place wasn't dead silent, I doubt he would have been heard), says Sam, “The wedding is off.” Then his eyes roll up, and he drops to the floor, like the ring did. Fainted dead away. He lived, but when he came to, he was in shock.

Dr. Schwartzenburger, our long time f****y physician, (of course he was there – everybody was) had somebody fetch his medical bag from his Mercedes and gave poor Sammy a shot. A sedative, then wrote a prescription for a few pills of a lesser dose. Jan volunteered to run to the pharmacy, but I sent one of the ushers instead. The Best Man, and another of Sam's friends, helped him into our waiting limo. I needed Jan with me, when we brought her b*****r home.

We got him to bed, with a couple stiff scotches, since the pills were not there yet. He went to sl**p. I started making a bunch of phone calls, Madeline wouldn't answer, but I got hold of everybody else I could think of, to handle the crisis. I sat with Jan in the kitchen. Jan spoke, “Ma, what now? What is Sammy going to do? He ought to go somewhere else for a while, this neighborhood would be too painful.”

See, Maddy was almost the girl next door, in our suburban community on Long island. Samuel and she had grown up together. What Jan meant was that there would be too many painful memories, being here in this place. He ought not go back to his new condo in New Jersey alone, but what's to do?

I snapped my fingers, having made a snap decision. Not for nothing, had I run my husband's company after he had had his massive stroke and left me with everything to do or to sell. I had built up the business even bigger, since Jacob passed to the big deli in the sky – or where ever they had the best lox. I was used to making executive decisions, nu? So, I did. I made one more phone call to my trusted travel agent, a cousin, and told her what to do. I didn't need a confirmation call back. She had been at the wedding, make that disaster. Titanic, need I say more?

I said to Jan, “He will be elsewhere, he'll be out of the country.”

“Mama, Where are you sending him? Should I go along, and keep him from doing himself harm?”

“You think it's that bad?” She nodded, I thought maybe so too, but I had another arrangement. “He's going on that cruise.”

“Okay, I like the Caribbean, I'll pack.”

“No, Sweetheart, you don't have to, I'm going! I paid for the trip, and can't get my money back at this late date. But I will go with Sammy. Besides getting my money's worth, I haven't been to Jamaica, or the Bahamas, or anywhere down there but Miami, when I go to see your Aunt Sadie.” (That's Jake's s****r, we are very close.) “You've been all around that whole area three times. My turn.”

“Right, Samuel goes on his honeymoon with his mother!”

“He should go with his single s****r? It won't be his honeymoon, it will be a relaxing vacation. He doesn't have to hang around me, just as long as he doesn't mope in the cabin. I'll make sure he has a good time, if it kills him!” How prophetic those words were, in a way.

So we did. How did Sammy deal with it? Well, the trip was two days after the wedding. He would have had to make a huge argument with both his big s****r and his pushy mother. I didn't raise any stupid k**s, they might be mashuganah, but not dumb. It was easier just to allow us to steer him into steerage. Not third-class really, we had a tip-top first-class cabin suite. I don't skimp, when it comes to my babies' happiness. Jacob always said, “Money can't buy happiness, but it can make the way clear for it to arrive.”

Besides Sam was so doped up on tranquilizers from those pills, he didn't know we were going to port until we arrived at the dock in Florida. Maybe he thought I was taking him to Disney World. I had always promised, but never quite got the chance. All three of us flew down. Then Janice went to visit with Sadie, and Samuel and I, we boarded the newest ship in the fleet. Boy! was it large, something for everyone. We found our room, and there was champagne and roses waiting, like I had ordered months ago.

He didn't even know I was his cabin-mate, until the lifeboat drill alarm sounded.

“Mama, isn't it time for you to get off the boat?” Something was registering finally, the double pills that morning were wearing off.

“Sweetie, that ship has sailed! I'm your berth-mate! Welcome aboard a two week cruise, all around the Caribbean. Let's get to the the deck for the drill, in case we have to be stranded on a desert island.”

He looked at me, and then around the cabin, but before he could say anything more, the steward knocked on the door. He asked we get to Deck C, lifeboat twenty-two, as quick as possible, please. So we did, and got the life vests on, and all that stuff done with. Then I took him to the stern, found a cocktail lounge, and poured scotch in him until he was ready to crash. Reality could wait until morning.

There was just one hitch to our accommodations. I mean it was a beautiful suite, lovely little balcony, nice furnishings, first class alright, who could complain? Just, it was for a honeymoon couple, it had a queen size bed, one. Not one you could split either like some of the cheaper rooms. And they were booked to the gills. Unless one of us wanted to bunk with the crew. So we change in the bathroom, and the bed was plenty big. What could happen – what, my son would m***** his own mother?

So Sammy woke up next me the second day of the cruise. I told my boy the facts of life, so to speak. I explained that I had talked to the head steward, but he could do nothing about the situation but bring in a folding cot. I mean, the place was spacious, for a ship, but the cot was not kosher, as far as my money was concerned. If we shared a bed, it would be like old times, when we roughed it in the Catskills, at that motel one night when there were car problems. Two beds, and Jacob slept on the floor. Samuel was ten and Janice was a big sixteen, and I was my dainty self, so it made sense, right?

So we would not be much in each other's way, all things considered. Sam was still depressed, I had run out of tranqs for him to pop. He wasn't that much of a boozer, so he moped, just as I feared. The second evening, I heard him crying, after he thought I had gone to sl**p. But I'm a light sl**per, and I could tell that he needed comforting. I was right there. I held him in my arms, and he cuddled right to me. Just like when he was eight, and his puppy had gotten run over in the street, in front of our house. Jacob had carried the pooch's body into our home, and Sammy came upstairs and broke down.

His heart was broken now, that was for pity sure. Mama held her big boy, weeping his eyes out, until he fell asl**p, finally. The next day, I had us signed up for a sightseeing tour. He didn't want to go, but I have my means. I threatened to tell some pretty single girl that he was on the rebound, and have her after him. Of course, I didn't know anyone who would fit the bill, but he decided that me getting my way, was better than some stray gal getting in his way, so he went. We did have a good time, but when we got back to the boat, “Mr. Moper” returned to his sullen ways. I did get him to see the comedian's act at the lounge that night, but Sam never laughed once. And I tell you, the guy was FUNNY!!

So we settled in for the night, changed in the washroom, and I took the inside of the bed, he the outer half.

In the early morning, I awoke and Samuel was gone. His side was warm, so I knew it hadn't been very long since he got up. Call it mother's intuition. I looked, and the bathroom light was dark, the door open, I didn't hear a sound. I turned around, not out on the balcony. I got up, not even putting a robe on, just hurried out to the deck, closest to our cabin.

There was no time to think, as I saw my son putting a foot up on a storage box, next to the railing. He was gripping the bar, and about to hoist himself up. There was nothing between him and the water, fifty feet down. The ship was under full steam, full speed ahead to the next island. I just reacted. I raced over to Sammy, grabbed his shirt, and yanked back with all my strength. I caught him off balance, and he floundered back; then staggered backwards more, trying to get his balance. He finally slammed into the wall far from the side of the ship, and safe from being a man overboard, which he almost was.

I was filled with rage and fear. I took two big steps right up to him, and slapped his face so hard I left red welts on his cheek. I screamed at him, the words I had commanded the little boy with, so many times in the past. “Samuel Moishe Covey! Get to your room this instant! Move!!” Like he was a c***d again, he held his cheek, nodded and scurried back to our cabin. I was right behind him. I locked the door. I turned, the fright and the anger still flooding my emotions. I yelled, “How dare you!? How dare you take the life I gave you, and throw it away. Over some girl, the whole rest of your life, gone . . .” the realization hit me then, and everything melted in myself to a puddle of grief, as if it had actually happened.

I burst into tears, and managed to say through great sobs, “Sammy, how could you leave me here? Alone, with you overboard and dead? Don't you think that would kill me? How could I live, knowing I brought you here, and you took your own life? I wouldn't be able to take it . . . Oh! God, Sammy, my baby, I love you so much, to lose you now . . . Doonn't die, sweetheart, mama promises she will make everything . . .” I was struck with the realization that I couldn't fix this problem, it was way beyond a dead puppy. It was a wreck, and I felt so bad for him, so sad for my dearest baby. I was overcome with more tears and sobs, and dropped in near hysterics on to the floor.

I wasn't trying to guilt him. I wasn't faking my grief. I was washed out of wrath, and reduced to a weeping woman, weak and sorrowing. I felt his arms raise me, and help me to bed.

He was saying, “I'm so sorry mom, I wasn't thinking, but you don't understand. Please, don't cry, I'm not worth it, you don't know what I . . . I won't, I promise I won't try do anything like that again. I just was filled with . . . I couldn't take it any longer, You don't realize what I . . . It's okay now mother, it's all over with, I won't leave you, I won't ever hurt you. I love you so much . . . I . . . I . . .” We had reached the bed, and I was stretched across it width-wise; Samuel crawled up beside me, and began to bawl, like when his dad had died. It was the deepest, and most agonizing pain of loss, that tore out the soul of a person.

Then, it was my turn to come round, and comfort him. I just cooed, and made little hush sounds, and kept repeating, “It's okay, it's okay, mommy's here, it's alright, your going to be okay” saying those kinds of things over and over again. We held each other in a mutual embrace, and drifted back to sl**p. The boat rocked, and the engines were a soft distant thrumming, and even the sun was dimmed by clouds, to let Morpheus spread his mantle of forgetfulness, if only for a little while.

When I awoke, we were still in each other's arms. Nature has her cycles, and this was a male's time of hormones rising. By rising, I mean my son had risen, but just one part, his penis. I wasn't shocked, I was married to Jacob for s*******n years. I knew a morning stiffy, when it poked me. Nothing personal, Sam was still asl**p. But it was a nice way to wake a man. I thought about it, and decided, well, why not? He was supposed to be on his honeymoon, right. A little wank on his woodie, wouldn't hurt, even if it came from his mother, making him cum. Perhaps it would release the tension he was under. Worth a try.

I fingered the erect member through his shorts. His shirt was half ripped off, and his handsome hairy chest was showing. The tight belly of a youthful man was beautiful to see. I was in my nightgown, that was half up my legs, from having slid getting onto the sheets. Even if it was my son, I derived some erotic feedback from what I was doing. I had almost lost him for good, now I was determined to make his trip as good as it should be, but not if it killed him. If he wanted to mope the whole trip, stay in the room, so let him. But he was responding to this stimulation, and I was sure I could find ways to rouse his spirits, as well.

Suddenly, Samuel murmured, “Mom!” and rolled toward me. His leg dropped between my thighs, I lost hold of his dick, but now it was rampant on the crease of where my leg joined hip, and it was humping. Within seconds, I felt it pulse, and a small wet spot seeped though the clothing to my skin. At that moment he opened his eyes, and I knew he had just come awake, as he came. His eyes, and his whole face showed that he thought he had done it on his own, and was horrified, thinking that I would be outraged. He began to apologize, and was humiliated with himself.

I had to nip that bad thing in the bud. “Please for give me, Sammy, I just wanted to make you feel good, in some way. I thought that perhaps a release . . . please forgive me sweetheart! PLEASE!” I pleaded. I could see that gave him pause.

“You mean . . . that I . . . that you . . . I wasn't . . . you were . . .”

“I was massaging you, down there, and I made you cum. And I'm sorry, but I thought that it would help. Did it?”

“Yyeess, and noo, that's the problem. That's what I meant, when I said you didn't understand. Why I was so depressed. You don't know what I'm going through.”

“Darling, I have lost a husband, and been racked with grief of all kinds, there is little I wouldn't understand. Try me. Communicate, don't keep it bottled up inside. There isn't anything that you can't tell me.”

“Mom, . .” He opened his mouth but nothing came out, he tried to start again, and failed. The third time he said, “Mom, do you think you can love two people, at the same time?” He held up his hand to signal there was more. “I don't mean like you love me and Jan, at the same time, not that, I mean – have passion for two persons at once, desire both, though you can only have one. Should only have one, that is.”

“Of course, you can. I can, I mean, I understand. Did Madeline have an affair, did she fall for some other guy, and that's why she left you?”

“No. God! this is so hard, especially after . . . listen, it was me.”

“You had an affair?”

“No, I didn't, but I have been in love with . . this woman my whole life.”

Now I was confused. “You're whole life? But you haven't known anyone your whole life but . . .” A horrible thought suddenly hit me, “You don't mean . . your s****r! Not Jan – I don't believe it! You have a thing for Jan? Samuel, she wouldn't, I mean, that's ridiculous.”

“I agree, it's not her.”

“Who then?”

“I slept with her.”


“Last night.”

“Is that why . . . you . . . how did she get aboard the ship? Did you make reservations, on your honeymoon! You were going to cheat with another woman, on your honeymoon? It's like some bad plot in a soap opera, incredible!”

“She made the arrangements after Maddy dumped me. I slept with her the other nights too. Mom, don't you get it, it's you! I'm in love with you.”

“Sweetheart, I know you love me, but . . .”

“Here, mom, read Maddy's letter.” He went, and pulled a wrinkled piece of stationery out of his suitcase. It was purple, pink and green, with lavender script. He gave me the note. I read, it went:

“Dearest Samuel,
You know I shall always love you. I have since we were in sixth grade. But I realize now, that I can never compete with the other woman in your life. I know she is unaware, but that is between you and your mother. When you make love to me, and call to her when you cum; I feel that I am a third party to the sex. It's not fair to me, and though it breaks my heart to break off our relationship, you know that ultimately, it is for the best. Perhaps you'll find a woman that doesn't mind being a substitute for your mother, but I am not that girl. Goodbye, I will not see you for a long time. Please don't try to find me. If we ever meet again, know that I don't hold anything against you or her. But I won't be her, for you.
Love always, Maddy”

I was stunned. I wasn't sure of the whole meaning, I was still trying to wrap my mind around it. But I started to get a hold of it, when I recalled that Sam had called “mom” when he came this morning, before he was awake. I looked back at the note. “ When you make love to me, and call to her, when you cum” . . . more . . . “ that is between you and your mother” . . . “I know she is unaware” . . . “find a woman that doesn't mind being a substitute for your mother” . . . “can never compete with the other woman in your life”.

I looked at Sammy, and remember his words. “do you think you can love two people at the same time?” . . . “I have been in love with this woman my whole life.” . . . “I slept with her.” . . . “I slept with her the other nights too.” “Mom, don't you get it, it's you! I'm in love with you.” . . . “mom!” and he had cum.

Sam could see the understanding, and yet bewilderment spread over my features, like sunlight creeping over the morning horizon. “Mom,” he said softly, “Do you see what it means, that here I am, on my honeymoon – what was going to be my honeymoon – with the woman I have loved all my life, and lusted after since I had pubic hair begin to sprout, and got Bar Mitzvahed. I've lost my c***dhood sweetheart, who I was going to marry, and now I'm on a cruise for nuptial sex, with the one woman I can't have.”

“Not including Jan,” he added, “because if Jan was horny enough, she'd have let me pity-fuck her. She told me, but she always can find an outlet. So that was never an issue. That's beside the point. That's why I was so in the dumps. I'm glad you saved me, I was just so crazy with the irony, and frustration, and grief, and lust. sl**ping with you! God, my dream come true, but not. But then this morning you bring me off! I am totally flummoxed. Flabbergasted. But I guess it's best out in the open, finally. I mean, just between the two of us. Though I think Janice has her suspicions, that I have an Oedipus Complex.”

I thought hard for a moment, there had been something earlier, I was half a mind to confess. Oh! Yes! “Dear, do you remember a little while ago, you asked me, if you, or someone, or . . if I could love two people at once?”

“Yes, You see what I meant.”

“ I do. And I did, love two persons at once. I . . . cheated on your father. I had an affair for a year, with someone you don't know. I had met him, and we had coffee, and – well the details are not important.”

“Did dad know?”

“He knew I was somehow troubled, and a bit more distant, sometimes. But I loved him too, and that love was still strong, even though the other love had . . it's own passion. Eventually, my other man move to California, then we said farewell. And your father and I lived . . happily until he died. 'Till death do us part. I was married to Jacob. I think he never strayed. But I can relate to something of what you are experiencing. And I do love you, but the sex thing . .”

“I know, can never happen.”

“No – I mean, I don't know. I did bring you off this morning, I wasn't aroused . . no actually the truth is, I was slightly. But I never thought about it, with you. About having feelings that way, with you. About you having feelings, that way for me. It never ever occurred to me. It's, kind of complimentary, if strange also. Since you were twelve, eh? Huh!”

“Mom, see, I save up for the honeymoon. I . . that is Maddy and I abstained for the past month, to have lots of passion for our wedding night, and for the trip. I even didn't masturbate for the past week. That's one of the reasons I was so, so ready to cum this morning. But the other was sl**ping with you, and this morning, when you were stroking me, I was dreaming of you. And . . . I'm still horny, could you . . do that again while I'm awake to enjoy it? If it wasn't something that grossed you out, maybe you wouldn't mind.”

Even the asking, without getting an answer yet, was making him hard again, I could see him rising under his boxers. I felt strange, like there was . . . what was that term they used way back in my college psych class? . . . oh yeah – disassociation. I was floating on a sea, somewhere in a different universe. All the normal laws of physics, and morality, were shifted - or turned over, or cockeyed. Cock-eyed. I wanted to see what I was going to be playing with. “Take off your shirt, take your pants off, get naked. Let me see how my boy has grown into a man!”

Sammy was swift to obey. He looked at me. My tits were easily discernible through the thin fabric. The hem had hiked up to my thighs. I decided to give him some visual aids. I began to strip, and he helped. Moments later, we were both nude on the broad mattress. His manhood stood upright, and my delta was definitely damp. I reached out and began to fiddle with my son's flute. I could see the cock eye, with a drop of pre-cum dew. My nipples were little dark red berries. They wanted in on the action.

Without being told, without permission, without any objections either; Samuel reached out and gently began to pinch the points, in a very tender way. They yearned even more. But I was not going to let this go too far. I was his mother, and these were extraordinary circumstances. He had almost killed himself, if I hadn't come in time, if he were missed too late . . . I didn't want to go there. Just be in the moment, I told myself. Just allow this little thing to happen. It happened before, earlier this morning, now it was again. But we were undressed, and both awake and . . . and God! that felt good on my tits, no one else - besides myself - had twiddled with them for years!

I could tell that Sam was getting near his orgasm. His hips thrust, and he was making funny faces. I must have looked just as silly, because my face was scrunched up too. Then again, as with the first time, Sam rolled on to me. But this time he was between my my legs, they spread and his prick rubbed up and down on my abdomen. His lips went to my breasts and sucked the caps completely in. I felt him release the hot goo on my tummy, and the moment was so wild and erotic, I had a little climax too. Then he rolled off, and we spent a moment, after spending, to catch our breath. The tropical heat made the sweat pour off our bodies.

Time for a shower, before lunch, we had missed the launch to the island, there would be another in the afternoon. We were moored at this piece of paradise for another day, before moving on. I was glad I didn't have to change the bed, or wash the sheets. I looked over at Sam, “Mr. Moper” was nowhere to be seen. “Will you come to the island with me, after we eat?”

“Cum with you, eat you, anything you want, mom. I'm up for it!”

“No, you're not.” I took his limp lump, and wiggled the fat circumcised worm. But if your willing to take a tour this afternoon, perhaps you might get a tour - of a more special sort this evening . . . after the Broadway review show, which I want to see, tonight at eight. This is my holiday too, and I am going to enjoy the sites, and the shows. But good boys get their rewards, okay?”

“Yes, mother.” I hit him with a pillow, then ran, to get to the bathroom first. But not before another pillow hit my butt, and I laughed. This was going to be even more fun, than I thought it would. But I had to set limits, we couldn't simply give into his lust. What I was more concerned with, were my abilities to keep myself within my own boundaries, without the line creeping further into the land of i****t.

On an ocean, there are no demarcations of territory. It is all too easy to cross the equator, and not know you were now in a different hemisphere. If you were at sea about your feelings and emotions, it was the same. How do you know, if you have crossed the line? Was there a moral compass, a sexual sextant to tell you where you were headed, and if you were in uncharted waters, then what? Perhaps we were already? But yet this voyage of discovery had just begun. It was a brave nude world.

Our tour started at an old fort. Overhead was a beautiful rainbow. The Lord said it was a sign, of His covenant with Noah. Our arc was our our coupling this morning. It might have been mild i****t. It was between two adults. We were over the terrible flood, the danger of drowning, the waters of tears were receding. That was the arch, the arc that bridged heaven and earth, the crossing of the cleansing deluge of emotions. Now we were on a boat, a ship that was the ark that carried love. When would the dove return? Where would we land? The old fortifications were crumbled, the defenses were ancient history, as were ours too. We knew now, each other's secrets.

The beautiful landscape was flowers, and hummingbirds, and sandy beaches. It was paradise, when would our nakedness be discovered, and we, cast out? There was another twelve days to go. The world was made in half that time. How long does it take to destroy creation? Why, every time now that Sam looked at me, did I get a tingle in my pussy? Fruit at the market, like the proverbial apple. Temptation was like those little lizards, skittering everywhere, not serpents, more sneaky, more numerous. I knew where the snake hid. I knew the hole it wanted to slither down (or up was perhaps more descriptive). Am I Eve? Want a nibble on my apples? My son had, and it was good!

“There is nothing like a dame!” “I'm just a girl who cain't say no.” ETC “Some enchanted evening.”
Who knew that so many loves songs were on the program. Was this the “Love Boat”, like that old TV show? Evidently, this trip had set a new record for newlyweds on one cruise. There would be a drawing for a prize, for all the love-birds later in the week. I was sure we qualified.

We ordered some wine when we got back, and sat on the little balcony and looked at the stars. The breeze was like a caress, the wine - a kiss, the stars like . . stars. I ain't that silly, metaphors had been going through my head all day, thinking about what had transpired this morning. From near tragedy, to soap opera, to a love scene. Quite remarkable series of events. The day had been a fine one, the evening delightful; my son a gentleman, and a rogue in plain sight! Now, the naughty side of Sammy whispered an outrageous proposition in my ear. No, not that. We had privacy on the balcony presently, the lights were off, other folks to each side were not in, or had gone to bed. I thought his suggestion over. I nodded, it was too tempting this night, and who knew if we would have another chance to do it, for the rest of the trip.

I stood up and dropped my robe and slipped my gown over my head. All Sam had to do is lift his hips briefly, and the swim trunks he had on, were off. Then we sat down again. Like Eve and Adam, before they were in trouble, we enjoyed the delicious sensation of being naked in paradise. Now the stars winked, the wind was our lover. The kisses were lips to lips, as we held hands, and smooched occasionally. Nothing was said about what would happen, when we went to bed. I was too afraid to bring it up. Sam was thinking about it, as his dick was at full mast.

Finally, a huge yawn signaled to me I was very tired. We gathered up our clothes. Should we put on something? Or not? Sam climbed into the inner side of the pad, and lay face down, sl**py eyed and drowsy. I knew the signs well. So I lay down, without a gown. He rolled toward me, and we hugged and kissed for a minute. Then I fell deep asl**p. Sam told me, in the AM, that he had too. And there was evening, and morning was the fifth day.

The sun was in my eyes, next I knew. It was morning. We were naked. In bed. I stretched, and looked at the attractive male body next to me. Was this my son? Yes. Had we done something naughty yesterday? Yes, and I had saved his life. Maybe the little necking had been a part of the reclamation of his soul. A freeing of his spirit, a liberation. Freedom found, in telling the truth.

Truth be told, I was a little horny this morning. Sam was stirring laying on his side, facing me, but his stiffy was not evident. But I knew how to deal with that, but – should I? He rolled on to his back, his penis lolled. I reached over and took hold of it, always a sucker for a fat dick. In fact, now that I had that thought . . ., so I bent down and opened wide.

Just a little I told myself. The soft flesh was like a huge wad of bubble gum in my mouth. But of course, I didn't chew. I did that thing you do with a tootsie-pop, to make the sucker last as long as possible, and get all the flavor. This tasted slightly salty, like the sea air last night, but nice. Soon it was getting meatier. I felt Sammy's hands run gently through my hair. So sonny was awake!

“Mom, that is so good!” he whispered. Now I was making some bobbing, to added inches to my engulfing. He was getting quite long indeed. It looked different from up close. I scooped the fuzzy sacks, in my free hand and played with the two eggs, therein. I decided I wanted to see it cream. It had been a long long time since I had gotten to witness an eruption of male virility. I lifted my mouth off, and used my hand to do 'the barber-pole'. You know, where the stripe twists, going up the phallic symbol. I added some saliva as needed, but by keeping my touch very light, the motion was delicate, the skin slick enough to not cause any discomfort.

I gently squeezed the testicles in a rhythmic way, the softest of pressure. I said in a little breathy voice, “Cum for mommy, Sammy, let mommy see your spurt. You're allowed, cum for mama, let all your jism flow out. Cum for mom, that's it my little man. Show your stuff, cum for ma . .” and then he did. I watch in fascination as the first shot popped a good six inches in the air and landed in my coif, shampoo! Then, another ooze of white milky semen dripped down over my fingers. Like some kind of ice cream melting, and dripping from a cone in the heat. Yes, this pepperoni was hot, but it too melted, as the climax waned the wand.

But what fun! Then his hand nudged me back to lay flat, and I felt a hand glide down my tummy. More fun to cum for mom! I was just enjoying the play, not thinking, only letting the happiness have its morning romp. The fingers were combing through the fur, rubbing the mound, seeking the slit. 'Yes, there!' went my brain, as I raised my pelvis to give the digits the angle they needed, to make my clit protrude. My thighs widened, I was in need of a good cum. My son, was going to make sure I got it.

He obviously was no novice, when it came to making a woman cum, with his hands. The fingers stroked through the folds of femininity, and parted the labia for the well of my womanhood. He dipped and dragged the moisture along the parting and used it to wet the bulb of my clitoris. He sent two strong fingers probing into my cavity, and finding the G-spot easily. His mouth once more suckled on my breasts, the nipples were turgid in his lips. I just settled on my backside and let my boy do all the work. After all, it was my vacation too, I should be able to lie back and drift with the tides of touch that washed over my body.

But soon enough the surf was rolling in, the waves of wanton lust were crashing into the breakwaters, the jetty of inhibitions was no match for the storm of the climax, that swirled in my body. Eroded with desire for relief, my motherhood was submerged beneath the tsunami of my orgasm, that carried all cares away. My call was piercing, as my torso arched up when the peak of passion hit. I gripped Sam's hair and held fast, as if I was drowning, and I was in the ecstasy of physical contractions, and spasms of primal paroxysms. His head began to move lower. I knew exactly where he was headed, 'to go down to the she in sips'. I pulled, and cried out, “No – NO! Not that, I don't need it, I couldn't take it, I wouldn't be able to stand any more. That's plenty, that's more than enough, for this morning.”

God! If he had done that, I would have been totally lost. He could have done anything. Taken me, any way he wanted, and I would have begged for it, again and again. I had to stop him, stop it, stop us, before that happened. He had his heart broken once already, this week. No need to get him any deeper into the mess of this tangled triangle of psychological trials and tribulations, over a mommy complex. No need to get him into mama any deeper. Neither his six (seven?) inch prick that far, nor his mother any further in trouble with her conscience either. That was enough for the moment. We both had had our fun, now it was time to go, and enjoy ourselves in more tame ways. Lest we hit an iceberg, we were in the tropics, but there were dangers in the wetness where we played.

While Sam was in the shower, I insisted he go first, I phone the booking steward and made some arrangements for the next day, it cost some extra for . . call it bacqshish, but where there's a buck you can usually get your way. I hummed 'Here comes the bribe' under my breath as we switched off, for the powder room. I took care of the usual business, and dressed in the simple skirt and blouse I had carried in with me. Today was marketing in the AM, and gambling at a casino in the PM, back on the ship was a magic show for the evening. I bought a nice straw bag and matching hat for our day trips. Samuel got a wood carving of a porpoise, and a wicked looking knife, for a letter opener, he said. But I knew my boy, the blade just looked too cool for him to resist.

Of course there was gambling on the ship most of the time, but it was interesting to see how gaudy and kitsch the casino was. The drinks were free. We won $20 between the two of us, in the three hours we were there. The place was quite slow, almost deserted, We had any slot machine we wanted, but I like the blackjack table, and Sam tried the roulette wheel too. As luck would have it, we were up $120, and Sam said I should place a hundred on whatever I wanted, he was feeling lucky. I put all five chips on red, won, let it ride, and lost. So we quit while we were ahead.

Sammy leaned over to me and whispered, “I got lucky this morning, but I didn't want to quit until you got 'head'.” I guffawed very loud, the croupier looked at us and smiled. He couldn't have overheard, but he knew a risque remark when he heard that kind of raunchy laugh from a lady. I tipped him the twenty, so we were even, coming out the door.

The magician was nothing special until the blow-off, the last trick of his performance. He invited a young couple up, a bride and the groom, dressed for dancing later, she in a lovely gown and he in a tux. The Great Zolotraxan, as he titled himself, placed a scarf around the fellow's eyes, so he couldn't see. Then he place the gal in a cabinet, and latched it securely. His pretty assistant turned the box once, and when the door was opened the girl was in her slip, the gown gone. The door was closed, “Oh we have to return that clothing, what would your husband say?” The spouse is standing by the side of the stage still blind-folded.

Turn of the box again, and now she is just in her underwear, she squeaks, and covers. “Honey,” hubby calls, “Is everything alright?” Zolotraxan quickly shuts the door and and says, “That will never do!” the box turns the third time, the door opens, and there is the husband, dressed only in heart covered boxers, he yells and runs off stage. I never saw him disappear, and where did the bride go? The Great Zolotraxan addressed the crowd. “Well, when they get back to their room, at least they will be ready for the next session of their honeymoon!” says the master of the magic wand. Big laugh from the audience. Of course the couple were shills, and the audience were several drinks happy by the end of the show. But it was a cute stunt, I had to admit.

Meanwhile my own master of a “magic wand” was looking to get back to our cabin for tricks of a different sort. However, I had a slightly different agenda in mind, because of the plans I had made for the following day. When we returned, I gave him the rules of the evening. “Samuel, you must play by these rules, or you will spoil my surprise.” He nodded, but had a hard time keeping a straight face. “I mean it! You can look me all over, touch me only to examine me, like turn me over, spread my legs, lift my breasts. But no sexual fooling around. Play doctor, with mommy. But no poking, kissing, rubbing, no licking or sucking, fingering, and especially no fucking. Promise me!”

He raised his hand in a solemn vow, and nodded. He got the point, I was very serious. I took off my clothes and hung them up, save the undies which went into the laundry bag. After a quick shower, I dried off, and powdered up. Then, I lay on the bed, on my back, without a stitch on. Sam divested his clothing as well, and knelt beside me. I could see that he was erect, but that was going to have to wait for about twenty-two hours. He began with my arms, he held them, and studied their form, like he was a sculptor. He looked at my pits, poked his nose there, and took a whiff. “Lavender talc, like you always use,” he commented. “I remember that smell, ever since I was a toddler.” What can I tell you, tradition?

Then he spent long minutes with each breast, I felt like he was looking for lumps. Or maybe buying melons? The nipples were viewed close up, I though he ought to get a magnifying glass, if he wanted more detail. I can't imagine what navel gazing did for him, with my pipik button, but he found some kind of connection evidently. I mean, there was an umbilical one originally, right? Then he went for the toes. No foot fetish though, just a careful look. I had a pedicure a couple weeks back, so they were not too bad. They could have used a bit of polish, the sandals were making it tough to maintain the lacquer.

He rolled me over and had me spread my legs, then he opened my cheeks. I doubt that he was memorizing the shape of my asshole. I hope not! But I think that he was gaging the angle for penetration, if he was going to do the doggie-position, or possibly during a back-rub, to enter my vagina. Jacob always love doing that, so did my lover, way back when. I think it's because I have small buttocks, my tush is tiny for a woman my age. But then I'm short too, thank God I have stayed thin. Grandma was a roly-poly Pole. I dodged that genetic bullet. “DAMN IT, Samuel, that tickles!” Fiddling with the back of my knees, he should know better, at his age!

He rolls me on my back again, spreads my knees. I maybe could use stirrups? Maybe he will want a flashlight, is there a bear in the cave, or is it just a bare cave? He is leafing through the labia, despite myself my clit swells, and I lubricate. But this is strictly clinical tonight, tomorrow is play-time, a surprise for you too . . . wait and see, or . . read. I got an excellent examination of his genitalia the other day, when I had him squirt. The rest, not so interesting. After all, for most women it's more what's in the head and heart, than shapely calves. Still, a great set of buns is fine beefcake to contemplate, right ladies?

Finally, he was done. I raised my arms, and we hugged. His peter was poking, but I wasn't offering any refuge to the beggar at the door. He would have to stay hungry for another day. I got him on his tummy and rubbed his back. Soon he was softly snoring. Then I drifted off, and dreamed I was a young girl, running along a sandy strand, chased by a dozen boys. They were all naked as Adam, I wore a gossamer diaphanous flowing long dress that billowed with the warm sea breeze. I never let them catch up, but never got too far ahead. I knew how to keep their interest. They followed the scent from between my thighs, which wafted on the zephyr. One young man led the pack. I turned to see his face. It was Sammy.

