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Race Car Widow Part 3

... and will be building this junk pile into a race car and in the meantime, I become a race car widow!

So now I needed something to do. Or ... mean.". My shorts were pretty tight and I made sure to part my legs just a little while he was still leaning in ... ... Continue»
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Race Car Widow Part 2

We went out on the porch and sat down and Michael grabbed the drink he started before he left. He drank it down and asked if anyone wanted another. All of our glasses were empty and Michael started to grab them and Jason said he only wanted a small one because he still had to drive home. Before Michael could answer, I said “You can stay here tonight.”, and without Michael seeing me, I made a kissing motion with my lips at Jason. Michael went in to fix us a drink and while he was gone, Jason asked if I was sure I wanted him to stay and I told him I did. Michael came out with our drinks and we sat and drank them and Michael was thanking Jason for his help on the car. Jason excused himself to go to the bathroom and after he left, Michael asked me if I was hoping anything would happen later. I told him about Jason rubbing my boobs and I had my hand on his cock and said that I think it would as long as he is comfortable with him there. Michael asked if I wanted him to say he was going somewhere and I told him no because if I am going to fuck Jason every now and then, he has to get used to him being around.

Jason came back out and we talked some more and finished our drinks and this time, Jason took our glasses and said he would get us another and asked me how I like mine made. I like Patron and pineapple juice and when he came back, I tasted mine and it was so damn strong. I told Jason that he sure knows how to make a strong drink. He smiled and said he was sorry about that. I looked at Michael and pointed to Jason and said “He just wants me d***k so he can get me naked.” Jason looked shocked that I said that, but Michael laughed. When Jason seen Michael laugh at what I just said, I think he felt a little more relaxed because he said “Is it working?” About that time, one of the neighbors drove up and Michael went to his car to talk to him. Jason and I sat quietly for about a minute and I finally leaned towards him and softly said “I want you so bad!” Jasons eyes got really big, but he didn’t say anything and turned to see where Michael was. He looked at me and said “You know you are making me hard right now.” I asked him if he would like to do something about it, and Jason said “What about Michael?” I told him that I would talk to him and see if it is okay. I explained to Jason that Michael has sex with others and so do I and we are both okay with it.

Jason said that if it was really okay, he really wanted it, and then he wanted to have a race to see who could finish their drink first and then before I grabbed my glass, he guzzled his and sat it down. Then he said “I won. If I can beat you, I can eat you right?” I told him I was up for it as long as I get to have his cock too. He said he felt like this was all just a dream and couldn’t believe we are sitting here talking about it and then he told me that from the minute he first met me, he thought about how lucky Michael was and wished he could get me in bed. Our neighbor left and Michael came back to the porch and said Rick was out looking for his dog and was asking if we seen him.

Then I looked at Jason and smiled and said to Michael “Jason and I had a race and I lost and now, I have to let him eat me. Is it okay if Jason and I go to the bedroom downstairs so I can pay off the bet?” Michael said “Go ahead. I’ll go help Rick find Buddy while you two are busy.” I don’t think Jason could believe what he was hearing, but I stood up and held my hand out to Jason and said “Let’s go.” Jason took my hand and we walked inside and headed for the stairs. Jason kept turning back to see where Michael was and I asked him if he was alright. Jason said he couldn’t believe this. As we were heading down the stairs, Jason was telling me how anytime he would see me, he would think about what it would be like to have sex with me. At the doorway to the spare bedroom, Jason stopped and almost nervously, said “Are you sure this is okay?” I said “We are heading to bed aren’t we? What does that tell you?”

As we got near the bed, I turned toward Jason and hugged him and we started kissing. His hands went around my waist and I felt one hand drop to my ass. Jason whispered “You are making me so hard.” I reached down with one hand and felt his hard cock through the shorts he had on and said “Well, we will have to fix that.” I undid the button on his shorts and tugged at the zipper and pushed his shorts down. No underwear! His cock sprung out at me. He was just a little smaller then Michael, but his balls were pretty big. I reached down and cupped his balls and said “Wow! These feel pretty full.” Jason said it has been awhile so he was sure they were full. He started taking my top and shorts off and as he stood back up, he started hugging and kissing me again and I felt his hand find it’s way to my cunt. I had my hand on his hard cock and would move to massage his balls from time to time. We were still hugging and kissing when Jason started edging me to the bed and I climbed up and laid down.

He wasted no time spreading my cunt with his fingers and I felt his tongue start licking around the opening. He started darting his tongue in and out of me and I told him to turn around. He turned around on top of me and went back to sending his tongue into my cunt and I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck him. With one hand, I was cupping his balls and feeling them moving in my hand as I put the other hand around his ass and started pulling him closer so I could get the rest of his cock. The deeper I took his cock, the deeper his tongue dug into me. It wasn’t long and I heard Jason say that he would like to cum and I stopped and grasped the base of his cock and told him no. I had such a tight grip on his cock and felt him start to go limp and when he would get about half limp, I would suck his cock down my throat. As I would feel Jason start to thrust faster with his hard cock, I knew he was building up to cum and I would grip his cock hard again and stop sucking.

During this time, I was about to cum and wanted to find a way that he would let me cum, but make him wait. I stopped sucking on his cock and while his tongue was deep inside of me, I finally said “I want to cum on you, but I want to save what’s in your balls for something else.” I had his cock and holding it against my cheek and his hands slip around to my ass and he pulled my cunt closer. I told him I was going to cum and he just went deeper and faster. I screamed that I was cumming and Jason darted his tongue in me so fast and made me cum so hard. As I was still cumming, I took his cock into my throat and started to suck him hard again. Jason asked again if he could cum and I stopped him and told him no and that he should wait.

When we finished, Jason turned to lay next to me. He was rubbing his cock against me and I felt his precum lubricating my side. Jason stopped and said “Do you have any condoms? I didn’t bring any.” I kissed him and said that I would like to fuck him, but we should wait until another time for that. He asked me if he could fuck my boobs and get off on them and I told him I wanted him to save it for me. He joked that he would need to wear three condoms because when he gets off, he would end up filling them so much, he could make them burst. I told him I wanted to feel him cum that hard and told him that he wouldn’t need condoms. He smiled and said that would make him happy and said he was hoping I would tell him I was on birth control and he could fill me. (I never said I was on birth control)

We got up and got dressed and I heard the door click, but Jason didn’t and I thought Michael was back. When we went upstairs, Michael wasn’t there and we went out on the porch for some fresh air. Michael was in the driveway and I think he may have been inside when Jason and I were downstairs, but he never said and I never asked. When Michael came up on the porch, Jason was so quiet. Michael said the neighbor found Buddy in the garage sl**ping. Then he said “So did you guys have fun?” Jason looked at me a little shocked and I told Michael we had fun. I shook my empty glass and said that I could use a drink. Jason jumped up and said he would get us a drink. Once he went inside, I told Michael I didn’t let him cum because I wanted to talk to him some more later. Michael asked me if Jason made me cum and just as Jason was walking back out, all I could do was nod my head yes.

We sat outside and it was getting late and we decided we should go to bed. I think Jason was waiting to hear me say something about fucking him and when I told him he could sl**p in the bed downstairs, he looked a little bummed out. As we were walking inside, he whispered to me “Will you come down and see me?” I told him that I won’t tonight, but not to worry because he will get his soon enough. Then, Jason went downstairs and Michael and I went upstairs to bed. I laid next to Michael and said “I need to talk to about something.” He asked if everything was alright and I told him it was. I said “Remember when we went on the cruise and Denise and I switched places with you and Jim and went all week without any birth control?” Michael smiled and said that even though Denise and I didn’t get pregnant, it was still fun. Then I said “You asked me to let Kevin fuck me unprotected.” (Kevin was one of the guys rebuilding our new bathroom) Michael said something must be wrong with him because he never came over after I invited him.

So I asked Michael “Would you like me to skip my pill and let Jason fuck me?” Michael joked “Fuck you or fill you?” I smiled and said “Fill me!” Michael said it would be exciting to know that I was getting filled without birth control and I said “I don’t mean to just fill me. How would you feel if I let him get me pregnant? I know you wanted me to get pregnant on the cruise and if you are still up for it, I think I can make it happen.” Michael smiled at me and told me if I really wanted it, I should go ahead and said “After all, look at how we first met and you and I had a baby together.” Then I told Michael about how full Jasons balls felt to me and that he told me it has been a while and if I could build him up all week, I would stop taking my pills all week to make sure it is out of my system and then I would make him fill me. Michael started to roll over to fuck me and I stopped him and said that all week, I wanted to give him head and save my cunt for Jason in a week.
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Race Car Widow Part 3

The next morning, I got up before Michael and Jason was at the bar drinking some water and whispered “I waited for you last night.” I walked over to him and gave him a quick hug and kissed his cheek and said “You didn’t start without me did you?” He said that I told him to wait for me and he waited all night. I told him that I would have a pretty busy week and got right up to his face and said “Save it for me until this weekend and I promise, you won’t be sorry. And what if I told you that I want you to fuck me without any birth control?” His eyes got as big as plates and before he could say a word, Michael walked in and Jason couldn’t respond to what I just said.

Jason never got a chance to respond and after breakfast, him and Michael went out to work on the car some more. Towards the end of the day, they both went to the garage to clean up because they were covered in grease and dirt. Jason walked in first and whispered quickly “What did you mean when you said that this morning?” I said “You just save it for me. You’ll see. Don’t let it worry you.” Just before Michael walked in, Jason said “But what if you…” and then he seen Michael and got quiet. I just smiled at Jason. Then he left to go home.

Jason called earlier when he got home from work and I answered. He said “Oh good, you answered. I need to talk to you.” I said “I’m listening.” Jason said “What if I get your pregnant?” I said “Why, does that scare you?” Jason said that getting me pregnant doesn’t scare him, but Michael does. I said “So getting me pregnant doesn’t scare you?” Jason said “Well, it does. I mean, I wouldn’t mind it, but what if Michael finds out?” I said that if I talked it over with Michael and he agreed to letting me skip my birth control, would he be okay with it. Jason said he would still be nervous, but said he will let me decide. So today has been the second day without taking my birth control pill. Five more days to go.

Tuesday: Well, today is day three without taking my birth control pills. Michael and I talked it over and I think he needs to sit down with Jason and find a way to let him know it is going to be okay this weekend with him and I going to bed together. Like I told Michael “I don’t want to go through all of this and at the very last second, have Jason pull out and not fill me.” Michael asked me what it was that made me decide to take a chance getting pregnant by Jason. I told him that I have been watching him when he would come over and before, I only thought about fucking him. But last Saturday when I first felt his balls and how full they must be from not having sex, I wanted to give him something more then just sex. I told Michael I really loved him and said “Are you really okay if Jason were to get me pregnant?” Michael said it would be exciting watching my belly grow with his baby and see Jasons face any time he came over and seen my belly.

Wednesday: So now, today is day four and Michael and Jason had a talk last night. I haven’t spoken with Jason, but Michael said that he told Jason that I wanted to go without any birth control with him and that he was okay with it. He said Jason didn’t talk a whole lot, but said he was up for it as long as we were okay with it. Back when Michael and Kelly were married and Kelly set me up with Michael and I wasn’t on birth control, I was so nervous that Michael would get me pregnant and as much as Kelly said she would be alright seeing me pregnant from Michael, it still scared me. Once I did get pregnant and Michael, Kelly and I got so close and were the best of friends from that day on. So here I am suggesting to Michael that I wouldn’t mind Jason getting me pregnant and asking him if it is okay and I have his permission to go through with it.

There is a girl that comes over to clean every other week and she has gone to bed with Michael before and I am going to talk to her today when she shows up to see if she will keep Michael busy while I am with Jason. She kept Michael busy once before for me, so I am sure Dana will help me out. Dana is a 32 year old with brown hair and green eyes and I know Michael likes seeing her tight little body. Her husband left her and when she divorced him, she got the house and the funny part is her ex has to make the payments for three years on it. I know Michael is alright if I am with another guy, but I still feel bad being with someone and he is alone. It is all set for Jason to come over Saturday to help Michael tear the body off of the frame and he is to bring a change of clothes and stay the night.

I am sitting here at my computer and I see my birth control pills sitting on the nightstand next to me. The last pill missing says “Saturday”. Today is Wednesday. I must have asked Michael a hundred times already if he really wants me to go through with it. Every time, he said he is okay with as long as I really want to. I think I really do want to with Jason. I think he is going to be a lot of fun in bed Saturday and I want to feel his cock drain his balls inside of me. I just looked it up in Google and my last period started on August 4th. I didn’t really plan it this way, but my fertile days are from today to next Monday and it says that my most fertile day should be Saturday. It wasn’t planned like that, but that is how it falls. I just better be sure that is what I really want and that Michael and Jason are going to be okay with it. I can’t believe it. I have fucked others before and during our cruise, Denise and I went without birth control. That was more of a last minute decision and on a dare, her and I did it.

Now, I am actually planning it. My first thought was I would go without birth control and see if it happened. But looking at the calendar, Saturday is the best time that it could happen. Jason already knows and so does Michael and now, all of you know. So there is no changing my mind now.
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Cadogen Street Car Park - Part 1

The story features cross dressing and gay acts. If this offends please do not read on.

Comments always welcome on

Cadogan Street Car Park (Part 1)

My name is Peter and I am 49 and married but a secret sissy cocksucker. I have a very dirty secret. The feel of women's lingerie against my skin makes my 6” cut cock harder than steel. And it’s more than just the cross-dressing. I am bisexual and I love to submit to dominant older or younger men.

I remember as a c***d my older s****r Vanessa had the best and softest bras and panties I had ever worn. The first time had been out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to know what girl's underwear felt like compared to my plain white Y fronts. So when everyone left the house when I was 16 and a horny teen I made my way to the clothes hamper and grabbed some of my s****r's underwear and then ran back to my room. My finger clasping her dirty things were trembling but locking my door I stripped naked. At the time I was just starting to fill out so I still had a bit of a slim girlish build to my body. Vanessa wasn't that much bigger than me other than in the breast areas and I had often spied on her with my cock in hand and feeling it shoot hard as I watched my own s****r dressing and undressing.

After I had slid the panties on I looked at myself for the first time in the mirror. My young cock was like a bolt and rock hard. I knew at once that this was the thing for me. I put her bra around my body and pranced around in my bedroom for awhile feeling very girl then collapsed onto my bed, my cock was throbbing and leaking cum. The underwear was already dirty so it’s not like I felt bad for wanking myself off to the strongest orgasm of my young life and filling her panties with load after load of my own cum. This became a nightly ritual. After everyone was asl**p I would sneak downstairs, grab the bra and panties she'd worn that day and then put them on. I was always careful to not make any noise or get caught.

But marriage and a career followed and precluded me from my secret desires for many years until I finally came back to them, one morning when my wife left for work and I was in the house alone. I stripped and slid her fishnet hold ups on followed by pink lace panties and a bustier. Within seconds my cock was like a rock again and I wanked happily as I looked at hot porn. This became my new ritual and it wasn’t until I finally got up the courage to meet someone else when I was dressed that all my dreams came true.

I made contact with a few dominant males some older some slightly younger. They all loved the idea of me servicing them while dressed up like a sissy as they looked at porn. The one that really caught my eye and made me hard was John as we talked about kissing and caressing and touching and wanking and sucking.

After several long conversations and sending him several pictures of me dressed up we agreed to meet.

And this is why I am now sitting in my car with an overcoat on and nothing underneath but a black lingerie set that I had bought specifically for John to see me in. It is a black halter top teddy with matching holdups and panties. Very tight and very, very sexy.

My fingers drum the steering wheel nervously. John would be my first encounter I would be having in a few years. But, being dressed so sexily I felt like a virgin, it was thrilling but also scary at the same time. We had decided the covered parking of Cadogan Street would be the best place to meet up and we could drive somewhere more discreet. The fourth level was perfect and I sat in the last space near the wall. I knew we would have great coverage from prying eyes. The flash of headlights caught my attention as a sleek black Vauxhall pulled up alongside me. The windows were darkly tinted and the headlights flashed twice. It was him. After he turned his engine off I waited a minute before making my way over. My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest as I opened the door and slid inside.

“Take off your coat, slut!” He ordered in a smooth English accent. I nodded and slipped the coat off as he ran his hand down my bare shoulder. My cock was semi hard against my panties and already starting to leak.

I kept my eyes downward as he reclined his seat back and unzipped his grey trousers. He was wearing no underwear and his cock sprung into view instantly. It looked bigger in person than it did on the computer. A full thick 7 inch cut cock pulsating and throbbing. It was straight and topped with a thick mushroom head. Precum was already gathering at the tip.
Licking my lips I asked. “May I suck your cock sir?”
“Show me first!”
“What?” I queried then remembered. “Oh, oh yes sorry!” I reached into my coat pocket and removed photos of my 2 step daughters, aged 19 and 21 in their sexiest dressed poses, along with naked and half naked pictures of my wife. I then produced a pair of dirty panties from all three females in my life.
I watched as John placed the pictures on the dashboard and sniffed the panties in turn. I watched with growing excitement as his cock seemed to grow even bigger and harder.
“Yes, slut!” He grinned. “Suck it all you want.” He closed his eyes and relaxed as I bent over and ran my tongue along his hot shaft. My taste buds exploded at the first taste of cock in so long. I moaned softly and wasted no time and taking him into my mouth. Slowly my mouth began to glide up and down his throbbing cock, sucking and swallowing. He moaned every so often and closed his fingers into my hair. Soon the dominance that I so craved began to show itself as I felt his hands push my head down, making me take all of it into my hot wet mouth.
“Good slut, suck Daddy's cock!” He purred and began to thrust upwards as he pushed my head down again, my nose touching his pubic hair and his cock almost choking me. But the scent of him was so manly and thick. My cock ached and the urge to stroke grew, but I knew I wasn’t allowed to cum until he had. As the thick head filled my throat I swallowed, making him groan and thrust more.

My right hand slid down to cradle his thick balls, my fingers caressing and rolling them around in the silky flesh. His balls draw up to his body, the skin growing taunt around them. I knew he was close now. I could taste more precum with each upward stroke. I felt his hand slide to the back of my neck and with only a little pressure he pushed me down as his cock suddenly exploded. Gagging a little I pulled up but he kept me in position. The cum tastes salty and sweet at the same time and thick as well, clinging to the back of my throat. I didn’t care. I was here to please my new master as he ogled my wife and sexy young step daughters.

There was a huge cum stain on my panties now and I need to cum, badly.
“May I cum now, please sir?”
He grinned and nodded. Slowly, watching the expression on his face, I pulled the black panties down and pulled at my cock. Licking his cum from my lips I stroked very slowly before my cock and balls exploded. I made sure to tilt my cock against myself to keep cum from hitting my master or his car. Moaning I fell back against the door. Thick white blobs of cum decorated my stomach, my panties and the top of my black teddy.

After the world stopped spinning I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a cloth handkerchief. I cleaned us both up before tucking his cock into his trousers. As I slid on my coat and prepared to exit the car he spoke. “That was good slut. We should do it again.”
“Yes we should.” I smiled back at the older man. “You know where to find me.” I had a smile on my face as I slipped from the car and returned to my own.

He drove away first and I started my engine to drive home. I pick up my phone and dialled my wife's number.
“Hi hun, it’s me. Listen how about we go out tonight? It’s been awhile since we've gone out to a nice dinner.”
I could almost hear her smile through the line. “Oh that sounds wonderful. Let me call Kathy and I will be home in about an hour. You’re such a lovely husband.”
I smile as I headed home. My mind wasn’t on my wife or the dinner that evening.
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Kelly and Jason - Part 1

This story is a little long, but I think once you read this part on how all of this started and the setup to our next adventure, you will have a better idea of just what happened.

Before Kellys car accident, her and I had had a great sex life. We were madly in love with each other. At just five foot and 100 pounds, long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a body that could make a blind man drool, she was absolutely beautiful. Worked out all of the time and had the tightest stomach I have ever seen. After we were married, she found a job at IRS, but wasn’t satisfied just being a receptionist and took any training they offered and soon, she became the youngest IRS field agent ever. I also called her my little beach baby because she loved to tan in the sun. Any other man would keep her all to himself and never share her with others. I thought it was hot to think that another man could see just what I have and the woman I wake up next to every morning. After discussing everything with Kelly, she said “So it is sort of like you having the best cupcake in the world and you give someone a little bit of icing. You still have the cupcake and they want more because they liked the taste of it.” Well, it is more then a cupcake, but yeah. I assured her that we make love. What we would do outside of that would be just sex. For fun and pleasure, and we always come back to the person we love afterwards. She said if she ever seen me with another woman, she would get so jealous. I said “I would be jealous watching you with a man too!” I asked Kelly what she would do if she got jealous if I was with another woman and she told me that she would just tear me up in bed later to prove she was better then others so she could keep me wanting her more. When she said that, she said “Ohhh. So if I was with another man, you would do that to me too right?” She was now able to understand why we would do this. We were so in love and in order to go beyond that, we would have to push it to the limits. This conversation took place just before her first black lover.

Jumping ahead. By this time, we have been having sex with others for about three years. I should tell you this so you see just what transpired and how it happened. Kelly grew up in an apartment. Her parents had a home that they lost when her dad lost his job many years earlier. Her dream was having a house of her own. I was in the Marines, and we bought a house. A huge four bedroom, three baths, three car garage and a big backyard. We worked so hard making it the perfect home. We had a pool put in and then a gazebo and put a Jacuzzi under the gazebo. Extended the porch and made it an outdoor living area with a big barbeque so we can have friends over and enjoy ourselves. Remodeled everything on the inside from wires, to plumbing, to walls. Kelly was great at picking the perfect colors and with bright white trim, the colors she chose for the walls really made it stand out. In the kitchen, it was all new cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances.

Kelly let a contractor talk her into using customized concrete on the floor. I wanted ceramic, not concrete! But I am glad I let her go with it because when he said concrete, I was thinking dull grey, but when he was done, it looked like someone cut a solid piece of marble and laid it in the kitchen and dining room. It was really something! I let Kelly run with many improvements so she could have her dream home and told her she was worth it. I had a race car in the garage that was my playtime. Kellys playtime was working on her yard to make it the best around. Not a single weed, immaculate and plush lawns and no single grease stain on the driveway. It looked like something you only see in magazines.

We had both taken vacation, but decided we would not go anywhere and we would use my reenlistment bonus to spend on the house and make it even better. Kelly said she always wanted a white picket fence and she knew it was a cliché, but that is what she wanted. I was going to Eagle Hardware to pick everything up and Kelly wanted to stay home and if I marked where the fence posts would go, she would dig them. She said “This way, I can say that I helped and it gives me a workout.” When I came home, my truck was loaded down and almost riding on the axles. All of the holes were dug. And there weren’t just a couple holes to dig! The front of our property was 230 feet wide and 52 feet to the front door. It was to be a three foot fence and codes say we only need to dig two feet deep for the posts, but we wanted to go three foot and anchor them with concrete so we would never have troubles with any that could wiggle loose later. The post holes for the two gates would be even deeper. I chuckled to myself while I was getting everything and thinking I would get home and see one hole dug maybe a foot and Kelly showing me a blister on her hand and telling me she can’t do it.

I backed my truck to the garage so I could unload everything and Kelly walked out from the kitchen. She was still wearing her tight little shorts and an old t-shirt that she cut the sleeves off of and cut the bottom off of so that it showed her tight stomach and of course, her white tennis shoes with bright pink laces. (She always had to have those!) She was helping me unload the truck and I told her I was impressed that she was actually able to dig all of the holes for the fence. She put her hand on her hip and said “Why? You didn’t think I could do it? Because I’m a girl, I can’t dig a hole?” Then, she dropped her hand and giggled and said “I couldn’t do it! I tried, but it was so hard.” She said a neighbor from down the street drove by and seen her trying to dig and he walked over and asked if she wanted some help. I swatted her tight little ass and said “Oh! Flash a little ass and boob and you got him to dig for you?” She laughed and came over and put her arms around me and rested her head against my chest and said “No babe. Flash my ass and a hint of boob and I had five guys from the neighborhood digging for me!” She told me that after the first guy showed up, another came over and then another. Before she knew it, there was five guys with (and using her words) “hole digger thingys” and shovels.

She said she was getting turned on because she knew they were all trying to sneak a peek at her and so she walked around with a tape measure and would bend over to measure the holes and from the corner of her eye, she could see them staring at her. Kelly said “You men are all alike! You see a girl and just like apes, you guys work way too hard to impress her. Every guy was trying to outdo the other and the next thing I knew, all the holes were dug!” I told her that she said she wanted to tell people she helped, and now she can. She can honestly say that she got the holes dug. She doesn’t have to say how! I joked with her and said “So did you give them head for their hard work?” She slapped my arm and said “No! But I did fix them some iced tea.” I laughed so hard and said “Oh yeah! Every guy wants to bust their ass around a hot girl and only wants iced tea!” She said “That’s their own fault! They didn’t ask for anything!” Kelly started twirling her hair with her pinky finger sticking out and said “And you guys think blondes are dumb!” and she was laughing as she walked away.

As we started building the fence, two of the neighbors walked back over and asked if we would like some help. I told them I would appreciate it and Kelly patted me on the shoulder with this big shit eating grin and said “I’ll fix everyone some iced tea!” Damn her! I almost started laughing when she said that! When Kelly came back with the tea, she had changed her top and was wearing one of her bikini tops. I took my glass of tea and leaned over to kiss her cheek and whispered “Don’t think I just want tea! You know I’ll come right out and ask for more!” Soon, other neighbors begin to show up and pitch in and I guess I don’t need to say, but Kelly had her white picket fence built in record time. Complete with paint! A couple of the guys noticed my funny car in the garage and soon, all of us were in the garage looking it over. It was only an alcohol burner, and we stood around and Kelly went to the store to get us some beer. When Kelly came home, she suggested we have a barbeque for our neighbors to thank them for helping us. We told everyone to come over the next evening for some steaks. Kelly said “Bring your wives or girlfriends too.” She told them we had a pool and everyone was welcome to bring a bathing suit and we can all get in the pool after dinner. Once we had an idea of how many would be there, Kelly started to plan for what we would need from the store. Later that night at dinner, I asked Kelly why she offered the barbeque when she had them at her damned iced tea. She laughed and said “You’re not going to let me live that down are you?”
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My 18 year old mistress. Part two

So, I had a fantastic time driving Ashley home. I felt like a teen again and couldn't wait to give her a ride home again. The next time we worked the same shift I asked if she needed a ride home. She answered that she had her car but wouldn't mind going for a spin before she went home. The day went on forever. There was the now usual grope here and a squeeze there but it was merely prolonging the torture. I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. The day finally ended and she met me out back by my car. She looked delicious! Dark hair with stunning blue eyes and her athletic body, wow, such a nice tight ass in a pair of white dress slacks. We jumped in my car and I asked her where she would like to take a spin to. She told me to go to a nearby office complex. I pulled into the parking lot and she directed me to pull into a space around the backside of the building. I did as I was told and was beginning to get hard thinking about what was to come. We began kissing passionately and the groping and squeezing was getting heavy. She stopped abruptly and opened her door. What the hell? She stood by the car and stripped out of her clothes down to her bra and panties and climbed into the back seat. I followed her lead and stripped down to my boxers and hopped in back. We picked up where we left off and I couldn't get enough of making out with this hot 18 year old in white satin panties and matching bra with her firm tits spilling out the top. I felt her smooth tanned skin next to mine and I needed more. I began to feel her mound through her silky panties, no hair! She stopped and unhooked her bra and presented her firm, round, perfect teenage tits to me. I devoured them. I sucked and licked and squeezed all the while she pulled and stroked at my now engorged member. Enough! She pulled her panties to the side and mounted my cock with her smooth, puffy, beautiful pussy. She was so wet my cock slid in with little resistance. After a few strokes she had taken my entire length inside her and she began to grind. My cock was exploring her depths and soft fleshy walls. I took a mouthful of tit and grabbed both firm ass cheeks to bounce this delightful creature on my hard dick. She had more than a couple orgasms this way, don't know exactly how many. After another she paused with my length buried in her tight, smooth hole. Then she climbed off and got on her hands and knees on the seat. I was stunned for a moment...this had to be the most erotic and beautiful sight I had ever seen! I gazed at her gorgeous round ass, tan and firm, that framed a perfect bald and puffy pussy and a cute little butt hole. After taking it in for a moment I was brought back to earth by her saying, in a throaty voice, "I need you to bang me NOW". I obliged. I rammed my hard cock into that masterpiece of a pussy. I grabbed each ass cheek and pulled hard until I was buried to the hilt. She begged for me to fuck her hard, so I did. I could hear my balls slapping against her, my hips slamming into her perfect backside and our combined heavy breathing. She pleaded for my cum. I took a firmer grip on her ass and began to pound into her. I felt the tightening in my balls and I asked her where she wanted my load. She then instructed me to pull out and pop just the head into her ass hole. Fuck yes! I did just as I was told and immediately began to spray my jizz into her cute little shit hole. I pumped strand after strand of my seed into her butt and then collapsed on top of her. After catching our breath we climbed out of the backseat and got dressed. On the way back to her car she told me she had never done that before but always wanted to. She also told me that she intended to keep it in her ass as much as possible and climb in bed next to her boyfriend and let it leak out in the bed next to him. HOT! my load dripping from her shit hole in bed with her boy. wow. I told her if she had anything at all that she wanted to try or experiment with that I am game and she extended the same offer to me. We kissed and she left, walking a little funny as she kept her ass squeezed tight as she made her way to her car.
End part two.... Continue»
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The car ride part 1

I hurried after her as she flipped open the passenger door on her car. Trying to get into the car without flashing myself to the world was rather interesting initially. I looked around quickly and trusted to luck and got in. Marsha had already started the car and was waiting for me as I tried to adjust the short skirt to cover myself. I snapped the seat belt on and I asked her where we were going. The look on her face as I finished was one of quiet satisfaction. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her where she kissed me hard then yanked my head away. ‘First girl, you call me Mistress. Next you ask to speak before expressing yourself and finally it is no concern of yours where we are going.’ She threw my head aside and then reached down and very deliberately turned up the hem of the skirt so that I was fully exposed. The sight of my lipsticked pussy reminded me of what was happening. I closed my eyes to compose myself so I did not see the hand that struck me across the face seconds after I closed my eyes. ‘I don’t think I heard your answer slut’, she hissed and I quickly blurted out ‘Yes Mistress Marsha’ . I watched as I said it and tried to prepare myself in case she was to hit me again. But instead of a slap she deliberately reached down and slowly caressed me, sliding her fingers along and into my wetness. A gasp escaped my lips as I was entered. ‘Open your legs wider’ she said. ‘Yes Mistress’ and I opened my legs as wide as the confined bucket seat would allow. She played with me for a few minutes and I could feel myself getting more and more excited. She laughed and said ‘Are you my horny girl?’ I nodded and she laughed again and said, ‘say it.’ ‘Yes Mistress, I am your horny girl.’ As soon as I finished she withdrew her fingers and taking them to her lips she licked then. ‘Good girl’. She then pulled away and started driving. Neither of us said a word as she drove . She quickly left the neighborhood and got onto a local interstate. I was still a bit embarrassed as we drove but was settling down when an I was startled by the sound of a truck horn. We both looked around and saw a trucker pulling up beside us with a big grin on his face. I blushed immediately and Marsha began to laugh. ‘Finger yourself girl, give him a show.’ ‘Please no’ I moaned , Without missing a beat she snapped, ‘take that skirt off now cunt and caress.’ Heart racing , I hiked my hips up and pulled the short skirt off. Marsha put her hand out and I placed it in her hand. She tucked it between herself and the door and said’One more refusal and I toss it out the window. Now caress!’ I obediently began to caress myself, my body torn between embarrassment, the heat caused by Marsha’s demands and the play of my fingers over myself. Two longer blasts on the horn made me look back at the truck again . The driver was laughing and gave me a ‘thumbs up’. For the next ten minutes, Marsha keep our car in a spot that was easily visible from the truck cab. I moaned as my hands drove me to the edge of climax. I asked for release once and Marsha just laughed and I continued to caress. Eventually, with another blast of the truck horn, the trucker pulled off onto his exit. ‘You may stop slut’ . ‘Thank you…Mistress’ I gasped and sat there trying to calm. After awhile I became aware that I had no idea where we were. I looked at the clock on the dash board and to my surprise, an hour had passed. Finally, Marsh put on her blinker and started to pull off the interstate. She tossed me the skirt and told me to put it on. I quickly pulled it on, not caring that it was so short. A hand motion from Marsha and I lifted the front of it again. She pulled into a parking lot and pulled up in front of a pet store. I had a sinking feeling what would be happening next . ‘Get out girl, we are going shopping’
I obediently got out of the car and followed Marsha into the store. My ‘whore’ outfit, with nipples very evident (I had still not calmed down), fuck me heels not to mention the cuffs and collar , drew a few stares. That was nothing compared to the humiliation of standing in the dog aisle as Marsha tried leash after leash onto the collar. She had me stand with legs apart and hands behind my back . When she felt she could, she reached under the skirt and caressed me. To put it mildly , I was soaked. She finally selected a fine chair leash and leaned into me. ‘I am soooo wet doing this. I enjoy it so much , and I can tell you do too’ . With that she sc****d her fingernail on my clit and a very loud groan escaped my lips. The look of glee on Marsha’s face damn near made me climax. She walked off and we paid for the leash and got back into the car. She started it again and to my horror, we did not head for home but continued on. Within a mile we had pulled into a sporting good’s store parking lot. The name of the store could also be used as a nickname for a man’s penis and Marsha laughed at the irony. Again we got out and I was relieved that she did not clip on the leash. We wandered in and went to the men’s wear section. I could feel the eyes of many teen age boys glued to me and I blushed from embarrassment. We went to the underarmor section and Marsha selected a set of men’s long sleeve shirt and long pants. She handed them to me and headed for the changing room. I noticed that she had gotten a size that was two sizes too small for me and I mentioned it to her. By then we had reached the changing room and she waved me to one and followed me into it.’It is too small’. She smiled. ‘Put them on’ She snapped her finger and I quickly took off my top. I struggled to get the underarmor over my head . It stretched and eventually I was able to work it down over me. It was like wearing a pair of too tight stockings and I fidgeted to adjust the top. Finally satisfied I looked at her. She calmly ran a finger around my left nipple. I was amazed at the sensation that shot through me. It was if all my nerves were set afire in pleasure. I moaned and she sc****d her fingernail lightly on my nipple. It was amazing , a sensual caress would not have been more electrifying. ‘Look at yourself slave’ . I did look down and saweach ripple in my body highlighted by the second skin I was wearing. It held me and formed to me and it felt so wonderful. ‘And now the pants’ I hurried out of the skirt and struggled again to get it on. But when it was on, I was like a slightly tight embrace enfolded my body. Marsha lightly ran a finger over my outlined wetness and I had to hold on from the intense pleasure that simple touch caused. “they don’t call it the new latex for nothing slut. And even better, it whisks away your sweat and you can wear it for hours.’ I shuddered at that thought. She explored and adjusted the outfit on me until I thought I would go insane. Then she stopped and said ‘Change back’
I had a hard time peeling it off but finally got it off. I quickly pulled my skirt and blouse on and Marsha opened the door. We bought 4 outfits, two in black, one in green and one in blue. Marsha commented that she wanted pink but it was a men’s sport shop so she doubted they would carry it. We went and paid and got back in the car. I sighed hinking of the day so far and was looking forward to going home but Marsha had other ideas for me.
‘Did you think I was done with you girl? That was all a lead up to our next stop’. I could feel the color drain from my face as she turned away from our place and continued down the road.

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My New Neighbour 5(Backseat Car Fuck-Part 1)

My neighbours husband works away all week so when she was going to pick up her new car i agreed to go with her.As we were driving along she pulled off into a layby.I said,

"Is this where we were meeting the bloke who was selling the car".

She said that it wasn't but,

"I have had some fun times in this car of mine(For fun times read hot fucking sessions)and i fancied one more before it goes.At this she leaned over and undid my trousers.She took my cock in her hands and began to wank it before taking it in her mouth.After a few minutes of sucking hard on my cock she had made it stiff.She said,

"Lets get in the back where its more comfortable".

As we climbed into the back her sort skirt rose up and i could see that she had no panties on.This made me realise that she had probably planned this.There wasn't a lot of room in the back but there was enough room for her to go on top.I sat on the backseat with my by now stiff cock sticking straight up.She straddled me before feeding my cock into her pussy.She proceeded to ride up and down on my cock.

"Oh fuck thats good.Grab my arse as i ride your cock".

I grabbed her arse as she rode up and down on my cock,slapping it occasionally.This appeared to excite her as she said,

"Thats it slap my arse as i ride you".

As i did this she shouted,

"Oh yes.That is bl**dy good"

As she rode up and down on my cock i lifted her top up.She had no bra on but she didn't really need one as her breasts were still firm.Her nipples were stiff so i began to tweak them before taking them in my mouth and licking them and sucking on them.This excited her as she said,

"Oh god.I love having my nipples licked and sucked whilst fucking".

I carried on doing this for a few minutes and i began to feel her shake.She was soon having an orgasm.

"Oh shit.Oh shit.God i am bl**dy coming".

Which she proceeded to do all over my cock.As she did this i began fuck her hard.As my cock thrust into her by now very wet pussy i pushed down on her shoulders.

"Oh,My,God.That is so bl**dy deep".

I began to ram my cock ever deeper into her wet pussy.

"That cock of yours is so bl**dy deep i can feel it touching the back walls of my pussy.I love it when you fuck me hard and deep".

By now i was fucking her hard,deep and fast and i was close to coming.As i told her this she said,

"Bury your cock deep inside me then.I want you to come deep inside me.I want you to splash the back walls of my pussy with your young come".

At this i felt my cock twitch and i was soon flooding her pussy with hot come.

"Oh god thats good" i said.

"To bl**dy right.I love the feeling of young come splashing my pussy".

As i finished coming she collapsed onto me,before taking my face and kissing me saying,

"Thanks.That was a great last fuck in the back of my car".

As she climbed off of me i could see that my cock was well and truly spattered with come and pussy juices.These juices also began to ooze out of her pussy and dripped all over the backseat of the car.I was a bit concerned at this but she just looked at me and said,

"Oh dear.It looks as if the new owner will have to get the cleaners out" before collapsing in a state of giggling.

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Helpless Mother!! Part 1

I never thought I will jump up with joy when my uncle called me from India and said my dad had passed away!I almost said "Yes" on phone but controlled myself and continued being sorrow! It was not because my dad was abusive or something! He was the best dad I could have! For that I was greatful to him! The main reason I was happy on his death was my mom! Yes my mom!

I had my eyes on mom eversince I hit puberty! My feelings triggered when I saw two dogs fucking outside my house. Me and my friends joked about it then but in few hours time, I was jerking off on my bed thinking how good it will be fucking a cunt! As I was doing it, my mom barged into my room. She quickly saw what was going and then went back saying sorry! I was pretty embarassed then but my mom's body caught my attention! Since then my mom was my lover during my wanking!

I felt guilty about it all the time but never stopped thinking about fucking her! Three years ago I came to US to do my MS after my engineering. I thought it would go away but infact my lust for her increased! And then about an year ago I discovered Mr. Double! The mother-son stories in here grew more on me and aggravated my lust for my mother more and more!

About six months ago I went to India to see mom and dad! I have to confess, for the first time, I felt sexually aroused when my mom hugged me at the airport. All the tiredness of journey vanished and I really wanted to m***** her and kiss her on her lips then itself! But I controlled myself but my mind was constantly looking for a opportunity to grope her! As we got into the car, dad got in first and moved to the far end of the back seat. Then I got in and sat beside dad. Then mom got in holding my hand. As she got in and turned to sit beside me, I moved my hand around her waist and rested my hand on her midriff. All this part happened naturally but as I touched her naked flesh of her midriff, my pervertness took over. Unknowingly, I caressed her midriff and pinched it a little. I donot know if mom observed it but was busy sitting properly in the car.

Dad, mom and the car driver were busy doing their stuff while I lustfully played with mom's midriff.I kept my hand around her as it got squeezed between mom's naked back and the car seat. The touch of her naked flesh was driving me nuts! Mom and dad kept talking to me. I was answering them but I kept enjoying mom's body! I never enjoyed touching mom till then! I never thought of touching her lustfully before either!

That was the first day I touched mom with lust and since then I wanted more! And I never missed an opportunity when I got one! It was then I realized how much dad is around mom! He is retired now and almost all the time he is with her! He was always there when she changed, when she was taking shower, and even when she is in kitchen bending over to pick up something! Every time I gawked at mother, I could feel his presence. That way I missed many opportunities and I could not enjoy mom's show! Whenever mom did something sexy dad was always there! How can I ogle at mom when he is around? I was afraid I might get caught! I got frustrated all the time.

But I always used 'natural' ways to feel her assets to get around dad's presence. At one instant, in our corridor, we were going out and somebody was moving a big fridge on wheels. It was occupying almost all of the corridor and coming our way. Mom wanted to get back into house but I told her to just squeeze. As I saw mom hugging the wall, she looked vulnerable! I took the chance and lined myself against her bum and pushed her a little towards the wall. I had instant hardon as her arse pressed against my crotch! Unknowingly, I thirsted my crotch a little into her but I quickly took off after the fridge passed and hoped she didn’t realize my bulge.

All the touching’s in fact increased my lust for her than appease it! As I grew restless I realized dad was not leaving her alone at any moment of time! I was obsessed with mom by then but could not get a single opportunity to take advantage of her! I was so obsessed I was even ready to **** her if I had an opportunity. At one instance, dad went out to get some milk in the morning and mom was still sl**ping. As dad left, I closed the door and went and checked on mom. She was sl**ping like a baby on her side. Unfortunately I could not see any of her naked flesh except her midriff but as I watched her I grew hornier! At that instant I really wanted to go and **** her.

I planned quickly and intensely on how to do it. My objective was mainly to fuck her cunt. So my easy way was to loosen her saree and lift her petticoat. If I could do that, then I can restrain her and spread her legs. I took off my sarong and got close to the bed. As I was climbing the bed, dad knocked the door. I was irritated and put my feet back on ground while mom got disturbed and turned my way. I got startled and took my sarong and got to the door while wrapping it. Dad did ask me why I took that long and I said I was pissing.
That was the closest I got to fucking mom. Dad never left her even for a moment and my obsession for her grew more. It became so much, I said no to my marriage.
Mom and dad were really keen to get me married and were very disappointed. I am thirty now and they were very worried I may not get any girl. I was desperate for a cunt but they cannot marry me with that cunt because it belongs to my own mother! But to please my parents, we went and saw some girls and I turned them all down. Mom was so tired with my turn downs, out of frustration; she asked me what kind of girl I was looking for! I told her I want someone exactly like her in Freudian style! Mom was flattered by my words but said everyone is different! I said I will wait! She was not happy but I was adamant too!
So a month later, I am back in US! No wife but with a lot of unfulfilled luggage of lust towards my mother! It grew more over these months as I rang and talked to them! I wanted her so much that when I felt like fucking her I used to ring her and masturbate while I talked to her. Nothing sexual or kinky but having mom on the other side asking me how I am doing was enough for me fantasizing that she is riding my cock! I was in control most times but when I lose it and moan on the phone, I used to say I was exercising or something!
But I could not fool mother for long! Two months after my coming back to US, one night when I was masturbating talking to mom on phone, she told me to ring her the next day few hours earlier. I asked her why and she said she wants to talk to me then.

Then the next day, I rang her up! This time I was not masturbating as I thought it might be serious! After sometime mom said she wanted to talk to me in private! I asked her where dad is! She said he went to bazaar! Then I asked her what she wants to talk! She came right to the point! She said "I know you are masturbating when you are talking to me!"
I was shocked! Instinctively I denied it! I asked "No!...Hell no!... what gave you that idea?" Shame and guilt struck me! She said "You cannot escape from your mother! I know you do that! I even know your deeds with me when you came here!"
"What deeds?" I asked.
"I know everything Mahesh! Those peeps when I am changing! Those 'brushings' against my body! I know!"
I was sweating by then! All the things I thought I escaped from were in fact being counted by mother!
I felt I was caught and I came clean! I said "Sorry mom!"

She said "I didn't want to say anything because your dad was always around. All these days I have been thinking but expected they will stop! I explained myself may be you missed me so much you got attracted to my body! But seeing you continue after going back was a bit awkward to me! Initially when I guessed you are masturbating talking to me, I felt disgusted. But as you were continuing, I had to talk to you!"
Before I said anything she said "I know it’s hard for you Mahesh being unmarried even at thirty! But we gave you options and you rejected them! It is unhealthy to think about your own mother as an object of desire! It is also sinful!"
"But I love you mother!" I came to the point.
"I love you too! But our love cannot be forbidden!"
"But I want to be close to you as dad is!"
"You are already close to me more than your dad Mahesh! You are born from and fed from me! Your dad cannot be as close as you are to me!"
"But I want to be closer on bed too!" I bit my tongue!
"No Mahesh!" Mom asserted. "Mother and her matured son don't get closer on bed!"
"Why not?"
"Because it’s wrong!"
"Why is it wrong?"
"Because I am you mother! Because I am your dad's wife Because..."

"But people commit i****t, people commit adultery!"
"But I am not!"
There was a brief silence between us.
"We should get you married!"
"I will not marry."
"It’s not your decision anymore!"
"It is mother! As same as your decision on adultry!"
"Adultery and marriage are not same you idiot!" mom screamed.
"They may be different but making decision about them is same!"
"Why are they..."
I interrupted her saying "I am not listening anymore mother! I will not marry anybody and I love you! I love you....I love you....I love you! Don't ask me and bug me again!" and I hungup on her.
I was not very disappointed as I sought of expected that response from her. But I was determined I would not call her again until she gets back to me. I knew she would get back to me as she is my mother!

But two weeks passed and there was no call from mom and dad! I sought of missed talking to them. I started feeling I might have hurt mom bad! I wanted to give them a call but my ego said no! After three weeks or so, I got an email from dad's friend saying dad wanted me to call home.
That evening I rang home and mom lifted the phone. I immediately asked her to put dad on! Mom asked dad to get the phone. I knew dad lifted the second phone as they always talk in parallel to me. I asked dad all the stuff. He asked me why I am not talking to mom and I said there’s nothing like that. He said mom was sad that I did not ring her for so long. I said I got busy. Mom tried to talk to me but I didn’t reply her. I kept talking to dad!

After a while mom went away for a while and came back saying she put teapot on the stove. We kept talking for a while and then mom asked dad to go and check on the tea. As dad went away, I wanted to hang up but dad told me to hold. Mom then said in low voice "Okay..Okay you win! Call me this tuesday when your dad goes to market!"
I said "Yep! You say like this and then preach me!"
She said "No not this time! I won't!"
I said "Okay!"
Dad came a little later and lifted the other phone and said "So you are back talking now!"
We kept talking for a little more and then hung up. That day was a Sunday and I eagerly waited for Tuesday.
I eagerly calculated my time that Tuesday evening and rang mom up! Mom pickup up and I asked if dad is gone! She replied he did! I then asked her what the matter is! She said she has been thinking about my butt headedness all those days! "I knew what you were asking is forbidden and unlawful!" she said. "But I do realize how much you must love me to stay celibate rather than marry somebody! So I decided I will let you have your way!"
I couldn't believe what I heard! I said with excitement "Really mom! You will..."
"Yes!" she said. "I had enough of silence from you! I would rather accept rather than go without talking to you for months!"
I knew I caught her by not ringing her! "Tell me you are like me mom! You can't live without hearing my voice!"
"You won't understand a mother's love Mahesh!" she said "All these physical attractions are beyond her love!"
"I know mother!" I said smiling. "But you cannot live without hearing my voice!" I teased her.
"Whatever!" mom said. "Seriously Mahesh! I realized how important your call is for this mother!"
"Important than your chastity mother?" I was still cheeky.
"To a mother, her son is more important than herself! What is more important in this physical world?"
I became serious too! I said "Thanks mom! Now you realize how important you are to me!"
"Then why do you want my physical body?" she spurted out.
"To union with you once and for all mother!" I was surprised for my own answer!
"Wow! Great way to say I have hots for you mother!" she said smiling.
I felt dumb!
"So you have hots for me huh?"
"Yes...."I said shyfully.
"You dream every night?"
"But you did not see me naked anytime? Did you?"
"No! But I have my imagination!"
"You think I am sexy?"
"Sexier than love goddess!"
"Wow! That’s a complement!"
"No mom! I swear!"
" do you always have .....?"
"Have what?"
"You know!" she hesitated. "Have sex?"
"Yes mom!" I said with shy.

I felt awkward. I quickly changed the subject. "So why did you decide to accept my offer mom?" I asked.
"Because you wanted me too! Didn't you?"
"Yes I did! But you weren't before!"
"Well I missed your calls and I thought I might as well give you what you want to keep me happy! A little phone sex wouldn't harm anybody!"
"Phone sex?" I was puzzled.
"You mean you will just talk to me on phone and nothing else?"
"What else?!"
I knew she is smiling inside enjoying taking me for a ride.
"Then I don't want it mom! I am hanging up!" I said affirming.
"NO..NO...don't hangup! I was just k**ding!" mom laughed.

I laughed with her too and then mom stopped laughing as she heard dad come in. We stopped talking our topic and I ended up talking to dad for a while before I ended the call.
Since then, Tuesdays have become my talk-kinky-to-mum day with mom. I used to jerkoff talking kinky to her!
For the next two months we kept talking everything from xxx jokes to erotic stories on mr.double. I sent some money so that they could get a computer. I got her a private email and started sending her sex pictures. It was a dream to share my sex pics with mother and it came true. Mom managed to watch them when dad was not around her.
My lusts for her increased even more! At some instances I just wanted to go to India just to fuck her!

I have come to a situation where a thought of the word "mother" would give me a hard-on. Then on that fateful day, my phone rang. Infact I was masturbating when I got the phone call about my dad's death. That’s why I was jumping with joy! Although I cursed myself being so insensitive later!
I had to confess that more of my lust than my sorrow took me back to India. I knew I needed at least a month to take care of everything there! I did not know the mental status of mom! I thought even if she grieved for the first two weeks, I could seduce her in the next two weeks! But I got only three weeks of leave. I was disappointed but I decided I will not return to US without having her pussy juices on my cock! Worse comes worse, I decided to **** if she rejects me.

As I was on the plane, the nakedness of my mother surpassed my thoughts of dad. I had to seriously make effort to remember my best times with dad over and over again to make me sorrow when I landed in India! Mom didn't come to the airport but my uncle came. We went home and mom collapsed in my arms. There was nothing sexual then. Infect I became a normal son as soon as I saw her cry!I cremated dad, and performed lots of rituals the next day! I watched mom cry all the time, hugged her a lot more times but no feelings.

But that evening when I told everyone that I got only three weeks leave, I realized I have to hurry up if I wanted to conquer my mother on bed! The thought of it got my attention onto mom's body and I insisted to sl**p with mom that night! As i****tuous as it seemed for me and mom, others thought its just the son in me speaking. They said they understand me but they said I am tired and cannot handle my grieving mother! I thought of it for a while and did not put pressure.
So that night, I slept on my parents' bed all by myself. That gave me an opportunity to sniff my mother's pillow and masturbate on my mother's underwear! The next day morning I was woken up mom's whisper. As I opened my eyes and looked at her beautiful face, she smiled and said "Give me my underwear before anybody sees them!"
Those words brought me back to this world. Before I said anything she continued "Wait until this evening! Don't spoil until then!"
We had dad's third day ceremony that day and it was very busy! I did not have time think about mom's body except few times when I saw her drop her pallu once and her curves from her side as she bent to handover something to the priest. I could see her blouse lined breast curves and her naked midriff clearly. I was performing my ritual to dad at that time but couldn't stop thinking about his wife sexually!
By that evening people started leaving us one by one consoling us not to cry anymore! By about 5pm everyone was gone and house was very silent when we saw off my uncle and aunt.
We closed the door and both sat on the lounge silently for a while. After a while mom asked "Did you sl**p well last night?"
As I said "yes" to her she continued "Saw you kept my underwear very wet!"
I didn't know if she meant it in a sexy way!
She then said "I thought you became normal as I expected you to m***** me when I hugged you the day you landed! But I realized you were acting before when you said you wanted to sl**p with me lastnight! Gosh! So eager to sl**p with your dad's wife on the night of his cremation?" mom smiled.

Before I opened my mouth she continued "I knew you did not come for him! You came for me! That’s why I arranged for you to sl**p alone on our bed! I knew the next best thing of me is my bed and my underwear! That’s why I had to get up early today because I was afraid that somebody will figure out that you are spilling your cum on my underwear! I do not know how many times you cummed on them but they were very wet. I quickly had hid them away!"

"What can I do mom? I got only three weeks!" I said.
"So then it’s true that you have come to bed me not to cremate your father!"
"I have come for both mother!" I confessed. "I know when I cremate dad; I will only be the man in your life!"
"But even then you thought three weeks will not be enough to steal your mother's chastity?"
"I knew you probably would be grieving on dad at least for two weeks or so!"
"But still you tried to sl**p with me last night! Do you think I give you what you wanted?"
"Then how did you expect that I will sl**p with you yesterday?" mom became serious.
"Since I have less time, I thought...I could...f***e you" I hesitated.
"What?" mom screamed! "You thought you could f***e me? You mean **** me?"
I was silent.
"Answer me Mahesh!" mom became fierce.
"I am sorry mom!" I apologized.
"You wanted to **** your mother that night you cremated your father?"
I was silent.
After few seconds mom said "Do you know I kind of guessed the same thing too?"
I was surprised and looked at her. She said "Yes! As soon as I heard that you are coming here, I knew my chastity is on the line! Given your obsession for me, I expected you would get me to sl**p with you despite my grief! I sought of expected you will **** me if I protested! That’s why I thought you will take advantage of me when I hugged you but surprisingly you didn't!"
I smiled at her!
She smiled and said "So you thought I would grieve for your dad for two weeks only? He is my husband Mahesh! I would grieve for him all my life! But I am a mother too! I am sad of loosing my husband but I have a son too! And I have to take care of him! They both are different!"
I was happy hearing those words from her and said "So will you take care of your son mother?"
"Well, if he demands!" she said smiling.
"Then he needs your care now mother!" I got up, knelt on the floor and crawled on the floor towards her.
"No! I can't I am grieving right now!" mom said smiling.

I then held her legs with my hands and pulled her down saying "You can grieve while taking care of me!” She screamed and slid towards me from the sofa to the floor. As she slid her saree crumpled up to her thighs along with her petticoat revealing her hairy legs and her thighs.

I further pulled her towards me and I got closer to her. She was still leaning on her neck against the sofa as I said "He wants you now no matter what mother!" and then pulled her pallu off her chest. Mom was smiling shy fully as I was amazed by a look at her cleavage. She then said "Will you **** her then?"

It was then I realized she has a hole between her thighs as he saree crumbled up and formed one lump. I then put my right hand on her inner thigh as I ogled at mom's cleavage and slowly moved up her inner thigh. I could feel mom's breathing got harder as her chest started expanding. I held mine to concentrate! After a while I could not wait any longer so I quickly grabbed her naked pubic mound and looked at her face. Mom gasped as I firmly held her hair covered mound and said "I can do whatever I want with you and nobody can stop me!"
Mom said nothing. Possibly started enjoying already. I leant forward and kissed her on the lips while pushing my right hand between her legs to explore her pussy. She tried to widen her legs but were constricted by her clothes. I waited until I had full pleasure of my first lustful kiss with my mom while still rubbing my hand against her pussy. Then I realized I was going nowhere down at her pussy and also how frantic I am! Everything, my first woman, my own mother, cupping my mother's mound and then the kissing... everything shot me to heights. But then I decided I will have to make my first time with my mother last longer.
As I paused to cool down a little, mom opened her eyes trying to find out why I stopped! I asked her gasping "Do you want to do it here or shall we go to bed?"
She said "Your wish!"
I was very excited seeing her in her present position. Her uncovered blouse brought her older tits together and gave me a nice cleavage view as she sexily leant on the sofa edge balancing herself with her two arms either side. Her saree and petticoat was crumbled up to her upper thighs as my right hand feeling her mound between her legs. I dreamt of scenes with mom but never thought they will be real!
I looked at her and said "Lets takeoff our clothes here and then we will go to bed!"
She then sat straight and started unhooking her blouse. I could not believe she was doing everything I say! I looked at her tummy and started pulling her saree tangles off. Its easy to disrobe a saree! Just pull out the front tangles and three-fourths work is done. While I was doing it she told me "takeoff your clothes..they will take longer!"
I guessed mom was right! I was wearing a pajama. Both are long and tight but I was quick in pulling them off! As I took off my pajama, I took off my underwear with it. My cock sprung out as it got loose!
I threw my clothes on sofa and looked at mom! Mom by now completely removed her blouse as her breasts were hanging out a bit. They were a bit smaller than I last saw them few years ago. They were a bit wrinkly but still possessed that sexiness. As I got lost in her topless ness, I realized she removed her saree and untangled her petticoat and was about to push the petticoat down. As it came just below her pubic hair line. I asked her to stop. She stopped and looked at me. I said "I want to uncover my mother's forbidden genitals myself!"
She said "Good! I am having hard time pulling it off!" and balanced on her arms to lift her hip gently! I then knelt before her and pulled off her petticoat. As it revealed more of her womanhood, I was watching at it in awe! As her triangular part completely came to view, mother sat back on floor and I pulled off the petticoat off her legs and threw it on the sofa.
As I looked at mom's forbidden area, mom got a little shy and got her legs together. I looked at her and said "Now we are real mother and son mom! No clothes between our flesh!"
As she looked at me with shy, I stepped between her legs and knelt pushing her legs apart. Mom was still trying to keep her thighs together as I eagerly leant forwards to suck her breasts. As I leant forward, I kissed her between her breasts and took her right nipple into my mouth.As I sucked and started licking her nipple, I cupped her other breast with my right hand and started gently squeezing it. Mom closed her eyes and started moaning a bit.

After a while, I interchanged the breasts. Her nipples by now are rock hard and protruded out. After having enough fun with her tits, I slowly started moving down by kissing her tummy. As I reached below her navel area and to her pubic area, mom started widening her legs. As I reached her pubic bone, I lifted her legs by her knees and spread them. Mom slided rightwards and then laid on the floor saying "I thought you wanted to go to the bed!"
I said "We will...for the climax!"
Mom opened her eyes and said "I thought you finished kissing!"
I said "Not yet! My sexy mother!" and then headed straight to her clit and caught it with my lips. Mom moaned loudly in pleasure as she didnot expect it and few seconds later, she had orgasm. I kept playing with her clit as her moans increased. After a while, I then started licking her pussy lips and then pushed my tongue into her. Few moments later she had orgasm again! I could feel her pussy getting wetter. I actually thought woman have dry vaginas after menopause but mom's excitement was getting it wet enough!

Mom was moaning like hell as if her own husband is having sex with her! I heard her moans when dad and she were having sex but never this many and this loud. As she gave another moan to signal another orgasm, I stopped licking her and looked at her face. A moment later she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I smiled back holding my dick with my right hand. She looked at it
and asked me "Do you want to go to bed?"
I said "Yes!" and stood up. I then leant a hand to lift mom up and then hugged her close and kissed her. After the kiss we slowly started moving together to the bedroom. Mom asked me "Where did you learn all that?" I said "Books!" and kept kissing her shoulders while taking small steps to to the room. "It was a great experience!" mom said. I said "Why? Dad did not do it?"
She said shy fully "No!" By then we reached the bedroom. I got off our hug and said "You mean dad never had oral sex with you?" She went and sat on the bed while I closed the door and said "You were the first one to lick my cunt!"
I turned to her and said "Poor dad! He missed tasting your sweet cunt!"
She laid on the bed the bed saying "I could be sweet one for you and yucky for others!" and smiled.
I came to the bed saying "Your cunt! Yucky! Impossible!"
Mom said restlessly "Just get on the bed and make me your wife!" while rubbing her cunt.
My dick sprang up more as I saw her rubbing and jumped on the bed and knelt between her knees. She spread her legs wide as I said "Do you want me to lick you again?"
She said "No! Just shut up and put your dick in me!"
I felt proud as she begged me graciously to fuck her! I then held my dick with my hand and lined it up with her hole! I then pushed forward as my dick pierced her cunt lips to bury itself inside her! Mom moaned again as I dig deep in her until my balls touched her body.
The moment I have been dreaming for years was finally before my eyes. My own mother is underneath me, naked, and my dick is fully buried in her cunt! She closed her eyes as if meditating on our ultimate union. My mother, my dear mother who brought me to this world as a tiny 4kg baby is now taking my manhood inside her as a normal woman! The same cunt muscles that pushed me out are now massaging my cock! I never thought it would be real!
As I instinctively pulled out my dick my first action of fucking my mother began! It was a starting of whole new relationship with mom! It was start of whole new life for my widow mother! I had to close my eyes too and concentrate myself on our union too! The union of female and male! The union of yoni and lingam!
As I concentrated and thrus my cock deep into her, it was as if I was in dream but only the fucking is real. I increased the speed as I gained more control. As I reached my utmost speed I opened my eyes to see mom looking at me. Her whole body is vibrating as her tits were showing it more clearly. Then I had my whole nervous system loose on me as my dick, for the first time, orgasm in a real cunt! I pushed my dick in and grunted as first load emptied into her. Then my dick spammed as it dropped my other loads and I fell on to her huffing and puffing.
I do not know how long we laid on top of each other while we gathered some breath and my dicked emptied itself in her. As I got some energy, I looked at mom. Mom smiled at me as always! I then said to her smiling "You are mine mom! You cunt is mine!" I wanted to tell her I can talk raw with her!
She smiled and said "I have no choice! Remember I am a widow!"

I said moving onto her side "The day I heard dad passing away, I knew you will be mine!"
"But you didn't expect to fuck me on the third day did you?" mom asked.
I said "Yes! I thought will take at least two weeks!" as I settled myself on the bed.
"Do you know I was thinking of you the evening your dad died?" mom said adjusting herself.
I was surprised and said "No! How...?"

As I came home from the hospital, you uncle and aunt came with me. I was very depressed but you uncle told me to get to bed. While I walked into this room and closed the door, his memories all came to me. As I slept on the bed, I looked at his side and felt a big void. I remembered all the things we did right from our marriage to getting pregnant with you. It was then my thoughts changed and I reminded of you. Then as I looked at your dad's side of the bed, I swear, I saw you there smiling at me! I was excited and ashamed at the same time! It was then, I thought, your dad's place will not be vacant for long. I was ashamed of myself thinking about you and that too wrongly on your dad's death. I tried to stop my thoughts and worry about your dad but the harder I tried the intensive were the thoughts."
I was listening to her with awe while she continued.
She said "I liked the perverted side of my thoughts! I imagined you sl**ping naked with your widow mother! But then I realized it could become true! I remembered you saying you did not try because dad was always around! Now that your dad is dead and you were coming from US, I became a helpless woman! I realized it would be matter of when rather than if that I would be sl**ping with you like a wife rather than a mother! It was then I also thought you will probably **** me if I protested you! At that instant the pressure of losing my chastity to you took over my grief of your dad!"
I got serious and said "I am sorry mom if I made you feel that way!"
Then she said "But as guilty as I was, I enjoyed thinking about you and me! At one instant, I even thought by that time next week, I will probably be sl**ping with you with your semen in my vagina! And that took me overboard as I shamelessly touched myself! There I was on the night of my husband's death, sl**ping on our bed and masturbating thinking about my son doing me! How kinky and slutty can I get?"
After a brief silence, she said "It was not until I had my orgasm, the grief hit me in full f***e! I cursed myself and cried and cried. It was then I decided I will keep thinking about my life with your dad always! Of course it wasn't hard in the mornings as everybody was there! When I saw you the next day, my thoughts came back but I couldn't withhold myself without falling into your arms. Your passiveness calmed me down a bit but your proposal to sl**p with me last night brought my thoughts back! Before your uncle said no, my heart was running fast as I thought 'this is it!' They do not know your motto but I do!" I said "So you thought I will **** you that night?"
She said "Yes! I knew there is no escape from my horny son once they put you and me in this room and close the door! I knew I was destined to sl**p with you but I was afraid it would be leaked out to our relatives. I could shut my mouth and let you spread my legs naked on this bed but could not imagine it being leaked out! What would they say? That I am a son-lover and slut who get fucked the day after her husband's death! How would they know I have been ****d when I silently let you **** me?I was ready to accept you as a lover but not ready to get branded a slut and a son-fucker among our relatives!"
"I would mom!" I said.
"You would what?" mom asked.
"I would love to be branded a mother-fucker!" I said. "I would love to say to that world that I fuck my mother and will fuck her forever!"
"But you are male Mahesh!" mom said.
I kept quiet.
She continued "You are male! You can say anything you want to the world. You can tell them you are fucking your own mother and even pull me to the street and **** me when everybody is watching! You will fill me up, wipe your dick, and walk away from me! But I will be lying there ****d and will be picking up the pieces. The next day, you will be a hero that conquered your mother's motherhood! But I will be a slut! Every man's eyes will be on my breasts and my crotch ogling at me like I am a hooker! They won't even think I am old! Everybody will want a piece of me! I am sure even my own b*****r would like to strip my saree!"
"So you don't want me to tell anyone about us?" I asked.
"No!" mom looked at me as if I am stupid! "I am sl**ping with you wilfully doesn't mean you can tell the world about it! You are in India Mahesh not US! No one will know except the three of us!"
"Three of us mom?" I asked., me and your dad!" mom said.
"But dad is not here!? You mean you told him before?" I asked.
"No I did not tell him but your dad will certainly know!"
"You mean dad would be here with us now?"
"Yes! I am sure your dad is with us now!" mom said.
I felt spooky said "So you think he saw us having sex?"
"I am sure he did!"
"Don't you feel bad?"
"Bad? No! In fact I want him to see! He is the one who left me alone and he will feel for leaving me helpless!" she said.
"But you also enjoyed our sex?!"
"Yes I did! But my helplessness dragged me into this! If he was here then it would be him sl**ping with me and you would sl**ping in your room!"

Before I said anything she continued "But he left me now! He didn't come when you pulled me from sofa to the floor! He didn't come to rescue me when another man's hand cupped my mound! You even challenged him when you named your mother's mound as yours! He is nowhere to be seen when feasted on your mother's forbidden breasts and pussy! He did not even obstruct you when you took me to his bedroom! You parted my thighs and inserted your manhood into me and he didn't say a word! You brutally committed i****t with your mother and adultery with his wife, he did nothing! So why do I care if he is here?" "Nice description mom!" I said twisting my dick as it started rising again. "But he might be helpless too!"
"Then let him watch his wife getting fucked and be helpless" mom said. "In fact, I want him to watch you disrobe me and fuck me like your wife! I want him to see my orgasms with you and how many times you fill my cunt with your semen! I want him to know I was thinking of you the day he is dead!"
"He probably knows by now mom!" I said. "Because you said it already!"
She said "That’s why I want our relationship to be between us only!"
"It will be mom! I promise!" I said "Now give us a kiss!"
As we kissed, suddenly a garland from dad's photo hung on the top of the bed fell on both of us! We both were shocked. Mom looked shocked and I had to say something before she get hysterical. So I said "Do you know the meaning of this mom? Dad approves our relationship!"
Mom got scared realizing dad could be really around! I could see her fear on her face! She said "Then. Then he is around and I am.."
But he approves us mom!" I said. "That’s why he threw the garland!"
"But I can't" she tried to get up. I knew she became hysterical. She finally got up and started going to the room door.
I kept saying he approved our relationship but she could not listen. As she unlocked the door I decided I had to take matter into my hands. I quickly got up saying "I got her dad! I got her dad!" and went and grabbed her from behind before she could open the door! She was twitching and turning to get loose I held her and locked the door. I then turned mom my side and slapped her! Mom stopped everything and looked at me holding her cheek. Then I told her "You are mine now mother! You belong to me and I will tell you when to go out! Dad, even if he is here, will just watch me!"
Mom started crying. I said "You might be his wife and my mother but I own his place now in this house. His house and his property are mine and that includes you mother!" I was strong and assertive! The more she cried the stronger I became!
"I own you like anything this house and you will do as I told you to! Even though you are my mother, I declare you will please me as your husband and I claim your husband's place on your bed! I am sure dad is happy about it but I challenge dad if he doesn't like it! If he dislikes it he will throw me away!" I then said loudly "Throw me dad! I am claiming your wife!"
I stopped for a while when mom cried slowly. After a while I said to mom "See mom! Dad doesn't challenge me! Inf act I know he endorses my claim! I would do the same thing too! It would rather be me that will keep your cunt busy than a strange dickhead that would take his place. So stop looking at me like your son and please me like your lover!" I held her chin and pinched it lightly.
Mom then fierce fully spitted on me! I got aggressive but I controlled it as it would take us nowhere! I wiped off the spit and then said "You have no choice mom! You said that so! Look at you! You are stark naked standing before me! You cunt is dry with my semen and your pubic hair is full of my cum! I am naked too with you in your bedroom and we do not need any further evidence to say what happened here! If I open the door this instant and somebody sees us they would know you have been enjoyed by your son! **** or not, it will be you who would carry a lifelong blemish! I will abandon you and go back to US and will be happy there! It will be you who will be picking up the pieces as you said! So come to think of it, you have a choice now mom! You can go and declare to the world that I ****d you! Ofcourse nobody will have evidence except my semen in you! No body harm and no struggling signs! Even your pussy provided enough lubrication for a woman with menopause! In the long run, you can get branded as a fabricator and become a filthy son-fucker!"
I stopped for a moment. "Or you can accept me as a man of this house! That includes being a man on your bed too! Ofc ourse nobody would know except us! I will treat you as my mother normally and be your loving son! As a gift, you make me your husband on your bed. I will take care of you better than dad did! I don't care if dad doesn't like this! I will protect you from him! But I am sure dad approves us! Otherwise he would have kicked me instead of garlanding me!"
"So it yours to decide mom! Go out and ruin us and our f****y! Or be mine and get treated like a great mother and a great wife!" I said.
Mom cried and took her time. She then fell over my chest beating my chest with her tiny fists saying "Arsehole! You have ruined my life!"
I hugged her sexually grabbing her arse from below and said "You keep me happy and I will keep you happy for life mother!" My dick is pressed upwards between my crotch and her tummy as she is shorter than me.
"How can I? You are already treating me like your concubine!" she said wiping her eyes on my chest!
"You made me to treat you like this mother!" I grabbed more of her bum and passed my finger to brush her cunt.
"But what can I do? I was afraid your dad..." mom said.
"Dad's gone mom!" I said. "Even if he is here spiritually, he will not do anything! So don't be afraid of him! I promise I will protect you! You have to realize it is I who will tell you what to do from now on! You are mine and I control you! Realize that even if I **** you brutally dad will not do anything! He has lost control over you and me when he left this world! Now I have taken his position and his rights on his property! So I own you and your assets!" I grabbed her more tightly and inserted my fingers into her vagina!
Mom twitched a bit and felt uncomfortable as I groped her cunt. I loosened my hug a bit and let go her cunt while still caressing her arse. She then said "So will you take care of me if I be good to you?"
"Yes!" I replied.
"Promise?" she asked.
"Promise!" I replied.
"So I suppose you want my cunt to take care of this?" mom asked thrusting my dick with her hand.
"That’s like a good mom!" I kissed her on her forehead and walked her to the bed.
As she laid on her back, I positioned myself and inserted my dick into her pussy. Her cunt was not lubricated as before and very painful as I inserted took it off and went to my bags and got the ky jelly out.
As I was getting back opening its lid, mom asked me "What is it?"
"Lubricant!" I said while pushing some out of the tube.
"Won't it be harmful if we..." she asked.
"No...its formulated only to use while having sex!" I said smearing the jelly onto my dick.
She watched me and when I got up the bed after smearing she smiled and said "You came here prepared huh!"
I smiled at her back taking my position.
"How did you know I will be dry?" she asked as I inserted my dick into her cunt.
"Wow! That’s pretty smooth!" she remarked as my dick entered her.
I started fucking her vigoursly as my hard-on has been for a while and started paining me. Mom also guessed the situation and kept quite as I humped her. Our bed started shaking by my thrusts as I kept fucking her in-and-out! Few minutes later, my balls emptied in her.

I was in a kind of trance until I came! I came back to this world after that! Mom and I were both breathing hard for a while. After we settled, mom asked me again on how I knew she would be dry. I told her I read books and found out that woman's vagina is not as lubricated after menopause. After few discussions our menopause knowledge, we finally realized it was dinner time! We have been in the bedroom for three and half hours! We had two fucks and lots of drama during that time!
I told mom "Because you have been a good mother I will take you to dinner tonight!" Mom got out of bed to go to bathroom. It is attached to the bedroom.
She said "I like that too but it will not be good!" while walking towards the door and opened it.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because dummy you are forgetting we are grieving! Nobody goes to dinner on the third day of your dad's death!" she said as I heard her sitting on the toilet.
"Then let’s get a takeaway!" I said as I heard the loud hissing sound of her piss.
"That would be good idea!" while she pissed.
"What do you want?" I asked still hearing her piss.
"Just normal curry and rice!" her pissing stopped.
"Ok!" I said "Do you want to come with me?" I asked as I heard her washing her cunt with water.
"You go and get it! I need to rearrange all the stuff!" she said coming out and grabbing a towel from the rack.
I looked at her and said "You know you look damn sexy for a 51year old?"
She smiled at me and said "That’s the mother fucker in you talking!" as she wiped her crotch and her legs with the towel.
"No! Mom! Really!" I said.
"Quit flattering me and get me some dinner!" she said "All your manhandling got me hungry!"
"Ok! Ok!" I said getting out of bed and walking into bathroom.

As I came out after cleaning myself after my piss, mom already got into her nightie and started setting the bed. I went to the lounge and wore the clothes I left on the sofa. I then went out to get dinner.

While I got back after 40mins, mom already set everything. She took the pack and went into the kitchen to serve. I went in and changed into a sarong and an undershirt. "That’s a lot of work for a hungry and manhandled mother?" I said.
"Well I had to do it sometime!" she said.
"You mothers are incomprehensible mom! You say you are tired and do incredible things! How could you do all this despite all that..." I stopped.
"All that sex and m*****ation you mean?" mother came out and put the dishes on dining table.
"Yes!" I said. "I hit you, you cried and we did it twice..."
"Women are like that Mahesh! Otherwise we cannot maintain a house and please our husbands at the same time!" mom got two plates for us and put them on the table.
"I am a mother and a widow in this house but still...." she said serving the food on one plate.
As she moved to serve onto another plate, I said "no..don't serve in the other!" She stopped and looked at me. "We will eat together in one plate! I will feed you!"
She smiled and said "Getting romantic are we?"
I winked and said "That’s the least I could do to my mother!"
"Well then I am hungry!" she said sitting on the chair.
"But you should sit on my lap!" I said smiling.
"I knew there’s always a kinky twist to your offers!" mom got up and sat on my lap.
"That’s like a good girl!" I said mixing the rice and curry.
I then took some with my fingers and fed mom in her mouth.
Mom started eating as I alternated feeding between her and me.
"You know it was some 20 years ever since we did this together?" mom said eating. "Only then the roles reversed and you were a k**!"
"Thanks mom!" I said with gratitude. "I owe my life to you!"
"You say that on one end and on the other, you dick is rubbing my body!" she said showing my hard-on.
"That’s how much I love you mom!" I said feeding her.
"Your love is so much that you are hurting me with it!" mom said gulping the food.

I got silent as we kept eating the rest. We finished eating and cleaned up the dishes .After cleaning I sat on the sofa and switched on the tv. Mom finished a little later and said "Felt bad hearing I am hurt, were you?"

I said nothing. She continued "A mother's body is like a temple to her son Mahesh! It should be revered! You were born out of my genitals! I gave your life as I pushed you out of me through it! Then when you started crying of hunger I gave you my milk from my breasts! So genitals are nothing new to you! While one gave you birth, the other fed you. That’s what a mother's body is for! When you grow up and become a man you are expected to look for another woman who would take care of your sexual desires and bare your c***dren. That is life!"
She switched off the tv sat beside me and said "I am supposed to look after your c***dren, my grandc***dren, and play with them! You need to get me a daughter-in-law! Not make me my own daughter-in-law! You need love me as a mother! Not love me as a lover! You need to revere my body! Even when I am naked! Not to drool on it! I am a widow now and you need to protect my body! Not to pillage it!"
I was listening to her silently.
She said "Past few months I always tried to be a good mother while prostituting myself to you! What can I do? You are my only son! I cannot live without being with you and talking to you! So I did what you wanted! I felt bad doing it while living with my husband but I did it for you! I also consoled myself saying its only phone sex! But when you started talking about yours acts with me, I felt bad later. I actually felt like I am prostituting with my own son and even cried many times!"
Tears ran through her eyes.
I said apolitically "Sorry mom! I never thought you were feeling this bad! I thought you were enjoying talking to me like that! That’s why I got more and more explicit! Otherwise I would have stopped!"
"But I love you mother!" I let go her tit and grabbed her hair pulled up! Mom winged in pain as I said "So stay properly and get fucked!" I screamed. Mom stopped moving as I started fucking her.
"You said mom is for giving birth and rearing c***dren only! No mom! Moms are there to take care of their horny sons' sexual desires too! Especially when they are widows and live with their unmarried sons!" I said fucking her vigorously. "They cannot give a better pleasure than letting them fuck their motherly cunts!"
Mom was still in pain as I continued holding her by her hair. My right hand held her hip as vigorously thrust into her. "My reverence is not by showering flowers on your body mother!" I said as I reached my climax! As I dig deep into her womb and started spurting my cum out, I said to her "My reverence is when I shower your womb with my semen mother!"
I let go her hair as I grunted for every spasm my dick made inside her! Mom fell on the floor sobbing as she thrust into her hips more in the air and breasts hugging the floor. The inadvertent act pushed my dick more deep into her as it emptied. As I wanted to rest while my cock did its thing, I pushed mom up so that she would ly flat on the floor and I lay on the top of her. I laid there until my dick wilted and separated from her. Then I got up, and cleaned the juices with my sarong and went to the bathroom for a piss.
While I came out, mom went in. A few moments later she went to bed while I watched TV. I felt very sorry as after every sex with her. I cursed myself that I could not control my weakness with her. The weakness of enjoying controlling her and get to do what I want. My consciousness did not allow me to sl**p with her on her bed. So I went and slept on my bed.
... Continue»
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Seven days, seven women-Part #1

Seven days, seven women-Part #1
By csn61 ©

Chapter 1: the storyline:

I want to describe the incredible fortune I have landed in terms of being able to make love to different mature rich woman, every day of the week without any catch, any obligations, without spending a single penny!

I am a 21-year-old young computer scientist, presently unemployed. My main occupation now is to satisfy the sexual libido of my seven rich mature beautiful women lovers, day 'in' and day 'out '(pun intended) who love to take care of my expenses and I have now no time to work or nor the necessity to earn money with a job else where.

NO, Don’t take me as a gigolo or a male prostitute. My lovers and me are sincere people who are passionately involved in our relationships and the whiff money is not even remotely present in the scheme of things. It is just love and passion all the way

It all started this way....

I have had a couple of girlfriends in my life, but I was always curious about having sex with a mature, rich middle aged lady in 30s to 40s. I have been fascinated with their big juicy boobs, soft big and cushiony buttocks and of course my imagination of their rich, experienced deep and wide pussies, which will be so unlike the teenage girls and their tight and small cunnies

My theory of such imagination has been compounded by the fact that richer they were, idler, they will be with many a servant to take care of domestic chores, their time and money giving them the freedom to enjoy rich food lavishly and all affordable cosmetics to take care of their physical appearance, complexion and beauty. But if their husbands could earn that kind of money, they would most certainly working their asses off, leaving their women with all comforts but little companionship.

I have now seven such women to take care off and I have allotted one day of the week to each one, without revealing about other six to any of them, of course!!

They are as follows:


Mrs. B- She is a rich millionaires and a widow of 38 years, a buxom and full-bodied juicy woman, almost a nymphomaniac in bed. Her ass is big and curvaceous and her pussy is soft and hairless and takes a lot of pounding without getting tired.

It is unbridled pleasure to be in bed with her and come litres of man-juice in her warm pussy.


JL- a Female wrestler 36 years old, a single divorcee, she owns gymnasium in swanky uptown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well-toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bedmate.

The number of times she makes love to me, drains me and satiates me is phenomenal and the experience is just out of this world.


JM- She is a 36-year-Old cabaret dancer who acts in movies, unattached to anyone and very surprisingly a virgin at that age, when I met her. She is a big voluptuous woman with incredible soft and large breasts and curvaceous buttocks and a juicy honey hole with wet fat flapping outer lips on her pussy.

Needless today she saps my virile energies thoroughly to make amends for the years she missed out on sex.


SD-A dark skinned 40-year-old divorcee with lots of cuddly flesh all over and absolutely insatiable in bed, which is in stark contrast to her decent ‘social worker’ image built up in the elite society she moves in. She likes nothing better than showing her trimmed leaky cunt tucked in between her abundant thighs and make her big melon like hips jiggle seductively as soon as I and enter her home and close the door behind me.


MRS.Jay – She is a retired legendary film actress, very rich, easily billionaires without husband or c***dren. She is also into charity and takes care of a film training Institute as its CEO. She is a woman who I love to fuck as she is submissive in bed and I make violent love to her almost r****g her till we are bathed in sweat and our hearts would be hammering wildly and uncontrollably in the aftermath.


Saritha- She is a dark skinned widow, not very rich and woks as a part time Secretary to Mrs. Jay.

She is a voyeur who saw me once humping Mrs. Jay, her boss on her Board table violently on a Friday that she herself seduced me into screwing her on Saturday in the office on the very table, doing a lap dance on my thighs in her boss's seat. She is very innovative and a kind woman who takes care of me in many ways. That she has formidable tit pairs, sensitive very-erect nipples and can come a hundred times in one day with me socking it to her inviting accommodating womb has something to do with my kind impression of hers!


It’s a special day as I usually visit any one the above six woman above of my choice and have sex with me in a manner that I have fantasized for them and not the way I do it to them on their regular days.

For example I violently hump and **** the woman with whom I usually make tender love. I have public sex with uninhibited ness with the lady who has sex only in the confines of her bedroom in darkness otherwise or it could be the other way round for another lady. I mean on Sundays, the Monday lady could get what Tuesday lady usually gets, Wednesday lady getting what Friday lady usually gets and so on. So many combinations, so much thrill.
We can be as innovative as we can dare to be!

It gives me incredible strength, variety and satisfaction to rotate strike and have choice sex on Sundays.

All this in detail follows in the coming chapters!! Or should I term it as cumming chapters?

Chapter 2- Monday lady

I got a call from my Mother who lived in the neighbouring city asking me to meet Mrs Bindu (B, in short) a wealthy millionaires living in swanky uptown here who was in need of some computer services.

I met her at the mansion and if anything B was beyond my wildest (s)expectations about a mature rich woman. She was at least 6 feet tall, full bodied, buxom with abundant rich curves all over, a sign that her body knew nothing about hard work and she was living a life of unbridled luxury.

Her V-neck heaved up and with her movements amplifying the size of mouth-watering tits.

She gave me a broad smile and invited me in and soon I was in her Networking room. I was told that she had suspicious looking computer files where her accounts was saved and may be I could do something about it. She was concerned and said that her staff was defrauding her, especially her accountant.

I had studied accounts in my commerce course. It took me a half-day to study all her files and I was in the meantime served with some tea and snacks. B would come in some times, stand close enough to smell her pleasant body spray, her long well muscled thighs showing between her skirt pleats and her rosy white jugs straining against her gown tops as if they would pop out with a little help. All this did my cock no good and I was sporting an almost distracting erection and I fought hard inwardly to concentrate on the job.

Finally I managed to nail the fraud; it was a siphon off to a private bank account in Switzerland to the tune of a couple of millions. When I explained my findings, B was as startled as I had been and showed keen interest in the modus operandi and appreciated my shrewdness in tracking it down.

She thanked me a lot and next we thought of countering the criminal with these evidences the next day.

On that day she welcomed me personally at the front door, wearing a shocking red sari, an Indian robe with sleeveless blouse. She looked good enough to eat in that dress what with her soft luxurious curves mysteriously hidden as well as revealed tantalizingly. My heart was thumping when she made small talk and we waited for the accountant. I cast a hungry look at her ripe breasts jiggling around in her blouse. As I suspected no bra could hold her melons in place comfortably and she was not wearing any either.

The small hawkish accountant was anything but a gentleman and shouted at us when he was showed record of his crime. Finally when B fired him from the job, he was red faced and turned to me and screamed," I will see you soon and her too in rotting hell".

We thought nothing about it further, B complimented me profusely
" Thanks N, You were just great. You saved me millions of dollars this way. My advocates will take over this case now to see that he rots in hell. Not to worry ".
The words somehow had providential feel to them.

She laughed with relief and her ripe melons jiggled with her laughter. When she turned back her soft melon like buttocks swayed seductively on her behind making my pussy-hungry cock go turgid with excitement.

I was asked to come next week to check out her computer network and install firewalls etc making the network more secure and safer.

I was just entering her portico the next day morning when I saw a dirty looking rascal run away as if he had been caught doing something fishy from near her gleaming Blue Rolls Royce car. I was about to chase him down when she walked out in her Sports tracksuit to get into the car.

I was in two minds where to go to, to her or the suspicious character now darting away at a distance. In a flash I realised that something was wrong and that she should not board the car. I ran madly and clutched her bodily with both hands threw ourselves onto the ground, rolling all over each other as far as possible from the suspect car. We fell away from the car to a pavement and rolled together into a ditch. Almost immediately the car exploded into a huge fireball and as I was now lying down in the ditch, my body fully covered her soft, cushiony and gasping body.

The exploded parts from the car flew high and wide and some landed searing my back causing bad gashes and burns all over. I grated my teeth, wincing with pain and held on to he firmly my body pressing down onto hers into the stone floor of the drain. Her soft tits mashed against my chest and she screamed as she realized with a late shock at the blast we were just witness to. It took a couple of minutes for us before we stood up shakily, groggily looked at each other in wonderment that we two were actually alive and then at the burning debris of the Rolls nearby.

She knew for sure that I had saved her then from certain death and was not finding words to express her gratitude. Both of us were spellbound by this sudden shocking incident, which had thrown us in together

The Police were called in soon after, all her domestic staff gathered and soon we walked back into the mansion and got into a large airy private room where B made me lie down on a soft satin bed and sat close to me. Her sports suit was torn and badly soiled and her hair still dishevelled and her body shook with the after shock. She asked me in a husky wonder filled voice thus:

“N, My dear, How could you risk your life thus for me? If some thing horrible had happened to you here, I would not have forgiven myself"

I raised myself on elbows painfully aware of the injuries on the back and said, "So would I, if that same horrible thing had happened to you!”

The intensity and the truth conveyed therein from my words made her gape at me in still more wonder and growing affection.

We discussed about the accidental bomb blast that could have taken her life today and we came to a conclusion that it could very well have been the handiwork of the frustrated accountant who was caught red-handed just the previous week over the fraud.

The Police came and went about their work like a routine drill.

Soon after everything had settled down and we were alone in the room, she asked me to roll over to see my injured back. It appeared that there were a couple of deep bleeding gashes and a no of small burns
B was very sympathetic and made genuinely concerned noises. She said ‘its all because of me’, many times over in the next few minutes

She told me with assertion that it was her duty to look after me, as I was alone in this town and I relented after some polite protests and partook her hospitality and unknowingly the goodies and delights that awaited me in the coming days proved that this was the best accident one could have gotten into!

B took personal care of me in the next few days and I was made to take full rest in that room. I was served everything in the room. She used to apply ointment s and balms personally to my injured back sitting close to me on my lying form on the bed. Her soft hands would knead my muscles and she would whisper me to relax. All the parts of my body would obey the command except the naughty pecker, which would perk up and look up to see if there was any possibility of some action for it. It was not disappointed for too many days.

I tried hard to cover my straining organ away from her eyes, but that proved to be futile. She knew what she was doing and she used to smile knowingly.

I knew by now that she was a widow from last eight years and was not attached romantically to anyone. Sometimes when she bent down to apply balm on my lower back her soft tit globes world press against my waist and lower back causing my cock to leap up inside my jocks and press down into the soft cushions making me squirm as I felt I would come then and there. I would press my loins down in to the cushion and gasp and she would giggle and ask me naughtily and knowingly, like'
‘What’s happening, N?’
‘ Not very comfy, are you?’
‘Do you want to take off those tight briefs, then do so by all means’?

