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Pagan Princess (Chapter Five)

Pagan Princess (Chapter Five)

... what a noble creature you are Melissia, indeed you are the Princess of all Princesses and I feel nothing but utter contempt for ... two men nodded and watched the proconsul’s mistress enter the pagan girls quarters.

Melissia was worried for she had not heard ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Four)

... make himself heard above Melissia’s uncontrollable sobbing.

“Ah little princess this is so much more painful than the lash ... and round in his head. Was he right? Has this Pagan Princess captivated him? Again Melissia’s shrill screams tortured his ears, ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Three)

... with more and more incredulity as they learned about the Pagan Princess Melissia and her army of ‘Warrior Women.’

“Are you telling ... have them ferried to the galleys. We must let this Pagan Princess know that her people are once again under our total ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter One)

... the southern lands of Briton. They had met with fierce Pagan Kings who fought bitterly against them and also showed the ... delightful chin in her hands and flashing those eyes.

“Oh Princess, I promised your father that I would not teach you such things ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Six)

... just a little longer.’ She thought to herself.

“We meet again pagan bitch.”

“Well hello to you too Drachius, how is the ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Two)

... amassed an army of would be warrior women. Melissia trained five of the toughest women personally, then sent those out to ... ... Continue»
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By The Marquis Facade


Angie sat on the toilet, her eyes locked on her ... theorized.
In seconds, three and half inches was four then five…and then finally almost six inches within the container.
“Does ... ... Continue»
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A woodland adventure - Chapter Five

Chapter Five

"Thanks boys" you say as we both remove our spent ... ... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" -- Chapter Five

... Gluteus Maximus" -- Chapter Five

Dev moaned in appreciation as he felt my mouth on ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 5

... chapter:

Chapter Five

Main narrative
The Victors and the Vanquished

Princess ... take much depended on the Princess's mood.
The personal galley ship of Princess Alexena, called the Circe, was a ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Seven and Epilogue)

“And she informed you where this Arnold can be found?” The proconsul was delighted with Fulvia’s efforts at interrogation.

“Yes she gave me exact details of his whereabouts, a troop of soldiers are on their way there now.” Cooed Fulvia.

“I thought ... ... Continue»
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A Mom's sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Sally just finished making their breakfast when she called Josh ... suck another extra load out of your cock. After all five is better than four you know. By the way I’m so ... ... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 5)

... them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Five

I woke up with Monique in my arms. I could feel ... nipple and started playing with her breast.

"Not just her, five of them, all cheerleaders'."

"Holy shit, holy shit. I heard ... ... Continue»
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Deep Crotch Mother Chapter FIVE & SIX

... breast.
“Wouldn’t you like an appetizer before dinner?” she asked.
Chapter SIX
The pastor stared at Mac’s milk-white tit with ... had
first seen it. Len had a short one, only about five inches, which gave Thad a threeinch
advantage. He took pleasure in ... ... Continue»
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Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Five

... /Peter15[/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 5

When Anita told Diane about fucking with her middle b*****r, Diane ... ... Continue»
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Jessica Chapter Five

... FIVE

Jessica’s new love for sucking her b*****r’s cock, anyone’s cock for ... getting a job taking her clothes off in front of men. Five months ago she would have never thought she would ever ... ... Continue»
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My dad part five

Chapter Five

My Dad

I got up and sat on my settee, I got ... ... Continue»
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Jayden's Dark Journey Chapter Five by Micah C

... dicks. Jayden had taken all ten of the
actors, before five or six other men, who had heard about the gangbang ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... Daisy, Kit, Flossie, Josie,
Brett, Sarah, Maud, Gelda
GUILT AND FANTASY, OR, WHY THE FIG LEAF ... who dance around me in a kind of pagan rite and then
make me watch them ... on my; bed and dream
that I was a princess who had been captured and who ... ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 3

... Chapter Three

Main Narrative
A Barbarian Triumph

On receiving the news, brought to her excitedly by one of her female courtiers, Princess ... demanded:
„How many ships?“
Five, Highness...“ answered the courtier.
The Princess's white teeth clenched. ... ... Continue»
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