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Rachel Riley meets a fan.

Rachel Riley meets a fan.

... beating just for a second as his jaw dropped. This is why he felt he recognised her. It was Rachel ... Riley, star of the very show he was on his way to!
"Trains and taxis!" she smiled. "Never on time ... eh? I'm Rachel by the way". She held her hand out to Tony.
"I know!" he spluttered before... Continue»
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Friday night pt 1

... house. The girl I met in the club is Sara, her friend who opens the door to us is Rachel. She ... . Before I leave her I warn her. “Get a taxi home before you meet someone less nice than me.” Then I head ... you convince my gay friend to bring you home?”
Sara shuts the front door and Rachel dropped to her... Continue»
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Who Says Marriage Is Dull

... crotch and Rachel met her thrusts with her own. Crystal rubbed her breasts against Rachel's face and lips ... Chapter 1

My wife of five years, Rachel, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think ... , Rachel."

"So you're telling me that you wouldn't want to do any of these things in real life?" She... Continue»
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3 Evil s****rs-Part 1

... this. “Riley! CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN!”

Riley poked her head up from the couch and shot me a funny look ... , “Why the fuck are you yelling at Riley! Your supposed to be cooking remember?”

I can’t cook if I ... can’t hear the beeping from the timer. Riley knew damn well that I did my homework while I waited... Continue»
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... , figuring that the guys would listen to anything in order to meet a female. This made the clientele ... since they last met, and she did far better at it then her nephew, who still had the look of a deer ... did you become such a fan of my husband?"

"It's not that, it's just that it was wrong - wrong on... Continue»
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... got in and not being a big fan of airports I knew my mood was getting sour. That all changed when I ... her much shorter temper bursting quickly to the surface to meet mine.

"You should ask what's about ... hard little nipples. Again when I started to squirm, I was met with a very hard slap this time... Continue»
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Who Says Marriage Is Dull

... crotch and Rachel met her thrusts with her own. Crystal rubbed her breasts against Rachel's face ... Chapter 1

My wife of five years, Rachel, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think that things ... couldn't provide. I tried to put her at ease. "Most, if not all of these things are fantasies, Rachel... Continue»
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How i found out my gf was a gangbanging slut

... will not be a groupie! I'll be a fan ..... Groupie implies other things •
4/6, 2:19am Me: Hahaha I know ... happened that last night. She went on to explain how she met 3 pro b-boy dancers, and they convinced ... lets hear a story abou t it haha •
4:18pm Her: we meet outside of a club but anyway he was with GW... Continue»
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Company of Women

... there you have it. You've got some fans you haven't even met yet and all because you worked Jen's ...

The following day, his meeting with Amanda didn't go as well as hoped. She was disappointed that he'd ... to Dana's office where he met with Alexa and the other account executive, Nikki: a petite, bespectacled... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (part fifteen)

... mind’s eye she saw all the people that she was coming to regard as her f****y, Rachel, the twins ... !”
“Oh!” Jennifer felt a rush of anticipation. She had heard things about these gardens. Rachel had ... a spell over her Jennifer knew but it was intensely personal and Rachel hadn’t elaborated on what... Continue»
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... It was around 8 pm on a Friday and I had just arrived at my best friend Rachel's apartment. She ... decided to drive to a lesbian bar because we'd never been to one before. Well, as far as Rachel ... knew that was the only reason; I had ulterior motives. Rachel and I had shared a d***ken kiss several... Continue»
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Isabelle's f****y Secret

... meeting with Rachel made me feel like
I'd been touched by some kind of providence; I mean, if I ... to meet him, make friends, and find out what
he was like, which would have been great, if only ... and pushed to the side, exposing my
pussy lips to his fingertips. I met his lecherous gaze
with a sappy... Continue»
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Summer of '77

... step s****r, Rachel.

Adam lost his father when he was very young, and spent his entire c***dhood ... she was near.
And then there was the cute, young Rachel. Adam's step s****r often teased him ... .

"Rachel, honey, can you get the iced tea out of the fridge?" she asked her 18-year-old daughter.
"Nat... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... care if the husband caught this message Rachel thought. She then sent a message back on her phone ... met me” Saturn Girl Said cupping her tits “Trust me I am going to teach them a way of being a ... meet

“Just a big cock boy...such a passionate lover aren’t you” Terminatrix Said. She let him... Continue»
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Magic Panties Ch.05 (sissy story) by noflon

... my name is Rachel, it was Roy at some point in my life, but since the changes began, I've decided ... Rachel is a better fit. So, I have this magic pair of panties, I don't know where they came from ... mouthfuls of cum, which is odd because I thought I was straight. Then I met another chick... Continue»
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Key Wet Dreams

... were mostly visible through an aqua blue sheen.

Coming out of our hotel room, we met Rachel ... in Linda's eyes told her that this was the request of an ardent fan of her tits. So Rachel said, "sure ... to Sloppy Joe's, Rachel was meeting a friend there. The place was so crowded that Linda and I decided... Continue»
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Alizée wird 18

... Es ist nun über ein Jahr her, dass ich die kleine Korsikerin Alizée bei einem Meet-and Greet ... -Treffen kennengelernt habe.

Ich war damals ein großer Fan von ihrer Musik, aber noch mehr ... ****a" Alizée nackt vor mir stehen zu haben, bereit, gefingert zu werden.

Ich muss wohl... Continue»
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... the edge of the couch.
“Maybe she needs a little help,” Rachel called out as she peeled out of her ... playing with their tits. Rachel of course, having the hugest rack, was actually leaning over him ... and sucking one of hers.
“Oh I hate you,” Connie blurted, shoving Rachel. “I’d pay at the ass... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... month's pay. The Trog were the first race humanity had met who matched them in both technological ... .

Her pussy still tingled when she remembered meeting him after the job fair for tea at the local ... her hips to meet his thrusts. Soon she was groaning and whimpering as he relentlessly pounded... Continue»
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3 Evil s****rs-Part 2

... happening until Riley shouted that she was going to the mall to meet with her friends. That didn’t concern ... sat there, and I knew that Izzy wouldn’t show her face until at least noon. Riley on the other hand ... , searching for the source when I caught a glimpse of Riley's wide smile.

“Riley what did you do?” I... Continue»
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