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... mother telling me to “remember the rubber coat” and all of a sudden I detect a different smell in the mask, it is ... when I was sitting in the chair and the rubber mask was on my face was to “remember the rubber coat


Ever since that ... ... Continue»
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BDSM - Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amster

Ok, my attempt to write a story, i decided to dig up one of my true adventures. Meaning, this story is mainly true. Memory might have failed me now and then, but the storyline remains the same.

It's not so much about the sex, it's more the psychological part of BDSM, the "Mind Game" and to be more exact, how i experienced getting introduced to BDSM.

Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amsterdam ?

It was quite a few years ago, i was quite a brat then, those where the day's of my first bold steps in the world of BDSM, Leather and Kink. I just had it with the gayscene, and as said in my profile, was (and am) always up for controversial experiences. I went away for home at a young age, and thus was pretty independent. I took full advantage of it! Party a****l ? You bet! Nutcase ? Well, maybe a bit ;)

I hooked up with a serious dominant Top a couple of months before, Mark, who physically and mentally introduced me to the leather/BDSM lifestyle. In those months i started to trust and respect, even adore him...
We have been going out to clubs and bars regularly, but the BDSM play we did in the privacy of our house. The relation was pretty clear to most of who knew us... Then Mark talked about a Leatherparty in Amsterdam, a big party compared to the local clubs an bars. He told me there would be anly guy's with the same kinky mindset. I thought i was ready for the trip, anxious but excited.

So we got ourself's prepaired for the COC Leatherparty in Amsterdam. I took a shower, washed and flushed myself and put on my leatheroutfit; a harness, my new leatherjeans, tailormade (i was a size 6 (28), that just wasn't 'on stock'). A couple of worn workshoes and a jacket completed it.
The pants where as thight as a 2nd skin all over, like a glove would be an understatement. Mark thought it looked so hot he would like to fuck me right *trough* them, if he didn't have other plans... Mark ofcoures put on his full leather outfit incuding cap.
I saw Mark pack a bag with some familair toy's. Then he quickly stuffed something away from which i just saw a glimpse, but it gave me goosebumps...

I guessed this party was *not* just another night out....

When we arrived at the party, it exceeded my expectations, an old building, dimmed light, sinister music, the smell of spiled beer, leather, poppers, urine, crowded with men in Leather, Jeans, Rubber, harnas, jockstrap, or just a cockring.
Mark got us some ticket and we went to the lockers. He told me to take off my jacket and lock it away. He dropped the bag in the locker, took out a bottle of poppers, a tube of lube and some cuffs and put it in his jacket.
I raised my eyebrows, "here"? "Yes, and more" he said as he took out a big padle.
Full in sight, it send the shivers down my spine, 2,5" Wide, 12"long, and a fucking inch thick with rivets all over the dammned thing. I've been chastened with Belts, Canes even whips, and liked it. But this looked more like a bonebreaker Mark had a look in his eyes that could mean heaven, or hell, or both... "Scared ? I promise, you'll beg for it later." I didn't feel less woried, but i trusted him...

We went to the first floor, where the bar and the dancefloor where. Mark told me to pick up some beer at the bar for us. As i did, i looked around and d***k up the atmosphere.This was just surreal, i saw guys kissing, fumblin', drinking, sucking, dancing. Away with social rules, it's anarchy overhere. The air was so filled with the scent of poppers, just breathing in was enough to get high. On the way back i stopped and looked at the dancefloor, some guy seemed to have taken an interest in me and tried to grab me quite crude. I jumped away and hurried back.
Back with Mark i got reprimanded for taking so long. "Should't wander off alone here if you don't want to get harassed..." I swallowed al lump in my throat, didn't think of that!
"Guess there's a solution for that..." He said. As he took out a leash, i felt my head turning red. But embarrased as i was, i quitely let him put it around my neck. I've worn it before, but not in public. This was like the first time he put it on me, humiliating, but at the same time it was a familiar feeling. The fact everyone could see me on that leash tripled the feeling.

Mark pulled the leash and i clumsily stumbled after him because i couldn't turn that fast.
He then just about dragged me up some stairs again. On the stairs we crossed some guys who where obviously laughing at the way i tried to keep up with Mark. We ended up on a big balcony that stretched about 3/4 of sides of the dancefloor below. Along it where some pillars. Upthere it was even darker than donwstairs, Mark pushed me forwards until i bumped into a pillar, He then turned me around, pushed his body agains mine, kissed me and said "Trust me, it'll be fine, and you'll and gave me two... Started to pinch and twist my nippels, and kissed me again. "Whatever happens, you'll be fine, thats my responsebillity now, when i take over.But do as i say!" I just nodded again.

He turned me back around, unzipped and lowered my pants, unzipped and lubed himself up and fucked me in plain sight against the pillar. I went from baffled to excited in about 1/10 of a second. At least i wasn't prudish about sex in public and in this setting it was just fucking hot! Soon i was ready to cum, but he stopped and dressed himself again, "All in it's time...". I quickly pulled up my pants, afraid i'd fall when he decided to walk on. He then wandered along the balcony, dragging me behind him like a happy puppy on a too-long leash. When crossing our path, some men simply lifted up the leash to pass underneath. I assumed that in here nothing was out of the ordinairy.

I felt like a part of the scenery. I really started sinking into my role. Whenever Mark stopped to talk to someone he knew, i just stood there and waited for him. Quite some guy's gave me a second look, but walked away when the saw the leash and the man holding the other end. My head started spinning when i realised, the leash was there for more than one reason. Sure, i couldn't go astray, but it als send a clear message from Mark to others: "Stay off, he's mine!" It was keeping me safe, like a cage, to hold *and* protect...

We where close to a bar, "Promise you'll come back at once, and get us four beer" with that he held up his side of the leash and put it inbetween my teeth. i humbly Nodded. On my way to the bar i realised there was no way i could just ask for four beer with that leash in my mouth. Taking it out was surely not What mark intended when he put it in my mouth in the first place, just dropping it didn't even cross my mind. And considering the leash in my mouth i probably wasn't in the position to just stick up 4 fingers... Damn, i had to think *fast* or i would be away to long. My heart pounded as i grabbed 4 empty beerbottles from a rim and showed it to the barman. with as much request for compassion in my eyes as possible and hoped for the best.
The barman, a Big, muscular man with tatoo's over the whole left half of his torso, took a long look at me and the leash, from the part around my neck to the other between my teeth. He grinned, "Good boy..." He took the bottles from me and just turned around to put them away...
I sank through the ground, no time for second changes. This was taking to long. Now what...
Then he turned back, "..or would you have liked 4 more ? " he said with a mocking glance. I bend my head and nodded, hoping he wasn't teasing me again. I started to get worryied, it seemed to take ages. I just about collapsed as i felt the bottles drop in my arms. On the way back i saw him exchange glances with Mark. Mark then looked at me, "Smart k**... keep the one", and took 3 of the bottles, for him and his friends. I glowed!! Beer never tasted that good!

On the other side of the balcony we went dowstairs again. Halfway it had another floorlevel, just an alcove with a bench, and a door. "Convenient..." i heard Mark mumble as he walked on. I tried to look around as we walked down, Not very comfortable, but that was the least of my worries.... The image of the paddle crossed my mind. Guess this could be very Convenient...for Mark...
By now i was about hoping he would use it, just to get rid of the suspense. I felt a tickle in my abdomen thinking about it.

On dancefloorlevel Mark went to a pub-like corner where he saw some friends. One of them the Co-organiser of the party. He ordered some more beer for them and they sat down at a table. Gotten wise, i kept standing, out of view. Then Mark gestured me to sit next to him, on the floor, at his feet. And damn, i felt good and proud when i did! As the evening went i got in a kinda mood i can
still not describe; Humble, peaceful, surrendering, in-place, one-with-the-universe ? Mark put his righthand in my neck and pulled it towards his leg so i could rest my head on it. The warmth of his body, the scent of his body, the smell of the leather it just put me deeper in that mood...

<To be continued>

... Continue»
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Last part - BDSM - Remember the Leatherparty'

Part II (Final part) of "Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amsterdam ?"

"Well trained boy you have here..." the Co-organiser said to Mark.
- "Not really, he's still quite new to the scene, so tonight is sort of D-day for him".
"Well, it looks like he already capitulated, don't you think ?"
- "I'm not so sure, he's got quite a reputation of being a little smartass. So i want to break him in good!".
Ofcourse Mark was right, i've been around since young, like i told you. With the opposite of a shortage on lovers i might add. I think i even was starting to get overconfident with myself. That’s probably why BDSM attracted me. The change of control, the teasing/humiliation, the submission. I learned to bear pain, accept it, and loved it. The opposite of the sweet attention i used to wallow in...
"You better not break his tiny bottom then...'
- "Not a chance, his butt is like fucking steel. Last month i broke one of my canes on it !" (It wasn't as easy as he made it sound! ;))
Mark leaned towards the guy and whispered something.
"Are your really....? I thought you said you made it just for the looks ? It wasn't intended to be actually used...?"
- "I know, but i think he can take it. He really digs a good beating. Besides, i'm not gonna risk breaking another cane, hehehe..."
'Not to be used ??' Damn, this was gonna be some beating. 'Not breaking another cane...' if that was how hard he intended to hit me with that thing... Again, shivers down my spine, goosebumps, i even broke a sweat. And the more i imagined this paddle was, at some time, going to land on my butt, the more i sweated. I started to get a hard-on, my thoughts where a mess, what was i thinking, longing for what i feared ? But i couldn't help it, some instinct just took over.

"Someone's eavesdropping, i believe..." the Co-organiser said. Mark looked at me, soaking wet from the sweat by then. "Ease up boy, i told you i wanted you to beg for it. So this is your call..." I raised my head, somehow figured he meant i would be begging for more after he used the paddle, but he wanted me begging for it to start with! Ask him, no... *beg* him to use it! Fear & desire battled in my thoughts. I'd much rather have Mark decide if and when to use the paddle, than me calling this condemnation over myself. I somehow felt the "If" was now no longer an option.
The floor sank from underneath me, i felt light in my head. I about collapsed but then Mark leaned forward, took me by the shoulder and asked if i was ok. I looked up at him and muttered "i will be...". He gave me a zip of his beer and then a puff of his cigarette. Satisfied after this check-up he continued talking to his friends at the table. I saw them looking at me once in a while, but i didn't care. For now i was in my own little world inside my mind, in a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings, actually feeling quite happy...

I really don't remember how long we sat there, could be fifteen minutes, could have been an hour. Time seemed a useless dimension right now. Finally mark stood up, in a instant i stood next to him, ready to follow him. It seemed we went back to the lockers.
"Take your jeans off. Don't want to ruin them on the first evening do you ?"
Actually didn't wanna ruin them at all, wearing leather jeans was new to me, and i just loved the feeling of it on my naked skin. And i loved the touch of Mark's hand through it, it really was like 2nd skin! So a bit disappointed i kicked off my shoes, the leather stuck to my skin 'cause of the sweating i did, limping on one then the other leg i managed to get the pants off.
“Put your shoes back on !”, while I did i my dick was growing rapidly. Mark took a one-belt leather pouch out of his bag and handed it to me. I put it on but then had a massive struggle to get my swollen dick in. This evening was really getting to me.
Mark just grinned, "Having a good time i see ? Good, let's get rolling.." He cuffed my hand in front of me and clipped them to the harness i was wearing. Keeping the leash real short and over his shoulder he hauled me up the stairs again, right across the dancefloor and again up the stairs.

Up on the balcony he looked over the floor below, leaning against one of the pillars. He took out the bottle of poppers and took a couple of hits, and then gave me some... Pulling the leash, still held short, down he again gestured me to sit on the floor beside him, which i happily did. I saw mark looking around, thinking, but *what* was he thinking ? What's next ? Did he expect something of me now, remembering the inevitable happening i was supposed to ask, err, beg for...? He pulled me up, "Get us some beer" as he put the leash in my mouth again. Surprised i looked at Mark… But he looked at the barman and put up two fingers, when the barman fetched two bottles of beer Mark gave me a push towards the bar. The barman gave me the two bottles and said with a smirk "playtime is over i guess ?" without expecting an answer.

't isn't easy drinking beer with both of your hand cuffed to your chest, so i spilled half of my beer. In a playfull mood, Mark licked it of my chest. "Still ok ?" I nodded; "uhuh" "I could fucking devour you, little fella... You're holding up well. You will not dissapoint me now, will you ?" Furiously i shook my head, "No, i will not, Sir!".

I noticed a change in mindset with Mark, he pushed me down on my knees, and quite harsh said "I need a leak..." and with that opened his fly, took out is cock and emptied his bladder on my face, in my mouth and on my chest... When done, pulled me up again and walked to the wallside of the balcony. He dropped me rear-end up on a crate, grabbed a low stool from somewhere and sat next to me. Mark caressed my ass and suddenly smacked it hard with his hand, i twitched.. Then he smacked it again... Third, fourth.. By ten my ass was glowing. The well-know 3 string handwhip appeared in Mark's hand, i loved it and hated it (like the first zip of Whiskey that burns your throat, but then gets better with every other zip).
As most of his gizmo's, the whip was self-made by Mark, who was a pretty good craftsman with leather. Like the paddle (!), it was his own creation, in a keep-it-simple-and-effective style. Just 3 strips of leather on top of each other, 3/8" x 2/8" and 10 inch long, at the end connected with a sort of beltclip. Like said, very effective. At the first stroke i yelped, the second wasn't less intrusive. The triple strips, when perfectly on top of each other, pounded though my whole butt, when spread evenly the three individual strips stung into my flesh. After five lashes Mark paused and gave me some poppers, then every stroke got more powerful than the one before. Waves of endorphin rushed thought my brain, pain became pure pleasure; With every hit another rush. As my ass undoubtedly turned redder, my dick got harder. Again i got shivers and goosebumps, but now as a reaction from my body to the beating. I moaned and groaned with every stroke.. After a while, Mark leaned over me, and looked me in the face. No need to ask if i was ok, my whole fucking face said YES.

Then something snapped, my heart started racing and i my head pounded. In a fuddle i blurted out; "Will you use the paddle on me now?". "...please...Sir" i added quickly." Mark raised his eyebrows. Realising what i just did i started breathing really heavy, i wanted that Armageddon of a spanking now, if ever...

He pulled me up, gave me a zip of my (now lukewarm) beer and sigarette, waiting for me to get my wits together. 'Ok, your call..." said Mark, "...but at MY time!".
How could i be so stupid, Mark's in charge, and will be for the evening. Using the paddle at my request would look like Mark did as *i* asked.
Surely, that would not happen, except for one reason; if i would say "Stop!", the codeword. And no way in hell was i thinking of using it. "Stop" is not the finale of the session, it's an emergency-brake, and to be used as such. If you had your share, the Top should see that, a Top isn't supposed to cross the limits of the bottom, he's supposed to stretch them. "Stop" is for security, ie if you flip out or something. But i trusted Mark, and for sure, i never used the codeword with him...

He looked at me with a firm expession, mixed with pride and anticipation. "OK, c'mon boy, let's go..." Go ? Where ? Why ? but as i looked around i saw we had a bit of an audience. A pretty much inspired audience... Mark uncuffed me and took off the leash. Startled i looked at him. The disappointment must have been all over my face. He calmed me; "Oh no, we're not done yet, but i doubt you'll be going anywhere now..." I sighed, "besides, i'd like you to stay put without restraints. Show me you want it... No more games." he continued.
I very well understood; using this paddle was as significant for him as for me. A first time ever, unknown territory for both. This is no “punishment play” but the real deal. This was going to be a thrill!

Mark went downstairs again, i closely followed, and on the way, got us two fresh beers. When he seated himself close to the dancefloor, i sat down at his feet, without any instruction.
He lit two cigarettes and gave me one. I looked at the people dancing.. The atmosphere was overwhelming, the anticipation intense, time seemed to stand still, this party seemed to last into eternity. The music was awesome, rhythmic, heavy, transcendental. Mark looked at me, from head to toe, as i sat there, squatting, wearing only a harness, leather pouch and worn shoes. Knees pulled up to my chest with my arms around them. Vaguely showing him the darkred welts on my strained butt in the flickering lights of the dancefloor.
"Come here!", as i did he gave me two sniffs of poppers, he pulled my face in front of his and whispered " for me, sexy!"
So i did, i was even more uplifted by the music and danced for Mark, giving him every agile move i had, while he leaned back, threw his right leg over the armrest and obviously enjoyed the sight. While dancing i relived every aspect of the evening up to now. I felt euphoric ! As the music changed to a dreamy kind of trance i lowered myself in a slow movement, rolled over the floor back to Mark, jumping back up and on my knees in front of him. I looked at him with a naughty grin. The look on his face was superb, grabbing me by the harness as he leaned forwards, he kissed me. "You *are* a little smartass you know. But i like a bit of cockiness in a boy." then dropped me back.

The Co-organiser dropped by again, looked at Mark as to ask if he was interrupting anything. Every time i was astonished with the way people respected and handled the role play here, not just ours, but with everywhere i saw... Mark nodded his friend welcome, who already fixed a couple of beers. Mark took a big zip then poured a gulp in my mouth, TG… did i have a dry throat.
"I have some business for you.." the Co-organiser said to Mark. "For the next Party we wanna hang up some slings, but as you can guess, they need to be real sturdy. I heard you make 'em out of the full hide ?"
Mark just said "No problem, call me tomorrow.....late...". Then grinning while looking at me "I'll be pretty exhausted after tonight’s endeavour..."
- "So you're gonna pull through ? It wasn't one of your mind games ?"
"The little critter did beg me for it, yeah, it's happening allright, he's ready..., ask him."
The guy asked "Are you ok with it, boy ?"
Mark nodded at me, but then saw the twinkle in my eye... An enthusiast "Hell yeah", and i got smacked in the back of my head.
"err, Yes i am Sir!."

"The brat ought to get it...." he laughed, as he stood up and greeted Mark, "Talk to you tomorrow..."

"Little to convincing, bit too cocky also. Get up !" When we where both standing : "Go!"
I just knew where he wanted me to go. I had a apocalyptic feeling this was it... I wanted to run as well as linger, but finally we arrived at the alcove. I suddenly got real serious, stood in front of Mark, my head bent, awaiting his instructions... He reached towards my crotch and with 2 clicks dropped the pouch. My cock bounced up. Looking at my very serious face " Well, he's happy just the same...." I just pinched my eyes...

"Ok, ready boy? Say it!"
"Yes i am, Sir..." in a sincere and serene tone... My heart pounded furiously, i breathed heavily ...

Mark turned me around, and laid me on the bench. It was covered in leather and actually reasonable comfortable, meaning it was pretty flat and didn’t jam any of my bones or organs. I was in a half kneeling-half bended position, my ass slightly lifted up… Perfect for receiving a good whipping. Mark took a sniff of poppers gave me two hits, then handed me the bottle. “Take when needed, but don’t overdo it.” He positioned himself sideways behind me. My heart was still pounding, my whole body was tingling in anticipation.

I felt his hand on my back, then ever so lightly the paddle pressing against my ass. Then it disappeared, and came back with a swing. It wasn’t a powerful stroke, It didn’t even hurt, but the mass of it made it feel like the hit rippled trough my body up to my neck.

The second one was a lot more powerful, it made a smacking sound, the muscles in my ass twisted as i moaned. This was really different, it went a lot deeper. A normal whipping would be felt on the skin primarily, this was felt in the flesh.

The third was again harder. *Smack!* the sound echoed in the small hollow room. The energy from the mass of the paddle propagated through my spine. My butt got hit by the paddle, but my whole body got the beating My ass glowed, but on the spots of the “old” welds it burned…

Mark checked up on me… “If I ask, nod if your ok..”
I knodded vigorously, immediately followed by stoke nr. four.
“Not to enthusiast fella, don’t wanna mash you up… much.”

Five, Six, again each with more f***e then the prior one. Shivers and goosebumps, as i usual get when I start enjoying a beating , but this time it was a lot sooner …

I received nr. Seven, then took a double hit of poppers. The old welds now started burning like hell, then faded to an itch that drove me crazy…

Stroke nr. Eight came with even more f***e then the others. I yelped, bounced forwards, the bench squeaking. I relaxed, then felt my body starting to transpire.

Nine, Ten…. The rivets stung in my flesh. I sweated even harder...

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen. More shivers, i took another hit of poppers.

I knodded…

f******n, Fifteen, Sixteen. I felt some of the rives puncture the skin on the older welts. With as result a big rush of sweat…

“Still ok ? “
Again I nodded, now slowly…

I went in a sort of trance, pulled back from the world around me. Al senses focussed on this one thing happening. By now I could almost feel every individual rivet on the paddle when it hit me. This feeling was just bedazzling, I sort of got detached from my body, though I did feel the beating. As the strokes continued, they where no longer strokes with a paddle, they became the most powerful caresses on earth…

I felt my body tremble,. I sweated even more, it dripped from my back on the floor. My body started contracting and releasing every muscle in my back, belly , ass and shoulders, as my head went into ecstasy… I didn’t even notice having a hard-on, it was just natural…
Mark got up behind me, I felt his cock slipping into my ass. The salt from his sweaty crotch burned on my battered and bruised skin. He fucked me hard and deep…The heat of being fucked and the burning feeling of the sweat made me cum. My spine arched backwards, Mark took out his cock and with three short jerks came over my ass….
I grunted, it felt like he poured liquid fire over it. The salty cum burned on the welds and bruises. My muscles tightened as the burning ebbed away. He came up in front of me and let me clean up his cock. Then he sat beside me, gave me what was left of the beer. Flat, warm, but very welcome. I was waisted, exhausted, empty, but felt incredible. “Try to get up”. I did, my belly stuck to the leather from al my cum… I didn’t try sitting down, so i lay sideways on the bench. Mark lit two cigarettes. “Ok, speak up, how you’re doing”. “That was one fucking hot session Sir…” I sighed…

When I recovered slightly, Mark got up. “Ok, endgame” he said, as we walked down. “But get us two fresh beers first…” Damn that meant back to the real world, the normal rules of engagement. We zipped our beers, then, coming to my senses i realized i was standing about stark-naked at the bar. In the scarce light i tried to inspect the remainders of my behind…

“Any last thoughts about what happened tonight”
- “Yeah, how the hell am i gonna fit in my leatherjeans now ? “
“Fucking Smartass…”
... Continue»
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I remember the first day I meet Kristen [AR]

I remember the first day I meet Kristen, she was behind the bar filling a freezer frosted schooner that began to overflow and spill onto the floor creating a small puddle. She set the brew on the table, and grab some damp towels from underneath the counter. Then she walked over to the puddle threw the towels unto the wet area. I watched as Kristen spread both legs far apart and placed both hands onto the towels and started to sop up the liquid on the floor. I started to pay closer attention to what she was wearing and her slim figure. Kristen had on a matching thong and tied top piece that accentuated her 105 pound frame. The thong ran up between her round perfect ass cheeks that bubbled out at the bottom. The top covered her breast but did not hide the perkiness of those young firm mounds. Kristen was barely 21 years old.
While bending over, she must have felt the heat from my gaze because she begin to wiggle her ass in my direction. Kristen winked at me. After she finished mopping up the floor, she came over to where I was sitting and introduced her. During our brief conversation I knew she was comfortable with me because she would rub my thigh and graze my cock playfully during the conversation. I wanted to fuck her right then in that moment. She gave me her number and told me she needed a ride after work. I was more than happy to help her out.
Kristen finished work around 6pm, she had the early shift. She wanted a ride to downtown L.A. She was taking me for a trip. Kristen had singled me out of all the guys in the bar, because I was new to the scene and no one else would drive her to a d**g infested, gangster filled part of town. She was right because I wanted her little ass bouncing off the tip of my dick so I would do just about anything.
I soon figured out she wanted to transport heroin from L.A. to Orange County and conceal the valves inside her pussy. I knew this would be a big risk on my part but a chance to get my thick black cock into that tight white cunt probably would not come again. I told Kristen that I knew what she was up to and that I was down to take such a big risk but it would cost. She offered to pay me a cut of her profit, but I told her I didn't want her money. I wanted something else. I wanted that sweet little pussy. She could feel the sexual connection growing between us and said she was willing to let me fuck, but only after the business was finished. I told her to prove it by giving me a blow job right then and there while I was driving. Kristen unzipped my pants while smiling with a twinkle in her eyes and pulled my cock out. She was pleased with my length and thickness. Happily, she impaled her face onto my dick. This girl was no rookie. She knew how to suck a dick, up and down, one hand cupping my balls, the other hand rotating on my cock's shaft. There was no hesitation. She was all in and my cock was all in her throat. The mushroom tip of my cock rammed the back of esophagus and she let out small gag sound, but she did not stop. I begin to feel my cum building up. I pulled my dick out of her mouth before I exploded. She felt deprived because I didn't let her finish me off, but I knew we would continue where we left off after we made the pick up from her dealer.
We arrived in downtown L.A. Around 8pm. We were in a grimey part of town. The buildings were all run down shambles, the type of place you expect to see near a bay area dock. We pulled over and parked, Kristen made a call to her connect. He instructed us to meet at the next block, a couple of streets down.when we arrived at the new location there was some shadow figure standing near a tree. I pulled up and he jumped into the back seat and we drove away. He didn't say much but Kristen handed him a bundle of money, in return, he handed her a few valves of heroin. She put the valves into her panties. at the next stop sign the dealer jumped out. Kristen had her stash, I had her in my car and we were headed back to the O.C. We went to a hotel and she left me there while making her deliveries to clientele. I waited.
I must have dozed off, because I awoke to the sound of a running shower. I got up to check the bathroom and there was Kristen completely naked soaping her body. I watched as she lathered her bald pussy with body wash. Water splashed and bounced off her tits. Water trickled down and over her round ass cheeks. My cock was enlarging and stretching the front of my pants. She was hot and wet. I wasn't going to wait any longer it was time.
I undressed. Kristen turned off the shower. And reached for the towel, I put my cock in its place. She had a hand full of cock. When she stepped out of the tub I grabbed her and brought her into my body. I kissed her passionately on the lips. Our tongues intertwined. I easily lifted her 105 pound body off her feet and into the air. I through her legs over my shoulder and she wrapped her hands around my neck. I grabbed my cock and began to penetrate her pussy. The entrance to her cunt was tighter than expected, but that was probably due to the water from the shower. So I had to pry her open pussy lips with my cock. A little at a time; until finally my dick burst into the depth of her virgina. I wanted to exploded, but resisted the urge. This pussy was good and tight. As she began to moisten my cock became covered with a creamy white liquid. She through her head back in enjoyment and took the full ramming of pole with moans and several fuck faces. "oh your cock feels so good in me", she said, "it so thick, oh I feel my pussy stretching, uhhmmm!". I let her hop up and down on my cock for about 20 minutes and each time she came down I would spread her ass cheeks to try and shove more cock in her as deep as possible. She screamed out,"I'm cumming" we started fucking faster and faster. Her breathing increased and became deeper.As her body convulsed the juices from her pussy soaked my dick. She held me tightly as I continued to pump and neared my own climax. Kristen whispered in my ear, " pound this pussy baby" and she let go of all resistance. It turned me into a mad man and I rammed that pussy so hard that her inner thighs became red and the clapping sound of our bodies colliding together echoed in the hotel room. The feeling was too much for me to resist, I erupted semen all over her face and in her mouth. It was worth it.

11/2011... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

This is my first complete novella. Please comment

The Right Side of Forty: The Story of a Midlife Reawakening
By Lindsay Casco

Chapter 1: Reuniting
I faintly remember coming to this house thirty something years ago for play dates when I was allowed and then a few times with my mother to visit during the holidays and different occasions, but I never realized her f****y called this side entrance the “back” door. Karen did say over the phone to come to the back door near the driveway. And she was right about the front door having too much snow in front of it. She must struggle to handle such a hefty house all alone, never mind shoveling all these storms we have had this winter. I guess she is lucky she doesn’t have to shovel the snow all the way around the back. It’s been an unfriendly month, relentless with early season snow. Who thought up this plan? I bitched nervously to myself as I balanced and teetered through solid mounds of what must have been the mailman’s large, frozen footprints, which left little grip for my LLBeans. The back door is on the front of the house. How strange I thought anxiously, as I pulled myself up the icy cement stairs, clutching the veneer of rust on the iron rail with my bare hand hopeful not to cut myself. My other hand struggled to both grip the chardonnay securely and ring the doorbell. Frozen fingers held on tight as I looked at my reflection in the glass and pushed the bell.
She answered in a split second, with a huge smile. I have not seen Karen in almost seven years, since her mother died and left her this lengthy, blue house with two front doors, today covered in a mass of ice. She might have been better off if, rather than the wine, I brought her a bag of rock salt, I sneered cat-like. I get that way when I’m beyond my comfort zone. I could feel the rush of heat escaping through the mudroom as I thoughtfully stepped onto her throw rug so as not to wet the floor. She looked good; better than her shadowy Facebook picture I studied last night. “It is so good to see you, Cassie.” She said on an exhale, raising her tenor, stretching the words “see you” into their own decree. Squeezing me in a loving bear hug, her form felt warm; it felt right, like friends should. I kissed her cheek and noticed the youth was still in her skin. We held onto each other for a second or two, just looking. What a pretty smile she has after all these years. She always had that smile. Her typical, run-of-the-mill features turned to stunning with a simple smile. Strangely, middle age has improved her; and her 42 year old grin barely looks a day over 35 and still looks bright as the untouched snow on her front steps.
I love your sweater, I commented as my hands lingered on her solid wrists. Soft! “JC Penny,” she said, still wide-eyed from my entrance. “I got a gift card for Christmas. I just got it today. Day after Christmas shopping is a hoot. Come in.” I kicked off by boots and hung my coat on the striking country-green rack as we stumbled around one another politely in the small mudroom, which is connected to her dated kitchen with the same checkerboard linoleum floor we ran across as k**s; faded and worn from the years. With no f****y left, the house seemed too big. What must have been Karen’s most essential shoes lined the floor near the back door. Just her coat hung aside mine on the long rack. Lonely, I thought. Nicer artwork adorned the walls, however, Real paintings, not prints, striking portraits and landscapes in all sizes, and a lot of them. I followed Karen’s lead, walking through the narrow hall, past the bathroom on the right, to the big living room at the end of the house. I smiled as the map of her dwelling came back to me with profound memories. Aren’t you sick of Christmas music, yet? It is almost January, I k**ded, noticing her TV was playing yet another wearisome, droning Christmas special. I started hearing holiday music on the radio in November. It’s everywhere this year. I am so sick of it. I nagged for no other reason than to create conversation. “Christmas was yesterday, silly. I like it.” Karen said blushing. Her renowned smile surrounded by smooth, pink cheeks with the slightest laugh lines forming on her otherwise flawless face. She turned down the TV, but left it on to flicker light against her shimmering holiday decorations, likely to help occupy some of the room with us.
Karen stepped out to the kitchen for just a second to grab some glasses and a corkscrew as I made myself comfortable. She poured freely, filling my glass near the top, as we small talked for a while, mostly about my teaching career and her flower shop business, until the warmth of the wine set in. “it must be so nice to have all this time off, Cassie,” Karen said kindly yet with a tone of envy. No doubt the time off is nice. “When do you go back for the spring semester? January 20th. I admitted, looking down at my glass. Being a college professor is difficult work, but I have found nobody outside my own walls understands that. Most people look at the summers off, spring break, and Christmas recess and think that’s all there is. But the research and the never ending preparation, coupled with meeting the needs of the students and building new innovative programs and all the committee work; it’s tiring. “Well professor, how about some more wine?” She clanked my glass against the bottle. Karen’s face turned gloomy when she noticed me looking at the photo of her late mother. Her mom was always so nice to me even though our mothers never spoke. Funny, they were close friends at one time, then poof. Something happened between them that neither of us knew. Their sudden shared hatred kept Karen and me apart for many years; although we lived just miles away. Our friendship through high school never wavered but we weren’t allowed to visit each other beyond the school walls, by that point. Karen went off to the University of New Hampshire creating more distance and we lost touch completely when I got married a few years after college. Sad we missed so many years, I thought. This is so nice. Ringing and toasting to the holidays and to friendship, our topics became more interesting as the bottle emptied; thought provoking, and more personal. “How is life after the divorce?” she dared to finally probe, but I didn’t mind. Lonely, secluded mostly, I answered honestly. “Horny too, I bet,” she proclaimed abruptly with her smile saving the shame. She always was the outgoing one. “More wine?” she wailed, and almost knocked my glass over filling it. We laughed heavily, leaning into each other, our foreheads met and she hugged me again. “I’m lonely, too” she confessed.
My divorce was a matter of fact to me, but to others not so. Divorce always leaves a trail of debris. I was married a total of eight years, three months, and twenty three days, to a man who never once told me the truth. It was a play known as the myriad of lies, deception, and infidelity; me starring in the role of the victim, he the scoundrel. I repressed all my energies through those years, giving and allowing him to flourish while I floundered in weight gain, and solitude. I lost my friends; nearly my career. I ceased living only to become his trophy housewife, a blowjob with legs and a spatula. Our life together was never happy. The hostage’s life style was not for me. The fact that we made it as long as we did is a marvel. I would have done another ten years if I had k**s; I would have for them; I’m just sure of it. But no k**s, no pets, no attraction, and no strings made it uncomplicated to cut. Karen soothed me with a soft, lingering hug as we talked about my break up.
The night was wearing on, and the wine turned into rum with a hint of Diet Coke. There was no chance of me reclaiming my car keys at this point. Besides, I felt completely comfortable with my old friend in her warm house, just like so many years ago. The memories and the jokes and the witticisms, and the booze; then suddenly, in one of those deadly, muted moments of absolute silence during a stretched conversation, even the faint murmur of the TV had temporarily hushed as if it was planned, but certainly it was not, I did the most ungodly, humiliating thing a woman can do in public. I leaned my head back, my jaw hung unbolted and from the depth of my paunch I released a lengthy and profound, baritone belch; a loud and hasty and horrible, open-mouth eruption, all my bubbles flushed and sounded out, like a tuba screaming one note. I was immobilized with my hand covering my mouth; Karen froze, too, her face showed surprise in the stillness of the embarrassing aftermath. Then abruptly Karen broke out in hysteria. She roared backward, lunging then she immediately and uncontrollably flung her tanked-up body down into my lap, where she began to recoup a bit. “Cassandra Keane!” Karen scolded me; a motherly bark of my full name. I liked hearing it. I felt my identity returning to my soul. We laughed until our sides hurt, rolling around like puppies on the couch. “Oh, shit! I haven’t had this much fun in years.” Karen said, wiping her eyes from the laughter. We need to calm down; I scolded her with a d***ken smile. “And you need to stop belching like a truck driver or I might die, right here laying on you,” she warned. I instinctively rubbed the back of her soft Christmas sweater.

Chapter 2: Breaking new ground
“Want to watch a movie?” she asked still laughing, as she wrenched herself off of me and began to flip through the channels. She kicked off her white sneakers and kicked them to the ground. Our feet met in the middle of the couch; me on one end, Karen on the other. I don’t know if I can stay awake through a whole movie, Karen. She looked at me, glaring at me in her d***kenness, “oh I’ll keep you awake.” She said, pushing at my legs with her stocking feet. I did the same. It felt so good to stretch after sitting curled up for so long. We stretched together, with our toes straining to out due the other. I pushed; she pushed, like a tug of war for the clinically intoxicated. Her foot nestled my inseam and under my butt for just a moment during her longest stretch, as if she was challenging me to a duel. I did the same right back. Unrelentingly, our battle wore on. We pushed and pressed on each other’s crotch for several strange minutes, forgetting all about the television, until I finally gave in. I quit. I smiled and brought my head backward to the cushion. You won this battle, I announced with a dreamy slur to my voice. Karen stretched her legs out fully, claiming the victory, taking her captured space, and continued to push back on my legs until her big toe inside her thick, white sock was pressed firmly against my heated crotch. Without a word, she slowly ground her foot again my pubic bone, which was protected by only the thickness of my jeans. I rested my head back, taking it all in. I felt tingles moving through me. Over and over she surged her toe with a plunging effect, and it was driving me nuts. My friend is trying to get me off, I thought. This is messed up. I pushed back against the arm of the sofa, forcing my crotch down harder to her foot. I peeked down the length of the couch and saw Karen’s head leaning back like mine was, as her foot was making slow circles on my pussy.
Then suddenly in the dead silence, during one of those awkward moments foot fucking with your girlfriend has, Karen blurted in a funny voice so as to mask the ominous question, as if it were a joke, “Want me to eat you, Cassie?” She stared at me so straightforwardly, so seriously, despite the cutesy voice, as if she was at the Dunkin Donuts drive through, asking for extra Equal. “Um ya, I’d like a large decaf with cream and five equal, and do you want me to eat you?” Did she just ask me if it was okay to eat me? Fuck! Again I froze for just a split second or two or ten, in the room’s uncooperative hush. Yes, I exhaled a whisper, confused in a dream, without rationalizing what was going on. She moved up quickly, flipping her body over not wanting to miss this open door, and her hands got busy unbuttoning my jeans. I heaved and wiggled and she tugged and pulled. All the while we maintained strict eye contact. My buckle didn’t quite make it past my ankles when I felt her fingers prying the edge of my cotton panties aside, as she buried her tongue in me. Oh my God! No dancing around, just so deep. I can’t remember ever being so turned on. She lapped at me with the full width of her thick, flat tongue. She coated all of my pussy with her mouth, taking in my scent with all of her wits, eyes tightly shut. She worked like a professional, digging her hot tongue into me, with a confident and famished f***e. Her mouth shielded my pussy with a tight seal, and she sucked my outer lips into her mouth, while she explored me deeply. She just drew my nectar full open mouth, cavernously, with a hum that sang a beautiful song I have never heard. Karen’s curly and twisted blonde hair hid her face as it worked on me, but I could feel her mouth moving from side to side, and I could see her head shifting left then right and up through my thick pubic hair and down to my ass, forcing her nose into me at times. I sat up a bit and held her head snug to my pussy with my right hand as my large clit began to pulse. My left hand dug down through the disarray and roamed under the neck of her new Christmas sweater and found her breast. I squeezed her tit, feeling her swollen nipple on my palm, as she sent me into orbit. My hips were springing up off the couch, pushing back hard, riding her concealed face. I held a full breath, my pussy puffed and pulsed once, twice Ah My GOD, I squealed, and I climaxed right into her mouth. Karen’s ruthless tongue slowed but didn’t stop. She began to carefully and precisely kiss my pussy lips, sucking each one gently into her puckered lips, like a mother cleaning her cub. Without pause, she licked just the side of my swollen clit so tenderly, so deliberately, in small unhurried circles, just as she did with her stocking foot a few minutes ago; kisses softly left to fade down below, just her breath was left for me to savior. I opened my eyes and flopped back to earth.
I broke the painful silence. That was really good, I wheezed with embarrassment, gasping for air. Karen looked up at me with caution and obvious attentiveness. Her dripping wet smile glistened in the light of the TV. “Have you ever done this before?” She asked with a worried tone No, I shot out, have You? “Maybe, a little, once or so, yes, you taste so good.” She stumbled using her funny voice again, and broke eye contact, wiping her open mouth with the back of her fingers, while my hand was motionless, still holding her tit.
We both settled back into our original positions on the couch; only this time my pants were off and my panties were soaked. I just came on my friend’s face, I thought as I swigged my drink, staring into Karen’s eyes. Without rupturing eye contact, I picked up the yellow pillow that had fallen off the couch during our impromptu oral, and covered my wetness with it. “Are you cold?” no, I answered quickly and awkwardly without thinking. We sat and glared. “What? Say something” she smirked at my frozen face, silently begging and pleading for me to speak. I need to go pee, was all I could muster, and with a polite smile, I slid my naked legs past her and onto the floor; wobbly from the alcohol and the unexpected orgasm. I seized my pants and stammered off to the bathroom, while Karen, no doubt, got a good show of my bottom side.
I shut the bathroom door and looked straight into the mirror, holding on to the counter for dear life. My face drooped as I inspected and scrutinized my post lesbian experience look. Soundlessly and deliberately I watched my reflection mouth the words what-the-fuck as if it wasn’t really me. My jaw stuck wide open while thoughts fluttered around my head. Who am I? I’ve never in my life; my friend, oh my God, it was so good. I ran the cold water and splashed my face seeking soberness, and an escape hatch. The woman in the mirror was worried. What will she think of me, was all I could assemble in the chaos going on in my mind. I paced the tiny floor, back and forth, and then I flushed the toilet for no better reason than to buy myself another few seconds. Still holding my pants with the same hand that caressed her tit, Karen knocked on the door. “You OK?” Yes, I replied, again with an awkward quickness. “You’ve been in there a long time, want to come out and talk?” Almost finished, I lied as I brushed back my hair behind my ears.
“I think they call that the walk of shame.” What? I pleaded through the wall. Karen slowly turned the knob and opened the door a crack, “Walk of shame,” she stated with a devious grin. “You know in college, when you have to run down the hall naked after sex.” I wasn’t running, I said with a smile. Karen’s silliness broke the tension. She eased in the bathroom with me. We stared at each other like teenagers and beamed. You know, I whispered softly, purposely attempting to re-light her fire. You know, those two girls in the mirror are watching you look at me. I liked her reaction to my soft voice. Karen’s eyes widened with excitement. Without warning, without authorization, Karen leaned into me and kissed my closed mouth. I inclined backward as she pushed. “You’re really hot Cassie. You taste so” she paused to kiss “Good, oh Goddamn good.” She said fading into a quiet whisper only meant for me. Our lips squished together, her tongue worked side to side under my lower lip; our teeth clanked, void of grace. I was kissing another woman and it was bumpy and jarring like new kisses sometimes are. I could feel her fingers roaming my face, as I began to lean in and kiss back.
My thoughts were out of control; my mind started to race: I never kissed a girl before. Was this really happening? I never knew lips could be so soft. She is perfect. She’s my friend. No one can ever find out. What should I do? She is so warm, and smells so good. Oh, her hair. I just came on her mouth in her fucking living room. I can taste myself. Holy shit I can taste myself!
Our dance in the small bathroom became obsessive. Unfamiliar hands were finding new-fangled toys. Karen held my head tightly as I threw caution to the wind and traced the plump sides of her lovely breasts. Our mouths locked in place; moaning into the hollow of each other’s souls; singing the song we had just written moments ago. Her right hand roamed my back so delicately, so tenderly, perfectly and magically arousing my nipples all the way around the other side of my body. Her braveness seemed to have no limit. Karen’s fingers, oh her soft, velvety fingers worked on my freckled shoulders under my blouse, up and down my spine, as we kissed with unbreakable, brutal f***e. She began working wizardry on the tight elastic of my panties; shimming them down over my hips until they fell, lifelessly to the cold tile floor. Unexpectedly she broke our embrace, sunk her head swiftly, clutching my midriff as she balanced on the toilet seat and pulled my soft belly to her face. She licked around my belly button with thoughtful swipes. I raised my body on tippy toes and pushed downward with only one purpose in mind, to deliver my gift directly to her famished mouth. Lost in the moment, I ground my hips in deep, unhurried undulations. I could hear Karen’s muffled moan through my thick, brown pubic hair as she hid her tongue inside me once again. I couldn’t take another second of this madness. I held on to her cheeks with both hands moving her skull up and down in rhythm as she ate me. I need to lie down, I commanded in a harsh whisper. My legs weakened under the influence of wine and rum and lust. Karen inserted a finger in me and our eyes connected as she kissed, with her soaking wet mouth, the distinct line where my dark chestnut pubic hair meets my milky flesh.
The lovely woman in front of me stood and held my hand as she silently guided me into her bedroom. Only we filled the air. No music, no television, no sound at all. In the hush and warmth of her bed we fell together like old lovers. Our practice in the other rooms had paid off. We locked in a soundless kiss as we peeled each other’s clothing. Rolling about the bed lip locked, I ended up on top and began to devour my first breast. Her nipple, as big as the tip of my thumb; a beautiful tight knot holding her large and dark areola in place, filled my mouth. Her spongy breast covered much of my face as I sucked, pleasing my pallet like never before. Oh, this was certainly a delicacy I waited way too long to enjoy. My left hand found her sweet spot, as I sucked her tits. My fingertips danced through her reedy wet fur. Karen spread her legs wide, allowing me carte blanche. She was extremely sensitive and her body shifted and contorted as I explored her beautiful mound with a ginger touch. Gradually, I slid my middle finger into Karen’s folds, surprised to feel its depth and the heat of another woman. It was sucking me in. Her wetness overwhelmed my single finger, so I eased in another all the way and then I pushed up and pulled back, just a bit, on the inside of her pubic bone. I had found her spot. The harder I sucked her nipple the more she groaned; the more she bucked against my hand. I was pleasing her with all my might and she loved it. Like a mad woman, Karen pulled my head to hers, threw the pillow to the floor causing a crash somewhere in the room, and moaned long and hard into my open mouth, as she came on my hand.
Shattered with sexual exhaustion, we held each other, fulfilled without a worry, no care of time or place. She kissed my naked neck for several minutes and whispered, “You’re so sexy.” So are you, I breathed into her ear, licking its lobe. Then I nestled my hand down to the scene of the crime. My palm found a resting place protecting her moist, horrible, magnificent mess. We slept.

Chapter 3: Repercussions and reverberations
The long shadows of late December, coupled with a pint of rum and two bottles of wine allowed a deep sl**p well into the morning. Strange dreams agitated my slumber. Consciousness was not immediate nor wanted. I was barely able to lift my pounding head as I struggled and squinted in the dense obscurities of the unfamiliar room. Yellow curtains? My mouth filled with cotton, in a daze, I was lost. I panicked for a split second. Oh My God! What the…The bewilderment became unacceptable reality. The pieces started to come to me. In a distressed motion I gasped; my hand covered my open mouth; it smelled. The evidence was pure and very real. There she was. Karen, curled up naked, sl**ping, breathing with calm, even rhythms, facing the other way, her breasts exposed as only her bottom half was bound by a comforter. I held my forehead and scooted to the edge of the bed, carefully so as not to wake my friend. What am I going to say to her? I dreaded. What will she say to me? My attention raced from one vivid detail to the next. Does this make me a lesbian? A LESBIAN! No, I claimed, but it was good, oh my god. We fucked. What did I do? Holy shit we fucked.
I snuck to the bathroom without a sound. I leaned on the counter for precious life. Déjà vu, I whispered to myself as I smiled for the mirror. No toothbrush, I scouted the medicine cabinet for one. I’m sure she won’t mind if I steal this, I smirked as I opened the new brush. I ran the shower and stepped in. The warm water felt just right. Karen’s shampoo was top shelf, much better than I buy. The peach aroma and the suds refreshed my soul and straightened out my pounding head. I was awake and I was scared and I was horny and I was alive for the first time since my divorce. I lathered in circles, daydreaming all the while. I paid special attention to each part of my body. I concentrated a palm full of shampoo on my pussy as I washed. It somehow felt different this morning. Touching myself was pleasurable for the first time. I felt uninhibited under the blast of water. My eyes were held hostage as the soap oozed from my hair. My ears filled by the magic waterfall. I danced in place as last night’s memories came back to life. Then from out of the dense steam, I felt her hand touch my shoulder. “Can I get in?” She smiled that great big smile. Her teeth are better than perfect, they’re cute. The tiny gap that separates her two front teeth adds character and the slightest hint of gum in her smile just makes it a knockout. I held my breath. It was okay, everything was alright. She accepted me, we’re in the same boat, and it’s a pretty exciting boat. I have nothing to be ashamed of. She is so sexy. I exhaled. Yes, I nodded, as Karen stepped under the warm flow.
We washed each other like they do in the dirty movies; her back, my back. We giggled as we played in the water. I couldn’t remember the last time I giggled. “You know.” She said in a seductive tone, “you never did eat me last night. I think you owe me. Will you eat me now?” She licked the tip of my nose, melting me further. My mind raced. I’ve never done that before. I mean I have never done any of this before. But I dreamt it, oh do I dream it. Who would ever know to look at me? I’ve wanted this for a long time; ever since I can remember. This is my fantasy, but I have never ever told a soul. This is all I thought of when my slug of a husband used to attempt to fuck me. What a dark woman I am. Am I filthy? I looked up into her needy eyes. I don’t know if I can, I answered Karen’s request. “Yes you can.” She whispered, easing me to my knees right there in the shower. My face found her delicate nest. I inhaled the peach perfume and whisked away the remaining suds and pulled her lips open and began tentatively licking at her unprotected clitoris. I was eating my first pussy. Her taste was weighty and complex, that of an interesting oaked wine. The bright red of her inner pussy was a real turn on. I tentatively licked deeper, becoming more apt, more daring, more willing with each nibble. I could feel the same heat and the same pulsing I had with my fingers last night, only this time it was much more intimate. It was she who now ground back at me, pushing me back into the pelting spray. My eyes strained in their sockets to connect with hers. She leaned over me and shut off the water. My head popped out from her legs and she crouched to meet my face with hers, and we kissed hard; Karen licked her own juices from my face with an untamed eagerness that drove me mad. Our bodies dripped dried while our mouths toiled for quite some time.
All I had with me were last night’s clothes. I tried to hide that fact as we sat at the kitchen table for coffee. I stirred the clouds floating in my mug and crossed my legs for protection. Karen unwrapped a package from the bakery she bought yesterday and went right to work on the muffin. “Hungry?” she asked with a mouthful. I’m always hungry, but I’m more hung over than hungry, I explained. She leaned across the small table and softly caressed my cheek with the back of her fingers. “I’m glad I found you, again.” She said, staring at me with that smile. I didn’t know I was lost, I teased with a dreamy tone. “Oh you were lost, and in so many tragic ways.” I knew she was talking about my bad marriage, but I refused to respond. I politely grinned and sipped at my coffee. “What are we going to do, today?” Karen asked, as if we had plans. I need to go home and clean up, I said, clutching the collar of the blouse I was wearing two days in a row. “Okay, but its Sunday and I have nothing to do. Can I go home with you?” She pleaded. You do work fast, young lady, I k**ded. How about we meet up later, after some laundry and maybe a nap, I instructed as I slid my chair back and got up for the door. Karen followed. We leaned on the mudroom wall for a moment, neither one of us wanting to part. “About this,” Karen blurted. This? “You know what I mean, silly.” She weakened, turning away from me, “I really had a good” She stopped dead in her sentence. She just stood there looking for the word. Awkward and stubborn silence bounced around her mudroom. She started a new sentence. “I really loved being with you, so so much, it was, loved it,” She stumbled about her words, then killed me with that smile. I hugged her lovely, shapely body and kissed her one more time, but never spoke. My tongue darted around her lips for just a moment, just long enough to stir the butterflies in my stomach. I turned and walked to my car. She watched from the cold of the open back door. I sc****d the dusting of snow from the handle and shouted back, Hey, isn’t this the walk of shame? I could see her big, delightful smile as I pulled away.

Chapter 4: Salisbury Beach
I could still feel Karen’s lips on mine when I got home. My keys rang out as they hit the granite countertop and slid to the edge of the kitchen island, threatening to fall to the floor. I stood and watched the action of my careless toss, like a bowling ball rolling awry along the ally; I offered body English, hopeful not to have to bend over with this pounding headache. Karen, I said out loud, alone. Wow. I swallowed a mouthful of water from the fridge along with two Advil and hobbled through the dining room dropping my clothing to the floor, piece by piece. My trail was proof of my exhaustion. Naked, I climbed the stairs to bed.
The big four bedroom, three bath in Newburyport was lost in the wake of the divorce, but my new condo, albeit rented, was nicely appointed and less than a mile to Salisbury beach. Everything is clean and new, comfortable and safe. I didn’t want to leave my house, but there was no way of keeping it and ridding myself of him. A walk in closet in trade for dignity. Freedom’s price.
The bed felt especially cozy after a long night of sex and drinking. I lay there dreary, on my back attempting sl**p, but my hand was relentlessly reaching for something. I couldn’t stop thinking about licking Karen’s pussy. Was I obsessed? I was a girl gone mad. My pubic hair felt incredibly soft to the touch, despite the dismay it had just gone through. Must be her fine shampoo, I thought as I filled my lungs slowly and deeply, then held onto my air as my fingers grazed. On my exhale I could distinctively feel wetness as I soothed my fire with relaxed circles. My clit is bigger than it should be and protrudes stiffly when aroused. It bumped against my ring. I rubbed the length of my wetness to oil my finger tip, then went to work vigorously rubbing the side of my clit, pressing hard on the pubic bone, digging in with all the vigor I could muster. My eyes tight and my mouth acting out last night’s adventures with Karen’s enormous nipples. I moaned quickly, as my body shifted from left to right. I rolled effortlessly into my nest. Contentment. I napped peacefully.
My cell phone’s ridiculous tone jolted me to life a couple hours later. I leaned on an elbow to reach out for it in the bright-noon, sun-filled room. A text from Karen: Need to meet with you asap. What is this? Her message was too quick, too stern. Something was wrong. She must want to tell me how foolish we were. She must be figuring out a way to regain dignity. Oh I feel like such an idiot. What a whore. Why did I follow along? I should have just left after the wine. What is wrong with me? I’m such a slut! I must be going through a post-divorce stage, sowing seeds and all that. I’ll tell her that. I responded to her text: OK, half hour @ Salisbury Beach State Park, main entrance. I hit send and instantly felt remorse, guilt, all the bad things a girl feels after a one night stand. I should have asked her to come here, like she wanted to. It’s freezing outside. What the fuck was I thinking, the beach. The beach! What will we do? Stand out in the empty parking lot crying and screaming at one another? This is a disaster. My head spun.
I pulled my shoulder length russet hair back in haste, not wanting to take the time for a shower. I dressed rapidly, unconcerned with colors, this time armed with gloves and a thick winter hat. I started the car with the remote while I heated some tea for my travel mug and wrapped myself tightly in my angora scarf. I felt protected. The short drive to the beach barely let my engine warm. I saw Karen’s flower shop minivan a couple hundred yards ahead of me, turning the corner of the entrance. She must have left right after I texted her back to get here so fast, I thought, as she came from way over the Memorial bridge on the other side of town, from the grand shores of Newburyport. I sped up with anxiety.
There was no other traffic on this frigid and dry Sunday afternoon. On my way to the state park beach entrance, I passed by the desolate remains of a once grand American honkytonk; ghostly, vacant skeletons of brick stood to remind us of what once was. Salisbury Beach was formerly a famed vacation spot for the north east. Massachusetts’ northern most gem once offered carnivals and shows, fireworks and all the great attractions the 1940’s and 50’s made famous. Not to mention one of the most beautiful stretches of ocean beach in America; six miles of undisturbed, pure and soft, golden and tan sand; so breathtaking. Salisbury Beach is a rock-less paradise that hugs the mouth of the Merrimac River, and still attracts thousands in the summer but nobody today. It was a wicked blast walking the boardwalk as a teenager; flirting and tanning, occasionally hooking up with a 1980’s boy of summer, wearing day-glow tops tied at my belly and bright green shades. Today it is my melancholy home.
I pressed to catch Karen. The road was dry with an edge of old snow. Unexpectedly, out of the cold blue of the day a Siren! Loud, and frightening. Intense blue lights flashed in my rearview mirror. Son of a Bitch! I exclaimed harshly, raising my tone to my most pissed off octave. I drudgingly pulled to the side, head held low with anxiety. I watched the officer bounce out of his cruiser through my mirror. I opened the window; my face winced at the cold and the probability of trouble. “Afternoon ma’am, Massachusetts Coast Security, License and Registration, please.” What did I do, officer? He paused looking at my registration, “I clocked you at 48 miles per hour; this is a 30 mile per hour zone.” I’m sorry, I was trying to catch up with a friend, I didn’t realize. “I’ll be right back with your license,” he said cutting me short. The officer removed his sun glasses with his black-gloved fingers, and for just a split second, looked me dead-on in the eye. He couldn’t be more than twenty five years old. Cute, I thought. His small build was not typical for his line of work. Thin, couldn’t be much taller than my five foot, seven inches. What am I thinking? He’s going to give me a ticket. He’s not cute. He’s making me very late. Oh NO! What if Karen leaves? What if she thinks I blew her off? This just sucks. Coast security? What the hell is that? The officer took only two or three minutes to run my plate, and strolled back over to me slowly, staring at my license all the while. “How long have you lived in Salisbury, ma’am?” He asked. Less than a year, I responded with an innocent tone. I moved from Newburyport. You know, divorce and all. He leaned down gazed closely at me and into my car as if his cold cheeks were looking to borrow some of my heat. His face was just inches from mine “Well, you’re just getting a warning, today Cassandra.” He smiled, handing me back my license. I watched as he buckled up and raced away with a roar. He wanted to fuck me I thought, amused as I turned the corner to the beach.
Karen was sitting in her van keeping warm. She smiled that smile through the icy glass when she saw my car. I pulled up close in the opposite direction so both drivers’ windows were next to each other. We shared a look, my hands were shaking. “Hi.” She blurted. Is everything alright? Your text message scared me, said asap. “ASAP scares you huh? Everything is wonderful. Get out I have something for you.” My head tilted in curiosity. I just got pulled over for speeding. I tried to complain “Get in my van,” Karen robustly scolded, not hearing my dilemma. I walked around to the other side and somehow, she pushed a magic button that automatically slid open the hefty side door of her company minivan. It was empty and very warm inside from the blast of the heater. Where are all the seats? I asked. “Stow and Go, they fold into the floor. Come in, I have a surprise for you.” On her command I ducked in and plopped down on the carpeted van floor. What is it? I pleaded. Karen turned swiftly, and presented me with a perfectly shaped red rose. I smiled looking into her wide eyes. It pays to have a friend who is a florist, I joked. “You mean a friend with benefits, who is a florist,” she corrected me with an upward slant to her mouth. With that, she leaned in and we kissed. Her mouth felt so right. She was not trying to regain her dignity, she didn’t think I was an idiot; I beamed with my tongue hunting for hers. “You got pulled over?” she asked with a muffled tone while our mouths were playing. Yes, by Coast Security. I got a warning, I hummed proudly. I dropped the rose and brought my empty hand up to her sweatshirt-covered breast. I squeezed with confidence. Oh, she has such wonderful, large breasts.
Our kiss broke with another giggle and we sat there on the van floor in a body-hugging grip, rocking silently. “Want to take a walk on the beach?” She asked eagerly. It’s pretty cold, I don’t know how far I’ll make it, I announced affirmatively yet with great caution to my voice. She pressed the magic button, and the door drew open slowly, like a curtain on a stage. We rolled out into the spitefully cold air. The beach was ours to have and to hold. No human, no a****l, too bitter for even a gull. We walked without fear of being found out, glove to glove. “I’m glad you didn’t get a ticket, Cassie,” she said as we walked past the padlocked ladies room and up the boardwalk. Me too! Have you heard of Coast Security before? I said. I could see my breath. The sand is much easier to walk on in the winter. Most people don’t realize that. ”I think they patrol the beaches since 9/11.” She answered. Areas of frozen sea spray covered the only rock jetty over to our right making the landscape brilliant and contrasting. Salisbury Beach has but two fools today, in full winter armor. The packed and rippled sand of the low tide added even more private acreage for us to explore; warmth was our only issue. We turned to face each other about 100 yards down the beach to protect one another from an ungodly, penetrating frozen gust. We locked together, the surf as our soundtrack, and began to sway in rhythm as a lone fishing boat kept us company, dancing in the swell, until he made it past our horizon. We kissed in the arctic air, and this time Karen pulled off her right glove and swiftly tucked her cold hand deep into my crotch; digging like a sand crab at my mound. You are so bad, I roared over the volume of the breaking waves, breathing my hot air into her neck. I’ve never in my life let anybody take me like I have let you; I spoke softly into her ear. “I have a surprise for you in my van,” Karen whispered through my unkempt knitted cap. The rose, you already gave me it? I love it. I smiled. “Something better,” she shifted her weight in the sand, deviously winking. The anticipation and the bitter wind were too much, so we headed back to the parking lot, maneuvering through the pot holes and billows in the sand, very careful not to get our feet wet. Walking back with high wind is always difficult.
We rambled slowly up the beach protecting our faces from the harsh wind, with a sensation of liberation when we spotted the sand dunes next to the boardwalk; much easier walking. I could see the cars, and I could see something else; a small, black wallet half covered in sand, barely peeking up from under the wooden walk; unearthed, no doubt by the high wind. Look! I gestured down. Karen’s pretty mouth opened wide when she at last spotted the wallet, too. The wallet was at least four feet beyond our reach, forcing us to hike off the walkway, down a slight embankment and into the snow and tall, dry, winter weeds. “Don’t get wet,” Karen commanded me in a caring voice, cupping both hands to her mouth to project her warning. I gave her an assuring glare as I took my first deep step into the mound of snow. In order to make my return trip easier I kicked a path through the foothill of slush as I inched closer to the wallet. Unfortunately, this method completely filled my boots with snow. I broke Karen’s rule; I got wet. I struggled to position each leg, as the snow became deeper with each step. My pants were saturated, my jacket buttons were packed with nature’s white wash, ready to melt and soak me, but I was close. This was quite an adventure for two, dare I say, middle aged women. I could see the wallet now, my rescue mission almost complete. I reached under the decking, wondering what else is hidden under this massive walkway, and plucked the weathered, black wallet from its frozen tomb.
Back at the car I dumped out my boots, threw my wet coat in my trunk, and crawled back inside Karen’s van. I knew she had a surprise waiting for me, but we just had to investigate the wallet, first. “It’s good you live so close. We can dry you out fast,” Karen said in a caring tone, or perhaps she was just inviting herself over to my place. I have to get these wet pants off. I’m soaked to my panties. I said, Karen laughed and opened her eyes wide, hungry-like then said. “Oh, I like that idea.” She helped me pull my wet pants off and then she propped her shoulders against my belly and without even a blink, began to lick the cold pale skin of my inner thighs. I spread my legs with an action so natural it startled me. I held the wallet securely as Karen went down on me. Sucking gently on my clitoris, I leaned back to enjoy her loving determination. Is this my surprise? I whispered in a dream state. “Nope,” Karen yapped licking the flavor from her own lips. “I have something even better,” she claimed. Then she spun over and wedged her body between the two front seats, reaching with all her might to snatch a shoe box sitting on the passenger seat floor. “Here, for you,” she handed me the box. I gazed at her silently, shaking the box like a girl on Christmas morning. What is it? “Open up!” And with her command I pried the tight cover off the box to see a bottle of baby oil and a huge, bright red, jelly dildo. Are you serious? How did you become this way? I sarcastically uttered with an open mouth and a very worried gaze. “I’m going to fuck you with that cock,” was her rebuttal.
Karen meant business this time. I had never met someone so sexual in my life. Granted it was all very new, but the passion and the emotion and the sex, my God the sex we shared the past forty eight hours! It was all beyond belief. I wasn’t quite able to put clear thoughts together. But I knew I liked the companionship very much. I couldn’t even attempt a guess at what made Karen come this far out of her shell. One time, during a rare college visit we were having lunch together with a few of her acquaintances from class. I recall one of the guys at the table asking the women what they thought about different, risqué sexual situations. He was obviously trying to play one of us, but his questions were titillating nonetheless. I remember him asking us whether or not we would try lesbian sex, and he developed quite a scenario. He asked if we were out of town staying at a hotel where no one knew us, and we met a woman who was willing, would we have sex with her. Of course I shied away from the question completely, but I do remember Karen answering him with a resounding NO. She seemed repulsed at the idea twenty years ago, or perhaps that was simply a protective face she put on. She is quite the free thinker, today.
Like a fly in her web, I was trapped and miss spider was ready to thrust her red jelly fang into me. My pants were off; Karen pushed my torso backward, forcing me to hold my weight with my elbows as she oiled her ten inch weapon. I needed no baby oil, and she knew it. But she was kind, and greased her rod. I felt the tip playing with my large clit. The soft jelly offered some semblance of penis authenticity. I’ve never used a dildo on myself, yet another first for me. The van’s heater roared, creating ample warmth and enough white noise to soften the sex sounds around us. Karen lowered her face to meet up with the bright red cock. She licked at the back of it, as the tip entered me. It felt so good. Her touch was delicate and loving. She eagerly traced the length of the cock with her tongue, stopping to suck on my clit, which was now fully aroused and protruding nearly an inch out beyond its normal position. The jelly dong was deep inside me, bottoming out and stretching me with unreserved pleasure. Karen’s ability to please me was limitless. “Feel good?” she hummed with her sexy voice, drawing out her words methodically. Oh, it’s perfect, I murmured. Karen’s mouth sucked me in. I could feel the sensation of baby oil leaking down to my crack, tingling my ass button. I began fucking her toy with great hip thrusts; her mouth, along for the ride. The tension within me bred anticipation. Suddenly, I felt Karen’s oil-covered thumb plunge entirely into my anus. She wiggled it gently creating a hurricane in my pussy. Out of control, I climaxed with authority, and shook all at once. Karen slowed the pumping to a slight pulse and bent to drink my juice. She eased her beautiful lips along my thick pubic line and kissed my belly with the touch of a butterfly, up and down, over and over, her tongue and lips twirled until my cream churned to butter.
Come home with me, I pleaded in a senseless, orgasmic daze, raking my fingers through her thick, golden curls, still catching breath. Karen opened up her smile and jolted “ABSOLUTLY,” as if she was starving and I held all the bread. Figuring my condo was a mile away, I neglected putting on my wet pants. Instead, Karen gave me one of the industrial flower blankets from the back of her van to cover my sex for the short ride. She turned on the interior light, as the 3:45 sun was nearly gone. Winter in New England is a sight for those who love the season of the night. Long spells of darkness cascade into brief, cold, shadowy days. So, 3:45 in December, as any New Englander knows, is getting late. I raked together all my clothes and my pocketbook and that wallet we found an hour ago. She pressed the magic button and the sliding van door began to yawn and hum and drag, as if it was begging me to crawl out. I unenthusiastically transitioned myself to my own freezing car seat, while Karen followed me in her body-heated flower van.

Chapter 5: Making Plans
I felt a hint of awkwardness and embarrassment as we pulled up to my condo, filling the short driveway with both vehicles. I wondered how many neighbors will see me running into the door wrapped in a blanket with my new female lover. Will they be able to tell we fuck? Oh my God, I said audibly, watching Karen in my rear view mirror. I froze in that position for just a moment, just looking. She really is sexy. Her face is so pure and innocent; doesn’t show her age. She looks an easy ten years younger than her 42. Why me? Am I a lesbian? I can’t stop thinking about her. What a fool I am, this can’t work. Oh, her boobs are so big. Am I a boob girl? Karen woke me from my trance with her knuckle on my cold window. “Let’s get in I’m freezing!” She smiled at me and I got goose bumps. She affects me in a way I can’t explain. It’s only been forty eight hours since she made her move, and now I can’t stop thinking about her and her mouth and her smile.
“Nice,” Karen complimented my condominium, her eyes roaming about. I leaned in to pull her hair off her face, and then I surprised her with a lingering lick on her cool neck. “Oh you are so sensual; I love it.” Karen cooed and caressed the back of my head with her capable fingers. “Where’s the wallet?” Karen broke our embrace. Here, look, I handed it over. We crouched down on the floor, using the vestibule settee as our workbench. Her hands shuffled the wallet, opening the snap that held it tight. “It’s full. Imagine if it had $100,000 in it?” She fantasized. We’d have to give it back, baby. Karen’s posture became crisp and statue-like. “You just called me baby.” She kissed me. “I like that.” We melted together for just a second. I nudged her shoulder with mine and brought our attention back to the wallet. “Chloe Olson, 54 Pembroke Ave., Portsmouth New Hampshire.” Karen read the owner’s information off her driver’s license. Should we call her? “Yes, but let’s go through the rest of this.” How old is she? “Born in 1974.” I wonder how she dropped this, and how on earth did it get all the way up the dune under the boardwalk. “She may have dropped it on her way to the sand, but it was tucked pretty far under the walk.” Karen held her cell up to her compassionate face. “Portsmouth New Hampshire” she paused looking into space. “Chloe Olson, Pembroke Ave., she’s getting the number,” Karen mouthed in a whisper to me, not wanting the 411 operator to hear, then pecked my lips hastily, just barely sticking her tongue out; enough to make me tingle. “603-740” Karen pointed at me, sign language meaning that that part of the number was mine to remember. “5473, 5473, 5473,” Karen’s memory chant went on and on as she attempted to call Chloe. “It’s ringing,” Karen stated with big, bright excited eyes. I held a towel around me for warmth, eager for a shower. “Hi, Is this Chloe Olson? My friend and I, well really you can thank my friend Cassie who got all wet rescuing your wallet at Salisbury Beach, this afternoon.” Karen winked, giving Chloe my number. I moved around her while she made arrangements to reunite the wallet and the owner. Purposefully trying to distract my new lover, I ran the length of my arm against her crotch from back to front, pressing hard against her pussy. I could easily hear the affect in her voice.
Karen finished her call with a lazy toss of the cell phone. Suddenly life began to slow, to simplify. I was now in charge, Karen was the hopeless object. I Held her face tight. I’m going to eat you until you cum in my mouth, you fucking little sexy bitch, roared out from the deepest extent of my soul. I did all I could to rip her pants off, but it was tougher than I had hoped. She wiggled silently, freely offering assistance until both her panties and jeans flopped like dead weight to the granite. Comfort was secondary; sex, primary. We wrestled to the unfriendly chill of the stone floor. Pleasure overtook suffering. My lips went wild on her creamy thighs. Her spattering of freckles put me over the edge. My fingers worked their new found magic inside her folds. My tongue seemed experienced for having such slight practice. I sucked her pussy like a starving whore, Conquering her natural, disheveled pubic hair with the whole of my face. My neck muscles strained to push harder. Slurping her soaking wet vagina, Oh the taste! I ate her with pristine passion, deeply digging, devouring and pleasing this beautiful middle-aged woman; I sucked her clit hard into my mouth, adoring the tang. I could sense her bl**d rushing through her clit; it throbbed on my tongue. Karen shook, arms stiff, holding tight and trembled and cried to the angels and to whoever else could hear: “I’m coming, so fucking, oh you I’m coming.” She bucked and I drank her juice relentlessly; satiated for the moment.
The hot shower cleared our system. Karen sat tight to me on the couch as we ate some leftover chicken in front of the TV. “We can drop off the wallet on Thursday and then spend New Year’s Eve in Portsmouth.” Karen suggested. “Unless you already have plans.” No plans for me. I haven’t gone out on New Year’s since before I got married. You like Portsmouth? I don’t know much about it, I strangely and for no reason at all admitted “Oh, sure! I love Portsmouth. I’ll show you a secret spot in Prescott Park where you can meditate in absolute peace.” Too cold for that, I smiled. Karen’s head rested against mine, “I’ll keep you warm,” She whispered. In a synchronized move, we both set our small plates to the coffee table and Karen stretched all the way out. Her head now dormant on my lap, her eyes connected to mine. How many other women have you been with? I just had to ask. “Oh, not many.” Her whisper was reassuring. How many is not many? “Just a few.” Who was your first? I asked with sexual curiosity in my tone. “Oh, years ago back when I was a freshman at UNH, I slept over Noel’s dorm. Do you remember her? I introduced you once when you visited” No, but this sounds like a porno, I joked. “Noel was in three classes with me. Her dorm was across from me.” And what happened? Were you d***k with her, too? I smiled touching the tip of her chin with my finger. “No, it was just one of those nights; dark and rainy. We were just talking about classes. We were pretty close friends. She was actually my only friend at college.” Karen sighed. So what happened? I urged more persuasively. “That night? It was a back rub job. It was so bizarre. She massaged me through my T shirt, kneading my shoulders while we talked, then her hand went plop! Down the back of my sweat pants.” No k**ding? “Yes! She rubbed my bottom for a few minutes. I thought it was weird, but it felt awesome. Then she slowly started to finger me. I didn’t say a word during this whole thing.” Karen’s story was turning me on. Her face was flush. “We ended up in bed topless, sucking on each other’s nipples and kissing. I fingered her, but I did nothing to her with my mouth, that night.” Did you ever eat her like you ate me? “Yes, but not that night. We became secret lovers for a while, almost two years. Noel was always horny; you would have liked her.” Karen tugged at my neck expecting a kiss. Instead, I slowly licked her impressive and dense eyebrows with the very tip of my tongue. The gentle gliding f***ed her eyes shut. With the weight of a butterfly, I touched my lips to the tips of her eyelashes, sending Karen into a long, throaty moan. What else did you do to Noel? I mouthed into her ear. “We did everything together.” Karen confessed pulling me close, she kissed me hard. This was not a typical kiss. This was one of those noisy, messy kisses two lovers share right before a climax. But there was no orgasm waiting this time, just absolute want and desire. There was no denying, I was hooked.

Chapter 6: Meeting Chloe
The New Year was just two days away, and what a way to start. Over the past weekend I had amended my happiness tenfold, and in such an unexpected way. Karen was still asl**p in my bed when I began to roam the condo in search of something, anything quiet to occupy my time. I was horny all day and night since I discovered this new thing with Karen. I wanted nothing more than to go roll on top of her, but she needs to sl**p. I needed to sl**p. We, oh boy did we need to sl**p. She is consuming my thoughts, and truthfully I can’t get the act of eating her pussy out of my mind. Why did I wait so many years? I actually ate another woman’s pussy. What a bizarre situation. But everything is okay, I think, yes, we’re good. If I only knew about this when I was twenty; if I just dabbled in it; who knows?
Karen went off to the flower shop late because the week after Christmas was their slowest of the year. My mind and body were alone for the first time in three days; time to recoup. Living alone meant facing loneliness on a daily basis; fronting it right in the eyes. But oddly enough, loneliness soothed me. The peace, the solitude, it is what I missed most when I was married. Just me and the tea pot, I smiled in the hush, thinking of Karen. Abruptly the phone slammed me back to reality. Hello? A big, bright voice was on the other end. “Hi, this is Chloe Olson; you called me last night about my wallet.” Oh, that was my girlfriend Karen who called. My eyes opened wide, jaw dropped; did I say girlfriend? What will this woman think? Oh, my God, she’ll think I’m a lesbian. My head spun with self-ridicule as I brought myself back to the phone. My name is Cassie Keane. We were going to call you back today to set up a meeting time in Portsmouth. We thought it would be nice to spend New Year’s Eve on Market Square. “Oh, that does sound nice, but I was wondering if I could meet up with you today to pick up my wallet. I really need my credit cards. I can drive to you, no problem. Are you free?” Yes, sure, absolutely. I didn’t even think about that. You probably need everything. How did you lose it? “Well, sort of a long story. I was just out for a drive. My father passed a couple months ago and on his birthday I took a walk, you know, on the beach. I wasn’t thinking right, careless I’m so spacey when I have something on my mind.” We all are, I interrupted. “I remember crying alone on the boardwalk and my bag fell to the ground. I didn’t even know it was gone until I got home, very late. Irresponsible, huh?” Chloe’s voice dragged with grief. No! I laughed politely. We can meet here or there or halfway. I offered. “Well, if your girlfriend won’t mind, I’d like to take you to lunch to thank you properly.” I gasped deep and choked on her words! Oh, no not like that, she won’t, we’re not umm. Chloe interrupted with a barely noticeable giggle. “How about we talk over lunch? 11:45? The Portsmouth Wine Bar is very good, new. Its right in Market Square, you can’t miss it.” Sounds like a date, was all I could think of saying before I hung up. Date, I said date what a stupid thing to say.
The drive from Salisbury to Portsmouth is about eighteen miles, all highway. I’ve done it a thousand times on my many Kittery shopping days, which typically happened at least once a month. I would shop endlessly just as an excuse not to be home. But now that I’m detached, I don’t seem to shop so much. But Portsmouth is fun, no matter what I told Karen the other day. I don’t know why I lied to her about me knowing about Portsmouth. I guess I was trying to allow her to be in control of something, anything. Even if it was a useless and foolish lie, I made her feel good. Besides, how bad would it be for Karen to show me around? It would be fun and make her feel special.
I headed downtown and circled around the block twice before finding the single remaining parking spot, not so close to Market Square, up on Bow Street. Not great, but only two blocks in the freezing cold from Market Square. I huddled with my hands tight in my pockets, doing a big favor here I rumbled, again forgetting my winter gloves. Something dawned on me at that very moment: how on earth would I know who she is? I didn’t get a description, just The Portsmouth Wine Bar. Wait, I thought out loud, her license must have a picture, of course. I fished through her wallet with my frozen fingers on my walk over to the Wine Bar. Her New Hampshire license was buried amongst a million other store customer cards. Yet the license was pristine, like new. I was surprised I hadn’t looked before but I remember having impromptu sex with Karen right after she got off the phone with Chloe the other night. Distractions! She’s pretty, I thought. I figured her age on my fingers, four years younger than me, auburn hair and heavy set but very well presented. The Bar was just ahead, so I panicked that she would see me rifling through her things. I stuffed them in roughly and haphazardly and snapped it all closed, innocent enough, I smiled and went inside, blowing warmth into my fist, ready to complete the rescue.
Chloe was standing in the doorway, leaning with her thick arm against the old, empty pay phone cover, a heavy wool coat d****d on her free arm. Her hair was shorter than her picture and she looked even heavier in person. There must have been 220 pounds of her filling the impressive scoop neck mini dress; designer, for sure, but odd for the cold season. Her Irish skin looked supple and delicate and well preserved. What curves this woman possessed. Amazing cleavage led down to ample breasts that over filled the little blue, tight fitting outfit. For a larger woman, she was gorgeous. Earnestly attractive skin painted in rich freckles that closely matched the color of her hair. Her nails were pristinely unspoiled and her wide smile was framed in bright glossy red. So this is what they call a cinnamon girl, I thought in a devious manner, my inner lesbian was peeking out. Chloe? I exclaimed wagging the wallet in the air. She hopped over to meet me and hugged me, her enormous breasts squished against mine. “Thank you so much. Oh how can I thank you?” She released me from her grip and kissed my cheek, clutching her wallet. I refrained from kissing her back though her aroma compelled me; she smelled of sweet peppermint. “It’s nice to meet you, Cassie!” She said, stirring my sap with her deep blue eyes. Chloe had a secret I needed to learn, but what was it? Something special, something was incredibly sexy about this woman. I gawked at her outrageous dress. Then, I did something I could not believe. I gently placed my left hand on her exceedingly freckled shoulder as we turned to get a seat; sort of nudging her in the right direction. This was abnormal behavior for me. I’m standoffish. I rarely put myself out to touch others, never mind perfect strangers. But she compelled me. It was essential, a mandate that I touch her milky, flecked skin at that very moment. “Let’s eat.” Chloe said with a scheming grin as we followed the hostess. I smiled at the strange double entendre that bounced up and hit me in the face, square. My God, a week ago I would never have flirted with another woman. How things have change.
Lunch at the Wine Bar was exceptional; Chloe was right. We even indulged by sharing a cheesecake pudding, smothered in strawberry, lathered in flogged cream. During lunch our conversation never slowed. Not once did we experience the typical awkward pause. Chloe and I discovered much in common, including our years of loneliness spent in a bad marriage. The only difference, Chloe’s bad marriage is still haunting her. She said they are together for the k**s. I could relate, although I never had c***dren, I could relate to that level of love and commitment. She was a good person, surprisingly wholesome, sweet, interesting, and shrewd. As the bill came and Chloe paid, she turned to me, held my hand with her perfectly tender, manicured fingers and gently whispered “You know I believe there is a reason for everything. And perhaps I lost my wallet so that we could meet.” I gave her an accepting smile as we stepped into the blast of cold New England air, which was holding Market Square hostage. Well-fed and curious about each other, we walked along the striking and historic streets of Portsmouth, our faces freezing. Talking and jesting and nudging one another with our woolen elbows, serving as exclamation points in our conversation.

Chapter 7: Bow Street
Her SUV was across from the first church, a good half mile from mine. “I’ll drive you to your car.” She insisted. I gratefully accepted. We wound through Portsmouth’s extraordinarily charming streets and turned onto Bow Street, a short one way, cut-through that is easy to miss. Bow Street is a unique C curve road that slightly climes one of Portsmouth’s few hills. Protected on the left by a long, elevated cement privacy wall covered with ivory overgrowth that guards a private parking area and a timeworn cemetery, its narrowness and the sharp bend to the road offers no clear view ahead. Chloe pulled to the side, behind my car and up to an expired up to a meter, in tight to the edge of the road. We sat in silence for the first time, warming our digits with dashboard heat. Chloe leaned forward, wiggling her weight left and right, and pulled with quite an effort to free herself from her thick winter coat. As she sat there behind the wheel her scoop neck began working on me again. How did she know that I had recently become a boob girl? Our connection was as evident as her lonesomeness. Chloe leaned over to the passenger side and tugged at my earring. “Beautiful, Cassie, So beautiful.” I wasn’t sure if she meant me or my earring, but her touch was creating a welcome fire. There she was in her tight blue dress, her wool coat balled up on the dash covering much of the window. Unafraid of her curves and folds, with her tits nearly hanging out; with her freckled thighs exposed to the cold leather seat, with my sense of sexual promiscuity as highly tuned as it had ever been; she kissed me right there on Bow Street, next to the dormant ivy wall. The taste of lunch wine lingered on her lips; such thick lips. Her mouth completely covered my own. We were moving together in high tempo. “I really like you, Cassie.” Chloe moaned into my mouth. My hand immediately caressed her remarkable breasts. I needed to feel them as much as she needed me. Her breasts were spectacular; so big and soft. I pulled her right breast out from the little blue dress and suckled upon it, hungry without thinking. I licked it all over, hunched down, cars passing by on the street. We huddled as low as we could behind the wool coat and went straight to work, recklessly, soundlessly, a****listicly. Chloe wore no panties. The middle of winter and she dared to be so exposed, so vulnerable. I couldn’t understand, but I didn’t mind. My mind raced as if I was in a fantasy dream. I discovered her pussy with eagerness as she widened her knees still kissing me hard. I was shocked to find her completely shaved, clean and smooth; my fingers began yet another new dance; such a contrast to Karen’s organic look. I felt guilty for a moment until Karen left my head. So different, so alluring, I thought. I bunched my legs tightly and crunched as low as I could go, cramming my head between the steering wheel and her sexy, supple belly; still no words; and then I did it. Robotically, as if I had years of lesbian activity under my belt; as if it was a typical movement; nonchalantly; I went down on Chloe, right there on Bow Street. I ate her pussy and she cried out in pleasure. I softly licked her velvet lips over and over, while I fingered my own sex. I affectionately pressed my tongue deep inside her, enjoying the flavor of her sex. Her small clit was caressing my upper lip. I maneuvered my throbbing, oversexed clit in a wanton circular motion. Simultaneously, and very quickly, we shared a climax, shaking and trembling as cars drove by. An amazing blast of passion, our sex lasted just a few minutes.
I pulled my wet face up from Chloe’s seat with a fair helping of embarrassment, and turned to the blowing heat on the dashboard, dumbfounded. “I’ve never done that before.” Chloe spurted. Never? My eyes opened wide, voice a bit raised. “No” She repeated “But that was amazing. I’ve so wanted this for a long time.” But you kissed me. I just thought you had “Experience?” Chloe finished my sentence. For sure, I said with an insecure grin. Chloe leaned in and kissed her juice from my lips. “I’m a very sexual person.” She whispered, kissing her way down my neck. My eye lids reacted with an uncontrollable, fluttering reflex. This is so erotic, Chloe, I purred as she devoured my neckline. Abruptly out of the gray of the silent winter afternoon an astonishingly, exceedingly brash siren went off. “Cops!” Chloe puffed, stunned for a moment. I straightened my body to face forward; Chloe straightened out her tight dress, and watched the flashing blue strobe of the Portsmouth Police fly by Chloe’s car, on route to some sort of emergency. Whoa! I exhaled; serious thoughts consumed me. I’m glad we didn’t get caught having public sex. I would have lost my job. What would Karen think of me? I wondered. Paranoid and sexually spent, I turned to answer the question Chloe asked while I was daydreaming. Probably the best skill I have developed as a professor is the ability to listen and think and sort things out all at once. Yes, I would absolutely love to see you again. I answered, feeling a fog of guilt lift over me. I raised her perfectly manicured hand to my lips and whispered you’re beautiful, then stepped out into the Seacoast frost.
Light snow started to fall on my drive home giving me a strange sense of refuge, as if it were cleansing me. My midlife renaissance has left me sexually insatiable, with a distinct apatite for the feminine soul. Guilt brewed and spilt over from my cheap, carnal greed. I have become reawakened, yet regrettably confused. I’m a whore! A Goddamn whore! I screamed, alone in the car, half disappointed half excited. I had never felt so alive, so tangled, so isolated. There was no human being on earth I could talk to about my situation—fascination--obsession. What was it? The mile markers passed without notice. I was back in Salisbury, empty. I wanted nothing more than to cry and settle my personal crisis; figure out who I am. I needed a shower. I was exceptionally horny.

Chapter 8: Telling a lie
Settling in to watch the Celtics took my mind off my love triangle remorse. Basketball had become my guilty pleasure over the past many years, brought on by marrying a diehard Boston Celtics fan. Things rub off; it’s natural; although I would never admit this to any other faculty at work. Those folks don’t get real life. Even without him in the picture I still bled green. Home, now clean and calm, I relaxed for the moment and giggled thinking about the outlandish events of the previous four days. Celts are on; therapy is in progress. My phone screamed over the game. Two rings, but I refused to move. It was Karen’s number on the caller Id. The filth in my soul made me petrified to answer. The machine took care of that. “Hey, it’s me. When you get home give me a call.” She left the message with that beautiful mouth of hers. All I wanted to do at that moment was leap through the phone and kiss her. I wanted to hold her and touch her. I just wanted to understand why I did what I did with Chloe. I beat myself down with questions: Am I that much of an a****l? I’m a grown woman, a professor for Christ sakes who can’t control her carnal impulses. I’m shameful. I had just washed Chloe’s pussy juice off my face and all I could think of was kissing Karen. I’m awful, I’m terrible, I whispered in head.
I called Karen back almost immediately. I had to talk to her. I had to tell her the truth. I owed her that. Her phone was ringing; my head whirling, thinking aloud. Maybe she would be cool with it. Maybe she would be turned on! Perhaps we three could, she picked up on the fourth ring. Hey, I was in the shower, I said with a smile in my voice. “I missed you today, professor. I have something for you.” Karen offered with authenticity and just absolute joy in her delivery. You do? I winced, face crunched taut, guilty, guilty, guilty. “I made you a special silk flower arrangement for your office at school.” I melted into the couch as my tummy fluttered. Her rhythmic voice put a spell on me. The game drifted into a distant tunnel “The Celtics up by 18,” roared out of the TV, bringing me back. You shouldn’t have done that, I exclaimed, clicking my tongue against the roof of my mouth in appreciation. “Well I did and I liked doing it. What did you do today?” Karen asked. My head spun. I paused, perhaps choked silently. Reality circled my skull. Could I possibly tell her the truth? What on earth would that sound like? Oh, I met Chloe. Nice girl; brought back her wallet. We had lunch and discovered an immense attraction toward one another; made out on the side of the road and I fingered myself while I went down on her; a perfect stranger, nevertheless. Not to mention, she has a completely shaved vagina. The truth won’t work! I pressed my temple with my free hand, increasing my very long pause. I exhaled feeling my ribs shrink. “You there?” Karen cried out. Yes, sorry Paul Pierce, the Celtics got a three pointer, they distract me. I lied. Chloe, the girl with the wallet called early this morning. I explained carefully, sounding aloof. She needed her credit cards right away, I guess. So I went to Portsmouth to return the wallet. She bought me lunch at the Wine Bar. I told Karen the simple truth, just not the whole story, in one uneasy, rumbling breath. “Oh, I guess we don’t need to go up after all. It sounds like spending New Year’s Eve in Portsmouth is off then.” Karen rebutted, sounding horribly disappointed. Aw baby, we can still go. I can’t wait. I’ll call an inn tomorrow and make reservations, if any are left at this point. I soothed her. “You called me baby again.” Karen cooed. Her articulation became crisp and indulgent. She was ready to make love to me over the phone. I’ll call you tomorrow at the shop. I need to sl**p. I hurried off the phone, but not quick enough. I distinctly heard Karen say the word LOVE as I was hanging up. Son of a bitch.
New Year’s Eve morning arose with gusto. The light flakes that followed me home from Portsmouth yesterday turned evil overnight. Nine inches, fluffy, thank goodness, meant easier to shovel. But the forecast was troublesome. Snow would graciously taper off during the day, allowing us all a short window in which to clean up and travel before the second, more intense wave was due. Tonight, New Year’s Eve, there was to be a whipping Nor Easter ready to deliver another foot to the Seacoast. Yet amidst Mother Nature’s wrath, I made reservations at a fine bed and breakfast called The Olde Portsmouth Manor, just off downtown for two nights, complimentary sparkling chardonnay each night, fresh cookies from a local bakery accompany the turndown service, and a hot tub in the room. Guilt! paid for by American Express. I called Karen as she arrived at work with all the news. “I love it! Thank you so much.” I could recognize Karen’s smile through the phone. “We’ll have to leave early. I’m closing at noon. I can pick you up at 12:30. My flower van has all-wheel drive.” She planned with eagerness, talking quickly. You mean to say we are going to the best B&B on the Seacoast in a minivan? The same one, I began to whisper faintly into the phone so none of her employees would hear on the other end. The same one you fucked me in the other day? “That same one.” Karen whispered back, methodically, turning my screws. “I’ll be sure to grab my bag of tricks. Got to go. 12:30, Kay?” I was instantly aroused, but I had a lot to pack. Four hours moves quickly.

Chapter 9: Falling
Although not well steeped in the art of seduction, I packed the two single pieces of lingerie I owned, hardly used. The red, lacy number has spaghetti straps and a low, ornate neckline that enriches my C cup breasts, but certainly not too slutty. The white piece might be categorized as absolutely slutty. A gift from my ex-husband; it was his hapless attempt at reconciliation after he fucked his 24 year old paralegal intern. Make me sluttier to fit his needs. I never fit his needs nor into his life plan. But with a new outlook and growing confidence, I packed it in my bag under a few books and my hair dryer, what the hell.
Karen was due in about an hour when the phone rang. Hello? “Hi Cassie.” Her voice came across as familiar as my own. I got a chill instantly when I heard it. Everything about her attracted me. Her breath, her lovely peppermint breath was here, with me on the phone. Hi, I whispered back, instinctively hiding the cordless phone secretively and tightly in the fold of my shoulder and neck. I had such a good time with you, Chloe. I oozed into the receiver, forgetting about the balance of the world for just a moment. “Me too. I really want to see you. My k**s are headed to grandmas for the holiday; hubby’s going out with friends. I am available! Can I see you tonight? I promise a New Year’s kiss at midnight.” Chloe unleashed all that information in one delicious gasp. I tingled as she spoke. What was it she had? This non-traditional, plump, married mother of two made me itch and seep and yearn right to my core? I couldn’t get enough of her. My head spun with demand. I surely could not POSSIBLY cancel on Karen. But I was free, unrestricted for the first time in my LIFE. Should I lie then perform a mea culpa with Karen, attempt to salvage a friendship and continue on with a torrid, sexual affair with a married woman? Karen is falling for me. Do I want that? What if I fall? Maybe Karen will be interested in a strange, complex, convoluted, three person relation… oh my God! What am I thinking? My thoughts flew by faster than the women I’ve fucked this week. I brought my concentration back to the phone. Honestly, I said, I would love, love to see you tonight; you don’t know how much I’ve been thinking of you. But, I hesitated, remember Karen? The woman who first phoned you about your wallet? Well, we’re kind of, the words were stuck, well we have plans up your way, we’re sort of, Chloe interrupted “Special friends?” Chloe finished my sentence, drawing out her words. Huh? “I sensed that. That’s what gave me the guts to kiss you. Look, I’m married, I get it, totally. I would never do anything to damage your friendship.” Am I that transparent? I feared. She knew? How? My mind was whirling. You’re really sweet, and incredibly sexy. We’re actually leaving soon. Let me talk to Karen. Perhaps we can all meet up for a drink later during the storm. I’ll call you from my cell, I instructed matter-of-factly. “Look forward.” Chloe encouraged. We hung up with tentative, conceivably unlikely plans for later. I closed my eyes for a moment and smelled her breath from memory, one more time. I grunted slightly thinking of her kiss, as if tasting a fine merlot, the kind that eases the pallet like rich, dark, black coffee. I opened my eyes and dropped harshly back to earth.
As spectacular as Chloe’s skin was to touch and taste, and as intoxicating and comforting her kiss, Karen’s was every bit as alluring and enchanting. Each woman had taken me into a very special place. I was especially thankful for that. All three of us shared a common element called loneliness. Void of that irony, we would each be still deserted. Without doubt, my life has changed one hundred eighty degrees, without warning, so rapidly. Some caterpillars in the unsympathetic cold of Alaska take thirteen years, thirteen full summer seasons to build up enough energy in order to construct a chrysalis. After thirteen years of eating leaves all summer and freezing to death each winter, then resurrected once again during the spring thaws, they finally achieve their simple, yet utterly complex life goal of metamorphosis; a beautiful transformation that thrusts their new wings and new bodies into flight. This Christmas break, I have constructed my chrysalis.
Watching from my front window, I saw the flower van pull up. I skipped along the driveway with my two bags to greet Karen, feeling secure in my trek due to the impressive layer of ice melt I applied earlier. She opened her window and I reached my head through far enough to meet her lips. We kissed right there, in the lightly falling early afternoon snow, with icy windshield wipers chafing the glass, singing a winter chorus, with the threat of nosy neighbors peeking through mini blinds, we kissed. “Hi baby,” she said with that great big smile. The whir of the magic minivan sliding door woke me from my trance. I tossed my bags next to hers and we were off to our Portsmouth holiday. “I have an unusual surprise for you, once we get to Portsmouth.” I smiled, curious but didn’t ask. I knew she was full of unique surprises. I did however make a bold move at the first and only red light we hit before we got on to the highway. I eased her head back with my left hand, unbuckled my seatbelt and licked the full length of her neck tasting her work day salt, stopping only to suck her earlobe into my mouth. “Oh wow!” Karen shot out. I was feeling a serious boost of confidence since my secret Bow Street encounter. “There is a rest stop a mile up, just over the New Hampshire line.” She continued. “I’m going to pull over and rip your pants off.” I laughed full and loud. No! Keep going. We are twenty minutes away, and check in was a half hour ago. Save your energy for the hot tub. I demanded, holding her strong florists’ hand. She squeezed my hand three times, deliberately and with potency. Our hands meshed together and our fingers mingled, getting to know one another better. Our finger tips danced with an inept beat, uncooperative yearning for improvement. It takes time to mesh. Once again she squeezed my hand three times, firmly so I would notice. What’s that for? I questioned, rubbing my thumb in circles around her index finger. She squeezed my hand with hers slowly this time saying the words I-Love-You, one word for each squeeze. My mouth opened a bit as I sat silent feeling her knuckles loosen with angst waiting for my rebuttal, our grip was almost lost. Her fingers were attempting to escape the on slot of embarrassment, and then before she could wither to safety, I grabbed on and squeezed her hand in trade, three times.
Chapter 10: Distinctive treatment
We settled into room 304 in the beautiful Olde Portsmouth Manor, once a famous sea captain’s home, now a retro fitted bed and breakfast inn that perfectly blends quaint with high-tech. It drew great raves amongst the bloggers and reviewers I researched online, and at $580 a night, it should; a splurge that will f***e me to teach a summer course in order to catch up on the credit card bill. The grand entrance flaunts a series of high end leather seating and a walk-in fireplace, of which I had never before seen; towering stone eight feet in the air held captive an impressive fire that lashed out at eye level. The impeccable service had our bags to our breathtaking room in minutes. We opened the door of the suit in absolute awe. Lavishly appointed décor accented the rich furnishings. Three over-stuffed, roll arm soft brown leather couches boxed in the charming gas fireplace. Behind the seating area was a small private library consisting of, according to the front desk clerk, 2000 volumes. I was in heaven. A granite counter offered ample space to fix drinks, alongside the wet bar. A short hallway led to the bath and the bedroom. The bathroom was extensive and contained a walk in shower with a half dozen showerheads, as well as a full size, contemporary hot tub that possessed a Bose music system, illumination, and a small wine bar. Not to be outdone by the other spectacular rooms, the sl**ping quarters boasted a king size adjustable bed and a sliding glass door that opened to a private atrium that overlooked downtown Portsmouth. Simply breathtaking.
Shall we jump in the hot tub? I asked Karen. “Can’t now. We have to go get that surprise for you.” What are you talking about? I begged, nudging her with my shoulder. “As much as I hate to leave this room, we must. And soon, I have a special appointment for you at two fifteen.” Back in the van I continued my nagging. Where are we going? “The Castle Spa, just up the road in New Castle. It’s my absolute favorite, you’ll see.” Karen had a devious smirk that was drawing me in. “I go once a month, like clockwork. I promise this will change your life.” Karen said, finally letting the secret out as we rolled over the snowy bridge that led to New Castle, just a short mile and a half from the inn. I was just about to ask Karen what she thought about meeting up with Chloe tonight, when we turned into the spa parking lot. She leaned over and pressed a heartfelt kiss on my lips, as the snow began to hasten. “You’re going to love this. I scheduled a massage for you.” Karen excitedly sprang out of the van.
Strangely, I had never had a professional massage at a spa. I didn’t want to admit that to Karen. I was nervous not knowing what to expect. The spa was absolutely lovely and unquestionably pristine. Cut flower arrangements were s**ttered about, thawing the cold winter day. Karen nudged me with an elbow and a whisper from the side of her mouth “I supply all the floral.” She boasted. We sat in the luxurious waiting area for the masseuse to be ready, eager to be together. She touched the edge of my hand with the tip of her pinky reminding me of our fermenting desire. Suddenly I heard my name being called, “Cassandra Keane?” Poking out from the back was an exceedingly lovely masseuse holding a clipboard. “Hello, I’m Sandy.” She introduced herself with a gentle and tender energy; calming and low key. Sandy was absolutely magnificent. Somewhere around 30 years old, I took a guess. Her attractive features were definitely Greek. Pitch black hair that glistened with an enviable shine in the soft indirect lighting. She was superbly natural in every way. No polish, yet her short nails were perfectly manicured. Her curvy body gave evidence of muscle tone, yet she was feminine in every way. My inner lesbian was rearing its head again.
“Welcome Cassandra, and Happy New Year, Here is warm house gown for you to change into. Please leave all your clothes in this basket.” Sandy coached me each step of the way. After changing in private, I met Sandy in the adjoining room. I was pleasantly surprised at the elegance and comfort the massage room offered. Thick white carpet eased the bare feet. The table was slightly heated and classical music and candles created the relaxing, almost sl**py ambiance. I settled on the table, chest down. My face rested comfortably on the donut-like support pillow, allowing me a clear view of the carpeted floor. I closed my eyes as Sandy exposed my back by peeling off the terrycloth house gown. What a thoughtful surprise, I thought. Sandy’s hands warmed the aromatic oil, and then began to work on my shoulders. Her touch was transcendent; delicate, meaningful, knowledgeable. She worked my back thoroughly, careful not to miss an inch. Her long strokes made me shiver. Her wrists turned deep circles on my sciatic nerve, and then she leaned forward allowing her full arm to rub the whole length of my back, ending with her elbows at the top of my neck. This move was repeated several times slowly, putting me into a New Year’s Eve trance. A moment later Sandy reached over to the table next to her and extracted three rounded beach stones; each about the size of a pack of cards, and placed them on my back in a neat little row. The stones felt peppery in their spots, warm and effective in loosening my tension. As the stones did their work, Sandy moved her hands even lower, to my astonishment. She began to work my buttocks; rippling the heel of her palms deep into my tissue; Kneading my flesh. At this point my wetness had to be obvious. Sandy hadn’t yet peeped a sound, but all of a sudden she said, “I see you are friends with Karen. She is a very special customer and a good friend of the spa.” She’s terrific, I moaned through the face support. “She requested I give you our distinctive treatment, today.” Oh, really? I questioned from cloud nine. And just then, at that very moment, Sandy inserted her thumb in my vagina. Oh, wow! I breathed then gasped for air, finally understanding what the distinctive treatment was.
Sandy’s distinctive treatment was underway. She fingered me, expertly for a few minutes. She held pressure on my pubic bone from inside my vagina and with the knuckle of her index finger, stimulated my clitoris. How did she know how to do that? I wondered, wiggling with ecstasy. After a moment of this absolute pleasure, and just when I was on the brink of an orgasm, Sandy removed the stones from my back and asked me to turn over. She placed a warm cloth over my eyes and oiled my breasts with her soft, expert hands. She teased my nipples stiff by tracing circles with the flat, oily palm of her hands; just barely touching them. Her fingers worked their way past my abdomen and again along my pubic bone, this time from a different angle. With a soft brush she stroked and combed my thick pubic hair while her other hand elegantly sketched the outline of my pussy lips. All groomed, she inserted those two busy fingers into my pussy, as her right hand was preparing something on her work table. Wet, squishing noises accompanied the classical soundtrack. Unexpectedly, I felt a vibrator. Sandy had lubed a vibrating tool and began working it on my clit as she fingered my soaking wet pussy. My hands clutched the massage table, white knuckles holding back my orgasm. Her thrusts became f***eful and satisfying. The vibrator then entered me. Sandy pressed in firmly as she started to lick the side of my large, enflamed clit. I bucked my hips forward uncontrollably. Grunting as if I was lifting a thousand pounds off my chest, I came as my clitoris pulsated on Sandy’s tongue. Her touch was the most unique I had ever experienced. She silently kissed my tummy and my breasts, and then kissed me on the mouth, just once. She turned toward the door and looked back “I trust you enjoyed yourself, I did.” She said in a composed, unemotional tone, and then left the room for me to dress.
Karen was in the waiting area drinking tea and reading a magazine. She stood and greeted me with her beautiful smile; just standing there staring at me, satisfied, contented. “How was it? She questioned. It was a very distinctive treatment, I told her sarcastically. I’ve never had such a, well--unique gift. Thank you. We chuckled together and she leaned over and kissed me. “Let’s go get in that hot tub.” Karen whispered. The cold stormy afternoon stirred me from my sexual stupor. Snow was accumulating rapidly and for once, we were simply pleased to get snowbound in that astounding room. I think, but I’m not sure, I might just have one more surprise for you, Miss Karen. I stated with a devious thought in mind. “What is it?” Karen asked, keeping all her attention on the snowy road. With that, I dialed Chloe’s number as I promised, no longer worried what Karen might think now that I know she receives happy ending massages every month. Which still boggled my mind, but it did not disturb me. I felt as free as ever. Hi Chloe! I said as she answered on one ring. Karen’s head twisted my way with a surprised look when she heard her name; she turned off the van radio to listen. Karen and I have a pretty nice room at The Olde Portsmouth Manor. Would you like to get together for a New Year’s drink? Chloe accepted the invitation readily, as I knew she would. She most likely understood my stiffened delivery on the phone. I mean, I didn’t want Karen to think this was premeditated. My offer to pick her up due to the storm was unneeded, as she too owned a sturdy four wheel drive, and she only lived a couple miles away. “Chloe?” Karen said, surprised and curious. Yes, she is a lovely lady. I think you’ll like her. I know she enjoys fine wine. I bet we can get her in that tub with us. “You’re so bad, professor!” Karen said in a playfully inquisitive tone.