I did not know whether to take her seriously or not. I did not press on, as I was still a little afraid to take the first step to a right royal seduction.

On one such occasion I had had enough eyeballing of her succulent boobs that looked to be almost tumbling out of her tight shirt and wide, large thighs clad in terribly short ‘shorts’, that I took the so called 'matter' into my hands.

She was wearing a white translucent T-Shirt and Denim shorts. It was a hot Monday afternoon and her breasts were swaying teasingly over my face and right in my eyes as she applied pain balm on my legs. I was wearing shorts too and my cock of eight inches strained majestically up and she was nudging my pole with her elbow, pretending to be accidentally causing me spasms of pleasure and she was giggling at what she was doing. I thought the moment had arrived. This was too much. My heart was thudding erratically, my throat was parched and my hands were shaking with uncontrolled lust. I did not care any more if anything untoward happened and she reacted badly.

I just grabbed by her two ripe titties on their braless T-shirt and dragged her up over to me. She fell on me with a gasp and moaned passionately as my hands squeezed her ripe tits rhythmically one by one. They felt so heavy, yet soft and heavenly in my smallish palms. "Oh God "she whispered and lowered her face to mine and our lips met magically in a wet sloppy kiss. Our tongues fought white-hot twirling battles in the hot cavity of our mouths. It looked as if our hearts stopped beating for a moment and then started synchronously together in step.

Her soft and big thigh was now over my cock and my hard precumming shaft was literally poking into the crook of her knee. She squeezed her knees back over it and my cock barley survived the pleasant deathly squeeze that made my balls boil with hot seed churning inside them.

I gasped, "B, I Love you and I’m mad with lust for you...I want you now”

She looked at me in wonder and smiled in acceptance. " I have fallen in love with you also N.. But I am sorry, as I am not your age to be your girl friend. I am fifteen years older than you. "

I gave her no more time to explain as I clamped down on her juicy tits which I had extricated from inside her T-shirt as she was talking. I took her hot juicy meat into my mouth at once feeding the softness into my waiting hot mouth, my teeth sc****d on the sides and the tip of my tongue poked her erect nipple right in its milk aperture.

B gasped. "Oh I Love you.. I wanted to thank you today for saving my life and…" the rest was an indecipherable gasp and moan as I tongue lashed her engorged nipple repeatedly with the flat of my tongue.

My cock was deliciously trapped in the soft cushiony junction between her welcoming thighs and it was twitching away to glory, the bulbous head poking out from under the uncircumcised foreskin. I covered her abundant bottom with my palms and tugged her jocks down roughly.

She helped me by raising herself and her jocks were swiftly down over her smooth knees. I dragged her down on to the bed beside me, her big tits with engorged tips scr****g over my ribs, pulled her luxurious thighs apart and leered in wonder at her mature rich million-dollar pussy, which had tormented me in my fantasy all these days.

As she lay with her thighs spread open, her left leg crooked, her soft trimmed pussy hair covered moist outer lips of love cave smiled at me invitingly. I ran my hand all over her waist, hips, thighs, pinching here and there as she slowly peeled away my jocks to expose my raging 21 year old manhood into the air-conditioned environs of the room, it stood out straight and hard like it was carved in eight inch hard granite stone and it looked as if it had a mind of its own and was bent on invading the soft innards of this beautiful millionaires’ womb today.

My mouth kissed her sweet mouth repeatedly, biting her soft juicy lips, playing with her wide wet tongue. We were hot and slobbering over each other.

" Any doubts about our pair bring not right?" I asked teasing her left nipple with one forefinger pressing it in and twisting the other bud with my other hand using thumb and forefinger grip and twist the nub clock wise and counter clockwise alternately nestling my palm all the while on her velvety accommodating yielding breast globe.

"NoOOOO… You darling, Please make love to me .. But, are you sure you want it, I am many years older than you, I am no young woman and I am not slim and attractive like them”

Continuing to poke my cock into the wedge between her big soft underbelly,

I muttered, "Oh You rich honey. Why do you assume you are not desirable any more? You are a godsend answering my lusty fantasies…
Just wait and see how I devour your supremely delectable body".

My pre cum leaked out wetting her underbelly into wet patches as my balls tightened in anticipation. But I was not done yet. I wanted to taste her, devour her where it mattered most... Her wet and inviting womanhood, beckoned me with glistening lips above and smiling asshole below.

I bent down to the crook of her thigh junction and felt heady smell of her secreting womanhood welcome my thirsty parched mouth. My face buried in her soft big pubic mound as I poked around the innards of her cunt with my forefinger and thumb, widening it and pinching them together back firmly in a rhythm which made her hot juices spill out from her 38 year old mature but hungry womb, I pressed my lips to her two vertical vaginal lips and poke my tongue in her wet interiors lashing them with teasing strokes and she was now thrashing around on the bed, bed sheets twisting into a mess. My cock was quivering in air and I could wait no longer too, my face came away from the honeycomb of her juices on her mons and underbelly as I now aimed my hot eager precumming organ into the wet womanly oven whose taste still lingered on my tongue

I drove into the soft jelly of her womb inside which was steaming with years of pent-up lust, her outer lips big and gaping wide and her slick walls eating up my cock sides as it slowly sank into the oily wet well inside. My balls touched her outer lips as I fully expanded in her womb and set up a slow teasing rhythm of ‘In and Out’ movement. My young 21 year old waist drove firmly into the 38 year old mature’s waiting welcoming flesh below as her breasts shining with my saliva jiggled up and down like jelly on her ample bosom.

B embraced me, covering her hands on my back taking care not to rake my injuries loving and watchful even in the extreme heat of the moment. My cock softly split her pussy deep and wide, my knees resting the middle of her wide accommodating thighs, slapping them with fleshy thuds, my sweat mixing with her own as we climbed the sweet steps of ecstasy building up the tempo in a****l ardour.
The union drew unbearably to a sweaty and heady climax as B urged me to spend within herself,’ her gasps OOOHing’ and ‘AHHHing’ punctuating the talk all the time. By balls tightened and my hot seed filled the engorged head of my cock and I sank deep into her marshmallow of her big wet cunt and finally with a big cry of ‘ONGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’, I came again and again and again in the deep confines of her safe and secure womb

We lay in cosy embrace basking in the aftermath of intimacy and satiation a wonderful, copulation always brings about.
I had just had my first BBW and the experience was beyond my wildest dreams
This was how we ended the first day of passion, but what followed was equally wonderful. This woman is so carefree in her manners and behaves like she is insatiable as long as I am within her arms reach.
She really milks every drop of my seed out of me, in the 16 hours we are awake on those Mondays. I would be barely able to walk with trembling windows back home late on Monday Nights.

I can never have enough of handling her soft rounded tits, licking and biting on sensitive buds of her nipples or licking and sucking the wet walls of her juicy ever-ready pussy.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and another heart beats for me and another willing woman waits on her doorstep. I have my hands full of work cut out there!!

I’ll see you On Tuesday...That’s tomorrow!!

2.TUESDAY lady-


JL- a Female wrestler 36 years, single, owns a gymnasium in swanky downtown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her Wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bed mate.


I was returning home from a concert one night from the city and I could not get a taxi in time, being a rainy night. Cursing my fate, I started walking till as far as I could get a taxi.

There was a noise behind me and when I turned I was shocked to find there, criminal looking characters stalking me menacingly with their cigarettes burning on their lips. Before I could cry out for help, they were upon me and I was hit about my ribs, stomach and something hard like a baton crashed down on the back of my head and I went down crying on the lonely pavement like fused electric bulb.

The next thing I noticed was that I was lying on a soft bed in an unknown room and Lo! There was beautiful mature lady looking benignly down at me.

She was wearing tight fitting body suit that accentuated her full figure and her 6 ft tall stature was stunning to say the least. I asked her weakly where I was etc.

She explained that her name was JL and that she was professional wrestler till recently and now owns a hi-tech gymnasium in the downtown. I was told she was passing by after a party too on the road when she saw me lying helplessly u*********s on the pavement with rain beating down hard on my prostrate body. She and her driver lifted me last night (now it was morning 9 AM ) and had a doctor examine me while I was still u*********s and had given an intravenous analgesic. I was waking up just now. Of course I had lost my wallet, wristwatch and a gold chain from around my neck before she had reached me.

I stared at her while she recited the night's happening. My eyes even in that weak condition did not miss much. She was as I said earlier about 6 ft tall built solidly and with abundant curves and strong muscled thighs and arms expectable of wrestler. Nerves stood out boldly thickly on her biceps and legs, which could be seen through the skin-tight body suit she was wearing. She had strong face nice features; dark-probing eyes and he tits were big, juicy and in all, phenomenal.

They were wide rounded and filled out her frontage majestically with a 3-inch deep cleavage that ran like a grand canyon in between. I could see her big nipples make dents on the front of the suit despite her bra and they were probably not even erect as yet!!

I thanked her profusely and explained that I was a budding lyricist for a musical group and prided myself as a poet in making. She was very pleased to know this and said that she had great regards for people with artistic talent and brain and berated herself that she was just only brawn and no brain.

I casually praised her that her looks could give film stars a run for their money and that I liked her. I also said I was in awe of her as she was so strong and courageous to be a wrestler and I couldn't lift a finger even to protect myself and here she was protecting and taking care of me too!

Our friendship grew over the next few weeks and she grew very fond of me. I made no secret of my own feelings of her and coined a couple of poems on her praising her inner beauty (while I was actually thirsting over her 'outer' beauty). To make things easier for me she was unattached.

She told me on one d***ken Tuesday night as we sprawled on her plush sofa with her spread out in between the V of my legs, my semi hard cock tight against her big back and booze-sozzled brain thinking nothing but seducing her then and there. But she was somehow in a pensive mood and wanted to confess. She said she had few friends and many men were disinterested with a big female wrestler like her, as they felt intimidated. She had not enjoyed tenderness and love and wondered if it was there at all in this life for her.

She recounted her violent c***dhood and that some hoodlums had ****d her while she was a weak 16-year-old teenaged girl. With a ruthless challenge to avenge and overcome her physical helplessness, she had taken to bodybuilding and then onto wrestling only to find an outlet for her simmering boiling anger and hatred to men in general and v******e on the ring was a great reliever. She was wronged and hurt and she was pouring out her feelings to me. She told me that she felt safe and comfortable with me only because I looked weaker than her and almost like a c***d needed protection from her. That’s how it had been from the day she had seen me on the accident spot. I was somehow the centre and focus of all her sympathy, friendship and affection.

It was obvious that this 36-year-old lady with that superb body really and badly needed all the care and love and I was craving from the bottom of my heart to give.

I slowly put my hands over her big gorgeous body and started kissing her eyelids drinking in her tears that ran down to her cheeks and softly licking her cheeks and I put both my palms on her soft boobs, felt their heaviness by weighing them up in my palms and letting them flop back on to her majestic chest. We were in her living room on her couch watching some television, a wrestling match actually, which she pretended to watch it with interest but her body was alert to my ministrations. She sighed softly, sobbing her sorrow back and lifted her strong wrestler arms like a signal from me to take off her tight tops, which I did in a jiffy. My heart was thudding against my ribcage wildly, my mouth dry and my cock straining against the front my jocks aching for release.

I drank in the view of JL's impeccable 40-inch size tits covered in her a dark big bra, the tops of soft dark globes heaving with a sweat beads tricking down the valley in between. I turned her sideways and sank my face into the big globes and used both my palms to cover them and squeeze them affectionately.
With both my palms I could hardly cover half of her big hemispheres. But the squeeze evoked a sigh and a sexy moan
“ MMMMMMOOOOO” and she affectionately ruffled hair at the back of my head as I continued to munch her soft globes over the black bra itself. The back. Her skirt with frills was now over her strong knees exposing her wrestler strong big thighs I ran one inquisitive hand up the hard muscled thigh feeling the tautness and strength of those trained muscles .She sighed and said “OOOOH, Darling , This is so nice and loving...No one ever did this to me before..”.

I used my two thumbs of both hands to part her bra out forcibly and out poked her berry sized dark nipples sniffing the room air. She had big aureole and had goose bumps already on them as I eagerly licked the surface and teased the hardening nubs of her nipples. I sucked and bit them alternately causing commotion in her athletic body as her strongly muscled thighs parted in an anticipation of the inevitable that she had been denied all these years.

I tore her bra out, throwing it down completely with a flourish making her gasp at the audacity with an 'OOOhhhh..'

“Stand up JL”, I commanded, she stood up breathing heavily towering over me physically, an undoubtedly Amazon with passion-crazy looks in her eyes.

When I undressed, I looked small, bony and contrastingly weaker against her strong big athletic body with those well-toned bulging ebony muscles shining in their healthy glory.

I took vicarious pleasure in being a 'man' then, albeit an unlikely match for her stronger and much bigger body but became the aggressor safe with the knowledge that she wouldn’t wrestle me now and so tore away her skirt , throwing it away .She stood her eyes half closed not knowing what to do in such an occasion when someone was attacking her but she was liking it, wanting it to go on. So much unlike wrestling. I bent down kneeling to her against thick smooth thighs and my nose nestled against the black panties that had a wet spot at the front widening slowly giving away her excitement.

I sniffed at her groins, inhaling her intoxicating we core of her femaleness. I covered my both hands against her bulky waist hugged her soft wide stomach close to my face. Her stomach itself was three times wider than my face. I played havoc on her luxurious behind, kneading the big globes, fingers skirting below the panty lines teasingly. She was so big soft and strong in different areas, that I was going crazy trying to do justice loving them caressing them adequately. I parted her big trunk sized thighs apart, which balanced themselves perfectly, her athletic muscles rippling to adjust her weight as she threw her hair back with a flick of her neck, abandoning herself to the worship of her womanhood that was to follow.

I peeled down her panties away from over her bulging butt globes pinching them enroute wickedly not having enough of her as I bared the supremely lush body, down the wide marble expanse of her thigh plains. Her pubic hair was very thin, trimmed, may be the trade dictates of wearing skimpy costumes in the ring and covered her swollen pubic mound barely. I sniffed her already juicing pussy and used both hands to part her heavy nether lips, exposing the shining slick vulva within. I licked the juice between her well-developed thick pussy lips, parting them using my forefinger and thumbs for wider access to the treasure cove within.

Her large body shivered as I continued to pay lusty attention to her moist pussy, she was towering above my relatively small kneeling form, shaking like a big female elephant in pangs of lust. Her whole big-muscled body and those sinews were rippling as she uttered a primordial cry like a female Tarzan,

The cry came from the depth of her guts, a signal of the volcano of female pent-up lust of years was now aching for release. Her hands gripped her swelling boobs squeezing the melons out of shape, trying to control her surging and maddening passion that I had sparked off but in vain.

I licked her pussy thoroughly with love and care taking care to cover each and every crevice of her biggish pouch, pulling with my teeth her outer labia out as far away as possible from her pussy making her cry wantonly and she leaked her copious juices down her thighs as my fingers and naughty tongue- teeth combination played havoc to her waiting eager womanhood. She was tasty and heady and I licked her nectar as they poured out of her big womb copiously. My tongue flicked her clitoris bud ‘in and out’ and sideways’ making her stomp her feet madly next to my kneeling form unbearably as the need to get fucked properly burned in her lust –hot body.

My cock was over erect, dribbling pre-cum down between my thighs to the floor below. I was rampant and mad with lust to tear this Amazon’s wet cave of womanhood with my hot raging throbbing cock in a frenzy of fucking, the first and the most memorable of such a kind in her 36-year-old hard loveless life.

I stood up, realizing again that physically though I was no match to her but the only salvage for lust ravaged Amazon body my cunt-hungry cock, my libido and my capacity to whet her what could be a huge appetite.

I hugged her, kissing her mouth-to-mouth, her pussy juices mixing with her hot saliva and our tongues danced in the cavity of her mouth as my head reeled with wanting like never before.
My 8-inch long hard throbbing cock probed her wide soft expanse of her underbelly below her small but deep navel.
I made her lie down on the soft couch, getting ready for the final act, even as she continued to blurt out “OHHH Darling…. Sweet lover… Umm…. Ahhh… I never knew so much love and care” in between our wet slurping kisses.

I opened her majestic thighs wide, lowered my waist, my aching hard manhood sniffing the inviting soft V- valley between her parted legs. Her wide big gash of the pussy shone from the lubrication from her excitement. As my fingers parted the wet squishy mass of her pussy lips languidly, I lowered my hard cock to wet inviting cavern below. She was so hot and wet inside that the penetration must have caused some of her liquid lust to overflow over the brim of her cunt lips down to her prominent ass crack in a trickle and coated the hot sides of my sinking cock.. Her response to my penetration should have been seen to be believed. She reared up at me at once, grabbing me with her strong athletic hands over my bony frame squeezing me down on to her soft and strong torso and stomach with scream like “OIII..MAAAAAAA”, that echoed across the big living room.

My cock now ploughed her mature well-developed soft and big pussy almost violently stabbing deep within her touching off her nerve centres sending electric sensations in her body. She was covered with goose bumps all over as gasps and loving moans became continuous as my hard cock pushed deep into the entrance of her womb and back again, the sides of cock shining with her come which was now making a small pool on the fabric of the couch below her shining ass globes. I spanked on her well formed fat ass cheeks occasionally with sounds like “Chatt.!. Phatt,!,,Slappp! Thudddd!”, the little hard slaps exciting me and her both causing us to speed up ..coming from them, as she picked up rhythm and her soggy cunt gobbled my cock deep into her honeyed pussy chamber, no sooner than it came out of the steamy pussy for air. Her ass cheeks reddened and the imprints of my fingers shone between the pink welts but her bums quivered and responded without a break. My balls were slapping hard on her massive soft ass cheeks lustily and were soon covered with her stream of discharge now flying around like a spray from between our sweet junction of groins. It was even hitting my stomach and waist and her hands that covered my bony waist as she powered it back and forth into her juicy pussy chamber. Her well-developed pussy lips clutched my cock strongly in spasms rhythmically as I pounded her mature wanton womb with lusty abandon.

My cock built up the tempo and reached the pinnacle in good time her cunt already pouring forth a litre of come, a sign of the dam of her control bursting in her, the decades of abstinence and suppressed passion now finding a delayed but welcome release. I came in her, not bothering to pull out, without a care on possible pregnancy as she had expressed her dream to be a mother some day. Who better than the first penetrator to impregnate her big well-developed womb of 36 years than me, I thought and squirted my molten seed deep, deep into her waiting parched womb.

We lay long after on the couch kissing and exploring our bodies mutually and I even managed to come in her mouth albeit weakly a half hour later.

This is only the first of my unions with her on Tuesdays. A simple kiss on the neck or palming her wide tits once can make her so madly passionate and hungry that she can take hours of pounding from me later on her bed, on the kitchen table, on her Treadmill in the gym, in the bathtub anywhere, anytime of day, noon or night. I always make it a point to be at her doorstep at 6 AM itself on Tuesdays and won't think of leaving her alone till midnight.
Because coming in late would mean actually ‘coming’ late, you see!!

After the first time of thunderous, explosive sex with JL, little could have separated us for at least a week for even a few minutes. We were clearly obsessed with each other and although now she happens to be only my Tuesday Only lady, it was not so during the first passionate week of our relationship.

JL practically begged me to be with her all the time at her place and as I had just started with her and needed to explore all her vital assets thoroughly for mutual pleasure, I agreed heartily and we were indoors most of the time only sometimes we ventured out to her big pool where we splashed and screwed around there too and also in various interesting and satisfying positions in her personal gymnasium where no one but us was around.

Let me explain the second day of our passion play to you in detail now.

We were sitting in front of the TV and she was watching her favourite wrestling match and was a fan of one of the participants. As she was absorbed with the match, I took this opportunity to seduce her slowly and leisurely this time around. None of the hurry or anxiety this time like the first time; it was connoisseur’s time now.

She was wearing a loose fitting nightgown with only a bra hiding her majestic plump breasts, ineffectually. I suspected if she was wearing panties inside. It would be good to find out.

I was wearing shorts and nothing else and the thoughts of our earlier passionate sex flashed in my memory as I started a slow caress of her face and neck to start with. I caressed her long dark smooth hair first kneading her skull in circles expertly and I got a satisfied “UMMM…” from her that I was doing right.

I came down over the nape of her neck slowly massaging the neck muscles as I moved her around a little forward on the couch so that I could move behind her for better access. Now my hands and arms moved slowly over her shoulders and I bent forward and licked her back of the neck circling my tongue crazily on the sensitive skin and she whimpered like, ‘Hurmfffff’ etc and little shivers shook her big athletic frame. Still she was watching TV avidly and not concentrating on what I was doing. Which was good for what I was planning as a slow seduction.

I slowly massaged her strong well muscled shoulders and rubbed her blades briskly generating some body heat and she leaned back to me and said,” OOOO.. darling what are you doing , still watching TV and clapping the moves of her Wrestling hero in action. Now slowly I undid the laces of her tops and slipped the fabric down over her arms till her armpit level. She was dark skinned I have told you and her ebony skinned wrestler body was now bare in front of me in all its healthy glory.

Taut skin, big well formed hard muscled shoulders and rippling biceps, all that.

She had taught her muscular body only physical growth through hard workouts and not brought it up with a diet of love or affection. It was time to make amends for those sins and I was planning to do exactly that.

I kissed her shoulders licking her taut skin raising some goose bumps along way and she mumbled “ UMMMMM” satisfyingly. She was relaxing now, her body was watching and welcoming my moves with interest while her mind was still occupied with the wrestling action on TV. I scratched on her upper back teasingly with my fingernails drawing a circular crazy pattern going all the way down to her bra straps.

She was breathing hard now, swallowing and moaning sexily in between. My cock was 100% erect now and I had to open my fly and it sniffed the room air eagerly, its head bobbing with a surge of bl**d to my groin.

I slowly unhooked her bra and slowly slid it away and away for her luxurious body and it came away with satisfying ‘plop’ sound, her big boobs jumped forth from its confines, jiggling a little.

She now turned to me and said ,” UMMM darling…What you are doing is heavenly.. Can we go to bed now”.

I smile and said, “ Nothing doing.. You watch TV, relax and enjoy.. This time we take it easy. .OK?”.

She shifted her attention back to TV as her wrestler launched a new assault on his well-matched opponent.

I kissed her back as my palms now covered her big sumptuous looking boobs, squeezing the soft globes a little and then tweaking her hardening nipples softly at first and then firmly next. I played a game of rhythmic tweaking first on the left nub pulling it out of the breast with forefinger and thumb and then pushing it back in to the areola till its disappeared in the soft flesh, while my other hand pulled and tugged the other helpless but eager nipple of the right breast.

This went on for while as I my own hungry cock was now touching her soft and muscular waist and smearing drops of precum on the pliant flesh there. Now all this caused a little more anguish to my darling JL who now was caressing my thighs with her left hand and her own right hand covering my hands playing madly on her ample tits. Her dark big hands on my bony leg were an exciting contrast in colour and size as was my bony lean frame to her amozonesque form next to each other on the couch.

I dipped my head into her armpits sniffing the mixed odours of sweat and perfume making me heady and licked the shaven skin licking and chewing on the small hair roots there.

“AHHHH..UMMMM” , whimpered JL getting slowly excited and half turned toward me her left leg climbing back over the couch next to my left hand.

I put my hand on the glorious thigh thus exposed and moved the rest of her gown away and when it got stuck below her big hips, I tore it away, the tearing sound making us both shiver with escalating lust temperature in us. I threw her gown away with a flourish and mouth fed on her kneecap raised near to it licking, kissing and biting ravenously. She growled, “OHH… MAAA” and moved her other thigh away exposing her glorious expanse of underbelly and the smiling crack of her humid cunt to the TV screen as though showing it off to her wrestling hero there.

I tweaked her now erect right nipple hard enough to make her gasp as my other hand salaciously slid over the well muscled hard wrestler thighs, scratching the skin here and there en route to her juicy portal.

My cock was now ravenously hungry and was swaying in the middle of belly occasionally touching her well-formed posteriors.

My fingers conquered her treasure cove and slid first knuckle deep easily inside her hot interiors, her oily inner lips making penetration as easy as a hot knife in to a slab of butter.

I tried crazy patterns on her pussy’s inner walls making her cream more and now there was a growling a****l like sound emanating from JL like that of a hungry leashed dog unable to reach a bone kept tantalizingly away from it. My three fingers dipped in to her hot wet oven probing her deep secret chamber and more juice poured forth over my fingers as a sign of welcome.

My fingers found her prominent nub of her clit and teased the hood and the little bud hidden within it up and down , pressing it down into her soft pussy centre and allowing it to burst free intermittently.

“Ohh….. My pussy.. Its so wet.. Darling I am leaking… Can we go to bed please.. HAAA?”, she begged me , half turning toward me away from TV screen her left hand brushing my face softly as I licked one captive hard nipple round and round, my tip of tongue probing her milk aperture at its tip. She gasped as I carried on, unmindful of her request even as the action the TV screen heated up with JL’s man beating his opponent’s back, black and blue. The twin excitement of her pussy probed deeply with three digits and nipple sucked pleasurably even as the wrestling action on TV reached a crescendo, her man winning there, made her mad what with the explosive combination of lust and excitement.

She snapped and with wild lust in her eyes took my cock in her hands, cleared the droplet of precum from its hot tip and bent forward to swallow my manhood then and there. Her mouth was so ravenous that her saliva coolly ran down my hot rod’s sides and as the turgid pole vanished in to her hot confines of the mouth. She took her hard muscular arms wrapped them about weak looking lean bony frame, the contrast telling on my senses now. I gasped with pleasure as electric sparks flew from the junction of her mouth to deep with in my balls, threatening a thunderous downpour. I was mad with lust too and as she worked her soft mouth all over my hot thick shaft, I put my hand on the back of her head pulling it more to my belly, screaming indecently, “ OHH You big Fat honey.. I want to tear your pussy with my raging cock.. I will split you open today, even if your pussy is one foot deep down there.. AHHH….. You big darling. I am nothing in front of you physically..but my cock and, hands and mouth will more than make up for lack in size…”

She looked up from her passionate sucking and said:
“Don’t even think you are in anyway less than me.. You are my precious darling, I will protect your soft, small body with all my strength as I did that night..

“In fact I hate big muscular men.. I love you and your soft muscles, the tender skin and bony frame. As long as you can make love to me , nothing matters…Stay with me. I will make a will to pass on all my million dollar property to you.. You need not do any work for a living but this,( meaning fucking her all the time, of course!).. Just this all the time… she tugged my hard shaft rigidly with her hands and mewling with growing lust she stood up.

I made her recline on the couch as she finally gave up watching the TV action and I slid behind her , Opening her twat from in between her big melons of butt cheeks. Kissing her there, I slowly licked her asshole and bit on her fleshy outer lips as though they were like a slice of tender coconut.

She stomped her foot down solidly making her frame jiggle and muscles ripple from thighs to waist and back. Trying to control the raging feelings down under. Her pussy was pulsating now opening and closing spasmodically and I did not wait any longer. Tiptoeing silently I mounted her on the spot, my cock snaking its way into her hot wet chambers as if it belonged there. I thrust into her solid athletic bent frame firmly with all my might pounding her pussy into submission. How else do you tame a big Amazon in the bedroom making her submissive at least to a manageable extent?. Only by Pounding her wet waiting pussy can tame them to be in your control. Otherwise its virtually impossible. Pure mad fucking followed as my pussy thirsty cock ravaged her well-built hot womb chambers. Fast and furiously, I screwed her deep and she started humping her majestic ass back at me, swallowing my cock and ejecting out alternately from deep within its confines. I put my both my hands on the sides of her big solid waist and ripped into her as if my very existence wanted to dissolve in her juicy womb. “AHH.. You mad slut,…take this…Take this .” Emphasizing ‘This’ I pounded her deep inside not leaving her an iota of doubt that I had pinned down her big athletic frame with a smaller body but bigger passion.

She hissed with clenched teeth and streaming sweat all over her,

“Yes… Yessss Yesssssss You darlingggggg .. You are my Kinggggg…You own me. I am your slave.. Your personal bitch” .

We sweated, gasped moaned and finally after a few lusty slaps from my hands directed to her big ass cheeks threw us into final gear. I almost passed out as her pussy lips clutched my cock like a vice and I exploded like a volcano in the depths of her womb. She collapsed on the couch face first her solid frame shaking with her own climax, her athletic frame strong though it was in combats, melting away in lusty moments together with me.

I collapsed all over her my cock shrinking in size after ejaculating but getting stuck in the wet confines of her womanhood.
So such are my sensational Tuesdays.
But Wednesday is just around the corner as I wearily leave on Tuesday night from JL’s home. See you there!

3.Wednesday Lady-A wet and waiting beauty..

I was teaching Yoga and meditation to select few elite people in the downtown school and though I was young, I was quite popular. I had done Kundalini awakening of late and had started feeling lusty and was constantly bothered by stiff erections. My masturbations had increased three fold in recent time and my cock was feeling never more healthier whether in sustaining the hard-ons or in squirting profuse quantity of semen each time around.

I was also a counsellor of alcoholics and people undergoing depression. It was in this context and time that I met Mrs. Jaya Malini (JM in short), an ex cabaret dancer in Movies, presently ageing and undergoing depression and had started hitting bottle in a big way.

I was asked to call on her personally as she was reluctant to come out openly to my school because she was so well known and did not like this word to get around. It was a Wednesday and I had told her over the phone that I would visit her every week on the same day.

She lived in palatial bungalow overlooking the River in posh area. There was a beautifully maintained garden. She personally let me in. I looked, rather stared. It is not often that I stare at women thus but let me describe her and you tell me if I was wrong in doing so.

She was big and beautiful and looked like bounty in human form.

She was more than 6 ft tall, taller than my Tuesday lady JL, but had very fair and buttery complexion unlike JL who was dark like ebony.

This woman, JM was softly and abundantly curved everywhere. She was wearing a silk sari, blue in colour, with a matching sleeveless blouse with a deep V – neck from which swelled forth, delectable twin peaks of her 38-inch breasts. She had rounded face and black eyes, which looked a bit d***ken and sl**py. She made way for me to step in and I could catch her heady perfume and smell of whisky on her breath.

We talked for sometime in her living room sitting on her velvet couch, when I heard her out.
She was a loner and had been exploited during her career in movies as a cabaret dancer and unfortunately every man she came to trust had cheated her and had ill-treated her. She was a victim to the casting couch phenomenon and had started mistrusting all men as a****ls who only want to get into her pants or eyed her sizeable property and money.

She had taken to drinking to get over the depressing thoughts and had heard of me through a mutual friend that I was capable of helping her out. She was 38 yr old, unattached and had obviously made millions in her prime and lived well now.

She was extremely beautiful to look at and her eyes were like magnets, which captivated me. Only her soft melon like tits, deep navel below which her blue sari was tied round the ample soft waist and fully rounded big posteriors could make me look away from her magnetic eyes. She looked delicious but depressed. I wondered how a feast to my eyes in her form could be actually feeling so sad and helpless herself. I vowed within myself that I would cure her soon with everything at my disposal and assured her so in as many words. These words did become prophetic soon, of course, much to our mutual delight.

On the day One, I told her to come back wearing a tracksuit with comfortable fitting. I wanted to teach her basic yoga relaxation exercises first off.

When she came back wearing one I could barely stifle my aroused gasp. It was red in colour and accentuated her plentiful curves in all its luxury. She was a walking dream of feminine feast.

She was abundantly formed; the Maker had not held his hand back and had given her everything in plenty. Her beautiful face, soft and jiggling globes of bosom hardly contained in her suit, her fully rounded soft waist, her melon like rounded buttocks were enough to make my cock raise its lusty head inquiringly in my shorts as to what can it do right away?

I had to hand- hold her during some initial exercises and she told me to relax and not be afraid of touching her during the course. Actually they were supposed to my words, the bit about ‘take it easy’, ‘relax’ etc. With thudding heart and drying mouth and raging hard on that could hardly be concealed I applied myself to the task, teaching her bending and stretching me gasping frequently appreciating how wonderful her body looked during these stages more loudly than her who was practicing the exercise for the first time! That's what this alluring woman did to me, the first day of our meeting.

I used to crave for Wednesdays and looked forward to the day from the crack of dawn. I made it a point to be with her from dawn to dusk on that day and gradually our relationship became more friendly and intimate.

I told her to quit the bottle by reducing the intake gradually, drink lots of water, fruit juice and listen to music and even dance away (as she was a dancer herself!) till she became exhausted when such a stimulus started in her and she was doing just fine as she became more cheerful and happy in my company during the exercises. She was also learning meditation slowly and all this had telling effect on her composure and health.

She had started looking like a fresh blooming flower nowadays to my eyes and she herself expressed that she was glad that I was there for her.

It was on one of these Wednesdays that I was able to get really close to her.

I had prepared a Herbal concoction, a drink substitute for alcohol for her to drink and we were talking while drinking this sweet nectar like drink. I had not told her that it was also an eastern aphrodisiac, but I knew it was basically a health drink for alcoholics, but not really sure which was more myself.

But soon the effects of this drink made its presence felt us both. We both felt hot and sweaty and felt like stripping off our dresses. I gently asked her. “I feel awfully hot and stuffy. Do we need all the clothes now, JM”?

She stretched languidly her big pointed boobs threatening to tear down the fabric and replied, “No,,its really too hot.. I want this thing of” She smirked at the outer coat and started removing it immediately right in front of my gaping eyes.

I was soon in my shorts, bare chested and she was in one-piece swimsuit, which she had worn below her tracksuit. JM did not believe in wearing bras normally as they constricted her big breasts uncomfortably nor liked panties that tightly gripped her ample fleshy waist and the elastic left ugly welts and marks later. Her skin was so sensitive, buttery and her flesh there so full...

She told me that I was very nice and helped her a lot, but her eyes bore a look similar to a d***ken person, but this time d***k on lust due to the aphrodisiac's hot effects.

I told her that an extra ordinarily beautiful woman like her deserved much more but I was able to offer only this much.

Then her drink dropped from her hands and I leapt forward to hold it and so did she. She caught it safely but in the melee, our foreheads dashed against each other, and I was face to face with her. While rubbing our bumped foreheads in reflex, we touched one another accidentally. u*********sly I kissed her lips and her drink glass dropped to floor again with a thud she responded her silky mouth opening against mine. We were unmindful of the drink spilling, but only of our ravaged breaths and hot interplay of our mouth and tongue.

"UMMMMM," she groaned chokingly and I grabbed her shoulders and we knelt on the floor face to face mouths kissing away in abandon. My hands travelled over the shoulders to the front to meet a handful of her succulent breasts between our bodies and I handled the globes by rotating them and squeezing them gently in my palms making her groan in wanton desire that was igniting in her. My heart beats could be heard a mile away and My excitement was feverish. I moaned too feeling the softly yielding flesh of her delicious breasts.

I kissed her more cupped her fair round face with glowing eyes in my palms and praised her that ‘she was looking like an angel’ and that ‘I wanted to have her now. I was sorry to be unprofessional with her today!’

She embraced me fiercely calling me ‘ Sweet Honey. What haven’t you done for me? You have brought me from the hell back to healthy living. In fact I owe you all my life solely to you’, she said sentimentally, her eyes becoming tearful. I knew she meant it and we embraced again with maddening passion swamping us both at the moment. Her soft tits were mashing on my chest making my cock twitch in anticipation and grew probably an inch more instinctively inside my tight shorts. That it was against her lower underbelly poking her and reminding of my burgeoning desires need not have been told explicitly. She knew it. I knew it. We knew it.

"Are you sure you want me so much or are you just saying..."she started talking again drawing herself a little away to clarify something when I did a very spontaneous thing by saying,

"Look here, JM, Honey.. A man's mouth can lie but never his cock," and I dragged my shorts down my hips and thighs to prove my point. My ‘point’ proved itself very well, standing tall, the pink cock head dribbling precum already. It was a good specimen indeed and I was standing butt naked in front of her. I want you , I said and hugged her tightly. my naked cock straining against her pubis and she could feel my hardness through the swim suit.

She gasped and said, "OHH You darling, You really like me then...Ha? What did you see in me, honey, an old hag like me.. You’re so young and handsome me so older...."and again drew away.

She was confused and trying to reason, but I wanted none of that. I grabbed her forcibly with both hands drew her to me and kissed her almost viciously, making her wince as my teeth bit her lower lip making her moan and my hands covered her superb big ass in my hands and squeezed the soft globes authoritatively. Both these actions made her lose some of her reasoning and her mind give way to abandon, but not quite. She started to say something in protest but did not succeed as my hands grabbed her soft tits and squeezed them, and I dropped my head to the soft breast field and ripped away the top half of her swim suit exposing the quivering mass of twin beauties therein and I quickly nuzzled her nipples, They were pink and round nubs with a wide areola around them. As I licked, the areola darkened in colour, became more prominent on her majestic globes and next I caught one nipple after another between my teeth alternately, licking them in circles when they were captive between my teeth.

"OOOHHHH UMMNGHHHHHH" , she gasped now totally abandoning herself to the sea of sensations flooding her, her lust heightened by aphrodisiac, my manipulations and all her resolve dissolved.

I was totally naked and her hands naturally found my raging rampant manhood which stood waiting between us and squeezed the stem firmly making me shudder as electric sensations ran up down from the depth of my balls. As I snatched her suit down her ample waist and over the big rearing ass globes, my cock spasmodically twitched up almost saluting the wealth of womanhood thus displayed. She was much bigger than me. (A foot taller and a couple of feet wider and fatter too). But I am a man who thinks, Bigger the better. You know that already.

I lowered myself to look at the marvel of the bountiful waist and firm, rounded ass globes and her firm fleshy strong thighs and her beautiful womanhood nestled in the junction of her big thighs. I separated her thighs and had my first look at her pussy.

No, it was pure Indian ‘Yoni’ in al its glory. Long and soft lipped covered with a trimmed bush her outer lips opened and her pink insides smiled widely at me.
It is an insult to call it a cunt, as it was the perfect ‘Yoni’ described in Kamasutra.

I dipped my face to her mound; the sweet fragrance of her arousal had an aroma of its own making me heady and faint. I latched my mouth on the juicy cave, lapping energetically all over it. She was gasping and moaning, hardly able to stand in this duration and stomped her feet impatiently as my tongue and teeth enjoyed the delicious soft flesh and her sweet come.

I had my arms round her delectable soft buttocks and my right hand explored the supple flesh kneading and pinching all over them, while my left hand firmly supported her waist locking her in my embrace. Her moans became continuous now as her hands squeezed her ample breasts as if to control the lust brimming within her.

She had a prominent bud-like clitoris, nestled at top her pussy lips like a crown on a deserved head. I licked and stabbed it with my tongue and she screamed,

"OHHH Darling I can't control this... Please make love to me now.. Make me your woman..OHHHH..." Guttural sounds came from her mouth as her body shook spasmodically in tune with my tongue action on her wet exposed juicy vulva.

I stood up and stabbed my bl**d engorged prick into her soft underbelly while embracing her and kissing her sweet and hot mouth repeatedly. I was mad with lust for her flesh so beautifully displayed that I started kissing her all over neck, biting her here and there, down over her broad shoulders, leaving reddening bite marks as mouth travelled downward to her big ripe tits, kissing sucking and playfully biting her there again, teeth marks appearing no sooner my mouth left the spot on her fair skin of her soft globes, catching both nipples, in my hand, twisting them once clock wise and next counter clockwise, making her moan like a chained a****l. I sucked both her nipples holding her pliant globes in my palms and then left them with a lingering bite making her catch her breath and shudder. I spent more time now on the soft swelling plains of her wide belly biting all over playfully, and dipping my tongue playfully in her deep navel. She was squirming madly. I had enough problems holding out on my own, along with stopping her from breaking away in the middle of this erotic teasing.

I now left her under belly, travelling downwards and my mouth playfully bit all over her big wide and soft thigh flesh. The skin was so sensitive and fair over there that each kiss, lick and bite of mine would leave a telling teeth impression on those spots.

I lifted her one leg up from the ground and spent time licking all over her dainty and sensitive ankles, feet and then suckled slowly toes separating them and holding each white toe up with my hand to my mouth. She was going mad with lust and was uttering all kinds of indecipherable words in throes of passion. I bit firmly on her big toe and her red nail polish shined with my saliva as I kept her foot back on ground.

By now the entire front side of her body was covered with red bite marks from my teeth and I turned my attention to her milky white soft buttocks by turning her around the waist as she stood her ground and subjected her back side to similar treatment from my hungry ravenous mouth which repeatedly kissed and bit her soft flesh of her buttocks all the way to her puckering asshole. I kissed and bit her mercilessly every where sparing not an inch of her delicious big body which I devoured like a man who was hungry for a week would to a six course deluxe meal.

I got up and my erect 8- inch long cock with its fair skin taut over the shaft shining in the semi dark room probed softly between her ample ass cheeks and my hands pulled and pinched her now erect sensitive nipples of those jutting breasts, heaving up and down on her chest with raging passions boiling within her.

"OOOHHH, you Darling, I can bear no more. Please take me. MMMMM" She groaned sultrily and looked at me with lust mad eyes. She wanted it right now and I could not delay a minute more..

I took her down to the soft velvet couch nearby and made her lie down on her right side, as I lifted her firm fleshy trunk of the other thigh up and over my chest and head, her feet and toes looking sky wards, thus exposing her wet aching pussy wide open side wards. Her soft thighs nested softly on my chest and shoulders as I aimed my hot prick with its head inches away from her almost virgin pussy, now eagerly palpitating for union with me. Her thighs so deliciously splayed thus gave me vantage view of her prefect juicy yoni even as I penetrated very very slowly into her hot melting interiors.

Molten lava like juices of hers mingled with dribbling precum of mine as I enjoyed the hot cosy grip of her deep pussy chamber, which now I teased with slow and firm 'In and Out' strokes, heightening her limits of lust, as she pinched her pink nipple bids and moaned outrageously. It was understandable as it was her first lovemaking after so many years and she was nearly out of control with the surge of feelings, she knew nothing about yet.

My control was at its breaking point as I seesawed her succulent wet pussy with firm and deep strokes of my big shaft. My cock grew in size as I humped her and soft wet splotching sounds now started coming from our hot junction. There sounded a rhythmic 'SLAP..SPLOTCH THATCH' as my flesh met her flesh as my cock pounded her deep, never ending pussy passage and my hot balls thudded against her white soft and cool bum cheeks.

Thus the temperature difference between them made me go crazy with abandon as I gripped her upstanding thigh on my chest firmly with both hands and drove my waist and my shaft forward and deeper into her now slushy interiors. Her own juices trickled out the sides of my impaling cock and cooled the sides of my shaft, thrilling me no end. We came together shortly with such f***e that I saw stars and rainbow in front of my eyes as if I blacked out. It was her first climax, and she screamed, the nerves on her fair neck standing out as she did so.

She whimpered,"OWWW..UMMMM...AHHNGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" etc a little softly now, as I fell in a swoop on her soft sweat covered body, completely spent and exhausted. Her thighs were splayed and one thigh still curved out crooked around my chest and I nibbled on her soft thigh flesh, kissing anywhere I could get my mouth to, again making the old bite marks redden at the very spots.

We capped the day session with some Yoga Postures too and made love in each and every one of them. She was ravenous for sex and I was there matching her stroke to stroke, groan to groan and we humped around all over her palatial home without a care in the world. We must have climaxed six times in the six-hour long day session itself.

I sprayed her womb with my molten seed each time, spending blissfully, unmindful of things like pregnancy, safe period etc. Later she told me that there would be nothing more fitting to our relation than to bear my c***d for her. She even tells me that 'if I try hard enough, I can make her pregnant despite her age and slim chances now'. By those words, 'trying harder', she means fucking her more than 6 to 10 times on each Wednesday is actually implied and I try to do justice to make that happen! Lucky me, eh?

Again I am dwarfed by the sheer physical size of this woman, when we stand face to face, she being taller, bigger and bulkier, but she is like putty in my hands each time we meet, so much so that we are used to fall all over each other no sooner I am admitted through the front door of her home and door shutters barely shut.

... Continue»
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Chapter 1

I guess I should start by telling you something about my Mom.
From what I’ve been able to piece together, Mom’s always been kind of a free spirit. My aunt Jenny, who’s a few years older than my mom, told me that they’d [Her, my mom, and my uncle Ronni] had a “less than happy” c***dhood. “You’re lucky you weren’t raised by your grandfather…” I’d heard a thousand times growing up; from both my mom and my aunt.

I didn’t see my grandparents very often, but it was relatively easy to see what Aunt Jenny meant. My grandparents, well…my grandpa mostly…were very strict “God fearing people”. Church every Sunday… Grace before every meal…No talking back…No disrespect was tolerated. Any sign of disrespect was met pretty quickly with a slap to the mouth. Nothing that would knock you off your chair or send you to the hospital…but certainly enough to catch your attention or make a little k** cry. I was pretty young when I figured out why we only saw Grandma and Grandpa on every other Christmas and the occasional birthday. {My grandmother’s} I’d only been the recipient of such a slap two times that I can remember. The second one had resulted in all of us…My mom and dad and s****r and me…getting in the car and coming home early.

“You’ll not treat MY c***dren the way you treated us!” my mother had assured him in a voice I’d never heard until that day. I remember grandma crying and asking my mom not to leave. I guess I was about eight then, my s****r Annie was five. I don’t even remember what I’d said in the first place to get that ball rolling…but roll it did. My father just shut up, got our things together, and hurried us to the car. I guess he wasn’t quite prepared to try and get a rope around that tornado he’d married. Dad wasn’t very…Let’s say…confrontational. He opened the passenger door for Mom; for when she was done protecting her c***dren. {I’d seen lionesses on the discovery channel with four cubs that were less tenacious.} then Dad ran around the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. If I remember correctly, he even started the car and waited. I think he was preparing for a quick getaway

My dad’s kind of a nerdy guy…Brainy…sticks to the simplest path. He’s not known for doing too many stupid things. He seems to be the opposite of Mom; not that she does stupid things. It’s just my mom is the kind of person that will do things on a whim; try anything once. She’ll go off the path in a heartbeat. My dad is pretty…reserved. I often wondered what brought those two together. I remember a while back: Mom and Aunt Jenny were sitting around the pool and I heard my aunt ask my mom if she was “Allowed” to wear the bathing suit she had on. I was sitting on the steps in the pool when she’d asked. Mom had a really nice two piece on that didn’t hide one single curve she had and I’m sure more than a few women had paid good money to get the kind of cleavage that bathing suit was showing off. I waited, ear cocked in that direction, trying hard not to look like I was eavesdropping, for my mom’s response.

I was more than a little shocked.
“I don’t have to ask him shit!” She says kinda harshly. Then she leans into her s****r a little more. “He can have a say in what I wear as soon as he learns how to fuck!” She tells her with quite a bit of attitude.
I’m sure had they looked over in my direction, it would have been quite easy to see that I’d heard what my mother had said. My jaw fell so quick that my bottom lip hit the coping of the pool. I couldn’t get the taste of chlorine and bare feet out of my mouth for the rest of the day.

My aunt laughed and then the laugh faded to something more sorrowful as she started at my mom. She no doubt saw the same bitterness that I saw from all the way over on the steps.
“It’s not any better?” She asked.
Mom shook her head slowly, “No. God knows I love him but he stumbles around the bedroom Jenny like a d***k, fat guy with one leg and a limp.”
That picture made me chuckle just a little bit, but it was enough to give away my position. I had to get up and seek a better vantage point if I hoped to hear the rest of THAT conversation. And I really wanted to hear the rest of it.

I made my way into the house as fast as I could, snuck into the garage and climbed up onto the workbench as quietly as I could. I shimmied the window up just enough so that I could listen. I couldn’t have been more than 15 feet from them and the window was partially veiled by a few tall junipers. Perfect. Mom went on to tell Aunt Jenny that on the few times he attempts to “make love” to her, that it’s “…less than satisfying…”. It was easy to see that she loved my dad and didn’t want to bash him but on the other hand, there seemed to be a great deal of disappointment, or maybe it was frustration, in her voice.

Mom looked around, surveyed the immediate area, I suppose making sure I wasn’t around. “Sometimes you just wanna FUCK.” She complained to her s****r.
I nearly fell off the bench. I’d never considered my mother just wanting to……Fuck! A different light was shining on my mom.
“And it might be nice to do it in the car one time, or in the kitchen or on the median of I-43 for Christ’s sake. Just something that has nothing to do with the missionary position.” She went on. “Maybe I should try to get him in a closet where we can’t lay down. Maybe slip into the bathroom with him while the k**s are doing something and have a quickie…Anything!” She griped.

I couldn’t believe my ears.
“I guess it’s not like when you were a k**, huh?” Aunt Jenny pointed out. “Back then you seemed to have no problem finding someone to fuck.” she added.
Holy shit! Mom was a slut, I thought. The light had gotten a little brighter.
“Yeah well, I’m married now, with k**s….but I gotta tell you Jenny, I’ve been getting pretty, I don’t know...”

Mom shook her head. “You know that I play with myself in the bathroom?”
Aunt Jenny smiled. “Well…no, I…I didn’t know that.” she stumbled through the words with a huge smile on her face. She seemed pretty happy about my mother’s confession.
“Yeah! And not just once-in-a-while when I take my shower either… I mean EVERY time I take a shower. I even , sneak in there in the middle of the day sometimes…I just get so horny. ”
Aunt Jenny looked like she was letting that sink in, “Have you thought about getting a… “Fuck Buddy”?

I couldn’t believe this was my aunt and my mother talking. God, I wished I could be a fly on the wall all the time when they hung out. {Instead of a clumsy k** with a hard-on on a work bench in the garage}

“I can’t do that.”

I was beginning to think my aunt had no scruples, and quite frankly, that was fine with me. My aunt was quite the looker too; blonde hair like my mom’s, except hers was a lot longer, down to her waist. They shared the same pouty full lips and pretty green eyes. Aunt Jenny was a little heavier, more meat on her, but she wasn’t fat by any means. And her boobs were quite a bit smaller than her s****r’s. Actually, I think a better description would be…My mom’s tits are way bigger then her s****rs. They’re bigger that anybody’s s****r’s. I guess when God was giving out big smoldering boobs, it appeared that it was every other sibling that got the blessing.

Anyway: Mom told Aunt Jenny that she was afraid to start some kind of an affair with anyone.
“Suppose Jerry found out? Secret phone calls, getting dressed up to go to ‘The grocery store’. Suppose someone saw me? I couldn’t do it to him. I mean…I love him. He’s pretty great everywhere else.” Mom told her.”
“Well would you do it if it were anonymous?”
“What do ya mean… ‘Anonymous’?”
“Like a glory-hole…” Aunt Jenny suggested with a huge smile.

“A what?”
“Oh little s****r, you’ve certainly been a sheltered c***d, haven’t you?” Aunt Jenny smiled.
“Well evidently I’m not the whore my older s****r is.” Mom told her returning the grin.
“You don’t know the half of it.” She remarked. “Come-on, time to surf the Web.” she told my mother. I watched as they got up and went into the house giggling like a bunch of school girls.
Listening to my mother and my aunt talking like that had gotten me pretty excited. It also made me notice, I mean REALLY notice, how really hot my mother was. She’s about 5’7” or so, pretty slim, 110 lbs if I had to take a guess. Maybe she just looked skinny because her tits were so big. I don’t know. All I DID know was that she was pretty hot. I remember thinking my dad must be crazy for not playing with those luscious titties at least twice a day.

From that day on I kept an eye on my mom. Every time I saw her go into the bathroom, I eased up and put my ear to the door. I wasn’t sure what I expected to hear but I tried to listen anyways. One morning I had my ear to the door and I could hear what I thought was groaning. I tried to peek through the cracks around the door but I couldn’t see shit. I even dropped down to the floor and tried to look under the door. The only thing I got for my efforts was a rug burn on the side of my face. She was louder now. I could plainly hear her moans and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t actually see what she was doing. Well…I KNEW what she was doing, but I wanted to see her DOING IT. Frustrated, and maybe even a little pissed-off, I ended up going up to my room to jerk off. I found that when I jerked-off thinking about what Mom might be doing in that bathroom, I would cum like a horse.

For the next few weeks, following my mom to the bathroom and then running upstairs to jerk-off became a ritual, but I had to be super careful. I was always on high alert watching out for my dad or my little s****r. It would do no good getting caught with my ear up to the bathroom door when my mother was in there “Going to the bathroom” or “Taking a shower”. I mean, how can you explain something like that?

What…”I’m waiting my turn and fell asl**p against the door.”
“I thought I heard Mom yelling for help.”
Maybe I could just stand there by the door with a roll of toilet-paper…”…just in case Mom runs out…”

I had to keep a watchful eye on the narrow hallway while I kept an ear to the door. There were a few times that someone came around the corner heading towards the basement door or the bathroom while I was being a pervert, but if I was paying attention, I could just back away from the door a few steps and act like I had to pee. I’d face the bathroom door, shift around on my feet a little and act surprised when someone came up behind me.
It was risky, for-sure, but it was well worth it. Listening to my mother masturbate behind that door had become an obsession.

I began to think of different ways that I could spy on my mother during her special sessions. Naturally, drilling a peep-hole some place was my first thought. The way the house was laid out, this was the only bathroom in the house. Two walls of the bathroom faced outside, one towards the back yard and the other to the side of the house. The wall paralleling the side of the house was out of the question. There were no bushes or fences to conceal me. I didn’t need one of the neighbors calling up my mom to tell her that her son was doing strange shit on the side of the house. Plus, anyone could just walk around the corner and there I was, out in the open with my eye pressed against the aluminum siding. The other outside wall faced the backyard, the pool. Better for sure. At least there was a fence to provide some privacy. The other wall was towards the garage. That was more feasible. Still pretty risky, but more feasible.

I got my chance one afternoon when my parents took my s****r to the mall for some shopping.
I surveyed the work area. There were a few shelves on the wall but I thought I could drill a hole right at the side of the middle shelf, about the size of a dime, and maybe just let something hang off the shelf a little to cover it.
I got the drill, put a bit in and was ready to go…until I realized I had no idea where this hole would come out on the other side. I dropped the drill and headed to the bathroom.

Shit! The best I could figure, the hole would come out on the tiled wall in the shower, about three feet down from the ceiling. That would never do. There’s no way my mom wouldn’t notice THAT. Plan B.
I went outside and took a look at the window. It looked promising. If I could find something to stand on, I’d have no problem seeing in. There was a little cover from some tall bushes but trying this in the daytime would be pretty daring. I decided that I’d have to settle for the night shift; it’d be safer that way. Besides, Mom took a shower every night…If I was lucky, she’d be horny most of the time. This was good. I figured that when it was dark out and the light was on in the bathroom, she’d never be able to see me unless she came right up to the window and cupped her hands. I’d be able to look right in.

There was my plan. I wasted no time finding something to stand on. In the garage, there was a relatively small cooler. I made sure no one was around and brought it out to the bathroom window to make sure it would get me up high enough to see in. It did. I stood on it and it brought me high enough up to lay my chin on the window sill. That was all I needed. I tucked the cooler behind one of the bushes and went up to my room. I couldn’t wait. My dick was already hard just thinking about it.

I locked my door, jumped out of my pants and flopped down on the bed. I didn’t need any magazines for this one. When I grabbed my dick, I wasn’t sure it was mine. It was thicker, harder then it’s ever been; a tool, a cock to be reckoned with.
I pictured mom getting undressed to take a shower, slipping her jeans off, then her cotton panties. She stood there, my hot mother, and tweaked her nipples, gently pulling on them, rolling them between her thumb and index finger. I imagine her cupping her hands under each fleshy mound, tilting her head down and pushing her lovely tits up to her mouth. I don’t know if my mother could actually suck her whole nipple into her mouth…but in my imagination, she had no trouble. She sucked them and bit them softly, twirling her tongue around each one in turn…then kissed them softly. I heard the same soft moans I’d heard at the bathroom door.

My hand was moving like a machine on my dick. If I could harness that power and use it for the good of mankind…I would think about that later. Her head falls back, as her fingers separate the lovely folds of her pussy. In my daydream, the light glistens off the wetness of her pussy. Each tiny droplet sparkles with her excitement. She moans as her fingers find their place inside her and she begins to fuck herself in earnest.

When she stares at me through the window, puts a foot up on the side of the tub and spreads her legs wide for me to see…I’m mere strokes away from cumming. The tip of my dick is swollen and beat read; pre-cum dripping, splashing onto my stomach as I jerked it furiously. I want to see my mom cum, match the picture with the sounds I’ve heard from the other side of the bathroom door but I run out of time.

I may have screamed when I came…I’m not totally sure, but a long thick rope of cum shot over my shoulder and splashed the headboard. Another hit me right in the face, my forehead and ricocheted into my hair. The next blast slapped my chin and splashed up onto my lips; the smell thick in my nostrils. I watched wide-eyed, as I milked the rest of my incredible load out onto my stomach and over my knuckles. It formed a puddle at the base of my cock; matting my pubic hair and tickled my balls as it ran down onto the bed.
Holy shit! It was awesome. I laid there for quite a few minutes shaking my head; couldn’t believe it. This i****t thing was intense. My dick was getting hard again just thinking about the possibility of spying on my mother; putting a scene to the sounds I’ve heard behind the door.

Mom usually took her shower at night around 9:00, sometimes 10:00. That was good for me, it was dark, and on a moonless night, behind the foliage and under the eve of the roof…the bathroom window was barely noticeable. Of course that changed when the light in the bathroom came on. I would have to make sure I stayed off to the side. And the fact that my father was a night-owl made it that much more risky. There were a lot of nights {Weather providing} when dad liked to sit at the table near the pool with his lap-top and work. At least I think it was work. After hearing Mom and her s****r…I was pretty sure he wasn’t looking at porn. I couldn’t tell you how long he stays out there each night; I’m usually in bed before he comes in.

At 8:30, I made sure I was in the living-room watching TV so that I could keep an eye on the bathroom. Sure enough, I noticed Mom heading to the bathroom for a shower around 9:15. For the first time I noticed what Mom brings into the bathroom with her. I made a mental note. Her bath robe was hanging over one arm and tucked firmly under that arm and held in place with her other hand, was a rolled up towel. It seemed odd to me…There were towels in the linen closet in the bathroom. I figured maybe it was a favorite towel or something and didn’t give in another thought.

As soon as Mom shut the door I was up and out the back door.
“Fuck!” Dad was sitting at the patio table, face buried in his lap top. I was really wound up. I was already adjusting the boner in my pants. I had pins and needles I was so hyped. I can’t describe my disappointment. For hours all I could think about was my mom in the bathroom doing…Stuff. For a second, I considered trying to sneak to window and try to make myself invisible on my box so that I could see what goes on in there. He was immersed in that lap top, but I chickened out. I wasn’t gunna blow it before I even got a glimpse through that window during “Shower Time”. It would be different {Horrible…but different} if I got caught out there after I’d put some time in on my box, as-it-were. But to get caught before I’d even had the chance to SEE what goes on when Mom’s in there by herself…Well…That’d be horrible. Even if all I got to see was her getting in and out of the shower before I got caught…it would be worth it. That was a scary thought, but that’s how bad I wanted to see my mother.

I reluctantly turned around and went back into the living room and flopped down on the couch. If I was lucky, maybe the old-man would finish up whatever he was doing and come inside. I noticed I’d mustered-up a little contempt for my dad as I sat there unable to focus on whatever was on the television…waiting. I wasn’t just mad at him because he was ruining my plan and inadvertently robbing me of my fantasy {and a super intense jerk-off session} but because he wasn’t…I don’t know…making Mom happy, I guess. From hearing her talking to Aunt Jenny, sex was pretty important to her. Hell…I sure know it WAS to ME!

As bad luck would have it, Mom came walking out of the bathroom before Dad came in from the backyard. I cocked my head as I watched her walk from the bathroom to the stairs. She had her robe on; silk, I think. It came to mid thigh. What leg I saw was smooth and shapely. She walked like…like a young girl; with a spring in her step, not a care in the world. I figured that whatever she does in the bathroom puts her in a pretty good mood. It was funny, what Mom did in that bathroom put me in a pretty good mood too. I hadn’t given any thought to staring until Mom stopped abruptly. She looked at me for a second. “What?” she asks with a tiny smile on her face.

I wondered if she would still have smiled if she knew why I was staring at her and what I’d been thinking about. Not likely. I jerked my head back on my shoulders, surprised that I’d been noticed...Caught.
“What?” I repeated rather witlessly.
“I asked you first.”
“Nothing.” More wit. I wasn’t much in the clinch.
The smile broadened on her lips. Her hair was wet, wrapped in a towel, she had no makeup on, the small robe was tied loosely around her slim waist; allowing her cleavage and the meaty side of one boob to be seen…and I saw. She was really quite hot. The perfect MILF. Her smile seemed sweeter, brighter than I’d ever noticed before.

Then I noticed something a little odd. She had a towel “Rolled up” and tucked under her arm again. Not that it’s odd to bring a towel to and from the bathroom, it was just the way she carried it. I could see a rolled up towel INTO the bathroom, but the towel coming out should be…I don’t know…NOT rolled up. It didn’t look natural. Her one hand held tight to it, pushing it into her armpit. It looked like to me she was…protecting it. My first thought was, “What’s in that towel?” Mom went on her way and I was left with daydreams and hard-ons. Off I went to my room to play with both.

The next day, Saturday, I kept an eye on Mom and it looked like it might pay off. It was just after 1:00 in the afternoon, Dad was taking my s****r to soccer practice. Mom walked past me hopefully on her way to the bathroom. She stopped at the kitchen. “What are you up to today?” she asked from the kitchen threshold.
“Nothin, just hanging out.”
“Not going anywhere?”
“No friends to hang out with?”

I knew what she was doing, or at least I thought I did. She wanted to get in the bathroom and she would have preferred if I wasn’t home. I figured I’d help her out a bit. It would be in my best interest too if she thought I wasn’t home. I flipped the TV off.
“Actually, I was gunna hop on my bike and head over to Jeff’s…” I told as I got off the couch. “…See if he maybe he wanted to ride out to Greenbrier and hang at the skate-park for a while.”
Mom was all over it… “Well that’s a good idea. I hate to see you just sitting around the house. You should be out in the sun, getting some exercise…chasing girls.” She tells me.

I could feel that my dick was already starting to stir. The more she tried to push me along, the more sure I was that she was heading for the bathroom for one of her sessions. I was fighting off a boner and if Mom didn’t let me cut this conversation short so I could get out back and “commence to hopping on my bike”…we were gunna have a problem. A big problem. A problem with pre-cum dripping out of it.

“Um, Sweetie…” She says.
I didn’t want to…but I stopped…right there in front of her.
“What about that?” she asked as she nodded down the hallway towards the bathroom. I almost shit myself. I have no idea what I looked like but I’m thinking of that little k** with his hand in the cookie jar. Did she know I was going out back to spy on her? I shook that ridiculous thought right out of my head. There was just no way she knew.
“Your skateboard.” She says.
I looked down the hallway and sure enough, there was my skateboard leaning against the wall by the garage door.

I put my best “I’m an idiot” look on my face, which slipped on just like it belonged. It felt way better then that guilty “Holy Shit” look I was more than happy to get rid of.
I hurried over and grabbed my skateboard. I figured it’d be best if I just head right out through the garage, considering the growing ailment between my legs. I had a hand on the doorknob when Mom called out,
“No kiss goodbye?”

Because of this new light I now saw my mother in, because she had somehow become my major reason for masturbation…the thought of kissing her good-bye both pleased me and scared me at the same time. A chance to get that close to her…to her face, her lips…excited me and that’s what scared me. My dick was already on its way to solid form, it needed no more encouragement. If my dick could talk, I’m sure at this stage his voice would be thick and deep; a heavy bass for sure. Rather than risk being…caught…with a Mom induced boner, I choose the easy, safe way out. I brought my hand to my lips, made a loud, humming, ‘mmmmmmah’ into my fingers and sent my kiss on its way to my pretty mother with a wave of my hand.
“Love ya.” I told her honestly, and made my get-a-way.

I ran through the garage, around the house, skateboard in hand, through the gate and quietly up to the bathroom window behind the tall bushes. I leaned my board against the house and retrieved my box from under one of the Junipers. I placed it under the window, seeded it into the dirt…and carefully stepped up onto it. I peeked in from the side of the window frame. The blinds were closed most of the way but I could still see. I made a mental note to go in there and open them before tonight. As it was, I think they helped hide me better in daylight the way they were now anyway.

Mom had wasted no time. In the same amount of time it had taken me to sprint around the house, {I moved like k** trying to catch up with the ice cream man} she had taken her pants off and perched her pretty ass on the toilet seat. I would have preferred to watch her get undressed, but I guess peepers can’t be choosers.

I had a profile view. Again, I would have preferred a head-on shot, to be looking right between her legs, to be able to see the pinkness. I wanted to see the wetness of it, watch her fingers sliding in and out, but the tip of my dick rubbing against the aluminum-siding told me that this view would be just fine.

Mom had her legs spread wide, one knee touching the vanity and the other resting against the toilet-paper holder. She still had her panties on…Light blue with tiny yellow flowers around every edge. They looked like they could be my s****rs. I’m not sure why, but I found that incredible sexy.
Her hand was tucked into them, making small slow circles as I watched. The sight was unbelievable.
I watched as the circles became faster and the crotch of her undies rose and fell with more conviction as every second that passed seemed to pull her deeper into the trawls of passion. Each second was doing the same to me.

I could hear the quite moans and groans that escaped her as her head fell back against the extra roll of paper in the little, red, knitted house that covered it. I’d unsnapped my jeans and, I too, had slipped my hand down into my underwear; mine perhaps a little more unexpected than my mother. I held tight to the windowsill with one hand and onto my dick, just as tight, with the other.
In a relatively short time, Mom had worked herself into quite a state. I wasn’t doing bad myself. I had to stop playing with myself and squeeze my dick really hard to keep from cumming. This was just so much better than I’d imagined. Mom was swaying her pretty ass around on the toilet seat like that was the only relief she could get from a bad case of poison ivy.

She grabbed the front edge of the vanity with her free hand, her knuckles were white as she tightened her grip and began to hump her other hand. The extra roll of toilet-paper hit the floor, along with the air freshener and the box of Kleenex. The back of Mom’s head bumped lightly off the wall in time with her thrusts until her body stiffened, her legs slammed shut on her hand, and she froze. Her mouth hung open in a silent scream, a mixture of ultimate pleasure with a shade of disbelief. She stared up wide-eyed at the ceiling. The only movement, her breasts heaving up…up…up as she tried to get air and keep it; an endless string of short, tiny gulps…in…in…in…in, no air leaving. I found myself the same way. I was frozen as I watched, unable to even blink, my mouth hanging open just as wide, my chin resting on the windowsill.

As I slowly became aware of the dick in my hand, I also became aware that a car was pulling into the garage.
I pulled back from the window with a wild jerk, the box shifted under my feet and I fell back into the holly that a moment ago hid me. It now cradled me like a baby... A baby with his jeans unbuttoned and his hand in his shorts holding onto his incredibly hard dick for life.
“Fuck!” I groaned rather loudly as a few of the weaker branches gave way to my weight letting me settle into the bush a little further. I could only hope my mother was too involved with her own goings-on to hear the dilemma I’d gotten myself into and my rather loud comment on the matter.

I rolled out of the bushes as fast as I could, trying to button my jeans and kick the box under the juniper all at the same time. I prayed that my father would just go through the garage and into the house and not straight to the back patio table with his lap-top. I guess God looks at perverts a bit spitefully. I froze when I heard the gate open. I laid perfectly still, my cheek in the dirt, as I watched my dad’s shoes go by from under the bushes. My pants were at least buttoned, {I could have thanked God for at least THAT, but I doubted He had anything to do with it.}
I laid there for almost an hour and a half, at my estimate, before my father got up and went in the house. It was just as well, all better to legitimize my “Hanging out with Jeff” story. I walked in through the garage, skateboard in hand, {In front of my boner actually} The hour and a half that I laid in that flowerbed should have been spent trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with me…what I was doing…but instead was spent
flowerbed-dreaming about my mom. I came in through the garage. I said my quick -Hello’s- and -How ya doin’s- [So much bl**d had gone to my dick that I was having trouble forming words.] as I made my way to my room to take care of this albatross between my legs. I swear to God, a box of puppies and ferrets mixed would be less trouble than my dick was turning out to be. A big box.

I thought that maybe I should rethink this whole Mom thing before I got caught. There would be no explaining something like that. There would only be wrath and support groups…and, of course, therapy. I knew that if I got caught, things would change forever. But first things first…….I had to take care of this boner before it popped. I’m sure there’d be no explaining that either.

This went on for more than a week before everything changed. I’d seen Mom pleasuring herself five other times after my near-death experience that first time. {I had given the whole Mom thing more thought as I said I would. I decided that it was the coolest fuckin’ thing in the whole fuckin’ world! And the way it made me cum, jerking off right there at the window on my box or when I got back to my room, was….Awesome. And as it was, based on those few things…it took only .025 seconds to come to a decision. I wanted to watch.}

I’d taken to pulling my dick out right there at the window the last couple of times I spied on my mother. I figured getting caught spying on my mother through the bathroom window while she masturbates was about the worst thing that could possibly happen, so what’s it matter if I have my dick in my hand when I’m caught? It’s kinda like a burglar with a gun…A preacher with a bible…a baseball player with a bat…..It’s kind of…Expected, ya know?

I had run into the bathroom earlier that night and opened the blinds a little more for my viewing pleasure; hoping Mom wouldn’t notice. Friday night, about 9:45, I was standing in the shadows behind the spruce on my box with a hard-on that threatened to knock me off the box each time it collide with the aluminum siding.
When the light switched on, I flattened against the side of the house like an escaped convict avoiding the spot light that would surely send him away forever. I stayed like that for a few minutes waiting to see if she’d notice the blinds and come to the window to close them. A few minutes seemed like forever as I stood frozen on my milk box; my heartbeat thundering in my ears, rapid fire.

I slowly moved my head into position. I had a much better view with the blinds open more. Mom was just taking off her blouse. She’d turned the shower on, either to make anyone coming to the bathroom door think she was showering or to muffle any moans and groans of pleasure that might escape her pretty mouth. She’d taken the rolled up towel {It had become the norm in her evening sessions} and placed it on the vanity.
I watched as Mom undressed. It was slow and painstaking but certainly no striptease. I watched as she reached back with both hands and unhooked her bra. She tossed it in the corner with an uncaring sweep of her arm. I was no more than six or seven feet away. I could see the small freckles that dotted her shoulders and made a s**ttered path to the V between those luscious tits. A few even speckled a fading path along the fleshy mounds on their way to each taut nipple. Her areolas were rather large, circling each nipple the ways a smooth sandy beach circles a solitary island. They looked soft; the lightest brown, the color of coffee after you’ve stirred in too much creamer. Her nipples were meaty, plump, the size of marbles, soft pink, the color, and shape of an eraser on the end of an unused pencil…but the size of marbles.

Oddly…she looked kind of sad. A look that seemed out of place considering what I figured she was about to do. I thought for a second that maybe she’s just gunna…take a shower. I watched as she unbuttoned her shorts and began to slip them down over her curvy hips. She swayed her hips and thighs slowly side to side as she inched those shorts down more and more. The dance was sexy, erotic and alluring; the perfect marriage of innocence and desire. Just the act of getting undressed had become as much a turn on as the raw passion I’d witnessed each time I’d seen her touch herself through this window. I got to see the encore as she removed her panties the same way.
She stood naked in front of the vanity, her left side to me. The roundness of her ass cheeks and the profile of her b**sts seemed to fill the window frame. My eyes flickered back and forth between the two. It was like looking at two works of art hanging side by side on a wall in the art shop. Trying hard to decide which was more appealing: which one you liked more. I like THIS on that one…but THAT on this one.
My eye bounced right to her hand as she picked up the towel off the vanity and began to unroll it. In its protective center lay a long, brown, rubber penis. I’m guessing rubber because of the way it flopped side to side when she picked it up and examined it.

She seemed to study it as it lay in her hands; her gaze shifting from the dildo to the reflection in the mirror and back again. I was dying out there on that box. I wanted to jerk the window open, stick my head in through the blinds and tell her, “For fucks sake woman!!! Get to it!!! I’m gunna die from a goddamn dick aneurysm out
But even as I anticipated the upcoming extravaganza…I could see there was something wrong. She didn’t seem to have that urgency she’d had before her other sessions. Even though she was naked, a vision of sexuality, I began to feel a kind of concern.

I watched as she rubber her thumb slowly over the head of that fake cock appearing to be deep in thought. As she brought her eyes to the mirror, she looked troubled. She didn’t look like a horny woman, about to pleasure herself. She looked more like she might cry. She licked her lips as she stared at herself in the mirror. She rubbed them together and puckered them a few times as if she meant to kiss her reflection. She ran her fingers through her beautiful blonde hair and then shook it out vigorously only to run her fingers though it again.

It looked to me like she might have been checking herself out. But not in a vain, conceded way. It looked more to me like she wasn’t very happy with the way she looked, like maybe she wished she was better looking. Maybe she thought she wasn’t good enough for Dad and that was the reason he wasn’t so…creative…in the bedroom. If that WAS what she was thinking…the poor woman had lost her mind. She was undeniably hot. I’m willing to bet a whole bunch of the pretty girls in Mom’s high-school didn’t like my mother one little bit. I bet they were jealous and, in my opinion, they had good reason to be. I think Mom still carried a lot of that youthful beauty, and she carried it very well too. Better than very well!

To be honest, I can’t really define the look on her pretty face…Guilt…Sorrow…Perhaps even loneliness. Maybe she was feeling a bit guilty for having to lock herself in the bathroom to “Get some relief”. This whole sex thing with my dad {Maybe…This whole NO sex thing with my dad…would be a better way to put it} seemed to be really taking a toll on her. Maybe she was contemplating her s****r’s advice and wondering what it would be to take on a lover or even where the nearest gloryhole was. I don’t know.

Just when I started feeling bad for what I was doing, Mom slid one hand to her breasts and brought that rubber cock to her mouth with the other. She massaged her tit and pinched and pulled at the nipple as she watched herself slowly rub the tip of that fake dick over her lips. We both watched as she parted her full lips and let the tip of her dildo slip past. Her tongue greeted her long brown friend with a ballet of pirouettes and tiny nibbles.

I was in danger of cumming before I even got my dick out of my pants. It was near impossible to keep vigil behind me and watch this sensual torment in front of me at the same time. I would have to rely on my ears for any warnings.
Mom’s hand moved to the other breast as we watched her kiss and trace her lips over all sides of that lucky rubber cock.

A minute later, Mom has one hand between her legs and she’s giving “Lucky Dick” a slow blowjob in the mirror.
I’m doing all I can do to stay perched on that box and keep from cheering her on through the window. I watched as she held “Bubba” by the very end with her fingers and coated its entire length with the spit from her mouth.

I almost banged my head on the glass when she stopped. “No! No!!!” I screamed in my head so hard my ears popped. I watched as she picked up her towel and turned towards the bathroom door, dildo in hand. I wondered where the hell she thought she was going like that. The thought confused me. I stared mindlessly while she closed the distance. I’m shaking my head…Fast, nervous shakes…begging shakes Please no! Don’t stop!

I gasped, a hard gasp for air that almost sucked my mouth to the glass like a plunger when Mom threw the towel on the tile floor and lowered the sweet cheeks of her ass onto it; her back against the bathroom door, her legs spread wide facing the window, the dick to her mouth again putting on the finishing touches. I spied; my hard dick free of my pants…but held captive by my immoral thoughts and my tight grip. A shiver ran through me each time the head of my overheated dick touched the cold, smooth siding. I found the feeling oddly exhilarating and made attempt to move further from the house.

The lips of Mom’s pussy we puffy, swollen with desire. I stared at it like a hungry c***d stares at a birthday cake through the bakery store window. And just like the tiny icing roses that surround the cake, Mom’s pussy lips surrounded the pinkness of her pussy. Her wetness was obvious in the well lit bathroom but what really caught my eye, what really made my hand clamp down on my hard dick was the fact that it was bald, hairless...Smooth…
as the cheeks of her ass and the soft plumpness of her titties. She shaves it!?!. My head slowly cocked to one side with awe and wonder. My mom shaves her pussy, I thought, thrilled by this simple thing. It was kinda funny, I saw her sitting on the floor naked, beautiful, with that big dildo in her hands, ready to fuck herself silly and it was the fact that she shaved her pussy, that that seemed to captivate me. It was that, that made her so…so…sexual. I remember thinking how lucky my father was, and how stupid he was. So stupid…that my mother had to do this; secretly pleasure herself on the bathroom floor.

I just couldn’t figure my father out, but I would ponder all that later on in the night. I had no time for sleuthing and mystery solving at that point. After all, you really didn’t care where the sweet peach was grown or how it made its way to your kitchen…You only cared what it tasted like when you finally got it in your hand. And Mom’s pussy looked like if you bit into it, the juices would squirt from the corners of your mouth and run down your chin.

One hand entered my frame of concentration and came to rest on the smoothness that was at one time covered with pubic hair. No doubt as soft as the wavy blonde hair that covered her shoulders. Two slim fingers rotated around the tiny hood that covered her clit for a few seconds before they spread apart, taking the lips of her moist coochie with them. The head of her friend came into view and slowly nuzzled its way into the pretty pink entrance to her pussy. It lingered as if it was their first introduction. They greeted each other, small talk let to play and then she welcomed the slippery thing inside.

I watched as Mom began to slowly fuck herself with that rubber cock while she tickled and strummed at her clit. What started as a quiet get-together, soon turned into a heated romp. Mom’s eyes were closed, her head moved side to side against the door as she nibbled on her bottom lip, and the towel that cushioned her lovely ass, now began to polish the tile floor beneath her. I couldn’t hear her. I didn’t have the luxury of being on the other side of that door, but the way she moved her mouth, her lips formed the words I couldn’t hear….She was as deep into her fantasy as that dick was inside of her. And both her lips and that dildo moved with the same urgency.

That’s when it happened:
As she bit her bottom lip and rolled her head, her eyes opened and she looked right at me. Our eyes met. I jerked my head away from the window. I felt the hardness of my dick run away like c***dren from a spankin. I froze; one hand against the house, the other filled with “Just got adda the pool” dick. I had stopped breathing and my mind was racing. Overflowing with excuses, reasons, repercussions. They all bunched together in my brain and came out as…Holy Shit! (At least I didn’t fall off the box)

“She didn’t see me.” I heard myself whispering franticly. “She couldn’t…It’s pitch black out here…and the light…it’s so bright in there. I don’t know how much time passed; a few seconds, a minute, ten? Nothing happened. The window didn’t fly open…No body yanked me off the box and pull me though the bushes. Nothing. My eyes shifted back and forth, back and forth as I waited for the world, as I know it, to come crashing down. When that didn’t happen, I calmed somewhat, and slowly peeked around the trim of the window frame, like a little k** peeking in his dark closet late at night expecting to find the goddamned boogie man…except I still had my soft dick in hand. (I guess at the moment I figured he was all I might had left of the old world and I wasn’t quite ready to give him up)

To my surprise…and unexpected delight…Mom was still on the bathroom floor, her coochie full of rubber dick and her hand slowly massaging her clit and rubbing the smoothness of where hair once grew. I jerked my head back from the window, closed my eyes and sighed a great sigh of relief. She didn’t see me…Couldn’t see me. I took another deep breath, and slowly brought my eye back to the edge of the window.

She was in fact where I’d left her, but she seemed as though she’d lost some of her enthusiasm. She still pleasured herself, but she moved the brown dick between her legs, slower, in and out, in and out, pushing it deep inside every-so-often and making a rolling motion…first one way and then the other. A more casual fuck had replaced the fever I’d witnessed just a few minutes ago; a fever that was ready to brake.

Her ass no longer pushed the towel around the floor. It had turned into more of a slow sway of her hips and a gentle thrust upward each time she buried that fake cock inside her pussy. But most noticeably, the thing that captured and held my attention were her eyes. They were open with a glassy stare. Not only open, but seemingly locked on the window I hid behind. Now I’m no Sherlock Holmes or nothin’, but I figured that the fact that I was STILL standing on this box and she was STILL sitting on the floor with that dildo between her legs, was a fine indicator that she’d never seem me. And the few times I’d peeked around the corner had gone un-noticed as well.

I got bolder. My dick was once more breathing the fresh air of Virginia and the firmness had found its way home. With my hand firmly around my cock, I leaned further in front of the window. Still, Mom worked her pussy…and stared at the window. “Penny for your thoughts” I thought amused at my own wit.
With the freedom and courage that invisibility brings, I gave my dick a little shake and started to move my hand to match my mother’s rhythm. Watching my mother do this was far better than anything I’d ever imagined. Way hotter than any porn I’d ever seen. Between trying not to fall off that goddamn box and trying hard not to cum…my hands were full.

Mom picked up the speed as I also did, her eyes, seeming, never left the window and my eyes never leaving her. All of her. From her wide open legs to the blonde hair that lie over her shoulders, tickling the outside roundness of each tittie. She began to suck on her bottom lip again and her pelvis found the same song that my hand and her toy seemed to share. Her eyes appeared to stare through me. Soon her pelvis led the way. The towel was now just a crumpled rag shoved against the bottom of the door. One foot had found a firm hold on the edge of one of the vanity doors. The other foot still looking along the edge of the tub for leverage, sliding along the smooth, rounded corner of the tub again and again. Her head tilted back as much as the door would allow, but not enough to keep her from staring…At me. Her approaching orgasm f***ed her to plant her wandering foot on the small drop rug in front of the tub.

This newfound anonymity had a peculiar effect on me. As if watching my mother…replacing imagination with reality, wasn’t thrilling enough, the idea that she was looking at me, knowing I was there, I was watching, it was ME…made me literally shake inside. It somehow made me part of it; part of the thing she was doing on the bathroom floor while the water ran in the shower fooling everyone but me and her. It made me feel like…….like we were in the same room…together… doing………what we were doing. My hand tightened around my dick until I could feel the hard/spongy cartilage in the center and my hand created a rhythm of its own. At some point I was aware of the light rapid-fire tapping of my knuckles on the siding, but gave it none of my attention. A small plane falling into the pool behind me wouldn’t have warranted more than a quick glance from me at that point.

Mom, with her free hand planted to one side, fingers spread wide on the tile floor, arched up, pushing with both legs, her ass lifted higher as she drove Lucky Dick in to the hilt and held it there with the palm of her hand. Her mouth dropped open wide and then quickly slammed shut. Her once full lips now forming a single tight line under her nose, her face flushed….Had I been on the other side of the door I would have no doubt heard the urgent moans and grunts I’d heard before, perhaps a low growling. But Mom’s eyes……her eyes…they never broke their gaze, never strayed from the window…from me it felt like. I stared back at my mother as we both came.

It was many long seconds, minutes maybe, it could have been forever if I’d had presence of mind to look for a shooting star to wish upon, before Mom allowed her shapely ass to slowly come to rest on the tile floor again. Her legs lay limp, open, and useless on the floor. “Big Brown” slid out on the wave of slippery juices that now poured from my mother’s soaked coochie and plopped on the floor and slid to rest against one thigh. The hand that once held it now gently teased her puffy wet pussy lips, slowly, and very gently. She looked exhausted and was no doubt tender. Her eyes finally closed. Except for those three fingers on her pussy…nothing moved. Had it not been for those few slippery fingers caressing Mom’s glistening lips, I might have called 911 and then made my way through the window.

When all was said and done, I’d painted the side of the house with cum and Mom finally found her way in the shower. I was sitting on the couch already waiting for my next chance when she strolled out of the bathroom, rolled up towel tucked under her arm. She seemed in a hurry to get up those steps.

The next day, Mom didn’t take her midday “Brake”. She DID however, take her nightly shower, but Dad farting around in the back yard ‘til all hours of the night made it impossible for me to do my thing. I had to settle for jerking off in my room before I went to bed. The next day my stupid s****r was home all day hanging around, so when I saw Mom head into the bathroom around 1:00, I was shit-outa-luck. I didn’t dare risk being found outside the bathroom window or getting caught with my ear to the door and a bulge in my pants. It wasn’t worth getting caught and ruining the nights ahead that I might get to watch my mother.

It was like that for a long few days. There was always someone around that made it too risky to indulge myself in my new hobby. A few nights later though…I got another chance. My s****r was in bed and me and my dad were in the living room watching a baseball game. The Yankees were playing and it was only the top of the third when Mom tried to slip in under the radar. I saw her out of the corner of my eyes as she scurried through the living room with her robe d****d over her arm and her rolled up towel tucked securely away.

I slipped out and made my way to my perch outside the bathroom window. It went almost exactly as it had a couple of nights before, except this time, from the time I first eyed her through the blinds, she kept glancing towards the window…every few minutes, it seemed; enough so that it made me nervous and I stayed back from the sill and just peeked around the window jam with one eye. I felt relatively safe, after all, if she could see me, well…she wouldn’t be doing it.

It seemed like it moved along a lot slower this time, I was treated to another amazing show. There seemed to be a lot more foreplay this time. She spent a great deal of time on her tits; rubbing them, pushing them together, and making large round circles with them as she squeezed and d**g her long fingernails over them ever-so-lightly. She spit on her fingertips and wet her nipples; long shiny runners of spit connecting her fingers to her open mouth and then to the hard nipples that I wanted to touch so badly. They looked incredibly hard from the moment she sat on the floor against the door but now…now they looked even longer and darker. I thought of those little marshmallows you put in your hot chocolate which turned into a vivid picture in my head of covering each swollen nipple in Hershey’s chocolate syrup, the excess slowly making its way down the bottom of each white globe in a thick, sluggish river, onto her flat stomach to puddle in her sexy innie. Chocolate covered Mom, I thought. I could say the thought made my dick hard, but fact is, my dick was hard before I jumped my perverted ass up on that little cooler outside the window.

After a while, I felt comfortable enough to venture out from around the window frame. When I did, mom glanced at the window and held her gaze. I felt a moment of uneasiness but as soon as she locked eyes to the window, her pace picked up, so I didn’t give it another thought before I began to stroke my dick.

I wasn’t disappointed. As before, her climax was hard and exhausting. In her thralls, it appeared her head bounced off the door a few times and her foot had pushed against the cabinet door of the vanity with enough f***e to strip the screws and knock the flimsy door off its hinges. She spasmed and jerked all around the small bathroom floor trying to get all of that rubber cock inside her. None of this slowed my mother down. She thrashed and flayed around on the floor, finally settling in an exhausted heap, her eyes closed, her pretty tits heaving like one of those old rigs trying to pump oil from the ground. And until that moment of exhaustion…her eyes never left the window.

This time, I came so hard I did fall off my perch. My legs just gave out. My last spurt of cum sprayed the leaves of the Holly bush as I came to rest on my back in the mulch. I couldn’t help but shake my head at the craziness, but there was no time to waste on the moment. Between the noise that my mother must have made in the bathroom and the cry of “Oh my God!” that I think I bellowed on my way down, I figured someone was gunna get caught and I didn’t want it to be me. I scurried up, secured my dick, (A dick that was as hard now as it was when I’d first pulled it out) shoved the little cooler under the bushes and ran out to the pool.

I was in no condition to head into the house just yet. Besides the hard-on that I feared would never go away, I was just to wound up too see anyone. I sat at the tiny table by the pool and checked myself as best I could; looking for dirt, leaves, mulch, cum on my clothes. Anything that might suggest that I’d been anywhere near the bathroom window. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back on the chair. I took deep slow breaths and enjoyed the light, cool breeze that swept over my sweaty face. I thought about what I was doing, the risks I was taking and decided with a small measure of reluctance (A tiny measure and a bit of concern as well, because I knew without a doubt that what I was doing was wrong, very wrong, and I knew it was just a matter of time before someone caught me )… that I couldn’t wait for the next time.

I went to sl**p that night, jerking off again, visions of my lustful mother, being the last things in my head before I drifted off.

As luck would have it, the next day I was in the pool floating around on the raft {On my stomach} day dreaming, when Mom came walking out of the house talking on the phone. As I floated over closer to where she was sitting, I could tell she was talking to Aunt Jenny again. She was talking quietly and sneaking a peek in my direction every so often.