We needed to get going early for our day's adventure. I ordered room service as soon as I awoke, nothing elaborate, in fact, the fruit we could take with us. We were on our third day at the second Island, the bus was waiting to take us to a special spot. I let my eyes sparkle with amusement, as Sam tried to guess where we were headed. When a sign said 'Dolphin Bay', it was a give away. Being in the water with those a****ls was a thrill I will never forget, nor regret the extra it cost to bump another couple to the submarine ride.

Maybe not nice, but they were promised another chance at a later port. Dolphin skin is tough, but so smooth, muscles hard but supple too. Much like a mammoth penis in a way, when you think about it, and of course, they are always slick with wetness. They have a sense of humor, and personalities. They are fast, but will come right up to you, once you have been properly introduced. That was a highlight, for both of us on our trip. At least, of the tours we had. There were other highlights, but we will cum to them, later on in this narrative.

When we got back to the ship mid-afternoon, I was starved. We got oversize sandwiches from the snack-bar. Then, we had our picture taken for the souvenir shot, they sell at the end of the cruise. There wasn't a line yet, like there would be later. Janice had clued me in on that trick. Samuel and I played shuffle board with an elderly couple, on their 'third honeymoon'. I mean shuffle board is required at least once, right? Tradition! Then we did a little gambling, lost $50 between us. Keep away from the 'devil's wheel'! I told Sam, as he was the big loser of the day, I only dropped $15 at the slots. Then dinner was nice, with a regular group of folks at our table, we had grouper, or some big fish cooked 'Island style', which meant pineapple and spices. But tasty.

We decided against the vaudeville show. We had seen plenty in the Catskills back in the day. Instead, we opted for catching the early show of a little romantic comedy film, recently out, that neither of us had seen. Then it was time for my surprise to be sprung. I hustled us back to the cabin and told Sam to change into his swim trunks, a tee shirt and flip-flops. (If you get them on the wrong feet are they flop-flips?) I had a similar outfit. I had reserved one of the private hot-tub rooms. They were hard to get, there was a waiting list. Lots of honeymooners, of course. But I knew the booking guy had a f****y that could use . . . let's just say, they were going to be a few car payments ahead of their regular income. Nobody got bumped this time, just a room was allowed to be used past regular closing time.

I had specified the temperature being about the same as the shallows at the beach. Nowadays, the chemicals are not so harsh, and the water was very nice. The jets were easy to control, I put some on but not all. I had Samuel make sure the door was locked. I turned the lights as low as they would go. Then I stripped. Sam followed suit, un-suiting himself. Not a word was said, as we got in the pool. He was rigid! I wasn't going to let him fuck me, but when we were done, that pole wouldn't be a problem for a while. I mean, I was his mother, and while we had been doing some rather unorthodox activities together, I couldn't allow that to happen. I hoped I could keep that promise to myself. I'm sure that 'OediSamson' had strong feelings, in the opposite camp.

But I was in charge, so far at least. “Tonight, in this tub,” I said to Sammy, “which is a tidal pool for our purposes, or maybe porpoises. And we are not people at the moment, but dolphins. You must close your eyes and find you way around by sound, using echo location. If you find another dolphin, you may frolic with her, but she might not be in heat, you'll just have to discover what she will allow. Do you understand?”

“Eee . . Eee . . Eee” squeaked Sammy, in a poor imitations of the dolphin's call we had heard this morning, His eyes were closed at least.

“Eeee . . Eee . . yourself!” I said and closed my eyes. With my head close to the water, I could hear my son splashing as he sought me. No doubt with mating on his mind, and other parts of his anatomy. I held still, then moved away, as he, not so quietly, sought me. But it was a small pool, and eventually he found me. I went, “Eeeee . . ooo . .eee!” as his hands – flippers - floundered around my torso, and between my legs. I swam away, but he was listening closer now, and followed. I could feel his ventral protrusion, like a rude rudder. My female center was heating the water. We circled, and did a kind of grappling, grasping exploration, eyes still closed.

Occasionally it got awkward, as aiming is visual for humans, but soon enough, we got the hang of finding our way around each other, by touch. He got to move his flippers all over my mammeries, and down where he was only allowed to peer at, last night. I handled his stick, and ran my fingers all over his hind end, and through his chest hairs. What a sensual exhilaration to use only tactile, rather than visual means, to explore another persons body. In water, it was sliding and slippery and smooth, and the muscles were defined in a different way, even that special one that stuck out from his loins. I kept playing the coy female, squirming away, before any overt, or even covert, connection was made.

Finally, I took pity on the poor frustrated fella. I made know my instructions, by guiding him to the place I wanted him to sit. Then I sat on his lap, my back to his chest, my bottom on his boner. I took his hands, and brought them to my tits. He immediately began to caress them. I worked my backside, so that his dick was being masturbated by my ass. The divide of the cheeks nestled that male muscle, and I very carefully made sure that the 'sweet-spot' was never in range of the tip of the spear. I thought sure I could bring him off that way. His lips were at my neck, and my voice was a high pitched “Eeeee . . Eeeee . .Eeeee . . Eeee – Eeek!” The diver had found the underwater cave after all!

I popped up, but immediately turned around and sat down again, facing him. “Don't fuck me,” I whispered as I ground my mons on his man-meat. “But I do want you to cum on mommy's tummy.” He responded with back and forth sawing, on my lower abdomen. It was more dangerous, but I had more control of the situation, at least an early warning system. The other way, I realized if he had found the angle, he would have been up where only his father, and one other man, had been in the last twenty years. And I would have had no defense, perhaps even allowed . . . how did Auntie Mame put it? Allowed him “to do what little boy fishies do, to little girl fishies.” What would that coupling spawn? More i****t that would be certain, with that channel marked with his buoy, I would be a long gone gull!

But now I was going to get off this way too, as the head of that pike pushed against my clit and raked along my labia. I sensed it getting lower and lower, but the strokes were longer and longer. It felt soo goood, it had been soo loong. His cock was so hard and long, and just exactly in the right groove. I grabbed him with my arms around his back, my boobs were mashed against his chest. My head was next to his, I whispered moans of encouragement in his ear. His hips were pushing on the built-in molded bench. It was getting too . . oh my God! It touched the hollow! It dipped into the cavity of my sex, a fraction. I froze. I clamped him, to try to stop any more motion. NO! Oh Please! Not . . we can't . . My brain was racing with wild thoughts, I remembered my dream. Sammy leading the pack, my gown was suddenly gone, and I ran down the beach naked now, and Sammy was gaining on me.

He caught me. I could feel the tip was wiggling in the worm hole, the snake was nosing into the . . temptation, scampered past like a quick little lizard, and disappeared into the bush . . I could sense the bulb press open the mouth of my sex . . Oh! Yes I wanted it, I wanted him . . I admitted it . . I can't help myself . . my boy . . almost died . . in, going in, just right there, almost in into me . . what is he waiting for? . . I gave him birth . . life . . now he is returning . . to the womb . . the tip is, is pulsing at the soft spot, the place I need him, the . . Oh God! my clit is . . I'm cumming! . . come on Samuel come into mommy, and cum in mommy! He's cumming . . just at the . . outside . . almost in, not quite . . half the tip . . The only muscles moving for either of us are the involuntary ones, that are spasming with our orgasms . . the climax is so good . . but not what I had in mind. Not what I had planned earlier, not what I craved at the peak of our intimacy.

I am filled with relief, but a sense of loss, as well, for what might have been. The rational is mixed with the emotional, and they won't meld, they just swirl. Like the water that flows around us, washing the fluids of lust away, and reminding us we are in an artificial environment, and our circumstances are not natural. Neither are our desires, nor the the reserve we have shown, (Samuel has shown, I was a rutting slut at the last). Neither of those two f***es are what would be the usual happening. We would have mated, or never been attracted. But we did and didn't, are and yet keep apart. What truly odd creatures are humans. That was a close one. But I feel all the closer to Sammy, for the almost, the being right there at the entrance to his mother's core. And closer to him for his strength, to have not gone inside, not loved me the way we wanted to. I don't know where we go from here, except back to the cabin. We dress and walk back in silence.

I order a bottle of that nice wine we had the other evening. We sit on the balcony. In our swim suits, which are dry. The stars stare back. No breeze to cool tonight. I finally let out a long sigh, and look at the man who is my son, who would be happy to be my lover. I smile, and say one word. Ever so softly my voice uttered it, “damn”.

“Damn”, comes his echo.

That night we sl**p naked in each other's arms. Not with any erotic ideas, but sensing that we both need the physical closeness, that brings us comfort of mutual love and tenderness. I wake, but Samuel is not in bead, immediately he calls from the balcony, “I'm here, mom, everything is fine, we are underway. There's a big storm headed to the south of that island, and we are going north. The captain decided to switch our agenda around to have good weather for the week. They have a running announcement at the bottom of the TV screen, on all the channels.” We not only get satellite, beamed in, but the boat has its own series of programs. How to gamble, what tours you can book, fish you might see, shells you might find, etc. But who has time for TV on a cruise?

“So, sweetheart, what do you want to do today?” I ask, no tours ashore, when we are underway.

“Well, I looked at the 'what to do aboard the ship if you're bored' channel, and picked some things for us to try. There's bowling, bike riding, tennis, we did shuffle board, scuba lessons in the bow pool at eleven, and a diving pool at the stern, skeet shooting off port side at one, and golf practice on starboard at three. The rock climbing wall is open all day today, but you need to make reservations.”

“Sam, I hate bowling, bike riding is okay, but on a track I'd be bored by the third circuit. Tennis is not my cup of tea, remember my weak ankle. We did shuffle board, I am not going scuba diving, or any kind of diving, except night clubs, those are my kind of dives. I don't shoot, guns scare me; and I don't golf, except putt-putt. Rock climbing, are you out of your gourd? You can try, not little old me!”

“Well, I think rock climbing might be interesting, but I was hoping to do something with you.” He pauses, the rat! “Of course there is ballroom dance practice at ten AM, the sun will be out by one, they think, and the bow pool has a complimentary drink served after two. We could lounge and get wet every once in a while, to keep cool. Work on getting that nice tan, that says, 'I was on vacation in the Caribbean!'”

“You scamp! Why did you go through all the rest of that crap to begin with. Is that the way I raised you?”

“Why, yes mother, I learned from the best, yourself!”

“That's my boy! What time is it, now?”

“Half past eight: we can dress for the ballroom, informal skirts for gals and shirts for men. Sneakers and sandals discouraged. Leather twirls better. After breakfast, promenade around the decks for a little, then head to the dance floor on deck D. After a light lunch, change and go sunning and swimming, until dinner, or an nap, whatever comes first. After dinner, there is a choice of a play, a comedy, or the musical stylings of a troupe of folk singers and musicians from the area.”

“Sounds like a plan!” and that's what we did. When it came to changing though, I no longer bothered with the bathroom. Sam had seen every inch of skin, no reason to be falsely modest now. But that was not going to be common practice when we got back home, when he came to visit. Especially, if Jan was around! Dancing with Samuel was wonderful, and quite romantic. People acted like we were a couple, even though there was clearly an age difference. So maybe it was a Decem . . uh, September-May romance. What did they know, we had the same last name, I was Mrs. Covey – it could happen, right? He was light on his feet, and never on mine (maybe that's why no sandals?), and led firmly just like I taught him, when he was in seventh grade.

After the play, (Sam was laughing so hard, it made up for the comedian) we went back to the cabin and ordered our new favorite wine again and just sat and – watched TV. But we channel surfed. I made Sammy watch a twenty minute lesson on roulette, then he vowed to give it up and try chuck-a-luck, go figure! The wine came, we got naked and went out to the balcony. The neighbors were not in evidently, I guess they like the nightlife, maybe they were at the casino area on board. The weather was sweet, the ocean had swells, we were feeling swell and like sweethearts. It was a great day. The night was about to get very good too, it turned out.

After a while I felt like stretching out, I wasn't sl**py, but just wanted to relax on the bed. Sam followed in a couple of minutes. He got next to me and whispered something naughty in my ear. I grinned and nodded. That was an activity that I would be very happy to have happen. That was a diving I hadn't thought of, muff diving. I spread my legs, and angled my knees wide. My muff was his for the diving. My pussy was ready to be eaten, late night snack buff-et. Cunnilingus here we cum! His tongue was as nimble as his feet, but I hadn't taught him this way to treat a lady. He certainly knew how to give a lady a treat! His lips made my nether lips smile, his attention to my clit was masterful. Just when I thought I was done, he would switch to a different area, and make me grab the covers building to yet another orgasm.

I loved when he would kiss my thighs, then lick them. I never knew I could be so sensual there. He made long laps on the outside of my pussy, then stuck the squirmy-pink-thing as deep as it would go in my cunt, and wildly wiggle. He strummed and hummed the pleasure bud of my most sensitive flesh, until the clit seem to vibrate on its own. Sammy used his breath to both warm and cool the damp folds, the alternating temperatures contrasts making for a unique turn-on.

Every once in a while he would rise and pay attention to my nipples. They appreciated not being left out of the fun. Most of the raunchy recess was devoted to making my crotch a playground for his mouth. My entire womanhood was a romper-room for my c***d's face. He had somehow shaved before this happy-meal, I wasn't sure when, but the smooth cheeks left no beard-burn. All I had to to was keep from smothering him, when my orgasms made my legs clutch in involuntary clamping.

I climbed to climax after climax. I was exhausted by the time his face gave out and he could no longer lick, lap, suck or hold his neck in position. God, he even used his nose on my nubbin! I hauled him up to me, with what little strength left, and kissed him profusely, Frenching and letting his rod nudge my pudenda. He tasted of me, but it was good; it was messy, but I didn't mind. It was to be expected, after he had made a fabulous effort to make his mama go floating to cloud nine. But it had been a long day, and before anything else happened, before we knew it, we were both asl**p. It might have been because of all that sun, it more likely had been all because of my son.

The ship's horn blasted me awake. I was half-asl**p. Great, I thought, we've hit an iceberg. I hope they have enough lifeboats. Where are the life vests? Then I realized, it was daylight, you don't hit icebergs in daylight, they only come out at night. I certainly came last night! I cranked my head, and saw mountains in the distance. Was that one of those floating islands? We were at sea, can you hit floating islands in the day? I then came fully awake with the next blast of the horn, we were coming into the new port. A s****r ship was passing us on our side. Were we port or starboard? Starboard, we saw lots of stars. No, wine, we had the wine side of the boat. Port was a wine, but we had found a better one to imbibe. My hair was a mess. And my hair-do too. The delta was a sticky sodden mess, and my coif, a rat's-nest. Better to just wash and rinse. What the hell, we were on vacation, right? I was on my son's honeymoon, and the poor guy hadn't gotten laid yet!

Should I fix that? Actually, that was something I could fix, if I wanted to. Dead puppies, no; broken engagements, no: live pussy, yes, - mend his heart, yes, - save his life, YES! Give him birth, give him life; share his berth, share myself - - that was the question wasn't it. The horn sounded yet again, like God blowing his nose. Samuel slept the sl**p of the just – just plain exhausted. He had really given it his all, last night. I never had that it like that from Jacob, or my lover. But my son had made me see stars last night. Cum an ocean of orgasms. Tasted my wine, and made me d***k from climaxing so much. And yet he had not taken me, or even tried to, he had respected me, even when I was at my most vulnerable.

I was proud of him. I felt sorry for him too. And for me. I asked myself, what did I have of virtue, that was so valuable to hold back. I wouldn't do it for wealth, I'd spend it. I wasn't married, he wasn't married. What was the difference between what we had already done, and doing it, except degree. There wasn't going to be any need for birth control. Nobody was going to know. Why not, we both wanted to – yes I wanted to. Samuel had wanted to, for years. Now, I had warmed to the idea for a few days, and I wanted to too!

I admitted it, to myself, I admitted it. But it had to be special, it couldn't be by accident. I mean, it almost had been, but it shouldn't be. It should be by mutual consent, and a special occasion, like the first time you do it with a lover. He was my lover, really, now you have to say he was, after all we had been through. It should be like the first time you . . . you do it on your wedding night! This was my . . sonny-moon! I was Samuel's, not consolation prize, rather his surprise.

“Mom, don't you get it, it's you! I'm in love with you.” Only, now I got it. The only question now was, could I actually go through with it? And it's corollary, when, how, where? Well, okay there were a few questions, but the main one was could I, would I, should I? If I let things continue the way they were, I was certain that this Sammy-moon would be consummated. What's a little i****t among f****y, anyway? Right? Even though it might be wrong for some, it was going to be good for us. LACH HYMEN! You should pardon the pun. No virgins in this bed though.

I certainly wasn't innocent, I had bitten the apple of temptation long ago, and tasted the sweetness of forbidden fruit. I knew Sam wanted to nibble my 'fruit of the knowledge of good and Eden', also. God knows, he had tasted all the places I had to offer, except that which was sampled not with lips and tongue, but with carnal knowledge. So be it, amen. Thank heavens, I didn't believe in hell, cause I think this was going to need a big redemption, to make it kosher with the Almighty. On the other hand, look at all the in-house fiddling that went on in the Bible. If they were made righteous, in the sight of the Lord, maybe there was hope for the rest of us sinners. Who knows, right?

My son the innocent, who wanted to sin with mama, stirred. I was suddenly famished. I got us dressed, and to the breakfast table, and we spent an hour sampling everything they had. Jacob would have loved the salmon. They had run out of onion bagels though. We went into port, and did gift shopping for Janice and others. I got a lovely duty-free amethyst pendant. Sam picked up two bottles of a favorite liqueur he loved, but was very expensive back in the States. In the afternoon, we hopped one of the sight seeing buses, and toured the north side of the island, famous falls and old forts, and the Governor's mansion build for a buccaneer originally. Did you know that they made more money from making and selling bacon, than being pirates? It's true! Who knew? Of course they weren't Jewish, otherwise maybe they might have been caterers. Less bl**dshed, more profit.

In the evening, a Big Band orchestra was playing, and we danced the night away. They had a fabulous midnight buffet sm?sbord. We could have been rolled back to our cabin, we were so stuffed. That's one thing I learned about cruises, they feed you and feed you, everything is four star cuisine, and costs twice as much. You gain twenty pounds in two weeks, and nothing fits when you get home. So that's why you have to go naked, or go shopping when you get back. Trust me, it's true, ask anybody that's ever gone on a pleasure cruise. We didn't even want wine that night, just fell into bed, and fell asl**p. Well, we managed to strip, tradition.

The ship traveled south again, and there was so much to do, even at sea. Sammy did try rock climbing, but I couldn't stand to watch, even though they put a harness on him. I kept remembering the sprained ankle I got, so I went and found a bridge game. We swam, it was our turn to dine with the captain, a charming Scandinavian gentleman who had been a commander of ships for twenty years. I asked him if that made him a Scandenavel officer? He replied that that he never had been involved in a scandal at sea, but if I was interested, perhaps he might make an exception for a woman as beautiful and alluring as myself. Of course, though, he pointed out I already had a handsome e****t, to squire me around. I told you he was charming, and the very picture of the good-looking dashing Captain, white beard and all.

Then they made the announcement of which newlywed couple had won the lottery prize of gifts. That's right, we did. I mean, it was nice, and it's not as if I couldn't afford all those little luxuries if we wanted. But how do you explain, sitting at the Captain's table, the name change from Madeline to mine, I was still Mrs. Covey. How do you turn the gift basket down, without embarrassing Samuel, and admitting that he got dumped at the altar, that he was on his 'honeymoon' with his mom. Plus the fact, that we had been taken for a romantic couple, all over the ship by now. We had a rep for being rather lovey-dovey. What do you say? Samuel looked stunned, and was about to give it back, but I elbowed him, and said, “Thank you very much!” And took the prize basket, with all kinds of certificates and goodies. Easier that way, and less to explain. Especially if we got caught on the balcony in our birthday suits. Nu?

Among the prizes was a gift certificate for two at the ship's spa. Massages, make-over, hair, nails, and a private session in one of the whirlpool/hot tub/love-nest baths. For three hours. Private. Sound proof? Well, it was for newlyweds, it had better be, or at least next to the engine room, where loud cries of ecstasy could not be overheard. It was going to be noisy. I am very vocal, when I cum in private. I was curious to see if Samuel took after me, in that. So far, with our suite, we knew we had neighbors, and had been discreetly whimpering, when we went over the top, as we climaxed. But this was going to be a whole other 'ball' game.

After dinner, the Captain invited his table guests to take a private tour. We got to go to some areas of the ship which were not open to the public usually. Except that this was a standard tour, for the first-class passengers when they had dinner with the Commodore. We were shown the engine room, and the kitchens, the some of the crew quarters, and even the laundry (fresh sheets and towels everyday for 976 persons!). Of course the bridge was included, and I even got to steer the boat with my hands on the wheel. Though I doubt I actually had anything to do with where the vessel was going, still, I managed to miss any icebergs that were out there! We were underway to a new island, and yet more adventures, both on land, and at sea, and even underwater. Back at the cabin we snuggled in bed, and caught a program on the tube about tropical fish, then drifted off to dreamland for a well needed rest.

The morning of the tenth day, we had reservations for a submarine trip. This had been suggested by my cousin, the travel agent. She said it was something not to be missed, but was best booked in advance. She was so right! You go in this small sub, about thirty passengers, and the pilot. You're maybe 60 – 70 feet down, but the water is so clear there is plenty of light. There's coral and rocks, and shipwrecks (for artificial reefs), and fish and fishes. Schools of tropical fish, which were on the program the night before, others I didn't recognize, but were dazzling in bright colors. a****ls you otherwise only see at the aquarium, were pointed out. Only down there, they are harder to spot, camouflaged. The pilot was our guide. There were sharks of several sorts. Not too scary, when there is a two-foot porthole, three inches thick, between you and those teeth. We were treated a nice size moray eel, and chanced on a small octopus. Octopi, we learned, like to hide when they heard the sub coming. And there was a large squid on the other side, but I missed it.

After lunch we had put in for our 'honeymoon' spa time. Samuel got a haircut, and I had mine trimmed and colored lighter. We both got manicures, pedicures, facials and massages together. I gave the masseuses a fifty dollar tip each, to leave us alone with the bottles of body oil, and not check back for 30 minutes. Then we gave each other some more naughty kinds of rub downs. No place was off limits, so not only did we play with each other's genitalia, but even the anus got a goose or two! Then, I took a bunch of towels, and laid them over the broad couch. It had no back, but one end was slightly raised, you know the sort. I told Sam to stretch out. I got next to him, and poured a half bottle of the oil over our already coated bodies.

Then we slithered together like to eels, mating. But we didn't screw, we just had slippery fun, rubbing against each other like those Turkish wrestlers. But we were not having any kind of conflict, just the opposite, we were involved in a mutual grappling of a love-feast. With lots of French kissing and feeling-up, but no climaxes were allowed. I promised that was for a little later. Thank the goodness the masseuses knocked, when they came back!! Then, as if we hadn't enough of indulging of togetherness, we showered together, the soap and shampoo were scented. I chose lavender for me, Samuel had spicy-lime. We smelled good. After a bite to eat, and a couple of drinks at the closest bar, we went back to the spa for our three hour reservation, in what was called the “Honeymooner's Deluxe Water-Nest”.

It as a huge hot tub, a small heated pool, really. It had jets, and water-whirl effects, and padded broad benches, so you were up to your neck if you sat. You could stretch out on the side of the water too, on a six-foot pad that also was good for floating on the water. There was a full-sized fridge, filled with fruit drinks, and cheese and soda, and all sorts of snacks of that kind. And while no wine or booze was allowed, they had a variety of cold beer too. There was even a little floating table for drinks and food! The door had a lock, a sauna was situated on the side, the toilet and a shower on the other.

The place had all that you could ask for. Including time and privacy, and (I checked!) sound proofing. It was time to consummate our sonny-moon, the mommy-son coupling that had been gradually gaining ground, while we were voyaging at sea. I had come to accept it as inevitable. Sammy had waited for it for much longer, but never thought the day would arrive. Samuel's dearest desire was to make love to his mother. I loved my dearest son and wanted to make his desire cum true.

I reached over and took off Sam's big fluffy terrycloth robe, which they had given each of us. We got to keep them, they were part of the deal. Sammy relieved me of my robe. He hugged me, my mature breasts were full, and the erect points pushed into his chest, as he reached behind and undid the ties of my top. The strings at my neck and at the back came loose. The only reason the it didn't land on the floor, was because the press of our bodies was the only thing holding it up.

I hooked my thumbs in his waistband and worked his swimsuit over his hips; it did fall to his ankles. Likewise, he then loosened the knots at the sides of my bottoms, and they landed next to his, as well. Sammy released his hold for a moment, my top dropped, then we were sans suits, and in each others arms. The garments puddled at out feet, white icing with floral swirls. Sam bent over, scooped them up and tossed them into a corner, They were superfluous fig leaves, in this, our Eden.

There were steps, but we just jumped in. The lights were on, but it was soft indirect lighting. Sam found a remote on the floating table, and discovered there was mood music available. We agreed on a kind of a new-age mellow melody, that was a duet with harp and piano. Sammy took me in his arms, and sort of swayed me - swam me, in time to the music. As if I was Esther Williams, doing ballroom. And that's what this place was, a water room for balling. A bathtub for boffing. It was time to make our connection, to rejoin in body, mother and c***d, now man and woman.

Male and female, the Creator made them. He made them to mate, cleave; I could feel my son's manhood at my womanly cleft. I was lubricated and ready. He swung me over to an underwater seat, and lined up his shaft with my submerged cave. The Samuel eel swam in my sea-weeds, then retreated, and darted again. This time the head found the crevasse it sought, and his blunt front nudged through the portal. We both let out a sigh/gasp sound of pleasure.

But there was yet much more, to delving in the hidden depths of heated wetness. So this masthead, the prow of Sam-son's muscle, full strength, with pubic hair unshorn, entered my temple of sin and lust. His pillar pushed at the place, where Delilah delighted to entertain. He plowed where his sire had sown, he lunged into where my lover had stabbed. He went into where he had come from, and where he was going, he would cum, too. I opened for his harpoon, the spear penetrated flesh, and went deep to the heart of my center, touched bottom, bumped my womb.

For a long and sweet moment it hesitated, then began the ancient rhythm, the beat of love, the cycles of sexual swaying to instinctual intercourse. Of course, this was i****t, this above all else was the lowest we could go in our base cravings, the highest of crimes of this kind. Yet it seemed to me the most sacred of loves, and the most pure of unions. Because it was a spiritual reuniting.

But the physical sensation, was heightened by the forbidden nature of our passion. I was a hole, to be ravished by the peg of hardness that plugged into it again and again. Sammy's prick plied my pussy, making everything in my body feel good. My son's cock jammed in my cunt, and concentrated on making his mama cum. Our torsos were slipping together, as if still oiled. My legs were cantilevered up, supported in Samuel's gripping palms, that hitched under my knees.

We were so primed from the days of foreplay, leading up to this, that we were ready to reach the cataclysm early. Indeed, the paced quickened in a short time. I could tell by the signs of our impending boom, it was near. I felt my vagina tighten, and his strokes became erratic, with the head only going half way. Then banging, and holding it socked against me to the very root, sacks squashed on my butt. Then pounding, as the mad urge of rutting took over.

I now gave full voice to the crazy flashes that filled my brain, and radiated from the center of my entire being. “Yes! YES!! I Needd It!! I have to HAVE YOU! . . Sammy, SAMMY! OH! GOD!!! MY SWEETY SON – Fuck ME . . . FUCK MOMMY, BABY, YES YES YES!! NOW . . UH, Uh NOOWW . . . I'M CUMMING I'm CUMMING on YOU, SAMMY! I'm cumming AGAIN . . AHH! Yes again, MORE, MORE . . Mmmmm . . Uuuh ooh, yes, yeess baby, ooh! that was soo good, Sammy, sweetie!” I smothered his face in kisses, and hugged him as tight as I could.

His penis was pulsing as his prick experienced the aftermath of his completed orgasm. He told me he had grimaced and squealed, 'I'm cumming, too, mom!', but I hadn't heard it, over my own echoed shouts of ecstasy. Still, it was obvious, by the copious flow of jism that floated up, that he had been equally pleasured with our screwing.

The first time had been special, planned, and mutually consensual. And Ooh-Soo-Blissful for both of us! Not a surprise exactly, but not a consolation prize, either. A sonnymoon prize that wasn't in the basket, but it was in the cards. But not a fuck-by-luck; rather a journey home, making the voyage of discovery of each other as individuals. Not just mother and son, but also as sexual persons, people with secrets, hidden lusts, and concealed feelings. Madeline had left him at the altar (okay, canopy), she had left him altered. Changed, but not 'altered' – as in castrated, but liberated, and given the freedom to be himself. He had almost thrown that chance away. Lucky his mother had found him, saved him. Fortunately, he had finally been open about his desires for me. Look what he would have missed!

Well, he wasn't going to miss any more chances, to make love to his horny mama. Because after a beer, washing down some cheese and crackers, we got up on the long mat, and with me kneeling, he got behind me. Then he put his long schlong in and began schtupping his mother once more. Oh YES! I love it! I can't choose my favorite position for sex, anymore than I could choose between Janice and Samuel, as a favorite c***d. They are each special, and unique; precious and loved for their own selves. But, I do like doing the 'doggie'.

There is something primal and primitive about getting taken from behind. Like monkeys, rather apes; the Bonobos in this case, as they too commit mother/son i****t. a****ls we are, as well as being human; the raw sensation of being reamed in my cunt, by a hard cock, was positively primordial. With my asshole open to the air, and his testicles banging against my clit, that is so lewd, rude, crude, and naughty, nasty and nice a vice. His tool sawed in me, we were the breeding pair on the ark.

This time I was quieter, I wanted to hear my boy cum, while he squirted into his mother. It wasn't easy, because at that angle, Sammy was hitting my G-spot. I had that zing-thing making my cunny flutter, and the lotion was flowing, as the contractions overwhelmed all thinking. But clear as a bell, came his voice, as he was cumming. “Oh, Yeah Mama!! I'm in, in you, I'm cumming in you!! CUM WITH ME MOM!!, NOW – NOW – NOW!!”

Pow-pow-pow the shot was spewing in my pussy, and triggering a secondary climax for me, as well. We collapsed into a spooning position. Both out of breath, and orgasms, for the time being. Soon, it was nice to slip into the water, to wash off the sweat and secretions, and cool down. After, we both used the facilities to relieve our bladders, Sam got two more beers, and returned to my side. We sat on one of the benches that had jets bubbling around us.

He had to make another trip in a few minutes, as those brews went down fast. Sex is thirsty work! I had forgotten that. Had it been that long? Yes, but it wouldn't be all that long again! Not with what Samuel had confessed, about his feelings for me. Not with what had happened in the last week, and the past hour! In fact, I could see that he was regaining the wood in his lance of lust, even as we were on break. I didn't want to get sore, after all we still had – was it really only four days left, until we were back to . . - four days until the real world again.

Then what? For the moment, I wasn't going to contemplate that fate. I just swung my leg over Sammy's lap, and straddled his saddle horn. I reached down and pointed that proud pecker to the place it wanted to be, and sank upon it, in happy surrender to my lust and love. I moved up and down, Samuel let me do all the work. He stretched out his legs to provide anchoring to our docking, and mama rose and fell like the tide. My boobs were like boat-bumpers, that bobbed against his chest.

Our calls were echoing off the walls. Our cries echoed each others wails, as their pitch rose. The water became choppy with the churning of hips, splashing the sides of the pool, as the agitation of our passion became more and more urgent. Then I thrust forward my pelvis, to capture his dick all the way up in me. My arms straightened, as my hands gripped his shoulders. He grasped my haunches, to hold me in place, as his orgasm pumped in spasms.

My vaginal muscles clamped on his hardness once more, and I shuddered in the last paroxysm of the evening. At last we were done, at last we had done it. At last we were past the barriers reefs that had held us hostage on the island of isolation. Now we could sail with the tide of intimacy, into the intrica-seas of our i****tuous involvement. I have no idea what I just was thinking there, with all that nonsense. My brains was scrambled eggs, after having his sausage in me so many times. What can I say? Getting porked by your son isn't kosher. But it is a hell of a lot of fun!!

Yes, we ordered wine when we got back, and sat on the balcony nude, and slept in each others arms naked as well. Tradition? Bad habits? We were lovers. Those are the sorts of things new lovers do. I dreamed Sammy caught me on the beach, and made love to me in the surf, like Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, in that movie. Only, we didn't have any swimsuits on, and the director didn't yet “cut!”, before the action got even hotter. It was no coincidence that the next island was a private one, owned by the cruise line.

If you had made the reservations, or knew who to bribe, you could get a couple of bicycles, and ride down the paths to an isolated spot. Where you could spread out your beach towels, and go skinny dipping. Or whatever your heart desires, or your sweetheart desires. It wasn't a desert island, but even better. We had a picnic basket, and sunscreen, and dinner aboard the 'yacht' waiting for us when we got back. We got some sun where 'it don't normally shine', and my son shone in places sons don't usually go.