Chapter 11: Three for a holiday drink
We thought it best to wait for Chloe in the lobby, although we were more than eager to enjoy all the toys our room contained. We sat closely in front of the giant fireplace, admiring the historic architecture and the hallowedness of the spectacular mansion. So, do you think this place is haunted? I asked, struggling to pass the time. “Well if there is a ghost,” Karen paused dramatically, as if telling a spooky story at a campfire. “She better well know how to eat my pussy.” What! I squealed. You are so bad. How on earth did you get this way? “Change of life, I’m going through it soon, makes one horny.” Karen specified quickly and authoritatively, as if she was a medical doctor. You’re 42. Check back in ten years for the change. This is not the change of life, I hate to tell you. You might just be a lesbian nymphomaniac. I scolded with a smile. “I’m always horny. I don’t know what’s wrong.” Nothing is wrong. I’m like that, too. I just don’t talk about it or do anything about it. And with that, in the protective shadows of the setting sun, and under the shield of the pillow Karen was holding, I slid my finger across her tight jeans and settled it in the heat of her crotch. I stayed steady and pumped my finger slightly, but quickly for a few erotic seconds. Karen breathed steadily through her nose and closed her eyes. The ambient noise of people stirring about prematurely terminated my touch. Just as I evicted my finger, I turned with instinct to see Chloe, dressed to kill, shadowing over us.
I leaped from my seat to greet Chloe. Her thick freckled shoulder, completely exposed with yet another spaghetti strap, this time black, covered my mouth as we hugged our hello. Karen’s eyebrows scrunched as she witnessed our reception. I experienced a rushing wave of guilt and embarrassment. Awkwardly, with blushed flesh, I introduced my two ladies. Chloe, this is Karen, my very special friend. You talked to her on the phone the other day. I reiterated the obvious. Chloe, although shorter than me the other day stood a bit taller than both myself and Karen tonight; a lift given by her very alluring boots that rode the length of her cute rounded calves. And Karen, this is Chloe, the girl with the lost wallet. I felt like a fool. Karen sensed my peril, somehow, and stepped forward. “Nice to meet you, Chloe; may I have the same kind of hug Cassie got?” She said with a straight-faced smile. That smile could feed her, if need be. Chloe giggled and shifted her pocketbook to make room for Karen’s embrace. The two locked in a squeeze and actually swayed together for just a spit second before detaching. That Karen sure works rapidly, I thought.
We three retired from our earthly mandate to what I deemed as quite simply, heaven. I had the pleasure of inserting the electronic key card and I listened in the soundproof hallway to the slight click of the high-tech deadbolt releasing its hold. The door opened and swallowed all of our attention. “Holy Moly,” screeched Chloe, as she stepped in and immersed herself in the ultra-luxury suit. Her face was precious, and both Karen and I noticed. Oh boy did we notice her. Chloe appeared to be the cleavage queen. Her New Year’s garb was quintessential. Black, coated in dancing effervescences; low, low cut, exposing all that indispensable cleavage and highlighting her heavily freckled, cinnamon chest; tight, flaunting her mouthwatering curves, and short revealing at times a tiny view of her pure ivory backside; overall a stunning dress. I would never be caught dead in it. But Karen and I appreciated it. Chloe looked around in wonder, and I instinctively cupped and caressed her ample forearm. It was incredibly soft and elastic and as silky as I had ever felt. I touched Chloe for just a second, but Karen noticed. I saw her look over. What was I thinking? This is terrible. Things are weird. Guilt, guilt, I’m guilty. My head revolved. Karen suggested Chloe go freshen up in the plushy appointed bath. She enthusiastically agreed.
Karen moved into my personal space with irritation obvious. “You two fucked, right?” Karen accused with certainty. I noticed just then Karen’s long lashes. Her eyes are so pretty, but her lashes are thick and impressive. How could I lie to such a good friend? How could I lie to such a lover? How could I lie to those eyes? Not really. I lied. “Not really, what does not really mean?” Karen interjected quietly, so as not to involve Chloe. We kissed. We talked for a long time the other day; I’m all sexed up for the first time in my life thanks to you, and I do appreciate that, and we kissed and it just got out of hand. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. I was scared. I began my mea culpa. Things just moved so fast this week I couldn’t keep up. “What else did you two do? I’d like to know everything.” Karen said in a serious tenor. We kissed and I ended up, I looked down scratching my ear, I ended up going down on her. You taught me everything. I’m not blaming you. I was wrong not to tell you the truth. But you were a good teacher. “I was a good teacher, said the professor.” Karen barked. Chloe walked out of the bathroom still holding a fluffy towel. “Aren’t these things great?” she asked with innocent wide eyes. Karen sulked. Her body drooped, and she shuffled off to the bedroom and closed the door with a vibrating thump, behind her. “What?” Chloe looked alarmed. Nothing, I said. Just that Karen sort of got the whole thing about us. “I’m so sorry.” Chloe tried to sooth the moment and hugged me and kissed my forehead. Remorse set in, but Chloe still held my trigger. I kissed her lightly in the midst of a relationship crisis. What is wrong with me? I questioned silently, enjoying Chloe’s cuddle. I didn’t know what to do next.
Without warning, Karen heaved open the bedroom door with such great f***e and might it crashed with a vulgar, thunderous BANG against the wall. Chloe and I were stunned and frightened by Karen’s anger. Chloe huddled behind me. We didn’t know which direction to move. The crash turned to screams. From the end of the hallway, around the corner in the dark, shadowy bedroom, Karen bawled out as loudly as I have ever heard an adult scream, “SO YOU TWO WHORES LIKE TO FUCK.” Chloe clutched her pocketbook and my arm with her free hand, covered in goose pimples. We held one another closely, ready to face the music together, no matter. We heard Karen stomping up the hall; all the lights remained off in that part of the suit. “Karen, relax please. Please, Karen!” Chloe pleaded through the disturbingly dim corridor. “Oh, the two whores who like to fuck want ME to relax,” yelled Karen, not quite as loud this time, but with great unsettling angst. Then abruptly, demonstrating she controlled all that was about to happen, Karen snapped on the hall light blinding us for a split second and illuminating her current state. Karen stood erected in an awful pose, in front of me and in front of Chloe completely, absolutely naked, armed at her waist with a huge, thick baby blue strap on dildo. “Come on girls! I was just shitting you. You like to fuck? How about you try this?” Karen rubbed her cock while she taunted us; her inner slut was peeking out. Chloe dropped her bag, turned with a smile and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Karen stood there, jerking her plastic, laughing as Chloe and I gobbled each other’s mouths.
Karen walked behind Chloe, keeping her balance with her cock bouncing with each step. Karen slowly removed the spaghetti straps and methodically kissed the freckled shoulders that so turned my key. Chloe’s dress dropped to the floor, revealing her smooth mound. I continued to kiss Chloe as Karen sunk to her knees and licked Chloe’s smooth sex. Karen looked up at me in a distorted position, and said “now we’re even,” her lips still on Chloe’s pussy making her words slurred and extremely sexy. I was sucking Chloe’s impressive tits and leisurely made my way down to join Karen. We kneeled, Chloe stood, somehow, as we licked every last speck of her pussy. Our tongues pirouetted together, licking one another’s face so as not to waste a delicious drop of Chloe. I tugged at Karen’s cock, all the while; stroking it, hungry for her thick load. I fell to the floor, laying beneath Karen, as she continued her oral attack on poor Chloe. I inched into a good position where I could suck Karen’s baby blue member. I did the best I could to swallow it, but it was just too big. I massaged Chloe’s booted leg, running my fingers up to her naked thigh, as I sucked Karen’s rubber dong. Fuck me now with that thing! I demanded Karen. “Oh look here. The whore who likes to fuck Chloe wants me to fuck her; I can do that” Karen still seized control. Karen mounted me on the floor as I held the leg of the table next to me; white knuckles holding back another. No lubrication was necessary. I was soaked with anticipation. Chloe pulled off her dress exposing her freckly, round, curvy physique. She leaned down to feed me a nipple. I greedily accepted her kind gift. Karen fucked me hard, with punishment and pleasure. Her motion was so natural; hips pushed my button so right that I thought her cock was real for just a moment. Chloe adjusted her position lending her crotch to my mouth. I dipped my tongue in the pussy that got me in all this trouble in the first place. She cried out with a series of moans, as Karen persistently plunged. I climaxed in a gush. Something I didn’t think I was built for. But I did. I squirted my climax screaming to Karen, I fucking love you. Karen smiled that smile and bent to kiss me. When she pulled out of me, her cock made a lurid sucking sound. Now that is how a girl knows she got fucked, I thought.
Chloe’s pussy was wide open and wet from being so well eaten. “Please fuck me, too.” She begged in a whimpering voice. We adjusted a bit and Karen went to it. She easily plopped her rubber dick in Chloe’s relaxed pussy. But unexpectedly Chloe rejected it. “Please fuck my ass, not my cunt, Chloe said, coarsely.” Both Karen and I looked at each other with raised brows. Huh, I thought. Karen was into it on an esoteric level. I watched in awe. Karen could fuck without that needed connection or emotion, like--- like she was a porn star, I thought. Karen’s little bag of tricks held plenty of everything, including lube. She greased her pole, and lightly inserted her finger in Chloe’s ass to cover her with oil, too. It was so hot watching the anal sex take place. Yet another thing I have yet to attempt. Karen slowly and with great care pressed her cock into Chloe’s beautiful ass. Chloe’s legs dangling in the air, I held on to one. As the pace got to an acceptable, steady tempo, I sunk down, mining my tongue into Chloe’s folds. Her small clit begged for attention as Karen carefully fucked her ass. Chloe cried out with pleasure as she came in waves. I continued to lick her as Karen slowed her pursuit. Karen fell to the floor in exhaustion. I held Chloe’s breast tight as I moved over to taste Karen’s lips. I sucked her mouth as she held the back of my head. Our kiss slowed from lustful to romantic, as Chloe lay there touching my tender breasts.
“You know,” Chloe announced, “I’ve never eaten a pussy before. Can I try on you?” She asked, so politely, as if she were asking to pass the gravy boat at Thanksgiving. This is what makes her wonderful, I thought. Karen looked on. Chloe crawled between my legs and kissed my belly. Her thick tongue and lips had a way about them that made me dissolve. She kissed me all over, slowly as if she was trying to create a memory. She found my sex and dabbled at first. Her mouth gained confidence quickly, and she began eating her first pussy, mine. Her tongue was inexperienced but nonetheless effective. She sucked my very large clit into her mouth like a tiny cock; moving her head up and down ever so slightly. She seemed to enjoy her feast. Her face was gathering my liquor. Her effort and her motions were becoming wild. She ate me raw; left, right, sucking hard then soft, as if she was mad for vagina. The flame from the fireplace shimmered dim flakes of light off her nose and chin, wet with my condensation. Her tongue flattened out to caress and lap at my pussy lips. Chloe then bobbed up for a full breath, and I grabbed her head, pulling her to my mouth. I kissed her hard, licking my juice from her face, as Karen once did to me. I held her tight, our lips stuck together, and I whispered did you like it? “Yes, oh baby yes.” She cried stuffing my mouth with her tongue. Meanwhile, Karen kissed and scoffed all the flesh she could find, like a desert scavenger pecking at the remains of a lifeless carcass. Chloe was insatiable in her quest and turned and began to lick Karen with zest. Her thick red lips sucked Karen’s honey pot steadily and hungrily, all the while making blaring sucking noises. Karen was at the edge of a steep cliff; she could take no more. I looked on caressing Karen’s hair as she bucked and climaxed, strong and quick. Depleted, we used the residue of our energy to climb upon the comfy leather sofas, basking. No words just yet.

Chapter 12: It’s a new year
The storm continued its pounding on the barren streets below. Normally, Portsmouth would fill to the brim on New Year’s Eve bringing thousands of party folk together, colliding and bumping with their hats and whistles and big red cups hiding in plain sight their mixed drinks and cheap beer, but not this year. The storm altered many plans. I felt fortunate to be in possession of such fine housing for the celebration. Our abode, fine and comforting, warm and elegant, filled with love and lust and sex and an intriguing bag full of tricks, as Karen calls it, kept the three of us absolutely, completely sexually satiated. Contentment replaced the loneliness we three shared, but didn’t know it, just days ago. I rested with a few books on the atrium bench, hardly able to walk upright after the thumping my vagina received. The clock ticked towards midnight, and Chloe was acting bartender. Her specialty, she admitted, was pouring wine. But I thought the vodka tonic and lemon she created was rather refreshing. I sat in peace within the spectacular glass walls of our private atrium. It was warm with dimmable lighting. I slipped a few books under my arm from the collection in the other room and created a nest in which to rest, drink, and read as I waited for midnight.
I noticed out of the corner of my eye, shadows moving about. At closer inspection, Chloe and Karen were wrestling a kiss from one another, out in the darkened hall. I had neither will nor energy to join. But I was very glad of the openness we have all found together. I was content thinking that they might be, right now, having steamy sex. Perhaps they are fitting the strap on to fit Chloe? That would be interesting, I thought. But even better, we proved that we can sustain a relationship void of jealousy and mistrust.
Chloe snuck in behind me to refill my glass of wine; how nice of you, I said as I raised my glass up and the bottle came from over my shoulder. “Tell me what you think.” Chloe requested. What do you mean? I questioned, as I turned around to see her, and wouldn’t you know, my premonition came true. There she was, completely naked, her gorgeous round, natural body covered only by the thick black harness of Karen’s strap on dildo. “Karen dressed me.” Chloe smiled, feeding her cleansed rubber cock to my lips. “I’ll go tell Karen you kissed my penis.” She swayed her lovely breasts out of the atrium, enroot to go fuck Karen. I sipped lightly at my pink wine listening to the show they were putting on. I shifted a bit back on the bench and had a clear view of the king bed. Their show was stunning, but Chloe didn’t have quite the same skills Karen showed both of us earlier. They layered their beautiful bodies in missionary and Chloe sluggishly fucked Karen’s pussy. After just a couple minutes of this, Chloe gave up, unbuckled the baby blue cock and threw it aside, to make room for her mouth. I sipped and cherished the fruity wine as Chloe did the same to Karen. I heard moaning and kissing, as I went back to my books.
We crawled into bed after the midnight bubbly was gone. Completely spent of all vigor, we didn’t even say goodnight. We slept in grand comfort. Chloe slumbered between us, and our hands held together loosely through the night.
In the morning Chloe had to rush home to her husband and c***dren. All would be home by 8 am, she said forcing her to leave the warm bed. Chloe couldn’t even shower, due to the time. She hurried about the room, tossing clothes and shoes in bags and throwing on a sweatshirt she brought; a far cry from her outfit last night. She kneeled on the edge of the bed to say thank you and good bye. “I have to go now, oh my God, my car must be covered in snow.” She fled in a worried huff. She is so beautiful and kind. I was sad to see her go. But reality is sometimes difficult, and her k**s and husband need her more than we. “Our plans to get together in late January seem promising.” Karen sounded hopeful trying to sooth me, as she rolled over stealing half my pillow. Karen knew how much I enjoyed being with Chloe. That’s what makes Karen so amazingly special, I thought. I was glad that my days of living to make a home, so to speak, were gone.
Karen wiggled in the large area of bed we now shared, and slipped off her tee shirt. She just laid next to me in absolute silence slowly and carefully caressing me. She touched me all over, but not particularly sexual. Our eyes locked as she traced my soul through my skin. This was a special touch meant to be only for me. I closed my eyes and fell into a meditative state. Her feathery fingers delighted my arms and pits and my neck and stomach. She circled my body with absolute, sober pleasure. She was discovering me for real, without haste and lust. This was the best sex I had ever had, and we didn’t have sex. “Have you ever thought of moving back to Newburyport?” Karen whispered in my ear. “I have plenty of extra room.” She breathed, closing her eyes, trying to avoid mine. I nudged closer to her, as close as two people can get. My right arm went under her head and my left arm searched under the blankets for her hand. In the lifeless hush of the lovely room my hand found hers and squeezed it three times.
... Continue»
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Theater Sex

Not by us but too good not to share: Enjoy xx

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Theater Sex

Copyright © 2003 The Thinking Horndog

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. Reproduction for profit is forbidden. Any distribution must include this note and the author's email address. Don’t be caught attempting to make a buck off me!

Warnings and disclaimers:

This is adult entertainment! Be warned! If you’re not into graphic depictions of sex, this is the wrong story for you! If you’re too young to be legally reading this, move along!

This is a work of fiction. It is not intended to reflect any particular person or persons, and the incidents portrayed exist in their current form solely in the writer’s imagination. You get the idea.

Content: M+F M+M Public Oral Anal Con NC/Reluc

While I write about these issues freely, I don't necessarily advocate or condone any of it. Similarly, while I throw a sop to protection, the attention paid is realistically sloppy. I certainly DON'T recommend that YOU take your life in your hands!

This is my first complete work. You'll find my e-mail address on; please feel free to offer constructive criticism (remember, I've read extensively from the site, so don't beat me up too bad - I know my competition!), or even (blush) an occasional compliment...

Having said all that, I wrote this to educate, as well as entertain. If you’ve ever frequented such places as the one I describe here, you know that periodically couples come there – and many of them are variations on scared to death – for absolutely no reason! Or they show up and pretend to expect to be ignored, which is equally stupid. If you take your woman to an adult theater, the pair of you should expect to be watched, as an absolute minimum – only a fool would delude him/herself otherwise. If this story makes one woman comfortable enough to let her hair down and enjoy herself in an adult theater, it’s done it’s job. Similarly, if it eases the mind of one male who is contemplating bringing his woman into that environment for a little excitement, I’ll be happy. Enjoy!

It was Friday night, and I had no options, so out of boredom, I went off to visit the local adult entertainment complex. Disdaining books and movies on the shelf, I immediately approached the counter for a theater ticket. The transaction was soon completed, and I joined the ebb and flow entering the theater.

Inside, the usual group was occupying the back row and the open space behind it, this area offering the most privacy, and somewhat screened from the entry. There were a couple of guys visibly jerking off standing behind the seats, and one denizen seated at the end of the row was delivering a blowjob by the simple expedient of turning his head toward the fellow standing to his left.

I decided that I would settle for this action later, if I had to, and examined my environs with eyes slowly adjusting to the low light from the screen, where a young blonde was being anally penetrated, cowgirl style, by a fellow seated in a chair. After a bit of examination, I discovered two heads close together in the seats. Pulse quickening, I ambled closer to examine the situation.

Jackpot! A couple! They were seated in the traditional position, at the left end of the row, the male on the aisle. I made my move, inserting myself in a seat in the same row, leaving one open seat between us.

The woman examined me fearfully, and the male withdrew his hand from her blouse. I took the opportunity to obtain an impression of them. The woman was in her mid to late thirties, a bit heavy (quite a bit, maybe) and sweet-faced. The male appeared older, maybe late forties, and not tremendously robust. The woman fetched me another fearful look, which I returned enigmatically. “I’m relatively innocuous,” I whispered hoarsely, just loud enough to be heard over the moans of the movie soundtrack, “Go on with what you’re doing.”

“B-but... Are you gonna watch?” she blurted.

I decided to take the bull by the horns, “Sweetheart, if you wanted your show to be private, you’d have rented a video and taken it home. You came here because you wanted the theater experience – a big part of which is other people! Right?”

The woman exchanged glances with her e****t, and after a short pause, nodded.

“Okay, then,” I continued. “Have you two ever done this before?” A head shake – no. “Would you like a quick class in the rules of the road?” I smiled engagingly.

The pair exchanged glances again, and the male grunted. The woman looked back at me and nodded assent, still very fearful. I decided to press my luck. “I can talk from here, but it would cause less commotion if I sat there,” I said, pointing to the seat between us. “I’ll keep my hands to myself, and move back after.”

This triggered a whispered conference, and I became worried that I’d gone too far – but they came to agreement, and the male grunted, “Okay.” I got the impression that the woman had argued the ‘for’ position, which augured well for the evening.

I shifted closer, and picked up a subtle hint of perfume, and another familiar smell – feminine arousal. Cool! “Okay, first thing: Honey, you can relax. Some of the people here are only interested in boys, and could care less – but those who like women are proud of you and want you to have a good time! You’re very brave to come here and we all applaud that! To us, you represent proof that there really ARE girls out there who like sex, and we’re happy to have you here!”

I looked into wide eyes. The woman drew a shaky breath, “Really?”

“Sure! Moreover, you’re perfectly safe, here – no one will do anything with you that you don’t allow. If someone tries and you raise a ruckus, twenty guys will hop out of their seats and pound on the offender – guaranteed. Chivalry isn’t dead – particularly in places like this. Take me, for example,” I tried to look innocuous, something usually not to difficult. “How could I expect to present myself to you as a viable sexual partner if I let some moron mess with you? You’d be out of here, and any opportunity would be lost! So it’s an exercise in self-interest; anybody who wants to interact with you in any way – even just watch – will take action to protect you if you’re in distress!”

From the rapt expressions, I could see I had their attention, so I went on. Turning my attention to the male, I declared, “Control of the situation is YOUR department!”

“Huh?” he grunted.

“Okay, we’re a bit ahead of things, because I’m sitting here – I’ll come back to that – but the bottom line is that YOU control the situation,” I explained. “Other men will look to you for guidance in what is allowed and what is not. I’m sitting here, too, and I’m considered an invited guest – but I have no say. Only YOU do! If you wave someone off, he’ll back off. If he doesn’t, and you make an issue of it, others – especially others involved – will support you.”

He nodded, and the woman looked more comfortable. “Now,” I continued, “Let’s talk about etiquette. Even if you sit here looking uptight, you’re going to attract a certain amount of attention. Guys will take up seats all around you, trying to get a look at what’s going on.”

“Why?” the woman asked.

“Because observing the real thing, however poorly, is better than watching a movie,” I replied. “Add to that the distinct possibility that you might allow some level of participation, and the issue becomes pretty clear. Most of us – me included – hunger just to touch a woman. Anything - rubbing her neck, or thigh – just holding her hand while she orgasms is better than nothing at all. An opportunity to help in any way is gravy.”

“Wow! Don’t they care that I’m...” she waved at herself.

“I’ve seen all shapes and sizes, ages – young guys might stay away from a really old woman, but there are old guys in here, too – LOTS of them! This is a haven of the really desperate male – looks don’t matter squat if you’re female.” I replied, continuing, “I’m being brutally honest, here.” An older guy slid into a seat diagonally in front of the woman, directly in front of me. “See? We really need to get on to etiquette – we’re farther along than you realize.”

“Okay, go ahead,” the man rasped.

I too a breath, and continued, “Okay, as I said, you’re going to attract some attention. Initially, everybody is going to be circumspect, especially if there is no visible activity, and you’re just sitting there like a lump, clutching your purse!” I grinned to take the sting out of it. “Virtually no one will occupy this seat directly, although it’s what they’re ALL angling for.”

“No?” the woman asked, eyebrows raised.

“No,” I confirmed. “It’s considered bad manners. I actually approached you in the most direct manner that you should have to tolerate. One seat away, or two, for more timid souls, is the usual start point. I started at one, because two is out of all reach, and having to move in one seat telegraphs your intentions quite a bit. THIS” I indicated my seat beside her “is the seat of the invited guest. Inviting someone to sit here indicates you’re approachable. I mentioned this before – it’s why you’re now getting more attention. I’m sitting here; therefore I was invited. That means you’re not pretending to be uninterested in company, which makes you more of a draw.”

I turned to the man. “If someone plops down here directly, without you reaching some kind of understanding first, move! He’ll get the hint. If he follows, make an issue of it, and someone will help you eject him. And whoever it is will be pissed, because he’ll assume the moron ruined things for everybody! Dig?”

“I get it.”

I returned my attention to the woman. “Okay, assuming that you do something visible, you’re going to draw a few people. They’ll sit in front, behind you, or one over. In a place like this, where the aisle is along the wall, somebody might even lean against the wall to watch, although I’d expect that not to happen unless things were really busy in your seat! You can avoid that by going to a place that has three tiers of seating and sitting in the center tier. Basically, the more that is going on, the more attention you’ll gather.”

I again turned to the man. “Once again, you’re in control. If things get too hot, you can LITERALLY reach in and indicate who can stay and who must leave. Somebody gets to grabby or too nosy, you eject them from the game, just like an umpire!”

The man blinked. “Damn!”

“But the flip side is also true,” I pointed out. “If you fail to take exception at something, it WILL continue! She can probably stop it – but she will have less control, largely because she is the target. You need to be proactive in fixing problems.”

“How far can it go?” the woman husked.

“Pretty far,” I admitted. “One time I happened upon a little blonde riding her boyfriend in the seat while blowing another guy and jacking off a third. She had a guy turned backward in the seat in front of her working on her tits! I was too late to get in on that one. Basically everybody was crowded around, watching, and she COULD have pulled a train, but her boyfriend called it after he got his nut.”

“Wow!” the woman gasped.

“That’s unusual, though,” I admitted. “Usually, one or two guys get to help out, and it’s limited by clothing and such. Let’s say one to masturbate you and one to play with your tits, or suck on your neck and rub your back while your man services your titties. Maybe you jack one of ‘em off. If they’re lucky, you choose one or two to take home... But that happens less often than anyone would like.”

Rough talk had created pink spots on the woman’s cheeks. “You don’t mind if I speak plainly, do you?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“N-no!” she responded, weakly.

“Okay,” I continued, “Let’s talk about the approach.”

“The approach?” The woman looked blank.

“Sure!” I replied. “I’ve already noted that nobody should just move in, so, obviously, there has to be an approach! Now if a guy sits here,” I indicated the seat beside me that I had initially occupied, “Or two over,” I pointed to the next seat, “he’s gonna have high hopes of blocking out others, but he doesn’t REALLY have much to work with. If he’s two seats over, he’s basically limited to blatantly watching and hoping for an invite, or moving over one and trying for contact.” I hopped up and moved momentarily to my original seat. “From here, contact is possible. First, I casually d**** my arm on the seat back,” I demonstrated, “Then I go for touch.” Again, I demonstrated, drawing fingers along her shoulder. “He’ll try to make it casual, so if you don’t like it he can claim it was accidental. But it won’t be, and he’ll get braver and braver, until you take notice, one way or another.”

“What if I flinch away?” she asked.

“That’s a setback. It might stop him cold, situation depending – but if you’re showing signs of real arousal, it probably won’t,” I replied. “If you encourage him, he’ll move here,” I slid back into the seat beside her, “and work carefully on becoming more familiar. This is a classic,” I put my arm on the seat arm between us, then casually allowed it to droop until it was in contact with her outer thigh. Her eyes, watching the hand, grew round. “Next, I gradually acquire more territory,” I gently slid my hand up and down her thigh, working inward. “By this point, if you do nothing it constitutes an invitation – wouldn’t you agree?” I smiled into her eyes.

“Uhhh...” I was getting the full ‘deer in the headlights’ look, at this point, so I went on. “Basically, the next thing I’d expect if we got this far is that you would scrunch down a bit and open your thighs.” She actually made to do it, then stopped herself. Before she could turn a glare on me, I nonchalantly removed my hand, which provided just the right amount of confusion. “As I said, though, one seat over isn’t the world’s best start point. Personally, I prefer the one this fellow is in.” I waved at the occupant of the seat ahead of me. “This is a prime location. While looking is pretty obvious, contact is actually easier, using a variation of the arm on the back of the seat dodge,” The fellow, who had obviously been listening, turned to look at us. “Why don’t you demonstrate?” I asked.

The guy was 40, balding, and somewhat fat. He looked nervously at both of them, got a frowning nod from the male, and proceeded to d**** his arm over the back of the seat, where it could come into play with her knee easily. “See?” I noted, “If played properly, little fingers run right up your inner thigh in no time. This trick can also be run from the seat in front of you man, but it’s more risky. Tell ‘em why.” I directed the bald intruder.

“I can’t see the man,” he grunted, withdrawing his hand.

“Correct!” I approved, turning my attention to the man. “Physically, he would be in good position for her, but you’re out of his sight. And since he’s messing with your woman... Well, you get the picture!”

“Yeah!” the man exclaimed quietly.

“Note that the seat directly in front of our lady here is a poor position,” I pointed out. “This is probably a good thing, if she’s actually watching the movie. However, if he gets the green light and the action gets heavy, the guy on the diagonal might move there to work directly over the seat back.” At this point, baldy totally lost his nerve and moved away, cherishing his quick touch, no doubt. For a moment, I felt bad... But the show goes on...

“Similarly,” I continued pedantically, hopping up and going over the seat back to settle in the seat behind, "the seats in the next row have their pros and cons. Pro is the fact that the diagonals offer the most unimpeded view without being totally obvious,” I demonstrated, sitting up and peering into the woman’s lap. “Con would be that you’re not in the normal visual field, so you can go unnoticed and miss out on the action. On the other hand, if you DO get the green light,” I drew my finger down the woman’s neck, then slid my hand down to quickly cup a breast, “it’s a good place to work on the upper half from.” The woman gasped, but I was gone – again. The man watched me, but I thought I detected a hint of approval...

I slid back into the adjoining seat. “That’s the approach,” I concluded. “The forthright will ask for permission, at some point – but not always, ‘cause we’re shy, too. Eventually, we’ll get brave enough to do anything you don’t object to.”

But I wasn’t done! “On to clothing!” I announced. “May I?” The woman nodded, and I felt her up, unashamedly. She was wearing jeans and a white blouse which buttoned down the front – gaping a bit. I reached in, watching her, and ran my hand over her bra. “Okay,” I began, “some poor choices. Jeans suck. You can’t get out of them - and you DAMN sure can’t get back in! – without guys in the thirty second row knowing they missed something! The blouse is okay, but I think you’ve already discovered that the bra is a bad choice. If you wear one, make sure it opens from the front! Probably better is a sports bra, or a halter. You can wear a coat or jacket over a halter, and no one will know until you take it off – but you can flip down the top, and everybody’s happy!” I ran a hand along her leg. “Jeans, are tight. They’re a bitch. Better to wear stretch pants, or a track suit – something with an elastic waistband. Best is a skirt, preferably wrap-around, and NO PANTIES! That makes life easier for everyone! Racy nylons and a garter belt are optional...” I grinned, looking her over. “What kind of shoes are you wearing?”

“Sandals!” she replied.

“Good choice,” I approved, “especially if you’re gonna turn out in jeans! Boots or something would make a tough job impossible! And running shoes would be a bitch!”

The woman was absorbing every word, so I decided it was time to take my life in my hands. I addressed the man: “How were you gonna handle tonight?” He shrugged; they were so deep in problem solving that the zinger I was about to slide them would probably pass. I assumed a tone of resignation. “Okay,” I sighed, “got her coat? We’ll need it!” He just nodded, collecting it from the seat arm. “Put it back,” I directed, “We won’t need it until after...” I turned to the woman, “Okay, Sweetheart, unzip and raise up a bit in your seat. Your man, here, and I are gonna grab your belt loops and jean tops and try to shuck them to your knees in one pass, okay?”

“Okay,” she nodded and busied herself with belts and fasteners. I heard a zip, and sat there, marveling. Hell, this was going to work!

“Ready?” I asked the man. He was already working on a grip. “Go for the back and the side, and the front will take care if itself!” I advised. “Raise up, Sweetheart! One..Two..Three!” I tugged at one side of her jeans, he took the other, and we got them halfway down her thighs before they bunched too much. I continued, businesslike, “Okay, let’s clear the bunching by getting the excess down over her calves! Don’t lean forward too much, though – it’ll make things obvious!” I worked her right leg, and he her left, until the jeans were puddle around her ankles. “Okay, Sweetheart, I’m gonna put my foot in the crotch of your jeans – you kick your sandals off and pull your feet free, one at a time!” Then I proceeded to get an eyeful of her furry crotch, while directing, “We need the coat, now...” I placed the foot, and she wriggled free; I couldn’t fucking believe it! I’d gotten her to shuck her jeans without REALLY thinking about it! “There, isn’t that better?” I asked innocently.

Only then did she stop and take stock of the situation, realizing that she was naked from the waist down in a seat between her man and a stranger. “Uh, yeah...” she murmured, weakly.

I busied myself solicitously placing her coat over her exposed lap – but left a hand possessively grasping the inside of her right thigh, just above the knee. I looked up, into her eyes, and waited...

It took a second. She shook off the distraction of the adjustments, coped with the basic embarrassment, pondered my gaze for a moment – and the light went on. But her eyes twinkled, and the corners of her mouth turned up as she murmured, “Arthur, we’ve been had!”

Arthur turned his patented glare on me as he leaned in. I ducked my head and looked impish. “Only over the jeans thing,” I chuckled, “Everything else was straight up! I just couldn’t resist.”

“How am I gonna get my jeans back on?” she asked, but she didn’t sound or look angry, so...

“You’re gonna need help,” I chuckled.

The man – Arthur – hissed, “What’s this all about?” but the woman quelled him with a hand on his knee.

I answered anyway, “I took advantage of your interest to lead you to commit yourselves.”

“And he’s trying to ensure that he stays in the guest seat!” she murmured, but her hand slid up and down the forearm I had buried under her coat gently, without any attempt at removal.

“I DO have a certain investment in the situation,” I pointed out diffidently.

Arthur engaged his woman’s eyes, but she granted permission with a slight nod, and he settled back. Encouraged, I began a gentle attack on our woman’s inner right thigh. Her breathing picked up; I sensed tension, but not a lot of fear. “That’s it Sweetheart,” I murmured gently, “Relax and enjoy. What are you here for, anyway?” She settled a bit, sighing, and her knees came further apart – I was in like Flynn!

I sensed a slight tension as she held back, evaluation whether to tell me the truth or not, then she relaxed, and I got a version of it, at least. “I need...more,” she husked, “and Arthur is looking for... different...”

My ears pricked up (pardon the pun), and I said “Oh?” I reached across with my right hand to engage her chest – damned bra! “What’s Arthur want?”

I watched her eyes. She couldn’t get it out, but it excited her. “You know...” she murmured.

“No, I don’t,” I admitted, behind a raised eyebrow as I reassessed things. “But we might be in the wrong spot!”

“Hmmm?” she murmured, but I ignored her for the moment – the conversation would take place across her chest, after all.

I released her covered tit and crooked a finger at Arthur. He leaned in and we got down to business, “Arthur, give me a hand with this damned truss!” I hauled on a bra cup. “Sweetheart, can you lean up? Arthur, see if you can get your hand under the back of her blouse and do the one-handed opening thing, will you?” While he was decisively engaged, I pursued the primary issue: “Arthur, uh,” I stopped and addressed our woman who was holding herself up by hands on the seat arms, “I can continue to call you Sweetheart all night, but sometimes in conversation...”

There was a quiet snap, and she settled back. “It’s Doris,” she murmured.

“Bobby,” I returned. “C’mon back, Arthur! We need to talk!” I urged and Arthur paused. Directing my attention to Doris, I asked, “Sweetheart, can you do that under the blouse removal thing you girls do?”

“Tough in long sleeves, she murmured, “I’ve got big cups!”

“Yes, you do!” I approved. She shrugged and began unbuttoning her blouse cuffs. “Arthur, Doris tells me that you’re here to get some attention of your own – some male attention! That true?”

“It’s Art,” he mumbled, “Doris only calls me Arthur when I’m in trouble...”

“Yeah, I get called Robert under those circumstances,” I commiserated. “Back to the question: You looking for some male attention?”

I caught his blush even in the dimness. “Yeah,” he mumbled.

“Okay, what are you looking for? A blowjob? Maybe giving one? Something more intense?”

“I’m” he replied. I took a really good look at him, while my hands took in Doris’ reaction. Obviously, she was excited by the idea. And I could handle it if I needed to...

“All right,” I announced, “this is a new situation! And we’re in the wrong spot!”

“Huh?” I got from both of them.

“Okay, look,” I explained, “This is the standard position for a straight couple – but if Art wants any attention at all, it’s no good! We need to move over two seats!”

“Why?” Doris asked.

“Well, to be fair, he IS approachable via the aisle, but it’s generally not done,” I explained. “The assumption is that if he sits on the aisle guarding you, he’s straight. We need to move over, so anyone who takes him on will have a seat to work from. As it is, things will be difficult... It’s hard for him to garner any attention with you here.”

I locked eyes with Art. “Okay,” he agreed. Doris nodded, too.

“Okay, we’re going to move two seats – but one at a time! Doris has to stay low, for obvious reasons...” I directed. I snagged her jeans with my foot and transferred them to my outside hand, then breathed in her ear, “I’ve got your pants...”

Doris was a sport and played along. “You gonna give then back?”

“Maybe!” I teased. “What’re you gonna give ME?”

Her hand dropped into my lap. “I’ll think of something,” she promised, while finding the iron bar of my erection. “Oooo! I’m getting ideas already!”

I chuckled. “Okay, let’s move!” Both of them nodded and we quickly hopped over one seat, Doris staying low so her bare ass just cleared the seat arm. “And again!” Having repeated the maneuver, we settled in. I returned my attention to Art. “Okay, Art, it’s like this: If you’re going to draw your own attention, you’re gonna need to handle your own action, if you know what I mean – and basically NOT mess with Doris! I’ll take over as watchdog, and I’ll use you for backup – but basically, you’re independent! Got me!”

“I think so,” he murmured vaguely.

I sighed, “Look, you’re going to need to advertise. Take your meat out and beat it enough to get it going good. That will likely get someone to come by and at least help beat you off – probably get you a blowjob, which is about all you’ll get in the seats. You can give as well as get, if you care to, and a willingness to try will usually clinch things.”

“If you’re looking for some ass, however,” I added, “You need to go back there where those guys are standing and find yourself a partner.”

Doris was loving this. My hand, which was running through her pubes gently, was well lubricated with her secretions, and the nipples cresting her big fat titties were visibly hard and distended, viewed through the open front of her blouse. I was having no trouble finding her clit, either; it was already swollen in arousal. She hissed in a breath as I granted it its first attention of the evening. She was seriously getting off on the discussion over her partner having gay sex!

“I don’t know if I can do that!” Art confided, “I’m still kinda nervous! Besides, Doris couldn’t see it...”

“Yeah, that’s big, isn’t it, Baby?” I nuzzled Doris’ neck. She flinched away from the tickling touch, but nodded. Then she came back for more.

“Well, I can fix it, later, if you’d like,” I offered. “In the meantime, we’ll work on getting you some head!”

Doris had started taking in big gulps of air through her nose, and was gently caressing my cock. I slid a finger into her liquid depths, and a sigh bubbled out of her. She settled a bit in the seat to grant me more access, and then she let her hair down. “That’s soooo nice,” she murmured, squeezing my cock. “Art’s not big... I want a big one...”

I smiled and nuzzled her neck. I’m not John Holmes, but I have a VERY firm cock, nicely shaped, that tops out at about 7 ½ inches. In my experience, that’s more than plenty – anyone ever exposed to it has been pleased, and on more than one occasion, I couldn’t be properly accommodated by a woman; the movie legends must have a harder time of it than it seems... I glanced over at Art, who was working his, and discovered about 5 inches, somewhat gnarled, with a big head.

“Art’s acting chicken,” Doris continued. Now that she was comfortable, it was all coming out. “He wants to take it...” Up the ass was a given, I decided. “I want to suck his cock while I watch someone doing him.”

“Ummm, that’s a tall order for in here,” I disparaged, “Best thing to do here is to get through the warmup and select a couple of likely looking candidates to take home.”

“No?” she murmured, disappointed, “I thought anything goes!”

“Well, it’s possible, Sweetheart, but you’d be the center attraction for the whole place! We’d have to move right down front; the seats just don’t allow that kind of access! If we went down front, you’d be VERY exposed, and no one would be watching the movie! It’s a situation you might lose control of, and end up pulling a train – Art, too!” Nonetheless, I could see that the idea excited her. “You should take things one step at a time right now,” I advised. “Next time, you can come properly dressed... Management – or the cops - might pop in during a commotion like the one we’re talking about; you’d need to be able to get decent quickly.”

“Oh,” she murmured, accepting it. I decided to throw her a bone. “We can still get the job done, outside...” I slid out of my seat and leaned across her, low, to take a surprised Arthur into my mouth for a few strokes. Doris managed to recapture my cock in her hand during the procedure, and was shaking from the excitement of watching the show. I pulled back and returned to my seat then, gambling, kissed her as I slid two fingers into her swampy depths. As I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she grabbed me and threw a cycle of three rolling shudders and I felt her pussy pulse around my fingers. Yeah, she was into it all right. That explained the choice in movies, too – as I’d glanced up, the blonde was licking one guy’s balls and frigging herself while the guy pounded another boy’s ass.

Doris let go her death grip and exclaimed, “I can’t believe you just did that!” eyes shining.

I shrugged. “While I prefer girls, about two to one, I’m bisexual,” I replied. “You almost have to be when you look like I do and are as highly sexed. (I’m mildly geeky looking, not a girl’s first choice when she looks around a room). I can handle your fantasy – AND Art’s! Besides, we’ve been acting weird; people will stay away unless they see something overt. This way, I kind of advertised for Art...”

I worked, too! A black k**, young, but kind of heavy, slid into the seat ahead of Art on the off side. Obviously, he wanted to take in the whole show – but he was more interested in cock... I leaned across Doris, and asked Art quietly, “Got anything against blacks?”

“Uhhh...” Art was thinking about it.

I sweetened the pot: “Blacks have the softest mouths – Heavenly!”

Art’s eyes widened, “Really?”

“Oh, yeah!” I insisted. Doris, listening in, was getting excited again. I took a fat nipple in my mouth for a second, then directed, “Be obvious. Slide your pants down and work it slowly. Give him the eye. You, too, Doris. Let him know you want to watch.”

The k** turned around to scope things, and found us all looking, which scared him a bit, so he snapped his eyes back – but I watched him start working up his courage for the second pass. “Sweetheart, if he meets your eyes, flash a look at Art’s equipment. I’m pretty sure it’s what he’s here for, and it’ll help with his confidence. I’m gonna pretend to ignore him.”

“Okay!” she panted. I took her nipple in again – it was rock hard, chewy. She groaned. I had two fingers in her and my thumb rotating on her clit; as the k** took his second look, her hips began to roll in the seat. I knew that she’d followed instructions, because I watched the k**’s eyes drop into Art’s lap, where they stayed. I watched the k** relax, and then tense as his arm d****d over the seat back.

“If he catches your eye again, look at Art’s cock and nod,” I directed. “He’ll take it, then. In this situation, you’re controlling access to Art!” Turning my attention to Art, I whispered, “Meet his eyes...”

The extended arm drifted off the seatback, settling toward Art’s right knee, as predicted. Art held still and let it happen. Doris started puffing like a steam engine. “Easy, Sweetheart – wait for it! Art’s home free! When the k** looks, give him the seat with your eyes.”

Doris was shaking like a leaf, watching the black k**’s hand moving slowly up Art’s leg. With my eyes, I motioned for Art to slide forward and make it easy on the k**. Art slouched forward and watched the hand, sighing a bit as the fingers began to take possession of his cock. The k**, gratified, swung around, first locking eyes with Doris, then with Art. He swung back to me, and I winked, indicating the seat next to Art. The k** glanced at the seat, then at Doris, who nodded. Seconds later, the k** got up and circled around the row. He didn’t even bother to lower the seat, going to his knees in the floor and sucking Art in. Art gave a big sigh and relaxed, and Doris moaned and started soaking my fingers. I stuck my thumb in her mouth to give her something to do to keep from getting too loud, and rode it out. She convulsed about six times, then her hand dropped to my wrist, letting me know that she needed a respite. “God, that was good!” she sighed. Her hand went back to my cock, but her attention was on Art and the k**, which was okay with me, for the moment – might even work out... I got to thinking about it, and decided we might as well go for broke. I caught Doris’ eye, “Why don’t you pet him?”

Her eyes popped, then she reached out with her left hand and began caressing the k**’s neck.

Art, who was basically in Heaven, roused a bit. “Art,” I hissed.

Art raised up a bit, holding the k** in place with his left forearm. “Yeah?”

“This could work out well,” I opined, “Why don’t you pet him down lower – see if he’ll let you play with his ass?”

Art flashed me a look of gratitude, and started rubbing the k**’s back, working lower and lower. The k** only seemed to work harder. Doris momentarily removed her hand from my cock to pull at my wrist, letting me know I could resume frigging her, never removing her hand from the k**’s head and neck, her eyes locked on the action. I grinned – a way to up the ante had occurred to me, but I’d wait a bit...

In the meantime, someone settled into the seat behind Doris. I checked him out – a wiry, tough-looking character with a graying brush cut. He looked to be about 50. I considered him, but did nothing; personally, I felt that taking that seat immediately indicated that the guy was probably going to be pushy, especially since he made a point of sitting right up and going for the over the shoulder view between Art and Doris.

Doris noticed him first; Art was engrossed. She glanced over at me, and I shrugged, and whispered, “Want me to run him off? Or we can see if he plays nice...” She considered a bit, then shrugged, still watching me nervously. “It’ll be okay,” I assured her. She relaxed and leaned her head on my shoulder, watching the action in Art’s seat. I watched the new guy. I’d taken an instant dislike to him, but I was trying to be fair about it, ensuring that it wasn’t just jealousy. Moments later, big hands came up, first onto the seatback, then onto Doris’ shoulders. She raised her head to facilitate his movements, and very quickly, he had a fat breast in either hand. I held Doris’ eyes until she nodded, then concentrated on her cunt, surrendering her breasts to the new guy.

Art and the k** were actively engaged; Art was definitely sweeping his hand all over the k**’s ass, and he wasn’t complaining at all. I started working on a third finger in Doris; I suspected that I would be fisting her before the evening was out. Doris’ attention was fixed on the byplay in Art’s lap, and she was gasping again as I tickled her right ear with my tongue.

Then she flinched. I backed off to assess the situation – what had I done? But she flinched again, and I wasn’t moving anything. Whatthefuck? She flinched again, and I determined that the accompanying grimace coincided with some action by the new arrival on her breasts. I flipped open her blouse just in time to see him bear down again, squeezing the Hell out of a couple of big handfuls of tit flesh. “Hey!” I whispered over Doris’ shoulder, “take it easy! She might have use for them again some time!”

“Awww,” he grunted, “she’ll be fine.” Up close, I could see Doris’ eyes watering.

“I don’t think so,” I grated, “You’re done, Bud!” I knocked his hands away.

“Sez who?” he grated, “You ain’t her old man!”

“No, but he is,” I replied, indicating Art, who had twigged that there was a problem and was turning around.

“And I agree with Bobby – you hurt her, you’re done. That’s two of us!”

“Three!” chimed in the k**, rising behind him.

Our antagonist sneered at Art, “Go back to your cocksucking,” he rumbled, “and let me show Junior here how you treat a bitch!” Then he got an odd look on his face, as a hand dropped onto his shoulder, and a deep bass voice announced, “I don’t think so!”

The guy attached to the hand and the voice was a classic: Huge, muscular, tattooed, shaved bald with a handlebar mustache. You KNEW he was gay, and you KNEW that if you weren’t careful how you talked about it, you’d be his new ride – that’s just the way it was! Our rude guest pulled back his hands; it appeared to me that in mere moments, he was going to lose a collarbone. “Why don’t you do what the man asks? You don’t seem to know how we treat women in here!” the giant rumbled.

Our antagonist, stood slowly, and made to leave, then stopped. He was preparing some smart remark when two guys I hadn’t seen came out of the shadows behind the giant and grasped his arms. “On second thought,” the giant rumbled, “You need a lesson in how we treat men who treat women badly. I think we’ll e****t you out. The only question is how long we stop at the back row, first.” Our erstwhile antagonist turned white as a sheet, and struggled for a moment, then went meekly. Baldy watched them leave, then addressed me, “Is the lady okay?”

“I locked eyes with Doris, who nodded, then turned around to lay eyes upon her primary deliverer. Her gasp of surprise made it difficult to hide a smile.

“We don’t do that kinda shit around here!” he rumbled. “Hard enough for the straights to get a woman in here... Lemme know if you ever have any trouble.”

“Thank you!” Doris murmured, “What are you going to do with him?”

“Aww, scare him a bit and shake his tree,” Baldy rumbled, “unless he pisses me off! If he does that, I’m gonna break him open like a shotgun and pass him around!” He grinned. “He’ll be passin’ semen from both ends for a week!”

I quirked an eyebrow at Doris, “Wanna watch?”

I watched her think about it and open her mouth – and think again. She smiled gently, and addressed Baldy, “If he ‘pisses you off’, please send someone for us,” she murmured, smiling.

“Fucker’s in trouble already!” Baldy grinned, and moved off.

“Rough crowd back there,” I observed, “You join the game...”

“And I’m likely to get fucked, several times!” she returned, smiling. “Don’t tempt me. If it happens, you go first! Then hang around, I’m gonna want more later!”

“Jeezus!” I exclaimed, “You the same woman who was worried that I might watch?”

“Well, I’ve learned quite a bit since then!” she laughed, quietly. Turning, she whispered to Art, “Sit down, Dear, and let that sweet boy enjoy himself!” As Art shrugged and settled into his seat, she fondled the k**’s exposed cock; he’d been jacking himself as he blew Art. The k** smiled happily, but made for the floor when Art was settled. His open trousers drooped noticeably, and Art was soon running a finger up and down his plumber’s crack while the k** worked diligently on his rapidly revived cock.

“So, where were we?” I asked rhetorically.

“You were m*****ing me while we watched this sweet boy please Arthur!” Doris grinned.

I slid my hand back under the coat, and parted Doris’ labia to resume the attack – when over Doris’ shoulder, someone cleared his throat. “I – uh – I’d be gentle...” a soft voice husked. Over Doris’ shoulder, I observed a somewhat geeky specimen of about twenty five, brown eyes bright with supplication. “If I, uh, have to do anything else...?” he husked.

I turned raised eyebrows to Doris, “I think this one’s safe,” I advised, adding, “Sorry about the other one – I didn’t like his looks, but thought I was just being jealous.”

“Well, he was obviously the exception that proves the rule!” Doris murmured. She turned and took in our soft-voiced applicant, and nodded approval. “Come on, then, Sweetie!” she whispered, and he leaned forward, parting her blouse with gentle hands. As he settled his palms under her jugs, Doris turned her face to him and offered her lips. He engaged them, and was soon breathing hoarsely for several seconds – I think the guy blew a load in his pants... Grinning, I went back to work on Doris’ clit..

It didn’t last long, however. A fellow came over and stood in the aisle in front of our row. I gave him the eye, in an attempt to discourage additional participation, but that wasn’t what he was there for. Instead, he leaned over the k**’s old seat and whispered, “Mr. Edward says the guy with the bad attitude is stupid and has a big mouth, too. He’s gonna have to give him a class...”

Doris looked at me, and murmured, “How in the Hell am I gonna get back in my jeans?”

I pondered. “Don’t. The coat’s pretty long, and it’s dark; wrap it around your waist like a skirt! It’s pretty clear that you’re safe around ... Mr. Edward!”

Doris returned her attention to our visitor, “Tell Mr. Edward, that we’ll be right along.” He nodded, pointed to the back, and left. I rose and plopped into my seat to give her room to work, and Doris rose, wrapping her coat around her waist. “Coming, Art?”

“Aw, shit,” Art grumbled. This was the second time in ten minutes that he’d have to interrupt the k**, and it was obvious that he wasn’t happy.

But the k** lifted his head and announced, “I’ll go, too!” so Art reluctantly nodded. The k** got up and adjusted himself, pulling down his shirt (Art had been playing with a nipple) and hauling up his baggy pants. Clearly, he was the smooth-skinned type... Art did the same, and we convoyed to the rear of the theater, with me bringing up the rear.

The theater exit was in the center at the rear. It was a relatively small place, 15 or twenty rows of seats with aisles down the center and along both sides. At the rear, there was a wall, just high enough to lean on comfortably, that ran the whole width of the theater seats behind the last row. At the right end was a cul-de-sac for the single restroom, and a matching area to the left led nowhere, stairs to the balcony having been blocked off. As we arrived at the cul-de-sac on the left side, our rough visitor, still pinned at the arms was grumpily responding to Baldy (Mr. Edward?) reasonably attempting to convince him he should leave and never come back. “It’s a free country!” he declaimed, “You can’t tell me what to do!”

“No,” Mr. Edward, agreed, “but the management can. If we tell them what you were up to...”

Loudmouth sneered, “You wouldn’t. Besides, it would just prove that she’s a whore! I was only treating her the way she deserves!”

Several faces in the group darkened at this, including mine. Mr. Edward regarded the loudmouth angrily, “What do YOU know about it? Obviously, you don’t get any pussy; damn few women could miss discovering you’re an asshole before they spread their legs! I’ve seen you in here before, and you’re a taker – you never give back anything, and you’re rough on everybody!”

“Damn hard to get anything around here!” Big Mouth declaimed.

“That’s ‘cause you treat everybody like shit!” Mr. E growled. “I bet this is the only place you CAN get sex!” Big Mouth flinched – even I could see he’d taken a hit. “The boys and I are gonna make a point of seein’ to it you don’t get any HERE, either!” Mr. E pressed, to general nods.

Big Mouth got a hangdog expression on his face. “Awww...”

Mr. E crossed his arms, “If you’re gonna get any here, you’re gonna have to behave yourself. The Lady, here...” Mr. E’s wave at Doris was interrupted by Big Mouth’s next mistake...

“She’s no lady! She’s a cunt!” he hissed.

Mr. E calmly backhanded Big Mouth across the chops. “She IS a lady!” he retorted. “She comes here and gives of herself to others, sharing herself for free - a generous thing! YOU, on the other hand,just take! Before you can hang out here, you need to learn to give!” Turning to the pair holding Big Mouth’s biceps, he said, “Shuck him.”

They couldn’t – they had their hands full. But there were a half-dozen others present, many of whom appeared to be nursing a grudge; Big Mouth was apparently generally unpopular. Very quickly, despite his struggles, Big Mouth’s trousers and shorts were around his ankles. He stood there, white as a sheet, but held his ground. “I ain’t giving you shit!” he blustered.

Mr. E, unruffled, disagreed. “Sure you will.” He looked around. “Several of the boys here have been nice to you at one time or another, and given of themselves. You ain’t been too good about returning the favor, so I think that if you want to hang out here, you need to pay your bill!”

“If you’re talkin’ about what I THINK you’re talkin’ about, it ain’t gonna happen!” Big Mouth was still talking – serious bluster for someone with his trousers around his ankles...

“Mr. E continued calmly, “Ever hear of the old adage, ‘If you’ve got ‘em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow’?” Glancing over Big Mouth’s shoulders, he murmured, “Jaime?”

Jaime was a swarthy little guy standing behind Big Mouth. At Mr. E’s nod he quickly reached between Big Mouth’s legs, grasped his scrotum, and SQUEEZED... It hurt to watch. Big Mouth’s breath hissed out in a silent scream, and his eyes bugged. His knees gave out on him and he fell into a kneeling position. The guys holding his arms had little to do – Big Mouth wasn’t going anywhere. “Okay, Jaime, let up a bit, and show our friend the carrot that goes with the stick,” Mr. E directed.

Jaime didn’t let go, but Big Mouth’s face cleared. Jaime circled around, maintaining his grip one way or another, until he was kneeling beside Big Mouth on the floor, then, still holding his balls, he dropped onto an elbow, turned, and took Big Mouth’s flaccid cock into his mouth. In a few moments, Big Mouth began to recover – you could see his cock stiffen. “You should be nice to Jaime,” Mr. E observed, “He’s got your whole future in his hands!”

I don’t know whether Jaime squeezed his balls again, or nipped his cock, but Big Mouth flinched, big. “Now," Mr. E continued, “I think you’re gonna volunteer to do a few small things before all these witnesses, don’t you?”

Big Mouth’s mouth was open, but he was only using it for hoarse breathing as he nodded his agreement.

“Okay, first, I want you to apologize to the lady, here,” Mr. E directed.

“S-sorry,” Big Mouth mumbled obediently, looking at Doris.

“C’mon, you can do better than that!” Mr. E cajoled. Big Mouth flinched on cue – Jaime was obviously on the job, despite his efforts in Big Mouth’s crotch.

“I’m real sorry I abused your tits and called you names,” Big Mouth apologized formally. Doris nodded acceptance.

“Now, I think you ought to magnanimously offer to square the accounts around here by giving a few of the boys a blowjob, maybe some man-pussy!” Mr. E rumbled.

“Hey, I’m no qu...” Big Mouth shut up all by himself, when Mr. E started to frown. Jaime apparently didn’t coax him – maybe he was learning...

“Nobody said you are; many of us aren’t,” Mr. E rumbled gently, “Ever hear of bisexuals? Besides, if you take advantage of homosexuals for your own gratification, what does that make you? A predator? Something worse? I think the bill just went up...” Jaime removed his mouth from Big Mouth’s cock, and glared up at him. “You know,” Mr. E observed, “Jaime could leave you totally without options. You don’t seem to think much of women; how would you like to BE one?” Jaime smiled – he had perfect, sharp-looking teeth. “So, what do you say?” Mr. E cajoled jovially.

“I’m thinkin’... maybe I’ll ... suck ... a couple of cocks,” Big Mouth rumbled reluctantly.

“That’s nice,” Mr. E smiled, “Since you’re making this offer, got any candidates in mind?”

I could see his mind working as he scanned the small crowd that had gathered, but was taken by surprise when his eyes lit on me and he mumbled, “How ‘bout you?”

I blinked and ran it through the integrator. I couldn’t sort out the pieces, so I went on instinct: “Ah, no, I’ve got other... responsibilities.”

He nodded and shifted his attention elsewhere. I missed the byplay, as Doris slid her arm around me and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for saving it for me, I’m gonna want it real soon!” As I slid a hand under her still-open blouse, she asked, “Would it be safe to play here?”

I thought about it, but given what was going on... “Yeah, should be about as safe as it gets.” I glanced back to the action, where by some selection criteria that I had missed, Big Mouth had evidently settled on a candidate, an unremarkable, balding fellow of about 40. Jaime had gone back to work on Big Mouth’s cock, and he didn’t look to be suffering too bad as he went to work shucking the guy’s pants.

Doris leaned into the hand I was using on her breast. “Think you could diddle me a little while we watch?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered, shrugging. “Why don’t you rotate your ‘skirt’ so the opening is in back,” I smiled and made the quote marks with my fingers, “and I’ll go in from the rear.”

Doris grabbed the coat and rotated it to where the area of least coverage was behind her. From a couple of disappointed frowns I noticed to our front, I figured that she’d had some fur showing, at least. Our soft-spoken friend was standing on Doris’ other side, trying to figure out what to do with himself, so I encouraged him, “Why don’t you go back to work on Doris’ upper half?” He smile his gratitude and stepped up on the left, taking a tit and settling his lips on Doris’ neck while I dropped to my knees on the right side sliding my left hand first down over her generous ass, then back up her inner thigh to her wet clam. Doris gasped softly, and I couldn’t decide whether it was from me, Soft-Spoken, or watching Big Mouth take in his first cock.

“Take it easy,” Mr. E advised the recipient of Big Mouth’s attention, “If our friend here decides to be a stand-up citizen and comes back for a visit, we want him to remember that this part wasn’t too bad after all...” A few seconds later, he added, “Don’t blow a load in his mouth, now – unless he gives you permission. Give him proper warning – be polite!”

Doris looked on, breathing hoarsely through her nose. The poor thing was SO easy to trigger; obviously, Art needed help... I had slid my thumb into her open tunnel and used it as a base from which to work on her clit with two fingers. She bent forward a bit, balancing herself by an arm around Soft-Spoken’s waist. I looked over at Art, who was just as engrossed in Big Mouth’s work, to see the k** drop to his knees in front of him and begin to open his belt. Yeah, things were shaping up to be rowdy...

Others were trying to decide whether to do their own thing or wait in line for Big Mouth. That was made a bit easier, (or maybe a bit more difficult) when it became apparent that Big Mouth was doing a good job. The fellow he was servicing had very quickly started getting intimate with Big Mouth, rubbing his back, neck, and shoulders, and groaning and moaning, whispering corrections and encouragements. Very quickly, he forgot to whisper, moaning, “That’s it!... There!... Yesss... Yessss... Christ! I’m gonna blow!” Big Mouth pulled off, and the guy blew a big wad on the wall, knees shaking. Big Mouth let him get off his main shots, and when he had slowed to a dribble, took him back in for the aftermath. The guy stood there, sweating and shaking, knees quivering, as Big Mouth worked a bit more on his now oversensitive meat, giving him that extra bit of sensation.

As the guy stumbled away, Mr.E came forward and declaimed, “You know, that was REAL NICE!” He clapped Big Mouth on the shoulder, continuing, “You didn’t have to do that, and I’m proud of ya! Hey, give our friend a hand!” Loud applause, mixed with whistles and catcalls, disturbed those few individuals who were still actually watching the movie.

“I can play fair!” Big Mouth grunted. He was panting a bit, more from Jaime’s effort than his own, I thought.

“We see that!” Mr E exclaimed. “It bodes well for you, too! I think you’ll find you’re a whole lot more popular around here if you do!”

“Uh huh,” Big Mouth wheezed, looking around, “Next!” An old, white-haired guy stumbled up, unlimbering an unimpressive hunk of meat. Mig Mouth gave him the eye, and mumbled, “Yeah, I owe you,” and pumped on it a few times to see if he could get it stiff. Apparently, they had a history...

Surprisingly, the old duffer didn’t take long to get stiff, and almost as short a time to blow. When the time came, he tried to shamble back, but Big Mouth just held onto him and drank it down. It couldn’t have been too much... The old guy stumbled away, and a husky black k** replaced him. If the old guy was unimpressive, the black k** wasn’t – he must’ve been carrying ten inches! Big Mouth gave him a long look, mumbled “Take it easy!” and drove in. You could see him going for extra shaft with his tongue. The k** sighed, “Oh, yeah!” and started rubbing Big Mouth’s back.

Doris was whistling like a tea kettle, panting through her nose. She was a major distraction from the main show, anyway, being female, but the fact that she was obviously approaching an orgasm added to the draw. She was leaning hard on Soft-Spoken – but he was too busy swapping spit with her to complain, working her right nipple to the point that it was over an inch long! I decided to speed things up, so I whipped around back to where I had direct access to her wide, pillowy ass, wet a finger, and began to probe her anus. Doris started to whine, eyes glued to the big black cock disappearing and reappearing in Big Mouth’s oral cavity, and when the finger popped through, she came apart, convulsing and nearly knocking us both down. I came around front, still knee-walking, and she leaned her forearms on my shoulders and kissed the top of my head, whispering, “God! That was SO good, Baby! SO, good!” I grinned and turned my head up and swapped spit with her and it was nice – she had sweet breath, and wasn’t too slobbery.

When I surfaced, Big Mouth was working on eight inches, making a commendable effort to get a lip on as much of the black k**’s big joint as possible. I was surprised; Jaime was working kind of lackadaisically on him, just barely keeping him stiff, so it wasn’t transference, as far as I could see. The k** was obviously enjoying it, despite the fact that the thing wasn’t as stiff as it might have been – experience indicates that when you’ve got that much, finding bl**d enough to keep it stiff isn’t easy (one of the standard compliments I get is based upon the fact that I produce a HARD seven and a half inches, rather than a soft one).

Mr. E wandered up and observed for a bit, then announced in a tone that would lead you to believe that it was only the most recent shot in a long argument, “I STILL think you ought to offer to give up some ass...”

Big Mouth stopped sucking and looked around at Mr. E, eyes huge. Jaime, however, produced one of his signature toothy smiles around Big Mouth’s cock, (he looked kind of like that dog with the hissing laugh in the old cartoons), and Big Mouth’s resistance fled. Shoulders slumped in resignation, he mumbled “Awright,” and slowly turned back to the black k**’s shlong, sucking it in like it was a pacifier.

Mr. E was suddenly all business, “Well. If we’re gonna introduce our friend here to man pussy, let’s try to make it as pleasant as possible!” he announced jovially. “Oh, and no unprotected sex, guys – not fair to take advantage! Anybody got any Wet?” A couple of packs of lube appeared – rubbers, too, without Mr. E having to make the request. Mr. E stepped up and rubbed Big Mouth’s shoulder to get his attention, and murmured gently, “Since this is a cherry situation – it IS, isn’t it?” Big Mouth nodded. “Well, then, you should really get a look around and choose your partner.”

I had to admire Mr. E’s style; sure, he was basically r****g Big Mouth to teach him a lesson – but he wasn’t being a total bastard about it!

Big Mouth came up for air (he seemed to be enjoying the black k**’s meat) and turned an expression of resignation on Mr. E. “You do it,” he murmured, “I wanna be able to live with myself when I remember tonight.”

Mr. E, to his credit, was somewhat taken aback. “Uh, okay!” he rumbled, and started freeing up his equipment.

Doris turned big eyes on me. “I’ve GOT to see this!” she whispered, “Up close!”

I eyed her. “Anything else on the agenda?” Doris nodded, and reached for my crotch. I captured her hand, nodded, and released it as I turned. Approaching Mr. E, I murmured, “Uh, the, uh, lady... wants to watch.”

“Huh?” Mr. E took me in, then glanced at Doris. “Close up, I bet!”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “I’m thinking that things aren’t quite right for your next effort, anyway...”

Mr. E turned a critical eye on things. Big Mouth was kneeling, sucking off the black k**, and Jaime was all crunched up below him. How Mr. E was going to complete HIS transaction was somewhat unclear. “Huh!” he grunted, “Right you are!” Turning his attention to the cluster around Big Mouth, he rumbled, “Okay, we need to adjust things a bit! k**!” He got the black k**’s attention, which wasn’t easy with his eyes glazed like that – Big Mouth was REALLY going all out! “Hop up on the wall, there!” Mr. E indicated the wall behind the last row of seats with his eyes, his hands working to prepare his cock. He stepped forward and rubbed Big Mouth’s back. “You’ll need to stand. Jaime is small, but he needs to stretch out a bit.” The black k** disengaged and got himself arranged on the wall, jeans around his ankles. Big Mouth got up, turned a bit, and reengaged his ten inch fudgesicle. Jaime accommodated the move, never releasing his grip on Big Mouth’s balls, but looking somewhat relieved at the change in position; now he could kneel up and work Big Mouth’s cock without being bent like a pretzel. Finally, still working his meat, Mr. E turned to me. “Why don’t you bring the lady up on our right?” I nodded and waved Doris over. Soft-Spoken followed, looking for something to do with his hands.

“How’s this?” I asked, as she arrived.

“Fine,” she murmured, already distracted by Big Mouth’s efforts with the black k**’s hose. She stepped forward and touched Big Mouth on the back. He rolled an eye toward her, and she said “I hope you don’t mind. I’m not here to be vindictive – I’m just... fascinated...” Big Mouth seemed to accept this, along with the caresses she began delivering to his back. After a moment, Big Mouth slipped an arm around behind her and slipped it through the open back of her makeshift skirt rubbing her thigh.

Mr. E and I stood there, looking on. He was still trying to get ready – and his cock wasn’t cooperating. “I hate rubbers,” he confided, “but I made the rules, and they’re the right ones for this situation...”

I reached over and lent a hand, “How about a little help?”

“Couldn’t hurt,” he admitted. I started jacking him; for a big guy, his cock wasn’t exactly impressive – I had him by a good inch, at least. ‘All the better for Big Mouth, though,’ I thought. It had a big mushroom head on it, with a prominent ridge – it wasn’t as if he wouldn’t feel it. This was probably a sucking cock... I followed that thought process through to it’s conclusion, and laid my hand gently on Mr. E’s hairy ass. Sure enough, he started to stiffen. He pretended to pay me no attention as I toyed with his ass, only reacting with a sigh as I slipped a finger into his welcoming anus. Mr. E was a bottom! No wonder he was having trouble!

But I’d done my work; Mr. E was showing 5 ½ inches of sturdy hard-on. He worked a rubber onto it and lubed it up, only gently backing onto my buried finger in the process. He circled behind Big Mouth and began working some Wet into his ass, gently probing and applying the lube as he first inserted one, then two fingers into Big Mouth’s anus. Big Mouth started blowing air through his nostrils and quivering, but Doris looked up from where she was rubbing his back and announced, “He’s fine. I think he’s discovering that it can be pleasant.” Big Mouth grunted; it could have meant anything, but it appeared to be agreement... Doris started paying serious attention to Mr. E’s activity. I could see Big Mouth was playing with her right leg for all he was worth, while he went for new depth on the black guy’s cock. She watched with absorption as Mr. E worked his fingers in Big Mouth’s now thoroughly lubricated ass. Having retrieved my finger from Mr. E, I stepped up on Doris’ side and slid my hand into her ‘skirt’ and began playing with her ass, sliding my hand over the cheeks and occasionally lightly probing the tiny opening. Doris sighed and began a left-handed fumbling at my fly, but she kept losing track – too many other things were competing for her attention.

Mr. E introduced the next change, announcing, “Okay, here we go!” He bellied up to Big Mouth’s ass and began rubbing it with his rubber-clad cock. Big Mouth removed his hand from Doris’ leg, to better brace against the wall. He stopped sucking on the black k**, which he didn’t seem thrilled with, but understood the necessity for. Doris slid in close, to watch the spongy cock head do battle with the tight sphincter, slowly advancing against its resistance.

I looked up at a groan, to see that Art and his boy toy, forgotten, had reached their point of completion. Art was holding himself erect by hands braced on the k**’s shoulders as he pumped the k**’s face full of sperm, his jaw slack and eyes glassy as he gave himself over to the pleasure. The k** was sucking noisily, obviously taking it all in.

Mr. E took note of the distraction, frowned, and bent to address Jaime, “Quit goofing off down there, J! Our friend is supposed to be able to remember enjoying parts of this at least!” Jaime started paying attention to what he was doing, moving his head with authority on Big Mouth’s cock.

The main action, however, was at the point where Mr. E’s cock was penetrating Big Mouth’s ass. Doris watched, spellbound, while the wide, spongy head of Mr. E’s fat cock slooooowly made ground against Big Mouth’s sphincter, disappearing bit by bit over a period of about thirty seconds. When the flange finaly popped through, Big Mouth gave a little whine and, rather than absorb more cock from the rear, let Mr. E carry him onto the black k**’s big cock. This continued until Big Mouth had nowhere else to go; I watched his throat distend and the black guy groan as the head of his big dork passed into Big Mouth’s throat. Amazed, I watched Big Mouth’s nose grind into his curly pubes. Doris almost missed it, watching the other end and trying to figure out why Mr. E wasn’t getting any more penetration. She was alerted only by the sound of Big Mouth gargling on cock.

Basically, that ended the standoff. Mr. E planted himself, and Big Mouth developed an urgent need to breathe. Lacking any other available options, Big Mouth drove himself onto Mr. E’s cock in order to back off the black guy’s cock far enough to breathe. Doris stood there, moving her eyes back and forth, trying to take in the whole show as Big Mouth instinctively lurched backward, emitting a high whine around his mouthful of black cock. By the time he was absorbing oxygen again, Mr. E was buried to the hilt. Big Mouth stopped, sucking air through his nose while he accommodated Mr. E’s fat tool. Mr. E gave him a minute or so while Doris absorbed the full effect, then, apparently satisfied, started driving him back onto the cock spitting him at the mouth with slow strokes. Slowly, over the course of a minute, he picked up the pace, until he was doing a stroke every second and a half or so, driving into Big Mouth’s ass. Big Mouth transferred some of this energy to the black k**, absorbing his cock at the same speed, and some to Jaime, who could remain stationary and be mouth fucked at this juncture.

Doris was everywhere, rubbing Big Mouth’s back while she first watched him absorb six inches at a stroke of the black k**’s monster cock, then watched Mr’ E’s cock disappear into his ass, and finally ducking down to see Jaime absorb Big Mouth’s member.

Big Mouth developed a high whine and I watched his balls draw up, pointing this out to Doris just in time to see Big Mouth’s cock begin to pulse. Mr. E detected the orgasm, and shifted to a long, slow stroke while Big Mouth rode it out, Jaime working diligently to make his cum as enjoyable as possible. The black k**, however, was the beneficiary of some incredible suction as Big Mouth lost control; he buried himself, cock throbbing as he poured semen down Big Mouth’s throat. Big Mouth coughed and gasped, sputtered and choked - but most of all he absorbed cum in some quantity. The black k** mumbled, “Sorry!” but Big Mouth merely waved a hand as he backed off, wheezing. The black dude dropped off the wall, and a pudgy white fellow of about thirty laboriously settled onto the wall to replace him. This guy’s cock was as small as his predecessor’s had been huge; Big Mouth merely enveloped him and began to apply suction.

Mr. E waited until Big Mouth started wincing from over-stimulation in Jaime’s mouth, then, as Jaime backed off, he began going for his own orgasm. Big Mouth took it, and Doris’ attention became less fixed. She turned big eyes to me, and murmured, “I need some cock now, Bobby!”

I took the hint and took charge. Soft-Spoken had been standing around, trying to figure out what to do with himself; I resolved this by directing him, “Shuck your jeans, and get up on the wall!” He plopped down next to the fat guy, and I redirected Doris to a position next to and mirroring Big Mouth. Doris took the hint, and Soft-Spoken’s eyes glazed as she enveloped his cock with her mouth. He reached out and cradled a big tit in either hand. I took up a position behind her, and emulated Mr. E – with the exception that I spread her inner labia with my cock head, and drove deep into soft, warm, wet pussy. I was pleasantly surprised; the depths were TIGHT! I set up a steady, enjoyable pace, and in no time Doris was huffing and puffing around Soft-Spoken’s cock like a steam engine.

Big Mouth watched Doris, enjoying the show while he worked on the fat guy, looking almost stoic until you detected the fact that he was now actively driving himself back onto Mr. E’s cock. I had a funny feeling that Big Mouth had discovered a couple of new modes of sexual enjoyment...

After about three minutes, Doris began to whine and quiver; soon after that, pulsations in her vagina and a case of weak knees announced her orgasm. Her eyes rolled up, and she hummed, “Goo...Goo...Goo!” around Soft-Spoken’s cock. I smiled and held her up until she got her legs back under control, then resumed stroking. Doris never REALLY came down; two minutes later, her happy orgasmic hums triggered Soft-Spoken’s orgasm. During this lull, with Doris’ vagina spasming around my cock while I stabilized her, I glanced around in time to see Art inserting a fully revived cock into his boy toy, the black k**’s ass. I grinned; I was willing to bet Art was a one-shot wonder around Doris...

When Doris’ third orgasm came thundering down upon her five minutes later, it swept me with it. I drove deep, and poured a serious quantity of sperm into her, howling wordlessly – God knows what I looked like! As I was recovering, I watched Mr. E go stiff and Big Mouth’s eyes bug at the novel sensation of a cock swelling and spewing in his ass. But Mr. E was still wearing the rubber, so Big Mouth missed out on the sperm enema... The fat guy had finished and wandered off at some point while my attention was elsewhere, and had been replaced by a nondescript fiftyish dude who moaned constantly while Big Mouth worked him over.

Mr. E pulled out, and I wondered momentarily whether Big Mouth’s ass was done for the night, but two other guys appeared, discussed the situation amicably, and one of them proceeded to provide Big Mouth with about seven inches of stimulation. Big Mouth’s eyes bulged as he took in the additional size, and after a moment, I detected some growth below. “Hey, Jaime!” I yelled, “You got more work, there!” Jaime flashed his teeth, and began laving Big Mouth’s recovering cock with his tongue; the thing was full size in no time. I figured that the guy in Big Mouth’s ass had a lock on his prostate...

Doris was d****d over the wall, panting. “God! That was good!” she gasped. She hugged me to her as she continued to recover, then hopped up on the wall. Her ‘skirt’ – the coat – was gone, and she was naked from the waist and barely covered above. I nuzzled a tit while she stroked my back, humming happily.

Big Mouth finished the moaner, and it appeared that he was done giving head. He bared his teeth in concentration and snorted as he devoted his full attention to his new rider. The effect was devastating; Big Mouth picked up the pace and the guy lost his load in under a minute. But there was a third on tap, so Big Mouth wasn’t going anywhere soon.

He had other ideas, however; catching Doris’ eye, he rumbled “Scoot over here – I need some pussy juice to wash this down!” Doris eyed him warily, but he grinned and announced, “Its okay, I’m housebroken... now!” Doris, won over, slid over between his arms, and he lowered his head to her crotch. I was kind of surprised – I don’t think I’d have trusted him – but I guess they’d come to some kind of understanding while she rubbed on him during the early going – after all, he’d played with her leg for a while... I went around behind and knelt in a seat, bracing Doris so she could lean back and give Big Mouth unrestricted access. I played with her tits and swapped spit with her, so I know when she lost it again under Big Mouth’s tongue. It was... nice. She shook and got stiff, then tried to swallow my tongue while clutching Big Mouth’s head to her crotch.

Somewhere in the middle of this, Big Mouth’s third rider came and went. Jaime climbed out from under and stood up to stretch when it appeared that Big Mouth was done entertaining for the evening. He flashed his signature grin and moved off to where Mr. E stood, idly watching, in the distance. I helped Doris to regain her balance on the wall and hopped down. Art was leaning against the wall a few seats down, so I nodded toward Doris and said, “Keep an eye on things while I go get her jeans, willya?”

Art, who had been stroking his chunky black boy toy like a cat, came to life and looked over to where Doris and Big Mouth were conversing, muttering, “Isn’t this where we came in?”

I laughed. “There’s been considerable water under THAT bridge!” I reminded him, and moved off, searching for our original seats. It took a couple of minutes, but no one else was going to claim a pair of women’s jeans with a pair of good-sized cotton panties inside – at least, not right away!

When I came back, Big Mouth was blubbering all over Doris, getting her blouse wet as she consoled him – apparently, a more sincere apology had been rendered. Doris accepted her clothing with some aplomb, I thought, and Big Mouth stepped away to allow her to don the panties and the jeans. Doris’ eyes danced as she leaned over to me and whispered, “I’d be flooded except for the fact that he cleaned me out!” She glanced over at Art, who had gotten the hint – he was zipping up, and the k** was stuffing his ass back into his pants.

I eyed Doris innocently, and gave her the out: “Are we done, or do we adjourn to somewhere more comfortable and less public for round two?”

Doris eyed Art, who had the k** frolicking all over him. After a moment’s thought, she announced, “I don’t think we’re done yet; I haven’t actually SEEN Art enjoying himself – and I haven’t had enough of that!” I felt a hand on my cock through my trousers. It was hard again... Doris’ eyes twinkled. “You haven’t had enough, either, apparently...” She motioned to Art, who turned to dismiss the k**, but a wave and a shake of her head let him know that THAT wasn’t necessary, so he wrapped his arm around the k**, and we made for the exit.

As we crossed the floor, I heard “Hey, what about me?” in a sibilant whisper, and looked back to see Jaime grab a handful of Big Mouth’s ass. As we passed through the door, I caught a glimpse of Big Mouth kneeling up, a look of mixed resignation and martyred patience adorning his face, as Jaime unlimbered a good-sized cock.

Outside, we perused the racks, and after a heated whispered conversation between Art and Doris, selected a few flicks (a couple of Bi couples flicks, one raunchy Gay, and an All Anal) and I followed Art and Doris home, the k** riding with me. We got comfortable with one another, and by when we adjourned late Saturday afternoon everybody had sampled everybody, and there wasn’t an unbroken cherry in the place – including Art and Doris’ daughter Brenda (apparently the subject of the heated discussion), who discovered us late Friday night after her date failed to live up to expectation – but that’s another story...

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The Domination of Jason

The Domination of Jason

This is simply one long rambling story divided in to six parts in
a vaguely logical manner so it doesn't come across as one 1,500
line file. There is very little actual sex in this story, but
there are some descriptions of scenes and techniques that may be
of interest to some people in their role playing.

Domination of Jason
Chapter 1

"Oh, my God," I exclaimed, "what are you doing?" It was perfectly
obvious what Jason, my husband, was doing. He was playing with

I had just finished the laundry and was putting the linens and
towels away. I entered the bathroom to put some fresh towels on
the rack when I surprised my husband as he was kneeling in front
of the toilet manipulating his organ.

I had suspected that he was up to something all along as he would
frequently lock himself in the bathroom. I thought it odd that
after being married several years that he would still be
squeamish about his bathroom habits.

Apparently, he forgot to lock the door this time. He stopped and
became very red in the face when I came in.

I put the towels on the vanity and left without saying another

Jason got out of the bathroom and tried to explain, "Honey, I..."

I cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it. I don't know what
to think. You think you were a teenager. You ought to be ashamed
of yourself. Get out of my sight."

He disappeared into the garage to tinker which is what he does
whenever he's in the doghouse. I yelled a departing shot at him,
"And don't even think about sex with me for at least a week!". I
didn't care that it was spring and the windows were open.

For the rest of the week I didn't even let him touch me in bed.
For the rest of the week, he was more subdued and fawning over me
attempting to win himself into my good graces.

For the rest of the week, I thought about a grown man playing
with himself and it intrigued me in a perverse sort of way. On
the one hand, I was infuriated that Jason would feel the need for
additional sexual release. Was I not woman enough for him? Yet,
on the other hand, I really wanted to watch him do it. Could I be
the one driving him to it? I had to know.

I had some books on sex, and they talked a little about male
masturbation, but they went into the how rather than the why. I
wanted to know so badly why men would do these things. The books
confirmed that they did, indeed, do them.

I wouldn't think about asking Jason, so, I confided in my next
door neighbor, Debbie. She and I had known one another since high
school. During those days we told each other everything,
especially our relationships with boys.

We still talked about our relationships with men. She had
confided in me that she had given quite a number of "hand jobs"
while in college and told me about some of the things she did
with her lovers. If any woman knew about penis pumping, she did.

My guesses were correct. After a very embarrassing introduction
of the subject, I finally explained what I caught Jason doing.

"Oh, Anne," she said, "Don't worry about it. It's very common.
Men do it all the time. You don't know how lucky you are. Work
with Jason on this. Both of you will like it, and, if you do your
stuff right, you can really benefit out of it."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Jason is your typical oversexed male. He can't get enough sex
and will seek release anywhere. Once he gets it, he loses
interest. I bet that once he gets it off with you, he drops you
like a hot potato."

"You got that right. How do you know so much about Jason?"

"This isn't rocket science, dear. I just described about 95% of
the male population. They're all just about the same. That's what
makes it so easy."

"Makes what so easy?" I asked.

"Female control! If you can control his release, you can control

"Why would I want to control him."

"It's worth a shot. Think of it. No more housework, no more
laundry, hour long back rubs, guaranteed orgasms whenever you
want them. Jason can do it all for you."

"Whoa, girl!" I exclaimed. "What makes you think that Jason will
go along with this?"

"Most men think alike, they have hidden guilt feelings about the
control they have over women in the business place and in other
aspects of their lives. They know they are in control `out
there.' In the outside world they have all kinds of support
systems. The world is built according to their rules, and so far,
everybody has played the game their way. Take them out of that
familiar environment and put them one-one-one where it really
counts..." She trailed off turning the phrase into a question.

We sat in silence for a few moments as she let me digest what I
just heard. "In bed, it's different. Not every man is clear about
his standing with women.Some of them never resolve the sexual
conflicts they faced as c***dren. When things get though, they
try to retreat to their pasts when things were much simpler. Some
of them would like to make it all the way back to the womb, but
most of them enjoy getting back to the stage of being totally
dependant upon a woman -- mom."

She laughed, "Yeah, I know, sounds a little too Freudian. Well,
Freud wasn't all wrong. He got this part right at least. Most men
want moms to take care of them. Mom provided love, but she also
provided discipline. Some men get them mixed up. c***dhood was a
time of bliss when no decisions had to be made. You didn't even
have to figure out right from wrong. Mom did all that for you."

"That's another part of it -- giving up responsibility. Men feel
that they have to be in control all of the time. Bullshit! They
stand firm and won't bend. Instead of bending, they break. They
try to crawl back into the womb. They surrender. They become
dependent on you. The most dominant men in the boardroom are
often the most submissive men in the bedroom. I know, I've had my

"Men also have an incredibly strong attachment to their sex
organs. I think it starts even before puberty. Once they figure
out that they have something girls don't they flaunt it. It
becomes a competition with them. Who can pee the furthest? Who
has the biggest one? Who can jerk off the fastest? In a sense,
men are their own worst enemy. All of them brag about how great
they are in bed. It's probably 99% bullshit, but they swallow it.
They have unrealistic expectations about what their performance
is supposed to be. They are uncertain in the bedroom. Like most
of the other things in their lives, men see sex as a competition.
They compete with other men and their women and, God forbid, even
your past lovers."

"Women get advice and sympathy on sex and how to handle men from
other women instead of `I can do it better than you.' Women, in
general, are more confident in bed. Not only do men compete with
each other in bed, they also compete with women. For them, there
must be a clear winner and a clear loser. They can't see, as us
women do, that sex should be a cooperative effort. When a man and
woman get in bed together, she has the home court advantage.
That's why confident women frighten men so much. In the
competitive mode, there is no half-way measure. It's either the
man dominates the woman, or she must dominate him."

"A man defines his sexuality almost entirely in terms of his
penis. As best I can figure out, there's absolutely nothing like
it in women. Control a man's penis, and you control him.
Considering the love they have for mom, the love they have for
their prick, and the guilt feelings they have towards women in
general, it's little wonder that some men wish to do penance by
servicing females sexually".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "Do you really do this
kinky stuff?"

Debbie continued, "Well, first of all, it's not as kinky as you
think. Besides, I normally like well-balanced relationships with
my men, but even the strongest of them has a submissive side. For
the men I really love -- those how know how to respect me -- I
respect that, and I only take advantage of it for our mutual

"There are some men, however, who deserve what they get.
Sometimes I just want to get back at the male sex in general. I
remember what it's like growing up as a girl. I was a good
student, yet I was done out of an honors physics class simply
because I was a girl. In my senior year, the girls' swim team
went to the state championships. Yet the boy's losing basketball
team got more respect. Hell, even the cheerleaders got better
press than we did. Having some jock tell me `That's the way it
is.' didn't help."

"Even my own s****r sold out. She's the one who taught me what
boys looked like and how we could play with them when we were
little girls. Now she's married and has two c***dren, Amanda and
Greg. She's raising Amada just like mom try to raise us -- to be
a perfect little lady. On the other hand Greg's trangressions are
mostly dismissed with `Boys will be boys." It's a mute testimony
to what everyone considers to be the natural order of things.
Boys got away with murder, and never had to take any
responsibility for it. What's worse, is that they don't even know
they're getting away with it."

"It goes beyond revenge, I have my lusty side as well. There are
times when I want it, I want it all, and I want it all my way. I
become an insatiable bitch.," she laughed. "That's when I find a
macho whimp and use him."

"Macho whimp?" I asked.

"Yeah, macho whimp. Those who brag the most are normally the most
insecure and also the most immature. I use both of these
weaknesses to bring them under my control. I love the feeling of
power. Lord knows I don't see it a work. Hell, I don't even get
it at the mall, at least not in the electronics store or the
automotive parts place."

"In private, I can exercise extreme power. I don't get simple
respect, I extract awe, reverence and worship. First I drive them
into lust, then I drive them into dispair. I love being a
goddess. You can have it all, too."

"I don't see how I get from Jason playing with himself to playing
slave for me, Debbie?"

"Take advantage of what I just taught you, girl. Take advantage
of his physical weakness, and your mental superiority. Most of
this game is played in the head."

I looked at her quizzically.

"It's simple," she said, "When's the last time you and Jason had

"About a week ago."

"And has he been playing with himself since."

"I don't think so. He seems doesn't seem to want to do anything
to upset me."

"All the better. Don't you think that he's getting a little horny
by now?"

I laughed, "I imagine so."

"Well, use it. Get that pussy working for you."

She reminded me of previous conversations, "You told me that
Jason has never eaten you out. That's still true, isn't it?"


"Well, here's your chance. Let me tell you what to do..."

I interrupted, "Wait! I'm not sure I want to do this."

"OK, think about it. I have some stuff I can give you."

Debbie went up to her bedroom, and when she came down, she gave
me some books on female domination.

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 2

Most of the books Denise gave me were magazines with articles on
female domination, some were dedicated to bondage and discipline
of both sexes in general, and there was one book totally
dedicated to the female top position. She gave me a good
selection from "nearly vanilla" to extremely kinky. It took me a
week to read them all. Boy, Were my eyes opened! I had no idea
how widespread the practice was, and in some cases, how extreme.

What really surprised me was how turned on I got. I went though a
lot of wet panties. I had no reason to wish any physical harm to
my husband, yet the thought of taking control over him, and
humiliating him got me very excited.

When Debbie came over to pick up the books she asked me, "What
are you prepared to do? If you're really going to get into this,
you've got to be committed."

As excited as I was inside about the idea, my actions weren't
quite up to my desires.

"OK, let's run a test," suggested Debbie. "You still have that
husband of yours off sex?"

"Uh-umm," I nodded.

"Has he been playing with himself?"

"I don't think so."

"When was the last time you think he went over ten days without
getting any."

I laughed, "I don't know, third grade?"

"Do you still want to get eaten out?"

"After my own abstinence -- more than ever!"

"OK. So, here's what you do..."


When Jason came home from work that night, I met him at the door
in one of my sexier dresses. This was a far cry from the shirts,
jeans and sneakers I normally kept house in! I greeted him with a
long passionate kiss, and I could feel his cock spring to life
even though his pants.

I led him over to the couch where I had previously poured out a
glass of wine for each of us, and sat there leaning towards him,
legs crossed towards him, twirling a lock of my hair with a
finger. Even this slight teasing got me excited.

"Tell me about your day, dear." I asked him.

He stammered on about some of the mundane office goings-on and
how the traffic was on the freeway. I didn't really listen. I
just looked him in the eye, and licked my lips. Every bit of my
body was broadcasting, "Take me, I'm hot!"

When he finally wound down, I asked him, "What were you doing in
the bathroom the other day?" He blushed immediately and started
stammering again.

"Do you like playing with yourself?"


"Don't lie to me, boy!" I yelled at him, surprising even myself.

"Well, er, yes."

"What do think about when you're doing it?" Debbie told me all
the questions to ask.

"I think about having sex", my husband said, and then added
hastily, "with you."

"Mmmm," I mused, "Tell me more, what are we doing in this fantasy
of yours?"

I made him explain all of his thoughts to me graphically. He was
getting hornier and hornier by the minute as he relived the
experience. Debbie told me that making him admit his fantasies
would break him down.

I had to admit, I was getting hot myself. Unlike my husband,
however, I was able to keep under control.

When I had heard enough, I announced, "I bet you want to get it
off now, don't you." He nodded his head vigorously.

"Come, let's go to the bedroom." He was on my heels like a puppy.

I sat on the bed and said, "Take off your clothes. Slowly! I want
you to put on a show for me."

He obliged, getting even redder than before. He was clearly in
the grip of severe embarrassment. How I was going to love this!

Once he was completely naked in front of me he asked, "What about
you, aren't you going to get undressed?"

"Not just yet," I informed him, "Turn around. I want to see all
of you".

His eyes brightened when I stood up and dropped my dress to
reveal my slip and stockings. I lifted my leg just high enough to
show him that I wasn't wearing panties underneath, and that I was
wearing my garter belt.

His cock was rigid and throbbing by this time.

"Before I allow you to come," (how nice that word - allow -
sounded), "You'll have to do a few things for me. You do want to
be allowed to come eventually, don't you?"

Once again, the vigorous nod.

"OK, then. Kneel down in front of me and bow your head." He did
as he was told, and I threw my slip over his head. Using my
hands, I guided it to where I wanted it.

"You know what to do." I told him.

"But honey," came the muffled reply.

"No but honey's tonight," I sternly told him, `You've had your
sex fun, now it's time for me to have mine. If you don't put your
tongue in there, you'll never put anything else in there either.
Now LICK!" Guilt! It worked just like Debbie said it would.

Jason started licking me, although with less relish than I'd
like. Debbie suggested that I punish inferior performance but
Jason's reaction was enough. He obviously thought that oral sex
was a disgusting prospect (He didn't even ask me to perform it on
him). The idea that I was making him do something he absolutely
detested made up for his actual lack of physical stimulation.

As I felt his tongue in my pussy for the first time, I thought,
"a game played mostly in the head," is that how Debbie put it?
Power, yes, I liked it. I came, and I came hard. I liked it, and
I almost lost control.

By the time I let Jason up for air, his face was covered with my
juices. I smiled down at him, not so much from the humorous look
of the slick juices on his face, but from the knowledge of what I
had done to him, and what I had made him do, and where all of
this would eventually lead.


"Now, get dressed," I ordered him. "You're taking me out to
dinner." I allowed him a quick shower while I changed my slip and
got back into my dress.

All through dinner, I kept sending him the come-on signals. I had
no doubt that Jason thought his punishment was over. Little did
he know it was just beginning!

By the time we got home, Jason was all over me. I put on my
sexiest nightgown kissed him deeply, and rubbed my body against
his. If I had let him in me just then, he would have shot his
load on the first stroke.

I rolled away from him, smiled at him over my shoulder, said,
"Good night," and turned off the light.

"Aren't we going to make love?" he asked.

"Why don't you make love to your hand? You seem to like it

"It's not like that," he insisted.

"I don't care what it's like. I'll tell you this. You touch
yourself again, and I won't have anything to do with you. Think
about it, your hand or me. I think I'm worth giving up your hobby

"OK, dear. I promise. I won't play with myself again."

"That's not good enough," I was on a roll, and I wasn't going to
stop, "I want it in writing."


"In writing," I said more emphatically, turning the light back
on. "Get over to that desk and take dictation." I bit off each
word crisply. "There's going to be some changes for the better
around here. Better for me, that is."

He got up and sat at the desk.

I improvised as I went along, "I, Jason, promise my wife, Anne,
total fidelity." Jason's pen made the appropriate scratches. "I
will not look at another woman. I will not go out with the boys
unless she lets me. I will stop masturbating as of this very
moment and I will not touch myself without Anne's permission.
>From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life."

"Now wait a minute," he interrupted.

"Keep writing," I overruled.

"From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life. She will decide
when and if I've earned an orgasm. I will make it my priority to
make sure her pleasure comes first. I will do whatever she tells
me to do, and if she is not satisfied with my performance, she
has the right to punish me and withhold sex from me. I promise
all these things on blah blah blah -- OK, just date it and sign

Not very eloquent, but to the point nonetheless.

He finished his task and I inspected the results. I nodded slowly
and grinned sexily. "You can start tomorrow. It's Saturday, and I
want breakfast in bed. Then I have some chores for you to do."

He raised his finger to object until I waved the paper in front
of his face. "Don't push it, bub! You're not getting any tonight.
Misbehave, and you won't get any for a long time. Now kiss me
like a good little boy, turn off the light and go to sl**p."

I can't believe it. I just lectured him like an errant 9-year
old, and he accepted it! Debbie was right again, a couple of
balls full of semen will make a man do just about anything for
the mere promise of relief. I slept like a baby thinking of the
new phase of life Jason and I had just started.


I woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. There stood Jason
in his bathrobe with a tray containing my breakfast. "Put the
tray here," I said, indicating my lap, "and drop the robe from
now on whenever you are with me in this room, you will wear no
clothes except what I order you to wear. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dear."

"That's another thing. No more of this `dear' and `honey' stuff.
>From now on I'm `Mistress' in private, and "Madam" in public. Do
you get that?"

"Yes, Mistress."

This was going better than expected. Debbie told me that it would
take several `training sessions' before Jason would be calling me

I made Jason stand there and watch me eat. I kept stealing peeks
at his penis noting how big and hard it was. He was accepting
this. He was even getting off on it. I noted inwardly, "Yes, this
is going to work out after all." I took my time and enjoyed my
breakfast. When I was done, I made sure Jason got his. I made him
eat me out again, change the bed linens and start the laundry
while I got dressed. It was a nice day so I threw on a blouse,
shorts, and sneakers and said as I sauntered by my husband, "I'm
going over to Debbie's. There's a list of things to do in the
kitchen. I'll be back this afternoon, and this place better look


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Domination of Jason
Chapter 3

I couldn't wait to get to Debbie's to tell her how it went. I
relayed every little detail, and even showed her the note I made
Jason write.

"Great going, girl." she congratulated, "You're a natural.
Judging by how quickly Jason is coming around, I'd say, so is he.
I think I better hang onto this paper just for safety sake. We
can make a copy of it in the library and give that copy to Jason
just to let him know you're serious."

"Now what?" I asked. "I'm really enjoying this. How far can I
take it?"

"As far as you want, but not all at once."

"Do you think that I should let Jason come when I get home?"

"That would probably be the smart thing to do. You have to reward
them every now and then. Right now, I bet Jason's building up
resentment towards you as he's doing his chores. Eventually he'll
come to accept all of this as an elaborate type of foreplay, but
he's not there yet."