(I’d say that my dick started to move around just thinking about what they might be talking about, but the truth was…that birddog had been out hunting all morning and was ready to pull the birds right out of the goddamn trees by now)

I thought my presence in the pool might chase my mother in the house for more privacy so I decided to give my mother her “space” so that she could talk freely. I paddled over to the steps, slid off the raft and headed up the steps out of the pool. (It would seem that I had achieved the first three stages of a good hard-on: Reason, anticipation, and good bl**d flow) I held my little air filled raft between me and my mother until I reached the sliding glass doors that led into the kitchen. The hundred and forty times I glanced over at her, she was sitting there, holding the phone to her ear, watching me leave. I assumed waiting for me to get out of ear shot so she could talk to her s****r, or maybe I just looked like I was up to something. I figure both.

Once in the house, I made my way to the garage and up onto the workbench. The window was already open enough from the last time I’d perched my ass up here to eavesdrop. Mom WAS waiting for me to leave… What I heard took away both my breath, and my ability to hold onto a rational thought.

“I do it every night” I heard her tell my aunt. “I don’t know, that was the first time I noticed.”
Noticed what? I wondered. I swallowed hard. I watched and listened, all but shoving my head through the small cap in the window, as my mother went on. I would’ve loved to pick up one of the other phones, I badly wanted to hear Aunt Jenny’s side of the conversation, but Mom was on her cell phone.
“I’m almost positive.” She tells her s****r.
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t know.”
“Could be, I guess.”
“But suppose it isn’t.” She said with a wonder in her voice; like little girl talking to her best-friend about the boy she has a crush on.
“Bobby told me that Tommy said he liked me.”
“Suppose he’s lying?”
“…But suppose he isn’t.”

Come on Mom…Give me something, I begged under my breath.
“I’m telling you Jenny…”
I watched Mom glance around the yard before continuing. She lowered her voice a little bit more. I strained to hear. “It…really turned me on.” She says; sounding a bit surprised at her own words…or the fact that she was actually telling her s****r about it, or maybe she was just surprised at her own reaction to the whole thing. Hard to say.

“I know, right…”
“I just kept doing it…”
“I did to!”
“Swear to god.”
“I never knew” I hear her tell her s****r as she shrugged her shoulders, shook her head and looked up towards the blue sky. Now I have my temple pressed so hard against the window frame that I’m rubbing the paint off, and my chin…my chin and jaw are beginning to hurt trying to push the wooden sill out of the way so I can get closer, hear better.

And then my dick went soft, my chin gave up trying to move the sill and slapped the wooden bench below instead. “FUCK.” I whispered rather loudly. I ducked down out of side incase I’d been loud enough for her to hear me. I froze there below the window, wondering what kind of facility they’d be sending me to; wondering if they would allow me visitors and if so…would anybody even come to see me.

“How do you know Jenny?” Mom asked her s****r. “Have you ever had anybody watching you do it?”

“She saw you!!!” A harsh voice in my head screamed. If I had to put a picture with the voice, I’d say a grey-haired judge, narrow eyed and staring at me in disgust over the rim of his glasses, slamming down his gavel and motioning for the bailiff to take me into custody.
She had seen me at the window last night. Dear god…….But no way, I though……

I was a mess up there on the workbench crouching, trying not to be seen. It was hard to get a thought straight before another one popped in my head to take its place. If she’d seen me…why, why in god’s name, did she just keep going? Why didn’t she do something…Why was I still running free? There was no way. I had to listen. I had to make sense of it. Surely I was misinterpreting something.

I wasn’t sure what I’d missed in my frenzied search for wits and answers, but the next thing I heard was Mom telling Aunt Jenny that she didn’t know, “It was just too dark.” She’d said.

If I was getting this right, Mom HAD seen me…But she didn’t know it was ME.
That thought made my heart forget to beat until my lungs gave a little nudge in protest.
I gasped and the firmness that had been abruptly chased from my dick just a few moments ago, was welcomed back with open arms.

“I had no idea something like that would make me feel all….all...” Mom lowered her voice so much I couldn’t hear and I wasn’t close enough to attempt to read her lips.
“I’ve never felt anything like it.” She went on to say with a little more volume and a little more wonder in her tone.
“I know…”
“Have you?”
I don’t know what my aunt’s response to that was, but I heard my mom jokingly say, “Well that’s because you’re a whore.”

Then Mom told Aunt Jenny not to mention this to anyone.
“No, I’m not saying anything to him.” She says
“Shit, for all I know…He is the one at the window and if I say anything…Well…It might ruin it.”
I assumed she thought “Him” was my father. I prayed.

(I have to admit, later that night, the thought that Mom might know it was me at the window, and she was still willing to pleasured herself while I watched…Well…When I could finally get out of my bed and stand, I had to take a shower to wash the cum off.)

And then I heard all I needed to hear,
“I wanna do it again." She tells her s****r.
"I don't know...I just do...I really liked it."
“Yeah. I'm not gunna do or say anything to anybody…Well you’re different…I can tell you."
“I don’t know, I guess I’ll see if he comes back tonight.” She tells my aunt.
“I know..."

“I will. Love you too.”

I was so deep in thought that I sat up there on the work bench long after my mother had hung up and gone in the house. She knew someone was watching her, yet she was willing to do it anyway. Wow! I was beginning to see that there was yet another side of my mom I never thought existed. I doubted my father even knew this side of Mom. I kinda wondered what he would do if he knew; if it would turn him on or freak him out. Kinda like a little boy telling his Priest that he thinks he might be gay…It could go either way.
Only the guy at the window knew, I thought.

Well, in the next weeks, I managed to watch my mother a few more times as she pleasured us both with her escapades in the bathroom. Obsession just didn’t describe it. I fell asl**p each night with my dick in my hand and woke each morning with a hard-on. I dressed accordingly. I even started to put two pair of underwear on to better pin down my overactive best buddy. I let the first pair slip down a little and let the tip of my hard dick stick out past the waistband. The second pair, I pulled up to hide the tip. I had to pay close attention when I was around my mother. I’d often found myself staring…daydreaming. A lot of times I felt like I was nine, sitting in the garage with an old Playboy I’d found in a box under the workbench and I’d gotten my first look at some titties.

Each time I watched her was just like the first; just as new and exciting, just as hot. The level of lust (and in my case, obsession) grew with each episode. Now when I spied, I stood on my cooler, almost out in the open, my head fully framed by the window frame as if I was a welcomed guest at the neighborhood peep-show, staring at the exotic dancer as she stared back from behind the tinted glass.

I hoped to make it appear (To Mom) that it might actually be my father at the window spying on her. Everyone was already well aware that he spent a great deal of time in the backyard at night on his lap-top anyways. He’d be the most likely suspect. I thought that might not only put my mother a bit more at ease but also keep the heat off me. It took a while for me to realize that if she thought it was him, she might bring it all up one night in a hopeful attempt to pull a confession from him and maybe even bring him out of his sexual cocoon, so-to-speak. If she did that, there was no doubt that he would be out here in the bushes waiting for the perp the very next night. I really didn’t want to come running out and duck behind the bushes, dick in hand, reaching for the cooler, only to find my father there waiting for me putting his non- confrontational days behind him.

As it turned out, something happened that I’d never even considered in my wildest dreams. (And I had some wild-ass dreams too)
On this particular night, around 8:30, I’d told my mom that I was hanging out over my friend Jimmy’s house and told her I’d be home by 11:00. This lie was designed to further push suspicion towards dad. I was becoming quite the conniver. The bite in the ass was; I had to sit in the flowerbed behind the bushes (From 8:30 to almost 10:00) and wait for my mother to “Take her shower”. Another downside was that if my father decided to spend the evening out by the pool, I’d be shit-out-of-luck. I’d be trapped there until he decided to go in and god knows when that might be. It didn’t take but a second to surmise that all of this was well worth it though.

Anyway, I was sitting on my little cooler, tucked away nicely behind the bushes, waiting for the light to go on in the bathroom when the window suddenly popped open. The light hadn’t gone on, I didn’t hear the blinds being pulled up, there was no warning…The window just popped open. My life flashed before my eyes. I sat motionless, frozen, afraid that if I so much as moved a single hair on my ass check, that I would surely shit my pants. To my relief, I heard the window blinds rustle and then the light flipped on. I thought that maybe she was just hot in there. It certainly made sense that she would be. I was a bit worried that she may have closed the blinds all the way and I wouldn’t be able to see. I made sure I was alone in the backyard then slowly took my place perched on my stand ready to peek around the widow frame when I saw a little piece of paper sticking out of the window…Right there on the sill, held there by the weight of the blinds.

What the fuck? I stared at it, like it was a snake that would strike at any moment. I was afraid that if I touched it, it would break the spell, ruin this world that I had somehow gotten so comfortable in. By the time I looked through the window, through the blinds, Mom was already in the midst of her routine. Both hands were full of her luscious breasts, her beloved dildo lying on the floor, just in reach, waiting like the star of the play, for his queue to take the stage…do his scene. Her eyes were focused on the window, never wavering, hardly blinking, excitement and desire shinning in each eye with just a hint of what might have been…hope.

Periodically, I glanced at the small piece of paper protruding from under the blinds, the note. I was a bit surprised that it kept drawing my attention away from my mother. I wouldn’t have thought that even the villagers busting down our fence, their hands filled with torches, pitchforks and anything they could grab to beat the town pervert to death with, could have pulled my attention from my mother’s display, but it did. I wanted to know what it was, what it said, almost more than I wanted to watch the show my mother was now so willing to put on…

But I was afraid. Afraid of somehow confirming my existence, showing my mother that it was ME…and not her husband that found her so alluring …so desirable. It was all I could do to keep my hands off that little piece of paper. I was so scared that when Mom was finished, she would retrieve the note before taking her shower. I watched as her orgasm took her as it had each night I’d watched before; hard and completely. As she lie there trying desperately to calm her breathing I took the opportunity, seized the moment. I put my dick away. I hadn’t cum along with my mother the way I had each other night; the tiny piece of paper made sure of that. I jumped off my perch, snatching the note from the sill as I did. I hit the ground and made a mad dash to the side gate. I couldn’t have been more excited…Or scared…if I’d found a whole suitcase full of the mob’s money and “No-Neck Sal” was hot on my heals.

I hit the street and turned towards Jimmy’s. The folded piece of paper felt no lighter than a brick in my hand. I didn’t stop until I was two blocks from the house. There, on the corner of West Rolling Hills Rd. & Summerset, I stood under the street light, breathing hard, sweating, unfolded the note with a pair of hands that would lose a surgeon his license to practice…and read the words. With my back against the cool light post, I slowly slid down until my ass settled on the hard concrete. Holy fuck!

“Do you like what you see? Stick your cock through the blinds if you do.”
I was too stunned to read on. I sat there staring at the note, staring though it. The thoughts and pictures that swirled around in my head took the place of everything around me. If she didn’t think that was my dad outside that window…
“Jesus Christ” I heard myself whisper. The thought made my head spin. And I don’t mean that metaphorically…I mean that I thought I was gunna pass out.
I looked down at the note again, trying to concentrate on the words. As they came into focus, I shook my head, not believing what they said. “I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”
I sat under that street light ‘till well after 12:00. I finally came to my senses, the note in one hand and my other mindlessly rubbing the front of my pants.

As what seemed to be the norm, my dick was as hard as quantum physics to a second grader. I could only hope that it was gone by the time I got home, but I knew better. I tucked the note in my pocket and started my long trek home…The longest two blocks that man has ever walked.

As it turned out, I slipped into the house unnoticed. I hurried to my room, stripped down to my boxers, turned the light off, and jumped into bed. I waited as long as I could to see if anyone would come in to check on me. I jerked off twice thinking about that note and what it might mean before I drifted off in a restless sl**p that was crammed full of erotic dreams and scenarios. I woke in the morning with the same goddamn boner I’d gone to sl**p with. I began to think of my boner the same as my Saint Christopher’s mettle, those little brown streaks on my underwear, that fuckin’ mole above my left eye……It was just something that was always there. The load I dumped on my chest before I climbed out of bed barely softened it.

I spent most of the morning, and into the day, in my room trying to figure out what to do about my mom…about the note. Maybe it was a trap, I thought. But to be honest, the other thoughts and ideas that bounced around in my demented little head had pushed that thought right out like chilly does farts. I finally decided that I wanted to find a way to take my mother up on her offer. I was gunna find a way to get my ass up high enough on that windowsill so that I could stick my dick right through the blinds.

Now it accrued to me that once I stuck my dick through those blinds that she’d see that it wasn’t my father’s. (Unless I’d inherited his dick. I wasn’t sure if there was a dick jean) I mean, certainly she’d be able to tell. Once there, with my dick through the blinds, I’d be…vulnerable…to say the least. She could simply sweep the blinds away and see it was me or she could grab hold of my dick and scream bl**dy murder until my dad came to the rescue. Needless-to-say, it was a risky protection, but there was no doubt in my mind that any blowjob given from my mother would be the best blowjob I could ever have. I was determined. I mean, what could be the worst that happens…

…I end up running down the street, my mother, haven been pulled crashing through the bathroom window, holding firmly to my stretched-out dick as I drag her along the sidewalk, her screaming “I got him! I got him!”, my father in close pursuit, my little s****r right behind him, until the police (Results of no less than half the neighbors calling 911) come, engage in a slow speed chase, following me down the now-crowded street, commanding (Through the loud-speaker on the top of their squad car of course) that I release my poor mother before they’re f***ed to shoot me. Well…Like anybody else in that particular position…I would like to think I would stop. I look through my legs, behind me, ask my mother (Who has lost a tiny bit of her allure and a whole lot of her “Give you the best blow job you’ve ever had” attitude) “Does this mean I don’t get that blowjob you promised me?”
I’m still waiting for an answer as the nice orderlies buckle the buckles in the back (The straight-jacket is a little snug but all-and-all…it’s a nice fit and white does go with anything) as they help me into the van that will bring me to my new home and my new friends.


As it turns out, that afternoon, I go into the backyard to find Mom on a small ladder with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, cleaning the windows. I slip into the pool and watch her as she goes from one window to another. At first, I’m a little concerned about what she’ll think when she reaches the bathroom window. Surely she’ll see the cooler there and know that it’s from our garage. After a few nervous seconds, I figured that might actually help the whole “Husband spying on me thing”. After all, it’s his cooler and his garage.
For a second I realized there’s probable 5 or 6 gallons of cum on the side of the house and surrounding area. I shrugged…Nothing I can do about it now. At least she’ll know that her little shows are appreciated.

Welp, Mom spent a good bit of time cleaning the bathroom widow, climbs down with her bucket of water, turns and looks at me for a brief second before she simply walks into the house.
“Ya want me to put the ladder away for ya?” I yell out.
“That’s OK sweetie, I’ll get it in a minute.”
Well, she didn’t. A minute turned into an hour and then the day turned into evening and the ladder remained right where it was.
“Jesus!” I thought. “Can it get any easier?”

I figured that she wanted “My dad” at that window tonight and she wanted to made damn sure that he could reach his cock up to those blinds. That pretty much clinched it for me. Assuming my father didn’t ruin this by hanging around the pool tonight…I was gunna climb that ladder, stick my hard dick right through the blinds…and get a blow job from my beautiful mom.

I hurried to my room. I all but danced naked on my bed. I paced, sat, I stood, sat again. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I considered a hundred ways to keep my old man out of that back yard, short of killing him. To my amazement, that evening at the dinner table, my father announces that some of his buddies at work had asked him if he wanted play poker with them tonight. He asked my mother what she’d thought about that.
“Well, I think that’d be great.” She tells him.

Not being known for my quickness, I’m thinking that my whole night is ruined. If he’s out playing poker, and I stick my dick through that window…Well…
“I bet you’ll have a lot of fun tonight.” She tells him with this weird little smile on her face.
Then it hits me… She thinks he’s just k**ding around…making the whole “Poker thing”, just like I’d done when I said I was going over Jimmy’s last night; like it’s a little game they’re playing.
“What are you going to do tonight?” He asks her.
“Oh, I’ll find something to keep me busy.” She tells him flirtatiously.

It’s kinda nice to see my mom like this.
I pipe up, “I’m gunna hang out at Jimmy’s again tonight if that’s OK” I tell em, playing my own little game. “Unless you need me here.” I added.
“No that’s fine.” She says before I finish the last syllable and shoots a look and a little smirk at my father.
We all smile with our own agendas.
Dad smiles because he’s going to play poker with his buddies.
Mom smiles, thinking her and my father are finally going to break though that “Missionary sex” wall. (Blow it into a thousand pieces.)
And me…Well... I’m just happy there’s a god that answers prayers. And if there really IS such a god, my little s****r will be invited to a sl**pover tonight.

As it was, my s****r stayed home, but to my utter joy and disbelief, she had a friend sl**p over that had brought a bag of DVD’s with her. They would be spending most of their time in her room.

At 8:30 or so, Dad was gone, Annie was in her room with her little friend engrossed in a movie, and I yelled upstairs to my mom that I was leaving to go over Jimmy’s. I was actually trembling; enough so that I wondered if I’d sounded any different when I was yelling up the steps. I ran, with the tip of my dick peeking out of the waistband of both pairs of underwear, tickling my bellybutton and threatening to leak onto my T-shirt.

I stumbled behind the bushes, almost falling as I made the turn, situated the ladder in such a way that I’d be able to climb up to the fifth step, turn sideways, and part the blinds with that fireplace poker I now kept hidden away under two pair of boxers… I sat on the cooler and I waited.

Earlier than usual, to my delight, the light flipped on in the bathroom. I stood up in front of the ladder, rested my forehead on the cool aluminum of the ladder and took a deep breath. I needed air. I needed to breath, but as much as I sucked in…it didn’t seem to be enough. I was in danger of suffocating. They were going to find me in the morning, a crumpled heap of pale flesh at the bottom of this ladder, all my bl**d having rushed to the bulbous red balloon that was once a normal dick between some normal legs.

I was on the third step before I even realized that I was breathing again. It would seem my dick, unwilling to wait any longer, had taken control. I stopped on the third step, peeking between the slats of the blinds, to find my mother brushing her hair in the mirror. She pulled the brush through her long, wavy, blonde hair slowly, gently, caressing it more than brushing it, seemingly taken back with more of how it felt rather than what it was doing to her beautiful hair. I was mesmerized. Her lips were the color of strawberries, parted slightly, showing a hint of her two front teeth. Her eyes were dark with mascara, eye shadow the color of dark chocolate that faded to the lighter, creamier color of creamed coffee. They were closed as the brush made its way through her hair, pulling her head back slightly with each stroke. The show was both intimate and yet erotic.

As amazing as this was to watch, it was what she was wearing that stuck in my mind. A see-though nightie, white lace, with the thinnest of spaghetti straps that barely kept if from falling to the floor, it dangled freely, swaying with each movement of her arm as she brushed her hair, held away from her flat belly by the roundness of her large breasts, like the firm poles of a circus tent keep the canvas off the performers and those like me…that are just there to watch. It floated inches above a matching pair of panties that were little more than a few strands of fine lace. Typical attire for your everyday tantalizing Playboy Bunny…But on her…on my mom…it looked like a blanket of dancing candle flames, that could have been put into motion by the urgency of uneven breaths.

To say she was a vision, falls way short of the truth. I watched as she opened her eyes and watched herself slowly lick her dark lips in the mirror with the tip of her wet tongue. It was obvious that wetting them was not her only intention. Not only did she look sexy (Very sexy) but she was feeling sexy as well. In spite of what I was doing, the wrongness of it all, I found a surprising kind of…joy…in that.

For a second I was overcome with a few different feelings. I was both happy and sad at the same time. I was so glad that she was obviously so turned on by this whole thing. She, no doubt thought that my father was finally ready to step up, become the lover…the spontaneous, aggressive partner she’d always wanted him to be. But it made me sad to think that she was wrong. That, because of me, her bubble, perhaps her whole world, would be popped and the happy, sexy, beautiful woman I now watched from outside the window…would fall apart.
I’m a bit ashamed to say that watching my mother, the way she looked, the way she moved, all thoughts were steered right back to my hard little friend.

She didn’t glace at the window, she made no attempt to see if she was being watched. I suppose she just knew I’d be out there…that her husband would be watching her. I watched as she slid both hands under the thin fabric of her nightie and ever-so-slowly began to massage her tits. She cupped them from underneath, pushed them up, gently kneaded them, and rolled them slowly in opposite directions. She did everything sexy that a woman could do with a pair of beautiful tits. She even pushed them up to her mouth, craned her neck, and softly kissed each nipple in turn leaving a light smear of red lipstick over each boob. I stood on that ladder, slowly shaking my head, completely unaware of anything else in the world.

Mom slowly un-toweled what had been, so far, her lover in these bathroom-getaways we’d both come to love. She slid the fingertips of one hand down her belly and let them tease the very top of her lace panties as the other hand brought that rubber cock to her lips. I’d seen this show before, but this was the difference between black and white TV and HD. She kissed the tip, letting her strawberry lips linger on the bulbous head like you would a secret lover that you were glad to finally see. She opened her mouth slightly and twirled the tip of her tongue over and around the redness her lips had left on the smooth rubber. My hands were white-knuckled on the window frame as she sank her mouth down over more than half of her rubber dick. Her head moving to the dick, as her hand held it steady. It was slow and erotic and would have made a long length of rope stick straight out had the rope been lucky enough to find itself where I was.

Just as slowly, her mouth backed off the life-like cock, leaving it wet and shiny, leaving a noticeable red ring halfway down were her lips had stopped. She turned her head and began to kiss and lick the sides of her dildo, all of it, head to base…and then up again. These were the lips, I thought, that would be doing the same thing to my dick if I managed to stay on this ladder, get the balls to stick my cock through the blinds, and didn’t get caught. She was no doubt showing my father what he was in store for.

I watched as she sucked the large helmet into her mouth, her cheeks hollowed as her fingers slid all the way into her pretty panties and began rotating in slow-motion over the love button that I wanted so badly to suck into my mouth. It was then that she cut her pretty eyes to the window.
She opened her mouth a tiny bit, just enough to allow a thin string of spit to dribble out over her bottom lip and make its way down her chin. She smiled around the head of her cock as if to show me that she was more than willing to get sloppy…sluty…if it came to it.

At this point I was attached to the house. I was part of the window and the ladder was part of me. Even my hard dick was speechless. All I could do was watch this. I gave absolutely no thought to being found out or caught. It would have taken the Jaws-of-life to pry me from that window. And I would have been kicking and screaming the whole way.

Mom spit on the head of that cock, pulled her hand from her panties (Her fingers visibly wet) and spread the slippery mess all over the sides of her dildo with her fingertips. I felt like I was standing up-side-down on that ladder. She gave one last glance towards the window and then moved to the commode. This was different. This gave me a side view but brought her much closer to the window. She sat down. She was close enough that I could hear her hum a soft, alluring tune as she sat. She didn’t take off her sweet panties. She sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs wide. One foot perched on the toilet paper dispenser and the other leg d****d over the edge of the vanity, the heal of her foot hanging off the front. She let her fingers glide slowly down her stomach, over the lace of her elegant panties, down the crotch until she could hook a long nail of a single finger into the lace of her panties on the inside of her creamy thigh. She pulled the delicate material to one side as she brought the shiny, wet dildo down.

I was looking down on her from my perch. She was closer, but the view was hindered a bit. I could see the hardness of each nipple through the slits in the blinds as they pressed against her nightie and I could see better now, her striking face. So close to the window now, I could even hear her breathing, her sighs. I couldn’t see the actual pinkness off her pussy as I could when she had had her back to the door facing the window, but I could see the head of her fake dick slowly disappear past the white lace and hear the quiet moan escape her as it slipped into the wetness of her pussy. This was even better. I found myself just watching her face for the most part. I was in awe. I got great pleasure from watching the expressions, the sexy way she sucked her full bottom lip into her mouth as her pleasure increased and the soft whispers that passed her lips. When she leaned her head back and looked up at the window, up at me, from below, with that dreamy want in her eyes…I felt my legs start to shake. All I wanted were those lips around my dick; the blowjob that I had been promised if I’d only stick my cock through the blinds. But I was afraid. Well, afraid is only little orphans on the roof of a burning building. I was something else; something a little deeper. Through all this, my dick had remained holstered behind tons of underwear, ready to take flight with its master if the need became apparent.

As if she knew, Mom slipped the rubber cock from between her legs and closed her legs. My stomach rolled and dropped, I swallowed. It felt like I was trying to swallow a mid-sized car…with trailer. She placed the dildo on the vanity and turned her body towards me as she rested one knee on the toilet seat and gripped her side of the window sill with both hands.
“Are you ready?” I hear her whisper.
I couldn’t move my mouth to answer even if I had had the words. Her face was little more than 12 inches from the window. I was unable to move. There I was. This was it. I was all in. Either she was going to pull the blinds up and see me in all my perverted glory…or I was about to get the best blowjob I would ever get. Either way, I was unable to respond.

A normal k** would have jumped his ass off that ladder and made a B-line to someplace else…But then again…A NORMAL k** wouldn’t be up on a ladder outside a bathroom window peeping on his mother.

I don’t know how much time had passed. For all I knew…Annie had grown up, gotten married and now had eleven k**s of her own. Oh if they could see uncle Tommy now, I thought.

“Stick it through the blinds.” She coaxes me. “Come on.”
I had decided that I was crazy to even think I could do such a thing. What, was I crazy? But one of my hands was already unsnapping my jeans. My dick sprang out like a young mare leaping out of the starting gate on its way to fame and big money. My movements were jerky, uncoordinated at best as I freed my happy pecker and tried my best not to fall though the window onto my waiting mother. Two slats of the blinds parted. A sliver of light poured out into the darkness and illuminated the trembling hand that held my engorged dick in place.

To my amazement, the light was followed my three long, slender fingers with long nails the color of my mother’s lips. Unwilling to wait any longer, my mom slid the two fingers along the belly of my dick and wrapped her thumb over the top. I saw little sparks of light everywhere. I felt as though I’d jumped in the pool with a plugged in toaster. I sucked in, swallowed no less than 34 pounds of air which my lungs took hold of and refused to let go.
“Oh my GOD!” I whispered.
“Oh my GOD!”, because it felt so good and “Oh my GOD!” because neither of us moved. We were both frozen in time.

I knew in an instant that she knew it wasn’t my father’s dick. My heart shot to my throat and just when I was about to spit it out onto the window sill…Mom started to move her fingers. Slowly, softly, like one might squeeze a plump peach to determine its ripeness. Her remaining fingers closed around it and she gently tugged on it, drawing it in…through the blinds…into the bathroom. It was hard to see, like looking through a picket fence as you ride by on your bike, but I could see enough to know that that warm wet feeling was the inside of my mother’s mouth.

I stood there braced against the house, nothing separating my mother and I but a flimsy venetian blind as I indeed got the best blowjob that I could have ever imagined. She worked it slowly, lovingly. Covering it with tiny wet kisses and bathing it with warm spit as she slid her hand over its hardness again and again and again. The only thing that kept me from shooting my load the second she’d touched it was the fact that I was in shock.

It was like being tackled at the one yard line, falling in for that winning touchdown and jumping around, cheering and hugging your fellow teammates without even realizing that you’d broken your leg back on the other side of the goal line.

My mother swept my balls up into her other hand and rolled each happy ball between her fingers as she tasted my cock. At first it was slow and wanting the way you might savor a favorite meal. But soon, there was more fever and passion to her approach. The slurping and sucking sounds filled the bathroom and poured out the open window as she swallowed my dick over and over. The gentle tasting was finished and now she tried desperately to fill her mouth with what filled her hands. Then I heard the sound of the thin slats bending and crumbling as her hands came through, pushed my pants a little further down and took firm hold of my ass checks. She pulled me closer, almost through the window, sucking me and swallowing my entire cock with each long hard bob of her head; her nose rubbing against my pubic hair.

That was it for me. I clung to the wood on each side of the window, silhouetted, like a man crucified…the ladder creaking, teetering back and forth on shaky ground as my hips jerked and I shot my load into my mother’s mouth. My eyes were slammed shut, but I could hear and feel her response. She moaned and grunted as each rope shot into her mouth and down her throat. She greedily lapped it up and swallowed all I had to offer. When there was no more, she gave my poor cock one final suck. It popped from her mouth as she fell to the toilet seat. One hand went straight between her legs, ignoring her rubber toy, while the fingers of the other hand caressed her lips as if she couldn’t believe they had just been wrapped around my dick. I could see a few globs of my cum that had found their way to her chin. She ran her fingers through them and pushed them into her mouth.

“I want to fuck!” She blurted out as her orgasm thrashed her. She pushed so hard on the back of the toilet that the lid popped up and banged the wall behind her. She went on as if the only thing in the world that mattered was her pussy and the way it trembled.
“Tomorrow…Tomorrow…” She grunted as she worked her fingers and jerked her hips. “Tomorrow night!” she told me as she sucked in her last breath before collapsing onto the vanity.
“Oh my god” she whispers to the cool marble top. She lifts her arm with what looks to be the last ounce of strength she has. She motions to the window with her drenched hand; something between a good-bye and a come here. “Tomorrow” she tells me again before she drops her hand into her lap.

With my mind and wits returning, the realization of where I was and what I was doing, came flooding back like k**s into a toy store with pockets full of Christmas money. I jumped from the ladder, tucking my dick where it belonged. For the first time in days, it felt like it was getting soft. It was a beaten, scared little dick now, and for the first time in a long time, it cared more about the consequences than it did the experience. I was four blocks away with my thoughts before my dick even had the nerve to get hard again.

She wanted to fuck. Jesus Christ! How in the hell was I gunna manage that?
... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 16

Dear Dirty Diary,

Thanksgiving weekend all the Huntingdon stores started pushing their winter fashions, so Louise and I went shopping. Even with all the closet space in our new apartment, I had to do some fall-cleaning to make room. I dumped out my pantyhose and tights drawer on the bed beside my relaxing husband.

Each pair I got rid of, Doug would pick up, carefully examine, then like an old fart would ask, “What’s wrong with these?”

I’d point out the runs in the expensive ones and the starchy feet and sags of the cheap ones. I hesitated for too long before tossing out one old beige pair at the bottom of the pile so he immediately picked them up and checked them out.

“These feel a lot nicer than the others,” he observed.

I confessed they felt really sexy on, but pointed out their ripped open crotch and the frayed inner thighs (from being chafed so often by Louise’s flailing locket).

“But they feel so nice,” he repeated then pulled one silky stocking across my arm.

It indeed felt nice and shivered up all the tiny hairs on my arm. So I grabbed them from him and said, “Well if you like them so much, maybe you should try them on then, Hot Stuff!” I unbuckled his belt, ripped down his fly and jerked down his pants and under-shorts right off. “If you like the feel of them, maybe we should try a pair on your arms too.” I suggested as I rummaged through the castaways. I found another silky pair and smoothed the legs up his arms. I had him lay back toward the head of the bed, then with one quick move pulled his arms up over his head with the panty-part and hooked them over the bedpost before he knew what happened. As quick as I could, I rolled another pair’s stocking up my right arm then polished the skin of his penis’ corona shiny taut and vibrantly violet!

“Dougie likes, doesn’t he?” I taunted then bunched the entire leg down over his erect penis. I held back his foreskin between my thumb and middle finger by lightly clenching both sides of it, just below his knob. When I pulled the stocking leg off slowly and steadily, his penis pulsed beet red with bl**d afterward!

“Dougie likes that too, doesn’t he?” I teased.

With sparkling eyes he nodded repeatedly.

“If that’s the case, let’s find out what else your little soldier might like,” I suggested.

I wound a stocking around and around his penis then whipped it off as before. Again it pulsed and throbbed. The more teases I tried, the redder his penis and his face became.

“Dougie’d like it tied up tight, wouldn’t he?” I quipped as I decided to hogtie his dick. I spread my hosiery’s panty across his abdomen then stretched both stockings around the back of his up-thrust spread thighs. I crisscrossed each stocking around the lower shaft of his stiff penis then wound each end back under the same thigh. Next, I stretched the stockings out as far as they’d reach, wound them up over his legs then back down between them once more, to the tip of his penis. I looped the stockings’ feet once around, right under his knob then tied their toes in a single little knot. He was hog-tied and then some! I had to admit, I was really impressed with my handiwork. His penis looked strung as soundly between his legs as the fuselage of an old biplane’s to its wings.

An experienced spider couldn’t have done better in immobilizing her prey. The Black Widow Spider raked her hopelessly trussed mate with the tip of her nails. He sat quietly, not moving whatsoever as he pondered her next move. He realized his time had come when the Black Widow licked her lips and maneuvered in toward his corona. Powerful venom dripped from her tongue and fangs as he prepared for the end. She slathered his shiny knob with nerve heightening saliva then went in for the climax!

However, fertilization would elude her this time. Slurp and suck as she may, no semen would flow. Her mate was terrified and rightly so, for she would bite off his corona as soon as he inseminated her! Finally in abject frustration, the Black Widow tightened her bonds into a strangle hold then vibrated it mercilessly with the ET massager. The spider’s lack of patience had proven to be her downfall. The silken strangulation maneuver, combined with the intense jostling was more than he could stand and the precious semen was lost to his legs, her hands, the vibrator, the bedspread and her fabulous hosiery spider-web! What a mess he’d made, spurting all over everything!

Mental note: Don’t peek at those bondage magazines of Louise’s again. Immediately revised mental note: Perhaps Louise’s harboring of all that suggestive erotica, at the back of her dresser drawer, underneath all her underwear, could be construed as a cry for help to a caring accomplice! Any sexual predator with a heart should surely help her in her time of need. I released my spent mate from his bindings, cleaned him up as best I could then gathered up all the semen-splattered, icky pantyhose for immediate laundering and went down to the kitchen. The pantyhose I used for locket masturbation would live to please another day.

As soon as they were all washed and dried on the delicate cycle, I sorted and folded them all. As Doug slept, I tugged on my special pair, spread their trimmed crotch open wide then clipped Louise’s car keys onto my clitoris ring. I snatched up a pair of tattered pantyhose from the pile and strutted toward the foot of the stairs.

Ten brisk paces immediately re-introduced me to the pleasure the swinging locket used to bring me. I d****d my laundry on the staircase banister then turned right and continued to walk. I paced through the living room, into the dining room then returned to the kitchen. I picked up another pair then pranced them down the hallway once more. Jiggles turned to tugs and I was on autopilot for the first time in eight months. I played a fast-paced Flamenco Star CD on the living room stereo then pranced around my circuit in self-induced delirium, dropping 8 or 9 pairs of pantyhose on the banister.

I was really hustling along to Gypsy’s Dancing Rumba. Fast runway prances through the dinning room and living room flailed her keys out from between my thighs, just as I saw Louise peeking through the banister! With her head slightly tilted and that one eyebrow raised, her expression brought me to a screeching stop. She leaned forward, reached out then cradled her keys in her fingertips.

“What’s this, first my locket and now the car keys my lawyer gave me after the divorce. They’ve never looked more lustrous, why even the remote is shinning from you unique burnishing technique,” Louise continued as she fingered them. After she swung them back and forth with a flick of her fingertip, she mused, “Isn’t it ironic that the only real pleasure these keys ever brought is to you. If Marc were here right now to witness this tribute to lesbian love at the expense of his treasured Grand Prix, I’m sure his face would turn purple with rage and his head would explode!”

As Louise fingered through the pile of pantyhose beside her, she asked me what they were all about. I explained I’d laundered them all for future use in the Macramé handicraft patterning I’d recently originated. When she asked me to demonstrate further I could hardly contain my excitement! Thinking on my feet, I ushered her back up to her bedroom. I had Louise strip down to her birthday suit as I collected up all her glasses cords. As with my husband, I rolled a pair of pantyhose with a hastily snipped-out crotch up her arms. As with Doug, I immobilized her arms back behind her with another pair then began to truss her legs up with a third pair. However, there was an integral element of my patterning missing! Without an erect penis there was no pivot point. There was no May Pole!

Being the accomplished performance artist I was, I thought quickly. Ah yes, it came to me that a May Pole could be had at a moment’s notice from her toy drawer. I grabbed the 18-inch double dildo we’d never tried before. Feverishly I spread KY all over the most practical object worthy of being the center of the Rites of Summer!

Laura of Lockinvar returned with her Pagan offering to Louise of the Lake. With it shimmering with elixir of domination, Laura introduced the keystone to her lady fair who accepted the tribute most graciously. Whence it was firmly implanted in her Ladyship’s vermilion cave, Laura resumed the entwinement. In honor of past rituals, Milady’s thighs were encircled around the Maypole, thence back under the thighs then were tied in a true Lovers’ Knot at the middle of the lance. To join completely in the ritual, Laura of Lockinvar caused her vermilion cave to greet the free end of the offering then impaled herself upon it. To completely intertwine this ancient rite, the Lady of Lockinvar laced her thighs in an identical fashion with more silken sashes. To complete the union, Laura snared each other’s teats together with the Cords of Vision Enhancement and only then were they truly united in their bond of Sapphic love.

Unfortunately their bliss was cut cruelly short by the Ogre of the Attic as he suddenly clomped rapidly down the staircase! The f***e of his bounds sprung the latch and released the boudoir door. The ladies’ bonds held their union firm. As his attention was drawn by the creaking open of the door, they were caught in their intertwined embrace.

“Well, well, well, what have you done to yourselves now?” were the Ogre’s first words. He continued smugly with: “You seem to have yourselves in quite a predicament, don’t you? As I see it, the pair of you seem to be strung together so tight you can’t get apart, can you? So now it’s up to me to figure to how to separate you Siamese twins, joined at the cunt. I suppose I could cut these pantyhose legs with scissors, but that would end my fun way too soon.”

With that he rummaged through Louise’s still open toy drawer, leaving the pair of us to exchange “Deer in the headlights glances.”

He surveyed our entwinement carefully then announced, “The interlacing is superb but I see room for improvement.”

He snatched another glasses cord from Louise’s toy drawer. I watched as in terror as he thread one end through my clit hoop then stretched it out over toward Louise. He brazenly laced it through her ring, pulled it back around the other side of the double dildo then tied the two ends together tautly with a snug little knot.

As he hooked his middle finger under the lace, he said, “I guess I’d better check to see if this harp is in tune.”

Well, the pair of us just about jumped out of our skin as he twanged away at the string pulling our clits! After about thirty down and dirty plucks he stopped and plucked his mouse vibrator out of her drawer. With bulging eyes we gave him silent pleas for mercy. But to no avail, the bastard maneuvered it under the string, turned it on and lifted the cord taut with it!

My clitoris was ever so swollen, ever so stretched and ever so hyper as my husband buzzed the cord! My pussy felt full, my nipples felt bulged and there was nothing we could do but prepare for the fireworks. Louise and I locked eyes and settled in once more to take it like women. The fuses were lit and burning down rapidly. My eyes were the first to break contact as the gunpowder within me lit up! The first concussion raked my head backward in a deep arch. That resulted in both our nipples being half pulled off! That, combined with that infernal vibrating fuse, then set off her powder keg. Surge after surge racked through our bodies as both of our fireworks erupted in fabulous displays of orgasmic delight!

In time our quivering and spasms abated, but in the very next second my husband said, “It’d be a shame just to cut you two out of your masterpiece and put an end to this auspicious occasion, wouldn’t it?”

In seconds he was up and back with our digital camera. Completely helpless, we chose to ham it up for the pictures he took. After he reviewed them he said our expressions were cheesy and lacked lustful abandon. The Bugger grasped our nipple cords and Double-Dutch whipped our teats up then immediately began to buzz the clitoris lace once more with the vibrator! In seconds I saw Louise’s big nipples and clit expand deep red with bl**d. That of course turned me on like crazy and my tender bits swelled to gigantic proportions as well! Dirty Doug had us both frenzied once more as the camera flashed away. By the look of the bulge in his shorts he was quite enthused over the photo session and if my mouth could have reached, I’d have given it a chomp he’d remember for a week or two.

The thought of doing that teased my mind up more and my hips were in motion once more. That tugged away at Louise’s cords even stronger and she came again with me right behind her! The dirty old pervert kept that damned vibrator humming and the camera clicking right through our second orgasms and completely ignored our pleas for mercy. We were trapped by the pantyhose-legs tying our tender bits together and he knew it. Retaliation was completely out of the question. The slightest upper body movement pulled our snared nipples since our balance depended upon our arms planted behind us for support. Escape was impossible since our legs were held immobile by the silken bonds that I had so snuggly tied. And since he managed to stay out of biting distance, we were pretty much at his mercy.

Finally after our third orgasms, the vibrator began to slow. The batteries were fading fast and so was our ardor. Still smirking after his power trip, my husband ever so slowly and tediously picked loose the bows and unraveled my performance masterpiece, stocking by stocking. When I was finally able to pull away from Louise, a shinny wet dildo-half slimed out of my pussy. As I pulled the other half from her strong vaginal muscles, I grumbled about being caught and humiliated by my husband.

“Oh Laura, it wasn’t so bad. I don’t remember Marc ever made me cum, let alone three times in a row!” she comforted.

As I stepped up onto my apartment’s floor, my mind dwelled upon revenge! I spent hours looking for just the right thing then stumbled upon it in the kitchen junk drawer. At 5:18 the following morning, I got up for a pee after the birds woke me. But when I came back to bed, Drowsy Doug paid little attention to my touch and the metallic click as I peeled back his foreskin and squeezed that combination padlock closed just beneath the corona of his penis!!!

... Continue»
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mom is a widow

Sam Smith fretted anxiously at the kitchen table while he waited for his mother to return from the district attorney's office. How could he have been so stupid? Breaking into the new neighbor's house had been a disastrous idea from the start. Ms. Johnson was an attractive, impeccably dressed older widow who had moved into the house- mansion, really- a few doors down. Billy Cravitz, Sam's nemesis, and the rest of the neighborhood gang had given Sam an ultimatum: break into Ms. Johnson's house or be an outcast for the entire summer. Sam knew it was stupid to go along, but he knew his reputation as a wuss would be sealed if he didn't accept Billy's dare. Sam figured he could do this one thing, impress the gang, and get Billy off his back for good.

After Sam finally agreed to the dare, one of the other guys asked how they would know that he had actually been in Ms. Johnson's house. That's when Billy had the idea for Sam to take something of Ms. Johnson's as proof. After a lot of animated discussion about what to take, Billy got an evil gleam in his eye. When Billy insisted that a pair of Ms. Johnson's panties would be the "perfect proof," the rest of the guys loudly and laughingly agreed. Sam anxiously tried to get them to reconsider, but they wouldn't hear of it.

Sam was actually holding up a pair of lacy, delicate pink panties in the middle of Ms. Johnson's opulent bedroom when the police came to investigate the silent alarm. He thought he would die of shame as the burly policemen and his female partner handcuffed him and took him to the station. In the patrol car, the officers laughed uncontrollably about how the rest of the squad would never believe what they caught Sam doing. By the time they arrived at the station, word had spread like wildfire. Everyone in the station stopped by to see the teenaged boy caught stealing panties from his neighbor's house. As he sat in the holding area, waiting for his mother to arrive, Sam's face burned hot with embarrassment and shame.

The days after his arrest were a complete blur to Sam. Sam tried to explain that it was all a prank, even detailing Billy's role in the break-in. News of Sam's arrest reached Billy and the gang, and by the time the police questioned Billy and the other boys, they all repeated a well-orchestrated story denying any knowledge of Sam's plans. Of course, Susan, Sam's mother, believed him; she knew all about Billy Cravitz and his malicious ways. Her son certainly was not a criminal�or a sissy.

Now Sam was anxiously waiting for his mother to return from a meeting with the lawyers and Ms. Johnson. He jumped involuntarily as he heard his mother's car door slam. To Sam's dismay, his younger b*****r, Mark, made his way into the kitchen, anxious to hear the latest developments in his b*****r's embarrassing saga.

Susan put her purse on the counter and poured herself a glass of white wine with a small sigh. Like her son, Susan had prayed she could clear the matter up and get the whole matter behind them.

"Well? What happened?" Sam asked anxiously.

Susan studied the face of her worried son. She had warned him over and over about hanging out with Billy and the other neighborhood bullies, but Sam was desperate to fit in. Now he was left holding the bag. She sighed deeply. "Sam, darling, I'm afraid I have bad news. Ms. Johnson is insisting that the prosecutor treat this like some sort of federal crime or something. She's demanding that the D.A. go forward with the most serious possible charges. Frankly, I think it was the fact that you were in her panty drawer that upset her so. The D.A. was willing to talk about a plea bargain, but Ms. Johnson was adamant that you spend some real time in juvenile hall to 'learn your lesson.'"

Sam's heart sank. "Mom! She can be serious! It was just a stupid prank. I'll never do it again; I promise!"

Susan tried to console her distraught son. It was obvious that he felt terrible enough about what he'd done. Being caught pilfering a pair of frilly women's panties was punishment enough for any boy, she thought. "I know you're sorry, dear. We'll just have to wait until the trial and see what happens. I don't want you to get your hopes up, though; our lawyer was not optimistic. Promise me you'll try not to worry, okay?" She smiled encouragingly at her son.

Sam nodded his head morosely.

Trying to lift the mood, Susan continued: "Actually, Ms. Johnson seems very nice. She's quite eccentric, though. Get this. She said that if you were a sissy and had been stealing the panties to wear them, she'd drop all charges. Apparently, she finds sissy boys quite�how did she put it? Oh, yes, entertaining. Can you imagine?" she chuckled.

Sam was not amused and forlornly made his way into his room, his younger b*****r tailing close behind. "Boy, Sam, you've really done it now. I bet the guys at the juvenile hall are really tough. Aren't most of them gang members?" He smiled wryly: "I wonder what they'll think of a little rich k**�particularly one caught stealing women's panties?"

Sam shuddered as his b*****r sniggered. "Shut up, Mark. It's not funny; they'll kill me in there. What am I going to do?" he whined.

"Well," Mark chuckled, " You could always tell Ms. Johnson that you're a big sissy, and the panties were for you �Sissy." Still laughing, Mark wheeled and hurried out of the room before his b*****r could react.

Sam spent the rest of the afternoon obsessing over his predicament and a possible solution. No matter how he analyzed it, he was screwed. Flopping on his bed, he idly thought about what his b*****r had said.

At dinner, Susan was happy to see that her troubled son looked more animated. "Well, it looks like someone is in a better mood."

"Mom, I've got the perfect solution. Remember what you said this morning? I'll just tell Ms. Johnson what she wants to hear. You know, that I was stealing the panties because I wanted to wear them. I'll just tell her I'm ---you know�a sissy."

Mark burst out laughing as Susan stopped dead in her tracks. "Sam Smith, don't be ridiculous. You're a lot of things, but a sissy you are not."

"Yeah, but Ms. Johnson doesn't know that. I'll just tell a little white lie, and we can forget about the whole thing. Please, Mom!" Sam whined.

"Absolutely not! Do you hear yourself? You mean to tell me that you would actually have Ms. Johnson believe that you enjoy wearing women's panties? Please!"

Sam looked at his mother pleadingly. "Mom, I'm dead serious. I can't go to juvenile hall. I won't last ten minutes. Ms. Johnson doesn't know me. So she thinks I'm a fairy. I don't care. Please? Will you call her? Please?"

Susan glared at her son. Before her husband had died, he had left them financially very well off. But he had never succeeded in teaching Steve to take responsibility for his actions and to be accountable for his mistakes. To date, Susan hadn't had much luck, either. She could have easily refused Steve's request, but she wanted him to make the right decision on his own. "This is a terrible idea. Lying about wanting to dress in girl's clothes is a very stupid thing to do."

A tear of frustration escaped Sam's eye. "Mom, I'm begging you. I'll never ask for anything again."

Susan's sighed. She relented, but only because she was confident that Steve would eventually come to his senses. "Oh, all right. I'll call Ms. Johnson. Just remember, this was all your idea. I'm not responsible for the consequences."

Sam pumped his fist and exclaimed: "Yes! Thanks Mom! You're the greatest."

"Don't be so fast to thank me, dear. I can't believe that this is going to be as easy as you think."

Sam waited anxiously as his mother called Ms. Johnson. And she returned, he looked at her impatiently.

"She wants to meet with us day after tomorrow at her house." Susan shrugged her shoulders. " Actually, she seemed thrilled at the news."

Susan and her son prepared for the walk down the street to Ms. Johnson's house. "Are you sure you won't reconsider? Let the justice system take its course? Who knows what will happen?" Susan's frustration was obvious in the tone of her voice.

"No way, Mom; I can't take any chances. Besides, you promised!" As Sam and his mother walked the block to Ms. Johnson's front door, Sam started to get nervous. After all, he was about to try and convince someone that he was an effeminate panty-waist; a sissy.

A smartly dressed woman met them at the door to the opulent house and led them into a well-appointed study. And Sam and his mom entered the room, they both stopped dead in their tracks. Susan spoke first: "Gladys, I certainly didn't expect to see you here. How ...delightful," she lied.

Susan's head spun. Gladys Cravitz! Billy's mother. The nosiest, most despicable woman in the entire neighborhood. Susan couldn't tolerate the hateful woman or her malicious ill-behaved son. Her presence could only mean bad things for her son and her.

"Susan, darling. It's been simply ages. And Sam! What a treat!" Gladys smirked.

Ms. Johnson introduced herself affably. She was a well-kept elderly matron, dressed expensively and stylishly. "Susan, so nice to see you again. I hope you don't mind. Gladys has been such a help to me since I moved to Englebrook, and I do so trust her judgment." Gladys all but stuck her tongue out at Susan.

"And this must be our little sissy," Ms. Johnson said, a note of excitement creeping into her voice. Clearing her throat, she took a more businesslike tone. "Sam, you've been a naughty boy. You should never break into someone's home and take their things."

"I'm really sorry, Ms. Johnson. But I only did it because I, uh, like to wear panties. I would have taken some of Mom's, but I was afraid she'd find out...uh. about my being a sissy and stuff."

"Aww, you poor dear. When your mother called and explained that you had broken into my house because you wanted to take my panties to wear, I was more than ready and willing to forget about the whole thing. After all, I may have mentioned to your mother that I find feminine boys�sissies�so charming and delightful," she giggled. "The very idea of a teen aged boy mincing around in panties, a pretty dress and make-up, his hair in a darling lady's hair-do�how funny," she giggled. Anyway, it would be wrong of me not to forgive a boy so desperate to wear panties that he was willing to break into someone's house and steal them. Of course, that's a different matter entirely from a nasty boy who would do that as a horrid prank� or a dare."

Sam gulped hard and squirmed in his seat.

"Anyway, Susan, Gladys actually believes that Sam is claiming to be a sissy just to avoid accepting his punishment. Ridiculous, isn't it?" she laughed.

Susan's face drained of color. "Ridiculous, yes," she squeaked.

"Well, Susan, dearest, if you and Sam would just sign these, we can all get this unpleasant criminal business behind us and discuss more pleasant things. I'm sorry about all this, but Gladys is just so insistent. Gladys?"

Susan sat stunned as Gladys smugly produced a stack of legal documents in front of her and brandished an expensive pen to sign with.

"What's all that?" Susan asked concernedly.

Gladys replied smugly: "Nothing to be concerned about, unless, of course, you and your criminal son are lying to Ms. Johnson about being a sissy. As you can imagine, fraud to avoid prosecution is a very serious criminal offense; even worse than robbery. You know, it's very interesting; I've known Sam all his life, and I've never been aware of his penchant for cross-dressing. Admit it, Sam. You're trying to defraud Ms. Johnson and the court, aren't you?"

"No, ma'am," Sam said defensively.

Susan felt sick but simply returned Gladys' stare.

Gladys' face clouded at their refusal to confess. When Clara had told her about the phone call with Susan, Gladys had been apoplectic. She was thrilled at the prospect of Little Miss Perfect's son going to jail. The fortune Susan's husband had left them couldn't help Sam there! Gladys actually knew her son's role in the prank, and she knew that Sam was as normal as her own son; he was no sissy. It was all a lie to keep Sam out of jail. But Clara wouldn't listen to reason. Gladys had her husband draw up documents to f***e Susan and her son to tell the truth and get their just desserts. The fact that her plan wasn't working infuriated her. "Well, then, there's nothing for you to worry about, and no reason you and your mother shouldn't sign these papers," she bristled.

Susan hated the way she and her son were being manipulated. She was furious: furious with her son for getting her into such a spot, and furious at Gladys for her meddling. "This all looks awfully serious. Maybe I should take these home and look at them overnight," Susan suggested.

Without missing a beat, Gladys crowed, "I knew it. See Clara? I told you they wouldn't sign the papers. It's all a big lie."

Sam panicked. If Ms. Johnson changed her mind, he'd go to juvenile hall for sure. "Mom, please I'm sure everything is okay. I'm going to sign."

Susan quickly and politely asked to speak with her son privately, and she half-d**g Sam into the hallway.

"Mom," he hissed. " What are you doing? We've got to sign those stupid papers before Ms. Johnson changes her mind. You promised you'd let me do this," he said accusingly.

Susan stared at her son, her hands on her hips. "Aren't you even the least bit interested what's in these documents? You understand what you're asking me to do? You're asking me to let you lie under oath that you're an effeminate boy who loves dressing and acting like a girl. Do you understand? Who knows what else is in those papers. Trust me, knowing Gladys, this is a huge mistake. Let's just tell the truth, go home, and call this whole thing off. "

"That's easy for you to say; you're not the one who'll have to go to jail," Sam said bitterly.

Seeing the betrayed look on her son's case, she relented. "Fine," Susan said exasperatedly. "But don't say that I didn't warn you." She watched with apprehension as Sam quickly signed all the papers, and slid them over to her. Susan sighed deeply and slowly signed the papers.

Ms. Johnson clapped her hands excitedly. "You see, Gladys? I told you there was nothing to worry about. You're too suspicious."

Gladys glared at Susan and Sam, a fake smile plastered on her face. "We'll just see about that, Clara."

After they left the house, Sam excitedly ran home as fast as he could. "It worked," he thought with relief. I'm a genius."

Susan finished reading the last of the documents she and Sam had signed, and took another gulp of wine. She didn't know which was worse: the affidavit detailing under oath that her son was an effeminate sissy; the admissions of criminal liability in the event that the affidavit was found to be untrue; or the authorization giving Ms. Johnson the right to "examine" Sam at her discretion to ensure the truthfulness of his affidavit. But the real source of Susan's concern was Gladys. Susan knew from experience that she was vindictive and persistent. As she heard Sam roughhousing with his b*****r down the hall, she suppressed a shudder.

At another house in the neighborhood, Gladys seethed. As she clattered around the kitchen, she spoke to no one in particular; Billy and his father had long ago learned to tune her out. "That little bitch! She thinks she's so clever. So she claims Sam's a panty-waist. We'll just see about that!" She picked up her well-used cell phone and hit speed dial. "Nina, darling. You know Susan Smith and her son, Sam? Well, you'll never believe�" Gladys closed her phone with a satisfied grin. By end of the day, everyone in the neighborhood would know about the day's developments.

The next morning, Sam plopped down at the breakfast table and relished in the summer sunshine. " Good morning, f****y," he enthused. " Mom, thanks again for helping me yesterday. I swear, I'll never do anything that stupid again."

Susan replaced her coffee cup and saucer. "I'm glad to hear that, Sam. But those papers you signed � I just don't know." The phone rang interrupting her thoughts.

When his mother returned, Sam happily announced his plan to do nothing but play video games all day long. He watched as his mother shook her head unhappily.

"That was Ms. Johnson on the phone. She's expecting you at her house in an hour. She wants to spend some time with you � how did she put it? � oh yes, "girl to girl."

Mark burst out laughing at his older b*****rs red face.

" I-I'm not going back there. I signed those stupid papers. What does she want with me?"

"You heard her yesterday, dear. For some reason, she finds girly boys 'entertaining.' And just so you know, one of the forms you insisted that I sign yesterday gives her every right to spend as much time with you as she sees fit to confirm that you're a sissy. If Ms. Johnson wants you to visit for some girl talk, I'm afraid you don't have much choice."

"What? You're k**ding, right? That's ridiculous!" Sam grew nervous. "What-what else was in those papers?" he asked hesitantly.

"Well, like I tried to tell you yesterday, if Ms. Johnson determines that you were lying about being a sissy and taking her panties for your own use, you waive your right to trial and agree to be incarcerated until you're twenty-one." Susan paused as Sam's jaw dropped in shock. "I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen," she admonished sharply. "You better finish up. Ms. Johnson will be expecting you."

Late that afternoon, Susan was reading by the pool, engrossed in a fashion magazine when she heard the backyard gate open. It had to be Sam, returning from Ms. Johnson's. "Finally! I was beginning to worry �" Susan stopped short when she saw that Sam was closely followed by Gladys Cravitz.

"Susan, darling. Don't get up. I spent the most delightful day with Ms. Johnson and Sally, here. Doesn't he look just lovely? I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you and your son aren't fooling me for a second. Well, two can play at this game. We'll just see how much of the sissy you really are, Sally. I'm going to be watching your every move, and when you slip up, you are going to jail." With that, Gladys threw her chin in the air, spun around indignantly, and strode away.

Only when they heard her Mercedes drive away did Sam break down. "Mom!" he sobbed. " Look at what they did to me!" he held out his hands, revealing long, glamour-length nails, manicured to perfection with a sophisticated, glossy red polish.

Susan covered her mouth as she took it all in. The nails, the thin, femininely arched eyebrows, the expensive-looking drop pearl earrings in Sam's newly pierced ears. The way her son's legs gleamed, she knew instantly that he had a leg waxing. In his hands was a large pink shopping bag emblazoned with the logo, "The Sissy Mister." Underneath was the silhouette of a boy pirouetting in a chic dress and heels. Involuntarily, Susan giggled.

"Mom! It's not funny," Sam whined.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. It's just that you look so � girly. " Despite her best efforts, she laughed. Trying to stifle her mirth an be sympathetic, she said, "Tell me what happened."

He sniffled; "It was awful. Ms. Johnson treated me like I was a Barbie doll or something. She made me wear the, uh, panties I took, and then she made me try on all of her dresses and stuff. Ms. Cravitz said all sissies love fashion shows. She kept teasing me and she even took pictures. She was awful! She kept saying things like, "For a sissy boy, you don't seem to enjoy wearing these darling dresses. What's the matter?" Or "You certainly don't walk in high heels like a sissy." I was getting really nervous. "Then she told Ms. Johnson about the store in town where they sell all this girly stuff � for boys!"

"Let me guess � the Sissy Mister?" Susan giggled, gesturing at the bag.

Sam nodded morosely. "It was horrible," he whispered. "It was like a pink nightmare I couldn't wake up from. Ms. Johnson was in heaven! Now look at me," he sobbed. "I look like some kind of � "

"Fag? Fairy? I tried to reason with you, dear. This is all your doing. But look on the bright side. Your nails are simply fabulous, and your eyebrows are to die for," Susan giggled.

"Very funny, Mom. Ha, ha. " Sam pouted angrily.

Ignoring him, Susan asked, "What's in the bag?"

"Ms. Johnson bought all this stuff for my nails; polish and junk. And hair remover for my legs and underarms. Ms. Cravitz kept saying that no real sissy would ever be seen with hairy legs and pits and without nail polish. Gag me!"

Susan looked at the expensive looking products in the bag and felt a twinge of envy. Idly, she wondered aloud how her nails would look in the same color as Sam's.


As Sam and his f****y finished their dinner, the doorbell rang.
"Who could that be," Susan wondered aloud. She opened the door to find Nina and Heather, two of Gladys' snooty friends grinning like Cheshire cats. "Ladies, what can I do for you?" Susan said suspiciously.

"Susan, darling, we heard through the g****vine about Sam's trouble at Clara Johnson's. You poor dear! It must be simply horrible to learn that your son's a panty-loving sissy boy!"

Heather added: "I know if I ever caught my son doing something like that, I'd just die. How utterly humiliating, for both of you!"

Susan's bl**d pressure rose, knowing that Gladys had set this up. "Well, we're doing the best we can."
Nina and Heather clucked sympathetically. "Is Sam, home? We have something for him."
I'm afraid he's�"

Susan was interrupted by Mark, who said, "He's right here, Mom!"

Susan cringed, and called Sam.

When Sam hesitantly appeared at the door, the two women burst into giggles. "Love your nails, Sam! And those pearl earrings, they're so you!"

Sam was absolutely mortified that his "confession" was becoming public knowledge. He hardly noticed when Nina came around and said, "Your nails are even longer than mine! Heather, take a picture! As Heather clicked pictures with her phone camera, Nina had Sam held his hands at arm's length as she did, fingers pointed down in the way that women show off their nails to someone. He felt like a fool. But not as foolish as when Nina stopped giggling and announced with a grin that she had a surprise for Sam

"Darling, since you apparently don't have pretty things of your own to wear, we took up a little collection from all the girls in Junior League. We even voted to adopt you as our special little project for the next year." Each woman produced two large shopping bags. "Our things may not be a pretty as Ms. Johnson's but there are some darling outfits; dresses, skirts, blouses, and of course, your favorite, some lacy little panties."

Heather added snidely, "Bettina was especially generous; she's gotten to be such a cow after her husband left, none of her old things fit anymore." The two women shared a malicious giggle.

"I donated a scrumptious little Chanel number that my first husband bought me. Since I saw that awful Amy Crawford from the club in one like it, I absolutely refuse to wear it anymore. But it'll look darling on you."

Not to be outdone, Heather volunteered. "I contributed the sweetest little off the shoulder sundress that's perfect for the club. I got it from that darling new shop; Girly-Girls Boutique. I simply can't wait to see you all dolled up in it! I'm sure your mother will lend you some adorable shoes and a purse to match. You'll be the perfect little pansy!" The pair erupted into heartless giggles

As he got ready for bed, Sam stared at his awful reflection in the mirror. Earlier in the day, Ms. Cravitz had insisted that every real sissy had a feminine name. Sam had panicked and blurted out the first girl's name that came to mind: Sally. What a ridiculous name, he thought. Thanks to Ms. Johnson and that Sissy Mister place, he already looked more like a Sally now. And thanks to the neighborhood ladies, he even had the beginnings of a wardrobe of feminine clothes. This wasn't going according to plan. No one was supposed to know. As a distraction from his troubles, Steve logged onto his computer and checked his e-mail. Immediately he noticed an unfamiliar address and opened it up. Steve gasped at what he saw and read. The thing that grabbed his attention was the picture. Sam looked in horror at the heavily muscled, tattooed, street tough with the malicious leer. Anxiously, Sam read the attached message.


I heard you're gonna be here at the Harsch Penal Institute for Boys. I can't wait to get a piece of your pantied ass, sissy boy. I've seen the pictures of you, faggot--getting your ears pierced and getting your nails done all pretty like a girl. Since you want to be a girl so bad, you're going to be my new bitch. Let me tell you some of the things I'm gonna do to you�."

Sam trembled as he continued read the horrid e-mail. It closed with a threat not to tell anyone about the e-mail, or he'd be "dead meat." It was signed "Ray Frink." As quickly as he could, Sam closed the e-mail, looking over his shoulder to make sure that no one else had seen it. Sam's heart was pounding. A million questions flooded his mind. How did Ray Frink get the pictures? What about his e-mail address? If he ended up in juvenile hall now, he'd be worse than dead! Steve hardly slept.

The next day, Mark was assigned to rouse his b*****r from bed. " Rise and shine, Sally. Mom says you need to get up."

Sam groaned. "Leave me alone � and don't ever call me that."

"Whatever you say, Sally. By the way, Mom said Ms. Johnson called. She wants to meet with you and Mom this morning."

As Susan took in the sight of her sissified older son, she grew more and more irritated. Steve's "little" deception had gone far enough. He was dressed in silk shantung Capri pants that zipped in the back, and matching fitted, sleeveless shell. A delicate beaded sweater completed the ensemble. It was one of Bettina's outfits. Susan had seen her in it a number of times. Underneath, Susan knew that Sam was wearing lacy, frilly panties that had formerly belonged to one of the trophy wives of the neighborhood. The very idea turned her stomach. "Sam Smith! You've got to stop this nonsense right now and tell Ms. Johnson the truth. You look ridiculous! Aren't you the least embarrassed about prancing around in panties and pearl earrings and wearing an outfit that belonged to the neighborhood fashion plate? You're a boy for gosh sakes�or at least I thought you were. Or maybe you're really enjoying this. Maybe you'd like to wear one of my bras? And some make-up? Or maybe you'd like to go shopping with Bettina for some of your own?"

"Mom! Cut it out. I just need to convince Ms. Johnson once and for all; then she'll leave me alone. Remember, you promised you wouldn't tell, and you'd let me make my own decisions," he admonished. Sam caught himself before he told his mom about the e-mail.

"I remember," Sally sighed. "I just want you to remember what I said about lies. You're digging your own grave�"

"Susan, Sally! We've been expecting you; do come in." A grinning Gladys led the pair into the formal living room. "You two know Clara, of course. Susan, this is Doris Gladstone, the owner and proprietor of the Sissy Mister. I suppose Sally told you all about our little excursion yesterday."

"He certainly did. He just went on and on about how much fun you girls had and all the wonderful things you bought him. How generous," Susan dead-panned.

"It was nothing, dear." Clara dismissed with a wave and a big smile. "Doesn't Sally look precious in his pink outfit? His new earrings go perfectly! I must admit, Susan, I'm quite smitten with your little sissy. I can't remember when I've had this much fun," she giggled. "He looked so cute all prettied up in my dresses and outfits. There's just something about a boy in a dress."

"I'm sure he feels the same way, Ms. Johnson," Susan lied. She could feel the heat from her son's red face.

Gladys cleared her throat meaningfully.

"Oh, yes." Clara said with a sigh. "Sally, dear, despite our fun yesterday, Gladys remains concerned that you don't seem to be very effeminate or girlish. You seem to be--how should I put it--a regular guy. Anyway, Gladys has convinced herself that this is proof positive that this is all a charade by you to stay out of juvenile hall."

Susan glanced over Gladys, who gave her a deadly smile.

Gladys addressed Sam, who by now was trembling with anxiety.

"Sam, don't you want to put an end to all this nonsense. Go back to being a regular boy?"

"Now, Gladys, stop that. I'm sure that there must be a reasonable explanation. I thought it best that you explained it to us, yourself, dear. Is there a reason you don't act very effeminate?" Ms. Johnson smiled sympathetically at Sam.

"I can probably answer that�" Susan started.

Gladys quickly interrupted: "I think Clara wanted to hear from Sally."

Without his mother to bail him out, Sam desperately tried to think of something plausible. The image of Ray Frink and what he had written caused him to actually tremble with fear. To his dismay, he actually started to tear up at the thought of being sent to juvenile hall. "Well, I guess I don't look or act all that feminine. It's just �" Sam's mind spun, until he had a sudden burst of inspiration. "I knew that if all the k**s knew the truth, they'd tease me and make fun of me. I�what's that word?�oh yeah�I repressed my girly side." Sam held his breath and waited anxiously.

Clara clasped her hands and clucked sympathetically: "You poor dear! Take this hanky and dry those tears. You weren't able to express on the outside what you felt on the inside, is that it?"

"Yes, ma'am," Sam said, trying to sound pathetic.

Gladys spoke up exasperatedly. "Puh-lease! Let me get this straight. You're saying that you've always been girly at the core, but yet you've always acted perfectly straight. Is that it?"

"Yes," Sam said hesitantly.

"Well, if you could hide it so easily, you certainly couldn't have been that effeminate. On a scale of one to ten, no more than a �one."

Sam panicked as he saw Ms. Johnson starting to nod her head. "No! I mean no, ma'am. I'd say I was definitely ten!" he lied, desperate to convince Ms. Johnson.

"Did you hear that, Gladys? A ten! Sally, you must be simply the most effeminate boy ever!" Clara giggled.

Susan cringed with panic as he heard her son dug the hole he was in deeper and deeper. She was startled as Ms. Gladstone spoke for the first time. She was an extremely intimidating, mannish looking woman with sharp features. "Any boy as girlish as you must be emotionally exhausted from hiding the real you�your inner girl."

"Yes ma'am," he said eagerly.

"Besides, it's not really fair to fool people and pretend that you're something you're not, is it?"

Ms. Johnson spoke up in his defense. "I'm sure Sally's not the kind of person who want to through life deceiving people."

Sam nodded vigorously.

Gladys chimed in with a smirk: "Then you must be anxious to come out of the closet and stop living your disgusting little lie?"

Before Sam could qualify his answer, Ms. Johnson spoke up: " Gladys, dear, don't be silly. Of course he is. Right, dear?"

Sam trembled, finally sensing where this was heading. But he couldn't back out now. "Yes, ma'am," Sam said meekly.

Gladys smirked menacingly, "Well, then, you're in luck, because Ms. Gladstone does absolute wonders with closet sissies like you who want to 'come out'."

Ms. Johnson gasped excitedly: "Doris, is that true?"

"If I may brag a little, Ms. Johnson, it is one of my absolute specialties. We take boys like Sally-sissies-who tragically have been socialized against their will into conformance with male stereotypes, and help them to express their inner girl that so desperately wants to be in control. We also teach them the essential feminine skills that they've missed out on learning: feminine grooming, domestic skills and feminine social skills. We also arrange for the little darlings to experience some of the girlish 'fun' that they've missed out on."

Gladys sneered as she fixed Sam with her eyes. "Doris? What do sissy boys think about your program?"

"Without exception, they're absolutely thrilled. The little darlings are so relieved to come out of the closet, they just adore our little programs. Of course, for an ordinary boy, I'm afraid any of my programs would be the most humiliating, embarrassing experience possible. But we certainly don't need to worry about that, do we, Sally? After all, you're just the perfect little sissy, aren't you?" she grinned as she caught his eye.

Sam nodded, his eyes closed in shame.

"How exciting! Ms. Johnson squealed.

"Then the only question is which of our programs is perfect for Sally?"

Ms. Johnson spoke up inquiringly: "What you mean, Doris?"

"It's quite simple, Clara. We have different programs for different levels of male femininity. I have programs for boys who are only mildly feminine, as well as those very special boys whose deepest desire to dress and act outrageously feminine, much more so than even the most feminine girly-girl. But I think that Sally answered that question for us, didn't you sweetie?"

"I did?" Sam said hesitantly.

Ms. Johnson made no effort to contain her enthusiasm. "Doris, you're absolutely right! Remember, Sally? You said you were a girly 'ten' at heart. Oh my! Isn't this thrilling!" she exclaimed. Sally simply must be enrolled in your most advanced program, Doris. It would be a crime if she wasn't!"

Gladys interrupted her. "Sally? Is something wrong? You don't seem very excited. Aren't you thrilled to have Doris help you throw open the closet door? Or is there something you want to tell Ms. Johnson?" she urged.

Sam peeked at his mother, who returned her son's gaze. "Unbelievable! Gladys and that Ms. Gladstone had set Sam up!" She spoke up, hoping to prevent her son from making yet another disastrous wrong choice. "Darling, this is a very big step. After all, this program of Ms. Gladstone's sounds very serious. I want you to think long and hard about what you're saying. Remember, I'm here for you," she said meaningfully.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking. Ms. Johnson, I have something I need to tell you�"

"Yes dear?"

Susan took her son's hand to lend her support. Finally, Sam was coming to his senses! She'd call the lawyer, and try to pick up the pieces, and�

"I can't wait to enroll in Ms. Gladstone's program."

Susan sucked in her breath. What had Sam done?

Clara came over and gave Sam a hug. "Oh, Sally, dearest. Then it's settled! Sally will be the newest member of your most advanced program, Doris," Ms. Johnson giggled. "What's it called?"

"Forever Femme." Doris smirked.

The pair waited until they were safely at home before either of them spoke about the morning's developments. Susan could hardly contain her frustration: "Nicely done," she said in exasperation. "It looks like you've arranged to be spending a lot more time at the Sissy Mister."

"Mom! It's not my fault. What else could I do?" Sam exploded in anguish. I didn't have any choice!"

"Oh, you had a choice�you just chose dresses and make-up over telling the truth."

The commotion attracted Sam's b*****r like bl**d attracted a shark. He listened in amused fascination as his mother related the events of the morning and how Sam was now enrolled in Ms. Gladstone's "Forever Femme" program. Sam retreated to his room, his amused b*****r taunting him every step of the way.

Later that afternoon, Susan answered the door. "What now," she wondered. She found a smirking Ms. Gladstone on her doorstep. In her hand was a large Sissy Mister shopping bag; behind her, she saw a shop assistant unloading boxes of something that looked to be soft drinks.

"Susan�you don't mind if I call you Susan, do you?" she grinned. After all, Sally's going to be part of our Sissy Mister f****y". Not waiting for an answer, she continued. Susan was aghast as Ms. Gladstone gave detailed instructions and handed over the shopping bag and drinks. Involuntarily, Susan covered her mouth as she listened. Luckily, Sam was out by the pool when Doris and her assistant surveyed his bedroom and took detailed measurements. When they were gone, Susan gulped a large cocktail as she pondered her son's fate.

When the boys came down for dinner, Sam had recovered somewhat from the morning. As he took his seat at the dinner table, he loudly exclaimed to no one in particular: "I hope there's plenty of dinner, I'm starved."

Sam watched in bewilderment as his mother wordlessly placed a pink drink can in front of him. Without thinking, Sam read the femininely scripted label aloud: "Slender Sissy Diet Shake." As his laughing b*****r grabbed the can to see for himself, Sam whined. "Mom! What's this?"

"Except for special occasions, 'this' is what you're having for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the foreseeable future. Doris Gladstone says that your weight and boyish build are obvious obstacles to expressing your "inner girl" that have to be corrected as soon as possible. Sooooo, she's put you on a little diet. Of course, since you went on and on about being a "ten" on the sissy scale and jumped at the chance to enroll in her Forever Femme program, she has you on her most restrictive diet. Better get used to the sound of your stomach growling, Sally."

"She can't be serious. I'll starve! You know how much I eat."

"Don't be so dramatic, Sally; women diet all the time. A 'Forever Femme' girl like you shouldn't have any problem."

Sam sulked. His mom was still upset that he hadn't told the truth. "She doesn't have to be so mean about it," he thought morosely.

Mark read the label on the can in between fits of laughter. "'You'll have a darling little figure in no time with our new Forever Femme formula. Your boyfriend won't be able to take his eyes�or hands�off you. Combine with our Dainty and Delicate Formula for especially fast-acting, permanent results." Mark laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair.

"There's no way I'm drinking that stuff!" Sam growled. "I'm going to fix a sandwich," he declared shoving his seat back and heading for the kitchen.

The phone rang just as Sam was unscrewing the peanut butter lid.

"Sally, it's for you," his b*****r smiled.

"Hello?" Sam said hesitantly. "Oh, hi, Ms. Gladstone. The diet shakes? Oh, yeah, I've got one right here. Yeah, I can't wait. You're right. Yes, ma'am. The Dainty and Delicate Formula? No, ma'am. I see. It sounds � great. Urine tests? But why? I see. Homework?"

Mark watched in fascination as his b*****r's face got redder and redder. As his b*****r continued to talk with Ms. Gladstone, he thought, "This sissy thing is a dream come true."

Susan and Mark watched as Sam hung up the phone quietly and return to his seat. Wordlessly, he sat down, his face etched with despair.

"What about your sandwich?" Susan asked sweetly.

"Um, I guess Ms. Gladstone does tests to see if you've been cheating on the diet. I better not," he said mournfully. "She said I have to mix in that Dainty and Delicate formula with the shake." He cringed just saying the word 'dainty.'

Mark laughed, "I saw some out in the garage." He bolted from the table and returned, holding a large canister. He read happily with an affected lisp: "'You'll become a dainty and delicate darling with our new fast-acting muscle loss formula. Imagine your delight as you watch your disgusting male muscles melt away and leave you with the strength of a girl half your age. You'll be a frail and frilly little flower in no time. Caution, results are permanent."

Sam was terrified at what he heard, and started trembling. "M-m-mom, please don't make me take that stuff. I don't want to be� dainty!"

Susan took Sam's chin firmly in her hand and spoke in a steely voice. "Now you just listen to me. No one's making you do anything. All of this is your doing. Anytime you want to tell Ms. Johnson the truth, you just say the word, and we'll deal with it the best we can. You should have done that in the first place. But until you do, I'm not going to pretend that I approve of what you're doing, and I'm certainly not going to be sympathetic to your complaints. And I'm losing patience with your little tantrums. What is it you say to your b*****r? Oh, yeah; deal with it!"

Sam glumly closed his eyes and imagined that horrible picture of Ray Frink as he slowly prepared and drank the mixture of shake and formula. Finally, when he had choked down the entire glass, he opened his eyes and saw his mother looking at him disapprovingly. Mark was also watching, a big grin on his face "Creep," Sam thought.

His "meal" finished, Sam turned to his mother, who was finishing her plate of pasta. "Mom, can I talk to you after dinner?"

"Go ahead, dear."

Sam nodded his head at Mark and winced.

Susan added impatiently, "You've gotten all of us mixed up in your lies and deception, so go ahead."

Frustrated at his mother's refusal to exclude Mark from the conversation, he blurted it out: "Ms. Gladstone says that as 'homework,' I have to model all your clothes, with accessories, and stuff and take pictures of me in them. I'm supposed to e-mail them to her, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Cravitz."

"A real sissy fashion show. How fun."

Steve thought the evening would never end. Wearing his mother's dresses, skirts, and blouses was bad enough. But his mother was doing her best to embarrass him as much as possible in the process. After insisting that he wear one of her bras in addition to "his panties." She pitilessly filled the cups with tissues to give Sam a womanly bustline and to make her clothes fit better. Sheer panty hose and a lacy white slip were also added to his ensemble. When his mother started pulling dresses and skirts out of her closet, Sam cringed; there were so many! It was going to be a long evening.

Susan and Mark sat on the living room couch; Susan sipped on a glass of wine. Mark made sure the digital camera was ready to go. "Awww, look, Mark. Doesn't your b*****r look just darling in my yellow sheath? He'll have a boyfriend in no time. With those legs, he simply must try out for cheerleader. Smile for the camera, dearie."

Steve thought he would scream. Each outfit brought taunts and laughter from his mother and his bother. "That dress always makes me feel sexy. How about you, Sally. Feeling sexy? Mark, get some extra pictures of your bother in that plaid wool skirt and sweater set. He looks so pretty. We'll enlarge the picture and send one to Mother. I know she'll be just delighted to see what a perfect fairy her grandson has become." "Ooooh, with that hat and purse, you look like you're heading out for lunch at the club with the girls. You'd love that, wouldn't you, Sally?" " Show your pretty nails for the camera, hon. A girl always shows off her manicure."

Mark laughingly took picture after picture, thrilled at his older b*****r's humiliation. As his b*****r became more and more upset, Mark tentatively ordered his b*****r to start posing like a female fashion model. Mark thought that Sam was going to blow a gasket, until his mother gave him a firm slap on the cheek and told him that if he wanted his pictures, he'd cooperate or else. Assured that he had his mother's approval, Mark became more and more demanding, relishing in ordering his older b*****r into one humiliating pose after another.

Sam sniffled and e-mailed the last of the awful pictures. He'd never been so humiliated in his life. His mother was being so mean; why couldn't she just support his decision? He wondered if he should have shown her the e-mail from Ray Frink before he deleted it. There's no way she'd believe me now, anyway" he thought. Steve's thoughts drifted to his younger b*****r. "That little shit. I'm going to pummel him; then I'm going to kill him," Sam vowed. But first, he was going to f***e him to delete all the pictures from his computer. He couldn't believe that his mother had let him download them from his camera. His mother was one thing, but Steve certainly wasn't going to be treated like some fag by his b*****r. As he plotted his revenge, Steve felt a small cramp in his stomach. "Great," he thought. "On top of everything else, I'm coming down with something." He turned out the light and crawled into bed, wishing he could stay there forever.

The next morning, Sam came downstairs looking like something the cat d**g in. "Mom, I feel like crap," he moaned. "My stomach's in knots, and I ache all over."

Susan placed her hand on Sam's forehead. Matter of factly, she said: "Ms. Gladstone warned that when the Dainty and Delicate formula started working, you'd probably feel sick. Surely you've had enough of this nonsense now? You're not going to stay on this silly diet? Seeing Steve simply hang his head, she exclaimed in exasperation, "Fine! I'll call Ms. Gladstone and explain. Have your precious shake and then get right back into bed."

Mark quickly volunteered: "You stay there, Mom. I'll get it."

"Thanks, dear. The directions are on the canister."

Alone in the kitchen, Mark poured a can of diet shake in a large glass. He already knew exactly what the directions said; fascinated, he'd read them over and over. They said that exceeding the recommended dosages would lead to faster and more dramatic weight and muscle loss. He quickly added three scoops instead of the recommended one to the glass, and mixed it vigorously. He returned from the kitchen, barely containing his excitement.

Mark watched as his b*****r emptied the glass. To satisfaction, Sam wrinkled his nose, but didn't notice a thing.

"Sweet dreams, Sally," he whispered as his mother led Sam back to bed.

Sam spent the next few days in bed. He couldn't ever remember feeling so sick. His fitful sl**p was tormented with terrible images of the Sissy Mister, Ray Frink, and prancing around in his mother's dresses as she and Mark taunted him. The passage of time was marked only by Mark waking him up to drink those stupid shakes. At least I'm not hungry," he thought morosely.

On Friday, however, whatever malady had struck Sam was gone, because the cramps and muscle aches had dissipated. Gratefully, he got out of bed and took a long, hot shower. As he soaped up, Sam couldn't help but feel that something was still wrong. He dried off and pulled on a pair of briefs, noticing that the elastic must have stretched in the wash; they hardly stayed up. Sam stood in front of his large mirror to brush his hair, and caught sight of his reflection. Sam's hands fell to his side, the brush dropping noisily on the floor. As he stood motionless, fixated on the horrifying image in the mirror, he didn't notice his mother walk in, followed by Mark.

"Looks like someone's feeling better," she chirped. As she took the time to study her older son's form in the mirror, Susan involuntarily gasped: "Oh, my gosh!"

A wide, triumphant grin broke across Mark's face. Between the dieting and the Dainty and Delicate formula, his older b*****r was a mere shadow of his former self. The muscles that Sam was so proud of were gone, replaced by the smooth, pencil-thin limbs of a young girl. He pointed at his b*****r and guffawed. "Gee, Sally! You're so delicate and dainty. Your boyfriend's going to love the new you."

"Mom! Look at me," Sam cried plaintively. "I'm dying!"

"Oh, don't be such a drama queen. I guess when they say delicate and dainty, they mean delicate and dainty. Wait here."

Susan quickly returned with a form fitting pink knit suit of hers that Sam had unhappily modeled earlier in the week. Susan recalled that the suit had been a snug fit. "Here, try this on," she said as she handed Sam the suit.

"But, Mom�"

"Don't argue with me," she snapped. "Besides, you look so pretty in pink."

Morosely, Sam pulled on the skirt, remembering that it zipped at the side. When he let it go, it dropped several inches, almost falling off his hips.

Susan stared in wide-eyed wonder. "Now the jacket."

If anything, the jacket fit looser than the skirt. Susan sighed, "Congratulations, dear. By my guess, you've lost five dress sizes. I'd guess you're now a slender size 1."

Mark made no effort to hide his mirth.

"Stop laughing, Mark; it's not funny!" Sam demanded petulantly.

Still laughing, Mark watched as Sam had a flash and bolted to the corner of his room where he kept a couple of light dumbbells. When he saw that Sam could hardly lift one of them with both hands, Mark and laughed even louder.

"Mom!" What have they done to me?" Sam cried bitterly.

"Have you already forgotten our little talk? You've done it to yourself. You wanted to be Forever Femme, Sally? Well, I'd say this is a good start," she taunted. "Since you're feeling better, get dressed, but I'm afraid my things will be too big for you. You'll have to find something else to wear."

As she left, Sam angrily ripped off his mother's suit and grabbed a pair of jeans, tightening an old belt to hold them up. They still threatened to fall off, and the t-shirt fit no better. He looked all the world like a little girl wearing her older b*****r's clothes.

As he stared at his image in the mirror, he saw Mark behind him grinning maliciously.

"Why are you still here? W-what are you looking at?" Sam said nervously. As Mark closed the bedroom door, and approached him, Sam felt genuine fear for the first time.

"I'm looking at the world's biggest faggot, that's what. Sally! What a perfect name for you, you disgusting fairy. Now I'm going to give you something that you've had coming since we were little k**s."

"Mark, no! Please! Don't."

Mark quickly grabbed his older b*****r and threw him face down on the bed, wrenching his arm behind his back in the process. Sam gasped in pain. Undeterred, Mark began twisting harder until the boy was sobbing like a baby.

"Listen to you; you even cry like a girl. Mark loosened his grip, but didn't let go. "I'm a ten on the sissy scale, I want to be Forever Femme," Mark mocked in falsetto. "Well, I couldn't agree more, pansy. I suggest that from now on, you treat me with a little more respect. Understand?" He gave Sam's arm a final vicious twist.


Just remember; one word from me to Ms. Cravitz, and this whole charade comes to an end." Mark left, but not before leaving his dejected b*****r some instructions.

After Mark finally left, Sam flung himself on the bed and cried bitter tears. He knew his mother was right, he had done it to himself. Why didn't I just tell Ms. Johnson the truth," he thought. Now look at me. I'll bet all the girls in my class at school are stronger than me! His heart racing, he dropped to the floor and tried to do a pushup. He used to do fifty at a time. Now, he could barely eke out a single one, done badly�and it was girl pushup from his knees. What have I done?" he cried aloud.

Sam rose and studied his reflection in the mirror: thin, girlish limbs; femininely plucked eyebrows; hairless legs; long oval fingernails. Shit! His own bratty little b*****r had just manhandled him like a rag doll! Steve could just imagine what Ray Frink would do to him. He'd be a dead man. No matter how badly Sam wanted to tell the truth now, he realized that it was too late. Worse, he'd have to keep those crazy women happy-as well as his b*****r! He sobbed softly. Why didn't he listen to his mother when she had tried to warn him? After he finished crying, Sam dried his eyes. He had to pull himself together. It didn't matter what his mother thought of him now, he had to keep up his "sissy" act for Ms. Johnson's benefit and hope for the best.

Sam finally made his way to the breakfast table, where Mark and his mother waiting for him. Susan saw that Sam was wearing one of the outfits that Nina, well known as the neighborhood bulimic, had donated. The chic skirt and sweater set number only emphasized the extent to which Sam's body had diminished. She didn't know that Mark had "insisted" that his b*****r wear the outfit.

"Don't we look pretty? After breakfast, we simply must go by Nina's so she can see how darling you are in her hand me downs." As Sam pulled out his chair, she interrupted. Sally, darling, the head of the table is traditionally reserved for the male in the f****y. I don't think that it's appropriate for you to sit there anymore, do you?" she said icily.

Sam didn't answer, but slowly pulled out a chair closer to the kitchen instead of his normal seat at the head of the table. Mark gleefully plopped in his vacated chair at the head of the table.

"So what will it be for breakfast," Susan asked happily. "Pancakes? Bacon? Eggs?"

"All of the above," Mark laughed, as Susan joined in.

Sam's mouth watered as he listened to his mother. Now that he was feeling better, Sam's appetite had returned and he was starving.

"And what about you, Sissy Sally? Would you like a big omelet � you know, the kind you love?"

Sam glowered at his mother. "Mom, stop it. You know I can't; I have to have one of those stupid shakes."

"Oh, silly me. How could I forget? Disgusting little sissies are so concerned about their darling little figures. I guess it's a Slender Sissy Shake for Sally," his mother laughed. She went into the kitchen and returned with a glass of shake and the Dainty and Delicate canister. "Is this what you want, dearie?" Seeing her son nod angrily, she continued: "Then ask Mommy nicely, like a good little sissy," she said derisively.


"You heard me. Ask me nicely, like a good little girl. And since you're not a real girl, but a laughable little fairy, give us a cute little limp-wristed wave, as well." When her son only stared at her like she was crazy, she quickly gathered up the glass and canister and started for the kitchen.

"Mom, wait."

"Yes? Is there something you want to ask me? Tell me exactly what you want, and don't forget the wave."

Sam gulped. "May I please have a Slender Sissy diet shake, with some Dainty and Delicate formula mixed in?" Cringing, Sam flipped his wrist in effeminate fashion.

"What a fag!" Mark laughed.

Susan smiled. " Of course, Sally. How could I deprive my little girl? You know, while you were getting dressed, Mark and I had a little chat about you. I guess neither one of us fully appreciated how badly you hated your male body. Mark, what you think? Since your b*****r wants to be girlishly thin so badly, we should help him along, shouldn't we? "

"Absolutely, Mom," Mark laughed.

"You know, the directions on the canister say that increasing the dose will make the weight and muscle loss more dramatic and permanent. What about it, Sally? Wouldn't you like that?"

"Of course not. You and Mark stop teasing me."

