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Racial Swap-Night 3

Racial Swap-Night 2

... Chapter 3

Clay Marsdale arrived home after just having beaten the pants off one
of his new ... to have them over
Saturday night for cocktails."

Nina was not at all surprised. "Them ... a goddamn little prude. Getting her to swap, Clay, is
going to be a major undertaking."... Continue»
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Racial Swap-Night 4

... was remarkable. She knew that
she would get him into bed again before the night was over. She knew ... together it's not just to
talk about tennis. This is a swap party. I thought everyone knew about ...
it. Before the night is over you're going to be fucked and not by your
husband. Your husband... Continue»
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Racial Swap-Night 3

but the memory of the wild night of uninhibited sex with Sally Dunn.
She could still feel her lips around his ... ."

She was instantly suspicious. Two late nights in a row. Just what was
happening ... and
the sl**ping pill she had taken the other night made her feel so groggy
the next day that she did... Continue»
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Racial Swap-Night

... do feel better about it ... at night, darling."

Undiscouraged, he again bent his head down ... that handsome husband of yours off the tennis courts
and have you and him over some night. We'll ... it be?

The blonde newlywed was hoping that her opportunity for a truly
fulfilling night with her... Continue»
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My Nephew's Christmas Present

agony I was! I of course didn't realize this though, until one Saturday
night, when he invited me ... , as both of us had double beds. At this particular invitation,
anticipating our usual fun night, I ... .

Naturally, we spent the rest of the night then, repeatedly sucking each
other off. After... Continue»
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A Guide to Threeway Sex

... in a third party usually break up within 3-years of their first experience. This of course is only ... it works out right it is intense, exciting and safer. Much more so that partner swapping.

Partner ... swapping is a fast way to divorce. When you change partners and have sex that most intimate feeling... Continue»
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... as she rode me. I knew that my Friday night would end up as it usually did these days. Masturbating ... to internet porn. My wife had walked out on my daughter and I almost 3 years ago and since then I ... you so bad that night!
Likesembig: Yeah I could tell. Lol

I was dumbfounded at what I was reading... Continue»
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Fantasy Cums True part 3

... This story is written by tittie-baby for

Fantasy cums true #3

Terri is my ... , we fuck each others ass every morning and every night. The rest of the time we 69 until we cum ... in each others mouth. Then we do our cum swapping kisses.

Anyway as I was heading out the door... Continue»
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Swinger Kitty - Pub & Pussy!!

... My wife is out of town, so I called few of my kitty friends yesterday to go on a night out...have ... they decided to call it a night & leave the club. Both the girls strongly protested...I saw them getting ... to convince their husbands that they'll give them a gr8 swap fuck at my place. Anyways, everyone... Continue»
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Honeymoon at Disneyland

... out. They gave us our “wedding” present- tickets on Southwest Airlines and 4 days and 3 nights down ... home- the night before “taking the plunge” at City Hall the next morning- our hairy chins were greasy ... the parks and after turning in each night. But there was a k** we met while we were there that made my... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... to thrust some other napkins to the back of his thigh and swap sides when I tell you."

"Oh… ok," she ... ," Freddie said, speaking up, still seemingly shell shocked from his night so far. "Before we came, I ... back on Carly as she swapped her top out, unsure whether or not Carly was still into girls or was bi... Continue»
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you better daddy

... had sex. it was a night ill never forget. ill skip our whole friendship history and get right ... to the night it happened.
jase picked me up from my house at around seven to go to smoke a little ... put more on the spot in my life. his cock is about 3/4 hard and it seems almost twice the size... Continue»
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My milf and Rikki at the hashbash

... in a hotel nearby with a room side pool.
We got there the night before it started and ordered her a massage ... and cute under the heading of out call massages. He arrived at 3:00 PM and she was already in her robe ... . the youngest one said his dad bought 3 rooms for him and his s****rs. They each had a friend with them... Continue»
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33 Yanks

... men and women alike, another he borrowed a friends dogs for her and she was used day and night ... especially as in turn they had had night duty and each had used the hours to screw her relentlessly! Jean ... in the night, and they had talked, he assured her that the whole thing was not of his making... Continue»
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Tennis with Anna Kournikova

... Kournikova." I walked up to her.

"I'm Kash." I said swapping the racket from my right hand to my ... left hand and extended my right hand. She swapped hands as well, as she had the racket in her right ... . she beat me 6-2, 6-3.

"What happened?" She teased me. "You come out here on the machines like... Continue»
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Her first time

... the new year i start back to work on the 5th of jan 2015, and a we have a few new starts there.
3 guys ... it. so we swapped numbers and i heaed back inside a couple of the guys were saying oh you were ... for a wonderful night kelly xx oh 2 kisses now, i sent a message back saying i really enjoyed myself... Continue»
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Birthday Celebration

... Birthday celebration

To give you some background, Kate and I married 3 years ago, she is a very ... but Kate says other wise. We met about eight years ago and a one night stand later here we are, she ... on in my entire life as I was at that moment. She swapped and changed sucking me and wanking him... Continue»
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Plenty of Fish Slutty Milf 1

... black hair. And has 3 boys. We flirted a bit before she asked for my number.

We text for a week ... or so and we had already swapped naughty texts and a few dirty phone calls. I asked if I could take ... not to worry about it and was going to move onto the next women. Later that night she tried calling me I... Continue»
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Old Friends -New Lovers !!!!! Part 2

... ----- tears well in my eyes -- when will I see him again --I don't know -- but what a couple of night s ... beside me and again we kiss ----- I [pat the bed for Cathy to sit next to me ---- we then share a 3 ... swapping and sharing Mick --- his cum too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................................
... Continue»
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Crossroads Part 1 (fiction)

... human - male flesh and bl**d, and it had now been sometime without "s" "e" "x". Night after night I ... on into my dreams at night.
Returning to the charity shop I'd find on most mornings a few black bin ... liners and a couple of cardboard boxes contain donations dropped off during the night on our doorstep... Continue»
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