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Quick Drive

MANDY’S STORY (Memoirs of a T.V. slut)

... older Indian man who was always quite friendly, so after a <ddd>quick</ddd> <ddd>drive</ddd> by to check no other cars were around, I pulled in ... and quickly into the car. After an uneventful twenty minute <ddd>drive</ddd>, I turned into a side street and then into the apartment blocks ... ... Continue»
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... needed anything, she had already prepared a small list so I had a <ddd>quick</ddd> wash right away and then drove into town.

When I ... in the night.

Then after I had settled down from my <ddd>quick</ddd> <ddd>drive</ddd> into town and back I thought I better wake her, then she ... ... Continue»
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Enjoying the Drive

... for me to open the tent.

Breaking camp was a relatively <ddd>quick</ddd> process, Dad and I working to tear down the tents while ... 's funny," Dad blurted. He laughed as he continued, "She's gonna <ddd>drive</ddd> me crazy like this."

"That's just what your hoping for ... ... Continue»
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A Boss, A Mentor, A Lover

... out of her simultaneously.

"I know, baby," she replied, "you <ddd>drive</ddd> me so fucking crazy it just makes me explode."

"I ... our afternoon meeting.

I left work at 2:45 and made the <ddd>quick</ddd> <ddd>drive</ddd> over to the hotel. I rented a room and sent a message ... ... Continue»
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DP Mom At The Drive-In

... to the newly opened <ddd>drive</ddd>-in on the outskirts of town. The <ddd>drive</ddd>-in had ... get supper on the stove." Eva gave Jeff a <ddd>quick</ddd> kiss on the cheek and then went ... Eva, innocently.

"You know, coming to the <ddd>drive</ddd>-in for sex," said Billy.

Eva laughed. "Well, ... ... Continue»
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... and wilder, everytime he watched them taking me to the <ddd>drive</ddd>-in movie. I honestly didn't understand that he was getting hornier ... it jerk " Once "...Agghhh, " Twice "...Agghhh and then three more <ddd>quick</ddd> times, Agghhh. Agghhh, Agghhhhh, as he left his cum up ... ... Continue»
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The Drive-in

... the heat. The last time I went to the <ddd>drive</ddd>-in, it was another hot day into ... remember when you were growing up at the <ddd>drive</ddd>-in.

One of my friends thru the ... then enter my ass, a <ddd>quick</ddd> slam into me. No lube or spit. A <ddd>quick</ddd> sting and you are fucking ... ... Continue»
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Drive My Car

... made a left turn and smiled. "I know exactly where we should <ddd>drive</ddd>... there's traffic, but we can still move..." he laughed.

"Alright ... Sue and Miranda snogging in the back seat. A couple of <ddd>quick</ddd> glances in the rearview made his growing penis instantly ... ... Continue»
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... a

vasectomy, that makes him effectively

impotent! But his a****l sex <ddd>drive</ddd> is


"We need to factor all this ... finally emerging in the main

road. Then it was <ddd>quick</ddd> <ddd>drive</ddd> through

Taratala before he dropped her off at

... ... Continue»
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Quick and Dirty with Veronica

... <ddd>Quick</ddd> and Dirty with Veronica

There are times when you just ... say,

“Finger fuck my ass deeper!”, she moaned.

Without hesitation I <ddd>drive</ddd> my index finger in her ass and feel her tight ... ... Continue»
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Night time drive and stop off is such fun

... the Gents dressed up as a femme’. Had a lovely <ddd>drive</ddd>, warm night, and with the window open in ... that he shot his load in me too <ddd>quick</ddd>. As soon as he finished he said, " ... and started to rub himself. He came everso <ddd>quick</ddd> but it looked nice. When he’d finished we ... ... Continue»
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Drive In mystery Daddy sex

... toward the back of the <ddd>drive</ddd> in theater as the movies were starting at dark ... on the movie screen in the privacy of a <ddd>drive</ddd> in movie theater.

At the time, I had been ... me over and entered my virgin ass with a <ddd>quick</ddd> spit out of his mouth before he thrust ... ... Continue»
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He ask me to drive her to the cabin

... , shold I call Johns friend or not? I got a <ddd>quick</ddd> bite to eat and desided since it ... Jan and I unloaded the supplies, Jan gave me a <ddd>quick</ddd> look around the place ending up in ... I thought to myself "Interesting". I was hard as <ddd>quick</ddd> as Jan slid in next to me so ... ... Continue»
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Drive in Movie Theater

... Kathy, my new ball busting girl.
We went to the <ddd>drive</ddd> in movies one night and we always enjoyed his van ... .
Mary came up for air and grinned
"Sorry I came so <ddd>quick</ddd>"
"I'm happy, it means I still have it"
WE talked and kissed ... ... Continue»
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Christine 3 – The drive home.

... . Did you sl**p well?”

“I was so exhausted,” she says “I took a <ddd>quick</ddd> shower and crashed. I feel great this morning though”, she said ... do about it.

My uncle asks if I want him to <ddd>drive</ddd> me home and I say sure, thanks. But my aunt buts ... ... Continue»
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A Drive To Remember

... out of the house to “cool down" so I went for a <ddd>drive</ddd>, I didn't have any destination in mind and I eventually (just gone ... 'll have me in a mess!”

She looked at me, I took a <ddd>quick</ddd> glance at her and saw that she was grinning like ... ... Continue»
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The "Fulge" - Quick fix version

The “Fulge” – <ddd>quick</ddd> fix version,

Due to popular request I am publishing a much shortened ... had called earlier. None of them was in a state to <ddd>drive</ddd> after all the alcohol and joints. She looked back one ... ... Continue»
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Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick (Jack The Neighbors B

... we can finalize the negotiations.

'Jack is nimble, Jack's not <ddd>quick</ddd>,

Jack's gonna feed you this big, fat dick.'

Keeping it ... sluts has dried up. At the same time, my sex <ddd>drive</ddd> has shown no inclination to wane."

I had always found Jack ... ... Continue»
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Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 09

... do you?"

"No, but I know a guy who does."

* * *

It was a <ddd>quick</ddd> <ddd>drive</ddd> to Foley's. The girls walked up to the front ... her face now became its target--getting drenched with three <ddd>quick</ddd> splatters of thick cum strands.

"oh, my God!," remarked a ... ... Continue»
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Lust for her abs

... place at?” “Not far, I’ll direct you”, she said. After a <ddd>quick</ddd> <ddd>drive</ddd>, we stopped outside her apartment complex. “So…” she said, “you ... need to support my weight, she could handle me. In <ddd>quick</ddd> motions I fucked her already stretched pussy. Her huge tits ... ... Continue»
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