"You know, darling, there's a saying: actions speak louder than words. You've seen what the shakes and formula did to you, yet you insist on continuing to use them. It's so obvious. You just adore the new, daintier you. Well, Mark and I certainly want you to be happy. Mark? What you think? The normal dose is one scoop."

"How about � four scoops?" Mark said, knowing firsthand what the increased dosage would do.

Susan covered her mouth in mock amazement. "Four scoops?" She shrugged, "I bet that will delight your sissy b*****r."

Sam watched in frustration as his mother gleefully measured out four generous scoops of the formula and mixed them into the shake.

"For you, Mademoiselle," she teased.

As Sam tried to take the glass, Susan retained her grip. Susan's voice turned deadly serious. "Sam, enough's enough. You've seen what this stuff does. These women aren't k**ding around. That Gladstone woman is evil. And don't even get me started on Gladys! You look like a ridiculous pantywaist already, and you haven't really even started with Ms. Gladstone's program. We both know it's only going to get worse." She put her cell phone and Ms. Johnson's telephone number on the table next to the shake. "Are you a man, or are you a sissy?"

She watched as Sam looked at his b*****r Mark. Sam bowed his head and picked up the glass and drank the awful concoction.

"Just as I thought," she said disappointedly.

The next morning, Susan drove Sam to the Sissy Mister. When Susan arrived at the address given to her by Ms. Gladstone, she recognized the swank store right away. "Oh my gosh, I always thought this was an exclusive store for old fashioned girls. Unbelievable," she murmured, taking in the exterior of the impressive store. "Look at those exquisite party dresses in the window. Aren't they gorgeous? I always wanted a daughter to dress up, but I never thought my son would be wearing a frilly girl's party dress" she sighed.

As the pair entered the store, Sam cringed. After his first experience there, he had prayed he'd never see the awful place again. His eyes riveted on the boy mannequins with the simpering smiles. They were arrayed in the most obscenely feminine garb imaginable. Even though he had seen them before, he was still hypnotized by the heavily made up, but distinctively boyish faces. Nervously his eyes scanned the store. Right away he noticed the red-faced boy attired in a marabou trimmed chiffon peignoir set, matching slippers on his feet. A couple of women fussed with the sophisticated outfit and taunted him: "You'll be quite a hit at Shelly's slumber part in this pretty little number. And to think she had a crush on you. Now to find a sl**p bonnet to cover your curlers." Around the corner, a group of teenaged girls were laughing hilariously as a sobbing boy modeled a black, lace encrusted longline bra with generous cups. "Joan, please! Don't make me wear this under my baseball uniform this afternoon. It'll show!" "Of course it will show, you fairy. After today's game, your coach, your teammates and all the parents on both teams will know that you're nothing but a sissy! And for arguing, I'm going to add a padded panty girdle to your lingerie ensemble." Sam saw the boy break down as the girls erupted in raucous laughter. The sound of a man's voice caught Sam's attention: "Stop your sniveling. I told you you'd be wearing dresses full-time if your step-mother caught you wearing her things again." "But Dad! I've told you, she's lying!" "Sure she is. Let's go; we're meeting her at her favorite restaurant for dinner."

Ms. Johnson greeted them animatedly: "Sally! Susan! Isn't this exciting. I didn't sl**p a wink."

Gladys gave the trio a fake smile. "Sally, let me look at you. Oh my, have you lost weight? How wonderfully slender and femmy you look. You must feel so much better about yourself. Susan, darling, you must be so pleased with Sally's new body. No more sports for him!"

Susan glared at the giggling harpy.

Ms. Gladstone joined them and led the group to her well-appointed office. If possible, Ms. Gladstone looked even more mannish and intimidating than the last time Susan had seen her. "Susan, welcome to the Sissy Mister. This will be Sally's home away from home for the foreseeable future."

Susan watched her son's face fall as Ms. Gladstone detailed the Forever Femme program. His day would start with sissy deportment class where he would learn to sit, stand, move, and act in an exaggeratedly feminine manner. That was followed by feminine grooming, where Sam would learn all the hair and makeup skills he needed to make himself "pretty and attractive to boys." Domestic arts and pink collar work skills came next, with feminine dance rounding out the day. For a minute, Susan thought that her son was actually going to throw up. She wished he would; right on that smirking Cravitz woman. Nonetheless, when Ms. Gladstone laughingly asked him if he was ready to fling open the closet doors, he managed a weak smile and nodded.

Gladys cleared her throat, assuring herself that she had everyone's attention. "Susan, you must be so thrilled that little Sally here is finally able to be herself."

Susan gritted her teeth. "Oh, I am, Gladys. And what a big help you've been," she muttered.

"My pleasure," she purred. "But we're just getting started."

Clara giggled loudly as Ms. Gladstone opened a box and took out a rather large, realistic looking phallus, complete with testicles.

Sam stared at the thing, horrified. "What's�what's that?"

"The shape should be familiar. It's the delivery system for your Teen Titty Formula."

Susan bit her lip. "Teen Titty Formula?"

Ms. Gladstone broke in, addressing Susan in a condescending tone: "Well, Susan, one of the most dominant sissy traits is a deep longing to have a feminine body, with wide womanly hips and large, feminine breasts. Of course, real boys would be horrified to feminize their body in that way. Just imagine how humiliating it would be to be a boy with boobs,' she laughed. "Since Sam's told us over and over how girlish he is, I've mixed up this extra-strength formula--- especially for him."

Clara gushed, "I can't wait to see Sally with her own set of pretty D-cup breasts. The boys will just love her!"

Sam's face turned red-hot as he struggled not to cry. Breasts? His life would be over.

Smiling evilly, Doris continued: "It's a very potent blend of estrogen. The Teen Titty Formula will literally bathe Sally's body in many times the amount of estrogen that real girls have in their system at their peak. Real sissies just adore what the hormones do to them." Doris didn't mention the additive to enhance the boy's embarrassment when dressing or acting like a female. It was a d**g she had the Sissy Mister chemists design when it was reported that a few of her customers eventually became accustomed to dressing and acting as girls in public. Even though the boys still hated appearing as sissies, Doris was adamant that the chemists come up with a d**g that preserved the exquisite humiliation and shame in her customers. After all, that's what made her job so enjoyable. After some trial and error, Doris' team of women chemists had developed an additive that heightened a boys sense embarrassment and humiliation when doing anything remotely feminine and altered the boy's cognitive function so that he was acutely aware of the fact that he was behaving or dressing in a feminine fashion. Doris licked her lips at the prospect of turning another teen boy into a simpering, sissy playtoy, his life an endless treadmill of embarrassment. When she mentioned the additive to Gladys, she had guffawed her approval and even asked Doris to give Sam a larger than usual dose in his formula.

Susan gasped and her head spun as Gladys gave her a feral grin. Sam's face had drained of color, and she saw that he was struggling to keep his composure. Susan exclaimed; "Now wait just a minute. This is too much! You can't be serious!"

Clara came over and consoled Susan. "Oh, you poor dear. I know what a shock this must be for you�your son with feminine, womanly breasts. I felt the same way, but Doris assured me that without exception, sissy boys like Sally find this extremely exciting and satisfying. Doris is the expert. You do want Sally to be happy, don't you? Just think. He'll need to wear a bra!"

Relishing in the expected dismay of her neighbor, Gladys took the dispenser from Doris, and cooed. "Please, allow me. I feel so badly for ever doubting Susan's fairy princess. I want to make it up to him by giving him his very first dose of Titty Teen Formula."

"How thoughtful, Gladys," Clara said.

Gladys inserted a large white cartridge into the device and glared at Sam, taking in the fear and despair in his eyes. "I think it would be best, dearie, if you kneel. That's it. Like he was in a trance, Sam meekly complied as Gladys put her hand on his shoulder and f***ed him to his knees. She then placed her hand on the back of Sam's head and firmly pulled it toward the device she held in her other hand. She could feel Sam tried to turn his head and resist but he was no match for her. "That's a good girl; open up!" she laughed. "Wrap your lips around it. No need to be shy. To get the device to release the formula, you have use your lips and your tongue."

Sam faltered, struggling as Gladys pushed the horrid thing against his lips, while she roughly gripped the hair on the back of his head to keep him from moving. Finally, Sam was left with no choice but to close his eyes and take the realistic appendage in his mouth.

Sam thought he would literally die of humiliation as he moved his lips up and down the device, fighting the urge to gag. Opening his eyes, he looked up and saw the circle of women staring down at him. Clara wore a huge smile, thoroughly entertained at the show she thought Sam was enjoying. Gladys and Doris glared at him, happily mocking him with their eyes and waiting expectantly for him to object. The look on his mother's face was the most disturbing; her brow was knitted angrily and her disgust with Sam was obvious. Sam withered under her disappointed glare. Instinctively, he knew that his relationship with his mother was forever changed. He closed his eyes rather than face her condemning stare.

When she realized that Sam wasn't going to confess, Doris spoke up impatiently, looking at her watch; "Susan, perhaps you could give Sally a few� pointers. We do have a lot to do."

Susan's face burned red-hot; she knew that Gladys and her ally were relishing in humiliating her and her son. Under her breath, she cursed her son for putting them both through this. "Sam�Sally! You have to do it faster. And for gosh sake, take more of it in your throat. Use your tongue!"

Sam thought he would die with humiliation. Nonetheless, he tried to follow his mother's angry instructions, and shortly he felt the device begin to pulse. At almost the same time he felt a thick fluid splash against the back of his throat.

Gladys smiled triumphantly. "Very good, Sally. Remember to swallow every last drop! If you don't, we'll have to do it again. It's important that you get a full dose of the Titty Teen Formula."

Susan was mortified as Gladys pulled the glistening thing out of her miserable son's mouth. Clara on the other hand was mesmerized by the whole display. "Sally, darling. You do that as well as any real girl! I can't wait until you have a boyfriend!"

"He's so lucky to have a mother with so much experience who can give him advice," Gladys trilled.

As Gladys and Doris shared a mirthful laugh, Susan couldn't stand it anymore. She quickly excused herself, explaining that she had errands to run. The truth was that she simply couldn't stand to witness her son's debasement at the hands of her hated rival anymore.

"Before you go, Susan, let me give you a copy of this. It's a guidebook of sorts." Doris handed Susan a book. To her chagrin, it was entitled, Forever Femme, From Little League to Little Lady.

Susan sipped coffee at home, vivid images of Sam's shameful behavior that morning etched in her mind. As the day wore on, there were constant reminders of the consequences of Sam's decision to deceive Ms. Johnson. A contractor sent by the Sissy Mister arrived early in the morning, followed by furniture delivery vans. Sam's bedroom now sported new pink carpet and paint, as well as excessively feminine furniture and accessories. Everything seemed to be covered in bows, ribbons, and layers of pink tulle and chiffon. Later in the afternoon, a large, pink delivery van pulled up and began unloading box after box and to the garage. The beehive of activity only fueled Susan's resentment of the intrusion on her household caused by her son's refusal to accept responsibility for his actions, and she obsessed about it into the afternoon.

Sam was physically and emotionally exhausted as Doris finally announced the end of his last Forever Femme class. Sam desperately wanted to retreat to the safety of his own home, lick his wounds, and have a respite from the incessant demands of that horrid Gladstone woman and her demented staff of women. Clara had left the store shortly after his mother, and since that time, Gladys and Doris had only escalated their cruelty.

The thought of his mother worried Sam. When she stormed out of the store, he had never seen her so upset. Sam resolved to do whatever it took to placate her and get back on her good side. Propitiously, as soon as Sam walked around the corner, he saw Susan waiting for him. To his chagrin, Mark was with her, a wide grin stretching his face. The two large Sissy Mister shopping bags at her side troubled him. Surely she hadn't bought anything at that disgusting place.

Gladys shoved Sam directly in front of Susan and Mark. "Well? Isn't Sally just darling? He's really starting to look like a sissy, wouldn't you say? No one will mistake him for a normal boy now. Susan, dear, I couldn't help but notice that when he's all dolled up, he bears a striking resemblance to you. You two could be twins�twin s****rs," she laughed.

Sam was mortified as Mark and his mother slowly took in his appearance from head to toe. On Sam's feet were four-inch black patent leather heels, feminine bows adorning the pointed toes. His legs were encased in gleaming nude stockings. Tight, high-waisted black satin shorts reminded Susan of something a twenties cigarette girl might wear. The ultra-feminine blouse was the higlight of the outfit. The chiffon confection had enormous puff sleeves that were tightly cuffed high on Sam's now-tiny upper arms. Equally enormous was the flat, black satin bow designed to lie against his " bosom. " Susan blinked as she noticed the large, unmistakable twin projectiles of a well-filled bra underneath the bow. She marveled at the old fashioned, white gloves. In the crook of one arm, Sam held the handle of a large, black purse that matched his shoes perfectly. In his other hand was a lace handkerchief daintily grasped between thumb and forefinger.

Susan approached the shame-faced boy. She began fussing with Sam's blouse; straightening the bow and puffing out the sleeves. "He does look more like a sissy, Gladys. You and Doris have done a wonderful job. Mark and I are just so thrilled that Sally's coming out of the closet and can finally be true to herself."

Sam cringed. The way his mother was looking at him�something wasn't right. Mark interrupted his thoughts.

"What a fag! You really are a sissy," Mark teased. "Look at that hair! And all that make-up!"

The women had dyed Sam's hair a bright platinum blonde; it was "done" in a stiff bouffant of lacquered curls. His face was literally plastered with make-up: an obvious coating of pale foundation, a thick cupid's bow of red lipstick, an unnecessary circle of blush on each cheek, eyes heavy with shadow and mascara, dramatic false eyelashes weighing down each lid. A thick line of liquid eyeliner punctuated the look.

Sam didn't respond to his b*****r, but instead closed his eyes in an effort to block out the horrible memory of his experience with Hazel and the Sissy Mister beauty parlor that occupied a part of the first floor of the store. He thought he would die of shame and humiliation as Gladys had mocked him throughout the experience of getting his hair dyed, cut, and curled. "Sally, darling, that champagne blond color is just you. And is there any thing that screams sissy like a perfect little bouffant? I can't wait to give these pictures to Biff and his friends. They'll never believe that their former buddy is a curler queen!"

Well-meaning Ms. Johnson only made matters worse. "What a chic little 'do!' she gushed. I can't wait until your hair is longer so that Hazel can give you a real girly-boy hairdo. I have just the thing in mind. It's the style the actresses back in my day used to wear their hair on special occasions. It takes forever to style, but it looks so feminine and chic when it's done. We better buy you lots of hairspray," she giggled.

The rest of the morning had been spent selecting and trying on his new wardrobe. Ms. Gladstone had assembled the most horribly outdated and outrageously feminine outfits, convincing Ms. Johnson that any Forever Femme girl would absolutely adore them. Ms. Johnson had been thrilled, since the every outfit reminded her of a favorite dress she, her s****rs or her mother had worn. There was nothing in collection that any real girl would wear. Sam knew that his hair, make-up and clothes all conspired to mark him as an shamefully feminine boy, all done up to a girlish extreme. Worse, as the morning wore on, the embarrassment at being dressed like a sissy pantywaist didn't abate�in fact, it seemed to get worse. The idea of even his mother and b*****r seeing him dressed like that was hardly bearable. Sam was completely mortified.

The sound of Mark's voice brought him back to the presence. "Hey Sally! Do a girly twirl so we can see your sissy outfit," he laughed.

Sam resisted the urge to tell his b*****r to shove it. Instead, he replied, "Maybe later." No sooner had he uttered the words than he gasped and clutched his groin.

Doris approached him and spoke sharply through gritted teeth. "Sally, you stupid girl! What was the first rule you learned in your Sissy Essentials class?"

Sam's eyes teared up from a mixture of pain and humiliation. "A sissy is submissive at all times," he answered.


"And he does whatever he's told �.without question or hesitation."

As Sam recovered his composure and dried his eyes with his hanky, Ms. Gladstone addressed Susan and Mark. "I'm sorry for that little display. Sissies like Sally who have "repressed their girly side" so completely need a firm hand to live up to their sissy potential."

"What's that thing?" Mark asked eagerly, pointing to the gold key fob in Ms. Gladstone's hand.

"This is the controller for our Pansy in Pain training system. You've seen electronic collars used to train dogs and eradicate their undesirable behaviors?"

Mark nodded, "You bet."

"Well this operates on the same principle. Instead of a collar, I've implanted a tiny receiver chip at a location where a small shock is very effective. The controller is set on the lowest setting right now, but as time goes by and my expectations of femininity from your b*****r increase, so will the setting on the controller. I must say, it's very effective in bringing out the girl in boys like your b*****r."

To Sam's astonishment and dismay, Susan said, "How delightful. I assume I'll get one for home use?"

"Of course," Doris grinned, producing an identical unit.

Sam couldn't believe his eyes as his mother removed the controller from its box, adjusted it and gave it an enthusiastic push. sending spasms of pain through Sam's tortured groin. As he whimpered in pain, Susan said in a saccharine voice, "I thought your b*****r told you to give us a girly little twirl to show off your pretty new outfit."

Sam didn't wait to dry his tears; he quickly did a clumsy twirl, hoping to appease his mother. Although Mark pointed and laughed, Ms. Gladstone was not amused. "Sally! That was pathetic! A fairy like you should be able to do that in his sl**p. You better have that perfected before tomorrow," she warned.

"Y-yes, Ms. Gladstone," Sam said through his tears.

Finally, Susan collected the shopping bags and led her sons from the store, promising to have Sam back bright and early for the next day's classes. As they approached the front door, though, Sam came to a panicked stop.

"Mom, I can't go outside like this. I'm a boy, I'm wearing this girly outfit, my hair is done like a prissy lady, and I'm wearing make-up, just like a woman. I'll be a laughing stock!" Sam's heart pounded at the prospect of anyone seeing him like that.

"Of course people will laugh; you look like a ridiculous sissy. Now come along and stop dawdling," she said airily. She held up the controller so Sam could see it.

Sam reluctantly exited the store, nearly apoplectic with embarrassment.

"Don't slouch, Sally. And don't forget to smile." When they got to the car, Susan chirped loudly, "Mark, don't forget your manners; open the door for Sally. We might as well treat him like a girl; he's certainly no boy!"

As soon as he was in the relative safety of the car, Sam erupted. "Mom! What are you doing? When you push that controller thing feels like someone snapped a big rubber band on my privates. It hurts like heck! I can't wait to get home out of these stupid clothes and wash off this awful make-up. This has been the worst day of my life!" Sam flopped angrily against the back of the car seat, his arm crossed underneath his new bosom.

"Don't be such a silly girl," Susan trilled lightly. "You know, it wasn't until this morning that I realized that you've been telling Ms. Johnson the truth all along. When I saw you sucking on that Titty Teen Formula dispenser like a fifty-cent whore, it all became clear to me. Mark and I really must apologize for not seeing the truth; that you're tired of hiding Sally and you want to give her complete control of your life."

Sam moaned, "Mo-om." Don't say that stuff. It's disgusting. You know it's not true!"

In an instant, Susan's demeanor changed, and she turned to face her son. "I'll tell you what I know! I know that any normal boy would have gladly risked going to jail rather than let those women doll you up like a Fifties Barbie, make you suck you estrogen from a �well, never mind�so that he can grow large, feminine breasts. I know that I had to watch my son, my own pride and joy, suck on that� thing like a teenaged girl in heat while Gladys Cravitz watched and laughed. I'll don't think I can ever forgive you for that," she choked. Susan regained her composure. "As far as I'm concerned, Sam is gone; I don't have two sons anymore, I have a boy and a sissy. From now on, you can expect to be treated like a sissy. You've made your choice, Sally! From now on, you're going to start acting like the sissy you want to be. You're going to gush about your prissy little outfits. You'll tell everyone who'll listen about how thrilled you are about growing your own breasts. You'll happily put into practice everything you learn at the Sissy Mister. You'll beg Clara and Ms. Gladstone to help you become more and more girlish. Understand? You wanted to be Forever Femme? Well, you've got it! And just so you don't forget�" Susan pushed the controller button.

As Susan pulled into the garage, she turned and faced Sam. "Welcome to the rest of your life, Sally."

Sam's pulse quickened as he took a hesitant step. He could feel his mother watching him, waiting for him to slip up and give him a shock. Sam fixed a plastic smile on his face and tried to replicate the walk he'd practiced all morning; short mincing steps, rotating hips, elbows tucked closely at his side, bosom thrust out, hands either on his hips or at his shoulders.

Sam wanted to wipe the smirk off his b*****r's face as he held the door open and gave him a slight bow. "Ladies first, Sally."

When Sam ignored his b*****r, he felt the unmistakable pain from the controller. "Oww!" he yelped.

Sally Smith, that's no way for a sissy to behave! What do you say to your b*****r?"

"T-thank you, Mark."

"Don't mention it, Pansy!" he laughed.

"Go put away your new sissy wardrobe and get ready for dinner. Mark, why don't you help your dainty and delicate b*****r in case he needs to lift something heavier than his precious little purse."

With each new item that his b*****r put away in his new feminine boudoir, Mark laughed louder and louder. He could almost feel the heat from his b*****r's face and knew that Sam was dying to tell him off. He decided to rub his b*****r's face in it. "Wow, you really had me fooled all these years, Sally. What a charade you kept up. All these years you wanted to dress and act like a girl?"

"Can it, Sam. Look what they've done to me. And now Mom is really mad. I'm so screwed!"

Mark smirked at his b*****r. "I'll say. Lucky you weren't much of a real boy to begin with. From now on, you'll only refer to yourself as a girl�a female. Understand?" He watched his b*****r smile weakly while his eyes shot daggers at him.

Sam arrived at dinner to find his mother and b*****r gathered around his mother's laptop. "Oh hi, dear. We were just reliving some of the highlights from your day."

Sam winced. Gladys had said that she was going to make sure his mother got a daily report of his progress to becoming "the little lady he was meant to be." He had prayed she was k**ding.

"Oh look, here you are in the salon. Look at the smile on your face; you just loved having your hair curled and teased didn't you? And here you are learning to knit; putting on your ballet tu-tu; even learning how to apply your lipstick." What a busy day you had," she smirked. "Now dry those pretty eyes and tell your b*****r and me how much you love your pretty outfit. Or do you need a reminder?"

Sam concentrated on two things; trying to keep a smile on his face and trying not to cry. After dinner, his mother and b*****r made him put on one of his new dresses, a floral house dress from the fifties with a large lacy white collar and cuffs, sash that tied in a bow in the back, and a large circle skirt with an tulle petticoat giving it body. Sam thought he would throw us as he twirled over and over until his mother was satisified. His body ached: the panty girdle that so delighted Ms. Johnson was crushing him, as was the stiff, heavily boned corset. The heavy breast forms glued to his chest bounced and swayed with every move.

As he got ready for bed, Sam was mortified as he removed his dress and stood before his mother in his heels, stockings, black panty girdle, corset, and bra. Sam's head spun as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Two weeks ago, he had been a regular boy looking forward to summer vacation and kicking back with his friends. Now, he was standing in a revolting girly bedroom that belonged to him, wearing an array of old-fashioned ladies lingerie.

"Aren't we just so pretty!" she taunted. "Is that a panty girdle? Oooh, it looks so tight. I bet it's really uncomfortable. It sure is pretty, though, with all those bows and lace appliqu�s." Susan watched fascinated as her son wriggled out of the wicked little girdle, a smile crossing her face without her even realizing it. And look at that darling bra! Those cups are so big! That Teen Titty Formula sure works fast!" she teased.

Sam didn't laugh at his mother's joke. Ms. Gladstone had glued the D-cup breast forms to his chest, giggling about how Sam would soon have no need for them. The breast forms were heavy and pendulous. Already the shoulder straps of the bra were cutting into Sam's shoulders.

The next morning, Mark's raucous laughter announced Sam's arrival at the breakfast table. Sam knew what a sight he was: his mother had set his hair in tight rows of small rollers, encased them in a frilly night cap, applied a thick night mask, and arrayed him and one of his new nightgowns, a glamorous black peignoir that looked like it was straight from a Grace Kelly movie. His pleading had only made his mother angrier. Sam now knew what the second level of the controller felt like; it dropped him to his knees like a hard knee to an unprotected groin. His mother had been in no mood for apologies. Sam had no choice but to act like his mother instructed.

The next couple of weeks were the worst of Sam's life. His mother had organized a "coming out party" where the entire neighborhood was introduced to the new sissy. The men had glared at him like he was a traitor or something, while the women delighted in teasing him about his prissy dress and bouffant hair-do. The classes at the Sissy Mister became more and more humiliating. Ms. Johnson was in ecstasy as Sam's behavior became more and more outrageously feminine. Sam had resisted as much as he could for a week or so, but when the controller level moved to three, the entire focus of his being was to keep Ms. Gladstone and his mother happy. He was rapidly becoming a simpering little sissy, just as he had represented himself to be.

At home, he had become the "house wife," responsible for all of the cleaning and household errands. Thanks to the additive in his Titty Teen Formula, every time he appeared in public brought him new feelings of embarrassment and humiliation. Mark and his mother competed to see who could dream up the most humiliating "adventures" for Sally: getting a shampoo and set at the local salon on a busy Saturday; taking a Pilates class that was full of college girls; joining a knitting circle of young mothers; even walking in a breast cancer fundraiser when his breasts came in.

Eventually, Gladys Cravitz lost interest in Sam. Once Susan had a change of attitude toward her son, her project had lost its appeal. However, she still enjoyed hearing Biff recount the sissy-boy's latest humiliation. And the special meeting where he was introduced at the Junior League was priceless. Nina and Heather could be so mean!

Susan found Sam at his mirror. He was wearing a body-hugging navy sheath with a round white collar and three-quarter length sleeves. Not noticing his mother, he busily primped and preened, patting his "big" hair into place and giving his bouffant a thorough going over with the can of hairspray in his hand. The candy-sweet smell made Susan think of the Sissy Mister beauty shop.

As Sam took out his compact and patted his face with the sponge, Susan interrupted. "Don't dawdle, girlie. Your date will be here any minute for. I think he's got a special night planned. I've put some protection in your purse. "

Sam cringed slightly, but kept a smile planted on his lips. A few weeks earlier, he had celebrated when Ms. Johnson had torn up the documents that f***ed him to pretend he was an effeminate sissy. But when he excitedly brought up returning to malehood, his mother had laughed in his face. "You've got to be k**ding. The way your boobies look in a bullet bra and a pretty angora sweater? And don't you have a ballet recital next month. How thoughtful of Ms. Gladstone to let you dance with a real girls' dance troupe. I hear ticket sales are through the roof. Besides, who would do all the cooking and cleaning?"

When a return to pants was denied, he tried to convince his mother to at least let him wear some modern fashions; after all, even girls wore jeans. But she had insisted that he looked like he stepped off the cover of an early sixties Vogue. He looked like such a fag! And the behavior his mother insisted on was even worse; the way she made him giggle and flip his wrists, the way he had to squeal when he saw a dress that he "liked," the way he was required to constantly primp and fuss over his head and make-up. Susan had simply replied that he wasn't a girl, and wasn't about to let him be confused for one.

Sam was even more upset when Mark revealed that he had sent the e-mail pretending to be Ray Frink, who was a complete fiction. The picture was one he had found on the web. Mark thought it was hilarious that he had been responsible for keeping his b*****r in skirts.

As he heard Mark greet his date at the door, Sam checked the contents of his little clutch purse and adjusted the veil on his pillbox hat; it was going to be another long night.... Continue»
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Nicol Gets an Education


I just turned nineteen. I graduated from high school last year and I have several jobs. I work as a waitress at a restaurant in the evening four or five nights a week. It depends on how often they need me.

I also work for a cleaning service, cleaning homes during the day. One of the houses I clean once a week is my neighbor's house. Not right next door, a couple of houses down. He asked me about cleaning his house when he found out I was doing it and I do it for him without him having to go through the service. That way I can keep all the money.

He is an older guy. I guess in his early forties. He is kind of good looking, but he has always made me a little nervous. He doesn't talk much, and when he looks at me he has always given me the impression that he could see right through me. It isn't that he was creepy, he was friendly enough and he never said or did anything improper. He even looked at my eyes when we talked! You know how hard it is for a guy to do that.

Every Wednesday I go to Mr. Ford's house and spend about three or four hours cleaning. He works at home and stays in his office out of my way and frequently I don't see him at all while I am there, even though he is in his office, which is the one room that he doesn't pay me to clean.

Today, however, he got a phone call and had to leave shortly after I arrived. He isn't always there when I am cleaning and it wasn't any big deal for me to be in his house alone. Except that this time I thought I would be nice and vacuum his office for him while he was out. It turned out to be a life changing experience.

I pushed the office door open and started vacuuming. I was careful not to disturb anything, but I had to move a box in a corner and when I disturbed it, it came open. It was full of paperback books. I didn't pay any attention to it though, I just moved it and vacuumed and moved it back. When I bent down to close the box, some of the titles suddenly caught my eye.

"Oh my god," I thought. They were a collection of what appeared to be a couple of hundred bright red paperback books. They all had pictures of a young woman on the cover in extreme distress.
The titles were all about **** and torture. I didn't even know how I got to my knees, but I was kneeling there pulling them out of the box one at a time and looking at the erotic drawings on the covers and reading the titles of the books. Books with titles like "Daughter Degraded" and "Beaten Prisoner Wife" and "Chained, Tortured Schoolgirl" and hundreds more! I considered 'borrowing' one or two, but decided that would be a bad idea. I pushed the box back where I found it and closed the flaps back down. I finished up in the office and went back to cleaning the house.

I did everything I was supposed to do. But today I did it in a fog. I could not get those books out of my mind! Finally I had put my cleaning supplies away and picked up the check that Mr.Ford had left for me on the kitchen island and I was on my way out the door. But I couldn't do it. I ran back upstairs and picked out two interesting titles from the box and hid them in my bag and left quickly, locking up with my key.

I guess I should tell you something about myself. As I said, I just turned nineteen. I was living with my mother until a couple of months ago when I finally got my own small apartment. Well, it would have to get bigger to be small, it's tiny.

I have a very nice body and I am proud of it. I watch my diet, but I don't really have a lot of time for exercise. Hopefully someday my life will be less hectic. I am 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, green eyes, and I have been told that I have a very nice ass. My breasts are a little small, B cup, but even though I know that most men prefer larger breasts, I am happy with them. I figure sagging won't be as much of a problem when I am older.
Besides, it is much easier to buy nice clothes that fit well if you have smaller breasts.

I like sex. I lost my virginity when I was fifteen. I wouldn't say I was promiscuous. I don't sl**p with everyone I date and I have never slept with anyone on the first date. But as I said, I like sex. I don't always, or even often, have orgasms from it.
Still, it is exciting to have a guy kiss you and touch you and undress you and to know how bad he wants you. As the old song says, "I enjoy being a girl".

I am very aware, however, that the second best orgasm I ever had was when Bill Harris was making love to me. He held my hands over my head in one of his strong hands and I felt totally helpless.
He stared into my eyes and I felt well and truly taken. He was large and strong and I felt overpowered. It was very exciting.

My best orgasm, however, was when I said "No" to Tom Phillips. We had gone out to dinner and spent a little time at a club. I had to get up early so we couldn't stay too long. He grudgingly took me home and somehow wormed his way into my new apartment. It was my only experience with 'date ****'. He took control as soon as my door closed. We had been dating for a month or so and we had sex a couple of times. Tonight, though, I was not in the mood. I was tired and a little pissed at him for being such an ass.

As soon as we got into my apartment he started pushing me toward my couch and pulling my clothes off. I was fighting him off, but not screaming or trying to hurt him. Finally he got tired of it and he used the cloth belt from my dress to tie my hands behind my back and he pulled my dress down to my elbows and pulled by bra up over my breasts and roughly mauled them while he held me close and f***ed his tongue into my mouth. I was struggling and begging him to stop, but he just ignored me.

Finally he pushed me to the floor and bent me down over the seat of the sofa. He pulled my dress up in back and ripped my panties off violently. Then he held me down while he unbuckled his belt and slid it out of his belt loops.

As soon as it was free he doubled it over and started beating my ass. As he was beating me he was yelling at me, "Don't you ever say no to me again, god damn it. You fucking tease, you bitches are all alike. You just use men to get what you want and send them home with blue balls and think that it's just great fun. You fucking bitch!"

I was crying hysterically, but he didn't care, he must have beaten my ass for several minutes before he pulled his pants off and ****d me from behind.

I knelt there helplessly, my hands tied behind my back, his hand holding my hair in his firm grip and pulling my head up so that he could see my face while he fucked me. His other hand kept moving under me and squeezing and pinching my breasts and my nipples. It was horrible, and I came harder than I had ever come in my life! I came over and over. I lost track of how many times I came. I had never been so aroused in my life. Some of those **** stories I read on the internet flashed through my mind as Tom violently ****d me and I screamed in pleasure.

Tom finally came in me. He stood up and wiped his cock clean in my hair. Then he dressed and left without ever saying another word. It took me almost fifteen minutes to get my hands free!

I sat on my dress on the floor for a long time sobbing and sad and furious and confused.

Finally I got up and took a shower and as I washed my sore body I pictured what had happened that night in my mind and as I washed my sore pussy I was on the verge of another orgasm. Well, I had no reason to disappoint me, so I rubbed myself until I came again. As soon as my orgasm passed I was mad at myself for doing it.

I never went out with Tom again. I may never be sure if that is because he didn't call again. I honestly don't know if I would have gone out with him again. It was, after all, the best orgasm I ever had at the hands of someone else. That was several months ago.

Now I was rushing home with two paperback books in my bag that I had taken from Mr. Ford's home. I would normally go home after cleaning his home and since I had several hours before I had to be at the restaurant I would search the web for more stories about women being ****d and abused and humiliated. I know, that's sick, but I can't help what turns me on. I would sit at my computer and read them and run a vibrator over my pussy and have several nice orgasms before getting ready for work.

Besides reading the stories I would sometimes look for men in chat rooms with similar tastes. I was often tempted to meet them.
I would get so turned on by the idea of allowing some guy to violate me and abuse me that it was almost irresistible. I really thought that it would be exciting to experience some of the things that I read about.

Today, however, I got home and sat on the edge of my bed and stared at the drawings on the covers of the two books I had taken and imagined myself in those situations. I quickly dropped my clothing into a pile on the floor and pulled a vibrator out of my nightstand. I don't think it took me an hour to read the first book and I had to stop frequently to have one fantastic orgasm after another.

When I finally got to the last page of the book I turned off my vibrator and looked at myself. My thighs and the bedspread under me were soaking wet. My pussy was actually sore from an hour of violent masturbation. I remade my bed and put the books in my nightstand and took a shower. The shower calmed me down and cooled me off and I started getting ready for work.

When I was dressed I went out to my little kitchenette and I had a salad and leafed through the book again. I was saving the second one for tomorrow. I was getting turned on again and I decided I had best do something to take my mind off of it before I went to work.

I turned on the TV and stared at it, but I didn't hear a word. I just kept imagining myself being taken. Being undressed and having sex with two or three large, mean, men. Being f***ed to service them and humiliate myself for their amusement. I couldn't get it out of my mind!

That night at work I did a terrible job. My friends kept asking me if something was wrong. I just couldn't stop thinking about the images in that book. It is a good thing it was a slow night.

I was exhausted when I got home and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to fall into a deep sl**p. But the first thing I did the next morning was get the second book out and grab my vibrator. This time I was smart enough to put a towel under my ass before I started though.

Just like with the first book, I read it cover to cover in about an hour. As I read I had one wonderful orgasm after another. I almost called in sick at my house cleaning job. I wanted to read both books again. I think that the only reason I didn't was that my pussy was getting sore and my wrist was getting tired and my stomach was even getting sore from all of the muscle contractions when I came. Besides, if I wanted to keep from moving back in with my mother I was going to have to keep the money coming in.

I showed up for work at ten AM and my partner and I went to work.
It isn't the most exciting job in the world, but it isn't that hard either and it pays pretty well.

The woman I work with, Joyce, noticed that I looked tired and distracted. I just told her that I had worked late last night.
Joyce is a nice woman. I like her, but she isn't someone I know well enough to share secrets with. As that thought went through my mind I realized that I didn't have anyone in my life that I could share the kind of secret I had with. I had friends. But I had only had one very close, best friend. Since she got married we just aren't as close as we once were. We both have busy schedules. We still get together sometimes, but it isn't like it was when we were in school.

Luckily, this was one of my days off from the restaurant. We had two houses to clean and then I went home. I went right back to bed with those books. I had discovered internet porn stories a couple of years ago and I read them every day. I had some favorite stories. There were some authors I looked for. But none of the stories I had read had seemed as intense as those two books I had taken. The fact that someone had edited out all of the misspellings and grammatical errors didn't hurt either.
Sometimes you want to find out where those guys on the internet live and send them a dictionary.

I spent the rest of the evening rereading those two books and, after putting new batteries in my vibrator, cumming until I couldn't stand it anymore. I finally took a shower and tossed my damp towel in the dirty clothes and ate a light supper. Then I sat around trying to figure out how I was going to take these two books back, and borrow two more before next Wednesday. I had a key to his house after all.

I knew that I didn't have the nerve to go into his house without permission. I am just unlucky enough to get caught. I hated it, but I resigned myself to having to wait until next Wednesday. I finally went to sl**p and, man, I have to tell you, the dreams that night were something else!

I woke up early the next morning. I had been so exhausted from hours of masturbating yesterday that I had gone to sl**p before 8:00 PM. I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and suddenly I knew how to get more books! I would admit to Mr. Ford that I had taken two, and ask to borrow a couple more!

I know, there are all kinds of reasons why that is a very bad idea. I tend to believe, in retrospect, that I was acting on a subconscious desire to have him give me the life I was reading about in those books and stories. I know. That's stupid. I didn't know the man at all and he was more than twice my age.

I had four hours before I had to show up at my cleaning job. I got dressed and sat at my little kitchen table and thought about going over there and returning his books. As I thought about it I began to imagine some of the far fetched things that might happen if I did. Really imagine them, picture them in my mind. Before I knew it I was parking at the curb outside Mr. Ford's house.

I sat in my car for a few minutes, telling myself that I was insane. I guess I was right, because I got out of my car and went to his front door and rang the bell. He keeps his car in the garage so I couldn't tell if he was home. I didn't hear anything until he opened the door. When he saw me he stepped back to let me in.

"Are you here to return my books?" he asked.

I was shocked, I had been certain that he wouldn't notice. I blushed and nodded.

"Did you enjoy them?" he asked.

"Yes sir," I answered. I couldn't bear to look him in the eye and was staring at the floor.

"I was dismayed when I found out that you had taken them. I am very relieved to see that you are an honest young woman after all."

I handed him the two I had taken and said, "I'm sorry Mr. Ford. I thought I would do you a favor and vacuum your office while you were out. I saw the books and I ....I couldn't resist."

I couldn't figure out how he knew that I had them. It would be months before I found out that he had a motion detector on his computer and when I had come in to vacuum his office it had recorded what I did.

"Would you like to borrow a few more Nicol?" he asked.

I was so embarrassed that I almost said no. I didn't want someone, especially someone who knew me, knowing what a pervert I was. But that was, after all, why I was here. I nodded again.

He reached out and lifted my chin gently, turning my face up and looked into my eyes.

"Those things excite you don't they? You must be just a little desperate to be back here after only two days, admitting what you have done, and asking for more. You are desperate, aren't you?"

I hesitated, then I said, "Mr. Ford, I..."

"No, don't call me Mr. Ford! Call me master!"

Oh god. I couldn't do it! I started to pull away from him, but our eyes were still locked together. He didn't try to stop me. I could come or go, it was up to me. I wanted to go, I was already humiliated. But I wanted to stay. I wanted to call him Master.
Just imagining it was turning me on. I knew that my underwear would be damp and uncomfortable at work today.

He dropped his hand and waited for me to decide.

"Yes, Master, I am desperate. I have had these fantasies for years and I have read hundreds of stories on the internet that fed the fantasies. But those books, even the pictures on the covers, were so much more intense. I need more."

"Do you need more books Nicol, or are you ready for the next step?"

I was thinking, "Is this really why I came here?" I suddenly realized that it was. I didn't want to leave here today with just a couple of books. Or worse yet, empty handed.

I met his gaze again and said in a nervous whisper, "I am ready for the next step Master."

"You have really surprised me Nicol. I can usually tell about a woman. I didn't think you were the type."

"Are there a lot of women like me?" I asked. I had often felt like I must be the only one.

"Quite a few," he said. "There are quite a few more women that never admit it. They don't even admit it to themselves. They go through their lives making everyone around them miserable because of it."

He then took my breath away when he said, "Take off all of your clothes and hang them by the door and join me in the kitchen, we need to talk." Then he just turned his back and walked away.

I wasn't sure I could do it. I am proud of my body, but I'm not used to being naked. Certainly not around a man I hardly know, a man twice my age.

I didn't really think about it though. I hesitated only a moment before I slowly pulled my top up over my head and hung it up. My slacks were next and then my bra and panties. I felt silly with socks and tennis shoes on so I took them off too.

"Now, all I have to do is follow him to the kitchen," I thought. I knew that as soon as I did, I was his.

I could dress and leave now and it would be over. Or I could walk in there and give myself to my new Master and experience the things that had filled my dreams and my masturbatory fantasies for years. Do you know what made up my mind? Tom Phillips! I thought of the night that he ****d me and I followed my new Master to the kitchen.

It took all of my willpower not to cover myself in that classic maiden pose when I entered the room. Mr. Ford was looking at the books I had taken, but he looked up when I came in and smiled.

"Lovely!" he exclaimed. "You are truly beautiful, Nicol. It pleases me that you aren't trying to hide your charms behind your arms as nearly every other woman would do. It pleases me even more that it is obviously difficult for you."

He was drinking a cup of coffee. He didn't offer me anything, or a seat. He glanced down at the books again and held up one of them and said, "This was one of my favorites. Good choice."

I blushed even more, if that's possible.

He seemed to be ignoring my nudity as he spoke conversationally.
"As I understand it, you plan on working two jobs until you can afford to go to college. Is that correct?"

"Yes Master," I said, and I noticed that every time I said it I got a thrill.

"I might be able to help. It's up to you. It depends on how far you are willing to go."

I thought that sounded promising, but scary at the same time. I waited for him to continue.

"If you are willing to serve as my slave, my total slave, my sex slave, until you finish your education, I am willing to pay your expenses. I will provide you with tuition, books, clothing, that will be clothing of my choosing, an allowance, meals and a place to live. In return, you will belong to me completely and you will agree to only one thing."

"You must agree to never, ever say no to anything I tell you to do. We both know what this is about. We both know what turns us on. So you know some of the things that will be expected of you.
Would you like some time to think about it? If you like you may go up and pick out a few more books and take them home and think it over. Or, you can just decide now. I suspect that you already know what you want to do."

"I want to be your slave Master." They say the truth shall set you free. I felt a terrible burden lifted off of my shoulders when I gave myself to him. Not the fear. I still had fear. That was why I was so excited.

"Alright, good, I expect you will have to give notice before leaving your two jobs. You will have to do the same for your apartment. I want you to go upstairs and take a handful of books and go home. Go to your jobs and give your notice. Notify your landlord. Gather your belonging and show up at my door when you are ready to start your new life."

"Yes Master," I said. I was very disappointed. I had fully expected that I would be doing a lot more than taking off my clothes this morning. But I ran upstairs as ordered and took a half a dozen more books.

I went back to the foyer and started dressing to leave for work.
Master came into the room as I was dressing and stopped me. He grabbed my bra and panties and said, "When you get home throw all of these away, and any pantyhose you own as well. I don't permit them and you might as well get used to it."

"Yes Master," I said. Then I continued to dress. I expected him to watch, but instead he went upstairs and I didn't see him again until I was ready to serve him.

As soon as I got to work I told them I was going to quit. They were nice about it and understood. There is a big turnover in this line of work and they knew that I was going to leave for college as soon as I could anyway. I asked them how much notice they wanted and they asked me to work until the end of next week. That was taken care of!

Joyce and I cleaned our two houses and then I went home and got cleaned up and got comfortable with my vibrator to enjoy myself until it was time to get ready to go to my next job. It was just like it had been with the other books I had taken. Bliss! In fact, it was more exciting now because I knew that soon I was going to be a sex slave. I had a Master!

When I managed to stagger into work that evening I told my boss I needed to give him notice because I was going back to school. He was very nice about it. They even had a little party for me after we closed! I had only been part time anyway, so it wouldn't be that hard on him. He didn't require any notice. He left it up to me. I told him that I would work until the end of next week.

I didn't need to contact my landlord. I had a month to month contract, but I went ahead and called him in the morning and told him I would be moving out. I even started packing. It took me a while. I had to keep stopping and reading more of the books.

By the end of the week I had packed everything I owned and I was ready. I still had another week on the apartment, but I had contacted the utilities and arranged to have them disconnected and I was ready to start my new life. I didn't have that much.
The apartment had been furnished and most of my clothes were still at my mother's house. I didn't have a lot of closet space.
I could have lived with my mom while I was working. Lately though, there was a lot of friction between us. She wasn't ready to let me grow up for one thing. But mostly I really resented the fact that she refused to help me with college.

My dad had died in an airplane crash a few years ago and the settlement that mom got was enough to put her on easy street. She paid off what few bills she and dad had and the rest went into the bank. She continued to live in her paid for house and work in the bakery at the local grocery store. I knew that dad would have wanted to at least pay my tuition. Not mom though, and she wouldn't say why. So we fought a lot. I finally had to get out.

I managed to get through one more night alone in my tiny apartment and then it was Saturday morning. Almost before I knew it I was parking once more at the curb in front of Mr. Ford's house.

I went to the door and rang the bell. It was early and he was still in his robe. He opened the door and smiled. "I wasn't sure you would be back. Come on in."

I stepped in when he stepped back and he stood there waiting. I suddenly realized what he was waiting for and I blushed and said "Sorry Master. This is all new to me." Then I took off the little sundress I was wearing.

He started walking to the kitchen. He asked me over his shoulder if I had eaten breakfast yet.

I said "No Master," and I went in and sat down, at his insistence, while he served me coffee and made me a fantastic cheese omelet. After we ate he started filling me in on what would be expected of me.

"From now on, unless I tell you otherwise, you are never to wear clothing in the house. We will be going shopping soon to get you some clothing that I feel is more appropriate. These will not be the same items that you will wear to school, but it is several months before the next semester starts and there is time for that later. You will be required to do those household chores you do not already do, such as making the beds, doing most of the cooking and the laundry. There will be times when you will be required to call me Master. You will come to know when those times are. The rest of the time you may call me Jeff."

"There will be times, when the spirit moves me, that you will be hurt. But you will never be harmed. There will be many times when you are humiliated, publicly and privately. I will not, however, interfere with your education. You will be allowed, no, encouraged to do all that is necessary to get the best education that you can. I am afraid, however, that dating will be out of the question, at least for the foreseeable future. Now, I have some questions for you."

He asked me about my sexual history and I told him everything. I even told him how much I had enjoyed being ****d by Tom.

I was starting to get frustrated. I had fully expected that as soon as I surrendered to him this morning I would be ravished like some poor heroine in a Harlequin novel. Well, I have never actually read a Harlequin novel, I am just guessing about that. I was excited about being naked in front of this older, attractive, dominant man who seemed to share my desire to explore the seamier side of our sexuality. I realized he was toying with me, and I suppose I should have appreciated that. Unfortunately, I had been reading his little Greenleaf novels for days now and I wanted nothing more than to be fucked long and hard. I wanted to scream it out loud, but then, I suppose that it was obvious, and just the thing he was looking for in a slave.

I felt his eyes on me as I moved around the kitchen, cleaning up after breakfast. Then he handed me one of his t-shirts and the panties he had taken from me the last time I was here. He ordered me to put them on and unload my car. I put the t-shirt on. It was a loose fitting muscle T with large armholes. Every move I made seemed to bare one or the other of my breasts. The shirt did not cover the crotch of my underwear. Was this my first test?

I asked him where I should put my things and he designated a spare bedroom next to the room he was using for his office. I opened the front door and started for my car, looking around as I went, to see who was outside.

I had lived two houses down from here for my entire life. I knew, at least to say hello to, everyone on this small, quiet street.
It was Saturday morning and people were coming out to do their yard work. I tried not to meet their stares of disbelief as I made a dozen trips back and forth with my things. I knew my mom was going to hear about this. I wondered what she would have to say about it.

When I was down to my last three boxes the Clifford b*****rs came out to watch, closely. They were, if I remember correctly, fifteen and sixteen now. They had always been a pain in the butt. I had caught them peeking in my window once, trying to watch me undress.

Now they were getting to see almost everything and there was nothing I could do about it. I was carrying a heavy box with both hands, and every step I took exposed one of my breasts. I could only take comfort in the fact that there was every chance that their bulging eyes were going to fall right out of their sockets.

I ignored them as I finished moving my things into the house, and they never spoke to me. They just stood there so close that they could touch me while I leaned into my car, baring my breasts and exposing my panty covered ass to both of them. After I turned and walked back to the house I heard them talking excitedly, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I had a pretty good idea though.

As I walked back and forth between my car and the house I saw Mr. Ford, Jeff, in the upstairs window watching. I couldn't see his face very well, but I was pretty sure that he was smiling broadly as I humiliated myself in front of the neighbor brats.

Once I had stacked my worldly possessions in the designated spare bedroom I stripped again and then I went into Jeff's office to tell him that I had finished. He was working at his computer when I went in. He ordered me to go get my vibrator and pick out a book from the box and lie down on the floor where he could see me and enjoy the book. He suggested I bring a towel too.

My legs were shaking with excitement and I was as excited as I had been the first time I was undressed by a boy. I had no trouble digging out my vibrator and the six books I had taken last time. I grabbed a couple of towels and went into Jeff's office and put the six books I had read aside with the first two I had 'borrowed', setting all of these events in motion.

I picked a new book out at random and stretched out beside the computer desk. Jeff made me change my positions. He wanted to be able to see my face. I could not believe I was actually going to masturbate in front of my neighbor. The neighbor I had always found to be so intimidating.

I was unable to look Jeff in the eye as I adjusted my position. I rested my head on one of the towels and my ass on the other and, vibrator in hand, I started reading. Knowing that he was watching made it so humiliating that I had the first of the many orgasms I would have that morning almost instantly. I thought he was ignoring me. I could see him out of the corner of my eye as I read and he would glance at me from time to time, but mostly he was working on his computer.

I didn't find out until later that he had his web cam pointed at me and he was broadcasting my actions to a couple friends of his and chatting with them while I masturbated. I also didn't find out until later that he wasn't working out of his office at home.
Well, at least not working to make money. He had a political blog that he worked on for a while every morning.

I found out later that he and his two friends had been the proud fathers of an internet start up company which they had built into a household name and one of the most visited sites on the net.
They became filthy rich when they were bought out by a major
corporation and now they just played and traveled. I was amazed.
I don't think anyone on the street was aware that Jeff was a
multimillionaire. His two friends had bought expensive homes in
exclusive areas, but Jeff had lived in his home all of his life
and he liked the house and he liked the quiet neighborhood and he
liked the neighbors. So he put a little money into fixing up his
house and took it easy and let his money work for him. He still
has the same car he drove before he became wealthy. I am poor and
I have a newer car than he has!

I was half way through the book I was masturbating to when I saw
Jeff stand up and take his slacks off. In the past four years
since I lost my virginity, well, I didn't actually lose it. I
know where it went and I gave it away eagerly. Anyway, since then
I had been intimate with a half a dozen guys, guys my own age.
They were all similarly equipped. All of their sexual equipment
was within the average range of sizes, all pretty normal looking.
One was uncircumcised, which was amusing for a while. I knew that
all men were actually not created equal when they took their
pants off, just like all women are not equal when they remove
their tops. I was, however, not prepared for the large male organ
throbbing with lust as Jeff stood over me staring down.

I tried not to look scared, but I was. I was more excited than
scared though. His oversized cock looked so masculine, so manly,
so menacing. I stared as he took off his shirt. He has a very
good body, slender and firm where he should be firm. I knew that
he had a small room off of his bedroom with exercise equipment,
now I knew that he actually used it. I couldn't stop my eyes from
traveling back down to his cock. I guess it was not actually that
much longer than the ones I had gotten used to. It was only about
eight inches long. But it was much thicker than any of the other
cocks I had seen, especially at the base.

He watched me stare in awe at his cock for a moment, and then he
said, "Are you any good at sucking cock?"

I tore my eyes away from his cock and looked him in the eye. "Not
really," I admitted. It was not one of my favorite things to do.
I would do it a little as foreplay, but I had only once sucked a
cock to climax and I had not enjoyed it, especially the end

"You're going to be," he said. "Get up on your knees." I didn't
realize it at the time but he was standing so that his friends
could get the best view on the web cam. I had no idea that three
men, including Jeff, were watching me as I masturbated, or that
two men were watching me now as I got to my knees and prepared to
take a cock between my lips.

I knelt in front of him and he held his cock in his hand. He
moved it over my face gently, while watching my reaction. I
closed my eyes and shivered, but he made me open my eyes again.
At his direction I kissed the very tip of his cock, and then
licked it all over. He let go of his cock and let it rest on my
cheek and forehead as I licked his balls. While I licked him he
patted my head in a demeaning manner and told me that I would be
taking it down my throat by this time next week. I was pretty
sure that was impossible, but I wasn't going to correct him.

He finally put his cock in my mouth and told me how he wanted me
to suck it. I put my left hand on his balls and my right hand
around the base of his cock and gently jacked him off into my
mouth as he f***ed more and more of his cock into me. In no time
at all I was gagging as his organ struck the back of my throat on
each down stroke. I gagged and choked, but I didn't fight him.

"That's a good girl," he said, as though talking to a nervous
horse he was trying to put a saddle on. "That's a good girl, you
just have to get used to it."

I tried to match the pace of my beating hand with the pace of his
thrusts. I was slurping loudly and my lips were really being
stretched by his fat cock. I couldn't wait to feel it between my

"You really aren't very good at this are you?" Jeff said. He was
obviously amused at my clumsy efforts to please him. "I am going
to ejaculate into your mouth soon. I have not had an orgasm in a
while and I expect that there will be a rather large quantity. If
you spill any you will be punished. If you swallow it you will be
punished. I want you to hold it all in your mouth until I tell
you otherwise."

I sucked his cock as well as I could for another moment or two,
still trying to match my movements to his thrusting hips, until
he pulled all but the very tip of his cock from my mouth and held
my mouth still and I used my fist, which seemed so tiny on his
large cock, to bring him to a climax.

It had been a long time since my only other experience with
having a man cum in my mouth. At least this time I had some idea
what to expect. Still, I can't say I was really prepared for the
f***e or the volume of his ejaculate. I almost pulled my head
away, he wasn't holding me. I managed to control that urge to
escape and looked up into his face as he shot spurt after spurt
of his hot cum into my mouth.

As his orgasm subsided he opened his eyes and smiled down at me.
"Very good," he said, and I felt genuinely pleased that he
thought so. "You still have a lot to learn, but don't worry, you
are going to get a lot of practice. Now, you keep that cream in
your mouth for a while and keep stirring it up with your tongue.
I will let you know when you can swallow it."

The only other time I had tasted cum it had tasted and smelled
like bleach. Jeff's cum wasn't like that. It was not at all
unpleasant. I knelt in front of him and our eyes stayed locked
together as I savored his cum with my tongue. He finally let me
swallow and then he said, "I will fuck you in a little while.
Right now I have to finish up here. Go find something to do
around the house."

"Yes Master," I said. I wanted to call him that. It excited me. I
tried to push the image of his beautiful cock to the back of my
mind as I went out into the hallway and went into his bedroom. I
made his bed and collected a few items of dirty clothing. I
gathered up the laundry and sorted it and began washing. I had,
at Master's direction, not come in and cleaned last Wednesday. He
didn't want to see me until I showed up ready to move in.

So I vacuumed and dusted and mopped and cleaned the bathrooms and
all of the time I was incredibly conscious of being stark naked
and I thought of nothing so much as what it was going to be like
when at last he entered my pussy with that powerful organ and
finally possessed me.

By mid afternoon I had finished the house work and was looking
out through the patio doors into the back yard. It was beautiful.
There was a very large pool and a big deck and it was all
professionally landscaped. There was a large wooden fence around
the yard, but I noticed that the yard wasn't completely private.
There was one window in the house next door that looked down on
Jeff's back yard, and one window in the house straight across the
yard on the next street. All the other houses had their views
obstructed by the carefully placed plantings.

I heard Jeff come downstairs and he told me that I had done a
great job. He was wearing his swim trunks and he said, "Let's go
for a swim Nicol."

I had noted that the house next door could see into his yard and
was not anxious to be displayed yet again for those rotten little
bastards that lived next door, but it wasn't up to me. I followed
him outside and closed the patio door.

I watched him as he went to the diving board and gracefully dived
in and started swimming laps. I figured that the sooner I got in
the less of a spectacle I would make if there were any little
peeping toms watching. So I moved to the pool steps and made my
way down, until I was finally in up to my waist and then I ducked
down and took a moment to get used to the cool water. Once I had
adjusted I started swimming.

I was nowhere near as graceful as Jeff was, and I was self
conscious about it, but it was good exercise. I didn't want him
to think I couldn't keep up, so I tried to match him lap for lap.
I was embarrassed that I couldn't. I didn't last more than a few
laps and then I just stood on the side, half way down the pool
where the water was neck deep and watched him knife through the
water with ease. Several times as I stood there relaxing in the
water I was sure that I saw movement in the upstairs window next

When Jeff finally finished swimming his laps I mentioned it to
him and he said, "Yes, they are always checking out my guests
when I have any. They aren't normally this lucky though, since
most of my guests wear bathing suits."

"Aren't you concerned," I asked. "They are kind of young. I mean,
if their parents find out they might be upset." My biggest
concern wasn't the k**'s parents. I was very uncomfortable with
the idea that those two little monsters would enjoy seeing me
naked. But I was at least smart enough not to say that.

He knew though, he could tell what I was really concerned about.
I knew from the smile on his face that he knew exactly what was
bothering me. He waded through the water to where I was standing
and with no apparent effort he lifted me out of the water and sat
me on the side of the pool. Then he ran his fingers over my wet
body, touching me for the first time. I must say that he was very
good at it! In no time at all I had my head thrown back and I was
moaning in pleasure as he caressed my breasts and pinched and
pulled on my nipples. I knew without looking that the boys were
watching. I decided that if Jeff didn't care, fuck it! Let them
watch and learn.

After teasing my body with his fingers for a while, Jeff pulled
me back into the water. Then he picked me up and carried me out
and laid me down on a lounge chair. My legs hung down over the
end and my butt was inches from the edge. I felt him spread my
legs and I shivered with pleasure as he kissed his way up my
thighs to my dripping pussy. He kissed all around it for a moment
and then he started eating me out.

There had been men that licked my pussy before Jeff. It has been
my experience, however, that men my age are not really interested
in pleasing their partner. If a guy my age is licking your pussy,
it is usually because he wants to make sure it is wet enough to
ease his entry into your body. Causing you pleasure is nowhere on
his mind. Not one of the six men I had sex with up until now had
ever eaten me to orgasm. There had never been more than a few,
very pleasant, but all too perfunctory licks before they jumped
on top of me and started pumping into me with all of the style
and grace of an oil well.

Not Jeff! He ate me through orgasm after mind shattering orgasm.
He ate me until I was screaming loudly and at last my eyes rolled
up in my head and I began to lose consciousness. Then he pulled
me to my feet and took the cushion from the lounge, placed it on
the ground, and laid me down on it and mounted me.

"Oh my god," I thought. "It's finally happening! He is taking me,
making me his!"

I felt the large head of his cock enter me and I spread my legs
open wide and wrapped my arms around his back. I had my eyes
closed and at first I didn't know what was going on when he
pushed up off of me and he grabbed my wrists and held them up
over my head with one strong hand and with his other hand he
pushed my hair out of my face and I opened my eyes and looked
into his. Our eyes stayed locked as he slowly pushed more and
more of his cock into me.

He watched my every reaction as I panted, gasped and moaned while
my pussy stretched more than it had ever been stretched before to
accommodate Jeff's magnificent manhood. I found myself calling
out, just like those silly women in those nasty stories as he
filled me completely.

"Yes, oh god yes!" I exclaimed loudly. "Fuck me Master! Jesus
that feels so fucking wonderful! Oh god, I love it! Fuck!!"

This was not one of the five minute marathons I was used to. He
possessed me completely and he controlled my body with his cock.
I came and I came until I was sure I would pass out. When I
finally felt him speed up and fill me with his hot cum I screamed
again and had what must surely have been the ultimate orgasm. And
then I did, indeed, pass out. Not for long. Jeff was still buried
in me, staring at my face and smiling when I came to my senses
moments later.

He smiled at me and stroked in and out of me slowly, gently for a
moment and then he pulled his softening cock all the way out. I
wanted to say something, but I didn't know what to say. It had
been the most marvelous sexual experience of my life, by far!
Finally I said the only thing I could think of to say, "Thank

"You are more than welcome," he said, "and thank you as well.
That was one of the most exciting fucks I have ever had. Your
beauty and your innocence are almost overpowering. I look forward
to enjoying your beauty, stripping you of your innocence, and
shocking your sensibilities over the next few years."

"Years!" I thought, "Dear god yes! I have given myself to this
man, to this god, for years!"

Before I could get all teary eyed about it he grabbed a handful
of my hair and pulled my face to his cock and ordered me to clean
him up. I had read about girls being f***ed to do this often
enough. To be honest, the idea of it kind of appealed to the
submissive in me. The reality was much less appealing. The taste
wasn't the problem really, although the idea that I tasted my own
bodily fluids was just a tad on the gross side. The hard part was
the smell. I gagged a few times until I got used to it, then it
wasn't so bad.

When I had cleaned him to his satisfaction we went to the outside
shower and rinsed off. He put his trunks back on and I went in to
make us a light lunch. We ate under the umbrella and I noticed
that my ghost white skin was getting pink. So did Jeff. He told
me where to find the sun block and I trotted back into the house
to get it.

While I was in the house getting the sun block the doorbell rang.
I didn't know what to do. I looked out and saw that it was the
two boys from next door. I opened the door a crack, keeping my
body hidden, and asked them what they wanted.

The oldest one sneered at me and said, "You don't gotta hide, we
seen everything you got!" The boys looked at each other and
giggled like idiots. I asked them again what they wanted and the
oldest one said, "Mr. Ford lets us use the pool on Saturday. We
just came over for a swim."

I didn't know what to do. Finally I decided that it wasn't my
decision and I said, "Wait here please," and closed the door. I
hurried to the pool and asked Jeff what he wanted me to do. He
smiled at my discomfort and said, "Let them in, of course!"

I am not sure what I had in mind when I had surrendered myself to
Mr. Jeffry Ford. I am almost positive that one of the things on
my mind was not being on display for a couple of young boys who
were most probably virgins and getting a sex education with every
step I took.

As I walked back through the house to the front door I thought
that I could imagine what the condemned man must feel like as he
approaches the gallows. I know, a bit dramatic, but they were a
couple of juvenile delinquent peeping toms for Christ's sake!

I took a deep breath and opened the door. They still stood there,
grinning like idiots. I let them in and tried to waive them
through but they insisted on "ladies first", so I walked back
through the house with their eyes staring so intently at my ass
that I could feel it. It felt like bugs. It was totally
humiliating. Even more embarrassing than masturbating in front of
Jeff had been.

I led them out to the pool and they greeted Jeff warmly,
obviously appreciating the new pool toy. Me. Jeff smiled at the
boys and asked them if they had enjoyed the show earlier.

I felt my stomach knot up as I thought about it.

"Which one," the younger boy asked, "when she unloaded her car,
or when you unloaded in her?"

All three of them laughed at his crude joke. I was disappointed
in Jeff for playing along with them and encouraging them.

Jeff ordered me to put the cushion back on the lounge chair and
lay down. I put the cushion on the chair and sat down and
prepared to slather my very white skin with sun block. I got no
farther than taking the top off of the little plastic container
when Jeff said sternly, "I didn't tell you to do that. Set it
down and lie down on your back."

I obeyed instantly. Then I listened in disbelief as Jeff asked
the boys, Terry was the sixteen year old and Tim was the fifteen
year old, if they would mind putting the sun block on my body. I
don't suppose I need to repeat their comments. He cautioned them
to put it on thickly. He didn't want me to get burned.

I closed my eyes and waited, so humiliated that I was afraid I
was going to be sick, as the boys approached and knelt on either
side of my lounge chair. This wasn't even thinkable! I had
babysat for these two little monsters several times when they
were much younger. They had been unbearable then. Now they were
staring down, no, leering down at my naked body, enjoying the
sight of my firm breasts and my still red and tender pussy. They
were about to touch every part of me and there was nothing I
could do about it.

I felt the cool liquid being squirted out on my stomach and chest
and then I felt their hands moving over me, touching, exploring.
They were pretty rough at first, but Jeff was making this a real
learning experience in how to caress a woman, and they were fast
learners. It made me furious that it was starting to feel so
good. Before many minutes had passed I was fighting to control
myself. My hips wanted to rise and meet their rough grasping
touch, and my breasts seemed to be straining to do the same.

Every few minutes the boys would trade places so that they each
had an opportunity to explore my breasts and my pussy. Jeff saw
what I was going through and he explained to Terry what a
clitoris was, and where it was, and what effect it could have on
a woman. He helped Terry find it and then he showed him how best
to manipulate it to bring a woman pleasure. For the next several
minutes Terry and Tim took turns giving me orgasms until I
couldn't take any more and I begged them to stop.

Jeff finally told them that I had enough and they should stop
now. They were obviously disappointed, but he certainly made it
worth their while. He asked them if they had ever had a blowjob.

I squealed out an unintelligible protest, which only made Jeff
smile. Moments later I was kneeling on a cushion as Jeff and Tim
watched me lick Terry's hard, drooling cock. As soon as my tongue
touched him his knees sagged and he groaned loudly. In less than
a minute he was shuddering and grasping at my head. He wasn't so
much trying to guide me as to keep from falling to the ground. He
had a surprisingly large volume of cum for such a young guy.
Well, he was my first sixteen year old since I was sixteen, but
it seemed like a lot to me. What was really surprising though was
the taste. There was almost no taste at all. It wasn't bitter or
bleachy or anything! There was just a large mouthful of hot slime
sliding down my throat.

Then I took Tim's cock into my mouth. He was just as excited and
his cock just as slimy with precum. He had a slightly shorter
cock, shorter and thinner. He was even quicker than his b*****r.
It was almost a disappointment that these two came so soon. Jeff
had a solution for that too. The second time around, they both
lasted much longer.

Finally the boys were sated. Jeff admonished them that they could
still come around on Saturdays, but they had to keep what
happened here a secret from everyone. If they told a single
friend then it would be all over, no more pool toy!

I didn't like being called that.

Tim asked, "Can we fuck her next week, Jeff?"

I groaned at the very idea, but Jeff said, "We'll see. I've only
fucked her once. I don't want to wear her out."

As the boys left I put the cushion back on the lounge and started
to lie back down but Jeff stopped me. We went inside and he
followed me up the stairs and into the bathroom. We took a long
hot shower; washing off all of that lotion the boys had spent so
much time applying. Jeff soaped me up and rinsed me off several
times before he was satisfied. Then I did the same for him. We
went to bed then. He knew how turned on I was.

He ordered me to get on my back on the bed. When I was in
position he pulled out the cuffs that I hadn't noticed were
already attached to the bed posts. He fastened the cuffs to my
wrists and ankles and I was totally helpless. Then he put a
blindfold on me.

I didn't know what Jeff had planned. I lay on his bed totally
helpless, which was exciting enough, but the blindfold! I had
never had a blindfold on before. This was REALLY exciting! It was
scary, but exciting.

I heard Jeff moving around the room for a few minutes and then he
slipped a set of headphones over my ears. Everything was quiet
for a moment and then I heard soft classical music coming through
the earphones, not very loud, just loud enough that I couldn't
hear anything in the room.

Nothing happened for a while after that, and the suspense was
killing me! The suspense ended suddenly when I felt something
strike my breast and I thought I was going to die. I had never
felt anything that hurt so much in my life. I had only been
struck one other time in my life. That was when Tom ****d me. He
had spanked me with his belt and I had thought that nothing could
ever be worse than that. I was wrong.

I screamed at the sudden pain, and then struggled to catch my
breath. Nothing more happened for a few seconds and then I was
struck again on my other breast. The pain was made worse, I
think, because I couldn't see or hear when I was about to be
struck. The first indication was just the white hot pain in my
breast as he struck my tender flesh.

Jeff took his time, drawing it out. First he struck the top of
each breast, then the underside, and finally, once across each
nipple. Then I felt his hands exploring what I thought must
surely be gaping wounds in my breasts. After exploring my bruised
flesh lightly with his fingers I felt him kissing me, and then
licking my poor, bruised breasts. I was sobbing quietly now, I
calmed down when I realized that my breasts were not bleeding and
disfigured by horrid scars from the beating.

Once I came to that realization, I also became aware of how
excited I was. I could tell, because at that moment the bed moved
and I felt something enter my pussy. At first I felt only the
penetration. He was touching no part of my body other than my
pussy. I thought he must be using a dildo of some sort, until I
felt his pubic bone grinding into mine. God it felt good to have
that big fat cock filling me up! I wanted to fuck back, I wanted
to put my arms and my legs around him and fuck him with all my
might. Instead, I could only lie there helplessly and suffer
through this slow, teasing fuck.

He was watching me as he fucked me, I could tell. Every time I
started getting close to cumming he would stop. As my orgasm
retreated he would start again, varying his rhythm and his angle
and the depth of his stroke and the speed of his stroke until I
was screaming at him and begging him to fuck me and let me cum.

It seemed like hours but I actually have no idea how long it
lasted. He finally let me cum and it was fantastic. He is,
without a doubt, the most talented, and the most devious, lover
in the world!

After he finally let me cum he got off of me and put his cock in
my mouth. He was on the verge himself and he started pumping into
my mouth until he filled my mouth with another load of his hot
slimy cum. I held it there for a few minutes and then, in the
absence of instructions to the contrary, I swallowed it. It went
down much easier this time.

He moved away and in a few minutes I felt a straw pushed against
my lips. I took it into my mouth and sucked up a few gulps of
delicious cold water. He left me again, but soon returned and
washed my entire body with a warm washcloth. I thought he was
just being considerate. Well, I guess he was, just not to me, I
was being made presentable for his two ex business partners.

I lay on the bed in restraints for what seemed like a very long
time. That sort of bondage loses some of its appeal after a
surprisingly short time. When your nose starts to itch, or you
really, really want to move your legs ever so slightly. After an
hour you really want to get loose, no matter how much fun you're
having. But I was a good girl and didn't say anything.

Things seemed fairly normal, or at least the new normal, until I
felt the bed shifting again and then I felt a hand on my still
tingling breast. That was fine until I felt another hand on my
other breast, and still another hand on my freshly fucked pussy.
I didn't know Jeff that well, but I knew for a fact that he did
not have three hands!

I realized that there were at least two men in the room with me
now. I didn't know who. It could be a neighbor; it could be one
of the k**s I used to go to school with. The pizza guy, I had no
idea. That uncertainty, the mystery of it made me so fucking hot!
I started moaning and grinding my pussy into the hand that held

All I could hear was the music in my ears. I am not that familiar
with classical music, but the piece playing now was one of the
very few that I could identify, and it seemed so very
appropriate. I was listening to Ravel's Bolero!

I wanted to hear the men in the room. I wanted to hear what they
said about me. I wanted to see I if I recognized the voices. I
wondered how many men were there.

I was soon distracted as I felt one of them get on top of me and
penetrate my pussy with his nice hard cock. I noticed two things
right away. I noticed that it wasn't Jeff's cock, it wasn't fat
enough. And I noticed that I didn't care at that particular
moment. It just felt so damned good to have a cock in me. I
started yelling at them to fuck me and they did. They fucked me
over and over for the longest time, and it felt wonderful. I wore
them all out. I couldn't seem to get enough cock.

They left my mouth alone and just fucked my pussy over and over,
one after the other. I decided there were three of them when I
noticed that every third fuck was the larger, more satisfying
cock that I recognized even in the dark as belonging to my new

Time flew by and finally they had enough. I was left untouched
for a few moments and then the headphones and the blindfold were
removed. I looked around and saw two strange men in the room.
They were both about Jeff's age, both were reasonably good
looking. I was surprised to find that I had just fucked my first
black man and didn't even know it.

Jeff unfastened the cuff on my right wrist and told me that I was
making a mess. He ordered me to scoop up the slimy mess pouring
out of my sloppy pussy and eat it.

I had to look at him, hoping that he was joking. That sounded
like a bad idea to me. I guess I was the only one that thought
so. The three men were staring at me, waiting. I saw Jeff pick up
something, and realized that it must be what he had whipped my
breasts with earlier. It looked like one of those riding crops
you see in the movies. I reached down and scooped up a few
fingers of the mess that covered my crotch and, reluctantly,
brought it to my mouth. I gagged at first, but I think that I was
gagging more from the idea of it than anything else. After all,
it was just cum, I had already swallowed a pretty good bit of
that since this morning.

I finally got my gagging under control and ate as much of the
dripping cum as I could sc**** up while they watched in

They finally unfastened the remaining cuffs and at last I was
free to move. I was stiff and sore, but I finally managed to
struggle to my feet. Jeff sent me into the bathroom to take a
shower and invited his guests to join me. His shower is hand made
and huge, so there was plenty of room for the three of us. Hell!
I could wash my car in there! They washed me and I washed them
and I had hands all over me the entire time. Neither man said a
word to me while we showered, though they talked about me between

We came out of the shower and dried off and when we went back
into the bedroom Jeff was just coming in from the guest bath
where he had taken a shower. We all went downstairs. The sun was
going down and it wasn't so uncomfortably hot now. They went
outside and sat down and I brought us all beers.

I handed out the beers and I was asked to join them.
Introductions were made at last. I found out not only who had
been fucking me all fucking day, but also who they were. I mean,
what they had done, how rich they were. I had always thought that
Jeff was just a lower middleclass computer programmer working out
of his home. I had no idea he was just a few dollars away from
being a billionaire! Shit on a stick! I had just been fucked by
three multimillionaires!!!

After we had rested they decided that we should go out to eat.
Jeff said, "Let's go to The Hideaway. We haven't been there in a
long time. I had never heard of The Hideaway and I told Jeff that
I hadn't and didn't know what to wear.

We all went up to where I had piled the boxes of my possessions
and went through my clothes looking for something slutty enough
for me to wear. Jeff found a pair of panties and held them up

"I threw all of the others away Master, honest. I won't wear
those, but they are so pretty I couldn't throw them away.
Besides, they are brand new and very expensive."

He grinned at me and said, "Well, if you are going to keep them
we are going to have to find some way to get some pleasure out of
them." Then he put them on the dresser and told me to leave them
there as a reminder.

Finally, they all agreed on my outfit, a lacy little slip that I
bought to wear under my little black nothing of a dress.

I didn't know where we were going, but I was afraid it was going
to be a problem. The cups of the slip were pure lace. My nipples
were easily visible through the material and the hemline was only
two inches below my crotch at the most.

I slipped it on, at their urging, and I had every reason to
believe they would find it unacceptable, because, of course, it
was unacceptable. It was not meant to be worn as an outer
garment! Surprise, surprise! The men loved it. They left me to
find a pair of my highest heels and they went out and got dressed
in the other bedroom.

I found my shoes and put on a little makeup and fixed my hair.
Once we were all together downstairs and ready to go, we went
outside and there was a stretch limo at the curb with the driver
already outside and holding the door for us!

Cool, I thought. I have always wondered what it would be like to
ride in one of these things. I was the second one in, giving the
chauffer a great look at my ass as I bent over to climb in.

The last one in was Jeff and he told the driver where we wanted
to go. Then he climbed into the back with us and watched as Hub,
the black guy, and Cab, the white guy, pulled my little slip off
and lightly tortured my breasts. They were kind of rough, but I
was having fun.

The car came to a stop on a dark downtown street. We piled out
and Hub handed me my slip to put back on. I looked around and
didn't recognize a thing. There was no one on the street. It was
completely deserted except for us. All of the buildings were
dark. I saw no sign of a restaurant or club anywhere. Hub told
the chauffer to take off, we would call him when we were ready.
Then I was guided up the steps in front of me and Jeff knocked on
the door.

At first nothing happened and then the door opened wide and a
distinguished looking man in a tuxedo said, "Mr. Ford! So good to
see you sir, it has been so long. Welcome. Please, come in
gentlemen." I guess he thought I was one of the guys!

There wasn't a sound coming from inside and it was very dark. I
had never been to a restaurant like this before! We went inside
and as soon as the outer door closed the low lights in the foyer
came on. Cool!

I looked around and everything was dark wood and dark velvet. It
was very plush, very tasteful, and very expensive. The man in the
tuxedo snapped his fingers and a woman suddenly appeared, a
beautiful and completely naked young woman. Nope, this isn't

While tuxedo was telling naked woman where to seat us, Jeff was
pulling my slip off and handing it to another naked woman who had
come out of nowhere. A few minutes ago I would have bet you
everything I owned that there wasn't a place like this in town.
Of course, I still didn't know what kind of place this was. But I
know a naked lady when I see one.

We were led through the building to a large booth. We sat and I
was once more between Hub and Cab. (I found out later that Hub's
real name is Hubert and he hates it, and Cab's real name is
Calvin, but if you call him that he'll deck you. I don't know the
entire joke about how he got the name Cab. Something about if you
call him Calvin he will beat you so badly they'll have to put you
into a cab to get you home)

We could see lots of other booths around the large, dark room,
but the booths were spaced and arranged so that no one could see
into anyone else's booth. I caught glimpses of people coming and
going and I noticed that all of the women I saw, whether they
were customers or they worked there, were naked. Well, at least
it wasn't just me!

There was a small stage against the back wall but it was dark and

A sommelier appeared with a bottle of wine and offered it to Jeff
for his approval. Once Jeff had tasted it and approved we all got
a glass. I had d***k wine before of course. Even though I was
only nineteen years old I didn't have much trouble getting
served. But I noticed that here they didn't even ask us, they
just brought it to the table. As I said, I have had wine before,
and some of it wasn't half bad. I had never tried expensive wine
before. Cab was telling Jeff that he had just bought a case of
what we had just been served for what I hoped to make per year
after I graduated from college!

I may never buy a bottle of it, but if anyone ever offers me a
glass again I will definitely be their friend. Good stuff!

I thought it was just going to be the wine. Maybe it was a
special or maybe they always ordered it. But no, the entire meal
came that way. There were no menus. Every now and then someone,
always a naked woman, showed up and put food on the table. No one
ever asked us what we wanted or how we wanted it. To be honest, I
didn't know what half the things I was eating were, but they were
all the best foods I have ever eaten. The food was excellent and
the portions were perfect and I never had to make a decision. If
this is what it's like to be rich, I'd like to be it.

Sometime during the meal we ran out of wine and another bottle
magically appeared. When the meal finally ended we were brought a
bottle of a different wine that was also the best wine I ever

When the table was cleared and we were sipping wine and enjoying
some pleasant conversation it suddenly occurred to me that I
wasn't the least bit self conscious about being naked. I guess it
helped that ever woman I saw was also naked.

I started hearing soft music coming from the area of the stage
and a light came on bathing the small stage and illuminating six
beautiful women standing center stage. There was no applause, no
recognition at all for the six naked women. They stood still for
a moment and then they walked off stage and a small spot light
followed them as they made their way through the darkened booths.
They would pause at a booth here and there, but I saw no sign of
anyone saying anything to them. They paused and looked and then
moved on. They came at last to our table and when they paused,
Cab stood up and pulled me to my feet. A woman fell in on either
side of me and took my arm and they slowly led me back to the

I had no idea what was going on. I did know that they had to go
to a lot of tables to get a 'volunteer'. That seemed worrisome. I
tried to ask the women, quietly of course, since nobody in this
place seemed to speak out loud, what was going on. They just
ignored me.

I was led up on the stage and bathed in light. The women started
touching me, lightly, sensuously. I didn't know what was going
on, but so far so good. I had never been in a sexual situation
with a woman before. I don't know that I was opposed to it. It
had just never come up. It was up now, and to be honest, their
soft hands caressing me felt very nice.

One of the women came up behind me and gently pushed my long
blonde hair aside and started kissing and nibbling on my neck and
my ears, and breathing softly on my skin. For some reason I
started thinking about a porn movie I had watched with an old
boyfriend called "Behind the Green Door". That movie had really
turned me on. Well, the first part had. It had gone from sensuous
to slimy in about six seconds.

Now, here I was in front of an audience being aroused by half a
dozen beautiful naked women. So far, so good!

After a few minutes of this I was gently pulled backwards and
laid down on a large soft bed which was covered entirely in black
mink. The women continued to touch me and lick me and kiss me and
it was really nice. I was just waiting for the grotesque black
guy to come out and do the jungle thing. But it never happened.

The women kept me constantly aroused, and they gave me several
wonderful climaxes with their fingers and their tongues. All that
I could feel all around me were soft warm feminine bodies, soft
breasts and thighs and buttocks, and soft lips and hands.
Everywhere, everything I touched and everything that touched me
was soft and warm and gentle, especially the mink. It was, all in
all, a very pleasant evening. I tasted another woman's lips for
the first time. I felt a turgid nipple in my mouth for the first
time. I tasted another woman's vagina for the first time and felt
the power that comes from bringing her pleasure. If I had not
been the type of person who tended to enjoy an audience it might
have been different, but I loved every minute of it. I was almost
disappointed when after nearly an hour of constant stimulation I
was returned to my table. No applause, nothing. The audience
never made a sound!

When I sat down, my three male companions acted like I had never
left the table! Oh well, the wine was great, the food was
excellent, the restaurant was strange. All in all it was a
pleasant evening.

When the last of the wine was gone we left. I didn't see anyone
pay. I'm not sure how that works!

I was given my slip at the door and the limo was waiting outside.
As we rode home everyone was pretty quiet, except they finally
made mention of my floor show. Apparently it had been quite
erotic. I knew it had been, but it was my big debut and I would
have liked to have received a little more praise then the off
hand comments I got.

I guess the guys were tired out because nobody was messing with
me beyond removing my slip. Once I was naked they left me alone.

We finally pulled up in front of Jeff's house and the men went
in. I was instructed to wait in the car and tip the chauffer. I
didn't mind. I was still turned on and he was kind of cute. He
got in back with me and I thought we could do this amicably,
since we were both the help. He apparently didn't see it that
way. He had quite an attitude and he was pretty rough. As soon as
he climbed into the back of the car and shut the door he pulled
his pants down to his knees and pulled my face into his lap. I
sucked him for several minutes and then he pushed me off rudely
and f***ed me down over one of the seats and took me from behind.

He lasted a long time, but even though it was the kind of scene I
enjoy fantasizing about I guess I was worn out because I didn't
really get into it. I tried to act like I was. I suppose that is
part of my job now. I was just glad when he finished and I could
suck his cock clean and go inside.

As soon as he had pulled his pants back up and put himself
together he got out and held the door and helped me out like
gentleman. Jeff had taken my slip inside with him so I had to
walk to the front door naked. It was late, though, and I didn't
see anyone around.

I stopped in the bathroom and cleaned up, then joined the men
around the pool out back. They were drinking coffee and it
smelled good, but even as tired as I was, if I had a cup of
coffee now I would not be able to sl**p worth a damn tonight. So
I settled for a glass of ice water.

The men were good friends and they talked quietly for a long
time. Every once in a while one of them would ask me something,
try to include me in the conversation, but for the most part they
ignored me, which was fine with me. I enjoyed listening to them
banter and I didn't really have anything to contribute to the

It was well after midnight when they finally left. Jeff saw them
to the door while I cleaned up the table and put the cups in the
dishwasher and rinsed out the coffee pot. I finished as Jeff came
back into the room and we went to bed, his bed.

One of the things I have never done since I started having sex
almost five years ago, is to sl**p with a man. When the sex was
over, one or the other, or both of us, would go home. I didn't
expect to go to sl**p that night without being taken one more
time. Especially after that hot show I had starred in, but I did.
I didn't expect to be comfortable and sl**p well while wrapped in
a man's arms and held close to his body, but I did.

I woke up early the next morning and he was still holding me
tight, and I liked it. I felt safe. Even though this was not a
loving relationship, I felt.....I don't know. I felt something.
Close? Protected?

After I woke up I lay still, listening to his deep, steady
breathing and it was very pleasant. I wish I hadn't had to go to
the bathroom so bad. I could have enjoyed laying there in his
arms a lot longer.

I gently slipped out of bed without disturbing Jeff and went to
the bathroom. Then I went to the kitchen and made coffee and made
toast and bacon and put them in the oven to keep warm until Jeff
got up.

When Jeff came down I asked him how he wanted his eggs and when
they were ready we ate by the pool. Jeff told me that I would be
mowing his lawn today. "No biggie," I thought, it is a very small
lawn. He also informed me that Hub would be picking me up this
evening and I would be helping him out with a small party that he
was hosting. I wasn't sure what kind of help he had in mind, and
Jeff didn't explain.

After I had cleaned up after breakfast Jeff took me upstairs and
told me to get my sneakers and put them on. I dug them out of my
belongings and put them on, then went down the hall to Jeff's
room. He handed me a tiny, unlined, bikini and told me to put it
on. It was mostly string, except for three, nearly transparent
patches of cloth which were only just large enough to cover my
nipples and my slit. In fact, I had to take the bottoms off and
go into the bathroom and shave off my pubic hair. The piece of
cloth actually only covered my slit and perhaps a half inch on
each side!

Once I had shaved and put the suit back on Jeff took me to the
garage and got out the push lawnmower and told me to get to work.
The front lawns on our street were very small. It was pretty much
just a little square of grass that was eighty feet wide and fifty
feet deep, minus the sidewalk and the driveway. It would probably
take half an hour.

So there I was, all but naked, mowing the lawn in front of the
house. Every male for half a block was standing around watching
by the time I had finished. Jeff was sitting on the porch
watching. Terry and Tim were watching. People driving down the
street on the way to church slowed down and stared. And then the
inevitable happened. My mother drove by. I heard the tires on her
car squeal as she slammed on the brakes. She left her car right
in the middle of the road and came running over to me.

"What the hell are you doing?! Have you lost your mind?" she

I looked at Jeff, he was just smiling. Might as well make it a
good show, I thought. I stopped pushing the lawnmower. I stood
facing my mother. I looked down, there was a light patina of
sweat covering my body and the little pieces of cloth were nearly
invisible. It was embarrassing, but damn I looked hot! As calmly
as possible I said, "Good morning mom, what's the matter?"

Her face was dark, dark red. She looked like she was going to
explode. In a much too loud voice she ordered me to get in the

I smiled at her and asked her to keep her voice down, she was
upsetting the neighbors. She looked around at the dozen or so men
and boys who had been watching me mow the lawn and she grabbed my
arm and tried to pull me to the car. I pulled my arm free and
told her that I had work to do and asked her to please leave me

"What in the hell are you doing out here in front of everyone
naked?!" she yelled. You could tell she was upset, my mom never
swore. Of course her color was a dead give away too.

"I'm earning a college education, mom. Don't you remember? The
one you wouldn't pay for?"

She tried again to get me into the car and finally Jeff came down
and suggested that we take it inside.

Mom looked at him and then at me and shook her head and walked
quickly back to her car and squealed the tires as she left.

I went back to mowing. The crowd went back to watching. There
were even some girls in the crowd now! Jeff went back to the
porch, and I found out later a pair of cameras had been recording
the entire event. I watched it later. It was pretty amusing.

I finished the mowing and put the mower away. I wasn't finished
yet though. I got out a broom and swept the sidewalks and the
driveway. When I was finished I went inside and took a shower.
Then we went to the pool and swam our morning laps. I managed to
keep up for four laps this morning. After we got out of the pool
Jeff decided it was time for the k**s next door to get another
show and we had sex beside the pool again. Then I sucked him
clean and went and got us both a cold drink.

I asked him about the back yard. There wasn't very much grass,
most of the yard was either pool deck or shrubbery. He told me
that I wouldn't have to mow the back. My only responsibility
would be to tip the two men who came to maintain it. They usually
come on Thursday, weather permitting.

In the afternoon it was time to go and get my new wardrobe. We
had gone through my clothes and Jeff had picked out a lot of them
that he wanted me to put in my boxes and we would store them. He
liked some of my stuff though. He told me to wear a pair of
tight, low cut shorts and a sexy little crop top. I suggested we
take my car, his was an old clunker. He really needed a new one.
His was almost forty years old!