"Jason is in phase one of his training. He's behaving himself in
what I like to call a `bartering situation' - that is, he is
willing to trade specific periods of servitude for specific acts
of sexual release. By rewarding him at just the right times, you
can make him accept it as a way of life."

"Right now, Jason's just a `play slave'. He's willing to be
submissive totally on his terms: doing only those things he
wants, for as long as he wants to do them, with an expectation of
a near-term, somewhat equitable return. You've got to change
that if you're going to do this `for real'. Progress will be slow
in the beginning, but eventually you will be able to gain total
control over him. Are you willing"?

I wasn't sure, but I said, "Yes." "How do I start? I don't know
what to do. I don't even know what some of the things in those
books you lent me are".

"Don't worry, Anne," Debbie assured me, "I'll show you what to

I protested, "You? Wait a minute. I mean, I'm not into group sex,
and neither is Jason".

Janice laughed, "This isn't really about sex. It's about power.
Anyway. I'll respect your wishes for the moment. I'll be your
silent partner."

"But don't think of it as group sex, Anne. One of my favorite
games as a little girl was to get a boy to make pee for me while
I watched. Didn't you ever do that?"

"Well, yes, I mean, what girl hasn't."

"And I bet you had one of your girlfriends with you".

"Not one but two," I laughed.

"Did you feel that when you did it, you were having group sex"?

"Of course not. We already knew what little boys looked like. It
wasn't really sex at all".

"What was the most fun part of it?"

"We told the boy what we wanted him to do and he did it."

"Exactly, this isn't any different. It always amazes me how
eight-year old girls are naturals when it comes to domination,
but somehow lose it as they get older. Somehow the sex thing gets
in the way. Sex is only one part of it."

"One of the things you'll learn about female domination is that
it's best enjoyed if there are other women to share the thrill
with you. It's a spectator sport as well as a `team' sport. I
learned that lesson early. When I made these boys pee for me, I
always brought other girls along."

I knew eventually that Jason and I would be getting advanced
hands-on training from Debbie.

"But, I really afraid of hurting Jason.", I protested.

"I think you're getting S&M mixed up with B&D or D&S."

"What? I can't get all this stuff straight I mean, even the
personal ads in the newspaper throw me with all those

Debbie continued. "OK. S&M - Sado Masochism involves inflicting
pain and receiving pain. B&D - Bondage and Discipline. That's
actually two things: Bondage -- tying Jason up, and Discipline --
making Jason behave. Discipline is the fun part for me. D&S -
Dominance and Submission. As long as I'm the `D' and he's the `S'
I'm OK. I like humiliating a man. Sometimes you can use bondage
and sadism to help with the discipline. but you don't have to."

"All of this is really just one more dimension of your sexual
relationship. You do what works best for both of you. Your
objective is to turn Jason on so much that he willingly submits
to anything you want. Push too hard, and you'll drive him away.
Do too much, and you may turn yourself off."

"So, you don't have to hurt Jason. Some men like that kind of
stuff, but most of them just want to be told what to do and obey.
If inflicting pain squicks you, then don't do it. You may find,
however, that both of your appetites may change as you explore
your sexualities more fully. Keep an open mind."

I was willing to listen to more, but I still had more questions.
"What about special equipment? I mean, if I tried to do some of
the stuff in some of the books I read, I'd have to build a
medieval dungeon. That's kind of hard to hide from the neighbors
when they come over."

"You don't have to go `all the way'. Besides, you can disguise
your fixings to look like every day objects. In fact, you can
even use every day objects. Let's take a walk around your house
later today and see what you've got. You are limited only by your


As Debbie and I got up to leave I remembered to ask, "Wait a
minute. You suggested I let Jason come. I wouldn't mind another
licking, but I don't feel like intercourse just now."

"So don't do it. There are a lot of other ways to make a man

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Well, you could give him a handjob. This way, you'll be in

"But what about the mess?"

"Well, if you're squeamish about getting your hands messy, do
what I do. Wear gloves." Before I could ask the question, she
went on, "I have some rubber surgical gloves I can let you have.
They're really cheap by the box."

Debbie explained one of her well learned methods of slow
masturbation. "It's best if you immobilize Jason when you do
this. After a while, it gets too intense for the male, and he
tries to take over. Besides, bondage will become part of the game
soon enough."


Jason was just putting away the vacuum when I came in. The house
was in good shape. I could hear both the washer and drier going
as well as the dishwasher. The floor in the kitchen was still

Debbie and I smiled at each other knowingly. I wasn't going to
let Jason in on the fact that Debbie knew of our special

I smiled at my husband and said, "Honey, why don't you take a
break. I have a list of things I want you to get from the store.
Why don't you go now." I was pleased when I noted his response,
"Yes, madam."

As soon as he left, Debbie and I began our tour.

"I guess the best place to start is in the bedroom", I said as I
motioned Debbie to follow me. "Many of the articles talk about
tying people up on a 4 poster bed. As you can see, my bed isn't
like that."

Debbie got on all fours and looked under the bed. "Who said that
the tie points have to be above the bed? You have 4 legs, use
them. In fact, its better that way, since you can leave the
ropes, or whatever you use, attached and simply tuck them under
the mattress when your not using them. I also suggest you get
some sort of means to restrict Jason's mid section. You can tie a
rope around one of the cross boards for that."

"What a nice chair!", Debbie commented, moving to the other side
if the bedroom. "Make Jason stand behind the chair and bend over
the back and place his hands on the arm rests. Then tie his
wrists to the arms. This will put his ass up in the air where you
can get at it for spankings and other games. But be careful. I'd
d**** a towel over the back if I were you. Men have been known to
come while being punished."

"Now, here in the kitchen," she said as she continued our tour,
"you can have Jason stand with his butt against this counter
while you pull his arms behind him, and tie them together at the
wrists. Now, go around the other side of the counter and tie the
other end of the rope to this cabinet door handle. That will have
him on his toes, and have his mid section and penis thrust
forward for you to play with. If you want to add finishing touch,
you can tie his ankles to the lower drawer handle on his side".

Debbie had similar suggestions as we went through the house, but
when she got to the laundry room, she exclaimed, "Oh, this is
great! You have no idea what a gold mine you have here. Look at

The `this' she was referring to was a clothes rack my husband had
built. It was nothing more than two expansion bolts in the
ceiling with eye rings screwed in. Hanging from the eye rings
were "S" hooks. Suspended from the "S" hooks was a four foot
dowel which was attached by two eye bolts screwed through holds
drilled close to each end.

To me, it was just somewhere to hang Jason's shirts while ironing
them. To Debbie's "educated" eye, it was something else. She
explained, "Take the bar down and put it on the floor. Take a
loop of rope or something and tie them on Jason's wrists. Hook
Jason up to the ceiling by slipping the loop over the "S" hook.
And now, for the best part", she grinned, "make him put his feet
apart and tie them at the ankle to each of the eye bolts in the
dowel. You've got him spread eagle and standing. There's a lot
you can do to a man when you got him in that position."

By the time she was done, I had a dozen places to tie my husband
up including, a coffee table, some chairs of various design,
towel racks, the shower (she said that giving a man a cold shower
wasn't harmful, but could be very uncomfortable for the man and
quite amusing for the woman to watch). She even pointed out a
traditional "stake" otherwise disguised as the support pole in
the garage. Boy, was Jason in for a surprise when he got home.

By this time Debbie had finished putting these "interior
decorating" ideas into my head, Jason was pulling in the
driveway. She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and said, "I'll
leave you two love birds alone now. Good luck and go get `em."

Jason came in. I complemented him, "It looks like you've been a
good boy, the house looks great. I'll inspect later. Put those
groceries away and you'll get your reward." I retired with my tea
to the living room to relax as I listened to Jason clattering
about the kitchen putting things away.

In a couple of minutes, Jason was done and stepped into the
living room. "I'm ready, dear," he said.

I glared at him. All of a sudden he realized his mistake. "I'm
ready MISTRESS!" he exclaimed. "Please, I'm sorry. I'll get used
to this. Just let me come. I'll do anything you say."

This was more like it.

"Come, let's go to the laundry room, it's time to let you ejaculate."

You'd think I just said that we won the lottery. He was capering
around like a puppy that was left alone all day when its mistress
comes home.

"OK, it's time to strip again," I told him.

As soon as I had him naked, I remodeled the washroom like Debbie
showed me.

I had him take the dowel down, and run a short length of rope
through each eye bolt. I made him tie each of his ankles to the
dowel. Then I told him to stand up while I got the stool and
started to tie each wrist to the eyebolts in the ceiling.

He wanted to object, but I reminded him, "Remember the paper you
signed that night? We do this my way." I, a mere 5 foot 4 inch
110 pound brunette had my 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound husband,
vertically "spread eagled" in the classical anatomic position.
Both his arms and legs were spread almost three feet apart.

I grabbed his cock, looked him in the eye and said, "You're going
to learn to like this. You've been a bad little boy playing with
your `pee pee'. What would your mom had said if she caught you
doing that? From now on I am the law in this house. I make all
the rules and you obey them." I gave his cock a squeeze and he
meekly submitted.

It was delicious looking at him tied up that way, and totally in
my control. I took out my gloves, smoothed them over my skin and
went to work on his organ. My gloves were well lubricated with
his precome from the moment I touched him.

I put the tip of my index finger in the slit of his pee hole and
gave it a gentle twist. His body tensed. I ran the very tip of my
latex encased finger up and down the slit and watched him squirm.

Then I put my first two fingers under the head of his prick and
my thumbs on top. I squeezed down with my thumbs and pumped it a
few times. This f***ed a drop or two more precome to ooze out. I
ran one thumb over his pee hole, and then the other.

Using the fingers under his shaft to stimulate the lower portion
of the head, I massaged the top with my thumbs. I coordinated my
stroking so that as I rubbed down with my thumbs, I was rubbing
out with my fingers. Likewise, as I was pushing in with my
fingers, I was running my thumb back towards the read or the

Debbie called this "milking the dick", and it was easier than she
described it to me. Jason was squirming uncontrollably and trying
to thrust his hips to increase the friction. Debbie warned me
about that, so I just l stopped every time I caught him doing it.
"This is my show." I told him. "You just provide that horny prick
of yours. I'm in charge of everything else." Eventually he
learned to do it my way.

I milked him for about 15 minutes of slow masturbation before I
let him come. He shot his load like a rocket! I tried to catch
his semen in my palms as it came spurting out. Jason lost his
balance. He was hanging from his ceiling restraints.

He finally stopped pumping. I took the two handsful of come and
smeared it over his chest.

"Yes, dear," I smiled, "There are definitely going to be some
changes for the better around here."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 4

Jason was the perfect husband after we redefined our roles. He
gave head like and expert any time I wanted it, and I suspected
that he was even beginning to like it. I never washed a dish,
picked up a mop, or touched at piece of dirty laundry again. The
services were great. The advantages of female control were

Yet I wanted more. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I wanted
even more control over Jason. Debbie warned me that domination
was addictive and a little bit wasn't enough. It was time to
learn more.

Once more I confided in Debbie. She asked me, "So, how is it

"I'm making good use of your suggestions. I've tied Jason up in
several locations around the house. But, I think I'm ready to
learn more now."

"Well, what have you been doing with him?" she asked.

"Just masturbation like you suggested."

"Do you use anything on him?"

"Just the gloves. What do you suggest?" I asked.

"You got to get yourself some hardware, girl."

"I was wondering about that myself. I mean, I can't keep a whip
around, and I wouldn't want to use it, and I wouldn't know how to
use it if I did", I rambled.

"You won't need it.", she laughed. "Discipline is a part of the
scene, but it doesn't need to be that severe. You will may even
have to spank him from time to time, frequently, if you must".

I protested, "I told you, I don't want to hurt Jason."

"Spanking isn't necessarily a painful punishment." she countered.
"It's more of a humiliation thing. OK, I won't f***e you.
Obviously you and Jason aren't ready for that part yet. Mark my
words, though. The day will come when you'll spank Jason and find
it enjoyable."

"We'll find some standard items that you can use to discipline
him. None of them are harmful at all. All of them are merely
symbols of your dominance over him."

"First of all, keep him naked at all times. As Mark Twain once
observed, `Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no
influence in society.' Taking his clothes from him makes him feel
more vulnerable. They limit his mobility severely. After all,
he's not likely to leave the house without them. If you can
figure out how to lock up his clothes, so much the better. You've
taken away some of his freedom of movement without doing anything
at all."

"Take away his power of speech as well. Gags are easy. All you
have to do is ball up one pair of your panties and put them in
his mouth. Then you can put another pair over his mouth and
fasten them at the back of his head with a safety pin. Make sure
that he can breathe easily. In fact, you should agree on some
sort of signal Jason can give you even when gagged or bound so he
can call off the action in case something goes wrong. You don't
really want to damage him physically or psychologically. If he
calls you off too often, or for trivial reasons, stop playing.
He'll come back eventually."

"Take away his sense of sight and sound. Scarves make excellent
blindfolds. Put a set of headphones on him and turn up the
volume. I did this in college once. I blindfolded, gagged and put
the earphones on one of my lovers. I had him kneel at attention
for a while, and then touched him on the shoulder as a
pre-arranged signal to play with himself. When he got to the
moment of truth, I pulled off his blindfold so he could see that
during his wait I had invited some of my sorority s****rs in to
watch. No harm, no hurt, but plenty of humiliation."

"I did the reverse with one of my coworkers on a previous job. I
prepared him in just the same way as my hapless college student,
except that after having him wait awhile, I switched the headset
into an amplifier so we could talk to him over a microphone. My
roomate and I took turns touching him. The kicker was that I had
recorded other women's voices, mixed them in with my
conversation, and played them back through the amplifier as
background noise. I made the recording at a bridal shower for one
of our coworkers. It certainly seemed that there were a number of
women in the room with us having a good time. I had him convinced
that the room was full of women and that these were women that he
saw every day. I'm sure some of the voices were familiar to him.
To this day, he has no idea which of the many women he works
with, or comes in contact with on a daily basis know of his
submissive nature. A tremendous mind game."

"You can take away even more of his mobility. There are literally
all kinds of fasteners, but ordinary clothes line will work for
most applications. You can also use bungee chords as quick
`temporary' restraints. Put them around his knees or his upper
arms behind his back. People might raise an eyebrow if you keep
chains and padlocks in the bedroom, but wrap them around your
bicycle in the garage and no one asks any questions."

"You will, of course, need to get a leash and collar for his
neck. It's only a symbolic bond, but those are really the best

"Now for the hard part. Once you've got him tied up, you've got
to do something with him. Most men have some sort of a fetish. I
try to make the fetish do the work for me. Fetishes are something
else we women don't seem to experience the same way men do. We
may like the way something looks or feels on us, and this may
make sex more enjoyable, but the objects themselves don't turn us
on. It's what we do when we wear the object, or how the object
affects men that's the real turn-on.

For men, the object itself has sexual connotations and I'm not
above using every advantage, fair or unfair to assert control.
Being a dominatrix is no fun if you have to work hard at it. Does
Jason have anything that he's particularly fond of?"

"Like what?", I asked.

"Well, there are things, you know: shoes, boots, handbags.
There's body parts, feet, ass, tits. And then there's materials
like leather, rubber, silky stuff. Does Jason get turned on by
any of this?"

"I know he likes when I wear sexy lingerie."

"Good, then wear it. Making him wear it might excite him too. Try
it and see what happens. It's `forbidden' nature might appeal to
him. I have a tall girl's catalogue. I can help you order stuff
for him. Anything else?"

"I don't know. He never told me anything", I said.

"Eventually, he'll tell you all of his fantasies. Right now,
we'll have to work at it. Tell you what. I have some more books.
What you do is make him strip for you and read them aloud. Watch
his penis. Keep a note of what he was reading every time it gets
hard. Then we'll get together and see what turns him on".

"It all sounds so scientific.", I responded.

"When it comes to men, there isn't much guesswork. They're so
easy to figure out. A man's cock will give him away every time."

I noticed that the new reading material hardly touched the
dominance / submission theme, and I explained this to Debbie.

She said, "I call this my fetish collection. I keep it around to
get some ideas, and let some of my lovers read it to see what
turns them on. It tells about men and women doing stuff using
toys. You want to stay away from the other stuff, since you don't
want the description of the activity to interfere with Jason's
reaction to what's being used as a toy."


That night, I put Jason to the test. I explained the experiment
to him: "I want to try something out tonight. I want you to read
some pornography to me, and tell me which articles turn you on,
and why." He was about to protest when I said, "That's no way to
talk to your mistress. Now get undressed and read to me."

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked.

I responded, "That's none of your business. All that matters is
that I did get them, and you will read them to me."

I propped up his pillows and gave him a drink, and had him lay on
his back on the bed and read. I watched for the rising and
falling of his erection, and listened to what he thought turned
him on.

I got together with Debbie the next day, and pointed out the
articles Jason said excited him, and the ones where I noticed he
got particularly hard.

She was quick to analyze the results. "Jason has a foot fetish,
and rubber fetish. You lucky girl! Rubber is cheap, and it's so
easy to clean. It's so easy to use too. Taking care of a rubber
lover is hardly a chore at all. There's so many things to do to
tease him and make him come." She went on breathlessly.

"Whoa, girl", I exclaimed, "slow down. I'm not going to get into
a rubber suit just to get my husband going."

"You're not listening to me. It's just like the other equipment
you have. You probably have most of what you need right here."

"Yeah right!", I said.

"I don't suppose you are aware that you are wearing rubber at
this very moment".

"I am? What? My bra?"

"No, it's literally at your feet."


"Sneakers!", she exclaimed, "The soles are rubber. You're even
wearing the right kind. Keds and sneakers like Keds work very

"How?", I asked, "Nothing in the books talk about sneakers."

"Use a little imagination!", she admonished, "This was an
invention of mine. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure
out that if a guy likes rubber, and he likes women's feet, then
rubber on a woman's foot is something he'd also like".

"OK, you've got me convinced. It's just that I don't think about
rubber very much. I know some of the books mention rubber gloves
and bathing caps. I suppose you're going to add them to my list".

"Them, and something else very basic -- a rubber ball."

"Debbie! Now I know that I didn't read that one in a book, and
don't tell me how logical it is."

"Well, it is logical. If rubber's the thing, then you experiment
rubbing his penis with anything made of rubber -- even bicycle
inner tubes. In fact, a rubber ball is an extremely powerful
discipline device."

"I don't believe it. I don't see how you can use a toy to
discipline anyone."

"Compared to other rubber objects, a rubber ball is easier to
manipulate. It has a very distinct, almost velvety texture to it.
You'll be surprised how fast you can cause an erection with one,
and how you can use it to bring Jason to the edge of orgasm
without actually letting him come. Don't knock it. This `toy'
works very well."

"OK, you win, Debbie. You know, I do have most of the stuff you
mentioned. I have a whole closet bottom and under-bed area full
of sneakers. I have rubber gloves, although I better get a pair
specifically for this use and not use the ones I use -- I mean,
from now on Jason uses -- to clean the oven. Jason's a
racquetball fan, I can get him to pick some up at the sporting
goods store. I better have him pick up a bathing cap while he's
there. too."

"Atta girl! You're beginning to get into this. Complete your
collection, and I'll tell you how to use them", Debbie said.

"You better," I laughed. I can't begin to imagine how you could
use some of this stuff."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 5

That weekend, I was over Debbie's house with an overnight bag
full of rubber items. Before getting into my things, Debbie gave
me a tour of her house and how she had arranged things. In her
kitchen, for example, was a butcher block which she had
redesigned into a punishment block. She took down some paintings
to reveal tie-down points. She even showed me how she could rig
up a block and tackle to suspend someone from the ceiling. Before
we left her playroom, she showed me her `toybox.' She grabbed a
dildo out of it, and we continued back to the kitchen.

When we got back into the kitchen for our tea, she handed me an
object, the function of which I could hardly imagine. "Before we
begin, I'd like to give you a little gift."

I giggled, "OK, Debbie, what's this, a dog leash for gerbils?"

"Good guess!" she laughed. "It's a cock ring." She then went on
to explain how to put it on, and how it would `accentuate' his
erection and balls. "And when you're done, you can attach a leash
on this ring. You can then lead Jason around by his penis. It's
sort of a physical symbolism -- women have been leading men
around by their cocks since the beginning of time. As I always
say, `Control the cock, control the boy.' I have a lot of other
`toys' which I'll show you at some other time."

"Speaking of controlling cocks," I interjected, "you haven't even
shown me how to use the stuff I got yet."

"Exactly, show me what you've got!"

I emptied the contents of my overnight bag onto her table.

"The thing you want to do with this stuff is to drive Jason into
lust, and then dispair. Show him you control his sexual pleasure
at your whim. Best of all, all of this is so mechanical on your
part. You can be a 'tease machine' with almost no effort at

"OK," Debbie said, "let's start with the bathing caps. It doesn't
take too much imagination to figure out what to do with a bathing
cap. Does it?"

"No, I imagine you simply put it over his cock and rub it up.", I

"Did you ever actually do that with a man?"

"Well (pause) no.", I stammered. "But how hard can it be?"

"You can make it very hard," she said, laughing at her own pun.
"But seriously, you really have to be careful not to hurt the
penis. If the cap has a rough interior, you will have to rub
gently, especially at the start."

"Why at the start?"

"Well, the rubber is going to grab at his penis. This is a good
thing. It tickles it into a tremendous hard-on. Once he starts
leaking precome, it's a whole different experience. Just a drop
or two will have his prick sliding around all over the inside of
the cap."

"I'd demonstrate with the toy," she said, tapping the dildo with
her finger, "but it's not fully functional in this regard."

"Once you get him to lubricate your toy with his, you can get
more aggressive. Don't just rub in the same spots. Try to use his
prick to spread the semen over every square inch of the inside of
the cap. Use the cap to spread his precome over every bit of his

"Stretch the cap tightly over his prick like you are trying to
poke it through the cap. Don't do it too hard. You don't want to
hurt him, but you'd be surprised how hard and firm erections can
get. He'll just love the feel of the expanding rubber over his
cock. Another nice things about bathing caps is that you can
measure how much he squirts. That's one way to tell if he's been
cheating on you."

"OK", I nodded.

"Also be sure", Debbie continued, "that you avoid caps with sharp
seams. I try not to buy them at all. If I have to, then I turn
the cap inside out, put it over a block of wood, and sand away
the ridge with sandpaper. Generally, I just use my trusty old
Speedos. I can really feel the prick through the latex."

"Jason picked up one for me at the sports shop." I said, picking
it up still in the package. "I also found the cap I bought for
our vacation in Mexico last year. Can I use it?" I picked it out
of the pile for her inspection. It was a very feminine looking
cap with leaves and petals and flowers all over the outside.

"This is great, girl. This," she said, shaking the cap in her
hand, "is a great erection holder. Get rid of this chin strap.
Instead, make a couple of daisy chains out of rubber bands and
loop them into the snaps. Turn the cap inside out, and place it
over Jason's cock and balls. Put the rubber band chains around
his legs, and snap them to the cap.

"What this does is wrap his penis completely in rubber. When he
gets excited, his penis will twitch. When it twitches, it rubs
itself into the rubbery folds. This excites it some more, and
causes it to twitch again. It will keep Jason hard for as long as
you want with absolutely no work on your part. You can put him
`in the bag' for hours, and he'll still have a beautifully hard
cock for you to play with."

"I suggest you dress Jason up like this when you have him clean
the bathroom or perform his other household chores. He'll get
enough movement in the cap to stroke his penis into a good
erection, but the stimulation won't be enough to make him come.
He'll be ready to beg you for relief when he gets done."

"An important part of training men is to keep them in a state of
constant sexual excitement. In addition to using bathing caps to
keep Jason at a high level of arousal, you can use it to make him
bring himself to and sustain an intense level of arousal. To make
Jason masturbate to the point of ejaculation without coming, have
him coat he cap with his precome. He'll have to stimulate himself
enough to produce precome, but stop short of actually
ejaculating. You don't even have to supervise him. Just have him
show you a cap where he has spread his clear, glistening precome
over every square inch."

I swallowed my tea. I had never considered the possibilities. The
thought of ordering Jason to maintain a state of perpetual
anticipation to please me was really turning me on.


I sat there in silence digesting what I just heard. "OK, what
about the other items?" I asked.

"I'll start with the sneakers since they are so easy to use. I
use sneakers as sort of a reward. Rather than make a man mad with
the urge for sexual release, they actually provide it. What's
nice about it, is that the woman controls it."

"So, sneakers are one way to provide the pleasure you need to
give them from time to time to enslave the male. They don't
produce pain, unless of course, you use them as a paddle to spank
him." She laughed.

"You could just throw your sneakers on the floor and let Jason
hump the soles. I've done that when I'm too lazy to reward my
charges. However, I usually like to get a lot more involved."

"I call the first method the `book' method." She slipped off her
sneakers and demonstrated. "Hold them together by the back part
sole-to-sole, with the heels towards you and the insides --
that's part that's between your legs when you wear them -- up,
like this. While you have them this way, you can use them to
`tickle him up.' That is, if he doesn't have an erection, you can
give him one."

"Here, pretend the dildo is Jason's cock. Hold it out." I held it
out, and she moved her sneakers towards it.

"Put the heels under the head of his cock and pull back slowly,
letting his prick ride down into the valley at the arch, and back
up the hill towards the toes -- every bit of it bouncing and
rubbing its way along the herringbone patterns on the outsole. In
just a couple of passes, you'll have him as hard and straight as
a steel rod."

She was right. I could feel the vibrations in the rubber cock as
she slid her sneakers under it.

"Now, if you open the top like a book, you form a `V.' Let his
cock fall into the `V.' You can play with how wide you open the
book so as to make the rubber touch his cock looser or tighter."

She adjusted the sneakers and the dildo fell into the crack so
the penis was resting on the 'hinge' at the spine of the book.
She indicated the area that corresponded to the ball of her foot
and she called it the 'working rubber' explaining that it was the
part of the sneaker where masturbation takes place.

"You can let him hump the soles, or you can bind him, and provide
all the rubbing yourself. Just move the sneakers back and forth
letting his cock slide along the sole like a piston."

I noticed how she opened the book slightly on the push stroke so
the penis could slide forward freely, and closed it slightly on
the pull stroke so the working rubber grabbed at the penis head.

She handed over the sneakers and took the cock. "Now you try it."
She gave me a couple of minutes of practice and coaching. "Atta
girl, you got it. You'll love it. You'll have a perfect view of
Jason's penis when he comes."


We put the water on for another cup of tea.

"I like to call the next technique the `total control method'
because the man's ejaculation is entirely under the control of
the woman. To do it, you want to make a `penis sandwich' with
your sneakers. Here, hold out that dildo again."

She held one of her sneakers at the end uppers up, and her other
sneaker at the end, soles up. She held them so that they were
pointing to each other toe to toe. She nodded at me, and I picked
up the dildo, ready to play the role of the hapless male.

"Put one sneaker under the head of his penis, sole up, and the
other one on top of it with the sole resting just behind the

"The next part takes some practice. Use the top sneaker to move
the penis in a side-to-side motion, while rubbing it with the
bottom sneaker along the shaft in a girl-to-boy motion. The net
result is a circular motion which no penis can resist. You
control the pressure. You control the tempo. The man does
absolutely nothing at all. Once you get the hang of it, it's so
easy and quick. You'll have him coming in less than a minute, and
at exactly the moment you want."

Again, I was given the opportunity to practice. I couldn't wait
to try it on Jason. "It gets better once Jason provides some
biologically induced lubrication for you." Debbie advised.


"The final sneakering technique I call `walking the dog.' In this
one, you use your feet instead of your hands. Just wear your
sneakers as you normally do, and have Jason sit on a chair facing
you with his legs wide open. Put your feet in his crotch with
your heels against his balls."

"You seem to have a normal size foot for a woman, and if Jason is
average size, the head of his penis will be at the balls of your
feet. Simply peddle his cock from foot to foot. You'll literally
have him coming at your feet!"

"You can also use sneakers for intense anticipation training. Let
him play with himself. Give him run of your closet. Tell him you
want him to coat every sole of every sneaker with precome. Don't
give him permission to ejaculate. It will keep him busy for hours
while you can attend to something more relaxing. In fact, he may
never complete the task. If you have enough sneakers, the first
pair will be dry before he finishes the last."

"Another nice thing about sneakers is that they are everywhere.
Do you think that after you start sneakering Jason that he will
ever be able to look at you or any other woman wearing a pair,
and not get a hard on? Think of it -- the secretaries in his
office on 'casual day.' a housewife in the supermarket, a teenage
girl going to school, even little girls playing in the park are
going to remind him of this part of his sexual servitude."

"The one thing you didn't get in our practice demonstrations
here," Debbie cautioned, "is lubrication. Even a dry penis has
less friction than the rubber-to-rubber contact between the dildo
and the soles of the sneakers. You'll learn how to play with
varying pressures during the very first session, I'm sure."


"OK, that leaves the rubber ball." I said, refilling my tea.

"The ball takes special care. Bathing caps provide erections,
sneakers get him off. A rubber ball, if used properly will drive
him crazy. It's very effective, but it is very woman-intensive.
You'll have to put a lot of work into this one, but it's worth

"To do it properly, you'll need to understand a little of the
anatomy of the male reproductive system."

"The two parts of the penis you are interested in are on opposite
ends. At the very base of the penis, where the scrotum is
attached, is a sphincter-like muscle that holds back urine, and
also holds back semen just prior to the ejaculation. I suggest
you experiment with Jason and find out exactly where this muscle
is. It's the key to penis control. Massaging this muscle will
cause ejaculation if the penis is aroused enough. However, we
want to use it for exactly the opposite purpose."

"Just before ejaculation, this muscle tightens in anticipation.
The amount of tightness and just how it will feel to you varies
from man to man. In other words, you'll have to figure out for
yourself, using repeated experimentation, what Jason's 'flash
point' is. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right on the
first couple of tries."

Grab Jason's penis with your left hand. Make a tight ring with
your thumb and middle finger. This will trap more bl**d in the
organ and make it firmer and more sensitive. Take your index
finger and place it on the muscle. This is your feedback
mechanism so you will know when you are getting him close to

"The other end of the penis is the head. As you look at it
straight-on you'll see a pair of 'cheeks' at the 5- and 7-o'clock
positions. This is where you want to work the ball."

"There are two basic rubbing techniques. In technique one, you
start by pushing the ball against his pee hole and giving it a
few twists. This serves two purposes: it stimulates him, and it
picks up some precome to use as a lubricant. Next rub the ball
back and forth along the underside of the shaft, gently nicking
the cheeks."

"Do this until you feel him about to come, or a drop of precome
appears. If your left index finger tells you he is about to come,
ease up. Continue gently rubbing just the shaft for about 15
seconds. Then move onto rubbing technique two."

"Whenever you see precome, you can switch to the other

"Technique two starts the same as technique one. Push the ball
against the pee hole and twist. This time spiral out from the pee
hole spreading the precome in little circles on the head until
you are almost running the ball around the ridges at the edge of
the head. Then spiral slowly back in. Stop at the pee hole, give
the ball a twist, and shift back to rubbing technique one."

"It may take about a couple of attempts to get it down, but once
you get good at it, you can have Jason dripping with anticipation
in less than a minute, and you can keep him on the edge of orgasm
for as long as you want."


I was amazed. "How did you ever learn how to do this?"

"Well, I first put rubber to penis when I was a little girl. I
managed to make a couple of men come this way when I was in
college, but I didn't really perfect the technique until a couple
of years ago. I guess you can say it's a life time's work."

I looked at the ball I was holding. I looked down my legs at my
sneakers. I had never realized how much power I had at my hands
and feet!

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 6

All of these techniques helped me establish sexual anxiety and
relief in Jason. Stimulating a man and controlling his release
was just an ends to a means -- sexual domination.

And it worked! By then end of our third month of training, Jason
became completely devoted to me. Having him do the household
chores was convenient (he always did his share, and didn't
consider it demeaning as such, it's just that he now did my share
as well). I really enjoy having him give me backrubs and tending
to my feet (he still considers kissing and licking them to be
humiliating). And I always enjoy the complements I get from our
friends about how much a gentleman he is when we go out. Many of
my girlfriends comment to me about how they wish they had
husbands or boyfriends who are so polite and considerate. "How
did you do it?" they ask. Sometimes, I'm brave enough to joke
about it. "You have to train them when they're young," If they
only knew! I see some recognition in the eyes of some women, but
so far, Debbie is the only one in whom I can confide. Usually, I
stammer something like, "I'm just lucky, I guess."

Best of all is the sex. I allowed Jason to have intercourse on
those few occasions when I really felt in the mood for it, and
when I thought he really deserved it. He was so well trained to
consider my needs first that I am always totally satisfied.

It was about this time that Jason and I established a bedtime
routine. I wash up and brush my teeth, get into my nightgown, and
sit in a wing-back chair reading a magazine or a book. This had
been my routine ever since we got married. One difference now is
the types of magazines and books I read. I no longer read books
about kitchens and gardening. I've borrowed a lot of Debbie's
collection. She recommended a reading list for me, and I've
really enjoyed going through it. I now have subscriptions of my

Another difference now is that now Jason kneels before me, with
his face in my crotch as I spend my time leisurely reading my
femdom publications. Debbie gave me a tip to improve his
performance. I tie a string around his balls, and give it a sharp
tug if he doesn't lick me properly. Jason learned to be an
accomplished cunlinginist in a short time.

Naturally, I gave Debbie all the details of the `love sessions'
Jason and I had. She suggested that I take things in my stride,
but that I gradually escalate my discipline.

"You have to maintain control at all times." she told me over
coffee during one of our many talks we had on the subject of the
taming of Jason. "I think you are ready to move into phase two."

"Phase two?" I asked her.

"Yes. In phase one, you rewarded Jason's good deeds with letting
him come. In phase two, you start punishing for bad behavior."

"Well, we certainly don't have much of that." I confided to her.
"Jason has been the perfect gentleman."

"Nobody's perfect." she replied. "Make something up. Don't settle
for sloppy service. If he's not on top of everything at every
moment, take it out on him."

"What do you mean by `take it out on him'." I asked.

"Spank him!" she said as if she couldn't believe I even asked the
question. "Men and women have been spanking one another since
Adam and Eve. It's perfectly natural, perfectly safe, and
perfectly necessary."

"I don't want to hurt Jason?" I complained.

"That's good. Some men like pain. We won't know about Jason --
and yourself -- until we get into a more advanced stage in his
training. Pain is something that can be added on later. The thing
we're going for here is humiliation and psychological control.
Spanking provides that."

"Spanking is on the extreme low end of the pain spectrum. It
rarely ever really hurts, and even then it's only temporary. The
real value of spanking is the humiliation. I bet Jason hasn't
been over a woman's lap since he was a little boy. He probably
has ambivalent feelings about it. I'm sure he loved his mom, but
at that stage of his life, he was dependent upon her. She
controlled his life. In a sense, you are taking her place as he

Spanking isn't something a grown man is supposed to submit to. To
surrender his body to you is a leap of trust. You are woman. All
of the world is telling him that you are supposed to be his
inferior. If that's so, how come he's over your lap. These are
the things that will be going through his mind."

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Start out with a simple, over-the-knee, hand spanking. It's
really an erotically cozy and intimate thing. You won't hurt him
much, but you'll really assert your authority over him. Later on,
as you both become more comfortable doing it, you can experiment
with belts, hair brushes, and even whips if it gets that far."

She laughed as she saw my mouth drop. I was certainly a non-
sophisticate when it came to these things. "Listen to me! I sound
like a mom instructing her daughter how to bake cup cakes. This
stuff seems so simple and so natural to me, that I forget that
other women don't do it as a routine."

I sat in awe of this woman's knowledge and experience. I decided
I'd try it.


I came home to see Jason's ass looking up at me from the kitchen
floor where he was on his hands and knees scrubbing. I called to
him, "Come in here! Stand in front of me. Look at this mess," I
said, sweeping my hand across what, in my pre-domination days, I
would have thought a perfectly clean living room. Now I could see
minor imperfections. A piece of lint here, a slightly
out-of-alignment picture there. "That doesn't look right at all.
We're going to do something about that right now."

I spoke mainly to build up my courage and to make Jason feel
inferior. This was a big leap for me, and I couldn't stand up to
much resistance from Jason. I needed him to give into me this
first time, and then I knew I could control him for life.

"You have to be more careful," I told him. "You have to pay
attention to detail. I don't want Debbie or my other friends
thinking we live in a sloppy house." I was being totally
unreasonable, but Jason took it all in meek submissiveness until
I suggested corporal punishment.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson. Get over here and get
over my lap. I'm going to give you a spanking to teach you to be
more careful."

"Anne!" he said.

"Anne?" I yelled back at him. "You are to call me mistress.
That's two lessons I have to teach you."

"I'm not going to let you spank me." he hissed, and then
belatedly added, "mistress."

"Oh yes you are." I said. "Do you want sex?"

"Of course I do, mistress." The title came more naturally then.

"Well, think about it. We've been in our `special arrangement'
for a couple of months now. Right?" He nodded a "yes."

"And in that time, since I've taken charge of your sex life,
you've had fewer ejaculations."

Again a nod.

"And they've been better ejaculations, haven't they."

He looked at his toes and admitted, "Yes, mistress."

"Ejaculations are more fun -- sex is more fun -- when I control
your lusty urges. You can't do it right unless I tell you or show
you how to do it. You need my dominance -- my control -- to have
good sex. AM I RIGHT?"

His eyes remained riveted on the floor as he muttered, "Yes

"So there you have it. You don't have to come and get your
spanking. We can stop these games right now and go back to the
way it used to be. We can also stop something else. Do you
remember that first time I made you go all week without relief?"

Emphatically, "Yes, mistress."

"Well, how would you like to make it a month, or a year, or a
lifetime?" The question was rhetorical, I didn't expect and

Jason crossed the room to the seat on which I was sitting and lay
over my lap. He surrendered! I spanked him until his ass was good
and pink, and my own hand felt puffy and tingly itself. That
wasn't the only thing that puffy and felt tingly. I had Jason
finish me off with his tongue on the spot.

Debbie never told me how much fun this part would be. Looking at
Jason's drooling erection, I was sure he found it exciting too. I
found an excuse to spank Jason every other day.

By the end of the month we modified our life style even more.
Jason's schedule looked like housework every weekend, spanking
every other day, and cunt lapping every night. It was something I
couldn't even dream about the day I walked in on him, but I found
that I wanted more. Debbie warned me that this stuff was
addictive, but I only half believed her until I started hearing
some of my own demands.

I don't think it would have been as much fun for me if Jason
didn't get off on it too. I know that he really didn't take my
treats seriously. He could have terminated the arrangement at any
time. Instead, he hung in there. Everything I did to him or had
him do for me was something he wanted to do deep down inside. He
might have thought that he was being `f***ed' to do it, but no
f***e, treats (real threats, that is) or coercion was used. He
never once used our `stop' signal, and we discussed a lot of what
we did before we did it. What really convinced me that he enjoyed
my dominance is that he almost always had an erection every time
we did something.

Jason was faced with a simple decision: FemDom or Freedom. As I
sit here at my terminal, Jason under the table on his knees in
front of me, his head in between my legs, his mouth against my
pussy, his tongue where I love it most, I know he made the right

(The end -- for now. I'll continue if there are still readers who
managed to stay awake to this point and actually want to see
Mule... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15

Mr. Dodds pulled out of his pocket a small vial, and opening it,
dropped several large pink and blue capsules onto his palm. "I hope
you enjoy this my love," he muttered under his breath, "it was a deal
of trouble getting these."

He opened each capsule and poured the contents into the funnel at the
end of Mandy's stomach-tube. This done, he picked up the plastic
pitcher he had brought downstairs. He poured the thick liquid into the

"Carnation's best, my love, bon appetite!," he said, though he knew she
could hear nothing. As he poured, he watched the figure stuck immobile
upon the slab, her stomach moving visibly.

"She's full now, I'll bet," he muttered.

Setting the half empty pitcher in the corner, he removed the tube from
its connection on the mask, and headed for the sprayer.

The equipment that Mr. Dodds wheeled over to Mandy's motionless side
appeared to be a common paint sprayer, and was, except for minor
modifications to the spray-gun. It was a contractor type, with one
hose to the air compressor, and one that dipped into the paint bucket.
In this case, however, the label on the five gallon bucket read:

ACME 1 Part Latex Molding Compound
--> ask for it by name <--

After listening to Mandy's breathing and looking over various fittings
once more, he went to work. He turned on the compressor and donned a
filtered respirator to protect himself from the spray. Soon, a smooth
coating of latex rubber began to build up on the statuesque female form
stuck to the slab. It covered everything: the blindfold, the mouth
fitting and the seams of her suit, with a glossy black shine.

When he had a smooth coat applied, he waited several minutes for the
volatile carrier to evaporate. He knelt down, running his hands over
the now-dry coating. It was a perfect coating of rubber, smooth and
flexible, and it partially glazed over all the little seams and
imperfections, creating a seamless glossy covering. The chest of his
sculpture rose and fell as the living woman inside breathed slowly and
deeply, at the insistence of the respirator whirring in the corner. He
stepped back and began the next coat.

In her rubber confinement, Mandy was slowly cooling off from the
exercise of coming downstairs. She was amazed at how rigidly Mr. Dodds
had managed to fasten her down. She decided that he must have actually
glued her suit to something. He definitely gets to buy me a few new
suits, she told herself.

After a while, she felt a pressure building in her stomach. He must be
feeding me something, she thought. This is silly- why couldn't he have
fed it to me before I suited up. Unless... unless it's something he
thinks I wouldn't normally eat, but that's dumb- he's seen me eat raw
oysters, what could be worse than that? Ugh, I don't want to think
about that, I have too colorful an imagination.

Then she remembered the over-size enema tube and plug.

Shit! she thought, what if he's planning on leaving me in this thing
for... god, how long COULD he leave me in here? He didn't catheterize
me- I hope he knows what he's doing... damn, what if I have to piss?

The tube in her gullet soon became warm, and her stomach protested
slightly as it became full. I really hope it's nothing nasty, she
thought, god knows what he's thought of this time. Whatever it was, it
kept coming, and soon her stomach was becoming uncomfortably full.

By the time the flow into her stomach had stopped, she felt positively
bloated, as if she had overindulged at Thanksgiving dinner.

Presently, she felt a slight chill through the suit. Perhaps he was
washing her, she thought. A little later, she felt it again, but not
as strongly. She noticed, after a while, that her confinement seemed
slightly stiffer. She couldn't move much, but she could flex her
stomach muscles, and wriggle a little, so she did, the slimy oil inside
her suit squelching past her crotch as she did so.

She shuddered as the little warts inside the breast cups stimulated her

She was certain now. Her suit was definitely much stiffer. She could
feel some resistance to her breathing, but the mask and breathe-through
gag pumped air steadily, filling her lungs and emptying them, so she
had no anxiety about being able to breathe.

Nonetheless, a little thrill ran through her, as she wondered what
Dodds could be doing. She had no idea how long he would leave her in
this helpless condition, but she was certain he wouldn't let her get
bored. All she could do was wait. She felt a little wave of internal
heat run through her.

Damn, but she was horny.

Mr. Dodds was delighted to find the latex coatings drying faster than
he had expected. He was up to the fourth coat now, and Mandy's form
was now a permanent part of the rubber-covered slab, joining with it
smoothly where she lay upon it. The thick layer of rubber made a
smooth, continuous armor coating over her suit. When the fifth coat
was applied, he shut off the compresser, pushing the equipment back
into the corner.

Once more he checked Mandy's breathing, and briefly grabbed her crotch
and squeezed gently. A very faint moan issued from within the rubber
sculpture. He left the room.

For quite a while, the room was quiet, except for the even pumping of
the respirator, and the sighing of air through the hoses.

Then Mr. Dodds returned, leading in the bewildered pair of "Flora" and
"Jason", though neither could say now for certain who was which.

When the slab with the strange woman-shape came into view, they both
stopped and stared. A long, waist-high table of glossy black material
supported a female statue made from the same ebon substance. Her form
was exquisite, if of unlikely proportions. Huge conical breasts jutted
up from the supine figure, and an oversized mons bulged between her

The sculpture's form flowed smoothly into the table, showing no seam or
sign of fastening.

The table was obviously designed to tilt, being supported by an axle at
the center, and having a single rod-shaped support attached under it,
which disappeared into a large box on the floor. Small wires ran from
the tip of each breast, and from her large mound, to another, smaller,
box on the floor.

The effect was literally that of an avant-garde sculpture, something
from a modern art museum perhaps, except that they KNEW someone was

"Well, my pretty pair, what do you think? In case you're wondering,
there really is someone inside that. It would make a fine piece of
art, don't you think? They could put it on permanent display at the
Museum of Modern Art in New York. The person inside is quite alright,
however, and is probably having a hard time keeping calm, as I've taken
certain steps to ensure a very distracting, yet... pleasurable, stay."

Flora and Jason looked on in amazement, wondering anew just who was in
the other's costume, and which of them had the misfortune (or was it
fortune?) to be entombed within the solid rubber statue. By this time,
they'd gotten the idea that Mr. Dodds, however kinky, had no desire to
cause them harm, and besides, they could both see the breathing hoses
connected to an expensive looking hospital respirator, although only
the real Flora knew with certainty what it was. Each of them secretly
wished that it was they who were trapped in the close confines of the
sculpture, and wondered what "steps" Dodds had taken to make it
"pleasurable" for the sculptee.

"Enough gawking," announced Dodds, as he clipped "Flora's" armbinder to
a wall-hook. "Jason, please get up here." He was standing next to a
large hospital-style table with a thin mattress on it, which he patted,
as he looked pointedly at Flora.

After Flora did as she was told, Dodds proceeded to fasten "Jasons"
harness to the rails of the bed, metal clips attaching to the d-rings
on her harness. Since there were straps with d-rings every few inches
on her torso, arms and legs, even her head, it took some time before
"Jason" was firmly anchored to the bed.

Mr. Dodds also attached leather straps between "Jasons" legs, and
between her arms and body. When these were tightened, she was held
rigidly in place.

He released a catch, and the table tilted forward, providing her with a
splendid view of the rest of the proceedings. With the gag filling her
mouth, "Jason" was hardly in a position to complain. She wondered what
Mr. Dodds had in mind for the chromed dildo fixed firmly over her
mouth. She imagined Mandy using something like it on her, and became
instantly wet with desire.

While "Jason" squirmed, Mr. Dodds led "Flora" to a small platform with
a long rod sticking up from it. Small metal clamps on the platform
mated with his boots at heel and toe, fastening them rigidly to the
floor. A turn of a thumbscrew allowed the telescoping core of the rod
to reach up to "Flora's" ass. The threaded end was snaked through the
hole in the girdle, and mated neatly with the socket in the dildo.
With a few turns of Dodd's wrist, the rod was secure. With the rigid
steel boots immovable, the rod now impaling his bottom, and the stiff
corset clamping his waist, "Flora" found it quite impossible to move,
other than with a slight bend at the hips.

"There!" remarked Mr. Dodds, "I think we are ready for the Grand
Exhibit. I wanted you to be in a receptive frame of mind for this, to
better appreciate what you are seeing. Flora, you ought to find this
especially interesting, in light of your recent ordeal on Mandy's
clever little treadmill.

"The person under those layers of rubber is, of course, my occasional
slave and lover, Mandy. What you must understand is that Mandy has
been my slave for quite a few more years than you and she have been
together. She has undergone tests of physical endurance that you
cannot even imagine. This will be one of the more enjoyable ones.
Perhaps I should explain what I have done.

"The sculpture you see before you is composed of a layer of rubber
about a quarter-inch thick. It completely covers the thick latex suit
Mandy has on under it. It also bonds her body quite immovably to the
platform beneath her. The suit has been heavily modified. It is not
very tight, and I've lubricated it inside with about three liters of
silicone oil, allowing her to move slightly with effort, or if for
example, we were to tilt the table. Heh.

"The suit has little rubber warts lining the breast cups and the crotch
area. I'm sure you're both aware how sensitive Mandy's nipples are."

At this, "Jason" squirmed still more within her tight bondage.

"In addition," continued Mr. Dodds, "there's a thick dildo in her
lovely little quim, and a large enema plug up her rear. The helmet is
equipped with an inflated surgical breathing mask, a gag, padded eyes,
and padded ears. In addition, her ears are stuffed with foam
ear-plugs, so that she is completely isolated from sound. The
breathing hose is connected to this respirator apparatus so that we may
regulate what and how much she breathes.

"She can see, hear, and smell nothing whatsoever. She can feel only a
slight friction if she wriggles within the confines of the suit. She
has been in this state for several hours, so by now she will be just a
little wonky from sensory deprivation. I'll now supply her with enough
stimulation to more than make up for it, however."

So saying, he walked over and flipped the switch on the box below the
table. Immediately, it began to hum, and the arm coming out of it
began to push and pull, tilting the table slowly back and forth,
through an arc of almost ninety degrees.

Mr. Dodds continued his speech. "I want you both to imagine what sort
of strong mind it takes to endure the sort of sexual intensity I intend
to treat her to. Flora, you can probably best appreciate what she will
experience, but I assure you, this will be quite a bit more thorough an
treatment than you received. Here is another detail of her situation.

"I'm sure you've both noticed the somewhat exaggerated shape of her
breasts and crotch-mound. These are small but powerful vibrators which
have been molded into the suit with her, one over each breast and one
at the crotch. They are plugged into THIS." He pointed to the control
box. "Let's give her a small sample, shall we?"

Here he reached down and flicked the switch on the other small box on
the floor. A small pilot lamp glowed. They could hear no change over
the humming from the motor on the floor, nor could they see any
movement in the strange shape on the slab, other than the rhythmic
tilting of the platform, but each gave a small shudder as they imagined
the feelings that had to be coursing through Mandy's helpless body
inside. After a long minute or two, Mr. Dodds turned everything off.


Mandy panicked a little as she felt herself tipping, afraid she was
about to be dropped on her head, but whatever was moving her, soon
swung back the other way, and her lubricated body slid down towards her
feet. In a way, this was worse, as the fiendish accessories of the
rubber suit mindlessly made love to her body.

As her weight slid down, the rippled dildo gently f***ed its way into
her vagina, filling her delightfully. Since she was swimming in
slippery silicone oil, she was powerless to prevent this, even if she
had wanted to.

Then too, the little rubber warts lining the breast cups and crotch
area teased her nipples and fondled her clitoris. She felt the heat
rushing to her privates and her pulse throbbing in her head. She
moaned with delight.

Then she was swaying back, slithering tightly into the head and
shoulders of her rubber prison, the bumps and rods reversing their
sensuous motion.

She realized that for some reason, she was becoming increasingly

aroused, more sexually aware than she could remember ever having been.
Her attention had narrowed to include just her skin, her breasts, and
her crotch. He must have d**gged me again, she thought... something
special, although my head feels clear. She tried to think of other
things, but all that came to mind was a collage of previous sessions,
other bizarre treatments she had received at Mr. Dodds hands.

Her thoughts drifted back to her early days with him, when he had first
begun her training. He had made her put on his first gift to her- a
custom made, elegant rubber evening dress, and had taken her out to the
latest trendy dinner theatre. Despite the sexual feeling the dress
gave her, or perhaps because of it, she had been a little embarrassed,
an emotion she was not used to feeling. Perhaps it was because he had
insisted she remain naked beneath the dress. During dinner he had
kicked off a shoe and masturbated her with his toes beneath the
concealing table cloth. She had only barely managed to conceal her
climax from the other patrons and the ever-attendant waiter.

Suddenly a new sensation snapped her back to the present.

Powerful vibrations were coursing through her chest and crotch. Her
pelvis involuntarily tried to arch upwards to meet a non-existent
lover, and her nipples swelled still further within their cups. Her
breasts felt as if they had little motors inside them, the vibrations
were so strong.

As her slave Flora had often wondered in the past, so now did Mandy:
"How much more of this am I going to have to take?" She tried again to
let her mind wander, but her situation now was entirely too
distracting. She let herself go with the motions, and it was with
great relief that she felt her first orgasm building. Almost
immediately the vibrations, the rocking motions ceased.

She screamed into the mask, cursing silently, wondering how Dodds could
have known. She was blind with lust now, wanting anything, anything at
all to satisfy her. She tensed in her rigid rubber prison, trying to
rub against her suit, to mack up and down a bit on the rods filling
her, but to no avail.

Flora and Jason, even Mr. Dodds, could see nothing of this, and
although Mr. Dodds had a very good idea how excited a state his slave
was in, his frustrating her imminent climax for the second time that
day had been pure luck. He smiled, reviewing in his mind what he had
in store for his slaves. He walked to the respiration equipment and
reached for a valve on one of the tanks.

"And now, the piece de resistance..." He put on his best "lecturing"
smile. "Maybe I'm getting jaded in my old age, but I'm just not
satisfied any more with simple mechanical stimulation. True, rubber
and leather and bondage are wonderful things, but I've been
experimenting with new ideas.

"Tonight, Mandy will experience the culmination of two years of
investigation. In the past, Mandy's sensuality, her desperate sexual
and fetish needs have been her strength... she could turn any of my
torments to her own pleasure. But never before have I tampered
directly with her mind as well as with her body.

"Tonight, rather than discomfort, she will undergo the most intense
sexual stimulation of her life. Everything else she has felt this
weekend will pale by comparison.

"If she survives with her mind intact, she will have proved herself to
be the finest slave in my experience, as well as a stern mistress."

"I've a few other touches as well. Half way through my preparations
for this little show, it occurred to me that it would be a waste not to
use her rotating bondage board for something, so I tied her enema bag
to it.

Set to a slow speed, it will alternately empty and fill her bowels,
rather quickly, as the wheel rotates 'round.

He turned the valve under his hand, then turned the other. No obvious
changes occurred, and only Dodds could know what reactions might be
occurring inside the rubber sculpture.

"Let me explain what I have just done", he continued. "This tank is
full of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. The other is filled with pure
oxygen. Automatic timers will switch between the two, alternately
clearing her head and making her higher than a kite, every ten

"The nitrous mixture is set thin enough so that she will merely feel
giddy and euphoric, rather than too drowsy. I've done this in the past
with several other slaves with great success. It seems to calm them
down in between climaxes, allowing them to recover just slightly. But
today, I intend to outdo myself. We all know that Mandy is very much
multi-orgasmic. Now I intend to see just how many climaxes she can

"But wait, there's more, there's more!" Dodds actually giggled, while
barely managing to not quite sound like a television commercial. He
was really enjoying himself.

"Several months ago, a friend of mine in the medical field heard of a
new anti-depressant d**g being tested in Canada. It's called
Chlomipramine. It worked, more or less, but patients on whom it was
being tested began to complain of excessive sex drive, and spontaneous
orgasms. It would seem the Canadians have stumbled across the world's
first true aphrodesiac. I have tried it myself, and when taken in
quantity, it's effects are startling.

"Oh, it's a bit of a stimulant, although it's quite harmless really,
but as a side effect, it makes one so randy, so impossibly horny,
everything else takes a back seat until you get satisfaction. When I
first tried it on a slave with whom I was out driving, she nearly
caused a wreck, she was so desperate!

"Mandy was given a largish dose about an hour ago. Its effects will
last about eight hours.

"Naturally, we'll try to keep Mandy satisfied, although I rather
suspect that will be difficult. Hmm. Well. Let us begin. First the

He flicked a switch, and once again, the table began to tilt back and

"Now, the vibrators," as he set the other toggle, "and the gas." He
flipped another switch on the respirator equipment. "And finally, her

He twisted a dimmer switch on the wall, and the bondage wheel began to
rotate slowly, gradually raising the enema bag.

They all stood transfixed for a moment, no one moving, (though two of
them would have been hard pressed to move in any case) as they looked
on in awe, even Mr. Dodds himself, at what he had done.

A bizarre female form, apparently wrought of polished ebony, grew out
of a solid slab that swung back and forth through almost ninety
degrees. It was a female sculpture, although the artist was obviously
obsessed with sex, for the breasts and mons veneris were exaggerated,
huge rounded things, with small wire leads trailing from them.
Certainly, the artist could be considered avant garde, as the tubing
leading to the sculpture's mouth was hardly standard on the as-issued
female body. Then too, how did one explain the shifting of shape
within, as the table tilted, something sliding around inside...

Mandy grunted in surprise as her world began to sway again, and sighed
with relief as she began to slide back and forth, the fiendish fingers
and warts, now old friends, massaging her clitoris and nipples. The
dildo slid firmly home, filling her, then slid out again as she tilted
the other way.

Suddenly, the vibrations began again, seemingly from inside her breasts
and crotch. She shouted with joy as incredible thrills spasmed through
her body. She was sure now, in some small corner of her mind, that she
had been d**gged, that this was more than her normal response, but her
body screamed, "WHO CARES?" and she gave in completely.

As if the fat dildo inside her weren't enough, she now felt a cool
pressure building in her belly. The enema rushed into her, and she was
grateful that she'd had so little to eat in the last twenty-four
hours. She didn't relish the idea of cramps. The water filled her
belly, and in combination with her already full stomach, made her feel
completely swollen and bloated. When the table swung down again, the
crowding inside her made the dildo feel as if it were ten times
larger. She felt stuffed, like a living sausage skin.

After a few more cycles of her dark and unstable world, she felt the
enema rushing out again.

She hardly noticed when the smell of her air changed subtlely, but
gradually she calmed down, although she was still out of her mind with

She felt happy, unreasonably happy, and at peace, although she
certainly wasn't satisfied yet. She cheerfully macked up and down on
the rod, not knowing or caring where she was, or what was happening to
her. Eventually, again unnoticed, the air changed its flavor again,
and her head began to clear, so that although she knew precisely what
sort of situation she was in, she also felt more insistant that she get
some satisfaction. The effects of the little rubber warts and
vibrations became more noticeable, and she lost herself again in wave
after wave of sexual spending and release.

We may as well leave her now, as the rest is more or less the same, for
hours on end.

Mr. Dodds turned to his other two guests. "Well folks, that's that for
a few hours, we shan't see much more than this. Why don't we leave her
to her pleasures, and see if we can't find something else to amuse us
for awhile."

