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Playing Doctor

Playing Doctor

... . It read as follows:


Today you are <ddd>playing</ddd> "<ddd>Doctor</ddd>." You are no longer my son; from this ... most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. I said to myself, "<ddd>Playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd> is great!" Arriving at my final destination, I disappointingly excused ... ... Continue»
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Lesbian Doctor Examines Woman's Daughter

... think about my pussy. I want an expert <ddd>doctor</ddd>'s opinion."

The <ddd>doctor</ddd> smiled again then lowered her head and ... down the hallway, "<ddd>Doctor</ddd> Stevens! Natasha is <ddd>playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd> again! Come quickly!"

The girl that I thought was our <ddd>doctor</ddd> quickly grabbed ... ... Continue»
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... the bathroom with him and play. Well, I guess they were <ddd>playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd>!

We undressed and I saw his big cock already hard. I sucked ... .
Mark called me the next day for another section of “<ddd>playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd>” but I was busy…
... Continue»
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Playing Doctor

... her ass and another up her slot.

"Wanna play <ddd>doctor</ddd>?" she asked.

It was a hot hot fucking hot picture ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... my pelvis, and I think it happened when I was
<ddd>playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd> and nurse with my b*****r and one of his
friends. I ... needles”
clitoris. I thought how Z would love to see me <ddd>playing</ddd> like
that, especially when I climaxed. Still a little bashful about ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... 's lurking inside. Keep an open mind.
Act like k**s <ddd>playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd>. Drop your expectations and cynicisms. Treat every experience ... grooved in. Instead, use the c***dlike
spirit of "<ddd>Playing</ddd> <ddd>Doctor</ddd>" to approach these practices in a fresh, innocent, new way ... ... Continue»
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Doctor, Doctor!

... start a matchmaking

Gramps spoke up.

"Don't encourage her <ddd>Doctor</ddd>. She's bad enough as it is."

Dr. Cooper ... Engineer!

Gran and Gramps are fun people. I remembered them <ddd>playing</ddd> records and
dancing in the dining room when I was a k**. ... ... Continue»
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The New Doctor - Part 1 -

... thinking like a freind instead of a <ddd>doctor</ddd>. I said, "Ken, I know
this may seem strange comming from a <ddd>Doctor</ddd>, but... you know what you ... great
things that they are doing for their bodies by <ddd>playing</ddd> soccer and also tell
them a little bit about d**gs, ... ... Continue»
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the gay doctor

... he wasn't an anonymous trick, but my <ddd>doctor</ddd>.

I made a split-second decision to continue <ddd>playing</ddd> dumb. I wasn't sure that he knew ... why you should? It's not just to feel good."

I kept <ddd>playing</ddd> along. "Really?"

"Really. Too much fluid buildup in the ... ... Continue»
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Doctor Doctor

... a while and told me that we play <ddd>Doctor</ddd> – <ddd>Doctor</ddd> as she is more a nurse now. I readily ... my mind. It was only a game I was <ddd>playing</ddd>. But now she rolled up her ... ? should we stop?”
“No I’m alright, Just that I’m <ddd>playing</ddd> this for the first time”

(She smiled ... ... Continue»
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injection appointment (doctor, m/f, thermometer, i

... I can see you have a very strong sexual response! I'll be <ddd>playing</ddd> with your hot little pussy a lot this afternoon. You' ... slowly turning into sexual anticipation. I was enjoying the <ddd>doctor</ddd>'s control. The <ddd>doctor</ddd> also seemed to be enjoying himself, as I could ... ... Continue»
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Doctor Peters

... concentrated on trying to relax.

“That’s better,” <ddd>Doctor</ddd> Peters acknowledged, moving the slim metal disc higher.

Jennifer& ... the turgid peak of her right breast. Was she actually <ddd>playing</ddd> with it? She knew this much, she couldn’t ... ... Continue»
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playing doctors with s*s

... my s****r and me <ddd>playing</ddd> doctors and nurses when we were k**s, ... <ddd>doctor</ddd> and she had to do anything the <ddd>doctor</ddd> asks. She agreed and i would put on my white <ddd>doctor</ddd> ... “ how does that feel?” i asked
“feels funny <ddd>doctor</ddd>, but its a nice feeling!”
I squeezed another ... ... Continue»
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doctor try fisting my ass

... about <ddd>playing</ddd> with my breasts, it was the second breast,

"Dr. ryan, do you well again gestures"

"Yes <ddd>Doctor</ddd>"

the second <ddd>doctor</ddd> ...

"Dr. ryan, can you the same thing"

"Yes <ddd>Doctor</ddd>"

"I feel the second <ddd>doctor</ddd> put his hand in my pussy, I am so ... ... Continue»
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Masturbating Little Girls

... that. No big deal.

And now Jody was grateful. No <ddd>playing</ddd> <ddd>doctor</ddd> and nurse anymore, that was
for sure. Just good healthy ... better get in
his way.

Gregg waited fifteen minutes, still <ddd>playing</ddd> back the incidents of last
night. Finally, he couldn't stand ... ... Continue»
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... ached for attention. Her right hand reached up to start <ddd>playing</ddd> with her very excited right nipple while her other hand ... yes, <ddd>Doctor</ddd> please," nurse Shelley replied to her <ddd>Doctor</ddd>/Master.

"Please join us now."

"Oh, yes, <ddd>Doctor</ddd>, yes,& ... ... Continue»
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Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part 2

... the middle. My boobs in his mouth. His free hand <ddd>playing</ddd> with my cunt while he fucked me bad and hard ... you. Hope you liked it.
This story is continued from
<ddd>Doctor</ddd> <ddd>Doctor</ddd>, Dirty <ddd>Doctor</ddd>. Part1 -

... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 3

... with you ... I'm afraid that Mandy doesn't like boys,
<ddd>Doctor</ddd> Prinz ... other than that, she is no problem whatever." ... , she
practically ****d me! She said she saw me and Bev <ddd>playing</ddd> with each
other in the pool one day--she followed ... ... Continue»
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Doctor Singh's Enema Clinic

... me on about getting this older Sikh <ddd>Doctor</ddd> excited!

Dr Singh was far more professional ... Rather than quickly slipping anything in me - <ddd>Doctor</ddd> Singh, breathing heavy actually took a bum ... his cock.
So now we both were '<ddd>playing</ddd> along' but when he did pop ... ... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 2

... voice.

"Shut up, bitch!" Coco ordered and continued <ddd>playing</ddd> the crop between
the woman's legs.

"But ... ... ; the woman cried and reached around to guide the <ddd>doctor</ddd>'s
prick into her hot asshole. "Ughhhhhnnn ... yes ... ... ... Continue»
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