He said that he preferred that we go in his car so we got in. I
had never been in his car and I was surprised at the inside. It
looked brand new. When he turned the key there was another
surprise. It sounded like a race car! I found out that it almost
was! It was something called a Hemi Cuda? I don't know what that
is, but once he got off of our little side street, SON OF A BITCH

We went to the mall first. It was obvious that, even though he
was getting to embarrass me a lot, Jeff was not happy about being
here. He mentioned that he had not been in a mall in years. He
didn't miss an opportunity to make me do something embarrassing
while we were there though. I tried on several outfits with the
changing room door open and strange men who happened to be
waiting for their wives or girlfriends watching avidly.

He picked out a few things, but most of what was available was
too normal. Or it covered too much of me to please him. So after
checking out several stores we left the mall and went to a place
called Sweet Nothings. I didn't even know it existed.

We went in and it was immediately obvious that the place was well
named. Everywhere I looked I saw the sexiest, sluttiest clothing
I had ever seen. Almost everything was see-through. These were
the kinds of clothes that women wore at home for their
significant other. This was not the sort of thing that a woman
would wear out on the street. Well, most women. I had every
confidence that I would be wearing some, if not most of this
stuff out.

There were three other couples in the store, and a couple of lone
women. A salesgirl approached and asked if she could help us.

Jeff said, "We'd like to look around. We are looking for some
outfits that she shouldn't really wear out in public, but she
will anyway.

She smiled and said, "I am sure we have what you are looking for.
If you need anything, or if I can help in any way, please let me

We started down the aisles, avoiding the stuff that looked like
costumes. You know, like nurse costumes or French maid costumes,
that kind of thing. He found a rack with a selection of those
small slips like the one I wore to the restaurant last night and
selected several. He had really liked the way I looked last

We went from rack to rack and he picked out a dozen outfits that
were all right on the edge of being i*****l. As he made a
selection he would hand it to me and I had a really large armful
of outfits when the salesgirl came over and offered to put them
in a changing room for us. I smiled my thanks and Jeff kept
picking things up. There were transparent tops, crop tops with
suggestive sayings across the front; there was a cute little
outfit that was like a set of farmers coveralls with the bib top,
except they were cut off into tiny shorts. He picked up a
beautiful little black dress, very little. Finally we had
somewhere between thirty and forty items of clothing, and not a
single item of underwear.

We headed to the side of the store where the salesgirl had hung
all of the items we had selected from an empty rack and they were
waiting right by the fitting rooms. I hung up the additional
items we had selected and picked up the first outfit and went
into a changing room. I looked at Jeff, hoping that he would
allow me to close the door. Yeah, right! Fat chance!

I left the door wide open and took off my clothes. There were
already two women trying on clothes and therefore there were two
men waiting. They instantly had something to take their minds off
of the boring wait. As I was putting on the first outfit, that
little black dress, I saw the salesgirl coming over and had hopes
that she would require me to close the door. Nope, she stood
beside Jeff and smiled and said, "She is beautiful, isn't she?"

Jeff smiled at her and said, "Yes, and a lot of fun to buy
clothes for."

The girl laughed and held her hand out and said, "My name is Jan.
This is my store. I have a few outfits in mind that I think are
just what you are looking for if you don't mind a few

Jeff told her that he would appreciate any suggestions. I had the
black dress on by that time and they stopped to see how it

Trust me, it looked damned good! It was semitransparent, my
nipples were plainly visible and when I spread the tiny skirt out
and the fabric fell against my freshly shaved slit, it too was

Jan clapped her hands together in excitement, like an excited
young girl. I had to smile, I loved her enthusiasm.

Jeff said, "That is beautiful!" It was, too. I would have liked
it if the skirt were an inch or too longer, but still, I loved
the dress.

Jan went off to get the outfits she had in mind for me and I
started taking off the dress. I noticed that everyone in the
store was now standing around watching. I was curious about the
little bib overall shorts outfit so I picked that next. I didn't
even bother going back into the little changing room. I slipped
the dress off where I stood and hung it back up on the rack. I
slipped on the shorts, taking my time to please my audience. I
had them over my waist and was looking through the clothes on the
rack for a top to go with them.

Jeff told me to see how it looked without a top. I pulled the
straps up over my shoulders and adjusted them. They looked hot in
the mirror. When I turned sideways my breasts were exposed, all
but the nipple. I don't know that I would want to wear it to the
mall, but it looked good. Then I pulled the straps down and tried
one of the transparent blouses underneath. I heard one of the
women standing nearby say, "That's beautiful!" to her husband,
then she turned to me and asked, "Miss, where did you get that
outfit? I love that!"

Jeff pointed out the areas where we had found the shorts and then
the blouse. Jan came over with two outfits in her arms. Jeff
said, "Sorry about the disruption in your store, I hope you don't

Jan said laughed, a very sexy laugh I might add, and said, "Are
you k**ding, I should be paying you two!"

I took off the clothes I had on and took the first of the outfits
Jan had provided. Before she handed it to me she said, "This is
the kind of think you might wear if you were going out to The
Hideaway." I looked up when she mentioned last night's
restaurant. I saw the look on her face and I knew that she had
seen my show last night!

"You never know when that can come in handy," I said and grinned
back at her.

I slipped the tight little dress over my head and pulled it down.
It was very tight and I was grateful when Jan stepped up and
helped pull it down. The dress was shiny and body hugging, and
nearly invisible. It looked like I was wearing a pair of silk
stocking all over! There were patterns sewn into the material at
strategic locations, but the dress was still indecent. Jan said,
"This outfit would look good with pierced nipples," and she
pinched one of my nipples, just in case I wasn't sure what she
meant. Jeff liked the outfit, and it looked like he was also
thinking about the piercing. "So would that little black dress,"
I added.

I took it off and hung it up and tried the second outfit she had
selected. It was, nominally, a matching skirt and top. Basically
it was two elastic straps, one fastened at my waist and the other
just above my breasts. From those straps the suede like material
hung down in one inch strips, more or less covering my body. The
top ended just below my breasts and the skirt just barely covered
my crotch. Talk about your flirty little skirts! I walked a few
feet and turned and with every move I made parts of my body
peeked out for just a fraction of a second as the flaps of
material swirled with my movements. Jeff liked it, and so did I.
So, too, did the woman who had asked about the shorts, so Jan had
to go get her one of these as well.

I still had about twenty outfits to try on and I took my time and
enjoyed it. Jan was nice enough to bring Jeff a stool. By the
time I had finished trying everything on the audience had grown
to nearly twenty people, mostly women. Jan sold a lot of clothes
that day, because nearly every time I tried on something, someone
in the audience wanted one too. We must have spent well over two
hours in the store, although I hadn't checked the time when we
got there. Jeff, Jan and I all had a very good time, and Jeff
bought everything. A lot of this stuff was pricey. It had to come
to well over $2,000! It was early summer, but it was the best
Christmas I ever had!

I put my clothes back on, much to the disappointment of most of
the people in the store, and Jan pushed the rack up to the cash
register. She said, "It will take half an hour to ring all of
this up and put it in bags. If you would prefer, you can leave me
your card number and I can ring it all up and deliver it this

Jeff handed her his card. She ran it through her little machine
and handed it back. He gave her his address and thanked her for
all of her help. He also promised to come back soon. We started
out, but Jeff stopped and went back to the counter. I heard him
ask her if she could recommend someone that does piercing. Jan
wrote out a name and address on a piece of paper and gave it to

I was pretty excited. Not only did I have a boatload of sexy new
clothes, but I had bugged my mother for a long time to let me get
pierced. She had finally allowed me to get my ears pierced when I
was sixteen. When I suggested my naval, however, she hit the
ceiling. Now I was going to get my nipples done! Cool! Do I say
that too much?

We went home and I made us a late lunch. It was hot out so we ate
inside today. Just before lunch ended the doorbell rang and Jeff
sent me to answer it. As I had been instructed I opened the door
just as any fully clothed individual would normally open the
door, and I stood there naked looking at my mother's shocked
face. I could actually see the bl**d drain out of her face as she
stared at me.

"Nicol!!" she screeched. "What on earth has gotten in to you?
Where are your clothes? I went to your apartment. Your landlord
said you had moved. Your boss said you quit. What are you doing
here like that?"

I was just about to tell her to fuck off and get the hell off the
property when Jeff came up behind me and invited her in.

She looked at him like she wanted to kill him, and she wanted to
tell him off, and she didn't want to be in a room with him and
her naked daughter. But she had come to find out what was going
on, and if she wanted to find out she had to come in.

She stepped inside cautiously, ready to run if she was attacked,
I suppose. She looked around when I closed the door and then we
followed Jeff into the living room. Jeff offered her a drink but
she just shook her head and sat down on the edge of a seat

Jeff sat down across from my mother and I waited for him to tell
me what to do. He nodded towards a chair and I sat down and
watched, curious to see how well he could handle my bitch of a

"First, of all," Jeff said, "Mrs. Brown you have a lovely
daughter. She is intelligent, hard working and ambitious. You
should be very proud of her. It is my impression, from what your
daughter has said, that despite her resentment of you, you had a
lot to do with that. I do, however, agree with her that you were
wrong not to help her with her education. She was stuck in a
couple of low paying jobs and likely to never get to college,
finally giving up and marrying some nice enough guy and living a
life of mediocrity that I believe she could easily rise above.
She has what it takes to be better than that."

"I like Nicol," he continued, "a great deal. I have admired her
for a long time. I had the opportunity to insure her future, and
at the same time make her life easier. I cannot deny that I am
deriving a great deal of pleasure from the arrangement, but that
is secondary and I believe that she is as pleased with the
arrangement as I am. I understand that the things she is doing,
the things I am making her do, are offensive to you. Certainly,
any mother would be offended to see her daughter being treated
the way I am treating Nicol. But Nicol is of legal age now and
she can choose for herself what path she takes. I am offering her
a nice place to live, her college tuition and all of her expenses
paid and all of her needs met. I can assure you that her
education will be of primary importance while she stays with me.
Do you have any questions?"

Mom stared at Jeff for a long time, apparently speechless for the
first time in her life. Then she turned to me and said, "Nicol,
get your things and let's go home. You cannot live here like
this. It's scandalous. You're nothing more than a prostitute for
god's sake! Come home. Maybe you were right. I will help you with
your tuition."

I didn't even have to think about it. "No mom. I am sorry that
you are so upset. I understand why you are, and I appreciate your
belated offer. I hope that we can get along when you calm down.
But I like it here. I like Jeff. I enjoy being with him and I am
having fun. He offered me an education when you wouldn't, and I
am grateful. "

"That isn't why I am here though. Jeff is exciting, and the
things he does are exciting. I have to be honest mom. He is not
corrupting your sweet innocent daughter. The truth is that I have
a lot of kinky fantasies that would curl your hair. I had them
before I met Jeff and it was just dumb luck that we share those,
admittedly, abnormal pleasures and discovered each other."

"If Jeff were to withdraw his offer to provide my education right
now I would probably still stay with him, although that education
is very important to me. I have been here only two days, and I
have never been so happy. I can't see you accepting that right
now, but I hope you will leave the door open to us having some
kind of relationship, if not now, then in the future."

Mom looked at me, and then at Jeff. Then she just shook her head
and got up and left without saying another word. I followed her
to the door and watched her walk home. It made me very sad. I
understood what she was feeling, and why she would be upset.
Still, I would miss my mother.

Jeff came up behind me and put his arms around me. "Give it
time," he said quietly. "If she didn't love you she wouldn't have
come into the lion's den to try and get you out. We will leave
the mowing to the yardman from now on and give her time to adjust
to her little girl being all grown up". He is so smart! And so

I turned around and hugged him and said, "Master, may your slave
kiss you?"

He smiled and pulled me close and kissed me. It was a nice,
romantic, affectionate kiss.

He said, "You are going to be picked up by the limo again in a
few minutes. Hub asked that you wear something attractive,
feminine, and just a little conservative, and he sent over some
underwear for you. I don't know what he has planned, but he
assured me that you wouldn't be hurt. Hub can get a little wild
though, so if things start getting out of hand, give me a call,

I kissed him again and started upstairs to find something to
wear. He stopped me and asked for my car keys. I didn't even ask
why. They were on the hall tree and I picked them up and tossed
them to him.

I went upstairs with my new underwear and went through the boxes
looking for something that would satisfy the requirements for
appropriate dress this evening. I settled on a nice little
sundress. It was a modest wrap-around that came to just above my
knee and no place on it was there anything see-through. I took a
quick shower and got dressed. The underwear Hub had sent over fit
alright, although it looked a lot like something my mother would
have picked out. I was downstairs, dressed, made up and hair done
in plenty of time.

Jeff reminded me to call him if things got rough and I went out
and got in the limo. It was a different driver this time,
thankfully. He drove for nearly an hour. I was expecting a short
drive because I knew approximately where Hub lived and it wasn't
that far away. Instead we went out of town and ended up at a
fancy country estate.

Oh well, ours is not to reason why.

The chauffer parked by the door and let me out. I was e****ted
inside and led to Hub. He got me a drink and we talked for a few
minutes. It seemed like a strange party. There were two women
besides myself, and there must have been fifty men. I wasn't sure
what my part in this was. Certainly he wasn't expecting me to
have sex with fifty men! I didn't seem to serve any function here
so I finally had to ask.

"Why am I here Hub? You aren't expecting me to have sex with all
of these men are you?" I asked.

He grinned and said, "Not exactly. Have you ever heard of

I thought for a minute and then said that I had not.

He said, "I am not exactly sure of the origin, I believe it is
Japanese. There seem to be many variations of the Bukkake Party.
There may or may not be penetration of the young lady chosen as
the hostess. The two main forms that one of these parties takes
are that either the hostess is secured in one spot and the
assembled men masturbate on her over a period of time, or, they
masturbate into some vessel and the hostess is f***ed to consume
the combined ejaculate of her adoring fans."

"My friends have Americanized the Bukkake Party slightly. You are
going to be undressed and secured to a bench we made just for
you. The men will be allowed to sample your charms for a while.
Not to completion of course, that would defeat the purpose.
Throughout the evening men will take a moment or two to enjoy
your charms and then at the designated time we will all begin
ejaculating into a large bowl. Once everyone has contributed to
the bowl, the contents are going to be poured into a siphon like
device which will by then be secured to your mouth and you will
be required to swallow the entire contents before being released.
The evening is being recorded for posterity. Oh yes, the two
young ladies you saw? They are going to be filmed out in the barn
masturbating two horses. That too will be accumulated and after
you have finished the main course, they will bring you your

I didn't think he could possibly be serious. I had not signed on
for this! I shook my head and said, "No thanks," and headed for
the door. I didn't get two steps before two large men grabbed me
and led me out to the center of the back yard. They held me in
front of a waist high padded bench and started ripping my clothes
off in front of the men who were now all gathered around to
watch. As soon as I was naked I was pulled over the bench on my
back and tied down securely.

Hub made a short announcement, "Gentlemen, you all know the
rules, begin."

I was instantly swarmed by men of all shapes, sizes, ages,
colors, and nationalities. Large and small, they all gathered
around and at first they just groped my body roughly. It was more
than a little erotic to be tied down and helpless before fifty
men, but there was no way I wanted fifty men shoving their cocks
in me! And I had just gotten to where I could swallow cum without
gagging, a whole bowl of it for god's sake! And horses! No
fucking way!

Soon men started walking up between my widespread legs and
rubbing their cocks over my slit and then sliding them into me
and stroking in and out for a moment or two. Then they would pull
out and someone else would take their place. It went on for a
while and I couldn't help it. It was starting to feel pretty
damned good! Then they started using my mouth too. It was a long
time before I tasted my pussy on a cock, so I guess the lines for
my various orifices must be pretty long.

Some of the guys were probably not known for their stamina
because it wasn't long before I noticed men going over to a bowl
on a table nearby and ejaculating into it. Once they had cum they
would get right back in line. No fucking fair!

I was starting to get really sore after a while. I had no way of
knowing, but this seemed to have been going on for a very long
time. I would glance nervously at the bowl from time to time,
when my head was free, and I could see that there was at least a
quart in it. A quart of cum! I was pretty sure that I couldn't do
that. I was absolutely certain I didn't want to try.

It had been dark for a long time when someone put a fat hose in
my mouth and taped all around it. I looked up and saw a large
plastic hose with a large plastic reservoir on top. It was
attached to a stand that was driven into the ground near me. Once
the hose was taped in place Hub stood over me and smiled and
said, "Bon appetite."

I watched in horror as he poured half the contents of the bowl
into the reservoir at the top of the funnel. The warm, slimy cum
drained down into my mouth and I knew that I had no choice. I
either swallowed or stayed here all night.

It was truly disgusting. I gagged at first, but I knew that if I
threw up I would have a real problem. So I managed to calm myself
down. It didn't help that now that the bowl had been filled men
started fucking me for real. There was a line of men waiting to
fuck me. I realized that they had all cum in the bowl at least
once, so they were taking their damned time.

I closed my eyes. I couldn't stand to watch the stuff in the
clear plastic hose, slowly going down the hose and into my mouth.
I tried to remain calm and swallow a little at a time. The camera
man came in for a lot of close ups. I guess I was getting through
it because I heard something and looked up and there was Hub
pouring the rest of the contents of the bowl into the reservoir.

I couldn't tell how much more I had to go. I just kept
swallowing. Men were still lined up to fuck me and others were
groping my tits while still others stood around and cheered me

I finally finished! I don't know how long it took, but more than
anything I really wanted to get up and puke. Unfortunately, I had
forgotten desert. I saw two women strolling in with another large
bowl, this one full of horse cum. I was sure I couldn't do it. It
was horrible, I couldn't scream, I couldn't beg. All I could do
is lay here and get fucked and swallow cum.

The girls handed the new bowl to Hub and just as he started to
pour it into the reservoir a fist shot out of nowhere and decked
him. I couldn't see what happened after that but I heard several
more blows being landed.

The men that had been lined up to fuck me were suddenly gone and
I felt my hands and legs being untied. I was pulling the funnel
from my mouth when I looked up and saw Jeff with tears in his
eyes. I am assuming he hurt his hand when he hit Hub.

He started to pull me close and I had to hold him back. I was
covered in cum and I didn't want him to touch me, I didn't want
him to see me. He held me while I retched and threw up all of
that cum I had just been f***ed to swallow. Then he had me sit on
the bench and told me to wait a second. He looked around and
spotted the camera men and he ran them down and took their
cameras and their gear bags and when they objected he told them
to take it up with Hub.

My clothing was in shreds, so Jeff led me inside, dripping cum
and found me a bathrobe to wear. Nobody said a word. Anytime we
got close to anyone they moved out of the way. I used a couple of
towels to wipe myself off and then I put on the obviously very
expensive bathrobe and he picked me up and carried me to his

I don't think I had ever seen anyone so mad in my life. He was
redder than my mother had been! He put me in his forty year old
race car and sped out of there spraying gravel on all of the
fancy cars in the driveway.

After a few miles he finally got himself under control and said,
"Nicol, I am very, very sorry. Hub was a friend of mine for a
long time and I thought I could trust him. I swear to you I had
no idea what he had in mind. I thought you might have sex with a
few guys and just generally be a party favor. I will make it up
to you, I promise."

Crap! I felt sorry for him! "Jeff, I was never so happy to see
anyone in my life as when you came in there. I am ever so glad
that you did. You could not have timed it better. I don't really
want to defend him, but Hub didn't lie to you. I was not harmed,
or even hurt. Well, my pussy is a little sore. I am glad you
stopped it. I am sorry I went through it. But Hub has been your
friend for a long time. I heard you guys talking like a group of
high school girls the other night. You have been best friends for
a long time. I think maybe he didn't understand the parameters of
our relationship. I am not sure that you can blame him for that.
I don't condone what he did to me tonight, but he is basically a
nice guy. I bet a dollar he is going to apologize. You should

Jeff grunted, but didn't say anything. I finally had to ask, "How
did you find out?"

"Cab was there too. Until he found out that neither you nor I was
aware of what was going to happen. Cab tried to talk Hub out of
it. When he couldn't he left. He kept trying to call me on his
cell phone but he couldn't get a signal until he was almost back
to town. When he finally got through I wasn't home. He left a
message telling me what was going on and as soon as I heard it I
tried calling Hub, but again, no signal. So I drove out there as
fast as I could. By the time I got there I had been fuming for
nearly an hour and I was furious at Hub. I hurt the hell out of
my hand. I wonder if I broke his jaw."

"I wish I wasn't covered in cum. I would really like to kiss you
right now," I said.

He reached out and pulled me close. I tried to hold back. "Wait
until I take a shower!" I said.

He grinned and said, "Fuck it! Hell, I'm more worried about my
upholstery anyway!" He pulled me close and held me and I felt
protected again.

We finally got to the house and he drove into the garage. I
promised him I would clean his upholstery in the morning. He
said, "Let's wait, if Hub calls I will want to rub his nose in

I got out and we went into the house and I hurried to the shower.
As I was going through the bedroom I noticed plastic bags full of
clothes everywhere. I had forgotten my new clothes. I grinned and
thought, "That made up in advance for what happened tonight."

I tossed the robe in the laundry. It was too nice to throw away
and I wanted to keep it to remind me of my hero. I took a long
hot shower and brushed my teeth several times. Finally I went

I was halfway down the stairs when Jeff said, "Oh! I forgot, go
slip into something decent. I have something to show you

I joked to myself that I hoped that he hadn't wrecked my car. I
ran upstairs and put on the slip I had worn out the other night
and a pair of sandals and rushed downstairs.

Before he could say anything else I grabbed him and hugged him
and asked, "How do you feel about kissing a girl that has just
swallowed a gallon of cum from about fifty men?"

He looked thoughtful and then he said, "That's gross. No, that's
gross and a half!" Then he pulled me close and kissed me, tongue
and all!

I couldn't help it. I'm just a silly girl, it made me cry. He was
so damned sweet.

He started to lead me outside when I stopped him and pulled him
back around to face me. "I don't want to scare you, but is it
possible to fall in love with someone after two days?"

Jeff smiled and said, "I ain't scared, and no. Come on."

He led me outside and said, "I gave your car away."

"What!" I squeaked.

"Yeah," he said, "Terry just turned sixteen and I told him I
would give him a car if he got straight A's on his report card
for the entire year. I honestly didn't think he could do it. He
fooled me though. I figured your car would be a perfect first
car. You can sign it over to him tomorrow."

I looked at him, astonished. But then I figured, what the hell, I
didn't need a car much anymore. It would save me some money. I
smiled at him and said, "Okay. If that's what you want."

"You're no fun," he said and laughed. Then he handed me a set of
keys and said, "This is why I wasn't home when Cab called
tonight. Here is your new car."

I looked around and there was only one new car on the street. It
was a sleek, dark red little two seat convertible. I didn't know
what it was, but it looked very expensive. I looked at Jeff and
said, "No. You are sweet, but I can't take that."

He said, "You have agreed not to say no to me, don't forget it
slave. Your new car is a 2007 Mercedes Benz SL600 Roadster. Don't
worry. I will take care of the taxes and insurance. I thought
when you got home tonight we could go for a short ride but I
suspect you are tired. Besides, it would be better if you
familiarized yourself with the controls before you drive it."

We walked slowly out to the curb and I looked at the sleek,
beautiful, extremely expensive car. "How much?" I asked.

"It isn't polite to ask, Nicol, shame on you!"

"Jeff," I said, "I don't need a car. You don't have to do this
for me!"

"I know," he said, "I didn't do it because I had to, I did it
because I wanted to, because doing it makes me feel good. You
want me to feel good don't you?"

The longer I stood here by this car the more I realized I did
want this beautiful machine. I looked up at him and said, "Yes, I
most definitely want you to feel good, but you aren't going to
stop treating me bad are you?"

He pulled me close and kissed my nose and said, "Don't worry
bitch, I will never stop abusing you."

I smiled up at him and asked, "Do you want your cock sucked right
here and now, or would you rather go inside?"

"Are you sure you are up for another one so soon?" he asked.

"I will always want to suck your cock." I answered. I meant it

He stood right where he was and pulled his cock out and without
hesitation I knelt at his feet and attacked his cock
passionately. He kept his hands at his sides and let me do what I
wanted, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I started taking
more and more of his thick cock into my mouth. I was still unable
to get past that one place in the back of my throat and take him
all the way. But by god, this time I was going to. I ignored
everything, the pain in my throat, my gag reflex, and I f***ed
myself to relax and then, finally, I hit that spot and kept on
going until my lips were stretched wide around the base of his

I heard him whisper, "Son of a bitch!"

That was all the encouragement I needed. It was just as hard the
next few times, but I was encouraged by having done it and soon I
was doing it with confidence on every stroke. I heard him groan
loudly and I pulled back and held the head of his cock in my
mouth and finished him with my hands so that I could enjoy his
cum. When he finished cumming I stood up and showed him his cum
in my mouth and then I slowly swallowed as I stared lovingly into
his eyes.

He pulled me close and kissed me passionately. I tried to stop
him, to get him to wait until I rinsed my mouth out, but he
ignored my resistance and kissed me. He told me that no one, in
his entire life, had been able to do that. A few had tried, but
nobody ever got close. Most were smart enough to not even try.

I grinned and said, "You calling me stupid, Master?"

He put his arm around me and we headed back to the house. When we
turned around we saw a young couple that had apparently been out
for a walk and stopped just up the sidewalk from us when they saw
what we were doing.

I smiled at them and said, "I'm sorry, I hope we didn't hold you
up too long."

The young man chuckled and said, "That's alright, she could use
the lessons." His companion punched him on the shoulder and they
continued down the sidewalk.

We went to bed and cuddled again. It took me a long time to go to
sl**p. This was turning into much more than an agreement
exchanging household chores and sex for room and board and an
education. There was no doubt in my mind that I was falling in
love with Jeff, a man twice my age.

I didn't see any way I could not get hurt here. He was much too
good, too sophisticated, too everything for me. There was no way
he could fall for a little nothing like me. I am a waitress, a
housekeeper for god's sake! I realized that I had better not say
anything else like I had earlier. Guys hear the L word they get
scared, especially when they don't feel the same way.

I should feel happy tonight, not sad. I need to keep remembering
why I am here.

I finally went to sl**p. When I woke up the next morning I felt
his arms still around me, but I could tell he was awake. I
snuggled back against him and held his strong arms with my little
hands. Before I could stop myself I found myself kissing his
arms. I slowly turned around and put my hands on his face and
kissed him. "My hero," I said.

He smiled and kissed me back and said, "I am not the hero. I am
the guy that let you be put in that situation in the first

"You didn't know, and I wasn't hurt. Don't tell Hub when you talk
to him, but I had several nice orgasms before he attached that
damned funnel to my head."

"You fucking pervert!" he said and laughed. He kissed me again
and he hugged me tight and it felt so good.

"Come on," I said, "let's take a shower and I will take you out
for breakfast, your treat!"

He turned me loose and we went into the bathroom. I turned on the
shower and then I watched as he peed in the toilet. I had never
seen a man pee before, it was amazing. I was jealous. As soon as
he was finished I took my turn, not the least self conscious as
he watched, much to my surprise.

We took a nice long shower and washed each other lovingly. I
shaved again, determined to mow the front law again as soon as it
needed it. The neighbors enjoyed it and I like pissing my mother

I promised to put the clothes away as soon as we got home and
then I started emptying bags on the bed until I found that cute
shorts outfit. I put it on with one of the transparent blouses
and then we went down to the car.

I got in the drivers seat and Jeff showed me how to put the top
down and then he showed me all the controls. I was glad he was
there because I was obviously going to need a copilot. I was
going to have to spend the evening reading the manual for this
car. It looked the cockpit of an airplane.

I asked him where he wanted to go and he recommended a place out
on the creek. I stayed off the interstate. It was too much fun to
drive this thing to put it on cruise control and just sit there.

We got there without a single close call. I love this car!! We
got out and I set the alarm and we went inside. I had been here
for Sunday brunch, but I had never been during the week before.
It was always crowded on Sunday, but today was a weekday, and it
was kind of late so we were almost alone on the deck out over the
creek. We had a long, leisurely breakfast and I tried not to keep
staring at him with puppy dog eyes.

We talked and laughed and discovered that we had the same views
about politics and war. We liked a lot of the same books. We had
more in common than just kinky sex.

We were sipping our last cup of coffee and Jeff said, "We are
going to have a problem keeping this a business arrangement
aren't we?"

"It's alright," I said. "I understand. I made myself a promise
last night not to ever use the L word again in your presence. I
promise not to make you uncomfortable or attempt to change our
agreement. I like it just the way it is."

"No you don't," he said quietly, "Neither do I."

My heart sank. Did I screw it up? Does he want me out?

"Jeff, I swear, I don't want to stop doing what we have been
doing. It is exciting, I am having fun. I guess I am just a silly
girl. You know how hard it is for girls to control their
emotions. I can deal with it. Honest."

"No, that isn't good enough. The problem is," right about here my
heart was in my throat. "Well, damn it," he continued, "The
problem is you aren't the only one that is having trouble
controlling emotions. When I saw you, when I saw what they were
doing to you last night, I lost it. By the time I got it back, I
realized why I had lost it. I know how you feel about me, and I
know it is not supposed to be possible to fall in love in two
days. We have a most unconventional relationship, and I would
hate it if that were to end. Be that as it may, I love you, and I
want you to know that I love you, your move."

I was crying like a baby! I finally wiped my eyes and blew my
nose and when I was under control I got up and sat in Jeff's lap
and said, "How is this for a move. I love you very much. But I
would be very sad if you decided to start feeling jealousy. To
start getting mad if some stranger was looking at your old ladies
tits! I want our arrangement to continue unchanged. Except that
now it isn't just lust, and that makes it better, for me anyway.
Are you sure you will still want me walking around naked and
tipping the gardener if you love me?"

Jeff looked at his watch. He left some money on the table and we
went back to the car. He told me to drive, and told me where to
go. It took us about half an hour to get to the run down theater
that showed porn movies twenty-four hours a day. It was a little
early for that sort of thing, not quite noon. When we got inside
I saw that it was never too early for porn. There was already a
small audience inside.

It was very dark when we first went in. We stood just inside the
door until our eyes adjusted to the dark. At first all I saw was
the woman on the screen being fucked royally by two middle aged
men. Then, as I looked around I saw that there were a dozen men
s**ttered around the small theater, and I noticed that they were
all glancing at me when they weren't staring at the screen.

Jeff led me to a seat in the middle of a row about two thirds of
the way toward the back of the theater. Before I could sit down
he ordered me to give him my clothing. I smiled and stripped and
he kissed me and said, "You cannot say no."

Then he moved around to sit behind me, two rows back. I sat down
and watched the movie and waited to see what would happen. I
don't know what the movie was about. Well, I know what it was
really about, I'm not that stupid, but if there was a plot I
couldn't figure it out. That was okay, I was enjoying the sex.

I would have thought that a naked woman in a place like this
would have been an open invitation. I was disappointed at how
long it took for anyone to come over and sit down beside me. The
guy who finally got up the nerve to come over and sit beside me
looked to be in his mid fifties. He asked if he could sit down
and I smiled at him warmly and said, "Please do."

He was balding, and badly in need of some exercise. He wore a
wedding band on the hand that he placed on my thigh. He put his
head near mine and asked, "Do you come here often?"

Boy! Is that an old line or what?! "No, first time. Sometimes a
girl just needs a little excitement in her life."

His palm was sweaty as he pulled my legs open and played with my
pussy. He took my hand and guided it to his cock, which felt
quite large, and then he put his hand back on my crotch. I wasn't
sure what he wanted me to do so I just started moving my hand up
and down on his cock. I looked up at the screen again and was
startled to see that there were now two men sitting in front of
me. I hadn't even noticed them sitting down. They weren't
watching the movie.

In no time at all, the guy beside me tensed up and clutched my
thigh painfully and came in his pants. I felt kind of sorry for
him. That didn't take any time at all! He whispered, "Thank you
young lady. That was wonderful!"

That was sad. It was just a hand job for Christ's sake. I never
even got inside his pants! He stood up and left quickly and as
soon as he was a few seats away one of the men that had moved in
front of me stood up and stepped over the back of his seat and
sat down beside me. He was younger and kind of sleazy looking. He
smiled said, "You looking for a little fun, little lady?"

I smiled back and said, "Yes sir."

"Hot damn!" he exclaimed. He opened his pants without standing up
and pushed them down below his balls. Then he pulled my face down
into his lap.

Oh my god it was gross! He stank so bad I couldn't breathe! But I
couldn't say no. I took his foul smelling cock into my mouth and
sucked as well as I could and still breathe through my mouth.
While I was sucking I felt someone behind me repositioning me so
that he could fuck me from behind. "At least I don't have to
smell him," I thought.

The boy in my mouth came quickly and I stayed in position until
his buddy came in my pussy. They didn't even thank me, just high
fived each other and went back to their original seats.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and jumped. I was relieved to see
that it was only Jeff. He smiled down at me and asked,
"Satisfied, slut?"

I mouthed "asshole" back up at him and he handed me my clothes. I
suspect that there were more than a few very disappointed dirty
old men when I dressed and we left. I took a few moments to clean
up in the ladies room first. I didn't want to get anything on my
new car's upholstery!

We went home then and just had a quiet week. On Wednesday, the
day before the gardener was to come, I put on my little lawn
mowing suit and cut the grass out front. It was a workday, so the
audience wasn't as large, but those present were grateful.

On Thursday I was nude in the backyard while the gardener and his
assistant were doing the cutting and weeding and cleaning up.
They were a father and son and Jeff had told them that I was
available if they were interested. They were definitely
interested, though I had the impression that they were both self
conscious about doing anything with the other watching. I thought
I knew what to do about that. When they were just about done I
went over to where they were working. It was late afternoon and I
supposed that this might be their last stop of the day. I hoped
not. I asked and the father said that they had one more yard to
do before they could knock off.

"Great," I said. "That means that if you come in and take a quick
shower you will have time to work up a sweat again before you go
home. How about it guys?"

I grabbed the son by the arm and started pulling. He looked at
his dad and his dad smiled and said, "Hell, boy, go for it!"

I dragged the k** inside and we went to the guest bathroom. While
he got undressed I got the shower running and pulled out some
fresh towels. Then we got in and took a quick, but fun shower.
The k**, I soon found out, was only sixteen and was helping his
dad for the summer. I wasn't just the first white girl he was
going to fuck, I was his first fuck. He had a beautiful cock,
dark and thick, but no bigger than Jeff's. While we were in the
shower I took him in my mouth and he came almost right away. He
looked disappointed but I put my arms around him and said, "Don't
worry, that was just to take the edge off."

We dried off and ran to the guest bedroom and I pulled the covers
down and got ready for him. I expected him to jump on and ride me
like pony, but he surprised me. He climbed between my legs and
asked, "Do you mind? I have never seen a naked woman. You're

"I don't mind at all, and thank you. If you have any questions
about what you see, feel free to ask."

I spread my legs a little more for him and he touched my pussy
gently. He put a couple of fingers on either side and spread me
open and looked at his first pussy. I could feel his hot breath,
and I could feel his excitement, and I could feel my juices
flowing. He didn't say anything for a few minutes and I thought
he might be too uncomfortable to ask so I got up on one elbow and
explained all the parts to him and what the moisture was for and
what it meant.

He gingerly stuck his tongue out and gently licked my pussy, and
then he took a moment to decide if he liked it. I guess he did
because he started eating me enthusiastically. I gave him little
tips on technique. But he was doing just fine and I was so turned
on I came quickly. Then I reached down and pulled him up on top
of me. I helped him put his cock in and then I let him do
whatever felt good. He lacked some style, but he did very well
for his first time and it was very pleasant. I held him when he
came and I kissed him and told him what a good lover he was. I
didn't tell him he needed practice. I figured that if he didn't
get it anywhere else he would be getting it here on Thursdays.

He got up and while he got dressed I got cleaned up and we went
down to get his father.

I led Nathan, over to where his dad and Jeff were sitting around
talking. They smiled up at us and I could almost see Nathan
blush. I grabbed dad's arm and tried to pull him up but he said,
"No ma'am. I surely appreciate the offer. You are a very
beautiful young woman. I appreciate what you did for Nathan
though. I suspect he could use some lessons from a nice lady like

"As for me, I am an old married man, set in my ways. I don't
cheat on my wife. Not that I wouldn't like to, but I am too lazy
and my memory is too bad. I'd get caught sure as hell. Still, it
has been a wonderful afternoon enjoying your company and I look
forward to seeing a lot more of you, not that there is any more
of you to see."

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "You are so sweet! Just
remember, if you ever get your memory back, I'm here for you as
long as Jeff will allow it, or longer if he isn't around."

Jeff swatted my butt and everyone laughed. They left and Jeff
said, "We have an appointment in an hour, why don't you take a
shower. Put on a short skirt and a loose crop top. You'll thank
me later."

I was ready in half an hour and we took off in Jeff's car. We
drove to a house in a somewhat rougher neighborhood several miles
away. Jeff had to keep referring to a map he had. We eventually
pulled into a driveway behind a half a dozen Harleys and he shut
the car off.

As soon as he did a half a dozen bikers poured out of the house
to check out the car. Everyone introduced themselves and they
talked cars for a while. He had to open the hood and show them
the motor and they looked it all over. Boring!

We finally went inside and Jeff took my crop top and stood me in
front of one of the bikers. He checked out my tits. What the
hell, it's what guys do, right? He played with one of my nipples
for a few moments and then looked at Jeff and said, "Can do easy,
man." Then he turned to me and said, "Nice nips lady, but I can
make them better."

Aha! Now I knew what we were here for. But why here?! I thought
that they pierced nipples at tattoo parlors and piercing parlors.
I followed the biker into the kitchen and he pulled out a chair
for me. I looked around and was relieved to see that at least the
place was clean. He put a leather bag, like a doctor's bag, on
the table and opened it up. He pulled out some equipment and a
box with a large selection of nipple jewelry. He asked me what I
would like in my nipples and I said, "It isn't up to me. Please
ask my Master."

Jeff patted my head affectionately and looked at the display of
jewelry. He asked questions, like what happens when the jewelry
is removed, how it would effect breast feeding (that made me look
up in surprise), how difficult is it to change jewelry. He asked
several questions about how much danger is there of infection.
Good questions all and I was impressed by the knowledge of the
biker playing with my tits. He answered all of those questions
and more that we hadn't even thought of.

Jeff picked up a dime sized set of rings in a sealed sterile bag
and asked me if I would like them. I smiled and said, "Yes

Jeff grinned back and said, "These." The other bikers were all
standing around watching, I guess that was in case there was an
emergency and I needed assistance during the procedure.

The biker put on some latex gloves, rubbed my nipples with
alcohol and opened a sealed plastic baggy with a needle in it. I
didn't want to look. No, I couldn't look. I looked around at the
bikers that were watching and tried not to think about what was
about to happen.

The guy was good! There was a stick and a quick stab of pain and
then he was putting the ring in. He daubed it with alcohol, which
stung as much as the needle, then he moved to my other tit. I
wasn't as scared this time, I knew what to expect. It was all
over in another minute and everyone admired my new jewelry.

Jeff paid the man and I put my crop top back on, gingerly. I did,
indeed, thank him for telling me to wear a loose top.

The next excitement in our lives came on Saturday when Terry and
Tim lost their virginity to me. They were a little disappointed
that they couldn't play with my new rings, but getting their
first pussy made up for it.

I have gone to the college and spoken to a student advisor and I
am in the process of enrolling. I am not as happy about it as I
used to be. I hate the idea of being away from Jeff during the
day. He is insistent though. He said that he won't marry me until
I graduate. He almost had to pick me up off the floor when he
said that. I honestly never expected him to ever mention that
word. I would not mind being just his slave for as long as he
would allow it. I told him that. Thank god he ignored me.

Now that my nipples are healed we have a dinner date with Jan
from the Sweet Nothings shop and her husband. We are going to The
Hideaway and I am supposed to wear that tight slinky dress she
picked out for me. I would prefer the little black one. It is
much easier to get out of, but I'll wear it for Jan.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Hub called Jeff when his jaw healed
enough that he could talk. They are friends again, although I
think it will be a long time before they are as close as they
were. He still doesn't come to the house. I think he is too
embarrassed to see me.


... Continue»
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dad i have a question

“Dad, I Have a Question.”

This is the story of a man and his curious teenage daughter, and his efforts to answer her questions about human sexual arousal and response. Although he attempts to explain things to her, she prefers a “hands-on” approach to learning.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Dad?” my daughter asked, as she handed my car keys back to me.

“What, sweetie?”

“Can I ask you a question?”


“It's kind of embarrassing,” she said.

“Jamie, you know you can ask me anything. What do you want to know?”

“I asked my friends Melody and Kiersten, and they just laughed at me. I don't know who else to ask,” she replied.

“Then ask me. If I know the answer, I'll tell you. If I don't, we'll do some research to find out,” I said.

“Promise you won't laugh at me?”

“Why would I laugh? If you don't know something, one of the best ways to find out is to ask. What's your question?”

She took a big breath, as though she were gathering her courage. “Well, why do I get a tingly feeling sometimes in my,... my,... um,... my vagina? Why does it sometimes get wet and slippery?”

Oh shit. Now what? This is where my ex would have been useful. I've tried to help my daughter understand as much about her body as I can. I was okay with the basic birds-and-bees talk. Years ago, I had explained to her about menstruation and the physical changes her body was going through as she changed from a girl to a woman. I thought I had pretty much covered everything. She was fully prepared when she got her first period. She knew how babies are made, how a male's sperm gets to a female's egg, how a baby grows in the uterus, and how it is born. I had taken her shopping for bras and panties, coached her on how to keep herself clean and how to deal with her cycle, and all the rest.

It had always been just my little girl and me, since her bitch of a mother walked out of our lives when Jamie was still an infant. That's why my daughter and I are so close. I was the one who fed her, changed her diapers, bathed her, rocked her to sl**p, helped her learn to ride a bike, treated her sc****s and bruises, and taught her how to drive a stick shift. We've always enjoyed our time together, and she's the kind of k** who's eager to learn new things.

Being a single parent has always been hard, and friends had told me that dealing with a teenage girl would be a chore. Jamie's a good k**. She seems to have a lot of friends, and she's been allowed to go on dates for a whike, but for some reason, she doesn't seem to get asked much. As a result, I assumed she was pretty innocent sexually. I realized we had discussed nothing about the signals her body would give her about her sexual desires. Now she's asking me why her pussy gets wet and tingly. Oh, this could get awkward!

“When does this happen to you, honey?” I asked.

“I don't know. I guess when I see a cute guy, or when I watch people kissing and stuff on TV. It was pretty bad last week at the pool when Brian and Paul were hanging out with me. My vagina tingled so much I didn't know what to do. I sorta wanted to rub it, but I kinda figured I shouldn't do that in front of people.”

“That was good thinking, honey. It's just like when you get a wedgie. You find some private place to fix your underwear so you don't have that feeling.”

“Is it wrong to want to rub myself?” Jamie asked.

“No, not at all. But it's something you should do in private,” I replied.

“But why does it get all wet and slippery?” she asked.

“Well, honey, your vagina produces a kind of moisture that acts as a lubricant.”

“You mean like oil or grease?”

“Yes, exactly.”


Damn. I guess I should have known this day would come. What do I say?

“The tissues inside your vagina are very delicate. They would get chafed if you didn't have that lubricant.”

“Oh,” Jamie said.

I prayed the conversation would be over when she went silent. My prayer was not answered.

“What would chafe them? Doesn't chafing happen when something rubs against you?” she asked.


“So what would rub the inside of my vagina? Oh, wait, I know. A penis.”

“Yes, a penis, or anything else that might go in there.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew that comment would bring more questions.

“What else can go in there, Dad?”

“Um, well,.... Honey, did you ever hear the word 'masturbation'?”

“Isn't that what a guy does when he plays with his penis?”


“Why do they do that?”

“Because it feels good.”

“Do you do it?” she asked.

I knew having such an honest relationship with my daughter would backfire sooner or later. “Yes, honey, I do sometimes.”

“How do you play with play it?”

“I sort of stroke it and rub it with my hand.”

“Does it feel good?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. Otherwise I wouldn't do it.”

“Do you get an erection? I've seen drawings of that in class.”

“Um, yes,... yes I do.”

“Do you ejaculate?” my daughter asked.


“Will you show me how you do it?”

“Jamie! Honey! No, I can't do that!” I nearly shouted.

“Why not?”

“Because it's a very private thing!”

“Going to the bathroom is private, and we've done that in front of each other.”

“That's different. Sometimes you're in the tub and I need to use the toilet, or I'm shaving and you need to pee. We only have one bathroom, and we're f****y, so we just do it.”

“Yes, and so you've seen my vagina and I've seen your penis . So why won't you show me how you play with it?”

“Because it's sexual, and that would be bad.”

“But Dad, you told me sex was a beautiful thing.”

“Yes, but it's for people who love each other.”

“WE love each other. I love you, and you love me, so that should make it beautiful, right?”

“Sex is wrong when it involves f****y, honey. That's called i****t, and it's wrong and it's against the law.”

“You're not making any sense. When you and Mom got married, that made you into a f****y, didn't it? You had sex with Mom. That's how I got here. That's how all k**s get here. Having k**s isn't i*****l.”

“No honey, it isn't. It's a wonderful thing. But having babies and having sex is for adults, for men and women.”

“You tell me I'm a young woman.”

“You are, honey, but you're also my daughter. Fathers can't do sexual things with their daughters. Now let's not talk about this any more.”

She sat there with a pout on her face, but said nothing. The silence was uncomfortable, but I must have projected enough of my own guilt onto her that she dropped the subject. Her good-night kiss to me was a little cooler than normal. This was the first time I felt I had let my daughter down.

The next morning, Jamie came to breakfast still wearing my old t-shirt that she likes to sl**p in. I guess she's grown a lot since she first appropriated it. It used to hang flat on her body and to come down to just above her knees. It wasn't that way now.

“Good morning, honey,” I said cheerfully.

“Morning,” she mumbled as she began to munch on a piece of toast.

Normally, Jamie was full of sunshine and energy in the mornings, talking like mad. Today, she was quiet and withdrawn.

“Are you okay this morning, honey?” I asked. “You're awfully quiet.”

She didn't answer for a moment. Then she put her toast down and said, “Girls do it too, right?”

“Do what?” I asked.


Oh, fuck, here we go again. “Yes, they do, honey.”


“To make themselves feel good.”

“What do they do?

“Um, well, they rub themselves, you know, down there.”


I could feel myself sweating a little. This was something I simply never considered having to talk about with my daughter. It didn't help that I could see the shape of her nipples under that well-worn old shirt. “Well, they use their fingers and rub around the vaginal opening,” I answered.

“I tried that last night when I went to bed,” she said. “It felt good, but it wasn't great or anything. I texted Melody and Kiersten and they made fun of me. They said I mustn't have done it right and didn't have an orgasm. They said I'd know it if I had. How am I supposed to know what that feels like? And what did you mean last night about other things going in there?”

She was obviously upset, which made me feel guilty as hell. Why didn't I think about explaining this to her earlier, so she would have been prepared? Thank God it was a Saturday. I could spend as much time as necessary with her today. We needed to have a serious talk. Part of me wanted to get out of my chair to give her one of the cure-all hugs that worked so well when she was younger, but my guardian angel reminded me that I was suddenly halfway hard.

I stayed seated at the table. “Honey, look at me,” I said. “I want to help you through this. Let me think for a minute about how to explain it all.”

“I just have so many questions, so much I don't understand,” she said quietly, looking down at her plate. “Sometimes I think I know so little that I don't even know what to ask.”

“All right. Do you have anything you have to do today? Going to the mall or a game with the girls, or something?” I asked.


“Well, neither do I. We're going to spend the whole day together, my best girl and me, and we're going to figure out those questions and answer them. Okay?”

Jamie smiled at me, the first smile I had seen on her normally bright face today. “Okay.”

We chatted about mindless things as we ate, and then Jamie and I washed the dishes together. She managed to splash a fair amount of water on her shirt. For some reason, I hadn't registered how well-shaped her breasts had become. Sure, I had caught glimpses of her in the tub or getting dressed over the years, but I had never really LOOKED at her. This time, I was.

The task at hand, discussing who knows what questions about human sexual response with my beautiful, shapely young daughter, suddenly seemed like it could be hard. Very hard. Holding-a-throw-pillow-in-my-lap hard.

“Snap out of it, asshole!” my conscience yelled at me, as it delivered an imaginary swift kick to my ass. “That's your daughter! Pull yourself together and deal with it like the good father you are.”

Sound advice. Yes, I can do this. I've potty-trained this k**. I've explained love and loss, happiness and sadness, success and failure. I've done everything all the parenting books tell you to do when it comes to teaching an adolescent, and I think I've done it better than the public school system could ever hope to. Now she wants to know more. Well, better to discuss it with her old man than with a couple of possibly ignorant teenage girls.

I said, “Go take your shower. Let me know when you're out of the bathroom so I can clean up, too. We'll meet in the living room in half an hour for question and answer time. If I don't know something, we'll research it together. I don't want you to be uncomfortable because you don't know about things. Deal?”

“Deal. Thanks, Dad,” Jamie said. “You're the best.” Then she kissed me on the cheek and bounced out of the room.

The feel of her breast against me when she kissed me made me realize again how difficult it might be to get through this part of parenting while still maintaining my composure. When Jamie was done in the bathroom and I got my shower, I shot a huge load into the tub drain. I lied to myself about the identity of the girl I fantasized I was fucking.

I dressed in elastic bicycle shorts (to try to keep things under control), loose sweat pants, and a t-shirt. I went to the living room, and a moment later Jamie appeared, wearing a short skirt and a loose tank top. It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra. She flopped down on the sofa next to me and snuggled up against me. Yeah, this was going to be a challenge.

“Okay, honey, what do you want to know?” I asked.

“Everything, I guess. I mean, I know how people make babies and the process of sexual intercourse and all that, but I don't understand anything about how my body is supposed to react. Like, what am I supposed to feel?” she asked.

“Well, um, it's supposed to feel good. But you should think very long and hard before you have sex with anyone. See, guys have a problem, especially young guys. They tend to want sex all the time, and sometimes they don't make wise choices about it. Sex should be between two people who care about each other, who love each other. After all, there are all the diseases out there, and there's the chance that the girl can get pregnant, so it's a big responsibility. Even if everyone is healthy, a baby should have both a mother and a father there to raise them,” I said.

“I didn't have a mother to raise me, and I think I'm growing up okay,” Jamie said.

“You're growing up fine, honey, but it's been tough for me, sometimes, to do the things for you that a mother is better suited to do.”

“I can't imagine what Mom could have done better than you,” she said.

“She could have taught you things about your body and the changes it's gone through.”

“You mean about my period, and my breasts growing, and getting hair down there and stuff?”


“But you explained that to me. I was all prepared when my first period started. Heck, I was the one who had to tell Melody what was going on when she got hers. She thought she was dying or something, 'cuz her mother didn't tell her anything. I was the one who had to take her to the school nurse to get supplies her first time. So I think you've done a really good job,” Jamie said as she hugged my arm.

Damn, I could feel her breasts against me again.

“So, can you tell me what it is you want to know?” I asked.

“I don't know. I guess I just want to know more about why my body feels the way it does sometimes,” Jamie said.

“Can you give me an example?”

“Well, like, why do my nipples get hard?”

Shit. Do I really have to do this?

“I guess there can be a number of reasons. One, which I'm sure you've noticed, is when you're cold. Most people get hard nipples when they're cold. It's sort of like really big goosebumps,” I answered.

“But sometimes they get hard when I'm not cold,” Jamie said. “Why is that?”

“Your nipples can get hard when you're, um, excited, too.”

“You mean like when I'm happy about something? I haven't noticed that.”

“Well, no, I mean when you feel good.”

“I don't understand,” Jamie said, fixing me with her bright blue eyes and playing with a lock of her wavy blond hair.

“Do your nipples get hard when you kiss a boy?” I asked.

“I've only kissed a few boys. I'm not sure I like it,” she said.

“Really? Why not?”

“I don't know. Just nervous, I guess. I'm afraid I'll do something wrong. I mean, I've seen the way they kiss in the movies and stuff, but I'm just not sure what to do. Like, am I supposed to use my tongue?”

“Tongue kissing can be very nice. It's more intimate and sexual than kissing with the lips closed, so it's not something you should really do in public or with someone you don't like a lot,” I replied.

“Tongue kissing is the same thing as French kissing, right?” Jamie asked.


“I don't know how to do that. Will you show me how to French kiss?”

“Oh honey, I don't know ....”

“Dad, come on! I really want to know, and you said you would help me,” she whined.

I sat there looking at my lovely blond daughter, so much more a woman than a c***d now, so pretty, so desirable, her full, soft lips looking moist and ready, her big blue eyes looking worried, and her breast pressing against my arm. I really did want to kiss her, and not like a father should. “You realize, honey, that this is something fathers and daughters don't normally do.”


“This must remain strictly between us. You can't tell Melody or Kiersten or anyone about this,” I said.

“I won't. Now please, Dad, teach me how to kiss.”

I was sweating. A big part of me wanted to run from the room, but a part of me that was getting bigger wanted me to stay right there.

“Not a word,” I said as I stroked my fingertips along Jamie's jaw.

“I swear,” she said, her gaze flicking back and forth between my eyes.

“Okay, follow my lead,” I said, lowering my lips to hers.

The first kiss wasn't much more than our usual pecks on the lips that we exchanged from time to time. I held it longer than usual, but I was doing all I could to exercise some restraint. When I pulled back, she said, “That was nice.”

“It was,” I agreed, leaning in to kiss her again.

This time, my hand went to her shoulder to pull her in a little closer. Still with our lips closed, we kissed a few times. Her hand strayed up to caress my hair. Oh dear lord, what am I getting myself into?

“Relax your lips,” I breathed, as I allowed just the tip of my tongue to touch them. I could feel a slight shiver run through her body as my tongue first tasted hers.

I pulled back to look at her again. “How was that?” I asked.

“I want to do it some more,” she murmured, placing her lush lips against my mouth. This time, it was her tongue that darted tentatively against mine.

When we broke apart, I saw that the worried look in her beautiful eyes had been replaced by one of pleasure. We pulled each other together, and I sucked her lower lip between mine. I felt her breath quicken with my gentle suction, and when I released her, she let out a sigh.

As we kissed again, her tongue parted my lips, and reflexively, I gently sucked on the tip of it, pulling it into my mouth. When I did that, I heard a soft moan come from her, and both her hands gently held my head in place. We enjoyed this kiss for a while, our tongues dancing softly against each other.

I looked carefully at my daughter. Her face was a little flushed, her eyes were wide and sparkling, and her pouty lips stayed slightly parted. My cock was like a steel rod.

“Now my nipples are hard,” she breathed. “Look.”

I did. She pulled her top tight against herself, answering my question about a bra, and allowing me to see the pebbles under her shirt. They looked wonderful

“Why did they get like that?” she asked.

“Remember, I told you that can happen when you're excited?” I reminded her.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, running her fingers gently across them. “It feels good when I touch them.”

“Guys like to touch them too,” I said. What the hell made me say that?

“Do you want to touch them, Dad?”

The rational part of my brain was screaming “NO!” but other parts of me were yelling, “Hell, yeah!”

I struggled to get the words out, “I don't thinkt I should.”

“Why not? If guys like to touch them, and you're a guy, why don't you want to touch them?”

“I'm your father, baby.”

“Yes, and I feel safe with you. I love you.”

“But it wouldn't be right.”


“Because you're my daughter.”

“Are you saying this is another thing fathers and daughters don't normally do?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I don't care. I want you to touch them. Please, Dad, I swear I won't tell.”

The excited little voice in my head that was controlled by my crotch was saying, “Play with her tits, man! What's wrong with you? She asked you to!”

Jamie pulled away from me for a moment, long enough to pull her tank top off. Her beautiful breasts were exposed to me. I had seen them often enough before, but not after having shared some passionate kisses with her, and not with my cock straining in my pants. Seemingly of its own will, my hand moved up to surround her one breast. When my fingertips passed over her erect nipple, Jamie gasped and kissed me hard.

“Oh, Dad,” she sighed as I caressed and fondled her firm, young tit. “That's making my vagina tingle. I'm getting wet.”

“Do you like that, honey?” I asked, still massaging her nipple.

“Yes, I do,” Jamie sighed. “Play with the other one, too.”

I started fondling both her breasts, kissing her from time to time. My God, I was holding my topless teenage daughter, making out with her, and fondling her nipples. I was going to need some quality time with my right hand when we were done.

Jamie moaned into my mouth when I began to roll her one nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger.

“Dad,” she breathed, “I want to touch myself.”

“Go right ahead, honey. If you're turned on, now is the perfect time to do it. I'll just go and ….”

“No, stay here and kiss me some more. I don't care if you see me do it.”

She stood up and pulled off her skirt, and then sat down next to me again, her heels on the edge of the seat cushion and her legs apart, and began to stroke herself over her damp yellow bikini panties. I had no idea my cock could get this hard.

Between kisses, I watched her play with her little pussy through the fabric. She started out slowly, rubbing her fingertips over her lips, and gradually speeding up, pressing her middle finger into the cloth and forcing it a little way into her opening.

“Play with my boobs again,” she said.

I was happy to. It kept my hands occupied, hands that wanted to play with both her and myself.

Jamie was sighing by now, her slender hips rocking slightly in rhythm with her fingers playing with her sex. The crotch of her panties was damp, and I could smell her arousal. Damn! All I wanted to do was pull those panties down and off her long legs so I could plunge something inside of her, like my fingers, my tongue, or my throbbing cock.

“Oooh, that feels so good,” she said into my mouth. “But it feels like something more should happen.”

“Try rubbing a little higher, at the top of your slit. That's where your clitoris is,” I said. “Most people call it the clit.”


“Right here,” I said, taking her hand in mine and moving her middle finger around where I knew her most sensitive spot must be.

“Maybe I should take my panties off.”

I was about to say something about how I should leave the room again, but she had already sprung to her feet and pulled her soaked panties off. She looked at me and smiled, and then climbed onto the sofa straddling my legs. Her cute little ass rested on my thighs.

“Now show me again,” she said.

“Here,” I said, placing her finger on top of her button. “Rub all around here. Not too hard, or you'll get sore.”

I removed my shaking hand from hers, and started playing with the trimmed soft blond curls that decorated her mound. She went back to work sawing on her little clit.

“This feels so good, Dad,” she breathed, latching onto my mouth for the hottest kiss yet.

I watched her for a while. I could see that she just wasn't doing it quite right, and her poor clit was getting red. “Honey,” I said, “move your finger down over the entrance of your pussy to make it wet. That way you can glide it smoothly over your clit. Then use you other hand and try sliding a finger inside you. Not too far, just a little bit.”

She slid her finger down and played in the wetness that was there. Her slippery finger slid back up onto her swollen button as she teased her opening with her other hand.

“How does that feel, sweetie?” I asked.

“Oh, God, that feels so good! I just keep getting wetter and wetter!” she whimpered.

Unbelievable. I'm sitting on the couch with my naked teenage daughter straddling me, kissing her, playing with her tits with one hand and her pubes with the other, while she fingers herself. I could feel an actual trickle of pre-cum moistening my shorts.

“What's happening to me?” she gasped.

“You're getting ready to have an orgasm, baby. You're going to have kind of a rush of really good feeling, better than anything you've ever felt. You're going to cum,” I explained, still rolling her little nipples between my fingers.

“It feels like something big is going to happen,” she said, clenching her teeth.

“Relax, baby, let yourself go,” I said, kissing her yet again.

“I can't take it anymore!” she whined. “Help me, Dad!”

I didn't even think about it at the time. My one hand went down to squeeze her perfect little ass as my other hand slid over her drooling pussy. I worked my middle finger inside her until it touched her hymen, and then began stroking her clit with my wet thumb.

“OH! Oh God! Oh fuck!” she wailed, arching her back. Her tight little hole was pulsating around my finger as she began hyperventilating. Then she collapsed against me and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

As she relaxed, our kisses became more tender. My hands were stroking and cuddling the soft, smooth skin of my lovely daughter's ass and back. Finally, she pulled back to look at me. A few strands of her wavy blond hair were stuck to her cheek by the sweat of her exertion.

“Do they always feel like that?” she asked. “Are all orgasms that good?”

“I don't know, honey. That looked like a pretty big one,” I said.

“That was amazing. I'm going to want to do that again. Is that what it feels like when you masturbate?”

“Well, of course, we're not built the same, but I think it probably still feels just as good.”

“Can I see it? Can I watch you play with it?”

“Jamie, sweetheart, we shouldn't. It just wouldn't be right.”

“That's not fair,” she said. “You got to see me and touch me. You helped me have my first orgasm. How am I going to learn about guys if you won't let me see you?” She leaned into me for a kiss. “Please, Dad?”

I know I should have pretended to be reluctant, but when her hands grabbed the hem of my shirt, I simply smiled and raised my arms so she could pull it over my head. “You really want to see how a man masturbates?” I asked.

“Uh huh.”

She stayed straddling my thighs, so I just wriggled my sweatpants down a little, enough that the large, wet bulge in my shorts was revealed. She stared at it for a second, and then moved off to the side, grabbed the waistband of my shorts, and yanked everything off me. I was naked in front of my equally naked daughter, my cock twitching and dripping on my stomach.

“Wow! It looks so different from the way it did when I've seen it before. It's so big and beautiful! Show me how you make the sperm come out.”

Just the idea of my beautiful daughter, kneeling naked beside me, her cum drying on my fingers, was so phenomenally arousing that I was sure I wouldn't last long at all. I closed my hand around my shaft, and began to stroke it.

“Is one part more sensitive that the others?” Jamie asked.

“It's all pretty sensitive, but the head is the best. That and the little triangular patch right below the opening where my urine comes out.”

“Here?” Jamie asked, running a finger lightly across that special little spot.

“Oh God, yes, right there,” I moaned as another drop of pre-cum came out to lubricate her finger.

“Oooh, Dad, is that your sperm?”

“No honey, although there's probably some sperm in it. That's what guys call 'pre-cum'. It's a lot like the lubricant your pussy produces.”

“To help prevent any chafing when your penis rubs inside my vagina,” she said, spreading the slick, sticky liquid all over the head of my cock.

“Yes,... I mean, no! I mean, yeah, it's lubricant, but MY penis can't rub inside YOUR vagina.”

“Why not?”

“Jamie, honey, we just can't. That's i****t,” I said. “You shouldn't even be playing with my cock.”

“You played with my pussy. How am I supposed to learn anything if you won't let me do this?”

She pushed my hand away, replacing it around my shaft with her one delicate hand and using the other to fondle just the head of my needy cock. She stroked me gently, the moisture I made allowing her hand to slide the entire length. Her rhythm was slow, hypnotic, exquisite.

“Honey, if you keep that up, my sperm will come out. My semen. I'll have an orgasm.”

“Good. I want to see that,” she said, continuing her slow, gentle strokes.

I tore my eyes away from her hands stroking my cock and looked at her face. Her expression was a combination of determination and pleasure. Seeing the concentration and care my daughter was putting into jerking me off didn't slow me down much. Neither did the rhythmic motion of her firm young tits or the bouncing of her sweet wet pussy as she stroked me.

“Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum,... I'm gonna cum,... there's gonna be a lot of it, oh God!” I moaned.

The first rope managed to escape her fingers and shot high into the air, splattering onto her teenage breasts. She covered the head of my cock with her hand, so that the second, third, fourth, and fifth blasts spewed onto her fingers and down onto my belly. My conscience? Funny, I didn't hear anything thing from it.

“Wow! That was so cool! It got even bigger just before it spurted! That was so awesome!” Jamie exclaimed. She was still stroking me, coaxing the last bit of cum out of my softening shaft.

“Well, now you know about masturbation,” I sighed.

“Yeah, thanks Dad,” Jamie said. “I didn't know it would be that much fun. It's kind of messy, though. I guess I should go clean up. We're all sweaty, and you shot your stuff onto my boobs and my hands, and you have sperm all over your belly. I know! Let's take a shower together!”

“Oh honey, that's not a good idea.”

“Why not? We've seen each other in the shower before. We're naked now. We just masturbated each other. What could happen?”

Hmmm. Let's see. What might happen if I got in the shower with my nubile teenage daughter and helped her wash her lovely young body? What could possibly happen when a mature man and a beautiful young woman are scrubbing cum off each other? My re-hardening cock had some ideas. “I don't know, honey. These are things fathers and daughters just don't do.”

“Please, Dad? I promise I won't tell anyone. I think since we made each other messy, we should help each other clean up,” she said, running her cum-slick fingers over my dick again.

“All right, sweetheart,” I said, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “Let's go get a shower.”

Jamie wiped my cum onto her belly and thighs, and then scrambled off the sofa. “Last one in the shower is a rotten egg!” she teased as she ran from the room.

God, what am I doing?

Our shower was going along very well. My cock was at half-mast, you know, when it has most of its length and girth (so it looks good), but is more or less hanging down. I was almost able to convince myself that this was okay. After all, I'm sure Jamie had seen my cock in this state before when I came into the bathroom in the mornings with half a piss-hard-on. We had seen each other in the shower enough times. It was all good. We were going to be okay.

That was when my daughter grabbed my cock in her soapy little hands and washed it, more thoroughly than she really needed to. I knew what would happen if I didn't distract her. “Turn around, honey. Let me wash your back,” I said, grabbing her gauze bath sponge and her vanilla shower gel as she turned her back to me.

Her wet blond hair lay on her shoulders. I scooped it away and d****d it over her chest, over her firm, beautiful breasts. Squeezing a generous dollop of the creamy white gel (oh God!) onto the sponge, I began to wash her shoulders. With the sponge, I caressed the perfect curves of the smooth skin of her back. Just as I reached her shapely little ass, she spoke.

“What's oral sex?”

I wasn't at half-mast any more. “Where did you hear about that?” I asked.

“Kiersten says her s****r does it with her boyfriend. When I asked her what it was, she laughed at me. I mean, I know that 'oral' means mouth, but I don't understand how you can have sex with your mouth.”

“It's, um,.... well,... it's, um,... contact between the mouth of one partner and the genitals of the other,” I stammered.


It was time for me to get out of that shower. I turned my back to my daughter while I tried to concentrate on drying off. Hopefully, I had another clean pair of bike shorts in my drawer. Maybe two or three pairs.

“Would you hand me a towel?” Jamie asked.

I should have just handed it to her behind my back. But no, I had to turn around. My gorgeous blond daughter stood there, squeezing water out of her hair, the nipples on her beautiful breasts erect in the cool air, droplets of water dripping from her soft blond curls onto her puffy lips, and trickling down her long, slender legs. My towel tented even more.

“So does that mean you put your mouth on my vagina and I put my mouth on your penis?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, I would lick your pussy, and stick my tongue inside and suck on your clit, and …. I mean, a guy would do that … to a woman. That's oral sex. The proper term is cunnilingus. Some people call it eating pussy.” I was starting to sweat again.

“And what would I do with my mouth on your penis?”

“It's called fellatio, or more commonly, a blowjob. You would … I mean, a woman would lick my … I mean, a guy's penis, and suck on it.”

“Can people have an orgasm like that?”

“Oh yes.”

“What happens to your sperm?” she asked.

Oh dear lord, what am I supposed to say?

“What happens when you cum, Dad?” she asked again.

“Well, sometimes the guy pulls out of the girl's mouth and cums on her breasts or her face.”

“I'd need another shower,” Jamie muttered.

“Sometimes, if the girls wants him to, he cums in her mouth.”

“If you came in my mouth, what would I do then? Swallow it?”

“You could, or you could spit it out. Wait a minute! Honey, you keep saying 'me' and 'you.' We can't do this!”

“Why not? Because it's another thing fathers and daughters don't do?” she asked.


“Well, I want to try it,” Jamie stated.

“NO! We can't!”

“Daaaaadd!” she whined. “You said you would teach me all this stuff!”

“I said I would explain it. I said I would answer your questions.”

“I want to learn. I want to understand how it's done. You can explain all you like, but I'll never really understand until I do it and it's done to me.”

“I know, honey, but, ....”

“Do you want me to look dumb in front of my friends?”

“No,” I said, “but I can't … we can't ....”

“Should I ask some guy I know to teach me? Maybe Brian or Paul?”

“NO!” I almost shouted.

“Well, then?”

“Jamie, honey, look, we just can't do that with each other. Now, please, go put some clothes on.”

“Dad, I want you to teach me. I want you to lick my pussy and I want to learn how to give you a blowjob,” she said in her no-nonsense voice.

Fuck me dead. Obviously, this was something we simply should NOT do, but who was I k**ding? I wanted it so much I could barely stand it.

“Jamie, we can only do this once, understand? And you can never tell anybody. Not anybody!”

“I promise. I know sex is private.”

“Sex is private. This is i****t. I could go to jail if anyone found out, and we wouldn't be able to see each other,” I said.

“I love you, Dad. I would never let that happen. I'll never tell anyone, I swear,” she said.

“Let's go to my room,” I said huskily.

Jamie wrapped her wet hair in a towel turban and practically skipped out of the bathroom. Her ass was a work of art.

She was lying on her back in the middle of my bed, practicing her new-found masturbation skills, when I caught up to her. “Lick me,” she said.

Somehow, I kept my composure long enough to say, “There's more to it than that, honey.”

“What do you mean?”

As I lay down next to her and pulled her into my arms, I said, “I'll show you.”

I kissed her, gently, much warmer than a father's kiss should be (especially since we were naked), but not the hot passionate kiss that you share with a woman just before, or during, actual intercourse.

“Sex is supposed to be a sharing of pleasure,” I said.. “Everything I've done to you today was because of how much I love you. I've tried to give you pleasant sensations, and you've certainly given pleasure to me. Now I hope you enjoy this. I want you to understand that I'm doing this because I love you.”

“I know,” she said, “I love you too.” Placing her hand possessively on my penis, she said, “And I love what you've been teaching me.”

“Sweetheart, you know we can never talk about this to anyone. We probably shouldn't even talk about it to each other after this. This is one lesson and done, all right?”

“I'm not sure one lesson will be enough,” she said, lightly stroking my hard cock and leaning in for another kiss. “I think I'll need some practice.”

“We'll talk about that later,” I said, brushing her hand away. “Right now, I'm going to teach you about oral sex.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Oral sex can be the ending of a session of love-making, or it can be just one step along the way to full-on intercourse. For us, it's going to be the end of our love-making session. That's what I'm going to do with you now, honey, make love.”

“How are you going to do that?” she whispered after another sweet, hot kiss.

“We're going to use what you've learned so far today, and we're going to build on it. Now hush. Just enjoy this,” I said, as I sat up and pulled her to face me.

I removed her turban, and combed out her damp wavy hair with my fingers, just as I had when she was little. She had been a c***d then. Things were different now. I had never seen her as a woman before today. I found myself holding her face in my hands. Her blue eyes were open wide, darting back and forth between mine.

Her lips formed into the needful pout she had perfected over the years, and she said, “Make love to me, Dad.”

“All right.”

I kissed her more passionately, our tongues dancing and sparring with each other. I lowered her to the bed, and then lay down next to her, allowing my one hand to begin to trace random patterns slowly and gently on the delicate skin of her throat and upper chest. When my fingertips first touched her aroused nipple, she gasped in pleasure, “Oh, Dad!”

“I love you, Jamie,” I whispered as I kissed her yet again.

With the softest touch I could manage, I traced all around her aroused bud, feeling the tiny puckered bumps of her little areola around her pencil-eraser nipple. I began kissing my way down from her mouth, and over her soft, young throat.

Her heart was beating rapidly as my kisses rained all over her chest. By this time, she knew I was going to kiss her breasts, and the anticipation was making her squirm. I wanted to lick those nipples, to suck on them, to hold them between my teeth while my tongue played. She had never felt this before, so I needed to make it everything I could for her.

The first contact was the tip of my tongue on her right nipple. She let out a quiet moan. With small, soft strokes, I licked a few circles around her areola, enjoying the way she shuddered and whimpered. Grasping her nipple between my lips, I flicked my tongue over it, slowly, methodically, waiting for her reaction.

“Dad?” Jamie whispered.

“What, baby?”

“I thought you were going to lick my pussy.”

“I'm getting to that. Don't you like this?

“Yes!” she whimpered. “But I'm not sure I can wait. I need to touch myself.”

“No, Jamie, don't. I'll take good care of you,” I said, switching to her left breast.

“I wanna cum again, Dad. I wanna cum.”

“You will.”

Still enjoying her firm young tit, I began to comb my fingers through the short curls on her mound. She parted her legs, inviting my hand to play with the tender skin of her upper thighs. As my fingertips tickled the wet flesh of her outer lips, I wondered if I would be able to resist the urge to fuck her. No! I can't do that. I must not go there. But I am going to make her cum on my tongue.

My fingertips were wet with her moisture. I had to taste them. Mmmm. Delicious. Sweet, hot, fragrant -- dear God, I wanted to eat her so much! Reluctantly leaving her breasts behind, I trailed a line of kisses down her taut belly. My conscience tried to remind me that I used to kiss this belly when we roughhoused, when I would hold my little girl and tickle her and give her raspberries on her c***d's abdomen. Had that really been so long ago?

Her aroma helped me to ignore reason and morals. It was time to do this, and do it right.

I moved down in the bed, between my daughter's smooth, shapely legs. When had they become this beautiful? They spread on their own accord. I stared at her sex, swollen now with her need. God, she was wet! My cock was screaming at me that it needed to be buried inside her, and I almost gave in. No, dammit! This is supposed to be about her! I'm supposed to be teaching her what it feels like to have a tongue in her cunt.

She gasped when I first kissed her knee, and her legs opened even further. I licked a path from her knee, up the inside of her thigh, almost to her pussy, and then repeated the action on her other leg. Then I licked and kissed along her tan line, from just above where her beautiful curls started, over to her hip bone where the pale skin dwindled to almost nothing, and then down the valley between her thigh and her pussy lip.

“Oh, God, Dad!” she whispered.

I did the same thing on the other side, and then pulled back to look at her. She was holding her head up off the pillow and biting her lower lip. Her luscious breasts were rising and falling on her chest with her breathing. As her eyes met mine, she shuddered. I looked down to see a droplet of her moisture ooze slowly from her opening, and start to move toward her little pink star. Quickly, I bent down to lick it up. Nectar from the gods.

“That feels so good,” she murmured.

Slowly, I licked her outer labia, teasing her, making her want more. At the bottom of every stroke, I could taste her juice, and at the top, her little clit had abandoned the shelter of its hood. Her breathing was turning into a series of small, sensuous moans.

It was time to get serious about this. With my fingertips, I gently pulled her puffy outer lips apart to allow me to taste her center. Starting just ahead of her pretty little pucker, my tongue traveled the length of her slit, veering slightly off-center at the top, to lick around her clit. Every time I did it, I moved my tongue a little deeper, a little faster. She was moving with me now, her hips undulating in time with my mouth's work. When she got louder and more f***eful with her movements, I grabbed her clit between my lips and pushed a finger partway inside her until I felt her barrier, and then stroked her little hole as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her pleasure nub.

There was a sharp intake of breath, and then she wailed, “Daddyyyyy!” just before going rigid. Her tight pussy clamped down on my finger as her juices seeped out around it. She began bucking wildly, throwing her head back and forth on my pillow. I had made my little girl cum again.

The part of me that saw Jamie as a beautiful sexual woman wanted to stay between her legs to lick her again and again, just so I could make her cum some more. The part of me that loved my c***d as the most precious life in the world urged me to hold her, to comfort her, to kiss her, and to celebrate with her the pleasure her young body had just experienced. I moved back up in the bed and held my trembling daughter close. She rested her head on my chest, waiting for her breathing to calm.

After a few minutes, she moved back so she could look at me.

“That was the most awesome thing ever. I mean, I thought it was good when you played with my pussy before, but this! Is it always that great, or are you just really good at it?” she giggled.

For the first time since she had walked in the door the night before and asked me the question that, somehow, led us here, I felt proud of myself.

“I've done this before, honey. I really like giving oral sex, especially to a beautiful girl like you. I've never had any complaints.”

“Well, you're not gonna hear any from me either! You can do that to me again any time you like!”

It damn near killed me to say it. “Jamie, I told you this was a once and done thing. We can't do this any more.”

“Nooooo!” Jamie whined. “I'm gonna want you to do that to me again. Pleeeease?”

“Jamie,...” I began. She interrupted me with a kiss.

“Is that what I taste like?” my daughter asked.

“Yes. I think it tastes good.”

“It's okay, I guess. What does a penis taste like?”

“I don't know, sweetie. I've never tasted one.”

“But you've kissed a girl after she's sucked it, haven't you?”

“Well, yes.”

“So, does it taste okay?”

“Um,.. I guess so.”

“Well, I'm going to find out. Teach me how to give you a blowjob, Dad.”

“Jamie, I can't. You're my daughter. You're my little girl.”

“Yes, and I just had an orgasm with your finger in my pussy and your tongue on my clit. You said you'd explain about oral sex, so explain to me how to make you cum in my mouth,” she said.


“Don't 'honey' me, Dad. I want it. Your penis tells me you want it. I'm going to do it to someone sooner or later, but I want you to be the first, 'cuz you'll tell me how to do it right.” She turned in the bed so her face was inches from my straining cock.

It wasn't that hard to beat my conscience into submission.

“Okay, baby. There's really no right way or wrong way to do this, as long as you're careful with your teeth. The skin on a penis is very sensitive. It's pretty easy to hurt it if your teeth sc**** across it.”

“All right.” She stroked my cock with her fingertips. “What should I do with it?” Jamie asked.

Damn. We were really going to do this.

“Hold it in your hand and point it toward your mouth. You can start by licking the head, or up and down the shaft. Then open your mouth and work it in. Lick while you do it if you can. Then move your mouth up and down and suck.”

“Okay. I hope I do this right.” Her small hand stroked me lightly. “Will you hold my hair back? I want you to be able to see what I'm doing so you can tell me how to make you feel good.”

The very first touch of her tongue to the head of my cock was answered by an ooze of pre-cum. She grinned at me and licked it off. It sounded like she said something about it tasting good, but it was hard to hear her over the pounding of my own pulse. She did it a few more times, flicking her tongue across the tip, then swirling it around. She paused to smile at me.

“Is that okay, Dad?”

It took me a second to even realize she had spoken. “It's wonderful,” I gasped.

She ran her tongue around the rim of my helmet, then down the underside of my shaft to the base. When she came back up, she pursed her lips into a kiss, allowing a fraction of an inch of the head between them as her tongue teased it, much as she had done to my own tongue an hour, or a lifetime, ago. Then she tilted my cock a little to the side, and ran her tongue up and down the length, doing her best to wrap it around my girth.

“Put it in your mouth now, honey,” I said.


She opened wide, extended her tongue, and moved onto me. When she had taken a few inches, she closed her lips tight, trapping me against her tongue. Slowly, she eased back until I popped out from between her lips.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I gasped.

She took me in her mouth again, holding me by the base, so that my entire cock was sheathed in her tissues. This time, she bobbed up and down on me, using her hand as a guard to keep her from taking too much. Every time she pulled back, she would stop, resting the tip of my cock on her lower lip and licking as much of it as she could. After a dozen or so slow strokes, she came up for air. “Does that feel good, Dad?”

“Honey,” I panted, “that feels great.”

She giggled. “You have that cute look on your face again.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw it in the living room earlier when I was stroking you. That look you got about a minute before you exploded all over the place,” she giggled.

“I'm getting there.”

“Good. I'm going to swallow it,” she said, lowering her lips to envelop me again.

This was going to be the third time I'd cum today, all because of my daughter. My daughter! The evil part of me wondered how many more times I'd wind up trying to cum today.

“Jamie?” I wheezed.

“Mmmmm?” she said, bobbing up and down on my shaft.

“I'm going to cum real soon.”

Her blue eyes sparkled at me with her smile. She had really learned how to use her tongue as she sucked me.

The first pulse of my semen surprised her, I think, but she managed to swallow it. There was more. I could feel it rushing out of my cock and onto her quivering tongue, finally leaking out of the corners of her mouth. When I was done, she pulled back carefully and smiled, keeping her lips closed as her throat worked to swallow. My God.

“Wow! That was a lot!” she exclaimed.

She licked her lips, and then scooped up a drip from her chin. She held it on her finger and studied it, and then sucked it into her mouth. “I kinda like the taste,” she said.

My exhausted cock managed to expel one more drip. Jamie licked it off, and then used her fingers to clean and eat the few drops that had dribbled to her breasts.

“Okay, Jamie, honey, now you know about oral sex. Please, baby, you can't tell a soul about this,”

“I know, Dad. I promise. I would never do anything to break us apart.”

“Good. Now please put some clothes on.”

“Can I relax here for a while? I kinda want a Daddy cuddle like when I was little.”

Maybe we would be okay. She lay against me, her head on my shoulder and her arm across my chest, just like she used to do as a c***d on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The big difference was that we were naked now, traces of each other's cum on our chins.

I woke up a few hours later. Jamie hadn't moved much. Her head was still cradled against my shoulder, but her hand was now resting on my flaccid cock. I turned my head to look at her, and realized she was awake.

She said, “Are you hungry? It's the middle of the afternoon.”

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Let's get dressed and make something to eat. Then I'd like you to run an errand for me.”

“What's that?” I asked.

My daughter said, “I've heard about the 'morning-after pill'. Can you get me one? I have another question.”
chapter begins, the girl, a senior in high school, approached her father with some frank questions about sex.

* * * * * * * * * *

My daughter said, “I've heard about the 'morning-after pill'. Can you get me one? I have another question.”

“Jamie, no! I can't do that!” I said.

“Do you want to take a chance of getting me pregnant?” Jamie asked.

“Of course not,” I answered, “but honey, that's not the point....”

“Dad, look. I know this is all strange for you. It's strange for me. I've never done anything with a guy before. I've never let a guy put his fingers in my pussy, or suck on my breasts or my clit. I've never had a real orgasm, let alone with a guy, until today.”

“I feel so guilty about all that.”

“Why?” my daughter asked. She rolled her naked body partially on top of mine, resting her smooth thigh against my cock. “Why? I wanted it.”

“Yes, but still,....”

Jamie kissed me. “I know, Dad, I know. 'Fathers and daughters don't do this kind of thing.'”


“Well, we just did do that kind of thing, Dad. I'm naked in your bed with you. I've masturbated in front of you, you helped me reach my first real orgasm, I made you cum all over my hand and my boobs, you licked my pussy, and I gave you a blowjob and swallowed when you came in my mouth. What's the next logical step? I want to learn from you!”

“Jamie, I can't actually have sex with you. You'll never forgive me if I take your virginity. I've already damaged you for life.”

“Dad, listen to me. I WANT you to take my virginity. I want it, Dad. I want to become a woman. I want to feel a penis inside me. And I want it to be yours. Please? I love you!”

“I love you too, Jamie. Very much. You know that, baby, don't you? That's why I'm not sure I want to do this with you.”

Jamie ran her fingers down my body until she touched my cock, which was very hard, again. “I'm pretty sure you want to do this with me. Your penis is telling me that,” she said, kissing me again. “I want you, you want me, we love each other, and the pill will keep me from getting pregnant. Don't get condoms. Get the pill, so I can feel you shoot your stuff inside me.”

“If anyone finds out, I'm dead. We're dead. Our life together is over. I want to make sure you understand that.”

“Dad, it's okay. I know. There's a big risk in this for me, too. Who would want to be seen with the town slut?” she said, gently fondling my cock and balls.

The town slut – what a horrible name for one's own daughter! I would kill anyone who called her that, and castrate any boy who tried to make her into that! And yet,... and yet,... oh God! I wanted to fuck her!

Somehow, I f***ed myself to push her hand away from my manhood. I wasn't sure I could cum again soon anyway. It had been a long time since I had had any reason to wonder about my endurance. The tiny bit of morality left in me was glad. If I was worn out, I couldn't de-flower my own daughter and shoot my seed inside her young and probably fertile pussy. The much bigger part of me was afraid that if I let her play with me now, I wouldn't be able to fuck her and cum inside her later.

“Let's get dressed and make something to eat,” I said.

Jamie kissed me again, tenderly, almost romantically, and then got off the bed. “Come on, then,” she said. “Our clothes are downstairs.”

I watched her nubile, naked body move out of my room. I admit it. I was dumbstruck. In all the years of raising this c***d, I had always believed she was beautiful. Was I biased? Of course. Any parent who loves a c***d will always see that c***d as attractive. But everyone kept telling me how pretty she was, from the time she was too little to hold her own head up. You get used to that after a while. As Jamie matured, it simply didn't occur to me to see her sexually. On some level, I guess, I knew she had a nice body. Hell, we never hid from each other in the bathroom, so I clearly saw the physical changes she had gone through. It was no big deal. My daughter had grown up to be centerfold material, and somehow, I hadn't reacted.

Now, suddenly, I wanted to fuck the hell out of her.

We prepared and ate an early dinner, and then I asked Jamie to sit on the couch with me again. She was wearing the same tank top and skirt as before, but when she sat down next to me, I spotted her little yellow panties on the floor where she had tossed them earlier.

“Jamie, are you sure about this?” I asked her.

“Yes, Dad, I am. Do I have to write it out for you or something? I want you to put your penis in my vagina. I want you to break my hymen. I want to feel you as far inside me as you can get. I want to feel you ejaculate inside me. Can I be any clearer than that?”


She moved to straddle my lap, just as she had done this morning. Her luscious pussy was exposed to me, fresh, moist, pink, and topped with her soft blond hair. The final battle with my conscience was over the second she kissed me. This was a woman, a beautiful, sexy, newly-ripened young woman, and she was in heat. If I could, I would fuck her all night.

We made out for a while, kissing, hugging, and fondling. Her covered breasts were alive in my hand, and my clothed cock was pulsing in hers. “Dad, go to the d**gstore and get the pill. Please.”

“All right. It'll probably take me an hour.”

“I'll be waiting,” she said.

The line at the pharmacy was long. Finally, I got to talk to the young girl on duty as a technician. “I think there's an emergency contraceptive pill I can buy without a prescription, isn't there?” I asked.


“I'd like to get one.”

“I'm required to ask you a few questions, sir,” she said. “Does the woman need this medication because she had unprotected sex without her consent?”

“No!” I said.

“Sorry, but I had to ask. Does the woman understand that this pill does nothing to prevent or treat any kind of STD?”

“I think she does. I'll explain it to her, but I really don't think that's a concern,” I answered.

“Okay, good. Did you know that this pill loses it's effectiveness, the longer the woman waits to take it after unprotected sex? How long ago did the incident happen?

“Um, just a couple of hours ago,” I lied.

“Good. Tell her to take this as soon as possible,” she said, already ringing up my purchase.

“How effective is it?”

“It works. Like I said, the sooner the better. According to the product info that's in your bag here, she should be fine. Ideally, a woman would pop one of these as soon as, you know, it's like, over, I guess.”

I swiped my card at the register, and she handed me the bag.

“There's also some literature in there, and some websites about effective, safe, long-term birth control,” she said. “Have a nice day.”

“I will. Thank you,” I said, trying my best to look nonchalant as I walked away.

The drive home seemed to take forever. When I walked in from the garage, I heard Jamie moving around upstairs. Part of me wanted to just go up there and jump her, but I thought better of it. This will be my daughter's first time, our first time. Better to let things proceed at her pace. Besides, she still has a chance to change her mind, with no REAL harm done, I rationalized.

I was in the kitchen drinking some iced tea when Jamie came downstairs. Her long, curly blond hair framed her pretty face, and she was wearing a white terry-cloth robe. She looked fresh and innocent. “Did you get it, Dad?”

“Yes, baby, I did.”

“Oh, good. So now you can cum inside me, can't you?”

“You won't get pregnant, but are you one hundred percent certain this is what you want?” I asked.

“One hundred percent,” she answered, untying her robe and letting it fall to the floor. My beautiful teenage daughter was naked in front of me.

“Take me to bed. Make love to me,” she murmured, coming over to me and giving me a kiss. “Make me a woman, fill my vagina with your penis and shoot your sperm into me.”

As dirty talk goes, this was pretty clinical, but it had the desired effect. Her words made me horny as hell, desperate to be inside this woman, my virgin daughter, wild with the need to pump her little pussy full of my cum. I held her naked body against me, cupping her pure, perfect ass in my hands and kissing her deeply. She smelled of the cologne I had gotten her for her birthday, and her mouth tasted of her fresh, young sweetness.

“You're getting hard, Dad. Let's go upstairs.”