He began to unfasten the straps holding "Jason" to the hospital

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

I sat in silence with my f****y eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. My thoughts carried me to that same time last night when my son asked me if I could pose for him, so he could take some pictures of his bike. How did he put it? He needed a babe in the picture with his bike.
He was eighteen years old and his hobby was to ride motocross bikes. Last year me and my husband bought him a Honda bike. Since than, all his spare time was dedicated to that.
I agreed last night to pose for him. I thought it was important to him and it seemed harmless enough. That was before he told me that he wanted me to pose in a string bikini. I was so shocked, I didn't know how to answer, I didn't say anything as he walked away.
I didn't want to do it, it just didn't feel right, but I decided to go along as part of me deep down inside was saying go ahead. Every time I thought of posing in my bikini a small shiver ran through my body, an excitement I haven't felt in a long time.
My husband and I were not sexually active. We made love maybe once a month and it was usually too fast for me to have an orgasm. I masturbated when no one was around, but it just wasn't the same as doing something real.
I finished doing all my work that day and just tinkered around the house waiting for tonight. I realized that maybe I should shave down there, just in case my son wants to take a close shot of me and the bike, it would be embarrassing to have some of my pubic hair sticking out.
I got the razor out and somehow got a little overzealous, because soon, I had all my pubic hair completely shaved. My pussy was completely bald, felt smooth and I loved the feeling when I rubbed it with my hands. I ran my fingers down past my pussy and spread my legs open wide.
I felt my tiny little asshole and the area around it; it always felt so good to rub that dirty little spot. Feeling some hair there I decided to shave that too. I propped up the mirror and bending over with my back arched, looked behind.
My heart stopped and my pussy shivered. I was looking at myself from behind. My legs were spread wide apart, my pussy opened up and already wet, and nestled between my two round ass cheeks was my asshole.
I have never looked at myself before, but now I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The combination of my dark, wet pussy lips and that wrinkled hole above was mesmerizing. Slowly I picked up the razor and without taking my eyes off of my ass shaved every hair that was there.
It felt so naughty to run the razor in between my ass cheeks and down my crack. I was breathing hard and I noticed that my pussy juices were dripping and running down my thighs. Oh God, I was discovering a totally new side of myself.
When I was done with out changing position, I ran my fingers down the crack of my ass feeling the smoothness. I rubbed my asshole while pinching my nipples. I was surprised that the feeling was so much greater than just rubbing my pussy. It seemed like my legs opened up even more on their own, I was so spread, my finger rubbing my anal hole bringing me to a powerful orgasm.
I was lost in this moment, this sexual act, I felt my ass open and realized with shock that my middle finger was stuck deep inside my asshole and I was finger fucking myself. My body shuddered as a powerful orgasm swept over me. I collapsed on the bed, and let the wonderful glowing feeling envelop my body.
I rested, thinking of how good this felt as it was the first time I ever had anything in my ass. I was a little ashamed because of my upbringing and my religious beliefs, but I couldn't deny the feeling it brought me. It didn't hurt, it just felt good and it gave me the best orgasm I ever had before.
At dinner time my daughter told me she will be spending the night with her girlfriend and that she would go to school from her house tomorrow morning. I felt a little nervous, so during dinner I had several glasses of wine to make me relax. Before I knew it, I drank the whole bottle of wine.
When my daughter left my son asked if I was ready to pose. I was feeling relaxed with all the alcohol I drank and told him I would change and be right back. He said that we would do the shooting in the garage.
After slipping into my bikini, I looked at myself in the mirror. My heart stopped as I saw how much of my body I was showing. I gathered my strength and walked downstairs in my bathrobe. Tommy was already waiting near his bike and he had several lights set up around. His bike was the center of everything.
"Hey mum, I'm ready, go ahead and stand in front of the bike" he told me.
With my heart racing I moved over to the bike. I stood there looking at him still deciding if I should do it or not.
"Well mum... you're gone have to take that robe off" he said looking at me innocently.
I took a deep breath and took it off, throwing it to the side. I saw his eyes widen as he held his breath.
Now I have nice breasts, they're about 36 DD, which are the cause of attention with a lot of men when I go out. They're natural and don't hang down. My son was snow staring at them which were covered only by two thin pieces of material. The material wasn't big enough, and all the sides were rolling out, bare for him to see.
My bikini bottom was in no better shape. It was a triangle that covered my pussy and a tiny bit of the pubic area above it, but that's it. It was held together by strings that went high over my full hips. The material hugged my pussy tight and my son could see the outline of my mount with the gash in the middle.
Because of the alcohol, I was not thinking about it at the time. I was exited that he would take my pictures. I was ready for him.
"So how do you want me to stand, sweetheart?" I asked.
"Just like that... spread your arms out... yeah."
He was snapping pictures as I held still. He was getting closer and closer to me and soon I felt that I was the center of his pictures not his bike.
"Mom can you put your foot on the foot peg and lean back."
I did as he said, which of course opened my legs, showing my son a little more of my crotch. As I leaned back my top rode up and I could tell my aureoles were showing. I saw his eyes get bigger and the camera pointing at my tits. I was intoxicated, my head was spinning and I didn't think straight enough to stop this.
"Mom this is perfect... spread your arms out... yessss... I have an idea." He said suddenly.
I looked at him already quite exited but trying not to show it.
"The bike is really steady, can you climb on top of it facing the back and lean back on the gas tank and handle bars? I want you laying on the bike facing back."
I though about for a minute. God this would be naughty, I would be laying back with my legs slightly spread. Just thinking about it was making my pussy wet.
"Ok honey, but you're going to have to help me get on top of it," I said eyeing the bike and best way to get up there.
My son quickly came up and grabbed my arm. Supporting myself with my other hand, I swooped my leg over the bike sitting down on the bike seat. Tommy's eyes were on my crotch, I could tell he was looking for a glimpse of my pussy. Suddenly I saw his eyes get wide and felt him hold his breath.
Alarmed I looked down at my crotch and saw that my bottom shifted slightly to the side and now raveled one of my pussy lips. Oh god, oh no, my son could see my pussy. I knew I had to quickly cover myself, but couldn't take my hands off the bike and Tommy in fear of loosing my balance.
"Tommy, I feel a little unsteady like this, maybe I should get down," I said nervously.
"Mom, you can hang on to sides of the engine to hold yourself steady," With that he placed my hand on the engine.
I grabbed on to it with both hands, as I felt my body sliding to the sides. Not being able to cover my pussy, I closed my legs together. Doing that I was loosing my balance, so I had to open them up. I soon found out that the further I spread my legs open, the easier it was to stay on top of my son's bike without falling.
Soon my legs were spread open as if I was posing for a dirty magazine, but it was only to keep me from falling. God if I only didn't drink all that alcohol, I would have been more steady.
Click, click, click. I heard the camera snapping pictures, and saw my son in front of me zooming on my crotch. No, my mind screamed. Again I tried closing my legs but couldn't. My body was sliding off the bike. I ended up quickly spreading my legs, even further this time, to hold my balance.
"Tommy, I really have to get down," I said alarmed, but with no conviction.
The truth was I felt very sexually exited. Showing my body off to the camera was a huge turn on for me. It made me feel naughty, dirty and somewhat like a slut. As soon as I though of myself as a slut, my pussy flooded with juices. The secret fantasy I always masturbated to flooding my mind.
I looked down at my crotch again and saw that my bottom has moved completely to the side, exposing my pussy in its entirety. Exposing my wet, bold pussy to my son. Oh No... I looked up at him and saw he was only taking pictures of my pussy.
"Tommy... no... stop taking pictures," There was no use pretending he couldn't see my pussy.
"Mom it's OK, you look beautiful... and this is digital... we can erase these pictures at anytime," Snap, snap, snap.
He wasn't stopping.
"Tommy, this is wrong... you can't do this, I can't do this... help me get down," I kept my legs spread open as I looked at him.
His soft dark eyes moved from my exposed wet pussy to my face. He looked at me, first time taking his eyes off my crotch area.
"Mom just a few more pictures... you look great... and I promise I'll erase these pictures as soon as we're done."
Oh god. I closed my eyes trying to think of a way to stop this and have him help me get down. Was I really trying to stop this? Slut... I'm being a slut for him... my son's slut.
A low moaned escaped my lips as my pussy quivered at the thought. I opened my eyes alarmed that he heard me moaning, but all my son was doing was taking pictures of my pussy.
He got closer and reaching out pulled on the strings tied at my hips. What??? He wants to take my bikini bottom off??? No I can't let him, he's my son, this is so wrong!!!
"Tommy... No..."
I barely heard my whisper. Why didn't I scream this out. Why didn't I jump off this damn bike? My mind was confused and d**gged from the alcohol I drank. My body on the other hand wanted more attention.
I was looking into his eyes, and he was looking into mine as his hands untied both sides of my bikini bottom. Why didn't I stop him? With my feet on both foot pegs of the bike, and my legs spread open, he reached out and hooked his finger under the material right at my pussy.
I shivered with excitement as I felt his finger touch my pussy lips. The touch was very brief as he pulled the material off of me. Without realizing it, I lifted my ass slightly off the seat so he could pull them from under me.
He stepped back looking at me. His eyes peeled to my crotch. I could barely breathe, my legs were trembling, and I could feel my pussy juices running out of my pussy and down to the bike seat below.
"Mom... you are so wet down there," He said as if he was looking at something for the first time in his life.
"Tommy... I need to get off this bike."
Snap, snap, snap. He was taking pictures of me like that as if he didn't hear me.
"Mom, lift your legs up for me," He looked up at me with a pleading look on his face.
"No Tommy... I can't... please... help me down."
"Please Mom."
My mind was in turmoil. I let my son see my pussy, my wet pussy. I was letting him take pictures of me that could be in an x rated magazine. Slutty pictures of his mom. God there was this SLUT word, why did it turn me on so much?
"Just promise me you'll erase these pictures right away," I looked at him breathing hard without changing position.
"I promise."
He was standing there looking like a little boy about to get a treat. I felt my body build up to a powerful orgasm, I couldn't stop it, I was about to cum in front of my son. I lifted my legs up and bent them at my knees. I spread my knees apart and brought them to my chest.
"Oh my god..." Snap, snap, snap.
I could only assume my son was now looking at my asshole. My god... my asshole. I closed my eyes as I felt my body shudder. The powerful feeling was overtaking all of my senses, making me scream. I actually heard someone moaning and realized that it was me.
Spreading my legs wide I held on as one of the biggest orgasms washed over me. It was longer than usual, taking several minutes from it's apex to the moment I actually could open my eyes and breathe.
I saw Tommy looking down at me, his camera in his hands. As soon as he saw me open my eyes, as if waking up, he started snapping more pictures.
My legs were shaking, I felt cum oozing out of my pussy and running down to my asshole and than dripping down to the seat below. I was a mess. Holding on to the bike with one hand I reached down and felt my clit and pussy lips with my fingers.
I felt my clit was enlarged and my lips swollen. Snap, snap, snap. My son just wouldn't let up. I couldn't hold on any longer.
"Tommy, help me down..." I said.
He knew I meant it. Quietly he put his camera down and grabbed my hand. Holding on to him I swung my leg over and slipped off the bike. I landed right in his arms, weak from the orgasm. I felt his hand on my ass as he was holding me up.
"Tommy... let me go," I said in a weak voice.
He slid his other hand down and grabbed both of my ass cheeks. I felt his fingers digging deeper into my ass crack.
"Tommy that's enough... please," I pushed him away.
"And erase those pictures... now."
I watched as he thumbed through he camera settings.
"Ok it's done," he said after a while.
"Tommy, I'm going to bed... and like we said... not a word to anyone."
I left the garage and went up to my bedroom. My mind was in turmoil, thinking of what I have done, of how different the relationship with my son has now become. The quilt was tugging at my brain, but the memory of the most intoxicating orgasm was so much stronger. I rolled up in a ball falling asl**p in my bed.
The next few days I felt pretty guilty for permitting the incident to happen. How could I have done this? I kept asking myself. After all, I was the parent, I was the adult. I've broken the trust we have had between us.
Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I took the opportunity when no one was home but me and Tommy.
"Tommy we need to talk."
"Yes Mom, what's up," He said looking at me, his eyes starting at mine and slowly running down and resting on my tits.
"Tommy, what I've done is wrong, I should never have allowed you to take those pictures of me," I said surprised at his boldness of looking at my tits.
I had a modest blouse on that buttoned up the front; with top two buttons undone, revealing some of my cleavage. My husband didn't even notice that this morning.
"Why Mom, you look beautiful, there is no other woman that could compare with you," He said with so much conviction in his voice that I knew he really meant it.
"Thank you son and you were a great photographer, but I'm your Mom, and Mothers shouldn't show their sons as much of herself as I've shown you."
We were sitting at the kitchen table beside each other. His eyes were constantly wondering to my cleavage and tits making me exited from the attention he was paying them. Just the fact that someone was looking at me in that way was exiting.
"Well you didn't show me everything... I still haven't seen your tits."
"Tommy..." I gasped, my face turning red.
"Oh, I'm sorry mom... but I can see... I mean imagine that they're great... but I would really like to take pictures of them Mom... please."
I was surprised at how up front he was. I didn't know what to say, but I knew that I needed to take his mind off of my body. My body on the other hand reacted as soon as he said tits and pictures. My pussy quivered and started getting so moist.
"Tommy, I don't think that's proper..." I started saying.
Proper? Why didn't I tell him NO! He was still looking at my tits and I saw his tongue come out to wet his lips.
"Mom, I'll be right back, I'm going to get the camera," He ran off up the stairs.
"Tommy, no, I will not!" I yelled after him.
I felt perspiration on my neck and brow. This wasn't going how I have planned. I wanted to break this crazy fetish off and here I was about to let him take more pictures of me.
He came back downstairs in a hurry holding the camera and positioning himself in front of me, on his knees, ready to take the pictures.
"Tommy, please put this away," I said in a weak voice.
Snap, snap, snap. I was sitting on the chair, looking at him as he was taking pictures.
"Mom, can you unbutton another button on your blouse?"
"No, I said to put this away," I said smiling.
"Come on Mom, I'm not going to stop until you do," Snap, snap, snap.
"Ok, but than we're done."
What harm could that do, I thought to myself. I unbuttoned another button reviling more of my cleavage. Looking down I saw that the globes of my tits were showing. My son now positioned himself low on the floor, almost laying down. From this angle he could probably see up my skirt. I kept my knees together just in case, looking down at him.
"Tommy, that's not a position a son should take pictures of his Mom from."
"Yeah, but not everyone has a beautiful Mom like you," He said snapping more pictures.
I liked that response, I liked the fact that he loved taking pictures of me. I leaned back enjoying the attention. I could feel my body getting warm, and pussy moist.
"Mom can you just unbutton your blouse all the way, it would be a very nice picture."
"No Tommy, I can't... remember, I'm your MOM, besides... I'm not wearing a bra,"
I could tell that those words stirred up excitement in my son. Snap, snap, snap. I looked down at the obvious bulge in his pants, amazed at the size. God, he must be pretty big, I thought licking my lips.
"Just unbutton it, and you can keep your tits covered. Come on Mom... I need these pictures," He pleaded.
"Ok, but nothing more than that," Oh god, what am I getting myself into here, I thought unbuttoning the last of the buttons.
I separated my blouse to the point that the edges of the material were held on my tits only by my very erect nipples, giving my son a view down the middle of my chest and my full globes. I looked back at him, my lips dry and my heart pounding in my chest.
"Oh Mom this is great, I love it... now put your hands on the table and spread them wide."
I spread my hands wide on the table leaning back. As I did that, I felt my blouse start to slide to the sides. Was that his intention from the beginning? And why not, why shouldn't I show him my tits? He already saw my pussy, my pussy and my asshole.
"Ok Tommy... but please... please erase these pictures too," I couldn't believe how exited I was getting.
I decided to go with it, but keep it in check. I wouldn't go as far as I did the other day, if things would get out of hand I would just get up and walk away. I arched my back and stuck my chest out.
Snap, snap, snap. My son was now taking pictures of my bare tits; my blouse completely fell to the sides. God just the thought of exposing myself in front of my son was a big turn on.
"Mom, Jesus your tits are gorgeous... can I... can I touch them?" He said unsure looking at me.
"No Tommy... I shouldn't even be letting you take these pictures," I replied not very convincingly.
The truth was I really wanted him to touch them. Snap, snap. He was getting closer and closer with the camera. He came up to my knees and rested his hands with the camera on top, snapping pictures of my tits.
"Mom, can I take close-ups of you tits?" He asked looking up at me.
"Ohhh... Ok... Go ahead," I said soaking my panties.
He extended the camera out more getting it closer to my naval. His body put pressure on my knees which automatically separated and he slipped right between them. Wasn't that a better position for them anyway? I thought, besides I was wearing panties.
My son was now between my legs, with his camera resting on my lower stomach, snapping pictures of my naked tits. My skirt was pushed up around my hips, and my wet panties were showing.
What made matters worse is that he brought his eyes down to the camera's viewfinder taking pictures. His face was on top of my pussy mound and his cheek touched my panties. I know he could smell me, I know he could smell my pussy juices.
"Mom, you're gorgeous," Snap, snap, snap.
Feeling my son's breath on my wet pussy gave me goose bumps all over my body. I froze, I didn't want this to end, I wanted him to continue. I was totally under his control. The camera, his breath, the touch of his hands on my legs, my body was glowing with excitement as my son was barely touching it.
He looked up at me and I knew he was starting to suspect that I couldn't stop him. He smiled knowingly and moved his thumb from the camera down to the top of my mound, resting it on my panties where my clit was. He rubbed it in small circles getting a low moan out of me.
"Oh Mom... your pussy smells so good..."
His words made me feel like a slut, oh god a slut. My secret fantasy... My head was spinning and his rubbing thumb was making my pussy quiver.
"My, my... let's see how wet you really are..." He looked up at me waiting for my reaction.
I gave him none. I gave him a go ahead by not saying anything. Slut... Jesus, I was a slut. He hooked his finger under the thin martial of my panties covering my pussy and moved them to the side exposing my steaming cunt.
"Oh God Mom... you're dripping... you're so fucking wet," He exclaimed staring down at my wet cunt.
"Uhhhhmmmm... Oh my god..." I was in heaven by permitting my son to treat me that way.
"Here, lets take this skirt off first of all," He pulled down my skirt.
"Wait let me take some pictures of you like this... just in your wet panties," He stood up and looking down at me started taking more pictures.
Snap, snap, snap.
"Now spread your legs more Mom so I can take a picture of that wet spot on your panties."
"God Tommy... I shouldn't be doing this... I'm your Mom..."
"Come on Mom... you know you want to... you know you want to show me everything... now spread your legs."
What was the point, what was the point of me denying this. He was right, I wanted to show him everything, I wanted to rip my clothes off and spread for him like a cheap slut. I spread my legs apart as my son asked.
"Yeah... nice..." Snap, snap, snap "Now lift them up and push your knees back."
I lifted my legs and brought my knees to my chest. I was so spread and my panties were soaked. My son was on the floor in front of me snapping pictures. I looked into the camera and licked my lips.
"Is that how you want me to pose for you... Tommy... like that... spread open..."
I couldn't help it. I was so turned on by what I was doing that the words just came out of me. I didn't say them as a Mom would say to a son, I said them with a slutty passion in my voice, as a woman ready to do anything for a man.
My son looked up at me and I could tell he was surprised to hear me say those words. I think the way I said them surprised him the most.
"OH MOM... I want to see everything... I want to see you pull those panties off of you and show me your pussy... your wet pussy..."
He was trembling. He knew that this meant we were going all the way, that I wouldn't stop him from doing anything to me.
"So you want to see your Mom's pussy... oh this is so naughty... you want me to show you my wet snatch..." I don't know what possessed me to say that.
The dirtier I felt the more turned on I was getting. I grabbed on to the sides of my panties and bringing my knees together pulled them off of my ass and hips. I stopped with the panties around my knees and my legs up.
"So can you see it now... can you see my wet pussy... do you like mommies wet pussy?" I was on fire, I shed all my inhibitions, I wanted to be who I always fantasized about, a SLUT I wanted to be a slut right now.
My son was looking up at me, as if hypnotized by my wet pussy. I pulled my panties completely off and threw them to the side.
"Ahhhh... take my pictures now baby... take them... oh god... here... let me show you my pussy... and how about my asshole... you want to see that too..."
I spread my legs wide apart and lifted them to my chest. I wanted him to see all of me, my asshole included. I grabbed my ass cheeks with my hands and spread them apart. I could see he was exited, his cock outlined in his pants. Snap, snap, snap. God, what a pictures he was getting, me, his Mom spreading her ass open for him.
"Oh God Mom, your ass... your pussy... it's so wet... can I... can I touch it... can I?" He looked at me unsure.
"Oh Baby... you can touch it... you can touch anything... you can even fuck me if you want to..." Listening to me he walked up a little closer, right in front of me.
"Don't you realize baby... I'm your slut... I'll do anything for you..."
He reached out and touched my pussy. Feeling his fingers on my cunt sent me over the edge. I started to cum. I could feel his fingers separating my pussy lips and sliding inside my dripping hole, as I closed my eyes and enjoyed a very powerful orgasm.
I could barely hold on to the chair. His fingers were penetrating my hole up to his knuckles, my son was finger fucking me with what looked like three fingers. I couldn't tell, I didn't care, he could stick his fist in me if he wanted to. My pussy was making wet sloshing sounds.
"Oh fuck MOM... you're so fucking hot... oh yeah..." He pumped his fingers in and out looking at me.
"Did you mean what you said... did you mean it when you said you were my slut..." He said looking me in the eyes while continuing to finger fuck my pussy.
"Oh god son... do you want your mommy to be your slut," I said hoping he would say yes.
Those fingers in my pussy were driving me insane, unable to think straight.
"Yes Mom... I need you to be my slut... my whore... my bitch... mom can I call you those things... will you be those things for me?"
Oh God those fingers, my body was trembling approaching another orgasm.
"Yes... Oh God Son Yes... I'll do anything for you... I'll be anything you want me to be... Ohhhh Yessssss..."
Suddenly he stopped fingering me, but kept them inside of me.
"Oh no... no baby... please don't stop... not now... fuck me... pleaseeeee..." I almost screamed.
"I think you need another finger in there," Tommy said looking down at my pussy.
I looked at him alarmed. I have never taken more than three fingers before. I thought three was pushing it, and now my son was going to stick four in me! I looked on as he positioned four fingers at the entrance to my sopping wet pussy.
He slowly applied pressure and I felt my pussy open up.
"Oh My God... Ohhhhhh... Fuckkkkk..." I moaned as all four of his fingers slid inside me.
At first I thought I would hurt, but than I realized that all I felt was a lot of pressure on my inner pussy walls. I didn't hurt and the pressure felt great, the feeling of fullness and stretching exiting me more. So I spread my legs wide for my son as he violated me.
"Mom... that feels so tight," He said looking down at me.
"That's because... ahhhh... ahhhhh... you're stretching me... oh goddd... more... ahhh... ohhhhh... more than I've ever been before," I was barely able to answer.
I was beginning to love the feeling of his fingers, I was so full. God, I thought, he almost had his whole fist up inside of me. Just the thought ran shivers through my body, another one of my fantasies. I'm such a fucking slut... I'm letting my son finger fuck me like this.
I held on as he pistoned his four fingers in and out of me, taking them deep up to his knuckles an than almost out. It didn't take long, I came hard, I came so hard that I rocked the whole table I was leaning against.
After I came to my senses I looked at my big son. He was just standing there gently rubbing my pussy. I reached out and felt his hardness through his pants.
"My turn," I said getting up.
"Here lay down on the table," I said directing him.
He laid down and I damn near ripped the pants off of him.
"My god... you're so big," I said involuntarily wrapping my fingers around his cock.
I was looking at his moist cock, covered in his own pre-cum, as I stroked him several times. I loved the way he smelled. I closed my eyes and took him in my mouth deep with one motion.
"Oh god Mom... ohhhh myyyy goddddd..." He moaned.
I had his cock buried completely down my throat, my nose reaching his pubic hair. I was choking, his thick shaft reached past my tonsils, making me gag, but I suppressed the feeling. I wanted this, I wanted my sons cock deep in my mouth, I wanted to blow him how a real slut would.
I held on for as long as I could, and came up for air. His cock was covered in my saliva. I looked into his eyes.
"You want Mommy to blow your cock like that baby..."
He was lying on our kitchen table and I was between his legs. I licked his shaft up and down waiting for his answer like a hungry whore.
"OH God Mom... yes... oh fuck yesssss..."
He couldn't finish, his words trailed off as I wrapped my mouth around his cock again. This time I was watching him as I took his cock deep, deep down my throat. When I finally bottomed out my eyes watered and I wanted to gag again.
My sons cock must have been 10" long and thick, he would make any woman gag. We stayed like this looking at each other. Son naked from the waist down on his elbows legs spread, mom completely naked between her sons spread open legs blowing him.
I was gagging, my throat convulsing, wanting to expel the intruding meat but I didn't move.
"Oh god yeasssss... Oh fuck..."
He was moaning, my throat actually massaging his meat with convulsions. He leaned his head back and held on. I came up for air, coughed a couple times and went back down on him again. God, was I deep throating my sons' cock? I only heard about it, heard that porn stars did it in the movies.
Up for air again and down all the way. The thought of me in front of the camera with my son drove me crazy. In that moment I fantasized that we had production crew and cameras all around us. I began blowing him deep and hard, spreading my legs a little so everyone could see.
He was in heaven, I could tell, moaning loud now enjoying the way I sucked him. That's the only way I was going to suck his cock. What a slut I turned out to be, blowing my own son, slut, cheap fucking whore. I moaned with pleasure, as these thoughts burned in my mind.
I felt my son stiffen up, I knew he reached the point where he was going to shoot his cum. I came up for air one last time and took him in deep, smashing my nose on the base of his stomach.
"Oh Jesus Mom, I'm going to cum... oh god yeassss."
His leg came up and he half sat up supporting himself with his left hand, while reaching out with his right and grabbing my head as if making sure I wouldn't disengage.
"Take it all... take it all Mommie... yeas like that... Oh godddd... just like a slut..."
Oh god that word! In that moment my pussy twitched and I was Cumming right there with him. I was surprised that a single word, spoken at the right time could make me cum. I really must be a slut, a hungry cock slut.
I held on, enjoying my own powerful orgasm, as my son shot his load into my stomach. I didn't taste his cum, I couldn't, he was so deep down my throat. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, I was in total ecstasy.
He was holding my head as he was shooting his potent seed into me slightly raising his hips as if trying to put his prick deeper down my throat with each blast of his cum. I was pretty close to passing out when he finally let me go. I quickly came up for air, choking and coughing.
"Oh god Mom, are you OK?" I heard real concern in his voice.
I supported myself on my hands right above his hard cock breathing hard trying to recover. He put his leg down and was looking at me running his hand over my hair as if trying to help me recover.
"I'm Ok... I'll be fine..."
I was slowly coming down off my own sexual bliss, looking at my son's slowly shrinking cock. The thought of me drinking his cum was slowly fading, and the realization of what just happened started sinking in.
I straightened up standing naked between his legs and looked at him.
"Son, I a... Oh god..." The tears were swelling in my eyes.
How could I have done this, he was my son. He quickly reached out and grabbed me by my arms.
"Mom, please, it's my fault. I clearly took advantage of you... it's not your fault."
"Son but... I'm your Mom... I'm the adult here."
He sat on the edge of the table and brought me close to him, right between his legs. My stomach brushing against his cock.
"Mom, you're the most beautiful woman I ever seen and... I love you... and what is wrong with me giving you pleasure... you're still my Mom and you always will be... I just want to make you feel good."
He was such a gentleman, after all that has happened here. I cupped his face in my hand and looked deep into his eyes.
"You mean you don't think I'm a slut..."
"Mom... you're my Mom first of all... but if you want to be... if you want to be a slut... than it's Ok too... I mean why couldn't Moms be Sluts when they wanted to?" He really emphasized the word you.
He was thinking about this whole thing in such an innocent way, I couldn't tell him that it wasn't that simple. I brought my lips to his and he accepted me without turning away. He was such a gentlemen. I kissed my son with passion that I haven't felt in a long time. He returned my kiss smashing my body against his.
I felt his cock starting to grow, but I couldn't let this continue. It was too dangerous, too close for my husband to come home. I pushed away from him.
"Ok, that's enough, please... I just... I just need to think about all this."
I gave him one last kiss on the cheek this time, picked up all my clothes from the floor, and walked away. I knew he was looking at me, looking at my naked ass, and it brought the all familiar shiver to me. For some reason that I couldn't understand, I love exposing myself to him. But that's how everything started and I thought what that led me to. I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom.
For the next few days I avoided my son. When he was home I tried to be busy doing things away. I wasn't mad at him, I was just trying to come to terms with what I've done, and if I should continue down this path. I did not know if it would be the path to my destruction, or the fulfillment of all my dreams and fantasies.
One Saturday night we were all sitting around watching TV, I, my husband, my daughter and Tommy. Although the movie that was on seemed to be very interesting, my husband and my daughter were really not into it. Soon my husband began to yawn.
"Kate, I'm going to sl**p, had a hard day at work, you coming to bed with me babe?" He asked.
"No... I'm going to stay up and finish the movie," I answered.
He left and my daughter Kristy soon followed suit. Tommy and I sat there watching the movie. From time to time I stole peaks at him, involuntarily, thinking of our last encounter, thinking of what would have happen if I let him... I noticed that when I wasn't looking, he would turn his head and look at me. God, I wanted to know what he was thinking about.
I looked at the fire place and noticed that the fire was going out. I got up and slowly walked up grabbing the poker to move the logs around. I could feel my son's eyes on me, on my back... on my ass.
I leaned over, with my legs slightly apart and one hand on my knee, poking the fire. My short skirt that usually stopped half way up my thighs rode up a little exposing the upper thighs of my legs. The fire started again and I felt the heat radiate onto my body.
When I turned around and looked back I saw Tommy staring at my ass. Oh god, I couldn't get into this again... not now... not when my husband and daughter are in the house.
"Mom, you look great. That skirt is so hot and your blouse shows off your tits so well."
He was so upfront, so sure of himself.
"Tommyyyy... maybe you shouldn't think about my tits so much," I said standing there by the fire.
I didn't move... why, I don't know. Maybe because of the way he was looking at me.
"But I think that skirt would look even better if you raised it up a little," He said openly staring at my thighs.
"Ohhh Jesus Tommy... I can't... I shouldn't."
I already felt the warm sensation between my legs. Oh god... keep it in check... I have to keep it in check.
"Come on Mom... just a little... I just want to see your thighs, that's all."
I blushed. I felt like a little girl being asked to raise her skirt so the boy could peek at my panties, but this time that boy was my son. In that moment I remembered how wonderful his cock felt sliding down my throat and feeding me his cum.
I slowly reached down and grabbed the edges of my skirt. Oh boy... just a little... maybe I'll show him just a little. Out of precaution I looked towards the stairs making sure no one was there that could see this. With my heart pounding in my chest I looked back at my son and raised my skirt up, little by little, until the edge stopped at my panties exposing my long tanned legs.
His eyes were wide watching me do it and I could tell he was very exited.
"Damn Mom this is so hot... I have to take some more pictures of you... don't move, please... I'll be right back."
He bolted for his room leaving me there by the fireplace. My mouth was so dry I could barely swallow as I stood there trembling, waiting for my son, knowing damn well where this could lead. God... why did I do this... why did I show him my thighs... like some... like some slut. He came down holding the camera.
"Ok Mom, now spread your legs apart more."
I looked down and realized that I haven't changed position that I still stood there holding my skirt up.
"Tommy... please... I don't think I should... not now," I mumbled.
Click, click, click. I heard the all familiar snap of the camera. Well, so far he wasn't asking me to rip my clothes of, maybe I'll just go along a little more. I placed my feet apart wider as my tight skirt rode up higher. I know I was showing him my panties now. God this was turning me on so much, my pussy already hot and wet.
"Nice... really nice... now turn around Mom."
I did as he asked. I looked back at him and saw that he lay down on the carpet taking pictures of my spread open legs and panty covered ass. Oh god, I was letting my son look at my ass again... like a... like a slut.
Uhhmmm... A low moan escaped me as the all familiar shiver ran up my spine. I reached back and slowly, looking into the camera, raised my skirt up all the way above my hips showing him my whole ass. I still had panties on... It's Ok... I still have clothes on. I was slowly getting lost to that feeling... that desire to be a slut.
"Oh my god Mom... you are so beautiful."
He forgot to take pictures; he was just staring at me... at my ass. I licked my dry lips. Leaning forward, I placed both hands high above the fire place sticking my ass out, letting my son get a better angle on me. My juices were flowing; I was getting wet soaking my panties asking myself if my son could see the wetness.
"Mom... can you... can you take your skirt off... please Mom."
Oh Jesus... this was so dangerous, we were not alone in the house.
"Oh baby... what if... your Dad comes down... or your s****r?"
He didn't answer, he was just staring at my ass, at my body. As if he didn't hear me, he started taking pictures again. Snap, snap, snap. I looked around, and up the stairs. What was the use resisting, I was already showing my panties. I reached down and unzipped my skirt, I brought my legs together and let it fall to the ground around my feet.
"Mom, and your blouse please." I heard him say.
I froze asking myself if I should. What if we get caught? What if my daughter comes down, what if she sees me like this, in my panties and bra or maybe even completely naked? I couldn't breathe, the thought of my daughter looking at me... at my tits... at my ass was drowning my senses, making me... hot.
Oh God... what was I turning into? How could I think like that about my daughter? I looked down and saw that I already unbuttoned my blouse. Slowly, trying to get my Daughter out of my mind, I let it drop to the ground and stood there just in panties and bra.
Snap, snap, snap. I looked back and automatically assumed the same position as before, my legs spread apart and my hands against the wall above the fire place. My ass stuck out and Tommy was zooming in on it.
"Ohhh baby... you like taking pictures of my ass don't you?" Again the words surprised me.
I was getting more and more turned on, slowly assuming the role of a slut... the role of my fantasies. I reached back and put my hand on my ass. Looking into the camera I spread my ass cheeks apart making my panties disappear into the crack of my ass.
"Uhhmmm... how do you like your Mom now Tommy?" I moaned like a slut.
I knew he could see the dark skin around my asshole. I lifted my leg up and placed it on top of the near by chair and bent over. I was so spread, the thin bunched up panties barely covering my holes.
My son was getting great shots of my ass now, bent over and spread... like a slut... Oh god I loved it. To be so naughty, in my own house with my husband just upstairs... showing myself to my son, was so forbidden, so hot.
"Mom, I want you to take your bra off... I want to see your tits."
He was looking at me, judging me on how far I would go. Oh god, he wants me naked... he wants me completely naked. My pussy juices were flowing, I could tell, I could smell myself. I smiled slightly and straightened out, my heart beating hundred miles an hour.
"Tommy, promise me you will never show these pictures to anyone."
He didn't answer, he was just looking at me, at my body. Facing the fireplace with my ass to my son, I reached back and undid the snap that held my bra together. I didn't wait for his answer... did it matter? What if he did show it to someone, what if he showed it to his friends?
The thought of some teenagers looking at my naked pictures posing like a slut, made my pussy shiver with excitement. In this moment of sexual excitement, I hoped that he would show them to his friends... to all his friends, so they can see his slut mommy.
I let the bra fall off of me. I stood there breathing hard, facing the fireplace with my hard nipples absorbing the heat. I felt him get up and now I stood there with anticipation. Second after second, waiting for my son, waiting what seemed like forever... waiting for him to...
I felt his body right behind me and soon both of his hands on my hips. I shivered from the contact; his hands were so cold. He ran them up my sides, slowly feeling my skin, and to the front, cupping my full tits and squeezing my nipples between his fingers.
"Uhhhmmmm..." I moaned.
"Oh god Mom... oh god you tits..." His breath came in gasps.
He squeezed my nipples harder as my eyes watered from the pain. I loved feeling his firm grip on my tits. He moved his hands down, down to my panties again, his fingers hooked on the edges. I shivered waiting for my son to pull them off.
"Tell me what you want Mom... tell me what you want me to do," I heard him whisper and felt his warm breath on my neck.
Was he manipulating me? Did he want me to say it? Oh god, if I was going to stop this, now was the time. I was thinking, hesitating. I felt his fingers tracing the edges of my panties, driving me crazy with desire... desire to have this happen. I quickly looked up the stairs again.
"Take my panties... take them off..." I moaned.
I felt his lips touch my shoulder as he kissed me.
"Are you sure Mom? Do you really want me to take them off of you? Mommies usually don't do this... Only slut Mommies do."
God I couldn't stand it. My body was shivering from his touch and anticipation.
"Pleaseee son... I am a slut... please take them off," I begged.
His fingers hooked into my panties started pulling them down. Inch by inch, past my full hips and down my thighs. I felt him kneel down behind me, god his face must have been right at my ass, my naked ass. He pulled them down around my ankles and I willingly stepped out of them.
I stood there trembling, totally naked, with my hands still up above the mantle. I felt his hands on my ass as he spread my ass cheeks apart for his viewing pleasure. Oh god my asshole... he was looking at my asshole. Oh no, what if he can tell that I masturbated there... that I stuck my fingers in that hole and fucked myself to an orgasm? Oh Jesus, I'm such a slut, and my son could probably tell.
He turned me around facing him. I looked down at my son kneeling in front of me as I stood in front of him completely naked. He was looking at my pussy, my bald pussy. Still kneeling down he reached out and grabbed my ass pulling me to him. Holding me tight with his hands, he brought his face close to my clit. He inhaled hard, smelling me... smelling my wetness.
I spread my legs a tiny bit apart. I didn't know why, it just happened.
He extended his tongue and licked my pussy lips spreading them apart and running his tongue down.
"Uuuuhhhhmmmm..." I moaned.
That felt so good, his wet tongue down between my pussy lips, flicking, twisting and sucking. I spread my legs wide lifting one of them to the near by chair. I looked down at my son and noticed that he was looking into my eyes, between my opened legs, eating me, building me up to an orgasm.
"Oh god son... eat me... oh Jesus eat me... ohhhhhh."
With one hand I supported myself on the mantle, with the other I squeezed my nipple... rolling it and tugging on it. My ass burned from the heat of the fire adding to the feeling. My pussy was quivering, I was ready to cum. I felt his lips over my clit as he sucked on it flicking it with his tongue at the same time.
"Oooohhhhh Myyyyy Goddddd... Ahhhhhhhh..."
I came, holding on, barely able to stand, right there in front of the fire place, in our living room with my husband and daughter up stairs. I was moaning the whole time, I tried not to, but it was impossible. Oh God... I came like a slut into... into my son's open mouth.
The feeling lasted a long time but eventually I came down, I realized my son was still liking my pussy, drinking my juices flowing into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair with affection. He was such a big boy now, eating me... eating his Mom.
"Oh baby... oh god... do you like your Mom that much?"
He disengaged for a second.
"Mom, you have the best tasting pussy I've ever eaten... Jesus, I could eat you all night long."
He went back to eating me, sticking his tongue into my dripping hole, fucking me with it. I was so wet and open for him, loving it... loving the fact I was his slut.
He finally let go of me and looked up.
"Mom don't move."
He reached for his camera and without changing his position, from below, started taking pictures of me... naked... spread open. Snap, snap, snap. Oh god I needed to stop this... this was too dangerous... I wasn't a porn star, I was his Mom. What if the pictures fell into the wrong hands, what if they put them on the Internet?
"Tommy baby... please... stop... no more pictures... please."
Snap, snap, snap. With great difficulty I managed to put my foot down, I knew he already had pictures of me, my pussy, open... spread, but I needed to stop this. I walked away from the fireplace towards the couch with my hips swaying and my ass for some reason, stuck out.
Snap, snap, snap. Oh god he wasn't stopping, what is it going to take for him to stop? I sat down on the couch, my knees together, back straight, hands on my knees. Snap, snap. I was looking at him, into the camera. I knew my big tits were showing, nipples hard.
Was I OK with that? Was I OK with that being on the Internet? Slut... Oh God... I was a slut right? I felt my knees open a bit, I couldn't stop them... Jesus... like they had a mind on their own.
I could tell he saw that, he dropped to his knees in front of me... waiting... anticipating for me to open them. Snap, snap, snap. My knees came apart a little more. Could he see my pussy now... could the camera see my pussy?
I knew he wasn't going to stop until I showed the camera everything. Snap, snap, snap. Oh god I can't... too dangerous.
"Tommy come here," I motioned for him with my finger.
He stood up, obedient, like a little c***d. He walked up to me, the camera at his side. Sitting straight on the edge of the couch I grabbed his firm butt and pulled him to me spreading my legs so I could get him close to my face.
If this is what it takes to stop him from taking my pictures... than be it. I pulled his shorts down and than his underwear. My son's big cock sprung free in front of my face already hard. I grabbed the base of it and stroked it a couple of times looking up at him.
"What do you want Mommy to do with this big cock of yours?" I looked at him with my innocent eyes.
"Oh god Mom... suck me... suck my cock like you did before..."
Just what I was waiting for. I opened my mouth and took him deep, his pulsating meat sliding down my throat. I started blowing him, massaging his big sausage like meat with my throat, choking on it and from time to time coming up for air.
My pussy was dripping hot from the thought of what I was doing, blowing my own son, eating his cock and drinking his juice. What a slut I was... and I loved every second of it.
He grabbed my hair keeping my head still and started fucking my mouth, using it for his pleasure. I let him, I kept still, opened my mouth and held on. He brought one leg up on the couch and I felt his balls slapping my chin as he fucked my mouth.
I could hear my son moaning, breathing hard, wanting to stuff more and more meat down my throat. I chocked coughing, he pulled his cock completely out and placed it on my face. It was dripping with my saliva. I licked his shaft, tasting his wonderful cock, as he f***ed my head lower, down to his balls.
I fell off the couch, down to my knees, between his legs, licking his shaft, licking his balls. At this moment I was my son's slave... his cock slut... meant to be on my knees and worship his cock. I was so hot... and so was he.
"God Mom... I have to fuck you," He moaned as I sucked on his balls stroking his cock.
"UUUHHHMMM... you want to fuck me... you want to fuck me with this thing..."
I licked his balls and his shaft up to the tip and swallowed the head of his cock while stroking the shaft. I looked up at my son and saw that he was in heaven, pure pleasure on his face.
"Mom Please... I have to fuck you," He moaned.
Now he was begging... now I was in control.
"You want to fuck me... you want to fuck your Mom... uuuhhhmmmm that's so nasty... right here on the couch with the rest of our f****y sl**ping just upstairs?"
Again he grabbed my hair and f***ed his cock down my throat fucking me with it, looking down at me as he was doing it.
"Fuck yeah... I want to fuck your pussy like I'm fucking your mouth right now."
God I was his Mother but he was using me... he was using me like a slut... like a cheap slut. Jesus, every time I though about it I was ready to cum, my pussy burning hot and dripping.
He let go of my hair and I disengaged. I crawled up on the couch, with my ass to him, spreading my legs wide, giving my son access to me... to fuck me... to fuck his MOM. I looked back at him.
"Oh God Son fuck me... stick your cock in me... please... fill my fuck hole."
He came up close behind me, sliding his fingers across my dripping slit, spreading my lips open. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy but he didn't move. Was he afraid, did he have second thoughts?
I thought about what I was about to do. Oh God... this was it... this was so immoral... so nasty... so forbidden. My own son... fucking me...
I pushed back a little feeling his cock sinking into my pussy. Oh god why did I do that? I felt the head of his cock inside my hole, stretching it. Oh no... I shouldn't be doing that... he's my son.
My head was swimming, I was fighting an internal battle over what was proper and what I desired... what my body wanted. I looked back at him to see that he was looking at me with his eyes wide.
I couldn't stand it, the feeling of his cock inside me was so hot. I pushed back more making half of my son's cock slide inside my hot... open... waiting pussy.
"Aaaahhhhhh..." I moaned in pleasure.
I pulled back a little and again pushed back. Maybe just a little... maybe I'll just fuck his cock just a little... just the tip of it. I was pushing back and forth, enjoying the full, hot feeling he was giving me as his cock stretched my pussy.
I was so lost in this rubbing, burning sensation in my pussy when suddenly I felt my ass bounce against his stomach. Oh my god... nooooo... not his whole cock! I looked behind me to see that I was now moving back and forth the whole length of his cock.
I couldn't stop myself, I tried but I couldn't. I surrendered myself to my son like a slut, fucking him, fucking the whole length of his dick. I heard him moan... or was it me? I couldn't tell, I was in heaven. He grabbed my ass and held me still as he started slowly sliding his long thick cock in and out of me.
Now he was fucking me... my son... his thick cock penetrating my pussy... oh so deep... his balls slapping against my clit, making me cum.
"Ahhhh... ohhhhhh... uhmmmmm..." I was moaning.
He increased the speed driving me insane, ready to climax. I didn't want to... I wanted to come when he did. I moved up making his cock slip out of me.
"Oh god here baby... sit down."
I pulled him to the couch and noticed that he was disappointed, was he thinking I was stopping this?
"Oh I want to ride your dick... please... oh god it's so big..."
I looked down at his cock dripping wet with my juices. Was I that wet? Without thinking I bent over between his legs and took my son's cock into my mouth. Oh god what a taste... it was a taste of my own pussy. I sucked his cock hard, licked up and down his shaft insane with the desire to taste my own pussy.
I couldn't get enough... I was licking my own pussy juices off my son's big cock. It was the first time I tasted myself and I loved it... I loved the smell and the feeling that it brought me. I felt his hands on my hair pulling me up.
"Mom, please... that's enough... fuck me now," He moaned, wanting to be inside my pussy.
I looked up at him. He was right, my pussy wanted to be filled again. I straddled him, positioning myself right above his thick meat, grabbed his cock and guided it into my hole. He slid in with such ease. I moved up and down quickly lubricating his cock with my juices.
He grabbed my tits, massaging them, squeezing them, and sucking on them. I put my hands up on the high part of the couch and rode him, with each stroke taking him deep inside of me. Oh god, what an insane feeling it was to be fucking my own son like this... like a slut.
It didn't take me long, I was ready to cum again. I looked at my son and saw that he was in ecstasy, playing with my tits. Not yet... he's not ready. I got off of him again getting between his legs to suck his wet cock. I wanted to stop myself from Cumming... or did I want to taste my pussy again?
I was so confused, I didn't know that this could be so hot... or taste so good. I stuck his wet cock in my mouth and sucked, almost drinking my pussy juices from it. Up and down... deep throat... lick. My god this was hot. Did all women taste like that? Did my daughter taste like that?
Oh god nooo... I can't think of my daughter that way... I can't... but this tastes so good! Again I got up and straddled him sliding his cock inside my hot, wet pussy. I rode him deep... hard... my tits bouncing all over the place. I could feel my body sweating... hot... my pussy burning.
"Oh fuck Mom... I'm going to cum... oh yes I'm going to cum!" He was moaning loud.
I was afraid he would wake up my husband or my daughter... oh Jesus my daughter... did she taste like that? Oh god what if she did? What if she tasted that good? Oh no... what kind of slut was I turning out to be? I would never... I would never do this to my daughter. I looked down at my son.
"CUM baby... cum inside me... Oh god yessssss... cum inside your Mom," I was climaxing, Cumming together with my son, both of us moaning, trying not to be loud.
All of a sudden he stiffened up, and I put my whole weight on top of his dick buried deep inside of me. I felt him shoot his load inside of my pussy. One, two, three. He was filling me up as I was climaxing, our seeds mixing together inside of me.
It was like I was in another world, I grabbed on to his neck and kissed him deep, sticking my tongue inside his mouth, screaming with ecstasy into him. He grabbed on to my ass and spread it, trying to get deeper into me. I felt sweat run down my back, into the crack of my ass and down to my asshole getting it wet.
Oh my God... Oh my God, my son made me cum so hard!! I managed to come down a little, my body still hot... sweating. I looked down at my son and saw that he had his eyes closed. I got off sliding his cock out of me, feeling some juices running down the inside of my legs.
I set down beside him and looked down at his semi hard cock, it was so wet... foamy... inviting. Oh god I couldn't stand it. I bent down and took his cock into my mouth, sucked on it, licked it. I was getting hot again, just licking my son's cock, tasting my pussy.
"Mom, I have to ask you something," I heard him say.
Oh Jesus, anything... ask me anything, he was slowly getting hard. Oh god yes... I'm going to suck my son's cock until he will cum in my mouth again.
"Yeah baby," I answered between licking his meat. He put his hand on my back running it down to my ass.
"A... I a... you know that model agency I told you about couple months ago, the one I wanted Kristy to go to?"
He was so hard again... so hot. I took him deep into my throat and than out again. I was kneeling on the couch while blowing him.
"Yes... I remember..."
"Well... I kind a sort of showed them some of your pictures... just the ones in the bikini,"
I could still taste myself on his cock. Wait a minute... did he say? I felt his hand slide to the back of my ass and than his fingers on my asshole. Oh god... what was he going to do? The thought of my son playing with my asshole as I was giving him head, brought my pussy on fire.
Wait... pictures...
"Tommy... why... why would you do that?" I said without changing position, extending my tongue... licking his cock while looking up at him with concern.
"Mom you're so beautiful, you have a magnificent body, and you're probably the hottest... the best looking woman on this planet... I just thought that... that maybe other people should see it."
How could I be mad at him, I loved his so much. I took his cock deep down my throat and out again.
"Tommy, but you should have asked me first?"
I felt his fingers rubbing my asshole. Oh god keep it tight... please keep it tight... he can't know. He slid his finger down to my dripping wet pussy, getting it wet and than up again to my asshole, lubricating it with my juices.
"I know Mom, but... they loved them... they loved your pictures."
Just then I felt his finger slip into my asshole stretching my outer ring. Oh god no... how can I let my son finger fuck my ass? But yet, I was hoping for this, that's why I was sitting in this position... with my ass up. I was his slut after all and it wasn't my finger in my ass fucking me this time.
I looked up at him. He was looking at me, judging my reaction, trying to see if I was going to stop him from violating my ass. Jesus, he didn't know... he didn't know that I loved the full feeling in my ass. God damn slut... I'm a fucking whore.
"And what did they say when you showed it to them?"
He was moving his finger in and out of my ass, fucking me now. I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. Up and down with steady rhythm. I heard him moan.
"Mom... oh god... Mom they want you to come in... they want to take more pictures of you."
I felt him position another finger at my asshole. No way!!! He wasn't going to put another one in there!!! Not my son!!!
"Tommy I can't, no way it's too dangerous!"
I responded and went back to sucking him. OH my God!!! His finger started pressing against my anal ring... stretching it... slowly... little by little... until... it was in. I had two of my son's fingers in my asshole. OH GOD... a little pain... no, no pain... more like discomfort.
I was stretched... my asshole was stretched beyond any point it was before.
"Come on Mom... I told them you would, they just want to take your pictures in a bikini."
Suddenly the discomfort went away and the fingers in my ass felt so good... moving in and out now. The feeling was so hot, and the thought of him doing this to me was so dirty. I was almost there... ready to climax... ready to have a powerful orgasm.
"Tommy... Ahhhhhhh... no... Uhhhhmmmmm... I can't... Ohhh my God... if your father ever found out... Oh yeassss... Oh God, it would be the end of my marriage."
I went back to sucking my son's cock ready to climax. Suddenly he withdrew them... oh no the feeling of emptiness... I needed them inside.
"Tommy no... please put them back in me."
I looked up at him with this begging look on my face.
"Tell me you'll do it Mom... tell me you'll go in there and let them take your pictures."
I needed to cum, I needed to cum so bad.
"Ok... Oh Jesus Ok... I will, just my bikini... please put them back in."
He slid his two wet fingers back into my ass. They slid in with ease, my asshole already stretched and waiting for them. Oh my god, I loved it. I stuck my ass up giving him better access and started sucking him.
He drove me insane as he stuck his fingers so deep into my ass, ramming me with them at high speed... in and out... in and out. I heard him moan and I knew he was about to cum, and so was I. I kept the head of his cock in my mouth as I stroked his shaft fast, milking him, swallowing his cum at the same time screaming from my own orgasm.
After he was done I collapsed on the couch, his fingers slipping out of my ass. I was so spent, I looked over at the clock, it was 1am. My god we were at this for over two hours!
I got up and picked up my clothes.
"Tommy, it's time to get to bed, before we get caught," I started walking upstairs.
Get caught? The feeling of guilt was tugging at my brain. I've done so many things tonight... so many dirty, forbidden things. Somehow I knew that this wasn't over yet... that I would do more things... dirtier things.
I wondered about that as I was passing my daughters bedroom.
The feeling of guilt was tugging on my brain every time I saw my son. It's been three weeks since our last encounter and there wasn't a day that I didn't think about him and the way he fucked me, or the way I sucked his cock. I knew how wrong it was, I knew that as his mother I never should have let this happen but somehow my thoughts betrayed me. Over and over I would come back to those wonderful moments of i****t... moments of pure pleasure between me and my son and my body would react. I promised myself to spend more time with my husband, to get my mind off my son.
One day my husband was leaving on a business trip for a few days and I decided to surprise him, I decided to be a little naughty and walk in on him totally naked before he leaves and screw his brains out, especially when I haven't had any sex in a while, I was hornier than ever. It was 6am and he was in our study room working on his computer, he was to leave for the airport in one hour. Just enough time for a quick one, I thought.
I made sure that k**s were still asl**p and wearing nothing but a night gown sneaked up to the study room door. I peeked in and saw him turned away from the door with his feet up on the desk looking at the computer screen. I quickly took my gown off and quietly stepped thought he door. God, being naked like that was turning me on so bad. I walked up behind him poised to wrap my hands around him and looked at the screen. My heart stopped, I froze in my tracks in shock. What I saw on the screen was pictures of naked girls posing in sexy positions. Some of them had their legs spread open, some of them were kissing each other or having oral sex. The screen was flashing picture after picture of girls... young... barely over the legal age, about the age of our daughter, in nasty positions. I saw a young girl hold up a huge dildo buried in another girls ass, my god... I was shocked to see that, a small shiver of excitement running up and down my spine. I saw my husband had his cock out and was stroking it, looking at the screen.
I must have moved or he must have sensed my presence because he turned his head and saw that I was there watching. His eyes got really big and his face turned red, he immediately tried putting his hard cock back inside his pants and minimize the window with the porn on it. In shock I turned around and walked out of the room. I picked up my robe and ran upstairs locking myself in the bathroom.
After a few minutes my husband knocked on the door, trying to talk to me but I just couldn't, I was still in shock of discovering him looking at those young girls on his computer. I did not come out until he was gone to the airport on his business trip. I spent the rest of the morning thinking about what I saw... thinking about discovering my husband and what he liked to look at... lesbians... young, nasty lesbians fucking each other with dildo. The image of that young girl flashed through my mind making my mouth dry. I was amazed at how big that thing was... and she had it in her ass! How long did it take her to stretch her ass that much to be able to take such a big toy in her, I wondered.
I was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch when Tommy came in.
"Hi Mom, what's cooking?"
"Oh nothing son, just doing a little clean up," I said looking at him.
He came closer looking back at me. He stopped with his crotch rubbing against my hip. I didn't look away; I kept looking into his eyes... I don't know why... it was as if his presence was making me exited. I felt his hand on my lower back and I swallowed hard knowing that this was more than just a son, mother touch.
"Mom... Dad's gone... I was wondering... can we... you know."
He was looking into my eyes with genuine wonder in his look. I felt his hand starting to slide down onto my ass. I didn't answer, I just stared at him. His hand reached my ass and I felt him grab my ass cheek, spreading it, rubbing it in circles.
"Mom, I missed you."
He leaned over and planted a kiss on my lips making my mouth open up and allow his tongue in. Immediately I responded with my own tongue sliding around his in a wet, intimate kiss. His hand traveled down past the edges of my skirt and soon was pulling my skirt up, over my hips. I remembered my daughter was upstairs and a small shiver of fear ran through me. I gently broke our kiss.
"Tommy... please... Kristy's upstairs," I said in a whisper confused at what was happening.
He had my skirt up above my hips and was rubbing my ass bunching my panties in the crack of my ass. He was massaging my bare cheeks and leaned over kissing me on the neck. I looked over at the hallway and listened for footsteps but didn't hear any... Oh Jesus... thank god. I allowed my son to suck on my neck while playing with my ass, his fingers sliding under my panties and touching my holes. Oh god I was letting my own son do this to me... and why not... I loved his touch... I loved the attention. I felt his fingers slide into my wet pussy and gave out a whimper.
"Oh your pussy's so wet Mom."
Oh God... this was going further than it should, my daughter was just upstairs. His fingers were in me, I don't know how many; it felt like three or four. My pussy was stretched but being so lubricated it allowed my son to easily finger fuck me. He was still sucking on my neck making me so wet. I involuntarily started to buck my hips coming down onto his fingers fucking him, I was softly moaning while doing that lost in this moment of i****t. Suddenly I heard something, sounded like a door than something else... footsteps, down the stairs.
"Tommy... Tommy God let me go," I pushed against him as we were about to be discovered.
He let go of me and I pulled my skirt into place just as my daughter came into the kitchen.
"Hi guys... what's going on?" Innocent question but it made me jump.
"Nothing sweetie... how are you?" I answered barely able to control my voice.
"Oh you know, Jessica flaked out on me tonight so I'm staying in, not going anywhere, besides... I got some movies that I borrowed from her that I want to watch."
I looked at Tommy and the big bulge he had in his pants, an outline of his big cock. I could tell he was really disappointed, he was obviously counting on Kristy going out tonight. Oh god what did he have in mind for me tonight, I started wondering. Kristy was drinking something from the refrigerator and looking at me weird.
"Mom... Dad really did a number on you," She smiled.
"What... what are you talking about?" I looked at her unsure.
"Did he draw bl**d on this one?" She walked up to me pointing at my neck.
Oh god... my neck... Tommy was sucking on it for a longest time, he must have given me a hickey! One thing I didn't realize at the time was that my hickey was still fresh and wet. My daughter was staring at it for a longest time, her eyes slowly widening as if she came to a some kind of wild suspicion/realization. She looked at Tommy and back at me. Neither one of us dared to look at her, both afraid of being made. I slowly turned and walked out of the kitchen stopping in the hallway with my back against the wall and my stomach cramping.
"Tommy, was that hickey fresh?" I heard Kristy's voice.
"What, I don't know... how should I know."
"Did you..."
"Don't be stupid Kristy!" Tommy yelled.
I started walking towards the stairs, shaking a little. All I could think of was that my daughter discovered our secret; she was going to tell... she was going to tell my husband. I walked into the room and looking at the mirror saw a bid red mark on my neck that was still wet. I lay on my bed thinking of what happened and what to do about it when I heard the door open and saw my son walk in. He came up to me and sat down beside me on the bed.
"Mom, you're all right?"
"Tommy she knows," Was the only thing that I could say.
"Mom no she doesn't, she didn't see anything she might have a wild suspicion but she doesn't know," His hand rested on top of mine.
"Oh God, what am I going to do if she tells John..." I looked at Tommy.
I was really worried, the thought of loosing everything gnawing at my mind. He gently took my hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it. He pulled on me and brought me to his chest wrapping his hands around and giving me a reassuring hug. He smelled so good and felt even better, I needed this, I needed the contact.
"Kristy will never tell anyone even if she suspects something... trust me... she just wishes she could give you that hickey."
His hands slowly traveled under my shirt gently touching my back. Wait... what did he say!
"Tommy what do you mean?" I kept my head close to his chest.
"Well... she spends a lot of time with Jessica... I just think that they might be doing something... you know... something sexy."
My daughter? It was an unbelievable thought! But what if she does, it was true that the two girls spent a lot of time together. I felt my sons hand come around and cup my breast under my shirt letting my nipple poke out in between his fingers. Oh god, not again... he wants to feel me again... I thought. I knew I should stop him, especially after being nearly discovered, but his touch felt so good.
"Son... have you ever seen them do anything like that?" I asked pushing myself away from his chest and looking into his eyes.
His hand stayed on my breast. He came up and laid on his side beside me on the bed propping his head up on one hand facing me, I stayed on my back. His fingers were gently tugging on my nipple making it so hard. I was getting wet, hot and turned on.
"Well no not really... I just seen them hug really close."
He moved his hand down to my stomach and than slid it under my skirt. I felt him tug on the waist band of my panties and than his fingers sliding down under them towards my pussy. Oh God, why didn't I stop him? Why was I allowing my own son to feel me down there? I felt his fingers on my pussy lips, playing with them, spreading them to the sides. I was already breathing hard, looking at him.
"Tommy what are you doing?"
"I'm feeling your pussy Mom," He simply answered looking into my eyes.
I felt one of his fingers starting to work its way inside my wet hole.
"Oh God son... please stop... I'm your Mother... Ohhhh..." Involuntary moan... I couldn't help myself.
His finger slid in and than immediately another. It felt so good but... so immoral. What was it about letting my son do this to me that turned me on so much!!!
"Is that why you spread your legs... because you want me to stop?"
I looked down and saw my legs apart, spread, allowing him access to me... to my hot, wet pussy. Oh God I shouldn't... I didn't even feel myself do that! What was I doing? He leaned over and kissed me, long sensual kiss, his tongue penetrating my mouth while finger fucking me the whole time. Ohhhhhhh... I was moaning... moaning into my son's mouth. He broke the kiss looking into my eyes. I was looking back full of anticipation of what would happen next. He withdrew his fingers, bringing them up to my mouth. I was surprised... what did he want me to do with them?
"I love you Mom," He said, his wet fingers inches away from my mouth.
OH god I could smell my pussy... I could see my wetness... my pussy juices on my son's fingers. I knew what he wanted me to do. As if hypnotized I moved my head up, extended my tongue and opened my mouth taking those wet fingers in. Uhhhmmmm... so good... so delicious... I rolled my eyes in pleasure of tasting my own pussy as I sucked on his fingers.
"Good girl... Oh man, every time you do that you give me such a hard on. Keep sucking on them... taste your own pussy... oh Jesus... such a good slut..."
There it was again... my son calling me a slut! I loved it, I was so turned on I could do anything for him right now.
"Mom!" I heard in a distance.
Oh God not now! It was Kristy, calling me. How could I have forgotten that my daughter was still there? Tommy took his delicious fingers out of my mouth, disappointment on his face.
"God Mom, I have to have you tonight... and Kristy... she's ruining it all. We have to go out... we have to get out of the house. Let's just go to the movies or something, find a place where we can be alone."
He was pleading, kissing my face now, my neck and feeling my body through my clothes.
"Ok... Ok son we will... please let me go... I have to go down there otherwise she will suspect something."
I pushed him off and stood up looking down at him. His cock was hard imprinted in his pants. Oh god, such a big cock... With mischief in my eyes and out of control I leaned over and unzipped my son's fly taking his cock out. I stroked it with my hand feeling the hot, velvet skin and looking into his eyes.
"I'll give you a little taste of what might happen tonight."
I leaned over and took his hard cock into my mouth, swallowing the length of it. I saw him stiffen up and heard his moan. I sucked his cock deep, letting it sink down my throat, bobbing my head up and down with deep long strokes, massaging his purple head with my throat.
"Mom!" I heard Kristy yell again.
With great difficulty I pulled off of my son looking at his gorgeous cock. I turned and walked out of the room. I walked into the kitchen where Kristy was sitting at the kitchen table.
"Mom can I talk to you," She said.
"Sure sweetie, what's up?" I made my voice sound relaxed while in fact I was really nervous.
"It's just... it's just some things at school Mom... some of the boys at school made some comments towards me that really bothered me."
She sat up on top of the table next to me. She was wearing a short pair of loose shorts and a tea shirt, something she always wore around the house. This time however her shorts seemed shorter than usual, her long legs exposed making me look at them... god was it getting hot in here?
"They teased me about my butt... that... that I have a big butt Mom." She whispered.
What? My daughter? Now way... she doesn't have a big butt... her ass is just perfect. I looked at her sitting there and her butt, but of course in that position I couldn't see anything.
"Honey, your butt is just perfect, don't worry about what a couple of jerks might say."
I could tell that wasn't enough, that she really had doubts.
"Mom, do you really think it's not big? I really need to know... please just be honest."
She jumped down and stood with her butt towards me, looking back at me over her shoulder. Oh boy, I thought, she does have a nice butt. I admired my daughter's ass through her shorts without saying anything as suddenly I felt a stirring... a stirring that made me want to see more. As if reading my mind, Kristy grabbed the shorts on the sides and pulled them up over her hips. The fabric stretched and dug itself into the crack of her supple young ass exposing both cheeks and her curvy hips. Oh God... what is she doing? My mouth suddenly watered and I swallowed hard. Although I kept my eyes on my daughter's ass, I saw her smile. Oh Jesus... why was she smiling... was it because I was staring at her nearly naked ass? Why was I just staring at it?
"So Mom, what do you think? Is my ass really big?" She asked innocently.
Again I had to swallow hard before responding.
"Honey no way... it's perfect," I automatically responded.
I looked up at my young daughter and noticed she had a light smirk on her face, but there was something else... something in her eyes... excitement? This feeling that you get when you're doing something you're not supposed to? It was definitely there. I licked my lips and looked at her ass again noticing that she pulled her shorts even higher. I could see her vulva between her legs because those shorts were so thin and tightly pressed against her pussy. Right in the middle was a nice imprint of her pussy lips separated by a gash down the middle. I knew I shouldn't have been looking but my eyes would not look away, and it was making my pussy wet. Strange feeling when your own daughter can make you wet.
As if having enough, Kristy pulled her shorts down into place and turning around walked up to me close. She bent down and bringing her face right next to mine said "Thanks". With that she gave me a slight seemingly innocent kiss on the lips. Oh God I still had Tommy's taste in my mouth from sucking his cock! I looked into my daughter's eyes as she kissed me to see if she noticed, but I couldn't tell. She broke away and standing up straight walked away as my eyes trailed her ass swaying back and forth.
As she was walking up the stairs, Tommy walked down passing his s****r on the way.
"Mom... come on... I can't stand it... let's go out," He pleaded.
I was so confused between my daughter and my son... what was happening to me? I knew exactly what he wanted, he wanted to fuck me, he wanted me to suck his cock and it was impossible to make it happen here with Kristy around.
By this time I was so horny that I didn't even put up an argument. I basically nodded my head and told him to be ready in one hour. I went up to Kristy's room and told her that me and Tommy were going to catch a movie and asked if she wanted to come along. She said she wanted to catch up on some movies here and that she would stay.
I took a good bath, shaving myself in the process, making sure my pussy and ass were totally smooth and started getting dressed. I wanted to wear something sexy for Tommy, something that would show off my tits and ass, to make me look really sexy. I picked out a short skirt and put it on without any panties. Next I found an old slip blouse that was too small on me five years ago. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. My god... the blouse barely contained my tits, the string supports over my shoulders came down nearly to my nipples letting my tits roll out on top and the sides. The blouse had a deep cleavage so my whole middle was exposed as well. It seemed like the only thing that was covered were my nipples. The bottom of it didn't quite cover my hips so there was five inch gap between my blouse and my skirt showing off my tummy. There was no way I would ever wear something like this in public but tonight, after the incident with my husband, and being so horny... I didn't care. Tonight... I would look like a slut... my son's slut.
I examined myself in the mirror again... something was missing. I grabbed the sides of my skirt and pulled it down a bit exposing the tops of my hips. Nice... but still not quite enough. I pulled the skirt down more, almost half way down my hips. Yeah... oh my... that's it, but now everyone can see that I don't have any panties on. I grabbed a pair of black thongs and slipped them on. I had to pull them under my skirt and pull the sides over my hips... way over my hips... nice; the thong was now visible to everyone. I topped the whole thing off with a pair of black high heels and was ready to go. One last thing I did was to put a long, thin sweater on to cover myself until I was out of the house and our neighborhood.
I walked downstairs where I met Tommy already waiting for me.
"Kristy we're leaving!" I yelled.
"Ok Mom, see you guys later!" Was her only response.
"You sure you don't want to come along!" I yelled back.
"No, have a good time!"
We were in the kitchen and Tommy walked up to me from behind and grabbing my thighs raised my skirt up.
"Uhhhh... look at those legs... and those hips... I'd love to see what's between them," he was staring at me with wide eyes full of excitement.
He ran his hand down between my legs and rubbed my pussy though my panties. Oh god this was so hot... he was doing this right here in the house with me talking to Kristy.
"Ok, don't stay up too late Kristy!"
I could barely control my voice. He reached with one of his fingers under the fabric of my thong and was now rubbing my clit in circular motions. As much as I loved what my son was doing to me, I had to stop it.
"Tommy please... we have to go," I whispered.
"Oh God Mom, I just want to fuck you so bad," He was hot.
I turned around and cupped his face in my hand.
"I know baby... I know... please... I promise, I'll let you fuck me for as long as you want tonight... wait just a little while longer... until we get out of the house," I kissed him sliding my tongue into his mouth.
He was holding my hand as he led me to the garage. He opened the car door for me and was helping me into the car. When I put my foot up to get into the car, I felt my skirt slipping up over my hips. I didn't stop it, I let it slip up... over my hips exposing my ass. I felt so sexy than... so uninhibited, giving my son a nice view of my ass.
"Mom, don't move, just hold it like this for now."
I didn't understand why but soon found out. Click, click, click, the camera was in his hands and he was shooting pictures of me with my ass exposed. Oh God, doesn't he ever stop?
"Tommy please... I can't have you take pictures of me like that... it's too dangerous baby... what if you forget to erase them... and than... someone looks at them."
Oh god, just the thought of it made my pussy wet which surprised me again... why would I want anyone to look at me like that? I wasn't just some slut off the streets... Snap, snap, was the only reply. Again my son was fascinated by my body, and I didn't blame him. It felt good to be wanted, to be admired, right here me... not some young... u******e girls on the computer screen. I bent over a little bit, to give him a better view.
"Oh man Mom... why don't you move that g-string out of the way so I can take some real pictures."
"Real pictures? Real pictures of what baby?" I moaned looking back at my son and hooked my finger into the thong string running down between my ass knowing how dangerous it was to do that right here in our garage with Kristy upstairs.
"Your pussy Mom... real pictures of your pussy... come on show it..."
"Uhhhhhh... naughty son... you are wanting to see your mother's pussy?"
I was playing with him, teasing him. I lifted the g-string up and onto one cheek, clearly taking it out of my ass crack showing him my asshole but keeping my pussy covered. Click, click, click. He was taking more of my pictures. Although it was exiting me beyond belief it was one thing that I really had doubts about... it was one thing that I thought might be too dangerous to do... letting my son take my pictures.
"Why don't you put that camera away and I'll show you my pussy."
He hesitated for a moment but as soon as I lifted my panties up and gave him a quick peek at my bold, moist pussy he set his camera down on the nearby work bench. Oh god, we were in the garage doing this, I listened for any signs of Kristy in the kitchen and then lifted my thong panties to the side exposing myself completely for my son. I knew I was wet down there... I knew he could see the wetness so I arched my back sticking my ass out completely for my son's viewing pleasure.
"Is that what you wanted to see baby? Is this how you want your Mother to be?" I moaned looking at my son from behind my opened ass.
He was looking right at my ass... right at my pussy unable to speak. I saw a huge bulge in his pants and I instinctively licked my lips wishing I could wrap my mouth around his shaft. I spread my legs a little bit more allowing my pussy lips to part, the feeling running shivers up my spine as they did. I held on to the car seat with both of my hands and put my head down enjoying the moment. I didn't know what my son was going to do, I didn't care, he could have fucked me right there but he didn't... he didn't even touch me which surprised me. I heard a steady stroking noise and I knew he had his dick out and was pumping it. I reached behind me and spread my pussy lips apart sliding my finger in between them up and down, I than slowly inserted the finger in my hole and begun fucking myself with it.
"Oh god Mom... oh Jesus you're so fucking hot."
My son was so exited... so hot looking at me spreading my pussy and fucking myself. I inserted another finger and reached behind with my other hand spreading my ass cheeks apart. The feeling of my fingers inside my pussy and the cool air on my asshole was bringing me to an edge making me moan louder and louder.
"Ohhhh... Ahhhh... Oh Jesus... OOOhhhh fuck."
I was fucking myself right here in the garage in front of my son no longer concerned about getting caught by my daughter. Oh God what a feeling to be able to just spread my legs and let anyone see how I could fuck my hole. I slipped another finger in stretching my pussy and moaning like a slut.
"Oh My... Oh my pussy... oh yeah... Ahhhhh... UUhhmmm... Oh god I love it."
I came... I came hard shuddering and stuffing my fingers all the way in and hanging on through a powerful orgasm. Who knows how loud I was I can only remember moaning like a slut. I could barely breathe when I remembered afterwards where I was and turning towards my son saw him with his camera taking my pictures. No not the pictures, I thought wondering how many he managed to take. I put my thong back into place and stood up straight pulling my skirt down.
"Had a good show?" I asked.
"Uh yeah, this will add to my collection."
"Collection? Tommy!!!! You promised me you would erase all those pictures!"
"Erase them, Mom you're too hot, those pictures are great. Wait till I show them to you you'll say yourself not to erase them, besides no one will ever see them but me."
I looked at my son with big concern in my eyes.
"Yeah but what if they fall into wrong hands son, what than?"
"They won't Mom, I promise, I have them password protected."
This is what I was afraid of, it was so risky. But I felt something else... a curiosity to see them... to see myself in those poses... posing like a slut... like a porn star. Maybe I should just let him hang on to them for a little while longer, just until I see them.
"Oh God Tommy, just make sure no one ever looks at them, and I mean no one."
He came up to me happy giving me a kiss and a hug and of course grabbing my butt.
"Thanks Mom, I promise no one will ever look at them."
"Ok, let's get out of here before Kristy suspects something."
We got into the car and drove away. We went to see a movie but because of a lot of people around us we couldn't really do anything in the theater besides occasional touch. For the last fifteen minutes of the movie my son managed to slip his hand under my ass and finger my pussy as we watched the ending of it. To everyone else we were just a couple sitting close together; to us we were Mother and Son intimately close to each other in an i****t relationship. After getting out of the movies I took us to the local dive bar that I knew about. It was one of those dimly lit places that one could have a very private conversation in a booth and maybe shoot some pool. I came here with m husband a few times and enjoyed spending time there.
After walking in I took my son to the back where there was an adjacent portion that housed the pool table and a lonely booth. Luckily no one was there so we sat down in it looking around. The only people that were there were few men by the main bar, we were completely by ourselves back here. Tommy immediately leaned over and planted a big wet kiss on my lips grabbing one of my breasts through the light sweater I was wearing. I was so happy that we could finally be alone, even though there were other people there. I ran my hand down to his cock and examined the big hard on that he already had, it felt huge. I unzipped him and released the monster.
"Uhhmmm... look at that big piece of meat... uuhhhh... is this all for me... is this all for your Mother?" I looked at him teasing.
He knew I loved his cock, and I knew he loved when I talked that way.
"Mom, this cock is all yours, god I'd love to fuck you right now."
He moved his hand way under my sweater and discovered that I had my blouse on. Immediately I felt his hands trying to tug my sweater up in an attempt to take it off.
"Not so fast sailor... do you think I'm just a cheap slut?" I was stroking his hard cock now kissing him from time to time with my extended tongue.
He looked at me and simply said "Yes Mom, I think you're a total slut."
Jesus, he had no idea how much this turned me on. My pussy electrified my body and I slid my tongue into his mouth. I sat there stroking him and let him pull my sweater over my head. He threw it behind us and looked at my exposed tits. The tiny little blouse completely dislodged was way above my tits. I didn't care that we were in a bar full of people, I kept telling myself that they couldn't see me and that I could pull my blouse to cover my tits at any time but I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to.
"Oh Jesus Mom you look so hot... look at your tits, they're so huge... they're so hot... fuck they're so exposed," He looked around as if realizing that we were in a public place for the first time.
Seeing that no one was around, he bent over and started sucking on my nipples. I was enjoying his touch and my pussy was flooding with juices. All the frustrations and stored up sexual energy beginning to release as I let my son treat me this way.
"Uhhmm nice but I think that your panties need to come off," He said looking at me expectantly.
"Oh boy... you want your Mommy to take her panties off right here in a bar full of people? Do you think I'm just a slut Mommy that will do anything for her son?" I already started getting up to get out of the booth, the thought of obeying him running shivers up and down my spine.
He looked at me with a smile, running his eyes all over me as I stood there in front of him tits exposed.
"Yes Mommy... take those panties off... they're just going to be in a way of what I'll be doing to you."
Hint, hint. He wanted to fuck me, I knew it, but right here... in this bar? Like a cheap whore? The thought made my pussy flood with juices and soak my panties... my thong panties. I gave the bar a quick look, there was a guy sitting in a booth that could see me but he had his head turned towards the TV screen watching the game. Oh god this was so risky! I had my breasts exposed just standing there. Should I just take them off? What if he sees? I looked that way again and seeing him in the same position hooked my thumbs around the sides of my panties started pulling them off, little by little moving my hips from side to side as a stripper would. I reached under my skirt pulling it up over my hips to grab the panties exposing myself completely. I pulled them down to about mid thigh and looked down. Oh My God... my bold pussy... and my pussy lips visible! I couldn't hold it, I came moaning "Uhhhhmmmm... ahhhhhh... ohhhhhhh" It was a powerful orgasm that shuddered through me. As if the waves of hot molten iron running through my veins I moaned and held on closing my eyes. At one point I leaned over and held on to the table because my knees became so weak. I felt someone's hands on my thighs and opened my eyes, not fully recovered yet. It was my son pulling the panties off of me. I weakly stepped out of them and he brought them to his face, inhaling hard.
"Uhmmmm... Mom you smell so good... why don't you sit right here in front of me and let me eat you." He padded the table in front of him.
Like in a trans I walked up and lifting one leg over his lap sat on the table in front of him spreading my legs a bit to give him a peak at my pussy. I looked down at my son just to see him staring right between my legs. I was so hot so tender and so happy that he wanted my pussy so much. I didn't think of anything else, of how wrong this must have been, of the people around the corner in the main bar that at anytime could see me... could see me be a slut.
"Oh god baby... I came so hard... your Mommy came so hard for you... did you like it... do you like me exposed like that in this bar?" I was staring at him waiting for him to say what I needed him to say.
"Hell yeah Mom... god I love when you're being a slut," He reached out with his hands putting them on my knee and spread my legs exposing my bold pussy.
My skirt ran up around my hips totally out of the way.
"Oh baby... my hot son... you're going to eat my pussy? You're going to give your Mother a tongue bath?" I was purring at him, slowly reclining and supporting myself on my elbows.
He reached out and pushed my legs up setting my feet on top of his shoulders. In this position I was totally exposed. He slowly brought his face down to my pussy and extending his tongue licked my slit from top to bottom making me wild with sexual desire. I rolled my eyes and pushed my head back moaning and breathing hard. He did it again, and again, and again. My juices were flowing out of me, dripping over my asshole and down to the table below. I looked down at him and he drove his tongue into my opened hole.
"Oh god baby... look what you're doing to me... look what you're doing to your Mom... God you're making me act like such a slut."
"Mom, your pussy so fucking delicious... I could eat you all night."
While holding on to my ankles he brought my legs up, making my knees touch my tits and spreading my legs more. I knew what he was doing; he was exposing my asshole to him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, looking on as my secret desire was coming true. How often have I fantasized about having my asshole licked, about having a stranger have his way with my ass as I hung on powerlessly begging him to stop. Was my son going to make this come true for me? I looked on as his tongue slid past my pussy and lightly touched my asshole. Oh God this feeling... it started building up... I was going to explode.
My son firmly pressed his tongue into my ass as I moaned like a slut.
"Uhhhmmmm... oh my... my ass... eat my ass Tommy... eat your Mother's ass... just like that... so dirty... you dirty little boy... ahhhhhh," My pussy was hot, on fire and I moaned loud.
Luckily for us the music was blaring loud and drowned out my cries of passion. Tommy moved down, almost below my ass and was sliding his tongue in and out of my asshole with ease. Not believing that this was happening to me, I pushed myself up a bit to get a better view.
"OHhhhh Myyy Goooddd..." I moaned shocked and exited.
My son had his mouth wide open with his tongue buried deep inside my asshole while my pussy juices were flowing out of my pussy, onto his tongue and into his mouth. I saw a steady stream of mucasy, clear liquid on my son's tongue as he tongue fucked my ass. I was Cumming, this was too much. I shuddered and moved my hips up, impaling more of Tommy's tongue inside my ass.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh... yessss... ohhhhhhhhhhhh."
The whole time I kept my eyes on my sons opened mouth swallowing my juices. I saw stars in front of my eyes, as my vision darkened but I kept my legs opened and my pussy visible to my son. The feeling was so intense, so long lasting. I looked away and saw a man standing behind the pool table, at the corner of the wall watching us, watching my bare pussy and my son tongue fucking my ass. Our eyes met and I shuddered with another orgasm. I wasn't done yet; he wasn't supposed to be there. I closed my eyes as the thought of a stranger watching me do this with my son ran through my mind and another orgasm gripped me.
I felt Tommy's tongue so deep inside my ass; I looked down again, riding my orgasm as he was still doing it... tongue fucking my ass. I looked over to the stranger and he was still there, watching us... watching me. My legs moved, involuntarily opening up, facing the stranger... letting him... have a look at me. Oh my god no, I thought, this wasn't happening... I can't do this... I'm not a slut... wait, am I?
I looked down at my son, he pulled his tongue out of my ass and sucked my pussy lips inside of his mouth, sucking, twisting, and twirling. God I was in such an ecstasy... I couldn't stop... I couldn't stop this even if I wanted to... I would let this stranger watch what my son did to me. Tommy disengaged and came up licking my tits.
"Mom... I'm going fuck you now... I'm going to fuck your brains out," He was hot and exited, my baby... my son.
"OH yeah... do it... fuck me now baby... I want you in me, pounding away at my pussy."
I looked over at the stranger as he smiled at me clearly enjoying the show I was giving him. I looked him up and down. He was handsome, about my age, brown hair nice eyes and in shape. Looking down at his crotch I saw an evident bulge in his pants. Yes, he was enjoying the show.
My son put his cock at the entrance to my pussy and pushed in sinking his shaft half way. I was so wet that it wasn't hard at all, I could have taken two cocks inside me, I thought. Two cocks, I looked over at the stranger again. He was there looking at my son fucking me. Oh god I loved it. I was exposed letting my son fuck me and a stranger look at me. I felt as if I was putting on a show... as if I had an audience... as if I was shooting a movie... a porno with cameras around. Oh god another fantasy of mine. I couldn't understand why I was so dirty. I wondered if other Mothers had fantasies like mine.
"Oh yeas Mom... you're a perfect slut... god I love you."
My son's big cock was sliding in and out of me making me wild, making me cum again. He moaned loud as well and increased the speed with which he fucked me ready to spill his load inside. I had an idea.
"Wait baby, don't cum inside of me... pull out and let me drink your cum... please... I need to taste it," I looked up at him pleading.
He just looked at me shaking his head.
"Damn you're nasty... just like a Mother should be."
I smiled up at him.
"Anything for my baby son... I'll eat your cock anytime."
He didn't know that there was someone watching us, he didn't know that I was putting on a show... for someone else as well; I couldn't tell him... I didn't know how he would react. He was almost there, I could tell, panting and moaning and so was I. Suddenly he pulled out and jumping over me on top of the table straddled my head.
"Do it Mom... suck me off until I cum in your mouth."
Who was I to refuse my son? I grabbed his wet shaft and stuck it into my mouth sucking hungrily, licking my pussy juices off of his shaft and continually stroking him... stroking him so he would cum in my mouth. I looked over between my son's legs making sure that the stranger had a good view. He did so I continued... milking my baby for all he was worth. With my lips over the head of his cock he didn't last long, he exploded sending cum down my throat. One... two... three. I choked a little swallowing shots of cum... my son's cum. I exploded into my own orgasm swallowing my son's cum and his cock.
"Oh fuck yeah... oh fuck yeah... nice slut... nice slut mommy, take it all."
I heard his voice as if from afar. I just held on, spread open... violated... on display for some stranger. I knew that the thoughts that I had were only increasing my orgasm and I couldn't stop thinking so dirty. I have become a slut... a slut of my dreams and I didn't feel bad about it, just the opposite... I loved it. I loved my son fucking me, I loved sucking his big cock... and I loved exposing myself to strangers.
"OH Mom... Jesus that was great... god you're sexy when you're like that."
He pulled his softening cock out of my mouth and jumped down off the table but stayed close between my opened legs. He leaned over and kissed me, kissed me right on the lips. I felt his tongue inside my mouth and passionately kissed my son back. When he finally sat down on the bench in front of me I looked over looking for the stranger but he wasn't there. Good, I thought, I wouldn't have to explain anything. I slid down off the table and sat next to my son.
"God baby this was wonderful... you know just how to please me," I looked up at him sexily still mostly naked.
"Mom, I love you so much... I was waiting for this for so long... and... I can't believe we did this in a bar where anybody could have seen us."
"I know but... I don't care anymore... let them see me," I purred into his shoulder thinking about the stranger watching.
"Really Mom... you would let anybody see you do this?" He was exited looking at me like a k** about to get a treat.
"Oh god baby yes... don't you realize... I love you... and... and I'll do anything for you... anything," Oh god this could lead me into so much trouble, I thought, but I loved it... I loved being so close to my son and being his... slut.
"Uhmmm... I will remember this you know... and I have your promise right? Anything?"
"Anything..." I looked up at him and kissed his lips.
"But it's getting late, and we should get going, it's dark already."
I reached out for my panties and sweater, but my son held my hand.
"Mom, could you go out there like this... wearing what you're wearing," God he was such a little pervert, I thought.
I looked at him almost saying no but stopped myself. Didn't I just say I would do anything? Oh god, my top would not contain my large tits, I would show them walking out but my skirt should effectively hide my ass. I looked over at Tommy, my son was watching me, judging... trying to see how far I would go. Ok... no problem... I gathered my courage and stood up.
"You ready handsome?" I asked and grabbed his hand.
He got out of the booth holding my panties and sweater in the other hand, visible to everyone and pulled me behind him. I looked down at my tits and saw that my nipples were exposed, the tiny blouse unable to cover anything. Further I saw my skirt riding high, higher than usual. We were almost to the main part of the bar, it was my last chance to pull my skirt down and... I didn't... I walked out there led by my son... looking like a slut exposed for anyone.
I immediately saw looks, guys looking at us... at me, shocked and pleased to see me that way. I heard whistles and comments... rude comments that any other day would make me cringe and slap the person that was saying it. But today... I loved it... the more looks... the more whistles... the ruder comments about my body I got... the sexier I walked. By the time we reached the door I was walking on stiff legs with my hips swaying back and forth and... oh yeah... I managed to reach behind me and pull my skirt over my ass exposing it. That's when the whole bar erupted in whistles and yells.
We walked outside and I pulled Tommy to me.
"Tommy... we better get out of here quick!" Looking at him I saw that he had the same thing in mind.
We were parked just on the other side of the street so we ran to the car and got inside. As Tommy pulled away, I saw three or four men burst out of the bar looking around. I was scared but exited at the same time, thinking about what would have happened if they would have caught up to us.
I noticed that Tommy was more and more interested in photography, the subject entering into our f****y conversations constantly. He would discuss it with my husband at times, asking him for advice and even showing him some of his work which made me really nervous. I knew he would never show his dad the pictures he managed to take of me but just the thought that the pictures were out there was driving me crazy. I have to admit, some of his work was really good. He took pictures of everything, trees, buildings, a****ls, and other people.
It drove me insane when he talked to his Dad about it, knowing what I did... how I posed for him. God would he ever tell anyone about it, about what I did... would he show my pictures to anyone? He told me he showed them to a talent agency, but what pictures were they? Were they really the ones of me wearing a bikini? Even with that, the bikini I wore was so tiny... so revealing.
Every time I thought about it my heart started beating faster, my body became warmer. I didn't understand it, the way it made me feel when I thought about exposing myself, when I thought about others watching me... undress... slide my small panties down my thighs and maybe show them... shown them what no stranger should ever see.
One day we went out shopping, just me and my son, he wanted some new clothes and I decided to get myself a new pair of heels. We got into our Expedition and I drove off to the nearby shopping mall.
It was a sunny day, almost hot; the sun beating down was making me sweat in my short, white sun dress. It was one of those days I didn't want to wear a bra, I wanted the slight breeze to cool my body off, and I wanted to feel free and relaxed.
"So what kind of clothes are you going to get?" I asked looking over at my son.
He was wearing a blue tea shirt and a pair of jeans, young, handsome, sitting beside me in the car, looking very comfortable. I noticed the camera in his pants pocket, the camera that became a big part of his life now and never left his side.
"Oh, I don't know, maybe some jeans or a shirt," He looked over at me, his gaze lingering, watching me.
I kept my eyes on the road but I could feel his gaze drop down, down to my breasts. I smiled inside at the thought of my son trying to get a peek at my breasts, at his Mom's breasts. The mare thought was making me hot. I lowered my right hand setting it on top of the hand rest while putting my left high on the steering wheel. That gave my son a nice peek down my cleavage and the rise of my breasts.
"How about you Mom, what are you going to get?"
"I was thinking about getting a new pair of heels, you know, those 4" pumps that would go good with my black mini dress."
I heard him gasp as he slowly visualized me in that dress wearing high heels. The dress was very tight, hugged every curve of my body. When my husband bought it for me, I tried it on, just once, in front of everyone. Seeing myself in the mirror, showing most of my legs and a big part of my breasts, I immediately put it away in the closet promising myself never to wear it.
Jesus... me in that black mini dress wearing high heels would make me look so hot... so slutty. Suddenly it felt warm in the car; I reached over and turned the AC on. He continued to watch me, thinking about something, probably about me and the dress.
"Mom, could we do something, could we go to this one place that I wanted to take pictures of, please, today is perfect," He said suddenly.
"Tommy, what place? Where is it?"
"It's a park, nearby the shopping outlets."
The place he described was about twenty minutes away, why not. We were coming up to the right exit so I took it.
"What's so special about the park?" I said feeling his gaze on my breasts.
"It has the rolling hills in the background and the sun is at perfect height for some really good pictures."
Twenty minutes later we pulled into the park. I had to admit, it was nice, green with hills and lots of big, old oak trees. I noticed a few cars in the parking lot indicating about ten, maybe fifteen people visiting the park, not too crowded.
We got out of the car and started heading for the hill in the distance. I walked beside him admiring the scenery and enjoying the cool breeze. My sun dress was slightly floating in the breeze. My son was snapping pictures left and right. Suddenly he turned and snapped a picture of me.
"Hey, shouldn't you be taking pictures of the hills?" I said smiling.
"Yeah but you add so much to the scenery... a beautiful woman, in a nice park like that on a Sunday afternoon... perfect."
He continued to take my pictures as I slowly walked up the hill towards the big tree on top of it. He was behind me now, taking pictures of me, his Mom. I stopped and turned my head towards him putting one hand on my hip. I posed; totally comfortable with the situation... they were just harmless pictures.
We reached the tree and I leaned against it, smiling into the camera. I felt like some glamorous model on a photo shoot that every man finds so desirable, so hot. I spread my hands out and grabbed the tree, which made my buttoned down the front dress open up a little forcing part of my breasts out.
I looked down to see how much I was showing and noticed that the globes of my breasts were now exposed, my nipples still covered by the fabric. Darn... I forgot that I had no bra on and I unbuttoned top two buttons of my dress. I looked around and saw only a single man in the distance, walking his dog.
Again I pressed my back against the giant tree. I spread my legs a little to give me better footing on the uneven ground and looked into the camera licking my lips, wetting them for the camera. God this was turning me on... was I... was I posing seductively for my own son? The thought sent shivers up and down my spine.
"Mom... could you raise your skirt up a little, just slightly, so I can see more of your wonderful legs."
Oh boy... that is how it always starts... just a little. I thought about being outdoors, in the public, and this being a little risqué and I think that's what was making my heart beat faster and my mouth so dry. I could already feel the heat between my legs, building up, my pussy getting moist.
Reluctantly I grabbed my dress and pulled it up a little, the edge now stopping right at my upper thighs. Snap, snap, snap. I bunched the part of the dress that I pulled up at my back and leaned against it, making it stay up. Again I pressed my back against the tree.
I could just picture myself standing there with my dress up, showing my long, smooth legs all the way up to my hips. The top of my dress partially unbuttoned, with my big breasts half visible to anyone, with only my nipples covered barely by the fabric of my dress.
Again I looked around to see if anyone was near. The only one I could see was the man walking his dog and he was still pretty far away to see what I was doing. Tommy knelt down in front of me, as usual trying to get a shot up my dress. I opened my knees a bit to tease him.
"Mom... Jesus you are so hot... please can you just lift your dress up more?"
He was hot, I could tell, his voice tense and his face looked flushed. I couldn't believe how much I was turning him on, how much I could make him want me.
"Tommy... do you think I should... right here in the public? What if someone sees me?"
I spread my hands wider pushing my chest out. The next button that was holding my breasts together popped open and I felt cool air around my nipples. I didn't want to look down; I didn't want to know if I was showing them to my son, in public... in this park.
"Oh my god..." He moaned.
Snap, snap, snap. I could only guess that my nipples were visible. Oh god... what was I doing? I placed my feet further apart and slid my back down the trunk of the tree I was leaning against causing my dress to bunch further up around my hips. I had no doubt that my panties were now showing.
Snap, snap, snap. I held that position looking into the camera. I wore a thin, almost see-through pair of cotton panties that were now soaked with my wetness, clinging to my pussy, making every outline visible to the camera.
"Is this what you want me to do son? Is this how you want me to pose?" I was driving him insane and I knew it.
"OH GOD Mom yes... yes just like that," He moaned.
I brought my hands up above my head and grabbed onto the tree there. I saw that it sort of disappointed Tommy because now my nipples were hidden behind the fabric of my dress. Oh Jesus... I couldn't have that... I couldn't disappoint him.
The top of my dress was only held by strings running over my shoulders, so I reached over with my right hand and slid the left one off of my shoulder. I lifted my arm out of it and again placed it above my head. The left part of my dress started slowly sliding off, the edge almost reaching my nipple.
I was breathing hard, as I watched my dress slide off of my left breast totally exposing it... making it visible to the camera and my son. My nipple was so hard, it must have been standing a half an inch out. With my knees bent and legs spread, back to the tree and my breast and wet panties showing, I held the pose for my son.
Snap, snap, snap. Oh God, why was I doing this? So slutty... showing myself. He got closer, almost on top of me, zooming in on my crotch and than my tits. Oh God what a feeling... I was soaking wet down there, my panties drenched, no doubt making a visible wet spot for the camera. Oh Jesus... should I... should I be a slut right now? The word... the thought drove me insane.
I reached over and slid the other string holding my dress up off of my shoulder. I looked at my son with dry lips and face flushed and lifted my hands up... letting my dress slide off of my tits.
Snap, snap, snap. The dress slid down settling around my waist. Both of my gorgeous breasts exposed, my dress hanging around my waist, in plain daylight at a public park. I never thought that I would do such a thing.
"Oh God Mom... you're so beautiful... you're so hot... you're so... slutty," He looked into my eyes as he said that.
Oh my baby... my baby even called me a slut. I reached down with one hand following it with my eyes, and traced it up my thigh to where my panties were on the side of my hip. I than looked seductively into my son's camera.
"Perhaps you'd want your Mom to take these off as well?"
I really couldn't believe I said that... where was I going with this? His eyes got really big, he swallowed really hard and I saw his hands tremble.
"Yea... Yes, I'd love that Mom... do it... take them off... please," He begged.
I smiled, I had such a hold on him, and I could make him do practically anything so he could get a glimpse of my pussy and my ass. I hooked my fingers into the elastic band and slowly pulled that side down exposing my hip and part of my naval. I looked at my son.
He was staring up at me with anticipation. I left my panties like that and grabbed the bottom of my dress pulling it up and to the back, over my hips and around my stomach. I pushed it behind me and again leaned against it, trapping all of my dress at my back and against the mighty tree.
Snap, snap, snap. I put my right arm above my head and placed the other hand on my now exposed stomach. I looked down and saw my tits, my nipples... so hot. I ran my hand down so now my fingertips were brushing the slightly pulled down panties. Oh God how I wanted to rip them off... how I wanted to be totally naked right now. I was breathing hard with my nipples stiff in front of my son's camera.
"Tommy... oh Jesus... I think I have to stop this," I moaned looking at him.
"Mom, no... don't stop... please... you look so good, keep going."
"Son, we're in the park... in public... oh god... this is so naughty... what if someone sees me?"
I ran my extended fingers along the elastic band to the side that was still over my hip and hooked my finger in it. "Maybe just a little more," I thought. I pulled that side of my panties to about half way down my hip, positioning them so they still covered my pussy but my whole pubic area was exposed. Because I was so wet, the material clung to my pussy lips, visibly wet in that area.
It was getting hot, very hot, seemed like the breeze has stopped. I felt my body starting to sweat, small beads of perspiration running down my back. I looked over at my son and at the outline of his hardness, bulging out in his pants. His cock... Uhhmmm... I needed him... I needed to suck him. Wait, not here, not in this public place.
"Tommy... maybe we should go..."
I didn't know what I was saying... I didn't know what I wanted. He was aroused too, his face red, barely able to take pictures. He reached out and grabbed my knee applying some pressure, spreading them further apart. My knees were shaking, weak from the position I was in.
"Mom... pull your panties down," He demanded.
No, not here... how can he ask me that... we were so visible. I looked around, still no one was near, the man with the dog was closer but could he see us?
"Oh son... I want to, I really do but... we could get in so much trouble..."
He reached down to his hardness grabbing it with his fingers, through his pants. He started rubbing it... oh god it was getting big... it was growing as he was doing it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I reached down and grabbed my breasts, squeezing, gently touching my nipples, sending electricity down my spine.
"Mom... pull your panties down... just a little."
He was rubbing his cock... so big. I couldn't stand it, so what if we get caught? I reached down and gently slid my panties down to about mid thigh. There... my pussy hot... wet... dripping for my son... and his camera.
As if woken up from a dream, he started taking the pictures again. Snap, snap, snap. Oh Jesus yes... I wanted him to take my pictures. I wanted to spread my legs for him more but my panties wouldn't let me. Should I? Should I just take them all the way off? Slut... oh yeah... a real slut would do it.
I straightened up and brought my legs together. Reaching down I pushed my panties down, past my knees and let them drop around my ankles. I reached down and pulled them off. I held them out at arms length hanging down off my index finger... so wet, almost dripping. I put my other hand on my naked hip and raised one leg higher than the other rolling my hips and making my most innocent face.
"Do you want to keep these... your Mothers wet panties?"
I thought he was going to cum right there. He stiffened up looking at my panties as if they were the most treasured item. He reached out shaking, and took them out of my hand immediately bringing them to his face. He inhaled hard, closing his eyes, smelling my wetness... my womanly aroma. Oh god my son... he loves my pussy.
What now... god I was naked... practically, but one thing remained. I looked around one last time, I didn't see anyone, even the man with the dog was no longer there, strange, how could he disappear. I wanted this, I wanted to be naked, no matter what the consequences.
I looked at my son, he was kneeling there full of anticipation, taking pictures of me from time to time. I grabbed my dress bunched up around my stomach and inch by inch started sliding it down my body. The dress was clinging to me, my wet hot body. Click, click, so exiting, so hot, so risky.
Once the dress past my hips, I let it drop to the ground, stepped out of it and picked it up. I didn't want this dress to be in the shots he was taking. Bunching it up I threw it away from me... I didn't need it... I was a slut. The dress flew away landing far enough away, not to visible... in the pictures... in my pictures.
I stood there completely naked, trembling, almost unable to breathe from the thought of what I was doing. My pussy was so hot, so wet, if I touched it just slightly I would have climaxed. My son was looking at me, waiting.
I turned around, put my hands high on the trunk of the tree and leaned against it spreading my legs. Ohhhhh... posing... posing for my son... naked like a slut. I felt my pussy lips open, exposing my hole. Click, click, click, I was surprised he was still taking pictures.
I brought one hand back and placed it on my ass. I turned my head back letting my long blond hair fall to one side and looked into the camera licking my dry lips. My heart was pounding in my chest as I spread my ass cheeks open for my son, revealing my puckered hole.
I brought my other hand under me and leaning forward touched my pussy lips. A strong shiver ran through me. Click, click. I spread them apart sliding my finger in between, my finger instantly becoming slick, wet with my juices. God I couldn't stand it... I needed to cum... I was so close.
I extended my middle finger and slid it from the top of my clit, down my slit and into my opened hole, sinking it deep inside of myself.
"Ohhhhmmmmm... Ahhhh... Ahhhhhh..." I moaned.
I withdrew my finger and rubbed my clit in small circles. Again I slid it down and into my hole. Click, click, click. My finger was sopping wet. I took it out and brought it up to my face. I looked at my son and his camera and put it in my mouth sucking on it hard. Oh Jesus... my pussy juice again... I loved it. Click, click. I closed my eyes and enjoyed tasting myself... tasting pussy.
"Uhmmmm... that's so good..." I moaned involuntarily.
I brought my hand back down to my pussy rubbing my clit, spreading my pussy lips and fucking myself with the finger. Click, click, click. I thought about the nasty shots my son was getting, of me... op his Mother... in public... in the park.
"OH my God... Uhhhmmmm... Oh Jesus..."
I climaxed, I came hard, ramming my finger into my hole as far as it would go. I closed my eyes, my legs spread open and stuck my ass out as I rode the waves of my orgasm. I could barely hear the clicking of the camera but I could feel something dripping down the inside of my thighs. Did I cum that hard? Click, click. OH god... he was photographing this!
I realized I had juice/cum dripping down my arm. I withdrew my finger out my hot dripping hole and again brought it to my face. I smiled at my son and the camera, putting my fingers right in front of my mouth, licking the juice off... tasting it... swallowing it. Click, click, click. I was his personal photo slut... opened... spread.
My son straightened up and came up close to me, smiling.
"Nice Mom... god, you like it don't you."
He put his hand on my ass and squeezed my round, tender ass cheek sinking his outstretched fingers into the crack of my ass. I looked at my son and than slowly down to where his hand was.
"Oh god baby... I do... I shouldn't but I do... I love it when you take my pictures and when you touch me."
I felt so vulnerable right than, so spread and opened for him, my most intimate body parts on display for him... for my son. I waited full of anticipation, obediently, waited for what he was going to do next.
He put the camera down and again grabbed my ass with one hand and my breast with the other, squeezing it hard, at the end pinching my nipple. God it drove me insane. I adjusted my stance, spreading my legs apart more.
"Uhhm, Mom... are you spreading your legs open more for me?" He said smiling, stating the obvious.
He ran his fingers down, past my asshole, down to my dripping wet pussy. God his touch was making me his slave.
"Tommy... oh god son, I'll spread my legs for you anytime."
I surprised myself saying that, after all, I was his Mother... or was I? Maybe than, at that moment, I was nothing but his slut, to be used... to be fucked like those women that walk the streets late at night. He touched my wet pussy lips drawing a moan out of me. He slid one finger inside of me and than another... deep making me shiver. He brought his lips to mine, kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth.
"Isn't this what a slut would do?"
I tensed up for a moment. He called me a slut... me his Mother! This definitely was going in the direction I didn't want it to go. His two fingers were now slowly sliding in and out of my hot, juicy pussy. I felt he was waiting for an answer... but yet I couldn't... I was his Mom.
"Ahhhh... yes... I am a slut... Uhhhhhh."
Noooo, god why did I say that! I can't le him do this to me, I have to keep this in check. But yet, my body was getting warm again, sweaty, my hips slowly starting to move up and down as if wanting to fuck my son's fingers on their own, my pussy itching to be filled. I looked up at his handsome smiling face... so sure of himself, I thought.
"That's a nice Mommy... you want to fuck my fingers... you want to fuck them like a slut?"
Oh god no... what was he doing to me? I had my hands up on the tree, hanging on, with my head turned towards him, my cheek resting against my arm as my hips were moving up and down, fucking his fingers now. Ohhh... no... I was fucking my son's fingers...
"Oh yes... oh god... I want to fuck your fingers... I want to fuck them like a slut..."
I was so hot than... so turned on. It was so hard to keep things in check when my son was doing this to me. Suddenly he took them out. No... it felt so empty. I moaned in disappointment. He stood there looking at me.
"Mom... I want you to take my cock out," He said firmly.
What? His cock? I looked around as if I had to do what he said and wanted to make sure that no one would watch. I saw the man again, seemed like it was the same person but with no dog this time. He was still far away, holding something in his hands, from time to time bringing it to his eyes. Binoculars?
Oh God, this was so crazy! As if in a hypnotic state, I bent down, with my ass out and grabbed my son's belt. I undid it and the buttons of his fly, reaching down into his underwear and grabbing his already semi-hard cock. I pulled it out feeling the hot, stiffening shaft. I looked up at him waiting... waiting for him to say what was coming next.
"Good slut... now put it in your mouth and suck on it."
The praise felt good, as if he was giving me a complement. But it was so much more... If I did what he asked, I was acknowledging what I was... what I always wanted to be. If the other times I submitted to him seemed like an accident, or a way of keeping him from doing something, this was deliberate. There was no mistake, my son simply told me to suck his cock.
I bit my lower lip and licked them, the conflict slowly weakening... my mind slowly giving into my son's demand. I brought his cock to my face, almost touching his purple cock head with my lips, the smell of his pre-cum intoxicating my brain.
"I really want to suck your cock son... but here... in the park? Could we just go somewhere else... somewhere private?" I asked begging.
He shook his head from side to side, relentless, waiting for me to do it.
"Mom... I want you to be a total slut... I want you to do what a whore would do... suck your son's cock in the middle of the day in public."
Oh god no... I couldn't do this... not me. I felt his cock touch my lips. Did he move? The head of his cock was now pressed against my lips and I could taste his pre-cum dripping out of his slit. My hands were on his hips, no, he didn't move, I would have felt it. Did I? Did I move? No I can't! Not here!
Although my brain was screaming to stop this, my mouth slowly parted allowing the head of my son's cock to slip inside with my lips wrapping tightly around it.
"Oh yeah Mommy... that's a good slut... suck on that big dick."
No, No, No! He's my son, and I'm totally naked, here in the park! Somehow half of his big cock was in my mouth now, warm, pulsating. Slut! The word in my mind made my wet pussy twitch. Isn't this what I wanted? Isn't this what I fantasized about?
I pushed my son against the tree and knelt in front of him, never letting his hard cock slip out of my mouth. Oh god he tasted so good, young, fresh, delicious... I felt my nose touch his pubic hair. Oh Jesus... did I swallow his whole cock again? I let it slip out and at the end sucked on the head of it, stroking the shaft slowly.
"Oh God Mom... you are the best at giving head."
His eyes were closed as he leaned his head against the tree, enjoying what my mouth was doing to his cock... my son. I took him in again sucking, deep down my throat, past my tonsils. I repeated it over and over again, making my son moan in pleasure.
I saw movement out of the corner of my eyes and I didn't even disengage, I just turned my head still sucking my son's cock and looked in that direction. It was the man who originally was walking his dog... the man with... binoculars! Oh Jesus, he was looking at us!
I looked up at Tommy just to see his face full of pleasure. Still sucking his cock I looked back to the man. He wasn't that far away, maybe 500 feet, he wasn't coming any closer. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to stop sucking Tommy because he was enjoying it so much, and so was I. I didn't want our engagement to end... god such a slut. I took him in deep again, sucking on my son's pulsating meat.
"OH MOM... I want to fuck you... I want to fuck your pussy... are you ready? Are you ready to spread your legs for me... like a... like a slut?"
I needed to tell him about the man, about the man looking at us, but something inside me told me not to, afraid that this would end. Or was there another reason.
"Oh Tommy wait... let me suck your cock for a little while longer... god I love it... Ummmm," Again I took him in deep.
I twisted my head a little, deep throating my son's cock, giving the stranger a better look. Oh my god why was I doing this? Why was I letting him see what I was doing to my son? Wait... he didn't know... he couldn't know Tommy was my son! Oh god what a feeling, what a rush being watched... sucking my son!
I was so turned on I was attacking his cock, sucking Tommy for all he was worth, like a vacuum. He was moaning, ready to cum. Seemed like at the last moment he pulled me off of his thick cock, holding my head in his hands while I looked at him disappointed.
"Mom, you suck so fucking good... but I want to fuck you... I want to cum inside of you... I want to fuck that pussy you gave birth to me with."
My head was spinning... it was rough... so dirty... my pussy... birth... my son... and he was going to fuck me now... like a slut. I stood up placing my hands on the tree as he moved out of the way, my body hot and trembling. I spread my legs wide and positioned myself without thinking to give the stranger a full view of what was about to happen.
Tommy came up and slapped my ass, sending electricity through my body and making me moan. He positioned his cock at my opening and roughly drove it deep inside of me, burring the whole thing with one stroke. It was so easy, my hole dripping wet. I screamed with passion... Yesss... finally.
He fucked me, he fucked me rough and hard, slapping my ass as he did. My son's cock penetrating me deep inside, deeper than it ever have been before. I looked for the man that was watching us. Oh God, he was still there... watching through his binoculars?
"Jesus Mom... that pussy is so hot... so wet... look at my cock buried so deep inside of you."
It was almost as if he didn't believe what he was doing, as if he had to say it aloud to believe it. I hung on screaming with pleasure from what my son's cock was doing to me... to my pussy. He was moaning loud, about to cum. I pressed my ass hard against him as my son drove his dick deep into my pussy shutting load after load of his cum inside of me... inside of his Mom.