What did we do on the beach? What didn't we. I had his salty dog, he tasted the sea in my shell. He played pirate, and found my buried treasures, I was a mermaid and seduced the sailor. We were dolphins again, we startled the fish, I was harpooned by the 'Mo-bay Dick'. Sand was everywhere, I mean everywhere, when we showered back in the cabin. That was the best island of all.

The comedian was making another appearance in the evening, and this time, Sam almost burst his sides. I laugh too, because it was like hearing the jokes for the first time, sharing them with my mate. Aye! me mate, I say 'ta ye, sailor; ship-mate, bunk-mate, and mating-mate! Sam, sun, surf and sand; and son and sailing, the stars - with wine and wind, and mating and mating and mating!, make for a mighty fine holiday; - no – for a great sonnymoon!

Now it was the slow boat, back to home port. When I awoke in the morning, the sun was high on the horizon already. The son was up too. We were spooning, when I woke. I could feel his early stiffy between my cheeks, making little to and fro movements. Sammy had his top arm around me, and was fiddling with the handiest nipple. Which was turgid, and I was damp. He must have been working on my subconscious, to make it think about coitus. It had worked, and now that I was conscious, I was happy to cooperate and copulate.

I put my hand over his fingers, in a gesture of encouragement, and pushed back with my butt. With a little adjustment, he slipped in, and began to make morning merriment. He didn't get as deep as penetration as some other positions, but that was not the point of what his peter was pursuing. It was a sweet and tender kind of humping. We didn't have to work hard at the connubial connection, but the shivering climax that over took us in just a few minutes, of this syncopated motion, was satisfying. As much a bonding, as any of the other more athletic engagements, when we had sported together.

After a brunch at one of the restaurants, we did do some cycling. Then, just sat on deck chairs watching the sea, and chatted. We reminiscing about f****y trips, and comparing sightseeing on this voyage, to those memories. Or sometimes we just were quiet, and held hands, enjoying each other's presence and love. With evening, we gambled at the ship's casino once more. I broke even at the Blackjack table, but Samuel won $500 at Chuck-A-Luck, his luck had turned around alright, or bad luck over-turned – if you will. Go figure!

We decided to use the cash to leave generous tips for the maid, room-service guy, our waiter at the dinner table, etc. When we got back to our cabin, we got a nice surprise. A bottle of our favorite wine was on ice, in a bucket, already waiting for us. Along with a little selection of cheese and crackers, for a nosh at night, under a covered platter. Somebody on the staff, had anticipated our desires, a note said it was 'compliments of the cruise line'. Wasn't that so thoughtful?

It wasn't our last night there, but the balcony once more seemed to be providing privacy. I doused the lights in the cabin to their dimmest setting, the moon was bright on the water, as we cut through the small waves that rolled by. I took Sammy by the hand, and sat him down on a chair, then sat on his lap. I'm not too heavy, but I wasn't putting a lot of weight on his poker; because I squatted down, and aimed it at my hole. When I felt it prod the right place, I sank down, and bent forward, grasping the little railing in front of me.

Then we tried to be quiet, as we screwed in as public a place, as I had ever had the nerve to do. There is something about doing-the-dirty, and possibly getting caught inflagrente delicti, that adds a spice to fucking. Just as i****t is the more exciting, for its forbidden-fruit naughtiness. So too, the possibility that somebody might catch you in the embarrassing compromise of public nudity, lewdity, screw-ity, had its thrill. We were completely discreet however, right until my climax.

Then I couldn't help myself. I let go with my full contralto cum call. “OH! YES, BABY, LET ME HAVE IT, FUCK ME GOOD, I'M CUMMING, CUM WITH ME NOW, YES!! NNOOWWW!!!” My climax must have been heard up and down our side of the whole ship. It seemed to bounce on the water, and reverberate off the steel, and lose most of its directional clues. But there was no doubt what they were hearing, if others happen to be listening! As soon as we recovered we scrambled back in, and collapsed on the bed in hysterics. We both had a great orgasm with the 'balcony boffing', as we dubbed it in later conversations, but the laughter was even better. We went to sl**p, with still a giggle slipping out of one or the other of us, now and then.

The final full day was something of a downer, to start. There were last minute details to be taken care of, and the realization that our romantic trip was coming to an end. Back at port, we would become again, the persons who had arrived from New York. Our new secret identities, would have to be hidden, and we couldn't be the pair we had transformed into, when Sadie and Janice met us at the dock. We had to pack, and make arrangements for a few items to be shipped north, to home. Others had to be declared to customs, though we were within the limits of duty free items allowed. The bill was settled, that was not so shocking, since much of the cruise had been prepaid, in a package deal. Really, it was not as bad as going to Los Vegas, for the same two weeks, in comparison.

One good thing was, our ship-souvenir picture was very nice. It showed the both of us together, in an affectionate pose. That was still before things had gotten serious in the affair,. So it was both a memory of the voyage, and yet one that could be framed, and displayed on the mantle. Without giving away the bond that had come to unite us, from cumming in i****tuous sex so many times together.

We didn't talk about the future. Would Sam go back to his condo in New Jersey? He bought the place, thinking it would be for him and Maddy. Would he move back home? Or buy another smaller condo, near me? I wasn't going to move to New Jersey. I still kept a hand in the overall management of Jacob's business. Though in the last couple of years, I had disengaged from the day-to-day running of the operation. I wasn't quite yet ready for full retirement. It was something to do, and made me feel needed. But Sammy's love made me feel special too, made me feel wanted as a woman. I didn't want to give that up either.

So we took care of the mundane things we had to do, that last day, Ate a few more scrumptious meals, and went to our cabin suite right after dinner. Now, there were plenty of people out on their balconies, this last evening. Though I doubt none were having the fun we had, the night before. We sat on the bed together, still dressed up in the formal wear, from the last dinner. There was silence for long moments. “This suit reminds me of the one I wore, for my Bar Mitzvah,” Samuel said.

“Back then, all the way back then, you wanted to get your mama in the sack? I hope I was worth the wait!”

“God! Yes! Mom, most certainly. I wouldn't have been the experienced lover I am now though, just an awkward virgin.”

“I was happily married to your father, and hadn't even had my affair with the other man yet. It would never have happened, back then.”

“I know, but I fantasied about seducing you. I was going to appeal to you, 'Mama, today I want to truly become a man, in every way. I know what it means to be a man, in the synagogue. Show me what it means to be a man in bed as well, please-please-please!”

“Oh, Sammy, I'm sorry, but I'm your mother, and I could never, ever, have sex with you. Don't worry, you'll get to experience that part of life, in due time.”

“What if I were dying, would you let me die a virgin?”

“If you were about to die, and I could save your life, by taking you to bed; I would do that for my dearest son, I love you that much.”

“Could I just see your breast then mom? As a sort of special present, for this joyous day. If I'm a man, I ought to be able to see a womans breasts, right?”

“Why my breasts though?” I thought I knew where this role-playing was going, and I was willing to play along. The ending might be a lot of fun. In fact, I was certain it would be.

“Because your breasts are the ones I love most. I nursed at them when I was an infant. I have admired them as a youth. And now as a man, I wish to see them again.”

“If you really insist then. Lock the door, because some people might get the wrong idea, and accuses us of i****t.”

Sam got up and made sure the door was locked. He took off his jacket and laid it on the chair in the corner. “Mama, we have privacy now. No one will bother us.”

“Okay then, but you must come over here to the bed, and take down the top of my gown yourself, if you are to be a man, with mama as your woman.”

He sat next to me again. Then he unhooked the top of my dress, pulled the zipper down all the way, so my back was bare, save for the bra strap. “Now undo the bra.” He managed to do so, even though his fingers were a little shaky. From excitement I figured, not from nerves, like he might have had back then. He was getting to live out a youthful fantasy, experience it in real life. Sixteen years later, but still with the object of his lusting desires, his mother. I was having an adrenalin high myself, acting a part I never would have done then. But in light of this cruise, I was quite excited to star in this theatrical production, as this soap-opera drama, sex-scene unfolded.

“Okay, its undone. Can I see?” I let the front drop, and my boobs were displayed. The tips were very erect. “They are so beautiful, mom. Can I kiss them?”

“I'm not sure that would be right, you only asked to see them.”

“But if this is the only time I get to see them bare, then I ought to be able to kiss them too. That would be the right thing to do, to show how much I love and adore them.”

“Well, when you put it like that, I guess I couldn't refuse you that little present as well. Go ahead, you can kiss them.” Samuel bent down and kissed them, and then gave each one a suckle, as well. “Oh! I didn't say you could suck on them!”

“Doesn't feel nice? Didn't I suckle on them when I was a baby?”

“Yes, it feels very nice. But you aren't a baby any more, today you are a man!”

“If I am a man, then I ought to suckle them, to show you the manly-type of love I have for them.” He latched onto them with his lips again.

“Okay, but I said just once.” It felt oh so very good. I wondered how he was going to try to get into my pants.

“I want to see where a man puts his penis in a woman, for when that experience happens, later on. You wouldn't want me to put it in the wrong spot, would you, mom?”

“NO! that would be very upsetting to the girl if that happened. Didn't they teach you this in health class?”

“They only showed pictures of the internal organs, and cut ways diagrams. Not the real thing. Let me help you take off the rest of your dress.” It was easier with a cooperative woman now, than if he had tried the ploy back then. But this wasn't really back then, and we were here and now, acting in his fantasy. I stood up, and he helped my gown shimmy to the floor. Now, I was just in heels and panties. I stepped out of the dress, crumpled on the rug, and then I kicked off my high-heels. My undies were all that were left on, and they were damn damp.

“Mom, why don't you lay on the bed.” Sam suggested, and I obeyed.

“If you are a man, now, shouldn't you show me how much of a man you are? Let your mother see how much you have grown to be big and strong, and handsome?” Sam nodded and quickly divested everything but his boxers. I wouldn't mind a masculine striptease someday, maybe in the future sometime we could play out my fantasy. Right now though, this was totally titillating enough.

“It's time to see what my love looks like between her legs.” He reached for the waistband, and slowly pulled my scanties down, and then right off my feet. I squeezed my legs together coyly. I didn't want to be too easy. Getting there was half the fun, right?

“Now you, Sammy.” He took his undershorts off, nearly as slowly as mine had been skinned. “Oh! You're hard, and big, and strong, and long! You are very much a man!”

Sammy put his hands on my knees, and gently pushed them apart, until my thighs separated. But he wanted them wide, so he brought them up a bit, and separated them even more, exposing my crotch completely. He looked at the expanse of my womanhood, like he was seeing one for the first time. As if he wanted to memorize it, in case he didn't get another opportunity for ten years. Though in the last week, he had gotten very intimate with that part of me. Had his face in it, a number of times.

But he was staying in character. He reached out his fingers toward my center. “Oh! I didn't say you were allowed to touch, did I?”

“I have to see what it feels like, if I am to get my manhood education, from the woman I love most. You're moist, I won't hurt you. It will feel good, won't it?”

“Yes, but just one finger, no more.” He extended the middle digit, and very cautiously slipped it in. I realized that this was something that for some reason we hadn't done much of, since we had became lovers, and wondered how we missed doing more of that part of fooling around. Well, we were experimenting with it now! “Mm, that does feel nice. Have you had a manicure lately?”

“Uh . .Yeah,” he was moving the finger in and out. “So, it might be even better with two, you're very wet.”

“Just two, no more!” The more he did it the hornier I got.

“Could I see what it's like?”


He moved back, I though he would put his face where his fingers had been. I closed my eyes in the anticipation of getting eatened again. But instead, I felt a blunt hot bulb, push its way into my vagina. It didn't hurt, but it startled me, when I was expecting a tongue. “Eeek! What are you doing. You're not supposed to do that! Especially not to me, your mother. Get off me, this minute, Samuel Moishe Covey!”

“Oh! Mommy, that feels so good, let me become a man in you. Let me put it all the way in, please?”

“God! Sammy, you said you wanted to see . .”

“Yeah, see what it's like, to put my dick in you. You said, 'okay'! You like it don't you? I feel good don't I?”

“OH! Baby, too good! Take it out, before mommy wants it all in.”

“You want it all in? I'm going to put it all in. Then I'll really be a man, in every way!”

“Noo! Sammy don't doo, ooh .. oow . . Yes . . like that!” He had made his move, and was packed in me, as far up as he could go.

“I'm in you mama! I love you mom, I'm going to have to cum, cum in you. That's what men do, they cum in the vaginas of the women they love. Do you love me mommy? You cum too, cum with me!” He started with rapid strokes now, I could tell that the fantasy had completed the cycle. He really was ready to cum, just as if he had been a youth, and was prone to a quick ejaculation. But I had been primed by the fingers, and the naughty nudge of his dick head going into the mouth of my pussy, and then the cock deep in my cunt. The smooth strokes were urgent, and they increased my own crisis to build, at an accelerated pace.

Then I was over the top, I said in a little voice, that was none the less insistent, “Yes, baby, that's it cum in mommy, mommy is cumming too! Let's cum together, and make you a real man! Be a man in mommy, cum in me. I'm cumming now, now, baby noowww!!”

From Samuel I heard this k**'s voice say, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, I'm cumming too! I'm cumming in you mommy, right now, me too.” I felt his spurting and pulsing, driving his big meat in my flesh hard, as the convulsions of his climax shook his whole being. Then he looked into my eyes and said. “Today, I became a boy again, becoming a man, in my mother. What more, could any son ask? Thank you, mom for that gift. I know it could have never been, back then. But having you now, in this way, was even better. Did you have a good orgasm too?”

“That's mama's good boy, such a polite son. He learned to be concerned about his partner's pleasure too. You're going to grow up, and make a wonderful lover for some woman. I hope she appreciates the lesson, you learned here between mommy's thighs tonight.”

“I think she does. Of course, when I get older, you could always give me advanced lessons.”

“We'll see. Just don't go overboard, about having a thing for your mother, okay?”

“I promise, mom. If you will allow me to continue to love you, and show you my loving, like I just did, there never will be any danger of that!”

“Good! Then let's try that from the back, shall we?” And I rolled over on my tummy, and spread my legs. Sammy got in position. That anatomy lesson earlier payed off, because he entered into the cavity with an easy clean thrust, and we had some more mommy - and her little-man lessons. Until he fell asl**p on top of me, rolling to the side when I couldn't breath. Then I dropped into the land of Morpheus as well, and dreamed of beaches and kisses, and coitus with my son.

Morning all I needed was a couple cups of coffee, and toast. I was too nervous to eat. Sam had OJ, a bagel with smear, and fruit salad. We got our debarkation number, and the bags had already been picked up, as we wandered the ship waiting for our section to be announced to go ashore. We were going by the pursers office, when Samuel stopped to read a poster. He turned to me, with a glint in his eye, and a huge smile.

“Becky,” for the first time I could ever remember, Sammy called me by my name, instead of by mother, or mom, or mama, or mommy; “Rebbecca, would you like to sign up for an 'anniversary' cruise for next year? The first twenty couples, get a ten percent discount on first class tickets.”

I looked at my son's smiling face, so different from when he had come aboard ship. I looked at my Sammy's crotch, so changed since he had cum in his mother. It was tenting in anticipation, even now! There was only one right and appropriate answer I could give, though to the world it would seem improper and inappropriate. But who knew what was between the two of us, that had altered since that day Madeline had left him. I looked at Samuel, and smiled back. “Ahoy Vey! Would I!!”
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My Dream Cruise

The last of February my husband and I went on an all-expenses paid cruise to the south Caribbean. I want to share with you what happened on that cruise. All of the story is true, only the location where we live has been changed.
To begin with, my name is Nancy. I am a 4th grade teacher in a community of about 2,000 so I have to be careful. I am bi and my husband David is well aware of the fact. He supports my lifestyle and wants me to be happy. We have a very open relationship and at least once a month I slip off on Friday afternoon and visit with my girlfriend in Indianapolis until Sunday night. He is well aware of what goes on and sometimes joins us, as does my girlfriend’s husband.
David works for a major paint company and won this trip to Aruba and the Bahamas because of sales goals. The cruise was set and on Friday afternoon, we drove to Indianapolis to meet up with Dee and her husband supper and some fun before we flew out early Saturday morning. David packed a bag of special toys for our trip including nipple clamps, a feather duster, various rabbits and dildos, a one cup Tupperware container (more about that later), some rope, a cock ring and some masturbation cream.
We got to Indy about 5pm and met our friends at a bar for some pre-supper lubrication. I was dressed in a red short skirt, not the kind most teachers would wear to school, and a white tight shirt. No bra and no panties as I wanted to be ready for my friends. After several drinks and laughter, Dee began to touc h my leg, both inside and up high. Her fingers would trace up my inner leg, touching my nice trimmed bush, but never entering. That was to be later, I presumed. During supper she flirted with me, as did her husband, and I could see his bulge. All the time David sat back and, as he often does watched what was going on. He likes for me to be happy and I was.
A bit d***k, but not out of it, we returned to our hotel room. The men went to a nearby strip club and left me and Dee alone for about 2 hours. After some small talk, Dee wanted to make sure I would miss her and we engaged in some of the hottest sex we had shared in some time. No need for toys, our tongues and fingers were enough to get the juice flowing. As our breasts pressed together, our nipples grew longer and harder. Her tongue caressed my pussy lips and for what seemed like forever, her tongue teased my clit lips. After some 69 time, Dee finally entered my love box and made me explode. That was the first time I ever squirted and the feeling was overwhelming. I screamed and she dug deeper. 4 orgasms later, I collapse on the bed, only to look up and see David and Dee’s husband sitting in the corner. They had come in at some point and were massaging their massive tools. All four of us were exhausted, but David had one more thing to accomplish. It would be an ongoing “gift” during our cruise. He and Ron, jacked off into the plastic container, made me dip my finer inside and taste the love juice. He planned on collecting as mush cum as he could on the trip and furnish me with a refreshing drink before we came home. My mouth watered
Dee and Ron left, David and I crawled into bed, made love and fell to sl**p, only to be awaked at 5am to get ready for our flight. Again I dressed in a provocative way: no underwear, a pair of short paints and an extremely tight top. It was cold…about 25 degrees. But we left out coats in the car. By the time I was inside the airport my nipples were the size of dimes and ¾ of an inch long. I could care less. I just hoped we would not see anyone we knew as we were only 100 miles from home. We flew to Fort Lauderdale and made way to the cruise ship, boarding about an hour before the cruise was to begin. Finding our balcony can on the Aloha deck, we unpacked the clothes we brought, hid our suitcase of toys under the bed and headed for the bar.
I am not one to drink exotic liquor or fancy mixed drinks. I love beer. As the song sung by Cheryl Crow says, “I like a good beer buzz early in the morning” that is my motto. But tonight was special so I began to load up on some of the tropical rum drinks the shipped offered. Our $300 bar credit would soon be gone, as I intended on being “buzzed” all week. And I was! Afternoon passed into night. The beer cans around me began to grow and I found it hard to walk. David helped me, and I am sure the other passangers thought I was just reacting to the rocking of the boat. But I was not. At home, with my being a teacher, things are rather restrained. If I drink, it is at home. And it is not often. But I love it, It allows my inner needs to be expressed to whomever is around. Thus, after dinner, I began my search for the fellow women on this cruise who I would try and seduce.
In the Explorer’s lounge, we sat sipping…or guzzling ….my beer. About three tables away were two women who I had notice boarding the ship. They were dressed in long dresses, and it was obvious they were braless. The kept touching each other, flirting and arousing, and I came to the conclusion that they were bi also. I asked David to go to the casino while I introduced myself to them, but he was reluctant. I was rather d***k at the time, and I guess he did not think I could handle the situation. Instead, he took me to over to them, introduced us to them and ordered all the ladies drinks…of course I had another beer. He told us to say put while he went and lost money in the casino and to get to know each other. He left and Monica and Diane and I began to visit. Turns out they were from England, friends since grade school and my age (mid forties). We talked, laughed, looked at other women and fanaticized, drank and became rather loose. For more than 2 hours we visited, never once talking about the fun we could have, but in my mind, the plans were already set in motion. Tomorrow, I would have each of these beauties for myself.
By now, I was totally d***k. So were Monica and Diane. David came and took me back to our cabin, but not before making plans to meet the next morning. Our day was to be spent at the cruise ships private island, where the beach was the main attraction. The booze would flow as would my juices. I had plans for Diane and Monica. David was not in the picture. For as much as I cared, he could pound some other woman till his cock turned red. When we got back to our cabin, Pol, our cabin boy was in the hallway. David put met to bed and asked Pol to set into our room. I was passed out, but found out later the two of them had an agreement. Whenever I was in the room, and u*********s, Pol had free reign to use me. With one condition. He has to jack off into the cup in the refrigerator each day. David told me he showed Pol the masturbation cream and Pol smile. He then came over to me, kissed my tummy and said he would take care of things, just as requested. Off to sl**p. Getting ready for Sunday.

On Sunday morning we woke to a beautiful day. Sunny and in the 80s. We met Diane and Monica at the buffet and we had a quick breakfast. They were dressed in provocative clothes: red and blue bathing suits, cut low. I swear I could see pussy hair on Diane but time would tell. I on the other hand had on a wrap and underneath, a suit what was loose fitting. David, on the other hand wore a tight suit showing his bulge to anyone who would look.
We spent the day on the Island on the beach. I sipped beer all day long while the other three shared mixed tropical drinks. We got to know each other better and I found out that Monica was a teacher too, in high school. She and Diana had known each other since elementary school and had found out they were bi after a high school evening out. Their relationship had grown since then, and now they shared a “flat” and each other on a regular basis. We flirted, to be honest. I wanted to find out more about the skills of these ladies, but now was not the time. I did find myself laying my hand on Diane’s thigh several times, and she did not move away. David had been gone for about 2 hours and when he came back, pointed to a striking blond about 50 yards away. He met her in the water and they talked, and he made a move on her…sliding his hands down her bikini pants. She slapped him, laughed and said, “ you wish”. We all got a kick out of it. Surely tonight would be better than that experience.
David, Monica, Diane and I made our way back to the ship. I was on a pretty good buzz. Beer does that to me. It makes my voice slut, my steps uneasy, my nipples hard, my pussy moist and my mind dirty. When we got off the elevator I asked Diane if she would be able to come and visit with me in my cabin later, after supper. She said yes, with a twinkle in her eye. I think Monica may have been jealous, but for one, it was to be one on one.
About 8pm, David left for the casino. A few minutes later a knock on the door presented a lovely, tan Dinane. She was dressed to kill, in a cocktail dress, white. As far as I could tell, no underwear. I had continued to drink my beer and by this time, was a little weak on my feet. She too had consumed several adult beverages. To my surprise, once the door closed, she grabbed my waist and kissed me, full tongue. Pressing against me, I could feel her sexuality and her warm body. We tumbled to the bed and began to kiss every uncovered part of our bodies. We stripped off our clothes and I began what I consider my best action” munching pussy. On and on I went, my tongue sliding in and out of that wet clitty. Moaning and gasping Diane wanted more. I took out my nipple clamps and used two on each nipple, making them more and more erect. She loved it. We went on for about an hour until finally, between my mouth, her fingers and a pink rabbit, we both had huge cums. We lay there, looking at each other, giggling and knowing the rest of the cruise would be wonderful. We sat up in bed, ate some fruit, drank our beers and I got woozy. I eventually passed out, only to wake up with David by myside. When I woke, he came to me and pounded it home.
I awoke on Monday, still a bit d***k. I put on sunglasses as we made our way to breakfast, looking all over for our new friends, but they were not around. We bought two buckets of Buds on the way back to the cabin, where we enjoyed each other until about mid-morning. I got dressed and made my way to the pool. It was a day at sea and I wanted to “see” what was available. David told me, before I left, that Pol had made a deposit last night, while I was passed out, but he had no idea what else he had done.
From about 11 until 4 I sat with my legs in the pool, or on a lounger, sipping my beers. I was high as a kite and ready for any action that would be willing to allow me pleasure. Next to me was a couple. She too was drinking, and when her husband left to go someplace, I asked her if she would like to pop in the pool. Her breasts were at least 38dd and she bounced as she walked. We got in the water and started to talk when I suddenly felt a hand moving up my leg. It was her fingers; They went under my bathing suit. She told me to just relax and things would be ok. I grinned. After being finger fucked by this beauty, I had to repay her for the feeling. We made our way to the bathroom where I sucked her nipples and fingered her until she squirted all over me. I was drenched. We hopped back on the pool, rinsed off. I never got her name, I never say her again. Memories.
We had room service that night because David said I was too d***k to sit at a table. But not too d***k to go to a bar and sing karaoke. It must have been a riot. I don’t remember it at all. My dear husband said I did fine, but there was no way I could. Funny how beer does that to one. I staggered back to the room. Slept and was used not only by David, but by Pol. I was told I had a smile on my face.
On Tuesday we visited Aruba. We took a tour of a rum factory (tasted several varieties and bought some too) and ended up in the downtown area for a shopping excursion. I had no interest in jewelry. I kept looking at my husband’s cock. He told me he had a surprise for me at 1pm and that I should not get so loaded on booze but instead he wanted me to keep a clear mind. At about 12:30, he took me by my hand and we walked to a large white hotel, where he had made a reservation. I could only imagine. I was not disappointed. We went to our room and there was, Diane and Monica, and a man I had not met. He was a server in the dining room, from Argentina. David had arranged this rendezvous for my pleasure. Juan was 28 years young. He was a tall man, dark skinned and had blue eyes. As we all began to strip, he took out a rope and tied my arms and wrists to the bed posts. Likewise, my ankles were tied to the bottom of the bed, making me completely helpless. Over the next 3 hours, one by one, and then all in a group, I was ****d, fucked, whatever you want to call it. I had cocks in me, fingers, tongues and my nipples were stretched to the limit. All the time, being f***ed to drink rum after rum after rum. At one point, Diane and Juan stood at the foot of my bed and fucked while Monica fingered me. David was jacking off in my mouth. This was not the same woman who left Indiana a teacher. I was a slave, a slut and under their control. I was f***ed to suck cock until I was blue in the face. And of course, collections were made for my cocktail the last night of the cruise. I was totally wasted, shot, down and out. I do not think I had as many cums that afternoon than anytime before. We all showered, but I had to be held up. Juan had brought a wheel chair for me to ride back in to the ship. I could not have walked the ¼ mile. Diane and Monica laughed at me. And I loved it.
Back on board I slept for awhile before waking up about 10. We went downstairs, had some more rum shots and I literally crawled back to my room. Waiting there was Pol. He helped me inside, told David to leave and fucked the hell out of me. I never knew such a small man could have such a massive cock. He came like there was no tomorrow.

I remember waking up on Wednesday sad. The ship would be back in port on Thursday. This shy, reserved secret bi teacher had but one day to play out her fantasy. No food today. I started the day off with 3 beers and quickly was engulfed by its effects. I spent the day drinking, not d***k, but certainly on a high. I would flirt with anyone and everyone who came by me. Once again the girls and I, and this time David spent a couple of hours in their cabin. Between whips and clamps, I was sore, but happy. We made David use more of the ejaculation cream. His cock grew to twice its normal size and we took turns giving him hand jobs. The beer was flowing. The cum was cumming and soon it was time for a final parting gift. David left, only to find out later to meet a woman an fuck her crazy, while me and the girls played out our needs. Over and over we 69ed. We would get close to climax and stop…..pausing to make the feeling more intense. My friends were more than that. They were lovers. I have never had so much attention paid to my pussy, nipples and mouth as they did. I only hope I was able to give them the same.
They helped me back to my room. Sat me in the chair. And opened the bathroom door. There stood David, as erect as ever. They made me watch as he fucked them. I could not help but finger myself and as I sipped my beer, things became cloudy once again. sl**p overtook me while the three of them carried on.

Thursday. Time to leave. I was in no condition to eat food. I was bruised. Worn down. Half d***k. I finished off two Buds in the fridge and David mixed me my going away cocktail. A whole cup of cum had been collected. He mixed it with rum, it was cold and thick. As I held it in my hand, I could only think of where it had come from and the men who has wanted me to taste their jizz. I closed my eyes, drank it all down and smacked my lips. David came to me and we made love one last time. Gently, but hard. It was perfect. And it was time to get off the ship.
In the airport waiting for our flight, I made my way to the bathroom. The place was busy I had to wait for a stall and as I did my memories of the last few days were etched in my mind. The door to the stall opened and who was there but Monica. She grabbed me, pulled me in and kissed me hard. Her hands touching all of my body and making me remember just how good she was. Her hand reached up under my skirt and fingered me till I squirted all over the floor. I could have changed clothes, but didn’t have anything to change into. As we looked at each other, we knew this was special. She handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. Invited me to England, but I was not to bring David or let Diane know. It would be just us two, for as long as I could stay. Without a word, we parted and I headed back to meet David. I asked him to buy me a dress from on the shops in the airport so I could change..and he just shook his head and said yes.

Home now for a few days. Im back to my usual lifestyle. Teaching 4th grade students, giving 9 year old boys boners when I bend down to help them with math and they look into my cleavage and see my nipples. I drink at home, not in public. David travels and I will soon meet up with Dee in Indianapolis. And oh yes, I have a trip to London to plan. Wonder what the weather is like there in June?
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The Cruise on Board the USS Fuckfest

As I walked up the gangway I thought to myself, ‘Tammy, you really need this.’ My husband, Ross and I hadn’t had a vacation in three years, work had been so pressing that we were just unable to get away. Now I was on board the luxury cruise ship for twelve days of relaxation and fun in the southern Caribbean.

Our cabin was large with a separate bedroom and a small, private balcony. We looked around our accommodations as we unpacked and were very pleased that we had splurged for the suite rather than a regular cabin.

Once we had unpacked we took a walk around the ship and I found the built-up stress just peeling away, I hadn’t felt this good in years and looking at Ross I knew he felt the same. This was a wise choice for both of us, no cell phones, no computers, just us, the ocean and twelve days of lazy enjoyment.

There were eight of us around our table for dinner that first night; Lisa and Gerry, a retired couple from Michigan; Neil, an airline pilot from the UK and Freda from Germany who was with her aged parents, Karl and Effie. It was an interesting mix of people with varied interests that made dinner an enjoyable event.

Ross and I awoke at six the next morning and strolled along the deck to the swimming pool for our morning dip, we do this at home and old habits die hard. Lisa and Gerry were standing at the rail near the pool and we stopped for a chat, we liked this couple and enjoyed our few minutes together before diving into the water. The swim sharpened our appetites and we headed down for breakfast. On the way we stopped at the climbing wall and watched the four or five passengers cavorting above. I have always been afraid of heights and was amazed to see how relaxed they seemed up there. ‘There’s Neil up there,’ Ross said and I watched as he moved with ease and grace to the very top of the wall before abseiling down.

He removed his climbing harness and walked over to us, ‘Morning Ross, Tammy, beautiful day,’ he said, ‘I’m ready for breakfast.’

‘We’re heading there ourselves, why don’t you join us,’ invited Ross.

‘Love to,’ he replied and off we went.

Between bites of my omelet I asked Neil where he’d learn to climb and discovered that during his teen years he and friends spent many weekends and summer holidays climbing and although he loved the sport, his career as a pilot now left little time for it. I asked where his wife was since he was wearing a wedding band and he said, in a quite matter-a-fact manner that she had died two years earlier and that he was on the mend. It was the first real vacation he had had in five years, he planned to retire in two years and hoped to trek into Everest base camp, visit Alaska, tour the South Pacific and see more than just the airports. We parted company after breakfast and I commented to Ross what a nice guy Neil seemed to be and my husband concurred.

The next couple of days were spent swimming, eating, sun bathing, swimming, eating and more eating. We took in a show but for the most part, we just unwound and got used to the relaxed, easy-going pace on board the ship.

Our dinners continued to be very entertaining; Karl had told us that he worked for the German government in several places around the globe and Ross was convinced he was a spy; Neil had lots of interesting stories to tell about near disasters and strange passengers; Lisa and Gerry entertained us with there many travel adventures and Freda and Effie always seemed happy and interested in the conversations but remained spectators for the most part.

It was at dinner on our fourth night that I found myself chatting exclusively to Neil and suddenly blurted that I had always found a pilot’s uniform very sexy. Neil took the comment in stride saying many women seem to and perhaps it’s the gold braid. He said he had his uniform with him since he had come directly from a conference and that maybe he would wear it for me one night, just to see if I thought he looked sexy in it.

I felt a rush of excitement and felt flushed at the thought of seeing him in his uniform, he looked alright to me in his casual slacks and shirt. He must have sensed I was a little embarrassed and immediately changed the subject and asked if I’d seen the dolphins and porpoises earlier that day.

That night I came out of the bathroom naked and Ross was laying on the bed reading. I flopped down beside him and gently rubbed his groin. He dropped his newspaper, rolled towards me and kissed me passionately on the lips. ‘Coming on this cruise is the best decision we‘ve made in a long time, I feel ten years younger he said as his hand slipped between my legs.

Our lovemaking that night was intense and more satisfying than it had been in quite a while and from time to time I found myself thinking of Neil in and out of his uniform.