We did. She grabbed the bag from the d**gstore and went ahead of me, and I stayed back just far enough that I could admire her trim, young ass and catch brief glimpses of her virgin lips peeking at me as she climbed the steps. I was long past the point of debating whether I was going to do this. I was. I was going to fuck my own daughter. I was going to violate her because she said she wanted me to. The only question in my mind was how to make this as pleasurable as possible for her.

When we got to the top of the steps, I reached for her hand. “Jamie,” I said. “Come here.” I pulled her to me and kissed her again. She was ready for a passionate kiss, but my mouth made hers understand that this was a kiss of emotion. “I love you, Jamie,” I whispered when we parted.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she responded. Her blue eyes were searching mine, penetrating me. “I love you so much. Thank you.”

“For what, baby?”

“For today, for everything, for being my father, for loving me.”

“I do love you, sweetie. I really do.”

“Then, make love to me,” she said.

I picked her up and carried her in my arms, like a father carries a sl**py c***d or a groom carries his bride. I laid her on my bed, but her arms stayed around my neck. For the first time, looking in her eyes, I understood that this was the right thing to do. We kissed again, and then I stood to get undressed.

My shirt was over my eyes when I first felt her fingers working on my belt. By the time I had the shirt off, my pants were at my knees, and my daughter was fondling me through my briefs.

“You're so hard, Dad. Your penis is so hard,” she said.

I struggled to kick off my shoes and pants as Jamie pulled my briefs down. The feel of her hands on my cock and balls would have been enough to send me through the roof if I hadn't already cum three times today. Odd. I had felt so guilty jerking off in the shower this morning, pretending that I wasn't turned on by my own daughter. I had felt ashamed when we masturbated each other later, and I was almost disgusted with myself when I came in her mouth. Now, I felt anxious to perform well for her, and proud to be the one she chose to take her virginity.

Jamie slowly stroked my cock and said, “I want this in my pussy. Get in bed, Dad.”

She held my cock as I got in bed next to her. She held it as I kissed her face.

“If I start this, honey, there's no turning back,” I said. “Our relationship is never going to be the same. You will not be a virgin anymore, and you'll always remember who took that away from you. We will both have committed i****t, complete with me shooting my sperm inside you. Everything will change for us. We'll never ….”

Still holding my cock in her hand, she interrupted, “Dad, shut up and fuck me.”

I moved from her face to her neck. I kissed her there, daring to nibble, hopefully not enough to leave a mark. My mouth moved to her shoulder and then across her throat to the other. I could taste her cologne there, sharp and pleasantly bitter on my tongue, but so sweet in my nose. When I first found her nipple, I could smell her sweet pussy, too.

“Oh, Dad, I want you inside me, I need to feel you inside me,” she moaned.

“Not yet. I want to taste you one last time as a virgin,” I said, moving down toward her curls.

“Do you want me to suck on you?” she asked.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes. Yeah, I do. I liked that. And I could tell you liked it!” Jamie smiled.

“Have you ever heard the term 'sixty-nine'?” I asked. “When talking about sex, I mean.”

“Yeah, but I never knew what they meant,.... Oh, I bet I know what they mean, now!” she gasped. “We would sorta do it together, at the same time, right? I'd give you a blowjob while you licked my pussy?”

“Right,” I said, rolling on my back and pulling her on top of me. “Now turn around. Put your knees on either side of my head. I hope you like this.”

The petals of my daughter's sex had already opened by the time she was hovering over me. I felt her mouth on my cock as a drop of her dew fell on my chin. I pulled her to me, grasping her hips to position her for my tongue. The first touch was on the tiny, weeping hole of her pussy. Her taste thrilled me. She shuddered a little, but never stopped bathing my engorged member with her tongue.

Holding her ass cheeks in my hands, I moved her back and forth across my mouth. I hardened my tongue and sc****d it along her center line, from her clit, down her crevice, playing in her moisture, and finally coming to rest on her pink star.

“My God, Dad! What are you doing?” Jamie gasped.

“Don't you like that?”

“Well, yeah, I guess I like it, but it sure surprised me,” she said.

I did it again – started on her clit and worked my way down to her ass. This time, I moved my tongue left and right as I went.

“Oh! God!” was all she said before she plunged her mouth down hard on my cock. She sucked me for all she was worth, enthusiasm more than making up for her lack of skill doing it for only her second time.

After a while, I eased a finger inside her pussy until I felt her membrane, allowing my thumb to rub over her tender sphincter. She seemed to forget about my blowjob, concentrating her energy on her own orgasm. That was all right with me. The sight, sound, and taste of her cumming was almost enough to push me over the edge anyway.

When she gathered herself, Jamie went right back to sucking my cock. The sensation was amazing. I held out through another of her orgasms, but I knew I would join her the next time. “Baby, come here again,” I said.

Jamie released my penis from her mouth, and I lifted her pelvis off my face. She turned and lay on top of me, grinding the wet lips of her womanhood against my shaft as we kissed. I could feel her slippery sex trying to envelop mine. It was time.

I rolled us over so she was on her back, and I was on my hands and knees above her. “Are you ready?” I asked.

“God yes, Daddy. I want you,” she answered.

I lowered myself to her, easing her legs apart, and holding my rigid cock in my hand to aim it. I rubbed against her clit and across her weeping hole. “Relax, sweetheart,” I said, “I'll be as gentle as I can.”

“I know you will. Just do it, just put it inside me,” she whispered, smiling up into my eyes.

The feeling of her lips parting to admit me was one of the most powerful sensations I ever felt. She was unbelievably tight, slippery, and wet. Her breathing was slow and deep, a relaxation technique she had learned long ago in gymnastics. Slowly, I felt her labia part, and the head of my cock was inside my own daughter.

We had never broken eye contact. If the look on her face didn't tell me everything I needed to know, her kiss did. This was right. This was what we had to do. Over the years, this was the only way we had not explored to show our love for each other.

Carefully, I eased forward until I felt her membrane stretching over the head of my cock. I held myself there, and asked Jamie one last time, “Should I stop?”

“Don't you dare,” she said. She thrust her hips upward toward me, impaling herself deeply on my cock. “Owww,” she whimpered. “It burns.”

“I'm so sorry, honey – I wasn't going to do it that way,” I said as I wiped a tear from her cheek.

She slowly seemed to come to grips with the pain, blinking her moist, wonderful eyes at me. Finally, she smiled, and then she started to ramble. “I was afraid you weren't going to do it at all, Dad, and I just couldn't have taken that, and I wanted you to so much, and I just got to the point where I wanted to learn all about sex, and it's always been just you and me, and I love you so much,...”

My kiss silenced her. It started as a kiss of comfort, and became a deep kiss of fulfilled love. I started to pull out to give her some time to stretch, but she grabbed my hips and said, “No! No! Don't pull out. Then I'll just have to stretch all over again. Please, just hold me.”

I did, kissing her, stroking her face, nuzzling her neck, playing with her hair, and just looking at her. This girl wasn't really my daughter any more. She was the beautiful young woman I was making love with.

Carefully, trying to stay as still as possible inside her, I moved so I could cuddle a breast. Her nipple, already erect, barely gave way as I rubbed my palm slowly over it. When I kissed her this time, I felt her move.

“Oh, my God, I feel so full,” she moaned.

“Good full or bad full?” I spoke into her hair.

“I think good full.” She rocked her hips forward a little. “Yeah, good full. And it doesn't burn as much anymore. Now it's more like a hot tingle.”

I pulled back from her, slowly pulling an inch or so of me out of her. “Is that a good thing?”

“Yeah, it is,” Jamie gasped as I eased back to where I had been.

We took it pretty slowly at first. I did most of the moving. When I got to the point that I was sliding half my length carefully in and out of her, she began to move with me.



“Can we go a little faster?

“If you're ready.”

“I think I am,” Jamie said, pulling and pushing a little on my hips to help to guide our rhythm. We fucked like that for a while, still with gentle strokes, at a nice pace I knew I could make last. Then, I felt her quickening, holding me tighter as we coupled.

“Dad? Will you please suck on my boobs again? I think that will make me cum,” Jamie whimpered.

I bent down to kiss and nibble on her nipple again. When I sucked it into my mouth, Jamie started thrusting her pelvis at me a lot harder. I knew she was close, and I wasn't far behind.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh!” she hissed through clenched teeth, and her body began to writhe under me. When her already tight cunt started milking me, begging for my spunk, I released. It couldn't have been much, but it felt like gallons. As Jamie was coming down from her high, she felt me still twitching inside her, and she clung to me with all her limbs as we kissed.

It took an embarrassingly short time for me to wilt to the point that I fell from her hole. I was spent for the day. I knew it, and my cock knew it.

She rolled on top of me again, and I held her young body tight to me. I cherished this c***d far more than my own life. I had made passionate love to her, and now my jumbled, exhausted mind was trying to make sense of that. I had just had sex with my daughter and had shot my load into her young, and quite possibly, fertile womb.

“You should take your pill,” I said.

“I will, Dad, in just a few minutes. I want a Daddy-cuddle again.”

I was quite happy to hold her, stroking her mane of wild blond hair, damp with the exertion of sex. As she moved against me, burrowing her pretty head into the space between my neck and my shoulder, her poor, battered pussy leaked traces of my cum and her virgin bl**d onto my hip.

“Are you okay, Jamie?” I asked.

“Yes. It hurt a lot at first, but it got better pretty fast. I guess it won't hurt next time, will it?”

“When you've healed up, it shouldn't hurt at all unless you're really dry down there,” I answered.

“Do you think I'll be healed up by tonight? I want to do this again.”

“Honey,...” I began.

“Don't 'honey' me, Dad. I want to have sex with you again. As soon as possible. I'm going to sl**p in your bed with you tonight.”

Jamie took her pill, and we got in the shower again. After everything that had happened that day, the act of bathing nude with my daughter seemed pretty innocent. Hah! What does that say about my moral character?

She must have seen the look on my face. “Dad,” Jamie said, cupping my face with her sudsy hands, “are you all right?”

“I'm the one who should be asking you that, Jamie. Only I can't bear to hear the answer.”

“What do you mean? I'm a little sore, but mainly, I'm just happy,” she said.

“Happy? After what I've done to you? Jamie, I'm such a shit! I've ruined you!”

“Stop it right now!” she said. “You didn't do anything TO me. You did things WITH me. You are not a shit. You are a wonderful, kind, gentle man who I will always love as my father. That hasn't changed one bit. I'm happy, because now, I know what it is to love you as a lover. Ruined me? No, you've made me complete. You've made me a woman, Daddy, and I will always love you for that.”

She came into my arms and held me, this c***d, now a woman, close against me under the streaming water. Maybe we would be okay.

We dried each other off, and I helped Jamie with her hair. She always loved to have me do that. Even as a little girl, when her blond curls would tangle, she wanted me to comb them out and dry them. It was a special time of innocent physical closeness, and somehow, I felt that even now as I worked on my nude daughter's mane.

“What do you want to do for dinner, Dad,” Jamie asked.

“Let's go out.”

“Ooh! Can we go somewhere nice?” she asked. “Some place where we can dress up?”

I thought for a second. “I know just the place. Raphael's.”

“Really? I've seen their ad on TV. I always thought it would be a cool place to go on a date.”

I kicked myself inside. This wasn't how I was used to doing it. I had always wined and dined a girl, and then hoped to get lucky, not the other way around. And this girl was my daughter.

“What's wrong, Dad?”

“It feels pretty strange to be taking my daughter out on a date.”

“Oh, come on. We've done this before. You used to take me on dinner and movie dates all the time.”

“Yes, but it wasn't after a day of having sex together,” I said.

“Dad, it doesn't matter, at least not to me. Now come on. Take me out for a nice dinner. Low lighting, good food. It's about a half hour drive, right?” she asked.

I said, “Will you help me pick out a tie?”

I guess Jamie isn't that much different from any other woman. I had shaved and gotten completely dressed, shirt, pants, shoes, belt, the works. I picked up my suit jacket and pulled three ties out of my closet. “Jamie?” I called.


“Would you take a look at these ties?”

“Sure,” she answered, appearing at my door moments later. She was still naked, except for tiny pale beige panties that almost disappeared against her, and a pair of high-heeled sandals.

“Honey, I'm almost dressed. As soon as you help me find a tie, I'll be ready to go,” I said.

“I'm just about ready, Dad. Except for the dress and about five seconds on my hair, I'm set to go, too.” She came over to me, her firm pretty breasts hardly bouncing. “This one,” she said, holding a tie against my shirt. Then she walked away.

I was still tightening the knot on my tie when Jamie re-appeared in my doorway. She was wearing the dress she had worn for Homecoming at school the previous Fall. It looked different now, somehow, sexier than before. Suddenly, I realized why. “Jamie, didn't that dress have some kind of under-slip or something?”

“Yes, I altered it. The slip was kind of warm against me, and I think it looks fine without it. I also raised the hemline,” she said. “Do you like it?”

She turned, slowly at first. Her breasts were proudly displayed in the unlined top, and when she moved between me and the hallway light, I could see the outline of the forbidden place I had visited that afternoon. She spun quickly, then, making the little pleated skirt of the thing fan out and rise, giving me a brief glimpse of those flesh-colored panties.

She was breathtaking. Beautiful, sweet, innocent, and yet sexy and alluring. I was very glad we were going to a restaurant out of town. People were going to wonder what the relationship was between us. I wondered myself.

During the drive, Jamie managed to move around in her seat enough that I was able to see her panties peeking out from under her outrageously short skirt. Driving was difficult enough for me without that, since every few minutes she would put her hand on my thigh as we talked. It was something she had done many times before, but now, it didn't feel like an innocent gesture. I hoped my boner wouldn't be obvious when we went into the restaurant.

“I'm going to go get a shot on Monday, Dad,” she said, as I was parking the car.

“A shot?”

“Yes, a contraceptive shot. I want to be able to make love with you whenever we want. I don't like the idea of condoms, and I can't just keep taking morning-after pills. I did a little research while you were at the d**gstore this afternoon, and the shot can be effective immediately, if it's given within five days after a girl's last period. I was done with mine yesterday, so we should be fine.”

Somehow, I had managed to convince myself that what we had done earlier was a fluke, a one-time thing. Now, she was talking about going on birth control so we could fuck all the time! “Jamie,” I said, “I'm not sure that's a good idea.”

“Why not?”

By this time, I had taken the key from the ignition. “Well, because we shouldn't,... I mean, we can't,... what I'm trying to say is,...”

“I know, I know, Dad. 'Father and daughters don't do that sort of thing.' Well, guess what? We did, I loved it, you certainly seemed to love it, and I don't want to stop. In fact, I plan to sl**p with you tonight and do it again. Please, Dad?” She leaned over and kissed me, taking my one hand and putting it on her breast, and using her other hand to fondle me through my pants.

My God. My daughter is acting like a nymphomaniac. I should be thrilled that a beautiful young woman like her wants more sex with me. But it's Jamie! How did this happen? She had questions, and I thought I was going to struggle through a lecture on human sexuality. Instead, she was playing with the cock that just de-flowered her, and making what sounded like long-terms plans for a sexual relationship with me.

I pushed her gently away from me and made eye-contact. “Jamie, we have to sort out a lot of stuff here and talk very seriously about what this means. I love you and I am scared shitless of hurting you. You should be learning about your sexuality with someone closer to your age.”

“You mean the boys I know? I don't think so. All guys my age want is sex. That's fine. I understand that. I want sex too. But I want it with a guy who loves me. That's you. Don't worry, I'm not going to want to marry you or something. I'm sure you'll help me understand about the kind of man who will be right for me for the rest of my life when I'm ready, but right now, I want you. How can it be wrong to love my father?”

“It just feels wrong. Everyone says it's wrong,” I said.

“Did it feel right at the moment?” she asked. “Did it feel right when we did all those things today? It sure felt right to me!”

“We have to be careful. We have to be sure we don't get caught. It doesn't matter that you're old enough to have sex, honey. What we are doing is i****t.”

Jamie took my hand in hers. “Dad,” she said, “I'm not stupid. I can behave. Now let's go have dinner as father and daughter.” She turned, and opened her door.

As we walked across the parking lot, she took my hand. “I'm not misbehaving. Fathers and daughters do this sort of thing,” she said.

During dinner, we talked about Jamie's up-coming graduation.

“Do people still have graduation parties?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I'm not interested in those. There's going to be a lot of drinking and d**gs at every one I know of, and I'm sure there will be people having sex who don't even like each other. Not my scene.”

“So, do you want to do something else?” I asked.

“I don't know. It's Melody's birthday that weekend, but she's not having a party. Maybe she and I will just hang out,” Jamie said.

“Why no party?”

“Her parents gave her a choice of them spending money on a big party, since it's her eighteenth, or helping her buy a car. She's getting the car.”

“You could invite her over to our place. We could throw a party for her,” I said.

“Could we? Really? Thanks!” Jamie smiled.

When we got home that night, we went to our rooms to get changed. I was already down in the living room in a t-shirt and shorts when Jamie appeared. She was wearing the old shirt of mine that she loves to sl**p in and texting on her phone. She went to the chair across from me and sat on it “Indian-style.” No panties. Her tender, warm pussy was completely exposed.

“Honey, you're showing more than you should,” I said.

She glanced up at me with a smirk. “I said I could behave in public. I never said anything about here at home.”

She played with her phone for a while, and made a few calls. I couldn't keep me eyes off her. Every movement of her hands, the way she held her head when she slipped the phone under her hair to talk to someone, her facial expressions, and that lovely pussy. I was hard as a rock.

Finally putting her phone down, she looked at me. She broke into a big grin when she saw the bulge in my pants. “Okay, here's what's happening. Melody and Kiersten are the only ones who aren't going to some crazy party that weekend. Graduation is Friday night, and Melody's birthday is Saturday, so could I have them sl**p over Friday night, and then hang out the next day?”

“You can't give them any indication of what we've done,” I cautioned her.

“Duh! Don't worry, Dad, I won't say anything about what we did today.”

“So you want to have a slumber party for your graduation party? Why not have them come over Friday, and stay Saturday night too?”

“Oh, good. I'll talk to them about it tomorrow,” Jamie said. “Now it looks to me like you're ready for bed.”

“I'm not all that sl**py just yet.”

She came over to me and put her hand on my cock. “I wasn't talking about sl**p.”

When we got to my room, Jamie stripped off her shirt and mine and then knelt, naked, in front of me to pull off my shorts. This time, she didn't say a thing. She simply held me by the root and began bathing me with her tongue, looking at me, smiling at me the whole time.

“Oh, God, Jamie,” I moaned.

“You like this, don't you,” she asked.

“God help me, yes, baby, I do.”

“Good. I like it too,” she said, before opening her pretty mouth wide and moving me inside. She went to work, sucking, stroking, and licking my cock, looking at me and smiling the whole time.

When I saw her one hand begin to rub her little pussy, I said, “Let's get in bed.”

My daughter climbed up onto the bed and stopped with her tight little ass in front of me. “Dad, do I have a nice ass? Be honest. My girlfriends tell me I do, but I want a guy's opinion.”

“It's beautiful. Not too big, not too small, firm, smooth – I think it's perfect,” I said. I ran my hands over her smooth cheeks, parting them slightly so I could look at her tight, moist lips and her tiny pink pucker.

“Why did you lick my butthole?”

“I just wanted to. Some girls like it. Didn't you?”

“I liked it. It just caught me off guard. You can do it again some time if you want,” she said. She lay down near the center of the bed, and I climbed in beside her.

“Honey, aren't you sore? Are you sure you want to do this? We don't have to do anything, you know. I'll enjoy just having you sl**p in my arms,” I said.

Rolling on top of me, Jamie said, “Let's just try things, and I'll tell you if I'm too sore.”

I pulled her to me and began to kiss her. She started rubbing her wet pussy lips against my cock, masturbating herself on it. Every time the head of it passed over her clit, she would kiss me a little harder. If she kept this up, I would probably cum, and I wanted to be inside her when that happened.

“I want your breasts,” I said, pulling her up into position. She cooed and moaned as I kissed them, tweaking her little nipples with my tongue, licking her proud flesh, nibbling gently on the tender skin below them.

“I'm wet, Dad. You're driving me crazy.”

“Good.” I gave each breast one more long, deep suck, pulling as much of it into my mouth as I could. Then I lifted her and pulled her sex to me. She tasted a little different this time – still sweet and new, but maybe, now, more ready than ever. She was right about being wet, and it didn't take her all that long to get wetter.

As she came, she arched her back, supporting herself with her hands on my hips, and throwing her head back and forth. I had to steady her as she sank down on my face. When it was over, I moved her down to sit on my chest.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good when you do that,” she said. “I want you inside me now.”

“Don't you think you might be too sore?

“I sure as hell hope not,” she answered.

“Let's try something different this time,” I said. “You stay on top, kneel over me, and lower yourself onto my cock. If it's too much for you, just lift yourself up.”

“So I'll sort of ride you?” she asked.

“Yes. Some people call it “riding cowgirl,” I said.

Jamie moved over me, notched the head of my penis into her moisture, and began to bear down. Again, I was almost overwhelmed by the sensation of sliding inside her. I was supporting her ass on my hands, fearful that she would go too fast. Slowly, she moved down onto me, rocking and swiveling her hips to help me to fit. Her beautiful face showed some discomfort, but when she finally reached bottom and relaxed, she broke into a smile.

“You're deeper than you were before, Dad,” she said.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I'm okay,” she grinned. “I'm pretty sore, but I'm great! I'm so full! You feel like you're into my lungs or something.”

She stayed still, breathing to relax. She had clenched her fists, but now her hands opened and began to play with the hair on my chest.

“Can you move?” I asked.

“Dunno yet. I think I can bend down for a kiss, though.”

She did. It was a soft kiss, one of affection rather than lust. “Thank you, Dad,” she said. “Thank you for this. I'm so happy we're together, so happy you're my first. You've always been the only man I loved, and now, you're my lover.” She kissed me again, and gingerly moved herself so that she was only half-impaled. “We're lovers,” she whispered, kissing me more hungrily and sliding herself back onto me.

After a few minutes of luxurious, slow love-making, Jamie murmured, “Would you please play with my butthole again?”

I reached behind her, and moistened my finger in the juice leaking from her lips around my cock. Tracing a line from her pussy, I eased back and began to fondle her pucker.

Jamie sucked in her breath quickly, almost whistling. “Ooooh, that feels good!” her voice quavered. She immediately increased the speed and depth of her movement on my cock.

She sat more upright and began purposefully fucking me. This allowed me to rub around her clit with one hand, while I pressed the tip of my other index finger against her anus. Eventually, the f***e of her thrusts caused my finger to begin to penetrate her.

“Oh my God!” she squealed. “Oh my God! I'm gonna cum so hard! Ohhh! Aaaaiiyyeeee!”

I thrust both my cock and my finger into her as far as I could, and held her by her hip as she rode out her orgasm. When she was more-or-less done, she eased herself down on top of me, her hair fanned out across my chest and her sweet mouth nuzzled near my ear. She made little moans every time her well-used pussy spasmed on me. Finally, she whispered, “You're still so hard.”


“It feels so good inside me. I'm sore, and tired, but even though it still hurts a little, you feel so damn good inside me,” she said. She moved to kiss me. “You didn't cum, did you?”


“Can you?”

“I don't know.”

“I bet you can.” She pulled herself off me and moved down to look at my cock. “He's still real hard,” she said, stroking my wet shaft with her fingertip. “He sure twitches when I touch him. I wonder how he'll taste with me all over him.” Her tongue made a slow circle around the base of my helmet. “Wow, I really made you wet.” She licked all around my shaft, cleaning me of her cum, teasing me. “I think I'll like the taste better when my mouth is full of cum.”

She started bobbing on me, tugging me, licking. I brushed her hair off her face so I could watch her, and her eyes smiled at mine. I could feel the pressure building, and her lusty expression told me she knew.

“Cum for me, Dad,” she said, enveloping me again. She sucked, urging me onward.

I erupted, pulsing into her mouth. When I was done, she lifted her face from me. A drop drooled from her lower lip, but she quickly caught it with her finger and fed it back into her mouth. After a few swallows, she smiled. Then she lay down next to me and put her head on my chest. I pulled the sheet over us, and we slept.

* * * * * * * * * *

To be continued....

In the morning, I woke up on my side, Jamie spooned up tight against me. Her fragrant blond hair caressed my face. She held my hand in hers, cupping a firm young breast, the nipple under my thumb. My morning erection was nestled between her buttocks, the upper side of my shaft pressing against her anus. There was no way I could get out of bed without waking her, so I lay there, remembering the passion and guilt of the day and night before.

She stirred. “Morning, Dad,” she yawned, pressing my hand more firmly against her breast. “Did you sl**p well?”

“I guess. Honey, are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, maybe a little sore, you know, but yeah. Why wouldn't I be? I woke up in the arms of the best man in the world.” She rolled over to look at me. “Please don't tell me you feel guilty.”

“I'm supposed to feel guilty about what I did to you,” I said.

She sat up. “You are dead wrong when you talk about 'what you did to me.' That's not it at all. It's what WE have done FOR each other. All my life you've given me everything I needed, everything I wanted. Well, I needed and wanted to know about sex. Thank you. I'm happy with what's happened, and I want it to happen some more.”

“I don't know what to say,” I said.

“You don't have to say anything. Keep loving me like you always have. You will always be in my life, in one way or another, and I'll always love you. Now, we just have a new way to express it.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek, and got out of bed. “First dibs on the toilet. Meet me in the shower,” she said as she left my room.

I lay there, struggling to make sense of it all, and then followed her down the hall.

She was already in the shower. After a much-needed piss, I joined her. “What are you doing today?” she asked.

“Probably grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and washing the car,” I said.

She squeezed past me so I could get under the water. “Kiersten texted me and asked me if I want to go to the mall. Do you mind?”

“Homework?” I asked, squinting through the shampoo in my eyes.

“I can have it done by lunchtime. Why don't you go to the store while I do my homework? I'll make burgers on the grill for lunch when you come home. If I can drive to the mall, I'll wash your car when I get back.”

“Deal,” I said.

We both behaved in the shower. Of course, our bodies touched, but neither of us really responded. We dried ourselves off, and went to our own rooms to get dressed.

Jamie started her homework as she ate breakfast, and I worked on my store list. It was my turn to do the dishes, and when I was finished, I went back to the table with the Sunday paper. “What are you working on?” I asked.

“Filler stuff. The stupid crap they give you after your senior project is done. It's easy, but there's a lot of it. I'll be finished by lunch.”

I read the paper for a while, finished my list, and headed to the store. When I got back, Jamie helped me put the groceries away, and then made lunch. It was a nice day, so we ate outside.

When Jamie left for the mall, she wore a tank top, jeans, and sneakers, and had her blond curls pulled into a ponytail that poked through the back of a baseball cap. She always dressed that way on weekends, but she looked so different to me now.

I was full from lunch, so I puttered around the yard for a while before getting out the mower. It actually started on the third pull and kept running, so I was done with our yard in decent time. I was glad, since it was unseasonably warm. Summer was almost here.

I was just getting dressed after my shower when I heard the girls come in. They were in the kitchen, chattering over their purchases. “You're going to have to shave some to wear your new bikini, you know,” I heard Kiersten say.

“I keep it trimmed so nothing pokes out beyond my panties, but you're right, these new bikini bottoms don't cover a whole lot, and yours is skimpier than mine,” my daughter said.

“I've been shaving everything down there for about a year,” Kiersten said. “You know what they say, 'A man doesn't like burrowing through the jungle to get to the swamp.'”

“Oh, do you have a secret to tell me?” Jamie giggled.

“I wish,” Kiersten laughed. “No, but my s****r says her boyfriend won't touch her if she even has stubble. He says it's ugly.”

“Dad never said anything to me about that,” my daughter said.

“Yeah, Mom never talked to me about it either.... Wait, are you saying your dad has seen you, you know, without your panties?” Kiersten gasped.

“Well, yeah, sure. We only have one bathroom. Sometimes, when you gotta go, you gotta go,” Jamie said.

“So wait, you're saying you've actually gone into the bathroom and peed while your dad's in there?”


“Well, what does he do?” Kiersten asked.

“Keeps on shaving, or showering, or whatever.”

“Showering? You mean you've seen him naked?”

“He usually doesn't shower with his clothes on,” Jamie deadpanned.

“Have you seen him from the front?”


“Oh my God!” Kiersten squealed. “That's so hot! Does he have a big, um,... I mean, is he..., like, is it....”

“Kiersten, for Heaven's sake! Does he have a big dick? Is that what you're asking? Well, I don't have anything to compare it to except pictures, but it looks pretty nice to me.”

“Wow, your dad and you perv on each other in the bathroom! That's so cool! That's so naughty!” Kiersten bubbled.

“You're sick, you know that, Kiersten? I love you like a s****r, but you're just sick,” Jamie giggled. “Oh! Now, speaking of s****rs, you share a bathroom with yours, don't you?”

“Well, yeah, so what?”

“Everyone says your s****r's hot, right? I think she is. I'm sure you've seen her naked. Do you think she's hot, Kiersten?”

“Stupid question. She's done swimsuit modeling. Of course she's hot!”

“Don't you sometimes find that sort of interesting?” Jamie asked.


Jamie sounded exasperated when she said, “Yes, interesting. Have you ever thought of what it would be like to touch her, or to have her touch you?”

There was a short silence before Kiersten answered, “Yes. Okay, yes. But I've never done anything and neither has she. We just wouldn't.”

“That's the way it is with Dad and me,” Jamie said. “He hasn't been out on a date for as long as I can remember. He's still young enough that you'd think he'd be horny as hell, wouldn't you? And yes, I think my Dad is hot, too. I wouldn't mind a bit if I wound up with a guy like him.”

“And he has a big dick?” Kiersten asked.

“I think so,” Jamie giggled.

“I wonder what a big, hard, throbbing cock would feel like inside me?” Kiersten said.

“You wonder what any cock would feel like inside you, don't you?” Jamie chuckled.

The girls' laughter allowed me to sneak quietly back up the stairs and then make plenty of noise coming down again.

“Hi, ladies. Home from shopping so soon?” I asked, walking into the kitchen. Kiersten was red-faced, but Jamie looked like she was ready to burst with laughter.

“Hi, Dad,” Jamie giggled.

“Hi, Daddy Bill,” Kiersten said, not looking at me.

“What's so funny, Jamie?” I asked.

“Nothing. Girl-talk,” she answered.

“Did you get what you wanted?”

“We both got some tops and shorts, and we each got a new bathing suit,” Jamie said. “Wanna see?”

“Sure, honey, but maybe later. That car doesn't look like it's washing itself.”

“Kiersten, you're helping me. You're the one who talked me into buying that bikini,” my daughter said.

“I'm not washing a car dressed in this stuff,” Kiersten said.

“It's really warm outside. You have your new bathing suit, right there in that bag,” Jamie said. “Come on, we'll go change.”

“I can't wear that to wash a car in your driveway!” Kiersten said. “People will see me!”

“What's wrong? You didn't buy the thing to wear behind closed doors, did you? You're going to wear it at the beach in front of a million strangers, so you might as well wear it here. Come on,” Jamie said, heading upstairs.

“I'll move the car out back,” I said. “With the fence and the hedge back there, your little bikini car wash won't be on such public display.”

“Thanks,” Kiersten said, flashing me an embarrassed smile as she fled upstairs.

I was mixing a bucket of car wash detergent when the girls came outside. Jamie wore a bright yellow crop-top and tiny cut-off jeans and carried a tray with three glasses of iced tea.

Kiersten had a pale pink bikini. She had been right about having to shave to wear it. She's a little shorter than my daughter, but probably weighs the same. Her ample tits were covered by simple, small triangles of cloth, and her curvy ass wasn't covered by much at all. Kiersten was in no way chubby – just gorgeous.

“You just sit there with your iced tea, Dad, and watch us. You can make sure we do a good job,” Jamie said.

Kiersten blushed again as I sat back to enjoy the show.

Things got interesting pretty quickly. Kiersten accidentally sprayed my daughter on the chest, immediately making her shirt translucent. As Jamie's nipples hardened from the cold water, her friend looked at her, shocked, and hissed, “You should have worn a bra.”

“Why, so I'd have more laundry to do? Oh, wait! You're worried about Dad?”

Kiersten nodded.

“Most guys his age have seen boobs before, don't you think? Now come on, let's get to work,” Jamie said.

They started on the side toward me. As good as my daughter's tight little ass looked in those shorts, I couldn't stop ogling Kiersten's round bubble-butt in the next best thing to a thong. They were close to me, close enough that I could see the drops of water glistening in the evening sun as they ran down my daughter's back, and a stray trail of suds dripping down the inside of Kiersten's thigh. I didn't want to react, but it was hard not to. It was almost a relief when they finished and moved to the other side of the car.

Kiersten decided to tackle the roof. That was when her one big tit fell out of her top. Amazingly, it took her several seconds to notice. “Shit!” she squeaked, ducking down behind the car.

Jamie doubled over with laughter.

“What's so funny?” Kiersten barked from her hiding place. “Yeah, real hilarious! I just flashed your father!”

“I told you, he's seen boobies before,” Jamie laughed.

“Not mine, he hasn't!”

“He's seen mine. It's no big deal,” Jamie said.

Kiersten stood up, still adjusting herself in her skimpy top, and holding the hose. “In that case, it shouldn't be a big deal if he sees them again, girlfriend,” she said, soaking my daughter.

Jamie's thin shirt clung to her breasts, nearly transparent over her hard little nipples. The soft denim of her worn-out cut-offs molded itself to her sex.

“That's cold!” Jamie shrieked.

“Sorry,” Kiersten smirked.

“Not as sorry as you will be, bitch!” my daughter cackled as she grabbed the hose and thoroughly drenched her friend.

Somehow, they managed to get the car done. They sat down next to me to drink their tea.

“Very nice, girls,” I said.

“The job we did, or the water battle?” Jamie asked.

“Well, both,” I answered, praying that Kiersten wouldn't look at my lap.

“I am SO going back to the mall this week and getting that black suit,” Kiersten muttered.

“Yeah, that one had lining, didn't it?” Jamie asked.

“Uh huh. This one is NEVER getting worn again if there's any chance I'll get wet!”

Kiersten's tiny suit had become practically invisible. Not only the texture, but the color of the areolas surrounding her fat, jutting nipples was plain to see. It was obvious she was clean-shaven, since her puffy lips and the cleft between them were displayed under the wet cloth.

She saw me staring. “Daddy Bill, what do I have to do?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, forcing myself to look at her big, brown eyes.

“I might as well be sitting here naked. Is this what I have to do to have a guy act like he wants me? Why aren't guys interested in me? Don't I look all right?”

She was as good as nude. Her wet brown hair was tangled around her face. She was biting her full lip, looking like she might cry.

“You look fine, Kiersten,” I said. “You're a very pretty girl. Considering what you're wearing, I guess I can get away with saying you have a beautiful body. You're very smart, very good in school, and, from what I've seen and what Jamie tells me, you're probably just too good for the high school boys you know. At your age, girls are much more mature than guys. High school guys are dense, but they all know you're out of their league. Wait till you get to college. Guys will be butting in line to ask you out.”

I put the gear away while the girls went inside to clean up, and then I called for pizza. When it arrived, my daughter and Kiersten came downstairs, dressed in the clothes they had worn to the mall. We talked about the girls' summer plans as we ate, and the conversation went to their friend Melody's birthday party and sl**pover.

“Where are we going to sl**p, Dad?” Jamie asked. “We didn't talk about that.”

“Hmm, well, I guess you're probably going to be up half the night, so why don't you girls stay in the living room? I'll keep my door closed, so we won't bother each other.”

“That should work. We all have air mattresses, don't we, Kiersten?” Jamie said.

“If Melody doesn't have one, she can use my s****r's.”

When we were done eating, my daughter drove Kiersten home. I took care of the dishes and was settled in front of the TV by the time Jamie got back.

She cuddled against me to watch the rest of the show. Then she said, “Thank you for today.”

“For what?”

“Two things, really. First, for pretending you didn't overhear us in the kitchen.”

“I was too scared to move at first. I was afraid Kiersten would guess what was going on around here,” I said.

“I think I handled her okay,” Jamie said. “See, I told you I could behave.”

“Yes, thank God.”

“The other thing was what you said to Kiersten after we washed the car. She was mortified, you know,” Jamie said.

“That I saw her that way?” I asked.

“Yeah. She's real funny about her body. She was the first girl in our class to need a bra. Everybody used to tease her about her boobs when none of the rest of us had any. Jealous, I guess.”

“k**s can be cruel,” I said.

“She thinks you're hot, you know.”


“Oh yeah,” Jamie said. “She's been telling me that for years. It meant a lot to her to hear that you think she looks good. And you didn't act like you were going to paw all over her like some guys would, even though you had a boner.”

“I hoped no one would notice,” I said.

“We did. It was pretty obvious. It's okay, though. After what you said to her, Kiersten thought it was all for her.”

“That's not good,” I said.

“It's fine. At least she didn't think it was for me,” Jamie said. “I told her that guys have responses to what they see, just like girls do. It doesn't have to mean anything.

Nothing except that I'm suddenly lusting over teenage girls, I thought.

“What are you doing for the rest of the evening?” I asked.

“I'm going to talk to Melody on the phone for a while, and put away the stuff I bought, and see how much I have to shave to wear my new bathing suit. Then I'm going to bed. I think I'll sl**p alone tonight, if that's okay. I'm still a little sore, and I know what I'd want to do if I was in bed with you. Besides, I have school in the morning.”

“You can take the car, if you want. I'm going to work from home tomorrow.”

“Oh, good, that means I can stop at the clinic after school and get my shot. Then we can do what we want.”

She kissed me goodnight, and started toward the stairs. “Oh, by the way, you might be interested to know what Kiersten said when I was driving her home.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“I think her exact words were, 'I would SO fuck your father.' Anyway, good night, Dad.”

She left me to my thoughts.

The next morning, I was in the shower when Jamie came into the bathroom. “May I get in the shower with you?” she called from the direction of the toilet.

“Do you think that's a good idea? You have school,” I said.

“I meant to wash, you dirty old man,” she laughed, as she pulled back the curtain and joined me.

“That's how much hair you had to take off for your new suit?” I said, staring at her. Most of her pubic hair was gone. She had a landing strip of blond curls, but the rest of her was bare. Somehow, it made her slit look even smaller.

“No, my suit's nowhere near as daring as Kiersten's. I just got carried away.” She spread her legs and began rubbing her fingers lightly over her newly-bare skin. “I shaved what I needed to, and it felt so good when I rubbed my lotion on it, that I had to shave more. Do you like it?” She looked away from herself, and saw my thickening cock ratcheting up into position. “Oh, there's my answer,” she giggled.

She started to bathe. “I'm in kind of a hurry this morning. I want to put some gas in the car on the way to school, so I don't have to worry about it when I get out of there today. I can go to the clinic, take care of things, and still be home for dinner at our usual time.”

Watching her as she washed her hair, her arms movements making her firm breasts stretch and move, her pussy newly exposed to me, was making me aching hard.

She finished rinsing, and slid past me to get out of the shower. “I love you, Dad,” she said, pressing against me for a kiss. She stroked my manhood with her fingertips. “Save this for tonight if you can. I'll want it when I get home.”

I was making dinner that evening when Jamie came in.

“How did things go, honey?”

“I hate pelvic exams. Why do they keep the damn instruments in the freezer?” she asked, moving into my arms for a kiss.

She molded herself against my body, and reached down to fondle me through my pants. “I think I need something to warm me up. Can you hold off dinner for a while?”

There was really no question in my mind about waiting for dinner. Not once she unzipped me and reached into my shorts to grasp my forming erection. Wordlessly, we went to my room. We undressed each other and slipped between the sheets.

No hesitation this time, no guilt, no fear. I held my beautiful naked daughter in my arms as we stroked each other. In no time, her newly-bare pussy was wet on my fingers, and I was leaking pre-cum all over her hand. This felt so right. So wonderful. I turned around in the bed, and we lay on our sides, pleasuring each other. The feel of her body, her remaining blond curls ticking my chin as I licked her, and the sensations from her mouth as she made love to my cock, seemed like something we had always done, and something we should always do.

When I mounted her this time, I was amazed yet again at how hot, wet, and tight she was. This time, she showed no discomfort. And again, this time, I filled her when her thrashing orgasm triggered mine.

I held myself inside her, still mostly hard, still thrusting gently into her as we kissed our way down from our high.

“Dad,” she asked, “why did you say this is wrong?”

“Can't imagine,” I answered.

“Neither can I,” she said. “Nothing that feels this good, with someone I love this much, can ever be wrong, can it?”

“Not everyone feels that way, honey,” I said.

“I know. Well, not everyone has a hot dad, either,” she giggled. “I mean, come on, you've met my friends' parents. Would YOU sl**p with Melody's dad or Kiersten's? They're gross!”

“I don't know that I'd sl**p with anyone's father, dear,” I deadpanned. “Now, some of the mom's out there might be a different story.”

“Oh my God, do you know what Melody told me today?” Jamie asked. “She caught her mom and dad doing it yesterday. They must have thought she wasn't home, 'cuz when she went past their room, the door was open. She said her mom was on her hands and knees and her dad was behind her. Melody say that's called “doggy-style,” cuz it's the way dogs do it when they're mating.”

The image of Melody's cute little mother, taking it from behind from her fat pig of a father, was both hot and disturbing. Idly, I wondered what it would be like to take his place. Melody got her looks from her mom. They were both hot as hell, little pixies with trim bodies, bright faces, and fiery red hair.

“Can we try that?” Jamie asked.

“Try what?”


“You want to?” I asked, feeling renewed life in my penis which was still lodged inside her.

“Yeah. What do we do?”

“Get on all fours in the middle of the bed, and I'll show you,” I said.

Reluctantly, I pulled out of her, and she got into position. What a sight! My gorgeous teenage daughter was posed naked on my bed, her perky, full breasts hanging below her, her firm ass presented to me, a dribble of my cum on her thigh below her bare pussy, and her tight little anus glistening with our combined moisture.

I moved behind her and began massaging her pussy and ass.

“Wait, Dad,” she said. “I want to lick you again.” She turned around, still on her hands and knees, to face my cock. “Oooh, we sure made him messy,” she giggled, taking my manhood in her hand. She held it up against my belly and licked from my sack to my crown. “Mmmm,” she said, and then she opened her mouth and took me inside. She fondled my balls as she bathed my prick with her tongue, sucking, kissing, making me as hard as she could. “We taste pretty good together,” she murmured between mouthfuls. “Do you think you're ready for me?”

“Hell, yes,” I moaned.

She turned around again, and I rubbed my cock against her leaking pussy. Before I entered her, I slapped my penis lightly against her little asshole. She wriggled a little, and said, “Wrong hole.”

I knew it was. I just couldn't do that to my own daughter, no matter how much I wanted to, so, after a few more strokes and prods against her pucker, I moved down and parted her lips with my cock. Even after having been inside her just a few minutes earlier, she was still almost painfully tight. Her warm tissues parted slowly to allow me inside. When I was finally balls-deep, Jamie flopped down onto her elbows.

“This is almost painful,” she sighed. “You're so deep inside me.”

“Should I pull out?” I asked.

“No,” Jamie said. She pulled partway off me, and then fucked herself back onto me again, taking me all the way inside. “That feels so good,” she breathed.

Holding onto her slender hips, I stroked in and out, keeping my pace slow, savoring the delicious sensation of my daughter's tight little cunt on my cock. The tender skin of her opening, innocent a few days before, flexed and stretched as it dragged wetly over my shaft. Each time we pulled apart, her pink pucker winked at me, pulled by the surrounding tissue.

With my thumb, I teased her anus, massaged it, and, as Jamie gasped, eased inside it to the first knuckle.

“Why does that feel so good to me?” Jamie whimpered. “I would never have thought of touching myself there.”

“They say there are more nerve endings in the rectum than in the vagina,” I said.

Jamie hissed some sort of response and began thrusting herself against me faster. After a few minutes, she whined, “Daddy, make me cum again.”

I grabbed her nipple with one hand, and massaged her clit with the other, pushing into her hard. Her muscles grasped my shaft firmly, milking me with her orgasm. When she had stopped, I used both hands to pull her onto me as firmly as I could. Each burst of my cum was answered by a moan from her..

Dinner was pretty late that night, especially since we took a long shower together. Jamie did her homework, and I paid some bills, just as we had done for so many years. When we were done, we cuddled on the couch to watch TV. Jamie went upstairs to get ready for bed, and when she was done in the bathroom, I got ready, too. I found her under the covers in my room, naked.

“Tomorrow is a school day, honey,” I said.

“I know. Lose the pajamas, Dad.”

We both slept soundly that night.

Jamie did spend a few nights that week in her own room, but our shower made her late for school one morning. I got to be more comfortable with what we were doing. Jamie had been right when she had said, “Nothing that feels this good, with someone I love this much, can ever be wrong.”

The school year was coming to an end.. Melody and Kiersten visited us together a few times in the weeks before graduation, and the girls persuaded me to allow them to start the sl**pover Thursday night, after graduation practice was over. Melody then learned that her f****y had made plans for that evening. The girls decided that Kiersten would still spend the night with us, and Melody would come over Friday night, after the graduation ceremony.

It was Jamie's turn to do the dishes that Thursday evening. Kiersten helped her. I was on the couch, flipping through the channels on TV when they got finished. Jamie plopped down on one side of me, and Kiersten sat on the other.

“Can we watch a movie, Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Okay. What do you want to see?”

“The remote's next to you,” Jamie said to her friend. “Why don't you pick something.?”

Kiersten started scrolling through the movie listings. “Here's one I haven't seen. 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High.' Can we watch that?” she asked.

“I don't know, Kiersten, I'm not sure you k**s should be watching that, especially with me in the room. It has an 'R' rating,” I said.

“Which means that if it had been in theaters last year, we could have gone without you, Dad. Play it, Kiersten. It's pretty good, especially if you like old-school stuff,” Jamie said.

Things went pretty well until we got to the scene where Judge Reinhold is fantasizing about Phoebe Cates while he jerks off.

“My God, is he going to cum?” Kiersten giggled. I glanced at her, and saw she was looking at my lap.

Jamie grabbed the remote and paused the scene, just as Brad looks like he's ready to get off. “You'd like to see that wouldn't you, Kiersten?” my daughter said.

“Jamie!” Kiersten hissed.

“Well, wouldn't you?” Jamie persisted.

“Um, well, yeah, I guess,” Kiersten said, blushing. “I bet you would too.”

“Girls!” I said, grabbing the remote from my daughter. I looked at Kiersten. She was blushing, her fat nipples erect under her shirt. Her eyes were flicking back and forth, from the still image on the screen to my daughter's face, and then to my lap. I glanced down, and saw the bulge I had felt. Then I looked at Kiersten. Her gaze had stayed on my lap.

“Can we all behave and finish the damn movie?” I asked.

As the movie played, the scene between us seemed to be forgotten. By the time the ending credits played, I had two warm, tired girls, my daughter and her best friend, snuggled against me. It felt nice. The three of us had done this before many times. Jamie had always been allowed to bring her friends to the house, and I had often found myself with one sweet young girl or another falling asl**p on my arm.

This time, though, it was different. My daughter and I had become lovers, and her best friend had been looking at my dick.

The girls decided to get ready for bed. They were going to sl**p in my daughter's room. When Jamie had decided to go to a local college and commute, we shopped for new furniture for her. There was plenty of room for the two friends in the new queen-sized bed.

They came downstairs to say goodnight. Jamie was in her usual t-shirt, and Kiersten was in a football jersey that came almost to her knees. They sat cross-legged on the sofa next to me, Jamie on my left, and Kiersten on my right. We talked for a few minutes about our schedule for the next day. Suddenly, I noticed that I could see up my daughter's shirt. No panties.

She saw me looking, and smiled. I turned away, and found that I could see a portion of one of Kiersten's puffy lips, too. She seemed unaware of it.

The girls continued to chatter for a moment, and then Jamie leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “Good night, Dad,” she said.

Jamie has done that countless times before in front of her friends. It's just how we usually say good night. Of course, usually I haven't been peeking at her pussy, remembering how it tastes.

When my daughter stood up and headed for the stairs, Kiersten leaned in for her good night kiss. It's something she and I have done for years, too, and I expected her usual light, goofy peck on the lips. Instead, I got a much slower, warmer kiss. When she pulled back, I saw that her jersey had shifted so I could see her womanhood completely.

She stood, glanced at my now quite obvious bulge, and murmured, “Good night, Daddy Bill.”

When I went upstairs to bed, I saw that the girls had left their door open. It was a warm night. The breeze through the open upstairs windows in our bedrooms would be welcome, so after closing myself up in the bathroom to change, I decided to leave my bedroom door open, too. The girls were pretty quiet, and I lay down on my bed on my back and relaxed.

Then I heard Kiersten whisper, “Do you think your dad does that?”

“Does what?”

“Masturbates,” Kiersten said.

Jamie giggled, “Of course he does. All guys do.”

“How do you know? Have you seen him?”

Both girls giggled, and Kiersten said, “Oh my God, you HAVE seen him, haven't you?”


“I would so love to see that. He had a hard-on tonight, you know,” Kiersten said.

“There were some pretty hot scenes in the move,” my daughter answered.

“Not only then, though. It happened again when we went down to say good night.”

“Little wonder, Kiersten. You kinda look like Phoebe Cates, but with shorter hair and bigger boobs. You know he could see right up that football jersey of yours, don't you?” Jamie asked.

“You mean he could see me? I thought this shirt was long enough. I sure as hell could see your little coochie, so there's no way he didn't see you,” Kiersten said.

“Maybe, but I didn't notice anything in his lap until you moved and showed him everything of yours. I looked to see if Dad had seen it, and it was obvious he had.”

“His cock looks really long.”

“He says it's not much bigger than average, but what do I know?” Jamie remarked.

“Wait! What? You've actually talked to your father about his penis?” Kiersten gasped.

“Well, yeah. I mean, who else would I talk to about dicks? It's not like I have a mom to ask about this stuff.”

“Yeah, but I could never talk to my father about that. That would just be weird. Especially if I had seen it,” Kiersten said. “What's your Dad's dick look like?”

“I don't know. It looks like a penis, I guess. He's circumcised. He trims. I remember when I first caught him doing that.”

“But Jamie! You've actually seen him cum?”

“Yeah. It's pretty cool,” my daughter said.

“Wow, I've never seen a guy do that,” Kiersten said.

“Have you ever even seen a penis?” Jamie asked. “I mean in real life, like close-up. And not some k** you babysat, a grown man's penis?”


“Go look,” my daughter said.


“Go look. Dad's been in bed long enough that he's sound asl**p by now. If you're quiet, he won't wake up.”

“I can't do that!” Kiersten hissed.

“Yes you can. It's time you grew up, girlfriend. Come on, you're going to get a look at a cock.”

I could hear the girls giggling as they got out of bed. What should I do? I was just wearing pajama bottoms, and I was half hard from listening to them. They tiptoed to my door. “I'm going to turn on the bathroom light so we can see a little better,” Jamie whispered.

“What if he wakes up?” Kiersten whispered.

“Duh. We'll tell him we had to go to the bathroom,”Jamie said.

I closed my eyes, anticipating the light. When it came on, I knew I could be seen pretty clearly from about chest level on down.

“Look, he's lying on his back.” Jamie whispered. It sounded like she was at my doorway.

“Is that a bulge under the sheet?” Kiersten asked.

“It looks like it. Go in and check it out.”

“I can't! What if he wakes up?”

“I don't know. Tell him you heard a noise or something. Now, go on!” my daughter said.

“Come with me, okay?” Kiersten begged. “If he wakes up, we can say we both heard a noise.”

“All right.”

I tried to keep my face as relaxed as possible. In a moment, I could tell they were standing next to my bed.

“I wish he didn't have the sheet up,” Kiersten whispered.

“Help me pull it down,” Jamie said.

“You're joking.”

“No, I'm not. If we're careful, he'll never feel it.”

I felt the sheet being lifted off me and laid across my knees.

“Oh my God, I can see a little of it! See, right there, through the fly opening?” Kiersten giggled.

“Watch this,” Jamie said.

I could feel hands moving the fabric covering me, and the knowledge that my cock was now visible to these girls made it twitch.

“It moved!” Kiersten said. “I wish I could touch it.”

“He's asl**p. Go ahead,” my daughter said.

I worked hard to keep my breathing slow and natural. As well as I could, I continued to fake sl**p. My cock, however, was waking up. Quickly.

It felt like a single fingertip on the side of my shaft. “It's getting hard,” Kiersten breathed.

“Just wait. It'll get a lot bigger,” Jamie said. “Touch it some more.”

Kiersten did. She ran her finger up to the head of my cock. It rose, pushing against her finger. “It moved again.”

“Just keep doing that,” my daughter whispered.

Her friend got more bold, carefully wrapping her whole hand around it. Slowly, very lightly, she moved her hand up and down, barely touching me, grazing my sensitive skin with her soft hand. By now, I was approaching full hardness.

“It's so hard, but it feels so soft,” Kiersten whispered.

“I know. It's really cool, isn't it?” Jamie remarked.

“Will he have an orgasm if I keep doing this?”

“Probably. Do you want to see that?”

“Yeah, but I'm afraid to. What if he wakes up?”

“He'll be happy and messy, I guess,” Jamie giggled.

This had gone far enough. I had to do something to get these two out of my room before I got into real trouble. I decided to roll on my side.

Kiersten let out a little squeak when I did that, and Jamie giggled. The girls quickly left the room.

When they were back in Jamie's bed, they were quiet. Finally, Kiersten said, “I am SO horny right now.”

“Me too,” Jamie giggled.

“You don't masturbate, do you?” Kiersten asked.

“I didn't, but I do now,” Jamie said.

“So do I. I love doing it. Do you get off?”

“Yeah, I learned how,” my daughter replied.

“Do you think about anything when you do it?” Kiersten asked.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“If I was going to do it right now, I'd think about your dad.”

“You mean about how nice his cock felt in your hand?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah. And how awesome it would be if he was licking me.”

“Your pussy, you mean?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, I bet I'd cum so hard,” Kiersten sighed.

“Have you ever had your pussy licked?” my daughter asked

“No. Have you?”

Jamie was quiet.

“Have you? Oh my God, you have! Who was it?”

“I can't tell you.”

“Jamie! You're my best friend. Best friends are supposed to tell each other when stuff like that happens! Now who was he?”

“I really can't tell you. We'd get in so much trouble,” my daughter said.

“Jamie, this is me you're talking to. You know, your best friend? The one who just gave your father half a handjob, remember? You have to tell me. Was it a k** at school?”


“A teacher?”

“Ewww, God no!” Jamie whispered. “Look, I just can't tell you, okay?”

There was silence for a moment, and then Kiersten said, “I wish I could get a guy to lick my pussy.”

I was lying there in my bed listening to this. My daughter, with whom I've been having wild sex, and her best friend, a young Phoebe Cates look-alike (but with bigger boobs and meaty, puffy pussy lips!) were down the hall, both with nothing on their delicious bodies except for thin shirts, discussing cunnilingus. My erection wasn't going down any time soon, even though Jamie had come perilously close to revealing our secret.

Kiersten said, “Jamie, I want you to be honest with me. When we were in your dad's room and I was touching him, I said about how his penis was hard but felt soft at the same time. You almost sounded like you knew what I was talking about. You said something along the lines of, 'I know. It's cool.' How would you know how it feels?”

I held my breath, waiting for Jamie to answer. Dead silence. Finally, Kiersten said, “You've touched it, haven't you?”

Oh, shit.

“Jamie! You have! You've played with it! Did he have an orgasm?”

I strained to hear my daughter's answer. I imagined that I heard police sirens coming, but I heard nothing from Jamie's room.

“You jerked your dad off, didn't you?”

“Kiersten, please, you can't tell anybody. You just can't!”

“Why would I tell? I think it's cool. I think it's great. I'm jealous,” Kiersten said.

“Jealous?” Jamie asked.

“Hell yes! Right down the hall, you have a super-hot guy with a big dick, and you got to play with it. Did he wake up?”


Kiersten said, “For real? I can't imagine how he wouldn't wake up. I'd sure as hell be awake if someone made me have an orgasm. Are you sure he didn't wake up?”

“He wasn't asl**p,” Jamie whispered.

“You gave him a handjob while he was awake?” Kiersten exclaimed.

“You can't tell anybody!” Jamie hissed.

“I won't. Don't worry.... Oh! Oh, shit! He's the one that licked your pussy, isn't he?”

I was trying to think of places without extradition agreements when I heard Jamie call out, “Dad, are you awake?”

I'm officially screwed. I wondered if I could get a job when I got out of prison. Hell, when WE got out of prison!

“Will you come over here, please?” Jamie called.

My penis, the cause of this trouble, had shrunk back to normal size. He was hiding, but I couldn't. “Be there in a minute,” I answered.

I put on my robe and walked in to face the girls. “Jamie, I'm so sorry,” I said. “I knew we shouldn't have done anything. I've ruined your life and mine.”

“No, you haven't, Dad. We've been through all that.” Turning to her friend, Jamie said, “Kiersten, look, we could be in real trouble here if anyone finds out. Try to understand, please. Dad has never done anything with me that I haven't asked him to.”

“Asked him to? What, you just came home from school one day and asked your dad to eat you out?” Kiersten asked.

“It wasn't like that,” Jamie said. “Remember when we were at the pool when Brian and Paul were there? You and Melody were teasing me about how hot they looked, and how I acted when I was talking to them. I thought about that, and finally I asked my dad.”

“She had questions about stuff they don't teach in health class,” I said.

“Yes, I wanted to know why I get the feelings I sometimes get. Remember when we were texting about orgasms, and you and Melody were making fun of me 'cuz I'd never had one?” Jamie asked her friend.


Jamie continued, “Well, I've always been able to talk to Dad about everything, so I asked him how I could have an orgasm and how to masturbate, and finally I had him show me. We've kinda been doing some stuff. Please, Kiersten, please promise us you won't tell.”

“I absolutely won't tell! Jamie, Daddy Bill, I love you guys. I would never say anything. Trust me,” Kiersten said.

“I hope we can,” I said.

“So, what types of things have you guys done?” Kiersten asked.

“Pretty much everything,” I admitted.

“Everything?” Kiersten repeated.

Jamie said,“I went to the clinic and got a contraceptive shot. I had hardly even kissed a guy before, and Dad's been living like a monk forever, so we're safe. We don't use condoms.”

“So you guys, like, actually fuck?”

Jamie responded, “You make it sound dirty when you say that. It's not. It's beautiful.”

“We make love,” I said.

“Wow,” Kiersten muttered. Her nipples were showing prominently under her football jersey. “And this all started with Jamie asking you a question, Bill?”


“That's so hot,” Kiersten said. “Wow, you guys have shared something huge with me and I'm totally cool with it. I will absolutely never breathe a word of this to anybody.”

“You can't,” Jamie said.

“I know. I won't. Jamie, you're my closest friend, and Bill, you're a second father to me. I've already told you this, Jamie, but now I'm going to say it again in front of you, Bill. I think you are about the hottest guy I know and, well, I don't know how to say this.... All right, I'll just come out with it. Would you answer some questions for me?”

It took me a few seconds to understand what Kiersten had asked. I thought I knew, then I hoped I knew, then I was afraid I knew.

“What questions?” I asked.

“What does it feel like to lose your virginity?” Kiersten asked.

“That's a question better directed at Jamie,” I said.

“No, Bill, I want you to show me. I've been on the pill for almost a year to help control my periods,” Kiersten said.

“Kiersten!” I said.

Jamie got out of bed and came over to me. She untied my robe, reached through my fly, and pulled my cock out. “She's my best friend, Dad. Do it. Teach her, just like you've taught me.”

“Please? I will never tell a soul,” Kiersten said.

“Let's go to your room, Dad,” my daughter said. “Your bed is big enough for all three of us. I want to watch.”

“I can't do this,” I said, very much aware of how my cock was growing.

“Why not?” Jamie asked.

“What if someone finds out?” I asked.

“No one's going to find out,” she insisted. “You're sure as hell not going to tell, and I certainly won't. Are you going to say anything, Kiersten?”

“Me? No! Never! After all, it was my idea,” Kiersten said.

“I don't know,...” I began.

“Why not?” Jamie repeated. “I know you think Kiersten's attractive. I saw how you were looking at her today.”

“It's not that,” I said.

“Kiersten, come over here,” my daughter said.

Kiersten got out of bed and walked toward me, staring at my erection in Jamie's hand. “Will it hurt?” she asked.

“Some,” Jamie said. “You won't want to do what I did. I just sort of rammed myself onto him, and that hurt. I think if you let Dad guide you, it won't be too bad. Now take your shirt off and let him see you. It's okay – you were practically naked in front of him this afternoon.”

Kiersten reached for the hem of her shirt. Her shapely thighs met at a puffy pair of lips, completely concealing the treasures inside. Her bare prominent mound gave way to an expanse of smooth, soft skin slowly being revealed. Finally, the shirt cleared her breasts, large, full, and topped with hard gumdrop nipples ringed by taut areolas.

She took the jersey the rest of the way off, and brushed a few strands of her dark hair away from her eyes. Worry filled them, and she was nibbling nervously on her pouty lower lip.

“Oh,” was all I could say. I was going to hell in a hand-basket.

“She's really hot, isn't she?” my daughter said, still slowly fondling my cock.

“Am I?” Kiersten breathed.

“Sweetheart,” I said, “you're phenomenal. Any guy who can't see that must be either blind or gay.”

“Daddy Bill,” Kiersten said, her gaze flickering from my eyes to my swollen manhood, “I need you to teach me stuff.”

The last shred of my morality was gone. “Let's go to my room,” I said.

Jamie led the way, naked Kiersten followed, and my cock led me behind them. When my daughter walked into my room, she turned on the light and took her shirt off. Two beautiful young women were naked in front of me.

My cock bobbed in rhythm with my pulse. “Kiersten,...” I began.

She stepped to me and pulled off my robe. Then she unsnapped the waistband of my pajama pants. They pooled around my feet. “I want you to teach me everything you taught your daughter. Please.”

“Do you know what you're asking, Kiersten? I've masturbated Jamie to orgasm, and she's done the same for me. We've had oral sex, and I've cum in my daughter's mouth. I've taken her virginity. I've ejaculated inside her. Is this really what you want?”

Kiersten moved against me, allowing my cock to slide up along her abdomen. Her large breasts were pressed against me, her nipples firm against my chest. She put her arms around my neck. Just before she kissed me, she said, “Yes.”

* * * * * * * * * *

to be continued....

“Daddy Bill,” Kiersten said, her gaze flickering from my eyes to my swollen manhood, “I need you to teach me stuff.”

The last shred of my morality was gone. “Let's go to my room,” I said.

Jamie led the way, naked Kiersten was next, and my cock followed behind them. When my daughter walked into my room, she turned on the light and took off her shirt. Two beautiful young women were naked in front of me.

My cock bobbed in rhythm with my pulse. “Kiersten,...” I began.

She stepped to me and pulled off my robe. Then she unsnapped the waistband of my pajama pants, letting them fall around my feet. “I want you to teach me everything you taught your daughter. Please.”

“Do you know what you're asking, Kiersten? I've masturbated Jamie to orgasm, and she's done the same for me. We've had oral sex, and I've cum in her mouth. I've taken her virginity. I've ejaculated inside her. Is this really what you want?”

Kiersten moved against me, forcing my cock to slide up along her abdomen. Her large breasts pressed against me, the nipples firm on my chest. She put her arms around my neck. Just before she kissed me, she said, “Yes.”

“I had never done any of this stuff,” Jamie said, watching her best friend's tongue play with mine.

“I haven't done much,” Kiersten admitted when we paused for air. “I've kissed before, and I let a guy feel me up once, but I was afraid to do anything else.”

“Didn't you like it?” Jamie asked.

“Not as much as I thought I should,” Kiersten said, moving slightly to grind my cock on her belly. “He was kinda rough. I don't think he knew what he was doing.”

“Dad does.”

“I always thought an older guy should be my first. Bill, what should I do?”

“Nothing you're not comfortable with,” I answered.

“You should be comfortable enough to play with his cock,” Jamie said. “You did that before.”

“He was asl**p.”

“No he wasn't,” Jamie giggled. “Were you Dad?”


Kiersten blushed visibly. “You knew I was touching you?”


“Oh.... Should I do that again?”

“Why don't we lie down so we can touch each other?”

Jamie took my hand and led me to my bed. She had me lie on my back in the middle, and she got on her knees next to me. “Come here, Kiersten.”

She knelt opposite my daughter, her legs slightly spread. There was moisture on her bare slit. She put her hand on my hard penis and stroked it timidly, just like before.

“Watch,” Jamie said, pushing her friend's hand away. She fondled my manhood, the way she had when this all started. Stroking me gently but firmly with one hand, she lightly caressed my glans with the fingers of her other. “Dad says it feels real good when you run a finger around this ridge here. See this little triangle thingy?” she asked, bending my cock up toward my belly. “Dad likes it when you tickle that. You try it.”

Kiersten replaced Jamie's hands with her own, imitating the motions she had been shown.

“Does that feel good, Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Uh huh.”

“Lie down next to him, Kiersten. Let him make you feel good, too.”

When I first held Kiersten's round breast in my hand, I stopped worrying about the consequences of what we were doing. Until I had touched Jamie that way, I had forgotten how amazing a teenage boob feels, how warm, how soft but firm at the same time, and how arousing. Kiersten's nipple was as hard in my hand as my cock was in hers.

She knew how to kiss. Every time I switched from fondling one sumptuous breast to the other, she moaned as we crushed our mouths together.

“Has anyone ever sucked your nipples?” I asked.

“Just me.”

“Would you like me to show you how I do it?”

“I'm so turned on already,” she whimpered. “Yes, please.”

I pushed her hair aside and whispered into her ear, “Sweetheart, I'll do everything I can to make you feel good. If you like something, tell me. If something makes you uncomfortable, I'll stop.” I inched my hand down from her breast and across her belly. She gasped when I ran my fingers over her mound, enjoying her soft skin. I didn't go any lower. It wasn't time for that yet. I trailed kisses from behind her ear and onto her throat. She arched her neck, and my tongue found the hollow below her larynx and began to play.

“Oh, God,” she hissed.

I massaged her puffy mound just hard enough to pull at the tender skin around her clit. My kisses went lower, into her cleavage. By this time, her nipples were straining for the ceiling, begging to be sucked. When I licked one, she jolted slightly, and I smelled fresh, hot pussy.

“You're making me wet,” she whimpered.

“Really?” I hardened my tongue, and flicked her proud nipple back and forth.

Jamie moved on the bed so she was lying across our legs. I could feel her warm breath on the hair on my thighs. She giggled softly. “Kiersten, that's making my dad drip pre-cum.”

“What's pre-cum?” Kiersten gasped as I devoured her lovely breasts.

“This.” Jamie crawled over to Kiersten's side of the bed and took her friend's hand in her own. She rubbed the head of my dick with the girl's finger, and then raised it to Kiersten's mouth. “Taste it. Feel it on your tongue.”

“Is that what his cock tastes like?”

“Kinda,” Jamie answered. “I like it. I like giving and getting oral sex, at least with him. Dad, why don't you lick her now?”

“Good idea.” I moved down and placed a small kiss on Kiersten's warm mound where my fingers had been.

She was already trembling before my tongue first touched her. Her smooth pink skin was shiny with leaked fluids. She smelled sweet and hot, a little different from Jamie, but still pure, fresh, and ripe. I meant to start slowly, nuzzling her with my nose, kissing her thighs and her lips, trailing my tongue softly over all her exposed goodness before plunging it into her little hole, but I couldn't help myself. I had to taste her.

“Ooooh,” Kiersten gasped, clenching thigh and belly muscles. “Ooh. Oh, God!”

“Wait'll he gets warmed up,” Jamie snickered.

She didn't have to wait long. I alternated between soft caresses of my lips on her lower ones, and deep thrusts of my tongue against her wet opening. Her legs never relaxed, but they spread wider as I licked her, until finally, her knees were against the bed. That was when Jamie took my cock in her mouth. That was also when Kiersten whined, “I'm gonna cum.”

I pushed a finger a little way into her opening and sucked on her clit.

“Oh shit! Cumming!” she moaned. Each spasm of her tight channel on my finger brought a fresh drop of moisture. Jamie kept slowly tonguing and sucking me, so it was difficult to concentrate, but I did what I could to lick Kiersten clean.

As she recovered, she propped herself up on her elbows. “Daddy Bill, that was so awesome. I've never cum like tha... Oh my God, Jamie! You're sucking your dad's cock!”

“Mm-hmm,” Jamie murmured, never pulling her mouth off me.

“Wow,” Kiersten whispered. “That's so hot.”

Jamie released me and took slow licks from base to glans. “Wanna try it?”

“After what he did, hell yeah! I like watching videos on the web, but I don't really know what to do.”

“Get down here and I'll show you.”

Grateful Dead's “Hell in a Bucket” flashed through my head when I rolled on my back. There was no denying I was enjoying the ride. Jamie's pretty breasts hardly bounced as she bobbed up and down. Kiersten stretched out on her belly on my other side, her short, wavy hair allowing me to appreciate the perfection of the skin of her back as it curved down to her magnificent ass. She propped herself up on her elbows, eyes wide, gumdrop nipples against my thigh.

“Here's what you do,” Jamie said, stroking my spit-wet member in her hand. “Hold him by the shaft at first. Run your tongue all around the top of it, like this.” She demonstrated. “Your turn.”

Kiersten grasped my cock gently around the base and extended her tongue. As soon as her wet tip touched mine, a drop of my clear fluid leaked out.

“Is that what his cum will taste like?” she asked.

“Kinda. Do you like it?”

“I think so.” She licked all around the head of my dick, like Jamie had shown her.

“Lick the whole thing. Make it wet with your spit before you put it in your mouth. He likes that.”

Kiersten ran her tongue all over me, kissing, rubbing it back and forth over her lips.

“That's really good!” Jamie exclaimed. “Isn't it, Dad?”

“Yeah,” I gasped.

“Here's what you do next,” she said, her forehead against Kiersten's. “Excuse me.” Jamie lowered her mouth onto me, taking about half my length, bobbing up and down a few times, and then sucking hard, lips smacking when I popped free. “Don't let your teeth touch him. Let's see you do it.”

Kiersten fondled my erection, smiled, and kissed the tip of it. “Will he cum if I suck him?”

“Yeah,” Jamie and I said in unison.

Kiersten licked all around the head of my cock again. “A lot?”

Jamie looked at me and giggled. “Probably.”

“Cool!” Kiersten again mimicked my daughter's actions by taking me into her mouth. She moved slowly at first, taking me as deep as she could and then withdrawing so that only my crown was between her lips. She bobbed rapidly a few times, finally stopping and rubbing my cock on her tongue. “How's that?”

“Keep that up and he'll cum, Kiersten.”

“Will you, Daddy Bill?”

“Thinking about it,” I groaned.

“Let me help you guys,” Jamie said. She took my cock from her best friend, held it up, and started licking it. “C'mere, Kiersten, there's enough here for you, too.”

Jamie sucked hard on the head of my cock while Kiersten licked my shaft. After a while, she nudged my daughter out of the way and took me into her mouth herself. They swapped me back and forth like that until I started to spurt. The first part of my load went in Jamie's mouth, but she pulled off and jerked the rest of it onto her friend's waiting tongue.

“Now swallow it,” Jamie gurgled. Kiersten got to her knees, an errant dollop hanging from her chin as she swallowed, licked her lips, and swallowed again.

“Wow,” was all she said.

“Congratulations, you gave your first blowjob, but you're a messy eater,” Jamie giggled. Kiersten knelt motionless beside me, looking a little stunned, a grin on her face, a glob of my product on her chin, and a splatter on her one big tit.


“There's cum on your chin!”

“Where?” Kiersten asked, extending her tongue to search for it.

“Right here,” Jamie said, leaning over to wipe it off her friend's face. “See?” she held up her messy finger.

“You know what I saw once online?” Kiersten asked. She pulled my daughter's cum-smeared finger to her lips, and wiped them with it. Still holding it against her mouth, Kiersten leaned toward her friend until the finger was touching them both. Kiersten extended her tongue and delicately licked her side of it.

Jamie copied her actions, and inevitably, their tongues touched. They kissed like that for a while, almost innocently. Or as innocent as it can be when two naked teenagers, my daughter and her best friend, are licking cum-taste off each other's lips and tongues. My cum-taste.

Kiersten said, “Remember when you asked me if I had done anything with my s****r?”

“You have?” Jamie grinned.

“No, but I've thought about it, maybe more than I like to admit. Sometimes when I watch stuff online, I think I look at the girls as much as the guys. Does that make me a lesbian?” Kiersten asked.

“We just made Dad cum in your mouth, so I don't think so. Did you like it?”

“Doing that with him? Yeah!” Kiersten giggled.

“Look,” my daughter said, pointing at the smear of semen on her perky breast. “I got that off your big boobies when we were kissing.”

“I like your breasts better, Jamie. They fit your body so well, not like my big knockers.”

“Are you k**ding? Every girl in our class would kill to have boobs like yours! Why do you think we teased you back when we were k**s? We saw how the guys looked at you, and then they'd look at us and smirk. Like, 'When are you gonna grow some tits?' We were all jealous.”

“Do yours feel different than mine?” Kiersten asked.

“I don't know. Do they, Dad?”

“Hers are bigger, but maybe you should come here so I can compare,” I said, motioning to the girls to lie down next to me. We played and explored for a while, a naked teen on either side of me, a damp pussy rubbing each of my thighs.

“You're hard again,” Kiersten said, running her fingers up and down my shaft.

“What do you expect?” Jamie laughed. “You're playing with his dick!”

“I know, but it's so cool.”

Jamie said, “I've been fascinated with his penis for a while, since it's the only adult one I've seen, but now that I've done stuff with it, all I have to do is look at it and I start dripping. It's like when your mouth waters when you smell your favorite food cooking.”

“You're that wet too?” Kiersten asked.

“Pretty wet,” Jamie giggled, sitting up cross-legged on the bed. Her little petals glistened with moisture. “How wet do you get?”

“Soaked. See?” She spread her puffy lips apart to reveal an interior awash with juices. My tongue and cock battled in my brain for it, but my tongue won.

Jamie had her head between her friend's knees before I did. “Can I look at it up close? It's impossible to hold a mirror and get the light just right and all. Please?”

“I know what you mean. I've tried often enough,” Kiersten said.

As I watched, Jamie studied her friend's wet virgin pussy. “Can I touch it?”

“I,.. I guess so.”

Jamie spread Kiersten's puffy outer lips to look inside. “That's so awesome,” she murmured, her breath making her friend grip the sheets. “Dad, does she taste like me?”

“You're both delicious, sort of a blend of honey and lemon and fresh cream. I can't describe it better.”

“I know what I taste like,” my daughter said.

“How?” Kiersten asked.

“From my fingers when I play with myself, or kissing Dad after he eats me or sucking his cock after it was in my pussy. I do that sometimes if I'm too worn out to take any more, but I think he can go again.”

Kiersten sighed, “I can't believe how good it felt getting my pussy licked. My s****r talks about it all the time, and the girls on those websites always seem to like it. Now I know why. Bill, will you do that again?”

“No, Dad, help me figure out how to do it.”

“Jamie?” Kiersten and I both exclaimed.

“Why not? I know how good it feels, and I like doing oral on you, Dad, so why not on my best friend? I want to see what it is about licking a girl that you like so much. Now, get me started.”

I knew that tone of voice. There would be no denying Jamie on this. Plus, I had to admit, the thought of my lusty daughter licking the pussy of a teenage beauty who wanted me to fuck her was a pretty big turn-on. “I'm not sure how much I can instruct you, honey. You know what I do. You know what you like.”

“Okay, Dad. Are you all right with this, Kiersten?”

She looked at Jamie, her face inches from her sex. “Do it. Maybe I'll learn something I can use later.”

Jamie grinned and placed a small kiss on her friend's inner left thigh. Kiersten's legs immediately parted, and my daughter began raining ever more frantic kisses over the girl's thighs and mound, licking and sucking, even nibbling, on everything but her pussy itself.

“Daddy Bill?”

“Yes, Kiersten?”

“I like looking at your penis. Do you want me or is it Jamie that has you so turned on?”

Jamie started to giggle from between her friend's legs. “If you're smart, you won't answer that,” she said.

“Does it matter what I say? This whole thing is so wrong it isn't funny.”

“Are you going to start that 'fathers and daughters do don't this kind of thing' rant of yours again? I can imagine what you'll say about fathers and daughters and friends,” Jamie said, pausing from her licking. “You're so funny, and I love you so much.” She pushed a finger inside Kiersten and began probing her.

“Oh, God,” Kiersten hissed. We made eye contact, and she reached out and grabbed my cock, rubbing her one fat nipple with it. “I think I'm ready for you, Bill.”

“I want him first,” Jamie said. “He's my dad, after all. I'll keep playing with you, okay, Kiersten? Dad, I want you behind me.”

I moved into place and rubbed my drooling cock over Jamie's already wet labia. Lining up, I pushed slowly inside.

“Don't cum in me. Save that for Kiersten, but make me feel good first.”

Don't cum? Easier said than done. I was balls-deep in my daughter's tight, juicy tunnel, holding her creamy little asscheeks in my hands, watching her do an amazingly good job of devouring her best friend's meaty cunt.

I couldn't resist moving. I had done this with her enough by now to know the power she needed to build to a strong orgasm, and the pace I could maintain without, hopefully, going off right away. With Jamie moving to help me, Kiersten's big boobs started rolling with our rhythm. I pushed deep inside my daughter and held her still, my hands wrapped around her pelvis so that my fingertips could play around her clit. “Oh, God, Dad!” she wailed, and then she buried her face in Kiersten and worked her harder than ever.

Kiersten was still cumming when I pulled out of Jamie. She was still shuddering when Jamie, finished with her own climax, rolled over on her side. “Take over, Dad,” she giggled, wiping her chin.

Two fresh teen pussies, my daughter's gaping slightly from the treatment my cock had given it, and the one I was going to de-flower, wet with a mixture of girl cum and saliva. Could it get more depraved than this? “Are you ready? Do you still want to do this?” I asked.

“You'll love it, maybe not at first, but I promise you'll love it,” Jamie said.

“Hush, sweetie. I'm talking to your friend, not you.”

“How much will it hurt, Bill?”

“I don't know. Jamie said it hurt a lot. I've heard other women say it wasn't too bad.”

“There's only one way to find out,” Kiersten said, her hand reaching for my wet cock.

“You're right.” I wiped my straining hardness over her juicy slit, up and down, from behind her opening to her clit. Each time, I used more pressure, until I was notched in her entrance. “You're sure?”


I pushed gently until she parted to admit me. As soon as she surrounded my head, I stopped. “Are you okay?”

She smiled and pulled me down for a kiss. “I'm glad you're my first, Bill.”

I moved in until I felt her resistance. She winced a little and gave me a weak grin. “I'm nervous.”

I kissed her again, gently at first, her face rather than her mouth. Every time I found a new place to kiss, I moved out a fraction of an inch and then back in, angling differently each time, slowly stretching her outer area. “Do you want me to warn you, or should I just do it?” I leaned down to suckle on her breast and wait for an answer.

“You've warned me enough. I'll be ready when you think it's the right time.”

I pushed in against her hymen again, waiting for her to wince. When she did, I pulled back. Nibbling on her other nipple, I pushed my hand between us to play with her clit as I stroked in and out of her outer passage. I found the depth, just barely bumping her hymen as I stimulated her, and when she started crying out her orgasm, I broke through and stopped.

Jamie saw her friend jolt. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

Kiersten let out a shuddering sigh. “That wasn't that bad. It got really hot for a second, kind of like the sting of waxing, but then I was cumming and couldn't think about it. Now it's just a little sore. I feel really full.”

“You're not full,” Jamie giggled. “He's probably halfway inside you.”

My new lover studied my eyes and then pulled me down for a kiss. “When do I get the rest?”

Her slick muscles gave way grudgingly to their new visitor, but finally I reached full depth. We moved, adjusting ourselves for comfort, kissing tenderly. She wrapped her legs around me. “I think I'm ready.”

It took us very little time to find a pace we liked, slow but deep, not really thrusting – more a pressing together.

“That feels good,” Kiersten murmured.

“I'm glad.” I started fondling a nipple again.

“I think I'm ready to go faster.” She pulled back a little more when we drew apart this time, and I pushed back a little harder. We weren't rutting, but we were making love with more enthusiasm.

“Oh, fuck! I know just what that feels like,” Jamie whined. Kiersten and I both looked at her, thrusting her fingers rapidly in and out of herself and pulling on her one nipple.

“Make me cum, Bill. Make me cum for the first time with a man inside me,” Kiersten whispered in my ear, her fingertips digging into my buttocks to urge me on.

I pulled out enough to get my fingers on her wet clit again, and began stroking purposefully in and out of her tight teen pussy. “May I cum inside you?”

“I won't feel like I've had sex with you if you don't,” she panted. “Shit!” Her nails raked my asscheeks as her vaginal muscles squeezed. When her contractions weakened, mine began. “I feel it! You're cumming, aren't you? Oh God!” she squealed, as new spasms of her soaked walls milked the last from me.

When it was over, I pulled my spent cock from her and rolled on my back, moving her to lie partially on top of me. As we kissed sensuously, coming down from our high, I realized this was exactly what I did with Jamie when she gave me her innocence, not so long ago.

Jamie saw it too. “I'd be jealous if I didn't love you both so much.” She snuggled in on my other side. I had two pussies, two pairs of boobs, and two lovely heads pushed against me. “How did you like it, Kiersten?” she asked.

“My s****r told me sex was good. She didn't tell me it was this good. Thank you, Bill. You too, Jamie.”

Jamie said, “You asked earlier if you were a lesbian because you thought about girls. What does that make me?”

“I don't know,” her friend replied. “Maybe bi?”

“Bi-curious, at least,” I said. “If you're with someone you care about, there's nothing wrong with it.”

“That, or sharing with you, Dad,” Jamie giggled.

I moved so I could see Kiersten's face. “Are you okay?”

She returned my look of concern with one of her own. “I'm fine. I'm completely fine with everything that happened. Thrilled! I asked you to teach me stuff, and you did. If it's okay with you guys, I'll come back for a refresher course.”

“Can we sl**p with you tonight, Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Um, I guess so. There isn't much to hide anymore.”

“I think I want a shower,” Kiersten said.

“Me too,” Jamie agreed.

“You ladies go ahead. I'll change the bedding.”

The girls giggled their way to the bathroom while I started stripping the spotted, rumpled sheets. My mind was reeling. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine something more arousing, more taboo, and more salaciously sick than a threesome with my daughter and her best friend. Jamie came back into the room, knelt in front of me, and cleaned me with a warm washcloth. “I knew there would be a little bl**d on you.”

“Honey, is she okay?”

“She was humming when she got in the shower, so I would say yes.” When Jamie was done, she placed a small chaste kiss on my penis, and then stood to put a similar one on my lips. “Do you have any idea how proud you made me?”


“Yes. I told you before that Kiersten said she wanted you. I didn't tell you how much detail she went into about it. She's been talking non-stop ever since the day she helped me wash the car. I'm proud of you for the way you treated her.”

“Is she infatuated with me? That could be a real problem.”

“No, it’s fine. I'll talk to her.”

“The sooner, the better.”

“Kiersten? Make room in the shower for me,” she called across the hall to the bathroom. “I'll talk to her right now,” Jamie said. She gave my cock a playful squeeze and bounced out of the room.

Numbly, I pulled off the last of the rumpled bedding and carried it down to the laundry room. Jamie would know how to get the stuff clean. I went back to my room and set about the task of re-making my king-size bed. For the first time since I bought the thing, I didn't mind the stretching and reaching it took to put the sheets on just right.

The girls had stopped talking and laughing. All I heard was the sound of the shower against skin. Then, I heard Jamie moan, “That's it! Right there!”

I was fluffing the pillows when the water finally shut off across the hall. I wondered if I would be taking a cold shower, and as I watched them dry off through the open door, it seemed like that might not be a bad idea. I couldn't stop staring at them. Jamie did what she always did when she got out of the bath, applying her deodorant, lotions, and body spray, and then working on her hair, unconcerned about her nudity. I had seen it all before, pretty regularly in recent weeks. Kiersten did the very same thing, probably exactly the way she does at home. Seeing them together was intensely erotic.

Kiersten's shorter, wavy hair arranged itself into her cute, perky style quickly, so she was done first. She came across the hall into my room, beautiful, fresh, and naked. She grazed her hand across my swelling manhood. “Is that because of me or Jamie?”

“Both of you.”

“When we washed your car and you saw us as good as nude – was your hard-on for me, or Jamie, or both of us?”


“Thought so. That's cool, Bill. It really is. It would be different if you didn't know you. I've always thought of you as my second father, my 'fun-daddy'. Growing up, I felt a lot different about you than my own dad – closer, more loved. You were the one who took me camping the first time, to amusement parks, movies, and the beach. My parents are kind of boring, and they spent a lot of time on my s****r's modeling stuff when I was younger.”

“Jamie told me. You girls always got along, even when you were little k**s, and I always liked you, so I wanted you to come with us.”

Kiersten hugged me, her naked body so arousing to hold. “You're my 'fun-daddy' in a new way now. I can keep as quiet about what the three of us did as you can, okay? I love you both, and I want to do this again.” We were locked in a kiss when Jamie tiptoed in and smacked her friend's ass.

“Before you two mess up another set of sheets, let's get something to eat. I'm going to the kitchen. C'mon, Kiersten. Let my dad get his shower. There's probably enough hot water left.”

I managed to calm down as I bathed. It felt very good washing my genitals, but I resisted the urge to do more. I had to get my head around things, not my hand.

The girls put together a platter of cheese and fruit. I found them sitting on the sofa in their nightshirts when I arrived in fresh pajamas and a tightly tied robe. I sat on the floor across from them where I could reach the snack plate.

“Dad,” Jamie said, “please get over this guilt thing you're carrying. We're okay, you and I, and Kiersten is too, aren't you?”

“Yes, Bill, I am. Jamie told me how concerned you were when we were showering and raiding the fridge. Please, I'm a big girl now, okay? I am absolutely fine with what we all did. I love you both, but I'm not 'in love' with either of you. I'm smart enough to keep my mouth shut about everything.”

“There's a lot at stake. The last thing I need is for people to start gossiping about all this. I don't want people to be uncomfortable coming to this house. Your parents would kill me if they knew what I did.”

“No, they'd kill me, so I'll never tell them.”

“Will you stop worrying, Dad? I graduate from high school tomorrow, and I want you sitting in the audience looking happy.”

Glancing at Jamie, I saw her pretty pussy peeking out from her old t-shirt. “Tomorrow night when Melody is here, I think you should wear panties, Jamie. It wouldn't be a good idea if she thought I could see you.”

“Is it okay if I don't wear panties, Bill?” Kiersten said, hiking up her football jersey and putting her feet up on the couch to display herself to me. “I bet I won't be sore at all by tomorrow night.”

“Kiersten, behave!” Jamie laughed. “What's gotten into you, girlfriend?”

“You were there, sweetie,” Kiersten said, her sex still exposed to me. “I always wanted to feel sexy, maybe even secretly slutty. Now, suddenly, I do. I got my pussy licked repeatedly by a hot man and my best friend. I sucked a cock, swallowed cum, lost my cherry, and then made your dad shoot inside me after he was inside you. I ate pussy and liked it. I'm a sexually-active adult woman now. That's a nice feeling.”

“Yeah, it is,” Jamie said, grinning at the new bulge forming under my robe.

I shifted my position to try to hide it, and so Kiersten's beautiful opening wouldn't be directly in my line of sight. “What's the plan for tomorrow?”

“Melody said she would text me when she wants to bring over her stuff before lunchtime. She'll drop Kiersten off at her place, and they'll get ready and go to graduation with their families. You'll take me, and we'll bring Melody and Kiersten along when we come home.”

“All right, honey. That should work. I took the day off from work so I can get a haircut, wash the car, and go for groceries. I can run any last-minute errands you need me to.”

“Um, Dad, there is one thing, if you would.”


“Well, we're all eighteen now, and it's graduation, and Melody's and Kiersten's folks let them do it at home a little, just like you do, and,...”

“I thought you didn't want a d***ken party.”

“I don't. But if no one is driving and we all stay inside, can we maybe have a little celebration?”

“Can I trust you girls to keep quiet about what's happened when Melody is here? I need to know right now.”

Jamie looked at me, then to her best friend. “I can keep my mouth shut. I won't drink enough to say something dumb. I have too much to lose.”

