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Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas

... materialised in a large living room decorated with all manner of <ddd>christmas</ddd> fare. As he pulled a cookie from a nearby platter he ... it deep inside of herself.

"What do you want for <ddd>Christmas</ddd> little girl?" Santa asked.

"Oh Santa I wanna Cum hard." ... ... Continue»
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Jack's Christmas Present

... avoiding the fact that she looked hot! "Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd>," he added.
"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd> to you too honey," Virginia smiled, stepping ... waist was a big <ddd>pink</ddd> silky ribbon, tied with an elaborate bow at the front of the stomach.
"Happy <ddd>Christmas</ddd> Jack," the ... ... Continue»
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Christmas time


breasts, perky, medium-sized, perfectly shaped, with small <ddd>pink</ddd> areola and erect,

pencil-eraser nipples. As ... say yes, to both offers. I love

you. Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd>, James."

"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd>, Mrs. Summers," I said.


And a happy holiday ... ... Continue»
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Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Ev

... his s****r, he got a new computer for <ddd>Christmas</ddd>. Just like you."
"How was your <ddd>Christmas</ddd> Jack?"
"Fine thanks. Very fine!" ... to his f******n year old s****r's virgin arsehole. It was a <ddd>pink</ddd>, tight looking orifice, hairless and sweet between her ... ... Continue»
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... and down to the matted black hair and dark <ddd>pink</ddd> lips still blossoming open showing her opening dripping with ... They leaned towards each other and kissed.

"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd> Mom." He said as he caressed her cheek.

"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd> Son." She said.

... Continue»
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Merry Christmas, Baby

... <ddd>Christmas</ddd> holiday. It would be a <ddd>Christmas</ddd> like no other. I felt so anxious I could taste it. I am sure Cindy felt the same.

When <ddd>Christmas</ddd> ... to explore, I wanted her completely.

As I removed her <ddd>pink</ddd> sweater, our mutual desire threatened to overtake us ... ... Continue»
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My Nephew's Christmas Present

... until the <ddd>Christmas</ddd> he turned 14.

And so, finally, we get to the point behind my story... My <ddd>Christmas</ddd> gift
to ... a tight little button hole shaped opening,
which was a little darker <ddd>pink</ddd> and lightly puckered. I think he was
expecting my vibrator, ... ... Continue»
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A Charlie Brown Christmas

... ribbon
wrapped around her slender hips. Her little <ddd>pink</ddd>
nipples were hard and pointed straight out from ... <ddd>CHRISTMAS</ddd>, CHARLIE BROWN!"

"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd> to one and all," said Charlie Brown, a
tired smile on his round face. This was the best
<ddd>Christmas</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... her c-cup tits were firm and crowned by dark <ddd>pink</ddd> nipples. The material of the babydoll didn't hide anything ... watched a <ddd>Christmas</ddd> movie, a plan formed in Eloise's head. She would give daddy a <ddd>Christmas</ddd> gift he'd never imagined before...

On <ddd>Christmas</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Threesome for Christmas ( true story )

... cans, Id been single for a while and so <ddd>Christmas</ddd> hadn't been the best so jumped ... little SLUT in black knee length socks a short <ddd>pink</ddd> and black tartan skirt and when I say ... of red and two glasses "you gonna have a <ddd>Christmas</ddd> wine with me then" she said coming ... ... Continue»
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A Christmas Wish

... notebook computer. Braden emerged wearing a shoulder-length blonde wig, a <ddd>pink</ddd> mini sweater dress, and black spike heels. The ... Braden’s ass cheeks. He fucked the bitch furiously. His <ddd>Christmas</ddd> gift squealed.

“Fuck me, daddy,” Braden purred.
“You want a ... ... Continue»
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Christmas Gifts pt 1

"What'll it be for <ddd>Christmas</ddd>? One of those Ipads? That new Xbox doohickey?"
"I have his <ddd>Christmas</ddd> gift all planned out ... smooth and beneath it, a sight that made him gasp: a perfect <ddd>pink</ddd> drooling little clamshell, above it a neatly trimmed square shaped ... ... Continue»
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Christmas Cheer

... stood with a horny grin on her face dressed in her <ddd>pink</ddd> fluffy slippers and a silk robe. I put down the drink ... to take a holiday for <ddd>Christmas</ddd> and new years”. Karen said. (Darren celebrated Hanukah, the Jewish alternative of <ddd>Christmas</ddd>, but wasn’t fussy on ... ... Continue»
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Christmas Party Cuckholding

... 3 drinks for us.

"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd>." He said, grabbing his drink and taking a big sip.

"Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd>, sir." I returned, and took a ... and slowly dribbling down into the crevice of her <ddd>pink</ddd> wet slits.

"Oh god." I thought to myself with a shudder. I ... ... Continue»
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The night before Christmas

... by the mantlepiece something quite shocking.
No <ddd>Christmas</ddd> stocking for this nubile miss
But Fishnets ... wide showing what he loved best.
Full <ddd>pink</ddd> were her lips both on face ... about next September!
Twas the night after <ddd>christmas</ddd> and in bed all were tucked
... ... Continue»
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Christmas Shopping

... eyes about popped out. She was wearing a <ddd>pink</ddd> ensemble of camisole and panties. She turned ... was time for Joe to receive his <ddd>Christmas</ddd> gift. They lay him on the floor ... kissed him goodbye. They told him, “Merry <ddd>Christmas</ddd>” and reminded him to come back at ... ... Continue»
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Christmas Holiday, part 3

... her cunt to join my dad’s. “Your <ddd>Christmas</ddd> present is coming early”.

I got my dick ... a slut. I pushed the dildo deep in her <ddd>pink</ddd> hole and fucked her f***efully with it. ... and guided my dick up her slimy <ddd>pink</ddd> hole. Pushing her tits against my chest ... ... Continue»
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Emily Osment's Best Christmas Ever

... or high water since I had to work <ddd>Christmas</ddd> Eve and couldn't get to an airport ... he did with Emily on my left in a <ddd>pink</ddd> nightgown, Taylor on my right in a gold ... around as both our families gathered around the <ddd>christmas</ddd> tree to pass gifts out with Mr. ... ... Continue»
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A Hot Little s****r for Christmas

... to be able to check out her sweet body until <ddd>Christmas</ddd>. Finally <ddd>Christmas</ddd> Break came and I was on a plane back home. On ... she lied there with her legs spread, exposing her glistening <ddd>pink</ddd> pussy while she fingered herself. I braced myself by grabbing the ... ... Continue»
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Kate's Christmas Costume Party

... now back kissing Santa with her tits with their big <ddd>pink</ddd> nipples crushed against his chest and Santa with a handful of ... your present there. Although it may arrive a little late for <ddd>Christmas</ddd>." he chuckled to himself.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Muuuummm so good Santa ... ... Continue»
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