We followed our usual morning routine on the fifth day but after breakfast went back to our cabin. During our meal, Ross had caressed my inner thighs and I had felt his erection through his shorts. We were like a couple of k**s again, the pressures of everyday life a blurred memory, we couldn’t wait to get back to the cabin. Ross was like a wild man, he groped me all the way down the companionway and once inside the cabin he tore off the few clothes I was wearing, pushed me gently onto the bed and tongued my pussy and clitoris with more energy than I had known in years. He stood and unzipped his shorts, his erection was strong and he wasted little time inserting it into my wet slit. He fucked me with passion and vigour and I responded in kind, it was like when we were first married. We climaxed almost together and Ross lay on top of me as he softened, we were both a little breathless.

‘Gee, it’s like we’re in our twenties again.’ You were hard to keep up with then, said Ross still a little out of breath. Remember how we considered looking for another male to join our lovemaking?’

‘Yes I do but work and k**s seemed to get in the way,’ I replied. I often think we should have just gone ahead and done it anyway, I must have worked you pretty hard.’

‘That you did my little sex maniac, how do you feel about it now?’ quipped Ross, his breathing almost back to normal.

‘Feel about what?’

‘Someone joining us.’

‘Aren’t we a bit old for that sort of thing?’ I queried.

‘Not at all, I read somewhere that people in their fifties and sixties are enjoying the things they missed when work and raising k**s took most of their time and energy.’

‘Well, how do you feel about it?’ I asked.

‘It’s something that’s always turned my crank whenever I think about it and, at the time, you were very keen on the idea,’ said Ross.

‘Umm, that’s true, it might be fun, but finding the right person is the most difficult thing I would imagine,’ I replied, still in quiet thought. The fact was the idea of two men sharing me had always been exciting to me but was put on the back burner, now, with more free time and the k**s off and married perhaps it was time to experience some things we had missed. The right person……that was the key……the right person.

There was a 60’s dance advertised on the ship’s bulletin board for that evening and since it was our music we planned to attend. The room was full and the DJ played a good selection of tunes from that era. We had a few drinks, danced and sang along to a lot of songs then took a break to get some fresh air at the rail and bumped into Neil.

‘Enjoying the music?’ he asked.

‘Yes, we just came out for a bit of air, we’re not getting any younger,’ Ross said wiping his hand across his forehead.

‘None of us are,’ he responded, ‘can I buy you both a drink?’ and nodded back to the dance.

‘Sure, thanks,’ Ross and I said in unison and we headed back to the 60’s.

We managed to find a table and while Ross and I sat Neil went to the bar and delivered the drinks. I felt refreshed after taking the sea air and was moving to the music in my chair, I glanced over to Ross and motioned to the dance floor. He shook his head saying he felt a little tired and wanted to sit for a while. I looked at Neil and he looked at Ross. ‘Go ahead, have a good time,’ said my husband and we took to the floor.

After a couple of fast dances the DJ played The Twist by Chubby Checker, which everyone enjoyed even though there were plenty of wobbly legs when it finished. The next song was Unchained Melody by the Righteous b*****rs and there was a brief moment’s hesitation when Neil and I just looked at each other before he took me in his arms and held me close. I snuggled into his neck and we drifted with the music. It was mid way through the song when I felt Neil’s erection through my thin summer dress and rather than pull away I allowed him to rub against me and thought how attracted I was to this man. I could feel a growing wetness between my legs and had an urge to fondle him right there on the dance floor but the song ended and we made our way back to the table.

‘Have a nice time?’ Ross asked after we sat down and I replied immediately that it was great and gave a sideways glance to Neil that I hoped came across as sexy and approving. Ross certainly caught it and gave a little smirk.

We sat, chatted and listened to the music; Ross bought some more drinks and then we decided to call it a night. The three of us made or way to our cabins and when we came to an intersection we began to turn right and Neil left. Ross stopped, and said, ‘Fancy at nightcap at our place?’

‘Love to,’ Neil replied, ‘but I need to freshen up first, all that dancing you know.’

‘Fine, we do too; see you in half an hour, cabin 2256?’

‘I’ll be there, thanks,’ said Neil and wandered off down the corridor.

‘So, what happened?’ Ross asked as he closed the cabin door.
I told him and confessed how I had felt and that I was still wet just thinking about it. Ross embraced me and caressed my bum then moved a hand between my legs. ‘Wow, you are wet; maybe you need two cocks to put this fire out.’

‘Maybe I do, we’ll see,’ I replied, shaky at the thought.

We showered and Ross suggested I wear a t-shirt and my very short denim mini with no bra or panties. ‘Give Neil a lot to look at and see what happens,’ he said.

There was a knock on the cabin door, Ross opened it and there stood Neil dressed in his pilot’s uniform. He looked better than I ever had imagined and my legs went a bit weak. He took a long, approving look at me and Ross, seeing this, commented, ‘She looks good with almost nothing on, eh Neil?’

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‘She sure does,’ Neil replied and whistled through his teeth.

‘Good evening Captain, you look very smart and may I add very, very sexy. Scotch?’ I said in a voice that I hoped sounded provocative. He nodded and I prepared three drinks on the rocks.

We sat with Neil opposite me and Ross off to the side, I made sure my skirt rode up as I sat down, giving my pilot a view almost to my naked pussy, the nipples on my full breasts were poking through my thin t-shirt in sexual excitement. I felt and looked very slutty as I spread my legs until I was sure Neil could see all the way to my wet crotch. I was becoming hornier by the second at the thought of sex with Ross and my pilot and wanted to have them both now.
Ross, perceptive as ever, rose and turned on the radio. He found some very sultry music and suggested that Neil and I dance since we had so much fun earlier. As we came together I felt Neil’s erection immediately, I slowly moved my hips into the hardness, exaggerating the movement gradually until I was grinding myself against his cock. I lifted my head and we kissed and his hands hiked up my short skirt and caressed my bottom. I rubbed his penis with my hand through his pants as he squeezed my b**sts and then placed a hand on my pussy. Two fingers easily slid into me and he explored my vagina and tweaked my clitoris. As we continued to maul each other Ross came up behind me and massaged my tits with both hands while sticking his dick between my legs.

I was very excited; I had my husband and my pilot feeling me all over and two hard cocks just moments away from fucking me. I knelt down and unzipped Neil’s pants and quickly exposed his erection, Ross was already naked and as my two men stood on either side of me I alternated sucking and masturbating them. Neil took my arm after a while and led me over to a chair; I sat down, lay back, spread my legs and Neil began to eat me while Ross stuck his dick in my mouth. I was so aroused by this fantasy-come-true that I was climaxing over and over again. I continued to take Ross’ penis in my mouth as Neil stood over me and plunged his cock into me. It felt so good, why hadn’t we done this before I thought.

It was warm in the cabin and we were all feeling the heat, Neil withdrew and said, ‘Come with me’. He took off the rest of his uniform and we walked over to the balcony, opened the door and we felt the cool, ocean breeze. ‘Bend over and grab the rail,’ he said. As I bent over Neil hiked up my skirt and pushed up my t-shirt and entered me from behind and fondled my tits. He turned to Ross after a couple of minutes and said, ‘Your turn, my friend,’ and as Neil withdrew Ross drove his cock into me. I gazed out at the ocean, lost in a haze of horniness as they alternated fucking me this way until both came with strong ejaculations inside me. My two men were temporarily satisfied but I was still hot, still cumming and still wanting more cock.

We went back inside and Ross poured us all another drink. I sat between Neil and Ross on the couch, the guys were naked and I still had my skirt and t-shirt hiked up exposing all of me and as we chatted idly they fondled me and I did my best to bring their cocks back to hardness.

It was past 2:00a.m., ‘I should be off, thank you for a brilliant evening….the first such evening in two years to be honest,’ said Neil.

As he stood to gather his uniform I heard myself saying somewhere off in the distance, ‘Please don’t go, stay with us tonight, I want you to sl**p with us tonight.’

Neil looked at me and then at Ross and received an approving nod. The three of us climbed naked into the king-size bed with me in the middle and as I faced Ross, Neil had his hard cock in my pussy from behind and we drifted off to sl**p. I awoke about 4:30 to feel Noel gently pumping his dick into me. I was very wet and it felt so good to have this much sex at different times of the day and night. As Ross slept, I f***ed my bottom into Neil until we both experienced powerful climaxes. It was just after 7:00 when Ross slid his penis into me. I was on my back with Ross thrusting into me when Neil awakened and realized what was happening, he squeezed and kissed my erect nipples and pinched my clit. Ross came and as he rolled off me Neil took his place. I had never had this much sex or climaxed so much in a 24 hour period before but I knew I liked it and wanted to have more of it. When Neil came he shot his sperm over may face and then we kissed passionately while Ross fingered my very responsive pussy.

As we had breakfast that morning there were lots of sly glances and self-satisfied smiles passed back and forth between us. Freda commented that we three looked a little tied this morning and Neil said we had stayed late at the dance last night. It seemed to satisfy Freda and the conversations returned to normal as I ate my eggs knowing that Neil would be in our cabin after lunch and staying overnight, however, I was sure a small smile crossed her face as she looked down and returned to her g****fruit. I couldn’t help the feeling that this lady knew everything that was going on with Ross, Neil and I. She was extremely observant and I wondered if Ross was correct and that her father was indeed a spy and she had inherited the trait.

That afternoon and evening were spent mostly naked as we enjoyed each other in various ways; talking, fondling and intercourse all over the cabin in different positions, I had never been so sexually fulfilled and had a perpetual smile on my face. Ross appeared more relaxed than ever and wanted me all the time, this had certainly turned into our best vacation ever. I fell asl**p late that night on my right side, holding Ross’ cock and feeling Neil’s erection deep inside me.

An early start the following morning was necessary as we were docking at St. Lucia for a visit of several hours. There were organized tours of the island but the three of us hated such touristy things and ventured off to explore on our own.

After spending a couple of hours in the quaint town we headed for a narrow trail that wound its way along the cliffs and afforded great views of the ocean and the lush, forested hills that comprised most of this island. About two kilometers along the path the trail forked; left into the forest and right to a steep decent down the cliff to the ocean. It was hot so we decided to tackle the route to the ocean and cool off with a swim.

From the top of the cliff the trail looked much more precipitous than it actually was and we were on the beach in less than ten minutes. We walked along the deserted sand for a while and came upon a small sheltered bay. Ross took a blanket from his knapsack and spread it on the sand near the base of the cliff. I thought what a beautiful spot this was, so quiet and secluded.

‘Last one in buys dinner,’ I yelled and began stripping off. The guys sprang into action and we were racing naked across the beach. Neil tripped in the soft sand as Ross and I waded into the shallow water, laughing.

We swam, splashed each other and groped a lot before returning to the blanket. Ross took out his camera and snapped a few photos of Neil and me as we kissed and fondled before he asked me to sit on a nearby rock.

The rock was almost rectangular in shape, about 1m high x 2m wide x 2½m long and I sat provocatively as Ross took a few pictures. Urged on by the two men, my poses became more and more raunchy; I spread my legs, played with myself and got on all fours and gave the boys a good look at my bottom and pussy. I looked around and both men were stroking their erections. Neil came over and began fondling my backside and vagina before kneeling and flicking my clit with his tongue. Ross carried on taking pictures as Neil stood and I received his cock into my eager pussy. He pulled out and sat on the rock in front of me and my mouth enveloped his hard-on as I felt Ross slide his dick over my pussy lips.

Their cocks were not the only hard things I felt, the rock was killing my knees so I pulled away and told the guys it was their turn to be photographed. They sat on the edge of the rock and leaned back on their elbows, their hard cocks jutting into the air. I took a few shots from various angles before asking them to masturbate and captured them playing with themselves before running towards the blanket and calling, ‘Now bring your hard cocks over here.’

I lay on the blanket and Ross and Neil flopped down on either side of me and I fondled their dicks as they kissed my breasts and caressed between my legs. Ross pulled me over him in the sixty-nine position and Neil lay so I could suck both cocks at the same time.
Ross was driving me crazy with his tongue and I panted, ‘Fuck me Neil, fuck me.’ He maneuvered behind me and Ross spread my wet pussy lips with his fingers and Neil entered me easily. I shuddered with multiple orgasms as Neil screwed me and Ross continued to play with my clitoris as I sucked his cock. Ross splashed cum down my throat and shortly afterward Neil exploded deep inside me. I rolled off Ross and we lay on the blanket for a few minutes before taking another quick dip and donning our clothes for the trip back to town.

We strolled back along the beach, kicking the surf and checking for anything interesting in the flotsam and jetsam. We picked up a few shells but nothing else and by the time we reached town we had developed quite an appetite. A small restaurant, just off the beaten tourist track, provided an excellent dinner and Neil insisted on paying since he was last in for our swim. By the time we boarded our boat we were ready for bed but decided it was best to use this bedtime for sl**p so we said our farewells at the corridor junction and went to our cabins.

I slept like a log and awoke refreshed but Ross said he had been up most of the night with a very upset tummy and didn’t feel well at all - it was also pouring rain. I went to breakfast alone and sat with the usual group and we said our good mornings. Neil gave me a wink and I returned a smile and this was not lost on Freda as she glanced quickly at both of us before asking, ‘Where’s Ross this morning?’

I gave everyone the news and noticed that Freda looked very disappointed and remained silent for the remainder of breakfast. Neil and I wandered back to my cabin to check on Ross. He was worse than when I left for breakfast and had been to see the ship’s doctor who had prescribed some medication. When he is sick he just wants to be left alone, he can’t stand any fussing on my part. He told us to leave him alone and go have a nice time; he was going to stay close to the washroom for a while and try and get some rest as he felt very tired. Neil suggested we go for a walk and went to his cabin for a rain jacket. As I put on my coat I asked Ross if he really didn’t mind me spending time alone with Neil. He said he was not jealous and had no fears of me flying off into the sunset with my pilot. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and as I opened the cabin door to leave he said, ‘Tammy, I really mean it, have a good time, now get out of here and leave me to my misery, see you later.’

The weather on deck was rather wild but invigorating and a few other brave souls were out walking but the pool, climbing wall and other on-deck attractions were deserted. After twenty minutes or so we ducked into a café and enjoyed a coffee. I was feeling horny again and must have given Neil a look that told him everything, as I was fantasizing about having his cock inside me he suggested that we go back to his cabin. ‘Let me check on Ross first,’ I said and we made our way below.

Ross was sl**ping soundly so I left the cabin quietly and joined Neil in the corridor. Once in his cabin we embraced, kissed and fondled each other even before removing our rain coats. I pulled away and went into the bathroom to freshen up and as I closed the door behind me I saw Neil’s uniform hanging on the back of the door.

I felt incredibly sexual as I came out of the bathroom wearing only Neil’s pilots’ jacket. The buttons were undone and my otherwise naked body was exposed for his eyes and touch. I slinked over to him and felt his hard cock push against me through his slacks as we embraced. The jacket had certainly aroused me in the same way as when I wear erotic lingerie, stockings and high heels or when I occasionally go without panties so Ross can discretely feel me up in a restaurant or other public place. I broke our embrace and knelt on a nearby chair with my ass high in the air. I pulled the jacket up a little so Neil could see my more-than-ready pussy and his cock sprang to attention as he dropped his slacks and moved behind me. For the next two hours we enjoyed each other and only reluctantly got dressed to go for lunch.

I wanted to check on Ross and Neil wanted to spend some time on the climbing wall since the rain had passed so after lunch we headed for our respective cabins. As we strolled along the deck Freda stopped us and asked after Ross. Her interest seemed more than just casual and I had noticed that she was more animated whenever she spoke of him or sat beside him at meals – did she have a crush on my husband? She was not unattractive but did little to enhance her looks; she wore no make-up and her clothes could only be described as frumpy. With a bit of effort I felt sure she would turn heads.

Ross was awake when I entered our cabin and said he was feeling much better. Later I picked up some sandwiches and we ate in the cabin and stayed there for the rest of the evening. The following morning dawned warm and sunny and Ross was back to his normal self and we took our walk on deck before breakfast. Freda was happy to see Ross and they chatted together while I flirted, (subtly I hoped), with Neil as we rubbed legs beneath the table.

We stopped at Bermuda that afternoon and arrived back at the ship very late and a little tipsy and went straight to bed. Neil had bumped into an old friend in the bar we were in and was reliving past glories. At breakfast next morning he looked a little worse for wear and ate only toast and drank a little tea before announcing that he was going back to bed. Ross and I enjoyed our final full day on our wonderful cruise and were looking forward to the dance that evening with mixed emotions.

The dance was thirty minutes old when we arrived, Ross in his grey suit and me in a tight, black dress that came a few inches above the knee and, at Ross’ request, I wasn’t wearing panties, only a garter belt to hold up my black, seamed stockings. I felt very sexy and hoped Neil would be recovered from his hangover and feel like slow-dancing. I need not have worried; he was standing at the bar chatting to a very attractive woman and waved us over. I felt just a little jealous as we approached but was more surprised when I recognized the lady was Freda.

It was an amazing transformation; gone were the baggy, formless clothes and unattractive spectacles, her blue, satin dress hugged her shapely curves and its low-cut front exposed a large amount of cleavage. The glasses must have given way to contacts because she had mentioned earlier that she was as blind as a bat without them. I commented how nice she looked and she returned the compliment adding that since it was the last night she would let her hair down and take a well-earned break from chaperoning her parents. Ross ordered a round of drinks and we found a table for four.

Freda edged her chair close to Ross as we sat and chatted, he didn’t seem to mind and I wondered if the evening was about to get interesting. Neil asked Freda to dance and I joined Ross on the dance floor. I whispered that Freda looked like a different person and Ross agreed, added teasingly, ‘Perhaps you have lost your pilot.’
I gave his leg a hard nudge with my knee and said, ‘By the way, she’s been fawning over you, I think you might have gained a German girlfriend.’

‘Ah, don’t be silly.’ he replied, glancing at Freda’s rear end as she swayed with Neil, and then added, ‘Do you think so? She certainly does look good; I wouldn’t mind having a crack at her.’
His leg received another nudge from my knee and I said in reply, ‘I think so and maybe you will.’

After a couple of dances we returned to our table and Neil got another round of drinks. Freda took every opportunity to touch Ross and he began to do the same as our conversations became more animated, due partly to the alcohol and partly to the excitement/emotion of this being the last night of the cruise. Our table was situated in a rather dark corner of the room and as Ross and Freda petted I ventured a hand onto Neil’s leg. He responded with an approving smile and my hand moved to his crotch and found his hard cock and caressed it through his pants. ‘Like to dance?’ he said and I nodded in reply. We danced slowly and close, I nuzzled into his neck and felt his erection against my tummy. At some point I looked around and saw Ross dancing with Freda, his hand drifting down to caress her backside. I nuzzled back into Neil’s neck and thought of what might happen later.

The evening progressed with more drinks, dancing and chat. As Ross and Freda were snuggling on the dance floor Neil and I sat and chatted as I gently stroked his hard-on and he found my bare pussy lips and clit with his fingers under my hiked up dress. I felt deliciously sinful fondling and being fondled in a public place; I was very wet and looking forward to going back to the cabin.

At eleven a buffet was set up and we tucked into the salads, seafood and fruit with enthusiasm. After completing the meal Ross asked if we would like another round or go back to our cabin for a tot of very good scotch. It should be no surprise that we agreed on the later and went; only a little tipsily, along the corridors to our cabin.

As Neil, Freda and I sat separately about the cabin Ross produced the single malt and passed the glasses around. ‘To a wonderful cruise and good friends,’ Ross toasted and we sipped on the amber liquid. Ross sat in a chair and for a few seconds all was quiet, no one knew quite what to do next. It was Freda would led the way, she stood and declared, ‘I’ve wanted to do this for over a week,’ and she strode across the cabin, sat on Ross’ lap and gave him a long, passionate kiss on the lips. Her dress rode up and her stocking tops were showing as she mouthed Ross and he began to fondle her ass and breasts. I looked from them to Neil and he just smiled and I was on his lap in a second. Freda stood and removed her dress, panties and bra then knelt in front of Ross, unzipped his pants and began sucking his hard dick. Ross cupped his hands behind her head and pulled her onto the full length of his erection. Neil picked me up and placed me on the chair. He pulled up my dress and since I hadn’t worn panties my pussy was immediately available to his tongue and fingers. My pussy was dripping with cum as Neil stood and dropped his pants and underwear exposing his very erect penis. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth, licking around the head before plunging it deep into my throat.

Freda, wearing only stockings and heels, walked past Neil and me, leading Ross by his cock, into the bedroom. We followed shortly afterward; Ross had his face buried between Freda’s legs as she lay back on the bed. I removed my dress and lay on my back beside her. We moaned as the men brought us to climax after climax until they both stood and, in unison, drove their cocks into us. They fucked us side be side, matching their strokes in and out. It was incredibly exciting; I kept cumming and cumming and by the noise Freda was making, she was also. The men pulled out and turned us over onto all fours and entered us doggy-style. I have always loved this position as the cock goes so deep and I pushed back hard to meet Neil’s thrusting. The guys swapped positions and Ross fucked me while Neil fucked Freda. They swapped again and both men exploded deep inside us at almost the same time. I stayed on all fours and Neil began to tease my clit with his tongue bringing me to yet another climax. Ross lay on the bed beside me and sucked my nipples as Freda climbed on top of him and rubbed her cum-soaked pussy on his softening cock.

We lay on the bed for another half hour, fondling each other and chatting about our time together. Freda dressed, said her goodnights and added that she would see us in the morning. Neil stayed and I fell into an uneasy sl**p with his cock between my legs and Ross nibbling my tits as I tickled his balls.

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I had sex with Neil and Ross early in the morning then we prepared to leave the ship. We said our goodbyes to our little group of tablemates, including Freda, who was back to her normal, frumpy self and walked, somewhat reluctantly, down the gangway to the dock. At the taxi stand I hugged Neil and we thanked each other for a wonderful time saying we would see each other soon, even though we both knew we wouldn’t. Ross shook his hand and climbed into the cab. As the taxi pulled away I looked out the back window and watched Neil wave until we turned right and he was gone.

I felt sad that I would never see my pilot again and Ross sensed my unease. ‘Great cruise,’ he said with an air of satisfaction in his voice.

‘Yes,’ I replied rather flatly.

‘Here,’ Ross said, handing me a sheet of paper.

I read the dates, July 14, July 31, August 10, August 28, etc. etc. ‘What are these? I said.

‘The dates when Neil will be landing in Toronto, he will be spending his stopovers with us.’... Continue»
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A Cruise to Remember

It was such a great phone call. My s****r, Katy, wanted to treat me to a 10 day Caribbean cruise. If I could get the vacation days, she would make the reservations for us. I went to work the next day and applied for the time off. Before the day was over, I was told I could take the time off that I'd wanted. I had called Katy immediately, so excited, I could hardly talk. She called the next day then, and made our reservations on the Princess Cruise Lines for June 1st through the 10th. Now we had 3 whole months to wait for this trip of a lifetime for me. I had never been anyplace but Palm Springs and to Hawaii once.

As the months drifted by, I bought a whole new wardrobe for the cruise.

In the late 70's, people still dressed elegantly on cruises. I found everything that I dreamed of ever wanting to wear. I have always liked clothes to fit tight on my trim and fit body. Since I tan very easily, I like bright colors as well. Luckily I found some very nice slinky type long dresses for evening. Some had slits on the sides up to my upper thighs, which I always like to expose. Sexy lingerie was a must; matching bras and bikini panties, garter belts and stockings. Shoes have always been a fetish for me, so every outfit had matching shoes and purse. Swim suits were plentiful, so I packed three new very skimpy bikinis. I have never been much for sightseeing. I only planned on leaving the ship on two islands, Jamaica and Aruba.

The day finally came to leave for the L.A. airport on our way to Florida. I was like a babbling idiot, so excited. Our flight to Florida went fine. We were met at the airport and taken to a bus. The bus took us to a nice restaurant for lunch and then on to the docks where we were to board the ship. After hours of waiting in line, we were finally allowed on the ship and directed to our room. It was small, but more than adequate just for sl**ping in. For the next few hours we were on our own to walk around freely to look at the shops, restaurants, etc., available. Finally, we heard the announcement for all on board to go to the A deck to be directed on the use of life jackets. As we arrived, the big horn sounded, and everyone was waving good-bye to their friends and families standing on the dock as the huge ship began to leave the dock. We were actually on our way. Streamers were flying everywhere. It was very exciting.

After our demonstration on the use of life jackets we were informed that the dinner schedule for either an early dinner or late dinner seating was being set up in the main dining room. After taking care of that, we chose the late seating.

Since this first night was going to be special as the ship's Captain was supposed to be in the main dining room for cocktails prior to dinner. My s****r and I showered and dressed our best for this first night. I had on my favorite outfit, a gold lame jumpsuit. Fit like a glove, cut very low to show cleavage and down past the waist on the back, with just a strap around the neck, gold heels and purse.

As we entered the room, we were first introduced to the Captain's First Mate, and the ships Doctor. Going a little farther into the room, our eyes met and seemed to lock on each other. My God, it was the Captain. One of the most handsome men I have ever laid my eyes on. My s****r introduced herself and shook hands.

When he took my hand in his, it was like electricity flowing through my entire body. I was absolutely speechless. He smiled and said, "I am Captain Glen Boy, and what is your name?"

I smiled back, and sheepishly replied, "Shirley."

As my s****r walked ahead, and Captain Glen leaned over and asked, "Would you two lovely ladies do me the honor of dining at my table tonight?"

Well, needless to say, I said "Yes. What time shall we join you?"

Captain Glen answered, "8:30 will be just fine. Just ask any of the crew where my table is, they will direct you to it."

"I'm looking forward to it, see you then Captain," I replied.

It was now 7:30, so it wouldn't be too long to wait. He said to just ask any of the crew where his table was, and they would direct us.

As Katy and I approached the Captain's table, he rose and came towards us. "You ladies look stunning this evening. Right this way please," he said with a big smile.

He took my arm and put the other around my s****r and led us to our seats. He seated me next to him and my heart was pounding. It was difficult for me to eat as I was just too excited sitting next to the Captain of the ship. During the meal, he turned to me and asked, "Do you have plans after dinner?"

"Why no Captain Glen," I replied, "I didn't."

"Well then would you care to join me in my room for an after dinner drink and some dancing?" he asked.

"Why I'd love that," I answered with a big smile.

Well, that was the beginning of a whole new experience for me. When dinner was finished, Katy told me that she had met one of the crew and when he got off duty, they were going to go to one of the clubs for drinks and dancing.

I told her of my invitation, and she just smiled and said, "Have a great time."

I was surprised, as when dinner was over, he took my arm again, and we walked out of the dining room out on the deck. It could not have been more beautiful. The soft warm breeze, the excitement, the lighting, you could hear music now and then. We walked a ways and took an elevator down one level. When he opened his "cabin," my mouth dropped. It was huge and so beautifully decorated, with soft lights, soft music, wine being chilled and fresh fruit on the table.

I must have gasped at the beautiful sight, as Captain Glen smiled, turned and took me into his arms ever so gently and kissed me deeply. I could feel my body begin to tremble with excitement. He pulled me close to him and I could feel his erection as we continued to kiss.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes and asked, "Would you please spend the night with me my dear?"

I answered him with a deep passionate kiss. I asked, "Should call him Captain?"

"Heavens no," he smiled and said, "Glen would be fine."

He took my hand and led me through a door way into his master bedroom. There were candles lit giving just a soft hue to the room. He brought the wine and glasses with him. He poured us each a glass and we sipped slowly looking at each other. He took my glass and set it down. He began kissing my neck and undid the strap around my neck on my jumpsuit. I was not wearing a bra, so he started sucking and licking on my nipples, making them hard and wanting more. He undid the zipper and got up and removed my jumpsuit, pantyhose and heels.

When he returned to the bed he reached down spreading my legs and came up to my clean shaven pussy with his hot wet tongue. He bent my legs up and started sucking my clit as he put a finger in my pussy. I was so wet already his finger slid right in.

He said, "I like a really wet pussy."

I replied, "That's good to hear, because it's wet most of the time."

He then licked my pussy lips taking in some of my juices, and then licking his fingers to taste more of me. He was finger fucking me so well, and then with his tongue licking and sucking I had my first climax which was awesome. I could tell he liked how wet I got, sucking my juices from my wet cunt.

I said, "I'd like to undress you please."

With a big smile he replied, "I'd like that my dear."

As I took off his shirt, I nibbled on his neck and nipples and down his tummy. Upon removing his pants, I was totally shocked to see such a beautiful cock, and the size of it, it had to have been 9 inches.

I exclaimed, "What a huge cock, I've never had one so big before!"

He smiled and said, "Don't worry, we can make it work."

I took his cock in my mouth, working my tongue around and around the head. With my hand, I began stroking the shaft and fondling his beautiful balls. As the precum began coming out, I spread it down his shaft making it nice a slick so when I stroked it, my hand moved with much ease and comfort for him.

Patting the bed, I said, "Lay down on your back here baby."

As he lay back, I straddled his legs and took his hard cock in my mouth. I began slowly as I wanted to try and deep throat him as much as I could. I sucked and licked and sucked on his balls, making him feel pleasure as he let out little moans. I worked on his cock and was getting most of him down my throat, it was wonderful.

After a couple of minutes, he tapped me on the head and said, "Come up to me and turn around."

Reluctantly I released his cock, turned around and threw my leg over him. As I scooted back towards him, he pulled my pussy to his mouth. I again took his cock in my mouth as we pleased each other for some time.

We sat up and he handed my wine to me and we sipped again. He smiled and asked, "Are you ok?"

I said, "Sure, I'm great."

"I'd like to ask you," he replied, " have you ever had a voyeur experience?"

I said, "No. Why?"

Glen replied, "How'd you like to have one?"

"Tell me what you have in mind," I answered.

He said, "Well, one of my best friends wants to watch us fuck and make love. He won't join in, just watch."

"That's fine with me," I told him.

So, Glen picked up the phone and dialed. He spoke softly, and hung up.

Shortly, there was a knock at the door. Glen answered and a man followed behind him. The candlelight was quite soft, so I couldn't really see what the man looked like. The man sat on a chair over to one side of the room. Glen returned to the bed.

He asked, "You're sure this is ok?"

I said, "Yes, no problem."

We began to kiss and his hand went between my wet legs. He spread my legs wide and once again went down on me. His tongue was to penetrating, licking and sucking. He went a little lower this time and rimmed my ass with his tongue, sending shocks through my body. A finger or two went into my cunt, fucking me then one down into my ass. I was riding those fingers hot and heavy having several more climaxes. Every stroke into my ass met with a finger in my cunt, rubbing against each other. The sensation was new to me and wonderful.

"Mmmm baby," I said, "I want more."

He rolled over and opened a drawer in a nightstand. He brought out a small dildo and some KY then lubed it up good and gently worked it into my ass. It was my first time for this experience and it was unbelievable. I was really riding him now. My body was bucking with each thrust, as his tongue probed my cunt at the same time. I lost count of climaxes, as I felt myself wilt.

He pulled the dildo out, lay down beside me and asked, "Are you ok?"

I smiled and told him, "Absolutely! Now it's my turn to please you."

I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and at the same time, licked my finger and eased it into his ass. He moaned with pleasure as I sucked his hard cock and started to finger fuck his ass.

"Baby," I asked with a big simile on my face "how about if I use the dildo on you?"

"God yes!" he replied, "do my ass baby!"

I got up and washed the dildo good, lubed it up, and came back. I took his cock in my mouth again and slowly worked the dildo into his tight ass. His hips came up off of the bed and let out one hell of a moan and started riding it. I took his cock in my hand and stroked him while I fucked his beautiful ass.

"I can't hold out," he said, "I'm about ready to cum."

Well I wasn't quite ready yet so I pulled out the dildo out of his ass, laid on my back and turned him over. I got his cock between my tits and squeezed them together so he could fuck them. In a few minutes, he started to cum and I pulled his ass up towards me so he could cum on my face, my mouth, my chin.

I took his cum with my fingers and rubbed it all over my tits, then licked his cum off my fingers. As Glen moaned with pleasure, I heard footsteps, a door open and close. We had not been alone.

We lay there spent holding each other finishing our wine. Glen asked, "Would you like to spend the next night with me again?"

Immediately, I said, "Yes."

Glen asked, "Would you like to have another surprise?"

I said, "As long as there is no pain involved, then yes I would like that."

The next night Katy and I were guests of the Captain's again for dinner. Katy went with her friend after finishing, and Glen and I went to his cabin. Like the night before, the lights were low, soft music, wine being chilled. The bedroom had new candles burning softly.

I said, "Glen I want to undress you first tonight."

He nodded his head. After undressing him, I led him to the bed and said, "Lay down please."

I removed my heels and got on the bed and straddled him standing up. I removed my long dress. I had on black thigh-highs and black lace garter belt with black lace thong panties. I slowly lowered my body and lay on top of him. We kissed and I fondled his balls and cock. I took his beautiful cock in my mouth, sucking and licking.

After a few minutes of enjoying his cock, I came up and straddled him took his cock in my hand. I pulled my panties over to one side and guided his throbbing meat into my hot, wet, tight cunt.

I had to take him very slow as his cock was so big. I don't think it ever went in all the way, but it felt so good. I rode him, moving my hips around and around, then raising and lowering myself on his massive cock. Being on top, the climax I had was huge. I came all over his cock and balls, getting the bed wet.

Glen rolled me over and said, "I have to make a phone call."

