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Rachel's many orgasms

Rachel's many orgasms

... . This happened yesterday....

It sucks to be working on a sunday, luckily I had the day off but Rachel ... question, "do you want to go to the bedroom?"
Rachel said, "mm OK".

We lay on the bed kissing ... . She then had a massive orgasm. She gripped the headboard and pushed her body up to meet mine as I... Continue»
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Rachel's Reward


Good karma comes to Rachel on her friends' honeymoon.
“On behalf of my wife and myself ... …” It was a traditional opening gambit for a groom’s wedding speech and it caused everyone, Rachel included ... immaculately-groomed, therefore so is the bride. Rachel smirked at her own wordplay and swallowed... Continue»
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Getting 18YR Old Rachel's Panties

... and bask in the wonderful afterglow of an amazing orgasm. I finally looked at her, and Rachel had a look ... with you either. So sorry. -Rachel

Now I hadn't thought this far ahead, and didn't know how ... in the first place, so I said it must've been from one of the many replies I got about a mattress I gave away... Continue»
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Rachel's shopping trip

... This story introduces us to Rachel and a sumptuous stranger. Thanks for comments ... is standing nearby. Rachel turns away from the dressing room mirror and looks at the speaker and the dress ... she is wearing. Rachel politely says, “That looks nice on you.” Jokingly she adds, “The bare feet... Continue»
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... Authors name: Joe Slackie
Story title : Kathy's First Orgasm ...


Kathy's First Orgasm
by Joe Slackie
August 13, 1998

My afternoon client had called to let ... active sex-
ually for almost a year now. During that whole time
she had never had an orgasm... Continue»
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Rachel's Shopping Trip Chapter 2

... orgasms I have ever had. Sorry Rachel you were good, but not this good.”

Rachel starts ... as Rachel enjoys the pleasurable sensations of the orgasm.

Kris wastes no time and releases Rachel ... from the restraints and they embrace lovingly. Rachel heart races as the afterglow of the orgasm... Continue»
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Being Dominated By Rachel's Farts!

... this.


It all started when I was little, I've got an older s****r, Rachel, who always teased ... and reached sexual maturity, it turned me on loads everytime Rachel decided to humilate me in any way ... .
Rachel suddenly burst in through the door, laughing at me as she had made me jumped, I looked at her... Continue»
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More thoughts on Women's Orgasms

... a lovely tight cunt. As a gentleman, I asked how many fingers she liked in her, thinking that perhaps ... . And there followed three noisy, shuddering orgasms at intervals in our first half hour or so... Continue»
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Buck and Rachel - Rachel's First Anal

... We got together a few times since the events mentioned in my previous story. Rachel continued ... .

On the second night of the trip, Rachel and I went back to her room after a drink in the hotel bar. I ... until they became hard and worked a finger on her clit and then into her wet pussy. Rachel nibbled... Continue»
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18 Year Old's First Squirting Orgasm

... Recently through my endeavors of helping women have squirting orgasms I was contacted by a sweet ... ? whats that?"

I proceeded to explain to her the basics of what a squirting orgasm was.

"WOW ... experienced a squirting orgasm before?" I wrote back.

"Definitely not! I didn't even know women could do... Continue»
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Ally's First Orgasm

... a little scream. She kept rubbing and did it again. She was bringing herself off in a series of orgasms. I... Continue»
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Stepdaughter's First Orgasm

... has an orgasm. She said, five minutes, and they have shot their load in me and I’ve haven’t even got ... is a decent fuck and to have an orgasm. I want you to fuck me with that cock, like you fuck my mother ... just give her the orgasm she craved by eating her pussy. I was sure if there is anything this young... Continue»
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Brief thoughts about women's orgasms.

... I have often said that there is no greater gift a man can give a woman than an orgasm ... - that is other than several orgasms, perhaps!

For me one of the pleasures when a woman reaches this exalted... Continue»
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Isabel, my friend's mom, too many lost chance

... day,(important info), he stayed at his mom's house,(Isabel, single Mom),with his older s*s Nina ... & younger s*s behind some apartments, in the parking lots his uncle used to own. I would always hang out ... at his house and lust over his older s****r Nina, whom I would tend to flirt with. She was 27 or 26... Continue»
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When mom's away, Dad & Rachel play. pt 1

... lovely step daughter Rachel a chance too, well I suppose, have a bit of daddy, daughter time.
I ... told Rachel her mom was going away & to keep a night free for us. She agreed,so long as she can stay ... out Friday night, she was all mine on Saturday night. As I found out a few week's ago, Rachel... Continue»
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Turning to Darkness P-6

... Part 6. Entering the House of Evil

Rachel walked aimlessly in the late fall twilight ... privacy. It was in front of one of the shabby looking Victorian houses that Rachel finally stopped. Her ... which direction she had come from at the corner.

Hesitantly Rachel walked up the steps... Continue»
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The Quest (Chapter 5)

... brings me a bite to eat and a glass of wine. She's a treasure. In the moonlight I see her eyes ... the dark, sweet Brazilian tobacco. My mind replays today's video. Image by image, carefully ... eyes, much like my own. In fact if it weren't for her lighter skin colouring, we might be s****rs... Continue»
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More encounters and shocking numbers

... was oblivious to my or anyone's presence, and he licked and tongued her without a care in the world, just ... After so many recounts of having sex it becomes difficult to tell another story with the same ... a better orgasm, better than the last one, making me like the proverbial d**g addict, desperate... Continue»
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Fridat Night Pt 2 Saturday morning

... all day, Felix’s never.”
“How exactly do you pickup so many women with lines like that? I could fuck ... a thrill.” I open the door cautiously. I’m not really bothered who sees me but if it was some k**s ... moment her orgasm is going to happen I wait until she is just on the edge and I twist her tit much like I... Continue»
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A soldier's girl (part 2 of "Soldier&quo

... I woke up in the morning. Fella's let it be said that any girl hates the way she looks ... I was sick when I found out I was pregnant with his baby's ... yes twins.! The first day of the rest of my life. :D ... hitting the floor I lifted my head up to peak over the edge of the bed making sure I didn't stir his... Continue»
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