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... . I suggested conserving water.

Todd and I were two tired poker players when we rubbed our naked bodies
together in a shower ...

One hundred sixty hours and 23 minutes until the next poker group meeting.

Chapter Five - Follow the Road

It was ... ... Continue»
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... . I suggested conserving water.

Todd and I were two tired poker players when we rubbed our naked bodies
together in a shower ... much more difficult. I wanted to stay
a member of the poker group. I loved Candy, Linda, and especially Maddie
and Diane. ... ... Continue»
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Poker Night Part 1

... year ago. Every Friday he and his buddies would have a poker night. Sometimes at our place, sometimes at his friends. Craig ... was a wonderful cook. I blushed and said thanks. I asked about his poker nights and wondered if I could ever play. I told him I was ... ... Continue»
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Poker Night

... but didn't because he was saving her for poker night. She would get her share tonight. ... men arrived they took their place at the poker table. None of them could take their ... . They smiled as they loved Friday night poker games. They took one last look at ... ... Continue»
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Poker - All-In

... vergessen. Aber ich nicht. Und irgendwann plante er einen Poker-Abend mit Freunden. Zwei seiner besten Freunde sollten kommen, ... war fast vollständig dunkel. „Wie in einem filmechten Poker-Hinterzimmer.“, dachte ich. Sie hatten mir einen Stuhl zwischen ... ... Continue»
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Daddy's poker game

... the man cave) they would drink play poker , just shot the breeze.. Most times my ... and some played some watched taking turns playing poker...

I took my spot on the stool ... all night by strange men that played poker with him...
After the last tongue ... ... Continue»
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Summer of Strip Poker

... sucking, had somewhat moist cocks and, with all that arousing poker play and oral action, we would be dripping precum.

Anyway ... fucking great!” And I couldn’t have agreed more.

We played strip poker at least twice a week the rest of that summer usually ... ... Continue»
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poker with b*****r

... entertainment idea for the boys to play poker on the dinning table after we ... cleaning the kitchen as he was online again playing poker, I stopped what I was doing and said ... win anytime soon.

"Sure," he answered with a poker face. "Can you lose for us" I ... ... Continue»
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Rania's Poker Party

... can play cribbage though."

"Cribbage?" Mark laughed. "This is poker night! Everybody bring your

"Money?" I stared at ... , but
being serious. "Like strip poker, right?"

"You played strip poker before?" Tony grinned at me.

" ... ... Continue»
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Sissy Serving Poker Night

... a large black vibrator. I suggested that we need to have the poker games more than once a week now. I suggested every few nights ... should go to Vegas and I should play in the large poker tournaments there. I said I'm not very good and I wouldn't do well ... ... Continue»
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Soirée poker

... une autre de cola.

- « Bon, on passe aux choses sérieuses, poker ? »

- « Ok, 5 tours d’échauffement et on mise ? »

Nous ... choisir la mise : pas d’argent ce soir, mais un strip-poker, ça vous dit ? »

- « Allez ! Les filles ? » Bruno n’hésite ... ... Continue»
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Strip Poker + sex-toy à gagner

... le site ( et ... prochaine partie.

Jusqu’à présent, il s’agissait d’un strip poker classique mais les filles l’avaient convaincu de se joindre à ... ... Continue»
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poker nights

... 60s.

My best times were on their poker nights when I was allowed to stay up ... he would have to stop me coming to the poker nights.

No, no please don’t stop me I ... I just replied, of course I love our poker nights.
Well seems our little girl is growing ... ... Continue»
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More poker debts to pay

... confessed to me that he was involved in some poker debts. He swore to me that it would ... toy…
“Do you want use me for paying your fucking poker debts??? I yelled at him.
“Would you let a ... , asking ironically: “When can I pay your next poker debt???”.

... Continue»
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Daughter's Host Dad's Poker Game

... a gaming room. They rented or borrowed a poker table and had it set up instead of ... happening and they told me it was poker night and that my friends should be ... and afterward I showered and changed into my favorite poker shirt. I was starting to warm up to ... ... Continue»
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... the guys where having a game of poker and had called three local hookers to ... girls wanted a an hour to prepare before the poker-nite started.
- Where can we prepare , said ... off theese three girls before we started our poker-nite.
All of us six guys went ... ... Continue»
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... I thought about it then said we could play shot poker if she wanted.

"What's that?" she asked. ... much fun and we were pretty even at poker as we both had had about a ... me and said

"Why don't we play strip poker? It's only a bit of fun"

I immediately ... ... Continue»
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Poker Night

“Its Friday night Babe, Poker with the fellas” I said kissing ... her friends had planed that night. My weekly Poker night was nothing special just a few friends ... sexiest thing that had happened during one of our poker nights in a long while, “I sure as hell ... ... Continue»
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Poker Night

... home waiting for him and tonight was his poker night. Or maybe it should be called ... that everything was set up for his poker game and he could smell the food ... before the doorbell began to ring and Randy's poker buddies settled in. A plan was forming in Randy ... ... Continue»
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Le poker du cocu ...

... , elle raconta innocemment qu’elle avait récemment fait un strip-poker, et qu’elle avait trouvé ça sympa et excitant. J’avais ... en manque apparemment, ne leur propose un partie de strip-poker.
Sans surprise, tous les garçons étaient enthousiastes. Les ... ... Continue»
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