“I don't know how to reassure you guys,” Kiersten said. “I promise I will never say anything. It would be bad for all three of us.”

“All right, ladies. I'll call the other parents, and if they say it's okay, I'll stop and get something. What do you want? Wine coolers? Beer?”

“Bill, can we have champagne? There are some things a girl only gets to do once, and I'd like to celebrate that. We can toast our graduation, and our friendship, and secrets and experiences we've shared,” Kiersten said with a wink.

“Champagne it is.” I would only get two bottles, not nearly enough to make anyone talkative, hopefully.

We finished the snacks and decided it was time for bed. The girls took their turns in the bathroom, and I went last. In my room, Kiersten was on the far side of the bed and Jamie was close to me. Both were on their backs, covered to the chin with the sheet. Empty space was between them. I took off my robe to get in bed. Jamie sat up and kicked the sheet off her nude body.

“Seriously, Dad? Pajamas?”

Kiersten laughed as she sat up to display her globes to me. She pointed at the bulge forming in my pajama pants. “The pj's gotta go, Bill. Jamie told me I shouldn't ask you to make love to me again tonight, and I am kinda sore, but I'd like to help you with that.”

Jamie had my pants d****d on my ankles before I could get my shirt off. My filling manhood bounced as I climbed over her to lie on my back in the middle of the bed. All of us watched my penis expand till it stood tall and proud. “Kiersten, did you like sucking my dad's dick?”

“Yeah. It got me pretty excited, and it was fun making him cum.”

“I love it . Did you like it when he licked your pussy?”

“Duh! Yes!”

“We should do what we tried in the shower,” Jamie giggled.

Color flooded Kiersten's cheeks.

“What did you try in the shower, girls?”

“Remember, Kiersten, secrets are for outside this house,” Jamie said.

“Well, Jamie sort of helped me clean up, and then I helped her clean up, and then we kinda played.”

“And?” my daughter urged, winking at me.

The words tumbled from Kiersten. “And there wasn't really enough room for a sixty-nine and we kept sliding around on the wet tub floor. There, no secrets.”

“That's not all,” Jamie said.

Kiersten shot her a look. “All right, all right. I made you cum, you slut.”

“Slut? You did exactly the same things I did.” Then Jamie started to giggle. “Look at his cock.”

A large drop of pre-cum dripped down onto my belly.

Kiersten's gumdrop nipples got even harder. “Bill, did you like watching Jamie go down on me while you took her from behind?”


“Did you ever put it in her ass?”


“My s****r says that feels really good, and doesn't hurt as bad as losing your cherry if the guy's careful.”

“Dad likes to play with mine. It feels pretty good.”

“What do you guys do?”

I said, “I'll rub it, or lick it sometimes when I'm down there, or sometimes I push a finger inside.”

Jamie added, “It's weird, but it's cool. I looked it up. Dad's right. There are more nerve endings in the rectum than in the vagina, so you would think it could feel good.”

“Have you ever had anal sex with a woman, Bill?”


“Wasn't it messy?”

“Not gross, if that's what you mean. All sex is messy, and lube makes things messier, but it's all good. The shower afterward can be fun.”

“Did you like it, Dad?”



“I don't know. It's different. Taboo.”

“Different and taboo? Most guys your age aren't lying in bed with two naked high school girls he's balling, one of whom is his daughter.”


“Taboo doesn't mean much around here any more, so why haven't we done it?”

“Um, well, I,...”

“Dad, look at me. I love you. I love what we do. I love that you've done things for my best friend in the world. Now, I want you to do this for me. Take my anal virginity.”

“Jamie, I,...”

“Now, with Kiersten here. Please, Dad.”

“That's a big step,” I said.

Jamie snuggled against me and started rubbing my cock with her thigh. “You think so? Some of the girls at school do it so they can still say they're virgins or because they're not on birth control. We're way past that. Kiersten knows everything now. She's seen or experienced pretty much all of it. Now I'd like to show her this.”

“You need lube,” Kiersten said, beating my daughter into position and drooling spit onto my cock. She then lowered her mouth and spread the slickness down as far as she could.

“How much porn do you watch?” Jamie laughed, licking the part of me that her friend couldn't reach. “Be right back!” She scampered from the room.

“What was all that about?” I asked.

Kiersten took a break from her work. “She's your daughter.”

Jamie bounced back onto the bed with us. “Remember when we were at the mall shopping for Melody's birthday gift?”

“At that store with all the posters and t-shirts with raunchy stuff on them?” Kiersten responded.

“They had free samples at the register.”

“Oh my God, yes!” Kiersten laughed.

“Should we use the cherry-flavor or the g**** lube, Dad?” Jamie asked, showing me two plastic packets, the kind they put in your bag when you ask for mustard at the drive-through.

“You have lube, Jamie? You've been planning this?” I asked.

“Not planning, really. I watched a few videos, and I kinda like it when you play with my ass. You've rubbed me there a few times with your cock, like you want it, so I knew sooner or later we'd do it. I think now is a good time.”

“And you want Kiersten to watch us?”

“Bill, I want to watch you two. Like the other stuff, I've seen it online, but never for real.”

Jamie said, “Please, Dad. Everything else you've taught me has been amazing, and it feels pretty good when you play around back there.”

I took the packets of lube and handed them to Kiersten. “Hold on to these, sweetie. We'll need them later.”

“Dibs on the g****,” Kiersten said.

“What?” Jamie and I exclaimed together.

“I'm calling dibs on the g****. I want him to use the g**** on me.”

“You want my dad to do you in the ass?”

“Yeah, kinda. Like I said, my s****r said it's great after a while, which is the same thing she said about regular sex. She wasn't wrong on that one.”

“Kiersten,” I said, “I'm not sure you know what you're asking for.”

“Of course I do. We don't have site restrictions on the internet at home.”

“So, how do we do this, Dad?”

“Fathers and daughters don't do this sort of thing,” I murmured, pushing her on her back so I could suckle her breast.

“I know, but lovers do.”

I was between her legs in seconds, feasting on her young pussy.

“Oh, Dad!”

“That's so hot,” Kiersten gasped. I paused to look at her. She had one juicy nipple in her mouth and her hand between her legs.

Two of my fingers found Jamie's sweet vaginal opening and began to play in it as my tongue resumed its work on her clit. She came spectacularly. As soon as she was done, I pulled my fingers from her. A mix of her juice and my saliva drooled from her pussy, and onto her anus. I licked her, from her clit to her star, and then worked my index finger inside it.

“Kiersten, I need that lube now,” I said, getting to my knees.

She handed me the red packet, and took my cock in her hands. “I can't believe I had that inside me. That is so totally cool.” She started sucking on me again.

“You like doing that, don't you?” Jamie asked.

“I sure do,” Kiersten said, drooling spit on me and spreading it around with her hands.

I drizzled some lube on Jamie's ass and on two of my fingers. Teasing, probing, and finally entering her, I tried to work as much goo inside her as I could. Kiersten continued to play with me, jacking, licking, and sucking at a leisurely pace.

“Are you ready, baby?”


I dripped more lubricant into her slightly open ass, and slathered some onto my cock with my already slick fingers. Kiersten sat back to watch.

I held Jamie by the ankles and pushed her legs up, tilting her pelvis. Her sweet pussy winked at me, but I was aiming for something else this time. I looked at her face one more time. “Are you sure?”

“Do it, Dad.”

Holding myself by the base, I wiped my well-lubed cock back and forth along the crack of her ass, prodding her pucker, teasing it, hoping to get it to relax. Finally, I pushed my way inside, stopping when her hole had captured my crown.

Jamie remembered her breathing, calming herself to help her let go of the tension in her sphincter. It loosened, just a bit at first, but slowly, she adapted. “That's … big,” she gasped.

“Are you all right?”

“Uh huh. Go ahead.”

I pushed in a little deeper. Jamie grabbed her nipples. A little more, and one hand darted down to her clit.

Kiersten shoved some pillows under Jamie's hips to raise her, and then moved to kneel behind her head, taking her ankles from me. “Let me help you guys,” she said. “This is so cool.”

“Dad, are you gonna put it all in me?” Jamie gasped.

“Am I hurting you?” I started to pull out.

“No! I want more, I think,” she said, furiously strumming on her clit.

“Are you sure?”

“Push it back in. More than you did.”

I slowly f***ed myself deeper into my daughter's ass. The hot, wet friction of her was mind-blowing.

“More,” she whispered.

Soon, my abdomen was against the hand she was using on herself, and my balls were against her buttocks.

“How does it feel?” Kiersten asked.

“Amazing. I'm so full and so turned on right now I can barely stand it.”

“Are you gonna cum?” Kiersten was staring wide-eyed at our joining.

“You have to try this,” Jamie panted.

I pulled about half my length out of her ass, allowing free movement of her fingers over her pearl. Then I pushed back in again.

“What about you, Bill? Do you like it?”

I pulled out almost all the way, watching Kiersten watch my cock, and then slid slowly back inside. “Yes, God help me, yes, I do.”

“I thought so.... I love you guys so much.” She leaned toward me, over Jamie, and kissed me hard. Handing Jamie's ankles back to me, she moved so she could kiss Jamie the same way. “Here's my secret slut thing again, Bill.” She moved over her friend and took her breast in her mouth.

Watching all this, I realized I had upped the pace of my thrusts into Jamie. She responded by biting her lip and moaning, fingering herself deeply. One perky breast was moving with our coupling, the other being thoroughly devoured by the busty brunette hanging over her. “Are you okay, Jamie?”

“Cumming soon,” she whined.

“Me too. Where do you want it?”

“Deep.” She started panting, clenching her muscles, cumming on my cock and her finger. I unloaded.

For a while, I held her, still buried deep in her rectum, watching the girls tongue-kissing. I was too overwhelmed to trust myself to put her down gracefully, and besides, it felt too damn good.

Eventually, I dismounted and lowered her to the bed.



She reached for me. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Jamie.” We kissed and cuddled, Kiersten sitting and watching us, caressing her beautiful breasts.

“Thank you, Dad. You were just as gentle with that as with all the rest of it.”

“I never want to hurt you.”

“And I never want to stop being your lover, Dad, but I'm okay with sharing you, sometimes.”

“That is so cool,” Kiersten muttered.

“I think I want to be in the bathroom alone for a couple minutes before you come for your shower. Maybe you can entertain her,” Jamie said, kissing me, and gesturing to her friend who was now on her back, luxuriously masturbating.

I moved over to Kiersten and kissed her one fat nipple. Then I pulled her hand from her pussy and licked her fingers clean. “I'm glad we've talked. I'm glad we've made love.”

She watched me. “Bill, I don't know if you understand how much this all means to me. You know my f****y. My parents are really straight-laced and kind of cold. I know they love me, but they're really bad at showing it, even to each other. Every time I came to your house as a k**, I saw love like I had never seen before. I felt it, even as a little girl. I felt included.”

“I'm glad to hear you say that.”

Kiersten had just bathed my tongue and fingers with her nectar when Jamie said from the doorway, “If we cooperate, we can all fit in the shower. That is, if you two are finished for now. Last one in the shower is a rotten egg.”

It was a tight squeeze, but fun. We helped each other bathe, and by the time we were done, parts of me were very clean. I slept well that night sandwiched between two beautiful young women.

Breakfast was interesting, since the girls insisted on serving it to me in bed. Dessert was enjoyable for all of us.

Everyone was dressed and on their good behavior when Melody arrived with her bag and her air mattress. The girls chatted excitedly about the evening's upcoming events. Kiersten followed Melody out to her car, but not before sneaking a short but intense kiss with me. “It's going to be tough tonight, sl**ping here and knowing that you're upstairs alone in that big bed,” she murmured, giving my cock a final caress through my clothes.

Jamie got to work cleaning the house to prepare for the party, and I ran my errands. When I got home, Jamie helped me put my purchases away, and then pulled herself to me for a kiss. “I heard what Kiersten said to you, Dad. I think she had fun with us. She's right. Knowing you're alone upstairs will be rough on me, too.”

“Just stay on your good behavior and keep your mouth shut,” I said.

“I don't have to do either of those things now,” she whispered, fumbling with my belt as our tongues met.

We were gentle and took our time with each other, experimenting with new positions and ones we already loved. She insisted on having me finish in her mouth, coaxing me to a shuddering orgasm, as intense as the ones she enjoyed.

Jamie looked stunning at commencement, and made me very proud, earning several awards and small scholarships. I caught up to her after the ceremony, and we gathered her friends from their families and drove home.

The girls set up the living room for the night, and then went upstairs to change clothes while I prepared the snacks we had discussed. Soon, the giggling trio reappeared in the living room dressed for bed. All wore t-shirt or jerseys, and simple cotton panties. Melody's shirt was the shortest. Even when she was standing, I could see her little camel-toe through her pink panties. I caught both Jamie and Kiersten checking my lap when they saw me trying not to look at her too closely.

“Time to start the celebration, Dad,” my daughter said. She went in the kitchen and soon returned with a bottle of champagne and four flutes. “Open it.”

It had been a long time since I popped a champagne bottle open, but I managed it, with only a little foam frothing from the mouth of the bottle. Melody started to laugh.

“What's so funny?” Jamie asked.

“Nothing,” Melody giggled.

“Bullshit. Look at Bill” She pointed at me, sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, the bottle between my legs, the neck sticking up from my lap, oozing white froth. “If you had a dirty mind, you'd know what she's giggling about.”

“Kiersten!” I sputtered.

“Sorry, Daddy Bill, but look at yourself.”

We visited and joked for a while, talking about the girls' plans for the future. Eventually, the second bottle was empty. I was glad I had limited my purchase to just two. Everyone was happy and relaxed, but no one was being inappropriate.

“I think I'll go to bed soon,” I said, taking the empty bottles and glasses to the kitchen. “Try not to make too much noise.”

“We'll be good, Dad. We won't do anything we wouldn't do with you,” Jamie said.

Small comfort.

She kissed me on the lips, not hard, not sexually, but with more warmth and feeling than some fathers and daughters share. Kiersten took her turn, her kiss exactly as loving than Jamie's had been. When she broke away, Melody stood and put her arms around me, like she's done for years.

“Thank you, Bill, for throwing this little party. It means a lot to me.” Her kiss was nice, warm and fun, with no overt flirtatiousness, although she did press herself against me in a full-body hug. A bit confused, and more than a bit concerned I might react, I said goodnight and went upstairs.

Jamie was coming out of her bedroom with a wrapped gift when I finished in the bathroom. “You're such a good dad. My friends totally love you. Goodnight.” She kissed me long and hard, and headed downstairs. I went in my room, leaving the door open. Eavesdropping is wrong, but I thought I should know what was being said.

“I'm not tired yet,” I heard Kiersten say.

“Neither am I. Wanna play a game?” Melody asked.

“Like what?”

“I dunno. 'Truth or Dare' is pretty much required at a slumber party,” Melody stated.

“In eighth grade, maybe,” Jamie laughed.

“C'mon! It'll be fun,” Melody persisted.

“Okay, I'll go first,” Kiersten said. “Melody, truth or dare?”


“Okay. Have you ever had sex?”

“No!” Melody laughed.

“Do you want to?”

“That's a second question, but I'll bend the rules. Of course I want to have sex,” she answered. “My turn now. Jamie, truth or dare?”


“Okay, same question.”

There was a long silence, followed by Kiersten saying, “You know the rules.”

“All right, all right. I'll answer, but no more questions to me on this topic. Yes, I have.”

“Really?” Melody squeaked. “Who was he? When? Why didn't you tell me?”

“I said, no more questions. Truth or dare?”

“I don't trust you not to make me do something embarrassing, so truth.”

“Have you ever had any kind of sexual contact with a guy? Or a girl? Stuff you can't do in public?”

Melody hesitated for a moment, and then said, “No. Only myself.”

“You like to play with yourself, don't you?” Kiersten asked.

“You don't?” Melody responded with a huff.

“Open your birthday gift. It's from Jamie and me together.”

I heard wrapping paper tearing. Then Melody said, “You guys are terrible!”

“Put the batteries in.”

Soon there was a distinct buzzing sound, which was then drowned out by teen girl laughter.

“Where did you guys get this?” Melody asked.

“That novelty store at the mall, you know, the one where they check ID before they sell some of the stuff.”

“Well, thanks, you two. It's a lot nicer than the ones I “borrow” from Mom. I'll give you a full report on it. Now, it's my turn. Jamie, truth or dare?”


“You're gonna regret that!” Melody laughed. “I dare you to kiss Kiersten. Not a little peck, either. I dare you to make out with her.”

“Bitch,” Kiersten giggled.

I didn't hear anything for a while, but I could picture what was going on.

Eventually, Jamie said, a little breathlessly, “Melody, you just changed the game. It's my turn, and I'm not giving you a choice. Dare. There should be a tube of lube in the bottom of the box your vibe came in. Try it out.”

“Are you crazy? Here? Now? With you guys watching and your dad upstairs?”

Kiersten said, “What's the matter? Are you embarrassed? I just made out with a girl and played with her boobs while you watched!”

“He's sound asl**p by now,” Jamie said. “Besides, he said he would close his door, so he won't hear anything unless you get loud.”

There was silence for a moment, and then Melody said, “You'd better be right. I do want to try it out.”

“We're not stopping you,” Kiersten laughed.

“All right. I was going to show you guys this anyway,” Melody said. “I treated myself to a birthday present this morning. I was sick of shaving all the time and still not feeling really smooth.”

“You got waxed?” Kiersten asked. “Your little kitty always had that nice red fur. I think red pubes are cute, but that does look great.”

“I went to the same place Mom does. I remember the first time I saw her without any hair, I thought it looked really good.”

“Take your top off, too.” Jamie said.

“What, you want to see my little boobies?”

“Consider it part of the dare.”

“If I had a rabbit vibe, I'd want to be able to play with my tits while I used it. Don't be a prude. Jamie, maybe we can make her more comfortable.”

“We should get naked, too?” Jamie asked. “Sure.”

Melody asked, “What's on the label? 'Sweet Vanilla'?”

“It's edible.”


Jamie mused, “Maybe so your lover can use the vibe on you and go down on you afterward.”

“Mmmm, that sounds nice to me,” Kiersten said. “Go ahead, Melody. You told me you lost your cherry horseback riding, so you should be able to take the whole thing.”

“I guess that's when it happened. I know I bled the time I got thrown and broke my wrist. Mom's dildos never hurt. Okay, here goes.”

Lying in my bed, I pictured pixie Melody, her reddish-blond hair d****d over her petite tits, her slender, pale legs spread, her pussy bare and slippery with lube, a toy in her hand, and her luscious nude friends crowded around to watch. Just the snippets of conversation I heard made me wish I was down there to watch. Or, better still, to help.



“Melody, you just changed the game. It's my turn, and I'm not giving you a choice. Dare. There's a tube of lube in the bottom of the box your vibe came in. Use it.”

“Are you crazy? Here? Now? With you guys watching and your dad upstairs?”

Kiersten said, “What's the matter? Embarrassed? I just made out with Jamie and played with her boobs while you watched! We've all seen each other naked before.”

“Dad said he would close his door, and he's sound asl**p by now.”

There was silence for a moment. Then Melody said, “You'd better be right. I do want to try it out.”

“We're not stopping you.”

“All right. I was going to show you two something anyway. I treated myself to a birthday present. I was sick of shaving and still not feeling really smooth.”

“You got waxed?” Kiersten exclaimed. “Your red pubes were cute, but that does look great.”

“I went to the same place Mom does. I remember the first time I saw her without any hair, I thought it looked really good.”

“Take your top off, too.” Jamie said.

“What, you want to see my little boobies?”

“Consider it part of the dare.”

“If I had a rabbit vibe, I'd want to be able to play with my tits while I used it. Don't be a prude. Jamie, maybe we can make her more comfortable.”

My daughter answered, “We should get naked, too? Sure.”

Melody asked, “What's on the label? 'Sweet Vanilla'?”

“It's edible.”


Jamie mused, “Maybe so your lover can use the vibe on you and then lick you.”

“Mmmm, that sounds nice to me,” Kiersten said. “Go ahead, Melody. You told me you lost your cherry horseback riding, so you should be able to take the thing.”

“I guess that's when it happened. I know I bled the time I got thrown and broke my wrist. Mom's dildos never hurt. Okay, here goes.”

Lying in my bed, I pictured pixie Melody, her reddish-blond hair d****d over her petite tits, her slender, pale legs spread, her pussy bare and slippery with lube, a toy in her hand, and her luscious nude friends crowded around. The snippets of conversation I heard made me wish I was down there to watch. Or, better still, to help.

Jamie said, “I bet that feels really good.”

“It feels huge. Mom's toys are all kinda skinny.”

“It looks huge between your little lips,” Kiersten giggled.

“Where's the on-off switch? Ah, there it is. WHOOO! MY GOD!”

The buzzing stopped and the giggling started. “You had it on 'high',” Kiersten laughed. “No wonder you felt that!”

“Shit! I hardly had any of it in! Let me look at this thing. Okay, this is low, this controls the clit stimulator. Good. I'll try again.”

At first, I heard nothing. Then Jamie asked, “Can you push it in all the way?”

“I don't know. It's fatter than a real penis, isn't it?” Melody moaned.

“No,” Jamie said. “Not some of them.”

“I don't mean porn. I mean real live guys without steroids or weird pills. They're not this big.”

“Sure they are,” Kiersten said.

Melody grunted, “It's in to the base. Are you two happy now?”

“Turn it on.”

The muffled buzzing was soon overwhelmed by Melody's hard panting. “Oh God, that's good! This is the clit stim switch, right?”

“Yes,” Kiersten said.

“Haaahhhhh,” Melody groaned. “Oh shit! OHHHH!” Her feet pounded on the floor like a c***d having a tantrum. “FUCK!”

“Will you keep it down, Melody?” Kiersten stage-whispered.

I needed to go down there and tell them to shut up. Yeah, good idea with a hard-on nothing I could wear would hide.

Jamie solved the problem for me. “If Dad comes down here we're fucked!”

Melody laughed, “You make that sound like a bad thing. Your dad is like the hottest guy I know. If I thought for one second I could get away with it, I'd try screwing him.”

That didn't reduce the potential for a wardrobe malfunction, so I stayed in bed, wide-eyed, listening.

“You little tramp!” Kiersten giggled.

“Like you wouldn't?” Melody countered. “Bullshit! You told me yourself you want him. Some of our friends talk about him. Hell, my mom talks about him! No one understands why he isn't getting laid.”

Melody's mom? Caitlin's the cutest little MILF I know. She's compact like her daughter, with just enough curves to be insanely hot. I've known that woman since Melody and Jamie were in preschool together. The vibrant little strawberry-blond pixie packed a lot of enthusiasm and sexiness into her trim physique and laughing green eyes. I've seen her in a not-so-conservative bikini at the pool at her house. Why she married that pig of a husband is beyond me.

“Wait! Your mom talks about Dad?” Jamie asked. “What does she say?”

“It's not what she says, it's how she says it. The way she holds her head, the way her eyes get wide – every time his name comes up she gets that look, exactly like me in the mirror when I'm getting wet from one of her toys. I can't believe Dad doesn't see it.”

That was all I needed. I was considering jerking off in bed like a teenager anyway, listening to nubile, sweet Melody ramming herself with a vibe while my naked daughter and her voluptuous friend watched. And now I hear that Melody's mom likes me? Oh, yeah, my cock was going down real quick.

Jamie scolded, “Shut up! Listen! I think I hear Dad. I'm gonna try to deal with him. Get decent and hide that stuff.”

“Shouldn't you put something on, too?” Melody asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

I hadn't made a sound, so I didn't know what Jamie thought she heard. I was on my back, the sheet over me, my erection obvious. My daughter appeared at my open door a moment later, pulling her t-shirt down.

She turned on the light and mouthed. “Act mad.”

I stifled a laugh, got out of bed, and tiptoed over to kiss her. Then I pulled back and said in my stern father voice, “What the hell are you three doing?”

“I'm sorry. I told them to shut up.”

“You were pretty damn loud yourself a few times, young lady. I won't repeat this. Keep the noise down!”

Jamie grinned and blew me a kiss, then pointed at me, and then downstairs.

“No!” I mouthed.

She whispered back, “To talk. I want to see Melody's reaction.”

I gave her a dirty look, grabbed my robe to hold in front of me, and said, loud enough to be heard in the living room, “You know what? I'll tell them myself. Let's go. It's time for a discussion.”

Jamie's grin faded, as though she thought I might not be acting anymore. “Oops.” She turned and led me down to the living room.

Kiersten and Melody sat at opposite ends of the sofa.

“Stay seated. Jamie, you sit over there. I'll sit between your friends. Melody, how long have you known me?”

“I remember calling you Uncle Bill when I was little.”

“You were in preschool. You were four. Kiersten, how old were you?”

“We talked about that last night. Probably four or five.”

“Jamie, you don't remember your mother at all. It's always been just me.”

When she nodded, I continued, “We've known each other a long time. I care very deeply about all of you. Kiersten, Melody, you two helped me raise Jamie, in a way. The three of you playing together was easier than taking care of her alone. You spent a lot of time here, right?”

Kiersten offered, “I told you last night about my nickname for you when I was little. You were my fun-daddy, 'cuz I always had fun with you.”

“Yes. Now, I broke a promise, and I'm ashamed to admit it. I didn't close my door tonight.”

“Shit,” Melody whispered. She looked like she might cry.

“How much did you hear?” Kiersten asked.

“Enough. Look, you have more right to be upset than me. I kept my door open to be sure you three settled down and didn't get into any mischief. You're legal adults, but in my house I feel responsible for you.”

“I'm so sorry, Bill,” Melody blubbered.

I pulled her to rest her head on my shoulder. She smelled faintly of vanilla and fresh teen pussy. “Sorry for what? For having fun? For playing a silly game? For talking dirty and feeling good? All I'll say is, when you play with guys, be safe and intelligent, and if you're going to play any more tonight, keep the damn noise down. Okay?”

She wiped her cute green eyes with her hands. “Okay.”

“Good. Goodnight.” Clutching my robe, I stood and kissed her on the forehead. Turning away from her and facing Kiersten, I struggled to keep my eyes on her face, not on the breasts straining against her jersey. “Can you behave?”

Her eyes flickered to my crotch a few times, like she suspected the reason I carried my robe. “Yes. I'm sorry, Bill.”

I kissed the top of her head. “Goodnight.”

Jamie was in her new favorite sitting position – cross-legged, crotch exposed. Thank God, she listened to what I said the night before. Her pink bikini panties barely hid my favorite place. The little tease knew it.

“We'll be good,” she said.

I kissed her on the cheek and headed upstairs. “I'm closing my door. Stay in the house. Don't do anything dumb. Be quiet so I can sl**p.”

I went upstairs and used the bathroom. When I came out, it was dark downstairs, and the girls were whispering. I closed my door, pulled the sheet up, and wondered how easy it would be to fall asl**p.

It seemed like a minute later when Jamie opened my curtains, letting brilliant sunlight glare on my face. “Hungry?” she asked.

Her friends stood in the doorway grinning. The were all dressed alike – Daisy Duke-style shorts and tank tops, and obviously not a bra among them. Three enticing camel toe displays, three pairs of young, unfettered breasts, and three pairs of eyes focused on the morning-wood tent in my sheet.

“Uuuunghh,” I groaned, rolling on my side. “What time is it?”

“Breakfast time. We're all cooking,” my annoyingly cheerful daughter answered.

“Lemme get a shower.”

The girls didn't move. They looked like they were ready to burst.

“I'm gonna get a shower now. With you three in the kitchen, you don't need me, so run along. I'll catch up,” I said.

Still, no one moved. I caught Jamie's eye and gave her my old “Daddy's not amused” look. Her eyes twinkled with naughtiness, but she turned toward the door and said, “C'mon, I'll start the waffles.”

When I was certain they were downstairs, I grabbed some clothes and locked myself in the bathroom.

At breakfast, everyone behaved. The girls babbled about clothes and music videos. Desperately, I tried to concentrate on my food or on the pretty face of whatever girl was talking, not her nipples, or memories or fantasies of her.

“Let's go winter-clothes shopping!” Jamie said.

They did the dishes, since it was Jamie's turn, and then scampered upstairs for the obligatory wardrobe change.

Melody came down first and sat at the kitchen table where I sipped another cup of coffee. “Bill?”


“How much did you really hear last night?”

Ah, shit, I thought we were past that. What do I say to her?

“You're thinking too long. Please be honest. Do you know what happened and what was said?”


“All of it?”

“A lot.”

“So you know.”

“I know what?”

“You know none of us are virgins.”

“I know that technically, you still are.”

“If you mean being with a guy, yes. I'm not sure how I feel about that. How do you feel about it?”

“Me? It's not my concern. I'm not your father. You're an adult. Make adult decisions.”

“But what if I don't know what I want? What if I can't decide? What if I'm scared?”

“That's what friends and f****y are for, honey.”

“I can't really talk to my friends about it. They think I'm weird enough as it is – the flat-chested little girl who's never been on a date. Dad thinks it's great. He stopped understanding me when he took the training wheels off my bike. He likes the fact that I'm like a little girl. Me feeling like a woman would give him a coronary. Mom and I always talk about everything, but I can't go to her with this.”

The gentleman in me said, “I'll listen if you like.”

“It's a guy. He'd never want me, but I can't stop thinking about him. I love him, and he loves me, but we're not IN LOVE or anything. That would never work. But I want him. All he'd have to do is ask, and I'd let him do anything to me.”

Oh, no. No. I'm already doing enough stupid things. I'm not going there.

Jamie appeared at exactly the right time, plunking a baseball cap on Melody's head. “Perfect! Let's go!” She grabbed the car keys and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “I'll make us all lunch when we get back.” Kiersten arrived in time to see Jamie's kiss, so she followed suit. They looked at their friend.

Melody turned the baseball cap around and gave me a nice warm kiss and hug. “Can we talk later?” she murmured in my ear.

“Of course.”

She kissed me again, and the trio went out the door.

By the time I finished weekend chores, I was baking. In the shower again, I thought the rest of the day should be spent in air conditioning.

The Three Musketeers – what all the parents called them – straggled in the door shortly after I came downstairs.

“Phew! It's hot out there!” Jamie exclaimed.

“I'm staying inside the rest of the day,” I said.

“Not us!” Kiersten chirped. She pulled a tube of sunscreen from a bag. “This is all any of us bought. The cool clothes in my size make me look dumpy, the stuff in Jamie's size makes her look too skinny, and there was nothing in Melody's size.”

“No, the cutesie-p*o, makes-me-look-like-a-c***d stuff was there, all right,” Melody sneered. “Not clothes a college girl would wear. Looks like I'm shopping online again.”

Kiersten bubbled, “Bill, come with us to Melody's pool after lunch!”

“Yeah, Dad. You can chaperone.”

I wish she'd stop making jokes like that.

Melody spoke up. “Bill, yes, please come along. I feel like I'm abandoning the host of my own party.”

This had the potential to go horribly wrong. I still wasn't convinced Jamie and Kiersten could be discrete, especially together, and Melody suspected I knew what she said about me.

“My parents should be home.”

Okay, if things get awkward for me, I'll hang out in the garage with Doug. We'll sit on stools at his workbench near the fan, drinking beer and talking about sports. Not a bad way to spend a hot afternoon. “All right. We'll move the party to your pool after lunch.”

Jamie, Kiersten, and their stuff filled the backseat, and Melody sat up front with me for the drive to her house. She was in her cut-offs and tank top again, the car's shoulder belt separating her perky breasts. Kiersten and Jamie shared a huge beach bag. How much stuff do girls need to swim and lie in the sun?

Melody said, “Park on the street. Dad's crap fills the garage, and someone might need to run an errand.”

The girls grabbed their stuff and trooped into the house. “Go through the gate. Mom and Dad are probably swimming,” Melody tossed over her shoulder.

I wore board trunks and a t-shirt, so I grabbed my towel and sunblock and walked to the gate. Someone was splashing in the water. I went in and closed the gate behind me. That's when I saw the bikini lying on the deck near a lounge chair. I turned to see a cute ass disappear beneath the surface. Seconds later, Melody's mom, Caitlin, popped her head up at the other end.

“Bill! Oh my God, you startled me! I knew the girls were coming, but they didn't say anything about you, and I was working on my tan, and I got hot, and I love swimming naked, and ... well, shit. You've kinda seen me now.”

She swam toward me on the surface of the water until it was barely chest deep. “Would you toss me my suit?”

I tossed her the bottoms first, turquoise cloth and strings that seemed too small for an adult. It landed in front of her. She didn't even try to cover her breasts as she pulled the skimpy thing up and adjusted it to her liking. When I threw the top, I aimed for her face. Her cute boobs were completely exposed. They looked pretty much the way I believed Melody's would after seeing her in her t-shirt the night before – perky, big enough to squeeze, but small enough to devour easily, with juicy little nipples on tiny areolas. She arranged the triangles of turquoise over them and waded out of the water.

“Um, nice to see you, too,” she laughed.

I f***ed my eyes up to her face. “I'm so sorry, Caitlin. Melody told me to come in.”

“It's okay. But I don't buy the bit about you being sorry.” She eyed the slight bulge in my shorts.

“Now I'm really sorry. I should go.”

“Nonsense.” She started drying her hair. “Pull up a chaise. I assume the girls are upstairs, picking out suits?”

I spread my towel and sat facing her, hunched in a way I've done several times recently. “I think so. Jamie and Kiersten packed a suitcase.”

The patio door opened, and three teen beauties pranced onto the deck. Jamie wore the suit she shaved for, an “itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini.” Kiersten had a black, lined version of the tiny suit that turned translucent when she helped my daughter wash the car. I wondered what would happen to Melody's simple, white knit bikini in the water.

“Hi girls!” Caitlin called. “Don't forget about sunblock if you're not staying in the shade.”

“Mom, please, they have a good tan base. You and I are the ones who burn right away.” Melody slathered herself with cream from the tube on the table next to her mother.

The girls went to play in the water while Caitlin and I watched.

“I can't believe how grown up they are,” she mused.

“I know. Off to college in a few months. They've turned into wonderful young women.”

“Beautiful, too.”

“True.” I could have talked all day about how good they looked. How the water and sunscreen made their bodies glisten. How the wisps of fabric they wore over their intimate parts made them look so damn sexy. How much I wanted to be buried inside all these girls, along with the she-elf who lay, nearly nude, within arms' reach. How I cherished the brief glimpses I had gotten of Catilin's tight little ass, her delectable-looking breasts, her bald mound,....

“Did Melody behave last night?” her mom asked.

“Sure,” I lied.


“Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't she?”

Caitlin turned on her side to face me. Her one breast was nearly out of her top. She may not have noticed, but I did. “She's nuts about you, you know.”


“Oh yeah. She talks about you every time she comes home from your place. Melody thinks you're a total hunk. I'm surprised she didn't flirt with you.”

“They all flirt. That's what young girls do, isn't it?” I tried to sound innocent.

“I guess. I did when I was her age. There was a neighbor man – I would have done anything for him. He acted like he didn't notice, but I wanted him so bad to be my first.”

I was starting to perspire, not from the heat of the sun. Did she know something? Impossible. I hope.

“Tell me, Bill. Is it hard for you, living with a beautiful young woman?”

“What do you mean?” Inside, I was thinking how “hard” Jamie makes me, but I summoned all my will to look angelic.

“Doesn't she have young wolves sniffing around the door all the time?”

“Not really. She's had dates, but nothing serious.”

Caitlin said, “Same thing with the others. When I was their age, I had boys swarming all around me. I didn't have big boobs like Kiersten or Jamie's swimsuit model figure. I was a little Tinkerbell character, like Melody. But I had guys who would have happily bedded me. Boys don't seem to care about them.”

“I've heard the girls talk. High school boys were too immature. Jamie said those guys want one thing, and she isn't interested in being a one-night conquest.”

“Melody tells me the same thing. Says she wants an older man for her first. Probably some kind of Daddy thing, since she knows Doug took my virginity, and he's ten years older than me. That's why she was so excited about spending the night at your place.”

“What?” I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the answer.

“She was excited about sl**ping in a man's house, a man she thinks is really cute. Did she come on to you?”

“No! Besides, the other girls were there.”

“I hoped she wouldn't do or say anything foolish with her friends right there. But, be honest. Do you think Melody is attractive?”

“Of course. She should be. She looks a lot like you.”

“Thank you. Maybe I should re-phrase my question. If my daughter offered herself to you, what would you do?”

“I don't understand.”

“Of course you do. If my daughter asked you to take her to bed, would you?”

“Caitlin! No!”

“Why not? She's cute, she's of age, she's on birth control, she's not attached, and I bet she's willing.”

“I feel really awkward with this conversation.”

“Good answer,” she giggled. “That tells me that you think she's pretty and sexy, but you're too much of a gentleman to do anything.”

“Well, yeah, she's awfully young, and she's my daughter's friend, and she's YOUR k**! You and Doug would kill me.”

“He would if he noticed. Doug still thinks she's a little girl. He probably doesn't even know she thinks about sex. He sure as hell doesn't think about it much.”

“Where is Doug, anyway? Melody said you'd both be home. That's why I agreed to come to the pool.”

“He's off skeet-shooting with some guys from work. It's about the only outdoor activity he can do with his weight other than floating here, so I encourage him. Besides, it's better than him getting old axle grease on his clothes from that damn rust-bucket in the garage.”

“How's he coming on the car?”

“Who cares, other than him? He goes to work, eats enough dinner for three, and then he's out there until bedtime. Often, I'm asl**p before he comes upstairs. I've heard of golf widows, fishing widows, and football widows. I'm an old car widow.”

“I'm sorry. I didn't know.”

“I used to be sorry. Say, do you want a drink? I could use a margarita.” I watched her tight ass move in her little turquoise bottoms as she went into the house.

Moments later, Melody climbed out of the water and grabbed a towel. Her white bikini clung to her, showing the cleft between her dainty labia and her cute little nipples hardening as the water evaporated. Her mother told me she wanted me. Melody tried to tell me the same thing herself after breakfast. My God, the trouble I could get myself in!

Caitlin came back with limes, salt, glasses, and a pitcher of margaritas for the grown-ups, and three tall lemonades for the girls.

As Melody helped her mom with the tray, she muttered, “That suit doesn't cover much.”

“Like yours does?” Caitlin giggled, gesturing to her daughter's chest and crotch. “I'm a hell of a lot more covered than I was when you sent Bill through the gate.”

Melody laughed, and held her towel in front of herself while she adjusted her bikini bottoms. Loosening the fit in the front defined her ass crack more.

The other girls spotted the lemonade and got out of the pool. Now I had four pairs of poorly covered breasts, lips, and squeezable asscheeks in front of me. I did what any red-bl**ded man would do. I sat up, wadded a towel in my lap to hide what might happen, and grabbed my drink. Jamie could drive us home. Mid-day drinking always makes me sl**py. A long, slightly d***ken nap in the warm shade this afternoon could occupy time I would otherwise spend as a frustrated perv.

When the girls finished their lemonade and Caitlin and I were through our second drinks, we decided to cool off in the pool. Water polo devolved into water tag, which became a game of “drown Bill.”

When a girl tries to dunk you, you either fight her off or take her with you. Jamie was first and fairly easy to repel. I used every one of her ticklish spots. We splashed and wrestled, and I got a couple handfuls of boob and ass, but I doubt anyone noticed. When I picked her up and threw her away from me, Kiersten took up the assault.

She jumped on top of me, hands and arms on my head, trying to f***e me underwater. That put one breast in my face. I nibbled it through her suit, rooting for her nipple. “Bill!” she gasped. “Don't start what we can't finish!” She spent the rest of her time grabbing at my cock, rubbing herself on me, and jumping up so I could suck her other tit.

Melody climbed on my back. I pushed Kiersten away, and let myself fall back into the water, taking the little pixie clinging to my shoulders with me. When I was under, I spun to face her. She smiled at me from below, and shot up and grabbed on to me as I stood up. We came out of the water face to face, her legs wrapped around me, her lips inches from mine. “I'm really glad I'm getting to spend time with you, Bill.”

She must have felt me against her. Grabbing at Jamie and playing with Kiersten had things firming up. “Let's go underwater again,” she breathed.

I wasn't prepared for her to stick her tongue in my mouth, but that's what she did as she ground against me. Without thinking, I put a hand on her tiny ass to push her groin tighter against mine, and with the other, palmed a dainty breast. I kissed her back, hard, until we ran out of air.

We surfaced, her legs still around me, my hands on her back, our faces a respectable distance apart as we gasped for breath. I'm not sure which one of us wore the odder expression. Her face showed a mixture of lust and embarrassment, her eyes and mouth wide. Mine probably looked silly.

Caitlin splashed away what ever goofy look I had. She slapped the water, launching sheets of it into my eyes. “Stand back, girls! I'll show you how it's done!”

She came at me and jumped on top of me, much as Kiersten had. I could feel her nipple against my lips through the triangle of thin turquoise cloth. She played dirty, pinching my ass hard through my trunks and hooking my leg with hers, forcing us both under the surface. She clung to me, but now our faces were at the same level. She had a naughty grin on her face as her hand played over the front of my board trunks.

We surfaced together. “Don't say a word,” she said, turning us so my back was to the teenagers. Her hand pushed under the waistband of my trunks, and her fingers closed over my shaft. “Nice.” Then she moved away. “I can't drown him either,” she called to the girls.

What the hell is going on? I'm popping boners all the time! That hasn't happened in almost twenty years! And who are they for? My own daughter, two of her teenage friends, and now, a married woman. Just great. Especially since they all knew it, or at least, knew I did it with them. Caitlin is a mom. She knows how a cock works. She had to feel I was half-hard when she got to me.

We swam and splashed a while longer, and then got out and toweled off. Kiersten went in for more lemonade, and Caitlin and I got to work on the rest of the pitcher of margaritas. All the women chattered, but no one said anything about our actions in the pool.

Caitlin and I lay and baked in the sun while the girls splashed in the pool. “Bill?”


“You would screw my daughter, wouldn't you?”

That woke me up. “Huh?”

“You heard me. I felt you after she was all over you, so I think I already know the answer.”

“Caitlin, I....”

“It's okay. You're a nice guy. I like you. She's all googly-eyed over you, so I'm pretty sure she'd go to bed with you. If she does, be nice.”

“But I would never....”

“Stop, Bill. You had a hard-on, a very nice one, but it didn't start with me. It takes more time than I had with you for a man to get that hard. So who started you? Jamie, Kiersten, or Melody?”

I couldn't imagine what to say.

“C'mon, Bill. I felt it. I don't blame you. If I were a guy, I'd want them, and I wouldn't blame them for wanting what I think I could enjoy.”

“You're married.”

“True. They're young. One of them is your daughter.”

She stared at me, making me feel very small. “You're a good man, Bill. Your secret is safe with me. I'll flatter myself and think I was the one who got you going. Doug sure doesn't react to me that way anymore. If I want something from him, I have to beg for it. He's too tired from carrying all that flab around and working on his stupid car.”

“I'm sorry. I didn't know.”

“I'm sorry too. I like sex. I used to enjoy my husband, back when he could still get on top of me without half-killing me. Now, the only way I can do it with him is doggy-style. His gut turns me off if I have to see it. He bought me most of my toys. I think he's afraid the exertion of sex will kill him.”

I thought about what Melody apparently saw through her parents' open door.

“You don't get out much, do you?” she asked.

“Not really.”

“No girlfriend. I think I would have heard about that.”


“You must be more frustrated than I am,” she said, sipping her drink again.

I could tell her I'm getting all the sex I can handle from my daughter and Kiersten. Nope. Can't say that. Instead, I answered, “Not really. I have my job, whatever house and yard work Jamie doesn't do, making a good home for her, that sort of thing.”

“Yes, and you always have pretty young girls at your house. It's probably a good thing you don't have a pool. If you did, you'd have to put up with this all the time.” She untied her top and lay on her belly. She wasn't careful about keeping herself covered as she flattened her towel.

“Do you like seeing my breasts, Bill?” She smirked, turned her head away, and was still.

Soon, the girls joined us on the deck. Each followed Caitlin's lead, untying their tops and holding them against themselves carelessly to smooth their towels before lying down. Kiersten took the lounge on the other side of me from Caitlin. The brunette saw me turn my head toward her, and propped herself up on her elbows, her breasts exposed to me. “More sunblock, please?”

I got up, willing myself to not grow. Kiersten leaned back to give me the tube, smiling, since she saw where my eyes went. Carefully, I straddled her to work on her back.

Her ass moved under me the whole time. She wriggled, trying to rub me with it, cooing softly as I massaged her skin. When I was done, I gave her a playful smack on the bottom. I told myself there was nothing sexual about it. The surprised, naughty grin I got from Kiersten said she knew the truth.

“Me next, Dad,” Jamie called. I saw the shape of her lips between her slightly spread legs through her thin, tight suit. Do I dare to straddle her? I didn't trust her to not reach around and grab me.

She didn't, but insisted I put sunblock on her butt. When I was done, I wanted to scamper to my lounge and lie on my belly.

“Bill, I burn right away,” fair-skinned Melody said. “Do me next.”

Considering her words from the night before, I halted for a second. No. She wants sun-block. If I did it right, I could straddle her but not touch her ass. It was hard on my thigh muscles, but that gave me something to think about other than the muscle that was already dangerously hard. Done with Melody, I headed to my chair.

“Not so fast,” Caitlin said. “I don't want freckles. You did the girls. You can do me.”

Why was she teasing me? WAS she intentionally teasing me, or was I a total pervert? I sure as hell felt like one, straddling this petite woman's body, one many teenagers would kill for, fighting the urge to rub my hard cock on it. Do her? In a heartbeat!

No! Having an illicit affair with another man's wife, the mother of one of my daughter's best friends, could get awkward. I tried to write a grocery list in my head to keep my composure while smoothing cream into Caitlin's bare back. When I got to her waist, she wriggled under me to pull her suit bottoms down a little, giving me a clear view of the top of her ass crack.

“Do me there, too, Bill,” she giggled softly.

I spent much of the afternoon lying on my belly, swimming, or sitting with a towel in my lap. Every time I felt myself going blessedly flaccid, someone did something. Jamie was first. She rolled over onto her back and arranged the cups of her little suit to cover her, but didn't tie it. She apparently dozed off, because she shifted position. The suit didn't.

Melody noticed and saw me looking. She got off her lounge chair holding her top over herself, and bent over my daughter, showing me her little butt in her white bikini. I fantasized that I could see her sex and her little pucker through it. She re-arranged the pieces of yellow polka-dot cloth, and then flashed me a smokey smile. She knew damn well what I was admiring on both of them.

Caitlin turned her head in time to catch me squirming around on my chair, trying to find a position where I wasn't lying so uncomfortably on my again quite hard cock. She grinned. “Your daughter has beautiful breasts, doesn't she? And that little tushie on Melody – I'm so glad she inherited my best feature.” Then she closed her eyes.

Mine opened when a cup of cold water hit my back. “What the hell?”

“Nap time is over, Bill. Come and soak with us,” Caitlin said. My eyes followed her ass in that tiny turquoise suit over to the spa area at one corner of the pool. It was now in the shade. I must have slept for hours.

The girls were already crowded in the round spa. Caitlin indicated the vacant space between herself and Melody. I checked for a wardrobe malfunction, grabbed my towel, and joined them.

Soaking did feel good. We talked about high school, the differences between how it was for them and for people of their parents' generation. The conversation drifted to dating and social events.

“Why don't any of you have a boyfriend? Why don't you go on dates?” Caitlin asked.

“Mom, please, we've been through this,” Melody fumed.

“Oh, I know your answer, honey. 'They're all immature and think with their dicks.' Right?”

Melody nodded.

“What about you, Jamie? Have you even been on a date? Not a group date, where two carloads of k**s go to the movies. A date with just you and a guy alone?” Caitlin asked.

“A few. Not with the same guy twice, though,” Jamie answered.

“Why not?”

“It didn't feel right. I kissed a couple of them goodnight, but they never asked again, so it mustn't have felt right to them either.”

“So you don't have much experience with men. You're a virgin,” Caitlin stated.

I felt Melody grab my knee under the water. It wasn't a sexual gesture at all. She was nervous. “Mom, do you think you should be asking those kinds of questions?”

“Why? Because Bill's here?”

“I'll answer,” Jamie said. “No, I'm not a virgin. Dad knows who the guy is. That's all I'm going to say.”

The only sound was the bubbles bouncing off our skin until Caitlin said, “Guess I over-stepped my bounds there. I'm sorry, Jamie.”

“I'm not,” my daughter said. “He's a good man.”

“So!” Kiersten exclaimed, suddenly animated. “Let's plan a beach weekend before classes start!”

The girls huddled together to conspire. Melody's little hip wasn't against mine any more, but Caitlin pressed in closer. “If Melody said that in front of Doug, he'd have a stroke. You're a pretty cool dad. Do you think she was prepared? I don't mean protection – she sure as hell doesn't look pregnant. I mean emotionally prepared, able to enjoy it?”

Choosing my words carefully, I said, “I think she was okay with it. She said she was.”

“You actually talked to her about it?”

“You have to understand, I'm both her mom and her dad. Melody talks to you about stuff, or you have girl-talk sessions, don't you?”

“Melody and I are very close. How do you think I know she'd give herself to you? So yes, I do understand and I admire you for it. I'm sure you don't know the part number for the carburetor re-build kit for a '57 Ford, and I doubt you're as good with a shotgun as Doug, but what you are is more of a man.” Her hand slid up my thigh. “I've known you a long time. We should be better friends.”

For some reason, I looked at Jamie. Her eyes were on Caitlin's hand, and then she looked at me. With an evil grin, she reached over her shoulder and turned up the jet action in the spa until there was no way to see what was happening under the water. She turned back to me, adjusted her top so that the upper edges of her areolas were exposed, winked, and turned her attention back to her friends.

Caitlin's fingers played over the bulge in my shorts. “You need a girlfriend, or a fuck-buddy, or a girl you can make into your slut. Maybe a frustrated mommy.”

With my recent moral deterioration, I could see myself fucking another man's wife, especially a man like Doug with a wife like this. I could even see doing it in the late-day shade in their spa, but not it in front of our daughters and their friend. “You're probably right. Some day I should give that some serious thought.” I rubbed a single finger over the bit of turquoise covering her womanhood. “Not today, but some time.” I moved away, crowding in against the girls. “Is this an all-girl brain-storming session, or can the voice of reason be heard?”

Caitlin laughed. “Do you mean a male voice or an older, wiser voice? They're not always the same thing.”

The girls shared their plans, I laid out rules I already knew Jamie would follow on her own, and Caitlin agreed as Melody nodded.

Kiersten said, “Don't worry about me. I know how to behave. I've seen what guys are like from going to some of my s****r's pageants and modeling gigs. That's where I learned that smart girls travel in packs. Six eyes, six ears, three phones, thirty fingernails and maybe three pairs of cute shoes? We'll be fine.”

We soaked and talked about summer and school as the sun sank. “Anyone know what time it is?” Caitlin asked.

Starting feel a little water-logged, I got out and dried myself enough to look at my phone. “Almost seven.”

“Doug should be home soon.”

“Uh oh, I'd better get out of this bikini before Daddy gets here,” Melody said, climbing from the spa and wringing out her hair as she came toward the chairs.

“Yeah, your dad might not like seeing us looking like big girls,” Jamie laughed. Soon the girls were dry enough to go inside to change.

Caitlin came over to me, her nipples very erect under the her skimpy top in the cooling evening air. She dried her hair, arms and legs, and then stripped off her suit to dry the rest of her. After an agonizingly long time, she wrapped the towel around herself and came to stand directly in front of me. “I meant what I said. We should be better friends.” She had just given me something more than a friendly peck on the lips when the girls came bustling outside.

“I'm making burgers on the grill tonight, Dad. Do we have charcoal?” Jamie asked as the girls marched past us, heading to the car.

“Do you like burgers?” I asked.

“Yes, but I should get dressed and start dinner for Doug. Maybe a rain-check? Or drinks some time?

“We could,” I said, as an impatient teen tooted my horn.

“Sounds like the Musketeers are hungry,” Caitlin laughed. “I'll see you later.” She turned and went in the house.

When we got home, I started the grill while the girls went upstairs to change and shower. Kiersten and Melody came down together, wearing oversized t-shirts and pajama pants. “The shower should be free. Jamie went in her room to get dressed when we came out.”

A few minutes later, done with a quick shower, I pulled back the curtain, water in my eyes, and groped for my towel. A hand gave it to me.

“Melody says her mom wants you really bad.”

“Jamie, should you be here while your friends are outside?”

“Should I get them?”


“You had a good time today, didn't you, Dad?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Melody said she kissed you. She said you kissed her back.”

“I grabbed her ass, ground on her, and palmed a boob, too. Jamie, what's wrong with me?”

“From what I can see, not much.” She ran a finger from the base of my half-hard cock, along the underside to the tip, slowly circling the glans a single time. Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and left the bathroom.

As well as I could, I pushed my mind to other things and got dried and dressed. I put on baggy camp shorts and a very long baseball shirt and went downstairs.

The minute I opened the patio door, my mouth started watering. Jamie was doing a masterful job, the coals just right for her home-made pub-burgers. The smell of the onions and peppers baking inside the meat made me suddenly ravenous. Then I saw the ears of corn, slow-roasting on the edge of the grill.

All four of us pigged out, a traditional backyard cook-out. The girls tried to coax me into a game with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, but I was too full. I sat in my favorite chair on the deck and watched k**s at play. When it was completely dark, they even ran around catching fireflies. How odd, considering that the sexual feelings between us had been so intense a few hours earlier.

They insisted I stay up late with them playing cards. We started with Pinochle, but Kiersten wasn't that good, so we found another deck and played Blackjack. Hearts was next, followed by Texas Hold 'Em. After an hour of that, Melody said, “Let's play for money. Everyone seems pretty well-matched.”

“If we're betting, let's play something like Three-Card Draw, and nothing more than penny ante,” I suggested.

The girls agreed, with each of us putting an imaginary dollar in the kitty, since we didn't have nearly enough pennies. Score was kept on a piece of paper, and we agreed that we would only play until we lost our dollar.

Jamie dealt. For a while, things were pretty even, all of us winning and losing hands. Melody won a few in a row but got reckless, betting too high on hands she should have thrown in early. She was down to only a few cents in no time.

I dealt, won a small amount from each girl, and dealt again. When it was Melody's turn to bet, she said, “I think I'm broke. Does that mean it's strip poker now?” She started to pull up her top.

I threw in the three aces I had been dealt and stood up. “Bed time for me. Try to keep it to a dull roar.”

The next morning, after breakfast, Caitlin called. “Bill, could I talk to Melody? She's not answering her cell.”

“She's right here.” I handed Melody the phone.

“Mom, I'm sorry. I left my charger at home.... No.... No.... NO!... Yes, I'm fine.... Yes, I was going to call you after breakfast.... Okay, bye.” She handed the phone back to me. “Mom and Dad are taking me to Grandma's for a birthday luncheon. It's a traditional thing. Cake and ice cream, the whole nine yards.”

Melody left with her parents soon after that, and my daughter took Kiersten home after a lunch of salads and homemade bread on the deck. When she got back, Jamie said, “Melody's upset, you know.”

“About what?”

“She thinks she's not sexy, because you left the poker game last night.”



“This is out of control. I groped her yesterday, but when she was going to take her top off for me, I bolted. But what was I supposed to do? Sit there and play strip poker with my daughter, another teenager I'm fucking, and still another girl who has pretty much said to my face that she wants me to screw her?”

“Don't forget Caitlin. We all saw where her hand was in the pool when we were ducking you, and I saw it again in the spa.”

“Melody knows her mom played with me?”

“She won't say anything to her dad, but she told us she really feels like a little girl now, when the guy she likes gets turned on by her mother,” Jamie scolded.

“So now what?”

“I don't know. Let's talk about it in bed, Dad. I think I can turn you on, too.”

In the shower later, Jamie kissed my tired face. “Now I feel better. I can't believe you filled me all three places in one session.”

When I left for work she was still asl**p, nude in my bed. That evening, we had a quick dinner together before she had to leave for her first night at her job at the burger place. She posed in the doorway, smiling in her uniform, and then drove away. Less than a minute later, a knock came at the door. I opened it.

Caitlin walked past me into the living room, sitting on the couch. “Close the door and come here.”

I didn't know where this was going when I sat down next to her.

“Do you know what Melody got from the girls for a birthday present?”


“How do you know? Did you help pick it out? Were you there when she opened it? Did you watch her use it?”

“All right, look. Here's what happened.” I told Caitlin the entire story of the events of that night, except for the part about me having a wicked boner.

“Do you think the girls played with each other?”

“I don't know. Kiersten and Jamie made out, apparently. Your daughter dared them to do that.”

“And they were all naked.”

“Sounded like it.”

“You didn't look?”

“No! I wasn't going to spy on three naked teenage girls playing sexy games, when one of them was my daughter!”

“You could have looked at the other two.”

“Well, yeah.”

“I walked in on Melody playing with her new toy, moaning your name. Did you fuck her?”


“She told me pretty much the same things you just did, and she said you didn't. Why not?”

“I,... Caitlin, that wouldn't be,... It would be so,... I mean,...”

“You really want to, don't you? I saw the toy she can take, so if you're careful with her, she can take you. Remember, I felt your cock.” Her hand started exploring my lap. “Maybe I should take it for a test drive.” She stood up and opened her blouse, allowing it to gap so it barely hid the nipples on her bra-less breasts.

“Caitlin, I....”

“I want it, Bill. I need to have sex with a man who might be able to please me, a man I can stand to look at when he mounts me, someone I think I can make feel good in return. Doug doesn't care. He says it makes him sad that he can't please me. He told me to take a lover if the toys he buys me aren't enough. Tonight is Doug's billiards league, and Jamie's scheduled until closing. We have plenty of time.” She pulled her blouse off and started on my shirt. “Where are we going to do it? Here, or in your bed?”

“In bed.” I pulled her to her feet and crushed her against me, our mouths meeting in passion.

We wasted no time getting naked on my bed. Our hands were between each other's legs, and our tongues wrestled heatedly. Her baby-smooth pussy was soaked, and my cock throbbed in her hand.

“What do you like a woman to do in bed?”

“Enjoy herself,” I said, squeezing a second finger inside her. “I like a woman to cum.” My fingers found the patch of nerves inside her as my mouth found her nipple. I kissed it softly, slowly licking the skin around it as I gave her a light massage.

“Harder,” she moaned.

“Mouth or fingers?”

“Yes. Both.”

I was surprised at the vigorous treatment Caitlin wanted, but thrilled with the result. When my teeth grasped her nipple hard enough that I could pull it, she soaked my hand and bed, spurting her fluid as she screamed silently. She sobbed and trembled almost hysterically when she was done, clinging to me. When she relaxed, she molded herself against me, her lips busy on mine.

After a while, she pushed herself up on her elbow. “You have no idea how much I needed that. I've squirted exactly twice in my life before, once with Doug on our first anniversary, and once on our fifth. Lately, every time I've pestered him enough that he lets me use him, I still have to finish myself off afterward.”

She looked down to my engorged manhood. “I haven't done this in years.” She got to her knees and turned, supporting her upper body on one arm between my legs. The fingers of her free hand played with me, stroking me, teasing the tender skin of my sack, tickling their way up and down my shaft.

A glistening droplet appeared.

She grinned mischievously. “Will you look at that? Don't want it to drip.” Her tongue wiped me clean. “Mmmm. I know where your first load is going.”

She attacked me, sucking and mouthing me as vigorously as I had fingered her. She stopped to give her jaw a rest, perfect timing for me. I didn't want to cum that soon.

“Get over here,” I said, picking her up and arranging her sex over my face. “Now, let's have some fun.”

This time, she bathed it with her tongue, jacking it, spitting on it, and licking it clean. Her aroma was different from the younger girls I had been with recently, like a clean, sweet woman instead of a girl. Her flavor was richer, bolder, maybe even better.

Caitlin seemed to remember her old technique well, challenging me with her mouth and hands. I ate her for all I was worth, speeding up when she did and then slowing down with her. I kneaded her slender ass in my hands. When my hips started moving on their own, she moaned, fondled my balls, and sucked, bobbing rapidly until the first blast hit her tongue, and then slowing, jacking me, helping my spasms.

Her clit rigid between my lips, she groaned a long, heartfelt orgasm. Her moans subsided, and she dismounted, turning to cuddle against me. “I wasn't sure I could swallow all that. When was your last blowjob?”

“Not sure.” A complete fabrication, since Jamie had milked me into her mouth the day before. “How long since you came on a man's tongue?”

“Too long,” she murmured, kissing me again. “How long has it been since you were inside a woman?”

“Years.” Technically true. Before Jamie and I went crazy, it HAD had been a very long time, and I still couldn't think of her and Kiersten as women.

“It won't be too much longer,” Caitlin teased, stroking my new-found virility. “I want you on top.”

She massaged me with her hands, rolling on her back and presenting herself to me, and helping me aim. My re-awakened cock pried her lips apart and pushed into her chamber. I was surprised to find it nearly as tight as a newly-deflowered teen – hot, wet, gripping me, and in a very short time, clamping down on me.

“Yes,” she whispered as I hit bottom. “So much bigger than Doug. So hard inside me. Fuck me really deep.”

I pushed myself into her slowly, penetrating as deeply as I could, rocking on her, enjoying her hot tongue on mine, and then eased back so I could do it again. Her hips moved to help me, but her small tits still pointed impatiently to the ceiling. Even when our thrusts became more f***eful, her firm mounds barely rocked with the motion.

“Making love like this makes me feel young again, Bill. But I'm a big girl. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

We pounded at each other, my cock ramming itself into her firm depths, her feet pulling on my asscheeks and her nails tearing at my back. This time, when she came, she wailed loudly, like an old mechanical siren. I emptied myself into her, excess oozing out around the seal our flesh made. Mindful of my weight on her, I rolled us so she was on my belly, still impaled on me, her breasts on my chest, while I played with her hair.



“I'm glad we did that.”

“Will you be tomorrow?”

“Definitely. I may not be walking right, but I'll be glad. Jamie works the same schedule tomorrow, doesn't she?


“Doug will probably be home, but I'll send Melody over. She probably won't be able to handle what you just gave me, but take good care of her.”


Jamie here.

This “wantsomefun” guy who's writing dad's memoirs could tell you more, but he says one forty-ish guy taking on four nymphos at once is not believable, so he won't tell you about the beach trip Dad and Caitlin chaperoned for us.

College is great. There are tons of hot guys, and I may just go out with some of them. I study in my room, but I sl**p with Dad. Kiersten visits when she's not with her boyfriend, and Melody spends time here when she comes home from college. Caitlin and Dad still have fun.

Wait. What's that, Dad?

Oh. He wants me to properly thank wantsomefun for telling our story. Something about spit-roasting?

Gotta go!... Continue»
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Race day with my firends mom...

Race day with my firends mom...

My friend and I always go to motorcycle races. You simply have to love that mean machines and hot girls that come with it.

So I came the other day to my friends house for a beer and we talked about going to next race. Then his mom came. She was at hairdresser, wearing black track suit which perfectly fit her body, showing her curves...and awesome hair, of course.

As we were talking she said that she would also like to go to race because she never went on one before, so we all decided we will on next race which was past weekend.

Saturday finally came, poped into my car and drove to my friend...he was already sitting on terrace and smoking a cigarette so I joined him...we waited for his mom...she came after a few minutes...and it was like in slow heels, not too high, black stockings, skirt just above knee, black blouse..and perfect hair...she sat next to me,crossed her legs and I could smell her perfect perfume...My friend was talking about something, I had no idea abut what...

She asked if we are ready and we both said yes...we went to my car...then my friends cell phone rang...he went to a side and answer...that didn't seem like pleasant talk...apparently something is going on at work and he has to go there ASAP. First we talked if we should stay a bit and wait on him, he said that this will take some we decided to go anyway after his persuasion that we should go without him, after all we don't have any other plans...

So I dropped him at his work and then his mom moved to passenger from rear seat and we drove to race ground...

We talked about my work, her work, some general stuff...her lips were so glossy and full...her perfume filled my nostrils, it was so sexual I could feel bl**d rushing in my groins.

She had black sunglasses which fit her perfectly...And I had my sunglasses...I used them as cover, to seek a peak at her legs, knees which were coming out of her skirt...

Anyway, we came to the place...bought the tickets and she took my hand and said, "Make a lady out of me.." smiled and there was I holding this hot lady under my arm...

Race started and we sat really close to start line, danm those machines make your whole body shake a vibrate when they fly out...she was kinda surprised by all that, and she was really enjoying it...

"whooa, look at this goose bumps, this is so exciting..." she took my hand and showed me goose bumps on her forearm...then she took away hair from her neck and show it there..."look at that, feel it" I placed my hand on her silky soft skin...gently passing over it...a bit too long to just feel goose bumps...but she didn't seem to mind...

We were talking about motorcycles, and mechanics and stuff, I was surprised how much she knows about it...cracked some jokes and she put her hand on my thigh as she were laughing...I felt instant rush in my groin...

I could feel people looking at us...this younger guy and mature hot lady...having fun at track...not really an every day scene I would say...

The guy with popcorns came and they were smelling so good..we bought them and eat them from one cup..seemed like we always bumped on each other hand in there....and then one of popcorns fell into her blouse, into her busty cleavage...she opened her blouse a bit more and inserted her fingers between those awesome breasts...

damn..I wish I did that...she ate that popcorn...mmm, that was hot...I asked, "Is that one milk flavored?" she laughed so hard that it almost came out her nose...

It's last race...exciting, we were a bit tipsy from 2 beers we had, and it's time to go home..."Hold me now, you made me tipsy, bare with me now!" she said and laughed :)...I didn't mind...

We came to my car, and waited for crowd from parking to go away so we can get on road without waiting in line...She said that this was something most fun she did in' was fun for me also...

As we started to drive her legs were leaned on my gearbox and every time I had to shift I brushed on her knee or thigh...her skirt was a bit higher than it was when we were driving here....

and her blouse was opened a bit more...then I noticed part of popcorn on her boob..."Did you leave that for later" I asked and she said, "Yes you silly man" and took it with her 2 fingers and trow it out the window..."Hey, I wanted to try that milky popcorn!" I said and she inserted her hands between her boobs, moved them apart and said "sorry, no more!"

I could feel precum flowing out my was wet and full...I could see my dick showing in my jeans..damn...I'm sure she could also..

She said "it's so hot here" then she turned on ventilator to high speed and race ticket that was on dashboard flew away, she tried to catch it, and it landed in my lap...she took it, with a bit of feeling around...she felt it...silence...

Fuck it.....

I looked her in her eyes and placed my hand on her knee, feeling it totally..she had serious look on her face...then she took my hand and moved it up a bit..I could feel lace on her stockings...

She placed her hand on my tight and moved in, similar place where her hand was before...she was holding it over my was hurting as it grew...

She took my hand again, and move it even higher..I could feel her, moist...

she rise her ass and rise her skirt so I could see lace stocking tops and her black lace panties...she started to unbutton her blouse and saggy, big soft boobs came out...

she took them in her hands and played with them, squeeze them together....

We were still driving...

I took a detour on next available road and we went to woods nearby...

I could now see precum on my jeans as juices were coming out...she moved her panties on a side of her pussy, I could feel small patch of soft hair and soft, gentle skin of her pussy and pussy lips...dripping wet...inserted my soft, hot and gentle...and smelling so good...smell of desire and passion..

I licked my finger...she was turned on by that...started to unbutton my jeans and then we stopped on some place in dick poped out..she took it in her mouth before I could do anything...her boobs were all over gearshift....mmm, hot...

"I want to fuck you" i whispered to her as she was down...I would say that turned her on because we was like crazy eating my cock....then she looked at me "Fuck me please..."

She turned around and raised her skirt...I'm enjoying in perfect ass, pussy and legs...kissing, licking, nibbling all that goods...

I went outside and she did a doggy pose on my seat...spreading her legs, giving me full access...her hand was between her legs, looking for ma cock..."give it to me"....

I took my big fully grown dick into my hand and went over her ass, her tight, feel that awesome stockings on my dickhead...she took it on her hand and lead it into her pink hole...I feel like my head will much soft, gentle, hot, moist, wet,heavenly...going in balls deep...

She grunted with my every stroke...her boobs were jumping around...slow but deep and firm strokes, seems like this is what she enjoys the most...holding her ass, pushing it on me...I can feel this will not be long sex for both of us...we are both so horny...passionate, wanting, burning for sex....fucking her harder and faster...she's making noises, grunts...I can hear how she "looses grip with reality" I'm there also..feeling rush going through my head, my body, I'm gona cum, and she is also, this is perfect...few more strokes with last atoms of strength...she's started to cum before me, her pussy is squeezing me so hard I'm cumming instantly, as I make 3 final strokes...

Her pussy filled with my cum...I fell on her back...kissing her shoulders and neck...she twitches from sensation...I pull out and she places her hand on her pussy...waiting for juices...hand full of juices, she smears it on her thigh and ass...mmmm, this is so hot...

We sat in my car and lighted the smoke...she in my lap, her head on my chest...

... Continue»
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Race day with my firends mom...

My friend and I always go to motorcycle races. You simply have to love that mean machines and hot girls that come with it.

So I came the other day to my friends house for a beer and we talked about going to next race. Then his mom came. She was at hairdresser, wearing black track suit which perfectly fit her body, showing her curves...and awesome hair, of course.
As we were talking she said that she would also like to go to race because she never went on one before, so we all decided we will on next race which was past weekend.

Saturday finally came, poped into my car and drove to my friend...he was already sitting on terrace and smoking a cigarette so I joined him...we waited for his mom...she came after a few minutes...and it was like in slow heels, not too high, black stockings, skirt just above knee, black blouse..and perfect hair...she sat next to me,crossed her legs and I could smell her perfect perfume...My friend was talking about something, I had no idea abut what...

She asked if we are ready and we both said yes...we went to my car...then my friends cell phone rang...he went to a side and answer...that didn't seem like pleasant talk...apparently something is going on at work and he has to go there ASAP. First we talked if we should stay a bit and wait on him, he said that this will take some we decided to go anyway after his persuasion that we should go without him, after all we don't have any other plans...

So I dropped him at his work and then his mom moved to passenger from rear seat and we drove to race ground...

We talked about my work, her work, some general stuff...her lips were so glossy and full...her perfume filled my nostrils, it was so sexual I could feel bl**d rushing in my groins.

She had black sunglasses which fit her perfectly...And I had my sunglasses...I used them as cover, to seek a peak at her legs, knees which were coming out of her skirt...

Anyway, we came to the place...bought the tickets and she took my hand and said, "Make a lady out of me.." smiled and there was I holding this hot lady under my arm...

Race started and we sat really close to start line, danm those machines make your whole body shake a vibrate when they fly out...she was kinda surprised by all that, and she was really enjoying it...

"whooa, look at this goose bumps, this is so exciting..." she took my hand and showed me goose bumps on her forearm...then she took away hair from her neck and show it there..."look at that, feel it" I placed my hand on her silky soft skin...gently passing over it...a bit too long to just feel goose bumps...but she didn't seem to mind...

We were talking about motorcycles, and mechanics and stuff, I was surprised how much she knows about it...cracked some jokes and she put her hand on my thigh as she were laughing...I felt instant rush in my groin...

I could feel people looking at us...this younger guy and mature hot lady...having fun at track...not really an every day scene I would say...

The guy with popcorns came and they were smelling so good..we bought them and eat them from one cup..seemed like we always bumped on each other hand in there....and then one of popcorns fell into her blouse, into her busty cleavage...she opened her blouse a bit more and inserted her fingers between those awesome breasts...

damn..I wish I did that...she ate that popcorn...mmm, that was hot...I asked, "Is that one milk flavored?" she laughed so hard that it almost came out her nose...

It's last race...exciting, we were a bit tipsy from 2 beers we had, and it's time to go home..."Hold me now, you made me tipsy, bare with me now!" she said and laughed :)...I didn't mind...

We came to my car, and waited for crowd from parking to go away so we can get on road without waiting in line...She said that this was something most fun she did in' was fun for me also...

As we started to drive her legs were leaned on my gearbox and every time I had to shift I brushed on her knee or thigh...her skirt was a bit higher than it was when we were driving here....

and her blouse was opened a bit more...then I noticed part of popcorn on her boob..."Did you leave that for later" I asked and she said, "Yes you silly man" and took it with her 2 fingers and trow it out the window..."Hey, I wanted to try that milky popcorn!" I said and she inserted her hands between her boobs, moved them apart and said "sorry, no more!"

I could feel precum flowing out my was wet and full...I could see my dick showing in my jeans..damn...I'm sure she could also..

She said "it's so hot here" then she turned on ventilator to high speed and race ticket that was on dashboard flew away, she tried to catch it, and it landed in my lap...she took it, with a bit of feeling around...she felt it...silence...

Fuck it.....

I looked her in her eyes and placed my hand on her knee, feeling it totally..she had serious look on her face...then she took my hand and moved it up a bit..I could feel lace on her stockings...

She placed her hand on my tight and moved in, similar place where her hand was before...she was holding it over my was hurting as it grew...

She took my hand again, and move it even higher..I could feel her, moist...

she rise her ass and rise her skirt so I could see lace stocking tops and her black lace panties...she started to unbutton her blouse and saggy, big soft boobs came out...

she took them in her hands and played with them, squeeze them together....

We were still driving...

I took a detour on next available road and we went to woods nearby...

I could now see precum on my jeans as juices were coming out...she moved her panties on a side of her pussy, I could feel small patch of soft hair and soft, gentle skin of her pussy and pussy lips...dripping wet...inserted my soft, hot and gentle...and smelling so good...smell of desire and passion..

I licked my finger...she was turned on by that...started to unbutton my jeans and then we stopped on some place in dick poped out..she took it in her mouth before I could do anything...her boobs were all over gearshift....mmm, hot...

"I want to fuck you" i whispered to her as she was down...I would say that turned her on because we was like crazy eating my cock....then she looked at me "Fuck me please..."

She turned around and raised her skirt...I'm enjoying in perfect ass, pussy and legs...kissing, licking, nibbling all that goods...

I went outside and she did a doggy pose on my seat...spreading her legs, giving me full access...her hand was between her legs, looking for ma cock..."give it to me"....

I took my big fully grown dick into my hand and went over her ass, her tight, feel that awesome stockings on my dickhead...she took it on her hand and lead it into her pink hole...I feel like my head will much soft, gentle, hot, moist, wet,heavenly...going in balls deep...

She grunted with my every stroke...her boobs were jumping around...slow but deep and firm strokes, seems like this is what she enjoys the most...holding her ass, pushing it on me...I can feel this will not be long sex for both of us...we are both so horny...passionate, wanting, burning for sex....fucking her harder and faster...she's making noises, grunts...I can hear how she "looses grip with reality" I'm there also..feeling rush going through my head, my body, I'm gona cum, and she is also, this is perfect...few more strokes with last atoms of strength...she's started to cum before me, her pussy is squeezing me so hard I'm cumming instantly, as I make 3 final strokes...

Her pussy filled with my cum...I fell on her back...kissing her shoulders and neck...she twitches from sensation...I pull out and she places her hand on her pussy...waiting for juices...hand full of juices, she smears it on her thigh and ass...mmmm, this is so hot...

We sat in my car and lighted the smoke...she in my lap, her head on my chest...... Continue»
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The Island (Chpt 7 Part 2)

Thus, Mike is pleased on both counts. But the alarming thing about Terry´s predicament was that she was sitting astride the rail of the ship ready to fall into the sea. She had no hands with which to save herself. Then I saw the rope on her ankle. It pulled her foot out sideways and helt her tight so that she did not go over the edge. Her other ankle on the opposite side of the rail was held by a handcuff. I wondered why, until I saw that it held her foot so that she could reach nothing solid with it on which to find support. Her punishment was to sit like that, always on the brink. All her weight resting between her legs upon the rail. The rail was wide enough that the darling was not tortured. But I could tell that she was in pain. I would not have wished to sit like that. Not a woman...... But, who knows! Perhaps one day I, too, will sit in such a way.

Terry is a darling. She is adorable. She was hurting very much, but when she saw me she smiled and called out: "Why darling, isn´t this gorious? I´m drinking in the ozone."
The English have a joke about the ozone. They refer to it a lot. But I have forgotten why. All I could do was smile as though I was sure everything would be alright, and then that big hand on my arm shoved me up some steps. I was quite sure everything was not alright.

"A pleasure, dear girl. Your father and I are old friends."
"Then send me back to him."
We glared at each other and then laughed. He with genuine enjoyment. Me ruefully, knowing I wasn´t going to win. He motioned me to a chair and lounged back himself. His eyes were very shrewd.
"I´m curious to see which role you are going to play:"
"Role?" I said it disdainfully.
"We all pick one, y´know," he grinned at me confidingly.
"Take me now: I´m a brass bound bastard. But I do a very good Hearty-man-of-the-world act. Fools even you girls the first tome. Now, you´re lucky. You´ve got a fine choise. How about the Arab Princess: ´My father will flay you alive!" That´s a good one.
"You went to Girton, didn´t you? So you can do the cold English virgin freezing me with silent contempt and mentioning that I wouldn´t dare do it if your b*****r Jack was here. Then you might try...."

"Oh shut up, you silly ass! I´ll just be me," I broke in on him. After seeing the girls I felt I might as well die for a sheep as a lamb. I´d soon be suffering some awful indignity anyway. It jolted him. He knew I´d seen the jolt. "You do want to be whipped, don´t you?" he asked cozily.
"How about me whipping you? Be a nice change."

I don´t know what got into me. The courage of desperation, I suppose. That Brig had frightened me. On the "Quest" a girl got punished before she did anything. But the effect of my bravado was startling. He sat up, alert. "I´ll be damned," he exclaimed heartily. "So that´s your thing!" "I do not have a thing."
"We´ll let you whip Cuthbert. Do him a world of good."
"Anyone with a name like Curtbert deserves to be whipped. But don´t look at me." I was getting out of my depth. He chuckled. "Done much of it?"

I am not naive. I knew what he meant. I wished I´d kept quiet. "I am not whipping anyone," I told him imperiously as though I owned the ship. "Now, release Terry and Dorinda and give us all a decent breakfast."
My breast heaved. It was fear, but I hoped he´d mistake it for something more useful. He sat back and gazed at me silently. I could not tell whether he was pleased or angry. I was getting ready to tell him to get on with it and have me flogged, when he reached out and touched a bell. It was Myron who showed.

"Breakfast for four in thirty minutes. Release the girls. Show Miss Rabin to their cabin. She wishes to wash her hands." He dismissed us with a wave of his hand and turned his attention to some papers on the desk.
I wasn´t sure who´d won.
"We´ve been promoted," Terry told me cheerfully.
"Last time, we got the Brig," Dorinda said.

It was a delightful cabin. I could understand Mike keeping a girl off balance by giving her luxury half the time and torture of degradation for the rest. He´d be amused.
Terry was making an intimate examination. "The hair´s still there and my thingummy´s just the same." She seemed reassured, and looked at us seriously. "It´s awful having to sit on your quiff like that. You´re positive nothing can ever be the same again."

I washed myself and straightened the rags that had survived my k**napping. My hands were free. I wondered why. Both the others were handcuffed. "Leaving you free to slap his face," Terry opined. It was delightful. Luxury. A gorgeous day. A time to savour and enjoy. A girl wonders why men have to be the way they are: the way Mike is.

He was so bl**dy charming. Terry and Dorinda knew him. But he had me floundering. I refused to think. I enjoyed. Everybody helped. I wondered if I´d ever be as adept with handcuffs as the girls. The way they did everything was far prettier than if their hands had been free. There was a daintiness and percision.... I could see the day when they´d be all the rage.
"What are we, Mike?" Dorinda asked matter of factly.
"Prisoners, guests, or slaves?"
"Trying to make up my mind about that, honey," Mike admitted. "Got any preference?"
"Whichever hurts less", said Terry brightly.

He laughed, delighted with her. "They´re all a pain in the ass, sweetheart," he roared at his stupid joke. We smiled politely. I suspected ours was a command performance.
"While we´re down on that subject," Terry continued puckishly, "I´d suggest you didn´t put me on that rail again. You may lose a useful facility."
Mike bellowed again. He bellowed easily. "All hair and no hole, eh," he chortled.
"Slave girls are a valuable asset," Dorinda pointed out meekly. "You may wish to sell us back to Mr. Rabin."
They knew his language.

His funny spot was tickled again. "Like to see the old boy´s face. You two and his daughter. Neat package. SPECIAL PRICE." He grinned at me.
"Think he´d buy?"
"If I was included he would buy. Otherwise I do not think he will ever deal with you again."
"Never mind, honey. You´re worth every penny I don´t get."

He swivelled his attention. "What you girls suggest for the Princess´s initiation?"
"Five strokes," Terry said promptly. I guessed it was his minimum.
"Ten," said Dorinda, more conservative. From their tone I deduced I´d be lucky if it was only twenty.
Mike pretended to consider. "Bit old hat, don´t you think?"
"I´ll sit on the rail," I said firmly. "I do not mind the loss of a facility."
He gave me his full attention. "Ever occur to you, honey, it ain´t yours to lose any more?"
"What do ypu suggest then?" I demanded.

He grinned as though I´d fed him the question he´d been waiting for. He turned to Terry. "Tell her. Honey."
She looked at him, uncertain. Then understanding dawned. "Oh, Mike.Don´t do that to her. She´s new. Besides, it´s horrible. Even for me it´s horrible."

I expect my face was a big question. Terry turned to me and vehemently protested. "It´s rotten, awful. He did it to me. I don´t mind too much. But not you! Oh Thalia, not you.......!"
How silly we girls are! I was excited. Whatever it was that was planned for me had not left a mark on the delightful c***d. I was ashamed at this excitement. I hoped big Mike had not seen it. I think he knows far too much about how silly we are.

"I will sit on the rail," I said firmly. I will climb on there all by myself. I will offer my hands and feet to be tied." I looked him very squarely in the eye. "That would please you?"

It did please him. He looked at me with the air of a man who has made a good buy. "I´ll be damned. You´d do it, wouldn´t you?"

"Naturally. That is my function now, is it not? To be hurt so that you have fine erections. Is it not said that a woman´s work is never done?" He liked it. Men are as foolish as we. I babbled on at randon. "The closer the hurt is to the hair between our legs or to our breasts the more rigid the result. Am I not right?"
"I think you´re bluffing," his grin was still pleased. "This cool and collected bit. Ain´t you overdoing it?"
"A slave cannot bluff her master."
"Oh come off it! You three little tricks have got nothing in your minds right now except how to manage Mike. Poor old Mike! I scarcely got a chance with you three kittens scheming away."
"You can always whip us. It wins all arguments."

"It´s a lovely idea, k**. A consolation for poor old henpecked Mike. String you up and watch the stripes spring up on your skin."
"How lucky we are to serve."
He wagged an admonishing finger. "You´re too big for your britches, girl. Anyone but you would have got hoisted about the time we ate our g****fruit."
"You prefer me to be dumb and quiver?"

"You got a point," his eyes glinted at me. "Y´know, you are going to make an interesting study for poor old Mike. After you´ve had ´bout the twenty-first stroke, we´ll pause awhile and have some nice bright conversation. Like we´re having now. O.K. sugar?"

I am not really very brave. Our little breakfast was so delightful that talking about my body being lashed by a whip was like speaking of Mars or another century. But inside I cringed. This big man, just by snapping his fingers, could make terrible things happen to me. I could believe that what he had just said could become true within the hour. I was busy thinking up some appropriate quip when Dorinda broke in.

"But, Mike. You can´t keep three girls like us forever!"
Heavily, he turned his attention upon her. "That will cost you five, honey. Speaking out of turn. You know better. You get ´em after breakfast. No use spoiling our digestions. But don´t let it slow you down. Chatter, but no beefs."

Poor Dorinda! She looked so ashamed. She made no saucy retort. Just pouted and delicately used her chained hands to butter a piece of toast. I knew she must do something or she would cry. I wondered if, a week from now, I too would have nothing to say when told I would be whipped.

I noticed that Terry ignored the incident as though it had not happened. They were slaves. It showed. I was not yet a slave. I would try not to be a slave. I realised that behind those two girls was much of slavery of which I did not know. I wondered what had been done to them to make them think as slaves. They were so attuned. I had seen it in them when they were the slaves of my father and of me. Such beautiful slaves! How willingly they offered themselves to be bound or to be chained or to be whipped. It is an art. To submit and to think of naught else but submission is a craft, a technique, to be learned and treasured. It makes us doubly female. But I did not want to be a slave. If it was indeed my fate, I wondered if it was Mike who should break me. He was so gross. But so very male....

There was no trial. But there was a sentencing. Each girl should learn her losson! Julie´s agony must be shared. It was in the big hall. Two lines of naked girls. Each variously chained. None free. In the centre the prisoner without defense, hands still cuffed behind her back. It was but a little while since she had toiled up the beach. Beyond her the Judge. There was no anger. No vindictiveness. Only a task.

"You tried to escape?"
A flutter of wracked shoulders and locked hands. "I do not know."
"Don´t be absurd. You risked your life."
"I wanted to go home."
"Aren´t you happy here?"
"Yes, I am happy."
"Then why?"

The prisoner obviously fought a battle within herself. She raised her head and flung defiantly at them all: "Because I´m a bl**dy fool, that´s why!" She surrendered to tears.
A girl was delegated to deal with her distress. A girl whose ankles, only, were chained. A girl armed with twohandkerchiefs. When she retired the voice demanded. "Do you plead other than guilty?"
"Nothing to extenuate?"
"You will be branded."
Dorinda saw Julie´s nakedness tense.
"You will be caned for as long as seems judicious."
Were there tremors in the flesh of the naked girl who stood so straight to learn what she must bear!"
"You will spend a week in the dungeon without company. Each day you will be painfully confined."
The indrawn breath. The closed eyes!
"On release you will again be beaten to the limit of your tolerance."
A trembling of lips that must not negate.
"All this to be witnessed by those who love you."
It was done.

"But you´ve seen the brands, haven´t you, darling?"
Scarlet was amused by Dorinda´s horror. "There´s at least six of the girls who have them for trying to escape. Any girl who has a go at it can be quite sure of a brand. Mark of distinction, really."
Dorinda had seen the brands. A large "H", but had asked no questions. In this community it was not impossible....!
She had wondered if she herself might be required to wear one. Now she was to witness the burning of the flesh.

Julie was strapped so that she could not move. A table with straps and buckles strategically placed. She turned her head from side to side as though in wonder at what was happening to her. It was all the motion she could make. Beside her was the brazier and the iron. Every naked girl in the company quivered at the sight. They stood waiting for the High Priestess. It would be by her hand that Julie would be marked.
"They never gag them," Scarlet whispered. "Their screams stop the rest of us. You wait."

Harriet´s advance matched that of a Sovereign to her coronation. Her clothed condition emphasised the nakedness of her slaves. Julie saw her approach and groaned.
There was much testing of the iron. There was a minute inspection of the thigh where it would burn through the skin to proclaim for life the ownership of she who pressed it home. And then the act. Dorinda saw the smoke and smelt the burning flesh. She saw the naked torso and limbs strain against the bonds, yet move no whit. Watched those agonized moments as the steady hand held the iron the requisite time that its work be perfect. Then heard the screams. The lovely wonderful screams that went on and on and on....

Each girl who listened learned. They would not seek escape! Each knew herselve a slave. Dorinda wanted to be a slave. A slave much loved. She did not wish to wear a brand.

It was the next day. Julie wore a neat bandage round her thigh. It would not impede the cane. Passive, without hope, she placed her loins against the bar of the pedestal which would hold her. Ankles firmly strapped, she leant over and down, her bottom rising as she went. Down, down, arms strained, hands reaching, then straps around her wrists. Tight, so very tight! Now the small of her back, the narrow waist. How wonderfully the leather band exerted its f***e, curving Julie´s slenderness until, when the buckle was clasped, the lush rotundity of her girlish bottom seemed all that was left. It stood up like a beacon, pleading for punishment.

To demonstrate the immobility achieved, the girl who had cinched the straps bent and pinched both the victim´s nipples. The head jerked. Nothing else moved. Next she thrust against each hip. There was no motion. She sought to agitate each of the two cheeks. They were stretched taut. She stepped back to her place among the watching girls. Harriet sauntered forward with the cane, her lips curled, not in cruelty, but in amusement as her eyes sardonically surveyed the lines of hushed femininity, each depicting on her features the emotion engendered by the scene.

