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Raising WWE ratings

Raising WWE ratings

... microphone
against her clean shaven cunt before talking.

"Is the <ddd>WWE</ddd> Universe ready to see something awesome?" She asked the ... they were serious about doing ANYTHING it took to raise
<ddd>ratings</ddd>. They could only imagine how many people were tuning in ... ... Continue»
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The WWE Gangbang

... It’s Time To Rock N Roll…”

The music of the reigning <ddd>WWE</ddd> Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus echoes through
the empty arena as ... Raw Interviewer
by surprise. Maria pushes back against the hot <ddd>WWE</ddd> Champion as he pumps her
asshole repeatedly with his ivory ... ... Continue»
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WWE Next Breakout Star

... Diva's will be in a summer bikini battle royal for the <ddd>WWE</ddd> Divas Championship!"
"Boy, I just love the divas Cole!"

Bzzt! Drake ... heard from the door.
"Come in." he said.
The gorgeous, <ddd>WWE</ddd> Divas Champion Eve came inside the room. Drake examined her ... ... Continue»
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Raising Carla

... , there is no reason not to communicate with her. I am <ddd>raising</ddd> a teen boy on my own. I answer every question and explain ... , there is no reason not to communicate with her. I am <ddd>raising</ddd> a teen boy on my own. I answer every question and explain ... ... Continue»
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Waruming Up The Lakers

... The night would be
highlighted with the confrontation between <ddd>WWE</ddd>'s Chairman, Mr. McMahon, and
the Nuggets Owner, E. Stan Kroenke ... * *

A short time later after showering and getting dressed on the <ddd>WWE</ddd> Lakers'
locker room, Brie and Nikki are stepping ... ... Continue»
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The Stephanie McMahon Story

... and we
were really excited because the <ddd>WWE</ddd> has been here 3 times in less than a
was. Not only was I seeing my most favorite <ddd>WWE</ddd> people but from what I just
heard I was ... a
tight white shirt. If you are not a <ddd>WWE</ddd> fan, she would really make you think ... ... Continue»
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The Bellas Warm Up The Lakers

... up and down on his impressive cock, while the former <ddd>WWE</ddd> Champ
works his skilled tongue against her pussy. Nikki ...

* * *

A short time later after showering and getting dressed on the <ddd>WWE</ddd> Lakers'
locker room, Brie and Nikki are stepping out ... ... Continue»
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Smackin' Down The Broski

... at the Long Island

"b*o are you serious? This the <ddd>WWE</ddd>... the show's never over!" Zack smiles.

Teddy sighs again, " ... and laughs "With what?"

"I got this killer idea... the <ddd>WWE</ddd> Diva Broski Challenge..." Zack Ryder
grins, "It's to find ... ... Continue»
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... fact she was my mother only multiplied tenfold higher my <ddd>ratings</ddd> of her beauty, compared to all the other beautiful women ... career would be dragged down with all the burdens of <ddd>raising</ddd> a f****y, just as it was getting ready to take off.

Mom ... ... Continue»
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First time tasting cock

... my mouth I tried the technique I thought of. I slowly inhaled while <ddd>raising</ddd> my mouth up off his cock and sucked in deeply ... dripping pre cum in a matter of seconds. Please leave some <ddd>ratings</ddd> and comments. Take care,

... Continue»
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... a day and binging like Oprah Winfrey after a week of bad <ddd>ratings</ddd>. When I wasn't at Smitty's Gym doing squats, I was in the ... have looked under the velvet.

"Well?" Mom asked, smiling and <ddd>raising</ddd> her arms in presentation. "I hope that dazed look on your ... ... Continue»
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Onkel Dan's Schlampe

... . Lass uns Xbox zocken. Ich weiss das du mich in <ddd>WWE</ddd> Raw fertig machst.“ , rief er mir nach.

Als er dann ... Bier zu trinken.

Es war der Hammer! Nach vier Stunden <ddd>WWE</ddd> und 6 Flaschen Bier, war ich schon ziemlich angetrunken und am ... ... Continue»
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The Sucking Professor Part 2 (True Story)

... Part 2 of the first story, comments and <ddd>ratings</ddd> are appreciated.

I'm sitting down at the bar with Joe and I ... , there will be two more coming , feel free to leave <ddd>ratings</ddd> and comments. I will have more soon. ... Continue»
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... people to risk it all for the cool million; the <ddd>ratings</ddd> went thru the roof.

The games had several contests, including ... was not kinky enough with simple married couples to get <ddd>ratings</ddd>. Then one of the producers had the 'twist' of having ... ... Continue»
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Act Naturally

... , or weeks, or even longer. It all depended on the <ddd>ratings</ddd>!

Everyone we came into contact with would act as if ... those daunting tasks, the show would be over, have great <ddd>ratings</ddd> and I would be a fucking national hero, at least for fathers ... ... Continue»
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... prick. He flopped her on
the carpet and <ddd>raising</ddd> her buttocks entered her cunt
continued fucking her. Soon Asha was frantically <ddd>raising</ddd> her gaand to
each of his thrusts. "OOIIIIiiii ... ... Continue»
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merry xxxmas

... and i rolled up two blunts of some kush.she said <ddd>wwe</ddd> gotta let my granny smoke cuz its her house i told ... ... Continue»
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Squirt Fantasy Continued

... firm breasts and shaved wet pussy. she actually resembles former <ddd>WWE</ddd> diva Torrie Wilson. then again this is a fantasy of mine ... ... Continue»
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Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.1

... girl sitting on the couch. She girl kind of resembles <ddd>WWE</ddd>’s Stacie Keibler but a brunette with bigger boobs. Brittany walks into ... ... Continue»
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... I thought I
told you last week. It's pretty important," he said, <ddd>raising</ddd> his

"But you said you were gonna take ... was like! I want every inch of your
cock!" Angela breathed, <ddd>raising</ddd> her long silken legs and spreading them.

Mike stared ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 1259  |