I clenched my pussy hard around his dick and milked him, load after load, going through my own orgasm... powerful... long... hot... wet... slutty. We stayed like this for a minute enjoying the closeness. He reached around and cupped my tits, slowly rubbing them, tugging softly on my hard nipples.
"Mom... you're the best fuck I've ever had... my cock is still hard inside of your hot pussy."
I felt sweat run down my back and I felt my son's cock slowly softening inside of me. He pulled out and stood there in front of me, waiting expectantly. I dropped down to my knees and took him in my mouth, like a hungry slut. Yes... this was one of the best parts... tasting myself... tasting my pussy.
"Oh you like tasting that... ha Mom... you like the taste of pussy?"
Oh no... why did he have to say that! I wasn't a lesbian, I never even thought about being with another woman, but the taste of my pussy was just undeniably good.
"Tommy... I don't... please... Uhhmm..." I mumbled sucking on his cock.
I didn't know what to say. I knew he knew, it was obvious from the way I sucked his cock. I was a little embarrassed to know that my son knew something about me that was so private, so intimate. I just went back to sucking him.
"That's OK Mom... you don't have to say it... I can see it in you."
I cleaned my son's cock off really good and stood up. I looked around and didn't see anyone, even the man that was watching us was gone.
"Tommy, maybe we shouldn't push our luck so much. Let's go shopping."
I picked up my dress nearby and put it on, without panties, which were stuck deep in my son's pocket, like a trophy, his Mothers wet panties. I thought about asking him for them, but what the hell, let's be a little risky. We walked to the car passing some people, some of them with k**s, enjoying the afternoon in the park. They gave us only minor glances, not realizing what we were just doing in this very same park.
We drove through the neighborhood streets, trying to find our way back to some main roads, looking for factory outlets. Tommy was constantly snapping pictures, even of me; he would hold the camera up and zoom in on my breasts. My top buttons were undone so he had a good view of my deep cleavage.
"Mom, you're gorgeous," He reached over and put his hand on my exposed thigh.
"Tommy... behave yourself, I have to drive," I said playfully, knowing damn well that I enjoyed his touch.
He ran his hand up under my dress lightly touching my pubic area with his fingertips, which I reacted to by grabbing his arm from going any further.
"Son, what do you think you're going to do with this hand?"
"Why don't you let go if it... Mom... and find out... you know you want to... you know you want to be a... SLUT," He really emphasized the last word.
I gave him a quick look. Was I really a slut? My son's slut? Should I let him? Should I let my son touch my pussy right here in the car? A turn was coming up so I let go of his hand making the turn. He immediately slid it further down between my legs touching my clit. Oh God... my pussy was already getting moist. I had to concentrate on driving, letting my son have his way with me. He rubbed my clit and ran his finger down to my dripping hole.
"Oh yeah... you're so wet... so hot..."
"Yeah and you shouldn't be doing this to your Mom while I'm driving," I said feeling his fingers slowly sinking inside of me.
For some reason I spread my legs a little putting my left as far as I could to the side, watching the cars near by, to make sure no one could see this.
"Oh god Mom, do you smell this? Do you smell your pussy?"
I rolled my eyes. Jesus, yes I could smell it. My wet pussy dripping from what he was doing to me.
"Oh god yes... but Tommy, please let go of me... I have to drive."
He sunk them deeper inside my pussy as I slid down to the edge of the seat. I was so hot, breathing hard. I no longer knew where I was driving, trying not to hit anything, I was just going straight. He started fucking me with them, slowly, tenderly, driving them in and out of me.
"Oh God Tommy... Oh my god... Ohh... Ohhh..."
"Look at you Mom... look how turned on you are," He rubbed my clit with his thumb while finger fucking me.
"You like me doing this to you, don't you... slut?"
I looked over at him, my lips dry, my mouth open. He didn't call me his Mom anymore. What could I have said to him. I let him do this to me... to his Mom... NO... to his SLUT!
"Oh God yes... fuck me... fuck me deeper... Ahhh... Ohhhh... yes like that."
I was so hot, I was ready to cum... all over my son's fingers.
"You're so wet Mom! You're dripping," He looked at me sharply "Do you... do you want to taste it?"
I froze. No, not that, I can't get into this. But my pussy... my juices... god I loved it so much! And the thought of me, licking my pussy juice from my son's fingers here in the car, while driving was driving me insane. But if I told my son yes, I would admit that I could be with another woman, the thought was so perverted sooo... different. I could tell he saw the conflict in me, after all I didn't say anything.
"You want to, don't you Mom... here," He withdrew his fingers out of my wet hole and brought them up to my face.
"Go ahead, lick them... lick them Mom... taste your own pussy... do it," He was breathing hard as well, clearly turned on by this.
"Oh god Tommy no... not my pussy..."
Too late, he placed his dripping fingers on my lips. God the taste... the smell... I couldn't stop, I opened my mouth slightly and immediately received his fingers inside. I wrapped my lips around them and twirled my tongue, sucking... sucking the wet juice from them.
"Yes Mom, suck them... oh yeah... here let me give you some more."
He took his fingers out and brought them down to my pussy, sliding them deep inside of me again, fucking me with them. I needed to concentrate on driving, no longer worried about the cars passing us, or being discovered. Again he took them out and brought them to my mouth, this time I readily opened my mouth and took my son's fingers in, relishing the taste... the taste of my own pussy.
"Yeah... nice slut... suck that juice... pretend you're licking another woman."
"Ohhhhh... Oh my God... Uhmmmm... yesss..." I moaned.
This was so real, so insane, I loved it... I loved tasting myself... tasting pussy. Again he finger fucked me, withdrew his dripping fingers and let me taste them. I was now openly sucking on them, moaning softly.
"Oh Yes... Oh God... I love it... I love the taste of my pussy... Oh God give me some more."
He did, my pussy continually producing more and more juices. I licked his fingers like an insane slut, trying to get every last drop into my mouth. I was so hot, I was ready to do anything.
"You wish you were licking another woman right now don't you Mom... come on tell me... tell me the truth."
"Yesss... Oh God YES son... Oh God I wish I was licking pussy... spread open, wet pussy... Uhhhmmm yes..."
I brought my left leg up and placed my foot on the dash, barely maintaining control of the vehicle. I slid my hand down between my legs and rubbed my open pussy, sinking my fingers into that wet hole, fucking myself now... here in front of my son. I than took them out and sucked on them.
Click, click, click. I looked over at my son and saw that he was taking pictures of what I was doing. Oh god... how can I do this... how can I be such a slut. I tried stopping but I couldn't, my pussy so hot... so wet... so delicious. Click, click, click. I continued this almost up to the point of an orgasm.
"Mom, pull in here, pull into this shopping center," He was pointing to a driveway.
Weaving I negotiated the turn and pulled into a spot screeching the brakes. I slammed the car into park and brought both feet up unto the dashboard spreading myself open. I quickly inserted two fingers into my dripping pussy and started fucking myself feverishly, bringing myself to a quickly approaching orgasm.
"Oh fuck... oh yes... oh my god... Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh..."
"Mom, stop quick, someone's coming."
"Oh Jesus no... oh fuck, I'm going to cum..." I screamed.
"Mom you have to... they're going to see you."
I felt his hand on my knee, I looked over to see a couple approaching. Oh no... not now. Painfully I brought my legs down and set up, just in time not to be seen. I sat there hot and turned on feeling my dress clinging to me from the sweat on my body as the couple passed us by glancing at us. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and cleaned them off.
"Mom look, there is a shoe store right there, let's go in there and get those high heels for you," He jumped out of the car
No, not right now, I'm too turned on... to hot to do this, I needed to come down a bit. He didn't wait, he started heading towards the store. I got out of the car and followed him, breathing hard, feeling the wetness between my legs. My dress was so opened, barely held together by some buttons. I looked down and saw the edges of my aureoles showing as I walked. I looked around and saw no one, this shopping center was pretty empty.
I felt so naughty... so daring... still riding the high of fucking myself in the car. I reached down and unbuttoned another button making the top of my dress open up more. I looked down and saw my aureoles permanently showing and my nipples coming in and out of view. There... that's better. I reached down and felt the inside of my tight, running my fingers up, until I touched my pussy. God, I was still so wet! I stopped for a second and scooped some of that delicious fluid on my fingers, bringing them to my mouth and licking... tasting my pussy.
I saw my son walking into the store, so I followed, turned on beyond belief. I walked in ready for anything and saw Tommy looking at me, his mouth open, his eyes wide, no doubt surprised at the state of my dress.
"Hi can I help you?" I heard a female voice.
I gathered my courage and turned around. I was barely able to breathe. What I saw was a young girl, probably about my daughters age or barely over eighteen, standing there looking at us. She wore a simple uniform style dress, buttoned up the front, showing off her nice long legs. Her curly, long, dark hair covered her shoulders, and her naturally tanned skin told me she of Spanish heritage. And her eyes... god those dough looking eyes... dark and shiny were looking at me.
I was embarrassed... I was embarrassed to be looking at this young girl that way... dressed the way I was... feeling so turned on. I felt my face getting warm as no doubt, it turned crimson. She was looking at me, at my breasts, probably seeing my nipples, I wondered what she was thinking.
"Hi... we came in to see if we can find a pair of high heels for my Mom..."
"Your Mom?!" She repeated shocked.
Jesus Tommy... why did you have to say that! I thought with panic racing through my heart. So this is it, now I get caught... now my desires, my secret fantasies will destroy me. Tommy looked unsure at the girl.
"Yes... My Mom needs a new pair of high heels to wear with her mini dress," He said firmly.
The girl looked from Tommy to me... to my breasts... to my legs... than back to Tommy, a small frown appearing on her brow. I slowly moved my hand to the edge of my dress and instinctively drew it together covering my nipples. I couldn't have this; I couldn't have this young girl involved in this sexual escapade of mine. She was beautiful, innocent young enough to be my daughter.
"Sure, have your Mom sit down right here and I'll bring her some shoes. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?" She pointed to the row of seats facing the storefront window.
Tommy looked at me and I looked at him. Was this girl going along with this? I mean the state of my dress when I walked in would make anyone throw us out. I know she saw my breasts and my nipples as I turned around to look at her but yet she didn't make anything of it.
"OK... black high heals, let's start with that," Tommy said looking at the girl.
She turned her head towards me with a slight smile.
"Uhmm your son knows how to dress you."
She walked out and I immediately pulled all of my dress together, buttoning up my breasts.
"Oh God son, what are we doing here? Let's leave please before this gets out of hand."
I was a little scared of what might happen but most of all, I didn't trust myself. What if I took this too far with this nice young girl in front of my son!!!! I could never forgive myself. Deep down I knew that I wanted to try being with another woman, but this was just a girl and my son was standing right there.
"Mom, we came here to buy shoes, so let's just buy shoes. Relax, nothing will happen, it's OK."
The girl came in holding a box of shoes. She put the box down on the floor and knelt in front of me.
"I took a guess at the size of your foot; hope it's the right size."
I watched her as she grabbed my foot, her delicate hand wrapped around my ankle and brought my foot to gently rest on her thighs as she sat there with her legs curled up under her butt. Her touch was already sending shivers up and down my spine. I kept telling myself that it was OK, it was normal; she was just doing her job. The girl looked up at me and smiled with a disarming, innocent smile.
She took my shoe off and took the high heal out of the box. My foot rested cradled between her thighs, inches away from her crotch. She raised my foot up to put the shoe on, as I was doing my best to keep my knees together, after all, I didn't have any panties on, and my sun dress stopped well above my knees.
I followed her every move as she put the shoe on. She would look at my foot but also at me, at my face, than slowly her gaze would go down to my breasts for a brief moment and even lower, to my crotch. At that moment her soft dark eyes widened and her breathing became more labored. The fact that this young girl was looking at me that way was making my own pulse beat faster. I totally forgot about my son standing there, beside us, the girl was taking up my entire world that moment.
"There, what do you think?"
She asked looking at me and gently raised my foot so I could look at the shoe bringing my straightened out leg to her side. The motion separated my knees a bit and I immediately saw her eyes dart down to my crotch. Was she trying to get a peek at me, at that place I tried to keep hidden from her? Jesus no way, she's too young, too... innocent! I slowly fought to bring my knees together wondering if I gave her a peek.
"Uhm nice, how about the other, could you put the other on?"
The other! What was wrong with me? Why didn't I just buy the shoes and get out of there? Oh God, this was so difficult, difficult to control this. She smiled and rested my foot on the floor beside her, at the last moment softly running her hand up my leg to my knee, before reaching to the other side for the box of shoes. This was definitely not an accidental touch; there was something sensual about it, something exiting. I sat there watching her as my own breathing became difficult.
As she grabbed the shoe she scooted up a bit, closer to me, giving me a quick glance. At that moment I was looking at her thighs which were becoming more exposed by her motions, her dress riding up. I could tell she noticed where my eyes were. I tried peeling my eyes away from her nice tanned thighs but it was too late. She grabbed my other foot and brought it up to her lap. In this position I could no longer keep my knees together as the one she was holding rose up higher than the other. My heart was pounding in my chest and my mouth was dry, as this young girl was making me expose myself.
She put the shoe on lifting my foot a bit to do it, her eyes always going up and down my legs, lingering on my crotch from time to time. I couldn't stop this, even if I tried I couldn't. She was so close to me that no matter how much I tried, she was going to get a peek at my pussy. It was so wrong but it was exiting me beyond belief, to know that this young girl could see me was making my pussy hot and wet.
I sat there rigid, unable to move, my knee went up and my dress slid up a bit. I looked down to see my legs apart. I looked at the girl and saw she was looking between them. Oh no... how much was I showing her? She raised my leg up more and to her side; she was now kneeling between my legs with my knees separated with her soft dark eyes wondering all over me.
"Nice shoes, let me stand up and see how they feel," I mumbled giving her a pleading look.
She smiled and let my foot go, I rested it on her other side so that she was still in between my legs. She grabbed onto my knees as if for support and lifted herself up, applying side to side pressure under which my knees uncontrollably separated. My legs spread wide and the girl looked down between them at my wet, hairless pussy. Oh my god, my heart almost jumped out of my chest as my mind registered what I was showing her. I saw her eyes widen and her mouth open, her eyes were glued to my crotch as she slowly straightened her legs, bent over but still held on to my knees, pressuring them apart. I looked over at my son and saw him watching us. I looked back at the girl and saw her lick her dry lips... my god was she thinking about... no it can't be, but if she is... oh Jesus, I can't let this happen, not in front of my son.
I reached over and put my hand on hers, gently giving her a tug. It was a gentle sign that I wanted her to let go. I guess I was also telling her that I didn't mind that she looked at me but it had to end... for now at least. The girl gave my pussy one last deep look and let go. For some unknown reason I didn't bring my legs together right away, I kept them apart looking at her and than at my son, enjoying their reaction. Ohhh that was so naughty, keeping my legs spread in front of this girl on my own, teasing her.
I slowly brought them together and stood up, walked up to the nearby mirror and admired the shoes. In my mind though, I wanted so much for that girl to be near me.
"Well, nice, I think... this dress isn't really what I'm going to wear them with."
The girl took the bait. She walked up to me ready to help.
"What dress will you be wearing, is it the same cut?"
"No not really, it's a little bit more revealing on top... you know one of those low cut dresses."
The girl positioned herself directly behind me and because she was about the same height than me, was able to look over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror.
"Does it have straps or is it strapless?" She asked.
"Oh it's strapless and low cut," I mumbled barely able to talk.
I felt her hands on my shoulders and watched in the mirror as she grabbed both of my dress straps and slowly slid them off my shoulders. Next she reached over to my front leaning against my back, pressing her firm breasts against it, and unbuttoned my top button. Oh god this was naughty, getting undressed by this young girl in a shoe store. I could see my son's reflection in the mirror, watching the whole thing. That's all right I told myself, I'm just teasing, I can stop this whenever I want to, I won't take this too far... not in front of my son.
"Is this about right?" Her soft voice asked.
"No... maybe two more will do it."
As soon as I said it I realized that two more buttons might expose my entire breasts, but it was too late. Her small hands were already working on them, palms pressing against my nipples making them hard, getting my dress opened. Uhhhh... I breathed a little easier, my nipples were still covered but barely. In fact my aureoles were showing and my whole middle, past the bottom of my breasts was now exposed. The girl was breathing hard, right at my neck, so close to me, watching my nearly exposed breasts in the mirror.
"How about your bottom, is it the same length?" She whispered.
"No... it is a little shorter," I whispered back slightly leaning against her.
She brought her hands down to the edges of my dress, one at each of my hips gently touching my hips with her open palms. She grabbed my dress and lifted it about a couple of inches exposing more of my thighs.
"How is that?"
Oh God, I was getting so turned on, the uncontrollable sexual feeling was starting to build up inside me, but yet, I needed to stop this. I couldn't look in the direction of my son, I just knew he was there watching me.
"No... maybe just a little shorter," It was no use, seeing her do this to me in the mirror was drowning any moral issues I had.
I looked on as she lifted my dress up more, slowly to the edge... to the edge of my pussy, a little more and it would be exposed.
"There... right there... that's the length," I whispered heavily, barely able to control myself.
I felt her heavy breathing on my neck. She looked at me in the mirror, disappointment on her face.
"Are you sure... are you sure it's not shorter?"
Oh god, she wanted more... she wanted to see me, my pussy, but I couldn't... oh Jesus no.
"No I think it stops right there," I said very softly and with no conviction.
"Well maybe we should ask your son, did he see you in that dress?"
What!?... Oh no, I already knew what Tommy's answer would be.
"So, you think your Mother's dress stops right there, or is it shorter than that?"
Tommy came into view, eyes wide; I could tell he was watching this, he already had a bulge in his pants. He looked at me in the mirror, half naked, my breasts nearly exposed and dress up in the girls hands. She was looking at him expectantly, as if she knew what he was going to say.
"Oh I think my Mom's dress is shorter than this."
She turned towards me, looking into my eyes through the mirror.
"See... your son knows."
"Oh God no," I whispered.
She raised it, slowly, inch by inch as I watched letting her do it. My pussy slowly came into view, first the lips, moist... wet shining and slightly apart. Than as she pulled the dress over my hips, my clit and whole pussy area was exposed, cleanly shaven, every detail visible. I looked at her, her eyes were on my pussy, she was licking her lips, watching me. After a few seconds she looked into my eyes.
"There, I think you look much better like this."
She reached up around my waist and unbuttoned another button holding my dress together, watching me in the mirror, watching my hard nipples come into view. I rolled my eyes powerless in her grip. No matter how much I wanted to stop this from happening, I couldn't. The sight of myself getting exposed like this was almost making me cum. I think she knew what was happening to me, she reached for the last button but at the last moment turned to Tommy.
"Maybe you should lock that door and draw the shades," She said meaningfully.
I looked and saw my son walk towards the door and do what she asked. I was watching everything unfold as my head was swimming, why was I letting this happen? Was it her touch? Was it the fact that she reminded me of my daughter? No... not that, I could never let my daughter do this to me!
"Please, let me go... I can't do this in front of my son," I whispered to her, low enough for Tommy not to hear.
"Ohhh I think you can... I think you want to do it in front of him... so he can watch his Mother be a slut."
Oh God how did she know? That word... I moaned as soon as I heard her say that and she smiled knowingly, releasing my last button. My dress fell to the sides and she pulled it off of me with a quick move, throwing it at Tommy. She immediately pressed herself to my naked back and put her hands on my hips.
"Oh god please... please don't do this," I pleaded to save myself from my son seeing this.
She didn't listen, she ran her hands along my stomach to my breasts and grabbed them, softly separating her fingers to allow my nipples to run between them.
"Uhhhhhmmmmm... oh please..." I didn't know what I was begging for.
I was approaching an orgasm, standing there in this girls grasp as she explored my body in front of my son. Her hands slid down, along my stomach, past my naval, down to my pussy. Her fingers touched my clit and I moaned reaching back with my own hands grabbing her hips, trying to feel her. Her fingers ran along my clit and rubbed it in circles, in a fast rhythm, than running a finger down to my opening and sliding it in, than bringing it back up to my clit and rubbing it, making me cum.
"Ahhhhh... ohhhhhh... yesss... oh my god..."
I moaned in her embrace as an orgasm gripped my powerless body. She continued working my pussy as only a woman could, she knew exactly what to do. I held on, moaning and enjoying my orgasm, letting her do whatever she wanted to me. She let go of my pussy and grabbed my arm, tugging me towards the deep chair in the corner.
"I have to check those shoes of your, to make sure that they fit."
I didn't understand... my shoes? I sat down where she indicated and she kneeled in front of me again lifting both of my feet right away, spreading them... spreading me apart. I sat back reclined, opened with this young girl between my legs. My pussy was so wet... so hot... dripping cum and I wanted her to lick it... I wanted her to put her tongue on me. I looked over at Tommy, he had his camera in his hands... watching me... watching what was about to happen... what I was about to let happen. Oh god please... don't let him take my pictures... not like this... not with another girl!
I looked over at her as she released my feet and put her hands on the inside of my thighs, pressing, making my legs stay apart as she leaned forward and brought her face to my pussy extending her tongue. Oh god yes... I wanted this so bad. She ran her tongue along my pussy lips, right in the middle, separating them and licking my cum from between them. It felt so soft, so wet and warm that it sent unbelievable shivers up my body.
"Oh god... you're eating me... you're really eating me..." I don't know why I said that, I couldn't believe this was happening I guess.
I watched her wet tongue flicking my clit, running in between my pussy lips, her mouth sucking my lips inside, so gently as I held on unable to breathe. Suddenly there was a bright light and I realized that my son was taking pictures. I looked over at him as he was getting shots of my pussy and the girl that was eating it.
"No Tommy... don't please... don't take any pictures," I pleaded but he didn't move.
Again he took a picture. I looked down at the girl, she didn't seem to mind, she was licking and sucking my pussy with lust, sticking her tongue into my wet hole and tongue fucking me, making me so hot... so close to another orgasm. I watched her eat me forgetting about my son taking pictures. I couldn't believe this could feel so good, so hot... so sexy.
She f***ed my legs up, my knees almost to my chest and my ass sticking out. She ate me running her tongue up and down the length of my slit, sucking on my clit when she could and god, my son was getting all of that. She stuck her tongue into my hole, deep... as deep as she could and she looked up at me. I saw a smile on her face and she gave me a small slap on my ass. Oh god that felt so good, I wanted her to do it again as she tongue fucked me. As if she read my mind, she slapped me again, and again and again fucking me with her tongue. I started feeling warmth spreading around my ass and I couldn't hold it any longer. I came... again right into her mouth with my juices flooding. She didn't turn away; she even put her entire mouth over my hole and sucked as if that was what she was waiting for. Oh god I closed my eyes and screamed, more... Jesus more... I wanted her to fuck me... to eat me, this young girl... so hot.
I looked down at her, finally able to breathe and saw that she was softly licking my pussy, so gentle. Just looking at her made me want to have her, to taste her, to do to her what she did to me. I no longer cared what my son thought about me, I was full of determination. I loved the way my pussy tasted... now was going to find out how another woman's pussy tastes.
I brought my legs down and stood up looking at the young girl just to see that she was watching me with anticipation. I grabbed her hands and lifted her off her knees, seductively putting my mouth over hers... uhhmmm... the taste of my pussy flooding my mouth, so sweet. I kissed her with all the desire that was building up inside me for so long. She returned my kiss, her tongue sliding inside my mouth as we stood in front of my son kissing, closely holding each other.
"Oh god... I have to have you... please," I pulled her slightly to the deep chair I was getting eaten just a minute ago.
She pulled on her buttons and quickly unbuttoned her dress pulling it to the sides and off of her. I was shocked to see that this young girl had nothing underneath, no bra or no panties, she was completely naked. I admired her thin body, firm young breasts, flat stomach and pussy... bald just like mine. Although she was thin, she had nice full hips and deep ass that I felt such a desire to lick.
"Wait... ohhh... wait, before I let you do this to me... I want to see you do something," She said.
"Anything, God anything... I need to have you... now," I was lost to my desires.
"I want to see you suck your son's cock."
What! What did she say? I stood there unable to speak looking at her. Oh god no matter how good she looked I couldn't do that in front of her.
"I... I can't." I said in a low voice.
She saw my confusion, my reaction and sat down opening her legs. Her wet pussy staring at me, inviting me to go ahead.
"Are you sure? I really want to see that, a Mother sucking her son's cock... I think it's so hot."
I shook my head and dropped to my knees in front of her opened legs. I could smell her pussy and it drove me nuts with desire for this girl. I knew she saw how much I wanted her.
"So Tommy, why don't you take your cock out and let your Mother see it maybe that will change her mind."
I saw Tommy moving over to us and saw him put his camera down on the nearby table. He walked up to me, right beside me and started to undo his fly.
"Please, I can't suck him... not in front of you... he's my son." I said begging her not to make me do this.
She lifter her legs up and spread them wide, moving her hand down and letting her fingers spread her pussy.
"Come on suck him... look how big he is... and than I'll let you eat me."
She started playing with her clit in circular motions. I had such a desire to lean over and stick my tongue in her. I looked over at my son and all I saw was his hard cock inches away from my face. God, not again! No matter how much I tried resisting the look of my son's cock in front of me made me open my mouth, grab the base of his cock and guide it into my open mouth. I closed my eyes as I wrapped my lips around his massive organ making him moan. I started sucking him, enjoying the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth.
"Here Tommy, sit down beside me and let your Mother suck your cock." I heard the girl say.
Without saying a word Tommy disengaged and sat beside her. I kept my hand on his cock and couldn't release it. As soon as he sat down I begun sucking him, running my tongue up and down licking his shaft and than sucking again. I looked over at the girls pussy and had the urge to lick it, to suck her clit and make her moan but didn't want to make a move until she told me so.
"Ohhh, you want this don't you? What do you think Tommy, should we make your mother eat me?" She was looking at me with her face flushed.
"Oh God, wait... wait until I cum, than you can have her," Tommy moaned as my mouth worked up and down his hard cock.
"Uhhhhh, you mean you're going to shoot your hot cum in her mouth?" Her eyes widened and she looked at me unbelievably.
I felt a tug of shame for what I was about to do. I was sucking my son's cock which was already a big taboo, which could put me in a lot of trouble, but drinking his cum! Right here in front of this strange girl? No matter how much I wanted to stop... no matter how much I wanted to let him go and start eating her, I couldn't stop what I was doing. To have a cock in my mouth and not finish him off was something that I realized I couldn't do, even my son's cock!
"And you're going to swallow it aren't you? Ohhhhh I can see it in your face... you're going to swallow his cum... ohhhh that is so hot, you're such a good slut mommy," She cooed playing with her wet pussy and watching me.
This was so crazy! Her praise actually felt good and made me suck Tommy's cock even harder, more passionate, deeper in my mouth. I saw her reach over and realized that she was now holding the camera pointing it at me. No! I couldn't have pictures taken of me sucking my son's cock! It was too dangerous!
"Oh please don't, we can't..." I whispered looking over at her pleadingly still holding on to Tommy's cock.
Snap, snap. She wasn't stopping. She looked at me with a smile from behind the camera and continued taking pictures. I looked up at Timmy and he pleadingly brushed my hair and extended his cock towards my mouth wanting me to suck him. I was confused and torn between wanting to please my son and the danger of taking those pictures. I felt the girls hand on mine as she pooled it away from my son's cock, she brought it down on top of her moist pussy. I felt her wetness and all the resistance went out of me. I opened my mouth and took my son's cock in.
I sucked feverishly, with passion taking him deep and rubbing her pussy at the same time. I heard the camera as she took my pictures but didn't care anymore, I just wanted to make my son cum so I could taste that sweet young girl.
It didn't take long, Tommy couldn't stand it anymore and stiffened up groaning loudly, shooting his seed into my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed, loads of white sticky cum shooting down my throat as I did my best to keep up. His body went through spasms and suddenly saddled down. I gave him few more licks, up and down his shaft and looked over at the girl.
She was sitting there wide eyed staring at me.
"Oh yes... come to me, I have something delicious for you," She snapped more pictures as I crawled up to her, between her opened legs.
Hypnotized by her opened, moist pussy I put my hands on the insides of her thighs and brought my face down close inhaling her aroma, feeding on it. It was different than mine, but sweet nonetheless with some muskiness about it. Snap, snap, I looked up and smiled for her extending my tongue and touching her clit with it. For the first time in my life I was licking another woman... never in a million years did I think I would do that, but here I was.
I slid my tongue between her parted lips down to her hole feeding on her flowing juices. I was amazed at how wet she was, no matter how quickly I drank her wetness, her hot pussy produced more. I closed my eyes and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth twirling them around with my tongue. She moaned a deep, sexual moan of ecstasy which gave me encouragement to do more.
I was like a woman possessed, licking her, sticking my tongue into her and whole time keeping her legs spread apart so I had easy access. I heard her moan, I saw the pictures being taken but that didn't matter anymore. What mattered was the feeling I got from pleasuring this young woman, the aroma and the taste of her sweet pussy.
My whole body was going through the shudders of ecstasy and no one was touching it. I heard myself moan but my main focus was eating her... eating her pussy. Just that thought brought a wave of pleasure, the time has stopped in that moment of sexual feeding. I don't know how long I was keeling there eating her, minutes, half hour... I don't know. I felt her suddenly stiffen up and she let out a deep, loud moan... one after another.
"Ahhhhh... ahhhhh... oh yeas... oh my god yes, I'm coming!"
I put my mouth over her hole and extended my tongue into it pushing it in and out, fucking her with it. She screamed and threw her head back. Suddenly I felt a lot of wetness flow out of her and knew it was her cum. I drank it, I fed on it... the sweet juice coming out of her.
I was vaguely aware of Tommy taking pictures of this climax and wondered why he held the camera to his eyes continuously. My god he must have the camera in a movie mode! I was being recorded... like a... like a porn star! I moaned with pleasure surprising myself, after all, the fact he was recording it could be very dangerous.
The girl finally settled down and lay limp just looking down at me, her legs spread. I slowly got up and stood there between her legs looking at her.
"So what's your name?" I asked.
The question seemed to surprise her as she hesitated a moment.
"Suzie..." She said softly.
What a fitting name for her, sweet, young Suzie.
"I'm Kate," I whispered and turned to Tommy.
"Tommy, we should really get going."
She quickly got up and standing in front of me grabbed my hands.
"I just want to say thank you for... for doing what you did to me, it felt wonderful and I loved every second of it."
She sounded so sincere that I instantly knew she was telling the truth. I hugged her and kissed her on the lips with all the passion I felt for this girl.
"I know and I loved what you did for me... thank you."
Tommy was ready standing there quietly watching us and I turned towards the door. Before we walked out I heard her whisper.
"Will you come back sometime?"
I stopped in the doorway.
"I'm afraid not... let's just take it for what it was... a wonderful experience."
I wanted so much to answer her "yes, yes I will be here anytime you want me to" but I couldn't let Tommy know how I really felt. I held the urge back within myself and walked out.
After my experience with Suzie in the shoe store, I just couldn't get her out of my mind. No matter how much I tried forgetting what happened that afternoon, I couldn't, the memories of me being seduced by that young woman kept coming back so vividly in my mind. The feeling of guilt usually associated those feeling but somehow my mind suppressed them, somehow the feeling of joy... the feeling of closeness with that beautiful girl always made it feel like it was right.
My relationship with Tommy changed as well. I no longer felt like what was happening between us was an accident or that there was a normal explanation for what we did. I was still his Mom and he was my son, but he was stronger now, more in control of what he wanted me to do or when he wanted me. Seemed like my internal turmoil was being pushed aside and replaced with the feeling of submissiveness, almost an eagerness to please him. I thought about different ways to please my son, trying to come up with ways for him to want me more, thinking of him more as a man in my life than my husband was.
It was Saturday evening and Kristy went out with her friends to see a movie. My husband was out with his friends having one of their poker nights which left me and Tommy home alone. Just the thought of being home alone with my son sent shivers up and down my body, a sexual excitement that was building up to the point of release. I knew he would take this opportunity to fuck me or have me suck his big cock like I loved doing. As soon as my husband and Kristy were out of the house I went up, no, almost ran up to my bedroom and took all my clothes off. I stood in front of the mirror admiring my full body for a few seconds thinking of what I should wear for the occasion.
"Not bad for a 36 year old mother of two," I whispered to myself, admiring my full breasts, flat stomach and curvy hips.
I took out some white stockings and slipped them on my tanned legs, they stopped about mid thigh hugging my legs completely. Something would have to hold them up so I put on a matching lingerie top that had four stocking snaps, two in the front and two in the back which I snapped on to my stockings. The top was white and see-thru with small red dots everywhere and finished on the sides with lace ribbon. The sides arced high over my hips keeping them exposed. The middle was held together with three buttons and it stopped just above my belly button, my smooth pussy and naval were exposed. In the back it arced high over my ass leaving that part exposed as well. I unbuttoned the top button making my breasts nearly fall out, showing the edges of my aureoles.
I looked at myself in the mirror and held my breath... I looked hot... sexy... like one of those incredible models in porn movies. With my heart racing, I put on a pair of white platform high heels that I recently bought to finish my ensemble. I was ready for my son, god I hoped he was ready for me. I ran the edges of my fingers along my pussy lips feeling the moisture that was already there and brought them up to my mouth, licking them, tasting myself.
"Uhhhhmmm..." I moaned.
I got used to doing that now; whenever I felt horny I would touch my wet pussy and taste the wetness. Sometimes I even did it with my husband in the same room, making sure he wasn't looking. It made me feel... slutty... the woman of my fantasies that I always wanted to be.
With my heart racing, I opened my bedroom door and walked out into the hallway. I walked towards Tommy's bedroom, swaying my hips... my naked ass. I felt so uninhibited walking through the house, so open, so naked. I opened his door but he wasn't there. I looked downstairs and saw the light in the office room was on, he must be using the computer.
I walked downstairs careful not to fall, it was hard to walk with those platform shoes on. I reached the room and looked inside. Tommy was sitting by the desk looking at the computer screen, his face turned away from me. It was time to show my son that I wanted him... now. I slipped into the room and around the desk. He heard me and turned his head. I walked up and stood in front of him, looking into his wide eyes. I could tell he was surprised seeing me that way, seeing what I wore and how exposed I was, his eyes running up and down my body absorbing my nakedness... my breasts... my pussy.
"I thought you might like some company," I whispered, barely able to talk.
He didn't say anything, for a long moment he just looked at my body. He swallowed hard and readjusted his pants, his cock already hard. I wanted to throw myself at him, I wanted to grab his pants and pull his cock out but something in his gaze stopped me. It was a stern stare that kept me there, standing still.
Slowly, he motioned to me with his finger and I walked up closer to my son.
I stopped, obedient, waiting for my son to tell me what to do next. Inside I was a mess, my body almost shaking from the anticipation of what would happen next.
"Look at the screen," He pointed towards the computer.
I looked and gasped in surprise. A picture of me filled the computer screen, completely naked with my ass exposed and my pussy wet. It was one of the pictures he took of me, during one of our encounters. I saw his hand move over the computer mouse and another picture appeared on the screen... me in another position showing my exposed body.
"Oh my god..." I whispered.
He started clicking the mouse and more pictures appeared... more pictures of me. I was trembling, watching myself, not believing I could be so nasty... so exposed... so hot. I never saw the pictures he took of me, I always thought he erased them like I asked him to, up until now. Standing there, half-naked and trembling I couldn't look away, as if hypnotized by the woman I saw on the screen... a women that showed everything.
I felt his hand on my ass and shuddered from the touch. I was hot, turned on from what I was seeing and very wet. I could feel my wetness running down the inside of my thighs. Without thought, I leaned forward putting my hands on the desk and pushing my ass out towards my son, never taking my eyes off the screen. Another picture appeared; me spread on top of his motorcycle, my face full of surprise and panic. Even then, when it happened by accident I was turned on, I could see my wet pussy in the picture as if it was meant to be.
Tommy's hand moved towards my pussy and he easily slid a finger in me.
"Ohhhh, Tommy..."
He still didn't say anything. He slowly moved his finger in and out as I spread my legs giving him better access. More pictures appeared; me at the park, me in front of the fireplace. I couldn't breathe... they were so explicit... so sexy. For some reason I leaned further forward, my face almost touching the screen and spread my legs wider, sticking my ass out. I gave him access to everything. I felt his fingers working my pussy and than I felt a finger at my asshole, wet, slimy.
"Ohhhh... oh my god..." I moaned.
I heard him breathe hard as he slid the finger in my ass. I've had his finger in my ass before but this time I was so exposed, my ass was turned towards my son with both of my legs spread wide apart and he could see everything he was doing. I was so apprehensive in the past of showing my son that side of me but right than... that very moment I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't stand it, it felt so good, I started feeling a climax approaching.
"Oh Mom... do you ever... do you ever fuck yourself in the ass like this?"
Oh no, I couldn't tell him, no... I wouldn't. His finger was merciless, working in and out. He started kissing my ass cheek while doing it.
"You didn't answer my question."
More pictures appeared on the screen. Me and Suzie, I was licking her pussy... her sweet pussy.
"Come on Mom... I'd love to see you do that to yourself... oh god, look at your ass."
My face blushed, somehow I was embarrassed by what he was saying... by what my son was doing to me, but yet I couldn't bring myself to stop this. I was turned on, hot beyond belief and almost ready to cum. He stopped working his finger in and out of my asshole, he was still in me but he stopped moving it as if to punish me for not answering.
"Oh please baby... please..." I begged.
Nothing, no movement. I started to push back with my ass against his finger but he wouldn't hold it still. Frustrated, I reached back and grabbed his hand to hold it still. I wanted to fuck myself with it. I was forcing it in and out but it wasn't enough. Feeling the ring of my ass I slid my own finger in beside my son's stretching my ass. Ohhhh that felt so good.
"Oh god Mom... you do fuck yourself there!" He exclaimed.
No matter how much I wanted to deny my son that knowledge, I couldn't, this was too hot... too erotic. Lost in this moment I fucked myself in front of my son. Soon I felt his finger move as well, in unison with mine. I moaned and soon felt my climax starting to peek. Putting my head on the desk, I jammed my finger in all the way screaming in ecstasy.
"Ohhh yes... oh my god yes... Ahhhhhh..."
I never thought that finger fucking my ass could bring me to such a powerful climax. Maybe it was the thought of the whole act being so nasty and the fact that I was doing it in front of my son, I don't know. When it was finally over, I looked back at Tommy and slowly withdrew my finger. He was staring at me, at my ass with wide eyes, licking his lips.
"Uhhmmm... that was good, why don't you stick something else in there?" I surprised myself by saying that.
Did I want my own son to fuck me in the ass? Why did I sound so slutty as if I did that many times? The truth was that I never had a man's cock in my ass before and I wasn't sure how it would feel. I couldn't tell my son that, not after saying what I said, instead I moaned with excitement giving him an inviting look, keeping my ass towards him, ready for his cock... ready to be fucked senseless.
I looked down to see that he had his cock out and was stroking it while looking down at my ass. One look at his big cock and I knew I wanted him, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to take his cock in my ass. A shiver of fear ran through me though, the fear that it would hurt.
"Oh my... you're so big and ready, are you going to... stick this thing in me? Oh god we have to use some lube, otherwise I'm afraid it will hurt too much... oh baby I want your cock so bad," I said... no, I moaned.
He fumbled in the nearby drawer and to my surprise held up a tube of lubricant. Jesus, this was really going to happen! I never had anal sex before and my son was about to take my virginity.
"Just stay like that, don't move," His voice was trembling.
I arched my back and stuck my ass out waiting for my son's thick cock to start pushing inside. I felt the cold lube as he applied a generous amount to my already loosened hole running what felt like a finger in a couple of times. I tensed when I felt his cock pressing against the ring of my ass.
"Oh god son, do it slowly... just do it slow... oh my god."
He applied more pressure and I felt my asshole open to the point it had never been before. Grabbing on to the desk with both hands I moaned in pain as much as pleasure, feeling his big shaft inching its way inside of me.
"Ahhhh... oh Jesus... Uhhmmm!!!" I yelled, feeling the pain, his shaft stretching me.
"Mom, are you OK?" His voice was full of concern for me.
He stopped advancing but stayed inside. My ass was on fire, tingling but the pain was not that great. Surprised that it didn't actually hurt that much I enjoyed the feeling of being spread open in that manner, my natural instinct tightening my sphincter muscle around my son's thick cock. The feeling of being f***ed open like that and the feeling of his pulsating meat inside, drove me insane. I took a few seconds to rest, to adjust to his size and than looked back at him. Reaching back I grabbed onto the hand he placed on my hip and smiled a weak smile.
"Oh god son... oh god don't move... let me..." I mumbled looking at him.
His eyes were big and full of anticipation; he was excited just as much as I was. I brought his hand up to my face making him lean over me slightly and took his index finger putting it into my mouth. I sucked on it as if I were giving his finger a blow job and pushed back against his cock buried in my ass. A couple more inches slid in. I did not feel as much pain as I did when he entered my ass so I pushed back more.
"Ohhhhh shit... Ohhhh..." Now he was moaning.
I pushed back more and felt his thighs pressing against my ass cheeks, he was all the way inside my ass, his thick meat hard and throbbing. It felt so good to have a big cock all the way inside. I never thought it would be so erotic... so hot. Having his cock in a place no one had ever been before made me feel like I was totally surrendering to him, like I wasn't his Mom at the time but rather his slut... oh god... my son's slut.
I moaned and started slowly pushing back and forth, fucking myself... fucking my ass. I had dreamed of this moment so many times that now, when it was finally happening it seemed like a dream. I did not feel pain anymore, a thousand little nerve endings were starting to take over, starting to send pleasure throughout my body in a way I never imagined.
"Uuhhhmmm... oh my god... ahhhhh... I like it... oh my... this feels soooo good..." I said as if surprised at the fact.
Tommy took his finger out of my mouth and grabbed onto my shoulders with both of his hands.
"Oh god Mom... your ass... your ass feels so... tight," He said amazed.
He in turn held me still and fucked my ass, slowly with full long strokes looking down at the point where his cock was disappearing inside my body. I thought about it for a minute, imagining what it looked like. "Oh not fair" I thought to myself, I wanted to see that too.
"Ohhh... oh fuck me... god I wish someone was filming this... I wish I could see this..."
I was quickly approaching another orgasm from the steady ass fucking I was receiving from my son. I looked at the screen and saw Susie eating my pussy, my face contorted in pleasure. Suddenly I saw a flash of light and looking back discovered that my son had his camera in his hand and was taking pictures. I shook my head in disbelief, I should have known, he always had the camera somewhere nearby.
I twisted my head around, put on the smuttiest look I could find and posed.
"So is this how you want your Mother to pose... with... with your big cock in her ass?" I nearly moaned.
It was so thrilling to say those words, to get into the role of a slut and to feel my son's cock in my ass, stretching my hole like it had never been stretched before. He looked at me with his open mouth amazed at my words. Snap, another picture taken. He moved slowly but steadily, fucking my ass mercilessly, making me moan with each of his strokes.
My ass was so wet.
It felt as if a steel rod was driven into me.
My mind was reeling with pleasure.
I couldn't stand it anymore; I needed to be in control... I needed to fuck him with my ass.
"Oh Tommy, sit back... sit in the chair," I said looking back at him.
He slid his cock out of my ass. Just as his cock left my ass he took another picture, I swallowed hard not knowing what that would look like, my ass felt so open at that moment. He sat down looking up at me expectantly. Facing away from him I stood between his legs and lowered my ass on top of his cock. Pain... just for a moment... a moment it took for my son's cock to enter my ass again, than pleasure... the wonderful, full feeling.
"Oh my god... Ahhhhhh..."
I sat fully impaled on his long, thick cock. I never had anything so deep in my ass before and I loved what was happening to me. I placed my hands on the armrests of the chair and lifted my legs spreading them wide. I placed my feet on the edges of the desk and slowly lifted up. The feeling of his long, thick, heavily veined shaft coming out of my ass nearly made me cum right then. Right before the head of it slipped out, I sank back down impaling myself on my son's cock again. I moved up and down on his cock, slowly increasing the speed. My arms begun to hurt but I did not stop. I heard moaning in the distance... was it me? I didn't know, didn't care. All I could think of was my son's cock in my ass... stretching it... me fucking him faster and faster.
"Mom, I... I'm going to cum... Jesus I'm going to cum..." He was moaning.
I felt his hands reach around and cup my tits. More moaning, it was me, I knew it now. He pinched my nipples and pulled on them hard. It was enough... I was going over the edge and so was my son. Tilting my head back I screamed in ecstasy, pleasure spreading through my whole body and especially my ass. Just than I felt his cock swell up and shoot his seed deep inside. I leaned back against him barely able to hang on feeling the opening of my ass touching his balls. The moment was nothing I ever felt before, pleasure beyond belief that I wanted to last forever. With my ass stretched beyond it's boundaries I rode the waves of my orgasm, moaning what seemed like long minutes.
After a long moment I opened my eyes able to breathe again. He was still rubbing my breasts, softly now, with tenderness. Trembling, I moved to the side slightly and bringing my arm around his head hugged him, kissing his lips. He was sweating and so was I. We kissed passionately, his cock still hard and deep inside my ass.
"Mom, my god I never thought this would feel so good," He whispered.
Looking into my son's eyes, I had to agree.
"I've never... never done anything like... like this," I was stuttering, still coming down from the best climax of my life.
"Oh god baby, I love you so much." I whispered to my son.
"I love you too Mom."
We kissed with passion, our tongues playing a duel in our mouths. For some reason I didn't want this to end, I didn't want my son's cock to come out of me, I begun to realize how good it felt to have my ass stretched open like that, especially with his cock.
"Mom, let me take a couple more pictures... please," He asked, excitement sparkling in his eyes.
My son was always a photographer. I felt a slight reluctance, I was so bare and having my body photographed with my asshole in the shape that it was would be so invading, so... taboo.
"Oh god son... maybe... maybe we shouldn't," I said unsure, kissing him on the lips again.
His tongue darted out and I sucked on it, enjoying the feeling. Just than I felt his cock stir inside my ass, he was still hard.
"Uhhhmmm..." I moaned in disbelief into his mouth.
He reached between my open legs and touched my pussy, his fingers running up and down the length of my lips spreading them open. My legs automatically spread further apart with my feet still up on the edges of the desk in front of us.
"Uhhh Mom you are so wet right now," He whispered into my ear.
I held on to his neck, my head hung low pressed against his, watching his hand as he moved his fingers all around sticking them into my wet pussy a few times. I was so at ease with my son at that moment allowing him to do anything he wanted to me. He withdrew his fingers and brought them up to look. They were dripping with my wetness, the thick clear juice hanging off of them.
"Look at that Mom... you're dripping. Would you like to taste that?"
The question surprised me, of course I wanted to taste that. A small thought flashed across my mind, "this is my son...", but I suppressed it to the back of my mind.
"OH Yes... please give it to me."
I opened my mouth waiting for his wonderful, juicy fingers. He was watching me as he brought his fingers close, allowing a string of juice to drop onto my extended tongue. Oh god the taste... why did I like it so much? I immediately brought my tongue in and swallowed. I closed my eyes and a slutty moan came out from deep inside of me.
"God I have to have more... please..."
Again I felt his cock stir inside my ass and I realized my son enjoyed what I said. I smiled and opened my mouth taking his wet fingers in, sucking and licking my juices off of them. His hard cock throbbed inside of me and my ass clinched down on top of it, I was contracting and relaxing my anal muscles while licking Tommy's fingers. I heard him moan. Neither one of us was moving and somehow it felt as if we were fucking each other.
I felt his hand come around and grab one of my breasts pinching the nipple hard, the other went down to my hot, dripping pussy. He stuck his fingers into my hole in turn making me moan. He was finger fucking me now with what felt like two or three fingers.
"OH god son... oh my god... uuuhhhmmm..." I moaned closing my eyes.
"Mom, I can feel my cock... I can feel my cock inside of you," He whispered with surprise and a bit of shock.
I heard him as if from a far. Having both of my holes full at the same time was a new experience to me, and what an experience! Is that what it felt like to have two cocks inside at the same time? Being open and full like that was electrifying my body, sending pleasure through my foggy brain that I didn't want to end. Again I heard myself moan!
"More... oh god more... fuck me son, fuck me!" I screamed.
I was insatiable, lifting myself up again I started fucking him with my ass as he was fucking my pussy with his fingers. My asshole felt so stretched and loose lubricated by my juices dripping out of my pussy, allowing his big cock to slide inside my ass with ease. I ached but lifted myself up to the very top and sinking back down buried his meat completely in my ass touching the base of his cock with my anal ring. I was sweating, working that big meat in and out... in and out the whole time receiving fingers in my pussy.
"Oh my god... oh my god I'm going to cum... oh yes, fuck me... fuck me..." I didn't know what I was saying, I was in another world, a world of pleasure.
Again the climax came down crashing upon me like an avalanche of hot coals. My body and my nerve endings were on fire, every muscle contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing my whole being lost in pleasure. I screamed...
I heard my son moan and felt his cum shoot into my ass again and again. I stopped moving and hung on, I had no strength left, my body still going through the orgasm. I instinctively turned my head and he kissed me pinching my nipple and fucking me with his fingers, he wasn't done yet, his cock throbbing inside my ass! I hung on, opened, spent and letting him use me. I was his to do with as he pleased.
Finally he was done, he stopped fucking me with his fingers and released my nipple which throbbed in pain and pleasure. We continued to kiss, close, holding each other... together, Mother and Son...
I looked into his eyes and saw nothing but love... love for me. At that moment I knew I was his, I knew I could trust him completely with what ever he wanted to do. Any boundaries that previously existed were shattered by what we just did.
"Mom, I love you so much," He whispered into my opened mouth.
My shoulders shuddered and tears ran down my cheeks. I never thought I could find such love and pleasure.
"I love you too baby... god I love you too."
He looked at me concerned but I just smiled in return. He realized that they were tears of joy. We kissed again for a long moment.
"Mom, can I still take your pictures, right now?" He asked pulling away.
"Sure baby, anything you want," I smiled at him noticing his eyes lighting up with excitement.
I looked down where his cock was buried.
"But I think I should get off of you first."
"No, just put your legs down and we'll stand up together, than lean forward against the desk. I want to take my first pictures when I'm still inside of you," he directed.
I smiled and brought my feet down doing what he directed. I was now standing with my legs apart, leaned over the desk with my big breasts smashed against the cold surface. I felt his cock twitch as the flash of the camera went off. God his cock was so hungry! I knew that if he wanted to fuck my ass again I would have let him, thankfully he had other plans.
"Now completely relax and don't clinch your muscles shut."
A shiver of excitement and uncertainty ran through me. He wanted me to gape, he wanted my asshole to gape open as he took his big cock out! I knew I would, god from the pounding I just received I knew I would gape! Did he want to take my pictures like that? I felt him sliding out and I looked back towards him just as his cock came out and the flash of the camera went off. I wanted to ask him not sure if we should do this but it was too late. One after another my son took my pictures!
"Oh god Mom, you should see this!" he exclaimed.
I shut my eyes and buried my face in my hands. I was gaping, I could feel it, unable to do anything about it. I was still unsure about taking pictures of me in this manner... it was so exposed and so dirty... me, his mom!
"Now stand up straight, slowly and spread your legs wider."
I did happy to comply hoping my asshole would go back to normal. Looking back I saw that he was now laying on the floor behind me taking pictures of my ass from below. I felt something drip out of my ass... oh my god his cum! I clenched my ass shut but it just opened up again and more cum dripped out. I looked back at him alarmed and saw nothing but bright flashes. He was photographing his cum running out of my ass!
"Tommy, maybe we should stop," I asked unsure.
Just than we both heard noises at the front door. I froze with stomach in my throat. Someone was coming inside! I bolted for the door, barely able to walk in those high heels, cum dripping out of my ass and ran up the stairs. I got inside my room and listened. I heard my husband's voice but couldn't make out what he was saying. I didn't know if I should cover myself or maybe lock myself in the bathroom, I just stood there in horror!
Few moments passed by and he walked into our bedroom. Caught! This was it! How could I get out of this? My mind raced to cover this up.
"Finally... you're home, I was waiting for you."
I put on my best... sexiest face and did the only thing that popped into my mind, I pretended I was waiting for him to have sex. He stood there looking at my barely covered body and than shut the door behind him really quick.
"Jesus Kate, Tommy's right down stairs!" he almost shouted.
One thing's for sure, his eyes did not leave my exposed body, I still had a chance to cover this up.
"Come on John, I want you so bad and it's been so long since we did it."
I walked up close to him swaying my hips from side to side, tightening my ass so nothing would come out. I reached up and bringing his face close kissed him. I heard a low moan and felt his hand come around grabbing my waist. It was so easy to have him want me, after all, he was just a man.
We kissed for a moment and than I started to unbutton his shirt, taking his clothes off. My heart was beginning to beat normally and everything seemed like it would work.
"My god you're sweaty, what were you doing?"
"Oh Jesus John, you were gone so long, I needed you... I just couldn't wait..."
I kissed his chest working my way down, I had to make this believable! I heard him gasp realizing what I meant. I reached his pants and quickly unbuttoned them, they dropped to the ground. I pulled his underwear down to his knees and his semi hard cock bobbed up and down in front of me. I grabbed it and looking up at him put it in my mouth. I saw his wide eyes staring at me and then he relaxed, exhaling, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. Success! I did it! I just had to suck him really good.
I worked his cock as I learned how on Tommy, long, full strokes taking it down my throat. John was gasping, clearly enjoying the way I was sucking his cock which by now was completely hard. u*********sly I realized he wasn't as big as our son, the thought furthermore enforcing my desire for Tommy.
Slowly, my sexual desire was coming back. I started feeling hot and my pussy was getting wet. The thought of having my son and my husband in such a short period of time made me feel like I was a slut... the slut of my dreams that often brought me such pleasure. I buried my husband's cock inside my throat and let it convulse around it.
"Oh my god Kate, I have to fuck you," he whispered hoarsely pulling his cock out of my mouth.
"No, I want to fuck you," I said quickly not wanting him to look at my pussy closely.
"What?" he mumbled not understanding?
"Here lay down on the bed," I pushed him in that direction.
He stumbled and fell back onto the bed. I immediately straddled him poised above his hard cock and lowered myself down. I was shivering from the excitement of taking control over my husband. I pushed his cock inside of me and started riding him, up and down. My body was warm and my pussy was so wet! I grabbed his hands and bringing them together pinned them down above his head.
"Do you like me fucking you John?" I asked surprised at myself that I didn't call him babe or honey.
"Kate, what has gotten into you?" he mumbled looking up at me.
"Shhhh... just answer the question," I brought one of my hands up to his cheeks and squeezed them.
All the while I was riding him in a slow, steady rhythm, fucking myself on his cock. I saw his eyes widen, but I also saw a glimpse of submissiveness in them... a glimpse of pleasure.
"Yes," after a moment he answered in a low voice.
His eyes rolled back in pleasure. He was definitely enjoying what I was doing to him.
"Good, than don't say a word and do not cum until I tell you to."
I couldn't believe myself, I couldn't believe how hot I was getting, taking control of my husband like that. Before this our sex was limited to quick sessions where he got off and I hardly ever did.
"Uhhhhmmm... fuck yes... I love that cock!"
I felt my husband's cock stir inside of me. Yes, he definitely liked me being that way.
"Here, take my tits in your hands and squeeze them," I was directing him now, telling him what to do.
He grabbed onto my tits with his shaking hands.
"Now squeeze my nipples."
He did, rolling them between his fingers.
"Harder... harder John, pull on them!" I almost screamed.
I was fucking myself faster and faster, my climax quickly approaching. He moaned and I knew he was close.
"Oh yes, I'm going to cum... fuck yes... ahhhhh..." I screamed.
I felt his cock explode inside if me as I had my third climax of the night. I continued riding his cock until there was nothing left coming out of it. I slung my head low letting my hair fall around my face and enjoyed the feeling of wetness inside my pussy.
Opening my eyes I looked at my husband. He was staring up at me, sweaty, looking at me as if I was a different person. Well in the way I was, the sex that I had with my son changed me, opened my mind up to so many different possibilities. From the look on his face he truly enjoyed our sex together.
"Jesus Kate... this was the best... the best..."
"Best fucking I ever gave you?" I interrupted him.
His breath came in gasps again. Control, he liked being controlled.
"Yes..." he whispered.
I smiled at him, an evil smile.
"Well I'm not done yet."
Pulling myself up, letting his cock slide out of me I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, than his neck all the while going lower and lower. When I got to his slimy cock he was breathing very hard.
"Oh my god Kate! You're not going to... ahhhhhh..."
I took his wet cock fully into my mouth with one smooth stroke sucking and licking the wetness off of it. I couldn't believe how much wetness there was! I was almost drinking what I managed to scoop up into my mouth! Just doing this made me feel hot! I was such a slut...
A slow thought came to me as I licked my husbands cock and balls, a thought that was reinf***ed by a tangy scent and taste. Was Tommy's cum on my husbands' cock? How?...
Just at that moment I realized that my son's cum that I had inside my ass must have leaked out when I fucked my husband! I was licking it! Oh my god, I was licking the cum that came out of my ass! It didn't repulse me, it just shocked me! I heard women did that but it was all for show, in front of the camera but here I was... my god, here I was doing it for real! Confused at the whole predicament I continued to suck my husband's cock, it was almost cleaned off anyway. When I was all done I slithered back up to his head, he was looking at me, looking at my wet lips.
I smiled. Did he perhaps want to taste some of that? An evil thought, but how erotic! I was still mad at him from the time I caught him jerking off to the internet porn. It will serve him well to taste his own son's cum!
I got on top of him again pinning his hands but to the sides this time. He was looking up at me, eyes wide, his heavy breathing returned again. I could feel some of the sticky cum mixture still in my mouth and moving my tongue around inside I produced a generous amount. Bending down over him I pressed my lips to his feeling his mouth open. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and let all that cum mixture drain into his mouth. I was looking into his eyes and he was looking into mine, not a word was spoken between us but both of us knew who was in charge here.
I sat back up looking down at him and saw his throat move up and down, he swallowed! At that moment his eyes rolled back in pleasure and I heard a low moan come out of him. He liked the taste of it! He liked drinking it! That realization came as another shock to me. I was supposed to get back at him but here he was enjoying himself! There was something about this, something erotic that was making me... hot.
Keeping his hands to the sides I inched my way up, my knees pinning his hands to the sides. I couldn't believe this was happening, that this could still turn me on! My pussy was right over his face now and I was looking down at him now, breathing heavy.
"Do you want some more?" I asked with my wet pussy inches over his mouth.
"Kate... I..."
"Do you want some more?" I asked again with a stern voice.
He just looked up at me for a few moments.
"Yes..." came a low answer.
It was enough for me. I lowered my pussy onto his face feeling my lips touch his chin, just than his tongue darted out and raked across the opening of my pussy. Pleasure! Nothing but pleasure, a warm, wet feeling of his moth and tongue on my pussy. My clit being so sensitive responded to his tender tongue with eagerness. I moved my hips back and forth making sure he got the whole thing and wondered how long it would take for the cum he shot inside of me to drain into his mouth.
I leaned forward supporting myself on my hands and looked at his face under me. It was a mess. His whole face was glistening in the light, wet from his cum and my juices draining into his mouth. His eyes were closed as he extended his tongue, my god he could extend his tongue far! Aligning my hole with that big tongue I lowered myself down on his face until I smothered it. I could feel his tongue deep inside of me, it was like... like a cock driving into me!
"Oh yes John, get it all... get it all, fuck me with that tongue of yours!" I moaned while looking down at him.
I didn't understand why the room was so hot, my body starting to perspire. I was slowly moving my body up and down on top of my husband's face with his tongue inside my hole watching him as the cum dripped into his open mouth. God I loved that feeling, the feeling of dominating him, of making him do something that nasty.
"Oh god... oh god, I'm going to cum, fuck I'm going to cum. Open your mouth wide John, I want you to taste it, I want you to drink my cum as I squirt right into your mouth... fuck yes... aaahhhhh..."
This was it, I came again, sitting on top of his face and convulsing my pussy on his mouth. Forth time, my god forth time in such a short period of time. My pussy was tingling with pleasure as the word "Slut" raced through my mind.
I finally collapsed on the bed in front of him, I couldn't take anymore. My head was buried in the pillow, my body was drained and I couldn't move. I felt my husband crawl from underneath me and I felt him standing there looking down at me. What was he looking at? Was it my pussy that he just ate? Or was it... my asshole? Remembering what I did earlier I slowly turned over covering myself with the sheets. I saw him looking down at me, his chest heaving.
"My god you're beautiful Kate," he whispered.
I smiled at him realizing that I still loved him. No matter what I did with our son, he was my husband, the man I fell in love with. I loved both of them actually, equally as much and in the same way now. I felt so lucky, so lucky to have two men that loved me and... fucked me so well. He saw me smiling at him and he crawled into bed beside me. I immediately snuggled up to him whispering "I love you". I fell asl**p.
The next day I woke up hungry and immediately made my way down to the kitchen. The house was quite with everyone still asl**p. Making a quick byte to eat I thought about last night, how having anal sex with my son made me feel. I surrendered to him in an absolute way, a way I have never given into anyone! I smiled. The sexual feeling was incredible, just than I longed for his hard cock sliding in and out of my ass...
"Hi Mom."
I almost jumped. Startled I looked at my daughter standing in the doorway and gasped. Kristy was wearing a short spaghetti strap blouse that stopped an inch or two below her breasts and a pair of boy shorts that were so tight, I could see every outline of her sex. The tight shorts were white and almost see-thru.
"Hi Kristy," I said and sat down at the table drinking my coffee.
The truth was my knees were suddenly weak, an effect I thought my daughter had on me dressed the way she was. She went up to the refrigerator and opening it bent over to retrieve the milk form the bottom shelf. I was directly behind her and holding my breath looked right between her legs. My mouth immediately watered and I had to swallow hard. The gusset of the tight shorts was wedged deep in my daughter's pussy and her outer lips were showing.
Oh god I had to look away! This was my daughter! What was wrong with me? No matter how hard I tried, my eyes stayed glued to her young sex until she straightened up pouring herself a glass of milk. I sat there trembling. Seeing Kristy that way brought on images of Suzie flashing in my mind... so vivid... so sexy!
"So, you and Dad made some noise last night," She said smiling.
What? Did she hear us? Did I make that much noise?
"Kristy! What are you talking about?"
I looked at my daughter; she was smiling, drinking her milk. For some reason my eyes strayed down to her firm breasts barely covered by that thin blouse and I noticed her nipples, they were hard. I chastised myself for doing that hoping she didn't notice and looked down at my coffee, feeling my face getting warm.
"Come on Mom, you guys left the door cracked open, I couldn't help but to hear what was going on," She said after a moment of silence.
"Oh god, you heard us? I'm sorry honey... I... we just... got wrapped up in a moment. You understand."
I hoped she did, after all she was a young woman now, I'm sure she knew about those things. Something kept on tugging on my brain though. I though John closed the door when he came into our bedroom.
"I do, believe me I do. Mom... I... I looked in too. I couldn't help myself, I was just curious, I'm sorry... you're not mad are you?" The words blurted out of her.
Oh my god, my daughter saw what we were doing? She saw me fucking John and sitting on his face? My mind immediately pictured her watching from the doorway as my pussy was wrapped around my husband's cock. I knew I should have been angry, disgusted, disappointed but instead... I felt the all familiar tingling between my legs. Why? God, what was I turning into?
"Kristy! Oh my god, you saw us? How... how long did you watch us?"
I looked at my daughter shocked wondering how much she saw. She must have opened the door, she must have peeked in! But why?
"Just a few minute... I mean moments," She corrected herself quickly.
I had the feeling that she really meant to say minutes. She looked down at her feet, perhaps embarrassed at what she did. She looked sad, like how she used to look when she was younger and was being punished for something she did wrong. I didn't want her to feel that way; I didn't want her to think that having sex was something wrong, or terrible however uncomfortable this conversation might be.
"It's OK honey, I'm not mad, I'm just a little surprised that's all. Listen, having sex is just natural between two people that love each other, you know that," I said getting up and walked up to her.
I hugged her, smashing my breasts to hers in a warm embrace. I loved my daughter so much and seemed like she needed a hug at that moment. She returned my hug by wrapping her hands around my waist.
"Even your parents, yes, even us, have sex every once in a while," I said smiling at her.
She looked up at me, so close, her face inches away from mine. Why was I still hugging her? Oh god, I needed to break it off!
"Thank you Mom... thanks for understanding and... it wasn't that terrible to watch you... I... I enjoyed it," She whispered and planted a small kiss on my lips.
I was so off balance by what she did that it didn't register to me that her hands were dangerously close to my ass, almost touching it. She immediately broke off our hug and quickly walked out of the kitchen. I stood there surprised at what she did and wondered about what her words meant. Sitting down at the kitchen table I thought about Suzie and my daughter, how similar they were, so young... so sexy... so... tempting.
"Hey Mom."
Tommy walked into the kitchen and standing behind my chair wrapped his arms around me, cupping both of my breasts with his hands.
"Uhhmm... Tommy, remember that everyone's in the house," I whispered hoarsely enjoying his touch.
His hands traveled under my shirt as he felt my bare breasts.
"I know Mom, but I just can't help myself, you're so beautiful and I just can't get what we did last night out of my head. Look even now my cock is hard as nails."
He moved to stand beside me. I looked down at his shorts and found a rigid outline of his hard cock in his shorts. Smiling I looked up at him.
"Hmmm, you better pour some cold water on this thing before someone walks in and sees you that way."
"I can't Mom, it just won't go down. Maybe if you... maybe if you service it..." He said smiling down at me.
Service it? Is that what sucking cock was called now? A shiver of excitement ran up and down my spine, I think the danger of doing that in the kitchen with everyone home was adding to that feeling.
"Tommy, I can't, it's too dangerous."
He had this pleading look on his face and excitement in his eyes as a little boy might have about to do mischief. He slowly grabbed his shorts and pulled them down revealing his hard cock. I quickly looked up at the stairs leading upstairs alarmed at what he was doing, it was so dangerous!
"Tommy, please behave yourself."
No matter how hard I tried to tell him no, I knew I couldn't resist his cock, I knew I would be sucking it very soon. He just smiled down at me knowingly.
"Mom, it's the only way it will go down."
I almost laughed aloud, he was so silly thinking that I'm going to believe that, if anything, I was about to keep it very hard. My heart was racing as I looked down on his throbbing cock.
"Oh Jesus Tommy, Ok but... do it quick... oh my god..."
Moving my head closer I took him fully into my mouth. Uhhhmmm... what a feeling, the pleasure of having that warm heavily veined cock in my mouth brought pleasure to my whole being. I was slowly taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth, moaning slightly. I felt his hands on my head and his fingers digging into my hair, than he held my head still.
"Ohhh Mom, I want to fuck your mouth... just hold still... I just want to fuck your mouth, oh yeah..."
His fingers were digging into my hair as he roughly held my head in position. He moved his hips back and forth fucking me, fucking my mouth. I was surprised by his roughness, his cock was driving so deep, almost making me choke but I held still. He increased the speed of his thrusts and I felt as if I couldn't take it anymore, I put my hands on his thighs almost wanting to push him off of me.
"Yeah Mom, open your mouth... take my meat... suck on it... oh yeah... eat it."
He slipped one of his feet out of the shorts bunched up around his ankles and placed it on the table spreading his legs. I felt pressure on my head, he was forcing me off the chair, I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn't... his cock was deep down my throat. I had no choice but to slip down off the chair to my knees below him. He drove his cock in and out of my mouth, saliva dripping out of my mouth and running down my chin and than onto my tits making the shirt I had on wet.
"Yeah, now suck my balls Mom, suck them..."
He pulled his cock out of my mouth stroking it with one hand and f***ed my head down to his balls. I licked, making them wet, trying to catch my breath before he made me suck his cock again. I was so powerless in his grip, made to suck my son's cock. At first I wanted to stop this rough treatment but now, oh god, I was beginning to like being treated like that! That submissive feeling of being f***ed to do what he wanted was clouding my brain and sending excitement through my body.
"Oh god son... oh god Tommy..."
I didn't know what I was saying, I didn't know if I wanted to stop this or if I wanted more. I just hoped that my daughter or my husband would not come down right now, would not interrupt this! Again he pushed his cock in my mouth and roughly fucked it making me choke again. I loved that feeling, choking on my son's cock! I placed my hands on his ass and pushed him towards me, driving his cock all the way into my mouth.
"Oh fuck Mom... oh fuck you have it all the way in... oh fuck," He was mumbling, excited, looking down on me swallowing his meat.
I held my breath and choked, my throat massaging the head of his cock buried so deep! I had to get some air! I pulled his cock out and grabbed onto it with one of my hands stroking it while I licked his balls.
"Mom get on the table," He said pulling me up.
I stood up and sitting on the table laid down on my back. Grabbing onto my arms he pulled me until my head hung off the edge. All I saw was his cock right above me and than he was inside my mouth again. I moaned with pleasure of being in this position. I felt him spreading my legs as he started to fuck my mouth again and than my panties being pulled to the side revealing my wet pussy. I closed my eyes and spread my legs wide for him feeling his fingers slipping inside my wet hole. He was fucking my mouth with deep thrusts and my neck was starting to hurt, I just had to rest a minute. I let my head fall back and Tommy's cock ended up sliding down my cheek resting besides my mouth.
"Oh god I like this... oh Jesus I love this... fuck me... uhhhmmm..." I moaned as his fingers drove into me at a high pace.
The sexual energy surged though me, making me forget where I was. At that moment I just wanted more of his fingers... more of his cock! Feeling that warm meat on my cheek, I grabbed it and put it in my mouth again sucking on it with hunger, my son immediately started to fuck my mouth. His fingers inside my pussy were driving me to an inevitable orgasm. I wanted to scream but couldn't, thank god! I was Cumming and I felt his cock expand and start to squirt his cum down my throat. I swallowed! I screamed in pleasure and swallowed more!
"Oh Mom yessss... fuck yes take it, take all of it, ahhhhhhh..."
He was still fucking my mouth but now, every time he pushed his cock past my tonsils it shot cum down my throat. He would pull back, push in and squirt, pull back... push in and squirt, all the while finger fucking me as my pussy convulsed from my own orgasm. I never saw him cum that much before as I did my best to keep up swallowing it.
Finally he stopped, collapsing on top of me, his cock still inside my mouth and his fingers inside my pussy. He was quivering and so was I, his head laid flat on my naval. I let my head fall back and his cock slipped out resting on my forehead, smearing wet juices all over my face. I felt him move and he was softly kissing my pussy, tasting some of the juices that came out of it. Oh that felt so good, soft, wet kisses on my tender pussy. I extended my tongue and licked his wet shaft, tenderly, slowly... his cock and his balls. We licked each other like that for a few more minutes, neither one of us wanting to disengage.
"Tommy, you have to get up now," I said finally.
He stirred but didn't move continually licking my pussy.
"Tommy please, let's not push our luck."
He still didn't get up, his soft cock resting near my mouth. I knew how hard it was to stop this, if I had my choice we would stay in this position forever! But... we had to stop. I gave his ass cheek a friendly slap.
"Come on get off, your Dad will be waking up soon."
That seemed to have an affect on him. He finally got up and pulled his shorts up as I got off the table arranging my panties into place. We looked at each other and smiled.
"God that was hot!" He said.
"Phew! I know, you came like a fire hydrant."
"You made me do it. You just... do it too good," He was smiling.
"I made you do it? If I remember correctly, someone came downstairs begging to be sucked, uhhhmmm... I wonder who that was?" I was laughing right with him.
We were teasing each other totally fine with what happened. His face became serious again as he moved up to me. Putting his hands on my hips he pulled me to him and kissed me, wet, sensual kiss.
"Mom, thank you, thanks for everything," He looked into my eyes.
"You know I would do anything for you," I looked right back into his.
Again the mischievous glint appeared in his eyes. I swallowed hard before answering wondering about what I was getting myself into answering that.
"Anything..." I whispered.
"Uhhhmmm... you are the best Mom anyone could ever have,"
He kissed me again and was racing up the stairs to his room. I looked around and noticed that there were a lot of wet areas on our kitchen table. Sighing I grabbed a rag and wiped it off. I barely had time to arrange my hair somewhat decent and wipe my face when John came into the kitchen.
"Good morning babe, how are you."
He strolled in close to me and giving me a hug tried planting a kiss on my lips. I was really nervous because I didn't know if I got all of Tommy's love juices off of my face.
"Please honey, I haven't brushed my teeth yet," I avoided his kiss slipping away.
I poured my husband coffee which he took looking at me but not saying anything, I could tell that there was something on his mind.
"So how did you like last night?" I asked sitting down at the table.
"Hu... Oh... phew, it was the best. Kate, I... I really enjoyed the way you were last night, it was so... hot! What has gotten into you? We've never done it that way before."
I could tell he was struggling for words, trying to open up to me, perhaps still a little unsure about me dominating him the way I did last night. I smiled at him knowing that he liked it, that he wanted more.
"I just decided to spice things up a bit honey. We have done the same sex routine for years now, maybe it's time to do something different? You certainly seemed to have been enjoying yourself."
"I loved it," Was his only reply.
"Would you like to do something like that tonight as well? Would you like me to fuck you again John?"
I didn't know where those dirty words were coming from, I never used to say those things to my husband, I just know that with each word I felt more sexual excitement building up inside of me. I got up and standing in front of my husband leaned over the table allowing my loose night shirt to sag down the front which exposed my breasts to him. His eyes immediately darted down to look.
"Would you like me to fuck you and than let you eat your cum out of me? Or maybe I should tie you up and eat your big cock all night long until you cum in my mouth?"
His eyes progressively got bigger and bigger. By the time I finished my sentence his eyes were wide, peeking at my breasts and his breathing was really labored. Feeling the excitement, I walked up to him and straddled his lap standing up, my legs spread on either side of him. Grabbing his hair I pulled his head back and looked down into his eyes.
"Maybe I'll just fuck you right here right now," I whispered.
I was excited but yet I had a purpose in mind, I wanted to know how far I could take this to, was there a limit?
"Pull your cock out John," I demanded.
"Kate, right here, right now? What if the k**s walk in?" He was shaking with excitement.
I kissed him passionately and than lifted my night shirt above my hips.
"Are you afraid they will see your cock? Take it out, now."
How could I be so nasty in our home? What if the k**s walked in, was I ready to show myself in that position? Tommy wasn't the problem, it was Kristy that I was unsure about. I pressed my big breasts to his face and let out a small moan. I thought about what I did with my son just a few minutes earlier and it seemed like those thoughts were fueling my actions now.
I felt his hands moving as he kissed my breasts through my shirt. I looked down and saw his hard cock right below me, exposed. I smiled. So he would do it! He would let the k**s see him, he would do it just to fuck me! I begin to realize with excitement the power I had over my husband and with that ideas of what I could do to him.
I gave him a final kiss and got off of him and walked towards the stairs. He was panting, his cock still hard, pulsating as he looked at me with disappointment on his face. I looked back at him with a smile.
"Remember... I will fuck you tonight John."
The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. Tommy went out to a friend's house, Kristy went out as well and my husband got called into work which left me home alone. I did my house chores and started doing the laundry, a task that no one but me seemed to be doing in the house.
I went into Tommy's room and gathered his laundry, pausing a brief moment with his underwear in my hands. I brought them up to my face and inhaled deeply enjoying the aroma! Tommy... distinctively Tommy, god how I loved his smell.
I thought for a moment where my relationship with my son would lead me to, how would it end, or would it? Currently having sex with my son and my husband brought so many things out of me I didn't expect I had. Self confidence, sexual appetite I never knew I had and the ability to control my husband. And then there was Suzie...
I gathered Tommy's stuff and walked into Kristy's room. Her room was a mess, clothes on the floor, her bed wasn't made and the closet was spilling out with items that belonged in the storage more than a closet. How could this girl be so messy?
Putting things away I thought about our brief kiss in the kitchen that morning. I knew it was an innocent Mother and Daughter kiss, a moment of closeness, but I couldn't help but wonder. Getting the accidental view of her pussy folds that morning didn't help.
Again I chastised myself for thinking that way about my daughter and proceeded to make her bed. Reaching under the covers I grabbed a pair of white cotton panties that to my surprise felt moist. Taking a closer look, I confirmed the wetness, especially around the gusset of the panties... my heart stopped. I didn't understand why my hands were trembling and the aroma that the panties were giving off was making my head spin. The air in the room seemed non existent, all I could smell was Kristy's pussy. I knew that the panties were wet with my daughter's pussy juices. Did she masturbate wearing them this morning? She must have, was it before or after our conversation in the kitchen?
Slowly, with trembling hands, I brought the tiny pair of wet panties up to my face and inhaled deep. Uhhhmmm... the sweet aroma overpowered all of my senses. I sat down on her bed and holding the panties up to my face reached under my skirt and felt the wetness already forming between my legs.
Why was this turning me on so much? This was my daughter not Suzie! I told myself that I would never do anything like this with my daughter but now I felt powerless. My fingers found their way under my panties and were now stroking my clit in circular motions. I was in a daze holding the panties up to my face and masturbating myself to an orgasm.
I don't know how long it took, minutes, seconds' maybe. All I know that I was screaming in ecstasy with my daughters panties plastered to my face, licking the wetness off of them.
"Oh my god... oh my god..." I was panting aloud.
This was by far the hardest orgasm I've given myself masturbating. I got up on shaky legs and threw the panties into the laundry basket and went down to finish the laundry. Again my mind was telling me how wrong this was, that I should never feel that way about my daughter.
Tommy came back a couple hours later and seemed very exited about something.
"Hey tiger, you seem jazzed about something," I said walking up to him, hoping to get a kiss.
"Mom, we've set up a model, we're going to take some pictures... we're going to take pictures of a real model!" He almost yelled.
"Wait, what model, what pictures?"
He was off to his bedroom without answering. This definitely got my curiosity going so I followed him into his bedroom. He was already getting his digital camera ready.
"Tommy, what model?"
"She's a girl that works for Sears and JC Penny's, you know, posing for their catalogs, she agreed to pose for us," He was reviewing something on his camera.
"Hmmm, that's interesting, what kind of pictures are you going to take? And who is we?"
He looked up briefly realizing what I meant.
"Mom it's not what you think. I told you about Tim and Jason, my two best friends, well we've been trying to get our web site up and you know we're all into photography, well we all decided that what we need is a model that would start things off... get people interested in what we do. Tim met this girl through a friend and she agreed to pose, we're meeting her at the old railroad yard in twenty minutes."
"Tommy, web site, pictures... please slow down a minute, I need to make sure you don't..." I looked at him full of worry.
He knew what I meant. He walked up to me and hugging me whispered in my ear.
"Mom, I would never post your pictures, not the ones I took... please trust me."
I felt a little better, my heart starting to beat at normal speed. His hug was so reassuring that I just melted into him.
"I know baby, I know. You can post my pictures just not the explicit ones, OK?" I looked up at him just as his mouth met mine.
We kissed holding each other. After a few moments he let go of me and smiled.
"Mom why don't you come with me? You can see us working and meet my friends, please."
I had to say the idea seemed exciting to me as well. I had nothing else planned for today so going out with my son seemed like a perfect plan.
"I'd like that, let me put some clothes on and we'll get out of here."
"Mom you have clothes on," He answered smiling.
"Well you want your mom to look good for your friends or what?" I said putting my hand on my hip giving him an innocent little pose.
"Yeah, hell yeah, and... wear something sexy, like... like the time we went out to the bar."
Of course I knew what bar he was referring to and the idea of wearing that skimpy outfit in front of his friends got my heart pounding. Wearing that in front of my son was one thing but wearing that tiny outfit in front of his friends was something I was unsure about. I hurried upstairs and in fifteen minutes walked downstairs with a nervous smile.
As soon as he saw me his eyes got really big and I could tell he was holding his breath. Who wouldn't, I was wearing a skin tight black miniskirt with self supporting white nylons that stopped right above the hem of my skirt. I put on the tallest pair of white high heels and a very tight, low cut blouse that was almost see-thru. The bra that I wore was lace and see-thru as well but combined with the blouse, hid my breasts effectively. The blouse was so revealing that the edges of it were right at the hem of my bra, revealing it in a sexy way, showing off my generous cleavage and the expense of my breasts.
"Wow Mom! You look... wow!" His mouth was gaping.
I walked down the stairs smiling at him, enjoying the effect I had on my son. I wanted to show off my body, I wanted him to be proud of me.
"I take it you like what I'm wearing, not too skimpy?"
"No way, you look perfect!" He exclaimed.
"You don't think I'll show too much for your friends?"
He looked at me with a mischievous smile.
"Mom, you're going to drive them wild."
He extended his hand like a gentleman and I taking my hand he led me to the car parked in the garage. This time I sat down in the passenger seat giving him a small peek between my legs as I got in. I loved doing it, I loved teasing him in that sexy, provocative way.
It didn't take long to get to the spot where the photo shoot was to take place, it was an old railroad yard that was pretty much abandoned. There was no activity going on and the gates have been pretty much closed. I was surprised that one of the gates was opened enough to let our car through.
"Tommy, should we even be here?" I asked concerned if we were trespassing.
"Tim's Dad works for the railroad and he gave us permission and the keys to the gate, he knows we're only going to take pictures so he wasn't too concerned."
We drove between the railroad cars and finally got to the spot where it was totally enclosed by the cars. It was a graveled area that opened up about 50' in every direction. There was a car there already and I saw two boys standing near by.
We parked the car and walked up to the two boys.
"Hey guys, where's Tim?" Tommy asked.
"No idea, he was supposed to be here already," A tall, blond hair boy answered.
I was mildly surprised that both of my son's friends were handsome and fit. They were both wearing jeans with tea shirts that hugged their bodies tight revealing the sweep of their chest and muscular arms. I had to peel my eyes off of them not to be openly gaping. I noticed that both of them were looking at me as if they wanted to know who I was.
"Hey guys I want you to meet my Mom, Mom this is Jason and Frank... ahhh... you know Jason, he's Jeannine's son."
My friend Jeannine? Oh my god I haven't seen Jason for so long, he's grown up so much!
"Hi guys, nice to meet you and nice to see you again Jason. How is your Mom doing?" I extended my hand to each one of them in turn.
"Hi Mrs..."
"Please, just call me Kate," I interrupted Jason right away.
I wanted them to feel comfortable around me and the only way I knew how was to be on the first name basis. They both looked at me a little unsure but shook my hand none the less.
"She's just fine, busy with her work and all."
Jeannine has gotten herself into the modeling business. She wasn't a model although she could have been, she was petite enough and very pretty. She worked in the editing section. I had coffee with her on continues basis and we were pretty good friends.
"Nice to meet you too Kate," Frank said.
"Hey my Mom's really into photography too, she just wanted to see how our photo shoot goes," Tommy chimed in.
"Cool Kate, do you pose too?" Jason asked.
"No, no... I just like to look at some of Tommy's work from time to time, seems like a nice hobby..."
I think my face turned a shade red when I said it because I realized what work I was looking at and what my son was doing to me when I looked at it.
"Well... if you don't mind me saying it... you could easily pose, you have a body of a model," Jason finished and his face turned a bit red.
I guess he felt a little ashamed talking to his friend's mom that way. I smiled understanding that it was a compliment coming from him.
I took a good look at both of them. I liked Jason right away, he was polite but upfront, confident but green in his young years. His blond hair and blue yes gave him a look of a skater boy that hung out at beaches without a care in the world. I noticed that his blue eyes would from time to time look at me, running up and down my body. He did it discretely, not wanting me to see it, but I couldn't avoid noticing his looks.
Frank was almost an opposite of Jason, dark hair and darker complexion gave him a sharper look, somewhat arrogant. He was taller than Tommy or Jason and heavier in the chest and arms area, his thick muscles bulging out under the tea shirt. His brown eyes were steady and strong, almost commanding. For some reason my body tingled whenever he looked at me and I found myself u*********sly stiffening up.
"You know, Tim is about half an hour late, if you ask me he screwed it up with the model," Frank said in a deep voice.
Both, Tommy and Jason looked at him with a frown.
"Just give him a little bit more time, he'll be here," Tommy said.
They started tinkering with their cameras, getting things ready for the big moment. Since I had nothing to do, I sat down on one of the beams sticking out from under the railroad cars and watched them. Again I saw Jason stealing peeks at me when he thought I wasn't looking. From time to time Frank would look at me and I found myself looking away afraid of what I would find in his gaze.
Finally after about ten more minutes we heard a car driving up. Tim jumped out of the car striding confidently up to the rest of the boys.
"Well, no model, she decided to back out at the last minute."
"What did you say to her Tim!" Frank was quick to blame.
To my surprise Tim looked him square in the eyes without backing down. Tim was relatively shorter than Frank and smaller in stature but somehow emanating self confidence and strength.
"Just told her what we had in mind... that's all."
"Jesus Tim, I told you not to say anything until the last moment!" Frank yelled.
Tim stood there without flinching, staring Frank straight in the eyes.
"Well she asked and when she asked, I wasn't going to lie Frank." He said in stern tone.
Both of the boys were tense and for a moment I thought that they might come to physical contact. Tommy and Jason were just looking not willing to get into the middle of the argument. I needed to diffuse this whole situation before it got out of hand.
"Ah... hey guys, can I help in any way?"
Both boys looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. Their look of anger slowly transformed into a look of curiosity. The closer I walked up to both of them, the less tense the whole situation became. When I finally stood between them, their looks were that of admiration rather than anger.
"I'm sorry, I don't think we've met yet..." Tim extended his hand politely.
"It's Tommy's Mom Tim," Frank said with some disappointment in his voice.
Tim's eyes widened. I almost felt like telling Frank to shut up but his big form and stern gaze made me a little afraid of him. I definitely didn't like the way he said that.
"Tommy's Mom! Mrs..."
"Just call me Kate, please," I said giving him a smile.
"I might not have all the facts but seems like you boys are trying to open up a web site of some sort and you had a model that backed out on you. So what's the big deal? You just get someone else to take her place, that's all," I gave Frank a disapproving look.
"Mom, you don't know how long it took us to get her to commit, she was perfect for it, we had everything set up..." My son went on with passion.
"Wait... wait a minute..." Jason chimed in.
"Well what about you Kate, I already told you that you look like a model, stand in for us."
Suddenly all the boys were looking at me in a different light, their eyes running up and down my body. I was shocked. I definitely didn't expect that!
"Me? I... no way... I just wouldn't know what to do... no I will not!"
Why was the air so hot all of a sudden? My skin was almost perspiring as I stood there surrounded by them.
"Tommy, you don't mind if your Mom poses do you?" Jason asked exited.
"No, not at all, I think she would do great!" Tommy looked at me questioningly.
I was shaking my head. I couldn't believe how this was turning out. This was definitely not what I wanted to achieve when I interrupted their argument...
"Come on Kate, what will it be... will you pose for us?" Frank asked.
They were all looking at me, expecting my answer. I looked from one excited face to the other, seeing nothing but admiration and excitement, they really wanted this. Even Frank, who I didn't think liked me too much, looked at me with hope in his eyes.
I looked at Tommy and saw his lips move in a silent "please".
"OK, but if I do this, I will decide what pictures you boys will use on your site." I said firmly.
"Ok, no problem!"
"Of course you will."
"Yes, perfect!"
All of them crowded around me smiling and nodding their approval, I was surrounded by young, handsome men wanting to take my pictures... I wasn't sure about this whole thing yet so I went back to the car for a brief moment, pretending to put some more make up on. As I hoped, Tommy came up behind me to talk.
"Mom, thanks for doing this."
"Tommy, I'm a little unsure about this, what kind of pictures do you boys want to take?"
I set in our car, touching up my make up when I felt his hand on my thigh. My heart quickened. Was that his answer?
"Mom, whatever you think, I'm going to leave that totally up to you," He said as his hand moved up and under my skirt.
"Son, I can't show too much... this is going to be on the internet! Besides, these are your friends."
His hand quickly reached my panties and his finger ran the length of my opening. My body reacted instinctively by opening my legs more which made my tiny skirt snap above my hips like a rubber band.
"Tommy please..."
I looked out the window to make sure no one saw what was happening. I saw that his friends were looking in our direction from time to time but they couldn't see what my son was doing. I kept putting on my make up just to be sure they didn't suspect anything.
"Mom, I just want you to know that I trust my friends..."
His fingers moved under my panties and were now stroking my engorged clit and rubbing my hole.
"Jesus son, I can't do this... please..."
Unfortunately my body was reacting to his touches and soon his fingers were wet with my juices.
"Uhmmm... look how wet you are down there Mom..."
He took those fingers out and held them in front of me, dripping mucusy, clear fluid. I smelled myself right away, a smell that always had an erotic affect on me. My mouth went dry and my heart was pounding as I leaned over and took those fingers into my mouth sucking hard. Hmmm... how good that tasted...
"Ok, I think you're ready, you'll do just fine..."
With that he walked away. I sat there for a moment longer thinking about what I was about to do. I could show a little skin, but I had to keep this in check. This wasn't just a Tommy encounter, these were boys that I didn't know and these pictures were going to be posted on the internet.
I walked up to where apparently they were going to take my pictures. It was near one of the railroad cars, with sun shining from the right angle.
"Ok, what do I do?"
They all started talking at once. Every one of them had some idea of how to do it, so they talked over one another. Finally Tim spoke up and they all listened.
"The only way that this is going to work is if we all pick a single pose, than we take the pictures from different angles... so Kate, please stand right there and just relax, put your hand on your hip and pose... yes, just like that."
I did what he asked and suddenly they were all clicking their cameras at me, taking my pictures. I felt OK with it since my skirt was neatly pulled down as far as it would go and my breasts were half way covered. I put on the best smile I could muster and posed.
Click, click, click...
"Kate, now turn around and look back at us," Tim was directing my poses.
I did what he said keeping my hands at my sides.
"Ok, now put your hands on your hips and arch your back... yeah, like that and let your hair fall down your back."
As soon as I did, I felt my breasts straining the confines of my bra and blouse. I wanted to look at them to make sure I didn't show something I shouldn't but as soon as I tried all the boys yelled to keep looking back. I held that pose as they were all taking the pictures.
I noticed Frank making his way around me to get a shot of my breasts! God, he was so forward, ready to take that accidental shot of his friends Mom's breasts without any decency. Oh god I should have straightened out but I didn't, if anything, I arched my back more. So he wants to see some of my breasts? Click, click, click...
"Kate you're doing great, perfect, just what we wanted," Tim said.
All I could think of was Frank standing in front of me taking the pictures of me with my breasts half exposed. I hoped that my nipples were still covered. The shivers of excitement were starting to wake my sexual drive.
"Ok, how about you striking a provocative pose for us... something sexy," Tim said.
"I think she's doing good just like that," Frank said.
I looked at him straightening up and saw his eyes on my breasts. Looking down I could see my aureoles showing from under the edges of my bra and my nipples barely covered by the see-through fabric. I quickly pulled my bra up leaving my blouse slightly below the edge of the bra and gave Frank a cold look.
"A provocative pose? What provocative pose would that be?" I asked looking questioningly at Tim.
He paused for a second giving Tommy a quick glance. I could tell that the fact that I was Tommy's Mom stopped him from saying what he really wanted to say.
"Just a sexy pose would be nice Kate," He said finally.
Hmmm... they wanted a sexy pose... I spread my legs about two feet apart slightly bending my knees and grabbing my hair lifted them up above my head. That should get them going.
I heard nothing but gasps and the clicking of cameras. I felt cool air on my upper thighs and suspected that I was showing the edges of my panties to them. My breath was starting to come in gasps and my heart was racing.
I saw Tommy's looks... wide eyes, breath in gasps, clearly enjoying the moment. All the boys were looking at me the same way... with desire. Again I felt powerful using my body to control men, they were like puppets ready to do anything for a peek at me.
I spread my legs a little more knowing that I was probably showing them my panties. They circled around me clicking with their cameras getting all possible angles of my body. I let them, for now, after all I was still covered.
"Ok guys, this is hard work and I have to use the bathroom, how about a break," I said not wanting this to get out of hand.
I could tell they were disappointed, they didn't want me to stop. I put my hands down and grabbing my skirt pulled it down. From the position my skirt was, I was definitely showing my panties.
"So where is the bathroom?" I asked.
"Mom, there is no bathroom around here. You'll have to go between railroad cars."
I looked at Tommy and the rest of them.
"Ok, I'll be back in a minute," I said turning around.
As I walked away I looked at Frank who was standing behind me. His eyes were on me, penetrating, roaming over my body. There was something in his look, he was looking at me as if I was just a piece of meat. Seemed like what I thought or said no longer mattered to him.
His stare scared me a bit and I walked away stiff legged swaying my hips. When I rounded the corner I leaned against the car and let out a deep breath trying to calm myself down.
"You know somebody aught to go back there with your Mom Tommy and make sure no one will disturb her."
It was Frank's voice. I stiffened up again knowing how he looked at me.
"Yeah maybe you're right. Let me change my memory card and I'll go," Tommy answered.
"Hey, you just take care of your camera and I'll make sure your Mom's OK."
Oh god, not him... I didn't trust him at all. I quickly walked away rounding another corner. I just kept walking, turning at every corner I could. Finally I ended up in a secluded area, surrounded by cars, a dead end. I walked up to the far end and listened.
After a few seconds I heard footsteps. My heart jumped into my throat! How could he find me so fast? I didn't want to confront him so I turned away from his direction. I waited.
The footsteps stopped and I knew he was there, at the corner watching me, gazing at my ass with this a****l stare of his. I held my breath for a few seconds... god I had to do something!
I lowered my head and slowly lifted my skirt above my hips. I heard a gasp, it was loud, anyone would hear it standing so close. I didn't react. I knew that by doing this I acknowledged the fact that he was there. I just couldn't bring myself to face him.
I waited a few seconds hoping he would go away and heard a click of the camera... my god, he was taking pictures of me. The thought slowly registered in my brain and my body automatically reacted! My pussy got really wet.
I should have turned around and asked him to go away but I didn't, something kept me there trembling. Ok Kate, pull your skirt down, I said to myself. Instead I grabbed the sides of my panties and slowly inched them down my hips as if I was getting ready to pee! I didn't know why I was doing that, something about him... the fact that he was there watching... taking pictures.
When my panties were half way down my ass I bent over, my legs stiff. I slid my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Oh god, I didn't know what was happening to me. I heard the clicking of the camera, closer, much closer to me now. I stayed in the same position and spread my legs, supporting myself with one hand on the ground below.
I knew my pussy was exposed, my ass... everything! I felt the wetness between my legs dripping on the insides of my thighs. My whole body was hot and tingling.
I heard the camera stop and I heard him fumbling with his pants! Oh god, I couldn't let him fuck me! Not my son's friend... not here... not now. My panties were in front of me, for some reason I grabbed them and brought them up to my face inhaling hard. Uhhh... that smell... that taste...
I felt his cock pressing against the opening of my pussy... oh god finally! No that was wrong! I can't!!!
My pussy was so wet his cock slid inside of me with one thrust. Uhhh that felt good! He was big, I could tell. His cock spreading the inner walls of my vegina giving me pleasure. I moaned and hung on as he fucked me from behind faster and faster.
He was moaning too, thrusting with all his a****listic pleasure. I only pushed back, wanting more of his cock to go inside of me.
"Ahhh... oh fuck... ohhh..."
I was quickly approaching my climax, hanging on as my son's friend fucked me. Finally it happened, the tingling... the pleasure... the wonderful, tense feeling came onto me and I moaned, Cumming on his cock. He drove it into me like an a****l, pounding my climax out of me as I hung on, limp, moaning like a slut!
When I was done and able to come down a bit, he took his cock out, I felt relief because my pussy was raw from the pounding. I felt his hands on my arm and was suddenly spun around to face him.
His sweaty face was right in front of me as he f***ed me to my knees. It didn't take him long to stick his wet cock into my mouth. I resisted only a moment and as soon as I tasted myself on his cock I started sucking hard... trying to get all my wetness off of it. I was sucking taking him deep, remembering how my son liked it.
"Oh yeah... oh fuck yeah... are you a slut! Suck that big cock! I knew you wanted it from the moment I saw you! Take it all cunt!"
Oh god those words were driving me insane! I sucked him with all my might, taking him deep. From time to time I would take it out of my mouth and licking the shaft, I would lick his balls while stroking him.
I heard the clicking of the camera and looking up I saw that he was taking pictures of me. Oh god, I didn't care! I wanted more of his meat! I wanted him to shoot his cum down my throat so I could finally taste it!
"Yeah, cunt... pose for me... just like that... take that dick in your mouth."
"Uhhhmmm... oh yeah..." Was my only reply.
Finally I felt his cock stiffen up and expand even more ready to cum. I took him deep holding on and stroked the shaft. He was taking pictures the whole time as he unloaded into my mouth.
"Oh yeah... oh fuck yeah... ahhh... drink that cum bitch... drink it."
I drank it, I drank all of it as he came into my mouth. The milky cum running down my throat made me moan in pleasure, again... and again... and again!
Finally he was done and pulled out of my mouth. He pulled his pants up and I stood up on wobbly legs.
"Well Kate, you're a great fuck, maybe we can do this again sometime... and... a don't worry... I won't tell Tommy anything," He gave me this arrogant smirk and walked away.
I hated him, I hated him for what he was able to do to me. I hated myself for letting him do this to me. I stood there for a moment thinking of what just happened. I knew he probably wouldn't say anything and even if he did, I don't think anyone would believe him. There were the pictures he took... but oh well; I couldn't do anything about it. I would have to talk to him later and somehow get those pictures erased.
I put my panties back on and walked back. When I got back everyone stood there impatient, already waiting.
"Mom, finally. What took you so long?" Tommy was first to ask.
"I lost my way, this place is like a labyrinth. I'm sorry guys, you didn't wait too long?"
"Ok, never mind, we're ready for you Kate. Now stand right by that cart and strike a pose for us."
The cameras were already clicking. These boys did not want to wait any longer. I looked at Frank and noticed that he was waiting, smiling slightly at me. I turned away from him and posed for the rest. The more pictures they took, the more comfortable I became.
Soon I was back into my old self showing my long legs and raising my skirt a bit, teasing them and the cameras. This went on for some time. They had me spread my legs apart slightly, even bend over a bit, everything in good taste, just teasing.
Tommy didn't try to take up skirt pictures of me, but the rest of the boys were almost at the ground level with their cameras. I stayed in my clothes without pulling up my skirt and let them take the pictures.
After about twenty more minutes they were done.
"Ok, that about wraps it up," Tim said like a professional photographer.
"Great shots Kate. I can't wait to see them on the computer, you were hot and the camera loves you, you're like a natural. Are you sure you never did any modeling before?" Jason asked already reviewing some of the pictures on the camera.
"No Jason, I never modeled before. This was kind of fun though, I'm not sure how good those pictures will be but I had fun posing," I answered him with a smile.
I really like Tim and Jason. They were polite, respectful and I felt really comfortable with them. Unlike Frank, who was arrogant and scary and of course who managed to fuck me today. That one fact made me look away from him as if he wasn't even there. Thankfully he didn't want to pursue any conversation with me.
Tommy walked up to me and squeezing my hand whispered "thanks Mom" in my ear. I smiled giving him a squeeze back. While everyone was packing their equipment I ended up alone near Frank for a moment. I walked up to him a little unsure.
"Frank, the pictures that you took... you shouldn't have... could you please erase them..."
He smiled knowingly looking at me, roving his eyes over my body while I involuntarily tensed up again.
"Hmmm, those were the best pictures of them all, how can I erase them?"
"Frank please... I... I let you do something that was wrong... very, very wrong..."
"Wrong? It looked like you were enjoying yourself quite a bit."
"I just... lost control... please understand," I begged.
"Well, I'm not going to erase them for you. You'll have to do something for me first."
"God, haven't I done enough?" I looked at him shocked that he would ask for more.
"Not yet! I don't think now is the time to talk about it. I'll call you when I figure everything out," He whispered the last few word as Tommy approached us.
I looked at him with hate in my eyes. That bastard! How could I be so stupid and let him fuck me! And I let him take those pictures!
"Mom, are you ready?"
I turned around and walked past Tommy towards the car. I was pissed and scared. Scared of what he was going to make me do to get those pictures erased.
Tommy tried to talk to me during our ride home but I just couldn't tell him anything. I wanted to, I needed his help but I was afraid of what he would think of me when he found out that I fucked his friend.
I jumped every time the phone rang. I couldn't get the fact that Frank has taken my pictures out of my mind! I kept going back to that moment when he told me he would call me when he figured everything out with fear. What did he mean by that? Wasn't the fact that I let him take me enough for that k**? And the fact that he was just a k**, eighteen year old k**, was making the whole matter worse!
I haven't told Tommy, I couldn't. I didn't know what he would say, what he would think, I would just have to figure something out on my own. I realized now how dangerous it was to bring someone totally unknown to me into my little "Slut" world. How could I have done that? How could I have been so weak?
Playing a slut for my son was unique; I would not give that up for anything in the world. Anytime I thought of him my pussy got wet and my mouth watery, knowing how good his cock tasted. But letting someone I didn't trust take me? How could I have?
It was one of those warm Saturday nights in the valley where most people stayed inside enjoying a nice, air conditioned house or an occasional dip in the pool. The air was still and muggy, a little unusual for this part of the world where it was mostly dry. My husband and I were watching television, a program called "Survivor" when the phone rang. I immediately tensed up thinking that it could be THE phone call. My husband got up and answered it. Soon he got pretty irritated and handed the phone off to me.
"Kate, it's your son, and he's d***k wanting a ride. I 'm not going to go out there to get him... for Christ sake it's ten o'clock... you can if you want to, but I'm going to bed."
I took the phone from him as he walked away.
"Hallo, Tommy where are you?"
"Mom, listen I'm at Jason's house and I a... had too much to drink to drive home... could you come get me?"
"Tommy can one of your friends give you a ride home?" I could hear music in the background and some laughter, sounded like girls.
"Mom, they're all d***k... please... can you come get me?"
"Ok, you're right, don't let them drive you, what about Jeannine, is she there?"
"Mom, Jeannine's gone and her husband isn't here either, it's just us."
"Ok honey, I'll be there in twenty minutes."
I got up ready to go, but noticed that I was wearing a night shirt. God, I have to change, I can't go like that. I went upstairs and saw that my husband was already in bed. He was in such a bad mood, I didn't want to turn the lights on or wake him.
My daughter Kristy was spending the night at a friend's house and I'm sure she had some clothes I could wear. I know she wouldn't mind. I walked into her room and looked in the closet.
My god, all I could see were skimpy shirts or blouses and mini skirts. I found couple of jeans but after trying them on found out they wouldn't fit. Oh god, maybe I should go into my closet and get some clothes? That would wake my husband up, I really didn't want to hear him bitch.
I picked up a skirt and tried it on. It was one of those stretch minis that covered my ass and hips but that's it. The mini was hugging my every curve. I took my nightshirt off and tried one of her shirts. It was low cut with only two buttons in the front. I put the ensemble on and looked at myself in the mirror.
Oh my god... Jesus, that showed off a lot of skin. My big tits were barely contained in the shirt, and of course, I had no bra on so it showed off a big part of my tits. The buttons looked like they were about to burst, and the shirt did not cover my stomach.
Looking at myself in the mirror I started feeling sexy. I ran my hands up the side of my hips and over my stomach. I bent over and looked at my tits hanging down and the cleavage... Oh Jesus, that looked so hot.
I turned around and looked at my ass... my round full ass. I bent over a little spreading my legs and noticed how easy my skirt rode up exposing my ass. I still had no panties on and I saw my moist pussy in the mirror. I grabbed a pair of black heels and slipped them on. Looking again I held my breath, I looked gorgeous... sexy... almost slutty.
I realized I was loosing track of time and looked at the watch. Fifteen minutes has gone by. Alarmed I pulled the skirt down and headed for the door. All I could think of was getting my son before any of those d***ken teenagers could give him a ride home.
I drove in a hurry, trying to be careful, since I already had some wine tonight. I got to Jason's house, got out of the car, pulled the skirt down as best as I could and walked up to the door. I could hear the music blasting inside.
I rang the door bell and soon Jason, answered the door. He showed me inside with a big smile on his face, constantly looking me up and down. He was wet, dripping with water and wearing only a pair of shorts.
"Well hi Kate, come on in, you want a beer?"
"Hi Jason, no I'll pass on the beer, I came to get Tommy, is he here?"
"Yeah, we're all sitting around in the hot tub, come on in."
He handed me a beer even though I said no. I hesitated a moment, and took it out of his hand, oh well, why not, this was a party after all. I noticed that Jason was looking at me with his eyes wandering down to my cleavage, no doubt seeing more of my tits than he ever had before.
"By the way, that was a great photo shoot you did the other day, have you seen the pictures yet?"
"No I haven't, are you sure I looked OK?" I was more curious of what I showed than anything.
"You mean Tommy didn't show you the pictures yet? What a bum! Well would you like to go upstairs to my room? I'll show them to you."
His constant gaze running over my body told me that I shouldn't although the thought of being alone with him in his room made me shiver with excitement and wonder of what could happen.
"No... it's late, maybe some other time, I just need to get Tommy."
He was obviously intoxicated; he continued staring at my tits and than my hips. I smiled and looked around... god, I could be his Mother but I could still make him drool.
I followed him out into the back yard and onto the patio by the pool where the hot tub was. I saw my son and two girls with another boy sitting inside. I recognized one of them as Gina, Jason's s****r, the other girl I didn't know. The boy was Steve one of my son's friends from school.
"Hey Mom, thanks for coming to get me," Tommy said with a smile.
Everyone was looking at me with hungry eyes, even the girls; both stared at my full, enticing figure. I came up to the tub, and Jason quickly dropped into the water. I sat down on the lawn chair, making sure to keep my legs together, remembering that I didn't wear any panties.
They were carrying on a conversation but every one of them, from time to time would look over at me. God, I could tell the boys were trying to get a peek between my legs but the girls? Maybe they were just intimidated.
"Kate... you can come in here with us, the water is great," Gina said after a while.
I was a little surprised at her comment since I had no bathing suite on.
"Oh sweetie thanks but I don't have a bathing suite on."
"Well you could easily fit into one of my Mom's... she's gone and I'm sure she wouldn't mind."
Everyone agreed especially the boys probably imagining me in a tiny bikini. I looked over at Tommy and saw that he was looking at me with anticipation in his eyes. I could tell that the idea exited him and I have to admit, it exited me as well.
"Well maybe just for a little bit, that water does look good right now," I answered smiling at Gina.
She got out of the pool grabbing a towel and spreading her hands to the sides d****d it over her shoulders. She was perfectly built with long dark hair, young, full breasts and hard nipples that poked through the fabric of her bikini. Her flat stomach bare down to her naval and hips that showed perfect shape wrapped in a tiny patch of fabric between her legs. I could tell she shaved down there because the fabric was barely big enough to cover her sex with tiny little strings that ran high over her hips. I looked back into her eyes and saw curiosity and tiny little smile that touched her lips.
"Come on, I'll help you change."
Noticing the other girl directly in front of me I spread my legs a tiny bit and got up probably showing her a bit of what I had under my skirt. I saw the girls green eyes widen and her cheeks turn red but she didn't look away, she followed me with her eyes as I walked behind Gina. I felt so naughty with everyone's eyes on my ass as I walked away which sent waves of excitement up and down my spine.
Gina led me to the upstairs bedroom with a big bed and dressers and throwing the towel on the bed pointed towards it.
"You mind as well get comfortable; I have to find my Mom's bikini."
I sat down on the bed and watched her as she fumbled through the drawers. She had her back towards me as I watched her shapely behind totally exposed with the string bikini deep between her ass cheeks. I was surprised how much she turned me on, I mean I was only with one woman before this and I remembered the whole experience so clearly but I always treated it as experimenting, something that I would only do once just to see what it's like.
She turned her head and saw me watch her, she smiled, turned her head back and reached for the bottom drawer without bending her knees. I gasped at the site of her ass and the tiny string that ran across her asshole. It barely covered it; I could see the darker skin around it. The gusset of her panties started barely at where her pussy was, tiny patch that covered her young sex but did not stop her pussy lips from making an outline.
My own sex was on fire as I stared at the young girl, thoughts of eating her flooding my mind, of spreading those luscious lips and driving my tongue deep inside her. I could barely contain myself from not running up there and grabbing her.
"Aha, I think I found it."
She straightened up holding a white bikini in her hands. She slowly walked up to me and holding it out looked into my eyes.
"Well, I think you should take your clothes off."
My mouth went dry, I forgot that I had to do this to get into that bikini. I must have looked a little uncertain because she smiled again as if she was the parent and I was a confused little girl.
"How else are you going to put this on?" She asked.