"Could be any one of you," she suggested genially. "Don´t all look so damn solemn. Relax and enjoy it. Make believe this is you." She tapped the waiting bottom with her cane.
"Make you feel real good when you realise it´s Julie instead," she chuckled at her pleasantry.

. Dorinda did indeed, mentally, place herself where the frightened Julie was. She realised that the girl to be caned had been reduced to zero. No one had spoken to her. Hands had compelled her, not words. The straps had diminished the girl she had been whilst, at the same time, they enlarged that portion of her she least desired in view. Soon she would scream, but the screams would emerge from somewhere below the rearing flesh that would be mute.

The first blow sang and cut.
Julie had not recently been caned. Her flesh was virgin. The scarlet weal demanded. Each girl paid it tribute with a gasp. Julie made no sound. Dorinda understood the protocol dictating silence for at least the first.

At the second slicing scald Julie screamed. Her screams were continuous then throughout her time upon the pedestal. They were interspersed by pleadings, by sobs, by tears. Harriet acknowledged the vocal accompaniment with amused nods of confirmation, but paused not for a second in her rhythmic flow of shrewd and searching strokes. Julie´s bottom was for beating. It was beaten.

A cringing Dorinda saw the weals become a grid that slowly merged into a single area of red and purple. Here and there were overlaps upon the hips. On these were small drops of bl**d where the cane tip had bitten a wound. She lost count of numbers or of time. She thought only of how it might be known or decided when the time had come to stop. The time came. Julie had to be helped to stand erect. She was led away to antiseptics and the dungeon.
Terry´s eyes sought Dorinda´s beseechingly. "Oh, darling, I´ll never, never dare." A tear started upon her cheek. "We´ll never escape. We´ll be here allways...."

Each day the girls were filed in and out of the dungeon so that no nuance of Julie´s punishment be lost to them. For these occasions Julie was gagged so that she might not plead. But her wide hurt eyes above the gag were as eloquent as her lips. Julie would never do it again. Never! Each day they found her in a new and different discomfort. It was strange Community dominated by the genial but demanding Harriet whose zestful enjoyment of all she did and caused to be done infected and governed the girls whose lives and actions she controlled. When Harriet played games it was pure fun. When she punished it was without animosity. Terry and Dorinda soon discovered that the incessant canings were now a feature of life. A girl might be caned for a disdemeanor. Or she might have to bend over for no other reason than that Harriet was in the mood. Either way the pain was about the same. The woman who used the cane took a mischievious delight in always, with complete candor, explaining either the fault to be punished, or the fact that there was no fault at all: she simply felt an appetite for that particular girl´s bottom. Even Dorinda and Terry soon found themselves accepting these inflictions as a natural order of things.

Harriet´s "Sports Day" was her favourite device for arriving at a compromise in the motives that employed her cane. It was a Gala affair widely patronized by friends much in the manner and style of the Garde Party of many memories. Whilst "The Girls" were the principal competitors there was also guest participation in certain of the events. In all cases there was a prize. It was in reverse. The loser got six of the best immediately on the spot. It was an incentive to win or to be runner up. There was enthusiastic applause, both for the winner and the awarding of "The Prize". Except when required to be on the starting line the girls were encouraged to mingle with the crowd. The sporting nature of the affair had attracted the English contingent in f***e.

"You mean you´re ashamed for them all to see you doing it. Go on, man. Be a real bastard. Enjoy yourself."
There was no gainsaying Harriet. Dorinda sighed and touched her toes. She heard the familiar whrrr..... The cadaver was nervous. He was not adept. His first stroke had vigor without accuracy. It bit into the softness of a thigh. Dorinda squealed and stood up rubbing.
"Hurts more there," Harriet adjudged. "The girl´s excused."
The crowd went about its affairs. There were curious glancesaplenty, but not the circle of avid faces Dorinda had feared. Once more her fingers sought her toes. Cyril hit her again in the same place.
"You doing that on purpose?" Harriet asked heavily.
Cyril was distraught. "Really, I´m most frightfully sorry. Not much experience, y´know." His eyes roved blankly as though seeking confirmation of his amateur status.
Dorinda rubbed feverishly with one hand and flicked away a tear with the other.

"Well you´ve had some experience now," Harriet advised sarcastically. "See if you can´t hit her arse for a change."

He did. A blow filled with irritation and the pent up frustrations of a lifetime. It bisected Dorinda´s proffered cheeks with a solid thunk. Its agony was the old familiar one she knew so well.
"Right on target. You´ve got the range, Cyril old boy. Three more to go." Harriet had regained her good humor. Cyril reëstablished his maleness by vigorously lapping the docile bottom with three that undoubtedly could be described as of the very best indeed. Within her pain Dorinda so labelled them.

More tea was undeniably indicated. Whipper and whipped made their way to the Marquee. The caned girl sipped. The man who had done the caning gulped his cupful gratefully.
"Needed that!" he admitted. Then looked down at the naked girl in contrition. "Expect you can use it too. I say, old girl. I´m frightfully sorry. Don´t know what got into me. Dashed bad form. I bet you´re hurting?"
"Of course I am," Dorinda said cheerfully. "But I´m used to it. Please don´t worry. I´ll be alright." She offered a wry grin. "At least, I will be so long as I don´t lose again." She felt sorry for Cyril.

"You mean she´d give you six more on top...? He was aghast.
She found pleasure in his incredulity. "She´d give me those six and six more as well if I lose enough." she assured him, amused by his consternation. She enjoyed his male concern for her skin. "Harriet´s a stickler for the rules."
The two of them drifted away from the crowd. Dorinda noted their direction as being towards the trees. She wondered and looked sideways at her companion. Surely not.... Not Cyril! But she was not to know. The public address system announced a race. "I´m sorry." She gently touched his arm. "I have to go."

Dorinda never knew the details. But two of the female guests had been persuaded to enter. There was much chaffing and a good deal of vociferous betting. It was obvious that neither entrant was enthused by their e****t´s confidence in their athletic prowess, but were good naturedly allowing themselves to be pushed forward with much banter and repartee. Dorinda suspected the group of having imbibed something stronger than tea. Two pairs of high heeled shoes were reluctantly discarded and left lying on the grass on the way to the starting line.

The race was routine enough. But for Harriet´s girls as deadly serious as any other. None wanted to be last. Dorinda leaped across the grass with a firm determination. The outcome was predictable. The naked contestants were all younger than the guests. They were in better condition, their incentive was keen. Above all they were naked. A naked girl is likely to run better than one who is clothed, even though the clothes be scant. A panting guest, flushed and embarrassed, was the last to breast the tape.

"Hard luck, old girl."
"Damn good try, Betsy."
The consolations came thick and fast. Money changed hands. Repartee was swift and cruel. One of the girls thankfully merged back among her friends. The loser stood defiantly uncertain of her next move. Harriet, armed with her cane, came to her rescue.

"Over you go, darling."
Betsy started as though shot. She looked appealingly at all concerned. Dorinda guessed she had been aware of the penalty but had not expected to face it. Or that, even as a loser, she would be excused. "Ha, ha. Very funny," she said unconvincingly.
"Face the music, old girl," a voice taunted.
"Six of the best," said Harriet as though it was indeed a prize.
Betsy instinctively clutched her bottom. "I wouldn´t dream of such a thing," she retorted righteously.
"One extra for quibbling," Harriet announced.

There was polite applause and cries of "Where´s your sporting bl**d?" and other similar appeals. Betsy´s scarlet features turned this way and that seeking moral support. There was none. Quite the reverse. She could have no doubt of what was expected of her.
She faced Harriet and said flatly: "I won´t do it."
"Another extra for contempt!" Harriet was enjoying herself.

The watching girl felt sorry for Betsy. True, she had entered the race knowing its rules. True, she should now be a good sport and accept the penalty with good grace. But she seemed so alone standing there. Shame at what she was expected to do and to endure before this audience was probebly her greatest inhibition. Dorinda was glad such an ordeal was not her´s.
With a gesture of resignation, Betsy bent over and touched her toes. There were hoots, much laughter, admonitions.

"On the bare, old girl. On the bare!"
"Off with your pants, darling," Harriet demanded peremptorily.

Her face reflecting a welter of emotion, Betsy removed her shorts. Directing a look of pure venom at her party she then discarded her briefs. She was naked from the waist down. Her pubic hair pouting as defiantly as her other lips above. There was spontaneous applause that gathered momentum as she bent over and presented herself to Harriet and the cane.

It was a shameful performance. Betsy felt herself imposed upon. She felt shamed. She was deeply shocked at the flashing pain so far worse than she had dreamed.... Each stroke brought a break in position, a declaration of Independence, a refusal to continue, remonstrance. Comments from the crowd were constant. Few flattering. But, one by one, each under protest, Betsy paid her eight strokes. Immediately they were done she dragged on the garments she had been f***ed to relinquish, and with stoney face, looking neither to right or left, strode through the crowd in the direction of the wharf and the shelter of whatever craft had brought her to Harriet´s Island.

"Bad show, what?" Dorinda allowed Cyril to guide her back to the Marquee. The emotion packed incident had produced dry throats.
"Staff of Life." Cyril approved, putting down his empty cup. "Damn girl made a spectacle of herself."
"Well, what would you have done?" Dorinda demanded quizzically.

Her companion considered, then delivered a judgement worthy of Solomon. "Couple of the girls could have held up a sheet, y´know. Got her six with a bit of privacy. Not easy for a girl like Betsy to expose her, her what dýou call it, in public."
"You mean her cunt?" Dorinda asked innocently.
Cyril was shaken to the core. It took another cup of tea to restore him to the point where he could ask: "I say there, do you girls actually use words like that? Though it was just us chaps."
"I used it," Dorinda said mischiefiously. "After all, us girls have to call our various parts by some sort of name. I´ve always felt that vagina sounds obscene."
"Another race starting any moment now, I expect," said Cyril in full flight.

Dorinda had no mercy. "What do you men call a girl´s breasts and nipples?"
"Could we talk about the weather?" Cyril bleakly waved the white flag.

He was saved further tribulation by the P.A. announcing the next event. A three legged race for all comers. The female section of the team alone subject to penalty. It was with evident relief that he e****ted Dorinda to her next test.
Three legged races are fun. They are popular. They lend themselves to the party spirit. This one had been enthusiastically supported by the male guests who, Dorinda felt certain, were more anxious to hold, and be attached to, a naked girl than for the sport itself. The result of much partnering left her standing without Terry who had already been allocated. Together the two girls would have had nothing to fear, separated they faced risk and hazard. Dorinda stood, feeling foolish, while the P.A. invited a partner. It was bound to be Cyril. There was an inevitability about Cyril. He came bounding up, pink cheeked and certain of ensuring her victory. She showed what gratitude she could muster. After all, if she had to be paired with a male, he was probably as good as any. She joined in the hilarity as, with arms entwined, they watched a referee bind her left ankle to his right.

Had it not been for The Prize it would have been good fun. The fettered males roared their enjoyment and gave much verbal encouragement to theit naked partners. No records were established. It came closer to a melee than a race. It did not take long for Dorinda to realize that her partner was in distress....

In extenuation of Cyril´s failure it must be borne in mind that tussles with naked girls had never been a part of his previous experience. To be actually holding one, and a very beautiful one that, was a shattering event. To have their legs tied together was an erotic dream. Further must be considered the fact that the girl to whom he was so intimately attached had, but a short time before, presented him with a naked bottom to be caned. All in all it is understandable that his libido should respond. Dorinda knew, without doubt, that her partner had a hard on. P

oosibly his finest ever erection.

Erections and races do not mix.
Races create motion. Motion engenders friction. Friction itself generates.... But let us draw a veil. Cyril and Dorinda lost the race.

It cannot be said that Cyril´s partner felt anything but irritation and dismay. Her bottom already had twelve. To add his new Prize to the rest made a formidable infliction. An infliction which a girl would, normally, have received only had she been a very bad girl indeed. She would accept her penalty. She would not complain. She was mostly concerned that the pain should not be such as to cause her to disgrace herself before so many: particularly Cyril. For some reason she did not wish Cyril to see her grovel and plead. But it was Cyril himself who became her greatest cross. He was bereft, shamed, abandoned to guilt. She had gone to Harriet, and was obediently awaiting the nod that she position herself, when his distraught voice was raised.

"I cannot possibly allow it."
"Go away, Cyril," suggested Harriet amiably.
A ribald voice from the crowd did not help. "Off with your trousers, Cyril old boy!"
"But the poor girl. She has suffered enough.... All my fault."
"If you don´t dry up I´ll give her twelve." There was an edge to Harriet´s voice.
"She could never stand the pain. It´s altogether...."
"Shut up you silly ass!" Harriet broke in on his plaint.
"This poor little girl could stand twenty if she had to. Couldn´t you, Honey?"

For Dorinda the conversation had taken a turn in the wrong direction. But thus appealed to she must respond. The Island had its code. She made a somewhat mechanical: "Of course I can," and then turned to a much disturbed Cyril. Placing her hands on his chest she looked into his hurt eyes and said, as sweetly as she could, "Please Cyril. I want to be caned. Can you understand? I want my six of the best. Please don´t fret so. It just makes it more difficult." She made her eyes imploring. "I don´t want twelve...."
For a moment they stood thus. Then, with a muttered something that no one understood, Cyril turned and made for the Marquee. He could not bear to watch. His need of tea had never been so great. Pensively, Dorinda bent into her pose.

Between it´s occasional eruptions into revelry, The Island was a peaceful and beautiful place in which to be. A girl whose feet were not chained could roam at will. She could romp in the surf with others whose hands only bore the chains of slavery. Or she could find a pleasant spot overlooking wood and beach and sea, and there dream her own private fantasies and memories.

Dorinda cupped her chin with her handcuffed hands. To have them chained in front was, for her, almost freedom: so used had she become to the metal bands upon her wrists. Her eyes roved upon delight. Her thoughts were of Mark. Always of Mark. She could not forget Kyrexos. She had given up hope, but not her dream. It was hard to comprehend her new ownership. That her life would be spent here without hope of escape. Always chained by chains that were not Mark´s chains, scourged by a whip that was not Mark´s whip. She wondered how she would have borne her slavery had Terry not shared it. Yet how cruel it was that Mark should have had his beloved nymphet of a s****r stolen from him forever. A small Eden violated by an oaf named Mike.....

"What´s his name, honey?" Harriet´s voice was softer than usual.
"Mark....Oh....!" Dorinda was engulfed in Chagrin.
Harriet laughed. "Don´t be shy, c***d. That we love a girl doesn´t mean we cannot love a man." She examined her slave girl musingly. "Are you happy on my Island?"

Dorinda was confused. How speak of such things without hurting or being hurt?
The older woman sensed her quandary. "Don´t be scared to talk, darling. I won´t use this on you. I promise." She held up the ever present cane. "I only carry it just in case."

Dorinda grinned apologetically. "If I say that I am as happy as a slave can be, I seem to have qualified it enough to make it negative," she admitted. "But slaves can be truly happy. I often am." She lifted her handcuffed wrists and clinked the link back and forth. "Take these, for example, most of the time I forget I have them on."
"D´you want them off?"
"No. I would feel no more free. I belong to you. Wearing these helps me remember."
"You going to pine for this man all your life?"
"I don´t know." Dorinda raised an amused eyebrow at her Mistress. "Maybe you shouldn´t have bought me. All your other girls except Terry came to you sort of psychically attuned. But I was a pig in a poke. Men and thoughts about men don´t belong on this Island."

"You belong, Honey."
"So far as being a slave goes, yes. Much slavery was imposed on me before I was brought here. I seem to have been adaptable. It´s made me wonder."
"This man business. Don´t think I don´t know all about it. I´ve had my own aches. And there´s more of the girls with memories than you´d suppose. They tell me sooner or later."

She chuckled reminiscently. "There was one poor k** who came here on the rebound from a blasted love affair. She felt so terribly guilty about carrying a torch for the guy.... she hadn´t expected to. It crept up on her. She had no wish to go back. But he was under her skin. So she made a pact with me. Whenever she found herself with the blues about him she would come to me, confess, and I would punish her. Believe it or not, it worked."
"How could she be so honest?"
"Because she wanted to be, of course! Don´t get the idea she came to me for her penance every day. You know how these damn moods take us. We can go a week or a month, and then all of the sudden, bam! We are dropping tears all over. With this girl it took about six months: gradually lengthening the intervals. When it got bad enough she would come to me. She never knew what penance I would impose. It wasn´t always the cane. I think we were completely honest with each other. It made a tremendous bond. You know: the way sharing something does."
"Her pain must have been a sort of counterirritant?" Dorinda was intrigued.
"That´s a medical term that probably could apply to thirty or forty percent of her cure. Remember, she felt guilt about me. She saw herself as betraying the trust I´d imposed in accepting her slavery. So, for that, she wanted true punishment. She´s a very clear-headed girl."
"Do I know her?"
"Oh sure."
"Were you thinking I should ask for penances?" Again the raised eyebrow and bright eye.
"Only if you wanted to very much, honey. It´s something that has to come from the girl. It wouldn´t work if I thrashed you every time I caught you making calf´s eyes at the moon."

Dorinda could see the logic. There was almost temptation! Harriet amusedly watched the expressions flit across the lovely face.

"Careful, darling. I won´t make a pact with you until you have thought about it a lot. It would be something very real for us both." Harriet laughed companionably. "There´s something showed up that other time. The penitent still gets her usual quota of stripes. So when I come to add the penances it can be more than her little bottom has room for. So you´d have to figure on a good deal of imprisonment and what goes with it."
"But wouldn´t a girl sitting in the dungeon think even more?"
"Not if she´s hurting enough," Harriet said grimly.

They sat together, sharing the view in a way they could not share their thoughts. Finally, apropos, of nothing, Dorinda allowed a question to slip past her guard. "Have you ever thought out why you love caning us?"
Some of the boom returned to Harriet´s answer. "Same reason as Mike and about a million others, I suppose." She laughed good naturedly. "Makes me feel good. I have the money. So I do it. I´m not sure we can pin a real significance on it. But one hell of a lot of people have asked that question of a lot of people. It means so much to a lot of us that you feel there just has to be a good answer." She grinned confidently.

"Believe it or not, back when I started out on this Island and got my first few girls we actually ran a class. We all sat down once a week and went at it hammer and tongs. Kept the little dears handcuffed, of course, but apart from that it was a free-for-all, no penalties for frankness." She paused to reflect. "The damndest things came up."
"For instance?" Dorinda´s interest had been captured.
"That´s the hell of it, love. I´ve got you ready for big answers. But there weren´t any. Just a lot more questions. The drama was in the telling. Those girls had got themselves into more jackpots than we could sort out in any half dozen sessions. From being a class, my bright idea ended up as a sort of confessional." Harriet laughed. "We wallowed in it, of course. We all had an emotional involvement in what we were listening to. So each story reached out and grabbed us in an individual way. Hate to say it, but some of those tales got me so horny I had to take a girl off someplace, cane her can, and do a sixty-nine."
Harriet gestured deprecatingly. "Not your thing, maybe. Terry would understand. But here´s one I remember pretty well, I´m going to tell it in the fist person. So now I´m s*******n. remember that. Here we go:

"You´ve got the money. What about me?" I wasn´t scared of his gun anymore. I was wondering what he looked like under the mask.
"What about you, k**?"
"What happens to me? You´re not just going to go, are you?"
"Disappointed because I didn´t fuck you? They call it **** at your age?"
"Well, if you don´t do something to me they´ll think I was in on the steal."
"I can bat you with a flowerpot. But, hell, I ain´t going to do that to some k** babysitter."
"I´m not a k**. Please do something to me so they´ll know I didn´t help." I suddenly had a gorgeous idea. Real hot pants. "I know where there´s a clothesline cord."
He looked at me as though he´d just noticed I was there.
"You want to be tied up?"
"Oh yes!" I expect I sounded more eager than I wanted to. But no more eager than I really was.
He laughed at me as though I was a k** wanting candy.
"O.K. Go get it. Run!"
I ran. I was scared he´d be gone. He wasn´t. His lips twisted in amusement when I dragged out the old wooden chair with arms.
"You do this regular, k**?"
"You´re the first, honest! Do me tight."

I glued myself into that chair and lay my forearms along the rests. I kicked off my shoes. He looked at them. "Why you do that?"
"I don´t know." I was frankly excited. I really didn´t know. He seemed to find everything I did and said vastly funny. I wished he didn´t see me as too young. Without much concern he went to work with the rope.

A fire started to burn inside me as I watched. It was so beautiful. I knew I´d been waiting for this moment all my life. I´ll always remember the day I nagged at him, and his amused tolerance of my demands. He cinched my tummy in first. That was easy. Then he tied my ankles. But I had to tell him the proper way. Not just down on the legs, but bend the knees and bring the foot back up each side and then tie the ankles to the rungs. It shucked my dress up so he could see my pants. He hadn´t looked at the books the way I had. So I had to explain about just two or three stands for each tie and then how to really make them into a neat tight circle. He grumbled about having to get a knife so as to cut off the short lengths and loose ends. I was very insistent about loose ends. It had to look as though me and the cords and the chair were all welded together. Why? I don´t know. I´d always dreamed of it like that.

Next he tied my elbows back in tight to the angle of the chair. This left my hands sticking out nice and straight on each arm where I could see them. I could hardly bear the ecstasy of watching him loop and tie them down. By now, he´d got infected with my own excitement. He was taking a pride in his word. I don´t think any girl anywhere had ever been more neatly and tightly bound to a chair than I was. When he had both my wrists tight on their seperate wooden arms he was going to call it a day. But I begged for my shoulders. He shrugged and said: "O.K. baby, it´s your hide," and went to work on them. I told him how to do the underarm and cross at the back so there wouldn´t be anything over my chest. I think that´s a beautiful way. When he had tied the last knot on I couldn´t move anything but my head and fingers.

He stapped back and admired what he had done, as though making a discovery. "Dammit, girl," he said grudgingly, "I think you got something. You look a damn sight prettier than you did running around loose." He looked at me shrewdly. "You get hot pants out of it?"

My pants were more than hot. They were wet. I was at that age when a girl is still making discoveries about herself. I was almost panting when I demanded the obvious. "You´ll have to tear my clothes."

He treated this in about the same way as my other importunities. "Let´s humor the k**" sort of thing. But I could tell he enjoyed tearing my dress off. It took quite a bit of tugging on accopunt of the ropes. But he was strong and the cotton stuff wasn´t so it was soon in rags on the floor. My pants were easy. He jibed at me when he saw my wet hair. My bra took only one good yank. I was naked in front of a man, and I couldn´t move. It was the most wonderful moment of my life. My breasts aren´t floppers. They weren´t big then. But they were lovely firm cones on which my nipples were screaming aloud for attention. When my burglar friend looked at them I knew for sure he was wishing the same as me: that I was spread-eagled on a bed.

"Horny liitle bitch, aren´t you?" he sneered.

I looked up at him adoringly and gasped, "Thank you." I meant it. I was so grateful. He must have thought me a little idiot. I suspect he was a bit peeved at the way he´d let me use him to get something that he could see, now, I must have wanted pretty bad. He disappeared into the kitchen. When he came back he clipped a spring clothespin on each of my nipples.
It was a shock. It hurt. I gaped up at him. "Why?"
"Just a finishing touch, k**. Something from me to you."
A moment later my burglar was gone. I had never seen his face.

Consider my predicament. I sat there, melting with desire, but suddenly demandingly conscious that my joy or my ordeal had really only just begun. It had taken him fifteen minutes to tie me. The Johnsons might not be back for hours. How was I going to like just sitting there and waiting? Suppose the baby woke up and howled! Suppose the house caught fire! Suppose....! You know how the mind works. However, none of the terrible possibilities could roll back the throbbing glory that tingled in every crevice of my body and my mind. I knew I was the happiest girl in the world. Sure my nipples hurt! But I couldn´t keep my eyes off them. I was fascinated by those clothespins. They had become a part of me, sticking out up and jauntily: small erections! The knowledge that there was just no way I could ever take them off was devastating: devastatingly wonderful!

Oh sure! I thought of what it was going to be like when they found me. Imagine! In their living room! A naked girl with her legs spread so wide her quim would stare them in the face. I knew that was the first thing they would see. My twat! I giggled and squirmed inside at the thought. But the killer would be the clothespins. Those clothespins on my nipples were right out of this world! They would knock the Johnsons right out of theirs. I could hardly wait.

But, of course, I did wait. The cords began to hurt, especially those on my shoulders, and my nipples settled down to a steady burn. But it was lovely gorgeous pain! I´d never known pain could be like that. I was a mixture of new and strange and conflicting emotions. I did not want it ever to end. I knew that, no matter what happened to me now, I would have to make this happen to me again and again for always.

I was intrigued about the Johnsons. But more from what I´d feel when it actually happened: that was what made me quiver with anticipation. Naked for my first time before adults: spread wide open. The question and the being untied. It would be another experience all over again. There was also a little rational query lurking: would I be a heroine, or would they think I´d made a botch of my responsibility? I was not sure about that one. But I refused to worry. I did a bit of struggling just to find out that I couldn´t move at all and had no hope of getting free. Then I settled down to wallow in pure sensation. I was terribly, terribly happy. They were like two great big question marks with wide eyes.

"What the hell goes on here!" Johnson demanded.
"I don´t believe it!" Mrs. Johnson said emphatically.
They didn´t recognize me. All they saw was my gaping pubes and those clothespins.
"What sort of game d´you think you´re playing?" He was angry.
I told him about the burglar.

They left me sitting while they scurried around and confirmed that they indeed had been robbed. I didn´t seem to be a heroine yet. All my lovely gorgeous sensations were fading fast. I felt even less of a heroine when they came back. Mr. Johnson made a move to untie me. I think he was going to unclip the clothespins first. Then his wife said: "Hold it, Phil. Something odd...." Her voice was hard.
"Stand back and look at the whole thing," she demanded.
"It´s too damn pretty. Look at the way she´s tied. Somebody took a lot more trouble over that than any burglar would. Look at the knife and all the bits of cord that have been neatly clipped. Can´t tell me a burglar... And her clothes: they are torn more than need be...." She turned on me furiously. "You little bitch, what´s a big deal?"
There I sat with my clothespins.

I wanted to get loose now. The glow had gone. I was scared. I started to cry.
"Call the police, Phil. They can see her just the way we found her."
The police. With me like that!
The officers enjoyed every moment. Polite, considerate. They sat me on the chesterfield, wrapped in a blanket. Mrs. Johnson grudgingly gave me a pair of step-ins. Her bras were no good to me. Then the questions.
The end of it was that the officers didn´t like it any better than the Johnsons did. It was decided that they´d take me downtown and call my parents. Then came the juicy bit. They had to get me there. All the Johnsons would part with was the blanket. I was not a friend of the f****y anymore. So it was thought best to wrap me in that and put me in the back seat of the officers´ car. But I was suspect. I had to be secured. It was the second most heavenly moment for me when they turned me round, took my arms, and locked handcuffs on my wrists. I was sorry I could not see the lovely metal things at my back. But oh, the feeling! I started to melt again...."

There was a tinge of sadness in Harriet´s chuckle. "That was one of ´em. More or less as she told it to the class. I won´t say: ´heard one you´ve heard ´em all.´ That would not be so. But their stories were really only the particular path they had travelled in order to come face to face with themselves. Once they had done that they were ready to come to me. Grab you at all, honey? I mean the k**´s feelings?"
"Yes. It touches me. I don´t really want it to. But it does."
"You´d like to have sat in that chair?"

Dorinda grinned and gestured with her handcuffs. "I can see a distriction. No. I would not have wanted to sit in that chair. But once I was tied into it I´m affraid all my sensations would have been the same as that little girl." She looked at her owner quizzically. "Am I a half and halfer?"
"Honey, whatever you are you´re right. For me anyway," Harriet sighed. "I have to admit that sometimes these little slips of girls with their quaking quims are just too bl**dy juvenile. Old men like ´em young. But you are a hundred times more satisfying. I´ll always be glad I bought you."
"It´s sort of a nice feeling: being purchased. Makes me feel special."
"You wouldn´t want me to sell you again, just for the thrill?" Harriet was curious.
"No. Never.....please!"
The mistress was satisfied. "Been thinking about you a lot," she admitted. thoughtfully. "How´d you like to share The Island with me?"

Dorinda froze. Her eyes were wide. The question was a small bomb.

Harriet enjoyed the sensation her question had created. "I mean it, sweetheart. We can think up a name. But be my second in command: my assistant: my companion. Stop wearing chains: be a slave mistress...."
Instinctively, Dorinda´s eyes flashed to her handcuffs before seeking those of the woman who had just made so surprising an offer. "But, how could you trust me?" It was her first thought.
"I consider that," Harriet admitted slowly. "I´d sooner you told me I could trust you. But if you say otherwise it won´t matter all that much. I mean it wouldn´t cause me to think differently. You would not be able to get off the island any easier in that capacity than you can now. Besides," her voice became sardonic, "you´d still be subject to the penalty for an attempt."

"A branded mistress?"
"If you chose it that way, darling."
"Would you still cane me?" There was mischief in Dorinda´s voice.
"Of course!" Harriet examined the naked girl shrewdly.
"You don´t even want me te stop caning you."
"Doesn´t that about put it in a nutshell?" Dorinda asked reflectively. "Only a slave girl would want to be whipped. There´s even more of the slave in me than I´ve been admitting. I wouldn´t make a good slave mistress."
"The offer stands, darling."

The two women sat, staring. There was no subterfuge between them. Nothing.... Suddenly, without volition, the naked girl was clinging in the arms of she whose property she was. Her loveliness wracked by sobs. Harriet feld her fiercely. A long time later the older of the two fumbled in her pocket. "The key, sweetheart. I´ll unlock those handcuffs."

Harriet felt the girl in her arms go tense. Breath paused. There was a stillness almost frightening. Then a wailing cry. Words burst forth with vivid emphasis between the sobs.
"No! Oh no! Don´t take them off.... please. Don´t take them off me ever. I want to wear them always and always and always....!"
It was Dorinda´s answer.

They walked back to the big house together. They were happy. They had explored, and found that which they sought. It was as though a quest had ended. For the rest of the day, and for the night, no one saw either of them again. The slave girl was dazed by her discovery of herself and of the bond which her mistress had woven. She lived in the moment, refusing to think back or to gaze ahead. When she was taken to the dungeon the following morning she was happy enough to place her ankles and watch them locked into the familiar grooves of the stocks. She was not bound. She sat upon her bench and dreamed of slavery. No one disturbed her. That night she was returned to her mistress's bed. She wore her handcuffs.

Harriet´s boat was not the size of Mike's, but it was big enough that it could not be beached. From its deck Dorinda recognized. The Island. Her heart thudded, almost painfully, as her wrists were handcuffed behind her back. It was with a sense of unreality that she stepped into the dinghy.

Harriet herself used the oars. They faced each other in the small craft. A naked helpless girl: a strong older woman with kind tired eyes. The love between them was almost tangible.
With a final heave of the oars Harriet drove the keel high on the sand. Silent, they stepped on to shore and, for but a moment, stood irresolute. Then she who was chained was clasped fiercely. Lips met and clung.

They could not speak. There was no need. All had been said. To speak now meant tears. Neither wanted them. They had agreed on what to do. The embrace ended, Dorinda turned and strode with purpose towards the trees. Harriet turned the dinghy and rowed towards the ship. Neither looked back.

There are degrees of happiness beyond the telling. Dorinda knew them all. She tugged at her handcuffs for their certainly that this was real. Her steps were quick up the path and on to the road. She almost ran up the rise to where there was the view. Mark stepped from the rock where he had sat so long ago. "Lovely view, don´t you think?" She remembered that they were the same words he had used then. He was still the smiling sun-flecked boy with glowing eyes. She turned her back and wriggled her hands.
"Unlock me please."

Taking her shoulders he turned her about and looked down into the imploring eyes. "No." The single word said everything. He found her lips and possessed her brutally. Then led her to the house.
On the terrace, against a fluted marble column, a naked girl was chained. A picture of grace and insouciant joy. "Hello darling," Terry chanted, "Look what the awful brute´s done to me already...."
With male amusement, Mark watched his s****r and his slave blend their lips, watched their fruitless tugging at their chains as they strove to clasp. Then he took Dorinda by the arm.
The chained sylph stood at her pillar and watched them go. Her eyes shone. "Don´t leave me too long before breakfast, darlings."
Terry's plea trilled after them unheeded. Her silver laughter followed as her master led his slave girl back into captivity. Terry settled herself contentedly within her chains. It would be a long, long wait.


Geri Continue»
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Kara, the special girl

◊ Chapter 1

Mrs. Denning droned on and on about semicolons as the seconds stretched into minutes and Kara’s eyelids began to droop. Twenty minutes to go until lunch and the tension in the room had risen to a fever pitch. There are only so many hours a day you can contain the seniors at Rosemont High, and the hours directly preceding and following lunch weren’t the most ideal. Word around school was that the teachers all knew this and planned the most boring lessons for exactly those times in order to bore every ounce of youthful exuberance out of the student body. A silly rumor, yes, but at the present it carried a bit more weight than usual.

Kara sat, head in hand, lazily rolling her pencil back and forth across her desk as her mind wandered around the room, alighting briefly on various classmates, peeking under their clothing in fits of lewd imagination. This was her favorite passtime – mentally undressing her peers, scanning their bodies with hungry, predatory eyes, feasting on the imagined delights. However, the boys were safe from her fantastic meandering. Sure they were cute at times, and they served their purposes (Kara had enjoyed more than her fair share of free movies and dinners) but they didn’t have anything that interested the bored teen.

She wasn’t a lesbian, or a bisexual for that matter. In fact, when she thought about it, she couldn’t exactly think of the right word to describe her sexuality, if there was one. She identified as female, and she had a vagina and soft bust line to prove it, and she was sexually attracted to women and women alone, but still she had trouble actually thinking of herself as a lesbian.

“AP readers see the same sorts of essays over and over, hundreds of times a day. A well placed semicolon can set your paper apart from the pack” Kara’s attention faded in and out of the lesson, just in case something interesting managed to sneak into the lecture. She sighed softly as her eyes scanned the room and she shifted her legs, feeling the thick weight of the reason she couldn’t define her sexuality resting against her thigh.

Perched atop her self-described “scrumptious pussy” was a fully formed set of male genitalia. However, that doesn’t quite do it justice. Cock wouldn’t even begin to describe it. The eight wrist-thick soft inches that were currently mashed against her thigh under her baggy shorts, complete with a set of large, hairless balls (She once compared them to very ripe limes) was another focus of her ongoing difficulties with definition. Boys talked frequently about their cocks and they never seemed to have all that much meat. She knew she was bigger soft than most of the men on Earth were hard and she always thought of herself as a grower, not a shower.

Kara cleared her throat and shifted her legs again. She liked the feeling of her extra appendage rolling from side to side between her legs. Perhaps she liked it a little too much as she felt the familiar swelling and immediately shifted her thoughts to things less erotic, like the crisis in Darfur or marching band or things that two girls might do if handed one cup. She was comfortable with her body, even proud, but even the proud know when to keep a secret a secret.


Kara Allen McAlister was an oddity and, before she was born, she would have been considered a complete impossibility. Not only had she been born with two completely functioning sets of reproductive organs, she had been born with two of the most extraordinary sets of reproductive organs the doctors who examined her had ever seen. She went in for monthly testing, collecting a considerable amount of money for her inconvenience and agreeing only to the tests she felt comfortable with. Omega Labs was more than willing to pay the person they believed would bring them a Nobel Prize so long as she agreed to remain their secret study and theirs alone.

Puberty came swiftly, and by the age of twelve most of the male researchers were intimidated by the girl. Early measurements at the time noted five inches flaccid length, ten hard with impossibly powerful and copious ejaculation. At first she was filling pints, and then quarts, and then gallons. When her volume began to plateau, she could fill a two gallon container, the last two or three weakening strands straining the surface tension. The team couldn’t decide which was more shocking, the size of her cock, the size of her cum shots, or the fact that not only was her ejaculate fertile, it was almost dangerously so. Despite the incredible volume of the thick, creamy (And, as two of the women on the team would admit if you were to get them sufficiently d***k, amazingly delicious) spunk, her sperm count was beyond reason.

And yet her femininity didn’t seem affected by the overpowering masculinity that throbbed and jerked between her legs. Her vagina was equally impressive. Despite being deeper than average, and able to stretch to fit even the largest dildos the team provided (Bought specifically for science, of course. Ann Johnson swore up and down that despite the rather “used” look of the toys, they had certainly not come from her bedside table next to the stack of magazines depicting sweaty, hairy chested firemen).

It seemed impossible that a girl so young could develop so exceptionally. By f******n, her breasts sat atop her slender chest, a full B cup with tantalizing, heavenly nipples jutting proudly from the modest mounds – the latter details, of course, were left out of the official report despite the words flashing in each scientist’s mind. The lines of her body were subtle and feminine, jaw dropping in their perfection. A routine appointment one month almost took a turn towards disaster when, as she disrobed, the researcher observing let out an involuntary groan. He was relegated to filing reports and secretarial scut work for weeks.

Her parents handled their daughter’s strange development exceptionally well. More than anything, they were happy to hear that she was healthy in every way, if not more so than the average girl her age. They had been trying to have a c***d for years, and after a landfill of used pregnancy tests and several painful miscarriages the angel that they had hoped and wished for had arrived. It didn’t matter what she looked like or how she would grow. She was healthy, she was happy and she was theirs. They didn’t even opt for circumcision, laughing about the question later in life, admitting they were worried any kind of surgery, even cosmetic, might break whatever spell blessed them with a c***d.


Now eighteen, Kara sat in class, staring intently at the overhead projector, desperately attempting to keep her erection at bay. As the years had progressed, she continued to develop. Completely hard she had measured herself at fifteen and a half inches and so thick her fingertips were just barely separated when she wrapped her hand around the base. Even though she stood at an impressive and statuesque five feet, ten inches, the monstrous cock looked obscene as it rose from her otherwise slim, athletic frame.

It was that enormous reason that made definitions difficult for Kara. She couldn’t imagine herself as a lesbian. To her, lesbians were women who loved women. She was something else, something separate. A third gender, maybe. It didn’t take her more than a minute on the internet to find a word for it – Futanari. Of course, she wasn’t one for using a foreign language to cover up the truth. She was a dickgirl. Was it lesbianism if a dickgirl liked normal girls? Would it be gay if she liked boys? Years ago she’d come up with “femsexual.” It wasn’t perfect, but it was all she could think of.

Tomboy was another word that haunted her. She wore baggy shorts and jeans to cover her secret and led an active life, involved in soccer and cross country. Her body was lean and toned without sacrificing the grace and elegance of the fairer sex. Still, she giggled and adopted a shy, reserved attitude at school, if only to keep the rumors of “dyke” at bay, long golden tresses done up in a playful ponytail or down, licking casually at her shoulders.

Thankfully, all of her focus on unsexy thoughts, deep breaths and visualizations exercises that’d make Tony Robbins proud had kept other things at bay and as the bell rang for lunch she stood with a relieved confidence and gathered her things. As she did, she noted Callie Mitchell doing the same. Callie, you temptress she mused to herself. Every school has a masturbatory fantasy shared by the entire male student body and some of the women. Rosemont High has Callie Mitchell.

Kara’s eyes pored over the flame haired beauty as she bent over to shovel her binder and books back into her backpack. The halter top did little to cover what modest she might have had at some point in her life. A size too small, the yellow material stretched sinfully tight across her enormous breasts, a feast for the eyes her body defied possibility in nearly as many ways as Kara’s.

Callie was five feet, seven inches of pure sexuality. It radiated off her in blistering waves. Her breasts heaved and strained at what had to be an E cup bra at very least (when she wore one at least) and sat high on her chest, defying gravity and prominently displaying thick, perfectly formed nipples. The vast region of her chest tapered to a beautiful, picturesque waist, as if bound by an invisible corset before flaring at her hips, the round, taut bubble of her ass. She turned the tables on jeans - every pair looked spectacular clutching the perfect, fleshy orbs at the end of her long, shapely legs.

Definitions were no problem when it came to Callie. She was hot. Smoking. Droolworthy. Out of anyone’s league. And yet she stooped to the most tired of high school clichés and dated Gavin Thomas, quarterback extraordinaire, a boy whose rugged good looks were matched only by his rugged lack of intelligence. A boy who just happened to catch Kara staring at his girlfriend as he walked into the room.

“What’s the matter, McAlister? Never seen tits before? Oh right, you haven’t!” He laughed, no, guffawed and wrapped an arm around Callie, lips curled in a mocking grin as he grabbed a handful of the monstrous mounds. “See, this is what women have. Nice mosquito bites.” He amused himself yet again, laughing stupidly. If it was possible to have a nemesis outside of the comic books, Gavin was Kara’s.

Both stars of their respective sports, a kind of natural competition seemed to bleed through to everyday life, despite the fact that Kara never participated in it. Gavin took every possible chance to poke and prod and sneer. He was the reason girls developed eating disorders, and he was the hottest piece of ass on campus if you believed any of the ladies room chatter.

“Gavvy, go ahead, I gotta take care of some stuff, ok? Meetcha at Pita the Great, kay?” Gavvy. Kara hated pet names. Callie gave the grinning lunk a peck on the cheek and he lumbered off, followed soon after by Kara. She sighed heavily, twirling her key ring around a finger absently as she strode towards the parking lot. Lunch was always her favorite part of the day, assuming she could make it that long. She understood why boys acted out as much as they did; it wasn’t easy dealing with a head filled with sexual desire like a leaky boat. No matter how many gallons she emptied, it always filled again soon enough.

I am the lecher bitch and I wear the X of castigation… The Genitorturers blared through the speakers of her ratty 1992 Mazda 929 as she took the usual route. It wasn’t really necessary to drive to get where she wanted to go, but it threw everyone off her tracks. Lunchtime wasn’t her favorite because of the food or the lively conversation at the local pita joint. Lunchtime was release. She couldn’t imagine how many gallons of cum had soaked into the dirt behind the backstop of the old, long forgotten baseball field. A new one had been built years ago, leaving her destination to become an overgrown, secret garden of carnal delight.

She stepped out of her car, barely a mile from the parking lot, face beaming. All thoughts of Gavin and Callie and Mrs. Denning faded instantly as she walked the familiar route to the small clearing she had stumbled on after her first week of school. It had been a godsend, giving her ample privacy and yet freedom. There was only a sliver of visibility to a nearby cul de sac. Kara noted a deep blue Volkswagen beetle parked there, oddly familiar, though it was difficult to tell as her need for release grew, and with it her cock.

A happy, soft squeal escape her lips as she unzipped her shorts and let them pool around her ankles, her thick staff quickly throbbing and rising, standing at a sixty degree angle from her body as the foreskin slowly retracted. It didn’t take long for her to reach full mast, an iron rod pulsing gently between her legs as a warm breeze danced and kissed at the long concealed flesh. As her slender fingers wrapped around the bloated b**st, she needed no more encouragement, no fantasy. The feeling of being so exposed drove her wild, a weight lifted off her shoulders.

Precum beaded at the tip, the previous period’s excitement having already stirred and primed her bestial desires. She cooed as she gathered the thick, gooey gob with a hand, slathering it along her length, the wet sounds sending delighted quivers down her spine. Slowly she picked up her pace, wanting to savor the feeling and yet seeking the inevitable climax with increasing desperation. One hand stroked with well practiced pressure, fingers gliding swiftly over the well lubricated skin, scanning back and forth along the pronounced veins, squeezing gently as it reached the thick, angry purple head of her cock. The other hand slid lower, briefly fondling and teasing her heavy balls before ducking below to trace along the tender, soaking folds of her pussy, fingers choosing to tease and avoid her swollen clit rather than indulge its urgent beckoning.

“Nngahhh!” It was a whimper more than a moan. A silly smile cracked her face as she worked, pleasure creeping along her veins. She bit her lower lips gently as she worked, both hands increasing their pace, hips swaying and bucking slightly as she worked. She could feel it mounting in her stomach, glowing softly, fading and reappearing, a gentle, tantalizing, intangible f***e like a thousand dim lights coalescing and becoming a bright, furious sun, collapsing further, threatening to explode, to wrack her body with joyful spasms and splatter the ground with gallons of her rich seed.

Gasp, cachink

It took a moment for the sounds to register in her mind, hidden amidst the lusty fog as it was. She blinked and froze, eyes scanning the horizon briefly before her heart stopped. Suddenly the beetle’s familiarity was so simple, so crystalline in its clarity that she couldn’t believe she didn’t remember sooner.

Callie stood, eyes wide hands locked in shock, breath caught in her throat as her keys fell to the ground at what she saw. The two girls stared at each other for short moments that expanded to eternity until snapping back like a rubber band. Callie scrambled for her keys, leaping into her car and speeding away before Kara could call out and gather her pants.

As she zipped her pants back up, cock drooping in despair, ignoring the painful throb of an orgasm denied, Kara sank to the ground with a miserable stone in the pit of her stomach. She groaned painfully, mind racing. Her secret would spread through the school like wildfire and life as she knew it would be over. As she sat crumpled on the ground resting against the rotting wood of the forgotten backstop, she shook in silent sobs.

This time, definitions were no problem. Despair.

◊ Chapter 2

She couldn’t believe it. Eighteen years without so much as a curious glance and she’d thrown it all away just to get off. In some small corner of her mind she chuckled grimly, suddenly understanding why it seemed like every celebrity cheated on his or her spouse. Still, she sat, slumped against the backstop as she was, all through lunch and through the next period. She might have spent the rest of the day on into the night in that exact position had her phone not chimed in her pocket.

The cheerful “ding” sound taken from the game Everquest heralded a reminder, an appointment with the lab today. Perfect she thought just what I need right now. She wiped her eyes, snuffling and taking a few deep, shuddering breaths. A sweet, delicate breeze played with her hair, the thin strands dancing in the sunlit afternoon. She’d always enjoyed the beauty of the area despite her reasons for visiting. Now, however, the trees, the brush, the gentle sway rocking the verdant world around her all seemed so dead, so lifeless. The knot in her throat continued to choke her as she plodded to her car, staring at the wheel for several long, silent minutes before turning the key.

The pounding beat of “Cum Junkie” followed the aging roar of the engine. Any other day she might have laughed out loud. Instead, an angry finger bolted to the stereo, punching it off with a disgusted sigh. The drive continued on in silence. Even the sound of the road faded beyond the veil of a great white noise, a static that threatened to envelope the worrying dickgirl. Eventually the soft blue glow of the Omega Labs sign crept along her windshield.

“Hello Kara! So good to see you again, heckuva day huh?” Joanne, the receptionist was her usual, exceedingly cheery self. Kara grunted, or mumbled, or both and continued on to the back, footsteps echoing loudly along the long white corridor. Examination room B crept up on her sooner than she expected and she almost passed the open door, managing a weak smile and a slight wave as she entered to the sight of Doctors M and O standing beside a soft, albeit sterile looking chair.

Doctors M and O were mysteries to Kara. They’d introduced themselves as such so long ago that she’d just accepted the short names. For awhile she even imagined they weren’t short for anything. Maybe they were just Emme and Oh. M was a bright, motherly woman with long red hair done up in tight curls, more often than not kept wrapped in a messy bun. Today’s chopsticks were green, but she had an assortment. Kara couldn’t understand the appeal of the chopsticked bun look, but scientists were never paragons of fashion.

Doctor O was a short, lean, kindly older Asian man who always smelled just a bit too heavily of cologne. It was always a different scent, but the concentration remained the same. Idiosyncrasies aside, they both provided a modicum of comfort to the girl as she closed the distance. This was safe, this was familiar.

“Hello Kara” Dr. M offered in her smooth, warm tone “You know the routine, sweety.” And she did. Without a word, she continued on to the back of the examination room, shedding her clothing and placing it in a plastic bin. She sighed softly as she stepped into the small shower stall, the spigot springing to life, warm water cascading over her athletic frame in a steady, luxuriant stream. The staff always suggested she take a shower to prevent any contaminated data, but she had her suspicions that there was a camera hidden somewhere.

There was no cheeky rubbing or touching this time, strictly a clinical shower. She stepped out and toweled off, dropping that too in the plastic bin and padding softly toward the two doctors, her thick, heavy meat swaying with her hips.

“New chair?”

“Yes, take a seat, please”

“Alright, but if this is some kinda torture thing, I’m out.” She giggled softly. She did her best not to let her concern show as she took a seat, looking expectantly up at the two labcoats grinning back at her.

“It’s been a year since the last sample, Kara, you know what that means.” Dr. O seemed nervous as he spoke.

“Wow a year already? Alright…where’s the bed though? I mean, isn’t that usually where I….?” She pantomimed jerking off, eyebrows raised. Her cock had already responded to the suggestion, the earlier frustration easing the process as it fattened and stretched, throbbing with every heartbeat, foreskin slowly beginning to retract with each growing inch.

“There have been some -ahem- concerns, Kara. Certain members of the research team were found with some, erm, footage of several years’ collections on his personal computer. We think it’d be best if things were done a little more professionally.” It was M’s turn to speak this time and a light blush rose in her cheeks as she did.

“Oh. Kay, so, what now then?” Without a word, the doctors looked at each other and shuffled behind the chair. Kara looked ahead to the two way mirror, grinning gently and waggling her fingers. She couldn’t understand why they continued to hide when she knew they were back there. Regardless, she watched as doctors M and O wheeled a small machine up from a corner of the room. Still silent, they went about fastening two arms of the odd looking machine to the chair, flanking the confused dickgirl as she continued to throb and grow.

Finally, Dr. O returned to the front, holding a pink gel tube in one hand and an unmarked squeeze bottle in the other. Kara almost burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

“A pocket pussy? Seen 'em, never really used one before though.”

“A simulated vaginal sleeve, yes”

“A pocket pussy.”

“Fine, a pocket pussy. Come on I feel a little ridiculous as is, work with me here.” Kara though she could see his lips curling slightly, as if he was holding back laughter too as he focused on the sleeve in his hands as his other hand deftly flicked open the unmarked bottle and tipped it over, pouring a thick gob of what was obviously lube into the pink passage. As he leaned over to fasten the two odd arms attached to the chair to the tube, Kara spoke up again.

“This is nice and all, and I know my buddy here is all ready to go, but this is kinda weird. I dunno if I’m gonna be able to get off. Yknow, this is really unsexy.” Dr. M put a hand on her shoulder as she helped Dr. O finish up, letting her hand linger and grab Kara’s aching member, guiding it to the edge of the tube. Dr. O disappeared briefly and returned with a long plastic cylinder with a flexible tube attached. It fit snugly around the opposite end of the sleeve.

“Don’t worry.” Was all she said before slipping a soft black strap around one of Kara’s arms, fastening it gently and keeping the dickgirl firmly fixed to the chair’s arm, her associate mimicking the act on the other side. “Just relax, sweety."

“Hey! Come on now thi-ANGH!” her protest was cut off as a switch was flicked, the machine humming to life, the arms plunging suddenly, f***efully, enveloping Kara’s prodigious member in the soft, silken, ribbed toy. All thoughts emptied from her mind as she sat stunned for a moment, mouth agape, eyes threatening to roll back in her head. Both doctors cleared their throats and tried to act professional as the dickgirl began to squeal and buck, thrusting back against the sleeve as it strove to milk her.

The cylinder on the other end provided a gentle pressure that made all the difference as it stroked and squeezed Kara’s pulsing cock, the pillar of flesh bombarding her senses with pleasures the likes of which she’d only imagined up until this point. It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar building, the pinpricks of sensation congregating at the base of her massive prick. Her chest heaved as she moaned and writhed in her the chair, straining against the black straps, understanding their importance.

All at once it began. The dam burst and white and red light streaked her vision as every muscle in her body tensed, breath catching in her throat. Her cock swelled larger, the collection cylinder creaking briefly as the first salvo fired from the fat, quivering tip of her gigantic endowment. A low bestial growl started in Kara’s chest as the cum poured from her cock in one long, continuous stream, coursing through the flexible tube and filling a nearby container almost halfway, much to the amazement of all witnesses.

The growl rose higher and louder as the stream stopped for a moment and then peaked, a shrill, mind shattering howl as the full f***e of her orgasm hit her. She thrashed and struggled against the chair as her hips bucked, cock twitching powerfully rope after rope of thick, creamy spunk fired from the impossible organ. Viscous gouts of the stuff exploded into the container, threatening to fill it completely and still she continued.

It was mind blowing, the feeling of the sleeve gripping her cock, a thousand slick hands massaging and teasing the sensitive flesh. Her vision ebbed and flowed with each extreme pulse, sensations beyond understanding arcing through her veins like lightning.

Both observing scientists stood on silently, watching as the dickgirl continued to moan and shriek, toned body spasming in the chair. Neither noticed that the three gallon container was no match for the volume of this orgasm, the cum backing up in the tube, filling the pink sleeve and squirting out onto Kara’s balls, thighs, the chair and the floor as three more titanic ropes of cum exploded from the shaking girl.

Two final, smaller bursts splattered out of the apparatus, coating Kara’s lower body in the pungent, rich goo. She collapsed back against the chair, panting and wheezing softly. Gobs of her cum dripped from the chair, lewd splat noises marking their connection with the floor. Dr. M regained the presence of mind to switch off the machine as Kara continued to gasp for breath, cock still hard as steel and throbbing visibly in the over full device.

Kara chuckled weakly despite herself.

“Sh..shit.” Was all she could muster, a goofy grin spreading across her face. The Callie situation could wait. She was basking in the afterglow of what must have been the world’s most powerful orgasm

◊ Chapter 3

The rest of the session continued without incident. Measurements were taken and it was discovered that she’d grown yet again and a full inch at that. Kara considered asking how long puberty usually lasts, wondering if she could get a read on whether or not her already impressive cock would get any larger but thought better of it when she realized the reason she was being test was because of her unique situation. A chill ran down her spine when she imagined a cock that refused to stop growing.

Dr. O finished most of the tests; Dr. M retreated behind a door after her cell phone rang and returned with an odd look on her face. Again, Kara decided not to ask what was wrong. She imagined watching a horse hung dickgirl filling a several gallon container of cum would put anyone ill at ease. After the tests had been run, questions asked, bl**d and urine samples taken and her clothes had been returned to her, Kara gathered her thoughts and headed for the door, only to be stopped by Dr. M’s gentle touch.

“Kara, honey.”

“Yeah? What’s up?”

“Uhm. I’m not sure how to ask, but could you…come by my house this evening around eight? Here’s my address. It’s nothing bad, I just think it’d do us both a lot of good.”

Kara turned the piece of paper she was handed over a few times, quirking a brow. She’d jerked off to too many smutty cartoons and read too many filthy stories to fall for this trick. Then again, Dr. M wasn’t that bad looking. Heck, maybe she’s got a killer bod under that coat she mused.

“Sure, I guess. Do I need to bring anything?”

“Just a smile, dear.” And with that, the motherly woman disappeared behind the staff entrance and was gone.

Kara drove home in silence, sat in her room before dinner in silence, and sat down at the table in silence. Despite the seemingly inviting offer – who wouldn’t want to lose her virginity to a cougar, after all? – the situation with Callie once again gathered storm clouds over her thoughts. It was Chipotle Pesto Pasta nice and though the sauce should have brought tears to her eyes, she chewed without flavor.

“Honey is anything wrong?”


“Kara? Sweety are you ok?”

“…oh! Oh, sorry mom. Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine! I was just thinking.”

“What about?”

“Nothing, really. Just some stuff.”

Her mother knew better than to press the issue. Equipped as she was, she was still a teenage girl and if she wasn’t going to talk about her day, there was nothing that could be done about it. The meal continued rather quietly. Respective days were discussed, a few inside jokes about f****y friends shared, and by the time 7:45 flashed on Kara’s phone, she’d almost forgotten about the knot in her throat. All the same, she was never one to be late, and after the way the pocket pussy had felt earlier that day, she could hardly restrain the excitement at the opportunity to feel the real thing.

Till I collapse by Eminem thumped through her car speakers – part of her pre-race mix for cross country. She had her iPod on shuffle, but was thankful for the song choice. Too many times she’d felt like puking before a big race but her usual mix of inspirational jams kept her centered. She could have laughed about the ridiculousness of listening to a “pump up” song right before something like this. She could have, at least, if there was room enough inside her for air in between the butterflies.

She triple checked the address on the slip of paper in the dim light of her car. She knew it was the right place, but she couldn’t seem to get out and walk up to the door. A fourth time she checked before tossing the paper aside and opening her car door. Once her feet touched asphalt, she took a deep breath, smoothed her baby tee, and checked her knee-length skirt for any wrinkles or overly noticeable bulges.

What seemed like a marathon of shaky steps later, her finger pressed the doorbell, and soon thereafter heard swift footsteps on hardwood. Too late, I can’t run away now she thought as the door swung open and she was greeted by Dr. M, hair still done up in a tight bun. She was wearing a playful sea foam green sun dress and white sandals. Kara had been right.

Dr. M’s body was spectacular - Strong and slender yet womanly and full, curves placed in all the right places in generous proportions. She was gorgeous, classy, playful and mature all at once. Her spotless white flats finished off the ensemble. Out of her lab coat she looked like a woman half her age. Beyond that, she looked startlingly familiar.

“Oh good, you showed up! Come on in. Take a seat in the living room; I’ll be right with you. Are you thirsty? Would you like something to drink?”

Kara’s mouth had never been drier, yet all she could do was stare wide eyed and shake her head from side to side, trapped in a paralytic stupor. She slipped past her hostess and made her way to a cozy and expensively furnished living room, finding a comfortable seat in a spacious leather recliner. Again she heard footsteps on hardwood and her stomach leapt into her throat. This was it. This was happening. She was too nervous to be excited and her cock still lay flaccid and heavy against a thigh. For a moment she wondered how she was going to explain impotence. The next moment, she was wondering what on god’s green earth was going on.

A stunning redhead flounced into the room, but instead of a vivacious cougar, Kara found herself staring like a deer in headlights at Callie Mitchell. OF COURSE! Her mind screamed Dr. M! Dr. Mitchell! You stupid idiot! Abort! Look for a knife, slit your wrists, puke on her shoes, ANYTHING just get out!

“CALLIE!” Her voice cracked more than she would have liked, but the bl**d was coursing through her ears so loudly she could hardly hear it anyway.

“Hi” Was the soft response. The two shared a pregnant silence, staring at each other in sheer awkward stupidity. What seemed like eons passed before Kara could must the gumption to speak again, a majority of her bl**d rushing to her head. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the head she’d been expecting a few minutes ago.

“You….I can explain!”

“Uhm, my mom sort of already did.” Another short silence followed. What does one say when the elephant in the room is an additional set of genitalia seen during masturbation?

“So….? Is…I mean, are we…cool?” Kara felt like an idiot asking the question, but she was too thunderstruck to come up with anything better.

“Well…I guess. It’s ok. I’m not going to tell anyone, my mom would kill me if I ruined her great big research project or whatever. But…what’s it like?”

Relief washed over Kara in a cold wave, dousing the fires that were staring at the tops of her ears and allowing the bl**d to resume its normal course through other parts of her body. She understood the gravity with which the team at Omega Labs spoke of her case, and to hear it reference had a calming effect on the dickgirl. The lab was safe and familiar, something she could always rely on. She realized how long she’d been sitting there without a word and shook her head.

“Sorry, uhm, what’s it like?”

“Yeah, you know….having a…yknow.”

“Oh…I dunno. It’s alright, I guess. I mean, I like it, I’m not ashamed of it or anything, but it’s a bit of a hassle I guess.” She couldn’t believe how openly she was discussing the monster sl**ping against her thigh. Maybe adrenalin had some kind of “truth serum” effect. She made a mental note to ask the doctors next time.

“Can I see it?”


“Can I see it? I mean, I did already, I guess, but I was really far away, and you did look huge and…come on, I never thought I’d have to explain why anyone should she me their cock!” Kara laughed at her sudden eagerness. They were both teenagers after all. The ridiculousness and exuberant horniness of it all was very calming. It made her feel normal again.

“Callie, come on. What’s going to happen here? Am I supposed to show you my dick, then you ask to touch it, then you suck it, yadda yadda yadda? Look, I’m happy you’re gonna keep it a secret, but I’m not feeling a hundred percent on this, ok?”

“Oh come on! You weren’t so shy earlier!” Kara blushed crimson at her words.

“That’s it, I’m outta here”

“Kara! Kara! Come on!”

Callie’s pleas fell on deaf ears as the dickgirl bolted from the leather chair and stormed out the door, jogging to her car and speeding away. Fuck, what’s next. Big titted cop pulls me over, demands to frisk me?

She drove in circles around town for thirty minutes before heading home. There were still mountains of issues to sort through, not to mention homework. She cursed herself under her breath as she flopped down on her bed. After everything that happened, she forgot to give her friend Lynn a call. She rolled over and stared at her ceiling until sl**p overtook her. That night she dreamt she was flying through an alternate dimension on a giant blue triangle. She was naked and, for whatever reason, holding a large orange rake. When she woke up the next morning, still in her clothes, still in same spot she’d fallen asl**p; she took comfort in knowing that at least everything hadn’t changed. Her dreams were still stupid.

◊ Chapter 4

The warm, soothing water of the shower washed away, amongst other things, the worry and fear that had taken up residence since yesterday afternoon. Soon after she woke, she made an "executive decision" as she referred to it and told her mom she was going to take a sick day from school.

It was unusual for her. She had always excelled in her studies, in sports, in social activities. Shying away from her responsibilities just wasn't in her nature. So her worried suggestion didn't require much, if any coercion. If she said she needed to take a day off, her mother had no reason to deny her. She understood completely. Any teenage girl has a rough day now and then; she couldn't imagine the added rigors of her daughter's unique situation.

And so Kara stood in the pleasant shower, water cascading over her toned, athletic frame, letting the strong current pelt her tanned skin as she let a long, drawn out sigh of release escape her lips. For a few short minutes, her cares and troubles evaporating, clinging to the walls and mirrors with the steam - still present, but easy to ignore, to look past. Her slender fingers caressed her body slowly, a delicate smile curling her lips as she admired herself. She knew there were women who would kill for her body, and she appreciated it all the more for it. To be ashamed of such a blessing would be insulting.


She liked the subtle definition of her muscles, the healthiness of her thin form. She looked exactly how she wanted - strong and womanly. Her walls were littered with posters of pole vaulters and distance runners, gymnasts and ballerinas. She admired the delicate power they embodied, the way the lines of their bodies were soft yet unmistakably defined. She often joked to herself that this kind of thing was her cock's doing. It was the cock that gave her such an interest in strength and athleticism.

There was a kernel of truth to this joke. However, it wasn't a misguided masculine drive. No, it was the sexual desire. The posters lining her walls were inspirational, of course, but the thoughts they inspired often trended towards the perverse. One in particular had spilled more buckets of cum than all others combined. It was only a glamor shot. The woman in question wasn't an actual athlete, but she was posing in a gym, workout pants pulled down low enough to just barely reveal a thin wisp of pubic hair, the vast expanse of her toned and rippling abs glistened with sweat. Her breasts were large and soft, mashed against her chest by a sculpted arm crossed over them as her gaze smoldered towards the camera. She was trim and chiseled, yet impossibly soft looking.

She couldn't count how many nights she spent stroking her massive cock, or wrapping her lips around the bloated head, desperately trying to drink as much of her generous load as possible. Night after night the poster left her gasping for breath, bathed in sweat and cum, giant cock wilting and laying heavily against her stomach and chest. She would tingle and tremble from head to toe, completely spent and satisfied.

She'd often read about fictional dickgirls whose orgasms were split between organs and thanked her lucky stars that hers weren't. It wasn't the time she saved or the toys she didn't need, it was the intensity of her climax that made her so thankful. Both orgasms shrieked through her body and collided in one supernova of pleasure, an unstoppable eruption that seized her muscled, arched her back wildly, lifted her hips off of the bed and f***ed her breath to catch in her throat.

She understood why boys loved to jack off. It was easy. What took minutes with her cock might take two to three times as long with her pussy. Still, she enjoyed the occasional evening spent caressing and teasing her wet lips, circling the swollen clit. She tended to ignore her cock during these sessions, letting the massive rod jerk and slap against her stomach and chest, thick gobs of precum splattering against her skin.


Kara chuckled softly as she washed her hair. Just thinking about her nightly activities has excited her, the thick slab between her legs slowly growing, thickening, the foreskin peeling back slowly as the monster extended further down her smooth legs. This was her favorite feeling. She loved the massive weight and length of her cock before it got completely hard, when it had almost every inch of its length and thickness, but remained mostly soft, hanging down around her knees and swaying back and for the with every movement.

She focused on the remainder of her soapy duties, stepping out of the shower afterwards with a content grin, wrapping herself in her favorite pink bathrobe, deciding with a wicked grin to leave it open as she walked back to her room, enjoying the rhythmic slap of her cock against her thighs as she did. She posed in front of her full length mirror, patting the vague outline of six pack abs, chewing her lower lip lightly as her eyes traveled lower, poring over the throbbing, half hard prick. Her hand slid lower and lower, fingers playfully licking around the massive base as Ba-da-da-daaaadadadummmm

Everquest again. The theme this time, which meant it was Lynn. She grabbed her phone and flopped down on her bed, giggling quietly as her tumescent pole swung back and thudded soundly against her chest.


The online sensation of years long past held a special place in Kara’s heart. It was a gift on her thirteenth birthday from one of the techs at the lab. Despite her positive body image, her enormous secret made her somewhat wary of real friendships. She understood and accepted herself, but she couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the same - without wanting to study her or use her for her endowment, of course.

So, on a lark, she installed the program (after spending more than a little time ogling the chesty high elf on the front cover, marveling at the raised bumps that marked her own generous endowments) and thus Kari the half elf bard was born into the virtual world. Dungeons were delved, enemies slain from rats on up to dragons.

Lynna the barbarian warrior became a regular part of her adventuring party. Good, reliable players were difficult to come by and Kara liked to keep in touch with the ones she found. With Lynna, she kept in extra close contact, sometimes chatting for hours on end about nothing in particular while their avatars hacked and slashed their ways to glory. When Kara found out that Lynna’s player lived two blocks away, she felt a rush of excitement and shame all at once.

A friend was so close all along and neither went outside often enough to run into each other. Regardless, a day or two after learning the juicy tidbit, she’d knocked on Lynna’s door, only to be greeted by Lynn herself.

Lynn was a far cry from her freckled warrior. She was shorter than Kara, maybe five foot four. Her hair was a short cropped brown tangle. Straightened out it might fall somewhere around her earlobes but was in a state of perennial bed head. She was…soft was perhaps the best word for it. Still, she wore the weight well. She was pudgy in a cute way, her thick black rimmed glasses sitting atop slightly rounded cheeks. Underneath her baggy hoodies and sweatpants hid a curvy, generous body. Her breasts were large and round even for her age and her stomach, like her thighs, carried enough weight to be cute and soft without seeming fat.

She was as shy as Kara and their first afternoon talking in real life was littered with sputters and stammers. Over time, the two relaxed and opened up and now, five years later, they were as close as could be. She was still the same slightly pudgy girl, no sporting a Double D chest at least, wearing the same baggy hoodies. True to her meticulously cultivated “meganerd” image (her word) she was a bit of a shut in. She was also prone to sickness. If there was a virus going around, she had it. And so, on another of her real sick days, she called Kara on her self-imposed one.


“You slut!”

“Fuck off, Linz, I forgot ok? Yesterday was brutal. How’re you holding up?”

“Could use an antidote”



Kara giggled. It was relaxing to talk to her friend, it kept her grounded and made her feel like a normal girl again despite the half hard evidence to the contrary currently resting against her stomach. It was that reason that made her swallow hard before she spoke.

“Hey, Linz, listen. Something’s up and I’ve gotta tell you something.”

“Oh god, this is it. You’re a dyke, right? No wait, worse, you’ve got a cock, you’re a guy. I knew it! I knew girls didn’t play video games!”

“Damnit this is serious!” She laughed in spite of herself. It was all a joke, but still her friend’s words terrified her. She still hadn’t let her one and only real friend into the biggest, thickest, longest part of her life and the mock accusations weren’t making it any easier. Still, with everything that had happened yesterday, she needed to talk to someone.

“K, what’s up?”

“Listen, I’m coming over.” She hung up without waiting for an answer of any kind, letting out a worried breath. She started to dress and tried her best to ignore the pound of her heart in her chest, like funeral bells tolling for the anxious dickgirl.
◊ Chapter 5

When Kara was younger, she almost drowned in a nearby creek. It was during the big “El Nino” weather phenomenon in the 90’s and the otherwise humble trickle had been turned into a raging torrent. Her mom gave into her c***dish begging to go look at the rapids the rain had deposited in the quiet suburban neighborhood and the two walked hand in hand, marveling at the beauty of a rain swept landscape.

Of course, she wasn’t about to look at something so amazing without proof to show off should anyone ask her what she did over the weekend. A little more begging and a miniature tantrum later, She was standing – back to the flood – grinning from ear to ear as her mom readied the camera.

Before the flash could go off, a nearby tree gave in to the furious erosion and plummeted into the crashing water. The subsequent wave washed over Kara and swept her into the deadly stream, squealing and shrieking. Her mother took off in a dead sprint, dropping her camera and umbrella, bounding over rocks and fallen branches, eyes locked onto the flailing yellow dot that only moments ago had been giggling excitedly. Her feet moved of their own accord, vaulting obstacles as she trailed the raging monster.

“Kara! Kara grab onto something!” Kara could barely hear it over her own cries and the cacophony of water dragging her further away from the bright red splotch of her mother’s frenzied pursuit. She could do little more than flail and grasp, small arms and hands no match for the might of the swollen creek. Fear gripped her, icy and cold as the red smudge dwindled and dwindled. She coughed and sputtered as muddy water f***ed its way into her wailing mouth. Then, darkness.

Her mother was weeping and clutching her tight when she came to, a handful of strangers looking on with hands covering their mouths. An elderly couple shared a happy embrace. Later, she was told how she’d struck a rock along the side of the creek. In addition to knocking her out and opening a grisly wound in the back of her head, the jagged outcropping kept her pinned by the water, giving her mother time enough to catch up and drag her limp body onto solid ground. She heard she coughed up nearly a gallon of water, but she understood how these stories tend to grow.


Now, as she walked to Lynn’s house, she was back in that river, bobbing and flailing. The same cold fear sat in her stomach, reaching a vicious hand up to strangle and choke her. The incident at the baseball field paled in comparison to the prospect of losing the only true friend she felt she had. The thought alone jackknifed her insides and threatened to empty her breakfast all over the sidewalk.

She thought about the school sponsored seminars and assemblies she’d sat through, about the way she was supposed to love her body and not care about what anyone else thought. The first part was easy enough, there was little about her body not to love. What the fuck would Barry the Self Esteem Badger have to say about something like this?

The massive white door loomed over her for several minutes as she mustered the courage to ring the doorbell. Before the cheery tone could fade, the door swung open

“Took you long enough! Jesus, something interesting on the door?”

“You knew I was here?”

“Yep. Saw you walk up, watched ya through the peep hole” Lynn tapped said hole with an impish grin on her soft face.

“You bitch!”

“Ha! Come on” She stepped aside, inviting Kara inside as she coughed wetly “Ugh, ‘kay maybe laughing’s a bad idea.”

“You watched me standing there the entire time?”


“Why?” A light rose filled Kara’s cheeks. Lynn shrugged.

“Iunno. Seemed funny at the time. Come on, I’ve got a sweet neti pot upstairs and if you’re lucky maybe I’ll share.”

With that, the wheezing, hacking girl trudged upstairs, attempting to laugh between revolting coughs. It wasn’t exactly the dramatic entrance Kara expected, but it felt good to know her friend was at least in a good mood. In fact, the absurdity of the moment had distracted her and lifted a small fraction of the dread that rested on her shoulders like a loathsome mink.

When she got to Lynn’s room, the girl waved her in, head tipped back as she sat on her bed, aforementioned neti pot draining into her nose. Kara sat down on her usual spot atop Lynn’s desk out of habit, watching the slightly unsettling display with raised eyebrows. After the nasal carnage had subsided, Lynn blew her nose one more time, finally flopping down onto her bed with a congested groan.

“Alright, K, what’s up?”


“Well you’re here, come on, spill it.”

Watching the odd sinus cleansing ritual, Kara had almost forgotten why she’d come over altogether. Another, deeper blush tinged her cheeks as it all came flooding back. Ok, ok, like a bandaid. Real quick. Just say it. Say it! Her brain talked a big game, but when push came to shove, it didn’t step up to the plate.

“I-heh, uhhh I have..” She cleared her throat. “The thing is, I have this this this this this thing and it’s not a big deal…Well, it IS a big deal, but it’s not, it’s just weird. I guess. I mean, It’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with it. Or me. Well, it’s about me. See…well, like, you’re sick, and that’s your thing, you’re always sick, right? Well, my thing is-“ She shut her mouth and stared at the ground. Smooth. She thought.

“Jeeesus! K if you’re *cough cough* If you’re gonna ask me out onna date, just do it already” She chuckled.

“I have a penis.” Kara spat out, still staring at the ground. Tears started to burn her eyes, swiftly falling and dotting her baggy shorts.

“What? A cock? A fucking cock? You’re a guy? A fucking guy? What the fuck!? What the FUCK!? *cough *cough* this is some fucked up shit, K, this is some serious bullshit!”

“I know! I kn-“ She was practically sobbing when she looked up at her friend. She choked as she noticed the wide, goofy grin cracking Lynn’s rounded cheeks. There were no words. Her mouth moved, her eyes bulged but she couldn’t understand what she was seeing.

“Oh, what, the big secret comes out huh? Booga booga booga!” Lynn chuckled, coughing yet again as she slid to the edge of her bed, shrugging and holding her palms upturned. “Come on. Best friend doesn’t notice a huge cock? What is this, anime?”

Kara still sat thunderstruck. She couldn’t decide what to deal with first. How long had she known? Why didn’t she say anything? What happens now? She finally sputtered and flailed and stumbled over what might have been a question of some kind. What followed was an extensive question and answer session.

Kara talked about the lab, and her “condition” and what it was like to grow up different and Lynn looked on with c***dish glee, asking as many questions as possible. She was extraordinarily understanding, accepting everything she was told with either a nod or an interested “huh.” Her usual inappropriate humor stayed in check, choosing instead to listen intently, excepting the occasional sneeze or coughing fit. The two talked for almost two hours and, when all was said and done, Lynn knew about as much about her friend as she could, leaving nothing but a pregnant silence as the last question was asked.


“yeah. So. There I am, I guess.”

“Yep. Yep yep. Can I see it?”

“What? Fuck off!”

“Come on, K! We just talked about it forever I gotta see it! Hey, look, ok, I’ll sit on my hands.” She did so, eyebrows raised “Besides, I’m sick, you can’t get near me anyway, come ON! This is what friends do. They listen to stories, they keep secrets and they look at each others’ cocks. It’s in the rulebook.”

Kara sighed and nodded briefly, a small grin spreading across her lips. As much as she hated to admit her curvy friend had a point, she did. What should have been a terrible conversation had ended up being almost decent, and it wasn’t entirely like she had anything to hide any more. She knew that friends didn’t just flash body parts to other friend, but she also knew that friends don’t normally have giant cocks above their vaginas either. She slid off the desk and start to unbutton and unzip her pants. She tugged the loose garment slightly and let it fall to the ground, shimmying and sliding down the boxer briefs that were a necessity to avoid the telltale slap of thick dickmeat against a thigh amongst her daily routine.

And then she was bottomless, standing in front of her best friend, massive cock dangling obscene from her toned frame, equally oversized balls thankful to be free of their cotton prison, albeit in an odd and vaguely unsettling setting.

“Fuckin hell. I mean, I knew it was big, but fuuuuck me.”

“Sixteen inches.”

“Faww….well I gotta see that.”

“What? No, you had your show!”

“Bullshit I did! Look, watch some porn on my computer, I won’t even say anything. See? Still sitting on my hands. Come on, I’ll go the resta my life without seeing a cock that big, don’t you ruin this for me. I’m sick. Sick people get their way.”

This time, Kara didn’t want to admit that the idea of having an erection in front of someone who didn’t think about dissecting her would be a thrill. Additionally, for the second time in as many days she had been interrupted in her masturbatory duties and, since the tension had lifted, undeniably horny. Still, she sighed heavily, stepped away from her discarded clothing and walked over to Lynn’s computer.

“Look at it swing!” Lynn marveled at the very action she was describing. It truly was a sight to behold, the enormous member swaying back and forth with every step, lightly slapping against her friend’s strong thighs.

Kara could already feel the familiar tingle and throb. Lynn’s eyes and her astonishment were getting the better of her exhibitionist side. She sat down swiftly, hoping to play it off as the porn’s doing and not her own perversion. Lynn always kept a folder labeled “Power Up” on her desktop packed with whatever flavor of the month suited her kinks. It looked like this month was big black cocks in small Asian women.

“Yeah, no” Kara closed the window quickly, launching a browser and quickly maneuvering to one of her favorite videos. It was a pinup glam video of Jana Defi posing for a Christmas shoot. She was wearing a typical red stocking cap, red elbow length gloves, a green thong and a wide smile. Kara sat back in the chair and, without thinking, removed her shirt and unhooked her bra. As the video buffered she realized that she was suddenly naked in her best friend’s room. It was easier than she could have imagined, almost natural though, of course, “natural” in her case already carried a loose definition.

The video started and she clicked mute. It was just general techno music. It distracted her from the glory of that chest. G cups, she’d read. Real, natural G cups. As the monstrosity between her legs began to pound and rise, she marveled at the true glories of nature. A big cock was one thing, those tits were quite another. As the massive pole extended past the lip of the desk and sprouted up from between her legs, she considered swinging the chair to the side and presenting herself to Lynn, finishing this surreal show. Unfortunately, her eyes were locked on the screen and the monster pulsing in front of her wasn't about to give up that easily.

Her hand gripped the quickly stiffening base of her cock, shaking it slightly. Her massive shaft grew and grew, lured out of slumber by the fleshy orbs bouncing and jiggling onscreen. The foreskin peeled back slowly and she failed to hear an audible gasp from Lynn when it finally let the massive, bulbous head of her cock free. Her hand slowly slid up the now iron hard length. She nibbled her lower lip gently. There was something about that first trip up her own giant endowment that sent a thrill along her spine.

It felt good to be well and truly hard again for her own reasons. No tests, no unexpected erections. She reveled in the feeling of that massive tower jutting up from her hips, the warmth soothing as she sat back and let go, enjoying the heavy smack of her member against her chest. She smiled softly and craned her neck down, giving a tender kiss to the head of her enormous gift.

The video ended far too early. The only problem with free videos of Jana was their brevity – three to five minutes at a stretch. They left no time for her to properly enjoy her own body. However, before she could click the replay button, she heard the sound of Lynn’s soft, congested panting and suddenly remembered what she was doing and where she was. She swiveled the chair towards the sound, eyes big as saucers as her softly proportioned friend came into view.

Lynn was every bit as naked as Kara. Her hand buried between her thighs as she blushes and watched the throbbing dickgirl swing around to face her. The tension in the room once again hit a fever pitch. Without a word, Kara’s hand returned to her shaft and began to glide in long, firm strokes. Another powerful thrill washed over her. Her cock jerked and a gob of pre cum slithered from the fat slit of her cock down over her fingers only to be smeared along the thickly veined length. Neither girl stared the other in the eye, they were both mesmerized by the other’s body.

Kara admired her friend’s large chest. Nothing compared to Jana’s, but Lynn seemed to come close. The extra softness of her body imbued her breasts with a kind of rich fullness, a beautiful roundness of shape that was all the same undeniably natural. Her nipples were a soft brown, stiffened half an inch and bouncing softly with her lusty breaths. Kara’s eyes slid further along her friend’s body, finding a new appreciation for more generous proportions.

Normally she was attracted to the type of body she worked so hard to keep – lean and strong with subtle muscle definition. She’d even looked at pictures of the softer side of things to try to understand the attraction and still felt nothing. But now, looking at Lynn, chest heaving as she fingered herself, the voluptuous swell of her hips, the amazing plush quality of her body, it all seemed so intoxicating. Her hand worked faster as her eyes continued to roam and devour.

Lynn’s hips were wide set and wonderfully plump, leading on down to legs with thighs so milky and smooth, it was all Kara could do to keep from moaning just looking at them. She often complained about pubic hair’s disappearance from porn and, true to form, had her fingers furiously working through a dark patch of silken black curls, glistening with excited moisture. She was overweight, but beautifully so, every curve and bulge in exactly the right spots to give her a sensual, achingly sexy quality despite everything Kara had come to expect from her preferences. A musky, cloying scent filled the air as the two panted and moaned quietly, neither wanting to be too loud and somehow break the magic of the perfectly sexy moment.

Suddenly, her plump friend shivered and squealed softly, body tensing and shaking. A blush rose along the top of her chest and cheeks. Her eyes shut and her teeth sunk into her lower lip. Kara had never seen another person’s orgasm in real life before and the experience of watching her best friend shake and moan because of her was indescribable. So indescribable, that as she watched Lynn’s breasts shake and jiggle, she was almost surprised by the familiar building in her own amazing organs.

“Ngahh, fuh-sorry!” Was all she could grunt before her cock swelled further and the first, massive rope of cum erupted from the angry head, rocketing towards the ceiling and splattering loudly, raining over the two girls in hot, sticky globs. Her hand stroked and milked the massive cock it gripped as she groaned in complete bliss. This orgasm was intense and earth shattering, far beyond what she experienced with the pocket pussy, far beyond her first masturbation, far beyond anything she had imagined.

Her hips lifted from the chair as her cock continued to pump fat strands of pearlescent goo into the air. Some fell back towards her, some splattered loudly against Lynn’s large chest, some pooled on the carpet. Dozens of ropes filled the air for more than a minute as Kara’s exceptional body performed its orgasmic dance. The last few, minuscule spurts drooled over Kara’s hand as she collapsed back against the chair, skin glistening with sweat and cum, cock softening but not shrinking as it lay against her heaving chest. She glanced lazily over at Lynn, also lost in the same sexual stupor. The two remained like that for several minutes, looking at each other through the thick, rich aroma of cum.... Continue»
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The Grieving Widow

(This is the sequel to 'Man Of The House')

"My condolences," the driver said, as he looked back through the window between the back and front seats of the limo. "It'll take us about forty-five minutes to get to the cemetery. I'll make the ride as smooth as possible."

"Thank you. Take your time," Rory said, pushing the button that raised the solid panel, closing the two compartments off from each other. Between the solid panel and the extremely darkly tinted windows, they were completely isolated from the rest of the world. "Well, we're all alone now. So how ya doing, mom?"

"I'm doing ok," Katey replied, as she sat in the middle of the back seat of the stretch limousine between her two daughters Brigitte and Keri.

Katey had been married for a little over twenty years to her husband Paul. The two girls had been born early on in their marriage, followed a couple of years later by Rory and now Paul was dead.

Brigitte laid her head on her mother's shoulder and rested her hand on her knee. On the other side, Keri was doing the same thing.

"Um, Brigitte, dear. What are you doing?"

She had just noticed that her daughter's hand had worked its way halfway up her thigh taking the hem of her black dress with it. Then she noticed that Keri's hand had done the same thing on the thigh she was stroking. The girls had worked their hands up high enough on her legs to get above the top of her self-supporting stockings, until they were resting on her bare thighs.

"We're consoling you, mom, it was Rory’s idea" Brigitte answered, sliding her hand further up her mother's smooth leg until she was gently stroking the wet spot of her panty covered pussy.

"Well, stop it," she said, reaching down and trying to push the girl's hand away but the girls were not to be denied.

"Oh, come on, Mom," Rory said, enjoying the show. "Just relax and enjoy."

"I am relaxed," she said, trying to push the girl's hands away, unsuccessfully. "I'm always relaxed."

"Relaxed hell," Rory continued with a big smile on his face.

She tried to push the girl's hands away again. And, once again she met with absolutely no success. "Please stop, girls. We're going to a funeral, and I need to look like the grieving widow, not like the prom queen after she just got laid."

"Don't worry," Rory said, still smiling. "We'll make sure you look the part, won't we girls?"

"Oh, yes," Keri said, pulling her mom's leg up over her lap to match what her s****r had done.

"I really don't think we should... Oh, my... wa... what are you doing?" she stammered as Brigitte pushed the crotch of her mother's panties to the side and pushed two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

"We're consoling you," Brigitte repeated.

By that time Keri's fingers had also found her mother's pussy, and she began to slide two fingers into her hole as well. By now Katey's legs were spread as wide as they could be stretched, so that they were over her two daughters laps, giving her son Rory an excellent view of what the girls were doing to their mother.

"How many fingers do you have in me?" Katey gasped, laying her head back on the seat.

"Only two," Keri said, smiling.

"That's two per girl, mom," Rory added.

"Oh! My! God!" Katey gasped, as the girls began working their fingers deeper into their mother.

The girls began to finger fuck their mom using the two fingers each had in her. Their combined fingers ended up being two fingers tall by two fingers wide. This was the equivalent of a pretty decent cock or dildo moving in and out of her. As she became wetter, the girls were able to increase the depth of their thrusts as well as the speed. Soon they were pounding palm deep into their mother's twat. Katey was grunting and rocking her hips up to meet each thrust. She was rapidly rising toward a very strong orgasm.

As the s****rs worked their mom's cunt, they started to push all the way into their mother, with their fingers together. But, as they pulled out they spread their fingers wider, and separated them from the other's fingers, so that they were slowly spreading their mother's cunt wider and wider. At the same time they had been massaging her clit with their thumbs.

Katey was so excited that she did not notice the girls had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up, letting her massive tits bounce free. The girls were now aggressively suckling on their mother's tits just as they had when they were babies, only this time they had teeth. The older woman had placed her hands on the back of the heads of her two girls, stroking their hair as they sucked and bit her towards orgasm.

"Oh, GOD!" Katey, screamed, burying her face in Brigitte's hair to try and muffle her pleasure. "I'm cumming."

Katey let out an unbelievable groan of satisfaction, and shuddered. She arched her back so that the only parts of her body still touching the seat and floor were her shoulders and feet. The girls pressed their thumbs firmly against their mother's clit, increasing the power of her orgasm, as they held their mother's pussy fully open. In this position Rory had a perfect view up his mom’s cunt all the way to her cervix, he was definitely enjoying the show now.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, the girls relented and pulled their thumbs off of their mother's clit and she slumped back onto the seat, gasping for breath. She was close to passing out from the f***e of her cum, and her juices were flowing freely from her still open pussy, pooling under her ass on the seat. The girls continued to work their fingers in and out of their mother's cunt, but much slower now.

"Damn," Katey was finally able to gasp, after a couple of minutes. "Now I'm all wet and I'm not going to be able to hide the fact that I just got my brains fucked out. What kind of widow am I going to be?"

"Don't worry, mom," Rory said, with a smile. "I told you we'd take care of you. Girls?"

"Sure thing, Rory," the girls said in unison. They then reached into a bag on the floor and pulled out some soft hand towels and proceeded to wipe their mother's pussy till it was dry. Unfortunately the stroking of the towels only served to start getting her excited again.

"That only helped a little," Katey said, with a frown, her legs still hooked over her daughter's laps. "That dried me off, but it started my motor again. I'm still going to look like the prom queen, and I smell like a whorehouse at rush hour."

"Not to worry," Rory said, getting up from his seat and crawling towards his mom. "Girls."

The girls nodded, pulled their fingers out of her pussy, and grabbed their mother's legs securing them across their laps. Then they both reached their other arms around her head and placed their hands over her mouth. She looked at the three of them with a little bit of panic in her eyes, especially when she saw the wicked gleam in her son’s eyes as he came closer.

"Here we go, mom," Rory said, as he knelt right in front of the woman. "Time to make you the epitome of a grieving widow."

With that he reached for his mom’s still exposed pussy, grabbed her fat juicy labia, and sensitive clit and gave them a really hard pinch and twist. Katey's eyes flew open in pain and disbelief as she let out a bl**d-curdling scream, which was muffled by the girl's hands. Immediately tears formed in the corners of her eyes and began running down her cheeks.

True to her word, ten minutes later, after a quick sprits with a feminine hygiene spray, Katey and her f****y stood at the graveside. She was the image of the classic grieving widow with red puffy eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks. And, every step she took only served to reinf***e that image as more tears streamed down her cheeks, as her sore pussy lips rubbed together. The only non-traditional part was the fact that her pussy had started flowing again and her juices were running down the insides of her thighs, making them slide easily against each other as she walked.

(Both the stories in this series are dedicated to a very special lady on this site, who is a big fan of everything that is taboo)... Continue»
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