Again, he dialed, spoke softly, and shortly there was a knock at the door. Glen let him in. As he came to the edge of the bed, I was surprised to see the Captain's First Mate, Gene.

Glen joined me on the bed again and Gene undressed. Glen asked, "Are you ok with this?"

Once again I told him, "Yes, just so there was no pain."

Glen rolled over and Gene came in beside me. He began kissing me very nicely, playing with my tits, rubbing between my legs. I looked up and Glen was stroking Gene's cock. Gene started finger fucking me and his kisses became intense. I reached down and started stroking Glen's cock.

Shortly, I said to Glen, "Fuck me doggie style on my hands and knees."

As we turned around, I took Gene's cock into my mouth and began fondling his balls. As Glen fucked me I had multiple orgasms. Sucking on Gene and being fucked at the same time was awesome. I told Glen I wanted to suck my juices off of his cock. I was doing that and I felt Gene come up behind me and began fucking me doggie style too. We switched off and on several more times.

I got off of the bed and went into the small kitchen off of the main room. I got a glass of very hot water and one of ice water. I returned to the bedroom with the glasses. I told them, "I want both of you to lie on your back close to one another, then close your eyes."

I started with Glen. I took a mouthful of hot water and took his cock in my mouth. I heard a little gasp, and sucked for a minute. Then I swallowed the water. I took a mouthful of ice water and repeated the same as the hot water. Glen gasped again like before. I did this three times, then went over to Gene and repeated the hot and cold. They both really enjoyed that.

I got up and straddled Glen's mouth so he could eat my pussy and I could suck Gene's cock at the same time. As I sucked his cock, I put a finger in Gene's ass and began finger fucking him. Gene soon shot his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it and sucked him clean and dry.

I then asked Glen, "Do you want to cum in my mouth or my cunt?"

He said, "Your cunt."

I sat on top of him and rode him to the point where we both climaxed at the same time.

The three of us lay side by side for some time, sharing some wine and exchanging stories. Before Gene left, he thanked us for the invitation. Glen said, "Well, I am going to ask Shirley to spend the next eight nights with me, so maybe we will see you again." I smiled and closed my eyes.

Needless to say, I was a guest of Captain Glen's for the rest of the entire trip. We had several more visitors, including the ship's Doctor as well as two of the top entertainers join us. What an awesome trip!

... Continue»
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Maureen O'Connell strolled leisurely down the pier, taking in all the sights and sounds that
surrounded the departure of a luxury cruise ship. A native New Yorker, Mo had spent the last
several days cruising South Beach and enjoying the Miami sun, and boy, this was living, the
middle of February and the temperature had been hovering in the mid 70's! As Mo walked past
her, the Molly Dee gleamed sparkling white against the azure blue Florida sky, all 790 feet of her!
The brochure that her travel agent had given her didn't do the big liner justice, she looked
absolutely fantastic! Mo had been planning this trip for over a year, and now that it was here, she
could hardly believe it, so after lugging her suitcase on board, she was met by a the purser, a
pretty young woman, who looked at her ticket, handed her a detailed map of the ship, and
informed her where her cabin was located. "Two flights up," Mo mumbled out loud, while she
rode the elevator to the promenade deck. Walking down a long corridor, she stopped at cabin 328
and tried her key, and after the tumblers moved smoothly, the door swung open and she was in
her room. She was supposed to have a berth partner, but it looked like no one else had been in the
room, so Mo selected the bed that stood under the porthole. She was gazing through the window
when the door opened and a vivacious woman of about thirty breezed into the cabin. "Hi," the
woman said, while dumping her luggage on the other bed, " my name's Veronica Stuart, but
everyone calls me Ronnie!" Mo, extending her hand, introduced herself, and asked Ronnie if she
cared about which bed wanted. "Nah, either one's fine with me, by the way," she went on, "did
you get a load of the purser, what a knock out!!!" Mo nodded her head and added, "From what
I've seen so far, all of the crew, including the captain are women, there won't be a single male on
board for the whole cruise!" "Alllll---right," said and enthused Ronnie, "a whole boat full of
lezzies, I can hardly wait!!!"
While indelicately put, what Ronnie had said was exactly true, this was a cruise that was put
together for bi or lesbian women! There were to be no men on board at all, so that if the female
guests wanted to, they could roam the ship entirely in the buff, and while overt acts of sex in
public were discouraged, Mo had heard from other ladies who had previously taken the cruise,
that on more than one occasion they had personally seen some serious pussy licking taking place
at the pool! Mo was a pure lesbian, and at twenty five had had more than her share of lovers, but
just the thought of being around four hundred like minded women, well, it kinda took your breath
away! Ronnie was busily unpacking her bags and putting her clothing into the dresser, when she
commented, "I hope I don't have to wear much of this stuff for the next seven days!!!" Mo
laughed, and concurred with her high strung room mate, and went about the business of putting
her own things away. After they had finished with their clothes, Mo offered, "Let's go down and
watch the boat pull out of port, they say it's pretty exciting!" Ronnie looked at Mo, and said, "I
have a better plan," while she stripped off her flimsy sun dress and exposing a very voluptuous
body. Mo licked her lips, and slowly disrobed, her nipples hardening when they hit the air
conditioned air of the cabin. "My, my," commented Ronnie, "what a sweet little body you have,"
while she absentmindedly reached down and began running her finger in and out of her by now
soaking slit, "I just love seeing a woman naked for the first time, it's so much fun to see a fresh
pussy, don't you think!?!" What Mo thought was that brazenness of Ronnie, and her natural
openness were making her own vagina wet with desire!!! Ronnie had big tits, probably a d-cup,
and Mo had always been a sucker for a big set of jugs, especially when they were attached to
someone as pretty as Ronnie! Mo was naturally a fem, and took orders easily, and while Ronnie
was obviously also a fem, she was much more aggressive than Mo and would take the dominate
role in their relationship. Sensing this, Ronnies sat on the edge of the desk with her legs splayed
wide open and said, "Come to mama and make her clitty feel good!!!"
Mo glided over to the desk and soon had her tongue pressed firmly against Ronnie's open vagina.
"Okay baby," cooed Ronnie, "show mama what good a cunt lapper you can be!" Just hearing
Ronnie using crude language drove Mo crazy, and she used her very experienced tongue to bring
her red haired partner to a very hard orgasm, one that made her big tits bounce and sway when
she had her climax. Ronnie pulled Mo to her feet and gave her a long deep French kiss, one which
caused Mo's head to spin dizzily, as the red haired slut probed her mouth with her slithering
tongue. Mo wondered what Ronnie had in store for her, when an instant later, she felt a finger
flicking over the head of her tiny little love button, causing her to stiffen, and press her crotch
forward in an attempt to get more pressure put on her aching slit. Ronnie pulled her lips away
from Mo's mouth and offered, "Baby likes mama playing with her pussy, right!?!" "God,
Ronnie," moaned Mo, "you do that so well, I'm really close, faster, faster!!!" Ronnie laughed a
lyrical little laugh, but she wasn't in the mood to make Mo suffer, so she increased the pace of her
fingering, and brought Mo to a shuddering orgasm as the young women went limp in her arms,
leaning her face against the older woman's large chest. "I think that this is gonna be a great
vacation, don't you," asked Ronnie!?!" Mo just nodded her head, and wobbled back to her bed
where she flopped down to regain her composure until finally answering, "Yeah, it's gonna be
The little interlude had lasted about thirty minutes, but in that time the ship had pulled out of the
harbor and was out to sea. Ronnie and Mo took quick showers, slipped into fresh pairs of shorts
and tee shirts, and then headed off to explore the Molly Dee. After getting into the elevator, they
were a little surprised to find a beautiful blonde standing there in her birthday suit! She nodded
hello, and then went about her business as if nothing was out of the ordinary! Ronnie and Mo
waited until they got off on the main deck, and then exchanged excited comments about how
unreal this cruise was going to be! "Let's check out the pool," suggested Mo, pointing out the
location to Ronnie on the map Mo had brought along. The pool, was sight to behold, as nearly all
of the women were either totally naked or toplesswith a majority of them under thirty with hard
buffed bodies! Mo and Ronnie just stood there drinking in the sights while enjoying the cavorting
of the young naked women when Ronnie asked soflly, "What do you say we join them!?!"
"Why not," replied Mo, while pulling her tight tee shirt over her head, exposing her pert pointy
nippled boobs. In a flash both women were naked and in the pool, soaking up the sun and
enjoying the company of their naked shipmates. Mo found out quickly that the etiquette of the day
was introduce yourself, and then feel free to feel up your new acquaintance! Mo was approached
by a large breasted dark haired girl who introduced herself as Maria, and after only two minutes
or so of small talk, Maria casually reached out and began caressing Mo's chest and ass! Mo
thought, "When in Rome.....," and returned the favor by cupping one of the fullest chests she had
ever seen! Looking around to see how Ronnie was fairing, she saw that her room mate was over
sitting on the edge of the pool while getting a good tit sucking from a twenty some year old
brunette. Her attention was quickly drawn back to Maria, when she felt the brunette's finger find
her clit and diddle her to a nice easy orgasm. Amazing, having an orgasm while surrounded by
forty naked women in the middle of a swimming pool!
Mo left Maria and paddled over to where Ronnie was getting her tits done, and after sliding along
side the brunette she said, "My friend just loves getting her pussy sucked, why don't you do her a
favor and go down on her?!?" The brunette smiled, and then disappeared between Ronnie's wide
open thighs. Mo could tell that contact had been made when Ronnie let her head roll back and a
long slow groan gurgled from her throat while Mo asked softly, "Does, Mama want to have her
boobs sucked too?!" "Please, yes please suck them," begged a now very excited Ronnie! The
brunette was now burying her face in the red head's hot pussy while Mo took her left nipple
between her teeth and nibbled on it roughly, causing Ronnie to hiss through gritted teeth, "Yes,
yes, bite them harder, treat me like a fucking slut!!!" Hearing the red head beg for it, just made
Mo and the brunette suck harder on her sex organs! Ronnie couldn't hold it back any longer as
she let out a loud deep moan that was clearly audible all around the pool area, her orgasm being
greeted with a round of applause and a lot of hooting and yelling! Ronnie sheepishly slid into the
pool, her face flushed from the embarrassment of having cum so loudly in front of everyone, but
in a few seconds, she was quickly forgotten, as everyone's attention shifted to a big titted blonde
who was calmly fingering her pussy while sitting on the end of the diving board!
A few hours and several orgasms later, a tired Mo and Ronnie returned to their cabin, hoping to
grab a little shut eye before dinner. They were barely inside, when a loud knock brought Mo to
the door, it was the pretty blonde purser that had met them when coming aboard. "May I come
in," she asked? "Sure," replied Mo, "come on in and make yourself at home!" "Thanks," she
replied, "you probably wonder what I'm doing here?" Neither Mo or Ronnie spoke while waiting
for the busty blonde to continue. "When you two came on board and I realized you were bunking
together, and well, I just had to come down and introduce myself to you, my name is Andie, and
while we aren't suppose to intermingle with the passengers, I could help myself, and decided to
come up and meet myself , so if you want me to leave, I can go right now!" "No," answered
Ronnie, "in fact, we both commented on how pretty you looked when we first met!" Ronnie, now
again taking control of the situation, walked over to Andie and immediately started taking off her
clothes as the prettyt blonde began breathing harder as the naked red head let her hands roam
over her huge bare chest. "Do you like being naked in front of girls, Andie," asked Ronnie, while
still kneading her big tits? "Oh yes," Andie whispered, "I love showing myself off to other
women!" Do you think I have a nice body," she asked Ronnie? Ronnie looked over and Mo and
asked, "What do ya think Mo, is it nice?!?" Mo gulped, and replied, "My god Ronnie, she's
perfect!!!" "There's your answer, Andie," Ronnie said, "at least one vote for perfect, now, spread
those legs so we can see your pussy!!!"
Ronnie put her hand on Andie's shoulder and made her lean over at the waist, exposing her
vagina from the back, along with her round plump ass. "Mo," ordered Ronnie, "in the top drawer
is a strap on dildo, get it, and put it on!" Mo opened the drawer and removed a huge black dildo
and harness, and commented, "Ronnie, this thing must be ten inches long, are you sure you want
me to use it on her?!?" Now a certain edginess came into Ronnie's voice and she replied, "Listen,
slut, you do as you're told, now put it on!!!" Mo didn't say another word, and slipped the strap
around her waist and adjusted the big pecker into its proper position. When Ronnie could see that
she was ready, she had Mo line up the monster right on the puffy lips of the shaking blonde while
asking, "Do you want it bitch this is your last chance to back out, otherwise, Mo's gonna fuck the
shit out of you, understand?!?" "Yes," Andie replied meekly, "do it to me now, please!!!" "Okay,
Mo," ordered Ronnie, "bury it in her fucking cunt, now!!!" Mo shrugged her shoulders and with
one giant plunge buried the thick piece of black rubber deep into the little blonde's tight pussy,
causing her to let out a loud scream as her hole was assaulted by the huge cock, her legs buckling
as the big prick tore into her helpless vagina! The pain was excruciating, but when Mo had all ten
inches inside the steaming little snatch, the first of several cunt jarring orgasms tore through
Andie's crotch! "Sweet Jesus I'm cumming," she screamed, while Mo plowed her trough with the
black marauder! "Fuck her harder," spat Ronnie, "who by now was fingering her own vagina at
a feverish pace while as Mo continued to fuck her, Andie continued to have climaxes, each one
seemingly harder the one before it! Ronnie couldn't take it anymore, so she got in front of Andie,
and pulled her mouth to her dripping cunt! Andie's tongue snaked out and went directly to
Ronnie's love button, which brought Ronnie a violent orgasm, probably about her sixth or seventh
of the day!
After Andie had left, both girls had another shower and lay down to take a nap. Mo fell into a
fitful sl**p, with pictures of beautiful naked women dancing in her head! It was going to be a great
THE END... Continue»
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Julia Goes on a Cruise

Julia and her husband decided to take a small vacation on a cruise from California to Hawaii and fly back, just because it had been so long since they had been on one. The k**s were out of the house and they wanted to make the most out of their free time. The cruise though would take longer if they didn't fly back and being on others in the past they understood that staying in a cabin can get a bit boring, no matter how luxurious it was. Julia's husband James was pretty successful in life so there was never any want in her lifestyle. She wasn't a snob or snooty wife, she lived with her feet on the ground and at first glance you maybe would not realize she lived in the hills with a house that was featured in a couple magazines. She lived a rather routine lifestyle, marrying her husband right out of college, soon the k**s followed and that was her life and she was happy.

Not needing any real career or long term job she stayed at home mostly and was able to make use of her free time, so she was somewhat active but not obsessed. She had a typical housewife look to her standing 5'8", 130lbs, white skin, blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes, and at 40 years of age her curvy body (34E- 24-38) was a bit softer and her face showed some character in her smile lines and eyes. She only wore a little makeup and was the total opposite of her friends who looked and acted the part or rich housewives looking to relive their youth or be on a reality program.

The big day came for the cruise and the two of them boarded the cruise ship and began to make their way to the cabin. James told her he had a surprise for her, but he didn't tell her. They made their way to the top level of the ship and he lead a way though a doorway that you needed a special key to enter, like these cabins were sectioned off. Again going down to the end room he slid the key in and opened it. To her surprise it was one of the few Luxury Cabins with plenty of space, a large balcony, and bed and more amenities. It was like being in their living room.

After unpacking and setting in they made their way out to the pool deck with other guests to see off the ship as it pulled away. Not being one to show off she just wore the clothes she came in on, blue jeans, white hooded sweater with a t-shirt underneath and some sandals. Other women, especially the younger ones, got into the mood of the atmosphere and wore their bikinis and other party like clothing. This didn't bother Julia though, she was confident enough. They stood at the railing for a half hour and watched the pier as it slowly began to fade away.

It was mid afternoon and they decided to have a few drinks at the pool area bar before heading in for dinner. There were a lot of young people there and a few older ones hanging around drinking and getting the cruise of to an early start. About an hour later they headed in for dinner, finished, walked about the ship, and then headed in to call it a night in the luxurious cabin.

The following day was kind of routine for anyone who has been on a cruise before, they got up had breakfast, a nap, watched the ships TV for a bit, and walked around. Back at the cabin, laying out on the balcony, Julia was feeling a little confined and suggested that they head out to the pool area, to which James agreed, but reluctantly. He put on his swim trunk and a t-shirt, since he's a little self conscious about his body. She pulled out a black one piece bathing suit and a wrap around her waist. One the way out she grabbed her sunglasses, hat and a bag with her belongings.

The pool deck had just a normal crowd of people just relaxing and taking in the time. Julia found a few deck chairs and claimed them for themselves. They sat and talked about what they want to do when they get to Hawaii, and some things they need to take care of when they get back home. A few minutes after wards a young Filipino waiter came by wearing white shorts and a blue polo shirt with the companies name across the back.

"Would anyone care for something from the bar?" He asked.

"Yea, I'll have a beer." James said.

"Margarita please." Julia smiled.

"Very good choices, I'll be right back." The waiter said

James leaned over to Julia.

"Have you ever noticed in all the cruises we've been on that there are a lot of minorities, especially Filipinos?" James asked.

"Yea, but I guess it's a good job that's easy for them to get, I don't know." Julia replied.

A few hours passed and the waiter had served them a few more drinks before it was lunch time. James and Julia went to a buffet bar just to the side of the pool and waited in line. Julia made herself a salad, sandwich and some chips. James has always had a craving for shrimp, and luck him he saw a large bowl of it. They sat down and ate their lunch. James had three servings of the shrimp, till he could eat no more. They had some more drinks and went off to their cabin to rest before doing some late night activities like going to the casino, and watching a show.

Later that night they woke up and headed out enjoying the casino first where James is also a fiend for. Julia just stood by his side and watched. Again another day she didn't dress like the other women who wanted to be seen and cause a stir of conversations. She noticed James looking on occasion, but paid no mind to it. While gambling James started to complain to Julia about feeling a bit sick, but nothing that was too bad. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the motion of the ship, but neither gave it a second though and figured whatever it is will pass.

They went to go see a comedy show and were waiting in line. James started sweating.

"Whoa, I got light headed." James said.

"Are you ok?" Julia asked.

"Maybe we should do this another time." He said.

They left the line and were walking down the hallway to their cabin, when James bolted for the men's room. Julia waited outside for James to come back. A couple minutes later James exited the restroom looking pale.

"We should go to the Ships Hospital to see if they can give you something." She said.

They made their way to the hospital and saw a rather large gathering of people all looking the same. A nurse passed by and asked what the matter was. James told his symptoms, and the nurse said that this seems to be going around and e****ted them to an examination room. A Doctor took a look at James and took some readings.

"Did you by chance have the shrimp?" the Doctor asked James.

"Yea, I did. About three plates full." James replied.

"Well, you're not the only one that has this. It seems like everyone who had the shrimp has come down with a rare illness, and it requires total observation and treatment. Now it's not fatal, but for your wellbeing you will need to stay quarantined with the others till we get to Hawaii or till you show signs of getting better. The Captain already knows about this and has set up a wing of spare cabins for everyone." The Doctor said.

"You mean I got to stay in another room?" James asked.

"I'm afraid so" The Doctor said. "I'm also afraid that for your wellbeing that you will have to stay in your cabin, ma'am. We can't allow this to spread."

Julia and James were shocked and after discussing it James insisted that she enjoy the Cabin and the rest of the cruise as much as possible, even if he can't be there. Reluctantly they said their goodbyes and went to separate sides of the ship. Her to the luxury cabin, and he to the quarantined ones.

Julia arrived at her cabin and went out to the patio listening to the wave's crash and tried to enjoy the warm weather night trying to make good of a bad situation. The night progressed as watched some ships TV, and fell asl**p with it on.

The next morning she went down to the hospital and saw her husband while under supervision of some nurses. Everyone wore masks and prior to leaving had to sanitize their hands with alcohol. She went and had some breakfast and went to her room. When she entered she saw the towel all folded like a****l and that the maid had cleaned up the cabin. On the bed was a blue folder with the Companies logo on it. She sat on the bed and opened it up. It was a letter from the Captain expressing his regrets to the passengers who are ill and to please accept some of the complimentary vouchers for some ship activities. There was one for comps at the casino, free spa treatment, admission to the pay shows and coupons for future cruises. She took it in stride and didn't blame anyone for what happened, but just figured that these things happen.

That day d**g on as she was all alone walking around the boat eating, drinking, and staying in a large cabin. Julia was lying on her lounge chair on the patio and was going though the vouchers figuring that she may as well take advantage of it. The spa certificate caught her eye and figured she'd ask what's included. She picked up the phone on the desk and dialed for the spas front office. A heavily accented Asian woman answered.

"Good afternoon, Spa house." She said.

"Um, hi, yes I have this voucher for some spa services and was wondering what I can use it for?" Julia asked.

"Well you can use it for pedi, mani, mud treatment, massage, hot rock. " The operator said.

"Can you tell me about the massage?" Julia asked.

"Yes, you can come down for massage or we can do in room service." The operator replied.

"Um can I do the in room service?" She asked.

"Ok for how many?" asked the operator over some loud talking women in the background.

"One." Julia said.

"Ok, and for what time is good for you ma'am?"

"Do you have anything around 8?"

"Ok, 8, and I see you're in suite L14?" asked the operator.

"Yes." Julia confirmed.

"OK it be there at 8, bye." Said the operator, as she hung up.

Julia figured she'd have time to have some dinner and a few drinks and swing by to see her husband before that. 7:30 came around and Julia entered the cabin and took a shower to get the day off her before her masseuse came in. She didn't know exactly what the masseuse would expect her to be in so she put on her one piece bathing suit and a robe over her shoulders. She also tried to clean up the place a little, by gathering up all her clothes in the corner and putting some things away.

Just before 8 she heard a knock on the door. She got up from her bed and went to open the door. To her sock she saw a young Filipino guy with a folding massage table slung around his shoulder, wearing white shorts and a blue polo shirt. She was expecting a woman.

"Hi, you ordered a massage for 8?" asked the masseuse.

"Um, yea I did, I just wasn't, uh, well just come in yea." Julia stuttered a bit as she stood aside for him to make his way past.

"Thank you." He said as he walked past. "Uh, it ok if I set up here?" he said motioning to an empty area in the center of the room.

"Yea that's fine." She said with her arms folded watching him set up not knowing if she can go on with this.

He barely looked to be in his early 20's, short black hair, brown eyes, thin but not skinny, with skin like a caramel color. He stood about 3 inches shorter than her. He finished setting up the table and turned around with a big smile.

"Ok, are you ready Miss?"

"Um, I'm sorry but I guess I was expecting a woman for this." Julia said with a nervous smile as to not be rude.

"Ohhhh. Well the women do the nails, you know, and the feet. We don't have any for the massages." He said as his smile went away. "If you want I can go?"

She thought about it for a second and gave in.

"No, no its ok, um well what do you need me to do?" she asked

"Uh, take off, and just lay on table." He said as he motioned like taking off an imaginary robe.

Julia turned around and untied her robe. The masseuse's eyes widened and he stood on his toes like he was trying to look over her shoulder. To his slight disappointment, the robe came off and revealed her one piece bathing suit, but even he saw the curves of her body and the cleavage of her breasts. She turned back around and he quickly put on a smile and got off his toes, then motioned to the table. She walked over and sat down, then leaned over and laid face down placing her head in the headrest, slowly adjusting her body. He watched with reserved excitement.

"Ok so I do shoulder, back, buns legs, feet?" He said as he rubbed some oil on his hands.

"Um, shoulder and back is fine for now." Julia kind of chuckled.

That same look of slight disappointment came over his face, but he got over it. He stepped closer and placed his hands on her shoulders, beginning to rub. Her body twitched a bit, from the feeling of having strangers' hands on her.

During the massage, he wanted to try and break the tension quiet.

"So where are you from?" he asked.

"California." She replied.

"Ohhhhh, nice place. Hollywood, L.A. Movie stars." He said.

"Well not that part, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Pretty expensive, lots of people, a lot of rules." She said.

"Better than where I am from." He said.

"Where is that?" She asked.

"The Philippines." He said.

"What's it like there?" she asked.

"Well it's no California. Dirty, crowded, poor. That's why I took this job. It pays good and I get to travel and eat for free." He added.

"Is that why there are a lot on board working?" she asked. "Oh, I'm sorry I hope that wasn't rude to ask."

"No it's ok. Yea a lot do so." He said as he made his way to her middle back area, the bikini material getting in the way.

"By the way, what's your name?" she asked.

"Tony." He replied.

"Not much of a Filipino name is it?" she asked.

"No, it's just what I like to go by." He said.

"Well it's nice to meet you Tony, I'm Julia."

Tony looked around a bit.

"So you are on the boat alone?" Tony asked.

"No I'm here with my husband." She said. Tony's eyes widened up expecting the door to swing open and some big guy roughing him up. "But he's down in the hospital area because of that shrimp sickness."

"Ohh, yea I hear about that. A lot of people got it. So there are a lot of these free massages we have to do and we are completely busy." Tony said. His hands going to her lower back, scrunching up the material.

After an hour of small talk and messy massaging, due to the one piece bikini, a buzzer goes off.

"Well Mrs. Julia, that's our time." Tony said as he stopped and stepped aside.

Julia got up and hopped off the table and went to the corner allowing tony some room to gather his things. He finished up and was walking towards the door as Julia handed him a handshake with a $50 bill.

"No sorry, I can't take." Tony said.

"Please take it, I wouldn't feel right not tipping." Julia replied. "It can be our secret"

"Well, ok, thank you Mrs. Julia." Tony said as he left the room and Julia closed the door.

That night as Julia took a shower she noticed how the oils and the rubbing marked up her bathing suit. She wasn't mad, but just chalked it up to a lesson learned. Tony on the other hand couldn't keep his mouth shut as soon as he went to his cabin which holds 5 other workers there, all of whom are his friends. He exaggerated the night's story with tales of Julia being nude, and him touching every part of her body. The friends doubted his story, saying that rich white American women are prudes and cheap and look down on everyone especially those that aren't white. Tony, kept to his story and even showed them the $50 bill. Still they doubted and went about that evening making jokes at everyone's expense.

The following day Julia got up, had breakfast, saw her husband and went to the pool area for an afternoon drink. She was still wearing her one piece bikini but it did show signs of wear and ruin on the back. Tony was walking around with a tray doing his day job as a waiter. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted Julia. He wasn't expecting her to see him or even recognize him to say hi. He slowly made his way to the bar are where his friend Joe was. He motioned over to her telling Joe that she was the one from last night. Joe doubted Tony and they went back and forth on who was telling the truth and that a woman like her would never let Tony put his hands anywhere near her. Driven to prove his story he left Joe at the bar and made his way towards Julia.

He got closer to her and looked at Joe to make sure he was looking, but Tony was also nervous about approaching her. He got right up to her and asked if she needed a drink. Julia was wearing her sunglasses and wasn't expecting to see Tony at the pool area.

"Margarita." She says still looking down at her book.

"Mrs. Julia?" Tony asked.

She looked up and took off her sunglasses in amazement to see who it was.

"Tony? Hey I didn't expect to see you here. How are you?" She asked.

"Ohh, I'm doing well, did you have a good sl**p after the massage?" Tony asked.

"yea it wasn't bad." Julia said.

"Well we have multiple jobs, so I do this and also the massage job." Tony said.

"Oh, I guess it keeps you busy. " She said.

"I'll go get that drink for you." Tony said as he turned and made his way to the bar.

Tony walked with confidence to the bar and started talking to Joe about him telling the truth, but Joe still wasn't buying his story, saying that he had no idea what the two of them were talking about and that it doesn't prove anything. Joe reiterated the idea that rich white American women would never do anything with their people. Tony shook his head and smiled at the comment, took the margarita and walked back to Julia.

"Here you go Mrs. Julia." Tony says as he placed the glass on the table.

"Thanks. I'm considering another massage for tonight, do you know if there are any spots available?" Julia asked.

"I think so, just call early." He replied.

After a few minutes of small talk, Tony takes his leave to get back to work and have the occasional friendly debate with Joe.

Later that afternoon Julia was in her cabin hanging out in the balcony. She got the phone and dialed for the Spa. Again the same heavy accented Asian woman answered and Julia made the same arraignments for a massage at 8. Before hanging up Julia had one more request.

"Is Tony available?" she asked the operator. She asked not so much because he was any good but because knowing that there weren't any female masseuses she felt uncomfortable with having different guys having such access and familiarity with her.

"Ohh you like Tony huh?" the operator asked.

"Is he available?" Julia asked

"No problem Mrs. 8 it is." She replied as she hung up.

Julia looked at her bathing suit and realized that if she wore it all it's going to do is turn into rags. However she did the same thing last time, had dinner and a few drinks, came back and took a shower. She wrapped a robe around her and watched some TV waiting for Tony to show up.

Around 8, a knock comes from the door and Julia goes to answer it. Standing there was Tony, with the same uniform and folding table.

"Hello, Mrs. Julia. Can I come in." Tony asked

Julia didn't say a word and just stepped aside. After Tony entered she closed the door and entered the room watching and waiting for him to set up.

"So how was your day?" He asked.

"Oh just fine." She replied. As she said that she took off the robe showing the one piece bathing suit.

"You know that the oil and friction is bad for the suit, just saying." Tony told her as he's setting up.

"Uhh, will you excuse me Tony." She said as she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Tony just stood there and walked around a bit. To his amazement he spotted the pile of clothing and saw a couple pairs of panties. He looked at the bathroom door as he inched his way closer to the pile. Quickly he reached for a pair of navy blue bikini cut panties and shoved them in his pocket. His heart almost came out of his chest knowing that if he was caught it could put his job in jeopardy if Julia told. Just then the bathroom door opened up and Julia came out with a towel wrapped around her body.

"Are you ready?" Tony asked a bit nervously wondering if she's going to find out, unaware that she's not wearing the bathing suit under the towel.

"Yea, but uhh, look Tony I don't want to ruin my suit, so is just a towel ok?" Julia asked.

Startled a bit tony assured her that that's how most of them are done. Julia slowly walked to the table and sat down holding the towel against her body. Tony turned around and saw her reflection in the mirror as she took it off and lay down and folding the towel over her ass. His eyes widened as he saw her curvy white body and rather large breasts.

"Are you ok now Mrs. Julia?" he asked.

"Yea." She replied.

Tony turned around and began massaging her back and shoulder, his eyes glued to her skin. As he massaged her back the towel slide down some and he just saw a faint showing of her ass, but what really caught his attention was the small tattoo just above it. A small ribbon.

"That's a nice tattoo. Does it mean anything?" He asked.

"Ohh that, that was just me trying to be, I don't know, rebellious, I guess. It doesn't mean anything it just looked cool to me in the catalog and I figured, hey maybe I should try something like this once in my life." She replied

"So you got it because you were bored?" Tony asked.

"I guess so. I guess not working and having plenty of free time kinda does that."

Just then Tonys ship cell phone goes off, and excuses himself as he stops to answer. He speaks his native language to the other person:

(Dude, I'm in her room again, yea the hot older one, the one I told you about last night, yea and I saw her naked, she has got the biggest tits I've ever seen in person, I even got some of her panties, no I'm not lying, Ill prove it and shut Joe up for good, alright b*o I got to go, see ya)

"Sorry it was work, asking about my shift tomorrow." He tells her as he positions his phone towards her and coughs at the same time he snaps a picture of her laying there with a towel around her ass and the sides of her boobs exposed under her arms.

"It's ok." She replies with her face still in the headrest.

Since he was around her feet he decides to start massaging them without asking if it's ok. Julia jolted a bit but then relaxed as her feet were very sore. He moved from both feet to her legs, massaging the back of her thighs. He knows that the silence will just make her think of the massage so he had to come up with some small talk.

"So any plans in Hawaii?" he asked.

"Yea, were gonna go to a few spots. See some places, but were going to fly back because we got to be back for his job." She says

Tony's hands slide higher and higher up her legs to just below her ass. He keeps up the small talk to distract her from his slow intentions.

"You ever think of getting another tattoo?" he asks.

"Maybe. Perhaps one on my ankle, or behind my back, but just somewhere where it doesn't show up in public." She replies.

"What would it be?" he asks.

"I don't know a cat, a butterfly, or some roses I guess."

"Everyone has those, you should get something with a symbol, do something that no one else is doing. My friend Ray actually draws symbols and also does the masseuse job on the ship. I can introduce you later on and he can show you his drawings." Tony replied.

"Um yea sure, I guess doing something more unique is better than the usual." She says in a more relaxed voice. "Can you get my back?"

Disappointed a bit he moves up and does he back occasionally his finger glances the sides of her boobs. After a few minutes his buzzer goes off and he stops.

"Well, I guess that's it for tonight." Tony says as he turns his back and allows Julia to slide off the table in some privacy. She stands there with the towel wrapped around her body and her right hand holding it up, as he starts to gather his things. She again gives him a $50 bill and sees him out the door.

Julia walks to the bed and sits down confused about what's going on. She's confused about how personal she just got with this guy. No one other than James has ever seen her like that, and now she's talking and having a good time doing so. She was actually a bit wet, and titillated from the experience of having this young Filipino guy do what she thinks he's trying to do, cop a feel off her. Waves of different emotions came though her, nervousness, reluctance, anger, excitement, lust. She kept asking herself why her. She never saw herself like her friends do.