God I was acting so stupid, I was as old as her mother and I let myself be treated as a little girl! I stood up and took the bikini from her hands. I reached for my skirt and paused.
"Aren't you going to turn around?" I asked hesitantly.
"Why, it's just us girls here."
Again I saw laughter in those blue eyes as she waited for me to lift my skirt up. Oh god I had no panties on and she was going to see that. But so what, so many women nowadays did not wear any. I was willing to bet that she normally did not wear any either.
I lifted my skirt to bunch it up around my waist and slid it down my legs. Now I heard a small gasp from Gina as she watched me do that and saw my cleanly shaven pussy. I than unbuttoned my shirt and still facing the young girl, took it off. I was completely naked in front of her except for my high heels.
When I looked at Gina I saw her staring at my firm, big breasts, running her eyes down my stomach and over my pussy. I trembled, it felt like she was actually touching me with those eyes, sending pleasure down to my pussy making me so wet. I was flushed and barely maintained my composure. I reached for the bikini and slipped the bottom on, it felt really tight and like Gina's, only covered my sex. I quickly put the top on and looked at myself in the mirror.
"Oh my god, I can't go down there like that," I exclaimed.
I remembered that Gina's mom was smaller than me and not as curvy. All my body parts were showing except for my pussy, which was barely covered and my nipples and the small area around them. Wearing the high heels made my legs look so long... so sexy, my hips exposed and even the small creases where the insides of my thighs were and where my labia begun were showing; the bikini only covered my pussy lips.
My big breasts were visible all the way around only the nipples with my areolas were covered and a small amount of skin around them. I turned around and saw that my ass was bare, the bikini string buried between my ass cheeks.
"Oh you'll be just fine, you're beautiful and you're going to knock all of them out downstairs," Gina was absorbing my reflection in the mirror.
She moved directly behind me and slightly to the side. She reached out and grabbing the strings holding my bikini bottom pulled them high over my hips just like she wore hers. I felt the bikini bottom dig into my pussy and a slight moan escaped my lips. I looked down and saw that one of my pussy lips was exposed and drooping down from around the fabric. My eyes widened and I held my breath. Oh god, I was an image of sex... so exposed... so sexy, with my pussy lip showing.
Gina's eyes followed mine and her mouth opened as her tongue came out wetting her dry lips.
"Oh I'm sorry... let me put that back in."
She quickly reached out around me and touched my pussy, slid her finger on the inside between my pussy lips grabbing the edge of the fabric that spread them and pulled it up and over covering my sexy lips. I saw her finger glistening in the light covered in my wetness as she brought her hand back resting it on my hips.
Oh god, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say. This was my friend's daughter, I remember when she was just a tiny little girl and now... and now she was touching my sex however innocent that might have been. I was trying to hide my desire for this girl but it was so hard... so hard.
"Ok I think you're ready, come on, let's knock their sox off."
She took my hand and pulled me behind her. I was confused and trembling as I followed her downstairs. We came up to the glass door leading to the back yard and I paused for a second. She looked at me sensing my uncertainty and standing on her tipsy toes brought her rosy lips to my cheek kissing me gently. She smelled so good, so close to me.
"You'll be OK, you'll see."
With her soft words calming my nerves a little bit she opened the door and pulled me into the back yard. I bit my lower lip and followed, my hips swaying as I walked in my high heels. As soon as we came into view and everyone looked at us, at me, all conversations stopped. The guys with their mouths gaped open stared at me, running their hungry eyes up and down my exposed body.
I looked at my son and saw him gaping in disbelief. Gina let go of my hand and dropped into the tub as I stood their trembling. Oh god, what have I done and in front of my son and his friends!
"Come on Kate, the water's great," I heard Gina say.
I dropped down into the tub between Tommy and Jason covering myself in water up to my neck. Gina, Steve and the other girl were on the opposite side of the tub. Very shortly the conversations begun again and I was able to come down a bit. I felt Tommy's hand touch mine and he gave me a reassuring squeeze.
"Mom you look great," He whispered into my ear.
Jason poured me a tall glass of red wine which I gulped right away and preceded to refill it. Gina was laughing and talking to Steve and the girl and it seemed like everyone forgot me standing there so exposed.
"Hey guys, do you really want to party?" Jason winked at Tommy.
He reached over and produced what looked like a rolled up cigarette from his nearby pants.
"Oh yeah, light it up," I heard Steve say.
"I thought you said you didn't have any," Gina looked at her b*****r.
"I was saving this for a special occasion." He said giving me a sly look.
"Oh sure, and this is it?" Gina was mocking him knowing that what he meant was me being there in the tub with them.
"Sure it is, as long as Mrs. Johnson's OK with it," Everyone looked at me.
"Ahh sure, and please stop calling me Mrs. Johnson, it makes me sound so old. I didn't know you all smoked cigarettes."
They looked at me smiling, even Tommy.
"Mom, it's a joint," My son said.
I gasped and looked closely at the joint Jason was holding.
"We don't do it that often, only when there is a special occasion, like you being here with us Kate," Jason took my advice and called me by my name.
It felt different being called by my name by a boy that was as old as my son but it immediately put me at ease. Up until now I was covered by the water but as he said what it was I raised a bit to examine the joint, after all, I never smoked one or saw one before. My breasts came out of the water and I saw everyone stare at them. Oh well, I thought, they already saw me like that.
What I didn't know was that the bikini I was wearing became transparent as soon as it got wet and my breasts, nipples, aureoles and everything was visible to everyone in the tub. I stood there looking at what Jason was holding in his hand.
"Ok, but I never smoked one, what do I do?" I asked confused why everyone was staring at me.
"It's easy, just take a drag and hold it in your lungs for a while," Jason answered lighting it up.
I became especially aware of the young girl that I didn't know yet staring at me. She wouldn't shift her eyes away like everyone else when I looked at them. There was something direct in them as if she was shocked to see me like that and... something that held a desire... a desire for me. I decided to find out who she was.
"Hi, I don't think we've met each other yet, I'm Kate," I extended my hand towards the girl.
She was pretty with freckles on her face and short, blond hair. Up until now she was pretty much covered under the water but as she extended her hand to shake mine, I saw a nice pair of full breasts completely covered by a bikini top. I was surprised to see such a generous pair of breasts on such a young girl. Sure she was eighteen but I usually didn't see eighteen year olds with big breasts like that.
"I'm Elaine," she said in a soft voice.
An unusual name but fitted her well. She seemed demure and unsure of herself and kept very quite. I shook her hand smiling and saw she smiled back and immediately dropped back down under the water.
I could tell Steve brought her here as from time to time he would say something to her trying to put his arm around her, which she automatically pushed away. This was the end of the conversation with Elaine since Jason lit up the joint and it was being passed around. Soon it came to me and I held it to my lips inhaling. The smoke stung and I coughed uncontrollably to everyone's laughter.
"I told you guys it's my first time," I mumbled between coughs.
"Well than you have to take another drag," Jason said putting his arm around me.
"Here, take it really slow."
He held my hand and brought the joint again to my lips. I took a small drag this time and held my breath. The world slowly darkened and my mind reeled. I let my breath out and felt a tingly feeling spread throughout my body.
I looked around and saw that everyone was pairing up. Steve staying close to Elaine, Gina moved up to Tommy and I was sitting close to Jason with his arm around me I realized. Even though he was half my age, I felt excitement I haven't felt since high school. This is how it was at those parties I usually missed when my parents made me stay home and study. I knew it was wrong of me to be here but I decided to go with it for just a while longer.
"Does that feel good?" Jason asked and I realized he was rubbing my shoulders.
I quickly looked at Tommy but he was snuggled close with Gina and wasn't paying any attention to me.
"Yeah actually. It's been a while since anyone rubbed my shoulders."
Jason kept massaging my shoulders and his hands slowly kept circling lower, down my front until his fingers were grazing the tops of my breasts. I looked around and saw that Tommy was now kissing Gina and Steve and Elaine were busy talking to each other. I didn't stop Jason and he kept going further down.
Finally I felt him cup my breasts and his fingers slid under the fabric of my bikini top as he touched my nipples. The world was swimming in front of me and I didn't fully realize what was happening. I felt him pinch my nipples and I let out a low moan. In my d**gged state I would have let him do so much more, but...
"No, I will not."
Everyone looked at Elaine. She was sitting there red faced staring at Steve. I felt Jason's hands slide away from my breasts.
"Hey you guys, sounds like you need to take another drag of that joint."
Everyone laughed at Jason's comment and he reached for his pants.
"No, no more, we're just fine," Gina said.
"I think we should just play a game or something, everyone needs to relax."
Tommy slid towards me.
"Is everything OK Mom?" He asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine, just having fun."
I noticed he was staring at Gina obviously wanting to do more with her. I was glad that he found interest in other girls not just me.
"Looks like Gina really likes you, why don't you go sit by her," I whispered to him.
"You sure? I mean, I don't want you to feel left out."
"Oh don't worry, I won't," I gave him a small push.
He lid towards Gina and Jason took up his place near me. I was surprised that he was holding another joint in his hand.
"OK, everyone has to take a hit of this, this one's really good," He said laughing.
He lit it up taking a big drag and passed it on to me. I felt quite at ease already and didn't feel like the earlier joint did anything to me so I took a big hit and held the smoke in my lungs a long time.
When I finally exhaled the world swam in front of my eyes. Now I really felt the effects of it.
Jason got out and turned some music on and the joint finally made it to Elaine and I could tell she didn't want to smoke it. Steve kept trying to hold it up to her mouth and she kept pushing his hand away.
"Steve, here let me try," I said moving towards them.
My breasts were above water now and I noticed both Steve and Elaine staring at them. Looking down I saw that the tiny white patches covering my nipples became transparent and my dark nipples were plainly visible to everyone. I should have covered myself but the joint made it seem like it was OK.
"Here, let's smoke it together," I said settling down beside her.
She kept looking at my breasts as if seeing them so close to her hypnotized her. I took the joint and took a small hit.
"See, there's nothing to it, just smoke it like a cigarette."
She moved closer to me and rubbing her legs against mine looked up at me with her innocent eyes. I leaned over and put the joint up to her lips. She inhaled and held it in her lungs. I noticed that her shoulder was rubbing against my breast making my nipple involuntarily hard.
"OK, Steve and I will be right back, we have to make a run to the store for some more booze," I heard Jason say as if from afar.
"Just don't be too long or you might loose your girlfriend."
I heard Gina say it but didn't pay any attention to her since Elaine was occupying my world at that time. She was so pretty and innocent with her long eyelashes and full, firm breasts that were almost visible under her top.
I gave her another drag and took one myself. God, this joint made me feel so much at ease. Putting it out I placed my hands on the edge of the Jacuzzi and enjoyed the high I got.
Looking over at Tommy I saw that Gina was kissing him passionately, running her tongue in and out of his mouth. Her hand was below the water but I could tell she had it wrapped around my son's thick cock, moving it in a steady rhythm. It surprised me a bit that she would do that in front of me but I didn't say anything happy that my son was enjoying it.
Elaine snuggled up to me pressing her small body against mine and wrapping her hand around my waist underneath the water. She put her head against the top of my breasts which were above the water and entirely visible to her. It felt so good to be held by someone that I didn't even think about if it was appropriate.
For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of Gina and Tommy. They were going at it hot and heavy. Tommy's hands roving over Gina's body, squeezing her breasts and fondling her pussy under the water. Just watching them was making my pussy hot!
I felt Elaine kiss the top part of my breasts, tiny small kisses running the expense of my breasts but I didn't stop her, the girl was obviously gay and the fact that she found me attractive added to my excitement. If this was what it took to loosen this girl up than why not? It's not like I was letting her fuck me, it was just some innocent fun.
I saw Gina look over at us and smile. She leaned into my son and whispered something in his ear. He looked at us and gave me a wink. Suddenly I felt cool air hit my nipples and I looked down at my breasts a bit confused. The joint made everything slow down so much that I didn't react right away.
Elaine pulled the small patches to the sides exposing my breasts entirely and continued to kiss the tops of it. My very hard nipples were now exposed to everyone. I wondered if I should continue to allow her to do this. Gina already saw my breasts so it was no big deal. Although Tommy was my lover and fucked me quite often, no one knew about it and showing my breasts in front of my son might alarm the two girls.
I looked back at Gina and saw that she was back kissing my son. OK, no big deal, everyone was at ease with it. There were no cameras around and there was no way of getting into trouble again. I looked back at Elaine sensually kissing my breasts and enjoyed the attention she was giving them. I felt her leg wrap around mine and her hand gently caressing my thigh under the water. Oh God, this girl was making me hot!
Elaine started to kiss my breasts lower and lower, circling the entire breast with her mouth. From time to time she would slide her tongue out and lick the sensitive skin making me tremble with excitement. I felt her hand pulling on the string of my bikini making it go up between my pussy lips sending fire to my clit. Confused and d**gged, I continued to let it happen.
Suddenly she looked up at me with her green eyes and opening her mouth took my nipple into her mouth sucking gently. Oh god, I was quickly loosing control of this situation but what she was doing felt so good.
I looked over at Gina and my son ready to stop this whole thing and was shocked to see my son lying on the edge of the Jacuzzi with his shorts down around his ankles. His big, hard cock was sticking straight up and Gina had her mouth wrapped around the head of it. Oh my god, I thought, how could she do this in front of me? Obviously we were all high from smoking the joint.
Just seeing my son's cock sucked by this girl stopped me from saying anything. I sat there hypnotized watching Gina worship his cock and I allowed Elaine to take full advantage of the situation.
Elaine's hand suddenly switched from caressing my thighs and playing with my bikini to sliding lower and lower almost touching my pussy lips. She was now fully sucking my nipples, licking and gently biting them. Her small fingers finally reached my pussy and dug the bikini out, pulling the fabric to the side.
My world was swimming in front of me, watching this happen as if I was powerless to do anything... to stop it from happening. I saw Gina disengage and stroke my son's cock looking at us. Again she smiled and seeing me watch them fully stroked Tommy's cock giving it a kiss on the slit. Still watching us, she pulled herself out of the water. Stroking my son's cock, she brought her very shapely ass to the side near us and put one leg on top of the ledge, her knee touching my outstretched hand, spreading them apart.
God she was so close with her ass, the small string barely covering her holes! I saw her look back at me meaningfully and she went back to sucking my son's cock.
"Oh God..." I whispered as I realized what she wanted me to do.
I felt Elaine's fingers entering me and looked down at the girl. She was looking up at me, licking my nipples as she slid two fingers into my pussy. My hand involuntarily reached over and under the girl touching her breast.
"Oh yessss..." She moaned.
I saw her look over at Gina's ass and her eyes suddenly took the appearance of being glazed over. Oh god, this was out of control! She was slowly finger fucking me watching that girl's ass. I pulled her top to the side exposing her full breasts and started pinching her nipples as Elaine went back to sucking mine.
I looked over at Gina and realized that her ass was much closer to me now. Did she move over closer to us? Her spread open thighs were almost touching my shoulder! Again I saw her look back at us with those inviting eyes.
"She looks so delicious, doesn't she?" Elaine whispered in my ear.
I turned to look back at the girl and received her lips on mine. Her passionate kiss caught me off guard and I opened my mouth to receive her tongue. The only thing that registered in my mind was that Gina was watching us kiss. She was kissing me gently, passionately, slowly running her wet tongue and twisting it around mine. I couldn't control this... I couldn't control this even if I wanted to. This girl's warm body and tongue were like heaven.
I moaned into her mouth as she continued to finger fuck my pussy. I realized that I was rubbing Gina's ass with my other hand, squeezing her soft flesh to her pleasure.
"Oh God Kate... Oh Jesus you're so hot! So soft... uhhhmmm..." Elaine managed to say before her mouth went back to kissing me.
She was now kissing my neck, sucking on it and going lower, to my tits. I looked over at Gina's ass and moved closer to it. Oh god I was lost to the pleasure of what was happening! Rubbing her ass, I started kissing the back of her thigh, tiny gentle kisses, like Elaine when she started kissing me the whole time looking at her ass.
"Ohhh..." I heard Gina moan as she sucked my son's cock.
I pulled Gina's bikini out and to the side, exposing her holes to me. I gasped looking at them. They were so hot, so wet! She was clearly dripping with her juices. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and her small pussy lips were slightly swollen from anticipation of what was about to happen.
I was surprised at her anal hole, it was... enlarged! The skin around it was wrinkled and puckering out, making the shape of a tiny volcano! My god, was this girl into anal sex? I realized breathing very hard that it was making me even hotter.
The constant finger fucking I was receiving and Elaine's mouth sucking on my tits pushed me over the edge. I brought my mouth to Gina's pussy and extending my tongue, raked it over her lips. The thought of how wrong this was flashed in my brain, but in my d**gged state, I didn't care.
I was sucking Gina's pussy! With my eyes closed I licked, sucked and moaned into her soft flesh pressing my mouth against it. She tasted so good, so fresh still dripping her juices into my mouth.
"Ohhh... Ohhh..."
"Oh god Kate! Oh my god..." I heard Elaine.
She came up close to Gina's ass and started kissing her ass cheeks watching me from the side. I looked into her eyes and sucked Gina's pussy lips into my mouth pulling on them.
"Oh yeasss..." I heard a moan from Gina.
Elaine was looking at me with hunger, at my tongue sliding in and out of Gina's wet pussy. She stopped finger fucking me and spread Gina's ass bringing her mouth close to mine. I knew she wanted to taste it, to taste the sweet juices I was feeding on.
I moved my head aside and without missing a beat she slipped right in my place, extending her tongue as far as it would go, feeding on the soft flesh and moaning softly with pleasure. I could see her young tongue raking and sucking on Gina's pussy folds.
I looked at Gina and saw she was bobbing her head up and down on my son's hard cock, making love to it. I extended my hand underneath her and pulled her top down exposing her tits. I gently rubbed and tugged on her tits, watching her work on Tommy's cock as I kissed her inner thighs.
She brought her hand down and grabbed my hand giving it an encouraging squeeze. Elaine moved to the side and I went back to work on Gina's pussy. I watched as Elaine moved up and started kissing Gina's ass, right above me, getting closer to her asshole. Oh god no, she wouldn't!
The thought of this girl doing something so nasty registered as Gina pushing back with her ass, pulled my hand out underneath her and placed it on top of my son's thigh. Oh god, Tommy, he was so warm! Feeling my son intensified my pleasure as I watched Elaine reach Gina's asshole with her tongue.
Never before have I experienced such hot, tense pleasure. My pussy was on fire and I felt like I was about to cum! Watching Elaine flicking Gina's asshole made my heart beat hard in my chest.
I felt Gina grab my wrist as I ate her and pull more. Suddenly I felt something hard and very warm push into my hand and I wrapped my fingers around it. At the same time I saw Elaine stick her tongue into Gina's asshole! My god, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! How could this girl be so nasty!
Gina was forcing my wrist up and down as I held on to the warm, hard meat. Oh God... Oh God, no... was it... was it my son's cock? Oh my God, what was happening? My foggy brain slowly registered the fact that I was stroking my son's hard cock, eating Gina's pussy as she sucked on the same cock I was stroking! My son's cock!!!
Elaine's tongue was so deep in Gina's asshole that she was salivating, the saliva dripping from her tongue slowly ran down to my open mouth. Oh my god, I didn't know what to do! The juice was running down, almost up to my open mouth and extended tongue buried in Gina's pussy.
I didn't feel Gina's hand on my wrist anymore but yet, I continued to stroke my son's meat. I pulled back from Gina's pussy and looked at what was happening underneath her. I saw Gina look at me from under her spread open legs and she licked the shaft down to my hand wrapped around the base of it.
"Oh yes Kate... stroke it... make it hard..." She moaned.
She was licking my fingers... she was licking my fingers wrapped around Tommy's cock as I stroked him. I noticed her ass was moving to the rhythm of Elaine's tongue in her ass. This girl was lost to the pleasure of watching Mom stroke her son's cock, and so was I. For the first time someone else was watching me do something like this to Tommy.
Obviously she was fine that I was doing that, otherwise she wouldn't be sucking my fingers like a hungry slut. She would lick the shaft including my fingers as if my hand was part of his cock. Oh god this was so hot! I put my mouth over Gina's pussy and sucked.
Elaine was still tongue fucking Gina's asshole with vigor, making the opening even bigger. I realized that I was now licking Elaine's saliva dripped from above and that, for some reason made me hotter. I drank all the juices I could and stroked my son's cock for Gina as she gave him head.
Tommy obviously was close to coming because he sat up looking down at the scene.
"Oh god... oh god Mom... ohhh... Gina, I have to fuck you... god, sit on my cock, please!"
Gina pulled back and sat down beside him, looking down at me and my hand around his cock. Elaine pulled back as well looking at me. It was a tense moment but somehow I held on to my son's meat. Gina was looking straight in my eyes.
"Uhhhmmm Kate, would you like a taste?" She looked at my son's cock.
Oh God did I ever! I yearned for it but I was afraid to cross that line in front of these girls.
"I think he asked for you not me," I answered hesitantly.
I was looking back at her and I could tell she knew I wanted to. She smiled and gave me a wink.
"Maybe later than," She said and started to straddle him.
I let go of his cock and turned away not wanting to see this, not wanting to see her take full advantage of Tommy's thick meat. I walked out of the Jacuzzi totally confused and walking up to the small table poured myself a tall glass of wine.
I realized that my tits were showing and my pussy and ass were exposed, my bikini god knows in what position but I didn't care. What was the point after all of that?
"Oh my god... oh yes, nice thick cock!" I heard Gina's voice.
I tensed. Part of me wanted to see this and part of me that was jealous of that girl didn't. I knew how good she must have felt taking Tommy's big meat up her pussy. I gulped the wine and turned around.
Oh god, my pussy shivered from what I saw. Tommy was laying down by the Jacuzzi, facing me and Gina was spread open, impaled on his meat. She was fucking herself the full length of his cock, slowly, methodically with her face contorted in pleasure.
Elaine was sitting near by on the ledge watching them. She looked lonely but her tongue would come out and lick her lips from time to time as if she was hungry. Why they should have all the fun, I thought.
I walked up to Elaine as she looked up at me running her eyes over my naked body. I leaned over grabbing the back of her neck and planted a wet kiss on her lips the wine I just drank making my head spin.
"Would you like to taste me now?" I asked looking into her unsure eyes.
"Yes..." She barely whispered.
God she was such a k**. I knew she was over eighteen but she seemed so much younger. I sat down beside her and giving her an encouraging smile spread my legs open. The thrill of doing that with my son so near me was making my heart pound with excitement.
I leaned back as Elaine took up the position between my legs. She kissed the insides of my thighs getting closer and closer to my pussy, teasing me, making me hot. When her tongue finally reached my pussy and buried itself deep inside I let my head fall back and moaned with pleasure.
"Oh yesss... lick it... lick my pussy..."
Elaine didn't need any encouragement. She felt great as I'm sure she has done that before many times. She was gentle not rough. She was licking, flicking and teasing my clit all the while sucking on my juices flowing out of me. She was working me to that point of high eroticism where I often lost control. I began to moan, constantly to the rhythm of her tongue.
I leaned back and found myself between Tommy's spread open legs. Looking back I saw Gina's pussy, so close to me, wrapped around his cock and her looking at me. Her eyes were glazed over, her lips slightly parted and dry, her face red. Again we looked into each other's eyes and again I found understanding in them.
"Oh Kate... your son feels so fucking good..." She moaned.
"Ahhh... Ohhh... Uhhhmmm..." I moaned looking at my son's cock wet with her juices.
"Ohhh... don't I look great... don't I look great fucking him?" The smile came back on her face.
"You liked eating my pussy didn't you?"
I couldn't talk, I couldn't answer her as Elaine sucked my clit.
"Oh god, give me your hand Kate... please... hold it"
She extended her hand as she moved up and down my son's cock. I was laying on my back watching them upside-down but I extended my hand and grabbed hers. Our fingers interlocked together in a firm bond as I felt my legs being pushed back and spread further apart.
"Oh yes... oh yes... oh fuck..." She moaned.
"Ahhh... Ohhh..." I moaned.
She slowly brought my hand down and released my fingers placing my hand on top of her naval. Oh god she felt so warm. I moved my hand with her, gently caressing her smooth skin. My inner urges and desires making my hand go lower towards her swollen pussy.
She was watching me, judging me, trying to see how far I would go. I didn't want to give her that knowledge of me and Tommy, god I didn't want to, but my body was slowly betraying me.
My hand slid down and my fingers touched her clit... her clit and her swollen lips wrapped around my son's cock. She was so wet down there! I rubbed her pussy lips spreading my fingers apart around my son's cock driving into her.
"Ohhh... Ohhh..." I moaned watching what I was doing.
She was watching me, a look of surprise slowly spreading on her face. If I only didn't have Elaine licking my pussy, I thought as my fingers touched Tommy's cock. Uhhh... so wet! I rubbed his shaft, running my fingers down to his balls, spreading the juice all over them. I quickly realized what I did and pulled my hand back to her clit. I could tell she saw what I did. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open as she stared at me and than at my hand.
I also saw her breathing change, it was deeper now, more labored. So she liked watching me, she liked seeing me touch my son's cock as she fucked it. I knew I did. I thought about it for a moment. I already stroked his meat in front of her and Elaine just moments ago, so what was the difference from doing it now?
Again I slid my fingers down and touched his wet shaft. Seemed like I was in my own little world. I rubbed his shaft and rubbed her pussy wrapped around it. Her young pussy continually generating large amounts of juices. I brought my hand down to my face and licked them, I was so used to doing that. Uhhhmmm... so sweet, I licked it all off and reached out to get more.
"Yeah, you like the taste of it don't you? My juices mixed with your son's pre-cum..." She was watching me.
God she was right! Tommy's cum must have been on it! Oh God, this girl will know everything! Again I knew I needed to stop this, I was out of control but I couldn't! My body was moving on it's own now with Elaine making love to my pussy.
"Eat me Kate... turn around and eat me... oh god, I want you to so bad..."
She reached out and placed her hand on top of mine. She moved my fingers in circles around her clit and than back down to my son's cock. She made my fingers wrap around his shaft as she looked at me with wide eyes. She got up off his cock hovering above as I stroked his shaft looking at her, slowly, methodically. I couldn't help it, I was lost to the intense pleasure, the taboo of this being my son only adding to it.
"Oh yes Kate, doesn't his cock feel good?"
"Oh... Ohhh... Oh yes... Oh it does..." I moaned surprised at myself.
She was shaking her head from side to side as if she still didn't believe this was happening.
"Hold it for me Kate... hold it for me, yes just like that. You want me to slide your son's big cock into me?"
"Yes... oh god yes... fuck him..." I said as Elaine started to finger fuck me.
"Guide it for me... guide his cock into my pussy... oh god..." Gina moaned.
I did, I watched as my son's beautiful meat slid inside this girl. I didn't let go of his cock, I continued to stroke him as she fucked him. More and more juices continued to run down to my hand. I brought my hand back up to my mouth and licked it clean.
God I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to have the real thing. My body making the decision for me, I turned around and got up on my elbows and knees, spreading my legs wide for Elaine who immediately begun licking my pussy again. Now I had Gina's pussy and my son's cock right in front of me. OK, just lick her pussy nothing more, I told myself.
I hovered above her clit and extended my tongue flicking it. I licked and licked tasting the sweet girl.
"Oh god Kate... oh my god... yesss..."
She was moaning with her head back and her legs spread wide apart enjoying what I was doing. After all she was getting fucked and licked at the same time. She fully sat down on Tommy's cock and seemed like she wanted to rest a bit, she was still looking down at me licking her clit.
Tommy decided he needed some more action and started moving his cock in and out of her. She looked at me and grabbed my hair. She started forcing my tongue where she wanted it. Mostly on her clit, but slowly she extended the reach down into the creases of her legs. I could tell she wanted me to lick her pussy lips.
My tongue was getting dangerously close to Tommy's cock. Looking up at her from between her legs, I saw her smile again. Oh god this girl just wouldn't stop! I knew I needed to stop this, I couldn't show her what really went on between me and my son!
"Oh Kate lick me... lick it, yeah... good girl."
She tried forcing my head to the side, my tongue would definitely lick Tommy's cock as I knew she wanted me to, but with my last ounce of will power, I held my head still. Just her pussy, I said to myself. She smiled at me.
"Ohhh... you know you want to."
"No, no I don't... please..."
She just laughed and brought my mouth up to her clit and I licked it in circles. Suddenly she jerked her body up a bit and Tommy's cock popped out of her pussy settling right on top of her clit where my mouth was. My tongue clearly licking the wet shaft as it came out. Oh god not in front of her!
I pulled my head back and grabbed his cock. I guided it back into her and Tommy begun fucking her again. She laughed again, clearly having fun with me and my weak resistance. I went back to licking her again. I thought I was going to loose it during the brief moment when my tongue touched my son's cock. The feeling was intense, his warm meat, the juices around it... How much longer can I withstand it?
I felt Elaine starting to extend her tongue up past my pussy, getting closer to my asshole. For some reason I arched my back giving her better access. I felt Gina's body jerk up again and again Tommy's cock popped out. This time she held my head f***efully on top of his cock, watching my parted lips pressed against his pulsating meat and f***ed my mouth up and down the length of the wet shaft before I pulled back.
I looked at her breathing hard. She just stared back licking her lips. Again I put his cock back inside of her and licked her. She was playing a game with me to see if I would suck my son's cock in front of her. I knew what she was doing but yet I didn't stop, some wicked part of me enjoying the thrill.
I felt her body jerk up again and Tommy's cock settled between her pussy and my mouth, my lips pressed firmly against his wet meat. I looked up at her unable to breathe. She held on to my hair but she wasn't forcing me to keep it there.
"Uhmmm... yes..." She whispered looking down at me realizing I wasn't pulling back.
For some reason I froze in this position. Was I giving into her? My mouth wasn't open but his thick shaft parted my lips. I looked at her judging her reaction. She was intensely watching me... watching my mouth. She pulled my hair up and made my lips move along my son's wet cock. She than pushed it back and my mouth slid down along the shaft. She started doing this up and down, watching me, and clearly getting a sexual thrill from it.
"Oh yes... oh my god..."
She let go of my hair and somehow my head kept moving on it's own, up and down my son's cock. My mind screamed to pull back, this was too much... I was crossing the line! Seconds passed and my parted lips kept softly riding Tommy's cock.
Uhhh... ok... ok, that's enough, I told myself, pulling back. She quickly grabbed my hair again and f***ed my mouth on top of his shaft moving it up and down. I couldn't continue this. I pulled up and looked at her begging.
"No... no... don't do this to me... he's my son..." I pleaded looking up at this gorgeous girl.
"Oh Kate, you know you have to... you know you'll suck him very soon."
I shook my head in weak defiance, resisting the urges to do it in front of her. I put his cock in her again and started licking her clit. She let go of my hair and closing my eyes, I licked harder. I felt Elaine's tongue reach my asshole and I moaned opening my mouth right above Gina's clit. She noticed my weak moment and moved her body up making Tommy's cock slide out and slide right into my open mouth.
My lips instinctively closed around the wet, hard shaft and I sucked unable to resist the urge. Tommy of course moved his cock up and down fucking my mouth. Oh no, I couldn't suck his cock in front of them! I needed to stop this! I can't do this in front of these girls! My mind was screaming at me but my body held my head still, letting my son fuck my mouth for a few seconds. With great difficulty I pulled myself off of Tommy's cock and held it in my hand looking up at Gina.
"No, I can't... please..." I begged.
"But you already tasted him, go all the way Kate... suck him."
I noticed Tommy looking at me from behind Gina.
"Ohhh, Tommy wants you to do it... I want you to do it, even Elaine wants you to do it... just give into your desires Kate." Gina said.
For the first time I noticed that Elaine wasn't eating me anymore, she was on the side watching me. Oh god... oh god, they were all watching me, expectantly. My mouth was poised right above Tommy's cock. I looked down at it. So hard, so sweet.
I felt Gina's hand on top of my head gently pushing me down. I moved my head from side to side barely able to hold it up.
"No... please... I can't..." I whispered more to myself than these girls.
My resistance was fading, my lips were almost touching the head of his cock. There was clear juice oozing out the slit and I longed for the taste. I opened my mouth and heard Gina whisper "Oh yeah, just like that, he tastes so sweet"
Opening my mouth, I let Gina f***e my head down and took my son deep into my mouth. At that moment it felt as if time stopped for me. I no longer registered the gasps of excitement and shock coming from the girls, all I wanted to do was suck my son's cock and feel his enlarged head pressing against the back of my throat.
I don't know how long I enjoyed sucking his hard meat, all of a sudden I felt Elaine's tongue back on my pussy and asshole and Gina's voice talking to me gently.
"Oh Kate, you look so beautiful doing this..."
I looked up at her and saw that she was intently looking down at me. So this is what she wanted to see. Her face was full of shock and pleasure watching me do it. Her pussy was right in front of me. I pulled Tommy's cock out of my mouth and put my mouth over her whole pussy extending my tongue into her used hole. I sucked and swallowed. She let her head fall back and moaned. I was sucking the juices that my son deposited into her.
After a while I let her go and placed Tommy's cock at her opening. She sunk down on top of it.
"Oh yesss..."
She fucked herself on it for a while and than looked at me. I was there watching her... watching her eyes, waiting patiently with my mouth right there. She smiled at me.
"Oh you want it don't you? You want to suck his cock again..."
"Uhhhmmm... yesss..." I heard my voice as if from afar.
She slowly lifted herself off of his cock and I willingly placed it in my mouth and sucked. Ohhh finally, I was doing it... I was doing it in front of her. The tension faded away replaced with nothing but pleasure... pleasure of having my son's thick meat in my mouth.
"Oh yes... oh my god this is so hot... you love your son's cock don't you Kate?"
Without looking at her I moved my head in a silent yes as an answer. There was no use denying it, these girls seen it all... well... almost all. Elaine stuck her tongue in my asshole making me shiver. I realized that I liked her doing it, it was a different kind of thrill but so intense.
I pulled Tommy's cock out of my mouth and started licking Gina's pussy. She tasted so good, her hole was so big... I just wanted more of her... I wanted to eat her whole. Feeling the tongue in my ass I ran my tongue past Gina's pussy licking in circles. I licked up to the very top and then back down past her pussy almost touching her asshole with my tongue surprised at myself and how nasty I could be. I looked up at her.
"Oh you're naughty!" She exclaimed.
I was stroking Tommy's cock keeping him hard when I noticed Gina pull her legs back, pushing her ass out.
"Do it, lick it..."
I have never done anything like this before but this was such a right moment. I extended my tongue placing it on top of her clit and ran it down to her hole, past her hole and further until I felt her asshole on my tongue. I licked it in circles enjoying the feel and noticed that the taste was not that bad. It was different but not bad. I began to realize what Elaine saw in doing that. It was such a thrill licking another woman's ass.
Gina was moaning loud, louder than ever, enjoying my caresses of her asshole. Suddenly she screamed.
"God I can't take this anymore! Give me his cock!"
She took Tommy's cock out of my hand and impaled herself on top of it with full f***e. Tommy just moaned. She started fucking it fast and hard.
"Oh god yes... fuck yesss... I'm going to cum... oh fuckkk..."
She was going so fast and hard, Tommy's cock was frothing at the base. Soon she was Cumming and so was Tommy, he couldn't last any longer. With one final heave she impaled herself on top of my son's cock and screamed. Tommy was shooting his cum inside of her at the same moment. I placed my mouth over the part where his cock disappeared inside her pussy and sucked.
I felt juices starting to fill my mouth and I swallowed. More came out and I swallowed again and again and again. After a while there was no more. Gina lay limp on top of his body and my son's cock was slowly sliding out of her. I grabbed it and licked it clean than I put my mouth over her pussy and sucked.
"Oh god Kate, you are so good... ohhh... this feels so good..."
I was sucking, licking and sucking, cleaning the messy juices off of her entire pussy. I couldn't get enough of this girl.
"Oh Kate, you are so good..."
When I finally disengaged Elaine was still licking my asshole. I looked back at her with approval.
"Oh baby, thank you so much," I said to her.
After one final lick, she let me go as well. We were all so spent, so satisfied, even Elaine. I somehow knew that licking mine and Gina's pussy and ass was very satisfying to this young girl. We all got up putting our tiny bikinis into place and slipped into the Jacuzzi. Gina and Elaine snuggled up to me slightly caressing my body with their hands and Tommy got up to get me some wine. Afterwards he slipped inside as well besides Gina. Gina looked at me with a serious look.
"Kate, I know that it was the weed that made you do all those things and I just want you to know that we will never tell anyone about what happened here tonight, we promise."
I looked at her and she brought her lips to mine. I didn't push her away, I kissed her sensually, no tongue just lips. I broke away and Elaine kissed me in the same way.
"I swear Kate, I'll never tell anyone," Elaine whispered.
Somehow I knew they were telling the truth.
"Thanks, it means a lot to me and... oh god I just don't know what happened here tonight. I was supposed to just pick Tommy up."
Tommy reached out and grabbed my hand.
"Mom, it's OK, it just happened... everything will be fine."
He knew I worried about these girls watching me suck his cock.
Suddenly we heard noises from the house and Jason came in followed by Steve, they had a case of beer in their hands.
"OK, we have the beer." Jason said putting the case down.
He looked at all of us clumped close together as if trying to imagine what went on when he was gone. If he only knew!
"Well that's nice Jason, but Tommy and I have to split," I said.
"Yeah, you guys just took way too long. Did you have to drive to Nevada to get the beer?" His s****r teased him.
"You have no idea what we had to go through to get this. My fake ID has expired and the first two stores we went to, they noticed right away. We had to drive twenty miles just to get this beer and now you're going to split? Kate, please stay!"
Suddenly I remembered I let him touch my breasts, no wonder he wanted me to stay! He probably felt like he could get away with more if I stayed. God, I did so many things tonight I shouldn't have!
"No Jason, I have to drive so I can't drink. Thanks, maybe some other time."
I could tell my comment gave him hope. God why did I say that? He was just an eighteen year old k**, my friend's son and I was married! I had to get out of there before I got myself into bigger trouble and promised to myself never to smoke weed again.
I got out of the water dripping. All of their eyes were on my body especially now that the tiny bikini was fully transparent. I walked away feeling their gazes and walked into the house heading upstairs to change.
I woke up the next day with a big hangover, my head throbbing and my mouth dry. Turning over I saw my husband laying in bed still asl**p. What time was it? I thought. He went to sl**p even before I left to get Tommy!
Thinking about Tommy brought back vivid pictures of what happened last night. Oh my god! Did I expose so much in front of these two girls I hardly knew? The thought of me giving my son a blow job in front of them made my heart beat faster. Why? It was so wrong of me to do that, so risky! What if they say something to someone, what if they expose my relationship with my son? But there was so much more than that! I... I licked Gina's pussy!!! Gina who just a few months ago turned 18 and could be my daughter!
Yet, remembering taking my son's cock in my mouth as Gina and Elaine watched made me feel hot, excited... sexually stimulated and the thought of what I did to Gina and what I let Elaine do to me! God, how did I get myself into all this? It was that damn weed, it was the joint I smoked mixed with constant consumption of alcohol that clouded my judgment so much! Yes, that was my excuse if anyone ever asked. That would be my excuse if those two girls ever confront me. I promised myself never to smoke weed or drink whenever those two girls were around.
I slowly rolled over and got out of bed. I went downstairs to make some coffee and kept thinking about Tommy, Gina, Elaine and even Suzie. Uhmmm... Suzie, my first girl experience, so sweet and young, I wondered dreamingly if she ever thought of me after our experience together.
I rummaged through some cabinets looking for my favorite coffee mug but couldn't find it. Then I remembered my husband putting it away on the bottom shelf. Getting on my hands and knees I looked around in our deepest, bottom cabinet and saw it way in the back.
Reaching out didn't help so I ended up practically crawling into the cabinet to get it, only my butt was sticking out, thankfully I was wearing a long nightshirt that covered it.
"Hey Mom... whooo, nice... looking good."
The words startled me and I instinctively jerked up knocking my head on the cabinet.
I knew it was my daughter Kristy, she was standing right behind me.
"Mom, what are you doing in there?" She asked.
"Honey, I'm looking for my coffee mug, you know the one I always use."
I felt my shirt starting to slide up on my butt, so I thought it was time to get out of this position in case I showed my daughter too much. I begun inching my way backwards but when I did, I felt my shirt catch on something above me. As I moved back, my shirt started to slide up my body.
I felt my butt expose as my shirt traveled up to my lower back and I heard a tiny "ohh" from my daughter. I didn't want to panic and I didn't want to rip my shirt.
"Oh my god, I think I'm caught. Kristy, could you help please?"
"Uhmmm Mom, I don't think I ever seen you in THAT position," There was definitely laughter in her voice, but also a tiny bit of excitement.
Of course her comment to "THAT position" referred to when she spied on me making love to my husband. Just her reference to that vulnerable moment brought color to my cheeks which I was glad she couldn't see.
"Sweetie, this isn't time to play, please help," I said but the situation seemed funny to me too.
I heard her approach and than felt her kneel behind my butt. The thought for some reason made my throat dry. I did wear panties but they were so tiny and in this position they were probably deep between my ass cheeks. Matter of fact, I felt them wedged deeply between my pussy folds! Oh god, this was so embarrassing, my own daughter could see the details of my sex! My heart was beating so fast now.
Suddenly I felt her hands on my butt and I jerked up again knocking my head on the cabinet.
"Jesus Mom, you're really jumpy today," She said but didn't move her hands away.
"Kristy, please, just unhook my shirt," I pleaded.
"You know, you have a gorgeous butt Mom. It's just perfect, the kind of butt you just want to spank."
Suddenly I felt her palm smack one of my cheeks which I felt jiggle from the impact. It was a light smack that wasn't painful but rather pleasing. Than another.
"Kristy!!!" I said surprised she continued it.
"You know, I could get back at you for all those times you spanked me when I was a little girl, now is my chance," She was laughing, obviously playing with me.
Again I felt a smack, one, two, three. The movement of my luscious cheeks was sending pleasurable vibrations throughout my butt and pussy. I jerked my body back and all I managed to do was to slide my shirt further up my body and almost up to my neck. "Great" I thought, now my breasts were exposed and hanging down for my daughter's viewing pleasure.
"Kristy, if you don't stop this and help me, I'm going to have to spank YOU," I said trying to be serious while laughing on the inside.
"Uhmmm, Mom that could be fun."
Again she smacked my ass which by this time was giving me a pleasurable, warm sensation that was quickly spreading down to my pussy.
"Ohhh..." A low moan escaped my lips.
I didn't want to show my daughter that I was actually enjoying the treatment but again my body betrayed me. I could feel my pussy getting wet! My mind was becoming fuzzy as the warmth from my ass begun clouding my senses. Jesus, I couldn't show her THAT! Her own mother turning this funny and innocent situation into something sexual!
"Kristy, please help me."
She moved up closer to me and by doing that spread my feet apart which spread my butt further apart. Oh my god, I can't do this.
"All right MOM, you're no fun."
Fun! I'll show her fun when I get out of this! I felt her lean into me as she started to work on my shirt. Her ample breasts pressed into my ass and somehow managed to find my crack. I felt something hard pressing against my barely covered rear hole. Was it her nipple? Oh Jesus, I shuddered at the touch hoping she didn't feel it.
"Kristy, what's taking so long?" I asked as it seemed like she couldn't get me freed up.
"Just hold still Mom, I almost have it free."
She placed a hand on one of my ass cheeks for support and leaned further into me. That of course made my ass spread further apart and I clearly felt her nipple rubbing against my anal hole!
"Uhmmm..." Again a moan of pleasure I couldn't suppress.
I knew she heard me and felt me tremble, but did she know why? Her nipple was turning me on tremendously, rubbing the hard knob against my tender hole!
Suddenly I felt my shirt free and my daughter pulling back.
"OK, there."
Again I felt her hands on my ass putting pressure on both of my cheeks in the outward direction... spreading them apart, which seemed innocent as if she was just doing this for support as she was getting up. I knew my asshole and my pussy were probably barely covered and partially exposed and I couldn't help but wonder if she was looking at them.
"Well, I better take my last opportunity," With that I felt my ass being smacked.
I held on for a few heart beats enjoying the treatment, forgetting who it was that was doing it. I didn't know why, but I actually arched my back and stuck my ass out more.
"Uhmmm... Mommie, you like it?"
Smack, smack, smack. I trembled hanging on inside the cabinet.
Her words woke me up as if I was in a dream.
"Wh... What? Kristy, stop... Ohhh, you're gonna get it," I said and moved backwards.
She moved out of the way and I finally stood up on trembling legs. My beautiful daughter stood there with a smile on her face, her cheeks red and her chest moving in deep, steady rhythm. She was only wearing a small pair of pink panties and a tiny tea shirt. Her breasts stood up straight with hard nipples that were poking out under her shirt.
I couldn't help but run my eyes over her curvy, young body, stopping for a brief moment at her panties. Did I see a darker patch between her legs? Was it wetness? I jerked my eyes away not to be obvious what I was staring at.
We looked at each other for a moment without saying a word. Seemed like the moment was tense, she was probably wondering if she took it too far. She meant so much to me, I didn't want her to feel like she did something wrong, I wanted our relationship to continue to be perfect.
"You ungrateful daughter!" I said with a smile "I only spanked you for your own good," I was turning this whole situation into a joke "Looks like you didn't learn anything... I'm just gonna have to spank you again!"
I reached out and grabbed her arm turning her around. She laughed trying to get away. Her struggles were obviously weak as if she was just putting on a show. I lifted my hand and smacked her across her thong covered butt.
"Uhhh... Mommie, please, I didn't mean to be bad," She laughed acting as a little girl.
I laughed too and continued to smack her butt. My hand ended up on her lower back as if to hold her down but somehow I knew well she wouldn't move. Slowly I noticed my own hand moving lower to the point where my fingers were just under the waist band of her panties and I felt the round curve of her hip.
Looking down I saw my daughters perfect ass cheeks and the string of her thong disappearing deep between them. Just looking at them made me shiver with lust and my mouth water.
"So, do you have enough?" I asked looking at her butt which became red.
I realized I placed my hand on her ass with the tips of my fingers disappearing between her cheeks. I looked at her as she looked back, her eyes wide and her face flushed. She shifted her eyes from me to my hand.
"Enough? I think you need some more yourself!" She laughed and twisted free.
I saw laughter and excitement in her eyes as she came around me. My heart was beating fast as well in meek anticipation of what she was going to do. Fun, just some innocent fun with my daughter, I told myself.
"Bad Mommy, here, I'll show you how bad you are."
"Kristy don't," I warned her but she didn't listen.
Grabbing my arm she lightly pushed me against the counter top. I laughed and put both my hands up to my butt protecting my cheeks from spanking that she wanted to give me.
"What has gotten into you, you are so bad," I laughed but didn't resist.
For some reason getting spanked by my daughter was fun and was definitely turning me on. I knew my daughter didn't know that, she probably thought that we were having some mother daughter fun which we were... I kept telling myself.
"Ok bad Mommy, put those hands up and get ready for some smack time... no, better yet, pull that shirt up for me."
"Kristy, no way!"
"You know you've been bad so do it... NOW."
Her demanding tone surprised me a little, made me feel as if I was her daughter and she was the MOM. Games, games two girls can play. I held my breath as my fingers grabbed the edges of my nightshirt. I looked back at her with the most innocent face I could muster.
"You won't spank hard, promise?" I asked in a little girl voice.
She smiled surprised at it.
"Hmmm, that depends, now lift that shirt up!"
Slowly, I inched it up... and up... past my hips, looking back at my daughter, until my nightshirt was around my waist.
Her eyes were peeled to my butt watching it as I exposed it. I could tell she was excited, her eyes were telling me that. Did she like my butt that much? Was this no longer a game? I asked myself and shuddered at the first smack that reached my butt cheek.
With each smack she held her hand on my cheek and squeezed it a little, smacked it again and squeezed it a little.
"Bad Mommy, you need to be punished for what you did to me... spanking me like that," There was no longer any laughter in her voice.
Instead, I heard excitement, I heard... command. I arched my back and looked back at my daughter. Her eyes were wide and she was licking her lips. Ok, Ok, I need to break this off before it gets out of hand. I didn't need to give my daughter any ideas.
But as hard as I tried my body wouldn't move! I took each spanking with eagerness, almost an anticipation. My butt was starting to sting but still I wanted more.
"Are you sorry Mommy? Are you sorry for what you did?"
Smack, smack, smack. Oh god, I loved it!
"Oh, I am baby... Uhhh... I'm so sorry... please!"
I didn't know what I was saying please for. Was it for her to stop, or was it that I wanted more?
SMACK! I tensed, this one was hard.
"Ouch..." I didn't yell, I moaned!
Her hand stayed where it was, deeply planted on my ass, her fingers spread. I looked at her surprised at how hard she smacked me and saw that she was looking at me, her eyes wide and mouth partially opened. She waited for me to complain or stop this but... but I didn't. I let my daughter continue. She moved up close to me, on my side, pressing her firm stomach to it. I could feel her heavy breathing. I felt her other hand grab my other ass cheek and than my daughter started to rub them in circles, massaging me...
I tensed, this wasn't playing anymore. It was sexual, definitely sexual. I needed to stop this, my mind was screaming at me, this is my daughter! Yet I didn't move, I pretended to take her touch as fun, maybe she wouldn't notice... just a little longer.
I was definitely wet, tense sexual feeling running through me as my daughter rubbed my ass.
SMACK! Another hard spank!
"Ohhh..." Another moan that I couldn't suppress escaped me.
She pushed my ass cheeks together and than spread them apart, just lightly. SMACK! Again she pushed them together and pulled them apart, this time further as if testing the boundaries.
SMACK! Again, together and further apart, further than ever before. I hung on and the feeling of cold air between my wet ass cheeks added to my excitement. I had no doubt she could see my asshole, my tiny little panties would not cover it when she spread my cheeks so wide apart.
SMACK! I was taking punishment from my daughter like never before. My eyes were watering from the sting my ass felt and I arched my back supporting myself on the countertop with both of my hands. SMACK! This time when she pulled my ass cheeks apart she kept them there, spread open. I could feel her arched over my butt, looking at me... looking at what was between my cheeks.
OK, no more, I can't! Moment passed as I fought to stop what was happening. With great difficulty I twisted around and leaned my back against the counter. I stood there, my chest heaving, my nightshirt still around my hips as I smiled a weak smile at Kristy trying to make sense of what just happened. I noticed I was perspiring and so was she.
"Phew... my god, you've gotten back at me for everything I ever did to you," I whispered looking into her wide eyes.
She smiled a weak smile and looked down at her own feet. I could tell she was starting to feel guilty or maybe unsure about what happened, for what she did... for how far she let herself go.
"Hey you, don't be so sad, it was fun," I reached out holding my hands out for a hug.
My words definitely diffused the situation, they made everything seem like it was just innocent fun. She looked up at me and came into my arms, which I closed around her giving her a warm hug.
"Thanks Mom, it actually felt good to spank you and fun too. You know, whenever you need a good spanking let me know, I'll surely oblige," She said looking up at me with those large blue eyes of hers.
"Yeah, I'm sure you will, you bad daughter of mine," I laughed.
"I love you baby," I whispered affectionately.
She was so grown up now and I cherished the moments when I could still hold her in my arms.
"I love you too Mom," She whispered back.
We were both looking at each other in a deep hug, close... so close to each other. I felt her head move up closer as if she wanted to kiss me. I definitely didn't mind since we've done that a lot. I moved my head closer and brushed her lips with mine.
Suddenly I felt her move up more and her lips pressing against mine in a more tender kiss with the tip of her tongue brushing against my lips. This was too much but I couldn't let go standing there frozen in my own daughter's grip. I held the position for just a few more heart beats and disengaged.
"OK young lady, I think that's enough fun for today. You better disappear before I decide to really spank you!"
She pushed back and laughed like she always did when she was a little girl.
"Sure Mom, whatever you say but remember, I might like it this time."
With that she ran out of the kitchen. I sighed, watching her perfect butt jiggle as she ran out.
I poured myself some coffee and sat down at the table a little bit confused. Oh God, what were these k**s doing to me? First my son and now my daughter? I definitely didn't want my daughter to feel anything sexual towards me. What just happened was so much on the border line.
"Hey babe."
I watched as my husband walked into the kitchen and gave me a tiny kiss on my cheek.
"How did the thing with Tommy go last night?"
I jumped and stiffened up in my chair.
"What do you mean?" I asked with a trembling voice.
"You know, you getting him from the party, him being d***k," He looked at me with curiosity in his eyes.
I calmed myself enough to answer.
"Oh you know, I picked him up and brought him home. He's probably still in bed sl**ping it off."
"I'm a little concerned about him. Lately he has been spending a lot of time at home, not going out with any girls and all, except for the last night of course. Was there any girls at the party?"
"Well for your information he is going out with a nice girl, her name is Gina, Jeanine's daughter," I answered him and suddenly I could still taste her sweet pussy on my tongue.
I shook my head trying to get the image of her spread open legs and pussy impaled on Tommy's cock out of my mind.
"Uhmmm, Gina, I remember that girl... she is a little hotty."
"What a jerk" I thought. He was forty years old and still thinking of young girls like that. I turned around ignoring his comment and sipped on my coffee.
"So what's your plan for today?" I asked.
"OH shit, I didn't tell you? We have a new account opening in Chicago, I have to go into the office and spend some time reviewing the proposed financial plan."
He said that without even looking at me. Money, always money, that was his first priority. He never paid attention to me!
"How long are you going to be gone for?" I asked trying to sound concerned.
"I'll be back later tonight, I'm sorry babe I didn't tell you about it."
Uhhmmm, a whole day! This could give me time to think and maybe straighten things out with my k**s!
He came up to me giving me a hug. I returned it enjoying his attention and soon felt his hands squeezing my butt. I flinched because my ass was still tender from the spanking Kristy gave me. I felt his hands pulling my shirt up.
"John, what are you doing?" I asked with my arms around his neck.
Instead of answering he pressed his lips against mine. Although I was still mad at him, I returned his kiss and soon our tongues were twisting around in a passionate kiss. I was turned on and I didn't understand why? How can couple of touches turn me on so much? Was it because I haven't had him is such a long time? Was it because the thought of being a slut turned me on so much I was willing to become one for anybody?
Soon he had my shirt around my waist and was massaging my ass with his hands. My breathing came in gasps from kissing him and having my ass squeezed.
"John... god, spank me... spank my ass!"
I surprised myself by saying that. Did I like the spanking my daughter gave me that much?
"Uhmmm, honey, sure..." Was the only thing he said.
"Oh yeah..." I moaned.
Smack, smack, smack! Oh god that felt good! I arched my back and stuck my ass out even more.
"Ohhhhhh... oh my god my ass..."
He was spanking me harder and harder, making me shiver with excitement. I hung on to his neck as my husband punished me. In my mind I imagined he was punishing me for what I did... for what I did with our son... for what I did with Frank and with Suzie and with Gina and Elaine... and... oh my god, our son! Oh god I couldn't stand it, I needed more!!!
Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching the kitchen and my husband quickly pulled my nightshirt down gasping, having difficulty controlling his breathing. It was Tommy. He walked into the kitchen saying hi and grabbed a cup of coffee. I was sexually frustrated being teased by my daughter and my husband without a release but couldn't do anything about it. We made small conversation and my husband excused himself to get ready for work.
At one time during the morning I asked Tommy what his plans were for today and he said he was going to hang out with Gina. The thought of the two of them "hanging out" brought vivid thoughts of Gina's pussy to my mind. I felt a little jealous, part of me wanted to be with him and another part wanted to be with Gina, it was so confusing!
Soon after my husband and Tommy left the phone rang. I picked it up thinking it could be Tommy.
"Hallo?" I said into the phone.
"Yes, who's this?"
"It's Frank..."
My heart froze! I couldn't say a word as the dreaded phone call I was so much anticipating became a reality!
"Kate are you still there?"
"Yes, what do you want Frank?"
"You know what I want, I want you and you want the pictures back."
"Ok Frank, how do I get them back?" I said with a trembling voice.
"Hmmm... I like your eagerness, are you excited?"
"Frank, please, I just want to get those pictures back."
Although I knew my daughter who was still in the house could not hear me, I lowered my voice.
"I know you do and you will... if you do exactly what I say."
"What do you want?" I said in a cold voice.
"I want you to check for me if you're excited... touch your pussy."
"What! I will not!"
For some reason my body tensed and my breathing became deeper. How dare he ask me something like that!
"You will, it's the only way you'll get them back."
I felt trapped. As much as I despised him, I felt I didn't have much choice. I would go along with what he wanted for the moment. I waited a few moments but he didn't say anything. I turned away from the stairs in case my daughter came downstairs and inconspicuously placed my hand inside my panties. I was surprised to find my pussy already wet.
"Ok, I'm doing it, now what?" I said.
"Good, are you wet?"
"You're lying Kate, that's not the way to get your pictures back," He said and I could almost visualize him smiling.
"Ok, I am, you're satisfied?" I said after a short pause, my face becoming beet red.
"Good, now rub it in circles as if you're masturbating."
I couldn't believe what this demented person wanted me to do!
"No way, you might have gotten the satisfaction of fucking me but no more!" I almost yelled into the phone frustrated at my situation.
I also realized with a startled bewilderment that my hand was still inside my panties. I felt the confusion between decency and hate for that person and the perverted pleasure his demands were insinuating creeping into my mind.
"Kate, Kate, Kate... I could easily post your pictures all over the internet, better yet, I could e-mail them to your husband... how would you like that?" He said with a laugh.
"You wouldn't..." I gasped in panic.
"Please don't... Jesus, I'll do it... ok... here."
I felt the horror of those pictures getting out and quickly rubbed my pussy. Another surprise was that I immediately felt pleasure and more moisture flood it.
"Yeah, I can hear your heavy breathing... good girl, now stick your fingers in it," He demanded.
Giving up to Frank's perverted pleasures I slid them in and moaned. What else could I have done? I did not want those pictures reaching my husband, it would definitely cause him to divorce me and I was afraid that I would loose my k**s. I tried very, very hard not to enjoy myself but those fingers... god those fingers just wouldn't stop!
"Now take them out and taste yourself Kate."
I did. I didn't want to but I did. I placed my fingers in my mouth and sucked my own juices softly moaning into the phone, forgetting who listened to my moans on the other end. The thought of doing that with my daughter just upstairs added to my pleasure and excitement. Part of me wanted the release I was denied this morning.
"You're a good slut Kate, now are you alone in the house?"
"No... my daughter's here, she's upstairs."
"Uhmmm, Kristy... she's a hot little number, her tits and her ass... I'd love to fuck that wouldn't you Kate?"
His question caught me off guard.
"N... no, of course not, she's my daughter," I whispered.
"That sounded a little hesitant, have you had sexual thoughts about your daughter? Come on Kate, tell me."
Oh god no, no he couldn't know!
"No, no I haven't."
I denied it but as much as I tried not to, my daughter's perfect ass pooped into my mind.
"You never thought about her full tits... dark nipples, the kind of nipples you wanna lick and bite?"
"No... please."
"I can tell you're getting excited... I can tell you thought of her, you'd probably want to eat her pussy wouldn't you Kate? Your own daughter's pussy..."
I listened to this man I hated but my hand instinctively reached down to my hot, wet pussy.
"Ahhh... no, please stop," I begged.
"You'd like to run your tongue between those young pussy lips and suck them into your mouth... taste those juices flowing into your mouth and tongue fuck your daughter until she cums, wouldn't you Kate? Tell me!"
I leaned against the wall with my eyes closed and my hand moving in circles over my wet pussy.
"Oh god no... oh god... ahhh... I don't know... oh please, what are you doing to me?" I moaned into the phone realizing what I said.
I don't know? I don't know? She was my daughter for Christ sake!
"Are you playing with yourself? I can tell you are, I can tell by your gasping and heavy breathing, tell me Kate."
My hand was moving faster over my clit making me crazy with lust.
"Yes... yes I'm playing with my pussy..." I whispered.
"Good, now imagine your beautiful daughter naked in front of you, her luscious tits with hard nipples freely moving as she walks up close."
"No, no Frank stop..." I moaned squeezing my eyes shut desperately trying not to imagine what he was saying.
"Her hairless pussy with puffy little lips just waiting for you to touch, tell me Kate, will you touch your daughter?"
"No, no I won't!"
I fought it, with all my will I fought the suggestions he was putting into my mind!
"But she wants you to, she's so close waiting for you to touch her."
"No, oh god noooooooo..." I moaned loosing my mind.
"Do you want to touch her? Do you want to feel your own daughter? Tell me Kate!"
"Oh god... oh goooooooood... ahhhhhhh..."
"You do, don't you? I can tell, just let it go, touch her, feel her pussy."
"Yes, god damn you yes."
I nearly screamed into the phone wanting to cum, my hand flying across my engorged clit.
"Good slut, now do you have panties on?"
"Yes," I whispered hoarsely.
"I want you to take them off, do it now Kate."
My hands were trembling as I reached down and quickly pulled my panties off of me throwing them on the near by chair.
"Do you have them off now?"
"Now take your shirt off so you are completely naked."
Again I quickly pulled the shirt off and stood there naked trembling with excitement.
"Are you naked?"
"Are your nipples hard?"
"God yes," I whispered into the phone squeezing them.
"Reach down and touch your pussy. Is it wet?"
I ran my hand down and touched my pussy... my wet pussy moaning softly.
"Oh god yes it's dripping."
"Would you like someone to lick you, to caress your pussy with their tongue and make you squeal with pleasure?"
"Oh yes... ahhh... yes."
My hand rapidly moved over my clit and I could feel the pressure building up within me, my body waiting for the release I needed.
"Do you want your daughter there right now?"
"Oh god... ahhh... ohhh... ahhh..."
"Answer me Kate, do you want your daughter licking you, licking your pussy until you cum?"
I didn't know what was happening to me, I just lost it. I stood there in our hallway completely naked masturbating and all I could think of was Kristy.
"Yes... oh god..." I moaned hard into the phone, my body hot with desire.
"You want her mouth down between your spread open legs drinking your wetness?"
"Yes... oh god... yes," I moaned like a slut not thinking about the fact that I was expressing my desires for my own daughter.
"What about your asshole, do you want your daughter to lick your asshole with her wet tongue?"
"Yes, my asshole too yes, I want it."
I was out of control, my body shaking with pleasure. The thought of someone licking my asshole became overbearingly strong.
"Bend over Kate, bend over with your ass to the stairs so when your daughter comes down she can see what kind of slut mom she has."
I did, my god I did. I quickly spread my legs and keeping them straight I bent over spreading my ass cheek with my hand, doing as I was told.
"Oh god... oh yes, god I'm bent over..."
"Do you want her to see you like that?"
Another disgustedly perverse thought, my own daughter seeing me like that! No matter how much I tried not to do this, my sexually stimulated mind immediately flashed images of Kristy watching me do this from the stairs.
"Yes... ahhh... yes, I want her to see me like that."
"Stick your finger in your ass Kate."
My breathing came in gasps as I quickly felt my asshole with my trembling hand and slid one finger in.
"Uhhh..." I moaned as I felt my anal ring give way.
"Is it in? Now fuck your asshole with it."
"Ahhh... ohhh... ohhh... oh my god!"
Why did I give myself into this man so easily? Why did I let him control me like that? The only answer was that I had to, I had to do this to get my pictures back! The enjoyment and the pleasure my body felt was all secondary to my mission, or was it?
"Are you fucking your asshole Kate?"
"Are you being a slut?"
"Yes... oh god yes."
"Tell me, I want to hear it coming from you."
I hesitated a moment thinking of admitting to this man what I felt at the moment, shamelessly displaying my body in my own house, but than the words just came out of my mouth...
"I'm a slut... my god, I'm a fucking slut," I whispered into the phone closing my eyes and ramming the finger deep into my willing asshole.
"Good, now you're going to be my slut this evening and do what ever I tell you to do, understand?"
I stiffened up realizing what he was asking. If I allowed him to have his way with me, what kind of perverse things would he do to me? I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it but another part of me felt... pleasurable anticipation. I had to do what he asked me to do, I just had to.
"Yes," My whisper was barely audible.
"I can't hear you Kate, say it!" He snapped into the phone.
"Yes, I will be your slut this evening," I said sternly into the phone and the words coming out of my mouth combined with my own finger still fucking my asshole made me moan and really feel like a slut. This was so much like my fantasy, to be used by someone... someone that was able to fuck all my holes and treat me like a cheap cock receptacle, to cum inside me and on my tits and in my mouth! The degrading thoughts made my mind a blank void of sexual perversity.
"Oh god I will be your slut, I will do whatever you want me to do Frank! OH YES, I'm such a slut!"
I couldn't stop it, the words freely coming out of my mouth sent more pleasurable sensations through my pussy and my ass! I collapsed on the floor kneeling and spread my legs as wide as I could fingering my asshole and moaning into the phone. Looking over my shoulder towards the stairs I imagined my daughter walking out of her room and looking down at me! What would she do? What would she think? Would she call me a slut? Would she spank me for it? Ohhh... yes...
I took my finger out and slapped my own ass which sent shivers up and down my spine. I wanted so much to cum, my body lusting for the pleasurable sensation but I couldn't... I just wasn't close enough, I needed a cock, I needed someone else to do this to me!
"Ahhhhuuuhhh..." I moaned with frustration into the phone.
As if reading my thoughts and my predicament, Frank laughed into the phone.
"Don't worry Kate, if you're a good slut tonight, I'll make sure you'll cum many times."
The words made me realize I was really in for it.
"Now here is what I want you to wear and where I want you to meet me."
I listened on the phone to his demands and my heart sunk as I imagined myself in those clothes walking around in public...
I put the phone up and placed my back against the wall breathing nervously and thinking of what to do. I could only imagine what perverted things Frank wanted me to do for him and his friends... yes, his friends too! My god, I would be a total slut! How many friends would he bring? Two? Three? Ten? Did it make a difference anymore? Would they fuck my pussy? My ass? My mouth? Maybe all three of my openings at the same time? I couldn't breathe thinking about it! I dreamed of doing that with Tommy whom I loved and maybe someone else... someone close to me, but not with that creep and his creep friends!
But what could I do? I was alone, vulnerable and confused. Frank had all those pictures that could destroy so many things so he was in total control of this situation. But the more I thought, the more this idea repulsed me. I couldn't do it! I couldn't have him do this to me! What perverted pleasures was he planning on getting from me? The thought of him driving his cock into me was no longer exciting but repulsive. In frustration I hit my head against the wall! I had to think of something!
I went up to see Tommy almost ready to tell him everything but I realized he was already gone. I was in a panic; I didn't know what to do. Wondering around the house for few moments I ended up in front of Kristy's room. I just needed to take my mind off of this for a short while. I knocked on her door lightly and herd her soft voice telling me to come in.
She was lying in her bed, still in her night shirt reading a book. She put the book down on her chest and watched me as I walked in. I sat down on the edge of the bed and didn't say anything.
"Mom, what's wrong?" She asked concerned.
I was so transparent that my own daughter could clearly see the tension in me. I wondered for a few seconds if I should tell her the whole thing but than I realized I couldn't. I just looked at her. She was so young, so beautiful and innocent, I felt so much love for her.
"Oh nothing, just a little sad that's all," I lied.
She sat up putting her arm around my shoulders and looked into my eyes.
"Oh you're sad because Dad works too much... Mom, he's only doing it because of his job, it's so demanding on him sometimes. What can I do to make you happy again, tell me, anything you want."
She was so good to me. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her, I immediately felt her return the hug. We sat there for few moments just enjoying the closeness and the hug. I noticed how good she smelled, her natural body smell with just a tiny scent of perfume and the warmth of her body pressed against mine were slowly driving my troubled thoughts away.
"Here, lay down with me," She said pulling me to her bed.
She moved over so I could get in and held the covers open for me. I smiled at her thoughtfulness and noticed getting in that her nightshirt was pulled up. My eyes momentarily rested between her legs and although they were close together, I could see her bald pussy and the start of her pink lips as I laid down. I was surprised she did not wear any panties. The brief and accidental exposure sent shivers through my body as my mind recalled my phone conversation with Frank and his lewd suggestions. What was making matters worse was as Kristy closed the covers over us I smelled a mild scent... a scent I immediately recognized as her pussy, mixed with the wonderful scent of her body. My senses were filled with my daughter and although I knew that in my present state I shouldn't lay down with her, I... did.
The bed was so warm and cozy and the closeness of my daughter made it feel like the old times when she used to sl**p with me sometimes whenever she needed someone close. She wrapped her arm around my stomach and brought her head to rest on top of my chest, her face resting on the top part of my breasts. Her long hair fell around her face and I instinctively begun brushing it back with my fingers.
"Mom, I miss being close to you like this. Remember when I was a little girl and I got in trouble with Dad you used to always cuddle me like that?"
God yes I remembered. Kristy pressed her body to mine and hugged me as if I was her pillow. I felt her now developed breasts smash into my side and I wondered if it was her hard nipple under the thin material of her shirt that started to give me the tingly feeling between my legs. Maybe it was the intoxicating, musky smell of her pussy that was doing that, I didn't know. Chastising myself I drove the thought away and hugged my daughter closer to me.
"I remember baby, god you were so young back than."
"I'm not anymore though Mom."
I felt her hand slide down to my hip as I realized that my own nightshirt has bunched up around my waist. I felt Kristy's fingertips on the sensitive skin around my hip, thank god I was wearing panties. The only bad part was that those panties were practically soaked at that moment.
"Mom, can I ask you a question?"
"Sure sweetie, anything," I said trying not to think of where her fingers were resting.
She paused for a brief moment and than I felt her take a deep breath.
"Do you ever masturbate?"
What??? The question caught me so off guard that I didn't know what to say! Moments passed before I formulated my response.
"Well, of course honey, everyone does."
I felt her body relax as she lay there peeled to me.
"Do you ever cum when you do that?"
"Kristy! Why do you ask?" I tried to keep my tone of voice level but couldn't help my face getting warm.
"I'm just... I'm just curious because I never can," She whispered.
Her response surprised me. She couldn't cum? I had to dig deeper, I had to find out what was wrong.
"Honey, why not? Is anything wrong?" I asked concerned.
She looked up at me with her large blue eyes, so close to me, her chin resting largely on my breast.
"No, everything's fine down there... just that... it never happens for me, no matter how hard I try."
My first thought was, she must not be doing it right but than I realized that it was one of those fundamental things about a person that came natural. I thought about what I was about to say. I wanted to help my daughter but this could lead to something I wasn't quite sure I was prepared for.
"Well... how do you do it? Maybe you're doing it wrong..." I whispered looking into her eyes.
"Ugrrr... this is embarrassing, but... you're my Mom and I feel I can tell you anything."
She put her head back on top of my breast, this time her lips were right at my nipple to where I could feel her hot breath. Jesus, I hoped my nipples weren't getting hard!
"Well, I usually spread my legs really wide and with my finger I start rubbing my clit area while trying to think about something... sexy. Like a movie I saw recently when a boyfriend made his girlfriend go down on another girl in front of him and his friends."
Sexy? That was sexy? I realized my daughter had some kinkiness to her sexual side and maybe even some exhibitionism! My mind wondered as thoughts of one woman going down on another filled it. I had to admit though, that particular idea seemed to increase my heart beat and make my breathing shallow. I squeezed my legs together tight feeling my pussy lips grind together.
"Ok, that's a good start, but what about when you're with a boy? What about then?"
"Mom, I've only been with two boys in my life and believe me, it was quick and not very enjoyable."
I just laid there dumbfounded and couldn't believe my daughter never had an orgasm! She was 19 years old!
"Mom, when I saw you with Dad I... I envied you so much, I watched you and saw that... that you came, that you... really, really enjoyed it," She said with a big sigh.
"Oh my god sweetie... I didn't know, I am so sorry."
I hugged her closer to me and by accident brushed my hand against the underside of her breast pressed against me. I thought that would create tension and make her pull away but she didn't even flinch. Instead, she put her leg on top of mine in a sort of fetal position. I kept my hand under her breast lightly touching it as my mind raced trying to figure out what to do next. I knew she wasn't wearing any panties and in this position, if she moved any closer, I would feel her sexy pussy lips on my leg. I didn't know how to pull away, I knew I should but because what we were talking about, I couldn't.
"I know Mom, it's ok, I just wished I knew how to do it... would you... would you show me how you do it?" It seemed like those last few words slipped out of her.
I felt her body tense up and so did I. How could I answer that? If I said no and totally pushed my daughter away at that moment she might go through life without knowing or experiencing the most wonderful feeling... an orgasm! No, I couldn't do that to her, not my baby daughter.
"Oh god Kristy, I really want to help you but how?" I asked unsure.
She relaxed again and looked up at me with her big dark eyes. They were large, larger than usual and full of excitement.
"Just... just show me how you do it. If I could only see, Mom... I could... god how I wish I knew how to make myself cum!" She put her head down on my breast again and hugged me really tight.
She moved closer and suddenly it happened. I felt her pussy, her lips on my leg and... it was wet! I froze unable to think straight feeling the warm, slimy flesh of my daughter's most private part. I needed to somehow peel her off of me, but how?
"Kristy... I aaa..."
"You'll do it Mom? Please say you will."
"Ok... uhhh... I will," I whispered after a long pause capitulating to my young daughter's request.
We were both women after all and even more. We were Mother and Daughter in need of one another. She needed me to teach her something about masturbation and I needed a release right now, I needed to be part of someone I loved, even if it meant masturbating in front of my daughter.
As soon as I said I will, she sat up in front of me wide eyed. Her face was serious and reflecting anticipation with wonder of seeing something she though she would never see. She sat with her knees together and under her, watching me carefully.
"Ok, although I will do this, I need you to promise me you will never mention this to anyone."
She just nodded her head eagerly listening to me as I started to pull the covers off of me.
"This... this isn't something a Mother would do... usually," I added at the end pulling the covers completely off.
She quickly grabbed them and threw them off the bed. I already felt exposed although I still wore the nightshirt. There was nothing within reach I could use to cover myself with and that, combined with the fact that Kristy's eyes were freely roaming up and down my body, added to my excitement.
"Oh god, this is really happening! I cannot believe this is really happening!" The thoughts ran through my mind.
I slowly grabbed the edges of my shirt and slid it up my body. My eyes involuntarily darted to Kristy's and I saw she was watching my body as I slowly exposed it to her. Oh god, I realized this whole situation was turning me on! Undressing in front of her was turning me on beyond belief! Watching her watch me, made my pussy cream!
I looked down at my panties at the moment when my shirt went past my hips and although my legs were still together, I saw how wet they were pressed tightly to my pussy. My slightly swollen outer lips made a visible indent in them creating what is known as a camel toe. Surprised and slightly embarrassed I looked into Kristy's eyes but didn't find anything in them except... wonder and... lust. She watched my wet panties with her mouth slightly open as I tried to judge her reactions in her eyes. Suddenly as if she realized why my panties were wet, her eyes widened and she looked into my eyes holding her breath. I could feel my face getting warm as she stared in amazement into my eyes. We gazed at one another for a brief moment and there was no mistake that we both understood why I was wet. Exhaling she looked back down to my barely covered pussy.
Embarrassed at the fact that now my daughter knew part of my wickedness... or weakness, I pulled my shirt up higher knowing I couldn't stop this, I already made a commitment. I bunched my shirt up around my waist like a respectable Mom would do and looked at my curious daughter. The feelings from Kristy watching me were slowly building up my excitement.
"Ok, here is what you should do," I whispered barely able to stop my voice from shaking.
Kristy looked disappointed as I soon found out why.
"M... Mom, you have to take your panties off so I can see," She smiled at me.
"Kristyyyy... no, Jesus I can't, I'm your MOM!"
Although it was shocking to hear her say that, part of me was glad she said it. That wicked part that usually got me in trouble was now telling me to listen to my daughter.
"I know, that's why I asked you, because I love you and you are so dear to me."
My heart was pounding hard as I looked at her in shock. She, on the other hand, grinned and grabbed my ankles.
"If you don't do it, I'm going to have to spank you."
I smiled and shook my head at her.
"No way, you already had your share of spanking me today, my butt is still hurting."
Without waiting for any further responses she twisted my ankles one over another forcing me to turn my body over and lay on my stomach.
"Ouch, Kristy!" I yelped.
I immediately felt my legs being spread and Kristy sitting down between them. Oh no, my panties were way too small for this position.
"Kristy let me go," I demanded looking back at her over my shoulder.
I looked down at my panties as well but all I could see was that they were wedged between my ass cheeks.
"Let me go or you'll get it!" I shot a warning back at her.
She just laughed and I felt the first smack of her hand swat across my butt cheeks sending strong sexual shivers through my body. I tried twisting out but couldn't as she effectively held my ankles in place.
"Will you take your panties off Mommy?" She asked poised to swat me again.
"No way, not in front of you, you're my daughter," I said and tensed for a spanking.
SMACK! My cheek stung. She didn't wait to give me a hard one this time. SMACK! My mouth opened and...
"Uhhhmmmmmm... Kristy, Jesus you have to stop doing this to me," I moaned.
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! She let go of my ankles and smacked me hard with both hands. Her knees separated my legs even more and I instinctively arched my back and stuck my ass out. "Panties... my ass... my pussy, god I'm probably showing her..." The thought raced through my mind.
"Why Mom? You obviously like it."
She was right! I did enjoy the spanking, the constant sting of my butt cheeks combined with having my legs spread wide open and the cool air circulating around my most private parts kept me highly aroused. But it was my own daughter who was doing this to me. My mind and proper nature of my character wanted to stop this but my body just wouldn't move.
"Ok Kristy, Ok... I will take my panties off, please just stop," I begged knowing this could go much further if I didn't stop it.
She backed up and let me turn over watching me the whole time. I noticed her nipples were really hard poking through the material of her night shirt and looking down on my own, mine were hard as well! Looking into her eyes I shook my head disapprovingly hooking my fingers in the waistband of my silk panties.
"Alright, Jesus I can't believe I'm doing this," I whispered and pulled.
Kristy's eyes widened as she watched my hands pulling my panties down over my hips, exposing my naval, and down my thighs. Once my pussy became visible her wide eyes stayed glued to it and she gave a startled "Oh" after which her mouth stayed open with arousal.
It was so hard to control my movements, to stop my hands from shacking and just ripping my panties off as I wanted to. Gracefully, I pulled my panties down my long, tanned legs and took them off. I didn't know what to do with them, I held them in my hands sort of confused and kept my legs together while looking at my daughter, I could only imagine what I looked like to her.
As if sensing my uncertainty she grabbed my panties and took them from me.
"I'll take those."
Why? Why did my daughter take my wet panties from me? I thought about Frank and the time he took my panties as a trophy of what he did to me, did she think the same way? I lay there completely naked from the waist down breathing shallow. Although the room was nice and warm, I felt goose bumps on parts of my skin.
I didn't know how to proceed; I mean this was so much different than doing it by myself! Without looking at Kristy, I put one hand on my breast and the other on my firm stomach. Slowly I started rubbing my breast through my shirt as my other hand wormed it's way down to my cleanly shaven pussy. My fingers touched my pussy lips and I ran one in-between them to my sopping wet hole.
"Uhhhmmm..." I moaned with pleasure.
I gave Kristy a look hesitating a moment. How far should I go with this, I kept asking myself. Kristy was so innocent, sheltered by me since she was my only girl and protected in every way. But she wasn't a c***d anymore, she wanted to learn, to be able to experience and feel the pleasure of an orgasm! It was only right that I showed her how to reach it.
Making up my mind but deciding just to put on a show, I slowly parted my legs watching her... judging her reactions. As my legs spread open, so did her eyes and her mouth. She watched my pussy intently and the finger worming it's way in between the moist parts. Something else became evident, I could smell myself! As soon as I spread my legs the wonderful smell of my sex permeated the warm air around us. I could tell my daughter smelled it too from the look of her nostrils slightly flaring.
She sat on my side, facing me about the knee level, watching... watching her Mother. As soon as my right knee touched her side, I realized it wouldn't be enough. I also felt her shiver from the touch my leg made with her skin as I shivered as well... her skin was so warm!
I kneaded my nipple and rubbed my clit in circles driving myself crazy in front of my own daughter but I knew I needed to be spread wider. The wild lust filled sexual feeling slowly building up inside of me made the decision to open up more for me. I lifted my leg up bending it at the knee and slowly straightened it out with my toes pointing to the ceiling. Looking at Kristy I slowly moved it around my daughter and brought it back down on the other side of her. That really opened me up but now that leg was resting on Kristy's thighs and she was between them. The contact with my daughter's skin was driving me crazy!
Kristy's eyes almost popped out of her sockets as she looked at my spread open pussy right in front of her. She sat there stiff backed and her hands rested on her thighs as if it was the only safe place to put them. In my mind, she made herself put them there so she wouldn't let them wonder...
My breathing was already labored but now I started moaning softly to the rhythm of my own finger which by now was running into my hole and then up my slit and around my clit rubbing it in circles. I closed my eyes and continued this treatment until I felt my body tingling with warm, lustful feeling of release. Forgetting who was watching, I plunged three fingers into my pussy hole and fucked myself hard, in and out... in and out, moaning... moaning with pleasure I was giving myself!
I don't know how much time has passed with me masturbating on my daughter's bed... putting on a show for her. I opened my eyes one time and saw that Kristy was still in the same position but her right hand was buried deep in her crotch as she masturbated herself kneeling so close to me... watching me. Her face was flushed and she had a lustful look in her eyes, mouth open, lips dry.
I was so close... so close. I closed my eyes and pulling my shirt up over my breasts pinched my nipples hard pulling on them. That's what I needed! Three of my fingers deep in my pussy and the kneading of my nipples combined to a moment of release and I screamed.
"Ohhhhh Myyyyy Goddddd... I'm cumming... yesssss... ahhhhhhhh..."
My body was thrashing on her bed in front of my daughter and then... then I heard it.
"Ahhhh... Ohhhhh... Oh fuck... yesssss... ahhhhhhh..."
It was Kristy, she was Cumming as well! In that moment of pleasure, I opened my eyes and saw her reclined back, knees apart and her hand furiously rubbing her clit as she came... came at the same moment I did. Ohhh the thoughts... seeing her pussy so blatantly open in front of me... her pussy lips apart... her hole visible, wet and dripping made my body... my orgasm so powerful I screamed watching her... watching my daughter's sensual pussy to the point of almost loosing consciousness. I finally threw my head back and rode the last remaining waves of ecstasy.
Breathing hard I tried to come down. I lay there staring at the ceiling and didn't move listening to Kristy's breathing. After a while I lifted my head and saw that she was staring between my legs which were still spread open. She was reclined back supporting herself on her elbows with her knees spread open revealing her moist pussy to me. My eyes darted to her crotch for a quick look and I marveled at her dark lips and pink insides showing from between them.
Being with Suzie and Gina before made me lust for the taste of that flesh to the point of extreme and dangerous weakness. I swallowed hard. Afraid my daughter might recognize my thoughts I peeled my eyes away from her pussy and looked at her smiling.
"God that was wonderful. Did you... did you?" I mumbled.
She looked at me and smiled back.
"YES... YES I DID," She said with such joy it made my heart flutter.
She pulled herself up and with one move threw her whole body over mine hugging me tightly.
"Oh my god Mom, I did. I did. Thank you so much, my god it was great, what a feeling. It's... it's indescribable!" The words were pouring out of my daughter as she lay on top of me laughing.
I laughed too hugging her close forgetting I was naked underneath her with my legs spread open. I felt her hips digging into the insides of my thighs but didn't care. I felt her soft pussy grazing against mine but didn't care.
The only thought that registered in my fuzzy brain was that I helped my daughter have an orgasm! I was the first one, in a way, to give her an orgasm!
"Mom, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you," She said joyously and kissed me.
It was just a joyful kiss, a Mother-Daughter kiss but the longer it lingered... the more dangerous it was becoming. At that moment if felt as if time has stopped. Suddenly I felt her pussy touching mine and recognized the lewd position we were in. I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine. A few heart beats past and suddenly I felt her tongue slightly running across my lips. "NO" my mind screamed!
With shock I realized my hands were on her ass, her shirt around her waist. More tongue! "NO, I can't!" my mind screamed again!
Lifting my hand off her ass I smacked her butt cheek with f***e. SMACK! Her eyes widened and she broke our kiss.
"Ok young lady, that's enough fun for one day," I said trying to stay calm breathing really hard.
"Ohhh, you always have to spoil the fun," She said making a sad face.
Rolling off of me she lay beside me propping her head on her hand so she can watch me. I took the opportunity to pull my shirt down and cover my naked body. We continued to lay there talking about our experience, laughing together but slowly the thought of what I had to do today crept back into my mind. Frank and his friends!
She must have recognized the sudden change because she immediately became concerned.
"Mom, what's wrong?"
"Oh nothing, why do you ask?"
"Mom, I can see something's bothering you, come on tell me."
"Kristy, I'm just a little sad that's all," I whispered looking away.
"You're sad because of what we did... at what I asked you to do," She whispered back.
I turned my head back to her sharply.
"No Kristy, what we did was wonderful... I mean, it's wonderful that you were able to experience an orgasm. Believe me, that is great!"
She looked skeptical.
"It sure doesn't look like it Mom. I understand, I'm... I'm a freak aren't I?" She turned away from me sad.
No! This can't be! She can't possibly think that!
"No, of course not, Kristy you're not a freak! You're beautiful and it's OK what we did, it was nothing, please believe me!"
My mind raced to figure out how to make her believe.
"Mom, please... I... I shouldn't have asked you..."
I saw tears starting to form in her sad eyes.
"Kristy, it's something else... I... I'm in trouble..." I whispered looking into my daughter's eyes.
Her face suddenly changed from that of guilt to total interest and concern. What could I have done? I couldn't let her think that she was a freak and allow her guilty feelings to consume her. No matter how much my common sense told me to keep it a secret, I lay there with my daughter and began a tale of how I got into this mess.
"God Mom, I didn't know!" Kristy stared at me with so much sadness in her eyes it almost made me cry.
Up to this point she listened to me intently without any interruptions. I anticipated her calling me a slut, a whore for what I did but none of that happened. She looked at me the same, with love in her eyes and... and concern. I didn't tell her anything about me and her b*****r of course, just the part about the photo shoot in the rail yard and what I did with Frank.
"I know. I don't know what to do. I mean if I go there tonight who knows what that demented person will make me do! I can't... I just can't." I buried my face in my hands and cried.
I felt Kristy come up close to me and put her arm around my shoulder.
"Mom, I know what to do. I know how to help you!" She exclaimed.
I lifted my head up and looked at her. She was really excited about something.
"I know who Frank is, Tommy introduced us a while back and I know his girlfriend, I'm really good friends with her! She can help us! I mean, she's not his girlfriend anymore, they broke up a week ago. I know she can help us!"
I felt a glimmer of hope that I just didn't want to let go...
"What... what can she do?"
"I don't know, let me talk to her, I know we can come up with something."
"Kristy, this is really private. Frank has my pictures, pictures that could ruin my marriage... that could ruin a lot of things for all of us."
"I know Mom, I trust her completely, believe me. She's a sweet girl that you would like as well. Please Mom, let me call her and ask, I won't say anything about the pictures yet."
Kristy looked at me with excitement and anticipation. She wanted to help, she wanted to protect me, I could tell.
"Ok, call her but remember, not a word about the pictures... yet and... thank you... thanks for understanding honey."
"I always thought Frank was an asshole, I just didn't know to what extent," She whispered.
My daughter quickly hugged me and grabbed her phone starting to dial a number. I looked at the clock and realized I didn't have that much time to get ready. I left Kristy and went to take a nice, long bath.
After the bath, wrapped in a towel I rummaged through my dresser and closet looking for clothes that would satisfy Frank. His instructions were very specific and I was afraid of consequences if I didn't follow them. After finding what I was looking for I laid them out on the bed and dropped my towel. That's when my bedroom door opened and Kristy walked in.
As soon as she saw me naked she stopped and looked at me running her eyes up and down my shapely body and as always, lingering on my crotch area. I thought about asking her to leave but why? She already saw more of me than I would allow her to see getting dressed. Deciding to let her watch, I smiled and grabbed the black stockings lying on the bed.
"So did you get a hold of your friend?" I asked putting my leg up on the bed.
Somewhat of an exhibitionist feeling ran up my body as my daughter watched me.
"Yes, I did and guess what... she's going to help us, their break up was pretty nasty and she can't wait to get back at him," She said sitting down on the bed beside my leg.
I looked at her a little doubtful but listened intently to what she proposed. She explained everything to me and I had to admit, it sounded promising. By the time she was done I had a real hope that everything will turn out good.
"My god Kristy, could this really happen? Could you two really pull this off?"
"Yes Mom, she's like my best friend, she'll do it!" Kristy's eyes dropped down to my hands as I pulled the stocking high on my thigh.
My legs were separated and my cleanly shaven pussy was visible to her from where she was sitting. Somehow I felt at ease with her looking, maybe it was due to the time we spent together earlier, I don't know. Every time she looked at me this way it sent pleasurable tension coursing through my body. It was as if her eyes had sexual effect on me that intensified anything I felt at the time. I couldn't understand it but it was very exciting.
"Ok, you two go ahead with it as I entertain Frank, but it has to be done before nine o'clock! That will be "zero hour" for us. I will keep him busy, without having sex with him, until then and one more thing... we have to keep our cell phones on. When you and your friend are done... completely done, you have to call me right away, understand?"
My wonderful daughter's eyes shone with excitement and she stood up at attention saluting me as if I was a general giving orders.
"Yes sir, understand," Than she sat back down laughing.
I grabbed the other stocking and did the same thing to my other leg making sure Kristy had a good view of my separated legs. I don't know what made me do it, I just... just felt like being little risqué in front of my daughter. After all, we were both girls. I saw her looking too and it made me get Goosebumps where her eyes roamed.
Once my dark stockings were on, I slipped my black 4" high heels on and grabbed the small pair of white lace see-thru panties and pulled them up just to find out how snug they were. The small crotch piece, which was completely see thru, rode up inside me separating my pussy lips pushing them to the sides and the back disappeared completely in between my ass cheeks.
I stared at myself in the tall mirror and remembered how Suzie looked at me in the shoe store. Shivering I glanced at Kristy. God, this was almost the same, just that it was my daughter looking at my half naked reflection in the mirror.
I pulled up the short mini skirt and put the loosely floating blouse on with no bra underneath.
"Oh my god, I can't go out there like that," I moaned looking at myself in the mirror.
Kristy looked with wide eyes on my reflection in the mirror. The heels made my legs look longer then they already were and the self supporting stockings wrapped around them tightly made them look very sexy. The skirt was so short that it barely covered my crotch area standing up! I turned around and realized that my ass was barely covered as well. I definitely could not bend without showing my panties.
My top was so loose and revealing in the front that most of my breasts were exposed, the very edges of the blouse barely able to hide my excited nipples. The thin straps holding my blouse up exposed my toned shoulders and long neck visible from under my pinned up hair. The sexy look combined with the state of my panties made me look incredibly arousing.
"My god Mom, you look HOT!" Kristy exclaimed.
"Yeah, and sluttish, don't you think. No way. I can't go out there like this," I whispered looking at myself.
The weird thing was that it was exciting to show off like this... for some strange reason it was turning me on. But the thought of showing myself off like this in public...
"Mom, it's OK. If I had your body I would be showing it off all the time. Listen you need to do this up until we carry out our plan, remember?"
She definitely had a way of putting me at ease and reminding me what had to be done. I walked up to the dresser and put on red lipstick. I bent over a bit and watched my daughter from the reflection in the mirror as she stole peeks between my legs. She was behind me watching and suddenly her eyes got bigger and she swallowed hard. I knew than that I just showed my daughter my panties! What about when I had to be in public???
After talking some more Kristy left to meet her friend and discuss the details of what they had to do. I walked around the house nervously trying not to think of what I was about to do. Every time I walked in front of the mirror I stopped for few seconds and admired myself, the way I looked... the way it made me feel. But as soon as I allowed myself to slip into this role of a... a slut, I got scared.
Finally, I couldn't stand it. I decided to go and meet Frank. His first set of instructions was to drive to the nearby commute bus station and take the bus to the downtown shopping plaza and stand on the corner of J and 7th Avenue until he picks me up. Sounded easy enough until I put the clothes he wanted me to wear on.
I jumped into the car and drove off. The way there was quick, it only took ten minutes and after circling the crowded parking lot, I found a spot and parked. Looking around I saw several men walking up to the moderately crowded, enclosed bus stop.
My heart beat really fast and my stomach was in knots as I got out of the car taking great care not to spread my legs too much. I shut the door and locked the car walking towards an overhang where several people were already waiting for the bus.
The closer I got to the bus stop the more heads turned towards me. Older men, younger it didn't matter, they all seemed to look and drink in my appearance with their eyes which reflected desire looking at me. I saw several women watching me with wide eyes, some of them smiling invitingly and some being intimidated by my erotically seductive look looked at me bashfully.
My heart was beating very fast as I made my way to the stop and took a position in a back corner waiting for the bus. The longer I waited the more people crowded around me and soon I was forgotten in the corner except for the few that were immediately around me.
A man in his forties with a dark goatee kept looking at me and smiling as if he wanted me to see he was interested. He stood in front of me and he wasn't bad looking but I turned away from him because I didn't want to indicate I was interested, I just wanted the damn bus to come and get this trip over with.
Something else was unfortunately happening to me. The more looks I received, the more glances and smiles, the more turned on I got! God I didn't want to be, the thought of being turned on in a public place full of people just didn't seem right. I thought it didn't anyway. But the more leg I showed and the more people peeked at my cleavage the more excited I became.
My breathing soon came in gasps as the wall of people closed around me. I became aware of people on the side and behind me crowding in to the point I couldn't turn in any direction and I felt bodies pressing against me. A young woman that looked to be in her early twenties and very pretty was directly in front of me now, facing me and as more people showed up waiting for the bus, the closer I was pushed against that woman.
Suddenly I felt a shove and my chest pressed against hers. I looked at her apologetically and smiled.
"Sorry, it's really crowded today," I said hoping she understood.
She didn't reply she just smiled back giving me a quick look after which her eyes looked away in sort of a glazed fashion. Was she on d**gs? She was beginning to bite her lower lip and her amazingly large chest was heaving as if in excitement. I didn't understand what was happening to her but couldn't pull away.
We were pinned to each other waiting in the mass of people as the afternoon sun started to warm the enclosed bus stop making my body lightly perspire. I became aware of her nipples poking into my breasts and realized that she was pierced! I felt the large orbital rings digging into my chest and her nipples hard as rocks pressing into my tender flesh. Was it me? Was it the fact that my barely covered breasts were pressed against hers? She didn't look like the type that liked women.
As my curiosity wondered about the woman, I felt a touch on my leg! I froze from the contact and quickly turned my head in all directions to see who could have done that. The problem was that I couldn't move! My hands were pinned to my sides and I couldn't twist my body to find out who dared to touch me on my leg!
Looking around the best I could, I could not determine who had their hand on my leg. The touch was light but pronounced. The person that was doing it had his whole hand pressed against my inner thigh between my knee and my crotch. I didn't want to cause a scene especially when I didn't know who the perpetrator was so I didn't do anything and decided to wait it out hoping they would stop.
Something else happened as I waited pinned to the woman with someone's hand on my thigh. Somehow my feet got pinned between others and slowly, as if caused by the movement of the crowd around me, my feet were f***ed apart! It happened so slow that before I realized what was happening, my legs were at least three feet apart and I couldn't bring them together!
That sent panic racing through me knowing how short my skirt was and how easy it would be to expose my pussy and ass having my legs spread apart in this fashion. I couldn't believe this was happening! I felt my skirt ride up and knowing that my tiny pair of dark panties were see-thru, I just knew my pussy and ass were exposed. At that moment I was glad for the crowds of people around me since it was the only thing that prevented me from being humiliated in public.
"Oh god" I thought "How did I ever get myself into this"
Wait! Did that damn hand on my tight move up? Yes, oh my god I felt the invading touch higher now, the thumb of the outstretched fingers nearly up to my panties! Again I moved my head around in panic to see who might be doing that but because of the mass of people around me I couldn't determine who it was.
I looked at the woman pressed against me... so close. She was staring at me now, at my lips as if she was considering kissing me. Her eyes were glazed over and her body made small movements as if she was rocking to a constant rhythm. I could hear small whimpers coming out of her.
"What's happening to you?" I whispered not understanding the situation.
She didn't answer. I noticed a man that was directly behind her move to the side, shifting his body sideways and the man next to him slid in his spot. I looked at her alarmed... were they??? No, not in broad daylight in public like this!
Suddenly the hand on my thigh moved up and now I felt the thumb pressed against my slit. At the same time I felt someone grab my wrist and my hand was f***ed down and to the front... between the woman's separated legs! I gasped at the touch my hand made with her pussy and I wanted to scream... I wanted to stop this but... I didn't.
Part of me was terrified and shocked that this was happening to me but another part was curious... curious to see how this would develop. Would I be fucked next? By now I realized that was exactly what was happening to the pretty woman pressed against me.
She looked at me, she knew my hand was touching her as well as she knew there was another man behind her and she was about to get violated again, but she didn't stop it her hard breathing through her open mouth was evidence enough of her excitement. I felt my fingers slightly graze her pussy lips and felt the wetness there, moist sticky mess that was probably deposited there by the guy that just moved away. Suddenly I felt something warm and hard worming its way between her legs and felt it slide forward touching my fingers and separating her pussy lips. I gasped! It was a cock... it was a man's cock!
I looked behind her and saw an average looking Hispanic male that was in a position to do this. He felt me looking at him and turned his head towards me. I could see him stiffening as he probably wondered if I was going to say something. I thought how wrong this was but looking at the girl I realized she was enjoying it... she wanted this to happen to her.
I don't know who guided my hand between the girls legs, at the moment a lot of things didn't make sense. I felt the cock sliding between my finger and somehow my fingers wrapped around the hard pulsating shaft. Oh god no! This was a man I didn't know... I didn't want to do this, I wasn't just some kind of slut! My mind screamed at me but my fingers remained wrapped around the shaft as I looked at the man.
He only smiled feeling my hand wrapped around his thick meat and moved his cock back and forth fucking my hand. Oh god, I couldn't do this not here, not in public... not with this stranger. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I was becoming. A slut, was I a slut now? The thought kept popping into my mind.
Afraid of loosing control and not knowing what else to do I pointed his cock to the entrance of the girl's pussy and he easily slid in making her moan. She looked at me and her eyes glazed over in pleasure as the man pumped in and out. For some reason my hand was still wrapped around his cock and soon my hand became coated with slick juices. She was wet and the wetness was running down the shaft and coating me.
"Oh god... you're so wet..." I whispered and the girl pressed harder against me.
Suddenly the hand that was glued to my thigh disappeared replaced by a smaller hand... much softer. I realized that it was her hand. The fingers were grazing the edges of my panties making me shiver with excitement as I looked deeper into her eyes. Was she going to... was she going to touch me??? I was slowly drawn into this perverted act of public sex.
By now the Hispanic man behind her was fucking her pussy and my hand with full, deep strokes and the girl continued to slick my hand with her pussy juices. Breathing really hard I let go of the cock and brought my hand up to her slick pussy running my fingers all around playing with her hot velvety lips. She was bald down there, not a hair on her and very... very smooth.
"Ohhh... what are you doing?" She spoke in a soft voice full of sexual intensity.
I looked at her surprised that she spoke since up until now, she wasn't trying to engage in any kind of conversation. Her voice was soft meek and her eyes stared at me with submissive intensity.
"Oh god, are you touching my pussy? Are you?" She was softly moaning to the rhythm of fucking she received.
"Yes... your pussy... I'm touching it, god I'm touching it," I was able to whisper back.
I felt my legs being spread apart more and her hand softly ran up to my pussy with her fingers lightly touching my wet slit through my tiny panties. My own fingers were massaging her pussy spreading the wetness around. From time to time I grabbed on to the hot shaft running in and out of her feeling the wet, hot cock.
I was beginning to get the feeling that the girl was just letting it happen... letting anything happen to her without stopping it. Her voice and demeanor certainly pointed to the fact that she was a submissive and wanted to be dominated. For some unknown and perverted reason it excited me, it made my pussy shiver and get really wet knowing I could do this to her.
"You like that? You like getting fucked right here in public?"
I brought my face really close to hers rubbing her. Her eyes widened a bit but she kept panting with sexual excitement.
"Yes... god yes..." She moaned.
My lips were only an inch away from hers and I felt her hot breath inside my mouth.
"You're such a little slut," I whispered pulling on her pussy lips.
She moaned... she moaned hard almost screaming. The only thing that stopped her from screaming was the fact that we were in public and there were people around us that although were not aware of what we were doing, would have stopped this whole thing from happening. From her reactions I knew she would let me get away with anything.
"Oh you like that don't you? You like me playing with your wet pussy lips while that guy behind you is driving his big cock into you."
Her dark eyes were big as saucers and her breath hot and heavy. I extended my tongue and ran it slightly over her dry lips wetting them with my saliva and getting looks from the near by men. By now I realized that every man around us was in on this.
"So what's your name? Unless you want me to call you a Slut," I asked licking her lips again.
She kept her mouth open and her tongue darted out to touch mine but I pulled away teasing her. I became aware of more men staring at what I was doing to this girl and that just added to my excitement fueling my actions.
"Betty..." She whispered "My name is Betty, but you can call me a Slut if you want to."
I immediately liked the girl. She was young and I don't know how experienced she was but she was willing to assume the role of a slut, I could tell it excited her. Her body was curvy just in the right places and her tits... my god they were big, must have been at least 44DD.
I kept playing with her clit while teasing her lips with my tongue. I felt her finger grazing my pussy and slowly gaining confidence... finding my pussy folds and putting sweet pressure on them.
"Oh god Betty... take my panties off... Jesus take them off..." I moaned into her mouth.
I felt her fingers pulling on my panties with urgency and I wiggled my ass to help her take them off. I was hot and extremely turned on. I couldn't believe we could do this in public and get away with it.
Suddenly the cock that was fucking Betty disappeared and I felt like my legs were free. I brought them together to give myself some stability while feeling Betty's pussy. I ran my fingers down to her hole and slipped two of them in.
"Ohhhhhhhhh..." It was a long moan that made me quiver with excitement.
"Oh you like that don't you? You like me finger fucking you like a slut?"
I couldn't believe what I was saying to this young girl! It was as if those words were being spoken by someone else. She looked at me meekly and pulled on my panties more. I saw movement among the men that surrounded us. We had more space now, both of my arms were free and she brought her other hand down to my panties. Slowly, we were given enough space and pushed towards the back corner of the bus stop that only the front was blocked by the men who from time to time gave us excited looks.
"Yes, god I like it," She moaned.
It excited me beyond anything I've ever experienced to be able to talk to her that way, to be able to dominate this girl. I looked down at her big tits and had the biggest desire to expose her... to look at her big tits with those huge nipple rings right here in a public bus stop. I reached down and pulled on the simple white tube top she had on releasing her big tits which immediately rolled out as if released from their tight confines.
Her nipples were amazing, stiff with large dark aureoles and big silver rings making her look exotic. I slipped my fingers into those rings and pulled enough to extend her nipples out while watching her mouth open and her brow wrinkle in slight pain. She was panting looking into my eyes with her dark eyes full of wonder and sexual excitement.
"You like that Betty? You like when I pull your nipples?" Her only response was a soft moan.
I was aware of men watching us and for some reason it excited me more. I don't know... it sort of felt I was putting on a show and all those men were watching me... watching what I was going to do to that young girl. Since I was taller than her I grabbed her hair and made her look up at me at the same time pulling her top down to her stomach. I grabbed her left nipple and squeezed hard how I knew I liked it, at the same time I brought my mouth on top of hers and kissed her slipping my wet tongue into her mouth. She immediately moaned and responded by sucking on my tongue.
Pulling away I looked down at her skirt noticing a zipper on the side. Holding her head by her hair I pulled on the other nipple this time watching it stretch outward away from her big breast. I let go of her nipple and grabbed the zipper to her skirt noticing the look she gave me which was excitement mixed with astonishment. I pulled the zipper down which made her skirt loose enough to fall down and around her feet. She did not wear any panties and was standing there completely naked. Her large chest was heaving with excitement and I thought her nipples were going to pop out they were so hard. She had a patch of dark pubic hair neatly trimmed above her pussy.
"Oh my god... oh my god... oh my god..." She whispered softly looking around at all the men that stared at her with their hungry eyes.
I saw her eyes dart past them to some people that were just standing there without any knowledge of what she was doing and I felt her stiffen... and then softly moan with a small wrinkle that appeared on her forehead. What must have been going through her young mind? I looked in that direction and realized how easy it would be for someone to get closer and see her naked.
She looked back to me with her wide eyes and I immediately grabbed her hands pinning them behind her back watching her amazing chest protrude even more. Her full tits lusciously displayed in their elegant form in public... for me to play with. I lowered my head down to her breasts and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking and twirling it around with my tongue while enjoying the soft flesh of this young girl. Betty made a small whimper allowing me to do that.
After giving that nipple some attention I stood up grabbing her elbow. I f***ed Betty to turn around showing everyone her ass. I couldn't understand what came over me at that moment, I wanted to show everyone around me her most intimate parts... her ass... her pussy... everything. Breathing hard I f***ed her to bend over and arch her back and than grabbing both of her ass cheeks, I spread them apart. Slowly her brown asshole came into view and I felt her shudder.
I looked at the guy directly behind her.
"You want her ass... you want to fuck her there?"
He stiffened up, his eyes wide and his hard cock already making an outline in his jeans, he slowly shook his head up and down with wild anticipation in his eyes.
"Oh god..." Betty whispered but did not change position.
The guy walked up closer and pulled his zipper down, he was breathing really hard as well. I reached out and putting my hand in his pants pulled his hard cock out. It wasn't long, maybe about 7" but very thick. It pulsated in my hand and I gave it a couple of quick jerks enjoying the velvety feel. I felt Betty look over her shoulder wanting to see what she was about to take up her ass and I immediately saw concern in her eyes.
"Oh please, he's too big... I never... I never had anal sex before... please, he'll hurt me."
I could tell she was telling the truth. Her beautiful, dark eyes were full of fear. I wanted to dominate her but I didn't want to hurt her. I looked at the guy and positioned his cock at the entrance to Betty's pussy. With one thrust he was inside of her producing a low groan. Betty moaned as well and looked at me with gratitude.
"Thank you... ahhh... oh my god," She moaned feeling the big meat penetrating her wet pussy.
He was slowly gaining rhythm, in and our, in and out. I was bent over her back looking at the point where his cock was driving into her... oh god, I wanted to see more. Again I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them exposing her asshole and her pussy as she took that cock into her. Her pussy lips were wrapped around his cock like a glove and pulled away from her pussy not wanting to let him go. Oh my god, what a sight, watching her grip his meat was making me sooooo wet!
I slid my fingers down the crack of her ass until I felt the cock that was fucking her. She was so wet her pussy lips were slippery under my touch. I ran my fingers past her opening and around the cock and touched her clit... it was already swollen with sexual lust. I rubbed it in circles making her moan like a slut.
"Ohhh... ahhh... oh please... more... Jesus more!"
She put her hands on the wall of the bus stop and hung her head low allowing the guy to fuck her and me play with her clit, she was in ecstasy. I ran my finger up to her asshole and rubbed that little hole. It was a weird feeling since this was the first time I felt another woman's asshole while she was being fucked. My fingers trailed wetness from her pussy to her asshole lubricating it. She looked at me with lustful wonder... and a little apprehension.
"Oh you like it when I rub you there?" I asked judging her expression.
"Uhm, no... oh god."
I rubbed her asshole a little harder remembering how I liked it.
"You're such a little slut, don't lie to me."
Suddenly the guy fucking her stiffened up and let out a low, deep moan. I ran my fingers down to his cock and grabbed it, stroking it with my hand as he pumped his cum into Betty. She was shuddering too, cuming at the same time but trying to be quite. The guy pulled his cock out and I slid my fingers into her, feeling the warm, moist tunnel which was full of cum. The guys love juice spilled out of her between my fingers and ran down the insides of her thighs.
Before I knew it another guy took his place. I looked at him and the black cock he was holding in his hand, it must have been 8" and thick as well. This was the first back cock I've ever seen in real life. He was a little smaller than Tommy but still impressive. What mesmerized me was the color of it, it was jet black and gave a visible contrast as he slid into Betty. Oh my god, what was I doing? I kept asking myself. Here I was touching these strange cocks fucking a girl I didn't even know! What would Tommy think of me if he saw me like that? The thought gave me goose bumps all over my body.
"Ahhh... ohhh... ohhh..." Betty only moaned.
Oh this was lustful! Looking around I pointed to a guy watching us and motioned for him to come near. He did as if he was under my control pulling his cock out. I grabbed it and started stroking him, resisting the urge to kneel down and suck him. Suddenly another guy came on the other side of Betty and started stroking his cock, watching the whole scene. Betty had three guys around her with hard cocks, one of them fucking her sweet pussy as she moaned like a slut.
Very quickly they all approached an orgasm, the black guy pulling his cock out first as I stroked the other. Betty looked back to see what was happening.
"Suck his cock Betty... suck the cock that came out of your pussy and lick your juices off of him," I said, my voice full of lust.
