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Poker parties

Party at the Poker Game

... .

This was Friday night, and the usual weekend poker party was underway. There were two couples, plus ... ear, and we went out to rejoin the party.

We went into the dining room, and I checked everyone... Continue»
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BBC Poker Party Wife

... Black Poker Party

My name is Eddie and something has happened in my life recently that I have ... to come over on Friday night and play poker. Robert asked if he could bring his roommate Shawn.

Liz ... they are."

I had to agree with her. We were short on money and we were both experienced poker players... Continue»
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Rania's Poker Party

... play this?" I asked.

"You never played poker, Rania?" Tony grinned at me. He was pretty
cute ... cribbage though."

"Cribbage?" Mark laughed. "This is poker night! Everybody bring your
money ... . Even the guys I
was playing poker with, at first they'd been nervous, sort of like they
were walking... Continue»
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... The organised party was going really well and the Ladies that had chosen to breed had selected ... to face us with his poker swinging proud and one hand on her ass.
Sharon said he was like a wild a****l ... as it swole ready.
He picked her up and lay her on the bed raising her legs and parting them. She said... Continue»
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My Eighteenth Birthday Part 4

... This is not my work, its cut and paste.
In parts one, two ... birthday party, Daddy called me to his study where I learned his true motive for wanting me ... enormous poker stuffed squarely in her rump!

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Private Dancer - An Adult Story

... a better entrance from the back yard. I put in a poker table and some nice chairs and bar stools ... some speakers and a new sound system to get the party started.

Now the only thing missing ... the next night to dance for a bachelor party. Marc and I provided security that night. We got so... Continue»
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Awakening Sapna 3

... Devon c***ds knew how to do, and do well, they were throw a great party, with plenty of booze, girls ... attached. You know I'm throwing another party for the debut of Sinsae's new album in a couple weeks, you ... Dev, you know I think I will attend your party, who knows maybe I can get my wife to come as well... Continue»
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Truth or Treat

... (Two couples find the fun really starts after the party)

Andrea Donovan was not too thrilled ... with her husband Seth at the moment. He had accepted the invitation to Jared Devlin’s Halloween party ... without even asking her. Part of the reason was probably because he knew that she didn’t like Jared... Continue»
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s****rs Swap Husbands, Mf

... my giving Mary hug did not surprise her. The reaction on my part however was not normal. As I took ... the dream in the morning and the parts I remembered. We fucked like a****ls as she made me describe what ... in you? Can you? Fuck I have wanted to this for so long." I pulled out part way and slammed back... Continue»
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Fucking Not My Aunt in Law

... poker. I was dressed up all clean cut because I was going to a birthday party afterward. I walked ... Fucking Not My AIL

*Some parts of this are true*

I'd always had a thing for my AIL Dana. She ... were playing for poker for hours and I was downing beer after beer. She was of course wearing super... Continue»
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Dernière minute

Ce soir encore j’ai une proie.
Désignée depuis une semaine.
Je t’en ai fais part ; tu partages ... les deux complètement partis.
Plus d'une fois nous avons tout terminé au resto thaï, hilares ... pas.

Mais tu connais mon goût du jeu. Heureusement que je ne joue pas au poker, je me serai déjà vendue... Continue»
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50 and Fine!

... party, but had no date. She and I had hit it off pretty well, but I'm reluctant to get involved ... with clients.

At any rate, she asked if I'd accompany her to the party; otherwise, she wasn't going to go ... . I figured "What The Hey" so said yes. We got together and drove to the party. Susie, my "date... Continue»
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The Tale of Two Julys

... to a party after the fireworks. Of course I said that we would go, I wanted to know who this guy ... was. As the hot shower is spraying over my body I close my eyes and remember the party. He was standing ... the party was dying down our same mutual friend asked me and the girls I was with to go to the home... Continue»
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... in at his place, it seemed the party had begun. There arrived four other guys besides us. And all ... before he opened the door.
Needless to say, we had a few more beers. And other party favors, which ... head, he was able to support my head with one hand. While stroking that poker with the other. On my... Continue»
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Two Tits by loyalsock

... a party balling each other." she said.

"Well I caught you at it and now you are just going to have ... am away!. I should have known that you dirty bastards were having a party balling each other." she ... .

Pressing back against the red hot poker on her back, Carolyn lifted her hips so Ron could slide his... Continue»
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Paying the Debt By Durango Dan

... up the table and chairs in the
basement. It was my turn to host the monthly poker party. My
good ... poker. The wives go out
together so we have the house to ourselves to burp and fart if we
feel like ... not to give loans out for poker nights that
way nobody goes into debt when they’ve been drinking... Continue»
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Getting straightened out Part 2

... You may remember from part 1 that my uncle had a poker party with some friends and 2 of them stayed ... believed my uncle but he was very glad he had come to the poker party tonight and Joseph just kept... Continue»
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A Hard Day

... winking at her. "Haven't you got anything stronger, I'm in a party mood you know?" said Steph winking ... cautiously enquired. "Strip Poker." said Steph. Now maybe it was me but I wasn't used to such forward ... favour." I said staring at Steph's cleavage. "Oh I'm very lucky in Poker" said Steph producing a deck... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Two The Appetizer

... Girlfriend on Loan
Part Two
The Appetizer

I decide to have another look at her pictures ... try to live each day as if it’s my last. Let the party we call life begin.

I email him and he ... the only one away to party for a few days, as I waited in line I saw the distinct shape of a large... Continue»
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A Girl's Night Out

... to the casino, thinking they would register for seats at a poker table and the grab a little dinner. When ... most of the comments through dinner and by the time they were at the slots (still waiting for the poker ... . At the same time, Barb and Linda came by to tell them that the poker table had opened up. Laurie... Continue»
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