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Rachel Riley meets a fan.

Rachel Riley meets a fan.

... felt he recognised her. It was Rachel Riley, star of the very show he was ... you just know it?" said the cab driver. Rachel checked her watch then smiled.
"Not a ... her head rising and falling in his lap.
"Rachel I think I'm gonna cum" he informed her ... ... Continue»
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Sharing Rachel - the future

... got my attention. I'm a huge fan of scenes in porn with two guys ... know a guy who would be perfect," I said.

Rachel looked surprised.

"I'm all ears."

"You remember Tim ... he added a second finger and Rachel moaned.

Rachel and I locked eyes and I ... ... Continue»
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Dance Fan

... "Ohhhhh, Ash don't stopppppppppp... I'm goingggg to....!"

"Rachel, fuck my clit, fuckkkkkk my pusssy, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am ... mine.... Ohhhh... myyyyyy... Godddddd.... FUCK ME RACHEL!!"

[image] ... ... Continue»
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Rachel, My Amazing Babysitter

... sat in silence. Finally, I had to say something.

“Gosh, Rachel…I’m really sorry. I’m so embarrassed. You must think I’m a ... I wondered what I should do…tell her? Not tell her?

Rachel,” I panted. “I’m…I’m gonna cum…real soon…”

“I know, baby…I’m ... ... Continue»
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A real woman - called Rachel

... however off-limits.”

“You did?” Wild sensation was shivering Rachel’s whole body and her words were a breathy whisper.

“ ... told her, sliding her hand once more between Rachel’s legs.

Rachel gasped and shuddered in delight, moulding her hands ... ... Continue»
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Rachel's Reward

... told her, sliding her hand once more between Rachel’s legs.

Rachel gasped and shuddered in delight, moulding her hands ... in triangular formation, basking in their shared adventure. Rachel floated blissfully, stretched toes just tickling the grainy sand ... ... Continue»
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First Time with Riley

... greeted me with a smile and introduced herself as Riley. She commented on how cute I was and ... through the motions it seems. Not with Riley. She slowly lowered her body to mine ... my first squirt of cum shot down Riley’s throat. Before the second squirt, she ... ... Continue»
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Rachel's shopping trip

... dress does nothing to flatter her features. Self deprecating, Rachel responds, “I have no features to flatter.” The stranger ... she finishes speaking with her lips only inches from Rachel’s left ear.

Rachel, you have a beautiful face and your brown ... ... Continue»
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Rachel : Fire and Innocence - Intro

... her mother (Harry’s s****r) became gravely ill when Rachel was 10. Rachel had come to live with Uncle Harry while her ... . I had a thousand thoughts racing through my head. When Rachel muttered about “those parties”, was she referring to ... ... Continue»
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Rachel: Fire and Innocence - Part 2 - The Fun Begi

... . No toys, gadgets, food, or other props were permitted. Rachel and I both agreed, and somehow I thought I could handle ... chaotically, as everyone concentrated on restoring our natural breathing. Rachel sat up first, massaging her tender breasts, and she ... ... Continue»
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Worshipping Rachel’s Ass

... Kristen said anything? Why had I mentioned it to Kristen? Rachel could be tough and also possessed a mean streak. I was ... kept clicking away.

Falling forward I collapsed face first into Rachel’s cum covered ass. Panting and breathing heavily I began to ... ... Continue»
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Rachel and Fay

... the pounding it had taken at this afternoon's practice. Rachel was a starting forward on a women's professional basketball team ... do you understand me?!?" In a voice barely above a whisper Rachel answered, "Yes, I understand!!!"

Knowing that she now had ... ... Continue»
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Getting 18YR Old Rachel's Panties

... girl just going through puberety! I never noticed them before as Rachel had been wearing a baggy sweatshirt when I first met her. ... , my dick retreated into my crotch, becoming completely inverted. Rachel leaned forward, and moved in closer to look. I looked ... ... Continue»
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The Interns- Jason, Rachel, and Max

... appreciation with a simple, but genuine, “That feels good.”

Rachel feeling a sexy confidence gently positioned one of Jason’s hands under ... quickly and her hands ran through Jason’s hair.

Rachel responded by tugging at Jason’s shirt as he mildly ... ... Continue»
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Phobebe & rachel lesbian fling-(friends sitcom

... tonight, she decided to see just how far
Rachel would go.

"Rachel?" She asked.

"Yeah Phoebs?"

"What was ... a
sharp intake of breath.

Phoebe opened her eyes. "Rachel?"

"Yes?" Rachel’s voice was trembling a little.

"Are you touching your ... ... Continue»
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Rachel's Shopping Trip Chapter 2

... encourages her new friend, “You’re a natural on this.”

Rachel responds, “I feel like a little nymph slut.”

And just then ... holds her, kisses her, and re-assures her. Rachel slowly re-composes.

Rachel said, “That was fucking amazing. A total orgasm ... ... Continue»
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Rachel and the Nude Beach

... When I came, a small applaud went up. The attention made Rachel cum for a second time.

Someone then called out that a ... a week after returning home from our vacation, I learned that Rachel had become a nympho exhibitionist. Over the next several months, ... ... Continue»
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'You mean..?'

'Yes, that's exactly what I mean.'

But Rachel, I, we...' But I didn't finish because her lips touched mine ... so sorry. I couldn't help myself. It just came out.'

'Rachel you mustn't be sorry. I'm not.

'You're not?

'No ... ... Continue»
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Rachel: Fire & Innocence -Pt.4- An Electric Fa

... were they particularly interested in enlightening me at the moment. Rachel pushed back her chair, stood up, and began clearing ... it wasn’t the same. Our weekend together with Rachel had changed our relationship forever. After looking at his photos ... ... Continue»
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Buck and Rachel - first FFM threesome - part 3

... into Susan's pussy, slowly pumping her, while I worked fingers into Rachel's pussy. After a short time, I reversed and slid my ... I switched again, and Susan positioned herself in front of Rachel so that Rachel could go down on her again.

I kept fucking ... ... Continue»
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