To my surprise Betty kneeled down and took the black cock into her mouth without hesitation, her delicate lips stretching around the shaft until she had half of it buried down her throat. She started sucking on it with passion making small grunts as she did. Suddenly the black guy pushed her head off of his cock and started shooting streams of cum on her face at the same time as the other two guys pumped their hard cocks Cumming all over her big tits. I backed away a little taking in the whole scene.
The streams of cum were landing all over her. Her face had cum on her nose, her eyes even in her shiny dark hair with her tits covered in white, sticky streams. Cum started running down her chin and around her hard nipples with those large rings in them making her look like she just took a bath in cum. Betty grabbed the black cock and put it in her mouth sucking the last bits into her mouth and swallowing it. After she cleaned off the black guy she did the same to the other two pumping their shafts as if she wanted to milk them for every little bit they had left.
I looked around and realized that the crowd has thinned out and it was becoming more likely to be seen. We still had the cover of those men who were in on this but I didn't want to take any more chances. I pushed my way out of the circle and looked around noticing a bus pulling to the curb. I quickly realized it was my bus and stepped inside paying my fare. I walked to the back of it and sat down looking out the window, trying to see where Betty was. The only thing I saw was a mass of men deep in the corner of the stop with their backs towards the street but everything else was blocked from my vision.
I smiled to myself and wondered if Betty was going to take on more men. I really liked that girl, uninhibited and ready to please me. Uhhh... what I could do with a girl like that. As the bus gained speed I started thinking of Frank and what was going to happen when I met him.
The bus took no time to get to the mall and soon I had to get out and go in. I scanned my clothes, what little I had on and ensured everything was in position and I didn't accidentally expose myself. As naughty as it usually was for me to be exposed in public I didn't want to look like a slut. God, just thinking about myself in that term made my pussy wet. I got out of the bus and walked towards the front entrance of the busy downtown mall while scanning the people for any signs of Frank. His instructions were to meet him in the woman's lingerie department at the local department store which was on the opposite end of the mall.
I walked into the sea of people that usually visited the mall and started making my way to the store. The closer I got to the store the more anxious I became to know how Kristy was doing with her plan to get those explicit photos of me back. I reached for my cell phone and dialed her number.
"Kristy, how are you doing?" I asked when she answered.
"Mom, I'm still waiting for my friend. She was supposed to take the bus and meet me at Starbucks but she's not here, where are you?" She answered nervously.
"I'm in the mall making my way to where I'm supposed to meet him. Jesus, you think she'll be there? You think she'll still help you?" I was starting to panic.
"Yes, I told you she's great and she always keeps her word, she will be here we just have to give her more time. Mom, just stall him, do whatever you can to stall him."
"God, I will try, I will try really hard just hurry please."
"I will Mom and you take it easy and... don't do anything..." She stopped but I knew damn well what she wanted to say.
"I won't... and Kristy, thank you honey, I love you so much," I told my daughter.
"I love you too Mom, we'll get those pictures back, I promise. Just keep your cell phone on."
I put my cell phone back into the tiny purse I brought with me and walked into the department store. Surprisingly the lingerie department was not busy at all, there were few people mostly women looking at the selections of intimate clothing on the tables but nothing like the mass of people in the main mall areas. I looked around and immediately noticed Frank. He stood in the corner with four other men, presumably his friends. Four other men, five total! My chest rose and fell with my deep breathing as I realized what this could mean knowing what he wanted from me. Five men I would have to please if Kristy failed.
I was nervous walking up to Frank who noticed me when I entered the store pointing me out to his friends. Now they were all looking, scanning my sexy body from head to toe as I walked up to them in my tiny mini skirt and small top. They were all smiling gleefully, anticipating the things they would do to me, I had no doubt they were all perverts like Frank.
"Hi Frank," I said looking only at him.
"Hi Kate, I'm glad you're finally here. I said six o'clock, not six fifteen," He said in a firm tone.
"Got delayed at the bus stop, you know how public transportation could be," I answered giving him a cold stare.
He stared back and than shifted his eyes to my chest, to my loose blouse and my braless breasts underneath.
"Nice, I see you followed my instructions and didn't wear a bra, I can almost see your nipples from here Kate."
I could see he wanted to set the tone of things from the start mentioning my nipples in front of his friends like that gave them all a go ahead for that sort of remarks. Than his eyes shifted to my pantyhose covered legs and that darn short skirt.
"Phew, nice legs, turn around for me Kate."
"What's the point Frank, we're in the store," I snapped.
"Listen Kate, you'll have to realize from the start the only way to get those pictures back that we all so admired earlier today, is to do exactly what I say. Understand?" He looked at me smugly.
He showed his friends my pictures! He showed me sucking his cock and him fucking me to those men around me! My face slowly turned crimson from the realization that all of them knew what I looked like under my clothes. I turned around more with the desire to hide my face than to do what he asked.
"Good girl, wow, what a nice ass you have," He said flagrantly.
Suddenly I saw a pair of panties land right in front of me. He must have thrown them there, why? I didn't have to wait long for an answer.
"Kate, those panties are for you, I want you to try them on but I want you to pick them up without bending your knees. Do not bend you knees Kate," His voice carried with authority.
What an asshole! He knew I would certainly expose myself from the back! So this is what he wanted, to expose myself in public, to humiliate me in front of his friends! I gave the immediate area around us a scan and noticed a young sales girl that could possibly see me from where she was standing. Oh Jesus, here it goes! I thought to myself bending over to pick up the panties while keeping my legs straight. I felt my skirt ride up exposing my ass and I knew those tiny pair of panties I had on did not hide my pussy well. Regardless of who was staring at my assets at that time, being in such position in public gave me a thrilling, erotic feeling.
"Nice ass, wow!" It was one of his friends.
I heard gasps and low whistles and I immediately straightened up without prolonging this lewd exposure. I looked at the sales girl and noticed she was looking in my direction. They were probably going to kick us out of this store soon. I turned around holding the pair of panties in my shaky hand and pulled my skirt down over my hips again.
"Good, now let's go into the change room and see how they look on you," Frank said pointing in the direction of the change rooms.
I clenched my teeth in frustration and walked towards the rooms trying my hardest not to look sexy for them. No matter what I tried I knew walking in high heels in a short mini skirt made my ass look sexy, my hips roll seductively with each step I took. Subconsciously I felt their gaze on my ass watching me, undressing me with their eyes. I walked into the narrow hallway and stopped, waiting for someone to help. The perverts piled in behind me. I didn't have to wait long, the young girl that saw me bent over came up behind us.
"Can I help you?" She asked.
She was young, but I could tell she was over eighteen since the department store only hired people of legal age. Her long blond hair was tied in the back with a bow keeping them away from her delicate facial features. She was very pretty with the biggest pair of blue eyes I ever seen. She wore a nice sweater that complemented her full breasts and pants, a usual department store ensemble.
"Yeah, my friend here would like to try these on," Frank said.
"Oh hi Frank, I'll be able to help her out," She said smiling at him.
"Hi Liz, I didn't know you worked here," He smiled back at her with a charming smile that surprised me knowing his character.
"Yeah, a girl has to make money somehow while perusing her education."
She looked at the pair of panties in my hand.
"I'm sorry but customers can't try those on, you're just... going to have purchase them, you can always return them if there is a problem," She explained.
I smiled at her thankfully hoping this would spoil his plans, take that Frank!
"Liz, she really needs to try these on before she purchases them, isn't there anything you can do?" Again he gave her a disarming smile.
I was beginning to see why he picked this store versus others, he knew she worked here! What a devious man! Young Liz bit her lower lip thinking.
"Well, maybe. Maybe I can bend the rules just this one time, since you asked so nicely," She smiled back at him.
The girl was flirting with him, obviously attracted to him. Boy if she only knew what he was really like.
"Awesome, thanks, you're the best Liz."
She squeezed past him and grabbed a number tag from the nearby counter. She looked at me and her eyes got even bigger as I noticed her holding her breath. I could tell she was a little nervous probably from seeing me bent over earlier.
"Follow me," She simply said and headed for a row of change rooms.
"Oh Kate, we would like to see you in them so come on out once you put them on."
Liz looked back at him with wide eyes but didn't say anything. I followed her and walked into the booth closing the door behind me. I leaned my back against the wall and checked my phone for any sign of messages hoping Kristy would give me a sign of some kind of progress. There were no massages as I stared at the little screen with hope. Ok, panties, put them on... it's OK.
Up until now I did not pay attention to the pair of panties in my hand but looking at them now I realized they were completely see-thru! They were thong, white panties kind of small in the crotch area and see-thru! No wonder he picked them. Knowing there was no way out of this yet, I pulled the pair I had on off of me and put the thong panties on. Pulling my skirt up over my hips I examined myself in the mirror. As I feared my pussy was plainly visible, my clit, my outer lips... everything!
This would be so humiliating; I only hoped the young girl would not look. I pulled my skirt down and taking a deep breath I opened the door and walked out. I saw her and Frank with his friends talking and laughing but as soon as I walked out, they stared at me. I walked up to them and stopped. The girl was staring at me with wide eyes as Frank and his friends watched me with hunger.
"Well Kate, let us see them," Frank said expectantly.
I hesitated, the girl brought an additional pair of eyes that I didn't expect, a pair of eyes that did not know me and the situation I was in. To her I simply must have looked like a slut, who else would expose herself so lasciviously. Frank just stared with cold stare. I grabbed the edges of my skirt and slowly lifted up. The girl gasped looking around from face to face as she couldn't believe I would do that in front of so many men. Knowing I had to do this I inched my skirt past my hips looking down at the floor, I didn't want to see the satisfaction in the pervert's faces.
"Nice, so sexy,"
"Holy shit, look at her!"
All I heard were lewd comments at the site of my pussy under those thong panties. I mustered my courage and looked at them. Everyone was staring at me... at my pussy including the girl. Oh god, I'm showing myself to them! It started to feel warm in here and I knew I was getting excited, my breath coming in gasps. No matter how much I tried not to, my body was responding to this erotic situation making my pussy wet.
"Turn around Kate," Frank demanded.
I did showing them my ass which was completely exposed. Same gasps, same comments. I felt like a slut, a slave to Frank's will which for some reason was giving me an enjoyable feeling that I couldn't understand. I should feel angry, hurt, pissed off at what he was making me do not excited! Turning back to face them I kept my skirt up and for unknown reason looked at the girl. I saw shock and excitement in her large eyes which added to my own excitement.
"What do you think Liz? You think she should keep them?"
Liz swallowed hard looking me up and down with unsure eyes. She licked her dry lips before answering.
"Ah, oh my, I've never... ok, I think so. She looks really good in them," She finally said her own face turning crimson as she looked back at Frank.
I could tell he noticed her excitement. His face twitched in a tight smile that he immediately suppressed. He was thinking about something, planning, I could tell his pervert mind was working on overdrive.
"You know we're taking our friend to a bar, maybe you'd like to join us? I don't know when you get off..." He trailed off.
"I get off at eight," She said kind of quick.
Again he smiled knowing this young girl was game for some of his perverted ideas.
"Great, we're taking her to Max's, you know where that is right?"
Her eyes got big and she gasped.
"Oh my god, I drive by that place on the way home, you're really going in there?"
Something in her tone made me uneasy. Max's... Max's, where did I hear that name before? My husband and I visited bars from time to time and I thought I knew most of the popular places in town but I just couldn't place that one.
"Yeah, why not, she's game," He pointed at me.
Liz looked at me and again her eyes darted down to my crotch. She took a long look at my panties before responding.
"I can tell, Ok, I'll meet you guys there around eight."
What did she mean by that? What kind of a place was it? I turned around to change back into my panties but Frank stopped me.
"Oh Kate, you can wear those on you, we'll just pay for them so keep them on."
"Sure, I'll help you with that," Liz said smiling at him and headed for the register.
Frank and his friends parted and I walked out behind the girl without saying a word, I was trapped... for now. Again I felt their stares on my ass as I walked which gave me little goose bumps all over my body. I couldn't understand it, why would this turn me on so much? I was in public dressed in very skimpy outfit and whole bunch of men were staring at me. Why did I like their stares?
We paid for the panties during which time Frank kept flirting with the naïve girl and walked out of the mall. In the parking lot we piled into a single car where I was squeezed in the back seat between three of his friends and drove off with Frank driving. No matter how much I tried to keep my skirt down it was impossible. With such a tight fit my skirt rode up around my hips exposing my long legs completely and my see-thru panties were showing which was a target of constant stares from all the perverts around me. Frank at one point adjusted his mirror so he could see down between my legs. I kept them tightly closed so I wouldn't show him anything.
Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh and looking down I saw the perv on my right decided to feel my skin. Very soon his partner on the left did the same. They kept their hands on my thighs for a while and very slowly started to move them up playing with my hot skin the whole time. I could tell Frank was smiling watching this in his rear view mirror. When their hands were very close to my panties I placed my hands on theirs and moved them away leaning forward. I didn't want them to feel me so easily.
"So Frank, where are we going and what do you have in mind?" I asked striking a conversation with him.
"You mean you never heard of Max's?"
"Can't say that I have, it's probably not my kind of establishment."
"Well Kate, you're in for a surprise tonight, trust me you'll love it."
I felt someone's hand at my back pulling on my skirt so I quickly sat back but not before they had a chance to pull my skirt from under my butt, now I felt the cold leather seat pressing against my ass. The sensation gave me a cool enjoyable feeling that quickly traveled to the center of my crotch. We turned a few turns and again I had hands on my thighs very close to my exposed panties. I decided not to say much since I kept my legs tightly together but somehow my hands were pinned against my sides and I could not move them. My breathing was increasingly becoming harder the more those hands kept on touching and caressing my thighs no matter how disgusted I was with this situation.
I felt a finger slide along the side of my panties deep into the crevice of my crotch making my breath come in gasps. I looked down and saw both of the pervs trying to f***e my legs open. I kept my ground and all they succeeded was parting them so my knees touched the backs of both front seats. Because of the way I sat slouched down in the middle of the back seat and due to lack of room my knees were permanently wedged in this position. It was enough however to expose the gusset of my wet panties and my steaming slit under them. I tried to free my hands but all I succeeded was to dislodge my blouse to where my aureoles were showing from under the edges of it. Everyone was looking at me including the perv in the passenger seat and Frank through his rear view mirror as the most private parts of my body were becoming exposed to them.
I wanted to stop this but I couldn't because how tight it was in the car with all of us in it. I watched with frustration as those fingers gently ran along my panties the length of my pussy lips making me shudder. I wanted to say something, tell them to stop but I wasn't sure if I just wouldn't moan if I opened my mouth and I certainly didn't want them to know I was enjoying it. And boy, did I enjoy it! The feeling those fingers were giving me was slowly melting my resistance away. While the two pervs were playing with my panties, the third who was sitting to my right reached around his buddy and put his hand inside my blouse, slowly sliding it toward my full breast. When his finger grazed the edges of my aureole the perv in the passenger seat reached out and put his hand on my bare thigh softly rubbing it driving me crazy.
I had four sets of hands touching me in places no one ever should! The decent person in me hated it while the more prominent side of me I tried to suppress enjoyed the touches and how they made me feel. Suddenly when those fingers on my panties rubbed in tiny little circles where my clit was my legs spread open on their own, I no longer had any control over them. I only moaned in pleasure and pleaded in frustration.
"Oh no boys, please don't do this to me right now."
They looked at my face for a moment but quickly stared back on my increasingly exposed body. Their eyes were like piercing fire melting any resistance I had left and making me open myself to them in a perverse way. Their fingers increasingly bold probed my panties sliding them to the side exposing my freshly shaved wet pussy and looking from face to face I saw the excitement in their eyes of seeing me this way. My legs were quickly lifted and both of my feet were placed on the back of the car seats, opened and exposed. The perv that was touching my breasts pulled my loose top down and exposed my full tits for everyone to see. He grabbed my hard nipples and squeezed them hard while pulling on them making me arch my back with pleasure while those fingers at my pussy rubbed my wet lips pulling them apart.
With the last ounce of self dignity I pulled to free my hands but the two pervs on my sides grabbed them and held them behind my back. I was exposed like I've never been before, every inch of my intimate parts on display. I looked at the car windows and realized that all this was visible from the sidewalk of the streets we were driving on. Oh no! More people seeing me like this! My mind reeled and I didn't know if it was in pleasure or shock. They continued their probing, spreading my pussy lips, wetting their fingers in my womanly juices, gleefully looking at my body so wantonly exposed for their viewing pleasure.
I looked down and saw their fingers between my spread pussy lips rubbing my open slit the length of it, making me so wet and crazy. I arched my back again and rolled my eyes into the back of my head moaning in pleasure. At that moment one of them placed his lips on mine and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth. I resisted only for a moment, up until I felt one of the fingers penetrating my dipping hole, than I just let go. I opened my mouth and returned the hot kiss twisting my own tongue around his in an intimate duel. I felt another finger sliding into me and realized with naughty approval that I had two men finger fucking me at the same time.
The perv kissing me let me go and begun watching my wet pussy being abused by his finger while I surveyed the scene as if in a dream. I looked at Frank, his eyes visibly darting to the mirror every chance he had probably wishing he was in the back seat with me. I felt myself quickly approaching the inevitable climax as I lay gasping from the attention these pervs were giving my body. When we pulled up to a red light and stopped, I saw a man and a woman looking inside through the windows in shock. They saw everything! My god, I couldn't stand much less understand what was happening to me. I felt the perv in the passenger seat reach further down my thighs and touch my ass sliding his fingers towards my rear hole.
For some reason I lifted my legs higher and wider apart looking at him, knowing full well what he wanted to reach. The intoxicating, sexual feeling was overwhelming my senses and when he touched my asshole with his wet fingers, I moaned looking at the couple on the sidewalk. I felt his finger penetrate my ass hole spreading my relaxed ring apart as I slung my head back in pleasure. Again I felt someone kissing me and I eagerly kissed him back as three fingers reamed both of my fuck holes. I was in total perverse ecstasy and I wished it would never stop. I started to feel my own hips moving involuntarily to the rhythm of their probing as I moaned into the pervs mouth.
I was so close, so close and than... he stopped kissing me. He pulled back enjoying the eyeful of my body in ecstasy. I realized my hands were free, no one was holding me down any longer and supporting myself with my free hands, I lifted my ass off the car seat. Perversely spread open and shocked at what I was doing with my feet on top of the car seats in front of me, with fingers in my pussy and asshole and my tits exposed, I started to fuck myself on them.
"Holy shit!"
"No way!"
They were shocked and so was I! My god, I should stop this, I shouldn't be doing this, my mind screamed to me. They were shocked at what they saw. I didn't want to do it, god I needed to stop this but my body needing a release betrayed me at that very moment. It was humiliating to open myself up to these men but I couldn't stop it, it felt too damn good... I needed more! My hips moved by themselves, forcing those fingers deeper into my pussy and ass all the while moaning, moaning with pleasure of having both my holes filled at the same time. I was fucking myself... fucking myself on their fingers... in front of them! Again I pushed my head back and moaned. I felt fingers pulling on my hard nipples, pinching them until I felt pain... no, pleasure... pleasure not pain! I felt fingers inside of me wiggling, putting pressure on my inner walls, stretching me... stretching my already opened holes as if they wanted more of me... more of me opened and I came, I came so hard my juices flowed out of me like a water fall.
I don't know how long it took, I heard myself moan in the distance and I nearly lost consciousness. All I knew was that my hips were still moving and their fingers were firmly imbedded inside of me up to their knuckles as I regained my senses. I was flushed, my whole body was flushed as I looked at them, their wide eyes staring at me. Relaxing I sat back on the seat and their fingers slipped out of me at the same time.
"Nice Kate, nice. You've managed to do this just in time, we're at Max's now," Frank said looking back at me with a sly smile on his face.
I realized we were parked. They opened the door and started piling out of the car. Sighing, incredibly embarrassed, I pulled my skirt down and arranging my blouse to hide my breasts got out. Looking around I saw the place, a dark wooden building with a bright neon sign above the front door, "Max's, a gentlemen's club". Oh my god, it was a strip club! They were taking me to a strip club! They started to walk but my legs wouldn't move. I felt one of the pervs grabbing my hand and I was pulled along as the realization of where I was about to go into hit home.
I moved behind them as if in a daze, I couldn't believe what I did in the car, I couldn't believe where I was letting them take me as my mind worked in high gear on how to get out of this before I did any more improper things. The only hope now was my daughter and the plan she conjured to save me. I reached for my purse but... it wasn't there! Oh my god, my cell phone was gone!
"Frank, I need to go back to the car, I left my purse inside," I said stopping ten feet away from the main entrance.
I could see some men walking out and scanning me as if I was a stripper starting my shift.
"Ok Kate, let's go get it," He said with irritation.
I checked the car thoroughly but my purse wasn't there. I stood up beside the car lifting my hand to my brow with worry and than I remembered, I left my purse along with my panties in the change room of the department store. I left them there because Frank wanted me to wear those damn new panties! Oh my god, what am I going to do now!
"I have to go back, I left my purse in the department store," I told him.
He just looked at me.
"You don't really think I'm going to take you back all the way to the mall?"
Asshole, he was such an asshole, he didn't care about anything but himself and his deviant perverse ideas.
"I have my phone there, my id, everything. If you won't take me I'll take a cab."
"Kate, Kate... Kate. You forget the predicament you're in. If you don't do what I want, those wonderfully explicit photos will find their way to your husband. Hmmm, maybe even some of your friends or your k**s. How would you like it if Tommy found out what his innocent mother was really like?"
I wanted to kill him, I wanted to jab my finger nails into his eyes and rip them out! I hated that man with passion, but I knew what was at stake, my marriage and my f****y. I thought of Tommy and possibility of loosing him and suddenly, straightening up my back with what little pride I had left, I walked away from Frank heading towards the strip club and my inevitable doom as I heard his low laughter in the back.
Quietly I walked up to the pervs, they were standing there watching my body with their hungry eyes. Frank walked up beside me and we all followed him in. We walked into the narrow hallway and stood there waiting for some men in front of us to pay their cover charge. Scanning the scene on the main floor I saw two young women completely nude dancing on separate stages to the loud music blaring from the speakers. They moved seductively bending over from time to time to show their feminine assets. I was surprised they could do that completely nude, they didn't even have any panties on. I quickly realized this was an all nude club.
Finally we had a chance to pay our way in and shuffling up we were confronted by two men, probably bouncers. One of them was a rough biker looking guy with long black beard and mustache that reminded me of ZZ Top. He was big, probably 6 foot and massive in his chest and stomach, rough features told me of his dangerous ability to make peace here. He scanned me from head to toe lingering his eyes on my breasts and my tiny skirt, enjoying the view before he took the money from Frank.
"Hey Frank, who's your date?" He asked pointing at me.
Frank smiled turning back to face me.
"Just a little slut we're going to have fun with tonight."
I could feel my face getting red as I heard those words come out of his mouth. God, how wrong this sounded coming from him!
"Alright man, it's about time you brought something that good looking in here," The bouncer laughed.
"I see you're still hanging around with the retard," Frank replied pointing at the other bouncer while his little pervert friends laughed.
I looked at the other bouncer and gasped. The first bouncer was tiny in comparison to this man. He was at least 6'8" if not taller. Everything about him was massive, his shoulders, chest even his arms. The muscles under his simple tea shirt tightening in steel precision with tiniest move he made. He wasn't overweight like the other bouncer, his stomach was flat and I knew folds of hard stomach muscles lay hidden under it. But the most captivating feature was his face. He was clean cut with blond hair brushed to the side, his face handsome clean shaven and his eyes... blue as the deepest ocean told me his mind wasn't all there. I looked at him and I just knew he was still a c***d... a c***d with a body of a giant... a gentle giant.
"Yeah, he's still around, don't know why, he's fucking useless."
They all laughed looking at the man. At first I couldn't believe he let them talk to him like that, he was obviously strong enough to handle each one of them but seeing his eyes I knew he wouldn't... he wouldn't hurt a fly. He just stood there with blank stare in his eyes and expressionless face.
"I think they just keep him around because he's so fucking big, he just scares the assholes that don't know him," Again the first bouncer laughed.
"Well he doesn't scare me, he's a fucking retard and everybody knows it."
I was furious at Frank for saying something that mean but wasn't surprised he said that, Frank was a big asshole. He walked up to the gentle giant and patted his face roughly with his open hand showing he wasn't afraid. Someone else would definitely give Frank one in the jaw for something like that, the bouncer just stood there not even looking at Frank. We all walked into the main floor area as I glanced back with sadness at the giant man and saw he was looking at me... not my body like everyone else... he was looking into my eyes! I was surprised because suddenly, for a brief moment I saw intelligence in them. Quickly that spark of intelligence was gone but not before his lips twitched in a small smile, a friendly smile that combined with his clean looks gave me a warm feeling.
"Kate! Let's go!"
I was snapped back to my dreaded reality by the voice of the one I hated. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along to the table closest to the main stage. I noticed everyone in the club was staring at me, even the strippers on stage looked on as I walked up to the table taking a seat. I immediately crossed my exposed legs to keep the prying eyes from seeing my panty covered pussy. Looking around I noticed the whole club was composed of one big room littered with tables and chairs. The bar stood against the back wall where scantily dressed women kept refilling drinks and delivering them to paying customers. Every one of the waitresses wore tiny panties with revealing bras; some of them wore sexy see-thru lingerie that gave everyone an eye full as they walked by serving drinks.
One of them walked up to us and looking from one perv to another took their order. She was young, pretty with short dark hair and nice proportionate body. When she asked me I noticed her eyes darted to my breasts and she licked her lips before looking at my face to take my order. That brief look gave me a slightly thrilling feel as I recited to her what I wanted. She smiled and giving my body one last look winked at me and walked away. I glanced at Frank and noticed he saw the whole thing. Oh god, that pervert didn't need to see that but it was too late. Giving the girl a concealed look I noticed how nicely round her ass was visible to everyone. Ok ok, I don't need to do this, I chastised myself for looking at that young girl's butt.
"Alright, Raven's on, let's go get a little closer shall we," He held out his hand to me.
I took his hand with resignation and followed him to the stage. He sat down looking at the chair next to him expectantly without a courtesy of pulling it out. I pulled the chair out myself and sat down watching him pull out a wad of single dollar bills. Soon the pervert friends sat on either side of us anxiously anticipating the woman called Raven. The music changed to a sexy electronic beat and curtain hanging in the back of the stage moved to the side.
A woman walked out and everyone's eyes were immediately peeled to the stage, including mine. I couldn't help it, as much as I wanted to look away her beauty and incredibly attractive body kept me looking at her. Her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders and back in sexy waves giving her an exotic look while her barely covered body enticed everyone with magnetism. Her breasts were magnificent and her already hard nipples poked out from under the thin lace bra she wore while her tiny panties covered her vagina only. It was obvious she was completely shaven down there with no sign of pubic hair anywhere.
She twirled around the pole in the center of the stage to the beat of the music and looked around the audience with an a****listic stare. The confidence and knowledge how she affected everyone was painted on her beautiful face. When her eyes reached me I stiffened and looked on with envy as she slithered near us moving her sexy body to the beat. She smiled at me and leaned over Frank teasing him with her nearly exposed breasts.
"Who's your friend Frank?" She asked.
I didn't understand why everyone thought I was with Frank!
"This is Kate, Kate meet Raven," Frank made quick introductions.
She moved closer to me and extended her hand. I shook her hand noticing how wet my panties were from being so close to this beautiful woman. I tried so hard to keep looking into her eyes but my eyes betrayed me and slowly dropped down to her breasts and tight stomach.
"Hi I'm Kate," I whispered looking back at her face.
"I'm Raven," She smiled at me knowingly.
I felt like a little girl getting her first look at a naked man and being caught at doing it. My face burned with embarrassment and I swallowed hard not sure of what to say.
"Do you have a dollar for me?" She asked and I felt someone stuff a bill into my hand.
She smiled and stood up moving her sexy hips to the beat and pointing at me with her finger to get up. I didn't know what was happening or what I was doing but my body suddenly to ok over and I stood up on stiff legs pushing the chair away from me with the back of my knees. I was afraid I would loose my balance being so weak so I spread my legs a bit giving myself some stability while I supported myself with my hands on the padded edge of the stage. I looked as she danced in front of me totally captivated by her. She turned around pointing her ass towards me and my throat suddenly dried out while my eyes roamed freely over her gorgeous ass.
In that moment I didn't hear any music, everything suddenly slowed down and all I could see was her on stage in front of me so close. She spread her legs and looked back at me smiling. I couldn't even return the look, I just stared at her enticing ass my eyes beginning to see what was between them. Suddenly she bent over on stiff legs and her hands came out in between her legs reaching out for mine. I reached out with my trembling hands clutching the dollar bill and grabbing both of them, she pulled me towards her. She pulled me closer and closer rubbing my hands across her stomach as I stared with wide eyes between her spread open ass cheeks.
I saw her pussy, slightly wet peeking from under her panties as the tiny string running between her cheeks couldn't hide anything. She pulled my hands further as my face came close to her ass making me panic. I was in a strip club full of men with my face mare inches away from a beautiful woman's ass! She pulled further and I had to lean over vaguely aware of my own skirt riding high on my butt probably exposing it to whoever sat behind me. I wanted to stop, to turn around and pull my skirt down so no one would see my butt but I couldn't.
With one final pull my hands rested on her full breasts and my face touched the crack of her ass wedging my mouth against her asshole. I held my breath shocked at what was happening but I couldn't pull away, something deep down inside me kept me standing there in such lewd position. Slowly the erotic thought of what I was doing won over any inhibitions I might have had and taking a deep breath I opened my mouth. Oh god, oh god, oh god! Her ass smelled so good, the aroma mixed with her wet pussy was overpowering my senses and shocking me, it felt so erotically dirty to do that! I slid my tongue out touching the woman's asshole with it. "Oh god, so naughty... so naughty to do that" the thought raced through my confused mind. She moaned and arched her back making her dark hair fly back against her shoulders.
I licked again and she moaned again! Oh my god, what was I doing? I licked again this time longer running my tongue across her asshole and down to her wet pussy lips slurping the wetness off of them and listened with anticipation for her to moan. Another revelation crossed my mind, I enjoyed making her moan! I licked and licked and licked closing my eyes and realized she wasn't holding my hands down anymore, for some reason my hands stayed glued to her breasts. I opened my eyes and saw she was looking back at me over her shoulders with surprise and her hands were on her luscious ass cheeks spreading them apart for me. I opened my mouth wide and ate that woman's asshole with passion... with lust... with every ounce of my being. I didn't care at that moment who was watching me do that, I just wanted more of her.
I became aware of shouts and whistles and bodies crowding around us but I couldn't stop. I licked her asshole twisting my head from side to side, driving my tongue into her and she moaned spreading herself to me. I felt hands on my ass and my panties but surprisingly, no one touched me intimately. I don't know how long I ate that woman's ass but when the music stopped she pulled herself away breathing really heavy, she turned around looking at me with wide eyes. I stood there with my face wet from her juices, watching her body with desire still hot from what we were doing and became aware that everyone in the club was crowded around us. As the realization hit home, she walked up to me and bending over held my chin in her hand kissing me passionately. After a moment she pulled herself away and begun sweeping the floor with her hands gathering all the bills that were there.
"Oh my god!"
I sat down covering my face with my hands. I felt everyone watching me as they slowly went back to their seats.
"Wow, as usual at Max's, wild things happen. Quench your thirst with drinks and don't forget to tip the ladies. From the looks of it, you might have to stop at our ATM first. Next up, Bonnie, the sultry young starlet from Texas. Give a big hand for Bonnie!" The DJ announced over the speakers.
I put my hands down and looked around. Frank was intently watching me and so were all the perverts. His eyes strayed to my lips and I just knew what he was thinking about. He leaned closer to me.
"Do you eat your daughter like this Kate? Do you eat Kristy like that?"
My hand involuntarily flew out to hit him on the face but he caught it.
"I bet you do, I bet when your husband goes to sl**p you slip out and go into her bedroom making your daughter moan like you just made that woman moan on stage."
I gave him a murderous stare which he laughed at.
"Don't forget the pictures Kate," He whispered and let go of my hand.
He got up and motioned for me to do the same. When I stood up I realized that my skirt was up around my waist and my panties were stuffed with bills. Oh my god, they tipped me! They tipped me like I was a stripper! Not knowing what to do I started to pull my skirt down just to cover myself but Frank stopped me.
"Keep it up, you won't be wearing it for long, and I want everyone to see how much money you made me."
His words made me feel cheap but at the same time excited. How could that be? I... I made money from eating a woman! God, why did that make me feel so excited? I didn't want to be a slut! Not right now, not for him! Frustrated and trapped I walked up to our seats with my skirt around my waist and my wet panties clinging to the pouch of my sex. I noticed the unmistakable stared men gave me with every step I took. I sat down and waited, they must have a pay phone around here, I have to call Kristy before this goes any further!
Suddenly I noticed Raven walking up to us, she looked at me and down at my naked hips. One of the pervs pulled up a chair setting it next to me. She sat down wearing only her bra and panties leaning over and put her arm around me.
"Uhmmm, you felt wonderful," She whispered to me and immediately looked at Frank.
Again I smelled her, she had a distinctively sweet smell that drove me crazy.
"Frank thank you for bringing her out here, this hasn't happened to me in months," She said laughing.
"I know, I was here the last time this happened and if I may say so, she did a much better job then the last girl."
They were talking about this perverted act and laughing as if I wasn't even there, as if I was a piece of meat they could have. Surprisingly, I sat there quietly listening.
"Oh she was great, her tongue is like a slithering snake that drove me wild."
With that she brought her hand up to my mouth and put her index finger on my lips. I stiffened up not knowing what she would do.
"Oh, she's a little up tight, isn't she."
She said running her finger along my lips. All the pervs around her laughed watching what she was doing.
"What can we do to loosen her up? Hmmm, I bet I know."
Her finger slowly descended down to my neck and tickled my sensitive skin. She sat there watching me as my chest steadily rose and fell with increasing excitement. I decided the best thing was not to show her how she affected me so I just stared ahead concentrating on the stage in front of me. The problem was Bonnie was just taking her panties off on stage and I had a good view of her spread open pussy adding to my already aroused state. Raven moved her fingers down to my chest area and ran her fingertips along the edge of my loose blouse pulling it away from my body. She looked down my blouse at my exposed breasts.
"Oh, she's beautiful," She whispered.
She slid her hands across my breasts gently rubbing on my hard nipples before she lowered it down to my stomach.
"Do you want it lower Kate? Do you want me to go lower?" She asked looking into my eyes.
I couldn't answer that, I was afraid if I opened my mouth the wrong words would come out so instead, I kept still and quite keeping my legs tightly together. Her hand descended even further and now her fingers were touching my see-thru panties. I stiffened up feeling her fingers in such close proximity to my sex. She noticed that and smiled again playing with me.
"Oh you're such a tease knowing full well you want me to slide my fingers down there," She laughed.
She extended her finger and touched my clit through my panties sending electricity through my body. She rubbed it lightly just teasing me, waiting for me to loose control while I tried my hardest to sit still. She kept rubbing my little knob knowing that sooner or later I would give in. My breathing came in gasps now and I looked at her pleadingly.
"Please," I whispered to her.
"Please what?" She answered smiling.
Again I stared at the stage trying to remain in control. Bonnie seemed to know what was happening and was on her hands and knees completely naked pointing her ass in my direction. Raven noticed what I was looking at and brought her mouth to my ear.
"Do you like her? She's one of my fuck toys," She whispered while gently rubbing my clit which was becoming engorged with my sexual desire.
An image of Raven and Bonnie naked and fucking popped into my mind and my legs twitched separating a bit. She noticed that and cooed in my ear.
"Would you like to see it? I fuck her with a 10" dildo strap on, you wouldn't believe how loud she screams while I drive that thing into her over and over again."
The suggestions she was planting in my mind were driving me over the edge watching Bonnie spread open in front of me. My knees separated a bit more and now she had room to run her finger down my slit visible in my panties almost reaching my dripping sex hole.
"Yes, open yourself up while you watch my fuck toy dance, no one but me and her will see..." She licked my ear.
I was loosing it, loosing the battle and I knew it. My legs separated a bit more allowing her to slide that finger down to my hole.
"You're wet! You like what's happening to you, here, put your leg over my lap," She said bringing her legs together.
I noticed a couple of men in front of us turn around and watch what was happening. So naughty, so naughty to be handled by a stripper like that. They were watching me, everyone was watching me, god I couldn't stand it. My leg moved over her lap by itself and suddenly I was visible to everyone that looked. My hands were dangling useless by my side as my chest rose and fell in heavy breathing. Raven played with my pussy through my wet panties from time to time plucking out bills that were stuck there but soon she slid her finger under the elastic and pulled them to the side exposing my bald intimacy to everyone. My lips were pulsating and wet as Bonnie, perverts and some other men looked on in the dim light of the strip club.
She gently ran her finger along the length of my slit and up to my clit teasing me, spreading my wetness everywhere with a smile on her face. From time to time she would look at me to see what my face showed, to see how much I enjoyed her attention. I looked from Bonnie to her, to her fingers on my pussy to the men watching me. I begun making little moaning sounds, especially when she rubbed my clit. I brought my mouth closer to her, I wanted to kiss her but she pulled away laughing. In that moment I was her fuck toy, her little slut and she knew I would let her do anything she wanted to me lost to the dark sexual desire she was drawing out from the depths of my soul.
"Oh hi Frank, wow, oh my god!" I heard someone say and turning my head noticed the young girl from the department store sitting in the chair to the left of Frank.
Did she get off work early? Her eyes were already intently watching what Raven was doing to me. Raven gave the newcomer a brief look but concentrated on working me with gentleness only a woman could have. Oh god, another pair of eyes and so young! My head slung back and I moaned with pleasure as I inched closer to an inevitable climax.
Raven's tactics suddenly changed, she was spreading the outer lips of my pussy so she could get to the inner moisture and deeper folds of my hot and dripping sex. Again I looked form face to face but no one looked back at me, they were all watching my pussy and what Raven was doing to it.
"Raven! The man said take it into the VIP room!" I heard a strong male voice.
It was the ZZ Top bouncer his eyes on my pussy, his face in a nasty smile. Raven suddenly pulled her fingers away from me. No! I needed more! She saw the disappointment on my face and smiled.
"What ever the man wants, he's the law around here."
"I'm ready for it, I got the money," Frank quickly said.
I knew he was planning on this all along. What was a VIP room? I never heard of it and now I begun to wonder what would happen to me inside it.
"Good, lets have some real fun than," Raven said with joy and stood up.
I followed suite with my skirt bunched around my waist and my panties pulled to the side, my pussy still exposed and my outer lips visible to everyone. Everyone in our group was visibly excited and obviously everyone knew what the VIP room was except me. Whatever it was, it did not sound good for me. Raven grabbed my hand and pulled me along.
"Wait, here."
I turned around and saw Liz holding my purse out to me. My purse! My phone! Oh my god she must have found it in the dressing room and brought it with her! I stopped short in my tracks and grabbed it from her with incredible quickness and hope I could reach my daughter. All I could think of was calling Kristy! Raven pulled me along impatiently as I fumbled to open it and get my phone out. We walked up to a doorway in the back of the club and everyone waited as Frank paid for the room. Raven would not let go of my hand and it was impossible to open my purse just with one hand, I had to wait until we got inside.
Frank quickly walked up and we all went inside. It was a plush room with deep velvet couches wrapping seamlessly around the three sides of it. The walls were covered in mirrors giving out reflection of every inch of the room, the floor covered in thick purple carpet. I stood in the middle of it with Raven while everyone took their seats knowing I would be the center of everyone's attention. Again the naughty feeling coursed through my body. How far should I go? I watched Raven as she moved to face me with a smirk on her face.
"What to do... what to do with you?" She said as if to herself.
I fumbled with my purse opening it as I watched her as if I was a trapped little a****l. She grabbed the purse and yanking it from my hands threw it on the ground spilling out the contents. I was suddenly surprised and paralyzed by her quickness and firmness. She wasn't gentle anymore, she was in control watching me with her glowing eyes. She reached out and kissed me full on the lips forcing her tongue inside my mouth.
"Oh I can still taste my ass in your mouth. You're such a naughty little slut!" She said pulling away.
She circled around me as I watched Liz and the look of shock at the words she spoke. I saw Raven pull back her hand and slap my ass with firmness that sent shivers up and down my spine.
"Ohhh," A moan escaped my lips.
I searched the ground around me for any signs of my phone, I didn't see it, it must still be in my purse. Raven plastered herself to my back and reaching around grabbed my breasts with surprising strength.
"Put your hands up," She whispered into my ear.
I felt her tits pressing against my back, her already hard nipples touching me through the material of her bra and I lifted my hands as she demanded. She kissed my neck and pulled my blouse off as I stood there trembling powerless to stop her. I watched my reflection in the mirror as that woman had her way with me exposing my breasts, little by little taking my clothes off. I was practically naked standing there with no top, my skirt around my waist and my panties pulled to the side. Raven wasn't satisfied with that though, she reached around and pulled my skirt down along with my wet panties. Now I stood there completely naked being watched by everyone in the room marveling at my exposed body.
Looking around I saw all the pervs rubbing their growing cocks through their pants. Oh god, I couldn't let them fuck me, no matter what happens I would not let them fuck me! Raven again came up to the front and kissed me while getting a hold of my nipples pinching them hard. I started to bring my hands down but she stopped me.
"I didn't tell you to bring them down did I?" She pinched my nipples hard sending pain coursing through them.
I kept my hands up afraid of what she might do if I didn't listen to her.
"Spread your legs wide."
As soon as I did she kissed me again, her tongue deep in my mouth while pinching and pulling on my nipples. We stood like that kissing for a long moment and during that time my pussy ached for some attention, she was turning me into her slut... her obedient little slut! I could feel myself turning too with surprise at how good it felt to serve such a beautiful woman. Raven broke our kiss and stood there watching Liz who stiffened up knowing the attention suddenly shifted to her.
Raven walked around me and stood there tapping a finger to her lips thinking, calculating. Suddenly she touched the insides of my thighs and f***ed my legs open more.
"Bend over Kate, now!" She demanded and I automatically did what she asked.
She looked at Liz and beckoned her to come near with her index finger. Liz stood up as if hypnotized by the dark haired beauty and obediently walked up.
"Kneel," Raven commanded.
Liz, naïve in her age, knelt down directly behind my ass as I stood spread open and bent over. I turned my head and watched the reflection in the side mirror of the explicit scene taking place. Raven rubbed my ass with her hands spreading my ass cheeks apart giving Liz obscene peeks at my asshole and pussy. Liz's wide eyes were glued to my sex the whole time turning me on beyond belief. We were two little sex toys in the grasp of a beautiful and insatiable woman.
"You want to taste her don't you?"
Liz's face came closer and I saw her tongue dart out in anticipation of licking me. I braced myself to receive the treatment but it didn't happen.
"Stop, just watch," Raven commanded.
The look of frustration spread on the young girl's face and she wasn't the only one disappointed. I watched the reflection as Raven put one finger on my lower back and ran down the crack of my ass spreading my ass cheeks apart with her other hand. The finger slid lower and lower making me arch my back until she reached my tender asshole at which time she held it there looking at the young girl and her facial expressions as if trying to see if she liked where it was. Liz just moaned looking at her finger and my hole with her incredibly large eyes giving away the obvious answer. Raven smiled and proceeded down to my dripping pussy.
With quick move she slid two fingers into my pussy making me moan with surprise and pleasure of finally having something inside me. She sunk those two fingers deep inside me and withdrew them watching Liz the whole time. They were dripping with my wetness.
"Now you can taste her, open your mouth."
Liz did as if she was starved for several days and Raven was holding out food for her, she licked her lips waiting patiently for the dripping fingers. Raven slowly pushed her fingers inside of the girl's mouth and she closed her lips around them sucking feverishly. She tasted me, god another girl tasting my pussy! The lewd thoughts flashed through my mind as I slung my head low in perverse pleasure and saw a tiny little light flashing from under the couch in front of me. Was it... was it my cell phone?
Again I felt fingers inside me pumping in and out several times making my legs tighten up and my toes curl with sexual pleasure before withdrawing. Looking back at the mirror I saw the same scene, Liz sucking on Raven's fingers. Suddenly Raven grabbed Liz's hair with roughness and smashed her face against my sex making me moan with pleasure. Liz's tongue immediately darted out and she raked it across my pussy, licking... sucking while her head was being f***ed to please me. I moaned and held on unable or maybe unwilling to do anything about this.
"Eat her until I tell you to stop," I heard Raven's voice in the distance as my pussy enjoyed the perverse attention from the young girl's tongue.
I watched Raven come around and before sitting down on the couch in front of me she slid her panties down and off. She sat down opening her legs close enough for me to reach her with my face. Once again her pussy was in front of me and I had the overpowering desire to touch it with my tongue. Somehow I knew I should wait and looked up at her with weak eyes, waiting. She smiled knowing she could control me the way she wanted to. She placed her feet on my shoulders as I squirmed in pleasure of being eaten.
"Lick," She simply said.
I extended my tongue and touched her hot pussy lips with the tip of it. Uhmmm, she tasted so good! Soon I was licking, sucking, slurping her wetness loudly as Liz feasted on my wet pussy. The feeling was tremendous, it brought back memories of me eating Gina while Elaine ate me in front of my son. I looked up at Raven from between her spread open legs, I wanted to see the pleasure on her face... I needed to know how much she enjoyed what I was doing to her. Her face expressed pure excitement and pleasure. Her eyes darted from my face to my ass and Liz's face while she ate me, then back at my face. She moaned! She moaned hard! I felt so proud to be able to satisfy that gorgeous woman and the feeling made me try harder.
She lifted her feet off of my shoulders and bending her knees brought her legs up to her chest opening herself up to me completely. My eyes darted to her asshole nestled between her spread open cheeks and I knew what she wanted. Oh god this was so dirty... so dirty and everyone was watching, but no matter what, my willing tongue extended past her pussy and slid down to her asshole. I licked it making it wet with my saliva and ran my tongue up to her pussy feasting on her wetness. Now I kept alternating my attention between her two opened holes licking and sucking with eagerness to please. I extended my tongue as far as I could and slid it into her pussy hole moving my head back and forth. Liz was doing the same to me.
I fucked her with my tongue while watching her face contorted in pleasure. Suddenly she pushed her ass up and my tongue pressed against her asshole. I froze, I couldn't move, I wouldn't be able to do such a dirty thing! She noticed my apprehension and pressed her ass against my tongue applying more pressure. I should have put my tongue back in my mouth but I didn't, I held it stiffly extended as part of my wicked being stopped me where I was. Slowly her anal ring dilated enough for the tip of my tongue to slip inside and she pushed her head back moaning hard. I was paralyzed from the though of what I was doing!
She moved her ass back and forth fucking herself on my tongue as her asshole relaxed enough to allow my tongue to slip in unobstructed. I was surprised how relaxed and soft her anal ring became under the attention of my wet tongue. My whole body was on fire, I didn't have control of anything and giving into my dirty desires, I grabbed her thighs and held them pressed against her chest as my tongue fucked her asshole with desire to perform this act. All I heard were moans of three women in sexual frenzy and it was putting me over the edge, I was Cuming... Cumming hard fucking that woman's asshole with my dirty tongue!
As I felt my juices squirt into Liz's opened mouth, Raven unleashed her cream into mine. I quickly moved my mouth over her pussy and drank her womanly nectar feasting with pleasure of tasting such a rare thing. We stayed locked like this as our bodies clenched to uncontrollable orgasms for a long few moments. Raven's orgasm was much longer than mine and when I was done enjoying mine, I looked at Raven's body thrashing in front of me. I continued licking her while drinking her juices flowing into my mouth. With wicked thought I placed my mouth against her asshole and sucked while spreading her ass cheeks apart. Oh god, never in a million years did I think I would do that to anyone! I sucked hard enough until I felt her anal ring pull away from her body and slip just inside my mouth, dilated... opened. Shocked at what I did I slid my tongue inside her hole and moved it in and out while sucking her.
Raven exploded in another orgasm creaming my face while I stayed locked to her asshole doing this perverse thing. My mind was blank, I didn't know what I was doing, I just rode the waves of ecstasy. When Raven finally settled down I pulled away breathing hard and looked at what I was eating. Her asshole was dilated and I could see the red flesh of her inner ass inside her. I looked at her and noticed she was staring at me, her hands on top of mine rubbing them affectionately as if it was the only way she could say thank you for what I did. I was surprised to see tenderness in her eyes, she no longer seemed the rough dominant woman I saw few minutes ago.
Every one was staring at Raven's asshole including Liz. The young girl was shocked to see it that way and stared in amazement. Raven seemed to be enjoying it looking from face to face. I envied her, I envied her exhibitionism and willingness to let everyone see her that way knowing I could never let myself be seen like that, opened and dilated in front of strangers. She got up and bent over picking up her panties, her asshole still dilated but starting to close up. Everyone was hypnotized by it and still staring. I watched her put on her panties and the tiny string wedge across the opened ring while she was bent over in front of us. She pulled her panties tightly against her and the string pressed against her dilation, it looked so sexy!
"Well thank you gentlemen, I must leave you now but you have two willing women to please you anyway so have fun and... Frank, you can bring them back here anytime," She said and started for the door.
Her words snapped me back to reality and I quickly reached under the couch grabbing my phone. I dialed Kristy's number but it just rang without an answer.
"Thanks Raven, you were magnificent and if you ever feel like having a private show, just let me know. I can certainly arrange it."
I dialed Kristy's phone again while looking around. Every one of the pervs was completely naked stroking their hard cocks. Oh god, oh god they're going to fuck me now, they all going to fuck me now! With panic I looked at my phone to see if it was even working, I noticed a tiny message light and dialed my voice mail. Kristy's frantic voice came over the tiny speaker as she blurted "Mom, we erased all the pictures! Do you hear me, we've got it all! Get out of there! I'll meet you at the house!"
A warm joyful feeling spread across my body, they got it all! My god they really did it! I could feel strength and determination flowing back into my body and mind as every muscle in my body tightened up in pent up frustration and rage. I slowly got up and stood in front of Frank with my hands on my sexy, enticing hips.
"You will not have me you little fucking prick!" I said with hate.
He just looked at me while stroking his cock. I must have looked like an enraged diva denying him his rights to use me.
"Fuck you," He said grabbing my arms.
I twisted trying to free my hands but he was stronger. I looked into his eyes.
"Let me go."
"Not after we all fuck the shit out of you," He answered.
I saw Raven watch the scene and slowly slip out of the room. I was scared, scared of being taken against my will.
"Let go, you can't do this to me!" I pleaded trying to free myself.
"Shut up and take it, you guys hold her down."
I felt hands grabbing me, pulling me down to the carpet below as I struggled while the world swam hazily in front of my eyes. Frank knelt between my legs which were f***ed open and looked down at my pussy.
"Hmmm, I'm going to enjoy this."
"No, you can't do this to me, let me go!" I shouted.
With all my strength and determination I threw my body against my captors but to no avail. They had me spread eagle and they were all just watching. I looked over at Liz and she sat in the corner with her arms wrapped around herself while tears rolled down her face as she realized what was happening. I looked back at Frank and just whispered.
"No, no, no."
His hard cock was poised to enter me against my will as I watched his face, contoured in evil smile and his eyes full of triumph. He leaned closer and I braced myself to receive his cock.
Suddenly his eyes changed, they got really big, shocked and I saw clear pain in his face. I didn't know what was happening but I saw giant fingers wrapped around his neck as he was pulled off of me. Looking up with tears in my eyes I saw the gentle giant standing behind Frank, holding him up by his neck while he squirmed in his grip like a puny fly. His huge form loomed over Frank as every muscle on his arms stood out with steel hardness.
"Let me go you fucking retard!" Frank shouted and voice sounded like a little girl.
The giant just held him by his neck and turned Frank to face him. Frank swung his fists into the giant's stomach but it had no effect. I watched the gentle giants face, cold and hard as he spoke in deep thundering voice.
"You shall not have her."
With that he threw Frank against the back wall as if he weighed nothing. I heard the crash and hoped he broke every bone in his body. He laid there sprawled on the floor moaning in pain. Suddenly I saw a big hand placed in front of me and I grabbed it with eagerness. The giant pulled me up with ease and handed me my skirt. Sobbing I pulled it up dressing myself and gathered my purse. I walked over to Liz and pulled her sobbing body up, she grabbed on to me really tight. I looked around with hate and none of the pervs dared to move a muscle. I hated them, I hated them all with passion for what they were about to do to me. I turned around and saw our door blocked by the ZZ Top bouncer.
"Alright retard, you can't be breaking up a good party," He said looking at Frank still laying on the floor.
"He fucking threw me at the wall, ouch, he fucking broke my hand!" Frank pointed at the giant.
I looked at our savior but saw no concern in his face, just cold, hard, calm expression.
"You did what? You touched a paying customer? I'm going to kick you fucking ass, finally!"
The ZZ Top bouncer moved with surprising quickness considering his big body. He took a few steps ready to throw massive punches and stopped, he bit his lower lip and gazed at the giant and for the first time I saw fear in his eyes. I looked over surprised and what I saw was a snarl on his handsome face showing his white teeth, the kind of snarl someone would make going into battle without fear for his own life. His deep blue eyes shone with hardness that would stop anyone in their tracks, his muscles clenched ready to do major damage. No wonder the bouncer stopped, no one would dare to attack this!
Putting his hands up in a defensive gesture he moved to the side. With my heart beating hard in my chest Liz and I walked out followed by our savior. We quickly crossed the noisy room and walked outside. As soon as we were out in the parking lot I turned around and clung to the giant man's chest, feeling the safety of his form, Liz did the same. Soon my body shook and I cried clinging to him not able to stop as Liz did the same beside me. The tears freely ran down my cheeks as my emotions overflowed with release. The young girl and I clung to his chest crying while he smoothed our hair with gentle, reassuring touches. We stayed like this for a long while trying to come down.
Suddenly the door opened and a short man dressed in black suit walked out looking at us. He had dark hair and matching dark mustache and looked like someone from a mafia movie.
"You're fired Adam, you're fucking fired don't ever come back!" He shouted and walked back inside.
I looked up at Adam, first time hearing his name.
"I'm sorry," I whispered.
He only smiled, his eyes shining with laughter as well.
"I didn't like this job anyway."
He stepped back looking at us concerned.
"Let me take you home..."
Adam drove us home that night while Liz and I sat together huddled closely in the back seat talking in low voices about what happened. Somehow the experience of almost being ****d brought us closer together, not to mention what she did to me, but the sexual part of that night was not part of our conversation. Liz was more apologetic to me then anything else, after all she was trying to be friends with Frank. She explained that she was still in Collage and how she hasn't gone out on a date in such a long time and when Frank showed up, it seemed like a good idea to hang out with him.
When we pulled up to her house I though it might me important to stay in touch with her and make sure she was ok, a traumatic experience like that could be hard to deal with for a girl her age. We exchange phone numbers and I got in the front seat of the car to make the trip to the bus station where my car was. Adam was very quiet the whole time and I didn't make any conversations lost in my own thoughts about what happened. Whenever I though of Raven I stiffened up, the feelings she drew out of me were very strong, the submissiveness part of it was what made my heart beat faster. Honestly, I was a little scared of them. I couldn't understand how I could feel this way, or the dirty things I did to her! I closed my eyes and shook my head at the thought of me plastered to her ass, I couldn't believe I did that!
The bus station parking lot was pretty deserted. We pulled up beside my car and Adam shut the engine off. I looked at him and his eyes and realized he was looking at me with those deep blue eyes of his. There was no longer any trace of "madness" in them, I saw nothing but intelligence.
"Adam, I just want to say thank you, thank you so much. If you hadn't shown up I don't know what would have happened. You... you saved us and if there's anything I could do for you, let me know."
I thought about how that sounded and being in the car with a guy scantily dressed as I was, it would be an instant invitation for something kinky any guy would probably take advantage of. Somehow I knew Adam wouldn't think that way. I was right.
"Kate, I just did what any other guy would do, I'm just sorry you had to go through it."
We sat there for a moment but something kept tugging on the back of my mind, something I needed to know.
"Adam, how did you know what was happening in that room? How did you know what they were about to do?"
He looked at me for a long moment saying nothing. Why?
"You're concerned for them, you probably think they might loose their job. Was it the DJ? Were there cameras and someone knew what was happening?"
"There are no cameras in that room," He answered slowly.
Then how? He wasn't going to tell me, he didn't know me enough. I grabbed his big hand and squeezed it affectionately.
"Thank you," I whispered and got out.
I stood there watching him as he pulled away, away forever. I started to unlock my car but suddenly I saw brake lights on Adam's car. He reversed it and drove back. Stopping the car in front of me, he rolled down his window and I saw the same blank stare in his eyes that I thought was a sign of madness.
"A little black bird told me," He said in his deep voice laughing and drove off.
What? Was he loosing it again? Was his madness taking over? And then I understood gasping. Raven... Raven told him when she slipped out of the room! My god, this dominant beautiful woman who I thought was friends with Frank and would probably enjoy watching him take me actually helped me! I smiled to myself realizing I had more friends than I thought and getting in my car thought of Raven. I thought about her, her divine body and what I did to her all the way home.
I walked inside my house noticing all the lights were on.
"Kristy!" I yelled hoping my daughter was home.
I didn't have to wait long, I heard her quick footsteps as she ran downstairs. As soon as she came into the kitchen she threw herself on me hugging me close, laughing.
"Mom, you're home, finally you're home. Tell me everything, tell me what happened!" She was yelling and hugging me excited beyond belief.
I just held her, I squeezed and held my daughter with all the love I felt for her drawing on her love for me, I needed that so much! Finally she settled down in my arms and just hugged me, her hands stroking my lower back tenderly. I brushed her dark hair away from her face and noticed again how beautiful my daughter was.
"Ok" I whispered "But you young lady have to tell me first what happened with you and your mysterious friend and how you two managed to get those pictures."
We walked into the living room and sitting on the couch Kristy recounted the events of her escapades. She told me how her friend, who's name was Barbra, went to Frank's apartment and using the key Barb still had entered the apartment. I realized with evil satisfaction Frank opened himself up to his ex-girlfriend giving her access to his computer as well as his network storage with all the passwords they needed to access it. Once they were in, they erased all pictures of me that he might have had.
"It was so exciting, I mean it felt like we were a couple of secret agents on a mission!" She laughed.
"Mom you wouldn't believe the kind of pictures he had! But the best part was his network storage space," She gave me this suspenseful look.
"Tell me! Kristy, tell me!" I exclaimed.
I couldn't wait to hear more.
"Believe it or not Frank... likes men as well!" She said looking at me with laughter in her eyes.
"What? What do you mean?"
"He had pictures of himself with other men! I mean, some very explicit pictures, if you know what I mean." She winked at me.
Frank was gay? Or Bi, or whatever? Oh god, I never would have guessed. He must have kept that part of him well hidden from everyone.
"Did you guys... erase those pictures as well?" I asked hopeful they might have kept some.
"No way!" She shouted, "Those were too good to erase, Barb copied them on a disk and kept them. Oh, and then we formatted the hard drive on his computer, Barb is really good at this it will look as if his computer crashed."
Yes! Smart girls! Now if Frank would try to do anything, anything at all we had him, we had a very... very big leverage. I leaned back on the couch putting my arms above my head in total relaxation, releasing any anxiety I felt. I stretched lazily and enjoyed the feeling of being in control again, things worked out much better than I hoped they would have. I noticed Kristy was looking at my crotch where my short skirt pulled up exposing my panties.
"Mom, those are different than the pair you had on when you left," She said confused but then her eyes widened realizing she hasn't heard my story yet.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me... I want to hear everything!" She said excited grabbing my hands.
Oh boy, here it goes. I thought about it for a moment, how can I tell my daughter I licked another woman's pussy or her ass? How could I tell my young innocent daughter how I felt about women sometimes? I couldn't, I wouldn't plant that sort of thoughts in her mind. Instead, I recounted all the events of the evening leaving off the two times I was close with Raven and the part about Liz being intimate with me. My daughter listened intently making little comments here and there, asking details wanting to know everything.
"My god, you did that in the car?" She asked shocked.
"Kristy, I had to, I... I just knew he still had those pictures and... if I didn't do that he would..." I trailed off afraid what my daughter would think of me now.
"Mom, I know, I know but it's just... it's just hot," She blurted out.
I looked at my daughter surprised but relieved that she didn't think I was some kind of a slut. She liked the part about me getting finger fucked in the car. I noticed that her eyes would from time to time stray away from my face as she allowed herself to look at the swells of my breasts still visible under my loose blouse. I had to suppress the feeling of excitement when she did that and continued my story. When I came to the part about Raven, I just made it out to seemed that all Raven did was dance for us as stripper would.
"A strip club! You went into a strip club? I know, I know you had to, I understand that. But what was it like?" She quickly said.
I told her a little bit more relieved she never visited such a place herself. A parent's mind always worries about things like that, about what their daughters might be doing with their free time.
"God I'll kill him, ohhh... I want to cut his balls off," She was referring to Frank when I came to the part of him trying to **** me.
She listened with wide eyes about Adam and what he did. Suddenly she hugged me really close and pulled away.
"Oh god I want to meet him, Mom, I want to meet him so bad! I want to thank him for what he did! Mom, who is he?" She asked.
Her eyes shone with excitement and wonder I have not seen before.
"I don't know, all I know is his name and now he doesn't even work there anymore."
We sat there looking at each other, thinking about our own little experiences we had that night, feeling the closeness that bound us together now. I realized I was tired, I wanted to take a shower and somehow wash off any traces of Frank from my body.
"It's getting late, I think we should both get a good night's sl**p. Is Tommy still out?" I asked standing up.
"Yeah, he came in with Gina for a moment and then they left to see a movie."
I was glad my son was seeing Gina but part of me missed him and the closeness between us. I went upstairs to take a shower.
The next morning I took another shower and feeling rejuvenated started doing my usual house chores. Soon Tommy walked into the kitchen shuffling his feet heading straight for the coffee maker. I watched my son dressed in his usual shorts and tea shirt trying to figure out how he still felt about me. We haven't been close for days and I wasn't sure how Gina affected his feelings for me.
"Hi Mom, what's cooking?"
Taking a sip of his coffee he looked at me standing on the opposite side of the kitchen. Immediately his eyes darted down to the simple tank top I had on with no bra underneath and my breasts continuing down to my hips. Because of the tight pajama pants he could see the outline of my shapely hips and legs.
"Oh nothing, how was the movie last night?" I asked turning around knowing his eyes would be on my butt now.
I waited nervously for an answer and heard his feet shuffling towards me. He came up behind me standing close and pressing his body against me reached under my arms cupping both of my breasts. Uhmmm, that felt good.
"Tommyyy, what kind of movie did you watch last night?" I said playfully referring to where his hands were.
He gave out a short laugh and kissed my neck.
"Not that kind Mom."
My pussy was already wet from his touch and the kisses he gave my neck. I don't know why but kissing my neck always managed to turn me on.
"Was Gina good to you last night?" I whispered to him.
He continued to kiss my neck and brought one hand up slipping it under my top and feeling my bare breast while his other hand traveled down sliding under my pajamas and panties with his fingers touching my already excited clit.
"Son, you didn't answer my question."
The thought of my son doing this to me continued to fuel my desire for him. His fingers continued to graze my clit with gentleness.
"Oh she was, believe me," He murmured between his kisses.
So Gina managed to fuck my son again. I knew it was normal for a young couple like them to have sex all the time but I felt a little dab of jealousy. After all, it was her he fucked not me. I turned around in his grasp and looked up into his blue eyes.
"Oh yeah, was she better than... me," I whispered nervously waiting for his answer.
He pulled away from me for a moment not saying a ward, thinking about the answer as I realized what I just said. Was I in competition with an eighteen year old girl for my son? Did I have something to prove? To hold on to?
"Mom, she's just different. Everything about her is different but not better than you. The way she smells, the way she tastes... you know."
I stiffened up. Yes I did taste Gina before during our encounter at the hot tub but he didn't have to bring that up. Instead of getting mad at him my mind focused on the memory of licking Gina while he fucked her. What followed was unexpected even for me.
"Hmmm, yes she does taste good..." I whispered and looked down instantly embarrassed at what I said.
He reached out and grabbed my hand.
"Mom, do you want to taste her even now," He said carefully.
Now? What does he mean, I thought confused? Then I understood. He hasn't taken a shower yet and... and his cock... Gina... Oh my god, my mind was in a whirl spinning at the thought of doing something like that. I looked up at him and noticed his anticipation, his wide eyes staring at me. He wanted this, he wanted me to do this.
"My god son, you want me to..." I trailed off.
He didn't say anything but his expression changed to that of uncertainty. I wanted my son so bad I didn't want him to be confused about us. I squeezed his hand and slowly dropped to my knees. I was willing to taste Gina again just to taste him. I pulled his shorts down and his semi hard cock sprang out in front of my face bringing out a scent of sex with it. Yes it was Gina, the scent of her pussy was unmistakable and my senses slowly absorbed it making me wet. I brought my mouth really close and looked up at him one last time.
The uncertainty was gone replaced by excitement of seeing me do this. As if that was my go ahead I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock inside my mouth keeping my hands firmly planted on his hips. My reluctance quickly changed to pleasure as soon as I tasted my son's cock. Hmmm... the thick shaft pushing past my lips with a tangy taste of another woman was unmistakably pleasurable and wickedly sexy! I opened my mouth wider and slid the shaft in as far as I could wrapping my soft lips around it. I sucked with my mouth and my desire for my son and his strong young cock.
"Oh god Mom, oh fuck," He moaned as I sucked as hard as I could.
"Do you like it? Do you like the taste?" He asked his voice horse.
I looked up at him surprised but I couldn't pull myself away from his hard cock. At that moment I didn't care what he thought of me.
"Uhmmm... yes... oh god yes I like it," I moaned sucking him harder.
"Oh god you're so hot."
Soon his cock was wet and tasted like him again, I managed to clean it off really quick with long, deep strokes of my mouth. Was it my desire for him or was it the intoxicating thought of performing this act? I didn't know, I was confused but sure of one thing, I liked doing this. I loved him... I loved his big cock and I loved how it tasted even with Gina's pussy taste all over it. I missed him so much and his cock. Again I took him deep until that choking sensation of having something inside of your throat crept up on me. Suppressing the feeling I went even further until my nose touched his pubic area.
Oh god! He 's all inside me... I have all of him! The thought was unbearable and I wanted to moan, moan like a slut he wanted me to be but I couldn't. All I did was move my throat which brought moans out of my son enjoying the feeling I brought him. I couldn't stand it anymore and pulled my head back letting his thick, hard cock slide out of my throat. When it finally came out it trailed a long string of saliva from the tip of his cock to my mouth as I took quick, deep breaths of air. Again I attacked him closing my eyes and sucking hard and deep while keeping up a quick pace.
My hands stayed glued to his hips as I wanted him to watch his cock slide in and out of my mouth. It was the darker side of me I couldn't control sometimes; the side that took pleasure from other people watching me do something dirty... something slutty. I took Tommy's cock out of my mouth and sucked his balls stroking him the full length of his cock before returning it back to my hungry mouth.
"Mom! I'm going to cum, Mom! Oh my god I'm Cumming!" He moaned as I felt his cock swell up even more.
I pulled his cock out and twisting my head made sure my dark hair was out of the way. I held my open mouth just in front of his cock and looked up at my son, I wanted him to see this! Stroking him I waited for his cum like a hungry Slut noticing his face twisted in pleasure.
"Oh my god, oh fuck... ahhhh," He moaned deep watching me... watching my open mouth.
I felt the first shot of his cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed without closing my mouth, watching his face. Another one hit the same spot and than another! I held still letting my son shoot his cum into my mouth but inside I wanted to scream! I wanted to scream in pleasure as well from being able to drink his cum. Knowing he just fucked Gina the previous night I was surprised at how much cum he produced! He quickly filled my mouth and I was afraid some might spill out but after a long moment he stopped and just watched me with his wide eyes full of excitement.
Looking up at him I closed my mouth and swallowed. He just shook his head enjoying the sight... sight of his own Mom drinking his cum. I felt his sticky cum run down my throat which brought chills to my spine. I lovingly placed his cock in my mouth again and sucked more cleaning off the last remaining drops of cum from his softening cock. Than the door bell rang.
I jumped and so did he quickly pulling up his shorts! The realization of what we were doing making us act as teenagers getting caught by their parents. I stood up and looked at Tommy wondering who that could be.
"I'll get it," He whispered and walked out.
I stood there trembling while the taste of Tommy's cock remained in my mouth. After a few moments Tommy walked into the kitchen followed by Gina.
"Oh, Hi Kate."
Suddenly we were on the first name basis which would have been inappropriate before but after what happened in her house that night seemed natural.
"Hi Gina," I answered trying to stay calm.
Gina smiled and walking up to Tommy stood on her tippy toes giving him a kiss. Her back was towards me and my eyes quickly found her curvy, young ass wrapped in a pair of tight jeans. At that moment Kristy walked into the kitchen stretching from her long sl**p.
"Hi guys, hi Mom," She said sheepishly.
Oh my god, this was too much, my heart was about to jump out of my chest. Standing there in front of my daughter and my son's girlfriend I wondered if I had any cum on my face, if any of it dripped onto my neck as my son was shooting it into my mouth. What if they see it, what if they recognize it, what would they think of me? SLUT! The thought was too much and I turned around closing my eyes for a moment. I needed to come down.
"So, what are you guys doing today?" Kristy asked.
"Oh do a little shopping, maybe go out to dinner later and whatever comes to mind," Gina answered.
"Mom, can Gina spend the night tonight?" Tommy asked, his voice a little weak.
I turned around hoping I showed no signs of what I was doing a moment ago.
"Sure son, as long as it's OK with Jeannine."
"Oh it is, I already asked her earlier, she doesn't mind," Gina quickly replied.
"Cool, maybe we can all sit down and watch a movie tonight," Tommy added.
"As long as it's nothing bl**dy, you know I can't stand those movies," I said hoping to end this conversation.
I wanted to scream, I was so frustrated. I felt somewhat cheap from giving my son a blow job and getting nothing in return. Truth was I wanted him to fuck me so bad, I wanted to feel his manhood driving into me and make me scream but now Gina had him all for herself! I walked out of the kitchen mad but trying not to show it.
After Tommy and Gina left, Kristy went to see her friend Barb and I was left home alone. I spent the whole day doing nothing, watching some TV, fixing some snacks and thinking... thinking of ways I could be with my son again. I couldn't understand how he could occupy my mind that way, he was my son and I was married and... I should never have done the things I did with him or any of his friends! I needed to think of a way out of this mess since my relationship with my son could never work. But relationship with my son was probably not what I wanted anyway. Then what was it?
As day went on things just started to get worse, in the middle of the day the air conditioning quit working and after calling several service companies I was told it will be at least a week before anyone can come out to look at it. We were in the middle of the summer and they had a backlog of calls to respond to. The house kept getting warmer and warmer and I couldn't do anything about it.
Later that night Kristy came back home but she just went up to her room and went to bed leaving me by myself pondering about my situation. I decided to open a bottle of wine and take a cool bath after which I put on my favorite nightshirt with nothing underneath, it was too damn hot for panties or a bra. I watched TV for a while drinking my wine until Tommy and Gina came home, it was about nine o'clock.
"Mom why is it so damn hot in here?" Tommy asked as soon as they came in.
"The AC broke and no one can come out to fix it," I answered looking at him.
Something about him and Gina was different and after closely watching them I realized they were d***k. Tommy stumbled coming in and Gina was clinging to him closely as if for support.
"Well you guys look like you had fun tonight."
"Not yet but the night is still young," Gina answered laughing.
Tommy gave her a look to be quite and I just shook my head, that girl was nothing but trouble. I noticed her blouse was out of place and opened more than normal in the front leaving her tanned cleavage exposed as if they were fooling around in the car before coming in. Looking at her I had to admit she was pretty hot, young, gorgeous body, long dark hair. No wonder Tommy was infatuated with her, her tits alone would draw a crowd of boys to her.
"Mom, we're going to go upstairs to my room for a while. Are you going to be OK here by yourself?"
"I'll be fine go ahead," I answered him but inside I felt differently.
Gina pulled on his arm.
"Come on Tommy."
She pulled him behind her going upstairs. I sat there frustrated again. If it wasn't for her my son would have been with me right now. Again I tried not to think about it, I was the adult here it was time I started acting like one. But no matter how much I tried I just couldn't stop but wonder what they were doing inside his room. My suspicion was they were having sex. Images of my son's cock driving into that young girl flooded my mind and I involuntarily placed my hand between my legs pushing my shirt up. I grazed the top of my pussy and rubbed my clit in circles with my finger thinking about what they were doing.
God this was getting me hot and the wine I drank wasn't helping. I was turning myself on thinking about my son fucking that girl. Suddenly I stood up and walked quietly towards the stairs. I had to know, I had to find out what they were doing. I sneaked upstairs and silently walked up to his door.
"Fuck me, fuck me harder."
I could hear Gina's voice behind the door.
"Oh god you're making me so fucking wet!"
I heard enough. I walked away excited to hear her say those words. I sat back on the couch and flicked the channels but couldn't find anything on, I just kept thinking about them having sex which further fueled my sexual frustration. I think it all started with my husband leaving for his business trip, our relationship being on the low end at the moment did not provide a lot of opportunities for having sex. Maybe knowing that Tommy always provided the release and a hell of sexual encounter I thought I didn't need my husband. I promised myself to fix it as soon as he came back from his trip. I sat on the sofa brooding for the next half hour. I was ready to go to sl**p.
"Hi Kate, can I talk to you for a moment?"
It was Gina, she came around the corner from the stairs without a sound barefooted dressed only in her light nightshirt which was short enough to leave her legs exposed.
"Sure Gina, what is it?" I asked trying not to stare at her perfect young body, although her hard nipples poking under her shirt were pretty distracting. She sat down next to me on the couch and took a deep breath as I noticed her skin was lightly perspiring from the sex she just had with my son.
"I wanted to apologize for the way I behaved when we came in," She said looking down at her knees.
Again I tried to look indifferent when talking to her but the fact was she was gorgeous, her long dark hair fell evenly on her tanned shoulders in waves and whenever she looked up she flicked them to one side to get them out of her eyes.
"You don't need to apologize; you didn't say anything to me Gina."
"That's just it, I should have, I should have said hi or how are you but I didn't. I was rude and I'm sorry."
She slid closer to me so our knees touched and reaching out grabbed my hand holding it gently. My pulse jumped as soon as I felt her soft, warm skin in my hand. I was vaguely aware of a scent that carried with her, a scent I could almost recognize... yes... cum, it was the scent of sex and cum! Knowing what she was doing upstairs with my son I knew she had his cum on her, but where?
"Ok, apologies accepted," I whispered looking at her breasts hiding beneath her shirt.
Just then she looked up at me so I immediately looked away not sure if I was caught staring. When I looked back into her eyes I noticed a slight smile on her face which quickly disappeared replaced by a soft stare. She was studying me, her large, dark eyes steady and unwavering.
"Thanks Kate, I promise I won't do it again."
Saying that she reached out and giving me a hug brought her hands around my neck holding me close. It was unexpected but a welcome gesture. I felt her hard nipples plastered against my arm and it gave me goose bumps all over my body. After a few heartbeats she pulled back but kept her hands around my neck.
"You are always so nice to me and Tommy, if there is anything ever I can do for you, just let me know," She whispered, her face next to mine.
She was affecting me the same was Suzie did during that memorable encounter in the shoe store and I found myself breathing hard, my back stiff as a board.
"Sure Gina," Was all I could say at the moment.
She smiled and brought her face really close as if to kiss me but stopped short of doing it. Did she mean to kiss me? I stared at her lips, so wet, so shiny and felt myself open to the suggestion. Suddenly I felt my lips touch hers and didn't know who made the contact. I felt her mouth open and her wet tongue slide out grazing my lips, probing for them to open. With my heart racing I opened my mouth feeling her wet tongue slide right in as I touched it with my own. I tasted her mouth and found the familiar taste of my son's cock which penetrated my senses adding to the thrill of kissing her after she had him in her mouth.
"Uhmmm, Kate, I love doing that to you," She whispered into my mouth while our tongues explored one another.
"We shouldn't," I whispered back but didn't stop kissing this young girl.
"Can you taste him? Can you taste your son's cock?" She moaned.
"Gina please..."
She turned her head and pressing her lips hard against my mouth extended her tongue deep into my waiting mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked as if I was sucking Tommy increasingly lost in this moment of passion. Suddenly she stopped kissing me and stood up, I looked up at her confused and little disappointed our kiss ended so suddenly. She had a slight mischievous smile on her face and her eyes wide and excited. Her legs were separated with my knees in between.
"Would you like to see what Tommy did to me just before I came down here?"
I couldn't breathe, I knew she was referring to my son fucking her senseless. I swallowed hard ready to deny this, ready to stop this lustful moment.
"Yes..." I whispered against my will and better judgment.
She just smiled and stepped closer, her knees touching the edge of the couch. She grabbed the edges of her shirt and slowly slid it up over her hips exposing herself to me. As much as I wanted not to look my eyes stayed peeled to the edge of her shirt hungrily looking for what was underneath.
I silently gasped at the sight of her pussy, it was a little red and her inner lips were swollen with nothing to hide them, all hair completely removed. She was wet but not only from her wetness but also from my son's cum smeared all over her pussy mound as if he rubbed his cum dripping cock all over it. I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly very dry.
"Hmmm, you like looking at me, I can tell. Why don't you take a closer look?"
I realized she was controlling me, controlling my passion for my son but I did not know at the moment how to fight it. I stared at her pussy and felt myself sliding off the couch right between her spread open legs. My face came close to her pussy and I stared in owe and excitement at her wetness and intimacy.
"Kate, your son came inside of me... it's still in me, do you want to taste it?" She whispered looking down at my face so close between her legs.
I looked up at her shaking my head from side to side in denial.
"No, please no..." I whispered but stayed in the same position.
Our eyes were locked together and I felt as if she could see right through me, my face felt warm and I could tell it just turned crimson red.
"Oh Kate just stop denying it, I can tell you want to taste your son. Here, let me help you."
She reached down with her hand and slid her finger inside of herself. I couldn't watch, my mind racing for a way out of this as I looked at her face knowing what she was about to do. Taking her eyes off of me she looked down at her finger emerging from her wet cunt, my eyes followed hers and I saw her finger coming out completely covered in thick wetness. No! I can't! I shouldn't!
"Open your mouth Kate. Taste him."
Again I shook my head in defiance and complete panic. I was ready to pull myself away when I felt her wet finger touch my lips. I froze and looked up at her in panic! Her expression was soft, almost loving as she watched my lips.
"Come on Kate, open. Taste it, it's wonderful."
"Gina d..."
I wanted to stop her, to tell her how perverse and wrong it was but all I succeeded in doing was open my mouth. She immediately took this opportunity to slide her wet finger inside my mouth as I sat there shocked at the thought of what I allowed her to do. She rested her finger on my tongue and I couldn't bring myself to close my mouth around it. Slowly though, the taste of my son's cum and the smell of her used pussy suppressed my reluctance and my mouth closed around her finger.
"Good girl, just like that, suck it, clean it all off," She whispered and her praises felt good.
She watched me do this as I sucked on her finger cleaning it completely off and watching her eyes unsure of what she thought of me. When I was done she took it out and I watched her expectantly. She smiled.
"You want more don't you?"
No, say no! My mind told me with increased panic.
"Yesss..." My whisper was barely audible.
She smiled and slid her finger inside herself again moving it in small circles for a moment as if she wanted to thoroughly coat it with what my son deposited inside her. When it came out it was trailed by a thin string of thick liquid connecting her finger with her pussy.
"Open up."
My mouth automatically opened and she rested her finger on my tongue again waiting. I closed my mouth around it and tasted my son's spent cum, sucking on her finger.
"Good girl, good little Slut."
Hearing those magical words a moan escaped my lips and I feverishly sucked hard moving my head back and forth as if giving her finger a blow job.
"Ohhh you like it, you like being called a Slut. Look at you go, oh my goodness!"
Again my cheeks felt increasingly warm, my face turning red from the sound of her words knowing she just found out my little secret! But I couldn't stop, no matter how much degrading her words were I just couldn't stop sucking that deliciously tasting finger.
She took her finger out and holding her shirt above her hips squatted above my face just out of reach.
"Do it, go all the way and taste him, suck his cum out of me like a good little Slut."
Oh my god! How perverse! The taste, the smell, the sight of her dripping pussy! I lost it, I couldn't stop this no matter what! Bringing my face to her pussy I opened my mouth wide and placed it over her entire slit sliding my tongue out and into her opened hole. I sucked with pleasure pulling her lips inside my mouth while my tongue fucked her opening with slow in and out movements.
"Oh my God, you are so hungry! Oh that feels good! Jesus you do it better than Elaine!"
I looked up at her noticing she was looking at me panting and pulled my tongue back into my mouth sucking hard. Immediately I felt liquid flowing into my mouth and knew it was my son's cum. I swallowed and sucked more.
"Oh yes, you're getting it! I can feel it leaving me, oh you're getting it all!"
I just moaned and sucked getting it all. The taste of my son's cum mixed with her own juices was intoxicating.
"Suck it, drink your son's cum, oh yes. Be a good Slut, yes just like that. Do you wish it was his big cock you were sucking on right now?"
God this girl was reading my mind! I just shook my head in agreement not wanting to let go of her pussy to answer. At that moment logic was replaced with lust.
"I knew you would. If you had a chance would you do it? Would you suck him in front of me again?"
I can't answer that! No, I can't! She pulled herself away from my wet mouth and looked down at me. I brought my face closer to her pussy like a hungry Slut but she stopped me with her hand over my hair. I wanted to continue, I needed to continue there was more cum inside her!
"Answer first and then I'll feed you some more. Would you do it for me?"
I knew if I answered I would find myself in a compromising situation sometime in the future which I couldn't allow. But I wanted to continue what we were doing, my passion for her pussy and what was inside it winning over my senses.
"No Gina I can't, he's my son," I pleaded hoping she would abandon this crazy idea.
"But you're already tasting him. You are tasting him out of my pussy! Sucking him would be nothing in comparison to what you are doing right now."
She was so direct and what she said made sense. After all I was licking her pussy after she just had sex with him. I looked at the soft folds of her pussy.
"Maybe, Oh god, maybe I would."
Again I tried reaching for her but she stopped me.
"Promise me you will. When that moment comes, promise me you will and I'll let you continue."
Oh Jesus, maybe it won't! Maybe if I just say yes she will let me continue and I could always ensure a situation like that won't come up.
"Yes, I promise," I whispered already anticipating the taste of her soft pussy.
"Then you can feed on me! You can have me in any way you want to."
Saying that she let go of my head and I raised a bit to reach her pussy. My mouth sucked her pussy lips inside with feverish anticipation and I immediately begun tongue fucking her like before allowing the remaining cum to drip into my open mouth. It felt so good to taste Tommy out of his girlfriend, especially such a hot girl she was!
I was completely off the couch sitting on the floor while supporting myself with my hands. My head was tilted back and in between her spread open legs as she stood squatting over me, slowly gyrating back and forth to the movements of my extended tongue which was racking the inside of her slit. I was lost in pleasure I so seldom had and I didn't want this to end.
Gina's movements were widening and I felt her clit on my tongue replaced by the bottom of her pussy while my tongue brought pleasure to this young girl. She moaned with her eyes closed enjoying my mouth completely. Tommy's cum was completely gone securely placed in my tummy, what was left was Gina. Her taste and her pussy juices replaced my son's as it dripped into my mouth.
"God Kate you feel so good! Uhmmm... I never realized Tommy had such a talented Mom. Eat me, good little Slut, oh god eat my pussy," She moaned looking at me while my tongue drove into her.
"Do you want to taste more?" She stopped gyrating as she looked down at me.
I was confused. More? More what? She saw my confusion and made a move which brought her pussy up. Because I held still my tongue rested against the part of her body between her pussy and asshole. Now I understood.
"Oh god, Gina I a..."
I didn't know what to say! I've done that in the past but now! With my son's girlfriend?
"I'll let you know a little secret. I let Tommy take me in the ass tonight..." She whispered.
I looked up at her shocked wondering if what she said was true. Was she manipulating me? Did she want to degrade me completely? I felt her move up a bit more and I felt the edges of her asshole on my tongue! For some reason I did not move.
"Yes you do, don't you? That's what Sluts do, they eat other girls completely! Will you be a good little Slut for me Kate?"
My mind was in a whirlwind, this eighteen year old girl was calling me a Slut! It created the effect opposite then what one might expect, I loved the words, I loved being called a Slut! The suggestion she planted in my mind was eating at me, driving me insane from the perversity of it, making me want it.
"Come on Kate, I'm waiting for your answer."
"Yes what?" She demanded.
"Yes, I want to be your Slut," I whispered back and each word increased the level of sexual pleasure I felt at the moment.
I was amazed at how good it felt to say it! I almost wanted her to ask me again. I felt my tongue touch the center of her asshole and I realized she did not move a bit.
"Good Slut, now lick it," She demanded.
I did thinking how awful the taste would be but to my astonishing surprise, it was pleasant. Mixed with a tangy taste it did taste like Tommy! My god, he fucked her ass!
The taste wasn't the only thing bringing me pleasure at the moment, the feel of her asshole on my tongue was incredibly pleasing and combined with the thought of what I was doing made me come to the edge of an orgasm. I moaned licking this beauty's asshole like a Slut in heat.
"Oh my God Kate, get behind me, lick my ass like a Slut!" She purred.
I hurriedly complied getting right behind her as she positioned herself on her hands and knees spread open on the couch, her ass sticking up giving me full access to her asshole with her juicy pussy right below. I knelt right behind her with my hands on her ass feeling the smooth, warm skin.
"Do it Kate, eat my asshole, do it now!" She moaned.
Leaning over I placed my tongue on her asshole and licked! Uhmmm, what pleasure!
"Oh yes, oh yes, just like that," She moaned as I licked.
"Do you like doing this? Tell me Kate." She said turning her head to watch me.
What could I have said? That I didn't? No, it was past that, past the denial.
"Yes," I whispered while my tongue was pressed against her rear hole.
"Yes what? Jesus Slut, tell me!" She said impatiently.
I was her Slut! This beauty treated me like a Slut!
"I love eating your asshole. Oh god, I love it!" I replied eagerly lost in the moment.
Grabbing my hair from the back she twisted around and sat in front of me with her face close to mine looking into my eyes.
"And whose Slut are you?"
My heart beat hard in my chest as I answered.
"Your Slut Gina, I'm your Slut," I said clearly enjoying the words that came out of my mouth.
"Then strip Slut," She demanded.
I quickly looked at the stairs but the hallway upstairs was dark, I couldn't tell if anyone was watching. Kristy was home but I was hoping she was asl**p; Tommy was probably passed out from the booze he drank. The thought of stripping in front of this beauty was making my senses tingle with excitement. I reached for my nightshirt and pulling it up, I pulled it off of me. My large breasts fell out of their confines and I stood there trembling in front of Gina wondering what she was going to ask me to do next.
"Nice body, that's what amazes me about you Kate, you can have anyone with a body like that. Tommy, your daughter, yes Kristy! You ever think about your daughter?"
I trembled hoping she didn't recognize why but it was too late. She noticed how her words affected me.
"Oh wow, I can tell you think about Kristy. Ok, Slut, kneel in front of me and get ready to eat me," She demanded spreading her legs and bringing them up so her knees touched her breasts.
In this position she was opened up all the way. I quickly knelt in front of her waiting instinctively for her order to eat her. My mouth watered as I looked down at her gorgeous pussy.
"First you must do what I ask you. You will call me Kristy and pretend I am your lovely daughter, understand?"
I weakly shook my head up and down. She smiled.
"What do you want to do Mom?"
Her words took me by surprise, it felt so real, so perverse.
"I want to eat you baby, I want to eat your cunt," I heard myself say.
"Oh Mom! How much do you want this? How much do you want to taste my pussy?" Gina purred pretending to be my daughter.
"Oh Kristy, I want to taste you so bad, I've always wanted to. Please baby, let Mommie eat you," I begged.
I was lost in this, I didn't care what the consequences would be, I just wanted to pretend for once. I was surprised at how much pleasure saying those words brought me, my pussy was dripping and I was on the verge of Cuming.
"Eat me Mom! Eat me now, take any hole you want to, just stick you tongue inside me!"
I placed my mouth over her pussy and lashed out with my tongue enjoying the moisture of her cunt. I closed my eyes and softly moaned as I serviced her running my tongue from her asshole to her pussy and back. I thought I heard moaning coming from the direction of the stairs but I couldn't check as I was Cuming myself. Gina moaned and creamed right into my face thrashing in front of me in pleasure. I dug my tongue deep inside her pussy and rode my own climax in ecstasy reaching a point I thought was impossible to achieve without even touching myself.
I felt liquid dripping down the inside of my thighs and I knew it was my cum. I continued licking her tender lips until we both settled down, she lay limp before me and I slowly licked her opened pussy feeling her smooth skin with my hands.
"Uhmmm, Kate thank you! My god that felt good."
She sat up as I stood up on my weak legs. I wasn't sure what to say or do, I just stood there naked in front of this girl who just a minute ago called me a Slut. Uhmmm, Slut, I was her Slut. She stood up and came close putting her hands on my naked hips and pulled me close, our naked bodies pressing against one another, our nipples grading together.
"So, are you still my Slut?" She asked looking into my eyes.
Although I loved the feeling this word brought me especially spoken by her I had to be careful.
"Gina, it's not that simple..." I trailed off careful not to spoil what we had.
"Are you or are you not." She asked firmly, almost demanding.
"Yes," I whispered.
I don't know why I said that, it just came out. I loved every time she called me a Slut and the thought of repeating what happened here tonight was extremely persistent.
"I can seriously get used to that. Come along my little Slut, I'm going to tuck you in," She said with a smile.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her. I watched her perfect ass swaying before me and when we reached the stairs she walked up the first two and turned her head spreading her legs in an obscene fashion.
"Lick," She demanded.
Now? Here at the stairs? My god, this girl was insatiable! Or maybe she was testing to see if I would do it? Either way the idea was intriguing and I decided to go with it, seemed kinky to me and kinky was good. I leaned over and put my mouth over her pussy licking her intimately in small circles.
"Ahhh, nice Kate. Ok, that's enough, come along."
We reached my bedroom and she walked in first pulling me over to the bed. She moved aside as I got into the bed and lay on my back watching her. She watched me as well for a long moment before sitting down on the bed near me.
"Kate, thank you for everything, you felt so good, believe me. I can't remember the last time I've done something this crazy. I mean we could have gotten caught at any movement!"
She was delicate and gentle, herself again and not my superior. I wasn't her Slut at that moment but Kate, her boyfriend's Mom. I sighed and covered myself with the covers.
"I know Gina, I don't know what possessed me but... I enjoyed it too," I said finally trying to clear my head.
"You mean you liked eating me? You liked eating my... pussy?" She asked excitedly.
I looked away briefly. This was so intimate, so risky. If I admit, would she call me a lesbian? Would I loose respect in her eyes? But I did eat her and did like it, why hide it? I looked back at her my eyes roaming over her perfect breasts before settling on her beautiful face.
"Yes Gina, I like eating your pussy, I think it was something two women can share every once in a while. I don't think there is anything wrong with it and it brought us both pleasure."
She smiled and seemed like her face radiated with joy.
"Could this be our little secret, you being my secret Slut?" She whispered the last sentence as if she didn't want anyone to hear it.
Those words were already sending tingling signals to my pussy.
"Sure Gina, but it has to be a SECRET," I emphasized the last word.
Inside I felt new excitement coursing through my body. I would be her Slut, I would be someone's sexual play toy! I thought of the possibilities this opened up and had to swallow to clear my suddenly dry throat.
"Oh my god! I never had a Slut before! Uhhh the things I can do to you. Will you do whatever I ask you without questions?"
I could only imagine!
"Yes," I whispered barely able to hide my excitement.
"Then sweet dreams my little Slut. Kate, I promise never to say anything about this to anyone, I swear."
"Thank you Gina."
I reached out and touched her cheek affectionately. Grabbing my hand she kissed it and stood up, naked, gorgeous. She turned around and walked out of the room shutting the door behind her. I lay there in bed thinking about her and Tommy for a long time. I thought of Raven who still hunted my thoughts and the things I did to her. I thought of Kristy and what I pretended doing to her. The last thing that crossed my troubled mind was Adam and the wondering thought... a question really, of how big he was, how big his cock... was.
"Mom, when is Dad coming home?" Kristy asked as she zoomed by me on the way to the garage.
Wow, she seemed to be busy today, she was holding a load of laundry when passing by and all I saw was a blur as she ran by. I continued to dust the living room TV without answering her as I knew she wouldn't hear me.
"Mom! When is Dad going to be home?" I heard her yell from the garage.
Ok, she was destined to drive me insane today. Ever since the weekend Gina spent the night, my daughter seemed a little different, more energetic and willing to help around the house. I often wondered if I imagined the moaning sounds coming from the top of the stairs in my uncontrollable moment of passion with Gina, and was one of my c***dren looking down at what I was doing at that moment. Was it Kristy? Or was it Tommy? Maybe I just imagined the whole thing and tried to tell myself it was one of them. I walked in the direction of the garage but now stopped dead in my tracks. Did I want them to see me with Gina? Oh god, what was I turning into?
I definitely didn't feel like yelling so I walked to the garage to see what my daughter was up to. When I opened the door I was greeted by the sight of my daughter bent over pulling clothes out of the dryer and putting them in the laundry hamper. I stood amazed watching her butt with apprehension. She was dressed in a tiny pair of silk red panties and nothing else. Because her legs were placed apart for balance and bent I could see the panties tightly hugging her young sex to the point of outlining the details of her pussy. I should have said something but I didn't, I stood and watched every detail, every outline of her behind chastising myself in my mind for doing it but at the same time getting extremely turn on.
"Mom! When is Daddy coming home?" She yelled again.
"Kristy, I'm right here you don't' have to yell," I answered calmly, I hoped.
She jumped and straightened out facing me, flashing her perky young pair of breasts which had sexy tan lines where her bikini covered her while sun tanning. I instinctively looked at her breasts and gave her a smile wondering why my mouth suddenly went dry.
"Feeling a little free-spirited today are we?"
She smiled back unsure but didn't cover herself.
"Mom, you've seen me before, I didn't think it was a big deal. Unless my breasts bother you..."
I looked down at them trying to hide my excitement in front of my daughter. They were full for her age with tiny nipples and tender aureoles around them. Somehow my eyes wondered further down for a second and glancing at her tight stomach I zeroed in on her panties before looking back at her, my heart suddenly pounding hard in my chest. I've noticed a tiny smile cross her face which told me she was enjoying tormenting me in this fashion or just enjoying me looking at her. Did she suspect my feelings for women sometimes? Or maybe it was her on top of the stairs while I did things with Gina. Oh my god, I hoped not. My daughter was too precious to witness her mom's weakened state.
"No honey, your breasts don't bother me, I ... am fine with you prancing around half naked. Just don't let your b*****r see you like this, could be embarrassing you know."
Phew, I almost said "I like looking at your breasts" before catching myself. That was too close, I needed to be more careful in the future if she was going to put me in these situations.
"Tommy, no way, I wouldn't want to give HIM any ideas."
What did that mean? Grabbing her hamper she squeezed by me as I held the door open for her, her fresh scent reaching my senses adding to my excitement. As she was passing me she stopped for a moment and leaned against the opposite side of the door frame with her breasts towards me, I noticed her small nipples were firm.
"You know Mom, you should try this sometimes, it feels like how you put it, free spirited. Especially when we're just by ourselves."
She looked down at my breasts under my simple shirt.
"Hmmm Mom, I'm not getting you excited, am I?"
Confused I looked down at what she was looking at and noticed with embarrassment my own nipples were standing at attention making a visible impression in my shirt. I looked up at her alarmed but all I saw was a gorgeous smile. I was scared she could see right through me and what she would do if she realized ... I was excited thanks to her. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't deny it, and anything I would have said at that time would sound fake.
Flashing her beautiful smile she turned and walked away as my eyes stayed glued to her round ass cheeks moving from side to side as she walked, the back of her panties lost somewhere between those firm cheeks. I tried getting my breathing under control and shook my head to clear my thoughts but all I could think of, was her.
I finished my housework early and made coffee for my daughter and me thinking of what to do next. John was coming home late tomorrow and I knew I needed to fix things with him. We needed to be close again so our relationship would not disintegrate completely. I still felt guilt from what I allowed to happen with Frank and pushing that creep completely out of my mind I concentrated on my husband. I remembered how he liked it when I took control of him while having sex, so this would have to be something special.
"Honey, I need to go out for a bit and your b*****r will not be back from the city until tomorrow. Do you have any plans for today?"
We were sitting around the kitchen table sipping our coffee. She looked up at me flicking her hair to the side exposing her long, sensual neck that seemed unusually delicious at the time.
"I was hoping we would spend the day together Mom."
That actually sounded good, some time with my daughter without Tommy might be good for me as long as she didn't start teasing me again with that tight body of hers.
"I'd love to but let me take care of this one chore, it won't take long, I promise."
"Well, can I come with?"
Oh no, not this time, not the place I planned on visiting.
"Sweetie, I ... it would be better if I went alone," I said carefully.
"Mom, where are you going?" Her curiosity suddenly picked up.
"Just a place to buy some things ... some things for your Dad and me, I just think I should go alone."
"No way, I wanna go! Pleasssseee."
She was so cute with her dark hair put up and minimal make up on, she looked younger than her age and very hot.
"Oh god, this could be embarrassing. If I take you with me promise never to tell your b*****r or anyone else," I finally said with caution.
"I promise," She quickly answered.
"Ok, go get dressed and we'll go."
"Wait, where are we going?"
"You'll see."
This could be fun, I thought. She was very excited and had no idea where I was taking her. I had a feeling she would understand once she sees the place. I put on my favorite dress and waited patiently for my daughter downstairs. She came down wearing a tight pair of shorts which left her long legs exposed and a tank top. I could tell she wore nothing under the tank top since her nipples were making an outline. The shorts were so short her thighs were exposed up to her hips and when she turned to the side I could see the sides of her breasts rolling out from under the tank top. She looked very sexy as I tried not to stare.
"Ok Mom, I'm ready," She smiled.
I swallowed hard heading for the car and suddenly feeling well overdressed. Maybe I could loosen up a bit too? I took the opportunity to undo the top button of my dress while she wasn't looking and drove off.
"Mom, why don't we catch some lunch?" Kristy asked.
"That sounds good, I'm starving. I know of a good place where your Dad and I go sometimes."
It took only five minutes to get to the small Italian restaurant and walking in we asked the waitress for a booth table. She put us in one which was at the back of the restaurant and we sat down side by side in a secluded booth. Pretty soon the waiter came up to take our drinks order. He was tall and young, I suspect about Kristy's age with blue eyes and blond hair which he kept spiked up in a neat style. As soon as he came up his eyes were all over Kristy.
"Mom lets have some wine," My daughter suggested.
"Kristy, I'm driving, I can't drink."
"Just one glass, it won't make a difference."
Throughout my short conversation with Kristy I noticed the waiter kept looking at her breasts which were outlined in her skimpy top. It sort of made me a little jealous, not once did he look at me!
"Ok, just one glass. We'll take two glasses of red wine," I said to him.
"Can I see your ID," Again he only looked at Kristy.
"Ahh, the wine is for my Mom," Kristy answered quickly.
"Oh, Ok. In that case, two glasses of wine coming right up."
He gave Kristy one final look and walked away.
"Oh my god, did you see how he was staring at me? I felt like he wanted to see my tits out of my tank top," She laughed.
"Yes, I noticed. He didn't even give me a single look," I said disappointed.
"Mom! He's just a guy and the way I'm dressed keeps them hypnotized," She laughed again.
I smiled at her looking at her breasts and the exposed skin on the side.
"I bet he would be all over you if you showed a little more skin," She winked at me.
"I doubt it. You're beautiful and he's interested only in you."
"Ok, I'll bet you I can make him keep his eyes only on you."
I smiled at her doubting he would.
"Come on Sweetie, enjoy it, I don't need the attention."
"But you wish he did, maybe just a little," She brought her fingers close together to display how little I wished for it.
"Well, maybe a tiny bit," I laughed.
"Ok, than we're on. First thing's first, you have to expose your cleavage, those buttons on top have to go."
My daughter reached out and tangling her fingers into the top of my conservative dress snapped the first button. I looked down at my cleavage already quite excited and saw that top parts of my breasts were now exposed.
"Mom, you're wearing a bra!" Kristy said with disappointment.
"Of course honey, I'm married, I can't be flaunting my assets to everyone on the street," I answered laughing.
"You're going to have to get rid of it; it's the only way this is going to work."
My daughter stared at me expectantly. I sighed. God, what was I getting myself into? But for some reason, deep down inside I felt as if having her with me made it alright. Mom and daughter just having a little fun.
"Hmmm, you're right, we can't have that."
I got up and walked around the table leaning over it towards my daughter. I put one leg over the other and curved my hips in a sexy way, I'm sure my breasts were starting to spill out.
"I will have to go to the bathroom and take care of this. Why don't you keep our poor little waiter in the mood for us."
I turned around and making sure no one was watching grabbed my dress and slid the back of it up until I felt cool air hit my butt. I knew I was exposed. Immediately I heard Kristy gasp which gave me a satisfying shiver. Walking away I held my dress up as long as I could.
I nearly ran into the stall locking the door behind me and lifting my dress I slipped my panties off. I turned them inside out and looked at the wetness deposited in the middle of the thin fabric. Looking at them I slowly realized that was not what I came in here for, I was supposed to take my bra off! Slut! Hearing those words in my own mind made a low moan escape my lips. What was I planning to do? I know I wanted them off and decided to keep them off. Kristy didn't have to know how much of a slut mommie she had.
Since I came in here without a purse and didn't have any pockets I placed the panties behind the roll of toilet paper and took my bra off. I would love to see the face on the woman who will find my panties and I wondered what they were going to do with them. Would they simply throw them away? Or maybe ... they would smell them ... and keep them ... and maybe even wear them. God the thought of another woman's pussy pressing against my panties made me wet and my heart beat faster. Ok, I had to compose myself. Straightening out my dress I walked out of the bathroom.
"It took you long enough!" Kristy said as soon as I walked up.
Taking a seat beside her I threw my bra at her.
"I had to make sure I looked good for our poor waiter," I answered noticing the wine on the table.
Taking the glass I drank deeply until it was completely empty.
"So did you let our waiter get a good peek at you?" I asked feeling the effects of the wine I just drank.
"Moooom," Kristy exclaimed.
"Well what's wrong? You're the one walking around the house half naked."
She laughed and took a small sip of the wine looking me up and down.
"Yes, he was ogling me like before. Mom, top button..."
I looked down and realized I buttoned all buttons back up. Well, we can't have that. I unbuttoned the top two buttons.
"Not enough," Kristy said looking at my cleavage.
My god, she's insane! If I unbutton one more button my whole cleavage will be exposed to below my breasts! Taking the remaining glass of wine I drank it all.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," I murmured and released the third button.
"Nice, ok now just let the top of the dress drift to the sides ... like this."
Kristy reached over and moved my dress to the sides enough to expose my breasts in the middle but still covering my nipples ... barely. My daughter's hands were moving over my breasts while she worked lightly brushing against my already hard nipples which sent shivers up and down my spine. I did my best to hide the excitement from her but couldn't stop my breathing from coming in gasps.
"Uhmm, Mom your nipples are so hard."
She touched one of them and looked at me unsure. Although I wanted her to pull on them hard, to continue playing with them, I had to compose myself, this wasn't how a Mom should be acting.
"Ok, ok young lady, that's enough," I said calmly, I hoped.
Our waiter showed up in a couple of minutes and immediately noticed the state my dress was in. His large eyes showed excitement and desire.
"Can I ... can I take your order now?" He asked while looking at the exposed parts of my breasts.
Kristy and I exchanged quick glances trying not to laugh and ordered our meal. While he was taking Kristy's order I pretended to look for something in my purse beside me and twisted my body to reach it. That slid my dress out of place and looking down I noticed one of my nipples coming into view. My large aureole and the nipple were peeking out from the edge of my dress. I stayed in this position long enough for him to get a good look but when I faced to the front again, my nipple was still exposed. Since no one else was around I decided to leave it that way.
Not only the waiter but my daughter was looking at my breasts with an exciting, hungry, sexual looks. Part of me wanted to cover myself but another part enjoyed this ... enjoyed the sexual attention I was getting. The seat below me was wet for obvious reasons and I'm sure my dress had a large wet spot in the back of it, I didn't care. I did one more thing in the heat of the moment. Closing my eyes and lifting my hands to the side, I stretched lazily until I felt both of my breasts leave the confines of my dress. As soon as I felt them do that I quickly opened my eyes and brought both hands to the front covering them.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. This dress is so unmanageable sometimes," I said distressed looking at the young man.
He looked like he was about to faint. His large eyes got even larger and I could make out the outline of something hard in his pants.
"Oh, don't worry maam, it's ok, I understand," He could barely talk.
I took my hands away relived showing my breasts again.
"Thank you, I'm so glad you understand. Now how does this go again?"
I took my time pulling the sides of my dress over my breasts just until they covered my nipples.
"Oh, and we'll take two more glasses of wine again," I said.
He took the order and walked away stealing glances at me until he was out of sight.
"Oh my god MOM! I can't believe you did that!" Kristy said excited.
"I know, I can't believe I did that either," I laughed.
"Did you see his eyes? They looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets!"
She laughed and slid closer to me grabbing my hand.
"This is so much fun, what else can we do?"
"Ok, I've done all I'm going to do, we need to work on you now."
I looked at my daughter's tank top. Hmmm, not much we can do there ... unless...
"Ok, I have an idea," I said reaching for the bottom of her tank top.
The tight shorts should keep her tank top secure. I started tucking the bottom of her top into her shorts stretching the fabric over her breasts until the top pulled low enough to expose a large portion of her breasts just so her nipples were hidden. Pulling a little further showed the outlines of her aureoles. Kristy already excited leaned back facing me and put one leg up on the seat bent at the knee. I looked up surprised she did that but didn't say anything.
Tucking her top in was no easy chore, I had to reach deep into her shorts to make sure it stayed securely in. Twisting my hand around I slid my fingers holding the tank top deeper so it would stay. As my fingers ran down her smooth naval I felt her panties and how wet they were, the fabric was soaked! Looking up at her I saw that her face was red and mouth open, she was breathing hard and so was I! Somehow, without my control my fingers slid down further, under her panties and I felt nothing but smooth skin until I grazed the top of her pussy, it was so wet!
I knew I was crossing a boundary of Mother and Daughter and with the last ounce of strength I begun to pull my hand out but Kristy immediately grabbed it. I looked up at my sweet daughter and she was looking at me. Neither one of us spoke. She slowly pushed my hand down again until my fingers reached her clit, at that moment she threw her head back and moaned.
"Kristy..." I whispered knowing I had to stop this.
She pushed my hand down even further and my fingers found the opening of her pussy. I couldn't believe she was doing it, this was so intimate and she was my daughter! Excitement was coursing through my body as I felt the wetness between my daughter's legs.