As time went on that night she realized that maybe she could have some fun with this but keep it limited, maybe I should give him a show and give him a time in his life that he will never forget. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, thinking to herself that she can have this all under control. After all who is anyone going to believe him or her?

Tony dashed to his cabin after his shift was done and slammed open the door. He went to Ray who was his best friend from the Philippines and started talking to him in private as the other watched TV. He told Ray about telling her about how he is an artist and a masseuse and that he asked Julia if you can come over next time, and that she said it's ok. Tony suggested that Ray make a small album of some fake symbols to pass himself off like an artist. He also showed Ray the panties and the picture he took.

"Hey what's that?" Joe said

"Nothing. Just some fucking panties from that white milf I'm macking on." Tony said.

At that point everyone's attention was to Tony . Some are amazed at what's going on but the big one Joe thinks it's all a lie. The night goes back and forth again with youthful eagerness and vulgarity. Staying up late and making fun of each other. When it's all over, Tony reminds Ray to start on drawing up some symbols to play into the situation.

The next day Tony goes to report to work to see what his appointments are but doesn't see any for Julia's room. Confused or thinking that she wasn't able to get on done for today he starts to wonder what he can do. Just then the older Asian woman who runs the spa came up to Tony and pulled him aside.

"You not see that woman again." She told him. "You have no business with her, she call here again asking for you. I tell her we full. Why she keep asking for you? Joe say you making stories. White woman no good for you." She said as she walked away.

Tony's mind raced in disbelief, but he had an idea. He got his uniform on and made his way to the pool area for his waiting job. He was keeping an eye out for Julia to see if she'd come. Sure enough she was at the usual chair. He walked up to her.

"Hey Tony." She said first, surprising him that she was firs to spot him.

"Hello Mrs. Julia, how are you?" he asked.

"I'm fine, but I wasn't able to book a massage today." She replied. "They said they were all booked."

"Oh really, hmm well I can come by after my shift." He said.

Julia smiles, "really? What time?"


"Ok I can do that. I'll see you then." She replies as she gets up and walks away.

Tony notices a few of the younger Filipina maids giving Julia some mean glares behind her back and again towards Tony. He brushes it off and heads back to his job.

After his shift he goes to meet up with Ray.

"Hey you ready? Do you got those fake symbols?" he asks Ray.

"Yea, here take a look." Ray says as he pulls out a folder.

Tony looks though it and starts laughing. "Dude these symbols just mean random words, right, left, up, down, tree, food, cat, dog, etc"

"Ok follow me, and be cool, were not suppose to be in that area after hours." Tony tells Ray.

They make their way to the luxury rooms and quickly head to Julia's cabin and knock on the door. They can hear her feet coming towards the entrance as it opens up. She stands there with the robe on.

"Hey Tony, who's this?" She asks.

"This is my friend Ray, he's the artist slash masseuse in training." Tony says, as Ray looks at him.

"Well come on in." Julia stands aside. "Where is your table?"

"Well since it's after hours, I can't check it out, so we can use the bed or the coffee table." Tony says thinking quick on his feet.

Julia closes the door and walks in behind Ray. "So you're the artist huh, can I see what you have done?"

"Yea here is my portfolio." Ray says as he hands her the folder and glares at Tony.

"Wow these are very nice. What does that mean?" She points to a symbol.

"Oh that's Health." Ray says.

"And that's peace, strength, beauty, angel, etc" He concludes

Julia smile at Ray and he stands there frozen. She then walks into the living room area where Tony is already waiting. She walks over to a half empty bottle of champagne and drinks from a glass. "Do you guys want some?" She asks.

"No" both replies.

"Are you d***k, Mrs. Julia?" Tony asks

"No, I mean not really, I mean I had that much." She points to the half empty bottle. "and this." She pulls out an empty bottle from the trash. They all start laughing.

"Ok well Julia, Ray here is a masseuse in training so he's gonna help out if you're ok with that." Tony asks.

"Fine with me, so where should we do it?" She asks.

"Well I think the bed will be just fine, don't you?" He replies.

Julia walks funny to the bed and unties her robe, both of them looking in anticipation. She opens it up and reveals that she's totally nude and plops on the bed on her stomach, her bare ass exposed. Both guys look at each other as it catches them off guard especially Tony who has only really seen her in a one piece or a blurred reflection on a mirror. Tony shrugs his shoulder and makes the first move to massage her shoulders staring right at her ass.

"If you don't mind Mrs. Julia Ray is going to do your feet." He says while looking at Ray.

"That would be nice." She says while cuddling a pillow under her head.

Ray then walks closer and reaches for her feet and starts to rub, he also stares right at her ass.

"So Ray how long have you and Tony been friends?" Julia asks.

"Ohh since we were about 10 years old in the Philippines, we came here together." He says as he starts to kneed her feet.

"Same village and all huh, poor, dirty and dangerous?" She says. "and making money here to send back home."

Tony motions with his head to a pile of clothes by where Ray is, but Ray doesn't know what he's trying to say, so Tony says in his language:

(dude, get some panties for yourself, I'm keeping these for myself, there should be some there, do it now since she's a d***k bitch, she won't know what happened)

"What's that?" Julia asks.

"Ohh, I'm just telling him how to do the feet." Tony replies, as Ray reached over and takes a thong.

Tony then moves onto the bed, getting on his knees to one side of Julia and starts to run his hands down to her lower back. Ray moves from one foot to the other slowly making her legs separate open.

(no one is gonna believe this, but I don't care) Ray says.

Ray starts to rub the inner part of her calves, his eyes widen.

Tony starts to rub lower and lower to just above her ass. "You know where I think you should get your next tattoo Mrs. Julia?"

"Where?" She asks.

Tony takes a leap of faith and moves his left hand right on her right ass cheek. "here."

"Really, you think?" She replies

Both Ray and Tony look at each other with amazement that she didn't react.

"Yea maybe Ray can draw one for you after the massage?" he said as he now moved his other hand to her ass and starts kneading.

"mm hmm" She lets out.

Tony starts rubbing and rubbing her ass more and more, pulling it open and squeezing it shut. He tells Ray in his language:

(I've only seen this in porno's on my computer, there's nothing like this ass at home, god I love this job)

Ray giggles a bit as his hands go up more to her inner thighs, the tips of his fingers just barely sliding past some pubic hair.

Ray tells Tony in their language:

(we gotta try to flip this bitch over, I know you're an ass man, but I'm into tits, and I can tell she's got the ones I like. I have an Idea.)

"Uhh, Julia, I have an idea for a tattoo also." Ray announces.

"where?" She says.

Ray motions with his hand for Tony to move away. Ray stand up and grabs her by the feet and starts to spin her over. Julia goes with the motion and turns around on her back. Ray then moves in and puts his finger right on her left breast.

(You won't believe this, but these tits are real man) Ray tells Tony.

(Yea and she's a natural blonde, well dirty blond) Tony replies as they laugh.

Julia looks up from lying on her back. "you guys think so?"

The nod their heads at the view. Julia then sits up and get on her feet a bit wobbly and walks to the counter and gets out a black marker, still while in the nude. She hands the marker to Tony and she turns around and leans against the chair sticking her ass out.

"Do the one you were talking about." She slurs.

Tony drops to his knees and puts one hand on her ass and starts to draw the symbol for pillow. He finishes but spends more time just rubbing her ass pretending to draw the symbol.

Tony tells Ray:

(Get the camera; I gotta remember this for the rest of my life)

Ray reaches in his pocket and hides his phone in his palm. He gets a quarter and tosses it to the side when Julia looks to see what it was, he quickly snaps a picture of Tony making a face right next to her ass.

"What was that?" Julia asked.

"What was what?" they said.

"Ok it's done if you want to see it." Tony tells Julia. She walks to a mirror and turns around to see the tattoo on her ass.

"Hey that looks pretty good." She says as she turns to Ray and hands out the Marker to him. "Now you."

Ray stand up as she turns her head. Ray grabs her left breast and starts to squeeze it a little while he draws the same symbol for pillow. She looks at the mirror and smiles a bit and starts posing in the mirror, almost falling down. Tony rushes over and grabs her to keep her up, still copping a feel all over her body. She puts her arms around him to keep balance almost grinding her body onto his as he moves her more towards the bed.

"You guys are great." She slurs in Tonys face as he grabs her ass to lead her to the bed.

Ray tells Tony:

(This is really happening, I'm gonna fuck an American. Were gonna be legends.)

Tony lays her on the bed and stands up to talk to Ray. "I think I deserve to go first, I mean I met her and I set it up."

"Ok, do you want me to leave?" Ray asks.

"No, you can operate the camera. Then we can switch. Cool?" Tony asks.

"Yea." Ray says.

They turn to the bed and see that Julia is out cold. Their hopes and expectations drop and their moods lower.

"I can't believe it. Well we have a great story I guess." Tony says and they turn around and walk out the cabin and close the door.

Julia hears the door close and she sits up, walks to the mirror and sees herself. "They actually bought it. They thought I was d***k." She told herself as she revisited earlier that day when she emptied out a bottle and a half of champagne down the sink. She smiled at the fact that she did it. Turned off the lights and went to sl**p.

Ray and Tony shuffled back to their room and did the same.

The following day Tony was out doing his morning waiters job. Still no sign of Julia all day. He turned around to see her standing there with a stern look.

"Hello Mrs. Julia, how are you today." He asks.

"I don't know what to tell you, but this is serious. We got to talk." She says.

"What's the matter?" He whispers.

"I can't believe you and Ray last night. I never expected that from you. Well before I tell anyone else I'd like to talk to both of you later tonight when you're done with this job." She then turned and walked away.

Tony's heat stopped and he started to panic, he felt sick thinking that he would now lose his job. He had to see Ray and found him to tell him what was going on. He also felt the same way. All day the two of them were looking at their watches, dreading that time to come. However, no matter how much they wanted it not to be here their shift were over. They meet up and again shuffled to her room making sure not to be seen, but they didn't much care at that point because they knew they were on their last days of employment. Tony knocked on the door.

Julia answered the door wearing her flannel pajamas.

"Well come in." She said.

The two of them shuffled in with their heads down. She closed the door behind them and walked to the living room.

"I know what you guys did last night." She said.

The guys sat down and swallowed.

"I was d***k, but I know what you guys did. And I want to say thank you."

Both Tony and Ray look at each other puzzled.

"You guys had the opportunity to take advantage of me, to use me, to do anything to me. But you didn't. And I gotta say that was pretty awesome. Come here." She stood there with her arms out and gives them both long hugs.

"Wow we were so nervous that you were gonna be mad and get us in trouble Mrs. Julia." Tony says with excited breath.

"No I wouldn't do that guys, I mean I kinda liked last night I mean from what I remember of it." She says as she keeps hugging them again, their smaller frames easy to hold onto.

"What do you remember?" Ray asked as they hug also.

"I remember a lot of Filipino language and something about someone going first?" she said with her arms around both of them. "First in what?" she asked them.

The guys stood silent as she stood there in the middle of the hug fest.

"First uh you know." Tony said nervously.

"No, I don't first what?" She asks again.

The guys stood there completely quiet not knowing what to say.

"Because I got a first also, like I never kissed a Filipino guy before." She mentioned.

"Um do you want to?" Ray asks.

"yea." She said as she leans towards ray, who is under right arm and gives him a kiss. First just pucker kissing then leads into French kissing. She pulls away licking her lips. "So what was this first thing about Ray." He stood there in shock. "Would it help you guys remember if I took my clothes off like last night?" she asks, but before they could respond she already had her top pulled off over her head and started pulling down her pajama bottoms. Before they knew it she was standing there naked in front of them.
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A Cruise Adventure

The wife and I started cruising a few years ago. We have been to many exotic ports. Met some really nice people! We generally go on 7-day cruises and the passengers are mostly above 50 years old. Because of that we make more friends with crew members than passengers. This cruise we had more fun than we ever had on past adventures.

You know how cruises start. Wait in line. Get your boarding card. Wait in line. Check through security. Wait in line. Get your picture taken. Then you are free to roam the ship. Check out your stateroom and of course eat!

Once your bags get to the stateroom you unpack and settle in. Before you know its time for the sail out party! Always a great time! The party ends. Jean and I go back to our stateroom and get ready for dinner.

The first night is very casual. We go down to the dining room to find our table. We requested a table of eight but we were seated at a table all to ourselves. Little did we know sitting by ourselves would change this cruise for the better! Cuisine and service is top notch! Our headwaiter's assistant comes over and introduces himself. His name is Roberto. I'm sure it's not his real name. He's from Sweden. He gets us our water and drink order and goes to get our drinks.

Meanwhile Jean and I chat about the week to come. Ports of St. Thomas, St. Martin, Aruba, the Princess Keys and what we might like to do on those islands. Now you know what cruise line we are sailing on.

About 10 min later, our headwaiter stopped past and she introduce herself to us. Her name was Kristina she was from Russia. She was about five foot six inches tall and about the same build as Jean. She was a very striking woman. She and Roberto took very good care of us that first dinner! The food was wonderful and the drinks were never empty. We were getting ready to go out to the show. Kristina and Roberto came to the table told us goodnight. Kristina did something unusual. She gave both Jean and I a small hug with the promise of seeing us tomorrow.

We saw Kristina the next day up on the lido deck. She made the suggestion that she serve us our drinks while we sunned ourselves and swam. They get to wear short pants and button up shirts which are much more comfortable for them. She had a very nice body. I could not help but notice Kristina looking at Jean walk to and from the pool. She was not just looking, but staring at her great body. Jean was wearing a bikini with a Brazilian cut. I wasn't sure if Jean saw what I did or not. Jean came back from the pool and I told her just what I saw. She said she had not noticed but would keep an eye out. A couple hours later we were getting hungry so we went to get some food. As we were walking away Jean looked back and caught Kristina looking at her backside. Kristina quickly looked away. I would imagine she did not want us to know she was looking. Jean thought it was quite flattering which made me feel good from two standpoints. I see other guys looking at Jean but I've never have seen a women look at her that way.

We got back with our food. Sat down and Kristina came over and asked us if we wanted more to drink. She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. Jean and I both ordered another round. Kristina went to get them. When she returned I got a little bold and told her it's ok to look at beautiful people. We did not feel bad about it and hoped she would not either. She said she was a bit embarrassed but felt better that we were not offended. Matter of fact she looked very relieved. We sat around a bit longer. Time for a nap and get ready for dinner.

Dinnertime came and we went to the Wheel House bar for a before dinner drink. We chatted about what had happened that afternoon. Jean said that she never had another woman look at her that way as far as she knows. I found it rather arousing knowing another woman found her attractive.

We went down to the dining room. Kristina met us at the table. She helped Jean with her chair and moved to the side of the table. As we chatted about our day she put her right hand on Jean's back and slowly rubbed it a bit with the tips of her fingers while we were talking. This kind of took Jean off guard. But it gave Jean goose bumps! Kristina took out her notepad and asked for our dinner order. Once again we had a fantastic dinner. Roberto cleaned off the table and asked for desert orders. After desert, Kristina stopped to see how things were. She told us of a crew party that was happening that night but she did not want to go but she did not want to go to bed. Jean and I looked at each other and without a word between us invited Kristina to our cabin for a nightcap after her shift was over. Kristina told us it is very much against the rules so she would think about it.

Meanwhile we went down to the casino to gamble a bit. After an hour of gambling we were not doing well. Loosing very successfully! Jean and I decided to call it a night and go to the stateroom for some quality time. We changed into out sl**ping clothes then went out on our balcony and watched and listened to the waves crashing off the bow. It's so relaxing.

As we were relaxing we thought we heard a knock at the door. I went to check and it was Kristina! I opened the door and she asked if she still had an invitation for a drink. She was wearing a very tight shirt that showed off her B-cup breasts and a very tight pair of shorts. I told her of course and invited her in. Jean walked in from the balcony and said hello. Kristina's eye's and nipples grew big, as she looked at Jean in her sexy bedclothes. I also saw that Jean's nipples we showing through her top! We told her what we had for booze and what she would like. Let us serve you tonight! Crown Royal strait up She replied. Jean made drinks for all three of us and we went back out to the balcony.

We made small talk for a while. Learning Kristina grew up in Moscow. She was 36 years old. She is just like Jean. They both look younger than their age. Both have great bodies. Kristina told us she has been on 6 contracts. She was an accountant in Russia. She lost her job and that's what brought her to the cruise line. She enjoys working on cruise ships, but it's hard because her f****y was of course home and a serious relationship was out of the question on board. She had been single for about 5 years. Kristina said she has been feeling lonely for a few months and could not find anyone she felt she could trust. She thought she could trust us.

Jean and I told her about us. We have been married for 3 years with no k**s. Secure in our jobs and us. We are looking for adventure and relaxation. The drinks started to do their job and we were all feeling a bit loose. I asked Kristina about her looking at Jean that afternoon. She told us she is interested in men, but sometimes has fantasies about women. Jean's curiosity was peeked. Plus she thought Jean has a beautiful body. The sexual tension was very thick. Jean and I looked at each other. Jean and I had fantasized about a three some a few times over the years with both male and female. But really never looked for one or ever thought we would. Kristina was a very attractive woman and I thought that both Jean and I were attracted to Kristina.

It was getting late for all of us. It was time for bed. Jean and I walked Kristina to the door. We gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodnight. Kristina stopped before walking out the door and asked if we could get together again after her shift the next evening? Jean and I told her we would give her and answer when we saw her next.

We slept in late the next morning.

The person delivering our breakfast waked Jean and me. It was good we ordered a late breakfast. Today was a sea day. No worries about getting off the ship. We could sit on the balcony all day and enjoy the sea. The conversation came around to the past evening/morning. Jean found herself thinking about both of us having sex with Kristina. Like I said, Jean and I had fantasized about a three some, but never pursued anything. Jean and I decided to have her stop past later that evening but do it well before dinner. Give Kristina something to think about until we saw her at dinner. Jean and I went up on deck to see Kristina. I thought it would be interesting if Jean told her while I waited at the bar. Jean did just that while I watched.

You could see Kristina's eyes light up! She and Jean walked over to me and confirmed the plans for the evening. This would give us a lot to think about the rest of the afternoon! Jean and I got a drink and told Kristina we would see her at dinner. We wandered the ship, ending up in the cigar lounge. We spent the next couple of hours smoking cigars and wondering about the night to come. We decided when Kristina comes past that night we would just let things run their course.

There was an air of excitement around Jean and me the rest of the day. Both of us were feeling very horny, but we chose not to do anything about it until later. We were looking forward to what dinner and later in the stateroom would bring.

We got ready for diner. It was formal night. Both of us were dressed to the nines. Jean was wearing a low cut red dress with no back. GRRRR!!! I wore my tux. We looked great! Jean and I went down to get formal pictures taken then off to dinner.

When we arrived at the dining room Roberto and Kristina were at the table to greet us. They both thought we looked wonderful. Roberto helped Jean with her seat and Kristina with mine. Kristina looked a bit uneasy. Her face was a bit flushed. Was the excitement of later getting to her? She stumbled over few of her words. It also looked like she was worried about letting Roberto in our little secret. Not to worry. Roberto was always kind of in his own world. Kristina took our dinner orders. Dinner came with a surprise. She handed me a note that said she had ordered a bottle of champagne and had it delivered to our room for later. There was also a set of lip prints with my and Jean's name next to them and a small heart next to each name. I showed the note to Jean and which put a big smile on her face. Dinner came to an end. We said goodnight to Roberto. I hugged Kristina and she then hugged Jean and whispered something into Jean's ear. Jean got a look in her eye's I've never seen before.

Walking down the promenade I asked Jean what Kristina had whispered to her. Jean said she had whispered that she was incredibly turned on and to stay in our formals. She would be at the stateroom about 12:30. I asked Jean what she thought. She thought it was very exciting, but was a bit nervous about what may happen. She asked the same of me. I felt the same way. I've never been given an opportunity like this before. Even if we just drink the champagne and enjoy getting to know each other that would be cool.

The time came around to go back to our stateroom at about 12:00. We made sure the champagne was in the room and on ice. It was. We took three towels out and put them on the chairs on the balcony. The chairs can have salt on them from spray and we did not want to get our formals full of salt. I asked Jean what she wanted to do when Kristina arrived. Jean thought for a moment. Come over to me and kissed me. She backed away and told me this is what I want to do to Kristina when she walks through the door. We'll have a glass of champagne ready for Kristina and us. Then both of us will give her a kiss. But Jean said me first! All I could think was Oh My!

There was a knock on the door. Jean went to the door and opened it. There stood Kristina in a long green sequined evening gown with her hair resting on her shoulders. Jean invited Kristina into the room. I walked over to the door behind Jean and rubbed her back for a bit of support. She was trembling. Kristina closed the door behind her and Jean moved to her. Putting her arms around Kristina and giving her a big hug. They were nose to nose. Jean tipped her head to the side and moved to kiss Kristina. Kristina did not pull away. They delicately kissed each other. Both of them gave a small moan of enjoyment. It was beautiful to watch. I took a step forward and kissed Jean. Then looked at Kristina and said good evening kissing her on the cheek. They both looked so hot in their formal dresses.

Come on in. Be our guest. I handed Kristina a glass of champagne.

We made ourselves comfortable on the balcony and began to talk about the morning to come. Here I was sitting with two beautiful women. All of us dressed to the nines. Not knowing what to do next. I told Kristina we had never done anything like this before.

Kristina started to speak. She said when I first saw you two at dinner. I knew there was something about you two I could trust. I saw Jean in her bikini and I fell in lust with her. I envied you Pete because you can make love to her anytime. I decided to take the risk. I want the three of us to make love to each other. We have come this far. Let's take it all the way? Jean and I agreed! Kristina picked up her champagne glass and made a toast. To lovemaking and us! Here! Here! Came from Jean and me!

I walked into the stateroom to get more champagne. I came back out and Kristina and Jean had taken their dresses down to their waist showing off their tanned breasts. Jean asked who's do you want to play with first? They were sitting next to each other. I walked in behind the both of them. I took one of Jean's and one of Kristina's breasts in my hands. Leaned over Jean's shoulder and kissed her nipple while caressing Kristina's with my other hand. They both let out an approving sigh.

I thought it was time to move things inside. I said I suppose we should get naked? Both of them agreed. Jean said you first my love. Jean came over to me and started to undress me taking off my coat and tie. Jean asked Kristina to take off my pants. Kristina knelt down in front of me and slowly undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. You're not wearing any underwear. Sliding my pants down she exposed a very hard and shaven cock. She looked at Jean and asked if she could touch me. Jean not only said yes she also knelt down in front of me. Jean took my cock into her hand and pointed it at Kristina. Here, lick it. Kristina licked the precum off my cock.

Jean asked me what else I wanted. I answered they should undress each other. Kristina took the lead and kind of cheated. She walked over to Jean and put her hands on either side of her head. Moving closer she kissed Jean deeply. Kristina moved her hands down over Jeans shoulders and stopped at her breasts. She said to Jean. You have beautiful breasts. Moving her hands further down, slowly working her fingers inside Jean's dress. Slowly sliding off her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Kristina got a surprise. Jean had taken off her nylons and underwear. Kristina was now kneeling in front of Jean. She loved how Jean has a clean shaved pussy. Kristina said I want you now seeing Jean's juices running out of her. Jean stopped her and said not yet. Kristina still needed to be undresses. Jean returned the favor. Slowly taking off Kristina's dress, letting it drop to the floor. Jean uncovered Kristina's pussy revealing that she too was shaven.

Jean stood up and looked at me and asked if I wanted any pictures for our scrapbook. Of course I did. I went to get the camera and asked both girls to stand next to each other. They were almost a matched set. I took a few pictures. They kept changing poses for me. I put the camera down and walked over to the two of them. I asked if it would be ok if I started things. I took their hands and moved them to the bed and had them lay down. Kristina said I should start with your wife. I gave Jean a deep, passionate kiss then kissing down her neck and shoulders, stopping at her breasts, using my tongue to play with her nipples. I continued down to her pussy stopping to take in her essence. I looked over at Kristina. She was watching us while playing with herself. I asked her if I could get a taste of her pussy. She drove a finger into her pussy taking her finger back out and offering it to me. Kristina was very sweet! Jean asked can I get a taste. Kristina told Jean, you will be able to taste me in a little while!

My attention went back to Jean. I slowly spread her legs and licked her from her clit to her ass. Yum I told both of them. Jean has the sweetest tasting pussy. I continued lapping Jean's juices. Jean stopped me and said don't forget about our guest. I bet she would like to have her pussy licked! Kristina nodded her head in agreement. Kristina's essence was just as good as Jean's. Her pussy lips were a bit bigger than Jean's. I took my firsts licks of her pussy then slowly circling her clit. I continued down and darted my tongue into her.

Kristina looked down at me with a look in her eyes that told me she wanted Jean. I knowingly nodded. Kristina moved over next to Jean. She slowly started massaging Jean. Letting her hands wonder over her body. She then climbed on top of Jean. Lying down on top of her, Kristina gave her a very passionate kiss. Jean kissed her back. I almost felt like I was in a dream watching these two on the bed in front of me. Kristina stopped kissing Jean and said are you ready for me? Do you want a woman to lick your pussy for the first time? Jean replied yes! Kristina did not waste any time and moved down to Jean's pussy. Kristina slowly put her tongue onto her pussy and began to lick up and down. I leaned over to Jean and kissed her. I asked if she was enjoying herself. Jean nodded yes. Kristina continued to go down on Jean. She told Jean how good her pussy tasted. Jean started to moan like she always does when she's ready to cum. Kristina used her fingers inside of Jean. A few more minutes passed and Jean looked like she was ready. Jean's juices started to flow faster. Kristina kept lapping them up. Jean started to say she was cuming! I'm! Oh God! Jean grabbed me pulling me to her. Kiss me while I cum! She came as another woman went down on her. Kristina kept on licking Jean until her orgasm subsided.

Did you like? I asked. She answered, yes I did! Kristina lay down next to Jean and slowly caressed her body. Kristina asked Jean how she liked another woman getting her off for the first time. Jean replied, better than I ever imagined! Not wanting Kristina wait too long. Jean had Kristina roll over onto her back. Jean had never gone down on another woman. Kristina helped her. Kristina took some of her own juice from her pussy offering then to Jean. Jean licked Kristina's fingers one at a time. She was losing her fear.

Jean started to kiss and lick down Kristina's arm moving to her breasts stopping to lick Kristina's hard nipple. Carefully at first then putting her whole mouth over her nipple and sucked on it. Jean laughed and said so this is why you like to do this to me? It's nice she said. Jean continued down Kristina's tummy kissing her belly button. Jean took in a deep breath and moved down to Kristina's pussy. Touching another woman's pussy for the first time she used a fingertip to trace around the outer lips pushing her finger into Kristina's pussy, running her finger back up to the top, stopping and taking a taste. Kristina looked as if she went to heaven. Jean slowly moved her down to Kristina's pussy inhaling her essence. She slowly and deliberately licked Kristina's clit making circles with her tongue around it. It was like she had done this before, Kristina commented. Jean did not answer. She continued to go down on Kristina finally getting to her honey pot. Kristina reached down and pulled her pussy lips open for Jean. Kristina almost pleaded for Jean to put her tongue into her. Jean complied with her wishes slowly plunging her tongue into Kristina.

Kristina moaned. Make me cum Jean! I'm almost there! Jean licked faster and faster. God I'm cuming! Kristina started to buck around. She arched her back and her whole body stiffened. Ohhh!! Ahhh!! Her body released her orgasm. Kristina sat up to Jean, kissing her, tasting her own sweetness on Jean's lips. Kristina told Jean for never going down on a woman you did wonderfully! I have only dreamed about watching two women making love. Watching my wife go down on another woman and getting her off. WOW! We were all a little wiped out. But I think we were all ready for anything.
Jean took my hand and pulled me to the bed. Kristina was lying on her side. Jean laid me down next to her on my back. Jean then lay down next to me. They let their hands wander over me, but never touching my cock. My precum was running out of me. It left a small pool on my stomach. Both of them used their fingers to rub it around. Kristina took some and fed it to Jean. Kristina sat up and said she wanted more pussy action. She moved up on top of me settling her pussy on to my face. Her juices were running out of her I happily drank them up. Not to be left out. Jean made her way down to my cock. I could feel her licking the tip. She sucked on me a few times then I could feel her moving around again. I knew that feeling! She had move on top of me and slowly slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy. She kept her speed down. I did not know how long I could keep myself from cuming.

I continued to lick and suck Kristina. Jean was doing what she always does to cum on my cock, moving just the tip of my cock in and out of her. Jean and Kristina kept riding me. I could just see Jean reach around Kristina, playing with her breast. After a few more minutes both Jean and Kristina were both crying out that they were cuming for their second time! Jean came on my cock. Her juices were spilling out, drenching my cock and balls and Kristina's juices flowed out of her pussy into my mouth!

Jean and Kristina moved off of me and without a word, both started to lick and suck my cock and balls! It did not take long for me to start cuming! Jean stroked me while Kristina took the tip of my in her mouth. I felt the pressure growing at the base of my shaft. Jean kept stroking my shaft faster and faster. Kristina let go of her lip grip on me and joined Jean in stroking my cock and balls. I'm coming! I moaned as my cock shot cum up in the air landing on my stomach and chest. Both Jean and Kristina played with me until I was totally spent.

What an evening! We all collapsed on the bed and fell asl**p in each other's arms. Dreaming about waking up together and what the new day may bring!
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Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 1

So I was supposed to go back home to California and the night before I was supposed to leave, Michael said that he had a surprise for me. I asked him what the surprise was and he said it was an Alaskan cruise to go see the glaciers. He told me I could go ahead and quit my job and stay longer and so I called my boss and told her I wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. I called my daughter Heather and she said she would keep an eye on my house and told us to have fun. I told Michael I have never been on a cruise before and asked when we were going. He said that we would leave in two days and he could still get the tickets. I told him I was excited and that night in bed, I really tore him up! When we went to bed, he ate me like never before. I turned him around so I could take his cock down my throat while he was busy sending his tongue deep into my cunt. We both got off together and his tongue was licking me dry. I swallowed every drop of his cum. Afterwards, as we lay next to each other, Michael said he had more surprises for me. I asked him what surprises and he asked if I would like to go on the cruise with another couple he introduced me to when I first got to Washington. Jim and Denise. Denise is a beautiful girl. 41 years old, about 5' 1" and long light brown hair. Jim was 42 and about 5' 10" with a gorgeous smile and deep blue eyes! He is a hottie! I asked Michael what he had in mind and he just smiled. I giggled and told him I think I knew what was on his mind and he asked what I thought it was. I told him I thought he wanted to have sex with Denise and would like me go to bed with Jim. He smiled again and didn't say anything. I asked if he wanted to fuck Denise if I fucked Jim. He asked what I thought about it. I confessed that I thought Jim was cute and I wouldn't mind seeing what he was like in bed. The night I met them both, I was sort of checking Jim out and thought he was really cute and I would not mind fucking him at all. When Michael chuckled, I asked him what that was all about. He said there was more.

He said that the night we had several of Michaels friends over, he overheard Jim telling another guy he wouldn't mind getting me in bed. Michael said that him and Jim talked about it and that he admitted he would like to fuck me and Jim had talked with Denise about going to bed with Michael too. They had swapped once a few years earlier and wanted to do something again to spice their marriage up. I told Michael if he was okay with it, I would not mind. And then he hit me with yet another surprise! He asked me if I would like to have sex with Jim a few times during the cruise and not take any birth control. I asked him if he wanted me to tell Jim I wasn't taking anything and Michael said that he was asking if I wanted to fuck him and let him cum inside of me and really not use anything. I was sort of stunned. I asked him if Denise was going without birth control also and he said that Jim was talking to her about it and they made a $500.00 bet on who would really go through with it. Wow, this was something to think about. I still have my periods and so I can get pregnant. I asked Michael if he really wanted me to and he said he thought it could be exciting knowing I was having sex with a guy unprotected. I asked Michael what he would think if I ended up getting pregnant by Jim. He smiled and said that we would just have to fix up a bedroom for the baby. I told him I would be a little scared about it but if he wanted me to, I would do it. When he said it could be fun, I got up and grabbed my birth control pills and pulled the top off. I asked Michael if he was absolutely sure and if he was, I would stop taking them right now and when he said yes, I dropped all of my pills in the toilet and flushed them and told him there was no changing it now. We talked about it for several hours. Michael said that Jim had been talking about it with Denise and from what Jim said, Denise was up for it too.

We woke up the next morning and started packing. Michael said we should bring swimming suits and the ship has pools and hot tubs we could go to. We went to the mall and Michael helped me pick out a real skimpy bikini. He joked on the way home that once Jim sees me wearing it, I would not have it on very long! When we got home, I told Michael I knew how I could make sure that Jim liked what I would be wearing and I told him I could cut the liners out of my bikini so when it got wet, it would just be wet material clinging to my cunt. I cut the liner from the bikini bottoms and cut the padding from the top and tried it on. Michael smiled and asked me to get it wet and see what it looked like. I hopped in the shower and got wet and stepped back out to show Michael. My nipples stuck out and the bottoms clung to me and you could see the entire outline of my cunt. I asked if it was too revealing and Michael said that if I really wanted to make sure Jim took me to bed after seeing it, he thought it would be just right. I made sure to pack another bikini just in case.

