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Riding the Lakefront

Riding the Lakefront

... to get my bike. I always worked out and then rode the lakefront in Chicago. This was routine..Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday, I ... about 2 hours. August 13th, it was a hot night but I liked riding when it was that way. Joints all felt loose. Rode ... ... Continue»
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Riding the Lakefront-Chapter 2

... 13, 2008...8pm....Rec lot...Irving Park Rd...Chicago lakefront bike path

The event that actually changed my life began when I needed ... soaked. Sweat pouring forth. So, letting some air on the tits while riding seemed natural. Yes, I had a bra on while ... ... Continue»
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Riding the Lakefront-Chapter3

... Chicago Lakefront Bike Path--Irving Park rec lot...8:30pm

My life changed that night!

The silence of the car ... ...sitting there...thinking about the call I had just experienced...was ... ... Continue»
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Riding the Lakefront--Chapter 4

... it would be air conditioned, most likely.

I arrived at the address, side door, standing there as instructed, no shoes. ... first was..NO AIRCONDITIONING. No windows. Only a fan in the distance making noise. There were probably 15 couples...different ages ... ... Continue»
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Riding the Lakefront-Chapter 5

... sure...WHITE TRASH! Another sweltering day, too. I had spent the night in a hothouse environment. Sweaty. Dirty. Disgusting. What would ... FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

In the bag was a note with the address. Clear across the city on the north side of town. It read ... ... Continue»
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I have always prided ... got up from my seat and walked to the back of the bus. The b*****r was so into beating his meat that ... was thinking, that this would no be the last time that I would be riding the bus... driver. ... Continue»
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... huge cock slid between my crack rocking to the rythym I let the train do the work as he began entering me I was looking ... he would answer CHOO CHOO!" and away we would go Riding the A train we called it! And what a ride it was!! Thank ... ... Continue»
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The Pig

... my Pig. What would you like the Pig to do for you?

The Pig : At the Lakefront Festival

It took me almost a whole ... of rock bands, beer, brats, burgers and boys who walk the lakefront dressed in nothing but shorts and shoes. Beautiful teenage boys ... ... Continue»
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Starting down the path - the initial strap on

... getting my ass fucked.

I was staying at the Pfister hotel on the lakefront. She came over the second night with a large duffle bag. It ... ... Continue»
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The WWE Gangbang

... their assholes.

Sharmell is not getting a break, for she is riding the cock of Randy Orton in
reverse as she slurps on ... and pushes back against
him while maintaining her momentum in riding the dick of Chavo, which he
sometimes refers to as Pepe ... ... Continue»
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The f****y Business

I: Coming Home Introduction: This is the sequel to Riding the Ponies. Twenty years after their marriage,

their daughter ... Then she moves back and forth riding the extended tongue like one of her

horses. The feeling of that large lapper being ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... .
I felt so naughty... so daring... still riding the high of fucking myself in the car. I reached down and unbuttoned another button ... I wouldn't make a sound as we both silently held on riding the waves of our orgasms. Through my orgasmic ecstasy my mind ... ... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse Chapter 6 - the end

... rent are 700 cc Honda transalps.’
I guess the Ducatis that the guys were riding the other day were not rentals then. I sigh, ... I feel slightly scared of it, but at the same time the expectation of riding the beautiful thing is making my heart beat faster. ... ... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... haze and her mind floated away, riding the peaks and waves without any conscious connection to the trip being a single event.

When her ... ... Continue»
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wife riding wave pool bumps into a black stud

... where Keri was, i saw her up front in the deep water, she was riding the big waves and they were throwing her back ... noticed, Keri was now in front of him, she was riding the waves and it looked like he was catching her now ... ... Continue»
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... worried whether her thighs were visible while riding bike, whether her cleavage was exposed ... then, around twelve people had seen her riding the scooter with all buttons open, but ... at edge of water, with the woman riding the man and the guy had his hands all ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  

Baby Sitting The Niece Pt. 3

... . I was kind of tired from riding all the rides and said we'll go back to ... usual. She thanked me again for the day for riding the rides with her and she leaned in ... and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “Thanks ... ... Continue»
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The Party...

... and shoot all over her ass before sliding away.
While I’m riding the other guys cock, I notice two more people coming into ... , before pinching it hard, making me scream into the pussy of the girl who is riding my face. Right away I can tell it ... ... Continue»
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The Violation of Sarah Michelle Gellar

... her and made her suck his
cock. She was now riding
the two cocks in her cunt. Both of those guards were ... on top of him. Sara
planted her feet and started riding the cock in her ass.

Another guard shoved his cock in ... ... Continue»
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In the Alps

... give his wife a lift home. Simultaneously, we agree.

Riding the cable car down the mountain we can see Ursala’s attire. She is wearing ... my shoulder. I place my cheek your head.

The slit in your dress is riding a little higher in this position and it ... ... Continue»
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