"Kristy!" I said lauder trying to stop her.
She opened her eyes as if waking up from a dream. I looked over and noticed our waiter was heading our way with the wine. I quickly took my hand out of her shorts and she sat up straight. My fingers were slick with her wetness and I kept my hand under the table.
"Here is the wine," He said while his eyes were roaming from me to Kristy.
Suddenly I felt my daughter touch my wet hand under the table and her fingers intertwined with mine spreading her wetness around. She was gently rubbing my fingers, sensually touching them knowing what that wetness was.
"Do you need anything else?" He asked.
"No, that will be all," I barely managed to say.
He gave us one last look and walked away. I sat straight and couldn't look at my daughter. We were still holding hands and she was still gently rubbing it, driving me crazy with the knowledge of what we were doing. After a moment I begun responding, touching her hand and playing with the wetness between us, it was so sensual! I looked over at her and she just smiled. She took a quick look around and unbuttoned her shorts sliding them off of her and then did the same with her panties placing both garments on the seat between us.
"Oh my god Kristy, what has gotten into you?"
Again she smiled without saying anything. My heart was beating so fast I could almost feel my dress moving while it covered my chest. I looked down at my daughter completely naked from the waist down. She moved her hand down between her legs and slid her finger the length of her pussy until she reached her opening. I watched as her finger disappeared inside her hole, at that moment my mouth involuntarily watered and I had to swallow hard. I reached for the glass and took another long drink from the wine glass, the alcohol starting to work its effects on my body.
Somehow my own hand found the edge of my dress and I pulled it up until my own pussy was visible while I looked around to make sure no one was watching. Kristy immediately looked down and licked her lips playing with her pussy.
"Oh god this is so crazy we could get in so much trouble..." I whispered to her.
"Don't worry Mom, ohhh ... no one can see us."
My own pussy was so wet! I ran my fingers down into my hole and sunk in two of them immediately feeling the pleasure of something inside, I still did not feel right with my daughter watching but couldn't stop. I leaned over and placed my elbow on top of the table with my hand over my face hiding it from anyone who might be looking at me from a distance, Kristy did the same. We both turned toward each other to be able to do this and each one of us placed a knee on the bench seat we sat on. From a distance it looked as if we were sitting close whispering to each other and the curved booth effectively hid the sides.
Kristy looked at me and down at my pussy which was now visible to her as was hers to me. Smiling she brought her wet hand up to her mouth while watching for my reactions. I think she saw my eyes widen. Her finger wavered really close to her parted lips and I saw droplets of moisture coating it. I watched her with wide eyes while playing with my pussy as she slowly touched her lips and traced her wet finger along them from side to side. Watching my daughter do this made me shiver and long for my own taste, but I knew I couldn't ... not in front of her.
I think she was satisfied with me just watching. She reached down again and traced the lips of her pussy gathering more moisture. Again she brought the wet finger to her mouth, this time she put it in her mouth and wrapped her lips around it sucking her own pussy juices. Ohhh, she was such a little slut! The more she did it the more I longed to do the same especially feeling how much wetness I had stored between my legs. Watching her suck her fingers I pulled my hand up but caught myself just in time. No, I can't!
Kristy just smiled knowing how much I wanted to do the same. Again she moistened her finger with her pussy and sucked on it drinking her own wetness. She watched as I fidgeted in my seat watching her recognizing I wouldn't do it in front of her. Suddenly, grabbing my wrist, she pulled my hand from my pussy and slowly f***ed it up. Inch by inch my wet fingers were traveling towards my mouth as I tried to tell myself to stop her. It was no use, my hand was limp in her grasp as the inevitable approached.
Neither one of us spoke until my wet fingers reached my mouth, at that time a moan escaped my lips and Kristy pushed one of my wet fingers inside my mouth while watching it intently. My lips closed around it and so did my eyes, I sucked tasting myself in front of my daughter, I just couldn't stop this. When she let go of my wrist I opened my eyes and saw she was watching me, sucking on her own fingers. For some reason her expression changed from mischievous to serious and excited.
I reached down and pushed two fingers inside my pussy fucking myself, afraid to take them out and what I would do with them but the knowledge of what just happened kept eating at me and slowly won. I pulled my fingers out again and pushed them as deep into my mouth as I could nearly choking myself. I licked and sucked feeling my sexual excitement building up to that point of no control again, I no longer cared if my own daughter was watching this.
Again I went down on myself and put three fingers in fucking, making little whimpering sounds and watching my daughter do the same in front of me. Seeing her young pussy being violated by her own fingers and watching her lick her juices made this experience ten times better no matter how wrong it was. We were both watching each other's hands with hungry eyes, Kristy's face was red and her eyes glazed over.
As I brought my dripping fingers up she grabbed my wrist again. I was confused, she didn't have to do this, I was willingly sucking my pussy juices in front of her! I felt my hand being pulled away from me and I froze. NO!
"Kristy, don't..." I whispered.
She didn't listen to me, she was in a sexually intensified state, I don't know if she even heard me. My whole body was stiff as a board as my fingers moved to within an inch of her mouth. This was so wrong! Kristy's eyes shifted from my wet fingers to my face and looking into my eyes she placed my wet finger on her tongue. No, no, no, she can't do this, my mind was screaming at me but I felt powerless to move my hand away. I watched in fascination as my daughter closed her rosy red lips around my wet finger and sucked!
"Uhhmm..." She made a low sound.
She took that finger out and replaced it with another and then another until they were all clean. She let go of my wrist and just watched me playing with herself. I was shocked that she would do that but sexually turned on beyond comprehension. I wanted to taste myself again but didn't know if she would do this again. Confused I placed my hand over my drenched pussy and just wet my fingers without even sticking them in. I knew my whole face was beet red as I took my hand away watching her. Again she grabbed it and pulled it towards her.
"Oh no Kristy, what are you doing? You shouldn't..."
I protested but watched as she placed my wet fingers inside her mouth and sucked and licked the wetness off of them. God, why didn't I stop her? She tasted my pussy, my own daughter tasted my pussy! I couldn't stand it, I needed more wine. After taking a big gulp I looked at her, she was still watching me, waiting. I suspected what she wanted but couldn't bring myself to do it.
Our waiter saved me by bringing our food to the table. Although I pulled my dress down Kristy was naked from the waist down and I was afraid he might see it but she pulled the table cloth over her enough for him not to notice. All he was seeing was our breasts nearly exposed which kept him occupied enough.
We ate in silence each one lost in thought of what happened. Why did I allow this? Why didn't I stop her? The only explanation was my desire for Kristy and the sexy uniqueness of the situation. After all, we were doing this in public.
"Mom, I ... you're not mad at me are you?" She whispered.
How could I be? I loved her too much.
"No baby, let's just put this in the back of our minds and eat our lunch. We still have to get to the store," I answered not wanting to discuss this and complicate things.
"I know I can't wait. I guess I better put my shorts on."
Well, maybe we had some time still.
"Why don't you do it after the meal," I whispered and squeezed her hand taking a peek at her barely visible pussy.
She smiled and slid back giving me a better look.
"You like me that way don't you?"
The wine was doing it's job and I answered without thinking.
"Uhmmm, yes."
I could tell her breathing increased.
"Mom, for you I would do anything."
Saying that she brought her leg up bending it at the knee and tucked it behind me on the seat. In this position she was spread with one leg behind me and one leg on the floor and her pussy was opened staring at me with its wetness inside the separated lips as she started leaking juices onto the seat below her. She looked so sexy with her naked hips, pussy and legs! I swallowed hard and ate my lunch looking down between her legs from time to time. This kept me extremely aroused and sexually stimulated and so was Kristy, she was dripping down there.
When we finished our meal she pulled her shorts on and we left the restaurant to a lot of disappointed looks form our waiter. The trip to the novelty store took only minutes and walking inside I tried to compose my thoughts. I had to buy something special that would excite my husband and make him want more. Thinking back at our love making I knew he liked being dominated by me. Walking the isles of the store I came to a section with straps and whips, this was it!
Kristy was on my heels looking at stuff wide eyed.
"Mom, look at all this stuff!"
She playfully grabbed one of the whips and smacked it against my butt laughing. I shook my head at her.
"Don't start this again," I said referring to the time she spanked me while I was trapped inside our kitchen cabinet.
As if the light bulb went on in her head she smiled smacking me again.
"Mom, you have to get this. Can I buy a few things?" She asked excitedly.
"Sure," I answered but in my mind I tried to figure out what to get for my husband.
I took my time and finally settled on leather straps and a blindfold; this would keep my husband immobilized as I played with him without knowing what I was going to do next. Taking the two items I walked up to where Kristy was standing with her hands full of stuff. I was surprised to see handcuffs, a gag-ball, numerous whips and ropes in her hands.
"I didn't tell you to buy the whole store," I said surprised.
"Mom, I can't pass it up, it's all on sale."
She was looking in the direction of the store where a couple of men walked out of.
"I wonder what is in there. Come on, we have to check it out."
Grabbing my hand she pulled me in the direction of a sign that said "arcade". I kind of had a vague idea what was there but went along with her anyway. We walked into a dark hallway which was illuminated by a dim light fixture in the corner. We saw rows of doors on both sides of the hallway and a change machine on the opposite wall. There were two men standing by the machine talking but as soon as they noticed us they stopped. They were looking at us as we explored this part of the store.
Each door had a long illuminated sign by it that described the type of movies you will view inside, anything from straight sex, group sex, teenage sex to bondage, slaves and extreme sex. My head was spinning while I read some of the short synopsis posted with a explicit picture of the action. Kristy read walking from door to door as I followed.
When we got to the two men they smiled at us and moved away from the change machine. They were both dressed well in business shirts and slacks and both were handsome, my guess was they were professional men getting a little entertainment on their lunch hour.
"Mom, get us some quarters, we have to check this out!" Kristy was already excited.
"Honey, do you really mean to go inside one of those booths?" I said surprised.
"Yes and you're going in there with me. Come on Mom, this is our only chance, let's check it out."
Reluctantly I put my only ten dollar bill in there and the machine spit out bunch of quarters with a loud noise that could be heard in the whole store. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw the two men watching our every move which coupled with the dim lighting made me a little uneasy. Kristy grabbed the quarters and pulled me behind her opening a door which had a picture of a guy with huge cock stuck inside a tiny blond girl's ass, the sign beside the picture read: Anal Teenage Sluts.
"Kristy! Not this one!" I protested horrified at the picture but it was too late.
Kristy shut the door and locked it as soon as we got inside. The tiny booth was illuminated by a red light bulb above the door and in the front was about a 32" TV screen with a coin slot beside it. The whole booth smelled like cum.
"Oh, yuk! It smells in here." I said disgusted.
"Oh my god! You're right, it smells like ... like cum. Do you think men come in here and jerk off?"
She was very close to me, rubbing her butt against my crotch; the room did not provide much room to move around.
"Yes, what did you think this was for?" I said watching her put the first quarter in.
The picture came up and soon we were watching a guy and a girl making out, it was the same couple that was on the ad picture on the door. The scene changed to the guy taking the girls clothes off and then the girl, completely naked proceed to give the guy a blow job while sticking her ass out and spreading her legs for the camera. Kristy looked at me excited and put her stuff down in the corner, she was excited and I had to admit, so was I. The guys cock was huge! The tiny blond girl wrapped both of her hands around the massive shaft and pulled the foreskin back exposing the head, she then put the head in her mouth ... barely ... and proceeded to give the guy a blow job.
Just then I heard doors on either side of our booth shutting telling me the booths adjacent to ours were being occupied. I wondered if it was the two guys who were watching us earlier. Kristy looked at me and smiled bringing her hands up to her waist. She begun playing with her shorts and I noticed she unsnapped the button that held them together. I stood immobilized right behind her and watched the screen and her. She looked back and smiled reaching for my hands. She grabbed them and brought them to her hips placing my palms right above her waist on the smooth, exposed part of her hips. Her skin felt so warm.
I stood behind her immobilized and extremely aroused from what she was doing. At first she just stood there watching the screen where the girl was now deep throating the guy, amazingly taking half of his huge cock into her mouth showing the camera that it was going down her throat. Kristy was moaning and slightly moving her hips in a sexy fashion but realizing I was not doing anything with my hands grabbed them and pushed them down under the waist band of her shorts. The more she pushed my hands down, the further my hands slid her shorts down.
I stood there powerless to stop her and watched as my hands as they were slowly sliding her shorts down past her hips. I trembled at the sight of her ass and ass crack exposed half way now. She let go of my hands and moaned. This was my chance to pull my daughter's shorts up, to make things sane again and proper but ... I didn't. As if my hands had a mind of their own, they pushed more and soon her shorts slid past her hips exposing my daughter's ass.
At that moment my knees buckled and I slid down to the ground behind her, my eyes glued to her ass. Somehow I slid her shorts all the way down to her ankles and Kristy, looking back at me with wide eyes, stepped out of them. Again, she was naked from the waist down, this time however, we were in a private booth and I was on my knees directly behind my daughter's ass. I was so afraid of what might happen, of what I might do but yet, I did not get up!
My hands slid up her legs feeling the smooth, creamy skin until they found her ass again. Placing my hands on each cheek and my heart in my throat, I felt her ass but dared not to go any further. My daughter felt my reluctance and reached back again placing her hands on mine. Slowly, she started applying pressure in the outward direction spreading her ass.
"Oh Kristy, don't baby," I whispered afraid of what I might do.
"Oh Mom," She whispered back putting more pressure and leaning forward.
I could see her tender pussy lips now, clean and shaven with nothing to hide them separating slowly showing me the moisture which had accumulated there. Her pink insides were wet and inviting and the sweet smell of her pussy permeated the air around us. Kristy moved her butt back which brought it dangerously close to my face. I instinctively moved back to keep the distance until I felt the door pressing against my back, I had nowhere to go! Relentlessly my daughter pushed her ass further back towards me until there was only few inches left of space between my mouth and her pussy!
"Kristy, don't! I can't!" I whispered barely able to keep myself from shouting.
"Oh Mom, I don't believe it. I saw how you looked at me in the restaurant. I know you want this as much as I do," She moaned.
Her ass was only inch away from my face, the smell of her sweet juices intoxicating.
"Kristy baby, you're my daughter, I shouldn't be doing this to you," I begged but my eyes were already focused on her wet slit and the tender, pink pussy lips.
"I know Mom, but I don't care! I want you to eat me, I want you to eat my pussy! Now eat me Mom! Eat my pussy!"
She leaned further back and I opened my mouth to shout for her to stop but it was too late! My daughter's wet pussy lips pressed against my opened mouth muffling my weak protests. I tried pushing her back but she kept herself pressed against my mouth as I sat there pressed against the door shocked at what I was doing! Maybe I wasn't strong enough, maybe I didn't try hard enough, I don't know.
In this perverted moment I realized my mouth was still open and my tongue was slowly coming out! NO! My mind screamed but to no avail. My tongue reached out and touched my daughter's pussy with hunger, sliding like a snake in between her folds as if to make sure nothing was left untouched.
"Oh my god Mom!" She moaned surprised at my sudden vigor.
"Ummmmmm!" Was my only reply.
I was lost in this moment drinking my daughter's juices and licking her pussy. She no longer pressed against my mouth, matter of fact the f***e of my intimate attack pushed her against the angled TV screen as I was now pushing towards her with hunger to taste more of her sweet pussy.
"Ohhhh you lick so good, oh my ... you're so hungry!"
Reaching back with her hand she grabbed onto my hair and pulled on them pushing my face further between her luscious cheeks. I was suffocating, her flesh was all around me and her juices were flooding into my opened mouth. I held on as long as I could but when I felt like passing out, I lurched to my feet breathing deeply. Kristy twisted around and was facing me, her hands on my ass cheeks.
"Uhhh, look how wet your face is."
She pulled me close and gave me a long, sensual kiss sliding her tongue inside my mouth and twisted it, wrapping it around my own. Our tongues played the sensual dual for a moment and then pulling away, she licked my lips and chin. She was licking her own pussy juices smeared all over my face. Suddenly she pulled back and leaned against the TV screen watching me.
"We should have done this a long time ago," She gave me a mischievous grin which made me wonder what she would do in the future.
Suddenly I saw movement from corner of my eye and looked at the wall to the booth beside us. I gasped! Sticking through what looked like a hole was a semi erect cock!
"Oh my god!" I said bringing my hand up to my mouth.
My daughter looked at it and her eyes lit up.
"Shit! Mom, this is a glory hole!" She said and knelt right in front of the cock.
"Kristy, don't!" I shouted and grabbed on to her trying to pull her away.
"Mom, stop! I just want to see," She said.
I didn't know how to stop her! I never seen Kristy that way, it seemed that everything in this store/arcade was new to her and exciting. I was beginning to wonder if I did the right thing bringing her here. Her hand came up and she touched the cock protruding from the hole.
"Kristy!" I yelled over the moaning coming from the TV.
She didn't listen, before I could do anything her small fist was fully wrapped around the cock and she was beginning to stroke it. I knelt down beside her to be able to talk to her better.
"Kristy, baby, you don't know who this guy is. You shouldn't do this," I said watching her hand.
For some strange reason her hand wrapped around the thick cock seemed erotic to me at the moment.
"Mom, it's growing!"
She was right, the cock was expanding and getting longer making me gasp at the size. Her fist methodically slid up and down the long shaft while her wide eyes examined it from inches away making this for an erotic scene I have never seen my daughter in. My heart pounded in my chest watching her. She turned towards me and leaning over gave me a kiss. It surprised me that she still thought of me having a pulsating cock in her hand. Feeling her lips pressed to mine I returned the soft kiss and somehow brought my hand up to her ass feeling the soft curve.
She disengaged our kiss and watched me for a moment.
"Mom try it," She whispered.
I looked at her without answering thinking how wrong it was but what she suggested brought shivers to my spine. Me touching a strange cock? Knowing it was wrong was one thing, doing it in front of my daughter was something entirely different, something that went beyond wrong. Perhaps "Taboo" was the right word.
I sat there watching her as she smiled. Reaching with her other hand she grabbed mine and placed it on top of the cock, there was enough room for both of our hands to fit. I could feel my face warm up as it turned red. I was embarrassed! It wasn't from touching a stranger's cock, although it had something to do with it. It was from touching a stranger's cock and my daughter watching me do it! It made me feel ... like a slut in front of my daughter! Strangely enough, the word slut always managed to turn me on and that was what kept my hand on the cock.
"Uh Mom, he's big isn't he?" She said watching a generous drop of pre-cum forming on the tip of it.
Again she kissed me licking my lips with her tongue and brought her face dangerously close to the head of the cock. Was she thinking of...
"Kristy," I gasped as she licked the slit of the cock with her extended tongue.
She swallowed smiling at me and gave a wink. I realized I never stopped pumping the cock with my hand.
"You wanna try?" She asked with a sexy voice.
"No, I couldn't..."
She just smiled and licked the head of the cock again, this time she gave it a twirl around the head. She looked up at me again, let go of the cock and opening her mouth, took it in. She started taking it deeper into her mouth and deeper until her lips smashed against my hand and she had a good six inched down her throat. Pulling her head back she let it slide out of her mouth.
"Uhhhmmm, he tastes so good."
Sitting straight on her knees she brought her lips to mine and gave me a long sensual wet kiss. I don't know what happened to me, I opened my mouth for her knowing I would be tasting this stranger's cock and maybe that thought was what made my panties cream with my juices. Her tongue slid into my mouth and I could recognize a salty taste of cock and pre-cum. My mind was in turmoil and the wine from the lunch we had did not make this any better. Pulling away she looked at me.
"Now you try it," She said and grabbed the cock stroking it.
I let go if it and looked at how wet it was. I looked at her just to see she was watching me expectantly, waiting for her Mom to suck cock! I leaned over and took the long, thick dick into my mouth sucking feverishly pulling my head back and forth while my daughter stroked that cock for me. It felt so wickedly wrong to do this in front of her but I just couldn't stop myself. Inch after inch this incredible cock was sliding further down my throat gagging me until my lips which were wrapped tightly around the thickly veined shaft touched my daughter's hand. I pulled away allowing it to slide out of me and looked up at her.
She didn't waste any time and put her mouth to work sucking on the big sausage like meat. She took it as deep as she could, same spot, about six inches of what looked like a nine inch cock down her open mouth and throat. She pulled away gasping for air while I took up her position working on the cock. I remembered how Tommy liked it when I took him deep and opening up my throat, I pushed the dick further in. Inch after inch it slid down my throat. I wondered how this guy must have felt having his dick sucked by a mother and daughter tag team and hoped he did not know, hoped he did not hear Kristy call me Mom.
"Oh my god MOM!" She shouted making me cringe; the guy must have heard that!
I didn't know why but all of the sudden I felt the wall of the booth touching my lips! Oh my god! I had nine inches of cock in my mouth and down my throat!
"Oh Mommy, look at you," My daughter whispered bringing her mouth close to mine.
She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then licked my open lips from the side. I realized I was drooling and she was licking up my drool. That felt sexy at the moment and I wanted to continue but I was beginning to get light headed and had to come up for air. My daughter immediately plastered her lips against mine in a kiss licking up my drool from all around my mouth and proceeded to take the cock inside her dirty little mouth. She was such a slut!
She didn't last long after going deep on him and came up for air.
"Suck him off for me Mom just like you were doing before," She purred in her sexy little voice.
For some reason it felt so good to do what she told me so without saying a word, I got on my fours and slid the cock inside my mouth sucking on it before pushing it deep inside my throat. I was surprised the guy did not cum right then and actually, little disappointed. Jesus, did I want to taste his cum? Again I had him all the way down my throat and pulling back took the opportunity to breathe without letting him slip out of my mouth. Again I went down on him all the way and pulling back, took air in. I begun giving this stranger head like this getting all worked up and wet from the thought of what I was doing and how I was doing it when I realized I did not feel or see Kristy anymore.
I still had the cock in my mouth and twisting my head, I looked back looking for my daughter. She was sitting against the opposite wall with another cock in her mouth! There was another glory hole on that wall as well and someone stuck their cock through it! I remembered there were two strangers looking at us when we walked into this booth and I figured it was the other man. Kristy looked at me and smiled taking the cock as deep down her tight little throat as she could. From the looks of it her cock was shorter than mine and when she went deep, it looked like she had the whole length in her. It felt so weird looking at her doing this and I'm sure she must have felt the same about me
My pussy was so wet I thought about standing up and sinking this long cock meat inside my love hole but I didn't want to give my daughter an impression of no self control. I slowly reached down with my free hand and inconspicuously, touched myself. Uhmmmmm ... that felt good! Keeping my hand on my pussy I continued to suck.
"Oh, fuck, yeas ... I'm cumming!" I heard from behind my booth and suddenly, the cock I was working on shot out a long stream of cum into my mouth.
It was so sudden I had no time to do anything but to move to the side spitting the cum out of my mouth. While I moved to the side, the guy's second squirt shot out of his cock and hit Kristy right in the middle of her cleavage as she sucked on the other cock on the opposite side. She felt that immediately looking at me with wide eyes and laughed. Suddenly she pulled away from her cock and a long stream of hot cum erupted out that cock hitting me on the neck! That little slut! She was aiming for my face!
I aimed my cock as if it was a rifle while stroking it and the next shot managed to hit Kristy on stomach. She stroked her cock as well and aimed the cock she was holding lower. Since I moved away from the cock which was in my mouth, I had my legs slightly spread and my pussy visible giving my daughter a target to aim at. The next shot hit me right on my pussy, the sticky hot juice running down between my pussy lips. I immediately turned sticking my ass out to her and aimed at her!
"Oh you little slut!" I yelled while she laughed at me.
Aiming the cock in my hand I aimed for her opened legs but all that came out of the cock was a long stream too weak to reach my daughter, instead, it came out of the tip and landed in my cleavage running down between my breasts. Kristy laughed!
"I win!" She shouted.
She aimed her cock one last time and hit me on my butt crack. I felt the sticky cum running down between my ass cheeks to my tiny little asshole. We sat back looking at one another while the cocks disappeared from the holes. Kristy wasn't as much covered in cum as I was, she only had traces of cum between her tits, I had it everywhere!
"Yes, you win," I said breaking out in laughter.
"Yes, winner winner, chicken dinner!" She was the silly old Kristy again.
"Mom, we have to clean you up," My daughter said looking at me.
"I know, I hope this place has a bathroom."
I looked at her one last time making sure she was Ok to go out there and opened the door. We walked out into the dark hallway immediately noticing the two guys we saw before standing near the exit, except this time they looked at us differently. They smiled at us looking us up and down with a cheap sort of look you would give a prostitute on the street corner.
"Thank you very much for the best blow jobs we ever had!" The taller one said looking at me.
They both moved in our direction but were still blocking the hallway making me a little nervous. I squeezed Kristy's hand looking at the pair.
"Don't mention it, now if you excuse us..." I said trying to get out of there.
"So, you and your daughter do this often?" They both walked up to a foot away from us while me a Kristy instinctively backed up until our backs touched the wall at the end of the hallway.
"What my daughter and I do is none of your business," I answered him.
Kristy was clinging to my arm obviously afraid of them while I tried to put up a calm and confident posture of defiance.
"Oh, but it is our business ever since you and your little daughter there decided to suck our cocks. Now I think you two need to finish the job and swallow everything this time like good little whores you are."
The taller guy was beaming with self confidence while his shorter partner didn't say a word. How dare he call me that in front of my daughter! Although I was furious at what he said I had to admit, I felt scared just like the time Frank had me on the floor of the strip club. The helplessness begun to creep into my heart paralyzing my body.
"Please, we don't want any trouble, just let us go," I tried to reason with them.
"And miss a fucking hot blow job? Are you nuts? Now get down on your knees and suck!" His hands moved to his pants in an attempt to release his cock.
"What the hell is going on there!" A voice came out of nowhere.
I looked past the two assholes blocking our exit and noticed a shape standing at the entrance to the hallway.
"Nothing, go back to the counter, everything's fine!" The tall guy replied.
I noticed his partner started to look a little nervous shifting his eyes from his buddy to the shape at the entrance.
"These two are threatening us! Please help us!" I shouted as loud as I could.
Both creeps took a step back. The shape started to grow and pretty soon materialized into a nicely built Hispanic girl with shoulder length dark hair and big 44DD breasts covered only by a tight tee-shirt which failed to conceal her big nipple rings making an outline underneath it ... Betty! I couldn't believe it as I held my breath staring at her! It was Betty, the lovely young girl from the bus stop!
"Are you threatening these two ladies?" She asked with a voice full of melody looking at the two creeps.
"No, we were just playing, having some fun."
Betty looked at us, her dark eyes which made my heart beat a little faster stared at me lingering for a moment during which time a slight smile crossed her lips, and then she looked at my daughter. She must have recognized the fear in our faces but most of all ... I had a feeling she recognized me.
"You two need to leave the store before I call the cops," Her voice was full of confidence.
No doubt, she dealt with their kind before.
"Alright, alright no need to get nasty. Come on Jake, let's split." The taller creep said and they walked out giving us threatening looks.
I took a breath of relief and felt Kristy letting go of my arm. Betty flashed a smile showing her perfectly straight, white teeth that could rival any actress in Hollywood and gave me a wink.
"Don't let these assholes bother you, they're harmless once you mention the cops."
"Thanks," I whispered.
"Oh my god, thanks!" Kristy was finally able to say.
We followed Betty out to the main part of the store while I couldn't keep my eyes off of her perfectly shaped butt swaying back and forth in front of us covered by a short, mid-thigh skirt which left part of her nicely tanned thighs exposed.
"Seems like you two are a little shaken up. I was just about to close up the shop so I checked to see if everyone was gone, lucky I did."
She walked up to me and smiled again extending her hand in a friendly gesture while her eyes absorbed my barely covered breasts and the messy cum that was still there. I felt my cheeks getting warm knowing she probably recognized what those stains were.
"I'm Betty," She said giving me a friendly look with her dark eyes.
I knew she must remember me from the bus stop but yet she pretended not to. Maybe she didn't want to let Kristy know we knew each other protecting my privacy. I was so thankful she did.
"Hi, I'm Kate and this is my daughter Kristy," I said shaking her hand.
"Daughter!" She said a bit surprised while her lovely dark eyes widened.
For some reason I suspected she knew what we were doing in that video booth which I'm sure colored my cheeks even more.
"You two must be really close." She said then quickly added "let me close the store, I have a sink in the back where you can get cleaned up."
Kristy gave me a quick look and followed Betty with her eyes as she locked the front door flipping the "open" sign around. As much as I wanted to leave and take my daughter out of here, a big part of me wanted to stay and keep looking at Betty. It was something about her, something hypnotizing, something which kept me there ... her demeanor attitude or incredible body, I don't know. There was so much I wanted to know about her, about her pierced nipples, about her endeavors at the bus stop.
We went to the back of the shop where Betty showed me to a sink in a small office. I helped myself to a small washcloth and wiped the cum between my breasts off leaving the mess between my legs alone so Betty wouldn't get the idea I was a total slut.
"These guys, have you seen them before?" I asked flashing more of my breasts then ever trying to get it clean.
I immediately noticed Betty's eyes travel down to my exposed skin before quickly looking up at me again.
"No, first time I've ever seen them here. Usually I get the rougher crowd in here, these guys looked like office type, clean cut."
I pushed my dress over a bit more making it look like a spot needed to be cleaned there and gave Betty a quick peek of my nipple. Her eyes widened a bit before looking away but I noticed her breathing increased. I was beginning to suspect she was straight but looking at another woman seemed to turn her on.
"Either way thanks for helping us, I don't know how we can ever repay you," I said putting the wash cloth away.
"Oh, don't mention it, just glad I could help."
"Let us at least have you over for lunch someday, we can all hang out in our back yard. Maybe by then we will have our pool in."
I mentioned our plans of putting a pool in the back yard hoping that would attract the young woman.
"That sounds cool actually, I'd love to. And you two don't be strangers, come and visit me sometimes," She said winking again.
We exchanged phone numbers and Kristy and I left the shop after paying for our items.
The day finally came when my husband was due back home from one of his long business trips, we planned a nice get together for him since he's been gone for a while. Kristy helped me clean the house and even decorated it with balloons to let her dad know he was missed. Tommy had Gina over since we planned a big dinner for his Dad. Gina came in when I was busy with dishes in the kitchen. Tommy must have let her in because she surprised me by walking up close behind.
"Hi Kate," She whispered.
"Nice to see you in such a sexy outfit." She added.
Gina stood right behind me and when I turned surprised to see her, my breast touched her bare arm. She wore an armless lacy blouse which was held up by her full breasts with a pair of tight jeans which emphasized her gorgeous hips and ass. Her dark hair flowed nicely in loose curls over her bare shoulders and her makeup was done up nicely showing her full red lips and emphasizing her dark eyes.
"Oh, Hi Gina!" I said surprised feeling my nipple brush against her bare arm and immediately my nipple hardened from the contact.
Her brief look at my breasts told me she felt our accidental contact, and her tongue licking her lips right afterwards told me she enjoyed it as well. I had two sexual encounters with that girl and she still managed to turn me on whenever we touched.
"Thanks, you look pretty good yourself," I said in response to her comment.
"Not as good as you, here, let me look at you," She said taking my hand and spun me around before I could mount a weak protest.
My short skirt flew up as I spun and the sight of my tiny red bikini panties digging into my soft flesh managed to excite Gina even more.
"Oh my God Kate, those are hot!" She exclaimed looking at my panties when my skirt flew up.
I wore this pair specifically for my husband since they were about two sizes too small on me which teasingly exposed the sides of my pussy barely covering my slit. The waistband was so low it bordered on the edge of exposing my clit. I did not mean for anyone else to see them.
"Ginaaaa!" I said disapprovingly but had to admit it was exciting to be exposed in such a way in front of the young girl.
Her large brown eyes were shining with excitement and she squeezed my hand ready to do it again hungrily wanting to see more of my flesh when we heard Tommy's voice in the background.
"Ummm, Mom, nice outfit."
He strolled into the kitchen more handsome then ever giving me a long stare and walking up to his girlfriend leaned over kissing her. I watched as their lips mashed together. Gina kept staring at me the whole time and extended her tongue into his mouth which Tommy hungrily sucked on. Seeing that, I let out a soft moan hoping it wasn't loud enough for them to hear and watched as Tommy gave her a wet suck job.
"Ok you two get a room if you want to do that," I said playfully.
They broke apart smiling at me.
"Listen to your Mom Tommy, take me to your room," Gina said while pulling his crotch into her.
"You mean now?" Tommy asked.
"Yessss, do what your Mother says," She hissed at him.
Tommy looked at me as if asking me for permission and gave me a weak smile. I knew he wanted her. She looked so good in her tight jeans I knew he could not resist her. I smiled back at him and gave him a nod telling him I did not mind. Gina placed her head on his chest and looked at me invitingly pausing a bit ... hesitating. The inviting look she gave me was enough for me to understand what she wanted. I was pretty sure she wanted me to join them, I just knew she did. God that girl was trouble!
"I have some more things to take care of so you two have fun," I said although inside part of me wanted to go up there with them even if it was just to watch.
I missed my son's pretty cock and part of me missed Gina's sweet pussy. Again I surprised myself for even thinking that way about my son and his girlfriend but I couldn't help it. That slutty part of me I tried so hard to bury deep inside of me just kept coming up.
Gina pushed my son ahead of her towards the stairs but suddenly turned around and walked up to me leaning over.
"You can join us you know, I don't mind sharing his cock with you," She whispered in my ear.
I stiffened up holding my breath for a few seconds trying to come down, trying my hardest not to say yes. That was very upfront of her! But then again, why not? It was me who ate her pussy in our living room not so long ago! I had to put that girl in her place, I had to tell her I would never do something like that and what happened in the hot tub was ... was just a weak moment which will never ever happen again! When I thought my voice would not show my excitement I answered.
"Gina, I don't do that ... please..." I said weakly.
She smiled and pulled back winking at me.
"I'll leave the door cracked open for you," She said low enough so Tommy could not hear.
She turned around and walked away swaying her sexy hips as my eyes trailed after her glued to her sweet ass. God did she really think I would fuck Tommy? Did she know I did? No, she couldn't have! Tommy would not tell her what we did, I know he wouldn't! She probably just thought I would, based on what I did to her and him in the hot tub, after all, what mother would give her son a blow job as he fucked his own girlfriend?
I took a deep breath knowing I had to talk to her and set her straight so she would never suspect otherwise. No one could ever know what I did with my son! Mad at myself for being so weak in front of her I promised to have a talk with her and continued my preparations for John's return.
I looked at the clock, ten minutes passed since Tommy and Gina went upstairs. Kristy wasn't back yet from the store and everything was ready. My mind involuntarily wondered to what Tommy must be doing. Was she sucking my son's gorgeous cock right now? Was he plunging his hard meat into her wet pussy? Flashes of images ... filthy images filled my mind and my hand found the edge of my skirt for a moment playing with it, slowly lifting it up. I wanted to see his cock, I wanted to hold it and slide it into my mouth.
I looked down and saw my tiny red panties exposed, my steaming pussy nearly visible ... and my hand pushed my skirt up revealing them and exposing my curvy hips. I used my finger to trace my engorged lips through the transparent silk material. I moaned and let out a sigh. It was frustrating knowing Tommy was having his way with Gina at this very moment.
I stood up lifting my skirt completely over my hips and spreading my legs further apart I pushed my finger under the fabric of my panties. I immediately felt how wet I was! My finger slid along the slit of my sex lubricated with my wetness and found the opening of my pussy.
"Uhmmmmmmm," I moaned.
I stood in my kitchen with my skirt pushed up around my waist and finger fucked myself for a while enjoying the feeling of something inside of me. Gina's words kept coming back to me "I'll leave the door cracked open for you". The words were taunting me with what they implied and slowly my curiosity coupled with sexual desire for my son took over.
Leaving my skirt above my hips I walked out of the kitchen. My round ass cheeks bounced softly along with my swaying hips and it felt so good to be exposed. I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and licked my own juices off of them d***k with the sexual anticipation of what I was about to see. I knew my pussy was exposed since I slid my panties to the side but no one could see it, no one except me knew what I was doing. I reached around and felt my ass spreading my ass cheeks apart with a naughtiness I haven't felt for a long while. I wanted to expose myself ... I wanted ... an audience ... I wanted someone to call me a SLUT!
The thought of exposing myself in front of people surprised me, it implied so much, so much I wasn't ready for. Yet when I sucked my son's cock in front of Gina and Elaine I felt an incredible kinkiness and desire to do more. The feeling was very powerful and I had to bury it deep inside of me so I would not lose control.
I looked down at myself and realized how nicely tanned my legs were, how smooth my skin was, how nicely shaved my pussy was with moist lips which were slightly separated. I walked up the stairs like that trembling and breathing really deep. Rounding the corner I saw Tommy's door slightly open with the light shining into the dark hallway. I stopped; listening for any sounds but couldn't hear anything yet.
I took a few steps in that direction and suddenly heard Gina.
"Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... fuck me, yes ... like that ... fuck me!"
With my heart pounding in my chest I sneaked up to the door and peeked in. I saw Tommy lying on top of Gina completely naked pounding his thick cock into her pussy as his sexy ass moved up and down! They were laying on his bed facing away from the door so I had a perfect view of my son's ass and Gina's pussy between her spread open legs as he pushed his cock in and out of her. Her dark pussy lips were wrapped around his shaft and with each stroke of my son's cock they pulled out with it as if the lips did not want to let go of that gorgeous meat. My son's cock was extremely wet ... foaming at the base as he drove it into the young girl again and again.
"Oh god ... oh my god..." I silently moaned to myself watching them.
Gina was completely naked as well and with each thrust her large tits bounced up and down in a soft but firm fashion. Tommy reached out with one hand and grabbed one of her nipples twisting it hard.
"Ohhhhhhyesssssss..." She moaned rolling her eyes back.
I watched as my son fucked her and I slowly reached down with my hand placing it on my pussy. My fingers automatically found my soft and wet pussy lips spreading them apart.
"Uhhhhmmmm..." I moaned as well.
I think Gina heard my soft wail of pleasure because she opened her eyes looking in the direction of the door. It happened so fast I did not have enough time to duck out sight as our eyes locked together. I stood there with my hand between my legs and two fingers inside my pussy hole. Gina smiled giving me a silent wink and spread her legs wider pulling Tommy further up on top of her. In that position he was driving his cock down into her without any danger of discovering I was watching. It wasn't the most comfortable position for my son but it gave me a full unobstructed view of his wet cock as he was penetrating her. I knew she did that so I could see how he was fucking her and I was beginning to suspect she liked me watching them.
She was fine with me, being her boyfriends Mom, watching them which surprised me a bit. Even in the hot tub she sort of seduced me into eating her and giving my son a blow job. Thinking about it a little it turned me on as well, it was ... a big taboo and I'm sure she got off on watching a Mother suck her own son's cock even though it was with the aid of d**gs. She looked at me again and slid her hand down her stomach reaching for Tommy's wet cock as it was going in and out of her.
"Oh Tommy ... oh fuck ... your cock is so fucking hard ... let me feel it for a minute," She moaned into his ear.
Tommy stopped for a moment and she grabbed his cock pulling it out of her. His wet ten inches flopped against her pussy with her small fist wrapped around the shaft as I noticed wet juices drip between her fingers. I held my breath looking at the throbbing meat she held, my mouth immediately watering as if I saw the best tasting treat in the world. Gina wrapped her other arm around Tommy's neck and drew him close.
"Let me jack you off for a moment big boy, I want to feel your shaft against my wet pussy for a while," She whispered into his ear while watching me.
Her small fist wrapped around my son's cock moved up and down slowly ... enticingly, milking him in front of me. I wanted to look away but I couldn't. I wanted to show her I would not watch my own son's cock, but I couldn't. I stood there powerless watching her do that and startled I drove another finger inside of myself while spreading my legs apart wider to give myself easier access to my dripping pussy. My god, I was so weak watching her.
I watched his cock with hunger and the more time passed by, the more I wanted to suck it. I think Gina knew exactly how I felt because she smiled again and pressed his shaft against her pussy letting me look at the length and girth of it.
"Fuck me like this ... just fuck my pussy lips for a moment," She breathed into his ear.
Tommy's cock begun sliding along her slit almost immediately and soon her pussy lips were spread apart and his cock was sliding in between them from her clit to her opening. I bit my lower lip watching this and came without making any noise plunging three of my fingers deep inside my convulsing pussy. Holding my breath I fought not to make a sound as waves of pleasure overtook my weak body with profound intensity.
After few moments of this I was able to look inside just to see that my son was again fucking her with his big cock sliding in and out of her dilated opening. She was watching me, watching me cum the whole time and now that I was able to look at her, she gave me a knowing smile. I looked away embarrassed and mad at myself for allowing her to yet again, manipulate me.
Putting my panties into place and pulling my skirt down I walked away. I went downstairs still mad when Kristy came back from the store. She walked into the kitchen dropping the bag of groceries I asked her to get and sighed.
"How much time do we have before Dad gets here?" She asked worryingly looking in my direction.
"You have plenty of time sweetie, your Dad won't be here for another hour."
"Mom, are you all right? You look a little flushed," She said watching me.
I turned away from her feeling my face warm up even more. Sure I looked flushed, I just watched her b*****r fuck his girlfriend and I got off on it!
"Just out of breath from cleaning and getting everything ready, that's all," I said hoping I sounded casual enough.
My daughter looked at me for a while longer and then walked away.
"I'm going to pick something nice to wear and take a long bath. Let me know if you think Dad will be here early, I don't want to miss it. Thanks Mom, you're the best!" She said over her shoulder.
I shook my head at her and was able to breathe a little easier putting away the groceries. After I was done with everything I suddenly realized Tommy's door was still open and Kristy had to walk by it to get to her room! Panicking she might see her b*****r fucking Gina, I ran up the stairs but when I rounded the corner and saw my daughter, I stopped.
I saw Kristy peeking through the opening into her b*****r's room! Oh god, she was watching her b*****r fucking Gina! I took a deep breath and silently walked up to her.
"Kristy what are you doing?" I whispered.
She jumped startled at my words and immediately put her finger to her lips motioning for me to be quite. I peeked in to see what she was looking at and saw Tommy laying flat on his back, his legs spread and cock sticking straight up. Gina was poised above him, feet on either side of him with her ass and pussy spread, facing away from the door we were peeking through. She was lowering herself on top if his cock, slowly sinking it inside of her dripping hole.
"Ohhhhh god," I moaned at the site.
Kristy pulled me in front of her and plastered herself to my back watching what was going on over my shoulder. I was afraid to make a sound, I wanted to pull my daughter away but my eyes absorbing the erotic scene stayed glued Tommy's cock as it penetrated Gina. I felt Kristy's hands wrap themselves around my stomach in a tense hug.
"Kristy, we need to leave," I whispered to her.
"Not yet ... oh my god, look how big he is..." She whispered back.
Gina feverishly lifted herself up and down fucking my son's cock, both of them making moaning sounds to the erotic rhythm of their bodies.
"Kristy, we shouldn't..." Again I whispered knowing my daughter should not be watching this.
As wrong as it was, I hesitated mainly due to the fact I enjoyed looking at Tommy's cock so much. My son wrapped his arms around Gina and placing his hands on her ass spread her ass cheeks apart.
"Oh fuck Tommy ... oh my god ... that's going to make me cum!" She moaned.
Kristy and I had a perfect view of his cock driving into her pussy and now that her ass cheeks were spread apart, we could see her asshole. It pulsated, every time Tommy's cock drove into her and it seemed like asshole dilated a bit.
Surprised I turned to Kristy and saw her wide eyes shining with excitement fixed on her b*****r's cock. I needed to break this up so my daughter would not get any wrong ideas about her b*****r. Me having sex with him was enough for this f****y.
"Kristy, we have to go," I whispered firmly.
She turned her head towards me with difficulty slowly peeling her eyes from the erotic scene in front of her.
"Oh Mom, must we?" She asked but I gave her a firm stare.
She sighed and slowly peeled herself away giving Gina a last glance as she rode Tommy's big cock. She turned and walked into her room silently closing the door behind her. I glanced into the room absorbing the sexual scene myself sighing and wishing it was me riding my son's cock at that very moment and walked downstairs.
Suddenly my relationship with my k**s became more complicated than ever. If Kristy was openly willing to watch her b*****r then there was a strong chance she might like to take "watching" just a step further and having both of my k**s having sex might be too dangerous. I didn't think Kristy was on any type of birth control.
I sat down on the living room couch thinking about the whole mess for few minutes when suddenly I heard voices and Tommy walked in followed by Gina. Tommy was dressed only in a loose pair of shorts and a tea shirt and Gina had one of his tea shirts on.
"Hey Mom, what are you up to?" He asked dropping right beside me on the couch.
He was lightly perspiring and smelled like sex. Obviously they just finished having sex. Gina followed his suite but sat on the other side of him giving me a light smile knowing I watched them fucking.
"Oh, just thinking if I have everything done for when your Dad comes back," I answered glancing down at his shorts.
I couldn't help it, my son turned me on so much. Gina picked up on my glance of course and put her hand on his thigh dangerously close to where his cock might have been. It was innocent enough except I knew that she was teasing me with her move. I tore my eyes away from my son's crotch and looked up at him.
"I'm sure everything's fine, you've worked really hard for this just relax now. Here, let me help," He said reaching around me to give me a quick shoulder rub.
I smiled thanking him for being so thoughtful and allowed him to rub my shoulders.
"And how was your time alone upstairs?" I asked.
Tommy's face colored a bit and Gina smiled.
"Hot, your son's very talented."
"Ginaaaaa," Tommy chimed in sounding a little embarrassed but continued to rub my shoulders.
She nonchalantly placed her hand on top of his crotch where I was sure his cock was but continued to look at me. I stiffened up, she openly fondled my son in front of me which was wrong but I continued to sit still allowing my son to rub my shoulders and kept looking at where her hand was.
"Oh I'm sure he's very talented and I'm sure he has no problems satisfying women," I said as if Tommy wasn't even here.
"Gina what are you doing?" My son mumbled while rubbing my shoulders.
Gina was now openly rubbing his cock through the shorts watching me, and my son's cock was growing! I could already see the outline of it under the fabric and because it was so big, the head of his cock was starting to push its way out from under the waistband.
I swallowed hard knowing this could get very dangerous with Kristy just upstairs and my weakness for my son's cock.
"Ok Gina, maybe you shouldn't do this..." I whispered still looking at Tommy's growing erection.
"Why? He likes it."
Tommy was completely hard now and his breathing was coming in labored. His big cock was visibly making an outline in his shorts and Gina managed to tug on his shorts a bit slightly exposing the head of my son's cock from under the waistband. I swallowed hard and gave her a pleading look.
"Please stop."
She just smiled and tugged on his shorts more. I looked down and saw Tommy's cock exposed half way, his hard shaft still glistening, wet with her pussy juices. Oh my god! Seems like I trembled at the sight of his wet cock and swallowed hard again from my mouth involuntarily watering.
"He's pretty isn't he?" Gina said and pushed her hand inside his shorts pulling them down in the front to below his crotch level exposing him completely.
"Jesus Gina, you're crazy," My son mumbled but did not stop her.
The smell of sex, the smell of Gina's pussy immediately filled the air around me penetrating my senses ... making them urge for the hard shaft in front of me.
"You shouldn't do this in front of me Gina ... I'm his Mom..." I managed to say.
"I know, and I'm sure you've seen him like this before," She said with a bit of meaning behind it.
My eyes stayed glued to Tommy's wet cock as she reached out with her delicate hand and grabbed on to his hard shaft at the very base.
"Would you like to feel him?"
"No! No I can't," I said looking at her sharply.
It was a foolish reply, weak and it didn't make sense because I allowed her to take his hard cock out in front of me but that was all I managed to say.
"He was fucking me with it just a few minutes ago, you can see how wet it is," She said moving up right beside him, her nipples hardening under the thin shirt.
I'm sure she was completely naked under that shirt as she looked at me ... tempting me.
"Gina, no ... please put it away," I mumbled but my eyes looked down at his wet shaft.
Gina pulled on his foreskin exposing the head of my son's cock which was beginning to leak pre-cum. Tommy stopped rubbing my shoulders and leaned back watching both of us with wide eyes surprised I didn't say more. I looked at her wet fingers hypnotized by the smell and moisture gathered around them.
"Gina ... you shouldn't do this in front of me. Kristy's upstairs and she can come down at any minute."
"But she's not here and we are. Do you want to taste me on his cock?" She asked giving me a wink together with a seductive smile.
Boy did I ever! I wanted to bend down and take his whole 10 inches down my throat!
"You don't really expect me to suck my own son's cock? Do you?" I said mustering more courage and resolve, trying to control this situation.
"You did before, one more time will not make a difference and I can see you really want to."
I looked over at Tommy trying to figure out what he wanted. His face was full of wonder and excitement seeing his Mom and his girlfriend talking about his hard cock which was exposed in front of both of us. He stayed quite absorbing the scene.
"He wants you to do it too. Just taste him one time, just one time," Gina said.
Would one time make a big difference? She already saw me do it once when I was under the influence of d**gs, why not now? I hesitated a moment.
"Gina ... this shouldn't happen ... I'm his Mother..." I whispered looking down at my son's cock and swallowed hard.
"Pleaseeeee, just take it in your mouth one time ... just one time," Gina whispered and grabbing my hand, gently placed it on Tommy's cock.
I looked up at her and saw how excited she was. Her dark eyes shone with excitement and wonder just like Tommy's and I could tell her chest rose and fell with her deep breathing. My fingers slowly closed around Tommy's hard cock as my body gave in to my internal desires. The pleasure from the contact ran through me and I begun feeling the moisture building up between my legs.
"Gina ... Kristy might come down ... I can't..." I whispered without much conviction.
"She won't, I heard her taking a bath. It feels good doesn't it? Just imagine how it would feel inside your mouth," Gina said and leaning over lightly pressed her lips to mine.
I stiffened up knowing Tommy was watching this, my motherly instincts still taking over at the thought of my son watching me kiss another girl. Her lips felt so soft, so sweet with a little taste of ... of my son! I could taste his cock on them and Gina knew it. Her tongue came out licking my lips, separating them apart and suddenly I felt her tongue inside my mouth! I couldn't stop her ... as much as I should, I couldn't stop her. Her tongue begun exploring my mouth as we stayed locked in an intimate kiss in front of my son.
"Oh god ... oh shit!" I heard Tommy moan.
Gina broke our kiss and we both looked at my son who was leaning back watching us. Suddenly I realized my hand wrapped around his wet shaft was seductively moving up and down pumping his big cock. Gina saw the same thing looking down.
"Yes Kate, stroke your son's big meat ... oh yes just like that," She moaned watching me.
I was breathing really hard looking from her to his cock turned on beyond belief. For some reason her demands were turning me on like never before. She leaned back spreading her legs and the tea shirt she had on slid up around her waist exposing her pussy to me and my son. Tommy looked at it and so did I.
"Oh you like it don't you? You like looking at me, I'm so fucking used right now ... your son did such a good job on me. Go ahead and taste him, my juices are still wet on his cock. Do it Kate," She seductively demanded.
I realized I was bending over, my face coming closer and closer to Tommy's cock. Internally I was fighting the desire to suck him, I didn't want to do in front of Gina but I longed for his taste even though he had her taste on him.
"God Gina, why do you want me to do it? Why? He's my son..." I whispered, my mouth inches away from his throbbing meat.
Gina slid down on the couch, her legs spread until her pussy rested close to my son's hip, so close to me ... I could smell her so profoundly at that moment. She looked down at me and smiled.
"Because I know you want to and you know I want to see you do it. Take him. Suck your son's cock for me," She whispered looking down at me, her face flushed with excitement.
I glanced at her pussy. It was red with moisture around it, her lips swollen from the fucking Tommy gave her.
"If you suck him really good I'll let you eat me," Gina whispered knowing I was looking at her pussy and looked at Tommy for his reaction.
I gave my son a quick glance stroking his hard meat inches away from my mouth and saw he really liked the idea. His eyes already wide widened even more in the anticipation of seeing me eat his girlfriend and his breathing quickened. I was stalling undecided ... I had to decide what to do; I had to decide if I wanted to let Gina know so much about us...
Suddenly I felt Tommy's hand on top of my head.
"It's Ok Mom, do it ... god, just do it please..." He whispered looking at me so close to his cock.
I felt him press down on my head and giving up, I opened my mouth wide. His thick cock slid into my waiting mouth with ease and soon I had half of it down my throat. I closed my eyes while sucking on Tommy's cock and heard Gina moan.
"Oh Jesus ... I love seeing you do that Kate ... my god ... you're sucking your son's cock!"
Opening my eyes I saw her playing with herself while watching me. Her fingers were spreading her pussy lips apart to find that little bud that brought her so much pleasure. I saw her opening still dilated from Tommy's fucking and a bit of white fluid dripping out of it. He came inside of her and she still had his cum in her! I sucked harder milking my son with full strokes of my mouth. I nearly had him all the way down my throat.
"Oh yes, oh Mom that feels so good," Tommy moaned.
I tasted Gina on my son's cock and licked every bit of moisture off of it taking him out of my mouth and sliding my tongue up and down from the very tip to his balls. I even took his balls into my mouth and sucked. I was d***k with pleasure of finally having him ... finally being able to taste that gorgeous meat of his.
"Oh my god Kate, yes ... suck my boyfriend off ... suck your son's cock..." Gina kept encouraging me as I again took Tommy's bl**d engorged meat into my mouth sucking feverishly.
I felt every ridge, every vein on his big cock rolling my tongue around it as I moved my mouth up and down bringing my son to an inevitable orgasm. I kept that on for few moments enjoying him, looking up at him from time to time just to see he was looking at me the whole time. I knew he loved what I was doing to him and I loved bringing him pleasure this way.
Gina kept on working on her pussy making small circles with her finger around her clit and sinking two of them in her dripping hole from time to time watching me suck Tommy off.
"Oh god ... I love watching you ... suck him Kate ... make him cum!" She moaned.
I looked up at Tommy and saw he was getting close; he was getting close to shooting his load. My lips were wrapped around his shaft and I was ready to drink his precious cum!
"Let me see him shoot his cum inside your mouth Kate! Please let me see it..." Gina moaned knowing he was near as well.
I looked at her. She was intensely watching me with wide eyes, her face contorted in pleasure and anticipation of seeing me drink Tommy's cum. I pulled away from my son's cock aiming it at my opened mouth and pumped his shaft with my fist.
"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Gina moaned loud watching me and finger fucked herself faster and faster.
"Ugggghhhhhmmmm ... yesssssssss ... oh fuck!"
Tommy stiffened up, planted his fists on the sides, raised himself off the couch a bit and looked down at me. Suddenly he exploded! A strong stream of white cum shot out of the tip of his cock and flew across the short distance straight into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed tasting his thick juice just in time for another blast of his precious cum as I pumped my hand down his big cock.
"Ohhhhhh YES! Oh fuck ... drink it ... oh my god!" Gina moaned watching this.
She was Cumming! Another thick stream of my son's cum shot out of his pulsating meat right into my open mouth. I swallowed again and kept my mouth open pumping his cock, my pussy dripping from the mare thought of what I was doing! I felt so naughty ... so slutty doing this in front of Gina ... in front of my son's girlfriend.
Another stream, weaker this time hit the back of my throat. I was proud and surprised he still had so much left in him after he just got done fucking Gina. Another stream barely made its way across the short distance and after swallowing it I placed my mouth over the head of his cock and pumped his shaft trying to get last bits of his juice. I was d***k with the taste, I wanted as much of him as I could.
After a few moments Tommy slumped back down on the couch but I kept on sucking his cock, taking it out from time to time, licking his shaft and putting him back in my mouth. I didn't want to let go of him.
"God Kate ... I ... I loved every second of what you did. Thank you," Gina said softly.
Her words woke me up from the trance I was in and I slowly ... hesitantly pulled away from Tommy's softening cock. I stood up in front of them watching Gina, the realization of what I just did hitting home. My god, I wondered what she must be thinking of me now? She was still lying on the couch in a reclined fashion with her shirt above her hips, her legs wide apart and pussy spread open. She was gently grazing her clit with her finger tips watching me. My eyes strayed down to her pussy enjoying the sight of the young girl before I looked back up at her.
She smiled and gave me a knowing wink again keeping her legs open for me. Maybe she hoped I would go down on her or maybe she just liked being looked at? I wasn't sure yet.
"Ok you two, you managed to make me lose control yet again," I said smiling at my son.
I wanted to dispel any tension between us so I took on a friendly tone. Mind as well be fine with what happened.
"Wow Mom, that was ... great!" My son managed to say.
"God Tommyyyy, that's all you going to say to your Mother after she just gave you a blow job?" Gina said with a bit of disappointment in her voice.
It was so weird hearing her say that but it didn't bother me too much. Not after what I allowed her to see. I looked at her and smiled.
"I mean it was the best," Tommy mumbled not sure of what to say.
"Oh, so my blow jobs aren't great?" Gina's voice took on a dangerous tone.
"They are, you both give the best blow jobs," Tommy quickly replied.
"Men, they'll never be satisfied with just a blow job," I said jokingly.
Again my eyes strayed down to her exposed pussy and I took a moment to enjoy the sight. She was so fit with long legs, naturally tanned skin, shapely hips; she kept her pussy closely shaved which gave her a slick, intimately exposed appearance. When I looked back into her eyes I noticed her eyes widened from me watching her. Again I felt as if she wanted me to play with her, as if she was exposing herself just for me. Bending over I grabbed Tommy's soft cock.
"We better put this thing away before your s****r comes down and sees you like this," I said giving his cock two soft strokes and pulled his shorts up.
Gina stood up and came up to me unsure reaching out as if to hug me. I felt close to her now, closer than I ever been before so I reached out pulling her into my arms. I hugged the young girl feeling her soft breasts pressing into mine. She looked up at me with her soft, dark eyes and something drew me towards her lips. Pressing my lips to hers I slid my tongue into her mouth letting her taste Tommy. She moaned and I immediately felt her hands on my ass. I wanted her but not in front of Tommy, something was stopping me, something I didn't quite want to get passed. I stopped kissing her when I felt her hands starting to lift my skirt.
"Thanks Kate, you are the best. I wish my Mom was like you..." She whispered.
I pictured Jeannine in my mind and wondered. Jeannine was a hot brunette in her late thirties with a gorgeous body. I could tell Gina took after her mother in that department.
"You never know Gina..." I whispered back.
Pulling away with determination I looked at the clock.
"Ok you two, go put some clothes on, John will be here any minute."
They both scurried upstairs and I went into the kitchen. I still tasted Tommy, his cum resting inside my stomach and the taste of his cock strong in my mouth when I heard soft footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw my daughter sneaking up behind me. Before I could do anything Kristy quickly walked up to me and planted a wet kiss on my lips as I stood there frozen in horror knowing the taste of her b*****r's cock was still fresh in my mouth. I didn't want to push her away because that would bring on the unnecessary questions. Besides, it was too late!
I let me daughter push her tongue inside my mouth and explore it for a minute before she pulled back.
"God Mom, that was so hot! Did you see the size of Tommy's cock?" Kristy said, her face bright with excitement.
I could not tell her that she just tasted some of it as well. Instead I crossed my hands under my breasts and narrowed my eyes into slits in a disapproving fashion.
"And what are you doing spying on them? Kristy, it's your b*****r, you shouldn't ... you shouldn't ... watch him like that!" I finally said.
She pulled away leaning against the table behind her and looked down at her feet.
"I know, but their door was open and when I peeked in to say hi, I ... I saw them ... I saw Tommy..." She didn't finish.
Her face colored from embarrassment. She was so pretty dressed in a short, tight dress which hugged her already well developed body. The dress was very sexy, I didn't remember her ever wearing it before so I figured she must have gone to a store and picked it out just for her Dad's arrival. It was so short that it bordered on the verge of being slutty. It stopped maybe few inches below her crotch level showing off her long, tanned legs and plunged deep in the front to few inches below her breast level showing a considerable amount of her full breasts. I could not detect a bra on her, no straps and just a tiny impression of some very small panties on her! She looked fresh and smelled good after bathing for a long time, her young body teasing me with its exposed skin.
"I know but you should have closed the door and kept going," I said trying not to stare at her.
"And ... and why did you stay and watch Mom?" She asked looking up at me.
I was afraid of that question and didn't have an answer for it at the moment. Her stare made me lose some of myself confidence and I looked down at my feet.
"I ... I don't know. I was just surprised," I mumbled.
Kristy walked up to me and lifted my head up making me look into her eyes with one hand while she grabbed my hip with the other.
"Did you like it? Did you like ... his ... his ... cock?" She asked with tense voice.
"Kristy!" I exclaimed surprised she would ask me that question.
"I just thought that ... you stayed there with me watching, I thought you might have liked his ... god he was big! He's bigger than Dad," She finally said.
"Oh god Kristy, we can't compare them like that..." I mumbled, my throat suddenly drying out.
She smiled at me seductively.
"Why not? It's just us."
She was so sweet and so beautiful and so close to me. She brought her lips close looking into my eyes as if to kiss me.
"I liked Dad's cock; Tommy just surprised me with its size. Don't you think he was big?" She whispered and pressed her lips to mine.
My arms involuntarily closed around my daughter in an embrace as I kissed her back. We kissed just with our lips for a short moment but it was so intimate.
"I ... I ... I don't know Kristy..." I mumbled and felt my cheeks warm up.
She was asking me what I thought of my son's cock, how could I have told her I loved it ... I loved it every time he fucked me with it! Kristy's hands slid down to my ass and she gave it a slight squeeze.
"Come on Mom, I told you how I felt, I told you I loved it. Tell me!" She insisted.
Again she kissed me this time sliding her tongue into my mouth before breaking away again. She was turning me on to the point of desiring her here and now. I tried to control my breathing but I couldn't. I looked into her eyes.
"Tommy was big ... I ... did ... ok, I did like his cock," I finally said surprised at myself I would divulge this to my daughter.
She just smiled and squeezed my ass sending shivers up and down my spine.
"Oh god I did too," She quickly whispered.
She kissed me again.
"Gina is so lucky she gets to have it ... I ... I liked her too," She whispered and looked at me unsure of what I was going to think.
I knew exactly how she felt. We were so much alike.
"Gina's very pretty," I just said and hugged her close.
"Mom, are you going to use the things we bought at Betty's shop on Dad tonight?"
"Yes, I missed your Dad a lot."
"Can I ... can I watch?" Her voice was barely audible.
Oh boy! I was close to my daughter but this? She did watch us one time already but asking me outright if she can watch us having sex? I might be ok with it because of how close I was to my daughter but John? How could he ever be Ok with our daughter watching us having sex? On the other hand what I had planned for him tonight would have him tied up and blindfolded so he wouldn't see who was peeking through the barely open door. The thought was intriguing and exciting.
"Maybe," I whispered.
"Maybe, I'll have to see how things develop."
Kristy's eyes lit up and she hugged me very close.
"Thanks Mom, I love you so much."
We heard footsteps coming from the direction of the stairs so we pulled apart. Sighing Kristy set down at the kitchen table and I turned around taking care of some dishes.
"Mom, would you get mad if I spent the night at Gina's house tonight?" Tommy asked coming into the kitchen.
He was dressed in his usual pants and tea shirt and looked like he just took a shower.
"Of course not, you're old enough to do that I think. Unless you're still a Momma's boy?" I replied noticing Kristy was staring at his crotch.
He smirked at me.
"Of course I am, always will be," He gave me a wink Kristy didn't see.
"I just thought with Dad coming back and all..."
"Oh don't worry about that, your Dad will be busy enough tonight," I replied without thinking how that could sound.
Tommy and Kristy laughed and I blushed at what I said.
"Wow Mom, gonna keep Dad busy tonight?" Kristy chimed in.
"In that case, I definitely wanna be out," Tommy said playfully.
I was glad he was Ok with it and understood that I still loved his Dad and planned on having sex with him.
"Ok, you two, enough embarrassing me, be gone now both of you," I laughed and they both scurried out of the kitchen.
I noticed how Tommy was staring at his s****r when they were leaving. She looked very seductive and I had no doubt he was noticing her as a woman instead of his s****r. I sighed; our relationships could get very complicated soon ... very complicated.
It was chaos when my husband came home. We all took turns asking him questions about his trip and the business dealings until he slumped tiered in the living room sofa.
Kristy was sitting on the other side looking at her dad and John's eyes moved from time to time to his daughter as well. Kristy looked very seductive in her revealing attire and I was beginning to get the feeling she wore that just for her dad. But why? Was it to ... tease him? No, not Kristy! Not my daughter! Maybe it was just my imagination fueled by my relationship with my son.
"God dad, you need to stay home more often, you've been gone way too long," Kristy said and moved her hands up placing them above her head in a relaxed manner.
I sat right by my husband and saw how her already short dress rose up a little more. It rose to the point of showing off her pink panties. Luckily her legs were together so her dad only saw the triangle of her panties. I wanted to say something but John chimed in.
"I know pumpkin ... I've been gone way too long," He said with tight voice.
I looked at him and saw his eyes were staring at Kristy's crotch. As soon as he felt me look at him he looked away and took a deep breath. I looked at Kristy and saw a tiny smile cross her lips. I gave her a disapproving look as soon as she looked at me.
"Ok, Daddy, Mom has been missing you a lot so I'm going to scram. Got exams soon so it's time to study," She said quickly losing her simile.
I couldn't' believe she would tease her Dad like that! I definitely will have to talk some sense into her. For now, she walked up to John and bending over gave him a kiss on the cheek. Again I saw my husband's eyes quickly move to her cleavage this time which was considerable, her milky breasts almost spilling out. Kristy moved over to me and gave me a kiss as well. I couldn't help myself and looked at her cleavage. Uhhhhh ... how nice those tits of hers were.
"Remember the door Mommie," She whispered before heading upstairs.
I think my face turned a shade of red but I quickly turned my head to Tommy and Gina walking in.
"Ok, we're going to run. Good that you're home Dad," Tommy said.
"Ughhh, believe me ... I'm glad I'm home too," John replied giving Tommy and Gina a wave.
"Good to see you John," Gina said and they both left.
"My god, alone finally," He said immediately and turning to me gave me a long, French kiss which managed to get my juices flowing.
Putting my arms around his neck I looked into his eyes and whispered.
"Honey, I missed you so much all I want you to do is go to our bedroom and take all your clothes off ... wait for me on the bed."
His eyes lit up and without saying a word he walked out of the room. I knew he was anticipating something big, I've been hinting to him all evening and he was waiting for it. And so was I!
When I finished with everything I walked upstairs and opened our bedroom door. My husband was stark naked and laying on our bed with a huge hard on. His cock was anticipating what I was about to do to it and seeing it that hard made me pulse with excitement. With my eyes locked on his cock I walked in and stood in front of the bed as he watched me. Neither one of us spoke.
Licking my lips, I unbuttoned my shirt slowly releasing my breasts with already erect nipples and threw the shirt in the corner. I wanted him to enjoy this, to absorb my sensual nudity to the point he would beg for me. I ran my hands from the outside in along my breasts and grabbing on to my nipples, stretched them out until I felt slight pain.
"Uhmmm..." I moaned in pain and pleasure.
Releasing my hardened nipples I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my skirt and slid it down until my naval was exposed but my panties hidden. I looked at him teasing. His eyes were wide and fixed on my skirt, from time to time I saw his tongue come out to wet his lips in wild anticipation of tasting me. Ohhh, I wanted him to taste me, to stick his tongue deep inside me a suck on the juices flowing out of me. I slowly inched the skirt down exposing my panties just a little bit but kept my pussy lips hidden. Suddenly I decided to include the panties and started to slide them down as well. Since I was completely shaven I knew he would have an unobstructed view of my wet sex.
"Stroke your cock for me," I moaned.
He was surprised by my words but obediently reached out grabbing his shaft and slowly stroked it. I watched as his fist stroked his erection. I was wet, wet with anticipation of fucking him.
I pulled the skirt past my hips and it silently dropped to the floor as I stood there completely naked in front of him. I wanted to jump on top of him and swallow that big cock but I stopped myself. I had other plans.
My husband was watching my every move while I took the blindfold out of the drawer and walked up to the bed. His hairy chest rose and fell in deep breathing rhythm already excited. I put the blind fold on him and whispered in his ear.
"Don't talk, just enjoy what I'm about to give you."
A helpless moan came out of him. I took out the leather straps and looked at the bedposts. Since there was nothing to tie his feet to I whispered in his ear to move down a bit until his feet were dangling down off the bed bent 90 deg at the knees. I tied them to each support under the bed and tied his hands to the head board in a spread eagle fashion. I stood back watching him ... watching his cock which he couldn't stroke it anymore. I loved seeing him helpless like that, tied and waiting for my kinky play.
I knelt between his opened legs and lightly put my hands on his thighs. He stirred and his cock came up off his stomach.
"Uhmm, you want me don't you?"
"Jesus, yes." He moaned with a labored voice.
His chest rose and fell in an increasing rhythm as I inched my hands up into the creases of his legs touching his balls with the tips of my fingers. I noticed a generous amount of pre-cum ooze out from the tip of his cock. I couldn't wait any longer and grabbing his cock wrapped my fingers around the warm shaft. With one pull I exposed his pulpous head inches from my face and extending my tongue, licked the pre-cum oozing out of it.
Oh the taste was incredible, warm, thick man-juice made my whole mouth salivate. I swallowed hard savoring the taste and opening my mouth wide, put the head of his cock inside wrapping my soft lips around it.
"Oh yes ... Kate yesssss..." He hissed enjoying my wet mouth.
I was so turned on at that point that with one swift motion of my head I had his entire cock in my mouth, past my tonsils and down my throat! I felt the soft brush of his pubic hair tickle my lips as my throat convulsed around the thick shaft. I fought the nauseating feeling a few moments more and slowly came back up for air licking the thickly veined shaft in the process.
"Ohhh ... ohhhh ... my god Kate! That ... that's incredible!" He moaned moving his head from side to side in disbelief.
A long strand of my drool was covering his cock and wrapping my hand around it, I jerked him off in a nice slow motion.
"Now that you're nice and wet I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," I moaned at him.
I stood up and facing away from him got on top of the bed. I wanted to see myself in the mirror which was attached to the opposite wall. My heart pounded in my chest and my pussy creamed as I straddled him hovering over his hard cock as I was about to impale myself on his thick meat.
That's when I noticed my daughter behind the slightly opened door! She was standing there watching me with wide eyes! I was completely naked and spread open facing the doorway with her Father's hard cock poised to enter me. I should have stopped! I wanted to stop, this was so improper but inch by inch my legs gave way bringing my pussy closer to a nice hard meat that needed my pussy so much.
For some perverted reason, watching my daughter watch me, I pushed myself down on top of that cock. Inch by inch it went into my pussy filling me until there was no more, I sat there completely filled by the pulsating meat.
"Oh Kate, oh fuck, I missed your pussy so much," John moaned.
My daughter watched me with wide eyes, she watched my pussy full of her Dad's cock but suddenly she looked into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat as we stared at each other wondering what the other would do. As wrong as it was to show myself in front of my daughter that way I started to fuck myself on her Dad's hard cock, slowly lifting up and sinking down. I don't know what made me do that. The thought of someone watching was incredibly irresistible and the thought of my daughter watching ... was even more so.
Suddenly Kristy silently opened the door and walked in closing it behind her. I froze thinking my husband must have heard that but he was too far gone enjoying the tight pussy wrapped around his cock.
What was she doing? This was so dangerous! I couldn't talk, I couldn't stop and I didn't want to give my husband an idea anything was wrong. I lifted myself slowly watching Kristy and then sunk back down the fullness of his cock driving me crazy. She came up unsure to within a couple of feet and sat down on the carpet in front of the bed. She was so close to me and I was so spread open!
I rose and fell fucking myself, my husband's thick cock driving me wild with its penetration. Kristy watched and her hands slowly found their way under her nightshirt pushing it further up until I could see her plain white panties. Her fingers slid under the elastic band and found her slit sliding up and down it and making small circles around her clit soaking her panties with her juices. My mouth suddenly became very dry as I watched the amount of wetness glistening on her fingers and soaking her panties. I tasted her once and now I could think of nothing else.
I could feel my husband was close to Cumming and I didn't want him to yet. I lifted myself off his cock and got into a 69 position. John immediately felt my pussy near his mouth and reaching out with his tongue quickly found my wet opening sinking his tongue inside it.
"Ohhhh ... yessss..." I moaned.
At the same time holding his wet cock in front of my face and watching my daughter on the floor, I opened my mouth and took John's wet cock inside it. I tasted myself on his cock in front of our daughter which to me was extremely kinky. I was licking and sucking without a pause making sure I didn't get him too excited, I didn't want him to cum yet.
My daughter was watching me with intensity, although she kept on working on her own pussy bringing herself pleasure, her eyes were glued to me, my mouth and her dad's cock. I could tell from her flushed face she was extremely turned on.
When I had John's cock completely cleaned off I knelt down again straddling John and facing my daughter. I slowly impaled myself on John's hard cock leaning back this time and spreading my legs to the max. My knees were bent at 90 degrees and supporting myself on with my arms I slid John's cock inside of my hungry pussy. It sunk inside me with no difficulty since it was still wet from my saliva. I rose and fell watching Kristy in this perverted position while the only parts of my body touching anything were my hands and feet and my pussy.
"Ahhhh ... oh my god John ... you're so hard," I moaned watching Kristy watch her dad's hard cock as it slid in and out of me giving my body a glance from time to time with wide eyes full of sexual excitement.
"Kate, oh my god, fuck it ... just fuck my cock," He moaned back.
Suddenly I saw Kristy silently get up. She pulled on her nightshirt and pulled it off of her revealing her well developed tits, her nipples were standing out straight. She threw the shirt to the floor and hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties pulled them down and stepped out of them. She stood there completely naked and my heart begun beating even faster.
She gave me a wicked look and took a step towards us. I froze in fear she was going to try to join us, John's cock almost slid out of me, I barely had the head of his cock inside my fuck hole.
"Oh Kate don't stop, fuck me ... fuck me," John moaned and I lifted myself up and dropped down on top of his cock driving myself crazy with it.
Kristy came up and stood silently in between John's spread open legs ... so close to us ... so close to her dad's cock. Suddenly she reached out and grabbed my nipples with both of her hands pulling and twisting them! Oh my god! When my daughter did that the pain and wickedness of it all put me over the edge so quick I screamed and came!
"Ugggghhhhmmmmmm, oh myyyyyy godddddddd ... ahhhhhhhhhh ... fuck ... oh fuck yessssssssssssssssssss!"
I kept on fucking myself rising up and down the whole time while the orgasm ripped through my body with f***e from my head to my pussy. Every part of me tensed up and released ... tensed up and released to the rhythm of my fucking motion and my screams!
"Ohhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhh ... ughmmmmm ... ahhhhhhhhh..." I moaned like a slut.
It was so intense I felt like I creamed all over his cock and balls, my cum pouring out of me like a damned up stream which was just released. I felt Kristy's fingers pinching, pulling and twisting my nipples to the point of intense pain but coupled with my orgasm gave me an erotic ... submissive orgasm I have never felt before! It took a while ... a long while for my orgasm to pass and when it did I slumped back on top of John, his cock still in me.
Kristy released my nipples and sat down in at the foot of the bed watching her dad's cock pulsate inside of me.
"Jesus Kate, did you just come?" My blindfolded and tied up husband asked.
"Whew! Yes, oh my god yes!"
I looked at Kristy who was intensely watching me. I reached down between my legs and grabbed on to John's very hard cock. Looking at my daughter I slowly pulled it out making sure she saw how dilated my hole was when his cock finally slid out of me. She was breathing really hard watching this. I moved back into a 69 position and positioned my pussy at John's mouth.
"Eat me honey, suck my cum out of me. I want you to taste it ... I want you to drink my cum."
I didn't have to repeat myself, John dove in with fury licking and sucking with slurping sounds sucking my pussy lips into his mouth and drinking ... drinking cum which was dripping out of my hole. Enjoying what he was doing to my exhausted pussy I brought his wet cock to my mouth and licked it up and down before sticking it in my mouth. I drank my own cum off of his cock in front of our daughter like a hungry slut! While he was in my mouth I sucked hard making same slurping and sucking sounds he was making eating my used pussy.
It didn't take long for John to tense up and moan letting me know he was about to cum. I looked at Kristy. She was so close to us reclined and supported on her elbows, her legs spread and her pussy dripping. I ... I couldn't stand it, I needed to ... to give her more. With my heart beating hard in my chest from the excitement of what I was about to do I pulled my husband's pulsating cock out of my mouth and pumping his thickly veined shaft hard, I aimed it at my daughter.
As soon as I did that Kristy's mouth opened in disbelief and lifting her ass of the floor while keeping her legs spread, she waited.
"Oh shit Kate, I'm Cumming ... Oh fuck, I'm Cumming!" John yelled.
I gave his cock a hard stroke and suddenly he exploded and a thick wad of his precious cum flew out of his cock with such f***e it cleared the short distance to our daughter landing across Kristy's face. I pumped again and the next stream of his thick man-juice flew out and landed under our daughter's nose dribbling down to her lips. She immediately opened her mouth and allowed her father's cum to drip onto her waiting tongue. She brought her tongue inside her mouth and swallowed!
"Oh my god John, more ... give me more!" I begged watching what he was doing to our daughter.
Another stream flew out with equal f***e and again hit Kristy's face right under her eye. I pumped his cock again and again a thick wad of white juice flew out landing on Kristy's neck. I just kept on pumping his cock spraying our daughter with her dad's cum all over her body. Another stream hit her tits ... one and then the other. More flew out and hit our daughter on her stomach and then her very wet pussy. I made sure her shaved pussy was covered with her dad's cum. He had so much stored up, weeks of pent up cum flying from his cock and landing on Kristy who was barely able to stay quite.
When he finally had no more coming out I took his cock into my mouth tasting the sweet cum which still oozed out and looked at our daughter. She was a mess! The cum was dripping all over her face as she tried to lick it with her tongue and she had cum on her tits, on her stomach and on her cleanly shaved pussy. She even had a generous amount across her pussy lips which was dripping down to the crack of her ass.
I couldn't stand the site, I crawled off the bed letting go of John's softening cock and crawled up to our daughter. She was watching me, her tits rising and falling to the rhythm of her heavy breathing. I was on my hands and knees in between my daughters spread open legs. I gave her one last look and lowering my head down to her pussy started licking John's cum off of her.
Her pussy lips were soft and hot when my tongue lashed across them hungrily licking off my husband's cum. She moaned softly from the contact of my wet tongue and I hoped my husband thought it was me moaning. I sucked her velvet lips into my mouth wanting to take her whole pussy inside and herd her muffled moan. I let go of her lips and licked all around her pussy drinking sticky cum where ever I could find it. I licked in the crevice of her thighs sucking, hungry for more.
I saw there was more in the crack of her ass. I looked at her and taking her spread open thighs in my hands, I pushed her legs up until her knees touched her tits and her ass cheeks opened for me. I gave my daughter one last look and with my heart racing in my chest I lowered my mouth licking down past her pussy. My tongue worked its way to the area between her pussy and her asshole licking ... wriggling always wanting more cum. Looking down I saw my daughter's wet asshole ... wet with my husband's cum and pausing a bit I raked her tine rear hole with my tongue.
Kristy immediately let out a muffled moan watching me with wide eyes shocked at what I was doing. I couldn't stop myself, her asshole was so inviting, so dirty but yet so intimate at the time. Again my tongue lashed across her anal hole and I saw it pulsate a bit as if she was pushing it out at me. Oh god, I couldn't believe what I was doing!
I licked all around my daughter's asshole and I felt it pulsate every time my tongue licked across her hole. I kept it up until I was sure there was no more cum there and letting go of her thighs I worked my way up to her pussy again giving it a few tender licks before licking cum off her stomach and then reaching her tits.
I looked up at her briefly just to see her staring at me ... staring at what I was doing still spread open for me ... still willing to let me drink the cum off of her. I rolled my tongue around her wet nipples and cleaned them off really good before moving up to her neck. Finally I reached her face, her beautiful soft face full of her dad's cum. I licked her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and when I had enough cum in my mouth I pressed my lips to hers.
"Ughmmmmmm..." Kristy let out a soft moan and opened her mouth wide.
I released her dad's cum into her mouth letting it drip into hers and down her throat. She swallowed every last bit and frantically pushed her tongue into mine searching for more in a wild, intimate kiss.
"God Kate, that was the best, I don't think I ever came that hard before," I heard John say.
I let go of Kristy and looked up at John. He was tied up waiting for me, his soft cock lying to the side with a small amount of cum gathered at the tip. I pressed my lips to Kristy's ear and whispered.
"Go to your room, I'll see you there in a minute."
She shook her head up and down and picking up her clothes silently walked out.
"Hmmm, did you like it?" I asked crawling up to John's cock.
"Yes, I loved it, but can you take the blindfolds off now?" He asked.
I did and then took the restraints off of him. I knew he was tired from his long trip and it was just a matter of minutes before he fell asl**p.
"Thanks honey, you're the best," He whispered nestling his head to my breast.
I stroked his hair affectionately thinking of our daughter, thinking of her drinking her dad's cum. The thought was so exciting I could not go to sl**p, I had to see her again. I made sure John was asl**p before I sneaked out of the room making my way to Kristy's.
I slowly opened the door and saw her lying on her bed completely naked. She still smelled like cum ... like her dad's cum.
"Oh my god Mom, that was ... oh god that was the best. Thanks," She whispered and wrapped her arms around me when I sat down at the edge of her bed.
We were both naked.
"I know sweetie, I know. I ... liked it too," I whispered back unsure of what she might think about me but glad she loved what we did.
I don't know why I came here, I don't know if I wanted to have more of her or if I wanted her to take me. I held my precious daughter in my arms until I felt her kiss my neck. I pulled away from her for a moment looking at her.
"God, I could eat you whole you know, you taste so good."
"Especially with dads cum on me," She let out a laugh.
"Yes, I ... I just couldn't stop myself when I saw you there spread open like that. Betty's sex shop was sort of contagious," I laughed as well remembering our little cum duel.
"I know, but this was better, much better. Dad's cum tastes so good."
She looked at me and her face became serious.
"Will you let me drink dad's cum again sometimes?" She asked innocently.
She was so beautiful, her young full breasts raising and falling in a stead rhythm and her pink nipples so tender they were begging to be licked. She must have seen me staring at them because she smiled.
"You want to eat me again don't you?" She simply said.
I couldn't look away from her tits and nipples.
"Yes," I whispered knowing it made me sound like a lesbian slut.
"First promise me you will let me drink dads cum again," She insisted.
"I ... I promise," I whispered.
She smiled and laid down spreading her legs open for me.
"You're such a little slut mom, but I love it ... I love when you're a slut. Eat me, eat my pussy mom."
Her words made me blush and the word slut made my pussy cream. I loved it when my own daughter called me a slut ... I loved eating her pussy and I loved sharing my husband's cum with her.
Thinking of all those things I lowered my head down to my daughter's pussy and licked her ... liked her with all the love I felt for her while she moaned with her sexy young voice.
"God it's muggy outside," I moaned after opening the sliding glass door.
Our back yard was bare and not well taken care of. Ever since we decided to put the pool in it seemed everyone lost the desire to do anything with it and we all waited for the construction to start. Unfortunately the construction company was busy because of the summer season and could not start right away. We were f***ed to wait before they began.
I quickly closed the sliding glass door loosing the desire to go outside and instead went up to my room to get dressed since I was still in my bathrobe. Thinking about Kristy and the fact I had sex with her last night, I rummaged through the closet looking for something to wear. Unfortunately John was already at work preparing reports from his business trip and Kristy was out. Tommy was meeting his friends Tim and Jason to review pictures they were going to put up on their web site and I was home alone.
"Boring..." I whispered at the prospect of spending the whole day by myself.
As I thought of things I could do I noticed a tiny blue dress in the corner of my closet and sighed. It was the dress John bought for me when we first got married. It was the same dress I had on when we made love and created our daughter Kristy. God that seemed like so long ago!
I reached out and held the thin material in my hands feeling how soft and shiny it was. I brought the dress to my nose and inhaled. It still smelled like my perfume with a tiny scent of John. No matter how many times I washed it the dress always held our bodies' scents.
I walked up to the bed and carefully laid it out on the mattress. I wondered if I could still fit in it since it was years since the last time I wore it. That many years ago fashion was a little different and people wore clothes which did not show off their bodies like they do now, my dress was loose then but maybe ... just maybe it would still fit me now!
I dropped the robe letting it fall to the ground and walked up to the dresser completely naked. I scanned my body in the mirror noticing my large breasts were still firm, my stomach tight with just a tiny little tummy showing and my hips ... were fuller now. I looked good, sexy to be precise.
What to wear underneath? A bra was out of the question, it was just too damn hot outside. Instead, I focused my attention on my panty drawer. Holding up a pair of thin string panties not even big enough to cover my pussy lips I shook my head.
"Too slutty..." I murmured.
Maybe if I was going out with Tommy, or even Kristy, but not now ... not around the house. I looked further tossing aside panties which I didn't like and held up a pair I didn't know I had.
"Where did these come from?" I asked myself holding the intriguing panties up.
They were red and lacy with a small but solid triangle in the front and a thin string in the back wrapping around to a thin waistband. What made them stand out was the opening in the middle of the triangle piece which covered the crotch! The opening was long enough to imitate the length of a woman's pussy with one piece of material overlapping the other. Although the edges of the opening overlapped, one could easily slide them apart and expose what was underneath. They were ... crotch-less panties made for ... for fucking with panties on!
The problem was I did not remember owning them! Where did they come from? Kristy? Did my daughter wear provocatively sexy undergarments like this? I wasn't sure, Gina had some clothes in Tommy's room for when she spent nights over maybe they were hers? From the two possibilities, the latter one seemed more likely.
I looked at them closer and my heart began beating faster. It didn't look like the panties were washed; I could make out a whitish residue in the middle of the gusset! A residue that could only be wetness from another woman's pussy!
Although I was alone, I looked at the partially open door to make sure no one was peeking and brought the panties to my nose. I inhaled deeply closing my eyes as the intimate aroma of a woman's pussy drifted into my lungs.
"Gina..." I whispered opening my eyes.
It was Gina; they were her panties, her juices crusted in the middle of them. I inhaled again covering my mouth with them and enjoyed the scent of the young girl for a moment longer feeling the all too familiar wetness forming between my own pussy lips. Why did she do that? She must have placed them in my drawer when I wasn't here. I looked in the mirror and noticed how hard my nipples were, how heavy my breasts rose and fell, how wet my pussy lips already looked.
It was weird but I wanted to deposit my own juices on them, I wanted my pussy to rub against the girl's juices ... to mix with hers ... to ... to become one. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up noticing how tight they were. Gina did not have the hips I had and the waistband quickly dug into my soft skin. The triangle material was small on me but still covered my pussy sufficiently the only thing was, the opening materials were now barely meeting instead of overlapping each other like it was intended. The result was my dark pussy lips occasionally peeking through the slit in the material when my legs were slightly apart.
That didn't bother me too much as I was the only one looking and turning around I admired my ass which was completely visible with the thin string completely lost between my sexy ass cheeks. If Gina wanted to play this game I would too. Deciding to wear them all day I walked up to the bed and slid the tiny blue dress up. The front of the dress had buttons but only down to the waist at which point the dress sexily wrapped around my hips hugging them and stopped a little shorter then I would have normally liked. Hmmm ... I guess I did not have my girlish figure anymore, the bottom edge of the dress stopped at my upper thighs covering my crotch and a few inches below it.
Shrugging my shoulders I looked at my breasts which were still exposed. Buttoning the buttons I managed to cover them with the dress but could not stop them from trying to rip the buttons off. Hmmm ... I guess I had bigger tits now too. I ended up loosening the top buttons to below my boob line exposing my whole cleavage and inner sides of my breasts just so the buttons would not pop off! I walked up to the mirror and smiled.
I looked hot, sexy, and provocative! One more thing! I ran to the closet and scanning my shoes quickly decided on a pair of high heels which matched my dress. Blue but a different shade. I put them on and carefully walked up to the mirror again.
"Oh my god!" I whispered admiring myself in the mirror.
I was already tall with long, sexy legs but putting on that dress ... and those high heels made me look taller ... sexier. I twirled around like a model looking at myself and made sure I didn't fall in those tall heels, I liked what I saw, I was ... I was turning myself on! Licking my lips I looked around the room for something to fuck. My vibrator was buried deep in a shoebox on the top shelf of my closet and I needed something quick!
I separated my legs a bit and slid my hand under the dress. Lifting it slightly and watching myself in the mirror I gasped at the site of my pussy lips protruding from between the material. They were wet! I stretched my index finger and slid it along my opening scooping up the moisture gathered there. I brought my wet finger to my lips opening my mouth and watching myself in the mirror when ... the phone rang!
I jumped startled and quickly lowered my hand. It rang again.
"Damn it!" I said aloud frustrated at the sudden interruption.
The phone rang again, it would not stop. I quickly walked up to the phone and picked it up.
"Hallo!" I said impatiently.
"Kate? Hi, this is Betty," A young voice said at the other end.
Betty! The young sexy girl from the sex shop!
"Oh Hi Betty, how are you?" I asked trying to mask my excitement.
"I'm good, I figured I'd give you a call to see what you and Kristy were up to." She replied.
"Oh, just doing a little house cleaning, organizing the closet, that sort of thing and Kristy is out visiting a friend," I lied.
I didn't want to tell her I was about to fuck myself with ... with something.
"That's boring!" She hit the nail on the head.
"Why don't you come down to the shop? I have some new products I'm showing off, I could use your help and it would be fun. You should see some of the stuff I got," She laughed.
I liked her laugh, it rang with melody and emanated happiness which was catchy.
"Stuff? What stuff?" My curiosity immediately picked up.
"Well come down and take a peek. You'll like it."
"Stuff" as Betty referred to it could only be sex toys. Sex toys I so badly needed at the moment because I was so damn turned on and by myself!
"Ahhh, sounds interesting. Give me half an hour and I'll be there," I calmly answered but inside I was already extremely excited.
"Great! I'll see you here," She said and hung up.
Great! I'll finally get something to satisfy my sexual hunger until John or Tommy get home. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. What if I go dressed like this? I looked so damn sexy and with my breasts barely contained in the dress I was bound to turn a head or two. Admiring myself in the mirror and looking forward to teasing any man who would happen to be there I walked out of the house.
Something kept tugging at my mind on the way there. Something Betty said. "I'm showing off some new products" she said "I could use your help". What did that mean? Showing them off to whom? Potential customers? And what did she need my help with? Suddenly the idea of wearing that dress did not look so appealing. What if there were men there, lots of men? I looked down at my breasts and all I could see was skin, skin to the edges of my aureoles and cleavage down to past the bottom of breasts. Looking past them at my legs I saw how exposed they were, sitting in the car I could almost see my crotch less panties!
"Oh god," I moaned concerned pulling into the parking lot of Betty's sex shop.
The parking lot looked crowded. I had to round the corner of the building just to find an empty spot to park the car. After parking I shut off the engine and sat there in the car thinking ... deciding if I should go in. Again I scanned the amount of cars and was pretty sure the place was crowded, crowded with men! Who else visited places like that? Again I looked at myself. I was so exposed, oh god, so exposed ... and this tiny little shop was so crowded! I would have to be very careful not to expose any more than I have already.
I noticed my nipples starting to harden and I felt the moisture between my legs. I ... I could go in for just a moment, just to say Hi to Betty and then leave. So what if men would see me like that, my whole purpose of wearing this dress was to tease men and now I was going to back down? No, I had to go in ... just for a moment.
Taking a deep breath I opened my car door and placed one leg out while the other was still in the car just as a couple of men walked by. I froze in shock and fear they could see between my legs and gave them a quick look. Both men were staring right between my legs! I quickly placed my other leg out beside the other one and closed my knees ignoring them, pretending like nothing happened I tried to maintain my composure, knowing they just saw my panties. Oh god, my crotch-less panties and my pussy lips ... my pussy lips were probably visible.
Both men had the deer in the headlights look and were licking their lips which suddenly dried out. I was pretty sure they just saw my panties and probably more! Again I had to take a deep breath before standing up. As I did I felt the dress hugging my hips ... higher than it should bunched up around my waist from the trip here. I had my back to both men but I could feel their eyes on me ... on my ass. How much did I show? I looked down inconspicuously and saw the edge of the dress was at my crotch level. That meant both men could see my entire legs up to my ass!
"Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this," I whispered to myself and pulled my dress down.
I had to be careful not to pull too far so my breasts wouldn't pop out. Hoping everything was in place I turned around facing the men and walked past them trying my hardest to ignore the hungry looks they were both giving me. My heart was beating so fast! When I was a short distance away I heard them talk.
"Fuck she was hot!" I heard one voice.
"Jesus yes, you think she's a porn star?"
"Fuck yeah, she has to be! Did you see her panties? Her pussy was showing! Did you see that?"
ME A PORN STAR! I rounded the corner quickly so I did not hear the response and headed for the door. Oh my god, they saw my pussy! As wrong as it was, I felt a sudden kinky thrill and fought really hard to bring my breathing down to normal. Taking a deep breath I opened the door.
I looked into the backs of men standing around facing what looked like a stage set up against the opposite wall. Because the room was already crowded I managed to close the door but could not move any further in because of men standing in front of me. I did not want to draw attention to myself so I just stood there trying to peek over shoulders at the stage where I was sure to find Betty.
Sure enough Betty was standing next to what looked like a chair which was covered in a bright colored cover with something attached to the front of it. Because it was covered I could not make out what it was. Betty held a rather large vibrator in her hand and was describing the settings on the sexy mechanical cock. She looked great! Her long dark hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders sensually covering her back, her square shoulders were bare due to the white blouse she wore which covered her rather large breasts but exposed everything above. She had a short skirt on hugging her sexy hips and ass and a pair of heels.
I looked hungrily at the sexy girl and realized that was how the two men outside must have looked at me. My god, was I turning into a pervert like most men? Or maybe my intimacy with my daughter last time I was here heightened my sexual drive at this moment?
I scanned the small stage and stopped at a giant figure of a man standing behind Betty. I held my breath! There could only be one man so big, so clean cut and emanating strength and power without even trying! ADAM, the gentle giant from the strip club which saved me and the young girl Liz from being ****d by Frank. But how did he know Betty?
Suddenly the door behind me opened and the two men so closely admiring my private parts on the outside walked in behind me. I gave them a quick glance and saw how their eyes were stealing peeks at my long legs and ass. Because it was so tight in the room, both men pressed against me just to close the door. I stiffened up feeling a chest pressing to my side and what felt like a crotch to my ass. I knew it was tight in here but this felt like they tried extra hard to gain some space by pressing into me.
I turned my head and gave the one who was pressing his crotch into my ass a disapproving look.
"Sorry, it's damn crowded in here," He mumbled.
I didn't say anything but I hoped my look let him know that if he tried anything else I was certainly going to let him have it. I turned to the stage and what Betty was showing off but my eyes immediately found Adam.
He looked good and wore a simple tea shirt and jeans. His arms which he had crossed over his chest were ripped, cords of muscles standing out with a slightest move he made. He was very impressive, standing way over six feet with a sweep of chest unmatched by anyone here.
Suddenly I saw Betty waving her hands at me with a big smile on her face and the crowd begin looking back. Suddenly I became the center of attention of horny, perverted men which filled the small shop. I wanted to walk out but I couldn't because of two men blocking the door behind me. I wanted to hide but seeing who Betty was waving at the crowd opened up creating a narrow pathway for me to reach the stage. Everyone looked at me and I heard gasps and whistles of approval all around me, I was sure it was approval of how much skin I managed to expose with my skimpy outfit.
There was no escape and a deep breath I put on a friendly smile and walked up to the stage Betty was standing on. I glanced at Adam who had a smile on his face and was watching me.
"Hi Kate, so glad you came," She said excitedly and gave me a quick hug.
"Betty, you didn't say you would have customers here ... so many customers,"
She smiled back raising the thick vibrator in front of her and winked at me.
"I only advertised for a short period of time, I'm as surprised as you. Just hang out here with me, let me finish this up," She whispered and turned back to the audience.
"Ok everyone, I'm sorry for the interruption. As I was saying just a small amount of lubricant is necessary during the act and like this gentleman was saying, the vibrator is going to do the rest. Your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend will love you for it." She laughed as soon as she said "boyfriend".
I was a bit surprised as I couldn't imagine any man taking that thick of a vibrator in their rear. Scanning the audience I realized there might be some gay men there. Most of them were in their 30 and 40 and I even saw a couple of women who clung closely to their men. Everyone was watching us and I could tell most men were watching me.
"Ok, our next new product is a dildo that was cast out of the mold of Tony Hung's cock, yes; this is his real duplicate and ... is on sale right now. Kate, can you hand me the dildo," Betty turned pointing at the low table behind us.
I gave her a blank stare but she just smiled motioning for me to hand her the cock. Ok, I would play along; I would be her Vanna White. I turned and looked at the low table which wasn't really a table. It was a suitcase cover in what looked like a table cloth laying on the floor behind us. I walked up to it and immediately heard whistles and gasps which meant everyone was staring at my backside. I was stiff and nervous knowing that so many men were watching me.
When I walked up to the suitcase I thought about how to bend over to retrieve the dildo from it. Crouching was out of the question since my dress was so short and would immediately slide above my ass exposing me. The only thing left was to bend over and pick up the dildo and not spread my legs so I would not show anything. Knowing everyone's eyes were on me I bent over with my legs slightly bent and reached for the cock.
As soon as I did that the crowd exploded with encouraging comments and whistles which made my face turn completely red. I briefly looked down to see the state of my dress and knew I must have been showing my panties to the crowd. My short dress was inching its way up barely covering my butt in the back.
"Uuuuuggghhhh ... yes Kate," I heard Betty shout and she begun clapping.
Well soon everyone clapped happy that they could see my tiny panties. I grabbed the thick black dildo and straightened out quickly, registering a slight excitement building up between my legs. When I turned around to face the audience I saw happy faces staring at me and clapping their hands. I walked up to Betty totally embarrassed who was giving me encouraging smiles.
"Beautiful, ladies and gentleman, and so modest too," She shouted to the audience.
"What movies did she star in!" Someone in the audience shouted.
Betty laughed.
"My friend Kate is not a porn star believe it or not. Although she could knock the panties off any porn star alive, as you can see she's hotter than any one of them!"
"Betty!" I exclaimed shocked at her comment.
More whistles and comments from the audience.
"She needs to make a porn movie, I'll pay top dollars for it!" Someone else shouted and everyone agreed.
By that time I was totally embarrassed and forgot I was holding a foot long, thick black dildo in my hands wearing that seductive, tight dress which was about two sizes too small on me. Finally Betty giving me a wink took the heavy dildo out of my hands directing the attention of the audience to it. I stepped back hoping she and the audience would leave me alone. By stepping back I ended up near Adam who was watching me with a warm smile on his face.
"Hi Adam, what are you doing here," I whispered over Betty's descriptions of the dildo.
He just looked at me with those blazing blue eyes which were blank most of the time. He didn't say a word for a long time almost as if my words took a long time to register in his brain. Finally he moved his hands to the sides, muscles standing out with no effort from him.
"Hi Kate," He said in deep tone.
I saw a flicker of intelligence which was quickly covered up by his blank stare.
"Betty asked me to help her today, so no one gets out of line," He murmured and went back to slowly scanning the audience.
"Alright! Are you ready to see the latest creation from fucking machines?" Betty suddenly yelled and the whole audience boomed in approval.
She laughed enjoying the reaction from the crowd.
"To reveal this marvel I asked a very special friend to help. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ... Raven!" She finished with a dramatic flair pointing in the direction of her back office.
I stiffened up. Raven? The exotic beauty from the strip club? The one I ... I licked and ... oh god! My eyes followed Betty's pointing arm with sudden interest and nervousness and my mouth became dry. The office door opened and Raven stepped out to a sudden silence from the audience. She was beautiful and exotic, wearing only a tiny bikini which didn't cover much of anything leaving her body almost bare. The top was barely large enough to cover her nipples which left her magnificent breasts exposed on all sides. Her naturally tanned body was hard, her skin smooth and the tiny bikini panties covered her pussy lips and left everything else exposed.
I swallowed hard watching her and suddenly the audience erupted in a volley of cheers and claps. Everyone was suddenly watching Raven as she strolled sexily up to the stage. When she was near enough to notice me her long dark hair flowed to the side as her head jerked up staring at me. A satisfied smile appeared on her face and she walked up the couple of steps swaying her sexy hips as she reached the stage. Her eyes were on mine and then she was roaming them up and down my body, making me hot. I stood there like a little girl while the exotic beauty admired me from head to toe.
"Thank you. Thanks!" She yelled silencing the audience.
Finally everyone settled down and watched her. There was a lot to watch, I noticed as she turned to the audience her whole back side was exposed, the tiny string of her bikini panties was hidden deep in the crack of her ass coming out on the very top just to meet with a thin string which wrapped around her waist. She was so daring! I would never wear anything like that in front of strangers but then again, I wasn't a stripper and she was. She was used to displaying her body for everyone to see, it was her work.
"Thank you again, if you want to see more of me come on by the City Limits tonight! Believe me, you will be able to see all of me there," She laughed and everyone cheered, even the ladies in the audience.
So she didn't work for Max's anymore. I remembered that she was the one who told Adam that Frank was about to **** me in the private booth at Max's where she used to work before. I didn't think anyone knew about it and I only found out from Adam when he drove me to my car. Did she get fired? Did she switch jobs because of what happened? Adam broke Franks arm when he pulled him off of me and threw him against the wall, that's why they fired him. But no one knew that Raven helped me that night. I decided to ask her when I get a chance.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "The pleasure zone"!" Betty yelled and pulled the cover off the chair looking thing in the middle of the stage.
It was a strange device, much like a gynecological chair but wrapped in dark leather and straps hanging off the armrests. The foot rests were extendable and I noticed slides which could spread the foot rests wide apart. In front of the chair and attached to it on the bottom was a dark box which was mounted on the extendable pedestal. Out of that box extended a shining rod with a mount at the end of it. The rod was positioned in such way that it hung between the foot rests of the chair. I noticed a power cord and a cord with a control box at the end of it which were wrapped around the box. Wow, I could only imagine what was mounted on the end of the shiny rod!
Raven strolled around the stage showing herself off to the audience while a lot of men looked on amazed at her and the machine she was showing off. When she got close to where I was standing she turned and looked at me. Her stare was hypnotizing and I tried holding it for a while but eventually my eyes darted down to her barely covered breasts. She smiled and turned back to the audience while my eyes instinctively found her amazing ass.
"I need a volunteer from the audience so we can show off the machine. Oh, don't worry, we won't go hardcore here. As much as we'd love to we can't," Raven said looking around to the two or so women present.
They all shrunk back not wanting to be the ones strapped in.
"What? No volunteers? Oh come on what woman would not want to ride this thing!"
She turned and looked at me expectantly. I swear, I felt like running out of the shop at that moment. She did not expect me to do that in front of so many men? I shook my head from side to side letting her know I would not volunteer either and took up a position right by Adam. For some reason I felt safe when I was near him.
Raven shook her head obviously displeased and turned towards Betty. Betty just smiled and raised her hand like a schoolgirl letting everyone know she would volunteer.
"Yes, we have one!" Raven yelled and taking Betty's hand paraded her around the stage.
Betty wore a rather short skirt so I was curious how she was going to climb into the chair without showing too much. I didn't have to wait long, Raven brought Betty near the chair and after a small jump up Betty was comfortably sitting in it. The chair faced the direction where Adam and I were standing so I had a perfect view of Betty's front while her side faced the audience. I looked at her amazing 44DD breasts contained in that plain white blouse and the outline of the big nipple rings she always wore. I was beginning to wonder if she was in to the S&M scene. Betty looked at me and smiled, she knew I was staring at her.
"Ok, first thing we need is to have our subject's feet comfortably strapped in. Kate, will you do the honors?" Raven suddenly turned towards me.
Ok, this wasn't as bad as being in the chair getting strapped in. I smiled at her and moved over to the far side of the chair while Raven watched me with watchful eye. I gave Betty a weak smile and grabbing her left foot lifted it up and placed it in the foot rest. Betty's short skirt stretched and I involuntarily peeked down between her legs just to see she did not have any panties on, on outline of her pussy lips staring back at me. I noticed she was perfectly shaven there with dark pussy lips and a small clit under the hood of tender skin. I gave her a quick glance as my breathing suddenly increased and noticed she was watching my every move.
When I was done with her left foot I came around to the front noticing everyone in the audience was following my every move with their eyes and grabbing Betty's right foot lifted it up and out setting it in the opposite foot rest. There was no chance Betty's short skirt would cover anything, as soon as I lifted her leg the skirt slid up towards her hips and the more I spread her legs the higher it slid up. I could tell my face was red, I couldn't look away, her pussy was right there and all I could do was stare at it.
When I finally had her legs strapped in I gave her a quick look. She was smiling at me breathing a little heavier than before and I noticed her nipples harder than before making an outline in that thin blouse of hers. So she was excited as well! She liked me looking at her. It was a revelation because Betty never made any moves towards me, never suggested anything which would be out of the ordinary and besides our encounter at the bus stop when she had sex with other men never showed any promiscuous behavior. Now however, I was finding a whole new side of Betty. I took one last peek between her spread open legs and walked up to Adam.
Raven moved up besides Betty fumbling with the shiny tube extending now between Betty's legs and kept on explaining to the audience the settings and uses of the machine. Because the way the device faced the audience could not see between Betty's legs but standing besides Adam I could. My heart was starting to race and I could feel my face warming from the thought of Betty's pussy being exposed. I did not want to be obvious and look right down between her legs especially when a good portion of the men were still watching me.
I took a peek again. Betty's big tits were sexily resting under her blouse and her legs were spread open. She was watching me, our eyes met and she gave me a weak smile without trying to cover herself. I held her eyes for as long as I could but I knew it was a losing battle. After a moment my eyes slipped down to her tits, then further down until they rested on her pussy. I took a moment to enjoy the sight. Her pussy was smooth and the skin naturally tanned with darker skin right around her brown lips which already seemed moist from the excitement of being exposed.
I looked away just to see Raven giving me a knowing smile while she picked up a heavy dildo from the small table behind the machine. She knew exactly what I was looking at. I felt like a little girl at that moment getting caught peeking at her first naked man, for some reason Raven was really intimidating. It probably had something to do with her exotic beauty and the fact I once had the pleasure of eating her.
Raven walked up to the front and waving the dildo in the air slipped it over the protruding rod. Now the dildo was slightly sagging touching Betty's naval. The men in the audience stirred hoping that Raven would slip the big rubber cock inside Betty.
"Come down everyone, I know what you're thinking," She laughed.
"You know I would love to give you a live demonstration but we can't, it's the law."
The men in the audience erupted in boo's and whistles of disapproval. They wanted to see Betty fucked by the machine.
"Sorry fellows, if you want to see this thing in action I suggest you buy one and use it on your lover. For now, we are going to simulate."
With that she turned the small dial and suddenly the machine came alive. The shiny rod slowly moved forward to the accompanying sound of an electric motor running inside. The rubber cock slid along Betty's naval stopping right below her belly button before making the slow trip down to her clit. Betty shivered and opened her mouth with what looked like surprise and satisfaction but did not make a sound. Several men clapped and whistled watching the action from the side.
I watched with surprise and envy as the rubber cock repeated its erotic journey up and down Betty's clit and naval. She was enjoying it, enjoying the contact it made with her clit every time it moved back sawing at it with tender touches. Raven turned the dial and the rubber cock increased speed. Now I heard a tiny squeal from Betty which was drowned out by the noise