The next day, we picked up Jim and Denise and drove to Seattle. We all talked for a little bit and I fell asl**p and slept most of the way to Seattle. We got to the ship and was checked in and shown to our room. It was beautiful! People were waiting on all of us hand and foot. After we got settled, all of us met in the hall way and went to the upper deck as the boat left the port. The guys went to go get us a drink while we started sailing out. Denise started telling me how lucky I was to have a guy like Michael. Then she said that her and Jim and had talked about all of us and Jim had asked her if she would like to have sex with Michael. She asked me if I knew anything about it because she would never do anything behind a girls back with her man. I told her that Michael and I talked about it too and that he asked if I wanted to have some fun with Jim. Denise smiled and said she was glad that I knew and she was nervous about bringing it up to me. She told me that she heard Michael was a great lover in bed and I told her that he really was. She said her and Jim had sex with another couple one time on vacation a few years earlier and they were trying to spice up their marriage by doing it again. I told her that way back I was having sex with Michael when he was married to my best friend and we always had fun. Denise said she was relieved that I was comfortable about all of it and I told her that she should have fun with Michael. She told me that I should have fun with Jim. She started telling me that I should know that Jim does not like to use condoms and said that he always told her he can't feel anything with them. Maybe I should have told her I prefer to feel a guy cum inside of me without condoms anyway, but I told her thanks for telling me. I wondered if she knew Michael asked me not to use anything while I was fucking Jim?

When the guys came back, I was whispering to Michael about what Denise and I were talking about. He had a big smile on his face. He told me that Jim mentioned that he Denise said she was a little jealous of me and had caught Jim staring at me several times before we even left Spokane. I hugged Michael and whispered that I would give him something to stare at later. I also caught Michael staring at Denises ass. She does have a cute ass and I am sure she had many guys on the ship looking at it. She was wearing some very revealing shorts. I hadn't changed yet and was wearing some tight jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I was still getting used to this weather and it was cold for me coming from Southern California. I will just have to get into something to show later even if it is cold. After we left the port, everyone started wandering all over the ship and we just stood around watching the water and we headed out. Later, we went to change for dinner. Before we left our rooms, we received a call and had been invited to eat at the captains table. This was my first cruise and from what I know, it is a real honor to be chosen to sit at the captains table. He was a nice guy and had a really deep accent but I don't know where he was from. After dinner, we went to the casino. I won $200.00 too. Although Michael said that I spent $300.00 to get it so I guess I lost $100.00 winning! After that, the guys were going to head off to the lounge and Denise and I were going to go shopping and we were going to meet them when we were done.

Denise told me that Michael paid for their trip. She said that Jim had lost his job and was sort of down and it was taking a toll on both of them. She said that Michael wanted them to have fun and just get away. She said that when they went on vacation a few years earlier, they went to Florida and met a couple there and she ended up getting d***k that night and went to bed with the guy. She said she thought Jim would ask for a divorce but he wanted to hear about it and after they talked it over, they met them the next night and they went to the hotel room and all four of them fucked all night long. She said they only did it that one time, but every now and then, they would mention trying it again to keep their sex live hot. I told her all about how I met Michael when he was married to my best friend and started having sex with him. I got the extra point when I told her that I got pregnant and Michael and I had a baby together.

We got on the subject of her and I not using any birth control during the cruise and she admitted she was really nervous about it and asked how I felt. I wanted to tell her that I really wanted to fuck her husbands brains out and feel him cum deep inside of me knowing I wasn’t on birth control, but instead, I acted like I was nervous about it too. She said the boys made a bet on which one of us would chicken out. I told her we should show them and neither of us should chicken out. She smiled and asked if I would mind her fucking Michael bareback and I told her I couldn’t mind if I was fucking her husband the same way. I told her if she wanted to have some fun, we could go back and tell the guys that we both started our periods. I would like to see their faces if they thought we started our periods on a 7 day cruise! She said that wouldn’t work because Jim knew she stopped about a week ago.

Then she started telling me what I can expect with Jim and I was telling her about Michael in bed. From what Denise was saying, she was excited about getting Michael in bed and the way she described Jim, I was in for getting a huge cock. Denise said that Jim is really big and they don’t have sex too often because it hurts. Now, I am really looking forward to getting this guy in bed! While shopping, I found some lovers oils and I bought some for Denise and I. What I really bought it for was to make sure if Jim did have a huge cock, I could get him in me, but I told Denise that Michael likes to use oils in bed and she should try it. Just about then, the guys come in and said they had been waiting for us, but we were so busy shopping and list track of time. So we went to watch a comedy show and afterwards, we decided to go to the hot tubs and went to our rooms to get our bathing suits on. I put mine on, the one with no liner that would be showing Jim just what he would be getting with me.

We met in the hall and Denise had this bikini on that barely covered her boobs. I seen Michael was really looking her over! As we got to the hot tubs, Michael ordered champagne for us and we got in the water. As the champagne arrived, I stepped out to get a glass and my bikini clung so tight against my cunt. Michael and Jim were sitting on the edge and I turned to face them and we started talking. Denise came over and whispered that Jim was staring at my bikini bottoms. I already knew that but acted like I had not noticed. When I sat next to Michael, Jim was on the other side of me and Denise sat next to him. When Denise leaned over to refill her glass, Jim leaned over and whispered to me that he liked my bikini. I glanced down and told him I liked his bulge. He turned red and I could see him adjusted his cock in his shorts. After a few minutes, we grabbed our champagne and went to the pool. As soon as Denise got in the water, Michael slid on and walked over to her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Denise was getting closer and closer to him. So I scooted closer to Jim.

Jim asked if I was nervous about what him and Michael had been talking about. I told him I really wasn’t and he said he was talking about all of us having sex with no protection. I looked him in the eyes and said that I was up for it as long as he didn’t mind. He glanced down and I seen his cock was hard in his shorts and he said it was obvious what his answer was. I told him that when we all decided to go in, we would have to do something to take care of his growing problem. I could see Michael and Denise were flirting in the pool, but with so many people all over, we had to put on the act that we were only friends and nothing more. Denise and Michael waded over to us and Denise said that she didn’t know about us, but she was ready to go up to the room. I couldn’t wait to get Jims cock out of his shorts but gave the act that I guess I was ready too.
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Cruise Adventure Formerly Teluctant Lesbians 1 to

Chapter 1
Despite our differences, Louise and I liked to take vacations together. She is a tall, redhead with a great figure. She dresses in such a feminine manner that you wouldn't guess that she was gay. I on the other hand am a petite gym rat who likes to wear jeans or sweats. Not only am I straight, but I never harboured any attraction to other women. I guess that Louise and I got along so well because neither of us posed any threat to each other.
While on a Caribbean cruise, we spent some time with an attractive, married couple, named Paul and Sheila. One night, after a few drinks, we let them in on the fact that we had gotten the special married couples rate on the cruise by using a false marriage certificate that we were a gay married couple.
The next evening, Paul insisted on that he needed to speak to Louise privately so they went back to our stateroom and Sheila, knowing that I was a connoisseur of fine brandies, invited me to their stateroom for a night cap. I do not know exactly what happened back in our stateroom but what occurred between Louise and myself changed my life forever.
As we were sipping our first brandy, Louise told me that unless I did everything she wanted that night, she and Paul would tell the captain about our fraud and we would be put off the ship at the next port of call. She then told me to get undressed. I told her that Louise was the lesbian, not me and that she had better not touch me. She said, "I know you are straight. If it was you who was the lesbian, you would be in your own stateroom getting fucked in the ass by Paul."
I undressed slowly, pleading the whole time, "Please don't do this to me." She praised me for taking so long to undress which heightened her anticipation. As soon as I was undressed, she came over and kissed me. I was disgusted and tried hard not to let her open my lips with her tongue. She slapped my face and said "Loosen up or you will be sorry." Her tongue tasted of brandy and after I got used to the sensation, it wasn't half bad. But then she started to fondle my left breast. "Don't touch that, it's mine." I shouted. All I got was another slap but this time on my breast and another warning. She fondled and squeezed my left breast and sucked hard on the nipple. I was shocked by my reaction as I felt it tingle and get hard in her mouth. How could I let this slut get me aroused? She continued to work only on the left breast for what seemed like forever but was really only several minutes completely ignoring the right one. She continued to squeeze and suck and the breast reddened where she had slapped it and the nipple was standing at attention. I was tingling and panting for breath. "Aren't you going to do some of this to the other one?" I asked meekly. She stopped sucking long enough to reply nastily, I like this one. It is red and hot and the nipple is hard like a stone. I used to think the other one was nice too but it doesn't hold a candle to this one." Then she resumed licking and sucking on my now raw nipple. Then one hand started to slide down my stomach past my navel and headed for my crotch which was already tingling.
"Don't you think that this has gone far enough?" I asked hoping that she had had enough sport with me. "We're just getting started, Girly!" was her response as her fingers brushed my clit. I nearly fell over with the shock. She led me to the bed and pushed me down on my back, her mouth never leaving my nipple and one hand still in my crotch. After pinching my clit and rolling it between two fingers for a while, a muffled moaning replaced my panting. I was so ashamed because it felt so wonderful. Then she said, "I have to stop sucking your beautiful nipple for a while. My mouth is needed somewhere else. You have to keep it stimulated. Lean forward and take it in your mouth and use your hands to caress your breast and don't let me catch you touching the other one!"
Imagine how I felt when she started sucking my clit. My boyfriends had licked and sucked me there but never like this. It was hard to moan with my nipple in my mouth but I was making sounds I had never made before. Then she put a finger in my slit. As she rubbed the front of my vagina, my hips started moving of their own accord. "Hold still or I will stop!" she said. "I can't, but I will try." I managed to say without releasing my nipple. After a few minutes of fingering (she now had two fingers inside me) I my pelvis started bucking again and she did stop. "I can't have you cumming just yet" she said angrily, "Stop sucking your nipple and lie face down." "What are you going to do to me? I asked. "I am going to lick your ass hole." was her reply. "That's disgusting! How can you even think of doing something filthy like that?" I cried. She pushed me over and started slapping my behind. She gave me ten hard spanks on the right side. She said that she liked to see bright red and didn't want to waste slaps by doing both sides. "Hold your ass cheeks open so I can get in there." As I did as I was told, she started licking. Up till that point, the only thing that had ever touched my ass hole was toilet paper. I had always considered it too disgusting to touch and here she was running her tongue back and forth over it. My ass jerked and I squealed with pleasure. "Oh my g_d, please don't stop!" was all I could say. Then I felt the tip of her tongue enter inside. I had a spasm which might have been a mini orgasm but I didn't let on as I didn't want her to stop.
After a minute, she withdrew her tongue and put some greasy substance on the pinkie finger of her left hand. "What is that for?" I asked. This finger is going in." she replied. "Oh no! My ass is a one was street. Shit comes out and nothing goes in!" After ten more spanks on my already sore right ass cheek, I was ready to receive her greasy digit. Little did I know that she had greased her middle finger and thumb as well. As she slid in her smallest finger she said, “Wow! Your ass is tight. I guess I am boldly going where no one has gone before. We'll have to loosen it up." As her tiny finger slid in, it felt uncomfortable at first but as I got used to it felt very sexy. As she moved it in and out, I reluctantly told her that I liked it. Then she withdrew her finger. I started to cry. "Where are you going? I really like it. Please put it back in." I said tearfully. She answered, “I had to take it out so I could put in a larger one.” Then she put in her long, slender middle finger. After a minute of this, I was panting and squealing my pleasure. She then used her short, fat thumb which spread me wider still.
"Turn back over. I want to inspect your left breast." she said. Reluctantly, I obeyed. The nipple had lost some of the hardness but the breast was still red. "We'll have to fix that." she said. "Please do the other one." I pleaded. "Haven't I been good?" She wiped her greasy hand and did as I asked while I sucked on the left one. My poor neglected right breast and nipple were aroused instantly. It felt great but I hoped that she wouldn’t take long before she return her attention back lower down and would at last bring me to a complete and final orgasm.
Although my ass was still greasy, she greased two fingers of her left hand. I had never had two fingers before and I was nervous. My pussy was so wet that her right hand needed no lubricant. She then attacked both holes with her fingers and my clit with her mouth. I told her that I was going to cum but she warned, “Don’t cum without permission!” The sounds from my mouth were squealing and moaning and lots of pleading. I didn't know how long I could hold back the orgasm which had been building for so long. Finally she gave permission and I had an erupting orgasm which lasted several minutes. I had never had an experience even close to this. My body was racked with pleasure as I bucked and spasmed.
I calmed down after a minute or two and was basking in the afterglow, so happy and completely satisfied. I was surprised to find that her fingers and mouth had not left their stations. "It's time to stop. It's my turn to please you. You haven’t cum and I have had my orgasm. I couldn’t possibly cum twice anyway - especially like that!" I told her. "You silly girl!" she retorted. "Don't you know that the second orgasm is always better than the first?"
She proceeded to resume stroking several fingers in and out of my ass and pussy, at first alternating between the two openings and than pushing everything in together as she still sucked and licked my clit. In no time, I was near the top of the roller coaster, ready to plunge into another organism. My climax was even wilder, slower and much louder than the first one. Every time I think back on it, I can hear my ecstatic screams and my pussy gets wet.

Chapter 2
I was exhausted but I was so thankful that Sheila had given me such a thrilling experience; I wanted to pleasure her as well. She said that every time I had orgasmed, her arousal level had soared. When I suggested that I could satisfy her sexual hunger, she said that the longer she stayed unsatisfied and the more she would stimulate me, the better her satisfaction would eventually be. I felt that there was no way that I had the stamina or the desire to continue being stimulated. She suggested we relax and chat for a while and maybe even sip some more brandy. As we sat together with her arms around me as I wallowed in the afterglow of sexual pleasure, my mind started to wander until I thought of poor Louise in the clutches of Paul, Sheila’s handsome, muscular husband.
In our conversations about sex, Sheila had told me that she thought there were two kinds of lesbians, those who got off on sexual activity, both giving pleasure and taking pleasure from their partner no matter the gender, and those who only liked women. I distinctly remember how Louise said that she disliked anything shaped like a penis including toys and vibrators when used by her partners. She probably wished that she had a penis herself as she once showed me the strap-on she said that she wore to please her lovers. How was she going to cope with Paul’s advances? Later, Louise told me about it.
When she and Paul got back to our stateroom, they were both a little tipsy from the wine at supper. Paul approached her with the same threat about our fraud. Her answer was that she knew that we were doomed as I would never submit to sex with another woman. He might as well tell the captain before Louise did. She then proceeded to begin packing her suit case as though getting ready to disembark in the morning. She had called his bluff perfectly. He told her she could stop packing as he and Louise would not rat us out and that they both just wanted to have a little fun with us. “At our expense!” Louise retorted angrily. Paul replied, “I cannot go back to our stateroom in case Sheila was having more success than I did. And besides, I cannot admit that I confessed everything to you. We had a bet and Sheila would know that she had won and I had lost. Can we sit close, have a drink and maybe even snuggle? We have a whole night to kill.”
Then, Paul stood behind her with his arms around her and held her against him. He caressed her ear first with his nose and then his tongue and she didn’t seem to mind. In fact she said that she felt warm and not threatened. He slowly started to caress her with his hands – first on her arms, then on her midsection and then he moved up to her pert breasts. “This isn’t going to work. It is true that the thought of Rosalind and Sheila possibly making it has got me a little aroused but I could never make it with you.”
“You are really missing something!” said Paul. “I am really good at pleasing a woman.” Louise replied, “So am I. I bet that I am better at it than you are.” Paul was quick to reply, “You are on! Why don’t we go to one of the bars on the ship and pick up a girl and we can share her.” Paul realized that they wouldn’t be able to find someone as beautiful and sexy as Louise but they could try. He also admitted that he and Sheila had never shared a woman and that he was anxious to try it. They agreed that someone on the straight side of the “lesbian – straight continuum” would be better or they might face the same problem as between Louise and Paul had. Also, Louise confidently decided to give Paul a reasonable chance of winning.
They entered the singles’ bar together and sized up the candidates. Using her gaydar, Louise was able to limit the field to a few straight women. They approached Shirley, a pert, young, athletic looking brunette in tight jeans and a loose sweater. As they talked to her, they could see that she was interested in Paul but not in Louise. Pretending to see someone she knew, Louise parted company with them and went back to our stateroom to wait. She left the door ajar as Paul did not have a key. She made sure that her strap-on was clean and sterile and had a comfortable blindfold ready on the night table. She decided remove all makeup and to shower to erase any traces of perfume and hair spray so Shirley would have difficulty telling her from Paul by smell. She was glad that Paul did not wear cologne or after shave.
Back in the bar, Paul and Shirley were chatting up. Shirley was not looking for a long term relationship but wanted to have a good time on the cruise. She was sexually active and interested in trying new things but wouldn’t specify what she was willing to try. At Paul’s suggestion, they finished their drinks and went back to “his” stateroom for a night cap. When they arrived at our stateroom, they were surprised that the door was ajar. Paul made a point of making noise so Louise would stay hidden.
Paul and Shirley were sitting together and sipping cognac. They started to smooch and caress each other. Clearly, Shirley was amenable to making love. Paul asked, “Have you ever made love blindfolded? It really increases your sensitivity to touch.” Shirley responded that she hadn’t and Louise almost gave herself away as she laughed quietly from the closet. “Maybe this would the something new I was interested in trying.” Shirley remarked. She put the blindfold on and sat back down on the bed. Paul sat beside and slightly behind her so he could nibble on her ear and caress her waist over the sweater. Then he reached under the sweater and caresses her bra clad breasts. Shirley gasped with pleasure and kissed his cheek. Within moments, the sweater was off and so was the silky bra that Shirley had worn. Then Paul reached around and started rolling her nipples between the balls of his thumbs and forefingers. Shirley was mewling and breathing heavily at his caresses.
As Shirley lay back on the bed, Paul moved to her left side and as he fondled and kneaded her left breast. He kissed, licked and sucked at her left nipple. Shirley gasped as he did this for exactly two minutes. Then he got up and Louise moved to her right side and did the same to her other breast and nipple for exactly two minutes. After three rotations, both nipples were standing at attention and Shirley was squirming involuntarily because of her arousal. As Louise ended her third two minute session, Paul asked Shirley which breast felt better. “It’s hard to tell but I think the right one. Please don’t stop – it feels so good.” was her reply. Then they both caressed her and sucked on her nipples at the same time. “How are you doing that?” Shirley gasped out as she tore off the blindfold to see Louise devouring on her right nipple.
“You lured me into this like a couple of spiders spinning a web. I hate you both! Don’t stop! You robbed me of my right to choose if and when I wanted to experiment either with a lesbian or with group sex. I said don’t stop! If it didn’t feel so good, I would run out of here straight to the captain and report you.”
Louise released Shirley’s nipple being careful to use her finger tips to keep up the stimulation and admitted, I don’t know about Paul but I have never done anything like this before. All of my sexual partners have always been consenting adults. I am truly sorry and if you want me to leave you alone, I will understand. I would leave but this is Rosalind’s and my stateroom so, whether alone or with you, I am staying here.” Her mouth returned to Shirley’s rock hard, red nipple and her hands returned to caress the rest of her breast. Then Paul spoke up, “I have coerced women before and tonight, Louise was my first failure.” Then, Shirley interrupted. “Could you please switch sides please? I like Louise’s technique much better. It is probably because she has breasts (and nice ones) and knows how it feels.”
As the predator pair switched sides, Louise chortled, “I won! I won!” Paul retorted, “You haven’t won yet. This was just the first event.” They then explained how the hoax was prompted by each of their contentions that they could satisfy women better. Then, as Louise paid attention to both of Shirley’s breasts, Paul disconsolately laid out the ground rules. Phase one should have been kissing. They had skipped that but they could get back to it. The third phase would be clitoral stimulation with fingers and tongues. Shirley would be the sole judge. She would replace the blindfold and try to be impartial. As they probably had all night as Rosalind was occupied elsewhere, they would be able to take their time. If when they finished the competition they wanted intercourse, it would be strictly voluntary.
By now Shirley was completely compliant. Louise released her breasts and explained that although going slow and taking cool down breaks may seem frustrating, it makes what comes after so much more intense. Paul also explained that neither he nor Louise would be getting stimulated that much physically (and he guessed that Louise agreed) but that Shirley’s reaction to their stimulation would give him a much bigger high than any ejaculation he had ever had.
Then the kissing started. Each one would kiss Shirley for two minutes with a two minute break in between. Then this was repeated a second time. As hugging body against body was allowed, the blindfold did not make the contestants identities secret. When it was over, Shirley announced that Paul’s tongue was larger and filled her mouth up. Also, her already sensitive breasts pressed against his hard chest were better than the unfamiliar feeling against the softness of Louise’s breasts. It brought back memories of kissing her mother. She felt that this was a tug of war and that she was the rope they were pulling on.
Now the score was tied. The rules for the pussy stimulation were similar – two minutes action with five minutes rest time. At the end of a session, if Shirley was so close to orgasm that the other contestant had a slam dunk orgasm, the previous contestant could call for a ten minute rest period but only once during the match. During the rest period, Shirley was allowed to caress Louise and Paul’s privates but they could touch nothing in return.
Paul went first. Shirley lay on her back with her legs apart and Paul‘s long body was d****d half on, half off the bed with his face over Shirley’s pussy. A little flick of the tongue made Shirley squirm and moan. It had been twenty minutes since Louise had stopped stimulating her tits and the anticipation was almost unbearable. Buoyed by his initial success, Paul continued to tease with flicks and darts of the tongue around but never on Shirley’s clit. Shirley started to whimper in expectation of the touches that had been withheld for far too long. “Lick it! Lick it! Lick it!” she cried and Paul knew she was ready for it. He then lashed out at her clit with his tongue and gave it a slow hard lick. Shirley’s whole body spasmed as she screamed words of encouragement. As soon as Shirley’s ass returned to the mattress, Paul wet his index finger and slid it deep in Shirley’s already dripping pussy. Had Paul not raised his arm with Shirley’s movement, he could have broken his finger as her whole bottom jerked up off the mattress again. The two minutes was almost up but Paul could see that Shirley was about to come. He pushed in his finger and sucked on her clit and Shirley screamed out her first orgasm. As soon as Shirley had recovered enough to talk, she said, “I don’t know which one of you did that but it was incredible!”
Louise knew that she was in danger of losing this round and her bet. This called for desperate measures. During the rest time, Shirley stroked Paul’s cock with one hand and played with Louise’s nipples with the other. “This is the first time I have ever touched nipples that were not mine.” She joked. Clearly, Shirley’s lust had been satisfied and she acted as cool as a cucumber but what Louise needed was hot salsa, not salad.
When the match resumed, Shirley was again on her back and Louise was on her stomach with her head above the target. She bent Shirley’s legs at right angles and propped her knees up with her shoulders and had her calves lying down her back. With a finger and thumb of each hand, Louise pulled Shirley’s labia up to trap her clit in between and rubbed the labia together squeezing and rolling the clitoris roughly. Louise was rewarded with a squeal of surprise from Shirley. She then lapped the tip of the clit that was sticking out with her tongue. From this position, Shirley could squirm but her ass stayed touching the mattress so Louise did not have to work with a moving target. “I can’t believe that I can get so hot so soon after an orgasm” panted Shirley. Paul was watching with interest and was breathing heavily. Louise knew that time was running out and that all she could do was score points and try for an orgasm on her next session. She released the labia as they had done their job and continued sucking Shirley’s clitoris. She stretched her arms up Shirley’s torso and tried to restore some life into Shirley’s dormant nipples. They were revitalized instantly and again Louise was awarded with twitching and moaning from Shirley. As time ran out, Louise signalled a ten minute break to Paul. She didn’t want her hard work to give him a second cumming.
During this time out, Shirley once again had Paul’s penis in hand but Shirley turned on her side so she could suck on Louise’s nipples and fondle her pussy at the same time. After about four minutes, Shirley enthusiastically announced, “The Zambony has cleaned the ice and it is time to play more hockey.” Paul and Louise told her that there was still six minutes in the cool down because she was too hot. Shirley took advantage of the time to roll over on the other side and take Paul’s cock into her mouth while she continued to reach behind her and stroke Louise’s moist pussy.
Paul realized that on his next turn, he had to do something different but he was running out of ideas. He had Shirley on her knees with her head on the pillow. As he knelt behind her, he started to lick her pussy. He slid upward and tried to lick her ass but Shirley stiffened and said, “Get away from there!” Under normal circumstances, Paul figured that he could probably gain entry there, at least with the tip of his tongue if not his fingers and penis, but how much can you do in two minutes? He went back to licking the lips of her pussy and rolled her clit between the finger and thumb of one hand. With thirty seconds to go, he slid the tip of his big tongue inside her pussy and heard her moan. For the rest of the time, he tried sliding his tongue in and out of her tight slit going a millimetre deeper with each thrust. As the time was up, he could see that Shirley was heating up nicely so he also signalled for a ten minute rest. Besides, he wanted Shirley to suck his cock for ten minutes rather than just five.
Shirley did not let on who she thought was winning as she did not want to ruin her last cunt stimulation session. During the rest break, she wanted to taste her first pussy and told them so, much to Paul’s disappointment. Louise said okay but not too long as she did not want to cum just yet. After three minutes of being tongued by Shirley, Louise hollered uncle and Shirley turned her attention to Paul. However, Paul also did not want to cum just yet either so after four more minutes, he stopped her for being too good at the job. “Have you ever sucked nipples?” Louise asked Shirley and when she shook her head, Louise added, “See if you can make these stand at attention the way I did yours.” That was how they passed the rest of the break.
Louise had an easy time finishing off Shirley’s orgasm in her allotted two minutes. Assuming the same position as before, she was able to slide her little tongue deep inside Shirley’s pussy and wrench out a wild organism while her hands were free to continue to work on Shirley’s breasts. The points were awarded to Louise. She had won the competition two to one. Shirley needed a rest after two orgasms but she definitely wanted to fuck Paul and suck Louise to return the favour. “What were the prizes for winning” asked Shirley. If Paul had won, he would get to spend a night with my straight friend Rosalind but instead, I get a night with Paul’s bi-sexual wife Sheila. At this point, both Paul and Louise were wondering about if Sheila had been able to seduce Rosalind. Louise was so sure of Rosalind that she bet Paul double or nothing that Sheila had failed in her quest.
At that very moment, Rosalind and Sheila were getting ready to resume their sex play.
End of Chapter Two
Chapter 3
As Sheila and I were cuddling together and sipping more brandy, the topic of conversation suddenly turned to discussion of what had happened between us. I could not understand how Sheila’s arousal was still percolating inside her body and that she was not demanding instant gratification but was patiently waiting for round two. Sheila turned the conversation to all of my new experiences and Sheila asked which things were most surprising and which I would want to do again. I replied that I couldn’t believe that my ass was so sensitive and that ass play was so arousing and that when her tongue first caressed my nether hole, I almost jumped out of my skin. I told her that I couldn’t wait until she would do it again.
Instead, Sheila said that we both were sweaty and suggested that we shower together. As we were soaping each other’s breasts, I complained that my left breast and nipple were still sensitive and so Sheila gave it minimal attention. Gradually our touches became more and more intimate. I soaped Sheila’s pubic area and rinsed her. Then she insisted that the only way to make sure that the soap was gone was to taste it with my tongue. Sheila gasped and squirmed at the touch of my invading tongue. “Stop that! I don’t want to cum in the shower. Now bend over and touch your toes with your ass under the spray.”
I asked, “What are you going to do? Spank me?” Sheila replied, “I hadn’t thought of that, would you like me to?” When I declined, Sheila continued, “When I fingered your ass, I used Abalone as a lube. It is really a hand cleanser, very slippery, hygienically safe but terrible tasting. I wouldn’t tongue you again without washing it away.” As Sheila held my nether hole open to the spray, she penetrated with a finger. The sensation was very different from the last time that her fingers had been there because there was friction and when I complained, Sheila was satisfied that the area was clean. She then gave me a sharp slap with an open hand on my wet, right ass cheek and I screamed more from shock than pain. Sheila remarked that a lovely red hand print had appeared on the spot. I had to remark, “Try that again and I am out of here!” but Sheila reassured her that she wasn’t into that kind of thing but couldn’t resist trying it just to see it once.
After we towelled off, Sheila had me kneel on all fours on the bed. She had to admire the red spot on my ass but she caressed it to ease the pain. As she was caressing both of my ass cheeks, I started to purr. Then she stuck out her tongue and lapped at the opening. I gasped and squirmed and offered words of encouragement. After a short time, I begged Sheila to stop as I wanted to prolong my arousal like she did. Then I asked Sheila if I could try doing the same to her. As Sheila knelt on all fours, I tongued her ass until Sheila begged off for the same reason. Then she heard a loud slap as pain shot from her right ass cheek as I gave her ass a hard slap. As the lovely red hand print appeared on her ass cheek, she apologized to me for the first slap and decided to try not to do that to an unsuspecting partner ever again.
We knelt on the bed, kissing and fondling, neither of us wanting to sit on our sore spots. Sheila asked me if I had ever seen a strap on. I replied that Louise had shown me hers once. “I bet you’ve never seen one like this one!” she remarked as she pulled out a strange contraption. As she held the harness, it had three penis shaped attachments, one going backwards curved upward and a large one and a narrower one pointing forward. “The curved one is for me. When it is inside me, I get a charge while it really gives me control over the other two. The other two are for you. Notice how they are on a disk which can lock into place with the big one on top for missionary and the smaller one on top for doggy position. My next one will have four positions for when my partner is lying on her side.” I gasped when I saw how big they were. Those could never go inside me. My fear took all of the arousal right out of me. “Stop right there! Those things will damage me for life.” I stated quite f***efully. Sheila apologized for scaring me and assured me that with the proper preparation, her devices would give me the biggest and best time I had ever had. She also promised that I would be in control and vowed to stop whenever I wanted. Under those circumstances, I couldn’t refuse. She kissed and caressed me in all of the best places, being careful of my sore left breast. She then gave my clitoris and ass hole a tongue lashing. I was moaning and twitching uncontrollably from her touches. My pussy was dripping with lubricating juices. She dipped her right hand in Abalone and started inserting fingers into my ass, first one, then two and finally three fingers while her left hand did the same with my pussy. When she thought I was ready, she put the curved dildo into her pussy and attached the straps around her thighs and waist. She applied more lube on both exposed dildos and said she was ready.
As I lay on my back, I felt the big cock enter my willing pussy while the smaller one was knocking at the door to my ass. Expertly, she guided it past the opening while I felt the other one begin to fill up my pussy. When she asked if I wanted to stop, I shook my head but reminded her to go slowly. She pulled back a little and pushed forward again. “Stop!” I said. She asked me if I wanted her to pull out. “No! Just leave it right there. It feels wonderful. I have never been so full.” was my reply. After a moment, I asked for a little more and Sheila obliged me again. “How is that? Do you want me to quit?” she teased. “Don’t you dare! I am so hot that I am ready to cum.” On those words, she pulled the cocks out of my throbbing holes.
I shrieked, “Why did you do that? I need them. I need them.” Then she made me get on my hands and knees as she rotated her cocks into the other position. She positioned the tips just inside my openings and using her hands around my thighs for leverage, she slowly advanced her cocks into my openings, penetrating deeper than before. “Is that okay or do you want me to quit?” she teased me again. As I gasped out a grunt, my ass was twitching. She slapped my ass with both hands at the same time. “Don’t move or I will pack up my toys.” I held as still as I could and concentrated on the stinging in my ass cheeks. She placed both hands on the sore spots and pushed making the cocks retract until only the heads remained inside the openings. “Push them back in” I pleaded but she responded, “All in good time.” She then started massaging my stinging ass to ease the pain. After what seemed like forever, she moved to my thighs which were tight from my kneeling position. She proceeded to massage my lower back then my shoulders and then my supporting arms – all the while with the heads of the cocks poised to re-enter my body. Then she grabbed my breasts and squeezed. I gasped in pain as she pulled on my breasts and used them for leverage to thrust her cocks into my waiting holes. It had been worth the wait. I almost came on the spot.
Again, she held them deep inside me as I cried, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Alas, she held still for a moment and then she pushed on my ass again to release them back to the ready position. You have no idea when I am going to thrust them in again, do you?” she taunted. “Make it soon, please make it soon.” I begged. Then she repeated her systematic massage. “Pull on my aching breasts. Please go back in.” I begged. This time she pinched only the nipples. It hurt like hell but it was worth it. When she was almost all the way in, she grabbed my shoulders and pulled hard and fast. When her hips hit my ass, they bounced back and she pulled again. As we bounced back and forth over and over, I screamed out my orgasm but I also heard another voice screaming. Then I remembered the third cock and realized that she was having her first orgasm of the night.
As we settled down to sl**p for the night, we wondered what was happening to Paul and Louise. Of course, we knew nothing about Shirley.

... Continue»
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Hot Cruise

Last summer, I went on a cruise to Mexico. I was with some friends during that trip and had no intention of picking up anyone for sex. The second night of the cruise, I was approached by a young waiter who worked on the ship. At first I thought Joseph was simply asking me if I wanted a drink, which I didn't understand because I had one in my hand. He introduced himeslf and asked what part of the ship I was staying on...I thought this was an odd question but I told him anyway. He was smiling at me in a flirty way...I have been hit on by guys before (I'm mainly straight but I have in the past gone to bed with a couple of other guys) he kept saying maybe we can see each other again before this is over in his cute spanish accent. After making more small talk he gave me his name and asked If I wanted to join him the next afternoon for a drink...He was pretty sexy, about five, six, slim, hispanic and 21 years old. I told him I'd meet him at one of the ship's bars if I had no other plans. The next day came, my friends were ashore at some shitty little mexican town so I decided to meet Jospeh for that drink. He was in the bar when I arrived, we sat there with our drinks laughing and making small talk...He told me I was very handsome, I told him I thought he was cute as well, he leaned over and kissed that second I was in, if he wanted me he could have me. We made out in the corner of the bar for a few minutes before he whispered in my ear that he wanted me badly. I asked him if he had his own cabin (I was sharing one with two of my friends and there was no way I was going to have them walk in on us) He said he did...we walked to the lower deck where the help stayed, he led me to his very small stateroom by the hand. The second the door closed we were all over each other, kissing and moving our hands over each other's asses and bulding crotches. We quickly got undressed..Joseph was very impressive, he had a very nice 7-inch cut cock that was standing straight up, just like mine, we dove into his small bed and made out, rubbing our cocks together before he kissed his way down to my crotch. He started by licking the base of my balls, then moved his skillful tongue up the shaft of my cock to the head where he licked and teased before taking all of it in his mouth, he bobbed and sucked on me until I was almost readyy to cum, I wanted to return the favor, I pulled his head up and kissed him passionately...I kissed my way down to his cock and immediately took him in my mouth, sucking and playing with his balls...He moaned with pleasure and started speaking in spanish while I worked his cock and balls with my mouth. He then yelled out "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!" He reached over to a drawer by his bed and pulled out a condom which he helped me slip on...he then put his head face first down on the pillow and his beautiful bubble butt in the air. I buried my face in it licking his hole with a passion, lubing him up for my cock. I then got in posistion and slowly in serted my dick into his asshole...we started fucking doggy style slowly, he was moaning so loud I was sure other people on that deck could hear him but it was a huge turn on. I then flipped him over onto his back and entered him missionary...we kissed passionately as we made love, I was so ready to cum, but he whispered he wanted me to finish in his mouth...we got into a 69 and rentlessly sucking each other...I couldn't hold it any longer...I let out a huge moan and yelled "AHHHHH FUCKKKKK!! I'M CUMMING!!!!" Just as I finished yelling out he did the same and I tasted the first squirt of his cum, nice and salty, he kept cumming an an amazing volume I could hardly keep up swalling all of his sperm as it leaked out of his cock...when we were both done we cuddled for a while and laughed like lovers after sex...we took a nice shower then he had to go to his shift on the 9th deck. We never saw each other on that cruise again...I think of that encounter often.... Continue»
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Cruise Encounter (Episode 1)

My wife and I joined the cruise in Barbados for two weeks cruising around the Caribbean islands. It was nice to get away from the English winter in January, and the ship and facilities were very good.

Each morning we arrived at a new port of call, and spent the days touring an island. We are not night owls and the evening shows, casino and bars were not for us, so we just enjoyed relaxed dinners and chilled out – using the ship as a hotel.

It was a large cruise ship and was fairly full, with a mix of older people like ourselves (we are in our fifties), younger couples and singles, and a few families.

It was not until the third evening, while we were having dinner that I noticed a couple of ladies about our age seated across the restaurant. One of these ladies had caught my eye because she reminded me of a woman with whom I had an office affair some 15 years ago. The likeness was startling, could it be Carol? I had not seen her for almost 13 years and so I was not sure, and needed to find out. I took a slight detour to fetch dessert from the counter (the restaurants were self-service) which allowed me to pass by the table at which these ladies were sitting. They didn’t notice me as I passed by, but I recognised Carol as I got closer, confirmed by her voice – I vividly recalled her urging me to fuck her in my office after the rest of our colleagues had gone for the night. This was the voice I now heard as I slowly glided by their table.

The realisation that Carol was here awoke horny memories, and I completely forgot what my wife has asked me to fetch for her dessert, so had to return to our table to ask.

The rest of the meal was a bit of a blur for me, and we returned to our cabin for a nightcap followed by the traditional stroll around the deck before retiring for the night.

My wife and I have separate bedrooms at home as I am a snorer, and in any case we had ceased to have sex some years before. We had chosen a twin bedded cabin, and she took sl**ping pills and used earplugs to overcome the noise from my snoring.

Needless to say, my mind was full of sexy thoughts of Carol, and I had difficulty getting off to sl**p, so I hatched a plan for the following night.

The next day passed pleasantly at another beautiful island, and I didn’t see Carol at all (which was a relief as I was always accompanied by my wife). After dinner (I chose a different restaurant to minimise the chance of meeting Carol) we had our nightcaps, stroll, and off to bed for a relatively early night. My wife was soon sl**ping soundly, having taken her pills, and I was easily able to dress and leave the cabin without disturbing her.

I went to the purser’s office and explained that my friend (I gave Carol’s full name) had dropped an earring and I wished to return it, but couldn’t remember her cabin number. The girl on duty was most obliging, and I soon had the information I needed.

At this point I need to explain that Carol was a passionate woman who loved sex, sucked cock like I had never known before, and was up for most things in the bedroom. Carol was (and is) a good looking woman, 41 at the time of our affair, a tall redhead with a classic hourglass figure, lovely firm breasts (36B to C), long legs, and lovely smooth skin. Our affair had lasted for two years, with sexy sessions at the end of the day in the office (I was lucky to have an office at the end of a corridor, and completely private, although we did take the precaution of locking the door before engaging in some gorgeous fucking). She used to phone her husband to say she was working late, while I had her bent over my desk, her dress up around her waist, her knickers hurriedly disgarded on the floor, and my prick up her juicy snatch, her sexy bum bouncing gently against my body; I found this very erotic, and am sure Carol did too. On a few occasions we were fortunate enough to both attend meetings together in Europe, and took the opportunity to spend the night together in hotel rooms unbeknown to our colleagues.

Carol lived within walking distance of the office and a few times we had taken long lunches at her flat, and had sex in her kitchen, living room or bedroom. This was possible as her husband worked some distance away, but on one occasion he was working nearby, so Carol arranged for us to use the flat above as she was looking after this flat for her friend while she was away. We were both naked on the bed in the upstairs flat, me licking her fragrant pussy surrounded by a delicate ginger bush, while she feasted on my bursting cock. Suddenly there was a noise from downstairs, it was Carol’s husband. Carol froze, her lips around my manhood. “It’s Jim,” she whispered. “Don’t make a sound.” We lay there for a few minutes in silence, me slowly fingering her juicy slit, while she lay frozen. Eventually we heard the sound of a door closing and footsteps down the stairs. Carol relaxed, and rolled over. “Come on, we have to get back to the office.” She told me. “Not before I fuck you.” I retorted, and grabbed her bum and thrust my rampant cock into her wet pussy. The encounter had made me really horny, and I soon emptied my seed into her.

So, here I was 15 years later, with a stiff cock, and headed for Carol’s cabin…

To be continued….... Continue»
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Fucking A Mother And Son On A Cruise Liner (Part 1

I was on a cruise to the Bahamas with two of my best buddies, Fred and Shawn. We woke up in the morning had a cup of tea and headed out to the deck for a swim. The weather was fantastic. A clear blue sky and a nice warm breeze. We changed into our swimming shorts and got into the water for a swim. Fred began chatting up a middle aged hispanic woman who was also in the pool with us. She looked about 45. She was blonde, quite tall and voluptuous, she had a cute face and perky tits. I couldn't see her ass from in the water, but she looked fit. Sean and I looked on and grinned at him. I did a couple of laps and I was exhausted. As i got out of the elastic on my trunks became loose and it began to fall off exposing my bum crack. The middle aged woman laughed at me and and I could tell that she was checking me out.

I went back into my cabin had a nice warm shower, put on a pair of shorts and a tee and splashed on some cologne. The ship was set to dock for a days excursion to the Hukana Islands. I walked down to the dining area for breakfast. I picked up a plate loaded it up with some mashed potatoes, bacon, baked beans and scrambled eggs and two croissants. I was looking for Fred and Shawn. To my surprise, they were seated with the woman we saw in the pool. They gestured for me to join them.

"Eva" she said, in her velvety voice "nice to meet you". "Adam" i replied. She was gorgeous. She was from Florida. She was a doctor, a general practitioner she said. I was so turned on. I love women doctors and the fact that she was so beautiful just added to my excitement. Fred and her were taking about the cruise and she mentioned that she was staying in one of the suites in the upper part of the ship. She was telling us about how spacious it was and how the bathrooms had a hottub. She asked us to come check it out sometime.

I asked her if she was going on the Island walk today and she said she was undecided cos she had a headache and her hangover from some hard drinking last night hadn't completely gone away. I am usually quite shy and reserved but she put me at ease immediately and it was fun talking to her. I was still thinking about her checking me out in morning in the pool. She did seem to have an eye for me, as I did for her. I was determined that I was going to take this forward.

We ordered for a few cups of coffee and finished up with our breakfast. Once we were done, we walked down the corridor and Eva went into her room. She said she would take a short nap since she was giving the days excursion a miss. As we went into our room I ran into the bathroom and acted as though I had an upset stomach and was throwing up. I told the guys i wasnt up for today and that i was probably going to stay on the ship and take it easy since I probably wouldn't last the 6 hour trek. I asked them to carry on and have a good day.

Once they had left, my mind began to wander. How was I going to spend time with Eva. How was I supposed to approach her. Just as I was thinking about what I should do...the telephone in my room rang. I thought it was just a random call to ask everyone to come into the lobby before setting out for the excursion. But i answered it anyway. It was Eva. In her sultry yet velvety voice. Hey there Adam. "Your friends called.They told me you weren't feeling too well. Would you like me to come over and take a look at you?" "Oh no" I said, "i think ill be fine". But she insisted. I said that I would walk over to her room since my room was in a mess. "Sure thing" she replied.

I walked down to her suite and knocked on the door. She opened the door. She looked heavenly..she had changed to a tank top and a pair of trackpants. Her body looked amazing. Her stomach was reasonably well toned but there was just enough meat on there that her belly button looked nice and deep. She was one hot latina mama. As we walked in she asked me what the problem was and I replied that I thought it was a bout of food poisoning. She asked me to lie down and she examined my stomach. I lay on the bed and pulled up my tee..she felt my tummy and pressed it a little hard. He soft palms felt amazing against my hard stomach and I could see her nipples through her tank top as she bent down. She asked me a couple of questions and I could feel the warmth of her breath as she spoke.

She gave me a few pills and asked me to sit back and relax in her room. She said that she was going to take a quick shower. I said that was cool.

I was so horny and my dick was stiffening up. I was alone in this suite with a gorgeous woman, a doctor too. The situation was stuff of fantasy. How was I going to make it a reality? How was I going to make my first move?

She went in for the shower and I was flipping channels on the TV. She came out in a few minutes later. Stark NAKED!! I was in heaven and she was one godess. Her boobs looked firm and aroused. She had dark pink nipples, they looked fresh and perky. He pussy looked heavenly...mostly shaven with a small strip of hair on the top.

... Continue»
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Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 4

(Sorry this is taking so long to get completed. I have been so busy lately)

As I was rubbing his cock hard, I couldn’t get out of my head that in a short time, Jim and I would be fucking without birth control. I had it in my mind that I was not going to be nervous about fucking Jim, but I knew that in just a few minutes, I would be feeling his big hard cock in my hot cunt and his cock would explode inside of me… unprotected. I started wondering to myself if I should go along with the bet just like all of us had talked about or do I ask Jim to pull out? Those that know me well know that I love feeling a guy buried as deep as he can be inside of me when he explodes. The feel of hot thick cum flowing inside of me really turns me on. It is even better when it is a big cock all the way inside of my cunt when he cums. But it is better because I know I won’t get pregnant and I can enjoy feeling a guy cumming inside of me. So, do I ask Jim to pull out just before or should I let him cum inside of my ass? And then Jim said that he can’t wait to get his cock inside of me. I couldn’t wait either. His cock felt so big and hot in my hand. Jim looked me in the eyes and asked if I was really ready. The moment of truth. I told him I wanted to feel his big hard cock inside of me and that I was going to fuck him so hard and make him explode deep inside of me. There. I said it and no more thinking about it.

We started kissing and I felt Jim adjusting himself between my legs. He started rubbing his cock along the outside of my cunt and it was getting me wet and hotter. Jim stopped and propped himself up on his arms and asked me to reach the bottle of oil for him because he wanted to put some all over me and on him. I handed him the bottle of oil and he started filling his hands and was rubbing it all over my boobs and stomach and filled his hand again and started rubbing the oil all over my cunt. The more he rubbed, the hotter the oil was getting. Then he filled his hand and started rubbing it all over his cock. After he handed me the bottle and I sat it on the nightstand, he rested his body on top of mine and we could feel the heat of the oil between us as we started kissing again. The soft smell of coconut filled the room. (and I love the smell of coconut!) I felt Jim slide a little closer and the tip of his cock was poking for my cunt. After a few seconds of searching, his cock found the spot.

I felt the tip slide in the opening of my cunt and it felt so good. Even though I have had big cocks before, and an occasional fat cock, Jims cock was big and fat. As he pushed in deeper, I could feel him spreading my cunt and was becoming a very tight fit. We started kissing some more and I begin to thrust my hips up at him to letting him know I wanted even more of that hard cock. With each thrust of my hips, Jim would drive his cock into me deeper. It was maybe about another minute, (but felt like much longer) and his cock was finally getting buried to his balls into me. As his cock sank as far as it could inside of me, he just held himself there for a second or two. He pulled his head up a little and told me how tight I was and he wished this night could last forever. And feeling his big, fat, hot cock inside me, I started thinking the same way. I arched my hips up to him letting him know I wanted him to start fucking me.

Jim started slowly thrusting his cock in and out of me. It felt so hot and I was raising my hips off the bed to plaster my cunt against his cock. I wrapped my legs around him and put my hands on his ass and starting pulling him into me. It felt so good and I wanted to fuck this cock all night long! Jim was kissing my neck and telling me how tight I was and this only turned me on even more. He would pull his cock back and then thrust it into me and would grind his hips against me with his cock stuffed deep into my cunt. The more Jim did this, the more I wanted it. After several minutes of Jim ramming his cock so deep inside of me, I felt myself getting ready to cum all over him. It felt so good and I could not hold back any longer.

I told Jim I was about to cum and without saying a word, he started fucking me faster. By this time, my hands were around his lower back and just as I was starting to cum, my hands went back to his ass and I pulled as tight as I could to get every last bit of his cock inside of me. I arched my body against him and my whole body shuddered as I begin to cum. He drove his cock as deep as he could inside of me and I was shouting for Jim to fuck me hard with his big fat cock. I do hope the rooms on the ship are soundproof because I couldn’t stop. I was cumming so hard on his cock and the harder he rammed his cock into me, the more I was cumming. Jim would pull his cock back and with all of his f***e, he would ram his cock to his balls inside of me. I was trying hard to catch my breath as I was cumming and it seemed like the harder he fucked me, the harder I was cumming.

As I finished cumming, I slowed up a little, but Jim just kept ramming his cock into me. He asked if I was okay and trying to catch my breath still, I told him I was great and told him his cock feels so fucking hot inside of me. Jim asked if he was being too rough and I told him I was enjoying feeling his cock being rammed into me. (Sometimes I enjoy feeling a cock being drilled into me.) Jim kept pounding his cock so hard and so deep inside of me and I started to get the feeling I was going to start cumming all over again. I had caught my breath and started arching myself against him once again. Just about the time, I was about to start cumming again on his cock, Jim said he was going to cum. I was so into the moment and had my legs wrapped around his back and had my hands on his ass and I didn’t comprehend what he had said. Jim shouted “Here it is! I’m going to cum!” And just then, my brain picked up on what he was saying. My mind raced about what I should do or say right then.

And then he rammed his cock into me as deep as he could and I felt his cock explode with his hot cum deep inside of me. Fuck it! I shouted for Jim to fill me with his cum. He would pull his cock back and drive it in deep and each time he would bury his cock all the way into me, I felt his hot cum shoot from his cock and into my cunt. The thought that I was letting him to fill me with his hot cum and I was not taking any birth control escaped my mind. All I could think about was draining his cock and I started cumming all over his cock at the same time. The more he was exploding inside of me, the more I was cumming and it seemed like he couldn’t stop cumming. Over and over, I could feel his cock shooting his hot cum deep into me. It seemed like it took a few minutes before either of us started to slow up. And then we collapsed against each other.

Jim was breathing so heavy and I was trying to slow my breathing up and catch my breath. Jim raised his head and looked at me and said “That was fucking great!” and before I could say anything, he kissed me. He held his cock in me and I could feel his cock starting to go limp and after a couple of minutes, he rolled over next to me. We laid in each others arms not saying a single word. Jim finally said he his mouth was dry and asked if I wanted a glass of champagne. All I could do was nod my head yes. He got up and poured us each a glass and I sat up, and he came over and sat next to me as we sipped our champagne. Every so often, Jim would lean over and give me another kiss. I sat my glass down and the next time he leaned in to kiss me, I put my arms around his neck and held him there and we started french kissing. When we stopped kissing, Jim reached over and sat his glass on the nightstand and we started kissing some more and fell back on the bed until we were laying next to each other again.

Jim was laying on his side and propped his head up on one hand and with the other hand, he started rubbing my belly with his hand. He caught me off guard as he said “So, do you think you are going to have a boy or a girl?” Somehow, I caught myself saying “Twins!” I was no longer nervous about not taking birth control with Jim and was actually considering what it would be like to get pregnant with him. As long as Michael was okay with it, maybe I wouldn’t mind it either. I also knew the night was not over and I would feel him cumming again inside of me before morning. And we still had several days left on our cruise and this would not be the only night I would get his big cock shooting inside of me. After I mentioned I would have twins, Jim smiled and told me he wouldn’t mind watching my stomach grow with his baby inside of me. The first time felt so great and all I could say is “Well, we will just have to make sure of that. We still have plenty of time during this trip.” Jim reached down and started rubbing my cunt and said “I’m happy you said that.”, and he leaned in started kissing me again.

As he was rubbing my cunt, I was getting hot again and I reached down and took his cock in my hands. I could feel his huge balls and could feel them begin to enlarge in my hand and his cock started getting hard once again. Just as his cock was rock hard, I started to roll over onto him. This time, I was going to be on top of him, fucking his brains out just like he did to me not less then a half hour earlier. I was laying over him and I felt his cock probing to find my cunt. His big cock knew its way around by now and he found my cunt and I started to sink myself over him.

I was laying over him and would raise my ass up and thrust back down over his cock. This time, it was Jim arching his back up to me. I started thrusting my cunt down hard against his cock and I sat up so I could slam myself down against him. From this position, it felt like his cock was going even deeper then before inside of me. After fucking him for several minutes, I told him I was about to cum and told him I wanted him to cum with me. Jim started thrusting up into me even faster and after a couple of minutes, he said he was about to cum too.

Just as I started to cum, I tilted my head back and just then, Jim shouted he was cumming. I slammed my self down onto his cock and started grinding my hips against him to get every bit of his cock all the way into my cunt. Just as I felt his cock shooting his hot cum inside of me, I started cumming on him. I was cumming just as hard this time as I did the first time and from the feeling of his cock exploding deep inside of me, I think he was getting off in me just as hard as the first time as well. It seemed like he more he would cum, the more I was cumming. The deeper I felt his cock inside of me, the more I wanted and the harder I would thrust down onto his cock. I glanced down at Jims face and he had his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face. This was telling me that he was enjoying what I was doing and made me fuck him even harder.

It took a few minutes before we finished cumming and I laid my body over him and started kissing him. He started rubbing my back just above my ass and even though, neither of us had enough energy to keep fucking at that second, his cock was still rock hard inside of me. I started twirling my hips against his cock and he just laid there and I could feel his cock twitching inside of me. We were french kissing as I continued to grind away at his cock without raising up off of it. I felt his hands slide lower to my ass and without saying a word, I felt his cock release once again inside of my cunt.

Knowing I made him cum again made me start cumming all over. Not as hard as the first two, but I was getting so turned on knowing that what I was doing was making his balls explode inside of me. I raised up for a minute so I could hold my cunt so close against his cock. When I did, I glanced down and seen just how spread out his cock had my cunt and that was turning me on even more. It looked like about an inch of my cunt was sliding out against his cock as I would raise up just a little on him. I also glanced at my stomach and seen I was a little puffed out from getting his cock and cum stuffed so deep inside of me. Now, I know it is far too soon, but it was almost like I was watching my belly grow with his baby.

... Continue»
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Meeting On Vacation (Written by Tiffany)

This is a story that was written specifically for me by my best friend Tiffany. This is her work and I'm very proud of her


School is coming close to Christmas break, leaving only one thing in the way. Finals… the dreaded time of school. Studying and cramming everything possible into their heads.

Luckily for me, I only have 2 finals left before I can just relax for the holiday. I cram two nights straight, take my last final and head home. I decide I need to get away for a few days before the holidays and before I have to go back to work. I look online for a cheap 3 day cruise, so that I will be back home in time for Christmas.
I leave school with my suitcase in my trunk and heads to the airport. Two hours later, I pull into the Knoxville airport to catch my flight down to Mexico. I get off the plane and wait to get through customs, which always takes forever… Finally I get through customs and try to catch a cab to take me to the port. Checking in with the people on the ship, getting my room key and heading down to put my things away. Even during winter, it’s nice and warm in Mexico… slipping out of my clothes: jeans, pink shiny thong, gray bra, and black t-shirt… dropping them onto the floor, opening my suitcase and digging around through it to find my bikini. Pulling my pink and blue bikini out of my suitcase and laying it on my bed… walking to the bathroom nude and looking at my body in the mirror. Then walking back to the bed, picking up my top and sliding the neck string over my neck and pulling the cups down over my breasts, reaching behind me and tying my top… then reaching down for the bottoms, setting into them and sliding them up over my hips. Now that I’m dressed, I grab a towel and key and head for the deck to lie out and just relax.

I walk up the stairs, and notice that there aren’t that many people around on the deck and no one is in the pool. I find a chair close to the edge so I can look off the deck out at the ocean. I pull out my suntan lotion and slowly lather up my body, making sure that I don’t fry out in the warm sun. I then lie down on my stomach, folding my arms with my hands under my chin and just staring off into the wide open ocean… I feel the heat on my back and try to clear my mind, watching the waves break and noticing off in the distance a little way, there is a pod of Orcas bounding out of the water and putting on their own little show. I get up on my knees and lay my hands on the rail and just stare of admiring the beautiful creatures… then I look around and no one seems to notice them, it’s like a public show but only a single party watching. My mind is off in a trance watching the Orcas, their beauty and grace. They make everything feel so peaceful.

Like all shows, this private show has come to an end, when our ship has traveled far enough away that they are no longer able to be seen by the naked eye. By now, it’s almost time for lunch. I gather up my towel, key and lotion, slip on my sandals and get up… l look over the deck down onto the level below me… yet again, noticing that there aren’t that many people outside today. I start to turn my head to look back to my level, when out of the corner of my eye, l merely catch a glance of someone that looked like you. I do a double take but by the time I realize what I thought I saw, they were already gone.

So I head down stairs to the snack bar and to grab something to eat and see if the person that I saw was down there. I grab a soda and a sandwich. After eating, I go exploring the ship and see what all this ship has to offer. I found several schedules posted around the ship… tonight there is going to be a pool party and tomorrow there is a dance in the ballroom. I think to myself “hell, you’re here to relax and have a good time Tiffany… just go and enjoy yourself”. After telling myself that, I decide to go back to the room and take a nap. I lie down in my bikini and start thinking about the girl that I thought was you earlier.

I wake up right as the sun is setting in the west, watching the sun disappear into the ocean. After the sun falls beyond the horizon, all the torches are lit, lighting up the ships decks and pool area. By now, it seems like everyone is here for the pool party. I make my way through the crowd, laying my stuff down on an empty chair, seeing an empty seat in the hot tub and hurrying over. Sitting down, realizing the hot tub is a little higher up than the pool and you can see everyone in the pool from the hot tub. I’m not the social type, so I don’t talk to many of the people in the hot tub with me, I just try to relax and look around. Then all of a sudden I see that girl again, the one I saw earlier, she looks almost identical to you, but I can only see the side of her face. I think about it, but don’t have the nerve to go up and talk to her. So I just sit there alone until I decide to go back to my room for the night.

The next day I’m up in time for breakfast and spend the day hanging out and lounging around waiting for today’s party in the ballroom. I still have a few hours before the party, so I go up to the deck and sit down, hanging my legs over the side and just watching the world around… wondering if there will be a show today by the seas’ performers. Staring off, seeing nothing in the distance besides water… and I start thinking about you… over the water, l can see you… standing there in a little white skirt and light blue tank top, revealing your black bikini top with red flowers on the breast… still looking out over the open water, seeing you notice me and l just stare. After a while the sun starts to go down and l snap out of the illusion. I quickly hop up and run off to my room and get dressed for the dance.

I pull off my bikini and jump in the shower real quick… rinsing the lotion off my body and washing my hair… grabbing a towel and drying off. Dropping my towel onto the floor, reaching for the blow dryer, turning it on and starts drying my hair naked…. Within 10 minutes my hair is dry, l brush it out and then go to my suitcase and pulled out my teal dress and hot pink padded bra. I slide my arms into the bra and cup my breasts and fasten the front, pulling them up and at attention; then slipping my dress on over my head and down my body… walking over to the mirror and looking at myself, sliding my hand down my hips and over my ass, straightening my dress… grabbing my key and heading for the door.

I walk down the hallway and into the ship’s ballroom. I see hundreds of people in there, ranging from all ages. I look around hoping to see a familiar face, and I had almost given up… then I see Jaclyn and my jaw dropped. Immediately I realized you were the girl I saw earlier, but I never had proof. But when I saw Jaclyn over dancing with someone, I knew you were here somewhere… and that’s when I spotted you, well not you exactly, but your dress. I’d seen it in many pictures before and that bright royal blue dress, who could miss it. You were looking off in another direction, and I hesitated; then got up the nerve and walked up to you… by now you are completely facing away from me, l place my hand on your shoulder and say “excuse me”.
You turn around and look like you’ve seen a ghost.

“Monica, would you care to dance?” Reaching my hand out to you, giving you a chance to take my hand if you want.

You take my hand and we walk out on the dance floor, making sure we are on the opposite side of the room as Jaclyn. As you know, I don’t dance, but this time I try and make an effort. We start dancing and just having fun together… after a short while, I move closer to you, sliding one hand down your arm and around your back, cautiously setting my hand on your ass and lightly squeezes... pushing my crotch up against your thigh, leaning over and whispering “come with me?”. You look up at me and say “yea, l just need to tell Jac that I’ll be back to the room later”… so I go stand by the door as you go talk to your s****r, watching you walking back my way, smiling. I smile back and open the door for you. I take your hand and head down the hall back to my room, reaching my room and unlocking the door as both of us walk inside. Once inside and the door shut, I take a step closer to you, pressing my front up against yours… reaching around behind you and sliding my hands down, cupping your ass cheeks and squeezing, slightly lifting you up off the floor. I slide my hands under the bottom of your dress and bring them back up to your ass, feeling a slick satin fabric, knowing they are your blue panties, kneading each cheek tenderly. Thinking for a second, leaning over, kissing your cheek and letting your ass go. I walk over to my suitcase and grab my pink shiny panties and lay them on the bed… reaching down and pulling my dress up over my head, revealing to you that I’m only wearing my pink bra, laying my dress on the bed and stepping into my panties, shimmying them up over my hips.

I look back over at you, looking overly dressed… motioning for you to come over to where I am, looking you up and down “lose the dress”. You fire back, “take it off yourself”. I turn you around, take hold of the zipper and unzip it, allowing the top to fall down, and slowly wiggling it down over your hips. Now looking at your backside, with you only in panties, spanking your ass, reaching over to my suitcase and grabbing one of my bras… with my breasts being a little smaller than yours, your breasts are filling up my bra’s cups. You turn around and look at me and say “why am I wearing your bra”… I stand up and look in your eyes, then leans over and kisses your lips for a moment, pulling back “don’t ask questions”.

I take your hand and pull you towards the door.

You say “Tiffa…”

I look at you “no questions”. Taking a step out into the hall in only my bra and panties, pulling you along with me… we stop in the middle of the hall, “close your eyes”

You reply “What for? No! Tiffany what are you doing? Where are we going?”

I look at you “Do you trust me?”

You answer “yea…”

I say “then please just close your eyes”

Finally, you close your eyes… walking hand in hand, l guide you up the stairs and through several doors… the temperature is the same outside as it is inside, so you don’t notice the temperature change, but I felt the deck was slightly colder than the floor. I tell you to keep your eyes closed and I reach down, sliding my arm your back and the other under the back of your knees and picks you up… carrying you across the deck and up a few steps. When I stop and sit down, I tell you that you can open your eyes.

Upon opening your eyes, the first thing you realize is we aren’t inside anymore… looking around a little more, you notice we are within feet from the hot tub, the deck is completely empty, but the moonlight reflecting off the ocean giving a beautiful glow. I lean over and kiss your cheek and whisper “you gonna come in?”
I stand up and take a step over to the hot tub and stepping in, sitting down and watching you, waiting for you to join me. A few moments later you slip down into the hot water on the other side of the hot tub. I get up and take a couple steps towards you, moving to where I’m straddling your lap, pressing my wet shiny panties down against your thighs in the water, sliding one hand over your cheek, leaning over and pressing my lips to yours, kissing you passionately… I feel your hand slide down over my back, cupping my ass and squeezing… as I move my other hand down your tummy and over your panty clad crotch, rubbing the wet fabric over your clit with my fingers, grinding my crotch against your thighs. I then push the wet blue fabric between your lips, leaving only a little piece of fabric in between your clit and my fingertip… rubbing my fabric in little circles over your nub… moving my hand down from your cheek and cupping your breast in my hand, lightly squeezing and kneading the plump breast through the bra.

I pull away from the kiss, looking in your eyes, lowering my body down, pressing my lips between your breasts, sliding my tongue up between your breasts to your collar bone… while I was down there, my breasts went under the water, with my bra absorbing some warm water… now with my upper body back in sync with yours, pressing my wet breasts against yours, with water leaking from the fabric onto your breasts. Moving my face up just a little farther, kissing your neck, massaging my tongue against your neck with each kiss… moving my wet breasts from side to side over yours, still rubbing my panty clad crotch against your thighs. I move my free hand around behind you and unhook your bra, letting your bra fall off and expose your breasts to the fresh outdoor air. Kissing up your neck, flicking my tongue over your earlobe and says “take mine off too” breathing heavily.

One of your hands lift off my ass and move around between us, up between my breasts, within seconds you’ve unsnapped my bra and are sliding it down and off… I feel my nipples perk up to the fresh air, leaning closer and letting them poke your naked breasts, giggling and getting up out of the water. I step out of the Jacuzzi in only my panties, moving over to the jet switch and turning it on… hurrying back and hopping back into the water with you, grabbing your hands, standing you up with me... sliding my hands down your back and onto your ass, squeezing one wet cheek and spanking the other wet cheek… then letting go, sliding around behind you, guiding you forward with your knees on the seat so that the jet will directly hit your panty clad clit… keeping my body pressed directly against your back, reaching my left hand down and pulling the fabric away from your lips, allowing the jet to give a direct burst of water against your lips and clit. I feel you start to move your hips, trying to hump the water… following your movements, letting my lips grind against your ass as your move back and forth. I kiss your shoulder, dragging my nipples and breasts up along your back, reaching around and starts tweaking one of your nipples: twisting, pulling, pinching… then straightening two of my fingers on the hand that is holding your panties aside, and with each of your forward thrusts towards the jet, my fingers plunge deep into your pussy.

I feel you breathing picking up as your hips move faster… thrusting against the water and my fingers, pushing my crotch more firmly against your ass. I feel my orgasm coming on as your ass is moving against my crotch… straightening a third finger and thrusting it into your pussy… soon after mine, I feel your orgasm approach and let you ride it out. Then just sits there with you, enjoying the hot water and good company.

After a little bit, I stand up and you follow my lead… once we are out of the jacuzzi, I reach down and pull down your panties letting them fall to the deck, then doing the same with mine, stepping out of them and jumping into the heated pool. Motioning for you to join me, swimming around in the pool with you naked… touching, groping and feeling you up in the water. By now it’s really late, and time to head back, I grab two towels, and hand you one. Wrapping them around our bodies and picking up our wet clothes… I offer that you can stay in my room tonight and you accept. We get back to my room, drop our towels onto the floor, hopping in the shower together. After our shower, we crawl in bed together, I wrap my arms around you, sliding my leg between yours… holding our bodies close to each other, kissing your lips and laying there with our eyes locked with the others.... Continue»
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